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G876 City Limits (84) aka: I cavalieri del futuro Rival biker gangs feud in Post-Plague-Ridden America in this treasure of a film. The bad guys (led by 'Carver', played by Robby Benson!!) use comic books to make their decisions, like a bible. I could write pages on this atrocity. Bad suits, bad hair, cool sets.... But the cast is incredible. Kim Cattrall gets topless, Rae Dawn Chong, James Earl Jones, even Kane Hodder! Don't miss this one. BA


CLASSIC HORROR, SCI-FI FILMS AND MORE  {Choose any two CLASSIC titles to create your custom double feature for $14.00 on VHS OR DVD-R! }  

G812 Avalanche (46) An income tax evader takes off to hide at a ski resort high in the mountains, pursued by two determined Treasury Agents (one played by Bruce Cabot). Once they arrive, a plethora of characters mix up who's who and what's what with a handful of mysterious murders. See what happens when you don't pay your taxes? Also with Veda Ann Borg, Roscoe Karns, Helen Mowry and more. BA

B907 Between Eleven and Midnight (49) aka: Entre onze heures et minuit This murder mystery is built almost entirely around the impersonation of an underworld murder victim by a police inspector who is the dead man's look alike. He must constantly rely on his wits as he deals with criminals who knew the victim, extracting information from them covertly so he isn't 'made'. Recommended for all noir, crime and mystery fans, with shadows and darkness worthy of the finest the genre has to offer. This French made film comes with English subtitles.

B854 Big Lift, The (50) aka: La città assediata A true life adaptation of an historical event, The Berlin Airlift, made on location in Berlin and starring Montgomery Clift. This was basically an era that was the beginning of the Cold War. Here the story unfolds in semi-documentary style with Berlin, this being so close to post WW2, literally still a pile of rubble. Ends up being a very realistic slice of life depiction of what it must have been like to be there in 1950. Also with Paul Douglas. BA

G928 Cover Up (49) aka: L'indésirable monsieur Donovan An insurance investigator suspects foul play when a small town will not cooperate in the investigation of an alleged suicide. Some even turn hostile, leading him to believe all is not as it seems. Let the case solving begin! William Bendix, Dennis O'Keefe, Barbara Britton, Virginia Christine and more. BA

B852 Identity Unknown (45) Surviving a bombing that killed his three friends, a soldier wakes up with amnesia, and since all of his buddies were burned to a crisp, no one knows which man he is! He goes AWOL on a quest to seek out the families of the dead guys to try to find out who he is. Things were pretty complicated back then without the technologies we now take for granted. With Richard Arlen, Cheryl Walker and Bobby Driscoll. BA

G934 It Happened in Flatbush (42) A has been baseball player (Lloyd Nolan) returns to Brooklyn to manage his old team and finds himself at odds with the new owner (hot young Carole Landis). Loads of players here. Look for Rondo Hatton as a Baseball Game Spectator. This was before his brief horror tenure in which he will always be remembered. In reality it was only two years he was a horror guy. In 1944 we were introduced to him as 'The Creeper' in the Sherlock Holmes classic ' The Pearl of Death'. And after a few more notable horrors (four more to be exact) he succumbed to a heart attack at age 51. Exposed to poison gas in France during WW1, he developed Acromegaly not long after. His image endures to this day. And I just wrote a paragraph about a guy that is briefly seen in this movie. BA

B853 Lady from Chungking, The (42) aka: La signora da Chung King A young woman (Anna Mae Wong) leads a band of partisans against the invading and occupying Japanese in WW2. Anna Mae dolls herself up at one point and cuddles up to a Japanese commander, getting information from him by leading him on, then dispatching the swine! BA

G820 Lucrezia Borgia (35) aka: Lucrèce Borgia aka: Cesare e Lucrezia Borgia At the end of the 15th century, Rome is ruthlessly ruled by the power mad and sex hungry Cesare Borgia, the eldest son of Pope Alexander VI. Here he attempts to unify the country to obtain even more power! To achieve this, he needs his sister Lucrezia who is presently married to a Count, but would better serve Cesare if she was married to Alphonse of Aragon. In 1935, this was banned in England, Germany and Italy. The reason is the rather graphic for the time scene of an occurrence, which took place on October 1st, 1501, on this date Cesare treated his guests to the services of 50 prostitutes. Also confrontations are seen to draw blood, and exploited women are stripped of their clothes. With English subtitles. BA

G827 M (51) aka: M = mördaren Solid remake of the 1931 Peter Lorre thriller. Here an Americanization of the tale where both the underworld and the police are on the hunt for a killer of small children. David Wayne is convincing as the disturbed child killer, and delivers the required final speech well. Raymond Burr, Jim Backus, Howard Da Silva and more star. This is an Upgrade!

B856 Marines are Coming, The (34) aka: Sposiamoci stanotte William Haines last film has him as 'Wild Bill' bad boy of the Marine Corps in this action war drama. Some war action on a tropical isle and comical moments. This would be William Haines last film. He was fired for being gay and became an interior decorator instead. No kidding.

G788 Michael Strogoff (26) aka: Der Kurier des Zaren In 1860's Russia a young officer is sent on a mission to try and save his country from invaders. This film was a pretty big deal back in 1926, with state of the art tints and color sequences, epic action packed elaborate battles with scores of extras etc. Unfortunately this print has some problems, but overall looks pretty decent for most of the pictures running time. From the classic Jules Verne story. Silent with a musical score and English subtitles.

B857 Minesweeper (43) aka: Barreminas A former naval officer (Richard Arlen) who deserted years earlier, takes a new interest back into the Navy when Pearl Harbor is attacked. He joins under another name and takes the dangerous job of minesweeper, a job where you look for Japanese mines in the harbor. Also with Jean Parker, Russell Hayden and if you watch closely, Robert Mitchum and Dub Taylor show up in small roles. BA

G905 Powder Town (42) aka: La città della polvere An absent minded research scientist (Victor McLagen) takes a job at a munitions factory. Developing a formula that transmits the impact of explosives over greater distances, he is distracted by gold-digging females and spies. With June Havoc, Edmond O'Brien, Dorothy Lovett and many more. BA

G936 Riot in Juvenile Prison (59) aka: Rebelión en la carcel juvenil The film opens with prisoners grabbing guns and escaping, cops on their trail. Two are killed. A psychiatrist is brought in to help the inmates. Interesting angle as he decides what these boys need (some of them are rapists) is females! So they bring in a busload of female prisoners. Hey this prison seems okay! All of the inmates are white and look like they are in their early 20's. This looks like high school! This set-up can only go wrong and more revolts are inevitable. It's like dangling candy in front of a baby, and then not giving them any. Riot. Jerome Thor, Dorothy Provine, Ann Doran and more star. BA

G938 She Asked For It (37) Married Dwight and Penelope are spendthrifts who can't hold on to money, and are dependant on support from Dwight's rich Uncle. Conrad, Dwight's cousin resents this arrangement. When the Uncle is killed in a hit and run, Conrad inherits all, and cuts off Dwight and Penelope. Dwight writes mystery novels and becomes a private detective.... Much more in this convoluted plot. William Gargan, Orien Heyward and Vivienne Osborne. BA

G797 Strangers of the Evening (32) aka: Who Killed Frank Daniels aka: Case of the Missing Corpse An investigator is trying to figure out why bodies keep disappearing from the morgue. What a culture shock the way Americans talked and acted back in 1932! Amusing, dark and creaky, with snappy sometime confounding dialogues and sort of a convoluted plot as well. Frequent newspaper inserts substitute for the narrative. A bit stagy and dated comedy thriller that deserves a look. Zasu Pitts is just one of the participants here. BA

G806 Student of Prague, The (35) aka: Der Student von Prag Yes we have previously listed the silent version, but we had to see this other version that is pretty faithful to the story also. A poor student loves an aristocratic woman who is betrothed to a Baron. So he makes the deal with the devil unleashing his evil doppelganger. This is the third version of the tale written by Henrik Galeen, no stranger to the horror genre. With English subtitles.

B858 Three Came Home (50) aka: Captives à Bornéo A woman (Claudette Colbert) and her family are captured by the Japanese in Borneo during WW2 and placed in a brutal internment camp. Separated from her husband she endures trials and tribulations, although these are of a more relaxed type than the actual events were probably in real life. Being so close to the actual time of events that had literally just ended a mere 4 years before filming began..... This one features a more reasonable Japanese Commander of the camp. Maybe there were some like this? Still, this isn't no tiptoe through the tulips. BA

B855 Torch, The (50) aka: Rebellen der schwarzen Berge When a Mexican Bandit and his banditos take over a small Mexican town, the people are forced to take sides. He is like a Mexican version of Robin Hood, bringing the rich men to account, and falling for Maria (Paulette Goddard) the daughter of one of the wealthiest men in the town. Also with Gilbert Roland. BA

B847 Tower of the Seven Hunchbacks (44) aka: La torre de los siete jorobados Literally the only horror film from Spain in the 1940's. In the old Madrid of the late 19th century, a spectral ghost reveals to young Basilio not only the revelation of the existence of, but the location as well, of the Tower of the Seven Hunchbacks. An underworld where the deformed are trafficking in archeological artifacts. The niece of the ghost is there, kidnapped and hypnotized. It is up to Basilio to reveal the killer of the 'ghost' and rescue his niece in this weird place. Unforgettable set designs with terrifying delights of horror. With English subtitles. Upgrade! BA

G939 Walk a Crooked Mile (48) aka: Achtung! Atomspione! Somebody has killed an FBI agent who is investigating a Southern Californian atomic plant that is having a hard time controlling leaks of top secret plans. Louis Hayward as Philip 'Scotty' Grayson, another FBI agent, now on the case to crack this murderous spy ring. Also with Raymond Burr, Onslow Stevens, Dennis O'Keefe and more. LBX

G822 Wandering Jew, The (33) Conrad Veidt is Matathias, the Jew who urged the Roman authorities to crucify Jesus and release Barabbas. As a punishment he is condemned by God to wander the Earth for many centuries, enduring numerous trials and tribulations on several continents. There is a Middle Ages segment, and even the Spanish Inquisition where he is burned as a heretic. Cool little fantasy film with Veidt again in fine form here. Veidt's 'Man Who Laughed' was Bob Kane's inspiration for 'The Joker'. This film made in England, was then promptly banned in England.

G794 Winter Carnival (39) aka: La reginetta delle nevi Here's a film about the Dartmouth Winter Carnival filmed in 1939 on the Dartmouth Campus. The script was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald who was drunk the whole time the movie was being filmed, and he was fired from the set. Women were not allowed in the college itself until 1972, but they were allowed to visit and pretty the place up, run for beauty contests (Snow Queen) and the like. Ah the good old days (not that I was around back then). Ann Sheridan, Robert Armstrong, Joan Leslie and Richard Carlson star amongst many more. BA




B891 Captain Falcon (58) aka: Capitan Fuoco aka: Robin Hood the Rebel A Baron is cruel to his subjects and a neighbor to the Count across the river. The servants of the Baron cross to the lands of the Count to escape his abuses. The Baron hatches a plot to assassinate the Earl. A poacher (Lex Barker) comes to hunt in the territory of the Count. The Count is fine with it. Now known as 'Captain Falcon', the poacher aids those who wish to escape living under the rule of the evil Baron. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G824 East of Kilimanjaro (57) aka: La grande caccia aka: Al este de Kilimanjaro A free-lance photographer (Marshall Thompson) woos a doctor (Gaby Andre) trying to stop a cattle epidemic by finding the carrier of the fatal disease in Tanganyika... Now LBX! Upgrade! BA

B835 Hercules against the Sons of the Sun (64) aka: Ercole contro i figli del sole Hercules (Mark Forest) is rescued by Prince Maytha (Giuliano Gemma) and his warriors. The King of the Incas is all set to sacrifice Princess Yamara to the Sun God. Hercules must help to train and upgrade the weaponry of the Incas so as to overthrow the usurper, and rescue the Princess before she is toast. But how does Hercules end up in South America? Shipwreck that's how. He is the only survivor. One killer battle sequence in the last 20 minutes. Now in French language with English subtitles and in a Beautiful Widescreen. BA

B894 Le Golem (67) Family stories, scams, jealousies and revenge as the threat of the Golem, this monster created by a rabbi and waking up every thirty-three years , hovers over the city. In 1966, here designed Caligari-esque sets for the new version of the Le Golem, a bold experiment in the fantastic. In French and with English subtitles.

B895 Likeness (74) A struggling artist stumbles upon a terrifyingly lifelike portrait in an art shop and buys it. The painting has mystical powers and offers him a choice.... Either struggle to make his own way in the world on the basis of his own failing talents... or to accept the assistance of the magic painting and gain riches and fame. He chooses the latter of course! But will he come to regret his choices as he sacrifices his integrity? This creepy Czech masterpiece comes with English subtitles.

B836 Magnificent Adventurer, The (63) aka: Il magnifico avventuriero aka: The Burning of Rome Riccardo Freda directs this exciting action-packed Euro-Adventure. Our hero is Benvenuto Cellini (Brett Halsey). Of course Benvenuto comes off as an unrepentant ladies' man, with jilted suitors ready to die for him, and whose charm affects tavern wenches and noblewomen equally. Sharp colorful locations here. Claudia Mori and more star. LBX and English dubbed. BA

B899 Mighty Crusaders, The (58) aka: La Gerusalemme liberate LBX and 12 minutes longer than some other versions, some scenes in Italian language only. See: The Dance of the Seven Orgies! See: The Duel to the Death with 100 Pound Battle Axes! See: The Seduction of Renaldo the White Knight by the Dark Daughter of Damascus! See: The Mammoth Battle between Heathens and Knights for the Holy Sepulcher! See: Assault Towers and Battering Rams Breach the Walls of the Holy City! 98 minutes. BA

B843 Pia of Ptolomey (58) aka: La parole est à l'épée Skullduggery, Romance and Treachery during the Italian Renaissance. After her father dies in battle, young Pia of Ptolomey agrees to wed his mortal enemy, the Mayor of Sienna, to hopefully bring peace to the region... But this bargain was made in the heat of hell rather than passion, and is a knife to the heart of the young artist who love Pia. A low budget swashbuckler with sinister back lot foggy bogs which actually lend a surreal feel as the bodies begin to pile up for various reasons. Horse-faced Bella Darvi, movie mogul Darryl Zanuck's one-time mistress, plays a noblewoman who's more scary than sexy in her medieval garb, and seeing her slurped down by quicksand is worth the price of admission alone! But all too brief. BA

B902 Pluton B.R.B. Nero (08) aka: Plutón B.R.B. Nero Black and unfathomable as the human soul. These are the voyages of the starship Pluto B.R.B. Nero ..... in the year 2530. Planet Earth is fading fast... nothing is left of the ozone layer. Madness everywhere. But luckily the world leader Macauly Culkin the 3rd has sent this ship into space to search for a new planet us earthlings can fuck up. Manned by humans, some outdated androids, and alien subordinates, they begin their mission. One of the guys is just a gnarly head with a tiny little body. If you dig cool effects and comedy mixed with your science fiction than this is for you! From Spain and almost 4 hours long! In Spanish and with English subtitles. BA

G799 Sampo (59) aka: The Day the Earth Froze This is the amazing Widescreen with bright colors version of 'The Day the Earth Froze' which was released here dubbed into English, full framed and only 67 minutes long. This version is 86 minutes long and has English subtitles. It seems like a different movie altogether with this version. Based on Finnish mythology. this film traces the exploits of Lemminkainen as he romances the sweet Annikki and battles the evil witch Louhi. Louhi kidnaps Annikki to compel her father to build for her a 'Sampo', a magical device that creates salt, grain and gold. When Lemminhainen (geez would hate to have that long name!) fails to secure the Sampo, Louhi plunges the world into frozen darkness by stealing the sun. Colorful and Cool Fantasy. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B903 Shoot, The (64) aka: The Yellow One The Schut (Rik Battaglia) is undisputedly the current King of the Bandits, as he controls the land disguised as a rich merchant named Nirwan, under the protection of the corrupt police force. The Schut takes some prominent and wealthy people hostage, including the beautiful Tschita (Marie Versini). Kara Ben Nemsi (Lex Barker) is searching the mountains for the hiding place of the notorious Schut, who thinks he's obviously the 'Shit'! Kara Ben Nemsi is determined to free the prisoners, but must face the assassins and rogues in wait, the henchmen of his enemy. Solid super-action picturesque eye-popping landscapes adventure filmed in Yugoslavia and directed by Robert Siodmak. LBX and uncut English dubbing and some scenes in German only, but not many. BA

B898 Swashbuckler (71) aka: Les mariés de l'an deux Jean-Paul Belmondo plays a young husband of a vivacious, two-timing, and socially ambitious young woman. After he slays one of her aristocratic lovers, he flees to the New World. There he makes a fortune, and he is on the verge of marrying a rich heiress. But then he is accused of bigamy. Returning to France he finds himself interested in possibly rekindling his relationship with his wife. Much of the film was shot in the unspoiled Romanian countryside where we see Reign of Terror Rising, kangaroo courts, drowned corpses in rivers, royalists being carted off to the guillotine and more. An expensive looking, super colorful period production, a swell re-creation of a historical time. In French language and with English subtitles. LBX

B922 Ursus and the Tartar Princess (61) aka: Tartar Invasion aka: Ursus e la ragazza tartara aka: La fille des Tartares Ursus (Joe Robinson) and his buddies, come to help villagers in the Polish countryside who are under attack by Tartar hordes from the East, who are hell-bent on spreading fear, chaos and disaster. This may be from the so bad it's good school of Italian sword and sandal films. Also with Ettore Manni as Prince Stephan and Yoko Tanni. Ettore Manni was in loads of these and many other Euro-films, over one hundred films in all. Sadly his personal life went horribly wrong when he blew his balls off on July 22nd 1979 in Rome. Some say he committed suicide. If so, shooting yourself in the groin seems such a bad choice if you ask me. Upgrade and nice LBX! BA

G805 Whom the Gods Wish to Destroy Part 2 (67) aka: Revenge of Kriemhild aka: Die Nibelungen: Kriemhilds Rache Amazing Widescreen Super Sharp color upgrade of the second part of this great peplum! This is the sequel to Siegfried story. This sequel relies on the action adventure template with revenge being sought over the death of Siegfried. Simply an amazing world is created here with spectacular sequences not to be missed with hundreds of participants. This is not light tongue in cheek sword and sandal fare, but a more serious violent tone, with a truly bleak downbeat ending. Karin Dor, Herbert Lom and others star, as well as Terence Hill. One badass production with some of the coolest sets and staged sequences immaculately photographed. Kriemhild refuses to surrender in the climax, proudly defiant meeting her fate. LBX and with English subtitles.



G816 Nobody Home (38) aka: Return of the Frog - Although the 'Frog Gang' was thought to be out of business a sudden rash of crimes shows the mark, literally, of their return. Chases, fights, smartass lines and a genuine mystery. Can you guess the identity of the Frog? Plus trailers to 'Dead Eyes of London' and 'The Mad Executioners'.

G814 Queen of Crime (38) aka: Kate Plus Ten Kate is not only the secretary to Lord Flamborough, she is also the leader of a criminal gang that commits crimes that baffle the police. An inspector is on to her. Cat and mouse with a band of thieves. With Genevieve Tobin and Jack Hulbert.



B890 Brazen Women of Balsac, The (69) aka: The Brazen Women aka: Komm liebe Maid und mache...aka: Alle dame del castello piace molto fare quello... It is the age of the ribald period Italian sex comedies. How can one go wrong with a 20 year old Edwige Fenech, Wine and the erotic writings of Balsac! A Count and a Countess have guests for a feast. Couples mingle, mix and match, going off to rooms alone to fool around in the spirit of Balsac. A cheater, a cuckold, a saucy maid etc.. Finally a better print than the last! Edwige Fenech, Angelica Ott and many more. BA

B838 Confessions of a Lesbo Honey (75) aka: Meli to kormi tis The tender, sensual story of two lesbians. Greek sex Queen Tina Spathi is Elli who lusts for Marina, the daughter of her boss. When the man dies, Marina loses everything and is courted by a man. But Marina also wants Elli.... and you know a Greek tragedy is in the works. Tina Spathi is at the highest point of her short career, incredibly hot. From director Ilias Mylonakos. English language dubbed soft-core sex.

B911 Dirty Love (88) aka: Dancing is my Life Director Joe D'Amato directs hot starlet Valentine Demy once again. This time Valentine is a trying to get in on the dance scene of the New York city night life, and she engages in sexual encounters with various men. It looks like a loose rip-off of the popular dance film of the time, 'Dirty Dancing' out the same year. But resembles the plot in no way. There is sex, and there is dancing, but that's it. Valentine is striking as usual. Most importantly, this is an Upgrade! (And Valentine gets naked of course!)

G896 Erotic Diary of an Office Lady (77) aka: OL kanno nikki: Ah! Watashi no naka deAsima is 24 years old and lives with her father. Her father tries to arrange a marriage with the son of a friend, but horny Asima is interested in pursuing sex with her married boss and maybe a sidewalk vendor, why not? Asima is a liberated woman with sexual opportunities aplenty. Some of the sex scenes are more violent than sensual. LBX and with English subtitles.

G909 Erotomaniac Daimyo, The (72) aka: Tokugawa sekkusu kinshi-rei: shikijô daimyôaka: Tokugawa Sex Ban: Lustful Lord Daughter of Tokugawa is married off to the lord of a neighboring clan. This man has no idea how to satisfy a woman, and she is pretty prudish as well. He takes a mistress to brush up on his sexual prowess. Tokugawa has his mistress imprisoned and beaten. Out of bitterness and revenge, the lord puts a ban on sex! How this goes down is the craziness of this sordid little tale. LBX and with English subtitles.

B893 Eskimo Nell (75) aka: The Sexy Saga of Naughty Nell and Big Dick Benny wants Dennis to direct 'Eskimo Nell' based on the infamous dirty Victorian poem. They get various backers with various demands on plotlines. They end up having to make four radically different versions. At the finale the wrong canister gets sent to a Royal Charity screening, and her Majesty the Queen is screened the 'sex' version!! This notorious British sex comedy is loaded with gags and nudity and outrageousness. The director Martin Campbell later directed the Zorro films and a few James Bond films. BA

G889 Hell-Fated Courtesan, The (73) aka: Prostitute Torture Hell aka: (Maruhi) jorô seme jigoku A “cursed prostitute” indirectly kills anyone she sleeps with… as you can imagine it’s not easy for her to find customers... A more serious - yet darkly humorous pink film with outrageous surprises (masturbating with a severed finger?)!! Directed by master of eroticism Noboru Tanaka LBX and with English subtitles..

B906 Hot Afternoon (89) aka: 11 Days 11 Nights 3 aka: Pomeriggio caldo Allen, a reporter, is sent to investigate a murder in New Orleans, taking his horny wife Connie (Valentine Demy) along. Connie can't control her libido and is almost immediately drawn to an affair, flaunting her lover in Allen's face, and falling under a voodoo sex spell. Demy is hotter than hell here. Joe D'Amato continues his voodoo sex film obsession in this soft-core. Valentine Demy, a pretty big porn star in Italy, her hardcore career started some time after this film, entertains after this film with a hard-core sex scene from one of her porn films. So if you think the soft-core is just a tease, just wait until after the film! Nice sharp Upgrade and English!

B917 Labyrinth of Love, The (93) aka: Il labirinto dei sensi aka: 11 Days 11 Nights Part 6 Valerie, a maid of French descent (Monica Seller), comes to work for a family in Saigon of the 1930s/40s. One by one, she seduces the members of the family: the dame de la maison, the widower, young gay sonny with his friend from university, and grandpa... Directed by Joe D’Amato

B918 Love Me Baby Love Me (70) aka: Una storia d'amore aka: Los pecados inconfesables de una señora bien A wife who's husband is always away on business is propositioned by a playboy whose business it is to lure women into his bed and then provide their husband's lawyer's with incriminating photographs. Anna Mofffo is the star. Lots of nudity in this one. BA

B900 My Lovers (79) aka: Amanti miei aka: Barbara's Escapades aka: Engel sind nackt am schönsten When she finds her lover in bed with another woman, Barbara (Cindy Leadbetter) she discovers he has been cheating all along. Barbara decides to leave for a day and have as many sexual encounters as she can, one a threesome! Now with English subtitles and LBX! BA

G935 Néa (76) aka: The Young Emmanuelle Trying to cash in on the name of Emmanuelle, what you get here is a tale about a 16 year old girl trying to write an erotic novel (played by 20 year old Ann Zacharias). She has been exposed to sex, even watching her mother have sex with another woman. She also begins a sordid relationship with her 40 year old publisher. When she discovers he is involved with other lovers.... she gets awfully pissed off, and plots her revenge. Plenty of nudity from females and males in this sexy Lolita type outing. With English subtitles. BA

B876 Seduction by the Sea (63) aka: Verführung am Meer A young German man (Peter Van Eyck) flees from an unhappy marriage to live on an island in the Adriatic Sea off the Yugoslavian coast. His mother attempts to hire a young girl to lure him back to Germany. Set against the lonely and dark stormy images, this mood is enhanced for the better by the looks of the young woman his mother has sent. Elke Sommer, sexy and attractively self-conscious, using these attributes to lift him out of his funk. Elke Sommers NUDE scenes here! In German language and with English subtitles.

B877 Sex and the Office Girl (72) aka: ...und keine Stellung war ihr fremd Here's an obscure sex film from Canada. This film was seized by the Montreal police department, which considered it to be obscene, on February 15th 1973. Can You Imagine?... There wasn't a secretarial position they couldn't fill! The trials and tribulations and sex lives of women office workers in a world filled with sexist pigs. Quality not as good as usual, but this title is pretty obscure.

B879 Some Like it Sexy (69) aka: Diario intimo di un garzone di macelleria Nice LBX upgrade of this British sexploitation that features the 'Twins of Evil' Mary and Madeleine Collinson naked in an inappropriate incest encounter (you won't hear me complaining!). A man drives around and manages to get laid a lot, seemingly irresistible to women. He scores with a variety of delicious birds, of all ages, nationalities, colors and shapes. Trippy hippie chicks, socialites, a soul singer.... easy pickin's the lot. Lucky bastard! The twins were Playboy Playmate of the month in October 1970!! That's what I call a two for one special! Madeleine died in 2014 at age 62 in Malta. BA

B885 What the Swedish Butler Saw (75) aka: The Groove Room aka: A Man with a Maid aka: Champagnegalopp Jack, Victorian aristocrat, buys a former insane asylum and converts it into his own personal 'love nest' with plans to seduce and bed the lovely, young minister's daughter named Alice. Tutored by the Madame of a local Bordello, he sets his plan in motion, with plenty of tools of seduction at his disposal. His butler and maid get turned on and are going at it when he finally gets Alice where he wants her. But really, Jack didn't need all of this nonsense, Alice gives Jack more than he bargained for revealing the hot blooded woman beneath the conservative exterior! Sue Longhurst as Alice was one of the schoolgirls in Hammer's 'Lust for a Vampire'. Diana Dors as the Madame. LBX BA



B834 Black Spider, The (83) aka: Die schwarze Spinne Desperate drug addicts in need of a fix, break into a chemical plant to get what they need, and then take shelter in a farmhouse. One woman trips out, hallucinating the story of the black spider, the tale we now see. Set in a valley in Switzerland during the Middle Ages, a farmer's wife makes a pact with the devil. If the devil ensures they survive the excessive toll of a tyrannical knight, she will gift a baby to Satan. The devil lives up to his end. But later when she gives birth to the child she has it baptized immediately, and the devil cannot collect. In revenge, the devil sends a black spider into the village to spread pestilence and death! In German language and with English subtitles. LBX BA

G819 Crocodile (79) aka: Fangs aka: ChorakheFrom the slimy depths of the ocean... nature explodes with a savage fury! A giant killer crocodile is on a rampage gulping down the residents who reside by the rivers. Two men have had enough after their families have been eaten by the monster. They decide to hunt the beast down. This one is full of Crocodile mayhem and is quite entertaining. With so much insanity and Jaws influence, people being eaten, this one delivers. The best Thai Croc flick ever, dubbed into English language and now LBX. With foreign subs you hardly notice. BA

G872 Devil Eye (02) aka: Wo zhen xi jian dao gui Three young women go on a trip to Thailand. Once there, they meet up with two Hong Kong boys and together they visit an old temple. A ghostly spirit makes their video camera turn on and to manifest itself and ask for help. Now entangled with the ghosts, what horrors will they face? A possession is only the beginning. LBX and with English subtitles.

G873 Devil's Woman (96) aka: Nan yang di yi xie jiang A brutal story of revenge revolving around a doctor and a mystic, Lung, whose wife was killed by him. Lung travels to South-East Asia, learns how to cast spells, and devotes his life to taking revenge on the doctor… Directed by Otto Chan LBX and with English subtitles.

G959 Emmanuelle and the Erotic Nights (78) aka: Emanuelle e le porno notti nel mondo n. 2An English language dubbed Laura Gemser hosts this Mondo-Type film that follows the usual route looking into the bizarre and unusual practices involving sexual encounters, fantasies and rituals from different locations around the globe. You'll see Gloria Guida and others... Directed by Bruno Mattei and co-written and photographed by Joe D'Amato. BA

B848 Love Me Strangely (71) aka: Un beau monstre Alain (Helmut Berger) is a real scumbag that gets his kicks by debasing whichever wife he is attached to at the time. The first, not able to take it anymore, throws herself from a high window. Nathalie (Virni Lisi), his second wife, is not only mentally tortured by Alain, but he is sharing in the fun of the game with his demented willing friend Dino. Could it be Alain has other problems... Another perfect role for Berger, excellent in this type, the cruel son-of-a-bitch role. LBX

G833 Mardi Gras for the Devil (93) aka: Night Trap A demonic killer has sold his soul over to the dark side, yes my friends, Satan (kind of) , for the powers of invulnerability and Immortality. Sort of like an action film disguised as a horror film, with lots of explosions, chases through back-alleys, a car chase through a deserted train-yard all mixed with some creepy stalking scenes. Robert Davi, Michael Ironside, Lesley-Anne Down, Mike Starr, John Amos and more star. BA

G946 Medico-Legal Autopsy Parts 1 and 2 (77 & 79) As graphic as it gets 1977 and 1979 medical army autopsy documentaries both involving crime scenes with corpses and gruesome death footage and photos. The brain. The abdomen. Do not, I repeat, do not eat before viewing. Don't worry about eating after, you won't want to. Not for the squeamish, the weak, or the timid. Gaaa! Ugh!

G849 Murderous Vision (91) aka: Visioni senza volto A missing person's case leads a detective onto the trail of a serial killer. This killer enjoys surgically removing the faces of his victims, and storing them within preservative solution filled jars. The detective enlists the aid of a psychic.... Laura Johnson, Robert Culp and more star. BA

G835 Naked Model Killing, The (78) aka: Sweet Sexual Awakening aka: The Young Tycoon aka: Gymno fotomodelo Tina is on vacation in Greece and is obsessed with a boat owner who seems to only bed hookers. She plans to be his next conquest, but when a hooker is found dead, things get complicated when Tina disappears. Great locations but this print is only available in F.L. with no subtitles. Watch for the sequence when a blonde is gorily hung up with lots of blood. Foot chases, lots of nudity and more. F.L.

B873 Playbirds, The (78) aka: The Playbird Murders Mary Millington was the hottest sex star around, so they followed up 'Come Play with Me' with a sex killer thriller! A sadistic murderer is slaughtering the starlets that appear on the cover of porno-king Harry Dougan's Playbirds magazine, with a number to indicate the death toll carved into their heads. Mary Millington is the lure to catch the killer before more bodies start piling up. She is closer to the hands of the killer than she even realizes. One sequence has a naked woman strangled to death in a bath tub. From Tigon films. Glynn Edwards and Derren Nesbitt. Millington would kill herself the following year at age 33. BA

G945 Professor Rasputine (81) Remember the last update 'Ecstasy Inc'? This is the same film, but very different! While the running times are close, the films are quite different. Read the listing first for the film in the Winter 2017 Update. Okay, now, add XXX as each woman he picks up, he scores in intense hardcore scenes, before he murders his beautiful victims and dumps their bodies. Both versions of this film run longer than the IMDB listing. A bizarre and different French sex film. Also with Marilyn Jess, French Sex Queen. F.L. (the soft-core print is English language dubbed).

G941 Russian Autopsies (??) In a Russian morgue, brains are dissected, intestines removed.... and even more horrors.... Also a short video of a flesh-eating drug virus shown in extreme gory detail! Aaaag! Russian language and no subtitles.

G862 Scream Again (93) aka: Sworn to Vengeance Sergeant Stewart (Robert Conrad) is investigating a triple homicide and consults a psychic (Sharon Farrell) who has had visions of the murders. Sergeant Stewart, even when taken off the case, relentlessly pursues the ones responsible for the heinous crimes..... He has made a commitment to the dead, and is 'Sworn to Vengeance'! Also with William McNamara. .

G956 Slavers (78) aka: Razza schiava With the popularity of 'Roots; and 'Mandingo' comes 'Slavers' . This is not the cut to ribbons U.S. release but an uncut LBX 94 minute version. Here we have yet another story of lust, power and revenge in the days of the slavers. Britt Ekland, Ray Milland, Ron Ely and more star. Cameron Mitchell is a slaver whose cruelty knows no bounds. Kidnapping peaceful villagers, his band of cut-throats go on a rampage both plundering and raping until Tarzan.... er I mean Ron Ely, executes final justice. One scene has a powerful slaver played by Ray Milland, casually shooting slaves in a pond as entertainment for his guests. Fairly uncompromising and brutal. LBX BA

B882 Tears for Electra (66) aka: Dakrya gia tin Ilektra 18 year old Electra is devastated when her father's new chauffeur romances her mother, after the family money, and is the cause of her father's death. She crashes her car as her mother marries the chauffeur, intending to just end it all. During her recovery she reflects on her past, and finally decides that sweet revenge is the best and only option! So she leaves the hospital and starts to weave her deadly trap! 22 year old Greek Beauty Zoe Laskari is Electra. She also posed nude for Greek Playboy in October 1985! In Greek and with English subtitles. BA

G834 To the Limit (97) aka: Al Limite Spanish-French thriller set in Madrid, where late night radio talk-show host Elena (Beatrice Dalle) gets a call from serial killer Javier Barea (Juanjo Puigcorbe, best-known for his comedy roles) who claims he will kill within the hour. Lawyer Maria Ramos (played by Spanish soap-opera star Lydia Bosch) is listening to the radio and immediately assembles an investigating team that includes Javier himself. Maria begins to suspect he's the killer, but she is simultaneously attracted to him. How long until she becomes the next victim? Obscure Spanish made Horror Thriller. Makes use of some rock music as part of the soundtrack using Aerosmith's 'Mama Kin' and 'Radar Love' from Golden Earring. LBX F.L. only on this title BA





G829 Helter Skelter (00) Weird voice overs from De Sade and an experimental jazz soundtrack as Franco explores De Sade with two women messing around with each other, Lina Romay playing with herself and scattered crass sexiness, ugliness and tedium, zoom shots and flabby butts, tight butts, whips and leather, repetitive loops.... Lina freaking out..... etc. So was Jess and Lina just on a bender this time out or is this some confounding masterpiece that will be considered high art in 50 years? You tell me.

B914 Justine and the Whip (75/79) Previously released last year as foreign language only, now with English subtitles. Prostitute Justine (Lina Romay) explains why she is involved in an S&M relationship with a hippie poet. This is one of Franco's earliest XXX productions. Mind boggling sexual madness that defies description (like many) from the master. With Joe D'Amato on film editing. English subtitles. BA

B915 Kiss Me Monster (69) aka: Küss mich, Monster Different edit of this film from the English dubbed version! This one runs about 5 minutes longer as well. The re-arranging of the scenes here are interesting, and for a Franco completist, essential, as we see different takes on perception, or how scenes should flow through the foggy undoubtedly tripped-out minds of the participants. Certainly then, a pretty cool version of 'Kiss Me Monster', which will make you want to see the English dubbed version again. The sexy 'Red Lips' detective duo, moonlighting on a striptease tour, find themselves facing sadists, Satanists and a secret formula for clones! Order them both! Janine Reynaud, Rosanna Yanni and more star. This print is LBX and has English subtitles. BA

G838 Plumber, His Wife, and Other Things to Put Inside, The (81) aka: El fontanero, su mujer y otras cosas de mete No, not directed by Jess, but starring Lina Romay! This one directed by Carlos Aured, the guy behind the nasty 'Apocalipsis Sexual' and also Naschy's 'Curse of the Devil'. A plumber, after discovering his friend is boning his wife, decides to have sexual encounters of his own with various women. He catches her in bed with his best friend and within 10 minutes is having sex with Lina, his wife's best friend, and his cheating friend's wife as well! Then on to more willing ladies.... Loads of nudity and soft-core sex. I think the most shocking thing about this is, during some pretty explicit soft-core sex scenes, it goes to commercial (this is from Spanish T.V.) and then back to the film… and nothing is cut or missed!! Really? Hilarious!! Lina also gets it on with the plumber's wife in the climax doing the scissor position and everything possible. F.L.

B920 They Call me Jess (14) The best of the Jess Franco 'insight to his psyche' that I have seen. Jess, walks about, talks, remembers... With Lina dead and gone you would think at this point Jess would be a rudderless ship. But no. Clearly, he talks about his career with passion, and we are treated to some cool clips and snips from some of his best. Past memories and clips of Romay in different talks. One thinks he could have gone on forever if his body hadn't bailed on him with that fatal stroke in 2013. English subtitles.



G901 20 Questions Murder Mystery, The (50) Anonymous clues related to a series of murders is delivered to BBC Radio's 20 Questions show. Can the reporters break the code before more murders occur? The killer is working his way through a group of related players with a hateful grudge. Finding the 'why' is the mystery. This killer has a motive! Revenge! Robert Beatty, Rona Anderson, Clifford Evans and more.

G817 After Dark (33) Here's an odd little film that runs under an hour. It is another British 'Old Dark House' type. A man is robbed of some jewels on a train and tracks them to a creepy house which may or may not have a ghost that is trying to scare him away. Certainly belongs in the 'Forgotten Horrors' genre. A creaky relic from the past. With Horace Hodges.

G795 Avalanche (69) The English children are on holiday in the Tyrolean alps and are having the time of their lives until one of them breaks a leg. What follows is a series of people friendly avalanches that devastate miniature sets with gusto and perceived lethal menace. I was just hoping for some violent mayhem, but alas. Nice cold snowy locations and neato special effects typical of the 60's, weird light music, horrible English dubbing and nary a scoundrel or ill-willed vagabond in sight. Filmed in Switzerland.

G790 Avenging Hand, The (36) A Chicago gangster visits London and is amused and surprised by the rampant crime. When he learns some thugs have murdered an innocent match-seller in their attempts to locate a mysterious package it piques his curiosity enough so that he becomes a detective sleuth of a sort. With Noah Beery, father of Noah Beery Jr. of course.

G803 Bedelia (46) Tagline: The author of 'Laura' now brings to the screen THE WICKEDEST WOMAN WHO E VER LOVED! Bedelia (Margaret Lockwood) is a recently remarried widow on honeymoon in Monte Carlo. A painter inquires her about her past, and is waiting for her with truth, danger and crime when she returns to England with her new husband. The problematic dissection of a treacherous mysterious lady with dark secrets in her past. A 'serial rich-husband' killer also known as a 'Black Widow'. BA

G917 Big Frame, The (52) aka: The Lost Hours - An American pilot (Mark Stevens) is in London at a reunion of a WW2 unit he was a part of. He gets into a fight with one of his buddies. The next day he wakes in a strange hotel room with blood on his clothes. He finds later that his friend who he was in a fight with, has been murdered, and he is the prime suspect. He can't remember a thing. This is 'the lost hours', part of the 'Big Frame'. LBX BA

G931 Deadly Game, The (82) A play filmed in the U.K. to a packed crowd with many seasoned players. Retired lawyers amuse themselves by prosecuting , defending and judging a hapless traveler (George Segal) for crimes unbeknownst to him in a deserted mansion. This what they do in their retirement, play a deadly game with people who fall into their deadly trap. Trevor Howard, Robert Morley, Lesley Dunlop and more star. Watch when the play ends and the cast receives a standing ovation happily before the curtain goes down.

G800 Devil's Agent, The (62) aka: Im Namen des Teufels This one is an effort by West Germany, the U.K. and also Ireland. In East Germany, a wine merchant (Peter Van Eyck) innocently gets roped into carrying commie secrets for Christopher Lee's character across the European border during the Cold War. Macdonald Carey as the American spy chief knows this and extorts Eyck into working as a double agent. Sent to Hungary, the Hungarians take his passport and want to use him as well. Triple agent now if you are counting. Eyck is in a web! Also with Marianne Koch and Billie Whitelaw. Reportedly Peter Cushing was involved as well but his scenes were deleted before the release. This is the uncut 97 minute version. Noticed some glitches in the opening credits.

G828 Dr. Morelle: The Case of the Missing Heiress (49) Greedy wheelchair-bound Samuel Kimber (Philip Leaver) wants to bump off his stepdaughter, Cynthia (Jean Lodge) to swipe her inheritance. She has other plans. But, she goes missing. Her friend, who is Dr. Morelle's secretary, investigates the old dark house she lived in. Dr. Morelle (played by the so-called British Vincent Price Valentine Dyall) assumes many identities in his pursuit of the truth, like Sherlock Holmes would do. This obscure Hammer production was directed by Godfrey Grayson who also directed the 1950 Jack the Ripper film 'Room to Let'. He of distinct voice Valentine would go on to some notable horrors and lend his voice to many things British, including more Hammer.

G815 Flaw, The (55) A low-life race car driver marries a woman for her money and plots to murder her. But the lawyer sees through his facade and himself is in love with the woman and plans to stop him. Reasonably well plotted and entertaining thriller directed by Terence Fisher. With John Bentley, Donald Houston and Rona Anderson.

G856 Frightened City, The (61) aka: Scotland Yard sezioni omicidi A pre-James Bond Sean Connery plays a small time thief who is recruited by a gangster to oversee his money collecting. The real criminal mastermind of the story is played by Herbert Lom. With the amazing Yvonne Romain (who Connery takes a shine to) and also starring Patrick Holt. The Shadows took the opening scene to #3 on the U.K. charts. Yvonne Romain was straight off the set of 'Curse of the Werewolf'. Herbert Lom's next film was 'Mysterious Island', as Captain Nemo. BA

G798 Glass Mountain, The (49) aka: La montaña de cristal An Italian/U.K. production. A British Air Force pilot in WW2 (Michael Denison) who is also a composer is shot down in Italy and rescued by an Italian girl (Valentina Cortese). He returns home to his wife (Dulcie Gray) but as he composes he realizes he is in love with the Italian girl. It was she who introduced him to the legend of the 'Glass Mountain' and this is the opera he now writes. He loves her, he loves his wife, and only tragedy will give him his answer to this dilemma. Nice location shooting in Venice and the Italian Dolomites, with an opera score by Nino Rota who would compose the music for 'The Godfather' films and Fellini projects. BA

G793 Grasshopper Island (71) aka: Die Grashüpferinsel Filmed in Corsica! Unthreatening lazy day adventures in an improbable world where no one seems to mind that three children have run away to live on an island. The boys have a blast with no adult supervision. This is the type of wacky stuff that the U.K. played for their kids while here in America we were gobbling up the 'Banana Splits' with 'Danger Island'.

G823 How to Murder a Rich Uncle (57) aka: Comment tuer un oncle à héritage Sir Henry (Nigel Patrick who also directs) is excited to hear his rich Uncle is coming to visit his impoverished family who live on a grand estate but are in dire financial trouble. Hilarious black comedy in the same vein as 'The Lady Killers', even also starring Katie Johnson of 'The Lady Killers' in her last film. Look for Michael Caine in an early very funny role. Charles Coburn and Anthony Newley also star. BA

G801 Jigsaw (62) aka: El rostro sin nombre Obscure British thriller with a screenplay by Val Guest who also directs. Two detectives investigate when a woman is found murdered in a house along the coast from Brighton. See if you can spot the killer before Jack Warner's character does. It's a shocker. Plus a nice little twist in the end. Also with Ronald Lewis of 'Mr. Sardonicus' and Hammer's 'Scream of Fear' and also starring Michael Goodliffe who starred in 6 films with Christopher Lee. Both Lewis and Goodliffe would commit suicide, Lewis with drugs in 1982 at age 53, and Goodliffe jumping to his death from high up in 1976 at the age of 51. LBX

G916 Man in the Iron Mask, The (77) Richard Chamberlain in the duel role in this version. Of course we all know the story from the Alexandre Dumas novel about Louis the 14th of France and his attempts to keep his identical brother Philippe, imprisoned away from sight out of the public eye, and Philippe's rescue by the aging musketeers led by D'Artagnan (Louis Jordan). Splendid British production with Patrick McGoohan, Jenny Agutter, Ian Holm, Ralph Richardson and many more. Would you like some Grey Poupon with that? BA

G826 Miss Morison's Ghosts (81) Two educated English ladies take a vacation to France in 1901 to check out historical landmarks. In the palace of Versailles they find themselves separated from the other tourists and enter a time warp, where they observe Marie Antoinette and others... These ladies claimed it to be true in real life. The two ladies presented their story to various psychic societies, damaging their academic credentials. Interesting paranormal type with some creepy moments. With Hannah Gordon and Wendy Hiller.

G904 Piccadilly Third Stop (60) A playboy (Terence Morgan) tries to recruit a gang for a safecracking job. One of the recruits is an American (John Crawford) who is desperate for cash to feed his greedy wife's (Mai Zetterling) expensive tastes. Double crosses and plot twists as the crooked bunch pull off the heist and fight amongst themselves. Who dies first? Also with Yoko Tani and Dennis Price. BA

G949 Power of the Witch (69) Here we have an obscure British documentary on Satanism and Witchcraft as the whole scene was exploding. Scholarly types analyze, Satanic crimes are discussed and reported, devilish locations are explored and WAY too much seriousness is considered on the subject. Expect Anton LaVey and others deeply involved in the occult.

G932 Prescription for Murder (58) aka: Rx for Murder His Patient's Loved Him To Their Murdered Day! An American doctor (Rick Jason) arrives at a quiet English seaside resort to investigate the activities of it's leading medical doctor, Henry Dysert (Marius Goring). It seems his patients don't seem to be around for long. Meanwhile Dr. Dysert has lined up his next victim Kitty Mortlock (Lisa Gastoni!). He must be stopped! LBX BA

B850 Quatermass and the Pit (58) When a mysterious capsule is found on a building site, a team of scientists investigate.... Inside, are the remains of alien insect-like creatures, and at this site, strange occurrences have been recorded for centuries. This is pretty long (2 Discs!) and reportedly scared the piss out of viewers back in the day. This was a cerebral trip. It was a DIFFERENT fear back then. Cabalistic markings, disturbing sounds, ghosts and demons you couldn't see, but KNEW were there, and the biggest fright of all- the dead Martian as it rustled and slipped through that web of decaying strands that had held it in place all those centuries. Brilliant version here with Andre Morell, Michael Ripper and many more. 2 discs or 2 VHS count as 2 selections.

G792 Richard's Things (70) Kate's (Liv Ullman) husband has died. She finds out he had a secret lover and goes to confront her. What was supposed to be an unpleasant exchange turns into something else entirely as they bond in mutual pain, envy, jealousy.... eventually they come together in an emotional and physical relationship of sorts. LBX

G807 Rogue's Yarn (57) When an adulterous husband murders his wife so he can be with his mistress he thinks he is in the clear. That is until a detective with a brain like Columbo starts to tear his alibi to shreds. With Nicole Maurey and Derek Bond. Directed by Vernon Sewell who would go on to direct 'The Blood Beast Terror', 'The Crimson Cult' and his last film 'Burke and Hare'.

G813 Seventh Survivor, The (42) Lifeboat survivors from a torpedoed neutral ship pick up a seventh survivor. He is the Captain of the U-Boat responsible for sinking their ship. He guides them to a lighthouse from which he plans his escape. But amongst the survivors we have a British spy, our U-Boat Captain who is waiting for the Nazi's to pick him up, and also the lighthouse crew.... There is a murder. He has the gun, now someone else has the gun. A nail biter on a budget. A lighthouse mystery.

B860 Spitfire (42) aka: The First of the Few Persistent German Militarism motivates an aircraft designer/patriot to develop a new bird that deals in death, fire and destruction. It's the Spitfire Fighter Plane! With David Niven and Leslie Howard as the aircraft designer R.J. Mitchell. Ironically, Leslie Howard died the very next year in 1943 when the KLM plane he was in was shot down by German fighters over the Bay of Biscay. BA

G811 Steel Bayonet, The (57) aka: Le commando sacrifié British soldiers, sure to be outnumbered, are tasked to hold an old Foreign Legion fort in the desert, and use it as an artillery spotting/observation post to spot the approaching German tank squad. Decent and obscure Hammer production with Leo Genn, Kieron Moore and Hammer's regular Michael Ripper. Directed by Hammer man Michael Carreras. Look for a brief appearance of Michael Caine as a German soldier in an uncredited role. LBX BA

B861 Submarine Alert (43) A radio engineer (Richard Arlen) and another engineer unwittingly are recruited by Nazi saboteurs. Even though betrayed F.B.I. he still does the right thing and begins to turn the tables on those pesky scheming Nazis. Well-paced tight wartime thriller. Look for Dwight Frye and Edward Van Sloane in bit parts. BA

G913 They Met in the Dark (43) aka: Spionagering M A pretty girl who is working for the Nazi's tricks a Royal Navy Commander (James Mason) into revealing some military secrets and he is caught and court-martialed. He is now bent on tracking her and her cohorts to atone. A little like Hitchcock's 'The Thirty Nine Steps'. Also with Joyce Howard and Patricia Medina. BA

G910 They Were Sisters (45) aka: Elles étaient soeurs Three sisters marry three men with wildly different lifestyles and outcomes. One sister is married, but childless. Another promiscuously plays through the years in an unhappy marriage, while the third is domineered with mental cruelties by her creep husband (James Mason). BA

G802 Third Clue, The (34) In an old dark house, a man is assaulted in his study. With his dying breath, he tells his brother of two clues to finding hidden Eastern Indian jewels that were part of a precious idol. He wants his brother to give the jewels to his son... but a third clue must be discovered. But there are more people in this damn old dark house than you can keep track of and everybody is after the treasure....with murder not ruled out to gain it.

G920 Why Would Anyone Want to Kill a Nice Girl Like You? (69) aka: Taste of Excitement Sort of a cross between a Hammer thriller like 'Taste of Fear' and a spy movie typical of the era. When a young woman (Eva Renzi) is on holiday in France, she becomes the victim of attacks after becoming involved with a local man. It seems she is unwittingly carrying around evidence of an international crime network. The network is after this evidence as well as Scotland Yard. Eva Renzi is incredible here. Her next film was Argento's 'Bird with the Crystal Plumage'. This and the next would be her best films. LBX BA

G791 Young Jacobites, The (60) Two children on holiday on The Isle of Skye in Scotland, find themselves transported back in time to aid Bonnie Prince Charlie escape from Scotland to France. Over 2 hours. With Francesca Annis and Jeremy Bulloch.



G831 Black Mask VS Gambling Mastermind (02) aka: Black Mask Vs. Saint Of Gamblers When Gao, the young saint of gamblers, vows not to gamble again after his latest win, he becomes the target of assassination from rival gamblers. He teams up with Black Mask to combat the assailants when he is challenged to an ultimate gambling duel... LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B852 Blazing Flowers (78) aka: Milano... difendersi o morire A cop (George Hilton) has a hateful grudge against a local crime boss, and pairs up with an ex-con in order to catch the criminal. Nudity, hookers, drugs, flowers and splashes of violence throughout this Italian made crime film. Also with Marc Porel, Anna Maria Rizzoli and Al (Zombie) Cliver! LBX and English language dubbed. BA

G869 Bloodfight (89) aka: Fainaru faito - Saigo no ichigeki A teacher/fighter returns to the world of martial arts when his best student is killed in the tournament. Satisfyingly violent! He Was Vicious in 'Enter the Dragon'! He was savage in 'Bloodsport'! Now... Bolo Yeung is the Ultimate Fighting Machine in 'Bloodfight'! Some of the fights are unusual. A Sumo wrestler smothers his opponent by squatting on his face! Ugh! More cool battles with oddly matched contestants. Also with Simon Yam and Yasuaki Kurata. BA

B889 Bolero (81) aka: Les uns et les autres aka: Dance of Life Not to be confused with the Bo Derek film of the same title. This music filled three hour epic tracks three generations of musicians and dancers from Russia, Germany, France and the USA, from before WW2, then through the war and the Holocaust, although up to 1980! The different tragedies and outcomes from the various families is devastating at times, their mutual love for their profession carries the survivors through as best as they could hope. This 'Gone with the Wind' of WW2 films didn't attract audiences in 1981, and was quickly forgotten. Huge, lavishly expensive.... James Caan, Robert Hossein, Nicole Garcia, Geraldine Chapmen and many many more star. In French language and with English subtitles. BA

B867 Borman (66) aka: Nazi S.S. aka: Le retour des loups An American secret agent is assigned to stop a Neo-Nazi movement led by a former Hitler associate who has been in hiding for over 20 years. The mission involves some major globe-trotting, and there will be much peril and beautiful women before this Nazi plot is leveled. Paul Muller, Sandro Moretti, Kitty Swan, Liana Orfei and more star. This English dubbed version is LBX.

B853 Brothers Till We Die (78) aka: La banda del gobo Another Umberto Lenzi directed Italian crime film classic starring Tomas Milian in a dual role as misfit siblings! Vincenzo (aka: 'Humpo') (Milian) the hunchback, plans a robbery on an armored police van with his gang. During their escape, Vincenzo's gang try to kill him and leave him for dead. Vincenzo manages however to crawl down an entrance to the sewers, and crawls through crap none too pleased. Auto mechanic 'Pigsty' (also Milian) is looking for Vincenzo, as a brother with friendship and compassion. Vincenzo hooks up with a hooker with a heart of gold, and starts to go after his former gang members one by one. They all must Die! Milian is amazing in this one. LBX and dubbed into English. BA

G882 Cartel (90) aka: Bersaglio mobile Charter pilot Chuck Taylor (Miles O'Keeffe) unwittingly smuggles cocaine for the cartel, and along with the cartel leader Tony King (Don Stroud) is busted and thrown in the slammer. From behind bars, King has Taylor's family terrorized. Then King escapes. Taylor too escapes, bent on bloody vengeance, which he gets in spades. eliminating the cartel members one by one. Also with William Smith and Crystal Carson. An ass-kicking action film from the director of 'Action U.S.A.'. BA

B908 Complexes (65) aka: I complessi aka: Los complejos Offbeat comedic tales with sex appeal here from different Italian directors. In the first story a man tries to win the hand of a woman named Gabriella, wife of Alvaro, with the complexity of shyness, although he does not know she is hitched! In another story a Professor, in order to avoid being found out, ends up in a raid (by the police) on a gay hangout....In another story a social man of stature faces ruin when he learns his wife once appeared nude in a 'sword and sandal' film. What a scandal! In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX BA

B909 Corleone (78) aka: Father of the Godfathers From peasant he rises, Don Vito Gargano (Giuliano Gemma) to 'capo di capi' in Palermo and eventually meets his downfall. Much of the film is told in flashback at his trial. An excellent example of the 'Italian' Mafia/ Crime film. They have enough historical action and drama to pull from without depending on American influences. Here we see a dead serious story with no comic relief. Don Vito Gargano finds his joy relies on winning, becoming #1, or just outwitting adversaries. He is also ill with tuberculosis. We see what happened in the past, the trial, and the aftermath. Nice English language dubbed LBX. BA

G907 Countdown to War (89) aka: Hitler végső döntése - A háború küszöbén On paper it was perfect I suppose. And I am not making light of the extremity of the historical events. But this depiction of the dramatic negotiations between U.K., France, Poland, Nazi-Germany and the USSR (the day Czechoslovakia fell), until Britain's declaration of war on Germany caused by Hitler's invasion of Poland, borders on the line between the absurd, and the hysterical. Ian McKellan (years before his 'Apt Pupil' Nazi perf) is Hitler, This is played straight but is more of a farce, with accidental humor that has to be seen t be believed. Based on a play, and just like one as well. How everybody kept a straight face throughout is a mystery. BA

B910 Dead Body on Broadway (69) aka: Deadly Shots on Broadway aka: Il quartiere dei più violenti aka: Todesschüsse am Broadway An FBI agent is killed by the mob after making off with 5 million in gold bars after a botched robbery. Agent Jerry Cotton (George Nader) is called in to not only bring the gang to justice, but to also locate the missing gold. Watch for the scene where a bad guy gives a grenade to a little boy to play with! Directed by Harald Reini, straight off the set of his latest 'Winnetou'. LBX and English language dubbed. BA

G832 Escape from Angola (76) aka: Return to Africa James Mallory (Stan Brock), his wife Karen (Anne Collings) and their three teen-aged sons make their life in Angola operating a private wildlife preserve. That is until their world is shaken by a militant political group. Lots of animal footage. Some think this is a racist movie. You decide… BA

B868 Football Crazy (74) aka: L'arbitro A small-time referee gets the chance of a lifetime when he is hired to referee a major-league game. Now a celebrity he has to choose between the job, or the delicious lady temptations he encounters along the way. Marisa Solinas, Joan Collins, Gabriella Pallotta and Lando Buzzanca star. English dubbed and with foreign subtitles. BA

G975 For the Love of It (80) A wacky comedy about the F.B.I. trying to regain a stolen microchip, the stability of world power hangs in the balance! Somehow Deborah Raffin and Jeff Conaway have the microchip in their possession and manage to elude pursuers on all sides, the F.B.I., the C.I.A. and an evil toymaker played by the late Don Rickles. Barbi Benton, Tom Bosley, the late William Christopher, Adam West, Pat Morita, Regis Philbin and many more are on hand for the fun or.... For the Love of It! Great shots of San Francisco and the coast all the way down to San Diego.

G789 Fox and His Friends (75) aka: Faustrecht der Freiheit aka: Fist-Fight of Freedom Gay Class Conflict is in your face in this, as the middle-upper class world clashes with the working class world in this Rainer Werner Fassbinder (starring and directed by) film. Interesting because this is not about them being gay so much (get over it already) but more about a guy that falls for a dude that is more cultured and he struggles to blend in with this lifestyle with mixed results. Although I could not begin to pretend to understand the union and obstacles involved, it still makes for compelling viewing as it is more a 'survival of the fittest' type film. Rainer Werner Fassbinder overdosed on cocaine and sleeping pills in 1982 ending his life at age 37. He made 41 movies in 13 years. This film comes with English subtitles. BA

G871 Getting Even (86) aka: Inferno USA aka: Hostage: Dallas An evil millionaire (Joe Don Baker) named King is out to steal the Russian made nerve gas a soldier of fortune nicknamed 'Tag' (Edward Albert) has brought back from Afghanistan to have analyzed. The flesh-melting gas is quite lethal. King, now with the gas in his grasp threatens to release the gas over downtown Dallas unless a hefty ransom is paid. Tag, with the assistance of Paige Starson (Audrey Landers) is on the case, with then high-tech computer aid as well. The computer graphics in this were considered ahead of their time. Joe Don Baker makes an excellent hammy villain, as usual. Landers is gorgeous. Edward Albert, the only son of 'Green Acres' star Eddie Albert, died in 2006 at age 55 of lung cancer. His father Eddie however lived until the ripe old age of 99. Also with Caroline Williams of 'TCM2' and more. BA

G837 Girl Game, The (62) aka: Saga of the Flying Hostesses aka: Copacabana Palace An artifact from that brief period in the early 60's when Brazil was a romanticized place of beauty, song and legend. This was the place to be. The place you fantasized about visiting. There are plenty of girls, and guys serenading them, real musicians etc. So it's a frothy romantic comedy/caper film. With Sylva Koscina and Mylene Demongeot. LBX and not a super sharp picture but good quality with a few glitches.

G808 Girl Stroke Boy (73) The straight-laced parents of a young man who has shown zero interest in girls are shocked when he returns from the West Indies with a girl/boy whatever. So nobody knows the sex of his companion and everybody is baffled. Bloody Hell! Tagline: When you lose a son, you gain a ...? You figure it out! Ambiguous hilarity. Michael Hordern, Clive Francis and more star. LBX

G895 Guilty Bystander (50) An alcoholic ex-cop (Zachary Scott), now employed as house detective at a sleazy hotel in a grimy part of town, explores the dark and grungy underworld of New York City in search of his kidnapped son. Incredibly dark and downbeat fun. BA

G976 Guns and the Fury, The (81) aka: Los cañones y la furia Two turn of the century fortune hunters (Peter Graves and Cameron Mitchell) discover oil in Persia and attempt to claim it, employed by the Persian oil company who is working with a British tycoon. But a Russian Czar wants it, and the sheik of the area thinks it will harm the environment. .. The British send in troops to protect their stake and all hell breaks loose. Filmed in Egypt. Better than 'Lawrence of Arabia'! Also with Albert Salmi, Michael Ansara and more.

G810 Hell on Wheels (67) This is the story of two brothers. One is a daredevil racecar driver pursued by all the girls (Marty Robbins), and the other a brilliant mechanic (John Ashley) that is a big part of the reason these races are being won by his brother. But one messes with another's girl, and now they are enemies. Moonshine, musical numbers with Marty Robbins and Connie Smith plus the Bluegrass Band The Stoneman Family and lots of stock footage. John Ashley split for the Philippines for 10 movies we still talk about today the next year. Good move. LBX BA

B912 Highway Racer (77) aka: Poliziotto sprint Car chase fanatics take note, many interesting stunts and actions scenes here! A man who wants to become the ultimate driver of his police force, fails horribly at his intentions. Later he gets training from his chief. Now he is a speed drivin' copper intent on bringing in the arch nemesis of his boss. His quarry is a badass driver as well, and there are plenty of amazing car crash what the fuck moments here that will have you anxious with excitement. This looks like a dangerous shoot! Driving stunts coordination and action by Remy Julienne, he's been around. From 'James Bond' to 'The Da Vinci Code', 'Bobby Deerfield' and over 200 more films, the go-to guy for this stuff! Also with Lilli Carati. LBX and English dubbed! BA

G825 In Search of Gregory (69) aka: Alla ricerca di Gregory aka: Buscando a Gregory Julie Christie is Catherine, in Rome with an invitation from her father to attend his fifth wedding. The invitation, a large postcard, is played on a car dash turntable. If you think that sounds weird, it is! Catherine becomes obsessed with Gregory (Michael Sarrazin) after seeing his picture at the airport. But is he Gregory. When she finally sees him and lets him nail her is this the true object of her sexual obsession? Or is Catherine just a rich flipped out flake? Christie has never looked better. Also with John Hurt. BA

B869 Jack in the Box (74) aka: Der Springteufel From German T.V. this runs just under an hour. Future German funny man Dieter Hallervorden plays a nerdish fellow who is seemingly innocent but may just turn out to be the hitchhiker from hell escapee from a lunatic asylum, on par with Rutger Hauer's 'The Hitcher' or David Hess in 'Hitchhike'! Interesting, with a madcap finale foot chase. In German language and with English subtitles.

B916 Komissar X and the Red Tigers (71) aka: Tiger Gang aka: Kommissar X : Jagt die roten Tiger aka: FBI Operation Pakistan Join Tony Kendall and Brad Harris as they attempt to smash the 'Tiger Gang'… Listed before, but now finally a LBX and English dubbed print!

G787 Last Crusade, The (70) aka: Michael the Brave aka: Mihai Viteazul It's the end of the 16th century and Wallachian ruler Michael the Brave is bent on overcoming the adversity of the Ottoman and Austrian Empires to unite Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania into one country. The battle scenes feature an infantry of 1500 extras. Today this would likely be carried out with CGI, and everyone would think it looked more real. Subliminally video game CGI programmed, to expect it as modern blue screened digitally created mind deadening flash. But this is epic stuff here, with outstanding technically created battles, sweeping landscapes, elaborate sets and costumes, all done by physical efforts, not by hundreds of pajama boys tweaking on computers. Grabs you in the opening minutes straight into an historic battle narrative! This version runs 1 hour and 42 minutes. LBX and English language dubbed.

B896 Little Funny Guy (73) aka: L'emigrante aka: Un trabajo tranquilo Opens in black and white with young Peppino bidding farewell as his father leaves on board a ship to America. Years later, all grown up and in color, Peppino (Adriano Celentano) takes the same route (dressed as a woman) to search for his father (and to avoid the draft!). Italian folk songs, impressive production values and more. Peppino fails miserably at all sorts of odd jobs, like shoeshine boy, waiter, paperboy.... he ends up sleeping in the park. A running gag involves Sybil Danning as a drunk socialite that has the hots for Peppino. Peppino only has eyes for Rosita (Claudia Mori). Later things get a little more serious when Peppino starts a life of crime....LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B870 Magic Mountain (82) aka: Der Zauberberg aka: La montagna incantata How to describe this almost 4 hour epic based on the novel? Hans, a recently graduated engineering student on his way to Hamburg where a job building ships awaits him, takes a brief vacation in Dalvos in the Swiss Alps, where his cousin, suffering from TB is staying at a lung clinic. He is almost immediately diagnosed with anemia and possible TB and decides to stay permanently. Here in this strange world, sickness is celebrated and the patients have varying issues. One woman for instance stays only to avoid marriage! At one point Hans has a visitor, his Uncle arrives, who hopes to bring Hans back to the real world. The Uncle is diagnosed the same immediately and sees the game, leaving the next morning before he too is bewitched by this sort of madness. Meanwhile Hans settles in to live the life of an invalid. In German language and with English subtitles.

B862 Mark of the Hawk, The (57) aka: Das Zeichen des Falken Sidney Poitier stars with Eartha Kitt in her first big role in a film and she sings a song! Actually filmed in the heart of the Dark Continent! Christianity and Colonialism clash in this gripping racial drama about dignity and human rights. Made with a spiritual backdrop endorsing the importance of freedom and the end of oppression everywhere. This is interesting because as we know now Africa is nothing but a hellhole in 2017 of death assault and violence towards your fellow man. Yea, a few safe places somewhere. But Africa ever being a peaceful place is nothing but wishful thinking. It is nice to know that once there was hope. Preachy but still pretty cool. Poitier was in 'The Defiant Ones' the following year, which made him a star. BA

B830 Merciless Man (76) aka: Genova a mano armata A city in Italy is suffering as violent gangsters take over the city. Enter the disgraced American cop (Tony Lo Bianco). He has some ideas on how to take on the bad guys. He is 'Merciless Man'! His client Dr. Marta Mayer (Maud Adams) has hired him to find the killers of her father. He also must deal with a cantankerous Italian cop (Adolfo Celi). Lo Bianco sailing on the success of 'The French Connection' does some of his own stunts here, and kicks some major ass. English spoken and LBX BA

B901 Night Wind (99) aka: Le vent de la nuitThis may be one of the strangest buddy road movies I have ever seen, The film is a mystery, with the viewer the detective. Endless snakes of pristine Euro-motorway, baffling camera work that will make you shrug and look at your partner and say 'what the?"... Catherine Denevue is on hand here. But she is frumpy and plump, prepared to be humiliated to try to keep her young lover. This is one weird French film. You will either find it something to marvel at, or something to show your deepest contempt for. In French language and with English subtitles.

G950 One Man Against the Organization (75) aka: L'uomo che sfidò l'organizzazione Sergio Grieco directed this Italian crime film. A drug courier (Howard Ross) decides to make a run for it with the money. Karin Schubert takes off with the gang leader (who travels in drag) to take down the thief. Stephen Boyd as the Inspector on the case. Colorful English language dubbed with a pretty cool ending.

G937 Patti Rocks (88) aka: Patti Rocks - Sex macht Spaß Chris Mulkey and John Jenkins hit the road to visit Patti Rocks, a woman that one of the guys knocked up. Their road trip becomes a fascinating dialog on the way men perceive women and women failing to understand men. They slapped an 'X' rating on this because of the language. Language I might add that is the new normal on your typical HBO show today. A film about stripping down barriers and getting to the ugly core of things we say... I guess. Oh, they appealed the 'X' and received an 'R'. Nudity. BA

G930 Return from the Sea (54) A rough and tough Navy Chief (Neville Brand, 20 years before he was chasing hookers with a reaper scythe and feeding them to his giant alligator) who drinks coffee out of a soup bowl is ragged around the edges but actually emotional and lovable. He meets a kindred soul in a barroom waitress with a heart of gold and they make plans for future bliss with a farming future. First though, he has to survive combat duty off of the Korean Coast. Also with Jan Sterling and if you watch closely you will see Stuart Whitman. Brand was a real bad-ass in WW2 and was the recipient for the Silver Star for gallantry in combat. BA

B851 Shadow Killers (80) aka: Duel of the Brave Ones aka: Ti dou An ex-con returns home and finds his son has been recruited by a local gangster.... Here he must defeat the bad guy and reclaim his families name. This is a contemporary setting, with men peeking through a hole in a wall to watch a large breasted chick make out and ... well hello there are more naked scenes..... Lots of old school fights, gang fights and entertaining English dubbing mixed with hilarious sound effects. Upgrade! LBX

B878 Slalom (65) At Christmas, Lucio (Vittorio Gassman), his wife and his friends, go on a holiday to Sestriere. During the trip Lucio is knocked out cold, only to awaken aboard a plane bound for Cairo with a passport in the name of a foreign national and alongside a woman who claims to be his wife. Lucio is forced to collaborate with U.S. agents in order to foil a plan to topple the Western economy through the introduction of counterfeit U.S. dollars. With Daniela Bianchi (Tatiana in 'From Russia with Love') as an agent with shifty loyalties and she even gets to fire a machine gun! Also with Beba Loncar and Adolfo Celi (who followed this as a villain in 'Thunderball' the next year). LBX and English language dubbed.

B881 Swindle (77) aka: Squadra antitruffa Tomas Milian and David Hemmings in a great action comedy directed by Bruno Corbucci! An undercover inspector (Milian) is investigating insurance fraud with the help of an English detective (Hemmings, who is employed by 'Loyd's of London'). This investigation leads the two into the Gay underworld where there are zero 'safe spaces'! Low-brow gay-bashing dialogue as macho Milian visits a Gay club. In the second half of the film the pair follow a suspect to San Francisco.... The female (Anna Cardini) that has a romantic interest in Milian claims to be a feminist and studies film, complaining when Milian wants to watch Spaghetti westerns! Hah! BA

B831 Ten Dark Women (61) aka: Ten Women in Black aka: Kuroi jûnin no onna A man has a wife and nine girlfriends, all ten of who are fed up with his shameless mistreatment of their emotions. Together, the women plot his demise. But some things are easier said than done, and this snake may be sneakier than all of these girls combined. This one is pretty decent, with some of the prettiest girls coaxed into giving some disturbing and even frightening performances, so scorned they plot murderous revenge, despite continuous in-fighting, justifiable mistrust, and changing motives. LBX and with English subtitles.

G850 Tender Warrior, The (71) Moon shiners are trapping and hunting animals in the Okefenokee swamp, and the sheriff is powerless to stop them. Enter a swamp boy and his pet chimp, who frees the critters. Pa and his idiot sons don't take too kindly to their bread and butter money being set loose and are soon chasing the do-gooders all over the swamps. But there is also an escaped leopard on the loose. Also with Boley the Bear, Iron Jaw the Alligator, Sweet Pea the Skunk, and Dan Haggerty! This is the lead kid's only film. The leopard gets him. Not really. BA

B884 Tight Lipped (70) aka: Bocche cucite Here's an obscure Euro crime film for you! Carmelo (Lou Castel) is in prison when his wife (Carla Romanelli) visits him and tells him the brothers are all passing her around for sex! Enraged, Carmelo, during a transportation to another prison, escapes! His plan to kill his older brother Rocco works out perfectly. He has a last plan and it is a grim one! In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX BA

B904 Tomorrow Pheasant (74) aka: Holnap lesz fácán Here we have a political and sarcastic satire about dictatorial systems and the proliferation of bureaucracy. This Hungarian film was financed and paid for by the authorities. But when they saw what came out, a film with naked babes and cat fights, a free depiction of social anomalies and controversies, ... well the authorities couldn't stand it, and had the film banned for years. Nudity and the grand naturist beaches of the youth are symbolic and appear as some sort of 'hippie' rebellion. A real product of the times. In Hungarian with English subtitles and LBX.

G894 Walk a Tightrope (64) aka: Killer Story A woman (Patricia Owens) hires a hit man (Dan Duryea) to kill her ex-husband when she finds out her divorce from him is invalid. But the killer shoots her new husband. Whoops. Now what? She ends up being the prime suspect, and helps trap the killer, who claims it was she who hired him! Is everything as it seems? LBX BA

B864 War Devils, The (69) aka: I diavoli della guerra A German Captain (Venantino Venantini) and an American Captain (Guy Madison) join forces to survive n the North African desert during WW2. Some years later, they meet during combat operations in France when The American is involved in the rescue of a British Intelligence Officer (Anthony Steel) held by the German Captain. Striking photography of the African desert. A very good war film that seems like two stories in one! BA

G926 Withering Tree, The (72) aka: Kogarashi Monjirô Monjiro is a lone samurai who agrees to take the rap for a friend who has committed a murder. His friend has an ailing mother on the road to death, so his friend assures him after his mother passes, he will confess to the crime, setting Monjiro free. Some time later, Monjiro learns that the mother of his friend has passed on, and his friend has betrayed him. He escapes his incarceration and heads out to seek revenge! LBX and with English subtitles.

B905 Yakuza Wolf (72) aka: Ôkami yakuza: Koroshi ha ore ga yaru Ryuichi Takamori (Sonny Chiba) is after the Yakuza who killed his father and sold his sister to prostitution. He starts taking out the yakuza members one by one and agitates gangs against each other while making his way towards the syndicate… Eye-gougings, head shots, beatings, knives to the head, karate fights.... Extravagant and extreme measures of violence employed very much in the style of Leone and other spaghetti western filmmakers. In Japanese language and with English subtitles.



B888 Bluebeard's Castle (63) aka: Herzog Blaubarts Burg Michael Powell, his career all but destroyed after the classic 1960 'Peeping Tom', had one more trick up his sleeve with this staggering film of an opera shot for German TV about the wife-killer Bluebeard. It's blend of sadistic voyeurism and Gothic visual frenzy makes it a splendid last testament for the 'before his time' Powell. Count Bluebeard is man of refined taste, whose sheer aesthetic adoration of his brides compels him to kill them, preserving them as lifeless statues. It's an hour long tour de force horror opera with amazing elaborate sets. In German language and with English subtitles.

G821 Eyes of Annie Jones, The (64) After a woman is murdered and her body is hidden, a woman hires psychic/teenaged orphan Annie Jones (Francesca Annis) to try and find out who the killer is. Annie sleepwalks and seems to have a connection with the supernatural world. Here's a bizarre entry from director Reginald Le Borg, the man who directed a number of films with Lon Chaney Jr., his last directed film being 'Psycho Sisters' from 1974. BA

B842 Fall of the House of Usher, The (66) A young man seeks out the house of Usher where cataleptic Madeleine Usher (Susannah York) lives with Roderick Usher (Denholm Elliot) her brother, who is on the road to madness. From the short lived British series 'Mystery and Imagination' this gloomy atmosphere drenched adaptation of the Edgar Allen Poe classic is a welcome addition to the legacy he left behind. Top notch cast and well acted. Susannah York (especially good as Madeleine) will send chills down your spine!

B844 Haunted Castle, The (69) aka: Hiroku kaibyô-den In the time of the samaria, a corrupt landlord tries to score a blind monk's cute sister. The blind monk refuses the deal and the lord finds an easy enough reason to murder him, and have his land forfeited and she, banished. The girl is not pleased, and feeds her blood to a cat. Not just any cat mind you. This black cat is really a murderous ghost cat that reaps vengeance in allegiance to the girl, to kill the family who wronged her. All of the silly bastards. And why not? The hauntings and dark mood delivers non-stop. The transformation of the cat into it's human form is especially nasty and vicious, and when defensive measures are taken against the horrors things kick in even stronger. Atmosphere and tone dark and eerie from start to finish. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B846 House of Terrors (65) aka: Kaidan semushi otoko aka: The Ghost of the Hunchback aka: Il pozzo di Satana More Bava worship, this time from Japan! This film also known as 'Ghost of the Hunchback' delivers the light and shade from some of the best Gothic Horrors of the 60's that we know and love. When a man dies, in agony and madness, it's over, done. His wife goes to the inherited estate, a gloomy mansion, with a hunchbacked caretaker... and haunted? Richly. Others arrive as well. The more to haunt, the merrier it seems. A suggestive statue of Satan is located in the atrium of the mansion. Doors slam, eerie drifting voices echo along the corridors.... and a rather disturbingly large proliferation of crows... always lurking about... The overgrown grounds hold dark secrets in those forgotten graves, and what's in the dark depths of 'Satan's Pit' the chilling creepy-ass basement (dungeon?). With English subtitles and LBX.

B919 Man With the Power, The (77) aka: Der Mann, der Berge versetzt A man realizes his supernatural/telekinetic powers are attributed to the fact that his father was an alien. He is assigned to guard a beautiful Indian princess (Persis Khambatta) who is on a state visit to America... Good thing he has the power! An unsold pilot. Vic Morrow and Bob Neill also star. Persis Khambatta got her big break the following year as that bald alien chick in 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture'. More notable roles followed. She had a heart attack and died at age 49 in India.

B872 Marble Faun, The (77) aka: Il Fauno di marmo The discovery of an anonymous 19th century diary in Kenyon, reveals the story of four friends, similar to a modern day 70's four, who appear doomed to relive a mystery which took place over a hundred years ago. During a visit to the catacombs, a mysterious, pale, ghostlike figure wearing a black cape appears. They refer to this being as 'The Persecutor'.... Based on a story by Nathaniel Hawthorne this epic is told in 3 parts and runs almost 3 hours. Marina Malfatti (the star of many giallos) is Miriam. Italian language and with English subtitles.

B849 Open Door, The (66) Colonel Mortimer (Jack Hawkins) returns to his family after a long spell in India, to find his son in bed ill, tortured by the wailing voice of a child, that seems to be coming from some ruins that are near by. But is this real or is his son mad? A ghost? You Betcha'! Another gothic and creepy offering from the short lived 'Mystery and Imagination' series.

G818 Passion of Dracula, The (79) You want weird? Video Taped at the Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway with Christopher Bernau as Dracula. This one has a Freudian twist although stays with much of Bram Stoker's characters. Thank god it's not a musical. An ambitious stage production with vampire action, stakings, fog and howling wolves and Renfield. With Malachi Throne as Abraham Van Helsing. Christopher Bernau, best known for soap opera roles (including Dark Shadows) died of AIDS in 1989 at age 49.



B845 Dracula in Istanbul (53) aka: Drakula Istanbul'da Cool Turkish stab at Stoker, and the first Dracula film where he is seen climbing down walls easily as he does, being a bloodsucking legion of the undead and all. They moved the decade to the 1950's instead of the 1890's, which here in this region seems like the 1920's. Harker upon arriving at castle Dracula is almost immediately attacked by one of Dracula's vampire brides.... Bald and fanged Dracula in a spooky film drenched in atmosphere, filmed in Turkey without a cross in sight, and filmed with a believable respect for the source material. With English subtitles. BA



B841 Neutron and the Black Mask (60) aka: Neutrón, el enmascarado negro Should have been called 'Black-Masked Neutron'. He wears the 'mask' of the title. What, does he carry it around? Is it a character in the film? No, and no. Maybe he just got the damn thing and is proud of it? American wrestlers have it easy. Get banged up, go home, chill, medicate etc. Neutron? Not only does he have to wear a mask (the black one, remember?), but he also has to be on hand to fight super villains at any time of the day or night, stopping crooks after secret formulas... you name it. Dr. Caronte gets his start here, with his evil midget sidekick. But is it the same midget used in the sequel? These are the types of questions that keep me up at night. Upgrade and English dubbed! BA

B839 Neutron vs. the Amazing Dr. Caronte (63) aka: Neutrón contra el Dr. Caronte Sequel to 'Neutron and the Black Mask', taking place only a day later! Better title. We know what's what. Dr. Caronte is back from the grave. Apparently not killed as we were led to believe in the first film. Dr. Caronte is up to his old tricks again, kidnapping heroine Nora and Neutron, those creepy-faced hulking monstrosities in boiler suits are back running around and then hiding in their pit, an evil dwarf sidekick named Nick (who moonlights as a cab driver, evil sidekick wages are down), and events culminate in a large bout of fisticuffs! Doesn't Nora recognize Nick the midget as her taxi driver who can barely see over the dash? Maybe just a lot of little people left over from 'Curse of the Doll People'. Caronte and Nick also bury one of their victims alive! Great fun. English dubbed Upgrade!

B840 Neutron vs. the Maniac (64) aka: Neutrón contra el criminal sádico This time our hero is investigating a series of murders at a sanitarium. One bad guy kidnaps a girl and murders her with a big knife, and even films it! He even has a white no-face mask like the killer in Bava's 'Blood and Black Lace' out the same year! Hmmmm. Ahead of it's time a frickin' 'snuff killer' type Neutron film (at least plot-wise sort of). Musical numbers and Neutron in the ring feel almost like padding here. Bring on the killings! English dubbed Upgrade!

G942 Wrestling Women vs. the Murderous Robot (69) aka: Las luchadoras vs el robot asesino But wait, this is an obscure Italian language dubbed version with no subtitles and NUDITY cut from all other versions! This is an alternate version of course of this Mexican horror film, with added nude scenes of the actresses wrestling (ringless (as in, not in the ring) and topless) the robot assassin and the ape-beast of the basement in several brief scenes. Picture may not be sharp as usual, but this is essential for the Mexi-Monster collector. F.L.



B833 Apache (73) aka: Apachen Action-packed Euro-western loosely based on Ulzana (played by Gojko Mitic) this one followed by 'Ulzana' the next year (also in this section). This solid outing is loaded with violence and battles, well photographed locations and more. Tensions mount between the United States and Mexico in what would eventually erupt as the Mexican-American war. Ulzana sets out to avenge his tribe's massacre at the hands of an American mining engineer. What is incredibly different and even bizarre regarding these films, is that they were told from another countries point of view, other than what we are used to. This doesn't make them preachy, just kind of surreal. In German language and with English subtitles.

B887 Ballad of Django (71) aka: Giù la testa... hombre aka: Doppia taglia per Minnesota Stinky Django (Jack Betts as Butch Cassidy under his other name Hunt Powers) is a pissed off lone gunman battling Ironhead Donovan (Gordon Mitchell) and his henchmen with help from Macho Callaghan (Jeff Cameron). With Klaus Kinski as Reverend Cotton in an interesting bit of casting. A nice English language dubbed LBX Upgrade of this title. BA

B892 Cowards Don't Pray (69) aka: El vengador del sur aka: Taste of Vengeance aka: I vigliacchi non pregano A group of vigilantes from the North, roaming the Post Civil War South, attack Brian who is a war veteran, and assault and kill his woman. They leave him for dead. Off to catch the killers with help, but Brian, suffering from amnesia and becoming frustrated with not remembering the killer's faces, starts killing at random, losing the support of his two partners. This is the LBX and Uncut 114 minute version dubbed into English with some scenes in Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

G924 Gun Fever (58) aka: Il sentiero della vendetta Here we have a backyard wind blown western with some funny characterizations (including Larry Storch as a Mexican named 'Amigo'!) and some other white people playing as Mexicans. Understandable, where were you going to find real Mexicans in Southern California? Luke (Mark Stevens) seeks revenge against the white renegade who led a Sioux raiding party on his father's stagecoach Way station. Interracial romance and terribly funny dialogues add to the fun. At least they found a few real Indians for this. Or if you insist... Native Americans... ahem... Iron Eyes Cody and Eddie Little Sky also star with Maureen Hingert and more. BA

B829 Legend of Frenchie King (71) aka: Frenchie King aka: Les pétroleuses Outlaw sisters in the old West inherit a ranch and try to settle down and develop relationships with neighboring family of lots of brothers... Not long ago this was listed. Finally though, here is a very nice English language LBX version. In the opening sequence German is spoken, then they speak English the rest of the film. This film of course FREE to anyone who ordered it before, with any order. BA

B874 Professionals for a Massacre (67) aka: Payment in Blood aka: Professionisti per un massacro Caught selling stolen guns, three Confederate soldiers get a reprieve from the firing squad, provided they go into Mexico on a mission to recover stolen gold that belongs to the Confederacy. Mexican bandits are also attracted to the gold. Lots of explosions and gunfights, creative use of coffins and machine guns.... Nice Widescreen print, a bit longer than the last version with new scenes in Italian and with English subtitles. Most of the film however is English language dubbed. BA

B859 Proud and the Damned, The (72) aka: Welcome bastardi! Filmed in 1969, not released until 1972. Chuck Conners is Will Hansen. Will is leading a group of refugee Confederate soldiers through Columbia as mercenaries working for a Columbian General to spy on the small town of San Carlos. There they become the guests of the Mayor (Caesar Romero). Battle break out with elements of both treachery and surprise, predictable violence and conflict. Hysterical dialogues and costume design lighten this one up to unintentional levels of camp. BA

B871 Ranch of the Ruthless (65) aka: Oklahoma John aka: The Man from Oklahoma aka: Il ranch degli spietati Ruthless ranch hands must be dealt with by the Man from Oklahoma. The last sheriff was killed. A crooked banker seems to be the one behind the criminal mischief. Lucky Oklahoma has deputies to assist! LBX and dubbed into English. BA

B886 Seven Hours of Gunfire (64) aka: Aventuras del Oeste aka: Die letzte Kugel traf den Besten This Tortilla western features some western classic characters like Buffalo Bill Cody, Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickock.... This is a mighty adventure when America's destiny rode in the saddle bags of the Pony Express. This is cowboys and Indians and gold mines, kidnapping and rescues... Will they succeed in bringing peace and multiculturalism to the American Midwest? Chorizo-Sphagetti-Schnizel (mostly produced by Spain, and partially Italy and Germany). Uncut version, English dubbed with some scenes English subbed. LBX. BA

G929 Smoke Lightning (33) aka: Præriens Robin Hood Smoke (George O'Brien) wins the Blake ranch in a poker game. Blake kills himself because he can't take it. Smoke writes over the ranch to Blake's daughter. But the corrupt sheriff also wants the ranch. He puts Smoke in jail accusing him of killing Blake! And then the sheriff produces a fake heir to the ranch. Yea, we'll see. BA

B880 Sons of the Great Bear (66) aka: Die Söhne der großen Bärin aka: Cheyenne il figlio del serpente The Indians were guaranteed land adjacent to the Black Hills by contract, but the white man has decided to oust them, breaking this agreement and further violating the promises they have made. The white men have introduced the Indians to drinking and gambling and also realized there is gold in them thar' hills!. This was huge when it was released and starred the popular actor Gojko Mitic. He also reportedly did most of his own stunts. Mitic, an actor also in the Winnetou films and he also played 'Chingachook', is currently in a 2016 reboot of the Winnetou films at age 76. Amazing! In German and with English subtitles. BA

G897 Stagecoach to Fury (56) aka: Ostaggi dei banditi An interesting group of passengers, all with a back-story, are held hostage at a stagecoach station by bandits who were expecting gold on the stagecoach which isn't there. As the back stories are realized via flashback and we see how reprehensible some of these characters actually are, it seems a sort of cosmic justice when some of them are murdered by the bandits. Forrest Tucker as one of the guards who is trying to hold things together. Mari Blanchard (She Devil, Twice Told Tales) as a woman that thinks men grovel at her feet and also holds a nasty secret she keeps from the others. LBX BA

G892 Stranger on the Run (67) aka: Ein Fremder auf der Flucht A great deal of old west atmosphere in this MFTV with Henry Fonda as an alcoholic drifter pursued by a bunch of railroad goons led by Michael Parks character. This is sort of like 'The Most Dangerous Game'. The bad guys, give Fonda's character a horse and set him loose, then they begin to hunt him! Aided by another great cast that includes Sal Mineo, Dan Duryea, Anne Baxter, Michael Burns and Zalman King (!) among others.

B883 Tecumseh (72) aka: Tescumseh - Der Übermacht unterlegen Tecumseh (Gojko Mitic again!) was an Indian Chieftain who united many tribes in the early 19th century to fight back the settlers. Later in his life he joined the English army and eventually fell in battle October of 1813. This is a romanticized version of his life story with sweeping landscapes and well-spoken Indians who speak in full clear sentences. Of course as the story goes, the defeated English the Indians have taken up with betray and abandon their native American allies... and we know the rest. In German and with English subtitles. LBX

B865 Two Violent Men (64) aka: Texas Ranger aka: I due violenti aka: Los rurales de Texas Texas Ranger Bob Logan (George Martin) is assigned by his boss to track down Cassidy (Alan Scott) an alleged killer, who was once Bob's buddy. Instead they team up together to take down land-grabbing female Linda Ranson (Silvia Solar) who is stealing land from humble farmers with the aid of her henchmen. First off, save Mary (Suzy Andersen) and her farm, under attack by Linda's hoodlums. BA

B921 Ulzana (74) aka: Ulzana - Im Reservat des Todes Ulzana stars Gojko Mitic (again) as chief of the Mimbrero tribe that is peacefully settled in Arizona. They are excellent farmers, and are even selling their own fruit, much to the chagrin of local merchants, who easily locate a corrupt army guy to drive the Indians from their land. Another excellent western, this one filmed in Uzbekistan! In German language and with English subtitles.



G925 So Young So Bad (50) aka: Belle giovani e perverse A nice and tawdry W.I.P. film from 1950 that really tries to deliver as much outrageousness as it can muster for the time period. Hidden pets (a rabbit meets a sorry end), an inmate gets a hair cut and goes nuts, repressed sexuality, Anne Francis as the young-hot-stuff miss who abandoned her baby, Rita Moreno as a Latino spitfire, Anne Jackson as a feisty troublemaker, a cruel as hell matron (Grace Coppin) and more. A bit on the sensitive side with liberal -minded Dr. Jason (Paul Henreid) genuinely wanting to help the girls but who cares? BA