BA=  Color Box Art Available for an additional $3.00  

FL= Film is in Foreign Language

Lbx=  Letterboxed or Widescreen format 

Subs=  Film is subtitled

aka= Also Known As  (alternate titles)


22860000 22860000 (`@````````` 266 263 5 110185200 110185200


D917                 Escape from the Bronx: Exclusive Collector’s Edition (83) aka: Fuga dal Bronx  aka: The Riffs II - Flucht aus der Bronx  aka: Escape from the Bronx - 1990: Bronx Warriors II  A rag-tag group of people lead by a man named 'Trash' (Mark Gregory), must fight extermination squads (run by Henry Silva) in the ruins of a decimated New York.   Excellent high-body-count ultra-violent fun.   From Italian director Enzo G.  Castellari.  This regularly priced 2 disc set includes a gorgeous Widescreen 85 minute version on one disc, and a nice Widescreen 89 minute uncut version on disc 2.  BA

D958                 She (82) aka: She - Eine verrückte Reise in die Zukunft  aka: Barabarian  Sandahl Bergman made quite a splash as 'Valeria' in 'Conan the Barbarian' made the same year as this! In a backward post-apocalyptic world, she aids two brother's quest to rescue their kidnapped sister.  Along the way, they battle a variety of nuclear affected opponents like werewolf guys, a mad scientist, a psychic commie, a giant robot and gladiators, before facing the evil 'Norks'.  Sort of a 'kitchen-sink' variety end-of-the-world flick.  Bergman performs athletically with relish (sword in hand) and looks amazing! Great fun and also with Gordon Mitchell.  Excellent quality Widescreen Upgrade!  BA

M422                 Taking Tiger Mountain (83) aka: Trechi Mynydd y Teigr   Militant female scientists brainwash research subject Billy (Bill Paxton, in his first substantial role) to assassinate the Welsh Minister of Prostitution.  Meanwhile WW3 is being fought and the U.S.A.  is being invaded.  A psychotropic apocalyptic odyssey.  In a foreseeable future, America has fallen after a nuclear war, and the rest of the world is living under a chaotic , pseudo-Orwellian negligence where violence and anarchy compete with disease outbreaks, fights over food, and rampant filthy unpleasantness.  Environmental breakdown has also diluted and weakened the human gene pool.  An incessant torrent of broadcasts continuously pronounce the utter depths of depravity the earth is sinking into.  One announcement proclaims cannibalism as common practice.  Billy wanders about after his prey, in the wastelands, eventually hooking up with a woman, and then he meets a young man and things really get weird......  Widescreen

M439 Visitors of a Museum (89)  aka: Posetitel muzeya  aka: Le visiteur du musée  In a Post-Apocalyptic world, in which a large part of the population consists of demented and deformed mutants who are being kept in reservations, a man embarks upon visiting the ruins of a forgotten and neglected museum buried under the sea, accessible only at low-tide.  A nightmarish vision of a dark and disabled world enhanced by surreal morbid photography and hopeless characters.  In Russian language and with English subtitles. 




M395 Angels With Golden Guns (88) aka: Terror im Frauenlager  aka: Ling ye  aka: Le camp de la terreur  Truly incredible and spectacularly violent film about three woman who are captured and imprisoned by a gang of white slavers.  A rebellion ensues and a huge scale massacre occurs as the women shoot everybody with their machine guns.  It’s almost like “The hell with it! Let’s just shoot everybody!”  In between the madness there is probably the largest catfight (between two rival camps) I have ever seen, along with a homophobic disco sequence (an oxymoron?) in which the villain 'hits' on the (straight) 'hero', and more.  Worth a look! Beautiful Widescreen.  English dubbed   BA




{Choose any two CLASSIC titles to create your custom double feature for $14.00 on VHS OR DVD-R!}  

D842 Another Man's Poison (52)  aka: Gift für einen anderen  aka: La fossa dei peccati  In an isolated house, a mystery writer (who has just murdered her estranged husband) is involved in potentially murderous relationships.  BA

D824 Big Game, The (36) Gambler's kidnap Atlantic star quarterback Clark Jenkins.  A lot of actual football players are used in the film including members of Stanford, Notre Dame and Ohio State, including the first Heisman Trophy winner.  Here's some earlier gambling and sports scenarios.  With Bruce Cabot, June Travis, James Gleason, Phillip Houston and more.  BA

D836 Champagne Charlie (36) aka: Burbujas de champán  Told in flashback.  Backers want a gambler to marry a rich girl for her dowry.  When he double-crosses them, he's murdered, and the murderer blackmails the girl, but then he is murdered as well.  Decent early programmer murder mystery with Paul Cavanagh and Helen Wood. 

D834 Convicted (50) aka: La loi des bagnards  A D.A.  (Broderick Crawford) becomes the prison warden where he tries to help a man (Glenn Ford) who he helped convict, because he feels his sentence was excessive.  Pretty good and a nice cast which includes Will Geer, Whit Bissell, Dorothy Malone and more. BA

D846 Cry of the City (48) aka: Una vida marcada Robert Siodmak directs.  Police Lieutenant (Victor Mature), longtime friend of a mafia family, walks a tightrope in the case of a mob man cop-killer (Richard Conte).  Also with Shelley Winters and Debra Paget.  Cool crime drama.  BA

M387 Eerie Tales (19) aka: Unheimliche Geschichten  When an old bookstore closes, the Strumpet, Death, and the Devil tell each other seduction tales about themselves to amuse each other.  Four of the stories are from great works.  Like Poe's 'The Black Cat' is here.  Pretty incredible, and very racy for 1919.  Conrad Veidt stars in this one.  English translations where needed. 

D823 Flight From Glory (37) aka: L'ultimo volo  Early aviation action drama about scrapped pilots flying scrapped planes to maximize profits (this plan engineered and run by 'baddie' played by Onslow Stevens).  With Van Heflin (in one of his first roles).  BA

D859 Hunted Men (38) aka: Crime Gives Orders  Joe Albany (Lloyd Nolan) is a tough racketeer that guns down James Flowers (Buster Crabbe), a local night club owner, for double-crossing him.  In his attempt to escape Joe is run down by a car driven by a drunk guy that thinks he knows Joe, and he takes Joe home to his respectable house, where also lives his respectable wife and his two children.  The perfect hideout....  until...  Mary Carlisle, Anthony Quinn, J.  Carroll Naish and more star. BA

D858 King of Alcatraz (38) aka: El tirano de Alcatraz  A convict (J.  Carroll Naish) who has just escaped from Alcatraz prison, takes over a passenger ship.  Two of the ship's crew hatch a plot to overpower him and take back control of the ship.  Snappy contract players include Robert Preston, Lloyd Nolan, Richard Denning, Anthony Quinn, Harry Carey and more. 

D832 Marines Fly High, The (40) aka: Vuelo de rescate  Marine Lieutenants Dan (Richard Dix) and Jim (Chester Morris) fight bandits in the South American jungle, and both compete for the affections of Joan (Lucille Ball, when she could turn heads). 

D831 Pacific Liner (39) aka: Tragedia sul Pacifico  Setting: A ship traveling from Shang Hai to San Francisco.  Below deck a cholera outbreak begins to kill some of the ship's passenger's.  They throw the bodies in the ships furnace so as not to upset folks on the upper deck.  Some of the crew threatens mutiny.  The people below deck are sick of the snobbery of the rich ones above.  The “holier than thou” upper-deckers complain about the “poor service” when they reach port.  Class differences explored, with snappy dialogue, on the high seas.  Victor McLaglen, Chester Morris, Alan Hale (the Skipper's Dad) and more star. 

D857 Parole Fixer (40) aka: Mercaderes del crimen  An expose of the U.S.  Parole system, as seen through the eyes of F.B.I.  director J.  Edgar Hoover, as he wrote this piece.  Anthony Quinn plays a ruthless gangster on parole who kills a cop and participates in a kidnapping.  Hoover penned a few filmed books, possibly could be perceived as propaganda in some ways.   Also with Lyle Talbot, William Henry and more. 

D856 Queen of the Mob (40) aka: Mulher Diabólica  Ma Webster (Blanche Yurka) is the mother of a gang of bank-robbers.  Tough and gutsy, she leads the authorities on a multi-state chase, ruling her devil's brood with an iron fist.  Also in the gang is J. Carroll Naish as George Frost.  He is a malcontent, but she keeps him around because he is a cold-blooded killer, and comes in handy.  With Ralph Bellamy, Richard Denning, even Robert Ryan in a small role. BA 

D854 Rookie Fireman (50) Merchant seaman Joe Blake (Bill Williams), in love with Peggy Walters, takes a job as a rookie fireman in a big city department.  Some cool action sequences, and a nice film about firemen in America in 1950.

D830 Secret Command (44) aka: Les saboteurs  WW2 spy thriller, taking place in a ship building plant, with Pat O'Brien as an undercover agent looking to weed out the Nazi saboteurs.  Not bad.  Nominated for an Academy Award for “Best Special Effects”.  But there ARE NO special effects.  One of the best jokes ever perpetrated upon the perpetually clueless Academy.  BA

M383 Skeleton on Horseback (37) aka: The White Plague  aka: Bílá nemoc  The White Sickness, a leprosy-like disease, ravages the world during a war in this Czech film from actor/director Hugo Haas.  It only kills those over 50 years old, and while the government fails to accomplish anything (surprise surprise) a scientist (played by Haas) develops a cure.  The leader (looking like and acting like a Nazi, as do his men) of the unnamed country demands the cure, but the good doctor, a pacifist, refuses to become involved in the dictator's war games and ambitions.  With English subtitles. 

D841 Thunder in the City (37) aka: Pânico na Bolsa  A visiting American to England engages in a bold business promotion, the likes of which the British have never seen.  Edward G.  Robinson, Nigel Bruce, Ralph Richardson and more star.  BA

D862 Woman on Pier 13, The (49) aka: Lo schiavo della violenza  Successful and newly married Brad Collins (Robert Ryan) once belonged to the Communist Party of the U.S.A., and now they need him for their nefarious plans.  Waterfront mob/Commies, betrayals, Femme Fatale and more.  In a time when Commies were considered bad.  Not like the strange America of today where Commies thrive, are sometimes elected and even celebrated.  With Laraine Day, John Agar and more.  BA




D975 Amazons of Rome (61) aka: Le vergini di Roma  aka: Las amazonas de Roma  A warrior chief alternates between his barbaric allies and a city that is being defended by embattled women warriors.  Nice color.  Louis Jordan and Sylvia Syms star.  LBX - Upgrade!  BA

M412 Apeman of the Jungle (64) aka: Tarzak Against the Leopard Men  aka: Sambo contre les hommes léopard   A 'Tarzan' clone with shiny shaved chest and legs muscle-man (beefy Ralph Hudson who's only other screen credit was 1964's peplum 'Giants of Rome') jungle-guy helping a safari defend themselves from a tribe of leopard-skin wearing warriors.  Nice locations and a horror-like soundtrack add to the weird charm.  Quicksand, jungle adventure and battles.  This is English dubbed but has foreign subtitles. 

D976 Boy Who Turned Yellow, The (72) aka: Il ragazzo che diventò giallo  John and his class go on a field trip to the Tower of London.  He loses his mouse, and vows to go back and find it.  On the way home the train turns bright yellow, including the people! Later other wacky science fiction things run rampant as the plot goes all over the place in this learning and tripping U.K.  fantasy from 'Peeping Tom' director Michael Powell. 

M386 Demon of the Mountain, The (60) aka: Ooe-yama Shuten-dôji  aka: The Demon of Mount Oe  Cool Japanese made fantasy horror film based on a novel by Matsutaro Kawaguch... A beautiful female demon gains control over a mighty samurai's soul... Fantasy elements include a bull in the sky, a giant spider and a cool stop-motion flying demon head (very briefly during the opening credits). Not to mention deadly party streamers as a very cheap special effect!  LBX and with English subtitles.  

M384 Mutiny in Outer Space (65) aka: Ammutinamento nello spazio  Astounding adventure from the center of the moon! A creeping fungus starts killing off astronauts on a trip back from the moon.  Nice special effects, especially of the contaminated crew members.  With William Leslie, Dolores Faith and more.  Upgrade!  BA

M393 Mysterious Island, The (73) aka: La isla misteriosa  aka: The Mysterious Island of Captain Nemo  Excellent version of the Jules Verne adventure classic with Omar Sharif as Captain Nemo.  Fantastic locations, some amusing special effects (and some pretty good), and a decent cast.  Gabriele Tinti, Gerard Tichy, Rik Battaglia and more.  Now with English subtitles.  This is the long version and comes on two DVD-R for the same low price as one title.  VHS however (2 tapes) is $22.  BA

M390 Planets Against Us (62) aka: Planets Around Us  aka: I pianeti contro di noi  aka: Le monstre aux yeux verts   An alien race sends cyborgs who were made to look like the son of a famous scientist, whom they killed when he landed on their planet. Their plan? Invasion!  Imaginative and wild early Italian sci-fi.  Upgrade! BA

M435 Raiders of the Magic Ivory (88) aka: Predators of the Magic Stone  aka: I predatori della pietra magica  Two mercenaries are hired by a Chinese businessman to find an ivory tablet that supposedly has magic powers and is hidden deep in the jungles of North Vietnam, protected by soldiers,, cannibalistic monks and witchdoctors.  Jim Mitchum's son James gives a tough guy perf that reminds exactly of his dad (as usual).  Corny dialogue with one-liners galore, plenty of hilariously staged action and more entertaining ineptitude await! Widescreen, in English language (from a Japanese source, there are Japanese subtitles). 

M391 River of Evil (63) aka: Und der Amazonas schweigt  aka: Crimen en el Amazonas  A woman hires a boat captain to take her into the Amazon where her father has gone missing.  Along the way she is kidnapped by villains and it is up to the boat captain to rescue her.  Funny miniatures, piranha peril, alligators and more....  Upgrade!

D866 Submersion of Japan (73) aka: Nippon chinbotsu  Amazing Japanese version of this disaster movie in which earthquakes shatter the nation.  Cities become raging firestorms.  But the worst is yet to come! Nature is always in control.  This is LBX and in Japanese language only with no subtitles running 2 hours and 25 minutes uncut.  Also in this section see the English dubbed 80 minute American version “Tidal Wave” with Lorne Greene.  BA

M409 Teens in the Universe (75) aka: Otroki vo vselennoy  More Russian Science Fiction! An Interstellar expedition finds 'smart' robots have taken over a planet.  The robots intelligence thought they were helping when they eliminated human emotions and needs like love, responsibility etc.  These were primitive needs, and in a perfect world, not needed.  Orbiting the planet in a large space station, the survivors of humanity wait as the landing party sets out to destroy the robots and reinstate the human way of life.  Cool special effects.  Widescreen and with English subtitles. 

M454 Throne of Fire (83) aka: Il trono di fuoco  Mighty hero Siegfried, battles the son of Satan and his evil witch accomplice to save a kingdom from being taken over by the duo.  Quite spectacular for the sword and sorcery lovers out there.  Amazing new Widescreen English Dub!!  no subtitles Upgrade!  BA

D867 Tidal Wave (73) Racked by earthquakes and volcanoes, Japan is slowly sinking into the sea.  A race against time and tide begins as Americans and the Japanese work together to salvage some fraction of the slowly shrinking land mass.  Compare with alternate Japanese language version “'Submersion of Japan”!  BA

D873 Trader Horn (73) aka: Trader horn il cacciatore bianco  First off, know what you are getting.  A stock-footage filled hodge-podge updating and butchering 'King Solomon's Mines' type.  Still, even with all of the obvious fakery, Rod Taylor as 'Trader Horn' delivers high entertainment! You also get a steamy love triangle, natural hazards, bad Germans, quicksand, stampedes and more! Check out this somewhat obscure jungle action! Anne Heywood, Jean Sorel, Don Knight and more star.  BA

M437 Tusk (80) aka: Tusk - Une fable panique  This Alejandro Jodorowsky film has never been released.  The story happens in India when the English were still there.  The two main characters are an elephant called Tusk, and a young lady.  Tusk once saved her life when she was younger, and that's why she wants to protect him forever.  But the Maharajah wants to hunt Tusk for his ivory, while some alcoholic poachers are after Tusk for the same reason.  The fight is on to save Tusk! This is very very different for the always unpredictable Jodorowsky, and a must see as it's still pretty strange and amazing.  With Cyrielle Clair, Anton Diffring and Christopher Mitchum.  Spoken English language and with foreign subs. 

M388 Untamed Mistress (55) After a lot of jungle hijinks involving native tribes and the like, two men search the jungle for a woman who has been captured by a tribe of murderous gorillas.  When they finally find her, they must fight off attacks from the apes, who are determined to keep her.  Some hot naked natives, stacked Varga and more in this amazing exploitation/jungle madness from director Ron Ormond.  The ending will blow your mind! With Allan Nixon, Jacqueline Fontaine, Carol Varga and Byron Keith. 

M424 Witches Dungeon, The (89) aka: Podzemelye vedm  aka: The Witches Cave  Sword and Sorcery Sci-Fi on par with the Italian type of Ator movies and the like, mixed with a little Yor, Hunter from the Future.  Cave people (one a hot blonde) weird effects, a monster bird, a creature of the lake where people are sacrificed to,  plenty of action and cool sets.  Widescreen and in Czech language and with English subtitles. 

D913 Zambo (72) aka: Zambo: King of the Jungle  aka: Zambo, il dominatore della foresta  Brad Harris plays one of two convicts sent to rot in an African prison for a murder he didn't commit and manages to escape from a transport plane while handcuffed to another convict (who he learns to respect).  They face the perils of the jungle, and Brad Harris later emerges as 'Zambo'! He is like a cross between Robin Hood and Flash Gordon dressed up as Tarzan.  He acts as a self-appointed big game ranger of sorts, heroic defender, almost phantom-like.  He even has a little native boy as a sidekick, and can summon animals when he needs them! With sexy blonde Euro babe Gisela Hahn and Daniele Vargas.  Nice location filming and LBX.  Upgrade!  BA



D954 ABC of Love and Sex, The (78) A tongue-in-cheek sex education documentary covering a different subject for each letter of the alphabet....  A is for Anatomy, B is for Birth...etc.  Plenty of nudity and sexual situations.  The girls are incredible.  LBX

M465 Any Time, Any Play (90) aka: Atracção Escaldante  When her ex-lover takes a job at her club as a card dealer, a beautiful but bitter casino singer avenges herself by conspicuously bedding everything in pants, including their Mafioso boss.  But when the two reunite, the double-crossed gangsters demand revenge.  With Ruth Collins.  Directed by Joe D'Amato. 

D981 Cleo/Leo (89) Leo, an egocentric and sexist businessman, who thinks he's God's gift to women, gets a taste of his own medicine when he tries picking up the wrong woman, who turns out to be a psycho.  When she forces him off a bridge into the cold river, he emerges as Cleo (Veronica Hart).  Cool gender-bender comedy and also with Ginger Lynn, Jennifer DeLora and more.  Veronica Hart proves once again that not only was she great in porno, but she could act as well. 

M457 Delizia (87) aka: Delight - Hotter than hell Tina Cansino plays a gal that shows up in a small town and quickly drives all of the young males into a state of lust.  Directed by Joe D'Amato, so you can expect plenty of soft-core sleaze and beautiful women.  F.L. 

D886 Der Hostessen-Sex-Report (73) aka: Mädchen auf Stellungssuche - Der Hostessen-Sex-Report  aka: Les Moëlleuses  Tons of nudity in this German made soft-core sex film that includes loads of nice looking blondes (and brunettes) all naked of course.  A swinger's party is just one of the many scenes contained within.  F.L.

M428 Erotic Dreams of Cleopatra, The (85) aka: Sogni erotici di Cleopatra  aka: Les nuits chaudes de Cléopâtre  Late in the genre 'Caligula-lite' soft-core sleaze from director Rino Di Silvestro.  Although not as nasty as some of the earlier similar films, this one still manages some eye-opening scenes of sex and violence.  Decadent set designs, numerous bait and switch, sometimes flashy sex scenes.  With Marcella Petrilli as Cleopatra.  Widescreen and English dubbed Upgrade!  BA

D950 Felicity (78) aka: Felicity - Sexy adolescenza  Smoking hot Australian take on the 'Emanuelle' craze that features a young horny woman (Glory Annen) leaving school for a sex-filled adventure in Hong Kong.  Erotic and well made with loads of nudity and soft-core scenes.  Widescreen. BA

M418 I Know a Lot For 15 (78) aka: Las que empiezan a los quince años  This is an obscure sexploitation film in which three 15 year old girls (all played by 18 or older actress's) who experiment with sex and eventually end up in prostitution.  Sex, violence, lesbianism, women in prison and lots of nudity by nubile young women and even comedy.  Lolita-type Spanish made wonder from director Ignacio F. Iquino.  F.L. 

M399 Intrigue of Love (88) aka: Fatal Temptation  aka: Errore fatale  Sexploitation notable for being the debut of Valentine Demy and also starring a pre-porn Millie D'Abraccio as Janet.  Janet hasn't been having the best sex life with her husband.  When she is seduced and blackmailed by a seedy photographer, she recommends him to her also less than happily married friend (Valentine Demy) who also hops into bed with him.  Milly and Valentine both look dynamite here in this erotic thriller.  With English subtitles. 

M473 Joy of Flying (77) aka: Sylvia im Reich der Wollust  A feel-good sex comedy that everyone will love! Stereotypes, plenty of nudity and funny sexual situations, and even Ajita Wilson in a sizzling villa scene.  (If you can forget she used to be a man that is).  You'll laugh out loud at some of these scenes, it's impossible not to.  Eurotrash at it's finest, at least the comedic kind. New Widescreen English Dubbed print!   

M408 Nana, Girl of Pleasure (70) aka: Take Me, Love Me  aka: Nanà '70  Nana is a sexually active and very horny woman who sleeps around with many men and lives a life of luxury and privilege because she is so desirable.  As usual to this type of life-style, something goes wrong.  Super-colorful 60's fashions and designs jump off the screen.  One middle-aged man's abode is almost completely light purple, and he has all the state-of-the-art Hi-Fi reel to reel equipment (to show off his riches I suppose).  Widescreen and English dubbed.  BA

M477 Naughty Cheerleader, The (70) aka: Mir hat es immer Spaß gemacht  aka: Dove vai senza mutandine?  In the tense field of men's desires, she proves she has what it takes.  Naughty Cheerleader follows the carnal adventures of a horny teenaged slut (Barbi Benton at age 20).  She meets a lot of dirty old men (Klaus Kinski and Hugh Hefner) in her quest for satisfaction.  Not as sleazy as most sex comedies, but seeing Barbi makes it worth it.  (Barbi Benton lived with Hugh Hefner from 69-76.  They hooked up when she was 18 and he was 42.)  LBX  BA

M448 Passion's Flower (91) aka: Il fiore della passione  Joe D'Amato directs! After years in prison, Jeff finally returns to his hometown.  He meets a girl named Linda (Kristine Rose).  He arrives at the pharmacy owned by his brother, who is surprised.  He introduces Jeff to his wife, who just happens to be the girl he met previously.  She seduces Jeff and tries to get him to murder her brother.  D'Amato's take on 'The Postman Always Rings Twice'.   Plenty of sleaze.  (Look for Laura Gemser as an uncredited hooker) 

M480 Seduction of Angela, The (86) aka: Dolce pelle di Angela  Naive, orphaned maiden Angela leaves her small town for 19th century London, where she quickly learns the ways of the world...  She starts to work at a brothel....  Michela Miti is Angela.  Also with Anita Ekberg.  Directed by Andrea Bianchi.  Widescreen and English dubbed. 

D891 Sexual Freedom in Denmark (70) aka: Dansk sexualitet  Insightful! An eye-opener! Other points of view that everyone should take a listen to.  This film is about sexuality, morality, education, responsibility and more (including a live human birth that many consider beautiful but it makes me want to puke).  But ultimately this film is just an excuse to get sleazy and show loads of nudity of tons of hot chicks.  I have never seen nudists that look like all of these women, damn! Strippers, and uninhibited women everywhere in this.  Amazing colorful footage.  Like a Mondo Erotic sex film.  Some near hardcore sex here so be warned.  OOPS, there is actual hardcore sex here, sorry! Or am I? Narrated in English language too!

M394 Three Sexy Girls in Tirol (77) aka: Drei Schwedinnen in Oberbayern  Otto runs a hotel for tourists but has trouble with both the economy and also his wife, Olga.  After a trip to Stockton he imports three Swedish blondes who eventually save Otto from disaster, both marital and financial.  Full frontal from the sexy ladies and sexual hijinx add flavor to this German sex comedy that has beautiful scenery and locations, bright colors and Widescreen.  With English subtitles. 





D915 Beheaded 1000, The (91) aka: Qian ren zhan  aka: The Executioner  An executioner beheads his 1000th criminal and by so doing unleashes a demon army headed by an evil witch called the Blood Lotus.  Heads roll, monsters, fantasy and horror elements, cool locations, a giant, imaginative effects and more.  LBX and with English subtitles.  Widescreen. 

M467 Censorship: A Thriller (11) A history of Swedish censorship.  It features reviews with the cast of 'They Call Her One Eye" and other notorious films.  This is a look at the Swedish Film Censorship Board, that opened in 1911 and closed in 2011.  Very well made documentary on the subject with a great segment on Christina Lindberg.  Clips from her films, and interviews with her today about her movies, in which she is proud of (as she should be, they are cult classics!).  We see and talk about what put the censors 'panties in a bunch' if you will and deliberate what is 'fake' and what is 'real' and how they see it.  Pretty interesting, made even more so with all the cool clips from 'targeted' films.  LBX and with English subtitles.  

M413 Circle of Perversion, The (71) aka: O kyklos tis anomalias  Ilias Mylonakos directs this Greek sleaze thriller.  When a hot blonde starts to screw around on her husband, people she knows start to disappear.  She decides her husband must be responsible, so begins arrangements to have him killed.  In Greek language and with English subtitles. 

M468 Conflict of Emotions (73) aka: Oi erotomaneis  Toni (Udo Kier) is a drug addict up for anything to get his fix.  So he agrees to kill Olga.  She is a woman on holiday, minding her own business and painting.  Thing is, Toni has no idea why they want her dead, and he is falling for this mysterious and beautiful woman.  Erotic Greek made thriller.  Udo Kier, who has been in over 200 films, was in 'Flesh For Frankenstein' the same year.  In Greek and with English subtitles. 

D914 Contamination (80) aka: Contamination - Alien arriva sulla terra  Alien pod spores filled with lethal flesh-dissolving acid are grown on a South American coffee plantation and run by alien pod people.  Don't miss the gooey Cyclopean monster and excellent exploding people gore effects by the guy who did the special effects for Lucio Fulci's great 'Zombie'.  Music by Goblin.  Directed by Luigi Cozzi.  Nice Widescreen and Uncut version with all the sticky stuff.  Upgrade!  BA

M469 Corruption of Chris Miller, The (73) aka: L’Altra Casa ai Margini del Bosco  aka: La corrupción de Chris Miller   A serial killer uses a scythe to kill his victims...  or is it 'her' victims? Jean Seberg is Ruth.  Her husband left her a year earlier, and she lives with her step-daughter Chris, in an isolated countryside mansion.  Ruth wants revenge, and sets out to corrupt Chris, who still loves her father, and is waiting for his return patiently.  Meanwhile, a serial killer is loose! One day a drifter arrives....  Finally, after a few prints, here is a very colorful Widescreen English dubbed version with no subtitles on the screen. BA 

M414 Defekt (77) Women are turning up missing, all driving in the same region when they disappeared.  Later we see how it has been happening.  A woman has a blow-out on a stormy night and seeks refuge in a house in the woods where a man takes her in.  He seems nice at first, but then attacks her! The house will hold more surprises.  Treasure-seeking Euro-Cult completists will enjoy this Hungarian jazz-fueled terror! With English subtitles. 

D896 Doctor and the Devils, The (85) aka: Le docteur et les assassins  aka: El doctor y los diablos Burke and Hare revisited.  Plays exactly like an early Hammer film.  Grave robbers supply a doctor with fresh corpses for his experiments.  With Timothy Dalton, Stephen Rea, Julian Sands and Jonathan Pryce.  Now in a nice Widescreen version.  BA

M396 Doctor Petiot (90) aka: Docteur Petiot  A true story.  In France during the Nazi occupation, Dr Petiot offered to help Jews escape the Nazi's.  When they would arrive, he would give them 'lethal' shots, then steal all of their belongings, then burn them up in his home-made crematorium.  His crimes were discovered in 1944 when his overburdened furnace led the authorities to him.  He escaped capture for some time, but was eventually tried for the murder of 27 (though the number was thought to be higher).  This film tells the story of this forgotten serial killer.  Widescreen and with English subtitles. 

D934 El Espiritu Del Zombie (85/87) aka: Southern Shockers  A rare never-released rural horror, filmed in Mississippi in 1985-1986 and Spanish dubbed with no subtitles.  You won't find this one on IMDB.  A preacher preaches in a church.  The camera zooms in on different guys and we get a story.  Whether this is what their fate is or whatever, is  not made clear, the church is the wraparound for a trilogy of terror tales.  First: A doctor arrives in a small town in which the residents are not what they seem.  He'll find out, much to his horror! Second: An old bootlegger lets a bunch of hillbillies make off with a bunch of poison moonshine.  They all drink it and nasty pus sores break out all over their bodies and they become oozing gooey zombies.  They go after the bootlegger and start banging on his door....  Third: A nerdy young guy picks up some other young people, drops them off in what looks like the middle of nowhere, and then is chased by a hearse.  He abandons his car and a monster-man with a creature face (from the hearse) begins to hunt him through the woods....  The beast is swinging a scythe and seems to want his head....  Brrrr.  Low budget rural horror.  F.L.

M385 Erotic Bride From Hell, The (72) aka: Hellish Love  aka: Seidan botan-dôrô  aka: Peony Lantern Sex Story   A man falls for a mysterious woman in this Japanese made ghost story with a downbeat ending.  LBX and with English subtitles. 

D992 Fat Black Pussycat, The (63) A killer is on the loose in a beachside area beatnik scene, performing giallo-like killings.  A detective descends into the Beatnik world to catch the killer.  The scene's hipsters are portrayed as cynical hypocrites, pretentious substance abusers, violent fops and at worse perverted homicidal maniacs (at least the killer).  There is also a black cat whose brain waves are affected by the gender bender killer, and flashes of sex, nudity and violence.  Pretty fun for 1963.The finale takes place at a real-life Westchester Kid-Amusement park called 'Frontier Town'. BA

M430 Fiona (77) aka: Hardcore Heavily fictionalized 'autobiography' of 70's sex superstar Fiona Richmond combining drama and sensuality.  Fiona is in control, and she tells her story from way back when she was a schoolgirl and her sexual awakening etc.  (Who cares if is she is in her 30's trying to pull these scenes off?) This is not a serious film, but a tongue in cheek erotic mess.  Kudos to the sexy Fiona, for trying to sell us herself as a brand, as it were, as it wasn't, as she wish it had been, or whatever. BA

D943 Full Moon Over Belgrade (93) aka: Pun mesec nad Beogradom  1992 Belgrade.  Aleska works the night shift at an occult magazine to avoid military police, draft and war.  Old colleague Mrs.  Kosara, offers him shelter at her mansion.  Soon, a dead friend warns him in a dream about the danger he faces spending time with Mrs.  Kosara and her husband.  They are VAMPIRES! Atmospheric weirdness from Serbia.   LBX - F.L.

M415 Gold of Love, The (83) aka: Das Gold der Liebe  This film is like a punk mutation of a 1926 novella called 'Dream World' by Arthur Schnitzler.  A woman (Alexandra Curtis, half-sister of Jaime Lee Curtis and daughter of Tony Curtis and Christine Kauffman) is summoned by the D.A.F.  to come to Vienna, but the young woman finds herself trapped in a nonsensical nightmare of murder, suicide, heroin, phantasms, guardian angels and mysterious agendas.  Mind-blowing.  Alexandra pretty much dropped out of everything to do with films, making only three.  With English subtitles. 

M417 Holocaust 2000 (77) aka: Apocalipsis 2000 aka: The Chosen  An executive (Kirk Douglas) in charge of a middle eastern nuclear plant discovers that his son is the Anti-Christ and is planning a Biblical Revelations style Armageddon with nuclear power.  Kirk Douglas gets to have a nude scene with leading lady Agostina Belli.  Simon Ward is the Anti-Christ.  Numerous violent and imaginative deaths of people who are getting in the way of evil.  This follows the 'devil-movie' trend of the 70's with an 'Omen' like tone.   Douglas would next be in Depalma's classic 'The Fury'.  100 minute Beautiful Widescreen version!  Never has this film looked better!   BA

D990 Lady Frankenstein (71) aka: La figlia di Frankenstein  When Dr.  Baron Frankenstein (Joseph Cotten) is killed by a monster he created, his daughter Tania (Rosalba Neri) and his lab assistant continue his experiments.  Tania is determined to create a better, stronger monster, and proves the evil determination in her father, was passed onto (and into) her wicked soul.  This plays like an Italian Hammer-style film, with rich colors, nudity and sleaze, and brutal violence.  Finally a really sharp Widescreen 94 minute version of this sleazy horror classic, maybe the sexiest Frankenstein movie ever!  Widescreen 94 minute composite version.  BA

M474 Lesbian August (74) aka: Lesviakos Avgoustos  A painter with his wife and daughter arrive at an island for vacation.  The daughter is from a previous marriage, and seems to have a weird relationship with the wife.  Sexual? The daughter wants to break free and she has sex with a married fisherman.  He falls for her, she says she just wanted him for one night.  Later the painter finds out about his wife and daughter and molests his wife.  She poisons him.  More Greek tragedy awaits.  In Greek and with English subtitles. 

M443 Love on a Horse (73) aka: To koritsi kai t' alogo  aka: Confessions of a Riding Mistress  An Agean artist sees his younger wife and his son (from a previous marriage) making incestuous love.  He decides to paint a picture of them riding a white stallion together.  The lovers can't know what the strange arrangements mean, and are afraid the painter knows their secret.  When they try to leave the house, we get an explicit Greek tragedy.  In Greek and with English subtitles. 

M475 Macabre (69) aka: Shadow of Death aka: Viaje al vacío  An evil scheming blonde plans to rob her husband blind.  Not by murder, but by driving him insane, so that when he is on the brink of insanity, she can have him institutionalized.  Then she can have his twin brother (who she is sleeping with) and the estate and all the riches.  Some twists and turns come into play as they usually do! With Larry Ward (as both brothers) and Teresa Gimpera.  In Spanish language and with English subtitles.  BA

M445 Mere Mortal, A (91) aka: Simple mortel  A young man, a researcher in ancient languages, begins to receive strange radio messages in a language only he knows.  The messages ask him for weird missions.  He finally figures he is a pawn in intergalactic games.  The voices feed him info on disasters that have yet to occur.  A minimalist slow-burn psychological science fiction thriller that will really get under your skin if you give it half a chance.  The night scenes evoke a haunting menacing isolation, hinting at a hidden threat.  In French language and with English subtitles. 

M446 Monkeys in the Attic (74) Canadian Drug-Trip!  Two dysfunctional couples live, love and trip (not in the travel sense) together.  There is drug abuse and domestic violence in this completely weird mind-trip of a movie, a movie that seems to explore mentality and morality.  I have read numerous opinions on this one, all different.  Wild and crazy and maybe ambiguous as hell (and all get out) as well.  I think everybody was high when this was made.  With Victor Garber and Jess Walton. 

M404 Naked Over the Fence (73) aka: Naakt over de schutting  Rick, who runs a pinball arcade, rents a room to Penny (Jennifer Willems), a young teacher and karate fan.  Penny gets to know Lilly (Sylvia Kristel, right before she gained international fame with 'Emanuelle' in 1974), a singer who is about to be in 'art' film.  But she finds it's a porno, and flees the set when a violent fight breaks out.  Naked Over the Fence.  Later the owner of the film studio is found murdered.  Lots of nudity in this Dutch made black-comedy.  Widescreen and with English subtitles.  BA

D906 Nightmares (83) aka: Nightmares - Incubi  aka: En plein cauchemar  Anthology of four horror tales with a supernatural twist based on urban legends.  Sort of.  These stories are pretty cool, scary even, and come highly recommended.  Lance Henriksen, Christina Raines, Richard Masur, Veronica Cartwright, William Sanderson and more.  This is an upgrade!  BA

D935 Pearl Harbor 3 (90's) A series of bizarre short films.  Weird animation, aliens, exploding bunnies, hilarious dismemberment surgery, fake execution, strange musical numbers...  and so much more.  This is all in German language and plays like an underground German mix-tape.  F.L. 

M478 Pentimento (79) Pentimento is pretty weird to say the least.  The location is a decrepit art deco spa in a wasteland near a seaport.  Feminists protested wildly at  screenings of the film in the Netherlands where it was filmed.  There is no dialogue, women are kept in pits, naked except for stilettos, which are only removed upon death.  They are sexually tortured, and there is also the graphic aftermath of rape.  So, scientists conducting dark and inhuman experiments on women by fusing together sexuality and cruelty.  I guess maybe that would put a few pairs of panties in a bunch. 

M459 Phantom, The (84) aka: Widziadlo  Set in the early years of the twentieth century, this is the story of a country gentleman haunted by the spirit of his dead wife.  His current wife, fed up, has taken a lover, who is mysteriously paralyzed.  Meanwhile, the man's son has his first sexual experience with a mute peasant girl.  All of this takes place in the country and in their large manor house.  Wonderfully bleak and gloomy with plenty of nudity and sexual situations.  An erotic horror gothic.  In Polish language and with English subtitles. 

M434 Provocation (72) aka: Proklisis aka: Love Above All   Provoked! For the Last Time! Her Lust For Vengeance Was Satisfied! Very much like a sleazy Greek take on the type of film Umberto Lenzi was making with Carroll Baker about the same time.  Except this time it is the woman who is pushed to the brink and plans her vengeance using her wiles.  Udo Kier stars.  Plenty of nudity from sexy women, including Anna Fonsou, who shocked Greek audiences in the 70's with her explicit nude scenes.  Amazing locations.  Now with English subtitles for the first time!

M479 Psychout For Murder (69) aka: Salvare la faccia  Mario is the boyfriend from hell and he consigns his girlfriend to a whorehouse for the evening to get the goods on her father so they can blackmail her.  Her father sends her to a mental hospital.  She is released later when she is genuinely insane! She's learned a few tricks, and begins her reign of terror and revenge to all that have wronged her! Strong early giallo with Adrienne Larusso.  Now a very nice quality Italian language print and with English subtitles.  BA

M436 Return of the Vampires (72) aka: Retorno de los Vampiros  aka: Misterio de Cynthia Bair  Lovers spend the night in an apartment.  A picture falls from the wall, striking the woman ('Saturn Devouring His Children' by Goya) and she becomes a vampire.  Go figure!!?  What happens next will blow your mind.  Obscure horror from director Jose Maria Zabalza (director of Naschy's 'Fury of the Wolfman) Widescreen and with English subtitles.  BA  

M419 Sandman, The (93) aka: E.T.A.  Hoffman's The Sandman aka: E.T.A. Hoffmanns Der Sandmann  German made horror.  Daniel and Clara are on vacation in Italy.  The Sandman, a figure from Daniel's childhood, returns to haunt him, while he succumbs to an obsessive love and lust with an enigmatic woman of strange beauty named Olympia, who may be something she does not appear to be.  Nice atmosphere in this horror with a throbbing industrial theme music offset by the music of Chopin and Vivaldi.  Widescreen and with English subtitles.  BA

M450 Savage Three, The (75) aka: Fango Bollente  aka: Justicia para todos   Ovidio (Joe Dallesandro) and his two friends work together at a computer company.  Bored, they decide to become criminals and eventually, killers! Once they cross the line, there ain't no turning back! Dallesandro was in quite a few good flicks in the 70's.  Now Uncut!!  Four minutes of rape and sleaze missing from all previous prints!  In Italian language and with English subtitles!  Upgrade!  BA

M452 Stop the World! (70) aka: Fermate il Mondo...  voglio scendere! Based on a play by Giancarlo Cobelli.  Erratically acted and written madness from the era of psychedlia! Total delirium! Young protesters living together in a 'commune' of sorts, start to leave the commune one by one.  There seems to be a sort of madness abounding here, as if all the participants were on drugs.  Barbara Steele stars, and she screams, gets slapped, even tires to hang herself with an ostrich-feathered slipknot, and she's never seemed so gorgeous in frequent close-ups! Also with Paola Pitagora.  In Italian language and with English subtitles.  Another amazing super-colorful Widescreen print. 

M453 Story of Sin, The (75) aka: Dzieje grzechu aka: Storia di un peccato   Classic from director Walerian Borowczyk - A family has boarders and one day a young man moves in and falls in love with the daughter.  He is already married and trying to get a divorce, but is denied by the local church people.  They live together after he is wounded in a duel.  Later, he goes to Rome to try to make his divorce final.  When he doesn't return, she has his baby, and drowns it.  She hears he has been imprisoned...  so she begins wandering through Germany and France.  Later she learns he has married a rich woman.  Her life then spirals into despair with prostitution and a downbeat end.  Also included on the same disc is two short films from the director 'All About Eve' and 'In the Beginning Was Lust'.  In Polish language and with English subtitles. 

M407 Strange Night, The (67) aka: La notte pazza del conigliaccio  A normal middle class guy named Aldo spends a boring summer in the city while his family is on vacation.  On his last night before they return, he decides to live it up, he picks up a hot chick and takes her home.  When he is in the next room preparing drinks he hears a shot! Then his world spirals into a surreal nightmare....  With Sandra Milo and Enrico Maria Salerno.  LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

M423 Terror Express (79) aka: La ragazza del vagone letto  aka: Horrorsex im Nachtexpress Three thugs commandeer a couple of cars on a moving train and spread terror among the passengers.  Humiliations, rape and murder are put upon the passengers.  This was also described as 'Last House on the Left' on a train.  This film was one of the notorious 'Video Nasties' that was outlawed in the U.K.  during the 1980's and 1990's.  Not nearly as violent gory or sleazy as it was purported to be, but still worth a look.  Written by the Beast-Man himself George Eastman! Now Excellent quality Widescreen English dubbed version with no subtitles.  BA

M463 Two Eyes to Kill (68) aka: Due occhi per uccidere  aka: La morte cancellò l'uomo, ma la vendetta oltre la morte lasciò: Due occhi per uccidere   Obscure Giallo! An innocent, trumpet playing man (Fabio Testi) is framed and put to death by guillotine.  The man who framed him is a ruthless racketeer (Jack Taylor).  Before his execution the guy donated his eyes.  The nightclub is being watched by something and we hear a trumpet...  Runs just under an hour and is the only print we know of in existence.  In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA 

M481 Yellow: The Cousin (69) aka: Yellow: le cugine  aka: Die Mühle der Jungfrauen   Marta Garbini (Lisa Seagram), a premature spinster, has spent her life caring for late grandfather.  The old bastard leaves his estate to her cousin Valentina.  Valentina and her husband are as free-spirited as Marta is uptight, but when the husband makes a play for Marta she responds and lets loose her repressed passion.  When Valentina is found dead the next day, it is only the beginning of the double-crosses and plot twists.  Along with 'Two Eyes to Kill' this is one of the rarest of all Giallo's.  In Italian language and with English subtitles.  BA




M398 Golden Jail (76) aka: Une cage dorée aka: Vizio in bocca  Mr. Winter (Roger Darton) sees his Hong Kong prostitution ring threatened by the police and a rival gang.  He relocates to Paris where he caters to rich clients.  When his hookers misbehave, he puts them in a cage with golden bars.  Franco directs and so does Marius Lesoeur, basically two peas in a pod as they worked on numerous films together.  Nice to see these Franco films keep turning up! LBX and with English subtitles. 

M431 Intimate Confessions of an Exhibitionist (83) + Jess Franco: The Last Interview (13) First, see a sex film directed by Lina Romay, that is mostly soft-core, but plenty sordid and sleazy, with plenty of close-shots of women's.....  Lina delivers and now this one has English subtitles! Next on the same disc over an hour with Jess Franco giving his last interview in crystal clear color on a soundstage with English subtitles.  Frankly, Franco explains much and delivers quite the candid conversation, animated and expressive, regarding his work, the sex and more.  Did I mention that this is all on one disc and all with English subtitles?

M447 Night of Sexual Aberrations (83) aka: La noche de los sexos abiertos  A stripper (Lina Romay) gets involved with the murder of a woman and is enlisted to aid in the hunt for the killer.  Plenty of sleaze, nudity and sex (some near hardcore), but this time it is Franco with a plot, that mixes in violence and intrigue as well.  Lina seems to be having a great time with her super-stud costar.  When they find the gold they get turned on and Lina mounts her lover and starts to moan, as the bad guy sneaks up on them.  Crazy sex-filled spy Franco-style and with cool locations.  Now for the first time Widescreen and with English subtitles! BA

M464 Revenge of the Alligator Ladies (13) Well, here you have it.  The last film actually directed by Jess Franco.  He's even in it! Also co-directed by frequent actor and collaborator Antonio Mayans (known as Robert Foster).  Two old Spanish guys, filming younger naked ladies (can you blame them?).  A detective, once immoral and seductive, has turned more conservative.  The alligator ladies are sent to corrupt him and bring him back into the lustful love of sin and shamelessness.  Maybe old Franco was trying to tell us something? Or maybe he was just horny until the end? R.I.P.  Lina Romay and Jess Franco.  Old Jess directed over 200 movies.  Widescreen.  In Spanish language and with English subtitles.  BA

M449 Roland, the World's Sexiest Man (75) aka: Sexy Erotic Job  aka: Le jouisseur   A wealthy ex-playboy (Count Roland, played by Fred Williams) tires of married life to the sex-guide magnate Barbara.  He masquerades as a servant and begins to hunt down women for sex.  With Lina Romay, Pamela Stanford and Monica Swinn.  In French language and with English subtitles for the first time!

M405 Secrets of Dr.  Orloff (64) aka: Le amanti del dr. Jekyll  aka: Mistresses of Dr. Jekyll  aka: Dr. Orloff's Monster   A mad scientist creates a hideous monster to carry out his evil plans.  This early Franco is perfect and shows what a great talent he could be when he put his mind to it.  There is one truly poignant scene where the monster stumbles about by his own tombstone in a bleak, wintry cemetery.  Amazing! English dubbed Widescreen. BA



D851 39 Steps, The (59) aka: 39 escalones  Decent remake of the 1935 Hitchcock classic, this one with Kenneth Moore.  Mistaken identity manhunt thriller with two killers, double-crosses, a fortune teller, a clever escape and more. BA 

M389 Signalman, The (76) BBC adaptation of a Charles Dickens ghosts story about a lone signalman (Denholm Elliot) who is haunted by the image of a man who appears at the mouth of a railway tunnel to warn of impending disaster.  One of the best entries in the 'Ghost Stories For Christmas' series, the horror is conveyed through Elliot's state of mind after witnessing an horrific mid-tunnel train collision, and is enhanced by bizarre 'tonal' music and a sense of isolation.  Runs under an hour. 





M174 18 Shaolin Riders (80) aka: Xuan feng shi ba qi  A group of kung fu philanthropists use their deadly skills to protect the weak and needy.  Widescreen

D852 As the Lights Go Out (14) aka: Jiu huo ying xiong  A new and incredible Hong Kong disaster film.  Set on Christmas Eve, an abandoned warehouse fire sets off a chain of events that plunges the city into darkness, putting many lives in danger.  Thanks to many selfless firemen, many will be saved.  Simply epic and awesome special effects.  Jackie Chan has a cameo.  Recommended.  LBX and with English subtitles. BA 

M426 Beatrice Cenzi (56) aka: Castle of the Banned Lovers  aka: Le château des amants maudits   Riccardo Freda directs this rarity.  (Lucio Fulci shot a more modern version in 1969.)  The plot involves a girl who is abused by her incestuous leering father, who is feared and hated by all.  Eventually she is accused and tortured for his murder.  Will they chop off her head? She refuses to give up her lover.  If you know the tale, you'll dig Freda's take.  Amazing Widescreen and with English subtitles.  BA

M173 Cavalier, The (78) aka: Gui ma da xia  aka: Gui Ma Shuang Xia Chuang Jiang Chao  A grandfather and his young granddaughter travel to town with a very unusual proposition: if any man can beat her in battle, he can take her for his bride. 

D959 City Cops (89) aka: Miao tan shuang long  aka: Fight to win  Martial arts adventure about a tough F.B.I.  cop (Cynthia Rothrock in her prime), after diamond smugglers, high-kicking her way to the final showdown with a Chinese mafia boss.  One of Rothrock's best, with fantastic Honk Kong locations.  Widescreen and English dubbed. 

D929 Dangerously Close (86) aka: Campus '86  Rebel without a cause or a clue at an elite uptight high school, discovers that some of his classmates have formed an even more elite group.  A group that is determined to rid the world of those they think are undesirable, which includes some fellow classmates.  He enlists the aid of a teacher and some social misfits to battle the evil classmates, and much violence, and a cool 80's soundtrack ensue.  BA

D986 Date For a Murder (67) aka: Omicidio per appuntamento  aka: Agent 3S3 setzt alles auf eine Karte  Two American friends reconnect in Italy.  When one goes missing, the other finds himself caught up in international intrigue, murder and other problems typical of the spy genre, the perk being the sexy women that always make their way into these tales (thankfully!).  Beautiful images of Rome, a creepy bad guy in a motorized wheelchair, a nice soundtrack, beatings, and fast-paced well choreographed action sequences.   With George Ardisson, Gunther Stoll, Mario Brega, Halina Zalewska (who died in a fire in 1976 at age 36) and more star.  Widescreen and English dubbed. BA  

D995 Dove Must Not Fly, The (70) aka: La colomba non deve volare  A Spanish Nazi (Horst Buchholz) works undercover in Libya where he enlists the aid of international thugs to heist several hundred gallons of fuel.  He's to take the fuel to an isolated corner of the desert, where he will rendezvous with an Italian aircraft that needs refueling en route to an Allied target.  Hot on his heels is a British Major (William Berger).  Camel riding sword-swinging Arabs, double agents, nice location filming and more.  Also with Sylva Koscina.  Pretty epic looking great quality Widescreen and English dubbed.  BA

M171 Dynamite Shaolin Heroes (77) aka: Long quan xiao zi  After the fall of the Ming Dynasty, China is thrown into turmoil.  The loyalists seek the return of Ming, the government is determined to stay in power.  The only difference between the two is one saves life, the other takes it away. 

D893 El Clan De Los Nazarenos (75) aka: I quattro del clan dal cuore di pietra  A priest whose faith is weakened, tries to find God through punishment....  He meets a gang of young offenders and in front of them commits all kinds of outrages aimed to provoke the wrath of God ... all hell is preferable to the doubts that plague him...  Crime drama starring Javier Escrivá, Alexandra Bastedo, Antonio Sabato, Sandra Mozarowsky, Carlos Romero Marchent, Luca Bonicalzi, Luis Folledo..  LBX - F.L.  BA

D918 Fanfare for a Death Scene (64) An American secret agent named Stryker (Richard Egan), on a mission to locate a vanished scientist, must recover the scientist's revolutionary secret formula before the enemy catches up with his quarry first.  Stylish visual flair and bizarre characters add to the surreal tone of this one directed by 'Outer Limits' writer Leslie Stevens.  With Burgess Meredith, Tina Louise, Telly Savalas, Viveca Lindfors and Edward Asner.  This was the pilot for an unsold prospective series to be called ' Stryker'. 

D869 Fever Heat (68) In one of his last roles, Nick Adams plays a young mechanic that finds danger and romance in the sometimes unscrupulous world of stock car racing.  With Jeannine Riley and Norman Alden.  Small but tough Nick Adams was found dead of a drug overdose February 7th 1968.  BA

M177 Fist From Shaolin (93) aka: Huang Fei Hong zhi nan er dang bao guo  Wong Fei Hong must fight against slave trader Master Eleven and Perfect Wu to stop the Chinese being sold as slaves to work in the gold mines. 

M471 Forever (91) aka: Per Sempre  Berenice (Eva Grimaldi) is mesmerized by her father (Ben Gazarra) since he is a rich and powerful businessman.  She begins to investigate his love life to feel closer to him.  But how close is too close? Also with the delectable Janet Agren (the hot Swedish blonde's last film) and Corinne Clery (Bond girl among numerous roles).  Ben Gazzarra was one lucky bastard if you look at his resume.  He died in 2012 at age 81.  This one is in English language and has foreign subtitles. 

D972 Fuller Report (69) aka: Rapporto Fuller, base Stoccolma Dick Worth (Ken Clark) is a badass race car driver who becomes entangled in espionage involving a Russian ballerina (drop dead gorgeous Beba Loncar) and a secret document called the 'Fuller Report'.  Fast spy-thriller with a jazzy spy-pop soundtrack and cool locations.  Widescreen. BA

D821 Ghost, The (08) aka: Domovoy  A novelist struggling with writer's block enlists the aid of an assassin for some inspiration- fully aware that he is being set up to take the blame for a murder.  When you play with fire...  Decent Russian made thriller and with English subtitles. BA

D849 Golden Chicken (02) aka: Gam gai  After his attempted robbery goes awry, a thief takes an interest in his intended victim, who turns out to be a prostitute (chicken as known in Hong Kong slang).  Trapped in the ATM together, she begins to tell him her extremely bizarre, comedic and sometimes sordid life story, told and seen in vivid flashback.  With English subtitles. 

D907 Hammerhead (87) aka: Cobra Revenger  Another action thriller from Italian director Enzo G.  Castellari! A detective (Daniel Greene of 'Atomic Cyborg') hunts for the man who murdered his friend.  The trail leads to the Caribbean, where he finds himself caught up in corruption, drugs and murder in Jamaica.  Swift chases and fights Castellari style! With Melonee (indeed) Rodgers, Donna Rosea and Frank Zagarino. 

D962 Her Majesty's Top Gun (70) aka: No 1 of the Secret Service  aka: Sono il n. 1 del servizio segreto  No 1. (Nicky Henson) is fearless, irresistible, and licensed to kill.  He is assigned to kill a madman who is killing international financiers.  Before getting the bad guy, No 1.  encounters mercenaries from the evil organization K.R.A.S.H.  (Killing, Rape, Arson, Slaughter and Hit (!!)) Cool James Bond spoof with many recognizable British actors.  From a Japanese print so there are Japanese subtitles, but is in spoken English  BA

M472 Husbands and Lovers (91) aka: La villa del venerdì  A sophisticated young couple's attempt at an open marriage backfires.  The trouble begins when the husband (Julian Sands) finds out the wife (Joanna Pacula) is involved in a dangerously masochistic relationship with her lover.  Pacula has many nude scenes.  Not as sleazy as I would have liked, but still very well made and with good dialogue.  Movie is in English language and has foreign subtitles. 

D919 Incident at Blood Pass (70) aka: Machibuse  aka: Ambush  In the Edo period, a nameless ronin (Toshiro Mifune) accepts an invitation to go to a mountain pass and wait.  Near the mountain he stops at an inn where a collection of characters gather, including a gang set on stealing shogunate gold that's soon to come over the pass.  Then the ronin's assignment becomes clear, to help the gang.  He is ordered to kill the inn's residents, including a woman he had rescued from her abusive husband.  He's not into murdering the innocent, and soon realizes he is being double-crossed.  Excellent Widescreen and with English subtitles. 

M442 Jail Bait (73) aka: Wildwechsel  aka: Selvaggina di passo  Obscure film from Rainer Werner Fassbinder.  A strange tale about the romance between a 14 year old girl (Hanni, played by 18 year old Eva Mattes) and a 19 year old motorcycle riding young man.  Hanni's parents are horrified.  Hanni is wise beyond her years, and quite strange.  The first part plays like some innocent after-school special (with explicit nudity).  Things get dark and crazy in the second half, as Hanni proves that youth and innocence is just a step away from cynical and psychotic.  Tragedy and despair are in store for all.  Fassbinder (a close friend of Udo Kier) died from a drug overdose in 1982 at age 37.  In German language and with English subtitles. 

D850 Kidnap (73) aka: Fatevi vivi, la polizia non interverrà  The kidnapping of a 6 year old leads to a race against time between a mafia hit man and a police commissioner (Henry Silva).  The Mafioso then realizes the child must be saved in order to save his own life.  Also with Philippe Leroy and Rada Rassimov.  Nudity.  Very nice quality, but there is a foreign station screen notice for about a minute obscuring part of the screen while the movie still plays, nothing is missed.  (At about an hour and 10 minutes) Little seen Italian made thriller, here in Widescreen.  BA

M400 Kill Panther Kill (68) aka: Kommissar X - Drei blaue Panther  aka: Gangsters per un massacro  Joe Walker (Tony Kendall) and Captain Rowland (Brad Harris) meet up in Canada, both on the trail of an escaped villain and his two cohorts, who are after 3 million worth of stolen jewels.  Also with Erika Blanc and Corny Collins.  Good Kommissar X film and now in a beautiful Widescreen English dubbed version. BA

D964 Killers are Challenged (66) aka: A 077, sfida ai killers  aka: Bob Fleming... Mission Casablanca  Richard Harrison plays Bob Fleming, an all-American C.I.A.  agent.  He is after a formula that makes all other forms of fuel obsolete.  Also after the fuel is Velka (Susy Anderson).  Gadgets, Go-Go Dancers and plenty of espionage action fill up this Italian made spy flick from director Antonio Margheriti.  Also with Janine Reynaud.  Widescreen  BA

D847 King of the Khyber Rifles (53) aka: Der Hauptmann von Peshawar  A British officer in 19th century India, must face the prejudices of his colleagues and the local populace while simultaneously trying to help put down a rebellion led by a greedy local ruler.  Tyrone Power, Terry Moore, Michael Rennie, Guy Rolfe, Frank DeKova, Argentina Brunetti and more.  Widescreen. BA

D949 Les Patterson Saves the World (87) aka: Les Patterson rettet die Welt  Chubby middle-aged and perpetually drunk Les Patterson represents Australia at the UN where his fart literally incinerates an Arab ambassador.  He is reassigned to the Middle East so those he offended can torture him.  He is spared and meets a crazy bio-weapons scientist who has developed a deadly virus for the KGB who wishes to distribute it to the Pentagon via toilet seats.  Will drunken Patterson save the world? Widescreen.  

D835 Little Murders (73) aka: Petits meurtres sans importance  Dark comedy with Elliot Gould, Donald Sutherland, Marcia Rodd, Vincent Gardenia and more.  Set in New York during a period of heavy homicide, Gould plays a photographer hooking up with a young gal (Rodd).  Here interspersed with flawed and funny characters and thoughtfully entertaining dialogue.  Martin Kove in his debut in an un-credited bit part.  Recommended! LBX

M182 Magnificent, The (79) aka: Long xing dao shou jin zhong jun  An action-packed tale that takes place in 1911 China and the focus is on a General who hopes to restore the Ching Dynasty after China has become a republic. 

D985 Mission to Caracas (65) aka: Mission spéciale à Caracas  Jany Claire, Roland Carey and Janine Reynaud star.  Crusie ship murder on the high seas, Venezuela locations, sexy women, fistfights, a gun wielding femme fatale, tied up girls, shootouts and an exciting action-packed finale await in this violent spy-thriller now Widescreen, English dubbed  and Upgraded! BA

M403 Mr. Kinky (68) aka: The Prophet  aka: Il profeta  Ann Margret plays a motor-cycle riding honey in Rome who befriends a mountain hermit (Vittorio Gassman) who has been lured out into society, where the media has named him as a soothsayer.  The T.V.  crew wants to make a report/film about this supposed 'prophet'.  It's about the commercialization of revolution, about having it turned into another trend.  Ann Margret looks great! With English subtitles. BA

D912 Mr. Ten Percent (68) aka: Sigpress Contro Scotland Yard  aka: Mister Zehn Prozent - Miezen und Moneten  aka: Psychopath  The hero steals the haul from the thieves in this offbeat crime comedy.  George Martin plays a master-of-disguise thief, with a Clouseau-like inspector on his trail.  Gets a bit grim with several deaths, some even of innocent people.  Nice action sequences and locations.  And the women? Sophia Loren look-a-like Gloria Paul shows up for a musical number, and Orchidea De Santis appears in a show-stopping bikini.  Beautiful Widescreen, dubbed into English.  BA

D991 My Partner, the Ghost (69) aka: Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)  The first 2 episodes of this British supernatural mystery series.  Jeff and Marty are private detectives who specialize in divorce cases.  When Marty is killed by a hit and run, he returns as a ghost to continue helping Jeff.  Jeff's wife thinks Jeff has gone mad.  First: My Late Lamented Friend and Partner.  Followed by: A Disturbing Case. 

D872 Naked Paradise (57) aka: Thunder Over Hawaii  Gangster Zac Cotton (Leslie Bradley) and his two henchmen Mitch (Dick Miller) and Sonny (Jonathan Haze), try to jack a boat to escape the island after a robbery gone awry.  Rare Roger Corman directed film.  Look for Sam Arkoff (as man at Luau) and also Roger Corman himself as an office worker.  Also with Richard Denning, Beverly Garland and the stunning Lisa Montell. BA

D961 Operation Nam (86) aka: Cobra Mission  Ten years after the end of the war in Viet Nam, four ex-marines decide to return to S.E.  Asia to investigate reports of American POW's still being held there.  These four include Roger, who's daughter has just been married, the unemployed James, Mark, who's quit his job at an Arizona roadside tavern, and Richard, recently a patient at a mental hospital.  They not only find POW's, but also a U.S.  cover-up.  Cast includes Donald Pleasence, Christopher Connelly, Oliver Tobias, John Steiner, Gordon Mitchell and even Ethan Wayne (John Wayne's son).  BA

M179 Rebel of Shaolin (77) aka: Shao Lin ban pan tu  A Shaolin student is framed for the murders of some Shaolin monks and students, not knowing that the real traitor is a killer working for the Emperor. 

D960 Retaliator, The (87) aka: Programmed to Kill  Robert Ginty leads a group of mercenaries to rescue some kidnapped children.  They capture a blonde female terrorist (Sandahl Bergman).  The top-secret government turns Bergman into a cyborg and sends her to kill a top terrorist.   After her mission is complete she goes haywire and hunts her creators.  It's up to Ginty (again) to stop her.  Killer Cyborg flicks were all the rage.  Check also 'Steel and Lace' from 1991.  BA

M441 Seven Red Berets, The (69) aka: Sette baschi rossi  Ivan Rassimov plays a French guide who hires a band of misfit soldiers to lead him through the desert in search of some important documents.  The band is divided by race (two of the group are black, and one is a trigger happy German), sex, the medical officer is a woman, and so is an imprisoned reporter they meet along the way, and loyalty, the leader of the pack is the former member of a previously decimated group who were also after the documents.  Most will die and suffer but none like the lady doctor.  She is raped, almost drowned and later....  Well find out for yourself.  An enjoyable and very downbeat movie that has all the staples of discomfort including racism, rape and rough language along with sweeping beauty in the excellent African landscapes photography and more.  Nice Widescreen print also is English dubbed.  BA

M420 Sex Symbol, The (74) aka: Il simbolo del sesso  Uncut European version with the naked scenes of Connie Stevens.  Nice ass.  A thinly disguised version of the life and end times of Marilyn Monroe.  How her erratic behavior contributed to her declining career, and ultimately her demise.  Of course some still wonder if she was whacked because she was having affairs with too many powerful men...  loose lips sink ships and all.  I guess we will never truly know.  Stevens does a nice job.  Also with Shelley Winters, Jack Carter, William Castle, William Smith and more.  1 hour and 45 minutes. 

D890 She and He (69) aka: L'assoluto naturale  This does not fit into any definitive genre.  What we have is a mysterious romance involving an uninhibited woman and a dour photographer, shot in strange interiors and abstract sports-car-on-the-highway to nowhere exteriors.  Sylva Koscina delivers eye-popping full frontal nudity, and she pretty much commands the entire movie.  Her pursuer is played by Lawrence Harvey (who also produced and directed).  While most of this is relatively abstract, their are surreal/horrific moments (such as a brutal rape that may or may not have happened), bizarre encounters and strange and compelling dialogues.  The quite excellent Ennio Morricone score holds it all together, and the ending comes as a shock.  In Italian language only so F.L. BA

D904 Sooner or Later (79) Thirteen year-old looker Jessie (Denise Miller) is in love with Michael (once rocker Rex Smith who actually toured with Nazareth and Ted Nugent), her guitar instructor and aspiring musician (we see and hear his band doing some of their cheesiest songs).  She lies to him about her age and starts to date him.  When things start to get hot and heavy...  A real time capsule.  Also with Barbara Feldon and Judd Hirsch. 

D967 Spy Against the World (66) aka: Killer's Carnival  aka: Gern hab' ich die Frauen gekillt  A lady-killer tracked by the police, takes refuge at a psychiatrist's home, and the doctor tells him three stories, each about how the bad guy always gets caught in the end.  Stewart Granger, Pierre Brice and Lex Barker each have their own stories.  Also with Klaus Kinski, Karin Dor, Margaret Lee and more.  Dubbed into English.  Upgrade! BA

M175 Stranger From Shaolin (78) aka: Biho sangjaeng  When her entire family is killed by the occupying Manchus, Yim Wing Chim narrowly escapes to a Shaolin temple.  LBX

M460 Super Agent Super Dragon (66) aka: New York Calling Superdragon  aka: New York chiama Superdrago  aka: New York Calling Superdragon   A series of murders in Michigan lead a slick and clever American Secret Agent (Ray Danton) to Amsterdam, where he discovers a plot to infect the world with an undetectable potent new drug that makes people laugh hysterically, act crazy chaotic and get violent.   Also with Marisa Mell and Margaret Lee (either would give almost any Bond girl a run for her money).  Uncut LBX print dubbed into English, some scenes never translated, have English subtitles.  Upgrade!  BA

M438 Thunder Squad (85) aka: I cinque del Condor  aka: Wild Team  aka: Squadra selvaggia   A South American rebel leader in exile in Miami is given one last chance to overthrow his successor, a brutal dictator, by a multi-national mining group out to exploit his countries mineral resources.  They blow things up, shoot a lot of people, and go through the usual plot twists, hair raising escapes, War is Hell scenes, and obligatory Heroic sacrifice.  Throw in some random encounters with jungle critters and a heroine in hot pants (Julia Kent) and we get a pretty decent Umberto Lenzi directed action flick! Also with Ivan Rassimov and the lead hero Antonio Sabato. BA

D971 Violent Professionals, The (73) aka: Milano trema: la polizia vuole giustizia  When a Milano police lieutenant's boss is murdered by an organized crime ring, he vows revenge.  Another action -packed violent and bloody 'Dirty Harry' type rip-off, this one from sometime giallo director Sergio Martino.  Luc Merenda, Richard Conte, Silvano Tranquilli and more star.  Widescreen and English dubbed.  BA

D966 White Ghost (88) aka: Matando a un fantasma   Viet Nam 1972.  Lt.  Steve Shepherd (William Katt) goes missing.  Presumed dead.  15 years later...  he's still there (living in a tree house)!  A Black-Ops team is sent to rescue him, but you know how these things go....  That's right! Mullet-headed and beefed up William Katt does his best Tarzan/Rambo impersonation! Action, explosions, adventure and more! Also with Martin Hewitt, Reb (Yor) Brown the amazing Rosalind Chao and more!  BA




M411 5 Graves for a Medium (65) aka: 5 tombe per un medium  An attorney arrives at a castle to settle the estate of its recently deceased owner. The owner's wife and daughter reveal that he was someone who was able to summon the souls of ancient plague victims and, in fact, his spirit was roaming the castle at that very moment. Soon occupants of the castle begin to die off in gruesome, violent ways....  Beautiful Sharp Italian language Widescreen 86 minute version with English subtitles.  We have offered also an English dubbed 91 minute version, not as sharp, and not Widescreen.  So what can we tell you? Rather than try to figure out what is different, you can have both versions on two separate DVD-R for the price of one! (VHS does not apply with that price).  BA

D948 Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (74) Barry McKenzie's Aunt Edna is kidnapped by Count Von Plasma (Donald Pleasence) who is the vampire head of an isolated Eastern European dictatorship in Transylvania, who has mistaken her for the Queen of England, and thinks that by kidnapping her, it will bring tourists to his country.  Barry and his mates set out to rescue her.  Numerous sight gags and subplots, some even racist, and plenty of 'Fosters' beer is consumed as well.  Now in an upgraded Widescreen version.  BA

M397 Ghost Cat of Otama Pond (60) aka: Kaibyô Otama-ga-ike  Two lovers lost in the mountains find themselves in a mysterious forest with a pond and a supernatural presence that wants them to stay put.  Simply drenched in gothic spooky atmosphere comes this obscure Japanese horror film Widescreen and with English subtitles. 

M432 Ghost Cat of Ouma Crossing (54) aka: Kaibyô Ômagatsuji  When a Kubuki actress is murdered by poison, her pet cat laps up her blood and becomes a demonic cat possessed with the soul of the vengeful murder victim.  Obscure Japanese Horror with spooky settings.  With English subtitles. 

M429 Girl With the Cat Eyes (58) aka: Das Mädchen mit den Katzenaugen  Rare German crime film in the tradition of Edgar Wallace.  Car thieves terrorize Hamburg and a Police Commissioner is on the case.  Meanwhile a woman returns home after a lengthy absence from her father and realizes something is wrong at her old digs.  The pivotal point to this criminal activity and mystery is the Rio Rita bar where the girl with the cat eyes infatuates all of the men.  With sometimes Edgar Wallace thriller actress Mady Rahl and also Gert Frobe, Wolfgang Priess and Vera Tschechowa.  Widescreen and with English subtitles. 

D908 Hatchet for the Honeymoon (70) aka: Il rosso segno della follia  aka: Blood Brides  aka: Red Wedding Night   A mentally disturbed bridal design shop owner is a serial killer and he murders various young brides-to-be on his large palatial estate.  Eventually he murders his wife as well and her sarcastic and taunting spirit returns to haunt him.  As he spirals into a pit of madness, a police detective is keeping an eye on him.  This Mario Bava directed film really needs another visit.  Available only in crappy full screen prints, now here is a beautiful Widescreen version, with brilliant colors.  Dubbed into English language. BA

D868 Rope Around the Neck (65) aka: La corde au cou  Jean Richard and Dany Robin star. 

M466 Woman Buried Alive (73) aka: Sepolta viva  A woman (Agostina Belli) is poisoned.  Before burial her body is whisked away (so the title is indeed a bit misleading).  She is still alive, and placed in a tiny cell adjacent to a water mill.  She's pretty much stuck in there.  And she gives birth! Will she be rescued? This plays like a Poe costumer, with high production values.  Also with Laura Betti.  Widescreen and in Italian language with English subtitles.  BA




D932 Desafiando a la Mafia (01) An honest and diligent police officer does his job exceedingly well while turning down bribes from both of the local Mafia cartels.  The tension rises as the policeman is forced to take action by pitting the rival gangs against each other.  F.L.

D933 El Diablo, e Santo y el Tonto (87) aka: The Devil, The Saint and The Fool  Before he died, an old Refugio reveals her son (Vincent) has two brothers...  He must seek to divide the inheritance (the Canteen, the hospital and the ranch) . The three brothers are identical but very different characters, which causes misunderstanding between them...  F.L.

D945 El Error Del Comandante (01) aka: The Commander's Error  Stars Salvador Pineda, Luis Reynoso, Jorge Almada, Eva Garbo, Roberto Munguía and Bruno Rey Jr    F.L. 

D940 En La Mira de mi Gatillo (01) aka: Misión de alto riesgo  Miguel, a man who makes a living working as an assassin for his government. His latest mission involves having to eliminate a man who Miguel let live when they faced each other during a war the previous decade... action adventure starring  Alfredo Aguilar (IV), Giorgio Avataneo, Veronica Fernandez, and Aleyda Gallardo  F. L.

D944 Entre Melon y me Lames (06) comedy starring Jacaranda Alfaro, César Bono, Víctor Manuel Castro, Luis de Alba F.L. 

D946 Infierno en la Sierra (00) action film starring Antonio Raxel, Guillermo Quintanilla and Valente Pastor. F.L.

D942 La Dama De Rojo (00) aka: The Lady in Red  action/adventure starring Lina Santos, Jesús 'Chuy' García and Gerardo Albarran  Director: René Cardona III   F.L.

D941 La Noche de los Troyanos (01) A group of gangsters who have lived in peace after amicably dividing their territory finds their tentative treaty exploding into violence when the wife of a key figure is kidnapped in this tense crime drama starring Armando Arazia and Jorge Reynoso. El Malo's wife has been abducted by an unknown assailant, and now in order to restore peace to the streets, chief mobster El Trueno will have to dive to the deepest depths of the criminal underworld in hopes of saving the frightened woman before the violence spirals out of control...  F.L. 

D930 La Tumba Falsa (97) aka: Fake Tomb  A truck carrying toxic material is hijacked by a man whose ambition threatens humanity...   Stars Edna Bolkan, Manuel Ojeda and Jorge Reynoso  F.L.

M444 Mansion of the 7 Mummies (77) aka: La mansion de las 7 momias  Masked wrestlers Blue Demon and Superzan must aid a young lady in undergoing three ordeals to inherit a treasure.  Satan himself appears and eggs on the bad guy, and there are some fights between wrestlers and mummies.  The mummies are unstoppable, and even creepy, and there is some eerie music and some decent action.  One of the better ones.  Even a bit of a surprise ending.  In Spanish language and with English subtitles. 

M392 World of the Vampires, The (61) aka: El mundo de los vampires  A brilliant scientist in decent society is secretly a vampire who controls people with his hypnotic organ (uh, like a piano type organ just to be clear).  He has a huge...  vendetta against a family of vampire-hunters, and even turns one of their daughters into a vampire.  Can he be stopped? Upgrade! 




D999 Ambush at Tomahawk Gap (53) aka: Emboscada en Tomahawk Gap  Just released from prison, a trio of bad hombres returns to Tomahawk Gap, now a ghost town, to retrieve their stolen loot, which was buried by a partner somewhere near town.  Indians attack, changing the plan somewhat.  John Derek, John Hodiak, Ray Teal and more star. BA

D840 Arizona Bushwhackers (68) aka: Les rebelles de l'Arizona  During the Civil War, a Confederate spy takes a job as a marshal of a small western town, as a cover for his espionage activities.  From veteran director Lesley Selander and starring Howard Keel, Scott Brady, Yvonne DeCarlo, Brian Donlevy, John Ireland and more. BA 

M427 Black Killer (71) Rare nudity in this uncut print!  A dark gritty western blessed with many scenes of violence, weird dialogues and sleaze.  Klaus Kinski is a lawyer that has a strange habit of turning his law books into deadly weapons.  The lawless town of 'Tombstone' is terrorized by a gang of Mexican bandits.  Rape and revenge is just part of it.  Kinski is excellent.  Also with Marina Malfatti.   Amazing Widescreen English dubbed Upgrade!  BA

D843 Bounty Killer, The (65) aka: Dollari maledetti  Willie Duggins (Dan Duryea), a tenderfoot from the East, arrives in the wild west and soon experiences it's violence.  Willie discovers the easy money to be made from bounty killing, and must choose between that violent lifestyle and the love of a beautiful saloon singer.  Loads of veteran old-school actors fill the screen like Buster Crabbe, Rod Cameron, Dan White, Bob Steele and more, making this a nostalgia lover's western.  BA

D951 Buffalo Bill, Hero of the Far West (65) aka: Buffalo Bill, l'eroe del far west  aka: L'attaque de Fort Adams   Renegade Indians, lead by Yellow Hand, are being sold guns by Donaldson.  Buffalo Bill (Gordon Scott!) is sent to stop the arms trading and avert an Indian war.  Scott, fresh off the set of a sword and sandal film, would next be in one more peplum, one more spaghetti and two spy films before calling it a day in 1967.  Nice color.  BA 

D871 Flesh and the Spur (56) aka: La carne e lo sperone  A young cowboy (John Agar, he was in 'The Mole People' the same year) hunts for the killer of his twin brother.  The killer also has stolen a revolver, in which he owns the twin.  He teams up with a hot Indian babe named Wild Willow (Marla English, she was in 'The She Creature' the same year), and an ex-member of a notorious gang (Mike Conners).  BA

D863 Four Guns to the Border (54) aka: I desperados della frontiera  aka: Shadow Valley  An outlaw gang on the lam encounters former associate Simon Bhumer and his beautiful daughter (Colleen Miller) who's drawn to their leader Cully (Rory Calhoun).  This one is ripe with sexual frustrations and daddy issues as the daughter blossoms from tomboy to sex-kitten.  She gets wet a lot, licks a candy stick and so on.  Plenty of action too with Apache attacks, fisticuffs, shootouts, death and chases.  Also with Nina Foch, George Nader and more.  In Color. BA

D994 Great Treasure Hunt, The (72) aka: Monta in sella!! Figlio di... aka: Repóker de bribones   Kansas (Mark Damon) enlists a munitions expert (Stelvio Massi) and his niece (played by the luscious Rosalba Neri) to help save his brother Sam, who has just been caught robbing a bank.  Later they all go after a fortress of gold.  BA Upgrade! 

D910 Hole in the Forehead (68) aka: Un buco in fronte  aka: Quand je tire, c'est pour tuer  Story of a cruel and ruthless bandit (Robert Hundar) who is searching for a lost treasure.  But he’s not the only one!  Bounty hunter John Blood is actually the first to find the gold (hidden in a church).  Showdown time!  Widescreen and English dubbed.  +Trailer  BA

D839 Last of the Comanches (53) aka: Nuvola nera  The remnants of a massacred cavalry troop, and a ragtag group of stagecoach passengers fight for survival against desperate Apaches in a desert ruin.  With Broderick Crawford, Barbara Hale, Lloyd Bridges and more.  In Color!  BA

D838 Last of the Redmen (47) aka: Le dernier des peaux-rouges  Hawk-Eye (Michael O'Shea) attempts to save some settlers during the French and Indian wars.  Another version of the often filmed 'Last of the Mohicans'.  This time with Evelyn Ankers, Buster Crabbe, Jon Hall and Julie Bishop.  The gals sport 40's attire, yet the film takes place a few hundred years earlier.....  Despite that, this is pretty decent, and Crabbe as Magua is excellent! In Color too!  BA

D952 Mad Dog Morgan (76) aka: Braccato a vita  The true story of the Irish outlaw Daniel Morgan (Dennis Hopper), who is wanted dead or alive in 1850's Australia.  Surprisingly violent and downbeat with Hopper putting in a truly awesome performance.  Under-rated.  Widescreen  BA

M476 Matalo! (70) aka: Willkommen in der Hölle  A gang rescues a criminal (Lou Castel) from the gallows to help them rob a stagecoach full of gold.  When they get the loot, they betray him and leave him for dead in the middle of the desert.  The gang retreats to a mysterious ghost town inhabited by a creepy old lady, and, where a shadowy presence lurks.  Electro-pop soundtrack, surreal photography with slo-mo violence, boomerangs, sadism and so much more.  On many people's top ten list of the best spaghetti western's ever made.  Not one wasted frame of film here.  Excellent.  English dubbed!  Beautiful Widescreen. BA  

D911 My Horse, My Gun, Your Widow (72) aka: Tu fosa será la exacta... amigo  Craig Hill plays Dr.  Janus Saxon.  Involved in a robbery, he is double-crossed when Carrasco and his bandits make off with the gold.  Dr.  Janus waits for his chance for revenge and retaking the gold.  Slightly LBX and dubbed into English language. 

D825 Phantom Stagecoach, The (57) aka: La corriera fantasma  Some rip-roaring six-horse coach scenes add on to the thrills of this western tale about a seemingly driverless stagecoach that attacks other stagecoaches, in order to rob them.  An investigator is working undercover to catch outlaws.  With one of the best bad guys from cinema John Doucette, and also starring William Bishop, Ray Teal, Richard Webb, Kathleen Crowley and more.  LBX BA

D861 Red Tomahawk (67) aka: Fort Bastion ne répond plus  An army Captain tries to convince the inhabitants of a village to hand over two machine-guns so he can attack the Indians.  Howard Keel, Broderick Crawford, Scott Brady, Wendell Corey and many more. BA 

M451 Sonny and Jed (72) aka: La banda J. & S. - Cronaca criminale del Far West  A determined sheriff (Telly Savalas) pursues a robber named Jed (Tomas Milian) and his girlfriend Sonny (Susan George), and will stop at nothing.  Amazing and amusing spaghetti with one-liners and set-up scenes that will have you laughing out loud.  Four-letter word dialogue "Sonny I Love You You Motherfucker!", and a great score from Ennio Moriconne.  Susan George (who was in 'Straw Dogs' the previous year and was controversially raped in that film) gets raped here in the first 10 minutes! Thing is, for all it's politically incorrect moves, this is actually a quite charming flick! Now in an amazing Widescreen version that'll make you feel like you are at the theater!  BA

D921 Specialists (69) aka: Gli specialisti  Johnny Halliday is 'Hud', a notorious hand with the gun that returns to Blackstone to investigate the death of his brother, who was lynched by the townspeople for losing their savings.  It involves a voluptuous beauty who owns the bank, a Mexican bandit leader named El Diablo (who was once friend's with Hud), an honest sheriff who dreams of better days...  and a band of hippies.  Nudity and violence.  Amazing, visually appealing and downbeat western directed by Sergio Corbucci.  Widescreen and with English subtitles. BA 

M462 Twice a Judas (69) aka: They Were Called Graveyard  In the opening scene a man (Antonio Sabato) comes upon a pile of bodies that is being feasted upon by vultures.  He is suffering from amnesia and goes to a nearby town where he is hired by some greedy bankers to kill a man, who turns out to be his brother.  He changes his mind and joins forces with his brother (Klaus Kinski), even though his brother is sadistic, mean, feared and just overall bad! Later he finds his family has been murdered.  His memory starts to click a little....  is this really his brother or a murderous imposter? Also with Cristina Gabo who was in quite a few good horror films of the period as well.  This is a very nice English language dubbed Widescreen print.  Not the crappy print making the rounds.  BA

D996 Vengeance is a Dish Served Cold (71) aka: La vendetta è un piatto che si serve freddo  aka: Vengeance Trail aka: Death’s Dealer  Here's a pretty decent looking Widescreen print of this violent film in Italian language and with English subtitles.  When a small boy sees his father killed by Indians he vows vengeance.  Years later he is grown up to become an Indian killing outlaw, scalping and selling their long hair.  He kidnaps a squaw with lethal intent, but falls in love with her which causes a dilemma.  Leonard Mann, Klaus Kinski and Ivan Rassimov star.  Good stuff. BA

D864 Waco (66) aka: Waco una pistola infallibile   Excellent western with Waco (Howard Keel), a recently released outlaw from prison who has been hired to clean up a town ran by a brutal saloon owner and his henchman (played by DeForest Kelly).  This western is excellent and loaded with stars like Wendell Corey, Jane Russell, Terry Moore, John Agar and more.  BA

M410 White Fang and the Gold Diggers (75) aka: La spacconata  aka: Whisky und die Goldgräber  Sandy Shaw (Robert Wood) inherits a gold mine in Canada's far north.  He arrives with his son Rick, and his kickass dog 'Whiskey'.  There of course is a protagonist, after the gold, and when Sandy's bride (Gabriella Lepori) by proxy arrives, greed and violence collide.  From director Alfonso (Beast in Space) Brescia.  Widescreen English dubbed Upgrade!  BA








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D978 55 Blowjobs (various) Hardcore sex and fellatio galore.  Straight up right to the action scenes in an orgy of ecstasy.  4 Hours. 

D957 Biker Sluts (87) aka: Born to Be Bad - Sexual sibling rivalry heats up when a woman's motorcycle gang pulls up to her sister's small-town bar.   Porsche Lynn, Nina Hartley, Sharon Mitchell, Viper and more hot gals star.  Simply put? Hot Stuff!

D925 Butter Me Up! (84) Sexy blonde housewives experiment with hard men and sex galore.  Nina Hartley in her second porno, and she already performs like a pro.  Also with Lynx Canon and backdoor queen Lili Marlene. 

D828 Caught in the Middle (86) Young Chip's (Peter North) parent's are off for the weekend and they hire Cindy (Kari Foxx) to watch the house.  Chip invites his friend's, including his girlfriend Patti (Gail Force) over for a barbecue and a pool party with Cindy's college friends as well.  Of course everybody starts having sex! Also with Tiffany Blake and Tracey Adams. 

D884 Corps Brulants (76) When a young man sees a woman (his mother I think?) getting it from behind on the beach he becomes obsessed with having sex with her.  While his beautiful girlfriend is on the sidelines he finally gets his wish.  He is emotionally devastated.  Will he return to his girl? Twisted incest sex film.  Michelle Perello, Catherine Ringer and more star.  LBX - F.L.

D923 Days of our Wives (88) Soapy sexy horn-fest with Nina Hartley, Stephanie Rage, Cara Lott, Tammy White, Amanda Tyler and more. 

D982 Deliveries in the Rear Part Two: Tailspin (87) More smoking hot 80's sex scenes, this time with Nina Hartley, Lisa Melendez, Tracey Adams and more.  Typical 80's porno film, which is a good thing!

D973 Diversions (76) Easily the most shocking British film ever made! While on a train journey a mentally deranged young woman (Heather Deeley) has fantasies (which we see).  Released in the U.K.  at only 50 minutes and called 'Sex Express' they added shocking scenes of sexual degradation and put it out internationally with the 'Diversions' title.  In one scene as she is having sex with a guy, she is having flashbacks of the same guy leading a gang rape on her.  During their lovemaking she begins to stab him with a long dagger.  He bleeds out and she masturbates with the blade and his blood, then cuts off his penis and puts it in her mouth.....  Creepy! There is more weird stuff and death with Nazi's and vampires.....

D926 Every Man's Dream, Every Woman's Nightmare (80's) Smoking hot Porsche Lynn in various hardcore scenes with various lovers, male and female. 

D879 Genital Hospital (87) The perfect place to receive treatment! This medical sex comedy features many different scenarios with horny members (!) of the medical field, strange situations and campy sex commercials, newscasters out of control and more.  Buffy Davis, Honey Wilder and Rachel Ryan just to name a few. 

D974 Golden Age of Danish Pornography #2 (70's) - 11 short sex films from the golden age of Danish porn.  Incredible girls, down and dirty pornos in excellent quality. 

D883 Greta, Monica, Suzel...  (80) Arty sex film from France! A traveling troupe of horny performance artists and their adventures in a double-decker bus.  In the opening, they are doing a vampire play, complete with fangs, bosoms and blood before a live audience, while other members of the group are having sex backstage.  Later they are hired by a town's rich guy to perform an extravagant and colorful sex party which includes an orgy of sorts.  Amazing colorful sex film.  LBX - F.L.

D882 Innocence Impudique (0?) Opens up with some cool Euro-Sex trailers.  Then with the movie we get a woman walking around and looking in various rooms in a large boarding house of sorts, observing the inserted sex scenes.  Eventually she gets a scene of her own! Balls to the Wall Sex! LBX - F.L.

D980 Italian Stallion, The (70) Before he was a superstar, Sylvester Stallone starred in this porno.  This is not the cut to bits 60 minute version, but the uncut German language hardcore version.  Rape, drugs, parties, orgies, surreal madness, art, and more.  Stallone may or may not be in these extreme hardcore scenes, but he is fully naked a lot here, and his participation in the making of this film is real.  F.L. 

D892 La Orina y el Relampago (03) aka: Isabella  Spanish knock-outs Celia Blanco and Angela Pena are two junkie whores that have sex with each other and with men, and generally live out a life of dependence and misery.  What is one to do if one O.D.'s and dies? Very dark porno.  F.L.

D888 Lady Dynamite (83) After finding out her husband has been cheating on her (Colleen Brennan) when her doctor tells her she has the clap, she gets a shot to cure herself.  Pissed off, since she has been faithful for 10 years, she drives off and has sex with the first guy she sees (on a yacht).  Later she orgies with three pretty women.  They are joined by 4 men and all start to have sex.  Finally she goes home and has sex with her husband.  Will they live happily ever after?

D988 L'Amour C'est Mon Metier (77) 4 amazing mini-hardcore-sex-films from Brigitte Lahaie in great quality.  Blue Magic, Porno Roulette, Aresne Lupin and Frou-Frous.  Pretty incredible stuff here for Lahaie fans, and potential Lahaie fans, to enjoy.  F.L.  

D894 Las Lagrimes de Eros (03) Another technically superior and bizarre Spanish Sex film with Celia Blanco and Angela Pena.  This time various bizarre scenes.  Lots of baby dolls hanging about, lesbians and more.  In one scene a blonde (Blanco) is on a swing set and a guy approaches with a sword.  She picks up a sword, they battle briefly (as the pop music shifts into overdrive), he wins, and then they enjoy each other.  Later a blonde is doing a guy who is wearing a horse head mask.  Colorful.  F.L.

D826 Las Vegas Girls (83) + Marathon (82) - XXX Double Feature! First in Las Vegas Girls: Two detectives are hired to go to Las Vegas to find a rich man's missing daughter.  They enjoy many sexual experiences along the way.  Next in Marathon: An all-star cast contest with Misty Dawn, Crystal Lake, Sharon Mitchell, Mai Lin and more! Both on one disc!

D876 Limousine's Escort Girls (88) They'll Come To You, With You, Or On You! Never has it been easier to get some strange from some of the hottest chicks around in 1988! Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, Desiree Lane and more more more!

D977 Little Miss Innocence (87) Under the tutelage of a sexually streetwise woman, a formerly innocent young girl (Sheri St.  Claire) ingratiates herself and her mentor with a rock star, moving into his home and his bedroom.  With Summer Rose. 

D979 Lost Innocence (86) A Halloween party with various couples turns into a night of wild sex.  Gail Force, Tiffany Blake, Nikki Knights, Shanna McCullough and more star in this one, that bounces from the bedroom to the living room. 

D881 Love Inferno (77) A guy peeps on neighbors with binoculars as they have sex.  In one scene the same guy is with his girl on the beach when three guys punch him, and rape her.  She seems to have no problem with it.  There's also some bondage at play here.  This is basically another one of those European sex films about an extremely sexual and dysfunctional family.  Directed by Lasse Braun.  With Catherine Ringer (as Lolita Da Nova) and more. F.L.  

M402 Malefices Porno (78) Creepy and dark porno about an impotent husband that is stimulated by a trashy novel about voodoo murders and he is about to do a very bad thing.  So you get hardcore sex and a bleak ending.  Wonderful! In French and with English subtitles. 

D987 Night Fever (77) aka: Lass Es Kommen  Lise (Brigitte Lahaie) likes to play with herself in front of an audience.  Thanks to Madame Bastide and her swinging sex club, she can.  Madame Bastide also has a black midget in her employ that Bastide has sex with regularly, and other nice looking women are around as well.  Lise is disappointing her husband by not being more open sexually.  He has no idea.  He tries to get it with other sweet young things.  Then one night he sees his wife on the stage doing herself silly.  She asks him to join in and now their sexually liberated lifestyle can begin.  F.L. 

D938 Oh Those Loving Spoonfuls (87) Join your host 'Blondi' as she introduces short scene after short scene of climaxing shots.  Or the so-called 'Money Shot'.  All of your favorite performers are getting nailed here, and mostly every scene has a minute or less of sex, and then the climax, then on to the next scene.  All action.  All hard-core. 

D922 Pussywillows, The (85) A hot girl band that plays the crappiest music you will ever hear have sex with management, each other, and more as well, in between their sleazy-sex stage act.  The girls are hot with Misty Regan, Susan Hart, Robin Cannes and more.  But the music...  it is so bad you have got to hear it to believe it.  

D931 Real Discipline Document (0?) Extremely violent and disturbing bondage and tattoo madness as a woman endures abuse from her tormentor.  Not a sex film but more of a fetish/bondage film. 

D936 Schoolgirl By Day (85) She's a hot schoolgirl by day....  but ALL WOMAN in the evening.  Lots of sleazy sex with Gail Force, Summer Rose, Honey Wilder, Tantala Ray, Aurora and more. 

D924 Sex Starved (88) A dangerous 'Kissing Bandit' (Ron Jeremy) is on the loose, posing as a window repairman.  Porsche Lynn plays Vera Venderloo, a caped vigilante determined to catch him.  Basically a nice cheapie with freshly painted sets and lots of sex.  Watch the cast as they struggle with their lines, but know exactly what to do when the clothes come off.  Pre-Op Bunny Bleu (with natural breasts) and tall Christie Robbins provide more eye-popping fun. 

D983 Sex-periences (87) 3 beach girls talk about their sexual experiences (which we see in flashback) and lust after a man on the beach, who ends up getting laid as well.  Super horny young women include Lisa Melendez, Laurie Smith, Alena Ferrari and Megan Leigh (billed here as Carolyn Chambers, she blew her brains out in 1990 at age 26 after being in 100 pornos in 4 years). 

D880 Shaved Pink (85) A young woman introduces her fiancé to the sexual enhancement that comes through crotch-shaving, which also delights her like-minded girlfriends.  Toys and multiple sex partners get it good! With Tanya Foxx, Buffy Davis, Jennifer Next and more. 

D905 Sinfully Yours (85) Another smoking hot sex film with Christy Canyon, Pamela Jennings and more.  The picture seems to have a bit of a pinkish tint but is quite clear and in good shape. 

D937 Splashing (86) Fantastic clips with some of the hottest girls of the era with Ginger Lynn, Seka, Taija Rae, Amber Lynnn and many more. 

D829 Spooked (89) Two men concoct a potion and give it to a man they do not like.  It turns him into a monster-looking freak.  Bizarre sex film with Samantha Strong, Dana Lynn and Jessica Longe. 

D889 Strong Ways (88) The sexual goings on at a California tanning salon.  Samantha Strong, Kathleen Gentry Rene Morgan and Denise De Priest star.  See Big-Buxom Blonde Samantha tan in her tanning bed, then go home and have sex with Peter North. 

D875 Sweetest Taboo, The (86) Kimberly Carson, Desiree Lane, Cindy Brookes, Ginger Lynnn, Laurie Smith and more star.  Hot chicks traveling in a motor home seduce lucky males, engage in tell-all experiences and fantasies (which you see) and even play with one another.  Sweet indeed!

D965 Teenage Bestsellers Programme 255 (87) A series of short sex films from Germany.  The titles:  Young Flesh, Stereo Seduction, Horny Sports, King-Size Clit, French Fuckers, and Dildo Dolly.  Excellent quality German language with some beautiful girls.  Also padded out with more new porn scenes to drool over. 

M461 Tender Lolita (84) Marina Frajese (her real name Marina Hedman) stars in this XXX film about a woman that introduces her daughter to the pleasures of sex.  A man inherits a fortune and needs a tutor.  There are some incredibly hot women on hand who are interested in the job! F.L.

D887 Top Buns (86) Porno rip-off of 'Top Gun' with Buffy Davis, Maggie Randall and Tammy White.  As you can imagine., this has nothing to do with 'Top Gun', but instead is a series of hot and heavy sex scenes. 

D989 Tres Riche (87) While at an exclusive and expensive resort, a woman schemes to ruin her ex-lover's financial empire using sex as a distraction.  And what a distraction! Amber Lynn, Samantha Strong, Sharon Mitchell and more star. 

D885 Tropical Paradise (7?) Wild and crazy sex film set in the jungle of god only knows where.  A white blonde couple enter the jungle and have sex with the natives in various sex scenes.  The Audio is just people groaning and screwing and does not match the screen sound.  

D874 Woman Who Loved Men, The (84) She's (Ginger Lynn) all things to all men, but she'll be anything for you! Karen Summer and Fawn Paris also star.  Ginger has some really 'stand up straight at attention' scenes that will keep your mind occupied.