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H378                  Ladybug Ladybug (63) Students and staff in a rural school react to a warning of an imminent nuclear attack.   A sense of unease and almost unbearable dread sets in.   The best scenes involve a bossy young girl who refuses to let anybody in or out of the bomb shelter, and a teacher (played by Nancy Marchand) who must face her own fears during the journey.   With a haunting music score and a hard kick in the gut finale that is unforgettable, and unexpected.   With a hauntingly melancholy musical score.   From what I've read, many are still haunted by this one.   Marchand would play Tony Soprano's malcontent mother many years later and die in 2000.    BA

L240                  Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Cloud (89) aka: Espíritus del aire, gremlins de las nubes   Tells the story of Smith, a stranger on the run in the post--apocalyptic outback who comes across Felix and Betty far in the desert.   Amazing images of cars being buried into the ground like totems, huge flags blowing madly in the desert wind, and their house itself is of the old oz pioneer style but decorated everywhere with crucifixes.  Felix is an inventor that has invented a glider that has put him in a wheelchair.  From the director of the 1998 science fiction film 'Dark City'. 

H384                  Terminus (87) A new international sport has been established in this 'post-apoc' action 'Road Warrior' meets 'Blade Runner'.  The driver (Karen Allen) of a computerized truck must drive across the country to an established terminus and not be stopped by other vehicles.  But the guidance system is faulty, and the driver ends up in the hands of leather clad hoods....  On the other side an underground scientist called 'Sir' (Jurgen Prochnow) is working with cybernetic enhancements of the human brain and cloning, using his own clown to create two children whose brains have been upgraded for eventual plans to overthrow the ruthless government.  Sci-Fi with a pretty elaborate plot. 





H376 Outlaw Riders (71) After robbing a payroll office and only nabbing a poultry sum, Waco and Chuck hook up with their chicks and other bikers and rob a bank.  Another botched job.  Later Waco and Chuck go up against anti-Gringo outlaw Pedro and his gang....  Pedro takes Sharon (Darlene Daralia) and Linda (Bambi Allen) to sell them to his cousin, which pisses off Maria (Jennifer Bishop) Pedro's main squeeze, who is jealous.  Double-crosses, biker road action, bullwhip whipping, cliff death, nuns, spit in the face, rough treatment of women, knives and fistfights...  it's a biker flick alright! With Robert Tessier as 'Beans'.  Cute Bambi Allen, desperate to stay relevant and sexy, was receiving silicone injections meant to increase her bust size.  Health complications and cancer killed her in January 1973 at age 34.   BA

H375 Savage Dawn (85) aka: Alba selvaggia  A vicious biker gang (known as the 'Savages'), led by 'Pigiron' (William Forsythe) takes over a small town in Arizona.  A tough-talkin' Viet Nam war vet passing through named Stryker (Lance Henriksen) with nothing to lose, joins up with a few of the locals and wages war on the biker gang.  An enjoyably trashy, ultra-violent action-packed biker exploitation schlock that needs a revisit! And the cast rules! Also with Richard Lynch, Karen Black, George Kennedy and look for Sam Kinison as Barber in an early appearance before his big break!  BA



CLASSIC HORROR & SCI-FI FILMS  {Choose any two CLASSIC titles to create your custom double feature for $14.00 on VHS OR DVD-R! }  

H296 Ace of Hearts, The (21) A secret society assigns one of their own to assassinate a wealthy capitalist after he draws the Ace of Hearts.  Lon Chaney loves a girl, that loves someone else (as usual, the guy can't get a break!).  The girl loves the man who has been assigned to kill the capitalist.  But the man balks at his duty.  This society will have you killed if you do not follow orders.  Chaney's pivotal side role in the plot of confused lovers makes the film what it is.  Another classic Chaney performance. 

Z10 Amok (34) aka: La locura del trópico   Working in a Dutch Colony in the tropics trying to find a cure that has afflicted the locals (the 'amok' illness, a madness inducer), Dr. Holk turns to booze for comfort.  Later he is asked by a woman to perform an abortion as her secret lover has gotten her pregnant and her husband is due to return.  He refuses, she seeks help elsewhere, feeling guilty Dr. Holk tracks her to a dirty dive.  This French jungle thriller uses real natives, and truly bizarre jungle artifacts, masks, statues and the like.  Dr.  Holk has a cute topless native in his quarters, laying back smiling at him.  That's right, this movie was banned everywhere because the brief nudity is not of the savage and ugly kind, but actually 'sexy' women.  In fact the topless native chick is far prettier than the leading lady in this film.  Abortion, brief nudity and about as downbeat an ending as any I have seen from 1934.  With English subtitles. 

H407 Beast of Borneo, The (34) aka: Het monster van Borneo  A crazed scientist needs primates to conduct experiments to prove his 'own' theory of evolution, so into the jungles of Borneo he goes, to capture the animals he needs.  One, a half-ape, half-man type creature that, depending on your mood, may have you howling with laughter, as the “beast” is the title. 

H412 Bells, The (26) Innkeeper Mathias (Lionel Barrymore) robs and murders a wealthy Polish Jew Merchant guest to pay off a debt, but he is haunted by a guilty conscience.  Boris Karloff is 'The Mesmerist', who haunts Mathias with his supposed ability to cause criminals to confess.  He's very powerful, magnetic, and creepy.  100% Gothic Silent + The Crazy Ray (24) A scientist's invisible ray freezes Paris into immobility. 

H277 Biography of a Bachelor Girl (35) Woman of the world Marion (Ann Harding) wants to write her biography.  One of her many former boyfriends objects, as he is the subject of one of the chapters, and he is also running for the Senate.  Will her scandalous affairs be published?

H353 Bud and Lou (78) aka: Bud & Lou: Comedy Is No Laughing Matter   The story of Bud Abbott (Harvey Korman) and Lou Costello (Buddy Hackett) in a MFTV version of their personal and professional lives which misses the mark completely.  Both actors horribly miscast, and this also a hit piece of sorts painting Costello especially as a monster of a man.  Interesting as yet another way Hollywood chews people up after they are dead.  These guys made countless millions for the studio, there were no big scandals, no murders or assaults, and yet they are still pissed upon by the makers of a film (based on a book by a disgruntled employee).  Still, this is a must see if you are an Abbott and Costello fan, and these miscast actors, who were both very good in many other projects don't get me wrong, but here, both suck balls trying to do Bud and Lou, they do not have the personalities or “specific delivery” to give these pioneering comedians any kind of justice.  Also with Michele Lee, Arte Johnson and Robert Reed.   BA

Z91 Child Bride (38) aka: Child Bride of the Ozarks  A schoolteacher in a rural community campaigns to stop the usual practice of older men marrying very young girls.  YEEEHawww! I got me a Youngun'!  Pretends to be a P.S.A.  but was really just an excuse to show some cleavage and violence.  This being one of those road show, or midnight shows that would play quickly and then disappear before the law could arrest everybody for showing such 'filth'! Look for Angelo Rossitto in a small role.  A Throbbing Drama of Shackled Youth! 62 minute uncut version.   BA

H304 Conquerors, The (32) aka: Pioneer Builders  In less than an hour and a half we get young love, courtship, robbery, shooting, hanging, alcoholism, banking, railroads, tragic accident, childbirth, suicide, the dawn of cinema, stock market crash...  all supporting a westward expansion theme.  A little classic semi-epic film for Depression Era audiences.  Richard Dix, Ann Harding and more star.   BA

H288 High Wall (47) aka: La muraglia delle tenebre  A decorated war veteran (and now brain damaged from war) man (Robert Taylor) confesses to murdering his wife and is committed to a psychiatric hospital.  A shrink (Audrey Totter) tries to unlock the secrets of his mind.  Several scenes have a powerful 'noir' mood with dark rainy streets, claustrophobic rooms and bizarre flashbacks, including some surprising violence.  BA

H258 Jalopy (53) The Bowery Boys accidentally invent a super fuel that makes cars go super fast, and prepare to race their jalopy.  But the fuel is stolen by the bad guys right before the race.  The 29th of 48 Bowery Boys movies made between 1946 and 1958.  Busty model Jane Easton (as Bobbie Lane) carries the film's (ahem) main attractions.  BA

H290 Last of the Duanes (41) aka: Le dernier des Duanes  In 1870 Texas, a man (George Montgomery) returning home goes on the hunt for the man who killed his father when he was away.  He calls in the Texas Rangers.  Also with Lynne Roberts, Eve Arden and more.  BA

H266 Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo, The (35) aka: L'uomo che sbancò Montecarlo   A Russian Prince (Ronald Colman) goes to Monte Carlo just after WW1 with money supplied him by Parisian Russians...  He wins, but the casino operators want him to return to the tables so they can get their money back.  He refuses.  They use sexy Helen (Joan Bennett) to lure him back.  Joan Bennett was born in 1910 and went on to star in the horror soap 'Dark Shadows' and even Dario Argento's 'Suspiria'.  Also with Nigel Bruce and the fragile Colin Clive.  This was one of Clive's last films. 

H281 Pilot #5 (43) aka: Una vida por un amor   Java, Indonesia 1942.  A pilot must be chosen from 5 men to fly a suicide mission, We see stories in flashback that determines the outcome.  An action-packed finale.  Franchot Tone, Marsha Hunt and many more star.  BA

H291 Student Tour (34) aka: Caravana de bellezas  A college rowing team's world tour is in jeopardy because a philosophy teacher wants to flunk the entire group.  Littered with some god so awful musical numbers.  Jimmy Durante, Charles Butterworth and more star. 

H298 Tell it to the Marines (26) A gruff Marine Sergeant (Lon Chaney) and a new recruit, going through training, sea duty and rescuing missionaries while posted in Shanghai.  They also compete for the affections of a a young nurse (Eleanor Boardman).  A few years away from Charlie Chan, Warner Oland plays a mean Chinese bandit chief.  It's a dramatic/comedy war set action picture.  Lon Chaney refused any make-up for this production, too add to the realism of his character.   BA

H278 Witness Chair, The (36) A woman (Ann Harding)  uncomfortably stands by in horror as false evidence is presented in court against the man she loves.  The second half of the film is in the courtroom with plenty of flashbacks from various witnesses. 




H246 3 Fantastic Supermen (67) aka: Die drei Supermänner räumen auf   Joined by the F.B.I., the red bullet proof suited supermen battle crime, and pursue a case involving radioactive counterfeit money...  and a mad scientist that can clone humans...  Comedy action with nods to then current popularity of 'Batman' and 'The Green Hornet', Mexican wrestling movies and spy capers.  Tony Kendall, Sabine Sun, Brad Harris and a plethora of villains.  Now not only LBX but English language dubbed as well! Upgrade!  BA

H382 B.C.  Rock (80) aka: The Missing Link  R-Rated Comic and Cartoon version of the extremely long running comic strip about the misadventures of cavemen.  Depending on cartoon violence and sexual suggestion with some pretty funny characters like a fast-talking wise guy Pterodactyl and a fire breathing dragon voiced by Bill Murray.  A missing link from a missing time.  With music during the film from Leo Sayer, R.E.O.  Speedwagon, Genesis...want more? Also another voice Christopher Guest.   BA

T160 Bandits of Corsica (53) aka: El retorno de los hermanos corsos  Siamese twins separated at birth (both played by Richard Greene) retain a psychic link; each feels the other's pain and happiness.  Throwing in with gypsies, both brothers still alive (in an improbable twist in this sequel to 'The Corsican Brothers') well...  monsters come back too.  Wicked  tyrant Jonatto (Raymond Burr) and his nephew Nerva (Lee Van Cleef) are trying to take over the island and are seeking a governorship from the King.  'Black Sails' anyone? Lots of action in this swashbuckler.  Also with Paula Raymond (who later went on to work with Al Adamson) and Dona Drake.   BA

Z41 Battle of the Stars (78) aka: Battaglie negli spazi stellari   Instant 'Star Wars' type rip-off from director Alfonso Brescia! Actually space-themed because this was the genre that exploded in 1977.  A spaceship investigates an out-of-control  planet and discovers an alien computer brain that has taken over an underground civilization.  The captain and his party meet with the degenerate remnants of the former inhabitants, and agree to help destroy the massive machine brain....  John Richardson, Gisela Hahn and Malisa Longo as a replicant.  LBX and English dubbed with Swedish subtitles. 

H411 Blonde Savage (47) aka: Bionda selvaggia   An expedition into the deep jungle discovers a native tribe led by a tall blonde white woman (Gale Sherwood as 'Meelah') With Veda Ann Borg as one of the adventurer's wives.  Jungle back lot action old school. 

Z81 Fury of the Pagans (60)  aka: La furia dei barbari   LBX and with English subtitles.  There are also other subtitles that do not obstruct the easy to read white English subtitles.  ** See last update for a lengthy review.  Unfortunately, we had it wrong and it was not in English but French! So sorry about that! Try again here.   If you ordered the other print and received the French language version just let us know, this would be 'Free' to you.  Thanks!  BA

H390 Genghis Khan and the Mongols (59) aka: King of the Mongols  aka: Kogan no misshi   The murderous Kubla Khan cuts a swath of blood across Japan.  A samurai is sent on a mission by the Emperor to the Prince who is commanding Fort Izawa, the last stronghold.  His journey is long and perilous.  When he gets there it is discovered that there is a secret oil well under the Fort.  Fire that Burns! There will be an epic final battle! English dubbed version. 

Z75 Silence Has No Wings (66) aka: Tobenai chinmoku  A young boy catches a rare butterfly.  Suddenly, a long flashback starts, showing us the history of the creature, from larva, and evolving into a caterpillar, and finally a butterfly.  It journeys through Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Osaka, Yokahoma and then arriving in Hokkaido, where it captured by the boy.  Along the way, it dips through the lives of citizens, and through the hands of many Japanese people before transforming into a butterfly.  This may possibly be a comment on the social metamorphosis Japan went through after the war.  In Japanese language and with English subtitles. 

H367 Varrow Mission, The (78) aka: TeenAlien   A Halloween party at an old mill draws plenty of costume wearing teens.  And also a 'real' alien who blends right in! The alien is a 'Varrow' and plots to overthrow all of mankind.   The bug-eyed 'Varrow' can disguise itself as humans! A gloriously ghastly no-budget 70's alien invasion obscurity.  Screw you E.T.! On par with the 1986 film 'Mutilations' as far as the acting goes, all amateurs who did nothing else.  BA




Z65 7 Dangerous Girls (79) aka: Love Games  aka: 7 ragazze di classe  Seven women decide to play an erotic game.  Who can seduce the most men (aristocrats and middle-classed, either/or) as they can, using their wonderfully charming personalities.  To rob them of course! Facing charges they flee to a beautiful coastal area and begin their grifting anew with vulnerable unsuspecting victims in the ultimate jewel heist scam.  How could you resist Janet Agren, Rossana Podesta or Nadiuska (or any of the others for that matter!).  Erotic comedy.  LBX and with English subtitles. 

Z33 A Virgin for Caligula (82) aka: Una virgen para Calígula  It's a horny comedic sword and sandal sex film, with huge scenes and hundreds in the cast....  possibly edited in from another film? The victorious Roman legions have returned to the emperor Caligula with a captive princess named Verguita (Andrea Albani).  This strangest of all the Caligula types, is in Spanish language only, features a little hardcore footage fellatio, lesbians and more.  Sort of like 'Hot Nights of Caligula' made five years earlier.   LBX

Z83 Bangkok Nights (0?) A series of scenes with particular girls in Bangkok.  First, they dance and writhe on stage by a stripper pole to high beat dance music.  Then they writhe around lightly dressed and delicately touch themselves, all in an R Rated way.  It's like a brothel audition tape! Or something you would watch in order to pick your girl for the hour.  These gals don't look cheap!

Z13 Burning Flowers (87) aka: Brennende blomster   A teenage boy named Herman falls for sexy middle-aged Rosa in this sexy film from Norway.  The boys look at dirty magazines and plan their future with women.  Herman however, has it made.  Rosa is willing to show Herman the ways of the flesh.  She seduces Herman slowly over a series of visits, where she shares her life story bit by bit, making girls Herman's age boring in comparison.  But this is no sex film, the affair is short-lived and awkward.  Herman brings her flowers later...  and shocker! She is...  Now I cannot tell the ending!  With English subtitles. 

Z16 Daisy Chain, The (65) aka: Das Liebeskarussell  aka: Who Wants to Sleep?  An early episodic sex comedy with 4 segments and a goofy opening song that sounds like it was performed by the dancing refreshments from the drive-in concession stand commercials.  Once through that a narrator takes us to Paris for the first 'naughty' tale.  Angela (Catherine Denevue) can't seem to get off with her husband (Curd Jergens), so she fakes sleepwalking to visit her lover.  Peter meets his sensuous neighbor, Lolita.  More...  Also with Nadja Tiller, Leticia Roman, Anita Ekberg, Gisela Hahn and others.  Dubbed into English.  some nudity. 

H369 French Pleasures (86) aka: House of 1001 Pleasures  aka: La maison des milles et un plaisirs  Soft-core (damn near hardcore) English language dubbed version from Australian Video! Olinka is working in a fancy French brothel, with plans to escape.  Her heart is not in her work as it should be.  A nice aerobic workout session with the brothel babes has them exercising and then going for a run.  Gotta' keep fit.  Olinka was more beautiful than Marilyn Monroe, and eventually she adapts to her work with sensuous results.  Ends in an orgy, getting as close to hardcore as is possible.  For a soft-core this sure has a long running time at about 95 minutes.  Dominique Saint Claire and more star. 

Z72 In a Wild Moment (77) aka: Un moment d'égarement  aka: A Summer Affair  Two fathers, take their pretty teenaged daughters to the topless beaches of St.  Tropez, and one has a sexual affair with the other's daughter, who is also his daughter's best friend.  This is a more serious movie than the remake ('Blame it on Rio' with Michael Caine).  After a few good bouts of sex, the man wants out.  The young girl professes her love for him.  Then she confides in her father, giving no names.  The father enlists his friend to help in identifying who seduced his daughter.  Uh Oh.  In French and with English subtitles. 

Z69 Jailbait (72) aka: That Girl is a Tramp  aka: Les Baiseuses   Obscure Belgian made sleaze dubbed into English! Sabine likes to walk around naked in front of her stepfather.  He tries to assault her and her mother walks in as she runs away.  The mom is not upset.  She gets it with her husband on the kitchen table (near hardcore sex in this).  She splits and jumps straight into a life of sleaze.  They rob a guy and end up in prison where a horny matron makes them strip so she can masturbate over them.  Lots of bumping and grinding soft-core.  Maybe you will recognize Isabelle Copejans and Monica Swinn?

Z58 Lonely Hearts (70) aka: Cuori solitari   Decadent, entitled, snotty, bored and jaded rich people, decide to try wife swapping with another couple.  This is easier said than done..  at first.  They have long discussions leading up to the actual 'swap' event.  Maybe not such a good idea? Ugo Tognazzi, Senta Berger, Gianna Serra and more star.  In Italian language and with English subtitles. 

Z24 Man with the Golden Brush, The (69) aka: Let It All Hang Out  aka: Der Mann mit dem goldenen Pinsel  Edwige Fenech plays the girlfriend of a beatnik-hippie artist (who has zero talent!).  Throughout the film she is either being painted, posing naked, having her ass covered with paint for ass-prints, or seducing other men.  But wait, another wild and willing hippie chick has her sights on the artist....  The artist uses the girls to sell his paintings! In Italian language and with English subtitles!

Z59 Mannequin (74) aka: L'amour à la bouche  Sexy Nathalie Cooper (Nadine Perles) is a top French fashion model that cannot seem to enjoy the prospect of loveless sex.  One night while expecting her girlfriend to pick her up for a party, a man shows up as her escort instead.  Finally her passions take over, and she gives in the lusts of the flesh.  Just the first of many sexual adventures as Nathalie discovers and fulfills her sexual desires.  One of the first films to receive an 'X' rating in France, although by today's standards, this means little.  Not hardcore.  From director Gerard Kikoine who directed some good porno films in the 70’s and would later direct the quite excellent 'Edge of Sanity' with Anthony Perkins.   BA

H314 Miracle of Love, The (68) aka: Das Wunder der Liebe   Sexy stories about couples and sexual problems they are having.  Pauline, frequently naked, frigid on her wedding night, is one such dilemma.  Also good is an extended sequence with Claudia, who is not sexually satisfied after seven years of marriage, and has sexual fantasies about other men.  Wraparound serious discussions like all this really matters.  Entertaining sexual study from Germany dubbed into English.  + a few trailers with related material.   BA

Z71 Naked Woman (81) aka: Nudo di Donna   A man is adrift in Venice during Carnival.  His relationship with his wife has become strained, and he meets another woman, not so unlike his wife, but more fun and well, she's a hooker, so sexually adventurous.  But she wears a mask and will not take it off....  Could it be...? Is she..? In the masquerade of Carnival, what is real? Eleonora Giorgi stars, along with the city of Venice! In Italian language and with English subtitles.  LBX

H362 Naughty Teen (77) aka: Cara Dolce Nipote  Daniela (Ursula Heinle) goes to the big city to stay with her widowed uncle who falls for her almost immediately.  Daniela flaunts her sexuality, showering with the door open, and walking around the house naked! But she doesn't return his lust, and has her sights set on other men, all the while teasing the poor sonofabitch.  Also with Femi Benussi.  Directed by Andrea Bianchi who would go on to direct 'Malabimba', 'Burial Ground' and others.  LBX and with English subtitles. 

Z25 On the Game (74) aka: Sex Through the Ages  The history of prostitution packed with wall to wall nudity and sexual situations.  Opens with an outrageous spoof of the monkey men from the opening of 2001.  Spanking, dancing and simulated sex.  Luckily this is mainly a celebration of the female form, not male nudity.  A mockumentary that is almost educational!

Z73 Sex of their Bodies (74) aka: La ragazza dalla pelle di luna  aka: the Sinner  Alberto and Helen have been married for years, but they are in crisis.  They go on vacation and begin affairs with other people.  Whether or not their relationship is salvageable is up to them.  But Alberto has fallen in love.  Beba Loncar, Zeudi Araya Cristaldi (Miss Ethiopia 1969!) and more star.  Plenty of nudity and sexual situations.   In English language and Greek Subs.  LBX.   BA

Z31 This, That and the Other (70) aka: A Promise of Bed   Three part trilogy British sex comedy.  This: A fading sex symbol attempts to get a leading role by seducing the son of a producer, but she really is seducing a lowly camera operator unknowingly...  That: A depressed suicidal middle aged loner's life changes with the arrival of a child-like hippie chick.  The Other: A cab driving porno fan crashes his cab and suffers a bump on the head.  This leads to him hallucinating about being chased around the forest by shapely girls.  Vanda Hudson (her last film), Vanessa Howard, even bit parts from Valerie Leon (as the Bath Girl) and Yutte Stensgaard (as the Taxi Girl).  Plenty of nudity, and quite different, especially the last story. 

H361 Wild Honey (72) aka: Wilder Honig  See what happens when a sweet young woman with a sexually abusive father runs away from the farm, to seek her destiny in the big city.  Riding on the back of her boyfriend's motorcycle, she heads out for adventure.  Things couldn't be any worse...  could they? Hippies, LSD trips, prostitution, swingers, orgies, and a satanic cult await....  Sordid soft-core shenanigans afoot here, and a splendid picture perfect snapshot of 1972 with plenty of nice outdoor photography in between the sexual scenes.  Lynn Harris and other forgotten early seventies sex starlets star. 




Z39 Aenigma: Lucio Fulci in the 1980's (17) Here we have a 76 minute documentary on director Lucio Fulci cram packed with scenes from the films and interviews with many people who were there, working with Lucio Fulci during this gory decade.  Amusing anecdotes and informative for the Fulci fan.  LBX

H413 Alabama's Ghost (73) A black man named Alabama (Christopher Brooks) discovers a hidden chamber under a night club, loaded full of equipment of an old long dead magician (named 'Carter the Great') who performed in the 1920's.  He uses it to become “Alabama: king of the Cosmos!”  The secret was something called 'Raw Zeta' a substance that takes over people's mind electronically....  Jazz bands, dope-smoking transvestite vampires, hip hippie lingo, voodoo ceremonies, greedy Scottish rock promoters, hippies galore, motorcycle races, a  vampire chow down and parading elephants.  Okay, beat that for 70's insanity!  BA

Z42 Blind Fly, The (66) aka: A mosca cieca  aka: Blind Man’s Bluff  Underground/experimental film directed by Roman (Nightmares in a Damaged Brain) Scavolini.  Supposedly only costing $19,000 to make…  Rejected three times by the Italian Censorship Commission as “pornography” and “obscene”...    A man finds a gun in a car one Sunday afternoon and starts shooting at a crowd of people heading toward the stadium…  A basically silent film with only one off screen quotation at a critical moment.    In Italian language and with English subtitles.   

Z43 Cement Garden, The (93) aka: Il giardino di cemento   Four children try to hold things together and play like a family in their isolated prefab house after both parent's die from a mysterious illness.  The mother, has set up a bank account so they can be financially independent, and avoid be broken apart as a family and taken by authorities to separate places.  Julie and Jack, the eldest of the children hide the rotting corpse of their mother in the basement.  The younger children begin to act strange.  Julie and Jack start to develop feelings that are unnatural for one another, and Jack almost assaults Julie after a tickle fight! Julie's older boyfriend starts to suspect something is not right, and may expose this insane situation.  Things are perverted and weird in this one, more like a diabolical version of 'Our Mother's House'.   This will creep you out.  LBX  BA

H420 Deadly Intruder (88) A mad killer escapes from the loony bin and goes back home and kills his wife.  Hides out, continues killing when he feels his relationship with the girl he likes is threatened.  The cops are bumbling idiots.  There are a few plot twists and an outcome that you did not see coming.  Another lesser known 80's slasher with a few surprises in the cast.  Tommy Ramone (an original) in his only movie as a Foreman.  Stuart Whitman as Capt.  Pritchitt and Danny Bonaduce as John. 

H419 Death Weekend (76) aka: The House by the Lake   A sleazy rich dentist (Chuck Shamata) takes Diane (Brenda Vaccaro in her 'best' role) to his country estate, which comes complete with lake and boat, as his latest conquest to get into bed.  Along the way, they piss of Lep (Don Stroud in a great role as a hot-headed madman) and his gang of losers.  Highly intense, and criminally underrated assault and revenge shocker with a great finale.  Not as brutal as say 'The Last House on the Left' but twice as exciting! Brenda Vaccaro kicks ass!  BA

H418 Delirium (79) aka: Psycho Puppet  A businessman hires a secret group of Viet Nam vets to deliver a little justice to criminals who escape the law.  One of them goes rogue, going on a killing rampage, with innocent women as his victims! A pretty clear streak of misogyny and sadism in this one.  Mix vigilantes with a little bit of a slasher, and then post-Viet Nam madness, this is what you get!  (Not to be confused with the Renato Polselli film!)  BA

H417 Delusion (81) aka: The House Where Death Lives   When a nurse named Meredith Stone (Patricia Pearcy of 'Squirm') arrives at a large secluded house to care for a crippled old millionaire (Joseph Cotton), people start getting murdered.  Of course his young nephew is a new arrival as well.   As the occupants of the house are dropping like flies, Meredith better figure it out quick, or be the next victim.  Some nice jolts and a couple of brutal slayings.   BA

Z35 Dracula in the Provinces (75) aka: Young Dracula  aka: Il cav.  Costante Nicosia demoniaco, ovvero: Dracula in Brianza  aka: Muérdame, señor conde   Lucio Fulci directs a vampire comedy! A snobbish toothpaste factory owner goes to Romania and has an encounter with a vampire after being cursed by his aunt for being a total asshole.  He is with a woman making sweet love and he passes out.  He wakes up in bed and starts rubbing the back of his bedmate.  'sensuous creature' he says.  But it's a man in bed with him! He leaps from the bed screaming.  Later he is whipped by a dominatrix.  There are a few picture problems here.  But this is the only English language print of this rare Fulci we have seen.  Screenplay by Pupi Avati.  Also with Moira Orfei, Sylva Koscina, Christa Linder, Lando Buzzanca, Rossano Brazzi and John Steiner.  LBX  BA

Z19 Final Hour (95) aka: Sidste time  An ambitious creepy slasher from Denmark.  Seven students are summoned to school to talk about their bad behavior and failure.  Suddenly they are trapped inside and a T.V.  mentions their failures individually and gives a riddle, solve the mystery of who killed the corpse they are about to find.  All of the students are so conflicted and different, they are unable to make a stand, no teamwork here!  Trapped, with time running out, they are murdered one by one.  The killer of the tale part was basically used in a very popular horror franchise of the 2000's.  A gruesome and fun killer slasher, and quite innovative for 1995.  LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z20 Girolimoni: The Monster of Rome (72) aka: Girolimoni, il mostro di Roma  aka: The Assassin of Rome    Based on true events.  In Mussolini's Rome, a madman is strangling young little girls.  Newspaper headlines cry out for the arrest of the maniac responsible for these heinous crimes.  The people are on the edge of revolt, ready to lynch anyone they think may be the killer.  Dictator Mussolini has a special task force set up to catch this monster.  The investigation will be difficult.  The wrong man is accused as the investigation goes deeper.  A different historical period crime film from director Damiano Damiani.  LBX and with English subtitles. 

Z51 Hanged Man, The (08) aka: El juego del ahorcado  Sandra and David have grown up together and formed a bond.  But as young teenagers they have grown apart.  When Sandra is assaultd she murders her attacker, and goes to David for help in covering it up.  This rekindles their love for one another, and they love like lovers do.  Later David accidentally stabs a guy in a bar fight, not his fault.  Later it is revealed that Sandra is still in shock from the assault, but did she kill the guy or did David finish him off? Now Sandra is backing off, she wants her freedom, and David has reached the insane end of obsession, and guilt.  Tragic! LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

H245 Hypnosis (99) aka: Saimin  {See Summer 2017 Update for more info} Now with English subtitles! LBX

H423 Kung Fu From Beyond the Grave (82) aka: Yin ji  A gaggle of 'hopping-dead' assassins are enlisted to get revenge for a murdered father.  With an evil wizard who summons 'Count Dracula' (the only white guy in the film) to help him fight.  'Count Dracula! Come to My Aid!'  BA

Z70 Marie from the Bay of Angels (97) aka: Marie Baie des Anges   A homeless teenage French girl hangs around an American air base as some kind of amateur Lolita-type prostitute.  She meets up with a psychotic French boy, her own age, and helps him steal a gun from the base.  This leads to murder.  Disaster follows the young lovers who are caught in a drain of their own making, destined to meet at the bottom of the abyss.  Sexual assault and violence.  In English language and LBX.

H307 Stoneman Murders, The (09) The Stoneman Murders is an engaging thriller based on the real-life incident of serial killings by a ruthless killer known as 'The Stoneman'.  It takes place in Mumbai, where the killings are taking place in a rapid pace.  Intense, taut, dark and clinical.  Plenty of blood and edge of your seat moments.  LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

H342 Superbeast (72) aka: Dr.  Skräck  In this Dr.  Moreau meets the Most Dangerous Game type...  A female doctor (Antoinette Bower) stumbles upon an unlikely looking demented mad scientist (after going over a waterfall in a canoe!) deep in the jungles of the Philippines, complete with a lab and genetic experimentation on the local natives.  When an experiment fails and escapes, there is another guy sent out to hunt them down.  Some creepy makeup's supplied by John (Planet of the Apes) Chambers, cool location photography and some weird dream sequences from our distressed heroine.  Also with Harry Lauter, Craig Littler and Vic Diaz, the jolly evil fat man of Filipino exploitation.  Upgrade!  BA

H239 Themroc (73) aka: Il mangiaguardie  A factory worker flips out and resorts to being a caveman, throwing the rules of society out the window! No dialogue, gibberish and grunts, barely a word spoken.  His new path leads to sex, demolition, cannibalism, murder, incest...  This is an exploration of human sexuality, sexism, exploitation, and the limitations modern society has instilled into us all therefore limiting our lives' and experiences.  Who the hell are we kidding! Nobody wants to do this! A madcap freak-out of insanity and really one of a kind.  This German film features very little dialogue, with very few words, more a visual feast, and easy to follow.  + some trailers.  LBX F.L. BA

Z76 This Sweet Sickness (77) aka: Dites-lui que je l'aime   An absorbing psychological thriller which grabs you till it's last lines.  Gerard Depardieu pursues his lost love, the woman of his dreams, but she is not interested in him at all.  Driven by his manic desires, he becomes mad and violent against all the people around him, becoming a psychotic killer in the process.  With a bloody good climax.  Plays sort of like an obsessive slasher from the 80's in some ways.  Dominique Laffin is 'Lise' the object of his obsession.  Also with Miou-Miou.  Delirious, like 'Truffaut-Hitchcock on speed'.  In French language and with English subtitles. 



Z55 Jess Franco: A Way to Live (07) Yet another interview into the psyche of Jess Franco, who talks interestingly about many topics from Orson Welles, to Franco's 'Dracula' with Christopher Lee, versus Francis Ford Coppola's version.  Something I agreed with completely was the assessment about 'Dracula' as a character in Bram Stoker's book.  Franco, and Christopher Lee both saw the character as a hate-filled creature of evil, not a waltzing poof as depicted in Coppola's version.  Although I still like the Coppola version for other reasons.  Over an hour, more observations from Jess Franco, he talks about Soledad Miranda...  the guys a frickin' fountain of wisdom (or was).  LBX and with English subtitles. 



Z37 13 East Street (52) Patrick Holt plays a failed burglar who concocts a daring prison break with a fellow convict.  The two manage to escape and they both join up with a criminal gang who are planning their next crime.  But there are conflicting motivations amongst the crooked crew, and women, as usual, get in the way.  Great British Noir here! Sondra Dorne, Dora Bryan and more star.  With a screenplay by John Gilling. 

H272 All Over the Town (49) Two crusading reporters in South coast of  England revive a failing newspaper and expose local corruption in the shady dealings of the local city counsel.   BA

H280 Comedy Man, The (64) aka: Die Karriere des Chick B.    Chick Byrd (Kenneth Moore), has devoted his life to performing in small repertory companies with little success.  Aging, he takes one last stab at the big-time.  A fascinating show-biz drama detailing the perils of an acting career.  Also with Cecil Parker, Dennis Price and more.  LBX  BA

H255 Devil Inside, The (61) aka: Offbeat  The new recruit in a criminal organization is actually a spy sent from Scotland Yard to infiltrate the gang.  He discovers a jewelry heist is underway.  But boy he's really starting to enjoy the new lifestyle of money, women and booze.  He begins to flip to the other side but then...  William Sylvester, Mai Zetterling, Anthony Dawson and more star.   BA

H301 Dynamiters, The (56) aka: The Gelignite Gang   A notorious gang is cracking safes all over London, and an insurance company has put up a reward for their capture.  Baxter (Wayne Morris), one of the investigators, with the help of his girlfriend Sally (Sandra Dorne) are getting close to solving the case and identifying the culprits.  With a gripping climax in a warehouse at the docks.  Also with Patrick Holt and Eric Pohlmann. 

H261 Elusive Pimpernel, The (50) aka: The Fighting Pimpernel  aka: Le chevalier de Londres  A British aristocrat (David Niven) goes under disguise to rescue people doomed to the guillotine in France during the French Revolution.  Various personas are deceitfully employed to pull off his plans.  The cast includes Howard Vernon, Patrick Macnee, Jack Hawkins, Margaret Leighton, Danielle Godet and more.  Directed by Michael Powell and in color.   BA

H286 Foreign Exchange (70) aka: Geheimagent John Smith: Spion zum Austausch   Sequel to 'The Spy Killer'.  John Smith (Robert Horton)  his girlfriend (Jill St.  John) and his treacherous boss (Sebastion Cabot) return! This time John Smith is persuaded to negotiate a spy exchange with Russia.  These are a bit more serious of spy stories, without the flashy gadgetry usually employed.  Once again written by Jimmy Sangster and directed by Roy Ward Baker.  Baker's next three films in a row are considered some of Hammer's most violent best! Oddly enough, Jimmy Sangster was about to have a directing run with some of Hammer's last horror films as well. 

H335 Funny Money (83) Ben Turtle (Greg Henry) and Cass (Elizabeth Daly, straight off the set of 'Valley Girl') are two Americans in London.  She, a grifting thief that rips off credit cards and uses them for her own personal gain, he a piano playing guy with criminal tendencies.  They throw in together to commit crime.  Of course things go wrong and get very dark for the couple.  You play with fire....   The bad gangster guy has a cane with a sword inside.  Of course he gets Cass alone in a hotel room....  Drama, murder, stabbings and blood are the eventual outcome for our conflicted duo.  But regrets?

H302 Green Buddha, The (54) aka: The Green Carnation  Wayne Morris is Gary Holden who runs a plane service along with his business partner.  He finds himself transporting one of the robbers of the valuable 'green buddah'.  He loses his plane, but seeks the reward money for locating the 'green buddah'.  But will he be able to cash it in with no troubles? Starts with a heist and the climax is a big chase in an amusement park.  Director John Lemont would go on to direct 'Konga' in 1961.   BA

H248 Hour of Decision (57) A columnist (Anthony Dawson) falls dead in a nightclub.  It turns out that he was poisoned and there are plenty of suspects.  Chief among them his ex-girlfriend (Hazel Court) who is now married to a newspaper reporter (Jeff Morrow, who was in 'The Giant Claw' and 'Kronos' the same year) who tries to help his wife by destroying evidence.  Hazel Court was in 'Curse of Frankenstein' the same year. 

H250 Hue and Cry (47) aka: Clamor de indignación   Street boys foil a master crook who uses a comic strip/boy's magazine to send messages by altering the wording each week, unknown to printer or writer.  Filmed as a suspense/comedy in war torn England, this film also incorporates elements of film noir, and is quite exciting! Unbelievable final act on the open floors of a bombed out building, and a violent outcome surprises.  Harry Fowler and many others star.   BA

H287 Man Who Had Power Over Women, The (70) aka: Intrigo pericoloso  Talent agent for a successful record company (Rod Taylor) is living large when his wife leaves him.  He moves in with a man and starts an affair with the man’s wife, while juggling his sometimes difficult clients.  Hippie dip furniture, frank philanderings, terrible music...  and lots of lovely mod ladies! Carol White, Penelope Horner and Valerie Leon in a small role as Glenda.   BA

Z80 Perfect Friday (70) aka: Colpo da 500 milioni alla National Bank   Stanley Baker plays an uptight bank manager, who convinces a destitute 'Lord' (David Warner) and his sexy wife (Ursula Andress) into joining in a complicated plot to rob the bank.  Things always get screwed up in this type of arrangement.  Ursula Andress steals the show, seen partially naked here and there, sleeping with both men.  She plays her best 'femme fatale' with a touch of wit, betraying them both.  David Warner uses various disguises.  Nice LBX.   BA

Z28 She'll Have to Go (62) aka: Maid for Murder   Brothers are cut out of a large will by their Aunt.  They either need to marry Toni (Anna Karina) who is the sole inheritor, or kill her.  Throw in an assortment of British character actors and let the plot begin.  Set in an old mansion on a seaside cliff.  Corridors, a dungeon with torture devices and more.  This is a comic farce, a light silly example of the well tread upon genre.  Also with Bob Monkhouse and Alfred Marks.  LBX  BA

H283 Spy Killer, The (69) Former Secret Agent John Smith (Robert Horton, straight off the set of 'The Green Slime') is blackmailed by his former boss Max (Sebastion Cabot) to get him back into the world of espionage.  This one's about a notebook that contains 15 names in code, the names of agents.  Hammer connection? Written by Jimmy Sangster and directed by Roy Ward Baker.  Jill St.  John is the girlfriend of John Smith (lucky bastard). 

H336 Street Music (81) Elizabeth Daly is Sadie, an aspiring street singer in San Francisco who dreams of bigger things, The rest of the plot is about the decaying Victory Hotel that is slated for demolition, and the resistance of the aging residents to the buildings demise.  Tour bus driver Eddie (Larry Breeding), who also has his confused sights on Sadie, is a friend of the residents, but is in complete denial about just about everything.  Daly shines, she's a voice star now, voicing hundreds of cartoons.  She did make an appearance in Rob Zombie's recent horror '31' a quite sadistic role.  Larry Breeding was killed in a car accident in 1982 on his birthday (that sucks) at age 36 in Hollywood.  BA

H276 Time to Kill, A (55) A man and a woman are poisoned.  She dies, he lives.  The survivor is the main suspect.  A policeman and a newspaper reporter pursue the truth.  Of course this is a murder mystery with a plethora of red herrings.  Jack Watling, Rona Anderson, John Horsley and more star. 




Z36 3000 Million Without an Elevator (72) aka: Trois milliards sans ascenseur  aka: De Rififí a Rufufú pasando por París   Seven small-time hoods plot to steal a cache of beautiful jewels that are worth a fortune, currently planning on being displayed in a Paris exhibition, but kept in a skyscassaultr until the event.  They have tried to recruit a crook in high crime and finance, but he has his own crew and other plans.  Another French made comedy/crime film.  This one with Michel Bouquet, Dany Carrel and more.  In French language and with English subtitles. 

Z85 Birdmen, The (71) aka: Escape of the Birdmen  aka: Operation Braindrain - Codename: Chessboard   During WW2,  American soldier Harry Cook (Doug McClure) is sent to Norway to aid in the defection of a scientist who is building an atomic bomb for the Germans.  Captured and sent to a prison camp in a high alpine castle, they covertly build a glider to make their escape from the Germans.  Richard Basehart, Chuck Conners, Paul Koslo, Max Baer Jr., Tom Skeritt and more star.   BA

H392 Black Tight Killers (66) aka: Ore ni sawaru to abunaize   A military photographer has a date with a pretty stewardess who is then kidnapped.  He thinks she is quite fetching, and may have fallen for her, so he decides to investigate her kidnapping himself.  In his adventures he encounters cops, gangsters, shady businessmen...  and a gang of go-go dancing ninja-girls (they of the title), who use chewing-gum bullets, deadly 45 records as killer Frisbees, and razor sharp measuring tapes as weapons.  Fun, brainless, campy...  and those tights...! LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

H350 Call Her Mom (73) When the film begins, the Dean of a college (Charles Nelson Reilly) is taking delight telling the Ape fraternity that their charter will be revoked without a house mother.  Enter sexy waitress Angie (Connie Stevens) who takes the gig, and who involves the college in a nationwide women's lib controversy.  Boy does the Dean regret his ultimatum! Of course one of the young men falls in love with her (John David Carson, who the previous year got lucky with Angie Dickinson in 'Pretty Maids all in a Row').  I won't tell you if he scores.  Like a tamer version of 'Animal House', at least a little.  Also with Van Johnson, Gloria DeHaven and many others.  

H256 Choice of Hercules, The (02) aka: Totsunyûseyo! Asama sansô jiken  A group of extremists from Japan's Red Hook army take a woman hostage in the resort town of Karuizawa in 1972.  An officer in charge of diffusing the situation is faced with many obstacles, both politically and of a physical nature.  The freezing winter temperatures are one thing, but the differences in opinion from too many sides makes for more trouble than the girl may be worth.  This red tape battle is a case study in legalistic miscommunication.  Some good action sequences against beautiful winter landscapes.  LBX and with English subtitles.

H274 Chronicle of a Homicide (72) aka: Imputazione di omicidio per uno studente  There is a violent clash involving complaining laborers, which results in the death of a student and a policeman.  As an investigation gets underway, evidence is destroyed, and dysfunction runs rampant in all departments.  Martin Balsam as a judge, the father of a student who killed the cop.  Also with Valentina Cortese and many more.  LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

Z15 Circle of Vengeance (71) aka: Reckonings Against the Grain  aka: Countdown to Vengeance   Francois, a man released from jail (after a ten year sentence) seeks revenge on the accomplices of his crimes for betraying him.  He is determined, unstoppable and relentless.  His brother was killed, and a cop disfigured ten years ago.  He is not sure which of his accomplices is the traitor, so sets out to eliminate them all!  Meanwhile the disfigured cop is after revenge as well, holding a hateful grudge against Francois and the others.  Michel Bouquet, Serge Reggiani, Simone Signoret, Jeanne Moreau and more star in this French action thriller.  Brief nudity.  LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

H220 Commander, The (88) aka: Der Commander  Antonio Margheriti directed this jungle/war action about an ass-kickin' Major (Lewis Collins) who leads a group of mercenaries into South Asia.....  This is the third movie of action from this director starring Collins.  Margheriti pulls out all the usual stops with explosions, miniatures, some cannibalization of his other films, and a cast of reliables that include Donald Pleasence, Lee Van Cleef (this being his last action film before his death in 1989 at age 64 from a heart attack), Brett Halsey, John Steiner and more.  Highly entertaining.  LBX BA

H218 Confessions of an Opium Eater (62) Vincent Price stars as an American adventurer (!?!) who makes it his personal mission to rescue pretty slave girls owned by Chinese gangsters in San Francisco's Chinatown.  Hidden rooms, sliding panels, secret passages, narrow sewers and opium dens ...  a world, where at the hour of the rat, Chinese girls are auctioned off to the highest bidder.  An excellent score, In one scene, after an opium induced nightmare, Price is chased by axe-wielding henchmen across rooftops.  Most of the cast of Orientals speak in broken English.  Price utters every line with precise overblown emotion and literate philosophical asides.  Mix a 40's adventure with drugs and slave women, and this is what you get.  Priceless! Uh...  I know....bad pun.  Upgrade!  BA

H226 Day of the Owl (68) aka: Mafia  aka: Il giorno della civetta   A thrilling film (one of the first) about the Sicilian Mafia, highly intense with hard hitting action.  When a dedicated captain (Franco Nero) investigates a mob hit in Sicily he is helped by an upright Brigade, both with honorable ideas of law and order.  Politically incorrect and violent with plenty of thought and detail.  Lee J.  Cobb and Claudia Cardinale star.  LBX  BA

Z66 El Cafre (86) A truck driver is down on his luck.  Heavily in debt, his family is screwed up, things pretty much suck.  That's why he has accepted to transport a dangerous cargo from the border to Mexico city.  A scientist will be his passenger.  The cargo must be kept 'cold' at all costs.  The heat on the drive is like an inferno.  Our hero drives and has messed up family memories, moral dilemmas, and the constant checking of the indicators of the atomic charge he is obviously transporting.  The Mexican 'Sorcerer'? Sort of.  Intense and suspenseful.  In Spanish and with English subtitles.   BA

Z47 Electra One (67) aka: Con la muerte a la espalda  aka: With Death on Your Back   A bad guy super villain has created a mind-control drug and demonstrates it's effects on an unsuspecting army officer.  Luckily the officer is gunned down before he can launch a nuclear missile.  The guy who knows the antidote is murdered, and the only antidote samples are being transported in a briefcase carried by Monica (Vivi Bach), that spies from all nations are in hot pursuit of.  Some good action and locations in this obscure crime/spy/thriller.  Also with George Martin, Rosalba Neri ( as a villainess) and Daniele Vargas.  Nice Sharp LBX and English language dubbed.  Directed by Alfonso Balcazar.   BA

Z67 Escape from the K.G.B.  (67) aka: Code Name Kill  aka: Liebesnächte in der Taiga  Thomas Hunter is a secret agent on a secret mission who must place himself in a Russian prison in Siberia, so as to help another agent escape.  Enemies square off in a battle of life and death, surrounded by nothing but the perilous forests in a cold wintry countryside.  Escape by raft in a cold climate, waterfalls, helicopters and a spectacular finale.  A few glitches in this rare print.  Dubbed into English.  

Z54 Escape Game (76) aka: Jail Breakers  aka: Dasso yugi  Sonny Chiba stars as a guy that spectacularly escapes form prison hanging from a helicopter in the opening sequence.  He now has 32 prison escapes under his belt! Crime, action, prison uprisings and more escapes as Chiba kicks ass, yea he's still a vicious 'streetfighter'!.  LBX and with English subtitles. 

H273 Fear on Trial (75) aka: Processo alla paura   This is the story of John Henry Faulk (William Devane) who was a rising T.V.  personality on CBS in the 1950's, until being accused of Communist sympathies and blacklisted.  Unlike the others accused, he gets a prominent attorney (Louis Nizer, played by George C.  Scott), and sues for libel.  This landmark trial was the beginning of the end for the McCarthy era.  LBX

Z9 Five Branded Women (60) aka: Jovanka und die Anderen  Five women who have slept with the German enemy are thrown out of their villages after being humiliated and their heads shaven.  They take up arms and engage in guerilla warfare against the Germans, decked out in leather bomber jackets, machine guns and their new crew cuts! The real 'resistance' wants nothing to do with them, and it seems everybody is their enemy.  They run into one brutal encounter after another, and the women prove their loyalty and worth...  but...  there are no happy endings here.  Steve Forrest and Richard Basehart are Nazi's.  Harry Guardino a partisan under lead partisan's (Van Heflin) orders.  Jeanne Moreau, Barbara Bel Geddes, Silvana Mangano, Vera Miles and Carla Gravina are the five branded women.  Excellent.   BA

H312 Four Days of Naples, The (62) aka: Le quattro giornate di Napoli   In Italy, Italians revolt against invading Germans during WW2.  Small stories of individual lives and relationships splintered apart.  A huge story with a large cast, a real cause, a real battle to survive.  How the Italian people come together to fight the Nazis who were still brutally exerting their power even as the allied forces marched towards them in Italy is a powerful statement of the will of the people.  Noticed a few glitches.  LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

H349 Godchildren (71) aka: The Hawaiian Split   Mobsters are sending a drug-runner from California to Hawaii to make a cash/drugs pickup.  The guy's girlfriend has a sent a badass bald heavy to rob her boyfriend.  Throw in some soft-core sex scenes and you get a gritty and violent sexy action crime film.  Uschi Digard is 'Lotta Cuze' and Rene Bond is 'Lady Godiva'.  Also with Sandy Carey. 

H229 Gold (74) aka: Gold - il segno del potere  In between Bond films, Roger Moore stars as Rod Slater, the newly appointed general manager of the Sonderditch gold mine.  But he finds out the owners are planning on flooding the mine by drilling into an underground lake so the owners can make huge profits in the international gold market.  Nerve splitting scenes with rock falls, explosions, underground amputations, an underground flood, deceit, conspiracy, loyalty, betrayal, murder, sex, brief nudity (Susannah York)...more.   Decent action packed British film with Ray Milland, Bradford Dillman, John Gielgud and more.  R.I.P.  Roger Moore.  LBX BA

H254 Goodbye Pork Pie (80) aka: Mach's gut, Pork Pie  Filmed in scenic New Zealand, this enjoyable lightweight screwball goof of a seriocomic road movie stars Kelly Johnson and Tony Barry as they cross country in a stolen yellow rental car, cunningly evading the bumbling cops at every turn.  Thrilling automobile stunts, offbeat off-color humor, and a plausibly downer (but still satisfying) ending.  Also with Bruno Lawrence.  LBX  BA

Z22 Great Jailbreak (75) aka: Daidatsugoku   Imprisoned in extremely cold and harsh conditions in an Abashiri prison, waiting to be hanged, a group of men escape into the snowy wilderness.  Fighting amongst themselves they splinter into two groups.  One of the guys is interested only in revenge, shot gunning his betrayers with plenty of gory moments.  He blows one guy's head clean off.  Nice.  LBX and with English subtitles.  

Z68 High Lifers (65) aka: How to Keep the Red Lamp Burning  aka: Un grand seigneur: Les bons vivants   1949 legislation forces the closing of some very popular brothels in Paris, much to the disdain of pleasure seekers.  One of the prostitutes inherits the 'red lamp' and is besieged by former 'clients'.  The final segment has a wealthy patron offering one of the hooker's a place to stay, which leads to his place becoming a den of debauchery and strange friends.  Early French made sleaze without the nudity.  LBX and with English subtitles. 

H228 Hired Gun, The (75) aka: The Gorilla  aka: Der Gorilla aka: Profession garde du corps   Young Marco Sartori (Fabio Testi) an undercover police officer, gets the job as the bodyguard of a shady underworld guy who is being blackmailed by some dangerous criminals.  He becomes caught up in a kidnapping plot with his boss (and his wacko brother!) and things get rather complicated.  Decoy, subterfuge, tied together with spectacular car chases (French Connection inspired) fist-fights, and more.  A nice and violent Italian crime film.  With the menacing looking Al Lettieri (he comes to a bloody end here) .  Littieri was the main heavy in 'The Getaway' with Steve McQueen just a few years earlier, and went toe to toe with Charles Bronson in the classic 'Mr.  Majestyk' in 1974.  This would be his last action film, he died from a heart attack at age 47 the same year.   Now Nice LBX and dubbed into English!  BA

H338 Hometown U.S.A.  (79) In the 1950's, three teenagers drive around, listen to music, and pursue the prettiest girls in town.  The lead character is a pudgy, frizzy haired nerd named Rodney (with the nickname 'The Rodent'), who sometimes talks into the camera.  He takes his sister's boyfriend's Chevy convertible, and sets out to cruise with the big boys.  Chicks and friends come easy with sweet wheels.  Juvenile delinquency, uptight parents, a stacked teenage nympho, bikers, leggy car-hops, goofy derelicts, and a great oldies soundtrack.  Lots of great cars from the 1950's, many as eye-watering as the sexy girls on display.  Cindy Fisher, Sally Kirkland, Gary Springer and many more star.   BA

Z23 Just a Gigolo (78) aka: Schöner Gigolo, armer Gigolo  Just after WW1, a soldier, discharged from the German army (David Bowie) unable to make good money because he is basically useless, becomes a gigolo to lonely Eurotrash war widows who hang out in dark ballrooms where they 'dance to forget'.  Marlene Dietrich is the gravity center, explaining to Bowie's character the women who seek him are tragic blah blah blah.  Bowie's character may be a bit too sensitive to be a really good and sleazy aggressive stud.  Dietrich performs the song 'Just a Gigolo'! Like a bizarre parallel world to 'Cabaret'.  A truly downbeat ending as well.  High production values.  Directed by David Hemmings (who also has a role in this) and also starring Kim Novak, Sydne Rome, Maria Schell, Curd Jergens and many more.  Interesting also because Dietrich was actually in this era of Germany making films and cruising bars in the early 1920's.  LBX 101 minute version.   BA

H227 Killer vs.  Killers (85) aka: Killer contro killers  Violent professionals are recruited to acquire a valuable chemical formula of synthetic fuel that is kept in a heavily guarded industrial complex.  The double cross comes when the boss orders the people he hired be eliminated.  Henry Silva (who has his own zoo of bloodthirsty beasts) is the main draw here, happily blasting people to bits with a rocket launcher.  Not only does this late entry deliver the violent action goods, we also get the irresistibly sexy Dalila Di Lazarro as Cherry! Italian language with English subtitles.  LBX  BA

H249 Last Witness (80) aka: Choihui jeungin   The daughter of an army Captain, receives a treasure map from her father just hours before he is killed by a group of communist Guerillas in the mountains near their home.  While the communists are defeated, several escape the battle and begin a quest to get their greedy hands on the elusive map.  Lots of violence and a very downbeat ending.  This one runs over 2 and a half hours.  LBX and with English subtitles. 

H275 Man on His Knees, A (79) aka: Un uomo in ginocchio  Nino (Giuliano Gemma) is just your average ordinary working-class ex-con, who finds out that a hit-man has been hired to kill him.  A woman has been kidnapped, and everybody involved is being whacked.  But Nino had nothing to do with it,  and must figure out how he ended up on the hit list.  Just when you think you will know what will happen, another twist occurs.  Downbeat and bleak fun.  LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

H242 Meet Him and Die (76) aka: Pronto ad uccidere   Massimo (Ray Lovelock) goes to jail after a botched robbery attempt and makes friends with gang leader Giulianelli (Martin Balsam).  But is Massimo really an undercover cop on a mission of revenge? You'll soon find out! Of course they escape from prison....  Several good chases, one by car through the city streets, another a motorcycle chasing a truck, excellent stunt work with that 'wow' factor.  Chase sequences were big in the early 70'S, and these are quite good.  Elke Sommer shows up as a secretary to an upper crime boss, with plans of her own.  Solid Italian crime action.  LBX and English language dubbed.  BA

H224 Operation Cross Eagles (68) aka: Operazione aquila   Yugoslavia during WW2.  A small band of commandos are on a mission to kidnap a notable German Commander so they can attempt to swap him for an American General who is being held in a German fortress.  Richard Conte directs and stars (along with Rory Calhoun) and does wonders with the budget.  In some ways this resembles the much more expensive film 'Where Eagles Dare'  which came out the same year.  This is an upgrade, while before available in a full frame, this is a LBX print where you see all of the action!  BA

H233 Play Cop (78) aka: Deadly Chase  aka: Il commissario Verrazzano   Luc Merenda stars as Commissario Verrazzano, who moonlights as a Private Eye.  The plot begins when he is hired by a woman (Janet Agren) to investigate the alleged suicide of her brother.  His investigation soon leads him to a violent gang of criminals and a murderer who insists on wearing gloves whenever he does anything.  When not on the case he spends his time trying to bed beautiful women, which he does indeed.  The usual conspiracy angle, betrayals, frustrations and of course plenty of action.  Patrizia Gori also stars as well as Luciana Paluzzi in her last film.  LBX and English dubbed.  Upgrade!  BA

Z26 Punishment Room (56) aka: Shokei no heya   While America was busy doing their brand of students gone bad, here we have the tale of a University student in Japan that has issues of his own.  He drugs a couple girls, and with a friend they haul their catch up to their apartment room, having their way with them.  Setting them free later, one of the girls seeks out her kidnapper and is attracted to him.  But the cousin of the girl, with a pack of young men, have a score to settle! The guy that started this mess is a prick, and he deserves what he has coming! And it happens in the 'Punishment Room'! Better than 'Rebel Without a Cause'.  With English subtitles.   BA

H234 Shoot First, Die Later (74) aka: Il poliziotto è marcio   More downbeat violent fun with Luc Merenda, this time as a corrupt cop named Domenico, who is on the payroll of the local mafia.  Things go horribly wrong when the mobsters require more of his services than he is willing to give.  Naturally the mob doesn't take too kindly to his refusal, and those most close to Domenico pay a steep price.  Domenico's relationship with his father (who is devastated when he learns of his son's criminality) is the heart of the film, which also includes some cool car chases, some gruesome murders and the cruel killing of a cat! Downbeat and Grim, but what would you expect? Also with Delia Boccardo and Richard Conte.  Classic Italian Crime! LBX and English dubbed.   BA

H232 Silent Action (75) aka: La polizia accusa: il servizio segreto uccide  aka: Chopper Squad   Luc Merenda stars as Inspector Giorgio Solmi with the task of investigating top officials in government and military, some of whom are being mysteriously murdered.  As the Inspector gets more involved he soon realizes the conspiracy runs deep.  The film twists and turns all over the place with able direction from Sergio Martino.  The opening string of murders are graphically portrayed, with some shocks, especially the staged train suicide.  A nice and dark downbeat ending too! Mel Ferrer, Delia Boccardo, Tomas Milian (who passed away in March 2017 at age 84) and more star.  Nice LBX English dub.   BA

H368 Sticks of Death (86) aka: Arnis: The Sticks of Death  A vengeful young man learns to use the weapons 'the sticks of death' from his wise grandfather, who is a master at the ancient art of 'Arnis', the skill to use two deadly sticks for fighting.  Upon learning the craft, he embarks on some payback to his enemies.  With real life stick fighter Roland Dantes! Filipino made on a budget kung (stick) fu dubbed into English.   BA

Z89 Street Gangs of Hong Kong (73) aka: Fen nu qing nian  An ambitious young man is a delivery boy, trying to earn to get into karate school.  When he beats up a gang leader he is fired from his job....  Loaded with old school battles,  eccentric characters and everything we all love about the genre, hilarious dubbing and plenty of violence! Also a 'ghost' that gives advice!  BA

H387 Streetfighter's Last Revenge, The (74) aka: Gyakushû! Satsujin ken   Sonny Chiba is Terry Tsuguri, badass fighter, hired by the mob to do their dirty work.  Of course once they get what they want, they try to have him killed.  Don't they know that is easier said than done? This one is brutal, not as brutal as the other ones, but it has it's moments.  Almost a bit of a 'James Bond' influence with Terry doing a few disguises etc.  Maybe his character is evolving? Chock full of martial arts action and the 'femme fatale' is a nice surprise.  Nice Chiba mayhem!  BA

Z32 Torment (74) aka: Tormento   aka: The Bewitcher   A housemaid (Ana Belen) works in the house of a mean hypocritical woman.  Two men have fallen in love (lust?) with her.  One is a priest, who feels deep guilt and constant sin for his desires, drowning in his own self-imposed restrictions.  The other is a rich man that has made his fortune in America, and is visiting Madrid.  In Spanish and with English subtitles.  LBX

Z34 Viva America (69) aka: ¡Viva América!  aka: La vera storia di Frank Mannata  In the 1930's, Italian immigrant from Sicily Frank Mannata (Jeffrey Hunter) and others, run the Chicago outfit for the Mafia.  There they are challenged by the ruthless Italian and Irish O'Conner Messina bunch, which leads to gang war.  Pretty obscure.  Also starring Margaret Lee and Pier Angeli.  Jeffrey Hunter suffered a head injury while filming caused by an explosion, and left Spain when the producer's ran out of money.  They finished the film without him.  On the way home he had a stroke on the plane.  He recovered but a few weeks later had a cerebral hemorrhage and died of a skull fracture from a fall.  Dead at age 42.  This was his last film.  Playing Jesus did him no favors.  LBX and with English subtitles… BA

H315 Withering Tree 2, The (72) aka: Kogarashi Monjiro: Secret of Monjiro's Birth  aka: Kogarashi Monjirô: kakawari gozansen   Tsunehei of Hachiman is all smiles after Monjiro (the lone samurai) saves his life.  He introduces Monjiro to Omitsu, a friend of the prostitute Okoma, who Tsunehei has his eye on.  But Monjiro is a little shaken when he hears Omitsu singing to herself while drunk, and asks her about her background.  It turns out that Omitsu is his long-lost sister, from whom he was separated in childhood….   LBX and with English subtitles.  

Z64 Yokahoma Underground (78) aka: Machine Gun Dragon  aka: Yokohama ankokugai mashingan no ryu  More violent action with Sonny Chiba! Bunta Sagawara  is Ryuta, a machine gun firing maniac gangster who hangs with bikers and commits robberies with his mother! Hunted by the victims of his crimes, he flees with his hot chick girlfriend in tow! This one stands out as he has some sort of weird mother issues.  The fabulous 20's gangster type outfits he wears, and his gal as well as a gun moll, violent action scenes, and a truly bizarre assassination in a prison bath.  In Japanese language with English subtitles.  LBX

H217 Young Runaways, The (68) aka: Los jóvenes renegados  The tale of three unrelated teenagers, each leaving home for the first time rather abruptly, for different reasons, and each with a radically different outcome.  One (Patty McCormack) falls in with the emerging hippie rock and roll scene and ends up in a lust triangle.  Brooke Bundy's character falls into the world of prostitution....  This may be a cautionary tale, but the dialogue is quite hilarious at times, but thankfully this is not as pretentious as the tepid 'Rebel Without a Cause'.  .  Richard Dreyfuss as a hip 'slang-talkin'  car thief, Dick Sargent (the other Darrin), Norman Fell,  and Kevin Coughlin as the 'good-hearted; runaway.   All of the 'runaways' in the title were in their 20's in real life.  Kevin Coughlin was killed in a hit and run accident at age 30 in 1976.  LBX BA



H346 Aloha Means Goodbye (74) When a heart is needed for a transplant, Sara (Sally Struthers) who is suffering from a rare blood disease, is kept in the hospital as an unscrupulous doctor waits for her to die so he can rip her heart out of her chest and put it in somebody else.  Holy crap! Run! Joanna Miles, Henry Darrow, James Franciscus, Russell Johnson and more star. 

H377 Beast of Morocco (68) aka: The Hand of Night   William Sylvester plays architect Paul Carver, whose wife and children died in a tragic car accident, and he blames himself.  He travels to Morocco and meets a stunning dark-haired female vampire named Marisa (Aliza Gur) who has a way with men.  Not a blood-sucker so much as an evil being that sucks the soul and drags her male victims into darkness.  The opening scene is wonderfully atmospheric and weird with the use of skulls and bloodied mechanical bats.  Filmed in Morocco. 

Z12 Blue Lake Woman (86) aka: Aoi numa no onna   Nagare is a painter who wanted to commit a pact lover's suicide with Mizue, who is the wife of his friend.  He backs out like a coward, but Mizue sinks to the bottom of Blue Lake.  Later, his friend says all is forgiven.  He visits his friend who now has a “new” wife, but to Nagare's surprise, she looks exactly like Mizue! To complicate matters, Nagare is haunted by Mizue's ghost, beckoning him to join her in the dark depths of Blue Lake.  Nagare's dark paintings reflect the horror and melancholy in his soul.  Horror from Japan, this time in a modern setting.  With English subtitles. 

H385 Boy Who Left Home and Found Out About the Shivers, The (84) An Intelligent, fearless boy (Peter MacNicol, the 'Dragonslayer'), who lives in an extremely superstitious village in Transylvania, travels out into the world to see what everybody is afraid out.  What they Fear.  The King (Christopher Lee) hires him to rid the castle of evil spirits...ghosts...  and whatever goes bump in the night.  With Dana Hill as Princess Amanda, David Warner as Zandor the Innkeeper and Frank Zappa as his hunch-backed assistant! Narrated by Vincent Price.  Light-hearted fare from 'Faerie Tale Theatre' that runs under an hour.  

H351 Can Ellen Be Saved? (74) Drugged out Ellen (Katherine Cannon) is in search of spiritual fulfillment.  So she joins a religious cult led by Joseph (Michael Parks), a kind of starter version of Jim Jones of Guyana infamy.  There she is brainwashed by the dark and seductive Joseph.  Her parent's hire a deprogrammer, a popular solution pre-2000.  Exorcism? This is another dark and daring MFTV.  Michael Parks was in a helluva lot of good genre films.  He even reprised this role (sort of) in the 2011 Kevin Smith film 'Red State'! He died in May 2017 at age 77.  R.I.P.  Also with Leslie Nielson, John Saxon, Louise Fletcher, Kathleen Quinlan, William Katt, Rutanya Alda and more. 

Z14 Corpse for the Lady (64) aka: Cadavere per signora  Laura (Sylva Koscina) is being blackmailed and asks for help from her childhood friends Renata (Scilla Gabel), Marina and Giovanna (Rosalba Neri).  Laura collects money from a nun she befriends.  Renata is set to pay off the blackmailers, but receives a call from her friends that changes everything! Sort of like one of the type of films Lucio Fulci was making at the time.  This one directed by Mario Mattoli.  LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

H355 Girl Named Sooner, A (75) aka: Ein Mädchen, ein Muli und Omas Whisky   Break out the hankies! Set around the depression, Sooner, is a little girl who has been raised in isolation by a bootleggin' old crone (played convincingly by Cloris Leachman).  She is taken and adopted by a couple (played by Richard Crenna and Lee Remick).  Sooner is like a wild little kid, and shows absolute wonder in each new discovery of the modern world.  A world she is just now getting to know.  This movie was pretty huge in 1975, very popular for a MFTV.  Also with Anne Francis, Michael Gross and Susan Deer as 'Sooner'.  Her only film.  This rare film has some glitches. 

Z84 Go Ask Alice (73) when she's ten feet tall...  16 year old drug addict Alice (Jamie-Smith Jackson) runs away, trades tricks for drugs like a dog, spins out with fellow druggie Doris (MacKenzie Phillips) and is consoled by a preacher (Andy Griffith).  Mom (Julie Adams) and Dad (William Shatner) are clueless.  Sucked into her journey of sex and drugs, Alice tries to straighten out.  Allegedly based on the diary of a 16 year old girl.  Laugh, go ahead.  But this film scared the shit out of America when it aired in 1973, and today more people are dropping like flies than ever before on drugs.  People who did not live in the 1970's have no credibility reviewing this picture.  It's about as real as it gets, I know, I grew up in a small drug-riddled town where the youth had a secret society of drugs and secrets, very much like this (although it was a bit later).  Robert Carradine, Charles Martin Smith and more star.  Upgrade!

H348 Griffin and Phoenix (76) aka: Today is Forever  Two terminally ill people (Peter Falk and Jill Clayberg) spend time together.  They promise one another that when the end is near for one of them, the other will back off.  God this one is a real downer.  But it is also powerful as hell in it's portrayal of deathless love.   This movie may fuck you up, so have plenty of hankies on hand.  Peter Falk is amazing.  Also with Sally Kirkland and more.   Ignore the crappy 2006 remake.  BA

H344 Lisa, Bright and Dark (73) Lisa (Kay Lenz) is on the edge of a teenage nervous breakdown.  Her friends include Betsy, (Jamie Smith-Jackson of 'Go Ask Alice') Mary (Debralee Scott) and others, who are pretty much useless in helping her cope.  Lisa is setting fires, slashing her wrists and walking around in a complete stupor.  Her parents are clueless as well.  Bi-Polars say this is pretty close to how they feel, what Lisa is going through.  This was a popular MFTV back in the day.  Also with Erin Moran, Anne Lockhart, Anson Williams, John Forsythe and Ann Baxter.  For early 70's teen trouble, a perfect double feature with 'Go Ask Alice'. 

Z87 Live Again, Die Again (74) A woman (Donna Mills) is brought back to life after being cryogenically frozen for over 30 years.   Now her husband is an old man (Walter Pigeon) and her kids are older than she is, and resentful, the daughter (Vera Miles) not only certifiable, also wants her dead.  There is another twist coming as well.  With a teleplay by Joseph Stefano from the book by David Sale. 

H243 Long Way Home (75) Ramey (Lance Kerwin) hides chain-gang escapee Craw (David Carradine) on the family farm.  His father Rev.  Tom Holvak (Glenn Ford) and mother (Julie Harris) unwittingly agree, and soon Craw is their handyman about the place.  Craw (kung fu?) kicks a little ass, but Deputy Shanks (Bill McKinney) is after his, quite scary because we know what happened to Ned Beatty the previous year.  This is the first two episodes of the failed television show 'The Family Holvak', that ran briefly in 1975. 

H347 Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night (77) P.S.A.? Susan Dey is Rowena Harper (in total melt-down mode! Hide the cigarettes!), a young single mother with unresolved childhood traumas, who takes out her frustrations on her young daughter (Natasha Ryan in the title role).  It's hard to make a film about child abuse funny.  But here, they manage in certain scenes.  Coming from a rough childhood, Rowena is mentally disturbed, and she beats the crap out of her scared little daughter regularly.  Dark and disturbing, with horror music and suspense.  Nominated for a Golden Globe.  John Vernon, Tricia O'Neil and Bernie Casey star.  Child star Natasha Ryan you may recognize as also being in 'The Entity', 'The Day Time Ended', Kingdom of the Spiders' and the original 'The Amityville Horror' among others.  She retired from film at the ripe old age of 13.  After you see this, you'll know why, I'll bet she is still traumatized!

H354 Morning After, The (74) Set up the shot glasses! Dick Van Dyke plays against type as an alcoholic.  He is Charlie Lester, he has a problem.  His family and career are at stake.  This is pretty downbeat stuff, and caused quite a stir when it aired in the early seventies.  Punch in the gut ending too.  Nice.  Also with Linda Lavin.  Sobering teleplay by Richard Matheson. 

H259 One of Our Own (75) Dr.  Jake Goodwin (George Peppard) is the Chief Neurosurgeon at a busy city hospital, dealing with a variety of situations in this pilot for the short-lived T.V.  series 'Doctor's Hospital'.  With Louise Sorel, Strother Martin, Peter Hooten, Zohra Lampert and more.  The show had a very brief run. 

H356 Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole (72) A recently widowed research doctor (Susan Hayward) is convinced by a colleague (Darren McGavin) to join him at a clinic in an inner-city Chicago slum.  Sounds like a trip straight to hell to me.  Watch as she battles disease and devastating losses.  This was to possibly be a series, but Hayward, was diagnosed with a brain tumor shortly after filming which she battled until it took her in 1975 at age 58.  This was her last role.  Also with Michael Constantine, Beverly Garland and many more.   BA

H358 Secret Night Caller, The (75) Robert Reed is Freddy Durant.  He has a dark side.  He likes to make obscene phone calls to women in the dark hours of the night.  By day, he is the pillar of the community, but the compulsion hits at night, like turning into a werewolf, he can't stop his sick fetish.  He hides his secret life from everybody but his shrink, who tries to cure him of his affliction.  Of course, this being MFTV, we don't actually hear what he breathily says to his victims, but it is apparently so bad that one woman runs out her house and is almost killed in a car accident! Also with Hope Lange as his clueless wife, and Robin Mattson as his daughter.  Thayer David, Michael Constantine, Sylvia Sidney and more.  In real life, Robert Reed was a private man, coming out of the closet later in life, and killed by A.I.D.S.  at age 60. 

H306 Sizzle (81) Prohibition Era Chicago.  A small -town girl (Loni Anderson) moves to the big city and becomes a torch singer.  John Forsythe is a cold-blooded gangster.  Leslie Uggams, bootleg whiskey, Roy Thinnes, Richard Lynch, Phyllis Davis and more.  Loni gets passed around to various men.   Burt should have taken note!

Z29 Sorcery (62) aka: Where the Truth Lies  aka: Maléfices   A married veterinarian surgeon travels everywhere for his work.  He goes to help a woman named Myriam (Juliette Greco doing a 'Morticia' type seductress) with her pet leopard, who is ailing.  They become lovers (the vet and Myriam, not the vet and the leopard, that'd be a whole other movie!).  Myriam is a witchy woman, and does not want to share her new lover with his wife.  The wife falls down a well, and though rescued, gets sicker and sicker.  A dark and brooding French film, with some horror elements.  LBX and with English subtitles. 

H420 Trouble in the City of Angels (88) aka: Man Against the Mob  aka: Trouble in the City of Angels    It's the 1930's in Los Angeles.  George Peppard is Frank Doakey, part of an elite squad trying to prevent the New Jersey mob from infiltrating Los Angeles.  With dirty cops on the side of the mob, he finds himself battling his colleagues, informants, the establishment, gangsters and molls.  Old cars and nice attention to the era, with plenty of familiar faces like Stella Stevens, Barry Corbin, Kathryn Harrold and more. 

H285 Valley Forge (75) General George Washington (Richard Basehart) struggles to keep his army together at a critical point during the Revolutionary war, as they must contend with being potentially starved out by the British while waiting on the French's decision on an alliance.  This is a play from the Hallmark Hall of Fame.  Lisa Pelikan in one of her first roles.  Also with John Heard, Christopher Walken and more. 

H357 Where Pigeons Go To Die (90) aka: Flight to Freedom  This tearjerker involves a grandfather, grandson relationship, and may just screw you up so get out the hankies again.  Geez.  No matter how hard you try to resist feeling anything, Art Carny shines once again in a serious role.  Basically what we have here is a deeply metaphorical story about a dying man's last wish before dying, and a bird's struggle with life during a flight home.  Similar struggles, an unusual way to present it.  Anyone who trains, or even likes birds will find meaning here.  Strangely, these types of movies no longer exist... 



Z46 Dead Don't Talk, The (70) aka: Ölüler konusmaz ki   In Turkish language with English subtitles! A couple arrives at a haunted mansion traveling by horse-drawn carriage.  Doors open and close by themselves, they hear a scary chanting, and a slow-moving servant shows up with a candelabra, and serves them soup.  Later the couple are murdered by a ghost who wears a raincoat and a safaro hat and looks like a heavier Bela Lugosi.  More weird and supernatural goings on with grave robbers and ghosts chasing women down hallways.  English subtitles.   BA




H150 Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, The (64) aka: Les aventures de Robinson Crusoë   This is a quite excellent adaptation of the Daniel Defoe classic, taking the time to tell the tale in spectacular detail.  Robert Hoffman is Crusoe (in his debut) and this is so novel based it almost feels like the director actually cared about the source material.  This one does the book justice! This late in the game serial was produced in the U.K.   13 chapters and on 2 discs.  Counts as 2 selections. 




H397 Amanecer Sangriento (98) aka: Bloody Dawn  More Mexican crime action cinema featuring another killer with an axe to grind, sought after by the authorities.  He's shooting people in the face.  We cannot have that now can we? Luckily somebody is intent on revenge against this guy.  F.L.

H393 Day of Combat 2: Amorosos Fantasmas (94) aka: Loving Ghosts  A novice one-eyed private detective (giving new meaning to 'private eye') is on the hunt for a serial killer who is leaving a trail of bodies, stabbed to death in their beds.  Throw in light touches of masked wrestler stuff and of course our hero chasing some tail (in this case a sexy radio host) as he investigates.  Finally a shoot-out at a carnival, while the rides are all operating with no riders! F.L.

H421 Hell's Trap (89) aka: Trampa infernal  A Macho Mexican Mullet Head (and other guys) accompanied by their 'victim on the forehead' Senoritas go out hunting for a killer bear, and run into a pissed off claw-handed killer in the woods, who loves to tear out throats with his deadly serrated blades.  He's not afraid to use automatic weapons and grenades either.  Total annihilation! A bloody 'killer in the woods' slasher that delivers plenty of the red stuff.  English subtitles. 

Z74 Sign of Death (39) aka: El signo de la muerte  Reincarnations, secret passages, underground pyramids, sacred rituals, prophecies of doom and desolation, human sacrifice, and, in one of the sacrifices, a woman's full naked breasts are exposed...  Remember, it's 1939.  Eat your heart out Universal! Very soon, a blood moon will rise, which marks the time of the sacrifice of several virgins....This Mexican horror film was listed once before.  But now here for the first time with English subtitles! One of the actors is Cantinflas, who later starred with David Niven in 'Around the World in 80 Days'. 

H394 Tumba Para un Narco (96) Tough guy Mexican super-star Agustin Bernal stars (clean shaven) as a man on a mission looking to deliver some violent payback.   We see his reasons in a violent flashback sequence (which we see in black and white).  He will not rest until they are dead! How about burying that bastard alive? F.L.




H244 Blood Money (74) aka: Stranger and the Gunfighter  aka: El kárate, el Colt y el impostor  The fastest gun in the West who goes by the name 'Dakota' (Lee Van Cleef) teams up with the most brutal hands in the East! Both after a treasure that is also sought by typical slimy bandits.  The clues are found on the rear ends of women with particular ass tattoos.  When they get to the bottom of things, they will know where the treasure is located.  Maybe where the sun don't shine? Plenty of action and beautiful women in this, nudity, plus plenty of politically incorrect dialogue.  Patty Shepard, Femi Benussi, Erika Blanc and more star.  Also with Lieh Lo as the stranger Ho Chiang, he of deadly fists, a Shaw Brothers and all around superstar.  The 'Shanghai Noon' of it's day.  Nice LBX Upgrade! BA

H222 Brother Outlaw (71) aka: Rimase uno solo e fu la morte per tutti!  aka: Dakota - Nur der Colt war sein Gesetz   Busting of of prison with the help of his brother, an innocent man seeks the real culprits of the crime that he was imprisoned for.  The search leads them to a gang of outlaws run by a notorious and fearless master gunfighter.  Tony Kendall is good as Sheriff Dakota, and Dean Stratford as the leather-clad bad man.  There's an opening stagecoach chase, a bank robbery, guys shot off horses in painful looking stunt work that includes falling off cliffs etc.  Plenty of action! Nice English dub and LBX.   BA

Z44 Colt in the Hand of the Devil (73) aka: Una colt in mano al diavolo  The action opens in a hard labor camp where an inmate (Robert Woods as Roy Koster) is saved by a fellow inmate from a violent guard.  The latter dies after being flogged for this action of humanity.  After his release, Roy travels to the hometown of the deceased (Silvertown) in order to pay off a debt for the dead man.  But there is an element of mystery to the film as we try to figure out just what it is our main man is trying to put right.  Also with William Berger.  Uncut LBX 90 minute version, and English dubbed.  Upgrade!  BA

Z17 Days of Violence (67) aka: I giorni della violenza  The Civil War is ending, and southern boy Joe's (Peter Lee Lawrence) brother is killed by Yankee Captain Clifford, unjustly.  Naturally this makes for resistance on Joe's part.   In the opening, a bad guy is trying to assault Rosalba Neri's character.  Amongst much rocky scenery and shootouts, Joe and Clifford compete for the hand of sweet young blonde Christine (Beba Loncar) who is the daughter of an important rancher, who betrays Joe.  Joe forces Christine into a relationship and practically kidnaps her.  She just needs a little rough talk, and told how it is going to be.  Amazing.  At this point we are not sure if Joe is the good guy or not.  Captain Clifford and his men are in hot pursuit leading to panoramic shootouts in the rocky countryside.  Finally a showdown with Joe and Clifford.  Different, with a great finale! LBX and dubbed into English!

H230 Durango is Coming, Pay or Die (71) aka: Viene Django...  paga o muere  aka: Arriva Durango...  paga o muori   A corrupt businessman hires debt collector Durango (played by muscle bound Brad Harris) who then delivers him 100,000 dollars he has collected for him.  But then the crook refuses to pay the fee, and frames Durango for theft.  Escaping from prison with the help of a bandit, he hides out with a hot blonde (Gisela Hahn).  He plots his revenge and clearing his name.  The obstacles will be tough! Nice LBX print. 

H231 God Made Them, I Kill Them (68) aka: Dio li crea...  Io li ammazzo!  aka: God Forgives: His Life Is Mine   A small town on the border of Mexico is under attack from dastardly villains who are robbing the gold deliveries.  These robberies are arranged by the evil corrupt banker of the town.  Dean Reed, the American singer/actor is the ladies man hero, playing it way different than an Eastwood copy or others.  He even sings the title song.  Plenty of violent shootouts and action.  Peter Martell as the main villain has a walking cane with hidden gadgets that help him get the upper hand in any given situation.  Sexy Linda Veras is on hand as the eye candy.  Nice LBX English dub. 

H269 Gunfight at Blackhorse Canyon (61) Wells Fargo Agent Jim Hardie (Dale Robertson) has to deal with wanted posters with his name on them, a cynical Eastern writer, and wild card gunslinger while in the meantime he is trying to capture an elusive and beautiful black stallion.  Claude Akins, George Kennedy and many more star. 

Z56 Joe...  Find a Place to Die (68) aka: Joe...  cercati un posto per morire!   Nice Widescreen print, with the nudity missing from other prints! Jeffrey Hunter is Joe Collins, an outcast Confederate soldier who is trying to redeem himself by defending a woman (Pascale Petit) against bandits who are willing to kill anyone who stands in their way from taking her goldmine claim.  Long shoot-em-ups, thrills, double crosses and plenty of violence.  One of the last film's for Jeffrey Hunter.  LBX and English language dubbed.  BA

H279 Law of the Lawless (64) aka: La legge dei fuorilegge   Clem Rodgers (known as 'The Hanging Judge', played by Dale Robertson), is brought in to try Pete Stone (John Agar) for murder.  Pete is the son of Big Tom Stone (Barton MacLane), who pretty much owns the town.  Big Tom hires the killer of the Judge's father, trying to bait the Judge into killing him, making him unable to try Pete fairly.  More...  Great cast also includes Yvonne DeCarlo (the same year she officially became Mrs.  Lily Munster), Lon Chaney Jr., Bruce Cabot and many more.   BA

H223 Man Called Gringo (65) aka: Lo sceriffo non paga il sabato....   A gang has taken over a small frontier town.  It takes a newly appointed sheriff/gunslinger (Gotz George) to defend.  The bandits/rustlers carry out their criminality with reckless abandon, robbing and assaulting, spreading terror for profit.  Real grease balls.  A few of these guys were in 'A Fistful of Dollars'.  Of course one of the motivations for the man called Gringo is the luscious Lucy (Alexandra Stewart).  Nice LBX and English dubbed. 

H300 Requiem for a Gunfighter (65) aka: Der schnellste Colt von River Falls  Dave McCloud (Rod Cameron) impersonates a judge and goes to clean up a small town.  The previous judge, his friend, was murdered by the outlaws of the town.  Taking the judge's place, the gunman is helped by some of the innocent townsfolk, who help with teaching him the law, and how to conduct trials.  If it were only so easy....  Also with Dickie Jones in his last film. 

H308 Stage to Tucson (50) aka: Les écumeurs des Monts Apaches  During the early months of the Civil War, stage coaches traveling from East to West are being hijacked by southern sympathizers.  Grif (Rod Cameron) and Barney (Wayne Morris) work for the stage line, working together to get the hijackers, and both compete for the affections of a book keeper (Kay Buckley).   BA

Z63 Vengeance is a Dish Best Served Cold (71) aka: Three Amens for Satan  aka: La vendetta è un piatto che si serve freddo  aka: Death’s Dealer   After witnessing the massacre of his family by Indians as a child, Jeremiah Bridger (Leonard Mann), becomes a scalp-hunter.  When he runs into a rancher that uses his thugs to dress as Indians to kill white farmers so he can steal their land, he finds a new opponent and begins to rethink his hatred towards the Indians.  Especially after taking a liking to a beautiful Indian girl named Tune, who he saves.  Not only that, but was it really Indians that killed his family, or people posing as Indians? Understandably he is pissed, and will unleash Cold Vengeance! Also with Klaus Kinski and Ivan Rassimov.   BA

Z78 Whiskey and Ghosts (78) aka: Fantasma en el Oeste  A snake oil salesman is chased across the desert by Mexican bandits.  He soon discovers that he is under the protection of the ghosts of some very prominent people.  Johnny Appleseed, Pecos Bill and Davy Crockett! The ghosts convince the man to go after some treasure that they know the whereabouts.  Full of questionable jokes and invisible gags, this one but also some truly surreal scenes.  Like when the ghosts invite the man to join them as the 'Horse (Ghost) Riders in the Sky'!  Nice LBX and English language dubbed.  

H247 Who Killed Johnny R? (66) aka: Wer kennt Johnny R.?  aka: La balada de Johnny Ringo  Captain Conroy's family dies in a fire, results of a battle with outlaw Johnny Ringo, who many believe perished in the fire as well.  But Captain Conroy is not buying it, and sets out after the gunman.  In another town a gun salesman hires Clyde Smith, a fast gunman, to demonstrate his wares.  Thing is, he is so good, people begin to think he may be Johnny Ringo....  Only his girlfriend (smokin' Marianne Koch) knows for sure.  Captain Conroy gets closer....  Colorful LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

H311 You're Jinxed, Friend You've Met Sacramento (72) aka: Sei iellato, amico hai incontrato Sacramento  The first half of the movie Sacramento, a prize-fightin' preacher (Ty Hardin) goes through a series of comedic situations and problems.  Then, his daughter is kidnapped.  He pays the ransom money, but his daughter is not released! You're Jinxed Friend! Sacramento will deliver justice.  Ty Hardin, passed away just a few months ago in August 2017.  LBX