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FL= Film is in Foreign Language

Lbx=  Letterboxed or Widescreen format 

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aka= Also Known As  (alternate titles)



L412 Empire of Ash (88) aka: Empire of Ash 2 In post-nuclear 'New Idaho' a warrior and his battle skills savvy gal, set out to rescue her sister from one group that has kidnapped her. Guns aplenty, armor-plated vehicles, topless chicks, hard-rock soundtrack, mutated survivors, splotchy hatchet job editing and great fun. This film 'Empire of Ash' was released as 'Empire of Ash 2' the following year, but is the same film, hence the entirely different film 'Empire of Ash 3' which also came out the following year. Confused yet? And as far as passing the same film off as it's own sequel, genius! Followed by 'Empire of Ash (ahem) 3'! which is also known as 'Last of the Warriors'!

L414/4552 Empire of Ash 3 (89) Cult leader Lucas (played to the mad max by William Smith) reigns supreme here and must be toppled by our usual pack of freedom fighting do-gooders. Luckily we get all the fixin's. Leather-gear, open top jeeps and machine guns, mutants, cults, bad hair and more heavy metal. Basically all of the things that made 'Empire of Ash 1 (2) so frickin' awesome. Gun fights boobs and cannibals. I'm in. This 3 is really 2 but 1 is 2 so 3 it is.

Z494 Final Executioner, The (84) aka: L'ultimo guerriero Finally a LBX version of this one! The end of the world has come and gone. The nuclear devastation didn't quite wipe out society completely however. Leave it up to the survivors to do that. A small group has taken it upon themselves to exterminate people they decide are 'inferior'... Of course this means people die, and others are looking for revenge! Violent action, tasteless rape, chases, explosions and more! Another fine addition to the Italian Post-Apocalyptic Genre. With villain 'Erasmus' played by Harrison Muller, who seemed to have a sort of mini-career playing in these apoc flicks. Margie (Hell of the Living Dead) stars, and Woody Strode as 'Sam'. LBX BA

Z477 Pretty Women Walking Through the City (86) aka: Lijepe zene prolaze kroz grad Belgrade in 2041 is a deserted city that looks like a wiped out wasteland. Here in this burned out city setting, a few older men try to raise a group of young girls/women in the ways of their Yugoslav ancestors. But International Repressors are arriving in an old steam train. Some of the girls are quite hot (see title). A gloomy setting and quite a compelling look at a future world after we are finished destroying this one. With English subtitles. BA

3815/7174 Rage (84) aka: A Man Called Rage aka: Rage - Fuoco incrociato aka: Rush 2Our usual 'Soldier of Fortune' type (Rage of the title played by Bruno Minniti) is captured and sent on a mission into a 'Forbidden Zone' to locate some life-restoring uranium. Others are also after the same thing (led by a villain named 'Slash'!), which provides the violent conflict. Together with his rag tag band of specifically skills based accomplices they set out. High octane ending will remind you of 'The Road Warrior'. An entirely entertaining and exciting post apocalyptic film. This is after the previous year's 'Rush'. Minniti was 'Thor' in the previous years 'Thor the Conqueror'. Also with eye candy Taida Urruzola with painted on jean shorts. Oh man. BA



Z464 Bad Girl Mako (71) aka: Furyô shôjô Mako aka: Wet Highway Mako and the other young girls are bullied by a gang ruling the city. Mako meets Hideo, and he helps them escape and they hide out in a bowling alley. But they are located by the boss and his thugs. Hideo escapes and is later killed by the boss. Heartbroken, Mako seeks revenge with her knife, which will soon be bloody!. She even kills her brother! Nudity, attempted rape, women smacked around like they are property, and a showdown at a very large swimming pool. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

P113 Deaf Mute Heroine (71) aka: Long ya jian Kick Ass Helen Ma is 'Ya Ba', a bounty hunter that always collects. She finds herself the hunted one when a wicked and crazed Princess orders her elimination. BA

Z536 Girl Boss Blues: Queen Bee Challenge (72) aka: Mesubachi no chosen Two Girl Bosses fight for the top. The Yakuza Boss decides to test them with a sexual challenge to see who is the best! Trapped, both are subject to the man's lust and sadistic assaults. Not too happy with this, they escape by joining forces against the Yakuza gang..... Reiko Ike returns! Simply amazing! LBX and with English subtitles. BA

Z514 Girl Boss Blues: Queen Bee's Counterattack (71) aka: aka: Queen Bee Strikes Again A girl boss may have her choice of the bikes and the boyfriend's. But the other girls are her rivals, and there is constant bitching and struggles with the power structure. The Yakuza Boss however is the real guy in charge. Reiko (Reiko Ike) manages to gain loyalty from women and men alike, some would die for her. And they do. Female gang action with loads of action and violence! LBX and with English subtitles. BA

J1 Martial Angels (01) aka: Chuet sik san tau Cat, was once part of group of female jewel thieves. Cat has gone straight, but the past always has a way of returning. Her former lover has been kidnapped. Cat must get the gang back together for a rescue. Now she must call Octopus, Monkey, Goldfish and others to help. Despite their strange names, all of these girls are not only smoking hot, but they could kick 'Charlie's Angels' asses in under 30 seconds. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

4258 Pink Angels (72) aka: Waylayed An openly gay biker gang encounter all types of harassment on their way to an L.A. drag convention. Also along the way they try on dresses at a clothing store and engage in a food fight at a roadside hot dog stand. Look Boys, I'm a Hotdog! Michael Pataki and Dan Haggerty play straight bikers. Funky soundtrack. What seems like a light-hearted romp turns deadly with an ending out of left field that must be seen to be believed! A complete mess of a film, but what a product of it's time, you are there! BA

Z527 Terrifying Girl's School Delinquents: Convulsion Group (73) aka: Kyofu joshikôkô: Furyo monzetsu guruupu Reike Ike returns, she's one cool chick. A mean nasty schoolgirl does as she pleases, her father is the school principle. Another girl of fair mind named Takako (Reike Ike) challenges her role as girl gang leader, and wins! Takako's father is killed by gangsters. Her mother is lost in booze. Takako hooks up with a guy to spy on the gangsters and he too is killed. Takako is not going to Tatakit any more. With her gang she attacks. Always a treat when a pissed off woman blasts bad bastards with a machine gun! LBX and with English subtitles. BA

P156 Women on the Run (93) aka: Chi luo kuang ben It's a violent female 'buddy' movie! Two mismatched heroines, a policewoman, and a drug-addicted prostitute, join forces to get revenge after both of them are betrayed. Both women are accomplished fighters, and the prostitute fights naked twice, although briefly, a most welcome inclusion. They fight off legions of mean rapist types, but become helpless victims as soon as a guy unzips his pants. Cheap and trashy Category Three that delivers on almost all counts. LBX and with English subtitles.


CLASSIC HORROR AND SCI-FI FILMS  {Choose any two CLASSIC titles to create your custom double feature for $14.00 on VHS OR DVD-R! }

H988 Creeper, The (48) A serum derived from a cat, created by a mad scientist, turns a man into a creeping 'cat-like' killer. Straight out of the Val Lewton play-book with dark shadowy worlds and dream sequence nightmares. Maybe one of a few were-cat flicks.... Two versions of 'The Cat People', 'Cat Girl'.... and let's not forget um... well? Beware of the transformation scene and avoid that paw at all costs! BA

Z405 Drums of Jeopardy, The (31) aka: Mark of Terror aka: La marca del terror Warner Oland stars as Dr. Boris Karlov (a play on a name?) who plans to avenge his daughter' suicide by knocking off a noble Russian family he holds responsible for their death. The Drums of Jeopardy describes a necklace found on his dead daughter, a gift from the Russian family. When the Russian's reach America he sends little drums from the necklace to each victim before killing them. Plenty of horror touches in this thriller. BA

Z406 Hound of the Baskervilles, The (37) aka: Der Hund von Baskerville No English language and No English subtitles in this German version of the classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle tale. Opens with the standard prologue to the tale, explaining the cause of the curse. A pretty gnarly hound here, dressed up some to make it more menacing. Grim quicksand death and more!

H996 Intruder, The (33) Murder at sea before a wicked storm sinks our toy ship. The survivors find themselves on an island where they find a killer gorilla and a jungle man that talks to a skeleton. But is the gorilla really dangerous, or is it one of the survivors, who may really be a killer, the one they should be wary of? Oddball thriller/horror/mystery. BA

J20 Live Wire, The (35) aka: Ricardito Entre Chamas e Bandidos Another forgotten adventure! A man has returned from an uncharted island with a vase he found there. Sensing profit, an expedition is launched to return to the island. But a 'Bluto' looking guy stages a mutiny. Good thing a 'Popeye' type is aboard! Thrills, Chills and some comedy and racist touches (give some credit to Martin Turner!) Once on the island they find the remnants of a lost civilization. Richard Talmadge and Alberta Vaughn star. After 140 films, this would be her last picture.

Z541 Master of the World (34) aka: Der Herr der Welt A German scientist develops a robot monster machine to do the hard work and keep humans out of danger. The theme of this German science fiction film that was made before World War II is quite ambitious and prophetic. The creation of robots, superior to us in every way, to do the work of humans, and the threat to mankind when the robots are used as machines of war. Even now, brainiac fools are toying with A.I. in computers and machines. Nearly one hundred years ago, people knew this future was the beginning of the end. In German and with English subtitles.

Z394 World Will Shake, The (39) aka: The World Will Tremble aka: Le monde tremblera A scientist (Claude Dauphin) creates a machine that can predict the date and time of your death. Consumed by power, he uses it nefariously, watching the stock market tank due to his predictions and other disastrous occurrences brought on by his megalomania. Erich Von Stroheim also stars with alternative money-making intentions for the device, and eventually the people rise up in revolt and outrage.... Excellent science fiction and with English subtitles.



J19 Between Time and Timbuktu: A Space Fantasy (72) Comprised of excerpts from novels and stories by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. here is a mishmash sci-fi satire and the 'Chrono-Synclastic Infundibilum' in which a man is bounced around in time, space and place with infinite copies of himself. Astounding and imperfect but incredibly ambitious science fiction television from PBS and starring William Hickey, Dortha Duckworth, Kevin McCarthy, Susan Sullivan and more! BA

Z229 Black Crown (51) aka: La corona negra Film Noir from Spain with Femme Fatale Maria Felix as Mara! Mara suffers from amnesia, and hooks up with honest engineer Andres (Rossano Brazzi). But a local swindler grifter type (played by Vittorio Gassman) is suspicious and is going to try to find the flaws in this alleged facade so he can gain. Maria Felix was considered the most beautiful Mexican actress ever. She certainly is a contender. Here with English subtitles! BA

H970 Clan of Amazons (96) aka: Feng wu jiu tian 103 outstanding martial artists, and jewelry that is worth millions of dollars, all vanished mysteriously one night. 13 of the largest security agencies are losing their minds after losing their money. A dying man spells the truth about what happened to the money. Ghostly flying and masked, the worlds of sorcery and martial arts collide with action violence and betrayal. LBX and English subtitles

3340 Executioner of Venice, The (63) aka: Il boia di Venezia Nice costumed swashbuckler with Lex Barker as the hero, Guy Madison as the dastardly villain, Mario Petri as a pirate and Alessandra Panaro as the love of Barker's character, who, thinking her love is dead, seeks to become a nun! Powerful music, stellar stunts and plenty of swashbuckling (agile actors leaping about and fencing) amidst well photographed Venice locations with high production values. BA

Z430 Flashman (67) aka: Flashman contra el hombre invisible Not only is he a member of the Royal Family, Lord Alex Burman (Paolo Gozlino) is also secretly the Superhero, Flashman (in a hilarious 'Superhero' suit, no less hilarious than Ben Affleck as 'Batman' however)! An invisibility serum is being used for nefarious means. Can Flashman insert himself into the plot and save the day using his headquarters in London as his base? I have a feeling Flashman will prevail. And look at the sexy Claudie Lange as Alika and all of the other sexy girls here. And why wouldn't you? Nice locations and very colorful LBX Upgrade of this title. BA

T618 Gideon and Samson (65) aka: I grandi condottieri Nice Biblical Spaghetti here with wonderfully bad sets and two tales told in a different way. You get Rosalba Neri as Delilah, and even though Hedy Lamar nailed it 20 years earlier, Neri is sleazier and for my buck the hooter....er hotter dame. Sorry for the ogling of a beauty when reviewing a movie of Bible tales.... not really sorry though. Fernando Rey is an 'Angel of the Lord". It's a spectacular hokey Bible epic. BA

1402 Girl of the Nile (69) aka: The Emerald of Artatama aka: La muchacha del Nilo A treasure hunting expedition travels deep into the Egyptian desert. When they discover a lost ancient tomb, greed begins to take over. Rory Calhoun as a hard-drinking, two-fisted conman and womanizer (quite a likable fellow actually) who is after the emerald, that is as large as a man's fist! Hijackers, loan sharks, desert bandits, clingy women and more. With Esperanza Roy and more. BA

2488 Gold of the Amazon Women (79) aka: Weiße Sklavin der grünen Hölle Adventurer Tom Jenson (Bo Svenson) is on a quest to locate the fabled lost city of El Dorado, and the treasures within. Tagging along is his trusty sidekick. They are captured by a tribe of gorgeous Amazon women led by Anita Ekberg! Men in cages forced to sexually satisfy Amazon women! Donald Pleasence is the villain, also after the gold! Helicopter attack, poison ants, snakes, crocodiles, a battle between the Amazons and blow-dart spitting natives, fistfights, smack addicted jungle women... and the lost city of course! BA

Z428 Golden Goddess of Rio Bene (64) aka: Die goldene Göttin vom Rio Beniaka:Per un pugno di diamanti An expedition is looking for a person who crash landed somewhere in the Amazon, taking a large boat down the mighty river. The searchers join up with some treasure hunters. Running into various cannibal tribes, one of the groups men falls for the blonde haired daughter of one of the chiefs. Headhunters, big-ass snakes, large waterfalls, booby traps, skulls on spears, shrunken heads, one hell of a showdown with savages, and a lost treasure filled temple. Oh, a guy is eaten by dozens of alligators too! Has the vibe of what was to come with the cannibal films 15-16 years later (you'll see). Watch for the ‘man with snake fighting another man with snake’ sequence. Ambitious. Pierre Brice and Gillian Hills star. BA

Z420 Hercules in the Valley of Woe (61) aka: Maciste contro Ercole nella valle dei guai A comic take on the sword and sandal with a time travel element. Get over it! This is hilarious. It's bad in a good way. Two wrestling promoters (they promote midget fighters!) use a time machine and find themselves trouble in the distant past. They need the help of 'Hercules' to save them from Ghengis Khan and his hordes, and also from a giant Cyclops that puts them in a cage. Mermaids, Witches, Feats of Strength, a Minotaur Man, other animal-headed guys...more. Hercules is an unknown. Kirk Morris is Maciste. With Liana Orfei and more. BA

Z429 Iguassu: The Devil's Throat (60) aka: Na Garganta do Diabo This movie was filmed in the National Parks of Iguassu in Brazil and Argentina; the location of the largest waterfalls in the world. Four deserters from the wars (Brazil and Paraguaya fighting in swamps and jungles hundreds of miles from civilization from 1864 to 1870) hide in an old drunkard's country seat. The two daughter's are reclusive and unhappy. Now there are four strange men in the house, appreciating the booze, and gawking at the women.... Conflicts and some amazing scenery and eventual confrontation with Aztec like tribes....

Q546 Il Mare (00) aka: Siworae Soapy time travel, remade as the miserably bad 'The Lake House' in 2006 in America. The sappiness here is only with a pinch of salt, the cinematography is top-notch. Letters are sent across time as one communicates from the future with someone a few years in the past and vice versa. Letters in mailboxes? May confuse millennials. LBX and English subtitles

Z426 Jungle Princess (56) aka: Prinsesa ng kagubatan This motion picture is based on fact. Historical research reveals that a Spanish expedition was sent to a small island off the coast of Mindora inhabited by a fierce and primitive tribe. Believing the island to be rich in gold the Spaniards come. This is a depiction of what is thought to have taken place. Low on dialogue, good since there are no subtitles. Just jungle action and adventure. Blow darts, a man fights a cow (a cow?), some dangerous looking action locations, alligator battle, swashbuckling showdowns... F.L.

Z427 Karamoja (55) aka: Wang, Wang Join our daring explorers as they travel deep into darkest Africa and film the wild savages that prance about in their daily activities butt naked. Willy's here. Johnson, Shaft, Dixson... and let's not forget Tally (who's also known as 'Whacker'). Lifestyles of the poor and famished. Primitives gut animals, body mutilate one another, stare at the camera with 'boy would I like to eat you' looks in their eyes, and enact pointless rituals of pain upon one another, make spears etc.... The women have long ugly saggy boobs.... this ain't no beauty pageant, ugh! A horrifying 'Mondo Kane' type. One of the first of it's kind, and tough to watch at times because it is so real! God this is offensive! A compelling must see documentary with English narration. BA

Z496 Karl Zeman: Film Adventurer (15) A look into the wonderful world of the most creative mind of the Czech Republic. The man was a genius. Hardworking and innovative, he was the Harryhausen of his field in his location. We know him of course from his adaptations of Jules Verne films, the special effects unusual and timeless. He used so many different techniques, it is almost impossible to nail them all down in this review. 'A Journey to the Beginning of Time' is just one example of his special effects work. Ask for it. In Czech language and with English subtitles.

Z397 Krakatit (48) Sounds painful, and just plain wrong. Prokop has developed a lethal explosive named 'Krakatit'. But when he falls ill. Krakatit falls into the wrong hands. Prokop falls in and out of consciousness, nightmarishly dreaming of what his creation could mean for mankind. Florence (Queen of Blood) Marly stars as a femme fatale, slithering in the shadows to kill every film noir loner in sight. This unique Czech film will take you on a journey. Florence Marly, known as the blood craving alien vampire in 'Queen of Blood' died of a heart attack at age 59 in California in 1978. This film has English subtitles.

Z470 Last Days of Gomorrah (74) aka: Die letzten Tage von Gomorrha MFTV Science Fiction from Germany! A nightmare about a society that is lost and crazed on consumption, Dead center in the madness, a woman (played by Mascha Rabben), fights against the system when her partner seems to disappear into a mysterious monstrous machine.... a machine chosen as a metaphor by the director, as a punishment, the consequences of worshipping the entertainment industry through television addiction..... Weird film with lots of prophetic wisdom put forth by the female director Helma Saanders-Brahms. With English subtitles.

Z401 Magic Serpent, The (66) aka: Kairyu daikessen Loved this as a kid, and as a fantastic fantasy film, it still stands the test of time. Ancient Japan. A Prince and a Sorcerer are engaged in battle. A head talks and flies and returns to the body, sweeping outdoor landscapes. a guy chews off his own tongue and blood comes from his mouth, flying on laser beams, a giant colorful toad monster with a big horn destroys and stomps on people (via big prop monster feet), sword fights, and finally, The Magic Serpent, an impressive Japanese monster in a throw down with fire-breathing toad monster. Simply incredible for fans of 'Majin' and 'Godzilla'. Wait! A Giant Spider is coming out of the sky! Cool. Now LBX and dubbed into English Upgrade! BA

Z419 Minotaur, the Wild Beast of Crete, The (60) aka: Teseo contro il minotauro King Mino sacrifices nubile young virgins to the Minotaur. The King has two daughters, one evil, one good (Rossana Schiaffino in a dual role). In the first 5 minutes you get the beast claiming a nice blonde, and a maiden dance with 10 or so cute women in skimpy clothing. Beautiful outdoor cinematography, excellent sets and Bava-like atmosphere in places, and a cool as hell monster created by Carlo Rambaldi (the Stan Winston of Italy). Excellent sword and sandal stab at Greek Mythology. Now LBX BA

H971 Mission Mars (68) aka: Lost in the Dark Landing on Mars, three American astronauts (Nick Adams and Darren McGavin play two of them!) discover the corpse of a frozen Russian. Okay, so they beat us to Mars. Marvel at the incredibly cheap special effects in this film. The absence of intelligence in depicting space travel and survival on Mars, the quick cook omelets from yellow pills, the cheesy flashback sequences, nice and cheap miniatures... Nick Adams even smuggles a thick pastrami sandwich on board, eating it in front of the other jealous astronauts. Why didn't I think of that? Indeed. Essential viewing and great fun. Double feature it with '2001' which was made the same year. Or maybe, don't. Nick Adams did not live to see this film released. He died of a drug overdose in Beverly Hills in February 1968 at the age of 36. BA

Z404 Morel's Invention (74) aka: L'invenzione di Morel A castaway explores the island he has found himself upon and discovers it full of strange buildings and people. But they repeat their behavior day by day and completely ignore him. He falls for a woman (who also ignores him), and eventually finds out these people really are dead, and this is nothing but a giant '3-D' movie, captured by a camera, and all invented by Dr. Morel! Our castaway thinks of inserting himself into the storyline..... With English subtitles.

Z396 Mysterious Island (41) aka: Tainstvennyy ostrov Here we have the Russian version of the classic Jules Verne story. The story is the same with five fugitives escaping during the Civil War. They start to fall, cut the basket, hold on, and crash ashore onto the Mysterious Island! They soon find the island is populated by wild animals, sometimes pirates, and they take in a muscular cave man. Enter Captain Nemo! No subtitles, so you need to know Russian if you have to know what is being said. If you are familiar with the story, you'll pretty much get the gist. F.L.

Z395 Princess Cinderella (41) aka: Cenerentola e il signor Bonaventura I know you all have wondered what happened to 'Cinderella' after she was rescued by the Prince. This oddball addition to the fantasy genre has Kings and Queens, creepy and funny fairy tale characters including a large-nosed witch, and an ogre-devil guy that throws little black bombs with 'Death' printed on them. Cinderella is played by Silvana Jachino who would much later make it into such peplum as 'Caesar and the Pirates' in 1962.

Z399 Rip Van Winkle (60) aka: Rip Van Wyk Guy gets drunk in 1859 and meets a strange supernatural man who gives him a potion and he does drink. He is transported to 1959, 100 years into the future. Befuddled, bewildered, he stumbles about in this new world in a series of 'fish out of water' scenarios. Especially interesting is the women of this new world who sport tight skirts instead of the cumbersome outfits of old. Now that's progress! Will anybody believe his tale? Would you?

H995 Rocket Attack U.S.A. (61) aka: Guided Terror The plot still resonates and applies to the world we live in today. Will the American Secret Agent be able to stop the Russians from launching a nuclear attack on America? From the paranoia of 'Sputnik' and the beginning of the race to space... this would be the resulting film from the maker of 'The Dead One' made the year before, and he followed with dozens and dozens of sexploitation classics. Better than 'First Man'! BA

H999 Sea Devils (82) aka: Los diablos del mar Based on the Jules Verne story 'The Fifteen Year Old Pirate'. A ship on the sea is attacked by a slave hunter. The six women on board are captured. Lots of at sea peril, a thrilling near fatal quicksand encounter with a woman barely being rescued in time, grisly scenes of lions eating zebras, a charging elephant, alligators, wild savages, Arabs, fire, romance... and Patty Shepard. Aldo Sambrell, Frank Brana, Gerard Tichy and more. Dubbed into English language and slightly LBX. BA

Z422 Seven From Thebes (64) aka: Sette a Tebe When the city of Thebes comes under siege from Sparta, Diomedes and his fellows rebel, even as Diomedes romances Dorida, the daughter of the traitorous governor of Thebes, who is conspiring with Sparta. When reading about this title I am fascinated that one of it's talked about points of interest is 'man in towel'. While I am glad this film is of interest, I am baffled that this could be a reason to watch the film. Battles, Fires, Torture...more! Also with the tasty Loredana Nusciak and the yummy Lena von Martens who was also in 'The Fall of the Roman Empire', and let’s not forget ’man in towel’!! BA

Z481 Sins of Lucrezia Borgia (53) aka: Lucrèce Borgia Finally with English subtitles! Lavish, lively and colorful as our ravishing beauty Lucrezia (doe-eyed Martine Carol) marries her second husband, and also takes several lovers who follow him. Scandals plague the Borgias, there are even hints at an incestuous relationship with her brother! Numerous foes are assassinated by an assortment of means, the families penchant for cruelty evident where they laugh at prisoners being tortured for entertainment and later men are hunted and killed for sport. Nice sharp color picture. Nudity from Martine Carol and later more topless women in an orgy scene! They even dump wine on a woman's breasts! For 1953, this is some explicit stuff. The locations and set designs are without equal. Castles, a midget, treacherous female.... sounds familiar. Martine Carol, a livin' doll, lived a troubled life. She tossed herself off a bridge into the Seine River in Paris in 1947. She survived. She would marry 4 times in a 16 year period. She was found dead by her fourth husband at age 46. Heart attack or intentional drug overdose? With English subtitles. BA

Z439 Slave Girls of Sheba (63) aka: Le verdi bandiere di Allah Pirates attack Christians along the Spanish Coast. Of course, slave girls are a valued commodity as well. But a shipload of sexy women can present other problems....Some of the scenes locations reminded me of the recent 'Black Sails'. Good action and some scenes looked pretty dangerous. While I suppose Jose Suarez is the star of this obscurity, I would give it to Linda Cristal as Olivia and Cristina Gaioni as Ursula. BA

Z421 Sword of the Empire (64) aka: Una spada per l'impero Rome in the Year 190 A.D. during the reign of the Emperor Commodus. Military skirmishes and Senate meetings and a plot similar in part to 'The Fall of the Roman Empire'. Mixed in our characters are Christians, Battling Barbarians, Muscles and Swords Bearing Big Men and more. At one point the men all seem to be in what looks like a 'gay bath house'. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Lots of Fire in the finale as they fight while trying to rescue women from being burned at the stake. Lang Jeffries, Jose Greci and more! BA

Z438 Typhoon Reporter (63) aka: Wind Velocity 75 Meters aka: Fûsoku nanajû-go mêtoru When a reporter is investigating a murder in Tokyo's world of construction.... the story plays out in detail and intrigue. But things are going to be out on hold! The storm hits and tears the hell out of Tokyo with nice action and destruction of miniatures. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

Z437 Woman of Evil, A (54) aka: Queen Margot aka: La reine Margot On the 18th of August, 1572, was celebrated the marriage of Henry of Navarre to Marguerite de Valois, sister of King Charles the 9th and the Duke of Anjou. The Queen Mother, Catherine de Medicis, taking advantage of the weakness of the King, continued to direct the affairs of the kingdom. She had desired this union of her daughter to a Protestant Prince, leader of the Augueuots, apparently to put an end to the murderous struggles which for twelve years had divided Catholics and Protestants. However, while spectacular ceremonies of reconciliation were taking place at the Louvre... Swashbuckler with Jeanne Moreau and her nipples nicely evident underneath her thin outfit in one scene, look quick! BA



9845 ...And Give Us Our Daily Sex (79) aka: El periscopio Bi-Sexual nurses Amiga (Laura Gemser) and Veronica (Barbara Rey) live upstairs from a couple and their sex obsessed teenage son. The wife has a lover. The boy develops a problem with his groin area (after spying on the ladies with his self-made periscope!), and they call in Amiga, who, with her nursing skills and all, sees the problem quite clearly, and she wanks the young man off right in front of his parents! That's how I spell relief! You may remember big-lipped blonde bimbo Barbara Rey from 'The Night of the Sorcerers' and 'Horror of the Zombies', Ossorio films both. BA

Z531 3 Swedish Girls in Hamburg (80) aka: Drei Schwedinnen auf der Reeperbahn Young people visit, some looking to score, others to lose their virginity (well you know, that's scoring too, but for the first time, it's different?). Lil hopes to find her crush, her geography teacher wants to conquer her however, and hopes to do just that! Let's face it, there are a number of hot women to ogle in this sexy film, including Bea Fiedler and Gina Janssen! Dubbed into English! BA

H991 Adventures of a Plumber's Mate (78) Sid South (Christopher Nell) is one horny plumber. Luckily his job offers him up situations and opportunities. But mostly, he gets himself in comic misadventures as he tries to keep ahead of the bookies. 'Ello Darlin' I'm here to service your pipes!'. Elaine Page and Liny Benson also star. + Trailer BA

H992 Adventures of a Private Eye (77) aka: Mein lieber Boss, Du bist 'ne Flasche! The main Private Eye is on vacation, and his assistant Bob West (Christopher Nell) decides to do the latest investigation his way. The opening sequence is 'laugh-out-loud' stuff. These 'Adventures' films were the direct competition to the 'Confessions...' series which mostly starred Robin Askwith. This one boasts your typical nudity with beautiful women and comic situations told with tongue firmly in cheek (cheeky?). Suzy Kendall, Diana Dors, Adrienne Posta (doing a Liza Minnelli gag), Jon Pertwee and many more. + Trailer BA

H994 Adventures of a Taxi Driver (76) aka: Les aventures érotiques d'un chauffeur de taxi Joe North (Barry Evans) is a taxi driver with a perpetual boner. At least it seems that way. Joe gets himself into all kinds of misadventures. Interestingly this film made more British box office cash than 'Taxi Driver'! Due to star Barry Evans, very popular at the time, but on the decline. He died at age 53 after drinking himself to death in 1997. Another strong cast. Judy Geeson, Diana Dors, Adrienne Posta, Anna Bergman and look for an uncredited Pete Walker as a Rolls Royce Driver! BA

T837 All the Lovin' Kinfolk (70) aka: Junge Körper - hemmungslos Two cute hillbilly cousins graduate from high school and set out to seek their fortunes in the big city and receive a sexual culture shock. Lots of soft-core sex and ample breasts. Mady Maguire, Donna Young and an unforgettable appearance from Uschi Digard as a Hooker in Black. From the director of 'Jailbait Babysitter'.

4779 Autumn Born (79) aka: Playmate Lady O. Torrid tale of a young heiress named Tara (19 year old Dorothy Stratton) who is kidnapped and locked in a room until she promises to give up her fortune. See Dorothy yell at the walls pleading for the music to stop! See Dorothy bond with a wind up toy mouse! See Dorothy look super uncomfortable as she takes a naked bath! See Dorothy in a soft-core sex scene with another woman! See Dorothy act, awfully! Sadly, Stratton never had a chance to develop her acting chops since her husband raped and murdered her when she was only 20 years old the year after this was made. BA

H972 Behind the Scenes of an Adult Movie (84) Sordid and tacky documentary on the sex film industry with sex scenes blended in and cleverly edited so you see no penetration, although you see everything else. San Francisco is the setting for the true sleaze. and loads of ahem... familiar faces are on board to discuss their chosen profession, and provide copious nudity. Auditions of desperate sexy wiggling and jiggly naked bimbos. Plenty of sex. Veronica Hart, Samantha Fox and more talk. Respectably done, but of course, this is about sex and has on set behind the scenes footage with Danielle and others!! Near Hardcore all the way through. Some glitches on this rare master from an Australian tape.

8829 Big Bet, The (85) aka: Nachhilfe in Sachen Liebe A day-dreaming dipshit named Chris, makes a bet with another asshole that if he can nail the new chick (the Reverend's Daughter!) he gets the assholes car. If Chris loses, asshole gets his car. There is also a time limit to 'score'! As we get closer and the clock ticks... it seems he will not be able to seal the deal.... Enter Michelle (Sylvia Kristel), the sexy neighbor that gives Chris some love advice! Also with knockout Kim Evenson and Monique Gabrielle as 'Fantasy Girl in Elevator'. Nudity of course! One scene has Georgina Spelvin raping another woman! BA

Q22 Big Gag, The (87) aka: Nipagesh Basivuv Sexploitation farce from Israel? Yep! Sort of. More like a 'Candid Camera' type rip-off. There are a couple of politically incorrect pranks, that would never fly today, but that's okay. Thankfully we have plenty of sexually incorrect comedy from the 80's to last a lifetime. In one bit a stacked blonde wearing a mini-skirt is walking along and drops her basket of apples. Men all around stop to help her, one guy peeking up her skirt! They even make the apples fall again so they can watch her pick them up again. The dogs! Sort of mild, could have been sleazier, bit still worth a look!

9856 Big Swap, The (98) aka: Let's Talk About Sex Five thirty-something couples who have known each other for some time, decide to swap partners in a one-time deal to spice things up. Things go good maybe... and everybody gets their rocks off, but one guy goes all mental, and the psychological effects of such an experiment may have a positive outcome for some, complete disaster for others. Nudity, some sexual situations and lots of frank talk. BA

L468 Black Fire (79) aka: Fuego negro aka: Sort Opror Move over 'Mandingo' this film manages to deliver some of the same impact on a shoestring budget! A rural southern area refuses to free the blacks when slavery is abolished. 'Tomorrow, we'll take the plantation!' The young blonde plantation owner's daughter is the only one sympathetic to their plight, and the blacks protect her while they kill all the white men. One scene they ride with a former slave master's head on a stick. Yvonne De Carlo is on hand as well. playing a non-violent lady of the plantation. Blacks are whipped, engage in voodoo native dancing, raped... people are killed.... Another film that would cause riots today. Quality not as good as usual. In English language and with foreign subtitles. BA

T494 Black Venus (83) aka: La vénus noire Late 19th century Paris. A sculptor who has lost his mojo finds a muse in the appearance of a beautiful black Venus (Bahamas born Josephine Jacqueline Jones a complete knockout!) The sculptor meets her at a party, takes her home, sculpts her, beds her.... But when she tries to get a bit of independence, he casts her out into the streets and she winds up turning tricks in a brothel, while the sculptor begins a drinking binge.... What now? Euro-soft-core with a tremendous budget!

Z440 Hang-Up, The (69) aka: Vice Cop 69 Sgt. Walsh (Tony Vorno) hates freaks and deviates of all kinds. In the opening sequence he (and his partner) are in drag, trying to catch some low-life's for some crime. But his heart is softened by the sultry prostitute named Angel (Sharon Matt). Sgt. Walsh, who wants to bust 'the faggots' finds himself in a compromising position, maybe a bit like Peter Boyle's 'Joe' . Tony Vorno has a short, but interesting resume of 17 films, and Sharon Matt, this would be her last film before she disappeared. A suitable sleazy crime film, nicely photographed. BA

Z515 High School Girl's Diary (81) aka: Jokosei nise nikki Pinku sexploitation about a pretty young woman that starts to pose for a sleazy photographer which opens up a new world of sexuality for her. Here we have a steering away of so much violence usually associated with the pinku, and a focus on horniness and sex. That being said, this is some hot stuff! LBX and with English subtitles. BA

H986 Hot Resort (85) aka: Hot Summer A resort hotel in the Caribbean seems to be the best place to get a job to maybe get close to some nice tail.... at least that is the plan put into place by these young guys. Don't complicate the plot, horny guys try to score with (hopefully) horny girls. A complete and total lack of morals (or ethics) drives them. Will the lowly pool boy get the rich, hot chick? Will the fat kid get laid? Politically incorrect stereotypes include Stephen Stucker (a gay actor that died of AIDS the following year), Bronson Pinchot, Dan Schneider, Frank Gorshin and out of nowhere Michael Craig. Funny in a lowbrow way, and who doesn't dig that? Nudity. BA

Z469 Hurrah! The Schoolgirls are Here! (75) aka: Attenti... arrivano le collegiali!aka: Die Schulmädchen kommen A private girl's school sets some of the students loose for a few days at a seaside hotel owned by one of their parents, with an understanding that they will behave and their virtues will not be compromised. Imagine, sending these young sexy and well built young ladies into the presence of strapping young men (and middle-aged men) expecting no sexual hijinks will occur! Of course they will, and they do. Plenty of nudity from gorgeous ladies here! Orchidea de Santis and many more star! LBX and with English subtitles. BA

Z516 Keep It Up Downstairs (76) aka: Purché si faccia con gusto Masters... Mistresses... Servants.... a setting usually a bit too snotty and highbrow... but not when they are all sex-obsessed aristocrats and their equally randy house helpers! I think one of the more interesting aspects of this British sexploitation is the unusual assortment of actors. Jack Wild is Peregrine Cockshute, already in a downward spiral career-wise. Diana Dors also stars (both of these actors dead early, Wild at 52 from tongue and throat cancer, Dors from ovarian cancer aged 53). Luscious Sue Longhurst, Olivia Munday, Serreta Wilson and sex queen Mary Millington as Polly (Millington of course would kill herself a few years later at age 33). LBX BA

Z472 Love on the Quiet (85) aka: L'amour en douce A man and wife break up and find other lovers, he an expensive hooker named Samantha (Emmanuelle Beart), she, a guy named Antoine. In a very French series of events, they all live together and are fine with the situation, the couple still having mutual affection for one another, but accepting the fact that each needs a different sex partner. Things seem okay until one of Samantha's former boyfriends shows up.... Beart here at age 22 is a total knockout. LBX and with English subtitles.

Z442 Moonlighting Wives (66) Setting up a stenography business, a housewife realizes the clients are more interested in the female workers she has gathered from the neighborhood than dictation. So she flips it into a prostitution group instead! Success! Joe Sarno directed this sleaze in Amityville, Long Island. Sarno was just getting started. Nice Upgrade!

Z546 Painful Bliss Final Twist (77) aka: Monzetsu!! DondengaeshiSo, a guy named Toshio picks up a whore named Midori in a titty bar.. Midori happens to have a psychotic pimp named Kawasaki, that takes a liking to Toshio. And I mean 'a liking'! 'Just pretend I'm a woman and let's see what happens!' says Kawasaki. Toshio may just become the pimps new bitch! Wickedly wild gender bender oddity from the clown prince of pinku perversion 'Tatsumi Kumashiro'! LBX and with English subtitles.

Z423 Passionate Demons, The (61) aka: Line Chalk one up for the Norwegians. A J.D. film from Norway! A young man battles with his father, and romances a very cute young blonde. Can she tame him with her passionate petting and kisses? What more could matter? Drinking, Rocking, Dancing, Boating..... Another hot little nympho has her eyes set on him. Will he cross the line? He is one aggressive lame-ass son of a bitch, as we will eventually learn. He strangles and kills the hot blonde. Is she really dead? What now? With English subtitles. BA

Z476 Playa Azul (82) aka: Black Sands - Am Anfang war die Liebe Sexy ladies seduce younger men while on holiday in Spain! Need I say more? How about Helga Line (older and still horny, she mentors the others), Juanita Brown and more star. In Spanish language only Helga Line would appear in 'Black Candles' next. Juanita Brown's last film. She was in 'Foxy Brown' and 'Caged Heat' and somehow wound up in this Spanish sleaze and was never seen again on camera! F.L.

Z480 Rosie Dixon: Night Nurse (78) Cute young Rosie Dixon (Debbie Ash) has just started her nurse's training at the hospital. But well, the patients and the rascally and randy males around the place, can't seem to keep their hands to themselves. Groping, objectification of women, political incorrectness..... you know, the good old days! Rosie finds herself sexually assaulted (always in a humorous way) constantly, but she also finds love (isn't it sweet?). This film could never be made today, but perverts chasing women were a staple of British films in the late 60's and all through the 1970's when things were a bit less serious and everything was not taken so literally. BA

J67 School Teacher, The (75) aka: L'insegnante aka: La prof donne des leçons particulières Before 'Private Lessons', here we have Edwige Fenech as a tutor to a slow-learner (played by a 20 year old guy). Fenech shows plenty of skin, and the jokes come low-brow, politically incorrect and even mean-spirited. In one of the opening scenes, boys spy on two girls who are handling their boobs, and judging them for awesomeness. The guy is so desperate to sleep with Fenech he pretends he is gay, maybe she can 'fix' him? It is only when he fakes his suicide that he finally gets lucky. LBX BA

Z523 Secrets of Love 3 and 4 (86) aka: The Secrets of Love: Three Rakish Tales Erotic tales dubbed into English language (hilariously!). Okay, P.C. freaks clear out, this picture is not for you. Come to think about it, anybody into exploitation films simply cannot be P.C. or they would probably have anxiety attacks daily! Maybe we could fix things if all the colleges in the country had mandatory showings of 'Porkys' followed by 'Hard Bodies'. Remind youth that this is their time to have fun. The Contest: Two students try to take advantage of a learned old man blessed with a beautiful wife. The Spanking: Young working girls plot to avenge herself against the Madame of the house for having her whipped bare-assed for sleeping with her lover. The Greenhouse tells the familiar story formula used frequent by Jess Franco. It is about a young servant girl named Celestine and the spirit of erotic rejuvenation that she brings into a bored, sexless, middle-aged household. The Pupil: Attends the dual seduction of an unwitting milkmaid by an aging man and his nephew.

H998 Sin of Adam and Eve, The (69) aka: El pecado de Adán y Eva Adam thinks about the 'good old days' before they listened to the devil, before Eve ate the apple.... and the tale goes all the way into the 'Sin'. Thankfully the focus is more on boobs than the bible. Eve is played by 'Kandy' simply the only film she was in as far as we know. Adam however is played by popular Mexican actor Jorge Rivero, a man with quite a few titles on his resume. Not much dialogue in this movie, mostly grunting and pointing. Very primal and rough around the edges... Adam does have many wild animal encounters in the beautiful garden of Eden... But if you want a piece of Kandy.... English language BA

Z525 Soldier with Great Maneuvers, The (78) aka: La soldatessa alle grandi manovre Doctor Eva Marini takes up a position at an army base with an unusual assignment. The study of the sexuality of the male soldier. It doesn't take long before she realizes she has bitten off more than she can chew. Blobby hooker, a transvestite, retarded men, fart jokes.... and the lovely Edwige Fenech. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

Z483 Student Report (78) aka: Lover Girls aka: Studentinnen-Report aka: Blue Sensation aka: Some Like it Sexy A villa in Athens, Greece, is the temporary home of three extremely hot and horny studying students. They are busy getting it on when the mother of one of them shows up. One fat mama let me tell you. Butt naked in bed with their lovers, they hide the men. Luckily, fat mama finds an admirer as well. You'll howl as he tries to make love to her! He resembles a horny pygmy on an elephant! 'Mama Mia!' he exclaims, as he tries to get a mouth on that colossal hooter! Hysterical low-brow fun is had by all! Softcore with plenty of nudity and dubbed into English!




Z417 Alice or the Last Escapade (77) aka: Alice ou la dernière fugue In a marital squabble, Alice ( the gratuitously tasty Sylvia Kristel looking just lovely) goes off and over a wall into a series of strange adventures.... ending up in an eerie mansion. You can check in any time you like... but can you ever leave? Maybe not. It seems Alice has stepped into some sort of 'Twilight Zone' situation. It doesn't hurt that Kristel gives us a full frontal shot either. With English subtitles. BA

8376 Alien Warrior (86) aka: King of the Streets A handsome badass alien from another dimension lands on earth to combat the 'Great Evil' ... namely, street gangs, drug dealers and corrupt cops. He falls for a woman who's life goal is to teach inner-city kids to read more. Then he manages to piss off the local drug lord. who vows to destroy him, Violent rapes, car explosions, a black guy running around in his underwear sporting an Uzi, and break dancing with an awesome Casio keyboard soundtrack. Great trash. You'll laugh until you cry. BA

H977 Almost Blue (00) There is a serial killer terrorizing the Italian town of Bologna who goes by the name 'The Iguana', due to his ability to change his identity at will. The cops are baffled, but a blind guy, obsessed with a jazz song 'Almost Blue', knows something.... This one reminds of Michael Mann's 'Manhunter' with the psychology of the three main characters. The police officer in charge of the search, the killer, and the blind guy. An interesting analysis of a killer, some plot twists, and quite violent as well. With English subtitles and LBX. BA

H974 Anemia (86) A high-ranking officer of the Italian Communist Party discovers he is a vampire and leaves his position, retreating to the abandoned residence of his deceased grandfather. There he finds the diary of his grandfather that gives him the answers he needs. Dark in atmosphere, some blood and nudity. Italian Vampire Movie with English subtitles

H975 Angel of Death: Fuck or Die (98) aka: Der Todesengel Gore and Sex collide in this one. A plethora of subplots which basically involve women either stripping or being abused, which ultimately shapes up as a battle of wills between a nude model turned lesbian assassin named Manila, and an organized crime syndicate who pimp kidnapped women. Manila is raped and left for dead, but she survives and begins her man-killing rampage! LBX and with English subtitles

Z412 Awakening of the Beast (70) aka: O Ritual dos Sádicos Four volunteers take acid to determine if the influence Coffin Joe has on them is positive or negative. Each patient displays a different result, and we get a woman stripping in the first sequence in front of the others. But what she does next sets the tone for twisted perversion. This one is pretty sick and twisted. Coffin Joe in the swinging sixties. While most of the film is in black and white, the gimmick is the LSD sequences (that get really strange) are in loud colors! Rape, Madness and more.... Daring and disturbing for it's time. With English subtitles and LBX BA

Z432 Black Veil for Lisa, A (68) aka: La morte non ha sesso Corrupt Inspector (John Mills) suspects his flame-haired beauty of a wife (Luciana Paluzzi) of cheating, and hires a handsome shady thug (Robert Hoffman) to murder her. But who is the black-gloved killer that is on the loose murdering innocents? Character driven Giallo masterpiece with a really cool twist about halfway through the movie. Paluzzi is mesmerizing. Genuinely thrilling tale here of murder and intrigue. Now LBX so Upgrade! BA

Z511 Caged (11) Sexy Stella is tired of repressing her sexual desires. Off she goes into a life of sex clubs and erotic parties, cuckolding her husband, as he is helpless to stop her. Partying and Sex. Reckless. One morning she wakes up in a cage in somebody's basement. No idea how she got there. Days pass. Another woman arrives in the cell. Is this a result of her dangerous nymphomania? What's next? Lots of nudity and sex. In Dutch language and with English subtitles. LBX BA

J64 Contos De Horror (97) aka: Horror Tales More Jose Mojica Marins (Coffin Joe). A woman who has been raped and murdered is back from the grave, reincarnated into a maid. When she enters into employment, the flowers, trees, birds and animals in the area die. In her room she worships Satan, and plans to deal death to all men. She forces one young man to rape and kill his fiancé. Rape and Murder and now with English subtitles! BA

J50 Daughters of Fire (78) aka: As Filhas Do Fogo A couple of lesbians live in a secluded house in the countryside. They become acquainted with a mysterious family friend who claims to record voices of the dead. But this raises the dead, in this case, the mother of one of them! The line between this world and the next becomes blurry... and eventually escalates into a totally nightmarish finale that echoes Mario Bava's 'Kill Baby Kill'. Much of the horror comes from the imagery, and this film is dripping with haunted atmospheres and eerie use of locations, bleeding trees, howling winds, darkened ponds and colorful vegetation. Stark beauty in a doomy setting. Now with English subtitles.

Z414 Death by Invitation (71) A woman is accused and tried as a witch by angry villagers in the opening sequence. Flash forward to the future where we meet her descendant Lise. Many of the people look the same because they are also descendants. Lise (sexy Shelby Leverington in her debut) delivers some sensuality to the proceedings. She decides to avenge her ancestor by killing the descendants of the killers. Very colorful low-budget horror. Upgrade!

L272 Death Curse, The (03) aka: Goo chak sam fong fong Bitchy malcontent Nancy travels to her ancestral home in hopes of an inheritance claim. Once there she finds she has many relatives she has never known, all there for the same reason, all birthed by different mothers, the father the only constant. Conditions of getting any money include spending evenings at a large table with her relatives, and the corpse of her father, then all hugs before bed. In the night comes ghastly sounds, and eerie apparitions are creeping about... English Subtitles and LBX

Z409 Devil's Mistress, The (65) A sexy witchy woman named Athaila, takes revenge on 4 cowboys who coldly (laughing) murdered her husband. Using her occult powers, she will deliver death.... Unusual horror with plenty of cool outdoor shots and scenes of the witchy woman roaming around acting creepy. She kills one guy and pulls out his bloody heart, holds it up as if in sacrifice, and drops the messy thing into a campfire, flanked by a hooded man in black. Satan or Death? A great double feature with 'Manos, the Hands of Fate'! BA

Z533 Donor, The (76) aka: La donneuse aka: Naked and Lustful Jean-Paul and Francoise, unable to have children, decide to go ahead with an anonymous surrogate to solve the problem. But Jean--Paul (Jean-Marie Pallardy) is obsessed with who this girl is. He finds her (Sylvia played by Willeke van Ammelrooy) and starts a torrid affair with her, cheating on his gorgeous wife (Francoise played by Beba Loncar). Seems to me they could have saved a lot of money. In any event, this will not end well for anyone. Or will it? Watch closely and you may spot a young Rutger Hauer in the bar scene. The female leads are yummy in this, take note! In English language too! BA

Z493 Exquisite Cadaver, The (69) aka: Las crueles Publisher Carlos, receives a severed hand in the mail at work. At home, his beautiful wife (Teresa Gimpera) gets a telegram which asks if he would like a forearm. She follows her husband and notices a woman in black is also trailing. The woman is Parker (Capucine), whose lesbian lover Esther (Judy Matheson) was once Carlos' mistress. and she has an axe to grind. I won't tell you the twist here, but it's pretty good. Sort of a Giallo mystery here, with a shock! From the director of 'The Blood Spattered Bride' (it would be his next film) Vicente Aranda. Capucine would jump from her eighth-story apartment Switzerland 1990 in a messy suicide, leaving behind her cats. Judy Matheson was burned at the stake in 'Twins of Evil' and also was in 'Lust for a Vampire', she says however that 'The Exquisite Cadaver' is her favorite of her films.. In Spanish and with English subtitles.

J59 Flower and Snake 5: Rope Magic (87) aka: Hana to hebi: Kyûkyoku nawa chôkyô Ramp up the sleaze on this Pinku! A sleazy guy in debt 'sells' his hot girlfriend and her step-mother to local Yakuza thugs. The gang decides to sexually torture both women in excruciating scenes that make 'I Spit on Your Grave' almost seem tame. Forced incest, vibrator/dildo torture, hot wax 'fun', rope bondage and other tortures I cannot even mention! I noticed a slight crackle on the soundtrack. Twisted sickie with inventive sadistic sexual degradation. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

Z535 Gina (75) French language Canadian 'I Spit on Your...' type with English subtitles! Stripper Gina works in a rural bar in the middle of winter. At the same time, a film crew has arrived, doing a report on the horrifying work conditions at the local textile plant. There are also some out of work snowmobilers about. They harass Gina, and then gang rape her! Gina makes a call to some mobsters who are big guys in muscle cars. The rest of the film is action with violent fights, car chases and plenty of blood! Hell Why not? Nice LBX and with English subtitles.

4194 Hell Safari (82) aka: Invaders of the Lost Gold Maybe they should have stuck with the 'Cannibal Ferox' type plot.... but this is still worth a look, and fits nicely next to Ruggero Deodato's 'Cut and Run' or 'Massacre in Dinosaur Valley'. Opens with a group of WW2 Japanese soldiers being massacred in the jungle by cannibals as they transport gold. Nice decapitations, heads on spears, and even a spike pit. Flash-forward to the future as a group enters the jungles in search of the treasure, led by an American drunk (Stuart Whitman). The movie veers off the path of the usual, and scores points for full frontal from Laura Gemser, and Glynis Barber as Whitman's much younger love interest is stunning. Also with Woody Strode and Edmund Purdom. A nice little jungle thriller. As I write this Stuart Whitman is still alive and aged 90! BA

J36 How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman (71) aka: Como Era Gostoso o Meu Francês This is a pseudo-documentary about a French mercenary who ends up as a prisoner of the Portuguese, and then is the honored guest of a cannibal tribe in the Brazilian jungles. There, he becomes part of the tribe (this plot device used in future cannibal films) and even given a hut and a wife. Then he finds out the end game celebration puts him square on the dinner table (or the dirty stench-encrusted ground as it were) because they plan to devour him in their massive ceremony. Originally banned in Brazil because of the constant nudity amongst the savages. Messy, violent, full of pathetic superstitions and bizarre customs. Here with English subtitles!

J49 Inferno Carnal (77) aka: Hellish Flesh Coffin Joe (aka: Jose Mojica Marins) tackles the familiar grounds of the 'revenge on an evil murdering adulteress’ plot. He plays a Dr. George Medeiros who has his face destroyed by his evil wife, with acid! Then she spends his money or her boy toy while he recovers... But now he is better. Uglier. But better. His wife discovers her lover is cheating in her with nasty skanks. Despondent, she ends up getting hit by a car. Back home to hubby...you won't believe the plot twists still to come! A wonderful example/clone of Euro trash, but from Brazil, so Brazilotrash! Ah, with English subtitles as well!

Z539 Intruder, The (79) aka: A Intrusa Maria Zilda Bethlum sizzles in this movie about the intrusive woman, (that's her!). She comes between two brothers who live in the Brazilian outback (pampas) and share everything. Filmed when she was at her sexiest, she gives a sensuous provocative performance as a raw, almost wild woman in a savage territory. She posed for Brazilian Playboy in 1985. LBX and with English subtitles.

J31 Invitation to Hell (82) Not the Wes Craven film. A girl is lured to a farmhouse in the pastoral outlands to become the unwitting participant in a Satanic ritual. There are several people staying at the house, and a few end up dying gory deaths or becoming possessed by a gnarly demon. On a micro-budget, and running under an hour, this is certainly one of the weirdest and most obscure British Horror films we have seen. Was this a video nasty? Maybe. BA

J47 La llamada del Sexo (77) aka: The Call of Sex A man finds a woman that reminds him of his long lost love: his step-sister with whom he initiated his sex life. But he is married and his wife wants proof of the cheating to get a… George Hilton, Veronica Miriel, Rossy Mendoza and more star. With English subtitles BA

Z517 Mansion, The (17) aka: Le manoir Students (the usual stereotypes associated with an 80's slasher film, but used in unexpected ways) arrive at an old manor house to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. But things get crazy when the story goes off the rails! 'And Then There Were None' type of plot with people getting knocked off one by one in various ways. But there is also an injection of clever humor, turning the usual slice 'n dice protocols of this 'elimination of the cast' type into 'Tucker and Dale...' territory. Tastelessly fun and gruesome! In French language and with English subtitles. BA

Z542 Midnight Ripper (86) aka: You'll Die at Midnight aka: Morirai a mezzanotte Finally a nice LBX English dubbed upgrade! This one borrows heavily for many of the best giallos! When a man's wife is brutally murdered soon after he has argued with her because she was cheating, the cops look to him for answers. She was killed in the shower. But there will be more bloody killings of beautiful women, and the mystery deepens. Excellent stalking scenes of fear, music by Simonetti, direction by Lamberto Bava, red herrings.... this one's got it all. Always welcome in my DVD player. The gory giallo! BA

Z518 Milka: A Film About Taboos (80) aka: Milka: Elokuva tabuista Young Milka lives in a small Finnish Lapland community. She's 14. innocent but a bit too needy, and prays to God for direction, her father is dead and she misses him. With her mother, the fields provide their income as they make hay. Hiring a farmhand, the guy courts both mother and daughter in a perverse dysfunctional situation, He splits, and now young Milka is with child. Mika is too young to deal....now the Priest wants to see her.... The stark countryside backdrops can't help but be haunting in all of their isolated looking glory. In Finnish and with English subtitles. BA

Z473 Night Eats the World, The (18) aka: La nuit a dévoré le monde Paris: A man goes to a party at his ex-girlfriend's building apartment to gather some of his belongings and falls asleep in her office. He awakens to a zombie apocalypse. He decides to try to wait it out and locks himself down in the apartment, about 6 or 7 stories up. Weeks later, still no hope. Fast zombies that react to sound, vicious and deadly... And another twist is coming! Robinson Crusoe in a zombie-apocalypse world. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

H973 Night of the Askari, The (76) aka: Albino aka: Con la bava alla bocca Set in Africa. An albino rebel bastard and his acolytes rape and murder the fiancé of a man who has recently retired from the police force. He believes there is no rest for the souls of the murdered until they are avenged. So with a group they set out to kill Albino and his gang. Christopher Lee is the Police Chief determined to prevent any vigilantism. The rebels are depicted as bloodthirsty thugs, haters of the white man. Now Lee's character, in the name of law and order must track down the killers and the avengers.... Also with Sybil Danning. She would reunite with Lee a few years later for the great 'Howling 2'. BA

J30 Night Ripper! (86) In 'Night Ripper', a mad killer slays young glamour models, stabbing them to death and mutilating their bodies like 'Jack the Ripper' would have done. Red herrings and whodunit as the murders continue.... The killings are cheap and bloody. Is the man hating lesbian the killer? The scummy photographer? Nice location for the finale in a mannequin factory adds a creepy atmosphere. Another obscure SOV from the 80's! BA

J35 Nocturnos (08) aka: Night People Three stories that happen any night in Buenos Aires and have in common a strange coincidence.attends the farewell party of one of his coworkers looking for a meeting with Laura., an exchange student from San Juan, arrives at the house of Nuria and Alberto, a strange couple who lives on the outskirts of the city.Ramones, a gang of criminals, goes to a factory to perform a job commissioned by a commissioner…. Argentinean Horror and with English subtitles.

Z497 Normande (75) aka: La tête de Normande St-Onge Normande (Carole Laure) lives in a crazy atmosphere of dysfunction. Too many people and hangers-on in her family, all with unreasonable demands and expectations from Normande. Normande didn't sign on for this deal, and she begins to withdraw into a permanent fantasy world to cope with the harsh realities of her life. What could go wrong? In French and with English subtitles. BA

Z519 Nothing Underneath (85) aka: Sotto il vestito niente A serial killer stalks Milan, Italy, using scissors to slash and kill top models. Enter a park ranger from Wyoming, America (Tom Schanley as Bob Crane) who has arrived to keep an eye on his young pretty sister who is a model, he is her twin, they have a connection, he knows something is wrong. Too late. She has already gone missing. He dives into her world to investigate. But the killer may just be on to him. He gets help from soon-to-be-retired cop Danesi (Donald Pleasence). Stylishly filmed with good murder scenes and beautiful women. We know by now that serial killers love to kill fashion models after all of these films. Now in an excellent LBX version and in English language!

J48 O Torturador (81) aka: Todesschwadron ohne Gnade Zionists hire a hit man ( sunglasses, mustached Bronson-like tough guy) to kill a war criminal Nazi who has been exiled in a Latin American country for decades, where he us under the protection of the local dictator. Bloody torture and violence as our hero casually carries around his machine gun wherever he goes, casually putting it down on the table in a restaurant as he slow dances with a hot blonde (Marta Anderson, last seen on film sinking in quicksand in 'Massacre in Dinosaur Valley'). O Tortuador will capture and gorily torture more men. One guy gets his head guillotined and it makes a special delivery later! With English subtitles.

Z498 Open Season (74) aka: Jaktoffer aka: Le mele marce Uncomfortable film about three Viet Nam veterans (played by Peter Fonda, Richard Lynch and John Phillip Law) who capture a man and a woman (played by Cornelia Sharpe and Alberto de Mendoza) and take them to their remote cabin for hunting purposes. They have been doing this for awhile apparently. In the meantime a vengeful father (William Holden) of one of their victims' is on the hunt as well! If you enjoyed 'Wolf Lake' with Rod Steiger, you'll love this! Lynch is excellent. A grim end for everybody involved... almost. Also with Helga Line. Memorable for it's disturbing imprint. Uncut and LBX and no subtitles of any kind on the screen! BA

Z499 Polish Killer (95) aka: Polska smierc Is the young student suspected of homicides guilty? In Polish and with English subtitles.

Z500 Pool Without Water (82) aka: Mizu no nai puuru Based on actual events in Japan. A man on the edge, living a mundane life, saves a woman from a gang rape. This doesn't help his prospects with the ladies. He has none. So he chloroforms the rooms of pretty girls so they pass out and he can sneak in and rape them anonymously. Somewhere Bill Cosby is saying 'Why didn't I think of that?'. The man is a total creep and this is a pretty disturbing flick with plenty of nudity. LBX and with English subtitles and Upgrade! BA

Z479 Roberto Succo (01) Confused cops investigate a series of crimes which involve disappearances and a murder. They are looking for a madman. He operates under alias identities, but his real name is Succo, a psychiatric patient and a killer of his parents. Extreme and horrifying bloody violence in this 'true' story, Downbeat, troubling, disturbing. He is a killer, a kidnapper, a thief.... and women fall under his spell almost instantly. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

Z513 Ruff Sex (90) aka: Horse Woman Dog Interactions between three social outcasts who live near the seaside. A necrophiliac, a woman who killed her sister, and a woman with amnesia. A trio of sickos. You can tell by the title this film goes places that will make you glad that their is optical censoring at hand to shield you from the perversity of what plays out here. One of the women captures another girl and forces her to be raped by animals! In Japanese language with optical censoring of naughty parts and with English subtitles! BA

Z415 Satan Returns (96) aka: 666: Mo gui fu huo A supernatural satanic serial killer (named 'Judas'!) is set to prove to the female police psychologist investigating him that he is indeed the 'Antichrist'. Judas is Satan's disciple. Judas kills women born on the 6th of June 1969. 666: The Number of the Beast! The psychologist was born on the 6th of June. Kung Fu, Sex, Gunfights.... some call it 'Seven' meets 'Silence of the Lambs'. Nice LBX upgrade and with English subtitles. BA

J16 Scorched Heat (87) aka: Thriller The ghost of a teacher accidently murdered by two kids comes back to haunt them as adults... They start having hallucinations and turn on each other with all sorts of madness... One cool scene is when a live rat emerges from the top of the zombies head! English language (although somewhat broken) horror from Sweden that also has foreign subtitles. BA

Z548 Sex Jack (70) aka: Seizoku Student radicals repeatedly have sex with the woman in their group and have vague political discussions with some of the usual themes of the director Wakamatsu, sex , blood and cynicism. Gloomy with industrial urban locations and hopelessness mixed with revolutionary fantasies with no clear direction on how to take the struggle forward. LBX and with English subtitles BA

Z524 Sister of Mine (17) aka: Demonios tus ojos A young film director who lives in L.A. is shocked to find his younger sister on an erotic website in explicit situations, From there on their relationship takes an unethical turn as he manipulates and becomes dangerous and abusive towards her. Unscrupulous, he gets the emotional upper hand to invade other people's privacy and drag his victims over to the dark side. The sister is played by the little girl in 'Pan's Labyrinth' Ivana Baquero, now a grown woman of course, with a haunting and beautiful quality and lately the star of 'The Shannara Chronicles'. In Spanish and with English subtitles. BA

Z505 Special Killers (73) aka: La ragazza di Via Condotti Granite jawed Frederick Stafford plays a police detective investigating the strangling of his wife. We see her get it in the opening, strangled to death by her lover as he climaxes. A photograph is left behind as the only clue, besides her corpse. His friend Tiffany (Claude Jade) blows up the photograph for him, leading them to Laura (Femi Benussi). Also with Patty Shepard, albeit briefly. Dubbed into English and with foreign subtitles. BA

Z506 Superstition (01) aka: Superstition - Spiel mit dem Feuer This movie is based on a true story: In 1979 a British au-pair girl was working for an Italian family on the island of Elba and accused of fire starting and witchcraft after a few fatal accidents and a house gone up in flames. The family insisted to the judge that their babysitter had claimed to have 'supernatural' powers. Here this is played out in a psycho-drama of sorts, and has some creepy moments. Downbeat and dismal. A perfect film for a gloomy afternoon. Some great performances from Alice Krige, Charlotte Rampling, Mark Strong and Sienna Guillory. LBX BA

J63 Tigress (69) aka: La tigresa Puerto Rican Ghetto Trash classic! A young, innocent and beautiful girl is abused and bullied by those around her. Slut shamed at the local swimming pool, terrorized at the high school, and now her father has died while defending her from being raped. She inherits a load of cash, and instead of moving from this ghetto-hell, she transforms herself into a blonde bombshell 'La Tigresa', and begins to take violent revenge! Nudity and Violence. Now with English subtitles! BA

Z528 Under the Rose (17) aka: Bajo la Rosa A disturbing film experience. A girl named Sara disappears. The family receives a letter from someone who claims they have her. His goal is to destroy the family with psychological games. Revenge? 'Under the Rose' begins and ends in a disturbing manner. Sexually motivated torture porn? With moments of tension and terror this is a thriller that will leave you breathless. A scream of horror with the twist, and a grisly fate that will have every man clutching for his...LBX and with English subtitles. BA

Z416 Voodoo Black Exorcist (74) aka: Vudú sangriento aka: La vengeance du zombie A man (Aldo Sambrell, prolific character actor in a leading role!) is mummified for his sins and buried away, only to be resurrected in the future on a cruise liner that just happens to have the latest incarnation of his lost love aboard. He begins to eliminate 'enemy descendant' passengers by whopping off their heads with a machete, in yet another twist of happenstance absurdity. The movie is incredible, and splendid in this new colorful LBX transfer, a big improvement from the pan and scan atrocity previously available. Gruesome decapitations, transformations, eerie color-blotched flash-back sequences..... Mix Naschy with Ossorio.... throw in 'Horror Express' and viola! Spanish Trash Gold! From the director of 'Swamp of the Ravens' made the same year. Also with Eva Leon and Fernando Sancho (of course!). LBX BA

Z443 Wicked Caresses of Satan, The (76) aka: Devil Kiss aka: La perversa caricia de Satán Gothic Spanish Horror! Throw in everything but the kitchen sink here! Mad Scientist, a Castle, Goofy Hot Chicks Dancing in Mod Outfits, Mouth-Watering Nudity and Sex, a Bald Monster, a Sexually Frustrated Dwarf, a Séance, Satanism and Witchcraft...... The Baron's Busty Maid is Strangled and later Brought Back From the Dead! Opening title says 'Devil Kiss'. Very Colorful Upgrade with Silvia Solar. Maria Silva (straight off the set of 'The Mummy's Revenge'), Evelyne Scott and more. BA

Z487 Wife's Sexual Fantasy Before Husband's Eyes (80) aka: Tsuma-tachi no seitaiken: Otto no me no maede, ima.. A woman is raped while her husband is at work. He comes home and she tells him. Later they realize this turns them on! They arrange for a dozen or more young men to rape her. 'Husband look at me! Do you like to see me get raped?' she squeals with sweaty delight. By films end they are looking for more young men so they can go through this again and again. A very perverse Japanese pinku now upgraded in all of it's sleazy hard-soft-core glory. LBX and with English subtitles.

Z529 Yellow Fever: The Rise and Fall of the Giallo (16) If you consider yourself a fan of these types of films, this is a must. Current interviews with Dario Argento, Luigi Cozzi and more. Snips and clips cool posters, why so influential of the slasher movement of the 1980's and more. Informative, Entertaining, An historical necessity for lovers of Italian Giallo Cinema! LBX and with English subtitles.

Z489 Zombio 2 (13) aka: Zombio 2: Chimarrão Zombies Zombie Gut-Muncher from Brazil! Gooey slimy disgusting fun in this zombie survival that also boasts plenty of hot girls and nudity! Loads of old school practical special effects and various colorful zombies in elaborate and cool make-up, clearly a homage to the mighty Lucio Fulci and George Romero. It's like going home in a way, watching this. Zombie fans take note! LBX and with English subtitles. BA



Q969 El Lago de las Virgenes (81) aka: Lake of Virgins A young man and his drunken grandfather go to an island seeking treasure and encounter three ethereal, nubile, siren-like girls who lives in a cave loaded with gold and treasure. The young man is obsessed, and to counter this, his grandfather takes him to a brothel when they return home. But the obsession is still there (he spills the beans), and he returns to the island, getting to score with one of the wild beauties. Bea Felder provides a nice soft-core sex sequence. Later the prostitute and a mercenary arrive on the island, looking for the gold. Really obscure Franco here. Quality not as sharp as usual for this excellent and obscure film. F.L. and slightly LBX BA

H978 Mansion of the Living Dead (82) aka: La mansión de los muertos vivientes Lina Romay stars as just one of the waitress's vacationing on the Canary Islands as Jess Franco takes a stab at a Ossorio 'Blind Dead' type of film. .The local monastery has some monks who won't stay dead. Sex and violence and a worthy addition to the series, even though unofficial. Great, atmospheric locations that stand the test of time for the genre and great beach shots, filmed around the same time as 'Macumba Sexual' and the same areas apparently. Monastery of the Horny Dead? Maybe. Also with English subtitles and LBX. BA

Q298 Mi Conejo es el mejor (82) Lina Romay on loan for this trash, not directed by Jess Franco, but by Ricardo Palacios the deceased prolific actor! Lina in a school uniform, gets her bare bottom whipped in the opening, by a lustful female matron, after being caught in a lesbian encounter in a secluded area between buildings. She escapes, suitcase in hand and heads for the city, getting a job almost immediately in a rich house. She masturbates, and spies on her new employers as they have sex, which drives her crazy with lust. She enjoys it when her new boss uses chains and whips and takes her on the floor, HARD! Obviously a very explicit soft-core for Romay here, and a real showcase for her still in good shape body. Later a decadent orgy ensures. Lina gets her heart broke in the surprise ending. F.L. only, but easy to follow, it is very clear what motivates these characters. Slightly LBX.



N46 Alamut Ambush, The (86) Another obscure espionage thriller, this time with Terence Stamp as a former Oxford Professor who turns into an intelligence agent.

J21 Both Sides of the Law (53) aka: Street Corner Pseudo-documentary styled story-telling with an emphasis on three women police in three different story lines dealing with varying situations. Torn from the records of women who fight crime! Peggy Cummings, Anne Crawford, Rosamund John, Terence Morgan and more star. BA

J14 Butley (74) aka: Simon Gray's Butley English Professor Butley (Alan Bates) finds his world crumbling around him, and uses words, twirling them around, tossing them at his enemies with a high-pitched pretentious cackle, using words as an evasive tool of choice. Alan Bates gets to act… act… and overact here. The dialogue is sharp and pointed. Darkly comic. Also with Jessica Tandy and Georgina Hale. BA

Z467 Faces in the Dark (60) A thriller in the same mold as some of the Hammer films of the time. A man (John Gregson) goes blind after an accident, and he and his wife (Mai Zetterling) retreat to their secluded country home. There at the house his wife seems to care, but also becomes increasingly frustrated by his blindness. He is convinced that things are not quite right. His brother (John Ireland) is also around... A shocker psychological thriller. LBX

J24 Golden Salamander (50) Archaeologist David Redfern (Trevor Howard) travels to North Africa to retrieve shipwrecked treasures that includes a golden salamander. There he stumbles across a network of gun smugglers and hooks up with the exotic Ann (an 18 year old Anouk Aimee) in a seedy, atmospheric cafe. Herbert Lom is excellent as the evil henchman Ranki. Crime, Romance and Noir in a Foreign land. BA

J6 House of Secrets (56) aka: Triple Deception A man (Michael Craig) is mistakenly taken for a known smuggler and is persuaded to go under-cover to infiltrate a counterfeiting organization. He falls for the local cabaret singer amidst the chaos of betrayals and double... make that triple crosses. Good fight scenes in this one, with Craig resembling an almost prototype version of the still to come James Bond. With the ice cold Anton Diffring and the ill-fated Barbara Bates. Look for an 18 year old Yvonne Roman in an uncredited appearance. Also with Geoffrey Keen (who was so good in 'Taste the Blood of Dracula', and later of course James Bond films). As I write this Michael Craig is still kicking at age 90! Barbara Bates killed herself with carbon monoxide in her mother's garage in Denver, Colorado in 1969, the town of her birth. She was 43. BA

J29 I'll Get You (52) aka: Escape Route When nuclear scientists are kidnapped and smuggled behind the Iron Curtain, an F.B.I. man and a British agent are given the assignment to locate the men and take out the kidnappers. Easier said than done. George Raft, Sally Gray and more star. BA

J9 Late Edwina Black, The (51) aka: The Obsessed In Victorian England, Edwina Black is dead, and her autopsy says she was poisoned with arsenic. Her widower and his secretary are planning a long holiday, Or are they? A jumble of emotions turn new lovers into suspicious paranoids while an inspector watches from the shadows, looking for a crack in the case. More potential suspects turn up, or are they all just red herrings? The housekeeper is a nasty old soul.... and is Edwina's ghost creeping about? Murder mystery old dark house spooker that will keep you guessing until the end.

H989 Living Dead, The (34) aka: The Scotland Yard Mystery aka: The Case of the Missing Coffins Another forensic doctor/mad scientist running an insurance scam with a twist. He devises a formula that puts people into a zombie-like state. He calls it 'The Internet'! Not really, but same effect. His intentions are to make them look dead, collect the insurance, and then resurrect them. An Inspector is on the case. Disappearing bodies, graveyard scenes and the occasional secret door just some of the 'horror' touches. BA

J27 Mantrap (53) aka: Man in Hiding aka: Woman in Hiding British whodunit mystery-crime film-Noir about a wrongly convicted murderer who escapes prison to find the real killer. Paul Henreid, Lois Maxwell, Kieron Moore, Hugh Sinclair and Lloyd Lamble BA

J4 Meet Simon Cherry (49) Rare Hammer! When the reclusive invalid daughter of Lady Harling is found dead, a young lady is accused of murdering her. Vicar Simon Cherry (Hugh Moxey) takes a break from his parish work to visit his sister when his car breaks down in the middle of nowhere near a country house. One of the daughters (an heiress) of the house dies and Simon Cherry must sort it out. Zena Marshall and more star.

J22 Passing Stranger, The (54) Jill, the innocent pretty owner of a greasy spoon cafe (Diane Cilento) is unwittingly drawn in to an underworld of crime by a handsome stranger (Lee Patterson) who is also a U.S. military deserter. Pretty Cilento was Sean Connery's first wife.

J26 Pastor Hall (40) Based on a a true story. A pastor is sent to a concentration camp because he opposes the Nazis in a small German village in the 1930's. Storm troopers invade the small town, and begin to enforce 'The New Order' to the citizens. Some join easily, while others just try to get along. Pastor Hall however, takes his misgivings to the pulpit. A bold political statement from Britain and surprisingly ahead of its time. BA

J2 Reach for Glory (62) WWII: London. Thousands of children have been evacuated by their families during the Blitz. This film is about some of these evacuees. They were neither delinquent nor problem children. Just boys who wanted desperately to be part of the war they were too young to fight. Things go off the rails in so many ways.... A nice companion to 'Lord of the Flies'. The ending will tie your stomach in knots. A powerful film about the war and how it affected this group of individuals in a negative way.

J11 Root of all Evil, The (47) A jilted woman named Jeckie (Phyllis Calvert), dumped by her fiancé for being poor (his father did not approve) sets about improving her financial situation, and in the by and by, destroying her ex-boyfriend and his uppity family by any means possible. An interesting and complex story of a woman driven to succeed. With Michael Rennie and John McCallum.

Z504 SOS Pacific (59) aka: Dicke Luft und heiße Liebe A boat-plane with a motley collection of passengers aboard is forced to crash land into the sea near a remote island. Once on the island a grim realization! It is an atomic bomb test site! They have 5 hours before KA-BOOM! As far as suspense thrillers from this era go, it's hard to beat! Eddie Constantine, Eva Bartok, Pier Angeli and Richard Attenborough are all excellent. One guy is eaten by sharks. BA

J12 Twist of Sand, A (68) A former British Naval Officer now makes his living by smuggling goods around the Mediterranean. After mishaps he takes a role in smuggling diamonds out of South Africa. He assisted by Julie (Honor Blackman) the diamond prospectors wife. Together they must navigate the dangerous waters off the skeleton coast, and later try to survive in the harsh hostile Kalahari. A crackerjack adventure film. Richard Johnson, Jeremy Kemp, Peter Vaughan and more star. Directed by Don Chaffey, director of a few notable Hammer films. BA

Z398 What a Whopper (61) To get money quick to avoid an eviction, a trip to Loch Ness is in order, to fake a 'Nessie' sighting. Hilarious and politically incorrect nonsense, jabbing great fun out of drinking and driving and sexual harassment. At one point,. genuine BBC journalist at the time Fyffe Robertson, tries to film a report on the monster. The 'Nessie' prop is hysterical. But when the real 'Nessie' shows up, it's even funnier. Sidney James, Spike Milligan and cute blonde Carole Lesley star. Lesley, is 26 here. She was a nude model and a pin-up girl before her movie career. She killed herself with pills at age 38 in 1974. BA

J3 What the Butler Saw (50) Rare Hammer! An Earl returning from an island assignment with his butler, finds amongst the crates and luggage a stowaway. The island princess daughter (Mercy Haystead) of a tribal king that has fallen in love with his butler! Now they have 'savage' in the aristocracy. Comic shenanigans ensue. This is a Hammer Production. Anthony Hinds produced, and Jimmy Sangster was assistant director.



2766 Beasts (83) A killer grizzly bear is on the loose in the Canadian Rockies. In the opening he attacks and kills a few hunters camping in the snow. Points go to the actors that wrestle the huge bear. Sorry, you wouldn't see me doing that! The lead guy (Thomas Babson) looks like a cross between Stephen King and Christopher Reeves Clark Kent, glasses and all. Kathy Christopher (from 'Snowbeast') snowbound again, packing a .44 magnum, holds up well, even while being leered at and groped by a couple of ex-cons, who are after the bounty offered for the grizzly's hide. The bear pretty much saves her from a sexual assault. Filmed outdoors and snowbound, and with a real, huge Grizzly, this is the oddest in the limited pantheon of killer bears flicks, and definitely worth a look. Spectacular! BA

Z407 Black Cat Mansion (58) aka: Bôrei kaibyô yashiki The misdeeds of a former generation come back on their descendants. In this case, a wronged servant returns to haunt the descendants of her master in the same mansion where she suffered. The current situation is filmed in black and white, the past is filmed in color. Yet another cool atmospheric Japanese horror film. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

Z418 Casting the Runes (79) Yes, another adaptation of the eerie tale, told so well in the Dana Andrews starring film 'Curse of the Demon. I simply cannot get enough of the tale of a man who incurs a magician's wrath after mocking him. Change the circumstances from version to version but the 'slight' is still the same. Don't piss off a master of the black arts. When the demon starts stalking your ass, you'll get religion real quick. This version is a welcome addition.

H990 Donner Pass: The Road to Survival (78) aka: El paso Donner Settlers facing insurmountable odds struggle to reach California in 1846. Reaching the High Sierras, they get stranded in the snow in the middle of the pass. Death from freezing/starvation is inevitable. But only the strong survive. And only the ones who can develop a taste for human flesh, although this is pretty tame in that area, it is MFTV. This really did happen, and their are various versions of this story made into film. Of course this is a dramatization. A guy also fights a large bear. This particular version stars Andrew Prine (who also fought a bear, though a couple years earlier, and lost), Michael Callan, Robert Fuller, Diane McBain, Royal Dano, Whit Bissell, Cindy Eilbacher and more. BA

Z436 Ghost Story of Oiwa's Spirit, The (61) aka: Kaidan Oiwa no borei Tamiya is searching for his runaway wife 'Oiwa'. His father-in-law has had to whore out his other daughter. Tamiya makes a deal with another guy. The father-in-law must die. But when they get the women, even more problems arise. Tamiya's wife Oiwa is disfigured and poisoned by Tamiya so he can marry her sister. His now dead wife returns from the grave, and causes Tamiya to accidentally decapitate his new bride on his wedding night...... With the Shogun Assassin himself Tomisaburo Wakayama as Tamiya! LBX and with English subtitles.

J13 Great Houdini, The (76) Harry Houdini (Paul Michael Glaser), the world's greatest escape artist, begins a friendship with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Peter Cushing), and enters into the world of the occult, promising his wife Bess (Sally Struthers), that if possible, he will contact her from the beyond when he dies. Peter Cushing in a movie that also stars Adrienne Barbeau, Bill Bixby, Nina Foch, Ruth Gordon and many more? Yes. Pete would be in 'Star Wars' the following year, but also a better film than 'Star Wars' called 'Shock Waves' the same year.

J25 Haunting Harmony (93) Strange little supernatural film out of Canada, with English participation. A young choir boy runs across a ghost in the cathedral where he attends. Nice locations filmed in England.

Z474 Pattern of Roses, A (83) Spooky and romantic Gothic Ghost story. Tim and Rebecca investigate the story of a boy named Tom who died mysteriously in Tim's parents' cottage in 1910. Tim realizes some parallels to his and Tom's experiences, which brings past and present together in a thrilling climax. Look for Helena Bonham Carter in a small role as 'Netty' (in the past) in this, her film debut.

H982 Return to Boggy Creek (77) aka: Regreso a Boggy Creek Three children follow Bigfoot hunters into the Boggy Creek. Meanwhile, the weather predicts a hurricane. Nothing to do with the original, and quite mild. But there is some dark and swampy suspense, Bigfoot does show up.... Dawn (Mary Ann) tries, Dana Plato (at age 13) annoys, and you will be wondering just what the hell you just watched! BA

H981 Revenge for a Rape (76) A man (Mike Conners) takes it upon himself to track and kill the three burly mountain men who raped his wife (Tracy Brooks Swope) after he temporarily leaves her alone during a camping trip. Problem is, he kills the wrong men! Innocent guys! His wife has gone mad, and recognizes all men as her rapist, so she has identified the wrong men, and our hero, in a fit of rage, kills them. Sheriff Paley (Robert Reed) is on the case. Also with Deanna Lund and more. One of the better MFTV films of 1976.

Z521 Scarlet Camellia, The (64) aka: Goben no tsubaki Bodies are turning up, each adorned with a scarlet camellia. The authorities are desperate to solve the case and catch the killer. A spell-binding psychological thriller, a dark epic odyssey of revenge set in the 19th century Japan. Stylishly crafted with outstanding performances, sumptuous detail and epic scope. A Japanese Edgar Wallace type? You decide. In Japanese language and with English subtitles. BA

H983 She Waits (72) Patty Duke plays Laura Wilson. She goes with her husband Mark (David McCallum) to his childhood home, where his first wife died. His mother tells her that the woman never left, and is waiting for her husband to return. How? Well by possessing Patty Duke presumably..... Some chills and thrills in this soft spoken dark MFTV horror, as Duke, now possessed, reveals that she was an adulteress, and was murdered. But by who? Also with Dorothy McGuire and Lew Ayres.

Z223 Strange Encounter (58) aka: Estranho Encontro A man, driving at night, finds a distraught woman on the side of the road and takes her to his large estate to collect her senses. But who was after her? Why is she so melancholy? Her very angry and needy one-legged husband perhaps? Of course, the woman falls for the man with the large estate. This is one strange encounter. With English subtitles

Z411 Suicide Club, The (70) Yet another version of the classic Robert Louis Stevenson short story. A Bohemian Prince (Alan Dobie) discovers a secret club he just may want to be a part of. Men play a card game of death. If you end up with the Ace of Spades, you Die! If you end up with the Ace of Clubs, then you must kill the guy who has the Ace of Spades. Will they play to shut it down.... or will the game shut them down? Hildegard Neil stuns as the woman in black.

Z413 Sweeney Todd (70) Freddie Jones is 'Sweeney Todd', the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Very British and an almost Hammer-like approach to psychological horror. He has a trap door under the barber seat that he hits to drop his victim's into the lair below. Yet another full length 'Mystery and Imagination'. `

Z408 Trauma (62) aka: Appuntamento col cadavere Teenager Emmaline (Lorrie Richards) discovered the drowned body of her aunt when she was younger. Now she has returned to the family mansion. She saw the killing so long ago. Blocked it out. Trauma. But memories are tricky things, and have a way of returning to one's consciousness, revealing the truth her mind had buried.... Really good Gothic thriller, scary, sharp, ably paced with grit and gusto and some surprises. Also with John Conte and Lynn Bari. BA

H984 Witches' Brew (80) A remake of the Lon Chaney film 'Weird Woman' (which was actually the first 'Burn Witch Burn' from the Fritz Leiber story "Conjure Wife' ), this time as a sort of horror spoof. Three women use witchcraft to help advance their husbands careers. Lana Turner's last actual movie. Also stars Terri Garr and Kathryn Leigh Scott of 'Dark Shadows' fame. Look for Angus Scrimm in a bit part and special monster effects 'Lucifer Demon Monster' by the late great David Allen.



P158 1941 Hong Kong on Fire (94) aka: Xiang Gang lun xian Here we see the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong. The film is blatant in depicting the atrocities committed savagely against the Chinese. In fact, almost the full focus of the film is on the brutalization (including rape) of the Chinese. Here's something you rarely see, the Japanese being called out by Hong Kong for the war crimes of the past. Even though this is dark and vicious, they manage to insert some awkward comic relief into the film. LBX and with English subtitles BA

T747/K174 Ambush Murders, The (82) Ray, an African American political activist (Dorian Harewood) is accused of murdering two policemen, both white. Now his white lawyer is here to defend him (James Brolin), but can he be trusted from Ray's point of view? Ray is innocent after all... or is he? Seeing as how this ambush and kill cops thing is so current, it's really nothing new, but no less reprehensible. To kill those who would save or protect your family if they were called to do so is inexcusable. Also with Amy Madigan and Alfre Woodard, both in one of their first movies!

3368 Amin: The Rise and Fall (81) aka: Triunfo y caída de Idi Amin The ultimate chronicle of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin (played here with reckless abandon by Joseph Olita) detailing his evil rule from 1971 to his overthrow in 1979. Filmed in Kenya. Disturbing and unpleasant viewing, but the story must be remembered. Idi Amin was responsible for the murder of over 350,000 people, maybe more, some say 500,000!. Olita would play Amin again in 1991, making Amin his first and last role. Idi Amin was given full political asylum in Saudi Arabia, escaping with millions of dollars he stole from those he killed. He lived rich and powerful until his death in 2003 at age 80. I guess if you are a monster and a murderer but have millions, Saudi Arabia takes you in… BA

Z510 Big Bluff, The (57) aka: Le grand bluff Conman Eddie Morgan (Eddie Constantine) is promoting an oil well. A phony oil well to be precise. But wait! The oil well turns out to be the real deal! Eddie gets caught up in the defense of the, you know, and winds up in some scuffles with some unsavory characters. Laughs and action combine with Dominique Wilms and more. BA

Z466 Booted Babe, Busted Boss (68) aka: Golden Eyes aka: Hyappatsu hyakuchu: Ogon on me aka: Krijumcari zlata A Japanese 'James Bond' inspired film! In the opening sequence, a guy runs as a helicopter dangling a large metal hook chases him. Of course he gets impaled by the hook! Our hero is an assassin/Interpol agent after a Golden Coin of considerable value. We get some hot dames,. dancing, elaborate and colorful action sequences, and the villains, a German guy and a handful of Arab types. Nice addition to the spy-action genre! LBX and with English subtitles.

Z455 Breathing Fire (91) aka: Bloodbrother - The Fighter, the Winner Viet Nam veteran Michael gets caught up in a life of crime, dragging his martial arts sons into the life. Jerry Trimble, the King of the Kick boxers, gets his ass kicked by the kid from 'The Goonies' (Jonathan Ke Quan)! Bolo Yeung is 'Thunder'! Everybody makes fun of this one. I loved it. Who else kick-fights their way through a bank heist? Violent fun with plenty of incredible stunts. BA

Z453 Bruce Lee: The Man, the Myth (76) aka: Li Xiao Long zhuan qi More Brucesploitaion with Bruce Li! Dramatization of a young Bruce Lee learning his craft as he goes from Hong Kong to studying at the University of Washington in Seattle, to California, and the beginnings of his Hollywood career. Back to Hong Kong and many fight challenges from Thailand to Italy. A chronologically correct interpretation of his rise and fall. BA

Z490 Canicule (84) aka: Dog Day aka: Día de perros A fugitive with a load of dough (Lee Marvin as Jimmy Cobb) is tracked by dozens of police in the French countryside. and is taken in by a dysfunctional farm family with some disturbing ideas of their own. The father is a violent and brutal pervert, his ten year old son, possibly on the same path. The father's sister is a nymphomaniac. There are wonderfully tasteless moments as well. The clubbing of a few Swedish and topless blondes, the suicide of the grandmother, the spending spree of the ten year old kid in a cathouse.... Sordid, Dirty and Violent. Lee Marvin looks tired (he was starting to fall apart at the time) but manages to provide his usual look of bewilderment throughout. What a cool ending as well. This is the French language LBX version with English subtitles! BA

L699 Chase, The (71) aka: The Shanghai Killers aka: Zhui ji A swordsman seeks revenge for the killers of his father, knowing that the Golden Gate Sect is responsible. He kills a few from a rival gang, to get the clans fighting in confusion, as he continues his mission, using his much sought after 'Blood Sword' which claims many lives here with numerous sword battles! This version has English subtitles. BA

Q888 Cherry Blossom Fire Gang, The (72) aka: Junko intai kinen eiga: Kantô hizakura ikka The Ni Family is the most well know and respected group of firefighters in the Kanto region. When their leader dies and the successor disappears, Tsuruji, a beautiful yet tough geisha, becomes the boss. But will she be able to confront a yakuza gang trying to take over the area? One of the best Samurai/Yakuza movies starring the top of the genre actors: Junko Fuji, Ken Takakura, Bunta Sugawara and Tomisaburo Wakayama… LBX, English subtitles and trailer

Z457 Chinese Hercules (73) aka: Ma tou da jue dou A martial arts fighter who has renounced his evil past finds himself pulled back into the violent ways of his past when he takes a job on the docks and finds himself pitted against the cruel owner of the pier. Michael Wai-Man Chan and Bolo Yeung star. Yet another martial arts classic! BA

Z425 Chinese Mack, The (74) aka: Martial Arts aka: Jue zhao He's the Meanest! After an opening sequence that may have you howling, Wai- Man plays a guy with a vendetta who manages to impress with his fighting skills, as he takes on a gang of goons in one brutal bout after another. Other familiar faces show up as well in this kick-ass kung fu classic. LBX and dubbed into English with highly entertaining results. BA

Z492 Cosa Nostra Asia (74) aka: Le dragon Noir Philippines: Starts out with Bellinger (Chris Mitchum) bursting in on a drug ring and beating the snot out of everyone until they rat out info on the next shipment time and place. Later he tricks both sides of the dope exchange to shoot each other dead! Now to Hong Kong! Bellinger joins up with some martial artist experts to take down a criminal empire ran by an evil boss and his thugs. Seeing as the kung-fu scene was relatively new, at least exposure to it over here was just... kicking in, this picture packs in a huge amount of stunt action and fighting. Everybody was.... yea yea - LBX and with English subtitles. BA

L701 Deadly China Doll (73) aka: The Opium Trail Angela Mao, sporting her signature long pony tail, is the title character, and boy is she! A stranger arrives in a small town with a score to settle. He gets help from Hei Lu (Mao). Angela has three fights in total: her most ferocious expressions and moves come at the 10-minute climax, and the first is a standout when she fights a guy twice her size! English dubbed + Trailers! BA

J15 Deadly Fury (83) aka: Wu lin zhi In 1900, allied armies of eight Western nations invaded China. Unable to establish an adequate defense, the Chinese forces were routed and the ensuing battle left thousands homeless and destitute. This is the story of one families valiant attempt to survive the hardships and more importantly, to avenge their nation's honor. Some major kick-ass kung-fu with real martial arts athletes and no enhanced special effects. Terrific amazing moves!

Z451 Dragon Dies Hard, The (75) aka: Bruce Lee We Miss You aka: Jin se tai yang aka: Bruce Lee Suepr Dragon Kung Fu Fighters, devastated by the death of their hero Bruce Lee, decide to investigate. Bruce Li stars in another classic Brucesploitation! Finding the truth leads to battles, avoiding lusty women 'Damn Vixens!' and lots of vengeful rage. Li also has some stressed out hallucinatory nightmares/dreams/visions (?) about Bruce Lee. The ghost of Bruce Lee will guide him! Hilarious Fun English Dubbing and plenty of action! BA

Z459 Dragon Lee vs. the Five Brothers (78) aka: Wu da di zi Ching Loyalists challenge Dragon Lee who has been entrusted with delivering a list containing all of the names of the Anti-Ching Revolutionaries to the Ming leaders. He is also betrayed by a white ninja woman. Snow bound locations on the journey at times, and many fights. You can tell the locations must have been freezing because you see their breath quite a bit here. Nice use of weapons, especially the spinning shield of blades! BA

Z509 Female, The (59) aka: A Woman Like Satan aka: La femme et le pantin With her beautiful golden hair cascading across her shoulders, Brigitte Bardot, in all of her youthful glory dominates the male lead. and the movie screen. So helpless is the married bull breeder to her wares, she would bring any man to his knees, lets be fair. She plays him like a fiddle, dressed like she is in various sexy outfits, flaunting her body with her sexy walk, that voice, that could talk the pants off a gay man... Bardot at her blatantly confident, sensuous peak. In French and with English subtitles. BA

Z456 Fists of Bruce Lee, The (78) aka: Fu ji Bruce Li as a surveillance expert who gets a job installing a security system and falls for the daughter of his employer. This puts him smack dab in the middle of espionage with rival gangs. Lo Leigh fights with a metal hand on a chain. Bruce electrocutes a lowly thug, secret codes and a deadly doll, a fake retractable knife, hilarious music and English dubbing..... More Brucesploitation! BA

Z441 Fulfillment- Something Worth Remembering (69) Johnny comes home from military service and immediately gets it on with his high school sweetheart who he makes the mistake of marrying. Her cold greedy side springs and he finds himself on the road with his band 'The Wildcats' doing gigs to keep the cash flowing. Meanwhile his wife is screwing around with an older oil man. A car accident finishes the adulterous pair, and Johnny hits the bottle before falling in love with the dead oil man's widow. Johnny's troubles are just starting....

Z442 Human Factor, The (75) aka: Ein Mann rechnet ab A computer engineer (George Kennedy) returns home from work one evening to find cops and mobs of people everywhere in and around his house. His wife and children have been brutally murdered by foreign terrorists! After the funeral, he contemplates suicide. Instead, he decides to hunt down the bastards responsible and put an end to them. George Kennedy delivers a compelling performance as a man wronged, with no problems taking care of business! Also with Arthur Franz, Rita Tushingham and more. BA

H979 Invincible Super Chan (71) aka: Tian zhan aka: Forced to Fight A badass former kung fu fighting swordsman is called out of retirement to avenge the murder of his trainer. Outrageous and fun chop-sockey with plenty of violence including many dismemberments and technically impressive stunts and effects including a sweet decapitation! Banned in many countries when originally released because it was taken seriously! Dubbed into English BA

Z461 Kung Fu On Sale (79) aka: Gong fu da pai mai When his rich father forbids him from any more kung fu training, a young annoyance of a man leaves home to find his way. He needs cash after leaving his home though, and the only way he can make any is to have people pay him to punch him! And he is such an ass, people are prepared to do just that! When he is taken advantage of, he is helped by a drunken master.

Z540 LSD Flesh of the Devil (67) aka: LSD - Inferno per pochi dollari Opens with a kid using his toy car to blow up two men and blow dart poison a third. The boy grows up to be Secret Agent Rex Miller (Guy Madison). His new assignment is to stop bad guys from using LSD to take over the world by dosing the nerve centers of the populace. This is the spy genre's answer to 'The Trip'. There are numerous scenes of people in the cast hallucinating on LSD, usually affecting their vision with a distortion-look on the faces of everyone they happen to be around. Of course it still has the curvy women, seaside locales, outrageous gadgets and fast cars. Franca Polesello is a total knockout with her cat-like eyes, and she should be better known for her contributions to a number of memorable films. English dub plus foreign subs. BA

Z534 Our Man in Jamaica (65) aka: A 001: operazione Giamaica Arms smuggling revolutionaries in San Domingo clash with F.B.I. agents who have been sent to infiltrate and destroy their operation. Larry Pennell is the male chauvinist and self absorbed secret agent, a type all women are attracted to. Well-paced with enough gunfights, gadgets, girls and a booming score to please most Bond-clone fans. Also with Brad Harris and Barbara Valentin. She was a blonde doll in 108 projects. She lived with Freddie Mercury of 'Queen' fame in the 1980's and was an Icon of the Munich gay scene until her death from a stroke in 2002. BA

Z475 Paul (74) aka: Paul - Geschichte eines Ausgestoßenen German made Crime film with English subtitles. Paul is out of jail after a seven year stay. Falling back into a life of crime with his old crew he returns to the usual life damaging behaviors that got him locked up in the first place. Plastered at a posh party, he finds himself wielding a big gun. Arty hand-held camera movements patched with stylish nervous cuts make this one ahead of it's time. Watch out for Paul! With English subtitles.

Z478 Rififi in Paris (66) aka: The Upper Hand aka: Du rififi à Paname A gold smuggler is at odds with local gangsters who want a piece of the action. Toss in the mob and some U.S, Treasury Agents... Jean Gabin returns in his most popular role, a hard-boiled hood, loyal to his friends, a formidable foe to his enemies. His main adversary played by an aging George Raft, he of the first 'Scarface' way back in 1932. Delicious eye-candy with Nadja Tiller and Mireille Darc. Powerful slang dialogues and 60's designs and International sequences from many countries. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

Z502 Sahara Cross (77) aka: Golpe perfecto en el Sáhara Franco Nero plays the leader of a bunch of mercenaries who help with the investigation of oil in the Sahara Desert. When one of them is killed by terrorists, they set out in search of the culprits across the harsh landscape to deliver some violent revenge! Filmed in Tunisia so plenty of authenticity. A reasonably entertaining ride with a twist! Also starring Michael Constantin and more! From director Tonino Valerii! LBX BA

Z452 Screaming Tiger (73) aka: Screaming Ninja aka: Tang ren piao ke aka: Ten Fingers of Steel aka: Wang Yu, King of Boxers The Japanese have massacred a Chinese fishing village. Yu-Wang is Wang Yu, King of the Boxers. He will travel to Japan and avenge! Sumo wrestlers, fight on the top of a moving train, a bridge, and on the edge a waterfall. There's also a flute player with a basket over his head, that appears and plays at pivotal moments. Fun and brutally violent! English language dubbed. BA

J16 Slaughter Day (74) aka: Situation Rita (Rita Tushingham) spends the weekend with a man she just met in his cabin and falls in love with him. Then she finds he is plotting a heist, with a very unusual plan in using his accomplices. he communicates with them with little radios and hidden messages like 'Jigsaw' so no one knows his true identity. William Berger, Gordon Mitchell and more star. Upgrade!

Z454 Snake-Crane Secret (76) aka: She hao dan xin zhen jiu zhou While a family tries to maintain their honor by making sure their secret family book on the martial arts is not exposed to the wrong parties, deceit and betrayal snakes it's way into the family. Plenty of fights and hilarious sound effects Snake: Hiss Hiss! Crane: Whoop Whoop!

J69 Spirit of the Eagle (91) Dan Haggerty as 'Big Eli McDonaugh' is on a raft with others, cruising down a river in the 1800's in the opening of the film. Big Eli is an idiot, with an adversary named 'Hatchett' (played by a one-eyed William Smith). Big Eli is the cause of the lost eye from a long-ago battle with Hatchett, and Hatchett is not finished with Eli. Outdoor adventure with kids and animals allows William Smith to be hilariously villainous and steal the show.

Z482 Stolen Dreams (09) aka: Sonhos Roubados Low-income young women in Rio De Janerio have the same troubles surviving as others all over the world in the same predicament. Sometimes you gotta' do what you gotta' do. Prostitution is the answer, supply and demand. Jessica, Sabrina and Daiane take it all in with a good attitude. One becomes the lover of a gangster, who knocks her up and then dumps her. One is abused by her Uncle. One is hired to have sex in the jail with a prisoner. A realistic and sometimes cruel film. LBX and with English subtitles.

H997 Terry Fox Story, The (83) Terry Fox was an inspiration to the world. He was an amputee who, having lost one leg already, ran across Canada on his one leg to raise money for cancer research. This is a dramatization of his story as he faces his struggles and his personality warts and all is presented. Terry Fox is played by a real-life amputee who also lost a leg to cancer but survived. Get out the hankies. Robert Duvall, Rosalind Chao and Chris Makepeace also star. The real Terry Fox was dead before this aired.

Z486 Trip with the Devil (67) aka: When Night Falls on Reeperbahn aka: Wenn es Nacht wird auf der Reeperbahn aka: Uneasy Summer A wealthy family has produced a young son who creates LSD for thugs who use the drug to mesmerize young girls, destroying their sense and will. Then they are pimped to old men. The cops get involved when somebody turns up dead. But people who blab also turn up dead. A daring blood and guts expose of dope, violence and crime... loaded with hot lead and hot heads! Marlies (Death and Diamonds) Drager and more star! LBX and with English subtitles. BA

Z508 Trunk to Cairo (65) aka: Einer spielt falsch WWII hero Audie Murphy plays Mike Merrick, a James Bond-type Super Secret Agent man of action who is sent to the Sahara Desert to destroy a weapons factory that is run by Nazi fugitive Professor Schlieben (George Sanders). Merrick gets unexpected help from the daughter of Schlieben named Helga (Marianne Koch). Movie goes off the rails in the last half, a surprise, the direction turning almost into farce. An essential addition to the 60's spy genre.




J71 Hurricane Express, The (32) Larry Baker (a young John Wayne) vows to unmask a mysterious criminal known as 'The Wrecker', who has targeted the L&M Railroad for 'deadly' destruction. Larry, exceptionally pissed, because his father was killed in one of the train wrecks. Fast paced and full of action. Shirley Grey and look for Glenn Strange as Jim. BA

Q741 Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island (36) Shot on a Santa Cruz island near Santa Barbara, comes this one, starring Inuit actor Mala as Agent Ray Mala, along with Rex the Wonder Horse and Hawaiian actress Mamo Clark as Princess Melani. She played Clark Gable's squeeze the previous year in the classic 'Mutiny on the Bounty'. The action sprawls from San Francisco, to the high seas, the skies (aboard a dirigible airship) and to tropical islands where if you are not careful you may find yourself a sacrifice to the volcano gods. Maybe Mala could not act, but certainly his casting was unique for the time. Well produced with nice action scenes. 2 DVD-R and no VHS. BA

Z402 Shadow of Chinatown (36) Bela Lugosi stars as Victor Poten, a master of disguise. One of his specialties is hypnotizing people into trances that only he can undo. He uses a pretty Asian girl through hypnotism to help him to bring down the Chinese merchants in Chinatown. Poten is pissed and racist, a Eurasian, he wants to drive away all other races, and start his new race! We all know how that usually turns out! With Luana Walters as Sonya Rokoff, the Dragon Lady. This is a very interesting serial for the Bela Lugosi fan, he really gets to breath in this role. Luana Walters would star with Lugosi again. Her last film appearance was a 'party guest' in the 1956 film 'The She Creature'. She died at age 50 in Los Angeles after drinking herself to death. 15 Chapters on 2 DVD-R with no VHS. BA

J72 Three Musketeers, The (33) Tom Wayne (John Wayne) rescues Clancy (Jack Mulhall), Renard (Raymond Hatton) and Schimidt (Francis X. Bushman Jr.) in the Arabian desert. Now together they must go after the Arab scum of the Devil's Circle (El Shaitan) who is trying to wipe out the Foreign Legion! Plenty of action and adventure, with no resemblance to the novel of the same name. Also with Lon Chaney Jr. (here as Creighton Chaney). BA



J66 El Demonio Azul (65) Blue Demon: El Demonio Azul Another extremely obscure werewolf film! In the opening, a werewolf attacks a couple in the woods. Slaying the man, the beast then chases the woman into the dark woods, finding her, and killing her. Castles and underground cells, cobweb enshrouded dungeon rooms, hidden panels, corpses, Blue Demon ring battles, foggy forests... and yes, Blue Demon vs. a Werewolf! Is the beast wearing tennis shoes? No subtitles on this title. BA

J33 La Vengadora 2 (91) aka: La guerrera vengadora 2-a parte Heroine Rosa Gloria Chagoyan returns! A violent bank robbery opens the film. Rosa, still with bad-ass motorcycle, still with dwarf side-kick (but don't kick him!) and still with short hot pants riding up her ass, is unaware. Until she gets a call, and shows up dressed in white and starts blasting the bad guys from her motorcycle. Later Maria's little sister comes to visit. The girl takes a bath, while Maria and the dwarf go out for a bite. A bad guy enters the residence and stabs her to death. Maria and her motorbike will get revenge, and fight even more bad hombres! Plenty of violent action and with English subtitles! BA

J34 Salón México (49) aka: Les bas-fonds de Mexico Mexi-Noir! Mercedes (Marga Lopez), a beautiful dancing pimped prostitute, loves a neighborhood cop, and funds her sister's education. Depressed and saddened by her circumstances, abused by her pimp, feeling like damaged goods, knowing the cop will never see her that way... Mercedes is ripped off, and decides to steal back the money she has rightfully earned...With English subtitles

J37 Santo contra el rey del crimen (62) aka: Santo vs. the King of Crime Roberto has reached the age where the silver mask of Santo becomes his destiny, handed down by his father, the former Santo, who has passed on into that great wrestling ring in the sky. The faithful servant guides him to a secret room in the basement, loaded with Santo gadgets and equipment. Now it is up to the new Santo and his helpers must attempt to disarm an evil organization! In Spanish language only and no subtitles.

J39 Santo vs. Capulina (69) aka: Santo contra Capulina A comical Capulina is one incompetent night watchman. During his assignment, bad guys figure this robbery will be easy pickings. Santo shows up and beats the crap out of the bad guys and has a new friend in Capulina. But later their is a robotic duplicate of Capulina, who does battle with Santo! Action-packed outing! With English subtitles. BA

J32 Specter's Road, The (67) aka: El Camino de los Espantos Stranded travelers end up taking shelter in a haunted house after a long trek on a spooky road. Gothic trappings are portrayed quite efficiently in this horror comedy. The travelers are menaced by various supernatural beings.... Hold That Ghost? Echoes of Bud and Lou Mexican style. In Spanish language and no subtitles.

J38 Throne of Hell (92) aka: El Trono de Infierno A lady archeologist unleashes a demon from hell while excavating an Aztec ruin leading the Vatican to call in 'El Hombre' (a sort of holy avenger) to send old Bleezebub back to the fiery pits where he belongs. El Hombre must resort to his bag of tricks,,, namely, the 7 Seals and Excalibur, the Sword from the Stone. Only then can he prevent Armageddon. Don't miss the Gladiator-Style Battle to the Death in the end sequence! With English subtitles!

J65 Vengeance of the Vampire Women, The (70) aka: La venganza de las mujeres vampiro A professor recruits a professional wrestler to protect his daughter from vampires intent on kidnaping her and marrying her to the devil… Now an English subtitled version. BA



J28 Blood for a Silver Dollar (65) aka: One Silver Dollar After the Civil War, ex-Confederate officer returns home where he gets embroiled in local feuds involving an unscrupulous strongman and his hired henchmen... LBX and English language dubbed BA

Z512 Doc: Hands of Steel (65) aka: The Man Who Came to Kill aka: L'uomo dalla pistola d'oro A gambler named Doc (Carl Mohner), while being chased by a bounty hunter, just by chance, witnesses some bandits (led by Fernando Sancho) killing a sheriff. Doc assumes the identity of the sheriff, and plays like the body is indeed himself, to lead the bounty hunter's mind astray. Bad idea! Now the bandits think the sheriff has survived, and instead of one bounty hunter on his trail, he has about 50 pissed off hombres! The only man that can maybe help Doc? The bounty hunter! Twists and turns aplenty. Another obscure spaghetti from director Alfonso Balcazar. LBX and dubbed into English. BA

Z537 Hanging Judge, The (73) aka: El juez de la soga Mexican Spaghetti! In the Old West, a gunfighter punishes the wrongdoers with his own justice. But the words of mother echo in his mind 'Justice is Divine'. No matter, he continues to hang the bad guys, and this makes him 'Judge Roy Bean' famous. When a bunch of miscreant outlaws, lead by a crooked landlord, assaults an innocent village and a beautiful girl, the time for the avenger's final mission has finally arrived. Hugo Stiglitz, Bruna Rey and Norma Lazareno star. With English subtitles!

J70 Kentucky Rifle (55) Jason Clay (Lance Fuller) escorts a wagon train of Kentucky rifles through Indian territory and must find a way to get through it with no losses. The Indians offer an ultimatum. The guns or their lives. Cowboys and Indians (Comanche's) with Chill Wills, Henry Hull and Cathy Downs. Cathy Downs was also in some classic sci-fi films in the 1950's. She died of cancer at age 50 in 1976. BA

H985 Three Bullets... for a Long Gun (71) aka: Le sanguinaire, le roublard, le vicieux Western made in South Africa with similarities to 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly', if it were much shorter. Beau Brummel plays the 'Blondie' role, simply named 'Major', and Patrick Mynhardt as 'the bad' a guy named One-Eye, or Hawkeye. Lucky Gomez is the Tuco character. A surprisingly good tale of scummy but likeable bad guys searching for wealth in the old west set to a twangy guitar score with a windy harmonica. Action, Violence, Tension....




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