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Lbx=  Letterboxed or Widescreen format 

Subs=  Film is subtitled

aka= Also Known As  (alternate titles)


22860000 22860000 (`@````````` 266 263 5 110185200 110185200


B652                 Loft (85) aka: Loft - Die neue Saat der Gewalt  In an apocalyptic future world, a young upper class couple is lured to view some surrealist paintings, presented by a group of young anarchists. The anarchists do this, luring pretentious rich people, so they can trap them in their loft flat and torture them.  One of the killers plainly states "You attended our exhibition, but not one of you paid any attention to our pictures. We are our pictures, and they strike back when they are insulted.”. Luckily for us this gets bloody and violent, very downbeat. 'Loft' is a depressing, ugly and anarchistic shocker with extremely violent set-pieces which actually caused censorship problems in Germany when released. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

G572                 She-Rat, The (97) aka: Die Rättin  Story of the downfall of mankind and the rise of rats as told BY a rat... Artistic and surreal tale. Directed by Martin Buchhorn based on the novel by Günter Grass.  Matthias Habich stars.  LBX and with English subtitles.




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B694                 An Invisible Man Travels Through the City (33) aka: Ein Unsichtbarer geht durch die Stadt  A mysterious customer leaves behind a suitcase in a taxi. Taxi driver Harry finds it holds a device that can make one invisible. His friend Fritz uses it to rob banks. Who wouldn't? Actually made and released just months before James Whale's film, this is more lighter fare on science fiction, and the myriad possibilities of invisibility with action and stunts. With English subtitles.  BA

B724                 Battle of Blood Island (60) Two American G.I.'s, at odds with each other, find themselves the only survivors on an isolated island. The rest of the men were wiped out by the Japanese. Now they must survive, and dodge the Japanese. But when the Japanese find out the war is lost, the Japanese kill themselves! They get a little too cozy these two guys if you ask me. Why doesn't the healthy guy signal the passing ship for a rescue? You will see similarities to even recent movies here.  BA

B717 Bombs over Burma (43) aka: Jornada negra  A Chinese girl (Anna May Wong) risks her life on an espionage mission against the Japanese in WW2. Also with Noel Madison. Anna May Wong drunk herself to death, dying of cirrhosis, which gave her a heart attack at age 55 in 1961. Anna May succeeded in Hollywood in a time where racism was pretty intense in Hollywood. She was the first Chinese-American movie star.  BA

G531 Child of Manhattan (33) aka: Taxi Girls  Paul (Jone Boles) is extremely wealthy because his grandfather bought land that eventually became Midtown Manhattan. He knocks up Madelaine (Nancy Carroll), a cute dance hall girl. When the baby dies, Madelaine is despondent, and feeling unloved flees to Mexico and runs into an old suitor who now owns a silver mine. Paul comes after her. Geez, pretty lucky dame to hit the jackpot twice! Look for Betty Grable as Lucy. BA

G525 Clairvoyant, The (35) aka: L'uomo che vide il futuro  A fake music-hall clairvoyant (Claude Raines) meets a woman (Fay Wray), and suddenly his predictions seem to come true. Excellent almost spooky, dark little thriller with a sort of surprise downbeat ending. Memorable little classic here, both Raines and Wray are outstanding in this. Upgrade!  BA

B722 Corregidor (43) aka: Hjältar från Corregidor  Shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor, a doctor and his staff treat the sick in a Philippine hospital as American and Filipino troops battle back against the ferocious Japanese. Otto Kruger and Elissa Landi.  BA

G486 Crime Without Passion (34) aka: Crimen sin pasión  When a prominent lawyer shoots his unfaithful girlfriend during a quarrel, he proceeds to the next step. Establishing an alibi. With Claude Raines and Margo (in her debut).  BA

B721 Dawn Express, The (42) aka: L'espresso dell'alba  Of course we need another cheap PRC wartime propaganda film! The film begins with a couple of workers from a chemical plant being kidnapped by Nazi spies. Then after being pumped for information, they are killed and their bodies dumped. Later the Germans send a sexy Fraulein to seduce a rich playboy to get him to talk... Michael Whalen, Anne Nagel and more star. 

B674 F.P. 1 Doesn't Answer (32) aka: F.P.1 antwortet nicht  A huge floating platform in the Atlantic ocean makes extreme long distance flights possible.  This is a big-budget techno thriller with drama was state-of-the-art for 1932, with a swell lickety-split plotline in which industrial sabotage, sexual politics and the psychology of heroism are artfully entwined. Have to love the special effects in this one! Co-written by Curt Siodmak, and also one of the players is Peter Lorre. BA

G511 Frail Women (32) Lilian (Mary Newcomb) has an illegitimate war-baby adopted by a wealthy spinster. This is the equivalent of a Pre-Code film except British in style. Interesting and downbeat.

G509 None Shall Escape (44) aka: Nessuno sfuggirà  The career of a Nazi (Alexander Knox) is shown in flashbacks during his trial as a war criminal. He rapes a young girl, who commits suicide, he denounces his own brother to the Gestapo, whose family dies in the aftermath, he shoots his nephew down in cold blood etc. He's one despicable SOB. This was filmed while the war was still ongoing. Also with Marsha Hunt (who amazingly turns 99 years old this month of October 2016).  BA

G455 Professional Soldier (35) aka: Soldado Profissional   Mercenary Donovan (Victor McLaglen) is hired to kidnap King Peter to save him from a corrupt kingdom that plots against him with revolution in mind. Freddie Bartholomew and Gloria Stuart also star. Look for Rita Hayworth in an uncredited role as a Gypsy dancer.  BA

G520 Red Salute (35) aka: Accadde una volta  The rebellious and spoiled college brat daughter (Barbara Stanwyck) of an army general, gets involved with a Communist agitator, mainly to annoy her father, who prefers Jeff (Robert Young) a young All American soldier. Stanwyck and Young end up together when Jeff goes AWOL and must put politics aside for a time... In several ways a bit like the much later 'The Way We Were' with it's politics and differences of opinion. 

G499 Shibukawa Bangorô (22) An unusual silent film with short sequences detailing the adventures of various samurai warriors. In one episode, which has to be seen to be believed, a group of them encounter a strange villain who transforms himself into a giant spider and then he spins a web and entraps them! No Subtitles, and of course it's 1922 and this is a very early film from Japan.

G527 Thunderbolt (29) aka: La rafle  Early talkie about a criminal known as 'Thunderbolt' (George Bancroft) who is facing execution, and a man (Richard Arlen) he wants to kill in the next cell, before his date with death. The reason? The man has taken Thunderbolt's girl (sexy Fay Wray as the gangster's moll!)). Of course a lengthy pre-story before this point plays out. Excellent Pre-Code gangster stuff with impressive nightclub acts in an African American bar. BA

G448 Wild Money (37) A big-city newspaper gives its penny-pinching bookkeeper a whopping expense account to cover a story he scooped while on vacation...  Comedy with Edward Everett Horton  BA

G510 Women of all Nations (31) aka: Mulheres de Todas as Nações  Marines Flagg and Quirt fought together in WW1 and Panama. After some time in New York they go to Sweden and compete for the love of a woman. Bela Lugosi is a Prince with a harem. Also with Humphrey Bogart, Edmund Lowe, Victor McLaglen, Greta Nissen, El Brendel and more. BA

B658 World Will Shake, The (39) aka: Le monde tremblera  A young doctor has invented a machine. It can tell you the day and minute of when you will die. Some want to know, some do not. This is a timeless science fiction film from France that everyone can relate to. How about me? How many years? Months? Hours? Minutes? Would you want to know? There are those who want to use the machine for profit. Erich Von Stroheim, Claude Dauphin and more star. With English subtitles.





B622 Alexander the Great (68) William Shatner as Alexander the Great? I am so there! And Adam West stars as well. Both actors taking time off from their other jobs as Captain Kirk and Batman. Really pretty cool as far as these MFTV flicks go. Much better than the Oliver Stone debacle. Because that one sucked bad. This at least is somewhat entertaining. Joseph Cotton, John Cassavetes and more. Adam West later stated this as the worst pilot ever. Really, it's okay.

B606 Littlest Angel, The (69) Johnny Whitaker is a dead little shepherd boy, just arriving in heaven after foolishly chasing a bird off a cliff. He badly lip synchs songs as he goes along, annoying the hell out of the viewer. In the afterlife he meets the angels, one a goofy tall guy played by Herman Munster himself, Fred Gwynne as Patience, the Guardian Angel. Where the hell was he when the stupid little bastard chased the bird off the cliff? He even gets his own musical number. As does Tony Randall. Mystifyingly awful, with everyone as angels, floating around, singing crappy songs. Cab Calloway, Connie Stevens, E.G. Marshall and more. I'll just bet some of these thespians fired their agents after this atrocity. Sort of creepy and weird, but not meant to be. I want to look away, but I cannot. Keep telling yourself. It's only a movie. It's only a movie.

B697 Pirates of Blood Island (72) aka: La rebelión de los bucaneros  A pirate who has gone to England and gained amnesty for he and his fellow buccaneers, promising to put aside their lives of vice and plunder, to reform into current colonial ways, is a hero. What follows is a tale of deceit and treachery as he now faces ruin due to traitors who plot to overthrow him and seize the island, whose waters contain valuable pearls. Adventure, toy ship sequences. and a splendid ocean dual make this a successful attempt at period swashbuckling that most pirate fans will enjoy. Dubbed into English language and also with some Greek subtitles.

B616 Sword of Lancelot (63) aka: Lancelot, der verwegene Ritter  Cornel Wilde directed and starts in this period action classic as the fabled Lancelot, the bravest knight of King Arthur's Round table during the time of Camelot! With some excellent and graphic violent action battle sequences comes this British costume adventure, similar to a Hammer Production and reasonably faithful to Arthurian legends of old. Adrienne Corri stars, Jean Wallace as Guinevere. Cornel Wilde made his masterpiece 'The Naked Prey' just two years later.   BA




G563 Curse of the Yellow Snake (63) aka: Der Fluch der gelben Schlange  aka: La maledizione del serpente giallo   A fanatical Chinese cult bent on taking over the world uses an idol called 'The Golden Reptile' that they believe can give them the power to achieve their goal. Foggy dark atmosphere and one hell of an adventure yarn here from Wallace. LBX Upgrade!  BA




B638 Catherine Chérie (82) aka: Catherine, gemidos del placer  Young sexually liberated Catherine lives with her older boyfriend (who writes erotic novels) in a seaside villa. She gets some extra leg on the side with the sexy maid, lighting her boyfriend's creativity. Ajita Wilson has a sizable supporting role in this, an and is graphically shown giving a blowjob. Wow, maybe this should be in XXX? Well, this is mostly softcore. Colorful sleaze shot in the Grand Canary islands. Now in an uncut 96 minute version! That's right, 14 extra minutes than previous print, so this counts as an upgrade!  Nice. LBX and English Dubbed.  BA

B640 College Girl on Vacation (80) aka: La liceale al mare con l'amica di papà   An unhappily married man in his forties, is constantly on the make for young women. One of them, dresses up as a nun and follows him as he vacations with his family on the coast. To make things even more complicated two kidnappers show up looking to kidnap his adolescent daughter. Marisa Mell and Sabrina Siani star, and if you are familiar with these two ladies and their body (bodies) of work, you know this is great!  Dubbed into English and with Dutch subtitles.  BA

B691 Don't Play with Tigers (82) aka: Ricchi, ricchissimi... praticamente in mutande  Another example of Italian made seventies sex comedies peeks it way out in the early eighties with a great cast! It's a three part anthology film . In the first, a man and his family move into a rickety beach house, but a group of nudists decide to camp there... Next: An unhappily married tub of a man falls for a sexy German gambling lady, but will he score before his fat wife and the German ladies violent husband find out? Third: The bankrupt owner of a business tries to meet the demands of a sheik to get a contract..... LBX and English language dubbed.  BA

B608 Fluctuations (70) An extreme bombardment of sexual insanity of threesomes, foursomes, lesbians, whippings, light bondage, moaning soundtrack at times, surreal and mind tripping to the soft-core extreme. Don't try to make sense of it. Just step into the mud and wallow in the sheer 42nd Streetishness of the thing. Damn, is that a wad of gum on my shoe or.....? Ugh!

B603 Ghetto Freaks (70) aka: Wages of Sin  Taking place in the cold and hard winter in the slums of Cleveland, Ohio, this hippiesploitation follows a group, led by Guru Sonny, in the rough streets of this large northern industrial city. The cops get them in the opening scene (for unlawful assembly!) and in no time they are out of jail, getting high and having sex, plotting their next move against the establishment (the Man!). Can these ghetto freaks be stopped? This ain't no glorious hippie manifesto, but a darker dog-eat-dog world of long hairs. Parties, bad rock music, strange wild hippie dancing... What a time capsule for Cleveland!

B617 High School Big Shot (60) aka: Date Bait   A nasty neato slice of exploitation J.D. trash from the past. Straight 'A' student Marvin, gets bullied but still almost wins the hand of one sexy girl he tutors. But she is  a greedy bitch and wants money and furs. His father is a boozer who hangs himself. Our hapless helpless hero plans a heist with some help. Drugs and gangsters and disaster ensues. Of course the girl he is trying to please only wants wealth, and has no plans to actually please Marvin, in any way.  BA

B648 Hitch Hooker (72) aka: Dany la ravageuse  aka: La ragazza dell'autostrada    In French language only with no subtitles comes this little sleaze fest about some sexy model hitching around and screwing everybody in sight. Yea, okay she gets bullwhipped and raped at some point, but what would a French sex comedy be without those elements? With Sandra Julien of 'Shiver of the Vampires'. What an era!  BA

B649 Hot Dogs in Ibiza (79) aka: On est venu là pour s'éclater   aka: Viemos para Gozar An island of fun, sun, and stunning bodies! A man, bored with Paris, takes off for sunny Ibiza. Once there, he is intoxicated by the amazingly sexy bronzed and topless bodies of various Euro-stars. He manages to score in a series of sexcapades in this tale featuring so many beauties you'll be drooling at the screen. In German language and with English subtitles and LBX.  BA

G600 Josie's Castle (71) aka: Teenage Divorce  George Takei (Sulu from 'Star Trek') in a sexploitation film? Yep! Sexy Josie dumps her boring and abusive husband, and together with some other single people, rents a 'condemned' castle, on the cheap, to turn it into the ultimate hippie pad. Doping, group sex and more. Josie gets jealous when she suspects her boyfriend is slipping the salami with Ken (Takei's character). They get busted. This sex comedy is surely of it's era!  Weird times, but things are even weirder nowadays.

B612 Naked Youth (61) aka: Wild Youth   Well, first off, there is no nudity, so ignore the exploitation title. But this is still a J.D. exploitation film. Three young criminals escape from juvenile prison and head south of the border. They run into a hardened dope peddling killer played by Robert Hutton, along with his strung out girlfriend Carol Ohmart. Hutton robbed and killed a drug mule back in Mexico, and ripped off the drugs...  BA

B601 Prison Girls (72) Out on furlough, six sexy women have sexual experiences. One is gang-raped by bikers in a tasteless and comically played scene, another goes back to her pimp, while one overcomes her frigidity. Two join in a threesome and the last goes back to her crooked lover, shortly before the cops show up. Lots of skin on display. The talent includes Uschi Digard, Tracy Handfuss and more.  BA

B684 Sex Shop, The (72) aka: Quello che già conosci del sesso e non prendi più sul serio   When a bookshop owner in Paris suffers a personal crisis, he converts his bookshop into a sex shop and becomes a sexually obsessive pervert, Will his wife join him in the new swinging lifestyle he seeks? This sex comedy mostly revolves around both his and her initiation into the new sexual freedom of the times. How this slightly fat, balding guy attracts such beautiful women, you will just have to suspend your disbelief! English dubbed.

B609 Submission (69) aka: F. U. C. K. (Free Underground Cinema Kids)  Jennifer Welles stars, as an infantile woman with a sweet tooth and a fascination for kids toys, and hot wax. Watching her getting on all fours and crawling towards her lover submissively as he holds a chocolate bar in front of her is certainly a cinematic first! She goes down on the chocolate bar... this is soft-core remember, and well. Anyway, her sleaze ball boyfriend decides he wants to murder this rich lesbian, he uses Jennifer who decides she likes girls too. A little too much! Nudity, rape and what and ending! Wait! There's more! A hot color sex scene from one of Jennifer Welles porno films! See Jennifer get down and dirty. Kind of like a before (soft-core) and after (hardcore).

G507 Teenage Seductress (75) aka: For the Love of Terry  A sexy grown schizoid daughter (Sondra Currie, older sister of 'Runaways' singer Cherie) is after her father who abandoned her when she was a child. Seduction and revenge is her game plan. Have sex with him, then tell him who she is. Not too cool. Not very exploitative either really, but there is some naked Currie with boob shots. Sordid little tale here. By the way our so-called 'Teenage Seductress' Sondra, is 28 years old here, and doesn't look a day younger.  BA

B701 Three Days of Love  (91)  aka: Tre Giorni D'amore   Petra Scharbach plays a nymphomaniac who is giving a man three days of love. The man is one lucky son-of-a-bitch! What a way to go.... In Italian language only with no subtitles.

B607 Vibrations (68) Barbara is a struggling writer that moves into a new apartment building. In the next flat, on the other side of the wall is her horny sister who is part of a sex cult of sorts, with various sexual partners. Barbara listens lustily through the wall, and pleasures herself. Eventually she will join the sex cult, and fulfill her sexual fantasies. Or will she?  This Joe Sarno directed film will remind you of some of his other films’ themes. Loads of nudity– Super Hot!!.

B646 Voluptuous Vixens (72) aka: Mädchen mit offenen Lippen  aka: L'albergo dei piaceri proibiti   At the girl's school, the young teacher requests the young women to prepare a topic on sexuality, and to feel free to contact him for help if they have any problems with their work. Thus begins a series of sexual experiments involving the horny, nubile young students, and of course, the teacher sees action as well. This English dubbed German sex comedy features some pretty hot women, I am sure you will agree!  BA



B633 Baby Doll (88) A single mother moves with her new baby from Belgium to a house in the countryside of Denmark, previously lived in by her late grandmother. Mentally unstable, she plummets into uncertainty and madness, unable to distinguish reality from dreams. As her increasingly fragile world shatters, all hell breaks loose in her mind.... And why is she dressing an old baby doll in between taking care of her baby? A dark little ghostly tale of isolation and madness ending in doomy downbeat darkness. This Danish film has English subtitles.

B635 Black Jack: The Visitor in the Eye (77) aka: Hitomi no naka no houmonsha   A cute young tennis student named Komori gets a ball to the eye. Not that kind of a ball. A tennis ball. She is taken to the hospital. They say she may never regain use of the eye. She sees the strange doctor named 'Black Jack' at his secluded house location and for a 'substantial reward' her sight is restored after he operates. But now she begins to see a mysterious man that is invisible to everyone else around her...... In Japanese language and with English subtitles.

B665 Blood Spattered Bride, The (72) aka: La novia ensangrentada  What more could anyone possibly need to know about this classic and bloody violent lesbian vampire film? How about that this alternate version comes in Spanish language and with English subtitles, instead of the English dubbed version which we also have if you specify that is what you want? 88 minutes for anyone that wants to know. And also LBX, unlike the DVD release that was full frame. A great horror film, maybe that is all you need. Recommended!   BA

B714 Classroom of Terror (76) aka: Bôryoku kyôshitsu  aka: The Violent Classroom  Yusaku Matsuda plays an ex-boxer who killed an opponent during a fight. He is brought into a school to deal with a gang of disruptive students led by Hiroshi Tachi.  In Japanese language and LBX . No subtitles. With Trailer   BA

G490 Crimes of the Black Cat, The (72) aka: 7 Shawls of Yellow Silk  aka: Sette scialli di seta gialla  A blind pianist tries to figure out who is responsible for a string of murders in which a black cat's claws, dipped in poison, may be the murder weapon. As more murders occur, plot twists and red herrings add to the mystery. Gorgeous fashion models (many to be sacrificed) peppered with bloody violence. A nice addition to the already established giallo with touches from director Sergio Pastore. Anthony Steffan, Sylva Koscina and more star. Now LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

B668 Dawn Rapists, The (78) aka: Los violadores del amanecer  On the run from the law, four, soulless sociopathic out of control ruffians, egg each other on, as they take hostages, and rape torture and beat several girls. It's no wonder why this film was banned in it's native land of Spain, This is one nihilistic and angry film. The youth is depicted like a gang of rabid wolves, raping and beating random women with utterly no sense of feelings or remorse. Women, always attractive with beautiful bodies, are beaten, whipped with belts, and degraded in ways I can't describe here. Supposed to be some sort of anti-violence statement, but the scenes of brutality are filmed in a voyeuristic way as if designed to arouse the viewer! Don't ask me. In Spanish language only with no subtitles. The America of the future.  BA

G570 Day of Violence (77) aka: Operazione Kappa: sparate a vista  aka: Kidnapping - ein Tag der Gewalt   Two vile thugs rape a woman, then take some people hostage in a high class restaurant. Sort of like 'Dog Day Afternoon' which was released two years earlier, but this one exploits the possibilities in a preferable fashion. Full-blooded thuggery from our two particularly venomous and amoral leads, delivering villainy like their lives depended on it. The rape of the young woman in the opening is especially disturbing as they stab the neighbor lady (who gets randy with a pair of scissors) with said scissors. These nihilistic maniacs are just getting started! Slightly LBX and English language dubbed with foreign subtitles.  BA

B642 Delitti (87) A mysterious killer has already killed seven people using the deadly venom of a snake from Martinique, which causes instant death with the victim's face twisting into a look of deformed horror. Not considered much this giallo, but really worth a look for the bad music, full frontal from sexy Michela Miti, and now finally you know what is being said as this Italian language print now has English subtitles. Look for Linda Christian as Helen.

G537 Devil Shadow, The (00) aka: Moh Ying - LBX and with English subtitles

B690 Dirty Pictures (72) aka: An Ideal Place to Kill  aka: Un posto ideale per uccidere  Two hippies find themselves on the run from the law and hide out in a villa owned by a woman who has no idea they are wanted when she invites them in for a three-way. She also ends up not what they expected.... The happy pop soundtrack ends up offsetting the nihilistic tone of the film beautifully once the first twist hits. Killer cast in this Umberto Lenzi directed giallo which is also known as 'Oasis of Fear'. What a cool ending too! With Ornella Muti, Irene Papas and Ray Lovelock. LBX upgrade and with English language dubbed.  BA

G449 Dungeon of Virgins (71) aka: Vierges et vampires  aka: Caged Virgins  65 minute English dubbed version of Jean Rollins 'Requiem for a Vampire'. Sexy criminal dames dressed as clowns lose the male in their posse during the high speed chase in the opening, and are lured to a castle by a vampire. Now the two young girls are trapped, and forced to submit in the pit! Wonderfully atmospheric French Horror. Also available in a longer uncut version with English subtitles under the 'Requiem..' title. This version is cut, but English language dubbed.  BA

G480 Even the Wind is Afraid (68) aka: Hasta el viento tiene miedo   Girls who are  punished by being forced to stay at the boarding school during Spring Break are about to find out that the school is haunted! A revenge seeking former student has returned from the dead! The headmistress is wicked, something is terribly wrong here, and the ghost will chose one of the girl's to be her messenger and living avenger! Chilling soundtrack and a well thought out lesson in the dangers of over the top authoritarianism, and supernatural repercussions we only wish could really happen. Why not? This Mexican Horror has English subtitles.  BA

G497 Family Saga (06) aka: Familienradgeber  Olaf Ittenbach directs! It's about a family, played by Ittenbach and his actual family in weird situations. Here he and his wife are killing off children they do not want, but continue to produce. It's about as politically incorrect as it gets!  Disgusting and morally reprehensible. Which spells FUN for the Ittenbach fan (although this is not as gory as his other films). And it's a comedy! Amazingly shocking, you will be offended! ! This one is in German language only with no English subtitles.

G578 Flower with Life (8?) Recently released from prison, a man throws in with some deviant crooks. Meanwhile, a group of punks is terrorizing people and wreaking havoc everywhere they go, including rape! This obscurity has some XXX scenes, some of which get pretty nasty. Hard-Core Sex and Violence Hong Kong Madness! With English subtitles.

B693 Hair of the Beast (10) aka: Die Nacht der Wölfe  The setting: 1665, the New France, in a time when Canada was colonized by France. There is a story to tell here, full of visual splendor, folklore and fantasy, adventure and ... werewolves terrorizing a village! Not enough werewolf movies being made in a period setting anymore, so this one, on the heels of the remake of 'The Wolfman' is worth a look. No cheap affair here, with high production values, costumes, swords etc. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

B651 Iberian Mushroom, The (82) aka: La seta ibérica  Here we have a bizarre sexy film from Spain. A businessman thinks he hit the jackpot when the nubile and sexy hitchhiker he picked up not only stays at his place for awhile, but she also calls up some of her friends who all arrive.... and proceed to screw him to death. It turns out he has much more than he can handle. With Raquel Evans. Loads of nudity and sex. In Spanish language only.

B715 Klischee (09)  A masked axe murder chops on a woman in the forest in the opening scenes, then takes pictures of her bloody corpse....  Fast forward a guy is trying to pick up a blonde... And a house full of girls...  What could go wrong??  More murders start happening...  Shot on video German horror  - LBX and German language only  

G562 Love Camp (81) aka: Divine Emanuelle  aka: Die Todesgöttin des Liebescamps  The blonde haired boyfriend of a U.S. senator's (also blonde) daughter is drawn into a hippie 'free-love' cult, lead by 'The Divine One' (Laura Gemser, looking incredible here) called 'The Children  of Light'. Once she is also brought in, all bets are off on this having a happy ending. Members who violate the 'Free Love' mandates of the cult are whipped and tortured. Mix a bit of the Manson family with the Nazi torture films, sprinkle in a little Guyana, and you get the picture. Lots of sex, nudity and violence. Upgrade!  BA

B708 Missing 77 (13) Rich Japanese assholes watch caged schoolgirls in various outfits and stages of undress, perform for their satisfaction. But someone has come to crash the party with big guns. The rich are herded into the cage with a bomb that is on a timer. Violent death, rape and retribution will follow.... LBX and in Japanese language only.  BA

G443 Orgia SSadica (84) aka: Orgía sádica  aka: Sadistic Orgies  The opening title has the two SS's written out like the SS Nazi symbol. What we have here is basically a dark horror/porn hybrid. It involves a horny Spanish writer, lots of hardcore sex, a Satanic Nazi cult that kidnaps and tortures women, fake looking skulls and candles, whipping, knife play on tender flesh, swastikas, a devilish witchy mistress and more. Truly bizarre. In Spanish language only with no subtitles. Uncut 95 minute version. BA

B656 Orgies of Dr. Orloff (67) aka: Only a Coffin  aka: El enigma del ataúd   A doctor invites his relatives to his castle, with murder in mind. But he is the one who ends up dead, and his relatives soon realize they too are on the menu of death. They must find the killer before he gets them all. This one should be a Franco film, but someone else has taken the reins, director Santos Alcocer, who directed Boris Karloff the following year in 'Cauldron of Blood'. This one also stars some familiar faces for fans of Spanish cinema. Howard Vernon and Danielle Godet. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

G505 Perfect Love (95) A man explains to the police in flashback what happened to his girlfriend who is now deceased. We see their relationship from the beginning, to the explosive and brutal end. Surely a twisted and dark finale. Sex and nudity ending in darkness. LBX and with English Subtitles.

B696 Photo Scandal (79) aka: Photos scandale  aka: Paris scandale   Juliette (Bridgitte Lahaie) is an ex-prostitute whose twin passions in life are men and money. When she is not indulging in sessions of hot sex, Juliette and her lover Chris plan to blackmail young heiresses by getting them in photos of a sexual nature. Their task is abetted when Juliette's sister Diana (who works as a high-class hooker) supplies the grifter couple with a list of the daughters of wealthy businessmen who are looking for action. Possibly cut and patch according to sources some of the footage from 'Brigade Call-Girls' was also used here. In French with English subtitles.

G586 Road to Eden, The (95) aka: Der Weg nach Eden  This documentary is about what happens to us after we die, in a clinical sense. Those who handle the corpses and 'post' process them. Similar to Nacho Cerda's 'Aftermath' except this film uses real corpses instead of special effects. The law in Hungary requires that the cause of death be determined for every patient that dies, so all corpses have to be meticulously dissected, no appendage is untouched. Filmed in Budapest, this lets the mortician share his views on the state of being dead. This is some really gross-out and real stuff, so be warned. Not a film you want to watch before a meal, unless you are forcing a diet. This is the stuff of all your nightmares.  Slightly LBX and with English subtitles.

G534 Secrets of a Vice Cop's Wife (69) aka: I am a Call-Girl  aka: Champagner für Zimmer 17   The hooker-humping begins within 2 minutes as the opening credits roll! A literal stable of beauties lusciously on display here in this German soft-core sex film! Aggressive Hooker's making a buck the Hard Way! Powerful men seek out the sweetest women in this one. But it's not all fun and games, there is a killer of women on the loose! He strangles one of the girls, and suffocates another by cramming her mouth full of sand! + Bonus Trailers! LBX and with English subtitles.

B705 Sex of the Dead: Enormous Breast Zombie Girl  (14) A Living Dead Girl walks the streets and is captured and caged. There are flashbacks and we also see pretty similar activity that was played out in the other 'Sex of the Dead' film listed here. Extremely gross and bloody stuff here.....Lightly fogged, probably the lightest fogging I have ever seen in these types, you still see everything. Offensive and horrifying sexual fetish stuff? Maybe. F.L. and LBX

B704 Sex of the Dead: Tragedy Which Attacked the Couple (15) Blood drenched sex film with very light fogging so you can pretty much see. A buxom Japanese girl is captured and finds herself in a room of horny, dripping with blood, zombies. It is now time to have sex with the dead! After about an hour of grueling gross pleasure, her boyfriend comes to the rescue. But she is now dead, beaten and bloody. Her troubles are just beginning as her corpse is now the subject of a necrophiliac who does unspeakable perversions to an open wound in her breast....! Things get even weirder sexually when she wakes up as a horny dead girl... F.L. and no English needed here. Yikes!  Over 2 hours long and with a shock ending- as if all of this wasn’t shocking enough!!!  LBX

G503 Sexy Twin Girls (93) Women are caught up in war in medieval China. When soldiers attempt to rape one younger helpless girl, a tough lady rescues her and takes her home with her. After the lady's husband returns from a battle and dies in her arms, the two women start a sexual relationship. When another man tries to score with the younger women, jealousy leads to murder. Lots of sex and nudity plus an evil witch enters the scene and causes even more trouble. With English subtitles.

B657 Shadow of Illusion (70) aka: Ombre roventi  A cute model named Gail (Daniela Giordano) is invited to Cairo for a business deal working for a company called Isis Cosmetics. But this company is really an evil cult, and she is the mirror image of Isis, a reincarnation even, in their minds. One of the cult leaders is played by the splendid Krista Nell, the beauty who starred in many a film (the last being 'The Bloodsucker Leads the Dance' in 1975, her last). Poor Krista was felled by leukemia at only age 28 in 1975. Anyway, Gail wants to see the sights, and gets a cool cat professor (played by William Berger) to escort her around, trying to stay one step ahead of the evil cult. But evil has a tendency to get it's way........  A super surreal horror filmed in the exotic locales of Egypt. Finally a nice English dubbed Upgrade with Japanese subtitles.  BA

G592 Silent Madness (84) aka: Beautiful Screamers  The girls of Delta Omega have a 'Hell Night' for real when a frenzied psychopath strikes them with violent carnage. Now, twenty years later, the mute, deranged killer has come back, escaping from an insane asylum, to repeat his grotesque, bloody brand, of 'Silent Madness'. With Belinda Montgomery, Viveca Lindfors and Sydney Lassick. Misogynistic and cruel murders in this obscure slasher, with a shock ending too!  BA

B610 Subconscious Cruelty (00) Twisted insanity in four parts. Ovarian Eyeball: a naked woman is sliced by a sharp blade and an eyeball is removed from her belly. Human Larvae: a deranged man hates his pregnant sister so much he kills her and her newborn during the birthing process. Rebirth: a group of naked people roll around in bloody mud. Right Brain/Martyrdom: in which religious symbolism is associated with sex and bloody gore. Violently splatterific, offensive, disturbing, sacrilegious, eaten alive death, and very vile. Nice. You have been warned. This may be the most graphically disturbing film you will ever see. A complete brainfuck. English dubbed terror from Sweden. + trailer BA

G477 Suffer, Little Children (83) The Power of the Devil in the Hands of a Child! An evil mute child arrives at a children's home and promptly terrorizes the other children with her demonic powers, recruiting children for Lucifer.. Obscure and cheap British made oddity that includes zombies, a 'Suffer, Little Children' theme song, as well as Jesus Christ himself showing up to put an end to all this nonsense! I must say, there is nothing quite like this SOV British oddity. 

B659 Take Me, I'm Old Enough (70) aka: Et ma soeur ne pense qu'à ça  Young and pretty Eve is confined to a wheelchair, but her body is raging with lust! She masturbates and fantasizes. To her sister Jeanette, lust and sex is a sin. With brutal whippings she punishes Eve, to try to beat the sexual desires out of her. Fat chance. An intruder breaks into the house, rapes Eve, satisfying her carnal lusts and curing her paralysis! She leaves with the man. Jeanette finds she will inherit her Uncle's estate, only if she is NOT a virgin! She decides to have sex so she can inherit what she believes is rightfully hers. But her encounter will be an unexpected nightmare..... In French language and with English subtitles. LBX

G464 Tarot (73) aka: Terror in Darkness  aka: Erica - Un soffio di perversa sessualità  Beautiful blonde Angela (Sue Lyon) marries a rich old man (Fernando Rey) after being convinced to by one of the servants, so they can dip into his money. So she cheats on the old guy with the servant. Meanwhile the servant is also carrying on with the housekeeper (Gloria Grahame). Things are going to end badly. It's in the cards you see. LBX - Upgrade!  BA

B702 Triangle of Lust (78) aka: Teufelscamp der verlorenen Frauen  aka: The Angel and the Beasts   When a small private plane begins to have engine trouble, a sexy young woman is forced to parachute to safety onto a remote island while her husband attempts a crash landing. On the island she finds violent sadistic criminal thugs hiding out from the law, who are happy to receive this gift from the heavens for them to rape and torture, for kicks. Naturally tons of nudity and violence in this one from director Hubert Frank. Awesome LBX English dubbed version.  BA

G506 Ultimate Vampire, The (91) aka: Jiang shi zhi zun  The One-Eye-Brow Priest returns to fight evil (with another exorcist helper) in this 'unofficial' entry in the 'Mr. Vampire' series. Ghosts, vampires and zombies mixed throughout as our hero's attempt to vanquish the forces of darkness in this colorful outing. With English Subtitles.

G573 Uno Koichiro no Shûdôin Fuzoku Joshi-ryô (81) aka: Monster in a Girls' Dormitory   Catholic boarding school for girls.  Horny girls, lesbian leaders, nasty nuns, a perverted handy-man and more!  LBX Japanese language.   

B685 Virgin of Bali, The (72) aka: La vergine di Bali   An English gentleman banker (George Ardisson) drops out of society and bails off to Bali to chase tail. He loves the culture, the local native ladies, and overall hell-raising. But the local police chief threatens to send him back to Blighty if he does not stop his wild ways. Instead, he teams with a smuggler, then not only proceeds to blackmail him, he is also trying to seduce the smuggler's wife. There is some fascinating mondo-style footage recording Balinese rites as well as bull racing, and a score from Alessandro Alessandroni that adds texture to the proceedings. English dubbed and LBX print.  BA



B664 As a Spy Charges (84) aka: ¿Cuánto cobra un espía?  aka: Is Cobra a Spy?   Lina Romay and her nerdy husband are on their honeymoon at a Spanish resort and pick up some hitchhikers, who are really spies, that hide secret micro-film in their car. Other parties seek the film, and comic antics and silly slapstick ensue. Obviously a labor of love from the couple. a good time is had by all. LBX and with English subtitles.

B636 Blues on Pop Street (83) aka: Los blues de la calle Pop  Here’s another from the man and his wife Lina! Jess writes, directs, produced, wrote, was the cinematographer, shows up in a small part as the piano player, does the music...... Lina stars and Second Unit directs! A seedy private investigator (played by Antonio Mayans aka: Robert Foster) takes up a missing persons case in a thug/punk infested coastal resort area. It's a sinister, retro place, a bright tropical, tacky tourist trap type on Spain's east coast, where it almost seems like a time warp with a smoker's bar postered with Bogart and Mae West posters, littered with rogue Punk-Rocker/New Wave types looking for trouble. The women look like something from a Robert Palmer video (a good thing if you ask me). A comic-strip trip of primary colors and typical Franco-styled weird camera angles. In Spanish language and with English subtitles.  BA

B672 Fall of the House of Usher (83) aka: El hundimiento de la Casa Usher  Reconstructed version that Jess Franco originally wanted to release. Instead, Eurocine cut it up and inserted scenes from 'The Awful Dr. Orloff'. This is as close to his original vision as you are likely to ever see. Since there are so many versions of this Jess Franco film, trying to explain the differences between the versions is pointless. While this is only 67 minutes long it would seem like the cut version. But the other versions cut and paste scenes from other movies making them a mess. This is the best Gothic Creepy version available. Lina Romay and Howard Vernon star. Filmed in an actual castle, The Castle of Catalina located in Jaen Province, Adalusia Spain. Imagine actually trying to film Poe, this is pretty close to perfect. LBX and with English subtitles.

B602 Vampyros Lesbos (71) Soledad Miranda as Countess Nadine Carody, a wealthy recluse, she strips at an Istanbul club where she meets her potential victims. Ewa Stromberg plays a woman mesmerized by Nadine's powers, and falls under her sexual spell. And so her nightmare begins..... Sharp Widescreen Upgrade of this Jess Franco class with English subtitles. Miranda never saw the finished film as she was dead in a road accident In August 1970, Portugal at age 27. Destined to be a star, but doomed by an early appointment  with the Reaper.  BA




B720 Adventures of Tartu, The (43) aka: Le avventure di Tartù   A first rate British war spy thriller with Tartu (Robert Donat) whose mission it is to destroy a German run chemical/poison gas factory in Czechoslovakia. He teams up with Freedom Fighters... They try to sabotage the factory resulting in the loss of many lives. Nazis all over the place here! Also with Valerie Hobson who most will remember as Colin Clive’s (Dr. Frankenstein) squeeze in the sequel to the original Whale classic.  BA

G464 Angry Silence, The (60) aka: La tortura del silenzio  A young factory worker (Richard Attenborough) stands up against others fellow workers/union members when they want to strike. Depicting an age in Britain's Industrial relations that were in a mess pre-Thatcher. Violent (although much implied and not shown) but effective. Exceptional with a good cast that includes Oliver Reed, Bernard (M) Lee, Michael Craig and drug casualty Pier Angeli who was a fifties and sixties star and former girlfriend of Kirk Douglas and James Dean. As her dreams of superstardom faded she starred in the 1971 film 'Octaman" when she was 39 years old, with Kerwin Matthews. Not sure if that was the final nail in her coffin, but she did overdose and die the same year. LBX BA

G487 Arthur! Arthur! (69) The inventor of sure-fire failures (played by Donald Pleasence) leads such an abysmal life that he creates a secret identity.... that of a dashing debonair womanizer! From married henpecked husband to a swinging London horn dog! The scene with Donald in bed with Shelley Winters is priceless! Also featured in this dark comedy? Terry Thomas! Entertaining turn for Pleasence fans. 

G502 Bandit of Zhobe, The (59) aka: Kasim, furia dell'India  The British colonial army versus the Thugee Cult in this exotic adventure film directed by Hammer director John Gilling. Certainly interesting and entertaining and maybe a bit similar to Hammer's 'The Brigand of Kandahar'. Victor Mature sleepwalks through his role, but luckily we have Anthony Newley and Anne Aubrey as well.  BA

G508 Bombay Waterfront (52) aka: Paul Temple Returns  The Temples investigate a series of gruesome murders attributed to a mysterious figure known as 'The Marquis'. Eventually the common thread to the murders is discovered to be a secret papyrus recently excavated in Egypt by the character played by Christopher Lee (who later would be excavated and uncovered himself as 'The Mummy'!), which contains the antidote for all narcotic drugs and could seriously damage the world drug cartels if it comes to light. John Bentley, Arthur Hill, and of course Christopher Lee in an early role.

G470 Challenge, The (60) aka: It Takes a Thief  aka: Un compte à régler  aka: Sie pfiff - und die Kerle kuschten    Billy (Jayne Mansfield) and Kristy (Carl Mohner) lead a gang of armed robbers, who steal from armored cars and banks. Billy's lover Jim (Anthony Quayle) gets busted, but not before he hides the loot. Jim gets out and his followed by the cops, and harassed by his crooked colleagues, all after the loot. Kristy goes so far as to kidnap Jim's son, threatening to kill him if he doesn't give up the green. Mansfield's delivery of dialogue killed the movie in 1960, but today, is one of the reasons to see this, it works now.  Hilariously good or bad, for better or worse.   Great London locations and atmosphere.  BA

G481 Fire Raisers, The (34) aka: Gli incendiari   Jim Bronton (Leslie Banks) is an insurance investigator, but he is unhappy with his work and gets involved with a gang of arsonists. His unscrupulous behavior leads to the deaths of others and he feels remorse and regret. Now what? Also with Ann Grey. Michael Powell directs (his career crashed later with his great but too controversial for it's time, 'Peeping Tom').

G482 Flood Tide (34) aka: Above all Things  Romance between a lock keeper's son and a bargee's daughter. A cool look at the inland water ways of nearly 90 years ago in England, including Waterloo Bridge in demolishment stage.  BA

G484 Lifetaker, The (75) aka: Reflexos do Passado  A deceived husband engages in a series of deadly games with his wife and her lover in this dark sexually charged erotic thriller with downbeat conclusions. With Terence Morgan, Peter Duncan and Lea Brodie.  BA

G459 Light Up the Sky! (60) aka: Skywatch  aka: Derfor sejrede England   Comedy drama set in WW2 (too soon?) about a British Army Flashlight Squad. This odd bunch of bumbling misfits still manage to get the job done. Director Lewis Gilbert directed the James Bond film 'You Only Live Twice' which was released in 1967. The debut of British actress actress Sheila Hancock. With funny man Benny Hill and also Tommy Steele and Ian Carmichael. BA

G483 Man in the Mirror, The (36) aka: Como tú quisieras ser  A mild-mannered, somewhat mousey man, is stunned when his mirror reflection comes to life and begins to do all the wild and crazy things that he always wanted to do but never dared. Including making love to his wife and outwitting his business partner. Outstanding. With Edward Everett Horton and Genevieve Tobin.  BA

G524 Mandy (52) aka: Crash of Silence  aka: Mandy la piccola sordomuta  Mandy Garland was born deaf and remained so. Her parent's think she can learn to talk and enroll her with a special teacher. Phyllis Calvert plays the mother and is aided by an excellent cast.  They show how deaf children need patience and understanding. A real tear-jerker. Also with Jack Hawkins.  BA

G451 Mosley (98) An account of the scandalous life of the infamous British fascist Oswald Mosely (Jonathan Cake), concentrating on the period between the end of WW1 and his imprisonment at the beginning of WW2. He was a high profile politician in Parliament before he became a radical socialist. This historical document has some nice attention to period detail and runs over 3 hours.

G458 Mystery Junction (51) Larry Gordon (Sydney Tafler), a well known crime writer. is on a train journey when a scream is heard. Upon investigation, they find the guard has been mugged and murdered. With a snowbound train station, lots of characters, and a rousing shootout in the second half.

G526 Please Turn Over (59) aka: Die liebestolle Familie  When the teenaged daughter of a suburban family in a conservative neighborhood writes a steamy novel based on neighbors and people of her small town, the whole place is flipped on it's head. More a gentle farce then a sordid sleaze, this still delivers some good comic moments. Any fans of the 'Carry On' series will be delighted. With Lionel Jeffries and many more. LBX BA

G476 Portrait from Life (49) aka: Lost Daughter  A British Army Officer, fascinated by the portrait of a woman, travels to Germany to find her in the camps of the people displaced from the war. The painting is beautiful, and she is sought after and finally located. She has amnesia, and her locked knowledge holds info on evil Nazi's that need to be brought to justice. Incredible cast includes Guy Rolfe (worlds away from his 'Puppetmaster' film's role as Toulon), Herbert Lom, Patrick Holt, Mai Zetterling, Thora Hird, Ernest Thesiger, and even Anthony Steel in one of his first films. Excellent.  BA

G457 Teckman Mystery, The (54) aka: Der Fall Teckmann  Roland Culver plays a determined police inspector and Michael Medwin plays the elusive Martin Teckman, who it turns out, did not die when his test pilot plane crashed....  Teckman is on the run! Intriguing espionage yarn that also stars Margaret Leighton. 

G453 Traitors, The (62) A tale of spies in London exchanging government information in a cat and mouse chase between secret agents and the security men. Sparky dialogue and humor winding into a taut suspenseful ride. With Patrick Allen and Jacqueline Ellis.  BA

G467 Trunk Crime (39) aka: Design For Murder - Bullied, burglarized and beaten, put upon and mentally unstable Bentley (Manning Whiley) has had quite enough! He kidnaps the ringleader of his tormentors and plans to bury him alive, paralyzed, sealed in a trunk, disposed of in a muddy swamp. Shades of Poe's 'Premature Burial' are mixed with several ideas which could have influenced Hitchcock's 'Rope'. Look for a 26 year old Thorley Walters as Huey Frazer. This British obscurity runs under an hour.

G466 Window in London, A (40) aka: Lady in Distress  From a train window, a crane driver (Michael Redgrave) thinks he sees a woman being strangled. What follows is an unusual and effective story involving a magician, his assistant wife, and a subtle interplay of illusion and murder. Good London backgrounds and locations.






G514 ABC Promos From Hell (various) Dozens of promos from shows of long ago. Iron Horse, The Rat Patrol, The Felony Squad, Peyton Place, The Big Valley, Shindig, Bewitched and many many more! Tiger Bay, Get Smart, The Don Rickles Show, Gunsmoke, The Smothers Brothers, Room 222, Love American Style, Kung Fu, The Six Million Dollar Man, Movie of the Week and more more more. + BONUS! Star Trek Bloopers!

B627 Ballad of Andy Crocker, The (69) Before he was Steve Austin, Lee Majors played returned war veteran Andy Crocker. Returning from Viet Nam to find his girlfriend has married another man, his small business is in ruins, and other problems. A huge cast dumped into this modest made for T.V. flick. Joey Heatherton (blonde bombshell before she went bad), Jimmy Dean, Marvin Gaye, Agnes Moorehead, Pat Hingle, Barbara Leigh and more.

G442 Battle Anthem (83) aka: The Great Battle of the Japan Sea  aka: Nihonkai daikaisen: Umi yukaba  Excellent special effects and ocean battles documenting  this particular conflict between the Japanese and the Russians. The special effects by the same guy responsible for dozens of Japanese fantasy and monster movies, including many Godzilla films and disaster epics. With Toshiro Mifune. Amazing LBX and with English subtitles.

B637 Boris Godunov (86) Amazing epic opera filmed like a movie outdoors and everywhere with expensive elaborate costumes and medieval locations! That's right, classically, professionally performed is this dark tragic tale of treachery, murder, passion and misery. If you ever wanted to see an opera but were put off by the stage.... then experience a classic filmed like a movie.... An experience. In Russian and with English subtitles + LBX.

G560 Buddhist Fist, The (80) aka: Fo zhang luo han quan  When his childhood friend (who is now a monk) has been framed by murder by an unknown villain, aspiring barber and accomplished kung fu fighter, Shang, comes to his aid. Astoundingly choreographed fight scenes will draw you in to this above average chop-sockey. English dubbed and LBX this one.  BA

B687 Caprice Italian Style (68) aka: Capriccio all'italiana  This film consists of six short stories created by different directors, but all the stories have one thing in common, a warm irony to current events, some hysterically so. The directors involved include Pier Paolo Pasolini, Mauro Bolognini and more. Toto, Laura Betti, Adriana Asti, Ira Von Furstenburg and more star! LBX with English subtitles. BA

G445 Carolina Skeletons (91) aka: Das Ende des Schweigens   A black man (Louis Gosset Jr.) returns from the army to his hometown, where years ago his brother was executed for the rape and murder of two white girls. He knows his brother was innocent, and with renewed confidence, sets out to prove it. Of course, he's going to have to deal with those folks that want the truth to stay buried. Well made, dark and disturbing. With Bruce Dern, Melissa Leo, Richard Jenkins, G.D. Spradlin and many more.

G533 Coffin From Hong Kong (64) aka: Du grisbi pour Hongkong  aka: Ein Sarg aus Hongkong  A private detective finds the limp body of a young Chinese beauty in his office, shot with his own gun. Classic German made espionage thriller in the James Bond vein starring Heinz Drache and Elga Andersen. LBX and dubbed into English. BA

B620 Dangerous Charter (62) When salvagers claim an adrift and deserted yacht, they find it also comes with a corpse. But when the owners come looking for the hidden cargo, the salvagers finds themselves in deep waters.  BA

G576 Deadly Art of Survival, The (79) A martial arts instructor struggles against drug dealers operating from a rival martial arts school called the Disco Dojo in this classic New York City Martial Arts film. Ghetto kung-fu shot on Super-8 film. Certainly ambitious stuff, with racist talk and moments of spontaneous unintentional hilarity. Our hero lifts weights, jumps rope, boxes, and makes kung fu poses in his spare time. Also a pretty cool look at New York City. Jive-Talkin' Fun!

G479 Deadly Hunt, The (71) aka: Polttava kosketus  Cliff and Martha Cope (Jim Hutton and Anjanette Comer) are on camping trip when a forest fire breaks out, and they find themselves hunted by two killers (played by Peter Lawford and Anthony Franciosa). With what you would call back then, a 'twist ending'. Cool and forgotten MFTV thriller.

B706 Death Cage (88) aka: Zhan long  aka: Bloodfight 2: The Deathcage  A good kung fu teacher has a talented young student. They fall victim to a rival martial arts school who not only cheat to win, they cripple the good teacher. and cripple the student. Another teacher assists and they stage a come-back showdown finale with the bad guys. Excellent fight sequences with gore and blood mixed with killer stunts. The 'Death Cage' of the titles is an enormous fighting cage lined with bamboo spikes, so you know impalings are numerous...  With Robin Shou in one of his first movies!  LBX with English subtitles.  BA

B643 Desert Battle (69) aka: La battaglia del deserto  aka: Desert Assault  In charge of laying down some mines in the desert heat, Captain Bradbury (George Hilton) and his men encounter Captain Heinz (Robert Hossein) and some of his men.  But the teams must band together in the desert, with low rations of water they try to survive and make their way out of this burning hell. A plethora of characters (many who meet their ends), a rousing tank battle, mix in a memorable and haunting score, and you have an above average entry in Spaghetti Warfare. Killer LBX and English language dubbed.  BA

G440 Destination Gobi (53) aka: Durch die gelbe Hölle  In 1944, U.S. Navy Specialists run a weather station in the Gobi desert where they are constantly under threat of Japanese war planes. In the meantime they are aided by Mongolian nomads. Adventure as fiery and furious as the flaming sands of China's Gobi desert! (Tagline) Richard Widmark, Martin Milner, Earl Holliman and many more star. Also with Miss Hong Kong Judy Dan, a foxy Chinese woman who made a small dent in America in mostly typecast roles. She had come to the U.S.A. in 1952 to compete in the Miss America contest and became a star (sort of).  BA

G492 Devil Thumbs a Ride, The (47) aka: Autostop al infierno  Law abiding Jimmy Ferguson (Ted North) soon regrets giving a ride to killer Steve Morgan (Lawrence Tierney). Tierney delivers his mean-talking tough guy persona and dominates this sparsely populated film. 'Detour' meets 'The Hitchhiker'.  BA

B670 Diamond Peddlers, The (76) aka: Il vangelo secondo Simone e Matteo  Paul Smith and Antonio Cantafora return as a comical duo in a different setting. This time, they pose as a couple of priests in order to elude being arrested by African authorities, delivering a statue of the Virgin Mary from Africa to Amsterdam.  Unwittingly however, they are really smuggling diamonds. Off-the-wall slapstick chases and no-holds-barred wacky fights include a lengthy riverboat chase in a canal, and an hysterical bash 'em up restaurant kitchen fight set-piece. Chemistry between the leads works in an entertainingly goofy way with a jumpy score and catchy theme song to further energize the proceedings. LBX and English Dubbed.

B624 Fat Spy, The (65) One of the worst movies ever made! Horrible songs, pretty girls (of course a redeeming factor), crazy plot, bad dialogue and lots of fun! A disaster in every since of the word. This makes for essential viewing. Jayne Mansfield stars (she'd be dead the next year), Brian Donlevy, and look for Linda Harrison as a treasure hunter. I am not even going to try to explain this colorful mess. BA

G529 Five Graves to Cairo (43) aka: Cinco tumbas en el Cairo  An undercover British soldier goes spying behind enemy lines during WW2. After learning that the Germans have tons of supplies buried in five excavation sites in Egypt, he struggles to get word back to his team. Quite excellent actually. Franchot Tone, Anne Baxter, Akim Tamiroff, Peter Van Eyck and Erich Von Stroheim as Field Marshall Erwin Rommel. BA

B645 FX-18 Secret Agent (64) aka: Agent Secret FX 18  aka: Jack Clifton jagt Wostok III  Cool spy film (with Ken Clark as 'Coplan'), where the men are brutes and the women like it! Also known as 'the good old days'! Here this one owes equally to some 50's film noir as it does the powerfully emerging 60's spy genre. Second billed Jany Clair is a sexy redheaded pouty beauty who graced 'Mission to Caracas' amongst others, and is slapped around and tortured a little in this one. You will absolutely love the awful song! At last a nice LBX version so throw away that old full frame print! English Dubbed!  BA

G456 Girl Boss 6: Diamond Showdown (74) aka: Sukeban: Taiman Shobu  Keiko Aizawa, a vixen fired with a thirst for vengeance, sets out on her quest to destroy those responsible for the death of her older sister. Femme Fatale Girl Gang fun! LBX and with English subtitles.

B692 Great Jailbreak, The (75) aka: Daidatsugoku  A group of prisoners try to break out of Abashiri prison. Nudity, battles in the snow and a bloody shotgun finale on a train that is speeding across the snowbound countryside,  then a frozen foot chase with more shotgun mayhem.  A really cool and different Japanese film. With Ken Takakura.  LBX and with English subtitles.

B647 Group Portrait with a Lady (77) aka: Gruppenbild mit Dame  This story follows the life of a German woman Leni Gruyten (Romy Schneider) during the 1930's and the 1940's. Through her connections and interactions with people she knows, the perceptions of the Nazi's and this era is shown from regular German's reactions. Unjustly forgotten historical portrait that also stars Brad Dourif in his first significant role after winning an Oscar for 'Cuckoo's Nest' as Billy Bibbit. Big English subtitles + smaller Greek subtitles. In German language because, if this was in spoken English, it would just be silly now wouldn't it?  BA

B630 Head of the Family, The (67) aka: Il padre di famiglia  This social comedy chronicles the lives of an idealistic couple of architects in post-war WW2, and post-monarchy Italy. From their initial meeting through marriage and then too many bratty children disrupting the relationship along with the wife's crazy busy family crowding the husband mercilessly.. The husband (Nino Manfredi) has an affair with Claudine Auger (of 'Thunderball') and eventually the wife (played by Leslie Caron) has a bit of a meltdown.  BA

B650 Hunter from the Unknown (66) aka: Agent 3S3, Massacre in the Sun  aka: Agente 3S3, massacro al sole   An island paradise has undergone a revolution and the charismatic General has assumed control. Those assisting him though, have an agenda far beyond a simple dictatorship of an inconsequential banana republic. George Ardisson, Kitty Swan and Evi Marandi star. Now, finally in an Uncut and Widescreen print! 1 hour and 47 minutes. Upgrade!

B675 Hunter Will Get You (76) aka: L'alpagueur  aka: Der Greifer  A freelance spy (Jean-Paul Belmondo) is investigating a serial killer who employs young boys in his robberies before killing them. Belmondo, young and in fine form, does many of his own stunts and fights, but the film also has some serious and violent scenes of crime and confrontation, and Bruno Cremer makes an excellent villain as 'The Hawk' (it should have been “Chickenhawk”!).  Finally a nice LBX version and dubbed into English!  BA

B676 Kill Me Quick, I'm Cold (67) aka: Fai in fretta ad uccidermi... ho freddo!  Giovanna (Monica Vitti) and Franco (Jean Sorel) are swindlers/lovers who pretend to be siblings, and go around stealing from the rich and the elegant in luxurious European hotels and yachts. Many twists follow with top fashion clothes and snappy hip cars. Comedy with convoluted plot twists among the jet-set, eye-popping beautiful stars and incredible locations. LBX and English dubbed.

G559 Killer From Above (77) aka: Dao jian ba wang quan  A one man killing machine named Chen Wu-Hai is wiping people out left and right with his skills. The leaders of the martial world hold a conference trying to establish a plan to stop him. Excellent action packed king kung fu with good duels, creative use of weaponry, and great performances from all involved. Plus the always entertaining English dubbing and sound effects of course!

B678 Let Sleeping Cops Lie (88) aka: Ne réveillez pas un flic qui dort   Right-wing cops have begun carrying out vigilante justice on drug dealers and other crime figures who might otherwise avoid punishment for their misdeeds. They seem to be untouchable until their behavior seems to involve attacking fellow officers. Of course the other 'bad people' they seem to be after are always minorities or gays. Vague ideologies, bad behavior. Alain Delon and more star. LBX

B680 Love on a Pillow (62) aka: Le repos du guerrier  aka: Das Ruhekissen  Roger Vadim directs Bridgitte Bardot in this, intoxicating as a beautiful heiress, who falls for a stinking revolting pseudo-existentialist who is useless to everyone, criticizes the middle-class lifestyle, while he himself is nothing but a parasite. She loves this crude man, though he treats her like dirt, they are drawn together somehow... Quite possibly a metaphor between Vadim and Bardot,, who had divorced at this point, Vadim now with living doll Annette Stroyberg which he would film 'Blood and Roses'  with the same year. So much candy in the store for Vadim, he couldn't resist. Bardot in various stages of undress here at 26 years of age, in living color, is a stunner. Makes Marilyn Monroe look like a crack whore. The final speeches in the last part of the picture sum up the theme of the entire film.  Uncut 102 minute version LBX and with English subtitles. The U.S. release is in black and white and only runs 62 minutes!  BA

B653 Manon of the Spring (52) aka: Manon des sources  Manon, a girl living in the mountains, decides to block the spring supplying water to the village. Manon wants revenge, because the inhabitants of the village ignored her father when he was killing himself to find precious water for his own land. This was later remade in 1986. Very well fleshed out with amazing dialogues and a hell of a story. This sucker runs 3 hours and 45 minutes. With English subtitles. DVD-R only and no VHS.

B564 MMM 83 (65) aka: MMM 83 - Missione Morte Molo 83  Wise-cracking narcissistic British secret agent (Fred Beir) works with a scientist to recover documents outlining a new formula to make fuel. All the bells and whistles, incredible stunts and plenty of action. Also with the super sexy (sadly ill-fated) Pier Angeli. Finally, a nice uncut LBX version of the film, running 91 minutes, instead of the cut to pieces full frame version, Upgrade!

G493 Mob War (78?) A virtually unheard of violent and bloody gangster film made almost completely by unknown actors. With “special guest star” Jim Brown (who keeps this off his resume - and we couldn’t spot him) Special Effects with plenty of bloody squibs supplied by noted FX man Bob Shelley who worked on dozens of gore and mainstream films later. (Although he too has this off his work record.) Interesting, because this may not be huge budgeted, but it sure doesn't look cheap. Full on 'Cotton Club' type scenes. Gory splatter buzz saw death, stomach slitting gore with squirting blood, sex, era cars, very bloody shootings and executions and more fun for the gangster film fan. Hell, even Santa Claus gets shot to death here!

G491 Never Love a Stranger (58) aka: Autopsia di un gangster  With an off-screen narrator pompously intoning meaningless platitudes, this one plays out, amidst a fairly racist tale of Catholic schoolboys rallying against a Jewish born classmate (Steve McQueen in an early role) who is then taught how to fight by another young man (John Drew Barrymore) all set in the Prohibition era. Much later Barrymore is a violent mobster and his pursuer? You guessed it. His childhood bud McQueen who is now a special prosecutor tasked with bringing Barrymore down! Also with Lita Milan and R.G. Armstrong. BA

G475 Night of the Quarter Moon (59) aka: The Color of Her Skin  Hugo Haas directed controversial trash classic! Roderic (John Drew Barrymore) returns home to San Francisco from abroad with his new bride (played by pop-star Julie London). She is not 'racially pure' though, she's half-black, and when his family learns this, you would think WW3 was imminent. His mother (Agnes Moorehead in a 'real' witchy role) wants the marriage annulled, her black relatives are beaten up, the cops and neighbors treat them like shit and harass them, treating her like a worthless promiscuous slut, and the final degradation, she is forced to partially strip in court to prove the color of her skin. The black lawyer tries to rip her clothes off! Not to mention Julie London. the lady in question, is lily-white in real life, so they gave her black hair and a rich tan to pull off the film! Guess they couldn't find a biracial woman in San Francisco in 1959? The most racist film to come out of 1959 I can think of. Hide it from sensitive types, might start a riot today. Frank Gorshin is a racist punk. Dean Jones, Nat King Cole, Cathy Crosby and more star. LBX BA

B681 Operation Leopard (80) aka: La légion saute sur Kolwezi  aka: Commando d'assalto  The mining town of Kolwezi in Katanga, Zaire, is under attack from a group of communist guerillas coming from nearby Angola. The Europeans who work for the Belgian mining company and the blacks who live in the town are taken as hostages by the invaders, who start a blood bath, shooting Europeans as well as Africans. This as we know, still to this day, is just business as usual in this part of the world. This story deals with numerous people caught up in this.  The French Foreign Legion to the rescue in 'Operation Leopard'! In real life,  this film was made right after the French Foreign Legion proved it's valor (once again) in a military operation in the Congo, saving hundreds of Europeans....  Garbage dump Jean Seberg was originally cast in the Mimsy Farmer role, but she offed herself before the film was completed and they had to reshoot the scenes with Farmer. Oh Saint Joan,.. indeed. With Mimsy Farmer, Bruno Cremer, Giuliano Gemma, LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

G515 Place of the Dead, The (97) aka: Expedition in die Geisterschlucht  British soldiers must ascend the highest mountain in southeast Asia just to reach the entrance to an unexplored Malaysian gully. Rations are running low and time is running out. Deciding the point of no return may split the already unstable group permanently. Insubordination and madness ensue. Waterfalls, treacherous jungles and cliffs. Based on a true story. Filmed in Malaysia. Amazing.

B626 Poppy is also a Flower, The (66) aka: Il papavero è anche un fiore  Nonsensical spy/espionage/narcotics nonsense that tries hard to be relevant and fails miserably on all levels. Join our intrepid U.N. anti-narcotics agents as they chase heroin shipments from the Afghanistan/Iran border to their main European distributor. With loads of stars and even star cameos. Senta Berger, Yul Brynner, Angie Dickinson, E.G. Marshall, Trevor Howard, Eli Wallach, even Grace Kelly! E.G. Marshall hiding under Angie Dickinson's bed, Gilbert Roland watching Trini Lopez sing 'La Bamba', Rita Hayworth playing a drug addict... more... BA

B628 Reluctant Saint, The (62) aka: Ein sonderbarer Heiliger  aka: El hombre que no quería ser santo  17th Century Italy, A simple clumsy village idiot/Forrest Gump of a man (Maximilian Schell) joins the Franciscan order and somehow performs a miracle and finds himself not only in full priesthood, but on the road to Sainthood as well. It's a comedy. It's a biography. It's a drama. All of these things... and more! With Ricardo Montalban, Luciana Paluzzi, Akim Tamiroff, Mark Damon and more star. Incredible.  BA

G446 Retreat from Kiska, The (65) aka: Taiheiyô kiseki no sakusen: Kisuka  In 1943, the Aleutian island of Kiska was fortified by a small contingent of Japanese soldiers. When word arrived of an impending attack by an overwhelming force of Americans, the Japanese Navy attempted one of the most daring and unlikely evacuations in military history, with mixed results. More special effects from the 'Godzilla' team, and plenty of action. Toshiro Mifune and more star. Amazing LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G521 Rhubarb (51) aka: Il gatto milionario  A rich man adopts a feral cat and calls him Rhubarb. The old man dies and leaves most of his money and a baseball team to said cat. Rhubarb's existence sets into motion a plot involving thwarted romance, court battles, baseball heroics and gangsters. Ray Milland, Gene Lockhart, Jan Sterling and Orangey the cat (Comedy of Terrors, Breakfast at Tiffanys and more) as 'Rhubarb' the cat! Orangey had quite the career in his 15 year life.  BA

B623 Sandy the Seal (68) aka: Sandy la foca  A lighthouse keeper rescues a seal and gives it to his kids to watch and take care of. This galvanizes an effort to stop seal poachers, led by the children! Imagine a European Disney type film.....That damn seal will get you, that goofy ass soundtrack.... geez.  With Marrianne Koch and Heinz Drache, both known for many many films we are all familiar with..

B611 Satin Steel (94) aka: Zhong jin shu  Jade Leung delivers a deadly kick, and she teams with another female cop to track an arm's dealer in Singapore. Like an Asian female 'Lethal Weapon' type. Jade Leung is similar to the Mel Gibson part. If you dig women with skills kicking ass this is it! Makes our 'fake' American heroines look mighty weak I tell you. LBX and with easy to read English subtitles.

G558 Shaolin Drunken Monk (82) aka: Shao Lin zui ba quan  Lao (Chia-Hui Liu) kidnaps the daughter of one of the men responsible for the death of his parent's. He teams up with a one-handed fighter who has similar beefs with the bad guys. Excellent great kung-fu and drunken fighting mixed with hilarious English dubbing and exaggerated to the max sound effects makes this an unsung gem of the genre for lovers of this type.

G532 She Does Not Drink, She Does Not Smoke, She Does Not Flirt, But She Talks (70) aka: Elle boit pas, elle fume pas, elle drague pas, mais... elle cause!  aka: Lei non fuma, lei non beve, ma...  Housemaid Germaine (Annie Giradot) loves to gossip about her employers (see title) which gets her and others, in lots of  hilarious trouble! She works for three different households and when each learns of the others dirty little secrets all hell breaks loose with blackmailing to the bitter end! Colorful French made film LBX and with English subtitles. + some bonus trailers.  BA

B699 Sicilian, The (74) aka: Il Siculo  Four gangsters are traveling from Switzerland to Sicily with a large cache of drugs. What the other three guys don't know is, their leader, known as 'The Sicilian', is supposed to kill them all and return with the drugs alone to deliver to the Mafia in Milan. Will he be able to carry out the dirty deed? In Italian language and with English subtitles.

B605 Storm Troopers U.S.A. (69) With WW2 stock footage and an amusing narrator comes this modern day (1969) Nazi invasion scare film. Then we settle into our little tale about a branch of the American Nazi Party in Miami, Florida. Leading a tiny rally of the faithful, with the F.B.I. on their trail. Their plan? To take over a hotel and hold the vacationers hostage for no specific reason. Hysterical and inept politically incorrect soft-core fun! 

G587 Terminal Exposure (87) aka: Double Exposure  Two guys taking pictures accidentally get some shots of a murder. They have an idea that will expose the killers, but now some syndicate dudes are hunting them as well. They need sexy blonde Christie (Playboy Playmate Hope Marie Carlton) to help with the exposure. Ted Lange, Howard Vernon and more star. BA

B700 Tiger Gang (71) aka: Kommissar X: Jagt die roten Tiger  aka: F.B.I. operazione Pakistan   The hardest to find Komissar X film! The only way to see it in an English language dubbed version! Also known as 'F.B.I. Operation Pakistan' and 'the Red Tiger Gang'. On the trail of the Red Tiger (a ruthless heroin smuggling gang) our agents investigate murders and go after the villains in grand Komissar X style! Tony Kendall and Brad Harris are once again on hand to deliver the thugs into the hands of justice. Formerly only available in a foreign language print, this is a full frame English language dubbed version. BA

G596 Trailers 69 + 1 (various trailers, most from the 2000's) Mainly Horror here and some exploitation trailers in this exhausting attack of titles. I Saw the Devil, The Mortician, Nuns with Big Guns, Lesbian Vampire Killers, Big Tits Zombie, A Serbian Film, Tokyo Gore Police, The Troll Hunter and more more more adding up to 70! Thanks!

G535 Two are Guilty (63) aka: Le glaive et la balance aka: Dos son culpables  A boy is kidnapped and murdered on the French Riviera. The two kidnappers are pursued by the police. The boy is dead. The men are trapped by the police in a lighthouse. Three men come out, but only two are guilty. The courtroom has a task on their hands here, to try and determine which two are the bad guys. If the court will not enact justice, then the mob outside will! An excellent shock ending! With Anthony Perkins and more. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

B660 Two Lives of Mattia Pascal, The (85) aka: Le due vite di Mattia Pascal  A movie of eerie atmosphere about a guy named Mattia (Marcello Mastroianni), who leaves his family (wife and mother-in-law) by faking his own death. He meets another women as he starts his new life. But eventually he is pulled back into the community that buried him years ago. An epic about identity, fate, chance and anonymity. Also with Senta Berger, Laura Morante and more. This is 3 hours long on one DVD-R and no VHS. In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX

B629 Two Women (60) aka: La ciociara  aka: ...und dennoch leben sie  Italy in WW2. A widow (Sophia Loren) and her lonely daughter seek to distance themselves from the horrors of war. Hard-hitting and with a gang rape in a church. (of course it cuts away as it starts, this is 1960). Surprisingly startling and suspenseful and intense. LBX and English language dubbed. Full 100 minute version too, well 99 minutes and 21 seconds anyway. . BA

B625 Wake Me When the War is Over (69) Late in WW2 a bumbling American Lieutenant (Ken Berry) finds himself in enemy territory after falling out of an airplane. He is taken in by a Baroness (Eva Gabor). She takes him in and falls for him, keeping him hidden, and doesn't let him know that the war is over, hoping that will keep him with her. Dodgy comedy with a kooky cast. Werner Klemperer, Jim Backus, Hans Conried and Martin Kosleck star.

B604 Way Out (67) A bunch of former heroin addicts play act as a bunch of heroin addicts in New York's Bronx. Robberies, trials and tribulations as they struggle to support their filthy habit. Amazingly these guys come off pretty realistic, after all, they are basically playing themselves! Excellent time capsule anti-drug movie with a come to Jesus moment that doesn't come off preachy. With today's heroin problem, this look at about 50 years back proves not much has changed with the lure of drugs, the master of puppets. From director Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr., the man who directed 'The Blob', '4-D Man' and 'Dinosaurus'!

B618 When the Girls Take Over (62) Inspired by Fidel Castro's success in Cuba, similarly bearded Robert Lowry (as El Maximo Toro) pretends to kidnap his busty blonde lover, as she is also the daughter of French 'Millionaire' Prime Minister Marvin Miller (as Henri Degiere). Mr. Lowry hopes to become dictator of 'Hondo-Rica', a sugar-producing Republic somewhere east of Cuba. Mr. Miller is assisted by comic concierge Jackie Coogan (as El Capitaine Toussaint). Discussing the plot of this practically indecipherable mishmash is pointless. This is such a mess of a movie it can only be described as a must-see clunker!  BA

B662 Wild Policemen (76) aka: Crimebusters  aka: Poliziotti violenti  Excellent Italian Crime classic with Gratuitous Violence and Cruelty every ten minutes or so. Antonio Sabata is a cop who befriends an ex army officer (Henry Silva) to fight against corrupt politicians who are implicated with the mob, and evil arms dealers. Of course there are other bad guys and violent situations as Silva makes 'Dirty Harry' and 'Vic Mackey' look like choir boys when he is handing out justice. A good place to start with Italian made mobster/cops type movies. LBX and with English subtitles.  Now LBX and Uncut!  Upgrade!  BA



B644 Devil's Jewels, The (69) aka: Las Joyas del Diablo  aka: Le diable aime les bijoux   Museums in Europe are being robbed of their jewelry. The last in Spain, where Interpol sends a group of investigators. They find that the stolen jewels all once belonged to the 'Order of the Golden Eagle' which is an ancient Satanic Cult (obviously still in business!). There will be strange murders and strange occurrences that will all lead to the mysterious cult. In Spanish language and finally with English subtitles!

B631 Devil's Partner (61) aka: El demonio sanguinario  When a rich old man sells his soul to Satan in exchange for youth, he then uses black magic and witchcraft in an attempt to win the hand of a woman, who is already taken by a rival. Notoriously spooky and bizarre little Faust take that may get under your skin on a late dark night.... Satan horror like a longer 'Twilight Zone'. Filmed in 1958 and not released until 61 or 62. Ed Nelson, Edgar Buchanan, Richard Crane, Jean Allison and more star. BA

B673 Fear (54) aka: Non credo più all'amore (La paura)  Irene Wagner (Ingrid Bergman), the wife of a prominent scientist Albert Wagner, finds herself blackmailed about her affair by her lover's ex-girlfriend. The experiment her husband is working on, causing fear, drives her into a rage. Marital infidelity, about a guilty woman's descent into paranoid fear and delusion. Look for Klaus Kinski as a cabaret performer in an early unbilled bit. With English subtitles.  BA

B686 When Darkness Falls (60) Young Elisabeth comes to Vastlinge with a nice Christmas visit in mind. But when the grocer is brutally murdered with an axe, a police inspector comes to the small snowbound village to catch the killer. But a certain piece of evidence points in too many directions.... Whodunit? In Swedish language and with English subtitles.  BA




G590 Haveli (85) aka: The Mansion  An undercover policeman attempts to solve a murder and ends up with more murders on his hands... A mysterious killer is on the loose in this India based giallo/slasher with loads of cool touches. As the body count rises, the mystery grows deeper... F.L.   DVD-R only.

G589 Sansani: The Sensation (81) On a cold foggy night, two men alight from a train at an isolated and remote railway station at Balipur, at the request of Mathur, the owner of a huge factory where some of the workers have been stalked and killed. The locals believe they are victim's of bloodsucking ghosts. Nice depiction of ghost town, with dim and murky lighting, a sense of isolation, grainy landscapes and disquieting darkness. No English  DVD-R only.



B600 Brainiac, The (62) aka: El barón del terror  Now available in this Spanish language version with English subtitles! A Baron returns for his revenge after being burned at the stake 300 years ago in 1661. Now however he can transform into the 'Brainiac', a horrifying fork-tongued creature of ancient folklore. Who is draining the skulls of the local loose women and banquet partiers? Well, the 'Brainiac' of course! With Abel Salazar. The English dub is a bit campier than the actual Spanish language edition. One of the coolest and original monsters from Mexico, ever! If you want the English Dubbed version please specify.  BA

G496 Curse of the Doll People (61) aka: Muñecos infernales  Four men are cursed by a voodoo priest for stealing a scared idol from a temple. Bad move. Creepy murderous midgets (dollmen!) with lethal weapons are dispatched to go after the men and their loved ones. These evil little buggers are mute and have unsettling creepy mask faces. Also available in an English dubbed version, which is good, but well you know dubbing can be a bit comical at times. Here, in Spanish with English subtitles, a bit more serious and yes, scary!  Now the Spanish language version with English subtitles!  BA

B713 El Hijo de la Tiznada (01) Opens with a cockfight in a small arena set up for such a thing. One older burly Mexican tough guy, with a hooked hand, gets robbed. He goes to the house of the young punks responsible, taking with him some other rowdy hombres and kills the punks that robbed him. even ripping the guts out of the mother with his hook. Years pass, and what used to be cockfighting has turned now to men in fist-fighting duels. Shootouts, stunts, blood, revenge and retribution for the earlier situation..... In Spanish only with no subtitles.

G501 Horrible Human Beast, The (68) aka: La Horripilante Bestia Humana aka: Night of the Bloody Apes   Now this film, already available in an English dubbed version, is here in original Spanish language with English subtitles! A typical mad scientist transplants an ape's heart into the body of a human which results in a monster (of course!). Remake of Rene Cardona's 'Doctor of Doom' except now with color, gore and nudity. What can anyone say? A masterpiece.  BA

G588 Tarot Sangriento (90) Tarot card reader sees something in her readings involving a sexy brunette, who reports to the cops. Meanwhile crooks suspect the brunette is snitching on them as one of her male friends is actually one of the bad guys, and she keeps him informed of her doings. Or is he a good guy?  She goes undercover for the cops. So the bad guys debate how to handle her, and of course continue their criminal activities. F.L. in Spanish only and no subtitles.




B719 Bushwhackers, The (52) aka: La jena del Missouri  An evil rancher/cattle baron, wheelchair bound (Lon Chaney! Jr.), hurting from arthritis, and his murderous daughter (Myrna Dell), are having settlers killed to prevent them from selling their land to the railroad. Cool low budget western with a cast that makes it so. Mean man Jack Elam, Grouchy man Lawrence Tierney, good man Wayne Morris....hot babe Dorothy Malone... more.  BA

B666 Carambola (74) aka: Vier Fäuste schlagen wieder zu  Coby (Antonio Cantafora) ex-soldier and billiards champion (some wonderfully cheesy trick shots here), investigates arms trafficking across the U.S.- Mexican border, with the help of his inseparable friend, the gigantic Clem (Paul Smith). You guessed it, an unashamed rip-off of the Bud Spencer/Terence Hill films! Clem is seemingly indestructible and has the best comic scenes, you may remember him from 'Pieces' or maybe 'Sonnyboy', 'Popeye'? Efficient and funny low brow humor. English language dubbed and LBX. Upgrade!  BA

B667 Carambola's Philosophy: In the Right Pocket (75) aka: Carambola, filotto... tutti in buca  The same team returns for a sequel in the same vein of western hijinks fun! Lem and Coby, best friends, can't seem to let 10 minutes go by without arguing about something. LBX and English dubbed.

B641 Dead Men Ride (71) aka: Anda muchacho, spara!  aka: Ma dernière balle sera pour toi!  aka: El sol bajo la tierra  Roy (Fabio Testi) rides into town, appearing out of a cloud of dust, after he escapes from a work camp. He befriends some miners who are enslaved by the local boss. Roy decides to come to their aid, and he also has some score of his own to settle that we will find the nature of with flashbacks. Similar to the tried and true 'man with no name' formula. Charo Lopez plays Jessica. Excellent. In Italian language and with English subtitles and LBX.  BA

B669 Death Knows No Time (69) aka: Pagó cara su muerte  Shootings, lots of violence and a thought-provoking sensitive story? Nasty American homesteaders... well let's just say this is a pretty complex plot loaded with frisky characters, manhunts and vengeance. This production directed by Leon Klimovsky. With William Bogart and Wayde Preston. Recommended. LBX and English dubbed.  BA

B688 Deguello (66) aka: Degueyo  aka: Für Dollars ins Jenseits  Danger City is attacked by Ramon's (Dan Vadis) bandits, searching for rumored treasures (which they do not find!). So, they either kill, or take hostage, all men of the town, threatening to kill them if the women and children do not cough up the loot. And, also, they will have to face Ramon, who will attack and kill with malice! Four men, searching for Ramon, agree to help the citizen's of Danger City. Muscleman Vadis is astonishingly vile and sadistic in this and is a pleasure to watch as he deals evil, mean-spirited and bloodthirsty. With Giacomo Rossi Stuart, Aurora Bautista and more. Nice English Dubbed and LBX Upgrade!

B671 Doomed Fort (64) aka: Fuerte perdido  aka: Massacre at Fort Grant   Paul Driscoll (German Cobos) arrives in Arizona to take possession of the land that the government provides for homesteading and marries a beautiful singer. Three days later they leave with other settlers, escorted by a military patrol. Chief Geronimo ruins their day with an attack, and they all hole up in an abandoned fort. Weakened by the Apaches constant attacks, lack of water, and the will to fight, Driscoll needs to rally his group (a 'Braveheart' speech moment is in order here) or they will be doomed. LBX and English language dubbed.

G519 Frontier Gal (45) aka: Die Herberge zum roten Pferd  Jonathan Hart (Rod Cameron), fresh out of prison, returns to his hometown, and finds his former bride (Yvonne DeCarlo) and his 5 year old daughter, want nothing to do with him. But theirs is a relationship of love and hate, and maybe, just maybe.... Shot in Color! DeCarlo quite the hot dame here. BA

G462 Gun Law (38) A lawman trails a bad guy named Raven into the desert but the bad guy gets the upper hand and steals the lawman's horse and water. The bad guy drinks some poison water, and the lawman assumes the identity of Raven and rides into a western town with an intent to whip it into shape. He plans to scare order and religion into the befuddled locals. George O'Brien, Ward Bond and many more star.  BA

G447 Incident at Phantom Hill (66) aka: El asalto de Phantom Hill  A convoy carrying millions in gold is ambushed. An army Captain is sent on a secret mission to get it back, with the reluctant help of one of the robbers. Break out the popcorn! Robert Fuller, Claude Akins, Jocelyn Lane, Dan Duryea, Paul Fix, Denver Pyle and more star. LBX BA

G528 Joe Dakota (57) aka: La Venganza del Muerto  A lone rider (Jock Mahoney) enters town, looking for an Indian. He is told the Indian has left. But they are keeping a secret. A Town without a Conscience begins to Fear this man without a name. Until they learn his identity, and the reason for his quest. A nice mystery with a satisfying conclusion. Jocko doing his own stunts as usual. With Lee Van Cleef, Claude Akins, Luana Patton and more. Nice Color.  BA

G473 Legend of Frenchie King (71) aka: Frenchie King  aka: Les pétroleuses  Outlaw sisters  (Brigitte Bardot, Teresa Gimpera, Patty Shepard and Emma Cohen) in the old west inherit a ranch and try to settle in to a normal existence. Bardot is Frenchie, neighboring rancher and rival lady (Claudia Cardinale) gives her troubles. Michael J. Pollard is the sheriff. This oater with catfights and light-weight action entertains with a spectacular cast and interesting set designs/locations. Another plus of course, instead of a bunch of dirty sweaty gringos we get lots of tasty cheesecake. Upgraded English dub but still Full Frame. . BA

B677 Lemonade Joe (64) aka: Limonádový Joe aneb Konská opera  Straight shooting Lemonade Joe cleans up Stetson City in this one of a kind musical parody of early westerns.  After shooting the pants off villain 'Old Pistol'. Joe's endorsement of Kolaloka (Crazy Cola)  lemonade as the refresher that assures his deadly accurate aim convinces the Arizona sin-town to abstain from alcohol. But 'Trigger Whiskey' maker Duke Badman's brother (the devious gunslinger Hogofogo), comes to save his siblings saloon from Joe's allies, father and daughter temperance revivalists, the Goodmans. A very strange western from Czechoslovakia shot with different color tints throughout and with English subtitles. LBX BA

B679 Long Days of Vengeance (67) aka: I lunghi giorni della vendetta (Faccia d'angelo)  After three years of hard physical labor in a hellish prison in the desert, the former sheriff Ted Barnett (Giuliano Gemma) escapes from prison and goes after the three men who framed him. The first is now a barber, and he kills him in self defense. The next he is after not only helped set him up, he has also married his wife (now his ex). There will be hell to pay! LBX and English language dubbed Upgrade!

B683 Revenge for Revenge (68) aka: Vendetta per vendetta  Major Bowers lords over the town with violence. Enter half-breed Shalako. He stands up to the threats of Major Bowers. Another pain for Bowers, is that his own wife (Loredana Nusciak) has secretly told Shalako about a treasure in gold, hidden where her greedy husband has no idea. Bowers catches Shalako and tortures him for information, but others then help him escape.... LBX and an English dubbed print!  BA

B621 Shootout at Big Sag (61) A greedy land grabber goes after a family and their land... His plans go awry when he sends his daughter out to town with nefarious plans, and she is ends up taking refuge from a storm with the family intended to be victims of her selfish father. Walter Brennan, Luana Patton, Leif Erickson and more star in this low budget black and white western.

B703 Trinity and Sartana are Coming (72) aka: Trinità e Sartana figli di...   This 'Trinity' is a black man, called so because he is from Trinidad. The Sartana character is quite different from the typical 'avenging angel' styled Sartana we are used to. This time the two are bank robbers who are changing their evil ways and evolving into heroic situations. Crooked town bosses (have you ever seen an old western town without at least one of those?), beaten down traveling musicians, Mexican bandits, pretty girls with bottles of wine and a final heist which involves the robbing of a stagecoach. LBX and English language dubbed.  BA

B661 White Apache (87) aka: Bianco Apache  aka: Apache Kid  A late in the game spaghetti directed by Bruno Mattei and Claudio Fragasso together! Outlaws kill a band of settlers and kill everyone except a woman who is about to give birth. A band of Indians rescues her, and she dies giving birth. The Indians raise the male baby, calling him 'Shining Sky'! He grows up with his Indian friend 'Black Wolf' both competing for female 'Rising Star'. Black Wolf is accidentally killed in a competition and 'Shining Sky' is banished. He finds work in a nearby town and plays mute. Town slut Isabella tries to get down with Shining Sky and when he refuses, she cries 'Rape!". He's hung up by the wrists and left to die then, then rescued by the Indians, but his problems are still active.....Amazing. With Sebastian Harrison, Lola Forner, Naschy regular Charly Bravo and more! LBX and English Dubbed.  BA

B663 Zorro the Rebel (66) aka: Zorro il ribelle   aka: Das Finale liefert Zorro  California, a province of the Spanish colony of Mexico. Don Ramiro is not only the secretary of the tyrannical governor, he is also secretly the masked Zorro, avenger and defender of the popular rebels. Both parties resort to desperate means, while the mission priest guards morality. Huh? Nice LBX print and English dubbed.







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G545 Anal Analysis (92) A cable T.V. host sneaks into the backdoor of people and gets on camera their sexual encounters with hung males. Trinity Loren raises temperatures in the opening scene. Technically this is just a hosted series of scenes with some of the hottest women of the day getting nailed. But later the plan backfires when he himself is filmed getting a little backdoor action from a big-haired blonde. + The Cockateer (91) The crime-fighting 'Cockateer' (brother of Amber Lynn the ill-fated Buck Adams) goes head to head against Felicia Powers (Madison), Mistress of the Morally Corrupt. Porno spoof of 'The Rocketeer'. With T.T. Boy as a 'Joker' character and some other 'Batman' type scenes. + Dear Brigitte (92) Heather Lere is a sex columnist who answers letters from horny readers and amuses herself with sexual fantasies she imagines and we see in graphic action. Rachel Ryan, Mona Lisa and more star. This disc runs over 3 and a half hours! DVD-R only, no VHS. AND ... a full 30 minute preview of another film called 'Girls of the 'DD' Vol. 12!!!

G571 Anal Diary of Misty Rain, The (93) Sexy, bubbly and slender blonde-sex-bomb Misty Rain and her friends, explore their sexuality with lucky males, and each other. Runs over two hours. Also with Francesca Le, Vixxxen, Bionca Sven, Melanie Moore and Tammi Ann!  DVD-R only and no VHS.

G556 Bound and Gagged Special (various) over 6 hours of various women on a bed, bound and gagged, and forced to have sex with a masked man. Graphic and sometimes disturbing so be warned!  DVD-R only no VHS

G465 Cinerape Vol #31 - Various rape and violence scenes, plus consensual sex from many films, some sexy some just downright creepy. Three hours of Total Depravity!  DVD-R only and no VHS

B614 Deep Roots (78) Injun Billy, leaves the reservation and heads off to Hollywood on his motorcycle. There he acquires a swanky pad and proceeds to shafting with some really cool and hot hippie chicks. How? Me thinks they like him big Billy, and his peace pipe. A soft-rock and a hard c.... score (both) and excellent cinematography makes one wonder how such a thoughtful skin flick like this was ever made! With Liz Renay. Yi Yi Yi!

G546 Erotic Fantasies (85) aka: Amour Fantasmes - Two women pimp out a hung stud to service the local women so they can raise cash to get work done on their house in the country. Smoking hot French chicks in a rural setting, including a lollypop sucking woman getting it in the barn etc. As if that wasn't enough! A creep sneaks into a woman's house and pulls the hot blonde out of the shower and proceeds to rape her in 'Home Invasion'. About two and a half hours. DVD-R only with no VHS.

G568 Erotica 9-10-11 and 12 (various 80's) Smoking hot sex scenes with some hot players here. This Erotica series has real sound to the scenes unlike some loop scenes. You will recognize many familiar faces. and many obscure horny actors/actresses, giving up their all for the camera. Hot as Hell 4 Hour sextravaganza!  DVD-R only and no VHS

G547 Flesh and Laces (83) An inheritance saga, set in a hospital, with the dying patriarch making the potential inheritors of his estate compete by making sex films he can watch for his pleasure from his death bed. Whoever is the hottest wins. Shauna Grant gets my vote here. But there are plenty of contenders as well! + Convenience Store Girls (86) The beautiful employees of a convenience store, battle the anti-porn police, who object to the hot chicks running the place, who happen to provide dirty magazines to their customers. Seducing the self-righteous men is the answer to their problems. Leslie Winston, Keisha, Stacey Donovan and more star in this porn comedy. Both films, one DVD-R, no VHS.

G552 Holly Does Hollywood Again (87) More of that super hot and filthy big-haired, big boobed blonde bimbo sex with the voluptuous Samantha Strong. Of course other couplings figure into the action as well. + The Anal-ist 2 (86) Well it's just what you would expect it to be! He has a clipboard, and there are plenty of couples needing advice on anal adventures. In house training with other couples is the answer, apparently. There are some glitches in the master print of this one on the second film. DVD-R only and no VHS.

G575 Idonikes Diastrofes (83) Crazy pornography from Greek director Apostolos Tegopoulos. A group of people in a chateau spend all of their time hooking up. One of the women is a masseuse. There are three women and two men. All of them have sex one on one at some point or another in extremely well lit and graphic hardcore sex scenes. Makes you want to be in Greece in 1983. F.L.

G566 Kinkorama Vol. #10 - There are many scenes of different sexual situations that most would seem extremely kinky here. One guy has two peckers, boobs squirt milk and more. About 2 hours

G567 Kinkorama Vol. #8 - More deviant and kinky perversions with some scenes of horny sexual deformity and......get the message? Be prepared!

G553 Las Vegas Lady (81) The action starts in Las Vegas, and moves across country with plenty of sex scenes along the way. Nasty people get down in a variety of locales. Sultry Drea, Candy Moore and more star. + Xstasy (85) Another obscure hot sex film from the 1980's with some of the prettiest girls of the era! Kimberly Carson, Nina Hartley, Shanna McCullough and more star in this erotic tale. + Charli (82) Jessi St. James is Charli. She is upset because her husband is having troubles with premature ejaculation. He has endless sexual fantasies (which we see in graphic detail). It's like a couple's soap opera type movie, with sex scenes! All on one DVD-R and no VHS.

G554 Lucky in Love 2 (88) Some regulars get down and dirty in this sex film from the 80's. Join Jerry Butler, Nikki Charm, Leslie Winston, Tiffany Storm and more as they go at it! + Beverly Hills Siren (87) More 80's porn. This one a bit lesser quality on second movie. Clear, but a small line at screen top. With Misty Regan and many more. DVD-R only and no VHS on this title.

G540 Middle-Aged (9?) More smoking hot sex with broads not as young as usual but still ready to go in full-on hardcore action sequences. Most of these gals are average looking normal sexy, and they have genuine aroused scenes of uninhibited ecstasy. Very nice. Over 2 hours. DVD-R only no VHS.

G580 More Short Sex Films #2 (various 80's) Easy Way Our, Who Reamed Rosie Rabbit, Sex Sluts in the Slammer, The Bitch is Back, Farmer's Daughter... + International Superstars, Come Rain or Shine, Sex and the Single Girl.....more....the short sex scene/films continue for about a 4 hour total! DVD-R only and no VHS.

G569 More Short Sex Films (various 80's) These sex shorts all have titles and are acted out with hardcore zeal, for your viewing pleasure. A few glitches on this, but if you can't get enough of the hot and horny 80's chicks than here you go with yet another series of sex scenes. DVD-R only and no VHS

G548 Night of the Gang Bangs #4 (various) Over 6 hours more of many being pleased by one. Super horny women can't get enough. Exhausting! DVD-R only, no VHS.

G549 Night of the Gang Bangs #5 (various) Over 6 hours of more women who just cannot seem to be satisfied so they need many men to make it work for them. Exhausting? You bet! DVD-R only, no VHS.

G551 Nymphette Does Hollywood (87) Careena Collins is Nymphette. Also with Janette Littledove ( a full-blooded Cherokee Indian, according to her agent). Also with Elle Rio and Breezy Lane plus more! + Midnight Eyes (78) More rare porn with some chicks that did only one porno, and this is it! It's a story with lots of hot sex, that, you can count on! DVD-R only and no VHS.

G539 Old Bitches (9?) Women a bit seasoned and still attractive, go all out, demonstrating their sexual vitality by bedding horny hung males, and pleasuring each other as well. Almost 2 and a half hours. DVD-R only, no VHS.

B613 Oriental Baby Sitter (77) Sexy and delectable Linda Wong stars as a special babysitter, and she relives some of her finest sexual moments before our very eyes. Linda known for giving magnificent oral delivers to her partners that extra something special. And that's why 'Wong is Right!". This is one she will be remembered for.  BA


G541 Outraged #32 (various) You know what to expect. Women are surprised and abused sexually. Gang rape, vintage sex etc. In most cases these women are just fine being used in this fashion, as well, of course, are the males. This is all erotic play-acting after all. This edition of Outraged runs just over 2 hours.  DVD-R only and no VHS

G542 Outraged #33 (various) Opening scene a woman is tied to a table by a masked man, a dwarf and another woman. More outrageous scenes follow.... Of course there is the usual rape, voyeurism and more.... This edition of Outraged runs just over 2 hours.  DVD-R only and no VHS

G543 Outraged #34 (various) Opens with a blonde in her underwear, sleeping peacefully in bed.... but not for long. Rape and abuse and lots of sex, much consensual and some not so much. This edition of Outraged runs over 4 and a half hours. DVD-R only on this title. No VHS.

G544 Outraged #35 (various) Outraged number #35 already? Looks we have an almost endless supply of these things.... Scene after scene, rape, seductions, double - penetrations, gang forced sex at knifepoint and more offensive sexuality play acted for your amusement with very willing female participants who take great joy in what they are doing. This being another 2 hour edition of 'Outraged'!  DVD-R only and no VHS

G595 Outraged #36 (various) some surprising and offensive stuff here with full on fisting, and some women bound, all sex scene after sex scene......Hours and hours.... DVD-R only and no VHS.


G582 Prized Hostages (9?) Valentine Demy stars in this Italian made porno from director Silvio Bandinelli. Thugs have her under their control, and Valentine is a Prized Hostage because she Comes with all the benefits + Aggressive Rape #2: A series of scenes with some less than willing females getting taken advantage of..... This one runs about 3 and a half hours and is DVD-R only, no VHS.

G593 Seka Story, The (88) Seka sits and talks, and we see some of her best sex scenes in between her blabbing. + Jordan McKnight's Gang Bang (94) In which 20 year old Jordan, takes on a group of horny men.... + The Other Side of Julie (78) A man leading a double life as a family man by day and a male prostitute by night reaches a dilemma when a client is his wife's Aunt! + The Seduction of Christy Canyon (88) Hot scenes with one of the hottest chicks in the business! Plus even more hot scenes with some blondes! About six hours. All on one DVD-R and no VHS. 

G574 Sleeping Beauty Aroused (89) Hyapatia Lee is Princess Amber. She, and the rest of the Royal Court fall into a deep sleep for one hundred years until she is awakened by a kiss (well a lot more than that). Ona Zee is Queen Imelda. Also with Tori Welles. Corny humor and hot sex scenes in this fairy tale porno.

B615 Starlet Nights (82) Leslie Bovee as Joyce White does her best evil stepmother and sets out to be the fairest and hottest lay of them all. But she has competition, and there will be various displays of sexy shenanigans to salivate over as the plot plays (lays) out in hot hardcore style. Candy Nichols in a one-time porno appearance is Snow White.

G594 Starr (91) Teri Weigel, Gail Force and more engage in lots of sex with lucky males including Peter North.  + Oral Majority 2 (87) Some of the hottest scenes of the time, one has Amber Lynn with John Holmes and Tom Byron. + Sex Trek (90) The crew, led by Captain Jim Quirk and Mr. Sperm, has found life on the planet Uranus. The inhabitants are discovered to be horny women. Jeanna Fine is Ms. Hole from Youranus. Marilyn Rose is Sodomia Hole. Crazy stuff all on one DVD-R and no VHS.

G498 Supergirl: Tits of Steel (0?) Blonde bimbo Supergirl gets down and dirty! The highlight? She's flying above a city with a guy she is holding onto, going down on him at 10,000 feet! Talented. No Subtitles and in foreign language only.

G577 Ti Sou Kano Mana Mou (86) A bar is the place where men meet sexy women and rooms close by provide the place to get down to some serious shafting! These films were maybe trying to compete with the hardcore explicit nature of American films with in your face aroused, really going for it sex! Greek Hardcore in Greek language and no subtitles.

G581 To Mikrofono tis Alikis (84) Starring hot Greek sex superstar Tina Spathi, and she does various scenes here with numerous lucky males. There are other women getting it on with men, on the beach, on coastal rocks, but mostly we get lots of Tina, servicing two men on a couch, servicing two men the bedroom etc. Hot stuff, and pretty rare. F.L.

G550 Trading Partners (84) A weekend getaway for a a group of couples leads to some hot sex swapping + 2002: A Sex Odyssey (85) Futuristic sexual shenanigans in this 'Back to the Future' type spoof. Tracey Adams, Sharon Mitchell and more star. This double feature is on DVD-R only with no VHS.

G555 Trouble (89) Tori Welles, Victoria Paris, Jacqueline and more star in this one. Watch as Tori Welles gets in trouble with the law and goes through the criminal justice system. Loads and loads of hot sex. Jamie Gillis is the judge. I have a feeling he can pull a few strings, for a sexual price! + Rob Blow: The Unauthorized Biography (90) Of course trying to capitalize on celebrity scandal headlines with the title. What we get here is a meager story loaded with some hot sex scenes with Tianna, Lauren Brice, Carol Cummings and more! Followed by over an hour of 8 millimeter sex loops! Almost 4 hours total and DVD-R only with no VHS.

G463 Uncensored Japanese Hardcore (??) Hot Japanese girls with no optical censoring and nothing to hide get the shaft in various scenes of sexual shenanigans.