BA=  Color Box Art Available for an additional $3.00  

FL= Film is in Foreign Language

Lbx=  Letterboxed or Widescreen format 

Subs=  Film is subtitled

aka= Also Known As  (alternate titles)





M994                  Letters from a Dead Man (86) aka: Pisma myortvogo cheloveka  The world post apocalypse is a light scenery of total destruction. The surviving humans vegetate in wet cellars under the nuclear winter. The main character is a scientist who lives in a makeshift shelter under a museum, among saved relics from all eras of history, along with some of his surviving colleagues. They grapple with what has happened. The focus is more on the moral and philosophic side of nuclear war. Interesting Russian made film made during the height of the cold war. Downbeat and grim. With English subtitles.  BA



R674                  Super Force Five (0?) Coplay action. Stigmatized Disqualified Heroine. Super sexy heroine, monster characters and fogged sex. Seems what the villains desire is complete sexual molestation of their victim. That seems like the only thing that they want! F.L.



B302                  Blonde in Black Leather (75) aka: Qui comincia l'avventura  Two sexy, stunning and racy women (Monica Vitti and Claudia Cardinale) go on a wild motorcycling adventure. Silly movie with beautiful locations and even more beautiful women. Vitti and Cardinale have never been sexier. LBX English dubbed. Upgrade!  BA



R610 Big Blockade, The (42) aka: Die Blockade   Wartime propaganda piece reporting on the success of the economic blockade of Germany in the early years of the war, told from the perspective of the British. An excellent window to the thought processes of the time. Excellent because with time, we get benefit of historical reference, and we know what we are getting. Michael Rennie, Michael Redgrave, Robert Morely, John Mills and Leslie Banks star.

R618 Boys, The (62) The Boys in question are four working class teenagers charged with the murder of an elderly night watchman during a robbery. In England 1962, a teenager could be hung for murder, so the stakes are high for the little bastards. Nice look at London immediately pre-Beatles. The boys go to the witness stand, one by one, and tell their story from their individual (and differing) points of view. Fairly gripping. Richard Todd and Robert Morley star.

M988 Break in the Circle (55) aka: Spionagenetz Hamburg  An adventurer is hired by a German millionaire to help a Polish scientist to the West. Here we have another obscure Hammer film directed by Val Guest. Forrest Tucker and Eva Bartok star.   Jimmy Sangster and Michael Carreras also worked on this.  BA

R666 Carringford School Mystery, The (58) Adventures of five children who set out to vindicate a school friend wrongly accused of theft from the local museum.  Complete 8 parts ( 1. Crisis in the Classroom. 2. Evening of Danger. 3. Gunplay. 4. Kidnapped. 5. Ordeal Under Water. 6. Danger Under Ground. 7. Peril at Sea. 8. Fatal Slip. )

R624 Danger Within (59) aka: Breakout  aka: Verrat im Camp 127   In an Italian P.O.W. camp during WW2, a group of British soldiers finds their escape thwarted by a traitor in their midst. Excellent cast includes Richard Todd, Dennis Price, Bernard Lee, Michael Wilding and Richard Attenborough. Look for Michael Caine in a small part. BA

R583 Good Die Young, The (54) aka: Les bons meurent jeunes  Three good men: a broken boxer, a man trying to win back his mother-dominated wife, and an airport pilot with a cheating actress wife are corrupted by suave gentleman Miles Ravenscourt (Laurence Harvey), who talks them into a heist. Amazing cast with Gloria Grahame, Joan Collins, Richard Basehart, John Ireland, Stanley Baker, Robert Morely and more. Cool and gritty British crime film. LBX  BA

R578 Passenger to London (37) A British agent, carrying important papers, is knifed to death on a passenger train. Luckily the agent anticipated his attackers, and had concealed the papers in the luggage of a female passenger before he was murdered. Frank Drayton (John Warwick) must locate the papers, and find the killer.

R682 Secret of My Success, The (65)  aka: In den Fängen der schwarzen Spinne   How three beautiful girls love for fun... and murder for profit. Don't miss the sequence with the giant spiders! Stella Stevens, Shirley Jones, and Honor Blackman are the three deadly dames. Finally a nice Widescreen Upgrade!   LBX  BA

R612 Seven Days to Noon (50) aka: Ultimatum   An English scientist runs away from a research center with an atomic bomb... In a letter to the British Prime Minister he threatens to blow England to hell if all research is not halted. Nail biter Oscar winner with Andre Morell, Barry Jones, Olive Sloane and more. BA

M917 Some May Live (67) aka: In Saigon, Some May Live   A serious spy thriller from the 60's. During the Viet Nam war, U.S. decoder Kate Meredith (Martha Hyer) is plagued with guilt when her correspondent husband (Peter Cushing) coerces her to pass information to him and the Viet Cong. Joseph Cotton plays an army colonel trying to figure out who is the spy. So an espionage film dealing with the subject of spying in Saigon during Viet Nam, and starring Peter Cushing? One of a kind. Pete's next film was 'Frankenstein Created Woman'.

R591 Strip Tease Murder (61) Stripper Rita (Ann Lynn) is trying to blackmail her former lover, the wealthy Carlos, threatening to reveal his dope trade to the fuzz. Some neat killer gadgetry and nice strip-tease spots in this oddball British crime thriller. With Ann Lynn and some other British lovelies.

R613 They Drive By Night (39) A convict, just out of prison, is implicated in a murder and goes on the run, hitching rides with truck drivers. Rambles along nicely until the character played by skeleton man Ernest Thesiger (best known as Doctor Pretorious in 1935's Bride of Frankenstein) shows up. That's right, he's the killer in an amazing performance! A real must see for fans of dark gloomy British horror and suspense. Upgrade!

R651 Tiger Bay (59) A 12 year old tomboy (Hayley Mills) witnesses the murder of a woman by her Polish merchant marine boyfriend (Horst Buchholz), but she loves him and bonds with him and helps him cover up his crime. The woman was going to leave him, she pulls a gun, he gets it away from her and bang! She's dead. Oops. John Mills (Haley Mills papa) is the guy on the case. Also with Anthony Dawson. Neat locations.  BA

R565 Twist of Fate (54) aka: Beautiful Stranger  aka: La bella desconocida  Ginger Rogers plays an actress named 'Johnny' Victor living with Louis (Stanley Baker) on the Riveria. She becomes involved with Pierre (Jacques Bergerac), and begins to realize he is a dangerous criminal. Throw in slimy con man Emil, who is a friend of Louis, and all sorts of problems ensue . Vincent Price's future wife Coral Browne is Helen. Also with Lisa Gastoni, Stanley Baker and Herbert Lom. BA

R672 Wall of Death (51) aka: There is Another Sun   The story of a prize-fighter and a motorcycle daredevil competing for the affections of the beautiful carnival girl Lilian (Susan Shaw) in this British film. With Laurence Harvey and Maxwell Reed. Susan Shaw died of alcoholism at age 49 in 1978.

R621 What a Carve Up! (61) aka: No Place Like Homicide   Ernie's Uncle Gabriel has just died but to claim his inheritance he must spend the night in his ancestral home with the rest of his relatives. Pretty cool British comedy horror hybrid with a decent cast that includes Michael Gough ( as a butler!), Shirley Eaton, Kenneth Conner, Dennis Price, Donald Pleasence and more. Now LBX and an upgrade!  BA




{Choose any two CLASSIC titles to create your custom double feature for $14.00 on VHS OR DVD-R!}

R579 Bombs over Monte Carlo (31) aka: Bomben auf Monte Carlo  Bizarre German musical comedy type with blatant international immorality (blackmail with naval power) that would never have made it's way onto the screen in America. Early on, an officer sits on a cannon for fishing, the most obvious phallic symbol for 1931 in film I would think. Peter Lorre (straight off the set of 'M'), Hans Albers, and Anna Sten star in this pre-Nazi German madness.  BA

M322 Bulldog Drummond Comes Back (37) aka: Le triomphe de Bulldog Drummond  Bulldog (John Howard) springs into action once more when his fiancé is kidnapped! He finds himself in a death trap set by villain J. Caroll Naish (in another dastardly turn!). Also with John Barrymore!  BA

M319 Bulldog Drummond Escapes (37) aka: La fuga di Bulldog Drummond  A long way from 'Frogs', Ray Milland as Captain Drummond becomes a prisoner when trying to protect an heiress from espionage. Also with Heather Angel and Reginald Denny. Solid.

M320 Bulldog Drummond in Africa (38) aka: Bulldog Drummond in Afrika  John Howard as Bulldog this time out. He has to delay his wedding to rescue a kidnapped friend who faces being fed to the lions the villain has in his courtyard! With a young Anthony Quinn as one of the bad guys. Also Heather Angel and J. Carrol Naish and Reginald Denny.

M323 Bulldog Drummond's Peril (38) This time Bulldog (John Howard) hunts a killer who has killed the guy who was guarding his wedding gifts! There is a diamond made by a guy that has created a gizmo that actually makes diamonds! Bulldog spins into sci-fi territory here somewhat. This was the last Bulldog film for John Barrymore as reportedly his drinking had become out of hand according to producers.

M321 Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police (39) aka: La squadra speciale di Bulldog Drummond   Once again the wedding is off, this time Professor Downie is killed because he has valuable info about where a fortune is hidden. Right on the Rockingham estate where the wedding is to take place! The hunt is on not only for the killer, but also the treasure! A surprisingly bloodthirsty edition with the baddie killing 3 including an unnamed bobby pointblank, which doesn't seem to bring a rise out of the cast at all! Catacomb dungeon sets put this one close to horror territory, and makes me feel right at home. John Howard

R562 Captured in China Town (35) Tarzan, the great dog star, leads the police in their fearless attacks against organized crime. In this case a feud in Chinatown between two gangs breaks out into a tong war! Tarzan steals the show (not to mention a treat or two). Despite seeming campy, maintains a dark atmosphere throughout. This was the third (and last) Tarzan the police dog movies.

R572 Cottage on Dartmoor, A (29) aka: Escape from Dartmoor   Flashback story of an escape from the lonely, high-security Dartmoor prison. A jealous barber's assistant is enraged by the attentions that his manicurist girlfriend pays to a customer. He flashes his razor and slits the guy's throat and ends up in Dartmoor. Silent classic.

M348 Detour (45) Chance events trap hitchhiker Al Roberts (Tom Neal) in an ever tightening net of film noir trouble. He is picked up by a man (who inexplicably dies) then, dumps the guy's body, picks up Vera (a totally amoral woman, played by Ann Savage) and then things really spiral out of control. A nail-biter from director Edgar G. Ulmer.  BA

M324 Dick Tracy (45) aka: Splitface   Police detective Dick Tracy (Morgan Conway) must catch a killer known as 'Splitface' (Mike Mazurki, a go-to thug type character actor of the day!). Anne Jeffreys and Jane Greer also star. Entertaining!  BA

M325 Dick Tracy vs. Cueball (46) Expensive diamonds are stolen, but before he can fence them the thief is strangled by Cueball (Dick Wessel). Loaded with offbeat characters and atmosphere. Like the neighborhood dive called 'The Dripping Dagger' replete with a gleaming graphic of blood falling from a wicked looking fake blade/stabber. Exactly the kind of place you'd want to grab a cold one? Also with Anne Jeffreys who reportedly has no memory of being in any Dick Tracy films because they knocked them off so fast in those days. BA

R594 False Faces, The (19) During WW1, a professional thief is assigned to steal a cylinder with important information behind German lines and bring it to Allied headquarters. But German agents are out to stop him. The Germans are depicted as monsters, us as heroes, the British barely mentioned.  Lon Chaney and Mary Anderson star.

R623 From this Day Forward (46) Incidents of a marriage are recalled in flashback. Post-war, the Depression and other hardships making life a challenge. Joan Fontaine, Harry Morgan, doomed Bobby Driscoll who was in 'Song of the South' the same year, even Ellen Corby is in this.  BA

R569 Ghost Camera, The (33) When a photograph is taken at the scene of a murder, the camera is tossed out of a castle window to destroy the evidence and lands in the back of a moving car belonging to a chemist, who becomes an amateur sleuth after he develops the film. Ida Lupino (in her 3rd film at age 15) and John Mills star.

R571 Golden Boy (39) aka: L'esclave aux mains d'or   A long time ago, New York was inhabited by hustlers, paid off cops, and gangsters. Boxing was king. Barbara Stanwyck is her usual ‘hard-as-nails’ character. William Holden playing a boxer at 21 years of age, this movie made him a star. A bit heavy handed at times. Also with Lee J. Cobb.  BA

M352 Great Guy (36) aka: Pluck of the Irish  The adventures of an investigator (James Cagney) for the Bureau of Weights and Measures. With Mae West and look for Dwight Frye in a minor role.  BA

M338 He Walked by Night (48) aka: El demonio de la noche  This film-noir piece, told in semi-documentary style, follows police on the hunt for a resourceful criminal (Richard Basehart) who shoots and kills a cop. Fascinating. Whit Bissell, Scott Brady, Jane Adams, Jack Webb and more star.  BA

R584 I am Suzanne! (33) A classic 'puppet' movie! Handsome young Tony is a puppet-master that becomes so attracted to Suzanne (Lillian Harvey).that he makes a puppet of her likeness. Suzanne is an orphan who dances for coins in the streets, and is dominated by a Svengali like man who calls himself 'The Baron'. Visually impressive puppet routines, color tints, and more in this enchanting film with fantasy elements. The nightmare sequence in 'Puppet-Land' alone is worth the price! Leslie Banks and Gene Raymond also star.

M337 Impact (49) aka: Ho ritrovato la vita  A man is set to be murdered by his wife and her lover. But things backfire when it is his wife's lover who dies in the accident. But everyone thinks he is dead (the husband), so he takes off in hiding, watching from afar as his wife is charged with conspiracy. Nice to see San Francisco in the 1940's. Brian Donlevy and Helen Walker star. Helen Walker had a run of very bad luck (some brought upon herself) and died at age 47 of cancer in 1968.  BA

M327 International Crime (38) aka: L'accusatore segreto  A strange little offshoot of 'The Shadow' films and again with Rod La Rocque as Lamont Cranston. This time he is a crusading crime journalist who writes a daily column called 'The Shadow'. A curiosity. Also with Astrid Allwyn. BA

M344 Jigsaw (49) aka: L'ange de la haine   New York Assistant District Attorney Howard Malloy (Franchot Tone) investigates a series of murders and uncovers an extremist group. In the nightclub sequence you can spot Henry Fonda, Marlene Dietrich, John Garfield, Burgess Meredith and more.  BA

M347 Kansas City Confidential (52) aka: The Secret Four  An ex-con (John Payne) trying to go straight is framed for a million dollar armored car robbery and must travel to Mexico to find the true culprits. The story moves from one hazardous situation to the next, with little relief. Cool cast includes Coleen Gray, Preston Foster, Neville Brand, Lee Van Cleef and more.  BA

R655 Lost Squadron, The (32) aka: L'ultima squadriglia  In hard times after WW1, three ex-fighter pilots manage to land jobs as Hollywood stunt fliers working for a dictatorial director. Richard Dix, Robert Armstrong (as an alcoholic pilot that takes too many risks), Mary Astor, Erich Von Stroheim and more star.  BA

M339 Man on the Eiffel Tower, The (49) aka: L'uomo della torre Eiffel   Charles Laughton as the legendary Paris detective Inspector Maigret will need his analytical powers to track down an elusive killer! Franchot Tone is the psychopathic villain. Also with Burgess Meredith. BA

M351 Midnight Manhunt (45) In a cheap-hotel room in New York city, Jelke (George Zucco), shoots a gangster and takes something from him, and flees. Mysterious atmosphere, plot twists and good supporting cast make this clever thriller a winner, Leo Gorcey, Ann Savage, William Gargan and more star.

M328 Mr. Moto's Last Warning (39) aka: El último mensaje del Sr. Moto  Peter Lorre is Mr. Moto. Evil ventriloquist Fabian the Great (Ricardo Cortez) and his cohort Eric Norvel (George Sanders) are plotting to sink the French fleet that is due to dock in an Egyptian port. BA

M330 Mr. Wong, Detective (38) aka: Um Crime Misterioso  This time Boris Karloff is Mr. Wong! He is called in to solve the case of the vengeful inventor who has been accused of killing the businessmen who duped him. A shard of glass by the corpses is the only clue. A nice climax and of course Karloff, raises this above your standard fare.  BA

M346 Murder at Midnight (31) aka: The Monster Kills  During a parlor game in an old dark house, a man shoots a woman. But instead of blanks, real bullets are in the gun and the woman dies. Did the butler do it? More corpses start piling up.

M333 Murder at the Baskervilles (37) aka: Silver Blaze  Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Wontner) finds himself in a murder mystery when he goes to visit his old friend Sir Henry Baskerville. These Holmes films were closer to the novels in the characterizations.

M345 Murder with Pictures (36) Suspected crime boss Nate Girard (Onslow Stevens) beats a murder rap, and newspaper photographer Kent Murdock (Lew Ayres) is on the story. Snappy banter and strong performances throughout. Gangsters, reporters, damsels in distress....

M329 Mysterious Mr. Wong, The (34) Mr. Wong (Bela Lugosi) appears to be a mild mannered Chinatown merchant. But by night he ruthlessly seeks the 12 coins of Confucius that will give him control of an entire Chinese Province, and he will have killed anyone who stands in his way!  BA

R619 Night of Terror (33) aka: Noche de terror  The heirs to a family fortune are required to attend a séance at the spooky old family mansion. However, throughout the night, members of the family start getting knocked off one by one. It's like 'The Cat and the Canary' meets 'The Old Dark House'. Obscure Bela Lugosi Horror now Upgrade! BA

R581 Outside the Law (30) Crook 'Fingers' is planning a half-million-dollar bank robbery in gang boss Cobra Collins (Edward G. Robinson) territory. Fingers moll Connie (Mary Nolan) tries to bluff Cobra into thinking the hit won't be taking place for another week... Tod Browning directs, and this is a remake of a film he made 10 years earlier with Lon Chaney. Edward G. as a gangster pre-'Little Caesar', this almost a practice run for his mobster portrayals. He nails it.

R678 Repeat Performance (47) aka: El destino se repite  Sheila (Joan Leslie) kills her no-good cheating husband (Louis Hayward) in the beginning of the film. She escapes to a New Years party. She wishes she had not killed him and finds herself back a year to have another go and alter her future mistakes. Some paths can be walked twice, but the outcome is difficult to change. Cool fantasy. Richard Basehart in his debut here.  BA

R679 Riverside Murder, The (35) A gentleman is shot dead in his study. The police are trying to solve the crime. A detective weaves his way through danger and an intricate set of clues to catch the killer. Watch for the scene where a murder is committed by shooting through a mail slot in the door! Suspenseful and with a satisfying climax.

M342 Second Woman, The (50) aka: Twelve Miles Out  Robert Young plays a guy that has lost his wife in an automobile accident a year previous, and since has been plagued with bad luck and problems, like someone is out to get him. A woman (Betsy Drake) becomes involved with him to help. But things get worse, and when an attempt is made on her life, things take an even more deadly turn. Nice thriller mystery practically unheard of today!

M326 Shadow Strikes, The (37) aka: L'ombre qui frappe  Scourge of the Underworld - Lamont Cranston (Rod La Rocque) assumes his secret identity as 'The Shadow' to break up an attempted robbery at an attorney's office.  BA

M331 Sign of Four, The :Sherlock Holmes Greatest Case (32) aka: Il segno dei quattro  Holmes (Arthur Wontner) and Watson must go deep into the underworld to rescue a kidnapped woman. Meanwhile a killer on the hunt for a missing treasure is on the loose.... Pretty good and some say better than Basil Rathbone.  BA

R611 Spanish Cape Mystery, The (35) aka: Mistério da Capa Espanhola  Detective Ellery Queen's (Donald Cook) vacation is interrupted when murder strikes next door to his ocean cabin. Fine suspenseful early British crime/mystery film that also stars Jack LaRue.




M922 Agon: Atomic Dragon (68) Giant monster destroys everything in it's path, smashing buildings and leaving destruction all over. Mutated by Atomic bombs, and grown to an enormous size by feasting on radioactive waste, Agon means business! Now see the awesome monster Agon with English subtitles for the first time!

M902 Attack of the Normans (62) aka: I normanni  After decades of violent raids, the Normans have finally agreed to make peace with the English and have begun to settle on English soil. However the cruel Duke of Saxony (Cameron Mitchell) wants to overthrow the British king.... Treachery, war, usurped thrones torture, ambush and deceit explode from the screen! Cameron Mitchell made his best films when working for the Italians. This is a beautiful Widescreen print.  BA

R649 Black Archer, The (59) aka: L'arciere nero  A mysterious archer who dresses in black is out for revenge against the bandits who killed his father. As usual, there is a conspiracy behind the killing, that will hit close to home. Pretty cool costumer/swashbuckler from director Piero Pierotti who directed many sci-fi and sword and sandal films. Sharp colorful clear upgrade! English dubbed and no Subs. BA

R588 Black Arrow, The (48) aka: The Black Arrow Strikes  Young noblemen Richard Shelton (Louis Heyward) returns from the War of the Roses to find his father murdered, a family friend (now a fugitive) blamed, and his evil Uncle the man behind it all. Nice swashbuckling' costumer that also stars Janet Blair and more. From a Robert Lewis Stevenson story. BA

R574 Casbah (48) Tony Martin (as Pepe LeMoko) plays a suave, fascinating, womanizer jewel thief who is wanted by the police, but protected and hidden by the 'Casbah'. His gal Inez (the ravishing Yvonne DeCarlo) competes with new hot girl Marta Toren (as Gaby). Also with Peter Lorre and Virginia Gregg.  Toren, called 'The Next Ingrid Bergman' died of a cerebral hemorrhage at age 31 in Sweden in 1957. (Gregg was the voice of “Mother” in 'Psycho' 1 through 3.)  BA

M905 Count Ugolino (49) aka: Il conte Ugolino  aka: The Iron Swordsman   Amazing work from director Riccardo Freda! Taken from Dante, this 13th century story recounts the events leading up to the imprisonment and death of Count Ugolino. His children killed by starvation become the food of Ugolino and madness ensues. While the horror aspects are more suggested, you still get the grim pessimistic picture. Freda's attention to detail and excellent photography make this a classic you won't soon forget. In Italian language and with English subtitles.

R629 Gladiators Seven (62) aka: I sette gladiatori  Framed for the escape of 5 gladiators from the arena, the son of one of Sparta's leading citizens is sentenced to the arena to be a gladiator himself and forced to fight for his life in the Roman Coliseum. Years later he manages to escape and upon his return to Sparta, he finds that his father has been murdered (even though it was ruled as suicide) and the woman he loves is set to marry the evil king who has usurped the throne. He rounds up some of his fellow gladiators and sets out to stop this injustice. Nice huge sets, hundreds of extras, battles and extreme violence. With Richard Harrison and Loredana Nusciak. Amazing Widescreen English dubbed upgrade!  BA

M993 Hercules against the Mongols (63) aka: Maciste contro i Mongoli  Though Genghis Khan eventually sought peace with the West, his death in 1227 AD puts into power his three war-like sons: Sayan, Susdal, and Kin Khan. These sons quickly overrun the city of Tuleda and take prisoner Princess Bianca, though young Prince Alessio escapes. Hercules comes to the rescue of Bianca, winning her freedom in a tournament in exchange for becoming a slave himself....   Mark Forest stars. Beautiful Widescreen English dub. BA

M965 Hero of Rome (64) aka: Il colosso di Roma  With the fate of Rome in the balance, can an act of valor prevail in this story of justice and tyranny? Gordon Scott stars in this spectacular sword and sandal, now exactly as it should be seen in a beautiful Widescreen English dubbed version.  BA

R636 Lion of St. Mark (63) aka: Il leone di San Marco  In 1620, pirates are terrorizing the Adriatic coast. Manrico (Gordon Scott) sets out to stop their reign of terror. A fast moving and colorful pirate adventure. With Gianna Maria Canale. Now in an English dubbed Widescreen Upgrade!

M912 Operation Ganymed (77) Five astronauts return to Earth after more than four years of a disastrous mission to Ganymed where 21 of their party perished. When Earth does not answer their calls, they land in an ocean and finally reach a rocky coastline that looks like a deserted planet. Figured the Earth finally has done it (nuclear war the sons of bitches!) they fall into despair, murder and cannibalism. A very cool Russian science fiction film now with mostly English  (but a few parts foreign language because this version is over 20 minutes longer than the English release and runs almost 2 hours!).  An excellent view of serious sci-fi as America releases the incredibly silly (but entertaining) 'Star Wars' at the same time. BA

R573 Savage Mutiny (53) aka: Retter von Tulonga  Jungle Jim (Johnny Weissmuller) tries to relocate African natives so that the atom bomb can be tested on their island. Enemy agents interfere. The people of the fifties were okay with this plot? Oh what the hell, move them out. Maybe we can find some plantation work for them back home. Keep in mind the so-called 'African natives' look like Hispanics and talk like Indians. Hilarious. Weissmuller always entertaining though. Also with Angela Stevens.  BA

R580 Ship of Condemned Women, The (53) aka: La nave delle donne maledette  Colorful 18th century set cross between a women in prison flick and a classic swashbuckler. May Britt is Consuelo, a sweet young innocent beauty accused of murder and sentenced to a penal colony. Thrown into a ship's cargo hold with a bunch of other female convicts (led by exotic belly dancer Kerima). Luckily a young lawyer that has fallen in love with Consuelo has stowed away to be near her. The women break out and start fighting with the men, but their hits and blows soon turn to kisses and hugs! The men pull guns and the women say 'Come and be with Us!" There is an amazing camera shot that goes over the cleavage of the women. The men drop their weapons and join the women, taking over the ship. But still, all is lost.... Amazing Upgrade and with English subtitles.  BA

M950 Terror of Rome against the Son of Hercules, The (64) aka: Maciste, gladiatore di Sparta  Mark Forest stars as Rome's top gladiator Maciste (alt. name 'Hercules' for U.S. audiences). He must face many battles to free the Christians so they are not slaughtered in the arena. Of course he has fallen for a hot blonde (who is a Christian), and he is not doing this because he has converted either. He wants the blonde, period. The battle with the gorilla is a hoot! Marilu Tolo is Olympia. Now in an amazing English dubbed beautiful widescreen version.

R637 Women of Devil's Island (62) aka: Le prigioniere dell'isola del diavolo  Female prisoner's are shipped to a penal colony on the notorious Devil's Island. Brutal treatment is the norm, until a new warden arrives with reform on his mind. Riots, fights, escapes, swordplay, villainy, crocodiles, spectacular jungle locations, buxom bound maidens and more await in this nice spectacular Widescreen upgrade. Guy Madison, Michelle Mercier and many more star. English dubbed, no Subs.  BA

R676 Zodiac Fighters 2: War of the Zodiacs  (8?) Monsters, assorted creature characters, herds of charging squid monsters (like a bunch of 'Sigmund and the Sea monster' 'Gimmie Gimmie Octopus' types), zany Pufnstuf-like insanity. This print has some glitches. Listed only because it is so crazy to behold and impossibly rare!  F.L.



M350 Mystery Liner (34) aka: The Ghost of John Holling  Police try to solve the murder on board an ocean liner. The story starts with a liner preparing a test for using a remote control to pilot the ship. But things get complicated when the captain is murdered. Whodunit?




M957 Another Day, Another Man (66) A new couple moves into an expensive new apartment after the husband's pay raise. He gets sick, can't make the rent, and his wife meets with a pimp and becomes a whore to make the much needed dough to keep their lives afloat. With yummy Barbara Kemp!

M956 Bad Girls Go to Hell (65) aka: Ich will dich ohne...   After hubby Ted goes to work, Ellen is taking the trash out when the janitor grabs her, forces her into his apartment and tries to rape her. Later he tries again and she kills him and goes on the run. In New York she encounters a series of perverts and freaks. Alcoholism, Fetishism, Lesbians and more. Grade Z trash! (Which means 'great stuff' here!)

M989 Come Now, My Dear Little Bird (68) aka:Komm nur, mein liebstes Vögelein   And now for something completely different!  What seems like it would be just another German sex comedy actually delves deep into German history and even has a doctor like guide as we explore sex and sexuality. Even a perverse trip through Nazi Germany is included. Some very interesting facts and footage here, as well as loads of nudity and sexual situations. With English subtitles.

M967 Dirty Love 2: The Love Games (89) aka: Casa di piacere  aka: Intrigue  aka: Die Villa der Unersättlichen   Brothel queen Eva (gorgeous Valentine Demy) inherits a villa from a wealthy client and alone and bored picks up young men to have sex with. Valentine is dynamite, a powder keg of uninhibited sex. By 1998 Valentine would go to porn, and we have some of her super hot movies. Also in this near hardcore, but strictly soft-core outing, Luciana Cirenei of 'All Ladies Do It' and more. Excellent quality English dubbed version. 93 minutes, 5 minutes longer than other versions.  BA

M954 Electronic Lover (66) A peeping tom named 'The Master' sends his helper out to stick cameras in the windows of sexy women, and watches the images on his home computer. When he is not watching naked women, he is fondling himself in front of a mirror, and fantasizes about being with women sexually. Sloppy sex film that features loads of female nudity and even glimpses of the hippie guy's beans and franks. Computer sex. What a great idea!

M949 Erotic Adventures of Zorro, The (72) aka: The Sexcapades of Don Diego  Now look at Zorro as he really was! A horny bastard! Sight gags and jokes aplenty as our hero poses as a limp-wristed pansy by day, but at night, becomes the greatest (ahem) swordsmen in Madrid, making it safe for justice, truth and hot naked women! Finally a fabulous uncut upgrade!  BA

M908 Freddie of the Jungle (81) aka: Gorilas a todo ritmo  A woman reporter (Victoria Vera who would be in Alice Cooper's 'Monster Dog' a few years later) hires a guide and dives into the jungles to try to locate a missing showbiz man. Jungle Tarzan comedy sleaze with just enough T&A! Also finally uncut with extra scenes cut from other prints. A quite excellent and forgotten comedy filmed in Florida. Beautiful Letterboxed Print Upgrade!

M963 Frigid Fantasies (81)  aka: La frígida y la viciosa  A couple in crisis brings a beautiful woman into the relationship. Both have sex with her and it looks like she is a sex slave later as she is chained to their bed. Good girl. With Andrea Guzon and Sara Mora. The English language version has some blaring colors, but is very rare and English dubbed 83 minutes long. The second disc is an excellent quality Spanish language version that runs 88 minutes long. Very sexy stuff here.  Two disc set– counts as one selection!

M964 Girls After Midnight (78) aka: Mädchen nach Mitternacht  The imaginations of the sexy young women at a Swiss finishing school are filled with naughty, nasty thoughts, and erotic fantasies. Naturally they will share their young hot bodies with many male lovers in damn-near hard-core sex scenes galore! An we wouldn't have it any other way! Stunning women include Brigitte Meyer, Monika Kalin, Esther Studer, Ingrid Kehr, all 4 of these hot broads straight off the set of Jess Franco's 'Love Camp'! English dubbed and LBX.

M921 Hot Panties (82) aka: Bragas calientes  A man has erotic, near hard-core sex with his wife (who seems bored and fantasizes about being whipped) and then heads off to work. Later after work he has sex with a hot blonde co-worker, then goes home. His wife, alone, masturbates and fantasizes more bondage stuff which delivers her into ecstasy. Meanwhile, her philandering husband has sex with more hot broads. They go to a swingers party and watch greased up people have sex on the floor. Her husband pairs off with the same blonde from earlier, while the blonde's husband takes the bondage obsessed wife to a room. She rebuffs his advances. Later, the blonde and her husband take the bondage fantasy wife into the woods and both rape her. Seems this is just what she needed. To be taken by force. In Spanish language only with loads of nudity and near hard-core sex throughout.

M953 Layout, The (69) Like a sexually charged soap opera. Pam, operates a design firm with her business partner, Wendy. Together in a posh apartment building they share an opulent lifestyle.  Trouble begins when the horny Wendy has a fling with their contractor, Rob. Meanwhile Rob's wife plots to seduce Pam. Pam's cousin and roommate arrive, becoming amorous participants in a smoking hot lesbian orgy involving all the girls. Thankfully they have a gadget equipped vibrator.

M952 Love Merchant, The (66) Biker group provides lovely ladies for high paying millionaire Kendall Harvey the 3rd. Now he has his sights on a smokin' hot married woman named Peggy (Patricia McNair). When Peggy's husband's career is down, Peggy makes the deal to spend 48 hours with Kendall in return for a career upgrade for her husband. Leather and bikers, go-go girls, nudity and sleaze. And Joe was just getting started! Kind of like 'Indecent Proposal' low-budget early Joe Sarno style. Joanna Mills, Patti Paget, Peggy Stefans and more.

M935 Marianne Bouquet (72) aka: Les désaxées  Marianne, the beautiful wife of Michael (the creepy French actor/director Michel Lemoine), loves her husband very much. Michael loves Marianne, but he loves other women as well, constantly sleeping around with beauties. He drags his wife into the gutter with him literally with sex sex sex and gets tragic results for his efforts. Apparently communal adultery is not for everyone. This Euro-trash here in an English language dubbed XXX version, so keep that in mind. Considerable attention paid to the fashions of the era. Janine Reynaud, Martine Azencot and more star.

M976 Popcorn and Ice Cream (78) aka: Popcorn und Himbeereis  While exploring sex, two hot German babes lose money in a mattress when the mattress is sold. Follow the money! They will bed many in search of the hidden loot. Funny German sex comedy with really cool footage of Germany, and some delicious German women with lots of nudity. Olivia Pascal, Gesa Thoma, Bea Fiedler and more. Rare English dub.

M943 Scandalous Gilda (85) When a wealthy socialite (Monica Guerritore as Gilda) catches her husband in bed with a younger woman, she leaves him, and embarks on a road trip of erotic discovery. She begins a torrid affair with a cartoonist. He woos her with an animated pornographic sequence. Gilda likes saliva... she spits on her husband, spit is a lubricant, and she's also called a whore a lot by her new lover. She proves him right when she flags down a horny trucker and does him right in front of her lover. Perverse Euro trash of the highest order. Beautiful Widescreen F.L. print or full frame English dubbed (not as nice quality) print– SPECIFY.

M977 Scandalous Life of a Prostitute (74) aka: Intimidades de una cualquiera  Large breasted Isabel Sarli is Maria. Just a poor country girl, tired of her boss sexually harassing her, she takes off for the big city Buenos Aires to start a new life. She ends up with a new life all right. She becomes a whore. And why not? She's certainly built for it. It would be a crime not to share her assets. Sure we get the sex and nudity, but there is also lots of cool location photography both in the city and the countryside as well. And as Sarli tries to support her mother and keep her alive there is also a violent struggle brewing which results in a climactic brutal showdown in the end. In Spanish only, no English.

M944 Scirocco (87) aka: Sahara Heat  aka: Amantide - Scirocco  Lea (Feona Gelin), visits her boyfriend somewhere in Morocco, boffing every sweaty male she encounters along the way. She not only has sex with a man on horseback, she gets felt up by numerous men on a bus. Lea is so horny she simply cannot get enough. The African locations add to the heat of the encounters. Soft-core classic, English dubbed.

M955 Spy Who Came, The (69) Vice cop Harry will hump any woman with two legs, much to the detriment of his fiancé, Mary. His latest conquest has gotten him into big trouble with an Arab, who has videotaped Harry's sexcapades. Harry gets involved in espionage (sexpionage?) with a white slave sex ring to try to get out of his mess. Director Ron Wertheim went on to direct a few memorable pornos like 'Through the Looking Glass' and 'Memories Within Miss Aggie'.

M979 Streetwalker (76) aka: La Marge  Joe Dallesandro is Sigimon Pons, a well off hard-working man with a beautiful wife, live-in help, nice house etc. Together with his wife they pledge their loyalty. But when his boss sends him to Paris as part of his job, his dark side emerges as he goes out into the seedier areas and meets the doe-eyed Sylvia Kristel, a prostitute. This Walerian Borowczyk directed film features a stunning soundtrack. The first sex scene with Dallesandro and Kristel, 10CC's 'I'm Not in Love' plays as they have sex, later a stunning blowjob sequence set to Pink Floyd and still later a climax that plays Elton John's 'Funeral for a Friend'. Surreal. Now finally this erotic and tragic classic LBX, Upgraded and with English subtitles.

M919 We're No Virgins (74) After the fifth world war, in a remote castle, a group of sexy women need sex! The men seem to have died out. But one lucky bastard shows up and is taken by force by the girls.... Exhausted? Who will be the representatives of the new stronger sex? Rare sexy French film dubbed into English.




M923 Angel of the Night (74) aka: O Anjo da Noite  Here's a cool horror thriller from Brazil with similarities to 'When a Stranger Calls" (which was made in America in 1979). A student girl goes to an isolated mansion to baby-sit two children while their parents are gone for the weekend. Then some terrifying phone calls begin that appear to originate from inside the mansion. Trippy, doomy and downbeat. Stars Selma Egrei, Eliezer Gomes, Lilian Lemmertz and Pedro Coelho  Rare suspense horror film that runs in black and white. With English subtitles.

R625 Arrival of Joachim Stiller, The (76) aka: De komst van Joachim Stiller  A bizarre mystery unfolds when a strange man appears to a couple, affecting their lives in strange ways. Full frontal nudity and  some bursts of bloody violence blend together in this puzzle picture. Bizarre, beautiful, trance-like and haunting. From Belgium and directed by Belgium director Harry Kumel, who also directed the equally bizarre 'Malpertuis' and 'Daughters of Darkness'. This is a deep thinker and runs over 2 and a half hours. LBX and with English subtitles.

M903 Birds in Peru (68) aka: Les oiseaux vont mourir au Pérou  aka: Gli uccelli vanno a morire in Perù   A nymphomaniac (played by doomed, mentally unstable beautiful actress Jean Seberg) on vacation has sex with numerous men beachside while her husband and his chauffeur cruise the coast looking for her. They are fed up, and plan to kill her. This movie shocked the crap out of everybody when it came out, and was certified 'X' in the U.S. and banned many other places. To make matters worse this film was misunderstood and badly panned, Seberg getting most of the blame for it's failure. Now you decide! (First few seconds of the opening credits missing). In Italian language and with English subtitles. Jean Seberg killed herself by overdose in the back of a car in a Paris suburb in  August 1979. Her rotting corpse was discovered 11 days later when the smell became too foul to ignore. She was into some shady dealings, and many think she was murdered. Her ex-husband blew his brains out in 1980.

M958 Black Snail, The (88) aka: L'escargot noir  In the peaceful beautiful small town of Chinon, three women are murdered, the killer, leaving a black snail shell on each of the bodies. The mystery deepens with odd characters and dark secrets leading the investigators in circles. One woman has a blue bag thrown over her head and is suffocated. He strangles another woman as she is driving. Strangulation seems to be his preferred method of murder. Jean Poiret stars. In French language and with English subtitles.

M354 Blutschrei der Verdammten (13) German made (low budget) medieval zombie horror with Renaissance  Fair costumes, chained bimbos, nudity and gore. The authentic locations elevate the proceedings making the low budget unnoticeable. Nice chomping sound effects, cool battle weaponry, nice full busted women, plenty of spraying blood during killings. LBX and in German language and with no subtitles.  F.L.

B398 Candy Tangerine Man, The (75) Sunset Boulevard is where badass pimp criminal 'The Baron' does business. He's a mack daddy by night. But a regular working dude by day. Witty dialogues and one-liners while seedy and slimy worthless lumps of white trash come to unpleasant ends. As racist as racist gets, from both sides! A mean-streets edge seeps into this fantastically hip blaxploitation from the golden era. Now, even with the pre-credits sequence missing from most other prints! Upgrade!  BA

B310 Centipede Horror (82) aka: Wu gong zhou  A crazed evil wizard uses his powers to take revenge on beautiful women by making them barf up live centipedes, which then attack!  Brutally graphic and repulsive insanity follows. This one is dark, disgusting, bleak, and stays with you long after the credits roll. They used real centipedes that are really poisonous, and they literally pour out of all kinds of orifices. Nice. LBX and with English subtitles.

M904 Corps Perdus (89) An artist expert is called upon to identify a mysterious painting, hopefully to declare it the lost work of a famous artist. The painting will tear into his mind and set him on the path of despair, insanity and murder. Reminds one of Pupi Avati's 'The House with the Laughing Windows'. In Portuguese language and with English subtitles.

M961 Damned in Venice (78) aka: Die Wiege des Teufels  aka: Blind Offer  aka: Nero veneziano   A blind young man who lives with his sister receives a vision warning him of the birth of the Anti-Christ scattered in with his other gruesome and infernal visions. Bad omens and dark happenings plague the two as they live and travel around their home turf, the waterways of Venice. There is a scene with a baby near the end that will give you nightmares, unless you are cold as ice that is.  Amazing Italian horror that fits in with the 70's Satan movie craze! Impressive cast includes German Playboy Playmate Rena Neihuas, who shares her assets (translation: gets naked!), a sexy strange babysitter coven, even Greek actress Olga Karlatos (who would later appear in Fulci film's, and even as Prince's mom in 'Purple Rain'!, because we all know Prince is Greek, right?)  Amazing new beautiful Widescreen and English dubbed print!  BA

R694 Dark Side, The (87) A cab driver gets mixed up with a fare he gives a ride that turns out to be a porno star (Cynthia Preston) who claims the people she works for are making 'snuff' films. She even has the proof, a film in her possession that she had a part of! Soon the 'snuff-killers' are on their trail! Also with David Hewlett.

B307 DeGenerazione (94) Italian made weirdness with many short tales. Vampires, S&M, Snuff movies, an evil television, a crazed shrink and more! A 19 year old Asia Argento directed the tale entitled 'Prospettive'. Finally get this film festival favorite uncut at 1 hour and 50 minutes, LBX and with English subtitles. Upgrade!

R561 Delitto Carnale (83) aka: Killing of the Flesh   Uncut XXX Italian language version with no subtitles. Moana Pozzi and others in this sex-filled giallo. Also available in a very sexy but cut version that features English subtitles (see Killing of the Flesh in this same section!)

M926 Discreet Charm of Sin, The (10) aka: Il sottile fascino del peccato  A woman returns home and finds her mother's suicide may have been influenced by a sect where she was trapped between false-friends, occult rites and relentless death threats. There is no one who can be trusted as she dives into the mystery which will result in some horrific surprises..... Italian made thriller LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M901 Five Women for the Killer (74) aka: 5 donne per l'assassino   aka: Day-Killer  Finally uncut with extra nudity! When a reporter comes home from an overseas assignment, he finds his wife dead and her baby in the hospital. He's sterile, so the kid's not his. But there is still a killer on the loose, killing sexy naked pregnant Euro-babes with sometimes graphically gory relish. Another well made giallo from Stelvio Massi (known primarily for his crime films) and quite the lurid affair. Starring Hammer veteran Francis Matthews and a bevy of beauties including Ilona (Cicciolina) Staller pre-porn. Recommended! In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

M927 Formula for a Murder (85) aka: 7, Hyden Park: la casa maledetta   A wealthy female philanthropist (Christina Nagy) wheelchair bound after a scary childhood attack, plans to make a large donation to a church. But there is a scary priest carrying a bloody doll and other weird occurrences haunting her.... Her husband (David Warbeck) married her for money.... and things get crazy when Warbeck goes bonkers. Warbeck shines in this one. A great giallo and now in a beautiful widescreen print.

M991 Frenetic (66) Katherine murders her paralyzed husband by dumping him and his wheelchair off a rocky cliff into the ocean. When she is overheard talking about it by a strange man, he proceeds to blackmail her. But wait, her doctor insists she could not have done this as her husband committed suicide 8 months ago. Psychological thrillers were huge for a good decade after 'Psycho'. A Greek made thriller with English subtitles.

R614 Golden Mass, The (75) aka: La Messe Doree  aka: La profonda luce dei sensi    In this dream-like, decadent and erotic picture, a middle-aged couple have invited a number of people to a dinner party that spirals out of control. The meal evolves into an erotic sex fantasy orgy. Extremely weird. Stefania Casini, Lucia Bose and Maurice Ronet star. With English subtitles.  Please note: A few glitches.

M992 Greenhouse, The (83) aka: El Invernadero   A plant loving stalker/creep/picture-taking 'peeping tom' type guy rescues an actress from a bad relationship and before you know it they are going out.  But she will be his destruction as she gets him killed when her past catches up with her.  But he's not dead, and now wants revenge! Or is he dead, and it is his 'beloved' greenhouse 'plants' after the perpetrators? Rare and weird Spanish film.   Now with English subtitles!

M951 Honeymoon of Horror (64) aka: Orgy of the Golden Nudes   A honeymoon of ecstasy turns into a nightmare.... Shock upon shock brings a thrilling, chilling blood-curdling tale to the screen! At least that is what the tagline says. The new bride of a strange sculptor finds that many of her new husband's friends want her dead. Not to be confused with 1961's 'Honeymoon of Terror'. Filmed in Texas.  BA

M966 Hot Blood (89) After two bank robbers take hostages, one of them anally rapes the Bank Cashier (in a long sequence). He takes so long they are surrounded by cops when he is done! That won't stop the horny bastard from trying to rape Sylvia (Sylvia Kristel, this being her next film after 'Dracula's Widow'). The other robber is Ricardo, the bank manager's son, and brother of Julio, the fiancé of Sylvia. Can Julio stop the madness? Also with Alicia Moro and Aldo Sambrell.

M931 Insatiable Alicia and the Marquis (83) aka: El marqués, la menor y el travesti  The butler covertly sends his daughter Alicia into the rich dwellings he works, she is posing as a wealthy heiress, to hopefully be impregnated by the Marquis so she can marry into his fortune. Alicia falls for the stable boy. Meanwhile there are other women vying for the Marquis affections. The father secludes Alicia with women only... little does he know she also has lesbian leanings. The Marquis likes Claudia, who actually is a man as he will soon find out! This crazy sex film comes in two versions for the price of one! The edited English dub and the Uncut Spanish version.

M909 John the Violent (73) aka: Ioannis o viaios   At midnight, on a deserted street in Greece, a beautiful woman is stabbed to death. When the murderer is caught it is made clear he is quite the sexual deviant, pursuing his erotic fantasies through violence. He tries to compensate his deficient manhood with his actions, gaining power over his victims through force. So he's caught, and the powers that be decide poor John is not really wholly responsible for his actions. It's the fault of society. Where will they send him? In Greek with English subtitles.

M906 Killing of the Flesh (83) aka: Delitto Carnale  A number of people check into a hotel to wait for a scheduled funeral. They get drunk and have sex and behave abominably. Then the first kill. And more. The police won't let anybody leave as they are all suspects. A killing ground has been established. Debauchery on the level of 'Giallo a Venecia' and 'Play Motel'. Moana Pozzi is just one of the sexy ladies involved! More emphasis on sex than violence in this giallo. 83 minutes. In Italian language and with English subtitles.

M355 Killing Striptease (02) aka: Belle da Morire  A strip-club is run by the sleazy Bruno. Bruno gets caught with his pants down when his girlfriend catches him with another woman. Bizarre happenings at a strip-club where all the women are extremely aroused. Crime, sex, revenge and death. This from Italian director Bruno Mattei. LBX and in Italian language only.

M968 Last Desperate Hours (74) aka: Milano: il clan dei Calabresi   Paolo (Antonio Sabato) is a gang boss wanted dead by his rivals. He's a mean son of a gun too, so deservedly so. When an assassination attempt fails, he is bitten by an infected lab rat. Now he has but hours to live. Might as well track down and murder his enemies one by one! One scene with a medical saw kill is a standout, as well as a sweet strangling of a beautiful woman. Of course, he is also after the antidote serum for his hopeful cure. Sometimes when you are this bad, things can't go right. Cool Widescreen English dubbed upgrade! BA

R653 Litan (82) aka: Le voleur de visages  Nora and Jock arrive in the strange hillside village of Litan during the festival of the dead. Masked citizens and off-beat characters, coffins flowing in the stream, cemetery crosses are on the rocks and the funeral orchestra of silver masks is playing some surreal music. Mix nightmarish imagery, running, screaming, bloody murders, underground caves and you get something that resembles another twisted Jean Rollins film. This is from France after all.  LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

M933 Lust for Sex (70) aka: Oso yparhei erotas  A man is washed up on the beach and a young hotel maid named Maria finds him and nurses him back to health. He has lost his memory but it looks like he is a wanted man. Two woman fall for him and intend to help his escape justice. In Greek language and with English subtitles.

M936 Medium, The (80) aka: Il medium  Obscure horror from the director of 'Amuck" Silvio Amadio! When a famous American composer moves into a mansion in the quiet Italian countryside, supernatural forces awaken, and begin to wreak havoc. Time to call a psychic, in this case Philippe Leroy (as the medium). Belongs in the haunted mansion genre. Nice cast too that includes Sherry Buchanan and Martine Brochard! In Italian language and with English subtitles.

M973 Messalina Messalina (77) aka: Caligula: Sins of Rome  aka: Messalina - Kaiserin und Hure   Almost all of the sets and props used in 'Caligula' were used here. 'Caligula' came out in 1980, but was filmed in 1976. The co-producer of 'Caligula' Franco Rossellini decided since the sets were still up, may as well shoot a quickie! He used two gals from 'Caligula' and got another crew and actors and made this. So you get a high-production value sex comedy with nudity and soft-core sleaze. Nice quality LBX version.  BA

M907 Misdeal (69) aka: Maldonne  aka: Evil Woman   A suspense filled cat and mouse thriller loaded with twists and turns and an ironic ending. From the writers of 'Les Diabolique' and starring Elsa Martinelli, Peter Vaneck and Robert Hossein. Some have compared this to Hitchcock's 'Vertigo'. This film is actually much better. LBX

M996 Place Among the Living, A (03) aka: Une place parmi les vivants   A mediocre pulp novelist named Ernest is approached by a stranger claiming to be a serial killer with a proposition to chronicle his crimes. He claims to be the guy behind a series of killings, some of blonde models. Ernest sees maybe an opportunity to finally write something marketable. Valerie Kaprisky plays the tough cookie publisher. LBX and with English subtitles.

M913 Porn Shop on 7th Avenue (79) aka: Il porno shop della settima strada  aka: Pleasure Shop on the Avenue  Two amateur armed robbers steal $5,000 from NY's red light district, only to discover it was an intended protection payment to the mob. With Mafia hit men after them they seek shelter in a sleazy sex shop....  A few hostages later and in a remote cabin, things go “Last House on the Left”....  Joe D’Amato sleaze!!  Uncut version now in an English dubbed version with no subtitles.  BA

M998 Season for Assassins (75) aka: Il tempo degli assassini  aka: Die wilde Meute  Hoods (led by Joe Dallesandro) terrorize a community. Police Commissioner (Martin Balsam) is on the case to catch the punks in the act. This film is now available in a nice Widescreen version with English subtitles. The subtitles are complete, but added lines of nothing are on there too, so the subtitles are a bit messed up. BA

M970 See Here My Love (79) aka: Écoute voir...  A female Marlow detective type (Catherine Denevue) investigates a sect (The Church of the Final Revival) that uses some type of mind-control ray to brainwash their disciples. Weird and unexpected French science fiction mystery. At one point Catherine Denevue's character makes out with a 19 year old Anne Parillaud (Innocent Blood). LBX and with English subtitles.

M914 Sexy Pirates (99) aka: I predatori delle Antille  Here's a rollicking adventure tale that plays like a classic swashbuckler, with some nudity and sex thrown in for good measure. Joe D'Amato directs, and recruits one of his hottest porn stars (Anita Rinaldi) as Lady Esmeralda. Too bad Joe didn't make a few more like this in his latter years, he stuck mostly to porn. He died the year this came out, making this the last non-porn film of his career. In Italian language and with English subtitles.

M915 She Has Your Likeness (04) aka: À Ton Image  Ridden by guilt for not being able to bare a child, a wife (Nastassia Kinski) decides to try cloning. Her new daughter is identical to her, grows rapidly, and begins to replace her mother.... Of course the cloned daughter is creepy as hell and will try to seduce the husband (Christopher Lambert). Truly bizarre. Remember there were a few 'dangers of cloning' movies there for awhile. Over here in the U.S. we had Robert De Niro in the cloning horrors movie 'Godsend' the same year. This one is from France so it is in French and has English subtitles.  BA

M916 Smile Before Death (72) aka: Il sorriso della iena   After her mother's suspicious suicide, a pretty young woman (Jenny Tamburi) shows up at her villa and finds her widowed stepfather is carrying on with her mother's sexy photographer friend (Rosalba Neri). They plan to kill her but she has a sinister plan of seduction and revenge unbeknownst to them, and may just get the upper hand in this sleazy giallo type. The ending is a genuine surprise. Finally a beautiful widescreen print!  Essential.  BA


R691 Survive! (76) aka: Supervivientes de los Andes  An Uruguayan rugby team crashes in the Andes Mountains. It's cold. People die. Ya' gotta' eat. So they cut up the bodies and make jerky. (And why not?) This is the Uncut Spanish language version, 26 minutes longer than the American version! Not really a horror movie, there is a little heart in this cold tale. Cooked well. Okay, I meant human survival/moral struggles and all that. F.L.  BA

R692 Survive! (76) aka: Supervivientes de los Andes  English language version of this 'plane crash survivors turn cannibal' film. Would you eat human flesh to survive? Now LBX - Shorter by over 25 minutes than the Spanish language version.  BA


R695 Thriller Zone (95) A trilogy of terror tales cobbled together from various sources with no wrap-around story. First! The Last Hand - a poker player sees a dead guy at the table amongst the other players.... Next: The Final Hour - William Forsythe is appealing his murder conviction. A twist and a surprise ending here. Then the last story: Fanatical Extremes- a patchwork shortened version of the Joe Spinell/Caroline Munro film 'The Last Hour Show'!

M918 Touch Me Not (74) aka: The Hunted  aka: Una secretaria para matar   A sadistic knife wielding killer pursues a sexy lady (Lee Remick) in a twisted hunt, as he considers her his quarry, and therefore, his trophy when he gets her. Throw in some espionage and a surprising ending and we get a little known thriller that needs to be revisited.   BA

M946 Truth According to Satan, The (71) aka: La verità secondo Satana  Gee finally the longest version known to man (or Satan!). 87 minutes long with extras that include English subtitled interviews with director Renato Polselli (who passed in 2006) and Rita Calderoni, plus deleted scenes! Truly twisted sexual madness and death giallo type from the ultimate master of Italian sleaze cinema! See reviews in other consolidation. A must! What more could anyone want? LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M900 Two Masks for Alexa (71) aka: Fieras sin jaula  aka: Two Males for Alexa  aka: Due maschi per Alexa   A young woman (Rosalba Neri) marries the wealthy father of a university friend, but then falls in love with a guy closer to her age. Distraught, her husband plots to frame the young adulteress for his murder, by sealing the lovers in a room in an isolated villa, with his fresh corpse. This alternate composite version has more nude scenes with Rosalba (which is a good thing!). LBX and in Italian language with English subtitles.  BA

R589 Vampire of Dusseldorf, The (65) aka: Le vampire de Düsseldorf  aka: the Secret Killer  Robert Hossein stars in this tale of a serial killer set in 1930's Germany, much like the Fritz Lang thriller 'M'. Hossein is excellent in his role as the killer of women Peter Kuerten prowling the dark streets for his unwitting victims (although some of the sleazy backstreets were filmed in Madrid). Marie France Pisier plays a cabaret singer complete with top hat and a whip. Finally LBX and with English subtitles. Upgrade!

M987 Women Seeking Pleasure (75) aka: Gynaikes pou zitousan ton erota  aka: Women Seeking for Love   Now the XXX version of this twisted Greek film about murderous lesbians. They kill an old man and steal money from his safe. While one distracts by stripping for the old man, the other stabs a sword through his back. They escape to an island and meet up with a guy working at a hotel, who has the hots for one of the girls. But the huge money packet... hmmmm. Lust, jealousy, greed, murder and plenty of nudity. The XXX is not a huge part of this Greek tragedy, but it is there.



M959 Bloody Judge, The (69) aka: Night of the Blood Monster  aka: Il trono di fuoco  aka: Der Hexentöter von Blackmoor    The late great Christopher Lee plays merciless evil Judge Jeffries. He condemns women as witches to further his political and sexual needs. Throw in a little 'Tower of London" (Howard Vernon does a decent homage to Karloff's 'Mord the Executioner' from that 1939 film), some 'Witchfinder General' and a little 'Mark of the Devil' and you get the picture. Torture and death, beautiful lavish locations and sets, vibrant colors in excellent widescreen, and previously edited scenes reintegrated sequentially correct and with subs if needed (although 95% of the film is English dubbed). Definitive Uncut 108 minute composite in great quality!  Stunning!  BA

M929 Gobblers, The (73) aka: Les Gloutonnes  aka: Maciste et les gloutonnes  According to legend, a group of women escaped from Atlantis just before the destruction of the continent. Escaping to a mysterious island, they have built their own kingdom. Any men foolish enough to approach this island are quickly taken by the sexually voracious 'gobblers'! Franco main squeeze Lina Romay was just getting started. Alice Arno, Robert Woods, Howard Vernon and more star. Now with English subtitles for the first time! 

M942 Rhythm of Jess, The (13) aka: A ritmo de Jess  Malaga: July 2012 - With a nonexistent budget, the legendary director Jess Franco faces, at 82 years of age, what will end up being his last shoot. 'Al Pereira and the Alligator Ladies'. With only four actors and three technicians.... slow uninspired productivity prevails. But then, the whirlwind that is Jess takes over the shoot! Amidst the chaos and confusion Jess takes off with his skills, and the others struggle to keep up. A final testament to the great Jess Franco. In Spanish language and with English subtitles.

M945 Story of Linda, The (81) aka: Naked Super Witches of the Rio Amore  aka: Orgy of the Nymphomaniacs  Betsy is a happy assistant at a luxurious Spanish hotel. The owner, Sheila (Raquel Evans) also runs a brothel where rich clients come from all over the world to make time with the ladies and watch sex shows. Linda (Katja Bienert) Betsy's sister, is captured and forced into prostitution. New upgraded LBX print over 2 minutes longer than new released version!  Nice LBX English dub.  BA




M948 Amanti (68) aka: A Place for Lovers  Faye Dunaway a year after 'Bonnie and Clyde'. She plays a fashion designer in Italy who has an affair with a married man (Marcello Mastroianni). Later she finds out she has an incurable disease and is going to die. Kind of like 'Love Story' this film was first. Dunaway looks stunning, even distraught, and there are some magnificent shots atop snow covered mountains and a lift that takes people up. People hated this when it came out, and it appears on many lists as one of the worst films ever made. The soundtrack overdoes it a bit. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B309 American Commandos (86) aka: Jäger der Apocalypse II  Viet Nam vets (a few Chris Mitchum and John Philip Law) go to Southeast Asia to eliminate drug-smuggling operations in the Golden Triangle. But upon arriving they find that some of the drug runners are former Viet Nam vets! What starts out as a simple revenge flick ramps up to something even more ambitious in the second half. Some cool battle scenes. Like when our hero's drive into battle A-Team style in a fixed up armored truck. Hidden weapons seemingly all over it, and also a compartment in the back where Chris Mitchum comes popping out with a rocket launching motorbike!  BA

R586 Arctic Flight (52) Mike Wein (Wayne Morris), is an Alaskan bush pilot operating in the Bering sea area... Lots of aerial shots, some actual Arctic locations (unusual for a Monogram film) and a polar bear is ruthlessly hunted down, shot and skinned. You'll get cold just watching this! Also with Alan Hale Jr. (The Skipper) and the feisty Lola Albright. LBX  BA

R689 Black Connection, The (74) aka: Run Nigger Run   Known primarily for casting a soul-singing trio called 'The Checkmates Ltd. who spice up the soundtrack with some swingin' groovin' 70's soul with their stylish keyboard driven tunes. Politically incorrect but hey, the entire 70's was politically incorrect wasn't it? That don't make it, 'not real'! Some pretty cool Blaxploitation here! Dig it Man!

M960 Burglars, The (71) aka: Le casse  The late Omar Sharif stars along with Jean-Paul Belmondo and Dyan Cannon in this heist film that arrives Upgraded Widescreen and English dubbed. A small group of pro-thieves plan a daring burglary from a rich gem merchant. They are after his emerald collection....  Suspense action in this cat and mouse thriller. Uncut at 1 hour and 59 minutes.  BA

R577 Caught (49) aka: Presi nella morsa  Leonora (Barbara Bel Geddes) marries the rich man of her dreams (Robert Ryan as Smith Ohlrig). But she soon realizes he is mad with power! She escapes his clutches but in a moment of weak reconciliation he knocks her up! She finds out she is expecting and falls in love with a doctor (James Mason). But once again she goes to her rich hubby for financial security except this time, he has taken measures to make sure she stays put.... BA

M990 Cuban Hamlet, The (14) The Story of Tomas Milian - Cool documentary/interview with actor Tomas Milian as he returns to Cuba for the first time since he left in the 1950's. Moving, candid and revealing. If you want to see what the star of so many movies is really like and are a fan this is a must! Runs under an hour and LBX with English subtitles.

R687 Edge of Honor (91) aka: Pour l'honneur des scouts  A group of scouts adventuring in the wilderness stumble upon a cache of stolen weapons hidden in the forest. The bad guys find out the young adults are on to their stuff, and begin to hunt them down. That is of course, until the scouts fight back with violence of their own. A fairly brutal guilty pleasure here! With the sexy Meredith Salenger. Also Scott Reeves, Corey Feldman and Don Swayze amongst many others. BA

R664 Frankenstein and The Vampire: A Dark and Stormy Night (14) Documentary telling the celebrated gathering in 1816 Geneva, which led to the writing of Frankenstein and the first modern vampire story.... Great for fans of classic horror! + The Secret Life of Books: Frankenstein (14) It's exactly what you think it is! More scholarly info on everybody's favorite flat-headed man-monster. Although if you have ever actually read 'Frankenstein' you may come out of the reading with a new appreciation of the book, and now regard how the actual films decided to trade the source material for a more visceral account, just a double bonus for fans of fantasy horror fiction.

B301 Frida, Professional Manager (00) aka: Frida Professione Manager  aka: Frida Professione Menager  Possibly from Renato Polselli's own copy as this movie was never released anywhere as far as we can tell! Newlyweds have a rough start, but when they finally have sex, things get going pretty well. Until he plays a joke on his new bride that turns out bad for all involved. Nudity and large English subtitles in this, Polselli's last film, unless he had another one tucked away that hasn't surfaced.  BA

R630 Gang War (58) aka: Solo contro i gangsters  A Los Angeles high-school (Charles Bronson) teacher's problems begin when he happens to witness a gang-land killing and agrees to identify the killers. The repercussions will be severe. They kill his pregnant girlfriend and Charlie decides to get revenge. That's what Charlie does. Kent Taylor, Gloria Henry and more star. From the director of 'I Was a Teenage Werewolf'. LBX  BA

B304 Loot (70) aka: Die größten Gauner weit und breit  Two pals pull off a bank robbery (nocturnal and naked so as not to leave evidence) and have to hide the loot. Satire loaded ironies ensue. They hide the money in a casket (which holds the dead mother of one of them). Sexy nurse (Lee Remick using an Irish accent) puts the make on the widowed father. Break-neck pace madness. Also with Richard Attenborough. LBX

M932 Lost Souls (59) aka: Vite perdute  aka: Un seul survivra  A young man and three girls on vacation in Elba, are made prisoners of five escaped convicts who force them to help their escape from the island. Virni Lisi, Sandra Milo, Gabriele Tinti and more star. With English subtitles.  BA

R669 Make Your Bets, Ladies (65) aka: Fire at Will  aka: Faites vos jeux, mesdames   aka: Il pugno proibito dell'agente Warner    Eddie Constantine plays an American secret agent sent to rescue a scientist, and he has the okay to pay a ransom in jewels to get him. Seems the scientist has invented a special paralysis device he has embedded in a ring. More secret agent fun in this forgotten gem.

M972 Marauders of the Sahara (65) aka: I predoni del Sahara  The children of a University Professor, accompanied by a con man/adventurer named Rock, go on expedition to the Sahara where the professor disappeared, aided by the only one who returned from their father's group. Ultimately this is about the quest for treasure, and the ruthless desert savages take hostages in their pursuit of this bounty as well. From sword and sandal director Guido Malatesta. With English subtitles.  BA

R596 Milkman, The (50) aka: Il lattaio bussa una volta  Roger Bradley (Donald O'Conner), son of a milk magnate, isn't allowed to work for his dad's company because of a lingering war trauma. It seems whenever he has stress, he quacks like a duck! He gets a job with his father's arch-rival (played by 'big-nose' Jimmy Durante) and falls for Chris (Piper Laurie at 18 years old in her second film!). Hilarious! William Conrad also stars. Look for a pre-star Jerry Lewis as a milkman!  BA

R663 Mods, Rockers and Bank Holiday Mayhem (14) British seaside beaches: 1964 This documentary charts the causes and consequences of the infamous bank holiday riots of 1964 made at the fiftieth anniversary of the events. Thing is, they were not really 'riots' at all, but a culture clash crash between the emerging youth movement  and the established citizens of the day, freaked by change, moral panic. Things were damaged, but nothing on the scale of Ferguson. The media blew up the situation, surprise! + Mods and Rockers: Rebooted (15) More on the British scene early 60's with footage, interviews, clips and snips and reminisces.  (DVD only- no VHS)

M911 Naked Fists (74) aka: A pugni nudi  Two young men come out of a reform school properly reformed. But the life outside will lure one back into the underworld. The other into fighting for money. A thrown fight will result in betrayal and death. Redemption is the only way out. Boxing action crime film with Enzo Pulcrano and Femi Benussi. In Italian language and with English subtitles.  BA

M938 Napoli: 5 from the Special Squad (78) aka: Napoli... i 5 della squadra speciale  aka: Les 5 de la section spéciale  In Naples, gangsters have seized the American ambassador. The authorities respond by assembling a special squad, led by Borri, a former commissioner who has a personal vendetta against the gangsters. All hell breaks loose. Nice locations. Richard Harrison, Lina Polito and more star.

R590 Operation Dames (59) aka: Girls in Action  aka: Im Todeskessel von Kusong  During the Korean War, a troupe of traveling USO entertainers find themselves behind enemy lines with a squad of American soldiers. These bimbos set back women's advancements in military positions by decades. Basically if you are in danger behind enemy lines, but sexy women are around, men still can't keep it in their pants. Hilarious and entertaining drive-in fun. With Playmate Eve Meyer. BA

R587 Petrified Forest, The (55) Producers Showcase T.V. movie remake! Roadside diner/gas station taken hostage by gangsters remade with Humphrey Bogart playing the same character from the movie version, 20 years previous. Lauren Bacall in the Bette Davis role. Cast also includes Henry Fonda, Richard Jaeckal, Jack Warden and Jack Klugman.

R668 Poison Ivy (53) aka: Gun Moll  aka: La môme vert de gris  Two million dollars has disappeared into thin air, Lemmy Caution (Eddie Constantine), an American agent, is sent by the F.B.I. to Casablanca after gold smugglers. With Dominique Wilms as a femme fatale type and Howard Vernon.  BA

M941 Return of the Caliber 38 Gang (77) aka: Ritornano quelli della calibro 38  Antonio Sabato plays a trench-coat clad angry cop in charge of fighting the mob, and aided by a loose-cannon single dad sidekick. He's also aided by a pair of trigger-happy motorcycle plainclothes cops. In Italian language and with English subtitles. 

R598 Scream Free! (69) aka: Street Drugs  aka: Free Grass   Casey Kasem plays a drug kingpin who's planning a big trafficking job in Mexico with his helper (Russ Tamblyn). Another guy is recruited (Richard Beymer) to be the driver. His end is 10 large, which he plans to use to start a new life in Dayton, Ohio! Everything goes wrong in this hippie drug counter-culture type flick. Lana Wood stars and looks great! + Trailers of similar fare! Nice color Upgrade!  BA

R654 Sherlock Holmes (81) Standing Room Only - Want to see Frank Langella as Sherlock Holmes in a stage play? Back in the day people paid big bucks to see this show.

B313 Soldier of Orange (77) aka: Soldaat van Oranje  WW2 seen through the eyes of several Dutch students who become involved. Which side to chose? One is Erik Lanshof and this is his self-penned true story (Rutger Hauer). It follows them through the beginning of the war, the Nazi occupation, and the Liberation. We will see their stories, and their fates. An amazing film about WW2 and a showcase for Hauer who is excellent in this. Also with Susan Penhaligon and Edward Fox. Don't miss this film! LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

B306 Target Goldseven (66) aka: Tecnica di una spia   aka: Staragent X 15 jagt goldene 7  American secret agent Alan Milner (Tony Russel) is assigned to get back a large amount of uranium that is being transported to an enemy power. Battles and intrigue is the name of the game here! Also with Erika Blanc! Upgrade!

R575 They Might be Giants (71) aka: Der verkehrte Sherlock Holmes  In a Manhattan psychiatric hospital, a man (George C. Scott) convinced that he is Sherlock Holmes, is treated by a female doctor who just happens to be named Watson (Joanne Woodward). Also with Al Lewis and Rue McClanahan, M. Emmet Walsh and F. Murray Abraham. LBX  BA

R609 Thunder island (63) A Central American woman hires an American hit man to assassinate the former dictator of her island country. With a screenplay co-written by Jack Nicholson (yea, that guy!)! Gene Nelson, Fay Spain, Brian Kelly, Miriam Conlon and more. Tagline: The one bullet that could send terror screaming through the whole Caribbean! A real treat! LBX  BA

R564 Thundering Jets (58) Captain Steve Morley (Rex Reason) must evaluate how the men under his command will react to pressure and stress at high altitudes in the latest jet fighters. Rex Reason was the star of such classic fare as 'The Creature Walks Among Us' and 'This Island Earth'. Also with Dick Foran and Audrey Dalton. Also with the first real role for Robert (Wild Wild West, Baa Baa Black Sheep) Conrad as Lt. Robert (Tiger Bob) Riley. He's 23 here.  BA

M980 Top Secret (67) aka: Segretissimo  Finally, Gordon Scott's last film in a beautiful Widescreen Upgrade! He plays a C.I.A. agent who is sent to investigate a German aristocrat who crossed the Iron Curtain seeking political asylum, but really is just trying to make some money by selling Top Secrets! With sexy Soviet spy Sandra (Magda Konopa) in the mix, things will prove even more complicated for our C.I.A. agent, but certainly more interesting! Widescreen English dub. BA

M981 Trap for the Assassin (65) aka: Roger la Honte  aka: Trappola per l'assassino   In the era following the Franco-Prussian war of 1870. Roger Laroque became the owner of a small factory. Forced to borrow a large sum due to fledgling business he finally manages to pay off his debt. But the day after his creditor is found murdered, and Roger is the prime suspect.... Riccardo Freda directs! With English subtitles.

M982 Vertigo for a Killer (70) aka: Vertige pour un tueur  A hit man (Marcel Bozzuffi) is given an impossible task. To kill a friend (Michel Constantin). Rather than do that, he whacks his boss and goes on the run, with his former boss's henchmen after him to kill him. Now he is the primary target. He hides out with a woman (Sylvie played by Sylvia Koscina) who takes him into her home. But he has no idea what her hidden agenda is...  Cool crime thriller with lots of suspense. Slightly LBX and with English subtitles.

M983 Voyage of the Damned (76) aka: Le voyage des damnés  Uncut 182 minute version never shown in theatres! This is the true story of 937 Jews that were put on a boat to Havana with useless documents. When they came to America, we denied them entry. They later were granted asylum in Belgium, of course proving fatal to two thirds of them because the war broke out and they died in the German concentration camps. Huge cast includes Malcom McDowell, Faye Dunaway, Lee Grant, Max Von Sydow, James Mason, Katherine Ross, Orson Welles (with Laura Gemser as his chauffeur, the man had taste!), Ben Gazzara and many many more. Look for Tom (Billy Jack) Laughlin as an Engineering Officer.  BA

M984 Wake Up and Die (66) aka: Svegliati e uccidi  The story of a petty hoodlum who pulls robbery store heists, in broad daylight, even smashing up shop windows. But a cop is on his tail, going after his weak link, (which in this case is his girl) to catch him. Cool Paris locations, car chases, action and an Ennio Morricone soundtrack, plus an edge of your seat intense climax. Finally the definitive uncut English dubbed version (running 116 minutes (!), longer than any listing of this film!). Slightly LBX. BA

R632 Walk the Dark Street (56) Wyott Ordung made his career directing entertaining schlock. Here we have a pretty cool variation of 'The Most Dangerous Game'. Chuck Conners holds a man responsible for the death of his brother in the Korean war. Since they both are hunters, Conner's character suggest they hunt each other in a certain area of L.A. He gives the other guy odds of ten to one. The other guy agrees because he needs the money. Let the games begin!  BA

R595 War of Children, A (72) Two families in Belfast, one Catholic, the other Protestant, find that their long standing friendship is threatened by the escalating sectarian violence that surrounds them. Time to pick sides? Critically acclaimed and hard-hitting, although many scold the film for it's inaccuracies and heavy-handed handling of the social material. Jenny Agutter stars and is 20 here. Cool.

R670 Wild Wild Winter (66) Fun and music on the ski slopes! The gals in this college ski town are hip to what the boy's want from them. The men need a hunky beach bum to defrost the man hating secretary of the Dean, who has this notion planted in the girl's pretty little heads. If she can be persuaded, the women too will be 'easy' pickings! With a hip rockin' soundtrack, Dick Miller, hot Chris Noel, Gary Clarke and more.  BA



R550 Child Bride of Short Creek (81) Polygamy horrors with Diane Lane, Helen Hunt, Christopher Atkins, Conrad Bain, Dee Wallace Stone and more. A dramatization of an historic raid on a polygamist compound and the lives of the people involved in this sect. Creepy people! This was Christopher Atkin's next movie after 'The Blue Lagoon'. Hunt and Lane stand out and both manage to gain your sympathy in their plight.

R693 Death Stalk (75) There is a reason why this MFTV film is so good and quite the guilty pleasure! The whitewater raft trip of two couples is interrupted by the appearance of 4 escaped prisoners, who require their aid to escape. The reasons this movie kicks ass is that two of the bad guys are played by Vic Morrow and Neville Brand! Also with Carol Lynley, Anjanette Comer, Norman Fell, Vince Edwards, Robert Webber and Larry Wilcox. Swift-paced with splashes of 'Deliverance'. Remade in the 90's as 'The River Wild' (pretty close).

R626 Death Takes a Holiday (71) Death (Monte Markham) takes a human form and visits Earth to find out why humans want so desperately to cling to life. He falls in love with a woman he finds diving in the ocean and wearing a bikini (Yvette Mimieux looking incredible). Pretty cool updating of the classic tale.  MFTV with a decent cast that includes Kerwin Matthews, Melvyn Douglas, Myrna Loy, Priscilla Pointer and more.

R560 Easy Prey (86) Gerald McRaney plays a psychopath that abducts rapes and kills women. Tina ( a young Shawnee Smith at 16) is his latest victim, but she shows no fear so he keeps her around as he pursues other victims. Really dark sordid and creepy, a very well made thriller. Susan Hogan, Kate Lynch and more star.

M928 Ghost of Kasane Swamp, The (57) aka: The Depths  aka: Kaidan Kasane-ga-fuchi   A blind masseur visits a samurai to request the return of a loan. The samurai is not too keen about this, and slays the masseur in anger. Then he has his servant dump the corpse in the Kasane swamp. The spirit of the dead will rise and make ruin the samurai and his family as well. Haunting 'sins of the father' type just literally dripping with atmosphere. In Japanese language and with English subtitles. 

R634 Girl in Black Stockings, The (57) aka: Das Mädchen mit den schwarzen Strümpfen   A party girl in black stockings is murdered, and everyone at a Utah motel is suspect. Soon, more bodies are popping up. Lex Barker, Anne Bancroft, Mamie Van Doren, Marie Windsor and Stuart Whitman star. BA

R554 God Bless the Child (88) Or not. Theresa (Mare Winningham) loses her job and finds herself homeless. So with her young daughter in tow she takes advantage of the homeless shelters and charities available to her. Devastatingly downbeat and depressing. I guess the moral of the story is to keep working hard every day as many are just a paycheck away from poverty and dire circumstance. Don't wanna' end up like this gal, no way! On a side note, this is the debut of Yasiin Bey also know as Mos Def, he has a small but significant role here.

R548 Haunting of Helen Walker, The (95) aka: The Turn of the Screw  Here's another remake of the classic film 'The Innocents' from 1961 based on the Henry James horror story 'The Turn of the Screw'. Of course you would expect maybe a color version to steer clear and be modernized from the original source material. Thankfully no. Rich gothic estate setting and lavish period costumes. Valerie Bertinelli actually does quite well in the role as the governess who has taken a job that will lead to terror.  If you know anything about the tale, it really is quite disturbing with the intentions of the possessed young boy being quite inappropriate. Recommended for fans of the tale, and still a hell of a ghost story. Also with Michael Gough and Diana Rigg!

R552 Haunting Passion, The (83) aka: Fluch der Leidenschaft  Dan (Gerald McRaney) was once a successful football player, Now he is retired and living in an isolated beach house with his beautiful wife (Jane Seymour). While he pursues his new job as a newscaster, his wife spends her time being haunted and raped by a horny ghost/demon. This entity even has a vicious jealous streak, attacking her friends etc. Also with Millie Perkins. Cool.

R616 Killing of Randy Webster, The (81) aka: La muerte de Randy Webster  A young man is shot and killed in an altercation with Houston police. His father doesn't believe the police version and starts digging around on his own. Cast includes Sean Penn (in one of his first movies), Jennifer Jason Leigh, Hal Holbrook, Dixie Carter and Chris Mulkey and Anthony Edwards in his adult debut. Interesting since this seems to be in the news frequently, but truth be told nothing has changed, it's always been happening. Human error is a constant, and on both sides.

M969 Long Nights of Veronique (66) aka: But You Were Dead  aka: La lunga notte di Veronique  A student returns home to his isolated village for a family funeral and meets a beautiful young woman. It turns out she died during the war, and is now roaming the world as a love seeking wraith. Some touches will remind you of Bava (colors/atmosphere) and Poe (crypts/ghostly reincarnations). This Gothic Italian Horror is pretty obscure and forgotten. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

R553 Men Don't Tell (93) Peter Strauss is Ed MacAffrey married to Judith Light (as his wife Laura). Laura gets drunk repeatedly and beats the crap out of Ed. Ed don't tell. Just takes it like a ... little bitch. Is there hope or help for Ed? Or will Laura continue her unchallenged reign of domestic abuse? What will it take for Ed to grow a pair? You'll see what finally wakes Ed up!

R549 No One Would Tell (96) Stacy (Candace Cameron Bure) can't believe that Bobby, the most popular jock in school (Fred Savage) has the hots for her. Thing is Bobby is a possessive violent asshole. Stacy is doomed to beatings and eventually, worse. Based on a true story (for real this time). A lesson for young girls everywhere that think they are in love. Love can kill.

R615 Outside Chance (78) aka: Jackson County Jail   After being raped in 'Jackson County Jail' in 1976, Dinah Hunter (Yvette Mimieux) runs into more trouble! This may be one of the oddest films to ever be made for T.V. as it takes the same character from an R -Rated exploitation flick, and throws her into the same situation! Also made by the same director (Michael Miller) and his next feature after 'Jackson County Jail'! I guess he wasn't done with Dinah's story! After her car is stolen by two hitchhikers, Dinah gets locked up by dirty cops and molested once again! She ends up in prison, escapes and goes on the run, getting mixed up with criminals that could clear her name, but seem to get her into deeper peril. Also with Severn Darden, Howard Hesseman and more. Make sure you watch 'Jackson County Jail' first!

R556 Precious Victims (93) aka: Víctima indefensa  A young couple has their baby abducted. A few years later, it happens again to their second daughter. The mother is the main suspect and a courtroom drama unfolds. Haunting dark, twisted and true this one. Broadcast print quality has a few problems here and there. With an all star cast that includes Brion James, Robby Benson, Richard Thomas, Park Overall, Nancy Cartwright and many more.

R555 Right to Kill (85) aka: Das Recht zu töten  Two young teens (played by Christopher Collet and Justine Bateman) abused by their father (Frederic Forrest), decide to take him out. And I don't mean to dinner. Disturbing domestic violence and an interesting courtroom drama. Did they have a right to kill that mean SOB? Excellent.

R557 Rockabye (86) aka: Dirty Deal - Es geschah auf offener Strasse...  Valerie Bertinelli (as a blonde!) plays a distraught mother who with the help of a tabloid reporter (Rachel Ticotin) searches for her three year old. kidnapped by a black market child-trafficking ring. Luckily Lt. Ernest Foy (Jason Alexander aka: George from 'Seinfeld) is on the case. Bertinelli opens up a can of whoop-ass with a gun in it, and things don't go too well for Ticotin's character sadly. Yes, Mrs. Van Halen did well here.

R551 Sin of Innocence (86) aka: Two Young People  aka: El pecado de la inocencia  David (Bill Bixby) marries Vicki (Dee Wallace Stone, obviously now known as Dee Wallace). Both bring a child into the new relationship. One teenage boy (Dermot Mulroney in his movie debut, in real life 23 years old at the time), and one teenage girl (Megan Follows). They fall in love and everybody freaks out. Awkward love story fun.

M978 Stranger Knocks, A (59) aka: En fremmed banker på  An important film historically, this 1959 film was released in the U.S. was taken to the Supreme Court as obscene. Finally these idiots were overruled and the movie was released. Thankfully for movie censorship in America, this was the beginning of the end. A stranger on the run from the law knocks at the door of a mourning widow. He claims to be lost, she lets him stay. They then drift into an addictive co-dependence. But this is no romance, the man is bad, she's unhinged, and things will not turn out okay. In Swedish and with English subtitles.

R633 They Only Come Out at Night (75) A middle-aged homicide detective (Jack Warden) investigates a series of murders of elderly women. This was the pilot for Jack Warden's short-lived detective show 'Jigsaw John'. Excellent.

R558 When She Was Bad (79) Stressed out by a move and being a stay-at-home mom, Teeny (Cheryl Ladd) takes out her frustrations on her daughter Robbie (played by 7 year old Nicole Eggert). Eventually her abuse results in a hospital visit for her daughter, and shit hits the fan. Robert Urich is the bewildered husband. Also with Eileen Brennan and Dabney Coleman.

R559 Who Will Love My Children? (83) aka: El legado de una madre   Based on the true story of an Iowa wife (Ann Margaret) who is dying but has ten kids that need tended to, so she's got to adopt them out one by one like puppies. This may just be the saddest movie ever made. If you are a masochist, you'll love it! Set during the depression and boy is it ever! Loads of actors, many young, like Tracey Gold, Soleil Moon Frye and more like William Sanderson and still others of course. Goddamn get out the friggin' hankies! 



R622 Diamond Queen (40) aka: Diamond Queen: Diamond Thriller No.7   Fearless Nadia was born in Australia and went to India and became a Bollywood star for over 3 decades (from 1935 to her last feature in 1970!) A bad-ass chick, she even sometimes did her own stunts in various adventure films. Here we have her in 'Diamond Queen'. A real spectacle with cool locations and action sequences that would be at home in any Hollywood Serial of the era. LBX and with English subtitles.

M975 Nude and Cruel (84) aka: Nudo e crudele  Creepy weird practices from around the world displayed by numerous vile savages. Well, culture is culture. And the culture's displayed by some here are tough to accept. But let's be clear, much of this is 'staged'! One freaky guy gets his ding-dong cut off, and then prances on the street like a 5 dollar whore in a short skirt, later a park ranger gets eaten by an obviously fake alligator and more. Most English language dubbed, some parts added back are in Italian, sometimes with English subtitles. This is a restored LBX print. 

M986 Woman Enemy (67) It's a Turkish Giallo! A devilish monster-mask wearing psychopath murders women. Foggy streets, peeping in windows and more. He switches monster masks as well (with monster gloves as a added bonus!). Pretty cool considering the same movie is still being made somewhere by college students with their daddy's money. Now with English subtitles!




M962 Death of the Jackal (84) aka: La muerte del chacal   A black-clad psycho-killer is on the loose, sometimes using a Doberman to help rip his victims up before he does them in with his cane. But hunting women, he usually goes solo with his excessively stabbing killing cane. There is a bit of nudity and an electro-soundtrack that is menacing and creepy. My favorite is the Doberman(s) though, they really tackle their role's with reckless abandon. Give the puppy a treat. And, that better be a fake prop dog you savages! Kind of like a Mexican Giallo Slasher! With English subtitles.

B314 On the Edge of Terror (92) aka: Al filo del terror  Walking talking creepy clown ventriloquist puppets played by dwarfs! A ventriloquist on the brink of madness has lost his audience and now is taken to abusing his puppets. They will have their revenge on man and his kind! Nice Mexi-Horror now available for the first time with English subtitles! Upgrade!

M997 Santo and the Anonymous Death Threats (75) aka: Santo en Anónimo mortal   Santo fights Nazis 25 years after the war... In Mexico!  Will he escape the gas chamber?  Probably... but not everyone will!   With English subtitles!  BA

M985 Whip against the Killer Mummies, The (80) aka: El Latigo Contra Las Momias Asesinas   The final 'El Latigo' film. El Latigo is a modern day whip-cracking Zorro type character that battles villainy and supernatural creatures. This time, he faces a murderous satanic sect of crumbling killer mummies. Although a Mexican production, this was filmed in Guatemala. Incredibly bizarre horror with eerie music and gothic touches throughout.  Finally with English subtitles! BA

B300 Whip versus Satan, The (79) aka: El Látigo contra Satanás  The curse of a witch has freed Satan and now, with the help of his minions (weird beasts) he will terrorize and exterminate a small town. But El Latigo is not having it! Satan has the head of a raging bull, and the body of a man. Super weird madness that could only come from Mexico! Now, in a super colorful upgrade and with big easy to read English subtitles!  BA

M920 With Hatred Under the Skin (88) aka: Con el odio en la piel  Intolerant sheriff Logan (Hugo Stiglitz) comes to town and starts to get rid of undesirable Mexicans. He even hires a gang to help and they go on a killing spree. After losing some of his friends and relatives, Raul starts to get his bloody revenge. Ultra-violent with bloody murders, a rock soundtrack, action-packed sequences and a great cast that includes Juan Valentin. Now this classic comes with English subtitles for the first time!




M924 Awkward Hands (70) aka: Manos torpes  aka: When Satan Grips the Colt   Peter (Peter Lee Lawrence) a naive ranch-hand, courts Dorothy (Pilar Velazquez) daughter of the ranch's owner. Pappa finds out and gives Peter a good flogging, and then throws him off the ranch for good. Dorothy goes after Peter and soon The father's henchmen drag the two lover's back to the ranch. Where Peter gets whipped a second time! To stop the whipping, Dorothy agrees to marry another local that has water rights, controlling the water flowing into the ranch's lands. Peter splits, trains as a gunfighter and returns to find Dorothy is now a whore..... Peter is determined to give her father a good whipping!  LBX  BA

R627 Black Whip, The (56) aka: Die schwarze Peitsche  Two brothers rescue four dance hall girls, and encounter trouble from a villain who wields a wicked whip as his choice of weapon. Hugh Marlowe, Strother Martin, Angie Dickinson and Coleen Grey star. Ridiculous fun! Coleen Grey (The Leech Woman herself) died in August 2015 at age 93. LBX  BA

M925 Blood at Sundown (66) aka: 1000 dollari sul nero  aka: $1,000 on the Black   Twelve years ago, Sartana (Gianni Garko) framed his brother Johnny (Anthony Steffen) for murder and stole his girlfriend (Erika Blanc). Now the town's cruel boss, doted upon by his possessive mother, Sartana seems safe. But Johnny has served his sentence, and rides back into town! He's got a score to settle. Excellent Widescreen English dubbed version.  BA

R680 Diabolical One, The (77) aka: El Diabólico  aka: El Diabolico Žanr   Here's a bizarro twist for a western!  A desperado with a glowing pendant and matching eyes rides into a frontier town and robs the bank. He also kills everybody and kidnaps the banker's daughter who he then brands and rapes before taking her back to town and dumping her in front of the bank, dying, begging her father to avenge her! A posse gets him but he gives the pendant to the village idiot, who now possessed, continues the devil's work.... Meanwhile a young Indian girl who has been raped by the evil gives birth.... Cool crazy western horror hybrid not to be missed! With English subtitles!

M999 Fuzzy the Hero (73) aka: Tequila  aka: Uno, dos, tres... dispara otra vez  Mixes violence with black comedy in this one, and the usual troubles with a mean and corrupt town boss. Since the boss is forcing everybody to sell, the plan is to rob the bank and get all the loot!  Anthony Steffan is the lead. Decent production values and super hot Agata Lys and Maria Elena Arpon! Both Euro-horror starlets. Amazing Widescreen English dubbed version.  BA

M930 Holy Water Joe (71) aka: Acquasanta Joe  A gang of robbers armed with a union army cannon rob the bank holding Acquasanta Joe's (Ty Hardin) earnings to date. Revenge and the hunt is on to recoup was is rightfully his. LBX upgrade!

B395 Implacable Three (63) aka: Tres hombres buenos  aka: Three Good Men   A rancher leaves his wife unprotected at their hacienda and rides off to herd the cattle. Seven gunslingers descend upon the hacienda to rob the house, but the wife confronts them. She is strangled, but manages to tear a stick pin off his lapel.  When he finds his wife dead, Don Cezar Guzman (Geoffrey Horne of 'Bridge on the River Kwai') sets out on the trail labeled 'Revenge!". He eventually gets two riders who have the same thing on their minds joining him. Quickly some of the bad guys are taken care of, but the killer remains elusive.... LBX and dubbed into English. Upgrade!  BA

M971 Man Called Gringo (65) aka: Sie nannten ihn Gringo  aka: La venganza del gringo  When a gang of outlaws takes over a small town, to the people of the city, all is lost. When a gunslinger arrives, he decides to help out. But the bad guys are not so easily discouraged. Silvia Solar, Gotz George, Alexandre Stewart and more star. Amazing Widescreen English dubbed version. Upgrade! 

M934 Man of the Cursed Valley (64) aka: L'uomo della valle maledetta  aka: L'homme de la vallée maudite  A young woman is attacked by 3 Apaches (that look like Italian hippies!) but she manages to escape and is found wandering in the wilderness by Johnny Walscott (Ty Hardin). He nurses her back to health and proposes to take her to El Paso to a mission sanctuary. Meanwhile the Indians are after her as she was quite the prize! The Apaches want her especially since they are enemies of her native American husband. LBX  BA

M974 Miss Dynamite (72) aka: Tutti fratelli nel west... per parte di padre  aka: All the Brothers of the West Support Their Father   A young adventurer (Antonio Sabato) owns one fifth of a rock that, when combined with the other pieces, shows the location of a rich gold mine. With danger at every turn, he sets out to find the other chunks of rock, and he is aided by a sexy hooker (Marisa Mell). Lionel Stander and Peter Carsten also star. Widescreen and English language dubbed. BA

M937 More Dollars for the MacGregors (70) aka: Ancora dollari per i MacGregor   A bounty hunter uses his girlfriend as a lure to catch his bounties. She is killed and he teams up with another guy to hunt down the killers. Later, he must battle his helper as it was the guy's sister who died, and he holds him responsible for her death by using her as bait. There is also a  subplot about a beautiful Indian witch (Malisa Longo). With Peter Lee Lawrence, George Forsyte and more. Beautiful English language widescreen print dubbed into English and no subtitles.

R635 Nevada Smith (75) A half-breed gunslinger (Cliff Potts as Nevada Smith) and a friend he has not seen in years (Lorne Greene as Jonas Cord) join together to escort a shipment of explosives across Utah. Also with Adam West. Pilot for a proposed series, a rehash of established characters from the 1966 movie.

R567 New Mexico (51) aka: Der Todesfelsen von Colorado   A cavalry captain (Lew Ayres) has great difficulty keeping the peace between his tyrannical colonel and a revenge obsessed Indian Chief. Also with Raymond Burr, Andy Devine, Jeff Corey and more.  BA

R607 Waco (66) aka: Waco una pistola infallibile  Good geezer western with Howard Keel as a recently released outlaw who is hired to clean up a really bad town run by a saloon owner. Insensitive and cold dialogue only adds to the fun. John Agar tells Ben Cooper that his girlfriend will get over being raped 'in a few days'. Wendell Corey seems drunk and slurs his lines and more. DeForest Kelly was about to board the Starship Enterprise. Terry Moore and Jane Russell also star amidst a field of veterans. Great bad fun! R.G. Springsteen!  BA

R563 Wagons Westward (40) aka: La caravana del Oeste  Twin brothers are quite different. Outlaw and government lawman. Chester Morris in a complicated duel role. Anita Louise and more star. 69 minute version, not the 53 minute T.V. cut.





M910 Last Chance for Life (62) aka: Ultimatum alla vita  aka: Aux mains des SS   Rare WW2 W.I.P. from director Renato Polselli. Don't expect sex, violence and torture however, this was made in 1962. A woman named Mara is held by the Nazi's who are trying to get information from her about her father, who has flipped sides. She shares a cell with four other women who are also suspected of being with the partisans. The Nazi's have a trump card to play which may make Mara give up the info. This was Polselli's next feature after he directed 'Vampire and the Ballerina" and could be one of the first Nazi W.I.P. films. In Italian language and with English subtitles.







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R658 Anal Blondes (80's) Scene after scene of super hot blondes pretty much giving up all, and lovin' every minute of it! First few scenes are fast and furious getting down to business immediately. Ginger Lynn and many more enjoy their activities.

R659 Bitchin' Blondes and more sex stories (80's/90's) Join us as we watch some hot sex with some blondes, some of the mini-stories of hard-core sex are: Post Blitz, Lola Rides the Big One, Lucky Roll, Oral Feast and more! A whole lot to see here!

R703 Blow Job Betty (91) + The Chameleon (89) Diana (Tori Welles) can change into any woman she wants when aroused, which is a lot! She confesses her sexual conquests with her shrink. + more sex scenes and running over 3 and a half hours!  No VHS

R697 Cagney and Stacey (84) Sexy female investigators (played by Erica Boyer and Stacey Donovan) are hired to find a families missing jewels.... They find so much more! Super hot 80's sex! + Teeny Pervers (8?) German hardcore sex with adult women of course!  Maybe some tinkle at the start as well so be warned.  A preview of more hardcore fun at the end. 4 hours - Chapters every 10, no VHS.

R647 California Blondes 2 (87) Amazing hardcore sex scenes with some of the hottest and horniest blondes of the day. + In Love (83) A married man has a weekend fling with a beautiful woman in Florida. He falls in love with her and makes plans to leave his wife. Jerry Butler, Kelly Nichols, Samantha Fox, Tish Ambrose and more.  DVD-R only NO VHS

R698 Coming of Angie, The (72) Angie is truant, and is on her knees almost immediately going down on her truant officer to get him/her off the hooky hook. Later she seduces her job interviewer who turns her over to a brothel.... Early 70's grinding grind house hardcore.

R685 Cowgirl Butt Pie Spectacular #1 (0?) 30 or more scenes featuring mostly blonde cowgirl rider's riding on endowed males. These scenes are the cowgirl scenes mainly and mostly with no money shot/climax. Although, maybe this really is the money shot. And 30 times plus at that! Modern Blondes Go Wild!

R686 Cowgirl Butt Pie Spectacular #2 (0?) More scenes, 24 in all, featuring mostly blonde cowgirl rider's, riding on endowed males. These scenes are the cowgirl  scenes mainly and mostly with no money shot/climax. Butt this is the actual money shot for rump enthusiasts I would dare say! Have a slice (or 20!) Modern Blondes Go Wild!

R700 Double Exposure of Holly, The (76) A spurned husband sets up his cheating wife after she discards him. Obscure New York lensed 70's porno with Terri Hall, Nancy Dare and Catharine Burgess as Holly! + Winter Heat (76) Uncut 70 minute version! Slimy degenerates invade a snow-bound cabin, raping and dominating the women inside, until they like it! 2 excellent throwback pornos from 1976!  DVD-R only NO VHS

R661 Gazongo: The Ultimate Can Opener (95) Whitney Wonders (of Big Knockers, Thunder Boobs and Double Air Bags, just to name a few!) and Nikki Sinn give you more than an eyeful in this sexy romp. + Wendy Whoppers: Brain Surgeon (93) Terrific Ta Ta's on Wendy in case you forgot. Brain Surgeon? An excuse for sexy nurse sets. This double feature of big hooters is just the ticket for bouncing booby fans! That's Incredible!  DVD-R only NO VHS

R660 Girls from Butthole Ridge, The (94) A place to visit and you would want to live there as well! Willing women share everything they got! + Super Sex Scenes Galore! Entire DVD runs over 4 hours. No VHS on this title.

R592 Honey Buns (73) aka: Heads or Tails - All star soft-core porn with hardcore inserts. Rene Bond, Uschi Digard, Starlyn Simone, Becky Sharpe, Sandy Carey, Kathy Hilton and more.

R677 Next M Generation (0?) Should be called 'Bound Women, Lesbos and Liquid Ecstasy'. That's pretty much the gist! Mud, sugar, Oil.... Wow! F.L.


R638 Outraged #1 (various) Scene after scene of sexual deviation of some sort or other, usually involving women who are taken sexually against their will. Whatever scenarios are played out, whatever sordid fantasy is portrayed, keep in mind all models are 18 or older and have consented to the sexual practices they are involved in. Offensive and insane, from movies and clips from 1970 to 2000 and beyond. An endless collection as we have over 100 of these.... which will come out more and more every update. Many erotic and surprise scenes so numerous they are impossible to catalog.

R639 Outraged #2 (various) *See #1 (Scene after Scene after Scene........)

R640 Outraged #3 (various) *See #1 (Scene after Scene after Scene......)

R641 Outraged #4 (various) *See #1 (Scene after Scene after Scene.............)

R642 Outraged #5 (various) *See #1 (Scene after Scene after Scene........)

R643 Outraged #6 (various) *See #1 (Scene after Scene after Scene.........)

R644 Outraged #7 (various) * See #1 (Scene after Scene after Scene........(

R645 Outraged #8 (various) *See #1 (this one is super long at over 6 hours!)

R646 Outraged #9 (various) *See #1 (Scene after Scene after Scene...........)

R699 Outraged #10 (various) *See #1 (Scene after Scene after Scene.....)


R683 Pornomix Espanol Vol. 1 (0?) First we see these hot mamas walking the streets in their tight-fitting whore clothes, before we get them alone in a room and a well endowed male has his way with them. Of course that is what they were trying to get in the first place! Why else dress like that? Numerous hot scenes. F.L.

R684 Pornomix Espanola Vol. 2 (0?) More Hot Mamas oh My My. See Pornomix Espanol Vol. 1 for description of this continuation.

R702 Seduction of Christy Canyon, The (various 80's) Scenes with Christy, having it her way and all ways . Christy Canyon was one of the hottest things on two legs in the 1980's. See why! + Some more sex scenes padding disc out to 2 hours and 10 minutes or so.

R681 Sperma Schleuder (0?) German wet hardcore with lots of human liquids sloshing about in frantic fast hard scenes of people going at it! F.L.  DVD-R only NO VHS

R696 When Sex Was Dirty 4 and 5 (old black and white sex) featuring many scenes, some with subtitles, of vintage sex scenes. + Gourmet Quickie: Cody - Delicious hard-core sex with Cody! Runs around 4 hours! 

R701 Who Framed Ginger Grant? (89) Another hardcore with a spoof title. Bionca Seven, Elise Aline and more get down and very very dirty! + Back Seat Bush (92) This is a story about Sexual awakenings in a small Texas town over the course of one fateful night in and around J.D.'s Cafe. Summer Knights and Stacy Nichols star.   DVD-R only NO VHS