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Lbx=  Letterboxed or Widescreen format 

Subs=  Film is subtitled

aka= Also Known As  (alternate titles)

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D161                Atomic Cyborg (86) aka: Hands of Steel  aka: Fists of Steel  aka: Vendetta dal futuro - A story about a cyborg who is programmed to kill a scientist who holds the fate of mankind in his hands in this 'Terminator' type. George Eastman, Janet Agren, John Saxon and more. Music by Claudio Simonetti. Beautiful LBX printBA

A477                Dark Hour, The (06) aka: La hora fría   Survivors of the holocaust live in an underground facility. They are permanently in a state of surveillance by contaminated mutants. This is a dark and pessimist view of the fate of mankind after a nuclear war with an Orwellian feel, tension, dread and despair. LBX  and with English subtitles.  BA

N585                Diesel (84) In a distant future, a prostitute is running away from the people who just murdered her friend. But the killers belong to 'The Consortium' a murderous slave organization that runs the underground city. She seeks help from 'Liberty' the enemy of 'The Consortium', but 'Liberty' is wiped out. Good for her she meets mullet-headed Diesel, a lonely adventurer with a truck. This French made science fiction is a welcome addition to the genre and was tough to find for awhile. In French language and with English subtitles.

N562                Ecce Homo (68) A thought provoking, downbeat well acted tale of the last survivors of a nuclear holocaust. At first it seems that only one family of three, the husband (Philippe LeRoy) slowly dying of radiation sickness, his earthy wife (Irene Papas) and pubescent son are the only survivors on a small coastal pocket of the Mediterranean. But soon two men find them and join them...they are the only ones left that escaped the widespread contamination of fallout. That is when the trouble starts...the younger and more virile of the two men (Gabriele Tinti) easily makes friends with the wife and son and has no intention of taking orders from the jealous, dictatorial and moralistic husband. The neglected unsatisfied wife is soon driven to open rebellion against him, his constant negativity and selfish demands drive her into the arms of the handsome lusty man who treats her as the desirable partner she needs to be....tempers and hatreds soon grow to alarming degrees that jeopardize their very existence....  In Italian language LBX and with English subtitles!

N945 Hordes, The (91) aka: Les hordes  The apocalypse, French style. The golden age is passed. The system's foundations collapse after nuclear war. (Hell, we don't need a nuclear war to see that happen, look around!) Every day more injustice and inequality prevail over good. Active citizens of mega cities barricade themselves in their buildings, in their cars, and protected neighborhoods. The sidewalks are empty. Delivered to the criminals and the homeless. It's there...in this powder keg...that arise... The Hordes! Fascist government, gangs rule the streets, some have made the choice to go live in the forests, complete societal breakdown. Almost 5 and a half hours on one DVD-R and with English subtitles. No VHS on this title.

N718 Last Man, The (69) aka: Le dernier home  A man, his wife, and a female friend emerge from a cave exploring expedition and find that the world has perished from nuclear disaster. Lucky for our new Adam, he has two Eve's, and one of them is pregnant. What's left of the world is at their feet. LBX and with English subtitles. 

N950 Omega Cop (90) aka: Fuerza Omega  After an environmental holocaust decimates the world and turns many humans into rampaging marauders, a lone cop is forced to fight his way back to the land of the civilized with three women who rely on his fighting skills to survive. This hilariously bad but entertaining entry in the genre opens with Adam West narrating how the effects of global warming has created this current situation. Loaded with ridiculous scenarios and wild characters, this one is a (non-nuclear) blast! BA

N558 Sex Delirium (73) aka: Cries of Ecstasy, Blows of Death  aka: Grida di Estasi  - Wild patchwork of a film with the opening stolen from 'The Crazies'. Nuclear weapons have turned the earth into a living hell. The life of the radioactive nomads occurs within the colorful tents where they frolic and have sex. Outside however, rapist-biker-killers roam the land. This is the absolute sleaziest post-apoc sci-fi we have ever seen!!   Uschi Digard has a bit part.  This now finally with English subtitles!  BA

D139 Wild East, The (93) aka: Dikiy Vostek  aka: Selvaggio est   The Solar children, a group of dwarves who left the circus, are trying to start a settlement in the Kyrgyzstan wilderness just after the breakup of the Soviet Union, but are harassed by your typical gang of badass bikers. Together the dwarves gather their meager savings and hire a rag-tag group of mercenaries to fight for them. Uses many elements from other apocalyptic type films and of course “Seven Samurai”. With English subtitles.






A422 Jesus Trip, The (71)  aka: Under Hot Leather  aka: The Ravaged  aka: Rabbia di vivere  When the police discover that their motorcycles are concealing heroin, Waco (Robert Porter) and his motorcycle gang hide out in a desert convent. A highway patrol man (Billy 'Green' Bush) hunts down the gang after they kidnap a nun, Sister Anna (Tippy Walker) and flee the convent. Soon Waco and the young nun fall in love and she is torn between God or the bad boy.  BA

P856 Mini-Skirt Mob, The (68) aka:  Senza sosta  Driven by jealousy, the jilted leader of a female motorcycle gang instigates a sadistic reign of terror against her ex-lover and his new bride....  With Patty McCormack, Harry Dean Stanton, Ross Hagen and more. LBX  BA

A588 Savage Wolf Pack (74) aka: Yaju o kese  A big game hunter returns to Japan after a hunting trip in Alaska to find his younger sister has killed herself after being assaultd by bikers. His revenge is satisfyingly violent! LBX and with English subtitles. This print has a running time-coded # at the top of the screen through-out.





A726 Blood Orange (53) aka: Three Stops to Murder - Discharged by his employer, a private eye stays on a jewel theft case after a model with information for him is murdered. Tom (The She Creature, The Atomic Submarine) Conway and Michael Ripper in a small role. Director Terence Fisher keeps things moving along at a solid pace in this mystery.

A781 Brigand of Kandahar, The (65) aka: Kampen om Fort Kandahar  Finally a nice print of this classic Hammer directed by John Gilling. The British army fights off rampaging locals in 1850's India. Yvonne (simply stunning) Romain and Oliver Reed in their third film together. Also with Ronald Lewis and Duncan Lamont, both reliable frequent Hammer players. BA

A371 Peter Cushing and Caroline Munro Guest Star - The Avengers: Return of the Cybernauts (67) This episode stars Peter Cushing as Michael Gough's character's brother! Pete has a meaty role here, and Diana Rigg is something to watch as well! Next! The New Avengers: Angels of Death (77)  Caroline Munro is in this episode, and one of the bad girls, looking fantastic.

A333 Secret of Blood Island (64) aka: I prigionieri dell'isola insanguinata  Malaya 1944: Many soldiers have been captured by the Japanese when they were cut off from their troops. On her way to Kualumpar the English secret agent Elaine (Barbara Shelley)  has her plane shot down near one of these prison camps. The men try to hide her among them but the Japanese threaten them with torture to give them information. With Jack Hedly, Patrick Wymark, Michael Ripper (of course!), and Charles (Bud) Tingwell.  BA

A789 Sword of Sherwood Forest, The (60) aka: Robin Hoodin uudet seikkailut  The sheriff of Nottingham (Peter Cushing) plans to confiscate the estate of a lord who has died on Crusade.... Also with Richard Green, Oliver Reed and Niall MacGinnis. Directed by Terence Fisher. Very colorful and well shot. Now in a nice Widescreen print.  BA

A372 Where the Action Is (75) Ingrid Pitt stars in this Thriller episode! The stakes are high when two gamblers meet. One is the fabulously wealthy Daddy Burns, who is no longer simply content to gamble just for money. The other is a young American investigating the death of a friend...Ingrid Pitt is the star of this one written by Brian Clemens.  + Ingrid Pitt does 'Ironside'!  Before she went off to do 'The Omegans', (hell before her career had even taken off) Ingrid guest starred on this show with Raymond Burr in an episode called 'The Fourteenth Runner'.  Here is is!

B159 Wolfshead: The Legend of Robin Hood (69) Oddball Hammer offering shot around real castles and nice locations and with David Warbeck in the title role. BA





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P761 13 Lead Soldiers (48) Captain Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond is called in to solve the murder of a man from whom two lead soldiers were stolen...  Tom Conway, John Newland, Maria Palmer, Helen Westcott and William Stelling  BA

D124 99 River Street (51) aka: Taxi 539 antwortet nicht  A former boxer turned cab driver, has to hide from the police when his badgering wife is murdered by the jewel thief she was having an affair with. With wild and unexpected plot twists. With John Payne, Peggie Castle, Evelyn Keyes and Brad Dexter.  BA

P994 Absolute Quiet (36) Lionel Atwill stars as a manipulator who tries to have the husband of a woman he is attracted to crash his plane. The plane crashes near Atwill's retreat and now he must contend with gangsters, a sandstorm and more! Similar to 'The Petrified Forest'. With Irene Harvey, Louis Hayward, Wallace Ford and more.  BA

P687 After Midnight With Boston Blackie (43) Blackie (Chester Morris) is arrested when retrieving stolen gems from a safety deposit box for a friend. ....

P683 Alias Boston Blackie (42) Blackie tracks down a wrongly convicted prisoner who escapes during a Christmas magic show...  Chester Morris, Adele Mara, Richard Lane, and George E. Stone. Directed by Lew Landers  BA

A839 All American Co-Ed (41) Boys and girls college shenanigans with Frances Langford, Noah Beery Jr. and look for Alan (The Skipper) Hale Jr. as 'Tiny'.  BA

P732 And Sudden Death (36) An heiress with a penchant for speeding runs afoul of a traffic cop. Romance develops between the two, but it's soon complicated when he believes she is responsible for killing someone due to reckless driving...  Randolph Scott, Frances Drake, Tom Brown, Billy Lee and Fuzzy Knight  BA

A466 Arsène Lupin Returns (38) This time a fat-headed but brilliant detective (played by Warren William) is out to catch master thief Arsene Lupin (Melvyn Douglas) , but must contend with plot twists to untangle the mystery. Also with Virginia Bruce and George Zucco.  BA

D22 Bad Sister, The (31) aka: Mala hermana  Evil sister Marianne (Sidney Fox) falls in love with con man Valentine (Humphrey Bogart), who uses their relation to get an endorsement from her father on a money raising scheme. Also with Conrad Nagel, Bette Davis and Zasu Pitts.

D95 Beau Ideal (31) An American joins the French Foreign Legion in order to rescue a boyhood friend. They face danger and fight Arabs. Although the men often seem they would be more interested in each other (!) they are rivals for the beautiful Loretta Young (as Isobel).  BA

D49 Black Oxen (23) aka: El pecado de volver a ser joven  A Manhattan playboy falls for a mysterious European woman, who he notices is an exact double for a socialite who disappeared at the turn of the century. So how does a woman in her sixties maintain the vitality and beauty of a girl in her twenties?  BA

A482 Blonde For a Day (46) Hugh Beaumont is Michael Shayne Detective. He tackles the case of a harassed newspaper reporter who has been complaining to the police about their failure to solve a series of murders.  BA

A685 Border Cafe (37) aka: A Grande Surpresa  Easterner Keith Whitney (John Beal), son of a wealthy Senator, heads west where he ends up drunk at a border cafe... With Harry Carey and Marjorie Lord.  BA

P986 Border Patrolman, The (36) aka: Pattuglia di frontiera   A border patrolman (George O'Brien) has problems with a spoiled girl (Polly Ann Young, Loretta's sister). Later he ends up with a new job, keeping an eye on her and keeping her out of trouble, which proves harder than it sounds!

P720 Boston Blackie and the Law (46) Blackie performs in a magic show at a women's prison, which gives an inmate an opportunity to escape.... Chester Morris, Trudy Marshall, Constance Dowling, Richard Lane, George E. Stone and Frank Sully   BA

P684 Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood (42)  Blackie receives a call from a friend who asks him to retrieve some money from his apartment and deliver it to him in California. Performing this good deed, he is accused of theft...

P689 Boston Blackie: Booked on Suspicion (45) Blackie is implicated in a murder when he accidently sells a phony Charles Dickens first edition at an auction....

P690 Boston Blackie’s Rendezvous (45) Blackie helps the police rescue hostage from an escaped maniac on a killing spree....

D114 Breakaway (55) Suave, if a trifle elderly, private eye Duke Martin (Tom Conway) is on the trail of a secret formula and a kidnapped girl. With Michael Balfour and Honor Blackman.

P954 Bulldog Drummond at Bay (47) While on vacation Bulldog Drummond gets entangled in a diamond smuggling case. Also with Anita Lousie.

P953 Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (47) A Scotland Yard inspector, seeking a missing heiress, is murdered in his own home. Drummond is called in on the case! With Ron Randall in the title role. Also with Gloria Henry.  BA

D63 Burma Convoy (41) aka: O Comboio da Birmânia  A truck convoy, traveling the Burma road is menaced by a group of smugglers. Evelyn Ankers stars and was in 'The Wolfman' the same year. Also with Turhan Bey, Charles Bickford and Keye Luke.  BA

P951 Calling Bulldog Drummond (51) With a ruthless gang terrorizing London it's time to call in the retired Bulldog Drummond! With Walter Pidgeon in the title role in this, the 21st Drummond film. Also with Margaret Leighton.  BA

P973 Calling Homicide (56) Two homicide detectives search for a connection between the car-bombing murder of a fellow investigator and the mutilation murder of a much-hated owner of a modeling school. Bill Elliot, Jeanne Cooper and Lyle Talbot star. BA

P926 Cavalcade (33) A cavalcade of English life from New Year's Eve 1899 until 1933 seen through the eyes of well-to-do Londoners Jane and Robert. Notable historical moments are observed by them like the Titanic and WW1. Pretty good, this film beat out 'King Kong' for Best Picture in 1933. Kong should have won though.  BA

P974 Chain of Evidence (57) The fourth of five Ben Schwab productions that starred Ben Elliot as a detective lieutenant in the L.A. sheriff's department. Lt. Andy Doyle is the character and Elliot starred in 5 of these hardboiled detective tales. Bill Elliot was previously a huge western star who had starred in hundreds of films. If you watch closely, Sam Peckinpah has an un-credited appearance. BA

P912 Challenge, The (47) This was the nineteenth Bulldog Drummond film, and the first of two starring Tom Conway. Solid mystery with the search for gold and the clues are rigged in a series of sails on modeling sailing ships which keep on getting stolen by mysterious people in the dark.

A294 Christmas Carol, The (49) T.V. production of the story running under a half hour with Vincent Price as your host. One of Jill St. Johns first appearances (she was 9!). Also on the same bill some other shorts (one with Vincent Price) from the fifties.

A854 Christmas Holiday (44) aka: W. Somerset Maugham's Christmas Holiday   A young femme fatale-type woman realizes that the wealthy man she married is nothing but an incorrigible wastrel. With Deanna Durbin, Gene Kelly and Gale Sondergaard.  BA

D123 Circle of Danger (51) aka: La cortina del silenzio  aka: Le 13e Temoin  Clay Douglas (Ray Milland), comes to England to find out the truth of his brother's death during a commando operation in occupied France. Jacques Tourneur directed this post-war mystery quite well with cool locations.  BA

P705 Close Call for Boston Blackie, A (46) aka: Lady of Mystery  Blackie (Chester Morris) runs into a woman he formally loved who now is married with a kid. When her husband gets out of prison he's killed in Blackie's apartment and of course the police thing Blackie pulled the trigger so he must set out to prove his innocence as well as capture the real killers....  BA

P911 Close Call For Ellery Queen (42) Two mysterious seamen come from Alan Roger's past to blackmail him as he seeks to locate his missing daughters. With William Gargan as Ellery Queen. Also with lesbian actress Margaret Lindsay who was a knockout.

P686 Confessions of Boston Blackie (41) Blackie is accused of murdering a man at an art auction, which leads to the uncovering of an art racket.... BA

A135 Convicted (38) Pre-star Rita Hayworth dances and prances (she's 20 in this) her way through an engaging murder mystery that also stars Marc Lawrence.  BA

P989 Cowboy Millionaire, The (35) Englishwoman falls for a cowboy. She goes back to England and he goes to England after her! With George O'Brien

A567 Crime Nobody Saw, The (37) Three authors in search of a plot. A drunkard provides them with a black book and moneymaking blackmail potential, thus a story! With Lew Ayres, Hattie McDaniel and more. .

A564 Crime of Helen Stanley, The (34) An actress is murdered in the midst of shooting a dance sequence for her latest picture. Ralph Bellamy.  BA

P670 Crimson Key, The (47) Larry Morgan (Kent Taylor) a private detective, is hired by a woman who wants Larry to trail her husband. The husband is murdered, and shortly afterwards the wife is killed. Larry shuffles through a list of suspects.   BA

A538 Cross Country Cruise (34) Story of several passengers, one of them a killer, on a cross country bus trip. Lew Ayres, June Knight and Alan Dinehart star.  BA

A414 Curley and His Gang in the Haunted Mansion (48) aka: Who Killed Doc Robbin?  aka: Sinister House   A group of pesky no-good brats find themselves trapped in a creepy mansion that comes complete with secret passageways, a mad doctor and a murderous gorilla.  IN COLOR!!

P983 Curtain at Eight (33) When a two-timing actor is murdered, there are two obvious suspects. But, when one turns up dying, it looks really bad for the other suspect. It MUST be him, or so the dopey policeman thinks. But they realize that a chimp (mistakenly called a monkey throughout the film) might actually be the shooter...maybe. So who did it?  Support cast is full of interesting faces, not the least of which is the amazingly well-trained chimp! Good to see reliables like villainous Paul Cavanagh and Syd Saylor plus comic relief Herman Bing and ego-bruising Russell Hopton in prominent roles. With C. Aubrey Smith.   BA

A557 Dangerous Intrigue (36) Tony, (Ralph Bellamy) is forced to resign as Chief of Staff at a New York hospital after an important operation fails on wealthy donor's young daughter. His woman dumps him and he gets amnesia, drifts to Scranton, PA and finds himself working in a steel mill. He begins to remember when he aids in bandaging up injured workers.

P730 Deadline For Murder (46) A murder is committed when documents, pertaining to and detailing information about oil-fields in Central Europe, are stolen. More murders follow the theft before the recovery through the efforts of a police-detective, Jerry McMullen, and Steve Millard, a gambler/amateur detective....

A295 Dear Murderer (47) When successful businessman finds out his wife is cheating on him, he decides to hunt the guy down and kill him. Complications set in when he finds out she has another lover as well. Eric Portman, Greta Gynt, Hazel Court, Dennis Price. Low budget noir with dark shadows. Gynt is great as the nasal-voiced adulteress, spot those coiled serpents on the shoulders of her nightdress!   BA

P870 Delinquents, The (57) A frustrated young man (Mr. Billy Jack himself Tom Laughlin) separated from his girlfriend, gets involved with an evil manipulative juvenile gang that uses him as a toy, playing mind games with him and getting him into trouble. Quite good youth gone bad flick with an interestingly hilarious voice-over public service warning at the end telling you how you can avoid having kids like this. BA

P916 Desperate Chance For Ellery Queen, A (42) Ellery Queen is enlisted to find a missing man and discovers a case of embezzlement and a femme fatale (Lilian Bond) . Also with Margaret Lindsay and William Gargan again as Ellery.

N678 Devil's Gondola, The (46) aka: La gondola del diavolo  Rare early Italian mystery/horror set in the Venice of the Doges. Puzzled, everyone, as a series of murders is followed, always, by a gliding gondola. When a gondolier is suddenly seen to be with riches beyond his means, he becomes the prime suspect. Heavy period atmosphere in this well made production. With English subtitles.

P962 Devil's Mask, The (46) A crashed plane that had a shrunken head aboard is the only clue to a mystery involving a secret code.  A woman thinks she is going to be murdered so she hires a pair of detectives. Add a blackmailing psychiatrist, a crazy taxidermist, hypnosis, a ferocious black panther, a few nebulous characters of dubious repute... and you get a cool little thriller here.  Stars Anita Louise, Jim Bannon, Michael Duane, Mona Barrie and Barton Yarborough 

A714 Double Danger (37) Robert Crane (Preston Foster) is a slick jewel thief who also doubles as a novelist writing about a .... jewel thief. Directed by Lew Landers.

P695 Drums of the Congo (42) aka: Dödstrummorna  A safari sets out to find a meteorite that fell in the African jungle. With Stewart Erwin, Peggy Moran, Turhan Bey, and Dorothy Dandridge as Princess Malimi.  BA

A160 Early Horror Short Films (various) This collection of silent shorts includes the 1910 Frankenstein film, the Egyptian mummy from 1914, Fall of the House of Usher from 1928, and The Wizard's Apprentice from 1930. As an added bonus are two early sound horror cartoons. Mickey Mouse and the Mad doctor, and Oswald the Rabbit in The Mechanical Man. Truly amazing stuff!

D29 Earthbound (40) A murdered man (Warner Baxter) helps his widow bring his killer to justice. At times just mush for muddled minds, but there are a few similarities to 'Ghost', like a go-between guy that hears Baxter and relates the info to his widow and more. Maybe heavy-handed a little with Christian mythology, but it is 1940 after all, when these wholesome themes threaded through many a feature.

A16 Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring (41) See the ace amateur sleuth of radio and fiction solve the strange slaying of wall street's richest widow. Ralph Bellamy and Margaret Lindsay star.  BA

P917 Ellery Queen and the Perfect Crime (41) Strange mystery of the lover's quarrel... the pet monkey... the falling dagger... the arrow! A nice mystery with Ralph Bellamy in the title role. Also with Margaret Lindsay and John Beal.

A15 Ellery Queen, Master Detective (40) Ellery (Ralph Bellamy) gets mixed up in a new case involving the death of a fitness guru. He is diagnosed with a terminal disease and changes his will, but before he can make it official someone in his greedy vulture family kills him. Also with Margaret Lindsay, Hollywood lesbian star.

A14 Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery (41) Terror prowls a penthouse! Jewel smuggling ventriloquist is murdered and the jewels are now missing! Ralph Bellamy and Margaret Lindsay star along with Anna May Wong.

D116 Emergency Call (33) aka: Llamada de emergencia  An expose of the racketeering 'accident victims' who extort millions of dollars annually from automobile owners across America. They stage fake accidents and hire false witnesses. This one concentrates on the 'gutter-floppers'.

P913 Enemy Agents meet Ellery Queen (42) Detective Ellery Queen aids free Dutch agents battling Nazi spies over a prize of industrial grade diamonds. The Nazi's seem menacing in the beginning, but are degraded to bumbling fools by film's end. Natural morale boosting WW2 type with a fine cast. Gale Sondergaard, Gilbert Roland, Margaret Lindsay and William Gargan star.

D18 Erotikon (20) aka: Just Like a Man  From Sweden. A scientist falls in love with a young girl who brings life and joy into his life while his wife is having an affair with another man. With English subtitles.

P996 Escape in the Fog (45) Film-noir drama stars Nina Foch as a hospital nurse (Eileen) who is recovering from a nervous breakdown. She has a recurring dream where she sees two men trying to murder a third and soon realizes that the chief of psychology at the hospital is that man.  Otto Kruger also stars  BA

P967 Exposed (38) A drunken bum (Otto Kruger) is discovered (by a reporter) to be a disgraced district attorney who disappeared five years earlier after a man he sent for execution was found innocent, but too late. She does a story on him and problems ensue. With Glenda Farrell.

P959 Extortion (38) Murder mystery set on a college campus and starring Scott Colton and Mary Russell. Look for Albert Dekker in a small role.

P716 Fallen Angels (48) aka: Hamenoi angeloi  Mistress, courtroom, crime, a band, confessions, drug dealers and more figure into this obscure film from Greece. With English subtitles.

A179 Final Hour, The (36) Ralph Bellamy plays an alcoholic attorney who finds redemption by helping a falsely accused girl (Marguerite Churchill). Churchill was busy in 36 already having been in 'The Walking Dead' with Karloff and 'Dracula's Daughter' as well as others.

A712 Fixer Dugan (39) aka: Double Daring   A young girl is orphaned when, her mother, a circus aerialist, is killed in a fall. A rival circus informs the sheriff that the girl is an orphan.... There is some suspense when a lion gets loose. It is an old-fashioned circus picture after-all.

P976 Flaming Guns (32) A ranch manager falls in love with a banker's daughter. After he and the girl's parents have a quarrel, he and the girl flee to Mexico. With Tom Mix as a cowboy who avoids using guns whenever possible.  BA

A828 Florida Special (36) aka: Nattexpressen till Florida   Miserly Simeon Stafford (played by Claude Gillingwater) has booked a trip on the Florida Special, carrying a large quantity of gemstones on his person. Naturally, a bunch of gangsters board the same train, planning to rob Stafford. On the same train is Jack Oakie, as a newspaperman with a strong suit in wisecracking. (Is there any other sort?) He runs afoul of the gangsters….. Frances Drake is excellent and beautiful, as always, in her role as Stafford's niece.  Look for Dwight Frye in a small role as Jenkins!

P974 Footsteps in the Night (57) A gambling addict is the logical suspect in the death of a card playing neighbor who caused his relapse. With Bill Elliot as Lt. Andy Doyle in the last film of his 254 film career.

A566 Four Hours to Kill! (35) aka: Skuddet i mellemakten   A detective who has '4 hours to kill' before delivering his prisoner, an escaped killer, spends the time in a Broadway theatre. With Richard Barthelmess and Helen (Son of Kong) Mack. Blue-tinted.

P850 Gallery of Monsters (24) aka: La Galerie des Monstres - Married carnival performers are subjected to the abuses of their employer in this silent film gem that has not received as much attention as it deserves. When the boss' unwanted advances on the wife are refused, he taunts a lion until it nearly kills her. But the other performers assist in a unique plot for revenge. Jaque Catelain directs and stars in this film made for influential French director Marcel L'Herbier's production company.  The film boasts some rapid-fire editing techniques that were decades ahead of its time. Silent with sound effects and music track....  Film based on a novel by Eric Allatine  Also stars Lois Moran, Jean Murat, Claire Prélia and Lili Samuel -- Silent with no English translation.

P706 Gambling Ship (38) A gambler uses his winnings to help support an orphanage. With Robert Wilcox and Helen (Son of Kong) Mack.

A650 Giallo (34) This film pretty much started the film adaptation concept of the film 'giallo' (a series of books in Italy, thrillers, with yellow covers, hence, the term). It is filmed with some vague comedy style along with the mystery. This is pretty rare and comes in Italian language and with English subtitles.

A565 Girl From Scotland Yard, The (37) aka: Kvinden fra Scotland Yard   A reporter is assigned to investigate the mysterious destruction of war munitions, ships and bases. During this he encounters the title character (Karen Morley).

A829 Girl in Room 313, The (40) A police agent infiltrates a gang of jewel thieves, and on the way to finding out the identity of their leader, he falls for a dame. Florence Rice, Lionel Atwill and Kent Taylor star.

D129 Girl in the Picture, The (57) aka: Der Pedbury-Fall  A 4-year old photograph published in the Londo Evening Echo provides a clue to an unsolved murder. Good little mystery with Donald Houston and Patrick Holt.

A556 Girl on the Spot (46) Eleven Gilbert and Sullivan numbers are melded within the murder mystery plot of this one.  BA

A610 Golem, The (36) aka: Le Golem  The Golem, a giant creature made of clay by a rabbi, comes to life in a time of trouble to protect the Jews from persecution. Unfortunately, said Golem was on holiday during WW2 or lots of trouble could have been avoided. This tale has been passed down for centuries and some believe Mary Shelley's inspiration for a certain novel she wrote long ago.... Stars Harry Bauer   With English subtitles.   BA

D115 Grand Jury (36) A bunch of gangsters terrorize a town, and some locals want to clean it up. Thing is, everybody in this seems to be an idiot. Comedy crime drama. Watch for a quick appearance of Matthew 'Stymie' Beard as ‘Marshmallow’.

P713 Grand Jury Secrets (39) Reporters invade the secrets of a Grand Jury with a short-wave transmitter which leads to big troubles for the both of them! With William Frawley, John Howard, Richard Denning and more....

A707 Great Barrier, The (37) aka: Silent Barriers  aka: Uomini coraggiosi  Finding a pass through the Rockies to complete the railroad, saloon battles, prison, buddies and more in this enjoyable romp. With Lilli Palmer and Richard Arlen.  BA

P702 Great Gambini, The (37) Akim Tamiroff is the title character and he can predict the future. There's murder mystery and even a gimmick that William Castle could have been inspired by. Also with Reginald Denny, Marian Marsh and William Demarest.  BA

A827 Great Hospital Mystery, The (37) aka: Dead Yesterday  When gangsters threaten the life of the brother of a nurse, she and her superintendent try to make it look like he died. With Jane Darwell, Joan Davis and William Demarest.  BA

P915 Great Train Robbery, The (41) Tom Logan (Bob Steele) is a railroad detective. Tom takes it upon himself to halt the activities of his crooked brother Duke. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote an 'impossible' crime story and this film seems to borrow the plot somewhat. This leads to a different, above average mystery thriller. BA

A842 Half a Sinner (40) aka: Everything Happens to Annie  Young and beautiful schoolteacher fears a dull future. She decides to take a walk on the wild side and indulge herself in fancy new clothes so she can flirt with strangers. When a gangster takes a liking to her she flees in his car, that has corpses in the trunk. With Heather Angel, Constance Collier, John King, and Tom Dugan. Directed by Al Christie   BA

A771 Half Naked Truth, The (32) aka: La verità seminude  A carnival barker at a down-on-their-heels carnival (I would love to visit a carnival of the thirties but my time machine still isn't ready!) becomes a powerhouse publicity man transforming a sideshow dancer into a Broadway entertainer. So what do you get here besides an early fast-paced and never boring snappy screwball comedy of show biz? Lupe Velez (the Mexican spitfire who killed herself at age 36 in 1944 as she was knocked up and not married), Max Steiner (the brilliant composer) in his only screen appearance, what... you want more?

D119 Headline Crasher (37) A senator is up for re-election, a newspaper is out to bring him down for 'headlines' sake, and a gangster with a grudge out on parole. With Frankie Darro (Robbie the Robot).

A831 Hi De Ho (47) An important feature starring the legendary Cab Calloway and the story revolved around the lyrics of his biggest song, "Minnie the Moocher." Calloway was the scat singing leader of one of the most popular African American big bands in the country. From the early 1930s through the late 1940s, Cab would employ in his band some of the most popular performers of the jazz era including, Dizzy Gillespie, "Chu" Berry, "Doc" Cheatham and many more. In 1931, he would record his most famous song, "Minnie the Moocher" which sometimes went by the title "Hi-de-ho" and in fact, Cab wrote a line in the song stating, "I'm the Hi-de-ho man."  Plot about jealousy, nightclubs and gangsters. Ends with some musical numbers from Calloway.  BA

P977 Hidden Gold (32) Tom (Tom Mix) gets himself put in prison to befriend two bank robbers to see if he can get them to reveal where they hid the loot.  (Unfortunately Tom Mix's horse, Tony the Horse, stumbled during a chase scene and landed on top of Mix. The star was badly injured. The horse suffered a permanent injury and was replaced in future films by Tony Jr. the Horse.)   BA

N737 High School Big Shot (59) aka: The Young Sinners  Marv needs money (and lots of it!) if he is going to score with Betty, a manipulative brunette with a greedy streak. He plans to steal a million from the mob. Tom Pittman as Marc died in a road accident in real life before this film was released.   BA

N738 High School Caesar (60) Matt (John Ashley) is a high school racketeer, beating up students for protection money, selling stolen tests to classmates and winning the title of student body president by rigging the vote. When challenged to a car race by a rival, he loses. So Matt kills him by running him off the road. Soon thereafter his life begins to unravel. Pre-Filipino days Ashley was great in this type of role.   BA

P990 Hollywood Cowboy (37) George O'Brien plays Geoffrey Carter, a Hollywood cowboy shooting a western film at Lone Pine, CA. He just happens to rescue Joyce, a cattlewoman's daughter from the city gangsters, and falls for her. Then he goes to work for her mother as an anonymous cattle hand.

P914 Hollywood Round-Up (37) Little Dickie Jones (he was the voice for "Pinocchio" in the Disney classic), plays a wannabee cowboy who helps get Buck Jones out of a jam when he's mistakenly thought to be part of a bank robbery..... One of three films made based on behind-the-scenes film making with a 'western' setting. A fascinating glimpse of a lost era of cinema. With Buck Jones (one of the greatest of the 'B' western stars, he died in the Coconut Grove nightclub fire in 1942 in Boston). Also with Helen Twelvetrees (who killed herself in 1958) and stooge Shemp Howard.  BA

P858 Holy Terror, A (31) Rich man is murdered and his son Bard (George O'Brien) flies his plane west to see a rancher that may know a thing or two about it. En-route he crashes into a woman's bathroom and she falls for him which makes her boyfriend Steve (Humphrey Bogart) jealous. This turns out to be a pretty decent early mystery.

A741 I Accuse My Parents (44) Young man goes to work for gangsters to support his nightclub singing girlfriend. It opens with him in court after his crimes. He blames his parents. Yep, that's his defense. Then we see the events that led up to this point in flashback. What kind of fool would create a premise such as this? That's why it's a must-see!  BA

A280 I Am the Law (38) aka: Derrocada do Crime  Law professor John Lindsay is asked by a civic leader to become a special prosecutor to go after the racketeers in town. Edward G. Robinson, Barbara O'Neil, John Beal and Otto Kruger star.  BA

P968 I Love a Mystery (45) Opening with a car crash and a decapitation, the story is told in flashback as two men become involved by a man who tells them he is going to die within three days. The story involves a peg-legged man, a mysterious woman, an oriental cult and many deaths.  BA

P864 Impact (49) Film noir. An unfaithful wife plots to kill her husband with the help of her lover. Her lover dies instead and as the wife is charged, her husband goes into hiding. With Brian Donlevy and Helen Walker. 

A550 It Couldn't Have Happened (But it Did) (36) When a play's two producers are murdered, the playwright tries to solve the crime. Reginald Denny and Jack La Rue star.

N673 It Happened in Broad Daylight (58) aka: Es geschah am hellichten Tag  aka: The Bait   Haunting classic from West Germany about a detective so determined to catch a child murderer that he uses a woman and her child, as a lure, in hopes to catch the killer. Solid, suspenseful and quite excellent. (Later remade in 2001 by Sean Penn as 'The Pledge' with Jack Nicholson) Recommended!  With English subtitles.   BA

A768 Jacktown (62) Patty McCormack (the wicked little blonde haired girl in 'The Bad Seed') is all grown up! When (prettyboy) young man Frankie is put in 'Jacktown' for statutory assault (really though, they were dressed when they were busted!), the warden lets him work at his house so he is not at the mercy of the other inmates. The fact that the guy was incarcerated in the first place for statutory assault is lost on the warden as he has a young daughter, Margaret (McCormack) that immediately takes a liking to Frankie. Will he bed her when he visits her after he escapes? Or will he see the error of his lays? Funny that this was statutory assault, especially since in 1962 people in the south were still marrying 14 year-olds off to older men, and without penalty! 

A988 Just a Gigolo (31) William Haines plays the role of a festive wild playboy British nobleman, for whom a marriage has been arranged by his relatives..... Also with Ray Milland and more. 

A485 Just Off Broadway (42) Private Detective Michael Shayne (Lloyd Nolan) is on the jury trying a woman for murder. A witness with information is killed by a thrown knife in the courtroom. Also with Phil Silvers.

P703 Ladies Love Danger (35)  A mystery-comedy with multiple backgrounds set in a back-stage and penthouse backgrounds finds actress Rita Witherspoom mistakenly entering the apartment of Ricardo Souchet, a rich bachelor. He immediately suspects her of a murder that has just been committed in the apartment next to his. His prisoner for the night, she slips out at dawn, after two more murders have happened....

P960 Lady Objects, The (38) A wife's (Gloria Stuart) career goes up while her husband's (Lanny Ross) goes way down and he is also accused of murder. She comes to his defense. Early film with a powerful female role.  BA

A853 Lady on a Train (45) aka: Due pantofole e una ragazza   While waiting at a train station Nikki (Deanna Durbin– who just passed away in 2013 at the age of 91) witnesses a murder from a nearby building. When she brings the police to the scene of the crime they think she is crazy because the body is missing! Also with Ralph Bellamy and David (The Mad Ghoul) Bruce.  BA

A485 Larceny in Her Heart (46) Civic crusader hires Private detective Michael Shayne (Hugh Beaumont) to locate his missing stepdaughter. When Shayne finds her in an asylum, he learns the man that has hired him put her there. Yes, he is after her money!  BA

P984 Last Adventurers, The (37) A skipper's daughter falls for a humble fishermen rescued by her father. With Niall MacGinnis.

A949 Last Alarm, The (40) Captain Jim Hadley (J. Farrell MacDonald) has just retired from the fire department and is not too happy about it. He is bored and the only people that have any time for him are his old cronies. An arsonist has put fear into the city and Jim is just itching to get involved. The fire sequences are very exciting (obviously stock footage of real fires and explosions). When Jim's retirement buddy dies in the latest fire, Jim is determined to find out who is lighting the fires…..  Lots of cool fire stock footage and plenty of suspense. 

A705 Last Outlaw, The (37) After serving 25 years in prison for robbery, Dean Payton (Harry Carey) returns to his home town to see his daughter. With Tom Tyler and Hoot Gibson.   BA

P987 Law of the Sea (31) A sadistic, evil ship captain, lusts after a beautiful young girl he spots in town. It turns out she's the girlfriend of a young man whose father the captain blinded and cast adrift on the ocean many years before. Trouble when the blind man recognizes the captain's voice.

A711 Law of the Underworld (38) A respected citizen with secret ties to the local mob is faced with revealing his criminal connections to save two innocent people from execution. With Chester Morris and Anne Shirley.  BA

P922 Leavenworth Case, The (36) Classic murder mystery about a stock market crook who has had a change of heart and is killed by his family who want to keep the money he has accumulated dishonestly. With Donald  Cook and Jocko the monkey!

D98 Legion of Missing Men (37) Men Without Women! The blazing sun of the desert has no pity on these lost souls who fight with the fury of the devil! ... die with a laugh on their lips! This is the promise of the Tagline.

P958 Legion of Terror (36) Two newly-appointed postal inspectors set out to track down the sender of a time bomb to a U.S. senator, and during their investigation, run into a hooded organization that is terrorizing a city. Yep, it's also a 'warning' type film discouraging Americans from joining the KKK. With Bruce Cabot and Marguerite Churchill.  BA

A840 Let's Go Collegiate (41) aka: Farewell to Fame  Rawley University is about to receive a star athlete who could give it the first championship rowing team it's ever had. When he gets drafted into the army some of the team plot to send a burly truck driver in his place. With Frankie (Robbie the Robot) Darrow, Keye Luke, Mantan Moreland, Gale Storm and more.   BA

A178 Lightning Strikes Twice (34) Three apparent murders and a pair of imposters disrupt the lives of an engaged couple. Thelma Todd (who was murdered at age 29) and Ben Lyon star.

A715 Living on Love (37) Remake of 'Rafter Romance'. Fast-paced dialog keeps this one racing along. Chuckles and more in this glimpse into the 1930's. Depression-era comedies may be hard to relate to nowadays. Times were tough, but today safety guards provide for all, although all who actually 'work' must pay for it.  BA

N735 Lost, Lonely and Vicious (57) A young star, unable to cope with his success, flips out, and goes through the back-streets of Hollywood at night trying to make sense of things. Supposedly loosely based on the life of James Dean!  Stars Ken Clayton , Barbara Wilson, Lilyan Chauvin, Richard Gilden, and Carol Nugent  BA

A279 Man's Game, A (34) Forsaking his traditional western garb, Tim McCoy plays a rough-and-ready fireman...   Tim and his partner Dave (Ward Bond) rescue pretty stenographer Judy (Evelyn Knapp). Falling in love with the girl, the boys try to save her from getting mixed up in an embezzlement scheme. The plot requires Judy to set off a fire herself to rout the villains, which of course also brings Tim and Dave back into the picture..... 

P925 Mantrap, The (43) Retired Scotland yard detective (Henry Stephenson), comes back to work on a case as the new guys consider his methods outdated and he has something to prove. The plotting and dialogue are pure Holmes/Conan Doyle style with a clever script from Curt Siodmak.  BA

P685 Meet Boston Blackie (41) When a murder occurs on an ocean liner docked in New York, the trail leads to Coney Island and a spy ring. ...

P749 Menace (34) A young man (Ray Milland) is involved in dam building in Africa and takes some time off (against his will) to attend a party. When bad weather strikes, he decides to fly his plane back to the dam site, just in time to see a flood destroy his work and his sister's home as well. Distraught, he commits suicide by diving the plane into the ground.... 

A473 Midnight Club (33) A gang of jewel thieves use doubles to cover their alibis as they go out on midnight runs to steal diamonds. Neat secret hideout has hidden doors and secret alarms. With George Raft, Clive Brook and Helen Vinson.  Of note are the special effects in the "doubles" scenes. We see this so frequently, and yet here in 1933, it becomes a fascinating piece of work, with actors handing objects to themselves in the split screen. 

A701 Miracles For Sale (39) aka: Mirakler sælges  Mike Morgan creates illusions that magicians use in their shows. While his business is 'Miracles For Sale', his hobby is exposing fake spiritualists. Neat little thriller directed by Tod Browning. With Robert Young, Henry Hull, Gloria Holden, William Demarest and more. After directing 62 movies, many enduring classics (Dracula, Freaks, The Unholy 3 and many more) this was to be director Tod Browning's last film. BA

D128 Murder at 3 A.M. (53) A police detective suspects that his sister's boyfriend is a murderer, who kills women who are coming home from nightclubs at 3AM. With Dennis Price and Peggy Evans.

A277 Murder in the Music Hall (46) Ice-skating headliner Vera Ralston (Lila Leighton) is being blackmailed to quit her show and team up with ex-partner Edward Norris (Carl Lang). Norris is stabbed and dies after being seen with her, putting her in a sticky situation.

A272 Murder is My Business (46) Michael Shayne (Hugh Beaumont) is a private detective who is disliked greatly by Pete Rafferty, local chief of police detectives. Rafferty notifies the newspaper press that he is going to close Shayne's agency, just as Michael is about to be hired by the wealthy Eleanor Ramsey, who is being blackmailed.... Also starring Lyle Talbot and Cheryl Walker.

A589 Murder on the High Seas (32) aka: Love Bound - A gold-digging woman wins a big settlement against an older married man, which threatens to destroy the man's family. With Hack Mulhall and Natalie Moorhead as the villainess.

A176 My Pal, the King (32) A tantalizing glimpse of what Tom Mix's real-life Wild West Show must have been like, including shots of former Olympic champion Jim Thorpe!  The cute 12-year-old at Mix's side is the legendary Mickey Rooney!!  BA

A278 Mysterious Miss X, The (39) Two small-time stage actors are traveling, stop over in a small town, and are in the wrong place at the wrong time when a murder is committed.  Michael Whalen and Lynne Roberts star

P961 Mysterious Rider, The (38) Ben Wade decides to return to his father's old ranch incognito, 20 years after he was framed for murder and his foreman (who framed him) took over the ranch. Thing is, in these twenty years Wade has become the Pecos Kid, a notorious bandit. With Douglass Drumbrille, Arch Hall Sr, Sidney Toler and Glenn Strange as Henchman Cramer.  BA

P964 Mystery Ranch (32) An undercover ranger investigates a deranged rancher who acts as a law unto himself, finding a girl held as prisoner until she agrees to marry the madman. Cecilia Parker, George O'Brien and Charles (Ming the Merciless) Middleton star. Look for Noble Johnson as Henchman Mudo.  BA

P952 Mystery Woman (35) Yet another rare title this one with Mona Barrie and Gilbert Roland. A French ship captain is sent to Devil's Island. His wife goes undercover to try to clear him. Quality only fair on this obscure title, but still easy to watch.

A276 Nancy Steele is Missing! (37) After being in jail for 17 years a crook is met by the girl he kidnapped as a baby. She now thinks he's her father... With Victor Mclaglen, June Lang, John Carradine and Peter Lorre.  BA

A849 Night Alarm (34) Story of a young reporter (Bruce Cabot) investigating a series of arson fires. His investigation is complicated when it turns out that the girl assisting him is the daughter of the chief suspect!  Directed by Spencer Gordon Bennett, who would later make his mark as one of Republic Studios' leading serial directors  BA

P726 Night Flight (33) True story of the Trans-Andean European Air Mail service, which broke grounds by doing the dangerous practice of running flights at night. The story centers on a demanding boss (John Barrymore) who will stop at nothing to have his men in the air and this here leads to a pilot (Clark Gable) getting caught out in a dangerous storm and not being able to land while his wife (Helen Hayes) waits for his return..... Fantastic aviation film with big budget production values and a stellar Hollywood cast.  BA

P920 Night Hawk, The (38) Robert Armstrong (who survived Kong in 1933) battles bumbling racketeers in this crime thriller. Dwight Frye also stars.

A533 No Orchids for Miss Blandish (48) aka: Pas d'orchidées pour Miss Blandish  This forgotten movie caused one of the biggest scandals in British film history as it's violence and sexual innuendo was stronger than pre-war producers had been allowed, but it somehow slipped past the censor. So it was a career killer for some involved, much like Michael Powell's 'Peeping Tom'. A couple of critical blurbs from the time include 'it has all the morals of an alley cat and the sweetness of a sewer' and 'the most sickening exhibition of brutality, perversion, sex and sadism ever to be shown on a cinema screen'. Little did these pin-headed critics know then... those reviews would spell movie GOLD now! See the movie that dared to rub people's faces in filth and unpleasantness in 1948. Kidnapping, murder and more! 

P972 One Hour to Live (39) Fast paced crime action about a crusading cop trying to bring a gangster to justice. But there is a higher up 'Mr. Big' he has to contend with as well! With Charles Bickford, Doris Nolan, John Litel and more. BA

P688 One Mysterious Night (44)  aka: Behind Closed Doors   Blackie is enlisted by the police to help recover the Blue Star of the Nile diamond, stolen from a war relief exhibit....  BA    

P995 One Sunday Afternoon (33) Middle-aged dentist Biff Grimes (Gary Cooper) reminisces about his unrequited love for beautiful Virginia (Fay Wray), and her husband, who was his former best friend, who betrayed him. Wray was in 11 films in 1933. King Kong, Mystery in the Wax Museum, The Vampire Bat and many more.  BA

P992 Park Avenue Logger (37) aka: Tall Timber  aka: Millionaire Playboy   Millionaire Curran, thinking his son is a sissy, sends him to logging camp. Unbeknownst to him though, his son is actually a masked wrestler! With George O'Brien.  BA

P865 Passport to Treason (56) aka: Jaguar packt zu  Moody film noir type set in foggy London and starring fading star at the time Rod Cameron. It even starts with one of those gritty voice-overs and also includes a mysterious night club femme fatale and brainwashing/mind control. Also with Lois (Miss Moneypenny) Maxwell.

A133 Pearl of the South Pacific (55) Two beachcombers with a yacht join a woman (Virginia Mayo) on a quest for black pearls on a secret island. On this island the natives are ruled by a white man, and the treasure (located in an underwater crypt) is guarded by a giant octopus (that looks familiar for movie fans). Entertaining and colorful adventure. BA

A281 Penitentiary (38) This tough-talking prison flick from the 30's is actually a remake of Howard Hawks 'The Criminal Code'. This one stars Walter Connelly, John Howard and Jean Parker.  BA

A830 People Are Funny (40) Two rival radio producers try to get the same sponsor. So they try to top each other with new ideas. Jack Haley, Helen Walker, Rudy Vallee, Ozzie Nelson and Art Linkletter in his debut.

A505 Phantom of the Operetta (55) Rare horror from Argentina as they present this monster-mash with a Frankenstein, a wolfman and more! Obviously inspired by the Universal monster movies and played mostly for gags. Starring Alfredo Barbieri, Amelia Vargas, Tono Andreu, Gogó Andreu, Inés Fernández.   F.L.   BA

P719 Phantom Thief, The (46)  Blackie tricks a blackmailer-murderer into a confession. Story involves sinister séances and ghostly apparitions....  Chester Morris

D99 Picture Brides (34) Four 'picture brides' from New Orleans, arrive in the Brazilian jungle on a riverboat, brought there to marry workers at Lottagrasso... These white workers treat the natives like scum, and yet they are the bad ones!  assault and violence themes were still in place as you will see. The toughened Production Codes would go into effect in mid 1934, shutting down the horror industry's options and taming many films that followed for awhile.

D130 Port of 40 Thieves (44) aka: O Porto dos 40 Ladrões  Muriel has a thing for older wealthy men and commits the perfect crime by rigging up an elevator so that the door opens up to an empty shaft. Saying goodnight to her boyfriend, she pushes the button on the door and gives him a little nudge..... With Stephanie Bachelor as the black widow type, Muriel. 

D103 Port of Missing Girls (38) aka: Vermiste meisjes  Nightclub singer Della Mason (Judith Allen) witnesses a murder and is forced by the killer to flee with him from the scene of the crime... Is she headed for a bordello or a school for girls? With Harry Carey, Milburn Stone and Betty Compson.

A20 Port Sinister (53) aka: Beast of Paradise Isle  A 17th century Caribbean port rumored to have been frequented by pirates, rises from the ocean floor, where it had come to rest after an earthquake many years before. A scientist wants to study it, a group of bad guys want to loot it (one played by William Schallert, who still alive at 90, appeared in 3 episodes of 'True Blood' and 'Bag of Bones' recently), and some giant crabs have come up and want to eat everybody. This print is a little better than the other, darker print we have. A bit lighter and easier to see the action.  BA

A816 Private Buckaroo (42) Harry James has been drafted into the Army.  Naturally, his whole orchestra decides to sign up, too, including Lon Prentice (Dick Foran), his singer who has an attitude adjustment problem. We see the high-jinks of training, a romantic encounter that will serve to straighten Prentice out, and a big show just before the boys ship overseas….  Army enlistment promotion produced as a musical showcase for Harry James, The Andrews Sisters, Joe E. Lewis and Donald O'Conner and Peggy Ryan and more. Also with Shemp Howard.  BA

A33 Protect Your Daughters (33) aka: Reckless Decision - A mother and father try to find a way to protect their young daughter against the influences of booze, wild parties, and (gasp!) dancing, during the Jazz age. The flashback scenes were taken from an earlier film  'Tell Your Children' from 1922.

P979 Quicksand (50) After borrowing twenty bucks from his employer's cash register, an auto mechanic is plunged into a series of increasingly disastrous circumstances which rapidly spiral out of control. Mickey Rooney, Peter Lorre and Barbara Bates star.  BA

P694 Raiders of the Desert (41) Two American adventurers jump ship in a Middle Eastern port and wind up in the middle of a civil war. Fighting with fanatical fury on the sun-swept desert plains! Richard Arlen and Maria Montez star.

P921 Rescue Squad (35) Members of a special fire-fighting squad, set out to track down arsonists. With Ralph Forbes and Verna Hillie.

A282 Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel, The (37) His wife is kidnapped and he is forced to go to France to save her. With Barry K. Barnes, Sophie Stewart and Margaretta Scott.  BA

A175 Riders of the Desert (32) aka: Jinetes del desierto  The Rangers in New Mexico are being disbanded but Bob Houston (Bob Steele) gets them to make one more ride. They go after the outlaw gang led by Hashknife (Gabby Hayes).   BA

A157 Roar of the Dragon (32) aka: Manchúria (Nas Garras do Dragão)  A boatload of Westerners is trapped in Manchuria as bandits led by a Russian renegade ravish the area. Richard Dix, Zasu Pitts and Gwili Andre star.

A520 Roaring Timber (37) Jim Sherwood (Jack Holt), toughest logging boss in timber country, takes on his toughest assignment when he agrees to cut a massive volume of trees within 60 days. Filmed in Astoria, Oregon.

A177 Rustler's Roundup (46) A cowboy sets out to break up a gang of rustlers. Kirby Grant and Jane (House of Dracula) Adams star.

P988 Sea Devils (31) Edmund Burns is featured in the role of Richard Charters, an innocent but convicted man who escapes from a penitentiary and stows away on a treasure hunting crew's sailing vessel schooner. The mutinous crew is easy to manipulate and the ship captain's daughter (Molly O'Day) and her pet monkey also figure into the story.

P669 Second Chance (47) Joan Summers (Louise Currie) enters the office of jewel merchant Montclaire. With Kent Taylor as Kendal Wolf.

D85 Secret Fury, The (50) During the ceremony marrying Ellen (Claudette Colbert) and David (Robert Ryan) a stranger stands up when the phrase "If anyone knows why these two should not be joined..." is spoken. He announces that Ellen is already married. Ellen insists this is not true and has a breakdown... causing the death of the man she is allegedly already married to. Then she is charged with murder! Whew! BA

P752 Seven Keys to Baldpate (35) A writer (Gene Raymond) seeking solitude to practice his craft feels he may have found a perfect spot to concentrate at the deserted Baldpate Inn. He gets more than he bargained for though when some shady characters begin to show up creating dismal havoc....  Best version of this often filmed tale. 

D59 Sherlock Holmes (22) aka: Sherlock Holmes contre Moriarty   From the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. John Barrymore is Sherlock, Roland Young is Dr. Watson.  BA

P727 Ski Patrol (40) 1939: Finnish reserve unit defends border, home-town in valley below, from Russian invaders who are excavating an explosives-laden tunnel under their mountaintop encampment....

A558 Smuggled Cargo (39) An association of crooked fruit growers who spend most of their time finding ways to cheat their workers out of their rightful pay. McKay is cast as Gerry Clayton, the son of one of the duplicitous growers (Ralph Morgan). Appalled by the plight of the migrant workers, many of whom are illegal aliens (hence the barely relevant title), Gerry champions their cause…..  Barry MacKay and Rochelle Hudson star.

A702 Solitaire Man, The (33) Oliver (Herbert Marshall) is 'The Solitaire Man', a renowned jewel thief who is ready to retire and marry Helen, his partner in crime and his one true love. With Elizabeth Allen, Lionel Atwill and May Robson.

D36 Song of the Sarong (45) An adventurer is offered one million dollars if he can recover a fortune in pearls, guarded by fierce natives. The natives capture him and take him to their queen (Nancy Kelly). Hot native chicks dance around and entertain in the meantime.  BA

N856 SOS Coast Guard (37) Condensed version of the classic serial. Bela Lugosi is great as the villain 'Boroff' aided by his hulk-like henchman Thorg (Richard Alexander). The plot revolves around a disintegrating gas that Boroff aims to sell to foreign powers. It is up to Lt. Terry Kent (Ralph Byrd, best known for his Dick Tracy films and T.V. show).  BA

P700 Spanish Cape Mystery, The (35) Detective Ellery Queen's vacation is interrupted when murder strikes next door to his oceanside cabin.... 

A592 Sparrows (26) aka: Sperlinge Gottes  aka: Stiefkinder des Lebens  Molly, the eldest child at a baby farm hidden deep in a swamp, must rescue the others when their cruel master decides one of them will be disposed of. Orphans of the swamps loaded with perils like quicksand are put through the ringer here! Child actors never had it so rough! This is a pretty cool silent flick. Starring Mary Pickford, Roy Stewart, Mary Louise Miller, Gustav von Seyffertitz, Charlotte Mineau, Spec O'Donnell.   BA

A158 Special Inspector (38) Charles Quigly plays Tom Evans, the title guy who is on an assignment to catch a gang of smugglers from Canada. Rita Hayworth also stars.

D120 Star Reporter (39) John Randolph (Warren Hull), an idealistic newspaper owner who uses his paper for the public good, runs a campaign against crime to run out dirty politicians. There is a grey area though and things don't go as you would expect. Or do they? Also with Marsha Hunt.

D13 Story of the Fox (30) + The Navigator (36) In the Kingdom of animals, Master Fox tricks and fools everyone. The King Lion gets many complaints from the other creatures....One of the great animated features, puppetoons with all real miniatures and animated like the 1933 King Kong. Simply amazing, dreamlike quality and recommended! Next up The Navigator: A dog 's shipboard honeymoon voyage takes a turn for the worse when a fierce storm hits. Not as long as the first feature. If you dug Harryhausen's work with George Pal then this disc is for you!

P969 Sudden Danger (55) aka: Calculated Risk  A woman who heads a sportswear manufacturing company is found dead. Although it is ruled a suicide, a detective looks into her son who was blinded by her in an accident some years before. With Beverly Garland, Lyle Talbot and Bill Elliot.  BA

D101 Suicide Squad (35) Larry Baker (Norman Foster) is a young fireman whose daring exploits have led him to receiving a lot of newspaper publicity which goes to his head... He pisses off his co-workers, then causes a huge blunder which damages the whole team. Will he redeem himself?  BA

A872 Swing Hostess (44) Judy (Martha Tilton) auditions as a singer for a band but her audition isn't properly heard by the man that counts and she gets rejected. She then goes to make a record but once again fortune goes against her as her voice is mistaken for that of Phoebe (Betty Brodel) who wins a singing contract as a result. Will Judy realize her dream to become a singer.............? 

N730 T-Bird Gang (64) A young punk trying to avenge the murder of his father joins the gang responsible, only to be set up and busted by the police during an armed robbery. He cuts a deal and must infiltrate the gang and rat on everyone. He faces the fight of his life once his cover is blown. With Ed Nelson, Tony Miller, Beach Dickerson and look for Vic Tayback as cop #1 at the gas station.  BA

A744 Teen-Age Crime Wave (55) aka: Jail Bait  aka: La Bestia   A delinquent girl involves an innocent friend in an armed robbery followed by a jail-break and hostage-taking with her equally delinquent boyfriend. Clearly intended as exploitation, and to scare the audience. Cool JD flick, even though most of the actors were pushing 30 when they made this!  Stars Tommy Cook, Mollie McCart, Sue England, Frank Griffin, and James Bell  LBX  BA

N736 Teenage Wolfpack (57) Youth gone wild in the streets of post WW2 Germany. Two brothers in a gang compete for the same girl, and cause trouble. This was Germany's 'Rebel Without a Cause' type of film and the breakthrough of Horst Buchholz as 'Freddy' made him a star. Also with Karin Baal as 'Sissy' and Christian Doermer as Freddy's brother Jan.  BA

A703 Terror on a Train (53) aka: Terrore sul Treno  aka: Time Bomb  aka: A Bomba Relógio   When a terrorist plants a bomb on board a train, the police call in an army bomb disposal expert to find, and dismantle it, but after it has been made safe, he has another shock in store.... Intense fast-paced thriller with Glenn Ford, Anne Vernon, Maurice Denham and Victor Maddern as the Saboteur.   BA

D105 Terror Ship (54) aka: Dangerous Voyage - American pulp novelist Peter Duncan (William Lundigan) is in England searching for inspiration for his next book when he reads the intriguing story of John Drew (Vincent Ball) and his sister Joan (Naomi Chance) and how they discovered a yacht adrift off the Dover coast.... He sets out to investigate...  Also stars Jean Lodge. Directed by Vernon Sewell  BA

P978 Terror Trail (33) Tom (Tom Mix) is after some horse thieves who have stolen his beloved horse (Tony Jr.)  It proves difficult though, the sheriff is in cahoots with the culprits!  BA

N733 This Rebel Breed (60) Racially motivated crimes by young punks leads to cops posing as students to hopefully catch the culprits. One actor is supposed to be Latino and they painted his skin darker. Couldn't they find a real Latino? Great cast with Mark Damon (who was next to star in 'House of Usher' and a bunch of European horror films),  a young Dyann Cannon as 'Wiggles' and Rita Moreno (a 29 year old actress playing a high-school student!). Pretty outrageous for 1960!  BA

A483 Three on a Ticket (47) A private detective, who has been shot, stumbles into the office of Michael Shayne (Hugh Beaumont) , and dies before he can be questioned.

P785 Thrill Hunter, The (33) Cowboy Buck Crosby (Buck Jones) is a big blowhard and a liar. His supposedly great race car driving and flying feats gets him invited to co-star with Marjorie Lane in a Western. He survives the auto racing scene but is exposed as a hoax when he tries to fly an airplane. Leaving in shame, he gets a chance to redeem himself when outlaws kidnap Marjorie (Dorothy Revier)  .... BA

A479 Time to Kill (42) Private detective Michael Shayne (Lloyd Nolan) is hired to retrieve a valuable antique coin that was stolen from it's owner by her son- who used it to pay off a blackmailer. The private eye soon finds himself up to his ears in fights, more blackmail, hysterical women and murder..  Heather Angel also stars.  BA

A481 Too Many Winners (47) Michael Shayne (Hugh Beaumont) accepts an assignment to investigate a gang of race ticket counterfeiters.  BA

A563 Too Tough to Kill (35) Tough guys and cocky dames action and crime drama with Victor Jory and Sally O'Neil.

A710 Twelve Crowded Hours (39) One night of twelve crowded hours in the life of a newspaper investigative reporter out to get the goods on the master-minds who operate the profitable Numbers Racket in a big city. His quest is somewhat hampered by a romantic redhead (a HOT Lucille Ball!), her less-than-stellar brother, a fat police detective, and henchmen, with bad intention, crawling out of the woodwork, and sewers…  With Richard  BA

A553 Under Secret Orders (37) aka: Mademoiselle Docteur  When a German spy realizes that he is being followed by British agents, he gives the secret info to his girlfriend. Erich Von Stroheim stars. Look for Stewart Granger in a bit part in one of his first movies. BA

A301 Undercover Girl (58)  aka: Assignment Redhead   In occupied postwar Berlin, the body of a British major is found in the rubble of a destroyed building, and it appears that he has been murdered. The major's brother-in-law looks into the man's death, and discovers a criminal ring involved in forging identifications for Nazi war criminals, Communist spies and anyone else willing to pay for it, and that the dead major was somehow involved.... Obscure British crime/thriller.  Stars Paul Carpenter, Kay Callard, Monica Grey and Jackie Collins.

D102 Undercover Men (34) For showing cowardice during a holdup, bank teller Bob Hunter is fired. He joins the Mounties and is assigned the task of catching the robbers.

P963 Unknown, The (46) The dominant matron of a wealthy southern family prevents her daughter Rachel (Karen Morley) from running off with the man (Robert Wilcox) she has secretly married. There's an argument; there's a struggle for a revolver; the girl's father is accidentally killed; the groom flees and the girl is stuck—to spend the next many years alone in the decaying mansion with her mother, her two bitter brothers, and a butler whose devotion to the mother runs dark and deep.....  Years later- the daughter returns to the family estate. She has two investigator's checking out the eerie happenings (strange baby cries from behind the walls... secret passageways....) at the estates spooky mansion. With Barton Yarborough and Jim Bannon.

A841-A638 Up in the Air (40) aka: El agente matrimonial   Rita (Marjorie Reynolds) is killed while singing on a radio show (she must really stink!) and it's up to radio page boy Frankie (Frankie Darrow) and his janitor pal Jeff (Mantan Moreland) to solve the mystery.

A153 Viking, The (28) Filmed in a very early version of Technicolor, “The Viking” was the most successful use of color up to that point in the cinema. Leif Ericsson (Donald Crisp) leads his band of surly Norsemen to pillage England. This was the first feature-length Technicolor film that included a soundtrack....   Well done saga pitting Christian belief against Pagan in the new land, America. Incredible sets, fantastic costumes and banquet halls. horned helmets and flagons of ale dominate this land of warriors, Thor and Odin. Ahead of it's time in all ways, even though hardly authentic. Although possibly Vikings were here before and were maybe wiped out by Indians many centuries ago.   BA

A32 Virgin in Hollywood, A (53) A female news reporter exposes Hollywood as a sleazy place. Basically a mish-mash of shorts from the 40's patched together to make a feature. Manages to be sleazy without having nudity.  Starring Dorothy Abbott, Thad Swift, Phol Rhodes, Carol Brewster, and Donna Hunt  BA

P750 Voltaire (33)  Paris in 1762, an aged Voltaire rallies the people and warns King Louis XV that the excesses of the French nobility will lead to revolution. This story provides another historical fiction vehicle for George Arliss to serve as a great interpreter of historical figures.... 

D100 Waterfront Lady (35) aka: La ragazza del porto  When a young man is befriended by a gambling ship operator and made a partner in the business, he becomes involved in a police manhunt after he helps cover up a murder committed by his new partner. Ann Rutherford, Frank Albertson and Ward Bond star. BA

A304 While I Live (47) 25 years later, a spinster still obsesses and is haunted by the death of her composer sister and concludes she has returned, reincarnated in an amnesiac woman who chances upon her house seeking help. The image of a sleep-walking woman walking on the edge of a cliff is unforgettable. This is a pretty decent and forgotten British made classic.

A725 Whispering Smith Hits London (52) aka: Whispering Smith Investigates  aka: Whispering Smith vs Scotland Yard   Richard Carlson plays Steve Smith, a detective who goes to London on vacation. He ends up being employed on a murder case, much to his dismay. Although not a Hammer film, you do see Hammer film studios locations, as this was shot partly there. From a story by John Gilling. Also starring Herbert Lom (who recently passed), Rona Anderson and Greta Gynt.  BA

A799 White Woman (33) aka: Den Vita Kvinnan   A down-on-her-luck nightclub singer (Carole Lombard) marries the rich owner (Charles Laughton) of a rubber plantation in this jungle exotica. When she returns with him to his estate in  Malaysia, she finds out he is cruel, vicious and insanely jealous. She falls for the estate's overseer but what will happen when hubby finds out? Lombard was one hot chick. She died in a plane crash in 1936. Laughton hams it up like only he could.  BA

P991 Windjammer (37) Entertaining sea yarn with George O'Brien as a state attorney general's right hand man, sent to serve a tycoon a subpoena, only to find himself a prisoner aboard the ship of a arms smuggler. Also with Constance Worth.  BA

N447 Without Warning (52) Carl (Adam Williams) is just an ordinary gardener going about his business. He stalks buxom blondes on the side, ones that remind him of his estranged wife. He doesn't want them for sex. He just simply wants them dead. And he kills them! The cops are on his trail. Early serial killer classic.  BA

P701 Woman Doctor (39) A woman surgeon must rush to the hospital on her wedding anniversary to save a life. Her husband is quite upset and goes off to a party hosted by a seductive woman. He finds himself attracted to her and as his wife becomes increasingly involved in her career he succumbs to temptation. He then files for divorce. Not wanting to lose her family, the doctor abandons her career and begins working to reassemble her family..... BA

A283 Woman in Distress (37) A painting in the possession of an old lady Phoebe Tuttle is rumored to be a genuine Rembrandt. But it is a fake and the wrong man is imprisoned for theft. With Mary Robson, Irene Hervey and Dean Jagger star.  BA

A502 Wooden Crosses (32)  aka: Les croix de bois   If you do not get the military cross than you will get the wooden cross.... so the soldiers sing. Incredibly powerful WW1 flick that reportedly made grown men (that were involved in WW1) cry, much like 'Saving Private Ryan' moved many survivors of WW2. English subtitles.  BA

D66 Youth Runs Wild (44) During WW2, adults are either off fighting, or working in factories. Juvenile delinquency becomes a major problem. Interesting cast with Bonita Granville, Kent Smith, Jean Brooks, Lawrence Tierney and kid actor Dickie Moore. Produced by Val Lewton who used Brooks in some of his horror films.  BA









N402 ...4...3...2...1...Morte (67) aka: Mission Stardust  aka: Perry Rhodan - SOS aus dem Weltall  - A team of astronauts are sent to the moon to rescue an alien from a dying race. Bandit robots attack, and they also find out there are enemy spies out to kill the alien. So you get lasers, robots, African military, force fields, tractor beams, imposter doctors and nurses, bodies flying into the void of space and more! With Lang Jeffries, Essy Persson and John Karlsen amongst many others. Nice 60's styled FX. Now in a LBX version!!! BA

P756 252: Signal of Life (08) aka: 252: Seizonsha ari  This is about the rescue of cyclone survivors trapped in a subway in Tokyo in the future. Devastating disaster film with similarities to 'Day After Tomorrow'. When the cyclone hits all hell breaks loose and millions die. Most of the film is spent dealing with the aftermath of the disaster. Considering what happened last year in Japan it is quite shocking how many of these types of films they make. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

N392 7 Rebel Gladiators (65) aka: Sette contro tutti  - The ruthless Roman tribune, Vadio, joins forces with the evil Morakeb to take over the throne of Aristea, usurping King Krontal and stealing away his lovely daughter in the process..... In Italian language with English subtitles and LBX -  BA

N658 7 Slaves Against the World (64) aka: Gli schiavi più forti del mondo  aka: Revenge of The Gladiators  aka: 7 Contra Roma   The tribune Marcus Aulus (Roger Brown) arrives in a distant province to oversee the building of a new aqueduct where he clashes with the centurion Gaius over his brutal treatment of slaves. Gaius provokes the slaves into a bloody revolt, then accuses Marcus of inciting it! The escaped slave Balisten (Gordon Mitchell), grateful to Marcus from an earlier mercy, joins up with the slaves to exonerate Marcus and expose Gaius and his treachery. In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX  BA

N695 A Come Andromeda (72) aka: A Like Andromeda - Italian mini-series remake of BBC science fiction classic 'A For Andromeda'. Since the BBC version is available pretty much only in photos, this is a pretty cool version, and is complete. With a homage to original, this is shot in black and white. With Nina Carraro, Paola Pitagora and more.  In Italian with English subtitles

A600 A For Andromeda (06) A remake!  In the Yorkshire Dales, a group of scientists receive radio signals from the Andromeda Galaxy. Once decoded, these give them a computer program that can design a human clone. One physicist decides it is a Trojan horse and decides to destroy the computer.... If you like some old school sci-fi than this is for you!

A601 A For Andromeda (61) Episodes 1-6 - The actual footage is lost! This is a recreation from surviving photos with subtitles of all 6 episodes and the sparse remaining footage. It's like reading a picture book!

A27 Abar, the First Black Superman (77) Upon moving into a bigoted neighborhood, the scientist father of a persecuted black family gives a superpower elixir to a tough bodyguard (Tobar Mayo) who then becomes a super powered avenger, who uses a gang to help punish white bigots (and all whites are depicted as evil in this). By film's end he becomes 'psycho-telekinetic'!  Light-hearted fun!

N614 Achilles (62) aka: The Fury of Achilles  aka: L'ira di Achille  In the tenth year of the Trojan war, tensions between Achilles and Agamemnon divide the Greek camp while giving hope to the Trojans. Incredible epic adventure and much better than the film 'Troy' made much later. Gordon Mitchell is Achilles. Now in a fantastic widescreen print and in English language.  BA

A683 Adventures in Kigan Castle (66) aka: Kiganjô no bôken   aka: Le avventure di Takla Makan   This Toshiro Mifune starring film echoes an earlier Toho film 'The Lost World of Sinbad' (which also stars Mifune). Both films have a 'rescue the castle' mission, and both portray a wizard loving woman and an evil witch. With wizardly magic and colorful action the film builds to an exciting climax. LBX and with English subtitles.

N594 Alone Against Rome (62) aka: Solo contro Roma  A Roman Consul, on his way to fight a border war, stations a garrison of soldiers in a provincial town. He then stages gladiator fights for his amusement. They enslave the town and things go really crazy in the arena. And if you are a Christian, a dire fate awaits. This film may remind you of Ridley Scott's 'Gladiator' in many ways. With Rossana Podesta, Lang Jefferies, Gabriele Tinti and more. Beautiful LBX print!  BA

A236 Angel and the Woman, The (77) aka: L'ange et la femme A young woman from the city finds herself in trouble with the local bad guys. She is taken to the frozen countryside and murdered. She is discovered and restored to life by an angel. They make love. She eventually ends up back in the city and sets out to murder the men who did her in. What happens next is thought provoking and downbeat, the ending is amazing. Haunting landscapes shot in the Canadian countryside in black and white. English subtitles.

N938 Anna and the Wolves (73) aka: Ana y los lobos  The young but well traveled Ana (Geraldine Chaplin) arrives to a manor in the countryside of Spain to work as nanny to three girls and finds a dysfunctional family: the matriarch is a sick old woman obsessed by death and has constant breakdowns, her son Jose was raised dressing in girl's clothes until his first Communion and is now obsessed with military clothes, Juan the father is a pervert, who writes raunchy letters to Ana, his wife Luchy is suicidal... well... you get the picture. One crazy bit of madness here. With English subtitles.  BA

N542 Arzak Rhapsody (03) Based on the Moebius comic from early issues of 'Heavy Metal' magazine. A lone warrior of the desert, who travels on a flying white beast, explores a post-apocalyptic world, encountering bizarre beings along the way. This is animated and comes with English subtitles.  BA

A686 Assault on Dome 4 (96) Die-Hard inspired fun as a mad terrorist Windham (Bruce Campbell in another wacky OTT role) takes over a small scientific community on another planet and forces Dome 4's inhabitants to build him some bombs. Windham does not know that “hero” and overall “futuristic peacekeeper” Chase Moran (Joseph Culp) is also on Dome 4, and is working on taking him down!  This is great if you are a Bruce fan (and who isn't?).  BA

D31 Atom Ant (65-68) 25 cartoons with our hero Atom Ant! He operates out of an anthill in the countryside where he possesses exercise equipment and a mainframe computer among other things a super ant would need to fight crime and solve problems. He can fly, super speed, invincible strength and more. When the cops need help, they call on Atom to fight the various villains (like Ferocious Flea, a mad scientist and more!). His catchphrase is "Up and at 'em, Atom Ant!" A must for classic cartoon lovers!  5 disc set (DVD-R only on this item) for $22

P739 Atomic Train (99) Over 2 hour import version. A train filled with atomic devices threatens to destroy the city of Denver. Will they stop it or will everybody die? Incredibly bad with some laugh out loud scenes. Mena Suvari, Rob Lowe, Esai Morales and Kristen Davis star.  BA

A107 Bangladesh King Kong (2010) What the hell? A rip-off of the 1976 version of King Kong! Some of the scenes are exactly the same, but man oh man.... The girl sings to Kong and he dances to her voice! This may be one of the most unbelievable blatant steals ever, and you know if Merian C. Cooper rolled in his grave to the 1976 version, he may have risen from the grave seeking revenge if he got a load of this! It is probably no mystery why we haven't seen it until now! Boy, they went for the big bucks creating their Kong Huh? Makes one of those old gorilla suits from the 40's flicks look like top-notch stuff! Still, if you are a King Kong fan, don't deny yourself this chance to see the funniest damn remake from Bangladesh we've been witness to. They even steal some quick snips from the 76 version to try to beef up their version! Over 2 hours. Complete with weird commercials and there are a few glitches. F.L.

A463 Big Game, The (73) Two soldiers of fortune are hired by an inventor to protect him and his invention, a radar-like machine that is capable of controlling armies and forcing them to fight. Killer cast here includes Cameron Mitchell, Ray Milland, France Nuyen and Stephen Boyd. LBX

A418 Bionic Boy, The (77) aka: El Nino bionico  aka: Superboy - Stärker als 1000 Sonnen  aka: SuperBoy   The maimed son of a murdered Interpol agent finds his missing body parts replaced with super-powered, bionic limbs. He uses his new abilities to get revenge! LBX and dubbed into English language!   BA


A17 Black Cartoons Vol. 1 (various) Cartoons that must not be taken out of context. They are a reflection of the era they were created and still hold entertainment value. Remember, African American stereotypes were damn funny. Does anyone remember, white's were depicted as morons too, like 3 stooges, Elmer Fudd and many more.  You get: Uncle Tom's Bungalow Uncle Tom's Cabana Voodoo in Harlem Jungle Drums Pup-Pie a la Mode It Happened to Crusoe.... more.

A18 Black Cartoons Vol. 2 (various) You get: Bosko's Easter Eggs The Old House Boska and the Pirates Bosko the Doughboy Bosko and the Cannibals and more. Bosko is a little black boy who gets himself into all kinds of adventures!

A19 Black Cartoons Vol. 3 (various) You get: Scrub Me Mama With a Boogie Beat (a classic!), Amos and Andy cartoons, The Early Worm Gets the Bird and more!


N763 Cave of Diamonds (64) aka: Die Diamantenhölle am Mekong  aka: Mission to Hell  Investigation into the appearance of a large quantity of diamonds on the market  eventually leads a group of men with alternate motives to a gangster-run mine near the Mekong river. Undercover agent Joe Warren (Brad Harris) is an undercover agent from America looking for the 'Yellow Tiger', a villain also interested in the diamonds. There is also a noted diamond smuggler on the loose (Horst Frank). This film features spoken German and English language. LBX

D160 Colossus and the Headhunters (63) aka: Maciste contro i cacciatori di teste  After Maciste (Kirk Morris) and his people escape their volcano ravaged island, they reach land and are caught up in the struggles of two warring tribes. There are the headhunters, and the other guys. Guess which team they choose? Excellent quality print and dubbed into English language. LBX  BA

D27 Cube, The (69) NBC Experiment in Television - Richard Schall stars as a man trapped in a white cubical room. He has no idea how he got there or where he is. People can come and go, but he is unable to leave. Really cool and bizarre oddity that runs just under an hour written and directed by Jim Henson.

P751 Cyborg Girl (08) aka: Boku no kanojo wa saibôgu  Keisuke Koide is an ordinary lonely university student. One day he meets a beautiful and interesting woman. Unfortunately she is a Cyborg that lacks manners and emotions....  LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

D65 Darbujan and Pandrhola (60) aka: Darbuján a Pandrhola  Coal miner Darbuján chooses “Reaper” as a godfather for his 12th child. With “Reaper’s” help-  Darbuján becomes a miraculous doctor.  If Reaper stands by the foot of the bed, Darbuján can heal the patient, but if he stands by the head, Darbuján can’t be of any help.  Finally, after long hesitation Darbuján helps rich and greedy brewer Pandrhola, even though it violates the Convention. Comedy/fairy tale From Czechoslovakia. With English subtitles.

N798 Daughter of the Jungle (82) aka: Incontro nell'ultimo paradise  Umberto Lenzi directs! Two men crash in the jungle and are captured by cannibals. They think they are saved when they see a plane, but it is just full of mercenaries looking for rubies. Escaping from the cannibals and fleeing into the jungles they come upon a semi-naked beautiful jungle girl (Sabrina Siani). Umberto Lenzi directs this jungle comedy, just one year after his gore classic 'Cannibal Ferox'.  Wait until you hear Sabrina do her 'Tarzan' yell! Sabrina was also in White Cannibal Queen for Jess Franco, Conquest for Lucio Fulci, even Ator, the Fighting Eagle for Joe D'Amato! This gal is a 10 out of 10. LBX and dubbed into English.  BA

N578 Desert Raiders (64) aka: Il dominatore del deserto  In North Africa the tyrant Yussuff (Paul Muller) makes a retaliation attack on a village and kidnaps Fatima (Rosalba Neri) with whom he falls in love. But the woman refuses him and takes a fancy to the young and manly Nadir (Kirk Morris) who tries to challenge his rival. Also with Helene Chanel. In Italian language and with English subtitles - LBX  BA

N568 Devilman Story (69) aka: The Devil’s Man  Guy Madison stars as Mike. Investigating the disappearance of Professor Becker, who holds the key to life itself! Mike accompanies Professor Beckers daughter deep into the forest and they find him in the company of a mad scientist who does brain operations on his subjects and wears a silver mask. Weird sci-fi flick like Astro Zombies meets James Bond. LBX and in English language.  BA

N941 Diamond Pyramid (85) aka: Gyémántpiramis  Sci-Fi film made for Hungarian TV. Centered around the voyage to a strange planet where the crew encounter an alien race. In Hungarian and with English subtitles.

N764 Dick Smart 2 .007 (67) Over the top gadgets, groovy music, track racers, bright colorful location photography, hot chicks, wild stunts and explosions and cool spy-action await inside this splendid example of the Bond-rip-off genre. Margaret Lee is Lady Lister. She has gathered 5 of the most renowned nuclear scientists in the world and hidden them away in her secret underground Brazilian hide-out. Her scheme turns coal into diamonds using small controlled nuclear explosions. Womanizer Dick Smart (Richard Wyler) is on the case. LBX  BA

N943 Dirt Bike Kid, The (85) That goofy kid from 'A Christmas Story' (Peter Billingsley) plays a nerd in a town where every kid has a motorbike. He buys a junky old dirt bike (that he fixes up in a cheesy montage scene) and before you know it the damn thing takes on a mind of it's own! He uses his new flying super-bike to help stop a greedy banker from demolishing the local hot dog hangout. (Those pesky bankers!) This one has developed a sort of cult following, so here it is for you here!  BA

A679 Doomwatch: Winter Angel (99) aka: Katastrophe im schwarzen Loch   British thriller about a mix of eco-guerillas and university personnel drawn into a conspiracy involving 'black holes'. The British government and  a nuclear power company are responsible for creating an artificial black hole on earth to serve as an unlimited power source. This was supposed to be a reboot of a popular British sci-fi series of the 70's. BA

N859 Emperor and the Golem, The (52) aka: Císaruv pekar - Pekaruv císar  aka: Der Kaiser und sein Bäcker   When a lowly baker is mistaken for the Emperor (who is seeking the Golem). Things get out of control when the real Emperor and the flaming eyed Golem show up.  A lot of time and thought went into this superb and colorful Russian costume flick, loaded with elaborate sets (including a cool torture chamber). This is also pretty long at 2 hours and 20 minutes. English subtitles.  BA

A642 End of the River, The (47) aka: Abenteuer in Brasilien  A South American Indian (Sabu) is taken from his jungle home into the world of the white man where he is forced to stand trial for murder. Shot on location in Brazil with an all British cast. With Torin Thatcher.  BA

N942 Espy (74) aka: Esupai  aka: La guerra de los poderes ocultos   Really weird Japanese film that touches on ESP, clairvoyance, telekinesis, outcast types, and more, the hip scene of 1974. An assassin with psychic power, what could be more terrifying? Espy has a mission to use psychic power for peace. But with all forms of power and weaponry, we know it is a double-edged sword.   English subs LBX  BA

A7 Fabulous World of Jules Verne, The (58) aka: Vynález zkázy  Karl Zeman's technically brilliant homage to Verne plays like a respectable collage of the author's work mixing it up with some outlandish FX that were very well done for their time mixing live action, cartoons and stop-motion animation. Stars Lubor Tokos, Jana Zatloukalova, Miroslav Holub, Arnost Navratil, and Hugh Downs  BA

A586 Fear No Evil (45) aka: St. Benedict: His Life and Miracles  aka: Il sole di Montecassino  - Fascinating propaganda about the founding of the first Christian monastic order.....Roman empire falls and St. Benedict goes about his business.... As much a fantasy film as a sword and sandal! Made in Italy. F.L.  BA

A645 First on the Moon, The (05) aka: Pervye na Lune   Cool Russian mockumentary that introduces us to the 'fact' that Stalin had a secret space program, and Russia made it to the moon decades before we did. Preposterous as this all seems, the film is made very well, integrating actual Stalin era stuff with acted scenes seamlessly. The film begins in the Spring of 1938 in the mountains of northern Chile where a flying object fell in flames.... Excellent Russian science fiction - With English subtitles! BA

N608 Fury of Hercules, The (62) aka: La furia di Ercole  The plot revolves around Hercules (Brad Harris) visiting the daughter of an old friend and forced to choose between sides in a rebellion. Great sets and locations and the ladies are smokin' hot in this.  Beautiful LBX print and in English language too!   BA

A596 Goddess of Love (57) aka: La Venere di Cheronea  She was Aphrodite... The Goddess of Love! On the field of battle men risked death for the promise of her favors. Belinda Lee, in her first peplum appearance, plays pure and innocent Iride, slave to a sculptor and a model for his statue of the goddess Aphrodite. One day she finds an injured Macedonian soldier washed up on the beach and takes him home. ... Skimpy clothes were controversial for their time. Belinda died at age 25 in a car accident in 1961. LBX and in Italian language with no subtitles.  BA

A300 Goldface: The Fantastic Superman (67) aka: Goldface, il fantastico superman   Goldface, a straight forward comic-book hero is a mild mannered scientist by day, and a masked wrestler/crime fighter at night. Goldface makes his first appearance at a wrestling match wearing a blue suit with what appears to be a flaming vagina on his chest. He kicks ass and goes ringside to be attended to by his muscle-bound black guy servant Kotar a stereotypical racist cartoon of a man who goes 'ooga booga'. Next he is summoned by the world council to take on the evil villain 'The Cobra' and his masked commandos.   BA

N896 Goliath and the Rebel Slave (63) aka: Tyrant of Lydia against the Son of Hercules  aka: Goliath e la schiava ribelle - Beautiful widescreen print! The kingdom of Lydia is in danger as the armies of Alexander the Great approach. On the other hand, the Persian king Darius promises almost anything if only Lydia would become an ally. Do they choose a side? Goliath (Gordon Scott) advises the governor to sign a treaty with Alexander. But the prime minister of Lydia has secretly sided with Darius, and poisons the governor, framing Goliath's woman, Princess Cory (Ombretta Colli). BA

A496 Henry of Navarre (09) aka: Henri 4   A wide-ranging, energetic period piece tracing the rise of the Protestant Henry of Navarre as he goes from battlefield warrior to France's beloved King Henry the IV. Bawdy sexual interludes and bloody battles in 16th century France as the Catholics and the Protestants wage war. Seriously decent production values with well staged battle sequences and epic scope photography. From Germany. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

N397 Hercules Revenge (60) aka: Goliath and the Dragon  aka: La vendetta di Ercole  A warrior returning home to his country must battle giant bats, three-headed dogs and a vicious dragon to save his wife, and his people, from the machinations of an evil ruler....  Mark Forest, Broderick Crawford, Gaby André, Philippe Hersent, Leonora Ruffo, Giancarlo Sbragia and Wandisa Guida   Okay, here is the version you need!  See, this is the original version, not the butchered reworded AIP version. Sure, it is in Italian language but this is the original version and has English subtitles so you can still understand the complex mind challenging plot. Hah!  LBX - If you prefer the English language version then just say so and you will get the English version with another amazing LBX print.   BA

N850 Hercules the Invincible (65) aka: Ercole L'Invincible  aka: Hercules Against the Elephants' Empire  aka: Der größte Sieg des Herkules   - After having a so-so print from a foreign PAL tape for over 15 years, finally a stunning widescreen uncut print dubbed into English language and with English subtitles when there is no translation.  Muscleman Dan Vadis stars (later in his career he was a regular player in Clint Eastwood movies). After rescuing the king's daughter he is enlisted to slay a dragon (a fairly sharp looking beast for this type) that has been menacing the kingdom. In one scene he tosses some men in a muck pit in a cave and they all sink to their doom. Slaying the dragon is the least of his worries he is soon to find out. Also with Carla Calo and Ken Clark. Dan Vadis died in 1987 at age 49 after a drug overdose in his car in the California desert. Cool sword and sandal flick.  BA

P737 His Majesty Minor (07) aka: Sa majesté Minor  Minor (José Garcia) was abandoned by his parents as a child and was raised by a pack of pigs; he speaks in porcine grunts and lives and loves much like his fellow hogs. He is just human enough to have his head turned by Clytia (Mélanie Bernier), a beautiful girl living in the nearby village. However, if Minor's lack of social skills weren't enough to keep Clytia away, she's already been pledged to wed handsome and charming Karkos (Peris-Mencheta). When Minor runs afoul of the tribal leadership, he's removed from his home with the pigs and forced to live in an enchanted forest, where he attracts the not entirely welcome attentions of Pan (Vincent Cassel), a randy half-man and half-goat willing to couple with anything that breathes. When Minor emerges from the forest able to speak with newfound eloquence, the tribal leaders name him their new potentate, and Clytia suddenly finds him a great deal more appealing, which doesn't sit well with Karkos (Sergio Peris-Mencheta)...  In French language and with no subtitles. BA

P815 Humanoid, The (79) aka: L'umanoide  Hoping to overthrow his brother as ruler of the planet Metropolis, the evil Graal (Ivan Rassimov) enlists the aid of the evil Dr. Kraspin (Arthur Kennedy), who invented a chemical capable of turning an ordinary person into a perfect soldier. They test this chemical on the pilot Golob (Richard Kiel), turning him into an indestructible automaton possessing superhuman strength. The people of Metropolis must somehow outwit Graal, before he can create an army of these soldiers, or their planet will be destroyed. Incredible Italian made science fiction classic which also stars Corrine Clery and Barbara Bach (Ringo Starr has great taste!) so the eye candy is there. Better than 'Star Wars'! Well....  BA

P817 Hurricaneger: The Movie (07) Swords and superhero battles with creatures and robotic men, stunt cycles, bizarre weaponry and non-stop action, missile wielding wenches and much more in this Japanese madness that totally topples the lame 'Power Rangers' styled American counterpart to this theme. LBX - Subs


A441 Hypnotic Eye, The (96-99) Volume 1-3 - Incredibly addictive public access show that covers everything Psychotronic from Jackie Chan, kung-fu, science fiction monsters, Cult Video stores, crazy clips, rare footage and so much more!

A442 Hypnotic Eye, The (96-99) Volume 4-6 - The Incredibly addictive public access show continues with more more more Psychotronic madness. You won't be able to shut it off!!!

A454 Hypnotic Eye, The (96-99) Volume 7-9 - The Incredibly addictive public access show continues with more more more Psychotronic madness. By now you are hooked!

A455 Hypnotic Eye, The (96-99) Volume 10-12 - The Incredibly addictive public access show continues with more more more Psychotronic madness. Literally, you are glued to your seat. and since you have made it this far, here's the deal. Get all 4 volumes for $25 + postage. Or count as 3 choices in any of our coupon specials. You won't be disappointed!


A795 In the Dust of the Stars (76) aka: Im Staub der Sterne  aka: La polvere delle galassie  Lured to a distant planet by a distress signal, a space exploratory team is initially welcomed but soon finds that it is a totalitarian society and they are scheduled for death. Wild costumes and sets in this Communist sci-fi that delivers some unintentionally hilarious dialog and very colorful photography. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

P698 Inferno (98) James Remar stars in this disaster/panic film about a big-heat and how it affects a group of people. Will they all fry?  Lots of different character situations and buckets of sweat mixed with maybe overly sentimental situations at times but still entertaining.

N862 Invasion of the Neptune Men (61) aka: Uchu Kaisoku-sen  aka: L'astronave fantasma   When slow moving aliens from Neptune who wear nosecone-shaped helmets attempt to invade earth, Space Chief (Sonny Chiba) and some micro-shorts wearing kids put up a fight to save the planet. An essential sci-fi from Japan, only because it is so bad that it must be seen to be believed!  BA

A973 Iron Glove, The (54) aka: Le gant de fer  Colorful period piece from horror director William Castle with Kings and Queens and Robert Stack (who struggles with his accent going from Scottish to Irish and back again). Also on display is the luscious-looking Ursula Thiess! With Alan Hale Jr. (The Skipper!) and more (Including a small bit from David Bruce 'The Mad Ghoul' himself!).  BA

N909 Jules Verne and the Underground City (64) aka: Les Indes noires  19th century Scotland. A new vein of coal revitalizes a mining community and leads to the creation of a great underground mining town around an underground lake called Loch Malcom. However, mysterious occurrences threaten to destroy the new found prosperity of the underground mining town. Obama? Amazing photography and with English subtitles.

D48 Karzan (72) aka: Jungle Master  aka: Karzan, il favoloso uomo della jungle  aka: Tarzán, el fabuloso hombre de la jungle  Italian Tarzan rip-off! An expedition, financed by Lord Carter and led by Captain Fox, have as a goal to find and capture a jungle-man who is living in Africa. Mind-boggling 'family' type film with loads and loads of natives getting shot to death. Many scenes get close to almost going into exploitation territory but they keep it clean for the most part. Stock footage, sexy Simonetti Vitelli (the daughter of director Demofilo Fidani who directed this!) jungle craziness. LBX and English dubbed.

N875 Lana, Queen of the Amazons (64) aka: Lana - Königin der Amazonen  aka: La regina del rio delle amazzoni   Stunning widescreen print of this classic female warrior jungle action!  Explorers encounter Lana, but others are after the gold of the Amazons. Quite remarkable really, with nudity and great location sets and photography. Haven't seen this many bare breasts in a jungle action movie from 1964... ever! With Catherine Schell (later a Bond girl) as Lana and also starring Anton Diffring. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

P738 Liquid Sky (82) Invisible aliens in a tiny flying saucer come to earth looking for heroin. They land on top of a New York apartment inhabited by a drug dealer and her female, androgynous, bisexual nymphomaniac lover, a fashion model. The aliens learn that the human pheromones created in the brain during orgasm is preferable to heroin, and the model's casual sex partners begin to disappear. Darkly funny and weird. With Anne Carlisle in a dual role.   BA

N910 Living Idol, The (56) aka: L'idolo vivente  Several mysterious deaths are attributed to an ancient stone idol. An excellent adventure filmed in Mexico amidst over-the-top characters and bizarre customs. The plot also concerns the quest to understand and communicate with Jaguars, and their place in Mayan society. Somebody's daughter is possessed by one, so instead of getting her a shrink they let a Jaguar out of the zoo. HUH? What the...? Cross 'The Cat People' with 'The Leopard Man' and you'll get what they may have been reaching for. And even if this film fails miserably with the supernatural elements it is still entertaining as hell! Simply amazing Aztec pyramid locales, beautiful widescreen and in English language. With Steve Forrest (who died in May 2013), James Robertson Justice, Liliane Montevecchi and more.  BA

D20 Long Live Ghosts! (77) aka: At zijí duchové  From Czechoslovakia. Amazing fantasy film. Remember those really cool kids films from the 60's that used lots of outdoor locations and super swell photography? This one has some of the coolest trick effects from 1977 you'll ever see. Harryhausen would have been proud! Bright and colorful with child actors of all ages. English subtitles. BA

N522 Maciste all'Inferno (62) aka: The Witch’s Curse  Maciste travels to hell to find a witch and make her undo a curse she put on the surface world as she was burned at the stake. He encounters ferocious beasts in the fires of hell. Loads of atmosphere and now LBX and uncut in a beautiful print! 24 year old Kirk Morris is Maciste, doing some amazing feats. Mouth watering Helene Chanel is Fania.  BA

A53 Mad About Men (54) Flirtatious mermaid Miranda (yes this is the sequel!) swaps places with a schoolteacher who has gone on a holiday. All is well until she falls in love with a human. Glynis Johns returns as the fishy nympho. Margaret Rutherford returns as the nurse who knows Miranda's secret. BA

D67 Magic of Stell (86) aka: Qu mo tong  aka: Magic of Spell  aka: Child of Peach 2  When a young boy is bestowed magic power, he grows into a super-hero type. Great FX as he performs heroic deeds. But an evil fire-belching white haired elder is summoned with a 'many buckets of blood' offering and with his wicked fanged minions, they seek to destroy the young man, and vanquish his powers. Cool monster FX ! At one point he knocks off a ragged zombie's head that keeps chomping solo. Here Come the Devils! Prepare for a campy beastly feast! LBX and with English subtitles.

A792 Magic Warriors (89) aka: Feng huang wang zi   One of a handful of Taiwan fantasy films starring wunderkind Lin Hsiao Lan, a young female action star with notable acrobatic and martial arts abilities, cuteness to spare, and pretty good acting talents to boot.  Colorful fantasy loaded with weird creatures, flying battles, wild scenes of sorcery and imaginative special effects. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A591 Man of Two Worlds (34) A British explorer in the Arctic hires a local Eskimo as an assistant. Francis Lederer stars as Aigo. This was Hollywood trying to cash in on the success of 'Nanook of the North'. Francis Lederer would go on to play 'Dracula" in 'The Return of Dracula'.

N803 Marco the Magnificent (65) aka: La fabuleuse aventure de Marco Polo  aka: Im Reich des Kublai Khan  Orson Welles plays the role of Ackerman, a Venetian savant, in this all-star production of Marco Polo's adventures. Young Marco (Horst Buchholz) travels to China to help Kubla Khan (Anthony Quinn) fight against rebels, headed by his own son, with a new invention: gunpowder! Maybe not as spectacular as a Hollywood epic, but still a hell of a lot of fun. Also with Elsa Martinelli as 'The Woman with the Whip', Akim Tamiroff, Omar Sharif and more. Now LBX   BA

D37 Mark of the Renegade (51) aka: Il marchio del rinnegato  A mix of western and Zorro-like swashbuckling although the hero's only identity block is a cover to the 'R' for renegade that has been branded on his forehead.  I could go on about the strange undertones on display here, but I'll leave it to the viewer. Ricardo Montalban stars (bearing his bear Khan chest at times) and J. Carroll Naish, Cyd Charisse, Gilbert Roland and more.  BA

N913 Masked Avenger, The (64) aka: Il vendicatore mascherato  Massimo (Guy Madison) returns to Renaissance Venice after years of fighting the Turks to learn that Elena (Lisa Gastoni) his former sweetheart, is now married to the cities tyrannical Dodge. He avoids rekindling this romance, even though Elena seems willing, as he has fallen for cute blonde Katarina (Ingrid Schoeller). Later the Dodge tortures and kills a friend of his drawing him smack into the revolt against the Dodge and his rule. The plot moves along nicely with a falcon hunt, several swordfights, an archery contest, a collapsing bridge, and a dungeon interrogation scene with a bare-chested man whipped, burned with a hot iron and finally garroted. Nice quality too!  BA

P822 Masked Rider-Kuuga (00) aka: Kamen Raidâ Kûga  Kamen Rider returns to a more hip and modern display of an adult nature, not as kid-based. Demons are loosed upon Japan, heroes must battle demons and restore natural order of things. Wild costumes, fight scenes (with great fighting music ala thrashing guitars and drumbeats), excellent motorcycle stunts, weapon-based combat and more engulf the senses in this non-stop barrage of energy. LBX - English subtitles.   Six DISC SERIES with Episode Chapters! - $40 - No VHS on this title.   BA

P882 Metal Messiah (78) An enigmatic metallic-skinned stranger trying to stop society's self-destructive obsession with rock and roll....  One rare and weird Canadian sci-fi rock film with music by the band 'Kickback'. (They disbanded by 1980 and the guitarist played for 'Saga').  Stars Richard Ward Allen, David Jensen, Liane Hogan and John Paul Young. Directed by Tibor Takács

N931 Mimsy Were the Borogoves (70) aka: Tout spliques étaient les Borogoves  Anybody see that movie 'The Last Mimsy' from 2007? It was based mainly on a short story by Henry Kuttner called 'Mimsy Were the Borogoves' and of course mangled and updated. This is the first adaptation. Philippe and Sylvie live in a mountain hotel run by their parents. Philippe discovers a mysterious metal box in the snow which has fallen from the sky. He shares the wonderful and mysterious objects he finds inside with his sister Sylvie..... With English subtitles! 

2683 Miranda (48) aka: Amores de Sirena  A young married physician discovers a mermaid (Glynis Johns), and gives into her request to be taken to see London. Comedy and romantic entanglements ensue soon after. ... BA

P696 Mutant on the Bounty (89) An interplanetary research team is in for unidentified flying laughs when a musician who is lost in space crash-lands aboard their ship... BA

A731 Mysterious House of Dr. C, The (68) aka: El fantástico mundo del doctor Coppelius  aka: Dr. Coppelius - In a (very) colorful (and elaborate) bizarre village, a strange inventor (Walter Slezak) creates life-size robots in his workshop. Weird ballet, music, mime and madness.  LBX

P918 Mysterious Two (82) Two aliens visit the Earth in An effort to enlist converts to travel the universe with them. As they indoctrinate people, these new recruits start to disappear. But are they aliens or just some evil people like Jim Jones type cultists                                                          

A590 Naked Comes the Huntress (78) aka: Diao nu  Three penniless young men are seeking the legendary ginseng when they meet the sexy mink huntress. She is uninhibited and has caught so many mink she lives comfortably in a house on the snow slopes. They all fall for her....  Picturesque snowy setting. LBX and with English subtitles.

P884 Night Star: Goddess of Electra (64) aka: Rome Contra Rome  aka: Rome Against Rome aka: War of the Zombies - Stunning print of this classic peplum! Excellent fusing of gothic horror and sword and sorcery. Arguably the zombie army are not zombies by today's standards, but they are still effective (more like ghosts). The deep colors used in the photography invoke Bava. Decent FX and striking badass sets add to the fun. Starring John Drew Barrymore (you know who's dad) and Suzy Andersen. LBX BA

A902 No Survivors, Please (64) aka: Der Chef wünscht keine Zeugen  Aliens attempt to take over earth by taking over the bodies of humans at the moment of their death, and using them as tools in their invasion plans. With some fairly ruthless death scenes and an all inclusive worldwide threat this is one cool sci-fi.

P674 Noah's Ark Principle, The (84) aka: Das Arche Noah Prinzip  The year :1997! World peace thrives and weapons of mass destruction are a thing of the past (boy did our wonder-visionist film-makers get this one wrong!). However an orbiting satellite can control the weather at any location on the earth underneath. Cool 'Star Wars' level FX and the first film directed by Roland Emmerich who later went on to direct “Independence Day” and “2012” (amongst many others). LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

N564 Odissea (68) aka: The Odyssey - Never before has Homer's vision been put to film as well as this. Now, all 8 parts of this mini-series on 4 discs and with English subtitles! Excellent!  Huge sprawling epic with great performances from all.  The Island of the Cyclops episode is especially thrilling. Barbara Bach, Irene Papas and many more star. 4 disc set $30 or 4 VHS $40   BA

N844 Operation Atlantis (65) aka: Agente S 03: Operazione Atlantide  An American (John Ericson) discovers that the Red Chinese have built a secret atomic city from which they attempt to invade America. This is really cool spy-fi (science fiction mixed with espionage). The lost city of Atlantis is protected by a radioactive shield, which can be countered by wearing special space suits! 'Moonraker' employed some of the same ideas later (sort of). Also with Cristina Gaioni, Maria Granada and Erika Blanc. Beautiful widescreen and English language dubbed.  BA

N947 Operation Vega (62) aka: Operazione Vega  Set in 2255, the Earth is on the verge of WW3. The Free Confederate earth is locked in conflict with the Moruvians. We send a ship from Vega too Venus to sign a treaty. Venus is a vast penal colony where we have been dumping Earth's prisoners. Rare made for Italian TV early sci-fi from Italy directed by Vittorio Cottafavi. With English subtitles.

A56 Passing, The (85) Two seemingly unrelated narratives are presented... one concerning a young death-row inmate awaiting his execution, the other centering on a pair of elderly war buddies who have grown weary of modern life and are contemplating suicide. A scientific experiment merges these characters in a bizarre, and yet credible climax. Science -fiction on an entirely cerebral level.

D34 Pirates of the Coast, The (60) aka: I pirati della costa  aka: Les pirates de la côte  Colorful and exciting swashbuckler with Lex Barker as a Commander who is seemingly successful and powerful, but treated like crap by the rich and powerful who make it clear he is not a part of their snooty-tooty realm. With John Kitzmiller and Estella Blain as Isabella. Nice color print  BA

A770 Prisoners of the Casbah (53) aka: La spada del deserto  aka: Les prisonniers de la casbah   Oily villain Firouz (Cesar Romero) has his sights set on Princess Nadja (Gloria Grahame) and her father's throne.  Firouz and his henchmen cause Princess Nadja, disguised as a boy (what a waste!), and Captain of the Guard (Turhan Bey) to flee to the Casbah, where they plot to strike back at Firouz….  Low-budget studio production from Sam Katzman productions. Great cast!  BA

D24 Queen for Caesar, A (62) aka: Una regina per Cesare  Story of the power struggle between Egyptian Queen Cleopatra (Pascale Petit) and her brother Ptolemy, and how a common soldier risks his life to help her. With George Ardisson, Rik Battaglia, Akim Tamiroff and Gordon Scott as Julius Caesar in a brief part. Beautiful women in this one! LBX   BA

N653 Queen of the Nile (61) aka: Nefertiti, regina del Nilo   Italian historical epic with Jeanne Crain as Nefertiti and Vincent Price as high priest Benakon. Lavish production with colorful sets and now this title comes in a beautiful widescreen print.  BA

N404 Queen of the Tartars (60) aka: La regina dei tartari   aka: Huns  Tanya, Queen of the Tartars (Chelo Alonso) battles it out with her rivals in this adventure fantasy set in the 1400's. As a child the Hun girl is orphaned  when an enemy tribe attacks and razes her village. She is raised by the enemy tribes leader and learns to be a warrior. Sweeping landscapes, loads of extras, and Alonso looks quite fetching in her green bikini. Cool barbarian outfits add to the realism, and now in this LBX print you get the big picture!  BA

A156 Reigo, the Deep-Sea Monster vs the Battleship Yamato (08) aka: Shinkaijû Reigô  World War II. Japan launches the Yamato, the largest battleship in the world, to lead the Japanese fleet. The mission gets complicated when the Yamato mistakes a huge undersea monster for an enemy destroyer and accidentally kills its offspring. The monster, Reigo, wants revenge and starts attacking the fleet. But if anything can stop it, the Yamato can...  LBX (No Subs so F.L.)  BA

N890 Revenge of Ivanhoe (65) aka: La rivincita di Ivanhoe  aka: Die Rache des Ivanhoe  William of Ivanhoe returns from the Crusades to free the Saxons from bondage in 12th century England. He claims the hand of a beautiful maiden and must save her from danger. Slightly LBX, dubbed into English  BA

N689 Revenge of Spartacus, The (64) aka: La vendetta di Spartacus  aka: Revanche für Spartakus   Features the same cast as 'The Seven Slaves Against the World' (Roger Browne, Scilla Gabel, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart, Daniele Vargas, and Gordon Mitchell). After Roman political schemers try to lure out the Spartacus followers so they can kill them, Valerius, a visionary with a hateful grudge against Rome discovers the plot and tries to dissuade those who believe the false news. Instead they stage an attack on the Romans, which leads to an epic battle between them. Opens with a mass crucifixion. Beautiful widescreen color in Italian language and with English subtitles.  BA

N863 Revenge of the Gladiators (64) aka: La Vendetta dei Gladiatori   aka: Die Rache der Gladiatoren   454 A.D. Rome - This one stars Mickey Hargitay. In the opening a Roman Emperor presides over gladiator battles in the arena. In reality, he is having people killed that were not going along with his evil agendas. Muscleman hero Hargitay leads a revolt to reclaim the kingdom. Jayne Mansfield's one time husband does a fine job here. Later he starred in Renato Polselli's classic gore/horror 'The Reincarnation of Isabel' and let's not forget his turn in the classic 'Bloody Pit of Horror''. Jose Greci is always stunning. Not to be confused with the other film from 1964 called 'Revenge of the Gladiators' that stars Gordon Mitchell and Roger Browne.   BA

N406 Revolt of the Seven (64) aka: La rivolta dei sette  Fast paced adventure with plenty of action in this sword and sandal classic. Quest by a group of escaped gladiators to seize a statuette from a Roman official who plans to use it for an alliance of sorts with a neighboring country which if he succeeds will make them all life-long slaves. With Tony Russel, Helga Line and many others. Loads of fight scenes and battles.  LBX and dubbed into English!  BA

A730 Revolt of the Slaves (60) aka: La rivolta degli schiavi  aka: Die Sklaven Roms   Cool Christians versus Pagans in Rome type with cool sets, a flogging or two, well staged (and bloody) action sequences, and big arena spectacle with crucified men and bodies everywhere. With Rhonda Fleming, Lang Jeffries and Fernando Rey. LBX   BA

A898 Run For the Sun (56) aka: Der Sonne entgegen  aka: Huida hacia el sol   Interesting take on 'The Most Dangerous Game' switched to a jungle setting instead of an island. War crime criminal Nazi's pursue Michael and Katherine (Richard Widmark and Jane Greer) who are trying to get back to civilization after their plane crashes in the jungle. As expected, the best part of the film is the jungle hunt sequence in the film's second half.  BA

P709 Running Against Time (90) History professor David Rhodes never has got over the death of his older brother, 1966 in Vietnam. When he hears the rumor that a famous professor is working on a time machine, he immediately contacts him and persuades him to allow him to travel back in time and correct history. If he could save President Kennedy's life, Vietnam war might never have happened!   Robert Hayes and Catherine Hicks star. What the hell, does this sound maybe a little like a new Stephen King novel or is it just me?  BA

N774 Samson Versus the Pirates (63) aka: Sansone contro i pirate  aka: Samson und die weißen Sklavinnen  A terrible pirate ruler terrorizes the Antilles plundering ships, slaughtering their crews and selling the women as slaves. When one of the women is shipwrecked on the island of Samson (Kirk Morris), she falls in love with the big lug, and talks him into helping her free the other women. He gathers up some renegades and off they go. Margaret Lee, Daniele Vargas, Adriana Ambesi and more. Beautiful Widescreen.  LBX  BA

N570 Sandokan, Pirate of the Malaysia (64) aka: I pirati della Malesia  aka: Los piratas de Malasia   Classic and spectacular adventure film directed by Umberto Lenzi and starring Steve Reeves!  Now finally this classic is available LBX and in great quality as it was meant to be seen!  BA

N865 Sandokan, the Tiger of Mompracem (63) aka: Sandokan the Great  aka: Le tigri di Mompracem  - Excellent action film with Steve Reeves as Sandokan. Sandokan must rescue a kidnapped Sultan with his band of warriors. Spectacular epic battle sequences and stunning color in this widescreen print. A bit longer than usual for a film like this at approx. 1 hour and 52 minutes. Anarchist director Umberto Lenzi directs!  BA

N390 Scheherazade (63) aka: Shéhérazade  aka: La schiava di Bagdad   Here we have the classic Arabian Nights story with battles, sword fights, scantily clad wenches and ... even some bare boobies! That's right, boobies in a 1963 flick. Well, it is from France so... you know... them being ahead of us and all....but not in that many ways let me tell you. Our hero is played by swashbuckling legend Gerard Barray. With Fernando Rey and Anna Karina as the titular (!) character. In French language and with English subtitles.  BA

A374 Scout, The (09) aka: Bit Pi-Pop Ta-Lu Lohk  No Subs in this Thai film but easy to follow!  Four kids enter an idol like tomb while on a camp scout excursion when they sneak out at night. They find themselves in a vast labyrinth of tunnels and caves which leads to an underground jungle. Along the way they are menaced by a cool giant snake monster, flying subterranean amphibious frog-bat creatures and other perils, as well as running across an old scientist who has been confused in this lost world for years. Light-hearted, with neat monsters. F.L.  BA

A785 Seven Ultra Brothers Meet the Monsters (74) aka: Hanuman vs 7 Ultraman  aka: Hanuman pob Jed Yodmanud   Ultra Brothers (Zoffy, Ultraman, Ultra Seven, New Ultraman (Ultraman Jack), Ultraman Ace and Ultraman Taro) team up with the Hindu monkey-god Hanuman (who was merged by Mother of Ultra with a young Thai boy who was cruelly murdered by a group of robbers) to fight five evil monsters. They are Gomora (from Ultraman), Dustpan (originally from Mirrorman (TV series)), Astromons, Tyrant and Dorobon (all from Ultraman Taro), which were accidentally awakened by a rocket test gone terribly wrong.  Non-stop OTT giant monster smack-down action here!  Awesome!  LBX and F.L.  BA

N612 Slave, The (62) aka: Il figlio di Spartacus  aka: El hijo de Espartaco   An unofficial sequel to 'Spartacus' directed by Sergio Corbucci! A Roman (Steve Reeves) discovers he has inherited a liberating legacy. He is the son of Spartacus and he will lead the slaves against their tyrannical oppressors! Filmed mostly on location in Egypt and quite simply one of Steve Reeves best films!  Incredible!  Now in a Beautiful widescreen print!   BA

A205 Sleepwalkers (97) aka: Project Sleepwalker  Complete short-lived science fiction series about a group of dream researchers who use special dream-beds to send operatives into people's dreams. This cool show wasn't given much of a chance and canceled after just 9 episodes. Naomi Watts, (before she got big) stars along with Bruce Greenwood, Ray Wise and others. Complete series on 3 discs for $20   DVD-R only- sorry no VHS

N705 Snake Girl and the Silver-Haired Witch (68) aka: Hebi musume to hakuhatsuma  An adorable pixie, taken from a mean nun's care, is taken into a terrifying home seemingly haunted by a wicked silver haired witch. Also living there is her overly hostile and curiously disfigured step-sister. The nightmares and hallucinations turn the child's world into one of sheer horror. This was aimed at kids and probably scared the shit out of them when it came out. Lots of cool FX. From the director of the original 'Gamera' movies. LBX and now with English subtitles!

A140 Special Animation Collection (various) A collection of rare and obscure clips and cartoons created to blow your mind. William Shatner's version of 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' is worth the price of admission alone! This odd hodge-podge of variety is worth a look with approx. 30 different menus and a running time of almost two hours. A unique item! 

N571 Spy in Your Eye (65) aka: Berlino - Appuntamento per le spie  Dana Andrews as secret agent Z.3 who has to try harder 'cause he's not #1. Never seen kidnapping victims transported in giant sized toothpaste tubes? Amused by hunchbacks with retractable knives in their hunches? Got a hankering for animatronics statues of Napoleon that can kill? This is a great film and now return those FF prints and get a load of this LBX print! Also starring Brett Halsey and Pier Angeli. 

A297 Story of Chinese Gods, The (76) aka: Pang shen feng  Here we get a bizarre fantasy cartoon from Hong Kong and in English language. Weird beasts, flying creatures, snake pits and more!   BA

P712 Supaidâman (78) aka: Japanese Spiderman - To fight against the evil Iron Cross Army, led by the space emperor Professor Monster, a daredevil motorcyclist (from outer space!) transforms into the famous superhero, with a few modifications such as a racecar and a transformer type robot at his disposal!!! Monsters, Amazons, cool FX and more are in store for all who dare enter this crazy reinterpretation of our hero. This is the best non-cgi Spiderman you will ever see, bar none. Now, all 41 episodes + extras, all in great quality and on 9 discs with full menus, and with English subtitles!!!! Not available on VHS. $55 captures all the action you could imagine. That's right, the whole set for $55 + postage. If wanting on a special, this counts as 7 selections.

A901 Tarzan and the Golden Lion (27) aka: Tarzan und der goldene Löwe  This Tarzan film was actually based on one  of Edgar Rice Burroughs's novels, and seems to be one of several films to have had Mr. Burroughs's involvement.  With Boris Karloff in a small (but important) role as 'Owaza'.

A802 Tarzan, The Ape Man (59) aka: Tarzan, der Herr des Urwalds  Cited as the worst 'Tarzan' film ever (until the 1981 turkey) this version still holds some charm, even though it is cheap as hell and unintentionally funny. Denny Miller is Tarzan and Joanna Barnes is certainly a hot enough Jane, but the filmmakers were so lazy they used old stock footage from Johnny Weissmuller's Tarzan and tinted it, to try and blend it in. Gators, Idols, Elephant stampede, pygmies and more. Very colorful and Widescreen.  BA

N864 Tharus, Son of Attila (62) aka: Tharus figlio di Attila  aka: Tharus, Sohn des Attila   When Tharus infiltrates an enemy camp, he falls for the rival chieftain's daughter, who is promised to his main adversary. Some of the most flamboyant outfits ever worn in a muscleman movie here. Thankfully we get Lisa Gastoni and a few other cute chicks to stare at while the men keep their outfits all prettied up. Still, even with that we get a pretty decent sword and sandal here with decent battles and yes, there is a male flogging sequence. BA

D188 The Scalawag Bunch (71) aka: L'arciere di fuoco  aka: Archer of Fire - Bandit of Sherwood forest gets a make-over in this colorful Italian production. Action packed. With Mark Damon and Giuliano Gemma. LBX  BA

N895 Thief of Damascus (64) aka: Sword of Damascus  aka: Il ladro di Damasco In Damascus under the Roman occupation, Jesen (Tony Russel) and Tisba are pickpockets who get into all types of mishaps. They also help Syrian freedom fighters who are hiding in nearby caves. They clash with Mannae, an ambitious man who profits from his allegiance with the Romans, eliminating his enemies one by one. Jesen is captured by the Roman legions and condemned to death... In it's original Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX  BA

A408 Throne of Fire (83) aka: Il trono di fuoco  aka: O Trono de Fogo   A mighty hero battles the son of Satan and his evil witch ally to save a kingdom from being taken over by the duo. Gore and monsters in this sword and sorcery classic that features plenty of action. Now finally LBX and in English language with foreign subtitles. If you dig 'Conan' and 'Hundra' than this is for you!  BA

N572 Tiffany Memorandum (67) Ken is Dick Hallan, a journalist for the Herald-Tribune. He gets mixed up in international politics through a series of incredible coincidences....  Finally a great print of this Ken Clark Eurospy thriller. Great locations in Paris and Berlin, lots of exciting fisticuffs, and death by clock!  LBX - Get it now!   BA

N692 Tin Girl, The (70) aka: La ragazza di latta   aka: La Mujer Robot  Sexy 19 year old actress Sydne Rome is the 'The Tin Girl' in this strange Italian made sci-fi comedy. She is a robot and a man is obsessed with her beauty. At one point he even dresses in armor to see what it is like, but flips out and takes a sword to her! Very colorful and very arty sci-fi from director Marcello Aliprandi who was next to direct 'Smiling Maniacs'. Rome was just off the set of the spaghetti western 'Alive or Preferably Dead' and continued in more westerns and even a Giallo and still enjoys an active career in Italy today, even though she was born in Akron, Ohio in 1951! LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

N409 Tower of Screaming Virgins (68) aka: Der Turm der verbotenen Liebe  The title and opening are sort of like a horror thriller about young men lured to their doom in a tower somewhere in France for sex, then death! Hooded assassins, gory deaths, and even some female nudity. Then the film shifts gears into swashbuckler territory. So you get a bit of everything here with wonderful settings and locations. Some snappy dialogue adds to the fun. Tagline: Every Man was theirs to Command! Each night three more were summoned to the Tower to satisfy their lust. And still they hunger for more....  Very colorful and now LBX!  BA

N780 Triumph of Hercules (64) aka: Hercules versus the Giant Warriors  aka: Il trionfo di Ercole  The people of Mycenae are suffering under the yoke of the despot Milo. They call upon Hercules (Dan Vadis), to come to their aid. Milo consults his sorceress mother, who gives him the power to summon an army of bronze robots.   LBX  BA

A394 Twelve Year Old Pirate, A (72) aka: Pirate Kid  aka: Un pirata de doce años  aka: Le avventure di Miky Gioy il piccolo pirata   - A crew of good-hearted (!) pirates get their ship sunken by the evil Spaniards. Shipwrecked on an island, the film saves the best characters as the survivors, and they must endure further attacks from the Spanish, quicksand, cannibals and dangerous animals as they try to reach safety. They encounter a boy who helps them, but first must rescue a woman and her kids the Spanish have held as hostages, which may just get them all captured. At one point they take refuge in a hidden cave behind a waterfall. With the ever-busy Hugo Stiglitz as one of the pirates (Captain Morgan!). Christa Linder also stars. Pretty violent and with amazing location filming. From director Rene Cardona Jr. and Rene Cardona the Third plays the boy. With English subtitles.  BA

A246 U.F.O. Target Earth (74) An electronics expert searching for evidence of aliens picks up signals that he believes to be from an alien spacecraft... and they are coming from a lake near town. Incredibly incompetent kind of pre-X-Files U.F.O. obsession type? That's what many would call this. But for the patient viewer this is a bizarre cerebral sci-fi experience not to be missed if taken into perspective of the time in which it was made.  BA

A791 Ultra 7 (67) aka: Urutora sebum  Considered by Japanese fans to be not only the most popular entry in the 'Ultra' series, but also one of the Japan's greatest sc-fi/superhero shows. Giant robots attack!  The character of 'Ultra 7' has appeared in more sequels and spin-offs than any other character in the 'Utra' series. Here we have 4 episodes from that show, and all dubbed into English.  BA

N857 Vassilisa (39) aka: Vasilisa prekrasnaya  aka: Die schöne Wassilissa  Fantasy film from Russia!  Three brothers seek brides and let arrows fly. One arrow lands on a lily pad inhabited by a large frog. The frog eventually turns into the beautiful Vassilisa. She has been cursed by a three-headed serpent. To slay the serpent, he must attain the magic sword. To get to the sword, he must go through a series of obstacles, culminating in a battle of wits with a giant spider. The dragon is really cool for 1939, as are the rest of the FX. The imagination involved in the huge set designs boggles the mind. If you like classic fantasy films, don't miss this one. With English subtitles.  BA

D40 Veils of Bagdad, The (53) aka: Der Prinz von Bagdad  Antar (Victor Mature) is sent to Baghdad to prevent Pasha of Baghdad from uniting with hill tribes to overthrow the emperor. Antar falls for Selima (Maria Blanchard, well.. yeah!) even though Rosanna (Virginia Field) has the hots for him too. This is like Robin Hood in the Middle East. Also with James Arness as Targut and Guy Rolfe as Kasseim. If you watch close, try to spot a 20 year old Robert Blake as a beggar and an uncredited Stuart Whitman as a Sergeant.  BA

P834 When the Raven Flies (84) aka: Hrafninn flýgur  aka: Revenge of the Barbarians - Ireland: Vikings pillage the land, seeking silver and slaves, slaying men and women in the process. This is an Icelandic film and what a dark and gloomy tale of unrelenting revenge it is! A Celtic Christian boy's family is wiped out in a Viking raid, his sister carried off for sexual bondage. He grows up, and being a good Christian, goes to Iceland on a quest for bloody revenge, tracking down the Vikings who wiped out his family, one by one. Incredible location shooting and unknown actors give this one a flair of authenticity.  BA

A389 World of Giants (59) Marshall Thompson plays a six inch high man who takes on special jobs for the government. Arthur Franz carries him around in his briefcase, strapping him into a special chair inside. Cool show, only ran 13 episodes before being cancelled. Here are two episodes, the first one looks okay but the second  episode is in poor shape. Still, pretty rare and lots of people have asked for it so here it is.

N937 Zan, King of the Jungle (69) aka: Tarzán en la gruta del oro  aka: Zan, re della giungla  Zan (Tarzan in some dubbed versions) helps the Amazons defeat two gangsters who wished to take over a sacred gold treasure from the woman's tribe. Great locations of the Central American jungle, and several tough battles between the young Amazons and the evil pirates. Croatian Steve Hawkes is Zan (he was the turkey-headed monster in 'Blood Freak'). Hawkes is one badass Tarzan! And Kitty Swan is perhaps the hottest Amazon Queen I have ever seen. Beautiful and oh so colorful widescreen version dubbed into English. And as far as the most 'authentic' Tarzan guy ever, Steve Hawkes has been living with wild cats all his life and in 2012 had 2 tigers and a leopard removed from his Florida home because of lack of permits.  BA

A334 Zindy. the Swamp Boy (73) A grandfather and his young grandson Zindy get lost in the jungle. During their attempts to get home a storm hits and Zindy's grandfather is swallowed by the swamp. Bye Bye. Zindy is left to raise himself in the jungle amongst the savage beasts. He finds a new friend and together they embark upon an adventure neither will forget. Dubbed into English language and with foreign subtitles.  BA

A847 Zorro Against Maciste (63) aka: Samson and the Slave Queen  aka: Zorro contro Maciste - The king of Nogara dies, leaving behind a will naming one of his nieces as his successor. Will it be blonde and virtuous Isabella (Maria Grazia Spina) or evil dark-haired Malva (Moira Orfei) Malva hires the bare-chested muscle man Maciste, while Isabella relies on Zorro. Malva's ruthless quest alienates Maciste so he joins up with Zorro. Different than the usual with settings and outfits that resemble 16th century Spain. Superb color and widescreen. English subtitles.  BA




P859 £20,000 Kiss, The (63) Blackmail tale involving a man whose fiancé was caught in a compromising position starring Dawn Addams (The Vampire Lovers) and Michael Goodliffe. + Man at the Carlton Tower (61) with Terence Alexander and Maxine Audley. Both features from 'The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre'.

P861 Coast of Skeletons (64) Based on the Wallace story 'Sanders of the River', Harry Alan Towers turns it into this this action adventure mystery filmed in Africa and starring Richard Todd, Dale Robertson and Marianne Koch (who was just in 'A Fistful of Dollars' with Clint Eastwood the previous year). Nicely done and good loose-plots-tightened up finale. LBX

P863 Downfall (64) Sir Harold Crossely (Maurice Denham) is a barrister and respected intellectual, but proves no match for his scheming young wife (the sexy Nadja Regin). This first one from 'The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre'.  + Change Partners  (65) Anthony Dawson stars in this domestic spy-type thriller.

A733 Main Chance, The (64) This, another rare Edgar Wallace second feature film, based on Wallace novels.

P868 Number Six (62) This one with Ivan Desny, Nadja Regin and Michael Goodliffe.  + Death Trap (62) with Barbara Shelley of Hammer fame. Both thrillers from 'The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theater'.

A734 On the Run (63) aka: Edgar Wallace: Einer kann gewinnen   When he escapes from prison, a man is pursued by his former boss's henchmen who are after the missing stolen bonds.

A311 Playback (62) aka: Die Rache des Mörders: Dein Freund, der Mörder   Barry Foster and Nigel Green star. One of a series of second feature films based on Edgar Wallace novels between 1960 and 1965.




N411 Achtung! The Desert Tigers (77) aka: Kaput lager - gli ultimi giorni delle SS   aka: Erika: Les derniers jours des SS   Castration, humiliation, whipping, lesbianism and other forms of Nazi debauchery litter this trash from Italian director smut-master Luigi  Batzella! Basically a W.I.P. meets a WAR picture which sometimes equals Naziploitation!  Love that stock footage! Patchwork exploitation filmmaking. So why list this again?  LBX and with English subtitles. With Gordon Mitchell, Richard Harrison and Lea Lander in an Ilsa type role. BA

A622 Alley Tramp, The (68) aka: Alla är vi nyfikna  Godfather of Gore Herschel Gordon Lewis directed this sleaze. A teenage girl sets out on a sexual odyssey of having affairs with various men including her mother's secret boyfriend. Full frontal female nudity, backstreet abortion and more sleaze here!

A202 Amorous Mis-Adventures of Casanova, The (77) aka: Cool It Carol  aka: Some Like it Cool  aka: Casanova & Co.   - Tony Curtis plays dual roles here in this period sleaze. One may wonder if he was slumming in his career choice here. Let's see. Tony's Agent: 'Tony, I got you a gig, you get to romance Britt Eklund, Marisa Mell, Sylva Koscina, Maria Berenson and others and hey, there is nudity involved!' Tony (without a pause) 'I'm In!' It's that simple. Low-brow humor but fun all the same.  BA

N672 Amorous Sisters, The (82) aka: Julchen und Jettchen, die verliebten Apothekerstöchter  Luscious lovely ladies in the funniest naked romp of all time! (At least that is what the tagline reads!) Beautiful French porn stars as twenty-something gals in a woman's boarding school, learning about sex. Loads of near hard-core masturbation, perfect looking girls (like Brigitte Lahaie, France Lomay and more!) and in great quality! This is the ultimate version, uncut and LBX and dubbed into English language! This sleaze is so bright and colorful it'll really take you back!

P854 Angel Loan Shark (9?) Plenty sleazy Hong Kong film with sexy  females and by the title you get an idea of the plot. No English though. Nudity of course. F.L. - BA

P945 Around the World With Fanny Hill (74) aka: Jorden runt med Fanny Hill  A bored Swedish housewife (Fanny Hill played by the stunning blonde Shirley Corrigan) finds out her husband is cheating. She leaves him and heads off to Hollywood to become a sex star, having erotic conquests all over the world while her husband pursues her. Soft-core comedy with extremely lovely ladies also has Christina Lindberg in a brief appearance as one of the 'meatball girls'. Ohhh boy, those some spicy meatballs Christina! (I don't even know what that means!) Slightly LBX and in English language.  BA

A574 Attention (87) aka: L'attenzione  Story of love and lust shaded with overtones of incest and lesbianism. Livia is a woman trying to regain the affections of her husband Alberto, whose journalism career takes him away for months at a time - on purpose. What she does not know is that he has an undeniable attraction for their daughter Monica. Livia's own sexual eccentricities lead her to hire young women to have sex with Alberto while she listens in hiding.....  LBX and now with English subtitles. Stefania Sandrelli and her daughter Amanda star along with horny Ben Cross.

A621 Bad Girls Do Cry! (65) A naïve young lady goes to a modeling agency, where she is molested, shot up with drugs, and forced into prostitution.

A627 Barbara's Escapades (79) aka: Amanti miei  aka: Engel sind nackt am schönsten  aka: Cindy’s Love Games  Rare Euro-trash with wild women and wild sex, some disco, plenty of nudity and more. In the opening a man with some panty hose over his head assaults a woman at gunpoint, but it looks like this was her plan all along! (And who hasn't had that happen? Anyone? Hah!) There are some glitches in the master print, so expect it.

A195 Bedtime Stories (79) An erotic fantasy vehicle for Ilona Staller (Cicciolina) to strut her slutty stuff. One hot gal for sure and this is one of her softer pictures as usually they are of a ...harder nature.

A990 Best of Internet Boobs #1 (various) Okay lets see....  Ten women, that would be uh... do the math here add this... okay.. 19 ...no 20 that's twenty boobs! Damn, each and every one of them special too as you will soon find out god bless 'em! These women went online to show all the world what they got, with no regrets whatsoever, so it is up to you, the viewer, to express your appreciation.

A437 Black Maid, The (76) aka: La Camarera Negra  aka: La cameriera nera  - Sex comedy from Italy directed by Mario Bianchi just loaded with hot babes. Carla Brait (Torso, Escape from the Bronx), Femi Benussi, Magda Konopa and more. This is the dubbed into English version.  BA

N734 Black Rebels, The (60) aka: Asfalto selvaggio   Same as 'This Rebel Breed' from the classic section, except this is a racier version. Rita Moreno, Mark Damon and Dyan Cannon star.  BA

A28 Black Sister's Revenge (76) aka: Emma Mae - A young woman from a small town in the south comes to live in the city after being orphaned, and falls in love with a hoodlum who gets her to commit crimes for him. Pretty decent low-budget blaxploiter. Jerri Hayes stars, in her one and only film.


P819 Bloodthirsty Japanese Wrassle Babes Volumes 1-6 (0?) 6 episodes on 3 discs! These Japanese wrestling discs will blow your mind!!! These girls are not your traditional competitors as you are about to find out! If there is blood, that is just fine. Titty twisting, pulling and squeezing? Yep, that's good and fair game as well. Crotch biting? Hmmm, no hey, it's okay go for it! She's got her oh...ouch! Looks like loads of wardrobe malfunctions going on here too. So to sum it all up. Boobs fling, Blood flies and uncompromising positions are the order of the day. In Japanese (like it matters, this is pure smack down time, and far more entertaining for a male to view then muscle-men from America) 3 disc set here for $25


A450 Blue Angel Cafe (89) aka: Object of Desire - Raymond Derek is an upcoming hotshot young politician who seems to have it all. A hot young wife, a great career and an expensive home. That all changes when he encounters sexy cabaret singer at the Blue Angel Cafe. He has an affair with Angie (Tara Buckman) and it is front page news. They try to make a go of it.... what will happen?  This flick doesn't end like I thought it would though. Lots of sex. Look for Laura Gemser in a cameo as a photographer. In English language but with foreign subtitles.  BA

A169 Body and Soul (0?) After a run, a work-out session, and more meaningless activities a sexy girl poses for your pleasure. F.L.

N438 Brainwash With Desire (99) Yet more trashy sleaze from Hong Kong with sex and murder. No English so F.L. - BA

P935 Bye Bye Baby (88) Lovers and exes get it on, lie and cheat in a dramatic tale set on the Mauritius Islands. With sexy Carol Alt and a hot Brigitte Nielson who still was a babe before her humiliating pathetic stint on reality T.V. some years back where she looked like a crack whore and shacked up with that Flavor Flav asshole. Also Jason Connery and Luca Barbareschi.

P841 Call Girl (95) aka: Escrava do Prazer   aka: Nighttime Lover   When erotic photographer Diandra has her first big exhibition, an art collector points her in a new career direction. Melanie Hall and Jennifer Burton star in this nudity filled trash classic. 

A340 Count, the Underage and the Transsexual, The (83) aka: El marqués, la menor y el travesti  Alicia (Concha Valero) arrives at the country home of the ‘Marquis’ (Jorge Batalla) on the pretext of purchasing several horses. Her real motive is to try to snag a share of the Marquis’ fortune by tricking him into making her pregnant... Sex comedy from director Alfonso Balcazar. With Concha Valero, Andrea Albani and more. F.L.

A396 Daisy Chain (65) aka: Das Liebeskarussell  An episodic film telling four erotic tales. The women are quite special as we get Catherine Denevue, Leticia Roman, Nadja Tiller, Anita Ekberg and more. This German made film has been Americanized with a ridiculous host posing as a sexologist or something. Rolf Thiele (the man behind 'Grimm's Fairy Tales for Adults' and others) directs some of the segments. Dubbed into English language.

N881 Dormitory Girls (84) aka: Dortoir des grandes  aka: College Dormitory  This flick is hot stuff. Makes you wish you were a janitor or something in this French dormitory. They go on field trips. make out with each other, see lame bands in bars and mess with the guys, frolic beachside.... Perpetually horny young girls in heat! Dubbed into English.

A168 Double Deal (0?) Here's a strange one. A hot Asian chick talks, dresses up, poses on a ranch in a desert like area, on a motorcycle etc. One must have had a lot of interest in this chick to make a whole feature on her. Plays like a resume for a model. She is pretty sexy though for sure. F.L.

A732 Elevator Girls in Bondage (72) Weird and wild 'tranny' romp, subverting traditional gender roles and mocking uptight straight (and gay) society with merciless abandon. The Cockettes were a gender-bender performance group popular in San Francisco in the early 70's. Freaky.

N817 Emanuelle and Lolita (78) aka: She's Seventeen and Anxious  Erotic rarity! Businesswoman Emanuelle (Nieves Navarro, here as Susan Scott) travels around with her helicopter-pilot husband. When forced down in rural Thailand she befriends a young woman named Lolita, a hot little tamale. Lolita becomes obsessed with her, so she seduces one of Emanuelle's male lover's and then, even her husband. You just know little Lolita is learning all of this bad behavior from Emanuelle. Maybe if she sleeps with her it will end? In Italian language and with English subtitles. 

A634 Emanuelle Meets the Wife Swappers (73) aka: Liebesmarkkt   aka: Swap Meat at the Love Market  Very important German sex comedy with perfect looking naked women throughout. Carnal debauchery galore. At one point a guy is getting it on with a woman and notices a curtain moving at waist level in the room, it's another guy's boner trying to hide but poking out the curtain! There is also a stereotypical gay guy pursuing a man, but he's not having it! This is about chicks man, and plenty of them!  Monica Marc, Ingrid Steeger, Carmen Jackel, Claudia Fielers (she killed herself in 1975 at age 29 but was in many great films first), Marita Vogelsang, Doris Delaas, Karin Hofmann and more! You may not know many of these gals by name, but their films speak for themselves, look them up!  Very sexy colorful and fun. Those German accents on the chicks starts to grow on you.... LBX - F.L. 

N766 Erotic Inferno (76) aka: Adam and Nicole  aka: Naked and Willing   Two misogynist brothers arrive at a mansion to hear the reading of their father's will. Locked out, they proceed to have rough sex with every sexy babe they can as they wait. Meanwhile one of the sexy stable girls (Heather Deeley who starred in the disturbing British porn 'Diversions') has an eye for one of the men, pissing off her sexy girlfriend (Mary Millington). Kind of like a British sex comedy, but considerably darker in tone.  A few of the sex scenes border on assault, loads of sex and nudity, production values are high, and this one has an ending that you won't see coming! .

N767 Erotissimo (69) Annie Giradot is 'Annie' a frustrated housewife who can't seem to get her businessman husband's attention. The sexual advertising of the day permeates the essence of the film with sexy Swedish movies, sexual street ads, displays of intimate clothing, and even talks about marital infidelity with her friends. Cool cars, colorful fashions.... this French/Italian production was really hip and cool when it came out in 1969. Kind of arty like Bava's 'Danger Diabolik'.  Here it is uncut and LBX with English subtitles. BA

P888 Evil Thoughts (76) aka: Cattivi Pensieri - Husband is jealous of wife (Edwige Fenech) and imagines her sexually with every man she talks to. He locks a guy that he thinks is her lover in the closet and takes her on vacation. Fenech really looks good in this one displaying her ample charms thoughtfully for us lusting viewers. LBX

A229 Exploits of a Young Don Juan (87) aka: L'inizacione  aka: Les exploits d'un jeune Don Juan   The sexual awakening and adventures of teenage Roger during the time of the outbreak of WW2. Serena Grandi, Claudine Auger, Marina Vlady...  more. He gets a bare-bottomed whipping at one point for his spying habits. There will be beauties that find him cute enough to give him some sex much to his relief!  LBX - F.L.

D41 Female Ninjas: In Bed With the Enemy (76) aka: Kunoichi ninpo: Kannon biraki  On A mountain pass, a clan is attacked and their gold, taxes intended to be delivered to the king, is stolen. A group of female ninjas is sent to recover the loot at any cost. In the opening fight one of our sexy ninjas jumps through the air and locks her legs in a scissor stranglehold snapping a man's neck. The ninja chicks realize later that they have been set up!  Cool battles and nudity, LBX and with English subtitles. 

A237 Fievre De Femme (71) aka: Fever-  Isabel Sarli (she of the bigga breasta) sexploitation. In this, Sarli fantasizes about a horse's erect penis when she makes love and we see her thinking of the horse as she makes love to her lucky lovers. Weird as hell sex flick from Armando Bo! F.L.

D11 Forbidden Dreams (73) aka: Sogni Proibiti Di Don Galeazzo Curato Di Campagna - A young and handsome priest arrives in a small village to be the new church leader in the late 19th century. He has hot chicks in his congregation, and starts to dream of having sex with them. It doesn't help matters that they visit him in his private quarters for counsel.  Will he give in to the pleasures of the flesh? LBX and with English subtitles.

N384 French Pussycat (72) aka: Das Mädchen mit der heißen Masche  aka: Il caldo letto della vergine   Rolf, a sex advice columnist and lecher, has sex with numerous women, but never a permanent relationship. Suzanne, one of his lovers, bets that no woman can get him to propose marriage. A bet her friend Andrea (Sybil Danning) eagerly takes on. The catch: She must get the proposal without sleeping with him. You will never see more nudity from Sybil Danning looking so hot in any of her other movies. What's more, this is not the cut 80 minute print that is out there on DVD, but a 90 minute German language version. So if you are into Sybil Danning's incredible young and sexy body wellllll... here you go!  And wow check out the other naked chicks! Uncut and F.L.  BA

N512 Future is Woman, The (84) aka: Il futuro è donna  aka: Le futur est femme  A couple move in a pregnant woman (Ornella Muti) because they plan to adopt the child. The wife starts to get insanely jealous. (You just try moving in Ornella Muti and see how your wife acts). So the wife attempts suicide, fails, decides to cooperate in the plan again, and then tragedy strikes! What happens? You'll see! In Italian language and with English subtitles.

P774 Girl from Pussycat (69) Four obnoxious and mouthy girls are bank robbers who spend time messing with guys (and themselves) as they plan their next heist. Their leader, (a bull-dyke) has a scene where she beats a guy with a belt, and there is a fun 'fingers in the toaster' scene.  

A619 Girl in Trouble (63) aka: Preda bionda  Bored farmer's daughter sets out to make it big in the city. She gets mixed up with freaks, perverts and degenerates and winds up a stripper in New Orleans.  BA

N513 Girl of the Island (91) aka: La donna dell'isola  aka: La Mujer de la Isla   Miriam, a young and beautiful woman, inherits a large hotel, the Sole, on the gorgeous island of Giglo, from her grandfather. Here she meets Matteo, an archeologist who is engaged in research for the University of Giannutri and…..they enter immediately into a love affair...  Directed by erotic specialist Lorenzo Onorati!   Sexy women, lesbian love and beautiful exotic locales make this soft-core a temperature rising experience! In Spanish language only.  F.L.  BA

A995 Girls on the Loose (58) aka: Le gang des filles  Heist film with sexy babes (who dress and undress quite a lot!) as the gang, and some surprising brutal violence. Mara (Tarantula) Corday is a standout as the gang leader the same year she was a Playboy Playmate.  It is also her last film before retiring. Above average for this type as the early exploitation elements are all here! Corday later appeared in some of Clint Eastwood's later films in bit parts. Interesting since he had a bit part in 'Tarantula'!  BA

A620 Good Time with a Bad Girl, A (67) aka: A Good Time, a Bad Girl  A rich man goes to Las Vegas and has an affair with a sex-addicted girl, while his wife is at home. She takes him to an orgy and while she has her fun, the man is a bit of a prude and not so willing to embrace the girl afterward. Really sexy trash for 1965!

N732 Group Marriage (73) aka: Matrimonio di gruppo  The ups and downs (ins and outs?) of multiple commune like living with two men and two women. With Victoria (When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth) Vetri. She was a Playboy playmate and a few years ago shot her husband and is now in jail. But back then she was quite prolific starring in Batman, Star Trek, a bit part in 'Rosemary's Baby' and other films like 'Invasion of the Bee Girls'.  Beautiful LBX print!  BA

P903 Guess What We Learned in School Today? (70) aka: Gæt hvad vi lærte i skolen i dag  Parents in a small conservative community deny puberty and sex drive as normal in this counter-culture sex comedy from director John G. Avildsen who next directed 'Joe' with Peter Boyle and later directed 'Rocky' and 'The Karate Kid' amongst others. Loaded with scenarios of hilarity with mixed results and seldom seen today.

A980 Gun Girls (57) A gang of teenage girls, looking for kicks and ignoring their probation officers' warnings, embark on a crime spree, which ends with tragic results. None of these gals look as young as the story wants you to believe, but we always liked these cheap J.D. films anyway so what the hell! Vixens, cheese and more!

A900 Hard Road, The (70) The horrors of drug use and promiscuity in the late 1960's. After having an illegitimate baby, a young woman, instead of returning to school, goes on a journey of sex and drugs. You also get a health lesson about the sexual diseases and what happens to you when you get them. With a downbeat ending. With Connie Nelson, Gary Kent and Liz Renay.

A637 Hey! There's Naked Bodies on My TV! (79) Broken down into three segments. First off is a 'Happy Days' spoof with 'The Bonz' trying to get his three loser friends (Rickie, Putzie and Ralphie) laid. Second is a 'Welcome Back Kotter' spoof, which, would have been funnier with Vinnie trying to hump Horshack (after a forced massage) but still this spoof is pretty hilarious with sex education– meaning “watching actual pornos” in class, a woman that looks like Carrol Conners shows up and they all have an orgy. Last, we get a 'Barney Miller' spoof, and Candy Samples demonstrates her wares as well as others as the hookers get it on with the cops! Lost of soft-core nudity and sleazy sex, and this makes for better viewing than any of those 'actual' shows.

A617 Hip, Hot and 21 (67) A poor farmer gal gets lost in the big bad city after her boyfriend dumps her. She encounters alcoholic lesbians, junkies, pimps, hookers and lots of go-go dancers. So you get sex, assault, strip-tease, drug-use, ridiculous violence and a loud rockin' score of beat/surf/jazz instrumentals.

A238 History of Erotic Spanish Cinema (9?) Even though this is in Spanish language, the clips and interviews covered of sexploitation classics, many we have never heard of is priceless as we see many great scenes in this. With some of the most erotic gals of the 70's and 80's and they talk as they are when this documentary was filmed. F.L.

A510 Hollywood Babylon (72) Super sleazy companion piece to Kenneth Anger's book with reenactments of many of the sordid events. Uschi Digard as Marlene Dietrich and a reenactment of the Fatty Arbuckle scandal + many real stars in archival footage.

A996 Hollywood's World of Flesh (63) Hollywood starlets caught off guard in moments of truth and passion! Fake documentary nudie with hidden cameras supposedly picking up the action for the sleaze fan of 63. With Gaby Bartone and Baby Bubbles, both big boobs stripper types of that era.

N904 Homo Eroticus (71) aka: Husband, Italian Style  A man with three testicles is sexually insatiable and he goes about bedding all the women in town, whatever the age, until one day things go terribly wrong. Trouble starts when some of the women start getting jealous of the others, and continues when he sleeps with the daughter of a Sicilian barber, who demands that he marries her, or else. Smoking hot Italian babes Rosanna Podesta, Femi Benussi, Brigiite Skay and more!  In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX BA

N590 Hostess Also Likes To Blow the Horn, The (70) aka: Frau Wirtin bläst auch gern Trompete  aka: Sexy Susan Knows How...!   A madam (Teri Tordai) flees soldiers and sets up shop in an old German village, running a brothel disguised as a convent school, under the watchful, but not too bright local authorities. Also starring Rosalba Neri, Glenn Saxon and more! LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A618 Hot Thrills and Warm Chills (67) Three women who haven't seen each other for years meet at a hotel to do some catching up. They also are planning a heist of 'The King of Sex's crown during the upcoming Mardi Gras festival. Later they use their charms to avoid trouble.

P895 Hyena, The (97) aka: La iena  Joe D'Amato directs and handles the cinematography! An ex-model gets caught up in lust, betrayal, adultery and murder when a gun-wielding man pays her a visit in this 'Body Heat' type trash that offers triple the nudity and sex compared to that potboiler. Delicious women in this! Now in English language!

A274 In Praise of Older Women (78) Adras Varda (Tom Berenger) grows up in turbulent war torn Hungary and scores big with numerous women in this soft-core drama. Helen Shaver, Karen Black, Susan Strasberg and more contribute to his sexcapades. Nicely done period piece with Berenger having little trouble getting these gals to lift their skirts.  BA

A631 Incoming Freshmen (79) Innocent small town girl arrives at a modern institution to continue her studies.... That's right, before Porkys and Animal House we get this 'Boobapalooza'! The main chick Vivian is played by Leslie Blalock who was killed at only age 19 in a road accident before this movie even came out! Was originally shown as a Drive-In Double feature with 'Gas Pump Girls; (which you can also get from us and have a Drive-In Memories evening!)  BA

P890 Inconsolable Widow Thanks All Those Who Consoled Her, The (73)  aka: La vedova inconsolabile ringrazia quanti la consolarono   Edwige Fenech plays a childless widow that has sex with everybody right after her husband dies. She must be pregnant or will not get a penny of his estate.  Fenech, as usual, is scorching HOT! In English language and with foreign subtitles.  BA

N601 Isabella, Duchess of the Devils (69) aka: Ms Stiletto  A rich family is murdered and their land taken. The daughter Isabella, escapes and is raised by gypsies. She returns 20 years later to seek revenge. Now fully grown and a knock-out (played by beauty Brigitte Skay). This is an adaptation of the first Italian erotic comic book so there is plenty of soft-core sex and nudity. Very well made and with high-production values. A cut above the rest this being an erotic swashbuckler with torture and even some laughs. Skay is amazing.  LBX print    BA

P773 Kitten in a Cage (68) Tale involves a woman being framed as being an alcoholic or a drug user. She escapes from asylum and is pursued. Horrible dubbing and acting make this one pretty entertaining just for 'how-bad-is-it-gonna'-get' interest. Strippers and go-go dancing is the order of the day.

N434 Korean Call Girl (9?) Near hardcore, pretty explicit sex film from Hong Kong with hot hookers and even a story and English subtitles! BA

A136 Kreola (93) Kreola and her husband Andy go to an exotic island. Once there Kreola (Demetra Hampton) has an insatiable sexual desire attack and debases herself with a local fisherman repeatedly. Aflame with desire and lust, Kreola is caught in a whirlwind of violent emotions and wild horny sex. The girl can't help it! She's a slut! This looks like a Joe D'Amato film (but isn't!)

A248 La Compagna Di Viaggio (80) aka: Una noche en el coche cama  aka: The Travelling Companion   Sexual tensions erupt in tight quarters and the female cast tries unsuccessfully to remain clothed in this rare European drool-fest.  And what a cast!! Annie Belle, Anna Maria Rizzoli, Marisa Mell, Marina Hedman (Marina Frajese) and Moana Pozzi (Anna Maria Pozzi) all have their turns at shedding their clothes; however, it’s newcomer Serena Grandi (making her second film appearance) who steals the show as a young soon-to-be-wed virgin who finds herself in a compromising situation with the wrong man. Sexploitation comedy with Marisa Mell, Serena Grandi and more.  LBX - F.L.  BA

A653 Lady Godiva Meets Tom Jones (69) aka: Peccati veniali di Lady Godiva  aka: Lady Godiva Rides  When an English Lord finds his Lady Godiva in bed with the notorious Tom Jones..... From the director of 'Orgy of the Dead'! With Marsha Jordan, Liz Renay and more. Plenty bad, and plenty sleazy. Bad movie lovers rejoice!  What more could anyone want?  BA

A249 Lettomania (76) aka: Bed Crazy  Max (Harry Reems) and Julius (Alberto Squillante) are two friends who’s life’s goal is only to pick up as many girls as possible....  Harry Reems goes to Italy!!   LBX - F.L.  BA

A241 Lolita's Club (07) aka: Canciones de amor en Lolita's Club  The story of twin brothers, one is a coldhearted violent police officer, the other is a helpless romantic with a mental disability. The two brothers are tragically involved with a prostitute who works in the bordello...  F.L.  LBX

N443 Louisiana Hussy (59) Cajun newlyweds must deal with the jealousy of his brother, who also loved her, and the arrival of a mysterious seductress in their bayou backwater in this fast moving trash that pushes the censor envelope of acceptability of 1959.  With Betty Lynn (who later got far less action as Barney Fife’s gal in Mayberry) and Nan Peterson (The Hideous Sun Demon). BA

N686 Love By Appointment (76) aka: Holiday Hookers  aka: Natale in casa d'appuntamento  On a business trip to Rome, two men (Ernest Borgnine and Robert Alda)  put their careers in jeopardy when they begin to frequent a whorehouse. Corrine Clery and Silvia Dionisio provide some mouth-watering nudity. Francoise Fabian is the madam, Nira, who is more concerned with the all-mighty-dollar over the safety of her whores. Bizarre and very odd little film that Borgnine, looking maybe a bit bewildered, nonetheless, soldiers through until the rolling credits. Nice uncut, English language LBX version.

D14 Madame Olga's Pupils (81) aka: Sex Academy  aka: Las alumnas de madame Olga - Madame Olga (Helga Line) is the owner of a luxurious brothel in London posing as a music academy for young women. When one of the girls dies she is forced to hire a young stud who was a witness and he begins sleeping with all the pretty young things. Helga Line still looked pretty impressive naked at almost 50!  Slight LBX and English dubbed. BA

A26 Maidens of Fetish Street (66) aka: The Girls on F Street  A pathetic Joe, pays a bitter prostitute, Margo, to have sex with him. Other scenarios occur, like when a woman catches her husband in bed with another woman, she whips the other woman silly! Twisted perversion and deviant sexuality served up severe and unsparing in a bleakly brooding package.

P813 Malibu Hot Summer (74) aka: Sizzle Beach U.S.A. Kevin Costner stars in his first film! (He has a small role as a ranch hand) The Plot: A woman goes to LA to become a singer and meets two other women along the way who have goals too. Sex and drama unfold as they all become involved in various romantic situations.  BA

N791 Mary Millington's True Blue Confessions + Mary Millington: Sex and Fame (80/83) Two films devoted to the too short and sad career of British sex star Millington. The film (made only a  year after her suicide) is a mixture of archive footage, interviews and new sex scenes (be warned, of an explicit nature). The next special shows the darker and seedier side of the biz, and how basically it chewed her up and spit her out. Exploring her more in an historical context, and the more corrosive aspects of her rise to fame.

N792 Metti, Una Sera a Cena (69) aka: Suppose, One Night at Dinner - An almost absurdly stylish piece of arty erotica loaded with perfect looking people indulging in wild sex games. A famous writer fantasizes about his wife (Florinda Bolkan) making it with his best friend. Thing is she has been doing the guy already, and even with a third partner (an anarchist nut-job who makes love to her under a Nazi flag!). The man (while his wife is quite busy), starts an affair with a lonely single woman (Anna Giradot). Bolkan is smoking hot and erotic in this hornfest! Things can't end well in this complicated love mess. Very controversial when released. Also with Tony Musante. In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX

P889 Midnight Gigolo (86) aka: Voglia di guardare  Wonderful Joe D'Amato sleaze has a guy that watches his wife with other men through a two-way mirror. Delicious Jenny Tamburi (who died at age 53 in 2006), Laura Gemser and Lilli Carati (who went to porn after this) star.  LBX

N852 Minor, The (74) aka: La minorenne  aka: Leidenschaften einer Minderjährigen  Gloria Guida is a Catholic schoolgirl (prepare to have impure thoughts). Puberty hits, and with the strict confines of her schooling repressing her sexuality, she is having erotic dreams of rapist motorcyclists. In another fantasy, her doctor is turning her on, and just as he is about to make love to her, her classmates rush in, pin him down, and Gloria castrates him. Her next fantasy is an erotic nun setting. Finally she leaves school and can do something about these fantasies. Back at home with her rich family she is quick to find out they are having sex with various partners. She still is waiting for the right man to light her fire, but disrobes plenty in the meantime for us lucky viewers. Gloria Guida was one of the most beautiful women in Italian sleaze films!  LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A251 Monica Del Raval (08) aka: Monica del Raval, Autobiography of a Whore  Portrait of a unique (which really means HUGE, nasty and wears more makeup than Tammy Faye Baker) prostitute and her surrounding environment, the colorful and multicultural ''El Raval'' district in Barcelona. We see her friends, her regular clients, her neighbors and the neighborhood shopkeepers, yet above all, Monica will tell us how she turned her “hobby” into her profession...  Hmmm....  LBX -  F.L.   BA

A197 Monika (74) aka: La ragazzina  Monika (Gloria Guida) lives with her parents. She has three men all lusting for her charms. Luckily our director knows how to exploit having a 19 year old Gloria Guida to photograph. This is her debut and she has no problem getting naked. A very colorful film indeed! LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

P782 My Third Wife, George (68) Ralph Higbee is a 40-year-old drunkard who lives with his mother to take care of her. When his mother dies, he picks up three women who persuade him to take LSD for an experience. Seeking a companionship to replace his mother, Ralph meets and soon marries Josephine, but he is unable to satisfy her constant desire for sex. He leaves her when he finds out that she has other male and female lovers. Ralph marries a second time, but his second wife, Amanda, is also unfaithful and wants to scam him out of most of his money. Marrying for the third time, Ralph is finally happy... until he cheats on her for no good reason and when she finds out... there will be literal hell to pay....

N946 Naughty Coeds (74) aka: Schulmädchen-Report 8. Teil - Was Eltern nie erfahren dürfen  Only pretty girls go to these schools, and they are all horny for sexual experience. They throw themselves at any man with pants, regardless of age or attractiveness. This series of sexual conquests told as the girls share their stories with one another. This was taken from a rare release that has some picture interference at the bottom of the screen throughout. Nothing too bad, but you should know. Color a bit faded as well. But still an essential German sex film.  Dubbed into English version of 'Schoolgirl Report 8'. 

N719 Naughty Nymphs (72) aka: Die liebestollen Apothekerstöchter  aka: Le pillole del farmacista  Sybil Danning stars in this sexy classic! Two sisters and their lovers try to make sure their older sister (played by Danning) is deflowered by every man in town. They make a potency pill so every man will chase her, but the use of the pills leads to disaster! Very colorful (lots of hot naked blondes!) and dubbed into English. Can't go wrong here! Better take a cold shower after.  BA

P843 Nude Nurses (9?) Fantasy nurses make their patients feel better just by stripping and wiggling around. They should really test this naked therapy on the sick. Oh my. That's right. I'm feeling better already! With more bonus nude babe stuff.

A24 One Shocking Moment (65) A couple comes from Michigan to Los Angeles and starts having sex with other people. The wife gets involved with a seedy bisexual night club owner and a dominatrix named Tanya.

A924 Orgias De Libertinas (8?) A bunch of sleazy people of various ages (including some older guys) have rampant sex and  orgies at a house, in a stream, by a pool... pretty much anywhere the feeling strikes. Close to hard-core (but not quite) sleaze from Brazil. F.L.

A623 Over 18... and Ready! (69) aka: Porrbrud sökes  A teenage girl seeks fame in Hollywood by sleeping with a producer and ends up victimized by the sleazy producer's wife. Plenty of sleaze and nudity here! 

D1 Passion in the Sun (64) aka: The Girl and the Geek - Circus geek mixed with Cuban gangsters!  A stripper on a flight to Las Vegas has a stopover in a small Texas airport. She gets taken hostage by Cuban gangsters who are on the run from the cops. Skinny dipping, strip clubs, nudity, chase scenes...  a real mess!

A749 Phone Sex Girl (0?) Sleazy Japanese gal writhes around and exposes herself in this Japanese fetish video. With English subtitles.

A424 Pleasure, The (85) aka: Il piacere   Joe D'Amato directs this soft-core tale set in the 1930's. A brother and sister return home from a boarding house after their mother dies, to live with her mother's boyfriend Uncle Gerard (played by Gabriele Tinti). The brother marks the occasion by getting lucky with the maid (luscious Lili Carati) and the sister finds audio tapes documenting Uncle Gerard's love affair with her mother. This turns her on and she wants to follow in her mother's footsteps, which means being a brothel worker (which turned Uncle Gerard on!) and seducing Uncle Gerard as well. Plenty sleazy D'Amato flick as he tries to do Tinto Brass styles. Also with Laura Gemser and Dagmar Lassander. In English language  BA

P891 Poker in Bed (74) aka: La signora gioca bene a scopa? A gambling shoe salesman gets himself in trouble and winds up juggling three women much to his astonishment, enjoyment, and exhaustion. That's right, another sleazy Italian sex comedy that delivers the goods, and Edwige Fenech!  LBX  BA

A196 Policewoman in New York (81) aka: La poliziotta a New York  A Texan travels to Rome to hire two police officers to impersonate a mobster's girlfriend and his most ruthless hit man. With Edwige Fenech. LBX  BA

A263 Provocation (96) Passions run wildly amok at Carlo's (Gianni Demartiis) country inn as his wife, Amelia (Fabrizia Flanders), fantasizes about an affair with a guest, while his grandson Gianni (Lindo Damiani) spies on him to learn the secrets of love. And when Carlo's sexy cousin Marilinda (Erika Savastani) comes to stay, everybody sits up and takes notice....  Joe D'Amato directs!

A159 Real Young Girl, A (76) aka: Une vraie jeune fille  A 17 year old girl (played by a 21 year old by the way) is coming of age in 1963. She is well developed, moody, silent and weird, exploring her sexuality in various bizarre ways. She wanders about without her underpants on having dirty fantasies. Strange twisted and shocking sexual deviance, sometimes erotic, sometimes disgusting. Close to hardcore with some of the stuff here, but not quite. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

N674 Secret Fantasy (71) aka: Il merlo maschio  aka: X-Rated Girl  Under-achieving cello player is unfulfilled in his life until he overhears his wife's doctors discussing her naked body, and realizes this is a big turn-on, letting other men 'accidentally' see her nude! He begins having a series of bizarre fantasies about his wife, exposed to the world in various situations. Now, does she love him enough to disrobe in front of an audience? LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A288 Secret Sex Life of Romeo and Juliet, The (69) Period piece soft-core sleaze with loads of horny perverts and ultra- corny jokes in between the sex sequences. A lot of the humor is like Shakespeare meets the 60's. LBX  BA

D38 Secrets in the Dark (73) aka: Geilermanns Töchter - Wenn Mädchen mündig warden  aka: Le journal intime d'une polissonne en chaleur  aka: Practice Makes Perfect   German sex comedy hilariously dubbed into English. Opens in a pub where shrinks swap tales of sex they have experienced through unlikely encounters. Gets right down to business with the first tale. Plenty of excellent looking German girls in their birthday suits. Later a visit to a brothel raises temperatures and lowers trousers.

D39 Sensual Pleasures (79) aka: High Season  aka: Nackt und heiß auf Mykonos  - German sex and nudity film filled with beautiful people in exotic Mykonos. Naked blonde lesbians and more.

P829 Sex Clinic  (72)  aka: With These Hands...   aka: Clinic Exclusive   Julie (Georgina Ward) is an alluring but extremely ruthless proprietor of the clinic where she attends to her wealthy clients' sexual as well as medical needs, prior to blackmailing them... 

N777 Sexual Revolution, The (68) aka: La rivoluzione sessuale  aka: Seid nett aufeinander  A psychoanalyst induces seven couples into partner swapping with no restraint. Things get out of hand though and this doesn't have a happy ending. An erotic movie with an interesting dramatic evolution in the plot, maybe due to Dario Argento's contribution to the script. Laura Antonelli is amazing. With English subtitles.

D5 She-Man: A Story of Fixation (67) A soldier is forced to take estrogen, wear lingerie, and go by the name 'Dominita' for a year,  when he's blackmailed by a violent transvestite. From the director of 'A Christmas Story'. No kidding!

A735 Skin Deep (79) aka: Senza Buccia - Rare and English dubbed version of this classic Euro-trash. A teenage male virgin is on a sailing adventure with his friend. They run into a group of nudists including  girlfriend (Lilli Carati) and her sister (blonde knockout Ilona Staller aka: Cicciolina) who get things moving. Damn! Everybody is naked in this, a lot! LBX BA

A633 Story of O 2 (84) aka: Histoire d'O Numéro 2  aka: Histoire d'O: Chapitre 2   James Pembroke, a powerful industrialist, has become a nuisance to his rivals. That is the reason why they have decided to neutralize him. To this end they call on O, who has turned from victim to dominatrix. Her mission is to compromise not only James in person but his whole family as well…. The submission and domination appear less serious and menacing than in the original, and more playful, almost politically correct. This is European, so hot naked women are everywhere, not that they are more enlightened over there, it's just the fact that in 1984 there were more sluts over there than over here. Now, we got them beat! Just turn on the T.V. - Still, great Euro-trash from the 80's!

P830 Stud, The (78) Fontaine Khaled (Joan Collins) is the wife of a wealthy but boring businessman. She spends his money on her nightclub, the hobo, and partying. She hires a manager, Tony, to run her club, but it is understood that his job security is dependent on him satisfying her nymphomaniac demands. Tony loses interest in Fontaine, and turns his attention to her young step daughter, who uses him to get back at Fontaine for cheating on her father.... This film, utter trash from beginning to end, has tremendous camp value with Joan Collins as a rich-bitch disco maven boffing in the buff. Sleazy and fun with naughty dialogues and tawdry sexual situations galore.  BA

A428 Summer Night Fever (78) aka: Disco Summer  Two buddies head out for a summer holiday, but one of them has to take his sister along. She cramps their style when it comes to picking up chicks, but they manage! Well, sort of. The guy most likely to score fails, and then falls in with the sister while the nerdy guy gets more than he can handle! This sex comedy has loads of nudity and sexual situations. With Olivia Pascal (Vanessa 1977), Betty Verges and more! Dubbed into English and LBX.  BA

A36 Sweet Pussycats, The (69) aka: Alle Kätzchen naschen gern  aka: The Blonde and the Black Pussycat  aka: All Kitties Go for Sweeties   An officer and a count live on the opposite sides of the same castle. They make a bet on who will bed down the new maid first. The officer ignores his lusty wife (Edwige Fenech), proving he's a fool. This turns into an all-out sex farce. Slightly LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

P838 Tarz and Jane and Cheeta and the Boy (75) aka: Tarz & Jane Cheeta & Boy  Tarz  (Patrick M. Wright) has a silly wig. The ape-man suit is ridiculous. Still, you could do worse than this breezy cheesy soft-core dazzler with plenty of gags and a wild plot. Tarz, after getting his penis bitten off by a crocodile after a ferocious battle, heads off on a perilous pilgrimage to Wango-Wango Land in order to get himself a new and much needed ding-a-ling. With Tallie Cochran as Jane and Georgina Spelvin as Wanda the Huntress.  BA

P839 Tarzun and the Valley of Lust (70) Tarzan looks barely 20. When he walks his loincloth almost falls off. A horny ape chases Jane and manages to score. Tarzan gets racked when he swings into a tree and needs his crotch attended to. Exploitation sleaze definitely not from Edgar Rice Burroughs. With bonus classic jungle movie trailers.

A239 Tatuaje (78) On a beach in Barcelona appears the body of a young man, his face eaten by fish, who has tattooed on his arm the phrase: "I was born to revolutionize the hell." So begins a strange enigma. To begin we must find a name to this dead, find their identity. This is the charge receiving Pepe Carvalho detective Galician, former CIA agent and vocational skeptical, which does not prevent you from enjoying and savoring the pleasures of good food and good bed. Among the Barcelona underworld and the streets and canals of Amsterdam, Carvalho soon gives the answer.... Bigas Luna directs.  F.L.  BA

N917 Teasers, The (75) aka: La Liceale  aka: Flotte Teens und heiße Jeans  Finally a beautiful looking uncut widescreen print of this sex-comedy classic, and with English subtitles. Loredana (Gloria Guida) is a drop-dead gorgeous schoolgirl who takes advantage of her fellow students and teachers by using her beauty. After losing her virginity to an older man she realizes maybe there is more to life than just teasing. This version runs 91 minutes apposed to the English dub which only ran 72 minutes and snipped much of the nudity from Guida and Illona Staller (Cicciolina!). Great stuff here with natural beauty Guida in a break-out role.  BA

A336 Thinkin' Big (86) S.F. Brownrigg's last film! He of 'Don't Look in the Basement' and some others. This time he was aiming for the teen market. Five stupid women decide to go to the beach to look for guys. Four stupid guys decide to go to the beach to look for girls. Lots of topless shots and bad cinema hilarity ensue. In English language with foreign subtitles.

A570 Three-Way Weekend (80) Two girls go on a weekend camping trip, only to run across a sadistic forest ranger, a perverted wild-man who wears a gorilla mask and a recently married couple. With some of the most dirty and crude dialogue in this type of film you have ever heard!


N681 Tinto Brass Short Stories Volume #1 (99) Incredibly sexy tales with women to die for!  You get the following:  1. The Ladybird - Sperm donor lacks inspiration, while a eager lady thinks up a way to get him going!   2. Benedetta Trasgressione!  A divorced couple meet by chance in a park. Together they play a sexual game with two complete strangers and reignite their passions, but in a different way.  3. I Am as You Want Me - A Femme Fatale recalls a sensual love affair .  All tales remastered and with English subtitles.

N693 Tinto Brass Short Stories Volume #2 (99-08) Incredibly sexy tales featuring some of the most beautiful women, ever! 1. What a Weekend - Two sexy gals (one that won't wear her knickers!) get into some S&M together in their vacation room. Later a man shows up and the one woman ties her friend to the bed and watches them get it on.  2. Giulia - Three beautiful models on a trip to Rome... 3. The Last Train and also as a bonus 'Kick the Cock', one of the latest Brass shorts that will leave you speechless! Tinto, you have very good taste! All remastered and with English subtitles!

N707 Tinto Brass Short Stories Volume #3 (99-08) Incredibly sexy tales with women to die for! You get the following: 1. Four - Two men and two women have a night of sexual passion. 2. Improper Liaisons - When a cousin comes to visit, she seduces the entire family 3. Hold My Wrists Tight - Set in a clinic where a doctor takes advantage of his patient while his secretary takes advantage of the photocopier repair person, who happens to be a woman! All remastered and with English subtitles.

N779 Tinto Brass Short Stories Volume #4 (99) Incredibly sexy assortment of tales from Tinto continuing the tradition of extremely sexy ladies involved in extremely sexy tales loaded with sex, nudity and debauchery. With English subtitles!


A203 Top Girl (96) A simple beauty, lured to Hollywood by a competition to select a soap opera's leading lady ends up getting pawed by most of the male cast in various scenarios. With Carlo Solaro and Robert Madison (son of Guy Madison). Also with Sonia Topazio and Linda Gucciardo two more beauties. Plenty of sex and nudity and directed by Joe D'Amato!

N723 Traveling Companions (80) aka: La compagna di viaggio  aka: Una noche en el coche cama  A cast of Italian beauties star in this one as the occupants of a train (that I wish I was on!) traveling the countryside. Loads of nudity. Moana Pozzi (in her debut pre-porn!), Serena Grandi, Marisa Mell, Marina Hedman and more! This sleaze classic is in Italian language only and with no subtitles, but unique in so many ways with the number of ladies involved.  BA

P781 Unholy Matrimony (66) A buxom beauty named Janice is hired by a reporter to expose a blackmail ring involving swingers and wife-swappers. Janice is almost assaultd, Uta Erickson slips them some LSD and then becomes a sadistic cowgirl and more sleazy situations!

A899 V.D. (61) aka: Damaged Goods - A high school track star's wedding plans are capsized by venereal disease and a bad, beautiful girl in town. Super-hilarious propaganda made to try to steer teens away from sex. Pretty damn funny. With Dolores Faith and Mory Schoolhouse.

N410 Valeria Inside and Out (74) aka: Valeria dentro e fuori  Story of a young, beautiful and very frustrated woman who is married to a famous choreographer in the 70's Italy. She has everything she wants, clothes, a fancy home, jewelry, servants, except one thing: her husband refuses to have sex with her because she wants to get pregnant and have a child. Her husband does not want to have children because he feels they'd be too much responsibility and will interfere with his career, and since they live in catholic Italy, having an abortion or other type of contraceptive measures is unthinkable. So she goes out, gets a job and does what comes naturally for a young, beautiful woman: she becomes extremely promiscuous and has sex with every man she comes in contact with, in just about every location imaginable. But there is hell to pay when her husband finds out that she's cheating on him, and her punishment is something worse than death.... With Barbara Bouchet as Valeria - Now in Italian language and with English subtitles.  BA

N951 Very Late Afternoon of a Faun, The (83) aka: Faunovo velmi pozdní odpoledne  About an aging lecher's ever-optimistic pursuit of the fair sex, for fair sex, or better... Faun has a Don Juan complex, seized with a hypochondriac's fear of the approach of his inevitable death. He enters into a self obsessed race against time's passage. Time. A real bitch. He cannot let go on his pursuit of the young and pretty female form. With English subtitles.  BA

A611 Very Special Woman, A (79) aka: Une femme special  aka: Superorgasmo  Karin Schubert stars as Yasmine, a beautiful young newlywed with a serious drug problem. Her low-life husband uses her addiction to manipulate her, forcing her to smuggle narcotics for him, and even sleep with his gangster cronies to settle his drug debts. When Yasmine catches him in bed with another woman, she steals a load of heroin and goes on the run, with the smugglers in deadly pursuit. Also with Bridgitte Lahaie and Gordon Mitchell!  This is the soft-core cut version, see the XXX section for the uncut version.

D10 Violated Paradise (63) aka: Diving Girls of Japan  A modern geisha travels through Japan trying to find a job as an entertainer and ends up finding love and a job as a pearl diver. They depict Tokyo as the capital of debauchery. Narration slanted a bit anti-Japanese. Still very interesting as this is was how Japan was presented to American's in this film of 1963.

P840 Watch Me (95) aka: Mehr als heiße Blicke  A struggling photographer makes an amazing discovery when a new tenant in the building starts behaving strangely. Sex games ensue. Loads of nudity. With Jennifer Burton, Sheila Redgate and more.

N420 Welcome to the Ogenki Clinic (88) aka: Ogenki kurinikku: Tatte moraimasu  A dedicated sex clinic works relentlessly on solving their patients sex problems. They will save the sex lives of many, so everybody can feel good! LBX and with English subs and lots of nudity and sexual situations. BA

N694 What's Up Superdoc? (78) aka: Que se Passa Super-Doutor?  This movie is about a doctor who was a sperm donor in his college years, incredibly virile, fathering 837 children. They all were males, and all have genius I.Q.'s! When outed, crazed women with test tubes start chasing him... you see they want... a small donation! Look for Mary Millington and Anna Bergman in cameos. Of course being a British sex comedy ensures numerous lovely ladies.  BA

A273 Whore 2 (94) Impressive tale of prostitutes, not anything like the first 'Whore' (which starred Teresa Russell and we have the unrated version if anybody needs it).  This time out most of the gals playing hookers are indeed real life hookers! So this is as real as it gets in that department. Makes you wonder what happened to them all. This movie certainly exploits them as maybe this was the intention? However, you cannot exploit the willing and the jaded... or can you?

P842 Women of the Night (01) A semi-truck armed to the teeth with machine-gun toting babes barrels through LA while a beatnik, pirate radio DJ (who's blind!!!) spins yarns about, in no particular order, a soft-core actor squeezing lotion over some boobs, a 'beautiful Asian man' engaging in the most poorly choreographed knife-fight I've ever seen, and the time a man was accosted in a public restroom by some girls who wanted nothing more than to shave his bare ass oh so sensually. Oh, and there's a yodeling interlude....

A265 Wrong Way to Love, A (69) aka: Brucia, Amore Brucia  aka: Amarsi male  - Story of an unhappy love affair between a young left-wing student and a middle-class young woman...  LBX and with Susan Scott (also known as Nieves Navarro, she was in a bunch of Italian made classics)  BA

A240 Y ahora Que Senor Fiscal? (77) aka: Muchachos de barrio  aka: What Now Mr. Prosecutor?  aka: Boys Neighborhood   Leon Klimovsky directs.  Crime/Thriller starring Valentin Trujillo and Silvia Solar. Nudity. LBX - F.L.

N497 Young Graduates, The (72) Spunky and precocious high school senior Mindy Evans spurns her decent, but frustrated boyfriend Bill and has a fling with hunky married nice guy teacher Jack Thompson. Mindy finds out that she might be pregnant. While waiting for the results of her pregnancy test, Mindy decides to alleviate the tension by embarking on an impromptu road trip to Big Sur, California with her loyal best gal pal Sandy... Dennis Christopher, Bruno Kirby (in his debut) and Patricia (Witchmaker) Wymer star.  BA

A877 Yumi Ohka (0?) She water-skies (sort of), shoots pool, eats a huge meal (a turn-on for some) and goofs off in a wedding dress. Why? do you ask. I have no answer. Only that cute Asian wrestler/actress chicks get footage of themselves in various attires and sexy poses to promote themselves. Here comes Yumi! F.L.




A361 1000 Convicts and a Woman (71) aka: Story of a Nympho  aka: Fun and Games  Tough to find sleaze from Britain about a horny blonde (Alexandra Hay), fresh out of boarding school, making conjugal visits to a prison run by her father. Black man White Man... Anyman! (screamed the U.S. poster) Later she is involved in a prison break.   BA

A357 5 Women For the Killer (74)  aka: 5 donne per l'assassino  From director Stelvio Massi. A disturbed killer slashes and kills pregnant women from the crotch to the stomach. Very complex ,graphic and sick giallo now available in nice quality, LBX and with English subtitles. Essential!   BA

N662 99.9 (97) The host of a radio program on the paranormal goes to an isolated village to investigate the mysterious death of her ex-lover/father of her child. She receives a video tape of his final moments - he's running in terror, completely naked. Gorgeously photographed (not to be confused with the barrage of crappy found-footage-horribly- filmed flicks assaulting our fragile senses lately), only this time it is unrelentingly bleak landscapes, and interiors of ruined buildings. The droning foreboding score accents the bleakness perfectly, underlining the madness that seems to exist in the village. Every bit as creepy as Pupi Avati's 'House with Windows that Laughed', this film by Augustin Villaronga is top notch! In Spanish and with English subtitles.

N405 A Rather Complicated Girl (69) aka: Senza Pudore  aka: Una ragazza piuttosto complicata  Sexploitation psychological thriller with Jean Sorel, Florinda Balkan and Catherine Spaak. Spaak and Sorel engage in a romance. Hedonism is the theme and nastiness creeps in as we learn what a deviant misogynist Sorel is. When Florinda Balkan enters the picture (literally, in her film debut)  looking stunning, you know there will be trouble. But Sorel is a sociopath/psychopath and he runs over Balkan with his car. What a waste... Will he get his just rewards for his evil? I think... In Italian language and with English subtitles.  BA

A199 Abducted 2 (95) aka: Abducted II: The Reunion  While a hunting guide takes a big-game hunter into the wilderness, his son, who he thought dead, returns to terrorize three female campers. Debbie Rochon, Jan-Michael Vincent and Dan Haggerty star. HOT She-Rambo action sequences in the woods as the girls kick butt! Entertaining nonsense!  BA

D45 Abnormal Passion Case: Razor (78) aka: Ijojochi jiken kamisori  A woman can only reach the heights of passion if a man shaves her down there first. For some reason the man in her life finds this detestable. Tragic ending. LBX and with English subtitles.

N553 Akelarre (84) Navarre in the late seventeenth century. A feudal lord, with the help of an inquisitor, has instigated a crusade against the local witchcraft. Of course this is a ruse, what he really wants is to impose his power and stop a farmer who opposes his tyranny, and whose lover had sex with the son of the boss. An interesting 'Mark of the Devil' type film, almost unheard of. From Spain, LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

N663 Alien Platoon (92) The army is going broke compensating the families of fallen soldiers. Solution? A super soldier! But it escapes and a team of commandos is sent to track it down and destroy it. For fans of 'Trepanator' and 'Dinosaur from the Deep' comes another totally crazy French horror and this time with English subtitles.

N508 All the Souls... Except the Dead (77) aka: Tutti defunti... tranne i morti  Bizarre Giallo spoof that features a plethora of eccentric characters: inept detective, diminutive hero, a cross-eyed psycho and a dwarf (actually a man in drag) as servants, and many more. From Italian director Pupi Avati the man behind "House with Windows that Laughed' and others, so we know he knows exactly what he is doing a parody of! Nice Gothic setting adds to the atmosphere. LBX and in Italian language with English subtitles.  BA

N921 An Average Little Man (77) aka: Un borghese piccolo piccolo  aka: Un bourgeois tout petit, petit  What starts out as a comedy goes dark! When a mild mannered and meek man's son is killed, he takes justice into his own hands! Alberto Sordi, known mainly for comedies goes all 'Death Wish' here in a surprise turn as the vengeance seeker. His rampage is incredible! Also with Shelley Winters as his wife! LBX and with English subtitles! Recommended!  BA

D205 An Hour of Fear (86) aka: A Hora do Medo  Good quality print of this gruesome Brazilian horror-slasher-sleaze co-directed by Coffin Joe himself Jose Mojica Marins! In Sao Paulo, Alberto is an insane and sadistic man that murders women, while his mother cleans up the mess. When he kills the maid, they bury her in the back. Later, her brother comes snooping around..... Still no subtitles but easy to follow. F.L.

N906 An Ideal Place to Kill (71) aka: Oasis of Fear  aka: Un posto ideale per uccidere  A young free loving hippie couple (Ray Lovelock and Ornella Muti) get kicked out of Italy for dealing in porno. On their way home they run out of petrol and wind up in a large house where Barbara (Irene Papas), after some troubles, invites them in to spend the night. Turns out she is the lonely wife of a NATO colonel and soon all three are involved in some flirtatious sex games..... Nice and twisted film from Umberto Lenzi. Nice widescreen and dubbed into English.  BA

N939 Andrea the Nympho (68) aka: Andrea - Wie ein Blatt auf nackter Haut  aka: A Woman’s Urge  aka: The Nympho  Andrea (Dagmar Lassander) is a young woman with innocent looks, but a ravishing sexual appetite. By using her sexuality she can get most anything she wants, but as each day passes she gets deeper and deeper into a world she despises, and fears she will never escape. LBX and dubbed into English language.  BA

D32 Angel Guts: Red Lightning (94) aka: Red Flash  aka: Tenshi no harawata: Akai senkô - Nightmarish thriller with shades of Cronenberg/Lynch weirdness. Brilliant perversion here as you will soon see. Nods to 'Psycho' after a assault scene, superb score... more. A disturbing catalog of assault fantasies. This may be the rarest of the Angel Guts films. LBX and with English subtitles.

N603 Angel’s Melancholia, The (09) aka: Melancholie der Engel   Pushes the extremes of horror. Even the most jaded of horror fans will cringe with what is on display here! Pathetic, violent, associative, hypnotic, dramatic, romantic, musical, metaphysical, sick, tragic... all of these things and more!  This print is LBX and has English subtitles!  BA

N781 Ape Woman, The (64) aka: La donna scimmia  aka: Le mari de la femme à barbe   This is the original downbeat European version (an upbeat version was made for the US market). Annie Giradot is 'The Ape Woman'!  Antonio (Ugo Tognazzi) meets Maria (Giradot) with full hair on her body (and a pretty hairy face too!). Antonio puts her in a freak show to make some cash (he sees her as his meal ticket!) , and also falls in love with her! Antonio is greedy and vicious however, exploiting her shamelessly, and the shocking grim ending will stick in your head for quite some time. Will the show go on?  LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A535 APT. (06) aka: Apateu   Se-jin, a young woman who lives in old apartment in a Seoul suburb, amuses herself by observing the windows of the apartments on the other side. A few incidents make her realize the apartments may hold the answers to some murders that have been occurring. Continuing the 'Ring' and Ju-On' type of film here. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A780 Aro Tolbukhin in the Mind of a Killer (02) aka: Aro Tolbukhin - En la mente del asesino  Aro is an Hungarian immigrant that sets fire to seven people in an infirmary in a mission in Guatemala. The movie traces back to see what made him do it. A serious analytical study and a horrifying testimony about how a traumatic childhood can turn some people into monsters. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

N412 Arrebato (80) aka: Rapture  Jose is putting the touches on his latest, a schlocky vampire picture. Back at his apartment he is not happy with his vocation, his heroin addicted girlfriend, or anything in general. And then a strange parcel arrives with a reel of super 8 film, an audio tape, and a key to Pedro's (a director) apartment. Inside the camera is a vampire that absorbs people when they are filmed. Huh Wha? See for yourself now in this Spanish cult movie that dwells in a thick atmosphere of drugs, alcohol and sex. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A356 Asphyxia Death (various) In this training session we see graphic photos of victims of choking, strangulations etc. As a special bonus there is a chapter on Skeletal ID. Informative but tough to watch.

N649 Attack of the Serial Killers from Outer Space (93) Great grade Z trash here (meaning movie gold!). A super-hero fights against the dastardly plans of a mad doctor, who aims at invading northern France with army of... SERIAL KILLERS FROM OUTER SPACE! Bad humor, action, aliens, machine guns, green wigs, superheroes.... what more do you want? Now with English subtitles.

A49 Autopsy (73) aka: Autopsia  A war correspondent comes home from Viet Nam with a spiritual and mental crisis, and decides watching an autopsy to come to terms with his own mortality. When we get to the autopsy footage, it is REAL, and interspersed with on-the-street comments about death, made unintentionally hilarious by the English dubbing. Our hero's troubles increase when he finds out his wife is cheating on him. This still touches a dark part of life that many may find interesting and this delirious trip into death and despair is worth a look!  BA

A350 Ballistics and Gunshot Death (various) In this training session you see bloody photos of people shot multiple times, some in the face, head etc. Informative but tough to watch.

D198 Best of Trash Film Festival Volume #1  (06-09) Foreign. If you love short tales of gore and horror here we have quite a few. Killer Bra (about a killer bra!), Blood Shed, Botoxia (botox causing an outbreak), Dan Mrtvih (disturbed man goes on a bloody rampage of murder), Drugi povijesni, NE!, Force Impact, Janko, Jogurt, La Donna Della Toilette - These tales are all over the board here. English subtitles where needed

N952 Beyond Reality 2 (88) aka: Dying: Last Seconds of Life, Part II  This film takes you even further beyond reality with actual hidden camera footage of brutal death in progress- or so they say....  In “reality” it is a combination of clips from Bloodsucking Freaks, Snuff, Jungle Holocaust and other films mixed with some real footage of Executions, bombings, cannibalism, torture and more....  some silent, some with funny narration....  Ends abruptly at 90+ minutes- it’s complete-  guess they just didn’t have time for end credits....   

N922 Bizarre (87) aka: Profumo - A wife (Florence Guerin) tires of her husband and his perverse sex games and pursues sexual liaisons with a series of men until she meets sensitive man she falls for. In the meantime her husband is spying on her and she dresses up her new man like a hot chick in order to humiliate her husband in his wanton ways. LBX

N837 Black Cobra (76) aka: Eva nera  aka: Emanuelle en de Blanke Slavinnen   Laura Gemser plays an erotic dancer that performs with snakes. (Insert pun here) Snake lover (and owner) Judas (Jack Palance), loves her act and hires her to watch over his snakes while he is away on business. Gemser brings over her lady lover. Things take a sinister turn. Also with Gemser's real life husband Gabriele Tinti (who meets a butt-bittten end!)  Fresh Snake for lunch? Wait until you see this sequence! Also Jack Palance is simply priceless here, a slimy creepy sleazebag role he delivers with wicked abandon. Gemser (a total friggin' knockout) displays her sensuous charms generously, and other sleazy situations run rampant here in this Euro-sleaze classic directed by Joe D'Amato. Gorgeous Uncut English language widescreen print.  BA

D62 Black Hair, Velvet Soul (82) aka: Dan Oniroku kurokami nawa fujin  Gambling and drunken sleaze-bag husband gives up the deed to his wife's restaurant in order to stay out of trouble with the mob. They approach the wife and tell her she is going to be responsible for the husband's debt....  Things go off the rails. Rope bondage, nudity and more in this Pinku. LBX and with English subtitles.

A62 Black Past (89) Young Thommy (played by Olaf himself) who's falling in love with his dream girl. All is well until Olaf discovers a chained up chest in his attic that holds a mirror and a diary of sorts telling some very grim stories of the houses' past. Not thinking any of the mirror besides it looking cool, he hangs it up. But this mirror isn't like any other mirror. It's evil....  Things start going awry fast and the mirror is starting to set up poor Thommy into going down the same the paths the old inhabitants of the mirror went through.  Olaf Ittenbach's classic gore can be categorized as one of the best from 1989. Zombies, serial killers and creepy monsters. With nods to 'Evil Dead' and others you simply cannot ignore this one! Olaf, only 20 years old, really hit a home run here with his first movie. Now with English subtitles!  BA

N676 Black Snow (65) aka: Kuroi yuki  Cool and disturbing Japanese film. The director was actually arrested on charges of public indecency for this in Japan. No one had seen anything like it at the time.  Luckily he was found not guilty and this paved the way for more of the twisted sex and violence stuff we know and love from Japan. In this, a guy becomes a sexual deviant that needs to fondle a loaded gun to get turned on. We've all been there, right? NOT!!  Later he murders a G.I. and then kills his mother's sister... LBX and with English subtitles. Oh, and indecent, thank God.

A635 Blacker Than the Night (75) aka: Más Negro Que la noche - When four women move into a big old house left by one woman's aunt, strange things begin to happen. Bizarre voices, visions of ghosts and mysterious voices lead them to discover the darkest powers of evil and a horror and an agony beyond terror. The old woman had a black cat too that figures prominently in the story. The cat is 'blacker than the night'. The girls accidentally kill the cat. Bad move. Great quality and with English subtitles. BA

A444 Blödaren (83) On tour through Sweden, the all-girl rock n' roll band 'Rock Cats' suddenly find themselves stranded in no man's land when the tour bus breaks down. Soon they get to meet 'The Bleeder' an insane beast of a man whose sole interest is to kill them all, one by one. The hunt is on.... This film has been called the Swedish Texas Chainsaw Massacre! Tense and exciting slasher. The premise is easy to follow and the locations are well shot with the isolated abandoned old inn and other buildings. LBX - F.L.

N820 Blood Stains in a New Car (75) aka: Manchas de sangre en un coche nuevo   A rich snobby scumbag fails to save a father and son who are in a crash. He is morally bankrupt, has zero feelings for the agony of others. Guilt hits fast and hard, and hallucinations and paranoia begins to drive him to madness. He also thinks his wife is having an affair with a lesbian art dealer. Karma is a bitch as he is soon to find out. LBX and with English subtitles.

A289 Bloodbath at the House of Death (84) Six scientists arrive at the Creepy Headstone Manor to investigate a strange phenomena which was the site of a massacre years earlier where 18 guests were killed in one night. It turns out that this place is the hide-out of a satanic cult (led by Vincent Price!!) who plan on killing everybody! This is a British horror comedy (that spoofs many genre films) with Price at his hammy best!  

N710 Bloodstained Lawn, The (73) aka: Il prato macchiato di rosso  A bizarre group of aristocrats pick up prostitutes and hippies and other street wanderers, taking them back to their plush mansion. Once there they are wined, dined and treated like gold... until they are drugged and then strapped to a huge (and very kitschy looking) blood draining machine that, as you would suspect, drains them of every drop! They need the blood to use as an ingredient in their special wine. Plenty of nudity. Genuinely creepy and well done! With beautiful giallo star Marina Malfatti and many more. Beautiful widescreen print and with English subtitles.

N879 Bloodsucker Leads the Dance, The (75) aka: La sanguisuga conduce la danza  Letterboxed uncut print with XXX inserts! In 1902, Count Marnak welcomes a modest theater company to his isolated castle. One of the female stars, resembles the count's late wife, and they begin an affair. But then a series of ghastly murders begin, in which the victims are decapitated. The killer is operating from somewhere on the castle grounds....  Nice quality, LBX and dubbed into English language. The U.S. release is 86 minutes, this print runs 95 minutes.  BA

N541 Bloody Psycho (89) aka: The Snake House  In a haunted castle a wimpy doctor is performing some type of psychic therapy on the lesbian owner of the place. Mystery, deaths, gore, electronic soundtrack, beautiful landscapes, a cool castle.... everything you would want from a slasher/ghost film from Italy and presented by Lucio Fulci!  Now with English subtitles!   BA

N899 Bloody Puppet, The (76) aka: La Poupée Sanglante  An ugly man who lives in the woods is lynched for the death of a young girl. The locals think that will put an end to the cases of missing girls that has been going on for some months. Meanwhile, a girl starts work at a manor, where she finds the true culprit, and she is abducted. But before all that, her fiancé builds an automaton, and she falls in love with it. The ugly man, before, who loved the girl, has had his brain and heart placed in the automaton by her fiancé. Automaton man is her only hope. Excellent!  This sucker runs 4 and a half hours and has English subtitles. On one DVD-R, regular price. Or two VHS $22.  

A432 Blow Job (80) aka: Blow job dolce lingua  aka: Blow Job - Soffio erotico   A young man (Danilo Micheli) is tempted to a weird house by an ugly witch (Anna Massarelli) where he encounters a group of surreal characters in surreal circumstances….   Plenty of bizarre characters appear including a biker whose head looks like a skull and group of old masked dancers carrying candles….  An odd mix of graphic sleaze, Gothic horror and seemingly random images from director Alberto Cavallone.  F.L.

A353 Blunt Trauma  (various)  In this training session we see harsh and brutal photos of victims bludgeoned to death, beaten with different objects - Informative but tough to watch.

N783 Body of Love (72) aka: Corpo d'amore  aka: Cuerpo de amor   A father and son find a woman washed ashore on the beach (Mimsy Farmer). They nurse her back to health at their beach house. She speaks another language. When her boyfriend shows up, the father and son are reluctant to let her go. They want to possess her... share her... Mimsy Farmer is quite the catch, not one to throw back in. This is not a catch and release father/son type. So they tamper with the boyfriend's scuba diving air tanks. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

N664 Born for Hell (76) aka: Naked Massacre  aka: Die Hinrichtung  aka: ...E la notte si tinse di sangue   Based on the Richard Speck murders, this is dark and grisly and it involves a crazed Vietnam vet who invades the dwelling of 8 nurses and takes them one by one into a separate room and stabs them to death. They each wait their turn, in horror. Wait, will one of the nurses snap the heck out of her horrified stupor and escape? Dark, and the best one on Speck, even though not factual, they pretty much got the end result of his crimes here. This German production was filmed in Belfast Ireland and is dubbed into English language. Richard Speck had a tattoo 'Born to Raise Hell' which was his undoing. LBX  Now the uncut version of this, not the 85 minute release, but an 87-88 minute uncut release!   BA

N711 Boys From Violent Rome (76) aka: Children from Violent Rome  aka: I ragazzi della Roma violent  aka: La nuit des excites   A modern day Neo-Nazi youth gang meets in their Nazi decorated hide-out, complete with Hitler poster. They are all bored teens from rich families. One of the guys gets off on pinball (a nod to 'Tommy'?), one has sexual fantasies that lead to assault and murder, Apparently this is based on a case of punks capturing two girls and raping  them for days killing one of them. The lead actress actually sued the director because she claims he focused on her pubic region. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

N597 Brigade Call-Girls (77) aka: Les jeunes pentionnaires de l'amour au service de la politique  A mysterious killer is murdering Madame Chlo's call-girls with a razor. The detective in charge is trying to keep an eye on the hookers, but he is being watched as well! This film has many giallo elements, but this is also a XXX film so be warned, there is plenty of hardcore sex and nudity. In French language and with English subtitles.  BA

N784 Burned Barns, The (73) aka: Les granges brûlées  The body of a young woman is discovered near a farm. The judge thinks the farmer's are involved. Simon Signoret stars as the matriarch of the farm family who get put under a microscope by the local police. Incredible frozen landscapes and scenery. Truly haunting and memorable. LBX and with English subtitles.

N425 Butcher, The (90) Cool low-budget German splatter about a guy with a cloth over his head doing old-school splatter on a 'Monster Club' group of boys, turning people into zombies. Quite effective and gory. A drill to the head, a decapitation, gory machete to the head and more. These kids know how to make cheap splatter, and for that alone they surpass many of the direct to DVD crapfests being unleashed upon us today. Kind of creepy as the victims are young boys being chased by the killer! With Extras! F.L. - BA

A970 Calamity of Snakes (83) aka: Ren she da zhan  This is the notorious Hong Kong snake movie, in which they actually kill hundreds and hundreds of snakes. When a luxury resort is being built the construction workers find a large den of snakes on the grounds. They kill the snakes. Not all of the snakes die. The surviving snakes go on a rampage, not happy with having their home destroyed, and their brothers and sisters murdered.  Tons of snake attack action and gruesome death. Dubbed into English and LBX. 

N762 Cammora: A Story of Streets, Women and Crime (85) aka: Un complicato intrigo di donne, vicoli e delitti  Violent crime thriller about a series of drug-related murders. The killer's signature is a hypodermic needle through one of the testicles of his victims’. Best description is a crime/giallo type. Sexy Angela Molina stars and with Harvey Keitel in a standout role as 'Frankie' (wait until you see what happens to him!). A little preachy at the end, but well worth it 'mixing of the genre's' type flick.  BA

A779 Castle of the Creeping Flesh (68) aka: Castle of Unholy Desires  aka: Im Schloß der blutigen Begierde  In an ancient castle, a mad scientist is trying to revive his dead daughter. Graphic and gory surgery sequences. With Howard Vernon, Janine Reynaud, Michel Lemoine and more.  Here we have an 81 minute version of this film, that was widely cut in all U.S. release versions. See all the graphic gore and explicit nudity, assault and sleaze as it was meant to be seen in this rare print from a Japanese source!  Dubbed into English language and with Japanese subtitles.  BA

D94 Christabel (88) An English girl (Elizabeth Hurley at 23) marries a German lawyer (Stephen Dillane recent of 'Game of Thrones') in the 1930's and they try to live as normal a life as they can in Hitler's Germany. When Allied bombs start falling on German cities she takes her two young sons to a village in the mountains. Then she learns that her husband and a few of his friends have been arrested for plotting to assassinate Hitler. Based on a true story. Close to 3 hours.  Available on DVD-R only

A456 City of Shadows (87) aka: Nightmare City  A tale of two brothers, one a renegade cop, and the other a murderer with a taste for little boys. Set in a futuristic city that looks like an industrial nightmare. With Damien Lee and John (It's Alive) Ryan. In English language and with foreign subtitles.

N583 Clash (84) A young woman has to take some dirty money to an abandoned warehouse and wait for a couple of gangsters to join her. Once inside the warehouse, a strange unidentified man appears and begins to open some doors. A nightmarish scenario unfolds and she finds herself trapped. Is she simply doomed or is there something supernatural afoot? In French and with English subtitles.

A285 Clive Barker's A-Z of Horror (97) Three disc set. The history lesson you are about to embark upon in the world of horror is well worth the watch. Join Clive, one of the masters of the horror genre, as he walks us through loads of great clips and snips as he narrates. A great show. All 3 discs for $20 or 3 VHS for $28

D213 Collage of Carnage (various) Real death culled from the internet. I am warning you right now, this is rough stuff. Mexican chainsaw beheading by drug cartels, Russian massacre squads torture and kill, a man brutally stabs a woman to death in the street while the crowd refuses to get involved, Horrible human behavior. In many languages depending where each scenario is from. If images of real death and real violence disturb you... remember... you were warned!

A787 Coming Next Week (various) Yet another trailer tape! This time you get two hours of trailers mixing science fiction with horror and even some mainstream Hollywood films plus some oddball items like 'Calypso Heat-Wave' and more. There's plenty of Universal Horror and Hammer stuff too!

A75 Constipation Camp (various) Goofy mix of clips from American/Japanese horror/slasher/porn flicks all to the tune of heavy metal music. This will keep any party going with loads of clips that will make your jaw hit the floor!

N697 Corruption (86) aka: La Bonne  aka: Pecados de Uma Mulher Casada   A neglected wife (Florence Guerin) gets involved in sexual affairs with men and women. Her idiot husband has no idea. Twisted sexual film with plenty of erotic and oddly innocent scenes intermingled with repression and lust. Lots of nudity too! Also with Trine Michelsen and Antonella Ponziani. In French language and with English subtitles. 

A429 Corruption of Chris Miller, The (73) A serial killer uses a scythe to slash his victims... or is it... 'her' victims? An isolated mansion in the countryside houses a repressed woman and her disturbed stepdaughter. Enter a charming drifter that may or may not be a killer and you get an obscure horror gem from Spain that deserves another look! With actress turned radical nut Jean Seberg who died of a drug overdose at age 40 after being involved in shifty dealings which eventually destroyed her career. This is very atmospheric and finally LBX!  In English language with foreign subtitles.

D143 Counterworld Lust + Cosmos Plan: Erotic Clash (9?) More Japanese horror/sci-fi/porn anime. Even a Cosmos Plan music video as a bonus! How can something sound so innocent and yet be so profane? All dubbed into English (except the music video). The art is fantastic in these.

N416 Creature, The (77) aka: La Criatura - Twisted tale from director Elroy De La Iglesia! A respectable housewife (played by the sexy Ana Belen) falls in love with her dog! When she refuses to have sex with her husband, he assaults her! (The film's only shocking and nasty scene) The assault is promptly condoned by her family priest... in the name of marriage, God and the church. The lurid tale is told with restraint. Dark paw prints on our heroine's wedding gown, a playful tug-of-war with a towel as she emerges from a bath, a savage attack on the husband when he attempts sex with his wife... The situation with her and the dog is clear, without resorting to any graphic detail. The message I think is that no matter how vile her situation with the dog, the humans in her everyday life are worse than she could ever be. Now LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A636 Crocodile Evil (85) aka: Lung Taam Daai Ngok   aka: Crocodile Hero  aka: Tears of the Dragon  A crocodile wizard guy, snakes, lots of crocodiles, two chicks in the shower naked, wild sequences of madness.... this is what awaits you here, and more!  F.L.

A367 Cruel Horizon (89) With the war in Viet Nam over, Nick tries to escape with his pretty Vietnamese girlfriend but the soldiers make her stay. Years later he hears from her and sets out to try to reach her. Meanwhile she is on a boat with many and pirates pull up and throw everybody overboard except for the pretty girls. They may be evil, but they're not stupid! They snatch a baby from a pleading woman and throw it into the ocean, and then shoot it to death too for good measure. Later the pirates take the women to an island and start raping them on the beach. It is up to Nick to start a war with the pirates and save the women. Audio has a low crackle, but not too annoying. Lots of nudity in this Belgium flick in English language.  BA

A738 Crypt of Dark Secrets (76) A witch named Damballa resurrects a murdered Viet-Nam vet who then takes revenge on his killers in this regional and very atmospheric horror. Maureen Ridley is Damballa and is quite mesmerizing. She was in two other movies and then disappeared (this being her last). Set in swampy New Orleans.

A919 Curse of the Black Cat (77) aka: Black Cat in a Dark Room   aka: Cazar un gato negro - This Spanish thriller fits in with the Italian giallo genre. Man-eater blonde is the ruin of whoever falls for her womanly wares. Plenty of nudity, soft-core sex, some violence, stabbings and more. Dubbed into English language.

N714 Curse of the Vampire, The (72) aka: La llamada del vampire  aka: Horrortrip  This one takes place in a small rural Spanish village. When sexy doctor Dora arrives to investigate a rare blood disease to cure the Baron Carl, her sexy helper falls in love with Carl, but he is a bloodsucker and he soon puts the bite on her and makes her his vampire bride! This is another one that is so heavily influenced by Hammer that it cannot be ignored. Really hot vampire women, you too would surrender to their bite!  Now, finally in a nice LBX version, and with English subtitles. BA

A349 Cutting and Stabbings (various)  In this training session we see some very graphic photos of bloody and gruesome slides/photos of many victims, some cut multiple times before their painful demise. Informative but tough to watch.

N925 Daddy (73) Real life artist Niki De Saint Phalle makes a semi-autobiographical film about herself, and the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her father. (allegedly) So this is theassaultutic for her I suppose. The first half the father appears and it shows the abuse as she narrates by speaking directly to him in the film. The second half is him in a wheelchair, being tortured by her as she acts out her rage. In that second half she acquires a schoolgirl to taunt him with, someone she herself fondles to arouse him. She also talks to the camera and shows crude drawings she has made with obviously a disturbed bent. This is one weird flick!

N940 Dangerous Sex Date, The  (01) The librarian of the university of 'Xenia', schedules a S&M blind date with the masochist 'Ghost' to satisfy her fantasies and sexual desires. They spend the night in his apartment having kinky sex and on the morning Ghost is dead with a slashed throat. Xenia cleans up and splits. But Ghost was a sergeant, investigating a site that provides sex services, and his friend Silver contacts Xenia. With Italian sex star Rocco Siffredi and Stefania Bonafede.

B173 Dark Sanity (82) aka: Straight Jacket - A woman with psychic visions and an alcoholic past, moves into a house (with her husband) where the previous occupant was mysteriously decapitated, and soon suspects the visions she is seeing are her own future. She starts to see body parts lying about, and the lines between sanity and reality begin to blur. Decent and forgotten low-budget psycho-thriller. With a twist ending. Aldo Ray has a pivotal role.  BA

D33 Daughters of the Fresh Flesh (74) aka: Fille de Chair du Frais  Directed by Jean Rollin! Flesh and Fantasy combine in this skin flick. One woman is whipped which turns on another couple who have sex. Very European sex and weirdness not unlike a Jess Franco film. Something about being initiated into a large sex cult in a large chateau run by a gorgeous blonde. They wear masks at the ceremony and have chained female prisoners as well. Slightly LBX and with English subtitles.

A794 Deadly Circuit (83) aka: Deadly Run  aka: Mortelle randonnée - An aging private detective is on the trail of beautiful Catherine (Isabelle Adjani) who kills and robs her rich husbands with a razor before making off with the loot. Thing is he also is depressed, and he begins to think of Catherine as sort of a daughter, so he does not report her crimes. She gets into other troubles and things spiral out of control in this cruel and dark film, not without it's share of black humor. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A798 Deadly Organ (68) aka: Feast of Flesh  aka: Placer sangriento - A masked killer prowls the beaches of Argentina, injecting beautiful girls with heroin, and then using weird organ music to make them his zombie slaves. From the director of 'The Curious Dr. Humpp'. The cops use LSD as a 'truth serum' when questioning a woman! What? Wild stuff here and one of the craziest out of Argentina.

N799 Deadly Triangle, The (73) aka: El juego del adulterio  A wealthy woman (Erika Blanc), her industrialist husband, and her lover, all cross and double-cross each other in this giallo/sleaze type thriller. LBX

A250 Death Bite (83) aka: Avanaida - Todesbiss der Satansviper   aka: Mordisco Mortal  A gigantic serpent is captured on a remote island and shipped to an American college for experimentation. A British millionaire and an American scientist find themselves in hot pursuit of the beast when it escapes from captivity and starts to kill innocent people....  Pretty cool killer snake movie with suspenseful attack scenes and well staged gore sequences. This is also available under the title 'Spasms'. Oliver Reed and Peter Fonda star. If you have never seen it give it a try. This version has the 'Death Bite' title on the screen, not sure if there are any differences from the 'Spasms' print.   BA

A385 Death Happens: 666 (09) aka: 6:66 Dtaai Mai Daai Dtaai  A crime reporter for a Bangkok newspaper is witness to a brutal killing and spirals into a nightmarish world of horror while the killer closes in to finish off the only witness to his crime. Some disturbing and gory scenes. F.L.  BA

N577 Death has Blue Eyes (76) aka: The Para-Psychics  aka: To koritsi vomva  aka: La perversión de la carne  Two con men are involved in threesomes, car and motorcycle chases, ESP, rude-talking bird, stripping at gunpoint, cold war espionage and naked female assassins (only one in a very brief scene) and more. This is one odd entry from Greece. Loads of nudity, and plays like a soft-core film at times.

N951 Death in Focus (89) Here it is: death in all it's faces, from the horrors of Buchenwald to the devastation of Hiroshima. From the political assassinations of the last half of this century to the blooding feeding frenzy of the pythons of Burma, it's all there, burned onto the screen like the napalm victims of Vietnam. BA


A292 Death Knocks Twice (69) aka: Blonde Köder für den Mörder  aka: The Blonde Connection  aka: La morte bussa due volte  aka: La mort sonne toujours deux fois  Fabio Testi plays a smart (but deranged) artist who loves to strangle his women when they are making love. Anita Ekberg cannot resist his homicidal charms and becomes a potential victim. A detective is on his trail. Even a young Femi Benussi gets into the act in one of her earliest have-naked-sex-and-get-brutally-murdered-minutes-later cameos. Finally in English language and with foreign subtitles. BA

N926 Death Knocks Twice (69) aka: Blonde Köder für den Mörder  aka: The Blonde Connection  aka: La morte bussa due volte  aka: La mort sonne toujours deux fois   Fabio Testi plays a deranged artist who can't seem to resist strangling his female partners during sex. Anita Ekberg is a woman who cannot resist his charms and is a potential victim, as she cuckolds her gangster husband (Adolf Celli). Even Femi Benussi is on hand for a 'have sex and get strangled' cameo! A P.I. uses his fiancé in a plan to catch the killer.  Cool Giallo and 11 minutes longer than the other print.  Dubbed into English language, but there are some scenes in Italian language and when that happens, there are English subtitles. {this version is longer by 11 minutes!} BA


N816 Death Laid an Egg (67) aka: La morte ha fatto l'uovo  Surreal Giallo/Eurotrash at it's finest and now the long sought after 90 minute version dubbed into English language and LBX! Mark (Jean-Louis Trintignant) only married Anna (Gina Lollobrigida) for her chicken farm. He also has woman on the side Ewa Aulin (Swedish Blonde Fox, her next film 'Candy'). But most importantly, Mark is a psychopathic killer. He stabs a woman to death in the opening sequence, quite violently I might add, this woman suffers. There's much more to this, with some very interesting plot elements not usually found in this type.

N489 Deathrow Gameshow (87) aka: Jogos de Morte  Contestants on "Live or Die' are actual deathrow inmates in this futuristic movie set in 1991 (!). Sometimes hysterical, always entertaining and politically incorrect movie that may also just be a damn good idea! Pay for view, and clean out the deathrow inmates at the same time! Revenue to pay for the prisons, and family entertainment! Hah!   BA

N670 Décadence (99) At age 4, a young boy is walking in the woods with his sister and her boyfriend. The boy is abducted, the others strangled. It is the work of three satanic madmen, who live in the woods. They raise him to be like them. These are woods you don't want to be hiking in, as our madmen capture and kill their victims. But there seems to be an endless parade of victims passing through! One guy they have chained up is graphically scalped. One of the crazies licks the top of his bloody skull. Another has a fixation on a younger man, yep, a gay killer. assault, murder, blood and guts and other offensive behavior. After raping and disemboweling a woman, the gay guy puts on her makeup and her skirt After chopping off the head of a priest, the killer kisses the head, then prays to Satan to take this 'sacrifice'. This is one dark and twisted, totally screwed up movie. In French language and with English subtitles.

N927 Deep Night (91) aka: Notte profonda  Rare Italian horror!  A depressed horror comic author casually finds a strange artifact, a small pyramid, while cleaning up a bar that a friend recently purchased. It's a puzzle of some sort and once opened it spawns evil, invisible entities, which haunt the protagonist by possessing the objects present in the house while he is asleep. Will this paranormal event be solved? Apparently not, director Fabio Salerno committed suicide in 1993.  In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

A142 Delitto Passionale (94) aka: Crime of Passion - When a famous writer is found dead after a tryst with her lover, the police detective investigating the case pins all of his suspicions on the late scribe's jealous husband. A homeless man eventually confesses to the crime, but things take a turn for the bizarre as more dead bodies appear... including the suspicious spouse's own mistress....  Splendid murder/mystery/sleaze/giallo from Italy with Fabio Testi, Serena Grandi and Florinda Bolkan. A shocking twist ending, even for Italian thrillers!  Dubbed into English language.

P933 Designated Victim, The (71) aka: Murder by Design aka: Blodig Bytteleg  aka: La vittima designata  A wealthy decadent Count, convinces a disillusioned playboy that they should murder one another's relatives. Here we have an Italian version of Hitchcock's 'Strangers on a Train', and better too if you ask me. Nice locales, soundtrack and photography. With Tomas Milian who also sings the theme song. Now LBX and in English language!  BA

N542 Devicanska Svirka (73) aka: A Maiden’s Music  aka: Música de vírgenes  Ivan is a young man who travels by carriage, and he wants to rest in a remoted inn somewhere in the plain, which was seen by locals as haunted place. Coachman doesn't want to carry on, so Ivan continues his journey by feet. He arrives to the castle, where strange music can be heard from. A young kid who passed nearby told Ivan about the castle, and just shortly after that the carriage kills him. Sibylle, a beautiful but strange woman comes out of the carriage and helps Ivan to carry dead kid into the castle, which is her home. After her husband's death, she lives there only with her coachman Bartholomew. Ivan and Sibylle will fall in love with each other, but the mystery of the music will not be found out until the end....  In Czech and with English subtitles!   By the director of eastern European horror film 'Leptirica'.   This black and white horror film is directly influenced by the Italian Gothic Horror films of the 1960's.   Very atmospheric horror and very well done!  LBX

N801 Devil Has Seven Faces, The (72) aka: Il diavolo a sette facce  aka: El diablo tiene siete caras   Carroll Baker is a woman mistaken for her twin by some jewel thieves. Her twin has made off with some stolen jewels. Lots of Giallo elements populate this crime thriller of action and suspense. Sexy sexy babes too, so plenty of eye candy. Now in a beautiful widescreen version. BA

N715 Devil's Bed, The (78) aka: Tod im November  aka: Die Wölfin vom Teufelsmoor  John Philip Law stars as an engineer who is visiting a small isolated country town with plans to build a highway through that area. The locals have a sorcerer, and a witch named Walpurga (Florinda Balkan) who are opposed to the idea, and use their magic to screw with his mind. Nudity and even a little gore. An unheard of gem that demands the attention of fans of 70's horror. The major theme of the movie is technical advances versus nature. In German language, LBX and with English subtitles.

A969 Devil's Box (84) aka: Gui zhan  A director shoots a commercial at a deserted house that he finds out is cursed. When bizarre accidents occur and his nightmares start to plague him, he decides to try to get to the bottom of it. He eventually figures out that the visions and malevolent occurrences are related to an abandoned truck found near the house. With English subtitles.

D169 Devil's Nightmare (71) aka: La Terrificante Notte del Demonio  aka: La plus longue nuit du diable  aka: Vampire Playgirls  aka: The Devil Walks at Midnight  aka: La nuit des petrifies   The Devil and his minions seal the fate of 7 tourists, (who represent the seven deadly sins) who are forced to spend the night in a castle. Uncut version with the lesbian sex sequence missing from some other prints. Erika Blanc is superb in this role and her transformation from sexy seductress to ghastly succubus is a highlight. Sure, we have the English dubbed version. But if you always wanted to see it without the cheesy dubbing, but instead in it's original Italian language with English subtitles and LBX.... well then, here it is!  BA

A35 Devils, The (71) aka: Die Teufel  In 17th-century France, Father Urbain Grandier (Oliver Reed) seeks to protect the city of Loudun from the corrupt establishment of Cardinal Richelieu. Hysteria occurs within the city when he is accused of witchcraft by a sexually repressed nun (Vanessa Redgrave)..... Incredible Ken Russell film (R.I.P. Ken) that freaked the Catholic church and remains controversial even over 40 years after it's release.  Oliver Reed's finest moment! Striking LBX version in perfect quality. A masterpiece!  BA

A358-N554 Diabolical Shudder (71) aka: Escalofrio Diabolico - A mysterious red-hooded society terrorizes guests at a remote country villa.  Starring Patty Shepard, Mariano Vidal Molina, Cris Huerta, George Martin   Finally an English subtitled print of this Spanish horror film

D19 Dissolved and Effused (85) aka: Rozpustený a vypustený  From Czechoslovakia. Hair growth ointment may or may not deliver on it's promise. Ask the guy that melted away after using it. Maybe he can tell you. The investigation is on. Men who used it are missing. Off to become playboys with a new head of hair, or dissolved and drained? With English subtitles. BA

N586 Dogs (77) aka: The Girlfriend  aka: Polizia Selvaggia  aka: Gizli kuvvet  What starts out as a typical Euro-Crime quickly turns into a dark and sleazy 'House on the Edge of the Park' type exploitation affair with the villain taking a blind man, his daughter and niece hostage in their mansion subjecting them to all kinds of mental, physical and sexual abuse. One hell of a finale in an old shipyard. Nudity, and previously cut sleaze scenes restored. Cool Turkish made rarity LBX and with English subtitles.

N587 Don't Change Hands (75) aka: Change pas de main  A well-known politician woman receives a tape showing her son in a porno movie. She decides to hire a female detective to help her find out who is trying to blackmail her. This film-noir style erotic thriller takes place in the 1950's. This is very unusual. A very adult film (with XXX), even violent at times, on a big production with a fleshed out story (in more ways than one!) LBX and with English subtitles.

A352 Drug Overdoses (various) In this training session we see photos of overdose victims in various stages of decay and death. Informative but tough to watch.

N730 El Mirón (77) aka: The Voyeur - Roman, a middle-aged man, is married to a beautiful woman named Elena.  He’s insecure and is dissatisfied with their marriage.  Rather than letting his jealousy consume him, he decides his wife should have affairs with other men under the condition that he be able to watch….  Jose Ramon Larraz directs this sleazy flick.  BA

A926 El Placer De La Venganza (86) A woman therapist goes nuts when her husband and child are brutally killed in their van by a vicious gang of escaped criminals. The youngest bad guy has a guilty conscience. The woman is also shot, but survives, and after leaving the hospital her vengeance begins. The youngest bad guy has a guilty conscience. Violent and bloody with impalings, shootings, beatings, nudity and more. F.L.

A976 Electric Chair, The (76) aka: High Voltage - When a happy couple is murdered, a courtroom trial occurs. But is the accused really the killer? Weird little oddity from the director of 'Dr. Gore'. Some greasy and sleazy characters (whether they be locals or government officials) here mix it up in the mystery of the killings. Nice electric chair sequence. Double feature it with 'The Town that Dreaded Sundown' (clearly 'Town..' is the superior film).

A351 Electrical Death (various)  In this training session we see corpses of victims of electrical burns and fires. Informative but tough to watch.

A793 Element of Crime, The (84) aka: Forbrydelsens element   aka: L'elemento del crimine   A cop in a dystopian decayed Europe (in the near future) investigates a serial killings suspect using controversial methods written by his now disgraced mentor. As the plot unfolds, a haunting atmosphere takes over.... This is Lars Von Trier's first film and it really captures what might be the future- in a scary way.  A little bit 'Blade Runner', a little bit David Lynch. LBX and with English subtitles. 

N599 Emma Puertas Oscuras (74) aka: Asesina Obsesión  After a terrible accident, a young psychotic girl named Emma (Susanna East who's next film was 'Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter') stays in psychiatric hospital. Emma is released by the hospital after she is involved with a lesbian nurse. She then murders the nurse and then her husband is slashed to death. Her mother tries to hide her... yep... she gets slashed too! The climax in a huge gloomy mansion is great with some good stalk and slash moments. Some gory and giallo-like stabbings, nudity and a grim atmosphere make this obscurity worth checking out. Also with Perla Cristal. From director Jose (Vampyres) Larraz. In Spanish language and with English subtitles.

N429 Emmanuelle and the White Slave Trade (78) aka: La via della prostituzione  Last trash Emmanuelle with Laura Gemser and directed by Joe D'Amato. Title explains plot somewhat. Enough gratuitous nudity to make it worth a watch. Laura rubs one out whilst watching Susan shag a mechanic, she partakes in a drug-fueled threesome, she runs naked through the African bush, she satisfies an aging senator, humps a kung-fu transvestite, and is rogered by a gang of thugs in a bowling alley. You'd think our Laura would be worn out by now, but in a trashy finale, she offers herself to a group of fishermen in exchange for a lift back to the city on their boat. Joe also does the widescreen cinematography, and it's brilliant! Wow! LBX - BA

N555 Eros Perversion (78) aka: Proibito erotico  A series of erotic themed segments in which the film's main protagonist (a middle-aged man with a peeping fetish) goes about getting himself into comical sexual situations. His wife is a fat slob with sloppy eating habits. Lots of nudity and look for Ajita Wilson to appear as as well. Scene after scene, gag after gag, you may need a shower after watching this one!  Now LBX and with English subtitles.

N523 Evil Warbie Bitch (06) See the adventures of 'Evil Warbie Bitch' against blondes and everything! Warbie sounds like... Barbie! Yes, this is a series of gory doll shorts!  First Barbie-Q: In which a Goth looking Barbie, rises from a coffin, smokes some weed, then goes outside with guns and shoots a bunch of other dolls, children and adults, blowing them all to smithereens!  2. Evil Needs Candy Too...: Dead Dolls everywhere in dark morgue, but Goth Evil Barbie is loose. Blonde Barbie arrives with a 'Jesus Loves You' sign in the morgue of death and terror. Evil Goth Barbie snatches her serrated blade and guts blonde Barbie,  her blood sprays from her torso... Yes, there is more more more evil killer doll stuff. Very creative with creepy miniature sets loaded with macabre props. In one scene a chainsaw wielding Barbie dismembers a blonde tied to a chair while blood sprays from every wound! Basically a hodge-podge of cheap poorly animated but wholly entertaining gore drenched clips. With German subtitles, (and some English, but not much) but no spoken language this is all done with weird German death metal/techno.  BA

N882 Exciting Eros Hot Skin (86) aka: Exciting ero: atsu hada  aka: Gimme Shelter  Raunchy tale of a family driven completely mad by rock music. The mother does half-nude aerobics until her son assaults her, the father is a homosexual pedophile, and the daughter falls into bed with a female teacher. Despite these shocking situations the director concentrates on alienation and corrupted innocence as well! In Japanese and with English subtitles. LBX

N768 Eyes Behind the Wall (77) aka: L'occhio dietro la parete  aka: Voyeur pervers  An old paralyzed writer (Fernando Rey), and his younger wife (Olga Bisera) rent an apartment to a young man (John Philip Law) who is also a killer of women. The couple's butler preys on young girls, and the couple spies on John Philip Law's character. The old man sends his woman in to have sex with Law so he can watch.  Twisted depraved sexual deviancy, Law is assaultd by a black guy, voyeurism, pubic-hair fetishes, child abuse, incest.... one of the most perverse films of 1977. Complete with the scene from the opening sequence where John Philip Law's character begins a assault/murder of a sexy blonde on train, cut from most prints. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A128 Fallen Angels (08) aka: Varg Veum - Falne engler  A chance meeting with his former classmates in the rock-band Camp, offers complications for Veum. The problems get really big when he resumes contact with his former flame Rebecca - now the wife of Varg's buddy Jakob, the band's front-figure. A series of murders are being committed in the city, where the bizarre MO is young girls hanged and wearing white dresses. Varg is not the only one who gets too much involved in the case....   LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A67 Fear Has 1000 Eyes (70) aka: Giochi Erotici di una Giovane Assassina  aka: Skräcken har 1000 ögon  aka: Sensuous Sorceress  A woman (Anita Sanders) returns home from an institution returns home and her friend/maid practicing witchcraft . She wreaks havoc with her voodoo and uses her powers to seduce the religious husband and his returning wife. This devil priestess starts an orgy of sorts before the devil gets his due. Considered the first Swedish erotic horror film ever made. Starring sexy Anita Sanders and Solveig Andersson. LBX and with English subtitles.

N430 Final Hour (95) aka: Sidste time  Bad students locked in their school are stalked by a killer in this Danish horror film. Meanwhile a news crew covers the story from the outside. Some gruesome killings. Huge movie in Denmark and the book sold well. LBX but in Danish language only with no subtitles. BA

B165 Final Journeys Part 2 (98) We are all forced with a 'Final Journey' . Bitch-slapped into life's final cruel indignity locking in the last laugh... it's you and your death! Not for the weak hearted.

N883 Flesh of the Orchid, The (75) aka: La chair de l'orchidée  aka: Un'orchidea rosso sangue  Here's a chance to see Charlotte Rampling (as seen in last season's 'Dexter') in her prime. She is the seriously disturbed Claire, kept prisoner by her aunt in a castle, as her aunt knows she is the sole heir to a fortune. She escapes. With killers on her trail she proves resourceful in self defense by shoving a knife in the eyes of men, blinding them, whether they deserve it or not. Rampling gets nude for all you fans out there, we also have 'The Night Porter' with Rampling, wow! A dark and erotic thriller. In French and with English subtitles. LBX

A262 Flight To Hell (03) Don's nightmare comes true as his fellow passengers on a private plane are turned into flesh eating monsters. Kind of like that 'Twilight Zone' with the Gremlin on the plane, meets 'Alien' or something. Colorful and entertaining nonsense from the director of 'Mummy Theme Park'. Now dubbed into English!

N769 Forbidden Love Games (75) aka: Juego de amor prohibido  aka: Giochi d'amore proibiti  A school teacher picks up two of his students who are hitchhiking (a boy and a girl). The summer vacation has begun and with time on his hands, he takes them home to his mansion. From guests to captives he begins to sexually humiliate and torture them until he has them brainwashed into his way of thinking. Eventually there is a reversal of roles and things don't wind up as you would expect. From director Eloy De Iglesia (Cannibal Man, Clockwork Terror). Twisted and Perverse.  LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A346 Forensic Overview with Autopsy (90) First in a series of pathology class tapes from the South featuring slides and footage of dead bodies, victims of violent crimes, autopsies etc. Be Warned! Not for the Squeamish! (A few glitches but in good quality overall).

A201 Forensic Pathology Overview + Autopsy (various) Exactly what it sounds like it would be! For students of the medical profession, or students of the bizarre. Here is what happens to many of our human shells after we depart to lands unknown, or simply oblivion, nobody really knows.

N396 Frankenstein 80 (72) aka: Midnight Horror  Incredible LBX version of this GREAT EUROTRASH! Gordon Mitchell plays a mad scientist who creates a sadistic brute that escapes from the lab and hunts down and molests and kills beautiful women.  Don't get ripped with the full screen print taken directly from the 80's tape. This is a remastered LBX version! Nudity, gore and overall perverse sleaze that oozes off the screen in your face!  BA

N901 Frankenstein: A Love Story (74) aka: Frankenstein: Une histoire d'amour  aka: Frankenstein 95 - Possibly the rarest of Frankenstein films. Victor Frankenstein is trying to create a man after he has exhausted his endeavors with corpses and animals, much to the grief of his teachers and community leaders in Geneva. Condemned to isolation in the mountains, he continues his experiments. His monster wreaks havoc on his life, and demands a bride.... Grand locations. With English subtitles.

D82 Full Circle (77) aka: The Haunting of Julia  aka: Demonio dalla faccia d'angelo  After the death of her daughter, Julia (Mia Farrow) a wealthy housewife, moves to London to re-start her life. Soon she haunted by sadness and the ghost of her daughter. This film will literally scare the hell out of you. A truly creepy score and a shock ending you won't see coming that will have you leaving the lights on. Available in a full frame version for ages, this is the widescreen edition with the 'Full Circle' title. Also with Keir Dullea, Tom Conti and more. Recommended, especially if you have never seen it! If you have, then you must see this widescreen edition, which is so much better than the full frame.  BA

N849 Galaxies are Black (81) French made 4 episode mini-series. The French police are puzzled by strange deaths caused by a plant growing out of the stomach's of the victim's which finally appear to be aliens. Tension building like a 'Body Snatchers' type movie and very well made. Complete at around 3 hours and 40 minutes. On one disc, regular price. Or 2 VHS $20

N393 Game Over (89) aka: 3615 code Père Noël   aka: Hide and Freak  aka: Deadly Games   Thomas, a very intelligent and resourceful child, is left alone with his beloved and fragile granddad on Christmas Eve. How nice. Nice that is, until a crazed psychopath dressed as Santa breaks into their mansion and starts chasing them. The kid is up to the task of psycho disposal and the cat and mouse hijinks begin! Think a much darker version of 'Home Alone'. In French and with English subtitles. LBX  BA

N684 General Massacre (73) This film would be best described as an anti-war protest film mixed with the psychological analysis of a deranged war freak. This twisted film from Belgium is loaded with controversial and shocking scenes. The experience of war has changed this guy, making him not only insane, but dangerous. Talk about Combat Shock! Banned in several European countries due to content. This film was directed, produced and stars Burr Jerger, who also wrote the screenplay based on his OWN novel! Talk about a multi-tasker! In English language with foreign subtitles.

D56 Ghost of Pain (9?) Another extremely strange Japanese horror film. LBX - No subtitles.

D207 Ghostly Face, The (72) aka: Lem mien kuel  aka: Geistergesicht der roten Dschunke  Ghostly Face (a good guy that wears a monster mask) kills a woman's father and steals his sword. Or did he? In any event the daughter is seeking revenge! It may be he has been framed however. Bloody spectacular fight scenes! English! LBX  BA

A436 Giallo Alla Regola (88) aka: A Case of Mystery - After a robbery outside his apartment, a man named Sergio (Remo Girone)  finds a suitcase full of stolen money. Hiding the money Sergio and his friend Paolo drive to the vacation home of Sergio's sister Roberto... Rare Italian made thriller and with English subtitles. Quality not as sharp as usual on this title.

N544 Giulia (99) aka: Julia  Anna Biella's performance is great as she portrays an independent young woman who is determined to offer her body up in defying any religious taboos. This film is a kick in the face to all uptight Puritan types that construct moral walls against the natural flow of life. This is exemplified in the final section dealing with the Pope and the Devil as well as when she urinates against the Vatican wall in defiance. Director Roy Stuart is the enemy of repressive moral and social routines. This version has been re-edited and contains 17 extra minutes of new scenes and more explicit footage cut from the release copy!   English subtitles and LBX

A403 Glass's Corpse (09) aka: Il Cadavere di Vetro - Retracing how accomplished he is in his life, an elderly professor throws the mask he has worn for so long and in a final ferocious act, trying to erase traces of itself. To realize his plan he needs the help of a young writer in which he finds the hopes that had been his. Between them, they will establish a 'vampire' and their demons will force them both to see what they really are. Cronenbergian with the mutilations of the flesh awash with the psychological weirdness. LBX - In Italian language only with no subtitles.

A945 Glimpse of Hell, A + Engineering Red + Experiment 18 (various) Three rare and gruesome shockumentaries on one DVD. The first shows gory footage of rotting corpses in various states of decay while someone reads poetry. Beautiful. Ugh! The second short in Russian with English subtitles shows images of war, burn victims, deformities, Siamese twins, gory operations and more. The third and final short is in German with English subtitles, and has to do with Nazi experiments in WW2. This thing in part, or as a whole will creep you out.

N788 God and I (69) In a small mountain village a young Priest falls for Anna. She returns his affections. Eventually he seeks counsel from a cardinal in another city. Upon his return he finds that Anna is now an accused witch, set up for exorcism to free her from the lusts of the flesh. Hah! Good luck with that. Maybe she really is a witch? LBX and with English subtitles.

N838 Golden Night (76) aka: Nuit d'or  aka: Die Nacht aus Gold   A man (Klaus Kinski) thought dead returns for revenge, killing his relatives one by one. Kinski in another thriller role with a vicious story and great photography/settings and color. Kind of like a more modern Edgar Wallace type thriller loaded with gothic flavors. And that is one creepy Kinski puppet!. Some really shocking scenes, like a bound and gagged hanged schoolgirl, dwarf abuse and more. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A985 Gouda Ninja (9?) Opens with a gory sequence as a man is skewered and blood spurts everywhere. As he makes his escape a red clad woman fires her gun.... Then we are thrown into the story of a  Catholic schoolgirl with a magical amulet and the harassments she endures. That is, until that sexy woman shows again brandishing a machine gun. Swords are also part of the gory mayhem delivered in this one. Epic and bloody battles, a tall guy that looks like he is an Angus Scrimm copy from 'Phantasm', a violent catfight, and a tattooed sword guy that turns into a big creepy slug-like monster with big sharp teeth and when decapitated the head sprouts tentacles and goes after our heroine... crazy stuff here! Japanese language with no subtitles but plenty to enjoy!

N609 Grand Guignol (87) Obscure French film based on the theatre of the macabre that originated in France. An unsuccessful theatre troupe is trying to revive the Grand Guignol. This movie is bizarre with desperate characters, adultery, voyeurism, sleazy situations, weird fantasy sequences and plenty of fun gory special effects that were done very well. In French language and with English subtitles. LBX

B171 Grim Prairie Tales (90) aka: Grim Prairie Tales: Hit the Trail... to Terror   aka: Spuk am Lagerfeuer  aka: Noite de Historias e de Terror   Two travelers, one a well to do young clerk (Brad Dourif) on the way to reunion with his wife, the other a scruffy, feral bounty hunter (James Earl Jones), meet at sundown and swap wickedly entertaining, scary tales around a campfire. Excellently acted and produced with high production values. Kind of like 'Tales From the Crypt' in the old west.  BA

N545 Grotesque (09) aka: Gurotesuku  Saw and Hostel were just appetizers! A madman captures his victims and cuts off pieces of them, then treats the would before he begins again. If they happen to pass out from the pain he simply hits them with some smelling salts. Wouldn't want them to miss anything! Sadistic splatter and torture from Japan. Extreme warning!  LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

N790 H2S (69) This obscure film from Italy had strong censorship problems and was rarely screened. In an Orwellian society some time in the future, in a strange surreal 'igloo' in a snowy wilderness, the evil powers rule. Set designs are rich and creative, political madness pretty much dead on for 1969 and the outlook from then outlandish and grim. Video brainwashing reminds a bit of 'Clockwork Orange' or even a little 'Videodrome'. I am sure many governments wish they could program their citizens this way, to weed out everyone who doesn't share their ideology. Plus a Ennio Morroconi soundtrack!  With English subtitles.

N421 Haunted Cop Shop (87) aka: Meng gui cha guan  It's at the Ghost Fest when ghosts are allowed one night's leave. Vampire's and ghosts are on the loose and two detectives try to stop them! Spooky horror comedy - LBX and with English subtitles. BA

A393 Heart of the Stag (84) Chilling story of a farmhand (Bruno Lawrence) who realizes his popular boss (Terence Cooper, a burly, hunter of native stags) has been committing incest with his daughter (Mary Regan) for years. Grim and hostile terrain accompany the moody pacing of Cooper's incestuous menace as Lawrence and Regan find mutual solace. Especially creepy when the mother, who is in a wheelchair listens to her husband and daughter having sex behind the door. From New Zealand.

N600 Heat of the Flame (76) aka: El calore de la llama   A young woman is married to a much older man. She is not happy as there is something missing in her life. Meanwhile a masked rapist is attacking women in the area. One day she is attacked in the woods and taken to a log cabin and assaultd.... and enjoys it! He lets her go and later on she comes back for more!   LBX and in English language.   BA

A30 Hell's Raping Angels  (various)  Sick and Violent 70's and 80's XXX porn loops and shorts (one grind house looking) showing biker gangs taking over a church, raping the innocent looking young women all dressed in white, and crucifying the priest until the leader gets his face blown off with a shotgun! Other shorts have rapist-bikers doing other depraved things to girls. Truly twisted and offensive!

A369 Heroic Victim, The (9?) After being attacked by three guys in motorbikes a woman wakes in the hospital and decides to make some changes. She works out at the gym and learns to fight, refusing to be the victim ever again! When she catches her sister doing drugs her friends pin the poor girl down and then burn her with a hot iron. Now she is a ruthless high-kicker and she plans on taking on the drug dealers! This is a pretty good one and also has English subtitles.

N885 High Tension (72) aka: Alta tension  aka: Doppia coppia con Regina  Jose, a young mechanic, arrives in Madrid, with the intent of making it big. He gets conned and loses his money. Luckily he gets taken in by a photographer, (Patrizia Aduitori), who introduces him to Pablo and Laura (Marisa Mell). Now his troubles really begin! Cool and rare Giallo type thriller mystery which also stars Helga Line. In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX  BA

N589 Hipnos (04) When the young doctor Beatrice (Cristina Brondo) arrives in a mental institution, she finds that lots of patients are committing suicide, apparently induced by the director of the Asylum Dr. Sanchez Blanch. She is drawn into a web of lies, sex, murder and intrigue. Or is she? Nice Spanish horror thriller with a surprise ending. In Spanish and with English subtitles.   BA

N515 Hook, The (76) aka: To agistri  A man is a rich tycoon in love with his sexy wife (Barbara Bouchet) and she is cheating on him. She and her young lover have murder on their minds so they can have his fortune to themselves. Things go horribly wrong on a yachting regatta, not as they planned, and nobody comes out of this well. Now in Greek language and with English subtitles.

N928 House of Blue Shadows, The (86) aka: La casa del buon ritorno  Here's an excellent Italian thriller that you may have missed! A man, who unintentionally killed a little girl when he was a boy, goes back to the house where he was born, the place where it happened. Stylish, thrilling and creepy. Picture a bit shaky here and there, but otherwise great quality. In Italian language and with English subtitles.  BA

A448 House of Perversity (74) aka: Le Tango de la Perversion - Erotic sex thriller with several plot twists thrown about, some murders and intrigue and jealousy, blackmail and lust. This rare print is in English language with foreign subtitles.

N848 Icy Breasts (74) aka: Someone is Bleeding  aka: Les seins de glace  aka: Esecutore oltre la legge  From the Richard Matheson novel. Mireille Darc plays a female homicidal maniac in this giallo/thriller. Icy Breasts indeed! Also with Alain Delon. Beautiful widescreen and with English subtitles. BA


A670 Incredibly Rare Import Trailers (various)  Over two hours of spectacular  and very obscure trailers that were on many of the long-gone European Video Cassette companies to promote their releases in the 1980's and 1990's. Most are the actual theatrical trailers, not home-made ones! Mega-rare titles include Bloody Friday, Blazing Magnum,` Tough Guy Ripped Off, Cruel Destination, Legend of the Werewolf, The Ghoul, The assault After, Born a Ninja and many many more. Nudity and violence of course

A671 Incredibly Rare Import Trailers #2  (various) Here is another beautiful lineup of trailers that includes Madman, Splatter University, The House on Sorority Row, I Spit on Your Grave, assault Squad, Ms. 45, The Evictors, Trapped, Shivers, Squirm, Rats, Bloodsucking Freaks and lots more. What a great party backdrop!


N610 Infernal Manor, The (75) aka: Draguse ou le manoir infernal   Sex and Horror.  Stars Monica Swinn, Karine, Martine Flety, Britt Larsen, Olivier Mathot and Gilbert Servien   In French language and with English subtitles. LBX

N591 Interrabang (69) A hip fashion photographer sails to a secluded island with his wife and two other models for a fashion shoot. He bails out (a boat pulls up to take him to get help) when they have engine trouble, while a killer is on the loose nearby. The women meet up with a man who starts to seduce them one by one. (Could he be the killer?) When the body of a dead policeman turns up things start to get shaky. This early Giallo-type has some of the most beautiful locations we have seen in one of these types. With all three women being knockouts, LBX with English subtitles, how can you loose?

N908 Intimate Relations (79) aka: To Milo tou Satana  aka: Relaciones sexuales íntimas  A giallo-like plot, non-stop sex and nudity, gore, cheesy dialogue, car chases and more in this soft-core outing. From Greece, so in Greek and with English subtitles.

P820 Jikembo of Young Kingachi (97)) aka: The Devil's Bouncing Ball Song   Kosuke arrives at a small village inhabited by farmers, craft people, a wine maker and some fans of old movies. The village elder has died from poisoning, and Kosuke is enlisted to help investigate. Also targeted are three young women. All of the murders, including 23 years earlier, are related, and are tied together by the lyrics of a children's song, where the means of death are specified explicitly in the song....  Japanese schoolgirl horror/comedy/fantasy LBX and with English subtitles.

N756 Jimmy and Timmy (0?) Super-violent German language crime-splatter. Incredible shoot-outs, more spraying and squirting blood (with no CGI, just practical gore FX) than you have seen for quite awhile and just a general lack of value for human life. This is loaded with squib-exploding shoot-outs (that look actually painful) and really dangerous looking explosions. LBX - F.L. - BA

3100 Jud Suss: the Indoctrination of Racial Hatred  (40)  Nazi anti-Semitic tract about a Jew who rises to power under the duchy of Wuerttemberg by stepping on, abusing, and raping Aryans.  This film caused riots at its screenings and tragedy for its cast and crew. BA

A606 Kat (01) aka: Kat - Eine Katze hat neun Leben. Du hast nur eins  Due to a failed séance of her flat mate's quirky grandparents, the cat of law student Maria gets possessed and turns into a panther-like monster attacking targets of it's jealous rage. You see Maria has a psychic connection to the critter, and if she has any problem with you.... you're toast! Danish horror. No subtitles but still pretty cool. F.L.

N546 Kill Barbara with Panic (74) aka: Patayin mo sa sindak si Barbara  A young woman commits suicide after vowing vengeance on her cheating husband. Good plan. But wait! She is now a ghost/demon and still has the ability to get her revenge through possession! Watch as she takes gory revenge! This devilish delight is out of the Philippines and is a direct result of the 'Devil-type possession flicks' of the era. With English subtitles.


N840 Killer With a Thousand Eyes, The (74) aka: Los mil ojos del asesino  aka: On the Edge  Detective from Interpol is sent to Lisbon to investigate a series of murders and a missing drug shipment. This Crime/Giallo thriller boasts some violent fights along with the murders and a really cool bridge chase that ends very badly for one driver. With Anthony Steffen, Romy and Maria Kosty. Dubbed into English language with no subtitles and LBX.  BA

A426 Killer With a Thousand Eyes, The (74) aka: Los mil ojos del asesino   aka: On the Edge  From the director of 'The Killer Wore Gloves" Juan Bosch comes this obscure Giallo! A detective is sent to Lisbon to investigate a series of murders that turn out to be linked to a drug smuggling operation. With Maria Kosty of 'Night of the Sorcerers' and Anthony Steffan. Dubbed into English language and with Greek subtitles.  BA


N886 Killer Without a Face (68)  aka: Assassino senza volto  A once lost Giallo! A series of murders is happening in an old Italian castle. The setting is the old Balsorano castle and this is shot in expressionistic black-and-white with some interesting POV camera shots of the stalking killer, an often used standard for stalker/killer films to come.  With American actor Lawrence Tierney! This rare film comes with English subtitles and is LBX. BA

N398 Killer Wore Gloves, The (74) aka: La muerte llama a las 10  Peggy (Gillian Hills) plays a young woman whose boyfriend disappears (we apparently see him killed in the opening scene). She has to rent out here flat to a creepy tenant. Later she gets a call from her boyfriend and he lures her to an airplane hanger where she is almost killed. Still later her tenant kills himself, but he was an imposter and the real tenant shows up. Who is the razor wielding killer? Is her boyfriend alive or dead? Does Peggy get naked? (Spoiler: Yes!) Fine out the answer to all of these questions and more in this cool Giallo, filmed on location in London. LBX and Uncut!

N841 Knife of Ice (72) aka: Il coltello di ghiaccio  aka: Detrás del silencio  Superb Umberto Lenzi directed Giallo now in a LBX  print dubbed into English and with no foreign subtitles. Martha (Carroll Baker who is great in this) witnessed the death of her parents when she was just 13, and struck dumb due to shock. Now as an adult she still lives with her uncle Ralph in the Spanish countryside. Her cousin Jenny (Ida Galli as Evelyn Stewart) arrives and is brutally murdered. It appears that a sex-maniac is on the loose killing beautiful young women. A great mystery with cool editing tricks. This film will remind you a little bit of 'The Spiral Staircase' if you are familiar with that film (and it's remake) Recommended!  BA

N611 La Ocasión (78) Spanish actress Teresa Gimpera rarely did nude scenes but happily complied for this great Euro-Trash! Gimpera and her uptight husband head to their beach home and find it ransacked. The perpetrators, a gang of rough free-spirited types attack! Once assaultd, Gimpera coaxes her husband to escape and seek help. Then she enjoys having sex until the cops arrive. Jose Larraz strikes again! In Spanish and with English subtitles.

N569 La Part Animale (07) Weird French made film about a guy that moves his wife and child into the middle of nowhere and he gets a job at a turkey farm. When he develops sexual problems with his wife he discovers that the company of geese can replace that as part of his job is to masturbate the male animals to enhance the reproduction among the farm... A weird film... unusual, confusing ... and enough to make you puke at times! LBX and with English subtitles.

N400 Lady Dracula (78) aka: Os Apetites de Lady Drácula  In the opening it is 1876 and Dracula (Stephen Boyd in his last role before fatal heart attack at age 45) has just kidnapped a young girl and taken her home to his castle. The villagers are hot on his heels and they break in, and they gorily stake him dead. His body disintegrates before our eyes, old-school style. Nice opening. The girl unearthed 100 years later is the same girl. Apparently she was bitten. After her first feeding she ages into the incredibly lovely Evelyne Kraft, the statuesque Russian born blonde bombshell from 'Mighty Peking Man' and others. What follows is a vampire comedy you can really sink your teeth into! Also starring Brad Harris. Incidentally, Evelyne also died young of a heart attack at age 57 in 2009. Now in German language and with English subtitles and LBX!

A657 Lady Master Snake (72) aka: She mo nu  aka: The Snake Girl   A tribe of snake women living in a cave (as snake women are wont to do), go in and out of snake woman mode, battling greedy treasure-hunters and more. Nudity, fights, impalings, stabbings... Great stuff in this rare Thai-HK production. With English subtitles too!

N671 L'Alliance (71) aka: The Wedding Ring - A bizarre mix of black comedy and psychological thriller. The strident eerie music and the creepy cinematography, coupled with even creepier acting from Anna Karina and Jean-Claude Carriere (as newlyweds engulfed in suspicions about one another), the use of lizards, birds and animals as if observing... makes this a compelling drama in paranoia and obsession. Weird as hell, loaded with offbeat characters and a strange twist ending this one is not to be missed! LBX and with English subtitles.

N547 Last Woman, The (76) aka: La dernière femme  aka: L’Ultima Donna  Gerard Depardieu plays a father whose wife leaves him alone with their small baby. He starts up an affair with a daycare teacher (Ornella Muti!). Depardieu also some some issues with feminism and complains how it is destroying the male/female dynamic or something to that effect. This is a real shocker with lots of nudity for both Depardieu (sporting a boner) and Muti. So controversial, offensive and weird you won't believe it! The ending is a real shock as well and may just keep you up at night just thinking about it. Oh, and I would bet that kid was screwed up for life after being in this! From director Marco Ferreri

A438 Leonora (84) Simon, is a Grand Prix driver now turned car dealer…  His wife Leonora, and the director of Simon's new television ad (Mark) have met in a previous life and are destined to be together, no matter what!  Ozploitation form Australia. In English language and with foreign subtitles.

A858 Lighthouse (99) aka: Dead of Night - James Purefoy (Joe Carroll the killer in the recent 'The Following') is Spader, a prisoner aboard a transport ship taking a crew of inmates to prison. The ship sinks, and Spader survives, along with 'Rook' who is a psychopath/serial killer, and some others. They take refuge in the lighthouse (sort of). Suspend your disbelief and don't take it too seriously. This is simply a creepy and atmospheric slasher film on an island. And yes, there are violent kills and gore. This British horror film reminds me a little of the 1972 British horror film 'Tower of Evil'.

N581 Lost Door, The (08) Obsession, sex and illusion are depicted in a series of parallel stories. The Lost Door opens while murder suspect Kristina is being interrogated in a mental hospital where she has been committed. Catherine, a young and beautiful psychiatrist is assigned to pick Kristina's brain. Kristina's mind is a whirlwind of sexual madness. Surreal arty film with erotica, voyeurism, and sexual taboos. Very strange and with some XXX and loads of nudity. LBX and with English subtitles.

N687-A639 Lover of the Monster (74) aka: Le amanti del mostro  Often confused with 'The Hand that Feeds the Dead' which was released only a month before this film and featured the same cast. Both films directed by Sergio Garrone, and some of the same footage in both films. but still entirely different films! In this one we get the great Klaus Kinski as a doctor who stumbles upon a secret experimental laboratory in his wife's ancestral home. Once his experiments begin, he goes all Jekyll/Hyde and his alter ego goes on a killing spree. Beautifully shot, with nudity and violence, colorful laboratory set-up and nice countryside locales. Kind of like a Hammer film from the same era! Now in a simply gorgeous print, LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

N822 Madeleine: Anatomy of a Nightmare (74) aka: Madeleine, anatomia di un incubo  Camille Keaton stars one year before her iconic role in 'I Spit on Your Grave'!  Finally a decent quality LBX print with English subtitles. Madeline (Keaton) has weird nightmares where she is chased through the woods by people who look like wigged out hippies from a production of 'Godspell'. Later she picks up a stud and takes him back to her villa for some nude swimming and hot sex while an older relative (her husband?) spies on them. She has a flashback to when her former lover was killed in a racetrack incident. Madeline is affected by schizo-paranoid hallucinations dominated by the influence of a complex sexual nature. Or in simpler terms, she's a nymphomaniac! Her psychiatrist advises her every whim should be indulged. Jealousy and confusion leads to death. A cool double-twist ending will have you reeling. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

A673 Maligno (77) aka: The Unseen   The story of Angela (Susan Roces– who won her first Famas Best Actress award), a woman destined to give birth to the next incarnation of Satan….  Directed by Celso Ad. Castillo -Exorcism horror with satanic rituals.... F.L.

N679 Malocchio (75) aka: Evil Eye  aka: Más allá del exorcismo  aka: Eroticofollia  Wealthy swinging Italian dude has weird nightmares involving a naked satanic cult. Possessed somehow, he strangles his victims, awakening the next day and remembering nothing. Sexy women add spice to the proceedings, like Daniela Giordano and Pilar Velazquez. Patchwork random scenes of tragedy and horror will have you scratching your head to try to figure out just what the hell is real, and what the hell was director Mario Siciliano smoking when he put this chunk of Eurotrash together. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

N823 Man with the Crystal Brain (70) aka: Trasplante de un cerebro  aka: Crystalbrain, l'uomo dal cervello di cristallo   Brain transplant madness with flashbacks, hallucinations and dream sequences. As usual (Frankenstein Must be Destroyed, Crimson) repercussions to having another's brain are always one of the complications of surgery. Would you ever know who you were? Seems the best plan is revenge!  Very obscure science fiction film from 1970, which merges the then popular ‘surgical horror’ subgenre with elements of both the crime and giallo traditions, not to mention a huge chunk of ‘The Hands of Orlac’.  More rare Italian made madness and with English subtitles!  BA


N500 Mark of the Whip (06) On a fog shrouded night, a woman is assaulted by a group of ghouls, strung up naked, and whipped silly. Everybody gets a crack at her!  Sylvia is addicted and loves to be whipped! They fade away and other weird types emerge, and continue her whipping under the full moon. Later she is in an asylum, this may all have been her dream fantasy, but she does have the whip marks all over her! If you enjoy seeing stacked sexy girls go under the lash and get bullwhipped by scary characters viciously and relentlessly then this is the most ultimate whipping movie ever!!!!  LBX   BA

N501 Mark of the Whip 2 (10) Sylvia cannot overcome her addiction. New sets, new scenes, new fantastic naked babes and more whipping scenes then you can imagine. This may just be the most whipping you have ever seen in a movie! This is the most ultimate horror and bull whipping movie ever made, even topping the first one. Ker-Crack!!! Unbelievable! LBX  BA


A198 Mask of Satan (89) aka: La maschera del demonio  aka: Demons 5: The Devil's Veil - Lamberto Bava's remake of his dad's 'Black Sunday', sort of. 8 teens go skiing and fall into a huge hole in the ice after an earthquake. They find a frozen woman with an iron mask (which they remove). Big Mistake. She rises and demon possession and all hell breaks loose. An ancient city is also down there with a blind priest. This is more like Demons meets Black Sunday in an ice cave setting. Now finally LBX and with English subtitles.

N804 Master of Terror (88) aka: Prince of Terror, The  aka: Il maestro del terrore - This excellent Lamberto Bava directed film tells the story of an infamous Romanian horror director named Vincent Omen, who has titled himself “The Prince of Terror”. Omen fires some of his staff from his most recent horror movie and they come seeking revenge. Let the Blood Run Red! Home invasion style! A gory decapitation, eyeball mutilation by golf ball and more! This is one of Lamberto Bava's best!  With Carole Andre and Tomas Arana as Vincent Omen (he was Quintus in Ridley Scott's 'Gladiator') English language. 

N524 Master of Trash (0?) Gory German shorts. In the first, a hooker in white furs karate-chops the top of a guy's head off! Splat!!! Another called 'Twisted Sanity' turns into a bloody splatter fest with nudity, cannibalism, and a guy with an unplugged electrical knife on a rampage of sorts. Many more gory German splatter shorts with all manner of old-school FX. Hot chicks, cool creative sets, torture, bizarre animation, zombies, gory-real looking disembowelments as the victim screams, dismemberment with saw while victim is alive... Brainmelter: Where a green ball from outer space possesses a man and he goes on a rampage, hacking one guy up, chain sawing another....more..... Some crazy stuff here!  F.L. - BA

A669 Mayhem (86) The bloody saga of two strangers brought together by a common need- to find the woman they've lost. Ziggy is whoring out his wife. Dino is a health nut, painter and a real nut obsessed with the loss of his wife Rachel. They are both hit men. When Misty is kidnapped, it forces the men to reassess their lives. Gratuitous violence, wild violent flashbacks and more ensue.

A625 Miss Magic (88) aka: Ling huan xiao jie  aka: Lady Vampire  A woman becomes possessed by the soul of a dead actor. At times she changes into a zombie-like creature. The spirit can also take physical form, and ends up having to rescue her... With English subtitles

N518 Mondo Candido (74) aka: Blutiges Märchen  Candido is an innocent young man raised in the household of a noble family during the medieval age. he is taught by a teacher of metaphysics and philosophy. Everything is going great until he is caught with his head under the Baron's daughters skirt. He is kicked out into the world and his wanderings and troubles begin. He enters a timeless world on which he sees brutality, wars, slavery and sickness getting the full spectrum on the horrors of life in this imperfect world. Directors Jacopetti and Prosperi are known for exposing the world with their Mondo flicks. Now LBX, in Italian language and with English subtitles.  BA

N825 Moon and Midnight (70) aka: Midi minuit  A woman marries into a family of insane psychopaths in this creepy horror film from France with sadomasochistic overtones. Her new man is quite nuts, and upon visiting his family she learns his father is sadist, and his nymphomaniac sister likes to see men beaten up for excitement. Her man though takes the cake as he likes to kill young men with a glove fitted with razor claws! This all takes place in this weird stone castle with other bizarre touches as well. LBX and with English subtitles.

N651 Morbidness (72) aka: Morbo - Two newlyweds park their camper in a remote area and frolic around. Before long they experience strange events and before you know it, a killer, a blind woman, an old house and occult symbols turn their honeymoon into a nightmare! Dark and atmospheric. With Ana Belen and Michael J. Pollard. Now with English subtitles!!

D68 Most Unusual Woman, A (64) aka: The Ape Woman  aka: La donna scimmia  Ugo Tognazzi stars as a charming ne'er-do-well who happens upon young innocent Annie Girardot, who outside of the fact that she is covered with hair from head to foot is a normal woman with normal desires and dreams. Tognazzi inveigles her into the European carnival sideshow circuit as "The Ape Woman", securing her cooperation by making love to, and marrying her. She dies in childbirth; though overcome by grief, Tognazzi has not lost his cheapjack showman's touch, and he mummifies the bodies of both mother and daughter and continues to tour with them! The Ape Woman was inspired by the true story of 19th century Mexican "freak" Julia Pastrana, whose career was also covered in brief fashion by a half-hour episode of TV's Alfred Hitchcock Presents….  Here is the dubbed into English alternate version of the film from one of the previous updates. BA

N914 Mushroom Man, The (76) aka: El hombre de los hongos  In colonial Mexico, a wealthy plantation owner forces his slaves to taste sometimes poisonous mushrooms, which are used in a family recipe and served at lavish parties. Philip Michael Thomas is Gaspar (!), and when he takes a liking to the daughters of the wealthy estate owner, he ends up with the dangerous job as the new mushroom taster, which has killed previous tasters. Gaspar has plans of his own with a new mushroom he has found, growing in the woods. They also have a pet black panther, that at one point gets loose and rips a woman's throat out. Male and female nudity, bloody deaths, mushroom tripping, and a wild revenge filled conclusion, and don't forget the black panther, who has something bloody to say about the ending of this feature! Very different and original and with English subtitles.  

N652 Muzan-e (99) aka: Muzan-e: AV gyaru satsujin bideo wa sonzai shita!  aka: Celluloid Nightmares  A reporter and her crew are investigating the disappearance of a Japanese Fetish porn star. They find snuff movies. Extremely gory and disgusting, pulling no punches with it's extreme nastiness. Some incredibly revolting scenes of gore and sexual violence with sadism and violence exceeding most films of this nature. Now with English subtitles.

P955 MW (09) Serial killer thriller about two boy's taken in by a Priest. They are different as one grows up and takes over the parish, while the other becomes a successful banker, and an even more successful serial killer! LBX and with English subtitles.

N387 My Nights with Susan, Sandra, Olga and Julie (75) aka: Mijn Nachten met Susan, Olga, Albert, Julie, Piet & Sandra  aka: Secrets of Naughty Susan   In Swedish language and with English subtitles and LBX. Sexual mystery in the Lowlands. Susan lives on a perfect farm with a couple of frisky girlfriends. Hiring? Oh... and...the sex-crazed gals commit a couple of murders, because of their sexual frustrations. Everyone suspects the crazy woman (who has observed but taken no part in the crimes) across the meadow. Classic Euro-trash here!  F.L.

A800 Mysterious Jane (81) In the opening sequence a woman is assaultd in the shower. Her husband acts like he doesn't believe her because he's getting it on with her friend, so he puts his wife in a mental health facility where she is sexually abused by both male and female staff. Lots of very graphic sex in this shocking video.  

A180 Naked and Violent (70) aka: America così nuda, così violent  aka: Amerique a Nu   In this we see how evil America is, and how dangerous a place it is as people do bad things to one another. By watching this film you would think the country is a toxic wasteland full of nothing but losers. The homeless are mocked, hippies are presented as mentally defective... boy. The filmmakers really had a hard-on to insult and degrade the U.S.. Depressing and even true at times, the dialogue is pretty hilarious as well. Don't take it too seriously. But.... America is still the best country in the world! LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A736 Nazi Underground Films (various) The Propaganda Trilogy, Spirits of the Dead, and trailers to Nazi flicks like Red Nights of the Gestapo, Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS, Women of the SS and more. So, well, not really a ringing endorsement here, but this is a pretty interesting glimpse (with the films) into a culture that is still active today in some circles, so this, certainly a curiosity piece.

N680 Necrophobia (95) Gory Horror from the Netherlands in a great quality print! A young and happily married couple live in a remote countryside farm. When the woman dies in a horrendous road accident, the husband loses his will to live, spending time at her grave and chain-smoking. At the cemetery he meets a woman that invites him to her place. Little does he know she is quite insane, under the influence of her deranged shrinks therapy. Therapy that compels her to dig up fresh corpses, mutilate them, and even some necrophilia! She also uses chainsaws and other tools to get rid of her perceived enemies. This one will remind you of the classic days of splatter horror that mattered! And with English subtitles! 

N887 Net, The (75) aka: Das Netz  aka: L'undicesimo comandamento  Bitter aging author (Mel Ferrer)  goes bonkers and kills. Or does he?  Opportunistic reporter (Klaus Kinski) talks him into writing about his life story and also about the murder he thinks he has done. His confessions are more than could be expected. Elke Sommer is a hooker that gets slapped around and roughed up a bit by Kinski. This movie is a joy to watch and features Kinksi at his best. Plenty of nudity. Dubbed into English. Beautiful LBX print of this gem. 

N827 Nexxt: The Frau Plastic Chicken Show (01) Highly influenced by 'A Clockwork Orange' and 'American Psycho' this Hungarian film shocked many when released. Frau Plastic Chicken is the host of a popular reality based T.V. show called 'Nexxt', which serves up a plethora of deviant behavior for it's audience. When a live broadcast of the capture of a notorious serial killer is arranged....things get crazy as she wants to get more details of the killings through interviews, which means reenactments of violent acts. He agrees and describes what happened with his partner in crime Alexander, who thought he was Alex from 'A Clockwork Orange'. Certainly offensive, misogynistic and brutal, and not to be missed (especially if you are a fan of 'Orange')! LBX and with English subtitles. 

A743 Night Evil Soul (88) A beautiful witch comes to a village and seduces the young men. If she sleeps with them her black cat kills the lovers. When the villagers figure it out-  the witch is suspended and then buried and the coffin covered with stones.  She of course speaks the usual curse of revenge…   One night the coffin is opened by magic and the witch gives her magical powers to the black cat. An army of cats falling over the village and kills many people.  A shaman advises them to exhume the witch’s body and burn it.  BAD IDEA!  They burn it and throw the ashes in a pond– which of course becomes tainted.  100 years later a young man and his girlfriend swim in said pond and she becomes possessed……  Hong Kong Horror with sex and nudity - With English subtitles.

N403 Night of Sex (72) aka: La Nuit des Damnes  aka: Night of the Sexual Demons aka: Night of the Damned  aka: La notte dei dannati - Finally the 95 minute uncut version instead of the 83 minute version! A witch maintains herself young by killing all the members of a noble family, revenge, from being burned at the stake 3 centuries before. She enjoys tearing at their breasts with taloned hands! But the intervention of Jean Duprey (Pierre Brice) who is hip to her game, may put an end to her crimes. Flashback sequences, dark castle catacombs, big-eyed witchy women, hooded occult nude altar sacrifices, fog, naked black mass sexual shenanigans, lesbian lusts, candles, dark passageways....... This one has it all and finally this version delivers all of the much sought after goods! For a trip into the strange and bizarre from the golden age of Italian Horror you can't beat this one! Angela De Leo (as the witch) and Patrizia Viotti star.  BA

N502 Night of the Devils (72)  aka: La notte dei diavoli  Did anybody miss this one?  Remake of the segment "The Vurdulak" that was in Bava's 'Black Sabbath, a supernatural vampire tale' Here we also get a witch woman!. A man recounts his experience he had when his car broke down and he was forced to stay with a family in the woods. They don't have a car so he was stranded for the time being. His night of terror will make your blood run cold!  Simply incredible atmosphere drenched horror, memorable and disturbing. Even the kids are creepy!  Now for the first time in a beautiful LBX and in English language and no annoying foreign subtitles. Gianni Garko, Agostina Belli, Teresa Gimpera, Maria Monti and more star. Recommended!  BA

N772 Nightmares of Dario Argento (87) Obscure little known series hosted by Argento. 'Giallo' was a weekly half-hour show in which Argento presented a series of very short films, sticking with his gory and unsettling images, straight out of his own nightmares. It's subject matter offended some of the more conservative viewers. So that means these are to be enjoyed for those reading this! One sequence has a woman with a worm coming out of her eye, so she drives a sturdy blade into her eyeball. In another a woman is assaultd by one of 3 men. The man wore a mask so she can't identify him. She decides to have sex with them so she knows which one to plunge a long knife into (in a particularly unsettling scene). More! When these essential Argento segments end, the rest of the disc is filled with Dario Argento documentaries and specials like 'Making Suspiria', Talking about Lucio Fulci, Special Effects in Argento films and more!!! With English subtitles!

D203-N888 Nights of the Scorpion (72) aka: La Casa De Las Muertas Vivientes - A man remarries after the death of his first wife and moves into a gloomy old mansion where his ancestors lived. Suddenly people are cut up by a black-gloved razor wielding killer. And the tomb of his wife is empty! Drenched in Gothic atmosphere. Great quality, Uncut version, dubbed into English and LBX.

N855 No Harm Intended (89) aka: En toute innocence  When Catherine is caught with her lover by Paul, her father-in-law, the concerned father leaves to tell his son of the incident. But before he can tell, he is injured in a car accident returning home in a wheelchair and unable to speak. Catherine does not want her husband to know she is a whore, so plots the demise of Paul.  She also taunts Paul, as Paul seems to be powerless. Paul however, still upset about Catherine's infidelity, has plans of his own. Reminded me of 'The Night Visitor' with Max Von Sydow a bit, you'll see why. LBX and with English subtitles.

P971 Noroi: The Curse (05) A documentary filmmaker explores seemingly unrelated paranormal incidents connected by the legend of an ancient demon called 'kagutaba'. Here's a film (that you have probably never heard of) that is scaring the shit out of everybody! With all of those Asian horror films out there, it is nice to see one that delivers some real fright for a change. Maybe a few similarities to Blair Witch in style, but this is better by far. Give it a try! Turn out all the lights and watch this one with no interruptions! LBX and with English subtitles.

N843 Obscene Desire (78) aka: La profezia  Plenty of nudity and violence in this 'The Exorcist' meets 'Rosemary's Baby', Satanic type film from Italy. Amanda (Marisa Mell still looking great naked at 39) is soon to be married to a wealthy nobleman who lives in a Gothic mansion. In the walls of the mansion however her new suitor has gone mad and is a victim of an ancient evil. It is soon revealed that he is involved with black magic, perverse rituals and serial killings with the aid of his sadistic henchmen and gardener, Giovanni. Excellent addition to the Satanic genre. Marisa Mell died in poverty in 1992 at age 53. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

N688 Olga O'S Strange Story (95) aka: La strana storia di Olga 'O'  Serena Grandi stars as 'Olga' in this late-in-the-game Giallo. She returns to the place of her birth following a nervous breakdown (due to a series of horrifying memory dreams) and encounters threats from someone who remembers her as a local stripper named 'Olga'. Sex and violence from director Antonio Bonifacio (a colleague of Joe D'Amato) at the time. Also with Florinda Balkan! Oh, and Serena Grandi still looked good butt-naked in 1995!

N422 Only a Dream (01) A group of kids are stalked by a zombie-like skull-faced killer. However, it is only a dream. The dream later becomes real when the killer shows up in the real world.... German splatter. Next some pathetic German street punks rap for you. They suck really bad. Next Extreme Sports, the same guys are on the loose to torture you with their juvenile level of film making.  Short 12 minute feature with bonus trailers and extras.

N830 Orders Signed in White (74) aka: Ordine firmato in bianco  A Mafioso, along with his gas-masked men rob a bank and then escape to their mountain-house hide-out. What they didn't anticipate is the black-gloved killer on the loose who starts to stalk them. He also likes to paint their faces white after he kills them. Finally this rare and intense giallo is available LBX and uncut with English subtitles.  BA

A632 Orgasmo Esotico (82) aka: Orgasmo erotico  Hybrid horror/porn from Italy directed by Mario Siciliano. If you can figure this one out... well, don't even try. Just trip out on the fact that somebody actually had to think, and make this film. Extremely twisted. With Italian porn star Marina Hedman and many more. Offensive scenes of a sexual nature makes one wonder just who was getting turned on here. My guess is people so coked out they were tripping into the extremes of excess. F.L.

P697 Passengers, The (77) aka: The Intruder  aka: Les passagers - A man and his stepson crossing across Europe are terrorized by a crazed truck-driver. This is from a Dean Koontz novel and the first film based on a Koontz novel and obviously, at least partly inspired by Richard Matheson's 'Duel', although this is a longer and more complex tale. Top notch suspense well directed. With Jean-Louis Trintignant and Adolfo Celi.

A347 Pathology Overview Vol. 1 (various) More graphic pathology classes with sliders showing us how the job is done (examining the dead). Lots of talk really on this one, for the studious pupil of such material.

D204-N878 Percy is Killed (76) aka: La Merde aka: Because They Kill  aka: Perché si uccidono - Giallo-styled mix of sex and violence. A man loves a woman so much he falls into the depths of depravity with her in drug addiction hell. She introduces him to 'Judas' a drug-dealer, who is also involved with some devil worshippers. Deeper into the world of sleaze and crime they go with assaults, robbery, beatings, murders, stabbings, satanic orgies and more. Music by Goblin.  LBX and with English subtitles.

A922 Perdimas em Sodoma (8?) Weird toga wearing sex and voodoo cult is having a swell time. Enter a woman fresh off the bus, searching for a man (her father?). Soon she is embroiled in a seedy live sex strip club with a series of sleazy characters. What will the outcome be? With some XXX sex scenes too so be warned! F.L.

A536 Phantom Force (04) aka: Comando fantasma  The story is about some ancient rock that has the power to summon forth demons to take over the world. A submarine finds it, and next thing you know the rouge sub is shooting torpedoes at everything that comes near. Phantom Force is called in, with Richard Grieco as the lead. They need to transport the 'demon barbarians' to an alternate dimension, thus ending the threat. Looks like they raided the 'Ghostbusters' supply room. But wait the Russians have the stone and they are captured. What now?

N722 Piege (70) aka: Trap - A seller of traps demonstrates the devices to a prospective buyer. The buyer invites a couple of women to his house, who, for no good reason, run amok inside attacking it with axes and breaking into a safe with a blow torch. They also plaster their faces with over the top makeup, throw food and wander around in their undies. There is a strange clanking machinery, echoes of the Frankenstein creation myth, and eyes peering through the holes in a family portrait. Not really a horror film, but it uses horror themes and is quite the weird flick. Now with English subtitles!

D210 Pigman (76) Indonesian obscurity about a guy who follows an old sorcerer into a cave, eats a human toe and a fish-head given to him by the sorcerer, then transforms into a huge pig! He skulks around the village spying on women and friends while in pig form. He gets in big trouble when the locals get hungry.... No subtitles so F.L.

A231 Please Don't Eat My Mother (73) aka: Sexpot Swingers  A middle-aged man buys a plant with a sexy voice that develops a craving for insects, frogs, dogs and ... humans. Comic-erotic-soft-core remake of 'Little Shop of Horrors'. Two of the sexy ladies on hand are Rene Bond and Alice Friedland.  

N565 Porno Zombies (77) aka: La fille à la fourrure  aka: Naked Lovers - Aliens from the planet Eros revive the dead on Earth and turn them into horny zombies. Highlight is a cast-inclusive daisy chain group grope in a moonlit forest, with synchronized position changes to boot! In French language only so F.L.

N520 Possessed (69) Rare thriller co-written by Martin Scorsese as he was influenced by Michael Powell's 'Peeping Tom'!! Suspense in the Hitchcockian vein here! Student Nils is spying on his neighbor doing kinky stuff, while his girlfriend Marina, a journalist, is looking for a missing girl. Nils is getting more and more obsessed with his peeping tom activities and slowly reveals the dark secrets of his neighbor. In Dutch language and with English subtitles.

N800 Possessed, The (75) aka: Demon Witch Child  aka: La endemoniada   Pissed off witch curses a politician that has had her thrown in jail. The witch throws herself out a window and soon the politician's daughter's head is spinning around and she is laughing like a crazed demon. Seems our friend the witch is back from the grave, now in the daughter's body! At one point, full on possessed  the young girl takes on the facial look of the old witch, grey hair. rotted teeth, warts and all, and attacks a man, strangling him to death. She goes after another guy and bashes his brains in then unzips his pants to look at his wiener. Later the Satanist witch kidnaps a baby to sacrifice to Satan. Crazy 'Exorcist' rip-off from director Amando de Ossorio. No happy ending here! This version is in it's original Spanish language and with English subtitles.  BA

A65 Pray For Death (85) After a peaceful Japanese immigrant and his family become victims of a crime syndicate an avenging master ninja emerges. Uncut import print of this Sho Kosugi ninja-revenge tale. Finally the uncut version with more footage that was snipped during the violent beatings, bodies burning, throat slashing's, stabbings, impalings etc. Enjoy!  BA

N503 Psychophobia (85) A woman, raising two children and also recovering from the death of her husband, has to call in a paranormal expert when demonic spirits invade her house. Things go all poltergeist. Rare and obscure Italian made horror. In English language too!

D47 Public Cemetery of Wol-Ha, A (67) aka: Wolhaui gongdongmyoji  aka: The Public Cemetery Under the Moon   Great out of print South Korean horror with Adultery, Suicide, Insanity, Drug Addiction, Severed Heads, Impaled Eye Sockets, Acid Facials, Attempted Infanticide and more. Spooky and jazzed up with enough shrieking violin to help deliver to you an atmosphere of impending doom. Housemaid helps along the demise of her master's wife in hopes to get his hand and his cash. But some people won't stay dead. This is simply outstanding with great use of colors that would make Mario Bava proud! LBX and with English subtitles.

P792 Puritan (05) Victorian inspired modern day supernatural film noir, set against the backdrop of White chapel, mediums and the work of supposed pagan architect Nicholas Hawksmoore. Dark and shadowy with all the elements of DC's Vertigo comics. Also very colorful and gorgeously filmed. With Nick Moran and also Mark Gilvary as Aleister Crowley. LBX

D156 Raiders of Atlantis, The (83) aka: I predatori di Atlantide  aka: Les prédateurs du futur   Some scientists team up with a duo of Viet Nam vets to fight make-up wearing biker punks from the lost city of Atlantis which rises from the ocean due to a sunken Russian submarines’ radioactive missiles. Like 'Assault on Precinct 13' meets 'Mad Max'. Plenty of violence and preposterous characters. We've all heard of this trash classic from director Ruggero Deodato (who, just coming off making 'House on the Edge of the Park' and 'Cannibal Holocaust' goes for something a bit lighter here) who directs. This is the LBX version, not the full frame edition that was released in a box set. With Christopher Connelly and Gioia Scola.  BA

A517 Ravager (97) aka: Ravager - Die Virusfalle   A cargo craft with civilians crashes on a deserted island that is the storage place for nuclear waste. While looking for materials to repair their ship, they stumble upon classified canisters containing the 'Ravager' bacteria. Infection begins which makes you super-strength psychotic.  BA

N773 Ready For Anything (77) aka: Disposta a tutto  An unhappily married man dotes on his young daughter, but is turned off by his feminist wife. He wants to cheat, but can't get it up with whores or slutty bar girls. Then he meets a young woman (knock-out Eleonora Giorgi). She's the one, but she has a masochistic streak. Their relationship gets increasingly perverse and borderline abusive as in .... toe-sucking, having her perform oral sex on a random guy, watching her have sex with another woman, even confronting his wife at an abortion rally! Sexy Eleonora Giorgi's most notable films were Argento's 'Inferno', 'Beyond the Door' and even a minor role in 'Black Belly of the Tarantula'. LBX

N933 Red Hot Shot (70) aka: Sindicato Asesinato en la Familia  aka: Colpo rovente  Psychedelic Noir! The atmosphere is achieved through bizarre set designs and the soundtrack. Frank (Michael Reardon)  is a cop on the trail of Mac Brown (Vittorio Duse), the head of a pharmaceutical company who is suspected of dealing drugs. (As if he doesn't know that's what they do anyway, legal or otherwise) When Frank is pulled off the case, Mac Brown is murdered, and Frank is back as the murders continue... Set in New York this Italian crime thriller also features the sexy Barbara Bouchet who was about to start her string of Giallo type films. With English subtitles. BA

N423 Reiko 3 (04) Occult crime mystery-horror from Japan with a a beastly werewolf in the woods that has a battle with a sorceress in the climax. LBX - No subtitles so F.L. - BA

D206 Reincarnation of Sex (82) aka: A Reencarnação do Sexo  A farmer kills the servant who has sex with his daughter. The daughter keeps the head of the dead man hidden in her bedroom - of course - was that “wrong”???   The murdered soul haunts the farm inducing each new resident to have sex and kill!  Tons of soft sex scenes and bloody murders. More Brazilian horror now with English subtitles!  Very cool in great quality! BA

B155 Return (85) aka: Dianas Geheimnis - Von Geistern verfolgt   After reading an article about hypnotic regression, a woman whose maternal grandfather died when she was only 3 years old, contacts the hypnotic specialist mentioned in the article, believing that he is the reincarnation of her grandfather, and hoping she can learn the truth about how he died. Weird as hell erotic thriller with Karlene Crockett, Anne Francis and Frederic Forrest. BA

N431 Revenge Beyond Death (06) Obscure German splatter short.  Four guys at a campsite in the woods polish off a bunch of beer and then start to roll around and wrestle with each other.  Three of the guys beat the other to death and bury him. Later he rises from his shallow grave and goes on a gory killing rampage. With bonus extras. F.L. 

A381 Ring (95) aka: Kanzenban  This is the first version of 'Ring'. Hard to believe this story is going on twenty years old! In this one the back story of the creepy girl is different, but she is still murdered (because her boyfriend who is practically raping her finds out she is a hermaphrodite)! The tape is a real threat. Keep watching and she will come for you! You who saw these images has 7 days left! Nudity. See where it all began! Now with English subtitles.   BA

D209 Rise of the Angel's Eyes (88) aka: Bangkitnya si Mata Malaikat  Headless monster comes back to life searching for his head, and to kill! Blood spurting beheadings, arms hacked off and much more! No subtitles so F.L. only.

A377 Root of Evil (09) aka: La Raiz del Mal   A farming village is attacked by demons that came from the woods. The men are brutally murdered, while the women are kidnapped and taken to the depths of the forest where they take part in a bloody ritual. Ara is a young survivor who has to enter the woods to save her mother…..  How many films are there out there with this title? This one is a splatterific horror from Spain with some 'Tobanga' looking (From Hell It Came) mixed with a little Blind Dead and 'Day of the Triffids' type monsters that shoot vines from their branchy claws and shred people like a buzzsaw. These are suits too, not CGI monsters, so they are much more interesting.  Throw in buckets of gore and shot with a comic-book-styled feel, you'll be sure to dig this demonic horror-fest. Oh, and be careful with that axe Eugene, geez, she didn't see that coming!  Sadly no English subtitles and all in Spanish language, but still worth a look for monster fans.


N428 Rout City (02) German Gore Expert and actor-writer-director Timo Rose creates his own 'South Park' rip-off with monster characters, wacky characters and bad animation. Three episodes:  1. Die Entfuhrung des Freddy Kruegar   2. Jason Vs. Shyson   3. Wild, Wild, Wild West. + Extras!   F.L. - BA

N441 Rout City: The Movie (02) Timo Rose again this time with his full length movie version of the 'South Park' type but with horror icons like Freddy, the Scream Ghost Face guy and Jason as the stars. F.L.


D214 Russian Hell 1-3 (various) More gruesome real-death and war footage. This time from the Jihad/Taliban type guys who film themselves shooting and killing Russians. These guys use their 'religion; to justify their actions. Parts 1 and 3 are in Arabic with no subtitles, but part 2 has English subtitles. I don't know why, it just came that way. A rare glimpse into the harsh reality of what is going on out there, and a damning indictment on mankind.

A143 Sadist with Red Teeth (71) aka: Le sadique aux dents rouges  Daniel gets out of the hospital where he thinks he has been cured of 'vampire obsessions'. Nope. In his search for a cure he becomes a vampire after being bitten. Later he buys some fangs and begins to kill women. Nudity and blood are plenty in this colorfully surreal and bizarre French horror. Could Romero have seen this before he created 'Martin'? One of the most unique vampire films you will ever see. LBX and with English subtitles. 

N721 Sadistic Hallucinations (69) aka: Hallucinations sadiques  In a mysterious French castle, dark meetings and apparitions happen... seasoned by nauseating erotic groupings. Frantically the involvement increases to a horrorific climax. Opens with a blonde being hunted through the woods. When she makes it across the river....BLAM!  Creepy guy with a rifle is after the ladies, and he gets them too! Tagline: Alienating, Itchy... Frightening! Now with English subtitles.

N832 Satan's Sabbath (72) aka: The Possession of Virginia  aka: Le diable est parmi nous  aka: The Sensual Sorceress  - When journalist Paul's friend splatters outside in front of his apartment, police rule it a suicide. But when photographed, there is a sinister old woman bent over the corpse. He becomes involved with Virginia (Danielle Ouimet from 'Daughters of Darkness') and Helene, and an inescapable pact with the devil. Later Paul finds himself at a black mass where he hopes to learn the truth. Horror and Satan mixed with nudity and sex always makes a good film!  This print is longer by 7 minutes than some other prints running just around the 90 minute mark. This one is in French language and has English subtitles.  BA

A72 Saturday Morning Sodomy () Mix-Tape madness again, this one with XXX stuff, weird cartoons and loads more. Exhausting! 

A534 Saviour, The (80) aka: Jiu shi zhe  aka: La justice d'un flic   Ronny Yu directed this one about a young crazed prostitute killer who goes nuts when he sees dirty magazines. LBX and with English subtitles.

A302 Scenes from a Murder (72) aka: L'assassino... è al telefono  A woman whose husband was murdered five years previously is stalked by his killer who has finally determined she may be a witness. What he doesn't know is that the shock of his murder has given her amnesia and she remembers nothing. With Telly Savalas and Anne Heywood. Directed by Alberto De Martino.

A73 Scumbag Porn Psycho Video Vol. 1 (various) Wild and nasty XXX mix tape craziness with plenty of porn clips, fetish stuff, violent cartoons, gory slasher footage etc... Bring the popcorn!

N668 Secrets of the Egyptian Mummy (73) aka: Love Brides of the Blood Mummy  aka: El secreto de la momia egipcia - I know, I know. already listed... but now with English subtitles for the first time! Without a doubt this is the most unusual and intriguing mummy movie you will ever see! Locals are disappearing, and clues lead to a castle of Dartmoor. There we learn of the well preserved mummy, who needs young girls to quench his thirst. Gothic location work galore, some demented shock sequences involving chains and manacles, vaulted crypt-like dungeons, girls being abused and molested, interesting aura of gloomy, autumn countryside's crossed with dank cloistered claustrophobia.... Lots of fun Euro-Horror in Spanish language and with English subtitles.

A68 Sensuela (73) Shot in 1968 but not released until 1973 this may be the first sexploitation film to come out of Finland. When a WW2 Nazi fighter crashes in the snow-filled Lap lands he is taken in by a sexy Lapp girl and her father. The dad, neuters reindeer by biting off their testicles! She runs away later with the German to marry him and he cheats on her. Daddy arrives in town and finds the German at a party and guess whose turn it is to have their balls bitten off? Freaky and weird with lots of nudity, beatings, kinky whipping scenes at an S&M club, soft-core sex and more. With English subtitles.

N504 Serpent God, The (70) aka: Il dio serpente  aka: La possédée du vice  While vacationing in the Caribbean with her husband, a young Italian woman meets a female native (after she first spies on the woman having wild sex on a deserted beach). The two of them share in each other's culture, respectively going lingerie shopping and engaging in some frenzied, naked tribal dancing. Eventually they exchange lovers, except that her new black friend neglects to mention that HER "lover" is actually a fearsome snake god!   With Nadia Cassini and Beryl Cunningham. Now with English subtitles!!!  Beautiful scenic locations and LBX.

A664 Serpent Warriors, The (85) aka: Golden Viper  aka: Snake Inferno  A herpetologist is called to a construction site plagued by snakes and stumbles upon a snake cult, led by a  snake priestess (Eartha Kitt). The most snakes used in a movie ever? Maybe. This is really crazy stuff with a curse, bizarre snake rituals, snakes attacking a disco and biting the hell out of everyone, snakes in a car, snakes in the tub... more. Actually 2 movies in one as it looks like footage from another movie is mixed in with another possibly unfinished movie. Better than snakes on a plane, or on a train. These suckers are REAL!  Also with Clint Walker, Christopher Mitchum (as a tough guy), Anne Lockhart, Anita Merritt (as a snake princess) and more. BA

N654 Sesso Nero (80) aka: Orgasmo Nero III   aka: Black Sex   The darkest of the Caribbean films from Joe D'Amato and starring many of the regulars! This was filmed just before 'Porno Holocaust'.  Diagnosed with a disease that means his sex organs will be removed, a man (Mark Shannon) heads off to the Caribbean to get as much action as he can, indulging all of his carnal desires. He meets a woman that resembles his lost love (who killed herself recently) and becomes lost in a world of bewitchment and sex. The ending was a shocker. Downbeat and dark XXX and with George Eastman, Annj Goren, Lucia Ramirez and Lola Burdan. Now with English subtitles and LBX!  BA

A4 Seven Coffins, The (75) aka: Qu mo nu  Hong Horror with nudity, sex and ghostly ghouls. Drenched in atmosphere. LBX and with English subtitles.

A354 Sex Crimes (various) In this training session, rough and sick footage of sexual assault and murder victims by sexual deviants and serial killers and how pathologists look for clues to catch the perpetrators.  Very tough to watch.

N776 Sexorcist, The (74) aka: Eerie Midnight Horror Show  aka: Enter the Devil   aka: L'ossessa  Satan arises seeking bloody revenge in the guise of an ancient sculpture (Ivan Rassimov, in a very creepy performance here!) with a shocking history. The life-like carving comes to actual 'life' and assaults a beautiful art student, possessing her soul. In a series of twisted orgies with the unholy demon, the girl is stirred into a manic frenzy, unable to control her sexual impulses. Time to bring in an exorcist!  Seriously creepy. Stella Carnacina is simply stunning!  Also with Lucretia Love. Nice LBX and uncut.  BA

A368 Sexual Desires of Elza (82) aka: Desejos Sexuais de Elza - Directed by Tony Vieira. Slightly LBX and with English subtitles.

A983 Shiny Moss (92) aka: Luminous Moss  aka: Hikarigoke  In 1991 a novelist on a research trip is shown a cave filled with moss that emits an eerie green illumination. The writer is also informed of a WWII incident in which the crew of a battleship became stranded in a secluded island cave for three months. The lone survivor was initially hailed as a hero, but that changed when the bones of one of his crewmen were discovered packed into a box, suggesting that the flesh had been cannibalized…. The writer becomes obsessed with the case, and constructs his own version of what occurred all those years ago... Adapted from a 1954 novella by Taijun Takeda  LBX and with English subtitles.

A423 Shocking Videos Trailer Collection (various) One of the biggest and best trailer discs we've ever offered. Many trailers are LBX.

A355 Signs of Death (various) In this training session graphic photos show how rigor mortis sets in after death. Rotted corpses etc.... Pretty disturbing and tough to watch.

N691 Sinister Funeral (77) aka: Funeral siniestro  A young girl has just become an orphan, and her evil stepmother wants to kill her so she can keep all of the inheritance. Any potential witnesses she murders and buries, just out front of her property. This chain-smoking hag is not too bright! While trying to kill the young girl, the evil stepmother trips and is impaled. A wake is staged and the young girl must spend the evening alone on the country-side villa, with her dead step-mother's corpse in an open coffin. But is she really dead? Drenched in atmosphere, this horror film from Colombia is quite the chiller! LBX and with English subtitles.

N847 Six Perverts Seek a Killer (76) aka: Exi diestrammenes zitoun dolofono  Wealthy businessman and his wife vacation in a luxury seaside villa, located in Glyfada. They invite another couple and two more people show up. In no time trouble begins, as well as lots of sex. The original title was 'Crime in Glyfada'. This version was 'enriched' with hardcore sex scenes to add some spice to the proceedings. LBX and with English subtitles.

N549 Skin Under the Claws (75) aka: La pelle sotto gli artigli   Trashy fun in the tradition of 'Frankenstein 80'.  The bodies of women are being found in odd places, each with skin under her nails. Behind the twisted chain of events lies the demented personality of a mad doctor (Gordon Mitchell) involved in conducting experiments on human guinea pigs, with his ultimate goal: Restoring life to his dead wife!  LBX and now with English subtitles. 

N550 Slaves, The (87) It's rough on the streets for the hookers!  Massage parlor, execution-styled murder,  under-age sex workers and more as an angry cop tries to get it all stopped! Fat chance. Can one stop the flow of Niagara Falls? The dialogue is pretty gratuitous and there is a pretty graphic lesbian sex scene as well as a hooker getting chased down by dogs and chewed up, as the henchmen makes the other whores watch. Cool and trashy film from Argentina and with English subtitles.

D57 Smile of the Fox, The (92) aka: Foxy Lady  aka: Spiando Marina  Sergio Martino directs! Mark (Steve Bond), a hit man haunted by his past as a corrupt Miami cop and the death of his wife and son, prepares for his next killing. He falls for a hooker (Deborah Caprioglio). Before they can start a life together he needs to off her pimp. Things are never as easy as they seem. File under 'erotic thriller'!  BA

N604 Something is Creeping in the Dark (71) aka: Qualcosa striscia nel buio  Stranded travelers take refuge in an old abandoned house. They soon find out they are not alone! This is like a throw-back to the old dark house type of film from the 30's. A séance adds to the supernatural atmosphere as the now dead owner returns in murderous ghostly form. Farley Granger, Lucia Bose, Stelvio Rosi and more star.   LBX and dubbed into English. 

A71 Sore For Sighted Eyes (various) More mix-tape madness, this one with weird TV clips, crazy people, handicapped people, Mr. T and other celebrities being themselves (which is nut job city!) and more madness that will have you peeing your pants! Go ahead, laugh! Life is short.

D12 Soul Snatcher, The (65) Full length version! Kathy wants to be a model and winds up unwittingly making a deal with the devil. He gives her a pair of gold shoes and all her dreams begin to come true. This is like a sleazy, comic book morality tale, like something EC would have dished out or similar horror comics of that time period. Of course this has the added attraction of sleaze, striptease and nudity.

A624 Spirits of Jupiter, The (85) When the planets shift, it affects some people on Earth and some cops become murderous psychopaths. This obscurity delivers a familiar plot in a different way with lots of aerial photography, airplanes and outdoor scenes. Gore, plenty of action, crazy cops that shoot groups of people to death and more.  

N894 Squillo (96) Maria comes to Italy from Poland to reunite with her sister Eva, who left seven years earlier and claims to have made lots of money working as an interpreter. Maria will later discover that Eva is a high-priced call girl when her sister is murdered after a 'business meeting' at a hotel. Maria begins to answer Eva's cell phone and take appointments with her clients, in order to find the killer. The women here are simply outstanding. Writer Franco Ferrini contributed to the story. He also wrote Argento's 'Phenomena', 'The Church', and more Italian horrors. English language. LBX

D51 Story of a Ghost (9?) Another wacky Asian costume horror comedy with nudity and sorcery. LBX and with English subtitles.

N834 Swamp of the Ravens, The (74) aka: El pantano de los cuervos  aka: Der Sumpf der Raben   Now the original version without the dopey dubbing. This one is LBX, in Spanish language and with English subtitles! Banished mad doctor lives in a shack in the swamps where he continues his experiments (playing Dr. Frankenstein with fresh cadavers). The swamp is his body dump, full of hungry ravens.  Later he kidnaps a woman and critically injuring her he keeps her alive with blood transfusions and molests her while she is unconscious. This is full of atmosphere, well fed ravens, several grisly scenes and an intense police investigation. Don't miss this one! LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A446 Sweet Body of Deborah, The (68) aka: Il dolce corpo di Deborah   Deborah (Carroll Baker), a wealthy American, and her Italian husband, Marcel, are honeymooning in Geneva when they meet Marcel's friend Philip who informs them that Marcel's former fiancé has committed suicide. He's pissed. Marcel gets death threats, Deborah takes drugs.... and everything goes downhill for everyone involved. Almost everyone... Lushly filmed thriller with some twists that you won't see coming. With Jean Sorel, Ida Galli, and George Hilton to name a few. Now in a nicer quality print, in English language and with foreign subtitles.  BA

N874 Sweet Body of Deborah, The (68) aka: Il dolce corpo di Deborah  aka: Der schöne Körper der Deborah  Deborah, a wealthy American, and her Italian husband Marcel, are honeymooning in Geneva when they meet Marcel's friend Philip..... {longer review a few updates back}... Great Eurosleaze thriller with Carroll Baker, Jean Sorrel, Ida Galli and George Hilton. This is in perfect quality and LBX.   This is the definitive version.  BA

N552 T.T. Syndrome (02) You wonder where movies like Saw and Hostel got their ideas? Several people get locked in a Turkish bath at night, being hunted by a sick serial killer who is seized with the T.T. Syndrome, a brain malady that leads to painful sociopathy. This is the very first Serbian splatter/gore film! In Serbian and with English subtitles.

N706 Tango 2001 (73) aka: Tango della perversione  Joachim is an impotent man who secretly films his friend Stathis having sex with girls from the Tango Club in Greece. When Stathis kills the lesbian he finds with his girl, the death is caught on film. When another woman threatens to expose Joachim, he strangles her in the bath tub, then climbs in naked with her corpse for a little fun before disposing of the body. Funky music, foxy ladies, brave colorful fashions and beautiful locales enhance the film. In Greek language and with English subtitles.

N927 Taranthriller (93) Weird Polish film about a group of scientists who study spiders. At home the main guy has a rather large venomous spider on the loose in his home with his wife and kid. F.L.

N809 Terror and Black Lace (85) aka: Terror y encajes negros  A woman (Maribel Guardia: Miss Costa Rica 1978) is pretty much kept hostage by her controlling husband in her apartment. When she sees a guy disposing of a body she is then terrorized in her own apartment while wearing black lingerie. The maniac has a hair fetish, and her hair fits the profile!  This solid thriller feels and looks like a 70's giallo. With English subtitles.

A370 Terrorism, Riots and Death (99) See some of the stuff they would not dare show you in this documentary of gruesome torture and brutal violence. Cops beating people, disasters and more in this rough to watch real-life horror disc. Informative and tough to watch.

N778 Thank You Auntie (68) aka: Grazie Zia  aka: Des Teufels Seligkeit   Lou Castel plays a mischievous wheelchair bound teenager hopelessly infatuated with his sensual aunt (played by Lisa Gastoni). Her fiancé isn't too happy about this. When things go too far (he tosses himself out of his chair and attacks her!), the lives of all three spiral out of control. The aunt may just have to put this dog down! This is one weird flick. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

N935 That Malicious Age (75) aka: Quella età maliziosa  aka: Wenn bei süßen Teens die Hüllen fallen  Gardener Napalone takes a job in a southern-Italian villa and quickly finds himself embroiled in sexual flirtations with the number of hot women around. Horny Paola (Gloria Guida) sucking on a lollipop when she greets him, practically humps his leg off on the bus ride to the villa, a preview of things to... come. Later he makes it with a naked Paola in the woods and when he goes to get her clothes an old guy tries to assault her and she bashes his head with a rock, now he's dying. What would you do if you found blonde Gloria Guida naked walking around in the woods? Give her your shirt? Yea... me too.  She leaves and it is up to Napoleone to clean up the mess. Paola's mother tries to pin the death on Napoleone, unless he leaves forever. Gloria Guida was the quintessential 'Lolita' type of Italian cinema. With English subtitles.

A788 Third Eye, The (66) aka: Il terzo occhio  aka: Das dritte Auge   Before Joe D'Amato directed 'Beyond the Darkness' there was this odd little film that inspired that later film. Mino (Franco Nero) is a young taxidermist/nobleman that lives in a large house with his mother and their maid. His fiancé Laura is hated by his mother, and she has the maid Marta cut her brake lines resulting in her death. Later the mother gets into a fight with Marta and the mother dies. Mino goes nuts and kills a couple of women and then Laura's sister arrives at the house...Mix a little Psycho, heavy claustrophobic atmosphere and subtle indications of necrophilia and you get a lost classic screaming to be seen! Early rare Italian Horror!  This print isn't as sharp as usual, (not that great at all actually) but looks to be all that is available anywhere. It does come with English subtitles however.

A933 This is America 3: America Exposed (91)  - This is the much improved uncut Norwegian video release print with no optical censoring like the previous print. One of the craziest mondo docu's of them all! Well what do you get from the land of the free? Porn stars entertaining Viet Nam veterans, gun conventions, war games, fire-power shows, Santa Claus cremation by whacked out Christians, sorority house atrocities, redneck fights, elderly citizens fighting muggers, sex in public, big city morgues, Nazi and white power organizations and much, much, more.

N656 Time Demon (96) Hitler is still alive! Protected by a sect of Nazi soldiers and sexy satanic women. He plans on another invasion, but he has become old and senile. He seeks a magical talisman that grants eternal life to restore his powers. Will Hitler rise again? In French language and with English subtitles.

A386 Time to Die (05) aka: Aika Tappaa - Serial killer horror crime thriller from Finland. With flashbacks to the 30's as these characters have some history. F.L.

A402 Timesweep (87) aka: Killer-Beast  A group of people enter an old movie studio and are suddenly confronted with a variety of strange phenomena. Among other things they are transported through time and the building is surrounded by a deadly acid fog. Roman centurions, alien spaceships and giant killer roaches, lizard monster, boobs and gore are just some of the delights of this little seen oddity from the 80's. A treat for those who enjoyed the creative regional sci-fi and horror films from that era. They Ran Out of Time... And Into Terror!!! Known as 'Killer Beast' in Germany.  BA

N727 To Be Twenty (78) aka: Avere vent'anni  Shocking and classic Eurotrash now available in a dubbed into English language print. (Also available in an Italian language version with English subtitles). Gloria Guida and Lilli Carati star as Lia and Tina (GOOD GOD!) two girls hitchhiking and waving their asses at everybody in a totally revealing way. This may just be their undoing as they will find out not everyone tolerates a tease. Incredible quality and LBX. BA

N551 Torturer, The (81) Brazilian Charles Bronson vs. evil modern day Nazis! Zionists hire a hit man to kill a war criminal Nazi who is exiled in a Latin American country, protected by the local dictator. See our hero run around with a machine gun, sleep with all the women he can, and face down the bad guys, all the while doing his best Charles Bronson imitation. With English subtitles.

N919 Tracking  (81) aka: Ghost Soldier  Rare Spanish horror. Four teenaged girls are terrorized by the ghost of a sex-crazed American soldier who wants to assault them. They stay at one of their parent's mansion's and start to have sexual hallucinations of the phantom soldier raping and abusing them. One is assaultd with a champagne bottle, another attacked with a razor...more. Creepy and subtle flick with a memorably vile central concept. In Spanish language and with English subtitles.

N675 Trauma (78) aka: Violación Fatal - Leon (Naschy director and many more) Klimovsky directed this horror thriller. A writer in a guest house at a lake in the country. What could go wrong? Well....  the woman who runs the place is schizoid and there is a razor-wielding psycho killing the other guests. Are they one and the same? This, Klimovsky's last directed film, features plenty of sex, nudity, perversion, misogyny and gore. A nice addition to the giallo/slasher genre.  Great quality, uncut and LBX with English subtitles. BA

N605 Trepanator (92) Starring Michael Finas and Cult film director Jean Rollins! This is based on H.P. Lovecraft's Reanimator!!! Gore galore, action, and of course... zombies! Now with English subtitles so you can follow the story better. 

N796 Truth According to Satan, The (72) aka: La verità secondo Satana  aka: Das Lusthaus teuflischer Begierden   Once considered lost, here is the longest version we have seen! A beautiful Rita Calderoni goes to her lover's house as he has called and threatens suicide. When she arrives he tortures her with his knife before stabbing himself. Panicked, she stuffs him in a trunk. A neighbor has been watching, and he proves to be quite the sadist. Rita's black female slave arrives and just watches. The corpse isn't in the trunk. Rita is freaking out! This is a classic Eurotrash bloody naked meltdown from the late great Renato Polselli. There are many versions of this film out there. This one however is 85 minutes, LBX and with English subtitles (for the first time).  BA

N761 Uncertain Death (73) aka: La Muerte Incierta - A planter lives with his son in a remote area of India and has an affair with a local girl (Rosalba Neri). On returning to England his grief stricken lover kills herself.  Returning now with a new bride (Mary Maude), he becomes paranoid and develops night terrors in his big creepy old house. Later they go on an expedition on the hunt for a killer tiger that just about rips him to pieces. Remaining haunted by his past lover and on the brink of madness with fever from his injuries, his new wife starts an affair with his homicidal son. Is his past lover trying to send him a warning from beyond?  Cool ending! Rare early horror thriller from director Jose Ramon Larraz (his next film would be 'Vampyres').  Print has a few glitches, but very rare.   BA

A366 Underground Terror (89) A mental patient is released and he heads into New York's underground system to reconnect with his gang.  Once there he assumes control and they begin to terrorize commuters in violent attacks, brutally slicing and dicing, maiming and killing. This is a pretty cold and violent flick. Can they be caught in this vast labyrinth of terror and death?

N724 Unnaturals, The (69) aka: Screams in the Night  aka: Schreie in der Nacht  - Long missing in action, this rare horror from Antonio Margheriti is finally available widescreen and with English subtitles in great quality. The plot harkens back to 'old dark house' themes. A group of people returning from a party suffer an accident in a storm and wind up taking refuge in an old hotel where they take part in a séance led by a witchy old bat. This sets off a series of horrorific events with a tragic end. Check it out!  BA

D3 Unsatisfied Love (68) aka: Love After Death - During a cataleptic fit, Montel is buried alive, a burial plotted by his greedy wife Sofia, with several men, including her lover, Montel's doctor. Later Montel rises from the grave and goes on a sexual rampage. Montel goes after the doc and his treacherous wife. He may just really be dead!

N426 Vampire Reborn (03) A training retreat goes wrong when the employee's accidentally awaken a vampire. The child's vampire parents appear to seek revenge on those who have disturbed their son's eternal sleep. LBX and with English subtitles.

N661 Vampire Wedding, The (93) aka: Svatba upíru  Young Englishman Richard, travels with his uncle Archibald to Prague, Czech kingdom. There he meets a beautiful girl, Olivia, a young noblewoman with a secret. They fall in love with each other but he doesn't know Olivia is the companion of evil Count Kronberg, ruler of a pack of Prague vampires! In Czech and with English subtitles!

A626 Victims (77)  (Not released until 1982, and even then only in Holland!) Not to be confused with the 1985 film called 'Victims!' - Paulie is falling to pieces. He's a serial rapist about to graduate to serial killer. His every encounter with the opposite sex ends in brutal violence, while stirring up memories of his prostitute mother and her abusive pimp, plus the hooker who abused him when he was a child. His kills are full of rage, fear and horror. If you like downbeat serial killer movies then file this one with Henry, Maniac, and Don't Answer the Phone and other similar films. Apparently our source got his hands on a rare tape from Holland or we would not have this! Thanks man! This was never released in America and predates most other serial killer movies missing the slasher craze completely. Not fair either as this is pretty cool.

D194 Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship and Videotape (10) A documentary analyzing the furor which so-called 'Video Nasties' caused in Britain during the 1980's. Did you know that when this was enacted in 1983 that police in Britain were raiding video stores and seizing horror films, criminalizing them? Thank-god here in America we had the freedom to watch each and every 'Video Nasty' from the U.K. banned list without worrying about being assaulted by the cops. Here you get the whole story, and even the scenes that made the government panic, which led to the films being banned (or available in a cut version only). Cool documentary on a very interesting subject.

A640 Violators of Virgin Girls (83) aka: Os Violentadores de Meninas Virgens   In Sao Paulo, the gang of the former pimp Marcus, abducts (supposedly) virgin women at night. They trade the girls to three rich scumbags who want to deflower virgins. Then a gang of sex maniacs kill the women and dump their bodies in the woods. Some scenes are tough to watch in this misogynistic sleaze. Loads of nudity and degradation of women mixed with violence. With English subtitles!

N797 Voodoo Sexy (74) aka: Il Pavone Nero - Karin Schubert is Laura, the upper class wife of an Italian engineer. She is charmed by a voodoo priest in Santo Domingo while her husband is working. So Karin, runs off to voodoo rituals and wild native dancing, stripping for any and all in the night jungles. Wildly sexist, racist and wholly UNPC, you will be sure to enjoy this one! Kind of like the Joe D'Amato Caribbean films in the subject matter, or Jess Franco's 'Voodoo Passion'. So this is like a XXX Voodoo Flick with Horror and XXX combined! LBX and with English subtitles.

N836 Water Spider, The (71) aka: L'araignée d'eau  Horror-fantastique from France slightly LBX and with English subtitles. A man wants to replace his wife (who bores him), with a water spider. Not an ordinary one either. The damn thing turns into a tarantula (to the creepy score droning loudly in the background). Then still later it turns into a hot and naked young woman! And as an extra bonus, she's mute!  (Think twice before you crush your next spider!) The time is coming when he has to make a choice. Not gory or anything, but very atmospheric and well photographed, weird, and creepy as hell.

P704 Welcome Home Soldier Boys (72) aka: Five Days Home  One of the many 'angry vets go nuts' flicks of the 70's. When 4 Green Berets return home and go on a road trip things eventually get out of hand which leads to a grim and downbeat climax. Quite excellent! With Joe Don Baker, Paul Koslo, Billy Green Bush, Alan Vint, Jennifer Billingsley, Geoffrey Lewis and more. Recommended!  BA

D157 White Gloves of the Devil, The (73) aka: Les gants blancs du diable  A blind hitman kills his targets using only the sense of sound to find them...   From director Lazlo Szabo - In French language and no subtitles.  BA

A61 Wild Beasts, The (84) The water supply for a large city zoo becomes contaminated with PCP and the animals go bonkers and get loose. Rats eat a girl and her boyfriend alive, cats shred people up, an elephant crushes people, a girl in a Volkswagen is chased by a high speed cheetah, and even a polar bear shows up for destruction. With Lorraine De Selle of 'Cannibal Ferox' and others fame.  Here is the best 'animals gone wild' style flick, now LBX version and dubbed into English language. BA

N442 Witching Hour, The (06) Obscure horror from France! A fast and furious ride through hell as a group of gangsters battle their way through zombies, witches, crazies, demons and psychos to get back a stolen gem. Extreme fight scenes, brutal violence and sick humor! With English subtitles.

N757 Wood of No Return, The (01) Heat up the sausages and sauerkraut and have plenty of beer ready for here we have a German-Splat Double Feature!  Blair Witch meets South Park? Or that is what the German film-makers who made this want you to think. Under-age drinkers take to a cabin in the woods. Finally after a bunch of drinking a hockey-masked sword wielding killer chops off a kids arm, then rips his guts out. Then he get an axe and chops off some girls leg, and castrates another young man. Meanwhile underage drinkers guzzle beer in the cabin. Next we get a decapitation. In German - LBX - No subtitles - BA + Since this is a short film we added another one! Fast Forward (0?) another short movie from Germany that defies description and delivers the violent goods!  In German language only F.L. 

N573 Year of the Medusa (84) aka: L'année des méduses  Chris (Valerie Kaprisky) a sexy young gal who appears mostly bare-breasted (thank-you) has a crush on Romain.... Exotic locations and situations and a MUST SEE for Kaprisky fans. LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

P930 You'll Die At Midnight (86) aka: Morirai a mezzanotte  aka: Midnight Killer - Gory killings highlight this Lamberto Bava directed Giallo! A married couple physically beat the crap out of each other when the husband finds out she has been cheating. He leaves, she hits the shower, and is murdered in the shower by an unseen killer. Naturally the husband is a suspect. There are twists and turns, red herrings, and of course, more suspenseful gory murders. With a nice score from Claudio Simonetti! This print is clearer than the previous print, is in English language with some small foreign subs.  BA

N897 Young Lucrezia (74) aka: Lucrezia giovane  aka: Die heißen Nächte der Lucrezia Borgia  Simonetta Stefanelli (Apollonia in 'The Godfather') stars as the ruthless Lucrezia in this take on the Borgia family. Treachery, incest, murder, nudity and sleaze. Also with Ana Orso and Elizabeth Turner. In Italian language and with English subtitles.  BA





N923 Black Boots and Leather Whips (83) aka: Botas Negras, látigo de cuero  Made before hardcore was legal in Spain. Lina Romay plays a hot stripper who uses her 'goods; to manipulate Private Dick Al into doing some detective work for her. She is the wife of a wealthy husband, and needs some compromising photos retrieved. One scene: Lina naked, on top of another woman (who is also naked) are going at it, when she pulls a dagger and stabs her to death. With some hardcore sex, lesbian sex, whipping and more only this time, LBX and with English subtitles for the first time!  BA

P948 Botas Negras, Látigo De Cuero (83) Lina Romay plays a hot stripper who uses her 'goods' to manipulate a detective to do some work for her. He gets in over his head of course. Loads of nudity and near hard-core sexual situations. F.L.  BA

N696 Cards on the Table (66) aka: Attack of the Robots  aka: Cartes sur table - Here we have a beautiful uncut and LBX version of this Jess Franco movie! A mad scientist uses his robot army to control people who have type O blood. Made by the same creative team that created 'The Diabolical Dr. Z'! A fantastic fantasy plot involving a nefarious scheme ran by an evil organization, Interpol is called in. Fernando Rey plays the villain, (just a few years from 'The French Connection' and a not-so-innocent heroine played by Sophie Hardy. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA 

P944 Claire (83) aka: Claire... dove scivola scivola   Vicky Mesmin (aka: Chantal Virapin), Pamela Stanford, and Martine Flety all three from the Franco stable of sleaze, star in this rare sexy XXX. Quality not as good as usual on this rare film but still easy to see everything clearly. LBX- F.L.

A956 Doriana Grey (76) aka: Die Marquise von Sade  aka: La Porno Storia della Marchese de Sade   A lonely aristocrat Miss Gray (Lina Romay) has a twin sister (also Lina Romay) who is in an asylum. They share a bizarre sexual bond. Miss Gray and rational, but frigid, while her sister is an insane nymphomaniac that feels sexual pleasure for the both of them. A sexy female reporter arrives at the mansion. This XXX Franco film is beautifully shot around gorgeous ocean cliff-side castle-like mansions. Lina Romay gives one of the most uninhibited performances of her career. As far as a sex and horror film that retains all the sleaze and dark perversion of exploitation and still manages to pull it off as an art film.... this is it. Amazing. Beautiful quality, dubbed into English and Uncut!  LBX  BA

N943 Falo Crest (87) aka: Phalo Crest  aka: Caprices sodos pour salopes du plaisir  Jess Franco's XXX take on 'Falcon's Crest' now with English subtitles! This time Lina Romay and Jess Franco direct together! This comedy spoof is wall to wall sex. And you may hold up on the wine drinking when you see their recipe! Ends in a big orgy.  English subtitles!

N929 House of Spies (66) aka: Residence For Spies  aka: Residencia para espías  aka: Eddie Afslører Orient-Banden  Ms. Pendleton is the commander-in-chief of a woman's training camp for western spies, recently established in Turkey. C.I.A. agent Leyton (Eddie Constantine) receives orders to discover and destroy an enemy... Now this Jess Franco Eurospy comes in very nice quality and with English subtitles. Also with Diana Lorys!  BA

N401 Lilian the Perverted Virgin (84) aka: Lilian (la virgen pervertida)  This was Spain's first legal porn film. But it is not really a porn film. (Just somewhat) Lilian is found in the desert near death. She awakens to tell her rescuer (Robert Foster) of the hell house she escaped from. She was being held captive by a brothel running couple (Lina Romay being one of her captors) and forced into degrading sexual situations. The star of this film Katja Bienert didn't even know about the movie when asked about it in 2010! Apparently her scenes were shot, and Jess Franco later cleverly edited in XXX stuff, (appropriately known simply as 'inserts'!) to try to make it look like she was getting it, like what they did to Christina Lindberg in 'Thriller: A Cruel Picture" - and turned it into a typical Franco film. She has no recollection, although she is in many scenes (no XXX  for real though, she was only 17 after all) She was never paid. These are the facts. Lina Romay sports black leather and a whip in one live sex show scene. Now with English subtitles and LBX.  

N851 Lulu's Talking Ass (86) aka: El ojete de Lulú  Now LBX and with English subtitles! Now when the ass speaks, you can read what it is saying! Just that notion is hysterical, but don't take my word for it. Take Lulu's ass's word. The plot is simple. Lulu's ass is jealous because Lulu's... ahem... other female love part.... is getting all the action. So see what happens and make up your own mind if that is the case. They report, you decide. Watch as they argue while Lina is getting some. Lina Romay still looks great (and what she does with that Oscar may just be worthy of one!), and Jess Franco directs (with one hand I presume). The only comedy porno in existence narrated by Lina Romay's ass. Tasteless and vulgar trash that comes highly recommended for fans of Lina Romay. 

A235 Mistresses of Dr. Jekyll (64) aka: Secret of Dr. Orloff   aka: El secreto del Dr. Orloff   A mad scientist creates a hideous monster to carry out his murderous plans. Cool early Franco deserving of some respect. A sequel to 'The Awful Dr. Orloff' made two years previous. This was shot in black and white and has English subtitles and is in Spanish language.  BA

N548 Para Las Nenas (86) aka: Para las nenas, leche calentita  Several couples of diverse economic and sexual backgrounds check into a love hotel on the Spanish coast for an interlude of erotic fun and games which expand exponentially if not mathematically. The most amusing are Lulu Laverne (Lina Romay), who hangs out of her leopard skin dress and is accompanied by her fastidiously effeminate boyfriend “Tony Proculi” (Antonio Mayans). Another hot couple keep score on the bed board. In the meantime “Pepito Tiesez” (Jose Llamas, wearing a ponytail) and friends get it on in an adjacent room. A guy in a business suit (Jean Morcillon aka Jose Miguel Garcia Marfa) is slobbered over by his glitter queen, Rossy Pussy.... Writing credits go to Jess Franco on this. Directed by Lina Romay (as Candy Coster).   F.L. w/ English subtitles.

N905 Perversion on the Lost Island (83) aka: La casa de las Mujeres Perdidas  aka: Perversión en la isla perdida  Rare Jess Franco with English subtitles. Desdemona (Lina Romay) lives on a remote with her strange family. Her father (who can't get it up), her stepmother and her retarded sister Pulova. Desdemona tries to ward off her boredom by masturbating, provoking her father and teaching her retarded sister how to pleasure herself (disturbing). She really takes to it too!  After hearing how her father had sex with a younger girl, she even asks him if he would fancy raping her! The stepmother is abusive. This tranquil family setting is interrupted by the arrival of a very virile hunter, who will fracture this family dynamic even further. The stepmother taunts her husband as she has sex with the hunter, and brags that the hunter has also serviced Desdemona as well. Near hardcore, but mostly soft-core with a downbeat ending. LBX and with English subtitles.

N388 Rififi in the City (63) aka: Rififi en la Ciudad - Excellent Jess Franco spy film expertly lighted in black and white and without a boring second! Beautiful girls, plenty of bad guys, cowardly and courageous cops, dirty politicians (is there any other kind?), and more. In Spanish and with English subtitles.  BA

N891 Sexorcismes (75) aka: L'éventreur de Notre-Dame  aka: Expériences sexuelles au château des jouisseuses  aka: Exorcisme  aka: Chains and Black Leather  Finally! In French language and with English subtitles here is the XXX version! This one is available in 3, that's right, 3 other versions! “The Sadist of Notre Dame”, “Exorcism”, and “Demoniac”. The others share some of  the footage from this, but lots of cut and paste jobs so it could be marketed to as many countries as possible. This may be Franco's most notorious film. The hardcore scenes were shot about a year later, you'll notice Lina Romay's hair is different. This one is loaded with sex and violence. Jess Franco himself stars as the perverted maniac, talking of disembowelment, washing away sinful blood with a knife! He also gets in on the XXX action with Lina Romay and Christine Chireix. This alternate version of this very rare film runs 81 minutes, is LBX and has English subtitles. 

N892 Silence of the Tomb (72) aka: Un silencio de tumba  Jess Franco's take on Agatha Christie's 'And Then There Were None' sort of. Movie actress Annette and her friends spend a holiday on her private island. When Annette's son is kidnapped and the guests start turning up dead, Detective Juan is on the case to catch the killer. With Glenda Allen (if you want to know what she looks like, she was Caroline Munro's stand-in on 'Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter'). LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

N505 Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff, The (73) aka: Los ojos siniestros del doctor Orloff  In this Orloff shocker, William Berger stars as the diabolical doctor who unleashes a nightmare of hypnosis, violence and folk music on a crippled young woman and her depraved family. Edmund Purdom (Pieces) and Lina Romay co-star in this beloved slab of psycho-sleaze, packed with enough sadism, murder and madness to keep Goya spinning in his crypt for the next century. In Spanish and now with English subtitles.  BA

N657 Tomb of the Living Dead (83) aka: La tumba de los muertos vivientes  aka: The Treasure of the Living Dead  aka: L’Abime des Morts vivants  Alternate version of 'Oasis of the Zombies". One of Jess Franco's most elusive titles now with English subtitles for the first time! During WW2, a small German squadron is assigned to carry a shipment of Nazi gold across the African desert. Ambushed, only survivor an American soldier named Robert. Years later the tale is told by Robert to a German treasure hunter named Kurt, who promptly murders him. Robert's son finds out and sets out after him to also try to find the gold. The journey to their destination is loaded with peril, and it's even scarier when they reach the oasis. In total, there are about 20 minutes of exclusive footage in this Spanish version of the film, which features a partially different cast from other versions. For example, Lina Romay appears in this cut of the film, she doesn't appear in some other versions. The gore scenes are also more effective here in this print. In Spanish and with English subtitles.  BA

A628 Vengeance of Mabuse (72) aka: Dr. M schlägt zu - Evil doctor (Jack Taylor) and his mindless monster, Monica Swinn as sexy evil sidekick, a cameo by a screaming cigar-smoking Jess Franco, some cops dressed as laughable cowboys, sexy girls in mini-skirts and incredible Franco camera angles and locations. So Franco furthers Lang and this is quite a cool little flick. With English subtitles.  BA

N811 Vibrating Girls (72) aka: Les ebranlées  aka: Dans les Ebranlees  aka: Dolls for Sale   - Trannies, transsexuals, strippers, sex slaves, whores, and more populate this world of debauchery. Howard Vernon is in this world, but cannot seem to get off with anybody as he has repressed sexual issues. Sexy horny women... "I must admit, I'm deeply aroused" says one sexy Franco woman. Dark, sexy, and a hell of a violent climax! . Erotic cinema lost a legend this year when Franco passed. Anne Libert, Kali Hansa and Doris Thomas provide eye candy! LBX and with English subtitles.

N812 White Bay (84) aka: Bahía blanca  A prostitute (Eva Leon) living on an island protects her sister Maria (Lina Romay), who is mute, and men keep trying to assault her. In a series of deaths will justice or vengeance prevail? Or possibly, both! A violent and dark ending. This rare title is not perfect and does have some glitches. But the dark twisted nature of this rare film is worth it. With English subtitles.




A784 Bite Me Mr. Count: Dracula in the Provinces (75) aka: Young Dracula  aka: Il cav. Costante Nicosia demoniaco, ovvero: Dracula in Brianza - A business man thinks he is infected with vampirism after he wakes up in bed with a gay vampire count in this Fulci directed sex-comedy with horror elements. He has no idea what happened as he was with the counts female brides the last he knew! Now he thinks he's going gay, and becoming a vampire. Help! He soon finds that drinking blood helps him in the bedroom! Gulp!  With Sylva Koscina, Rossano Brazzi and Lando Buzzanca. From a rare Greek tape and not as great quality as usual. LBX and English dubbed.  BA





A660 13 Steps of Maki: The Young Aristocrats (75) aka: Wakai kizoku-tachi: 13-kaidan no Maki  In the opening scene two girls are tied to a railroad track and are being menaced by a sleazy girl gang. Then Maki (Etsuko Shihomi) with a giant '13' on her shirt, shows up and kicks major ass. Maki is the leader of the baddest, highest kicking, girl gang in the area. These tough bitches take no shit from anyone, fighting yakuza gangs and of course, other girl gangs. A rich girl puts Maki in her place and Maki gets locked up, having plenty of time to seek her revenge. Man, a fast-paced girl kick-ass classic! LBX and with English subtitles.

A991 13 West Street (62) aka: La notte delle jene  An aerospace engineer (Alan Ladd) ignores a policeman (Rod Steiger) and hunts down a gang of spoiled rich punk juvenile delinquents who earlier kicked the living shit out of him and later terrorize he and his wife. He's mad as hell, and he is not going to take it anymore! Alan Ladd going all vigilante in one his last roles (The Carpetbaggers being his last) delivers a decent punch. He was dead from alcohol and drugs within 2 years after this was released. Ted Knight has a small role. LBX  BA

P923 4 Billion in 4 Minutes (76) aka: 4 minuti per 4 milliardi  Antonio Sabato stars in this heist thriller with John Richardson and Vassili Karis. In English language, foreign subs and LBX

A31 7 Hours of Violence (73) aka: Sette ore di violenza per una soluzione imprevista  A former hit man is blackmailed into doing one more job. The hit goes awry and he ends up with the cops and a gang of Chinese hit men on his trail. He holes up at the home of a beautiful woman. With George Hilton and Rosemarie Dexter. In English and with foreign subtitles.  BA

A247 A Tu Per Tu (84) aka: On a First Name Basis  Sergio Corbucci directs this colorful Italian comedy. LBX

A453 Action Man (67) aka: Le soleil des voyous  aka: Action Man - Bankraub fast perfekt   Jean Gabin plays a retired hoodlum planning one last heist. He enlists the aid of an ex U.S. soldier (Robert Stack). Things will not go as they expected. Also with Margaret Lee! LBX and in English language.

A187-A342 Action U.S.A. (89) Gangsters murder a man in Texas and then go after his girlfriend. Custom up corvette, car chases aplenty and pretty much non-stop action throughout so the title is pretty accurate. Good old fashioned good old boy fun and starring William Smith, Cameron Mitchell, Ross Hagen, Gregory Scott Cummins and more.

P950 Adventures of Frontier Fremont, The (76) The true story of one manly man's struggle to make the wilderness his home, and the animals his friends. With Dan Haggerty as Frontier (who else?) and Denver Pyle as an old mountain man. Pretty cool with amazing country locales.  Makes you want a wolf pup. In English language and with foreign subtitles.  BA

A415 Adventures of Jody Shanan (78) aka: As Aventuras de Jody Shanan  Twelve year old Jody is rapidly becoming a man. His father takes him on a wagon train trip where they are attacked by a renegade band of Comancheros led by a ruthless cut-throat known only as Blue Wolf. Separated, with nothing more than his blanket roll for comfort, Jody sets out across the open country for home with the sad knowledge that he will never see his father again... or will he?

A323 African Deal, The (73) aka: Carnal Contact   aka: Contratto carnale  -  An inter-racial affair against a background of corrupt businessmen in an attempt to manipulate the national resources of an emerging nation that bears a distinct resemblance to Ghana. A warped love story, a soft giallo, an odd and sexy melodrama and a totally irrelevant scene that reminds one of  a Mondo type film. Calvin Lockhart plays it much like he did in 'The Beast Must Die' George Hilton is excellent as is Enrico Maria Salerno. the women are great, Anita Strindberg is a total ice cold beauty. Yanti Somer never looked better.

N487 African Safari (68) aka: Rivers of Fire and Ice  Cool African documentary that really grabs you. Animals and more, and the struggles endured on this harsh continent. Filmed in 1962, you will appreciate the great lengths that were afforded this time capsule. Remember, Africa was still just a faraway, dark and mysterious place to most Americans even in 1968.  BA

N806 Agent Joe Walker: Operation Far East (66) aka: So Darling, So Deadly  aka: Kommissar X - In den Klauen des goldenen Drachen  A super villain named 'Golden Claw' has stolen a laser from a scientist. He also has a team of mercenaries made up of gun-toting whip cracking super bitches. Tony Kendall (returning as Komissar X), Brad Harris and more star.  LBX  BA

N813 Agent X-77 Orders to Kill (66) aka: Baraka sur X-13  aka: Agente X-77 - ordine di uccidere   A government agent (Gerard Barray) tries to prevent foreign spies from obtaining a scientist's formula for a solid rocket fuel. Scenes include Barray fighting a hot blonde spy in a nightgown who almost hands his ass to him, and also our hero is strapped up and flogged. Several brutal killings and a fairly dark tone in this spy thriller. LBX  BA

N709 All Neat in Black Stockings (69) London in the swinging sixties! Two blokes on the make share everything, including girlfriends! Anna Cropper, Susan George, Victor Henry and Jack Shepherd star. 

P949 Allegro non Troppo (76) An enthusiastic film-maker makes a film with a classical music soundtrack. It's a medley of satire, surrealism, spoofery, general nonsense, cartoon nudity, and more set to Vivaldi, Debussy, Stravinsky, Dvorak and more. With English subtitles when needed. There is a time-code running at the top of the screen.  BA

N488 Almost Hollywood (94) This comedy tries to show how it really goes in the movie business with the ups and downs faced by those struggling in this occupation.

P938 Aloha Bobby and Rose (75) Bobby and Rose (Paul LeMat and Diane Hull) are two young lovers on the run in a red hot 68 Camaro complete with body flares and mods.  This is a road movie in the great American tradition with a great soundtrack. It opens with Elton John's Benny and the Jets, and Elton John music is throughout the flick as a matter of fact!. They encounter  characters and others on their adventures that might just be leading to nowhere. A real sleeper, with a really downbeat ending, check it out!  BA

A210 Amber Waves (80) Two seemingly disparate men experience powerful life lessons when a wheat harvester gives a hitch-hiking male model a ride on what feels to be the worst day of their lives, at the peak of the war in Vietnam. The harvester has just been diagnosed with cancer, but desperately needs to fulfill a reaping contract, while the male model got himself beaten up in a bar, leading to his firing, and stranding in Kansas....  Dennis Weaver and Kurt Russell star. 

P717 Amen (02) Kurt Gerstein, a brilliant German scientist, is recruited into the SS during the opening years of the Second World War. Assigned as a sanitation engineer, Gerstein is sent to the Eastern Front to supervise water purification for the German Army. Soon after, however, he is asked to help with a "special project" involving fumigation of "vermin infested" areas behind the front lines. Gerstein develops Zyklon-B, a deadly chemical gas which Gerstein believes will be put to use killing rats, lice, and other disease carrying creatures. However, when Gerstein realizes that his invention will be used to kill not animals but people...   - In English language, but with irremovable Greek subtitles. LBX  BA

A204 Amerika (87) See what happens when a weak president turns over control of the U.S.A. to Russia, bloodlessly, leading to slave labor camps for some, collaboration for others, and rebellion for still others. This pretty much offended everyone when it came out. I mean what president could possibly...? Uh Oh... There was still hostility and paranoia about Russia 25 years ago. Now in today's America we have many who proudly admit to being Communist or Socialist, although I question their intelligence on such blatantly ignorant babblings as we know how these type countries end up, history has shown. Very cool and interesting. Lara Flynn Boyle in her first big role. Kris Kristofferson, Mariel Hemmingway, Christine Lahti, Robert Urich and Sam Neil also star amongst many others. This is the complete mini-series on 5 discs for a paltry $25. NO VHS


A528 Amos and Andy Show, The (51-53) 16 (count 'em!) that's 16 discs of the complete (those in existence as far as we know) Amos and Andy Collection. All-black show (mostly) with stories centering on Kingfish (Tim Moore) and his schemes to dupe his brothers Amos and Andy (Alvin Childress and Spencer Williams). Andy was particularly dupable. Amos mostly narrated. For some reason some groups consider this racist and you never see reruns on T.V. because many (especially much of Hollywood) wants to rewrite history as they 'wished' it had been (which is 'revisionist history' revisited). Basically, this is similar to 'The Honeymooners.' Lying, scheming, and being a moron is part of being human, for ALL races, who hasn't done something moronic?.  Racial stereotypes?  What the hell was 'Gomer Pyle' or 'Gilligan', (and many others) white stereotypes?  Forget everyone's political correctness as they throw many actors from the first part of the twentieth century under the bus because not only can they not face the reality of the era, they also cannot appreciate the comic genius some of these people demonstrated and struggled to perform. They were heard, appreciated, and America laughed and laughed, which was the intention all along, right? Success!  Don't take my word for it, get all 16 discs (menu for each episode) for $80 Postage Paid. Or count as 16 in any of our specials. This is not available on VHS. By the Way, Andy reminded me a bit of the late Bernie Mac, who was hilarious!


P765 Apocalypse Mercenaries (87) aka: Mercenari dell'apocalisse  aka: Mercenarios  An elite group of five mercenaries, each with highly specialized skills, who are hired to take out a German Command Center situated deep within a lime stone cavern system. Along the way to this objective, our intrepid soldiers of fortune also undertake various side missions including blowing up an arms supply train and a German airfield...  LBX  BA

P715 Apollo Goes on Holiday (68) aka: Epiheirisis Apollon  This film plays like a Greek tourism feature, and I am quite sure 1968 must have been a great year to visit as lately they have been having some serious problems. More tail than you can shake a.... stick at!!! Great looking women and very colorful location photography. Mostly in English language. 

P721 Assassination of Trotsky, The (72) After having been forced to leave the Soviet Union 1929 Trotsky has ended up in Mexico 1940. He is still busy with the politics. Stalin has sent out an assassin, Frank Jacson. Jacson befriends a young communist and gets an invitation to Trotsky's house....  Richard Burton, Alain Delon, Romy Schneider and Valentina Cortese star  BA

A979 Assault of the Rebel Girls (59) aka: Cuban Rebel Girls - Errol Flynn wrote and stars in this one, his last film, swan song if you will. Flynn plays himself as a war correspondent who helps Fidel Castro overthrow another Cuban dictator. Filmed with Castro's cooperation while he was still fighting Batista. Sexy at seventeen Beverly Aadland stars. She was in a relationship with Flynn who died of a heart attack shortly after completion of this film. He was 50, she was 17. (Although their relationship began when she was 15 and he was 48) Beverly died in 2010.  There is a new movie called 'The Last Days of Robin Hood' coming out about this relationship that stars Kevin Kline as Flynn and Dakota Fanning as Beverly. Weird. Followed by some cool J.D. trailers.  BA

N945 Avenging Force (86) aka: American Warrior II: Le Chasseur  Michael Dudikoff is an ex-agent who encounters ample opportunity to utilize his deadly skills. When a crazed group of right-wing lunatic fringe killers slaughter his family, he must unleash his fury and vengeance. He gets forced into a 'man-hunt' played out in the Louisiana swamplands and a game of cat and mouse ensues. Also with John Ryan. BA

A443 Bagland (03) aka: Scratch - This film from Denmark draws you into the lives of a group of teenagers taking their first steps on the ladder of independence and adulthood. Centering around the stunning lead actress, Stephanie Leon, it's familiar stuff, experimenting with sex, drugs, racist undertones, violence, battling with their parents and the older generation, and the conflicts of life-style differences. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

P795 Battle of the Godfathers (73) aka: Zinksärge für die Goldjungen  This violent crime film stands out as a definitive German crime-thriller and stars Henry Silva in the role of Messina, a Sicilian Mafioso. Some great action-sequences with climatic boat chase scenes and more. LBX and in English language, but with Greek subtitles.  BA

P675 Battle Under Orion (09) aka: Manatsu no Orion  A schoolgirl and WW2 sub veteran meet to uncover a story of sacrifice, tragedy and redemption. The vet tells of his last days of his mission in the Pacific. His sub was the last line of defense in Okinawa. Supplies low, a grim fate seems to be their destiny.  Compelling war picture, and with a great battle between a submarine and a destroyer. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A523 Battleaxe, The (62) Playboy Tony Evers (Francis Matthews) is suing wealthy fiancé Audrey (Jill Ireland) for breach of promise. The 'battleaxe' of the title is Audrey's mother who has been married six times.

A182 Beau Geste (66) Michael (Beau) Geste (Guy Stockwell) leaves England in disgrace and joins the French Foreign Legion. He is reunited with his brothers in North Africa, where they face greater danger from their own sadistic commander than they do from those ornery Arabs. Great adventure film here with a decent cast that includes Doug McClure, Leslie Nielson, Michael Constantine, Telly Savalas and many others.   BA

N782 Beauty and the Beast (83) aka: Skønheden og udyret  aka: La bella y la bestia   Uncomfortable tale about a man's growing infatuation with his cute 16 year old daughter. Naturally a father is protective of his daughter, and the problems she may face, but this film balances on a very thin edge of taboo in our society. In Danish and with English subtitles. LBX

A184 Believe in Me (71) aka: Den vita lögnen  Michael Sarrazin and Jacqueline Bisset play Remy and Pamela. Together they become drug addicts and plummet into the depths of despair. Downbeat and dark, despite it being changed. The original version was so bleak the studios ordered reshoots. This is a good PSA for high schools or drug rehab centers. So depressing you may be compelled to start using after seeing this! (Just kidding!) Also with Jon Cypher and Allen Garfield.  BA

A514 Below the Belt (80) A New York City waitress decides to become a pro-wrestler. Filmed in 1974, not released until 1980. Bronx born Regina Baff kicks some ass and seems to be doing all of her own stunt work as well.

D159 Big Guns (73) aka: Tony Arzenta  aka: No Way Out  aka: Com Encontro Marcado  A mob hit man wants to retire, but his bosses don't agree. Complications and many bloody shootouts ensue when they kill his wife and child. Erika Blanc, Rosalba Neri, Alain Delon, Richard Conte and more star. LBX  BA

A214 Bitter Blood (94) A father (played by Keith Carradine) and his wife (Kelly McGillis) are estranged. McGillis hooks up with her insane cousin (Harry Hamlin) and what follows is a disturbing way to deal with the custody of the children problem. If she can't have them.....   Downbeat and disturbing ending will shock you!!  Based on a true story as this really happened! Evan Rachel Wood as Little Susie (in her debut!). This is the uncut long version.

A54 Black Cobra, The (63) aka: Die schwarze Kobra  German made crime thriller directed by Rudolph Zehetgruber  BA

B172 Black Fox: The True Story of Adolph Hitler (62) Narrated by Marlene Dietrich. Okay, maybe not the quintessential film on Hitler and the Holocaust, but you get enough here to give you at least a few sleepless nights. Real footage, authentic photos and actual quotations. In this one they mix in an old folk-tale of a black fox and his dealings with his fellow animals. An excellent way to introduce your children to the horrors of Hitler and what he did in that horrid past, without making them watch 'Schindler's List' until they are a bit older. Or you can shield them altogether until one day you see them still living at home and in their 30's, dancing and singing around your living room.

A821 Black Tent, The (56) aka: Das Geheimnis des schwarzen Zeltes  During the British retreat, David Holland (Anthony Steel) takes shelter with a Bedouin tribe and marries the sheik's daughter. This is a very colorful war-type picture filmed in Libya. Great cast includes Donald Sinden, Donald Pleasence, Andre Morrell, Anton Diffring and many more. Stunning quality and LBX.  BA

A727 Black Tide (58) aka: Stormy Crossing - Two swimmers are swimming the English channel when one of them disappears. The other swimmer is convinced it was no accident. Really cool seacoast setting.  Another obscure and very cool British thriller. With John Ireland and Derek Bond.

P894 Blackmail (74) aka: Lo strano ricatto di una ragazza per bene  Stoned out hippie chick (Brigitte Skay) arranges for her own kidnapping to squeeze money from her dad. Her evil gold-digging stepmother (Rosalba Neri) gets involved and things go horribly wrong. Loads of gratuitous nudity, this is one sleazy slice of Euro trash! In English language and with foreign subtitles.

A462 Blonde from Peking, The (67) aka: La blonde de Pékin  Crime caper film with a government agent going from Europe to Hong Kong as the protagonists chase a jewel known as 'the Blue Gassault'. Although there is lots of death, nobody seems to take it too seriously as is typical for many of the spy spoof genre types of the era. With Mireille Darc, Giorgia Moll, Claudio Brook and Edward G. Robinson. LBX and dubbed into English.

A341 Blood and Guts (78) A young athlete (Brian Patrick Clark) becomes the unlikely star of a wrestling troupe, and a rival promoter will go to any length to steal him away. William Smith stars as Dandy Dan, an aging alcoholic wrestler who mentors Clark's character. A fascinating look at life in the squared circle before the WWF dominated the scene.  In English language and with foreign subtitles.  BA

D167 Bloody Hands of the Law (73) aka: La mano spietata della legge  aka: Execution Squad  Violent crime thriller with 'Dirty Harry' cop tactics, Klaus Kinski as a silent assassin, and plenty of action. LBX   BA

A452 Blue Eyed Bandit, The (80) aka: Il bandito dagli occhi azzurri  Franco Nero stars as a middle-aged brown-eyed cripple who works as an accountant at a bank. Little do his employers know it is a disguise he has perfected so he can rob them blind. But things are not as easy as they seem for him as he is about to learn. Nero is outstanding in this as usual. With a score by Ennio Morricone. LBX, in English language and with foreign subtitles.

N924 Bof! (71) aka: Bof... Anatomie d'un livreur  aka: Who Cares: Anatomy of a Delivery Boy  A delivery man, his wife, his father and a couple friends decide to live in a commune, outside of the regular rules of society. That means sharing. A son pushing his young wife into the arms of his father, who already has a sexy wife with Marie Dubois as Germaine is an example of the taboo breaking content. Shocking that is, by 1971 standards. Weird. LBX and with English subtitles.

A856 Bomb in the High Street (61) British suspense thriller!  A team of bank robbers do a bank job under the guise of army bomb disposal experts. With Ronald Howard, Suzanna Leigh and Terry Palmer starring.

P673 Bomber Harris (89) Biography of Arthur Harris (also known as Bomber Harris) of RAF Bomber Command during WW2. Focus on his bombing strategies known as 'millennium raids' on German cities. With John Thaw as Harris and Robert Hardy as Winston Churchill.

A783 Bonnie and Clyde: Myth or Madness? (68) After the enormous success of Hollywood's mostly fictional 'Bonnie and Clyde' Larry Buchanan produced this real life docu-drama detailing the life and times of the actual life and times of the deadly pair of killers. The fact that they were vicious killers and not pretty people, and also the fact they were sadistic killers makes one realize just how far Hollywood goes in most (if not all cases) to twist the truth to get good box office. Narrated by Burl Ives.

A286 Bootleggers (74) Arkansas 1933, during Prohibition. Great little film about feudin' families and their issues with one another filmed expertly on location.. With the always great Slim Pickens as Grandpa Pruitt and Jaclyn Smith as hick chick Sally Fannie Tatum. Directed by Charles B. Pierce who had just finished 'Legend of Boggy Creek' and made 'Winterhawk' and 'The Town That Dreaded Sundown' next. LBX  BA

D144 Born Different + Video Sideshow (various) Freaks Freaks Freaks! Say it! Scream it! Freaks were good old American attractions in the past. Able to travel the land in sideshows and make a living on their own. Things have changed but you can still revisit the old days with these two docus that show many of the popular freaks doing their thing, with not much pity or feeling sorry for themselves, just being productive members of a society that did not mind plucking down some cash to see them. You'll get a history lesson, and the best of the best are featured. Inspiring.

D190 Boys in Blue, The (82) aka: Tom und Bobby in Aktion  The utter stupidity of this British comedy is legendary. That is exactly why you absolutely have to check it out! Hilarious juvenile script and belly-roll sight gags. Directed by Val Guest.

P931 Brother, Cry For Me (70) aka: Die Jäger des Inka Schatzes  Michael, Jeffrey and James must return to the domain of their late father in the jungles of Bokanoiva to claim their inheritance. Pissed off soldiers, snakes, swamp gators, cool Aztec temples, and finally a cave under a waterfall are some of the locations for the action as the brothers become greedy and murderously competitive. Starring Steve Drexel, Larry Pennell, Leslie Parrish and more.  Now in English language, finally!

A411 Bruce and the Iron Finger (79) aka: Le Combat du Roi du Kung-Fu  aka: Bruce against Iron Hand  aka: Da jiao tou yu sao niang zi - Bruce Li (not Bruce Lee!) plays a cop that fights many a battle in this hard-hitting and action packed kung-fu stunner that is hilariously dubbed into English and is also LBX.  BA

A425 Bruce and the Shaolin Bronzemen (77) aka: Shen long meng hu  With horribly choreographed action sequences, murderous midgets dressed in loud floral print suits, and dubbing that boasts the heaviest (and most unintentionally hilarious) Filipino accents you have ever heard, you are sure to be entertained! Also known as 'Enter the Game of the Shaolin Bronzemen' this is arguably the nadir of the Brucesploitation subgenre. You'll howl with laughter at some of the lines. Especially, how they are delivered. BA

P932 Bruce Lee against Supermen (77) The fake Bruce Lee (Bruce Li) searches for a missing scientist amidst a barely coherent hodgepodge of action sequences. The Supermen, is really just one guy with a cape with his partner in crime thugs who are bought off to go up against Bruce (women and booze!). This is one to have plenty of beer with as you'll be scratching your head about what will happen next! LBX and dubbed into English language and with no subtitles. 

A430 Brutal Glory (90) aka: Blutiger Ruhm  The almost completely made up allegedly true story of Kid McCoy, boxing champion. This South African filmed punching action adventure drama stars Robert Vaughn as the man who leads McCoy to fame and... well... brutal glory (you know I had to). McCoy is a double-crossing low-down cheating S.O.B., which helps him come out on top. There is more to it as well as they go on safari and McCoy has to fight a tribesman and even race him which leads to McCoy being lost in the desert without water. In English language and with foreign subtitles.

P982 Callan: Wet Job (81) Edward Woodward stars!. He plays Callan, a top assassin, now retired running a militaria shop. He is forced out of retirement for one last assignment. Also with Russell Hunter. 

D15 Capone Crying Hard (85) aka: Kapone Ooi Ni Naku  A traditional Naniwa-bushi singer takes his wife to the United States where he hopes to become a star... Bizarre Japanese gangster film that includes singing and dancing on a merry-go-round and more including a Charlie Chaplin character! No subtitles sorry it's all F.L.- LBX

P947 Captain Mikula and the Kid (74) aka: Kapetan Mikula Mali  In late 1943 German forces are advancing towards Dalmatian coast in this Yugoslavian adventure film. Many are forced to flee but a group of children stranded on a deserted island after their ship's engines broke down are about to experience their greatest adventure! Dubbed into English language and with foreign subtitles.

A595 Casablanca Express (89) aka: O Expresso de Casablanca  In 1942, a commando (Jason Connery) is assigned to protect Winston Churchill when it is learned that the Nazi's are plotting to kidnap him while he is traveling by train. Also with Donald Pleasence, Jean Sorel and Glenn Ford. Directed by Sergio Martino.  BA

A724 Case of the Red Monkey, The (55) aka: Little Red Monkey  aka: Das Geheimnis des roten Affen   Russian scientists are being murdered. It's up to Bill Locklin (Richard Conte) to protect a Russian defector and get him back to America. Cool spy/crime picture, and tough to find.  BA

A303 Ceremony, The (63) aka: Encrucijada mortal  The story of a man condemned... of his brother who offered to save him for a price... his woman! A great film from Laurence Harvey (who died while trying to finish up his excellent 'Welcome to Arrow Beach' in 1973). With Sarah Miles, Ross Martin (who is great in this as the evil commandant), Fernando Rey and John Ireland. BA

A544 Chameleon (08) aka: Kaméleon  The leader of a group of con men - inadvertently caught up in a crime gang's plot of kidnap and murder, soon find out they are out of their league. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A434 Charles Bronson Action Collection (various) All things Chuck here with trailer after trailer featuring the big guy (really though he was only five foot 8 and a half) spanning a career of kick ass films that dwarfs any action hero today! Excellent! Starts with 'Drum Beat' from 1954 and moves all over the place from there. Death Wish and many many more some even LBX. A great introduction for the uninitiated.

A343 Children of Times Square, The (86) An alienated teenage boy runs away from home and ventures to New York City where he falls in with a gang of juvenile delinquents working as drug dealers and pickpockets for a shady crime boss. This is one of the better J.D. flicks from the 80's. With Joanna Cassidy, Howard E. Rollins Jr., Brandon Douglas, and look for Ami Dolenz in her second movie.

A493 China Venture (53) aka: Geheimdienst im Dschungel   An American patrol was sent during WW2 to the South of China which was occupied by the Japanese. Stock company of the usual war-weary soldier types with a standard extraneous female in tow (and the standard complications arise). Some good action sequences. Edmond O'Brien, Barry Sullivan, Jocelyn Brando, Leo Gordon and Lee Strasberg star amongst many others.  BA

A521 Chivalrous Geisha (69) aka: Samurai Geisha  aka: Nihon jokyo-den: kyokaku geisha   Geisha rejects the advances of coal Baron and falls for a local mine owner (Ken Takakura). This creates a conflict that leads to death and destruction. LBX and with English subtitles.

N871 Choppers, The (61) A gang of teenage delinquents terrorize a small community by stealing cars and stripping them for parts, then selling the parts to a local junkyard owner. Arch Hall Jr. (The Sadist) is their leader. A great time is had by all in this youth gone wrong title. And that song Arch Hall Jr. sings.... oh boy.... Also with Playboy Playmate Marianne Gaba (knockout!) and Bruno VeSota (the chubby guy from 'Attack of the Giant Leeches' and many more.  BA

A192 Christian Licorice Store, The (71) A tennis champ (Beau Bridges) falls in love with the Hollywood crowd and finds himself a tool of commercialism and decadence much to the dismay of hot girlfriend Cynthia (Maud Adams). Time to choose. Monte Hellman, Gilbert Roland, Anne Randall, and many more star.  Another barely heard of or seen film!  BA

N785 Cocco Mio (79) aka: Gros câlin  A man lives alone with a python, unable to have a relationship with regular people. He talks to it like it is a person. Later he meets a woman and begins a relationship with her. Later, the python trips her when she is serving a meal, crashing the dinner to the floor in a mess. 'He did it on purpose!" she cries. Yes, it seems the python is jealous. Later when our snake friend pops up in a neighbor's toilet the man is forced to make a decision. Martha Villalonga and Jean Carmet star. Slightly LBX and with English subtitles. BA

P874 Code 7, Victim 5! (64) aka: Victim 5  Someone is killing people off one by one in this adventure mystery filmed in Africa and from the pen of Harry Alan Towers. Lex Barker stars as the man trying to put a stop to the killer, but he will bed every babe he can along the way as he sees fit, wouldn't you? LBX  BA

N682 Code Name: Jaguar (65) aka: Corrida pour un espion  aka: Der Spion, der in die Hölle ging   Superspy Jeff Larson (aka: Jaguar, played by Ray Danton) is assigned to a mission that has him trying to discover the where-abouts of a new Russian spy device that is at present causing troubles. James Bond type delivers the goods with magnificent cinematography and terrific action sequences. Bright colors, LBX and dubbed into English. 

A704 Cold Summer of 1953, The (87) aka: Kholodnoe leto pyatdesyat tretego  A violent gang take over a small town where a train carrying gold is shortly due to pass through. Killer Russian action/adventure film with incredible locations and a thrilling resolution. With English subtitles. 

P899 Color Me Dead (69) aka: A la busca de mi asesino  A man discovers he has been poisoned and in the short time he has left he seeks answers. Worthwhile tale with nice psychedelic touches that include a lot of gel and topless women in one sequence. With Carolyn (Morticia) Jones, Tom Tryon, Rick Jason and more. Pretty much a remake of the noir classic D.O.A. this time with 60's flair.  BA

P741 Concorde Affair ‘79 (79) aka: Das Concorde Inferno  Ruggero Deodato directed this violent suspense film right before his infamous 'Cannibal Holocaust'. A reporter (James Franciscus) tries to stop the crash of an aircraft after uncovering an airline's plot to save their business by sabotaging Concorde flights to have them decommissioned. Murder, mobsters and mayhem, even an underwater scuba-diver battle! With Mimsy Farmer, Venantino Venantini and Fiamma Maglione. LBX  BA

A834 Cop and the Girl, The (85) aka: Der Bulle & das Mädchen  The 'Bulle'  (Jurgen Prochnow) is a real tough cop. When he helps a girl who is being harassed by rockers, she steals his car and gun in return. Wanting his stuff back, Bulle follows the girl to the frontiers of Holland where she is caught by the German border policemen. When he rescues her yet again, they are both on the lam. This is a cool road movie with lots of scenery. And the story goes where you wouldn't think it would.

A955 Corridor People, The (66)  A short-lived and surreal detective adventure centered around the exploits of security agents Scrotty and Kronk and their battles with the evil but seductive Syrie Van Epp (Elizabeth Shepherd). This show plays like a theater of the absurd, making other oddball British shows like 'The Avengers, and 'The Prisoner' seem rather conventional in comparison. Certainly bizarre and a one of a kind deal here. Audiences of 1966 rejected it and only 4 episodes were filmed. See for yourself.

P710 Counterpoint (67) Famous orchestra conductor is captured by the Germans in WW2, is forced to put on private concerts for the Nazi generals...  Charlton Heston, Maximilian Schell, Kathryn Hays and Leslie Nielsen  LBX  BA

A562 Crossing to Freedom (90) aka: En route, les enfants  aka: The Pied Piper   WWII-  A very proper Englishman (Peter O'Toole) becomes saddled with youngsters that he has to help escape Nazi Germany. Along the way he picks up a few others and they all are on their way to hopeful survival. What will happen when the Nazi's capture them? With Mare Winningham.

A213 Cruel Doubt (92) A college student and two friends are accused of murdering one's stepfather and injuring his mother who refuses to believe her son had anything to do with the attack. Could it be Dungeons and Dragons or Drugs and Alcohol responsible for this ridiculous crime? Long uncut version and starring Blythe Danner, Matt McGrath, Adam Baldwin, William Forsythe, Neal McDonough, John C. McGinley, David Arquette, Jake Busey (as a student), Adam Baldwin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Edward Asner and many more. A virtual who's who of up and coming actors. Excellent.

P718 Cycle of Anomalies (71) aka: O kyklos tis anomalias  Splendidly trashy Greek sex- crime- drama with weird sepia-toned kaleidoscope sex sequences. In Greek language with no subtitles.

A478 Dangerous Chase (76) aka: Kimi yo fundo no kawa wo watare  aka: Manhunt  A tough police detective is falsely accused of corruption, and goes on the run to clear his name. He is assisted by the beautiful daughter of a rich man. Starring Ken Takakura known as the 'Clint Eastwood' of Japan.  LBX with English subs

A97 Darker Than Amber (70) aka: La Loi du Talion  aka: Grande caldo per il racket della droga   Longest print at 93 minutes of this classic! Professional beach bum and "knight errant" Travis McGee (Rod Taylor in one of his finest roles) goes up against psychotic body-builder Terry Bartell (William Smith in one of his finest roles!) McGee pulls out all the stops when he joins a Caribbean cruise to bring the killer to justice! Steamy and violent with one of the best fight scenes ever filmed between Smith and Taylor. Remember Smith bare-knuckle fought Eastwood 10 years later in "Any Which Way You Can". This movie is badass all the way. Also with doe-eyed blonde Suzy Kendall and Jane Russell as 'Alabama Tigress'. In English language and with foreign subtitles in the best and longest print we have ever seen!  BA

N786 Day of the Idiots (81) aka: Tag der Idioten  aka: Le jour des idiots  A woman (Carole Bouquet, straight off the set of the Bond film "For Your Eyes Only"), is quite mad, and unable to cope in the outside world. After falsely accusing her neighbors of being terrorists she lands into a lunatic asylum. Maybe things will make more sense in there? Numerous hallucinatory sequences are presented to convey her state of mind. Bouquet is mesmerizing in this unflattering role. LBX and with English subtitles. 

A216 Dead By Sunset (95) A doctor meets a handsome, successful man and marries him. She finds out later that he cheated on his first wife, assaultd her, abused and tortured his children, and when his wife was about to leave him, murdered her! Ken Olin, Lindsay Frost, Annette O'Toole and more star. True Crime and the uncut version.

N900 Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street (74) aka: Tote Taube in der Beethovenstraße  An American private eye is shot dead in Germany by an international extortion gang, and his partner arrives to seek revenge. Was he responsible for setting up several foreign dignitaries with fake sex photos? Uncompromisingly pessimistic, so much so that the finale remains shocking and yet wholly satisfying at some existential level. Very violent, with cars chases and shootouts. With Glenn Corbett, Christa Kang, Stephane Audran and a sword wielding Anton Diffring. Unbelievably cool! This version runs 2 hours and 8 minutes! Directed by Samuel Fuller!  BA

P722 Deadline For Murder (64) aka: The Naked Flame - A Doukhobor sect in Northern Alberta tries to prevent the wedding of a Russian girl with a Canadian. Based on true events, they also have nice looking women get naked and sing around large fires, hence the title.  Dennis O'Keefe, Kasey Rogers, Al Ruscio, Linda Bennett and Barton Heyman  BA

A215 Deadly Matrimony (92) Alan Masters (Treat Williams) is a despicable businessman with his hands in organized crime. He marries Diane (Embeth Davidtz) and abuses and batters her viciously. Sergeant John Reed (Brian Dennehy) has had enough of this organized crime and gets the help of Diane. When Alan finds out he beats her to death. Deadly Matrimony indeed! Takes place in Chicago (crime in Chicago? Say it isn't so!)  Based on true events and pretty hard-hitting. Also starring Lisa Eilbacher and others. This is the uncut version.

P692 Death and Diamonds (68) aka: Dynamit in grüner Seide  aka: Los Ángeles, hora 14:30  Euro-crime-caper (with obviously faked U.S. settings!) action with crime fighting F.B.I. man George Nader as Jerry Cotton, and also starring Silvia Solar and Carl Mohner from prolific director Harold Reinl. Imaginative and improbable stunts and a fun scene in which Solar feels the whip wielded by Mabel (played wickedly by Marlies Drager). See also 'Murderer's Club of Brooklyn' in this section. LBX

A652 Death on the Run (67) aka: Moving Target  aka: Bersaglio mobile  aka: HeadHunter - Sergio Corbucci directed this Italian crime action. On the run from the police in Athens, a man (Ty Hardin) has in his possession a micro-film eagerly sought after by both criminal gangs and government agencies. Also with Michael Rennie and Gordon Mitchell. A few glitches on the master print.  BA

D30 Devil's Trap, The (62) aka: Dáblova past  This film is an allegory regarding science, religion, secular power each represented in a separate particular character. I think the message is not to pursue science to it's ultimate conclusion (the atom bomb), nor power to it's ultimate conclusion (corruption) nor God (Tower of Babel). There is also enough mystery and suspense to keep  you entertained with lots of experimental camera work. From Czechoslovakia. With English subtitles.

A470 Diaries of the Kamikaze (67) aka: Â dôki no sakura - Sonny Chiba stars in this one that digs deep into the psyche of the Japanese and their initiation into the world of their demise. LBX and with English subtitles.

A95 Dirty Weekend (73) aka: Mordi e fuggi  A man and his mistress (Marcello Mastroianni and Carole Andre) are off for a weekend of hanky panky (a 'dirty weekend'!). They wind up kidnapped by a trio of bank robbers (led by a bullying, walrus-mustached macho man Oliver Reed) and find themselves holed up in the beat-up old building of a cranky old codger with the law closing in. Reed makes moves on the mistress and scores. Who will live, and who will die?  BA

A275 Disappearance, The (77) Thriller about a contract killer (Donald Sutherland). When he is hired by an international organization he suspects they have something to do with the disappearance of his wife (played by his real-life wife). Twists and turns and a shock ending. With David Warner, Christopher Plumber, David Hemmings, John Hurt and Virginia McKenna. 

D125 Disaster at Silo 7 (88) During routine maintenance of a liquid-fuelled ICBM, the fuel tank is penetrated by a falling spanner. The film traces the efforts of the maintenance crew and associated military and civilian personnel to recover the potentially disastrous situation before the fuel tank is sufficiently depressurised that the stack collapses and explodes.... Inaccurate depiction of a true story, but still interesting. With Peter Boyle, Ray Baker, Michael O'Keefe, Dennis Weaver and more.  BA

P919 Disco Fever (78) Late 50's teen idol Desmond (Fabian) and his comical manager (Casey Kasem) get mixed up with a corrupt disco owner/music manager Cybill who wants to sign Desmond up with a contract only to use him as an opening act for a new disco star. If you dig hot girls in hot pants shaking their booties to the atrocious strains of disco while dancing around semi-gay men then here it is! This is the real scene going on here. Film print a bit shaky but quality is nice. If this era is nostalgic for you, than this film is a must!

N683 Doctor Popaul (72) aka: High Heels  aka: Docteur Popaul  aka: Så tuktas en doctor   Jean-Paul Belmondo plays a guy that pursues and beds only 'ugly' women as he distrusts the beautiful ones. Later he meets and marries the mousey Christine (Mia Farrow with ugly make-up, even so, she is anything but 'ugly'!). She also has a limp. Later, he meets her sister Martine (Laura Antonelli) and falls in lust! He drugs his wife so he can have time and sex with her babe-alicious sister. He also manages to murder Martine's admirers in hilariously staged freak accidents! Excellent cast in this dark comedy that comes highly recommended! LBX and dubbed into English.  BA

N677 Don't Forget Me (76) aka: Vergeet My Nie  This strange film (musical/drama) from Africa features a very young Alice Krige in her debut! (Krige was born in South Africa). The son of a Nazi, named Adolph, has just been released from prison after being incarcerated for several years for murder. He meets a pseudo-intellectual Leninist student (Krige, quite the dish here!) Later the brother of the man he killed tracks him down.... LBX and with English subtitles.

N948 Double Revenge (88) An innocent bystander (whose wife is killed during the incident) goes on a vendetta against a bank robber (Joe Dallesandro) let go on a technicality. The bank robber is after him as well, because his brother was killed in the robbery. Nicely done action thriller. BA

A360 Dragon's Snake-Fist, The (79) aka: Xue zhan wu ying quan  Ultra-violent old-school kung-fu film starring Dragon Lee. This has to be his meanest and bloodiest film with vicious eye-gougings, stabbings, beatings etc. Dubbed into English and Uncut!

D126 Drums of Tahiti (54) aka: Intrigues sous les tropiques  An American living in 19-century Tahiti gets involved in intrigue against the French colonial government. With Dennis O'Keefe, Patricia Medina, Michael Ansara and Sylvia Lewis. William Castle directs. BA

P872 East of Ipswich (87)  BBC television drama Michael Palin, based on his own memories of dreary holidays in English coastal towns in the 1950s.   Richard, a seventeen year-old only son, and his rebellious holiday romances in Southwold, Suffolk, leading to his sexual initiation by a promiscuous Dutch girl named Anna...


A775 Educational Archives Volume #1 Sex and Drugs (various)  Some of the most outrageous and entertaining educational films, the ones they would show to kids in the 1950's and 1960's. This first edition includes the films: LSD: Case Study, Human Growth, Know For Sure, Narcotics: Pit of Despair, Barbiturates: Case Study, It's Wonderful Being a Girl, Marijuana, Amphetamines: Case Study, Social-Sex in Adolescence, LSD: Insight or Insanity?, Heroin: Case Study, The ABC of Sex Ed. For Trainables.... Some of this may make you uncomfortable so be warned.... All 4 editions come with full menus for each short movie.

A776 Educational Archives Volume #2 Social Engineering 101 (various) More outrageous fun with the following films: Lunchroom Manners, Shy Guy (with a young Dick York!), Soapy the Germ Fighter, Why Doesn't Cathy Eat Breakfast?, Appreciating Our Parents, Personality and Emotions, Manners in School, Why Vandalism?, and The Outsider. Hey, maybe some young people could learn something from some of these in today's age? Not a chance!

A777 Educational Archives Volume #3 Driver's Ed. (various) Here we have the short films: Tomorrow's Driver, The Bottle and the Throttle, Joy Ride, The Talking Car, Alco Beat, Last Prom, Safety Belt For Suzie, Highway Highball, I Like Bikes, But... and The Crossroads Crash.

A778 Educational Archives Volume #4 On the Job (various)  Here we have the short films: Promotion By-Pass, You and Your Work, The Trouble With Women, Down and Out, Barbers and Beauticians, When You Grow Up, The Gassaultvine, Purely Coincidental, Shake Hands With Danger, How To Keep a Job, Hidden Grievance and All Together. Go ahead, educate somebody already!   {Separate regular priced DVD-R, or together as a set $25. Or 4 VHS for $35}


P797 El Caso Almería (84) aka: Der Fall Almeria  Story of the investigation of a Spanish judge on the assassination by the Guardia Civil of three young people, wrongly suspected of being ETA terrorists. In his search for the truth, the judge will face all types of obstacles and even threats on his own life for daring investigate the very secret and dangerous world of the Spanish military, at a time when Spain is just coming out of 40 years of authoritarian rule....  One of Antonio Banderas's first films. F.L.

D107 Empty Beach, The (85) Like an Australian 'The Big Sleep' sort of. Bryan Brown is Cliff Hardy, a down on his luck P.I.  who is hired by a beautiful woman to find her missing husband who disappeared while after receiving some tapes. The plot takes our hero through the inherent humiliations of the genre and leads to a creepily disquieting finale. Also with Anna Maria Monticelli and Ray Barrett.

A308 End of the Game (75) aka: Der Richter und sein Henker  aka: Murder on the Bridge  aka: Assassinio sul ponte   Set in Europe, a Swiss police detective named Ritt is trying to capture a man named Gastmann (Robert Shaw, great in this). Thirty years earlier he had killed a woman right in front of him and was never prosecuted for it. Ritt gets a new partner (played by Jon Voight). Donald Sutherland plays a corpse. Jacqueline Bisset also stars.  BA

A932 Enter the Game of Death (78) aka: The King of Kung-Fu  aka: Si wang mo ta  aka: Les six épreuves de la mort   WW2 is approaching and China is expecting an invasion from Germany and Japan. Mr. Ang (Bruce Li (not to be confused with Bruce Lee)) is hired by a Chinese group who are after a 'secret document'. So are a number of other fight-masters. It is in the top floor of a tower and Ang must fight his way to the top! Killer, really tough and painful looking battles ensue. Also with Bolo Yeung, Steve James and more. LBX

A207 Escape From Bogen County (77) A power crazed madman (Mitch Ryan) controls a town and his wife Maggie (Jaclyn Smith in a breakout role sort of). She tries to escape and finds her troubles have just begun. This is kind of like one of those cool exploitation classics like ' Small Town in Texas' and 'Black Oak Conspiracy', toned down a bit, but still effective. Michael Parks, Pat Hingle, Julie Mannix and more star.

D89 Executive Protection (01) aka: Livvakterna  Johan Falk (Jakob Eklund) is given a desk job after causing a commotion with his last assignment. After going to the funeral of a friend's father he becomes involved in extortion, blackmail and murder. Quite intense! LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A420 Eye For Eye (08) K lives in Arhus, Denmark. He finds out that a girl he barely knows has been assaultd. He and two of his tough guy wannabe friends set out to make the rapists pay for their heinous crime. This film was the most talked about film in Denmark in 2008. Made by a very young filmmaker (and for peanuts), it enraged the filmmakers who had money because it got so much press and showed them up by making more money than their more expensive and expertly filmed efforts. LBX and with English subtitles.

A820 Eyewitness (56) aka: Donna da uccidere  When she has a fight with her husband, Lucy runs out of the house and into a night of terror. She is the only witness to a crime and the crooks know it! Not only that, but they are after her! With Belinda Lee, Michael Craig, Muriel Pavlow and Donald Sinden.  BA

D16 Fabulous Bastard From Chicago (69) aka: Le Kid de Chicago  Sluts, sleaze and booze in the windy city! A heady mix of rough exploitation and nudie sprinkled with some Bonnie and Clyde elements and more. From a time when good old fashioned 'smut' was healthy! With Maria Lease, John Alderman and  Gary Kent as Wes.  BA


D168 Falling Man, The (68) aka: Quella carogna dell'ispettore Sterling  aka: Frame Up Inspector Sterling (Henry Silva) is accused of having killed a police informer and is kicked out of the department. He will have to get to the truth on his own. Filmed in beautiful San Francisco of 1968. Also with Keenan Wynn and Beba Loncar. BA

A662 Falling Man, The (68) aka: Quella carogna dell'ispettore Sterling  aka: Frame Up  Inspector Sterling (Henry Silva) is accused of killing a police informer and kicked off the force, having to find out the truth on his own. Really cool Italian crime action, and of course Silva is always excellent. Keenan Wynn also stars (as Inspector Donald) and Beba Loncar. LBX and in English language.  BA


P678 Fear is the Key (73) aka: Pelko on aseeni  After losing his family to a plane crash, John Talbot (Barry Newman) goes on a quest to destroy those responsible. An under-rated gem of an adventure film here with a great 9 minute car chase that rivals both "Bullitt' and 'The French Connection', great widescreen photography, and more. Like the sexy Suzy (Torso) Kendall and Ben (not so sexy) Kingsley... with hair! Nail-biting climax! Also with John Vernon. LBX  BA

N758 Fearless Kung Fu Elements (78) aka: Jin mu shui huo tu  Hysterically dubbed old-school-kung-fu classic with incredible feats that defy gravity (including flying), gaudy costumes and fast-paced action! Dubbed into English too!  BA

A796 Fifty Worst Movies of all Time, The (various) Here we go again... 'Experts' telling us the worst flicks ever. So, they rip apart the usual, and many of their picks I don't even understand. There are just as many truly 'bad' films coming out today as there was then. And you can only truly judge a film for the era (or year) when it was released (if you want to be fair). The 'Twilight' films anyone?

A228 Films of Jose Val Del Omar (various) 4 disc set of many short films (some not so short) from this popular Spanish director and with English subtitles.  $30 dvd-r only - sorry no VHS

B168 Final Cut (88) aka: Final Cut - Die letzte Abrechung  A low-budget film crew picks the bayou for a film site. They stumble upon the local sheriff's corruption and their wise-cracking technician Similie and a local girl go missing. Action-packed adventure here! BA

D108 Final Mission (84) aka: Missão Final  Vince Deacon (Richard Young) a highly decorated Viet Nam war veteran, and S.W.A.T. team leader who has been suspended for killing too many bad guys. He and his family go camping and his wife and son are killed by a group of thugs led by a villain from his days in Nam. Now he's really pissed! Talk about needing a lot of body bags.... Yes, this borrows heavily from 'First Blood'. This is a stuntman's picture with plenty of explosions, and stunts, in the good old-school tradition.

A489 Finger Man (55) aka: Tenebrosa avventura  A ex-con goes undercover for the government to 'finger' the crime boss who made his sister a drug addict. No, it's not a gay gangster drama, this means to get the guy on record and point out that he is guilty for the deed. Yes, language has changed over the years. With Frank Lovejoy, Forrest Tucker and Peggie Castle.   BA

P937 Fire (77) aka: El bosque en llamas  A convict starts a fire in a forest to cover his escape, but the fire goes out of control and threatens to destroy a small mountain community. Large cast in this Irwin Allen production that includes Ernest Borgnine, Vera Miles, Patty Duke, Alex Cord, Donna Mills, Neville Brand, Erik Estrada and more!  BA

A548 Fire and Rain (89) This movie is based on the actual events of the tragic day of August 2nd 1985. Delta Airlines Flight 191 crashes. John Beck, Patti LaBelle, Tom Bosley, Angie Dickinson, David Hasselhoff and more star.

P871 Five on the Black Hand Side (73) Strange and almost innocent blaxploitation type with snappy dialogue and controversial (for their) time topics. With Godfrey Cambridge, D'Urville Martin, and many more. Tagline: You've been coffy-tized, blacula-rized, and super-flied - but now you're gonna be glorified, unified and filled with pride... when you see 'Five on the Black Hand Side'.  BA

D35 Flame and the Flesh (54) aka: La fiamma e la carne  An American woman (Lana Turner) in France is romanced by a local gigolo which leads to problems.  A lost treat for Lana Turner enthusiasts. Also with Pier Angeli and more. In English language and with foreign subtitles.  BA 

A193 Flight 90: Disaster on the Potomac (84) True story based on the crash of Air Florida Flight 90 on January 13, 1982. This movie shows what led up to the crash with main people involved and who lived and who died. With some footage from the actual tragedy used. Starring a slew of names some you may have heard of Chad Lowe, Richard Masur, Jeannetta Arnette, Barry Corbin and more. BA

P677 Fort Graveyard (65) aka: Chi to Suna - Charged with insubordination for punching a superior, Sergeant Kosugi is shipped to China in the last desperate days of the Second World War. His commander, Captain Sakuma, is vicious and dictatorial. Sakuma places Kosugi in charge of training for combat what once was the military band. Kosugi must somehow prepare his inept soldiers for the rigors of combat....  Toshiro Mifune stars!   LBX - English subtitles

A822 Forty Days of Musa Dagh (82) When the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto stood against the Nazi's, their source of inspiration was Prague-born Jewish writer Franz Werfel's 'The Forty Days of Musa Dagh', the 1933 novel whose graphic depiction of the Armenian plight later shaped a generation in Israel. In WW1 the Turks were trying to wipe out the Armenians. They had concentration camps and everything. But no one remembers this devastating chapter in history…. It would all be repeated by Hitler just two decades later...

A338 Foxtrot (88) aka: Codename Foxtrott  Fast moving action thriller from Iceland depicts the deterioration of a relationship between two half-brothers who become involved in an attempted assault and murder of a young hitch-hiker in a remote part of Iceland. Shot in English with an up-tempo soundtrack and some stunning visuals taken from many of Iceland's most dramatic volcanic landscapes. Foxtrot opens with two brothers being reunited after the elder's return from a star-studded career as a pro-footballer in mainland Europe. All is not as it seems and their warm reunion soon turns into a 24 hour liaison with death! Great action picture filmed in English language and with foreign subtitles.

A860 Freefall Flight 174 (95) aka: Volo 174: caduta libera  True story of a brand-new Canadian airliner running out of fuel while still in flight and forced to glide to the nearest air field. Based on a real incident. William Devane (no gold is fondled in this film), Shelley Hack, Mariette Hartley and more.

A315 French Woman, The (77) aka: Madame Claude  An ostensible thriller set in the affiliated worlds of high finance and high class prostitution. Francoise Fabian is Madame Claude. Klaus Kinski (great in this), Robert Webber, Dayle Haddon, Murray Head and many more star.

N902 From the Orient with Fury (65) aka: Agente 077 dall'oriente con furore  A scientist who has invented a weapon capable of disintegrating solid matter is kidnapped by a criminal gang, who intend to sell him to the highest bidder. With Ken Clark, Margaret Lee and Eva Marandi. Now this great James Bond inspired spy-fi comes to you in a beautiful widescreen version and dubbed into English. BA

A416 Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck, The (88) A drunken, down on his luck adventurer (David Keith) is hired by a wealthy man and his beautiful wife (Kathy Shower) to take a hunting expedition in cannibal invested jungle. Shot on an Indian Ocean island, the director used the local natives to good effect. Really a great adventure film/Indiana Jones knock-off with humor and great locations.  BA

A331 Geraldo: Porn Stars and Their Families (8?) Hyapatia Lee is one of the guests explaining how she enjoys being banged while her husband watches and films her. He sits there and agrees. Nina Hartley explains how much she enjoys orgasms with men other than her husband. If you do the research you will find they took different roads in life. Different Strokes.... There are some glitches in this, but this is pretty interesting as there are other porn stars involved as well.

A817 Getting Even (89) aka: La vendetta  Evans (Harrison Muller Jr.) is a former Viet Nam veteran called out of retirement by his former commanding officer, Dundee (Richard Roundtree) to find an elusive arms dealer named Slisko, who betrayed Evans years ago in Viet Nam (we see what happened in flashback). Plenty of violence and gratuitous nudity. Italian director Leandro Lucchetti directs. Muller Jr. was in a few apocalyptic exploitation films like Warriors of the Lost World and 2020 Texas Gladiators among others. 

N944 Girl Called Jules, A (70) aka: La ragazza di nome Giulio  aka: Las perversiones sexuales de una chica llamada Julio  Jules (Silvia Dionisio) is perfect in this, one of her finest roles (although she is great in 'Blood For Dracula' made a few years after this). Jules is looking for love, but finds only men who want to use her, not to actually 'make love' to her. She doesn't seem to understand she looks like a sex doll, and she can't get no satisfaction. Eventually she goes nuts on a guy's.... nuts, stabbing him in the groin repeatedly, killing him when his pants are down. He doesn't even get the chance to try and satisfy her. It's all the same she thinks grimly. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

N868 Girl in Lover's Lane, The (60) aka: The Young and the Damned  Two drifters get into a mess in a small town. It seems the townsfolk suspect one of them of murdering 'The Girl in Lover's Lane'. But what about the creepy local guy hanging around (Jack Elam). With a homosexual undertone so blatant you'll wonder what the hell is going on since it is 1959.  BA

A782 Goddess Bunny, The (98) 90 minute documentary about The Goddess Bunny, a gay transvestite (hoping to be trans-gendered at the time of the filming) underground entertainer and model who is also a polio victim.  We see Bunny off and on stage, where he/she lip syncs, as well in his/her movie appearances…. Mostly the film consists of several interviews with Bunny in and out of drag, as well as interviews with friends and acquaintances (some of whom we also see perform).  You want alternative culture? Well this is the epitome of it!

A577 Goldeneye (89) Fact based account of author Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond. It details his real life exploits in the British Secret Service during WW2. Plays out like a lost Bond film.

P965 Golgo 13 (73) Japanese made gangster action thriller. Later made into and anime film in the 80's. LBX and with English subtitles.

D132 Good Morning, Miss Dove (55) aka: Guten Morgen, Miss Fink  Miss Dove (Jennifer Jones) is a strict disciplinary, plus a well respected teacher who is held in high regard. Like 'Goodbye Mr. Chips' except with a woman. Also with Marshall Thompson, Chuck Conners, Robert Stack and more. LBX  BA

A695 Great Battle, The (69) aka: Osvobozhdenie  aka: Befreiung   5 Part- 5 Disc Edition - Colossal Soviet/East German production. The most expensive production in Soviet history!   If you like your WW2 films epic, and I mean EPIC, then this is for you! Two great armies duel to the death with a million guns and ten thousand tanks!  All 5 discs, uncut, LBX, great quality and with English subtitles.  Five disc set $32 DVD-R / $45 VHS   BA

A291 Guns of the Big Shots (74) aka: Quelli che contano  aka: Cry of a Prostitute: Love Kills   aka: the Ones Who Count  Two feuding gangster families in rural Italy have become so out of control that it has reached Rome. Henry Silva plays a gun for hire sent in to stop the fighting by playing the gang's against one another. Andrea Bianchi directs and expect more gore and violence than usual because... well he's Andrea Bianchi! Barbara Bouchet plays a prostitute that has turned to drink. Finally after wrestling with various prints this one is LBX, in English language, and some parts in Italian language but with English subtitles. BA

P699 Hail, Hero (69) Michael Douglas in his first starring role!!! He's a war-protesting-pacifist in the Viet Nam era, that, desperate for his father's approval, enlists to go to Viet Nam!!!! Also with Arthur Kennedy and Peter Strauss in his debut as well!!!! Time-capsule counter-culture classic. Very strange!   BA

A520 Heavenly Bodies (84) Canada's answer to 1983's 'Flashdance'. Much better too. Quality characters, heavenly bodies (sorry), energetic music, kinetic direction, a story that keeps your attention and Cynthia Dale, who easily surpasses Jennifer Beals, and she is only one of the many babes in this one! Some of their aerobic moves will get you heated up I think.  BA

A499 Heroes Without Glory (71) aka: The Gardens of the Devil  aka: I giardini del diavolo - A proper British soldier tries to whip a group of recalcitrant American troops into shape in order to lead them on a dangerous commando raid deep in enemy territory. Filmed in Egypt and Italy. With Jeff Cameron.  BA

A700 Hidden Fear (57) aka: L’aveu  aka: Skarpe skud i Nyhavn  Andre De Toth directs! American policeman Mike Brent (John Payne) arrives in Denmark to help clear his sister of a murder rap in which her partner/boyfriend has been killed. Filmed in Copenhagen and Denmark.  BA

N946 High Risk (81) aka: Les risques de l'aventure   Four American men, badly in need of money, plan a commando-like raid in South America. Tight and action-packed quick-paced thriller. Unheard of sleeper film with a great cast! James Brolin, Anthony Quinn, Lindsay Wagner, Ernest Borgnine, Bruce Davison and more. BA

D191 Hillsborough (96) aka: Das Fußballdrama von Sheffield  Drama based on the real life events of April 1989, when 96 Liverpool supporters were crushed to death during a F.A. Cup Semi-Final match. Follows three families as they prepare for the game, endure the tragedy, then to the courts to see who is responsible. A reconstruction of events from 1989 to 1991.

A476 Hireling, The (73) aka: El equívoco  Thoughtful study of the British class system (during WW1), told from the perspective of one who essentially occupies it's bowels, a chauffeur (Robert Shaw) interacting with his employer (Sarah Miles) forming a close bond that threatens to transcend societal boundaries. Robert Shaw's character falls for Miles, but she has eyes only for a returning war vet. LBX BA

A989 Hollywood Censorship Documentary Double Feature  {Thou Shalt Not: Sex, Sun and Censorship in Pre-Code Hollywood + Censored} (this one narrated by Oliver Stone and William Baldwin. Fascinating look at what was allowed and what was taboo in early cinema and beyond.

A680 Hollywood Story (51) aka: I misteri di Hollywood  Partly using the story of William Desmond Taylor who was murdered in 1922. Successful producer buys an old movie studio where a producer was murdered in the twenties. He becomes interested in the back-story and wants to make a movie about it- but soon finds that there are those apposed to him digging up old ghosts. Directed by William Castle. Starring Richard Conte, Julie Adams, Jim Backus, Henry Hull, Francis X. Bushman and more.  BA

B163 Home Movies (80) aka: The Maestro  aka: Sairas sukuni   Keith Gordon, a creative young man who films the oddball antics of his family and peers. 'The Maestro' (Kirk Douglas) appears frequently to give him pointers on his techniques. The movie is absurd, but generally in a way that's humorous without going overboard. It's definitely somewhat farcical in it's look at filmmaking by the inexperienced, and this quirky family. Nancy Allen is a standout as a hooker/bad girl trying to go good.  Experimental comedy from Brian DePalma. Also starring Gerrit Graham and Vincent Gardenia. BA

A490 Hoodlum Empire (52) aka: Mörder-Syndikat San Francisco  A former gangster who joined the army in WW2 and became a war hero is now living a respectable life. However when he is called in to give witness statements his former colleagues in crime decide to intervene to make sure he doesn't. Brian Donlevy, Forrest Tucker, John Russell, Richard Jaeckal and look for Whit Bissell and William Schallert in uncredited bit parts. BA

P966 Hoodlum Priest and the Gold Mint (68) aka: Zoku yakuza bozu   Katsu Shintaro plays a wayward priest having exciting misadventures across Japan....  Directed by Kazuo Ikehiro. LBX and With English subtitles.

D97 Hoodlum Soldier, The (65) aka: Yakuza Soldier  aka: Heitai yakuza - A young intellectual conscientious objector is forced to serve with the Japanese army in Manchuria. He joins with a dim-witted former gangster in order to desert by stealing a train. Lots of war action and sprawling landscapes in this obscure Japanese made big-budget epic. LBX and with English subtitles.

A797 Horror Hall of Fame 2 (91) Hosted by Robert Englund! A celebration of all that is horror circa 1991, and also some tributes and awards to the old-school like Corman and Hitchcock. Presenters at this gala bash include Brad Dourif, Sam Kinison, Carla Laemmle, Elvira and many more. Clips and claps, standing ovations and a true love for the genre. Even 1991 is a lost era!

A832 Horror Holiday (8?) Tremendous stunts litter this action-packed offering as well as spectacular motor vehicle mayhem which ultimately ends on a muddy beach area with hand to hand combat. One of the guys has spiked brass knuckles. This holiday has gone horribly wrong! LBX and with English subtitles.

A298 Hospital, The (71) Black comedy in which a suicidal doctor (George C. Scott) struggles to find meaning in his life while a murderer stalks the hospital halls. Diana Rigg is out to save him from himself. A real sleeper with Scott in a great role, some say his best ever! Also starring Richard Dysart and Roberts (Deranged) Blossom. Stockard Channing in her debut as an E.R. nurse (un-credited).   BA

A433 Hostage Dallas (86) aka: Getting Even - Chemical weapons fall into the hands of crazed millionaire (Jo Don Baker) who threatens to unleash it upon Dallas Texas unless his demands are meant. Face painted action hero Edward Albert (!?!) gives his all and F.B.I. agent Paige (played by Audrey Landers) directs the search. Yea, right. Entertaining bit of 80's action. In English language and with foreign subtitles.  BA

P873 Hot Enough For June (64) aka: Agent 8 3/4 - Unemployed Czech-speaking writer Nicholas Whistler thinks he's got a job visiting Prague for a bit of industrial espionage. In fact he is now in the employ of British intelligence replacing 007. With Dirk Bogarde, Sylvia Koscina, Robert Morley and more. Above average spy-thriller. LBX  BA

A526 Hot Laps (93) aka: Formula 3 - I ragazzi dell'autodromo  Andrea Bianchi directed this stock car racing/love triangle/morality tale focusing on the trials and tribulations of two hotshot auto racers and the women who love them. Hard-driving excitement and high octane suspense! With Carmen Di Pietro.

A706 Hot Snow, The (74) aka: Goryachiy sneg  aka: Kuumaa lunta  In November, 1942, near the Volga, Stalingrad is under siege of Commander Friederich Paulus and his 330,000 men. This a pretty cool Russian war film, and a bit of a 'flag waver' for the Russians as well. They fought against Hitler too if anyone remembers. The Russians actually killed over half of the armies of Germany in WW2.  LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

N869 Hothead (63) A hot-headed teenage punk gets mixed up with... how about the elements of the plot? A day at the beach includes alcoholism, prostitution, fist-fighting, madness, muscle-men, cool cars dancing girls and more. The lead is such an annoying little punk bitch you'll wish you could kick his ass yourself. 

A191 How I Spent My Summer Vacation (67) aka: Deadly Roulette  aka: Intrigo a Montecarlo   A much sought after film! A real sleeper with Robert Wagner giving one of his best performances. He plays a guy that keeps getting beat by Peter Lawford's character, he becomes obsessed with winning and ups the ante in the stakes he is playing with Lawford... I can't do this flick justice with the space I have here. Highly recommended! Also starring Jill St John, Michael Ansara and Walter Pidgeon. Not to be missed.  BA

D195 How to Kill 400 Duponts (67) aka: Arrriva Dorellik  Spoof of 'Danger Diabolik'. Comedian Johnny Dorelli is 'Dorellik' a phantom hit man who is need of work so he is hired to kill all 400 people who are in line to inherit a fortune. Lots of funny gags. As with many dark comedies, the deaths are treated nonchalantly and it is mostly random and innocent people who die. His opponent is Comissario Green played by Terry Thomas. Also with Margaret Lee. LBX  BA

N700 Hunted City (79) aka: Sbirro, la tua legge è lenta... la mia... no!  aka: La cité du crime  Stelvio Massi directed this violent crime masterpiece that is loaded with robberies, shootouts, car chases, explosions and plot twists. Maurizio Merli plays a tough cop (once again) and goes after a murderous corporation, that doesn't plan on going down easily! Excellent direction and cinematography, and a funky score from Stelvio Cipriani. LBX  BA

A475 I Bombed Pearl Harbor (60) aka: Hawai Middowei daikaikûsen: Taiheiyô no arashi  Pacific WW2 seen from the eyes of the enemy. LBX with English subtitles.  BA

P787 I Was Nineteen (68) aka: Ich war neunzehn  April 1945: Gregor Hecker, 19 years of age, reaches the outskirts of Berlin as part of the Red Army's scouting team. Having fled Germany with his family when he was eight, he is confronted with the dilemma of having to fight men from the very country he was born in....  With English subtitles.

P904 I Will... I Will... For Now (76) Elliot Gould is a chauvinist pig, immoral, treacherous and funny as hell in his dealing with his on again off again wife (Diane Keaton) and other women. Gould's character will do and say anything to have sex to any woman he is attracted to -regardless of any repercussions- which can be laugh out loud funny.  Paul Sorvino, Victoria Principle, and Candy Clark also star.  BA

N516 Idols, The (68) aka: Les Idoles - Ahead of it's time French production pretty much putting down the manufacturing of pop idols that was huge at the time. Cynically parodying Johnny Hallyday and France Gall. This filmmaker saw what was happening. Not many see it now. Look here, the record industry is in the toilet, people watch American Idol and think this is 'talent' they are seeing. People download a song here and a song there. The idea of buying a whole album, by a band, and actually reading and caring about the lyrics, is alien to most of the youth of today. This is how it was in the past, and how it is heading again. 1000 karaoke singers all competing for the same dollar from the sheeple of the world with one or more sappy and safe blips of excrement. Blind followers on the road to mediocrity. Oh, but what a cool movie! LBX and with English subtitles.

A40 If He Hollers, Let Him Go! (68) aka: El Pacto de los Canallas  aka: Dead Right -  In this early 'blaxploitation' type film, a black guy breaks out of prison to try to clear himself of raping and murdering a white woman, a crime he did not commit. Later he finds out who really did it. But his problems increase when evil Kevin McCarthy tries to hire him to kill his wife (Dana Wynter in her raciest role). Oddly enough, they played in "Invasion of the Bodysnatchers' together! Torch singer Barbara McNair has a torrid (for it's time) nude love scene. Seldom seen film.  BA

A465 Imperial Japanese Empire, The (82) aka: Dai Nippon teikoku  Nicely done (at times bordering on propaganda) Japanese epic with plenty of war violence and historical significance. Some ruthless moments like when a Japanese fighter pilot flies over some U.S. soldiers in a life raft he turns around and says 'Die!" and kills them all. Later Japan surrenders and the final act has the military tribunals deciding the fates of many. Firing squads and gallows are used to execute them. Played out gut-wrenchingly sure.... but I'm still glad we won. Yea! With English subtitles.

D145 In Night and Ice (13) + Titanic: Disaster in the Atlantic (29) First film was released just a few days after the sinking of the Titanic. Actress Dorothy Gibson, (who actually sailed the Titanic, and wears the same clothes she wore on that fateful trip) survived, and was rushed into production to star. This is as close to the real deal as it gets and a short. Authentic everything, no faking an era here. Next: Titanic: Disaster in the Atlantic - Dramatic version of the sinking with some pretty cool scenes if you know the story of the doomed ship, you'll know what to expect.

A206 In the Best Interest of the Children (92) Fact-Based story based on a child-custody battle. Sarah Jessica Parker stars as a worthless scumbag mother that pretty much abuses the hell out of her children in more ways than one and they are finally taken away from her and given to Sally Struthers who runs a farm with her husband. Things go wrong of course. Hard to feel for the mother as she is pretty much worthless and all I see is tens of thousands of tax dollars trying to help her worthless pathetic ass. She should have whored herself out (Parker you know when she was at least... kind of pretty), at least then taxpayers wouldn't have to pay for her bad decisions.  Oh, sorry, this is a drama, maybe you'll like it, it's pretty good!

P724 In the Line of Duty: The F.B.I. Murders (88) Florida 1985: A series of brutal robberies and murders keeps the F.B.I busy. Although all crimes seem to be committed by the same group, they can't hunt them down. The experienced officer Ben Grogan and his youngest colleague Gordon finally have to rely on their luck when they set up a trap. The chase results in a massacre...  Ronny Cox, Michael Gross, David Soul and Richard Jenkins star

A189 Incident at Map Grid 36-80 (84) aka: Sluchay v kvadrate 36-80  The potential danger of Cold War conflict will be recognized by many viewers of this effectively produced Russian film. This depicts them as pretty much normal people with wives and families and normal habits and attitudes. In this, a U.S.S.R. naval squadron goes to the aid of a crippled U.S. submarine. Very well made. With English subtitles and sometimes voice-over languages for other countries. 

A435 Incredible Martial Arts Mayhem Trailers (various) So so many fantastic trailers from obscure kung-fu movies. Many of them LBX too! A great party disc . Hi-Yah!!!

P999 Independence Day (83) Mary (Kathleen Quinlan) wants to escape her hometown life in Mercury, She starts a romance with Jack (David Keith) and stays due to her mother's ailing health, and her new romance. When they find out Jack's sister Nancy is being brutally beaten and abused by her husband Les (Dianne Wiest and Cliff De Young) she realizes even in a small town, darkness falls. Nancy takes matters into her own hands. Kind of a haunting, downbeat film, check it out! Also with Richard Farnsworth. BA

N490 Indian Paint (65) aka: The Indian  Nishko is a chief's son in the Great Plains, before Europeans arrive. During his rite of passage, he's determined to tame a painted pony. He approaches manhood while his peaceful clan is set upon by a nearby tribe willing to break a treaty. He must also contend with the kidnapping of three young women from his village, his pony's illness behind enemy lines, his mother's coma after a rattlesnake bite, the medicine man's urging that he sacrifice what he loves best, the attack of a cougar and of wolves, and his own injury while alone in the woods....  Johnny Crawford and Jay Silverheels star.   BA

A665 Inferno Thunderbolt (86) aka: O keravnos me to magnum  Godfrey Ho, master of cut and splice grade -Z craptaculars strikes again! A woman investigating the murder of her sister (that was made to look like a suicide) infiltrates the crime family responsible. Enter Richard Harrison in a subplot, lots of brutal violence, kung-fu fights, nudity, female mud wrestling and more. This movie is a blast!

P905 Inglorious Bastards 2: Hell's Heroes (87) aka: Eroi dell'inferno  aka: Hell’s Heroes  Disgruntled Sgt. Darklon (Miles O'Keefe) has to protect a senator who is visiting a Viet Nam village. The senator is assassinated by the Viet Kong, and Darklon is arrested as the scapegoat. When the Viet Nam attacks the base, he and others escape into the jungles.... Also with Fred Williamson and Chuck Conners. LBX  BA

N944 Invasion Force (90) The cast and crew of a low-budget action film find themselves pitted against an actual commando force that is hell bent on taking control of a small town. The bad guys are lead by villain supreme Richard Lynch (who died recently R.I.P. bro) and the ending of this movie within a movie may just blow your mind!  BA

P755 Iris Chang: The assault of Nanking (07) Story of a young Chinese-American author's journey into the darkest reaches of humanity as she researched and wrote her best selling book "The assault of Nanking". Iris Chang's harrowing experience and dogged determination uncovers in graphic detail the forgotten holocaust of World War II when almost 300,000 Chinese women, children and soldiers were in a matter of weeks systematically assaultd, tortured and murdered by the invading Japanese forces.....  Horrifying forgotten history that everyone should know about. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A186 Irishman, The (78) Classic Australian film. The story of Paddy Doolan (Michael Craig) and his family. They will be torn apart by progress. This is a seldom heard of or seen Aussie classic.  Beautifully filmed.  Also starring Robyn Nevin and a bunch of popular Australian actors including Bryan Brown.

P910 Iron Commissioner, The (78) aka: Il commissario di ferro Pretty solid crime thriller starring Maurizio Merli as the title guy investigating kidnappings. With each scenario the stakes increase and it is a race against time to resolve. Squib shootings, bitch slap downs, car chases, top-notch action violence and more! Stelvio Massi directs! LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

P902 It Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy (74) When Harry (Paul Sorvino) is captured and molested by a hot woman nobody believes him, least of all his wife (Michael Learned)! This MFTV flick was controversial when it aired during prime time back in 74. No one knew what to make of this comedy! Naked, he finds a dress on a clothesline, puts it on, then gets busted by the cops! Pretty funny.  Also starring Adam Arkin, Bob Dishy and a small role from Alan Arkin.

N556 James Tont Operation D.U.E. (66) aka: the Wacky World of James Tont  Bruno Corbucci directs this spy spoof that pokes fun at gadgets and villains from Bond films up to that point. Instead of a stylish Austin-Martin he has a little Fiat that goes 200 MPH and doubles as a submarine. The film has James Tont assigned to prevent Goldsinger from blowing up a special meeting of the UN in Rome. Entertaining Bond rip-off and with English subtitles.  BA

A836 Jarrett (73) Private investigator Jarrett (Glenn Ford) who specializes in fine arts is trying to track down some rare biblical scrolls. You'll see some James Bond touches here! Ford battles an Odd-Job type big guy in a collectible comic book room (with cool comic posters) and they trash the place. There is a stumbling hook handed guy, Anthony Quayle (the villain) in Roman garb, Jarret's experience with a cobra (sent by the villain to his room), Yvonne Craig scantily clad dancing with a snake (wow!), and more. Forrest Tucker and Richard Anderson also star.

P728 Jet Storm (59) aka: Super jet 709  Richard Attenborough plays Ernest Tilley, a man who lost his daughter in a hit-and-run accident. He tracks down the man responsible for the accident and boards the same plane, threatening to blow up himself and everyone on board as an act of vengeance....  BA

A572 Jock Petersen (74) Tony Petersen, a married electrician and footballer, goes to University to study English. Petersen is odd man out at the university. He gets involved with a married woman and gets in and out of (jams) other things too! Lots of uninhibited nudity was controversial for it's day.

A507 Joe Bob Briggs: Dead in Concert Live (86) The Drive-In Host King delivers his brand of comedy in a stand-up act from 1986.  + John Carpenter: First Works (89) 30 minutes with Carpenter as he talks about his films. Lastly the trailer to the underground classic 'Disgusting Spaceworms Eat Everyone'! 

N947 Jungle Assault (89) When general (William Smith) Mitchell's daughter joins South American rebels, he asks two of his ex-soldiers, Beckler and Kelly, to get her back. Facing a ruthless army and impossible odds the two blast their way into the camp, only to be captured and tortured by the sexually perverse female leader. Politically incorrect and loads of fun for bad movie lovers. With Ted Prior, William Zipp, Maria Rosado and more. BA

A339 Jungle Wolf (86) aka: Terrorist Commando  Renowned martial arts expert (Ron Marchini) plays a former Viet Nam Rambo-like jungle fighter. He is sent into the jungles on a mission and is joined by an attractive female rebel. Lots of action in this one! Filmed in the Philippines. In English language and with foreign subtitles.  BA

A467 Kaiten: Human Torpedoes (68) aka: Ah kaiten tokubetsu kogetikai  A re-telling of how the Japanese's launched torpedo suicide attacks during WW2. They'd put you in the mini-sub missile and that would be your grave. These Japanese guys look none too thrilled about their destiny, and who could blame them? Sounds like a bad deal. With Sonny Chiba. LBX and with English subtitles.

D93 Keaton's Cop (90) aka: Uno sbirro e una canaglia  Ex-mobster Keaton (Abe Vigoda), now living in a retirement home, narrowly misses being the target of a mob hit. Cop Jake (Don Rickles) enlists the aid of Mike Gable (Lee Majors), a rough and tumble cop (who hates Keaton) to protect Keaton. When Jake is killed it is up to Mike to help Keaton which makes for an unlikely team. Violent, Incompetent, hilarious, and lots of fun! Watch the car chase scene where they pass the same convenience store 3 times. Incredible. Also with Tracy Brooks Swope. LBX

A337 Kidnapping of Baby John Doe, The (87) When a young couple must choose whether to allow a possible life-saving procedure to be performed on their cortically ill infant, members of the medical staff go rouge and opt to make the decision for them.

P707 King, Queen, Knave (72) On the death of his parents, Frank, a romantic teenager, moves in with his aunt and uncle He quickly falls in love with his beautiful, sophisticated aunt, Martha, and begins to fantasize about her. Frank is torn between his adolescent desires and his fondness for his Uncle Charles....

N815 Komissar X: Death is Nimble, Death is Quick (66) aka: Kommissar X - Drei gelbe Katzen  aka: Operazione tre gatti gialli   Tony Kendall is Kommissar X and Brad Harris Captain Tom Rowland. More killer spy-action with villains, babes and great colorful locations. Ann Smyrner also stars. Now this classic Eurospy comes LBX 

A284 Korean Connection, The (74) aka: Dolaon oedari  Yong Cheol, a gangster living in the 1930's, gains the reputation of having amazing fighting skills. He promises his girlfriend to quit the racket after one last job. During the last job however, he winds up killing his girlfriend's brother. Whoops! Good, old school chop-sock action. LBX

P828 Kunoichi The Lady Ninja (98) aka: Kunoichi ninpô chô Yagyû gaiden: Edobana jigoku-hen  Yuko Moriyama stars in this ninja period piece as one of seven women determined to exact revenge on the evil lord Akinari Katou and "The 7 Spears", the band of soldiers he commands.... Gory blood-spraying fun. Watch the eyeball rip-out scene in the opening segment!!! LBX - English subtitles.  BA

P907 Kurosawa (0?) Sam Shephard narrates this retrospective documentary on the famed Japanese director. His movies are examined and discussed with clips and more. English subs when needed - LBX

A950 L.A. Takedown (89) This was remade as the Pacino/DeNiro/Kilmer film 'Heat'. This is the original version. You'll be surprised at how much of this, went into 'Heat' as far as actual scenes and dialogues. With Scott Plank, Michael Rooker, Ely Pouget, Daniel Baldwin, Alex McArthur and more.

A547 Last Hour, The (91) aka: Trappola d'acciaio  A former  (Michael Pare) cop's ex-wife (Shannon Tweed) marries a stockbroker who has cheated the mob. They kidnap her (one of the baddies is named Spider and played by Danny Trejo). This is pretty violent and Pare and Tweed nail it as far as this type goes.  BA

P680 Let the Good Times Roll (73) This rockumentary blends concert footage and archival clips into an entertaining time capsule. The artists are incredible, performing in wild costumes performing against glittery. As 'The Shirelles' (referred to here as 'the Coppertone Rockettes') perform 'Soldier Boy' on one half of the screen, the other half shows footage from 'The Day the Earth Stood Still" and 'From Here to Eternity'. Back stage footage, happy audience shots, and conservative-themed archive footage (this part serving as semi-parody to the repressive mood of the 50's as rock n' roll started to settle into the culture scaring the shit out of all those God Fearin' Folk). Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Fats Domino, Chubby Checker, Bo Diddly, The Coasters, Bill Haley and the Comets... much more. This concert filmed in Detroit Rock City!!! The crowd goes wild! Great!  BA

N491 Liar's Moon (82) A poor kid elopes with a farmer's daughter in this downbeat flick set in the 1950's. Actually dark and a bit haunting! Matt Dillon, Yvonne DeCarlo, Hoyt Axton, Susan Tyrrell, Richard Moll and more. 

A332 Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, The (74) The true story of a man exiled in the wilderness and how he learns to survive with his animal friends. Dan Haggerty (who else?) stars. Relaxing acoustic score and amazing cinematography add to the ambience of this one.  BA

P731 Little Italy (78) aka: Squadra antimafia  Undercover cop Nico Giraldi travels to New York and Las Vegas to find a crooked cop who gave his squadron back in Italy a bad name....  Nudity - Music by Goblin - Thomas Milian  BA

A495 Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story (95) Her rise from 1942 when her domineering mother wanted her to be a star. Sherilyn Fenn stars as Elizabeth, who has several husbands and several divorces as you know. Kevin McCarthy, William McNamara, John Saxon and more star. Liz fought this movie's release,  but later admitted Fenn portrayed her well. Of course nobody has ever made the definitive Liz bio with all the sordid details in maybe an NC17 version. This is still sleazy enough though as Liz was in real life. Interesting to see all of the actors playing other actors that were involved in her life. This is the uncut import disc, never released in America.

D162 Long Arm of the Godfather, The (72) aka: La mano lunga del padrino  Peter Lee Lawrence rips off crime boss Adolfo Celi, but will he get away with it. Very little police interference in this one. With Erika Blanc. LBX BA

N930 Long Night, The (74) aka: La nottata  aka: Die heißen Engel  From Tony Cervi, the man who brought us 'Queens of Evil'! Here we get a 'road' movie of sorts that takes place in Milano in one night. Involves a stolen ring and chance meetings and adventures of the main players, two sexy chicks named Susy (Sara Sperati) and Angela (Susannah Javicoli). Plenty of nudity, and an appearance by Goblin! LBX and in Italian language with English subtitles. BA

P714 Love in Rome (60) aka: Un amore a Roma  aka: L'inassouvie   Sexy Anna (Mylene Demongeot) is an actress stuck in sword and sandal flicks. She also can't seem to commit, so her lover pursues Fulvia (Elsa Martinelli) and Eleonora (Maria Perschy) which keeps him occupied well enough. Shot in black and white, cool locales, and beautiful women. Almost Euro-trash, but a bit early for nudity sadly.... F.L. and with Greek subtitles.  BA

P936 Lucas Tanner (74) David Hartman stars as a teacher in this pilot movie of the short-lived series. After a student's death, rumors spread that it was caused by the negligence of one teacher. Rosemary Murphy, Kathleen Quinlan, Nancy Malone, Kimberly Beck and the cursed series ender boy Robbie Rist star.

P853 Madam Q (96) aka: Diy shing ho lui  Wild Hong Kong comedy crime set around casino and babes. Lots of nice dames here and a crazy colorful story too. With English subtitles. BA

D17 Magic Face, The (51) aka: O Misterioso Fim de Hitler  An fanciful and fictional account of an actor assassinating Hitler, assuming his identity and running war time Germany to ensure an Allied victory over the Third Reich. With Luther Adler and Patricia Knight. Interesting forgotten film here! Jewish actor Adler would play Hitler 3 times in his career– now THAT’S irony!  BA

A503 Magic Fire (55) aka: Frauen um Richard Wagner  This is supposed to be the story of Richard Wagner and uses much of his original music.  Featuring full-color, on-site locations, staged opera performances, a ballet, large parties where music was featured, rooms in palaces, street scenes and more - if not completely accurate - it is at least beautifully produced.  With Yvonne DeCarlo, Valentina Cortese and Peter Cushing (just two years before his career changed forever with Hammer).  BA

D163 Magnum Cop (78) aka: Poliziotto senza paura  aka: Fearless Fuzz - Exciting Italian police film, shot mainly in Austria (which looks fantastic) with Maurizio Merli as a low-rent P.I. and a former cop who is sent to Austria on a job. Drawn into a web of corruption and decadence. Pretty damn violent. With Joan Collins (looking incredible in this). BA

A667 Magnum Thunderbolt (85) aka: Lian huan pao  A hit man has a cop for a brother. Rough sex, murder kicks, drug dealing, mob syndicates, drug smuggling via women’s “private parts”, death by shower head, torture by baby turtles, a transvestite assassin, and a dog sniffing women's bottoms. Yes, it's all here!  BA

A615 Making It (71) aka: Tempun tekijä  aka: Problemas sexuales de un adolescente  Phil (Kristoffer Tabori), is a high-school schemer who’s juggling sexual affairs with Debbie (Sherry Miles), a dim-bulb classmate, and Yvonne (Marlyn Mason), the horny wife of his gym coach. Meanwhile, Phil’s mom, Betty (Joyce Van Patten), is a lonely divorcée looking to start over with bland but reliable businessman Warren (Dick Van Patten), who happens to be married to another woman. The depiction of Phil’s home life explains why he finds monogamy overrated, but as the story progresses, Phil discovers the consequences of cocksmanship - he gets Debbie pregnant, runs into a hassle with Yvonne’s husband, and helps his mother (Joyce Van Patten) through an abortion…. He’s VERY busy!!   BA

A573 Man From Majorca, The (84) aka: Mannen från Mallorca  Lowly Stockholm Sweden vice-squad officers are first on the scene of a robbery and go on to unearth apparent corruption in high places during the Christmas season.  LBX and with English subtitles.

D133 Man in the Middle (63) aka: The Winston Affair - The film begins when an officer (Keenan Wynn) marches into another soldier's tent and shoots him, right in front of many witnesses. Later he is awaiting trial when Lt. Col. Barney Adams (Robert Mitchum) arrives to defend him.  LBX

P676 Man in the Sky, The (57) aka: Decision Against Time  Cool aviation themed movie about a test pilot of a new rocket-propulsion transport plane. Bristol 170 Freighter from the Bristol Aeroplane Company and Jack (Theater of Blood but one of his many credits) star.  BA

N912 Man to Respect, A (72) aka: The Master Touch  aka: Un uomo da rispettare - LBX print and the longest print available at 1 hour and 46 minutes! A just released from prison master thief (Kirk Douglas) is offered a new heist job by a mobster, much to the chagrin of his sexy wife (Florinda Balkan, straight off the set of Fulci's 'Don't Torture a Duckling')) who really doesn't want him to get caught and locked up again. Douglas is amazing and the heist itself it quite intense. Throw in some car chases and plenty of double-crosses and the fact that this is not the crap full frame 95 minute version but the LBX 1 hour and 46 minute version and you have a winner here!  BA

A769 Man Who Drew Bug-Eyed Monsters, The () Here we document the art of the 50's monster and sci-fi posters by Reynold Brown, and other amazing posters from back in the day. Back then, posters were actual art and not just stupid close-up pictures of the stars that are in the movies. If you dig art, history, science fiction and monsters, you'll dig this! + Attack of the 50 Ft. Monster Mania : In which we get buxom Elvira as host schooling you amateurs on the wonders of 50's monster movies. I actually envy anybody who has yet to watch the 50's sci-fi and monster films! These films are the template for every creature feature that has come along since. This goes back even farther and we hear from Harryhausen, Ackerman and others. Love the David Allen animated King Kong Volkswagon commercial! 

P671 Manchu Boxer (74) aka: Qi sheng quan wang  Incredible kung-fu classic! Superb action, brilliant locales complimented by a splendid widescreen, nicely staged fight sequences and some nudity. With English subtitles.

A96 Maniacs, The (64) aka: I maniaci  Features a series of brief comic sketches based on mania, mainly sexual, featuring several figures of Italian society. Lucio Fulci directs this Italian sex comedy and look at the ladies! Barbara Steele, Margaret, Lee and Lisa Gastoni. Now LBX and with English subtitles.

B160 Margin For Murder (81) aka: New York Hammer  Kevin Dobson is Mike Hammer in this version of 'I, the Jury'. After his best buddy is killed he goes after those responsible, and takes up with a hot blonde (Donna Dixon, once engaged to Paul Stanley of 'Kiss' and later marrying Dan Aykroyd in 1983). BA

A480 Mark of Zorro, The (74) aka: La marca del Zorro  The swishing fop Don Diego de la Vega (played by Frank Langella) becomes the swashbuckling masked man Zorro when tyranny threatens his people in 19th century California. Also with Ricardo Montalban, Anne Archer, Yvonne DeCarlo, Louise Sorel and Gilbert Roland.

A545 Master Stroke (67) aka: The Great Diamond Robbery  aka: Colpo maestro al servizio di Sua Maestà britannica - Begins as a caper movie, continues as a secret agent yarn and ends up a combination. This is a pretty good one and stars Richard Harrison, Margaret Lee, Adolfo Celi and watch close, George Eastman in a bit part in his second movie. In English language and with foreign subtitles.  BA

B158 McVicar (80) aka: McVicar, el enemigo público número 1  Rock singer Roger Daltrey of 'The Who' stars as professional criminal John McVicar. He won't cooperate with the prison regime, and starts a jangling war of nerves between the cons and the wardens over everything from dress codes, to food. His real plan though, is escape!  BA

A212 Men Don't Tell (93) Finally! A movie about abuse from the wife instead of the husband. That's right! Peter Strauss is Ed and Judith Light is Laura. Laura gets loaded and beats Ed up. Ed doesn't know what to do. He is so alone. His wife is a husband-beater. He takes it like a pussy until the day she belts the kid. Now he's had enough! Also with Carroll Baker.

P956 Message, The (09) aka: Feng sheng  1942 Nanking: Following a series of assassination attempts on officials of the Japanese controlled puppet government. The Japanese spy chief gathers a group of suspects in a mansion house for questioning. A tense game of cat and mouse ensues as the Chinese code-breaker attempts to send out a message and also to preserve his identity. Bluff versus bluff and elimination after elimination. Richly designed whodunit. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

N990 Mid-Knight Rider (79) aka: Hard Knocks - During an all-night orgy, a male whore attacks one of the participants. He thinks he may have killed the guy, and he flees for his life… Later he becomes friends with a farmer (Keenan Wynn) and his daughter. He gets caught up in a feud between the farmer, and a long time rival of the farmer. Our male-whore on hiatus faces secrets from the past that may destroy them all. BA

A38 Mission Bloody Mary (65) aka: Agente 077 missione Bloody Mary A new type of atomic bomb that can be hidden inside a brief case is stolen. Agent 077 Dick Molloy is on the case before the bomb ends up in China! The Russians want it too, along with a criminal mastermind known only as the 'Black Lily'. Running, fighting, shooting and fornicating, all in incredible locales from Paris to Barcelona to Greece. With Ken Clark as Dick, and Helga Line. Incredible print in English language with foreign subtitles.  BA

P729 Money Money Money (72) aka: L'aventure, c'est l'aventure  When they realize the times are changing, five crooks decide to switch from bank robberies to personality abductions. Among their hostages are singer Johnny Hallyday and an ambassador in Latin America. They get framed by a guerrilla leader, who had been kidnapped by them before, and while being tried the French Government decides to let them flee to Africa where they get on with the same old game....  LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A571 Moonshine War, The (70) aka: El infierno del Whisky  1932: The Moonshine War. Prohibition is being enforced  by corrupt government officials, but about to be repealed. Full of double -crossing, murder, and blowing things up. This one is pretty good, not so much exploitation as pretty realistic, and in the vein of the recent flick 'Lawless'. With an all-star cast. Alan Alda, Will Geer, Patrick McGoohan, Richard Widmark, Bo Hopkins, Teri Garr, John Schuck and more.  BA

P862 Mozambique (65) aka: Operazione Zanzibar  An out-of-work and penniless American pilot is offered work in Mozambique and promptly becomes an unwitting pawn in a world of drug smuggling, kidnapping and murder. With Steve Cochran in his last film before his untimely death from a lung infection at age 48 on a yacht full of women lost at sea. (Really!) Also starring Hildegard Knef and look for Maria Rohm in a small role. LBX  BA

A723 Mr. 73 (08) aka: The Last Deadly Mission   aka: L'ultima missione  A washed up cop gets a chance at redemption by protecting a woman from a man who is being released from prison after murdering her parents. He finds a corrupt police system and unholy evil are alive in men and he begins his descent into hellish battle. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

A845 Murder on Approval (55) aka: Barbados Quest - Stamp counterfeiters are investigated. With Tom Conway and Delphi Lawrence.

P693 Murderer's Club of Brooklyn (67) aka: The Body in Central Park  aka: Der Mörderclub von Brooklyn   Euro-crime with George Nader as crime-fighting F.B.I. man Jerry Cotton. The plot revolves around a rich businessman who is blackmailed and threatened with the murder of children.  Plenty of action and suspense with some location shooting as well. LBX 

A835 Musketeers Forever (98) aka: Perfect Deal  A group of ex-secret agents open a jazz club in Las Vegas. One of them falls in love with an Indian, and learns that the local Indian reserve is threatened by the greed of a powerful gangster. So, like three modern day musketeers, they act! Michael Dudikoff and Lee Majors star.

D7 My Breakfast with Blassie (83) Low budget high nonsense from comic genius Andy Kaufman as he spoofs 'My Dinner with Andre'. He dines with 'King of Men' Freddie Blassie at a Sambo's and they talk guy stuff, mostly improvised, filmed as it happened. The customers and staff of Sambo's appear as themselves. If you are a fan of Kauffman's and appreciate his wacky humor then this is for you!

A287 Mysteries (78) This romantic psychological drama takes place during the last century and depicts a wealthy mysterious traveler Johan (Rutger Hauer) who decides to make a stay in a small rural town. He becomes the town midget's protector (David Rappaport who played the dwarf in 'The Bride')) and falls for two local women (Sylvia Kristal and Rita Tushingham).

A650 Mystery of Natalie Wood, The (04) Peter Bogdanovich directed this epic portrayal of Natalie Wood (Justine Waddell) with other actors playing Robert Wagner, Christopher Walken and many more. Alice Krige plays her evil overly ambitious mother from hell. Well acted, lengthy biography, starting with her death, then it goes back and we get her life story from a young child to her ultimate and untimely demise. No mystery however, it has been obvious what really happened for quite some time now. At least I think so.....?

P901 Natural Enemies (79) aka: Hidden Thoughts  A man (Hal Holbrook) hires five hookers to fulfill a final fantasy before he returns home and murders his family and himself. A cool study of a man on the end of his rope. Throughout the film he speaks of many topics such as monotony, predictability, disappointment, lack of emotion, connection ,and love. We learn his wife (Louise Fletcher, nurse Ratched, now I get it!) is manic depressive, and his kids are neglected. The ultimate pessimistic downer, even if a glimmer of hope tries to surface, it is quickly usurped by obsidian darkness. Especially hard-hitting are some of the final scenes when the wife realizes his intentions.

D138 Nine Hours to Rama (63) aka: Nine Hours to Live  aka: Neun Stunden zur Ewigkeit  Depicts the life of Nathuram Gods and the assassination of Ghandi. With Horst Buchholz, Jose Ferrer, Robert Morley, Diane Baker, Harry Andrews and more. LBX  BA

A451 No One Cries Forever (84) aka: Niemand weint für immer  A South African girl is captured and forced to become a hooker. It is horrible for her, but the girl escapes and finds sanctuary and love on a remote game preserve. Unfortunately her former employer finds her and carves up her face, causing her lover to seek bloody revenge! Elke Sommer plays a hooker who shows the girl the ropes and really gets to do a lot here including a singing  in the tub scene that is a must for Elke fans. She screams, sings, dances, laughs, cries, gives inspirational pep talks and more. Almost every scene is touched by inspired madness, making for a truly surreal viewing experience. In English language and with foreign subtitles.

A857 Norman Conquest (53) aka: Park Plaza 605  A private detective solves a murder of which he has been accused, and tracks down a gang of jewel smugglers. With Tom Conway, Anton Diffring and Eva Bartok.

A643 Nuts in May (76)  A middle-class couple go camping in Dorset, but peace and quiet eludes them. They have hysterical moments with other campers who cross their path, engage in some bizarre and very funny conversations and more. Very British this, and it also has a cult following! With Roger Sloman and Alison Steadman.  (on 'Play For Today')

A431 On the Air Live with Captain Midnight (77) The Outlaw D.J. that turned L.A. every way but loose! A typical suburban teen and his friends start their own pirate radio station and become an underground cult hit! John Ireland plays an F.C.C. investigator hell-bent on pulling the plug, frustrated that he is being outwitted at every turn. Some classic tunes from Ted Nugent and Rod Stewart among others. Remade and reworked 13 years later as 'Pump Up the Volume' with Christian Slater. A sought after classic that is certainly of it's time and very nostalgic for those who lived through the 70's.

A185 One Away (76) aka: Delta Terror  An imprisoned man makes a break for it from a South African prison which leads to a man hunt! Rarely seen action adventure film starring Elke Sommer, Bradford Dillman, Patrick Mower and Dean Stockwell. 

A126 One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (70) Grim and bleak fly-on-the-wall day-in-the-life of a prisoner (and prisoners) in Stalin's Gulag. Snowbound camp built for the movie. Closely adapted from the novel based on the author's own experiences. Filmed entirely in Norway. Excellent in capturing the dark and utter hopelessness of it all something really experienced by hundreds of thousands.

D55 One-Eyed Swordsman (68) aka: Du Yan Xia  LBX + English subtitles

D183 Operation Odyssey (99) aka: Operazione Odissea  Italian MFTV from Claudio Fragrasso the director of 'Troll 2", 'Hell of the Living Dead' and more! Cops and gangsters, double-crosses, betrayals, death and loyalty. This is on 2 discs and is available on DVD-R only $18 Sorry no VHS.  LBX  English subtitles

N829 Operation Poker (65) aka: Operazione poker  aka: Operación Póker: agente 05-14  More Super-Spy fun! The invention everybody is after this time is a special tie-clip that when used with a pair of infra-red contact lenses enables the user to see through walls! The guy that stole it from a professor is using it in card games and racking up a fortune. From the Riviera to Geneva to Paris to Casablanca (the Kasbah no less) and even Copenhagen. Plenty of nifty and cool gadgets in this one as well as a high body count. Beautiful LBX print. With Roger Browne, Helga Line and more. BA

A209 Ordeal in the Arctic (93) Based on a true story. Plane goes down in the Arctic, survivors must wait for rescue in the freezing cold. Who will live and who will die? With Richard Chamberlain, Catherine Mary Stewart and many more.

N867 Ordered to Love (61) aka: Les Fiancées d’ Hitler  aka: Amor por orden de Hitler  aka: Lebensborn  aka: Women Ordered to Love  Beautiful young girls were put into Nazi camps to sexually service Nazi soldiers in WW2. Here is a reenactment, as far as they could go in 1961 that is. The women in this are incredible. Marisa Mell, Maria Perschy, and many more star. You got some happy Nazi's here. Actually though this is a war film mainly, and deals with WW2 and it's eventual end. Better than 'Schindler's List'.  BA

N915 OSS 117 Is Not Dead (56) aka: O.S.S. 117 n'est pas mort  Urgent Mission Alert 117. Send him the file of the Provence case. They are walking in the fog there. We're confronted to an adventure which can become very serious. 117 must travel to Toulon. Source of indiscretions must be at the Villa Florida. Specify to 117. Scandal shall be avoided of course. Over. With Ivan Desny as 117! This is the first and the rarest film in the OSS 117 series. With English subtitles. BA

N703 OSS 117 Takes a Vacation (70) aka: OSS 117 prend des vacances  aka: Vendetta de espias  The rarest and the last of the OSS 117 series (before the recent jumpstart that is). Luc Merenda stars as the titular character secret agent working for the C.I.A.. His Brazilian vacation is interrupted when he kills a look-a-like bad guy who is stalking him. Soon international agents are after him. Elsa Martinelli also stars. In French language and with English subtitles.

N831 OSS 117: Murder For Sale (68) aka: Niente rose per OSS 117  aka: No Roses For OSS 117 aka: OSS -117: Double Agent   More great quality Euro-spy action!  A secret agent is sent to the Middle East to foil and destroy a gang of assassins. At one point our hero is injected with a poison and must inject the antidote by a certain time or die (like Snake Plisskin). John Gavin (who almost got to be Bond but at last minute Sean Connery returned on 'Diamonds are Forever'), Margaret Lee, Curd Jurgens (who was the villain in 'The Spy Who Loved Me' about 10 years later) Rosalba Neri and Luciana Paluzzi. LBX  BA

A576 P.I. Private Investigations (87) A young architect finds himself being stalked by a gang of criminals who believe he knows something that could expose their activities. Ray Sharkey, Martin Balsam, Talia Balsam, Anthony Zerbe, Paul Le Mat and more star.

A345 Pact with the Devil, A (67) aka: Zmluva s Diablom - A comedy about five students who are unjustly suspected of trying to lose their virginity before their graduation. The five girls first try to defend themselves, but when they find out that nobody believes them - neither the school principal nor even their own parents - they decide to accomplish what they have been falsely accused of. And although their clumsy attempts are mostly comic, at one point they almost cause a big tragedy...  From director Jozef Zachar   F.L with English subs

A559 Paradise Motel (85) A teenager's father owns a hotel, and when he makes friends at his new high school by offering a place for them to get 'busy' in! This coming of age teenage romp is much better than you would think!  BA

A694 Penny Gold (74) aka: El sello de la muerte  While investigating a murder case where the body is found in the shadow of Windsor castle, a detective stumbles upon a rare-stamp swindle involving the victim's evil twin sister. James Booth, Francesca Annis and more star.

P708 Pink Jungle, The (68) A famous fashion photographer is trapped in a remote South American country with a beautiful model and together with some unscrupulous characters, become involved in the search for a lost diamond mine... With James Garner, George Kennedy and Eva (The Bird with the Crystal Plumage) Renzi. BA

A687 Pope Joan (72) aka: La papessa Giovanna  aka: The Devil’s Imposter   This movie is based on the medieval legend of Pope Joan, who was made Pope for a brief period around 855 A.D. (so they say).  In these times poverty, illiteracy and corruption reign supreme. Kind of like right now in America! Nice cast includes Liv Ullman as Joan, Franco Nero, Patrick Magee, Lesley-Anne Down, Olivia De Havilland, Andre Morell and many more. LBX BA

A464 Port Arthur (69)  aka: Nihonkai daikaisen  aka: La battaglia di Port Arthur  aka: Battle of the Japan Sea   Japan and Russia clash in what comes to be known as the Russo-Japanese War. An attempt by the Japanese fleet and army to take Port Arthur fails.... This was special effects director Eiji Tsuburaya's (Japan's equivalent to Ray Harryhausen) final film.  With Toshiro Mifune. Now LBX and with English subs.  And how many films are based on the Russo-Japanese war?  BA

D104 Portrait of a Showgirl (82) aka: Retrato de una bailarina  The story of three Las Vegas showgirls, each at a different stage in her career. The Las Vegas of 1982 is barely recognizable to what it is today. Also with Rita Moreno, Dianne Kay and Tony Curtis.

B167 Primary Target (90) aka: Laos crocevia della violenza   A Viet Nam vet reunites his wartime guerilla-squad unit to rescue the kidnapped wife of a U.S. diplomat. Savage firefights and deadly double-crosses litter the trail. Boom!

D86 Private Wars (93) aka: Defender  A wealthy businessman (Stuart Whitman who by all accounts is exactly that in real life as well!)  is trying to 'convince' the inhabitants of an old neighborhood to abandon their homes in order to build a huge business center there. He uses dirty cops and thugs to intimidate the people. Alcoholic-ex-cop Manning (Steve Railsback) now has a new cause. Help the tenants!

A843 Prize of Gold, A (55) aka: Kennwort: Berlin-Tempelhof  American soldier Joe Lawrence (Richard Widmark), who is stationed in Berlin post-World War II. Joe is usually in some sort of trouble, but he has a marital indiscretion that he can hold over his commanding officer's head so that he looks the other way. Joe falls in love with Maria, a teacher in an orphanage (Zetterling). In order to get money to move the orphanage to Brazil, Maria has been cozying up to a wealthy benefactor. Jealous, Joe interferes and fights with the man, blowing the opportunity for Maria and the orphans sky-high. He promises Maria he will make it all right and therefore agrees to take part in a robbery of gold bullion that is to be transported. Things don't go as planned…. Also with Donald Wolfit, Nigel Patrick and Eric Pohlmann.  BA

P886 Puppet on a Chain (71) aka: Marionett i kedjor  Excellent action sequences highlight this sadistic and  violent crime thriller, a tougher Bond type if you will. The boat chase through the canals of Amsterdam is knocked clear out of the park. Hit men, executions, drug-dealing nuns, and more. With Sven-Bertil Taube and Bar bara Perkins. Recommended!  BA

A524 Pursuers, The (61) Hunted ex-Nazi seeks help and sympathy as he tries to avoid being captured. With Francis Matthews. Co-written by Brian Clemens.

A50 Rad (86) The story of a young man Cru Joans (Bill Allen), who has the intensity and desire to win a BMX bike race called Hell track! Amazingly bad and ultra-stupid cult film. They play horrible music and quite literally DANCE while on their bikes! (Bike-Dancing?) Free-style before the craze. Cheesy, yea but hey, a product of it's time, and still entertaining because it is totally 80's dude, RAD! A young and cute Lori Laughlin also stars along with Adriennnne! Talia Shire. BA

D26 Rage to Live, A (65) aka: A corps perdu  Suzanne Pleshette plays a nymphomaniac who tries to overcome her insatiable appetite for men and save her marriage. Thing is, the girl can't help herself, and is drawn into sexual situations at the drop of a hat. Lurid trash with an all -star cast that includes Bradford Dillman, Ben Gazarra, Peter Graves, Mark Goddard and more. Haunting score in this tragic and sleazy soaper. BA

P691 Railway Children, The (70) After the enforced absence of there father, three children move with their mother to Yorkshire, where during their adventures they attempt tot discover the reason for his disappearance. With Dinah Sheridan and a young Jenny Agutter who later went on to play the role of the mother in the 2000 remake. Considered a British classic. LBX BA

A944 Rare and Deadly China Dolls (various) You wanted it! You got it! A compilation disc running just over 2 hours of clips and snips and scenes which feature women in martial arts kick-ass scenes. A great background feature for those who love to see women get the upper hand on men using their fighting skills. Hopping, flipping, jumping, smacking. The women are all total babes too which only enhances the enjoyment of watching them perform with their talents. Hiii-Yahhh!!!

N932 Rebus (69) aka: Appointment in Beirut  aka: El crimen también juega  When an international casino crime ring is planning a big score at a fixed roulette game, the casino police enlists the help of Jeff Miller (Lawrence Harvey), an alcoholic croupier, to nab the bad guys. Jeff is attracted to Laura (Ann-Margret, looking better than I have ever seen her!) a casino singer, but she prefers the company of the leader of the thieving ring.... Also with Andrea Bosic. LBX and 20 minutes longer than other prints with some dialogue in Spanish only, but mostly in English language. This is listed on IMDB as being 80 minutes long and this is 105 minutes. Widescreen and uncut for the first time!  BA

P746 Red Elvis, The (07) aka: Der rote Elvis  On the 17th of June 1986 a man is dragged out of a lake in the outskirts of East Berlin. He turns out to be the American singer and actor Dean Reed, one of the most mysterious legends of global pop culture during Cold War Times.... LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

D171 Red Shadow: Akakage (01) Aka Kage, Aoi Kage and Asuka are a trio of ninjas sent to perform dangerous secret missions for their master... Ninja's and samurai sword fights... Interesting remake that modernizes Japan's Feudal past. In Japanese language and with English subtitles. LBX

N743 Reeds and Mud (78) aka: Cañas y barro - BASED ON THE NOVEL BY VICENTE BLASCO IBÁÑEZ. In a village of the Valencia “Albufera”, in the midst of fishermen and rice growers, three generations of the family “los Paloma” exist side by side. The grandfather is the best fisherman of the lake. Tono, his son, has devoted his life to reclaim water from the lake in a never-ending fight, loading earth in his boat to obtain, inch by inch, a plot of land to farm. And Tonet, the grandson, is the black sheep and the disgrace of the family….  Complete Award winning 6 Part Mini-series from Spain on 3 discs - $20 DVD-R or $30 on 3 VHS

N448 Renegade Jim (87) aka: They Call Me Renegade  Renegade Luke has been living an easy life so far, travelling through the southwest with his horse Joe, making money by running small-time scams. All this comes to an end when he encounters Moose, an imprisoned convict with a young son....  LBX  BA

D81 Repo Jake (90) Jake Baxter (Dan Haggerty) takes the job of a repo man with hopes of living a quiet life. Sure, fat chance. The car chases, races and stunts are numerous and fast-paced. Also with Dana Bentley, Steve Wilcox (in his debut) and more.  BA

A748 Revolt of Mamie Stover, The (56) aka: Bungalow der Frauen  Set in the early '40s, a San Francisco prostitute is run out of town just as the second World War has begun to intensify. Mamie settles down in Hawaii, hoping to start a new life. Though her prospects look good when she falls in love with a science-fiction writer who treats her with the respect she deserves, the dawning war and the fallacies of her previous lifestyle complicate their budding romance....

N690 Rififi in Tokyo (63) aka: Rififi à Tokyo  Something about a heist anyone? An incredible use of Tokyo locations demonstrated by detailed cinematography. Quite a classic here this one. Charles Vanel gathers a cool-headed Karl Boehm and an unstable electronics expert to rob a bank vault for a diamond and as usual things goes awry. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A359 Righteous Fists: Furious Ultimatum, The (73) aka: Ying han tie quan Very bloody and fast-paced old-school basher film loaded with gory hand to hand  combat scenes, knifings, impalings, eye-gougings, tortures, flying ghosts and more! Uncut and in English in very good quality!!

A869 River Lady (48) aka: La signora del fiume  Loggers arrive at a mill town on the upper Mississippi drainage. The gambling riverboat is there to meet them. Everybody wants to bed Sequin (Yvonne DeCarlo, Lily Munster) and complications are in store for all. Also with Dan Duryea, Rod Cameron and John McIntire. Nice color.  BA

N493 Road to Nashville, The (67) A Hollywood film company wants to make a movie about country music and sends Doodles Weaver to round up talent to appear. A host of then-current country stars perform their hits....  Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash, Doodles Weaver, Connie Smith and Richard Arlen  BA

P786 Robbery (67) aka: Rapina al treno postale  A dramatization of The Great Train Robbery with lots of details on how it was pulled off. British gangster filming at it's most excellent. The opening robbery and car chase is...brilliant! Director Peter Yates was to direct Steve McQueen in 'Bullit' just a year later so go figure. Starring Stanley Baker and Joanna Pettet. Look for Julie (Hammer starlet) Ege in an un-credited appearance.  BA

D50 Roselyne and the Lions (89) aka: Roselyne et les lions Roselyn and Thierry are lion tamer trainees that fall in love. Later they join a circus and get involved with the taming of the lions. Lots of animal magnetism here. Roselyn and Thierry strive to reach the big top of the heap! Just about 3 hours! LBX + English subtitles.  Available as DVD-R only

A947 S.A.S. à San Salvador (83) aka: Terminate with Extreme Prejudice  aka: S.A.S. Malko   Violent action/adventure film set in South America starring Miles O'Keeffe and Raimnd Harmstorff of 'Bloody Friday' fame as an evil hit man. Sleaze, nudity, bloody shootings, car chases, beatings and more! Also with Dagmar Lassander, Anton Diffring and Sybil Danning! O'Keeffe's 3rd movie. Some glitches in the first couple of minutes.

P747 Saburai: The Way of the Bohachi (74) aka: Bohachi bushidô: Sa burai  The Bohachi Clan, the most vile corrupt organization with ties deep in the Shogunate, have controlled the flesh trade in Japan for generations. When threatened by a competitor, they employ Saburai, a nihilistic ronin on the verge of self destruction...  Blood gushers and limbs fly for any one in the stands against Saburai as he instills the Way of the Bohachi..... Violent and brutal samurai film. In the opening sequence a guy bends over a woman and while he is raping her he cuts her throat and blood sprays all over the wall.

A183 Sandpit Generals, The (71) aka: The Defiant aka: The Wild Pack - Brazilian tale about a gang of homeless children led by Pedro Bala. Set in Bahia, the film follows the gang of under-aged outlaws as they steal and assault, find love and religion. What? Really popular in Russia, but bombed over here. Pretty haunting and thought-provoking. With Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster). BA

P897 Savage is Loose, The (74) aka: Un salvaje anda suelto  A husband, wife and son are stranded on a remote island with no way off. When the son grows older, sexual tensions emerge. Controversial tale starring husband and wife team Trish Van Devere and George C. Scott.

A522 Scarlet Pimpernel, The (82) aka: Das scharlachrote Siegel  During the French Revolution, a mysterious English nobleman known only as 'The Scarlet Pimpernel', snatches French aristocrats from the jaws of the guillotine, while posing as the foppish Sir Percy Blakeney in society. Excellent! Based on the novels 'The Scarlet Pimpernel' and 'Eldorado' by Baroness Orczy. With Ian McKellen, Jane Seymour and Anthony Andrews. BA

A575 Scenes From the Goldmine (87) aka: Em Busca da Fama   aka: Kaftes nyhtes tou Hollywood   Catherine Mary Stewart plays a rock singer/keyboardist on stage and appears to be genuine. She decides to go solo as she realizes the band she is in is dragging her down. New Wave Rock and Roll scene in L.A. 87. Also stars Steve Railsback, Joe Pantoliano, Alex Rocco, Pamela Springsteen, Melissa Etheridge as a shop clerk and Lesley-Anne Down as herself. Scream queen Jewel Shepard also has a small role. A nice vehicle for Stewart, who was quite hot stuff back then.  BA

P869 Season's Greetings (86) Dysfunctional Family Christmas film from the U.K. - Funny, sad and touching at times, without the cheesy sentimentality of a Hollywood production. Quite popular with the British, and worth a look for your X-MAS flicks fix. With Peter Vaughan (recently of 'Game of Thrones') and many more.

N495 Secret File: Hollywood (62) aka: Scandaltown  An ex-detective gets a job as an investigator digging up dirt on celebrities for a tabloid scandal sheet....  Robert (Hideous Sun Demon) Clarke and Francine York star.  BA

N846 Secret of the Sphinx (64) aka: La sfinge sorride prima di morire-stop-Londra  An insurance investigator (Tony Kendall) goes to Egypt in search of some missing gold bars and hooks up with the wife (Maria Perschy) of the main suspect. They team up as husband and wife, but later when she kills her real husband they have to get rid of the body. There is also somebody trying to kill them. LBX and with English subtitles.

A852 Secret World (69) aka: L'échelle blanche  aka: Ein Sommer in Frankreich  Jacqueline Bisset is Wendy, a young Englishwoman hired by a French patrician on a lush estate to care for his son. The youngster falls for Bisset (who wouldn't?) an she is trying to cultivate a relationship with a Frenchman who has a sports car. There is a lot more to this colorful and forgotten film. The 'Secret World' of the title is the fantasy world the neglected boy has immersed himself in. Recommended. LBX

A494 Seven Women from Hell (61) aka: 7 Mulheres no Inferno  aka: 7 donne dall'inferno   Seven women from different backgrounds, nationality, age, class, and marital status find themselves in New Guinea, February 1942. Then unexpectedly the Japanese army takes over and sends them into a jungle war camp. When anyone is caught trying to escape they are beaten and tortured. Yvonne (Batgirl) Craig, Denise Darcel, Margia Dean, Patricia Owens and Cesar Romero star.  BA

A445 Shark's Paradise (86) Colorful Australian MFTV movie that seems a little Miami Vice-like featuring a Sting-look-alike, Australian coastline, sharks, a bumbling sheriff and car action.  BA

A838 Shogun Saints (72) aka: Zhong yi men  aka: Boxers of Loyalty and Righteousness  A visiting rogue and sword fighter is beaten by the local bad-ass and he disappears for awhile. We know what that means don't we? He returns ready to kick ass and take his revenge, and regain his honor. Has some of the most entertaining fight scenes you will ever see and the locales are interesting as well with beaches and mountainous cliff regions. The cart used in battle is a nice touch in the final bloody battle.

A948 Short Time (90) aka: Come è difficile farsi ammazzare  A retiring police officer (Dabney Coleman), not wanting to take any risks on his last 8 days in the force, refuses to make a rooftop leap in pursuit of a criminal. Later a mix-up at the doctor's makes him think he is dying, and when he finds out his insurance policy requires him to die in the line of duty before he pays out to his family, he begins to take extraordinary risks and make miraculous death defying arrests. Also with Terri Garr, Matt Frewer and Joe Pantoliano. From import disc.  BA

D131 Sicilian Clan, The (69) aka: Le clan des Siciliens  A young and ambitious mobster plans an elaborate diamond heist while seducing the daughter of a ruthless mob patriarch as a determined police commissioner closes in on all three of them. With Jean Gabin, Alain Delon and Irina Demick. Original music by Ennio Morricone. LBX  BA

N449 Skippy: The Bush Kangaroo (67) A ranger stationed park deep in the Australian outback with his three sons, and their marvelous pet, a intelligent and quick witted Kangaroo from the bush named Skippy whom the family took in as a pet.  Anytime the family and the ranger were in a tight situation it was always Skippy to the rescue to save the day from the common sight of outlaws, poachers, and anybody who is trying to destroy his blessed home!   You will be amazed at the feats Skippy can do!!  A wonderful series from a forgotten time - 2 DISC SET - 2 disc set + extras! $20 -  BA

P883 Sloane (86)  aka: Sloane - Die Gewalt im Nacken  'Sloane' stars the number one action star you've never heard of, Robert Resnick. He heads to the Philippines to save a girl from the bad guys. The opening assault scene is similar to 'Deathwish'. This low-grade gutter cinema oddball is pay dirt for the bad movie lover! Extremely violent with car chases, shootouts, explosions, guys cut with broken bottles, a face mangled to pulp under the hood of a car with the engine running, bombs, plenty of boobs, and much more!!!  Resnick is a big lug, he has no personality, but he gets the girls no problem. A classic!

N949 Slow Burn (89) Pleasantly violent and entertaining crime thriller starring William Smith, Ivan Rogers and bad-guy regular Anthony James. When a Chinese gang muscles into the drug turf of the mob a blood war ensues. BA 

A875 Snake in the Monkey's Shadow (79) aka: Hou hsing kou shou  aka: 2 tödliche Fäuste im Schatten der Schlange  aka: Cuore di leone, palma d'acciaio   A snake-style expert travels the land, imposing his mastery on others, until he runs into a monkey-style expert living on the edge of town... LBX  BA

A584 Soft Air (97) aka: Aria compressa  A group of young men from the upper-middle class in modern day Italy, bored with the activities of everyday life, participate in a simulated 'war game' match played with Soft-Air gun replicas (hence the title) only to find out that the opposing team is a group of foreign mercenaries on the loose that takes such occasions for training and gratuitously killing innocents. LBX   F.L.

P900 Someone I Touched (75) Laura (Cloris Leachman) learns that she has V.D., presumably from her husband (James Olson)  who had an affair with hot Carrie (Glynnis O'Conner). This is quite hysterical as everyone is told of their exposure and seemingly blames themselves. It is as if they have all been diagnosed with AIDS instead!  Well, it is kind of like a 'whodunit' when we learn Laura has secrets of her own and we must trace the source of these stinky cooties and who gave what to who, when and where. Leachman sings the theme song. 

A391 Sorceress and the Friar, The (87) aka: Sorceress  aka: Le moine et la sorcière   A Dominican Friar visits a thirteenth century French village in search of heretics. Despite the opposition of the local priest and the indifference of the villagers, he finds a perfect suspect. A young woman who lives outside the village in the forest and cures people with herbs and folk remedies. Will he go all 'Witchfinder General' on her? Or will he learn his lesson and change his ways?  BA

A851 Soul Survivors (95) Otis Cooke (Ian McShane) is a British D.J. with a late-night American soul music program in Liverpool. His favorite band, 'The Tallahassees' disbanded years ago, but their biggest hit was never released in England. Otis is trying to get them to stage a come-back. He finds the band members in the United States. Also with Isaac Hayes. Slight LBX.

N949 Sparrow’s Fluttering, The (88) aka: Il frullo del passero  aka: La femme de mes amours  A woman (Ornella Muti), who has been the mistress of a man that has just died, thinks about leaving the little Italian village where they lived, and moving to another place. An old and rich man offers her a place in his house, however, under the condition he can tell her about his past loves. She is a paid 'listener' and a mixture of fantasy and reality, past and present unfolds as he weaves his tales. Oh, and Ornella Muti gets naked (a crucial detail I'll mention).  LBX and with English subtitles!

N808 Special Mission Lady Chaplin (66) aka: Missione speciale Lady Chaplin  aka: Jagten på dødsraketterne   Dick Malloy (Ken Clark) is looking for 16 nuclear missiles stolen from a downed submarine. An evil underwater salvager is looking for highest bidder, with his right-hand woman, Lady Chaplin (Daniela Bianchi, Bond girl 'From Russia with Love') who is not only a master of disguise, but a damn good assassin as well. Kind of like Thunderball in some ways. Killer locations, killer women, killer score. One of the best of the Bond knockoffs. Also with Helga Line and Evelyn Stewart. LBX and great quality.  BA

N496 Specialist, The (75) Adam West stars in The Specialist as Jerry Bounds, an upright crusader standing up against the water company's efforts to exploit a local lake.... BA

A992 Spies and Babes (various) Two documentaries here!  First: Bond Girls are Forever: Join Honor (Pussy Galore) Blackman, Ursulla Andress, Luciana Paluzzi, Jill St. John, Maud Adams, Lois Chiles and more as they remember being Bond girls with bits and snips from the films they were a part of. Interesting to see how many of these broads held up! Could have done without the Halle Berry part though. Britt Eklund or Caroline Munro make her look like dog meat if you were to compare. Still some eye-popping scenes of these chicks in their prime. You calling me sexist? Well... guilty!  Next: Hollywood Spies on Spies: Covers many spy films from the early days up to Austin Powers. Interesting!

A599 Stanley Kubrick Shorts (various) Fear and Desire and Day of the Fight are only a few of the Stanley Kubrick short films featured here!

A188 Street Warriors (77) aka: Perros callejeros  El Torete, a Spanish 16 year old street boy, never went to school, but he learned and lived faster than anybody who ever did. Many of the characters used were real-life juvenile delinquents used to give the film a realistic look, and to be honest, exploit them. The actor that played El Torete died pretty young. Complete with the cold-blooded castration scene. 

A188 Street Warriors Part 2 (79) A sequel of sorts that deals with the harshest of conditions in Mexico like poverty, misery, prison and prostitution. With Angel Fernandez Franco returning. Misery and despair is had by all. These films are downers, but still very entertaining.

D110 Strongroom (62) aka: La camera blindata  aka: Im Safe wartet der Tod  During a bank robbery, the manager and a cashier are locked in a strong room, and the crooks escape. With not enough air inside for them to survive, the crooks, who are not killers, find themselves in a pickle.   Will they risk capture to undo their folly?? Intense and claustrophobic little 'B' picture. With Derren Nesbitt, Colin Gordon and more. From director Vernon Sewell.

D23 Such Good Friends (71) aka: Extraña Amistad  aka: So gute Freunde  While awaiting the outcome of her father's surgery, Julie (Dyan Cannon) finds his little black book exposing his affairs. Paints a picture that destroys the facade of American life much like the later classic 'American Beauty'. With Burgess Meredith, Louise Lasser, Jennifer O'Neill (her first film after that 'Summer..'), James Coco, Nina Foch and more.  BA

A365 Super Kick and Stomp (various) Fun collection of some of the best kung-fu mix-ups ever filmed. If you want a good, old-school kick-ass party disc to put on in the background, here you go! Lots of fun to be had here!

A335 Sweet Revenge (76) A young  recalcitrant woman (Stockard Channing)  who steals cars and has a long rap sheet is befriended by a Public Defender who tries to help her. Watch it for the cars and a young Channing (who is incredible in this). Also with Sam Waterson. In English language and with foreign subtitles.  BA

A398 Swing Parade of 1946 (46) A struggling young singer falls for a nightclub owner whose father, a millionaire, is trying to shut it down. Featuring The Three Stooges as waiters!!  This Monogram flick is more than just a Three Stooges picture, it is of historical interest for lovers of pre-Rock era pop music because it contains performances from Gale Storm, Phil Regan, Connee Boswell and Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five. The Stooges hold it all together in this full length film. Includes trailer and a cartoon.  BA

B166 Sylvia (85) Real-life story of Sylvia Ashton Warner's pioneering work, teaching children how to read in New Zealand in the 1940's. With Eleanor David, Tom Wilkinson and Nigel Terry. BA

N559 Tamango (58) Like Amistad but without the pretentiousness. A Dutch slave captain (Curd Jergens) on a voyage to Cuba must contend with a slave revolt led by a new African slave. His mistress is a black woman (Dorothy Dandridge). Because of this interracial relationship this movie was banned in the U.S. and in the French Colonies! Tamanga is a rousing and intelligent tale of a slave ship revolt in the 18th century. In color, LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

P860 Taste For Women, A (64) aka: Aimez-vous les femmes  A man looking for his love Violette encounters two gangs that fight for a statue full of drugs and ends up in the middle of a cannibal sect that eats women (because they are tasty) in this bizarre comedy written by Roman Polanski with crazy scenarios reminiscent of 'Fearless Vampire Killers' type zaniness. Now with English subtitles so you can actually follow the snappy dialogues with the insane plotline! 

D113 Ten Seconds to Hell (59) aka: Tout près de Satan  aka: Vor uns die Hölle  aka: Dieci secondi con il diavolo  At the end of the WW2, 6 German ex-soldiers return to Berlin and set up as a bomb disposal unit. Intense moments of bombs being dismantled follow. With Jack Palance, Jeff Chandler and Martine Carol.  BA

A737 Tender Age, The (86) aka: The Little Sister - A Boston probation officer (John Savage) becomes obsessed with an eighteen year old girl (Tracy Pollan) that is having behavior issues. As his life unravels one wonders if she will give herself to him and return his affection. With Roxanne Hart, Richard Jenkins and don't blink, that's Kevin Bacon as a Probation Officer.  “American Playhouse”

A689 Thatcher: The Final Days (91) Sylvia Syms is Margaret Thatcher in this short film. Thatcher bought the farm recently so we thought we'd dig this one out. Her legacy is met with both admirers and detractors. We leave these things for the British to sort out.

A30 Theo Against the Rest of the World (80) aka: Theo gegen den Rest der Welt  Loser Theo is having some bad luck. His barely paid for truck has been stolen, and credit collectors are after him. The chase leads him across Europe. Fearless and hell-bent on recovering his truck, he gets into scassaults, falls for a hooker. LBX - Foreign subs and dubbed into English language.

D88 Third Wave, The (03) aka: Den tredje vågen  Organized crime is a big problem and Europol is determined to attack the criminals head on. Action thriller with guns, chases and cool locals. With Jakob Eklund as Johan Falk. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

N950 Threat, The (77) aka: La menace  Henri is trying to balance wife and mistress in this tight thriller. Henri has knocked up his mistress however. He confesses to Dominque, his wife, who then jumps to her doom from the top of a tower. When the cops arrive they suspect the mistress of murder. When Julie is released, Henri plans to escape and start a new life for her. Things do not go as planned.... LBX and with English subtitles. BA

D84 Thunder on the Hill (51) aka: Tempestad en la cumber  aka: La campana del convento  Convicted murderess Valerie Carnes (Ann Blyth) is being transported to Norwich to be executed when a flood strands her and her guards at a convent. Nurse Sister Mary (Claudette Colbert) becomes convinced of her innocence, and sets out to find the real killer. Climax in the bell tower predates Hitchcock's 'Vertigo'. Also with Michael Pate and John Abbott.  BA

A935 Thursday Morning Murders, The (76) When a black gang stages a bloody robbery of his drug operation in order to take over the city's narcotics racket, a Mafia boss calls in a retired hit man to get back his drugs, and wipe out the gang. Cool and obscure crime thriller.

P970 Tian Di (94) aka: Tian yu di  Andy Lau stars as a Cantonese detective out to combat opium sellers. Encountering high-level corruption with close friends being murdered, Lau sets out to stop the dealers. LBX and with English subtitles.

A931 Tiger Fighting (76) aka: Magnum Killers  Rare kung-fu crime/action from Thailand and the makers of 'Killer Elephants'. A man fresh out of prison gets involved with a crime gang and has to use his fighting skills at every turn. Very violent and even a scene where a guy's stomach is sliced open. LBX and dubbed into English. Uncut import version!  Banned in Canada!

A819 Tiger in the Smoke (56) aka: Brott i dimma  Roy Ward Baker (frequent Hammer director) directed this British smog-filled thriller from the successful detective novels of Margery Allingham.  BA

A824 Time Lock (57) aka: Zwölf Sekunden bis zur Ewigkeit  Cool British film about a boy accidentally locked inside a bank vault. With less than 10 hours of oxygen, the race is on to save him. Look for Sean Connery in a bit part as a welder.

D112 Timetable (56) aka: Auf den Schienen zur Hölle  aka: La mano invisibile  As a train speeds through the Arizona night, a man posing as a physician holds up the baggage-car crew and escapes with a 500,000 payroll. Neat little heist film. With Jack Klugman, John Marley, Felicia Farr and more.  BA

A958 Tip Not Included (66) aka: Die Rechnung - eiskalt serviert  aka: I criminali della banda Dillinger   A young chemist gets mixed up with a gang of robbers who are planning on robbing the federal reserve bank in lower Manhattan. Car Crash, robbery, shootouts and more in this cool Euro-caper action film.  Stars George Nader and Yvonne (The Brides of Dracula) Monlaur.

A825 Tokyo Trial, The (06) aka: Dong Jing shen pan  This film covers the trial of 20 Japanese war criminals after World War 2. There is the film 'Judgment at Nuremburg' which covers German war criminals, but nothing that covers this part in history. Maybe no one remembers the atrocities committed by Japanese towards China .... Nanking Massacre anybody? They don't teach war history in schools anymore. LBX and with English subtitles.

N810 Tolgo the Disturbed (90) aka: Tolgo il disturb  Delivers the notion that the world is so evil nowadays, if only we could think like a child again in some ways so we could act human (or something). A rich tycoon, once ruthless and greedy has lost his mind. He rediscovers life through the eyes and life of his innocent granddaughter. So in a way, he was crazy before, and now he is becoming sane. From greed to innocence. Vittorio Gassman, Elliot Gould, Eva Grimaldi (Convent of Sinners) and Dominique Sanda. LBX and with English subtitles.

A509 Touchables, The (68) aka: Le toccabili  aka: Lige til at røre ved  Women take control of their lives in swinging of the 60's by capturing a pop star and having their way with him.  Complete with mod clothes, a cool dome-bubble-like house, gangsters, wrestlers, a neat soundtrack (dig briefly Pink Floyd's 'Interstellar Overdrive' during the boat on the lake scene). With Judy Huxtable, Ester Anderson, Monika Ringwald, and more. Will make you wish you were there when you see these chicks!  BA

A668 Tough Cops (88) Romano Kristoff is Nick Carpenter, a tough Vietnam vet who uses brutal methods to fight crime. Here is a mix of Miami Vice, Commando and Missing in Action. Lots of serious gun battles here, and if you dig heroic action type flicks of the 80's with ultra-violence and a slice of cheese, than this is for you!

A551 Transit (06) aka: Peregon  Americans and Russians work together at a WW2 Siberian airbase. Their goal of course, to stop Hitler. Well done WW2 stuff from Russia. LBX and with English subtitles.

P909 Truck Turner (74) Truck (Isaac Hayes) is a bounty hunter. Yaphet Kotto is a pimp. This colored and colorful blaxploitation classic is filled with hot rods, jive ass broads, pimps and crooks, superb dialogue in that outdated and damn funny 70's lingo and more! This is one of the best ones ever made with never a dull moment! Also starring Nichelle Nichols, Alan Weeks, Scatman Crothers and Dick Miller.  BA

A137 True Story of Lynn Stewart (58) A woman goes undercover to help the cops bust a narcotics gang in this well-made nail biter/crime/exploitation film. With Betsy Palmer as Lynn Stewart. She was to gain national fame with horror fans later as Jason Voorhees' mother in 'Friday the 13th', "Kill Her Mommy! Kill Her!" Interesting to see her so young and pretty. Willie Down, a mid-level boss in the narcotics gang is played by Jack Lord ('Book ME Dano!") and the police Lt. is played by 'The Night Stalker' himself Barry Atwater. Look for Gavin Macleod in his film debut as the Turk.

A708 Turkish Gambit (05) aka: Turetskiy gambit  The film takes place in 1877 during the Russian/Turkish war. Erast has just escaped from a Turkish prison and is trying to get on the Russian side as soon as possible to give important information about an attack.... Beautiful scenery and incredible FX. Simply Amazing!  LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

D9 Two Crippled Heroes (80) aka: Crippled Heroes  aka: Can que shuang xiong - A man with disfigured arms and his pet chimp wander the countryside, eventually meeting up with a legless guy.  They engage in battle. Afterwards they become best buds and they rescue a beautiful blind woman who is on the run from local gangsters, setting the stage for the final showdown with an evil warlord. Amazing! Dubbed into English.

A181 Two Gentlemen Sharing (69) Strange offering that tackles homosexuality, racism, class bigotry, integration and permissive sexuality while engaging in the very racism and stereotyping that it purports to expose! Judy Geeson stars along with Robin Phillips and Hal Frederick (who play a kind of sexually/racially tinged 'Odd Couple, they still date women though'). Also with Hilary Heath of Witchfinder General and Cry of the Banshee!   BA

A936 Ultimax Force (86) aka: Ruckus 2 - Unternehmen Condor  War-Ninja-Action flick shot in the Philippines. American soldiers are out to rescue POW's held captive in Viet Nam by an insane and sadistic Viet Nam commander. Bloody beatings, nudity, impalings, ninja sword fights and star deaths, bodies blown up and more!  BA

A630 Uncle Meat (87) This is a documentary about an unfinished movie. Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention try to film the sci-fi epic 'Uncle Meat'. This mess is so weird it makes it really hard to believe that Zappa was not on drugs when he made it, was never on drugs, period. That doesn't mean the rest of everybody involved wasn't! There is a method to Zappa's madness (or as others would have it, his 'genius'). There are two soundtracks playing simultaneously throughout. A lot going on here for the Zappa fan!  BA

P748 Under Surveillance (91) Lots of gunplay in this action film about insurance investigators trying to solve a murder. With Robert Davi, Charles Napier, David Dukes, Melody Anderson and Harry Guardino.

D83 Unguarded Moment, The (56) aka: L'enquête de l'inspecteur Graham  aka: In den Fängen des Teufels  A beautiful teacher is protective of a high school boy who sexually harassed her, and later he becomes a murder suspect. This film explores the dark side of human nature and the seething naivety of the decade. Lush sets, cool cars, tight dresses and repressed lust!  With Esther Williams (who just died a few months ago), John Saxon, George Nader, Jack Albertson and more.  BA

A870 Universal Horror + Lon Chaney Jr.  (various) Two specials! The first is all things Universal with dozens of clips and snips and guest appearances by many familiar faces of the genre. Narrated by Kenneth Branaugh. Next: Lon Chaney Jr. Bio. First they cover his pops, the mighty Lon Chaney Sr., and then focus extensively on Jr. - Great stuff!

A646 Valentino (77) Ken Russell directed this ridiculing homage to old Hollywood in his inimitable style and managed to piss off the Catholic church and everybody else yet again as he was usually prone to do. Valentino, every woman's dream man, played by a very gay man (Rudolf Nureyev). Big budget madness with all the Russell touches we know and love. He exaggerates Valentino's life, granted, but rightfully so otherwise this film would be quite a bore I would think. Russell works over actresses, newspaper reporters, Fatty Arbuckle... and more. Gaudy, sleazy and fun! With Leslie Caron, Carol Kane, Michelle Phillips, Seymour Cassel and more.  BA

A651 Valley of Eagles (51) aka: Wölfe in der Nacht  aka: La valle delle aquile  aka: La vallée des aigles  A Norwegian scientist builds a device that can convert sound waves into electrical energy. However the device is stolen by his wife and assistant, who head across the frozen tundra Russia bound. A police inspector and a local girl team up to try and get it back. Contains some magnificent scenery in Lapland and a stunning score. Jack Warner, Anthony Dawson and look for Christopher Lee as a cop.  BA

A937 Vermin, The (76) aka: Las Alimañas - From 'Blind Dead' director Amando de Ossorio! Two bandits rip off an art museum in the Dominican Republic, making off with valuable gems and art. They are assisted by an American., who double-crosses them and makes off with the goods. Naturally they take off in pursuit. Slightly LBX and now with English subtitles!

P772 Vinyl (00) Alan Zweig explores the world of record collecting, deeply delving into the psyche of record collectors and their obsession, some fanatically so. Incredible and more entertaining than it sounds with various eccentric and compulsive oddball types.

D109 Visit, The (64) aka: Der Besuch  Karla Zachanassian (Ingrid Bergman) had a child by Serge Miller (Anthony Quinn) as a teenager. When Serge refuses to marry her, she was driven out of town. By her own wit and cunning, she has returned years later for a visit as a multi-millionaire. The town now lays out the red carpet. All she really wants though, is to have Serge... killed! Tense thriller with a climax that cuts like a knife! Also with Valentina Cortese.  BA

A833 Volcano (09) Above average special effects in this disaster film from Germany.  When a dormant volcano becomes active beneath Lake Laach in the Eiffel Mountains, panic breaks out amongst the 500,000 residents. When she blows it is like a nuclear explosion. The aftermath resembles the apocalypse for the survivors to trudge through. 

P783 Warbus 2 (89) aka: Afghanistan: The Last Warbus - Dardano Sacchetti (prolific and important writer for many Italian horror films!) wrote this one! A Green Beret goes into Afghanistan to find some papers his father had hidden in a bus. He rescues some POW's and runs into other troubles. Starring Mark Gregory (in his last film to date) as Johnny Hondo, he's that big guy from the Italian apocalyptic films and the Thunder Warrior series. Fun action violence and also starring John Vernon.  BA

A234 Weed (72) Cool documentary that poses the question.... why not legalize pot? Many points of view and valid points. Directed by porno director Alex De Renzy. This is still argued today. Some consider it a gateway drug, others not so much.

A688 Wet Job (81) Ten years after leaving the S.I.S., former agent/assassin David Callan  (Edward Woodward) is living a quiet life as the owner/operator of a militaria shop. For now...

P981 Who Dares Win (82) aka: The Final Option - A trooper with the British Air Service, infiltrates a radical political group who are planning a terrorist attack on American dignitaries. Sharp British espionage thriller with Judy Davis, Lewis Collins, Richard Widmark, Edward Woodward, Ingrid Pitt and more. LBX  BA

N870 Wild Ride, The (60) aka: Velocity  Johnny (Jack Nicholson!) is an obnoxious little trouble making punk/gang leader of the beat generation. He spends his days as an amateur dirt track driver in between partying and troublemaking. Eventually he kidnaps his buddy's girlfriend, kills a few cops and begins into the spiral of his end game. Hipster hip slang dialogue galore and Nicholson shows his sly smile and dry wit right out of the gate at age 23. BA

P857 Woman of Straw (64) aka: La Donna di Paglia  aka: La mujer de paja  Nail biting thriller about a wheelchair bound cold-as-ice tycoon (Ralph Richardson) intent on cutting his greedy nephew (Sean Connery in a sleazy role) from his will. He plans on leaving money to his nurse (Gina Lollobrigida) whom he verbally abuses constantly, and he has a thing for her as well. She of course falls for Connery, and he has not so honorable plans for his wicked uncle. More twists develop.  BA

A808 World of Miss World, The (74) + Get 'Em Off (76) Two rare and sexy British documentaries, both in great quality. Get 'Em Off is about the history of the striptease. Very colorful and sexy stuff here!

P876 Young Dillinger (65) John Dillinger (Nick Adams) rounds up a criminal gang and starts to rob banks in the 1930's. Amazing cast with Robert Conrad as Pretty Boy Floyd, John Ashley as Baby Face Nelson and also starring Mary Ann Mobley and Victor Buono. Look for Ted Knight in a small role. Some wonderfully sadistic exploitative moments. LBX  BA

A468 Young Eagles of the Kamikaze, The (68) aka: Ah, yokaren  More WW2 action from a Japanese point of view. We know how rough the Kamikaze's had it. They were screwed as soon as they got in the plane. There was no hope they would return from their mission. Good thing their efforts were finally thwarted by the higher power of America's war effort. With actual war footage.  Stars Koji Tsuruta, Tetsuro Tanba, Sonny Chiba and Teruhiko Saigo   LBX and with English subtitles.

N708 Young, Violent and Dangerous (76) aka: Liberi armati pericolosi  aka: Racket Boys  Three privileged youths turn into desperate criminals after their clean-cut but increasingly psychotic leader 'Blondie' starts a gun battle after a botched gas station robbery. At one point they hook up with other youths, and after a robbery, they even shoot their new friends, just for kicks? It's simple. These punks like to shoot people! Tough Commissario (Tomas Milan) is on the case. Two psychopaths, fast paced car chase, brilliant locations and cinematography, and more as these young people run amok causing all kinds of trouble. LBX and dubbed into English language.  BA

A760 Zatoichi the Outlaw (67) aka: Zatôichi rôyaburi  aka: The Blind Swordsman's Rescue   Zatoichi encounters a strange village of innocents and is taken in by their way of life, even befriending the two men who seem to be in charge. Later in his travels he learns one of the men has grown evil and is ruling with the fury of a tyrant. Zatoichi returns and must now fight his previous friend, and his minions. With some good battles including a classic decapitation. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

A868 Zatoichi's Ocean Voyage (66) aka: Zatôichi umi o wataru  aka: Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman's Pilgrimage  Ichi sets out on a pilgrimage to 81 temples, exploring spirituality to atone for his bloody past. On the way he stumbles upon a city being bullied by a violent Yakuza boss. The village is full of cowards, and it is up to Ichi to defeat the Yakuza boss and his thugs. LBX and with English subtitles.

A469 Zero Fighters (65) aka: A, zerosen   More fighting Japanese WW2 action.  Stars Kojiro Hongo, Akio Hasegawa, Terumi Niki, Kiyoko Hirai, Yoshihiko Aoyama and Yuzo Hayakawa.  LBX and dubbed into English language.

D90 Zero Tolerance (99) aka: Noll tolerans  Johan (Jakob Eklund) is a two-fisted Gothenburg cop who finds himself in a shootout with jewel robbers. When the smoke has cleared, one robber, shot by his accomplice, and an innocent bystander are dead. The bad guy who escaped is a threat to the safety of witnesses, and Johan must protect them. LBX and with English subtitles.

P681 Zig Zag (70) A dying man (George Kennedy) frames himself for murder he didn’t commit so his wife and kid can benefit from the reward money. When he finds he will not die after all, he must clear his name. Plot twists and surprises to be had here in this downbeat film as under-rated Kennedy delivers with the help of Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson and William (Blacula) Marshall. LBX BA




N606 5 Graves For a Medium (65) aka: Terror Creatures from Beyond the Grave - Here is an uncut version of this great Barbara Steele horror classic! This print contains 3 minutes of footage never before appearing in an English language print (and so these 3 minutes are English subbed). An attorney arrives at a castle to settle the estate of its recently deceased owner. The owner's wife and daughter reveal that he was someone who was able to summon the souls of ancient plague victims and in fact, his spirit was roaming the castle. Gruesome murders ensue. A great Gothic Horror film that comes highly recommended!  BA

A313 A Cold Night's Death (73) aka: Una fría noche de muerte  Scientists (played by Robert Culp and Eli Wallach) suspect that there is someone other than their research primates inhabiting their polar research station. This is one of the best MFTV movies ever made, and even though there are no aliens, it reminds me of 'The Thing' (probably due to the setting). Don't ruin it by reading about it! Get it and watch it for the shock ending.  Recommended!  BA

A144 Anak Pontianak (58) aka: Curse of the Vampire- aka: Child of a Female Vampire - Wow! An atmospheric monster movie from Singapore/Hong Kong! Partly produced by the Shaw Brothers! A man's wife dies in childbirth but she returns from the grave to claim the infant (in a truly creepy scene!). Meanwhile as the child grows up, there is a mad scientist who creates a creature that kills through a Jekyll /Hyde formula. The mother is now a vampire running around and killing people for revenge. Later there is a frenzied finale as monster battles monster! An impressive example of early Asian horror.  No subtitles though, but still fun to watch! F.L.

A859 Anthrax (01) Not released due to the Anthrax scare of 2001. Anthrax is killing cattle. When a rancher dies, a reporter disappears, and protesters are quarantined, an RCMP officer begins his own investigation. David Keith, Ed Begley Jr. and Joanna Cassidy star.

A29 Arsenic and Old Lace (62) Hallmark Hall of Fame adaptation/remake of the classic tale! Here we get Tony Randall, Boris Karloff, Tom Bosley and more. Karloff reprises his role of Jonathan Brewster  (he had played the same character back in the day during the play's run). This is a very rarely seen Karloff performance, with a great cast!

N509 Atom Age Vampire (60) aka: Seddok, l'erede di Satana  A stripper is horribly disfigured in a car accident. A brilliant scientist develops a treatment that restores her beauty and falls in love with her. To preserve her appearance the doctor must give her additional treatments using glands taken from murdered women. His unexplained ability to turn into a hideous monster helps with this problem but does nothing to win her love. The doctor's woes multiply as the police and the girl's boyfriend begin to close in on him.... Longest version ever at just about an hour and 43 minutes!  Susanne Loret, Alberto Lupo, Sergio Fantoni and Franca Parisi  BA

A392 Beyond Westworld (80)  This follow-up to the theatrical films 'Westworld' and 'Futureworld' features John Moore (Jim McMullan), security chief of the Delos Corporation, the company that created the killer robots seen in the films. Now Moore must deal with an evil scientist named Quaid (James Wainwright), who has taken control of the life-like killer robots, and plans to use them in his plot to rule the world! Guest stars include Martin Kove and Julie Sommers amongst many more.     "Westworld Destroyed", "My Brother's Keeper", "Sound of Terror", "The Lion" and "Take-over"  Complete all 5 episodes that aired on one DVD-R! (No VHS on this title).

A506 Bride of Monstermania (00) + Watch the Skies!: Science Fiction, the 1950s and Us (05) Two documentaries of monsters and science fiction simply loaded with nostalgia for the die-hard fan. Elvira is your host in the first one, which salutes women in horror films. 

P877 Carmilla (80) Polish version of Sheridan Le Fanu's classic vampire tale. Izabella Trojanowska is Carmilla, and she can't wait to sink her fangs into  the neck of the young daughter of the house. Manages to generate some real atmosphere and Trojanowska is strikingly seductive and haunting in the title role, and she sings the chilling theme that will set your soul adrift. Shot in black and white and with weird color tinted sequences. Stakings, fangs and crypt crashing amidst the cemetery settings lend a throw-back feel that makes it seem like a much older production. In Polish with no subtitles. For fans of gothic vampires. LBX - F.L.

B156 Child in the Night (90) A psychologist treats an 8 year old boy who is the sole witness to his father's murder. The secret of the grisly murder is locked in the little tyke's mind. The ending comes out of left field. With Elijah Wood (in one of his first big roles) JoBeth Williams, Tom Skerritt and Darrin McGavin. BA

A616 China Lake Murders, The (90) A small town sheriff (Tom Skerritt) has his suspicions in a murder case which involves a rogue cop (Michael Parks) who goes on a murder spree....  Is there a homosexual undercurrent running through this one with impotent Parks enjoying Skerritt's friendship? Either way we learn, if you are in an isolated area and a cop is trying to pull you over... DON'T PULL OVER! It may just be the last thing you do.  BA

B157 Class of '63 (73) Offers full blooded characters in realistic roles. Joan Hackett (as Louise) is mesmerizing as a woman in search of her own identity, and Cliff Gorman plays a man caught between himself, his own desperation, and frustration as his wife Lousie desires old sweetheart Joe (James Brolin) and at their college reunion, things go awry. MFTV - BA

A48 Cloning of Clifford Summer, The (74) A Wide World Mystery Film. Clifford (Peter Haskell) is an angry and abusive man, unhappy in his marriage, and cruel to his wife (Sheree North) and son (douche bag scam artist Lance Kerwin, although here he is just a kid). Clifford has himself cloned, so he can run around a 'free man' while his clone takes on his responsibilities. Traveling the world and enjoying himself, he finally returns home and finds his wife and son love his clone, who is kind and loving.  Jealous, he plans to kill his clone!!  With John Karlen, William Bassett and Sharon Farrell.

N624 Coffin For the Bride, A (74) Mark Walker (Michael Jayston) is a serial killer...  His specialty is to marry older, wealthy ladies and once he has settled down in matrimonial bliss, kill them off and inherit their fortunes… He travels to a health resort after his latest killing whereupon he encounters Stella MacKenzie (a young and beautiful Helen Mirren). Walker is anxious to curtain his dastardly activities and sees a relationship with Ms MacKenzie as being a way of keeping on the straight and narrow. Unfortunately he meets yet another wealthy and frumpish divorcée named Angie and resolves to add her to his deadly bedpost while simultaneously hoping to put Ms MacKenzie on the back burner…. The drama stakes are upped when Angie goes missing and the outrageous climax leaves one reeling!  Also stars Michael Gwynn

N628 Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are (74) Cathy (Lynda Day George) is positive she checked into the country hotel with her cousin, Jane. Everyone else is trying to convince her otherwise. Clever twists will keep you guessing until the end. 

P942 Crash of Flight 401, The (78) aka: Crash  aka: SOS Miami Airport   True story recounting the crash of flight 401 which crashed in the Everglades in 1972. Even though this is based on fact, and it is a horrible tragedy, it is still a relief to see a plane disaster film with all the big-star names actually crash and kill everybody for a change! With William Shatner, Adrienne Barbeau, Christopher Connelly, Lorraine Gary, Ron Glass, Sharon Gless, Eddie Albert and more! Nice print in English language and with foreign subtitles.  BA

N638 Crazy Kill, The (75) Fugitives invade a home and threaten it's occupants with bodily harm if they do not cooperate in this tense and exciting thriller. Denholm Elliot and Anthony Valentine star. 

A230 Creature of Destruction (67) aka: A Criatura da Destruição   A hypnotist is able to predict murders committed by a hilarious looking sea monster. But he is really causing these murders to happen through his lovely assistant. Yes, it is Larry Buchanan's remake of 'The She Creature'! With the same monster suit from 'It's Alive!" made 2 years later.

A226 Deadly Intentions (85) Just a year after 'The Terminator' and his next movie after this being 'Aliens" Michael Biehn lends his talents to this epic MFTV. He plays a sadistic  doctor/husband that loves to scare his wife (Madolyn Smith Osborne) and photograph her as she is in fear. This is one of his creepiest roles and the suspense really builds up as he does his thing (this running around 3 hours!) Never released in it's entirety as far as we know, here is the uncut version on one disc. Really cool stuff here and recommended for any fans of Michael Biehn! Also with Cloris Leachman (as his strange mother), Keven McCarthy and Cliff De Young. Based on a true story.

A227 Deadly Intentions... Again? (91) Harry Hamlin does the role Michael Biehn did in 1985. Sadistic crazy doctor is out and seeking revenge for those responsible for his incarceration! Namely, his ex-wife and her lawyer. Joanna Kerns, Conchata Ferrell and Fairuza Balk star.

A410 Death Car on the Freeway (79) An unknown psychotic driver uses his van to kill unsuspecting women drivers on the freeway. Until... one woman fights back. Finally a nice print of this MFTV car filled classic with an all-star cast that includes a pre-Charlie's Angels Shelley Hack, Frank Gorshin, Peter Graves, Abe Vigoda, George Hamilton, Sid Haig and more.

A105 Death from Beyond (7?) A horror/mystery film from Egypt with surreal scenes of horror and nightmare sequences. Complete with strange commercials. F.L.