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M253 Deserter and the Nomads, The (68) aka: Zbehovia a pútnici aka: Il disertore e i nomadi This is a very energetic, disturbing and bizarre film about death in surreal Slovakia. Three episodes cover three different historical periods. Two in the past, one in the post-apocalypse future. Death appears in each tale, a tall bald creepy guy. In the first story, a soldier deserts the army and causes havoc in his small town. Death follows. Next in WW2 a peasant family including children, is massacred by Russian soldiers. Haunting. Death follows, even making sure that the cat is dead! (who would feed it?). Last tale of the end of times is truly scary and dark with very brutal violence (like the other tales) for it's time. In Czech language and with English subtitles.

R71 Escape From Safehaven (89) aka: Bloodscape In a post-apocalyptic world, a family seeks refuge in Safehaven, a community protected by the ravages of the outside world by a contingency of armed guards. However, once they settle into Safehaven, they discover the guards rule the community with an iron fist, and their brutal tactics have spawned a resistance movement that tries to enlist the aid of new arrivals. Harsh violence and sexual situations make this one a bit darker than some. BA

D917 Escape from the Bronx: Exclusive Collector’s Edition (83) aka: Fuga dal Bronx aka: The Riffs II - Flucht aus der Bronx aka: Escape from the Bronx - 1990: Bronx Warriors II A rag-tag group of people lead by a man named 'Trash' (Mark Gregory), must fight extermination squads (run by Henry Silva) in the ruins of a decimated New York. Excellent high-body-count ultra-violent fun. From Italian director Enzo G. Castellari. This regularly priced 2 disc set includes a gorgeous Widescreen 85 minute version on one disc, and a nice Widescreen 89 minute uncut version on disc 2. BA

R357 Hard Knuckle (87) Harry (Steve Bisley who played 'Goose' in the original 'Mad Max') used to be the undisputed 'snooker' king until he collapsed into alcoholism. That's 'pool' for you non - Aussie's mind you mate! You see the world has ended, the apocalypse has already happened... but luckily boozing and pool still live on! Billiards has 'evolved' into risking life (or limb) so the stakes are a bit higher nowadays. Harry has little dog companion, and picks up a side-kick along the way. It's like 'Mad Max' Meets Minnesota Fats'! You'll actually feel you are in that Aussie-Post-Apoc world with wild characters and bizarre situations aplenty and a bluesy slide-guitar providing some musical backdrop. BA

R359 Island City (94) aka: 2035 mutazione immortale A 21st Century genetic experiment goes chaotic, creating a race of genetically-violent, bulked up, cave-man-like mutants. The drug was supposed to grant eternal youth. Only the lucky ones who were not affected, or the ones who did not take the drug are normal, and live in various safe zones (like 'Island City') with force fields and crystal implants to identify mutants. This failed pilot for a proposed show is just good fun low-budget sci-fi, reminding of movies like 'Damnation Alley', or 'Genesis 2' and others. With Eric McCormack, Brenda Strong, Kevin Conroy and more. BA

R360 Killing Edge, The (84) A man tries to avoid killer robots as he searches for his family in a post-holocaust waste-land. Another super obscure post-apocalyptic film, this one shot on video in the U.K. and directed by English director Lindsay Shonteff. Shonteff directed 1964's 'Devil Doll' and 'Curse of the Voodoo'. BA

M679 Last Days of Planet Earth, The (74) aka: Nosutoradamusu no daiyogen aka: Prophecies of Nostradamus A professor who studies Nostradamus predicts the end. No one listens. Mankind has tampered with the earth resulting in radioactive smog clouds, hideously mutated wildlife, destruction of the ozone layer.... This is basically a follow-up to the equally devastating 'Submersion of Japan'. If you like detailed disaster movies with mayhem, casualties and destruction mixed in with the heart of the human spirit... here it is! - FINALLY the UNCUT Japanese version that runs 114 minutes!!! Ultra-Widescreen and with English subtitles. BA

R353 Last Man on Planet Earth, The (99) aka: Le dernier homme sur Terre Biological warfare has wiped out 97% of the earth's population. The remaining women have decided to enact laws to ban the reproduction of any men because men are hopelessly violent. Sort of like a male 'The Handmaid's Tale'. A feminist's fantasy is a horror story for men.

R124 Osa (86) In a future society where water is a valuable commodity, a savage gang murder's a young girl's family. She is taken in by a man named Trooper, who trains her to fight and kill. When she is old enough she takes off to get revenge. Her name is Osa (Kelly Lynch in her lead debut!). One of the baddies is named 'Quiltface' and is played by Bill Moseley right off the set of 'Texas Chainsaw 2'. Essential for Apocalypse completists and Lynch or Moseley fans. Memorable. BA

M698 Rush (83) aka: Blood Rush In a post-apocalyptic nuclear holocaust world, a survivor (Bruno Minniti) roams the desert, fighting bandits, and the forces of an evil warlord. In the compound of the warlord, all is controlled. Anyone who attempts to leave is shot. But no one wants to leave because the remaining food and crops are on the compound. There is presumably no plant life left on planet earth. But, if you look in the background you can see trees in the distance! Anyway, mistakes aside, there is plenty to enjoy in this below average clunker. Followed by 'A Man Called Rage' also directed by Tonino Ricci. Bruno was in 4 movies in a row for Tonino in lead roles all. Amazing LBX version. BA

D958 She (82) aka: She - Eine verrückte Reise in die Zukunft aka: Barabarian Sandahl Bergman made quite a splash as 'Valeria' in 'Conan the Barbarian' made the same year as this! In a backward post-apocalyptic world, she aids two brother's quest to rescue their kidnapped sister. Along the way, they battle a variety of nuclear affected opponents like werewolf guys, a mad scientist, a psychic commie, a giant robot and gladiators, before facing the evil 'Norks'. Sort of a 'kitchen-sink' variety end-of-the-world flick. Bergman performs athletically with relish (sword in hand) and looks amazing! Great fun and also with Gordon Mitchell. Excellent quality Widescreen print BA

M422 Taking Tiger Mountain (83) aka: Trechi Mynydd y Teigr Militant female scientists brainwash research subject Billy (Bill Paxton, in his first substantial role) to assassinate the Welsh Minister of Prostitution. Meanwhile WW3 is being fought and the U.S.A. is being invaded. A psychotropic apocalyptic odyssey. In a foreseeable future, America has fallen after a nuclear war, and the rest of the world is living under a chaotic , pseudo-Orwellian negligence where violence and anarchy compete with disease outbreaks, fights over food, and rampant filthy unpleasantness. Environmental breakdown has also diluted and weakened the human gene pool. An incessant torrent of broadcasts continuously pronounce the utter depths of depravity the earth is sinking into. One announcement proclaims cannibalism as common practice. Billy wanders about after his prey, in the wastelands, eventually hooking up with a woman, and then he meets a young man and things really get weird...... Widescreen

M439 Visitors of a Museum (89) aka: Posetitel muzeya aka: Le visiteur du musée In a Post-Apocalyptic world, in which a large part of the population consists of demented and deformed mutants who are being kept in reservations, a man embarks upon visiting the ruins of a forgotten and neglected museum buried under the sea, accessible only at low-tide. A nightmarish vision of a dark and disabled world enhanced by surreal morbid photography and hopeless characters. In Russian language and with English subtitles.



M395 Angels With Golden Guns (88) aka: Terror im Frauenlager aka: Ling ye aka: Le camp de la terreur Truly incredible and spectacularly violent film about three woman who are captured and imprisoned by a gang of white slavers. A rebellion ensues and a huge scale massacre occurs as the women shoot everybody with their machine guns. It’s almost like “The hell with it! Let’s just shoot everybody!” In between the madness there is probably the largest catfight (between two rival camps) I have ever seen, along with a homophobic disco sequence (an oxymoron?) in which the villain 'hits' on the (straight) 'hero', and more. Worth a look! Beautiful Widescreen. English dubbed BA

R234 Chrome Soldiers (92) Gary Busey stars as an Air Force hero who goes to visit his brother in a small Oregon town. When his brother is iced before he can get there, he calls up his old war buddies, and they come riding into town like a biker gang, hell-bent for justice. Loads of outrageous acting and violent action follows in this 'so bad it's good' exploitation flick. Enjoyable. Also with Yaphet Kotto and William Atherton. Also with Ray Sharkey in one of his last roles before his death in 1993.

R335 Deadly Females, The (76) Joan (Tracy Reed) is the uncrowned queen of a band of female assassins in this British outing. Female Assassins? And Why Not? Plenty of nudity. + some cool trailers.



D851 39 Steps, The (59) aka: 39 escalones Decent remake of the 1935 Hitchcock classic, this one with Kenneth Moore. Mistaken identity manhunt thriller with two killers, double-crosses, a fortune teller, a clever escape and more. BA

D511 Black Rider, The (54) When reporter and amateur biker Jerry Marsh (Jimmy Hanley) investigates a mysterious hooded figure on a motorbike, looks like the Black Rider is a decoy to keep people away from Brocken Castle where a gang of crooks are bent on smuggling 'atomic sabotage equipment' into the country and are using the crumbling landmark's dungeon as their lair. With Lionel Jeffries and Rona Anderson.

R444 Bridal Path, The (59) On a small Scottish island, a ruling is made by the elders that no more first cousins will be allowed to marry in order to stop inbreeding and all that comes with it. This complicates Ewan's (Bill Travers) plan to marry his first cousin. Hilarious film with excellent Scotland locales and some laugh out loud moments. Visually amazing. Bill Travers went on to be in 'Gorgo' next, and later 'Born Free' and even the excellent 'Ring of Bright Water'. Widescreen BA

R400 Carry on Jack (63) This is the tale of Albert Poop-Decker, a newly commissioned Midshipmen (although it took him 8 long years to qualify). He joins the Frigate Venus and voyages through Spanish waters, pirates, mutiny, ship wrecks and more while traveling with his lady love and his best friend. The 'Carry On' films takes on the pirate/high seas genre, for laughs of course. Jim Dale, Juliet Mills, Bernard Cribbins and more star. Widescreen BA

R397 Carry on Screaming (66) The sinister Dr. Watt has a profitable scheme going. With the help of his two Frankenstein-monster looking henchman, and his sexy Morticia looking vixen lady Valeria (played by Fenella Fielding), he kidnaps young girls, kills them, dips them in wax, and makes mannequins to sell to the department stores. All of this is played for laughs in this British horror spoof that pokes fun at Hammer films. With all of the colorful set designs you would expect from a Hammer production. (even though it's not) Widescreen BA

N953 Cat Girl (57) aka: Die Nächte der Würgerin This British made remake of sorts to 1942's “Cat People” finds Barbara Shelley as Leonora, a young woman afflicted with maladies unknown. Thing is, she inherited this madness from a family curse, a curse that makes her go crazy feline when angered. Is it the pet leopard doing the killings, or is she a 'Cat Girl'? Maybe both! Snips and bits reinserted really beef up the narrative which before was lacking at a mere 65 minutes. Six extra minutes in this version that were not in the release version! A must for fans of British horror. Now if only Hammer could find that lost 'Curse of the Werewolf' footage..... BA

R488 Challenge For Robin Hood, A (67) aka: Robin Hood, der Freiheitsheld Hammer! This version of Robin Hood features a number of twists with first rate costumes and cinematography courtesy of Hammer studios. Operating on the Norman and the Saxon feud with all the requisite swashbuckling shenanigans we should expect. Widescreen BA

R238 Circle of Deception, A (60) Unbeknownst to him, a soldier (Bradford Dillman) is sent on a doomed mission because of the high chance of him divulging secrets when captured. His knowledge of course, incorrect, he is an unwitting decoy. Decent WW2 thriller that also stars Suzy Parker, Harry Andrews and Robert Stephens.

M878 Dark Places (73) aka: Das Grab der lebenden Puppen A spooky old house (once owned by a mental patient) holds a stash of hidden cash. The house is now being taken over by the Asylum administrator who has inherited the place (played by Robert Hardy straight off the set of Hammer's 'Demons of the Mind'). Looking to get the loot as well is Dr. Ian Mandeville (the late-great Christopher Lee) and his sister Sarah (Joan Collins). Add Herbert Lom and Jane Birkin to the mix and you get a well made, and at times even chilling, forgotten thriller.

D653 Dead on Course (52) aka: Wings of Danger aka: Nick non sparare When his girlfriend's brother's cargo plane is lost at sea, nagging questions arise, and pilot Richard Van Ness gets caught in a web of blackmail and smuggling. With Zachary Scott, Diane Cilento, Robert Beatty and more. A Hammer production directed by Terence Fisher and from a John Gilling screenplay. BA

R405 Don't Panic Chaps (59) Charming farce about British and German soldiers peacefully sharing a little island in the Adriatic in 1943. That is, until the beautiful Elsa ( Bond girl Nadja Regin) washes ashore. Blimey! What a war! The battle of the sunbathers. Also with Thorley Walters, Dennis Price and more. Widescreen BA

D585 Don't Take It to Heart (44) A bomb hits a castle awakening a ghost, who is a rather jolly old soul. Word gets out about the ghost and suddenly the manor is open to tourists.... Patricia Medina stars in this obscure British comedy. Richard Bird plays the ghost. Also with Richard Greene who was about to gain fame in the 50's as 'Robin Hood'.

D456 Eye Witness (50) aka: Your Witness Adam Hayward (Robert Montgomery), a successful New York defense lawyer receives a cable that his British war buddy who saved his life at Anzio beach is in trouble with the law. Off to England he goes to defend the man for a murder he is accused of. His friend claims self-defense. The only thing that can save him is the eye witness! Also with British Hammer regular Michael Ripper in a small role as Sam Baxter. BA

R134 Flight From Singapore (62) A couple of men start an air service in Singapore. When they are hired to make a run for some much needed medicine, their plane goes down in a storm. They have to cut their way out of the jungles. Nice location filming and a smart pithy script makes this obscurity a winner. With Patrick Holt.

R492 Floods of Fear (58) aka: Froid dans le dos Two inmates working to shore up a dike during a severe flood are swept away in the current along with a guard and others. Three survive and wind up in an isolated house that holds a flooded interior, and a frightened woman (Anne Heywood). Decent effects and an intense drama unfold. This film remains underwater, literally, for all of it's running time. Also with Howard Keel, Cyril Cusack and more. BA

D516 Frankie Howerd: The Lost Tapes + The White Bus (67) aka: Red, White and Zero First you get a special on Howerd a popular British funny guy. Then, the short film 'The White Bus'. An impassive young girl is taken from her suicidal London life, back to her home in Northern England on a bizarre bus trip. Seen through the poet eye of the camera, this is a commentary on doomed British morbidity. With Patricia Healey, Arthur Lowe, John Sharpe and even Anthony Hopkins in a small role.

R443 Freelance (71) aka: Con Man A small time con artist (Ian McShane) sees a gangland hit and chases the guy. They have a standoff and both walk away. Now he has to try and pull off business as usual, and in the meantime watch out for the guy he saw commit the hit. McShane is 28 in this, and excellent. It is easy to see why he eventually became so popular later (Deadwood...more). This film also has some great background shots of the west end of London during the very early 70's. This cool gangster film also stars Gayle Hunnicutt. Deleted scene included at the end of the film where McShane and a friend sexually share a woman. Nudity.

M356 Fury at Smugglers’ Bay (61) aka: La bahía de los contrabandistas aka: Pirati della notte Pirate wreckers ravage a small seaside community, luring ships onto the rocks so as to take the cargo, while the ineffectual local squire tries to discourage his son's romance with a smuggler's pretty daughter. With Peter Cushing, Michele Mercier and more. Amazing Widescreen upgrade! BA

D454 Girl in the Picture, The (57) A 4-year old photograph published in the London Evening Echo provides a clue to an unsolved murder. Intrepid reporter Deering (Donald Houston) and Inspector Bliss (Patrick Holt) are soon hot on the trail. Tidy little mystery thriller.

R489 Green Man, The (56) aka: Une bombe pas comme les autres Alastair Sim is Hawkins, an assassin who blows people up. They must be pompous ass jerks, this he truly enjoys. The film is farcical in the best tradition of British farce with some laugh out loud scenes. Also with the hysterical Terry Thomas and look for the immortal Michael Ripper in a small role. BA

D521 Hatter's Castle (42) aka: A.J. Cronin's Hatters Castle aka: Le chapelier et son château A successful but tyrannical hatter (Robert Newton) in 19th century Scotland builds a stone castle and brings on his own destruction with his cruelty. Dark Dickensian Victorian darkness with adultery, family disputes, unwanted pregnancy, banishment, financial ruin, assault and suicide. Deborah Kerr and James Mason also star. BA

R483 I See a Dark Stranger (46) aka: The Adventuress A young Irish woman hates England so much she becomes a Nazi spy. Deborah Kerr is a wild, feisty and bewitching Irish Rose in this one as she plays the villainess who hates all things 'English' with relish. Also with Trevor Howard.

R362 I Start Counting (70) aka: O Despertar de uma Adolescente In the tradition of 'Twisted Nerve', 'Deadly Strangers' and 'Crescendo' comes this little known British thriller. Fourteen year old Wynne (played by an 18 year old Jenny Agutter) is coming to terms with her sexuality, and has an unhealthy attraction to her older brother, who she suspects may be the sex-serial killer who has been on the loose terrorizing the area. The deeper she digs, the more she suspects. Things may not turn out as she thinks. If you like Jenny Agutter, even though she is in better films, this may be her finest moment in movies. This plays like a lost Hammer film. You'll even see some guys that were in Hammer films like Bryan Marshall and Simon Ward. Recommended forgotten well-acted and creepy British thriller. LBX

R345 Keeler Affair, The (63) aka: The Christine Keeler Story A teenage prostitute (Yvonne Buckingham, she played a serving wench in 'Blood of the Vampire' and a whore in 'The Haunted Strangler', so this is normal material for her) in England gets involved with high-level politicians and becomes involved in a sex and spy scandal. With John Drew Barrymore. The real Christine Keeler denies any involvement with prostitution. BA

R190 Kill Me Tomorrow (57) A boozy old reporter finds his life is falling apart all around him. First he loses his wife (because he is drunk driving and she is killed), then his job. He is brought back from the brink by his ill son who needs help. But when he goes to his old boss to try to get his job back he finds the guy dead in his chair.... Will he take the rap so he can pay for his son's needed surgery? With Pat O'Brien, Lois Maxwell and George Coulouris. Directed by Terence Fisher, who directed 'The Curse of Frankenstein' the same year.

M820 Lamb (85) A priest (a young Liam Neeson) slowly losing his faith, attempts to help a miserably unhappy boy named Owen. One of the coldest and downbeat films produced in England in the 1980's. The bleak depressing atmosphere builds you up in despair and the ending sucker punches you in the gut. Nice.

R334 Last Shot You Hear, The (69) A marriage counselor has made a fortune from his best selling books, and has learned to love his wealth more than his wife (pouty blonde played by Patricia Haines). His wife has taken a lover and together they plan to murder her husband to get her money. Also with Thorley Walters (who was in 'Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed' the same year), Hugh Marlowe and more. Directed by Gordon Hessler. BA

D298 Men of Sherwood Forest, The (54) aka: La spada di robin hood aka: Los hombres del bosque de Sherwood Hammer's first film shot in color. Don Taylor is Robin Hood. He went on to become a famous director. Patrick Holt as King Richard. It's a Hammer film so you know what to expect. High production values, nice costumes and cool cinematography, Produced by Michael Carreras and directed by Val Guest. BA

D457 Murder at 3 A.M. (53) Dennis Price stars as Scotland Yard police inspector investigating a series of murders on women, all occurring at 3 in the morning. Also with Peggy Evans.

R188 Noose (48) aka: The Silk Noose - A black market racketeer in London, after WW2, is amassing a fortune, until Linda (Carole Landis) a newspaper reporter begins a crusade against him. Excellent British Noir. Landis was to kill herself shortly after this film was completed. It's a good film though, she had other problems. Also with Joseph Calleia and Stanley Holloway.

D547 Perfect Woman, The (49) aka: La femme parfaite A man takes a scientist's creation, a perfect mechanical woman (Patricia Roc) out for a night on the town. Hilarity ensues, but are things as they seem? Comical British sci-fi has it's moments. With Stanley Holloway, Nigel Patrick and more. BA

R168 Recoil (53) aka: Le crime ne paie pas Jean Talbot (Elizabeth Sellars) poses as a crook to infiltrate the gang who murdered her jeweler father. With Kieron Moore. Written and directed by Peter Gilling.

R537 Return from the Ashes (65) aka: Le démon est mauvais joueur Maximilian Schell plays a young wicked gold-digging man who seduces a French, older widow (Ingrid Thulin). Technically, they are close to the same age. His goal is to get his hands on her fortune. Eventually his plan... backfires! Also in the house is the stepdaughter (played by Samantha Eggar). Eggar was nominated for an Oscar the year before for 'The Collector'. Controversial for the bathtub scene. BA

R250 Runaway Bus, The (54) aka: Bussen der forsvandt Comedy mystery heist film from director Val Guest! A fog has fallen and a bus is used to transport some people, one of them has just pulled off a robbery, and the gold is on the bus. Agatha Christie type mystery as we try to guess who the bad guy is amidst the sight gags and hilarious conversations. British comedian Frankie Howerd makes his debut alongside Margaret Rutherford, George Coulouris, Belinda Lee and English songstress Petula Clark. BA

D484 Scotland Yard Inspector (52) aka: Lady in the Fog - English woman asks an American detective visiting London to help find her brother's killer. With Caesar Romero (in a Bogart-like role) and Lois (Miss Moneypenny) Maxwell. A Hammer film. Casting by Michael Carreras and makeup by Phil Leakey who would go on to create many Hammer horrors. BA

R225 Siege of Pinchgut, The (59) aka: Four Desperate Men aka: Zur Hölle mit Sydney Aldo Ray plays the leader of escaped convicts that by boat get stranded on Pinchgut island (a small fort in the middle of Sydney Harbor). They decide to hold hostage the keeper and his family while trying to get a reprieve from the governor. When that ploy fails, they aim a cannon at a ship loaded with explosives in the harbor. 'Do what I say or I'll blow the whole city to hell!' Intense crime thriller. LBX BA

M389 Signalman, The (76) BBC adaptation of a Charles Dickens ghosts story about a lone signalman (Denholm Elliot) who is haunted by the image of a man who appears at the mouth of a railway tunnel to warn of impending disaster. One of the best entries in the 'Ghost Stories For Christmas' series, the horror is conveyed through Elliot's state of mind after witnessing an horrific mid-tunnel train collision, and is enhanced by bizarre 'tonal' music and a sense of isolation. Runs under an hour.

D528 Snowbound (48) aka: O Segredo da Bomba Atómica A man who works as a movie extra gets a job as a spy and is sent to a remote ski cabin/lodge in the Alps to investigate strange happenings there. Nazi gold is the treasure everyone seeks, and there are multiple personalities (some evil) on hand to make sure it is found. With Robert Newton, Herbert Lom, Dennis Price and more.

R481 Spring and Port Wine (70) aka: Place aux jeunes A stern father and a lenient mother deal with the ups and downs of their four children's lives in working class Bolton. Good realistic look at working class Victorian Northern England, the period and locales used to maximum advantage. James Mason, Susan George and more star. Widescreen

D539 Stop Press Girl (49) An attractive young girl (Sally Anne Howes) has a power, passed down through the females in the family, to stop ALL machinery at will. It takes 15 minutes to do so, and she must be awake. This is the only rule. She's dangerous! Also with Gordon Jackson, James Robertson Justice, Kenneth Moore and others.

D618 Street of Shadows (53) aka: The Shadow Man aka: Les femmes connaissent la musique A small-time Soho hustler gets himself caught up in the murder of an ex-girlfriend, evades the police and finally helps them to corner the real murderer. Cesar Romero, Kay Kendall and Simone Silva. BA

D662 Tarnished Heroes (62) Set in WW2, Major Bell is given the task of blowing up a bridge that is a life-line for German supplies. The only troops he can muster are a group of renegades who are awaiting a court marshal. Brian Clemens writes this yarn, and 'The Dirty Dozen' pretty much ripped it off later, and did it better (with a whole lotta’ money!). Of course this type of plot about misfits in war has always been popular.

D304 Terror Street (53) aka: 36 Hours An American pilot AWOL from the states is framed for his wife's murder and has just 36 hours to prove his innocence. With Dan Duryea. BA

R480 Train of Events (49) aka: Liverpool-expressen A train disaster is told as four short stories to give character studies of the people involved, how it will affect them, and how, eventually, they will deal with it. Laughter, Love, Suspense and Thrills in a film of a Fateful Journey that will not end well. 'Compendium' films were popular in the late 40's, the most successful being 'Dead of Night' in 1945. Valerie Hobson, Jack Warner and Peter Finch are just a few of the actors in this one. BA

D519 Treasure of San Teresa, The (59) aka: Hot Money Girl aka: Long Distance She Was Trash! She Would Do Anything For a Price! Screams the tagline of this British film that stars Dawn Addams (of a few Hammer films and Amicus) and Eddie Constantine. Also with Christopher Lee straight off the set of Hammer films to do this film before heading back to Hammer to make 'The Mummy'. But wait, there's more! Girls, Girls, Girls! (61) Michael Winner directed this color short documentary about three cute women in fashionable jobs sharing a flat to save money. Obscure, super colorful time capsule.

R185 Victim (61) aka: Víctima A gay (but married to a woman) lawyer goes after a blackmailer who threatens gay men with exposure (being gay still illegal). This is basically a mystery/thriller trying to legitimize gayness, because of how vulnerable a gay person is to extortion and other unfair practices. Nice London locations in the bleak black and white photography. This film actually helped in the decriminalization of homosexuality in Great Britain. Intelligently written and played with Dirk Bogarde, Sylvia Syms, Dennis Price and Darren Nesbitt. 96 minute print!!




{Choose any two CLASSIC titles to create your custom double feature for $14.00 on VHS OR DVD-R! }

D491 Aerial Gunner (43) Old rivals are pitted against each other in basic training and fight over the same woman. Most of the action takes place at the end (like Top Gun). More flag waving fun! Starring Chester Morris, Richard Arlen and don't blink, Robert Mitchum in a bit part. BA

M804 Alrune (30) aka: Daughter of Evil aka: Alraune aka: El último experimento del Dr. Bricken Remake of the silent version and again starring Brigitte Helm (Metropolis and more). Her performance here seems more demonical and sexually charged than in the silent version. She plays an artificially created woman, who takes down men by the dozen with her sexuality. When she realizes just what she actually is she feels remorse resulting in tragedy. Pretty racy stuff for 1930. Also with Martin Kosleck in his third film. Kosleck, who escaped Nazi Germany with a Gestapo hit squad literally on his heels, ironically made a career out of playing Nazi's in many films. In German language and with English subtitles.

R173 Amazing Mr. Williams, The (39) aka: Un hombre inverosimil Kenny Williams (Melvyn Douglas), a lieutenant of the homicide squad, is engaged to the Mayor's secretary, However, every time they get a moment duty calls. With Joan Blondell. BA

D842 Another Man's Poison (52) aka: Gift für einen anderen aka: La fossa dei peccati In an isolated house, a mystery writer (who has just murdered her estranged husband) is involved in potentially murderous relationships. BA

D356 Arson Racket Squad (38) aka: Arson Gang Busters New York City Fireman Bill O'Connell (Robert Livingston) is assigned to the arson squad to apprehend the for-profit gang of arsonists who are spreading terror, loss of property and killing. Also with Jack La Rue, Jackie Moran, Rosalind Keith and more. BA

M144 Baboona (35) aka: Bride of the Beast Osa and Martin Johnson take yet another flying trip over darkest Africa and film everything in sight. Staged scenes of peril include, landing their plane on an unexplored lake filled with crocodiles, wild animals, native tribes and more!

R485 Battle Taxi (55) aka: Operation Air Rescue aka: L’Escadrille du Suicide Capt. Andrews commands a helicopter rescue unit that flies wounded soldiers out of battle areas, and to rescue pilots that had to ditch their aircraft in battle. Directed by 50's monster director Herbert L. Strock and starring Arthur Franz, Marshall Thompson and Sterling Hayden. BA

M893 Beauty Parlor (32) Pre-Code drama of the plights of young women in the depression, fast moving and pretty racy for the time. These woman want so badly to hang onto their virtue... but sleazebags at every turn in life, and what a hard life it is... Barbara Kent (who lived to be 103 dying in 2011) stars alongside Joyce Compton.

R174 Behind Green Lights (46) aka: Audácia de Criminoso Police Lieutenant Sam Carson (William Gargan) investigates a political murder after the victim is dumped on the floor of police headquarters. Also with Carole Landis in one of her last films. She was dead from a drug overdose at just 29 years old in 1948 after being in 56 films. BA

D824 Big Game, The (36) Gambler's kidnap Atlantic star quarterback Clark Jenkins. A lot of actual football players are used in the film including members of Stanford, Notre Dame and Ohio State, including the first Heisman Trophy winner. Here's some earlier gambling and sports scenarios. With Bruce Cabot, June Travis, James Gleason, Phillip Houston and more. BA

D442 Big Operator, The (59) aka: Anatomy of the Syndicate Mickey Rooney plays a wicked union boss who will stop at nothing to get his way. The nonstop action includes strong arm union goons beating Mel Torme's character, then setting him on fire and dumping him on Mary's (Mamie Van Doren) lawn. Surprisingly violent and also starring Jim Backus, Ray Danton, Steve Cochran, Jackie Coogan, Jay North and even Vampira (as Gina, right off the set of 'Plan 9 From Outer Space'). BA

D436 Black Tuesday (54) aka: Mardi, ça saignera! Vicious gangster Vincent Canelli (Edward G. Robinson) pulls off a daring prison escape just moments before his appointment with the electric chair. Also escaping death is Peter Manning (played by Peter Graves) who also has hidden cash on the outside. Of course they run into problems getting the dough. There are shoot-outs and they wind up holed up with hostages. Also with Russell Johnson, William Schallert, Milburn Stone, Warren Stevens and Jack Kelly. Edward G. really delivers and goes all-out 'Little Caesar' on everyone's ass. From an old film print with a bit of a shake. BA

D437 Bobby Ware is Missing (55) The plot deals with the disappearance of two young boys, Bobby and Mickey, and how Bobby's family and Mickey's dad deal with the loss. The boy's went hiking and fell down inside a mountain due for blasting. Will they be saved in time? With Neville Brand as Police Lt. Andy Flynn. Also with Arthur Franz and Jean Willes. BA

R217 Boy of the Streets (37) A cocky young street kid (Jackie Cooper), worships his father, a sleazy political operative. A nice look at the downtrodden people residing in the slums, there are rival street gangs spitting at each other and fist-fighting, and a mob element that shoots everything in sight. A good story with an upbeat ending.

D322 Bulldog Edition (36) aka: Lady Reporter Two rival newspapers are engaged by a circulation battle complicated by a vicious gangster who puts himself in the middle of it. With Evalyn Knapp, Ray Walker and Regis Toomey.

D632 Captive City, The (52) aka: La città prigioniera A small town newspaper reporter investigates a local bookie operation that is a hotbed for organized crime. With John Forsythe, Joan Camden, Martin Milner and more. BA

M282 Carnival of Illusions (46) aka: La foire aux chimères aka: Devil and the Angel - Frank (Eric Von Stroheim) a disfigured man meets a blind beautiful blonde at a fair, who is a knife thrower's partner in the circus. She marries Frank. Surgery restores her sight. When she sees her husband's face she pretends she cannot see, as she is too horrified. She has to put up a facade, creating an illusion of sorts for Frank's world. Excellent forgotten French film and with English subtitles. Eric Von Stroheim is great and you may remember female lead Madeleine Sologne from ' The Wolf from Malveneurs'. BA

D836 Champagne Charlie (36) aka: Burbujas de champán Told in flashback. Backers want a gambler to marry a rich girl for her dowry. When he double-crosses them, he's murdered, and the murderer blackmails the girl, but then he is murdered as well. Decent early programmer murder mystery with Paul Cavanagh and Helen Wood.

D429 Chicago Deadline (49) aka: El misterio de una desconocida On Chicago's South side, a reporter (Alan Ladd) finds the body of a dead girl (Donna Reed). Her address book may have a clue about her killer. Donna Reed appears in flashbacks proving she was into some shady dealings, and Arthur Kennedy also stars in this dark noir. BA

D630 Chicago Syndicate (55) aka: Meutres à responsabilité limitée Dennis O'Keefe goes undercover to blow the lid off the syndicate run by mama's boy Paul Stewart. With the sexy Abbe Lane and the amazing Allison Hayes. BA

D424 City That Never Sleeps (53) aka: Traqué dans Chicago Johnny Kelly (Gig Young) is planning on resigning the police force and leaving his wife the next day. But he is about to have a very eventful last night on duty that may just be a game changer! With Mala Powers, Marie Windsor, Edward Arnold, Chill Wills, Tom Poston and more. BA

D365 Classic Gold (50's) First 'The Night America Trembled' (57) A live T.V. reenactment of sorts about the Orson Welles broadcast of 'War of the Worlds' The fact that people actually thought we were being invaded by aliens from outer space.... Wow. Anyway, just look at some of the guys in this one! Vincent Gardenia, James Coburn, Edward Asner, Warren Beatty, Warren Oates, John Astin (don't blink or you'll miss some of them, this was a debut for many of them), So essentially the first dramatization of these events. Next: Medic (55) Episode: Boy in the Storm. - This is Dennis Hopper at age 19 in his second appearance on A T.V. show, before he broke into film. He plays a 17 year old epileptic who needs help from the doctor (Richard Boone). This role so impressed Hollywood that he was cast in 'Rebel Without a Cause' the same year. Next: Lights Out: Episode: The Martian Eyes - This eerie episode of the famed 50's fear show stars Burgess Meredith.

D428 C-Man (49) aka: La stirpe di Caino A treasury department head is murdered. His best friend, also an agent, investigates and stumbles into a scheme involving smuggling and murder. With Dean Jagger. John Carradine plays a quack doctor addicted to drugs, and the henchmen seem to have an undercurrent of homosexuality about them. BA

D297 Confidential (35) aka: La casa degli agguati A federal agent seeks to avenge the murder of his friend by going undercover in a numbers racket. Evalyn Knapp, Donald Cook and J. Carroll Naish star.

M145 Congorilla (32) aka: Adventures Among the Big Apes and Little People of Central Africa Osa and Martin Johnson fly again! The Johnson's also relied on humor when making their jungle pictures, staging sequences, and making native tribe people look stupid to some, I thought it was entertaining and respectful, but that's just me. I mean let's face it, they were hanging with savages! So much of the information is incorrect and the filmmakers may be a little less than authentic. So what. Where's your film that you made in the Congo in 1932? Oh, I see, you were never there. Take it on with historical perspective, and tongue in cheek humor and you'll enjoy it. All PC people steer clear. This may be the best of their pictures. Filmed in the Congo this one has historical value as this is exactly how things were in 1932 Congo, with the Pygmies and other native types. BA

D834 Convicted (50) aka: La loi des bagnards A D.A. (Broderick Crawford) becomes the prison warden where he tries to help a man (Glenn Ford) who he helped convict, because he feels his sentence was excessive. Pretty good and a nice cast which includes Will Geer, Whit Bissell, Dorothy Malone and more. BA

D626 Counterspy Meets Scotland Yard (50) Dark film noir about spies tracking spies, dark streets and fast paced. Amanda Blake (Kitty on 'Gunsmoke') stars (she's 21 in this), along with Howard St. John and Ron Randell. BA

R160 Cowboy Star, The (36) Tired of being a cowboy movie star, Yorke (Charles Starrett) quits the movies so he can buy a ranch and be a real cowboy. But just as in his films, trouble arrives in the form of a bank robber and his two cronies.

D846 Cry of the City (48) aka: Una vida marcada Robert Siodmak directs. Police Lieutenant (Victor Mature), longtime friend of a mafia family, walks a tightrope in the case of a mob man cop-killer (Richard Conte). Also with Shelley Winters and Debra Paget. Cool crime drama. BA

R448 Dangerous Intruder (45) An actress named Jenny (Veda Ann Borg) is struck by a car while hitchhiking. She ends up in the mansion home of a man that may or may not be a killer. Strange characters in the house add to the mystery. A dark and compelling classic. Picture can be a little shaky at times from film print.

D452 Dangerous Profession, A (49) aka: Una professió perillosa Ex-policeman Vince Kane (George Raft) is a partner with Joe Farley (Pat O'Brien) as bail bond brokers, but retains his ties and friendships with the police. Things get hairy when an ex-flame is involved in puzzling series of events that include corruption and murder. Also with Ella Raines and Jim Backus. BA

R138 Dark Horse, The (32) Warren William plays a slick and dirty campaign manager in this Pre-Code gem. He's always trying to find ways to fool the public in order to defeat the opposing party. Truth or facts do not matter. Sound familiar? Also with Bette Davis who's like 24 in this.

D737 Dark Mountain (44) A woman doesn't realize that the man she has just married is a gangster. When she is implicated in a murder he has committed... Ellen Drew, Robert Lowry and Regis Toomey star.

M786 Death and the Maiden (36) aka: Ferryman Maria aka: Fährmann Maria A beautiful young drifter (Sybille Schmitz) comes to a small village and battles death himself to save the man she loves. Spooky German made horror later remade by the same director as 'Strangler of the Swamp' in 1946.

D897 Disembodied, The (57) aka: La Bruja de la Selva aka: Woodoo - Blutrausch des Dschungels A photographer on an expedition in the jungle runs smack dab into a voodoo cult led by.... Female Witch Doctor! Fiendish Tigress of the Jungle! Allison Hayes does a memorable ritual dance while scantily clad. With Allison Hayes, Paul Burke and Eugenia Paul. Nice Widescreen Upgrade! BA

R144 Don't Turn 'Em Loose (36) aka: La jena di Barlow A conscientious attorney who is the member of the State Parole Board, finds that his own son (Bruce Cabot), who is using an alias, is up for parole, and he must make the deciding vote. Of course we've seen what a murderous scum Cabot's character truly is. Also with Betty Grable and Lewis Stone.

M387 Eerie Tales (19) aka: Unheimliche Geschichten When an old bookstore closes, the Strumpet, Death, and the Devil tell each other seduction tales about themselves to amuse each other. Four of the stories are from great works. Like Poe's 'The Black Cat' is here. Pretty incredible, and very racy for 1919. Conrad Veidt stars in this one. English translations where needed.

D695 Evil Dwarf (55) A detective interrupts a violent street scene and sees a deformed dwarf drop a woman’s arm and run away... Later at a fashion show he does the same thing– leaving a severed woman’s arm... Japanese crime thriller mystery that has a killer midget, stabbings and more! In Japanese language only, no subs.

D321 Federal Fugitives (41) aka: International Spy Spotting a man in Washington D.C., that he thinks looks like Otto Liberman, a fugitive that caused a plane crash that killed eight people, government agent James Madison manages to identify him by getting his fingerprints and then follows him to make the bust. With his new identity we know he is up to no good!

D317 Female Fugitive (38) aka: Fugitive Lady A woman who's husband runs a successful trucking company, which seemingly is untouched by a rash of hijackings plaguing his competitors, ends up on the run when the police show up at her door looking for two hijackers. Fleeing with her husband and his henchmen, she must try to figure out how to get out of the charge of murder as a cop was killed in a shoot-out. She is in way over her head. With Evelyn Venable.

D823 Flight From Glory (37) aka: L'ultimo volo Early aviation action drama about scrapped pilots flying scrapped planes to maximize profits (this plan engineered and run by 'baddie' played by Onslow Stevens). With Van Heflin (in one of his first roles). BA

D245 Footsteps in the Fog (55) aka: Des Pas dans le Brouillard In Color Victorian thriller! In early 1900's England, a beautiful maid (Jean Simmons) tries to blackmail her master (Stewart Granger) into romancing her when she finds out he poisoned his wife, killing her. Heavily atmospheric film with incredible set design and foggy streets resembles a lost 'Jekyll/Hyde' or 'Jack the Ripper' type film. Rich, colorful and with a surprise ending! Also with Bill Travers. BA

R406 Forbidden Street, The (49) aka: Britannia Mews aka: Affairs of Adelaide A rich woman (Maureen O'Hara) in Victorian England, marries a poor artist (Dana Andrews) from the wrong side of the tracks. Later she finds herself the victim of a blackmailing plot. A creepy old street woman, blackmail, puppetry, cackling hags, some tasty dialogue, and an odd moment when Dana Andrews character invite's his lady love's little brother to bed. Huh? BA

D319 Gang Bullets (38) aka: The Crooked Way A ruthless but clever gangster who knows every loophole in the law has the tables turned by a dedicated D.A. and his assistant. Some crime flicks from the 30's are a bit dated, but notice how the cops are jerks and not always presented in a righteous light. That is more accurate in reality, then, and today. With Ann Nagel and Robert Kent.

D415 Gideon of Scotland Yard (58) aka: Gideon’s Day aka: Inspecteur de service John Ford goes to England and directs this tale of 24 tension taut hours in the life of a top crime fighter (played by Jack Hawkins). Anna Massey and John Loder star. LBX BA

D696 Girl Diver of Spook Mansion (59) aka: Ama no bakemono yashiki Yumi, a poor girl who dives for pearls. Her family lost their treasure which was buried in a cave. The ghost of her dead sister knows where it is, and wants to lead Yumi to find it. Seldom seen, in Japanese language only with no subtitles. Widescreen.

R133 Glass Key, The (35) aka: A Chave de Cristal Ed Beaumont (George Raft) is the personal friend and advisor/bodyguard to Paul Madvig (Edward Arnold) the political boss of a large city. Look for Ray Milland and Anne Sheridan in small roles. Later remade with Alan Ladd. BA

D652 Glass Key, The (35) aka: La llave de cristal Ed Beaumont (George Raft), is the personal friend, advisor and bodyguard of Paul Madvig (Edward Arnold) the big city boss. Murders, beatings and more. Remade later with Alan Ladd, this version is a bit darker.

D552 Gold (34) Amazing early German sci-fi! Two scientists have discovered how to make gold out of lead through radioactivity. They are sabotaged by an evil tycoon. Luckily for him the tycoon's daughter (Brigitte Helm of 'Metropolis' and others) comes to the aid of the surviving scientist. Cool mind-blowing set design for it's time. With English subtitles!

D361 Great God Gold (35) Greed, ambition, and a hunger for power drive John Hart (Sidney Blackmer), a New-York city stock-market broker, into crooked dealings and deception. He gets through the crash unscathed and makes a fortune destroying companies. Of course this is still happening now when companies are liquidated and employees lose everything but the other guys make fortunes. Today's version of such a film is out now in 2014 and is of course called 'Wolves of Wall Street'.

D419 Harbor of Missing Men (50) aka: Porto dos Homens Perdidos Fishing boat owner (Richard Denning) cuts a deal with local gangsters to deliver a load of contraband firearms. Tight little programmer with recognizable B cast that includes George Zucco as a villain, Ray Teal and Barbara Fuller.

D504 Haunted House, The (52) aka: Beit al ashbah aka: House of Ghosts Horror comedy from Egypt with Ismail Yasseen. A gorilla is on the loose in this 'old dark house' type complete with secret passageways, hidden rooms and counterfeiters. With English subtitles!

D426 Headline Hunters (55) aka: Flash! cronaca nera Interesting Republic newspaper drama that covers some moral issues and corruption, and just how things are reported. With Rod Cameron, Julie Bishop, Ben Cooper, and look for soon to be Stooge Joe Besser as the coroner. BA

D421 Hideout (49) George Browning (Lloyd Bridges) is up against jewel thieves. Meanwhile two women compete for his affection. Also with Jeff Corey and Ray Collins. BA

D483 Homicide for Three (48) aka: An Interrupted Honeymoon On their honeymoon a young navy officer and his wife are finding difficulties finding a hotel room in Los Angeles until a lady lends them a suite. This is unfortunate because they are swept up in a murder mystery when bodies start turning up, and they are accused of the killings. BA

D738 Homicide For Three (48) aka: An Interrupted Honeymoon On their honeymoon, a young navy officer and his wife are having difficulties in finding a hotel room in L.A., that is until, a lady lends them her suite. Later they are implicated in a murder. BA

R158 Hunt the Man Down (50) aka: Seven Witnesses The suspect in a twelve year old murder case is finally caught and tried, but tracking down the witness's is another story! Tidy and well made crime suspense. With Gig Young, Mary Anderson and Gerald Mohr. BA

D859 Hunted Men (38) aka: Crime Gives Orders Joe Albany (Lloyd Nolan) is a tough racketeer that guns down James Flowers (Buster Crabbe), a local night club owner, for double-crossing him. In his attempt to escape Joe is run down by a car driven by a drunk guy that thinks he knows Joe, and he takes Joe home to his respectable house, where also lives his respectable wife and his two children. The perfect hideout.... until... Mary Carlisle, Anthony Quinn, J. Carroll Naish and more star. BA

M143 I Married Adventure (40) Osa and Martin Johnson made a series of wildlife and native tribe type study films, and staged scenes of danger, in far away places in the 20's and early 30's. When Martin died in a plane crash in 1937 at the age of only 53, Osa reflected, wrote a book about her life with Martin, and then had this movie thrown together with archive footage of her with Martin, in their heyday, doing what they loved. Jim Bannon is the narrator. BA

D227 Insurance Investigator (51) Tom Davison (Richard Denning) investigates a double-indemnity insurance policy after a supposed accidental death when it looks like these things are happening way too often in the area. He finds himself smack dab in the thick of it, as a criminal enterprise is responsible for the deadly scam. Hillary Brooke is great as the 'bad girl'. BA

D430 Johnny Allegro (49) aka: L'homme de main A man (George Raft) is drawn into peril trying to square himself with the cops. A cop (Will Geer) enlists Raft to get the scoop on an island run by a man that helps criminals escape justice. Leggy blonde (Nina Foch), is the head honcho's (George Macready) gal, and Raft falls for her even though he is twice her age! But hold up, Macready hunts the men disloyal to him with his bow, and Raft is next in line, 'Most Dangerous Game' style. BA

R482 Killer on the Loose (36) aka: Killer at Large A master of disguise poses as a wax figure to rob a safe of it's jewels. Of course he has other disguises of deception as well. A wax museum and a mad killer! Mary Brian, Russell Hardie and more star. The villain laughs like a maniac when he kills. Look for Lon Chaney Jr. as one of the grave diggers. Pretty cool oldie that runs just under an hour.

D858 King of Alcatraz (38) aka: El tirano de Alcatraz A convict (J. Carroll Naish) who has just escaped from Alcatraz prison, takes over a passenger ship. Two of the ship's crew hatch a plot to overpower him and take back control of the ship. Snappy contract players include Robert Preston, Lloyd Nolan, Richard Denning, Anthony Quinn, Harry Carey and more.

M147 King Solomon's Mines (37) aka: Les mines du Roi Salomon White hunter Allen Quatermain and his enigmatic guide help a young Irish woman locate her missing father who has gone missing seeking treasure in unexplored Darkest Africa. Some swear that this old British adaptation of the classic H. Rider Haggard novel is the best version ever filmed, despite the era's disadvantages. You decide. Sir Cedric Hardwicke plays a sturdy rugged Quatermain. Also with Anna Lee and John Loder. BA

M672 La Fiancée Des Tenebres (45) aka: Gespielin der Finsternis A man returns to his village and meets a woman in an old castle, residing their with her adoptive guardian who spends his time immersed in his research of an ancient cult of Christian's who glorified death over life. She thinks she is cursed because her two former lovers died in tragic circumstances. A really dark and dreamy fantasy element permeates the film. Nice scenes in the catacombs and other sequences almost make this a little bit of a horror film, maybe in the same way as 'Curse of the Cat People' which is almost just barely horror, but not quite really. With English subtitles.

D240 Lost in the Stratosphere (34) Two military pilots are close friends, and share in a lot of hazardous missions while engaging in a series of good-natured romantic rivalries. With William (brother of James) Cagney.

D475 Lycanthropus (61) aka: Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory Girls in an academy for reforming girls who have gone bad- are being killed off -sending shockwaves through the school. Enter one good looking doctor with a past (Carl Schell, handsome blond brother of Maximilian) who investigates the mysterious deaths and nearly pays with his own life (and his girlfriend-to-be, Barbara Lass (who happened to be the first Mrs. Roman Polanski!)... This International version is really not all that different than the American version. The girl killed at about the 12 minute mark body dump looks different. And a scene about 53 minutes in you can see a little more boob than in the American version. I couldn't find much else different, although this is LBX and does not have the silly intro and end part from the American version. Check it out, this is how it is supposed to be! BA

M202 Man Without a Body, The (57) aka: Der Mann ohne Körper Rich guy needs brain surgery. He decides to steal the head of Nostradamus to put on his body with the help of a transplant specialist that experiments with monkeys. Truly dark and bizarre horror sci-fi now in an upgraded print that includes the trailer. BA

D832 Marines Fly High, The (40) aka: Vuelo de rescate Marine Lieutenants Dan (Richard Dix) and Jim (Chester Morris) fight bandits in the South American jungle, and both compete for the affections of Joan (Lucille Ball, when she could turn heads).

D241 Million to One, A (37) Pretty cool film about the Olympics (with plenty of competition footage) and the struggles of the participants involved. Obstacles of women, the good life, the agonies of defeat and the thrill of success and more with quite a bit packed into the film's short running time of just under an hour. Joan Fontaine is 20 years old in this, she just died Dec. 2013 at age 96. BA

D261 Missing Girls (36) aka: When Girls Leave Home A group of gangsters shoot a senator and take his daughter and her friend as hostages at Ma Barton's hideout. There they are subjected to the worst of indignities, like washing dishes and ironing clothes! Reporter Jimmie Dugan shows up disguised as a tramp. With Ann Doran, Roger Pryor, Sidney Blackmer and more.

D425 Mob, The (51) aka: Die Spur führt zum Hafen Police detective Damico (Broderick Crawford), outwitted by a mob killer, is temporarily suspended. But really he goes undercover as a longshoreman to try to get the baddies. Check out the cast! John Marley, Charles Bronson (un-credited, you just see him), Neville Brand, Ernest Borgnine and more. BA

D318 Motive for Revenge (35) aka: Thunder in the Streets Bank teller Barry (Donald Cook) is driven into stealing bank funds by his nagging mother-in-law. When he gets out of jail he finds his wife (Irene Hervey) with another man. A shot is heard and now Barry and his ex-wife are on the run accused of murder! BA

D628 Motor Patrol (50) aka: Motorpatrullen A police officer masquerades as a criminal to get information on a gang of car thieves. When they find a body on the side of the road, things get serious. With Don Castle, Jane Nigh and Onslow Stevens. BA

D742 Mr. District Attorney (41) aka: J'accuse cette femme Story involves graft perpetrated by Paul Hyde (Peter Lorre) and a wacky reporter and a rookie D.A. (played by Dennis O'Keefe) who is trying to solve the case. This one does not take itself too seriously.

D495 Murder in the Clouds (34) aka: O Crime das Nuvens Bob 'three star' is the hotshot pilot for Trans American Airlines. When not flying for the airlines, he is doing acrobatic stunts over the field. When asked to transport a scientist who has a new high explosive mixture formula, it is stolen by foreign powers. Aerial thrills aplenty in this oldie. BA

D812 Murder on the Campus (33) aka: On the Stroke of Nine A popular young student finds herself accused of a series of murders that have occurred on the college campus. Edward Van Sloan, Shirley Grey and Charles Starrett star.

D490 Navy Way, The (44) aka: Os Marinheiros São Assim The experiences of a disparate group of young men as they make their way through Navy boot camp. A flag waving programmer with Robert Armstrong as the CPO. Also with Jean Parker and Robert Lowery.

D598 New Orleans Uncensored (55) aka: Riot on Pier 6 aka: Rivolta al molo n 6 On the Waterfront meets the French Quarter! Film noir style narration gives us the scoop on this tale of organized crime infiltration on the New Orleans waterfront. Illegal trafficking of stolen goods cause big problems for honest Dan (Arthur Franz). Dark down and dirty and also starring Beverly Garland, Michael Ansara, Ed Nelson and more. Directed by William Castle. LBX BA

D420 Night Freight (55) aka: Atentado na Noite Mob sabotage's train run by Mike Peters (Forrest Tucker) whom they have a conflict with. Gun battles and action ensue with a race to get the train out of populated areas before it goes BOOM! George Sanders has a cameo. BA

D494 On Probation (35) A corrupt politician adopts a young girl. A few years later he finds himself falling in love with her, but finds she loves a rich young bachelor. With Monte Blue and Lucile Brown.

D434 Out of the Clouds (55) aka: O Amor Chegou de Avião A busy day at a London airport follows the life's and love's of several passengers in this British film. London fog delays and interesting characters throughout with various backgrounds. Anthony Steel (Revenge of the Barbarians and more), Robert Beatty, James Robertson Justice and many others star.

D413 Outpost in Morocco (49) aka: La Ultima Carga Paul Gerard (George Raft), a Moroccan Spahi officer and his French Foreign Legion garrison, holds off attacks from the native tribes of the Emir of Bel-Rashad (Eduard Franz), the father of Cara (Marie Windsor), the woman he loves. A rarity amongst American films of the Foreign Legion genre, the Legion cooperated with the producers. A second unit led by Robert Rossen filmed scenes in Morocco. Some of the large scale action scenes of the film were reused in Fort Algiers and Legion of the Doomed. Decent action sequences. Also with Akim Tamiroff. BA

D831 Pacific Liner (39) aka: Tragedia sul Pacifico Setting: A ship traveling from Shang Hai to San Francisco. Below deck a cholera outbreak begins to kill some of the ship's passenger's. They throw the bodies in the ships furnace so as not to upset folks on the upper deck. Some of the crew threatens mutiny. The people below deck are sick of the snobbery of the rich ones above. The “holier than thou” upper-deckers complain about the “poor service” when they reach port. Class differences explored, with snappy dialogue, on the high seas. Victor McLaglen, Chester Morris, Alan Hale (the Skipper's Dad) and more star.

R141 Paratrooper (53) aka: The Red Beret A wartime raid on a German radar station is the focus of these paratroopers. Well constructed battle sequences. With Alan Ladd as Harry Andrews. In Color. BA

D857 Parole Fixer (40) aka: Mercaderes del crimen An expose of the U.S. Parole system, as seen through the eyes of F.B.I. director J. Edgar Hoover, as he wrote this piece. Anthony Quinn plays a ruthless gangster on parole who kills a cop and participates in a kidnapping. Hoover penned a few filmed books, possibly could be perceived as propaganda in some ways. Also with Lyle Talbot, William Henry and more.

D417 Platinum High School (60) aka: Trouble at 16 aka: Rich, Young and Deadly Rich juvenile delinquents in an isolated island high school. When one dies mysteriously, his father (Mickey Rooney) comes to investigate. He faces trouble from Major Redfern Kelly (Dan Duryea) and his helpers (Richard Jaeckel and Christopher Dark). Shades of 'Bad Day at Black Rock'. With Yvette Mimieux (in her first speaking part), Conway Twitty and Terry Moore. BA

D422 Post Office Investigator (49) aka: Selos da Morte An auction of rare stamps is being held in a downtown office building, A robbery is in play. But fencing the goods will prove to be difficult. With Audrey Long, Warren Douglas and Jeff Donnell as April. Yes, that's right, a chick named Jeff! BA

D414 Postmark For Danger (55) aka: Portrait of Alison One of the few British made films with the grit and menace of American film noir. A fiery car crash is not what it seems as found out by the brother of one of the victims. Shades of 'Laura' combine with enough plot twists and turns to satisfy mystery/suspense fans. With Robert Beatty, William Sylvester and Terry Moore. BA

D856 Queen of the Mob (40) aka: Mulher Diabólica Ma Webster (Blanche Yurka) is the mother of a gang of bank-robbers. Tough and gutsy, she leads the authorities on a multi-state chase, ruling her devil's brood with an iron fist. Also in the gang is J. Carroll Naish as George Frost. He is a malcontent, but she keeps him around because he is a cold-blooded killer, and comes in handy. With Ralph Bellamy, Richard Denning, even Robert Ryan in a small role. BA

D451 Race Street (48) aka: A Rua da Aventura Nice guy bookie Dan Gannin (George Raft) plans to quit the racket and open a nightclub with his singing sister (Gale Robbins) as the main attraction. But he is muscled by the syndicate, and when his friend (Harry Morgan) is killed, he sets out for revenge. You really don't want George Raft pissed off at you! Also with William Bendix. BA

D625 Radar Secret Service (50) G-Men track stolen Uranium using new radar technology. They also recruit the girlfriend of a gang-leader as an informant. John Howard and Adele Jergens stars.

M869 Rasputin, Demon with Women (32) aka: Rasputin, Dämon der Frauen A tiny village is visited by healing miracles, courtesy of one 'Rasputin'. Later he is taken to heal the Czarina's sick son. Wild drunk and womanizer, Rasputin is sent home... Later he is betrayed and .... The script has an added touch of historical accuracy in that an actual acquaintance of 'Rasputin' assisted with the script, using manuscripts and records he himself had kept. With the great Conrad Veidt as Rasputin. Simply put, an excellent and forgotten German production. With English subtitles.

D449 Red Light (49) aka: Luce rossa Nick (Raymond Burr), in prison for embezzling from Torno freight (run by Johnny Torno, played by George Raft), sees his chance to get revenge. He puts a hit man (Harry Morgan) on to Johnny's brother Jess (a priest played by Arthur Franz). If he can take away Johnny's brother, he will be happy. But Raft is a badass, and we will see what happens! Also with Virginia Mayo. BA

D320 Riot Squad (41) Tom Brandon (Richard Cromwell), a young doctor who, working with and for the police department, takes a job as a doctor for a bunch of criminals, after his friend (a cop) is gunned down.

R172 Romance of the Royal Mounted (36) aka: King of the Royal Mounted Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sergeant King protects a girl who has come to claim a mine left by her father. An evil lawyer is after the mine for himself. BA

D854 Rookie Fireman (50) Merchant seaman Joe Blake (Bill Williams), in love with Peggy Walters, takes a job as a rookie fireman in a big city department. Some cool action sequences, and a nice film about firemen in America in 1950.

D633 Runaround, The (46) aka: Anche oggi è primavera Maverick private eyes leave a large agency to go out on their own. Their first assignment is to track down a runaway heiress (Ella Raines). Rod Cameron and Broderick Crawford star. Don't blink and you will spot Jane Adams, who died in May 2014. BA

M225 Rur (35) aka: Gibel Sensatsii aka: Loss of the Sensation In an unnamed English speaking capitalist land, a young engineer invents inexhaustible giant robots to replace the fragile human workers on high-volume assembly lines and soon finds his invention co-opted by the military-industrial complex. This is one of the first movies dealing with the fear of using robots to replace humans in the work place making humans irrelevant and the powerful people as the gods of existence. Incredible and obscure Russian made science fiction warns of capitalism, but still manages to be cool despite the taste of propaganda involved. With English subtitles.

D485 Scotland Yard Investigator (45) aka: O Agente da Scotland Yard At the outbreak of WW2 the 'Mona Lisa' is relocated for safe keeping. But a fanatic German art collector is determined to make the coveted painting his own! Eric Von Stroheim stars with C. Aubrey Smith. BA

R449 Scotland Yard Investigator (45) At the outbreak of WW2, the Mona Lisa is relocated to London for safekeeping. A German collector (Eric Von Stroheim) is determined to steal it, even if that involves murder! Well paced thriller with the Teutonic Terror Stroheim in one of his typically diabolical roles. BA

D830 Secret Command (44) aka: Les saboteurs WW2 spy thriller, taking place in a ship building plant, with Pat O'Brien as an undercover agent looking to weed out the Nazi saboteurs. Not bad. Nominated for an Academy Award for “Best Special Effects”. But there ARE NO special effects. One of the best jokes ever perpetrated upon the perpetually clueless Academy. BA

D433 Secret Service Investigator (48) aka: Investigador Secreto Lloyd Bridges plays a flying ace war hero who gets sucked into a counterfeiting scheme by an apposing a gang of crooks. Quickly moving programmer with pithy dialogue and a reliably threatening George Zucco. Also with Lynne Roberts.

M894 Secret Sinners (33) When a wife finds out that her husband has fallen for a chorus girl, she figures that if he can stray so can she, so she starts looking elsewhere. Pre-Code fun with Sue Carol and Natalie Moorhood.

D453 Security Risk (54) aka: Rischio sicuro An FBI agent on vacation in the mountains begins to suspect that a Communist spy ring may be operating in the area and soon his suspicions are confirmed. Made at the height of the Red Scare era. With John Ireland and Dorothy Malone.

D316 Sensation Hunters (33) Dale Jordan (Marion Burns) is at first accepted by the aristocratic first-class passengers on a South bound Panama-Pacific liner, until they discover she is a member of a dance troupe. Later on in Panama City things go horribly awry for our showgirl. Pre-Code.

R221 Shadow of Suspicion (44) The safe-guarding of a valuable necklace is the goal of two men hired to do the job. But who are the crooks and who are the bad guys? Twists in this little Monogram film directed by the productive William Beaudine (he directed 372 films!). Marjorie Weaver stars. BA

D739 Shadowed (46) Fred J. Johnson (Lloyd Corrigan) scores a hole-in-one but his next drive, soars out of bounds and lands near a spot where some counterfeiters are burying a body. He is hounded and stalked by the killers, who also kidnap his daughter. Also with Anita Louise and Terry Moore.

D703 Sherlock Holmes (22) aka: Sherlock Holmes contre Moriarty Young Sherlock Holmes seeks to bring down the mastermind Moriarty as he solves a crime involving a blackmailed Prince. John Barrymore stars in this early Holmes flick. BA

D619 Shoot to Kill (47) aka: Police Reporter aka: Sparo per uccidere A woman marries a corrupt deputy D.A. to get at the evidence that a certain so -called criminal was framed for murder. With Luana Walters and Russell Wade. BA

M146 Simba: The King of the Beasts (27) aka: Simba Der König der Tiere Osa and Martin Johnson jungle thrills! Crocodiles, stampedes and other jungle beasts (like aggressive rhinos) as the Johnson's track Simba the lion to his lair. Eight Kenyan tribes are filmed for the first (and for many of them) the last time. Martin married Osa when she was only 16 and swept her into a world of adventure. Amazing. BA

M383 Skeleton on Horseback (37) aka: The White Plague aka: Bílá nemoc The White Sickness, a leprosy-like disease, ravages the world during a war in this Czech film from actor/director Hugo Haas. It only kills those over 50 years old, and while the government fails to accomplish anything (surprise surprise) a scientist (played by Haas) develops a cure. The leader (looking like and acting like a Nazi, as do his men) of the unnamed country demands the cure, but the good doctor, a pacifist, refuses to become involved in the dictator's war games and ambitions. With English subtitles.

D629 Sky Liner (49) A fast-paced mystery with Richard Travis as a sky Marshall for the government tailing a spy network. Runs under an hour. BA

D225 Sleeping City, The (50) aka: Kaupungin nukkuessa At Bellevue Hospital in New York, an intern is shot in the head by an unknown killer. Shot at Bellevue! Hospital corridors, primitive art deco elevators and night shots of gotham streets. Dark and foreboding film noir with Richard Conte and Colleen Gray (The Leech Woman). BA

M142 Snows of Kilimanjaro, The (52) Writer Harry Street reflects on his life as he lies dying from an infection while on safari in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. Ava Gardner, Torn Thatcher, Susan Hayward and Gregory Peck star. BA

D416 Street of Sinners (57) This action-filled police drama chronicles the difficult first year of a rookie cop (George Montgomery). The trouble begins on his very first day on the beat when he has a conflict with the criminally connected owner of the local tavern. Against the more moderate advice of his experienced partner, the rookie insists on strictly enforcing every law on the books. His unbending toughness creates hard feelings with the neighborhood toughs and soon he becomes their target. He becomes quite upset when a drunken woman leaps from his window to her death. He is then suspended. Later he redeems himself by solving a murder and bringing the corrupt tavern owner to justice. BA

M199 Student of Prague, The (26) aka: Der Student von Prag aka: The Man Who Cheated Life - Student (Conrad Veidt) makes a deal with the devil (in the form of demonic-like figure) so he can secure a fortune and thus the hand of his lady love. Loads of atmosphere in this German made film (with English subtitles). BA

D740 Submarine Base (43) aka: L'isola di nessuno Ship engineer Jim Taggert (John Litel) is rescued from a torpedoed tramp steamer... This is about American civilians dealing with German U-Boats. Some plot twists and suspense. BA

D251 Sunset Murder Case (38) aka: High Explosive Small-town showgirl (Sally Rand), loved by two decent men, poses as a stripper to infiltrate a nightclub whose owner is believed responsible for her father's murder.

R247 Super Sleuth (37) An actor who plays a detective in films soon finds himself out of his depth when he tries to investigate a real crime. This one has horror elements (even though it's a comedy) with a House of Horrors attraction, trap-doors, secret entrances and more. With Ann Sothern, Jack Oakie, Joan Woodbury and Willie Best (a way under-appreciated black actor that was in over a hundred films, usually as comic relief). BA

D698 Tangier (46) aka: Tangeri città di avventurieri Similar to 'Casablanca' with an interesting cast. Sabu, Maria Montez, Robert Paige, Preston Foster, Reginald Denny and more. Jack Pierce does the make-up.

R289 Target Earth (54) aka: Invasores de otros mundos Giant robots from Venus invade Chicago. A small group stranded in the deserted city try to survive. The Robots are Coming! With Richard Denning (who battled 'The Creature' the same year) and Kathleen Crowley, Virginia Grey, Whit Bissell and more. Now in Widescreen. BA

D418 Terror at Midnight (56) aka: Quando la gang colpisce A policeman's fiancé is implicated in a hit and run accident. Both she and her husband (Scott Brady) have to face the black-mailers. Things get crazier with murder and mayhem leading to more blackmailing and black mailers. Decent dark thriller. BA

D299 Ticket to a Crime (34) Thirties murder mystery. A man is found murdered at the Lido Country Club, and , although several people are under suspicion, the police cannot find the murderer.

D431 Tight Spot (55) aka: Testimonio Fatal Sherry Conley (Ginger Rogers), a street tough and cynical woman with an unhappy family background, is taken from prison to a hotel, where the DA tries to convince her to testify against a mobster. Sherry is reluctant because the last witness was murdered before he made it to the stand, and why should she stick her neck out? At the hotel, several attempts are made on her life, and she falls for Vince, the policemen guarding her.... Edward G. Robinson, Brian Keith, and Lorne Greene are just a small part of the cast. BA

D314 Too Tough to Kill (35) The construction site of a big tunnel provides the backdrop for this drama. When the project is delayed, the chief engineer is sent to the mountainous site to ensure things go as planned. He is accompanied by a reporter and her photographer. Together they try to stop the troublemakers before blood is spilled.... Victor Jory stars BA

D283 Tops is the Limit (36) aka: Anything Goes - A young man falls in love with a beautiful blonde. When he sees her being forced onto a luxury liner, he decides to follow and rescue her. Bing Crosby, Ethel Merman and Ida Lupino star. You may spot John Carradine as a Ballet Master and Jane Wyman as a chorus girl. BA

D627 Treasure of Monte Cristo (49) aka: Das Erbe von Monte Christo aka: Complotto a San Francisco A fast-moving suspenseful jewel mystery set against the black and white backdrop of yesterday's San Francisco docks. With Adele Jergens and Glenn Langan.

D247 Trespasser, The (47) Linda (Dale Evans and no horse in sight), a newspaper reporter, and Danny Butler (Warren Douglas), feature editor, set out to track down a gang of literary forgers who are making a fortune off of selling fake first editions.

D246 Trial Without Jury (50) Finding the real killer is the task when a theater director is murdered, and the lead actor who had a recent quarrel with said dead director is the accused. This will 'play' out literally on the stage. Inventive. With Kent Taylor, Robert Rockwell and even Barbara Billingsley! BA

D427 Underworld Story, The (50) aka: A História de Todo o Mundo Mike Reese (Dan Duryea), yellow journalist and antihero, prints a story that leads to a gang killing and is blacklisted, Herbert Marshall, Gale Storm, Howard Da Silva, Mary Anderson (who just died April 2014) and look for Alan Hale Jr. (the Skipper!). BA

D597 Uranium Boom (56) aka: I conquistatori dell'uranio Two men team up to stake a claim on a Uranium strike. While one guy mines the strike, the other goes to file the claim, when he returns we learn he has married the other guy's girl. Patricia Medina, Dennis Morgan and William Talman star. William Castle directs, two years later, he embarked upon his true path with gimmick-laden horror thrillers. BA

D423 Weapon, The (56) aka: Im Schatten der Angst A boy accidentally shoots a friend with a gun he found in the rubble of a destroyed building, then goes on the run. The gun turns out to be a clue in a ten year old murder case. Val Guest directs this thriller that stars Steve Cochran, Lizbeth Scott and Herbert Marshall.

R222 What a Man! (44) aka: Pigen med det røde hår Johnny (Henry Burrows), a timid white collar worker for a large firm, returns to his apartment and finds Joan (Wanda McKay) hiding there from her gangster boyfriend. She is pretty much good for Johnny, encouraging his potential. But is she a gangster's moll, and when later the gangster is found murdered on Johnny's doorstep, who do you think gets the blame?

D455 Whip Hand, The (51) aka: Il lago in pericolo Matt Corbin (Elliot Reid), a vacationing magazine writer, takes a fishing trip to Minnesota, and stumbles across a lake, near a ghost town, where all the fish have mysteriously died. A group of Nazi's that have turned Communist have purchased a lodge in the middle of said lake, and are developing bacteriological warfare to destroy America! Carla Balenda, Raymond Burr and more star in this 'Red Scare' film. BA

R509 White Shadow, The (24) + OTHER RARE SHORT SILENT FILMS. In Paris, a wild girl becomes possessed by the soul of her twin who died while saving her life. This runs 42 minutes and is incomplete, but has title cards explaining what is missing. This was co-written by Alfred Hitchcock and he worked on all aspects of the film, this being his earliest surviving work. Before The White Shadow however, there are well over 2 hours of other rare and very cool short silent films: Ride on a Runaway Train (21), Happy-Go-Luckies (23), Strong Boy preview (29), Upstream (27), Birth of a Hat (20), The Love Charm (In Color!) (28), Won in a Cupboard (14), The Active Life of Dolly of the Dailies (14), Stories from American Newsreels (21), Andy's Stump Speech (24) Hilarious!, Virgina Types (26) and finally The White Shadow. Over 3 Hours on one DVD-R, no VHS.

D643 Within the Law (39) aka: La belle et la loi Mary Turner (Ruth Hussey) is wrongly accused by her employer and convicted of theft. In prison she studies law books. Upon release she teams up with another woman to lawfully extort from those who wronged her. Revenge!

D278 Witness in the Dark (59) A killer breaks into an apartment to steal a valuable brooch. He kills and old woman, but in fleeing encounters a young woman on the stairs. She is blind. He escapes but returns later to silence her. Some nice suspense in this British thriller. Director Wolf Rilla directed 'Village of the Damned' the following year. With Nigel Green as 'The Intruder'.

D862 Woman on Pier 13, The (49) aka: Lo schiavo della violenza Successful and newly married Brad Collins (Robert Ryan) once belonged to the Communist Party of the U.S.A., and now they need him for their nefarious plans. Waterfront mob/Commies, betrayals, Femme Fatale and more. In a time when Commies were considered bad. Not like the strange America of today where Commies thrive, are sometimes elected and even celebrated. With Laraine Day, John Agar and more. BA




R484 12:01 (93) aka: 12:01 - Un minuto dopo mezzanotte A man is trapped in a time warp where he must live each day over and over again in a 'Groundhog Day' type of plot. But here, he must witness the death of a woman he adores every day, meaning every day he is trying to save her. With a well constructed plot and engaging characters, this one is pretty popular and well liked. Jonathan Silverman, Jeremy Piven, Helen Slater, Martin Landeau and more star. Widescreen

M782 79 AD (62) aka: Anno 79: La distruzione di Ercolano aka: Les derniers jours d'Herculanum Intrigue at the Roman Emperor's court prior to it's destruction by Vesuvius. Persecuted Christians, gladiators, killings... culminating in the destruction of all! Grand spectacle Widescreen with striking colors, costumes and characters, all going about their business, not knowing of their ultimate date with death. One match has men on rafts surrounded by fire, fighting in 'giant rubber alligator' infested waters. The women are striking with the redheaded Jany Clair, Mara Lane and Susan Paget. Brad Harris is being crucified with dozens of others when the volcano finally erupts. Not to be missed.1 Hour and 47 minute version. BA

R358 Adventures of Sinbad (62) aka: Arabian naito: Shindobaddo no bôken Young Sinbad and his sidekick Ali find a map to a super-treasure and stowaway aboard a ship that will lead to the treasure. They come upon a wicked Vizier, a giant bird, vicious whirlpools and other obstacles. An obscure Japanese made animated feature dubbed into English. BA

M710 Air Seller, The (67) aka: Prodavetz vozdukha An entrepreneur builds a secret underground plant on an island in the Northern part of the Pacific Ocean which is sucking air out of the earth's atmosphere. Hard air accumulates in large underground storage. His plan is to suck it all up, and then sell it! We need air you see, and this madman will have the market cornered! Don't tell the E.P.A. about this! They would love to charge us for the air that we breath, and eventually with all the kooks in charge they probably will figure out how! Cool Russian made science fiction with English subtitles.

D975 Amazons of Rome (61) aka: Le vergini di Roma aka: Las amazonas de Roma A warrior chief alternates between his barbaric allies and a city that is being defended by embattled women warriors. Nice color. Louis Jordan and Sylvia Syms star. LBX - Upgrade! BA

R372 An Adventure in Space and Time (13) Doctor Who is so popular, why not have a movie about how this science fiction phenomena came into being. A dramatization of the conception, birth and early years of Dr. Who in 1963. An affectionate homage. With David Bradley, Brian Cox and many more. BA

M280 Andromeda Nebula (67) aka: Tumannost Andromedy aka: Tumannost Andromedy A spaceship from earth is trapped on an unknown planet. They had been tasked with exploring and mapping an unknown sector of space. Orbiting around the Iron Star, they respond to a distress signal on the planet. They find an alien spacecraft, and also a ship from earth. Suddenly a mysterious predator somehow penetrates a man's spacesuit and eats him from within so his suit just crumples up. WTF? Amazing (yes I would go that far!) and practically unheard of Russian sci-fi with excellent set design and pretty cool special effects, high-tech, philosophical talking and more. Reminds of Bava's 'Planet of the Vampires' somewhat. Widescreen and with English subtitles. A must for sci-fi fans.

M412 Apeman of the Jungle (64) aka: Tarzak Against the Leopard Men aka: Sambo contre les hommes léopard A 'Tarzan' clone with shiny shaved chest and legs muscle-man (beefy Ralph Hudson who's only other screen credit was 1964's peplum 'Giants of Rome') jungle-guy helping a safari defend themselves from a tribe of leopard-skin wearing warriors. Nice locations and a horror-like soundtrack add to the weird charm. Quicksand, jungle adventure and battles. This is English dubbed but has foreign subtitles.

M114 Archer of Fire (71) aka: The Scalawag Bunch aka: L'arciere di fuoco - Last print had some defects going from widescreen to full screen at about the 1 hour and 20 minute mark. This time it is complete beautiful color Widescreen dubbed into English. {See review in one of last updates.} BA

N992 Avenger, The (62) aka: La leggenda di Enea aka: The Last Glory of Troy aka: La leyenda de Eneas Amazing Widescreen upgrade print from an immaculate new transfer! Steve Reeves stars in this sequel to 'The Trojan Horse', this starts right after that one. When the fleeing people of Troy reach Italy and try to settle there, problems arise when the King of a nearby Kingdom grants the people land by the Tiber river to settle on. In-fighting within the Kingdom however, lead by Turno, who sees the Trojans as a threat, leads to Turno conceiving a plot to make the Trojan's look evil. Trojans join with Etruscans to fight the Kingdom. See it as it was meant to be seen! Spectacular! BA

D532 Baron Prásil (40) aka: Baron Munchhausen Czechoslovakian comedy/fantasy film starring Vlasta Burian. With English subtitles!

M281 Battle of the Worlds (61) aka: Il pianeta degli uomini spenti A runaway asteroid dubbed 'The Outsider' begins orbiting the earth and threatens it with lethal flying saucers. Claude Rains plays a mad scientist with energy, recalling his earlier roles. The FX are not bad for their time (though also funny as well). This movie is vastly improved here from the old fuzzy full frame prints. Here the quality is excellent and seeing it LBX for the first time makes it seem like a lost sci-fi movie now found. Of course it isn't, but don't let that stop you. Sci-Fi fans, this deserves another look! Antonio Margheriti directs, this his third feature. Uncut LBX print with 9 extra minutes of footage! This is in English language, but scenes that were not dubbed into English have English subtitles instead. BA

D282 Beauty and the Beast (78) aka: Panna a netvor aka: The Virgin and the Monster - Darker and gloomier version from Czechoslovakia. Tired of the light-hearted fairy tale? Give this one a roll. Basically a horror movie in the guise of a children's story. Quite possibly one of the best versions of the much-filmed fable. With English subtitles.

R354 Beyond the Universe (81) After years of nuclear war the earth has been de-oxygenized and now the earth is doomed, it's only a matter of time. The ruling counsels must decide who to send out to the surrounding galaxies, and who will be left to die. A young scientist desperately works on what could possibly be his last experiment using laser emissions and occult powers to establish contact with a mega-intelligence controlling the universe. Can he save the planet? Incredibly obscure sci-fi from the director of 'Laboratory' and 'The Killings at Outpost Zeta'. Well made for the shoe-string budget, and decent science fiction. BA

D976 Boy Who Turned Yellow, The (72) aka: Il ragazzo che diventò giallo John and his class go on a field trip to the Tower of London. He loses his mouse, and vows to go back and find it. On the way home the train turns bright yellow, including the people! Later other wacky science fiction things run rampant as the plot goes all over the place in this learning and tripping U.K. fantasy from 'Peeping Tom' director Michael Powell.

R355 Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future: The Legend Begins (89) The Beginning: It is shortly after the titanic struggles of the metal wars in a world of darkness, destruction and terrifying evil, led and ruled by 'Lord Dread' and his bionic creations. Some pretty wild special effects. Sci-Fi Edited from the show into a feature and released on tape in the U.K. - With Sven-Ole Thorsen.

R359 Carol for Another Christmas (64) Rod Serling wrote this updated version of 'The Christmas Carol' presented here with an all-star cast. Industrial tycoon Daniel Grudge (Sterling Hayden) has never recovered from the loss of his 22 year old son Marley, killed in action during Christmas Eve of 1944. But then the Ghost of Christmas past (Steve Lawrence) takes him back through time to WW1, then the Ghost of Christmas present (Pat Hingle), and finally the Ghost of Christmas future (Robert Shaw), which shows him the ruins of civilization. The ghosts seem to think that Grudge needs to accept and support more U.S. involvement with the United Nations. Hmmm. The coolest part is when Robert Shaw's ghost shows him a world laid waste by nuclear war, ran by a weirdo called Imperial Me played by Peter Sellers. Also with Britt Eklund, Ben Gazarra, Eva Marie Saint and more. This comes off as a very haunting and dated time capsule, and is a must have for Twilight Zone and Rod Serling fans.

N972 Chéri Bibi (55) aka: Das Schiff der gefährlichen Männer French/Italian co-production adventure from a Gaston Leroux novel filmed in color. Based on the anarchist, masochistic and dreaded bandit character Cheri-Bibi whose adventures extend on in six novels. Captured Cheri-Bibi (Jean Richard) manages to take control of a ship taking him with other prisoners to Guyana. Besides his inseparable companion String, the disturbing Dr. Kanak who was arrested cutting the skin off of his clients is also aboard. This skin cutter uses the skin of a Marquis (the convicts have rescued people from a sinking yacht, including the Marquis) to disguise Cheri Bibi into a look-alike of his rival. He will return to his native town and resume his life.... but runs into even more problems. With English subtitles.

R132 Colossus of the Arena (62) aka: Maciste, il gladiatore più forte del mondo aka: Maciste - Die gewaltigen Sieben A powerful man posing as a gladiator in Rome's fourth century discovers a plan to displace the beautiful Queen (played by the perfect looking Scilla Gabel, who was in many films, and was also Sophia Loren's body double for swimming in “Boy on a Dolphin” nice set!), which he thwarts by exposing a sinister duke as a traitor. Mark Forest as Maciste. Plenty of fights and battles (and nice sets!) plus a chimp and a black guy provide the comic relief. Don't blame me. Slight LBX and English dubbed beautiful print. BA

M335 Conqueror of Maracaibo (61) aka: Il conquistatore di Maracaibo aka: Los corsarios del Caribe Helga Line is a masked pirate in this high seas adventure with super-colorful battles on land and on sea. Some super-wide Widescreen on this, with a beautiful sweeping left to right picture. English dubbed. BA

M562 Conqueror of the Orient (60) aka: Il conquistatore dell'Oriente Centuries ago, in the Orient, the fiscal extractions on the people lead to a revolt against the usurper of the throne, and the empowerment of a new leader. Rik Battaglia, an actor who did both spaghetti westerns and sword and sandal films, is in the lead as the Prince, who was spirited away when his father's kingdom was taken, but now returns. Also with some really nice looking females of course Irene Tunc (a real beauty who died in a road accident in 1972) and the always stunning Gianna Maria Canale (who starred in many peplum classics, Freda's 'I Vampiri' and many more)

M100 Corsairs, The (71) aka: Los corsarios aka: I pirati dell'isola verde The American singer, actor, and possibly 'traitor', to America, Dean Reed stars in this adventure flick surrounded by charming Italian and Spanish actors. Isabella (Annabella Incontrera), the beautiful daughter of the viceroy of a Caribbean island, is in danger after the death of her father. Her evil cousin wants the throne, and will kill her to get it. Luckily shipwrecked pirates come to her rescue. Dean Reed, was found dead in a lake near his home outside of East Berlin in 1986 at age 48. Some think it was the KGB that killed him. Amazing widescreen upgrade! BA

M217 Danger!! Death Ray (67) aka: Il raggio infernale aka: Nido de espías Secret agent Bart Fargo (Gordon Scott) chases the kidnappers of the inventor of a death Ray! Great fun Eurospy with nice women, nifty gadgets, unintentional laughs, and some of the worst miniatures you will ever see! Gordon Scott was to retire from films this same year. Now in a nice Widescreen print! Upgrade! BA

R319 Dead Man's Float (80) aka: Smuggler's Cove Johnny, Sue and Ann, together with their American, Pete, spend most of their summer days surfing and playing around in boats. But then a strange trawler with a mass of radio equipment moves into their isolated cove, and Johnny has his surfboard smashed by the remote controlled boat they claim to be testing... The youngsters are paid off and warned off, but why? And who is the sleezy Mr Luth? An explosion in the bay finally decides them, they will swim out at night and find out the answers. With Sally Boyden and Greg Rowe.

M337 Death of Immortality, The (76) aka: A halhatatlanság halála aka: The End of Eternity Year From an Isaac Asimov novel. A place exists out of time and is staffed by male humans called 'Eternals' who are recruited from different eras of human history. They are able to time-travel. Together they form a core of platonic guardians who carry out carefully calculated and planned strategic minimal actions, called 'Reality Changes' within the temporal world in order to minimize human suffering. Hungarian film with English subtitles.

M805 Definitely Maybe (83) More bizarre science fiction from Hungary! Scientists on the verge of major discoveries find their efforts thwarted by some unseen force from beyond that seems to be sending a plethora of distractions. Is there an ominous force with nefarious intentions, or could it be something more natural stalling the progress of mankind? With English subtitles.

M386 Demon of the Mountain, The (60) aka: Ooe-yama Shuten-dôjiaka: The Demon of Mount Oe Cool Japanese made fantasy horror film based on a novel by Matsutaro Kawaguch... A beautiful female demon gains control over a mighty samurai's soul... Fantasy elements include a bull in the sky, a giant spider and a cool stop-motion flying demon head (very briefly during the opening credits). Not to mention deadly party streamers as a very cheap special effect! LBX and with English subtitles.

M194 Devil's Playground, The (32) Amazing old documentary about big game fishing around the world. Made by a wealthy heir named George Vanderbilt, he recklessly and cruelly catches and kills beautiful species of all kinds for sport with his buddies. Marvel as he casually engages in acts of wanton brutality, such as spearing a huge devil ray, harpooning and hanging a large sea turtle, and pumping bullets into a whale for sport. What is amazing is the indifference and casual way they talk and act as they murder creatures for sport and make fun of the locals for their poverty etc. Remember how the film crew acted in 'Cannibal Holocaust' before getting their just deserts? Well, too bad that isn't how this one ended! Entitled scumbags. Narrated. BA

M565 El Dorado (88) A remake of Werner Herzog's 'Aquirre, the Wrath of God' filmed in Costa Rica. It's 1560, Spanish soldiers take a trip down the Orinoco river to find the famed lost region of El Dorado, where gold is plentiful. Of course, this quest will end in doom and failure, as El Dorado is nothing more than a pipe dream. Huge production, with the river, mud and steamy jungles permeating every ounce of footage and the dread experienced by the characters. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

R276 Electra (62) aka: Electra, la vengadora Living in exile after the death of their father, the grown children of a murdered and usurped king converge to bring justice and revenge upon the perpetrators of their misfortune. Greek mythology done dead serious and quite well. With Agamemnon's murder, the banishment of Orestes, Electra's (Irene Papas) marriage, the reuniting of the grown children, the double murder.... a powerful telling. The stark cinematography and the fine acting make this film instantly watchable, particularly at the climatic matricide sequence. In Greek language, LBX and with English subtitles. BA

D269 Elephant Boy (37) aka: Toomaï le grand cornac A small native boy (Sabu, in his debut) claims to know the congregating place of the elephant hordes. Great adventure story based on Rudyard Kipling's short story 'Toomai of the Elephants'. Young Sabu is utterly natural and authentic. The sequences dealing with the elephant herds, the lives of the natives, and the building of the stockade give an almost documentary feel at times. BA

M288 Erik the Viking (65) aka: Erik il vichingo aka: Erik el vikingo Viking adventure! They take to the sea in seek of new lands and actually land on the Americas centuries before Columbus! A villain hires thug Vikings (one being Gordon Mitchell) to ensure Erik (Giuliano Gemma) does not return from the raids, so he can seize his inheritance. Nice battle sequences, and some pretty bloody violence for 1965. Now in an amazing looking Widescreen version and dubbed into English! BA

M854 Escape from Galaxy 3 (81) aka: Starcrash 2 aka: Giochi erotici nella terza galassia aka: Space Trap If you have seen the hilarious Caroline Munro sci-fi 'Starcrash' then you know what to expect. Multi-colored starscapes, a pitiful hammy villain, amazingly idiotic outfits, dumb dialogue, cool special effects, awesome space battles and a major space babe in a skimpy outfit (Cheryl Buchanan as Princess Belle Star, you'll remember her from 'Zombie Holocaust' and others). Belle Star and her boyfriend hide on a strange planet called 'Earth' and learn from the natives (this being 'kind'a primitive man' Earth) how to make love (with nudity and sex). But wait, the evil ruler has found them.... Excellent Widescreen Upgrade! BA

D581 Fairy and the Devil, The (82) aka: Guan shi yin yu Hai long wang Opens with a battle between a giant white ape, and another creature dressed in battle amour who shoots lasers from his eyes summoning up a sea dragon monster that he throws rocks at. But it flies! And it's attack comes as a hilarious surprise (you'll see!). Later in a small village the flying creature joins another and they sky battle (it's like a 'Reptilicus' battle mixed with 'The Giant Claw'!) The beasts bring earthquakes, flooding and destruction to the small village. This all happens in the first 20 minutes! Features other cool monsters as well later on. There are no English subtitles but this is quite the flick for big monster lovers! F.L.

M756 Fall of Rome (63) aka: Il crollo di Roma aka: Les derniers jours d'un empire Same title, different movie, this time directed by Antonio Margheriti. A Roman emperor, who has flipped to Christianity, battles against those who would slaughter his fellow believers when the Emperor Constantine dies and the Christian hating new Emperor takes over. He takes refuge in a barbarian camp, then, returns to Rome as a gladiator defending Christians from certain doom. A devastating earthquake takes down Rome. Despite the religious overtones, this is not a religious movie! So don't worry. Amazing Widescreen Upgrade and English language dubbed. BA


M588 Fall of Rome: Part One (68) aka: The Last Roman aka: Kampf um Rom I aka: La invasión de los barbarous Around 500 A.D. after Rome has fallen, a Roman politician (Laurence Harvey) tries to return Rome to greatness. First he must play the Goth leaders against each other. When the surviving leader attacks Rome he gets military help from an Emperor (Orson Welles) while he keeps his army on standby. Epic battle scenes and great casting. Michael Dunn (dwarf) plays a general and steals every scene he is in. Interestingly, some bits of nastiness make this one more serious than most films of this type. Also with Honor Blackman (nice topless scene) , Sylva Koscina, Robert Hoffmann and more. In German language and with English subtitles. LBX BA

M589 Fall of Rome: Part Two (69) aka: The Last Roman 2 - The saga continues with much of the same cast. Quite excellent. This is the last film directed by Robert Siodmak (brother of Curt). In German language and with English subtitles. LBX


R285 Fantastic Argoman, The (67) aka: The Incredible Paris Incident - Argoman is virtually indestructible with powers beyond the scope of a mortal man. A super-wild mix of the last twenty-years (then) of comic culture. An action-packed upbeat fantasy/spoof/ classic. The gadgets, the lairs, the ladies.... Now in a nice English dubbed Widescreen. BA

D769 Flying Saucer, The (64) aka: Il disco volante An exasperated police inspector receives different eyewitness accounts surrounding a downed saucer and it's female occupant. The saucer comes with all the bells and whistles, and dispenses sexy female aliens dressed (barely) in silver bathing suits with strategically placed bubbles. Wild! With Alberto Sordi, Monica Vitti, Eleonora Rossi Drago, Silvana Mangano and more. Weird Italian science fiction mystery comedy directed by Tinto Brass! Not to be confused with 'The Flying Saucer' the 1950 American film.

M320 Fury of Achilles, The (62) aka: L'ira di Achille aka: Der Zorn des Achilles In the tenth year of the Trojan War, tensions between Achilles (Gordon Mitchell, who unlike Brad Pitt, did not have to bulk up for the role) and Agamemnon divide the Greek camp while giving hope to the Trojans. Achilles and Hector (Jacques Bergerac),both Iliad legends are done very well here and this film is a colorful wonder to behold. Making worlds like this with no CGI was true film-making, not so much the blue-room artificial worlds we see today created by people sitting at computers. And the women, oh my! Cristina Gaioni, Gloria Milland, Eleonora Bianchi and more star, all more beautiful than any current Hollywood gals. Yet another beautiful Widescreen upgrade! English dubbed. BA

M140 Giant of the Marathon (59) aka: La battaglia di Maratona aka: Die Schlacht von Marathon Steve Reeves plays Phillipipides. an Olympic champion caught up in the Greco-Persian war. He's in love with Andromeda (Mylene Demongeot) whose father is part of an aristocratic plot to overthrow Athen's democracy and replace it with a Persian puppet government. Okay on this one, you get cinematography from Mario Bava, direction from Jacques Tourneur and an assist from Mario Bava. So what you have here is one unique slice of peplum from two film pioneers. Widescreen Upgrade! BA

D267 Gladiator of Pompeii (07) aka: Pompei, ieri, oggi, domani Epic drama of forbidden love in Pompeii at the cities height of glory, up to the eruption of Vesuvius in A.D. 79. We follow nobles, slaves, gladiators, and the secret gatherings of early Christians. Back into the arena for Tomas Arana (Gladiator). Bloody arena scenes and loads of cool looking weapons. Epic at 3 hours. Mostly in English. LBX BA

M674 Golden Arrow, The (62) aka: L'arciere delle mille e una note Scimitars clash in a mighty blazing spectacle in this peplum from prolific Italian director Antonio Margheriti. Tab Hunter is perfect visually as the outcast that must prove himself and defeat all foes to win the hand of his love (the sexy Rosanna Podesta). A flying carpet, amazing feats, crystal balls, and more elements of pure fantasy fun with a larger budget for this type than most. Excellent Widescreen version. BA

M304 Goliath and the Sins of Babylon (63) aka: Maciste, l'eroe più grande del mondo aka: Le retour des titans Goliath (Mark Forest) returns to his home land to help stop the flow of 30 virgins a year sacrificed to Babylon. A battle at sea, a chariot race, midgets and cool battles amidst outstanding sets... more. Also with the delicious Jose Greci. English dubbed. Stunning Widescreen Color Upgrade of this Spectacular and Expensive looking Sword and Sandal. BA

R189 Great Martian War: 1913-1917, The (10) Documentary/drama recounting the Martian War of 1913-1917. They use real stock footage of the past and superimpose alien war machines over the tanks or other destruction to magnificent retro-effect. Very well done and a must for sci-fi fans. If you want to screw with an idiot's head, show them this as it is presented as a 'real' documentary of history, and see what happens when you discuss it with them. Remember, some people thought 'Godzilla' was real! This is pretty amazing.

M757 Green Inferno (73) aka: Tarzan and the Mystery of the Jungle aka: Tarzán y el misterio de la selva Hiding in the jungles, a Nazi war criminal deals weapons to the local natives. Agents from world governments (disguised as a priest and 4 nuns) investigate. Adding to the fun is a wild jungle man with a crazy Tarzan yell. Lots of people die in this jungle action from Spain. The film's director Miguel Iglesias directed Paul Naschy in his next film 'The Werewolf and the Yeti'. BA


M610 Green Trace, The (75) aka: La traccia verde Part One and Part Two - An Italian science fiction mini-series. A researcher in the field of lie detection one day attaches electrodes to a plant in his office, and is surprised to find that the plant responds with emotional reactions to the stimuli he gives it. Later, when a woman is murdered in his building, the plant is the only witness! Remember the 70's when everybody thought plants were alive and if you talked to them they responded? This is the time when this one was made. Later in 1979 'The Kirlian Witness' was made, again focusing on smart plants. So, will the plant break the case? In Italian language and with English subtitles.

M611 Green Trace, The (76) aka: La traccia verde Part Three - In which the mystery increases and then concludes. Plant Power! In Italian language and with English subtitles.


M612 Gunan the Barbarian (82) aka: Gunan il guerriero aka: Gunan, King of the Barbarians - Franco (Throne of Fire) Prosperi directs another classic! Also with Pietro Torrisi! If you enjoy the genre of Conan rip-offs, this is for you! Plenty of cool scenery (especially the awesome breasts of sexy blonde Sabrina Siani!) and bloody swordplay. When she is abducted, Gunan gets really angry, and soon he will deliver her from evil. LBX BA

M339 Hawk of the Caribbean (62) aka: Lo sparviero dei Caraibi aka: Die tollen Hunde der karibischen See In the mid-1500's, a ship containing Spanish prisoners being sent to a Spanish penal colony in the Caribbean, sinks at sea. Some of the prisoners manage to survive by making it to shore at a nearby island. They organize themselves under the leadership of Juan Oliveras (dynamically played by charismatic singer/actor Johnny Desmond) manage to take over a ship with some cargo they barter for supplies, and are eventually asked to fight against the Spanish crown at the request of the English. And that's just part of the plot! Amazing action, Beautiful color and Incredible Widescreen English dubbed version. BA

M137 Hercules Against the Moon Men (64) aka: Maciste e la regina di Samar Hercules (Alan Steel) is summoned to oppose the beautiful (but evil) queen Samara (Jany Clair), who has allied herself with aliens and is sacrificing her own people in a bid to awaken the Moon Goddess. With a fanged monkey monster, rock men monsters and loads of cool sets. Locations and atmosphere above average for this type with high production values, and finally a widescreen print so you get the entire colorful picture. BA

D707 Hercules and Captive Women (61) aka: Ercole alla conquista di Atlantide Hercules (Reg Park) finds that the Queen of Atlantis (Fay Spain) is plotting to take over the world with superhuman soldiers. Cheesy cool monsters, hot women, a dwarf, amazing set designs of magnificent bright colors, hilarious dubbing and more top-notch kitsch for you peplum aficionados out there. Amazing Widescreen color print! BA

M255 Hercules versus Hydra (60) aka: Gli amori di Ercole aka: The Loves of Hercules Hercules (Mickey Hargitay) must save his love from an evil Queen (Jayne Mansfield, with outfit popping boobs that practically leap from the screen!). There is an army of bird-headed amazons, a forest of wooden tree men, and a three headed hydra/dragon (that is a spectacle to behold!) that guards the gates to the underworld. Mansfield changes hair colors, and displays her ample charms (clothed of course), Hargitay performs his tasks well and you get one of the best sword and sandals ever made now in perfect quality Widescreen. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

M221 Hero of Babylon (63) aka: L'eroe di Babilonia aka: The Beast of Babylon against the Son of Hercules aka: Die Sklavinnen von Damaskus The rightful heir to the throne of Babylon leads a slave revolt against an evil ruler. Evil Priestess Moira Orfei is quite a treat. Now in a stunning colorful Widescreen print! English dubbed. BA

D576 Humanoid, The (79) aka: L'umanoide Great and awful little sci-fi riding the 'Star Wars' wave much like 'Star Crash' did the previous year. This time from giallo director Aldo Lado. Goofy FX, more steals from 'Star Wars' than you can shake a light saber at, Richard Kiel, and Barbara Bach (as an evil space queen looking oh so foxy), goofy robots and more! Despite the flaws, this is quite enjoyable! Many of the FX look pretty cool still now, especially when compared to many films poor use of CGI that are cranked out like pancakes nowadays. Score by Ennio Morricone and FX supervised by Antonio Margheriti. LBX An absolute must! LBX BA

M292 Invincible Masked Rider (63) aka: L'invincibile cavaliere mascherato aka: Robin Hood in der Stadt des Todes aka: Terror of the Black Mask Umberto Lenzi directs this 'Zorro' type swashbuckling' costume film with a dash of horror. Set in 16th century Spain. Violent battles, dancing tavern wenches, castles, uprisings and more. Sure we have featured this title before, but this is in a new super-colorful Widescreen print! In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

M720 Ironmaster (83) aka: La guerra del ferro: Ironmaster The discovery of steel exacerbates rivalries and battles in warring tribes. George Eastman's bear-head mask is worth the price of admission alone! Lots of wild buffalo, erupting volcano, caves, scantily clad beautiful cave women, gore, sweeping landscapes, one guy obviously chosen, wigged and modeled after Swarzenegger's Conan, catfights, sword-fights, bow and arrows..... Under-appreciated violent fun. Super Sharp new widescreen version of this Umberto Lenzi barbarian classic! BA

R404 Island Princess, The (54) aka: La principessa delle Canarie aka: Tirma Spanish Conquistadors, on conquest of the Canary Islands! Upon landing, one of the leaders of the expedition (Marcello Mastroianni) meets and falls for an island girl (Silvana Pampanini), without realizing she is the island ruler's daughter. The native's are hostile and attack the Armada, who, naturally, retaliate by torching an island village. Wild and colorful fun but no English. F.L. BA

D236 Iznogoud (05) Iznogoud, the great vizier, gets an idea how to kill the good Caliph. Based on graphic novel in an Arabian Nights style with genies and spells, strange sets and dazzling special effects. Mix in weird musical numbers and jokes, a talking frog, sexual innuendo, and eye-popping colorful set designs and costumes in a CGI world loaded with visual surprises. French made and filmed in Morroco. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

D767 Jules Verne's Rocket to the Moon (67) aka: Blast Off aka: Those Fantastic Flying Fools aka: Le grand départ vers la lune Victorian society spoof farce that may slightly resemble some of Jules Verne's work, but not really too much. Set in the 1890's, this film tries hard to give us every aspect of British culture, customs and dialogue's, mixed with a fantasy tale laced with science fiction. An entertaining and very colorful mess starring Troy Donahue, Burl Ives, Terry Thomas, Lionel Jeffries, Daliah Lavi and more. Fantastic widescreen print of this time capsule. BA

M102 Juliette, or the Key of Dreams (51) Having been caught stealing money from his employer to pay for a holiday with his girlfriend, Juliette, Michel finds himself in a prison cell. He falls into a deep sleep and when he wakes he finds the cell door is open. When he steps through the doorway he finds himself in the sun-drenched countryside where he takes a road to a remote village with amnesiac inhabitants. No one recognizes each other, but when Michel inquires about Juliette everyone knows about her..... In French and with English subtitles. BA

M692 Julius Caesar against the Pirates (62) aka: Giulio Cesare contro i pirati Gustavo Rojo is Caesar, and he is captured by pirates (led by Hamar, played by Gordon Mitchell). Abbe Lane (as Paluzia) is Hamar's girl, but she is becoming attracted to Caesar.... Caesar must escape and destroy the pirates, and rescue Paluzia (who is chained to a wall and about to be impaled by spikes!). Quite amazing with cool battles and big picture photography that really enhances the view. Finally a Beautiful Widescreen English dubbed version and Uncut at 99 minutes! The full frame version of this crops so much out it is virtually worthless compared to this. BA

M305 Jungle Raiders (85) aka: La leggenda del rubino malese aka: Captain Yankee aka: Les aventuriers de l'enfer An expedition enters an unexplored jungle to search for a legendary ruby. An errand running pet cobra, a buck-toothed villain, pirates, a fire-breathing mummy... everything one could ask for in an Italian-made Indiana Jones rip-off. Antonio Margheriti directs with pure gusto and the actors all seem to be enjoying themselves. With Christopher Connelly, Lee Van Cleef and Marina Costa. Now in a beautiful Widescreen version! BA

M775 Kerim, Son of the Sheik (62) aka: Il figlio dello sceicco The Middle East 1860's. The evil Omar seeks to become leader by killing off his enemies and marrying the unwilling Fawzia (Cristina Gaioni, wow!) Gordon Scott (pretty badass here) is Kerim, who tries to stop him, but (at one point) gets flogged by Omar for his troubles! Also with Gordon Mitchell. Astonishing sharp and colorful Widescreen print, just amazing scope of this sword and sandal classic. English dub and no subtitles. And let's not forget Moira Orfei! BA

M763 Kidnapped to Mystery Island (64) aka: I misteri della giungla nera aka: Mystery of Thug Island aka: The Snake Hunter Strangler Three year old Alda, daughter of the British captain McPherson, is captured by the Indian sect Tukh, to use to reincarnate the god Kali. Hidden in the vast underworld of caverns, she watches over human sacrifices, all the while doubting her vocation. 15 years pass before her father locates her, and with the help of a snake hunter (who has fallen for the now super-sexy and grown Alda played by Ingeborg Schoner). This jungle adventure is a remake of the 1954 film 'Mystery of the Black Jungle' that starred Lex Barker. This version stars Guy Madison. Elaborate costumes and set designs, cool Kali statue, a fight in a flooding underground chamber, and of course battles. Now in beautiful Widescreen version, dubbed into English and no pesky subtitles. Reminded me of a colorful Hammer movie (except the dubbed voices). BA

R508 Kin-Dza-Dza (86) This is like an advanced 'cyber-punk' film. It's about a lot of people and social structures on the planet of 'Pluke' that has a lot of similarities and parallels to our society here on earth. Technology however is far more advanced. Incredible and freaky Russian science fiction that must be seen to be believed. Like a long story out of 'Heavy Metal' magazine. Dealing with humanistic topics like social hierarchy, lowest common denominator, human resilience and so on. Primitive special effects pulled off well. Runs over 2 hours. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

M883 Last of the Vikings, The (61) aka: L'ultimo dei Vikinghi Cameron Mitchell plays a Viking who, along with his brother, returns to Norway only to find their father has been murdered and his throne usurped. They will avenge! Cameron Mitchell was on a 'Viking' movie roll back in those days. This is an excellent Viking film from the director of 'Goliath and the Vampires'. Interestingly, many lament Mitchell having went from huge Hollywood blockbusters, to B-movies. I however think his best work is in the lesser known titles, like this one. Nice color and Widescreen print! BA

M665 Le Baccanti (61) aka: Bondage Gladiator Sexy Certainly one of the most unusual and astonishing of the peplums. Elaborate telling with grand set designs, some actual Greece locations, a decent score and colorful costumes. Pierre Brice plays the Greek God Dinoysus, who comes to the city of Thebes only to be dissed by King Penteus who forbids his worship in the city. Interesting respect is paid to the Greek legends and Gods. Amazing Widescreen and English dubbed. BA

M121 Left-Handed Fate (65) aka: Fata Morgana - In a very convoluted and intentionally in-joke sci-fi storyline, Teresa Gimpera plays the beautiful Gim, involved in all matter of intrigue with spies, hit men, revolutionary conspirators and wacky characters wearing goofy disguises. The plot has elements of Phillip K. Dick, notably his 1956 short story 'Minority Report' as our hero races the clock to save Gim from her predicted murder. The film's pop art visual style remains intriguing even after almost 50 years of obscurity. This was an era when everyone was trying to make a hip sci-fi comic strip type, you know like 'Barbarella' and 'Danger Diabolik'. Director Vicente Aranda beat them to the punch with this one. LBX and with English subtitles.

D272 Legion of Iron (90) aka: Steel Force Poor High School football star Billy. He's just trying to get into his girlfriend's pants (and she is having none of it) when he is kidnapped with his girlfriend and forced to fight duel-to-the death gladiator matches run by a sadistic dominatrix (Erika Nann). His gal meanwhile, is going to have to service the men of the hostile clan, sexually of course. Is there a way out? I hope not! BA

M596 Madame X: Absolute Ruler (78) aka: Madame X - Eine absolute Herrscherin Here's a weird one for you! A shipload of lesbian pirates..... Leather, weapons, flags of attack and lesbian love is the normal daily protocol.... They are various types, from pretty to pretty ugly, in outrageous costumes, and eventually their utopia devolves into a scenario of betrayal and self destruction, leading to transformation. Don't expect conventional storytelling, this was co-directed by a lesbian as well, and her particular ideas are a bit out there. In German language and with English subtitles.

M597 Man Who Thought Life, The (69) aka: Manden der tænkte ting A successful neurosurgeon is startled when a serious little man named Steinmetz shows up and displays his ability to create objects out of thin air, using only his mind. They lock him up and he manifests a key and escapes. Later he will prove his powers at the mansion of the doctor. Wild fantasy/science-fiction film from Denmark. In Dutch language and with English subtitles.

M370 Masked Girl, The (0?) Schoolgirls going about their lives are briefly recruited to fight evil. This is pretty colorful, but runs under an hour. With English subtitles.

M323 Masked Man Against the Pirates (64) aka: L'uomo mascherato contro i pirati aka: Il corsaro nero nell'isola del tesoro Pirates capture a ship. Later they arrive on an island to try to sell the crew, especially the women. One of them is protected by a pirate who gained her as a prize for having saved the captain's life in the battle. Enter a masked man and a rebellion and we get the makings of a classic swashbuckler! With Tony Kendall, George Hilton, Claude Dantes and more. LBX and English dubbed.

M138 Mighty Ursus (61) aka: Ursus After returning from war, Ursus (Ed Fury), has to find his former fiancé' Attea (Moira Orfei), who has been abducted by a virgin sacrificing cult. He takes a devoted but blind shepherd woman (sexy Maria Luisa Merlo) to help. Obstacles aplenty on their quest (like Urus being whipped!). Later he finds that Attea has flipped to the dark side and is now an evil idol worshipping witch queen of sorts. Arena tortures, lavish and plentiful costumes, and pretty violent too! They used some left over sets from the big budget 'King of Kings', which makes this look like a very expensive picture. And much better than the former propaganda commercial piece. Pretty decent Widescreen print is heads above the old full frame version. BA

R95 Missile to the Moon (58) Colorized version! Escaped convicts hiding in a rocket are forced to pilot it to the moon. Once there they meet up with turquoise moon beauties, rock monsters, and a hilarious giant spider. Looks pretty cool in color! BA

R288 Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules (61) aka: Maciste, l'uomo più forte del mondo aka: Maciste, l'homme le plus fort du monde Maciste (Mark Forest) arranges for himself, and his new friend Bangor (body-builder Paul Wynter) to be captured by a mysterious band of white-clad-albino marauders and taken to an underground city. Once there they are forced to help mine gold and diamonds. The sexy queen (Moira Orfei) soon takes notice of Maciste. Now in a nice English dubbed Widescreen version. BA


D693 Monkey Sun Disc One (40) aka: Enoken no songokû: songokû zenko-hen Elaborate song and dance numbers open this, the Japanese equivalent of a Busby Berkely show. The Monkey King goes into a room and transforms a servant into a pig-nosed vassal. This is an early fantasy film and it includes bizarre stage and dance numbers as well as many weird sets and scenes. In one scene, the Monkey King battles an evil wizard while both transform into various creatures. The Monkey King and his pals travel around in an airplane (!) and eventually wind up inside a mountain with a sort of 'Atlantis' civilization filled with advanced people and robots. Really crazy fantasy stuff here, presumably a serial as it is episodic. Stars Akira Kishii, Toshio Kanai, Sadaichi Yanagida, Takeo Kitamura and Minoru Takase F.L.

D694 Monkey Sun Disc Two (59) aka: Songoku: The Road to the West aka: Songokû More adventures with Monkey Son, with weird 'Wizard of Oz' like sets and multiple characters and adventures. F.L.


M325 Morgan the Pirate (60) aka: Morgan il pirata A Welsh pirate raids up and down the Caribbean, battling the Spanish, the English and other pirates. With Steve Reeves and Yvonne Monlaur. Beautiful Widescreen print with all of the footage that was missing from the American release, and English dubbed. BA

M384 Mutiny in Outer Space (65) aka: Ammutinamento nello spazio Astounding adventure from the center of the moon! A creeping fungus starts killing off astronauts on a trip back from the moon. Nice special effects, especially of the contaminated crew members. With William Leslie, Dolores Faith and more. BA

M393 Mysterious Island, The (73) aka: La isla misteriosa aka: The Mysterious Island of Captain Nemo Excellent version of the Jules Verne adventure classic with Omar Sharif as Captain Nemo. Fantastic locations, some amusing special effects (and some pretty good), and a decent cast. Gabriele Tinti, Gerard Tichy, Rik Battaglia and more. Now with English subtitles. This is the long version and comes on two DVD-R for the same low price as one title. VHS however (2 tapes) is $22. BA

M886 Pirates of the Coast (60) aka: I pirati della costa aka: Les pirates de la côte Super-colorful and exciting swashbuckler/costumer with Lex Barker (with an eye patch) and cute blonde Estella Blaine (who was in Jess Franco's 'Diabolical Dr. Z' a few years later). Nice ships at sea action, beautiful locales and lavish set designs throughout. They spent some bucks on this one! This is a Widescreen Upgrade! Lex Barker died of a heart attack at age 54 in 1973. Estella Blaine, blew her brains out on a beach in France in 1982 at age 51. BA

M390 Planets Against Us (62) aka: Planets Around Us aka: I pianeti contro di noi aka: Le monstre aux yeux verts An alien race sends cyborgs who were made to look like the son of a famous scientist, whom they killed when he landed on their planet. Their plan? Invasion! Imaginative and wild early Italian sci-fi. BA

M697 Queen of Sheba (52) aka: La regina di Saba In ancient Israel, King Salomon is seen as a threat to more tyrannical monarchs of the region. The King sends his son on a spying mission to Sheba. On the way, he meets and falls for a Princess (gorgeous 17 year old Leonora Ruffo), who later is to become the Queen of Sheba. This makes their love hopeless as the Queen of Sheba can love no man, unless 'the mountain speaks'. She also has plans of conquest. Early peplum type that plays different then the one's to come later. Ruffo went on to star in 3 more very good sword and sandal flicks. This one dubbed into English. BA

N983 Queen of the Pirates (61) aka: La Venere dei pirate aka: La reina de los piratas Stunning Beautiful Widescreen print! In the 16th century, a sea captain and his daughter escape false charges and run away to be pirates! Evil and beautiful Isabella (Scilla Gabel, whose next film was 'Mill of the Stone Women') is on the hunt for Sandra, Queen of the Pirates (Gianna Maria Canale, who made a career being in sword and sandal films). This is like a completely different film in this new print, putting the full frame print to shame! Dubbed into English. From director Mario Costa. BA

D592 Quincy's Quest (79) It is the night before Christmas, and all toy rejects are about to be tossed into the furnace! This includes Quincy (Tommy Steele), a most life-like doll. In a last-ditch attempt to save himself and his other 'unwanted' chums from incineration, he goes on a long and perilous journey looking for the only man who can help them. Santa Claus! So, live -action special FX has Quincy and his friends played by actors in strange outfits on bizarre sets. One wild and wacky British holiday oddity and look for Patsy Kensit as Jennifer.

M435 Raiders of the Magic Ivory (88) aka: Predators of the Magic Stone aka: I predatori della pietra magica Two mercenaries are hired by a Chinese businessman to find an ivory tablet that supposedly has magic powers and is hidden deep in the jungles of North Vietnam, protected by soldiers,, cannibalistic monks and witchdoctors. Jim Mitchum's son James gives a tough guy performance that reminds exactly of his dad (as usual). Corny dialogue with one-liners galore, plenty of hilariously staged action and more entertaining ineptitude await! Widescreen, in English language (from a Japanese source, there are Japanese subtitles).

D697 Ranu Hanuman and the Demon King (48) Out of this world fantasy film from Bombay. The demon king captures the mother of the universe and takes her to his kingdom to be his consort/concubine. Her royal husband helps the monkey king regain his throne and enlists his aid Lord Ranu, to use his supernatural abilities to help recover his abducted wife. Monsters, giants and super-human beings. Bizarre and pretty cool FX and make-up jobs. With English subtitles.

M391 River of Evil (63) aka: Und der Amazonas schweigt aka: Crimen en el Amazonas A woman hires a boat captain to take her into the Amazon where her father has gone missing. Along the way she is kidnapped by villains and it is up to the boat captain to rescue her. Funny miniatures, piranha peril, alligators and more....

D689 Ronja, the Robber's Daughter (84) aka: Ronja Rövardotter aka: Ronja Räubertochter The much-loved fantasy novel made into a motion picture. The story centers around a young girl Ronja and her family of robber's living in a castle that got split in two parts by an earthquake during her birth. One day another robber family moves into another part of the castle and the young boy Birk befriends Ronja. But the robber families are rivals, and tired of the conflict, Ronja and Birk run away into the forest. The kids spew out profanities, and at one point the robber's bathe in the snow totally naked, so beware if you are offended by full frontal male nudity. This is a kid's film? Things are different in Sweden. Skinny dipping, animal dwarf creatures, talking bird monsters and weird little elves. LBX and with English subtitles.

R68 Run Rebecca, Run! (81) A young camera fanatic named Rebecca is marooned on an island where she is menaced by a refugee from South America. Young Rebecca, uses her wits to outsmart bad guys and get out of jams. Kids oriented film, made in Australia.

M809 Salammbo (60) aka: The Loves of Salammbo aka: Salambò In the Third century a horde of barbarians is hired by the city of Carthage to fight against the Roman empire. But the city is unable to pay as promised, so the barbarians make trouble by stealing the sacred veil of Carthage. Too much more in the plot to even begin to explain. Salammbo is played by super hot Jeanne Valerie. Colorful sets and costumes. Widescreen and English dubbed. There are some scenes in Italian language only as this version is longer than the American version. BA

N960 Sandokan Against the Leopard of Sarawak (64) aka: Sandokan contro il leopardo di Sarawak aka: Sandokan Returns aka: Throne of Vengeance Awesome Widescreen print! Uncut 84 minute print. Sandokan takes on a tiger, quicksand pits, jumping cliffs and more in this adventure. When Samoa (Fraco Bettoia) is hypnotized and held in caves by her cousin whose father was killed by her future husband Sandokan (Ray Danton), Sandokan must spring into action! Some intense moments for a kid's adventure film (like many of these types). A family is slain, a bit of torture of sorts and the usual 'throne squabble' motive from the villain. Super-colorful and Widescreen! BA

R266 Sea Serpent, The (84) aka: Hydra: Monster of the Deep aka: Serpiente de mar A killer sea serpent (not since 'Reptilicus' have we seen such a goofy monster), created by radioactivity, starts attacking boats frequenting the coast of a small Spanish town. With Timothy Bottoms, Taryn Power (who was featured in another creature feature although with excellent Harryhausen effects), and Ray Milland (in his last role). Cheesy fun! Amando De Ossorio directs. Now LBX for the first time! BA


M623 Seagull Island Part 1 & 2 (82) aka: The Secret of Seagull Island aka: L'isola del gabbiano Barbara Carey flies to Rome to visit her blind sister who is being schooled in a music academy. When she arrives she learns that her sister has disappeared and may just be the victim of a maniac who is obsessed with sightless women. She has to find out what happened. Seagull island seems to have the answer. She fakes being blind and sets out... Full of suspense and beautiful locations. Originally aired as a mini-series in the U.K. and Italy, here it is finally complete on two separate discs. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

M624 Seagull Island Part 3 & 4 (82) aka: The Secret of Seagull Island aka: L'isola del gabbiano The saga continues and ultimately concludes with a satisfying outcome. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA


M887 Secret of the Black Falcon, The (61) aka: Il segreto dello sparviero nero aka: Le secret de l'épervier noir An important document in which England and Spain are interested is robbed by pirates. The English send 'The Black Pirate' and Spain sends their best, one Captain Herrera (Lex Barker). They work together, but ultimately they find themselves forced to fight one another. Barker was on a roll here with these Euro-Swashbuckler films. Nice Colorful Widescreen print! BA

M604 Seven Swords of Vengeance (62) aka: Le sette spade del vendicatore aka: Sept épées pour le roi aka: Las siete espadas del vengador Brett Halsey stars in this action swashbuckler from Italy/France. He is the Count of Bazan, plagued by his cousin The Duke of Saavedra who is conspiring against the King. Italian styled sword clanger with awesome torture dungeons, a piranha pit where at least one guy gets eaten, giant blade dropping guillotines and more. Also with Beatrice Altariba and Gabriele Tinti. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

M801 Seventh Continent, The (66) aka: Sedmi kontinent Here's a cool fantasy film from Czechoslovakia. Kids find an island, a new continent! They flock from all over to join the other children on the island. Soon there are hundreds of kids of all races playing in their new world. The adults are perplexed. There are two birds who appear to be made out of paper, a magic map, circus performers, and more in this unheard of classic fantasy. LBX and with English subtitles.

M330 Shadowman (74) aka: Nuits rouges aka: Der Mann ohne Gesicht Search for the Templar treasure by evil villainess who uses human zombies created by a mad doctor and also the doctor's assistant (Gayle Hunnicut, who wears a mask and outfit similar to 'Catwoman') is challenged by the good guys. Ultimately a colorful and wacky addition to the spy genre with absurd situations and colorful characters. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M583 Sins of Casanova (55) aka: Le avventure di Giacomo Casanova This version of the life and loves of Casanova was quite racy with eroticism and nudity way ahead of the times. The Catholic authorities seized the film and insisted 8 minutes be cut! For the film’s 50th anniversary, it was pasted back together. Why does it matter? Because even if there are scenes in black and white, and scenes in color (assorted surviving source masters put back together as one) you still get to see this amazing film with Cinematography by Mario Bava and co-written by Lucio Fulci!!! Don't you love the fact that the Catholic Church seized something these guys worked on together back in the fifties? In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

M331 Sins of Pompeii (50) aka: Gli ultimi giorni di Pompei aka: The Last Days of Pompeii We all know what happened in Pompeii. This is another variation with a Roman woman falling for a Greek man who is betrothed to another. She gets a potion from an Egyptian Priest, who holds ill-will against the Greek, unknown to her, she thinks it's love hex. Things go to hell for all involved, and then there is the matter of that pesky volcano.... Interesting special effects. With English subtitles. BA

M296 Slave of Carthage (56) aka: Le schiave di Cartagine aka: The Sword and the Cross A broad remake of 'Fabiola'. An unforgettable spectacle of marvels and miracles. See masses of the faithful crucified on the flaming hills! See the decadent splendor of the Roman orgies! See the wild chariot race of the Roman destroyers! See the noble captive beauties sold on the slave block! Visually stunning color Widescreen in Italian language and with English subtitles. Longer 91 minute version A must for sword and sandal fans! BA

M871 Slave Queen of Babylon (63) aka: Io Semiramide aka: Sémiramis, déesse de l'Orient The story of the evil scheming Queen Semiramis (played by Yvonne Furneaux, ironically she was in 'The Mummy' from 1959 as a supposed reincarnation of 'Ananka' mummified Christopher Lee's sweet obsession) of Babylon in around 810 B.C. She is an unscrupulous wicked woman with ambitious goals, and her plotting and manipulation sweeps away her opponents, giving her ultimate power. Amazing Widescreen Spectacle with Brilliant Color. BA

M781 Solaris (72) aka: Solyaris A psychologist is sent to a station orbiting a distant planet in order to discover what has caused the crew to go insane. Very deep science fiction, magnificently photographed, slow and yet mesmerizing, intense and haunting. The most import life keys can be found within ourselves. If you have the time to absorb this thoughtful tale, you will never forget it! Warning: Brain Required Before Viewing, so if you have any idiots about, you may wish to clear the room before starting. Now in a 178 minute version, Widescreen and with English subs. BA

M130 Space Men (60) aka: Assignment Outer Space - Uncut LBX original version this version runs 85 minutes, not the cut up 73 minute U.S. release. The earth is threatened by a rogue computer which is controlling an earth ship orbiting Venus and moving closer. Rik Van Nutter is sent along on the mission to help stop the ship from reaching earth. This space opera has the distinction of having a black guy on the space crew treated as an equal. Being 1960, I think it may be the first sci-fi flick that did this. This was dubbed into English and cut up for U.S. release so long ago. With English subtitles. BA

N961 Spartacus and the Ten Gladiators (64) aka: Gli invincibili dieci gladiatori aka: Spartacus e gli invincibili 10 gladiatori Toss out the old prints, this is an awesome Widescreen color print! The second part of the 'Ten Gladiators' trilogy, packed with action, fights, an opening gladiators in arena sequence, swordplay and adventure. In this one they are involved with Roman Senator threats and slavers, saving the damsel and more. Incredible. With Dan Vadis reprising his role as Gladiator Roccia and Helga Line. BA

D502 Star Wars Holiday Special (78) + Extras - Luke Skywalker and Han Solo battle evil Imperial forces to help Chewbacca reach his imperiled family on the Wookie planet in time for Life Day, their most important day of the year. An Unholy mess with most of the main Star Wars stars mixed in with Bea Arthur, Art Carney, Harvey Korman and more. Do you have what it takes?

D866 Submersion of Japan (73) aka: Nippon chinbotsu Amazing Japanese version of this disaster movie in which earthquakes shatter the nation. Cities become raging firestorms. But the worst is yet to come! Nature is always in control. This is LBX and in Japanese language only with no subtitles running 2 hours and 25 minutes uncut. Also in this section see the English dubbed 80 minute American version “Tidal Wave” with Lorne Greene. BA

D530 Superargo against Diabolicus (66) aka: Superargo contro Diabolikus aka: Superargo, el hombre enmascarado A superhero battles a madman who is plotting to steal uranium in order to take over the world. A cross between James Bond and Batman! Ken Wood is 'Superargo'! Gerard Tichy is Diabolicus. And let's not forget The mistress of Diabolicus played by Loredana Nusciak! Very nice Widescreen print of this title and English dubbed! BA

M764 Sword of the Barbarians (82) aka: Sangraal, la spada di fuoco aka: Barbarian Master aka: Das Schwert des Barbaren When a swordsman's wife is murdered by followers of the evil Goddess Rani, he vows vengeance upon the cult and journeys to the Ark of the Templars to attain a magic crossbow with special powers to help him defeat the evil. More 'Conan' clone fun with the same guy from 'Throne of Fire', 'Iron Master' and 'Gunan' Italian bodybuilder Pietro Torrisi, whose career reaches back to early 60's sword and sandal flicks. Amazing schlock! Also with the sexy Sabrina Siani and more. Plenty of nudity. The best print ever, LBX, English dubbed, and no subtitles. BA

M409 Teens in the Universe (75) aka: Otroki vo vselennoy More Russian Science Fiction! An Interstellar expedition finds 'smart' robots have taken over a planet. The robots intelligence thought they were helping when they eliminated human emotions and needs like love, responsibility etc. These were primitive needs, and in a perfect world, not needed. Orbiting the planet in a large space station, the survivors of humanity wait as the landing party sets out to destroy the robots and reinstate the human way of life. Cool special effects. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

M193 Ten Gladiators, The (63) aka: I dieci gladiatori aka: Die Revolte der Gladiatoren First of the trilogy in nice Widescreen! Gladiator Roccia (Dan Vadis) and his band of fellow gladiators, join a join forces with a patrician to overthrow Nero and his evil henchmen, and replace him with a new emperor. During the course of this bloody struggle, they not only lose their mentor and trainer Resius, but also must rescue Livia (Jose' Greci), Roccia's beautiful niece, from death on the cross. Also with Roger Browne. Collect them all! BA

M873 Teodora (54) aka: Theodora, Slave Empress aka: Teodora, imperatrice di Bisanzio Teodora (Gianna Maria Canale, who made her mark in many sword and sandal films before retiring in 1964 at the age of 36!) a royal courtesan and former slave girl, marries the Roman Emperor and assumes the throne as Empress of Rome. Excellent and serious period piece in brilliant color and directed by Riccardo Freda (he married Gianna, and when you see her you will know why!). The gigantic sets were built on Rome grounds intended for an International Fair in 1943, which never happened because of the war. There's even a huge chariot race obviously influential to 1959's 'Ben Hur'. Lions and leopards escape and attack in the finale! Incredible, and although there are flaws (that spear is tucked under that guy's arm, and he falls dead) it is still one of Freda's best, and a must see for fans of the genre. BA

N964 Third Planet in the Third Solar System (72) aka: Third After the Sun aka: Treta sled slantzeto Widely regarded as the Bulgarian's answer to Kubrick's '2001'. It begins at the dawn of man, where thanks to some extraterrestrials, ape-men are developed. Then it skips forward in time where a mysterious being from another world gets caught up in a small tragedy and finally further into the future an alien discovers earth has advanced beyond what was originally thought possible. In Bulgarian and with English subtitles.

M751 Three Swords For Rome (64) aka: I tre centurioni Three dismissed Centurions take refuge in the city of Messe where eventually they find themselves locked up in prison. Once freed, they are now instructors of the royal guard. Soon, they will have to defend the takeover of the kingdom. With Roger Browne, Lisa Gastoni and more. Incredible Widescreen print in Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

M454 Throne of Fire (83) aka: Il trono di fuoco Mighty hero Siegfried, battles the son of Satan and his evil witch accomplice to save a kingdom from being taken over by the duo. Quite spectacular for the sword and sorcery lovers out there. Amazing new Widescreen English Dub!! no subtitles BA

D867 Tidal Wave (73) Racked by earthquakes and volcanoes, Japan is slowly sinking into the sea. A race against time and tide begins as Americans and the Japanese work together to salvage some fraction of the slowly shrinking land mass. Compare with alternate Japanese language version “'Submersion of Japan”! BA

D873 Trader Horn (73) aka: Trader horn il cacciatore bianco First off, know what you are getting. A stock-footage filled hodge-podge updating and butchering 'King Solomon's Mines' type. Still, even with all of the obvious fakery, Rod Taylor as 'Trader Horn' delivers high entertainment! You also get a steamy love triangle, natural hazards, bad Germans, quicksand, stampedes and more! Check out this somewhat obscure jungle action! Anne Heywood, Jean Sorel, Don Knight and more star. BA

N986 Triumph of the Ten Gladiators (64) aka: Il trionfo dei dieci gladiatori Second sequel to 'The Ten Gladiators'. Dan Vadis returns as Gladiator Roccia. The ten are hired to travel to Arbela, a small country on the outskirts of the Roman Empire to learn if Parthia is planning to war with Rome. Upon arriving, the heroes decide to kidnap the beautiful Parthian queen and spirit here to Syria as a hostage. With Helga Line. Amazing Color Widescreen! BA

M628 Tunka the Warrior (83) aka: Tunka el guerrero Finally! The Conan rip-off from Spain! Long ago, and faraway, in a barren land (you get the idea) a female tribe called the 'Selenians' rule. They are at war with the vile male tribe called 'Tazaris'. And there is yet another tribe called 'Senkas'. There is one chosen 'Senka' who aids the 'Selenians', but he is murdered, and his brother sneaks out from 'Senka' territory to seek revenge. Lots of cool photography and plenty of action in this one. In Spanish language and with English subtitles. LBX BA

M437 Tusk (80) aka: Tusk - Une fable panique This Alejandro Jodorowsky film has never been released. The story happens in India when the English were still there. The two main characters are an elephant called Tusk, and a young lady. Tusk once saved her life when she was younger, and that's why she wants to protect him forever. But the Maharajah wants to hunt Tusk for his ivory, while some alcoholic poachers are after Tusk for the same reason. The fight is on to save Tusk! This is very very different for the always unpredictable Jodorowsky, and a must see as it's still pretty strange and amazing. With Cyrielle Clair, Anton Diffring and Christopher Mitchum. Spoken English language and with foreign subs.

M388 Untamed Mistress (55) After a lot of jungle hijinks involving native tribes and the like, two men search the jungle for a woman who has been captured by a tribe of murderous gorillas. When they finally find her, they must fight off attacks from the apes, who are determined to keep her. Some hot naked natives, stacked Varga and more in this amazing exploitation/jungle madness from director Ron Ormond. The ending will blow your mind! With Allan Nixon, Jacqueline Fontaine, Carol Varga and Byron Keith.

R244 Valley of the Kings (54) aka: El valle de los reyes Hard-boiled archeologist Mark Brandon (Robert Taylor) is searching for tombs in Egypt when he is approached by beautiful Ann Mercedes (Eleanor Parker) who convinces him to help her fulfill her dead father's ultimate goal. To prove the bible is true by searching for specific tombs. Good luck. Spectacular color production and Egypt locations make this one interesting. Sandstorms, sword-fights, catacombs, scorpions, room of skulls, and more. BA

M601 Visitors From the Arkana Galaxy (81) aka: Gosti iz galaksije A science fiction writer is gifted with the ability to materialize his thoughts and inadvertently brings a race of aliens to earth. Brief nudity, loads of crazy effects and yes, a wacky monster and gore! This film from Yugoslavia/Czechoslovakia is pretty cool, and a must for sci-fi and monster fans. In German language and with English subtitles. BA

N988 Vulcan Son of Jupiter (62) aka: Vulcano, figlio di Giove Another stunning print! Tired of the sexual escapades on earth by his daughter Venus, Jupiter, the God of Lightning, decides he will marry her soon to one of the eligible candidates Maciste, a mortal working in Vulcano's cave or Mars, the God of War! But Mars abducts Venus, allied with Pluto (Gordon Mitchell) and Eris.... And let's not forget 'the lizard-men'! Great twisted mangled mythology peplum with drop-dead gorgeous women, amazing sets, a brave midget, plenty of oiled up muscle-men and lots of action. And let's not forget a nice fight with whips by two of the hot and sexy female leads (which turns into a catfight as they roll on the ground!). Also with Bella Cortez and many more. Ends in a huge epic bloody battle. LBX BA

M133 White Moor, The (65) aka: De-as fi... Harap Alb aka: El moro blanco Romanian fantasy film adapted from a folk legend, it tells the story of a bad-tempered nobleman and his chronically useless younger son, who dreams of being a mythical hero. Their adventures take them to a number of picturesque locales. A bizarre Medieval court, where comely maidens gyrate in fluorescent mauve and turquoise wigs and spangly water nymphs emerge out of the wall. An underground torture area guarded by hooded muscle in studded black-leather loincloths. Our hero acquires one sidekick who can drink rivers dry at a single gulp, and another who can freeze fire with his breath. Wow, very colorful fantasy with sexy babes everywhere! With English subtitles and LBX.

M749 Why Did You Pick On Me? (80) aka: Chissà perché... capitano tutte a me Bud Spencer plays a sheriff/guardian angel to an extraterrestrial kid who can do magic things with a remote control device. Cheesy special effects, slapstick comedy and even some pretty extreme violence. The rough and tumble scenes with the 'Village People' looking bikers, and the American soldiers (who are after the kid) plus the other aliens (who are also after the kid) are pretty hilarious. Bud Spencer kicks major ass. Sequel to 'The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid'. BA

N967 Wir (81) aka: We Based on a book by Jewgenj Samjatin written in 1920 and may be part of the inspiration for Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World' and Orwell's '1984'. It is the future. Everybody is a number and lives in buildings of glass so the government can monitor their every move. Video surveillance is in all aspects of life. Up to date, stark and startling, possibly a preview of our future if we continue down the road of power grabbing corruption and thousands of new laws a year. In German language and with English subtitles.

M424 Witches Dungeon, The (89) aka: Podzemelye vedm aka: The Witches Cave Sword and Sorcery Sci-Fi on par with the Italian type of Ator movies and the like, mixed with a little Yor, Hunter from the Future. Cave people (one a hot blonde) weird effects, a monster bird, a creature of the lake where people are sacrificed to, plenty of action and cool sets. Widescreen and in Czech language and with English subtitles.

D779 Wonder Woman: Special Edition (11) Original T.V. pilot for a series that was not picked up. Why? Super sexy Adrianne Palicki stars along with Cary Elwes and Elizabeth Hurley. + includes a short episode of Japan's 'Wonder Woman' clone 'Hyperwoman' in Japanese language. And some 'Accel Girl' another Japanese language only woman superhero.

N968 You Don't Shoot at Poets (65) aka: Ai poeti non si spara More Italian sci-fi from Vittorio Cottafavi, the man behind 'Operazione Vega' and some sword and sandal pictures. Leonetti, a marketing man at finds the company is in trouble. So they obtain the ultra-new and advanced electronic brain, named 'Gordon 1' to improve their market performance. But Gordon 1 has been designed with free will...... This is a satirical look at the dangers encountered with man and machine. Similar stories have been filmed dozens of times further advancing this theme. In Italian language and with English subtitles.

D913 Zambo (72) aka: Zambo: King of the Jungle aka: Zambo, il dominatore della forestaBrad Harris plays one of two convicts sent to rot in an African prison for a murder he didn't commit and manages to escape from a transport plane while handcuffed to another convict (who he learns to respect). They face the perils of the jungle, and Brad Harris later emerges as 'Zambo'! He is like a cross between Robin Hood and Flash Gordon dressed up as Tarzan. He acts as a self-appointed big game ranger of sorts, heroic defender, almost phantom-like. He even has a little native boy as a sidekick, and can summon animals when he needs them! With sexy blonde Euro babe Gisela Hahn and Daniele Vargas. Nice location filming and LBX. BA

M314 Zorro at the Court Spain (62) aka: Zorro alla corte di Spagna aka: The Masked Conqueror A mysterious masked avenger (guess who?) rises up to fight against a tyrant that has stolen the lands from a rightful heiress. A light-hearted action-romp with George Ardisson. Amazing new Widescreen version with excellent colors. BA




D460 Curse of the Hidden Vault (64) aka: Die Gruft mit dem Rätselschloß aka: La tomba insanguinata Mobsters conspire to loot another criminal's treasure which is secured in a booby-trapped vault. Nicely done Wallace, and reliably ubiquitous Klaus Kinski is on hand as George. English dubbed version.

D243 Four Just Men, The (39) aka: The Secret Four - The four men of the title are British WW1 veterans who decide to work secretly against enemies of the country as vigilantes. This espionage melodrama indicative of the period and ahead of it's time seems to have a direct warning message to Hitler. In 1939, all hell was about to break loose in history. Was there ever a writer that had so many of his titles filmed? Hell, even 'King Kong' was Edgar Wallace's idea! He just died in 1932 before he could see it totally developed and most others took credit. With Alan Napier, Basil Sydney, Hugh Sinclair and look for Jon Pertwee as a Rally campaigner. BA

FIND Green Archer, The (61) aka: Der grüne Bogenschütze aka: L'arciere verde New clear English dubbed version! An English businessman comes home to London, only to find visitors to his home being killed by arrows from 'The Green Archer'. Karin Dor stars.

D458 Racetrack Murders, The (64) aka: Das siebente Opfer A well-trained thoroughbred is slain by a rival horse owner. Soon jockeys are being murdered by a mysterious killer! Scandals, blackmail and drugs abound in this Edgar Wallace thriller. English dubbed version.




M709 14 and Under (73) aka: Frühreifen-Report aka: Early Awakening Report - No underage actresses participate in anything lewd, so keep your panties on! Adult and very sexy actresses play the younger girls. Episodic like the 'Schoolgirl Reports' films with some moralizing thrown in for good measure. These tales are really sleazy and cool at the same time, it would take too long to insert the plots here but let's just say you'll be surprised at how entertaining this one is. Great quality LBX version. In German language and with English subtitles. BA

D954 ABC of Love and Sex, The (78) A tongue-in-cheek sex education documentary covering a different subject for each letter of the alphabet.... A is for Anatomy, B is for Birth...etc. Plenty of nudity and sexual situations. The girls are incredible. LBX

D796 All Around Service (76) aka: Ein guter Hahn wird selten fett Friend's Frank and Fred own a maintenance company that services an apartment complex. But the main services they supply, is to all the horny women who reside there. A near-hard-core German sex comedy with incredible women and funny situations these guys get themselves into. BA

D507 Alleycats, The (66) aka: Mädchen zwischen Sex und Sünde A couple about to be married are both having affairs, with women. This campy sex-romp takes place in some European city where everyone has sex on their minds. In the wake of 'La Dolce Vita' a slew of these types of films sprang up. LBX

M465 Any Time, Any Play (90) aka: Atracção Escaldante When her ex-lover takes a job at her club as a card dealer, a beautiful but bitter casino singer avenges herself by conspicuously bedding everything in pants, including their Mafioso boss. But when the two reunite, the double-crossed gangsters demand revenge. With Ruth Collins. Directed by Joe D'Amato.

M493 Au Pair Girl, The (76) aka: La ragazza alla pari aka: The Best - Sexy Super Hot Gloria Guida plays an innocent young woman who gets a job at a house in which all the inhabitants want to get her in their bed! By the movie's end, she pretty much puts a big smile on everyone's face! Gloria doesn't fully realize the sexual earthquake she sets off in her wake. LBX and English dubbed. BA

D770 Baby Love (68) Luci (Linda Hayden) grew up alone with her slutty mother (Diana Dors). When her mother kills herself, she is taken in by a dysfunctional family. The mother of her new family was 'convent-schooled' and misses snuggling up with pretty young girls, she's got her eyes on Linda, and gets her in bed, the father has a waning libido, the son is a peeper, and with other issues. She may want to ruin this family, as the father was a former boyfriend of her mother's, and she partially blames him for her mother's death. BA

M784 Baby Love (79) A Queen of sorts in modern times in a sexually sleazy kingdom has a plan to literally auction off (for marriage) her sexy virgin step-daughter named Baby Love (Violette Lafont in her only movie). Baby has other ideas though, like seducing the Queen's lover. Loads of nudity, masturbation, whipping, lesbians, orgies and more. From director Rino Di Silvestro, the guy who brought us 'Werewolf Woman' and more). A totally sexy acid trip of a film. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M115 Baby Love: Lemon Popsicle 5 (84) aka: Roman Za'ir This series is like a running gag of the 'Porky's' films, and even 'The Last American Virgin'. This one is about Benji, who falls in love with Bobby's sister while getting into sexual misadventures with his always horny brothers. Hell, in the opening beach scene the boy's are already peeping into a woman's shower to watch her naked bathing. Faking drowning so the hot life guard will give mouth to mouth, (which works for the first guy, when the fat guy tries it he finds his rescuer is a man giving him mouth to mouth... ugh!), As usual, the perverts get laid and there is even a bit of drama here. BA

M162 Bath Girl (9?) The cleanest Hong Kong girl of all! Check out this weird drama with nudity and more. F.L.

R539 Bellboy and the Playgirls, The (62) aka: Mit Eva fing die Sünde an Francis Ford Coppola's second directed film. This bellboy is after more than just big tips. Lingerie and nudity, with black and white, and then color 'naked sequences' in this 'nudie' comedy. Lots of boobs. When this came out in 1962 it was in 'Adults Only' smoke filled theaters for the 'raincoat' crowd. My how times have changed. June Wilkinson, Karin Dor and more star. Some glitches. BA

M494 Belt, The (89) aka: La cintura Eurotrash take on (and at times rip-off of) “9 1/2 Weeks“.... James Russo and Eleonora Brigliadori play a couple that are not happy unless they are fighting. They get sexual excitement by slapping each other around as foreplay, and eventually a belt is introduced into the fun. Bitch needs a whipping before sex you see. There is a subplot as this is all described to a judge by Russo's character, so we know something bad has happened. Dark Sexy Exploitation.

M500 Black Emanuelle in the Country (82) aka: L'infermiera di campagna aka: Country Nurse Laura Gemser (stunning) stars as a sexy doctor in a community full of sleazy rednecks. Mario Bianchi directs as everyone tries to get into her panties. Meanwhile the local women, jealous of Gemser, are stripping down to win their men back! Politically incorrect and full of sex jokes. And of course, plenty of nudity and nice locales! Mark Shannon, Gabriele Tinti and Femi Benussi also star. BA

M495 Born Under a Bad Sign (75) aka: Les baiseuses aka: Jailbait aka: That Girl is a Tramp Belgian made sleaze flick about a hot young woman that is attacked by her father sexually so she runs away. She gets caught posing for porn (with a new friend) and ends up facing the lash of a female warden. Later they escape and things really go downhill after that! Plenty of nudity and sexual situations of course.

D548 Caged Girls (66) aka: Chained girls - Hilarious fake documentary on lesbians! Stereotypes so sloppily portrayed, you have to love it! It's 1965. The forbidden world of lesbos is treated like some strange disease! Our 'guide' informs us that all lesbians seem to have 'normal' jobs (!) and consists of femmes and butches! Teenage dykes are called 'babybutch'! Staged scenes are shown to warn us about school girls dabbling in lesbianism. Lots of fun! BA

M496 Capri: Paradise of Love (91) aka: Thrilling Love - Alberto (Tony Kendall) and Ingrid (Sharon Kane) are vacationing on the island of Capri. Alberto gets off watching Ingrid make it with strangers while he fantasizes about his former wife. We find out why he can't get it with Ingrid when we see the flashback of him with his former wife, and it isn't pretty. It involves a long blade knife! BA

M497 Carnal Contact (73) aka: Contratto carnale aka: The African Deal - Sleazy and politically incorrect trash from Italy/Ghana filmed in Ghana, Africa. Business in Ghana leads to interracial sex, gay stereotype, heavy-handed racism based dialogue, nudity and sex, plus a perfect twist ending. At the time in America we were having a cool Blaxploitation craze where they were sticking it to the man. In Italy and abroad, they were making films where black men were usually portrayed as sex-crazed savages getting it with white women. Hey, don't ask me, it was popular and something new for audiences I suppose. With Calvin (The Beast Must Die) Lockhart, George Hilton and Anita Strindberg. In English language with foreign subtitles.

D981 Cleo/Leo (89) Leo, an egocentric and sexist businessman, who thinks he's God's gift to women, gets a taste of his own medicine when he tries picking up the wrong woman, who turns out to be a psycho. When she forces him off a bridge into the cold river, he emerges as Cleo (Veronica Hart). Cool gender-bender comedy and also with Ginger Lynn, Jennifer DeLora and more. Veronica Hart proves once again that not only was she great in porno, but she could act as well.

M285 Confessions of a Naked Virgin (77) aka: Schulmädchen-Report 11. Teil - Probieren geht über Studieren aka: Blue Dreams This time the setting is a radio broadcast where they discuss and debate the liberal sex habits of today's youth (told in sex scenes). Karine Gambier and more. The German version is very erotic with lots of nudity from beautiful girls. This is the English release of Schoolgirl Reports #11, and only runs 50 minutes. The 76 minute German language version (LBX) is here on the same disc!

R540 Confessions of a Sex Maniac (74) aka: The Man Who Couldn't Get Enough A young architect plans to design a building after the 'perfect breast' and searches for a perfect model throughout London. Ava Cadell, Cheryl Gilham and more star. + Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair (79) David Galaxy gets laid would be a more apt title as this politically incorrect cad coaxes women into sex with the absurdist of lines. Mary Millington plays an heiress named Millicent Cumming who has had sex with hundreds of men but never achieved orgasm. (Seems like her name should have been Millient NoCumming) David Galaxy gets her off, just another of his many conquests. Hmm, yea right. Also with Diana Dors and lots of eye-candy. Mary Millington killed herself at age 34 the same year this was released. + some trailers. So there you have it. A British Sex Comedy Double Feature. DVD-R only. No VHS.

M498 Confessions of Sex Slaves (77) aka: Tänzerinnen für Tanger aka: Sensual Partners Middle class chicks are being taken right off the streets of Zurich and Montreal. Beaten, assaultd, and hooked on heroin they are then shipped off to Amsterdam to be sex slaves. A reporter is on the trail of trying to uncover the process as she investigates a sex club. Plenty of nudity and sleaze we would expect! With German porn star Gina Janssen.

M499 Conjugal Debt, The (70) aka: Il debito coniugale An unhappily married man decides to leave his wife (Anita Ekberg, what are you crazy?) and go off on some wild adventures with a friend. A fisherman sells them his wife (Barbara Bouchet). She has a free-love hippie type spirit. Later she allows them to auction off her clothes to some horny villagers and take bets on which of her breasts weigh the most. Light-hearted sex comedy. Ekberg and Bouchet. Can't go wrong here. English dubbed and with foreign subtitles. BA

D549 Daughters of Lesbos (68) Superiority complex lesbians explore a series of vignettes illustrating key moments they’ve experienced that put men in a bad light. Later they take vengeance on an offender. She-Men man haters club gets rough in the end. Oh boy! (Or is it 'Oh Girl!')

M457 Delizia (87) aka: Delight - Hotter than hell Tina Cansino plays a gal that shows up in a small town and quickly drives all of the young males into a state of lust. Directed by Joe D'Amato, so you can expect plenty of soft-core sleaze and beautiful women. F.L.

D886 Der Hostessen-Sex-Report (73) aka: Mädchen auf Stellungssuche - Der Hostessen-Sex-Report aka: Les Moëlleuses Tons of nudity in this German made soft-core sex film that includes loads of nice looking blondes (and brunettes) all naked of course. A swinger's party is just one of the many scenes contained within. F.L.

M318 Desideria (80) aka: Desideria: La vita interiore An overweight teenage girl (Lara Wendel) walks in on her slutty mother (Stefania Sandrelli) having a three-way (right after the daughter's birthday party). She later confronts her mother, and gets her birthday cake shoved into her face! She survives a suicide attempt, and loses a lot of weight and turns into a tease. She manipulates a boy her age (so she can rob his parents' house), her mother's jerk boyfriend and others. Plenty of nudity and sexual situations. LBX and with English subtitles.

M219 Desire (90) aka: Dirty Love 2 Josie Bissett stars in this soft-core sex flick at age 20 right before being hired for 'Melrose Place'. Not sure why this never came out here... Could it be her delicious nude scenes (and her hot sex scenes)? In one scene she dances like 'Elaine' from 'Seinfeld', but still manages to look sexy as hell. She's got 'Desire' alright! I mean what male member of the cast doesn't she sleep with? Well here it is, uncut and in great quality! Sleaze master Bruno Mattei directs. LBX

M505 Élisa (95) Ever since her mother committed suicide, Marie (Vanessa Paradis providing some nice nudity) has spent most of her life in an orphanage, and then into a life of small-time crime, escaping the boarding house with a friend, using her sexy body to rob men blind. She hunts down her father (Gerard Depardieu) who blames her for her mother's death. A strip-tease on the beach drives Depardieu nuts. You're WHO? LBX and with English subtitles.

M586 Emanuelle and Joanna (79) aka: Il mondo porno di due sorelle An unhappy housewife seeks to free herself from the abuse of her husband. When abused by another (younger) man, she turns to her sister, who runs a brothel that specializes in sado-masochistic games. She will have her revenge on the men who mistreated her, with a twisted bent on sexual excess. With Marina Hedman and Sherry Buchanan. Now in Italian language and with English subtitles. (Also available in an English dub)

M428 Erotic Dreams of Cleopatra, The (85) aka: Sogni erotici di Cleopatra aka: Les nuits chaudes de Cléopâtre Late in the genre 'Caligula-lite' soft-core sleaze from director Rino Di Silvestro. Although not as nasty as some of the earlier similar films, this one still manages some eye-opening scenes of sex and violence. Decadent set designs, numerous bait and switch, sometimes flashy sex scenes. With Marcella Petrilli as Cleopatra. Widescreen and English dubbed BA

R281 Erotic Journal of a Lady From Thailand, An (80) aka: Le journal érotique d'une Thailandaise A fashion photographer and his sexed up French models, travel to Thailand. Brigitte Lahaie, France Lemay and more star in this colorful soft-sex outing. Frustrated, Brigitte takes an erotic shower and you'll wish you were in it with her. Great quality English dubbed and LBX. BA

M506 Erotic Tales (80) aka: Contes pervers aka: Gift Girls A trilogy of sexy tales. First, a woman gets suckered into a nasty game of strip poker in Hong Kong. The fat greasy guy getting massaged by the hot chicks will have you rolling! Next, a priest has to deal with a flock of horny nuns! Nice. Finally we get Zora Kerova (she was hung up by her breasts in 'Cannibal Ferox' and cut up in 'New York Ripper' to name a few) as a pinup girl who offers a truck driver her body. Thing is, he can only get aroused in his big rig! Amazing!

D771 Escort Girls (75) It's Christmas Eve in London, and various lonely men and women turn to escorts. London's miserable weather is captured to perfection. Various plotlines unfold as people from all walks of life pay for the company of another. Maria O'Brien, Veronica Doran and other lovelies appear in this offbeat, sometimes disturbing, always entertaining British sleaze. Nudity and sexual situations. Directed by Donovan Winter, the guy who brought us 'Some Like it Sexy' and 'Give Us Tomorrow'.

M507 Evil Eyes (90) aka: Malizia Oggi Sergio (Blood Delirium) Bergonzelli's last film. In Italian language only. A young stud finds he has both hands full as Luna (Deborah Cali) and her knockout step-mom (Valentine Demy) are both available to him. The father is doing the maid, and there is quite a bit of mix and match soft-core sex action going on here. Nice locations, and at one point Luna is nearly assaultd. F.L.

D950 Felicity (78) aka: Felicity - Sexy adolescenza Smoking hot Australian take on the 'Emanuelle' craze that features a young horny woman (Glory Annen) leaving school for a sex-filled adventure in Hong Kong. Erotic and well made with loads of nudity and soft-core scenes. Widescreen. BA

M220 Fifth Musketeer, The (79) aka: El quinto mosquetero King Louis the XIV has, without his knowledge, a twin brother, and when he finds out he immediately has him locked up in the Bastille. Sort of a sexed up version of 'The Man in the Iron Mask'. Sylvia Kristel and Ursula Andress have more nudity since this was rated PG in America, all of the nudity was cut! Quite the cast with Alan Hale Jr, Rex Harrison, Cornel Wilde, Lloyd and Beau Bridges, Ian McShane and more. UNCUT version with all the nudity cut from U.S. release and more! That's right, this 116 minute version is 12 minutes longer! LBX

R346 Fourth Sex, The (63) aka: Le quatrième sexe Michel and Paul make money doing chalk drawings for passersby near the Louvre. They also make the scene in some of the hot spots of Paris. Sand is a rich sexy lesbian blonde who paints nude girls and houses an entourage of chicks at her loft. When Michel's sister shows up, both Paul and Sand fall for her. Things go awry at a wild Roman costume party. Plenty of nudity, and quite controversial for it's time. Slightly LBX. BA

M319 Frank and Eva: Living Apart Together (73) aka: Frank en Eva Although Frank is always cheating on her, Eva (smoking hot Willeke van Ammelrooy) cannot bring herself to leave him. But Frank objects when Eva gets a lover herself. This open-marriage will disintegrate before your eyes. At one point, overcome with lust Frank almost assaults a woman, but her 5 year old son intervenes. Actually a well made drama with some pretty steamy sex scenes. In German language and with English subtitles.

M271 From the Diary of a 17 Year Old (79) aka: Young Love, Hot Love aka: Tagebuch einer Siebzehnjährigen Disappointed with her first love, a pretty young woman (Sylvia Engelmann) searches for more... love and sex. First, another girl drags her into the toilet for an encounter, later she keeps experimenting. Lots of nudity and near hardcore sex with beautiful girls. Great quality. In German language only with no subtitles F.L.

M791 Has Anyone Seen My Pants? (75) aka: Jagdrevier der scharfen Gemsen A fat little Texan inherits a hotel in Heidelberg. He discovers it has been run as a brothel for years and manages to wind up in situations where he loses his pants quite frequently as there are many young sexy babes around. English dubbed German sex comedy that delivers plenty of nudity and sexual situations. BA

R45 High Yellow (65) Cynthia Wood, a light-skinned black and 17, tries to pass off as white after getting hired by a wealthy movie magnate with family problems. Fun little exploitative racism and discrimination film that could never get made today. High Yellow is known as a light-skinned African American. Colorism, attempted assault, there is even a disco hop-beat-go-go-club sequence. This little seen oddity was directed by Larry Buchanan, and has S.F Brownrigg (Don't Look in the Basement...more) in the sound department. Look for Buchanan regulars (like Bill Thurman as a bad guy) and more. Noticed a few glitches in source print. BA

M321 Hostess Bed, The (73) aka: Hostess in Heat aka: Die Bett-Hostessen A hostess entertains by telling funny and sexy tales. Very nice and with tons of nudity. Ingrid Steeger, Karin Hofmann, Monica Marc and more delectable offerings on this plate of German sleaze that is LBX and English dubbed, and features the weirdest soft-core gang-bang you'll ever see..

M510 House of 1000 Pleasures (75) aka: Club privé pour couples avertis aka: Club Private - Taxi driver Marcel cannot believe his luck when a customer takes him to a High Class Sex Club to seduce him. While she shags another lover, he gets it with two sweet young things. But wait, his girlfriend is working here too! The whore! He kicks her out of his home. Later they realize that true love may just beat all. Or something like that. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M418 I Know a Lot For 15 (78) aka: Las que empiezan a los quince añosThis is an obscure sexploitation film in which three 15 year old girls (all played by 18 or older actress's) who experiment with sex and eventually end up in prostitution. Sex, violence, lesbianism, women in prison and lots of nudity by nubile young women and even comedy. Lolita-type Spanish made wonder from director Ignacio F. Iquino. F.L.

N996 Innocence and Desire (74) aka: Innocenza e turbamento aka: Inocencia y turbación A young man named Tonino is home temporarily from the Seminary and falls in love with his father's young wife Carmela (Edwige Fenech who flirts with the Priest wannabe with salacious abandon). He's screwed, or almost, and if he does, so much for being a Priest. Fenech could stop any man from becoming a Priest (unless he is joining the church for altar boy's, which this guy isn't!). With a befuddled father, a horny wacky grandfather (who discourages Tonino about his priestly aspirations) and funny moments, this still manages to strike a serious tone as the spiritual/carnal conflicts take their toll on Tonino. Priesthood or sex with Edwige Fenech? Easy choice. LBX and with English subtitles.

M399 Intrigue of Love (88) aka: Fatal Temptation aka: Errore fatale Sexploitation notable for being the debut of Valentine Demy and also starring a pre-porn Millie D'Abraccio as Janet. Janet hasn't been having the best sex life with her husband. When she is seduced and blackmailed by a seedy photographer, she recommends him to her also less than happily married friend (Valentine Demy) who also hops into bed with him. Milly and Valentine both look dynamite here in this erotic thriller. With English subtitles.

M473 Joy of Flying (77) aka: Sylvia im Reich der WollustA feel-good sex comedy that everyone will love! Stereotypes, plenty of nudity and funny sexual situations, and even Ajita Wilson in a sizzling villa scene. (If you can forget she used to be a man that is). You'll laugh out loud at some of these scenes, it's impossible not to. Eurotrash at it's finest, at least the comedic kind. New Widescreen English Dubbed print!


M793 Ladies Doctor (77) aka: Il ginecologo della mutua aka: Gynecologist in Public Service Yet another raunchy sex comedy from director Joe D'Amato! Gynecologist fun as a new doctor takes over a practice and finds that he has a ridiculous amount of horny patients on his hands. We all know nothing gets a woman more sexually excited than their gynecologist. Right? I mean he's already at third base before he's started you know. I guess that is the attitude the director has in mind here. Nice sharp upgrade and with English subtitles. With Paola Senatore and even Marina Hedman (both who went on to porn), Fulci chick Daniela Doria, even Lorraine De Selle and more! BA

M514 Ladies Doctor (77) aka: Il ginecologo della mutual aka: Gynecologist in Public Service A gynecologist (with money troubles) turns his business over to his assistant (named Franco) and heads for the Bahamas. Turns out Franco is a sex machine and the business takes off huge! Daniela Doria (who would puke up her own guts in a Fulci classic a few years later) stars along with Paola Senatore. Extremely sleazy sex comedy loaded with uninhibited women and directed by the master Joe D'Amato. Look for Marina Hedman in a small role. LBX and with English subtitles. BA


M343 Lady Soldier on Grand Maneuvers (78) aka: La soldatessa alle grandi manovre aka: La toubib prend du galon Doctor Eva Marina (Edwige Fenech) takes up position at an army base to investigate the sexual behavior of the Italian male soldier, and soon finds out she’s getting more than she bargained for. Fenech does indeed get naked. There is also a decent amount of low-brow humor on hand! In Italian language with English subtitles and LBX. BA

M516 Laura (76) aka: My Father's Wife aka: La moglie di mio padre Aging wife (Carroll Baker) desperately wants to sexually satisfy her husband, but he's losing interest due to his inability to perform and he cheats (under the instruction of his doctor!) to help his libido. She even seeks advice from hookers, but nothing helps. Tired of trying, she falls for her stepson. Trashy soaper-like Euro-trash. Widescreen and with English language. BA

M776 Laura: Shadows of a Summer (79) aka: Laura, les ombres de l'été Laura (Dawn Dunlap, who had a short but interesting career, the last film she was in was as Lana Clarkson's sexy little sister in 'Barbarian Queen') is having her sexual awakening, and she is attracted to Paul, the former lover of her mother Sara ( Bond girl Maud Adams). Paul too is smitten, as Laura reminds him of a younger Sara. Tastefully done arty erotica, with bizarre music and dreamlike scenarios. Directed by a famous photographer so very 'picturesque'. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

D512 Laure (76) aka: Forever Emmanuelle Hot chick Annie Bell (Monster Hunter, House by the Edge of the Park and others)stars. Linda Lovelace was originally set to be in the starring role, but backed out due to the script being too explicit (!?!). Laure (Anna Belle) goes around islands looking for a lost tribe. Her boyfriend (Al Cliver) wants her to be 'free' and recommends she have sex with every man and woman she can. Lots of nudity and soft-core sex. LBX

M511 L'Insegnante Di Violoncello (89) aka: The Cello Teacher This title is in Italian language only. Horny guys hang out at the beach attempting to screw every babe they lay eyes on. One guy is more interested in playing his cello until he sees his dad's new girlfriend (played by Serena Grandi!). Splendid trash! F.L.

M746 Lola (86) Angela Molina stars as Lola. Lola escapes Mario, her drunken abusive man, even though she still loves him. She moves away, meets a rich man named Robert, and has a child. Now it has been four years, and Mario has tracked her down, thinking that not only does she belong to him, but also her child must be his as well. Bigas Lunas directs this twisted tale of passion, desire, misogyny and sadism. English dubbed. BA

M517 Lolita Forever (90) aka: Lolita per sempre A nerd-type guy runs a hotel, always frustrated by the sexy young women who frequent the place. He decides to quit and make a new start. And does he ever! Petra Scharbach, Valentine Demy and more star. Rough and tumble soft-core fun. This one is in Italian language only F.L..

M518 Love and Passion (87) aka: Capriccio - After the renewed flings with their former lovers prove to be nothing like their romantic memories, an unfaithful couple return to each other. Francesca Dellera and Nicola Warren are just two of the nice pieces of meat on display in this high end production directed by Tinto Brass. English dubbed. BA

D383 Love Garden, The (71) Mike, a freelance journalist, falls head over heels for Claire, a pretty blonde that lives in his apartment building. Thing is Claire loves a woman, at least she thinks she does. Mike is convinced he can flip her straight. And maybe he can. Has some damn near but not quite hardcore sequences. BA

M522 Love Sins (87) aka: D'Annunzio A studly man seduces the wife (Stefania Sandrelli) of a friend, even though his own wife is pregnant. He's also banging a hooker (Eva Grimaldi) for a change of pace. Later he sleeps with yet another lover (Teresa Ann Savoy). Of course all of this philandering can't last, and won't end well for him. Set in the 1920's Italy. Nudity from all of the delicious women in the cast. English dubbed and with foreign subtitles. BA

M520 Lover, The (77) aka: L'Amantide Erika Blanc stars as a woman with an unfaithful husband. One of his conquests cause him to stroke...ahem.. HAVE a stroke, leaving him paralyzed. Now it is her turn to get some satisfaction with a new lover. Erika Blanc has frequent nude scenes. LBX and in Italian language only with no subtitles. F.L.

M492 Loving Greetings from Lederhosen (73) aka: Liebesgrüße aus der Lederhos'n aka: A Spy's Bold Sexual Adventure - Bavarian boys bang bare-breasted blondes in this genuinely raunchy German sex comedy with a strong emphasis on sleaze, full nudity and sex. These women are super-incredible, and disrobe every chance they get. Whoever dubbed this, changed the film into some type of sex-spy-spoof. Soft-core fun, and English dubbed! BA

M777 Lulu (05) Leon picks up a woman (Lulu) walking the road, and a man he accidentally hits with his car. Once home, he falls madly in love with Lulu. But she is unpredictable and he is suspicious that she may just be boinking everybody in sight! But is there more to this tale of a bunch of over-sexed rich people in a giant house? Will he be able to ditch this evil little vixen before she is the death of him? Nudity. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

M760 Luxure (76) aka: Sweet Taste of Honey Laure is heartbroken after her husband leaves her for another woman... She goes to their favorite hotel to kill herself... But then she overhears through the walls the neighboring couple having sex and changes her mind and has sexual fantasies and adventures instead... Erotic soft-core version of this excellent Max Pecas directed film starring Jess Franco regular Karine Gambier. Excellent quality LBX and with English subtitles Since the hardcore close-ups are cut from this version, it runs about 78 minutes. The XXX version listed in the XXX section is English dubbed.

M693 Man For Sale, A (78) aka: Candido Erotico - A young girl (played by a 22 year old Lili Carati) falls in love with a man that performs in live sex shows, and who just happens to be having an affair with her mother, with her father's knowledge. The man has issues. Alone in bed with Lili he is useless, but when on stage he can perform. It seems only if he is being watched can he get it up. Look for Ajita Wilson as one of the sex performers. Lili Carati looks amazing in this. Her next film was 'To Be Twenty' a classic. Lili (who was also Miss Italy in 1975) developed a drug habit and did some porno in the late 80's. Lili Carati died in October 2014 of brain cancer at age 58. LBX and English dubbed.

M523 Mia Preda, La (90) Petra Scharbach stars as a young woman in a school run by nuns. The nuns are abusive, and so is her father. She runs away and becomes a high-priced prostitute! And why not, she's smoking let me tell you. But how will all of this pan out? In Italian language only on this title.

M524 Mistress is Served, The (76) aka: La padrona è servita aka: Die Herrenreiterin A businessman and a dead count's son both sniff around after beautiful Senta Berger and Erika Blanc after the suicide of the patriarch. The horny young daughter is also in on the action. Plenty of nudity. This is a longer version of 'The Mistress'. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

M525 My Darling Domestic (74) aka: Il domestico A butler for wealthy clients has a problem... he can't seem to stop getting sexually involved with the wives and daughters of his bosses. Includes rich satire of various targets including the military, the clergy, neo-realists, commies, swingers, corrupt industrialists, cross-eyed nympho virgins and more. Erika Blanc, Gordon Mitchell, Martine Brochard, Silvia Monti, Femi Benussi and more. English language dubbed and with foreign subtitles. BA

M526 My Nights with Messalina (82) aka: Bacanales romanas aka: Messaline et Agrippine Shameless trashy rip-off typical of the 'Caligula' sleaze genre with everything you would expect to enjoy! When Claudius returns from battle with a bad STD, frustrated bisexual Messalina (Raquel Evans) seeks others for her enjoyment. Hilarious dubbing, loads of nudity and sexual situations, Ajita Wilson and more. English dubbed, but be warned, the audio is not very good on this title, you really have to turn it up, and there is a hum on the audio. The only print we have ever seen of this one. BA

M408 Nana, Girl of Pleasure (70) aka: Take Me, Love Me aka: Nanà '70 Nana is a sexually active and very horny woman who sleeps around with many men and lives a life of luxury and privilege because she is so desirable. As usual to this type of life-style, something goes wrong. Super-colorful 60's fashions and designs jump off the screen. One middle-aged man's abode is almost completely light purple, and he has all the state-of-the-art Hi-Fi reel to reel equipment (to show off his riches I suppose). Widescreen and English dubbed. BA

M527 Naughty Blue Knickers (81) aka: Secrets of the Satin Blues aka: Les folies d'Élodie This is a sex French film narrated by a pair of blue panties! The woman who buys them has both a husband, and a lover. The lover wants in through the back door, and she's not having it. Neither are the panties! The panties get passed around a bit, but when the woman and the maid begin to get it together you'll forget all about those gabby under-garments. English dubbed. Slightly LBX.

M477 Naughty Cheerleader, The (70) aka: Mir hat es immer Spaß gemacht aka: Dove vai senza mutandine? In the tense field of men's desires, she proves she has what it takes. Naughty Cheerleader follows the carnal adventures of a horny teenaged slut (Barbi Benton at age 20). She meets a lot of dirty old men (Klaus Kinski and Hugh Hefner) in her quest for satisfaction. Not as sleazy as most sex comedies, but seeing Barbi makes it worth it. (Barbi Benton lived with Hugh Hefner from 69-76. They hooked up when she was 18 and he was 42.) LBX BA

M528 Naughty Roommates (69) aka: Liebe durch die Hintertür aka: Die liebestollen Dirndl von Tirol German sex comedy! A woman from the country (Teri Tordai) comes to Berlin to find fame and fortune. She learns she has inherited a rundown hotel. Together with her friends, they seduce the local men folk in hopes of getting help restoring the hotel for business. Excellent addition to the German sex genre and English language dubbed as well! BA

M529 Nude Maid, The (76) aka: La portiera nuda Irene (Inferno) Miracle is one hot young woman, and she gets a job at an apartment building where all the tenants have the hots for her. She is seduced by a lesbian (Erika Blanc), a porno film producer, and finally falls for Mr. Right. She hopes so anyway. Plenty of nudity. In Italian language only with no subtitles. LBX BA

M530 Obsession (89) aka: Obsession - una storia di straordinaria follia Young women (one being Petra Scharbach) are either forced to have sex in public, or are the victims of peeping toms. Director Pasquale Fanetti assembles some really hot dishes here for the viewer to enjoy! In Italian language only, but you won't care, you'll be to busy looking at all the hot ass on the screen!

M532 One-Sided Passion (86) aka: Senza vergogna Malisa (The She-Wolf of Spilberg) Longo stars. Her horny husband has sex with every woman he can. At one point he cracks an egg over a servant's ass as an egg-lube. His son (who is paralyzed and in a wheelchair) sees much of his father's sexual escapades, and having no luck with the local girls- lusts for his step-mother (Longo). More excellent Eurotrash! This one is in German language only. F.L.

M728 Overnight Models (76) aka: Jagd auf Jungfrauen Lots of full frontal nudity from sexy German chicks in this very funny sex comedy. All inhibitions are lost when a busload of workers go on an overnight company trip. In one scene three old women go to a porno theater to see what the young people are up to. Little amusing sexual situations throughout, loaded with laughs. BA

N959 Paolo, the Hot One (73) aka: The Sensuous Sicilian aka: Paolo il caldo aka: Los amores de Paolo Giancarlo Giannini, dapper as ever as a sexually obsessed Italian nobleman, enjoys some of the best Italian women of the era. We first meet him as a randy schoolboy peeking under the skirts of the household help and then we follow him through the years as his sexual addiction grows. Eventually he is old and still trying to pick up chicks in his car. With Rossana Podesta (Helen of Troy and many others, died in Dec. 2013), Barbara Bach, Ornella Muti, Femi Benussi, Jessica Dublin and more. Shot in autumnal hues by the great cinematographer Tonino Delli Colli. Plenty of nudity in this lust fest. 1 hour and 58 minutes! (15 minutes longer than the English dubbed version!) LBX and with easy to read subtitles.

M533 Paprika (91) aka: Los burdeles de Paprika A young country girl (Debra Caprioglio, I'm saying breath-taking!) comes to town and works in a brothel in order to help her fiancé get the money to start their own business. Some consider this Tinto Brass's sexiest film. Also with Martine Brochard, Valentine Demy and more! LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M197 Passion Fever (69) Ladies man Yorgos loves women. So much in fact he goes from one to another. This is really a cool snapshot of 60’s sleaze with all the surroundings of the era. The swinging 60's lifestyle, Congo-line parties, even a brief female masturbation scene! Suicide, unwanted pregnancy and more. Plenty of nudity. This reworked for America Greek film may just blow your mind!

M534 Passionate Partners (92) aka: Kreola On a tropical island paradise, the star of the Valentina T.V. series Demetra Hampton gets involved in various sexual liaisons. English dubbed. BA

M448 Passion's Flower (91) aka: Il fiore della passione Joe D'Amato directs! After years in prison, Jeff finally returns to his hometown. He meets a girl named Linda (Kristine Rose). He arrives at the pharmacy owned by his brother, who is surprised. He introduces Jeff to his wife, who just happens to be the girl he met previously. She seduces Jeff and tries to get him to murder her brother. D'Amato's take on 'The Postman Always Rings Twice'. Plenty of sleaze. (Look for Laura Gemser as an uncredited hooker)

M535 Patricia (81) aka: Patricia, un voyage pour l'amour A young heiress (Anne Parillaud) leads a life of excess and wants to marry a man that her father despises. When her father dies under mysterious circumstances, and then someone tries to kill her as well, she surrounds herself with all of her family, friends and lovers. From director Hubert Frank, the guy who brought us 'The Angel and the Beasts'. Parillaud is smoking hot. Remember, she was the star of 'Innocent Blood' from Landis 10 years later and still was amazing. English language dubbed.

M536 Peepshow (86) aka: Voglia di guardare Sexy Christina (Jenny Tamburi) finds herself working in a brothel, while her husband watches her to get his kicks. The brothel is run by Francesca (Lilli Carati) who was Miss Italy in 1975, but on to porn by the late 80's. Laura Gemser in a supporting role. Pretty erotic and sleazy as hell. Lilli Carati died of brain cancer on October 14th 2014. This is an English dubbed LBX nice quality print of this film.

M812 Pleasure Island (82) aka: Isola del Piacere aka: Blue Emmanuelle French/Hong Kong co-production Genuine Euro-sleaze set in exotic locales loaded with horny babes and white slavers. Plenty of sexual situations and nudity. Nadine Roussial, Dominique Martin and Laura Santos star

R243 Queen of Sex (77) aka: Gola profonda near aka: Black Deep Throat - Ajita Wilson stars as a newspaper reporter investigating a sex cult. In her other spare time she visits a sex guru to deal with her bouts of nymphomania that occur when she hears a certain type of music. Now LBX and with English subtitles.

M127 Relations (69) aka: Sonja - 16 år aka: Tumolt A middle-aged man cheats on his wife (she is frigid) and falls for a 16 year old girl (Gertie Jung). She might seem innocent, and he may think he can control the affair.... but clearly the 16 year old girl does. This Danish film is dubbed into English and really delivers the sleaze. BA

M539 Saturday, Sunday and Friday (76) aka: Sabato, domenica e venerdì Italian sex comedy with stories from various contributors. First, a businessman is married to a real bitch. Later he is tasked to entertain a Japanese engineer (played by Edwige Fenech!) while his wife flirts with beach bums. Eventually Fenech will be his, after some madcap comedy. Next Barbara Bouchet as a suicidal woman who needs to find a fake husband (and fast!) as her father, who thinks she is married, is coming to visit. The third segment has a rich guy in love with a stripper. LBX and English dubbed with foreign subtitles. BA

M540 Scandal in the Family (76) aka: Scandalo in famiglia aka: Die Sünden der ganz jungen Mädchen Nunziata (Lucretia Love) is widowed and starts sleeping with the family lawyer to figure out the estate. Her stepdaughter (Gloria Guida), has plans to seduce her 'new' papa, and who could resist? In fact everybody wants in her pants! LBX and English dubbed. BA

D773 School For Sex (69) aka: L'allegro college delle vergini inglesi British comedy/sexploitation from Pete Walker, although rather tame as this was his first effort. A man makes an agreement to train young women to seduce wealthy older men to get at their money. Sort of like Benny Hill skits with exposed boobs from nubile young wenches. + some Pete Walker trailers. BA

M276 Secrets of a Superstud (76) aka: Naughty Girls on the Loose aka: It's Getting Harder All the Time Custer Firkenshaw (Tony Kenyon), the owner of 'Bare Monthly' magazine, is up to his neck in dirty pictures and sexy secretaries. He is up to inherit a fortune, if he can produce a wife and a child, while at the same time his doctor informs him he can only indulge in a limited amount of intercourse, before his 'well' runs dry. Others who want the money keep sending luscious beauties to seduce him, hoping he is too physically drained to father a child, thus loosing his inheritance. 1975 Penthouse Pet Andrea Allen is just one of the lovelies on display here for Firkenshaw to have sex with. BA

M480 Seduction of Angela, The (86) aka: Dolce pelle di Angela Naive, orphaned maiden Angela leaves her small town for 19th century London, where she quickly learns the ways of the world... She starts to work at a brothel.... Michela Miti is Angela. Also with Anita Ekberg. Directed by Andrea Bianchi. Widescreen and English dubbed.

M543 Sex Diary (78) aka: Il letto in piazza Sex comedy from Italy! Luca is the town stud who every woman wants to have sex with, and he takes full advantage. We first see him in the town's bell tower where he pops up from beneath a shapely, wildly gyrating female derriere, as he is having a great time. This is just the first of many such scenes. He is also having troubles with the local city counsel as he tries to improve it's standing. Rosana Podesta, John Ireland, Sherry Buchanan and more very cute women used primarily gratuitously. English dubbed, not as sharp as usual picture-wise.

M701 Sex Farm (73) aka: Frustrated Wives Join in on yet another British made sex comedy with plenty of nudity and stacked babes. With Hilary (Legend of the Werewolf) Farr and a bevy of buxom British beauties to feast your eyes upon. BA

M544 Sex Object (87) aka: Laura oggetto sessuale Al Cliver (who was in many Franco and Fulci films) stars in this Italian made sexploitation with Sacha Darwin and some other Italian lovelies. A woman visits her sister and gets involved with some of the sexual shenanigans going on. She seduces her sister's son, with ulterior motive's, and when he finds out why, he is ready to kill himself! Attempted assault and plenty of nudity and very explicit sex scenes. In Italian language only with no subtitles. F.L.

M625 Sex With a Smile (76) aka: 40 gradi all'ombra del lenzuolo Five sexuality based sketches directed by Sergio Martino from Italy. Each is tightly knit up into a hilarious package with snappy dialogue, dry wit and slapstick. The sketch with Marty Feldman of 'Young Frankenstein' may be the funniest. The cast of ladies is to die for with Barbara Bouchet, Edwidge Fenech, Sydne Rome and Dayle (Spermula) Haddon. Also with Tomas Milian. LBX BA

M548 Sexbury Tales, The (73) aka: I racconti di Viterbury - Le più allegre storie del '300 Yet even more Italian sex comedy stuff set in the middle ages in the tradition of 'The Canterbury Tales" and the like. Sharp colors and Widescreen, but in Italian language only and with no English subtitles. Lots of nudity. Rosalba Neri, Christa Linder, Orchidea de Santis and more star. Directed by Mario Caiano the guy who brought us 'Nightmare Castle' and 'Nazi Love Camp 27' among many others.

D891 Sexual Freedom in Denmark (70) aka: Dansk sexualitet Insightful! An eye-opener! Other points of view that everyone should take a listen to. This film is about sexuality, morality, education, responsibility and more (including a live human birth that many consider beautiful but it makes me want to puke). But ultimately this film is just an excuse to get sleazy and show loads of nudity of tons of hot chicks. I have never seen nudists that look like all of these women, damn! Strippers, and uninhibited women everywhere in this. Amazing colorful footage. Like a Mondo Erotic sex film. Some near hardcore sex here so be warned. OOPS, there is actual hardcore sex here, sorry! Or am I? Narrated in English language too!

M329 Sexually Inclined and Nude (82) aka: Inclinación sexual al desnudo A transvestite by the name of Victoria makes lesbian sex tapes and sells them. Loads of lesbian sex and straight sex with some of the hottest chicks you'll ever see and all filmed in nice beach locations in Spain where everybody walks around half-naked. It's like a hot naked flesh feast with naked lesbians, near hardcore, but not quite. In Spanish language only with no subtitles.

D702 Sexy 1940's Strip Loops (40's) Sweet and Sassy Buxom Strippers from a bygone age. Nice!

M779 Sexy and Not Yet 16 (68) aka: ...und noch nicht sechzehn Rosy isn't 16 yet, but she's growing up fast. She escapes the protectory and finds shelter at singer Helen's. But she is taken advantage of by a shady man that makes her have sex with men so he can blackmail them later. Sleazy little film with a fairly dramatic and action packed finale. With English subtitles.

M545 Sexy Relations (74) aka: Loving Cousins aka: High School Girl aka: Cugini carnali A provincial adolescent boy who has just graduated, living at his parent's, gets caught up in a lustful drama as he falls for his slutty niece, who, teases him by undressing, bathing, and screwing his friends, right in front of him! Also with Rosalba Neri as the maid. Directed by Sergio Martino. BA

M780 Should a School Girl Tell? (69) aka: Josefine - das liebestolle Kätzchen Schoolgirl Josefine (Barbara Capell) learns that she can pretty much get her way with her sexuality. A gym teacher is molesting his students, and she can manipulate the jury with her charms to have the case dismissed. She beds the prosecutor, and many others, mainly just to get sexy new outfits. Barbara Capell is hot stuff, she was in 'The Werewolf versus the Vampire Woman' just a few years later. This is dubbed into English and runs under 70 minutes.

M546 Sicilian and the Nude Housewife, The (78) aka: Moglie nuda e siciliana Italian sexy drama from Andrea Bianchi (who's next two films would be 'Malabimba' and 'Burial Ground'). A young farm girl is making out with a truck driver in a darkened barn. Or so it appears, but he didn't even get her panties off! Her parent's catch her and they are forced to marry. She runs off and gets a job modeling in nudie mags, which her husband sees, and then he tries to track her down. Lots of nudity with Christiana Borghi and Maria Pia Conte. In Italian language only with no subtitles. LBX

M682 Sins in the Family (75) aka: Scandal in the Family aka: Peccati in famiglia A petit bourgeois family is disrupted by a relative named Milo who in no time is having sex with the wife and the daughter, hell even the maid! Jenny Tamburi, Penthouse Pet Simonetta Stefanelli (she played Al Pacino's Italian bride in 'The Godfather') and even sex bomb Edy Williams star. A sexy romp with even sexier women!

M704 Skin Deep (79) aka: Senza Buccia Simple surf and sand skin flick with loads of nudity in a new Widescreen English dubbed print. A trio of young perfect sexy people out boating pick up more perfect looking people and all go to a beach house get naked and begin creating sexual tension in the group. Super beautiful and sexy Lilli Carati, Illona Staller (Cicciolina), Olga Karlatos and more. Of course Carati and Staller both went on to porn.

D781 Snack Bar Budapest (88) Another high-class sex film from Tinto Brass with Giancarlo Gianini, Valentine Demy (before her porn days), Malisa Longo (a blast from the past!), Katalin Murany, Sylvie Orcier and more. Nicely photographed sex scenes with beautiful women. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

M705 Softly From Paris 2 (86-90) Three erotic tales. 'The Wager of Three Wives', 'A Villa in the Country' and the quite excellent Marquis De Sade's 'Augustine'. All three tales have sexual intimacy achieved through deception. Catherine Leprince delivers one of soft-core's most convincing orgasms of all time as Augustine.

N962 Summer Temptations (88) aka: Provocazione Vanessa (Moana Pozzi in a soft-core role) comes to spend the summer at her beachside villa, where she tends to her oversexed teenage stepdaughter Kiki (Petra Scharbach) and her stepdaughter's sexy friends, and has sex with locals. Interesting to see Pozzi actually act for a change. But the young girls are evil, and they lock Pozzi in a steam room to kill her. Now the young tarts can capture a man to keep as a sex toy. English dubbed version of this Italian soft-core! LBX

N963 Sweet Young Trouble (80) aka: Schoolgirl Report 13 aka: Vergiss beim Sex die Liebe nicht - Der neue Schulmächenreport 13. Teil A high school drama class goes off the rails when the teacher tries to score points for Shakespeare by claiming he is sexually relevant to today's youth. The students offer erotic back stories about their peers who have had erotic misadventures. Sexy young girls having lots of sex with older men is the theme here. - Sadly the last installment of the series Dubbed into English language.

M131 Swinging Wives (71) aka: Der neue heiße Sex-Report - Was Männer nicht für möglich halten “I Do” ... is just the Beginning! Sex comedy about lonely housewives and their activities while their husband's are away. It's a series of vignettes connected by documentary-style interviews with people on the street. Plenty of nudity from really hot women. Excellent quality and LBX, dubbed into English.

M132 Temptations of a Young Girl (86) aka: La joven y la tentación aka: Voglia d'amore Florence Guerin stars as a teenager who is turned on by a writer her mother lets move in with them for the summer. The mother wants the writer, but doesn't know her daughter has her sights set on him. Guerin supplies ample nudity that will make any red-blooded male drool. Widescreen In French language only and with no subtitles. F.L. BA

M394 Three Sexy Girls in Tirol (77) aka: Drei Schwedinnen in Oberbayern Otto runs a hotel for tourists but has trouble with both the economy and also his wife, Olga. After a trip to Stockton he imports three Swedish blondes who eventually save Otto from disaster, both marital and financial. Full frontal from the sexy ladies and sexual hijinx add flavor to this German sex comedy that has beautiful scenery and locations, bright colors and Widescreen. With English subtitles.

M551 Tit and the Moon, The (94) aka: La teta y la luna A 9 year old cannot stand the idea of having a new baby brother sucking on his mom's mammaries. So he prays to the moon for a boob of his own! Well, who should show up but a new maid played by Mathilda May (you remember her as the nude space girl in the great 'Lifeforce'!). From director Bigas Lunas. Javiar Bardem also shows up in a small role. In Spanish language and with English subtitles. BA

M841 Tomboy (85) Before Betsy Russell starred in numerous 'Saw' films, she played in this sexy comedy (with plenty of nudity) as a budding race-car driver who finally meets her racing idol who she has to compete with in a race. Also with the stunning Kristi Somers and Cynthia (Cave Girl) Thompson. BA

M550 Una Tenera Storia (92) aka: Love Project Joe D'Amato directs. A sexy woman (Anna Papa as 'Karen') does whatever it takes to stay on top, which basically means having sex with anyone that will benefit her quest. Loads of nudity and explicit sex. Also Laura Gemser in her last film appearance to date as Karen's secretary. This obscure film comes in Italian language only with no subtitles. There are a few glitches in the master print. F.L.

M354 Unsatisfied, The (61) aka: Juventud a la intemperie aka: La regina dello strep tease Young adults party and raise hell, hanging out at jazzy 'The Bongo Club' dancing and getting down. In the first 10 minutes there is topless catfight, with one of the girls wielding scissors. When sexy Suzzane is stabbed to death, Alberto, the son of the police chief is the main suspect. This Spanish made film is way crazier than many similar U.S. films from 1961, with sleazier, less uptight rules culturally. LBX BA

M111 Up Your Anchor: Lemon Popsicle 6 (85) aka: Harimu Ogen aka: Una crociera da sballo German made sex comedy about a group of teens (really young men) trying to get laid on a cruise ship. You know the genre, and you know what to expect! Sight gags, nudity, crude jokes and more! In the first 15 minutes there is a direct lift of a scene from the U.S. film 'The Last American Virgin' with the boys being serviced by a horny MILF while her sailor husband is walking through the door, the two waiting their turn, keyhole peeping the fat guy and everything. Dubbed into English too.

M556 Virgin Wife, The (75) aka: La moglie vergine aka: At Last, at Last aka: You've Got to Have Heart aka: Valentina... The Virgin Wife The honeymoon was a disaster as Giovanni (Ray Lovelock) could not get it up with his smoking hot wife (Edwige Fenech). Everyone has their own solution (like maybe have the maid seduce him!). Turns out, the answer is right in front of him! His mother-in-law (Carroll Baker) is quite hot! Lots of nudity in this English dubbed sleaze. BA

M558 We Have Only One Mother (74) aka: Di mamma non ce n'è una sola A young man has an unhealthy obsession with his mother (sexy Senta Berger) and likes to take photos of her in the nude. She doesn't seem to discourage it either! He has other girls, but none can hold a candle to mom. Tragedy strikes, a new girl shows up.... but is she honest or a gold-digger after the family fortune? With Sonia Petrovna and plenty of nudity. It seems maybe Berger walked off this production. As the mother, she all of a sudden is just gone, and they explain that she has died. Watch it and see what you think. With English subtitles.

M135 Woman Woman (79) aka: Mulher, Mulher Alice (Helena Ramos) is a recent widow, married to a psychiatrist interested in sexual issues of the mind. She finds his audio tapes and listens. Getting turned on she decides to do things just like she heard. She devotes a special affection for Jumbo, their pet horse, and a delivery boy from the university. Plenty of nudity and sleaze. In Portuguese language only and with no subtitles.




M662 24 Hours of Terror (64) aka: 24 ore di terrore aka: F.B.I. Contra o Império dos Gangsters Drug Dealing crooks and their women, holed up in an old castle-like location, meet their fate one by one, being dealt death by a mysterious killer with a hidden motive. The killer is in their midst, and his motivation still holds sway in similar plots today. Early Italian Giallo type with some nice stalking and killing by bow and arrow in splendidly dark and creepy locales. With English subtitles.

M490 7000 Days Together (94) aka: Siete mil días juntos aka: Long Life Together - A mortician has been in an unhappy marriage for twenty years. His wife has his neighbors thinking he is a monster. Truthfully though, he is harmless. He finds a beautiful young woman and begins a sexual affair. Now he has something to live for, and decides maybe using his morgue setting to get rid of his bitch wife may just be a good idea! But there is a dark twist coming in this black comedy. In Spanish and with English subtitles.

R47 A Gaiola Da Morte (Cage of Death) (92) Violent and action-packed movie from Brazil about men being kept prisoners in a bamboo jail where they are tortured by being forced to fight each other to the death while a mad filmmaker records their every move for 'snuff film fight' release. Some martial arts and electro-shock mixed with eye gougings, stabbings, impalings and more! Crazy shit here. F.L.

M605 A... For Assassin (66) aka: A... come assassino At the reading of a will- potential inheritors learn they must stay a month on the estate. Of course with a premise like that, we know their numbers will begin to shrink when the murders begin! Rare black and white giallo from director Angelo Dorigo. With a story by Ernesto Gastaldi who he himself went on to direct many giallo films and many others of interest to readers of this. Starring Allen Steel (aka: Sergio Ciani), his first film after his sword and sandal run. Early Giallo. - In Italian Language and with English subtitles. LBX

D763 Abductors, The (72) aka: Young Girls for Sale Sleazy little Greek film about a woman kidnapped for ransom. One guy in particular is after her sex. Shootings, beatings, bloody fights, stabbings and more. With English subtitles. BA

M561 Abissinia (92) After being fired, a waiter steals the cash from the till, is beaten up by the bouncers and thrown out on the road. Later he works at a desolate beachfront resort and discovers the owner (Mario Adorf) keeps his hot young wife under lock and key because he does not trust her (She’s a slut all right) as he soon finds out- but is he being set up? Another sleazy erotic thriller. With English subtitles.

M875 Abortion (66) aka: Datai A crazed gynecologist attempts to rid the world of sexual problems by separating sex on the one hand and reproduction, which he feels should be left to artificial wombs. He truly believes in his theory. Bizarre, controversial and entertainingly different take on the 'mad doctor' genre. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

R462 Afrika (73) When a woman found shot to death in an Ethiopian hotel room turns out to be a young man, flashbacks during an inquest reveal the back story. The savagery of colonialism and the stigma of homosexuality amidst war-torn Africa. The opening sequence has a soldier mutilating the breasts of a woman and then shooting her in the groin with a machine gun. Then he shoots another woman to death. This is some cold and sadistic stuff here. Director Alberto Cavallone was also responsible for other twisted Italian made offerings, so you know what you are getting here! Filmed in the hell of Ethiopia. With English subtitles.

D461 Amuck (72) aka: Alla ricerca del piacere aka: Leather and Whips aka: En busca del placer Sexy classic Giallo with an excellent slow-motion sex scene with Barbara Bouchet and Rosalba Neri near the beginning. Great visuals (especially the one I just mentioned!), pulse pounding suspense, sordid and perverse characters, truly surprising plot twists and a great musical score. The marshland setting is perfect for this type. This classic now with extras that feature recent interviews with the lead actress's revealing some tidbits. With Farley Granger (in the second of three giallo's he made back to back, this one being the best!). Swingers party, body dump lagoon, Barbara Bouchet is almost swallowed up by quicksand, and human hunting all happens here! BA

R270 Ancines Woods, The (70) aka: El Bosque Del Lobo - A primitive village in Spain falls under attack from a werewolf. Or is it just a maniacal serial killer unable to control his animalistic urges? Inspired by Romasanta the legendary 'bandit' werewolf/killer/madman who killed 13 people in 1850's Spain. Remade in 2004 with Julian Sands. LBX and with English subtitles.

D266 Angel, Angel, Down We Go (69) aka: Cult of the Damned - The overweight debutante daughter of the world's wealthiest couple falls in with a bunch of tripped out pop stars who take their beliefs of the American ideal to profoundly impossible heights. Jennifer Jones's (Song of Bernadette) character utters lines like 'I made 30 stag films and never faked an orgasm.', or the classic ' Your a bloody sadistic dyke!' (to her masseuse). Long way from Bernadette hey Jennifer? Like a dress rehearsal for a John Waters movie. A crushing stab at Hollywood royalty. Released just 10 days after Sharon Tate and the others were found murdered. Impossible not to think of while watching this study of L.A. high society brutally invaded upon by a group of sadistic drug addled sky-diving musicians. BA

N991 Angels with Burnt Wings (70) aka: Engel, die ihre Flügel verbrennen aka: Omicidio al 17 piano From the director of 'Carnivorous Females'. When 16 year old Robert brutally murders his mother's (Nadja Tiller) latest lover he goes into hiding. Sanctuary provided by a girl his age who witnessed the crime, and thinks he may just be her soul-mate. Hoping anyhow. Meanwhile the police are looking for the killer. One of her admirer's is on the case, and he thinks her husband killed the man. Of course she has sex with him to keep him silent. Some cool twists. Delivers sex and violence in Munich. Great quality and with English subtitles. BA

R367 Annihilator (86) aka: Die Androiden - Sie sind unter uns A humanoid killer robot stalks a newspaperman who has knowledge of their existence. One of the robot's is made up to look like his girlfriend (Catherine Mary Stewart) Pretty cool science fiction thriller, and another failed pilot movie. With Brion James, Susan Blakely, Geoffrey Lewis, Nicole Eggert, Mark Lindsay Chapman and more.

M302 Aoom (70) aka: La muñeca asesina The story finds Ristel (Lex Barker), an actor who is bored with life, who breathes his soul into a doll. The doll is taken by a dim-witted servant, and Ristel's lover Ana (Teresa Gimpera) hires a detective to investigate his death and to find the missing doll. When the doll begins to speak, the servant smashes it on a beach, and Ristel's soul then enters the body of a strangled woman. She comes to life and confronts Ana.... Totally weird and 'out there' Spanish oddity from director Gonzalo (Morbidness and others) Suarez. LBX and Now with English subtitles!

M876 Bad Girls (92) aka: Cattive ragazze In Italian language only and no subtitles. The only film directed by Italian gossip queen Marina Ripa di Meana. Like a sleazy soap opera by John Waters, mixed with some Russ Meyer, with eighties looking styles. A recently divorced woman ( Eva Grimaldi) falls in love with a sort of gigolo/stripper man. The couple is menaced by the crazed mother of ex-husband (played by Anita Ekberg), and also by the stripper man's ex-girlfriend (Florence Guerin)and her lesbian dwarf side-kick (''Ewok' Debbie Lee Carrington!). Absolutely amazing! Also with Kid Creole, Burt Young (who seems a bit confused), and Apollonia of 'Purple Rain'. Sex and nudity. F.L.

M232 Bakterion (82) aka: Panic aka: I vivi invidieranno i morti A scientist's experiments with a deadly bacteria goes awry and transforms him into a grotesque hideous monster that runs amok. From Italian director Tonino Ricci (who passed away March 9th 2014). With David Warbeck and the voluptuous Janet Agren. Now Widescreen and English dubbed! BA

M233 Bawdy Tales (73) aka: Storie scellerate aka: Decamerone - Abenteuer der Wollust Rome 1850: Two men wait to be executed and to pass their last hours they tell each other lust and castration stories in four scenes. The first story involves castration. Next, a shepherd tricks his unfaithful wife into eating her lover's testicles (them some spicy meatballs mama!) Next a Priest is castrated by a young man that he is lusting after (good! serves him right!), and finally the last tale is about a different type of ménage à trois. LBX and English dubbed! BA

D506 Bedeviled, The (75) A fantastic slice of HK horror with plenty of charm and delicious sleaze. When the son of a local influential family is found dead and naked in the bed of a wine shop proprietress they insist it is murder. Suicide and death leads to a resurrection and a haunting. One of the specter's is a grinning flying severed head. No subtitles on this one so F.L.

D915 Beheaded 1000, The (91) aka: Qian ren zhan aka: The Executioner An executioner beheads his 1000th criminal and by so doing unleashes a demon army headed by an evil witch called the Blood Lotus. Heads roll, monsters, fantasy and horror elements, cool locations, a giant, imaginative effects and more. LBX and with English subtitles. Widescreen.

R52 Blood Delerium: Special Edition (88) aka: Delirio di sangue After the death of his beloved wife, an unhinged artist (John Philip Law), tripping out thinking he is the reincarnation of Vincent Van Gogh, digs up his wife (with help from his necrophiliac butler played by Gordon Mitchell) for inspiration. Later he meets his wife's double (played by same actress Brigitte Christensen) and brings her home to his castle. She soon will find out his secret paint is blood from kidnapped murdered women! Now this is the longest print ever at about 90 minutes. You'll finally see Mitchell disemboweling and cutting up female corpses and also where he cooks part of a dead girl's liver and eats it! The blood-letting scenes are also a bit longer with a touch more necrophilia related stuff. This movie is available in so many shredded versions, finally this is the final word. English language dubbed and with foreign subtitles.

M851 Bloody Sect (82) aka: Secta siniestra A young woman pregnant with the Anti-Christ is terrorized by a cult of Satanists. Filled with diabolical sleaze, shocking bursts of gore and a nice macabre atmosphere this is one not to be missed. A Spanish 'Rosemary's Baby' of sorts with eyes gouged out, a fountain of blood is regurgitated, and of course an unlucky woman is fertilized with the Devil's sperm. Plenty of nudity too! The gore may remind you of Fulci! Nice LBX print in Spanish language and with English subtitles.

M768 Blue Christmas (78) aka: Burû Kurisumasu When UFO's appear on earth, everyone who sees them has their blood turn blue. The blue-bloods are persecuted by the rest of mankind, eventually being rounded up into concentration camps. Bizarre and obscure Japanese science fiction. Uncut 2 hour and 13 minute version. With English subtitles.

R42 Blue Nude (77) Want to see a film that contains all the sleaze of a 42nd street production, spliced with the classic style of an Italian exploitation film? Well, here it is! A young muscular gigolo that looks like Joe Dallesandro, just trying to make a living in New York City, becomes caught up in the world of pornography (aside from his dog-walking job). On the set he falls for Lily (Susan McBain in her only non-porno role!). He has a script, and dreams of making it like Stallone did with 'Rocky'. Later he is seduced by a 15 year old who invites him into her apartment to listen to her new Peter Frampton album. But it is a trap! This leads to blackmail and big troubles! At one point he is in jail and the guy in the cell over starts talking to him and it is William Sanderson in his 2nd acting job! Later Lily is strangled while being filmed having sex for a porno. Extremely gloomy and downbeat with real porn people like Carter Stevens, Robert Kerman and others. From Director Luigi Scattini. Lots of nudity. Midnight Cowboy meets Taxi Driver. Recommended! Widescreen and mostly with English subtitles, although there are a few scenes in Italian language. BA

M606 Blueblood (74) aka: I diavoli n. 2, aristocrazia immorale aka: Der Lord, der ein Diener sein wollte An unusually nasty butler (Oliver Reed) takes over the possessions of his degenerate master by means of witchcraft. An under-appreciated little horror film with a lavish estate, dreams of covert diabolical rituals and the all-out devil-DOES-care finale. This one deserves another look even if only for Oliver Reed's evil performance alone! Also with Fiona Lewis and more. NOW available LBX! BA

R226 Body, The (12) aka: El Cuerpo A detective searches for the body of a femme fatale which has gone missing from the morgue in this Hitchcock styled psychological thriller. Try to guess the solution of this mystery with success before the last 7 minutes and... you are a genius! The husband of the deceased woman becomes the suspect of both, the killing and the body theft. Flashbacks of the couple's life, a shady Commissar, mystery and suspense piled on with plot twists and turns and supernatural elements make this one compelling view. Widescreen and with English subtitles. BA

N998 Brutal Hopelessness of Love, The (07) aka: Hito ga hito o ai suru koto no dôshiyô mo nasa This is a messy mind trip of a film about an actress being interviewed on the set of her new film. As she speaks the film world mixes with her life, and her dark fantasies and shows us inside her mind of love. life and sex (especially sex!). Good looking film that makes everything look fetishistic. Steamy sequences often tinged with S&M and violence. In Japanese language and with English subtitles.

R232 Captive’s Island (66) aka: Punishment Island aka: Shokei no shima Seeking revenge against the guard who tormented him, a young man returns to the island where he was imprisoned in reform school to get his revenge. Things get complicated when he encounters a strange and beautiful woman. In Japanese culture, banning problem children to islands for reform was natural business as an effective correctional method. Suspenseful and even brutal at times. Beautiful photography, LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R368 Carrie: The Musical (12) If you liked 'Carrie' and you like musicals, then this is for you. Try and give it a go. See what you think.

M798 Cat Has Nine Lives, The (67) aka: Neun Leben hat die Katze West Germany's first true 'feminist' film. In a relaxed, flirtatious and meandering manner it portrays the everyday experiences, desires, sexual acts, and fantasies of different women: A German journalist, her French girlfriend and a German pop singer. Directed by Ula Stockl who shoots both men and women in cinematic metaphors regarding female lust. Lesbians, nudity and bizarre scenarios. Uncut 87 minute version. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

M467 Censorship: A Thriller (11) A history of Swedish censorship. It features reviews with the cast of 'They Call Her One Eye" and other notorious films. This is a look at the Swedish Film Censorship Board, that opened in 1911 and closed in 2011. Very well made documentary on the subject with a great segment on Christina Lindberg. Clips from her films, and interviews with her today about her movies, in which she is proud of (as she should be, they are cult classics!). We see and talk about what put the censors 'panties in a bunch' if you will and deliberate what is 'fake' and what is 'real' and how they see it. Pretty interesting, made even more so with all the cool clips from 'targeted' films. LBX and with English subtitles.

M128 Champagne Murders, The (66) aka: Le Scandale A champagne tycoon's (Yvonne Furneaux) partner Paul (Maurice Ronet) suspects his partner's gigolo husband (Anthony Perkins) of murders that HE has been framed for. Or are these murders a game to get Paul to sell out his shares? Perkins was a master at playing these ambiguous characters, whose motives and real desires are sometimes submerged. This is a murder mystery, so I better shut it. Ten minutes longer than the English dubbed version, this one is in French language, LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R153 Chasing World, The (08) aka: Riaru onigokko A teenager is transported to a parallel world where everyone who shares his family name is being hunted down by a dictatorial government. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M483 Chicken Park (94) aka: Pollo jurásico Italian made spin on 'Jurassic Park' using giant chickens instead of dinosaurs. Throw in a some 'Addams Family' as Morticia uses 'Thing' to (ahem...) satisfy herself sexually! They also take liberties with a comedic intent on Hollywood films like 'The Deer Hunter' and 'Dances with Wolves'. This movie is rude, crude, and politically incorrect, and because of that, unjustly maligned by many. We got a kick out of it. Now with English subtitles. BA

M252 Childhood Friend, The (94) aka: L'amico d'infanzia 40 year old Alan Gardner is put in charge of the talk show 'The 25th Hour' after the death of the former host. He is a success. But a childhood friend named Eddie suddenly comes on the scene. He is resentful and envious of Alan's success, and he wants him to publicly admit to a crime he committed as a youth. When Alan refuses, Eddie begins to murder people, forcing Alan to reconsider his stance. Cool little thriller from Italian director Pupi Avati and filmed in Chicago. LBX

M413 Circle of Perversion, The (71) aka: O kyklos tis anomalias Ilias Mylonakos directs this Greek sleaze thriller. When a hot blonde starts to screw around on her husband, people she knows start to disappear. She decides her husband must be responsible, so begins arrangements to have him killed. In Greek language and with English subtitles.

R347 Closed Circuit (78) aka: Circuito chiuso A large group of people are gathered in a cinema watching a spaghetti western when one of them is found dead, killed by a stray bullet. The police won't let anyone leave as they investigate. Flavio Buccio stars. He played a thug in 'Night Train Murders' and 'Suspiria'. Here he plays a weird psychologist. Anyway, they cannot find a gun or anything. When they try to reconstruct the crime scene, another guy in the same chair is shot and killed. When the big twist ending hits in this supernatural giallo type, it will BLOW YOUR MIND! I didn't see that coming. With English subtitles.

N954 Cold Blooded Beast (71) aka: Asylum Erotica aka: Slaughter Hotel aka: La bestia uccide a sangue freddo - A maniac is loose on the grounds of a rest home/insane asylum loaded with sexy nymphomaniacs who come and go as they please. Ahem, yes they do. Between various orgasms, the killer brutally murders his way through the cast using medieval axe, knives, spiked mace, sword, and even a crossbow. You will find sleaze footage in here that is not part of the Shriek Show release as this is from the Italian version as the main source, and includes inserts from the more explicit French cut. This is the fourth version of this sucker, and the best! With Rosalba Neri, Margaret Lee, John Karlson, Klaus Kinski and more sexy Euro-babes. Twisted, sick and nasty stuff blended with stark eroticism (even close-up female masturbation) from director Fernando De Leo (the guy who wrote and directed ' To Be Twenty' and many more). Widescreen and dubbed into English. When English is missing there are English subtitles. BA

M484 Collector, The (97) aka: Neitoperho Dark horror from Finland! Two sister's are opposites. One is a lesbian and the other a mental psychotic who goes on a killing spree when she finds out about her sister's sexual proclivities. Now Widescreen and with English subtitles.

M283 Colmillos the Wolfman (93) aka: Colmillos, el hombre lobo Cristobal is marked with the curse of the werewolf! Cool little werewolf flick from Mexico set around a racetrack, that manages to exhibit gothic traditional elements in a modern day setting. Cristobal starts his curse by consuming raw meat. Later we get a cool transformation scene, with special effects like 'An American Werewolf in London' or 'The Howling' although not as cool, but still effective. He manages to rip up quite a few people. One morning after his rampages he wakes up naked with a mutilated and half eaten horse. The kills are closer to what would happen if you actually were ripped apart by a wolfman, with plenty of gore. Thematically, this will remind you of a Naschy film. Oh, and hide the jewelry! With English subtitles.

M468 Conflict of Emotions (73) aka: Oi erotomaneisToni (Udo Kier) is a drug addict up for anything to get his fix. So he agrees to kill Olga. She is a woman on holiday, minding her own business and painting. Thing is, Toni has no idea why they want her dead, and he is falling for this mysterious and beautiful woman. Erotic Greek made thriller. Udo Kier, who has been in over 200 films, was in 'Flesh For Frankenstein' the same year. In Greek and with English subtitles.

D914 Contamination (80) aka: Contamination - Alien arriva sulla terra Alien pod spores filled with lethal flesh-dissolving acid are grown on a South American coffee plantation and run by alien pod people. Don't miss the gooey Cyclopean monster and excellent exploding people gore effects by the guy who did the special effects for Lucio Fulci's great 'Zombie'. Music by Goblin. Directed by Luigi Cozzi. Nice Widescreen and Uncut version with all the sticky stuff. Upgrade! BA

M469 Corruption of Chris Miller, The (73) aka: L’Altra Casa ai Margini del Bosco aka: La corrupción de Chris Miller A serial killer uses a scythe to kill his victims... or is it 'her' victims? Jean Seberg is Ruth. Her husband left her a year earlier, and she lives with her step-daughter Chris, in an isolated countryside mansion. Ruth wants revenge, and sets out to corrupt Chris, who still loves her father, and is waiting for his return patiently. Meanwhile, a serial killer is loose! One day a drifter arrives.... Finally, after a few prints, here is a very colorful Widescreen English dubbed version with no subtitles on the screen. BA

M485 Crazy Desires of a Murderer (77) aka: I vizi morbosi di una governante Family members and friends gather at a Gothic castle owned by a wheelchair-bound older relative of one of the girls. Drug dealers and other assorted characters fill out the guest list. Meanwhile a deranged killer who enjoys to cut the eyeballs out of his victim's head's is loose on the grounds. This giallo plays like an old-fashioned sixties Italian horror movie. With Isabelle Marchall. Nice Widescreen print and with English subtitles.

M607 Cries and Shadows (75) aka: Un urlo dalle tenebre aka: The Return of the Exorcist aka: The Possessor A Priest becomes involved in demonology and exorcisms. One of the best and the trashiest of the Italian Exorcist rip-offs. When a young student gets a demon... in no time he is snarling, levitating, spitting and swearing, vomiting etc. Awesome village locales in the mountains with a creepy church, a sexy devil woman and some scares. Richard Conte plays the 'Exorcist' in his final actual movie role. Italian Devil Movies Rock! Now this title comes to you LBX. BA

M667 Cross Current (71) aka: Un omicidio perfetto a termine di legge After a boating accident a man returns home to his isolated villa with memory problems. Distance with his wife leads him to another woman. Finally as memories surface in his clouded mind, murders begin to occur. Visually engaging and well shot giallo type loaded with twists and turns. Director Tonino Ricci was responsible for a few other genre films like 'Panic' and 'Thor the Conqueror'. With Philippe Leroy, Ivan Rassimov, Elga Andersen and the mesmerizing Rosanna Yanni. LBX and English dubbed.

M216 Cross of the Seven Jewels, The (87) aka: La croce dalle sette pietre A man suffers from a werewolf curse which is related to a strange satanic cult (with their leader Gordon Mitchell!). Opens with a black mass orgy. Mafia-killers also get figured into the mix. Downright bizarre erotic sleaze and gore horror from Italy, now with NO digital fogging like the last print listed. This version is in great quality and dubbed into English but there are foreign subtitles as well.

M563 Cry of the Owl, The (87) aka: Le cri du hibou Juliette (Mathilda May, the space vampire from 'Lifeforce') is being watched by a man named Robert that has just separated from his wife. She falls for Robert, despite his mysterious and even creepy demeanor. Her fiancé Patrick, becomes jealous and attacks Robert. Later when Patrick disappears, she thinks Robert may have done away with him, and maybe, just maybe she has made a mistake. Erotic Thriller with nudity and death and even comic relief. Widescreen and with English subtitles. Not to be mixed up with the 2009 remake

D699 Crypt of the Living Dead (73) aka: Hanna, Queen of the Vampires aka: La tumba de la isla maldita - Strange. The U.S. release is longer than this, but this has more of the good stuff, that was cut from the U.S. release. It's not a whole lot, but I'll explain. In the opening sequence a man is decapitated and the savage guy raises his head and swings it around. This sequence is cut from the release version. Later when Hannah bites the Mark Damon character, she pulls away, you see his bloody neck, and you see her face as she looks like she is in ecstasy after drinking the blood... Again, this is cut from the release version. Next, when Matt Damon is impaled, he suffers a longer and more painful death scene in this version than in the release version. Hope that clears things up! LBX BA

R469 Cuidado, Madame! (70) A maid snaps and goes on a killing spree, killing her employers with knives from their kitchens. Bizarre Brazilian made madness. F.L.

D762 Curse of Blood (68) aka: Cruel Ghost Legend aka: Kaidan zankoku monogatari The plot proceeds in three phases: A poor samurai kills a blind moneylender and sets the curse in motion as the victim's ghost drives the killer insane, causing him to murder his wife and then commit suicide. The blind man's daughter, is accidentally killed.... Bloody and creepy ghost story riddled with cultural combined motifs from various well known Japanese ghost stories this one winding into mutilation, romance, murder, incest and passion. With English subtitles and LBX! BA

M712 Damned House of Hajn, The (88) aka: Prokletí domu Hajnù aka: Uncle Cyril - A surreal look at madness in a brooding creepy-ass Czech countryside mansion. A suitor arrives at the home of his (unlucky in love) intended not yet realizing what he is getting himself into. Also in the mansion is the Uncle who thinks he is invisible and creeps around like a phantom driving the young woman mad. Super atmospheric horror, the stuff made of nightmares. With English subtitles.

M609 Dangerous Game (91) aka: Ossessione fatale Joe D'Amato directed this one about a girl (Carmen Di Petro) that has sex with a guy once and he moves on but she's not having it so she kidnaps him and ties him to her bed and proceeds to try to screw him to death. The best way to go! But will this actually end that way? Carmen Di Petro is something else!

M770 Dark Friday (93) aka: Venerdì nero Two wealthy men and a woman lure some girls to their beachside home so they can abuse and terrorize them. Aristocratic punks display their mean-spirited narcissistic and entitled privilege as they manipulate people of lesser life circumstance, eventually leading them to murder, just to impress each other. But maybe they do have feelings, but just didn't know they had to cross the line before they would feel them. Mean-spirited and tragic. In English language and with Portuguese subtitles.

M501 Dark Side of Love, The (84) aka: Fotografando Patrizia Complex sister/brother relationship borders on the inappropriate as the brother (who is a disturbed porn obsessed weirdo) develops strong lust for his sister. Things can't turn out well here. With Monica Guerritore and Tinì Cansino. Dubbed into English and with foreign subtitles. BA

M879 Dark Side of Love, The (84) aka: Fotografando Patrizia The sexual relationship between a successful woman, and her brother, an introverted, hypochondriacally motivated youth, who is also a pornophile. Turns out this is a pretty perverse storyline with anonymous sex, voyeurism, infidelity, and even incest. Director Salvatore Samperi knows his way around a Eurotrash set as you will realize with this offering. Plenty of nudity - Widescreen

M584 Daughters of the Fire (78) Women visit a friend of theirs in South Brazil. They meet a bizarre woman that is involved in parapsychology and from then on bizarre occurrences begin. Only people with imagination will appreciate the horror, which is mainly in the atmosphere of this one. Existentialist Horror. In Portuguese and with English subtitles.

M667 David Cronenberg's Shorts (75/76) First: The Lie Chair: Clearly a Canadian 'Tales of the Unexpected' type with a twist. Then: The Italian Machine: This one was written and directed by Cronenberg and you will see what you would expect from the mind of this pioneer and maverick director. Of interest to all fans of Cronenberg. Interestingly he directed 'Shivers' in between the making of these two tales.

M270 Deadly Trap, The (71) aka: La maison sous les arbres aka: Death Scream aka: Unico indizio: una sciarpa gialla aka: La mansión bajo los árboles Jill (Faye Dunaway playing a woman on the brink of madness but still managing to look quite stunning!) is surprised and angry when her computer-genius boyfriend (Frank Langella) decides to quit his job in a big company with reasons unclear. Later when her children disappear she finds she just may be caught in a deadly trap! Don't want to give away the game here, but I will say this is a creepy and effective little thriller and looks great in this new incredible Widescreen version. BA

N970 Death at the Deep End of the Swimming Pool (71) aka: La última señora Anderson aka: The Fourth Victim - Michael Craig stars as as Arthur Anderson. His blonde wife is found dead in their swimming pool. Because his other two wives also died under suspicious circumstances, Arthur is charged with murder, only getting off because his motherly housekeeper lies to clear his name. Later the sexy Carroll Baker shows up and starts to flirt. She soon is the new Mrs. Anderson. Will she also be the fourth victim? A nice twist in the final third of the film. A Spanish/Italian co-production. Rare LBX, Uncut and dubbed into English language. BA

M669 Death in a French Garden (85) aka: Péril en la demeure A magnate and his younger wife hire a man to teach guitar to their younger daughter. The wife almost immediately seduces the guitar tutor and as their steamy affair plays out they are secretly being filmed by the next-door neighbor. Blackmail, suicide, murder, kidnapping and sex in a dark and sensual world of mystery and deceit. LBX and with English subtitles.

D462 Death Territory (??) More graphic REAL DEATH shot on video! This being from the Russians who appear to be at war with the Muslims. Death squads, shootings, executions and the usual for all of these savages who just can't seem to behave. If you are easily offended or squeamish steer clear of this as it will screw up your head! No subtitles . F.L.

R89 Death: The Ultimate Mystery (75) Cameron Mitchell narrates this examination of reincarnation, regression and other life-after-death subjects. Pseudo-science was huge in the 70's, and even more so today. Notice how everybody that thinks reincarnation is real almost always remembers being a king/queen or ruler of some sort in a past life? Yea right, so was I.

M502 Decameron 2 (72) aka: Decameron n° 2 - Le altre novelle del Boccaccio Numerous sleazy sexy tales from Pasolini's 'Decameron Tales'. In one tale a priest convinces a guy he is in hell, so the priest can take sexual advantage of his wife! In another tale a pre-'I Spit on Your Grave' Camille Keaton (in her second film) travels to the desert to find 'God'. Instead she finds a wise man who convinces her the 'Devil' is between her legs, and only he can get rid of him! More tales include cuckolded husbands and wife-swapping. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

M739 Deep Blood (90) aka: Sangue negli abissi Several young men have to stop an ancient native American evil in the form of a killer shark which is attacking and killing the people of a small beach community. Bad movie lovers will enjoy this 'Jaws' rip-off. Maybe a more apt title would be "Attack of the Stock Footage Shark"! Joe D'Amato cleaned up the direction after the first director bailed, with decidedly debatable results. Look for Laura Gemser in a small role as a lab assistant. Now in a sharp print. Upgrade! BA

M168 Deep in My Mind (11) When Elliott Davis (Gunther Brandl) checks in to the Desdemona Hotel for one night, we gather that he is a friendly insurance agent. All he wants is some peace and quiet and he achieves this however not easily by the bizarre hotel personnel and the strange room. Elliott has a cold and experiences endless nightmares in which strange visions appear..... Horror from Germany directed by Gunther Brandl LBX and with English subtitles.

M863 Deep Mourning (77) aka: Luto Riguroso aka: Vedova di giorno amante di notte Weird rare film from director Jose Ramon Larraz, the guy who brought us 'Vampyres', 'Symptoms' and more! Repressed sexual desires haunt a family that lives in the isolated countryside of Spain. Eerie, claustrophobic and very erotic. With English subtitles.

M414 Defekt (77) Women are turning up missing, all driving in the same region when they disappeared. Later we see how it has been happening. A woman has a blow-out on a stormy night and seeks refuge in a house in the woods where a man takes her in. He seems nice at first, but then attacks her! The house will hold more surprises. Treasure-seeking Euro-Cult completists will enjoy this Hungarian jazz-fueled terror! With English subtitles.

R446 Defilers, The (65) aka: Les provocateurs For kicks, two sadistic and horny young men kidnap a young blonde woman (Mai Jansson) to be their sex toy. They keep her in a graffiti sprayed basement, and when she refuses their sexual advances they beat her mercilessly. Classic trash! For Jansson, this would be her only film credit. BA

M787 Demon in the Brain (76) aka: Il demonio nel cervello Car mechanics on the Mexican border start to fantasize about women, money and murder when a suitcase of money is found in the car of a rich customer... Not to be confused with 'Devil in the Brain' that Kier Dullea film. This is an obscure Italian made thriller. Christiana Borghi LBX and with English subtitles

R58 Demons 6 (89) aka: The Black Cat aka: Demons 6: De Profundis aka: Il gatto nero A horror movie in production resurrects a green slime spewing witch bitch bent on possessing the lead actress in this bizarre tale that credits Poe's Black Cat and Argento's Susperia as inspiration. Directed by Luigi Cozzi the guy who brought us 'Contamination' and he stills loves to blow people up as you will see in some splatterific gore scenes. A homage of sorts to a variety of Italian horror directors with snippets of everything from a sometimes okay hair metal soundtrack to wild zoom shots and vibrant colors. With Florence Guerin, Urbano Barberini (who was in the first 'Demons' from 1985) and a drop-dead gorgeous looking big-haired Caroline Munro in bubble-bath and lingerie but sadly as we all know from her, no nudity. Damn! Nice print in English language although there are Japanese subtitles.

D296 Deranged (12) A contagion is killing thousands and the company with the cure wants too much money for the antidote. Parasites living in water, nest in humans and then bust out. Seems that the company with the cure, may just have started the whole thing as well. Chaos and total madness ensue! This pandemic movie convinces with solid acting and great cinematography. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M741 Deviation (71) Early horror from director Jose Ramon Larraz, the man responsible for 'Symptoms' and 'Vampyres'. A couple finds themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere and an offer to stay the night in a large isolated English Manor. The man is wary and investigates. Bad idea. The house's inhabitants are a psychopathic brother and sister, who turn their sordid attention now on their female guest. Drug orgies, sex, suspense, dread and bizarre editing show a style and flair for horror in the infancy of realization. All in all, pretty damn cool.

R456 Devil Design (79) aka: Gui tu Chinese supernatural horror and fantasy flick about a mad and ancient warlord killing relentlessly to keep his kingdom. Spirit's attack the living, heads roll, battles and more. With English subtitles. BA

M752 Devil Fetus (83) aka: Mo tai A jade vase bought at auction by a young housewife morphs into a vicious sex-crazed monster. Horrible things happen to the couple, and her corpse manages to give birth to a monster infant. Can the Tao priests stop it? Old school gore includes a skin shedding split and other cool gags. There is much more to this incredible fun horror (with a crazy downbeat ending) from Hong Kong, now in a great Widescreen upgrade and easy to read English subtitles. This version takes different scenes from the Hong Kong laser disc (some sexual, some blood) not included in the actual DVD release. BA

D780 Devil Story (85) French made absurd horror! A guy shambles about the countryside in a zombie mask and kills everyone in sight, just for the hell of it. He uses whatever weapons he can find from knives, a shotgun, a spiked glove (for splitting open heads like they were gassaultfruit) and more! There is a possessed attacking demon cat, a mummy, a possessed zombie chick, and a hit blonde running around in her underwear, a raincoat and Wellington boots. English dubbed and followed by cool gory trailers. BA

R466 Devil Strikes (77) When an evil woman puts a young girl under a spell.... all hell breaks loose! Crawling dismembered hands, attacking snakes, lizard and bug puking scenes and more madness follows. With English subtitles. From Hong Kong

M740 Devil's Exorcist (75) aka: El juego del Diablo In an intern college, Teresita ( 17 year old Inma de Santis) is a teenager, and the only daughter of a rich couple. She starts being troubled by loud sounds and the scary visions of a tall man in black, walking towards her with menace. This is just the beginning of her possession! She eventually gets so violent she kills her own mother! Electro-shock won't work... better call a Priest! A truly obscure and excellent 'Exorcist' rip-off. Inma de Santis would be in other genre films before being killed in a road accident before her 30th birthday in the Sahara Desert in Morroco. Slightly LBX and English language dubbed with small foreign subtitles.

M880 Diary of an Erotic Murderess (73) aka: La encadenada aka: Perversione aka: El diario de una asesina A beautiful young gold-digger (played by the almost impossibly sexy cat-eyed Marisa Mell) sets her sights on an aging millionaire. Using her sex she seduces him and soon finds herself sharing his mansion with him. She murders him so she can then marry his mentally retarded son, and of course gain control of the fortune. Things will end badly. This 94 minute version sure beats the cut to ribbons U.S. release version that runs 84 minutes. This one is Widescreen with a bit of a scratchy grindhouse look to it. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

M651 Die Waldbewohner (08) A couple pushing a baby carriage in the German countryside stop to pick flowers. Damn, the baby is gone! They give chase... but to what? Three people get caught up in a mysterious time warp forest where people disappear. There is a white wizard creeping around, and let's not forget the green-faced demons and the zombies! German Splatter Fun! With Extras and Trailers. In German Language only. LBX

M503 Disobedience, The (81) aka: La disubbidienza aka: Der Ungehorsam Twisted dysfunctional family set in the past when Northern Italy was governed by fascists. 17 year old Luca, awakening sexually, has an affair with Edith (Teresa Ann Savoy) his father's mistress. Later after his breakdown, due to Edith's death, his nurse (Stefania Sandrelli) brings him back 'up' to face life again. With a score by Ennio Morricone. No English, Italian language only on this title. BA

M486 Distant Lights (87) Alien spirits from outer space land on earth and take over the bodies of the recently deceased. A widower (Tomas Milian) has a son who keeps seeing his dead mother. Later more supposedly 'dead' people are sighted. They have no memory of their past and describe themselves as 'lights' who come from far away. Awesome Italian made science fiction. In English language and with no subtitles. LBX

D896 Doctor and the Devils, The (85) aka: Le docteur et les assassins aka: El doctor y los diablos Burke and Hare revisited. Plays exactly like an early Hammer film. Grave robbers supply a doctor with fresh corpses for his experiments. With Timothy Dalton, Stephen Rea, Julian Sands and Jonathan Pryce. Now in a nice Widescreen version. BA

M396 Doctor Petiot (90) aka: Docteur Petiot A true story. In France during the Nazi occupation, Dr Petiot offered to help Jews escape the Nazi's. When they would arrive, he would give them 'lethal' shots, then steal all of their belongings, then burn them up in his home-made crematorium. His crimes were discovered in 1944 when his overburdened furnace led the authorities to him. He escaped capture for some time, but was eventually tried for the murder of 27 (though the number was thought to be higher). This film tells the story of this forgotten serial killer. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

D564 Double Face Cutie: Suzuki (0?) Wheelchair bound man ties up woman with red rope. She is his slave! Later she pours wine all over her body and poses for the camera. She wears a collar with a chain, wears sexy outfits and poses a lot..... but she will have her revenge! F.L.

M858 Drifter in the Rain (68) aka: Vagabond in the Rain aka: Vagabundo en la lluvia Three women, of different backgrounds, go to a large house by the lake (owned by one of them played by Christa Linder). As tensions rise within the house, and a storm rages outside, a trampy drifter, upset and frustrated with the world, has made his way into this scenario as well. When he tries to assault one of the women, she slashes his face with some broken glass and runs. He gives pursuit.... Sharp colors and with English subtitles.

R543 Drive-In Trailers 101 (various) Trailers Galore! Includes: Scream and Scream Again, The Mysterious Island of Captain Nemo, Wonder Women, The Werewolf vs. the Vampire Woman, Venus in Furs, Dr. Phibes Rises Again, Theatre of Blood, The Velvet Vampire, I Drink Your Blood, Night of a 1000 Cats, The Cheerleaders, Son of Blob, Screams of a Winter Night... many many more running 2 hours!

M671 Egomania (86) aka: Egomania - Insel ohne Hoffnung aka: Island Without Hope - Bizarre film about an island of people living in a sort of end-of-times situation that spreads lust, jealousy and murder amidst solar eclipses and orchestral chants and the distant thunder of the boiling seas. No real plot but rather a series of scenes and images of the psychological impact of the destructive forces, played out with Udo Kier's character that sometimes appears as a restrained nobleman, and at other times as a soil-eating demon with bulging eyes. The object of the struggle seems to be love, embodied by a young Tilda Swinton, who is threatened by Kier, and abducted by witches. Bursting with madness, weird colors and insanity, this one is a real mind-trip. 10 years later director Cristoph Schlingenslef would make 'United Trash' with Udo Kier and Kitten Natividad. In German language and with English subtitles.

D934 El Espiritu Del Zombie (85/87) aka: Southern Shockers A rare never-released rural horror, filmed in Mississippi in 1985-1986 and Spanish dubbed with no subtitles. You won't find this one on IMDB. A preacher preaches in a church. The camera zooms in on different guys and we get a story. Whether this is what their fate is or whatever, is not made clear, the church is the wraparound for a trilogy of terror tales. First: A doctor arrives in a small town in which the residents are not what they seem. He'll find out, much to his horror! Second: An old bootlegger lets a bunch of hillbillies make off with a bunch of poison moonshine. They all drink it and nasty pus sores break out all over their bodies and they become oozing gooey zombies. They go after the bootlegger and start banging on his door.... Third: A nerdy young guy picks up some other young people, drops them off in what looks like the middle of nowhere, and then is chased by a hearse. He abandons his car and a monster-man with a creature face (from the hearse) begins to hunt him through the woods.... The beast is swinging a scythe and seems to want his head.... Brrrr. Low budget rural horror. F.L.

R451 El Invernadero (83) A plant loving stalker/creep/picture-taking 'peeping tom' type guy rescues an actress from a bad relationship and before you know it they are going out. But she will be his destruction as she gets him killed when her past catches up with her. But he's not dead, and now wants revenge! Or is he dead, and it is his 'beloved' greenhouse 'plants' after the perpetrators? Rare and weird Spanish film. F.L.

M599 El Perfil De Satanas (69) In this crazy Spanish pseudo-documentary style, a cult of Satanists are terrorizing the countryside and attempting to recruit new members in their reign of satanic terror. Apparently, 'The Spanish Inquisition' didn't take! Much to the chagrin of the locals. In Spanish language and with English subtitles. BA

M303 Embrace, The (69) aka: Giselle aka: L'etreinte aka: Maliziosamente Giselle (Nathalie Vernier) is a beautiful but weak young girl who ends up working as a maid for Michel. He smacks her around and assaults her. He takes the servant/maid thing a bit far into exploitation and Giselle finds herself trapped, and yet mesmerized by this, having sex with him, and another woman as well. The smacking around part, she isn't too hip with. She will get some payback in the surprise ending. Plenty of nudity. Kind of like a poor man's 'History of O'. Now with English subtitles and LBX!

M587 Emily the Pervert (74) aka: Aimilia, the Psychopath aka: Aimilia, i diestrammeni By day she teaches piano to children at an orphanage.... But at night, she brings home lovers and murders them in a sexual frenzy! This we discover is due to some trauma as a child, seeing her mother murdered by a man that she was abusing. The guy had enough! Later our crazy heroine falls in love with a criminal, but the law is closing in and there will be a downbeat ending for all. In Greek and with English subtitles.

M567 End is Known, The (93) aka: La fine è nota A young lawyer returns home and is almost killed when a guy who has jumped 4 stories above almost lands on him. Turns out the guy jumped from the young lawyer's bedroom. He had been there to seek help. The lawyer's wife, who was home at the time, can't get her story straight. Beautiful Italian locations in this erotic thriller. Valerie Kaprisky and Italian horror actress and Argento squeeze plus mother of Asia, Daria Nicolodi stars. Slight LBX and with English subtitles.

M754 Enigma Rosso (78) aka: Virgin Killer aka: Trauma aka: Red Rings of Fear A detective (Fabio Testi) investigates the assault and murder of a teenage girl and focus's on the three girlfriends of the victim, who call themselves 'The Inseparables'. Decent giallo set in an exclusive girl's school where the curriculum includes mass orgies, gory retributions and murder. Another suspect is played by Jack Taylor. Plenty of gratuitous sleaze in this lurid shocker. Now in a splendid Uncut Widescreen version and also English dubbed. BA

M385 Erotic Bride From Hell, The (72) aka: Hellish Love aka: Seidan botan-dôrô aka: Peony Lantern Sex Story A man falls for a mysterious woman in this Japanese made ghost story with a downbeat ending. LBX and with English subtitles.

M755 Erotic Escape (85) aka: Fuga Scabrosamente Pericolosa A rich fugitive kidnaps the daughter of a rich farmer in the countryside. He will force her to submit to assault and he will treat her poorly until she builds up enough hatred to fight back. Another sleazy film from director Nello Rossati, the guy who brought us 'The Cat in Heat'. This Eurotrash comes Widescreen and with English subtitles.

R455 Eurocine 33 Champs (12) Love Life of the Invisible Man, Two Female Spies with Flowered Panties, Maniac Killer, The Man with the Severed Head, Diamonds of Kilimanjaro, Hitler's Last Train, Helga, She-Wolf of Spilberg, Cannibal Terror, Zombie Lake, Golden Temple Amazons and many more made by a single company. Eurocine. Lots of clips, interviews and more on this company and it's films. Simply excellent. French language and with English subtitles. Widescreen

M198 Exorcism's Daughter (71) aka: House of Insane Women aka: Las melancólicas aka: Aberrazioni sessuali in un penitenziario femminile Tania, an asylum patient, is under the new doctor's care while suffering raging behavioral effects following the death of her exorcised mother. 19th century asylum patients are being mistreated by the nuns and their brute guard, the new doctor is appalled. While the guard is busy boffing the resident nympho (Helga Line), and pimping out other loonies to the local bug-eyed pervert in a mini-orgy that includes two lesbians, the new doctor becomes infatuated with Tania. More like a Spanish made 'The Snake Pit' with exploitation and horror atmospheres. LBX BA

M487 Expulsion of the Devil (73) aka: Au rendez-vous de la mort joyeuse A decent and deeply disturbing horror film that delves into some very dark corners of the human psyche. A family moves to a country house that seems to be 'alive'! It just doesn't seem to be... IT IS ALIVE! They bring in a group of experts to investigate. An elderly priest and his brood of adolescent female orphans arrive. Seems they have spent a lot of time at this house. When the evil manifests itself, all hell breaks loose! With a young Gerard Depardieu (who goes berserk in this). LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R116 Fast, Fast (81) aka: Deprisa, deprisa Angela begins to hang out with Pablo and his gang of young robbers. Robbing stealing and doing drugs is the order of the day for these Spanish juveniles. Pablo is played by a guy that died from a drug overdose in a Madrid prison two years later after robbing a bank. Film imitating life? This was his only film credit. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

D992 Fat Black Pussycat, The (63) A killer is on the loose in a beachside area beatnik scene, performing giallo-like killings. A detective descends into the Beatnik world to catch the killer. The scene's hipsters are portrayed as cynical hypocrites, pretentious substance abusers, violent fops and at worse perverted homicidal maniacs (at least the killer). There is also a black cat whose brain waves are affected by the gender bender killer, and flashes of sex, nudity and violence. Pretty fun for 1963.The finale takes place at a real-life Westchester Kid-Amusement park called 'Frontier Town'. BA

M508 Fatal Temptation (88) aka: Errore fatale A man who has been cheating on his wife is blinded in an auto accident. His wife hires the man responsible as her chauffeur and not only has sex with him, she also wants him to kill her husband. Meanwhile the husband still manages to screw his mistress despite his handicap. 'Postman Always Rings Twice' type but with a sleazier edge (meaning lots of nudity and sex!). Plot twists before the tragic ending. Loredana Romito stars.

M590 Fear, The (66) aka: O fovos Set in rural Greece where ignorance and religious fanaticism rules the day. A young man in a dysfunctional family tries to deal with his sexual frustration. His sister is doing the village mechanic, his parent's are barely on speaking terms, and the rural toughness of the area is pervasive. The servant girl who is mute and deaf may just be what he needs. But this is Greece, and another tragedy is underway. In Greek and with English subtitles.

D673 Female Ninjas: 100 Trampled Flowers (74) aka: Kunoichi ninpo: hyakka manji-garami aka: Female Ninja Magic Rival clans battle for supremacy using deception and treachery. Nudity, graphic sex scenes and weird magic deployed by the ninja girls as they project shadow people to confuse the enemy. LBX and in Japanese language and with English subtitles.

M591 Finishing School (69) aka: La residencia Lilli Palmer owns and runs a school for wayward girls in France. Her absolute discipline has fostered a social order among the girls with rampant sex, lesbianism and torture the norm.... then they start “running away” meaning—they are being murdered.... Spanish Horror Classic! Widescreen and Uncut. BA

M430 Fiona (77) aka: Hardcore Heavily fictionalized 'autobiography' of 70's sex superstar Fiona Richmond combining drama and sensuality. Fiona is in control, and she tells her story from way back when she was a schoolgirl and her sexual awakening etc. (Who cares if is she is in her 30's trying to pull these scenes off?) This is not a serious film, but a tongue in cheek erotic mess. Kudos to the sexy Fiona, for trying to sell us herself as a brand, as it were, as it wasn't, as she wish it had been, or whatever. BA

D540 Five Devil Ghost, The (71) aka: Wu gui duo hun With English subtitles.

R364 Freakshow (89) aka: História Bizarra First the wraparound, after a bloody shooting massacre outdoors of a cinema (creepy nowadays), a woman reporter (Audrey Landers) is ditched by her cameraman, and stumbles into a small museum called 'Freakshow', where the contents of a strange jar (a weird baby mutant monster) activate tales of horror. A junkie chases a scared poodle for his runaway fix, a pizza delivery boy gets a Halloween surprise, a living, but paralyzed O.D. victim is forced to undergo his own autopsy because she is thought dead, and a deal between a gravedigger and a golf course owner that has some unexpected consequences. Zombies, gore, haunted mansion and more figure into different stories. Obscure. BA

N979 From Ear to Ear (70) aka: Les cousines aka: The French Cousins Twisted and erotic dysfunctional family thriller! Elisa (Nicole DeBonne) stars as a young woman who lives with her mute sister, her blonde cousin (whom she cuddles topless regularly) and her mother in a large house in the country. Men are scarce, and when the young cousins see a man they go wild! But they also must attend to their mute sis who is also psychologically damaged from a childhood trauma. The cousins enjoy torturing her, unfortunately for her! When the mother leaves for the weekend on business the cousins have a wild sex and drugs filled party. Fearing the mute will expose them they plan to kill her by scaring her to death! Amazing Euro trash! Very slightly LBX and now with big easy to read English subtitles.

M290 From Romero to Rome: The Rise and Fall of the Italian Zombie Film (12) The history of Italian zombie cinema, beginning with the world-wide success of Romero's 'NOTLD' and continuing through Fulci's 'Zombie Flesh-Eaters: Zombie 2' and all of the imitators. Snips and clips + interviews and insights on the zombie movie phenomenon. LBX and with English subs when needed.

D943 Full Moon Over Belgrade (93) aka: Pun mesec nad Beogradom 1992 Belgrade. Aleska works the night shift at an occult magazine to avoid military police, draft and war. Old colleague Mrs. Kosara, offers him shelter at her mansion. Soon, a dead friend warns him in a dream about the danger he faces spending time with Mrs. Kosara and her husband. They are VAMPIRES! Atmospheric weirdness from Serbia. LBX - F.L.

D587 Giant Woman (0?) Well, here we have an erotic 100 foot woman that spends much of her time butt naked on the seashore! There is some really weird (fake) underwater photography, something about a golden statute treasure, and our beautiful Giant Woman even does battle with a giant squid that looks a little like 'Yog'! In one hilarious scene a man climbs up on the Giant Woman as she is lying down. Before you know it he is walking on her exposed boob! Hilarious! F.L.

M237 Girl With Dirty Hands, The (77) aka: Koritsia me vromika heria Deborah Shelton made erotic/crime/thriller films in Greece before Brian DePalma's 'Body Double' and others. She is drop-dead gorgeous here and provides plenty of nudity. The story follows a young woman through various misfortunes and adventures. She gets involved in a murder plot, involved with a backstabbing gang, and escapes with a stoner hippie... more. The female antagonist, also gets laid a lot, but of her own free will. With plenty of nudity and English subtitles.

M415 Gold of Love, The (83) aka: Das Gold der Liebe This film is like a punk mutation of a 1926 novella called 'Dream World' by Arthur Schnitzler. A woman (Alexandra Curtis, half-sister of Jaime Lee Curtis and daughter of Tony Curtis and Christine Kauffman) is summoned by the D.A.F. to come to Vienna, but the young woman finds herself trapped in a nonsensical nightmare of murder, suicide, heroin, phantasms, guardian angels and mysterious agendas. Mind-blowing. Alexandra pretty much dropped out of everything to do with films, making only three. With English subtitles.

D238 Gore From Outer Space (01) aka: Chi wo sû uchû A woman named Satomi has a daughter who is abducted, by aliens. Or was she? Maybe her mother is an alien, or maybe this tale of aliens and conspiracy theories, possessed dolls and mental hallucinations, needs a closer look! Mind boggling plot twists, kung-fu and more. This Japanese made X-Files on steroids will keep you riveted until the dark end! LBX and with English subtitles.

R542 Gore Gazette Trailer Disc (various) Trailers for the following: The Frozen Dead, When the Screaming Stops, Godzilla on Monster Island, Dracula vs. Frankenstein, Up From the Depths, Incoming Freshman, End of the World, Horror of the Zombies, Squirm... more... almost 90 minutes.

M571 Green Inferno (88) aka: Paradiso infernale aka: Cannibal Holocaust 2 Four friends head deep into the jungle to locate a lost scientist and face off against treasure hunters who are killing the local natives and also bat attacks, headhunters, shrunken heads, anacondas and more jungle perils. In classic mondo-style an alligator battles an anaconda and there is much death. From Italian director Antonio Climati and filmed in the Amazon. He would helm two last features after this one before calling it a day. BA

M675 Gushing Prayer: Story of a 15 Year Old Prostitute (71) aka: Funshutsu kigan-15-sai no baishunfu A young girl, already a seasoned sexual veteran, sets out on a personal journey to see what makes her tick, and to discover why she is so desensitized and dissatisfied. Suicidal, she embarks upon her avant-garde styled parable. Plenty of nudity and sleazy situations. In Japanese language and with English subtitles. LBX

M790 Hand that Feeds the Dead, The (74) aka: La mano che nutre la morte Super Sharp Widescreen print of this Klaus Kinski mad scientist movie. Not to be confused with 'Lover of the Monster', which is basically a monster film, this an 'Eyes Without a Face' type. Both films are similar, and done by the same director. They even share some of the same footage. But they are different films. Director Sergio Garrone follows Franco's lead there. Here Kinski enlists the aid of his Igor-like helper to kidnap all of the half-naked local women in order to transplant their flesh on his injured wife. Incredible Gothic Horror/Gore type here, LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R253 Haunters (10) aka: Cho-neung-ryeok-ja An evil man that can control people's minds (as long as they are in his line of sight) encounters a man who is immune to his powers, and they will have a showdown by the end of the film. The psychic's victims move in a slow jerky creepy manner when he has them under his control, and he kills many, forcing them into suicide. Think 'Unbreakable' that film from Shyamalan some time back– except pretty creepy. With English subtitles. BA

N980 Hellé (72) aka: Hellé, perversión de una inocente aka: Un corpo da possedere 1951: France: Aftermath of WW2. Gwen Welles stars as Helle, a young promiscuous deaf/mute living in the mountains, ignored by most, except some local woodsmen who use her for pleasure (these guys know a good thing when they see it!). One day a young man takes an interest in her and they frolic around the rural countryside together as he tries to teach her speech. Later when he has the chance to get it on with a hot naked chick, he can't do it, as he is thinking about Helle. Later, his war damaged brother strips Helle down in front of him and things get really uncomfortable. Thing is, Helle is nuttier than a fruitcake! This weird downbeat film from director Roger Vadim has absolutely stunning location photography in rural areas of France. Quiet, under spoken and ultimately devastating, a trip worth taking. Gwen Welles who plays Helle died of cancer at age 43 in 1993. Also with Maria Schneider. LBX and with English subtitles.

M417 Holocaust 2000 (77) aka: Apocalipsis 2000 aka: The Chosen An executive (Kirk Douglas) in charge of a middle eastern nuclear plant discovers that his son is the Anti-Christ and is planning a Biblical Revelations style Armageddon with nuclear power. Kirk Douglas gets to have a nude scene with leading lady Agostina Belli. Simon Ward is the Anti-Christ. Numerous violent and imaginative deaths of people who are getting in the way of evil. This follows the 'devil-movie' trend of the 70's with an 'Omen' like tone. Douglas would next be in Depalma's classic 'The Fury'. 100 minute Beautiful Widescreen version! Never has this film looked better! BA

N955 Horrors of Spider Island (60) aka: Body in the Web aka: Ein Toter hing im Netz aka: It’s Hot in Paradise Holy cow it's totally uncut! A plane full of exhibitionistic women crashes and they end up on an island with big ass spiders. Luckily the women have some nice skimpy suits to prance around in, and boy do they! The man gets bitten and turns into a hairy guy with sharp teeth. Watch out for the quicksand! This from the German print (it is a German film), and a few inserts from other countries prints and more. Emphasis on more nude scenes versus the same scenes shot clothed for alternate market standards. With the sexy Barbara Valentin and Helga Franck (who fell to her doom in 1963 when she tripped and fell out the window of her 5th floor apartment). Slightly LBX English dubbed. This is not the cut P.D. print! Also with extras about the film! Last word on this one. BA

M509 House Call (94) aka: De Flat aka: Appartement 512 Roos (Rene Soutendijk) is a nice looking blonde doctor that lives in a high rise. Her babysitter, who lives in the same building, is brutally murdered. She is spied upon by the killer, and she has a new boyfriend who suffers from migraines. Could they be one and the same? Tidy little erotic thriller with nudity from Soutendijk and plenty of sexual tension and suspense. LBX, in Dutch language and with English subtitles.

M758 House of Assassins (88) An orphan returns to the home of his family after WW1 and finds that his family history is soaked in blood, and in order to find redemption and break the spell he must get revenge for the death of his parents. The mysterious and hostile villagers give him trouble. Very nice recreation of this era. Bewitchment complete with needles and dolls, a castle with ferocious dogs, an old witchy woman, and all the time three masked marauders, three letters and three women revolve around our hero and develop the ultimate solution to the mystery. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

R329 House of Tolerance (11) aka: L'Apollonide (Souvenirs de la maison close) Life in an elegant brothel in the early twentieth century. The madam essentially owns the whores due to expenses. The women, trapped in an existence where their only value to society is the bodies they possess, have only each other to relate. Serious and complex also with the darkness and cold treatment doled out by evil men. This one is also kind of gross, taking any imagined glamour from whoring and turning it into something else entirely. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M340 House Without Frontiers, The (72) aka: La casa sin fronteras One of the creepiest films from Spain that no one seems to have heard of! Daniel is recruited by an organization/secret society to find a missing member. who he tracks to an old fishing village.... He finds a woman, and tries to escape the clutches of the Organization.... They're punishment will be severe. With Geraldine Chaplin, Tony Isbert, Patty (Hannah, Queen of the Vampires) and Viveca Lindfors. LBX and with English subtitles.

D313 Hypnotist, The (12) aka: Hypnotisören Three members of a family are brutally killed in this Swedish made mystery thriller. Only the oldest boy survives, and he is in a coma. A detective gets a hypnotist to hypnotize the boy to identify the killer. It apparently is possible to get a coma patient to talk while they are out. Some intense moments as the pieces of the mystery come together. With Lina Olin, Tobias Zilliacus and more. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M341 I Killed Rasputin (67) aka: J'ai tué Raspoutine aka: Addio Lara At the beginning of the movie, before the credits, old and frail, the real killer Prince Yusupov appears alongside his wife. He explains killing Rasputin, and he gives full assurance that what you are about to see is factual! A hell of a gimmick, and for real! What's more, the film then goes on to paint Yusupof as a villainous, weak-willed, effeminate bumbling fool! More of a focus on the killer of Rasputin, but also with Rasputin as played by Gert (Goldfinger himself) Frobe. Half low-budget period spectacle, half Hammer-esque looking, this is a nice companion to Hammer's version. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

M774 I, the Executioner (68) aka: Minagoroshi no reika aka: Requiem For a Massacre A young male teen gang member targets 5 women who sexually abuse a mentally disturbed friend of his. His friend has killed himself. These bitches are responsible, and all must die! He has appointed himself as judge, jury and executioner. Sordid and nasty bit of work. In the opening sequence he is torturing a woman. Of course, consequences follow. Widescreen and English language dubbed.

M718 Icebox Murders, The (82) aka: El Cepo A maniac murders beautiful women, then stores their bodies in a freezer. When a group stays at the estate of a strange doctor (Jack Taylor), wandering around the corridors at night may just turn up some horrific goings on. With Jack Taylor and Mirta Miller. LBX BA

M238 Identikit (74) aka: The Driver's Seat Elizabeth Taylor plays a neurotic woman adrift in Italy with her own death on her mind. She is searching for a man who will ritually tie her up, stab and kill her. Every shot is surreal like on the edge of a dream. Her extreme isolationism and despair is well painted in this bleak and dreary exercise. Very dark subject matter and no wonder, Taylor does an excellent job playing a mentally disturbed person. With Andy Warhol in a small part as a British nobleman. Pretty downbeat. LBX BA

M256 Inflatable Sex Dolls of the Wasteland (67) aka: Kôya no Dacchi waifu aka: Dutch Wife in the Desert A private detective is hired to find a woman who has apparently been murdered in a snuff film. It turns out the woman's not dead, but very much alive, and he gets sucked into a torrid affair with her that leaves him questioning his sense of reality. Bizarre doesn't even begin to describe this one! A very early '8MM' type. Now with English subtitles!

D668 Interceptor (09) aka: Zapreshchyonnaya realnost Bizarre Russian sci-fi about a secret group of hooded people that control the balance of mankind and use time-shifters to control events. Complex FX and wild visuals include a black strandy substance that pierces through walls and people, invading their bodies so that they can be controlled. This spiraling spider web of metal strands seems to be in control and gets way out of hand in the film's FX filled climax, growing several stories high! Widescreen and with English subtitles.

M512 International Prostitution (80) aka: International Prostitution: Brigade criminelle A cruel pimp (Gabriele Tinti) accidentally murders one of his whores. He escapes to Bangkok to restart his business. On his trail is a French cop and the murdered girl's sister (Laura Gemser). When they are not getting it on, they search for the pimp! Lots of nudity and sleaze. Finally one of the few Laura Gemser film's we did not have! English dubbed.

D244 Jar City (06) aka: Mýrin In this twisted thriller, a serial killer is on the loose, and it's up to Detective Erlunder to piece together a puzzle that involves grisly murder and organ theft. Icelandic film, shot in winter, with striking photography, will have you shivering in your seat throughout. Spectacular aerial shots of shorelines and Icelandic locations. Different take on the genre. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R365 Keep, The (83) aka: Die unheimliche Macht The Alternate Version: During WW2, Nazi's are forced to turn to a Jewish historian to do battle against an ancient demon they have accidentally resurrected. This version has an alternate ending than the theatrical release and runs 100 minutes. One of the strangest big budget horror films to come out of the 80's. Scott Glenn, Alberta Watson (who died of cancer March 2015 at age 60), Jurgen Prochnow, Ian McKellan and Gabriel Byrne. BA

R99 Kill Kill Overkill (93) aka: Twisted Fate Two redneck, greasy geeky weirdo types are up to no good picking up women on the highway. Later they hide in the attic of a rural mountain cabin. Later three women on vacation arrive, unaware they have visitors above.... The only thing that can save them is a badass biker chick! Another low-budget outing from Donald G. Jackson.

M722 Killer Butterfly (78) aka: Salinnabileul ggotneun yeoja aka: Woman with Butterfly Tattoo - A depressed suicidal student crosses paths with an elderly book salesman who is obsessed with (among other things) Hitler, a female corpse, and a mad scientist. The student expresses his need to die, and the older man tells him it doesn't matter as human's cannot overcome biological death. Things go off the rails. Part David Lynch, part John Waters, ALL total madness. In Korean and with English subtitles. Widescreen

M342 Killer is Still Among Us, The (86) aka: L'assassino è ancora tra noi Admittedly the sickest and goriest giallo ever made with stomach turning sexual violence now in a bit of a nicer print than the previous print (that was good, but this is better). Along with ‘Giallo A Venezia’ and ‘New York Ripper’, this is one of the nastiest. With English subtitles.

M806 Killer Love (02) aka: Dark Labyrinth After researching a 15th century serial killer, a young woman (Kari Wuher) uses her expertise to out-wit a modern day monster man (that looks like a Billy Idol clone) that is driven by the same desire for blood. From the director of the 'Bound Heat' films.

D272 Killer Wolf, The (12) aka: Howling aka: Der Killer in Dir Killer mystery suspense with some damn fine wolf attacks. Or is it a wolf/dog hybrid doing the killings? You will see! Female detective on the case must endure much sexism from her male counterparts, which leads to her being even more determined to find out why victim's jugulars are being shredded. It's good, check it out! LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R302 Killers Are Our Guests (74) aka: Gli assassini sono nostri ospiti After a bungled robbery, a trio of crooks is holed up at a doctor's house, forcing him at gunpoint to attend to their injured. They not only abuse the doctor, but take sexual liberties with his wife as well. The wife seems to have a sexual Stockholm Syndrome and really goes for it. The doctor has another agenda. Later films like 'House by the Edge of the Park' follows what happens somewhat. This rather timid couple is not what they seem, and these bad guys are in for some twists, turns and surprises. Now this is English dubbed and LBX. BA

M865 Killing of the Dolls (75) aka: El asesino de muñecasCool psycho thriller with dolls, mannequins and giallo elements with bizarre hallucinations seen by the main character creep who gets off on murdering sexually active women. With some sweet bloody murders (including decapitation) by scissors, knife, axe... Our killer is an effeminate sissy-man who also likes to mutilate dolls and run around in shorts, even acting a little gay. Creepy, disturbing and twisted little Euro-Horror. Also with Helga Line. Now, finally, an immaculate Widescreen print with sharp colors and English subtitles.

M170 Kinder Der Nacht (00) In dreary surroundings of Germany, Jan tries to find answers about the death of his brother and dreams of an old house that haunts him. He and his motley group of friends find more horror than they bargained for..... Whippings, gore....and more. Lower budget horror from Germany directed by Heiko Bender. F.L.

R463 Kuwait Connection (73) aka: Wolves Don't Eat Meat aka: Zi'ab la ta'kol al lahm Here's a violent Egyptian made crime thriller with loads of nudity! A hit man is double-crossed by the mob and tries to escape the hit put out on him. Bloody shootouts, plenty of nudity (oh, but I said that), fist-fights, torture, explosions and more. And with English subtitles! A real oddity for sure! If a film like this were even attempted to be made in Egypt today, the filmmakers and actors would all be executed.

M240 La Machine à Découdre (86) An insane doctor is obsessed with his plan to build a hospital to cure blind children and goes on a killing, robbing and kidnapping spree with the police in pursuit. Lots of gratuitous and pointlessly violent scenes (which scores big here!). Stars Patricia Barzyk (Miss France of 1980) and she supplies plenty of nudity, very nice. LBX and with English subtitles.

M542 La Senora (87) aka: La senyora Set in Spain during the early 20th century. A beautiful young woman marries a fifty year old man. He wants a son desperately, but he has a touching phobia. He gives her a thimble filled with his sperm and tells her to put it to good use. She dumps it down the drain and for 15 years denies him a legal heir, despite parading around naked in front of him constantly. On his death bed she insults him and tries to mount him in a fit of sorrow and lust. Now a rich widow she goes to one of her properties, a huge country estate with servants. Pursued by a younger man, she is still horny, but does not want to be touched, the years of psychological abuse hurting her psyche. Instead she wants him to strip, and she pleasures herself as she stares at his naked body! With English subtitles.

D990 Lady Frankenstein (71) aka: La figlia di Frankenstein When Dr. Baron Frankenstein (Joseph Cotten) is killed by a monster he created, his daughter Tania (Rosalba Neri) and his lab assistant continue his experiments. Tania is determined to create a better, stronger monster, and proves the evil determination in her father, was passed onto (and into) her wicked soul. This plays like an Italian Hammer-style film, with rich colors, nudity and sleaze, and brutal violence. Finally a really sharp Widescreen 94 minute version of this sleazy horror classic, maybe the sexiest Frankenstein movie ever! Widescreen 94 minute composite version. BA

D252 Last Days, The (13) aka: Los últimos días 2013: A mysterious epidemic spreads across the planet. Humanity develops an irrational fear of open spaces that causes instant death. Soon the world's population is trapped inside buildings. As Barcelona descends into chaos, Marc sets off to find Julia, his missing girlfriend, without ever going outside. Solid supernatural, apocalyptic sci-fi. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M794 Last Harem, The (81) aka: L'ultimo harem George Lazenby plays a Prince and oil fields heir who seems to have one of the last harems (of discontent wives). He marries yet again, but this time he plans to stick with just one woman, his new bride Sara (Corinne Clery). His harem is jealous and Sara winds up dead. He vows to punish all of his wives unless the killer confesses. The women talk about the old days and we get to see the Prince as he is on the hunt for his harem women. Plenty of nudity and sexual situations. Downbeat ending. LBX

M573 Last Holidays (75) aka: Die letzten Ferien A young woman is going on holidays with her parents. She narrowly escapes when a holiday fling tries to kill her, only finding out that this nasty encounter was not as random as she thought. You see, she is due for an inheritance in just 3 days when she turns 18, unless that is, she is not alive to receive it! English language dub.

D290 Last Message, The (12) aka: Rinjô Police coroner Kuraishi Yoshio (Masaaki Uchino) and the crime lab team attempt to solve a serial murder case with a killer who seems to kill indiscriminately.. Ultraviolent and bloody! LBX and with English subtitles.

M474 Lesbian August (74) aka: Lesviakos Avgoustos A painter with his wife and daughter arrive at an island for vacation. The daughter is from a previous marriage, and seems to have a weird relationship with the wife. Sexual? The daughter wants to break free and she has sex with a married fisherman. He falls for her, she says she just wanted him for one night. Later the painter finds out about his wife and daughter and molests his wife. She poisons him. More Greek tragedy awaits. In Greek and with English subtitles.

M744 Letter to an Unknown Lover (86) aka: Les louves Mathilda May (just a year after she was a 'Space Vampire' in the great 'Lifeforce') still likes to be naked thanks to these eyes! She teams up with Cherie Lunghi as the two invite men to their house where they seduce them. But they have darker motives in mind! Oh to be caught in their web! Ralph Bates of Hammer films also stars in one of his last films. He died at just 51 years of age in 1991 of pancreatic cancer.

M723 Liberxina 90 (70) In an undetermined future, a new drug is discovered. Liberxina 90. It will erase 'establishment' conditioning from the human mind. It has fallen into the hands of some diversely anarchistic revolutionaries who spend most of the film trying to figure out the how and when to use it. In the meanwhile, the authorities are closing in. Incredibly bizarre and obscure science fiction from Spain. With English subtitles.

M759 Like a Pack of Wild Dogs (76) aka: Come cani arrabbiati Two young men and a girl run wild robbing, raping and murdering. Sordid and sleazy crime thriller with more violence and nudity than usual. The film doesn't hold back showing them at their sadistic best, and they gloat as the incompetent cops fail to neutralize them. Paola Senatore stars (she would go on to a brief career in porn). Finally a nice Widescreen Uncut version with English subtitles. BA

M724 Little Flames (85) aka: Piccoli fuochi A five year old, always being sent to his room, creates a world of several bizarre 'imaginary' playmates who bedevil the servants with their sadistic pranks (the audience is not sure if the boy is pulling off these pranks or if his 'playmates' are actually real). The maid is played by Valeria Golino of 'Rain Man' and many other films, and, she's naked in this, full disclosure! The 'playmates' have a nasty surprise in store for her..... Fascinating and atmospheric little film that you won't soon forget. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R115 Little Sweetheart (89) aka: Zucchero al veleno A criminal couple, hiding out in a remote property become the unwitting victims of a plot to blackmail them by the most unlikely of conspirators. It's an evil little girl (she even gets hold of a gun!)! Will they outwit the conniving little monster? Channeling 'The Bad Seed'. With John Hurt, Karen Young and more.

M105 Lola's Sin (84) aka: Lola's Secret aka: Il peccato di Lola A young man (Scott Coffey) finds himself wrapped up in a murderous affair with the lovely Lola (Donatella Damiani... WOW!). After a series of wonderful and fabulous nights with Lola, he finds her dead. Or is she? Nudity of course from Donatella and again.... WOW! Also with Gabriele Tinti. English dub with foreign subtitles.

M884 Love and Death on the Edge of a Razor (73) aka: Giorni d'amore sul filo di una lama When the son of a wealthy businessman (Peter Lee Lawrence) meets a beautiful woman named Lidia (Erika Blanc), he pursues her through the streets of Venice and a romance develops. When on a business trip he learns Lidia had been killed. But he thinks he spots her later.... The mystery deepens.... Also with Ivana Novak. Rare giallo type in Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

M519 Love in the Strangest Way (94) aka: Elles n'oublient jamais It's the French version of 'Fatal Attraction'! After he has an affair with a hot chick named Anne (Maruschka Detmers), Julien finds his troubles are just beginning! Anne will stop at nothing to infiltrate every aspect of his life. So when he thinks he has taken care of the problem, things take a deadly turn. LBX and with English subtitles.

M443 Love on a Horse (73) aka: To koritsi kai t' alogo aka: Confessions of a Riding Mistress An Agean artist sees his younger wife and his son (from a previous marriage) making incestuous love. He decides to paint a picture of them riding a white stallion together. The lovers can't know what the strange arrangements mean, and are afraid the painter knows their secret. When they try to leave the house, we get an explicit Greek tragedy. In Greek and with English subtitles.

M521 Love Rites (87) aka: Cérémonie d'amour Director Walerian Borowczyk's last film. A prostitute toys with a man she sees in the streets. Their sexual flirtations increase. She has plans for him that do not necessarily follow the usual hooker/John relationship. A plan that he may find he is not ready for..... or will she be the slave here? Maybe a bit shocking when you see what happens, and with very frank sex talk, as well as sex scenes. With English subtitles. BA

M807 Love, Vampire Style (70) aka: Beiß mich, Liebling aka: Bite Me, Darling A new mailman riding around on his little yellow motorbike is a chick magnet! Let the T&A begin! BUT WAIT! A descendant of Count Dracula returns to the same ancestral village to take revenge on the people who destroyed his ancestor. And that mailman really pisses him off apparently. It takes some time, but eventually the fangs come out and the bite is on! The quality is bad for the first twenty minutes or so, and there are occasional glitches. Sound is good. Dubbed into English.

R474-M795 Lust For Revenge (76) aka: Kaftes diakopes After the kidnapping of their young daughter, a couple pays off the culprits with false currency. They retaliate by raping and murdering the kidnap victim they had returned. The couple vow revenge and track the kidnapping killers, intending to eliminate them one by one. Shootings, stabbings, necks get snapped, throats are cut, strangling and more. Perfect Greek made Revenge Thriller. With English subtitles.

M475 Macabre (69) aka: Shadow of Death aka: Viaje al vacío An evil scheming blonde plans to rob her husband blind. Not by murder, but by driving him insane, so that when he is on the brink of insanity, she can have him institutionalized. Then she can have his twin brother (who she is sleeping with) and the estate and all the riches. Some twists and turns come into play as they usually do! With Larry Ward (as both brothers) and Teresa Gimpera. In Spanish language and with English subtitles. BA

R102 Mad Cow (10) A crazed scientist creates a half-man, half-cow creature which goes on the rampage at an African game lodge. Fast and furious horror comedy that uses a Monty Python style of dialogue and a fast-paced storyline. Don't be looking for fantastic effects or logic. Nice gritty backwoods locations and hot babes though, yes indeed! Widescreen and filmed in English language. Includes trailer and Making of....!

M761 Madness: Eyes of the Moon (71) aka: Madness - Gli occhi della luna Three men escape from a mental hospital. One is caught, another killed by a car, the last actually gets away. He takes refuge in a country house. A substantial group of young partiers arrive and people start tripping on LSD. He spies upon them from above. If he could only get his hands on one of these sexy hippie chicks..... With Thomas Hunter. Nice LBX and with English subtitles.

M576 Magnificat (93) During the Middle Ages, a traveling executioner hires an apprentice to learn the finer points of torture and execution. Meanwhile, a young girl is being given to the Catholic convent by her parents.... These are just two of the threads of many in this period piece that includes other complex and sometimes bizarre characters and the realistic depiction of practices and actions of this chapter in time. Yet another offering from the eclectic and always interesting Italian director Pupi Avati. LBX and with English subtitles.

N77 Malefique (02) aka: Maléfique Four prisoners occupy a cell. One night an ancient occult book is found through a hole in the wall. It was owned by a former prisoner from the last century who dabbled in black magic, and used this to escape They decide to study the dark arts and use what they learn to do the same. The fate of the former cellmate is revealed, and a dark horror is about to be unleashed which will bring unanticipated consequences to them all. A dark, intense and claustrophobic French made thriller, LBX and with English subtitles.

D764 Malenka (69) aka: Fangs of the Living Dead aka: Malenka, la nipote del vampiro A beautiful virgin inherits a castle, but when she gets there she finds a nobleman, and a bevy of beautiful women she suspects may be vampires. Buxom vampire women creeping around a blue lit graveyard, Gothic castle setting, a local bar run by yet more buxom babes and more. Alternate 91 minute version- This one has a different ending than the U.S. release. Mostly in English language, but there are a few scenes in Spanish and with English subtitles. This is one of those Euro horror titles that comes in a variety of versions. LBX BA

D478 Man With the Transplanted Brain (71) aka: L'homme au cerveau greffé Professor Marcilly is a famed brain surgeon ready for the next step! Gravely ill, he has his own brain put into the body of a young auto accident victim that is brain dead. But who goes home, the young man or the old doctor? What are the consequences of such an action? These types of films about brain tampering and impossible surgeries were something of a world-wide genre back in the late 60's and early 70's. With English subtitles.

R363 Mania: The Intruder (86) Four tales of horror all with a twist ending. The tales are 'See No Evil', 'The Intruder', 'Have a Nice Day', and 'The Good Samaritan'. Partially from the director of 'Prom Night' and 'Humongous'.

D474 Mark of the Devil 2 (73) aka: Hexen geschändet und zu Tode gequält aka: Le streghe nere Really cool and sadistic 'witch torture' flick (which means lots of innocent people are tortured!) Regardless of what many have said about this film over the years, you owe it to yourself to check this one out if you dig stuff like 'Witchfinder General'. Amazingly many reviews of this online are by fools that have only seen the cut version. Maybe these idiots should shut their faces if they do not know what they are talking about? A tribunal interrogates, tortures and murders supposed 'witches' and 'heretics' during the Inquisition. Erika Blanc, Reggie Nalder and Anton Diffring star. Now UNCUT LBX and with trailer BA

M890 Mausoleum (83) aka: Grabmal des Grauens This was released numerous times here in the states. Thing is, all of the prints are cut! There is a scene in the first 10 minutes where a guy stumbles out of the tomb and he blows his top, but it only shows smoke coming from his head as he drops, and does not show the gore as his head pops at the top and squirts blood upwards. Here is the UNCUT VERSION with that scene intact! As far as the film... classic 80's horror/gore with a possessed Bobbie Bresee and Marjoe Gortner as her doomed husband who gets bitten to death by her killer breasts in the film's most memorable scene. Of course there is more, but we all know about this one already, don't we? BA

M324 Medusa (98) aka: Medousa Retelling of the ancient Medusa myth! Strange clothed statues of men are appearing all over Greece. Only Perseus, a leader of a gang of modern Athenian thieves, with a strange childhood, holds the answer to the mystery- and it has something to do with beautiful long-haired women in black. One night the group breaks into the house of one such creature..... LBX and with English subtitles!

M618 Memory (78) aka: Beast Shouldn't Look in the Mirror aka: Memoria Spanish horror film - The particular storyline concerns memory, specifically the transference of a scientist's memories to a mentally vacant physical subject. Memory transfusion is not the best of ideas. Of course things never go as planned! In Spanish and with English subtitles.

M445 Mere Mortal, A (91) aka: Simple mortelA young man, a researcher in ancient languages, begins to receive strange radio messages in a language only he knows. The messages ask him for weird missions. He finally figures he is a pawn in intergalactic games. The voices feed him info on disasters that have yet to occur. A minimalist slow-burn psychological science fiction thriller that will really get under your skin if you give it half a chance. The night scenes evoke a haunting menacing isolation, hinting at a hidden threat. In French language and with English subtitles.

D551 Mighty Honey (0?) She flies like 'Supergirl' (with a similar, but much sexier outfit). Due to evil villains, the world needs a heroine! She is strung up and tortured with mini-light saber wielding baddies and battles zombies as well. The visuals here are just...Incredible! F.L.

M446 Monkeys in the Attic (74) Canadian Drug-Trip! Two dysfunctional couples live, love and trip (not in the travel sense) together. There is drug abuse and domestic violence in this completely weird mind-trip of a movie, a movie that seems to explore mentality and morality. I have read numerous opinions on this one, all different. Wild and crazy and maybe ambiguous as hell (and all get out) as well. I think everybody was high when this was made. With Victor Garber and Jess Walton.

M488 Moonchild (89) aka: El niño de la luna An orphan confined in a claustrophobic, Orwellian institution, somewhere in Post WW2 Europe has telekinesis. Here in this institute, gifted children are studied and used in experiments. It soon becomes clear to this orphan, he is here on earth for a very special purpose. Bizarre and moody with a soundtrack by the mysterious band 'Dead Can Dance'. This comes from the director of 'In a Glass Cage' and stars Maribel (The Blood Spattered Bride) Martin and Lucia (Blood Ceremony) Bose. With English subtitles.

D377 Moonskin (72) aka: La Ragazza Dalla Pelle di Luna aka: The Sinner A bourgeois couple in crisis, decides to make a trip to the Seychelles islands to find themselves (always a GREAT idea).... On this paradise instead, while getting in contact with this wild and unspoiled nature, he falls in love with a beautiful local beauty (of course) and the wife ends up in the arms of a failed writer (a REAL catch).... Beautifully filmed landscapes in the first film in the trilogy (The Girl Off-Road (1973) and The Body (1974)) from director Luigi Scattini LBX - F.L.

M725 Morianna (65) aka: Morianerna The millionaire and tyrant Verner Vade (Anders Henrikson), despised and hated by everyone, controls his family and employees with an iron fist. A family with messy, perverted and promiscuous inclinations. But... his son is a psychopath, someone is raping the maid, and his kin wants him dead because he wants to leave his fortune to charity. Verner is attacked and eventually murdered. An inspector is on the case. Moody and morbid with an interesting cast that includes Bergman's familiar star Eva Dahlbeck as Vade's younger wife. The women are all stunning and some topless scenes are notable for 1965! With English subtitles.

M308 Murder By Music (69) aka: Trumpet of the Apocalypse aka: Las trompetas del apocalipsis aka: Perversion Story There is a drug that forces you to commit suicide when you hear a certain piece of music. Set in a dingy mod swinging London with hippie types everywhere. A gloomy, almost Edgar Wallace type feel with grungy bars enlivened with funky, ass-shaking psychedelic pop, gender deception, fog, an opium den and some cool looking birds (chicks). Not very perverse or misogynistic, but still a pretty decent Giallo-type. With Brett Halsey, Romina Power, Marilu Tolo and more. This version is dubbed into English and is LBX. BA

M353 Murder Mansion (72) aka: Maniac Mansion aka: La mansión de la niebla A couple, lost in a thick fog, take refuge in an old mansion next to a cemetery, and the horror begins! Why listed again? This is the English dubbed version with a brighter picture, incredible colors and LBX! BA

R91 Mutants, The (98) aka: Os Mutants Kids, out on their own, no mothers, no masters, freedom and independence... and trouble. Rebels with a cause. Can they survive or will the real world come crashing in on their created reality. A Portugal/France production. Slightly LBX and with English subtitles.

R308 My Dear Killer (72) aka: Mio caro assassino A mysterious decapitation (which opens the film) leads Inspector Perriti (George Hilton) into a case of blackmail, deceit and the unsolved kidnapping of a young girl. A creepy haunting Morricone score, a house full of suspects, creative violent murders and a dark melancholy mood make this Giallo one of the better ones. Also with Helga Line, Marilu Tolo, Patty Shepard and William Berger. Now in Sharp Widescreen version dubbed into English and followed by an interview with George Hilton himself! BA

D479 Naked Countess, The (71) aka: Die nackte Gräfin De Sade-esque story of innocent country girl Verena (Ursula Blauth), who is seduced and corrupted by an obsessively voyeuristic elderly Count (played by Wolfgang Lukschy of THE DARK EYES OF LONDON and FOR A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS) is told in flashbacks within a time frame of one evening throughout which a police inspector (played by director Kurt Nachmann himself) investigates at the Count’s villa after the naked corpse of a young man is found in the Count’s car by a road in the countryside.... Now this bizarre and macabre German sex and nudity film comes LBX and with English subtitles. BA

D756 Naked England (69) aka: Inghilterra nuda Wild and crazy customs and underground activities are explored. Creepy junkies shooting up with nasty scarred arms, Nazi parties, a crucifixion...more crazy happenings and baffling behavior. It's a gas gas gas. From Italian director Vittorio De Sisti. In Italian language, although there is a small bit of English.

M404 Naked Over the Fence (73) aka: Naakt over de schutting Rick, who runs a pinball arcade, rents a room to Penny (Jennifer Willems), a young teacher and karate fan. Penny gets to know Lilly (Sylvia Kristel, right before she gained international fame with 'Emanuelle' in 1974), a singer who is about to be in 'art' film. But she finds it's a porno, and flees the set when a violent fight breaks out. Naked Over the Fence. Later the owner of the film studio is found murdered. Lots of nudity in this Dutch made black-comedy. Widescreen and with English subtitles. BA

D783 Narok (05) aka: Hell - While traveling, a band of filmmakers meet their fate when their van falls off a cliff. Although only one of them actually dies, they are all dragged into hell where they face demons, monsters, and torture according to their sins. What a beautiful, cool looking hell with dark landscapes and colorful backdrops, even though there is plenty to worry about at this 'last stop'. Will anyone get out? The FX are incredible in this dark Thai film.

M371 Necropolis (70) Finally the 2 hour (just about) version! Bizarre art movie which purports to be 'a statement of life'. With historical figures, real and fantastical, Elizabeth Bathory, Frankenstein, a really strange Satan, a large penis, Attila the Hun, Montezuma, King Kong, Minotaur and other hellish creatures... what more do you want? An acid trip movie for sure. LBX and with English subtitles!

R274 Night Child (75) aka: The Cursed Medallion aka: Il medaglione insanguinato The titular 'medallion' is a gift presented to a young Emily (Nicole Elmi). Once around her neck she becomes possessed by the spirit of a dead child who was a murderess. Fantastically photographed and unsettling as hell with constant dread, this is just another example of a forgotten horror film that needs a revisit. Joanna Cassidy and Richard Johnson. Little red-haired Nicoletta Elmi, in her biggest part ever, had already acted in 'Bay of Blood', 'Death in Venice', 'Baron Blood', 'Flesh for Frankenstein', 'Who Saw Her Die?' and 'Deep Red', all before she turned 11! You can see her all grown up as 'Ingrid the Usherette' in 1985's 'Demons'. This version is a very nice Widescreen, in Italian language and with English subtitles. Also available in a decent full frame English language version. Specify. BA

N984 Night of the Walking Dead (75) aka: Strange Love of a Vampire aka: El extraño amor de los vampires Finally a nice print of this great Spanish Gothic Horror! Emma Cohen (she of a decent handful of Spanish horror films which include 'Horror Rises From the Tomb') stars as Catherine. She has a terminal illness and is coddled by her parents. Meanwhile, vampires are roaming the countryside, led by Count Rudolph. Catherine longs for love and falls for Count Rudolph, and wants him to save her from death and make her his vampire bride. In between all of this there are plenty of vicious vampire attacks, amazing rural countryside locations, sexual situations and nudity, foggy creepy vampire scenes with lots of toothy female vampires, a colorful vampire's ball and a love story! Certainly one of the best of the Spanish vampire films. What was once only available in a so so print, now see it in all of it's colorful glory and also Widescreen and English dubbed. From director Leon Klimovsky.

M294 Night of Vampyrmania (93) A trio of vampire tales! First tale 'Red Christmas' has a vampire dressed as Santa invading a home on Christmas Eve to feast on the blood of the guests. Second tale 'Taxi From Hell' has the head of the vampire's driving around in his cab and picking up victims for his clan. Finally the third tale 'The Last Sons of Dracula' follows a Priest on a mission to rid the world (or at least France) of the vampire scourge. Now this title is available in French language and with English subtitles.


M326 Night Shift: Disc One (87) Short-lived series from Italy produced by Dario Argento! 15 parts (over two discs) telling various tales of murder with a running theme of different taxi drivers and their dark experiences. A Giallo extravaganza with bodies, blood and mysteries galore. Asia Argento turns up in one episode, as does Corinne Clery and Daria Nicoldi. Nine episodes directed by Lamberto Bava, Six by Luigi Cozzi. All with English subtitles. There is a time code running at the top of the screen.

M327 Night Shift: Disc Two (87) See above.


D906 Nightmares (83) aka: Nightmares - Incubi aka: En plein cauchemar Anthology of four horror tales with a supernatural twist based on urban legends. Sort of. These stories are pretty cool, scary even, and come highly recommended. Lance Henriksen, Christina Raines, Richard Masur, Veronica Cartwright, William Sanderson and more. BA

M598 Nights of Perversion 2 (82) aka: A Noite das Taras 2 Two tales of perversion! First: A bank clerk/violinist with mental problems murders hookers in his spare time, due to the psychological scars of his upbringing. When a close neighbor (pretty young woman) declares her love for him, his mind cannot process the possibilities. Next: When four female thieves break into the home of a male porn star to rob him of his money and jewelry, he catches them and they have sex instead! Extremely explicit material. F.L.

M726 Ninth Heart, The (79) aka: Deváté srdce Set some hundreds of years ago in Czechoslovakia, a vagrant student volunteers for a quest to cure a princess who is under a spell by an evil astrologer/necromancer named Kukura, who is preparing a rejuvenating elixir, prepared with the blood of nine human children's hearts. Nice little dark fantasy with marionettes and Kukura lurking about an elaborate, Dracula inspired castle. With English subtitles.

N957 No, The Case is Happily Resolved (73) aka: No il caso è felicemente risolto A fisherman in a peaceful setting hears screams. He investigates and sees a guy chasing a half naked woman, catching her, and beating her to death violently as she screams. He is face to face with the killer at one point, but escapes. He returns home and decides not to report the matter thinking it will go away on it's own. But the killer has gone to the police, pinning the murder on the witness. Will the evil Professor get away with murder? LBX and with English subtitles.

M727 Nocturno (74) Set in the early 1900's. After the death of his beloved wife, a nobleman from northern Croatia turns to spiritualism, refusing to accept the fact that she is gone. But wait, she begins to appear, her presence is real! All because he believes! Kind of like Poe's 'Tomb of Ligeia' comes this atmospheric Gothic horror type flick (although with many differences from Ligeia obviously) from Yugoslavia of all places. Superb color and with English subtitles as well!

R88 Noisy Requiem (88) aka: Tsuitô no zawameki This weird epic's (running over 2 hours) main drive is a focus on the daily lives of social outcasts, misfits and freaks in Kyoto, Japan. This includes a serial killer, midgets and homeless people, all of them struggling to get by. An uncompromising look at alienation, a raw depiction of society and the gaps people find themselves in, usually chasms of their own design. Truly bizarre and haunting shot in a bleak black and white. With English subtitles.

M885 Nothing Underneath 3: The Last Parade (11) The third part of the trilogy originally starting with 1985's 'Nothing Underneath'. Robert E. Grant stars as a fashion designer with 3 problems. One is his terrible secret. Two, someone is killing his models. Three, Inspector Malerba is on the case. Strange giallo long on mystery and colorful photography. Vanessa Hessler and other stunning Italian beauties star. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

R454 Nude Odeon (78) A couple years before filming the iconic 'Zombie Holocaust', director Marino Girolami directed this twisted mondo-type flick with plenty of sex and nudity, a light-hearted attitude, creepy natives, island savages, more sex... In Italian language and no subtitles. Widescreen

D758 Nuns that Bite: Torn Priestess (77) aka: Onna gokumon-chô: Hikisakareta nisô When a wayward orphan girl stumbles upon a convent run by man-hating cannibal lesbian nuns... well, just imagine! At one point a woman practically suffocates a guy with her breast milk which she shoots into his face, presumably, for pleasure. They have a guy that chops up the bodies, combining with snakes in a stew. Yummy! A Cliffside catfight leads to one going over the side, broken on the rocks below. A truly bizarre, colorful and sick Japanese horror offering, with some impressive gore. LBX and sorry, no subtitles.

M531 On the Edge of a Razor (92) aka: Instinct aka: Sul filo del rasoio A woman moves to a lakeside home where the previous tenant was found murdered in her bathtub. She becomes attracted to a man that may have something to do with the killing. Very obscure erotic thriller from Joe D'Amato. In Italian language only.

M566 On the Edge of the Horizon (93) aka: O Fio do Horizonte Spino, a pathologist, receives an unidentified body, which looks familiar to him. That's because it looks like himself, 30 years younger! He decides to investigate which leads to a labyrinth of intense mystery and discovery. LBX and with English subtitles.

D956 Pack, The (78) aka: Die Meute aka: The Long Hard Night aka: Il Branco Island vacation spot is overtaken by a wild pack of dogs, left behind by their irresponsible owners. The dogs are hungry, and attack the island residents, quite convincingly. Great killer dog movie starring Joe Don Baker, R.G. Armstrong, Sherry Miles and Bibi Besch and now available Widescreen. BA

M797 Passionate Lovers (82) aka: The Ambitious Lover aka: I eromeni A man in deep debt with a very rich wife falls for a sleazy dancer and decides things would be better for all if his wife was dead. When you see the chick he's trying to score, you almost can't blame him. But you know it will be another Greek tragedy. Sleazy Greek thriller with super sexy Maria Jose Cantudo, Ajita Wilson, Andreas Barkoulis and Claudia Gravy (indeed). Plenty of sleaze and nudity of course. With English subtitles.

D935 Pearl Harbor 3 (90's) A series of bizarre short films. Weird animation, aliens, exploding bunnies, hilarious dismemberment surgery, fake execution, strange musical numbers... and so much more. This is all in German language and plays like an underground German mix-tape. F.L.

M620 Pervert, The (75) A man, traumatized in his youth by an SS officer, is impotent and quite insane. He lives in a cave. A cave where he lures women to depravity and death. Nice and sleazy with an almost endless stream of nudity depravity and violence. Police use a beautiful woman as bait for the maniacal killer. Perfect! In Greek language and with English subtitles.

M242 Phantom Soldiers (87) aka: Phantom Soldiers - Armee im Schatten Texas Ranger Daniel leaves for Viet Nam to find his brother Michael, a Green Beret Lieutenant who has been reported missing in action. Michael's squad was searching for a mysterious group of 'phantom soldiers' that has been using US-made arms and biological weaponry for massacring villages and killing unarmed civilians with extreme prejudice. Daniel enters the jungles on a one man mission. Shamelessly violent and bloody action-packed goodness awaits!

M459 Phantom, The (84) aka: Widziadlo Set in the early years of the twentieth century, this is the story of a country gentleman haunted by the spirit of his dead wife. His current wife, fed up, has taken a lover, who is mysteriously paralyzed. Meanwhile, the man's son has his first sexual experience with a mute peasant girl. All of this takes place in the country and in their large manor house. Wonderfully bleak and gloomy with plenty of nudity and sexual situations. An erotic horror gothic. In Polish language and with English subtitles.

M537 Physical Scandal (92) aka: L'amante scomoda A man is cheating on his wife. Then a masked killer shows up and in a long sequence stalks and kills the large-breasted mistress of the cheating man. Who is the killer? Another obscure Italian made erotic thriller. English language. With Linda Carol.

M808 Pimps, The (76) aka: The Panderers aka: I prosseneti A Count and his wife are running high-class whores for rich clients with unusual requests. One guy likes to torture, a stage director has an elaborate fantasy and even an ambassador wanting a girl (Cicciolina) to act as his old flame. Kind of like a 'Fantasy Island' for horny rich people. Things get really weird for these young girls who unwittingly let themselves be abused. Also with Stefania Casini and Sonja Jeannine (who strips naked for the rich scum, lies on a table and says the following). 'I'll be your food. Eating of me will bring you some of my youth. Everything of me you'll discover will be yours!" It gets even stranger. Twisted sleaze from director Brunello Rondi, the director of 'Arabella' and many more. With English subtitles.

M867 Play Motel (79) A reporter and his girlfriend investigate deaths surrounding a hotel where several prominent people go to have sex. A little bit giallo, a little bit trashy sleaze with plenty of skin, sort of like a Jess Franco flick! There is a 'peeping tom' on the premises clicking photos for blackmail purposes, a black-gloved killer, and a whole lot of really hot dames. So get a giallo, substitute more sex and skin for the ultra-violence... and you get 'Play Motel'. Ray Lovelock stars with a bunch of hot women, and others.... Widescreen and with English subtitles.

M621 Plot of Fear (76) aka: E tanta paura aka: Magnum 45 A group of wealthy men and women are being murdered one by one. Could the motive be revenge for the death of a girl, (killed in a gruesome practical joke), at one of the rich people's decadent sex parties? Convoluted tension and sleaze filled Giallo with Corinne Clery, Tom Skerritt and Eli Wallach. Now available LBX! BA

M729 Praying Mantis, The (04) aka: Le festin de la mante A cellist/violinist named Julien meets a woman on the road and falls hard for her. Moving her into his huge country home, she takes to the greenhouse on the property. She seems to be a predator and quite strange. Who else bonds with a tarantula in her cellar, and can stop a hostile Rottweiler by grabbing it by the throat and giving it a stern look? Later she stalks a man and lures him home, and Julien catches them naked and smacks her. She demands for Julien to leave.... So the bitch still loves Julien but wants to hang with her lover for a time in his big house? Weird as hell love story with a woman as a female predatory animal. Strangely reminded me a bit of the recent 'Under the Skin' where a woman creature sucks the life out of men. LBX and with English subtitles.

M489 Premonition, The (92) aka: Svart Lucia One of the best Swedish Horror films! A beautiful blonde high school student begins to have visions of people she knows dying, and experiencing Deja Vu. She also has a crush on a teacher that she learns may just be a stalker and killer of her fellow students. Cool Swedish horror film that has an unsettling style and sense of dread. The dark of winter that only a film from Sweden can bring. Nice tension and chills here! LBX and with English subtitles.

M538 Prey, The (74) aka: La preda Amazing trash with the stunning Zeudi Araya Cristaldi. Crime and sex, murder and prison, escape and a love triangle, all in a lush tropical setting with plenty of skin from the sexy Zeudi. English dubbed and slightly LBX.

M434 Provocation (72) aka: Proklisis: Love Above All Provoked! For the Last Time! Her Lust For Vengeance Was Satisfied! Very much like a sleazy Greek take on the type of film Umberto Lenzi was making with Carroll Baker about the same time. Except this time it is the woman who is pushed to the brink and plans her vengeance using her wiles. Udo Kier stars. Plenty of nudity from sexy women, including Anna Fonsou, who shocked Greek audiences in the 70's with her explicit nude scenes. Amazing locations. Now with English subtitles for the first time!

M479 Psychout For Murder (69) aka: Salvare la facciaMario is the boyfriend from hell and he consigns his girlfriend to a whorehouse for the evening to get the goods on her father so they can blackmail her. Her father sends her to a mental hospital. She is released later when she is genuinely insane! She's learned a few tricks, and begins her reign of terror and revenge to all that have wronged her! Strong early giallo with Adrienne Larusso. Now a very nice quality Italian language print and with English subtitles. BA

R495 Puritan (05) Victorian inspired Modern day supernatural film noir, set against the backdrop of White Chapel, mediums, and the work of a supposed Pagan architect. Multi-layered plot in this Gothic Chiller, and an ending you won't see coming! David Soul, Nick Moran and more. Widescreen

M833 Reborn (81) aka: Renacer A television evangelist manipulates an Italian woman (for financial gain of course) who is showing signs of stigmata. With Dennis Hopper putting in another typically insane performance and also Michael Moriarty.

M328 Return of the Evil Dead (73) aka: El ataque de los muertos sin ojos aka: Le retour des morts-vivants aka: La cavalcata dei resuscitati ciechi 500 years after they were blinded and executed for committing human sacrifices, a band of Templar Knights, now 'The Blind Dead' have returned to claim new victims. Uncut LBX English dubbed version! Like the last update, these films are back, because the U.S. releases were uncut, but with no English dubbing, only English subtitles. These are uncut and with English dubbing, which some people prefer to subtitles. As far as the International English dubbed print, this version runs 4 minutes longer and has more explicit gore sequences. BA

M436 Return of the Vampires (72) aka: Retorno de los Vampiros aka: Misterio de Cynthia Bair Lovers spend the night in an apartment. A picture falls from the wall, striking the woman ('Saturn Devouring His Children' by Goya) and she becomes a vampire. Go figure!!? What happens next will blow your mind. Obscure horror from director Jose Maria Zabalza (director of Naschy's 'Fury of the Wolfman) Widescreen and with English subtitles. BA

M681 Rorret (88) Anna and her slacker boyfriend go to work for the creepy and reclusive Joseph Rorret (Lou Castel), who's just opened a movie theater that plays only classic English language thrillers. Rorret obsessively spies on the audiences in the theater, savoring the fearful reactions of pretty women, then later, tracking them down for dating, and eventually murder. He obsesses like the guy from Michael Powell's 'Peeping Tom', and in fact has named his theater after that film. In Italian language and with English subtitles.

D376 Roseland (71) A sex crazed ex-singer is forced to undergo psychiatric counseling: It seems he is addicted to stealing pornographic films. Flashbacks soon inform us that he fell into disgrace after performing a risqué song and dance number on the Ed Sullivan show. Then a dream sequence in which our hero frolics with a group of jungle women in S&M gear. A spaced out ode to what.... psychedelic era strangeness? Oh I get it now! From the director of 'Alabama's Ghost' and 'God monster of Indian Flats'! It all makes sense now....

M731 Salamander, The (71) aka: La salamandre Two men become infatuated with super sexy and free-spirited Rosemond (Bulle Ogier) who may or may not have wounded her uncle on purpose. For whatever reason she did what she did (or didn't), they will try to get the answers. French made mystery drama LBX and with English subtitles.

D463 San Babila - 8 P.M. (76) aka: San Babila ore 20: un delitto inutile Carlo Lizzani directed this one right after his notorious 'Teenage Prostitution Racket'. A quartet of Neo-Fascists are on the loose in Milan causing trouble Their outbursts of hedonism and terrorism are met with little resistance from the authorities as many of their numbers are from prominent families with money. So they march around, shoot people with their sling-shots and cause problems everywhere they go. Will they get in too deep ending things on a bad note? LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M244 San Domingo (70) Surreal counter-culture type film about the son of a young nobleman staying with hash-smoking hippies in a seedy section of Munich. He falls for a hippie chick who is involved in shaking down the young man's parents for money. She falls in love with him, but continues extracting money from his parent's. When the young man finds out, his rage will lead to tragedy for the young lovers. In German language and with English subtitles.

M419 Sandman, The (93) aka: E.T.A. Hoffman's The Sandman aka: E.T.A. Hoffmanns Der Sandmann German made horror. Daniel and Clara are on vacation in Italy. The Sandman, a figure from Daniel's childhood, returns to haunt him, while he succumbs to an obsessive love and lust with an enigmatic woman of strange beauty named Olympia, who may be something she does not appear to be. Nice atmosphere in this horror with a throbbing industrial theme music offset by the music of Chopin and Vivaldi. Widescreen and with English subtitles. BA

M541 Scandalous Liaisons (93) aka: Rivelazioni Scandalose Helen (Dalila Di Lazarro) is rich and powerful, and being blackmailed for having sex with strangers. She runs a modeling agency, and one of the women has a boyfriend that may just be the blackmailer. Whatever. She takes a new female lover (Florence Guerin) who has her own axe to grind (among other things). Lots of nudity and sex in this erotic thriller with smoking hot women. English dubbed.

M108 School of Death (75) aka: El colegio de la muerte An 1899 London orphanage for beautiful young women is the setting for this downbeat gothic horror tale. In the opening a woman is strapped to a table as a horribly scarred mad scientist performs experiments on her. Switch to opening credits and almost immediately after we see what type of place they are running here as a young girl is being whipped by one of the women in charge. Later we find that the goal of the disfigured maniac doctor is to lobotomize the girls so he can keep them. Shot like a Hammer movie with moody atmosphere and even some bright red blood, and death of course. One guy is buried alive. Clearly a rip-off of 'The School that Screamed' from 1969. Sandra Mozarowsky, the films lead actress was in some Naschy films and even a Blind Dead film. She was one of the sexiest Lolita's in Spanish horror. She committed suicide at age 18 by taking a swan dive to the street off her 4th floor balcony. She spent 20 days in a coma before dying, one month before her 19th birthday. English dubbed. BA

R447 Scum of the Earth (63) A young woman is blackmailed into modeling in the nude for a photographer who is in league with a teenage gang who sells the pictures for profit. H.G.L. sleaze and look for much of the same cast that he used in 'Blood Feast'!

M732 Season of the Senses (69) aka: La stagione dei sensi Co-written by Dario Argento. Udo Kier plays a rich recluse living on an island. When four girls show up unannounced at his abode, he sets loose the German shepherd, at first. But in no time they are all having dinner and having deep conversations which lead to weird Euro trash styled games. The girls argue over who gets to sleep with their handsome young host, not knowing the sinister fate he has in store for them all... With Laura Belli, Eva Thulin and more. LBX and with English subtitles. Excellent quality.

M733 Sex and the Law (68) aka: Det kære legetøj This is what happened when Denmark abolished censorship in the late 60's. A narrator points out the hypocrisies of censorship and the rights, wrongs, effect on society etc. Includes the man and woman on the street scenes, being interviewed on their opinions, awkward! We visit 'dirty' book shops, hear our host share her own sexual experiences, and much more. It's as if people are coming out of the woodwork to get porn all of a sudden due to it's recent legality. This was actually considered porn to them then! Now, it's like soft-core 'R' rated stuff. Worth a look! LBX and with English subtitles.

M129 Sex of the Angels (68) aka: Il sesso degli angeli aka: Das Geschlecht der Engel Three beautiful young girls, one of them a lesbian, are vacationing on a magnificent yacht (belonging to the daddy of one of them) along with a boy toy they drug along to... well entertain them of course. They are all tripping their brains out on LSD, when the man wakes he finds he has been shot. The girls don't properly attend to the situation (young rich girls are all sociopaths aren't they?) and they prove a cruel streak runs through them all. What happens next is anyone's guess. Incredibly beautiful film from director Ugo Liberatore. Colorful and amazing, would be the perfect double feature with 'Top Sensation' also in this update! LBX and dubbed into English.

M349 Sex of the Devil (71) aka: Trittico aka: Il sesso del diavolo A surgeon named Andrea (Rossana Brazzi), goes on vacation in Istanbul, taking with him his wife Barbara, and an assistant Silvia. The three of them stay in a villa, where the previous owner died mysteriously in his time, hanging from a tree. Now strange things are happening, and the situations were already tense between the women... Obscure Euro-Trash. Sylva Koscina, Maitena Galli and more. LBX and with English subtitles.

M857 Sexomania (74) aka: Sex Mania An adulteress flips out suicidal (after slutting out with numerous sex adventures with men and women) and has weird flashbacks, some she recounts to a shrink. Tormented by her worthlessness and infidelity, she finally escapes with her lesbian lover.. or does she? This IS a Greek Tragedy after all. With English subtitles.

M792 Sexual Inadequacies (69) aka: Nel labirinto del sesso Mix the Italian Giallo, with an incredibly biased view of human sexuality, and treat it as an immoral anthology, and you get 'Sexual Inadequacies'. It argues that childhood trauma and neglect result in all modes of revolting behavior in the bedroom. See, this is meant to educate, and to fill seats I suppose, titillate. Plenty of nudity. So we see some separate stories that mean to disturb you, and also to prove the point at hand. Widescreen and dubbed into English.

M830 Shadows in the Storm (88) Thelonious Pitt (Ned Beatty) is a day-dreaming businessman who takes a vacation in the Redwood Forests of California where he meets a hot woman named Melanie (Mia Sara). They kill her husband. But someone has seen them and is blackmailing them. Or is her husband really alive? And if that's not enough, this is the only movie I can remember with Ned Beatty that he has a sex scene that does not involve him bending over and squealing like a pig. Also with Michael Madsen.

R146 Shady (12) aka: Kashikoi inu wa hoezuni warau A lonely and bullied high-school girl finds a friend. But their future may end up darker than they expect. There is a crack of instability in their relationship, and it's about to shatter. Decent Japanese thriller with some surprises. LBX and with English subtitles.

D468 Shaolin vs Black Magic (83) Mystical kung-fu horror flick that deals with a Moon Worship Group that prays for revenge with the request to reanimate the corpses of Shaolin so they can us them for unlimited powers! Magical stunts, black magic and with English subtitles too!

D280 Six She's and A He (63) aka: Kiss Me Bloody A soldier stranded on a desert island is captured by a tribe of sadistic women who torture and mutilate men for sport. Part 'Blood Feast', part 'Orgy of the Dead'. A guy washes up on an island and is immediately revived by a tribe of bimbos. They take him to their colorful paradise where they frolic and dance around. One of the girls tells him about their last visitor. He was tied up, put on an altar, and his guts ripped out in explicit gory detail. As he screams they tear his head off! The man is disturbed as he knows he is next! This 48 minute oddity has some extreme and bloody in your face gore, Herschell Gordon Lewis styled. Followed by more short films and clips of Amazon women types.

D474 Slaves in Cages (72) aka: The Captives Rich playboy preys on innocent women, luring them back to his mansion, then knocking them out and locking them up in cages. He makes them eat like animals out of food trays. He also whips and assaults them, and trains them to put on a sex show for his perverted friends. The women have been driven mad by their captor, and things will not end well for him! Now this dark sleaze classic in a color corrected print!

D256 Small Kill (92) This is the one with Gary Burghoff as a friggin' gay maniac, possible pedophile (in a duel role). Children are being kidnapped and held for ransom. If the parent's don't cooperate, the kid's show up dead. One guy gets his head blown off. Cool. Also with Jason Miller and Rebecca Ferratti.

R536 Some Like it Violent (68) A hardened gangster likes to philosophize, and has clearly seen the Cagney movie 'White Heat' one too many times. He likes to chop up store mannequins with a machete. His misogyny is demonstrated by how he treats women as well. assault and sleaze in this soft-core black and white roughie.

M626 Soul and Flesh (74) aka: Psyhi kai sarka Another bizarre erotic film from Greece! A pilot called 'Horse' also enjoys an occasional adventure (like having sex with women other than his wife). They don't call it the cockpit for nothing! Flesh and Body have a ball tormenting Horse. From Athens to London Body will lose the first round. Horse will watch the match from afar, brooding to moody 70's tunes. But what about the corpse? In Greek language and with English subtitles.

R544 Spiked Heels and Black Nylons (67) A cop's wife gets hooked on drugs and goes to work at 'Club Lesbo'. When the cop raids the joint, there she is. Things get out of hand. Narrated by a devil mask on a wall. Lesbians, prostitution and plenty of soft-core nudity. At one point a chubby guy is making out with a hot topless blonde on a bed and when he takes his shirt off he has boobs. He is a She! What used to be a shock is now considered normal. The devil mask narration goes for the horror angle. With Bill Thurman. Followed by sleazy trailers and more nudity. Color BA

M452 Stop the World! (70) aka: Fermate il Mondo... voglio scendere! Based on a play by Giancarlo Cobelli. Erratically acted and written madness from the era of psychedlia! Total delirium! Young protesters living together in a 'commune' of sorts, start to leave the commune one by one. There seems to be a sort of madness abounding here, as if all the participants were on drugs. Barbara Steele stars, and she screams, gets slapped, even tires to hang herself with an ostrich-feathered slipknot, and she's never seemed so gorgeous in frequent close-ups! Also with Paola Pitagora. In Italian language and with English subtitles. Another amazing super-colorful Widescreen print.

M453 Story of Sin, The (75) aka: Dzieje grzechu aka: Storia di un peccato Classic from director Walerian Borowczyk - A family has boarders and one day a young man moves in and falls in love with the daughter. He is already married and trying to get a divorce, but is denied by the local church people. They live together after he is wounded in a duel. Later, he goes to Rome to try to make his divorce final. When he doesn't return, she has his baby, and drowns it. She hears he has been imprisoned... so she begins wandering through Germany and France. Later she learns he has married a rich woman. Her life then spirals into despair with prostitution and a downbeat end. Also included on the same disc is two short films from the director 'All About Eve' and 'In the Beginning Was Lust'. In Polish language and with English subtitles.

M407 Strange Night, The (67) aka: La notte pazza del conigliaccio A normal middle class guy named Aldo spends a boring summer in the city while his family is on vacation. On his last night before they return, he decides to live it up, he picks up a hot chick and takes her home. When he is in the next room preparing drinks he hears a shot! Then his world spirals into a surreal nightmare.... With Sandra Milo and Enrico Maria Salerno. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M627 Strangler of Syggrou Street (89) aka: O stragalistis tis sygrou How about a Greek remake of 'Maniac'? With famous Greek actor/wrestler Apostolos Sougglakos (who died from a stroke at age 56 in 2006) in the Joe Spinell role as the mad killer! Yep, he's a deranged psycho-killer/sexual deviant who works on mannequins when he is not out stalking new victims! You'll cringe at the disco sounds (still huge in Greece in the late 80's) and Look Out! Someone spliced in a few hardcore scenes to spice things up a little. But we're all adults here, no harm done. A must! In Greek language and with English subtitles.

M491 Student Connection, The (74) aka: Witness to a Murder aka: Un par de zapatos del '32 Ray Milland plays a principal of a boy's school that is seen by a student committing a murder. He does not see the face of the boy however, so begins to murder anyone who acts suspicious. Hopefully he will eliminate the eyewitness to his evil deeds. A well-made, I would even say Hitchcockian Giallo type. Plenty of tension and solid visual style. Also with babe Sylva Koscina. BA

M810 Suite 16 (94) aka: Aconteceu na Suíte 16 An aging playboy (Pete Postlethwaite) self-confined to a hotel suite, wheelchair bound, his body a pale shadow of his former self, hires a young hustler/stud (Antonie Kemerling) who is in hiding from the cops. His job? To screw hookers in the next room while the old guy tapes and watches the action. But his requests get darker and eventually he wants his employee to murder so he can watch. Twisted little thriller. Lots of sex and nudity. Kemerling killed himself at age 44 in the Netherlands in 2010. LBX

M888 Swamp, The (73) aka: O valtos Crooks flee with dirty money in a plane. The plane ditches in a swamp. Can a large group of people (ten) work together to get the money and split it amicably to change their miserable lives for the better? Of course not. Nudity and violence. With Vera Krouska (who was in 'Death Steps in the Dark' a few years later.

M580 Sweetheart (92) aka: Toutes peines confondues An elderly couple is murdered in the Swiss Alps. A mysterious businessman named Vade, eliminates the culprits, but is investigated by an agent for Interpol named Gardella, who has been watching Vade for some time. Vade gets too close to Gardella's wife (Mathilda May, space vampire from 'Lifeforce') who is beginning to seduce him. An atmospheric psycho thriller with a taste of the erotic. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

M515 Tango of Perversity, The (74) aka: Le tango de la perversion Loretta shotguns her husband for the insurance money. Next, she marries another old man (with heart troubles) with the hopes of giving him a heart attack and getting his money as well. She gets 3 prostitutes to pose as friends and the teasing begins. Lesbian and straight soft-core sex galore! Trashy, funny and dark with a score by Franco regular Daniel White. Dubbed into English. BA

M811 Third Eye, The (66) aka: Il terzo occhio A young count (Franco Nero) that lives with his dominant and jealous mother goes into a downward spiral of madness when his fiancé dies in an accident. But was it an accident? The housekeeper kills the mother, and the count takes up to murdering young women. After several years of killing, the sister of his deceased fiancé shows up, looking exactly like his lost love. Amazing Sexy Gothic Horror Giallo type, bridging the gap of what was to come. Franco Nero was 'Django' the same year. Joe D'Amato remade this under the title: Buried Alive aka: Beyond the Darkness. Now Widescreen and with English subtitles.

D372 To Turn a Trick (67) A woman looking for a job as a model in Manhattan becomes a camera assistant instead. She is assaultd and becomes a junkie. Another sordid messy parable about getting chewed up and spit out by the big city. Nudity as far as 1967 standards would allow.

M745 Todo Modo (76) It is the future. Gian Maria Volonte plays a Prime Minister who enrolls in a spiritual resort, together with his cabinet members and the opposition, where, under the guidance of Gaetano (Marcello Mastroianni) they attend lectures against sin, vices, money and the thirst for power. Self-righteous they sit, while outside the city is being ravaged by an epidemic. They use their group to scheme, conspire and plan the future, in order to maintain their grip on power, which they have held for decades, while the people suffer under their predatory rule. Then there's a murder... and another... and all hell breaks lose. Bizarre political satire. Widescreen and with English subtitles. BA

M248 Tombs of the Blind Dead (71) aka: La noche del terror ciego aka: Die Nacht der reitenden Leichen Now an UNCUT version that is Widescreen and English dubbed! There are a few scenes here that were never dubbed into English that have English subtitles as well. 13th Century warrior monks known as the Templars, who quested for eternal life by sacrificing humans and drinking their blood, are executed for their unholy deeds. Now in modern day Portugal, the Templars have risen, rotting eyeless corpses spreading horror and death across the land. Amazing LBX print and now the definitive version of Amando De Ossorio's masterpiece. BA

M230 Top Line (88) aka: Alien Terminator - One of the best of the 'Terminator' rip-offs! Watch Franco Nero, as an always drunk 'soldier of fortune' as he encounters Extraterrestrials, Conspiracy theories, a killer cyborg, a Spanish gold treasure, cheap but effective FX, and George Kennedy (real-life WW2 hero) as a Nazi villain. Kitchen-sink, bottom of the barrel violent sci-fi jungle adventure that manages to entertain! Slight LBX upgrade and in English language! BA

M110 Top Sensation (69) aka: The Seducers Deliciously nasty behavior on a yacht! Maud is a hard-as-nails oil heiress who lures a greedy couple (the wife played by Rosalba Neri) and a nympho-type prostitute (played by Edwige Fenech) aboard her yacht (rigged with short-circuit cameras in every room)., hoping that one of the women will seduce her dim-witted son. Intimidated by this blatantly lusty bodacious babes, he falls for an innocent shepherd girl (played by Eva Thulin) instead. But the horny gold diggers want her too! Rosalba Neri shows off her incredible nude body as usual, but she is just as sexy dressed up in short-shorts and a halter, cruelly blasting away at goats with a shotgun, like a pro! The women have a three-way that probably fogged up the camera lens. Murder and a shock ending contribute to the overall nastiness of this one. A highly recommended sleaze fest! Now this classic Euro-trash giallo type comes dubbed into English language and English subtitles when in Italian! BA

M351 Torturer, The (76) aka: La Tortura aka: Gloria Mundi Hamdias, a producer, has just started a movie whose main theme is torture. But filming is soon interrupted first because of lack of capitol, and then, Hamdias is killed. After awhile, Gaila, his friend, and also the main actress of the film, continue the work. Now in Italian language LBX and with English subtitles.

R332 Traitement de Choc (72) aka: Shock Treatment aka: L'uomo che uccideva a sangue freddo Doctors at a rejuvenation clinic discover a formula that will prevent aging. However it involves harvesting the blood and body parts of young men, a process these Frankenstein thinking scientists are okay with. Alain Delon and Annie Giradot star. Controversial upon it's release due to full gratuitous nudity, both male and female (including the two stars). This is an English dubbed print, but the quality is only fair due to a line on the top of the tape.

R63 Trapped in Lust (73) aka: Aiyoku no wana Soft-core remake of 'Branded to Kill' about a hit man living on the edge who ends up being double-crossed by the mob syndicate. There's also a short weird looking guy with a painted mannequin-like face going around with a tall, mechanical raping doll killing women with his metal Phallus during sex. Weird, violent, crazy, bizarre... best described! Widescreen and with English subtitles.

N966 Trip with the Devil (67) aka: Wenn es Nacht wird auf der Reeperbahn aka: Uneasy Summer aka: Les violences de la nuit A daring blood and guts expose of dope, violence and crime, loaded with hot lead and hot heads! Amazingly lurid tale about a crime reporter who uncovers a plot by a criminal Hamburg gang to dope sexy young women with LSD, capturing them and forcing them into the sex trade. Psychedelic acid trips, psychotic killers, and more.... The cops get involved when people who messed with the gang start to wind up dead. The bodies start to pile up as things go further out of control..... In German language and with English subtitles. LBX BA

M266 Turkish Passion (94) aka: La pasión turca A bored Spanish housewife in heat (Ana Belen) goes on vacation with her husband to Istanbul. She is attracted to a Turkish tour guide and her knickers are off at around the 20 minute mark. She gets knocked up, and her husband now knows because he is unable to father a child. She has it, the baby dies, and she returns to Istanbul alone to find her lover. When she finds him they get it on in the back of a truck. Eventually he realizes she is over excited and very clingy/jealous. She's also a slut. Why not (sort of) whore her out? She gets a gun and catches her lover with other women. Things end badly. Widescreen and with English subtitles. BA

M839 Twisted Obsession (89) aka: El sueño del mono locoaka: The Mad Monkey Daniel Gillis (Jeff Goldblum) agrees to write the script for some unbalanced producers and a director. He falls deep into a world of greed, lust into sexual obsession, insanity, dark humour and heroin. No one is to be trusted (except Goldblum's character of course). Decent Dark and Twisted Indeed. BA

M463 Two Eyes to Kill (68) aka: Due occhi per uccidere aka: La morte cancellò l'uomo, ma la vendetta oltre la morte lasciò: Due occhi per uccidere Obscure Giallo! An innocent, trumpet playing man (Fabio Testi) is framed and put to death by guillotine. The man who framed him is a ruthless racketeer (Jack Taylor). Before his execution the guy donated his eyes. The nightclub is being watched by something and we hear a trumpet... Runs just under an hour and is the only print we know of in existence. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

M803 Ulvetid (81) Cool little psycho-thriller from Denmark! A married couple living in the country are dealing with a miscarriage. They invite a young woman to stay at the house. (Bad idea, ask any woman) This woman has a thing for wolves and soon several wolves are hanging around. Nice tension and dread in this atmospheric and rarely heard of thriller. With English subtitles.

M652 Underworld Cats (10) aka: Underground Boob Massacre - Kitty Cat vs. Dolly Buster Crazy Catwoman like gal battles evil. Dolly Buster a Czechoslavakian porn star is a villain. Watch out for the raging fat guy! Nudity, Girls with Guns, Snapped Necks, Splatter, Obvious FX, cool rides and more in store in this German made madness. Meeooww! F.L. - LBX

M568 Unfaithful Wife, The (69) aka: La femme infidèle aka: Stéphane - Una moglie infedele A man meets up with his wife's lover and snaps, murdering him. He gets rid of the body, but the police are on his trail. With Stephane Audran as the cheating wife. Claude Chabrol, who some called the French Hitchcock, directs. A Psycho-Sexual Study in Murder was the tagline. Remade as 'Unfaithful' with Diane Lane and Richard Gere in 2002. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M736 United Trash (96) aka: The Slit In Africa, General Bremmer (Udo Kier) intellectually dominates the simple people. When his virgin wife (Kitten Natividad...ha ha) gives birth to their first child... is it the new Messiah? Or has she been playing 'hide the sausage' with the priest? This movie is determined to offend almost everyone. It makes fun of gay people, stupid people, Catholics, black people. white people, African tribes, the U.S.A, deformed children, handicapped people and more! That's fair I suppose. Oh, and the baby she gives birth to? It's a negro-dwarf that has an ejaculating vagina on top of it's head. Ugh! Simply mind-blowing! Now available in a nice Widescreen and with English subtitles! You've been warned! BA

M553 Unscrupulous (86) aka: Senza scrupoli Sandra Wey plays Silvia, married to an Italian jewelry big shot who neglects her. A masked burglar breaks into her home while her husband is away and assaults her, and also steals an expensive print on the wall. her husband is pissed, her own parent's turn her away, so she goes to her rapist and forms a bond with him! Sounds reasonable. (?) She even becomes part of his gang and becomes 'Unscrupulous' ...ahem... if you will. Plenty of nudity and sleaze. English dubbed and with foreign subtitles.

R286 Varg Veum: Sleeping Beauty (08) aka: Varg Veum - Tornerose The film begins in Copenhagen where Varg Veum finds Lisa, a 16 year old runaway hooker who is the daughter of a wealthy businessman. He returns her and is asked to find Peter, a friend of Lisa, who had also gone missing. But Peter, a junkie, turns up dead, Lisa is the main suspect. Drug dealers and other obstacles await Varg Veum in his quest for the truth. Filmed in Norway. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R287 Varg Veum: Yours Until Death (08) aka: Varg Veum - Din til døden Varg Veum hooks up with a woman that may or may not be her estranged husband's killer. Varg can't believe that this woman with her old-fashioned ideas on love and fidelity can possibly be guilty, so he makes it his mission to seek out the truth. Another cool mystery filmed in Norway with Trond Espen Seim. With English subtitles. BA

M312 Venus in Fur (13) aka: La Vénus à la fourrure A bit pretentious (but still a little creepy and unsettling) flick from Mr. Controversy himself, Roman Polanski. An interesting reflection on gender violence, expressed through a simple and efficient screenplay, mesmerizing and compelling... Well, you decide! With Emmanuelle Seigner. LBX and with English subtitles.

M267 Venus in Furs (69) aka: Devil in the Flesh aka: Le malizie di Venere aka: Venere nuda Not to be confused with the Jess Franco film with the same title. A jaded cad meets a beautiful young woman named Wanda (Laura Antonelli) and falls in love with her after spying on her masturbating, showering, and having sex with strange men. They marry but things get weird when he wants her to beat him and continue having sex with strange men. Erotic and bizarre sex film with an unexpected ending. Antonelli is mouth-watering. Beautiful locations and now Widescreen and English dubbed. Upgrade!

M298 Very Edge, The (63) aka: Il limite della vergogna aka: La mort d'un sadique A sex maniac (Jeremy Brett) breaks into the home of a housewife (Anne Heywood of 'The Fox' 'The Brain' and others) to assault and almost assault her which causes the woman to miscarry and become frigid, finding all men, even her husband, repulsive. Her husband (Richard Todd) falls into the arms of another woman while the rapist plans his next attack on the housewife. Tense little British stalker film and look for Patrick Magee as Simmonds. BA

M629 Vice and Virtue (63) aka: Le vice et la vertu Marquis De Sade Lite? If you have seen Pasolini's 'Salo' you will recognize many of the scenes here that inspired him in this earlier film. Roger Vadim directs and somehow maintains a sense of romanticism to the proceedings and injects humor during the WW2 era. Too soon? Unlike Pasolini's 'Salo' which will only result in horrors. Still, interesting and oh the women! Catherine Denevue (at 20), Annie Giradot, Luciana Paluzzi and more. In French language and with English subtitles. BA

M268 Vice Wears Black Hose (75) aka: Il vizio ha le calze nere aka: Reflections in Black How about an extra dose of sleaze with your giallo? A mysterious person wearing black and wielding a razor is leaving bisexuals and lesbian women dead with slashed throats. Lots of soft-core sex (straight and lesbians) with plenty of nudity and violent death. This obscurity stars John Richardson, Dagmar Lassander, Magda Konopka, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart, Daniela Giordano and more. What a cast! Also English dubbed and Widescreen. BA

D759 Villa Captive (11) A young actress (ex-porn actress Liza Del Sierra as Emillie Delauney) seeking a life away from porno, moves to Florida in search of a new identity. Her plan turns to hell when she is recognized by the local thugs as being 'that' girl. The gang of rapist hoodlums kidnap her for ransom and tie her to a bed, where she is eventually assaultd. They tie another guy to a chair.. Luckily an admiring avenger with a tire iron helps her out! Violent and disturbing. LBX and English dubbed (although there are a few spots in French language, but not many). LBX BA

R152 Violent Virgins (69) aka: Gewalt! Gewalt: shojo geba-geba We are presented with a car of four gangsters, another of four prostitutes (apparently loosely attached to the gang). They have a couple they are taking to a desolate area to torture. She is to be placed nude on a cross. He is to have sex with the four women, and then be beaten to death with baseball bats. He instead murders the first prostitute and escapes, leaving his wife hanging on the cross..... He meets up with another group and finally returns to rescue his wife and get revenge! Widescreen and with English subtitles.

D582 Wasp Woman (0?) Cute young and sexy Yumi works hard at the office, sees a shrink regularly, dabbles in make-up, and has sex with numerous men. During her moment of ecstasy, the men die! She gets a snappy black and yellow leather outfit and goes on a sex and death rampage (sort of). F.L.

M737 Waves of Lust (75) aka: Una ondata di piacere A young couple becomes embroiled with the personal problems of another couple on a yacht anchored off Sicily during a turbulent weekend of fun, sex games, betrayal, spousal abuse and murder in this sex/crime thriller. An early twisted film from the director of 'Cannibal Holocaust' and co-written by Lamberto Bava. Think 'Dead Calm' with more emphasis on sex rather than sexual tension. Colorful little sleaze gem and now in a nice English dubbed print and LBX. BA

M603 Wet Dreams (74) aka: Sueños húmedos Experimental anthology film consisting of nine segments: Contrasts, The Plumber, The Janitor, Wet Dream. The Happy Necrophiliacs, On a Sunday Afternoon, The Face, Politfuk and Flames. All focused on 70's sex, love and politics. The director's are all over the board from Lasse Braun to Nicholas Ray (the director of 'Rebel Without a Cause'. Nudity and Sexual situations and, finally now in French language and with English subtitles!

M684 Whirlpool (70) aka: She Died with Her Boots On aka: Perversion Flash The first film from horror director Jose Ramon Larraz! Creepy sex-killer-thriller about a pornographic photographer, his aunt, and an innocent English girl who becomes their next victim. The aunt lures the sexy young swinging seventies fashion model to the isolated country estate as prey for her deranged nephew. Plenty of nudity and even lesbians. An excellent starter film for Larraz, who went on to direct 'Deviations', 'Symptoms', 'Vampyres' and more. Long available in a time coded print only, this new composite still has some time coded scenes, but most of this new print is not time coded, and this is also the longest available print ever at 90 minutes. BA

D353 White Skin on the Black Market (69) aka: The Cause of Fallen Girls aka: Weiße Haut auf schwarzem Markt aka: Pelle bianca per desideri neri After a young woman's body washes ashore a UN investigator is brought in since it appears the woman was abducted and sold in the international white slave trade. The investigator begins uncovering the pieces that all lead to women being kidnapped and sold to brothels in the Orient.... Directed by Edwin C. Dietrich - LBX - In German language only with no subtitles. F.L.

M112 White Slavery in St. Tropez (87) aka: Police des moeurs: Les filles de Saint Tropez aka: Captive Women 6: St. Tropez Spice When a police captain's niece is captured by white slavers, all hell breaks loose as the slave traders try to keep their business going. With plenty of nudity, lesbians, pretty explicit sex scenes that are almost hardcore, exotic locales and more. The colors and perfect picture will make you feel like you are actually there! This is the nice uncut amazing widescreen version– dubbed into English language too!

R267 Who Saw Her Die? (72) aka: Chi l'ha vista morire? A young girl is brutally murdered somewhere in France. Later the same thing happens to a sculptor's daughter. Looks like a serial killer of children is on the loose! Shot in and around Venice, and an obvious influence on 1973's 'Don't Look Now'. An excellent and stylish murder mystery. With George (once a Bond) Lazenby, Anita Strindberg (nudity), Adolfo Celi (Thunderball) and more. Now in a nice sharp Widescreen. BA

M113 Witches’ Sabbath, The (88) aka: La visione del sabba aka: Sedução Diabólica A young beautiful woman (Beatrice Dalle) is accused of murder. This lands her in an asylum for the insane as she claims she is the reincarnation of a 17th century witch who had been waiting several centuries for a man to take her virginity. The case is given to a young psychiatrist named David who unwittingly falls under her spell. David begins to ignore his pretty young wife and loses himself in daydreams and hallucinations in which he participates in Inquisition questioning and erotic witches gatherings. Beatrice Dalle, a rebel type young Sophia Loren look-a-like type, was booted from America due to her penchant for trouble. Declared an undesirable immigrant by U.S. Ambassador to France in 1999. Finally an amazing looking Widescreen print and with English subtitles. BA

M738 Without Apparent Motive (71) aka: Sans mobile apparent aka: Neun im Fadenkreuz A series of murders are being committed on the French Riviera by a sniper. The Commissar is in charge of the investigation. He seems to come into contact with the victims before their murders. The motive for the killings is eventually uncovered as bodies continue to drop. Excellent and dark mystery thriller/giallo type with beautiful locations and a cool Ennio Morricone score. Nice English dubbed Widescreen version. Dominique Sanda, Laura Antonelli and more star.

M766 Without Knowing Anything About Her (69) aka: Senza sapere niente di lei A murder of a woman, and a life insurance scam sends an insurance agent on a covert mission so the company does not have to pay out. He falls for one of the daughter's of the dead woman and the truth slowly begins to unravel in this giallo type Italian made thriller. With Paola Pitagora and Philippe Leroy star. LBX and with English subtitles.

M560 Woman in the Night, A (79) aka: Una donna di notte aka: Eine Frau für die Nacht An author sees his sexy neighbor (Lorraine De Selle of 'Cannibal Ferox and many others) leaving her place every night which inspires him to write erotic fantasies adventures based around her supposedly 'secret' life. One of her conquests has her going back to her place with Ajita Wilson for some hot lesbian action, when Ajita's well-endowed midget husband shows up and wants a three-way! Another story has her getting sodomized by a weathered old fisherman in his fishing net. Later the author actually gets it on with De Selle's character and finds out that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction (and more disturbing!). Lorraine De Selle has a knock-out body. She is in other well known genre films like 'Wild Beasts' and 'House by the Edge of the Park'. LBX English language dubbed with foreign subtitles.

R90 Women for Sale: Young Tigers of Hong Kong (69) aka: Die jungen Tiger von Hongkong Sexy and dark German made film with Veronique Vendell (who was touted as the next Bardot back in the day) about women sold into service. some nice action sequences, and nudity and murder figure into the story (filmed in Hong Kong and China) as well. F.L. BA

M481 Yellow: The Cousin (69) aka: Yellow: le cugine aka: Die Mühle der Jungfrauen Marta Garbini (Lisa Seagram), a premature spinster, has spent her life caring for late grandfather. The old bastard leaves his estate to her cousin Valentina. Valentina and her husband are as free-spirited as Marta is uptight, but when the husband makes a play for Marta she responds and lets loose her repressed passion. When Valentina is found dead the next day, it is only the beginning of the double-crosses and plot twists. Along with 'Two Eyes to Kill' this is one of the rarest of all Giallo's. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

M352 Your Hands on My Body (70) aka: Le tue mani sul mio corpo aka: Mes mains sur ton corps Traumatized by the death of his mother, a young artist has women issues. His rich father has a new trophy wife (Erna Schurer) who he fools around with, and a hot friend named Carol (whom he stalks). He tries to get Carol in a three-way with a black chick he's got dressed up in a Ku Klux Clan outfit. He drips on molten wax and asks Carol to whip her! Obviously this didn't win any PC awards. Downbeat ending. Truly bizarre and with English subtitles.

M167 Zombie Hospital (09) aka: Zombie Reanimation - Larger budgeted than usual for this German splatter film. German mad doctor's experiment with a Nazi serum (green like reanimation fluid), injecting them into captives they have chained to the wall. Not for long, they're getting hungry! Flashbacks to Nazi Germany, biker gangs and hot rods and extreme gore. Will anyone survive this rural nightmare? Not for the faint of heart. LBX and in German language with no subtitles. BA





D686 99 Women (69) aka: Der heiße Tod aka: L'amour dans les prisons des femmes aka: 99 Mujeres The newest batch of women arrive at a remote castle-like fortress/prison that is surrounded by ocean on one side, and snake infested swamps on the other. Some of the women plan an escape after much abuse. Stunning locations! Mercedes McCambridge, Maria Schell, Herbert Lom, Luciana Paluzzi, Maria Rohm, Rosalba Neri and more star. Alternate 'XXX' 98 minute version! With all the cut scenes of perversion and some 'XXX' inserts (which were added later). This version is LBX, in French language and with English subtitles. Also available in a softer English language version. There are also some Franco trailers following the movie. BA

M338 Death Whistles the Blues (63) aka: La Muerte silba un blues aka: Agent 077 opération Jamaïque The story opens ten years in the past on a long stark bridge with a truck rolling to a police stop to be inspected. There is a double-cross involving three men: Castro, Smith and Vogel. Vogel is the double-crosser. Castro is shot and Smith goes to prison. Ten years later, Smith is playing jazz trumpet at a New Orleans club. Vogel lives in Jamaica, and has married Castro's former wife. The wife spots Smith..... Nice jazzy score (some composed by Franco himself!) and great photography in this early Franco. With Georges Rollin, Perla Cristal, Maria Silva and many more. LBX and with English subtitles! BA

M564 Don Quixote (66) Orson Welles project finished by Jess Franco! Welles' vanity project (a hobby really) cobbled together for modern audiences. Don Q. (Francisco Reiguera) and Sancho (Akim Tamiroff) take on modern society, wandering the roads of Spain to protect the weak and accomplish good deeds. Lots of 'fish out of water' scenes. Dubbed into English.

M398 Golden Jail (76) aka: Une cage dorée aka: Vizio in bocca Mr. Winter (Roger Darton) sees his Hong Kong prostitution ring threatened by the police and a rival gang. He relocates to Paris where he caters to rich clients. When his hookers misbehave, he puts them in a cage with golden bars. Franco directs and so does Marius Lesoeur, basically two peas in a pod as they worked on numerous films together. Nice to see these Franco films keep turning up! LBX and with English subtitles.

D749 In 80 Betten um die Welt (76) Here's a weird sex docu directed by Erwin Dietrich and Jess Franco. You'll see all kinds of kinky sex practices in Europe and elsewhere, including a black mass with lots of sex. Count me in! Well... maybe. They just stabbed a woman in sacrifice. I'm out. Also, see live sex shows in Copenhagen, a rough S&M show in Germany, lezbos in San Fran, and even some brief 70's 42nd street footage thrown in for good measure! LBX + English subtitles!

M431 Intimate Confessions of an Exhibitionist (83) + Jess Franco: The Last Interview (13) First, see a sex film directed by Lina Romay, that is mostly soft-core, but plenty sordid and sleazy, with plenty of close-shots of women's..... Lina delivers and now this one has English subtitles! Next on the same disc over an hour with Jess Franco giving his last interview in crystal clear color on a soundstage with English subtitles. Frankly, Franco explains much and delivers quite the candid conversation, animated and expressive, regarding his work, the sex and more. Did I mention that this is all on one disc and all with English subtitles?

M513 Justine (75/79) aka: Justine and the Whip - Where to start? Justine is the re-edited re-issue of another Jess Franco film mixed up and matched up by Joe D'Amato with snips and clips, snatches and bits (from other Franco films) to fulfill and create this abominable mess. How? Why? Doesn't matter. What you get is Lina Romay, and lots of her! The film says Alice Arno stars in the opening credits. She doesn't. Isn't in it. For a mix of Franco madness (proving Franco + Franco = true cinematic oblivion) give this wonder a try. Romay is simply beautiful in various parts, there is XXX ( lesbian and straight) sex, a whip, and a tragic ending. Obviously she plays a horny and incredibly disturbed young woman. F.L. (Not to be confused with the various films called 'Justine')

M239 Lucky the Inscrutable (67) aka: Lucky, el intrépido aka: Lucky M. füllt alle Särge aka: Agente speciale L.K.: operazione Re Mida An American secret agent named 'Lucky' (Ray Danton) is sent to Europe to track down a ring of counterfeiters. His investigation goes from Rome to Albania where he gets involved with a sexy Albanian police commissioner. Great Franco spy spoof with elements of the 'Batman' series with the campy pop art feel and 'Lucky' even wears a superhero type suit at times. Sexy, action packed and nice locations. Teresa Gimpera (she of many great films), Rosalba Neri and more star. Some consider this one of Franco's best! LBX and dubbed into English language and with foreign subtitles. BA

N956 Lustful Vampire in a Sperm Frenzy (73) aka: Lüsterne Vampire Im Spermarausch aka: Erotikill aka: Female Vampire (and more) This is the hardcore version, with Lina Romay as the mute, sperm sucking vampire, Irina. She feeds off the essence of men and women to sustain her immortality. She's on her knees draining her first victim before the seven minute mark. This movie is available in 4 other versions! So why get this one? Well, it is widescreen, 1 hour and 45 minutes, and in great quality. Lina Romay at her sexiest. Most of the dialogue is in German, but there is some English spoken, and English subtitles throughout. Jess Franco, Alice Arno, Jack Taylor and Monica Swinn also star. Uncut widescreen print of one of Jess Franco's strangest and best films. So if you want the best version with all the naughty bits and in great quality, then here it is! BA

M447 Night of Sexual Aberrations (83) aka: La noche de los sexos abiertos A stripper (Lina Romay) gets involved with the murder of a woman and is enlisted to aid in the hunt for the killer. Plenty of sleaze, nudity and sex (some near hardcore), but this time it is Franco with a plot, that mixes in violence and intrigue as well. Lina seems to be having a great time with her super-stud costar. When they find the gold they get turned on and Lina mounts her lover and starts to moan, as the bad guy sneaks up on them. Crazy sex-filled spy Franco-style and with cool locations. Now for the first time Widescreen and with English subtitles! BA

M345 Obscene Mirror, The (73) aka: Al otro lado del espejo A nightclub singer is haunted by the ghost of her late father. The dead man summons her through a mirror, forcing her to commit a series of violent crimes.... Alternate version! Lina Romay does not even appear in this non XXX version of the movie. Starring Emma Cohen of 'Horror Rises From the Tomb' in one of the best performances Franco ever cajoled out of an actress. Emma Cohen is shown nude in the Italian hardcore version, though she did not participate in any hardcore activity. Despite the quality of this production, she never worked with Franco again, perhaps because she did not know she was ending up in a porn film? In any event, get both versions and compare! In Spanish and with English subtitles. LBX

M464 Revenge of the Alligator Ladies (13) Well, here you have it. The last film actually directed by Jess Franco. He's even in it! Also co-directed by frequent actor and collaborator Antonio Mayans (known as Robert Foster). Two old Spanish guys, filming younger naked ladies (can you blame them?). A detective, once immoral and seductive, has turned more conservative. The alligator ladies are sent to corrupt him and bring him back into the lustful love of sin and shamelessness. Maybe old Franco was trying to tell us something? Or maybe he was just horny until the end? R.I.P. Lina Romay and Jess Franco. Old Jess directed over 200 movies. Widescreen. In Spanish language and with English subtitles. BA

M449 Roland, the World's Sexiest Man (75) aka: Sexy Erotic Job aka: Le jouisseur A wealthy ex-playboy (Count Roland, played by Fred Williams) tires of married life to the sex-guide magnate Barbara. He masquerades as a servant and begins to hunt down women for sex. With Lina Romay, Pamela Stanford and Monica Swinn. In French language and with English subtitles for the first time!

M730 Sadist of Notre Dame (79) aka: El sádico de Notre-Dame An ex-priest (played by Jess Franco himself!) escapes from an asylum and goes on a killing spree. The most cohesive and sharp version of this film we have available. Also with Lina Romay at her 70's hottest. This is the 1979 re-edit with mixtures of various versions. Released in a butchered version by Wizard Video in the 80's that ran 79 minutes, this one runs 95 minutes, is Widescreen plus English dubbed. Warning: XXX scenes as well.

M405 Secrets of Dr. Orloff (64) aka: Le amanti del dr. Jekyll aka: Mistresses of Dr. Jekyll aka: Dr. Orloff's Monster A mad scientist creates a hideous monster to carry out his evil plans. This early Franco is perfect and shows what a great talent he could be when he put his mind to it. There is one truly poignant scene where the monster stumbles about by his own tombstone in a bleak, wintry cemetery. Amazing! English dubbed Widescreen. BA

R51 Shining Sex (77) aka: La fille au sexe brilliant A stripper (Lina Romay) is taken home by strange woman who then seduces her and then rub's some type of lotion on her private parts in between their lesbian sex sessions. This makes her almost catatonic at times. Now you get lots of time with Lina, naked, in her prime, writhing around uninhibited naked turning everyone on. Later she shares some scenes with husband Franco, gets whipped by her lesbian lover, and screws a guy to death. Mostly soft-core but there are scenes here we would consider hardcore as well. This is the uncut 1 hour and 40 minute version and is English language dubbed!



M350 Strange Type, A (63) aka: Uno strano tipo Peppino (Adriana Celento in a duel role), a slow-witted local villager of the Italian resort town of Amalfi, is bribed to impersonate a famed rock and roll star for autographs and personal appearances. Hilarious comedy directed and co written by Lucio Fulci. LBX and with English subtitles. BA



N990 17 and Anxious (70) aka: O Happy Day - aka: Hot Teens of a Good Family aka: I desideri morbosi di una sedicenne From the director of 'Carnivorous Females'. The film alludes to the coming of age experienced by it's youthful protagonists. Catholic schoolgirls. Anna (Anne-Marie Kuster) is struggling with her sexuality as she keeps seeing her nun teacher in her fantasies. Hippie nightclubbing seems to be how people pass their time. Finally she gets a room with a young man and sets out to do the deed. O Happy Day is played at times throughout. Nudity and sexual situations. Also with Nadja Tiller. With English subtitles. BA

M174 18 Shaolin Riders (80) aka: Xuan feng shi ba qi A group of kung fu philanthropists use their deadly skills to protect the weak and needy. Widescreen

D727 5 Steps to Danger (57) aka: Le miroir au secret When his car breaks down on a trip from L.A. to Texas, John Emmet meets another motorist Ann Nicholson (Ruth Roman) who offers him a lift. Ann is on the run and carries a secret formula for a 4000 miles an hour rocket. Not sure who to trust she plans to deliver it into the hands of the wrong man! Spy thriller with a Hitchcockian feel. BA

M848 7 Golden Women Against Two 07 (66) aka: 7 donne d'oro contro due 07 Mark Davis (Mickey Hargitay as Secret Agent 07) is after a Nazi treasure buried somewhere in the Mediterranean waters. The clues to where is hidden in an authentic 'Goya' painting. Problem is, there are six replicas of the same painting, held by different women. Con men, spies and art dealers, and lovely Euro-chicks throughout, including a large catfight (after which, the girls are showered with gold dust that literally makes them all... GOLDEN!) Maria Vincent, Luciana Paoli, Patricia Mendez and more star. Amazing Sharp Widescreen English dubbed

N971 7 Into Hell (68) aka: Commando Attack aka: Giugno '44 - Sbarcheremo in Normandia aka: Zum Krepieren befohlen American commandos are given three days to locate and destroy a radio station in Normandy. The commandos are all volunteers, mostly misfits and miscreants, bringing to mind 'The Dirty Dozen'. Directed by Leon Klimovsky who later would direct a handful of Naschy films. With Michael Rennie. Nice LBX and English dubbed. BA

D768 Across the Lake (88) The true story (with certain liberties taken) of the man who pursued the world water speed record. Donald Campbell (as played by Anthony Hopkins) and his last days are played out here. He died in a high speed crash at age 45. Hopkins would play a similar character in 'The World's Fastest Indian' in 2005.

R493 Acting on Impulse (93) aka: Roses Are Dead The aggressive actress Susan (Linda Fiortino), star of many erotic thrillers, feels stalked by her fans and has a fight with her producer. On one shoot she returns to her hotel, not knowing her producer is dead in his trailer. She meet a man named Paul and begins an affair, and the stalking starts again.... Loads of cameos! Also with Nancy Allen and Adam Ant, Paul Bartel, Isaac Hayes, Don Most, Zelda Rubenstein, Miles O'Keeffe, Casandra (Elvira) Peterson, Dick Sargent, Mary Woronov, even Brinke Stevens as a waitress!

R150 All the Young Men (60) aka: Und der Herr sei uns gnädig aka: Les marines attaquent During the Korean war, a platoon leader dies, leaving his inexperienced black sergeant in charge of his squad of belligerent and racist white men. Alan Ladd, Sidney Poitier and James Darren star. BA

M664 All Things Fair (95) aka: Lust och fägring stor A coming of age story set in WW2 Sweden in which a young man has an affair with his hot teacher. Wildly inappropriate as she is 37 and he is in his teens. She feels alive by his youth, a welcome relief from her drunk and miserable husband. She keeps him in her bed and he misses class. Then she threatens to flunk him! Perplexed, the boy seeks answers. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R126 Among the Cinders (84) aka: Und er nahm mich bei der Hand In New Zealand, young teenager Nick is quite detached from his surroundings due to an unstable family/home life. Nick has a friend that dies on one of their adventures, and he has an enormous amount of guilt by not being able to save him. Beautifully filmed and interestingly downbeat coming of age story.

D257 An Unremarkable Life (89) Patricia Neal (as Frances) and Shelley Winters (as Evelyn) are sisters who have shared a house together for 15 years. Evelyn is emotionally dependent on Frances. Frances is depressing as hell, (shit, they both are!). Frances meets a mechanic (played by Mako) and falls in love. So what life will she choose?

M315 Arizona Road (91) aka: Fuga da Kayenta Italian director Fabrizio De Angelis goes to Arizona to make a movie! And what a movie! Emiliano (Antonio Sabato Jr. in his second film!) is a pilot that left town years ago and has now returned. He has a preference for hard talking, backroom bar boxing matches and other 'manly' pursuits. Before he left town, not really that long ago, he had rescued nun Aurora from being kidnapped by the town's most powerful man MacDonaldson (Lou Castel). Now he is back, Aurora is a slut, and MacDonaldson is wanting payback, hoping to get the sheriff (David Warbeck) in on it as well. Amazing Widescreen version with beautiful photography.

D302 Arrivederci, Baby! (66) aka: Drop Dead Darling Nick (Tony Curtis), tries to kill his wife to get her money, but when learning of this, she plans the same for him! Half-hearted black comedy with some good moments. Zsa Zsa Gabor, Rosanna Schiaffino, Nancy Kwan, Lionel Jeffries and more star. BA

M783 Arturo's Island (62) aka: L'isola di Arturo aka: L'île des amours interdites Arturo is a young man (at 15) who is living alone on a populated island. His mother died, and his father is always away. One day his father returns with a woman of 17 that he makes his bride. Arturo lusts for her, as she is actually much closer to his age, than to his fathers. Rejected, he falls into the bed of an island prostitute. Later he finds out his dad is also seeing a man (a man that Arturo has a violent confrontation with) on the island, and is bisexual. Will Arturo escape this island situation and head to the mainland on his own? Widescreen and with English subtitles. BA

D852 As the Lights Go Out (14) aka: Jiu huo ying xiong A new and incredible Hong Kong disaster film. Set on Christmas Eve, an abandoned warehouse fire sets off a chain of events that plunges the city into darkness, putting many lives in danger. Thanks to many selfless firemen, many will be saved. Simply epic and awesome special effects. Jackie Chan has a cameo. Recommended. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

D920 Assignment to Kill (68) aka: Les tueurs sont lâchés A private eye is hired by an insurance company to investigate a shipping magnate suspected of deliberately sinking his own ships for the insurance money. He finds himself involved in a web of deception, double-crosses and murder. Overlooked fast-paced war thriller with Patrick O'Neal, Herbert Lom, Joan Hackett, Eric Portman and more. Widescreen. BA

M231 Attack and Retreat (64) aka: Italiani brava gente Chronicle of the unheralded and unsuccessful invasion of the Soviet Union by the Italian army during WW2. You too will feel what it was like for the foot soldiers, feel the icy winds rushing across the Russian Steppes, the T-34 tanks advancing against the Italians who are caught out in the open, with no properly prepared positions, or anti-tank weapons. Attack! and um er... Retreat! Nothing funny here though. Most people don't know that the Italians had over 80,000 troops in Russia during WW2, and most died or were captured during a retreat in the dead of winter from Stalingrad. An excellent war film. With Arthur Kennedy and Peter Falk representing for us over here. This is a Soviet/Italian co-production. UNCUT 137 minute print running 33 minutes longer than the U.S. dubbed version! With English subtitles!

D661 Attica (80) aka: Révolte dans la prison d'Attica Behind the scenes of the 1971 prison revolt at Attica Prison in New York circa 1971. Inmates demanding better foods and treatment kidnap 42 guards. What should have been something that could be resolved turns instead into a bloodbath. Final body count 43 dead. Filmed in Lima, Ohio. With Morgan Freeman, Charles Durning, Anthony Zerbe and more.

R242 Badge of the Assassin (85) aka: La griffe de l'assassin Three black revolutionaries gun down two New York city police officers. The subsequent investigation puts a white assistant D.A. (James Woods) and a black police detective (Yaphet Kotto) on the trail of the killers that takes them from New York to San Francisco and down to New Orleans. Also with Pam Grier, Rae Dawn Chong and Alex Rocco. BA

N981 Bait (76) aka: Zerschossene Träume aka: Der Koder A gangster blackmails a young policeman because of some dubious episodes in his past. Unable to hide his guilt any longer, the policeman volunteers for a suicide command. With Carroll Baker

R401 Bastards (06) aka: Svolochi In the Soviet Union, 1943, a group of teenage convicts are secretly trained for a guerrilla mission to stop the actions of a German army group called "Edelweiss".... film's release caused controversy in Russia, where some deemed it "state-supported-Sovietpropaganda” Russian made Widescreen and with English subtitles. BA

D375 Battle at Bloody Beach (61) aka: Schlacht an der Blutküste aka: La Bataille de Bloody Beach Craig (Audie Murphy) searches for his wife (Dolores Michaels) during WW2 on a Japanese held island. Cheap patchwork war cheapie not as bad as you would think. Somewhat unjustly maligned over the decades. Sure it's cheap but who cares. Also with Alejandro Rey, Barry Atwater (The Night Stalker!), Ivan Dixon and more. BA

R301 Battle of El Alamein, The (69) aka: La battaglia di El Alamein In WW2, there's a brutal 12 day fight for survival as a British Infantry battles Rommel's fabled Afrika Korps in the windswept Libyan desert. Michael Rennie stars in this action flick now available Widescreen. BA


D323 Battle of the Network Stars 18 Disc Ultimate Set (76-88) Loads of T.V. stars from the 3 major networks compete in various sporting events. 18 episodes from 18 different events. Only Disc 13 from May 1983 is poor quality. The rest vary but all are pretty decent. See Farrah Fawcett, Lynda Carter... well I can't name them all! Hundreds! If you dig seeing real stars in real situations from a pretty long time ago... this is for you! ALL 18 DISCS $100 Postage Paid! VHS regular price per tape.


D301 Bellman and True (87) aka: Rapina al computer Hiller (Bernard Hill), a computer expert, was bribed by a group of bank robbers to obtain details of a security system at a newly built bank. He thought he was done with them. But now they have traced him and his son to London. They kidnap his son so they can force Hiller to decode the information about the alarm and be a part of the robbery. But the crooks begin to trust Hiller, a big mistake! BA

N997 Berlin Affair, The (85) aka: Leidenschaften aka: Interno berlinese 1938 Berlin. Louise, a high ranking Nazi official's wife, becomes intrigued with the daughter of a Japanese ambassador. Her name is Mitsuko. Louise and Mitsuko start to have sex. Her husband Heinz has just been given the assignment of purging suspected gay men from the Nazi ranks. He knows his wife is sleeping with Mitsuko. One morning Louise wakes to see Heinz having sex with Mitsuko. Mitsuko has control over both of them. But then scandal erupts when Louise and Mitsuko are found out. This can't end well. Excellent recreation of the era. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R330 Big Jim and the Figaro Club (79) Various episodes on one disc of this obscure British comedy show narrated by Bob Hoskins. This was pretty popular but short-lived and still remembered. British humor, if you know it, you love it. DVD-R only.

M666 Black Hand, The (73) aka: La mano near The Birth of the Mafia - Yes! A very nice Widescreen English dubbed version of this Italian made sleaze and brutal violence classic. Set in the early 1900's, with abrupt and jarring set pieces of ultra-violence, gore, and decent dummy effects carnage. This was Italy's answer to 'The Godfather', and at a fraction of the cost, they made one hell of a mob movie here. One scene they actually show a woman getting her tongue cut out and as she falls bleeding the razor is wiped clean on her breasts.

R230 Black Jack (03) aka: BlackJack: Murder Archive When a cop turns in his fellow officer for corruption, the rest of the force turns against him and his new job is to supervise the transfer of old cases onto the computer. He becomes interested in one of the cold cases. Decent and dark Australian made cop thriller with an undercurrent of dread permeating the story throughout. Colin Friels and more star. LBX

D745 Black Spot (91) aka: Hei se zou lang Bloody fights, shootings and more! Bruce Le made a comeback of sorts with this one. He plays a reformed former drug kingpin who goes undercover to investigate a newly opened opium route going through mainland China. Give the guy some credit, this movie is loaded with the works. Very nice LBX upgrade of this brutal kung-fu crime action flick starring Bruce Le (not Bruce Lee) who also directed. With English subtitles.

D218 Black Widow, The (54) aka: L'amante sconosciuta Ginger Rogers plays a bitchy stage diva married to a mousey man and lives in the same apartment building as her producer (Van Heflin). Uncoils in a back-stabbing theatrical milieu with typical characters, a murder mystery and nice backdrops. With George Raft, Otto Kruger and Gene Tierney. BA

D584 Blazing Force (96) Action Star Tyrone Wade is Richard Blaze- an extraordinary Los Angeles cop. Blaze , along with his partner Gary Nicholson (James Gordon), are tough cops on a mission to clean up the streets of L.A. While on a routine call to remove a prostitute from a posh hotel they run into Grecko (Paul Logan), a supernatural killer from another world. Nicholson is killed and Blaze sets out on a quest for justice and revenge that will take him to places that no mortal has ever gone before. In order for Blaze to defeat Grecko he must learn the spiritual ways of the martial arts from an oriental shaman Yang (My Tran). Kung-fu action on a low budget in this straight to video release from real kung fu fighters doing what they do best. BA

D734 Blazing Magnum (76) aka: Una Magnum Special per Tony Saitta aka: Strange Shadows in an Empty Room - An Ottawa police captain looks for the person who poisoned his sister. Amazing chase sequences and plenty of violence, making this a crime/giallo type. A killer cast too with Stuart Whitman, Martin Landau, John Saxon, Tisa Farrow, Gayle Hunnicutt and more. LBX BA

M785 Blonde from Peking, The (67) An actor (Claudio Brook) is hired to impersonate the husband of an amnesiac woman, who used to be the mistress of a Chinese missile expert. He's no spy or agent, simply in it for the money. Extremely feisty women here include Mireille Darc, Francoise Brion, Giorgia Moll and more. Also with Edward G. Robinson. Widescreen BA

M149 Bloody Fists, The (72) aka: Dang kou tan aka: Deadly Buddhist Raiders aka: Zakato - Die Faust des Todes A band of evil Japanese martial artists want to possess all the dragon herb in a small Chinese village. It's up to fugitive loner and ace-karate fighter Jang-Wu-dip to stop these nefarious marauders. Fight choreographer on this went on to do many films and even in the 2000's the 'Kill Bill' movies. Widescreen and English dubbed.

M372 Bloody Hands of the Law, The (73) aka: La mano spietata della legge aka: Execution Squad A crime boss in a hospital gets murdered. A young woman sees the killers, but her roommate convinces her not to tell the cops for fear of retaliation. The bad guys kill the two women anyway. The cops are on the case, but people keep dropping like flies. The mob is behind the hit, and they have the cops in their pocket. With Klaus Kinski, Philippe Leroy, Silvia Monti and more. Finally a nice Widescreen print dubbed into English. BA

R122 Blueberry Hill (88) aka: Ragazzi proibiti The story of a 16 year old girl (Jennifer Rubin) and her repressive relationship with her mother (Carrie Snodgress) against the backdrop of 1950's America. Pretty obscure and with good performances and cool cars and of course... Rubin!

M829 Blunt (87) The story of Anthony Blunt (Ian Richardson) the fourth man in a notorious 1951 spy scandal. Well done, all scenes exude the essence of the era. Anthony Hopkins (as Guy Burgess) delivers attention to the detail of language, phrases and words spot on for the period. The obvious social context is not lost, and the story moves along at a fast clip, never boring. (Part of the Screen Two Series)

D307 Borderline (50) aka: Tráfico de muerte aka: Alarma en la frontera Two undercover agents infiltrate a drug smuggling ring in Mexico, but neither is aware of the other's identity. Fred MacMurray, Claire Trevor and Raymond Burr star. BA


D445 Bounty Hunter 1: The Killer's Mission (69) Before the "Baby Cart" series about the former shogun's decapitator traveling on the road to hell, catapulted him to international stardom, Wakayama Tomisaburo made a series of three films about the shogun's top troubleshooter, Shikoro Ichibei. In 1751, the Dutch attempted to foment revolution by supplying the rebellious Satsuma clan of Kyushu with 1,000 of the most modern firearms of the age. The only one who can stop the sale of these terrifying weapons is Ichibei who is immediately dispatched to Kyushu along with a female who may or may not be his ally. With longtime screen legend Kataoka Chiezo as a Satsuma official working within the clan to help stop civil war, the action heats up and Ichibei must draw his sword time and time again in order to survive.... Action-packed and with a fair amount of slapstick like humor, sometimes sarcastic and with plenty of bloodshed, shot in amazing landscapes ( like a volcano for instance) which enhance the blood-soaked carnage. LBX and with English subtitles.

D444 Bounty Hunter 2: Fort of Death (69) When master killer Shikoro Ichibei takes up the cause of a group of farmers being driven to despair by the vile Lord Ozeki. The villanous lord has driven them to mounting their last stand at a deserted fort against an army of attackers.... Wakayama Tomisaburo is superb as an expert in killing and military tactics, who leaves his medical practice at a clinic for the poor in order to counter the vicious tactics of that vile lord. Tremendous action, from start to finish highlight this powerful tale of violence as the weak farmers learn to stand up for themselves and fight oppression! LBX and with English subtitles.

D443 Bounty Hunter 3: Eight Men to Kill (69) The theft of almost a half ton of gold from the shogunate’s official mine threatens to bankrupt the government of Japan. Despite a desperate search the gold has not been found, causing officials of the Tokugawa ‘bakufu’ to call on their most skillful secret agent, Shikoro Ichibei. This is the third and final chapter of the Shokin Kasegi (Bounty Hunter) series starring the peerless Wakayama Tomisaburo as a doctor who doubles as a bounty hunter with a vast array of weapons and the greatest sword skill in the land.... LBX and with English subtitles.


D381 British Legends of Stage and Screen: Christopher Lee (12) Incredible colorful tribute to Sir Christopher Lee which goes all the way back to his childhood with archive footage and pictures and takes us all the way up to present day. The oldest living actor that served in WW2 that I can think of. Of course Lee (who turns 92 in May) is on hand to talk about his life. How many of you know he just released his second power metal type album last year? He also has worked with Manowar and Rhapsody, two Power Metal bands.

M686 Brothers in Blood (87) aka: La sporca insegna del coraggio aka: Savage Attack Begins back in Viet Nam where soldiers (led by Bo Svenson as Steven Elliot Logan/Steel) are in deadly combat with an overflow of Vietcong soldiers. A chopper rescues the soldiers, but one man is left behind. Twenty years later Logan, a hard-drinking, rough talking, bar fighting man, sees the news report that his old pal they left behind is a P.O.W.. He begins to assemble his old team for an extraction. The cost will be high for all involved. Also with Peter Hooten and Martin Balsam. Directed by Tonino Valerii BA

D471 Bruce's Fingers (76) aka: Lung men bei chi aka: Il colpo segreto di Bruce Lee aka: Bruce Lee - Die Pranke des Leoparden Bruce (Bruce Le, NOT Bruce Lee), is searching for the 'Kung-Fu Finger Book' which is a book written by the great Bruce Lee (seen in archive footage) that teaches that particular style. Various battle weapons and fast paced kick-ass kung-fu violent action galore blended with your typically hilarious bad dubbing and exaggerated sound effects. The bad guy gets it good in the end! LBX and English Dubbed. BA

R331 Burton and Taylor (13) Dominic West takes on the Burton role, Helena Bonham Carter does Taylor. Starts in 1983, with a pill-popping Taylor and a drinking like a fish Burton, on the brink of his doom. Hell, we all know where this was going, but this is a well-made and fun recreation of events.

M117 Bye Bye Barbara (69) A journalist meets a pretty young woman in Biarritz, and they fall in love. Once they return to Paris the woman mysteriously disappears. The atmosphere is the beautiful region of South West France, and then Paris. Just what the hell has happened to Barbara? That is the mystery...... With Ewa Swann as Barbara. Also with Alexandra Stewart. LBX and with English subtitles.

D799 Carnival Rock (57) An owner of a small time rock-n-roll/night club/carnival, falls for a gal (Susan Cabot) he has hired. Musically there are a few highlights: The Platters and more (although nothing complete). Still a cool rock-n-roll film drama. You just know Dick Miller is going to show up! Jonathan Haze and Ed Nelson also star. Roger Corman directs! BA

R113 Case For Life, A (96) Pro-life propaganda with Valerie Bertinelli (at her usual worse) tortured over her choice to abort or to keep as her life is endangered by her pregnancy. Her sister sues her, trying to force her to abort so she will live. Will she do the right thing? Which is...? Or the wrong thing.... which is...? God-awful crap, good for a few laughs. Some glitches.

M173 Cavalier, The (78) aka: Gui ma da xia aka: Gui Ma Shuang Xia Chuang Jiang Chao A grandfather and his young granddaughter travel to town with a very unusual proposition: if any man can beat her in battle, he can take her for his bride.

R171 Certain Killer, A (67) aka: Aru koroshiya An accomplished hit man has a couple tagging along as he deals with Yakuza and other villains. Dramatic look into the sin and redemption side of a killer. LBX and with English subtitles.

D306 Chance (90) After a daring robbery from a jewelry store, the thieves accidentally let their loot fall into the unsuspecting hands of a repo man/ secret alcoholic named Zach (Dan Haggerty). Zach gets help from Chance (Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs). Together they try to stay ahead of the cops and the thugs to make sure they are not pinned with the crimes.

R349 Chappaqua (66) Semi-autobiographical story of Conrad Rooks, who travels to France to undergo a drug-withdrawal cure. Hallucinatory drug-fused trip with music by Ravi Shankar (as the Sun God). Interestingly shot with mind-blowing visuals in black and white and in color. William S. Burroughs is 'Opium Jones'. The Fugs as themselves. Also look for Herve (Tattoo) Villechaize in his film debut and Moondog. Critically panned and hated, still a trippy time capsule of a half century ago.

M827 Choices (81) aka: Dilemma Partially deaf guy fights against prejudice as he struggles to stay on the high school football team despite doctor's recommendation to stay out of the sport. His girlfriend is played by Demi Moore (in her debut). Seems to me chasing a 19 year old Demi would be more interesting than playing football. Still... If you were that age back then, it's a nice time capsule of simpler times.

R309 Churchill's Leopards (70) aka: I Leopardi di Churchill The Mission: The British have to carry out a plan hatched by Churchill himself to blow up a French dam, by bringing in commandos led by the twin brother of the German Commander. Richard Harrison and Klaus Kinski star. Nice English dub and Widescreen BA

D259 Cinema Komunisto (10) This is a documentary about one of the studios in ex-Yugoslavia, "Avala" Film, Belgrade, Serbia. Mostly about production of partisan movies and President Tito's affinity to those movies and cinematography in general. Loads of clips, snips and interviews. LBX and with English subtitles.

D959 City Cops (89) aka: Miao tan shuang long aka: Fight to win Martial arts adventure about a tough F.B.I. cop (Cynthia Rothrock in her prime), after diamond smugglers, high-kicking her way to the final showdown with a Chinese mafia boss. One of Rothrock's best, with fantastic Honk Kong locations. Widescreen and English dubbed.

D220 Cockleshell Heroes, The (55) aka: Himmelfahrtskommando Suspense and action! During WW2, German ships are 'safely' docked upriver at Bordeaux, but the British send a team of kayakers to attack them, in what is generally regarded as a suicide mission. Will they succeed in the covert destruction of an entire German shipyard in occupied France? Jose Ferrer, Trevor Howard, and look for a brief appearance by Christopher Lee as a submarine commandant. LBX BA

R277 Code Name, Red Roses (68) aka: Rose rosse per il führer Allies land in occupied Belgium during WW2 to team up with the Belgium resistance to get a top secret allied memorandum back that fell into the hands of the Nazis. Multiple battles claim lives from both sides in a high body count. Joe D'Amato operates the camera in this action packed outing. James Daly, Pier Angeli, Peter Van Eyck and more star. Widescreen and English dubbed. BA

M843 Cold War Killers, The (86) The Ministry of Defense is sent to investigate the discovery of a British Air Force plane from the Cold War Era found submerged in a pond with the dead pilot still at the controls. What they discover is a secret that raises some serious questions about the Russians and some secret negotiations with Nazi Germany during WW2. Terence Stamp stars. BA

M687 Condor (90) aka: After the Condor aka: Sulle tracce del condor The chase is on to locate the greatest treasure ever stolen by the governor of Peking, lost in the icy depths of a glacier-filled lake after a plane crash. An assortment of characters is involved in the quest. Sergio Martino directs this action packed flick and uses leading action star Daniel Greene again (who he used in his apocalyptic 'Hands of Steel' in 86). Greene is hired by Charles Napier and things get fairly mean-spirited. With an exciting finale at a huge waterfall. With hot chicks Christine Leigh and Katja Alemann. Also with Brent Huff.

M118 Corbari (70) aka: Le dernier guet-apens The real story of the partisan Silvio Corbari (Giuliano Gemma). He started a revolution against fascism in Italy during WW2. Dark war film with more emphasis on executions (by hanging and from being shot) than from actual war action. Perfect recreation of the era with splendid photography, dead serious, and a perfect colorful widescreen print. Also with Tina Aumont. Dubbed into English. BA

M336 Counselor, The (73) aka: Counselor at Crime aka: Il consigliori When the Godson of one San Francisco's crime lord's asks to leave the business, Don Antonio (Martin Balsam) reluctantly agrees, setting into motion events that eventually lead to a bloody mob war. With Tomas Milian, Dagmar Lassander and more. Quite excellent. Directed by Alberto De Martino. Nice LBX and English dubbed. BA

D438 Countdown (11) aka: Ka-woon-teu-da-woon Tae is a tough collection agent who uses a cattle prod in fights. After a series of fainting spells he is told he has liver cancer and quickly needs a transplant to survive. He uses his skills to trace recipients of organs donated by his late son. He finds the woman who has the liver but what she wants in return is revenge on others! There's more of course, in this darkly violent and cool little thriller from South Korea. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R66 Covert Action (78) aka: Sono stato un agente C.I.A. Italian/Greece action thriller with a somewhat realistic take on the spy genre. Ex-spy (played by David Janssen in one of his last good roles) is threatened by a ruthless CIA man (played by Arthur Kennedy) after he writes a book based on his years with the agency. Some unexpected twists and turns. Also with Corinne Clery. Her previous film before this was 'Hitch Hike' with David Hess. Her next two films would be 'The Humanoid' followed by 'Moonraker'. Widescreen and in English language but with foreign subs. BA

R165 Crazy Joe (74) Peter Boyle is simply excellent in the lead as a mafia gangster. Some may have called this 'Godfather-lite' but I would give it more credit. The locations and actors are dead on, and with what they had to work with this is quite good, and based on actual events, even using some real footage from the actual events portrayed in parts of the film. One reviewer called the film “outdated”. Gee what decade do you think they were trying to depict you clod, the 2000’s? With Eli Wallach, Henry Winkler, Rip Torn, Paula Prentiss, Fred Williamson and even Herve Villechaize! LBX BA


D596 Crimson Bat: The Blind Swordswoman (69) aka: Mekura no oichi monogatari: Makkana nagaradori {PART 1 in the series} Oichi is young and blind, abandoned by her mother. Her guardian trains her in the ways of the sword. When he is killed, she goes off to seek her mother, and her revenge. Nice Widescreen and with English subtitles.

D595 Crimson Bat: Trapped! (72) aka: Mekurano Oichi jigokuhada {PART 2 in the series} Oichi returns as the cold bounty killer, (this time marrying and settling down in a seemingly domestic bliss) before her past, the same whip wielding lady villainess, comes calling. Oichi manages to carve her way through the cast with ease. Nice widescreen and with English subtitles.

M251 Crimson Bat: Watch Out! (69) aka: Mekurano Oichi midaregasa{PART 3 in the series} Oichi (Yoko Matsuyama) is a blind swordswoman hired to carry an important scroll of unknown contents (since she can't see them, she is to be trusted). On the journey she helps a pair of homeless teenage siblings and is challenged by a number of swordsmen who are trying to take the scroll (which contains a formula for a super bomb!). Nice bloody fights. Now LBX and with English subtitles!

D608 Crimson Bat: Oichi: Wanted Dead or Alive (70) aka: Mekurano Oichi inochi moraimasu {PART 4 in the series.} Amazing Widescreen and with English subtitles


M470 Dance of Reality, The (13) aka: La danza de la realidad Alejandro Jodorowsky was born in 1929 in Tocopilla, a coastal town on the edge of the Chilean desert where this film was shot. It was there that he had an alienated and dismal childhood, being part of an uprooted family. Blending his personal history with mythology, metaphor and poetry, 'The Dance of Reality' reflects Jodorowsky's philosophy that reality is not objective, but rather a dance created by our own imaginations. His first film in 23 years. I would guess maybe his last? Very cohesive narrative makes this compelling. In Spanish language and with English subtitles. BA

D929 Dangerously Close (86) aka: Campus '86 Rebel without a cause or a clue at an elite uptight high school, discovers that some of his classmates have formed an even more elite group. A group that is determined to rid the world of those they think are undesirable, which includes some fellow classmates. He enlists the aid of a teacher and some social misfits to battle the evil classmates, and much violence, and a cool 80's soundtrack ensue. BA

D736 Darrow (91) The life and career of Clarence Darrow (Kevin Spacey), the noted American lawyer and civil libertarian.

D986 Date For a Murder (67) aka: Omicidio per appuntamento aka: Agent 3S3 setzt alles auf eine Karte Two American friends reconnect in Italy. When one goes missing, the other finds himself caught up in international intrigue, murder and other problems typical of the spy genre, the perk being the sexy women that always make their way into these tales (thankfully!). Beautiful images of Rome, a creepy bad guy in a motorized wheelchair, a nice soundtrack, beatings, and fast-paced well choreographed action sequences. With George Ardisson, Gunther Stoll, Mario Brega, Halina Zalewska (who died in a fire in 1976 at age 36) and more star. Widescreen and English dubbed. BA

M317 Dead Run (67) aka: Geheimnisse in goldenen Nylons A petty thief (Peter Lawford) on the run, drawn into a high-stakes game of espionage. The days are wet and dark, the deeds darker. An unusual spy-type with a serious tone, minus the gadgetry. With Ira von Furstenberg. English dubbed and LBX. BA

M814 Dear Mr. Wonderful (82) aka: Ruby’s Dream Joe Pesci plays a bowling alley owner and a singer that dreams of making it big in Vegas, but really doesn't have the talent to be a success. Pesci croons his Rat Pack type tunes with confidence aside his bowling customers. (Young Joe Pesci was a singer that actually had an album called 'Little Joey Sings'!) The place is losing money. King Mobster (played by Frank Vincent, the same guy that helps club Pesci to death in 1996's 'Casino') plans to torch the place. Downbeat and gritty. With a cameo by Tony Martin and if you keep your eyes peeled you'll see a few other notables briefly.

R159 Delinquent Boss (68) aka: Furyô banchô aka: Wolves of the City - Kosaka is the leader of a motorcycle gang and also a small-time swindler. He hits it off with a Yakuza's daughter. Later he finds himself in way too deep when he gets involved in a scheme that blackmails the Yakuza and a land developer. LBX and with English subtitles.

M836 Delta Force Commando (88) Latin American Revolutionaries attack a Puerto Rico base and make off with a nuclear bomb. Send in tough guy Captain Samuel Beck (Fred Williamson) to track down the bad guys and retrieve the weapon in the jungles of Nicaragua. Bo Svenson, Brett Baxter Clark and Mark Gregory ( straight off the set of 'Thunder 3')! Many people hate this movie, but for 'Z' movie action cheese, it is exactly what you would expect...fun! BA

R282 Desperado Outpost (59) aka: Dokuritsu gurentai aka: L'avamposto dei disperati When Sergeant Okubu's brother is murdered at a Japanese outpost in Northern China during WW2, Okubu poses as a war correspondent and seeks out his brother's killer. When the command is wiped out by Chinese forces, Okubu escapes and joins a tribe of bandits. Look for Toshiro Mifune as a Battalion Commander. Starring Makoto Sato, the sly faced actor who made a career out of playing mainly villains. LBX and with English subtitles.

D655 Destruction Force (77) aka: La banda del trucido aka: Die Gangster-Akademie A shootout after a robbery ends with the death of the chief of police. A detective goes in search of the man responsible, which leads him to a Sicilian gangster, and also the dirty leader of a gang of killers. Fast and violent with Luc Merenda, Katia Christine and many more. LBX BA

M670 Diabolikal Superkriminal, The (07) A documentary on the controversial 1960's Italian photo novels known as 'Killing' aka: 'Satanik'. Also the basis for the Turkish cult film series 'Kilink'. Includes interviews with the original actors who were familiar faces in Spaghetti westerns, Giallos, and more genre type films from the era. Loaded with nice color clips and snips of the novels art and the films. All fans of this material, this is amazing stuff here! LBX and with English subtitles.

M824 Dog Day (84) aka: CaniculeFrench made film about a fugitive (Lee Marvin) on the run from the law, who holes up in the country, holding a farm family hostage until the heat cools off. Little does he know they have even darker attitudes and inclinations than he, and shit will definitely be hitting the fan. The opening shoot-put sequence is a homage of sorts to Sam Peckinpah. The rest of the film boasts a decent body count as well. Also with Tina (Ginger) Louise. An odd but entertaining mess of a film for Marvin, and one of his last.

M688 Domino (88) Unclassifiable as far as film goes. Brigitte Nielson (looking pretty good) stars as a woman who makes fashion videos, Jaded, she jet-sets around dressed in the hottest 80's styles looking for love. Plenty of nudity and luckily Brigitte needs no coaxing to take off her clothes. This is the Uncut 97 minute European version. For fans of Nielson in her 'hot' era, this is a must! BA

D995 Dove Must Not Fly, The (70) aka: La colomba non deve volareA Spanish Nazi (Horst Buchholz) works undercover in Libya where he enlists the aid of international thugs to heist several hundred gallons of fuel. He's to take the fuel to an isolated corner of the desert, where he will rendezvous with an Italian aircraft that needs refueling en route to an Allied target. Hot on his heels is a British Major (William Berger). Camel riding sword-swinging Arabs, double agents, nice location filming and more. Also with Sylva Koscina. Pretty epic looking great quality Widescreen and English dubbed. BA

M171 Dynamite Shaolin Heroes (77) aka: Long quan xiao ziAfter the fall of the Ming Dynasty, China is thrown into turmoil. The loyalists seek the return of Ming, the government is determined to stay in power. The only difference between the two is one saves life, the other takes it away.

D472 Dynamo (78) aka: Bu ze shou duan aka: Superdinâmico More Bruceploitation! Based loosely on the master himself centering on sex, love, courage, training and competition (though not in that order). Many locations including Chicago and New York. Funky, violent and funny. LBX and dubbed into English! BA

D219 Eight Iron Men (52) aka: Otto uomini di ferro Lee Marvin as the Sergeant of a small squad laid over during fighting in Italy. As tensions arise between battles, they are ordered not to rescue a squad mate who is pinned down by the enemy.... an order they may not be able to obey. Cool character study war film. With Arthur Franz, Dickie Moore, Richard Kiley and more. BA

D893 El Clan De Los Nazarenos (75) aka: I quattro del clan dal cuore di pietra A priest whose faith is weakened, tries to find God through punishment.... He meets a gang of young offenders and in front of them commits all kinds of outrages aimed to provoke the wrath of God ... all hell is preferable to the doubts that plague him... Crime drama starring Javier Escrivá,Bastedo,Sabato,Mozarowsky,Romero Marchent,Bonicalzi,Folledo.. LBX - F.L. BA

R494 Emma Hamilton (68) aka: Le calde notti di Lady Hamilton Emma (Michele Mercier), a young shepherdess, leaves her sheep behind and follows an artist, relocating to London. Her new job is a model, eventually, socialite. A little nudity, some lesbianism and dramatic situations in this colorful costumer set in the 19th century. When her lover goes to war, we get some ships on the seas action. Also with Richard Johnson, John Mills and Nadja Tiller. BA

D294 Encore (51) aka: Gigolo e gigolette The film is made from three short stories by W. Somerset Maugham (and the author even introduces them!). Each story reminds one of a Alfred Hitchcock episode. With Glynis Johns. BA

D368 Escapees, The (81) aka: Les paumées du petit matin Jean Rollins directed this bizarre oddity. Although there is no horror, and only a little bit of sleaze and violence (courtesy of Brigitte Lahaie no less!), you still feel Rollins presence. Two girls, one feisty and the other practically catatonic, run away from a psych ward crazy house, meet a butch pick-pocket girl, some black strippers, and a bunch of sailors and end up in a series of misadventures. Downbeat and weird. With English subtitles.

D382 Every Man is My Enemy (67) aka: Qualcuno ha tradito aka: Null uhr 7 Kommt John Harris aka: Requiem pour une canaille Safe cracker Tony Costa (Robert Webber) is recruited to pull a heist job with some accomplices in Marseilles. As usual with these types, things do not go as planned and we ride towards a grim conclusion courtesy of screenwriter Dario Argento! Directed by Franco Prosperi. In German language and with no subtitles. F.L. BA

M289 Every Man is My Enemy (67) aka: Qualcuno ha tradito aka: Requiem pour une canaille Excellent hard-as-nails and gritty heist film with Robert Webber (as a safecracker) and Elsa Martinelli. This one co-written by Dario Argento! Finally a Widescreen English language print! BA

D448 Famous Monster: Forrest J. Ackerman (07) A year before his death (Forry are you out there?), this Canadian tribute was filmed with many people participating like Ray Bradbury, Joe Dante and many more including the then 91 year old Ackermonster, an Uncle to some, an icon to many. Loaded with clips and snips of interest to the children of FJA.

D918 Fanfare for a Death Scene (64) An American secret agent named Stryker (Richard Egan), on a mission to locate a vanished scientist, must recover the scientist's revolutionary secret formula before the enemy catches up with his quarry first. Stylish visual flair and bizarre characters add to the surreal tone of this one directed by 'Outer Limits' writer Leslie Stevens. With Burgess Meredith, Tina Louise, Telly Savalas, Viveca Lindfors and Edward Asner. This was the pilot for an unsold prospective series to be called ' Stryker'.

R137 Fearmakers, The (58) aka: Los intimidadores A Korean veteran cooperating with a Senate committee uncovers subversives. You can see also in this film the way we accept political corruption as expected and 'business as usual'. Jaded paranoia film with twists and surprises directed by Jacques Tourneur, a year after his great 'Night of the Demon'. BA

D231 Federal Agent at Large (50) A crime ring is smuggling gold from Mexico across the border in the U.S. Customs sends an agent to Mexico to infiltrate the ring and halt the smuggling. Tense, tight, damn near perfect crime thriller with Denver Pyle, Kent Taylor, Dorothy Patrick and more. BA

D869 Fever Heat (68) In one of his last roles, Nick Adams plays a young mechanic that finds danger and romance in the sometimes unscrupulous world of stock car racing. With Jeannine Riley and Norman Alden. Small but tough Nick Adams was found dead of a drug overdose February 7th 1968. BA

D518 Fifties British War Films + Hollywood's Lost Screen Goddess: Clara Bow (various) Two great docus from the U.K.! First explore the world of war with Britain in the 1950's with clips and talk about the best films about the subject from that era. Next, billed as 'The Hottest Jazz Baby in Films' Clara Bow was the 'it' girl of her time, but her personal problems destroyed her career as she quit the business at age 28 and lived a life battling insanity and weight problems until her death of a heart attack at age 60. This is a docu on her.

M569 Final Contract, The (92) aka: Due vite, un destino Cool Italian mob picture! The Dellacroce brothers (Burt Young and Philippe Leroy) are the head's of Milan's crime syndicate. Detective Calarno (Fabio Testi) has one of their accountants in hiding as a key witness against them. Sloane (Michael Nouri) is a hit man hired by the Dellacroce brothers to knock off the rat. But Nouri is not what he appears to be in this slick well-made crime drama. Also with Carol Alt, Rod Steiger and Anna Kanakis. In English language but there are foreign subs at the bottom of the screen.

R228 Firechasers, The (71) aka: Spirale di fuoco An insurance investigator (Chad Everett) is on the hunt for a pyromaniac, as well as pursuing a romance with a sexy reporter (Anjanette Comer). Also with Rupert Davies and directed by Sidney Hayers. Everett died of lung cancer in 2012. BA

M177 Fist From Shaolin (93) aka: Huang Fei Hong zhi nan er dang bao guoWong Fei Hong must fight against slave trader Master Eleven and Perfect Wu to stop the Chinese being sold as slaves to work in the gold mines.

R356 Five For Hell (69) aka: 5 per l'inferno Lt. Hoffman is a fun loving leader of a bunch of oddball G.I.'s whose mission is to steal the German's secret attack plans from a villa behind enemy lines, where they run into a ruthless Nazi commander. We just had to re-list this cool cartoonishly violent war action with Klaus Kinski, Margaret Lee and Gianni Garko because this print is Super Sharp and Widescreen. A Spaghetti western masquerading as a war film? Recommended! BA

R248 Flying Missile, The (50) aka: Il mistero del V3 Fictional account of the role played by a somewhat impetuous U.S Naval Commander (Glenn Ford) in developing the first means in launching missiles from submarines. A moralistic McHale's Navy as the obstacles and shenanigans pile up in front of achieving the goal. With Viveca Lindfors. BA

R70 For Your Love Only (76) Nastassja Kinski stars in her second movie and she is only 15 or 16 years old in this! She's maybe a bit easy, and when one young man begins to put the moves on her in the woods, she bashes his head in with a rock! This turns into a murder mystery as she dodges the detectives on the case. Kinski is irresistible. This considered controversial due to her age and her very adult naked behavior. Remember, she did full frontal nudity in Hammer's “To the Devil, a Daughter” when she was 16, and it aired uncut on TCM just a few months ago. Directed by Wolfgang Peterson who went on to to direct some Hollywood blockbusters.

M471 Forever (91) aka: Per Sempre Berenice (Eva Grimaldi) is mesmerized by her father (Ben Gazarra) since he is a rich and powerful businessman. She begins to investigate his love life to feel closer to him. But how close is too close? Also with the delectable Janet Agren (the hot Swedish blonde's last film) and Corinne Clery (Bond girl among numerous roles). Ben Gazzarra was one lucky bastard if you look at his resume. He died in 2012 at age 81. This one is in English language and has foreign subtitles.

R103 Freaks Uncensored (99) A comprehensive history of human oddities and their relationship with society throughout the ages. Covers a time when freaks actually were proud and made a living off of their deformities, instead of this politically correct world where they are forced onto welfare and are a burden to society. Many of the performers now that follow the old ways are usually self-made oddities, meaning those who tattoo or body modify themselves into weirdness instead of being born naturally deformed.

R69 Friends (71) aka: Due ragazzi che si amano With one of their father's recently deceased and the other hardly there, fate brings together 14 year old Michelle (a poor orphan) and 15 year old Paul (a rich kid) at the zoo. They run away and start to play house in a rural seaside cottage. In between their adventures, they get naked and have sex. Now Michelle is knocked up. A lover's spat has them run from each other, only to fall back into one another's arms for more sex! They get married in a Catholic church. Paul will have to deliver the baby. Beautifully filmed in the French countryside. Very controversial due to the age of the actors. With a soundtrack by Elton John just as he was about to break big in America. There was a sequel to this made in 1974. BA

M355 From Istanbul With Orders to Kill (65) aka: Da Istanbul ordine di uccidere A starving writer is offered 20,000 by an old friend in the intelligence service to pose as 'Felix', an international smuggler, because the writer looks exactly like this Felix. There's lots of action, beautiful locations in Italy and (presumably) Istanbul, double-crosses galore, fistfights, chases and more. With a snappy jazzy score. Lucretia Love, Nino Fuscagni, Christopher Logan, Paul Muller and more star.

D469 From the Archives of the Criminal Police (73) aka: Dagli archivi della polizia criminale Rare little Italian crime thriller with Edmund Purdom in the lead. He is out to smash a drug ring in Tunisia. There are plenty of girls on hand for job enhancement like. Alan Steel stars and Gordon Mitchell appears in the opening, only to be gunned down pretty quick so his involvement is small. Microfilm, hookers, shady murderous sheiks, a whipping, bombs, and a James Bond like finale at a large palatial estate guarded by thugs. But where is the goddamn microfilm? LBX and with English subtitles.

D972 Fuller Report (69) aka: Rapporto Fuller, base Stoccolma Dick Worth (Ken Clark) is a badass race car driver who becomes entangled in espionage involving a Russian ballerina (drop dead gorgeous Beba Loncar) and a secret document called the 'Fuller Report'. Fast spy-thriller with a jazzy spy-pop soundtrack and cool locations. Widescreen. BA

M570 Funny Face of the Godfather, The (73) aka: L'altra faccia del padrino aka: Ein Pate kommt selten allein A complete spoof and rip-off of 'The Godfather'! They even have an actor that is a dead-ringer for Brando's Corleone! Scenes and even some dialogue stolen from 'The Godfather' as well. Although this is a comedy, there is much violence here too! If you are a fan of 'The Godfather', then you have got to see this! English dubbed and Widescreen, with foreign subtitles at the bottom of the screen. BA

R468 Gambling For Head (75) aka: Do ren tou A man is obsessed with avenging the brutal death of his younger brother at the hands of corrupt casino gangs. Gory eye-ball gougings, stabbings, people impaled, fight scenes, and heads do roll! Uncut print and in English language! BA

D821 Ghost, The (08) aka: Domovoy A novelist struggling with writer's block enlists the aid of an assassin for some inspiration- fully aware that he is being set up to take the blame for a murder. When you play with fire... Decent Russian made thriller and with English subtitles. BA

M896 Girl Merchants (57) aka: Sellers of Girls aka: Marchands de filles A young French woman travels to South America for a job offer and ends up a prisoner in a slave camp for women run by a sadistic gangster. The Big Whorehouse is like a Latin-styled department store of female flesh with a long que of horny men stretching outside. Nice downbeat violent ending. BA

R445 Glenrowan Affair, The (51) Excellent (for 1951) Australian film on the outlaw 'Ned Kelly' (and his gang), whose legend outlived his life. Later Ned Kelly was revisited with Mick Jagger in the lead role, and still later with Heath Ledger. So this is like an Australian western loosely based on true characters and events, filmed in Australia.

R478 Glory Brigade, The (53) aka: Brigata di fuoco aka: La brigade glorieuse During the Korean War, Lt. Sam Pryor (Victor Mature), volunteers his platoon to escort Greek troops to perform a reconnaissance mission behind communist lines. Mistrust between the Greeks and the Americans is the least of their worries. Lee Marvin and Richard Egan also star. Action packed high-body count war film. One special effects guy died while working with dynamite on this film. BA

D798 Go, Johnny Go! (59) aka: Los rebeldes del rock and roll Rock-n-Roll promoter Allen Freed holds a challenge search to develop a new rock star. Jimmy Clanton has won, but doesn't know it, and they must track him down! Pretty amazing. With the only movie appearance of Ritchie Valens (doing a 'Little Richard' song). Also with Chuck Berry, The Cadillacs, Eddie Cochran (in one of his only on film appearance's as he too was dead by April 1960 at age 21) more. Old-time rock-n-roll that scared the piss out of everybody way back when. BA

D849 Golden Chicken (02) aka: Gam gaiAfter his attempted robbery goes awry, a thief takes an interest in his intended victim, who turns out to be a prostitute (chicken as known in Hong Kong slang). Trapped in the ATM together, she begins to tell him her extremely bizarre, comedic and sometimes sordid life story, told and seen in vivid flashback. With English subtitles.

D305 Great Killing, The (64) aka: Dai satsujin A Shogunate elder connives to rule Japan by making his puppet, the Shogun's brother Tsunashige, the next Shogun. The best strategist in Japan, Yamaga, leads a plot to stop the Elder, but his cabal is betrayed and most of the conspirators are captured and tortured. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R212 Grievous Bodily Harm (88) A man receives photos of his wife (who has been missing) in compromising poses, the daily routine of a crime reporter, and a relentless cop who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. These three elements collide in a roller coaster ride of plot twists and double crosses with Cohen brothers type dramatic irony, horror and suspense. Widescreen

D499 Guilty Bystander (50) aka: Hotel der Verlorenen An alcoholic ex-cop, now the house detective at a sleazy hotel in an even seedier section of town, searches through New York cities dark underworld for his kidnapped son. Stumbling from skid row to waterfront or warehouse, he manages to keep his booze intake steady as he goes. A bit dark and gritty. With Zachary Scott, Faye Emerson and Mary Boland. BA

D907 Hammerhead (87) aka: Cobra Revenger Another action thriller from Italian director Enzo G. Castellari! A detective (Daniel Greene of 'Atomic Cyborg') hunts for the man who murdered his friend. The trail leads to the Caribbean, where he finds himself caught up in corruption, drugs and murder in Jamaica. Swift chases and fights Castellari style! With Melonee (indeed) Rodgers, Donna Rosea and Frank Zagarino.

D274 Hans-Joachim Klein: My Life as a Terrorist (05) This is a documentary about the life of a former German terrorist who was involved in the attack of the OPEC building in Vienna in the seventies. He now lives in France. Although involved in many attacks and protests, he never killed any innocent civilians. He bailed on the whole terrorist gig when his leftist organization's leaders ordered him to kill the head of Jewish communities in Germany. He knew the SS had held his mother during WW2 and later committed suicide, and he himself was half Jewish! Conundrum. I'm Out! LBX and with English subtitles.

R213 Happy New Year (87) aka: Un'idea geniale Small time crooks Nick (Peter Falk) and Charlie (Charles Durning) have a detailed plan to rob a jewelry store in this crime caper comedy. With wacky disguises (make-up Academy Award nominated) and careful orchestration they could possibly pull this off. But when Nick falls for Carolyn (Wendy Hughes), things go awry. Widescreen

M832 Hard Knox (84) aka: L'école des héros Life in a military school lead by seasoned professional and hard ass Knox (Robert Conrad), who has been grounded and reassigned to whip the failing school into shape. Every stereo-type and cliché available to this type of feel good dramady with a big competition (against a rival academy), bad boys learning how to channel their energies, wimpy boys gaining courage, jokers who become serious, adversaries who become friends...etc. Conrad was born for roles like this. With Red West and more.

M291 Hard to Remember (74) aka: Dandelions aka: Pusteblume Pre-mainstream Rutger Hauer plays a sailor turned hard-drinker womanizer. He forces one woman to strip at gunpoint, but it is a paint gun and he shoots her bare ass and drives off leaving her by the side of the road. Later when playing pinball he flirts with more girls, finally choosing one, but he leaves her as well. Hell everywhere he goes beautiful women are practically throwing themselves at him. His madness is due to coming home and finding out that his wife is a junkie whore. A tasteless and trashy exercise in misogyny and sex in this LBX English dubbed version. Also with Dagmar Lassander, Shirley Corrigan and more.

M828 Hazard of Hearts, A (87) aka: Les hasards de l'amour Romance story with luxurious and spectacular scenarios set in a British High class setting with a convoluted Dickensian plot. Diana Rigg (and her selection of high-society hats) is the evil mother, a young Helena Bonham Carter stars, along with Stewart Granger (in one of his last roles), Christopher Plummer, Anna Massey, Edward Fox and more.

R166 Hell's Five Hours (58) aka: Raketenbasis X 13 sprengen A powerful compact nail biter with Vic Morrow. Morrow plays a disgruntled worker that when fired, straps dynamite to his chest, activated by a mercury-switch detonator, if he topples over from a rifle-shot say, the thing goes off anyway. This would set off a deadly explosion, flatten a town, and spread cyanide gas across the land. Morrow is pretty pissed. Excellent. Also with Colleen (The Leech Woman) Gray. BA

D962 Her Majesty's Top Gun (70) aka: No 1 of the Secret Service aka: Sono il n. 1 del servizio segreto No 1. (Nicky Henson) is fearless, irresistible, and licensed to kill. He is assigned to kill a madman who is killing international financiers. Before getting the bad guy, No 1. encounters mercenaries from the evil organization K.R.A.S.H. (Killing, assault, Arson, Slaughter and Hit (!!)) Cool James Bond spoof with many recognizable British actors. From a Japanese print so there are Japanese subtitles, but is in spoken English BA

R121 Hit and Run (83) aka: Taxi-Driver kämpfen nie allein A Manhattan cabbie who is a widower due to the hit and run death of his spouse, is framed for murder by a customer. Starring Bart Braverman (he was Pepe in 'Twenty Million Miles to Earth'). Obscure. Also Claudia Cron, Paul Perri and more.

M826 Hunk (87) aka: Uma Troca dos Diabos A computer nerd makes a deal with the devil (James Coco in one of his last performances) and gets a new studster hunk body so he can score with O'Brien (Deborah Shelton, who's last film up to this point was 'Body Double'). Look for Brad Pitt in a background shot at 16 minutes or so, and this is his film debut, even though you barely see him. This movie is pretty funny at times, and is loaded with some strange homo-erotic moments. Also with Hillary Shephard and more. BA

D371 Hunter of the Unknown (66) aka: Agent 3S3, Massacre in the Sun aka: Agente 3S3, massacro al sole - An American agent (George Ardisson) is assigned to rescue a scientist who was abducted on the St. Felipe island by a tyrant. Seems the tyrant is aiding a mad scientist who is developing a lethal gas, and he is having second thoughts. Also with Eva Marandi, Kitty Swan and more. Followed by some cool trailers!

M572 Hunter Will Get You (76) aka: L'alpagueur aka: El cazador de hombres Excellent Jean-Paul Belmondo crime thriller! He plays a former big game hunter hired to catch a villain called 'The Beast', a robber no one can catch because he kills all witnesses. Until one day when a witness survives! The villain has lines like 'It's a nasty business gentlemen. There will be widows and orphans." Cool. LBX and English dubbed. BA

M472 Husbands and Lovers (91) aka: La villa del venerdìA sophisticated young couple's attempt at an open marriage backfires. The trouble begins when the husband (Julian Sands) finds out the wife (Joanna Pacula) is involved in a dangerously masochistic relationship with her lover. Pacula has many nude scenes. Not as sleazy as I would have liked, but still very well made and with good dialogue. Movie is in English language and has foreign subtitles.

M124 Idol, The (66) aka: Pasiones turbulentas Marco (Michael Parks), a young arrogant (and coldly wicked sadistic) art student, is friendly with Timothy (John Leyton), a medical student, and Sarah (Jennifer Hilary) his girlfriend. Timothy is dominated by his mother Carol (Jennifer Jones),who is divorcing her husband and is needy and vulnerable. Sarah falls for Marco. Overprotective mother (to Timothy) Carol catches Marco and Laura together. Later Marco seduces pathetic Carol (Again so far from Burnadette!). Set in swinging sixties mod London. Jennifer Jones took a step from the gutter right into the trash with her next film 'Angel Angel Down We Go'. Michael Parks continues work today and was in the recent 'Django Unchained' and many more. BA

D303 Illegal in Blue (95) aka: Vendetta in blu A cop taking personal leave after he witnesses money stolen from the police property room becomes involved with a beautiful singer who may have killed her husband. Stacey Dash stars in this erotic thriller. Twists and turns in a film noir style, with plenty of nudity and sex. This is the 93 minute unrated version.

D546 In Crowd, The (88) aka: Metidos en el rollo aka: Dance Party Set in the 1965. A young man of the rock and roll generation is in his senior year of high school when he gets on a popular teen dance television show and becomes a star. Conundrum as he finds fame is not all it is cracked up to be. Authentic old dances performed, nice production values puts you in the era. Donovan Leitch Jr. Joe Pantoliano, Jennifer Runyon, Bruce Kirby, Peter Boyle and more. BA

D919 Incident at Blood Pass (70) aka: Machibuse aka: Ambush In the Edo period, a nameless ronin (Toshiro Mifune) accepts an invitation to go to a mountain pass and wait. Near the mountain he stops at an inn where a collection of characters gather, including a gang set on stealing shogunate gold that's soon to come over the pass. Then the ronin's assignment becomes clear, to help the gang. He is ordered to kill the inn's residents, including a woman he had rescued from her abusive husband. He's not into murdering the innocent, and soon realizes he is being double-crossed. Excellent Widescreen and with English subtitles.

D852 Inferno (13) aka: Out of Inferno aka: Inferuno: Dai-kasai dasshutsu Two estranged brothers in, Tai-Kwan and Keung worked together as firefighters. The last time they spoke with one another was during the funeral of their father.... Keung, now retired from firefighting, operates a fire protection systems company. He holds a celebration of the opening of the office of his company. Meanwhile, Tai-Kwan's wife, Si-lok, is seeing a doctor in the same building. A fire breaks out in the basement and travels upwards. Tai-Kwan sends in his unit to fight the fire. Keung finds Si-lok and struggles to rescue her. LBX with English subtitles BA

M815 Intimate Agony (83) aka: Doctor in Paradise Dr. Kyle Richards (Luke from General Hospital and star of 'Blood Sabbath') is a whistle blowing doctor taking over a practice on an island of rich white people that have managed to spread a Herpes epidemic amongst themselves due to rampant promiscuity. He encourages the carriers to contact their lovers to 'spread' the news. This disturbs Tommy (Mark Harmon), because it will certainly put a stop to his booty calls. Marsha (Judith Light) is embarrassed. Sobering, sometimes amusing account. Before the AIDS epidemic, there was this. Also with Robert Vaughn.

R239 Intrigue (88) aka: Operaatio Moskova A spy is looking for his old colleague who now works for the other side in this spy thriller. Scott Glenn, Robert Loggia, William Atherton, and more star in this intense spy outing.

R506 INXS: Never Tear Us Apart (14) Epic 3 hour Australian movie about Australia's own INXS. Fleshed out characters and well-acted performances all leading up to depressed Michael Hutchence's death from accidental sexual suicide. Well made and fairly devastating. With Luke Arnold (John Silver in 'Black Sails') as Hutchence, Damon Herriman (Justified, Battle Creek) and more. DVD-R only, no VHS.

D665 Isadora (68) aka: The Loves of Isadora A biography of dancer Isadora Duncan (Vanessa Redgrave), the 1920's dancer who changed dance with nudity, semi-nudity, and lifestyles that shocked many in the twenties. Up until her graphic death at a young age, this film has her death scene as it actually happened. BA

M442 Jail Bait (73) aka: Wildwechsel aka: Selvaggina di passo Obscure film from Rainer Werner Fassbinder. A strange tale about the romance between a 14 year old girl ( Hanni, played by 18 year old Eva Mattes) and a 19 year old motorcycle riding young man. Hanni's parents are horrified. Hanni is wise beyond her years, and quite strange. The first part plays like some innocent after-school special (with explicit nudity). Things get dark and crazy in the second half, as Hanni proves that youth and innocence is just a step away from cynical and psychotic. Tragedy and despair are in store for all. Fassbinder (a close friend of Udo Kier) died from a drug overdose in 1982 at age 37. In German language and with English subtitles.

R476 Jamaica Run (53) aka: Courrier pour la Jamaïque Land dispute in Jamaica must be resolved by diving a 100 year old ship wreck to try to find legal information on who owns what. Treasure, murder, adventure, twists and turns, and unpredictable character changes in this studio bound programmer (although there is also much location photography as well in Jamaica). Arlene Dahl stars along with Ray Milland and Patric Knowles. Arlene Dahl (who is still kicking at 90 years of age in 2015) is the mother of Lorenzo Lamas. Color BA

M375 James Dean (76) A dramatization of the doomed young star (as played by Stephen McHattie!) Pretty decent looking film with a great cast that includes Michael Brandon, Brooke Adams, Candy Clark, Meg Foster, Amy Irving (her first movie) and more. Probably the most accurate on Dean as it was written by his best friend William Bast (played by Michael Brandon in this).

R143 Jokers, The (67) aka: Minirock und Kronjuwelen Oliver Reed and Michael Crawford play two brothers, who are always trying to find some way to succeed with cleverness, Crawford is always in the shadow of his brother, and gets caught after one escapade in cleverness, which gets him kicked out of the army. A con, a scam what's next? How about a robbery of the crown jewels from the tower of London? Bombs, misdirection, disguises and acting allow them to enter the tower with alarms off! This film had the English rolling in the aisles when it was released back in the day. Michael Winner directs.

D850 Kidnap (73) aka: Fatevi vivi, la polizia non interverràThe kidnapping of a 6 year old leads to a race against time between a mafia hit man and a police commissioner (Henry Silva). The Mafioso then realizes the child must be saved in order to save his own life. Also with Philippe Leroy and Rada Rassimov. Nudity. Very nice quality, but there is a foreign station screen notice for about a minute obscuring part of the screen while the movie still plays, nothing is missed. (At about an hour and 10 minutes) Little seen Italian made thriller, here in Widescreen. BA

M400 Kill Panther Kill (68) aka: Kommissar X - Drei blaue Panther aka: Gangsters per un massacro Joe Walker (Tony Kendall) and Captain Rowland (Brad Harris) meet up in Canada, both on the trail of an escaped villain and his two cohorts, who are after 3 million worth of stolen jewels. Also with Erika Blanc and Corny Collins. Good Kommissar X film and now in a beautiful Widescreen English dubbed version. BA

M103 Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! (71) aka: Tödliches Heroin aka: Police Magnum An ex-Interpol agent turned assassin tries to wipe out porn merchants and drug dealers in Pakistan. With several shocking scenes of relentless violence and a very high body count. This was the last film Jean Seberg worked on together with her husband director Romain Gary before they split. Although she would star in a few more films, she died from a drug overdose in 1979. Romain Gary killed himself by gunshot the next year. Also with James Mason, Stephen Boyd and Curd Jergens. This is an amazing quality LBX print BA

D964 Killers are Challenged (66) aka: A 077, sfida ai killers aka: Bob Fleming... Mission Casablanca Richard Harrison plays Bob Fleming, an all-American C.I.A. agent. He is after a formula that makes all other forms of fuel obsolete. Also after the fuel is Velka (Susy Anderson). Gadgets, Go-Go Dancers and plenty of espionage action fill up this Italian made spy flick from director Antonio Margheriti. Also with Janine Reynaud. Widescreen BA

D847 King of the Khyber Rifles (53) aka: Der Hauptmann von Peshawar A British officer in 19th century India, must face the prejudices of his colleagues and the local populace while simultaneously trying to help put down a rebellion led by a greedy local ruler. Tyrone Power, Terry Moore, Michael Rennie, Guy Rolfe, Frank DeKova, Argentina Brunetti and more. Widescreen. BA

D232 Kiss My Grits (82) aka: Summer Heat Blue collar 'B' picture from the man who brought us 'A Small Town in Texas'. Bruce Davison stars as a down on his luck ex-convict that plans a heist from wealthy slime-ball (Anthony Franciosa) with the help of Baby (Susan George) Franciosa's unhappy wife. Gritty and grounded characters everywhere. Also starring Bruno Kirby, Rebecca Balding (her very next picture after 'The Boogens') and more. BA

D374 Klondike Fever (80) aka: Las aventuras de Jack London This movie chronicles Jack London's (played by Jeff East, his next film would be Wes Craven's 'Deadly Blessing') journey from San Francisco to the Klondike, and the adventures and people he meets on the way. With Angie Dickinson, Rod Steiger, Lorne Greene, Lisa Langlois and look for an uncredited Vanity in her debut. BA

M616 Knell, the Bloody Avenger (76) aka: Sangue di sbirro Tough guy 'Knell', played by George Eastman, comes back to New York city to avenge the death of his father. After briefly reuniting with his childhood girlfriend (Jenny Tamburi), he proceeds to go after his enemies. He teams up with a mob boss (Jack Palance) to combat the corrupt cops, and also another mob boss who needs some discipline. Now LBX! BA

D352 La Bravata (77) Violent Crime Thriller from Roberto Bianchi Montero, the guy who directed 'So Sweet... So Dead' and others. Punks steal a car that has a trunk full of cash owned by the mob. The mob don't take to kindly to these types of hijinks as the thieves will soon learn. Ruthless crooks, kill innocents without mercy, and make life hell for anyone they run across, trying to avoid the wrath of the head kingpin. With Ajita Wilson, Venantino Venantini and more. Sorry no subtitles, but LBX. BA

M104 Lady Caliph (70) aka: La califfa Mira (Romy Schneider), a firebrand of a woman, who moves from being a ferocious labor organizer to being the mistress of her town's factory owner (Ugo Tognazzi). Labor negotiations provide a background for their brief but devastating romantic affair. In Romy's published diary she says about this film and I quote "the filming had only begun when I had to strip naked for a love scene". Looks like first time director Alberto Bevilacqua had his priorities straight from the get go! In Italian language and with English subtitles. Another stunning print and LBX. BA

R307 Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song of Vengeance (74) aka: Shura-yuki-hime: Urami Renga After avenging her mother in 'Lady Snowblood', Yuki (Meiko Kaji) is arrested by the new Japanese police. Sentenced to death, Yuki is given a reprieve by Kikui, an agent of the secret police. Kikui will spare Yuki if she will spy on Ransui, an active socialist. Things, of course, do not go as planned. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

M376 Las Vegas Lady (75) aka: Raid on Ceasars Gambling, heists, love and intrigue are all part of this suspense-filled action/comedy about a female gang led by Lucky (Stella Stevens) that plans a daring caper. You may see the twist coming. Stuart Whitman, Andrew Stevens, Linda Scruggs, Lynne Moody. BA

M307 Last Blood, The (83) aka: Tornado aka: Im Wendekreis des Söldners Better than average pasta take on Viet Nam. Antonio Margheriti also directed 'The Last Hunter' and 'Tiger Joe' both solid war films. In the final days of the Viet Nam War, an unhinged Captain sends his Green Berets on high-risk missions behind the lines. Throw in plenty of action, scenes swiped from other films, a bamboo cage POW scene that apes 'The Deer Hunter', a well-written script and plenty of explosions/shootouts. Influenced by Rambo: First Blood of course! Now in a nice Widescreen version as it was meant to be seen! BA

D656 Last Chance, The (68) aka: Scacco internazionale Tab Hunter (in his only spy movie) plays a journalist that prints a story that neither the good guys or the bad guys appreciate. So the bad spies mark him for death, and the good spies frame him for murder. He can't win! With the sexy Daniela Bianchi. Michael Rennie shows up here too in one of his last films. BA

R104 Last Word, The (79) aka: Fort Travis - Ein Mann geht seinen Weg An absent-minded professor (Richard Harris) battles civil hall in his attempt to halt the demolition of his apartment complex. On an impulse he takes a U.S. Marshall as a hostage. A T.V. news reporter (Karen Black) becomes embedded with the professor and her family. Also with Christopher Guest, Dennis Christopher, Martin Landau and Michael Pataki. BA

D273 Last Word, The (79) aka: Fort Travis - Ein Mann geht seinen Weg Richard Harris portrays Danny Travis, a visionary, but failed inventor, who despite widower hood, has successfully raised 3 children, albeit in a state of poverty with their Los Angeles apartment up for demolition to make way for urban renewal. When a county official tries to evict Danny and his brood, he takes him hostage causing a media blitz. With Dennis Christopher, Karen Black, Christopher Guest, Martin Landau and more. BA

R235 Law and Disorder (74) In the crime-filled streets of New York, two guys (played by Carroll O'Conner and Ernest Borgnine) become back-up cops to try to help clean up the streets. In this crime-comedy, they end up getting far more than they bargained for! A very strong climax. Also with Karen Black (who almost steals the film) and Ann Wedgeworth. (print a bit shaky) LBX BA

R300 Le Samouraï (67) After killing a night-club owner, professional hit man Jeff Costello's (Alain Delon) seen by a witness. Delon plays his hit man character with the ultimate super-cool and super-cold smooth mannerisms that may have inspired loner hit men of future films. With his methodical precision and calculating intentions you'll be glad you are not his next target! This is supposed to be one of the best movies ever made from what I have read. Give it a try! With English subtitles and Widescreen BA

M574 Leda (59) aka: Leda, Web of Passion aka: À double tour A wealthy wine grower has problems with his wife, his best friend, his children, and his mistress across the way, who is murdered. In this dysfunctional house, full of red herrings in and about the area, who is the killer? The maid is screwing the milkman... other relationships, all stranger than the last. Amazing color photography and one of Jean-Paul Belmondo's first films. The stunning Antonella Lualdi is Leda. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

D949 Les Patterson Saves the World (87) aka: Les Patterson rettet die Welt Chubby middle-aged and perpetually drunk Les Patterson represents Australia at the UN where his fart literally incinerates an Arab ambassador. He is reassigned to the Middle East so those he offended can torture him. He is spared and meets a crazy bio-weapons scientist who has developed a deadly virus for the KGB who wishes to distribute it to the Pentagon via toilet seats. Will drunken Patterson save the world? Widescreen.

D563 Let's Get Harry (86) aka: Six hommes pour sauver Harry aka: Holt Harry Raus! When Harry (Mark Harmon), an American engineer on loan to Colombia, is taken hostage and held for ransom, his friends team up and go to his rescue. With Gary Busey, Robert Duvall, Ben Johnson, Glenn Frey of 'The Eagles', and even David Hess as a mercenary. Critically panned, still a fun watch as our American heroes take down the bad guys (like Rambo!). In today's world the youth is taught white people are bad and patriotism is for right-wingers. So how's this new world working out for you? LBX BA

D242 Licensed to Love and Kill (79) aka: The Man From S.E.X. aka: Undercover Lover British secret agent Bind is sent to America to rescue a nobleman comes up against an evil genius who is replacing people in important positions with clones who will do his bidding. Amazing James Bond comedy rip-off! Toby Robbins also stars and her next film was actually a real James Bond film! Violent and hilarious! Watch for the scene when Bind is menaced by a stripper whose breast tassels whirl around like propeller blades with razors on them. When Bind holds up a chair it is reduced to sawdust! Some killer boobs on that broad! Nudity of course in this spy-fi. With Gareth Hunt and Nick Tate. Slightly LBX. Sequel to 'Number One of the Secret Service'. BA

M743 Life Upside Down (64) aka: La vie à l'envers A man is descending into madness, obliterating reality and making all and everyone disappear in his mind. Is he mad? Or is mankind the culprit. His astute observations, and rambling arguments regarding his state of mind may have all of us guilty of nothing, or everything! A truly bizarre French film. LBX and with English subtitles.

M575 Lili Marleen (81) aka: Una canción... Lili Marleen In Switzerland, a German cabaret singer named 'Willie' (played by the gorgeous Hanna Schygulla) falls for a Jewish composer, right before the Nazi takeover. Through setbacks and betrayals, Willie becomes stuck in Germany and records a song for work called 'Lili Marlene'. Hitler becomes a fan. This film pissed people off and was not released for quite some time because Rainer Werner Fassbinder (the director) humanized the Nazi's somewhat. A completely different look for a Nazi flick, super sharp colors and LBX with English subtitles. BA

D503 Linda McCartney Story, The (00) Elizabeth Mitchell (she plays Rachel in the current popular show 'Revolution') is Linda in this MFTV drama that manages to pack in 30 years of their lives. Gary Bakewell (Mitchell's real life squeeze at the time) plays Paul McCartney for the second time in his career. She gets cancer and dies of course. Poor (bad choice of words?) Paul's next wife was a one-legged gold-digger.

D835 Little Murders (73) aka: Petits meurtres sans importance Dark comedy with Elliot Gould, Donald Sutherland, Marcia Rodd, Vincent Gardenia and more. Set in New York during a period of heavy homicide, Gould plays a photographer hooking up with a young gal (Rodd). Here interspersed with flawed and funny characters and thoughtfully entertaining dialogue. Martin Kove in his debut in an un-credited bit part. Recommended! LBX

D234 Long Haul, The (57) aka: Die Fahrt in den Abgrund After being discharged from the U.S. army in Germany, Harry (Victor Mature) reluctantly follows his wife to England where he lands a job as a truck driver. He is coerced into working in a smuggling operation when his boss bribes him with (Lynn) Diana Dors. Harry leaves his wife now he has Lynn as his lover and is making some hot dough. What could go wrong? LBX BA

D268 Lope (10) aka: The Outlaw A chronicle of the life of Lope de Vega, the Spanish playwright who dominated Spain's Golden age of theatre. Regarding his problematic 16th century life since his fight in Azores to his penalty of exile. Kind of like Spain's Shakespeare this guy. Told in great detail with what looks like a massive budget recreating the era quite well. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R252 Lost Command, The (66) aka: Les Centurions Action-packed war movie with Anthony Quinn leading French Commandos against a band of rebels in the Algerian War for Independence. Quite amazing and epic. With George Segal, Alain Delon, Claudia Cardinale and more. Over 2 hours and Widescreen. BA

D524 Lost One, The (51) aka: Der Verlorene aka: El hombre perdido Peter Lorre directs and stars in this, his novel, his baby. German scientist murders his fiancé during WW2 when he learns that she has been selling his secret research to the enemy. Lorre managed to make a poetic movie about horrible subjects, and the complicated reactions and perspectives one will have about these characters, especially Lorre's, teaches us much about Germany, the Nazis and aspects of war in general. Powerful and depressing. With English subtitles. BA

M362 Love is Blind (77) aka: Love at First Sight A young woman named Shirley, befriends a blind guy named Roy (Dan Aykroyd in his first movie role). Together they find love, even though Shirley's father does not approve. Hey, everybody can't be Stevie Wonder! The father is so abusive it drives them away to elope. Some funny gags, including a running one on KFC.

M595 Lucky Luciano (73) Luciano, one of the great mafia boss's, orders the killings of 40 others to gain ultimate power. Later he is arrested. The film develops a nonlinear narrative, drawn from various times in the life; his rise to power, his release from prison and return to Italy, the 'Mafia Summit' and more. Spaghetti western star Gian Maria Volonte is Lucky. Also with Magda Konopka, Vincent Gardenia and Rod Steiger. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

D550 Ma Barker's Killer Brood (60) aka: La famiglia assassina di Mà Barker aka: Die gnadenlosen Killer Ma Barker and her four sons terrorize the 1930's with a string of kidnappings, robberies and murders, and even get to work with other notorious criminals like Machine Gun Kelly and Baby Face Nelson. With Lurene Tuttle. BA

M224 Mad Dog (84) aka: Cane arrabbiato aka: The Manhunt - A young man (John Wayne's son Ethan) buys two horses at an Arizona race track but forgets to get a receipt. Later, when riding across the land of a rancher named Robeson (Ernest Borgnine at his sadistic best) he is accused of stealing the horses and unable to provide proof of purchase, they string him up in the barn and whip him! He then is sent to prison to work on a chain gang! He escapes and sets out to find the guy who sold him the damn horse's in the first place! Decent action flick with a solid cast that includes Bo Svenson as the Sheriff, Henry Silva as the prison boss and even Raimund Harmstorf as a prison guard. Filmed in Arizona by Italian director/producer Fabrizio De Angelis. Widescreen and in English language. BA

M813 Madonna and the Dragon, The (90) aka: Tinikling ou 'La madonne et le dragon' Two photographers (one being Jennifer Beals!) covering the people's revolution in the Philippine's run into big trouble when soldiers want the film of atrocities they have filmed. Gritty and action-packed, and even some brutal scenes! Directed by Samuel Fuller (his last!). This movie has Japanese subtitles but is in English language. Also with Luc Merenda and Patrick Bauchau.

M258 Mafia Does Not Forgive, The (80) aka: Die Ratte des Syndikats aka: The Iron Hand of the Mafia aka: Mafia, una legge che non perdona aka: La mano de hierro de la mafia Richard Basehart's son Jackie stars along with Gordon Mitchell (in a helicopter) and Malisa Longo (who supplies the nudity). Someone is bumping off the mafia bosses of Salerno and it's down to the newly elected leader to figure out who, and rescue his son in the process. Late in the game Italian crime film LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M182 Magnificent, The (79) aka: Long xing dao shou jin zhong jun An action-packed tale that takes place in 1911 China and the focus is on a General who hopes to restore the Ching Dynasty after China has become a republic.

M293 Malombra (42) This is a Gothic romance melodrama that takes place within a large villa on the immensely picturesque Lake Como. Isa Malandra comes to live there at the Count's home under the condition that she not leave until she marries. She begins the film with a personality disorder and goes downhill from there. The deep shadows of the house and the occasional storms that sweep the lake, stirring up waves, mirrors the stormy passions of those who frequent the villa. Or something like that. In Italian language and with English subtitles.

D682 Man of Nasty Spirit, A (93) aka: Cui hua shen long jiao An evil wizard plots to control an enchanted valley. He kidnaps a young girl and raises her, but is unaware that she has a mystical incantation tattooed on her back that could lead him to ultimate power. Crazy flick loaded with sorcery, weird rites, flying magic and many scenes with nudity and very graphic sex. With Pauline Chan. She was 20 years old in this. In 2002, at age 29, she jumped out of her 24th floor apartment, leaving a nasty mess below. LBX and with English subtitles.

D666 Man on a Swing (74) aka: Enquête dans l'impossible A small town police chief (Cliff Robertson) investigating a murder of a young girl in a small Connecticut town is offered help by a psychic. However when he finds out the psychic has information only known to the police, he begins to suspect him. Suspense film with a bizarre twist. Dorothy Tristan, Joel Grey, Elizabeth Wilson and more star. BA

M617 Man to Kill, A (67) aka: Un homme à abattre A group of hired killers observe a former SS officer. Their boss is a Holocaust survivor, and we wants the Nazi killed. But he wants to be absolutely positive he has the right guy responsible for his suffering and the murder of his family. But this Nazi won't be taken so easily! Tension-filled thriller on par with Antonioni's 'Blowup' and Polanski's 'Death and the Maiden'. Good location shots of Barcelona where all the action takes place. In French language and with English subtitles. LBX BA

R123 Marriage is Alive and Well (80) A photographer who specializes in weddings has the perfect marriage. But not really. And as his marriage crumbles he remembers some of the people (and their relationships) he photographed. One of those MFTV sappy/crappy movies that assembles whatever actors are hard up for a buck (or are around at the time) to fill the cast. This time out the offenders are: Joe Namath, Jack Albertson, Melinda Dillon, Swoosie Kurtz, Judd Hirsch, Joanna Kerns and many more. Not to say there is zero camp value. It's hilarious if not taken seriously. Supposedly a comedy/drama?

D497 Masquerade (65) aka: 50.000 sterline per tradire aka: Doubles masques et agents doubles The British send an American and a war hero to kidnap and hide an oil- country prince. Stylish little spy-caper film with excellent locations and a decent cast that includes Marisa Mell, Jack Hawkins, Cliff Robertson, Michael Piccoli and more. LBX BA

D708 Massacre Mafia Style (78) aka: The Executioner aka: Like Father, Like Son Crazy campy politically incorrect mafia madness from director/actor Duke Mitchell. The son of a mafia boss returns to California, to reclaim his family's honor and position in America. Warring begins with rivals as his first order of business is to gain control over the pushers and the pimps, before gaining control over the porno company. Nasty gun violence and crazy dialogue. LBX BA

M125 Matchless (67) aka: Mission Top Secret aka: Mission T.S. Patrick O'Neal as a secret agent who possesses a spy ring that makes him invisible for a short time, once every ten hours. He is in pursuit of an evil criminal mastermind (Donald Pleasence, who was the villain in a Bond film the same year!). At the same time he must avoid an enemy agent who also wants the ring. Spy-jinks, gadgets, chase scenes with cars, planes, helicopters, also on and on espionage action. Also with Henry Silva and Ira Von Furstenburg. Excellent Euro- sci-spy-fi now finally LBX and in excellent quality! BA

R316 Maurizio Merli Documentary ( ) Action star Merli and his films are profiled in depth followed by a treasure trove of trailers featuring Merli. Maurizio Merli was a bit of a health nut in his later years. In 1989, after over-exerting himself at a tennis match, he died of a Myocardial Infarction at age 49. LBX

R240 Medusa's Child (97) aka: Progetto Medusa - minuti contati A crazy scientist has his research cut, so he develops a thermonuclear bomb capable of generating a continent-sized electro-magnetic pulse; such as could destroy a computer-based society. Medusa. The device arms itself on the flight of 737 cargo plane. A hurricane is set to hit the coast, and nobody wants to let them land. Uncut and in two parts on one disc. Great suspense and very intense MFTV thriller. Vincent Spano, Lori Loughlin, Kevin Dillon, Martin Sheen and more star.

D487 Metro (13) aka: Pánico en el metro Terror strikes the underground train system in Moscow in the form of a flood caused by a collapsed tunnel. It's almost like a Russian 'Daylight' (that 90's Stallone movie), except even more spectacular with massive FX sequences. Disaster movie fans, don't miss this one! LBX and with English subtitles. BA

D262 Miami Exposé (56) aka: Meurtres à Miami America's Pleasure Paradise becomes a gang-war battleground! One of the better City Confidential/Expose types supposedly uncovering dirty dealings and sleazy surroundings. With Alan Napier, Lee J. Cobb, Edward Arnold and Patricia Medina. BA

R147 Miracle on Interstate 880 (93) A man attempts to rescue people trapped on the I-880 bridge after the top half collapses during the 1989 San Francisco earthquake. Focus on two families and their survival struggles. Nice effects mixed with real footage of the disaster. All star cast includes Emily Perkins, Sandy Duncan (god, no!), Ruben Blades, David Morse and more.

M619 Mission Apocalypse (66) aka: Missione apocalisse Criminal organization (Apocalypse) has an atomic bomb– they are blackmailing the U.S.. Agent 087 is on the case... Another Eurospy action film with colorful locals and Arthur Hansel, Pamela Tudor, Eduardo Fajardo and George Rigaud... In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

R278 Mission Bloody Mary (65) aka: Agente 077 missione Bloody Mary aka: Operation lotus bleu The first Euro-Spy of three that Ken Clark as agent 077 starred, all in the 60's. Mission Bloody Mary is a search and destroy mission to retrieve a Nuclear bomb from a radical crime syndicate called the 'Black Liliy'. Cool gadgets, sexy women, exotic locales and more in this above average James Bond genre classic. Nice LBX English dub with no foreign subs. BA

D985 Mission to Caracas (65) aka: Mission spéciale à Caracas Jany Claire, Roland Carey and Janine Reynaud star. Crusie ship murder on the high seas, Venezuela locations, sexy women, fistfights, a gun wielding femme fatale, tied up girls, shootouts and an exciting action-packed finale await in this violent spy-thriller now Widescreen, English dubbed BA

M278 Mission to Tokyo (66) aka: Terror in Tokyo for OSS 117 aka: Atout coeur à Tokyo pour O.S.S. 117 Opens with a nifty Bond-type pre-credits sequence, with our hero involved in a gun battle, car chase and helicopter escape. Back in Washington, he learns that an American Air Force base in the Pacific has been destroyed by an unknown missile. One so small, even radar cannot pick it up. The organization responsible, wants a king's ransom to stop, or it will continue to destroy. Interesting to compare this to 'You Only Live Twice' which came out the following year. The budget seems pretty decent. There is a huge yacht that swallows up smaller boats, plenty of action, (some of it high flying), beautiful women (especially Marina Vlady) and Frederick Stafford (in his third secret agent role) makes for a suave secret agent. English dubbed and Widescreen! BA


MORTON DOWNEY JR Loud mouthed chain-smoking Morton with almost 85 complete shows (plus more!) on 24 discs all from the late 1980's! Incredible time capsules with audience participation, see how people really were and how wildly different standards and belief systems have changed compared to today! Hell you could do a whole study on this!

D324 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #1 - Promo + Episodes: Prostitution, Tawana Brawley, Feminism, and Heavy Metal.

D325 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #2 - Episodes: Phone Sex (starring Al Goldstein), Paraquat Spraying, Child Abuse, Radio Talk Show Hosts.

D326 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #3 - Episodes: Black Crime Live in Detroit, Vigilante Justice Live in Detroit, Racism Live in Detroit, and more

D327 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #4 - Episodes: Bounty Hunters in Atlantic City, Nudists in Atlantic City, Rent Control, and Music Censorship.

D328 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #5 - Episodes: Drug Legalization, Gun Control, Self Help Books, and Ritalin/Lithium.

D329 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #6 - Episodes: Sexual Discrimination, Death Penalty For Teens, Thomas Trantino Case, and Rap Music.

D330 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #7 - Episodes: Racism Live in Harlem New York, Black Leadership, White Separatists, White Separatists 2

D331 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #8 - Episodes: Child Kidnapping, Surrogate Parents, Unusual Theories and Al Sharpton (Ass-Clown)

D332 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #9 - Episodes: Atheists, Lawyers, Yonkers, and Ivan the Terrible.

D333 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #10 - Episodes: Cults, Corrupt Judges, Welfare/Homeless and Nazi War Games.

D334 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #11 - Episodes: Strippers (plus outtakes from the stripper's show with nudity!), Overweight People, The Right to Privacy (Hah!), and Flag Burning.

D335 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #12 - Episodes: Halloween 1988 and New Year's Eve 1988

D336 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #13 - Episodes: Drug Legalization, S&M, Sexual Deviants (with Jerry Butler!), and David Duke/Tom Metzger

D337 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #14 - Episodes: All Star Show, Bullfighting, Christmas 1988, and New Year's Eve

D338 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #15 - Episodes: Racism, Racism Part 2, Mars, and 1988 Presidential Race

D339 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #16 - Episodes: Interracial Marriage, Panhandlers, Mike Tyson's Divorce and The End of Feminism.

D340 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #17 - Episodes: Pollution, Move Organization, Cuba and Iran Contras.

D341 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #18 - Episodes: Exploitation of Women, Psychics, Post Partum Depression, and Nurses.

D342 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #19 - Episodes: The Stock Market, Smoker's Rights, Nuclear Energy and Last Temptation of Christ.

D343 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #20 - Episodes: Central Park Squatters vs. New York, Jewish Racism, The ACLU and Glasnot.

D344 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #21 - Episodes: Porn (with Al Goldstein & Ron Jeremy), Affirmative Action, Sports Tough Guys & Euthanasia.

D345 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #22 - Morton on loads of shows like Donahue (asshat), Nightline, WWOR News, Regis and Kathie...more... ..

D346 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #23 - Miscellaneous Morton - On Larry King, The Reporters, Tales From the Crypt episode starring Morton, The Pat Sajak Show, Howard Stern and more!

D347 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #24 - Miscellaneous Morton appearances - Nightline, Donahue, Skinheads, Sharpton Brawl & more!

R114 Mother and Daughter: The Loving War (80) A love-hate relationship among three generations of women, a grandmother, her daughter, and granddaughter spanning 30 years. Tuesday Weld stars as Lillie, who gets pregnant as a teen and spends the rest of her life doing anything she can for her daughter, repeating the same cycle her mother did for her. More pro-life propaganda, but oddly notable for a soundtrack from Harry Chapin (who shows up at the end of the movie as a boyfriend). Tuesday Weld still looks pretty nice in this. Kathleen Beller (who was later 'Blinded by Science') also stars.

M403 Mr. Kinky (68) aka: The Prophet aka: Il profeta Ann Margret plays a motor-cycle riding honey in Rome who befriends a mountain hermit (Vittorio Gassman) who has been lured out into society, where the media has named him as a soothsayer. The T.V. crew wants to make a report/film about this supposed 'prophet'. It's about the commercialization of revolution, about having it turned into another trend. Ann Margret looks great! With English subtitles. BA

M374 Mr. Sycamore (75) Jason Robards is a depressed postman that tries to turn himself into a 'tree'. His wife (Sandy Dennis) has him committed after seeing him plant himself up to his knees in his backyard. You won't soon forget this one!

D912 Mr. Ten Percent (68) aka: Sigpress Contro Scotland Yard aka: Mister Zehn Prozent - Miezen und Moneten aka: Psychopath The hero steals the haul from the thieves in this offbeat crime comedy. George Martin plays a master-of-disguise thief, with a Clouseau-like inspector on his trail. Gets a bit grim with several deaths, some even of innocent people. Nice action sequences and locations. And the women? Sophia Loren look-a-like Gloria Paul shows up for a musical number, and Orchidea De Santis appears in a show-stopping bikini. Beautiful Widescreen, dubbed into English. BA

R151 Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone (50) Murder-on-a-Train mystery has a lawyer chasing his paroled embezzler client who still hasn't paid his fee. Marjorie Main, James Whitmore and Ann Dvorak. BA

M259 My Bed is Not For Sleeping (68) aka: Negresco aka: Negresco - Eine tödliche Affäre Euro-spy-crime thriller with a great soundtrack, cool cars, sweet women, parties, drugs, a femme fatale (Ira Von Furstenberg) plot twists and murder. Psychedelia-acid almost erotica type (though pretty sexless), not the usual James Bond rip-off . Very colorful time capsule in great LBX quality and with English subtitles.

R504 My Old Man's Place (71) Two soldiers (Michael Moriarty in his first film, and William Devane) return from Viet Nam, both with serious PTSD. They decide to go to the family farm owned by the father (Arthur Kennedy) of one of them. A psychotic sergeant (Mitchell Ryan), who also did tours of Nam, joins them. This character driven drama is well acted, with scathing dialogue. Personalities collide, and violence erupts. One of the first film's depicting how the horror's of Viet Nam affected some men. Widescreen BA

D991 My Partner, the Ghost (69) aka: Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) The first 2 episodes of this British supernatural mystery series. Jeff and Marty are private detectives who specialize in divorce cases. When Marty is killed by a hit and run, he returns as a ghost to continue helping Jeff. Jeff's wife thinks Jeff has gone mad. First: My Late Lamented Friend and Partner. Followed by: A Disturbing Case.

M260 My Sister My Love (66) aka: Syskonbädd 1782 aka: Il letto della sorella Sweden 1782: A young nobleman named Jacob (Per Oscarsson) returns from France to his home and cherished sister Charlotte (Bibi Andersson) who is engaged to a Baron. Their relationship is incestuous and Charlotte becomes pregnant! Tragic ending. Controversial when released due to the subject matter. LBX and with English subtitles.

D729 Naked Alibi (54) aka: Alibi meurtrier A police chief, fired for brutality, tries to get evidence on a man suspected of killing three police detectives. Bleak, dark and damned characters. Sterling Hayden, Gloria Grahame, Chuck Conners, Gene Barry and more star. BA

M261 Naked Autumn (61) aka: Les mauvais coups aka: Los malos golpes A couple with a disintegrating marriage isolate themselves in the country. The wife (Simone Signoret) once a drinker, now supplements herself with a young woman (Alexandra Stewart), befriending her and using her psychologically to recapture her youth in a fantasy-like way. The husband may just be taking a liking to the young woman. Shot in a mesmerizing autumnal landscape. This is a really bleak downbeat film. Widescreen and with English subtitles. BA

D872 Naked Paradise (57) aka: Thunder Over Hawaii Gangster Zac Cotton (Leslie Bradley) and his two henchmen Mitch (Dick Miller) and Sonny (Jonathan Haze), try to jack a boat to escape the island after a robbery gone awry. Rare Roger Corman directed film. Look for Sam Arkoff (as man at Luau) and also Roger Corman himself as an office worker. Also with Richard Denning, Beverly Garland and the stunning Lisa Montell. BA

D315 Net, The (53) aka: Project M-7 A secret jet aircraft capable of speeds three times the speed of sound is secretly being developed by a group of scientists. They battle for control of the project. Nifty FX in this British made super-sonic sci-fi. Albert Whitlock went on to work behind the scenes as a matte artist on countless sci-fi films. With Herbert Lom and Phyllis Calvert. BA

N982 No Gold For a Dead Diver (74) aka: Deadly Jaws aka: Ein toter Taucher nimmt kein Gold Friends go to Mexico following a lead on some sunken treasure. What you get is loads of awesome underwater photography with some cool tense moments from a Hammerhead shark and an attacking octopus. Later Mexican pirates add to the obstacles our fortune hunters must deal with. Sharp. West German made film dubbed into English

M577 No Secrets (78) aka: A Touch of the Sun A bumbling U.S. marine captain (Oliver Reed) is assigned to retrieve a space capsule from a despotic African ruler. Peter Cushing adds comic relief. Also with Keenan Wynn. A very off and odd spy-fi comedy directed by a guy that had a few sex comedies under his belt. Reed blunders his way through the role. Cushing is reliable. Interestingly, playing an effeminate 'Tarzan' (this was filmed in Zambia) and billed as 'Ginger Rogers' is the actor Melvyn Hayes, who played the young Victor Frankenstein in 'Curse of Frankenstein' and also showed up with Cushing in 'Flesh and the Fiends'. Sylvaine Charlet provides some gratuitous full frontal nudity. For Cushing and Reed completists, this is a kick.

D760 No Way Out (73) aka: Big Guns- Tony Arzenta aka: Tödlicher Hass A mob hit man (Alain Delon) wants to retire, but his bosses don't think that's a good idea. Complications- and many bloody shootouts- ensue. By mistake they killed his wife and child- THAT was a hell of a mistake! We have seen this plot before, but this one really kicks ass with Delon taking brutal vengeance on those who have wronged him. Nice LBX and English dubbed version. BA

D480 Nowhere to Hide (87) aka: La mujer de hierro Marine officer Rob Cutter and his wife Barbara (Amy Madigan in her best movie as an ex-marine!), and young son Johnny are attacked by the corrupt General Howard who did not want Rob to go public with information on a defective part on marine helicopters. He kills Rob with the full help his marine powers, but he underestimates what Barbara will do to protect Johnny. As a matter of fact, she goes so all-out-Rambo you may just be shocked! Who would have guessed that Amy Madigan could kick so much ass? Great little action thriller. BA

D733 OK Connery (67) aka: Operation Kid Brother The evil crime syndicate Thanatos is bent on taking over the world with a magnetic wave generator. Bring in Sean Connery OO7's kid brother to solve the problem. Splendid James Bond rip-off! Daniela Bianchi, Anthony Dawson, Bernard Lee, Lois Maxwell (Miss Moneypenny) and more star. Widescreen and English language. Upgrade! BA

R149 Okinawa (52) aka: Surmanlentäjät The story of the sea battle for Okinawa between the ships of the U.S. navy and the Kamikaze Japanese suicide planes. Interesting characters and stock footage throughout. With Richard Denning, Pat O'Brien, Cameron Mitchell and more. BA

M273 Once Upon a Time in America (84) A former Prohibition-era Jewish gangster returns to the Lower East Side of Manhattan over thirty years later, where he once again must confront the ghosts and regrets of his old life.... This version runs 251 minutes which is the longest version we have ever seen, and longer by over 20 minutes than the Blu-Ray. What more can be said about the coolest (and the longest) gangster movie ever made? Great cast, and at over 4 hours and 10 minutes, the most uncut you can get it! DVD-R only. No VHS. Great quality LBX. BA

M696 Only God Can Stop Me (57) aka: Solo Dio mi fermerà One of the first features from Renato Polselli! A priest builds an orphanage in post war Italy in a disused military barracks. The kids will tear at your emotions. A surprising tear-jerker from the man who would go on to direct some of the goriest and sleaziest films from the seventies. In Italian language and with English subtitles.

D961 Operation Nam (86) aka: Cobra Mission Ten years after the end of the war in Viet Nam, four ex-marines decide to return to S.E. Asia to investigate reports of American POW's still being held there. These four include Roger, who's daughter has just been married, the unemployed James, Mark, who's quit his job at an Arizona roadside tavern, and Richard, recently a patient at a mental hospital. They not only find POW's, but also a U.S. cover-up. Cast includes Donald Pleasence, Christopher Connelly, Oliver Tobias, John Steiner, Gordon Mitchell and even Ethan Wayne (John Wayne's son). BA

R487 Orion's Belt (85) aka: Orions belte A compelling Norwegian film with excellent locations about a scraggly freight boat crew who get entangled in something almost 'X-Files conspiracy' sinister. This Cold War story is gritty and believable, beautiful and unsettling, even sad. A real sleeper and highly recommended. BA

M241 Out of Season (75) aka: Hass kennt keine Nachsaison A mother and daughter (Vanessa Redgrave and Susan George, George being straight off the set of 'Mandingo') run a cozy hotel (which they also live in) on a seaside peninsula. Business is slow. Suddenly a man (Cliff Robertson) shows up (whom the mother had an affair with when she was her daughter's age). They get back together, making the daughter jealous, so she sleeps with him too! Surprise ending. Eye-brow raising controversial film (something Susan George was used to at this point!). BA

M578 Panic in the Casino (81) aka: Asalto al casino aka: Black Jack - Sir Thomas Bedford (Peter Cushing) orchestrates the heist of a Spanish casino, with the aid of a singer performing there. The police are on to them, and a hostage situation is the result. Fairly obscure film for Cushing. Also with Hugo Stiglitz and Claudine Auger.

M663 Passport to Hell: Agent 3S3 (64) aka: Agente 3S3: Passaporto per l'inferno The first of George Ardisson's spy flicks. He is Walter Ross: Codename 3S3 of the Third Special Division. He is assigned to blackmail, torture, or even 'marry'(!) the daughter of the head of an international crime organization in order to locate the man by drawing him out. His mission ultimately takes him to Lebanon where much of the action takes place. An opening song, bikini wearing bimbos, action with awkward karate chops, belly dancing, cool locations and more, in a beautiful widescreen print dubbed into English language. With Barbara Simon. BA

M847 Patriot, The (86) A pissed ex-Navy Seal (Greg Henry!) finds himself in the position to defend the world from international terrorists who plan world destruction. Patriotism outweighs his anger as he springs into action. Tagline: One man stands between unstoppable terrorists and unthinkable destruction. Also with Simone Griffeth, Michael J. Pollard, Leslie Nielson and now dead drug addict Jeff Conaway. BA

R477 Pickup Alley (57) aka: Interpol aka: Police internationale A sadistic heroin smuggler (Trevor Howard) plays a game of cat and mouse with a New York cop (Victor Mature) out to avenge the death of his sister. They recruit sexy Gina (Anita Ekberg in her prime). Also with Andre Morell. Excellent British Dope Thriller. Destitute, Anita Ekberg died in January 2015 at age 83 after a long illness. Hammer's John Gilling directs. BA

R120 Pink Nights (85) aka: Pink Nights - Rosarote Träume When Danny's mother goes on vacation, three hip hot girls move in with him. What's a young man to do? Kevin Anderson plays Danny. Look for horror actor Tom Towles in his film debut, the following year he would be 'Otis' in 'Henry...' Later at the high school an incredibly crappy band plays and people break-dance. Another forgotten 80's film. BA

M840 Portrait of a Showgirl (82) aka: Retrato de una bailarina Caesar's Palace in Vegas is the setting as three woman trying to be dancers form a bond in their uncertain world of ups and downs. Notable for the great Las Vegas scenery. Many of the big hotels of that time are long gone, and Vegas used to be a town with magic and charm. Lesley Anne Warren, Rita Moreno, Tony Curtis and more star.

M868 Professional Scum (76) When a couple of retired mercenaries meet again, they decide to take advantage of their past skills and rob a casino. They use as bait one of their girlfriends. They pull it off, but with the death of the casino owner the cost. When it comes time to split the loot, they fight. Double -crosses and backstabbing.... and the vengeful son of the casino owner figure into the rest. Murder for loot, greed, and a spectacular downbeat ending that will have you say 'Wow!". In Greek language and with English subtitles.

M274 Quasimodo of Paris (99) aka: Quasimodo d'El Paris A very loose adaptation of the Victor Hugo classic, though you will recognize how the scenes are similar, just different. Quasimodo the hunchback is mistaken as the serial killer of El Paris. Can he clear his name? A black comedy. Anybody who knows someone with a handicap will get a kick out this, as it depicts the cruelty of the world but with a comic effect. Hysterical sight gags in a Monty Python type way, with young Quasimodo taking the brunt of the abuse, as the film's opening sequence depict Quasimodo as a youth, as well as Esmeralda. When Quasimodo goes to the church to live it is a huge building with gargoyles, he sits on them, climbs around like Charles Laughton etc. The real murderer is a killer priest. Filmed with a large budget, this French film is a scream! LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M106 Queimada (69) aka: Burn! aka: Queimada - Insel des Schreckens The professional mercenary Sir William Walker (Marlon Brando) instigates a slave revolt on the Caribbean island of Queimada to expel the colonial authorities. However, as is always the way with revolutions, power brokers seize political control and the people's aspirations are betrayed. Ten years pass, and the sugar industry now requires peace and stability on Queimada. The continuing guerilla campaign by the dispossessed blacks is harming profits. Sir William Walker is sent back to the island, this time to hunt down and eradicate the revolutionaries he created. 124 minute version, not the cut U.S. release! In English language and with English subtitles. BA

R534 Quiet Thunder (88) aka: Trueno silencioso Quiet Thunder takes place across the African plains. A hard-drinking womanizing bush pilot and a voluptuous senator's wife become the dark continent's most hunted big game after they are witness to a political assassination. Filmed in Africa and America posing as Africa. With Wayne Crawford and June (V) Chadwick. BA

R533 Rabbit Test (78) aka: Un tipo muy especial Lionel's (Billy Crystal) life turns around when he has a one night stand on top of a pinball table and becomes the world's first pregnant man. I knew it! I really don't want to know how he got knocked up. Incredibly politically incorrect with jokes about illegals, fat people, midgets, and more. With a cast that includes: Michael Keaton, Joan Rivers, Billy Barty, Jimmie Walker, Sheree North, Alex Rocco, Doris Roberts, Imogene Coca, Paul Lynde, George Gobel, Roosevelt Grier, Roddy McDowell and others. From a time when we could poke fun at everybody, including ourselves, without having to give a national apology for it. BA

D635 Rage (66) aka: 48 ore per non morire A man (Glenn Ford) bitten by a rabid dog in the desert must get medical attention before it is too late. Stella Stevens in one of her 'fallen woman' roles costars. BA

R125 Rascals, The (80) aka: Les Turlupins Late Spring 1942: France is under German occupation. But this doesn't much concern the boarders of a school lost in the French country. Bernard, a horny young teenager, is in love for the first time. She's not only hot and pretty, but also older! Why would a beautiful young woman who is already engaged to a decent young man want to have sex with a younger male? Ask some hot teachers all over America. Lots of nudity. Another incredibly controversial film with politically incorrect themes. With English subtitles.

M262 Ravine, The (69) aka: La cattura aka: Ein Atemzug Liebe David McCallum plays a WW2 special agent assigned to take out a team of resistance fighters in Yugoslavia. The leader is a resourceful young woman (Nicoletta Machiavelli) and he captures her. A blizzard strikes. They are stranded in a cabin to wait it out together. A dilemma sets in when he realizes just how smoking hot she is. When the winter ends, will he let her go? Lots of walking through the deep snow, shoot-out battles, and rough tough location filming that had to be hell to work in. Downbeat. Nice quality and colors. BA

M179 Rebel of Shaolin (77) aka: Shao Lin ban pan tu A Shaolin student is framed for the murders of some Shaolin monks and students, not knowing that the real traitor is a killer working for the Emperor.

R306 Red Dragon (65) aka: Das Geheimnis der drei Dschunken aka: A 009 missione Hong Kong aka: Code Name Alpha Stewart Granger plays an F.B.I. agent from San Francisco who journeys from Hong Kong to infiltrate an international smuggling ring, aided by the ravishing Rossana Schiaffino as Carol, who replaces a recently murdered agent. Filmed in Hong Kong. Now in a nice Widescreen BA

D709 Red Dragon (65) aka: Das Geheimnis der drei Dschunken aka: Misión en Hong Kong More Bond-styled spy stuff! Stewart Granger stars as an F.B.I. agent from San Francisco who journey's to Hong Kong to infiltrate an international smuggling ring, aided by the ravishing Rossana Schiaffino as Carol, who replaces a murdered agent working with coded messages. Horst Frank is an assassin/thug. Also with sexy Suzanne Roquette. LBX BA

D254 Red Runs the River (63) This is the story of two wars - one in the heart of General Richard Stoddard Ewell and the other on the battlefields of Bull Run and Manassas. The film traces the influence of General 'Stonewall' Jackson's vigorous faith upon the unbelieving Ewell. This movie is from the perspective of the Confederate army, which is fine. Strangely depicting the Confederate army as Godly hymn singing bible-toting men. Of course slavery is not really covered. Tries to be a tear-jerker, but some will smell Christian propaganda. Either way, an interesting and well-made chunk of forgotten cinema.

R241 Remember My Name (78) aka: Tu ne m'oublieras pas Just released from prison, a woman (Geraldine Chaplin) arrives in town to 'start a new life', but soon begins stalking her former husband (Anthony Perkins), now a re-married construction worker, turning his life inside out, and eventually terrorizing him and his wife. Never released on video or DVD because the blues soundtrack was never cleared for release. It's killer. Eccentric, moody, tough and unyielding, with a nice schizophrenic performance from Chaplin. Not to be missed. BA

M347 Requiem for a Secret Agent (66) aka: Requiem per un agente segreto aka: Consigna: Tánger 67 aka: Un certain Monsieur Bingo Stewart Granger made three spy films in the 60's, and this is the most violent and misogynist. From his often excessively violent methods, to his valuing money above morals, he is the dark side of espionage. The main villains are smart, creepy, and have personality. Women are mere objects. With Daniela Bianchi and Peter van Eyck. LBX and English dubbed. BA

D960 Retaliator, The (87) aka: Programmed to Kill Robert Ginty leads a group of mercenaries to rescue some kidnapped children. They capture a blonde female terrorist (Sandahl Bergman). The top-secret government turns Bergman into a cyborg and sends her to kill a top terrorist. After her mission is complete she goes haywire and hunts her creators. It's up to Ginty (again) to stop her. Killer Cyborg flicks were all the rage. Check also 'Steel and Lace' from 1991. BA

D289 Revenge (64) aka: Adauchi aka: Venganza de sangre Shinpachi, a poor samurai with no prospects, gets in an argument with Magodayu, a high ranking officer, resulting in an illegal duel and Magodayu's death. Shinapachi is sent into exile. LBX and with English subtitles.

M856 Ring of Death (69) aka: Un detective aka: Die Klette Franco Nero plays against type as a confidently corrupt police detective with no moral fiber whatsoever. On the trail of a killer he comes across the mysterious Vera (Florinda Falkan), who may be involved. The final twist you will not see coming! This colorful superb Widescreen Upgrade is amazing! There is an assortment of Euro-babes on hand in this one. Some English subtitles when Italian language is spoken, the rest is dubbed into English. BA

D664 Road Movie (74) aka: Janice Gil (Robert Grivas) and Hank (Barry Bostwick) are two independent truckers who run into problems when they are forced to pay off traffic managers. They also have to pay off crooked cops and contend with the temptations of a hooker (Regina Baff). Pretty cool road movie with some nice shots of America in 1974. Martin Kove is a cop and Joe Pantoliano makes his film debut as a mugger. LBX

D514 Rock Baby- Rock It (57) It's the rockin' livin' end Daddy-O! Low budget Rocksploitation with loads of bands of the day like Johnny Carroll and the Hot Rocks and more! BA

D757 Rolf (84) aka: The Last Mercenary aka: Der Tag des Söldners A persecuted ex-mercenary (Rolf, played by Antonio Marsina) goes apeshit when his girlfriend is assaultd and murdered by his old army buddies, who, when on assignment in Africa, terrorized villages and threw little black kids in the air before shooting them down (a Gory Graphic FLASHBACK Sequence). Cops won't help, so he goes on revenge killing spree on his own! He opens a friggin' barrel of whup-ass on those dirty-dogs. And it ain't pretty! Ultra-Violent and Disturbing. BA

D275 Rough Shoot (53) aka: Shoot First aka: Coup de feu au matin U.S. Army Lt. Col. Robert Taine (Joel McCrea) and his wife Cecily (Evelyn Keyes) live in a village in England. While hunting on some land he has recently purchased, he shoots a load of buckshot at a man he believes to be a poacher. After a closer look, he finds the guy is dead and that maybe he has killed him. He trails the real suspect, (a sniper from a spy ring) to London as the Secret Service is on his tail. Also Herbert Lom. BA

D508 S.O.S. Titanic (79) The Titanic disaster is seen through the eyes of one couple in each of the three classes on board. You'll notice many similarities to James Cameron's version, including David Warner in a prominent role. Also with David Janssen, Cloris Leachman, Susan Saint James, Helen Mirren and many more. This is the 1 hour and 42 minute version. BA

M834 Saigon: Year of the Cat (83) Two westerners (played by Judi Dench and Frederic Forrest) meet a short time before the fall of Saigon, and experience the insanity of the event first hand. Forrest of course had worse problems in 1979's Viet Nam classic 'Apocalypse Now'.

R257 Salt in the Wound (69) aka: Il dito nella piaga aka: War Fever aka: The Liberators During the waning days of WW2 in Italy, an inexperienced America officer is assigned to supervise the execution of two military prisoners. Their truck is ambushed by the Germans, and only the officers and the prisoners escape. Later they accidentally 'liberate' an Italian village. Klaus Kinski is amazing in this. Recommended! Widescreen and English dubbed. BA


R161 Samurai Wolf (66) aka: Kiba Ôkaminosuke aka: Kiba, le loup enragé Solid samurai action as a wandering ronin called 'Vicious Wolf' wanders into a volatile remote relay post. Beautiful women, political intrigue, great sword-fighting with master killers and more await. With English subtitles.

R162 Samurai Wolf 2 (67) aka: Kiba Ôkaminosuke: jigoku giri This time our hero is caught in the intrigue between a crooked gold mine owner and a mysterious swordsman who resembles his long-dead father. Nice and bloody, especially for the sixties. With English subtitles.


M265 Sawed Off Shotgun (77) aka: Canne Mozze aka: Il bandito dalle canne mozze Giovanni Molet (Antonio Sabato) is sent to jail for the murder of two of the Carraro family over a land feud. While incarcerated, a vendetta is carried out on Molet's brother who is killed by the Carraros. While being transferred to another prison, Molet manages to escape and goes on the run. He holes up in a large villa owned by a newlywed couple and slowly starts to prepare for his revenge... Written by George Eastman! Also starring John Richardson and Ritza Brown LBX and with English subtitles.

M825 Scandal Sheet (85) aka: Tödliche Schlagzeilen A tabloid magazine publisher who delights in destroying celebrities (played by Burt Lancaster), begins his assault on an aging alcoholic actor (Robert Urich) who is trying to recover, by hiring the hurting actor's close friend (Pamela Reed) so he can force her to get the dirt on him, and put the final nails in the actor's coffin. Dark, deep down and dirty world of trash tabloids that everyone should be ashamed of supporting if you do– that is... Also with Lauren Hutton and look for Frances McDormand in a small role. BA

M816 Second Sight: A Love Story (84) aka: Die zweiten Augen Elizabeth Montgomery plays a woman who has been blind for 20 years. She gets a Labrador helper dog and forms an incredible bond with the animal, has a surgery to regain her sight, and falls in love with an art dealer (Barry Newman). Some say this is Montgomery's best role, but for me, the dog steals the show in this tear-jerker.

D359 Secret of the Urn, The (66) aka: Tange Sazen: Hien iaigiri A loyal samurai is attacked, beaten and left for dead while carrying out a mission for his clan. His clan, it turns out, has betrayed him. He recovers, but minus one eye and one arm! Now he is on a quest for a magical urn, and, payback! Widescreen and with English subtitles.

D286 Secret Reunion (10) aka: Ui-hyeong-je A North Korean spy and a former South Korean agent form a tense partnership. Fantastic action sequences. LBX and with English subtitles.

M849 Seven Men and One Brain (68) aka: 7 uomini e un cervello aka: Criminal Affair Dopey crime caper set in Argentina with a bunch of singing crooks led by Ross Simpson played by Rossano Brazzi. He is a master criminologist and author, wanting to pull off the perfect crime. The gag is playing an indoor opera house and sending sleeping gas. When all the rich snobs pass out, the crooks go out and loot their jewelry, breathing through air tubes. Super colorful and with Barbara Nichols, Helene Chanel, and Ann Margret (smoking hot in this). Widescreen and great quality

M441 Seven Red Berets, The (69) aka: Sette baschi rossi Ivan Rassimov plays a French guide who hires a band of misfit soldiers to lead him through the desert in search of some important documents. The band is divided by race (two of the group are black, and one is a trigger happy German), sex, the medical officer is a woman, and so is an imprisoned reporter they meet along the way, and loyalty, the leader of the pack is the former member of a previously decimated group who were also after the documents. Most will die and suffer but none like the lady doctor. She is assaultd, almost drowned and later.... Well find out for yourself. An enjoyable and very downbeat movie that has all the staples of discomfort including racism, assault and rough language along with sweeping beauty in the excellent African landscapes photography and more. Nice Widescreen print also is English dubbed. BA

M279 Seven Vipers, The (64) aka: Le sette vipere (Il marito latino) A woman has her husband's estate seized, him thrown out of the house and gets custody of their two children. That Bitch! The man flees to Italy with his two children and fights for his rights before a tribunal. Family matters madness, an early work from sleaze king Renato Polselli. This is the next film he made after doing 'Monster of the Opera'. Handsomely photographed and with Lisa Gastoni, straight off the set of 'Messalina vs. the Son of Hercules'. LBX and with English subtitles.

R148 Seventeen Ninja (63) Seventeen ninja must find a way to infiltrate the enemies stronghold. Classic! LBX and with English subtitles.

D761 Sewer Rats, The (74) aka: Una donna per 7 bastardi aka: A Woman for Seven Bastards aka: Una mujer para siete bastardos When a limping man's (Richard Harrison) car breaks down he stumbles into an old mining town composed of old wooden houses. He will be received with hostility and mistrust. There are 6 bastards in town. The only woman is played by Dagmar Lassander in a slutty role. She is constantly harassed, beaten and assaultd, but seems to be enjoying every minute of it! With Gordon Mitchell and more. Full 89 minute version.

M420 Sex Symbol, The (74) aka: Il simbolo del sesso Uncut European version with the naked scenes of Connie Stevens. Nice ass. A thinly disguised version of the life and end times of Marilyn Monroe. How her erratic behavior contributed to her declining career, and ultimately her demise. Of course some still wonder if she was whacked because she was having affairs with too many powerful men... loose lips sink ships and all. I guess we will never truly know. Stevens does a nice job. Also with Shelley Winters, Jack Carter, William Castle, William Smith and more. 1 hour and 45 minutes.

R320 Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll 2 (various) A compilation made by who knows who, who knows when. Here's the scoop. Lennon and Dylan Cab Ride, Beach Boy Goes Nutzoid!, Kiss Radio, Apache!, Madonna Versus Letterman, James Brown on PCP, Sly Stone on LSD, Tiny Tim on Sex, Elvis Mental Breakdown and finally, It's All Right To Cry with Roosevelt Grier. This madness, all on one disc with menus. dvd-r only

M109 Sex-Business: Made in Passing (69) Excellent documentary on Alois Brummer. Brummer was born in Germany in 1926. He was a filmmaker, but found his niche in the market by producing and directing cheap sleaze films so he could turn a profit. His first film was called 'Count Porno and his Love thirsty Daughters' so you get the idea. This film follows him around as he gives us his ideas, thoughts and philosophies regarding porn and we see him build his first masterpiece. This film was banned in France for being obscene, go figure. The gates for what was permitted changed soon after. Shot in black and white, this comes with English subtitles.

M895 Shadow of Treason (63) Steve (John Bentley), newly arrived in Trieste, saves Tina from being shot in her own nightclub. She hires him as a bodyguard/detective. He finds out that her father was blackmailing a group of traitors. They are after a treasure map. The trail leads to Africa and beyond.... Neat locations with a lion attack, caves and more.

M831 Shaker Run (85) Shaker Run shows more of the New Zealand countryside than 'Lord of the Rings'. As an added bonus, there are fast V-8 powered cars speeding through it. Judd (Cliff Robertson), a cantankerous professional American driver blasts across bridges and down roads 'Mad Max' style in a modified Trans Am while outmaneuvering the secret police who are chasing him in sinister black V-8 pursuit vehicles. There's a whole lot more to this violent action flick. With Leif Garret (who goes through a wall!), Shane Briant of Hammer movies and Lisa Harrow. BA

M178 Shaolin Brothers (77) aka: Shao Lin xiong di Complicated mix of Chinese history and myth, where ole Shaolin friends find themselves on different sides, one a Ching general, the other, faithful to Ming. Widescreen

M180 Shaolin Death Squad (77) aka: Shao Lin xiao zi A Japanese première kills a statesmen to become Emperor. Widescreen

M172 Shaolin Invincible Guys (78) aka: Shuang xing ying zhao shou The girlfriend of a con-man is being held in a brothel and he must try to raise a dowry to buy her freedom.

M176 Shaolin Kung Fu (74) aka: Shao Lin gong fu All is well until the dastardly Tongyang brings his rickshaws to town and starts using his hired muscle to dominate the locals. Widescreen

M181 Shaolin Super Dragon (82) aka: Feng qi yun yong dou kuang lung Kung Fu Idol John Chang, stars as an escort and Kung Fu master. He meets his match when he comes up against a masked raider who wants his loot.

D890 She and He (69) aka: L'assoluto naturaleThis does not fit into any definitive genre. What we have is a mysterious romance involving an uninhibited woman and a dour photographer, shot in strange interiors and abstract sports-car-on-the-highway to nowhere exteriors. Sylva Koscina delivers eye-popping full frontal nudity, and she pretty much commands the entire movie. Her pursuer is played by Lawrence Harvey (who also produced and directed). While most of this is relatively abstract, their are surreal/horrific moments (such as a brutal assault that may or may not have happened), bizarre encounters and strange and compelling dialogues. The quite excellent Ennio Morricone score holds it all together, and the ending comes as a shock. In Italian language only so F.L. BA

D366 Shoot First, Die Later (74) aka: Il poliziotto è marcio A dirty police lieutenant is asked by the mob to destroy an incriminating report, which the lieutenant's proud father knows about. When the father and his girlfriend are murdered, the officer sets out for revenge. Funky soundtrack, delicious 70's styles and sexy dames car chases and more. You never know who is going to get it next as we violently ride towards the dark conclusion. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

D370 Shots in 3/4 Time (65) aka: Schüsse im Dreivierteltakt aka: Spy Hunt in Vienna aka: Der Professionelle Plays like an Edgar Wallace mystery meets spy thriller. A Scotland yard detective, a secret agent and a murderer who has happened to steal a top secret invention. Nice locations, like the abandoned amusement park where the bad guy has his hide-out. With Pierre Brice, Daliah Lavi, Anton Diffring, Senta Berger and more. BA

D545 Skatetown U.S.A. (79) Another world.... A world where Patrick Swayze as 'Ace' (in his debut) is the leader of a badass disco skate gang with his competition, Scott Baio as 'Richie' and others frolic around to bad music. The disco rock and roll movie of the year! (Or Something..) Dave Mason provides some of the soundtrack (why?). Maureen McCormick is in hot shorts smacking gum and looking slutty, you'll see Billy Barty, Ruth Buzzi, Judy Landers, Flip Wilson, Ron Palillo, Greg Bradford, and more. Lots of skate dancing, outrageous clothes and super-hot chicks (the redeeming factor to this). You'll be shocked and amazed that this even happened! The girls however are 'Dynamite!'. BA

R272 Slaves (69) aka: La maîtresse noire It's 1850. A Kentucky slave fights for his freedom from a cruel master whose mistress joins him and some other slaves in revolt. Ossie Davis, Dionne Warwick, Stephen Boyd and Gale (Spider Woman) Sondergaard even shows up. assault, murder and other ugliness is what these slavery abuse movies are usually all about. This is not 'Song of the South' (happy slaves). But nowhere near as devastating as 'Mandingo', or as fun (in a sheer exploitation cinema way of course). Ossie Davis is good as usual, and this is scam-psychic-gal Warwick's debut, and she makes you actually mourn her plight. BA

D845 Something Wild (61) aka: Marcados por un destino A young assault victim (Carroll Baker) tries to put back the pieces of her shattered life, and finds herself in a potentially abusive relationship with her would be rescuer (Ralph Meeker). This film reeks of sleazy New York grime with footage of 42nd Street and other locations circa 1962. Baker is assaultd within the first 5 minutes of the film, intense for the time. Also with Martin Kosleck and more. BA

M845 Somewhere, Tomorrow (83) Before she was busy having 'Sex in the City' with multiple partners Sarah Jessica Parker was in some made for T.V movies and a crappy show called 'Square Pegs'. In this she is trying to deal with the loss of her father to a plane crash. A young man, also killed, is still around on earth as a ghost-like dude and together they fall in love. They try to figure out why he is still around... Or are they both dead? Neither? Tear-jerker fantasy film that is loved by many. Beware, Sarah Jessica Parker sings a few songs. Just a friendly warning.

D904 Sooner or Later (79) Thirteen year-old looker Jessie (Denise Miller) is in love with Michael (once rocker Rex Smith who actually toured with Nazareth and Ted Nugent), her guitar instructor and aspiring musician (we see and hear his band doing some of their cheesiest songs). She lies to him about her age and starts to date him. When things start to get hot and heavy... A real time capsule. Also with Barbara Feldon and Judd Hirsch.

N973 Special Code (66) aka: Cifrato Speciale aka: Message chiffré Starts with Nazi's loading some secret cargo aboard a plane at the end of the war. The plane goes down. Forward to present day. A large diving bell has harnessed a large container in the ocean. Nearby below is a cave that leads to an underground lair. Lots of cool underwater action in this rare Euro spy. With Lang Jeffries and Helga Line. LBX and with English subtitles.

M227 Speed Cross (80) aka: Speed Cross - Zwei geben Vollgas Fabio Testi is an undercover cop who infiltrates the closed world of professional motocross racing to solve an old case and settle a personal score. Lots of almost gladiatorial like riding with competing riders trying to force each other into wrecks and a political corruption subplot. (Maybe a bit of 'Rollerball'?) Excellent photography, a current disco soundtrack and more! Directed by the ever reliable Stelvio Massi! LBX and with English subtitles. BA

D967 Spy Against the World (66) aka: Killer's Carnival aka: Gern hab' ich die Frauen gekillt A lady-killer tracked by the police, takes refuge at a psychiatrist's home, and the doctor tells him three stories, each about how the bad guy always gets caught in the end. Stewart Granger, Pierre Brice and Lex Barker each have their own stories. Also with Klaus Kinski, Karin Dor, Margaret Lee and more. Dubbed into English. BA

M734 Stateline Motel (75) aka: L'ultima chance aka: Last Chance After robbing a jewelry shop in Canada, two American's plan to meet near U.S. borders to split the loot. One of them (Fabio Testi) gets stuck at a Motel when his car breaks down and he has to wait for repairs. He begins an affair with the Motel owner's wife (Ursula Andress) and when the loot disappears his partner is pissed (Eli Wallach). Meanwhile the cops are closing in. Also with Barbara Bach. This is the longest LBX print which runs 98 minutes and yes, you do get to see Ursula Andress undressed, and she is magnificent! BA

M175 Stranger From Shaolin (78) aka: Biho sangjaeng When her entire family is killed by the occupying Manchus, Yim Wing Chim narrowly escapes to a Shaolin temple. LBX

M382 Stranger Things Have Happened (various) Various goodies here! First: Here Comes Tobor (56) Failed pilot with Tobor the robot and the young boy who uses ESP to control him. Together, they were going to combat the forces of evil... but the show was never picked up. Next: Rosie (60) A boy brings home a talking dog (played by a guy in the worst dog suit ever!) Another failed pilot! Next: The Weird World of Weird (70) A never aired TV special on witchcraft, astrology and the occult. Maybe audiences for television were not ready for this type of programming? Next: Follow That Skirt (64) A 'Thrill-Killer' stalks strangles and stabs his victims in this gory 26 minute short. Next: The last 20 minutes of the 1965 film 'The Smut Peddler'. All on one disc!

M579 Strangers, The (69) aka: Les étrangers aka: Quelli che sanno uccidere After a heist, a robber (Julian Mateos) stashes his loot in an abandoned mine and passes out in the desert. He's rescued by a couple (played by Michael Constantine and Senta Berger) who take him to their remote cabin, but with a catch. They know about the diamonds from press coverage, and want to split it with him. After the robber is a ruthless sheriff, after Berger and Constantine, are hit men from a past beef. Twists and turns in this film made here in America, New Mexico to be exact. Berger is smoking hot, and the scene where she whips Mateos is worth the price of admission alone! Widescreen and English language. BA

D617 Street Corner Justice (96) aka: Il giustiziere della strada A Pittsburg detective (Marc Singer) is kicked off the force for beating up a assault suspect. When he moves to L.A. he finds himself a central force in a bullet-ridden neighborhood battle to win back it's streets from gang-bangers. Eclectic cast includes Bryan Cranston, Gary Kent, Steve Railsback, Clint Howard (as a rapist) and many more recognizable faces.

R292 Street Hunter (90) aka: Il cacciatore di taglie Logan Blade (Steve James) is a tough police officer who has to confront a gang led by a cruel Col. Walsh (Reb (Yor) Brown). Steve James (who died way to young at age 41 in 1993 of pancreatic cancer) kicks some major ass here. Also with Valerie Pettiford and John Leguizamo as Angel. BA

D732 Street Law (74) aka: Il cittadino si ribella aka: The Anonymous Avenger aka: The Citizen Rebels Carlo Antonelli (Franco Nero) gets mugged and decides to take justice into his own hands. Franco kicks ass in this violent Italian crime thriller that also stars Mrs. Ringo Star Barbara Bach. Widescreen and English dubbed. BA

M742 Student, The (88) aka: L'étudiante Three months before her final examinations, Valentine (sexy Sophie Marceau) juggles studies with a jazz band and a new boyfriend. Will she choose true love? Will the drama be too much to take. Or, what we really want to know... will she have plenty of nude scenes? Yes on the last question, so this is a must! LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M706 Sugar Bread and Whip (68) aka: Zuckerbrot und Peitsche A male model, tired of expensive products he cannot afford to own, decides to become a bank robber. But his affair with a married woman who is after suspense and adventure, leads to trouble.... LBX and with English subtitles.

R110 Summer Fantasy (84) After graduating high school, a girl (a stunning Julianne Phillips in her debut) gets a job as a lifeguard. She is rebuffed by her co-worker played by Ted Shackelford (what is he gay?), and starts up a relationship with lucky bastard Jackson (played by Paul Keenan who was dead of AIDS just two years later in 1986). Also with Michael Gross. A real trip back in time this one.

R271 Sumuru (03) aka: A kígyóistenno bolygója Based on Sax Rohmer's (Fu Manchu author) cult novels, this futuristic fantasy takes you to an earth colony in the far future where women rule, and men are used to propagate the race and work in the mines. Scantily clad bimbos, a snake goddess.. and a giant snake, cool sets and cheesy special effects, tongue-in-cheek dialogue... a very entertaining throw-back type. Simona Williams, Alexandra Kamp, Michael Shanks and more star. Co-produced and screenplay co-written as well by the prolific exploitation legend Harry Alan Towers, one of the last films he would produce. Widescreen and English language. BA

M547 Sunshine on the Skin (71) aka: Il sole nella pelle aka: Summer Affair Rich-girl Lisa (Ornella Muti at 16) meets a bunch of hippies and falls in love with a handsome loser guitar player. Her father disapproves. The young lovers run off and find themselves shipwrecked on an island. The police are still looking for them though, and the island is not even too far for the reach of the military. Controversial nudity in this film and a tragic ending for the young lovers. LBX and English language dubbed. BA

M460 Super Agent Super Dragon (66) aka: New York Calling Superdragon aka: New York chiama Superdrago aka: New York Calling Superdragon A series of murders in Michigan lead a slick and clever American Secret Agent (Ray Danton) to Amsterdam, where he discovers a plot to infect the world with an undetectable potent new drug that makes people laugh hysterically, act crazy chaotic and get violent. Also with Marisa Mell and Margaret Lee (either would give almost any Bond girl a run for her money). Uncut LBX print dubbed into English, some scenes never translated, have English subtitles. BA

D447 Svengali (83) aka: La ragazza e il professore An old singer (Peter O'Toole) coaches a young woman (Jodie Foster) Whom he believes will be the next singing sensation. As she starts off with her career, their bond grows stronger. Foster sings, O'Toole does his best Lugosi, and the rest is for you to decide. Holly Hunter (in her second film, the first being slasher classic 'The Burning') has a small (but standout) part.

D221 Tarawa Beachhead (58) aka: I marines delle isole Salomone A marine sergeant (Kerwin Mathews) sees a captain (Ray Danton) kill one of their own men at Guadalcanal to cover his own incompetence, and fears he will not be taken seriously because of his rank. Later he discovers the captain is cozying up to the widow's family, after their fortune. Mathew's gets to act, Danton is a great bad guy, and Julie Adams as the widow Mathew's character falls for delivers the cheesecake. Make no mistake however, this is not a tepid soap opera, but a cool, sometimes grim, and exciting war flick. LBX BA

M363 Tender Scoundrel (66) aka: Tendre voyou aka: Un avventuriero a Tahiti aka: Simpático sinvergüenza Jean-Paul Belmondo stars in this French comedy about a guy that travels around and runs into loads of different dames. Mixed up plot that goes all over the place, mainly to introduce various characters. He is pursued by gals from Tahiti to Paris. Nadja Tiller, Genevieve Page, Mylene Demongeot, Stefania Sandrelli... wow. BA

R237 Terrorist (76) aka: Black Terrorist A marauding band of black terrorists hold the inhabitants of a tiny desert settlement hostage. They murder most of the settlers, but spare a beautiful white woman and her young son. She escapes in a hail of gunfire, then enlists the aid of a gun-toting soldier of fortune to help her free her son. Obscure and absurd, unintentionally campy, with a truly mesmerizing funky score.

D728 That Night in Varennes (82) aka: La nuit de Varennes aka: Il mondo nuovo aka: La noche de Varennes In June of 1791, A group of disparate travelers take a stagecoach through the French countryside (all for different reasons) and all come to various ends by nightfall. An aging Casanova (Marcello Mastroianni), American Revolution survivor- Thomas Paine (played by Harvey Keitel) and more familiar historical figures figure into the story. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R64 They Call Him Chop Suey (75) aka: Bruce Lee - Die große Kampfmaschine Fun and rough Filipino kung-fu action with sometimes startling violence that includes eye-gouging, severe smack-downs, impalings, some bloody violence, and always funny English dubbing. There are some glitches in the master print. F.L.

D542 Thirteen Days to Die (65) aka: Der Fluch des schwarzen Rubin aka: Agente S3S: operazione Uranio aka: Espionnage à Bangkok pour U-92 Spies chase after the secret formula for uranium U92, employing various sci-fi gadgetry and plenty of violence. Cool Thailand locations, elephants, rafting down a dangerous river, crocodile attacks, explosions and more. With Horst Frank, Thomas Alder, Peter Carsten and more.

R500 Three (69) aka: Noi tre soltanto Two college friends, traveling in Europe, find themselves rivals for the attentions of a mysterious woman (Charlotte Rampling, a stunning beauty at 23). Young love and simple times before the responsibility takes over all of our lives. Beautiful locations include Italy. Sam Waterson stars. Widescreen. BA

R258 Three Sergeants of Bengal (64) aka: I tre sergenti del Bengala aka: Les trois sergents de fort Madras This action-packed adventure/jungle film starts out when three British soldiers stationed in Malaysia are sent to Fort Madras to help the Commandant fight off an elusive bandit who is terrorizing the countryside. They encounter obstacles and adventures along the way. With Richard Harrison. Widescreen BA


M247 Thunder (83) aka: Thunder Warrior aka: Thunder - Eine Legende ist geboren! A native American named 'Thunder' (played by Mark Gregory, 'Trash' from '1990: Bronx Warriors' and others, he's Italian by the way!) returns home only to find that his ancestral burial ground is being destroyed by construction workers. When he tries to put a stop to it, the law is not on his side. He is beaten up and left for dead. Everybody has made a BIG mistake! Thunder is one damn fine gripping yarn about a lone Navajo standing in the face of injustice. A hot-blooded 'Rambo' rip-off of sorts. Unjustly maligned, very entertaining film from director Fabrizio De Angelis. Also with Bo Svenson, Raimund Harmstorf and more Italian actors shipped in from Italy for Arizona/New Mexico filming. See it as it was meant to be seen in Amazing Widescreen English dubbed. BA

M229 Thunder 2 (87) aka: Thunder Warrior 2 aka: Thunder II - Ein Indianer nimmt Rache Badass Mark Gregory returns as 'Thunder' the Indian sheriff. When transferred to a small town in the desert, he soon finds corruption in the form of a racist deputy (played by Raimund Harmstorf) who plants drugs in Thunder's locker, which gets him sent to prison. Oh but there will be HELL to pay! Great bad movie with jaw-dropping action sequences, hilarious dubbing, excellent locations in Arizona/New Mexico and Bo Svenson returning as sheriff. Rambo meets Billy Jack! From prolific director Fabrizio De Angelis. Now incredible widescreen and with English subtitles. BA

M311 Thunder 3 (88) aka: Thunder Warrior III aka: A Vingança do Guerreiro All Thunder wants is to live peacefully on his native land with his little family. Unfortunately, there are those who are hell-bent on harassing, threatening, and harming him. They go too far when they kidnap Thunder's wife. This is the bloody chronicle of his final violent revenge.... Mark Gregory, John Phillip Law, Horst Schön and Ingrid Lawrence Now available LBX! BA (Other two in the series are also available)

8127 Thunder 3(88)aka: Thunder Warrior III aka: Thunder III - Der Unbesiegbare All Thunder wants is to live peacefully on his native land with his little family. Unfortunately, there are those who are hell-bent on harassing, threatening, and harming him. They go too far when they kidnap Thunder's wife. This is the bloody chronicle of his final violent revenge.... Mark Gregory, John Phillip Law, Horst Schön and Ingrid Lawrence Full screen print BA



M438 Thunder Squad (85) aka: I cinque del Condor aka: Wild Team aka: Squadra selvaggia A South American rebel leader in exile in Miami is given one last chance to overthrow his successor, a brutal dictator, by a multi-national mining group out to exploit his countries mineral resources. They blow things up, shoot a lot of people, and go through the usual plot twists, hair raising escapes, War is Hell scenes, and obligatory Heroic sacrifice. Throw in some random encounters with jungle critters and a heroine in hot pants (Julia Kent) and we get a pretty decent Umberto Lenzi directed action flick! Also with Ivan Rassimov and the lead hero Antonio Sabato. BA

M846 Time to Die, A (82) aka: Seven Graves for Rogan aka: Zeit zu sterben A WW2 vet sets out in 1948 to avenge the death of his wife at the hands of some brutal men. He targets six unlucky and not-so-glorious bastards. Four Germans, one Hungarian and one Sicilian. Nudity. Rod Taylor, Eddie Albert, Rex Harrison and Raf Vallone star. BA

M823 Toby McTeague (86) Good old-fashioned coming of age story with courage, honor, respect-for-elders, and the great outdoors. (Sounds like a fantasy film for today's culture) Sled racing Huskies, life-learning lessons, and more, set in snow bound Canadian scenery. Well worth it for some wholesome goodness and a bit of humor and maybe even a little camp value. BA

R475 Ton of Grass Goes to Pot, A (72) aka: The Big Score A group of friends plan to smuggle a ton of marijuana from Mexico to the U.S. by way of hot air balloon. Rival biker gangs, Nazi flashback sequence, Stoned Out talk, the Fuzz and other hippie happenings too groovy to comprehend straight.

D529 Torpedo Run (58) aka: La dernière torpille A war weary submarine commander is forced to blow up a Japanese ship with prisoners, a decision that will have haunting consequences. Glenn Ford, Ernest Borgnine, Dean Jones, L.Q. Jones, and look for Robert Reed, Frank Gorshin and William Schallert in bit parts. LBX BA

M163 Total Western (00) aka: Furore cieco After a drug deal gone wrong, Bede, goes into hiding in the countryside at reformatory school for criminal youth. When the criminals who want him dead find out his location, he must get the other misfits (savage wild youngsters from the big city) to help in a violent battle, with whatever means they have. Exciting film with torture, brutal violence and plenty of action. Sorry, no Subs, but you know the story now don't you? Widescreen - F.L. BA

M581 Tough Guy (72) aka: Un uomo dalla pelle dura aka: The Boxer aka: Ripped-Off Boxer Teddy Wilcox (Robert Blake) leaves his manager and relocates. He finds a new manager/trainer in Nick (Gabriele Ferzetti). Before his next fight, Nick is threatened by the mob with death unless Teddy takes a fall. Teddy doesn't. Nick is killed. Teddy is the main suspect and must clear his name as he is hounded by a cop played by Ernest Borgnine, and the mob is after him as well! More people will die violently before this is all over in wonderfully bloody shootings! Italian made by Franco Prosperi, but filmed in New Mexico. This was released under the title 'Ripped Off' over here and is available in many cut to shreds versions, with most of the red stuff cut out. Also with Tomas Milian (in a nasty killer role) and Catherine Spaak. This is the Uncut version in nice quality running 86 minutes. In English language and with some foreign subtitles. BA

N965 Traffic Jam (79) aka: L'ingorgo aka: Le grand embouteillage A tremendous traffic jam hit the Roma highway ring. The biggest traffic jam ever seen endures for more than 36 hours. At first everybody remains calm. But as time goes on we get involved in people's personal crisis situations and people start to become unhinged. Things get dark, even apocalyptic, as an every-man-for-himself mentality permeates the road weary humans. Even a night assault is not stopped but instead , the car behind it full of elite types listens. 'She might like that.' one of them says. Cars and hosts are a microcosm of stories part of a major universe of congestion. A fine black comedy. In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX

M332 Train to Hell (65) aka: Operation Double Cross aka: Train d'enfer aka: Danger dimensione morte A secret agent begins to investigate the murder of a man that has been pulled out of the ocean by fishermen's nets. The investigation leads him to a luxurious villa where strange personalities reside. Jean Marais is more than capable of a lead hero in this fast-paced action-spy flick and Marisa Mell is stunning as she usually was. Nice intense scene in a tunnel on the train. Widescreen and with English subtitles. BA

R236 Travis McGee (83) aka: Travis McGee: The Empty Copper Sea McGee (Sam Elliot) is a world weary private eye trying to help boat skipper friend (Richard Farnsworth) salvage his reputation that sank when his boat ran aground, resulting in a death that might have been faked. Cool MFTV with a decent cast that includes Katherine Ross, Barry Corbin, Geoffrey Lewis, Amy Madigan and more. Elliot devours the role with relish, a type almost written for him.

R490 Tru (93) Robert Morse is Truman Capote in a one man show. Actual Capote quotes and ramblings masterfully done. (from American Playhouse Series)

M837 Tuareg: Desert Warrior (84) aka: Tuareg - Il guerriero del deserto Before Mark Harmon was a household name playing Ted Bundy in the excellent 'The Deliberate Stranger', he starred in this desert based action film directed by Italian director Enzo G. Castellari (this being his next film following the excellent 'Escape From the Bronx')! Tuareg (Harmon) helps a fugitive. But when soldiers come and violently take him they break Tuareg's code of hospitality. Wearing a scarf across his face, he turns into a one-man army dispatching villains left and right across the Sahara desert landscapes. Plenty violent and also starring Aldo Sambrell and Claudia Gravy to name a few.

D369 Twinky (70) aka: Lola aka: London Affair aka: L'ange et le demon A middle-aged writer of pornographic novels (Charles Bronson!) meets and falls in love with a sixteen year old schoolgirl named Twinky (played by a 20 year old Susan George). Mostly British cast includes Honor Blackman, Michael Craig, Robert Morley, Lionel Jeffries, Trevor Howard and more. BA

D466 Two 38 Magnum's For a City Full of Pigs (75) aka: Due Magnum .38 per una città di carogne Excellent Italian crime-action flick directed by Mario Pinzauti (the guy who directed the 'Mandingo' rip-off 'Mandinga'). Vicious stabbings, beatings and shootings. This one stars Luigi Pistilli, Gordon Mitchell and Erna Schurer. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M333 Umbracle (70) Christopher Lee (looking suave and dapper) stars in this bizarre avant garde film commenting on censorship in Franco era Spain that presents documentary footage, along with surreal over-exposed scenes in which Lee walks around Barcelona, witnessing a kidnapping, visiting a museum and having silent encounters with a woman. A real clusterfuck. Things get even more confusing when halfway through the film we find Christopher Lee on stage. He explains to the audience that the director has instructed him to improvise. So he sings some Opera and reads Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Raven'. Some have called this a 'masterpiece of unconscious narrative'. Seems a waste of Lee's talents. I am sure he was like 'Hey, it's your dime. I'll show up and do virtually nothing for a paycheck!'. Hell, who wouldn't? With English subtitles.

D731 Vanishing Act (86) aka: Como en una pesadilla In the Rocky Mountains, Harry Kenyon (Mike Farrell) seeks out his missing wife Chris (Margot Kidder) in the Winter Parade. She is found. But it is not her. Or is it? Twists and turns! Fred Gwynne, Elliot Gould and more star.

N987 Veruschka (71) aka: Veruschka - poesia di una donna Veruschka (a real Italian supermodel this being a vehicle for her) and her boyfriend drive around the Italian countryside getting into personal troubles all over Italy. At one point a father and his young son pass on a motorcycle. The boy smiles at Veruschka and she smiles back. Not much later they approach an accident on the road. The boy is laying in a pool of blood. Veruschka recalls her own troubled childhood and failed relationships. Bleak, downbeat and grim, melancholy, or depressing? Maybe all of these. There is no positive, there is no hope. The haunting score from Ennio Morricone (one of his best!) will help you on this dreaded road to nowhere. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

M554 Vices in the Family (75) aka: Il vizio di famiglia aka: Un vice de famille A man fresh out of prison, is picked up by a woman who offers him cash to sleep with her brother's wife (Susan Scott) so that he will divorce her and split his inheritance with her. But when the brother's illegitimate daughter (Edwige Fenech) shows up, starting a blaze of lust in her trail, things go awry. Comedy English dubbed and LBX.

M555 Victims of Vice (78) aka: Brigade mondaine A leather-masked killer is just part of the problem faced by the vice cops in a world of shady drug dealers, hookers, and whippings. Helpless hookers degraded, used and abused, in a brutal death and crime ring in this incredibly sleazy and entertaining trash from director Jacques (Beyond Love and Evil) Scandelari. With music by Cerrone. Part giallo, all sleaze! English dubbed and with foreign subtitles.

D536 Viktor and Viktoria (33) aka: Viktor und Viktoria The film doesn't go too gender bender, but still provides gender role playing kind of, but not in a blatantly gay way. This is the original German film that was played with later by Blake Andrews. Much of the dialogue is spoken in verse and the overall film is kind of like how it was in the movie 'Caberet', you know, the pre-war stuff in Germany. Racy for it's time. German cinema was in the process of being far less light hearted right about then. With English subtitles!

M116 Violent Four, The (68) aka: Bandits of Milan aka: Banditi a Milano - A detective is assigned to head a manhunt for four violent bank robbers in this thinking man's Italian crime thriller. Gian Maria Volonte' as Piero steals the show as the madman leader of the gang. In one shocking scene the gang shoots at civilians to get the cops to stop chasing them. This is like a documentary style film of a true story filmed with style by director Carlo Lizzani with splendidly rendered scenes of the actual crimes delivering the tension, fear and suspense. Another beautiful Widescreen print. BA

D971 Violent Professionals, The (73) aka: Milano trema: la polizia vuole giustiziaWhen a Milano police lieutenant's boss is murdered by an organized crime ring, he vows revenge. Another action -packed violent and bloody 'Dirty Harry' type rip-off, this one from sometime giallo director Sergio Martino. Luc Merenda, Richard Conte, Silvano Tranquilli and more star. Widescreen and English dubbed. BA

R135 Violent Streets (74) aka: Boryoku Gai - A retired Yakuza is caught up in a conflict between two rival clans. Starts out as a twisty well-oiled heist film, into a gritty revenge story, and then a downbeat coming of age. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

M582 Wake and Kill (66) aka: Svegliati e uccidi aka: Wake Up and Die aka: Lutring... réveille-toi et meurs Fast paced action about a petty hoodlum (Robert Hoffman), trashing stores in his robberies, and then moving on to killing anyone who gets in his way. Lisa Gastoni plays his girlfriend. On the case is a determined detective who is out to stop the reign of terror. English dubbed with foreign subtitles. BA

R262 War Bus (86) aka: Opération commando Fleeing a Christian mission that is under Viet Nam attack, some soldiers and missionaries make their way through the jungle in a school bus. The bus is stopped and commandeered by some other soldiers who are on a mission and in desperate need of transport. Lots of violence and explosions in this fast-paced action thriller. BA

D658 Warriors Five (62) aka: La Guerra continua German occupied Italy WW2. An American paratrooper (Jack Palance) enlists the aid of 5 Italian convicts who have just been released from prison, and a pretty Italian girl (Giovanna Ralli), to help with his mission to blow up a bridge.

R265 Wartime (87) aka: Tempi di guerra aka: Kommando Schwarzer Panther WW2: The Nazi's have captured a Swedish scientist who they want to create weapons of mass destruction. Some rebel fighters strive to liberate the scientist (with some American soldiers helping, one being Peter Hooten of 'Inglorious Bastards' of 1978). Nazi's in a brothel, a real train is blown off the tracks (at least it looks real), lots of bumbling idiot Nazi's die way too easily, and more in this Umberto Lenzi directed movie that will remind you of that 'other' Hooten film. Sharp Widescreen BA

M251 Watch Out, Crimson Bat! (69) aka: Mekurano Oichi midaregasa Oichi (Yoko Matsuyama) is a blind swordswoman hired to carry an important scroll of unknown contents (since she can't see them, she is to be trusted). On the journey she helps a pair of homeless teenage siblings and is challenged by a number of swordsmen who are trying to take the scroll (which contains a formula for a super bomb!). Nice bloody fights. Now LBX and with English subtitles!

M557 Wave of Panic (87) aka: Vent de panique Martine and Roland, once T.V. stars, kidnap a beautiful redheaded high school student (Olivia Brunaux) and plan on selling her into prostitution. But they back out, and decide to use her in some of their other outlandish schemes. Hilarious black comedy, slightly LBX and with English subtitles. comedy

M844 We Think the World of You (88) aka: Il più grande bene del mondo A gay guy named Johnny (Gary Oldman) goes to prison, leaving his beloved dog Evie (played by 'Betsy' the dog) with his poor parents who have no idea how to deal with the creature. Enter Johnny's ex-lover Frank (Alan Bates) who tries to help Evie. Evie steals the show. And the award goes to 'Betsy' the dog. Weird drama that shows how a cool animal can bridge the gap in societal differences.

D654 Weapons of Death (77) aka: Napoli spara! aka: Assaut sur la ville Fast paced Euro-crime movie with bank robberies, street violence, car chases and cops versus the underworld. There's a castration, a pregnant woman is kicked in the stomach, a stoolie is decapitated and I won't even give away the ending! Henry Silva stars along with Leonard Mann, Ida Galli (Evelyn Stewart) and more. Nice LBX BA

M602 Wedding March, The (65) aka: Marcia nuziale This movie is divided into 4 episodes, every episode deals with a different aspect of marriage and sexuality, sometimes lampooning religion and marriage as an institution. This film suffered heavy censorship interventions back in the day. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

D730 Western Pacific Agent (50) aka: Jack der Killer Detectives for the Western Pacific Railroad investigate several murders, including one of a railroad payroll agent. Kent Taylor, Sheila Ryan, Mickey Knox and more star.

M313 Where Are You Going On Holiday? (78) aka: Dove vai in vacanza? Italian made comedy trilogy. The story with Alberto Sordi and Anna Longhi is hysterical. Also with babe Stefania Sandrelli and also with Ugo Tognazzi. This is uncut at 134 minutes, in Italian language, and with English subtitles.

D966 White Ghost (88) aka: Matando a un fantasma Viet Nam 1972. Lt. Steve Shepherd (William Katt) goes missing. Presumed dead. 15 years later... he's still there (living in a tree house)! A Black-Ops team is sent to rescue him, but you know how these things go.... That's right! Mullet-headed and beefed up William Katt does his best Tarzan/Rambo impersonation! Action, explosions, adventure and more! Also with Martin Hewitt, Reb (Yor) Brown the amazing Rosalind Chao and more! BA

M559 White Night (89) aka: Noce blanche A teacher of philosophy discovers a complicated pupil. a 17 year old girl with quite a cynical view of the world (played by Nymphet/Singer sex symbol Vanessa Paradis). He is fascinated, and tries to help, but his help involves them falling into a passionate Lolita-esque affair. Meanwhile skeletons from her past surface and she begins to make her married teacher's life a living nightmare when he decides not to leave his wife. Fatal Attraction indeed! With English subtitles. drama BA

M750 White Star (84) aka: Let It Rock A rock music reporter and his view of the anarchic rising of punk rock. A drugged out Dennis Hopper stars, and I would dare anyone to tell me he is not blasted out of his mind during his scenes. He can rant, scream, cry and laugh all in one sentence as he tries to get his prospective discovery promoted to stardom. He even has a helper (played by David Hess!) starting fake riots. Hopper sets the record with 'man' and 'fuck' in this one. Released here in a shredded version, this is from U.K. tape and runs 88 minutes. It even has an 18 rating at the beginning. Slightly LBX

M134 Woman's Revenge, A (90) aka: La vengeance d'une femme Suzy (Beatrice Dalle), a beautiful woman, is coming back to Paris to attend the funeral of her lover, a married man. Cecile (Isabelle Huppert), the dead man's wife, is holding Suzy responsible for his suicide. Cecile is hell-bent on playing some head games with Suzy, to find out the truth to justify her impending revenge. In French language and with English subtitles. Widescreen.

M136 Ypotron - Final Countdown (66) aka: Agente Logan - missione Ypotron aka: Mission secrète pour Lemmy Logan Doctor Morrow, a scientist who works for NASA disappears. The Secret Service investigates. Agent Lemmy Logan is in charge of the case. He discovers that a former Nazi scientist is trying to develop Ypotron, a weapon that could destroy a large portion of the world, and is forcing Doctor Morrow to help. Cool score, nice locations, nice gadgets and more. Incredible upgrade Widescreen and dubbed into English language. BA

N969 Yuppi Du (75) In Venice, a series of fatal accidents are occurring in unsecured dock locations. A happily married man (Adriano Celentano) finds that his former flame who he thought was dead by suicide (played by Charlotte Rampling) has returned. She had run off to Milan with another man. As complications rise people escape with song. Celentano, a famed Italian singer mixes it up in this bizarre art film (complete with a assault scene). The main draw? The frequent nudity of Charlotte Rampling and Claudia Mori. Very nice indeed! Celentano helped write this, and he directed it, even including his daughter Rosita in the cast. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA



M411 5 Graves for a Medium (65) aka: 5 tombe per un medium An attorney arrives at a castle to settle the estate of its recently deceased owner. The owner's wife and daughter reveal that he was someone who was able to summon the souls of ancient plague victims and, in fact, his spirit was roaming the castle at that very moment. Soon occupants of the castle begin to die off in gruesome, violent ways.... Beautiful Sharp Italian language Widescreen 86 minute version with English subtitles. We have offered also an English dubbed 91 minute version, not as sharp, and not Widescreen. So what can we tell you? Rather than try to figure out what is different, you can have both versions on two separate DVD-R for the price of one! (VHS does not apply with that price). BA

M818 Agency (80) aka: Gli altri giorni del condor A mysterious millionaire buys an ad agency and starts to replace the people with their own, who place propaganda in the commercials of selling product to manipulate the viewers. A man is wise to them, and when he tries to inform is killed. Conspiracy with sinister politics and nefarious intentions. Science fiction? Hmmm. This stuff is happening today. Lee Majors, Valerie Perrine, Robert Mitchum, Saul Rubinek and more star. BA

M850 Amador (66) After murdering his girlfriend, the weird and dark man named 'Amador' joins his family in Torremolinos where he gets involved in an assassination, and falls in love with a woman. A strange and dark Spanish made film. LBX and with English subtitles.

M835 An Act of Love (80) aka: Un acto de amor A motorcycle accident leaves one brother paralyzed and the other guilt ridden. Early exploration of euthanasia (the 'act of love' in the title) with some interesting moments. Ron Howard and Mickey Rourke (in one of his first roles) star along with Robert Foxworth and Mary Kay Place.

D948 Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (74) Barry McKenzie's Aunt Edna is kidnapped by Count Von Plasma (Donald Pleasence) who is the vampire head of an isolated Eastern European dictatorship in Transylvania, who has mistaken her for the Queen of England, and thinks that by kidnapping her, it will bring tourists to his country. Barry and his mates set out to rescue her. Numerous sight gags and subplots, some even racist, and plenty of 'Fosters' beer is consumed as well. Widescreen version. BA

M711 Belphegor (65) aka: Belfagor o Il fantasma del Louvre A mysterious eventful and interesting yarn told in four parts. In Paris, amongst murders, apparitions and alchemy, we feel the sensation of a vague menace. Mystery and dread in the catacombs add to the fun. With the use of so many historical Paris locations and the magic interiors and mysteries of the Louvre, the images are unforgettable. 4 parts on two discs - Counts as two selections. DVD-R only no VHS

M861 Black Vampire, The (53) aka: El vampiro negro A remake of Fritz Lang's 'M' from Argentina! If you enjoyed the spooky way Fritz Lang implied 'horror' with Peter Lorre and his actions, this one is a bit more revealing, but never gory or ultra-violent, just disturbing in imagery and content. This is about a child-killer after-all. Bouncing back and forth in time with his trial (legal this version) we get a detailed look at the killer, and his victims, as well as the screaming women who lose their minds whenever they witness something. Excellent. With English subtitles.

M214 Blood and Roses (60) aka: Et mourir de plaisir Young Carmilla (Annette Stroyberg) is jealous of her friend's (Elsa Martinelli) recent engagement and her obsession leads her to the tomb of a female vampire which possesses her and leads her to kill and terrorize the inhabitants of an estate. An update of Sheridan Le Fanu's novel 'Carmilla' for 1960. Eye-popping color and widescreen makes this seem like a forgotten gothic horror from the past. Finally a beautiful widescreen print of this early lesbian vampire classic! Ditch those full frame prints! In French language and with English subtitles. BA

D765 Blood of the Vampire (58) aka: Le sang du vampire aka: Il sangue del vampiro Finally the uncut version! You know the photos we always saw of the hunchbacked guy and the women chained to the wall and more? Never seen in any U.S. release version. Here is a breakdown. At 31 minutes, in the mad doctor lab, it shows a more gruesome tableau of the lab with body parts and more, like something from a lurid EC comic. At 37 minutes, an entire extra scene in which we see the hunchbacked guy as he ogles 4 buxom (chained up to the walls) women. He buries his face in the cleavage of one, then unchains and straps her to a table. The good doctor inserts a long needle to drain her making a sickening sound. This entire scene is removed from the U.S. release VHS and DVD. As is the following... At 1 hour and 8 minutes their is a breast grope and a bit more footage when the guy tries to assault Barbara Shelley. Later at 84 minutes we see blood dripping from the dying hunchback's mouth. Yea, a much better film now. would be considered pretty horrific by the standards of 1958. In the U.S. version, we didn't even know he had women chained up in the laboratory! BA

R348 Castle, The (68) aka: Das Schloss Winter... Snow covered landscape... The castle, massive and forbidding, dominates the top of the hill. A man (Maximilian Schell) has been sent to work in the castle, where all of the town's business is conducted. He is met with suspicion and mistrust in a secretive bureaucracy that envelops both the town and the castle. Bleak, stunning, brilliant. From Franz Kafka's last (and unfinished) novel. With English subtitles.

M377 Congratulations, It's a Boy! (71) Confirmed bachelor (Bill Bixby) opens the door to find a young man at his doorstep that claims to be his son. This puts a strain on his life, and confuses his relationship with his girlfriend. Jack Albertson, Ann Sothern, Diane Baker and Tom Bosley star.

M119 Cursed Palace, The (62) aka: Al-qasr al-mal'oun Egyptian horror film! A rich man in a wheelchair decides to change his will when his daughter shows signs of insanity. She claims her father is dead. She saw who killed him, and the man in the wheelchair is his ghost! Maybe her sister and the house servant are trying to drive her mad so they can get the estate? Or maybe there is an actual haunting as ghosts and strange noises start to make themselves known. In Farsi and with English subtitles.

M120 Dark Purpose (64) aka: L'intrigo A secretary (Shirley Jones who has never looked better) arrives in Italy with her insurance agent boss (George Sanders) to evaluate the cliff side villa estate of a rich Count (Rosanno Brazzi). She falls in love with him and soon learns there is some type of dark mystery about the place. With vicious dogs, loonies in the attic, secret passages, marital deceptions, fits of hysteria and mysterious death, I think I am inclined to agree with her! Also with Giorgia Moll and more. Nice widescreen super colorful print in English language and with foreign subtitles BA

M378 Death of Richie, The (77) Hard-hitting teenage drug-abuse drama in the vein of 'Go Ask Alice'. Robbie Benson gives a decent performance as a hot-headed teen who flips out on drugs... a lot! Ben Gazarra is the concerned father. Tragic for all. Clint Howard as one of Richie's druggie friends. Eileen Brennan as mom.

R275 Demon, The (63) aka: Il Demonio aka: Le démon dans la chair Purif (Daliah Lavi), young peasant of South Italy, is considered a witch by the villagers. They are in part, correct. She has turned to witchcraft to win the affections of a young man. When anything goes wrong in the village, they blame her. Looks like it is time for an exorcism! The 'spider-walk' across the church floor obviously inspired 'The Exorcist' 10 years later. She spits on the priest, flicks her tongue out like a reptile.... yea, we know for sure this film inspired 'The Exorcist'! Scary, hypnotic, and pretty much forgotten, this Gothic Italian horror film from director Brunello Rondi needs to be seen! Dahliah Lavi gives a career performance, even though she was about to make a Hollywood splash. Widescreen and with English subtitles. Uncut 94 minute version. BA

D384 Edgar Allen Poe's Master of Horror (65) + The Legend of Horror (72) Two treatments, some of the same stories, all dubbed into English, and the brief color ending for 'The Legend of Horror'. Eliminating the confusion on what is different or altered, here they both are on one disc! Edgar Allen Poe tales, very well done, creepy as hell and with loads of atmosphere and all dubbed into English. Decent quality on both too!

M853 Edge of Fear (64) Bizarre Spanish made psychological horror Gothic mix. In a large estate house a family gathers to learn there has been a death threat to the patriarch. People start to disappear and terror starts to spread among the remaining inhabitants of the house. Weird stuff directed by the writer of 'Mad Foxes'. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

M165 Fear No More (61) aka: Pánico en la noche Traveling by train by from Los Angeles to San Francisco, a woman Gina (Mala Powers), recently released from psychiatric care, is accused of the murder of a woman found dead in her compartment. She escapes and goes to her apartment where she finds another corpse. Someone is trying to set her up and she better solve this quick or go to jail. To make matters worse, Gina is pretty much having a nervous breakdown throughout.

M380 Firehouse (72) Tensions arise when a previously all-white firehouse gets it first black fireman (Richard Roundtree) With Richard Jaeckel, Paul Le Mat and more.

M397 Ghost Cat of Otama Pond (60) aka: Kaibyô Otama-ga-ike Two lovers lost in the mountains find themselves in a mysterious forest with a pond and a supernatural presence that wants them to stay put. Simply drenched in gothic spooky atmosphere comes this obscure Japanese horror film Widescreen and with English subtitles.

M432 Ghost Cat of Ouma Crossing (54) aka: Kaibyô Ômagatsuji When a Kubuki actress is murdered by poison, her pet cat laps up her blood and becomes a demonic cat possessed with the soul of the vengeful murder victim. Obscure Japanese Horror with spooky settings. With English subtitles.

M716 Ghost, The (63) aka: Lo spettro de Dr. Hichcock Finally a super sharp widescreen version of this Riccardo Freda directed spook fest starring Barbara Steele and Peter Baldwin. A woman and her lover murder her doctor husband around the turn of the century. But as things start to go wrong in the gloomy Scottish mansion, it appears he may just be back, seeking revenge. So take your standard Barbara Steele type shocker from that era, add rich vibrant color photography with amazing gothic locations and a sense of dread that will creep right up your leg.... Outstanding and also Widescreen! BA

M429 Girl With the Cat Eyes (58) aka: Das Mädchen mit den Katzenaugen Rare German crime film in the tradition of Edgar Wallace. Car thieves terrorize Hamburg and a Police Commissioner is on the case. Meanwhile a woman returns home after a lengthy absence from her father and realizes something is wrong at her old digs. The pivotal point to this criminal activity and mystery is the Rio Rita bar where the girl with the cat eyes infatuates all of the men. With sometimes Edgar Wallace thriller actress Mady Rahl and also Gert Frobe, Wolfgang Priess and Vera Tschechowa. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

M882 Hand in the Trap, The (61) aka: La mano en la trampa A rich family, having lost their fortune, are now living humbly making dress for the rich that are still around. Relative Laura comes to visit, and soon finds that this old dark house, and her blood family, hide terrible secrets. Secrets that caused their downfall. Secrets that could not be hidden for long. Much like the Gothic psychological 'horror' films of the era. Dark, downbeat and creepy. From Argentina, so Spanish language and with English subtitles.

D908 Hatchet for the Honeymoon (70) aka: Il rosso segno della follia aka: Blood Brides aka: Red Wedding Night A mentally disturbed bridal design shop owner is a serial killer and he murders various young brides-to-be on his large palatial estate. Eventually he murders his wife as well and her sarcastic and taunting spirit returns to haunt him. As he spirals into a pit of madness, a police detective is keeping an eye on him. This Mario Bava directed film really needs another visit. Available only in crappy full screen prints, now here is a beautiful Widescreen version, with brilliant colors. Dubbed into English language. BA

R465 Head, The (59) aka: La femme nue et Satan aka: Die Nackte und der Satan Uncut import version with extra brief nudity in this obscure German horror film about a obsessed scientist who keep's a dog's head alive. When he dies, his assistant cuts off his head and keeps it alive so he can learn how to give a new body to his hunchbacked girlfriend. English language dubbed, with one small scene in German. Great! BA

M195 Horrible Dr. Hitchcock, The (62) aka: L'orribile segreto del Dr. Hichcock The year is 1885, and necrophiliac Dr. Hitchcock likes to drug his wife for sinister funeral games. One day he accidentally kills her, or thinks he does. He remarries a new bride (Barbara Steele) and finds his first wife still lives but is aging prematurely. He plans to use the blood of his new bride to rejuvenate her. Nice widescreen print! Gothic Horror at it's finest for 1962! BA

R269 Horror (63) aka: The Blancheville Monster The beautiful young daughter of a crazed count fears that she will fall victim to the family curse... and be sacrificed to fulfill an ancient family legend. A decent Italian Gothic Horror somewhere between Bava territory and maybe the Mexican 'Witches Mirror'. Eerie thunderstorms, scary black-caped monsters, ominous vaults, tight costumes that amply displays the females cleavage, and of course dark moody atmosphere. Italy's response to the Corman Poe cycle. Directed by Alberto De Martino and starring Helga Line, Gerard Tichy and Ombretta Colli. 88 minutes. Now LBX! BA

R200 House of Frankenstein (97) Detective Coyle (Adrian Pasdar) is trying to solve several bizarre murders and is having no luck finding the suspect. But when his girlfriend turns into a werewolf and gets kidnapped by a vampire... things start to fall into place! The Monster Movie! With make-up FX by Greg Cannom and crew. Cannom has been working on monster FX his whole life starting with assisting Rick Baker in 1977's 'Incredible Melting Man'! The Monster. The Werewolf. The Vampire. An ancient curse has been unleashed! With Jorja Fox, Teri Polo, CCH Pounder and more! On two DVD-R counting as 2 selections in a special. VHS is $22 on two tapes.

M773 Hyena of London (64) aka: La jena di Londra The time, 1883, the place, London. The serial killer called 'The Hyena' is finally caught and eventually hanged. But his body disappears before it can be buried, and the murders are starting all over again. Along the lines of the 'The Blanchville Monster'. Old dark house scenarios and a spooky moody atmosphere set the tone. This Italian Gothic Horror comes Widescreen and English language dubbed. BA

R164 Inferno (53) aka: Verhängnisvolle Spuren A tough hard-driving business tycoon (Robert Ryan) suffers a broken leg and is left to die in the desert by his scheming wife (Rhonda Fleming) and her greedy lover (William Lundigan). Ryan's character is tough as nails though, and he knows what it takes to survive! They've Got Another Thing Comin'! Directed by Roy Ward Baker who went on to direct some of the best Hammer movies. Remade in 1973 under the title 'Ordeal'. BA

M222 Island of the Doomed (67) aka: La isla de la muerte aka: Man-eater of Hydra - A blood drinking vampire tree monster gobbles up the visitors of an island estate run by an insane Baron (Cameron Mitchell). Creature Feature that delivers the goods, plenty of atmosphere, drenched in color, and plenty of blood! Cameron Mitchell is great in this! Also with Elisa Montes and George Martin. Beautiful Widescreen print! BA

R294 Killdozer (74) A construction crew on a small island must contend with an alien force that has taken over a bulldozer and turned it into a malevolent killing machine. Clint Walker, Neville Brand and Robert Urich star, Finally in the sharpest print ever!

M200-D544 Killer With a Silk Scarf (66) aka: Der Mörder mit dem Seidenschal A man murders a nightclub singer, then pursues her young daughter, who witnessed the crime.... With Carl Mohner and Helga Line.

M223 Kwaidan (64) aka: Ghost Stories Four incredibly spooky tales from Japan. ”Black Hair” ("O Cabelo Negro"): In the ancient Kyoto, a samurai decides to leave his poor but beloved wife and become a rich man marrying a wealthy wife. He misses his wife, and years later, when he returns to her, he finds a surprise waiting for him.... "The Woman in the Snow" ("A Mulher da Neve"): A young and an old woodsmen are surprised by a snow storm. The younger woodsman is saved by the spirit of a snow woman. He promises to never tell what had happened to him. Years later, he breaks his promise, disclosing the secret to his wife.... "Hoichi the Earless" ("Hoichi, O Sem Orelhas"): The blind Hoichi lives in a temple and magnificently plays his biwa and tells the sea battle of Dan-No-Ura between the clans of Genji and Heike. One night he is invited to perform his skills to a rich family and their guests in their house.... "In a Cup of Tea" ("Em Uma Xícara de Chá"): A samurai drinks water in a cup of tea, and he sees the soul of a former samurai. Later, he is haunted by the spirit. NOW, Widescreen and not the cut U.S. release at 165 minutes, but the UNCUT 183 minute version on one disc! (DVD-R only). This is the definitive version. Amazing visuals and excellent quality. Go for it! BA

M306 Lady of the Lake (65) aka: La Mujer del Lago aka: The Possessed aka: La donna del lago A visitor arrives in a small Italian village looking for a woman. Residents tell him that she committed suicide, but there is obviously more to the mystery than they are letting on. Meanwhile, a strange woman is seen walking by the lake.... The elusiveness of the locals and the gloomy atmosphere of the village lead him to the pitch black heart of darkness that leads him to the final conclusion. Beautiful, undeservedly obscure giallo type mystery. Nice LBX, filmed in black and white, and with English subtitles.

D766 Libido (65) Christian, returns to the house by the sea where he has grown up. He is accompanied by his girlfriend and a couple they have befriended. As a child he witnessed his father, killing his mistress, and then jumping off a cliff. He is going back so he can get over the trauma he has suffered all these years. But things back home start to get strange and he begins to think his father may just be alive! Plot twists and nice suspense throughout. Dominique Boschero, Mara Maryl and Giancarlo Giannini in his debut. Essential early Giallo with English subtitles. BA

D509 Mandrake (79) Mandrake (Anthony Herrera), famous magician, and his assistant Lothar, come to the aid of an amusement-park owner (Robert Reed) who is being blackmailed by a madman who is killing park customers. Also with Simone Griffith.

R145 Matter of Wife... and Death, A (76) A free-wheeling private eye named Shamus (Rod Taylor) attempts to track down the killers of a small-time hood and finds himself neck deep in a big-time gambling operation. A pilot for a series (trying to spin off from the Burt Reynolds movie) that never took off. With Luke Askew, Anne Archer and Lynda Carter.

R361 Midnight Offerings (81) Vivian (Melissa Sue Anderson) has magical powers and is quite the wicked witch. Robin (Mary Beth McDonough) is the good witch. How they pulled off this intense, campy, and even chilling MFTV is anyone's guess. But it's a good one. Loaded with witchcraft and with an effective witch bitch cat-fight throw down in the climax (sort of). Thematically, 'The Craft' is similar in many ways.


D349 Monsters (88-90) All three seasons complete on 6 discs with full menus! This was a pretty cool show with similarities to 'Tales From the Darkside' but with an emphasis on monsters. There is some type of monster in every episode. 72 episodes on 6 discs covers the complete run. $40 postage paid. No VHS on this title.


M778 Mysterious Rider, The (48) aka: Il cavaliere misterioso Casanova's brother is imprisoned in 18th century Venice under false accusations. He must retrieve a letter and undertake a perilous journey to Russia. Excellent Italian made period film from great director Riccardo Freda with a sinister underground brotherhood, an alluring transvestite lady spy (Gianna Maria Canale) and a notorious nymphomaniac Empress. Swordfights, a bear hunt in the snow, even a grisly torture scene. Riccardo Freda would go on to great films of which we carry many. With Vittorio Gassman, Maria Mercader, Yvonne Sanson and more. This is an excellent sharp print with English subtitles. BA

M309 Night Games (66) aka: Nattlek Jan fights impotence (literal and symbolic) and anguished childhood memories in a decadent Swedish castle where risqué parties and daring scenes defy 1960's movie censorship, reaffirming the ground-breaking role of Swedish films advancing adult, sexually concerned themes. Bleak and downbeat. With Ingrid Thulin, Keve Hjelm and more. Directed by also actress Mai Zetterling. Former child star Shirley Temple Black quit the board of San Francisco Film Festival to protest it's decision to show this film. She considered it 'pornography'. LBX and with English subtitles.

R107 Night Partners (83) aka: Équipe de nuit Elizabeth (Yvette Mimieux) and Lauren (Diana Canova) are two Bakersfield housewives who volunteer to help the police by working with crime victims to help catch criminals, starting with trying to find kidnap victim Sophie (Patty McCormack) and assault victim Janice. Also with M. Emmet Walsh, Larry Linville and more. With M.C. Gainey as the rapist.

M796 Nightmare (61) aka: Efialtis Greece's answer to 'Psycho', or even Castle's 'Homicidal'! A woman receives threatening phone calls from a woman who used to be married to her brother. Things escalate into terror with cinematic themes like 'split personality disorder', a creepy house with a long staircase, and a domineering mother. There's even a stabbing on the stairway and the guy going down a little like Martin Balsam! Effective Greek made chiller/thriller that fits nicely sandwiched within the similar films of it's time. With English subtitles.

D772 Play For Today: Vampires (79) Young boys watch Christopher Lee putting the bite on his victim on late night T.V. and they are scared silly. Later, they see a man in a local cemetery that they believe is a vampire. The kids talk about horror and sci-fi and they even talk about the first Quatermass Experiment monster-cactus-blob-guy. Pretty cool little British MFTV film. + Play For Today: Spend Spend Spend (77) An autobiographical tale about Viv Nicholson who had a huge Football Pool's win in the early 1960's, and the ultimately destructive effect it had on her and her family. Both on one disc– no VHS!

R293 Pyro... The Thing Without a Face (64) aka: Fuego aka: Wheel of Fire A jilted mistress (Martha Hyer) sets her lover's house on fire. He is horribly burned now, and his revenge is all consuming. Amazing carnival sets in this expensive looking low-budget horror/suspense production with lavish colors and fine performances from all. With Barry Sullivan and look for Franco muse Soledad Miranda as Liz. Miranda (now a cult starlet), dead at 27 from a road accident in 1970. Now Widescreen BA

R105 assault and Marriage: The Rideout Case (80) Based on a real-life Oregon criminal case which dramatizes the unique dispute in which Greta Rideout (Linda Hamilton in one of her first movies) sues her husband (Mickey Roarke) for constantly raping and abusing her. Roarke was arrested for actual spousal abuse in 1994. This is a pretty cool film with two actors who would later be big stars. Also with Rip Torn, Paul Koslo and even Conchato Ferrell.

D868 Rope Around the Neck (65) aka: La corde au cou Jean Richard and Dany Robin star.

D969 Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady (91) aka: Sherlock Holmes y la prima donna An older Sherlock Holmes (Christopher Lee) and Watson (Patrick Macnee) travel to Wien to collect a detonator (that works from remote control) from an inventor. Of course disguises, double-crosses and assorted characters, races and chases and more are part of the package. Lee is great as Holmes. From producer Harry Alan Towers (a man who worked with Lee quite a few times) and directed by Peter (Twins of Evil, Hands of the Ripper and more Hammer) Sasdy. With Morgan Fairchild. Two disc set, same low price at $12. VHS, however, on two tapes is $22 + postage.

D969 Sherlock Holmes: Incident at Victoria Falls (92) aka: Incident at Victoria Falls King Edward asks Sherlock Holmes to do one last task before he retires. To safeguard the Star of Africa on a trip to Capetown. Soon the fabled jewel is stolen and several people end up getting murdered. Twists, turns, detection by deduction and more. Loosely based on the Rathbone Holme's film 'Terror By Night'. Patrick Macnee is Watson. Also with Jenny Seagrove, Richard Todd (in his last film), Claude Akins and more.

M226 Sign of the Commander (71) aka: Il segno del comando Five part made for Italian TV gothic horror with English subtitles! A professor finds a mysterious diary written by Lord Byron, while he was in Paris, that holds the secret of eternal life. Invited back to Paris to give a lecture about the diary he finds that unless he finds the commander, he will die on his 40th birthday, which is in just one week. This is along the lines of Roman Polanski's 'The Ninth Gate' story wise. With English subtitles, all on one disc (no VHS on this title). English subtitles.


D378 Sixth Sense, The: Season Two (72) A psychic investigator (played by Gary Collins) investigates mysteries involving spirits, ESP, possessions and the like. Great little spooky show, and with a long list of special guest stars that are worth mentioning! Patty Duke, June Allyson, Sandra Dee, Pamela Franklin, Jane Wyman, Barry Sullivan, Tom Bosley and more! All Season Two episodes on 7 DVD-R for $29 postage paid or $55 VHS {Season One is also available.}


D265 Slaughter of the Vampires (62) aka: La strage dei vampiri aka: Curse of the Blood Ghouls On their wedding night, a newlywed couple find themselves menaced by vampires. Old fashioned, baroque Italian vampire opus with overwhelmingly ornate sets, voluptuous broads with inviting eyes and heaving breasts, high collared, flouncy vested Don Juan types, dungeon, vampire seductions....more. LBX BA

6464 Something Evil (72) aka: Haus des Bösen A couple moves into a farmhouse (Darren McGavin and Sandy Dennis) in rural Pennsylvania, A house that is haunted and begins to scare the hell of the wife, and possess their young son (Johnny Whitaker). Directed by a young Steven Spielberg, this is like 'Poltergeist' training ground in a way. Some truly scary moments even though we've seen it all, these scares were the type of MFTV scares that were quite effective in many T.V. movies of the era. Cue 'She Waits', 'Home For the Holidays', 'Crowhaven Farm' and 'The House that Wouldn't Die'.

D928 Summer of Fear (96) aka: Un'estate di paura A weird and disturbed young man (Corin Nemec) rescues a couple from thugs. Later, they take him in at their lake house and he manages to infiltrate the family unit, turning the kids against their father (Gregory Harrison) and making the moves on the wife (Glynis O'Conner). The twist comes in the climax.


M735 Supernatural (77) Chilling anthology series from the U.K. where membership to the secret society 'The Club of the Damned' is granted through telling horror stories. These are the essence of Gothic Horror. 8 episodes! Ghosts of Venice: An actor returns to Venice to right a wrong from long ago. But what is real and what is imagined? Countess Ilona: The Countess invites her ex-lovers to join her at her castle, but with what motive? And what has become of her ex-husband and the rumors? Other tales on this two disc set: The Werewolf Reunion, Mr. Nightingale, Lady Sybil, Viktoria, Night of the Marionettes, and Dorabella. Cast varied and includes Billie Whitelaw (Frenzy and The Omen), Jeremy Brett, Robert Hardy, Gordon Jackson, Denholm Elliot, Ian Hendry, Jeremy Clyde, Lesley Anne Down and more. If you like your horror slow, dream-like, and magical with no gore to speak of, this is quite good. $20 for both discs, or counts as two with specials. VHS on 4 tapes is $45 as you can see each disc runs well over 3 hours.


N985 Telephone Box, The (72) aka: La cabina Legendary short film! Excellent example of a lean and mean short horror film riff on a 'Twilight Zone' like format. It begins when a team of workmen install a new public phone box. When a man tries to make a call, he is trapped inside. No one can get him out! And then we reach the twisted finale which we will not divulge here. Worth checking out even though it is only about 35 minutes long. The film is followed by lots of trailers. In Spanish language and with English subtitles.

M379 To All My Friends On Shore (72) A proud black man insists on working his ass off to achieve his goals of moving his family out of the ghetto, into a fixer-upper old house. This alienates him a bit from his wife and son. Now he find's out his son is going to die..... Realistic, hard-hitting but never sappy, tough-talkin' slice of reality. Refreshing. Amazing even.

R280 Tomb of Torture (63) aka: Metempsyco A woman is tormented by dreams that she is the reincarnation of a dead countess. Her father, trying to help, takes her to the village close to the castle where the countess lived. They soon learn something is alive in the castle and killing the locals. It's a disfigured madman who delights in torture, looks like the 'elephant man' and possesses a bizarre sadistic giggle as he practices his evil deeds! Gothic horror fun! An old castle, a hunchbacked henchman, torture devices, hidden dungeon, loads of spider webs, Again, here we have a cool horror film that runs like a long EC comic story. LBX BA

M819 Train Killer, The (83) aka: Viadukt Based on a true story. For real, not like the claims made by many movies today that they actually happened, but of course did not. A supposedly normal man (Michael Sarrazin) plots to sabotage the Orient Express. His goal is to blow it off a bridge for maximum carnage. Made in Hungary for European television this film boasts nudity, violence and some excellent train crash effects.

N976 Uncle Silas (87) aka: The Dark Angel Maud Ruthyn (Beatie Edney), a lovely and sensitive girl, is sent to stay with her Uncle Silas Ruthyn (Peter O'Toole, looking strung-out), a charismatic rogue who stands to inherit the family fortune. Maud soon finds that the estate holds horrors beyond her imaginings. A perfect film adaptation of the fine Gothic Horror novel. If you are looking for a Gothic thriller with no gore but atmosphere and visual appeal in spades then check this one out! With Guy Rolfe (Mr. Sardonicus), Barbara Shelley (one of the last she did before retirement) and more... Uncut 3 hour version (well 2 hours and 55 minutes or so).

M765 Vendetta of Lady Morgan, The (65) aka: La vendetta di Lady MorganWhen Lady Morgan (Barbara Nelli) marries Sir Harry Morgan after the death of her boyfriend, she doesn't know he is having an affair with a sinister housekeeper (Erika Blanc), and they plot to kill her and steal her inheritance. But when she dies, Lady Morgan returns as a vengeful ghost, aided by her living Uncle, to set things right. This obscure Gothic Horror from Italy also stars Gordon Mitchell. Now in a nice Widescreen version with English subtitles. BA

M201 Violin Case Murders, The (65) aka: Schüsse aus dem Geigenkasten aka: Operation Hurricane: Friday Noon George Nader plays Jerry Cotton, one of Germany's answers to James Bond. He is called in to investigate a series of robbery/murders that have been linked by phone calls from the sister of the moll of a gang, to the head of a New York chief of the F.B.I. - Includes a plot to blow up a school full of kids and more. Dubbed into English.

M821 When the Bough Breaks (86) aka: Verschwörung des Bösen A child psychologist and a private eye investigate 'The Gentlemen's Brigade' that is run by a fraudulent Reverend who helps runaway children get on their feet, but secretly they put the youngsters on their backs, as they are a rich group of pedophile lawyers, judges and politicians that get their kicks raping kids. Richard Masur and Ted Danson star as the good guys. Interestingly, they both played child molesters in unrelated films.

M466 Woman Buried Alive (73) aka: Sepolta viva A woman (Agostina Belli) is poisoned. Before burial her body is whisked away (so the title is indeed a bit misleading). She is still alive, and placed in a tiny cell adjacent to a water mill. She's pretty much stuck in there. And she gives birth! Will she be rescued? This plays like a Poe costumer, with high production values. Also with Laura Betti. Widescreen and in Italian language with English subtitles. BA



D753 Anak ng demonyo (89) A young man is born with Satanic powers. His face gets wolf-like and grows horns when he's angry. (Don't piss him off!) His demonic father commits a series of gory murders, and he gets blamed. A priest tries to help clear him. F.L.

D754 Ang babaeng putik (00) aka: Woman of Mud A woman in the forest turns into a 'Predator' like monster and begins ripping men apart. A man falls in love with her when she takes human form, but had no idea she needs human blood to survive! Arms are ripped off, heads roll, shootings, stabbings and more... F.L.


R55 Ang Panday (80) aka: The Blacksmith - A town's blacksmith becomes a hero of the people in his village as he stands up to battle zombies and vampires, criminals, swordfighters and anyone else deemed 'bad!'. One of the violent scenes has a boy branded while tied to a stake, and loads of different fight scenes. F.L.

R56 Ang Panday 2 (81) aka: The Blacksmith 2 - Join our badass blacksmith as this one starts off when the other one ended! He gets down in a beach battle with a bunch of zombie-like monsters that look like the 'Chlorophyll Man' from the 'Blood Island' films. He also encounters bat monsters, ghosts, flaming meteors and more. Take the wild ride! F.L.


D583 Attack of the Indian Werewolf, The (10) An over the top horror spoof from South Africa set in Durban. A timid electronics store clerk's life is turned upside down when a chance encounter with the mystical jadoo bean transforms him into a ferocious wolf-like creature (that seems to be wearing a horrible Chewbakka wig) from which no one is safe, especially his cheating girlfriend and abusive boss. His spontaneous transformations into the beast causes him to unleash bloody carnage across his town and it is up to his best friend and his childhood sweetheart to find a cure to the jadoo bean’s curse and put an end to the havoc.... It is a funky werewolf! He even goes clubbing. Just wait until he reveals himself to you for the first time. You won't believe your eyes! Expect complete insanity here! For fans of the Indian King Kong! This time however we get English language! + Terror on the Wind (0?) Throw-back sci-fi short filmed in 'Atomicscope' about the dangers of fallout from bomb tests.

R62 Beheaded Man (91) aka: Sar Kata Insaan - The corpse of a murdered police officer has his head sawed off and is then resurrected by a mad scientist and his helpers. At night, he removes his head and walks around with it and a battle axe, hunting and killing those who were responsible for his death. We see what happened in flashback. Fairly gory and decently filmed horror from Pakistan with loads of creepy atmosphere. And also about 2 and a half hours long! F.L.

M269 Brazilian Planet of the Apes (76) aka: O Trapalhão no Planalto dos Macacos Spoof of the classic film that tries to follow the plot (sort of). A balloon carries a group of men onto a remote plateau where apes rule and humans are slaves. The apes try to transform the men, and a simian princess falls in love with one of them. This one is from a Brazilian comedy troop, that made their career's by spoofing American films. One wild and wacky slapstick flick in Portuguese language and with English subtitles!

M236 Cudo (71) Here's a strange one from Yugoslavia! Running around an hour, it is the tale about individual heroism. A man must alone fight against a local bully after no one else dares. Set in the 15th century, and set at an old fortress of Kotor. This may not end as you would expect. There are some glitches in the master print, but not too many. With English subtitles.

N975 Curse of the Red Butterfly (82) aka: Kirmizi kelebek Wild Turkish film with Gordon Mitchell as the evil villain! The search for an ancient jewel in Istanbul is on! Our blonde female lead gets involved in some kicking scraps and even a catfight as well as strips for a nice nude shower scene! Later her breast is cut right below the nipple in one tense moment. Some action, violence, a bit of gore, cool stunts and suspense as everyone scrambles wildly to come out on top. English dubbed and with Japanese subtitles.

N993 Fangs (81) aka: Anyab Egyptian musical horror! A girl and her fiancé are on their way to a party when their car breaks down. Their only local refuge is a strange castle. They are greeted by Count Dracula who wants the girl for himself. They learn that there are actually many 'Dracula's) out there in many disguises, draining people not of blood, but of money. Atmosphere, a hunchback and other ghoulish characters mixed with songs and an obvious nod to 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. Seeing a guy with big vampire teeth singing while everyone dances around is pretty hilarious. With English subtitles!

M122 Flying Saucers Over Istanbul (55) aka: Uçan daireler Istanbulda Alien women arrive on earth because there is a shortage of men on their planet. Finally a contender for the 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' crown. You can only compare 'Plan 9' with another black and white sci-fi movie to be fair. Well, we get cardboard sets, toy guns, Turkish chicks in space-girl suits, an hysterical looking robot that looks like he is made out of various cardboard boxes, fake gadgets, dancing girls, hell even the space chicks can dance and much more. By the way that gun strapped in that space chicks belt looks like... well.... a dildo! Shortage of men, hmm, makes sense. Now if I can only figure out how to get on that ship! With English subtitles!

M593 Gang of Woman (68) aka: Five Hot Women aka: Atesli delikanli From the producer of 'Dawn of the Mummy'. Two Turkish reporters come up empty investigating Lebanese life, and are about to leave when they come upon a gang of female forgers. Bikinis, brief nudity, belly dancing, catfights, haunted house and prolific Egyptian actor Ismail Yassine and also famous Turkish actor Cuneyt Arkin! In Farsi and with English subtitles.

R224 Gangs of Wasseypur (12) A clash between Sultan Chief and Shahid Khan leads to the expulsion of Khan from Wasseypur, and ignites a deadly blood feud spanning generations. Absolutely huge movie from India voted in the top 5 Bollywood films of all time, and the most talked about. Violent crime action. 2 hours and 48 minutes. Widescreen and with English subtitles. BA

M690 Golden Claws of the Cat Girl, The (68) aka: La louve solitaire Francoise (Daniele Gaubert) looks like a sexy kitten by day, but is a silent she-wolf by night, making very clever robberies of gold jewels. When she joins a heist that will get a drug-trafficking gang busted, things go awry. Francoise is the sexiest cat-suit clad super thief with remarkable acrobatic abilities you will ever see. Simply amazing. A nice change-up from the usual Bond rip-off fare of the day. LBX English dubbed print! BA

M141 Gumnam Qatil (01) Opens with a thunder storm, which basically means, the 'horror' is about to begin. A group of women at a large estate. A cackling ghoul is stalking a woman in red on the grounds. Seems like the lightning has brought a bunch of laughing ghouls. Dark corridors, nightmares, strangulation, a murderous ghoul man in white, and more to shake and scramble your brain with. F.L. - BA

D752 Guna-Guna Istri Muda (77) An evil old hag puts spells and curses on people in town, one causes worms to break out of one guy's neck! Bloated limbs, tongues cut out, snakes... hell, what are you waiting for? No subtitles. Oh, there's that. But hey, who needs 'em when you can pretty much tell what is happening?

R333 Hindu King Kong (63) aka: Shikari Lots of jungle action. The log over the ravine cannot be crossed due to Kong, and below is pink bubbly gooey (lava?), later a dragon monster is in a cave, serpent heads come out of the walls, an underground mad scientist's lair, songs and dance, tiny people... but where is Kong? Finally Kong attacks a colorful native village. He stomps one guy pretty good as he walks towards a giant idol (of himself?). Outrageous special effects from 1963. Hilarious! About 2 hours and 15 minutes. F.L. only.

R268 Kilink in Istanbul (67) aka: Kilink Istanbul'da Kilink, the Turkish super anti-hero, inspired by the Italian comic book character 'Killing', visits Istanbul in order to grab a destructive formula, now in the hands of a dangerous scientist. Kilink murders him, kidnaps his daughter and tortures her in some gloomy dungeon, kidnaps and tortures others, and still the formula remains elusive. Meanwhile the son of the murdered scientist is visited by a god-like being and is endowed with 'Superman' like powers for his ultimate showdown with 'Killing' er... 'Kilink'! Pandemonium ensues! Mind Blowing! Widescreen and with subtitles.

R53 Lowo Ijo (87) More bizarre madness from Indonesia! Zombie-like monsters rise from the ground, there are kung-fu fights, vampire bats, women put in cages in a huge cave, a farting kung-fu master (proving the makers of this film were not taking all of this too seriously!) strange black magic and more! Holy Crap! F.L.

D751 Nenek Grondong (82) Indonesian horror about an evil witch attacking children in a tiny village. One young boy gets possessed, grows fangs, and begins to rip out the throats of his victims. Disembodied heads fly in the air, impalings, gory deaths and beatings... more. No subtitles.

R46 Pembalasan Setan Karang Bolong (89) Indonesian Horror! A woman is beaten, violently assaultd and then hanged by three men. She is now dead. But her spirit returns for bloody revenge! Extremely weird and darkly themed terror with loads of creepy atmosphere. F.L.

D700 Red Eagle (63) A masked hero fights against police corruption and his own government. Wild Thai superhero film with hilarious situations unintended. He looks like Zorro except with a red mask. In color and LBX, the picture is like watching an old grind house drive-in flick. F.L.

D687 Return of Superman, The (79) aka: Supermen Donuyor Born out of a Christmas ornaments heaven, Turkish Superman fights the mob in order to save the day! All of your favorite Superman special effects are on hand here, done in a such an inept and hilarious way you may just be rolling on the floor! There is too much to go into detail here, so let's just say, if you dig 'Superman' then you'll love this, the strangest 'Man of Steel' rip-off ever! And let's not forget the music borrowed from Hollywood blockbusters! With English subtitles!

R452 Secret Africa (69) aka: Africa segreta Sick and twisted African practices including adult circumcision rites, a jungle asylum, new born tattooing, blood rites, whipping, water torture, blood drinking.... or as they say in Africa.... 'it's a Tuesday.' Too harsh? You go there and live then... Note: There is a logo near the bottom of screen that stretches across. F.L.

R457 Seruling Naga Sakti (89) Battle drenched fantasy horror kung-fu with outlandish sequences. Such as a man getting his head chopped off, which then takes flight laughing, brains getting splattered, faces blown off, gory impalings and more atrocious fun. Hell why not? Widescreen and with a logo near bottom of the screen. No subtitles so F.L.

M870 Shocking Africa (82) aka: Africa dolce e selvaggia What do you want? Well, here is what you will get! A brutal and prolonged flogging of a mentally ill man by Muslim elders of a village. Sacrifice of various animals including chicken and antelope (don't blame me). Circumcisions done on little kids with the guy doing the cutting having the shakes like a drunk going through the DT's, a shaman sacrificing a fowl by ripping it's beak off, a woman shoving a 6 foot snake up herself to help her fertility..... sick, pungent, disgusting, gross, illiterate .... SAVAGE AFRICA! Still behind civilization by hundreds of years in many areas. English narration and Dutch subtitles. More 'Ouch!" and 'Ugh!' moments than any sane man would be comfortable with. Horrifying!

R54 Siluman Clurit Perak (88) An evil witch kidnaps people and turns them into zombies (and bites off penises!). Two young warriors, a pretty girl and an old master fight against the witch and her helpers and monsters.... Off the fucking wall insanity from Indonesia! Ghoulish female monsters, flying coffins, a big-toothed vampire-type guy killing people, a flying skull that rips open a dude's throat, faces covered with worms and more! Plot? You need a plot? F.L.

D755 Tagalog Bat Man (89) aka: Ang mahiwagang daigdig ni Elias Paniki Opens with a hippie-like guy battling a black vampire dude. He whacks the vamps face and knocks out a fang, then violently stakes the creature of the night. Our vampire killer seems to get supercharged when an image of a bat flashes over his forehead. He burns the demon. Meanwhile, a man, woman and child are walking outside when they are attacked by were-bear. It slashes then strangles the man, holding him high as blood dribbles from his mouth.... This is all in the first 8 minutes! This is a fun Filipino monster movie. And the attacking killer pygmies are the creepiest little bastards you'll ever see! Later the king vampire is in full monster suit gear, wings, fangs and all! Satanic sorcery and more await! F.L. but very cool.

D510 Turkish Star Wars (82) aka: Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam aka: The Man Who Saves the World Tough guy Cuneyt Arkin stars. Two space cadets crash-land on a desert planet where an evil wizard seeks the ultimate power to take over the world. Although the movie borrows backdrops from 'Star Wars' the plot is mostly unrelated. You'll also hear some music that will sound very familiar to you as they use music from popular American films throughout. All said this is funny as hell! Now with English subtitles. BA

M859 Vampire Woman, The (67) aka: Vampir, Zan-e khoon-ashamA horror film from Iran of all places. You would probably get executed in Iran if you tried to make a film like this today. A perfect example of how Iran is so behind the rest of the world. This black and white film looks like it was filmed in 1930, which probably makes it seem like classic horror. Apparently there is a haunting by a female vampire Jinn like creature. This fanged female warns the man she loves that she will murder any woman he tries to be with. Widescreen and with English subtitles.




M213 Beast and the Magic Sword, The (83) aka: La bestia y la espada mágica Waldemar Daninsky (Naschy) heads to the land of the rising sun (feudal Japan) to battle his curse of the full moon. Everything you would expect and love from a Naschy wolfman film including excellent werewolf make-up, female nudity, vicious and bloody attacks and more. Every time the werewolf runs across a female, he makes sure to rip off her top (exposing her breasts) before killing her! Our snarling hero also fights a real tiger. And keeping with the period of Japan, the Japanese leader battles some supernatural foes in a snowy landscape in order to obtain the magic sword of the title to slay the beast! Now completely uncut at 108 minutes! Perfect quality and with English subtitles. BA

M689 Dr. Jekyll and the Wolfman (72) aka: Doctor Jekyll y el Hombre Lobo aka: Die Nacht der blutigen Wölfe Uncut Composite version in English language with the nudity and also LBX. That's the difference. The other version has the nudity out of the picture. Paul Naschy returns to play 'El Hombre Lobo' for the third time. Searching for a cure for his full moon affliction he seeks out the infamous Dr. Jekyll. Of course Mr. Hyde (also Naschy) stalks the streets of modern day London... This movie is really elevated with the nudity showing the vicious sadism of Hyde and turning the film into adult territory instead of a kiddie film. An amazing film for Naschy fans with really cool locales and some cool transformations. Jack Taylor, blonde stunner Shirley Corrigan and more. Like many of Naschy's flicks, this is like one of those lurid 70's horror comics come to life! BA

M287 Dragonfly For Each Corpse, A (74) aka: Una libélula para cada muerto A psycho-killer stalks his victims by means of slashing, axe, and decapitation, then an ornamental dragonfly, soaked in the blood of the victim, is left on each body. Naschy is on the case, with the help of his girlfriend (Erika Blanc). Finally a perfect looking uncut print of this Paul Naschy giallo classic. Trash your old prints. English dubbed. BA

M881 Dying in Crime (68) aka: Agonizando en el crimen Sandwiched in-between a few werewolf films. Paul Naschy managed to be in this thriller from the director of 'Frankenstein's Bloody Terror', the same year. A sex/maniac killer is on the prowl in Madrid, and it is up to a police inspector (Naschy) to find the killer (who has a penchant for dismembering his victims). Spanish language, LBX and with English subtitles.

D270 Man Who Saw Frankenstein Cry, The (10) The Life and Legend of a horror star Paul Naschy. The best and most comprehensive documentary on Paul Naschy with loads of clips from his films, poster art, and comments from celebrity fans like Joe Dante, Mick Garris, Caroline Munro, Mick Garris, Jack Taylor and many many more. This is for fans of Naschy, a tribute to Naschy, even his widowed wife is involved. Excellent film elements are used showing many very cool scenes from the films. In English language, and when in Spanish there are English subtitles. Outstanding!

M346 Terror of the Living Dead (73) aka: La orgía de los muertos aka: Return of the Zombies aka: The Hanging Woman The longest print available at 99 minutes! How many prints can one have of this one? Well, this is the most complete version we have ever seen, period. Fantastic Euro-Horror with mad scientist, creepy graveyards (with even creepier tombs), necrophilia, black magic rituals and voodoo, murderous zombie slaves, mystery, gore, nudity, sex, perversion, secret passages... everything you need for a perfect Gothic thriller. Paul Naschy plays a small role as a deranged gravedigger. A crypt full of horrors, including a devil-worshipping coven and throngs of the living dead. English dubbed. BA



M622 assault of a Nun, The (83) aka: O viasmos mias monahis A young girl is forced by her father to become a nun. But behind convent walls she will not find the love and grace of God. No. Only the evil and lusts of man. She will see first hand the hypocrisy of the Church as she watches the nuns break down and the leader's corrupt deeds impossible to ignore. Unintentionally funny at times, Greek made take on the Nunsploitation genre. Now In Greek language and with English subtitles.

M263 Sacrilege (87) aka: La monaca di Monza aka: The Devils of Monza aka: Eccessi, misfatti, delitti A nun falls in lust with a young noble working in the convent as a financial advisor and the affair brings down the convent. Nice locales and erotic scenes mixed with a sense of foreboding as evil permeates the convent as the sister continues her torrid affair with her less than holy lover. The presence of a man in the convent begins to arouse, confuse and corrupt her nun helpers. To keep the affair going they will stop at nothing to continue their orgy of lust, and murder is not out of the question. BA



D537 Hans Westmar (33) aka: Hans Westmar. Einer von vielen. Ein deutsches Schicksal aus dem Jahre 1929 This Nazi propaganda film purports to show the story of a Nazi Stormtrooper in Berlin amidst Commies, Nazi's and social democrats who are warring in the streets. The bad guys are the communists, portrayed gleefully ugly, with a woman feminist in their ranks. Later Goebbels himself banned the film as he deemed it unconvincing propaganda. Still an interesting time capsule for war scholars and those interested in the Nazi war propaganda films of the 30's.

D525 Our Flags Lead Us Forward (33) aka: Hitlerjunge Quex: Ein Film vom Opfergeist der deutschen Jugend - A Nazi propaganda film based upon the life and death of Hitler youth Heini Volker, killed while distributing flyers in a Communist neighborhood. Projects an idealized vision of a Germany guided by a paternal National Socialist Party. Hitler youth distributing propaganda Germany style. The rise of the Third Reich is beginning. With English subtitles.

D520 Rothchild's Shares in Waterloo, The (40) aka: Die Rothschilds Aktien auf Waterloo Excellent and disturbing anti-Semitic Nazi propaganda/biography of the Rothchilds, A German Jewish family that rose to the top of the European Banking community during the Napoleonic era. This is a very biased and hateful film made by a Nazi for Nazi's and Germany. This is the type of film that would pave the way for the Holocaust the following year. Followed by Front Reports of the Propaganda Companies (30's/40's) You have seen the U.S. newsreels of WW2, now see the German newsreels from the same era. All with English subtitles! BA

D527 S.A. Mann Brand (33) aka: Storm Trooper More Nazi propaganda! A young truck driver is having troubles making ends meet, until he is exposed to the teachings of Adolph Hitler. He joins the Stormtroopers, converts his father, and his girlfriend. Scary if you look at just where this movement was heading! Blatant Nazi propaganda that wears it's Nazi politics on it's armband, I mean... sleeve. Nazism good, Communism bad that is the message. Although both are equally bad. Stalin anyone? With English subtitles. BA

D523 Uncle Kruger (41) aka: Ohm Krüger aka: Le président Krüger Blind and exiled Kruger recounts the war to his young nurse. The British are depicted as ruthless, The Boers are shown as resolute and valiant, but ultimately as victims. The final massacre of women and children in a British concentration camp is just part of the Nazi propaganda on display here. With English subtitles. BA




R460 .38 Especial (92) A tough cop hunts a deranged psychopathic mama's boy who's raping and mutilating his female victims. His mom is a religious nut that sometimes beats him! Super sleazy Mexican made crime-slasher fun. F.L.

M852 Crying Woman, The (33) aka: La llorona The 1933 version of this Mexican made horror and with English subtitles! One of the earliest made Mexican horror films surviving. The horrors of the ghostly wraith wailing woman, a manor setting, a mysterious cloaked figure, secret rooms and passages, murder attempt on a pagan altar, flashbacks to the Inquisition, suicide and more. Cool for classic horror fans.

M218 Danger Dolls (69) aka: Muñecas peligrosas Three cute not-so-secret agents in black suits try to stop a madman from executing his plans of world domination. Batman-like weapons, a helicopter, 3 black mustang convertibles with phones, and more await all who enter this world of campy Mexi-action with superhero-like female spies. Maura Monti, Barbara Angely, and some of these other girls are in loads of cool Mexican movies involving 'Blue Demon' or others. With English subtitles!

D932 Desafiando a la Mafia (01) An honest and diligent police officer does his job exceedingly well while turning down bribes from both of the local Mafia cartels. The tension rises as the policeman is forced to take action by pitting the rival gangs against each other. F.L.

N977 Dr. Satan and Black Magic (68) aka: Dr. Satán y la magia negra In the inferno of hell, the king demon orders Dr. Satan to return to earth to destroy Yei Lin, a powerful wizard of black magic, and steal the formula that transforms all metals into gold in order to become master of the world (of course!). Garishly colored like an old EC comic includes sexy female zombies, the devil, an Asian vampire, murder, rubber bats, a fight in Dr. Satan's lab, girls in open coffins, and a trip to hell! {Sequel to Dr. Satan} Uncut, in Spanish language and with English subtitles. Eleven minutes longer than previous prints!

D746 El Barón Brakola (67) aka: Santo vs. Baron Brakola Starts with a flashback as an ancestor of El Santo battles evil Count Brakola. The Count infects a young woman with vampirism, and El Santo's ancestor releases her, with a stake through the heart. Flash-forward to the present. Brakola is back, and after a descendant of the girl from centuries past. El Santo is on the case! Fantastic as far as these suckers go! Now with English subtitles! BA

D933 El Diablo, e Santo y el Tonto (87) aka: The Devil, The Saint and The Fool Before he died, an old Refugio reveals her son (Vincent) has two brothers... He must seek to divide the inheritance (the Canteen, the hospital and the ranch) . The three brothers are identical but very different characters, which causes misunderstanding between them... F.L.

D945 El Error Del Comandante (01) aka: The Commander's Error Stars Salvador Pineda,Reynoso,Almada,Garbo,MunguíaRey Jr F.L.

D940 En La Mira de mi Gatillo (01) aka: Misión de alto riesgo Miguel, a man who makes a living working as an assassin for his government. His latest mission involves having to eliminate a man who Miguel let live when they faced each other during a war the previous decade... action adventure starring Aguilar (IV),Avataneo,Fernandez,Aleyda Gallardo F. L.

D944 Entre Melon y me Lames (06) comedy starring Jacaranda Alfaro, César Bono, Víctor Manuel Castro, Luis de Alba F.L.

D586 Halcones De La Frontera 2 (92) More action and violence with action star Agustin Bernal battling evil white cultists (who speak a lot of English language throughout so you know what is going on). People are burned alive and more in this one. Mostly Spanish language, but lots of English as well.

R60 Huella Macabra, La (62) aka: Black Mask Sequel to the previous year's 'Rostro Infernal'! A disfigured man rises from the grave and recruits his vampire son in his plan of misdeeds. He gets a perfect looking human mask to fool the local businessmen. His son is a fanged youngster. At one point they have a lady tied to a chair and they let the boy feed! This changes the boy into a respectable looking suit-wearing kid, minus the fangs. At least for a time. This father/son team are up to no good! F.L.

D946 Infierno en la Sierra (00) action film starring Antonio Raxel, Guillermo Quintanilla and Valente Pastor. F.L.

D942 La Dama De Rojo (00) aka: The Lady in Red action/adventure starring Lina Santos, Jesús 'Chuy' García and Gerardo Albarran Director: René Cardona III F.L.

D941 La Noche de los Troyanos (01) A group of gangsters who have lived in peace after amicably dividing their territory finds their tentative treaty exploding into violence when the wife of a key figure is kidnapped in this tense crime drama starring Armando Arazia and Jorge Reynoso. El Malo's wife has been abducted by an unknown assailant, and now in order to restore peace to the streets, chief mobster El Trueno will have to dive to the deepest depths of the criminal underworld in hopes of saving the frightened woman before thespirals out of control... F.L.

M169 La Suburban Diabolica (98) An agent of the devil has supernatural strength and healing. He goes around and murders people, using his SUV. He talks to the devil as well. This evil man also summons up a zombie during the opening credits. Another zombie appears later in the film. A group of young people and a woman in a bar all get caught up in this man's sinister activity. The police must stop him.... In Spanish. Action from Mexico F.L.

D930 La Tumba Falsa (97) aka: Fake Tomb A truck carrying toxic material is hijacked by a man whose ambition threatens humanity... Stars Edna Bolkan, Manuel Ojeda and Jorge Reynoso F.L.

M444 Mansion of the 7 Mummies (77) aka: La mansion de las 7 momias Masked wrestlers Blue Demon and Superzan must aid a young lady in undergoing three ordeals to inherit a treasure. Satan himself appears and eggs on the bad guy, and there are some fights between wrestlers and mummies. The mummies are unstoppable, and even creepy, and there is some eerie music and some decent action. One of the better ones. Even a bit of a surprise ending. In Spanish language and with English subtitles.

R61 Mil Caminos Tiene La Muerte (77) aka: Mad Angels It's a Mexican biker flick in which the main protagonists are on the rampage participating in assault, destruction, stabbings, beatings, and murder. Nudity is thankfully present as well as some particularly lurid scenes. Like when the one biker is castrated for raping another biker leader's girlfriend. Fights, car crashes and more! F.L.

R93 Ninja Mexicano, El (91) Mexican spin on the popular 'American Ninja' series comes off ambitious and manages to pull off some nice action as well as some nudity and gore. The cast includes Mexican action star Agustin Bernal and Mexican classic horror star German Robles! F.L. BA

N958 Pafnucio Santo (77) Controversial segments told in parts about a messenger (pushing around a bicycle)and his encounters with historical figures (some real, some fictional) and well documented moments in history. Many themes are explored in this exercise in surrealism from director and Alejandro Jodorowsky collaborator Rafael Corkidi. The guy who directed this also was the cinematographer on 'El Topo'! So fancy a visit with the ruined Adam and Eve, or maybe Auschwitz or the Ku Klux Klan? Wild and weird. Slight LBX and with English subtitles.

M798 Phantom of the Covent, The (34) aka: El fantasma del convento When a group finds themselves lost in the forest at night, they meet a monk who offers to take them to the ancient monastery where his Order lives. They are in for a nightmarish night! Simply dripping dark atmosphere in this early Mexican chiller. With English subtitles!

D747 Profanadores de Tumbas (66) aka: The Grave Robbers - Obscure Santo horror film where he fights a gang of grave-robbers who are out to ruin him. With loads of creepy atmosphere and English subtitles.

M277 S.O.S. Bikini Conspiracy (67) aka: SOS Conspiracion Bikini Mexican James Bond with loads of lovely ladies (in bikinis of course!) Tongue and cheek sort of like the 'Matt Helm' films (and others). Maura Monti (as a henchwoman) is always easy on the eyes. Speed boat chase gun battles, girl spies with guns, casinos, gadgets and more in this super-colorful offering. Directed by René Cardona Jr. In Spanish and with English subtitles.

M254 Santo and the Kidnappers (72) aka: Santo contra los secuestradores Filmed in Ecuador. Interpol sends Santo to Ecuador to investigate a kidnapping. The sister of the victim is a sexy dancer (Rossy Mendoza). Plenty of usual Santo themes here and Mendoza is one hot tamale dancing in her bikini. I mean really wow. With English subtitles. BA

M600 Santo and the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle (79) aka: Misterio en las Bermudas The big three, Santo, Mil Mascaras and Blue Demon investigate downed jet liners in this 'Bermuda Triangle' inspired tale. Hilarious special effects, turban wearing Indians, Space men in fuzzy silver suits and more wacky madness expected in this type. In Spanish language and with English subtitles. BA

M246 Santo and the Mystery of the Black Pearl (74) aka: Santo en el misterio de la perla negra Santo gets involved battling smugglers. In one scene he kicks the crap out of a bunch of thugs, getting his white sport coat all dirty, however when he boards the diamond-laden ship in Veracruz he's managed to get it cleaned up (dry cleaners?). Later after more scuffles he is tied to a wharf piling and the tide starts to come in. Will it be the end of our masked hero? I think not! Also with scenes of female wrestlers battling in the ring! In Spanish language and with English subtitles.

D476 Santo and the Suicide Mission (73) aka: Misión suicida Santo goes up against evil Russian spies who use war criminals to help them with their goal of world domination! Karate-fighting women, shootings and battle action as our masked hero gets to work! Now with English subtitles!

M275 Santo and the Treasure of Montezuma (68) aka: El tesoro de Moctezuma Santo is back as a combination wrestler and agent for Interpol. With settings in Hong Kong, Paris, Mexico and even San Francisco's Chinatown their is a global feel like a Bond film would have. Thrills and action galore with battles, traps and some pretty hilarious special effects at times. The action theme pipes in at every opportunity. In Spanish and with English subtitles.

M245 Santo Faces Death (69) aka: Santo frente a la muerte Begins with a raid on a Columbian emerald mine. A gang of crooks, lead by female wrestler Alicia, steals the huge 'Cruz del sur' emerald. They have been hired by the mysterious 'Great Unknown One' (who holds Alicia's father hostage) who is going to sell the stone to Dr. Igor. Enter Santo, who is on the case, maintaining wrestling duties as his cover, and unaware he is the target of an assassin..... In Spanish language and with English subtitles. BA

R459 Santo versus the Evil Brain (61) aka: Santo contra cerebro del mal aka: The Evil Brain Gangsters capture a silver-masked police agent and take him to a mad scientist's lair where he is brainwashed and put under hypnotic control. Others are being brainwashed as well, including a bank officer who robs his own bank. The first 'Santo' film? With English subtitles. BA

R49 Santo y la Tigresa (73) aka: Santo y el águila real aka: Santo and the Royal Eagle - Santo goes to the aid of a woman running a ranch who is being threatened. Loads of fights and location atmosphere as well as a violent cock-fight, snakes, an aggressive falcon and more. The schizophrenic score sounds like a 50's soap opera at times, then into 'Starsky and Hutch' type action to mysterious horror sounds. This one seems immersed in Mexican culture. La Tigresa wields a mean whip. With English subtitles. BA

R59 Satanas, De Todos Los Horrores (74) Based on Edgar Allen Poe - It's a Gothic Mexican made horror film! A man is dropped off by stagecoach to a foggy old isolated estate that seems to be a cursed house with a creepy butler, a strange host (who sees the ghost of his dead wife), coffins, corpses, dank dungeons, cobwebs and candles and the mandatory (of course) premature burial. In Spanish language with no subtitles.

D750 Scorpion, The (86) aka: La Alacrana Mexican Giallo that has a killer who uses a sword-like knife that he has hidden in his cane to slash and impale his victims. A female cop is on the case. In Spanish with no subtitles.

M874 Seven in the Crosshairs (84) aka: Siete en la mira Ultra-violent Mexican fun as a punk-rock/road warrior looking bunch of bikers terrorize a small town and it is up to a badass sheriff (played by Mexican star Mario Almada) and his trusty whip, to stop them. He will kill them one by one until the final showdown with their leader. In Spanish language and with English subtitles for the first time!

D477 Slaughter Night (97) aka: Masacre Nocturna Mexican horror trilogy composed of three tales. First, an actor in a play has occult powers. Second: grave robbers run across flesh eating vampires and the third tale: A man traveling in a camper with his wife is attacked by a Bigfoot-like creature. Gore soaked flick with nudity and now with English subtitles!

M228 Swamp of the Lost Souls (57) aka: El pantano de las ánimas aka: Swamp of the Lost Monster - A disappearing body leads a detective and his sidekick into an encounter with a Mexican Gillman in this, Mexico's answer to our 'Black Lagoon Creature'.. Now for the first time the original version in color, nice quality, in Spanish language and with English subtitles.

D744 Theft of the Mummies of Guanajuato (72) aka: El robo de las momias de Guanajuato A vampire (Dracula?) visits a mad doctor and together with their midget minions go to the cemetery, read some incantations, and bring an army of the undead (mummies) back to life. Later they put some type of electronic devices into their heads so they can control them. They kidnap hot chicks, and eventually they take on masked heroes. Luckily the midgets engage in battle as well. A hoot! With English subtitles. BA

D748 Venganza Suicida (87) Violent assault and revenge flick from Mexico. She is assaultd, beaten and left for dead. But now she is prepared to deliver her revenge! By chainsaw, firearms, even a torch to the crotch.... yea, they'll pay for what they've done. And then some! In Spanish and with no subtitles.

M392 World of the Vampires, The (61) aka: El mundo de los vampires A brilliant scientist in decent society is secretly a vampire who controls people with his hypnotic organ (uh, like a piano type organ just to be clear). He has a huge... vendetta against a family of vampire-hunters, and even turns one of their daughters into a vampire. Can he be stopped?

R461 Yako, Cazador De Malditos (86) aka: Yako - Der einsame Rächer A band of mountain rednecks assault and murder Yako's pregnant wife while they are out camping. Yako will have his revenge! Nudity/assault and violent revenge is the name of the game. F.L. BA




R305 $100,000 For Ringo (65) aka: 100.000 dollari per Ringo A stranger named Lee 'Ringo' Barton (Richard Harrison) rides into the western town of Rainbow Valley, where he is mistaken for a former resident named Ward Cluster, who was believed killed in the Civil War. Cluster's wife is now dead, his son raised by Indian Chief Gray Bear. Gray Bear also believes Ringo is Ward Cluster. He assumes the stepfather role, and battles it out with the town bad guy, who at one point gives him a flogging. Also with Fernando Sancho, Eleonora Bianchi and more. Directed by Alberto De Martino from a story by writer/director Alfonso Balcazar. Widescreen BA

D646 Albuquerque (48) aka: Il solitario del Texas Cole (Randolph Scott), recruited by his corrupt uncle to be heir to his freight-hauling empire, defects to his honest rival. Barbara Britton also stars and Lon Chaney Jr. is great as a thug/henchman. Nice color. BA

D999 Ambush at Tomahawk Gap (53) aka: Emboscada en Tomahawk Gap Just released from prison, a trio of bad hombres returns to Tomahawk Gap, now a ghost town, to retrieve their stolen loot, which was buried by a partner somewhere near town. Indians attack, changing the plan somewhat. John Derek, John Hodiak, Ray Teal and more star. BA

D360 Apache Territory (58) aka: El oasis maldito A cowboy (Rory Calhoun) sets off to try to stop an Indian war and rescue a white woman captured by the Apaches. With Barbara Bates (killed herself at age 44), Carolyn Craig (shot to death at age 36). And John Dehner, Leo Gordon and many more. In many ways, a bit similar to 'Trooper Hook' and 'Fort Massacre' (also available) LBX BA

D840 Arizona Bushwhackers (68) aka: Les rebelles de l'Arizona During the Civil War, a Confederate spy takes a job as a marshal of a small western town, as a cover for his espionage activities. From veteran director Lesley Selander and starring Howard Keel, Scott Brady, Yvonne DeCarlo, Brian Donlevy, John Ireland and more. BA

D287 Bar 20 Rides Again (35) Cattle rustler Nevada dreams of living like an emperor in the west. Hop-a-long (William Boyd) and the Bar 20 boys plan to end his dreams. BA

D717 Black Eagle of Santa Fe (65) aka: Die schwarzen Adler von Santa Fe aka: Las águilas negras de Santa Fe When Comanche's go on the war path, settlers take refuge in Fort Eagle Rock commanded by Captain Jackson. A local landowner is trying to cheat the Indians, and amazingly the Indians end up fighting on the side of the Calvary this time out, against the evil land grabbers. Brad Harris, Olga Schoberova, Tony Kendall and more star. Widescreen.

M427 Black Killer (71) Rare nudity in this uncut print! A dark gritty western blessed with many scenes of violence, weird dialogues and sleaze. Klaus Kinski is a lawyer that has a strange habit of turning his law books into deadly weapons. The lawless town of 'Tombstone' is terrorized by a gang of Mexican bandits. assault and revenge is just part of it. Kinski is excellent. Also with Marina Malfatti. Amazing Widescreen English dubbed print! BA

D843 Bounty Killer, The (65) aka: Dollari maledetti Willie Duggins (Dan Duryea), a tenderfoot from the East, arrives in the wild west and soon experiences it's violence. Willie discovers the easy money to be made from bounty killing, and must choose between that violent lifestyle and the love of a beautiful saloon singer. Loads of veteran old-school actors fill the screen like Buster Crabbe, Rod Cameron, Dan White, Bob Steele and more, making this a nostalgia lover's western. BA

D276 Bravos, The (72) The commander of an isolated frontier cavalry post tries to stop an Indian war, and his find his kidnapped son. Surrounded by Indians the small band of soldiers are in for a challenge! With George Peppard, Belinda Montgomery, Pernell Roberts, Bo Svenson and L.Q. Jones and more.

D951 Buffalo Bill, Hero of the Far West (65) aka: Buffalo Bill, l'eroe del far west aka: L'attaque de Fort Adams Renegade Indians, lead by Yellow Hand, are being sold guns by Donaldson. Buffalo Bill (Gordon Scott!) is sent to stop the arms trading and avert an Indian war. Scott, fresh off the set of a sword and sandal film, would next be in one more peplum, one more spaghetti and two spy films before calling it a day in 1967. Nice color. BA

D715 Bullets Don’t Argue (64) aka: Le pistole non discutono On his wedding day, Sheriff Pat Garret (Rod Cameron) must pursue two robbers and bring them to justice. With Frank Horst, Vivi Bach and more. Directed by Mario Caiano. Music by Ennio Morricone. Widescreen and English dubbed. BA

D279 California (77) aka: Spiel das Lied von Californien Beginning at the end of the Civil war, we find ourselves amongst Confederate prisoners, looking downbeat and dejected amidst some striking rain-lashed cinematography. The bleak, muddy landscape is the perfect setting for the sad, broken figures heading back to the South to begin reconstruction. Amongst them is 'California' (Guiliano Gemma), a former Captain, who befriends a young Private named Willy, and they head south. But their return is hampered by renegade Union soldiers and Northern vigilantes. When Willy is brutally murdered, California takes it upon himself to seek vengeance! Slightly LBX and dubbed into English language with some foreign subtitles at the bottom of the screen.

R502 Canadian Pacific (49) A surveyor for the Canadian Pacific Railroad must fight fur trappers who appose the building of the railroad by stirring up an Indian rebellion. Shootouts and cowboys and Indians action filmed in Cinecolor in a Canadian National Park. With Randolph Scott, Jane Wyatt, J. Carrol Naish and more. Excellent Indian attack, and some 'real' Indians are used as well... uh... um ... er.. native Americans. BA

M862 China 9, Liberty 37 (78) aka: Amore, piombo e furore Condemned gunman Clayton (Fabio Testi) is given a last minute reprieve on condition he murder rancher Sebanek (Warren Oates) for a corrupt railway company. Clayton can't go through with it. Sebanek's wife (Jenny Agutter) finishes off her husband (so she thinks) and runs off with Clayton. Sebanek then, still alive, teams up with Clayton's equally angry employers and goes after the pair. Speaking of a pair, Agutter bares her assets, and that too. Sexually explicit and violent fun. Also starring Sam Peckinpah himself! Amazing Colorful Widescreen version. BA

R310 Cjamango (67) aka: Django - Kreuze im blutigen Sand Just when Cjamango (Ivan Rassimov) has won a bag of gold in a poker game, he is attacked by the gangs of El Tigre and Don Pablo. Now he is after them to retrieve his gold, and is joined by mysterious stranger Clinton (Mickey Hargitay). Also with Helene Chanel and Piero Lulli. Widescreen BA

M769 Coffin Full of Dollars (71) aka: Per una bara piena di dollari aka: Showdown for a Badman aka: Nevada Kid There's a frontier feud on the border of Mexico. Outlaw Hagen (Klaus Kinski) burns down the farm of the Hamiltons and kills the whole family since they killed his brothers. The Nevada Kid (Jeff Cameron) however is not killed, and it was his family that just got torched. He gets help form a sensitive bounty hunter (Gordon Mitchell) to get revenge. Together they murder bandits so there are lots of killings. Also with Jack Betts and yummy Simonetta Vitelli. Sharp colors and English language dubbed. BA

R209 Conquest of Cochise (53) aka: La vendetta di Kociss A cavalry officer tries to keep a lid on a volatile situation when Indian leader Cochise is being prodded into starting a war. John Hodiak, Robert Stack, Joy Page and more star. John Hodiak, a white guy from Pittsburg, is Cochise. BA

M286 Cry of Death (68) aka: Carogne si nasce aka: If One Is Born a Swine... Kill Him The fight between farmers and breeders, causing lots of death, is manipulated by a shady man who is trying to take possession of the lands. Federal marshals versus ranchers... now where have I heard that recently? Gordon Mitchell, Glenn Saxon and more star. Beautiful Widescreen print dubbed into English. BA

R96 Dakota Incident (56) aka: Guet-apens chez les Sioux aka: L'agguato delle cento frecce Indians attack a stagecoach, and a disparate band of passengers must band together to fight them off. Unusual western and quite entertaining. They act as if the Indians are aliens. "Maybe we can communicate with them?" Linda Darnell, Dale Robertson, Whit Bissell, Ward Bond and more. BA

R249 Dakota Lil (50) aka: Geheimagent in Wildwest Another western about 'Tom Horn', this time about his times before he went 'bad'. Tom Horn (George Montgomery) goes undercover for the U.S. Treasury Department in order to recover $100,000 in unsigned treasury bills taken by the 'Hole in the Wall' gang. Rod Cameron plays a ruthless bad guy. He brutally murders three people at one point by strangling them with a riding strap he wears around his wrist. Very colorful and also starring Marie Windsor and more. BA

D713 Day of Fury, A (56) aka: Stunden des Terrors aka: 24 heures de terreur The close of the civil war marked the beginning of the nation's sweeping expansion westward. Standing in the path of the new civilization were undisciplined, untamed men- the gunfighters, whose way of life was coming to an end. The final chapter to the long, violent struggle was written on a summer day by a man called... Jagade (Dale Robertson). Nice locations throughout with Mara Corday, Jock Mahoney and more. BA

M585 Dead Men Don't Count (68) aka: ¿Quién grita venganza? Violent western about two drifters going up against a greedy land baron and other assorted thugs. Downbeat and dark at times with an execution of a family and much violent death. A slick production, rapid pacing, excellent photography and more. With Anthony Stefan, Mark Damon, Maria Martin and more. LBX BA

D723 Death Walks in Laredo (66) aka: 3 pistole contro Cesare A gunman teams up with his long lost brothers: a French hypnotist and a Japanese kung-fu expert, to fight a villain that is obsessed with Julius Caesar. So obsessed, he has built a palace, complete with slave girls and a sunken bath, and his own guard! Thomas Hunter, Femi Benussi, James Shigeta and more star. LBX and English dubbed.

D233 Desperados, The (69) During the Civil War, Bible-quoting Josiah Galt (Jack Palance) and his sons become a gang of bandits, robbing, killing and raping for pleasure. This dysfunctional family of psychopaths runs into conflict when one of the son's decides he has had enough...... Palance hams it up in his evil role in this gritty and violent western. LBX BA

R256 Django Shoots First (66) aka: Django spara per primo aka: He Who Shoots First Django's (Glenn Saxon) father is framed by his business partner Cluster and shot by a bounty hunter. Django inherits his father's share and also a score to settle with Cluster. Mean faces, greedy antiheroes, bloody and spectacular showdowns, quick zooms, humor, gritty landscapes in a glittering sun and more. Also with George Eastman, Fernando Sancho, Erika Blanc, Ida Galli and more. Nice Widescreen BA

R498 Domino Kid (57) aka: Einer gegen fünf Rory Calhoun is 'The Domino Kid', who upon returning from the Civil War sets out for vengeance against the five renegades who murdered his father. Calhoun is a bastion of cool and hardness, quick on the draw and lobbing dominos around to announce to his prey they are about to be dealt with harshly. Widescreen BA

M254 Duel in the Eclipse (68) aka: Requiem for a Gringo aka: Requiem für Django aka: Réquiem para el gringo A unique Euro-western about a leopard poncho wearing man that is after his brother's killer's. He is also a master of astrology (as well as being one badass gunfighter!). He needs the eclipse for his vengeance! This film employs some atmospheric horror elements (with bizarre lighting and more) into the plot. Lang Jeffries, Femi Benussi, Aldo Sambrell and more star. Finally an upgraded LBX print and English dubbed!

D712 Duel on the Mississippi (55) aka: Duel sur le Mississipi On the shores of the river, gamblers, land owners, pirates, and pistol duels. William Castle directs a decent cast that includes Lex Barker (the star) Patricia Medina, Warren Stevens, John Dehner and more. BA

M284 El Cisco (66) aka: 5000 dollars for El Cisco El Cisco (William Berger) is wanted for crimes he did not commit, He must find the true culprits. He keeps explosive cigars in his pocket, and pretends to be the leader of a gang by using dummies with Mexican hats, has a grave digger for a best friend, and generally is always one step ahead of everyone else. English dubbed. Sergio Bergonzilli directs. Excellent quality and LBX.

D264 El Rojo (67) aka: Texas el rojo The Sorenson's family is massacred, apparently by Indians. On the site of the killing, a town, Gold Hill, grows up, run by a group of businessmen. Years later, El Rojo (Richard Harrison), alias the last surviving Sorenson, arrives, bringing the truth about the massacre, and the revenge. Colorful! LBX

D543 Fast Hand is Still My Name (73) aka: Mano rápida aka: Mi chiamavano 'Requiescat'... ma avevano sbagliato A gang of former Confederates lay siege to a Cavalry Fort, killing everyone except for Jeff Madison (Alan Steel who is really peplum star Sergio Ciani) whom they torture mercilessly. Often told tale about rogue Confederates killing and terrorizing gets exciting when tough Jeff goes out for revenge, killing the bad guys one by one. Mean-spirited, grim and violent, with torture sequences and shootings. Directed by Mario (Burial Ground) Bianchi. LBX BA

R299 Finger on the Trigger (65) aka: Il sentiero dell'oro aka: Le chemin de l'or At the end of the Civil War, a ragtag group of just-discharged Union soldiers clashes with a band of renegade Confederates over a golden treasure hidden in a deserted town in the Oklahoma territory. But when some pissed off Indians attack, they must join forces, or face certain doom. Rory Calhoun stars. Widescreen BA

R156 Five Guns to Tombstone (60) aka: Reiter der Vergeltung Matt Wade escapes from prison and tries to persuade his brother Bill, a reformed gunslinger, to participate in a hold-up. A remake of 1953's 'Gunbelt'. BA

D871 Flesh and the Spur (56) aka: La carne e lo sperone A young cowboy (John Agar, he was in 'The Mole People' the same year) hunts for the killer of his twin brother. The killer also has stolen a revolver, in which he owns the twin. He teams up with a hot Indian babe named Wild Willow (Marla English, she was in 'The She Creature' the same year), and an ex-member of a notorious gang (Mike Conners). BA

M889 For a Few Dollars Less (66) aka: Per qualche dollaro in meno Amusing parody of 'For a Few Dollars More' written by Bruno and Sergio Corbucci. A bank clerk and his cousin 'a general' join forces to track down a Mexican outlaw. The last film from Italian director Mario Mattoli. Amazing Widescreen print and English dubbed. BA

R351 For a Few Extra Dollars (66) aka: Fort Yuma Gold aka: Per pochi dollari ancora aka: El hombre del Sur Captured Confederate raider Gary Diamond (Giuliano Gemma) agrees to work with the Yankees to prevent any further bloodshed by warning a Confederate regiment against attacking heavily defended Yankee Fort Yuma. Pretty action packed from start to finish. Widescreen and with English subtitles. BA

D310 Fort Massacre (58) Joel McCrea and Forrest Tucker star in this story about a cavalry troop on the move, always under attack. Like a 'Lost Patrol' that must make it through the rugged terrain while being hunted. McCrea's character seems driven by his hate for the Apaches', and some of his moves reflect that, worrying his men. Beautiful color widescreen BA

M300 Four Candles For Garingo (71) aka: Un colt por cuatro cirios aka: La mia Colt ti cerca... 4 ceri ti aspettano When a gang holds up a cash shipment of gold, double-crosses and death follows. Bizarre and what can only be described as 'Gothic' western with touches of Giallo and mystery mixed with the hangings, gunfights, beatings and other mayhem. Finally! Very nice LBX English dubbed print! BA

D863 Four Guns to the Border (54) aka: I desperados della frontiera aka: Shadow Valley An outlaw gang on the lam encounters former associate Simon Bhumer and his beautiful daughter (Colleen Miller) who's drawn to their leader Cully (Rory Calhoun). This one is ripe with sexual frustrations and daddy issues as the daughter blossoms from tomboy to sex-kitten. She gets wet a lot, licks a candy stick and so on. Plenty of action too with Apache attacks, fisticuffs, shootouts, death and chases. Also with Nina Foch, George Nader and more. In Color. BA

M714 Freddy and the Law of the Prairie (64) aka: Freddy und das Lied der Prärie aka: In the Wild West Amazing Widescreen beautiful color version and English dubbed with no subtitles. Ranch attacks and gold figure into this western tale set around a small town in the middle of nowhere. The Dixie Girls are on stage in the local brothel (Mamie Van Doren has never looked better + she sings!), there are shootouts, showdowns, stagecoach robbery and even a song-singing hero. The picture is amazing.

M592 Fury of Johnny Kid (67) aka: Dove si spara di più Moving and violent oater about a feud between two families that just escalates into more violence as the days pass, while young lovers, one from each family, fall deeply in love. Nice to see at the end when 'DEATH' arrives played by Paul Naschy! Amazing! In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX BA

M715 Garringo (69) aka: Dead Are Countless aka: Garringo - Der Henker Johnny sees his father (who is a deserter) killed by soldiers when he was a child, now that he is an adult (Peter Lee Lawrence), he randomly kills soldiers whenever he can. The army sends brutish Lieutenant Garringo (Anthony Steffan) to hunt Johnny down like a dog. Thing is Johnny is a bit of a split personality as he kills soldiers, putting their lapels on his father's grave, but in other times he is a complete gentleman, being raised by a sheriff of a small city. The sheriff's loyalty to his stepson is called into question.... Also with German blonde doll Solvi Stubing and Jose Bodalo. Amazing super sharp widescreen and English dubbed with no subtitles. BA

D217 Ghost Valley (32) Jerry (Tom Keene) and Jane (Meran Kennedy) are heirs to an abandoned and supposedly haunted mining town. Judge Drake knows there is gold there and wants them to sell. Scare tactics may be the order of the day. Amusing. BA

M301 Gold Train (65) aka: 30 Winchesters For El Diablo Entertaining frontier yarn about a mysterious sharp-shooting stranger and the eponymous Mexican bandit who rides roughshod over the border town of Canyon City with his posse of trigger-happy pistoleros. Excellent oater with a satisfying finale. Beautiful color and Widescreen English dubbed.

D994 Great Treasure Hunt, The (72) aka: Monta in sella!! Figlio di...: Repóker de bribones Kansas (Mark Damon) enlists a munitions expert (Stelvio Massi) and his niece (played by the luscious Rosalba Neri) to help save his brother Sam, who has just been caught robbing a bank. Later they all go after a fortress of gold. BA

R129 Gunfighters (47) Gunfighter 'Brazo' Kane (Randolph Scott) lays aside his guns 'forever' when he is forced to shoot his best friend and decides to become a cowhand with a friend. When he arrives he finds his friend's bullet riddled body. Then he is accused of the murder to boot! With Barbara Britton, Bruce Cabot, Dorothy Hart, Forrest Tucker and more. BA

D300 Gunsight Ridge (57) Stage line agent investigates a series of robberies by taking the job of deputy sheriff in a border Arizona town. With Joel McCrea, Mark Stevens, Joan Welden, L.Q. Jones, and Slim Pickens star. BA

M373 Hanged Man, The (74) aka: El ahorcado James Devlin (Steve Forrest) was a former gunslinger, now reformed, who is wrongly accused of murder, convicted, and sentenced to death. He survives the execution, but the near death experience has given him the ability to read men's thoughts. He decides to use his new gift for good, going up against an evil land grabber (Cameron Mitchell). Also with Dean Jagger, Will Geer, BarBara Luna and more.

M613 Have a Good Funeral, My Friend... Sartana Will Pay (70) aka: Buon funerale amigos!... paga Sartana After witnessing a brutal massacre, the legendary hero Sartana is ready to do some investigating. Almost everyone in the tiny town of Indian Creek seems eager to buy up the property left behind by the murder victims, and one of them could be behind the killings. Sartana must sort it all out and catch the real culprits. Tough, cynical and with a lot of humor, twists, good shoot-outs and a decent body count. Gianni Garko, Daniela Giordano and more star. LBX BA

M855 Hellhounds of Alaska (73) aka: Die blutigen Geier von Alaska Visually amazing tale about a fur trapper (Doug McClure) battling the elements, and also robbers when a gold shipment is ambushed. Also a young boy bound to a sled in need of medical attention ends up his responsibility as well. Stunning location photography. murderous Indians, scalping, McClure battles in the snow with an Indian Chieftain with mountainous backdrops... more. This is pretty cool, and a must for McClure fans. Remember that full frame release of this on VHS and DVD? Throw them out! Amazing English language Widescreen print!

M691 His Name Was Holy Ghost (72) aka: Uomo avvisato mezzo ammazzato... Parola di Spirito Santo This comedy western is actually pretty funny. Gianni Garko is Holy Ghost, an efficient enough gun slinging nameless mystery man, but not necessarily ghostly. Men in drag, literal butt-kicking, gold and villains, a high body count, set during the Mexican Revolution. Also with babe Pilar Velazquez! Nice score by Bruno Nicolai. LBX BA

D910 Hole in the Forehead (68) aka: Un buco in fronte aka: Quand je tire, c'est pour tuer Story of a cruel and ruthless bandit (Robert Hundar) who is searching for a lost treasure. But he’s not the only one! Bounty hunter John Blood is actually the first to find the gold (hidden in a church). Showdown time! Widescreen and English dubbed. +Trailer BA

D285 Hop-a-long Cassidy (35) An evil ranch foreman (William Boyd) tries to provoke a range war by playing two cattlemen against each other while secretly helping a gang rustle some cattle. Three Musketeer's of the Mesas in a rough riding romance of the roaring west! Also with Charles (Ming the Merciless) Middleton. BA

M299 I Protect Myself Against My Enemies (69) aka: Dai nemici mi guardo io! aka: Three Silver Dollars aka: Mein Leben hängt an einem Dollar Charles Southwood (in one of his first roles) stars as Alan. He teams up with his Mexican cell mate Hondo (Julien Mateos) for gold, the three silver dollars being the key to the treasure. There is a theme song that we hear from time to time, and a villain named El Condor played by Mirko Ellis. A well-crafted stagecoach robbery, double-crosses and more on this trail. Also with Alida Chelli. LBX and English dubbed.

M272 I Want Him Dead (68) aka: Lo voglio morto aka: Lo quiero muerto aka: Clayton l'implacable Clayton's (Craig Hill) sister is assaultd and murdered, Time for lethal revenge! Decent gritty spaghetti western with plenty of violence and shootouts, creatively photographed, a great score and exciting to watch as the bad guys get theirs. There is more to the plot as well. Dead Serious! Don't miss this one! Also with Andrea Bosic. Great quality LBX and English dubbed! BA

D726 I'll Sell My Skin Dearly (68) aka: Vendo cara la pelle aka: Je vends cher ma peau After Shane's (Mike Mitchell) family is murdered, he goes about getting his revenge. He buries the first guy alive. Shane is pissed and kills many.... but a woman with a young boy may just melt his heart and take his hate and need for revenge away. Maybe. Widescreen and English dubbed. BA

M721 It Can Be Done Amigo (72) aka: Si può fare... amigo aka: En el Oeste se puede hacer... Amigo A drifter with fast fists and a gunfighter/pimp with fast guns helps a child who is having troubles with gaining his rightful inheritance. Actually Terence Hill sits this one out and Bud Spencer teams up with Jack Palance here. Lots of genuine laughs and beautiful Widescreen photography in this very sharp print. Partially shot on the same set as the ranch in 'Once Upon a Time in the West'. Palance is excellent. BA

M257 Johnny Hamlet (68) aka: Quella sporca storia nel west aka: Django porte sa croix Enzo G. Castellari directs this based on Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'! Starts out with our hero having a nightmare that looks straight out of a horror movie. The rip roaring opening theme song says something like 'A dreamer grows wise when he opens his eyes'. When Johnny arrives back home, he finds a crucified outlaw outside the city, he is looked upon suspiciously by the town leaders (one being Gilbert Roland!). Then he goes to a graveyard, located inside a cave, meeting up with some conflict, but bailed out by Gilbert Roland's character. Later he arrives home and spies on his mother as her new husband (his uncle) tickles her, and playfully spanks her with his belt, but before they make love she sees Johnny. Johnny seems to get in trouble everywhere he goes, and Gilbert Roland seems to be his guardian angel, luckily for him! With Andrea Giordana, Horst Frank and more. Beautiful widescreen and English dubbed.

D716 Kill or be Killed (66) aka: Uccidi o muori aka: Für eine Handvoll Blei A wandering fiddle playing gunfighter with a past, joins the good side in a conflict between two rival rancher families, after killing a man in self-defense. Gordon Mitchell plays a killer in black. Widescreen and English dubbed. BA

M792-D718    Kill the Wicked (67) aka: Dio non paga il sabato aka: God Does Not Pay on Saturday Dark grim and eerie western about a criminal gang holed up in a ghost town. They capture and torture a couple who make the mistake of passing through. Pretty violent and downbeat. This was remade as 'Matalo' in a crazier offbeat 'of the times' type version. This one is more weird western, with incredible locales. With Larry Ward, Rod Dana and more. Widescreen and English dubbed. BA

R169 Last Bandit, The (49) aka: Überfall auf Expreß 44 About to marry Jim Plummer (Forrest Tucker), Kate Foley (Lorna Gray) runs off to Nevada when Ed Bagley convinces her a fortune can be made robbing gold shipments from railroads. Will she, can she, go through with it? Action packed. Also with Bill Elliot, Charles Middleton. BA

D258 Last of the Mohicans (77) aka: Le dernier des Mohicans During the French and Indian war in colonial America, a white scout, with two of his Indian brothers, helps a British officer escort two women through dangerous territory, with both French troops and hostile Indians after them. This version is a very well MFTV and critically acclaimed. With Steve Forest, Andrew Prine, Robert Tessier, Whit Bissell, Michele Marsh and more.

D838 Last of the Redmen (47) aka: Le dernier des peaux-rouges Hawk-Eye (Michael O'Shea) attempts to save some settlers during the French and Indian wars. Another version of the often filmed 'Last of the Mohicans'. This time with Evelyn Ankers, Buster Crabbe, Jon Hall and Julie Bishop. The gals sport 40's attire, yet the film takes place a few hundred years earlier..... Despite that, this is pretty decent, and Crabbe as Magua is excellent! In Color too! BA

D284 Law of Violence (69) aka: Legge della violenza - Tutti o nessuno George Greenwood stars as a retired bounty hunter named Lester Moore, now a sheriff in a small border town plagued by nightly attacks from a vicious gang of Mexican outlaws. LBX

D952 Mad Dog Morgan (76) aka: Braccato a vita The true story of the Irish outlaw Daniel Morgan (Dennis Hopper), who is wanted dead or alive in 1850's Australia. Surprisingly violent and downbeat with Hopper putting in a truly awesome performance. Under-rated. Widescreen BA

M748 Man Called Django, A (71) aka: Viva! Django aka: A Vingança de Django Finally a beautiful Widescreen English dubbed print! Anthony Steffan plays a gunfighter who is after his wife's killers (she is brutally killed in the opening sequence). En-route to revenge he rescues a horse thief from a hanging who knows the identity of the killers. Together they advance to deal out justice in an ultra-violent adventure of gunfire. Also with Stelio Candelli. BA

R501 Man From Del Rio (56) aka: La pistola non basta Mexican gunfighter Dave Robles (Anthony Quinn) outdraws the town's outlaw-turned-sheriff, and is invited to fill the dead man's shoes. He plans on a big score, but soon realizes the town looks down on him and wants nothing to do with him socially. They just want him around because he's a tough guy and can protect the town. Whit Bissell and Katy Jurado also star. BA

D489 Massacre Canyon (54) aka: Agguato al grande canyon Lt. Faraday (Philip Carey) has two wagons full of guns that he and his men must deliver. He also must escort two women through hostile Indian territory. Interesting sets and well filmed and paced, but the last reel it falls apart with one of the most hilariously staged Indian attacks in film history! The Indians drop like flies. Literally dozens of them being picked off by just a few men! It's like a tribe of 'short bus' Indians! This disregard for the Indians makes the film interesting as we see how little respect they got in this 1954 production. From director Fred F. Sears who went on to direct 'The Werewolf', 'Earth Versus the Flying Saucer' and 'The Giant Claw' before dying of a heart attack in 1957 at the age of 44. BA

M476 Matalo! (70) aka: Willkommen in der Hölle A gang rescues a criminal (Lou Castel) from the gallows to help them rob a stagecoach full of gold. When they get the loot, they betray him and leave him for dead in the middle of the desert. The gang retreats to a mysterious ghost town inhabited by a creepy old lady, and, where a shadowy presence lurks. Electro-pop soundtrack, surreal photography with slo-mo violence, boomerangs, sadism and so much more. On many people's top ten list of the best spaghetti western's ever made. Not one wasted frame of film here. Excellent. English dubbed! Beautiful Widescreen. BA

D724 May God Forgive You... But I Won't (68) aka: Chiedi perdono a Dio... non a me aka: Django - Den Colt an der Kehle While Cjamango (George Ardisson) is away from his ranch, six bandits attack and kill all the members of his family. One by one he tracks and kills, eventually finding out that a relative of his wife was involved in the crime. Nice widescreen and English dubbed. BA

D911 My Horse, My Gun, Your Widow (72) aka: Tu fosa será la exacta... amigo Craig Hill plays Dr. Janus Saxon. Involved in a robbery, he is double-crossed when Carrasco and his bandits make off with the gold. Dr. Janus waits for his chance for revenge and retaking the gold. Slightly LBX and dubbed into English language.

R303 My Name is Mallory... M Means Death (71) aka: Il mio nome è Mallory... M come morte aka: Django - Unerbittlich bis zum Tod Larry Mallory (Frank Woods) buys a ranch with his partner. The ranch was previously owned by a badass gunfighter Bart and his beautiful sister Cora (Gabriella Giorgelli), and they want it back, even willing to kill to get it back. (Cora is innocent of the killing part) A solid entry into the genre now in an English dubbed Widescreen print. BA

M676 Night of the Serpent (69) aka: La notte dei serpenti aka: Nest of Vipers Luke Askew stars in his first and only Spaghetti western! Luke plays a guy named Luke (!), a gringo saved from death by a bandit leader whose men treat Luke like the drunken fool he is, being in a tequila bottle for quite some time. We find out later why. They decide to use Luke in a murder scheme to gain an inheritance. When Luke finally snaps and decides to step up he becomes a real badass. 'The drunk fights like he's ten feet tall' says one of the bandits. Also with the smoking hot Chelo Alonso who does not get to live happily ever after, and Magda Konopka. A brooding western that blows up in the last half hour. Excellent Widescreen print and English language with no subtitles. BA

R65 Nude Man, The (76) aka: El Hombre desnudo This Mexican/Canadian collaboration left me speechless! It opens with a long slow-motion sequence where a man rips off a girl's (who has long blonde hair) top and tries to assault her in the snowy countryside. She resists and runs half naked through the snow until the guy catches her again. She is rescued by a gun slinging hombre who forces the guy to strip butt naked. He pushes him down a ravine and into an icy stream. Later we find he is hunting for a man (who assaultd and murdered his mother) with a specific branding mark on his ass! When he finds suspects, he must inspect their asses! Raping bandits, lots of slow-motion misogyny with women being assaultd abused and killed, vicious beatings, bullets extracted from naked bodies, entrails leaking out of a stomach wound, and a bloody castration scene that will leave you cringing! This one actually is more violent then 'Cut Throats Nine'! In Spanish language only and with no subtitles. One of the most gruesome westerns we have listed. F.L.

R218 One Foot in Hell (60) aka: Vergeltung ohne Gnade Mitch (Alan Ladd), angry that the medicine to save his wife was not administered in time due to some interfering town thugs, becomes sheriff, and plots to rob the small town blind as he hates them all with a passion. One of Ladd's last before his overdose of drugs and booze in January 1964. Widescreen BA

D825 Phantom Stagecoach, The (57) aka: La corriera fantasma Some rip-roaring six-horse coach scenes add on to the thrills of this western tale about a seemingly driverless stagecoach that attacks other stagecoaches, in order to rob them. An investigator is working undercover to catch outlaws. With one of the best bad guys from cinema John Doucette, and also starring William Bishop, Ray Teal, Richard Webb, Kathleen Crowley and more. LBX BA

D642 Pierre of the Plains (42) aka: Pierre, O Aventureiro In 1940's Moose Hill Saskatchawan, outdoorsman Pierre (John Carroll) falls for saloon owner Daisey (Ruth Hussey). Hearing of her impending marriage to Jap Durkin (Bruce Cabot) he plans to ruin that event. 'Dudley Dooright Mountie' Hollywood style, paint Canada hilariously inaccurate. With Evelyn Ankers, Reginald Owen and more star.

M678 Pistol For 100 Coffins (68) aka: Una pistola per cento bare aka: Pistolets pour un massacre aka: La malle de San Antonio Returning from the Civil War Jim Slade (Peter Lee Lawrence) discovers his parents dead at their farm. It is said that the gang under the lead of a man named 'Corbett' is responsible for the crime. He sets out for revenge. To get some money to finance his operation, he takes a job as sheriff. Also with John Ireland. Umberto Lenzi directs this beautiful Widescreen print! English dubbed and with no subtitles. BA

D492 Rails Into Laramie (54) aka: Révolte à Laramie A railroad sends an agent to Laramie to try to find out who is behind the efforts to stop the railroad from building it's line into the area. John Payne, Maria Blanchard, Dan Duryea and Lee Van Cleef. BA

D249 Rainbow Trail, The (31) In Arizona, in 1885, Shefford takes a job on a pack train in order to discover the whereabouts of a secluded gold-filled gorge, "Surprise Valley," where a group of travelers were trapped fifteen years earlier while trying to elude Dyer, an infamous outlaw..... From a Zane Grey story. With George O'Brien {sequel to Riders of the Purple Sage}

D861 Red Tomahawk (67) aka: Fort Bastion ne répond plus An army Captain tries to convince the inhabitants of a village to hand over two machine-guns so he can attack the Indians. Howard Keel, Broderick Crawford, Scott Brady, Wendell Corey and many more. BA

M680 Relentless Four, The (65) aka: I 4 inesorabili aka: Quatre hommes à abattre Interestingly, before Adam West was 'Batman', he made a trip to Italy and starred in his only Spaghetti western. He plays a Texas Ranger that thwarts some bounty hunters from collecting on the loot for a recently 'cleared' man. They in turn, frame him for the death of a cattle baron. If you want to see how Batman would handle some mean hombres in the old west.... Also with Robert Hundar and Claudio Undari. Excellent Widescreen print and English dubbed. BA

M348 Reverend Colt (70) aka: Reverendo Colt aka: Antreten zum Beten Spaghetti with Tortilla western co-produced between Spain and Italy and starring two American stars, Guy Madison and Richard Harrison. Miller Colt, a gunfighter turned preacher, finds himself in the middle of a fight between two gangs for a supposed treasure. He is forced to return to his guns to defend a group of people ambushed by the outlaws in an abandoned military fort. Also with Perla Cristal and Maria Martin. Nice LBX and English dubbed. BA

R154 Revolt at Fort Laramie (57) aka: Rivolta a Fort Laramie They had to fight Red Cloud, but were divided by the Civil War! This was the day the Rebel, the Yankee and the Sioux, smashed head-on in one of the Bloodiest Battles in History! With Dehner, Don Gordon and look for an uncredited Harry Dean Stanton in one of his first movies. BA

D248 Riders of the Purple Sage (31) aka: L'amazzone mascherata Lassiter's sister was killed and her young daughter taken and raised by outlaws. Years later Lassiter arrives in town looking for the lost daughter and gets caught up in stopping the outlaw cattle rustlers. Great locations in this rough riding popcorn western perfect for 1931 theater goers, and it still holds up today. George O'Brien and Marguerite Churchill star. BA

M753 Rojo (66) aka: El Rojo In the opening scene, the family Sorenson, traveling west, is brutally slain by Indians by bow and arrow. On the site of the killing, a town, Gold Hill grows up. Years later, El Rojo (Richard Harrison), the last surviving Sorenson who was not among his slain family, arrives. He finds that maybe things known about his family's death may just be falsified somewhat, and the true cause will lead to vengeance. Quite excellent Widescreen and English dubbed.

R350 Shadow of Zorro, The (62) aka: L'ombra di Zorro aka: Zorro, der schwarze Rächer Exciting Zorro tale with plenty of action and shootouts and even a little swordplay. Frank Latimore and Maria Luz Galicia star. Directed by Joaquin Luis Romero Marchent who not even 10 years later directed the great 'Cut-Throats Nine'. BA

D649 Sierra (50) Ring Hassard (badass Audie Murphy) and his father (Dean Jagger), wild horse breakers, live in a high hide-out because Jeff is wanted for a murder he did not commit. With Burl Ives, James Arness, Tony Curtis and Wanda Hendrix. Murphy married Hendrix for about a year. Nice color. BA

M703 Silver Saddle (78) aka: They Died With Their Boots On aka: Sella d'argento - Lucio Fulci directs this late in the game western (his next film would be the genre classic 'Zombie'). A young boy kills the assassin that gunned down his father. Years later, he has grown up to be a successful bounty hunter feared by many....but one day secrets from his past send him over the rails. Violent and bloody. Giuliano Gemma, Geoffrey Lewis (who is Juliette Lewis's father), Aldo Sambrell and more. Now finally in a Widescreen English dubbed print! Excellent! BA

M451 Sonny and Jed (72) aka: La banda J. & S. - Cronaca criminale del Far WestA determined sheriff (Telly Savalas) pursues a robber named Jed (Tomas Milian) and his girlfriend Sonny (Susan George), and will stop at nothing. Amazing and amusing spaghetti with one-liners and set-up scenes that will have you laughing out loud. Four-letter word dialogue "Sonny I Love You You Motherfucker!", and a great score from Ennio Moriconne. Susan George (who was in 'Straw Dogs' the previous year and was controversially assaultd in that film) gets assaultd here in the first 10 minutes! Thing is, for all it's politically incorrect moves, this is actually a quite charming flick! Now in an amazing Widescreen version that'll make you feel like you are at the theater! BA

D921 Specialists (69) aka: Gli specialisti Johnny Halliday is 'Hud', a notorious hand with the gun that returns to Blackstone to investigate the death of his brother, who was lynched by the townspeople for losing their savings. It involves a voluptuous beauty who owns the bank, a Mexican bandit leader named El Diablo (who was once friend's with Hud), an honest sheriff who dreams of better days... and a band of hippies. Nudity and violence. Amazing, visually appealing and downbeat western directed by Sergio Corbucci. Widescreen and with English subtitles. BA

D725 Sugar Colt (67) In order to avenge a friend and fulfill his last wish, Rocco (Hunt Powers), has to find out what happened to an Army regiment of sharp-shooters that has disappeared. He goes undercover in the small town of Snake Valley. Also with the doomed Soledad Miranda. Nice Widescreen and English dubbed. BA

D774 Talent For Loving, A (69) aka: Gun Crazy Comedy-Spoof-Western- A professional gambler (Richard Widmark) is trapped into marrying within a Mexican family with an Aztec curse. The comings and goings of various family members further complicate matters. The 'Curse' apparently makes the women of the family nymphomaniacs after their first sexual encounter. Not nearly as salacious as it sounds, but it does feature a knock-out drop dead gorgeous Caroline Munro at age 20. Also starring Cesar Romero, Topol and Genevieve Page.

M872 Taste of the Savage (71) aka: Eye For an Eye aka: El sabor de la venganza A vengeful widow (Isela Vega)hires a professional killer (Cameron Mitchell) to train her son so that he can hunt down and kill the men who murdered her husband. The quest for revenge soon becomes an obsession. Blood, Gunfights, assault and Nudity. Pretty shocking and bloody downbeat finale. Uncut at 86 minutes. BA

D714 Taste of Vengeance (69) aka: I vigliacchi non pregano aka: Schweinehunde beten nicht Finished fighting the Civil War a southern survivor (Gianni Garko) is home with his wife. Soldiers assault and kill his wife and leave him for dead. Much like 'Josey Wales' sort-of. Blinded by revenge, and with no faith in the law, he becomes violent crazy lawless. Also with Ivan Rassimov, Elisa Montes and more. Widescreen English dubbed. BA

D612 Tension at Table Rock (56) aka: Blut an meinen Händen A reluctant gunslinger (Richard Egan) tires of defending himself from all the hot shot pistol packers, so he takes an alias. Of course his path will lead him to his destiny, that of being a hero. Nice colorful western with Cameron Mitchell, Dorothy Malone, DeForest Kelley, Angie Dickinson (at age 25). Mix 'Shane' with 'High Noon'! BA

R304 Tequila Joe (68) aka: And Then a Time For Killing aka: ...e venne il tempo di uccidere - A young deputy tries to sober and revitalize a washed up alcoholic sheriff to take down a pair of warring gangs of criminals in the Old West. Spaghetti western take on 'Rio Bravo' or maybe more specifically 'El Dorado', paring down the characters somewhat. Quite good. Nice Widescreen BA

D644 Texas Rangers Ride Again, The (40) aka: Le Retour des Texas Rangers A Texas Ranger goes undercover and joins a rustling gang that has been swiping thousands of cattle. Ellen Drew, Broderick Crawford, Akim Tamiroff, John Howard, Anthony Quinn and look for Robert Ryan in a small part as Eddie. BA

D488 Texican, The (66) aka: Der Mann aus Texas Wanted North of the border, Jess Carlin (Audie Murphy, eternal badass) resides safely in Mexico. But when his brother is killed he goes after the killer's as he knows his brother never carried a gun. After a battle with bounty hunters he reaches the scene of the crime. Filmed in Spain. With Broderick Crawford, Diana Lorys and Aldo Sambrell. LBX BA

D722 Treasure of Silver Lake (62) aka: Der Schatz im Silbersee aka: El tesoro del lago de plata aka: Le trésor du lac d'argent In their first cinematic adventure, Apache Chief Winnetou (Pierre Brice) and mountain man Old Shatterhand (Lex Barker) pursue a gang of murderous outlaws who will stop at nothing to get the treasure of Silver Lake. Also with Herbert Lom and Karin Dor. Incredible nice Widescreen and English dubbed. This however, does have Russian subtitles. (The only Winnetou film in this update that does, the others are clean with no subtitles, just English dubbing). BA

D309 Trooper Hook (57) aka: Schiava degli apaches After a band of Indians kills a group of soldiers, Sergeant Hook (Joel McCrea) captures them. He needs to locate Cora (Barbara Stanwyck), who was captured by the Apaches and was now the squaw of a chief. Should she be killed? How can such a thing be forgiven? Hook may get it, the lady just wanted to survive, but not everybody else agrees. Also with Earl Holliman.

M462 Twice a Judas (69) aka: They Were Called Graveyard In the opening scene a man (Antonio Sabato) comes upon a pile of bodies that is being feasted upon by vultures. He is suffering from amnesia and goes to a nearby town where he is hired by some greedy bankers to kill a man, who turns out to be his brother. He changes his mind and joins forces with his brother (Klaus Kinski), even though his brother is sadistic, mean, feared and just overall bad! Later he finds his family has been murdered. His memory starts to click a little.... is this really his brother or a murderous imposter? Also with Cristina Gabo who was in quite a few good horror films of the period as well. This is a very nice English language dubbed Widescreen print. Not the crappy print making the rounds. BA

M747 Two Sons of Ringo (66) aka: I due figli di Ringo George Hilton made his western debut in this western spoof with Franco and Ciccio decked out in black leather! Cool cartoony opening and title song, and then the fun begins! Nice locations, lots of laughs, and some pretty elaborate set-ups. In this one the gals (super sexy Gloria Paul and Orchidea de Santis) actually get rad with some gunplay, taking charge like some real bad-ass chicks! Franco and Ciccio were Italy's Abbot and Costello and had just been in Mario Bava's Italian version of 'Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs' with Vincent Price. English dubbed. BA

D230 Unholy Four, The (70) aka: Chuck Moll aka: Ciakmull - L'uomo della vendetta aka: Le batard de Dodge City A young man (Leonard Mann) who has lost his memory escapes from prison with three other convicts. The other men help him with bits of his past until they arrive at a town with two warring families who recognize him. He apparently has a reputation for being a fast gun..... With Evelyn Stewart (Ida Galli), George Eastman and Woody Strode (as Woody). LBX BA

D277 Unstoppable Man, The (61) aka: El hombre invencible Cameron Mitchell plays a rich businessman whose son is kidnapped. There is a huge ransom, but Scotland Yard (we're in England here) tells Mitchell to butt out! He decides to take matters into his own hands. Kind of like Mel Gibson did later in the 1996 film 'Ransom', but on a much smaller scale. Worth it for Mitchell's performance alone! BA

D615 Utah Blaine (57) aka: Il pistolero dell'Utah aka: Três Amigos Implacáveis When Utah Blaine (Rory Calhoun) rescues Neal from being killed by land grabbers, Neal hires Utah as his ranch foreman. Angela Stevens, Max Baer and more star. 'Gunsmoke' on steroids. BA

D996 Vengeance is a Dish Served Cold (71) aka: La vendetta è un piatto che si serve freddoaka: Vengeance Trail aka: Death’s Dealer Here's a pretty decent looking Widescreen print of this violent film in Italian language and with English subtitles. When a small boy sees his father killed by Indians he vows vengeance. Years later he is grown up to become an Indian killing outlaw, scalping and selling their long hair. He kidnaps a squaw with lethal intent, but falls in love with her which causes a dilemma. Leonard Mann, Klaus Kinski and Ivan Rassimov star. Good stuff. BA

D864 Waco (66) aka: Waco una pistola infallibile Excellent western with Waco (Howard Keel), a recently released outlaw from prison who has been hired to clean up a town ran by a brutal saloon owner and his henchman (played by DeForest Kelly). This western is excellent and loaded with stars like Wendell Corey, Jane Russell, Terry Moore, John Agar and more. BA

D292 War Drums (57) aka: Tamburi di guerra The friendship between a white man and an Apache chief is tested when they fall in love with the same woman during a time of frontier conflict. Lex Barker, Joan Taylor, Ben Johnson and more. BA

D293 War Paint (53) aka: Im Tal des Verderbens An Indian and his beautiful sister attempt to destroy a cavalry patrol trying to deliver a peace treaty to their chief. Robert Stack, Joan Taylor, Peter Graves and more. BA

D641 When the Daltons Rode (40) aka: La vendetta dei Dalton Young lawyer Todd (Randolph Scott) arrives in pioneer Kansas to visit his prosperous rancher friends the Daltons. A crooked development company is trying to steal their land, and when Todd tries to help them, they are framed for a murder and have to go on the run as outlaws. Also with Kay Francis, Brian Donlevy, Broderick Crawford and more. BA

M410 White Fang and the Gold Diggers (75) aka: La spacconata aka: Whisky und die Goldgräber Sandy Shaw (Robert Wood) inherits a gold mine in Canada's far north. He arrives with his son Rick, and his kickass dog 'Whiskey'. There of course is a protagonist, after the gold, and when Sandy's bride (Gabriella Lepori) by proxy arrives, greed and violence collide. From director Alfonso (Beast in Space) Brescia. Widescreen English dubbed BA

N989 Why Go On Killing? (67) aka: Blood at Sundown aka: Perché uccidi ancora aka: Jetzt sprechen die Pistolen A young deserter from the army returns to the place where his father has been killed by a family of Mexican landowners. He is alone in his quest for revenge (but the local undertaker will covertly assist) and things are going to be tougher than he thought. Moves along swiftly with plenty of stunts, interesting camera work and shoot-em-up violence. Very nice Widescreen print and English dubbed. BA

R473 Wicked Die Slow, The (68) A guy frames his brother for a assault and leaves him to die at the hands of a bounty hunting preacher. Along with a gang, they then roam the countryside, sadistically terrorizing and murdering female victims Vicious brutality towards women, nudity with big breasted women, blood and gore all on a modest budget. For some reason this little known gritty little western, reminded me of the XXX 'A Dirty Western'. But this is not a porno, just a really cool and obscure sleazy western with some extremely cold and shocking scenes of violence. Uncut 96 minute version

R175 Wild Women (70) Five female convicts are recruited to help secretly transport arms into Mexican-held Texas is 1840. Catfights and a corpse-spewing shootout add to the fun. With Anne Francis, Marie Windsor, Sherry Jackson, Hugh O'Brien and more.

D721 Winnetou the Warrior (63) aka: Winnetou - præriens søn aka: Winnetou - 1. Teil aka: La révolte des indiens apaches When violent conflict breaks out between greedy railroaders and a tribe of Mescalero Apaches, only two men, destined to be blood brothers, can prevent all out war. The Chief's son Winnetou (Pierre Brice) and Old Shatterhand (Lex Barker). If you have yet to see these, now's the time. Great looking Widescreen. Upgrade! (Note: There are a few scenes that are not in English, but mostly English overall). BA

D720 Winnetou 2: Last of the Renegades (64) aka: The Red Gentleman aka: Winnetou - 2. Teil aka: Giorni di fuoco aka: Le trésor des montagnes bleues Forster, a ruthless oil baron, wants to create a war between the Indians and the white men. Old Shatterhand (Lex Barker) and Winnetou (Pierre Brice) are out to stop him. With Terence Hill, Klaus Kinski, Karin Dor, Anthony Steel and more. Simply mind-blowing beautiful Widescreen. BA

D719 Winnetou 3: Desperado Trail (65) aka: The Last Shot aka:Winnetou - 3. Teil aka: La senda de la traición Desperados led by a renegade named Rollins, follow the settlers westward, trying to drive a wedge between the Indians and the whites. Lex Barker, Pierre Brice, Rik Battaglia star. This is simply an outstanding Widescreen very sharp color print (like the other Winnetou films listed here). Mind-blowing scenery. BA


D496 Wyoming Renegades (54) aka: I rinnegati del Wyoming Brady Sutton (Philip Carey) returns from three years in prison with plans of going straight. Once a member of the Butch Cassidy gang, he is still believed to be in cahoots with him. When the local bank is robbed by Butch and his men, Brady is blamed, and he goes on the run, rejoining up with Butch, waiting for his chance to turn him in. Also with Gene Evans and Martha Hyer. LBX BA

D513 Young Land, The (59) aka: La Conquête de l'ouest An American gunslinger kills a Mexican man in California immediately after the Mexican-American war. The killer is put on trial for murder, while the Hispanic population, waits to learn about American justice. Patrick Wayne, Yvonne Craig, Dennis Hopper and Ken Curtis star. Based on an historical incident. BA

D216 Zorro (75) A newly arrived governor (Alain Delon) finds his province under the control of the corrupt Colonel Huerta (Stanley Baker). The governor plays weak and incapable, so Huerta avoids killing him as he poses no threat. Of course at night, the governor goes out as Zorro, and joins a monk and a hot senorita to fight for justice and rid the province of Huerta. Lots of action and a theme song that keeps popping up throughout! 2 hour version from PAL disc. LBX and in Italian language with English subtitles.




M719 Femmine Infernali (79) aka: Escape From Hell - A women's prison camp is located deep in the tropical rain forest. Sadistic guards and a warden from hell make life almost unbearable for the inmates... Anthony Steffen and Ajita Wilson LBX and 88 minutes 30 seconds. Not sure of any differences to previous versions. BA