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G97                   Atomic: Living in Dread and Promise (15) Experimental documentary that looks at the Hiroshima nuclear bomb and the legacy left behind. Marking the 70th anniversary. Images of nuclear explosions, Japanese who were affected, protesters, as well as some later material considering the positive aspects of the nuclear industry.

G34                   Countdown to Looking Glass (84) There was 'Threads', 'The Day After', 'By Dawn's Early Light' and others.... This sobering account of nuclear war threat and eventually coming into play may haunt you for days afterward. With the clowns that are currently running this planet, it is a scary situation when you think about it. This is well made and has quite an apocalyptic ending on a dread-filled note of doom. With Scott Genn, Michael Glenn, Helen Shaver and more.

G248                 Ultra Warrior (90) aka: Welcome to Oblivion  After the nuclear holocaust, one man, 'Ultra Warrior' (Dack Rambo) rises from the ashes (or is sent by the higher ups) to determine the radioactive levels, and finds himself in a war between the mutants and the slave-drivers. An amazing science fiction cut and paste. You will see scenes from many familiar films, used to piece this entertaining mess together. Unintentional comedy that reaches new heights of hilarity. Dack Rambo, sadly, proved not to be an 'Ultra Warrior' in real life. This was his last movie. Killed by AIDS in 1994.  BA



CLASSIC HORROR, SCI-FI AND MORE   {Choose any two CLASSIC titles to create your custom  double feature for $14.00 on VHS OR DVD-R! }


B415 Bellman, The (45) aka: Sortilèges  aka: Das Geheimnis der Berghütte  A very dark and spellbinding tale of jealousy and murder set in a little village isolated in the French Alps. Atmosphere and wintry landscapes add a haunting tone. A dead body in the snow raising a hand, a black horse, galloping with no rider, as if it were demanding justice for it's murdered master.... the film is simply a feast for the eyes. A very dark drama that borders on horror with the visuals leaning into the darkness. In French and with English subtitles.

G53 Girls on the Loose (58) aka: Le gang des filles   aka: As Discípulas do Mal  A group of wayward women pull off a daring heist and bury the loot. The girls fight and bicker over their shares. 50's bad girls done right! Night Club numbers, chit-chat, drunk routines and a catfight to the death. Mara Corday stars. Paul Henreid directs.  BA

B421 Golem, The (36) aka: Le golem  aka: The Legend of Prague  The Golem, a large creature created with clay by a rabbi, comes to life to protect the Jews of Prague from persecution. This version has some advantages over the 1920 version. The Golem itself is less clay or stone, and more of a robotic, steel beast. The message is 'Revolt is the Right of a Slave'. Or something. Fairly excellent if you are into 30's horror and fantasy films. In French language and with English subtitles.  BA

G68 Hole in the Wall, The (29) Early part-talkie using many Tod Browning type themes. A gang of crooks and phony mediums, a plot to corrupt an innocent girl in order to get revenge on her parent and more. The 'hole in the wall' of the title is the crook's hide-out: it's a peephole with a periscope, which the phony medium uses to spy on her victim's, to learn about them so she can lie to them later like she has this 'inside spiritual information'. Edward G. Robinson and Claudette Colbert. Pretty good for 1929!  BA

G56 Hound Dog Man (59) aka: Bohemio del camino   Singin' and dancin', a rollicking barn dance sequence, romantic entanglements and more in this good old boy rock 'n roll type done to emulate Elvis but missing the mark (although not completely). Some of the songs are painful, but I think personally, so were some of the songs Elvis did in the movies. Cool cast with Fabian (the ultimate Elvis clone in his debut at age 16), Carol Lynley, Stuart Whitman, Claude Akins, L. Q. Jones and many more!  BA

B441 If I Should Die Before I Wake (52) aka: Si Muero antes de despertar  aka: El vampiro acecha   The struggle against evil still exists today. The innocence of children can still defeat the evil. The carousel of old tales still spins round and round. When a young girl is abducted, her school friend, a young boy named Luis, has nightmares. Luis figures it out, the creepy man by the park, but no one will listen to him. Luis is going into the lair of the evil man, to hopefully rescue one of the girls, before it is too late.  From Argentina with English Subs

G55 Lure of the Swamp (57) aka: Le secret des eaux mortes  aka: Sumpf des Unheils   Simon Lute (William Marshall) ekes out a modest living renting out his boat for swamp excursions. He gets mixed up with bank robbers who hide their loot in the swamps. A greedy blonde gun moll (Joan Vohs) ends up with the loot in the finale and hunts Simon, eventually running into a quicksand bog. If you dig swamp thrillers.... this one is for you!  BA

G117 So Red the Rose (35) aka: Die Farm am Mississippi  aka: Paz na Guerra  Weird Civil War romance with Margaret Sullivan as a Southern Aristocrat. A forerunner of 'Gone With the Wind' with several similarities such as a Southern family before, during and after the Civil War. How little people today consider what the Civil War did to our country at the time. Never since has America's ground been drenched in so much blood, rape, evil and gore.  BA

G95 Supernatural (33) aka: Anjo e Demónio   A serial black widow murderess returns to life in the body of a young woman (Carole Lombard) to exact revenge on a former lover, a phony spiritualist who betrayed her. This is actually quite spooky and adult for such an old film. Upgrade!  BA

G69 White Tiger (23) aka: El tigre blanco  Three crooks pull off a brilliant crime. In hiding, they begin to get paranoid of one another. With a mechanical chess player that will challenge any human! Or is it really a human inside the automaton?  Excellent and imaginative film directed by Tod Browning. With Wallace Beery and Priscilla Dean, quite the silent film star.  BA



G114 Adventurer of Tortuga (65) aka: L'avventuriero della Tortuga  aka: Cold Steel for Tortuga  In the new world, a badass pirate leader (Rik Battaglia) and a corrupt governor (Guy Madison) compete for the affections of a beautiful Indian heiress. She falls for the governor and together they set out to topple the governor. You'll be rooting for the pirates! Excellent Widescreen and Sharp color English dubbed.  BA

B473 Black Tulip, The (64) aka: La tulipe noire  In 1789, when the Revolution went on, a bandit named 'Black Tulip' (Alain Delon) held the surroundings of village Roussillon in fear.... sort of. He is a 'Zorro' type character (but more rich than his American counterpart) in this swashbuckler. Certainly exciting and well worth a watch!  Dawn Addams, Verna Lisi, Akim Tamiroff and more star. This is a new English Dubbed LBX version with foreign subtitles. Upgrade!  BA

B418 Caroline and the Rebels (55) aka: Le fils de Caroline chérie  A young Bridgitte Bardot plays the sister of the handsome French officer Juan. Close in an inappropriate manner for siblings, their attraction for one another tortures their souls, and sends them in a series of comic misadventures that brings them even closer. A swashbuckling heritage reveals itself.....  Could he be adopted? Bardot is stunning at 21. LBX English dubbed with Greek Subtitles. BA

B437 Death Eye of Ceylon (63) aka: Das Todesauge von Ceylon  aka: Tempête sur Ceylan aka: Scarlet Eye  A professor and his daughter undertake an expedition to Ceylon to look for a statue of Buddha that holds a priceless ruby in it's forehead. They must locate the hidden temple that was destroyed after an earthquake. Decent locales and effective use of Widescreen photography make this colorful jungle-like adventure worthwhile. Lex Barker, Ann Smyrner and more star. In German language and with English subtitles.  BA

G177 For Love and Gold (66) aka: L'Armata Brancaleone   A group of misfits, led by an incompetent knight named Brancaleone (Vittorio Gassman) are on a quest across the medieval Italian countryside. Stylish and episodic, Maybe even a part inspiration for 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'. In the first seven minutes a village is attacked, a guy bites a chicken's head off, a gory arm severing, an impaling, and other gore and battle footage with more blood than almost any sword and sandal film. Simply amazing locations taking full advantage of still standing structures and small remote villages. Full on jousting, elaborate costumes, plenty of battles with axes, swords etc., cultish Christians and more. At about the 82 minute mark, Barbara Steele (as Teodora) shows up, and starts whipping Brancaleone with a Cat o' Nine Tails, then he whips her and you see her bare boob! Onward men! A hilarious bear attack, a horrifying mass impaling set-up that luckily, fails and more. Don Quixote eat your heart out! Also with Catherine Spaak. LBX and in Italian language only.  BA

G138 Gappa (67) aka: Monster from a Prehistoric Planet  aka: El monstruo que amenaza el mundo  aka: Daikyojû Gappa  An expedition in the South Pacific lands on a tropical island where the natives worship the mysterious deity Gappa. An earthquake opens the ground revealing a baby bird-like reptile monster. They take it to a zoo in Japan. Mama and Papa monster fly out and proceed to destroy Tokyo, looking for junior. Kind of like the Japanese 'Gorgo'. Now finally in a Nice Widescreen print and with original trailer. BA

G107 Giants of Rome (64) aka: I giganti di Roma   An elite group of soldiers led by Claudius (Richard Harrison) are hand-picked by Julius Caesar to embark on a dangerous mission. Sprawling battles and landscapes, a truly epic presentation, now in an amazing Widescreen print in nice sharp color! Upgrade!  BA

G223 Girl on the Broomstick, The (72) aka: Dívka na kosteti  A beginner witch is trying out her first spells in this bizarre Czech fantasy/comedy film. A few of the scenes include teachers turned into rabbits and put in a hutch, the pupils who get donkey ears and their teacher with walrus tusks, the boy who loses his head and tries to replace it with a clay bust of Napoleon and more. Some have called this an ancestor to the Harry Potter series. Very colorful entertaining. LBX and with English Subtitles.

G113 Gladiator of Rome (62) aka: Il gladiatore di Roma  aka: Le gladiateur de Rome   A warrior (Gordon Scott) protecting a slave girl (who is really a princess), ends up as a fighter in the Roman Arena. Gordon Scott is bare-chested from first scene to the last crucifixion scene, in which he is mounted on wood in between two females also up for death. But here comes the rebels! The battle plays out, while the crucified trio watch on.... Fairly epic peplum. Great color Widescreen Upgrade! 100 minute Uncut version too.  BA

B423 Knights of the Quest, The (01) aka: Quest for the Shroud  aka: I cavalieri che fecero l'impresa  Pupi Avati's Epic Sword and Sorcery (lite) type was quite a monumental achievement for the director. Medieval times, knights, gore, exorcism,  adventure, and starring a sword wielding Edward Furlong! Huh? With a dark and violent finale that comes out of left field (literally!). This Widescreen Upgrade is English Dubbed and runs about 2 hours and 22 minutes. .  BA

B424 Maciste: Avenger of the Mayans (65) aka: Maciste il vendicatore dei Maya  Obscure sword and sandal that steals scenes from other films to make a whole. Cramming together a few films to make one film, and adding new footage is something we are used to in other genre's, but here we end up with 5 tribes of angry warriors and we get a cave-dwelling giant tossed in the mix. In case you get bored by the water dragon that is. Kirk Morris stars. Not to be missed by sword and sandal fans. Nice LBX print with English subtitles. 

G247 Quest for the Lost City (90) aka: The Final Sacrifice  Troy is looking for the men who killed his father, and finds a map that is supposed to lead to a lost world. Then fleeing the cult who murdered his father, the teen is then aided in his quest to find the fabled lost city of Ziox, ruled by the evil Satoris and his unholy body-builder warriors. This is the uncut version of the very popular film immortalized by MST. Amazing.  BA

B447 Red Sheik, The (62) aka: Lo sceicco rosso  aka: Zorro contre le sultan  A Spanish nobleman impersonates an architect seeking employment with a wealthy desert tyrant. Meanwhile the mysterious Red Sheik, who was supposedly killed years ago, commences daring raids on behalf of the oppressed peasants. Luciana Gilli and Rosalba Neri supply the eye-candy. English language dubbed with Greek subtitles. Slightly LBX.

G115 Revak the Rebel (60) aka: The Barbarians  aka: Revak - Sklave von Karthago   Revak (Jack Palance) is an Iberian Prince from Penda, a small island where the Carthagian fleet ransacked and enslaved the surviving native men, including him. Revak becomes an elephant driver in Carthage city, and has his pick of hot women, but his one desire is REVENGE! Scorning love he begins his rampage, making common cause with Romans, to defeat Carthage. Unintentional hilarity, hot women (who also have an awkward but sexy dance sequence), lavish sets and more. Nice Color, and in Full Frame.

G108 Revolt of the Praetorians (64) aka: La rivolta dei pretoriani  aka: Gli invincibili guerrieri   A cruel paranoid madman Roman Emperor (Piero Lulli) and his equally evil and wicked wife (Moira Orfei) are challenged by a mysterious champion (Richard Harrison) who, unhappy with this dictator of terror, has the support of the people. Wild colors and costumes, action aplenty and more! Also with Giuliano Gemma. Amazing Widescreen Upgrade!  BA

G181 Samson (61) aka: Sansone   Brad Harris is 'Samson' and Alan Steel is 'Millstone' so you get two musclemen for the price of one! With the standard 'rightful ruler overthrown by wicked usurper' plot and our heroes in a mission to set things right. Fights, tests of strength and more!  This new Widescreen English dubbed print looks great!  BA

G183 Samson and the Mighty Challenge (64) aka: Ercole, Sansone, Maciste e Ursus gli invincibili  aka: Samson and the Mighty Challenge   Four muscled heroes fight the evil ruler of an oppressed people. A multi-cultural peplum that mixes Greek mythology with Israeli mythology. In one scene Hercules and Maciste are fighting when they are interrupted by some soldiers who they beat up. Then they continue their original fight! Samson and Ursus are also along for this extravaganza! This Sharp Widescreen English dubbed print looks like it was filmed yesterday.  BA

B469 Secret of Wilhelm Storitz, The (67) aka: Le théâtre de la jeunesse: Le secret de Wilhelm Storitz   The story was first published in 1910, five years after the death of the author, Jules Verne. Storitz is a Russian chemist living in Southern Hungary. When denied the hand of the woman he loves, he drops an invisibility potion in her drink. She still won't marry him. She marries another guy while still invisible. Meanwhile the powers that be are trying to figure out how to charge Stotitz with a crime. Invisibility without consent? More..... In French language and with English subtitles. 

G87 Shangri-La (60) Wow! Based on a Broadway musical telling the known tale straightforwardly. Richard Basehart stars, and his singing? Oh boy. Also with Claude Rains and more. This obscure MFTV film is of lesser quality than usual.

B429 Skies Above (65) aka: The Sky Overhead  aka: Le ciel sur la tête   The crew of an aircraft carrier discovers they are being pursued by a U.F.O. that turns out to be a probe from outer space. They have a message: Stop fighting etc etc.. See the Earth is on the brink of a nuclear war, and outer space has taken notice. Will we listen? Minimal effects and realistic mumbo jumbo may have you scanning the skies for our friends. Are they listening now? Or is that just the N.S.A. ? Or is it both? Ties in perfectly with this new age of paranoia caused by our unbalanced, morally bankrupt, corrupt officials who run the country like it's their own personal outhouse. LBX and with English subtitles.

G180 Tiger of the Seven Seas (62) aka: La tigre dei sette mari  aka: La tigresa de los 7 mares  Tigre is the burned out skipper of a pirate ship and leaves the command of his ship up to a competition among men. His daughter Consuelo (Gianna Maria Canale of many a sword and sandal) wins command. Her father is murdered and she escapes with the ship. She is the 'Tiger of the Seven Seas'. Also with muscleman Anthony Steel. Amazing new Widescreen English dubbed version.  BA

B451 Trojan Horse, The (61) aka: La guerra di Troia  A retelling of the events leading to the use of the Trojan Horse to infiltrate and take down Rome. Steve Reeves stars. This being quite the spectacle, enhanced by this new beautiful Widescreen English dubbed version. BA

G178 Vengeance of Ursus, The (61) aka: La vendetta di Ursus  aka: The Mighty Warrior   Ursus (Samson Burke in his debut) is a farmer with a past he no longer speaks of. When the local princess is attacked on the road to her wedding, Ursus, with his brother, head off to rescue her. Evil King Zagro is determined to kill the king and marry the princess and thereby take over multiple kingdoms. Of course there are many situations here in this well done peplum. Ursus has a tug of war with elephants and more. Samson Burke, a Canadian bodybuilder was also Hercules in 'The Three Stooges Meet Hercules', among others. The only guy to play Hercules for laughs, beside Arnold Swarzenegger. Ironically they found themselves together in Samson Burke's last film 1976's 'Stay Hungry'. Widescreen with Sharp colors comes this English dubbed version. BA

B472 Whale God, The (62) aka: Kujira Gami   A fishing village is terrorized by a giant beastly whale, and the fishermen are determined to kill it! It's like a Japanese 'Moby Dick' (sort of).  Everyone has a plan to kill the beast. But a wise local hermit says to slay the whale, one must ride it no matter how long it takes. Spectacular! One of the special effects guys would later work on some Godzilla movies in the 70's. In Japanese Language and with English subtitles. LBX  BA

B452 Year 01, The (73) aka: L'an 01   The film narrates a Utopian abandonment, a wish movie of idealistic film-makers. Murderers are sympathized with and not charged, criminals are not punished, and why not, it's not their fault. Perhaps close to the society many think America should be like in their minds. But there is a group trying to bring back the old order. They are secretly filmed and become the nation's most popular comedy show. Wanting law and order, jobs and capitalism has become evil in this future. Truly bizarre one of a kind, and sadly, close to current wish-list truth. In Italian language and LBX.





B422 Hound of Blackwood Castle, The (68) aka: Der Hund von Blackwood Castle   aka: The Horror of Blackwood Castle  aka: Giallo Cobra   Scotland Yard must discover who is behind the monstrous dog that is murdering people around Blackwood Castle. A Black Dog with Snake-Like venomous teeth bites to kill! But there has to be something human and sinister behind this scenario.... One of the better color Edgar Wallace films with rich colors and grandiose locations, and of course the cool dog. LBX  BA

G103 Man Who Changed His Name, The (34) A con man tries to get some land cheap by providing a dodgy survey, ignoring the fact that silver is on the land, but he of course knows the true value. The can man is also having an affair with the wife of the guy he is conning. More twists and turns bring a past unsolved murder mystery into the plot....



G7 Bibi (74) aka: Girl Meets Girl  aka: Vild på sex  aka: Confessions of a Sex Kitten  Sexy at Sixteen Bibi (played by Sexy at 18 actress Marie Forsa) comes to her Aunt Toni's (Nadia Henkowa of 'Veil of Blood'). Lip-stick lesbian loving fun with pretty girls, crotch-grabbing, seduction, coyness, seduction, vibrators, breasts galore and pretty intense moaning and groaning. Great soft-core from sleaze-master Joseph Sarno.  BA

G1 Educating Julie (84) Timid college student Julie (Gail Ward), is assigned to write an article of 'nudity', and, along with her boyfriend, heads out to visit nudist colonies in England, the south of France and Florida to interview naked enthusiasts. Kind of documentary meets romantic comedy with loads of nudity. Julie will lose her inhibitions and become a nudist herself by movie's end.  Nice.

G38 Hot T-Shirts (80) aka: Blucinli Kizlar  In order to prevent the closing of the bar, wet T-Shirt contests are arranged. Look for some porn stars like Randy West and Kelly Nichols, and also Debralee Scott as a town girl dancer. Obscure sex comedy from Chuck Vincent.  BA

G245 Kandyland (87) A stripper named Harlowe Devine (Sandahl Bergman) has fallen into the lonely world of drugs and prostitution. The she meets Joni (playboy playmate Kim Evenson). Joni is a fresh faced newcomer, and Harlowe shows her the ropes and the tricks of the trade. But the more Joni knows, the farther she travels on the same road as Harlowe Devine, which is the road to doom and despair. Lots of 80's music and plenty of nudity.  BA

G33 Madame Bovary (69) aka: Die nackte Bovary  aka: I peccati di Madame Bovary   Smutty adulteress Emma Bovary (Edwige Fenech) is bored by her country doctor husband and gives in to the affections of several rich suitors as well as living beyond her husband's means. Fenech is intoxicating. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

G43 Naughty: A Report on Pornography and Erotica (71) A look at sex and pornography down through the ages. From the liberal ancient Greeks, to the hypocritical Victorians, and on to modern times. Smut, past and present in swinging London in the early 70's.

B443 Nerone (77) Yet another spoof of Nero's reign, this one on the sleazy and bawdy side! Loads of gratuitous nudity and hilarious situations. Permeating typically with total disregard to the past, wantonly guilty Italian directors castigate ancient Rome. Lots of nice eye candy here. In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX

G9 Playtime (94) aka: E ora... divertiamoci  Loads of soft-sex scenarios involving incredibly sexy women (Jennifer Burton and Monique Parent) their husbands and lots of playtime! Much female masturbation, sex and voyeurism in this super-hot outing! Damn close to hard-core at times.

G5 Pleasure Party, The (75) aka: Une partie de plaisir   A husband and wife decide to have affairs to spice things up with their sex lives. As we all know these things rarely work out (See 'Swinger's Massacre'). Things go wrong. Very wrong! LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

B449 Scandinavian Erotica (78) aka: Sexy Night Report n. 2  aka: Le notti porno nel mondo nº 2   Entertaining sexy talk type with Ajita Wilson as a stewardess, Marina Hedman as a reporter, Amanda Lera as herself and plenty of friends in nightclubs around the world. This is the English Language version too. Directed by Joe D'Amato.  BA

B450 Sexual Inclinations of a Nudist (82) Adriana and Doris live in the company of Victoria, who happens to be a transgender. In this case, boobs and a pecker. They sell erotic cassettes manufactured of themselves, pleasuring themselves and each other. Carlos goes to the store to recoup his runaway wife Adriana, but once there, falls in love with Victoria. Is he in for a surprise! Loads of nudity and soft-core sex. In Spanish language only. LBX

G18 Taxi Girl (77) aka: La toubib se recycle  Marcella (Edwige Fenech) inherits a Taxi Company in Italy! In each fare she gets involved in sex, crime, or other antics as trouble follows her all over Rome. A Fab Cab Comedy! LBX and with English Subtitles. 

G2 Tenant Next Door, The (78) aka: L'insegnante viene a casa  aka: Die Hauslehrerin   Piano teacher (Edwige Fenech) gets tired of playing mistress to the mayor, so she moves much closer to him. In her new residence in the Luxury Hotel, she is pursued by many horny men. As usual, Fenech 'naked' is the main appeal of this time capsule sex comedy. English dubbed and LBX.  

G227 Vacation Temptations (72) aka: Pin-Up Playmates  aka: Blutjunge Masseusen  aka: La grande vadrouille du sexe  All Your Fantasies in the Flesh! Episodic German Sex Comedy with a common theme. Brothels masquerading as massage parlors. Sex and nudity in sharp colors and English dubbed. LBX  BA

G16 Wild Man (89) aka: Kovanaama  Ex-Commando Eric Wilde teams up with a news reporter to stop a psychotic drug-dealer. Porn director (and 'Last House on the Left' actor) Fred Lincoln directs. So what you get is a porn film trapped in an action film with no actual porn, but plenty of gratuitous nudity and situations with the hot Michelle Bauer and Ginger Lynn. Don't miss the scene with Lynn and Bauer working out in a gym. As far as bad sexy action flicks go, you can't go wrong here!





B416 Bloody Flesh (83) aka: Carne de tu carne  Takes place in 1956 under a militant dictatorship. An uncontrollable crisis takes place as people are exterminated and buildings blown to bits, releasing a supernatural force. Innocent people are now turning into zombies or vampires, roaming the bleak Spanish countryside accompanied by spooky music. Gothic and Baroque chiller reminds one of the works of Jean Rollins. Dedicated to Roman Polanski and Roger Corman! With English subtitles.

G243 Cardiac Arrest (80) aka: Mord på bestilling  The 'Missing Heart Murders' are plaguing San Francisco. Dead bodies turning up at numerous locations, with their hearts cut out. More a police chase mystery thriller than horror, although the Harvesting angle is pretty horrific. Max Gail, Fred Ward and others try to keep a straight face.  BA

G144 Chinese Room, The (68) aka: El cuarto chino  Owner of a bank is troubled by the shady way he and his father acquired such wealth and power. He is plagued by surreal nightmares which create an eerie psychedelic atmosphere. His maid is in love with him. She tries to kill herself. A doctor visits to check up on her, and to flirt with the banker's wife. The 'Chinese Room' of the title is a room the banker's brother owns, a place to meditate and do drugs, sip green tea, burn incense.... A room where one of these characters meets their demise. Albert Zugsmith directs this bizarre oddity. Upgrade! With English subtitles.

G82 Das Weststadt-Massaker (91) Early German Splatter with a white-masked killer severing limbs with hedge trimmers, car running over a guy, throat slashing, a drunk guy killed with a broken bottle, impaling, garroting, corpse burying, weird forest locations etc. A strange ride. In German language only, but very little dialogue, each scene just setting up the next victim's demise in a stalk and slash scenario. F.L.

G3 Deadbeat (77) aka: Tomcats  aka: Avenged  aka: Le justicier solitaire   Four scumbags rape and murder a young waitress, another random victim of their spree of depravity. When finally tried for their rape and killing crimes, they get off on a technicality. This doesn't sit well with the brother of one of the victim's (played by Chris Mulkey). Violent and brutal rape and revenge in the 'Deathwish' tradition with some hard-hitting gang-rape scenes.  BA

B438 Depraved Nature (72) aka: Kolasmeni fysi  An Athens painter retreats to a remote village to get inspiration for his work. He gets tangled up in the village 'curse' which involves a woman named Maria, who lives alone in the woods, a bastard offspring of an unholy union. He is blamed by the villagers, for taking her innocence, and has outraged a deranged shepherd who secretly wanted Maria for himself. Is yet another Greek Tragedy unfolding before our eyes? In Greek with English subtitles. 

B459 Drugs: A River of no Return (89) aka: Droga: Viaje Sin Regreso   aka: Droga sterco di Dio  Stelvio Massi directs this Extreme Real-Life Horror about the aftermath and effects of drug use. Be warned, there are some things you cannot un-see. The autopsy horrors, baby corpse dissection and other unmentionable dead people footage is the stuff of nightmares, due to drug abuse. Just Say No! Stelvio Massi's next film was 'Arabella, the Black Angel'. With English Subtitles. BA

G24 Fatal Games (84) aka: The Killing Touch  aka: Olympic Nightmare  Beware of the mad hoodie wearing ‘wannabe’ javelin thrower who is on a slaughter spree to murder sports jocks. Set amongst high-school athletes doing their training and routines to bad 80's music (including an 'Eye of the Tiger' like theme song), this slasher stalker reminds of 'Graduation Day' and others from the era. Plenty of gratuitous nudity too! Sally Kirkland and more star. Another gender bender shocker!  BA

B420 Glass Ceiling, The (71) aka: El techo de cristal  The film takes place in the country. Pigs, cows, dogs and horses are part of the background of the film. When Martha's (Carmen Sevilla) husband is on a business trip, Martha is left alone and her imagination takes a turn for the worst. Her neighbor Julie (Patty Shepherd) is also alone, and they hang out with a sculptor. These three become entangled in a spider's web. Of course there are others, like a nubile milkmaid (Emma Cohen) that comes around with her 'jugs' (and sometimes bottles of milk). Martha suspects Julie has killed her husband. A truly weird Spanish Giallo type that tries some different tactics to manipulate the viewer. Upgrade and English subtitles. BA

B461 Hot and Cruel: A Tale of Torture (78) aka: Jill   aka: Caliente y cruel - cuento de tortura   Jill (Raquel Evans) arrives in Spain and is sexually manipulated by her lesbian secretary and other supposed friends. A woman (Emma Cohen) follows her, trying to protect her from this uncertain life of hell, which also includes her singing in sexy nightclub gigs.. Beautiful locations and hippie sex in free love time Spain. Sexy Raquel Evans is the star of Jess Franco's 'Linda'. Emma Cohen also worked with Franco and Naschy both in separate projects. Plays out like a Franco, I kept expecting Lina Romay to show up. This one is in Spanish language only with no subtitles. LBX

G78 Hot Blooded (97) aka: Red-Blooded American Girl II  aka: Sin freno  College boy Trent is returning home from the holidays and is side-tracked by a smokin' hot and sexy, homicidal nymphomaniac named Miya (Kari Wuhrer) at a truck stop. On their trail is Miya's perverted and abusive (and estranged) shot-gun toting father (Burt Young in a nasty role). Some hot sex and nude scenes with femme fatale Wuhrer as she seduces Trent to get her way. This film goes from just being unpleasant, to being disturbing, and has a truly downbeat finale. Also with David Keith.  BA

B419 Hotel Fear (77) aka: Pensione Paura  aka: La violación de la señorita Julia   A young girl and her mother run a decaying old hotel during the last days of WW2. When the mother dies, the girl finds herself at the mercy of her sex-crazed guests. She is raped. Then, a cloaked killer starts bumping people off. This film maintains a thick and nightmarish atmosphere that makes it seem like a gloomy fever dream at times. Beautiful yet incredibly eerie, oozing constant doom which is intensified by beyond demented characters and a magnificent score. From the director of 'Perfume of the Lady in Black'. This print is Uncut, in Italian language and with English Subtitles. LBX  BA

B463 It's Nothing Mama, Just a Game (74) aka: Lola  aka: No es nada, mamá, sólo un juego  aka: Beyond Erotica   In Latin America, a young proprietor of a sugar cane plantation (David Hemmings), nearly bankrupt and carrying around a childhood trauma, is misbehaving with girls. Obsessed with Lola, he locks her in a pit and forces her to endure humiliations and tortures as he tries to force her to serve him. Haunting mood pieces, sadomasochism, domination and more. He dresses women in bunny suits and hunts them.... how's that sound for an afternoon of fun? Truly twisted entertainment. David Hemmings would be the star of Dario Argento’s ‘Deep Red’ the following year. Now LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

G31 Kiss, The (88) aka: El beso  aka: Il bacio del terrore  Amy (Meredith Salenger) is shocked when his mother is killed in a freak accident. Soon  her mother's estranged sister Felice shows up (Joanna Pacula) and starts working her charms on the widowed father. Meredith's friends begin to die in strange ways.... Seems Felice is an evil voodoo slimy witch monster in her spare time, and she needs to continue the bloodline with a kiss! Bloody killings, a pulsating medical dummy, a drooling demon cat, and Pacula performing rituals naked (a real plus!). Finale includes a flame thrower and a hedge trimmer stabbing. Lots of fun!  BA

G25 Lipstick and Blood (84) From the director of 1964's 'The Devil Doll' (and many others) Lindsay Shonteff! A crazed porno-obsessed weirdo stalks the strip club circuit at night, and eventually takes a stripper hostage. He has another murdered victim in his trunk. On the run with the hooker/stripper, he rapes and threatens her, and delusion sets in, he thinks they are in an actual 'relationship'! Things get even more strange, and eventually he will learn he has fallen for the wrong woman!

B464 Love and Crime (69) aka: Meiji · Taishô · Shôwa: Ryôki onna hanzai-shi  The film opens with an autopsy scene with the surgeon meditating on cases of violence involving women. This is the pretext to introduce some short stories of violence committed by women. The best known is the tale of a woman remembered for erotically asphyxiating her lover in 1936 and then cutting off his penis and carrying it around with her (you know, like a rabbit's foot). More tales involve nudity and gore with women as the main protagonists. Disturbing fun, and great little stories of dread. In Japanese language and with English subtitles. LBX

G44 Maskarada (71) A young man is attracted to an older woman, her very young son is attracted to the young man, while the husband is into guns and violence and also likes to watch people have sex. His wife wants him dead, and she also wants the young man for herself. Weird sex and violence trash from Yugoslavia. Plenty of sex and loads of full nudity, male and female, plays exactly like a Eurotrash film of the same era. With English subtitles.

B425 Memoirs of a French Whore (79) aka: La dérobade  aka: La dérobade - Vita e rabbia di una prostituta parigina   Marie (Miou-Miou in an award winning role) is turned into a streetwise, hardened (and hardening) hooker within a few short years by her lowlife scumbag boyfriend (played convincingly by Daniel Duval). From sadistic johns humiliating her, to cruel and abusive gangsters, she does them all, making her tougher, stronger. She teams up with fellow fellatio master Maloup (played by Maria Schneider) to go independent. Things go wrong. This is a grim and ugly picture of prostitution, but the erotic elements are still there, confusing the viewer on just how we should feel about all this women abuse, while the men pretty much get off scott free! An excellent slice of offensiveness delivered with no apologies. In French Language and with English Subtitles. LBX  BA

B432 One Must Live Dangerously (75) aka: Il faut vivre dangereusement   aka: É Preciso Viver Perigosamente  Offbeat French made thriller about the search for a super diamond that gets mired in a series of murders. There is a scene of an orgy involving jaded aristocrats complete with masks that reminds of the latter 'Eyes Wide Shut', and a poem that goes 'Eyes Shut Wide Open' which seals the deal in Kubrick's partial inspiration. Also plenty of nudity with Annie Giradot, Sydne Rome and Mylene Demongeot! Slightly LBX  BA

G37 Run if You Can (87) aka: Corre si puedes   A woman sees snuff via satellite T.V and alerts the police who are already on the search for a serial killer. Lots of nudity and sleaze as our killer does his thing. Effective and quirky little thriller with Martin Landau and lots of sexy victims.  BA

G194 ShadowHunter (93) aka: Cazador de sombras  An L.A. cop, burned out on the job and his life in shambles, (Scott Glenn in another great role) is sent to an Indian Reservation for a simple prisoner transport. A killer (Benjamin Bratt) who escapes. Now he is on the trail of the shape-shifter killer, and is aided by a female (Angela Alvarado) who is the lead Indian Tracker.  Robert Beltran and more star. BA

G79 Stealth Hunters (91) A businessman creates a horde of zombie killers that massacres a platoon of soldiers. The only survivor teams up with a group of teenage campers to finish this battle.  BA

G244 Street Asylum (90) aka: Ryder  Playboy Playmate of 1984 Roberta Vasquez plays a hot dominatrix who wears a long trench coat  when visiting her 'bad' boys. What? The Plot? Oh, right. Cybernetic mind-control devices are being implanted into an elite anti-crime/anti-terror team. They are now ready to annihilate terrorists, muggers, pimps, thugs and scumbags. But they are also being programmed to self-destruct! Wings Hauser, Alex Cord and Brion James also star.  BA

G124 Tender Dracula, or Confessions of a Blood Drinker (74) aka: La grande trouille   aka: The Big Scare  Two writers and their girlfriends visit the castle of an actor (Peter Cushing) who specializes in playing vampire roles. As the night progresses, they begin to wonder if the man is an actor playing a vampire, or a vampire playing an actor. Nudity, sex and blood, and the weirdest film Peter Cushing was ever a part of (and he really seems to be enjoying himself!). With a shock ending that comes out of outer space! This French made film is not the usual quality offered, but is in good enough shape to check out, and this is the rare English dubbed version. Also with Alida Valli. 1974 was a busy year for Cushing, Hammer, Amicus and more.

B430 To Be Twenty (78) aka: Avere vent'anni  Two beautiful young women (Gloria Guida and Lilli Carati) flirt around and tease and things end terribly for the both of them. Extremely Sexy and Shocking both! As we know, Carati went into some other exploitation films and then to porn. She died in 2014 of brain cancer. Previously in another update we had the cut English language dub of this classic. Here is the Uncut Italian Language version with English subtitles. Each version stands on it's own, but this one is longer, better and darker. Some would say our sexy heroine's get what is coming to them, at least that seems to be what the filmmakers intended. This film is highly recommended if you missed it. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

B471 Traveler's Evening (79) aka: I viaggiatori della sera  aka: Los viajeros del atardecer   A retirement village seems to be too good to be true. When the village guests begin to disappear, the remaining guests become suspicious. Orso (Ugo Tognazzi) and Nicky his wife (Ornello Vanoni) each start to screw around on each other. Orso finds out that his lover is in cahoots with a secret organization. Could they be the people behind the missing guests? Meanwhile, his wife has been selected.... LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G77 Untot: Undead Unleashed (09) More splatter gore from Germany with axes to the face, rambling walkers, intestine pulling and munching zombies, suffering wiggling victims, cranium crushing, shotguns to the head, and buckets and buckets of grue and blood. In German language only but it is mostly just carnage and survival. LBX BA

G13 Urge to Kill, The (89) A Super-Computer (called 'S.E.X.Y') gets jealous and begins to murder it's competition! Namely, the female singers that hang around 'her' creator. Death by electric toothbrush, shower scalding, sunbed exploding breast bake and more. Obscure. Small Time-Coded numbers run top of screen left.

G45 Witchcraft versus Curse (91) aka: Se Jiang   Plenty of nudity in this Asian offering and lots of sex, mixed in with a sexy witch, a mongoose and cobra battle, lots of hot naked girls and more. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

G36 Zirneklis (91) aka: The Spider  Weird horror from Latvia in the Soviet Union! The film starts with a Freudian quote about repressed sexuality being caused by fear and neurosis. Pure and sexy Vita attends a religious school and is all pretty and virginal. A popular painter chooses her to be his model of the Virgin Mary. But this diabolical man has other intentions, none even close to 'holy'. He wants her body. He wants to corrupt her soul. In the meantime, Vita is becoming sexually aware, and her dreams of sex and passion are bizarre to say the least! Throw in lots of nudity and creepy stop-motion spiders, sprawling beautiful scenery and spider sex nightmares, and an actual spider-man-monster.... you get an experience unlike all others. Large English Subtitles.




B467 Around the World in 80 Beds (77) aka: In 80 Betten um die Welt  aka: Mondo Erotico   An uncredited Jess Franco co-directs. Sexual acts from around the world. This includes S&M acts, a class teaching of masturbation, a man who pretends he is a baby to get his sexual kicks and getting spanked, and more normal or deviant behavior? You decide. I like the story where a woman is tied up to a wooden cross and is going to be sacrificed to Satan. Really Sharp picture and finally with English subtitles! LBX

B458 Dirty Game in Casablanca (85) aka: Juego sucio en Casablanca  A gambler loses everything, including his wife. He hands 4 people an ace out of the deck. Wanting the one that draws the Ace of Hearts as the one he wants to kill him! But wait now his wife is back and things are not so gloomy. He must find out who, of the four, drew the Queen, and stop his assassination. With flashbacks and great cinematography (from Franco regular Juan Soler). Very well made! William Berger, Antonio Mayans and of course Lina Romay in a small part. In Spanish language and with Big English Subtitles. LBX

B465 Lucky the Inscrutable (67) aka: Lucky, el intrepid  aka: Lucky M. füllt alle Särge   Finally available in it's proper aspect ratio. An American Secret Agent (Ray Danton) is sent to Europe to track down a ring of counterfeiters. His investigation takes him from Rome to Albania, where he gets involved with a sexy Albanian Police Commissioner. Comic book secret agent type where the gags fly fast and furious with jokes flying constantly. A wild ride. Teresa Gimpera and Barbara Bold also star. LBX and English Dubbed.  BA

G46 Phollastia (87) aka: Fellations sauvages  Jess Franco's hardcore spoof of 'Dynasty' comes with all of the regular fixin's one would expect from the man. Lina Romay and others, prance around decadently and have sex at every opportunity. Moaning, groaning, bumping, humping..... must be something in the water! Still foreign language only, but this is an improved print of this one. LBX

G48 Snakewoman (05) This is a very loose remake of 'Vampyros Lesbos' with the vampire-like woman being replaced by the snakewoman. A reporter is investigating reports of a snakewoman, she finds a young woman who seduces her into lesbian sex and a whole lot more. Some surprisingly violent attack scenes in this amazingly erotic and well made Franco. Lina Romay has a small role. Fata Morgana and Carmen Montes star. With English subtitles.

B431 Trapped Women (86) Other Franco Films cobbled together by Franco plus “new” footage!  Even Jess Franco reference books seem baffled by this one!  Mixed in with footage from 'Fury in the Tropics'... Lina Romay of course and many more star in this women in prison, jungle thriller. This is a different film than 'Fury in the Tropics', and Romay features prominently in both versions. Nudity, Sadism and Death. With English subtitles.




G58 Blue Lamp, The (50) aka: Die blaue Lampe   aka: I giovani uccidono  The daily routine of two London policemen is interrupted by a killer. Excellent glimpse of a 1950 London. The cast is lead by Jack Warden, also including Dirk Bogarde, Jimmy Hanley, Robert Flemyng, Bernard (M) Lee and more. Excellent period piece loaded with atmosphere.

B435 Brain Machine, The (55) aka: La droga maledetta  A murderer is brought into a insane asylum for testing, using an electro-encephalograph, a remarkable invention that detects abnormalities in the brain. Also in the hospital, an amnesiac is questioned under the influence of a drug and reveals his life is in danger....Bizarre obscure British thriller. The theme tune is the same as 'Quatermass and the Pit'. Director Ken Hughes went on to direct 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' and the Burt Reynolds film 'Shark'.  BA

G226 Broken Horseshoe, The (53) aka: Huumausaineliiga  A doctor (Robert Beatty) finds himself implicated in the murder of one of his patients (Elizabeth Sellars). BA

G67 Cat and Mouse (58) aka: The Desperate Men - A GI deserter (played by Lee Patterson as a psychotic) frames a girl (Ann Sears) for killing a blackmailer, and holds her captive while seeking gems.

G91 Challenge, The (38) aka: Kampen om Bjerget  Dramatization of the first climbing of the Matterhorn in 1865, with scenic mountain footage. Things get competitive. Great when the four men fall to their doom (yes, you can tell they are dummies). With Robert Douglas, Joan Gardner, Mary Clare and more. Quality less than usual on this title.

G86 Cherry Picker, The (74) American V.I.P. James Burn the Second finds his son James Burn the Third leading a giant 'sleep-in' at Windsor castle. He hires Nancy (Lulu) to get him out of the castle, and into work. She succeeds.... for a while anyway. Seems James Jr. believes in  'Desire not Fire' and 'Sex not Slavery' and soon opts out. From there on it is a challenge to get him back to work and the marriage bed, instead of chasing every skirt in town and being an entitled loser. Lots of woman here with Priscilla Morgan and more. Also starring Fiona Curzon,  Terry Thomas and Wilfrid Hyde-White.

G59 Corridor of Mirrors (48) aka: Il mistero degli specchi  aka: La extraña cita  A man falls for a beautiful woman, and then realizes he may have also been in love with her in a previous life. Twisting time traveling obsessive love that borders on madness and eventually ends in Madame Tussaud's wax museum. The first movie with Christopher Lee.

G60 Final Appointment (54) aka: The Last Appointment  Decent little crime thriller directed by Terence Fisher. A reporter and his girlfriend (who is also a reporter), investigate threats aimed at a retired army officer and stumble upon information that links them to a series of murders and a court-martial that happened a decade before during the war.

G140 Home to Danger (51) A drug dealer tries to kill his partner's daughter  when she inherits an old country house. Stanley Baker and Guy Rolfe star. Terence Fisher directs.  BA

G96 Impact (63) Crime reporter Jack Moir (Conrad Phillips) is framed by a crooked nightclub owner called 'The Duke'. In prison, Moir plots his revenge. Upon release he puts his plan into action with the help of his cellmates. LBX

B445 Psyche 59 (64) aka: Los ojos del amor   Blind Allison (Patricia Neal) lives with her husband Neal (Curd Jergens) and finds her life disturbed by the arrival of her younger sexier and sultry sister Robin (Samantha Eggar). It seems there are secrets within the psyche's of the sister's in this Freudian frolic with risqué twists and improper revelations leading to a psychological showdown. Hysterical Blindness? Visually appealing and well shot with the haunting knowing that Neal's real life was much more disturbing and similar in some ways, realistically and metaphorically. Twisted Fun. LBX BA

G71 Smokescreen (64) aka: L'accident d'auto  Peter Vaughnn plays an insurance investigator on the case of a man who died while his car was on fire and went over a cliff. He's teamed up with a youthful John (Plague of the Zombies) Carson as his assistant, and must get the goods on the dead man's wife (played by the sexy and glamorous Yvonne (Curse of the Werewolf) Romain). Brighton locations give an edge, familiar British faces everywhere, and a surprising 'reveal' in the climax reminds one of similar Hammer films of the time. LBX






B433 Agatha and the Limitless Reading (81) aka: Agatha et les lectures illimitées   A brother and sister meet at a deserted seaside hotel to deal with their passionate incestuous feelings for each other and reminisce about their happy childhood. A truly bizarre dream-like book on film with many haunting scenes and surreal atmosphere riddled with poetic and mesmerizing dialogues imagined or dreamt, spoken or thought, experienced by two totally bourgeois and pretentious individuals. LBX and with English subtitles.

G176 Alamo Bay (85) aka: La Bahia del odio  A pissed off Viet Nam veteran (Ed Harris) gets more pissed off when Vietnamese men compete in the same waters he fishes for his livelihood in a Texas Bay town. He also has an affair with Amy Madigan, and later she is hanging with a Vietnamese friend and... he gets even MORE pissed off. Things end badly for everyone. Excellent. Ed Harris and Amy Madigan have been married since 1983.  BA

G122 Alias Nick Beal (49) aka: La Sconfitta di Satana  aka: Un pacte avec le diable  A district attorney rises to political success and the governorship but loses his sense of morality once he starts associating with the shadowy and perhaps diabolical-devil-in-disguise Nick Beal (played by Ray Milland).  BA

G167 Ambush in Waco: In the Line of Duty (93) This movie was in production when the actual 'siege' was actually in place. That being said, they got their facts very wrong. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story... I guess. We know what happened. And this is not it. The writer even apologized to the families of the victims. A dangerous piece of government propaganda. Well worth the watch, but don't believe it, only true in some ways. Embarrassing for the lies, but essential and entertaining. Tim Daly is Koresh.

G198 Anything to Survive (90) aka: Perdidos en el mar de hielo  A father (Robert Conrad) and his children are caught in a storm, whilst sailing in Alaska. When they get shipwrecked, things go from bad to worse. The crew worked in icy waters and freezing rain. A hellish shoot. A true story, gritty and realistic, this is not like a corny Disney fantasy. Too bad 'Bart the Bear' was not around to eat one of them. Matt LeBlanc (pre-Friends) and Emily Perkins star.

G150 Armed and Innocent (94) aka: Armed and Innocent - Ein Junge gegen die Killer  Dramatization of a 'true' (although not sure how slanted in either direction) story about an 11 year old boy left home alone (like everyone of us were that grew up in the common sense America Pre-1995) who kills two intruders in self defense. Good job little guy. But now he is upset and the friend's of the dead want revenge. Of course the film is not sure what it wants to say. The boy is traumatized, but his dad sees him as a hero. Maybe the filmmakers would rather no one ever defended themselves and let whoever do whatever to them with the victim's just taking it and hoping for the best. That is the world we now live in. I say blast them to hell. Kate Jackson, Gerald McRaney and more star.

G132 Armored Command (61) aka: Escuadrón blindado  An American Army unit is trapped in a small town during a counterattack and discovers that a spy in the town is providing the Germans with information about them. With Howard Keel. Burt Reynolds (in one of his first movies) and Tina Louise (just before she got stranded on that desert isle). Quality a bit less than good on this title. BA

G190 Atlanta Child Murders, The (85) aka: Los niños de Atlanta  A bunch of black kids are being murdered in Atlanta, Georgia in the 1980's. The killer is not a white racist, but a black guy. He is tried and convicted. This is the 3 and a half hour true story of this horrifying chapter in Atlanta's history. Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Jason Robards, Rip Torn, Bill Paxton, Martin Sheen and many more star.

G192 Before He Wakes (98) aka: Nuit sans sommeil  An extremely evil woman (played by Jacyln Smith) is a murderous sociopath killer if anyone stands in her way. Her new 'trusting' husband is a real fool, but when he gets suspicious when he finds out his savings are gone and his debt is rising....  Based on a true story. The film-makers try to make her more sympathetic than she was in true life. In reality she was an evil cold-blooded killer. Hope Lange (in her last film), Diana Scarwid and more. The real woman is still in prison.  

G139 Beyond the Call of Duty (92) aka: Raid sur le Mékong  While leading a maverick band of warriors behind enemy lines, a U.S. Army Commander is forced to lead a beautiful American journalist through the treacherous Mekong River Delta aboard a high speed gun boat while being pursued by a cunning Vietnamese enemy. Jan Michael Vincent stars in this action-packed explosion filled 'Rambo/Platoon' type. Low-budget action fun from director Cirio Santiago!

G236 Brotherhood of Justice (86) aka: Young Streetfighters  High School students, influenced by the power of suggestion, go rogue, and turn into a gang of vigilantes. Thing is, their brand of justice is quite juvenile, and turns downright criminal. With a young Keifer Sutherland, Keanu Reeves, Lori Laughlin and Billy Zane (in a budding psycho in the making role). A tamer but still effective 'high-school kids run amok' film.  BA

G127 Canon City (48) aka: Pénitencier du Colorado  Prison escape thriller that delivers the goods in the suspense and action department, with a killer cast. Intense and with great cinematography in Colorado. Scott Brady, DeForest Kelley, Jeff Corey, Whit Bissell and more star. BA

G142 Chiefs (83) aka: Die Polizei-Chiefs von Delano  Three generations of police chiefs for a southern town go about their jobs while a serial murderer operates. The police chiefs from different decades (taking place over 40 years) are played by Wayne Rogers, Brad Davis and Billy Dee Williams. Charlton Heston plays the town's founder. The killer is played by Keith Carradine. Critically acclaimed and amazing telling of the popular novel by Stuart Woods. This sucker runs 3 and a half hours.  BA

B136 Commandos (68) aka: Sullivan's Marauders  Sgt. Sullivan (Lee Van Cleef) with his brigade, leads a daring infiltration into a Northern African camp oasis depot (complete with hooker). These seven men stand between Rommel's Afrika forces and victory. Submachine guns and plenty of action in this spaghetti war mini-epic profiling the brotherhood of soldiers, the hell of war, and the glory of combat! Guts or Glory! Partial writing credit goes to Dario Argento on this one. Cut to ribbons in the states, here is the Uncut 1 hour and 54 minute version!  Uncut LBX and with English subtitles. A masterpiece.  BA

B455 Cookies (75) aka: Les galettes de Pont-Aven  aka: Folli e liberi amplessi   A frustrated artist, ignored by his wife and children, goes to stay with a foul-mouthed painter, and runs off with that guy's woman (she likes to parade around naked) for a few days of passion. The woman leaves him and he returns home to find his wife having sex with another man. He bails and sets off to start over, drinking heavily and finally meeting a sweet young woman that actually cares. From the director of 'Don't Deliver Us From Evil' comes this tale of rejection, humility and lots of sex! LBX and with English subtitles.

G98 Damn Yankees! (67) Wishing that his favorite baseball team, The Senators, would win the pennant, Joe Hardy makes a deal with the devil. It's like a cheap high school musical with an all-star cast (well kinda'). Phil Silvers, Lee Remick, Jim Backus, Linda Lavin and more. Lee Remick was a hot little number back in the day. Quality not as good as usual. 

G148 David (88) The true story of a kid that was burned up by his disturbed father. From head to toe. When he is recovering and talking he looks like a sock puppet. Or a little alien or something. Still a disturbing true story. The real kid is still alive (now a man of course) and he looks like Freddy Krueger. Not to be mean, but when you are burnt to a crisp, you are lucky to survive, period. Good for him. As a child he hooked up with Michael Jackson, and met other celebrities that gave their time.

G159 For the Love of It (80) aka: Geheimcode Chaos  An entrepreneur discovers a plan on tape the Russians have for taking over the Middle East. He wants to use it to create a new video game called 'Doom's Day', but the KGB, the CIA and the FBI are also after the tape, and have other plans. Barbi Benton, Deborah Raffin, Adam West, Don Rickles and loads of actors you all know. OTT like 'Airplane' zany madness.

G158 Francis Gary Powers: The True Story of the U-2 Spy Incident (76) aka: Der Fall Gary Powers  Recently big chunks of this historical event were covered in the Spielberg directed Tom Hank's film 'Bridge of Spies'. Lee Majors is Powers, the C.I.A. pilot who was shot down in his spy plane over Russia, captured and imprisoned. Well made and also with Noah Beery Jr., James Gregory and more.

G151 Girls of Huntington House, The (73) An unmarried teacher in a school for unwed mothers finds herself too emotionally attached to her students and their problems. Notable for the cast and a good drama. Women used to have to go through a bit of hell when they had an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. Now they get paid cash to stay in school, get free housing and other rewards for their behavior, and bonus money when they drop more little bundles of joy. Just the way it is, right or wrong. Sissy Spacek, Pamela Sue Martin, William Windom, Shirley Jones and Mercedes McCambridge (who did the possessed 'Regan' demon voice for 'The Exorcist' the same year) star. 

G94 Hell Commandos (69) aka: Comando al infierno  aka: 7 eroiche carogne   An American major (Guy Madison) trains a group of elite soldiers for a dangerous covert mission behind enemy lines during WW2. Unfortunately, as they are all dressed like Nazi's, all but the major are killed in their sleep by another allied platoon behind enemy lines. The major has no alternative but to continue on his mission with this new platoon.  BA

G41 If Tomorrow Comes (71) aka: The Glass Hammer  A white California girl (Patty Duke) and her new Japanese-American husband must keep their recent marriage secret in wake of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Well advised. Fairly devastating and haunting. People think it is a film about prejudice and racism.... but Pearl Harbor is the backdrop of the story, and we were at war. Drastic measures were taken out of fear. Also with Mako, James Whitmore, Pat Hingle, Anne Baxter, Michael McGreevey and Frank Michael Liu in his debut.

B442 I'm for the Hippopotamus (79) aka: Io sto con gli ippopotami  Bud Spencer and Terence Hill try their luck in Africa! Slim and Tom (Hill and Spencer) don't appreciate a German tyrant (played by Joe Bugner, an ex-boxer famous for going the distance with Muhammad Ali, twice!), who is capturing and selling African wildlife to Canadian Zoo's. Fights, robbery, escaping from a jail with a bulldozer and other hilarious scenes too numerous to mention. Obviously for fans of Spencer and Hill (and African wildlife!). This LBX version is 10 minutes longer than previous versions available elsewhere. With English subtitles. BA

G147 In the Line of Duty: Siege at Marion (92) aka: Children of Fury  Bob Bryant (Dennis Franz) is an F.B.I. agent in charge of an operation to arrest Adam Swapp and his brother, suspects in the bombing of a Mormon Church. Morman fundamentalists versus their less extreme Mormon neighbors, and then versus the F.B.I. - The Waco-like stand-off on the family farm is pretty intense stuff. Paul Le Mat, Tess Harper, Ed Begley Jr. and William H. Macy are just some of the cast.

G166 Incredible Journey of Doctor Meg Laurel, The (79) A female doctor (Lindsay Wagner) returns from the city to her home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia in the 1930's. There she must contend with the uneducated and superstitious as she tries to help them. Jane Wyman, Gloria Stuart, Gary Lockwood and many more star in this over 2 hour movie. James Woods is 'Sin Eater' a character that inspired comic book writer Peter David to create the Spiderman villain, 'Sin-Eater'.  BA

G173 Inmates: A Love Story (81) aka: Una storia d'amore  Accountant Roy (Perry King) is sentenced to prison because he cooked up balances. They want to keep him in prison as long as possible so they can have a free accountant to fix the messed up prison books. He meets and falls in love with Jane (Kate Jackson) who is a convicted thief. Also with Paul Koslo, Craig T. Nelson and more.

G175 Jealousy (84) Angie Dickinson stars in three separate vignettes as women that are affected by 'Jealousy'. Actually quite compelling and things get real ugly in some situations. David Carradine, Richard Mulligan, Bo Svenson, Susan Tyrell and more star.

G121 Last Blitzkrieg, The (59) aka: Fra due trincee  The fanatical son of a Nazi General leads a squad of German Commandos, disguised as American troops, behind the lines in order to sabotage the Allied Forces. With newsreels, stock footage and location filming in the Netherlands. Stars Kerwin (Sinbad) Matthews, Van Johnson, Dick York and Larry Storch. LBX BA

G61 Last Ten Days, The (55) aka: Der letzte Akt  Made only ten years after the actual events this gripping film reeks of death and doom awaiting and impending upon perpetrators of war. Jew hating, death, great dialogue and more! Two generals talking, one asks “Does God Exist?”, the other replies “If he did, we wouldn't”....  Excellent end of the Third Reich film. Conspiracy theories out there, many claim Hitler escaped to South America and lived into the 1970's because he always had body doubles at his disposal. Yea... well... we saved Hitler's brain too and it's still functioning.... + German wartime newsreels. English subtitles. BA

G246 Last Tyrant, The (74) aka: Mussolini ultimo atto  aka: The Last Days of Mussolini   The story of the last days of Beniti Mussolini (Rod Steiger) who is devastated by the knowledge that he has destroyed Italy. The Vatican (Henry Fonda) cannot save him, the Americans and the Germans want him first. But a determined Italian soldier (Franco Nero) tracks him down with a vengeance! An astonishing end. BA

G157 Letters, The (73) aka: I angeläget ärende  Stories of three people are told, each affected and all lives changed due to the year long delay in the delivery of letters. Good performances from all in this MFTV with Pamela Franklin, John Forsythe, Ida Lupino, Barbara Stanwyck and many more.

G164 Liars’ Club, The (93) aka: El club de los mentirosos  The loyalty of a tight group of friends is put to the test when there is an accidental rape/murder within the circle. Or is there? Loyalties are questioned. Would you cover for a rapist killer if he were family or best friend? With Brian Krause, Will Wheaton and Michael Cudlitz (Abraham on 'The Walking Dead') as 'Jimbo'.

G73 Living Proof: The Hank Williams Jr. Story (83) Based on the singer's life, under his mother's thumb, competing with the ghost of one of the most famous singer's in country and western music history, and aspiring to rise above it all, despite a near death accident in 1971 that ripped his face apart. Richard (Johnboy) Thomas is Hank. Also with Clu Gulager, Christian Slater, Naomi Judd, Mickey (“All of it, boy!”) Jones and more.

G152 Man Who Broke 1000 Chains, The (87) aka: Der Mann, der 1000 Ketten sprengte  The true story of Robert Elliot Burns (Val Kilmer), the WW1 veteran, fallen on hard times and resorting to crime, who after being sentenced to a Georgia chain-gang, planned two daring escapes. Charles Durning, Clancy Brown, Chris Mulkey, William Sanderson and more star.  BA

G149 Matter of Sex, A (84) aka: Versione donna  True story of the so-called Wilmar Eight, a group of Minnesota bank workers who braved freezing conditions whilst picketing their branch in a struggle for union rights. Who's side are you on? With Jean Stapleton, Judge Reinhold and more.

G42 Men of the Dragon (74) aka: Ludzie spod znaku smoka  Kung Fu and Bruce Lee are big box office. Enter a MFTV martial arts film! A brother and sister, both martial arts experts, visit Hong Kong where they grew up. The woman disappears, kidnapped into white slavery. There will be a lot of ass kicking! With Jared Martin, Katie Saylor, Robert Ito and Joseph (Dr. No himself!) Wiseman.

B426 Merry-Go-Round (81) aka: L'engrenage  Elizabeth (Danièle Gégauff) sends telegrams to her old boyfriend Ben (Joe Dallesandro) in NYC and to her younger sister Leo (Maria Schneider) in Rome, to join her in Paris where she is selling her late father's estate. When Ben and Leo arrive, a mysterious adventure begins. A baffling film, cobbled together with seemingly zero forethought, possibly, mostly, improvised? Still, cool locations, surreal situations and Maria Schneider right off the set of 'Last Tango in Paris'. And you know where that finger's been! Wash it please! In French with English Subs and LBX.

B427 Michael Kohlhaas (69) aka: El Rebelde Justiciero  In Medieval Times, Michael Kolhaus (David Warner), a horse trader, is going to the local fair to sell some horses, and a noble takes his horses from him. The noble promises to return the horses. Instead, the horses are returned badly damaged, almost dead, and Michael Kohlhaus, getting no justice, takes up arms and goes on a rampage against the establishment. Quite excellent. Also with Anna Karina and Anita Pallenburg (the chick between Brian Jones and Keith Richards at the time, but no more because Jones was dead in July of 1969). Watch closely and you will see Keith Richards himself in a small role as 'Soldat', his only appearance in a film until his pirate spin of the 2000's. This movie was remade recently with Mads Mikkelsen as Kohlhaus.  BA

G191 Murder Ordained (87) aka: Ein geweihter Mörder  Based on events in Emporia, Kansas from 1983 to 1987. The story of a Kansas preacher with lustful eyes who decided that having his wife killed, and his secretaries husband, was the will of the Lord after a ro-so-holy-bust prayer session with his secretary (Jobeth Williams). Keith Carradine is a state trooper, who helps with the investigation. John Goodman, M. Emmet Walsh and Kathy Bates also star. An excellent retelling of a typical 'very-dirty-preacher' tale, something I personally, am much too familiar with.

G26 Night of the Cat, The (73) After her sister is murdered by some mobsters, Blonde Beth takes the news hard. She goes into fight mode, teaming up with a reporter, taking karate, and studying up on the mobsters. She also learns the head bad guy has a phobia when it comes to cats. Incredibly inept action scenes that must be seen to be believed and pricelessly bad dialogue. And the cat reference? I guess she is supposed to be 'cat-like' in her tactics and movements, making it easier to antagonize the fraidy cat guy.... So she must be the Cat of the title..... or something.  Bizarre regional action from Charlotte, North Carolina!  BA

B444 Normal Young Man (69) aka: Il giovane normale  Starring a stunning 20 year old Janet Agren! A young man from Milan accepts a ride from a traveling couple (from America) sightseeing in Italy. The man is an older professor, interested in ancient ruins and such. His much younger wife (Agren) is pretty much hot to trot, wearing various outfits and being super sexy throughout. The young man has mini-fantasies. Finally he gets Agren in bed and she says 'Insult Me! Swear at Me!' her form of foreplay I suppose. 'Capitalist Swine!" is his reply, which really turns her on as she offers her breasts. With English subtitles.  BA

G84 Phantom Raiders (88) aka: Red Phantom  B-Movie badass Miles O'Keefe stars in this outrageous Filipino action masterpiece! His name is 'Python' and he has special Ninja powers. His mission is to destroy commie terrorists that are being trained in Viet Nam. He recruits his old Viet Nam pals, shows them a few Ninja tricks, and goes after the commies! Non-stop gunplay action, explosions, hot girls and more in this 'Rambo' inspired rip-off. Low on dialogue, high on action, and you would swear some of those Filipino extras get killed more than once!  BA

G189 Race Against the Harvest (87) aka: Golden Harvest  A Kansas wheat farmer (Wayne Rogers) gets stormed out and figures the best way to recoup his losses and turn them into a profit is to start a custom combining crew, custom combined with John Deere 95's. Operating on a shoestring budget with a ragtag bunch, they face competition from a neighboring farmer (Earl Holliman). If you dig farming equipment and farming, mixed with high testosterone manly men, then here you go.

B477 Saint Jack (79) Jack Flowers (Ben Gazarra) is an American Hustler trying to make his fortune in 1970's Singapore with small time pimping. He dreams of making riches and retiring back to the U.S.A. a wealthy man. Also with lots of lovely ladies and Denholm Elliot, Joss Ackland, George Lazenby and more. LBX BA

G23 Shattered Spirits (86) When his drinking problem takes control of his life, Lyle (Martin Sheen) tries to get his family life back from the bottle that has taken it. After he flips out drunk as a skunk a few times first! Classic 80's 'alcohol = tragedy' film reportedly used by doctors in outreach programs to this day! Melinda Dillon is the poor pathetic pushover wife, Lukas (Ears) Haas and Jill Schoelen (who faced darker problems in the next year's great 'The Stepfather') also star. Make a drinking game out of the movie! Every time Sheen acts like an ass, do a shot.

G237 South Bronx Heroes (85) aka: Revenge of the Innocents  A young man (Mario Van Peebles) just released from prison, runs across two younger kids on the run from a child porn ring masquerading as foster parents. He, along with his sister (Megan Van Peebles, who died at age 48 in 2006) decide to help them.  BA

G153 Stand By Your Man (81) Rags to Riches tale of country queen Tammy Wynette played by Annette O'Toole. Her man George Jones (played by Tim McIntire, who was done in by drugs and alcohol at age 41) is a drunk. She stands by him. Until they divorce that is. But then they remarry I think. Plays like a country song. Apparently for fans of George Jones, Tammy Wynette and Annette O'Toole (who's next movie was the 'Cat People' remake). O'Toole sings the songs.

G101 Steel Fist, The (51) In an Iron Curtain country, an idealistic student (Roddy McDowell) goes on the run from the Communist authorities.  He is aided by a friendly young woman until he can make his way across the border, and away from the evil communist regime. Interesting seeing Roddy McDowell at age 23 leading a 'red scare' film of this type. Many of today's youth, clueless to history, would be trying to sneak into the communist country this film represents, rather than escape it. BA 

G143 Sudden Thunder (90) aka: Skliroi batsoi apo to Miami  A sexy Miami cop learns that her father, who was the sheriff of her small home town, has been murdered by an armed gang that has taken over the town. With her Miami cop buddies, she heads out to the redneck town to take names and kick ass. Low-budget violent fun!

G74 Tennessee Waltz (89) aka: Tennessee Nights   A British attorney (Julian Sands) on vacation in Tennessee is blamed for a local murder. Hiding out in a swamp shack with a hot naked 22 year old Stacey Dash seems like a good idea until redneck sheriff Ned Beatty catches up with him. Decent suspense and an all star cast that includes David Hess, Ed Lauter, Denise Crosby, Rod Steiger and Johnny Cash (as himself).

G52 Three in the Attic (68) aka: Die frechen kleinen Mädchen  A college stud (played by Christopher Jones) is hooking up with three girls secretly. The girls find out, lock him in the attic, and proceed to screw him to death. Talk about sweet revenge! Excellent dialogue and surprises in this underrated gem. Yvette Mimeux, Judy Pace and more star. Now in a nice LBX upgrade.  BA

B470 Tom Dollar (67) An Iranian Prince is killed just before signing over the rights to a certain uranium mine to the U.S.A. and the fear is, that the Princess is next. Tom Dollar is hired to bodyguard the Princess, and she is given a doppelganger as a distraction. Obscure Euro spy with Erika Blanc, Giorgia Moll and Maurice Poli. Italian Language and with English Subtitles. LBX

G63 Will There Really Be a Morning? (83) aka: Credere per vivere  This is the story of actress Frances Farmer (played by Susan Blakely). We all know the Jessica Lange version. This tragic biography centering on the rise and fall of this now obscure 30's actress deals with the dark ages of psychiatry in a mental institution. Her parent's had her wrongfully committed. With Lee Grant, John Heard, Royal Dano and more.




G169 Abduction of St. Anne, The (75) aka: L'enquête de Monseigneur Logan  A cynical detective and a Roman Catholic Bishop team up to investigate the reported miraculous powers of a 17 year old girl being held captive in the home of her father, an ailing syndicate kingpin. Is she really a saint? Is there such a person?  Robert Wagner, Kathleen Quinlan, E.G. Marshall and more star.

G193 Attack on Terror: The FBI vs. the Ku Klux Klan (75) aka: El FBI contra el Ku Klux Klan  After three Civil Rights workers are murdered by some redneck good-old-boys, the FBI comes a'callin' on the search for the killers. Later remade as 'Mississippi Burning'. People around at the time still say this is a more accurate depiction of events. Excellent cast includes Ned Beatty, Wayne Rodgers (in his first post-Mash gig), John Beck, Billy Green Bush, Geoffrey Lewis, Rip Torn, Luke Askew and many more.

G29 City Killer (84) aka: City Killer - Eine Stadt in Panik  Heather Locklear is Heather, stalked by an ex-lover (played by Terence Knox) who is also a demolition/ex-marine/bomb expert, who decides to blow buildings to bits (with people still inside them!) in his insane effort to convince Heather, that she should be his woman. Meanwhile Heather has taken up with a new squeeze, the investigating cop (played by Gerald McRaney) proving, you 'can' keep a good girl down! Surprisingly good nail-biter. BA

G187 Convicted (86) aka: L'imputato è colpevole  Fact based story about a Tennessee letter carrier who was falsely convicted of a rape. His legal problems continue, even after the 'real' rapist confesses. Another example of dirty cops and prosecutor's, and illiterate juries, getting their 'pound of flesh' by knowingly convicting an innocent man. Pretty scary for real, but kind of funny seeing it acted by well known actors to the level of unintentional 'camp'.  John Larroquette, Carol O'Conner, Lindsay Wagner and more star.

B456 Crimson Sunset, The (77) aka: Blóðrautt sólarlag  Icelandic MFTV horror from the director of 'When the Raven Flies' (and other Viking movies)! Some guys load up the station wagon and head off to strange surroundings/summer vacation to get drunk and relax/whoop it up. They arrive at an abandoned and remote coastal location, and a deserted residence where the last hold-out (a woman) died and rotted... Lots of places to get shit-faced and pass out. But something has returned, and they are not safe in their current drunken state. Some glitches on this print, but easy to follow.  Bleak and Downbeat.  With Big English Subtitles.

G168 Cry in the Wilderness, A (74) aka: Daikôzui: Dasshutsu panikku shi no tani  The father of a wilderness family ( stand-up guy George Kennedy) gets bitten by a skunk (!!!) and fearing rabies, chains himself inside the barn in case he goes mad. He sends his wife (Joanna Pettet) off for help but all she encounters are rude neighbors, inbred rednecks and perverted hillbillies. You know, Hollywood's idea of anyone living in a rural area that is not rich. When news of an impending flood comes.....  Decent MFTV directed by Gordon Hessler and also starring Lee Montgomery, Collin Wilcox Paxton and more.

G161 Death Cruise (74) aka: El crucero de la muerte  Several couples are notified that they have won an ocean cruise. But they actually have been lured upon the ship to be murdered. The killer marks off each kill by crossing off the faces of each victim with an 'X' on a group-photo where everyone is smiling. A superb mystery thriller with Kate Jackson and more.

B457 Devilish Murder, A (65) aka: Salinma  Another in the haunted/killer cat genre! A jealous mother kills her daughter-in-law with the maid's help. But the murdered woman's spirit takes the form of a cat to exact it's scary revenge. Obscure South Korean Horror. LBX and with English subtitles.

G174 Disaster on the Coastliner (79) aka: Die Weiche steht auf Tod  A vengeful employee of a computer-controlled railway arranges a head-on collision of passenger trains. Can it be stopped? Star studded (cluttered?) affair with William Shatner as a con man, and also starring Lloyd Bridges, E.G. Marshall, Yvette Mimieux, Raymond Burr and more.

G182 Five Desperate Women (71) Five young women vacation together at a resort on an isolated island, the only guests. When one of them ends up murdered they wonder if it is the boat captain, or the resort's handyman. Robert Conrad, Bradford Dillman. Stephanie Powers, Anjanette Comer and more. Sharp new upgrade!

G171 Gun in the House, A (81) aka: L'éternel soupçon  Emily Cates (Sally Struthers in her best role) is at home alone when two stranger's break in and humiliate and degrade her. She breaks free and gets her gun and defends herself. The D.A. with his flawed views of justice wants to prosecute her. Figures. Excellent film that evenly skates the middle, not a propaganda piece for either side. I find it extremely satisfying when she shoots.

G145 Hell Hath No Fury (91) Cool MFTV variation of the popular film (at the time) 'Fatal Attraction'. Loretta Switt plays a mistress, abandoned by her married lover. She's not going to take it! She infiltrates the family and takes the daughter hostage. What she does not consider however is her ex-lover's wife (played by Barbara Eden). It's 'Jeanne vs. Hot-Lips'! Trashy Fun! Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor Hell a Fury Like a Woman Scorned! Also with Amanda Peterson who died of a morphine overdose in 2015.

G10 House on Greenapple Road (70) A detective (Christopher George) investigates the disappearance of a promiscuous wife (Janet Leigh). Things are not as they seem however..... Excellent obscure MFTV that also stars Keenan Wynn, Lynda Day George, Julie Harris, Edward Asner, Eve Plumb and more. Quality not as good as usual. LBX (somehow)

G39 Howling in the Woods, A (71) aka: Les hurlements de la forêt  A confused housewife (Barbara Eden), has left her husband (Larry Hagman) and returned to the remote family Inn. Once rich and respected, she is now shunned by the locals, for selling out the business that employed many of them. But where is her father?  Who murdered the little girl and threw her body in the lake? Why is that dog constantly (and sadly) howling in the woods?  Is she in danger from a homicidal maniac?  An excellent well made creepy little movie with some twists you won't see coming. The locals are mean-spirited and violent women hating thugs. Her husband (Larry Hagman!) shows up and smells a rat. Also with Tyne Daly, Vera Miles, Bill Vint and more. Finally... Upgrade!

G111 In Broad Daylight (71) aka: Comme en plein jour  A blind actor (Richard Boone) discovers his wife (Stella Stevens) is cheating on him with his best friend, and hatches a plot to murder them both. Infidelity and revenge from a Larry Cohen script. Suzanne Pleshette, Whit Bissell and John Marley also star. Now in a nice Sharp color print. Upgrade!

G188 In Broad Daylight (91) aka: Vendetta alla luce del giorno  The brutally mean Len Rowan (Brian Dennehy), along with his family of miscreants, terrorize a small town for years, causing violence against prominent citizens. When the law fails, the people resort to vigilantism to halt this reign of terror. As they damn well should. Intense, and always good to see Dennehy in these types of roles. Also with Marcia Gay Harden, Cloris Leachman, Chris Cooper and more.

G75 Killer on Board (77) aka: El asesino esta a bordo  The passengers on a cruise ship are seized by panic when a deadly virus begins killing off passengers and crew. Some nice and dark abuse and death in this one. Typical all-star cast rounded up for the weekly doom downer of the week. Patty Duke, Claude Akins,  Frank Converse, George Hamilton, Jane Seymour (who was in 'Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger' the same year) and more....

G27 Killing in a Small Town, A (90) aka: L'empreinte de la folie  The gory axe-murder of one mousey, suburban Texas housewife by another woman (Barbara Hershey) is nearly as shocking as the excuse offered by the bespectacled defendant's attorney... self defense! Decent, gut-wrenching and very dark MFTV courtroom thriller with a great cast that includes Brian Dennehy, Hal Holbrook and more. Hershey is especially good here, as usual.

G54 Let's Kill Uncle (66) aka: Gioco mortale  A 12 year old orphan who has just inherited a fortune is trapped on an island with his uncle, a former British Intelligence Commander who plans to kill him for his inheritance. A young girl is the boy's only ally against the cocky uncle, who uses hypnotism, a pool of sharks, fire, and poisonous mushrooms as weapons. William Castle directs. Upgrade!  BA

G235 Moon of the Wolf (72) aka: Die Stunde des Wolfes  After several murders, a Louisiana sheriff (David Janssen) reluctantly suspects, maybe a werewolf is on the loose. Could it be the still rich Southern Plantation owner (Bradford Dillman) and his family curse? But is that too obvious as other suspects emerge? Deadly secrets emerge from the shadows when the full moon rises! + Scream of the Wolf (74) aka: L'ululato del lupo  A big game hunter comes out of retirement to hunt a killer wolf and begins to suspect this may be a wolfman creature of some sort. Clint Walker and Peter Graves star with a Richard Matheson script.  Two MFTV werewolf films on one disc.  BA

G125 Murder in New Hampshire: The Pamela Wojas Smart Story (91) aka: Giovani bruciati   MFTV version, 'To Die For' was a few years later. Evil (Helen Hunt) woman seduces teen boys into murdering her husband, gets caught and goes to court. The real 'bitch' is still in prison. Larry Drake, Michael Learned, Chad Allen and more star.

B439 Murderous Affair, A: The Carolyn Warmus Story  (92) aka: Relazione mortale  A man (Chris Sarandon) enters into an adulterous affair with a sexy co-worker (Virginia Madsen). Rejuvenated, his fantasy comes to a shocking halt when he finds his wife brutally murdered, and he is the prime suspect! This “Fatal Attraction” type will keep you in suspense until the end.

B478 Night Game (89) aka: Assassino Sem Rosto  Every time a baseball pitcher in the Houston Astrodome Night Game wins, a woman is stalked and murdered by a serial killer. Roy Scheider is the detective on the case. The killer uses a hook of sorts to maul his victims. It's a mystery serial killer thriller. Unintentionally hilarious late-in-the-game slasher. Filmed in Texas, Houston and Galveston. Also with Karen Young.  BA

G35 Night of Terror (72) aka: Nacht des Schreckens  A hired killer (Chuck Conners) hunts a wheelchair bound schoolteacher (Donna Mills) to get something she has. She doesn't know what it is, but he has already killed twice to get it! Intense thriller with Martin Balsam, Agnes Moorehead, Catherine Burns and more. 

G184 Runaway Barge, The (75) aka: River Bandits  aka: Deep River  Three bargemen on the Mississippi River find themselves mixed up in a kidnap/hijack murder plot. Bo Hopkins, Nick Nolte, Tim Matheson, Jim Davis and more star.  BA

G17 Seven in Darkness (69) aka: Une lueur dans les ténèbres  Among the passengers on this plane, are seven blind people, who are the only survivors after the plane takes a dive in an uncharted wilderness. Watch as our well known stars struggle and grope their way back to civilization. Wolves attack, a river must be crossed, and other obstacles. Who lives and who dies? The blind leading the blind? Exactly! Milton Berle, Dina Merrill, Barry Nelson, Arthur O'Connell, Lesley Anne Warren and more in this different take in the plane crash 'genre' of films.

G4 She Cried No (96) A Freshman party ends in date rape. No one believes Melissa (Candace Cameron Bure). Will she be vindicated or will everyone just think she is a dirty slut that was asking for it?

G19 She Fought Alone (95) A girl named Caitlin (sexy Tiffani Thiessen) is raped by the star football player (Brian Austin Green) in their small rural town. Let the shaming begin! But Caitlin don't go down so easy, and she stands up to all of her tormentors. Sadly, she kills no one. But was she really raped or not? Seems like an easy accusation perpetrated by evil girls to get money and ruin lives. In truth, the real story this is based on was questionable.

G186 Stoning in Fulham County, A (88) aka: Gebot des Schweigens  Religious beliefs clash with the law when an Amish infant is killed in a rural community. Ron Perlman is Amish, and driving a horse and buggy with his wife and kids (one an infant) one evening. A car full of drunk young men (one of them being Brad Pitt in an early role), force the buggy off the road, throwing rocks at them. When the Amish reach home, the infant is dead from the 30 second encounter. Brad Pitt: Baby Killer! What happens next is truly unbelievable. Also with Gregg Henry, Ken Olin and more.

G162 Terror in the Family (96) aka: Terror in der Familie - Eine Tochter läuft Amok  Fifteen year old Deena (played by future Oscar winner Hillary Swank) wants everything her way, or she erupts into a violent and uncontrollable bitch. The 13 year old son of the family likes Vodka. Mom likes her some tasty booze as well, maybe too much. Dad buries himself in his work. This dysfunctional family is about to explode.

G30 Terror on the Beach (73) aka: Terreur sur la plage  A family's outing turns out badly as they are terrorized by cult-like, dune buggy driving thugs. Susan Dey, Dennis Weaver, Estelle Parsons and more star. Upgrade!

G21 Time Travelers (76) During an outbreak of a contagious disease in 1976, two scientists are sent back in time to 1871, where a cure for this future calamity supposedly is in existence. They must retrieve the formula data before the Chicago Fire destroys the records! Decent MFTV time travel from Irwin Allen. A proposed pilot for a new show that never materialized nor aired. Richard Basehart, Sam Groom, Francine York and more star.

G154 To Catch a Killer (92) aka: Le meurtrier de l'Illinois  The gruesome true story of the evil gay killer John Wayne Gacy. He lured young men and boys into his house and raped and murdered them, burying their rancid and stinking rotting corpses beneath his house. Brian Dennehy is Gacy, and plays him as a tough guy, when in reality he was a wimpy, pudgy little blow-hard, only tough after he had incapacitated his victims with drugs or bondage. Still very well done and worth a look. Margot Kidder and Meg Foster also star.  BA

G185 U.F.O. Incident, The (75) aka: Interrupted Journey  Alien abduction! In the early 1960's, a married couple (played by James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons) undergo hypnosis, which unlocks their memories of being abducted and experimented upon by aliens. Very well made. This really happened.... the part about the hypnosis and claims. Do you believe? Do you want to? Upgrade!

G160 Victim of Beauty: The Dawn Smith Story (91) aka: Nightmare in Columbia County  The true tale of the terrible crime that rocked a family and galvanized the police in South Carolina in the 1980's. A mad killer targets young girls and the plan is on to catch him, with the help of the sister of the victim, named Dawn. Shows how easy it is for a young girl to get kidnapped. Poof. The neighborhood search, the tortuous calls with the demented killer, the finding of the victim, the suffering of the family, the short courtroom trial etc.  At the end we see the actual 'Dawn' who went on to be a singer for Jesus.  Then a picture of the actual true life victim Shari Faye Smith. William Devane stars.

G6 Victim of the Haunt (96) aka: The Uninvited  aka: La casa delle luci   A couple (Sharon Lawrence and Beau Bridges), after suffering a still-born child death, buy a house that has vengeful ghosts. Allegedly based on true events (yea right) this haunted house flick uses many of the clichés we know and love from this type of thriller, including the old 'house was built on a cemetery' bit. Entertaining and suspenseful, with a few good scares. LBX

G12 Weekend of Terror (70) Three nuns on a weekend trip are held hostage by three escaped convicts (two of the buffoons played by Robert Conrad and Lee Majors!). Nuns, Guns and an all-star cast that includes Carol Lynley, Jane Wyatt and more. 

G155 With Savage Intent (92) A real estate agent (Elizabeth Montgomery) is showing a house to a client with the owners present. The potential buyer is a mad killer (Howard Rollins) and he forces them all on their knees and ties them up. He shoots Montgomery and leaves her for dead. She survives, recognizes him later on, and they try him in court. Here we see how dirty lawyers try to get him off. In court I mean, as in 'Innocent'. Based on a true story. Also with Robert Foxworth, Ronny Cox and more.



B434 Beautiful Antonia, First a Nun, The a Demon (72) aka: La bella Antonia, prima Monica e poi Dimonia  A young virtuous medieval maiden (Edwige Fenech) decides to spite her father, who has set her up with an unwanted marriage, by joining a convent. However, her old boyfriend shows up and tries to win her back. Fenech supplies the nudity with other Italian babes, this being the promiscuous style of films from the early 70's, an unrivaled era of debauchery and excess. Wonderful. Now LBX and with English subtitles for the first time!  BA



B454 Blue Demon: Destructor of Spies (68) aka: Blue Demon destructor de espias  aka: Blue Demon, Spy Smasher  The future of the world rests on the shoulders of Blue Demon when power hungry (but quite mad) scientists create a mind-control machine setting their nefarious plans in motion. A deadly bomb with poisonous gas is the threat. In Color, this is influenced by the spy films and James Bond of course. Blue Demon is the Mexican equivalent to Bond in this film of counter-espionage and international intrigue. San Francisco's Chinatown and more locations. In Spanish language and with Big English subtitles.  BA



B414 Alive or Preferably Dead (69) aka: Vivi o preferibilmente morti  aka: Sundance Cassidy and Butch the Kid   Released here in a butchered version, this is the original 97 minute version. Kind of a homage to the buddy western type with two estranged brothers who must live together for 6 months in order to inherit a hefty sum. These polar opposites go from one out of control situation to the next, taking up bank robbery and even kidnapping in order to pass the time and survive the six months. Hold on to your butts cowpokes, this is going to be a bumpy ride. Nice English dubbed print. BA

B417 Bury Them Deep (68) aka: All'ultimo sangue  aka: To the Last Drops of Blood   A young captain is ordered by his superior to recover two shipments of stolen army payroll gold. He enlists the help of a condemned prisoner whom he has released. They soon discover that they are up against two gangs who are responsible for the robberies. Shoot-outs, Show-Downs and Hangings, Bar Brawls, Desert Death, Wenches and more. Nice LBX version upgrade dubbed into English.  BA

G109 Few Dollars for Django, A (66) aka: Pochi dollari per Django  aka: Alambradas de violencia   Sent to Montana to hunt down bank robbers, a bounty hunter (Anthony Steffan) takes the Sheriff star off a dead man who failed to reach his destination and steps into a range war between farmers and cattlemen that has turned a small town into chaos. Lack of comic relief in this one helps make it a dead serious affair. Directed by both Leon Klimovsky and Enzo G. Castellari. Also with Frank Wolff - LBX  BA

G123 Great Day in the Morning (56) aka: L'or et l'amour  Obscure western directed by Jacques Tourneur. After a card game Southerner Owen Pentacost (Robert Stack) finds himself the owner of a Denver hotel. Involved with two women (one who came with the hotel, one newly arrived from the East to open a dress shop), he then has to make even more fundamental choices when, with the start of the Civil War, he becomes one of a small minority in a strongly Unionist town. Virginia Mayo, Ruth Roman, Raymond Burr and more star. Color - LBX BA

B460 Gunman of One Hundred Crosses (71) aka: Una pistola per cento croci!   An Irishman is killed in the Wild West and his son sets out to find the killer, is ambushed by some highwaymen and murdered as well. Django/Saratana (sometimes interchangeable) played by Tony Kendall is on the trail of the killers. The hot redhead (the stunning Marina Malfatti, Django meets her in town) is captured and has a bullwhip catfight with the sensuous and evil Jenny (Monica Miguel). By the end of this saga Django will be justified in putting many in their graves. English Dubbed and Greek Subtitles. BA

G131 Hec Ramsey (72) The adventures of 'Hec Ramsey' (Richard Boone), a turn-of-the-20th-century detective who prefers to use his brains instead of guns. It's like 'Dragnet' out west! Feature length of this failed series with Harry Morgan, R.G. Armstrong and many more familiar faces.

B462 If You Shoot... You Live! (75) aka: Si quieres vivir... dispara   Jimmy has a bounty on his head in the State of Arizona.  Three rugged bounty hunters have chased him into California. Jimmy gets help from an old fellow named Sam and falls for Sam's daughter named Moira. Meanwhile the hunters draw nearer, leaving a trail of terror in their wake. In Italian Language and with English Subtitles. Slight LBX

B466 In the West, a Man Called Invincible (73) aka: Lo chiamavano Tresette... giocava sempre col morto  aka: Tricky Dicky   A gunman and his sheriff sidekick are hired to deliver a million dollars in gold by traveling through gang-infested lands, while in disguise to throw everybody off. Slapstick Spaghetti Comedy with George Hilton, Chris Huerta, Ida Galli, Rosalba Neri and more. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G156 Invasion of Johnson County, The (76) A free-spirited Bostonian (Bill Bixby) recently arrived in the West, teams up with a crusty Wyoming cowboy (Bo Hopkins), to stop a land Baron's attempts to drive out a small group of ranchers and take over their land. Decent cast includes M. Emmett Walsh, Luke Askew, Billy Green Bush and more.

G134 Masterson of Kansas (54) aka: Gangster, Spieler und ein Sheriff  Dodge City Sheriff Bat Masterson (George Montgomery) is out to prove that a group of cattlemen have framed Amy Merrick for murder. BA

G133 Outlaw Stallion, The (54) aka: Fliegende Hufe  Color filmed adventures with a horse accused of murder that faces the threat of being put to sleep. Also with an all-to-real horse fight that may make some uncomfortable. LBX BA

B468 Return of Hallelujah (72) aka: Il West ti va stretto, amico... è arrivato Alleluja   aka: The West Is Very Close, Amigo  aka: Alléluia défie l'Ouest   Wild and wacky oater with George Hilton as Alleluja. To steal and return an Aztec statue to the Indians in order to get them as allies ends in a duplicate statue, and a search for the best bid for the real deal. Will he deliver the goods or is this a ruse for all involved? LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G119 Road to Denver, The (55) aka: Postraub in Central City  Two fugitive Confederate Texan brothers at odds with one another flee to Colorado where they take jobs with rival bosses. On opposite sides of a feud, things get interesting with the sibling rivalry. Great cast with John Payne, Lee J. Cobb, Glenn Strange and many more familiar faces.  BA Color

G126 Vanquished, The (53) aka: La primula rossa del Sud  A Southern States official (John Payne) returns home after the Civil War and finds that in the village the law is in the hands of a few corrupt people. Another post Civil War story about a man undercover that is out to make things right. Coleen Gray plays the girl he left behind. Also with Jan Sterling.  BA Color

G195 Wild Times (80) A sharp shooting saddle tramp (Sam Elliott) with a price on his head falls for the daughter of a wealthy rancher. He vows to win the father's approval by making some big cash in Wild West Shooting Contests being held by traveling shows. He returns, finally ready, but she has wed another. The husband tries to have him killed.... Killer cast for this type includes L.Q. Jones, William Smith, Leif Erickson, Cameron Mitchell, Pat Hingle, Buck (Newly) Taylor, Harry Carey Jr., Dennis Hopper, Ben Johnson and more. 3 hours and 7 minutes.  BA

G120 Wyoming Mail (50) aka: L'assalto al treno postale  In 1869, the United States begins a railroad mail service to the West coast which proves highly tempting to train robbers. Again a killer cast with a pre-Gunsmoke James Arness, Whit Bissell, Ed Begley, Richard Egan, Richard Jaeckel and more.  Color - LBX BA



G170 Women in Chains (72) aka: Terror in Block C  Female parole officer (Lois Nettleton) poses as an inmate in a woman's prison in order to investigate murder, abuse, and living conditions. Ida Lupino is great as the Bull-Dyke prison matron who loves to push people around. Also with Jessica Walter and Belinda Montgomery.  BA

G172 Women of San Quentin (83) aka: Die Frauen von San Quentin  A kind of young female prison guard (Stella Stevens) finds out that her first assignment is to San Quentin, one of the toughest prisons in the country. That is correct, women guards in a male prison! At one point Stella is on the yard alone trying to stop a riot! A must see for fans of Stella Stevens. Also with William Sanderson, Ernie Hudson, Yaphet Kotto, Debbie Allen, Amy Steel and more. 







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G231 Bondage Madness (various) Dildo Slave, Tie Betta Kappa, Bondage Therapy and Training the Mind - 4 shorts of extreme sexual B&D that runs over 3 and a half hours! Women are the bound here, and they do as they are told!  dvd-r only

G206 Brat on the Run (87) Super sexy Shanna McCullough is P.I. Samantha Spade and 19 year old gorgeous blonde bombshell Jaimie Summers is the Brat. Also with Nikki Knights and more. + The Brat (86) 18 year old Jamie Summers in her debut! Ten months into their marriage, a couple deal independently with their sexual frustrations, aided by more than willing friends. Some glitches. Lots of classic 80's sex here. Runs over 2 and a half hours.  dvd-r only

G219 Caught and Raped (0?) Two blondes are attacked and bound and systematically raped. + Meat Holes 4 (0?) Various scenes of rough sex with sexy women. This sucker runs 6 hours+  Some F.L.  dvd-r only

G212 Cheating! (86) Men go to a resort that seems to be teaming with available women and score repeatedly. Nina Hartley, Jeanna Fine, Keisha, Angel Kelly and more star. + A Star is Porn (86) 80's hardcore at it's sleazy best with Bunny Bleu, Heather Wayne, Patti Petite and more. Many of these scenes play out on a screen while a guy watches and enjoys. Smoking. + a preview of another feature! 3 hours.   dvd-r only

G214 C-Hunt (86) Bunny Bleu as Scallops. Eric Edwards as The Evil Captain Arnie Nemo. Patti Petite as Traci La Sorta. Sharon Mitchell as Agent Marianne Mackarrel. Tamara Longley as Seabee Bridges. Steven Drake as Royd Bridges. Jennifer Knox as Agent Joy Stick. Crazy costumes and loads of hot sex with this very late 'Sea Hunt' sex spoof.

G222 Classic Loops (various) A series of loops with the hottest bumpin' and grindin' around in the 70's and 80's. Noticed a glitch or two.

G11 Club Satan: The Witches Sabbath (07) Death Metal Satanic Porn. Probably a guaranteed spot in Hell for all viewers of this Evil Smut. The good 'Happy-Hell' where Bad Babes and Death Metal Reside!  Pentagrams, blondes, Devil Worship, Death Metal, Rituals, Black Mass Gang Bang and More. Did somebody say 'Hail Satan!'. It wasn't me.

G233 Dial 'P' for Pleasure (78) Susan Wong stars as a Dragon Lady running a kinky brothel, ably assisted by Sharon Mitchell, dominatrix par excellence and also Wong's jealous lover. Dollops of light bondage S&M with straight sex scenes. + Chateau of Discipline (71) In which German Slavers capture and torture beautiful women. With Sandy Carey.

G208 Dr. Ginger (80's) Ginger Lynn and others get down and dirty. I hour.  + Sweet Young Foxes (83) Hyapatia Lee, Cindy Carver, Cara Lott and more are a bored group of coeds that throw an out of control party that leads to much hot sex!  + Confessions of a Teenager (75) An odd psycho-sexual drama with some really down and dirty hippie chick sex and John Holmes. Also with Helen Madigan. 3 and a half hours.   dvd-r only

G209 Easy Cum...Easy Go (85) Tamara Longley, Melanie Scott, Rachel Ryan in this tale of marriage, horny couples and swapping. + Naughty Nurses (86) Smokin' hot 80's sex classic with Stacey Donovan, Bunny Bleu, Beverly Bliss, Robin Cannes, Peter North and more. 2 hours 22 minutes DVD-R Only.

G20 Forced Entry (1?) Taken against their will, women are raped until they like it. Brutal and humiliating XXX action. *Not the 70's film.

G232 Foreign Sexual Abuse! (0?) Here we have sexual deviations from overseas! Woman are spanked, raped and abused throughout. Car Trouble, Tragic Kidnapping, No Escape, High Class Rape, War in Iraq and more. Truly twisted and 6 hours of sordid madness. F.L.  DVD-R ONLY No VHS

G239 Hard Times at the Employment Office (74) A woman auditions for a pimping agency by humping the boss. Multiple interruptions and sex scenes in this and 'Long Johnny' helps break the girls in. + Too Young to Care (75) aka: The Horny Landlady- A sex instructor loosens up her prudish landlady (Vanessa Del Rio) and she soon is F and S like everybody else in her building. Only the second film on Vanessa Del Rio's resume, this woman is just getting started!   dvd-r only

G210 Lactomania (99) Milky Mammaries Sex Fetish Fun. For those who like a little milk with their sex. Part 1

G211 Lactomania 2 (99) More scenes for those who need milk with their cookies. Full on Sex with an added Fluid Fetish.

G234 Lip Service (74) A guy talks to his shrink (Judith Hamilton) about his wife (Georgina Spelvin). She will only have sex in the missionary position. He scores with his shrink, as we see his wife in other erotic encounters....+ Coming Home Baby (75) A sailor after 18 months at sea, is anxious to reach his fiancé, and humps many women enroute. Meanwhile his beloved is getting it on as well with other men. It will be interesting when they come together.  dvd-r only

G204 Lolitas (various) Many hot scenes with some of the hottest performers of XXX. Ginger Lynn, Heather Hunter, Summer Knight, Nikki Charm and many more in 4 hours of hardcore fun.  dvd-r only

G205 Lustful Feelings (77) Smalltime coke dealer (Jamie Gillis) owes mobsters money, gets money from his model girlfriend (who is really whoring to make it). Things end horribly for the both of them, and this is a quite shocking and serious XXX. Good photography and music (including a canned and appropriate version of Dylan's 'Lay Lady Lay'), an effective script and performances etc. Way above average. Upgrade!

G213 Momma's Boy (84) With Tantala Ray as Momma. Sheri St. Claire, and other seasoned thespians deliver some really sleazy dirty scenes.  +  For the Love of Pleasure (79) Jamie Gillis stars as a crook who finds himself in the afterlife when he is killed, and finds himself in an endless supply of sexual pleasure from beautiful women. Annette Haven, Lysa Thatcher, Serena, Susan Nero and more. Roughly 2 and a half hours. There is a blurry line at the very bottom of the screen for the first movie, still nice picture.  dvd-r only

G217 Night of the Gang Bangs #1 (various) Can you handle 6 hours of gang bangs on 1 disc? Sure you can. But can they?  dvd-r only

G218 Night of the Gang Bangs #2 (various) More Gang Bang After Gang Bang in this series of willing women taking all they can take and then some.  dvd-r only

G220 Night of the Gang Bangs #3 (various) More More More. Over 6 Hours of Rough and Wild Horny Women Taking All to the Max!  dvd-r only

G199 Outraged #17 (various) The popular series returns! Immediately a woman opens her door and is assaulted by a group of men wearing masks. They rape her in a lengthy sequence. She doesn't seem to mind. Clips and snips, scene after scene. Some sex mutual, some sex not so much. All scenes Outrageous! This entry runs just over 2 hours and ends with a D.P. - There are some picture problems in some of the first sequences.  dvd-r only

G200 Outraged #18 (various) Opens with a scene of Ginger Lynnn assaulted by Jaimie Gillis. She has no trouble going along with it. They do it on the toilet, with her head in the toilet lid ring. More sex scenes follow, from the seventies, humiliation and more. Another hardcore offering with twisted sex scenes running just over 2 hours.  dvd-r only

G201 Outraged #19 (various) Opens with a brutal subway rape. Lots of different scenes once again, rape, bondage and more. Beware.

G202 Outraged #21 (various) The series continues with some tense moments and lots of outrageous sex scenes.

G203 Outraged #22 (various) In a gym setting, a guy ties up 2 women, a blonde and a brunette and proceeds to rape them using the gym equipment as a spotter. Then: Call in the Anal infantry with scenes too smoking hot to miss! This runs 4 hours!

G230 Outraged #23 (various) A woman is tied up but fully clothed. Two men tear off her clothes (one is holding a knife). She kicks and struggles.... Scene after scene follows. This is after all... Outraged!

G216 Rape Most Extreme 7 (0?) More of the series from Brazil with different scenes of women taken against their will. Blondes and more. F.L.

G221 Sailing into Ecstasy (86) Luscious Tracey Adams Lives out her fantasies in a seaside and boat setting, looking for sexual fulfillment and satisfying sex. Also with Sheri St. Claire, Leslie Winston, Renee Summers, Lisa Melendez and more.

B453 Six Swedes in Ibiza (81) What happens when six uninhibited young women arrive at Ibiza broke? They whore themselves out and have sex with hairy men in full pornographic detail! Being sexually crazed themselves, this is no problem! Olinka Hardiman stars in one of her first hardcore features. Also with Marianne Aubert, Dominique Saint Claire and more! In German with English subtitles. Obscure XXX version.

G238 Sweet Sister (78) Criss Cassidy has a brother who writes her from college telling her he cannot get laid. She is an expert and getting plenty. Soon her brother arrives. He gets a lot of tail (as does everyone) and returns to college a stud. Thanks to his Sweet Sister. + Fires Down Below (70) A widow of a Viet Nam soldier gets consoled by his army buddy and others. She sluts out as a way of dealing with it. Super Horny Hippie Sex Action in this Double Feature!

G228 True Crimes of Passion (83) A sexy private detective spies on others having sex, and joins in as well. Then later a woman has sex with a guy and her husband watches and then joins in. + Stream of Love (89) More scenes with well know performers + Trouble Down Below (81) Two loops one with Connie Peterson, also Tawny Pearl and more. All 3! Over 3 hours.   dvd-r only

G215 Violent Collectors (0?) A young woman with a book bag is going home. Once inside her abode, masked gunmen pin her to the bed and put a gun to her mouth. They have their way with her. Next a woman on a parking garage floor meets the same fate, willingly. + Forcees #3 (0?) Forced Sex aka: Rape Scenes! Runs just over 2 hours.  dvd-r only

G207 Wendy Whopper: Park Ranger!... in... Attack of the Killer Beavers (93) Busty Whopper is on the case, sharing herself with others, (and others sharing themselves with others) and more! The exciting climax is in a tent with Wendy and Jonathan Morgan. Then mix it up!  Japanese fogged porn that gets quite disgusting!  +You Bet Your Buns! (92) An adult version of the old game show 'You Bet Your Life'. Contestants answering questions and literally putting their asses on the line by paying an extra anal sex penalty if they lose. Crystal Wilder, Nicole London and more star. About 3 and a half hours total.  dvd-r only

G229 Where the Sun Never Shines (90) Super sleazy XXX with some truly nasty sex with some horny performers who include Tony Montana, Erica Boyer, Siobhan Hunter and more.