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R357    Hard Knuckle (87) Harry (Steve Bisley who played 'Goose' in the original 'Mad Max') used to be the undisputed 'snooker' king until he collapsed into alcoholism. That's 'pool' for you non - Aussie's mind you mate! You see the world has ended, the apocalypse has already happened... but luckily boozing and pool still live on! Billiards has 'evolved' into risking life (or limb) so the stakes are a bit higher nowadays. Harry has little dog companion, and picks up a side-kick along the way. It's like 'Mad Max' Meets Minnesota Fats'! You'll actually feel you are in that Aussie-Post-Apoc world with wild characters and bizarre situations aplenty and a bluesy slide-guitar providing some musical backdrop. BA

R359    Island City (94) aka: 2035 mutazione immortale  A 21st Century genetic experiment goes chaotic, creating a race of genetically-violent, bulked up, cave-man-like mutants. The drug was supposed to grant eternal youth. Only the lucky ones who were not affected, or the ones who did not take the drug are normal, and live in various safe zones (like 'Island City') with force fields and crystal implants to identify mutants. This failed pilot for a proposed show is just good fun low-budget sci-fi, reminding of movies like 'Damnation Alley', or 'Genesis 2' and others. With Eric McCormack, Brenda Strong, Kevin Conroy and more. BA

R360    Killing Edge, The (84) A man tries to avoid killer robots as he searches for his family in a post-holocaust waste-land. Another super obscure post-apocalyptic film, this one shot on video in the U.K. and directed by English director Lindsay Shonteff. Shonteff directed 1964's 'Devil Doll' and 'Curse of the Voodoo'. BA

M679 Last Days of Planet Earth, The (74) aka: Nosutoradamusu no daiyogen  aka: Prophecies of Nostradamus  A professor who studies Nostradamus predicts the end. No one listens. Mankind has tampered with the earth resulting in radioactive smog clouds, hideously mutated wildlife, destruction of the ozone layer.... This is basically a follow-up to the equally devastating 'Submersion of Japan'. If you like detailed disaster movies with mayhem, casualties and destruction mixed in with the heart of the human spirit... here it is! - FINALLY the UNCUT Japanese version that runs 114 minutes!!!  Ultra-Widescreen and with English subtitles. BA

R353 Last Man on Planet Earth, The (99) aka: Le dernier homme sur Terre  Biological warfare has wiped out 97% of the earth's population. The remaining women have decided to enact laws to ban the reproduction of any men because men are hopelessly violent. Sort of like a male 'The Handmaid's Tale'. A feminist's fantasy is a horror story for men.

M698 Rush (83) aka: Blood Rush  In a post-apocalyptic nuclear holocaust world, a survivor (Bruno Minniti) roams the desert, fighting bandits, and the forces of an evil warlord. In the compound of the warlord, all is controlled. Anyone who attempts to leave is shot. But no one wants to leave because the remaining food and crops are on the compound. There is presumably no plant life left on planet earth. But, if you look in the background you can see trees in the distance! Anyway, mistakes aside, there is plenty to enjoy in this below average clunker. Followed by 'A Man Called Rage' also directed by Tonino Ricci. Bruno was in 4 movies in a row for Tonino in lead roles all. Amazing LBX version.  BA



R322 Gachinko Pro-Lez 2: High-Height Death Match (0?) The first battle is with a cute chick in a skimpy bunny-looking getup, fighting a sexy cat girl. Some trash-talking and maybe even some hurt feelings. As far as winners? Make your bets. Of course soon clothes will be shed and tongues and toys will get busy. This is Extreme Lesbian fun after-all. F.L.

R326 Gals Catfight Games 2 (0?) Want more of the most gorgeous of girls getting together with announcers and people looking on as they slip and slide and molest one another into submission? This will work. F.L.

R325 Gals Catfight Games Final Round (0?) More of the prettiest and sexiest of girls who battle, get naked and literally wear each other out. F.L.

R328 Gals Catfights Elimination Rounds (0?) Sexy Naked Asian Chicks givin' each other heaven, and hell on the mat. Nice. F.L.

R324 Hunter (0?) Sexy Asian Chicks engage in rampant sexual activities anywhere and everywhere before they end up in a large room with a white mat and began to wrestle and fondle one another. F.L.

R327 More Gals Catfights (0?) Who can judge or say what is in the minds of these young battling bitches? Money? Fame? Fun? Sex? Or all of the above? Enjoy! F.L.

R323 Shibuya Black Girls Versus Shinjuko Black Girls: All-Out War! (0?) Asian chicks first meet in a sit-down before a variety of matches which include arm wrestling, straight wrestling, and some gang molestation. Nudity, trash talking lesbian fun. F.L.



R234 Chrome Soldiers (92) Gary Busey stars as an Air Force hero who goes to visit his brother in a small Oregon town. When his brother is iced before he can get there, he calls up his old war buddies, and they come riding into town like a biker gang, hell-bent for justice. Loads of outrageous acting and violent action follows in this 'so bad it's good' exploitation flick. Enjoyable. Also with Yaphet Kotto and William Atherton. Also with Ray Sharkey in one of his last roles before his death in 1993.

R335 Deadly Females, The (76) Joan (Tracy Reed) is the uncrowned queen of a band of female assassins in this British outing. Female Assassins? And Why Not? Plenty of nudity. + some cool trailers.

R370 Firecracker (81) aka: Naked Fist  Femme fatale martial arts expert teaches the mob a lesson. This was released, and we read that the scene where she throws the guy against the table saw and his head starts to get sawed, the scene is cut. Here is the Uncut version! The scene where our heroine battles as her clothes get ripped off little by little until she is naked and still fighting are priceless! Directed by Cirio H. Santiago who directed 'Caged Fury', 'Stryker', and 'Vampire Hookers' just to name a few.  BA



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R217 Boy of the Streets (37) A cocky young street kid (Jackie Cooper), worships his father, a sleazy political operative. A nice look at the downtrodden people residing in the slums, there are rival street gangs spitting at each other and fist-fighting, and a mob element that shoots everything in sight. A good story with an upbeat ending.

M672 La Fiancée Des Tenebres (45) aka: Gespielin der Finsternis  A man returns to his village and meets a woman in an old castle, residing their with her adoptive guardian who spends his time immersed in his research of an ancient cult of Christian's who glorified death over life. She thinks she is cursed because her two former lovers died in tragic circumstances. A really dark and dreamy fantasy element permeates the film. Nice scenes in the catacombs and other sequences almost make this a little bit of a horror film, maybe in the same way as 'Curse of the Cat People' which is almost just barely horror, but not quite really. With English subtitles.

R221 Shadow of Suspicion (44) The safe-guarding of a valuable necklace is the goal of two men hired to do the job. But who are the crooks and who are the bad guys? Twists in this little Monogram film directed by the productive William Beaudine (he directed 372 films!). Marjorie Weaver stars.  BA

R247 Super Sleuth (37) An actor who plays a detective in films soon finds himself out of his depth when he tries to investigate a real crime. This one has horror elements (even though it's a comedy) with a House of Horrors attraction, trap-doors, secret entrances and more. With Ann Sothern, Jack Oakie, Joan Woodbury and Willie Best (a way under-appreciated black actor that was in over a hundred films, usually as comic relief). BA

R289 Target Earth (54) aka: Invasores de otros mundos  Giant robots from Venus invade Chicago. A small group stranded in the deserted city try to survive. The Robots  are Coming!  With Richard Denning (who battled 'The Creature' the same year) and Kathleen Crowley, Virginia Grey, Whit Bissell and more. Now in Widescreen.  BA

R222 What a Man! (44) aka: Pigen med det røde hår  Johnny (Henry Burrows), a timid white collar worker for a large firm, returns to his apartment and finds Joan (Wanda McKay) hiding there from her gangster boyfriend. She is pretty much good for Johnny, encouraging his potential. But is she a gangster's moll, and when later the gangster is found murdered on Johnny's doorstep, who do you think gets the blame?





R358 Adventures of Sinbad (62) aka: Arabian naito: Shindobaddo no bôken  Young Sinbad and his sidekick Ali find a map to a super-treasure and stowaway aboard a ship that will lead to the treasure. They come upon a wicked Vizier, a giant bird, vicious whirlpools and other obstacles. An obscure Japanese made animated feature dubbed into English. BA

M710 Air Seller, The (67) aka: Prodavetz vozdukha  An entrepreneur builds a secret underground plant on an island in the Northern part of the Pacific Ocean which is sucking air out of the earth's atmosphere. Hard air accumulates in large underground storage. His plan is to suck it all up, and then sell it! We need air you see, and this madman will have the market cornered! Don't tell the E.P.A. about this! They would love to charge us for the air that we breath, and eventually with all the kooks in charge they probably will figure out how! Cool Russian made science fiction with English subtitles.

R372 An Adventure in Space and Time (13) Doctor Who is so popular, why not have a movie about how this science fiction phenomena came into being. A dramatization of the conception, birth and early years of Dr. Who in 1963. An affectionate homage. With David Bradley, Brian Cox and many more.  BA

R354 Beyond the Universe (81) After years of nuclear war the earth has been de-oxygenized and now the earth is doomed, it's only a matter of time. The ruling counsels must decide who to send out to the surrounding galaxies, and who will be left to die. A young scientist desperately works on what could possibly be his last experiment using laser emissions and occult powers to establish contact with a mega-intelligence controlling the universe. Can he save the planet? Incredibly obscure sci-fi from the director of 'Laboratory' and 'The Killings at Outpost Zeta'. Well made for the shoe-string budget, and decent science fiction. BA

R355 Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future: The Legend Begins (89) The Beginning: It is shortly after the titanic struggles of the metal wars in a world of darkness, destruction and terrifying evil, led and ruled by 'Lord Dread' and his bionic creations. Some pretty wild special effects. Sci-Fi Edited from the show into a feature and released on tape in the U.K. - With  Sven-Ole Thorsen.

R359 Carol for Another Christmas (64) Rod Serling wrote this updated version of 'The Christmas Carol' presented here with an all-star cast. Industrial tycoon Daniel Grudge (Sterling Hayden) has never recovered from the loss of his 22 year old son Marley, killed in action during Christmas Eve of 1944. But then the Ghost of Christmas past (Steve Lawrence) takes him back through time to WW1, then the Ghost of Christmas present (Pat Hingle), and finally the Ghost of Christmas future (Robert Shaw), which shows him the ruins of civilization. The ghosts seem to think that Grudge needs to accept and support more U.S. involvement with the United Nations. Hmmm. The coolest part is when Robert Shaw's ghost shows him a world laid waste by nuclear war, ran by a weirdo called Imperial Me played by Peter Sellers. Also with Britt Eklund, Ben Gazarra, Eva Marie Saint and more. This comes off as a very haunting and dated time capsule, and is a must have for Twilight Zone and Rod Serling fans.

M562 Conqueror of the Orient (60) aka: Il conquistatore dell'Oriente  Centuries ago, in the Orient, the fiscal extractions on the people lead to a revolt against the usurper of the throne, and the empowerment of a new leader. Rik Battaglia, an actor who did both spaghetti westerns and sword and sandal films, is in the lead as the Prince, who was spirited away when his father's kingdom was taken, but now returns. Also with some really nice looking females of course Irene Tunc (a real beauty who died in a road accident in 1972) and the always stunning Gianna Maria Canale (who starred in many peplum classics, Freda's 'I Vampiri' and many more).

R319 Dead Man's Float (80) aka: Smuggler's Cove Johnny, Sue and Ann, together with their American friend, Pete, spend most of their summer days surfing and playing around in boats. But then a strange trawler with a mass of radio equipment moves into their isolated cove, and Johnny has his surfboard smashed by the remote controlled boat they claim to be testing... The youngsters are paid off and warned off, but why? And who is the sleezy Mr Luth?  An explosion in the bay finally decides them, they will swim out at night and find out the answers.  With Sally Boyden and Greg Rowe.

M565 El Dorado (88) A remake of Werner Herzog's 'Aquirre, the Wrath of God' filmed in Costa Rica. It's 1560, Spanish soldiers take a trip down the Orinoco river to find the famed lost region of El Dorado, where gold is plentiful. Of course, this quest will end in doom and failure, as El Dorado is nothing more than a pipe dream. Huge production, with the river, mud and steamy jungles permeating every ounce of footage and the dread experienced by the characters. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

R276 Electra (62) aka: Electra, la vengadora  Living in exile after the death of their father, the grown children of a murdered and usurped king converge to bring justice and revenge upon the perpetrators of their misfortune. Greek mythology done dead serious and quite well. With Agamemnon's murder, the banishment of Orestes, Electra's (Irene Papas) marriage, the reuniting of the grown children, the double murder....  a powerful telling. The stark cinematography and the fine acting make this film instantly watchable, particularly at the climatic matricide sequence. In Greek language, LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

R285 Fantastic Argoman, The (67) aka: The Incredible Paris Incident - Argoman is virtually indestructible with powers beyond the scope of a mortal man. A super-wild mix of the last twenty-years (then) of comic culture. An action-packed upbeat fantasy/spoof/ classic. The gadgets, the lairs, the ladies.... Now in a nice English dubbed Widescreen.  BA

M674 Golden Arrow, The (62) aka: L'arciere delle mille e una note  Scimitars clash in a mighty blazing spectacle in this peplum from prolific Italian director Antonio Margheriti. Tab Hunter is perfect visually as the outcast that must prove himself and defeat all foes to win the hand of his love (the sexy Rosanna Podesta). A flying  carpet, amazing feats, crystal balls, and more elements of pure fantasy fun with a larger budget for this type than most. Excellent Widescreen version.  BA

M720 Ironmaster (83) aka: La guerra del ferro: Ironmaster  The discovery of steel exacerbates rivalries and battles in warring tribes. George Eastman's bear-head mask is worth the price of admission alone! Lots of wild buffalo, erupting volcano, caves, scantily clad beautiful cave women, gore, sweeping landscapes, one guy obviously chosen, wigged and modeled after Swarzenegger's Conan, catfights, sword-fights, bow and arrows..... Under-appreciated violent fun. Super Sharp new widescreen version of this Umberto Lenzi barbarian classic!  BA

M692 Julius Caesar against the Pirates (62) aka: Giulio Cesare contro i pirati  Gustavo Rojo is Caesar, and he is captured by pirates (led by Hamar, played by Gordon Mitchell). Abbe Lane (as Paluzia) is Hamar's girl, but she is becoming attracted to Caesar.... Caesar must escape and destroy the pirates, and rescue Paluzia (who is chained to a wall and about to be impaled by spikes!). Quite amazing with cool battles and big picture photography that really enhances the view. Finally an Upgraded Beautiful Widescreen English dubbed version and Uncut at 99 minutes!  The full frame version of this crops so much out it is virtually worthless compared to this.  BA

M665 Le Baccanti (61) aka: Bondage Gladiator Sexy  Certainly one of the most unusual and astonishing of the peplums. Elaborate telling with grand set designs, some actual Greece locations, a decent score and colorful costumes. Pierre Brice plays the Greek God Dinoysus, who comes to the city of Thebes only to be dissed by King Penteus who forbids his worship in the city. Interesting respect is paid to the Greek legends and Gods. Amazing Widescreen and English dubbed. BA

R288 Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules (61) aka: Maciste, l'uomo più forte del mondo  aka: Maciste, l'homme le plus fort du monde  Maciste (Mark Forest) arranges for himself, and his new friend Bangor (body-builder Paul Wynter) to be captured by a mysterious band of white-clad-albino marauders and taken to an underground city. Once there they are forced to help mine gold and diamonds. The sexy queen (Moira Orfei) soon takes notice of Maciste. Now in a nice English dubbed Widescreen version.  BA

M697 Queen of Sheba (52) aka: La regina di Saba  In ancient Israel, King Salomon is seen as a threat to more tyrannical monarchs of the region. The King sends his son on a spying mission to Sheba. On the way, he meets and falls for a Princess (gorgeous 17 year old Leonora Ruffo), who later is to become the Queen of Sheba. This makes their love hopeless as the Queen of Sheba can love no man, unless 'the mountain speaks'. She also has plans of conquest. Early peplum type that plays different then the one's to come later. Ruffo went on to star in 3 more very good sword and sandal flicks. This one dubbed into English. BA

R266 Sea Serpent, The (84) aka: Hydra: Monster of the Deep aka: Serpiente de mar  A killer sea serpent (not since 'Reptilicus' have we seen such a goofy monster), created by radioactivity, starts attacking boats frequenting the coast of a small Spanish town. With Timothy Bottoms, Taryn Power (who was featured in another creature feature although with excellent Harryhausen effects), and Ray Milland (in his last role). Cheesy fun! Amando De Ossorio directs. Now LBX for the first time!  BA

R244 Valley of the Kings (54) aka: El valle de los reyes  Hard-boiled archeologist Mark Brandon (Robert Taylor) is searching for tombs in Egypt when he is approached by beautiful Ann Mercedes (Eleanor Parker) who convinces him to help her fulfill her dead father's ultimate goal. To prove the bible is true by searching for specific tombs. Good luck. Spectacular color production and Egypt locations make this one interesting. Sandstorms, sword-fights, catacombs, scorpions, room of skulls, and more. Upgrade! BA

M749 Why Did You Pick On Me? (80) aka: Chissà perché... capitano tutte a me  Sequel to 'The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid'. Bud Spencer plays a sheriff/guardian angel to an extraterrestrial kid who can do magic things with a remote control device. Cheesy special effects, slapstick comedy and even some pretty extreme violence. The rough and tumble scenes with the 'Village People' looking bikers, and the American soldiers (who are after the kid) plus the other aliens (who are also after the kid) are pretty hilarious. Bud Spencer kicks major ass.  BA



M709 14 and Under (73) aka: Frühreifen-Report  aka: Early Awakening Report - No underage actresses participate in anything lewd, so keep your panties on! Adult and very sexy actresses play the younger girls. Episodic like the 'Schoolgirl Reports' films with some moralizing thrown in for good measure. These tales are really sleazy and cool at the same time, it would take too long to insert the plots here but let's just say you'll be surprised at how entertaining this one is. Great quality LBX version.  In German language and with English subtitles.  BA

R281 Erotic Journal of a Lady From Thailand, An (80) aka: Le journal érotique d'une Thailandaise  A fashion photographer and his sexed up French models, travel to Thailand. Brigitte Lahaie, France Lemay and more star in this colorful soft-sex outing. Frustrated, Brigitte takes an erotic shower and you'll wish you were in it with her. Great quality English dubbed and LBX. BA

R346 Fourth Sex, The (63) aka: Le quatrième sexe  Michel and Paul make money doing chalk drawings for passersby near the Louvre. They also make the scene in some of the hot spots of Paris. Sand is a rich sexy lesbian blonde who paints nude girls and houses an entourage of chicks at her loft. When Michel's sister shows up, both Paul and Sand fall for her. Things go awry at a wild Roman costume party. Plenty of nudity, and quite controversial for it's time. Slightly LBX. BA

M746 Lola (86) Angela Molina stars as Lola. Lola escapes Mario, her drunken abusive man, even though she still loves him. She moves away, meets a rich man named Robert, and has a child. Now it has been four years, and Mario has tracked her down, thinking that not only does she belong to him, but also her child must be his as well. Bigas Lunas directs this twisted tale of passion, desire, misogyny and sadism. English dubbed. BA

M693 Man For Sale, A (78) aka: Candido Erotico - A young girl (played by a 22 year old Lili Carati) falls in love with a man that performs in live sex shows, and who just happens to be having an affair with her mother, with her father's knowledge. The man has issues. Alone in bed with Lili he is useless, but when on stage he can perform. It seems only if he is being watched can he get it up. Look for Ajita Wilson as one of the sex performers. Lili Carati looks amazing in this. Her next film was 'To Be Twenty' a classic. Lili (who was also Miss Italy in 1975) developed a drug habit and did some porno in the late 80's. Lili Carati died in October 2014 of brain cancer at age 58. LBX and English dubbed.

M728 Overnight Models (76) aka: Jagd auf Jungfrauen  Lots of full frontal nudity from sexy German chicks in this very funny sex comedy. All inhibitions are lost when a busload of workers go on an overnight company trip. In one scene three old women go to a porno theater to see what the young people are up to. Little amusing sexual situations throughout, loaded with laughs.  BA

R243 Queen of Sex (77) aka: Gola profonda near  aka: Black Deep Throat - Ajita Wilson stars as a newspaper reporter investigating a sex cult. In her other spare time she visits a sex guru to deal with her bouts of nymphomania that occur when she hears a certain type of music. Now LBX and with English subtitles.

M539 Saturday, Sunday and Friday (76) aka: Sabato, domenica e venerdì  Italian sex comedy with stories from various contributors. First, a businessman is married to a real bitch. Later he is tasked to entertain a Japanese engineer (played by Edwige Fenech!) while his wife flirts with beach bums. Eventually Fenech will be his, after some madcap comedy. Next Barbara Bouchet as a suicidal woman who needs to find a fake husband (and fast!) as her father, who thinks she is married, is coming to visit. The third segment has a rich guy in love with a stripper. LBX and English dubbed with foreign subtitles. BA

M699 Scandal (71) aka: School of Erotic Enjoyment  aka: Io, Cristiana, studentessa degli scandali  A male and female member of the long-haired campus 'counter-culture' are having a 'contest' of sorts to try to seduce their young professor and his wife. Their plan goes horribly awry as the wife turns out to be a sex-crazed bisexual swinger, and the female student (Malisa Longo) ends up falling for the professor. This is one of those Italian sex films that goes from light-heartedness to brutal seriousness (like with a nasty gang-rape scene!). Love the super short mini-skirts! Malisa Longo sets the screen on fire in all of her naked glory! Tragic. English dubbed.  BA

M540 Scandal in the Family (76) aka: Scandalo in famiglia  aka: Die Sünden der ganz jungen Mädchen  Nunziata (Lucretia Love) is widowed and starts sleeping with the family lawyer to figure out the estate. Her stepdaughter (Gloria Guida), has plans to seduce her 'new' papa, and who could resist? In fact everybody wants in her pants! LBX and English dubbed.  BA

M543 Sex Diary (78) aka: Il letto in piazza  Sex comedy from Italy! Luca is the town stud who every woman wants to have sex with, and he takes full advantage. We first see him in the town's bell tower where he pops up from beneath a shapely, wildly gyrating female derriere, as he is having a great time. This is just the first of many such scenes. He is also having troubles with the local city counsel as he tries to improve it's standing. Rosana Podesta, John Ireland, Sherry Buchanan and more very cute women used primarily gratuitously. English dubbed, not as sharp as usual picture-wise.

M701 Sex Farm (73) aka: Frustrated Wives - Join in on yet another British made sex comedy with plenty of nudity and stacked babes. With Hilary (Legend of the Werewolf) Farr and a bevy of buxom British beauties to feast your eyes upon.  BA

M544 Sex Object (87) aka: Laura oggetto sessuale  Al Cliver (who was in many Franco and Fulci films) stars in this Italian made sexploitation with Sacha Darwin and some other Italian lovelies. A woman visits her sister and gets involved with some of the sexual shenanigans going on. She seduces her sister's son, with ulterior motive's, and when he finds out why, he is ready to kill himself! Attempted rape and plenty of nudity and very explicit sex scenes. In Italian language only with no subtitles. F.L.

M548 Sexbury Tales, The (73) aka: I racconti di Viterbury - Le più allegre storie del '300  Yet even more Italian sex comedy stuff set in the middle ages in the tradition of 'The Canterbury Tales" and the like. Sharp colors and Widescreen, but in Italian language only and with no English subtitles. Lots of nudity. Rosalba Neri, Christa Linder, Orchidea de Santis and more star. Directed by Mario Caiano the guy who brought us 'Nightmare Castle' and 'Nazi Love Camp 27' among many others.

M545 Sexy Relations (74) aka: Loving Cousins  aka: High School Girl  aka: Cugini carnali  A provincial adolescent boy who has just graduated, living at his parent's, gets caught up in a lustful drama as he falls for his slutty niece, who, teases him by undressing, bathing, and screwing his friends, right in front of him! Also with Rosalba Neri as the maid. Directed by Sergio Martino. BA

M546 Sicilian and the Nude Housewife, The (78) aka: Moglie nuda e siciliana  Italian sexy drama from Andrea Bianchi (who's next two films would be 'Malabimba' and 'Burial Ground'). A young farm girl is making out with a truck driver in a darkened barn. Or so it appears, but he didn't even get her panties off! Her parent's catch her and they are forced to marry. She runs off and gets a job modeling in nudie mags, which her husband sees, and then he tries to track her down. Lots of nudity with Christiana Borghi and Maria Pia Conte. In Italian language only with no subtitles. LBX

M682 Sins in the Family (75) aka: Scandal in the Family aka: Peccati in famiglia   A petit bourgeois family is disrupted by a relative named Milo who in no time is having sex with the wife and the daughter, hell even the maid! Jenny Tamburi, Penthouse Pet Simonetta Stefanelli (she played Al Pacino's Italian bride in 'The Godfather') and even sex bomb Edy Williams star. A sexy romp with even sexier women!

M704 Skin Deep (79) aka: Senza Buccia - Simple surf and sand skin flick with loads of nudity in a new Widescreen English dubbed print. A trio of young perfect sexy people out boating pick up more perfect looking people and all go to a beach house get naked and begin creating sexual tension in the group. Super beautiful and sexy Lilli Carati, Illona Staller (Cicciolina), Olga Karlatos and more. Of course Carati and Staller both went on to porn.

M705 Softly From Paris 2 (86-90) Three erotic tales. 'The Wager of Three Wives', 'A Villa in the Country' and the quite excellent Marquis De Sade's 'Augustine'. All three tales have sexual intimacy achieved through deception. Catherine Leprince delivers one of soft-core's most convincing orgasms of all time as Augustine.

M551 Tit and the Moon, The (94) aka: La teta y la luna  A 9 year old cannot stand the idea of having a new baby brother sucking on his mom's mammaries. So he prays to the moon for a boob of his own! Well, who should show up but a new maid played by Mathilda May (you remember her as the nude space girl in the great 'Lifeforce'!). From director Bigas Lunas. Javiar Bardem also shows up in a small role. In Spanish language and with English subtitles. BA

M550 Una Tenera Storia (92) aka: Love Project  Joe D'Amato directs. A sexy woman (Anna Papa as 'Karen') does whatever it takes to stay on top, which basically means having sex with anyone that will benefit her quest. Loads of nudity and explicit sex. Also Laura Gemser in her last film appearance to date as Karen's secretary. This obscure film comes in Italian language only with no subtitles. There are a few glitches in the master print.  F.L.

M556 Virgin Wife, The (75) aka: La moglie vergine  aka: At Last, at Last  aka: You've Got to Have Heart  aka: Valentina... The Virgin Wife  The honeymoon was a disaster as Giovanni (Ray Lovelock) could not get it up with his smoking hot wife (Edwige Fenech). Everyone has their own solution (like maybe have the maid seduce him!). Turns out, the answer is right in front of him! His mother-in-law (Carroll Baker) is quite hot! Lots of nudity in this English dubbed sleaze. BA

M558 We Have Only One Mother (74) aka: Di mamma non ce n'è una sola  A young man has an unhealthy obsession with his mother (sexy Senta Berger) and likes to take photos of her in the nude. She doesn't seem to discourage it either! He has other girls, but none can hold a candle to mom. Tragedy strikes, a new girl shows up.... but is she honest or a gold-digger after the family fortune? With Sonia Petrovna and plenty of nudity. It seems maybe Berger walked off this production. As the mother, she all of a sudden is just gone, and they explain that she has died. Watch it and see what you think. With English subtitles.



M622 24 Hours of Terror (64) aka: 24 ore di terrore  aka: F.B.I. Contra o Império dos Gangsters  Drug Dealing crooks and their women, holed up in an old castle-like location, meet their fate one by one, being dealt death by a mysterious killer with a hidden motive. The killer is in their midst, and his motivation still holds sway in similar plots today. Early Italian Giallo type with some nice stalking and killing by bow and arrow in splendidly dark and creepy locales. With English subtitles.

M561 Abissinia (92) After being fired, a waiter steals the cash from the till, is beaten up by the bouncers and thrown out on the road. Later he works at a desolate beachfront resort and discovers the owner (Mario Adorf) keeps his hot young wife under lock and key because he does not trust her (She’s a slut all right) as he soon finds out- but is he being set up? Another sleazy erotic thriller. With English subtitles.

R270 Ancines Woods, The (70) aka: El Bosque Del Lobo - A primitive village in Spain falls under attack from a werewolf. Or is it just a maniacal serial killer unable to control his animalistic urges? Inspired by Romasanta the legendary 'bandit' werewolf/killer/madman who killed 13 people in 1850's Spain. Remade in 2004 with Julian Sands. LBX and with English subtitles.

R367 Annihilator (86) aka: Die Androiden - Sie sind unter uns  A humanoid killer robot stalks a newspaperman who has knowledge of their existence. One of the robot's is made up to look like his girlfriend (Catherine Mary Stewart) Pretty cool science fiction thriller, and another failed pilot movie. With Brion James, Susan Blakely, Geoffrey Lewis, Nicole Eggert, Mark Lindsay Chapman and more.

R226 Body, The (12) aka: El Cuerpo  A detective searches for the body of a femme fatale which has gone missing from the morgue in this Hitchcock styled psychological thriller. Try to guess the solution of this mystery with success before the last 7 minutes and... you are a genius! The husband of the deceased woman becomes the suspect of both, the killing and the body theft. Flashbacks of the couple's life, a shady Commissar, mystery and suspense piled on with plot twists and turns and supernatural elements make this one compelling view. Widescreen and with English subtitles.  BA

R232 Captive’s Island (66) aka: Punishment Island  aka: Shokei no shima  Seeking revenge against the guard who tormented him, a young man returns to the island where he was imprisoned in reform school to get his revenge. Things get complicated when he encounters a strange and beautiful woman. In Japanese culture, banning problem children to islands for reform was natural business as an effective correctional method. Suspenseful and even brutal at times. Beautiful photography, LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

M798 Cat Has Nine Lives, The (67) aka: Neun Leben hat die Katze  West Germany's first true 'feminist' film. In a relaxed, flirtatious and meandering manner it portrays the everyday experiences, desires, sexual acts, and fantasies of different women: A German journalist, her French girlfriend and a German pop singer. Directed by Ula Stockl who shoots both men and women in cinematic metaphors regarding female lust. Lesbians, nudity and bizarre scenarios. Uncut 87 minute version. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

R347 Closed Circuit (78) aka: Circuito chiuso  A large group of people are gathered in a cinema watching a spaghetti western when one of them is found dead, killed by a stray bullet. The police won't let anyone leave as they investigate. Flavio Buccio stars. He played a thug in 'Night Train Murders' and 'Suspiria'. Here he plays a weird psychologist. Anyway, they cannot find a gun or anything. When they try to reconstruct the crime scene, another guy in the same chair is shot and killed. When the big twist ending hits in this supernatural giallo type, it will BLOW YOUR MIND! I didn't see that coming. With English subtitles.

M667 Cross Current (71) aka: Un omicidio perfetto a termine di legge  After a boating accident a man returns home to his isolated villa with memory problems. Distance with his wife leads him to another woman. Finally as memories surface in his clouded mind, murders begin to occur. Visually engaging and well shot giallo type loaded with twists and turns. Director Tonino Ricci was responsible for a few other genre films like 'Panic' and 'Thor the Conqueror'. With Philippe Leroy, Ivan Rassimov, Elga Andersen and the mesmerizing Rosanna Yanni. LBX and English dubbed.

M563 Cry of the Owl, The (87) aka: Le cri du hibou  Juliette (Mathilda May, the space vampire from 'Lifeforce') is being watched by a man named Robert that has just separated from his wife. She falls for Robert, despite his mysterious and even creepy demeanor. Her fiancé Patrick, becomes jealous and attacks Robert. Later when Patrick disappears, she thinks Robert may have done away with him, and maybe, just maybe she has made a mistake. Erotic Thriller with nudity and death and even comic relief. Widescreen and with English subtitles.  Not to be mixed up with the 2009 remake

M712 Damned House of Hajn, The (88) aka: Prokletí domu Hajnù  aka: Uncle Cyril - A surreal look at madness in a brooding creepy-ass Czech countryside mansion. A suitor arrives at the home of his (unlucky in love) intended not yet realizing what he is getting himself into. Also in the mansion is the Uncle who thinks he is invisible and creeps around like a phantom driving the young woman mad. Super atmospheric horror, the stuff made of nightmares. With English subtitles.  

M669 Death in a French Garden (85) aka: Péril en la demeure  A magnate and his younger wife hire a man to teach guitar to their younger daughter. The wife almost immediately seduces the guitar tutor and as their steamy affair plays out they are secretly being filmed by the next-door neighbor. Blackmail, suicide, murder, kidnapping and sex in a dark and sensual world of mystery and deceit. LBX and with English subtitles.

M739 Deep Blood (90) aka: Sangue negli abissi  Several young men have to stop an ancient native American evil in the form of a killer shark which is attacking and killing the people of a small beach community. Bad movie lovers will enjoy this 'Jaws' rip-off. Maybe a more apt title would be "Attack of the Stock Footage Shark"! Joe D'Amato cleaned up the direction after the first director bailed, with decidedly debatable results. Look for Laura Gemser in a small role as a lab assistant. Now in a sharp print. Upgrade!  BA

M741 Deviation (71) Early horror from director Jose Ramon Larraz, the man responsible for 'Symptoms' and 'Vampyres'. A couple finds themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere and an offer to stay the night in a large isolated English Manor. The man is wary and investigates. Bad idea. The house's inhabitants are a psychopathic brother and sister, who turn their sordid attention now on their female guest. Drug orgies, sex, suspense, dread and bizarre editing show a style and flair for horror in the infancy of realization.  All in all, pretty damn cool. Upgrade!

M740 Devil's Exorcist (75) aka: El juego del Diablo  In an intern college, Teresita (17 year old Inma de Santis) is a teenager, and the only daughter of a rich couple. She starts being troubled by loud sounds and the scary visions of a tall man in black, walking towards her with menace. This is just the beginning of her possession! She eventually gets so violent she kills her own mother! Electro-shock won't work... better call a Priest! A truly obscure and excellent 'Exorcist' rip-off. Inma de Santis would be in other genre films before being killed in a road accident before her 30th birthday in the Sahara Desert in Morroco. Slightly LBX and English language dubbed with small foreign subtitles.

M671 Egomania (86) aka: Egomania - Insel ohne Hoffnung  aka: Island Without Hope - Bizarre film about an island of people living in a sort of end-of-times situation that spreads lust, jealousy and murder amidst solar eclipses and orchestral chants and the distant thunder of the boiling seas. No real plot but rather a series of scenes and images of the psychological impact of the destructive forces, played out with Udo Kier's character that sometimes appears as a restrained nobleman, and at other times as a soil-eating demon with bulging eyes. The object of the struggle seems to be love, embodied by a young Tilda Swinton, who is threatened by Kier, and abducted by witches. Bursting with madness, weird colors and insanity, this one is a real mind-trip. 10 years later director Cristoph Schlingenslef would make 'United Trash' with Udo Kier and Kitten Natividad. In German language and with English subtitles.

M567 End is Known, The (93) aka: La fine è nota  A young lawyer returns home and is almost killed when a guy who has jumped 4 stories above almost lands on him. Turns out the guy jumped from the young lawyer's bedroom. He had been there to seek help. The lawyer's wife, who was home at the time, can't get her story straight. Beautiful Italian locations in this erotic thriller. Valerie Kaprisky and Italian horror actress and Argento squeeze plus mother of Asia, Daria Nicolodi stars. Slight LBX and with English subtitles.

R364 Freakshow (89) aka: História Bizarra  First the wraparound, after a bloody shooting massacre outdoors of a cinema (creepy nowadays), a woman reporter (Audrey Landers) is ditched by her cameraman, and stumbles into a small museum called 'Freakshow', where the contents of a strange jar (a weird baby mutant monster) activate tales of horror. A junkie chases a scared poodle for his runaway fix, a pizza delivery boy gets a Halloween surprise, a living, but paralyzed O.D. victim is forced to undergo his own autopsy because she is thought dead, and a deal between a gravedigger and a golf course owner that has some unexpected consequences. Zombies, gore, haunted mansion and more figure into different stories. Obscure. BA

M571 Green Inferno (88) aka: Paradiso infernale  aka: Cannibal Holocaust 2  Four friends head deep into the jungle to locate a lost scientist and face off against treasure hunters who are killing the local natives and also bat attacks, headhunters, shrunken heads, anacondas and more jungle perils. In classic mondo-style an alligator battles an anaconda and there is much death. From Italian director Antonio Climati and filmed in the Amazon. He would helm two last features after this one before calling it a day. BA

M675 Gushing Prayer: Story of a 15 Year Old Prostitute (71) aka: Funshutsu kigan-15-sai no baishunfu  A young girl, already a seasoned sexual veteran, sets out on a personal journey to see what makes her tick, and to discover why she is so desensitized and dissatisfied. Suicidal, she embarks upon her avant-garde styled parable. Plenty of nudity and sleazy situations. In Japanese language and with English subtitles. LBX

R253 Haunters (10) aka: Cho-neung-ryeok-ja  An evil man that can control people's minds (as long as they are in his line of sight) encounters a man who is immune to his powers, and they will have a showdown by the end of the film. The psychic's victims move in a slow jerky creepy manner when he has them under his control, and he kills many, forcing them into suicide. Think 'Unbreakable' that film from Shyamalan some time back– except pretty creepy. With English subtitles.  BA

M718 Icebox Murders, The (82) aka: El Cepo - A maniac murders beautiful women, then stores their bodies in a freezer. When a group stays at the estate of a strange doctor (Jack Taylor), wandering around the corridors at night may just turn up some horrific goings on. With Jack Taylor and Mirta Miller. LBX BA

R365 Keep, The (83) aka: Die unheimliche Macht  The Alternate Version: During WW2, Nazi's are forced to turn to a Jewish historian to do battle against an ancient demon they have accidentally resurrected. This version has an alternate ending than the theatrical release and runs 100 minutes. One of the strangest big budget horror films to come out of the 80's. Scott Glenn, Alberta Watson (who died of cancer March 2015 at age 60), Jurgen Prochnow, Ian McKellan and Gabriel Byrne.  BA

M722 Killer Butterfly (78) aka: Salinnabileul ggotneun yeoja  aka: Woman with Butterfly Tattoo - A depressed suicidal student crosses paths with an elderly book salesman who is obsessed with (among other things) Hitler, a female corpse, and a mad scientist. The student expresses his need to die, and the older man tells him it doesn't matter as human's cannot overcome biological death. Things go off the rails. Part David Lynch, part John Waters, ALL total madness. In Korean and with English subtitles. Widescreen

R302 Killers Are Our Guests (74) aka: Gli assassini sono nostri ospiti  After a bungled robbery, a trio of crooks is holed up at a doctor's house, forcing him at gunpoint to attend to their injured. They not only abuse the doctor, but take sexual liberties with his wife as well. The wife seems to have a sexual Stockholm Syndrome and really goes for it. The doctor has another agenda. Later films like 'House by the Edge of the Park' follows what happens somewhat. This rather timid couple is not what they seem, and these bad guys are in for some twists, turns and surprises. Now this is English dubbed and LBX. Upgrade! BA

M542 La Senora (87) aka: La senyora  Set in Spain during the early 20th century. A beautiful young woman marries a fifty year old man. He wants a son desperately, but he has a touching phobia. He gives her a thimble filled with his sperm and tells her to put it to good use. She dumps it down the drain and for 15 years denies him a legal heir, despite parading around naked in front of him constantly. On his death bed she insults him and tries to mount him in a fit of sorrow and lust. Now a rich widow she goes to one of her properties, a huge country estate with servants. Pursued by a younger man, she is still horny, but does not want to be touched, the years of psychological abuse hurting her psyche. Instead she wants him to strip, and she pleasures herself as she stares at his naked body! With English subtitles.

M573 Last Holidays (75) aka: Die letzten Ferien  A young woman is going on holidays with her parents. She narrowly escapes when a holiday fling tries to kill her, only finding out that this nasty encounter was not as random as she thought. You see, she is due for an inheritance in just 3 days when she turns 18, unless that is, she is not alive to receive it! English language dub.

M744 Letter to an Unknown Lover (86) aka: Les louves  Mathilda May (just a year after she was a 'Space Vampire' in the great 'Lifeforce') still likes to be naked thanks to these eyes! She teams up with Cherie Lunghi as the two invite men to their house where they seduce them. But they have darker motives in mind! Oh to be caught in their web! Ralph Bates of Hammer films also stars in one of his last films. He died at just 51 years of age in 1991 of pancreatic cancer.

M723 Liberxina 90 (70) In an undetermined future, a new drug is discovered. Liberxina 90. It will erase 'establishment' conditioning from the human mind. It has fallen into the hands of some diversely anarchistic revolutionaries who spend most of the film trying to figure out the how and when to use it. In the meanwhile, the authorities are closing in. Incredibly bizarre and obscure science fiction from Spain. With English subtitles.

M724 Little Flames (85) aka: Piccoli fuochi  A five year old, always being sent to his room, creates a world of several bizarre 'imaginary' playmates who bedevil the servants with their sadistic pranks (the audience is not sure if the boy is pulling off these pranks or if his 'playmates' are actually real). The maid is played by Valeria Golino of 'Rain Man' and many other films, and, she's naked in this, full disclosure! The 'playmates' have a nasty surprise in store for her..... Fascinating and atmospheric little film that you won't soon forget. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

M576 Magnificat (93) During the Middle Ages, a traveling executioner hires an apprentice to learn the finer points of torture and execution. Meanwhile, a young girl is being given to the Catholic convent by her parents.... These are just two of the threads of many in this period piece that includes other complex and sometimes bizarre characters and the realistic depiction of practices and actions of this chapter in time. Yet another offering from the eclectic and always interesting Italian director Pupi Avati. LBX and with English subtitles.

R363 Mania: The Intruder (86) Four tales of horror all with a twist ending. The tales are 'See No Evil', 'The Intruder', 'Have a Nice Day', and 'The Good Samaritan'.  Partially from the director of 'Prom Night' and 'Humongous'.

M725 Morianna (65) aka: Morianerna The millionaire and tyrant Verner Vade (Anders Henrikson), despised and hated by everyone, controls his family and employees with an iron fist. A family with messy, perverted and promiscuous inclinations. But... his son is a psychopath, someone is raping the maid, and his kin wants him dead because he wants to leave his fortune to charity. Verner is attacked and eventually murdered. An inspector is on the case. Moody and morbid with an interesting cast that includes Bergman's familiar star Eva Dahlbeck as Vade's younger wife. The women are all stunning and some topless scenes are notable for 1965! With English subtitles. 

R308 My Dear Killer (72) aka: Mio caro assassino  A mysterious decapitation (which opens the film) leads Inspector Perriti (George Hilton) into a case of blackmail, deceit and the unsolved kidnapping of a young girl. A creepy haunting Morricone score, a house full of suspects, creative violent murders and a dark melancholy mood make this Giallo one of the better ones. Also with Helga Line, Marilu Tolo, Patty Shepard and William Berger. Now in Sharp Widescreen version dubbed into English and followed by an interview with George Hilton himself!  BA

R274 Night Child (75) aka: The Cursed Medallion  aka: Il medaglione insanguinato   The titular 'medallion' is a gift presented to a young Emily (Nicole Elmi). Once around her neck she becomes possessed by the spirit of a dead child who was a murderess. Fantastically photographed and unsettling as hell with constant dread, this is just another example of a forgotten horror film that needs a revisit. Joanna Cassidy and Richard Johnson. Little red-haired Nicoletta Elmi, in her biggest part ever, had already acted in 'Bay of Blood', 'Death in Venice', 'Baron Blood', 'Flesh for Frankenstein', 'Who Saw Her Die?' and 'Deep Red', all before she turned 11! You can see her all grown up as 'Ingrid the Usherette' in 1985's 'Demons'. This version is a very nice Widescreen, in Italian language and with English subtitles. Also available in a decent full frame English language version. Specify.  BA

M726 Ninth Heart, The (79) aka: Deváté srdce  Set some hundreds of years ago in Czechoslovakia, a vagrant student volunteers for a quest to cure a princess who is under a spell by an evil astrologer/necromancer named Kukura, who is preparing a rejuvenating elixir, prepared with the blood of nine human children's hearts. Nice little dark fantasy with marionettes and Kukura lurking about an elaborate, Dracula inspired castle. With English subtitles.

M727 Nocturno (74) Set in the early 1900's. After the death of his beloved wife, a nobleman from northern Croatia turns to spiritualism, refusing to accept the fact that she is gone. But wait, she begins to appear, her presence is real! All because he believes! Kind of like Poe's 'Tomb of Ligeia' comes this atmospheric Gothic horror type flick (although with many differences from Ligeia obviously) from Yugoslavia of all places. Superb color and with English subtitles as well!

M677 O.K. (70) A Viet Nam war story that takes place in the forests of Bavaria. The actors all have Bavarian accents but play American's. But that's okay. The story is based on a true incident about four American G.I.'s who brutally rape a 16 year old Vietnamese girl and then murder her. One man does not participate, and turns the others in for court martial. The brutal rape sequences are shown in full and long detail which appear to be almost mondo-docu. This film caused an uproar and scandal when played at a film festival. Director Michael Verhoeven also plays as a soldier who is repelled by the scene, but is forced by his mates to rape the girl as well. Another soldier who sees but does not join in is shot. These guy's are cold as ice, like the film crew in 'Cannibal Holocaust'. A dark and miserable description of what war is capable of turning some people into. Cold and Brutal. LBX and with English subtitles.

M566 On the Edge of the Horizon (93) aka: O Fio do Horizonte  Spino, a pathologist, receives an unidentified body, which looks familiar to him. That's because it looks like himself, 30 years younger! He decides to investigate which leads to a labyrinth of intense mystery and discovery. LBX and with English subtitles.

M729 Praying Mantis, The (04) aka: Le festin de la mante  A cellist/violinist named Julien meets a woman on the road and falls hard for her. Moving her into his huge country home, she takes to the greenhouse on the property. She seems to be a predator and quite strange. Who else bonds with a tarantula in her cellar, and can stop a hostile Rottweiler by grabbing it by the throat and giving it a stern look? Later she stalks a man and lures him home, and Julien catches them naked and smacks her. She demands for Julien to leave.... So the bitch still loves Julien but wants to hang with her lover for a time in his big house? Weird as hell love story with a woman as a female predatory animal. Strangely reminded me a bit of the recent 'Under the Skin' where a woman creature sucks the life out of men. LBX and with English subtitles.

M681 Rorret (88) Anna and her slacker boyfriend go to work for the creepy and reclusive Joseph Rorret (Lou Castel), who's just opened a movie theater that plays only classic English language thrillers. Rorret obsessively spies on the audiences in the theater, savoring the fearful reactions of pretty women, then later, tracking them down for dating, and eventually murder. He obsesses like the guy from Michael Powell's 'Peeping Tom', and in fact has named his theater after that film. In Italian language and with English subtitles.

M731 Salamander, The (71) aka: La salamandre  Two men become infatuated with super sexy and free-spirited Rosemond (Bulle Ogier) who may or may not have wounded her uncle on purpose. For whatever reason she did what she did (or didn't), they will try to get the answers. French made mystery drama LBX and with English subtitles.

M541 Scandalous Liaisons (93) aka: Rivelazioni Scandalose  Helen (Dalila Di Lazarro) is rich and powerful, and being blackmailed for having sex with strangers. She runs a modeling agency, and one of the women has a boyfriend that may just be the blackmailer. Whatever. She takes a new female lover (Florence Guerin) who has her own axe to grind (among other things). Lots of nudity and sex in this erotic thriller with smoking hot women. English dubbed.

M732 Season of the Senses (69) aka: La stagione dei sensi  Co-written by Dario Argento. Udo Kier plays a rich recluse living on an island. When four girls show up unannounced at his abode, he sets loose the German shepherd, at first. But in no time they are all having dinner and having deep conversations which lead to weird Euro trash styled games. The girls argue over who gets to sleep with their handsome young host, not knowing the sinister fate he has in store for them all... With Laura Belli, Eva Thulin and more. LBX and with English subtitles. Excellent quality. Upgrade!

M733 Sex and the Law (68) aka: Det kære legetøj  This is what happened when Denmark abolished censorship in the late 60's. A narrator points out the hypocrisies of censorship and the rights, wrongs, effect on society etc. Includes the man and woman on the street scenes, being interviewed on their opinions, awkward! We visit 'dirty' book shops, hear our host share her own sexual experiences, and much more. It's as if people are coming out of the woodwork to get porn all of a sudden due to it's recent legality. This was actually considered porn to them then! Now, it's like soft-core 'R' rated stuff. Worth a look! LBX and with English subtitles.

M792 Sexual Inadequacies (69) aka: Nel labirinto del sesso  Mix the Italian Giallo, with an incredibly biased view of human sexuality, and treat it as an immoral anthology, and you get 'Sexual Inadequacies'. It argues that childhood trauma and neglect result in all modes of revolting behavior in the bedroom. See, this is meant to educate, and to fill seats I suppose, titillate. Plenty of nudity.  So we see some separate stories that mean to disturb you, and also to prove the point at hand. Widescreen and dubbed into English.

M683 Snapshot of a Crime (75) aka: Istantanea per un delitto  When he is dumped by his girlfriend Mirna (Erna Schurer), Luca hooks up with two fashion models Stefania and Claudia. Stefania mysteriously disappears after Luca and her, film themselves having rough sex that includes strangulation sex-play. But was it just play, or is Luca a killer? Mirna sends him the negatives, while Claudia is searching for her friend. Very colorful giallo type with twists and turns now with English subtitles.

M580 Sweetheart (92) aka: Toutes peines confondues  An elderly couple is murdered in the Swiss Alps. A mysterious businessman named Vade, eliminates the culprits, but is investigated by an agent for Interpol named Gardella, who has been watching Vade for some time. Vade gets too close to Gardella's wife (Mathilda May, space vampire from 'Lifeforce') who is beginning to seduce him. An atmospheric psycho thriller with a taste of the erotic. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

M549 Temptation (86) aka: Tentazione - One of director Sergio (Blood Delirium) Bergonzelli's last films. A philandering photographer has a bevy of young models to choose from, ignoring the complaints of his beautiful wife. Then, he decides she must die, but she is not as easy to kill as he thought. Now she is on a mission of revenge, against him, and all of his previous lovers. Super sleazy effort with explicit sex, rape, and loads of nudity. In German language only with no subtitles. 

M745 Todo Modo (76) It is the future. Gian Maria Volonte plays a Prime Minister who enrolls in a spiritual resort, together with his cabinet members and the opposition, where, under the guidance of Gaetano (Marcello Mastroianni) they attend lectures against sin, vices, money and the thirst for power. Self-righteous they sit, while outside the city is being ravaged by an epidemic. They use their group to scheme, conspire and plan the future, in order to maintain their grip on power, which they have held for decades, while the people suffer under their predatory rule. Then there's a murder... and another... and all hell breaks lose. Bizarre political satire. Widescreen and with English subtitles. BA

R332 Traitement de Choc (72) aka: Shock Treatment  aka: L'uomo che uccideva a sangue freddo  Doctors at a rejuvenation clinic discover a formula that will prevent aging. However it involves harvesting the blood and body parts of young men, a process these Frankenstein thinking scientists are okay with. Alain Delon and Annie Giradot star. Controversial upon it's release due to full gratuitous nudity, both male and female (including the two stars). This is an English dubbed print, but the quality is only fair due to a line on the top of the tape.

M568 Unfaithful Wife, The (69) aka: La femme infidèle  aka: Stéphane - Una moglie infedele  A man meets up with his wife's lover and snaps, murdering him. He gets rid of the body, but the police are on his trail. With Stephane Audran as the cheating wife. Claude Chabrol, who some called the French Hitchcock, directs. A Psycho-Sexual Study in Murder was the tagline. Remade as 'Unfaithful' with Diane Lane and Richard Gere in 2002. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

M736 United Trash (96) aka: The Slit  In Africa, General Bremmer (Udo Kier) intellectually dominates the simple people. When his virgin wife (Kitten Natividad...ha ha) gives birth to their first child... is it the new Messiah? Or has she been playing 'hide the sausage' with the priest? This movie is determined to offend almost everyone. It makes fun of gay people, stupid people, Catholics, black people. white people, African tribes, the U.S.A, deformed children, handicapped people and more! That's fair I suppose. Oh, and the baby she gives birth to? It's a negro-dwarf that has an ejaculating vagina on top of it's head. Ugh! Simply mind-blowing! Now available in a nice Widescreen and with English subtitles! You've been warned!  BA

M553 Unscrupulous (86) aka: Senza scrupoli  Sandra Wey plays Silvia, married to an Italian jewelry big shot who neglects her. A masked burglar breaks into her home while her husband is away and rapes her, and also steals an expensive print on the wall. her husband is pissed, her own parent's turn her away, so she goes to her rapist and forms a bond with him! Sounds reasonable. (?) She even becomes part of his gang and becomes 'Unscrupulous' ...ahem... if you will. Plenty of nudity and sleaze. English dubbed and with foreign subtitles.

R286 Varg Veum: Sleeping Beauty (08) aka: Varg Veum - Tornerose  The film begins in Copenhagen where Varg Veum finds Lisa, a 16 year old runaway hooker who is the daughter of a wealthy businessman. He returns her and is asked to find Peter, a friend of Lisa, who had also gone missing. But Peter, a junkie, turns up dead, Lisa is the main suspect. Drug dealers and other obstacles await Varg Veum in his quest for the truth. Filmed in Norway. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

R287 Varg Veum: Yours Until Death (08) aka: Varg Veum - Din til døden  Varg Veum hooks up with a woman that may or may not be her estranged husband's killer. Varg can't believe that this woman with her old-fashioned ideas on love and fidelity can possibly be guilty, so he makes it his mission to seek out the truth. Another cool mystery filmed in Norway with Trond Espen Seim. With English subtitles.  BA

M737 Waves of Lust (75) aka: Una ondata di piacere  A young couple becomes embroiled with the personal problems of another couple on a yacht anchored off Sicily during a turbulent weekend of fun, sex games, betrayal, spousal abuse and murder in this sex/crime thriller. An early twisted film from the director of 'Cannibal Holocaust' and co-written by Lamberto Bava. Think 'Dead Calm' with more emphasis on sex rather than sexual tension. Colorful little sleaze gem and now in a nice English dubbed print and LBX. Upgrade!  BA

M684 Whirlpool (70) aka: She Died with Her Boots On  aka: Perversion Flash  The first film from horror director Jose Ramon Larraz! Creepy sex-killer-thriller about a pornographic photographer, his aunt, and an innocent English girl who becomes their next victim. The aunt lures the sexy young swinging seventies fashion model to the isolated country estate as prey for her deranged nephew. Plenty of nudity and even lesbians. An excellent starter film for Larraz, who went on to direct 'Deviations', 'Symptoms', 'Vampyres' and more. Long available in a time coded print only, this new composite still has some time coded scenes, but most of this new print is not time coded, and this is also the longest available print ever at 90 minutes.  BA

R267 Who Saw Her Die? (72) aka: Chi l'ha vista morire?  A young girl is brutally murdered somewhere in France. Later the same thing happens to a sculptor's daughter. Looks like a serial killer of children is on  the loose! Shot in and around Venice, and an obvious influence on 1973's 'Don't Look Now'. An excellent and stylish murder mystery. With George (once a Bond) Lazenby, Anita Strindberg (nudity), Adolfo Celi (Thunderball) and more. Now in a nice sharp Widescreen. BA

M738 Without Apparent Motive (71) aka: Sans mobile apparent  aka: Neun im Fadenkreuz  A series of murders are being committed on the French Riviera by a sniper. The Commissar is in charge of the investigation. He seems to come into contact with the victims before their murders. The motive for the killings is eventually uncovered as bodies continue to drop. Excellent and dark mystery thriller/giallo type with beautiful locations and a cool Ennio Morricone score. Nice English dubbed Widescreen version. Dominique Sanda, Laura Antonelli and more star. Upgrade!

M560 Woman in the Night, A (79) aka: Una donna di notte  aka: Eine Frau für die Nacht  An author sees his sexy neighbor  (Lorraine De Selle of 'Cannibal Ferox and many others) leaving her place every night which inspires him to write erotic fantasies adventures based around her supposedly 'secret' life. One of her conquests has her going back to her place with Ajita Wilson for some hot lesbian action, when Ajita's well-endowed midget husband shows up and wants a three-way! Another story has her getting sodomized by a weathered old fisherman in his fishing net. Later the author actually gets it on with De Selle's character and finds out that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction (and more disturbing!). Lorraine De Selle has a knock-out body. She is in other well known genre films like 'Wild Beasts' and 'House by the Edge of the Park'. LBX English language dubbed with foreign subtitles.



R238 Circle of Deception, A (60) Unbeknownst to him, a soldier (Bradford Dillman) is sent on a doomed mission because of the high chance of him divulging secrets when captured. His knowledge of course, incorrect, he is an unwitting decoy. Decent WW2 thriller that also stars Suzy Parker, Harry Andrews and Robert Stephens.

R362 I Start Counting (70) aka: O Despertar de uma Adolescente  In the tradition of 'Twisted Nerve', 'Deadly Strangers' and 'Crescendo' comes this little known British thriller. Fourteen year old Wynne (played by an 18 year old Jenny Agutter) is coming to terms with her sexuality, and has an unhealthy attraction to her older brother, who she suspects may be the sex-serial killer who has been on the loose terrorizing the area. The deeper she digs, the more she suspects. Things may not turn out as she thinks. If you like Jenny Agutter, even though she is in better films, this may be her finest moment in movies. This plays like a lost Hammer film. You'll even see some guys that were in Hammer films like Bryan Marshall and Simon Ward. Recommended forgotten well-acted and creepy British thriller. LBX

R345 Keeler Affair, The (63) aka: The Christine Keeler Story  A teenage prostitute (Yvonne Buckingham, she played a serving wench in 'Blood of the Vampire' and a whore in 'The Haunted Strangler', so this is normal material for her) in England gets involved with high-level politicians and becomes involved in a sex and spy scandal. With John Drew Barrymore. The real Christine Keeler denies any involvement with prostitution. BA

R334 Last Shot You Hear, The (69) A marriage counselor has made a fortune from his best selling books, and has learned to love his wealth more than his wife (pouty blonde played by Patricia Haines). His wife has taken a lover and together they plan to murder her husband to get her money. Also with Thorley Walters (who was in 'Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed' the same year), Hugh Marlowe and more. Directed by Gordon Hessler. BA

R250 Runaway Bus, The (54) aka: Bussen der forsvandt  Comedy mystery heist film from director Val Guest! A fog has fallen and a bus is used to transport some people, one of them has just pulled off a robbery, and the gold is on the bus. Agatha Christie type mystery as we try to guess who the bad guy is amidst the sight gags and hilarious conversations. British comedian Frankie Howerd makes his debut alongside Margaret Rutherford, George Coulouris, Belinda Lee and English songstress Petula Clark. BA

R225 Siege of Pinchgut, The (59) aka: Four Desperate Men  aka: Zur Hölle mit Sydney  Aldo Ray plays the leader of escaped convicts that by boat get stranded on Pinchgut island (a small fort in the middle of Sydney Harbor). They decide to hold hostage the keeper and his family while trying to get a reprieve from the governor. When that ploy fails, they aim a cannon at a ship loaded with explosives in the harbor. 'Do what I say or I'll blow the whole city to hell!' Intense crime thriller. LBX BA




M664 All Things Fair (95) aka: Lust och fägring stor  A coming of age story set in WW2 Sweden in which a young man has an affair with his hot teacher. Wildly inappropriate as she is 37 and he is in his teens. She feels alive by his youth, a welcome relief from her drunk and miserable husband. She keeps him in her bed and he misses class. Then she threatens to flunk him! Perplexed, the boy seeks answers. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

R242 Badge of the Assassin (85) aka: La griffe de l'assassin  Three black revolutionaries gun down two New York city police officers. The subsequent investigation puts a white assistant D.A. (James Woods) and a black police detective (Yaphet Kotto) on the trail of the killers that takes them from New York to San Francisco and down to New Orleans. Also with Pam Grier, Rae Dawn Chong and Alex Rocco. BA

R301 Battle of El Alamein, The (69) aka: La battaglia di El Alamein  In WW2, there's a brutal 12 day fight for survival as a British Infantry battles Rommel's fabled Afrika Korps in the windswept Libyan desert. Michael Rennie stars in this action flick now available Widescreen. BA

R330 Big Jim and the Figaro Club (79) Various episodes on one disc of this obscure British comedy show narrated by Bob Hoskins. This was pretty popular but short-lived and still remembered. British humor, if you know it, you love it.  DVD-R only.

M666 Black Hand, The (73) aka: La mano near  The Birth of the Mafia - Yes! A very nice Widescreen English dubbed version of this Italian made sleaze and brutal violence classic. Set in the early 1900's, with abrupt and jarring set pieces of ultra-violence, gore, and decent dummy effects carnage. This was Italy's answer to 'The Godfather', and at a fraction of the cost, they made one hell of a mob movie here. One scene they actually show a woman getting her tongue cut out and as she falls bleeding the razor is wiped clean on her breasts. 

R230 Black Jack (03) aka: BlackJack: Murder Archive  When a cop turns in his fellow officer for corruption, the rest of the force turns against him and his new job is to supervise the transfer of old cases onto the computer. He becomes interested in one of the cold cases. Decent and dark Australian made cop thriller with an undercurrent of dread permeating the story throughout. Colin Friels and more star. LBX

M686 Brothers in Blood (87) aka: La sporca insegna del coraggio  aka: Savage Attack  Begins back in Viet Nam where soldiers (led by Bo Svenson as Steven Elliot Logan/Steel) are in deadly combat with an overflow of Vietcong soldiers. A chopper rescues the soldiers, but one man is left behind. Twenty years later Logan, a hard-drinking, rough talking, bar fighting man, sees the news report that his old pal they left behind is a P.O.W.. He begins to assemble his old team for an extraction. The cost will be high for all involved. Also with Peter Hooten and Martin Balsam. Directed by Tonino Valerii  BA

R331 Burton and Taylor (13) Dominic West takes on the Burton role, Helena Bonham Carter does Taylor. Starts in 1983, with a pill-popping Taylor and a drinking like a fish Burton, on the brink of his doom. Hell, we all know where this was going, but this is a well-made and fun recreation of events.  

R349 Chappaqua (66) Semi-autobiographical story of Conrad Rooks, who travels to France to undergo a drug-withdrawal cure. Hallucinatory drug-fused trip with music by Ravi Shankar (as the Sun God). Interestingly shot with mind-blowing visuals in black and white and in color. William S. Burroughs is 'Opium Jones'. The Fugs as themselves. Also look for Herve (Tattoo) Villechaize in his film debut and Moondog. Critically panned and hated, still a trippy time capsule of a half century ago.

R261 Chubasco (68) Twenty year old Chubasco (Christopher Jones) chooses a difficult path of hard labor at sea aboard a fishing boat and learns about how to become a man in the process. There's more to it of course. Many compare this one to James Dean's 'Rebel Without a Cause'. With Susan Strasberg, Ann Sothern, Richard Egan and more. Widescreen BA

R309 Churchill's Leopards (70) aka: I Leopardi di Churchill  The Mission: The British have to carry out a plan hatched by Churchill himself to blow up a French dam, by bringing in commandos led by the twin brother of the German Commander. Richard Harrison and Klaus Kinski star. Nice English dub and Widescreen BA

R277 Code Name, Red Roses (68) aka: Rose rosse per il führer  Allies land in occupied Belgium during WW2 to team up with the Belgium resistance to get a top secret allied memorandum back that fell into the hands of the Nazis. Multiple battles claim lives from both sides in a high body count. Joe D'Amato operates the camera in this action packed outing. James Daly, Pier Angeli, Peter Van Eyck and more star. Widescreen and English dubbed. BA

M687 Condor (90) aka: After the Condor aka: Sulle tracce del condor  The chase is on to locate the greatest treasure ever stolen by the governor of Peking, lost in the icy depths of a glacier-filled lake after a plane crash. An assortment of characters is involved in the quest. Sergio Martino directs this action packed flick and uses leading action star Daniel Greene again (who he used in his apocalyptic 'Hands of Steel' in 86). Greene is hired by Charles Napier and things get fairly mean-spirited. With an exciting finale at a huge waterfall. With hot chicks Christine Leigh and Katja Alemann. Also with Brent Huff.

R282 Desperado Outpost (59) aka: Dokuritsu gurentai  aka: L'avamposto dei disperati  When Sergeant Okubu's brother is murdered at a Japanese outpost in Northern China during WW2, Okubu poses as a war correspondent and seeks out his brother's killer. When the command is wiped out by Chinese forces, Okubu escapes and joins a tribe of bandits. Look for Toshiro Mifune as a Battalion Commander. Starring Makoto Sato, the sly faced actor who made a career out of playing mainly villains. LBX and with English subtitles.

M670 Diabolikal Superkriminal, The (07) A documentary on the controversial 1960's Italian photo novels known as 'Killing' aka: 'Satanik'. Also the basis for the Turkish cult film series 'Kilink'. Includes interviews with the original actors who were familiar faces in Spaghetti westerns, Giallos, and more genre type films from the era. Loaded with nice color clips and snips of the novels art and the films. All fans of this material, this is amazing stuff here! LBX and with English subtitles.

M688 Domino (88) Unclassifiable as far as film goes. Brigitte Nielson (looking pretty good) stars as a woman who makes fashion videos, Jaded, she jet-sets around dressed in the hottest 80's styles looking for love. Plenty of nudity and luckily Brigitte needs no coaxing to take off her clothes. This is the Uncut 97 minute European version. For fans of Nielson in her 'hot' era, this is a must!  BA

M569 Final Contract, The (92) aka: Due vite, un destino  Cool Italian mob picture! The Dellacroce brothers (Burt Young and Philippe Leroy) are the head's of Milan's crime syndicate. Detective Calarno (Fabio Testi) has one of their accountants in hiding as a key witness against them. Sloane (Michael Nouri) is a hit man hired by the Dellacroce brothers to knock off the rat. But Nouri is not what he appears to be in this slick well-made crime drama. Also with Carol Alt, Rod Steiger and Anna Kanakis. In English language but there are foreign subs at the bottom of the screen.

R228 Firechasers, The (71) aka: Spirale di fuoco  An insurance investigator (Chad Everett) is on the hunt for a pyromaniac, as well as pursuing a romance with a sexy reporter (Anjanette Comer). Also with Rupert Davies and directed by Sidney Hayers. Everett died of lung cancer in 2012. Upgrade!  BA

R356 Five For Hell (69) aka: 5 per l'inferno  Lt. Hoffman is a fun loving leader of a bunch of oddball G.I.'s whose mission is to steal the German's secret attack plans from a villa behind enemy lines, where they run into a ruthless Nazi commander. We just had to re-list this cool cartoonishly violent war action with Klaus Kinski, Margaret Lee and Gianni Garko because this print is Super Sharp and Widescreen. A Spaghetti western masquerading as a war film? Recommended!  BA

R248 Flying Missile, The (50) aka: Il mistero del V3  Fictional account of the role played by a somewhat impetuous U.S Naval Commander (Glenn Ford) in developing the first means in launching missiles from submarines. A moralistic McHale's Navy as the obstacles and shenanigans pile up in front of achieving the goal. With Viveca Lindfors. BA

M570 Funny Face of the Godfather, The (73) aka: L'altra faccia del padrino  aka: Ein Pate kommt selten allein  A complete spoof and rip-off of 'The Godfather'! They even have an actor that is a dead-ringer for Brando's Corleone! Scenes and even some dialogue stolen from 'The Godfather' as well. Although this is a comedy, there is much violence here too! If you are a fan of 'The Godfather', then you have got to see this! English dubbed and Widescreen, with foreign subtitles at the bottom of the screen. BA

R212 Grievous Bodily Harm (88) A man receives photos of his wife (who has been missing) in compromising poses, the daily routine of a crime reporter, and a relentless cop who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. These three elements collide in a roller coaster ride of plot twists and double crosses with Cohen brothers type dramatic irony, horror and suspense. Widescreen

R213 Happy New Year (87) aka: Un'idea geniale  Small time crooks Nick (Peter Falk) and Charlie (Charles Durning) have a detailed plan to rob a jewelry store in this crime caper comedy. With wacky disguises (make-up Academy Award nominated) and careful orchestration they could possibly pull this off. But when Nick falls for Carolyn (Wendy Hughes), things go awry. Widescreen

M572 Hunter Will Get You (76) aka: L'alpagueur  aka: El cazador de hombres  Excellent Jean-Paul Belmondo crime thriller! He plays a former big game hunter hired to catch a villain called 'The Beast', a robber no one can catch because he kills all witnesses. Until one day when a witness survives! The villain has lines like 'It's a nasty business gentlemen. There will be widows and orphans." Cool. LBX and English dubbed. BA

R239 Intrigue (88) aka: Operaatio Moskova  A spy is looking for his old colleague who now works for the other side in this spy thriller. Scott Glenn, Robert Loggia, William Atherton, and more star in this intense spy outing.

R307 Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song of Vengeance (74) aka: Shura-yuki-hime: Urami Renga  After avenging her mother in 'Lady Snowblood', Yuki (Meiko Kaji) is arrested by the new Japanese police. Sentenced to death, Yuki is given a reprieve by Kikui, an agent of the secret police. Kikui will spare Yuki if she will spy on Ransui, an active socialist. Things, of course, do not go as planned. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

R235 Law and Disorder (74) In the crime-filled streets of New York, two guys (played by Carroll O'Conner and Ernest Borgnine) become back-up cops to try to help clean up the streets. In this crime-comedy, they end up getting far more than they bargained for! A very strong climax. Also with Karen Black (who almost steals the film) and Ann Wedgeworth. LBX BA

R300 Le Samouraï (67) After killing a night-club owner, professional hit man Jeff Costello's (Alain Delon) seen by a witness. Delon plays his hit man character with the ultimate super-cool and super-cold smooth mannerisms that may have inspired loner hit men of future films. With his methodical precision and calculating intentions you'll be glad you are not his next target! This is supposed to be one of the best movies ever made from what I have read. Give it a try! With English subtitles and Widescreen BA

M574 Leda (59) aka: Leda, Web of Passion  aka: À double tour  A wealthy wine grower has problems with his wife, his best friend, his children, and his mistress across the way, who is murdered. In this dysfunctional house, full of red herrings in and about the area, who is the killer? The maid is screwing the milkman... other relationships, all stranger than the last. Amazing color photography and one of Jean-Paul Belmondo's first films. The stunning Antonella Lualdi is Leda. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M743 Life Upside Down (84) aka: La vie à l'envers  A man is descending into madness, obliterating reality and making all and everyone disappear in his mind. Is he mad? Or is mankind the culprit. His astute observations, and rambling arguments regarding his state of mind may have all of us guilty of nothing, or everything! A truly bizarre French film. LBX and with English subtitles.

M575 Lili Marleen (81) aka: Una canción... Lili Marleen  In Switzerland, a German cabaret singer named 'Willie' (played by the gorgeous Hanna Schygulla) falls for a Jewish composer, right before the Nazi takeover. Through setbacks and betrayals, Willie becomes stuck in Germany and records a song for work called 'Lili Marlene'. Hitler becomes a fan. This film pissed people off and was not released for quite some time because Rainer Werner Fassbinder (the director) humanized the Nazi's somewhat. A completely different look for a Nazi flick, super sharp colors and LBX with English subtitles. BA

R252 Lost Command, The (66) aka: Les Centurions  Action-packed war movie with Anthony Quinn leading French Commandos against a band of rebels in the Algerian War for Independence. Quite amazing and epic. With George Segal, Alain Delon, Claudia Cardinale and more. Over 2 hours and Widescreen.  BA

R316 Maurizio Merli Documentary (   )  Action star Merli and his films are profiled in depth followed by a treasure trove of trailers featuring Merli. Maurizio Merli was a bit of a health nut in his later years. In 1989, after over-exerting himself at a tennis match, he died of a Myocardial Infarction at age 49. LBX

R240 Medusa's Child (97) aka: Progetto Medusa - minuti contati  A crazy scientist has his research cut, so he develops a thermonuclear bomb capable of generating a continent-sized electro-magnetic pulse; such as could destroy a computer-based society. Medusa. The device arms itself on the flight of 737 cargo plane. A hurricane is set to hit the coast, and nobody wants to let them land. Uncut and in two parts on one disc. Great suspense and very intense MFTV thriller. Vincent Spano, Lori Loughlin, Kevin Dillon, Martin Sheen and more star.

R278 Mission Bloody Mary (65) aka: Agente 077 missione Bloody Mary  aka: Operation lotus bleu  The first Euro-Spy of three that Ken Clark as agent 077 starred, all in the 60's. Mission Bloody Mary is a search and destroy mission to retrieve a Nuclear bomb from a radical crime syndicate called the 'Black Liliy'. Cool gadgets, sexy women, exotic locales and more in this above average James Bond genre classic. Nice LBX English dub with no foreign subs. Upgrade!  BA

M577 No Secrets (78) aka: A Touch of the Sun - A bumbling U.S. marine captain (Oliver Reed) is assigned to retrieve a space capsule from a despotic African ruler. Peter Cushing adds comic relief. Also with Keenan Wynn. A very off and odd spy-fi comedy directed by a guy that had a few sex comedies under his belt. Reed blunders his way through the role. Cushing is reliable. Interestingly, playing an effeminate 'Tarzan' (this was filmed in Zambia) and billed as 'Ginger Rogers' is the actor Melvyn Hayes, who played the young Victor Frankenstein in 'Curse of Frankenstein' and also showed up with Cushing in 'Flesh and the Fiends'. Sylvaine Charlet provides some gratuitous full frontal nudity. For Cushing and Reed completists, this is a kick.

M696 Only God Can Stop Me (57) aka: Solo Dio mi fermerà  One of the first features from Renato Polselli! A priest builds an orphanage in post war Italy in a disused military barracks. The kids will tear at your emotions. A surprising tear-jerker from the man who would go on to direct some of the goriest and sleaziest films from the seventies. In Italian language and with English subtitles.

M578 Panic in the Casino (81) aka: Asalto al casino  aka: Black Jack - Sir Thomas Bedford (Peter Cushing) orchestrates the heist of a Spanish casino, with the aid of a singer performing there. The police are on to them, and a hostage situation is the result. Fairly obscure film for Cushing. Also with Hugo Stiglitz and Claudine Auger.

M663 Passport to Hell: Agent 3S3 (64) aka: Agente 3S3: Passaporto per l'inferno  The first of George Ardisson's spy flicks. He is Walter Ross: Codename 3S3 of the Third Special Division. He is assigned to blackmail, torture, or even 'marry'(!) the daughter of the head of an international crime organization in order to locate the man by drawing him out. His mission ultimately takes him to Lebanon where much of the action takes place. An opening song, bikini wearing bimbos, action with awkward karate chops, belly dancing, cool locations and more, in a beautiful widescreen print dubbed into English language. With Barbara Simon. BA

R306 Red Dragon (65) aka: Das Geheimnis der drei Dschunken  aka: A 009 missione Hong Kong  aka: Code Name Alpha  Stewart Granger plays an F.B.I. agent from San Francisco who journeys from Hong Kong to infiltrate an international smuggling ring, aided by the ravishing Rossana Schiaffino as Carol, who replaces a recently murdered agent. Filmed in Hong Kong. Now in a nice Widescreen BA

R241 Remember My Name (78) aka: Tu ne m'oublieras pas  Just released from prison, a woman (Geraldine Chaplin) arrives in town to 'start a new life', but soon begins stalking her former husband (Anthony Perkins), now a re-married construction worker, turning his life inside out, and eventually terrorizing him and his wife. Never released on video or DVD because the blues soundtrack was never cleared for release. It's killer. Eccentric, moody, tough and unyielding, with a nice schizophrenic performance from Chaplin. Not to be missed.  BA

R257 Salt in the Wound (69) aka: Il dito nella piaga  aka: War Fever  aka: The Liberators  During the waning days of WW2 in Italy, an inexperienced America officer is assigned to supervise the execution of two military prisoners. Their truck is ambushed by the Germans, and only the officers and the prisoners escape. Later they accidentally 'liberate' an Italian village. Klaus Kinski is amazing in this. Recommended! Widescreen and English dubbed. Upgrade! BA

R320 Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll 2 (various) A compilation made by who knows who, who knows when. Here's the scoop. Lennon and Dylan Cab Ride, Beach Boy Goes Nutzoid!, Kiss Radio, Apache!, Madonna Versus Letterman, James Brown on PCP, Sly Stone on LSD, Tiny Tim on Sex, Elvis Mental Breakdown and finally, It's All Right To Cry with Roosevelt Grier. This madness, all on one disc with menus. dvd-r only

R272 Slaves (69) aka: La maîtresse noire  It's 1850. A Kentucky slave fights for his freedom from a cruel master whose mistress joins him and some other slaves in revolt. Ossie Davis, Dionne Warwick, Stephen Boyd and Gale (Spider Woman) Sondergaard even shows up. Rape, murder and other ugliness is what these slavery abuse movies are usually all about. This is not 'Song of the South' (happy slaves). But nowhere near as devastating as 'Mandingo', or as fun (in a sheer exploitation cinema way of course). Ossie Davis is good as usual, and this is scam-psychic-gal Warwick's debut, and she makes you actually mourn her plight.  BA

M734 Stateline Motel (75) aka: L'ultima chance  aka: Last Chance  After robbing a jewelry shop in Canada, two American's plan to meet near U.S. borders to split the loot. One of them (Fabio Testi) gets stuck at a Motel when his car breaks down and he has to wait for repairs. He begins an affair with the Motel owner's wife (Ursula Andress) and when the loot disappears his partner is pissed (Eli Wallach). Meanwhile the cops are closing in. Also with Barbara Bach. This is the longest LBX print which runs 98 minutes and yes, you do get to see Ursula Andress undressed, and she is magnificent!  BA

M579 Strangers, The (69) aka: Les étrangers  aka: Quelli che sanno uccidere  After a heist, a robber (Julian Mateos) stashes his loot in an abandoned mine and passes out in the desert. He's rescued by a couple (played by Michael Constantine and Senta Berger) who take him to their remote cabin, but with a catch. They know about the diamonds from press coverage, and want to split it with him. After the robber is a ruthless sheriff, after Berger and Constantine, are hit men from a past beef. Twists and turns in this film made here in America, New Mexico to be exact. Berger is smoking hot, and the scene where she whips Mateos is worth the price of admission alone! Widescreen and English language.  BA

R292 Street Hunter (90) aka: Il cacciatore di taglie  Logan Blade (Steve James) is a tough police officer who has to confront a gang led by a cruel Col. Walsh (Reb (Yor) Brown). Steve James (who died way to young at age 41 in 1993 of pancreatic cancer) kicks some major ass here. Also with Valerie Pettiford and John Leguizamo as Angel.  BA

M742 Student, The (88) aka: L'étudiante  Three months before her final examinations, Valentine (sexy Sophie Marceau) juggles studies with a jazz band and a new boyfriend. Will she choose true love? Will the drama be too much to take. Or, what we really want to know... will she have plenty of nude scenes? Yes on the last question, so this is a must! LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M706 Sugar Bread and Whip (68) aka: Zuckerbrot und Peitsche  A male model, tired of expensive products he cannot afford to own, decides to become a bank robber. But his affair with a married woman who is after suspense and adventure, leads to trouble....  LBX and with English subtitles.

R271 Sumuru (03) aka: A kígyóistennő bolygója  Based on Sax Rohmer's (Fu Manchu author) cult novels, this futuristic fantasy takes you to an earth colony in the far future where women rule, and men are used to propagate the race and work in the mines. Scantily clad bimbos, a snake goddess.. and a giant snake, cool sets and cheesy special effects, tongue-in-cheek dialogue... a very entertaining throw-back type. Simona Williams, Alexandra Kamp, Michael Shanks and more star. Co-produced and screenplay co-written as well by the prolific exploitation legend Harry Alan Towers, one of the last films he would produce. Widescreen and English language.  BA

M547 Sunshine on the Skin (71) aka: Il sole nella pelle  aka: Summer Affair  Rich-girl Lisa (Ornella Muti at 16) meets a bunch of hippies and falls in love with a handsome loser guitar player. Her father disapproves. The young lovers run off and find themselves shipwrecked on an island. The police are still looking for them though, and the island is not even too far for the reach of the military. Controversial nudity in this film and a tragic ending for the young lovers. LBX and English language dubbed.  BA

R237 Terrorist (76) aka: Black Terrorist  A marauding band of black terrorists hold the inhabitants of a tiny desert settlement hostage. They murder most of the settlers, but spare a beautiful white woman and her young son. She escapes in a hail of gunfire, then enlists the aid of a gun-toting soldier of fortune to help her free her son. Obscure and absurd, unintentionally campy, with a truly mesmerizing funky score.

R258 Three Sergeants of Bengal (64) aka: I tre sergenti del Bengala  aka: Les trois sergents de fort Madras  This action-packed adventure/jungle film starts out when three British soldiers stationed in Malaysia are sent to Fort Madras to help the Commandant fight off an elusive bandit who is terrorizing the countryside. They encounter obstacles and adventures along the way. With Richard Harrison. Widescreen Upgrade!  BA

M581 Tough Guy (72) aka: Un uomo dalla pelle dura  aka: The Boxer  aka: Ripped-Off  Boxer Teddy Wilcox (Robert Blake) leaves his manager and relocates. He finds a new manager/trainer in Nick (Gabriele Ferzetti). Before his next fight, Nick is threatened by the mob with death unless Teddy takes a fall. Teddy doesn't. Nick is killed. Teddy is the main suspect and must clear his name as he is hounded by a cop played by Ernest Borgnine, and the mob is after him as well! More people will die violently before this is all over in wonderfully bloody shootings!  Italian made by Franco Prosperi, but filmed in New Mexico. This was released under the title 'Ripped Off' over here and is available in many cut to shreds versions, with most of the red stuff cut out. Also with Tomas Milian (in a nasty killer role) and Catherine Spaak. This is the Uncut version in nice quality running 86 minutes. In English language and with some foreign subtitles. BA

R236 Travis McGee (83) aka: Travis McGee: The Empty Copper Sea  McGee (Sam Elliot) is a world weary private eye trying to help boat skipper friend (Richard Farnsworth) salvage his reputation that sank when his boat ran aground, resulting in a death that might have been faked. Cool MFTV with a decent cast that includes Katherine Ross, Barry Corbin, Geoffrey Lewis, Amy Madigan and more. Elliot devours the role with relish, a type almost written for him.

M554 Vices in the Family (75) aka: Il vizio di famiglia  aka: Un vice de famille  A man fresh out of prison, is picked up by a woman who offers him cash to sleep with her brother's wife (Susan Scott) so that he will divorce her and split his inheritance with her. But when the brother's illegitimate daughter (Edwige Fenech) shows up, starting a blaze of lust in her trail, things go awry. Comedy  English dubbed and LBX. 

M555 Victims of Vice (78) aka: Brigade mondaine  A leather-masked killer is just part of the problem faced by the vice cops in a world of shady drug dealers, hookers, and whippings. Helpless hookers degraded, used and abused, in a brutal death and crime ring in this incredibly sleazy and entertaining trash from director Jacques (Beyond Love and Evil) Scandelari. With music by Cerrone. Part giallo, all sleaze! English dubbed and with foreign subtitles. 

M582 Wake and Kill (66) aka: Svegliati e uccidi  aka: Wake Up and Die  aka: Lutring... réveille-toi et meurs  Fast paced action about a petty hoodlum (Robert Hoffman), trashing stores in his robberies, and then moving on to killing anyone who gets in his way. Lisa Gastoni plays his girlfriend. On the case is a determined detective who is out to stop the reign of terror. English dubbed with foreign subtitles.  BA

R262 War Bus (86) aka: Opération commando  Fleeing a Christian mission that is under Viet Nam attack, some soldiers and missionaries make their way through the jungle in a school bus. The bus is stopped and commandeered by some other soldiers who are on a mission and in desperate need of transport. Lots of violence and explosions in this fast-paced action thriller. Upgrade! BA

R265 Wartime (87) aka: Tempi di guerra  aka: Kommando Schwarzer Panther  WW2: The Nazi's have captured a Swedish scientist who they want to create weapons of mass destruction. Some rebel fighters strive to liberate the scientist (with some American soldiers helping, one being Peter Hooten of 'Inglorious Bastards' of 1978). Nazi's in a brothel, a real train is blown off the tracks (at least it looks real), lots of bumbling idiot Nazi's die way too easily, and more in this Umberto Lenzi directed movie that will remind you of that 'other' Hooten film. Sharp Widescreen  BA

M557 Wave of Panic (87) aka: Vent de panique  Martine and Roland, once T.V. stars, kidnap a beautiful redheaded high school student (Olivia Brunaux) and plan on selling her into prostitution. But they back out, and decide to use her in some of their other outlandish schemes. Hilarious black comedy, slightly LBX and with English subtitles.  comedy

M559 White Night (89) aka: Noce blanche A teacher of philosophy discovers a complicated pupil. a 17 year old girl with quite a cynical view of the world (played by Nymphet/Singer sex symbol Vanessa Paradis). He is fascinated, and tries to help, but his help involves them falling into a passionate Lolita-esque affair. Meanwhile skeletons from her past surface and she begins to make her married teacher's life a living nightmare when he decides not to leave his wife. Fatal Attraction indeed!  With English subtitles.  drama  BA

M750 White Star (84) aka: Let It Rock  A rock music reporter and his view of the anarchic rising of punk rock. A drugged out Dennis Hopper stars, and I would dare anyone to tell me he is not blasted out of his mind during his scenes. He can rant, scream, cry and laugh all in one sentence as he tries to get his prospective discovery promoted to stardom. He even has a helper (played by David Hess!) starting fake riots. Hopper sets the record with 'man' and 'fuck' in this one. Released here in a shredded version, this is from U.K. tape and runs 88 minutes. It even has an 18 rating at the beginning. Slightly LBX - Upgrade!



M711 Belphegor (65)  aka: Belfagor o Il fantasma del Louvre  A mysterious eventful and interesting yarn told in four parts. In Paris, amongst murders, apparitions and alchemy, we feel the sensation of a vague menace. Mystery and dread in the catacombs add to the fun. With the use of so many historical Paris locations and the magic interiors and mysteries of the Louvre, the images are unforgettable. 4 parts on two discs - Counts as two selections.

R348 Castle, The (68) aka: Das Schloss  Winter... Snow covered landscape... The castle, massive and forbidding, dominates the top of the hill. A man (Maximilian Schell)  has been sent to work in the castle, where all of the town's business is conducted. He is met with suspicion and mistrust in a secretive bureaucracy that envelops both the town and the castle. Bleak, stunning, brilliant. From Franz Kafka's last (and unfinished) novel. With English subtitles.

R275 Demon, The (63) aka: Il Demonio  aka: Le démon dans la chair  Purif (Daliah Lavi), young peasant of South Italy, is considered a witch by the villagers. They are in part, correct. She has turned to witchcraft to win the affections of a young man. When anything goes wrong in the village, they blame her. Looks like it is time for an exorcism! The 'spider-walk' across the church floor obviously inspired 'The Exorcist' 10 years later. She spits on the priest, flicks her tongue out like a reptile.... yea, we know for sure this film inspired 'The Exorcist'!  Scary, hypnotic, and pretty much forgotten, this Gothic Italian horror film from director Brunello Rondi needs to be seen! Dahliah Lavi gives a career performance, even though she was about to make a Hollywood splash. Widescreen and with English subtitles. Uncut 94 minute version. BA

M716 Ghost, The (63) aka: Lo spettro de Dr. Hichcock  Finally a super sharp widescreen version of this Riccardo Freda directed spook fest starring Barbara Steele and Peter Baldwin. A woman and her lover murder her doctor husband around the turn of the century. But as things start to go wrong in the gloomy Scottish mansion, it appears he may just be back, seeking revenge. So take your standard Barbara Steele type shocker from that era, add rich vibrant color photography with amazing gothic locations and a sense of dread that will creep right up your leg.... Outstanding and also Widescreen! Upgrade! BA

R269 Horror (63) aka: Blancheville Monster, The  The beautiful young daughter of a crazed count fears that she will fall victim to the family curse... and be sacrificed to fulfill an ancient family legend. A decent Italian Gothic Horror somewhere between Bava territory and maybe the Mexican 'Witches Mirror'.  Eerie thunderstorms, scary black-caped monsters, ominous vaults, tight costumes that amply displays the females cleavage, and of course dark moody atmosphere. Italy's response to the Corman Poe cycle. Directed by Alberto De Martino and starring Helga Line, Gerard Tichy and Ombretta Colli. 88 minutes. Now LBX so Upgrade!  BA

R294 Killdozer (74) A construction crew on a small island must contend with an alien force that has taken over a bulldozer and turned it into a malevolent killing machine. Clint Walker, Neville Brand and Robert Urich star, Finally in the sharpest print ever!

R361 Midnight Offerings (81) Vivian (Melissa Sue Anderson) has magical powers and is quite the wicked witch. Robin (Mary Beth McDonough) is the good witch. How they pulled off this intense, campy, and even chilling MFTV is anyone's guess. But it's a good one. Loaded with witchcraft and with an effective witch bitch cat-fight throw down in the climax (sort of). Thematically, 'The Craft' is similar in many ways. Finally an upgrade! 

R293 Pyro... The Thing Without a Face (64) aka: Fuego  aka: Wheel of Fire  A jilted mistress (Martha Hyer) sets her lover's house on fire. He is horribly burned now, and his revenge is all consuming. Amazing carnival sets in this expensive looking low-budget horror/suspense production with lavish colors and fine performances from all. With Barry Sullivan and look for Franco muse Soledad Miranda as Liz. Miranda (now a cult starlet), dead at 27 from a road accident in 1970. Now Widescreen  BA

6464 Something Evil (72) aka: Haus des Bösen  A couple moves into a farmhouse (Darren McGavin and Sandy Dennis) in rural Pennsylvania, A house that is haunted and begins to scare the hell of the wife, and possess their young son (Johnny Whitaker). Directed by a young Steven Spielberg, this is like 'Poltergeist' training ground in a way. Some truly scary moments even though we've seen it all, these scares were the type of MFTV scares that were quite effective in many T.V. movies of the era. Cue 'She Waits', 'Home For the Holidays', 'Crowhaven Farm' and 'The House that Wouldn't Die'.

M735 Supernatural (77) Chilling anthology series from the U.K. where membership to the secret society 'The Club of the Damned' is granted through telling horror stories. These are the essence of Gothic Horror. 8 episodes! Ghosts of Venice: An actor returns to Venice to right a wrong from long ago. But what is real and what is imagined? Countess Ilona: The Countess invites her ex-lovers to join her at her castle, but with what motive? And what has become of her ex-husband and the rumors? Other tales on this two disc set: The Werewolf Reunion, Mr. Nightingale, Lady Sybil, Viktoria, Night of the Marionettes, and Dorabella. Cast varied and includes Billie Whitelaw (Frenzy and The Omen), Jeremy Brett, Robert Hardy, Gordon Jackson, Denholm Elliot, Ian Hendry, Jeremy Clyde, Lesley Anne Down and more. If you like your horror slow, dream-like, and magical with no gore to speak of, this is quite good. $20 for both discs, or counts as two with specials. VHS on 4 tapes is $45 as you can see each disc runs well over 3 hours.

R280 Tomb of Torture (63) aka: Metempsyco  A woman is tormented by dreams that she is the reincarnation of a dead countess. Her father, trying to help, takes her to the village close to the castle where the countess lived. They soon learn something is alive in the castle and killing the locals. It's a disfigured madman who delights in torture, looks like the 'elephant man' and possesses a bizarre sadistic giggle as he practices his evil deeds! Gothic horror fun! An old castle, a hunchbacked henchman, torture devices, hidden dungeon, loads of spider webs, Again, here we have a cool horror film that runs like a long EC comic story. LBX and Upgrade.  BA



R224 Gangs of Wasseypur (12) A clash between Sultan Chief and Shahid Khan leads to the expulsion of Khan from Wasseypur, and ignites a deadly blood feud spanning generations. Absolutely huge movie from India voted in the top 5 Bollywood films of all time, and the most talked about. Violent crime action. 2 hours and 48 minutes. Widescreen and with English subtitles.  BA

M690 Golden Claws of the Cat Girl, The (68) aka: La louve solitaire  Francoise (Daniele Gaubert)  looks like a sexy kitten by day, but is a silent she-wolf by night, making very clever robberies of gold jewels. When she joins a heist that will get a drug-trafficking gang busted, things go awry. Francoise is the sexiest cat-suit clad super thief with remarkable acrobatic abilities you will ever see. Simply amazing. A nice change-up from the usual Bond rip-off fare of the day. LBX English dubbed Upgrade!  BA

R333 Hindu King Kong (63) aka: Shikari  Lots of jungle action. The log over the ravine cannot be crossed due to Kong, and below is pink bubbly gooey (lava?), later a dragon monster is in a cave, serpent heads come out of the walls, an underground mad scientist's lair, songs and dance, tiny people... but where is Kong? Finally Kong attacks a colorful native village. He stomps one guy pretty good as he walks towards a giant idol (of himself?). Outrageous special effects from 1963. Hilarious! About 2 hours and 15 minutes. F.L. only.

R268 Kilink in Istanbul (67) aka: Kilink Istanbul'da  Kilink, the Turkish super anti-hero, inspired by the Italian comic book character 'Killing', visits Istanbul in order to grab a destructive formula, now in the hands of a dangerous scientist. Kilink murders him, kidnaps his daughter and tortures her in some gloomy dungeon, kidnaps and tortures others, and still the formula remains elusive. Meanwhile the son of the murdered scientist is visited by a god-like being and is endowed with 'Superman' like powers for his ultimate showdown with 'Killing' er... 'Kilink'! Pandemonium ensues! Mind Blowing! Widescreen and with subtitles.



M689 Dr. Jekyll and the Wolfman (72) aka: Doctor Jekyll y el Hombre Lobo  aka: Die Nacht der blutigen Wölfe  Uncut Composite version in English language with the nudity and also LBX. That's the difference. The other version has the nudity out of the picture. Paul Naschy returns to play 'El Hombre Lobo' for the third time. Searching for a cure for his full moon affliction he seeks out the infamous Dr. Jekyll. Of course Mr. Hyde (also Naschy) stalks the streets of modern day London... This movie is really elevated with the nudity showing the vicious sadism of Hyde and turning the film into adult territory instead of a kiddie film. An amazing film for Naschy fans with really cool locales and some cool transformations. Jack Taylor, blonde stunner Shirley Corrigan and more. Like many of Naschy's flicks, this is like one of those lurid 70's horror comics come to life!  BA



R305 $100,000 For Ringo (65) aka: 100.000 dollari per Ringo  A stranger named Lee 'Ringo' Barton (Richard Harrison) rides into the western town of Rainbow Valley, where he is mistaken for a former resident named Ward Cluster, who was believed killed in the Civil War. Cluster's wife is now dead, his son raised by Indian Chief Gray Bear. Gray Bear also believes Ringo is Ward Cluster. He assumes the stepfather role, and battles it out with the town bad guy, who at one point gives him a flogging. Also with Fernando Sancho, Eleonora Bianchi and more. Directed by Alberto De Martino from a story by writer/director Alfonso Balcazar. Widescreen BA

R310 Cjamango (67) aka: Django - Kreuze im blutigen Sand  Just when Cjamango (Ivan Rassimov) has won a bag of gold in a poker game, he is attacked by the gangs of El Tigre and Don Pablo. Now he is after them to retrieve his gold, and is joined by mysterious stranger Clinton (Mickey Hargitay). Also with Helene Chanel and Piero Lulli. Widescreen Upgrade!  BA

R249 Dakota Lil (50) aka: Geheimagent in Wildwest  Another western about 'Tom Horn', this time about his times before he went 'bad'. Tom Horn (George Montgomery) goes undercover for the U.S. Treasury Department in order to recover $100,000 in unsigned treasury bills taken by the 'Hole in the Wall' gang. Rod Cameron plays a ruthless bad guy. He brutally murders three people at one point by strangling them with a riding strap he wears around his wrist. Very colorful and also starring Marie Windsor and more. BA 

R256 Django Shoots First (66) aka: Django spara per primo  aka: He Who Shoots First  Django's (Glenn Saxon) father is framed by his business partner Cluster and shot by a bounty hunter. Django inherits his father's share and also a score to settle with Cluster. Mean faces, greedy antiheroes, bloody and spectacular showdowns, quick zooms, humor, gritty landscapes in a glittering sun and more. Also with George Eastman, Fernando Sancho, Erika Blanc, Ida Galli and more. Nice Widescreen  BA

R299 Finger on the Trigger (65) aka: Il sentiero dell'oro  aka: Le chemin de l'or   At the end of the Civil War, a ragtag group of just-discharged Union soldiers clashes with a band of renegade Confederates over a golden treasure hidden in a deserted town in the Oklahoma territory. But when some pissed off Indians attack, they must join forces, or face certain doom. Rory Calhoun stars. Widescreen BA

R351 For a Few Extra Dollars (66) aka: Fort Yuma Gold  aka: Per pochi dollari ancora  aka: El hombre del Sur  Captured Confederate raider Gary Diamond (Giuliano Gemma) agrees to work with the Yankees to prevent any further bloodshed by warning a Confederate regiment against attacking heavily defended Yankee Fort Yuma. Pretty action packed from start to finish. Widescreen and with English subtitles. BA

M714 Freddy and the Law of the Prairie (64) aka: Freddy und das Lied der Prärie  aka: In the Wild West   Amazing Widescreen beautiful color version and English dubbed with no subtitles. Ranch attacks and gold figure into this western tale set around a small town in the middle of nowhere. The Dixie Girls are on stage in the local brothel (Mamie Van Doren has never looked better + she sings!), there are shootouts, showdowns, stagecoach robbery and even a song-singing hero. The picture is amazing.

M715 Garringo (69) aka: Dead Are Countless  aka: Garringo - Der Henker  Johnny sees his father (who is a deserter) killed by soldiers when he was a child, now that he is an adult (Peter Lee Lawrence), he randomly kills soldiers whenever he can. The army sends brutish Lieutenant Garringo (Anthony Steffan) to hunt Johnny down like a dog. Thing is Johnny is a bit of a split personality as he kills soldiers, putting their lapels on his father's grave, but in other times he is a complete gentleman, being raised by a sheriff of a small city. The sheriff's loyalty to his stepson is called into question.... Also with German blonde doll Solvi Stubing and Jose Bodalo. Amazing super sharp widescreen and English dubbed with no subtitles. BA

M691 His Name Was Holy Ghost (72) aka: Uomo avvisato mezzo ammazzato... Parola di Spirito Santo  This comedy western is actually pretty funny. Gianni Garko is Holy Ghost, an efficient enough gun slinging nameless mystery man, but not necessarily ghostly. Men in drag, literal butt-kicking, gold and villains, a high body count, set during the Mexican Revolution. Also with babe Pilar Velazquez!  Nice score by Bruno Nicolai. LBX  BA

M721 It Can Be Done Amigo (72) aka: Si può fare... amigo  aka: En el Oeste se puede hacer... Amigo  A drifter with fast fists and a gunfighter/pimp with fast guns helps a child who is having troubles with gaining his rightful inheritance. Actually Terence Hill sits this one out and Bud Spencer teams up with Jack Palance here. Lots of genuine laughs and beautiful Widescreen photography in this very sharp print. Partially shot on the same set as the ranch in 'Once Upon a Time in the West'. Palance is excellent.  BA

M748 Man Called Django, A (71) aka: Viva! Django  aka: A Vingança de Django  Finally a beautiful Widescreen English dubbed print! Anthony Steffan plays a gunfighter who is after his wife's killers (she is brutally killed in the opening sequence). En-route to revenge he rescues a horse thief from a hanging who knows the identity of the killers. Together they advance to deal out justice in an ultra-violent adventure of gunfire. Also with Stelio Candelli. BA

R303 My Name is Mallory... M Means Death (71) aka: Il mio nome è Mallory... M come morte  aka: Django - Unerbittlich bis zum Tod  Larry Mallory (Frank Woods) buys a ranch with his partner. The ranch was previously owned by a badass gunfighter Bart and his beautiful sister Cora (Gabriella Giorgelli), and they want it back, even willing to kill to get it back. (Cora is innocent of the killing part) A solid entry into the genre now in an English dubbed Widescreen print. BA

M676 Night of the Serpent (69) aka: La notte dei serpenti  aka: Nest of Vipers  Luke Askew stars in his first and only Spaghetti western! Luke plays a guy named Luke (!), a gringo saved from death by a bandit leader whose men treat Luke like the drunken fool he is, being in a tequila bottle for quite some time. We find out later why. They decide to use Luke in a murder scheme to gain an inheritance. When Luke finally snaps and decides to step up he becomes a real badass. 'The drunk fights like he's ten feet tall' says one of the bandits. Also with the smoking hot Chelo Alonso who does not get to live happily ever after, and Magda Konopka. A brooding western that blows up in the last half hour. Excellent Widescreen upgrade and English language with no subtitles.  BA

R218 One Foot in Hell (60) aka: Vergeltung ohne Gnade  Mitch (Alan Ladd), angry that the medicine to save his wife was not administered in time due to some interfering town thugs, becomes sheriff, and plots to rob the small town blind as he hates them all with a passion. One of Ladd's last before his overdose of drugs and booze in January 1964. Widescreen  BA

M678 Pistol For 100 Coffins (68) aka: Una pistola per cento bare  aka: Pistolets pour un massacre  aka: La malle de San Antonio  Returning from the Civil War Jim Slade (Peter Lee Lawrence) discovers his parents dead at their farm. It is said that the gang under the lead of a man named 'Corbett' is responsible for the crime. He sets out for revenge. To get some money to finance his operation, he takes a job as sheriff. Also with John Ireland. Umberto Lenzi directs this beautiful Widescreen Upgrade! English dubbed and with no subtitles.  BA

M680 Relentless Four, The (65) aka: I 4 inesorabili  aka: Quatre hommes à abattre  Interestingly, before Adam West was 'Batman', he made a trip to Italy and starred in his only Spaghetti western. He plays a Texas Ranger that thwarts some bounty hunters from collecting on the loot for a recently 'cleared' man. They in turn, frame him for the death of a cattle baron. If you want to see how Batman would handle some mean hombres in the old west.... Also with Robert Hundar and Claudio Undari. Excellent Widescreen upgrade and English dubbed.  BA

R350 Shadow of Zorro, The (62) aka: L'ombra di Zorro  aka: Zorro, der schwarze Rächer  Exciting Zorro tale with plenty of action and shootouts and even a little swordplay. Frank Latimore and Maria Luz Galicia star. Directed by Joaquin Luis Romero Marchent who not even 10 years later directed the great 'Cut-Throats Nine'. BA

M703 Silver Saddle (78) aka: They Died With Their Boots On  aka: Sella d'argento - Lucio Fulci directs this late in the game western (his next film would be the genre classic 'Zombie'). A young boy kills the assassin that gunned down his father. Years later, he has grown up to be a successful bounty hunter feared by many....but one day secrets from his past send him over the rails. Violent and bloody. Giuliano Gemma, Geoffrey Lewis (who is Juliette Lewis's father), Aldo Sambrell and more. Now finally in a Widescreen English dubbed Upgrade! Excellent! BA

R304 Tequila Joe (68) aka: And Then a Time For Killing  aka: ...e venne il tempo di uccidere - A young deputy tries to sober and revitalize a washed up alcoholic sheriff to take down a pair of warring gangs of criminals in the Old West. Spaghetti western take on 'Rio Bravo' or maybe more specifically 'El Dorado', paring down the characters somewhat. Quite good. Nice Widescreen  BA

M747 Two Sons of Ringo (66) aka: I due figli di Ringo  George Hilton made his western debut in this western spoof with Franco and Ciccio decked out in black leather! Cool cartoony opening and title song, and then the fun begins! Nice locations, lots of laughs, and some pretty elaborate set-ups. In this one the gals (super sexy Gloria Paul and Orchidea de Santis) actually get rad with some gunplay, taking charge like some real bad-ass chicks! Franco and Ciccio were Italy's Abbot and Costello and had just been in Mario Bava's Italian version of 'Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs' with Vincent Price. English dubbed. BA



M719 Femmine Infernali (79) aka: Escape From Hell - A women's prison camp is located deep in the tropical rain forest. Sadistic guards and a warden from hell make life almost unbearable for the inmates... Anthony Steffen and Ajita Wilson   LBX and 88 minutes 30 seconds.  Not sure of any differences to previous versions.  BA








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R378 Adventures of Peter Galore, The (73) Rick Cassidy is Peter Galore in this action porn with Barbara Bourbon and Tallie Cochran as 'Glory Hole'. (83 minute version) + The Adventures of Rick Quick, Private Dick (84) A script writer has to write a script for a demanding porn producer named Regina Vagina. Helga Sven, Bunny Bleu, Beverly Bliss and more star. A smokin' hot theme double feature. Entire show plays through- no separate menu. . No VHS

R315 Blondie (85) More 80's hardcore action and this time with Cara Lott, Gina Carrera, Colleen Brennan and Sheri St. Claire.

R381 Caught From Behind 2: The Sequel (83) In the opening scene we see a jar of Vaseline so you know exactly what to expect, and with low production costs as I am sure the Vaseline was quite cheap. What's important is the conversations between curious couple's which lead up to exactly what the title implies. Or others just going for it like there's no tomorrow. Rhonda Chantell, Raysheena, Angel Cash, Rosemarie and more.

R311 Danica Rhae Gets it on (various) + Vixxxen - Sweet Danica and others in selected Golden Age scenes of explicit sex for your viewing pleasure. Then, more hot selected scenes with the superstar blonde porn Goddess Vixxxen, having sex in numerous scenes. Wow.

R384 Debbie Does Dallas 4 (88) Kim Angeli, Gail Force, Kristi Leigh and more star in the continuing saga of horny Debbie and with cheerleader outfits on some of the ladies. The hottest sex than in any of the Debbie Does Anybody films. + The Blonde Next Door (82) When Barry seduces the frustrated Cindy (Danielle), her feminine pheromones enhance Barry's appeal to all women around him. He convinces Cindy to sell her scent commercially. More... Super sexy Double Feature + Bonus Sex Scenes with hot 80's blondes. Some glitches in the master. Entire show plays straight through at over 3 hours.  No VHS

R314 Deep Inside Victoria Paris (9?) Victoria tells us some stuff, inter-cut with scenes of her getting down and dirty with various partners. Victoria was a stunning success when she put out on film in the late 80's with a sex career of about ten years. She had over 150 credits to her name by the time she retired.

R374 Good the Bad and the Horny, The (85) Cowboys get it on with young blondes and challenge them to the art of survival on a ranch. With Amber Lynn, Bunny Bleu and more. + Corrupt Desires (83) Rhonda Shantell in her debut. Various hot scenes in this hot story + Hostage Girls (84) Criminals take over the apartment of struggling would be actresses. Various scenes has one or the other hot chicks being taken back into the bedroom for hot sex. Taija Rae, Danielle, Brooke Fields, Renee Summers and more. It's all on one DVD-R this Triple Feature! No VHS. Entire Feature plays through– no separate menu.

R321 I Am Curious Black (86) Watch what happens when a racist white guy magically turns into a black man. He walks a mile in his shoes... and gets laid plenty! With Angel Kelly, Tanya Foxx, Brittany Stryker, Lois Ayers and more. BA

R385 Lucy Has a Ball (86) I Love Lucy spoof with loads of hot sex and canned laughter with Blondi, Bunny Bleu, Beverly Glen and more. + Lucy Makes it Big! (87) Sequel to Lucy Has a Ball. Blondi is back, and so is the canned laughter. It's quite strange seeing porn with a laugh track! Rachel Ashley, Keisha and more star. Entire show plays through- no separate menu. . No VHS

R376 New York Vice (84) Bar setting with lots of sex with Gina Carrera, Little Oral Annie, Danielle and more + A Girl Named Sam (88) Samantha Strong the hot big-haired blonde with full red pouty lips will set your world on fire! + Women in Uniform (86) Melissa Melendez, Shanna McCullough, Candie Evans and more with some crazy camera tricks and hot scenes with different outfits. Another XXX Triple Feature! No VHS. Entire feature plays through- no separate menu.

R383 On Golden Blonde (84) Christy Canyon plays Alice, who dies one early morning after sex, while jogging. You'd think she was knocked dead silly from one of her boobs because she is not wearing a sports bra. At heaven's gate she is sent back to earth as it is not her time. However. she must inhabit the bodies of blonde women like Ginger Lynn at one point and others. Of course every time she has a new vessel, we get a new sex scene. Will she get the proper body? + Hot Dreams (89) Barbie Dahl, Kassi Nova and more star. + a preview of Debbie Does Dallas 4! Entire show plays through-no separate menu. . No VHS

R386 Photo Flesh (84) Zoom in on the hottest girls in film! Ginger Lynn, Rosemarie, Susan Hart, Athena Star, Danica Rhae and more having plenty of sex with lucky males.

R375 Pumping Ethyl (88) The amazing Aja stars in this hump-fest. Aja died mysteriously in Mexico in 2006 only age 43. + Harem girls (86) Sultan and his harem with Barbara Dare, Jeanna Fine and more. + Moonstroked (88) Aja, Kristie Leigh and more. It's another XXX Triple Feature! With a bonus section of The Ex-Connection with a super hot Taija Rae scene. No VHS- Entire feature plays through-no separate menu. .

M700 Schoolgirl Reports XXX (82) More German Schoolgirls get down in this German language only porno. It opens with a guy interviewing girl's on the street, then they are in an all-girl sex education classroom. They all look at their make teacher like he is a piece of meat! Class ends and 4 girls strip down and seduce the teacher. There will be numerous similar scenarios on this campus of horny young women! F.L.

R312 Seka's Oriental Massage (various) Super busy (at least then) voluptuous Seka in numerous colorful hardcore scenes. Seka always delivers the goods!

R379 Senator's Daughter, The (78) After a serious accident a secret service agent (John Holmes) gets a bionic arm, left eye, and a 12 inch penis. He is assigned to find the senator's daughter. Lots of sex with hot 70's chicks goes with the territory. Leslie Bovee, Gloria Throate and more star. Amazing.

R377 Suzy Superstar (83) Shauna Grant must deal with her corrupt manager, who is involved with the mob. Twenty year old Shana seems to be having a good time here! + All American Girls 2: In Heat (83) Shauna Grant is a rich woman who gathers all of her young sexy friends for a sex romp with the boys in a tropical paradise. Debi Diamond, Laurie Smith and many more. A Shauna Grant Double Feature. She blew her brains out before she turned 21. Entire show plays through- no separate menu. . No VHS

R318 Tia Bella (various) How about some sex scenes with this buxom, shapely and luscious brunette stunner. While she only starred in movies for a couple of years, she made/took an impact that many still consider deep.

R382 Vivianna Rocks! (89-92) Out of nowhere came this large breasted, long black hair, perfect sexy built bimbo, Spanish looking hot tamale!  Then she disappeared after being in like 20 pornos. Here are over 10 of her hottest sex scenes. 

R392 X Team, The (84) So glad these gals are on the case! Lois Ayres, Rosemarie, Melanie Scott and more star in this sexy spoof.