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FL= Film is in Foreign Language

Lbx=  Letterboxed or Widescreen format 

Subs=  Film is subtitled

aka= Also Known As  (alternate titles)

22860000 22860000 (`@````````` 266 263 5 110185200 110185200




J698                  Japanese Amazon Girls in Combat (0?) Can we take even more girl on girl violence? Yes, of course we can!  Sex and Violence on the mat. Losers get it hard.  Digitally fogged.   F.L.




J642                  Black Panther Bitch M (74) aka: Kuroi Mehyô M  This time Reiko Ike is a badass female assassin (known as 'M") who is called in by a gangster to settle a few scores. More martial arts than Yakuza, with some extended foot chases through trashed and abandoned industrial sites which result in kung fu confrontations. Some brightly red blood is spelled amidst the chaos, and Ike (as 'M') delivers some serious blows to her adversaries. Slashed throats, nudity, eye-gouging, beatings..... very entertaining!   Japanese with English subtitles   LBX

Z832                  Female Delinquent (77) aka: Jitsuroku furyo shoujo: Kan  Mako has no choice but to move in with the loser who fathered her child when she was only sixteen (and had to drop out of school). But she needs to make money, and the bar work comes with constant stress and harsh, sometimes violent situations, almost constantly. An Ultra-Realistic and Ultra-Violent Bad Girl film, with side dish of sleaze.   Japanese with English subtitles   LBX

Z835                  Girls’ Junior High: Too Young to Play Like This (71) aka: Joshi gakuen: Otona no asobi  Shirobara Middle School has transformed into a full time boarding school in this, the third and final movie in the series. You know we are in for some sex, nudity and violence. That's why we are here! Henmi Ryoko battles against an unpleasant headmistress and also, her old arch enemy Masuda, who is now out of school and the leader of her own girl gang of drop-outs. It all leads to a volleyball match in this outrageous sex comedy.  In Japanese with English subtitles   LBX   BA

Z796 Rocker (72) This is Hamburg in 1972.  Gerd (a Rocker, which means Biker) gets out of jail and crosses with Mark, whose brother has been killed by some pimps (traditional enemies of rockers). Gerd doesn't want to be a nursemaid to this kid, but Mark is useful, and even helps him rip off a drug dealer. So Gerd and his gang go after the pimps. Hard rock sounds of the time filter through on the soundtrack... Led Zeppelin, Santana, The Rolling Stones and more.... It's a little like a German 'Easy Rider' in some ways.... but more authentic. Hell I believe these characters, these locations, these situations.... a nice little trip into a different time and space. In German with English subtitles.

Z851 Three Pretty She-Devils (70) aka: Sanbiki no mesubachi  aka: Three Female Hornets  When a trio of teenage tarts go on a crime spree that includes selling their nubile young bodies for sex, shoplifting and other scams, they find themselves in deep trouble. The women are just using the system to play the system... to survive, and they are becoming closer and stronger because of it. They easily manipulate men, as that is their only power, their control of their sexuality. They may be brainless, but any one of them can make the smartest man crumble with lust and desire. And knowing this, and only this is what they know, it may be all they need to get what they want...  Japanese with English subtitles  LBX





J678 Bayou (57) aka: Poor White Trash   When a New York architect (Peter Graves) arrives in the Bayou, he meets a Cajun beauty (knockout beauty Lita Milan) and must compete for her affections against Timothy Carey, her Cajun boyfriend. Throw in a rape and a hurricane before the climactic battle in a cemetery and you get a film that was controversial in 1957. but feels like a PG film today. Also with Jonathan Haze and Ed Nelson.  This time with the original title 'Bayou' on the screen.   BA

J674 Charlatan, The (29) At a side-show, a fortune teller/magician/master of disguise tells a woman things from her past that he could not possibly know. Her girlfriend insists she invite the fortune-teller to a house party. What the woman does not realize? The fortune-teller is the husband she abandoned so long ago, when she took off with their daughter, and her lover. Will he get his revenge?  Decent entry directed by George Melford, who worked on  the Spanish version of Dracula in 1931. Drenched in atmosphere, a murky forgotten horror.  Sort of...  

J677 Confessions of a Teenage Nazi (48) aka: Women in the Night  aka: Curse of a Teenage Nazi   German officers in Shanghai try to survive the fall of Germany and Japan, they have a death ray plan, but the 'comfort' women they have abducted and used are on hand to complicate matters. Plays like a haphazardly spliced together, very politically incorrect exploitation film of sorts, and from the 1940's! The Germans are depicted as vile, the Japanese even worse, slobbering rapists... Well, you do the history, this film is a product of the era in which it was made, and exactly how many people actually felt and believed. Good and Bad. Right and Wrong, Real and Unreal. Nazi-Noir.  BA

J766 Ghost Diver (57) A TV adventure show host goes to South America, hooking up with a local native (who is a killer), trying to locate treasure. Lots of underwater photography. The 'ghost diver' of the title is the murdered man the local native let drown, still below the waves, and quite dead. The local native has the uncanny ability to hold his breath for extended periods of time. James Craig, Audrey Totter and Nico Minardos star.   BA

J680 Mugger, The (58) aka: El mutilador de rostros  A mysterious mugger attacks women at night, stealing their purses, and cutting them on their left cheek (uh.. their faces!). When one of the women is killed the investigation ramps up. A profiler (Kent Smith) makes a profile of the mugger. There is a smattering of dramatic scenes. Gambling with a violent end, a scenario with a dizzy stereotypical blonde, a dance hall bash... The profiler thinks there is something sexually gratifying for the mugger to behave this way. Hmmm. But is the killer and the mugger one and the same? One of the first roles for James Franciscus.    BA

J664 Phantom Honeymoon, The (1919) Ghost debunker Leon Dadmum is touring Europe with his nieces. A man sits him down in a haunted castle, and weaves a tale that may just make him change his mind. At this point spiritualism was all the rage. This is one of the surviving examples.

J679 Pusher, The (60) aka: La garra del vicio  A heroin kingpin deals to poor Puerto Ricans in New York City. When one of them overdoses and dies, the detective on the case learns that his daughter is involved in the same underworld. The Pusher is sleazy and heartless, personal gain his only concern, all others be damned. He feeds off the gullible junkies. Nice location shooting and police procedural stuff. Dreary, seedy and downbeat.  BA

J768 Sea God, The (30) A good guy (Richard Arlen), loses his boat to a bad guy (Robert Gleckler) in a race, due to stopping and rescuing a shipwrecked sailor. He also loses his girlfriend (Fay Wray) in the process. Fay Wray is kidnapped by cannibals right off the boat, in a scene that will remind you of what happened to her three short years later. Excellent for 1930, and if you are fan of Fay Wray, this is a treat. Good locations, decent film. Would make a great double feature with the other 1930 film 'The Sea Bat'.  BA

J665 Spooktrain, The (39) aka: The Ghost Train  aka: De spooktrein  aka: Pulnocní vlak  Travelers find themselves stranded for the night at a deserted train station. The old stationmaster informs them the place is haunted..... This rare Dutch production is lacking in the subtitle department... but there are words that inform you what is going on that appear from time to time at the bottom of the screen. Ghost train is rumbling down the tracks.... comedy/mystery   F.L.  (with minimal English subs)

J686 Tattered Dress, The (57) aka: Il vestito strappato   A New York lawyer (Jeff Chandler) comes to Desert View, Nevada, to defend a man and his vampy wife (dishy Elaine Stewart) who are up on murder charges. He is accused of jury tampering since his past is less than clean. The secrets of the town will be spilled wide open. Lurid and dreary, like a cheap paperback novel come to life. Gail Russell also stars, one of her last films. She was found dead in 1961 in a pile of liquor bottles alone in her apartment. She was 36.   BA

Z869 Toto Tours Italy (48) aka: Totò al giro d'Italia   Toto sells his soul to the devil in order to win the love of bella Doriana. She agrees to marry him if he wins the national bicycle race, she know this is not possible. Toto is no athlete. But Toto has the devil on his side. He begins to win one stage after another as the race moves on... More hilarious Toto madness!   In Italian with English subtitles.   BA




Z781 Big Space Travel, The (75) aka: Bolshoe kosmicheskoe puteshestvie   Three teenagers are sent into outer space and subjected to crises and breakdowns to learn how to deal with problems they may encounter in the great unknown. These junior cosmonauts were chosen for their particular aptitudes. There is a quarantine situation navigated by the thirteen year old commander of the mission. It's played straight, and the seriousness of his responsibilities weigh heavily upon his young soul. The special effects are top notch.   In Russian with English subtitles.  LBX

J779 Biokids (90) When a gang of Filipino kids stumble upon the lair of a mad scientist, he outfits them with power suits and motorbikes, making them kiddie-power-ranger kids, and sends them off to do battle against the evil criminal party clown Exxor, and his henchmen. Jaw-dropping bad special effects in this laugh a minute production. Some fun micro-budget FX and a stop-motion monster.

J770 Booloo (38) aka: Der weiße Tiger  A writer must prove his ridiculed writings about a “savage tribe that sacrifices native girls to a white tiger” in Malaya are true.  He has no first hand knowledge since his stories were based on tales his father had told him... so of course he heads off for proof...  His adventures start off tame enough, but then he is captured by a fierce tribe of natives, clawed by a tiger, rescues Mamo Clark from being sacrificed, and has to watch out for all of the large pythons hanging from nearly every tree.  Before all is said and done, he will prove what he “knew to be true” all along.  Not a bad way to spend an hour.   BA

Z872 Cavalier in Devil's Castle (59) aka: Il cavaliere del castello maledetto   An evil ruler seizes and then imprisons the benign ruler of a neighboring territory, then tries to blackmail the daughter of that ruler to marry him and unite the territories, giving him power and dominion over the land. Luckily a masked cavalier is on hand, uniting the populace for the rebellion. Well-staged fights and fencing duals. Here now in an English language dubbed version! Mario Costa directs. Sergio Corbucci co wrote.  BA


Z874 Cave of the Golden Rose, The (91) aka: Fantaghiro   Lamberto Bava Epic Fantasy Sword and Sorcery Fairy Tale here in all 5 parts (listed separately, each around 3 hours or more long!) The stunning Alessandra Martines is Fantaghiro in all five parts.  In this opener to the series we meet the characters. Fantaghiro meets Romualdo (Kim Rossi Stuart). We have Angela Molina in a duel role (The White Witch and The White Knight). Mario Adorf is 'The King'. Sergio Stivaletti does the creature effects.  In Italian with English subtitles.

Z875 Cave of the Golden Rose 2, The (92) aka: Fantaghiro 2   Fantaghiro and Romualdo are preparing their wedding when the Dark Witch (Brigitte Nielsen), sickened by their pure love, kidnaps the King (Mario Adorf again). Bava still directs. The lead actors return, and Sergio Stivaletti creature effects remain intact. Nice locations in this wild fantastical continuation.  In Italian with English subtitles

Z876 Cave of the Golden Rose 3, The (93) aka: Fantaghiro 3   Bava still directs, Stivaletti effects, and same actors Fantaghiro and Romualdo. This time, the evil wizard Tarabas gets a prophecy that tells him he will be slain by the son of a King. So he sends out his army of undead soldiers to capture all of the Royal children. Romualdo learns that if exposed to water, the soldiers turn to stone, so he leads them to a river and in they go. But so does Romualdo. And the poisoned water turns him to stone as well. Now Fantaghiro needs Tarabas to help her! Brigitte Nielsen returns! Also with Ursula Andress as 'Xellesia" and she looks like she just stepped out of the 1965 film 'She'!  These parts 3 and 4 were the last projects of any merit she was a part of, and she is still stunning.  In Italian with English subtitles

Z877 Cave of the Golden Rose 4, The (94) aka: Fantaghiro 4   Now a black cloud travels above, killing animals and plants, drying up rivers, and vanishing castles. Bava and Stivaletti are still at work on this one. Fantaghiro is here. But Romualdo is not (but in flashback footage, he is!). Tarabas is back, Together with Fantaghiro and Prince Parsel, they must locate the stolen kingdoms. Another even worse sorcerer is at work wreaking havoc!  Ursula Andress and  Brigitte Nielsen return! In Italian with English subtitles

Z878 Cave of the Golden Rose 5, The (96) aka: Fantaghiro 5   Winding down here now, the last of the Fantaghiro series. Fantaghiro (Alessandra Martines) a trooper until the end. Her legacy. Brigitte Nielsen returns as a whole different character!  Fantaghiro ends up in a strange 'Peter Pan' meets 'Treasure Island' world of children.  Here our heroic princess must fight the Nameless one. A being that needs to devour all of the children in order to become human. The kids need a savior. Enter Fantaghiro!  In Italian with English subtitles 


Z870 Gungala, The Black Panther Girl (68) aka: Gungala la pantera nuda  Kitty Swan returns in the sequel to Gungala, Virgin of the Jungle. You see her running in the open naked during the opening credits. That alone is worth the price of admission! She is a long lost heiress, and a search is on in the treacherous jungles. Tribal savage cannibals, wild animals, quicksand, Gungala doing animal impressions, etc. Pairs up well with the other, even if I cannot for the life of me figure out why he would.... oh... can't ruin it. This is basically a throw back to a Johnny Weismuller type, except with a hot chick.  Ruggero Deodato directs and gets his jungle training wheels on, readying himself for things to come. Swann, two Tarzan pictures.  Two Gungala pictures.  All shot on location.  English dubbed with foreign subs.  Some glitches.   BA

J659 Hunters, The (57) aka: Los cazadores  Documentary that follows the adventures of members of an African tribe as they hunt a giraffe over a thirteen day period. Filmed in 1952 and 1953. To survive, this is necessary. Filmed in the wilds of Africa, a rough and unforgiving landscape. The tribesmen are scantily clad savages. But they live in a simple setting. No taxes. Kill and eat, or be killed and eaten. Fascinating. Pair it with Cornel Wilde's 'The Naked Prey'.  

Z838 Hyperion (75) From the writer of 'The Fly', George Langelaan, this story has similar thematic material. A researcher is stuck between fantasy and reality after a unique explosion of sorts. Now disappeared for twenty years, a woman sees his image on a TV screen and falls in love. She convinces a colleague that they can somehow reverse the process that has enslaved him. Her love for him can only be communicated through dreaming. Truly bizarre and creative science fiction.  In Romanian with English subtitles.

J692 Michael Strogoff (56) aka: Revolt of the Tartars  19th century Russia. A Tartar rebellion separates Russia from Siberia. The Tsar's brother and his troops are making their last stand. The Tsar sends Michael Strogoff (Curd Jergens) to deliver a crucial message. But he is captured by spies and burned with a red-hot iron stick. Number one at the French box office, and faithful to the Jules Verne novel from which it's based. Genevieve Page and Sylva Koscina also star. Little seen epic presented here In French with English subtitles.  LBX  BA

J717 Moonraker, The (58) aka: Blood on the Sword  aka: La spada di d'Artagnan  Set during the English Civil War. Fantastic costumes, magnificent mansions and dashing heroes, offset by the darker aspects of the era. Hatred and Mistrust. Some chase and escape routines sprinkled with some swashbuckling, with historically accurate weaponry. The English Civil War meets the Scarlet Pimpernel.  George Baker and Sylvia Syms star   BA

J745 Naked Earth, The (58) aka: La rivière des alligators  An obscure jungle adventure, presented here in spoken English language but with Greek subtitles. An Englishman (Richard Todd) travels into the deepest Africa, to marry the girlfriend (Juliette Greco) of a late friend... But here in the wild it is an untamed land. She currently resides in a hut on the riverbank of a crocodile infested river, which is also surrounded by savage tribes. He will build a life here in this naked earth, with the native's help. Very politically incorrect. One cool scene has the pissed off natives throw two white hunters off a high cliff into the raging waters below. John Kitzmiller also stars.  BA

J762 Pirate of the Half Moon (57) aka: Il corsaro della mezzaluna   Bravery and cowardice told tongue in cheek. It's all about reclaiming the throne, in the full on tradition of the swashbuckler. John Derek in a dual role. He leads a bunch of pirates, and launches an attack against the castle. Gianna Maria Canale and Ingeborg Schoner provide the eye candy. Also with Paul Muller.  Quality a bit soft on this obscure title, the colors are good, just a bit  faded.   BA

J691 Revolt of the Mercenaries (61) aka: La rivolta dei mercenari  Takes place during the Renaissance in Italy, which is broken up into a bunch of states, many at war with each other. A group of mercenaries is hired by one of the states for protection. They find the man that has hired them is unscrupulous. But these mercenaries live by a code. Back-stabbing, double crosses, plenty of action, a plentiful budget. Import Virginia Mayo as Lady Patrizia and John Kitzmiller as 'Tago'. Also with Diana Lorys.  This rare film is only available in this Italian language LBX version.  BA

J728 Stowaway to the Moon (75) aka: Abenteuer im Weltraum   E.J. is an eleven year old brainiac of sorts, who has an obsession with the space program. He manages to get himself on the Apollo space capsule, and right into outer space, where he is eventually discovered by the crewmen. Will he be a distraction/liability, or will he be able to provide input and help the mission? Since this is a boyhood fantasy, I am guessing the latter. Lloyd Bridges and John Carradine also star.

J701 Time Machine, The (78) aka: Die Zeitmaschine  John Beck in the Rod Taylor role, Priscilla Barnes is Weena. A decent version of the story, maybe even closer to the novel than the (superior) 1960 film. If you like  the story it's a win.  This was the science fiction age of television, so expect it to look like exactly that. 1970's MFTV sci-fi.  This is the full 1 hour and 40 minute version. Also with Whit Bissell (who was also in  the first film), R.G. Armstrong, Rosemary DeCamp and more, including The Morlocks!





Z814 Wizard, The (64) aka: The Mysterious Magician  aka: Edgar Wallace - Der Hexer   A highly cunning criminal baffles the police with trickery and disguises. His plot is one of vengeance, eliminating those he holds responsible for the death of his sister. He faces the killers, and also must dodge the police as they try to trap him. Called one of the best in the Edgar Wallace series, presented here LBX and English language dubbed.




J693 Dangerous Curves (88) All Chuck (Tate Donovan) has to do is deliver a Porsche for a client, and get to join the company of his dreams in return. But his buddy talks him into making a stop first in San Diego. The car is bikini bait, and the boys want to get laid! When the car is stolen things get crazy! Hot babes mixed with actors like Leslie Nelson, Robert Stack, Elizabeth Ashley and more including MTV's Martha Quinn and Eva LaRue.  BA

Z854 Eros Schedule Book: Concubine Secrets (71) aka: Castle Orgies  aka: Irogoyomi ooku hiwa  Chosen to be the Shogun's sex-play toy, Oyae is in despair. Her samurai love is lost to her. But when her rivals start nasty stories about her, claiming she is not a virgin, the Shogun gets pissed off and sends her off to a nunnery. Her samurai love is ready for the rescue.... but.... Another sexually delirious soft-core from Japan set during the Edo period. In Japanese language and with English subtitles.

Z786 Eros, Goddess of Love (81) aka: Eros, O Deus do Amor  It's a drama about a man's search for the meaning of life. But it all boils down to one thing... or in this case several! Women! Through his current lover Anna, he recalls his past loves, we see through memories he has of making love to them. His English teacher, a maid, a virgin schoolgirl, the masochistic lover, prostitutes and many more. They are all Eros... and he loves them!  As moody or introspective... intellectual even, this film tries to be, lucky for us, director Walter Hugo Khouri has his mind in the gutter, and asks us to join him, which we most gladly do!  In Portuguese with English subtitles.

Z805 Gabriela (83) aka: Gabriela, Cravo e Canela  aka: Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon   Set in 1925. A bar owner named Nacib (Marcello Mastroianni), in a Brazilian coastal town, hires a cook (Sonia Braga as 'Gabriela'). They get hot and heavy. The temperature rises whenever she walks into a room (not literally, but you get my drift). She's so flirty, always bending over etc.  Nacib starts to get jealous at all the attention the desirable Gabriela attracts, so he proposes, getting her all to himself. Can one much older man put out the fire between this sex siren's legs? But then he tries to control her, and later finds her in bed with another man...... Loads of nudity and sexual situations with Braga, a showcase for her ... ahem... talents!  In Portuguese with English subtitles.  LBX  BA

Z840 Immoral (80) aka: L'immorale  aka: The Immoral One  aka: Confessions from a Prostitute  From the director of 'The Blood Rose' Claude Mulot!  Carole (Sylvie Dessartre in her last film) has amnesia from a car wreck. Her friend takes her back to the brothel where Carol learns she is a high-priced hooker, and a real luxury to her male customers. She falls in love with a race car driver... but she cannot leave the brothel unless her sexy sister (Isabelle Illiers) takes her place. Nice soft-core sex scenes aplenty. A movie that plays around with the drama, but stays trashy throughout, thankfully for us.  Claude Mulot accidentally drowned in St. Tropez, Var, France in 1986 at age 44.  English language dubbed with Greek subtitles.  BA

Z858 Joy in Africa (92) aka: Joy en Afrique  Smoking' hot Zara Whites (who also has a prolific porn career) swims in a constant erotic and aroused state. She's modeling in Africa. Her main squeeze Mark wants to swing with Paul and the sensual Babette. Joy ain't feelin' it. She is more interested in hooking up with Princess Malika. Basically everybody is going at it at one point or another. It's like an Emanuelle film without Laura Gemser in many ways... locations and plentiful nudity, sexual situations centered around a hot traveling model etc. You'll remember Babette from 'Ejacula' and others. In French language only. LBX

Z841 Little Miss Innocence (73) aka: Teenage Innocence   Remember that film with Sondra Locke and Collen Camp from 1977 called 'Death Game'? Here we have basically the same thing, made four years earlier. A rich guy (John Alderman) picks up two young, very hot chicks (Sandy Dempsey as 'Carol' and Terri Johnson as 'Judy') and takes them to his swanky home to hopefully engage in carnal pleasures of the flesh. He gets what he wants... and then some. But the girls will not leave. And they won't let him leave either...... John Alderman managed a career in porn, soft and hard, as well as mainstream stuff. He died of a heart attack at age 52 in 1987.  Porno Sandy Dempsey, so smoking hot, died at age 26 in 1975, boating accident in the Gulf of Mexico. As far as Terri Johnson, she disappeared from film in 1974 after 39 credits (including 'Flesh Gordon'). Nice LBX

Z844 My Sex Report: Intensities (76) aka: Watashi no sex-hakusho  The Yakuza involved brother of a laboratory assistant suggests his sexy, horny, nympho-minded, voyeuristic working sis would be a fine prostitute, and make tons of money in the process.  She agrees.  What follows is plenty of thrusting and moaning. Close-up shots of limbs entwined and more. A complete sexually obsessive horny-festival of excess.   Japanese with English subtitles  LBX

Z815 My Uncle Benjamin (69) aka: Mon oncle Benjamin  Amorous young doctor Benjamin is irresistible to women and can't stop his lustful quests much to the chagrin of the innkeeper's beautiful daughter who wants a contract if they marry. Will he give up his bachelor lifestyle? Set in the mid-1800's and with plenty of nudity. A sexier bawdier version of 'Tom Jones'. Plenty of nudity.  In Italian with English subtitles.  LBX

Z846 Schoolgirl Report 8: What Parent's Must Never Know (74) aka: Schulmädchen-Report 8. Teil - Was Eltern nie erfahren dürfen   The days when all of the girls were hot... and all the girls were obsessed with sex. These gals come on to men, and the men are all lucky bastards for it. Hot group shower. Wow. A series of stories/vignettes/sexcapades etc...  when the busload of girls hits the camp. A camp that you only wish you were a counselor at.   Upgraded print  LBX and with English subtitles.

J712 Secrets in the Dark (73) aka: Practice Makes Perfect  aka: Geilermanns Töchter - Wenn Mädchen mündig werden   Beer drinking men in the Bavarian Province talk and tell tales of their sexual exploits with the women of the village. Plenty of sex and nudity from some beautiful and well built women who do not need to be enhanced, do they still make 'em this way? With all the plastic surgery I wonder. 100% politically incorrect fun!

J778 Secrets of Sweet 16 (73) aka: Was Schulmädchen verschweigen   Another nice schoolgirl exploitation in the 'schoolgirl film' style. This raises the stakes a bit with some Satanism, golden showers and rape. Unbelievably a comedic slant hovers over the entire proceedings. Although disturbing at times, the main reason we are here is the sexploitation and the uninhibited nature of the nubile young ladies on hand that shed all and engage in soft-core sex. Remember, all girls who get naked are 18 or older. Christina Lindberg is on hand here as well, in a very sexy scene. Ulrike Butz and more incredible babes.... 

Z821 Sexy and Willing (82) Ten segments all of a sexual nature. Johnny Dorelli is in all ten segments playing various characters. Laura Antonelli is in three, and Gloria Guida is in five. The tales vary in quality, and we do get fart jokes and some politically incorrect (by today's standards I suppose) gay humor. Antonelli gets to show off her hairy arm pits in this one, a total turn on for Italians, or anyone who likes his woman... hairy. So in summation, a sex comedy with little sex, more innuendo and flirting, some slapstick, and gorgeous ladies with a little nudity. LBX and with English subtitles.

Z797 Sister in Law, The (75) aka: La Cognatina   Karin Well plays Monica, a lusty lady who can't seem to behave. Her brother-in-law for starters. She is simply irresistible. Sergio Bergonzilli directs, these types of erotic tales his specialty. Karin Well can be seen in 'Burial Ground' , 'Convent of Sinners' and many more. This one is in Italian language only with no subtitles. LBX

Z847 Tea For Three (76) aka: Duett zu dritt  Alfie is a complete moron for a medical student. But he still manages to bed many luscious ladies, juggling them in real time, keeping all of his balls in the air (and in the bedroom). Eventually all good things must come to an end. He knocks up two women. They meet and kick Alfie to the curb. But Alfie will make a comeback. Maybe they can all live happily ever after? Maybe it really will be tea for three? Iris Berben and more star. English language dubbed.




Z800 Angels of 2000 (69) aka: Gli angeli del 2000  A very strange Italian made film, reminded me of Renato Polselli.  A man lives in a state of depression.  He deals drugs, and takes them himself.  He also laments a lost love who died tragically before his eyes. His world is full of drug dealers and ruthless gangs. (At one point some punks crucify a woman in a tree, sort of)  He wants to have a relationship with Angela, but he is mentally unable to cope with life. What is God?  What means anything?  He will soon learn. Psychedelic Trip-Fest and unlike most films you will see.  Eleonora Rossi Drago, Evi Marandi and more star.   In Italian with English subtitles.  LBX  BA

J786 Black Gloves and Razors (various) A collection of murder scenes from many of your favorite giallos!  Extremely Gory. Kill after Gory Kill! Culled from a vast collection of Stalk Slash and Die Scenes, See stabbings, slashings, strangling, screaming, 'fillet of bitch' burnings, spraying spattering gore, drilling, corpse mutilations, drowned in tub, nipple slicing, face scalding and more... done with an assortment of death tools like axes, crossbows, hatchets, drills, razors, knives and more... usually wielded by a black-gloved killer. Misogynistic?  Yes, it is.  A cold, relentless, cruel exercise in bad taste!!  

Z827 Celluloid Nightmare (88) aka: Abunômaru: Ingyaku  A gruesome snuff video is found in an abandoned refrigerator. It shows a young woman who is tortured, killed and dismembered by an unknown sadist. The deadly blade is hidden inside the camera itself. The investigation begins. There is a dismembered hand in a garbage dump, gory arm-cutting, nail-carving, mutilation with a syringe and bloody bashing with a tripod. Sex and Violence In Japanese with English subtitles.  (a little over an hour long)

Z828 Cries and Shadows (75) aka: The Return of the Exorcist  aka: Un urlo dalle tenebre  aka: The Possessor   One of the better 'Exorcist' inspired horrors, and certainly one of the trashiest. A young student becomes possessed which leads to the usual bad behaviors.... snarling, spitting, levitation. blasphemy, bile-spewing and the like. A wonderful day for an exorcism? You bet. The location sets include an Italian town in the mountains and a creepy looking church. Richard Conte plays the exorcist in his final role. Also with Patrizia Gori.  Alternate Version!  Now Uncut at 89 minutes ... English Language Dubbed and with Japanese subtitles.  Now LBX!  BA

Z804 Cruel History of Women's Torture (76) aka: Cruelty of the Female Inquisition  aka: Zangyaku jokei-shi  Tales of what happens to women when they do not behave, told at various points in Japanese history.. What happens to them I cannot explain without alienating anybody and everybody that reads this. I will tell you this however. It's not good. The punishments do not fit the crime. A very popular film because the violence is not smeared into your face, but it is there. A disturbing classic. Nothing even close to this was being made in America at the time. The woman in 'I Spit on Your Grave'? Well, she got off easy compared to this.   In Japanese with English subtitles.   LBX

Z829 David's Secret (18) aka: O Segredo de Davi  A shy film student hides an obscure past that is about to be revealed. Triggered by lost feelings he becomes a serial killer. A psychological thriller blended with a hallucinogenic fantasy that shows the inner demons come to the surface. From a calm routine into an aggressive killer. The elements of fantasy expose the hidden traumas he has experienced, and the acts of filmed violence are the catharsis.  In Portuguese with English subtitles  LBX

Z856 Detective and the Death, The (94) aka: El detective y la muerte   An old magnate is dying and hires a detective (Javier Bardem) to find the duchess (Charo Lopez) to have her killed at the request of Laura, daughter of the duchess and the old man's mistress. Laura wants it all. Not just some virtual reality world with the magnate appearing to her after death, which he is offering by the way. The detective is partnered with a sadistic killer who knows no bounds. He even kills a little baby. Awww. Mapi Galan as the duchess bares it all for our benefit. See how I deflected there? A very dark journey here. In Spanish  with English subtitles. LBX

J801 Door into Darkness: Disc 1 (73) aka: La porta sul buio  Two tales here. The Neighbor: Luca and Stefania spend the first night in their new apartment and find a dead girl in the bathtub of their neighbor from above.... An intense and scary tale directed by Luigi Cozzi and starring Laura Belli. Hosted by Dario Argento!  The Train: When a woman is murdered on a train, a detective tries to recreate the occurrence so he can pinpoint the killer. Based on a scene that was cut from the script of 'The Bird with the Crystal Plumage'. This one directed by Dario Argento.  In Italian with English subtitles.

J802 Door into Darkness: Disc 2 (73) aka: La porta sul buio  Two more tales!  The Doll: A mental patient escapes from the asylum. They have to find him, before someone gets hurt or killed! Genuine surprise when we find out the lunatic's identity! With Robert Hoffman and Erika Blanc!  Hosted by Dario Argento!   Eyewitness: Roberta (Marilu Tolo) is driving a dark country road, discovers the corpse of a woman, the killer watches from the darkness.... She goes to the police... the corpse disappears.... they tell her she is seeing things... the killer is closing in on the only eye witness! Argento and Cozzi wrote, Argento co-directs.   In Italian with English subtitles.

Z785 Dust Box (12) A mentally disturbed ... but kind of cute blonde, is trying to get knocked up by her lover. No dice, even though she humps away. She flips out and enters a world of her own making. A world where she is pushed around in the forest in a wheelchair, naked, by some unseen, and carries around a large box (presumably the 'Dust Box'?) in which eventually she pulls forth a new born baby, still naked she is, in the woods, tripping out.... with her newborn.... Or is she? Strangeness from Sweden. LBX and with English subtitles.

J657 Escalada da Violencia (82) After his family is brutally slain by three street punks, a man goes all 'Charles Bronson 'Death Wish' ultra-violence style' on the bad guys. Takes it further with vigilante justice, dealing out the revenge with extreme viciousness. Full on frontal nudity from both male and female (including a live sex show), arms get hacked off, bodies crushed by cars, naked women are stabbed.. then raped as they die... a guy gets shot in the balls... One gruesome ride!  UNCUT!  In Portuguese, no subtitles- but easy to follow story...   F.L.

J793 Evil Instinct (96) aka: Gik dou sau sing   A police inspector mixes business with pleasure when he starts banging a tasty insurance company executive named Penny (played by 'Naked Killer" Carrie Ng).  She is also one of the suspects of a series of grisly sex murders. Inspired by 'Basic Instinct' of course. Meanwhile totally bodacious Wendy (Penny's work rival) is stealing away Penny's clients by offering them sex if they choose her as their agent. Kinky outfits and seductions with multiple Asian strumpets. Cat. III fun from Hong Kong!  LBX and with English subtitles.

J792 Eye of Satan, The (92) The Eye of Satan manages to rope a South African voodoo cult, a mysterious mercenary, an Arab arms dealer, a black panther, glowing eyes and a pair of duck hunters. When the bone breaking violence occurs, it is thick and fast. The Eye of Satan is a glowing red jewel that turns our main killer into a black panther (although barely used). Our main man is Kane (played by strong tough guy Cliff Twemlow). Cliff Twemlow was a composer, writer, stuntman and more. He died at age 59 of heart failure not long after the release of this in 1993. He looked to be in great shape.

J794 Fifth Dimension of Sex (84) aka: A Quinta Dimensão do Sexo  Two guys are being pleasured by two hot women. Later they start a ruckus in a game arcade and get their asses kicked. Now they have sex with two more women. They fix up an isolated house. and create a laboratory, and a new drug. They both drink it and go out on the prowl. They take a girl to their home and assault her, making her drink the potion. Now aroused, she takes them both on.  She escapes and falls into a pit of snakes.  Later they pick up a hot girl and have sex with her. They leave her dead on the beach. They pick up yet another girl and they all start to get it on.  A twist is coming, and a grim finale. The first XXX film from Coffin Joe (Jose Mojica Marins) is one weird trip. XXX and no subtitles so F.L.

J795 Forbidden Sun (88) aka: The Bulldance  An elite gymnastics camp in Crete is run by an American couple who also teach their students the culture of the region about the Minoan's who worshipped the bull spawning the legend of the Minotaur. Cross these tumble stumble gals with the ancient Crete practices, sprinkle in a pseudo-rape storyline and a teenage rock band, seasoned with a little female frustration and all-out madness.... Oh, and add Lauren Hutton as Mrs. Lake and Cliff De Young as Professor Lake. Also starring Viveka Davis, Renee Estevez and Samantha Mathis.

J702 Frozen Scream (75) After opening narration with keen insight into the mysteries of life, a mad scientist and his evil helper are shown, trying to reverse the aging process by experimenting on tied-up captives. Scythe carrying hooded henchmen hunt their victims. Scattered nightmare flashbacks feature wrist slashings, blood-drinking, a topless blonde, and zombified teens chanting around a campfire. If you think you have stumbled into low budget bad movie territory you guessed right. But there is more to it than that. Much more. Manages to entertain with drive-in trash charm. 

J798 Hell's Gate, The (89) aka: Le porte dell'inferno  Umberto Lenzi directed this horror from Italy. Spelunkers deep down in a cave are joined by tomb seekers. They reach the spot where their friend is (he was trying to set a record) who tells them he is not alone. Something else is here stalking him. They find the tomb. Cursed by the souls of seven monks who have to murder seven heretics in order to free themselves from the curse. And here we are..... Get the creeps from movies set in large caves? This Lenzi lensed horror is pretty good.   In Italian with English subtitles  BA

J800 Hiruko the Goblin (91) aka: Yôkai hantâ: Hiruko  aka: Demonios asesinos  A school is built on one of the Gates of Hell (not the best plan), behind which hordes of demons await the moment they will be free to roam the Earth.  Hiruko is a goblin sent to Earth on a reconnaissance mission.  There he beheads clueless students in order to assemble their heads on the demons' spider-like bodies.  Hieda, an archaeology professor, and Masao, a haunted student, investigate the gory deaths and eventually battle Hiruko.  Long ago this was known as 'Spiders with Human Heads'.  Mix together 'Evil Dead', 'The Church' and 'The Thing' and you might have an idea of where this goes... It's a wild and wacky tongue in cheek gore FX extravaganza!  In Japanese with English subtitles.  LBX  BA

J805 Hitcher in the Dark (89) aka: Paura nel buio   He's a demented young 'preppy' looking man with mother issues driving around in a camper, looking for vulnerable female hitchhikers around the Virginia beach coast area. Umberto Lenzi directs, so expect some gore, and even a twist or two. Though to be honest, our killer doesn't look like he could fight his way out of a wet paper bag, but he is menacing enough to the vulnerable female I suppose. It's a road movie with a Norman Bates styled serial killer. Josie Bisset's debut. She went on to Melrose Place. I prefer this. Spoken English language and some foreign subtitles.  BA

J797 Holocaust 2: The Revenge (80) aka: Holocaust parte seconda: i ricordi, i deliri, la vendetta   Once imprisoned and abused by the Nazis three decades earlier, these Jews want revenge!  They have found the Nazis, who have been blending in acting innocent.  Now it is time to make them pay!  The payback has been a long time coming, and it comes finally and with no mercy! The movie begins with a plan and the first kill! A woman is attacked in the woods by three men. They strip her while the Nazi guy is sniper fodder inside his mansion.  As he dies, we see some of his crimes in flashback.  Meanwhile, the girl in the woods outside the mansion, one of Hitler's children and presumably a relative of the Nazi, is tied to trees and strangled. More mayhem follows in this very dark film. William Berger, Tina Aumont and Gordon Mitchell star.  Slightly LBX, dubbed into English language and with foreign subtitles.  BA

J796 Home Sweet Home (81) aka: Slasher in the House  The Bradley's are having their family gathering for Thanksgiving. A giggling homicidal killer (“Body by Jake’s” Jake Steinfeld) has just escaped from the mental institution. This will not be a happy holiday. He begins to kill the Bradley family in a deadly game of cat and mouse. The kills are brutal, cold and disturbing, but not particularly bloody. Like Carpenter's 'Halloween', the main drive is atmosphere and a feeling of dread. Vinessa Shaw has a prominent role in her debut. She is only five!  It's a slasher, fair and simple.   Perfect for Thanksgiving!  BA

J803 Hostage (86) aka: Raw Terror  The only movie where Soldier of Fortune magazine's very own Col. Robert K. Brown and 'Boom-Boom'  John Donovan appeared. Karen Black, Kevin McCarthy, and Wings Hauser star as pawns in a game of international terrorism in this action-packed explosive thriller. Seeking to free religious zealot Zobruto, Arab terrorists hijack a planeload of prominent passengers which include a soft-core porn star (Black), and others (for me, none more notable). Hauser is kickass as Major Striker, a man of action! Very UNPC, but the way things should be now if you ask me. Blow the bastards to hell, ask questions later!  BA

Z837 Hot Springs Geisha: Soft Shell Turtle (72) aka: Onsen suppon geisha  In this follow-up, sexy Miki Sugimoto has developed her vaginal strength so she can fuck guys to death. In the end, she is pitted against a sexual superman of sorts that plans to give her the ride of her life, and also survive and dominate her. If all of this madness is not enough, there is also a very politically incorrect subplot! A mad scientist that collects vaginal juices and uses them on Japanese women, turning them into negroes! So they black face and black body Japanese girls and say, 'I made me a pretty good negro!'. Hey, I didn't make it, don't blame me.  In Japanese with English subtitles.   LBX

J799 House of the Damned (74) aka: La loba y la Paloma   The same year (mini-man) Michael Dunn and (busy) Donald Pleasence starred in 'The Mutations', they both had the time to travel to Spain and appear in this twisted little thriller.  Zayas (Pleasence) murders Acebo, in a fit of rage over a statue treasure, in front Acebo's daughter Maria. Years later Zaya returns from prison, and finds Maria in a crazy house situated on the same isolated island as her home, presumably, where somewhere the treasure is hidden. Through trickery, they get Maria out, even though she is mute and hopelessly insane. Now Zayas wants the treasure!  First he killed her father!  Now he wants what's his! Other players (including Dunn's character) are also after the treasure. Also with Carmen Sevilla.

J783 House of the Living Dead (74) aka: Kill, Baby, Kill  aka: Curse of the Dead  Filmed in South Africa. A man brings his fiancée (Shirley Anne Field) to his plantation-like ancestral home. Madness permeates the grounds (and the family). The mother wants to drive the women out and end the lineage. The brother is a deformed and quite mad, staring from the upstairs window. He also conducts experiments on souls... Voodoo, witchcraft, an eerie organ... strange rituals along with some murders.. it is these things that make the potential new bride's imagined intentions of wedded bliss seem hopeless. Watch for the twist ending.  BA

Z808 House of the Yellow Carpet, The (83) aka: La casa del tappeto giallo   aka: Der gelbe Teppi  In the night Antonio hears his wife Franca talking in her sleep, about being with another man. The next day a man comes by who is interested in purchasing the yellow carpet of the title. He informs Franca that he has killed his wife on that same yellow rug. He kidnaps Franca and she kills him! But is that what really happened? There are some nasty moments in this giallo, including some pretty vicious stabbings and a syringe in the eye... But there is more mystery and unexpected twists here, the first deception is followed by a second and we find ourselves double-fooled. Nice. From the director of 'Teenage Prostitution Racket' and 'Crazy Joe', Carlo Lizzani. English language dubbed.

Z839 I, Marquis De Sade (67) Sometimes people get into the readings of cultural figures too much, and go mad. This is the case with Donald. So obsessed is he with the writings of Marquis De Sade, that he decides to become the man, and perform twisted sexual atrocities on unwitting women. Part of his breakdown may be linked to the dire cancer diagnosis his doctor has just given him. His conquests are usually thwarted by circumstance or women that outsmart him, but he is persistent. LBX

Z809 Jurassic Trash (98) aka: Terror of Prehistoric Bloody Monster from Space   A paleontologist discovers some viable dinosaur eggs, and sells them to a mad scientist, who creates some type of dinosaur/crocodile hybrids. The director has a field day with the subject matter, throwing in everything but the kitchen sink! Rubber Monsters! A clown that looks like 'Joker'!  Boobs! Crazy Christians! Idiots everywhere in  the cast. Total madness from France. With English subtitles.

L955 Land of Death (04) aka: In the Land of the Cannibals  aka: Nella terra dei cannibali   Bruno Mattei's offering to the jungle/cannibal genre! When a general's daughter is kidnapped by a tribe of cannibals, Commandos are sent in to rescue her. Led by an experienced guide, and one of the captured cannibals, into the heart of darkness they go. Mattei relies heavily on his love for the movies 'Predator' and 'Cannibal Holocaust', and it shows here, go ahead and compare. Others as well.  To be influenced by good films.. in this case a good thing! Rape, torture. flesh-eating, head-rolling... Nice. In English too!   BA

Z861 Lust Killer (13) It's a documentary of Joachim Kynchala, who murdered five women between 1975 and 1982 (that we know of). Others are explored as well, like a former journalist, who, despite his old age, admits he has a variety of dark sexual obsessions. Two intriguing taboos collide here. Sex and Death. The gloomy fascination that surrounds serial killers. Something went awry in their DNA theoretically, unborn in them was the piece of mind that stops most of us from such morbid vile behaviors. In Polish and with English subtitles.

Z863 Murder in a Blue World (73) aka: To Love, Perhaps to Die  aka: Clockwork Terror   'Sleeper' styled futuristic action, gay hoodlums in shiny red helmets wielding whips... and more.  Sue Lyons as Ana Vernia, who kills hard bodied young men with no explicable reason, two superb faux adverts, one for an msg free blue drink, the other for leopard spot sex pants.... A gang of young people (Chris Mitchum and others), ride around and attack and assault entire families in their reign of terror a la 'Clockwork Orange'. There's a peculiar therapy of mind control. A great companion to the Kubrick film. The longest print at 1 hour and 42 minutes, the sharpest print. and it's LBX and dubbed into English language! Upgrade!  BA

Z864 Night in the Nude: Salvation, A (10) aka: Nûdo no yoru: Ai wa oshiminaku ubau   Jiro is a man who will do anything for a price. He takes tasks as simple as cleaning out storage lockers. A young woman wants him to help her find a lost Rolex. He finds the watch... covered in rotting meat.  This case will lead to another case, one filled with sex, violence and incestuous rape sending him on a journey into a living hell and bloody dismemberment. The film relies on a fever dream type of logic, which includes the twisted and disturbing situations some of our characters are subjected to, and how they react. This Uncut version runs almost two and a half hours!!   In Japanese with English subtitles.  LBX   Not for the meek!   DVD-R only no VHS

J764 Omegans, The (68) Deep in the jungles of the Philippines, an artist has arrived with his wife (the lovely Ingrid Pitt) hoping for inspiration. Ingrid starts humping the guide behind her husband's back. They plan on killing her husband after his paintings are sold, so they can live on the money. But the husband is on to them. He has also discovered a radioactive river area which causes any creature that bathes in it, to age rapidly. Silent about what he knows, he puts his plan of revenge into play. He persuades them to pose for him, in the radioactive waters, for hours, day after day.... Hah!

J690 One Deadly Summer (83) aka: L'estate assassina  aka: L'été meurtrier   Isabelle Adjani plays a young woman who is disturbed and unhinged by her mother's brutal rape by three men years earlier. Her life revolves around revenge. It starts as an erotic drama and transforms into an account of retribution. She takes cruel revenge because she knows she is the product of her mother's assault. The daughter of a rapist. Isabelle Adjani strips down frequently in this, but watch closely, she also gives a virtuoso performance displaying a range of emotions at various times. She is an untamed animalistic sexpot. A complex thriller. LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

J719 Orphan, The (79) aka: Friday the 13th: The Orphan   An unfortunate accident kills a husband and wife. Their young son David must now be cared for by his aunt. She's a real bitch. She kills his chicken, and almost kills his dog. The boy also has some kind of weird (sexual?) thing with the maid, which turns a little when he hides in a closet while she has sex with her boyfriend. Eventually the boy flips out. He starts to talk to a stuffed gorilla named 'Charlie' worshipping it like a pagan god. David has gone psycho, and things will not end well.   BA

J718 Out of Sight, Out of Mind (90) aka: Sight Unseen   Alice (Susan Blakely), the wife of rich guy Victor (Wings Hauser), her boyfriend (?) and daughter are on an elevator going up but the Japanese mask wearing 'Kabuki Killer' gets her daughter and the kid is burned alive.  Or is she?  Alice ends up in a mental institution.  But she keeps having visions of her dead daughter. She is dead... right?  Homicide detective Kurt (Edward Albert) smalls a rat....  Her shrink (Richard Masur) is no help. She seems to have forgotten her lover (who was also murdered). Plot twists amidst the stabbings.

J735 Perversion Story (69) aka: One on Top of the Other  aka: Una sull'altra  Lucio Fulci directed this pre-Giallo type mystery thriller. Follows the story of a doctor and his wife who suffers from chronic asthma, and she dies.  Later he is with his mistress and meets a young woman who is a dead (!) ringer for his deceased wife. Later his wife is exhumed and poison is found on her body.... Intense twists and turns and Marisa Mell in dual roles.  Mell was known to have dozens of famous lovers including Warren Beatty and Roman Polanski. She died of cancer in poverty in Vienna Austria in 1992 at age 53.  Marisa Mell quote "I was never proud of my beauty, I was rather bothered by it. It was a tragedy.  Every man wanted me, but no man wanted to keep me."  English dubbed version + trailer!   BA

Z879 Piranha, Piranha! (72) aka: Piranha  aka: Piranha, River of Death   A guide has been hired to lead wildlife photographer Terry (Ahna Capri) and her brother Art, into the Venezuela jungles for photos. They meet a hunter named Caribe (William Smith) who says he can lead them to diamond mines deep in the Amazon basin. Caribe seems like a swell guy, motorcycle racing, teaching about hunting, shooting and wild game. A handy person to have around. Then, suddenly he turns into a homicidal maniac, raping Terry, and killing her brother, feeding him to the piranhas. Now what? Let's face it. This is not a movie about killer piranhas. But it is an excellent William Smith film. the type of role made for him, and he is fantastic as Caribe, the charismatic madman! Buxom Blonde Hungarian Capri was on dozens of TV shows in the 70's. She was in an automobile accident in Los Angeles in 2010 that did her in at age 66.   BA

Z818 Rape of Love (78) aka: L'amour violé   A beautiful nurse is knocked off her motorbike in the French countryside by four scumbags in a white van. They take her to a secluded area and gang rape her after much humiliation and abuse. The sequence is pretty brutal and seemed to last a long time. She is bruised and broken. Recovering in the hospital she seems to be coming around. Her man tries to understand. Will the system arrest the rapists or will she have to crusade for justice on her own? She figures out who they are. The locations and photography are amazing. This is probably the most realistic movie about rape I have ever seen. The dialogue is real.   'You teased us, what do you expect, we're only men!'  In French with English subtitles.  LBX   BA

Z819 Rape Shot: Momoe's Lips (79) aka: Rape shot: Momoe no kuchibiru  A supermarket tabloid reporter searches for slime on a celebrity so he can get a big scoop. He sets his sights on a pretty pop singer.. he will assault her, he will stalk her, he will stand by when she is abducted right in front of him..... His life spirals into a cold empty world of unscrupulous depravity... not unlike a large percentage of media people working in America today, self interest and glory in mind, with no regard for truth, only sensationalism, real or imagined. Cold-hearted with sex and rape.  In Japanese with English subtitles  LBX  BA

J790 Record, The (00) aka: Zzikhimyeon jukneunda   Familiar slasher scenarios a la 'I Know What You Did Last Summer', 'Scream'  and others. After covering up a prank gone wrong, some time later our group of misfits find themselves the target of a masked killer. A couple of good gory kills, and some of the victims actually put up a pretty good fight.  In Korean with English subtitles  LBX  BA

J791 Red Eye (05) aka: Redeu-ai  aka: Death Train  aka: Redeye, le train de l'horreur   A train and it's retiring driver are set to take their last journey. Along for the ride are a new recruit who is taking over, the handsome lead, a few punky teen passengers, and a creepy 'I See Dead People' kid who is riding alone, supposed to meet his mother on the final stop. The story really gets moving when some of the people wander off alone and come to gruesome ends. There is something dark and horrifying on this ride......  Korean with English subtitles  LBX  BA

J689 Reincarnation of Golden Lotus, The (89) aka: Pan Jin Lian zhi qian shi jin sheng  aka: This Day, Previous Life  A woman (Joey Wang) is cursed with beauty in China and becomes prey for men. Raped by the prefect of her ballet school and sent to work camp, she escapes to decadent Hong Kong by marrying a wealthy banker.  She finds herself drawn to sadomasochistic affairs and in vivid dreams and flashbacks discovers she is the reincarnation of a woman who was also wronged by many in a previous life...  Now she is ready for her revenge.  In her other life she was defiled and killed. In this life she has also been abused. But things will be different. Vengeance is Hers! Or will she fall into the same path like Peter Proud?  From Hong Kong with English subtitles.  LBX  BA

Z842 Ritual of Love (89) aka: Love Ritual  aka: Rito d'amore   It's a true story that made headlines all over the world. This movie of course distorts facts and characters, but basically gets the story across. Here we have a Japanese guy who is in love with a French model and things get very sexually sick and strange between them. Blend in some nightmare sequences and you will see where the filmmakers are taking you. So... will he sample her flesh with her consent and by doing so lose control and turn her into sushi? Oh... maybe.... English Dubbed and with Greek subtitles

J645 Shock Extreme #1 (90's) Shockumentaries were damn popular in the 80's and the 90's. Each trying to outrage the other, with mixed results. Here we have more of the same, and more! Of course. Executions, wars, fights, riots, rotting corpses etc...... Man's inhumanity to man on display at every turn. A sobering account.

J646 Shock Extreme #2 (90's) Some of the nastiest, the goriest... saved for the second part. Decapitations, faces eaten by wild dogs, gruesome morgue shots... more. We recommend that you do not watch either of these while eating. May give nightmares to the weak of heart.

J641 Skin Under the Claws (75) aka: La pelle sotto gli artigli   aka: La piel bajo las uñas   A series of brutal murders keeps the police on their toes, but they can not find a way to catch the sadistic murderer.  A demented doctor (Gordon Mitchell) experiments with ways to cheat death (and bring back his wife) and meanwhile confuses his pursuers with the help of a corpse identical DNA to his own. His young female victims are raped and brutally murdered with a knife. In the victims’ fingernails will find the police traces of rotted human flesh...   This print longer than #N549 but is in Italian language only... Order this 82 minute foreign language version, and get the 76 minute English subtitled version FREE!   Two versions for the price of one!   

Z867 Somewhere Someone (72) aka: Quelque part quelqu'un  You think you got it bad? Try this exercise in depression. Several desperate lives and their fates in an inhuman city are profiled here, explored and gloomily depicted for the maximum downbeat misery factor. The director makes sure to add extra darkness, monotony and emptiness. Death in a near future, The score is a whisper of doom, like a song from a graveyard. Despite the downbeat nature of this film, I found it cheered me up some, not that I was depressed, but man, somebody was. This must be what it is like. Interesting. Not recommended however, if you are already on the brink. In French with English subtitles. LBX


J787 Splattermania #1 (various) Various scenes from some of the coolest with the emphasis on the payoff. The 'money shot' as far as gore movies go. Blood-Spattering! Blood-Spraying! Chainsaw Dismemberment! Nudity and Extreme Violence! If you like and enjoy what you see...

J788 Splattermania #2 (various) Various scenes from some of the best, once again with the emphasis on the payoff! Same as part one, except all different! Both discs perfect for any party! You will never know what scene is about to happen! At least at first viewing that is. A surprise!


Z833 Tatort (77) aka: Reifezeugnis  Sina (Nastassja Kinski) is having an affair with her married teacher. Michael follows her into the woods and watches her as she makes it with the teacher. Later he tries to put the moves on Sina, in a rough way, and she crushes his head in with a rock. The police think the teacher is the killer. Sina is a confused young woman! Another showcase for the young Kinski who just could not keep her clothes on in films back in the day. 'Tess'... 'To the Devil a Daughter'...'Stay as You Are'   I rest my case, although, I'm not complaining. Released here in an English language dubbed version that ran 91 minutes under the title 'For Your Love Only' (which we also have), this is the German language original version, with English subtitles that runs 108 minutes! 

Z822 Teenage Prostitution Racket (75) aka: Storie di vita e malavita (Racket della prostituzione minorile)  Young girls whored out ... six stories here. First a woman prostitutes her minor niece for rides to destinations. Then a girl is promised honest work... Third: The price of a particular virgin goes up. Fourth: A young girl sells herself in protest of her rich family. More. Filth, Blood, Politically Incorrect Madness. This LBX English dubbed version has a few scenes un-translated so there are English subtitles. Runs 1 hour and 56 minutes! + as a bonus! 10 minutes of XXX scenes that were cut from the film, edited out so they could actually sell it to market!  Alternate Version with Bonus Footage!   This alternate version is exactly that, an alternate version, not an upgrade.  BA

J614 Thousand Pleasures, A  (68) aka: 1000 Pleasures  So... a guy (Michael Findlay) kills his bitch of a wife, sets out to dump her worthless carcass and finds himself abducted by a pair of lunatic lesbians who spirit him away to their home where they have a grown woman (wearing a diaper) they call 'Baby' in a large crib, whom they nurse and whip. Findlay, who was a team with his wife Roberta, had his life 'cut' short when he was decapitated by a rogue helicopter blade as the landing gear failed in New York City May 1977. Another blade killed a woman on the street below.

Z868 'Tis a Pity She's a Whore (71) aka: Addio fratello crudele  aka: Dommage qu'elle soit une putain    Incest, Religion and Revenge! In an amoral home, where a man lives in sin with a woman, his daughter (a young and beautiful Charlotte Rampling) and his son fall in love and incest, and are still going at it when the daughter marries another.... The new husband is not too thrilled about this when he learns she is pregnant. There will be gory revenge.  A blood bath!  Very sleazy and inappropriate, but isn't that what good films are about from time to time?  Here the dialogue is sparse, when it does occur, it is in French with no subtitles. But there is practically no dialogue here, as the characters act out there parts in an arty, but very dark way. This is the full uncut version of this morbid tragic masterpiece. LBX  BA

Z848 Tokyo Decameron (96) aka: Tôkyô Dekameron   The first story has two lesbians, both named Mariko. One of them becomes involved with a man and the other takes her revenge, with an ironic twist. The second story involves four depraved bisexual women who catch a girl shoplifting and force her to be their slave as punishment. They dress her in an ass-baring maid's uniform, force her to wear a dog collar and eat out of a dog dish.... even worse treatment to come. But the girl gets her revenge! Third story. A sexy young stripper takes revenge on a man who she believes participated in the gang-rape of her sister. In Japanese and with English subtitles.

J775 Treasure of Doom (85) aka: Treasure of the Amazon  aka: El tesoro de la selva perdida    In the 1950's various people are driven by their lust for diamonds in the Amazon jungle. A man who knows his way around (Stuart Whitman), an old Nazi (Donald Pleasence, whose character needs the loot to restart the Third Reich!) and more. Each group has their share of problems with the usual perils that come with the territory. In one scene a guy gets his eyeballs ripped out by hungry carnivorous crabs. Wild animals, head hunters, gratuitous violence and gore, cold-hearted characters, nudity... more. Great dialogue and action, this is subjective, you'll know what I mean if this is a genre you can appreciate. Also with John Ireland, Hugo Stiglitz and Bradford Dillman. LBX  BA

Z871 Tropic of Cancer (72) aka: Al tropico del cancro   When a scientist in Haiti invents a new hallucinatory drug, dubious people show up with bad intentions which leads to betrayal and murder. A young couple vacationing in Haiti (really?) get caught up in the mess. It's a voodoo giallo in Haiti. Erotic and nightmarish fever dreams, slaughterhouse footage and a pretty high body count with some brutally creative killings. There is also mystery and spy espionage, drugs can always be sold for high money, everyone is expendable for the almighty dollar. Anthony Steffan plays the inventor. Gabriele Tinti the 'Hero'. Anita Strindberg is 'Grace' the woman with the unnerving dreams. The giallo meets the blaxploitation genre! Nice new English dubbed LBX - Upgrade!  BA

J777 We're Going to Eat You (80) aka: Di yu wu men  aka: Kung Fu Zombies  aka: Cole, cole, que te como   Several people have disappeared on a remote island near Hong Kong. The island is populated by inbred cannibals that crave human flesh. They feed on unsuspecting travelers and fugitives that arrive at random. A government agent hunting a fugitive winds up on the island and has a series of encounters with various freaks, crazed mask-wearing butchers, a giant creepy transvestite and the town's chief, who hordes the meat!  Good Gory Fun from Hong Kong!   LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z823 Wet Sand in August (71) aka: Hachigatsu no nureta suna   Kiyoshi sees a girl thrown out of a convertible with her clothes all ripped up. Clearly the victim of an assault. Later her sister accuses Kiyoshi of the rape, even though he had nothing to do with it. She shoves him into a car to take him to the police. Kiyoshi has had enough!  A generously sleazy film of high school friends spending there final summer together before heading off to college and getting involved in gang rape, parental abuse, and a healthy amount of T & A with some soft-core grinding. In Japanese with English subtitles. LBX  BA

J643 Woman of the Afternoon: Incite! (79) aka: Hirusagari no onna: chohatsu!  Yuki leaves her husband, picks up a gay hitchhiker and takes him to his home. But there he finds his man is making it with (gasp!) A WOMAN!!  He continues down the road with Yuki, only to run afoul of a group of backwoods psychos, and a young couple (with the girl carrying around the bones of her aborted baby and her boyfriend that she enjoys watching as he rapes women.).  Probably should have stayed home!  In Japanese with English subtitles   LBX

J784 Zombie vs. Ninja (89) aka: Zodiac America: The Super Master  Another cut and splice atrocity from Godfrey Ho! He's taken a few films and spliced them together here (again). Makes Al Adamson's similar techniques look like Scorsese! An old necromancer uses the undead as training for ninja. Ninja needs to get his revenge on some bad guys who beat him and killed his father. Even though the movie can be an incoherent mess at times, the fights are good, the outfits and dialogues hilarious, and the unpredictable camerawork and editing keep your attention.   From Hong Kong





Z824 Alfie Darling (75) aka: Lo stallone erotico   Sequel to the Michael Caine film from 1966. Here Alfie is played by Alan Price, the organist for 'The Animals'. Alfie cannot stop his womanizing ways. He wants the sophisticated magazine editor Abby (Jill Townsend), but Norma (Sheila White) well... and that thing with Fay (Joan Collins) hmmmm. Alfie shoots, Alfie scores. Some nice topless scenes, and nice willing women. That's what we want lads. Also with the gorgeous Vicki Michelle, too brief!   LBX  BA

J667 All the Way Up (70) Before Fred, a fast-talking salesman, can be promoted, he has to figure out a way... through cheat and crook. Fred and his unscrupulous family of charm less grifter types, blackmail his boss with a poison pen letter which implicates the (maybe?) innocent man in imagined misdeeds. Fred gets the gig. But can he keep it? Much of the humor is based around sexual escapades of the cast. Warren Mitchell, Adrienne Posta and more star in this absurdly entertaining British comedy.   BA

J676 Bottoms Up (60) aka: Guerra fredda e pace calda  Jimmy Edwards continues his radio and TV role as Professor Jim Edwards who is trying to control a group of naughty schoolboys. Bottoms are presented for caning although Jim never actually canes anything except a cushion and the deputy headmaster! Politically incorrect Jimmy smokes and drinks his way through the comedy antics. The sight of a group of school kids destroying a platform that was meant to be used as a mass-caning site is unforgettable!   BA

J715 Dance Hall (50) aka: Le démon de la danse   Episodic tale of four factory girls and their various romances at the local dance hall. Natasha Perry, Jane Hylton, Petula Clark and a 19 year old Diana Dors star.   BA

J684 Dead Room, The (18) Aubrey Judd (Simon Callow) is recording a ghost story from a new author he has no respect for. He is told the studio is haunted. Things get eerie. an unrecognizable Susan Penhaligon makes a rare appearance as 'Joan'. She'll always be the hot blonde from 'The Land That Time Forgot' for me. Mark Gatiss stars and directs. This is a short running about 30 minutes. + Living Legends: Burke and Hare (79) An investigation by Magnus Magnusson on the infamous duo, who have been the inspiration for many films due to their grave-robbing exploits. My kind of documentary.  All on one disc (no VHS)!

J681 Fiction Makers, The (68) aka: Le Saint: les créateurs de fictions  Roger Moore as Simon Templar. He is hired to bodyguard a female author (Sylvia Sims). But then they are kidnapped by a gang that takes them to a crazy madman who plans to knock off a Fort Knox style place and take all of the gold bullion and jewels. But they think Templar is the author, as she uses an alias, the name of a man. Since he is so clever in their minds with his writing, he must help them come up with a way for the heist! Excellent James Bond styled with pre-007 Moore. Also with Justine Lord. Directed by Roy Ward Baker.  Double episode of 'The Saint' released as a feature.  BA

J660 In-Between Age, The (58) aka: The Golden Disc   When a young couple (Lee Patterson and Carol Steele) expands their coffee bar to include a record shop where you can record your own record, they help a young singer (Terry Dene), as the era of rock and roll starts to take hold. Time to cash in with the hormonal teenagers lust for new tunes! An early look at the birth of home-grown rock in the U.K. with a cornucopia of musical styles. Changing times.  BA

Z820 Rough and the Smooth, The (59) aka: Portrait of a Sinner  aka: Il ruvido e il liscio  Tale of an archeologist who is having second thoughts about his upcoming wedding. Especially when he meets a pretty (but damaged) German woman who is able to offer him sex, but not any kind of emotional commitment due to her being raped as a teenager. Will our hero continue his dance on the dark side and fall deeper into her turbulent world of perpetual doom? Nadja Tiller provides the eye candy in this extremely racy for 1959 film from England. Also starring Donald Wolfit and Adrienne Corri. LBX  BA     

J723 Run a Crooked Mile (69) In a secluded mansion, Richard (Louis Jordan) is witness to a murder. He tries to get help but is knocked out cold. He wakes up two years later in a hospital with amnesia. He is married to Elizabeth (a cute Mary Tyler Moore). He remembers the murder, and heads back to the mansion. Nice plot twist in this clever murder thriller. Look for the gorgeous Yutte Stensgaard at a party, and also some familiar English faces.

J673 Ship That Died of Shame, The (55) aka: PT Raiders   A trio of ex-servicemen are smuggling black market items into post-war Britain. Motivated by greed, they increase their criminality by transporting child-killers and weapons. The pay is better... but the price to pay when they are finally caught and brought to justice may be more than anyone could imagine. Stellar cast includes Richard Attenborough, George Baker, Virginia McKenna and many more. BA

J716 Talking Pictures (18) First interview... Mark Lester as he is now, talking about his career, 'Oliver' and others. Then Francoise Pascal (Burke and Hare and others) as she is now. Then: Shirley Anne Field  as she is now. Finally: Reina James... All on one disc and no VHS. Interesting listening to tales of the old days of some of the classics.

J663 When the Whales Came (89) On a remote, barren island, off the British coast, a community lives a hand to mouth existence, scavenging from wrecks for wood..  Two children have adventures, and are intrigued by the 'Birdman' who lives in an old shack. When a whale is stranded on the beach, the people prepare to butcher, but the Birdman warns of the curse that will befall them if they do such a thing. Set in 1914, the soundtrack is enchanting, the film is beautifully shot, and the hopefulness is contagious. Helen Mirren is the mother of one of the children. Solid cast includes Paul Scofield, David Threlfall, Jeremy Kemp and more.

J685 Wild Winter Christmas Shorts and More! (various)  1. Mystery at Monstein (54) A ski champion's uncle tries to kill him for his inheritance.   2. Yukon Jake (24) In the old west, Cyclone Bill keeps the town free of criminals.   3. Winter Week-End (52) From Ottawa to the Gatineau Hills they travel for a fun-filled weekend on the slopes.   4. Winter of the Witch (69) The best short on this disc. The life of a witch is disrupted by the arrival of a boy and his mother.  Can she change from a bad witch to a good witch?  Narrated by Burgess Meredith   5. Christmas Under Fire (40) How Britain dealt with Christmas during the War.   6. Early One Morning (69)   and   7. Christmas in Britain (69)    DVD-R only no VHS




Z852 100 Days in Palermo (84) aka: Cento giorni a Palermo  Makes good use of real life situations in regards to political corruption in Italy, as well as a sociological perspective. The mafia cannot be beaten on their home turf. The Courts are powerless. There is no way to tell where the law ends and the Mafia begins. Loaded with machine gun death and the first 15 minutes alone bullets fly and bodies fall. The film is realistic, cold, distant and impersonal. This makes it one of the most authentic films about the Mafia. And one of the darkest, putting things in perspective from some of the fantasy blockbusters. Lino Ventura and many more star. In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX  BA

Z866 A Slightly Pregnant Man (73) aka: L'événement le plus important depuis que l'homme a marché sur la Lune   aka: Niente di grave, suo marito è incinto   A male driving school owner (Marcello Mastroianni) goes to his doctor, He is feeling run down (get it?) and weak. The doctor informs him he is four months pregnant. His fiancé (Catherine Denevue) is bewildered. The media laps it up as he becomes a celebrity and the world of science is flipped upside down. Paris is in an uproar. The director manages to bat around religion, feminism, and sexual orientation with ease. 'Rabbit Test' and 'Junior' are basically rip-off films of this one. The ending will surprise!  In French with English subtitles. LBX  BA

J782 A Taste of Hell (73)  aka: Les casse-gueules du Pacifique   WW2.  Lt. Barry Mann (John Garwood) is horribly disfigured.  He lives in a cave and goes around chopping up Japanese soldiers.  He has his reasons.  Meanwhile Jack Lowell (William Smith) hunts the same man who is responsible for the disfigurement of Barry Mann.  Major Kuramoto (Vic Diaz), the evil leader of this group of Japanese, who have kidnapped every hot girl in sight, including Lowell's main squeeze Maria (Liz Lorena), who Kuramoto has put in a tiger cage.  It's a war picture with shades of a horror film due to the disfigured guy and the killing.  BA

Z825 American Rickshaw (89) aka: American Tiger aka: American risciò   Action filmed in Florida directed by Sergio Martino! When a Miami college student (Mitchell Gaylord) in his snappy Tiger tank top is framed for a murder, he teams up with a stripper/whore and an Asian witch to find the real killer and clear his name. Witchy woman has a cat and a cobra that does her bidding. The hooker (Victoria Prouty), well you could have worse companions let's just say. The dead man's father is a crazed televangelist (Donald Pleasence) and he is mighty powerful.... Hilarious action and weird plot points. Gaylord is an Olympic Medalist in real life. LBX Upgrade!  BA

J687 Auntie Danielle (90) aka: Tatie Danielle   This little old lady is wicked as they come. A devil in disguise. She pretends to be a sweet old lady, but behind the facade, she manipulates and creates chaos. Decent little dark comedy about an old lady that makes it her mission to terrorize anyone she encounters. She even instigates the abandoning of an old family dog! A roller coaster ride of mean and spiteful behavior from an ungrateful, chronic malcontent. Still with moments of reflection and lots of laughs. This French film has English subtitles.  BA

J755 Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me (71) A young conman's (Barry Primus) college years in the late 1950's as he experiments with drugs, parties, samples women... lives like it is the summer of love, which was about ten years away at this point. The music used for what is supposed to be the late 1950's, is just wrong. Feels more like the 60's, even closer to when it was made. Some familiar faces (before they became familiar) include Raul Julia as Juan, Susan Tyrrell as Jack and Bruce Davison as Fitzgore.  BA

Z802 Blood for Blood (71) aka: Ryûketsu no kôsô  Business is booming in the streets of K City, and the Yakuza wants a piece of the action. Even more than that. As the Yakuza make their move, a crime boss has just been released from prison after a five year stretch. Things have changed, as well as the power structures. Not only that, but those close to him are being targeted! Time for a kamikaze-styled raid on the rival gang HQ. There will be 'Blood for Blood'! Violent Action Yakuza!  In Japanese with English subtitles.  LBX  BA

Z783 Borsalino (70) aka: Marseille 1930   France in 1930. Marseilles. When two small time crooks accidentally meet after brawling over a woman, they decide, instead of working for the mob, to take over the crime business themselves.  Things get crazy!  Better than average gangster movie with two of the greatest French actors comes with high production values (period clothes, cars and decor, sharp duds, and hot dames) depicting the era, and manages between funny and even tragic bits. Jean-Paul Belmondo and Alain Delon star.  LBX and now the rare English dubbed version!   BA

Z803 Cage, The (63) aka: La cage  A black physician returning to his home country of Gabon in France, is sent out into the bush to vaccinate the natives. Here superstitions and witches still dwell in the minds of the illiterate locals. He befriends a white man that actually understands the sorcery of the area, and in the night is visited by the man's wife, Isabelle, who seems to appear and be caught in a sort of netherworld or... cage. She wants him to kill her husband and be with her. Is she the legendary 'White Woman' of local lore who inflames the black man's desire? The film takes advantage of the mesmerizing landscapes, particularly when the ghostly Isabelle (played hauntingly by the beautiful Marina Vlady) wanders through the mangroves at dawn.... Wild native scenes include one in which they all put on 'white face'! Slightly LBX and with English subtitles.

Z826 Can You Be a Bigger Bastard Than Inspector Cliff? (73) aka: Super Bitch  aka: Si può essere più bastardi dell'ispettore Cliff?   Understanding the plot is not necessary to enjoy this violent and sleazy crime thriller. Delivers plenty of fast-paced action, lots of over the top violence with plenty of blood squibs, interesting characters (including a diplomat who likes to dress up like a rabbit), a family of singing hippie gangsters led by Patricia Hays' ruthless crime boss 'Mama', sexy Stephanie Beachum as Joanne the hooker, and even Verna Harvey as Eva, another stone-cold fox. Great location work in Beirut, London and New York, a funky score from Riz Ortolani, and an unpredictable and satisfying finale. Ivan Rassimov also stars. LBX and English Dubbed   BA

J741 Cavern, The (64) aka: Sette contro la morte   WW2 Italy. In the mountains, a mixed group are trapped inside a massive cavern after a cave-in. Cut off from the outside world, German troops and American troops, a British officer, even pretty Anna (Rosanna Schiaffino). What to do? Who will lead?  Who decides how to ration supplies? An interesting tale as they work together. Anna provides some moments of nervous sexual tension as she is the only female in the cavern!  John Saxon and Larry Hagman also star.  Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer.  BA

Z834 Chronicles of Fugitive Days and Sex (76) aka: Andô Noboru no waga tôbô to sex no kiroku  Noboru is on the run, having plenty of time to have sex with some of the hottest Japanese women of the day, and to be involved in extreme acts of violence to save his sorry hide whenever necessary. Noboru's fedora-wearing right hand man adds to the fun. There are some nice montages that utilize news footage, including the real guy's arrest and capture. This fictional account was probably a lot more fun than the real thing.  In Japanese with English subtitles.  LBX

Z855 Common Man, The (75) aka: Dupont Lajoie  aka: Vacanze di sangue  Every year, George, his wife and son, visit Loulou's campsite, and meet up with friends. One of the daughters is now grown into some hot stuff.  In the woods George sees her naked by the river, assaults, rapes and murders her during sex. 'What have I done?'  He hides her corpse by the immigrant Arab workers barracks. Figures he has things sorted.  The campers will assume and .... Interesting outcome here. Controversial and still relevant today.  In French with English subtitles.  LBX  BA

Z873 Coplan Saves His Skin (68) aka: Coplan sauve sa peau  aka: Coplan Agent FX18: Der Teufelsgarten   An amazing Euro spy film here! It's all over the board, and influenced by classics (like for instance, 'The Most Dangerous Game' and others). Authentic location shooting around Istanbul in the first half, then later a remote fortress with multiple castles that is surrounded by hills and valleys. Bizarre characters include midgets, an assassin that cannot stop eating, a whip-cracking, knife packing, horse-riding villainess and even what looks like some open incest! Klaus Kinski masterfully plays a weird sculptor. Margaret Lee's duel role should have won her an Oscar! Claudio Brooke is Coplan.  Now in a very nice LBX print  In French with English subtitles.  BA

J753 Cover Me Babe (70) aka: Run Shadow Run  Tony Hall (Robert Forster) is a college student film maker who seems hell bent on destroying any future career he may have. Smug, arrogant, sarcastic ... detached from friends and fellow students. Snobby and obnoxious Tony is just going to do his thing. Everybody else be damned if they don't like it. At least he has two (count 'em) girlfriends, but he mistreats them both. He even forces one of them into a sex scene for his 'art'... that would be Sybil (Susanne Benton), and  Melisse (Sondra Locke) is victimized as well, sexually.  BA

Z784 Death of a Corrupt Man (77) aka: Mort d'un pourri  aka: The Twisted Detective   A deputy (Maurice Ronet) has killed a corrupt man. The dead guy was a racketeer, and also had the goods on the deputy, threatening to expose him through blackmail. He calls his friend (Alain Delon) to help him in the cover up. He has the files of the racketeer, and many more people are after them. On these are high level government corruption information, bribery scandals and dirty top politicians behaviors. The deputy's hot woman (Ornella Muti) is in danger. Nice LBX and English dubbed.   BA

J722 Dove, The (74) aka: La Paloma   aka: Il ragazzo del mare   One of the first film's about a sixteen year old boy (Timothy Bottoms) that sails alone around the world in a 23 foot boat named 'The Dove'. He stops everywhere, and his adventures make him a man. He also meets up with another traveler named Patti (Deborah Raffin). He has her full support. She even has sex with him! That's what I call full support! Overbearingly Sappy? Yes. Inspiring? Yes. Beautifully filmed and colorful with outstanding performances from all? Yes. Also with Dabney Coleman and John Anderson. BA 

Z831 Dragon of Macao, The (65) aka: Makao no ryû   Ryu is the 'Dragon' of the title, He sets foot on the Yokohama port with a suitcase filled with 300 thousand dollars. He was sent by a jewelry company in Hong Kong to retrieve a certain diamond that was stolen from them. The 'Himalayan Star' is worth a couple of hundred million yen, and is now in the hands of Aizu, the Pirate of Tokyo Bay. The action-packed battle will be a spectacle. In Japanese with English subtitles.  LBX

J696 Duel of the Seven Tiger (79) aka: Shadow of the Tiger  aka: Liu he qian shou   Seven masters, each of a different style of fighting, challenge a single master of all styles. The movie starts with a long introduction of real martial artists doing their moves. But they will need a master of equal standing to defeat him. Hun Gar, Wing Chun, Monkey Fist, Choy Lee Fut and more styles are featured in plenty of killer battles.  From Hong Kong  Slightly LBX English dubbed  BA

Z787 Executors, The (76) aka: Street People  aka: Gli esecutori   Roger Moore (during his 007 days) and Stacey Keach star in this action-packed crime film.  Drug peddlers in San Francisco piss off a Sicilian godfather, who sends his nephew (Moore) to catch the bastards. His hot shot driver buddy (Keach) gets behind the wheel, and in no time they locate their adversaries. It's a buddy film, it's a gangster film, it's a chase film... set around the streets of San Francisco, and the upper regions in a harrowing scene where large trucks try to force them off the road! Hell I like Stacey Keach, and Roger Moore, so this is a no brainer. Nice LBX  BA

J726 Family Nobody Wanted, The (75) Nobody wants a bunch of racially mixed, pathetic little kids. So a minister (James Olson) and his wife (Shirley Jones) takes them in! One of the kids is Willie Ames. This is based on a true story.

J683 Fatal Bond (91) aka: Fatal Bond - Das tödliche Prinzip Zufall   Linda Blair is Leonie Stevens, in Australia, who takes up with a man (Jerome Ehlers) for a sexually charged relationship, and realizing he may be the serial killer everybody is talking about. Maybe or what?  Edge of your seat Aussie thriller that may be leading us down the road to a surprise ending. Sleazy fun with a few nice surprises.   BA

J720 Fist and Guts (79)  aka: Yi dan er li san gong fu   An undercover Shaolin monk searches for a fugitive that has wronged the order. While doing this he uncovers a scheme to steal the priceless Jad Buddah. The only way to stop this is to engage the labyrinth of booby traps and summon his best fist and guts to take on his vicious adversaries.  Nice English dub action packed kung fu from Hong Kong!   BA

Z806 George Who? (73) A noblewoman (Anne Wiazemsky) of the 19th century is sensuous and beautiful, a novelist, and a devoted mother. She also dressed in male clothing, adopted a male name, smoked cigars, and had numerous affairs, one with Frederic Chopin the composer. In her lifetime she became one of France's greatest scandals and is known as an essential forerunner of the women's liberation movement. Yes I see. Become a man. That'll show 'em. LBX and with English subtitles.

J770 Gravy Train, The (74) aka: The Dion Brothers   Stacey Keach and Frederic Forrest as two blue collar West Virginia brothers who want to start up a seafood restaurant. But they have no money and turn to a life of crime to raise the revenue. An armored car robbery is the answer. Adventure and comedic situations ensue. Nice action and shoot-out scenes, the best being in an abandoned building that is being destroyed by a wrecking ball. Manages to have heart, great dialogue, and Margot Kidder never looked better, she's pretty hot here. Frederic Forrest should have won an award. A surprise.  BA

J757 Happy Birthday, Wanda June (71) A big game hunter (Rod Steiger) who has been missing for eight years in the Amazon jungle, tries to waltz back into his families life like nothing has happened. A frank, funny and very politically incorrect film written by Kurt Vonnegut in his prime era. Flashes to heaven where Wanda June, dead, hit by a drunk driver years before, celebrates her birthday.  Steiger chews up what little scenery there is and sounds like he's doing Shakespeare. Some funny lines will make snowflakes melt. Bizarre characters. Susannah York as the wife he returns to. Pamelyn Ferdin is Wanda, years before her ordeal in the classic 'The Toolbox Murders' which was the film that pretty much ended her career in film.  BA

Z807 High Crime (73) aka: La polizia incrimina la legge assolve   An Italian police inspector (Franco Nero is Belli) matches wits with a powerful European drug ring. Lots of stylish slow-motion shootings, car explosions and people plowed over by various motor vehicles. Not much break for romance or drama, a relentless all-consuming search for Mr. Big is the order of the day. See the Italian Cop film that started it all! Also with James Whitmore (far removed from the giant ants in 'Them'), Delia Boccardo, Fernando Rey.   A masterpiece from director Enzo G. Castellari. LBX and English language.  BA

J760 High Seas Hijack (77)  aka: Terreur sur le monde  An oil tanker is hijacked and will be rammed full speed ahead into a fuel depot in Tokyo Bay unless the terrorists get what they want. Japanese action and special effects galore here, and Peter Graves is inserted into the story, much like Raymond Burr was inserted into the original 'Godzilla' , to Americanize the thing. This is dubbed into English language and has some foreign subtitles.

Z857 High Velocity (76) aka: Due tigri e una carogna   When an obnoxious and wealthy executive (Keenan Wynn) is kidnapped in a third world country, two reluctant mercenaries are hired to go into dangerous territory to rescue him. Clifford (Ben Gazarra) and Watson (Paul Winfield) are the two mercs. They have to assault the rebel group's jungle base. What follows is an unhappy and unresolved chain of events as just about everything that can go bad does. They find themselves in a shitload of trouble. The movie says a lot about colonialism, masters and servants... and some politically incorrect stuff that can be funny, but also tragic and jarring. A grim dark and strangely satisfying film. A surprise.  BA

J742 Istanbul Express (68) aka: El expreso de Estambul   A thrilling journey to Europe through Istanbul by train, with Gene Barry as agent Michael London, posing as an art dealer so he can make this regular trip ‘routine’ for his spying/secret agent espionage activities. But the other side wants what he has, in this case, top secret scientific papers. Nice Turkish location shots.  Great cast in this MFTV including John Saxon, John Marley, Mary Ann Mobley and Senta Berger.  BA

J694 Killer Meteors, The (76) aka: Fung yu seung lau sing  Local hero Mei Xing (Jimmy Wang Yu) is known as 'The Killer Meteor' due to his unique secret weapon that makes him invincible. He is hired by Tiger (Jackie Chan in a rare villainous role) to steal an antidote for a poison, and kill Tiger's wife who has poisoned his soup. She has four expert kung fu men as body guards, and Meteor has to defeat them first! Decent Battles and passable special effects. Listen for Max Steiner's 'King Kong' score! Nice English dub from Hong Kong  BA

Z810 Legitimate Violence (82)  aka: Légitime violence   Another 'Death Wish' styled film about a man who takes the law into his own hands when his family gets killed during an attempted robbery in a railway station. The police are useless. This is legitimate violence.  Not words.  But actual harm caused.  An eye for an eye. The den of criminals hang in a gay nightclub. Women are demeaned. As far as the legal system in control at the time, things are closer to the 'real' truth than many were comfortable with in 1982. When the system throws us to the wolves, we need the support of a vigilante organization to set things right. But in this case his revenge helps those who caused this mess in the first place.... The opening number in the bar by this silly band may just get stuck in your head for days.   In French with English subtitles.  LBX   BA

J724 Longest Hundred Miles, The (67) aka: L'Evadé de l'enfer vert   Set in the Philippines. Doug McClure is Cpl. Steve Bennet. After escaping the Bataan death march, he winds up on an island where he meets an army nurse named Laura (Katherine Ross) and a local priest (Ricardo Montalban). The task at hand is saving the native children, with a bus, to keep them safe from the advancing enemy. One of the first MFTV movies, and shot on location! Received a theatrical release in the U.K. due to the popularity of Doug McClure. Also with Vic Diaz and Vic Silayan.   BA

Z843 Manon (49) Post WW2 France. Manon (Cecile Aubry) is rescued from villagers who want to lynch her because she had sex with the Germans. Moving to Paris with her new man, they become involved in prostitution, criminal activities and even murder. Manon uses her sexuality to survive, in any way she can, her only weapon in staying alive. The depths one will sink to... just to live another day. It is a film about survival in a ruined society that has been desensitized by war. Kindness and compassion may be your undoing in such a world. A dark grim masterpiece. In French and with English subtitles.  BA

Z812 Me and the 40 Year Old Man (65) aka: Moi et les hommes de 40 ans   Caroline (Dany Saval) is tired of boys. She's young blonde and pretty. Dating older men is her new plan. But now everybody wants a shot at what she's got. Too much. Married men want a little piece of the action as well. She may have over played her availability.... Amusing sex comedy from France. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

J721 Moment to Moment (66) aka: Da un momento all'altro   Jean Seberg plays a bored housewife and mother, vacationing in the French Riviera with her neglectful psychiatrist husband. So he has a business trip and she bones a hunky sailor. She argues with her lover and then shoots him dead. Her neighbor (Honor Blackman) helps her dump the body in a nearby ravine. A 'romantic' (?) thriller in the Hitchcock mode. A cat and mouse game that will have you guessing until it's suspenseful conclusion. Seberg would have a grisly tragic end in 1979. Her decomposing body was discovered in the backseat of her car on September 8th 1979. Rotting for 9 days, her death listed as probable suicide, but nobody could tell who moved the body....Yea, right. She was 40.  BA

Z813 Montparnasse 19 (58) aka: Les amants de Montparnasse  The last year in the life of poor Italian painter Modigliani.  He falls for a rich girl, her parents not approving cut her off. Based on real life artist Amedeo Modigliani, who died in 1920 at age 35.  A lush vibrant telling, with attention to detail.  Possibly overshadowed by the production. The original director Max Ophuls had died suddenly at the age of 54, and both his replacement as director, and the film's star were dead within two years of the release.  A good film with a tragic end.  Textbook tortured artist who dies poor, and becomes famous only when dead.   In French with English subtitles.  LBX  BA

Z790 Mosquito on the Tenth Floor (83) aka: Jukkai no mosukîto   At the end of his ropes, a former good guy cop, under pressure from all sides for various reasons, breaks bad. Rapist bad. The loans... the gambling... the mistreatment at work.... enough! He's Falling Down! The pay-off is explosive and unexpected. Film has a lot of meat on the bone, developing his decline into lust and despair. Nudity, Sex...  In Japanese with English subtitles.  LBX

Z791 Naked Seven, The (72) aka: Sengoku rokku hayate no onnatachi   Scantily clad female warriors battle scoundrels and thieves in an attempt to save a village. This is a Japanese take maybe on a Shaw Brothers type. This however is a bit campy, and features some nubile Japanese pin-up queens of the day, naked at times (hence the title). In the days when all of this gratuitous sex and violence was just goddamn normal!  Thank-You. Anyway, this is sort of another take on 'The Seven Samurai', but subtract some of the action for sex.  In Japanese with English subtitles.  LBX   BA

J730 Norwood (70) aka: A Rapariga do Autocarro  Here's a time capsule. Norwood (Rhinestone Cowboy himself Glen Campbell) plays a Viet Nam veteran, who returns to his Texas town. Restless, he becomes a country guitar slinger singer and goes on a road trip and meets an assortment of characters in what almost resembles a G rated 'Midnight Cowboy'.. Kim Darby is Norwood's main squeeze in a true grit hook-up. Joe Namath is also a returning fellow marine in his debut. Dom DeLuise is the brother-in-law. Also with Meredith MacRae, Billy Curtis, Tisha Sterling, Carol Lynley and Pat Hingle. Carol Lynley had a heart attack and died in California, September 2019 at age 77.   BA

Z792 Novices, The (70) aka: Les novices  aka: La profesional y la debutante   Brigitte Bardot escapes from the boring nunnery and goes on the run. When you see her in her bathing suit, you just wonder what the hell is she doing wasting that fantastic body by being a nun? It's a friggin' sin I tell you. She finds a friend in a mangy mutt that tags along after her. She meets a hooker (Ann Giradot), who teaches her the trade. Bardot dresses sexy enough, but no matter how hard she tries, she cannot entice a man to proposition her. Yea right. She realizes she is not cut out for the hooker life. They steal an ambulance...... more adventures continue. But will she ever go back to the convent?  You'll love the dog, and lust for Bardot.  It's inescapable....  In French with English subtitles.  LBX  BA

J704 Nude Scandal (63) aka: Scandali nudi   A theatre manager wants to stage a striptease act, but his jealous wife is against it, and tries to block him every step of the way. Erotic, Racy ... the show-stopping politically incorrect colorful stage performances are very interesting. A rare Italian made film in F.L. only.

Z817 Paradigma (85) aka: Power of Evil   Theology student Hubert saves Sylvie (Marie-Christine Barrault) from suicide and they have an affair. He knocks her up and she wants him to confront her husband, who is his mentor and has a heart condition. She wants her husband to drop dead so she can get his money. He does....but..... things are not as simple as all that. The story is psychological in that it deals with Hubert and his shift in how he thinks, and how his ideals change for the worse. The ending may surprise you.   In French with English subtitles.  LBX

Z794 Paranoia (67) In post war Amsterdam, Arnold is getting increasingly paranoid. Weird neighbors and friends vacate the bleak apartment building in which he resides. His girlfriend tries to lift him from his funk, but his hallucinations, and morbid mood prevail.  He toys around with his gun like Deniro did a few years later in 'Taxi Driver'. In fact, one wonders if this was an influence on Scorsese, I just bet it was.  Gloomy and dark Dutch cinema.  In Dutch language with English subtitles.  BA

Z865 Peace Over the Fields (70) aka: Paix sur les champs   In 1925 a wealthy Flemish farmer is alleged to have murdered his fiancé twenty years earlier. Case dismissed, his wife's family still very angry. When the farmer's son falls in love with a member of the angry family, the farmer begins to feel pangs of guilt. What happens will surprise you. This film was nominated for an Oscar for best Foreign Film. Beautifully shot. In French language English subtitles. LBX

J739 Penitentiary III (87) aka: Guantoni insanguinati  Leon Isaac Kennedy returns as 'Too Sweet' (yea, if you are familiar with this series, that's his name!) and ends up boxing, in prison, again!  He had beat a guy to death in the ring while in the outside world, so he's back!  Presumably so he can beat guy's to death on the inside!  The prison has a dungeon midget! The warden sets him loose whenever they want to get rid of an inmate.  The guy running things has a girlfriend (a guy in full drag).  The killer midget is sent into Too Sweet's cell and the beat down fight begins!  Too Sweet is in his underwear!  The sheer nastiness and political incorrectness will astound you. Hell, even Too Sweet's conjugal visit doesn't look quite right... is that a dude?  BA

J780 Ravagers, The (65) aka: L'armata delle belve   WW2. The biggest war film ever filmed in the Philippines up to that time. A khaki-clad John Saxon scrambles around the jungles. The story unfolds primarily at a sprawling, fortress-like Catholic convent. The Japanese take it over. Saxon and his guerrilla force attack. There is also some gold in play, that may turn the good guys (Saxon and his men) against each other. Plenty of action and violence! Let the Guns do the Talking! Also with Vic Diaz (of course).  BA

J675 Seven Nights in Japan (76) Michael York stars, the only other film he did besides 'Logan's Run' in 1976. Here he is Prince George, a fictional British Royal, who escapes to travel Japan and falls for a local girl there named Sumi. There is also a subplot involving some wacky 'patriots' bent on assassinating the Prince. Sumi sings Japanese love songs as a bus tour guide. The Prince must be located and returned. Will he have to leave his new love? Forbidden romance?  BA

J644 Sweet Justice (92) aka: Sweet Justice - 5 donne per una vendetta  Toxic waste is being dumped into the old mine. One girl investigates and dies, killed by the corrupt sheriff.  Six sexy fighting babes (who were rejected after commando training) whip out their skills and go after the bad guys. Simply amazing stunts and fights... and the cast is off the hook. Frank Gorshin, a slimy bad guy. Marc Singer and Mickey Rooney? Both here. Kathleen Kinmont (and yes nudity), Patricia Tallman, Catherine Hickland and more... Bar fights and martial arts, shootings....  BA

J661 Uncle Tom's Cabin (65) aka: La capanna dello zio Tom   UNCUT original version, no Al Adamson involvement this time. Controversial (but no more than 'Mandingo' and others made the following decade) film set in the pre-Civil War South about a sadistic plantation owner (played by Herbert Lom) that brutalizes his slaves. Old slave Tom well... you know the story.  Read the book.  This very European telling alters things, some for the better, but the period feel is well done, the acting, excellent. This is an anti-slavery movie, not as full on exploitation as what Al Adamson would do with the material. Still, a somewhat repressed film. The Christian themes of the book are ignored, so makes for an interesting version.  John Kitzmiller's last film.  BA

Z798 Underworld Attacks, the City Responds, The (77) aka: La malavita attacca. La polizia risponde  Leonard Mann is Commissario Baldi, a young hot shot cop with an axe to grind against the slimy crime boss known as 'The Prince' (Chris Avram). Baldi just knows that the Prince is responsible for the slayings of three of his rivals some time back, but with no direct evidence, he is powerless. An old ex-cop is also after The Prince, and he hangs around with a thief (John Steiner). But what is his real motive? What also keeps things interesting is Maria Rossaria Ommagio as the crippled daughter of a dead guy who owned the villa where the gangsters were killed. Another obscure Italian crime here...  In Italian with English subtitles.  LBX  BA

Z849 White Slave Trade (52) aka: La tratta delle bianche  Marc Lawrence made his debut in 1932 as a gangster's henchman in the film 'If I Had a Million', making it all the way to 1999's Arnold movie 'End of Days' almost 70 years later.  Here he's Manfredi, a human trafficker up to no good. He's after Alda (Eleonora Rossi Drago) who seems to have escaped his clutches. He has a plan of retribution to make her forever his property. The women in the cast are a who's-who of sexy Italian actresses of the period. Sophia Loren, Silvana Pampanini, Tamara Lees... Manfredi sponsors marathon dance contests which lure the women.... other gangs battle over the sweetest ones.  Marc Lawrence died in 2005 of natural causes. In Italian language with English subtitles.  BA

J737 Wilding (90) aka: Wilding: The Children of Violence   Parsons (Wings Hauser) and Peters (Joey Travolta) have to figure out who is responsible for the brutal rape of a young woman, and the killing of her boyfriend. There is a feral group of teenagers, children of violence, on the loose and terrorizing this small Arizona community. Tommy Baldwin is a high school student by day, wilding leader at night, Fueled by rage... they seem to be pretty harmless. Heavy metal posters and T-shirts indicate they may be dangerous (uh.. er.. okay). The music is pretty catchy, of course they could not afford to use real popular bands... but it'll do. From 'Over the Edge' in 1979 to 'Wilding' 1990. Same genre. Different story.   BA

J781 Woman Hunt, The (72) aka: Escape   In this classic Filipino, women are hunted like animals on an island by wealthy, beastly misogynist men. Dozens of movies have people hunting other people of various races or life positions. Something many forget. It takes a little while before the hunt with recruitment and character development. But when it goes down, it's pretty serious stuff. Tasty and gratuitous female nudity, bloody violence, politically incorrect dialogue and Sid Haig as one of the villains. 'Hee Haw' honey Lisa Todd hits it out of the park as lesbian 'Magda'. John Ashley of course on hand and Eddie Garcia as an evil rich sadist. A climactic nude swim and an unexpected ending.   BA




J771 3000 Mile Chase, The (77) aka: Die 3000-Meilen-Jagd  San Francisco to New York City. 3,000 miles of suspense. Secret courier Matt Considine (Cliff De Young) must transport witness Emma (Priscilla Pointer) to the trial, and keep her safe. Killers on the road make for some tense scenes. The same year as the similarly themed big budget Clint Eastwood film 'The Gauntlet'. Also with Glenn Ford and Blair Brown.

J773 A Stranger Waits (87) aka: Dark Night  A wealthy widow (Suzanne Pleshette) finds her caretaker is dead by some sort of an accident. The Sheriff (Tom Atkins of 'The Fog' and many others). isn't so sure. Like clockwork then, a new man (Justin Deas) finds his way into her life, becoming her new caretaker. Gigolo grifter type or killer?  They become an item. But what is he really after? There is a twist. Suspense thriller also stars Ann Wedgeworth.

J729 Adventures of the Queen (75) aka: Terreur sur le Queen Mary  A greedy hijacker takes over a luxury crew liner (the same ship used in 'The Poseidon Adventure') threatening to blow it up with everyone on board. He wants the contents of a safe deposit box. Then he will quit, and only then. The tick tock of the bomb clock gets pretty intense when the crew takes out the hijacker and he is killed, but no one has the codes to disarm the bomb! Disaster at sea fun with an all-star cast makes this MFTV a treat. Robert Stack, David Hedison, Ralph Bellamy, Bradford Dillman, Lara Parker, Russell Johnson and Gloria Stuart (who would go on to 'Titanic' years later) are just some of the actors involved here. On a side note, David Hedison, star of the TV series  'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea', died July 19th 2019 at the age of 92.

J759 Alpha Caper, The (73) aka: L'ultimo colpo dell'ispettore Clark  A decent and suspense filled heist thriller! A parole officer forced into retirement teams up with three ex-cons (each with specific skills) to pull off the hijacking of a thirty million dollar gold shipment. Henry Fonda plays the criminal mastermind. This played theatrically overseas with the title 'Inside Job'. Interesting cast. Elena Verdugo, Vic Tayback, Kenneth Tobey, Larry Hagman, John Marley and Leonard Nimoy. BA

J749 Boy Cried Murder, The (66) aka: Ein Junge schrie Mord   Well made and filmed all over the Adriatic coast comes this obscurity. A young boy, known for telling tall tales, witnesses an actual murder, and no one will believe him. A cat and mouse story unfolds, not unlike 'The Window' (that Bobby Driscoll film). Beba (Some Girls Do) Loncar, Veronica Hurst and Fraser Macintosh as the kid Jonathan.  BA

J765 Conviction of Kitty Dodds, The (93) Murderer Kitty Dodds (Veronica Hamel) is accused and convicted of the murder of her husband. Yes, she is guilty. She escapes from prison and starts a new life, with a new name, and a new husband (Kevin Dobson)! And what a life it is. She is recaptured when she is identified by a picture in the newspaper! Back to prison she goes. She tries to get her sentence reduced, using the old 'I'm a battered woman!" defense, which all women who kill fall back on. The story plays out... Based on a true story. Also with Julie Adams. In real life, Kitty was a killer.  Of course the MFTV movie is going to paint a picture any way they please. Accurate or not. Still, an entertaining, though one-sided account. Her dead husband didn't have a say.

J758 Cover Girls (77) Here's a tasty MFTV you may have forgotten. It was supposed to be a series. It should have been! Cornelia Sharpe and Jayne Kennedy are sexy models who combine photo shoots around the world with espionage. A 'Charlie's Angels' rip-off? Maybe a little. The girls are smoking hot. Don Johnson gets his disco groove on. George Lazenby and more star. If you are a fan of Cornelia Sharpe and Jayne Kennedy, this is a must.

J706 Demon, Demon (75) Bradford Dillman stars as an executive who falls in love with and marries his secretary (Juliet Mills). But he suspects she is a demon, after his immortal soul! Juliet Mills, one year after getting possessed in 'The Exorcist' rip-off 'Beyond the Door' aka: 'The Devil Within Her' takes it to the television screen! Supposedly a lost film. Not anymore.

Z830 Dracula (73) Norman Welsh is an effective Dracula in this Canadian production. Kind of reminded me of 'Dark Shadows'. The color is vibrant, the Dracula is fanged and fun, the sets are... well... like 'Dark Shadows' gothic. If you are a fan of Bram Stoker, this is a must. By the way, Bram Stoker's Dracula from 1992 was far removed from the novel, and should be re-titled Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula. It was his vision of the story, not Bram Stoker. Always bugged me.  (about an hour long)

J714 Flesh Eaters, The (64) A pilot, a drunken actress and her female assistant, and a groovy beatnik all get stranded on an island where a German scientist (Martin Kosleck) is conducting experiments involving a strange silvery substance in the water that starts eating the flesh off fish and people.   Low budget, fun and gory classic.  This is only here to offer this rare version with the brief color sequence in the finale when the giant monster is defeated. Not an upgrade, but an alternate print.  BA

J756 Getting Away From It All (72) Two upper-class suburban couples leave the big dirty city behind and buy a tiny isolated island off of the Maine coast. They find that they are not suitably prepared for the 'simple' life and their lack of skills in the simplest of home repairs and cooking for themselves is comical and leads to all kinds of minor mayhem. Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman, together again. Also with Barbara Feldon, Burgess Meredith, Randy Quaid and Gary Collins.

J744 Golden Gate Murders, The (79) aka: Der Golden Gate Mörder  In one of his last movies, David Janssen stars as Det. Sgt. Paul Silver. As a hardass cop he snarls his way through the role, in which he is investigating the apparent suicide of a priest, which may not be a suicide. It may be a murder. At least Sister Benecia (Susannah York) believes so. A superb mystery unfolds, ending with the climactic Golden Gate Bridge confrontation with the killer on a cool foggy night. Janssen's character is afraid of heights..... Kim Hunter, Richard Bull and many more star.  BA

J732 Harold Robbins' 79 Park Avenue (79)  A story about vice and prostitution that slowly morphs into a story of eternal love and devotion.  Back in the 1930's depression era, a poor New York tenement girl named Marja (Lesley Anne Warren), murders her drunken rapist of a stepfather.  Out of the frying pan into the fire.  She becomes a teenage prostitute, and eventually, a high-priced Park Avenue Madame.  She's a mob mistress to gangster Ross (Marc Singer).  She's also a Las Vegas high roller.... There is also a cop (David Dukes of 'Rawhead Rex') that loves her.  He better have plenty of condoms, and penicillin! Watch how quickly Marja willingly jumps into her new profession. Nice trash TV mini-series. I'll name just some of the many actors involved her. Scott Jacoby, Albert Salmi, Alex Rocco, Raymond Burr, John Saxon, Veronica Hamel, Robert Webber, Sondra Currie and many more.  3 Disc Set - counts as 2 selections.

J743 Kill Me if You Can (77) aka: Der Mann in der Todeszelle  At the top with 'Mash' at the time, Alan Alda paused for a moment and appeared in this one. He plays Caryl W. Chessman, a high I.Q. convicted California rapist who sits on death row waiting for his 'big' day, cocky and arrogant to the end. His performance is gripping, and the film is a little disturbing. The 'Red Light Bandit' (as he was known), would use a flashing police light to pull over his victims. He would rape the females, and rob the men. The real deal, Alda studied the guy (Chessman himself taught himself law behind bars), who was executed in 1960 for his crimes. Talia Shire plays his long suffering lawyer. Some say he was innocent. Yea. Sure. Isn't everybody? Better than 'Dead Man Walking'.

J740 Killer Who Wouldn't Die, The (76)  aka: Killer leben länger  Someone is planting bombs on boats, and one has killed the wife of a cop. But not just any cop!  One Karl Ohanian (Mike Conners).  He is pissed off, quits the force and starts a charter boat service.  When an undercover agent who is also a close friend is killed, he is asked to look into it. He finds himself drawn into a web of espionage and murder. Decent thriller with a good cast that includes Mariette Hartley, Patrick O'Neal, Clu Gulager, Samantha Eggar and more. Hawaii locations.

J767 Log of the Black Pearl, The (75) aka: Die Fahrt der Black Pearl   Young stockbroker Christopher Sand (Kiel Martin) inherits a ship called ' Black Pearl' and also a medallion that is the key to sunken Nazi treasure. With the help of an old captain (Ralph Bellamy), they begin the search. But some very dangerous people are after the treasure as well, and the first step is acquiring the medallion, at any cost. The female star of this is a young Anne Archer (as Lila Bristol). Also with Glenn Corbett. Martin would be dead from lung cancer at age 46 in 1990. Corbett, dead from lung cancer at age 59 in 1993.

J761 Lost Flight (70) When a plane goes down on a remote island, the survivors are all stunned and confused at first. The remains of the plane have washed out to sea, and all they have are the clothes on their backs. The only radio informs them that they are all presumed dead. No one is looking for them. They will have to figure out how to survive, despite their differences. But things evolve into more of an adult 'Lord of the Flies' situation. Lloyd Bridges is the Captain. He is almost immediately undermined by Ralph Meeker. Andrew Prine is a sleazy conman that hits on Anne Francis, who has the hots for the only black guy around Billy Dee Williams. It sounds like a soap opera, but things do get pretty intense here. Especially when Andrew Prine throws the woman who will not have sex with him off a cliff!

J734 Man Who Wanted to Live Forever, The (70) aka: The Heart Farm   T.M. Trask sets up a medical clinic in the Canadian Rockies. Two new physicians on the staff Purvis (Stuart Whitman) and Bingham (Sandy Dennis), discover that Mr. Trask, who lives in the clinic, seems to have a sinister agenda. They also have located secret records of people who have the same biological traits of Trask. Furthermore, Trask looks almost too fit for a man his age. Looks like a bit of harvesting is taking place here, with rich man Trask the recipient. Why are healthy people disappearing?

Z862 Metamorphosis (83) Based on the novel by Fraz Kafka. Gregor Samsa is a traveling salesman in the early 20th century. One day he is inexplicably transformed physically into a crawling bug. Not to disturb his family, he locks himself away in a room for days.... what? They try to get in, talk to him through the door, but to no avail. When they finally gain entry, they see he is now a bug. What to do? A lot of the footage is Gregor POV shots. Will Gregor come back to his true form? Or will he die and the family continue their dysfunctional freak-out? Strangeness from French TV with English subtitles.

J772 Mongo's Back in Town (71) aka: Steel Wreath  A fierce story for a hopeless atmosphere where you don't have to expect any happy endings. A professional killer is hired by his gang boss brother, to wipe out a rival gangster. Telly Savalas plays a Kojak styled cop, his side-kick... a young Martin Sheen. Anne Francis is perfect as the woman who left one brother for the other. Sally Field gets beaten badly. Joe Don Baker as Mongo Nash is a revelation, a real badass, and one sees why he was 'Walking Tall' soon after. Angelo Rossitto is 'Trembles'.

J731 Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones (71) Pre-marital sex and teen pregnancy are explored in this controversial at the time MFTV that stars the blonde that Oscy nailed on the beach in 'The Summer of 42' (the same year) Christopher Norris (she's a girl named Christopher go figure) as Julie. Knocked up By Bo (Desi Arnaz Jr.) they run off and get hitched. Too young to fall in love? Will problems stop their plans for eternal bliss? Outrageous, overacted, downbeat... and still manages to be hilarious even though the subject matter is clearly not funny, the movie itself, is.

J662 Mystery in Dracula's Castle (73) When two budding filmmaker brothers and their stray dog (Watson!)  run across a pair of jewel thieves operating out of their favorite haunt (in this case an isolated lighthouse they have named 'Dracula's Castle' for their (ahem) production) things get perilous for all involved, in a decidedly 'family friendly' way. The same two child actors (Scott C. Kolden and Johnnie Whitaker) would star in that 'Sigmund and the Sea Monsters' show.  Colorful television event from a bygone age. Mariette Hartley is the mom.  Also with Clu Gulager.

J725 Nightmare in Chicago (64) MFTV directed by Robert Altman that looks like an old grind house flick the way it was shot. Georgie Peorgie is the Tri-State killer, who casually strangles a woman in a crowded strip club, and triggers car crashes on the highway for his own amusement. This appears to be one of the first serial killer films which portrays events from the point of view of the killer. Pretty creepy for a 1964 MFTV. The composer (John Williams) would go on to create the 'Star Wars' theme and hundreds of other themes. Ted Knight, Robert Ridgely and more star. The opening scene is classic horror when the woman finds the corpse in the bed, and goes running through the cold landscape, and through a snowy cemetery.  A nice surprise.

J727 Once Upon a Spy (80) aka: Lethal Games  Opens like a James Bond movie with the music and sexy silhouetted females etc. But will you buy Ted Danson in a spy Bond-like role? Well, with the evil villain played by Christopher Lee... you're getting closer. Toss in Mary Louise Weller and Lillian Muller. Okay. I'm in! N.A.S.A. hires computer genius Jack (Danson) to help stop Marcus Valorium (Lee) who has his sights set on world domination through the use of a super weapon and controlling the satellites of the world! Former Hammer scribe Jimmy Sangster co writes. Nice cars.

Z816 Orson Welles Great Mysteries: Part Two (73) Six more tales from this obscure British based series, 1. An Affair of Honor   2. In the Confessional: Directed by Hammer director Peter Sasdy.   3. The Furnished Room: With Clarence (Mod Squad) Williams the Third.   4. Under Suspicion: With Janice Rule and directed by Peter Sasdy.   5. The Leather Funnel: With Christopher Lee and Jane Seymour this story from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.   6. Trial for Murder: From the director of Hammer's 'Demons of the Mind' and 'Legend of Spider Forest' Peter Sykes.

J752 Other Man, The (70) Ex-convict Johnny (Roy Thinnes) is having an affair with married woman Kathy (Joan Hackett). Her husband? A district attorney (Arthur Hill) who had the man sent to prison. Oh but Johnny loves Kathy. He's really a good man. Or is he? Haunting music and a twist in the tale, maybe a shock to some?  A few glitches in this rare film. 

J672 Please Call it Murder (75) A suburban wife (Kathleen Widdoes) of an executive finds her husband shot to death and destroys his suicide note in order to lay claim to his life insurance policy. She then rearranges the scene to help along her claim. Enter insurance man (Bradford Dillman) who is suspicious of her little ruse. Filmed on the cheap on videotape. Very obscure.

J733 Scorned and Swindled (84) Peter Coyote plays a swindling drifter-grifter named Anthony, romancing women then taking off with their dough. When he does it to Sharon (Tuesday Weld), she goes after him, hooking up with John (Keith Carradine), the brother of one of Coyote's victims. He usually preys on women who run antique shops or flea markets. When Sharon finally catches up with Anthony, it is as if he doesn't recognize her, he has burned so many women.. he is nothing but a complete sociopath. Excellent and fairly intense. Made in Utah. Also with Sheree North.

Z853 Secrets of a Married Man (84)  aka: Il segreto di un uomo sposato  So Chris Jordan (William Shatner) is married to Kate Jordan (Michelle Phillips) and they have a couple of kids. He's bored and fantasizes about streetwalkers. He acts on his desires and has some close calls, one with a possible STD and another with a vice squad sting. Then he meets Elaine (Cybill Shepherd) and cannot get enough. She is high-priced, hot and slutty. Now her pimp is threatening to blackmail him. Just what he needs. He has to come clean with his wife. Well, maybe 'clean' is the wrong word. Guilt, shame, embarrassment. Sexy Playboy Playmate Heidi Sorenson has a small part as prostitute Kelly. A superior film on the matter of sexual addiction. Shatner, very believable here.  

J763 Sheriff, The (71) A wealthy white man has raped a black college student. Or has he? This case of rape has opened the already volatile race relations in this small town. Ossie Davis the sheriff, his real life wife Ruby Dee plays his wife. Excellent, MFTV potboiler here, with a stellar cast that includes Lynda Day George, Ross Martin, Moses Gunn, John Marley and Brenda Sykes who was in both 'Mandingo' and 'Drum'.

J707 Terminal (96) aka: Death Infection - Terminal  A cure for brain cancer shake-down scam is found out by a suspicious doctor, but those making huge profits with it are not about to go down without a fight. Pretty much science fiction, but also makes you worry about trusting doctors and hospitals, but of course most of us worry already. From the Robin Cook novel. Nia Peeples, Doug Savant, Michael Ironside and Roy Thinnes and Khandi Alexander star.

J751 They Ran for their Lives (68) In southern Nevada, Barbara Collins (Luana Patton) father suffers a fatal heart attack during a scuffle with Vince (Jim Davis) and Doc (Anthony Eisley), who are looking for some oil documents forged by Laslo (John Carradine), who was the old man's partner. The daughter eludes the empty-handed bad guys, running off into the desert and running into geologist John Payne, and his faithful German shepherd, Bravo. This results in an extended chase along the Colorado River. Nice suspense and tension. Payne snuggles up to Patton. The last film of John Payne. Also starring Scott Brady.

J774 Violation of Sarah McDavid, The (81) aka: Una questione di principio  Idealistic teacher Sarah (Patty Duke) takes a job teaching in a rough high school where she is raped and beaten in her classroom after school hours. The principle tries to smooth over the occurrence, but Sarah bucks the system in an attempt to make schools safer for the teachers and the students. Though traumatized with nightmarish flashbacks, she still fights to do what is right. Harrowing and controversial MFTV. Ned Beatty, Ally Sheedy, James Karen, Eric Stoltz, Gloria Stuart and more star.

J750 Visions of Death (72) aka: Um drei Uhr geht die Bombe hoch  Professor Mark Lowell (Monte Markham) has a problem. He can see the future. He knows someone is about to plant a bomb, and becomes the prime suspect! Being a clairvoyant isn't doing him any favors. Why was he chosen? Excellent paranormal stuff here in the tradition of 'The Sixth Sense'. Also with Barbara Anderson and Telly Savalas as Lt. Phil Keegan .

J748 Your Money or Your Wife (72) A television script writer takes revenge on an actress who walks out on his program, costing jobs and a financial loss for many. She has left to become the wife of a wealthy sponsor... so he writes her character into a kidnapping scheme, and then turns fiction into fact. A wild comedy with Ted Bessell and also starring Elizabeth Ashley and the ill-fated Jack Cassidy.




Z836 Golden Boy (66) aka: Altin Çocuk   Turkish Spy film in the best Bond tradition! In the opener, a Golden Boy imposter is putting the make on a woman doing a strip tease. Then a man in diver gear appears and kills him. The real 'Golden Boy'! Back in London, Golden Boy has women galore as he makes his rounds in his fancy ass sports car. But there is always another villain, another lair, and lots of action on the ocean waters (another nod to the popular 'Thunderball' of 1965?).  With English subtitles.  

J774 Savage Man Savage Beast (75) aka: Ultime grida dalla savana   aka: Hombres salvajes, bestias salvajes   A notorious mondo for good reason! Everybody who saw it thought it was 100% real! Some of it is. But the most notorious scene where a guy gets too close to the lions and they make a meal out of him, is not. But hey, it's damn good fun anyway. Who doesn't want to see some fool get eaten by lions after he's being stupid? Most of the footage as a whole is about people killing animals, animals killing people, and savages and illiterates acting strangely. Naked drugged-out hippies always remind me of the 'Manson' family. These people make the outdoors their toilet and one woman even breastfeeds a goat as they litter the beaches of Cape Cod in order to save the environment. Sick. An odd mix, an interesting collage... a brutal graphic mondo movie. All of these. Freaked people out in 1975. This is the uncut 94 minute version with English narration and Japanese subtitles, a bit of fogging in a nasty bit near the end, that was cut from the 88 minute version. The 88 minute version is the main one circulating out there.  BA

J705 Sexy Magico (63)  aka: Furia du désir  Wild wild Mondo type with Shocking Taboos... a film that will quicken the pulse, and delight the senses! Some of it filmed at Crazy Horse Saloon. Watch for the amazing James Bond style female stripper that does it to the Bond theme! Incredibly colorful and racy for 1963.  Played to an Adults Only audience I am sure.    In Italian language   LBX   BA





J708 La Suburban Dorada (96) Can we take another with bad hombres being sought by the good guys for their violent criminal activities? Things get crazy with the drug dealing fugitive on the loose.  F.L.

Z789 Mad Monk, The (84) SOV horror from Mexico! Church organ music plays as the camera scans the dull Mexican countryside. There walks the mad monk, he who weaves the tales we see before our eyes. He has a diabolical laugh, and may just be Satan! The first tale has a man about to take his priest vows, tempted by a beautiful woman.... ohhh... easy choice.  The second tale involves a couple who are struggling financially, and then the man receives a talisman that arrives with three wishes (The Monkey's Paw).  We know each wish will end in a nightmare.  SOV films were all rage in America in 1984.  Here is one from Mexico. With English subtitles.

Z793 Only Witness, The (90) When Claudio was a kid, he was the only witness to the murder of his mother. Now he is a killer for hire, searching for the killer ... and also his father. A doctor and a priest are his friends, and they join forces. Claudio will meet up with a nasty man.... and maybe get his final revenge. Will there be a bittersweet ending? Or one of total annihilation for all involved?  With English subtitles.




Z780 Avenger, Zorro, The (69) aka: El Zorro justiciero  Zorro-Spaghetti with Fabio Testi as the masked avenger Don Diego. Fred arrives back in town and finds out that his father has been murdered. This is the work of the nasty land baron and his henchmen, who carry out heists and killings practically unopposed. Fred is framed and locked up. Zorro/Don Diego frees him and hides him out with his friend (Frank Brana) and his daughter (Simone Blondel, aka: Simonetta Vitelli). Testi (billed here in the more American sounding name, Martin Moore) gives his all here, jumping about, twisting and climbing in full action man mode.  In Italian with English subtitles.  Nice LBX   BA

J746 Female Artillery (73) An outlaw (Dennis Weaver) joins up with a bunch of women in a wagon train, trying to blend in, and conceal the loot he has taken from the last job, cheating his fellow bad guys of their share. But they have found him. They want the loot.... Mostly played for laughs. Impressive cast includes Ida Lupino, Albert Salmi, Linda Evans, Nina Foch and more.  

J754 Lacy and the Mississippi Queen (78) This light-hearted western is a failed pilot for a potential series. Two sisters. Gun-toting tomboy Kate (Kathleen Lloyd) and pretty all-girl Queenie (Debra Feuer), team up to track down a pair of train robbers who shot their father down in cold blood. Jack Elam is Willie Red Fire. Christopher Lloyd is Jennings. James Keach is Parker.

Z811 Masked Thief, The (75) aka: In nome del padre, del figlio e della Colt  Shoot-ups, riding action, fist-fights and more in this Craig Hill western in which he plays a duel role. A traveling salesman attending a Halloween celebration, accuses a sheriff (Hill) to be the leader of a gang that robbed a stagecoach, raped his daughter and killed a man four years earlier. But it was his masked twin brother, not him. In the meantime the masked man (his twin) is pretty much on a rampage of sorts. Ever fight a guy with a big cumbersome mask? Apparently this guy can jump around on rocks and stay in a fight quite efficiently. I would be on my ass in five seconds if I was trying to fight with a large mask on. Different than the usual. Also with dishy Agata Lys and Frank Brana. LBX and English dubbed.

Z795 Prisoner of the Mounted Police (64) aka: La carga de la policía montada   aka: Watabanga!  A Canadian Mountie has been expelled from Fort Calgary after being caught in an affair with the Major's fiancé. On the way to his new post, he meets Valerie (Maria Silva, a Naschy regular), a young woman whose carriage is stuck in a river. She too is somebody's fiancé. That won't stop him. At the new Fort, he is on patrol and sees some settlers kill a few Indians. When he reports it he is arrested because they have found out he is putting the make on Valerie. Meanwhile the Indians are pissed off.... and attack the settlers! With Diana Lorys and more. Certainly a colorful venture. LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

Z799 Seven Ride Towards Death (79) Wealthy rancher Zachery is about to marry a young girl when he is murdered. His sons, along with the bride, set out after the killer, an Indian Chief and White Buffalo. They are seven pursuers, and they represent the seven deadly sins. They embark upon a relentless and merciless chase. Late in the game Spanish (Chorizo?) Spaghetti. In Spanish language and with English subtitles. LBX