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Z188                  Giro Girotondo with Sex, the World is Beautiful (75) aka: Giro girotondo... con il sesso è bello il mondo   It's 1975. Due to lethal overpopulation levels, sex is now outlawed. An innocent girl makes her way across the countryside. She encounters sexual deviants from all manner of players. They are exhibiting sexual insanities due to repression. Dreaming of a simpler time, we are transported to the past, when sexual unions were commonplace. Usually these scenes feature older men feasting on incredibly sexy Italian women. Then we are back to the present again, as our heroine dodges another potential sexual assault. Loads of nudity and sexual situations, LBX and in Italian language only.  BA

Z200                  Sweetwater (88) Looks like some type of game ending event has taken place in this grim future world. War? Bombs? Both? In any event our story finds a man, a woman, and their son moving into a large garbage dump outside of the city, with the plan to survive on the waste in the dump. Man, city life must really suck! Anarchy reigns outside the dump. The woman gets pregnant. Water is scarce. Sweetwater! But there are opposing factions, others are in the dump, living like human trash. The husband gets it on with a prostitute, and later trades his wife for a gun. The group decides to form a resistance and retake the city..... A dark bleak future vision. From Norway so Norse language and with English subtitles. LBX



4633 Nomad Riders (84) aka: Guerreros nómadas  Steven Thrust (Tony Laschi in his only role) seeks retribution against a group of bikers and their mobster employers who are responsible for murdering his wife and son. With a bouncy synthesizer score and one liners like 'Good-bye Scum' you can't go wrong with this low-budget revenge thriller. Some of the names of the characters? Grenades. Cannibal. Crud. Rocco. You get the picture! Watch for the guy in the Port-O-Potty get blown up while doing his business. Man, that's low.  BA


CLASSIC FILMS  {Choose any two CLASSIC titles to create your custom double feature for $14.00 on VHS OR DVD-R! }  

H694 Alaska Seas (54) aka: Nei mari dell'Alaska   Robert Ryan as an anything for a buck fisherman who soon gets in deep with a crooked cannery owner (played by Gene Barry) who buys any and all fish no matter where they come from. Brian Keith is the leader of the honest fishermen who are just trying to make a living. Things heat up and there are several murders. The conclusion is a death ride into the icebergs.... Action packed set bound stock footage patchwork delivers with strong performances from a top notch cast. Jan Sterling dolled up is a nice addition. BA

H653 Boots! Boots! (34) aka: O Homem das Botas  George Formby (in his first starring feature) is shoe shine boy John Willie who works for a hotel and is incompetent at his job. Yep, he can't even tie a pair of shoes, let alone give a good shine. Smart ass one-liners and songs, crude and primitive, this is real vaudeville act stuff British style (no dancing girls), told in patchwork style. Formby's wife Beryl is on hand as well.

Z239 Green Chamber of Linnais, The (45) aka: Linnaisten vihreä kamari  Classic Horror from Finland? Well yes sort of! A Nobleman in 1830's Finland must contend with his uppity relatives, his daughter's annoying suitors and the everyday nonsense that comes with it. But the real revelation is the dark secret's of his family's past, mistaken identities, and there is the other little problem concerning the supposedly haunted wing of the family mansion. Strange passageways add to the intrigue. Gothic Mystery/Chiller practically unheard of, inspired by some of the Hollywood output of the 1940's, ripe with melodrama. With English subtitles.  BA

H631 Her First Affaire (32) aka: L'altalena dell'amore   Anne (Ida Lupino), a headstrong young girl, falls for a writer of trashy novels, much to the chagrin of her fiancé. Thing is, the object of her desire is already married! Ida Lupino is 14 years old in her debut.

H647 Lady in the Death House (44) aka: La casa della morte  Lionel Atwill plays the hero for a change, trying to stop the execution of a woman that may have been falsely accused of murder. Not only is Lionel Atwill a criminologist, he moonlights as the state executioner! If he can't save the girl (his girl!) then he must flick the switch! Riveting and fast-paced.  BA

H670 Man with my Face, The (51) A man (Barry Nelson)  arrives home late one night and finds his doppelganger has taken over his existence completely! Set in the city of San Juan, not your typical setting, here we have beaches, hotels and shops etc. Nelson is in deep trouble when he is carted off to jail wrongly as an imposter.  A Doberman meant to kill him kills a cop instead. He now is free to figure out just what the hell is going on. But even his own pooch nips at his hand! Nelson is decent in the dual role. Also with Jack Warden.  BA 

Z196 Murder of Santa Claus, The (42) aka: L'assassinat du Père Noël   aka: Who Killed Santa Claus?   An old globe maker (Harry Baur as Gaspard Cornusse) is mysteriously killed while going through the town dressed as Santa Claus. Found dead and lying in the snow is he...but wait! There is a suspect! Heavy snowfall has delayed the police in their arrival to investigate. So the villagers decide to solve this mystery on their own. Interesting note here, This is the first film that the Nazis allowed to be made in France after the occupation and installation of the Vichy government. The director snuck this by the Nazis, who didn't get the allegory/metaphor of the film which though it is an almost fairytale setting with good and bad characters, you can clearly see the filmmakers were certainly not on board with the Germans master plan.  Sadly and tragically Harry Baur was tortured and killed (died two days after his release from injuries suffered) by the Gestapo just a year later…  French with English subtitles.   BA

H687 Mystery in Mexico (48) aka: La collana insanguinata  In Mexico city an American singer is trying to find her missing brother. Intense and sometimes dark noir set in Mexico for a change. William Lundigan and Jacqueline White star.  BA

H692 Sea Hornet, The (52) aka: Der Seewolf von Barracuda  A mix-up of film noir and fun adventure. High sea divers in search of treasure on a sunken ship. Rod Cameron stars and Jim Davis is a decent villain here. Also with Adele Mara (doll face), Richard Jaeckal and Lorna Gray (her last film).  BA

H683 Sea Tiger (52) A broken down old bucket out of time, the sea freighter, abandoned by the Japanese after WW2, is known as 'The Sea Tiger'. But there is treasure in a not so secret safe... Murder, greed, shady insurance investigators.... more...If you are a sucker for stories on old wrecks, this is for you! Marguerite Chapman, Mara Corday and more star.  BA

3773 Son of Ingagi (40) aka: House of Horror  Creaky old horror with a Southern Gothic Atmosphere and an all- black cast! Manages to be just as entertaining as similar poverty row productions made around the same time. A newly married couple inherits an old house from a woman doctor, unaware that a monster/ape man lives in a hidden room below. The creature had been killing the doctor's enemies, but now....?  BA

H686 Spiritualist, The (48) aka: The Amazing Mr. X   An unusual and mostly forgotten little thriller. It even looks like the filmmakers took their cues from Val Lewton. The set-up with Turhan Bey (as Alexis) as a dubious medium enticing a widow by claiming contact with her late husband allows for some fun sequences involving the medium's tricky house, and some good spooky haunting scenes. Additionally anyone interested in how subjects like occultism, séances, mediums and magic, seers and prophets etc. were represented in 1948 will find interest. Richard Carlson, Lynn Bari and Virginia Gregg also star. Turhan Bey lived long into old age attending horror conventions and the like until Parkinson's disease took him out at age 90 in 2012.  BA

4773 Terror from the Year 5000 (58) When a prototype time machine begins to snatch items from the future things get crazy when a shrieking creature of a woman is transported into the present. After taking the face of a pretty nurse, she starts trouble, with horrific results. I must confess, I am in the same camp as those who were terrified by this film when they were a child. Nightmares! Sure, laugh all you want, but I remember dreaming of this shrieking creepy bitch for some time until another scarier film took her place. Of course, I love it. Nightmares are good!  BA

H695 We Who Are About to Die (37) aka: Condemned Row   John Beal plays an aircraft engineer that gets kidnapped by a criminal gang and implicated in murder, landing on death row. Will the truth be revealed of his innocence before the executioner has his day? Excellent men in prison film and hard hitting at times. Maybe there was more humanity in movies and mankind in the first half of the 20th century? Well, the movies anyway. Ann Dvorak and Preston Foster star.  BA

Z182 Yacht Isabel Arrived this Afternoon, The (50) aka: La balandra Isabel llegó esta tarde  Don't let the strange title fool you!  A Captain of a small vessel  regularly sails between his home island of Margarita in the Caribbean and the Venezuelan mainland. He has a sleazy mistress named Esperanza that his wife knows nothing about. He wants out, but Esperanza has enlisted the help of a shaman, to assist her in bewitching the Captain, and taking him from his family into her evil arms permanent like. The spell places him into an obsessive trance.... Kind of cool, Esperanza is like a beautiful mesmerizing witch, and the film is dripping with atmosphere. With English subtitles.




Z181 Abyss, The (77) aka: O Abismo  Jose Mojica Marins (Coffin Joe himself!) stars in this mind-melting journey into surrealism. Trying to decipher an ancient manuscript about an alien civilization ends up being an exercise that results in strange situations. The subjects of mysticism and the human condition, flying saucers .... but the present condition of the human race is ruled in ignorance... with the only hope for the human race being either in the distant past or the far ahead future.... Do you have the answers? Does this movie? With English subtitles.

H731 Black Duke, The (63) aka: Il duca nero   Cesare Borgia (Cameron Mitchell), a cardinal in the Catholic church, a confidante of the Pope, powerful, rich... is confronted by a plethora of political and personal crises. His sister Lucrezia (Gloria Osuna) is hanging with his enemies, troubles with his mistress, assassins are trying to kill him to give an edge to other contenders...  This is a swashbuckler though despite the religious characters, and Cameron Mitchell is superb in the action sequences, especially the finale! LBX and Upgrade!  BA

Z211 Eyes Behind the Stars (78) aka: Occhi dalle stelle  A photographer and the sexy model he is photographing in the woods start to get creeped out when they feel something is not quite right. Later they develop the film and see what appear to be alien creatures in the background. This one flies all over the place and will remind you of what 'The X-Files' turned into in some ways with paranoia, U.F.O.'s. aliens, conspiracy theories, and some horror.  Martin Balsam, Sherry Buchanan, Nathalie Delon, Robert Hoffman and more star. Now in a sharp LBX print.  BA

Z242 Hunchback of Paris, The (59) aka: The King's Avenger  aka: Le bossu  A Prince decides the Duke must go, having coveted his wealth and properties for too long. They should be his! Jean Marais is the famous hunchback,... or he is in disguise? Massive production, sweeping visuals, an action-packed swashbuckler that will take you back to simpler times. German actress Sabine Sesselmann in a dual role.. Incredible LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z194 Master of Time (70) aka: Le maître du temps  Surreal science fiction from the age of the emergence of these New Wave French made allegory type trips for the mind. This one features a time traveling alien who visits planet earth at different moments in time. Opens with our silver painted friend rising from the oceans, trudging ashore, and trying to communicate with a turtle. But of course it does. But wait, a human on a raft has washed up....  This one is dubbed into English.

T76 Quest for the Mighty Sword (90) aka: Ator: La leyenda de la espada de Graal  aka: Troll 3   Once a God gave a sword to the King of Aquiles to bring justice to his people. Now he wants it back.  Eric Allen Kramer is 'Ator', Miles O'Keefe is nowhere in sight. Kramer was the first live action 'Thor' (in a 1988 T.V. movie with Lou Ferrigno!). There's more! Misleading title. Hot pants wearing Ator finds the sword in the first half hour. Some quest! 'Troll 2' costumes used again (now that's saving.... I dunno, a quarter?). Could go on and on. Margaret Lenzey, Marisa Mell (one of her last movies, such luck!), Laura Gemser as Grimilde. Joe D'Amato directs!  BA

Z221 Red Sheik, The (62) aka: Lo sceicco rosso  aka: La máscara roja  The end of hostilities between the rebel Amar and Ajabar Sultan is celebrated. During the festivities, The Red Sheik, Ajabar's right hand man, is brutally murdered with several of his men and a legend is born. Legend has it... The Ghost of The Red Sheik roams the abandoned city, invoking vengeance! Time passes. Out of a sandstorm a stranger arrives at the court of Amar. At the same time ambushes, murders, kidnappings and riots commence. Rosalba Neri delivers the eye candy in this huge, grand, epic and colorful film. Finally a nice LBX English dubbed print with no subtitles.  BA

2369 Return of the Dinosaurs (84) After a comet passes over the Earth, Dinosaurs Rise Again! But climate change threatens their existence! An international council (of what is left of mankind!) decides to relocate the beasts to their very own island where they can survive. You like Japanese monster movies? This one is animated! English language.

Z222 Sheba and the Gladiator (59) aka: Sign of the Gladiator  aka: Nel segno di Roma  Queen Zenobia (Anita Ekberg in her prime) of Palmiria revolts against Rome, sending her legions to attack. An emissary, Centurion Marcus Valerius eventually gains her trust and she falls in love with him. This will be her undoing. But Marcus may be her savior as well... One of the first of the truly great from the genre, everything about this production is top notch. Ekberg is stunning riding a horse in a mini-skirt and wearing low-cut evening dresses. Also with Chelo Alonso in a stunning dance sequence. Uncut, a few scenes never dubbed have English subtitles, but this is pretty much 95% English language and LBX. Upgrade!  BA




Z231 Carousel of Death (96) aka: Das Karussell des Todes   Another recent attempt to revitalize the Edgar Wallace genre of mysteries. The gardener of Lady Osborne becomes the victim of a burglar when she catches him in the house of her employment. Soon, more mysterious deaths occur and the Inspectors suspect a connection between the victims and the lady's deceased husband. Under an hour, MFTV. In Italian language with English subtitles.

H637 Case of the Frightened Lady, The (40) aka: The Scarf Murder Mystery  aka: Der Schrecken von Marks Priory    A Gothic Thriller of the old school spinning an intriguing web of mystery and horror in the ancestral English family home of the Lebanon's. Home to secrets, suspicions, and quite possibly, psychotic murder. It's a comic-romantic, old dark house horror, murder mystery romp.

Z209 Cat of Kensington, The (96) aka: Die Katze von Kensington  Edgar Wallace revival film from 1996! A gangster, known as 'The Joker' blackmails and rips off those in his circle. No honor among thieves. He demands 90% of the take, and those who disagree, die! The law is on the case and the proverbial game of cat and mouse begins. An updated thoughtful homage to the legacy of Edgar Wallace. Of course in color and with bright locations, this may not remind of the usual dark and gloomy Wallace based films of the past... but then, the finale! LBX and with English subtitles.



Z207 Burning Passions (75) aka: Stin pagida tou sex kai tou eglimatos  Forced to ditch on an isolated island after a chase from the cops, diamond smugglers notice a yacht approaching, with some cute women on board. They see this as a chance of escape, but the girls are nudists in seek of nature... Hard to just pass this opportunity up! One of the men is a little too turned on and he murders one of the girls. There is a witness. So, in his mind, she has to go as well. One of the other guys is in love though...  Betrayals and death lead to a fairly grim outcome.  This is an English dubbed film from Greece.

Z186 Cinema Perverso: the Wonderful and Twisted World of Railroad Cinema (15) An exploration and dissection into the little known and wonderfully sleazy sex and violence films that played at the train stations in Germany in the 1970's. Clips and snips provide some highlights, and prominent and known directors (like Uwe Boll and Jorg Buttgeritt) provide comments. Some of these films are well known, some are obscure. This hour long docu delivers the sleaze/gore goods! LBX and with English subtitles.

Z255 Deep Thoughts (80) A series of  sex based vignettes. The women are basically there for the taking, flirting with the men, daydream sexual fantasies, near hardcore sex, a teacher seduced by a student, a hitchhiker picked up by a trucker, Ajita Wilson, a Peeping Tom.... Bright and colorful sex filled fun. Dubbed into English language.

Z210 Emmanuelle and Joanna (79) aka: The Pornographic World of Two Sisters - An unhappy housewife named Emanuela (Sherry Buchanan in her hottest movie) is sexually brutalized by her husband and seeks gentler and loving sex with a younger man but he abuses her as well, gang raping her with his friends. I guess she is just that type, only attracting abusive men. Her friend Joanna runs a brothel that specializes in sado-masochistic games and Emanuela starts playing here as well. Sense a theme yet in her life? Careful planning leads to revenge on her abusers, and lots of erotic sex as well! Now this is available with English subtitles in a very sharp print.

Z237 Fanny Hill (68) aka: Fanny Hill auf schwedisch  The familiar tale of the sexual awakening of a beautiful young girl is transplanted into swinging 60's Stockholm. Her first love may be doomed because her boyfriend's father does not like her. But there are so many men to choose from... and she is so young, pretty and willing! Diana Kjaer is Fanny Hill, and yes, she is quite the knockout. Soft-core outing with breasts and butts of course, and filmed in Sweden a country that was once great. Kjaer appeared as Dagmar in 'Dagmar's Hot Pants' a few years later. She died in 2005 at age 59. LBX excellent quality with English subtitles.  BA

Z240 Hot Springs Geisha (72) aka: Hot Springs Earthworm Geisha  aka: Onsen mimizu geisha   This may be the craziest of Japanese sex films. The last segment will leave you reeling. A man and his two cohorts, hire geisha whores and they are sexually disabled by abuses. One girl they call 'Octopus Vagina' and the main guy gets her on the beach and octopuses crawl out of the sea and attack. Real Octopus Action. Creepy Crawly Fun! This one is loaded with nudity and sexual situations. There is a trailer for the film before it starts. LBX and with English subtitles.

Z216 Malicious (73) aka: Malizia  Maid Angela (Laura Antonelli) works in the house of a widower and his sons. She marries the widower and must deal with one bad and manipulative blackmailing son (she'll straighten the little bastard out later). The son also gets with a friend and together they spy on the friend's sleeping half-nude sister (Tina Aumont). Perverse fun is had by all. Laura Antonelli was a sexual superstar, and delivers the erotic goods here as the voluptuous maid/wife/stepmother. Both Antonelli and Aumont had drug conviction problems. Both are dead now, Antonelli from a heart attack in 2015 at age 73, and Aumont of a pulmonary embolism in 2006 at age 60. Aumont was the daughter of Maria Montez. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z266 Modern Porno Tale: Inherited Sex Mania (71) aka: The Insatiable  aka: Gendai poruno-den: Sentensei inpu   Yuki has lesbian sex with Miki at a Catholic school during the opening. Later, she is raped by her mother's trashy boyfriend, quits school and leaves home. Permanently damaged goods, she starts to burn through a number of sugar daddies. Then she has a chance at love with an architect who really seems to care about her. But, Yuki is a nymphomaniac. Can she even have a normal relationship with just one man? And what about the sugar daddies who would kill to keep her? In Japanese language, Upgrade! LBX and with English subtitles.

Z243 Nurses Report (72) aka: Sesso in corsia  aka: The Krankenschwesterm Report  aka: Krankenschwestern-Report  Opens with large breasted topless nurse straddling a patient in his hospital bed while his leg is suspended in a cast. Then we have a guy in the streets talking to young nurses about their professions. Sure, there is some gabbing, but more sexual situations and nudity with drop dead gorgeous women, some lesbian action... oh wait... they're caught! You would want to work at this hospital, trust me! Ingrid Steeger, Karin Heske, Ulrike Butz and many more star. These few starlets alone feature in many more films we carry of an erotic nature. Nice LBX and dubbed into English.  BA

H618 Smell-O-Vision! (60/86) aka: Scent of Mystery  A vacationing Englishman (Denholm Elliott) stumbles upon a plot to kill a young American tourist (Beverly Bentley) in Spain….  Peter Lorre, Oliver Larker, Diana Dors and more…    A “smell-o-vision” movie when it was released.  Thirty different smells (including pipe tobacco, wine, garlic, perfume and peppermint) were released at appropriate moments in the film.  This gimmick was too expensive/complicated, so it was short lived.  Here are the surviving parts of the actual movie (minus smells of course) along with a host, dressed and looking like Peter Falk as 'Columbo'…. (Ken Spina whose only credit I can find is showing up in a Magnum P.I. episode from 1986 as a ... you guessed it! A Columbo Look-alike.)   

H611 Suburban Wives (72) From sleaze writer/director Derek Ford. Here told are 7 stories of infidelity, each one from the woman's point of view. Each of the women are unhappy in their married sex lives and seek sex elsewhere to supplement their sexual cravings. Maggie Wright, Claire Gordon, Gabrielle Drake, Jane Cardew and more star in this one.  BA

4236 Swinging Barmaids (75) aka: Eager Beavers   Honest, busty babes working in an unscrupulous club grapple with survival. Butt grabbing customers just part of the protocol here. When a holy roller man gets a load of the club, he decides these unwholesome females need to be destroyed. His first victim is Boo-Boo (Dyanne Thorne). The cop on the case is played by rough and tumble William Smith in a hero role for a change. Lots of nudity and sexy women, violence and a satisfying conclusion. Katie Saylor also stars with Bruce Watson as Tom and Laura Hippe as Jenny. Strangely both Bruce Watson and Laura Hippe committed suicide. Hippe at age 36 in 1986 and Watson at age 68 in 2009.  BA

Z226 What Are You Doing After the Orgy? (70) aka: Rötmånad   A dysfunctional Swedish family lives on the shore of a lake. The wife uses the family boathouse as a brothel, servicing fishermen, hydro planers... you got the dime, she's got the time! The wife is trying to initiate her daughter Anna Bella (Lindberg) into the biz. Starts easy, letting clients peep at her naked bod, even take pictures. But Anna Bella is in love with a boy her age, and when mother tries to interfere.... Anna Bella strangles her!  She's taking over the boathouse gig. But maybe the father had already developed a plan to stop all of this whoring. I think the family dog might be in on this scheme as well. You decide! Lindberg, stunning as usual in her nude scenes, was 19 when this was filmed. Finally a nice LBX and English subtitled version of this Christina Lindberg film!  LBX and with English subtitles.

Z202 White Wedding (89) aka: Noce blanche  A 49 year old teacher of philosophy falls hard for a cute 17 year old, troubled, cynical but brilliant, student (Vanessa Paradis in her debut). Of course this affair cannot stand and when the man is forced to choose his wife or the girl... things get even more out of hand. Paradis is uncanny, sensual, mysterious, a revelation. This, another French Lolita type, delivers on many levels the dangers of inappropriate relationships, and the grounds of emotional survival they tend to decimate. This will not end well. With English subtitles.

H619 Yes Girls, The (71) aka: Take Some Girls   Maria (Sue Bond) is a juvenile delinquent in girl's detention. With the promise of her carnal pleasures she baits an elderly gardener, who faints away when her top comes off. Holy Gazongas! Off she runs, topless and bouncing boobied, to the highway to hitch (after covering up those mammoth twins). Fun trash from director Lindsay Shonteff. Sexy, Sleazy and salacious Sue Bond was also in Benny Hill in various roles as well as many British shows.



H691 Bar, The (17) aka: El bar  Several strangers in a bar in Madrid are shocked when a shooting happens just outside the door, and they find themselves trapped together inside the bar. Fear, despair and prejudice are responsible for taking to the extreme all of the actions of the customers in the bar, each seeking to insure their own survival as feral animalistic tendencies begin to manifest. An epidemic has taken hold of the outdoors populace, and inside the bar as well, which results eventually in a nightmare coda in the shitty sewers of the city with the last of the uninfected. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z203 Black Exorcism (74) aka: the Bloody Exorcism of Coffin Joe  Opens with Jose Mojica Marins directing a horror movie. Later he visits a small farm where a supernatural force is possessing the occupants one by one. The matriarch of the family has made a deal with a local witch... Later Coffin Joe is ready to collect the souls of the family at the request of the Son of Satan. In Portuguese with English subtitles, great quality and 8 extra minutes of footage…  BA

L460 Blood Sabbath (72) An Irresistible coven of witches capture a handsome young man (Anthony 'Luke' Geary) who is just passing through the woods. When confronted by five beautiful naked women, he does what any red-blooded male would do. He runs screaming! Yea... right. Most men would think they had died and gone to heaven. Later he falls in love with a water nymph (really), but he can't be with her unless he gives up his soul. The witches (led by Dyanne Thorne as the head of the coven) are more than happy to take his soul, 'Take My Soul Damn You' he cries. But the water nymph is horrified.... A nice companion to Joseph Sarno's 'veil of Blood' made a year later. Ah... the age of devils and witches.

H737 Bloodsuckers: Those Who Feed on Blood (91) aka: Pyushchye krovi  aka: The Vampire  When a young man wants to marry a poor girl, her cousin envies her very much. She even makes everybody believe that the main character was in love with her. He escapes from many difficulties in order to find his beloved who also became trapped in a luxurious villa with some strange relatives. The people inside the villa are vampires, they were called Upyri in those days in Russia. They suck blood of anyone who comes to see them. The young man is too much in love so he looses his head and goes directly to the nest of vampires…   Russian made and with English subtitles.

Z236 Capricci (69) aka: La Bohème  An unrestrained mind trip from Italy's Carmelo Bene, one of their most defiantly idiosyncratic filmmakers. Vulgar, hysterical, non-linear and ultimately apocalyptic in it's avant-garde approach with all of it's manic energy focused on alternate realities and bizarre characters in grotesque situations, ending in all-out chaos. In Italian language and with English subtitles.

Z208 Catacomba (16) aka: Катакомбы  A nerdy guy finds himself trapped in a barbershop, waiting for his turn, reading a strange comic book. We see the tales, and they will lead to fear... to sex... to horror... to necrophilia... This is pretty brutal and sick, with some XXX type horror, like a guy getting serviced below as he is tied to a tree with a pentagram carved into his chest, then he is ripped in half and decapitated. There will be more gory sex shocks to come, holy crap! This is based on those sex horror comics from Italy, they were released in a small digest-sized format and were chock full of graphic sex, horror and violence. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

1646 Dark Side to Love, The (84) aka: Carnival of Fools   aka: The Death Wish Club   A young man gets involved with a hot slutty porno girl (Merideth Haze, why only one film?) and a club where they play suicidal games that usually lead to gory violent deaths for one of the participants. This features all of the sex and violence cut from the shortened version you see in 'Night Train to Terror’. Gruesome and original.  BA

H739 Dead Cold (95) aka: Crime a Sangue-Frio   After some hardships, a couple decides to take a break and rent an isolated cabin in the frozen mountains to recover and rest. But an intruder shows up. He seems like he could be dangerous. He is. And he wants the woman. But things do not go as you think they might and the bloody outcome will be completely unexpected. Lysette Anthony, Chris Mulkey, Michael Champion and Peter Dobson star.  BA

Z256 Demon, The (78) aka: Night Demon  A man is saddled with his three illegitimate children when his mistress skips town. This annoys his actual wife. It is not long before the husband and wife are trying to figure out how to rid themselves of these little bastards. The youngest kid goes first. He's two, three maybe, suffering from severe malnutrition.... The shocker is the last, oldest child, and how he reacts to his father trying to do him in..... Pretty dark, but there are people who do this, even nowadays. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

6339 Evil Judgment (84) aka: Une sentence diabolique  A guy escapes from the nut house after offing a few of the workers. Scalpel in hand he sets out for freedom. Meanwhile Janet, not happy with her paltry earnings at the cafe, goes out with her hooker friend to maybe try hooking for 'better money'! Our killer manages to show up and slice and dice her friend, and Janet’s potential first customer. Janet escapes, but our killer does not want anybody alive that can identify him, and he will gorily slaughter everyone in his way,  Finished in 1981 and on the shelf for 3 years, this one a nice addition to the 'slasher'.  BA

593 Fangs (74) aka: Snakes   aka: Holy Wednesday  Snakey Bender (Les Tremayne) is a misunderstood eccentric who turns into psychopath when crossed by an assortment of odd characters. Take 'Willard', replace rats with snakes, and change the location to a trashy version of Mayberry where all of the people are despicable as presented here. Add some sordid sleaze, more horror with truly fun and bizarre kills which of course means more deaths.... ah see, lots of fun! Also with Janet Wood.  BA

3003 Help Me... I'm Possessed (76) aka: The Possessed   A mad doctor runs a sanitarium in an isolated desert area castle, This place comes complete with a hunchbacked servant who whips the chained females kept in the dungeon, and is quite good at hacking off legs so corpses fit in caskets. But something is missing. Oh I know! A rampaging monster that at times looks like giant Red Twizzlers who manages to escape from time to time to kill people passing by! Other residents of the fake looking sets include a curvaceous nurse and several other nut jobs... A great time for bad movie lovers (like me)!

Z190 Isabelle (11) Isabelle (Halina Reijn) is a famous actress of the Netherlands. On a holiday in Belgium she is kidnapped by a disfigured female bartender named Jeanne, who is also a painter. Jeanne is obsessed with death and decay, the process of decomposition, She begins to starve Isabelle to death, painting different stages of her deterioration, lurid works of doom drenched art. Isabelle is naked a lot. Can Isabelle make an emotional connection with the disturbed Jeanne and save her life? Will there be a female masturbation scene? Is Jeanne in fact played by a female actress, or a man? This is a good one, and quite different. In Dutch and with English subtitles.

7119 Killer Crocodile (89) aka: Der Mörder-Alligator  Filmed in the Dominican Republic. Toxic waste filled barrels have been dumped in the swampy waterways. Presto instant giant Crocodile! Inspired by 'Jaws' and starring Richard Crenna's son Richard Anthony Crenna as Kevin. You know what you are getting, a killer animatronics crocodile inconsistently represented in moments of sheer hilarity but still cool and better than CGI, people falling into the water for no reason, macho man standing up to the beast, action aplenty.... I cannot believe anyone would pan this flick. It is 100% schlocky fun! Sherrie Rose stars and holy crap Van Johnson as the Judge in one of his last films! Directed by Fabrizio De Angelis the man behind the equally fun 'Thunder' trilogy with Mark Gregory! LBX BA

7120 Killer Crocodile 2 (90) aka: Killer Krokodil II - Die Mörderbestie  Filmed in the Dominican Republic. Direct sequel! Kevin (Richard Anthony Crenna) returns and is once again after a giant Killer Crocodile as a holiday resort's residents are being chomped upon. In the opening, singing school boys in a boat with some nuns get tipped and the Killer Crocodile chows down! Yes! Usually in a films like this (especially now) they would all be saved. Glad to see some of them die with lots of blood, more fun. More attacks, flashbacks to the first film, more cheesy special effects etc.  We love these type of films. Lighten up! This one directed by special effects make-up man Giannetto De Rossi, the man behind make-up for 'Rambo 3' and many of the best Fulci films. LBX  BA

Z241 Killer Passes By, The (81) aka: Un assassin qui passé  A serial killer falls in love with one of his prospective victims (Carol Laure). The cop on his trail is no better than the serial killer, shooting suspects just like that without due process. When the killer has his scenes, the filmmaker manages to evoke empathy for his situation. Yes, he is a killer, but is he any worse than this particular rogue cop? Well, this manages to give you food for thought. The ending may surprise you. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z192 Lolitas of Athens (67) More great trash from Greece! This time a bit of giallo/crime touches drive the story. Young blonde Rosie is a nympho and a whore. Is it a lust for sex or survival that drives her, Childhood trauma perhaps. A sugar daddy sets her up with a place, she's now his mistress, she calls him 'Daddy'. The man's wife becomes suspicious and confronts him. Damn how can you blame the guy, his wife sure isn't as smokin' hot as Rosie is. But Rosie is a very bad girl, she is playing a game. This will not end well. In Greek and with English subtitles.

Z265 Lollipop Monster (11) aka: Friedenau  Two 15 year old girls (played by older actresses), both from dysfunctional families, are opposites, and yet similar. Ari has sex with unknown men. Oona expresses herself through self mutilation and creating morbid drawings. Ari is a blonde that paints herself up like a whore. Oona, more Goth, likes things black as night. Overcoming their difficulties they collude on a shockingly violent conclusion. I didn't see any Lollipops…. OR any Monsters. LBX and with English subtitles.

H738 Los Inquilinos del Infierno (04) Mara moved to an old building trying to escape the memory of her mother's recent suicide. While trying to adjust to the new apartment, Mara begins to see strange things and a ghostly presence seems to hover about. After a failed launch party interrupted by cranky downstairs neighbor, Mara knows the grim charge…. Horror from Argentina LBX and in Spanish language only and with no subtitles. BA

3943 Mania: The Intruder (86) aka: Mania  Anthology of four horror stories. First: See No Evil: A murder witness is framed for the murder by the killer. Second: Intruder  A guard dog is so scary a man tries to poison it, and realizes he has just made a very big mistake. Third: Have a Nice Day: Kidnapper demands payment or a woman will never see her daughter again. But things are not as they seem. Fourth: The Good Samaritan: A man saves a woman from her attacker, and soon finds out this was not such a good idea.... four tales of horror, all with twists. 

2609 Miami Golem (85) aka: Miami Horror  aka: Cosmos Killer  A fetal baby (with heavy mascara) in a pickling jar that possesses a lethal destructive power is the force behind this tale of terror? Yes, it would seem that is the case here. Budget starved cheesy Italian science fiction with David Warbeck as a television reporter turned gun-toting hero! Sergio Stivaletti is behind the demon baby. For all of it's faults, this manages to deliver originality to some degree, it's nutty, but also has some strange scenes (one repeated twice like they didn't think anyone would notice!), how about when Warbeck takes a helicopter out from a moving school bus with a pistol?  BA

2000 Midnight Intruders (73) aka: The Wife   Alice's husband Allen is out of town and comes home early to find Alice in the shower with Sam. Violence ensues... Then a couple of hippies (calling themselves Catman and Catwoman) break into the home pointing guns. A desperate struggle for survival takes place... who will survive? Plenty of nudity, sex and violence.  BA

3019 Mirrors (78) aka: Marianne  Supernatural thriller with Kitty Win of 'The Exorcist'! She plays a newlywed who is possessed/cursed by a voodoo spirit during a New Orleans honeymoon. Why should Linda Blair have all the fun? Supernatural visions plague her, but everyone around her suspects she's lost her marbles. Universally panned and admittedly this is an awkward psychological thriller, it still delivers just enough for the patient lover of subtle horror. Kitty Winn was pretty much through, this was her last film.  BA

Z277 Miss Violence (13) An eleven year old girl jumps from a balcony on her birthday. Splat. Now lets see what makes this family tick...  The father rules with strict and abusive control. The film is about a family struggle, Disturbed dark personalities, and emotionally scarred human beings. The father is not only a sexual abuser, he also whores out his granddaughter. He will beat, rape, yell at his kids. Somebody should cut off his dick with a large knife. But what of the mother? Will there be repercussions? Some have labeled this as a purely evil film. Others describe it as 'The Banality of Evil'. From Greece I call it 'Another Greek Tragedy' like many of the others. Truly Dark and Twisted, that’s for sure. LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

Z195 Moebius (96) A train has disappeared deep in the labyrinthine subway system of Argentina. Simply vanished. (Much like political dissidents tend to go missing in Argentina). An investigation from a topographer begins and he finds that the train is indeed still in existence. But it can only be heard and not seen. Trapped in a fourth dimension. Clever, unconventional sci-fi from an unconventional place. Rich colors, interesting camera shots, innovative, fascinating, challenging. Upgrade here and with English subtitles.

3059 Monkey Boy (91) aka: Chimera   Half monkey, half man. Chad was born in a lab and kept hidden from the world. They made him. They Raised Him. And Now He is Coming Out to Play! Genetic engineering results in a murderous hybrid that is now on the loose. Originally this was a mini-series in Britain, this is the feature length version, the only version currently available. It's fine, this 100 minute version cuts to the chase and delivers all of the good stuff without over an hour of endless talking and theorizing. Monkey Boy!  BA

4340 Moonchild (74) aka: Moonchild, il figlio della luna  A young artist unwittingly enters a mysterious spiritual dimension when visiting a mysterious old inn, complete with bizarre characters. But is he really a reincarnated man who returns to the inn at the end of his every life and encounters people from his past who are trapped in time and competing for control of his soul? A perpetual hell of endless loops like a nightmare that never ends. John Carradine, Victor Buono and more are involved. Do you dare enter the acid-drenched cinema of mind-melting absurdity?  BA

Z244 Murder in the Doll House (79) aka: Midare karakuri  An aspiring writer is hired by an understaffed detective agency run by a former policewoman. She partners with him on a case investigating some interfamilial conflict at one of the top toy companies in the country. However, when their target is killed in a car chase, they find themselves trapped in a maze of complicated tricks and devious puzzles. Eventually they explore a cavernous labyrinth and the truth is revealed. This Japanese film is LBX and with English subtitles.

7133 My Brother has Bad Dreams (72) aka: Scream Bloody Murder (but not to be confused with that hook-handed killer movie) Karl is a man-child, still traumatized after watching his father kill his mother when he was young. His older sister Emma takes care of him. He talks to (and sleeps with) mannequins that he considers 'friends'. When Emma falls for biker Tony, Karl's madness is unleashed. Terrifyingly bleak and doomy, a slow burn into mental madness.  BA

2838 Naked Vengeance (85) aka: Nuda vendetta  aka: Mad End  Unrated Version! Gripping, intense, skillfully directed revenge tale. The gang rape scene is well-lit realistic, horrifying and tough to watch. The reason we do however is to see the viciousness of the male leads, which makes it more satisfying when we see the female lead (Deborah Tranelli) take her bloody vengeance. She was raped, sure, horrible. But she kills the fuck out of every last one of the bastards that raped her. And that is not today's movement, this is 80's exploitation at his most politically incorrect best. Tranelli was a 'Dallas' star being in 144 episodes.  BA

N13 Night Flowers (79) aka: Night Angels   aka: Der Krieg hat sie kaputt gemacht   Two Viet Nam vets with massive psychological problems go down the wrong path. They advertise for a roommate to share the cost in their shithole New York City apartment. When a hippie chick shows up to check it out, they rape and kill her. Unpleasant. Things get darker as we go along. For those of you who found 'Taxi Driver' too cheerful. Kind of an odd and very dark flick for the times as serial killings were constantly in the news. Linda Hamilton's film debut, but if you blink you'll miss her (you might not spot her at all!). 

2663 Night Nurse (78) Unusual Horror from Australia. An aging Opera singer named 'The Diva' and her housekeeper/companion Clara live together in their old house. New arrival Night Nurse Prudence has no idea the house of horrors she has entered. Clara, the sole heir of The Diva, is jealous, and doesn't take too kindly to intruders of any sort... Not a masterpiece but still of interest for fans of this type.  BA

Z268 Suck Me Vampire (76) aka: Suce-moi vampire  Jean Rollins directs to pay for the losses of another film 'Lips of Blood', using some of the same people and places. Tells the story of how vampirism is combined with sexual perversions. Seriously should be viewed back to back with 'Lips of Blood'. This is a hardcore sex film with horror themes. In fact this is 'Lips of Blood' shortened, with loads of sex scenes instead of scenes from the other film. Rollins somehow managed to blend this altogether nicely. Hell, why not? At one point a fanged woman fellates a happy man and he utters the line 'Suck Me Vampire!'. Now with English subtitles for the first time.

H736 Sweet Savior (71) aka:  The Love Thrill Murders  aka: Frenetic Party   A bearded, leather jacketed Manson-like cult leader (Troy Donahue) takes his flock to New York City where they do satanic-like rituals, drugs, and murder. Hippie babble, some mean spirited sickness, loads of nudity including orgies with plenty of sex and more. For some reason the filmmakers decided to make the cult members sympathetic, giving the finger to any civilized normal society as the real problem. BA

3344 Sword of Heaven (81) A Japanese policeman in Los Angeles uses an ancient magic sword to battle killers and an extortion ring. Plenty of martial arts action as our hero has to do battle with everybody else after the sword, who wish to use it for evil deeds. One scene has guy hurtle a nun in a wheelchair over a cliff.

H746 Tales of the Unknown (90) Four supernatural tales of horror. Jack Falls Down, The Big Garage, Living on Video and Warped. Plays out like 4 lost episodes of 'Tales from the Darkside'!

H783 Tenderness of the Wolves (73) aka: Die Zärtlichkeit der Wölfe  Set in Post WW2, Germany. Kurt Raab is frightening as Fritz Haarman: Child killer, vampire, cannibal, pedophile, black market salesman and more. Simply no limits to the man's depravity. He lures young boys off the streets into his dirty little apartment, rapes and sometimes kills them. then processes their carcasses to sell as meat. One of the creepiest serial killer flicks we have seen. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

408 Terror in the Swamp (85) Eerie swamp footage in this mixture of every single boggy Bigfoot movie type out there. Shot in the swamps of Louisiana, not even an hour from New Orleans. Also known as 'Nutriaman: The Copasaw Creature'. Rednecks versus funny hairy monster. Intentionally campy? A great double feature with 'Death Curse of Tartu'.   BA

2021 Terror on Alcatraz (87) aka: Nightmare on Alcatraz  A man (Aldo Ray) who had escaped from Alcatraz in 1962 has returned to find a map to a safety deposit box key he left in his cell. But a group of the tour to Alcatraz recognizes him and sneak back after the tour to see what he is up to. Looks like he will have to kill them one by one! This is both slasher and crime caper. With a shock ending and some disturbing moments. Entertaining for what it is once you suspend your disbelief.  BA

Z269 Victims of Vice (78) aka: Brigade mondaine  aka: Vice Squad   The crime squad is after a drug and prostitution ring. In the opening a woman is shot by a leather-masked killer in a dreamy sequence underlined by a disco score. The culprit wanted by the police is a charming playboy who easily lures women to their doom. A rich and powerful old man pulls the levers of this operation. Lots of sleaze and sex, an S&M club, sex on the beach (talk about a beach ball), lesbians, orgies, implied necrophilia and more. Dubbed into English.   BA



Z257 Drácula Barcelona (17) Jess Franco directs Christopher Lee in 1970 Barcelona. At the same time, Pere Portabella became aware of this collaboration and started on his own film 'Caudecuc, Vampir, about 'The Making of Jess Franco' Dracula', getting full cooperation of star Christopher Lee as well. Dracula Barcelona is the story of these two films, with interviews with both directors and others like the still living great Jack Taylor, and others, some interviews obviously recorded a few years back, like the Christopher Lee and Jess Franco stuff. But an interesting look at Teresa Gimpera and others as they look now, A great documentary. With English subtitles when needed. LBX

Z260 Girl with the Red Lips, The (86) aka: La Chica de los Labios Rojos - Sexy female detective (Lina Romay, who also plays a mean trumpet here) is hired by an Emir to recover a precious stolen diamond that people kill for. Sweet dreams, and thank-you for the diamond. Loads of nudity. Now with English subtitles and slightly LBX.

Z189 In Search of the Golden Dragon (83) aka: En busca del dragón dorado  Partially based on Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Gold Bug' except with a Jess Franco flare! It's about a little girl, involved in the search of the Golden Dragon, that has been hidden by oriental natives. There it evolves into some sort of wacky kids-oriented martial arts movie! Mixes the jungle adventure spirit with the gruesome humor of Jess Franco! There's a monkey, a dog, two elephants, a tiger, a snake, a turtle.... Maybe a one of a kind for Franco, who ditched the kid angle and went back to his usual fun trash immediately after. LBX and with English subtitles.

Z262 Incubus (02) Johan makes a deal with a woman (Fata Morgana as Lorna) at the height of sexual torment (naked she wields the whip of pain!). He will now have a successful life, but must forfeit his daughter when she comes of age. Time passes and now Fata Morgana is coming to collect! Rosa (Lina Romay), Johan's wife is terrified. Wonderful trash from the master with a horror story, strapped for action lesbian sex and..... Loaded with creepy symbolism and loads of nudity/graphic sex. This may be the last film with Romay engaged in near hardcore sex.. She was 48 when this was filmed. She died at age 57 in 2012 of cancer. Her manic sexual madness in this film must be seen to be believed! With a twisted sex finale! This is a remake of sorts of 'Lorna the Exorcist' LBX and English language dubbed.



Z270 Blonde Sinner (56) aka: Yield to the Night - Based on actual events in England at the time. Found guilty of murder and sentenced to death, a young woman (Diana Dors) lives out her last days under the watchful eyes of her prison wardens. In the opening we watch as she guns down her victim with hate in her eyes, then just stands there, as horrified people appear. We see her back story in flashback. The execution watch is on.... The similar in many ways 'I Want to Live' with Susan Hayward was made two years later. Diana Dors died for real in 1984 of Ovarian Cancer at age 52. This one also stars Yvonne Mitchell, Michael Craig, Michael Ripper and more.  BA

H665 Brass Monkey (48) aka: Lucky Mascot  Cross genre mix of thriller and variety show. Real life radio star visits England and becomes embroiled in the hunt for a stolen brass ornament. This would be the last film starring Carole Landis who killed herself with drugs at age 29 before the movie was released. At this point she had already been married and divorced five times, and she looks a little used up here, and apparently she was because she checked out. Also with Herbert Lom, Ernest Thesiger and Terry Thomas.

H633 Break, The (62) aka: Gefährliche Stunden in Dartmoor  Jacko Thomas (William Lucas) escapes after overpowering and killing a police guard and jumping off a moving train. Working his way through the moors he reaches an isolated farm/guest house where he meets up with his sister Jean, and other hoodlum helpers. But his murderous impulses must be fed, and a series of murders leads to a shocking climax.

H678 Death is a Number (51) A man relates the story of his friend, racing driver John Bridgnorth, whose death may have been the final result of a family curse. + Hands of Destiny (54) Documentary about the work of a palm reader who is helping a distraught woman search for her long lost son. Both rare features from the U.K. on 1 DVD-R for the same low price! Both with Terence Alexander.

H684 Fate Takes a Hand (61) A mail bag is found fifteen years after it's loss and the letters are delivered finding different fates related to these letters. From a story by Brian Clemens who later penned 'Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter'.

H679-H680 Five Children and It (91) Five children discover a Psammead (a type of Yoda meets The Dark Crystal Tolkienesque character) in a gravel pit that will grant them three wishes. Of course the wishes are terrible and screw up everybody's lives.... The budget extends to some fairly expressive milieus of circuses and medieval castles. Told in 6 parts and on two discs! Counts as two selections.

H639 Flemish Farm, The (43) aka: A Bandeira da Esquadrilha  Here we have a wartime Commando story based on fact, before the true horrors of the German's intentions were fully realized. Set in Belgium where Allied Forces have sent an airman into occupied territory where he must summon courage amidst the chaos. He must locate the hidden Belgium Air Force Flag before the Nazi's find it and kill everybody. With the help of freedom-fighters... Interesting war film since the war was raging at the time this was filmed.

H649 Flesh is Weak, The (57) aka: Frauen, die uns nachts begegnen  Here we have an 'expose' noir about the prostitution racket in the U.K.. John Derek is the pimp who preys on the naive, 'just off the bus' young women who come to London looking for fame and fortune. Wines and dines them, and before they know it they are working in a gentleman's club.  The girls fall for it, and before long are hitting the streets to pay off their 'debt' for his help! Up to this point, this type of reality had yet to be so brutally portrayed. Milly Vitale, Freda Jackson, Shirley Anne Field and more star.  BA

H614 Frightened Bride, The (52) aka: Tall Headlines  When the eldest son of a prominent family is tried for murdering a woman and then executed (hanged), the surviving family members struggle to put the pieces of their shattered lives back together. But now the other son is attracted to a woman (Mai Zetterling) of the same type of class his brother fell hard and swung for... A downbeat gloom and doom film that really delivers some nice touches of misery and despair for a change. Enjoy! Also with Andre Morell and Dennis Price.

H632 Game of Danger (54) aka: Bang! You're Dead  Compelling murder mystery that has twists and turns. The story involves two young boys who are slightly strange. One carries around a windup francophone and the other is obsessed with guns. Pretty cool opening sequence, I won't spoil it. Jack Warner, Derek Farr, Michael Medwin and more star. 

H667 Girl on Approval (61) aka: For Love of Sheila  The story centers around foster parents taking the very troubled 14 year old Sheila (Annette Whiteley) into their home. The foster couple do their best with an unreasonable child, while the social worker offers some relief if they want it. Rachel Roberts and James Maxwell star. LBX

H617 Hammer the Toff (52) A detective (known as 'The Toff')  proves that a Robin Hood like crook (known as 'The Hammer') is not the culprit in the theft of a new metal formula, murder and blackmail. Once a lost film but no longer. John Bentley, Patricia Dainton and Valentine Dyall star. Surviving Patricia Dainton is on hand at age 87 to give her memories on the production following the film.

H644 Heart of the Matter, The (53) aka: Das Herz aller Dinge  Guilt seeps into the conscience of an unhappily married British securities officer (Trevor Howard) who is stationed in Sierra Leone during WW2, having an affair with a young Austrian woman (Maria Schell). Schell would go on to fill many roles including working for Jess Franco in '99 Women' and 'The Bloody Judge'. Also with Denholm Elliot and Peter Finch.  BA

H656 Hell is Sold Out (51) A writer (Herbert Lom) returns home from the war to find a book on the store shelves that he supposedly wrote. He finds a woman at his house (Valerie played by Mai Zetterling), she has moved in and posed as his wife since he had been declared killed in action. When the book becomes a bestseller, the publisher wants them to stay together, but when Valerie falls in love with Pierre (Richard Attenborough) things get even more complicated.

H663 Hill in Korea, A (56) aka: Hell in Korea  aka: Commando en Coree  Concerns for a British recon group during the Korean War Retreat of 1951. They find themselves holed up in an isolated Buddhist temple upon a hill, surrounded by Chinese.  Cool little war film with a simple but gripping plot, well staged action sequences and salty 'it's a dog's life in the army but orders is orders' dialogue. Look for a very young Michael Caine in his second film and also Robert Shaw, both in small parts. Stephen Boyd, Stanley Baker and more star.  BA

H648 I've Gotta Horse (65) aka: Wonderful Day  This film was staged to profile star Billy Fury together with several other British pop rock bands of the 1960's and loads of animals. Fury was considered the Brits Elvis, but nobody knows who he is in America. Music, Dancing and Animals! With 'The Bachelors', 'The Gamblers' and also Amanda Barrie and Jon Pertwee... and let's not forget Anselmo, Billy Fury's horse!  BA

H646 King of the Underworld (52) Todd Slaughter is a sinister jack-of-all-trades master criminal up to his neck in a shady blackmailing scheme while a determined detective does his best to bust him. It's a Slaughter show all the way and this one is for his fans. Interesting that Don Chaffey does the art direction here. Later he would direct Raquel Welch in 'One Million Years B.C.' (of course many more as well).  From a story by John Gilling.

H621 Man in the Dark (64) aka: Blind Corner   Adulteress Anne (Barbara Shelley) is planning on having her blind composer husband killed so she can carry on with her lover. He may be blind, but he sure as hell is not stupid, as she is about to find out... Lance Comfort directs. His last film was 'Devils of Darkness' in 1965 before his untimely death in 1966. Also with William Sylvester and Elizabeth  Shepherd (Ligeia in a dual role in 'The Tomb of Ligeia' the same year).  BA

H676 Missing Scientists, The (55) Two international atomic scientists working in London go missing under mysterious circumstances. + The Dream Doctor (36) A gypsy woman interprets the dreams of doctor's patients, but are her readings any different than her psychic announcements? Delightfully dotty double feature from the U.K., both films very obscure. The Missing Scientists has Paul Campbell, Irene Papas and Jackie Collins (the late trash novel author!).

H634 Monkey's Paw, The (48)  Purchased from a peddler, this monkey's paw grants three wishes. But they come at a cost... When one of the wishes is granted, the son of the couple dies. Now they need to use a wish to resurrect him, But what will happen next?  Upgrade!

H624 Night Ride (37) Truck drivers, fired by their corrupt boss, start their own truck driving business and are sabotaged by their former boss who has their trucks tinkered with, and who also sends his sexy seductive daughter to distract them. In the climax the two men must drive through the fog to help rescue stranded miners in a flooded mine, even as their rivals still try to thwart their efforts. Jimmy Hanley stars.

H700 Night Train for Inverness (60) A man gets out of prison and kidnaps his son to offer him a better life with his new girlfriend. What he does not know is that his son needs insulin shots twice a day or he will die. This mix-up is due to the mother-in-law's meddling. As the clock ticks and the search is on, the boy inches closer to death on the Night Train to Inverness. As timely now as when it was made. 

H628 Ninety Degrees in the Shade (65) Anne Heywood is the assistant manager of a shop who is having an affair with her married boss, while helping him steal from their employers. Enter an auditor, that fancies Heywood... he starts snooping (and sniffing) around.... Sexual, claustrophobic and ultimately tragic. Also with Donald Wolfit and a mixture of English actors as well as Czechoslovakian actors. LBX

H655 No Smoking (55) Scientist Reg Bates (Reg Dixon) has invented a pill that cures people of their nicotine addiction. Who objects? Well the tobacco industry and big government of course. Wacky comedy with the beautiful Belinda Lee and Lionel Jeffries. Director Henry Cass would go on to direct the wonderfully lurid 'Blood of the Vampire' in 1959.

H623 Place to Go, A (63) aka: Bethnal Green   Bernard Lee (best remembered as 'M' in the James Bond films) as Matt Flint, the head of a family in turmoil. Getting fired from his job for being too mouthy he becomes a 'Houdini' type guy to make cash for the family. Meanwhile his son (played by Michael Sarne) turns to crime, a heist in fact, joined by Catherine (Rita Tushingham) the catch of the day, at least for him. A fairly gritty and downbeat affair. Slightly LBX.

H622 Poor Cow (67) aka: Pas de larmes pour Joy   Carol White is Joy. She is a young woman plagued by bad decisions. In fact, she is 100% skill-less. Good for one thing. Attracting the wrong kind of men. Which she does. Repeatedly. Carol is the 'Poor Cow' of the title. A figure of speech for the English. She is in fact quite a fetching young bird. Starts out with her poppin' out a little bugger in a gruesome birthing sequence. Beautiful? Please. Portrays London of the 60's as a poverty stricken bed of prostitution and crime. Terence Stamp also stars and music by Donovan. Carol White, after a miserable existence of alcoholism, drug abuse, shoplifting and several suicide attempts died of liver disease at age 48 in 1991 in Miami, Florida.  BA

H642 Salute the Toff (52) aka: Brighthaven Express   Similar to 'The Saint' this character played by John Bentley. Begins with a missing boss and his secretary (Carol Marsh before Lucy in 'Horror of 'Dracula') hiring our hero to locate him. Fast paced! When the going gets tough, the Toff gets going! Followed by 'Hammer the Toff'.


H674 Take Two (16) Stars of Britain's past reminisce about the glory days. Featured here we have Vicki Michelle of 'Virgin Witch', Sally Thomsett of 'Straw Dogs' and 'The Railway Children', Madeline Smith and the Golden Girl Shirley Eaton. This show always interesting to hear their memories and to see how they aged!

H635 Take Two (16) Stars of Britain's past return to the studio to reminisce about their heyday. Featured here we have four segments with four different actresses. Valerie Leon, Nanette Newman, Jenny Hanley and Norman Eshley.


H675 Talking Pictures (13) Three of the best episodes of this British show. First: Child Stars. Second: Sex Symbols. Third: War Films. All of these are excellent and informative, with not enough room here to explain all of which is covered. Each show approx. 40 minutes.

H638 Three Steps in the Dark (53) A fallout amongst siblings in a country house where everybody seems to have a dark secret. A 'reading of the will' type murder mystery in an ancestral home. You will recognize a few that were to appear in Hammer films like John Van Eysson who played Jonathan Harker in 'Horror of Dracula' and Sarah Lawson from 'The Devil's Rides Out'.

H645 Tommy the Toreador (59) Tommy Steele is Tommy Tomkins. He's a happy sailor, traveling the world, singing his songs. When in Spain, he finds himself mistaken for a bull fighter and ends up in the arena, facing down a very pissed off bull! This was kind of like the British version of an Elvis movie, being made over here in America at the same time. Janet Munro and more star. Munro was in some classics like 'The Crawling Eye', 'The Day the Earth Caught Fire' and more... until she choked to death at a London Hotel while drinking tea at age 38 on December 6th 1972. Official cause of death was chronic ischemic heart disease.  BA

H659 Vengeance is Mine (49) When a man finds out he has only six months to live, he hires a hit man to kill him so he can set up an enemy as the killer. Driven with hatred over the man who ruined his life, he is determined to get his vengeance, even from beyond the grave. But when he changes his mind he cannot find the hit man.... Valentine Dyall and Anne Firth star.

H685 Wrong Number (59) aka: Falsche Verbindung  A woman accidentally dials the wrong number reaching the hideout of a murderous gang, and learns information that helps police in a robbery murder case. Lisa Gastoni, Olive Sloane and more star. LBX  BA





H729 10 Million Dollar Grab, The  (67) aka: Supercolpo da 7 miliardi   It's a heist aboard an ocean liner with the help of a mini-submarine. Brad Harris leads the charge and Elina De Witt is the eye candy. Harpoon guns, poison blow darts etc... Then the attack on Dana Andrews elaborate compound! Nice LBX and English language.  BA

Z250 15 Year Old Girl, The (89) aka: La fille de 15 ans  aka: Eine Frau mit fünfzehn   A man named Willy takes his son Thomas on vacation to an island in the Mediterranean, and lets him bring his platonic wise-beyond-her-15-years friend Juliette. Juliette teases Willy, who is totally attracted to her. Juliette tells Thomas she will seduce Willy and then reject him and end this. Thomas is upset. Juliette starts to really like Willy. Where there's a Willy, there's a way. Or not. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z228 Asphalt Fever, The (67) aka: Pyretos stin asfalto   A woman is giving birth in a hospital. They must operate and need blood. He goes to the blood bank and comes up dry. When he finally does find a donor he faces obstacles on the road, including a kidnapper of a busload of children. This suspense film from Greece. With English subtitles.

H740 Back to Back (89) aka: Regreso a Back Ben  Two very different brothers (Bill Paxton and Todd Field) join forces to clear their family name, ruined by the accusations of their now dead father's alleged involvement in a bloody armored truck robbery from 27 years before. One of Bill Paxton's more obscure films here that also manages to assemble some other notable actors like Luke Askew (who was in other Paxton projects), Susan Anspach, Ben Johnson and Appolonia (Prince's one time Purple Rain squeeze), as a motorcycle riding babe.

H718 Bang Bang Gang, The (70) aka: The Gun Girls  1930's. Adam and Leroy try to rob a cafe but find two girls are up to the same idea. They join forces and set out across the land two Bonnie's two Clyde's. Things turn nasty halfway through when the robbin' and rompin' turns into rape and retribution. Loads of nudity and sleaze, and a literal bloodbath of an ending. This is one of a kind, nudity, sex and rape played straight and set in the 1930's. Bambi Allen, Jae Miller, Roger Gentry and more star.

H714 Biggest Battle, The (78) aka: Il grande attacco   aka: Battle Force  How WW2 affected a German family and an American family, both of whom had sons and fathers fighting in the war. Big name actors and impressive battles make this one a must see! Samantha Eggar, Henry Fonda, John Huston, Stacy Keach, Helmet Berger, Giuliano Gemma, Edwige Fenech and many more. Umberto Lenzi directs this ambitious project. LBX  BA

H741 Bill (81) Mickey Rooney stars as a mentally retarded man who ventures out into the world for the first time after having spent most of his life in an institution. A kind family moves him in and not only does his life become enriched, he instills some insights and wisdom of his own! Dennis Quaid stars, still getting his footing. Strange, you feel sorry for Bill in the first part, but before the movie ends, you feel sorry for those who don't know Bill. Such is the testament to Rooney's excellent performance.

H743 Blue Heaven (85) Carol's husband Tony is becoming increasingly more violent.... Carol blames herself, before wising up and going to a woman's shelter and getting schooled. Carol's pathetic, but she realizes Tony is an asshole, and must confront him, even if it means leaving him forever. An interesting take on a well trodden theme.

Z183 Blueprint for a Massacre (67) aka: Tecnica per un massacre  aka: Agente Z 55: Secreto atomico   Secret agent Z65 (German Cobos) is sent to Turkey to see who is behind a series of sabotages to NATO air bases that is resulting in exploding airplanes. The villain is a man called the 'Renegade'. Some pretty intense fight sequences, more violence than usual for this type, plenty of pretty women and an explosive finale at sea! Finally a better clearer print of this one. Maria Mahor and more also star.

H615 Bomb at 10:10  (67) aka: Bomba u 10 i 10  Fighters (one an American flier played by George Montgomery) bust out of a concentration camp and instead of fleeing, decide to hang around and help local forces assassinate the camp commander who has been promoted to governor. They have an unexploded bomb they want to put to good use. Time for a little payback!  Inevitably romance gets in the way amidst the sneaking and creeping in the dark, killing sentries and the like. Filmed in Serbia and Yugoslavia.  BA

Z185 Cats, The (65) aka: Kattorna  Marta (Eva Dahlbeck), the boss at a laundry, is not well liked by the women workers, and since she is thought to be a lesbian... Rike, a mentally disturbed woman, tells the other women that Marta is trying to pressure her into a sexual relationship. Did she? Rike manipulates the workers, who revolt when they find out and all hell breaks loose (sort of). Xena, is the Nazi camp survivor. Called 'The Cats' which describes the working atmosphere of a bunch of lower class women who can't seem to function without troubles. I've seen  it. In Swedish and with English subtitles.  BA

Z232 Climber, The (75) aka: L'ambizioso  This movie was inspired by the original 'Scarface'  from 1932. In turn possibly updating the theme inspired the Brian DePalma film 'Scarface' with Al Pacino? The story the same in many ways, the location is different. Make no mistake, this theme has been explored many times in the last 80 years or so. This one stars Joe Dallesandro as Aldo the Climber, a small time hood looking to make a name for himself. From small time to big time as he claws his way to the top of the criminal underworld. Action, bloody shootouts... this one delivers! Finally a nice Upgrade! LBX and in Italian language with English subtitles.  BA

H713 Corleone (07) aka: Il capo dei capi   Mini-Series from Italy on the Mafia! The story follows four young boys from the town of Corleone. They choose different paths, and this covers a 50 year period. The lead villain is played brilliantly with evil menace. You almost start to understand the bad guys, until the brutality increases and the assassinations accelerate. LBX - This 4 disc set counts as 4 selections.

H717 Courage of Kavik, The Wolf Dog, The (80) aka: Kavik, der Schlittenhund   A twelve year old boy rescues and cares for a prize winning wolf-dog that was a survivor of a plane crash. The poor pup is traumatized by the accident, and has lost his courage. But the boy is thwarted when the owners get the dog back. The dog escapes and must travel 2,000 miles to be reunited with the boy. Kavik Come Home! Ronny Cox, Linda Sorensen, John Ireland and John Candy (yep) star. 

Z271 Dam on the Yellow River, The (60) aka: Apocalisse sul fiume giallo  aka: Le dernier train de Shanghai    Erstwhile journalist and devoted boozehound John Bell, is desperate for a scoop, and finds one in a map which reveals a sinister plot to blow up the dam in the Yellow River. On the train trip to the story he meets a beautiful missionary (Anita Ekberg). The China Communist threat in which the victory of the Mao Tse-Tung's People's Liberation Army  is seen through the eyes of an American journalist. Cool locations, amazing, and nice special effects, especially in the explosive finale. Nice LBX and English language. Upgrade!  BA

H728 Day of the Assassin (79) aka: Der Tag der Mörder  Treasure hunters from around the world converge to Mexico after a luxury yacht explodes sending a Shah's fortune to the bottom of the sea. Pretty good colorful action adventure with an international cast that includes Chuck Conners, Henry Silva, Glenn Ford (!), Jorge Rivero, Richard Roundtree, Susan Dosamantes and more. LBX  BA

H707 Day of the Cobra (80) aka: Il giorno del Cobra  Larry (The Cobra) Stanziani was a tough as nails agent, but now he is a third rate detective hired to see who murdered an American narcotics agent in Italy. 'I don't give a damn, I am the Cobra' what a terrific theme song! The Cobra fights a karate chopping transvestite and gets to hang for much of the film with Sybil Danning (as Brenda!). Enzo G. Castellari directs. Upgrade! LBX  BA

H681 Dead and the Deadly, The (82) aka: Ren xia ren   Excellent Horror Comedy with Sammo Hung as Wah Li, who helps run a funeral service with his great-uncle Lee. When the body of his impotent friend is brought in, he questions the intentions of his (now) dead friend's pregnant wife (yea, I see). Wicked priests, ghosts and the police of hell are unleashed... One of the better horror comedies I tell you! LBX and English dubbed!  BA

Z235 Eros (64) aka: Men and Women  aka: Noite Vazia  A wealthy young man and a poor street lad are on the prowl looking for women in San Paulo. They get a few hookers, watch adult films, have sex, try to talk the women into a sexual show with each other etc. Both men are left just as emotionally empty as can be. Could the message from the filmmaker be an incredibly bold portrayal of bourgeois cynicism, unglamorous sex and unsettling urban oppression? With English subtitles.

H744 Fringe Dwellers, The (86) Watch what happens in Australia when an aboriginal family tries to move away from their riverbank shanty out of the fringe into white society, a new house in town. Once there they paint the house an ugly lime green and manage to turn the place into a pigsty in a few short months. A very unpopular film when it came out, exposing society warts and all, with both sides showing intolerance towards the other. Food for thought, of course I could not forgive the female lead for one brutal act in a scene....This film may piss some people off. BA

Z212 Gang War in Milan (73) aka: Milano rovente  aka: Los clubs de la dolce vita  Umberto Lenzi directs. Amazing LBX Upgrade of this one in Italian language and with English subtitles. A ruthless and greedy French gangster wants the crime families of Italy to unite, but a Milan produce vendor, who moonlights as a pimp (Antonio Sabato), isn't too keen on the idea. Basically it's the Italian pimps versus the French drug dealers. Politically incorrect denigration of women, racial stereotypes and homophobia add to the realism of the times. Ah and Lenzi is quite violent here as well, with a breast slashing and even genital electrocution. Nice. Also with the gorgeous Marisa Mell as Jasmine. Hauntingly beautiful in her prime, Marisa Mell made some bad business moves and died in poverty of throat cancer at the age of 53 in Austria May 1992. Only a few friends attended her funeral, despite the fact that she had affairs with dozens of famous men (including Warren Beatty). In Italian language and with English subtitles. Nice LBX  BA

Z213 Girl with a Whip (52) aka: La fille au fouet   aka: Das Mädchen mit der Peitsche  Pietro is a girl that passes herself off as a boy (sounds like what is happening now!). She gets exposed while skinny dipping (nudity!) by his/her male friend. You have got to see the look on his face when he spots those boobies on his buddy! She sleeps as a boy with the boys in the dormitory. She splits when the Priest says it's shower time (hell, maybe the boys should be the one's splitting!). This is not 'Heidi'. There are no yodels in these Swiss Alps. Gender bender sure, but the chick is straight and there are some surprisingly erotic moments here. Before tragedy strikes with a shotgun blast and further edge of your seat excitement. Great locations!! By the way the woman portraying Pietro (while her real character name is 'Angelina') was 24 years old when this was filmed. In German and with English subtitles.

H742 Ground Zero (73) aka: The Golden Gate Is Ground Zero  aka: Violenza armata a San Francisco   When criminals attach a nuclear device to the top of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, a special agent is sent to disarm it. Some gangsters are on trial, and basically the bad guys are holding the city hostage with the threat of destruction if they do not release them. The good guys drive around San Francisco, shoot people, fight, and exchange terrible dialogue. The real strength of the film are those dizzying angles from atop the bridge. Decent use of location, and brave!  BA

H640 Hamlet (64) Russian version of Shakespeare! Hamlet suspects his uncle of murdering his father to claim the throne of Denmark and to take the hand of Hamlet's mother. Hamlet is conflicted on whether or not to take vengeance. Wonderfully atmospheric with great sets and locations. Angels and Ministers of grace defend us! LBX and with English subtitles. 

Z261 Harem (85) Diane (Nastassja Kinski) has been unwittingly abducted by an Arabian Sheik's (Ben Kingsley) cronies, and held captive in his harem. At first, she wants to escape and they let her. But there is nowhere to go and she passes out in the desert. But dammit that Sheik sure turns on the charm with all of his riches. In no time the adversarial stance changes to mutual respect as the lines between captor and captive dissolve. The harem is loaded with various women, some babes, some not so much.... Her introduction into their society is wrought with tensions. BA

H705 Heroes Never Die (69) aka: Probability Zero  aka: Probabilità zero  Set in Norway where a crack team of Allies sent to blow up an underground Nazi factory where the Germans have taken a crashed Spitfire that contains a new technology that the Germans want to copy. Henry Silva as 'Duke' is tasked with the mission with a band of misfits and a probability zero success estimation. Infiltrate and destroy with a recycled torpedo! High production values with locations and sets, weaponry... you will be on board! Nice Spaghetti war and co written by Dario Argento. LBX  BA

H620 Hijacking, A (12) aka: Kapringen  Somali Pirates hijack a Danish cargo ship and crew which leads to potentially consequential negotiations with the authorities in Copenhagen. Better than the Tom Hanks film, this one does for sailing what 'Jaws' did for swimming. Incredible suspense and insightful characterizations. With English subtitles.  BA

H735 Hippie Heaven (60's) First some trailers of the era from counter culture flicks then Whicker's World:  - I'm Here to Tell You It's Happening all Over!  And other hippie drug culture shorts.

H613 Hollywood Gong Show, The (7?) Here we have a bizarre compilation with truly bizarre moments from Hollywood loaded with snips of absurdity from the past with some narration, and outtakes from some classic shows with bloopers from Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel and Star Trek and more. Bela Lugosi, Abbott and Costello mistakes, Jayne Mansfield giving an award and Mickey Rooney accepting, he finds himself face to face with her breasts in a hilarious bit.... much more. An excellent compilation. Highly enjoyable if you like the old school kind of comedy.

H710 I Mafiosi (59) When two people are killed in a small Sicilian village a friend of one of the victims seeks help from the mafia. Meanwhile the same guy that asked for help is hanging with a female journalist  who has just arrived to investigate the mafia. Here's an early film in the atmosphere of the neorealism (of the time) Italian kind. Erno Criso and Wanda Guida star. LBX and with English subtitles.

Z275 Inn of the Gruesome Dolls (67) aka: The Roadhouse of the Violent Dolls  aka: Das Rasthaus der grausamen Puppen  Bad girl classic! Rough German girls break out of prison and hole up in an Inn (or Roadhouse!). Maybe they mean well, but people seem to get shot whenever they are around. Action-packed finale! Essy (Cry of the Banshee) Persson, Helga Anders and more familiar faces star. Now available with English subtitles for the first time!

H720 Island of Crime (68) aka: Sequestro di persona   aka: Die Mafia-Story   Christina (Charlotte Rampling) and her boyfriend Francesco are attacked by kidnappers on a Sardinian island. The boyfriend is taken for ransom and Christina is let go in the middle of nowhere. Christina can't get answers and finds her boyfriend's buddy (Franco Nero!) won't let on what the hell is happening either. It all turns out this is part of a land grabbing plan..... but who is behind this, who will pay the ultimate price for greed? Christina may just find herself abandoned once again... LBX  BA

Z264 Kampuchea Express (82) aka: Angor: Cambodia Express  aka: Angkor - Das Tor zur Hölle  An American journalist (Robert Walker Jr.) returns to Cambodia after three years in hopes of locating the girl he left behind during the murderous regime of the Khmer Rouge. His girl is being held in a prison camp. He hooks up with some partisans led by a ruthless, sadistic American Viet Nam veteran (Christopher George), who double-crosses him. Sweaty, bloody, dirty and downbeat. Woody Strode and Nancy Kwan also star. Filmed in Thailand. Nice LBX  BA

H702 Killer Lacks a Name, The (66) aka: Two Boys for Murder  aka: Il nostro agente a Casablanca  An important dossier is stolen in Casablanca. The good guys send in Brian Kerwin (Lang Jeffries), who finds himself up against the usual scumbags, along with a murderous villain with a lethal electric mechanical hand! Some nice details and special effects blended with excellent action sequences. LBX and English language dubbed.  BA

H651 Legion of the Damned (69) aka: Battle of the Commandos  aka: La legione dei dannati  Spectacular and Amazing Upgrade of this war action with Jack Palance, Irish Colonel McPhearson just had a platoon of 28 slaughtered by the Germans. Angered by being sent on this suicide mission, he takes convicts on a new mission. Historical accuracies be damned. This is a plate of spaghetti with machine guns and tanks. The mission to destroy a huge railroad gun which threatens the Allied from landings is an admirable feat, with an unexpected action packed outcome. Umberto Lenzi directs. Aldo Sambrell, Diana Lorys and more star. LBX  BA

Z193 Manu, the Smuggler (48) aka: Manù il contrabbandiere  The roots of Euro crime films starts here! A mystery/thriller with a dash of romance. The assumed “suicide” and a financial scammer may just be a murder…  Set in a mountainous snowy region that drips with atmosphere (shot in black and white). The truth of the matter is exposed in the closing moments. In Italian language and with English subtitles.

H688 Marines Cadets  (72) aka: Kaigun tokubetsu nenshô-hei  In February 1945, the U.S. Navy headed north, and disembarked in Iwo Jima. Japanese troops fought tooth and nail for every inch of land. By March, a 23,000-strong Japanese division, was almost completely destroyed. Only 800 soldiers were still alive.... Flashback to the training that prepared these men for their defeat and death at the hands of the superior American forces. Epic and amazing, so well done it looks like a modern war film! LBX and with English subtitles. 

H734 Mondo Hollywood (67) Here we have a documentary about the social/political/cultural scene in Los Angeles, and especially Hollywood in the late 1960's, before Manson and the family put a knife through the age of Aquarius. But... the family is creeping around... Jay Sebring (Manson victim) and Bobby Beausoleil are in this, don't blink. Lots of archive footage of dozens of stars, Hippie madness... Hippie Mondo... Mondo Hollywood   BA

H704 Murder Inc. (60) aka: Crime, société anonyme  1930's brutal crime syndicate known as Murder Incorporated is led by Lepke Buchalter who will stop at nothing to keep the business running smoothly. Peter Falk's portrayal of the psychotic Reles is chilling with his murderous 'take what you can when you can' attitude. A gritty look at the New York Underworld set during the depression, a feat that can only be done with CGI today. Stuart Whitman, May Britt, Henry Morgan, Vincent Gardenia and Sylvia Miles star with many others. Blink, Seymour Cassel is a teenager! LBX  BA

H724 New Godfathers, The (79) aka: I contrabbandieri di Santa Lucia  An Italian customs official must work with Italian gangsters trying to stop the movement of a redirected cache of drugs from moving through Italy with the destination being the United States. The second half of the film is more action packed than the first. The gritty photography and scene-setting music do a good job promoting the seedy atmosphere. Now in a Upgraded LBX version.  BA

H725 Operation Gold (66) aka: Zarabanda Bing Bing  aka: Balearic Caper  When a jewel encrusted scepter is found off the coast of Ibiza, it attracts a lot of attention from some unsavory characters. Basically a Euro-Crime heist flick with a comedic twist filmed all around the Mediterranean. Plenty of action and nubile young women in bikinis. Jacques Sernas, Mireille Darc, Marilu Tolo and more star. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z219 Our Agent Tiger (65) aka: Le Tigre se parfume à la dynamite  Our Agent Tiger (Roger Hanin) is sent to supervise the recuperation of a treasure from a sunken ship. Terrorist revolutionary types (led by a lunatic ex-Nazi guy named 'Orchid') get their hands on it  first, this treasure, an extremely rare mineral that has a potentially tremendous impact on arms development. Highest bidder? The Tiger finds himself acting alone. As usual, willing ladies come into play here and the Tiger has some pretty decent luck with the ladies when he is not tussling with the enemy in well staged fight scenes. Margaret Lee and Micaela Pignatelli also star. LBX  BA

H703 Search and Destroy (79) aka: Striking Back  1968 Saigon: An elite group of army soldiers leave their Vietnamese political officer guide behind after a Viet Kong ambush. Ten years later the embittered and very angry man tracks down the soldiers in the United States and starts to kill them one by one. Two of the soldiers,  Kip Moore (Perry King) and his rugged best pal Buddy Grant (Don Stroud) are not about to take this nonsense. Fast-paced and action packed with a throbbing hard rock soundtrack this one delivers the goods! Tisa Farrow (whose last three films were great but seem to have ended her career), George Kennedy and William Fruet directs, his first after 'The House by the Lake' also with Stroud. LBX  BA

Z248 Shadow of Angels (76) aka: Schatten der Engel  Lily Brest is a streetwalker with few clients. She loves her boyfriend Raoul, but he gambles away everything that she earns. Her parents, a bitter Fascist who is a cabaret singer in drag and her wheelchair bound mother are no help. The town's power broker known as 'The Rich Jew' suggests she listen to people instead of talking.......Since the other whores reject Lily, what not? Well, it's a hard life, and things may not work out the way she wished. Downbeat. With English subtitles.

H726 Stark Fear (62) A mean bastard of a husband tries to drive his wife (Beverly Garland) crazy with mental abuse, and plans on killing her for the finale. No one will listen to her, She takes off to meet an old boyfriend and is raped in a cemetery, while her husband watches from behind the graves. Later we see her husband in a hotel room with the rapist. Turns out he is a pervert (gay) for these times. She falls for her boss Cliff (Kenneth Tobey), but he has secrets as well. Can't she get a break? Maybe she just likes getting kicked around? LBX  BA

H730 Ticket to Die, A (66) aka: Agente segreto 777 - Invito ad uccidere   Tiziano Cortini as Lewis Jordan, Secret Agent 777, who has gotten the boot for health reasons, but is drawn back into the game by planning to sell the secrets of a sought after formula to the highest bidder. His former employers fear he may have gone rogue, and send some of his old co-workers to help convince him to cooperate with them again. LBX and dubbed into English. Upgrade!  BA

H682 Two Boys for a Murder (66) aka: The Beckett Affair  aka: L'affare Beckett  Lang Jeffries as a dour but confident espionage agent in the Sean Connery vein. A renegade colonel wants to take over power in Panama trying to hire a hit man to knock off the incumbent president. The beautiful ill-fated Krista Nell is on display as Paulette.

Z273 Violent City (75) aka: Violent Rome  aka: Roma violenta  A cop (Maurizio Merli) is fired for being too brutal and is hired by a group that wants to hunt down bad guys because law and order is failing them. It's complete with old ladies and children being shot in the face for no reason, rapes, angry people shooting each other in broad daylight and more. Obviously 'Dirty Harry' on steroids... Nothing better than watching Merli kicking the total crap out of bad guys. This is a look at what a city under siege by ruthless criminals looks like. A possibility for the future of America? You'll love it! LBX and dubbed into English.  BA

H629 Wild Wind (85) aka: Dikiy veter  An armored Nazi train is terrorizing the Yugoslavian countryside in WW2. A special allied unit led by Captain Schofield (Jay 'Dennis the Menace' North) and Major Nestorovic (George Montgomery) is formed to put a stop to it. This would be the last film appearance of Jay North to date unless you want to include 'Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star' from 2003 in which he played a small part.



Z230 Blind Owl, The (75) aka: Boof-e koor  The uncle of the young narrator enters his house unexpectedly. In order to offer him some refreshments, he goes to bring a bottle of wine. Through the crevice of the wall which happens to be there, he sees an ethereal girl offering a lotus flower to an old man who bursts into a hair-raising laughter. Surprisingly, this is exactly the picture he keeps drawing on pen cases...  A surreal adaptation of the Sadegh Hedayat’s Iranian classic.   Iranian Horror with English subtitles

Z184 Brain, The (62) aka: El Cerebro Viviente  After an almost fatal accident, a millionaire businessman's brain is kept alive, and communicates clues to a doctor to get justice for the cause of it's current state, and revenge for the death of his family. A superior remake of 'Donovan's Brain' with some changes made. Some nice touches and directed by Freddie Francis so you know how stylish it would have to be. Peter Van Eyck, Anne Heywood and more star. This is the Uncut German version, a few scenes never translated are in German language only, but mostly the film is in English language. Contains some nudity not in any other versions! LBX  BA

Z233 Evil Stairs, The (64) aka: The Devil's Stairway  aka: Maeui gyedan   Chief of surgery at a hospital pushes his mistress down the steps when she will not accept he is dumping her for another woman. The he feeds her some sleeping pills and drowns her in a pond. Then he marries. Tormented by dreams of the dead, he starts flipping out with episodes of paranoia, and then he pushes his new wife down the same stairs in an accident. In the operating room he sees all of the masked nurses have the face of his dead lover when they remove their masks. But is she really dead?  Well made Japanese horror LBX and with English subtitles.

H657 Haunting of M, The (79) aka: Besuch aus dem Jenseits  An Eastern European 19th century family is stalked by the ghost of a former resident of the area, a young man who died before he was able to marry. Superb and chilling, this one has a strange and timeless quality about it, with some scary jolts that don't just rely on gore and fake alarms. A change from the loudness of today's 'Paranormal' shaky camera flicks.

341 Human Vapor, The (60) aka: Gasu ningen dai 1 gô  A librarian is involved in an experiment which transforms him into 'The Human Vapor'. He can be vapor, and travel about. It takes no time to realize the advantages this presents. Not only can he rob banks (leaving a trail of bodies in his wake), but he can (and does) fall in love with a Kabuki Dancer! The police plan to trap the Vapor-Man at the Kabuki Dancer's comeback performance. The ending is actually quite touching.... English dubbed version  BA

H715 In the Custody of Strangers (82) Emilio Esteves as Danny Caldwell, an angry young man who goes on a drunken joyride and ends up in jail. His father (Martin Sheen of course) decides to let him spend the night in jail to teach him a lesson. But now he is part of the system and the courts and the cops won't let him go. When he is assaulted in prison he beats the crap out of his attacker, which he gets blamed for, and has time added. Scary as hell in many ways as we watch him get sucked into a world of corrupt red tape and shady authority figures. Deborah Foreman and Ed Lauter just a few more in this one.

Z187 Jajo (84) aka: The Egg   Rare monster movie from Poland! It tells the story of a weird Q-bird-monster type from South America that was originally treated as a god by the Incas. Believed to have perished long ago, there are some surviving eggs, and due to genetic tampering, now one has hatched, and the monster walks the countryside with one mission. To search for human females to impregnate! This runs just under an hour, but I tell you, very enjoyable, and with a very dark outcome. LBX and with English subtitles.

H721 Killer Bees (74) aka: Abejas asesinas  Finally! Kate Jackson and Edward Albert star in this tale of a strong-willed woman (Gloria Swanson) who not only dominates her family of California wine growers, but also controls a large colony of deadly bees on her property. This is a killer insect movie, and the bees sting the crap out of people, killing them. The special effects are laughable, but serviceable for 1974. For killer bee completists and MFTV horror fans.

1828B Madmen of Mandoras, The (63) aka: Amazing Mr. H  Here is the alternate 'first' version of 'They Saved Hitler's Brain'. Incredible and actually better than the other film. which had loads of footage added to pad out the movie that was unneeded. This one tighter, more coherent maybe? Hitler's head still hilarious. Get them both!  BA

Z267 Sound of Horror (66) aka: El Sonido Prehistorico  An explosion is set off in the Greek mountain island of Grecia, unleashing an invisible shrieking dinosaur, that had been buried for millions of years. Yes, okay... just go with it. The only movie with Soledad Miranda and Ingrid Pitt starring together. Amazingly, they manage to play it straight with this, and give us moments of suspenseful fright. This is the original version in Spanish language and with English subtitles. Also available in a dubbed into English version.  BA

1828 They Saved Hitler's Brain (68) A patchwork of two films, with Hitler's head popping up like a jack-in-the-box when giving orders to his Nazi henchmen, and wickedly smirking every time somebody gets beaten, shot or killed. Hitler's head is still hell-bent on world domination, with a deliriously daffy plan to gas the world's population. It's not supposed to be a comedy, which is exactly why it works for bad movie lovers. Best of the Worst of Senselessness.

H630 Underground Man, The (74) Unsold T.V. Pilot! Private Detective Lew Archer (Peter Graves) is looking for the kidnapper's of his ex-girlfriend's son and finds himself entangled in murders he has nothing to do with that go back fifteen years.  Sharon Farrell, Vera Miles, Bill McKinney and Kay Lenz among many others here. This was up for consideration the same time as 'The Rockford Files'. Guess which one was picked? Both, although this one show, titled simply 'Archer' replaced Graves with Brian Keith and only ran for six episodes before cancellation.

1451 Yesterday Machine, The (65) A Post WW2 Nazi scientist invents a time machine in a farmhouse in Texas. He lectures his captured subjects (a baton spinner and a bad night-club singer) about his theories of Superspectronic Relativity and the Minus Ray. The goal is to go back and alter the outcome of the war. The director was an associate of Larry Buchanan so you know what you are getting, even some Buchanan players like Bill Thurman. A good double bill with 'They Saved Hitler's Brain'.  Tim Holt stars, best known for 'Treasure of the Sierra Madre'. He was only in one more movie after this one. Bone cancer got him at age 54 in 1973.




H716 100 Cries of Terror (65) aka: Cien gritos de terror  Finally the English Dubbed version. Two bone rattlin' supernatural yarns! Both tales suitably creepy and drenched in atmosphere with leanings towards Edgar Allen Poe. This is also available in Spanish if you prefer with English subtitles. But here this is the English language dubbed version.

Z204 Black Power (75) aka: El poder negro   Pedro, a black dock worker is released after being falsely imprisoned, and Mil Mascaras convinces him to be a luchador/wrestler under the moniker 'Black Power'. Loud fashions, garish color schemes and campy nightclubs permeate the proceedings. This movie was made as a sort of showcase for former Mr. Olympia Sergio Oliva who boasted a physique that Santo and Blue Demon could only dream of! He is one of three bodybuilders who actually beat Arnold Schwarzeneggar in a body building contest, and won 3 Mr. Olympia titles 1967, 1968 and 1969 before Arnold took over. In Spanish and with English subtitles.

Z206 Blood Stain, The (37) aka: La Mancha de Sangre  A prostitute who works in a sleazy nightclub meets a newcomer from the Provinces in search of an improved future. What better place to start than a whorehouse right? She sets him up with a place to stay and falls in love, much to the dismay of her pimp, who decides to make a few moves of his own to discourage this little nest..... This obscure Mexican film provides the first Full Frontal Nudity in a Mexican film and was BANNED! But the film ends abruptly, with the sound and subtitles intact, but the reel content blank. This may be all that exists! In Spanish and with English subtitles.

Z258 Dungeon, The (02) aka: El Calabozo   A man wakes up covered in blood and looks over at the bloodied corpse of his woman, who has a large axe buried in her back. 'What have I done?' he cries. He disposes of her body. Now he awakens in a dungeon and is greeted by a creepy dwarf. Or is he just flipping out with guilt? No, the underworld is after him that is clear, and he seems to be falling in and out of hell. Like an EC comic story in full length. With English subtitles.

Z272 Ghost of the Strangler, The (66) aka: Santo versus the Ghost of the Strangler  aka: El Espectro del Estrangulador   Loose playing sequel to 'Santo versus the Strangler'. The film opens with the recovery of the body of the Strangler. The assistant of the Strangler retrieves the body of his master at the morgue after strangling the mortician. It seems the Strangler's man is a strangler himself! Back to the underground lair where the Strangler recuperates. The Strangler is still alive, and he is far from done pursuing his favorite hobby of strangling.... With English subtitles.  BA

Z214 God's Crooked Lines (83) aka: Los renglones torcidos de Dios  An insufferable stuck-up bitch named Alicia (Lucia Mendez) gets institutionalized. This insane asylum is complete with a vicious hunchback who is always horny and prowling about, a doctor who is falling love with Alicia (sure, she's a doll), a guy afraid of water, a typically wicked Nurse Ratchet type and more. But has Alicia placed herself into this hell hole voluntarily for some obscure reason known only to her? Interesting madhouse film with English subtitles.  BA

H650 Madame Death (69) aka: La Senora Muerte   John Carradine goes to Mexico for a series of horror films.  In this one, he is Dr.  Favel, a mad scientist, who teams up with a disfigured young woman (who has a baby lion as a pet, aww) to help her affliction, an affliction that it looks like Carradine caused in the first place in his laboratory with his hunchbacked assistant... (or maybe not).  The lab by the way is pretty cool, and  thousands of dollars more expensive looking than 'Astro Zombies'.  Through some type of telepathy, Carradine communicates with Madame Death, who looks perfectly natural when she kills, decked out in shiny black leather, extracting blood from her victims into a bottle, presumably to stop the change.  Carradine whips his hunchback when the poor guy gets into a tussle with Madame Death.  She murders one of her female victims in a wax museum (complete with Wolfman and Frankenstein) then puts her in a guillotine and chops her head off! Go Lady Death! Also with Regina Torne, Elsa Cardenas.  Nudity.  Since Carradine was in 'The Astro- Zombies' the year before this was made, I am betting he thought he was living large in this laboratory….  Now available with English subtitles  Upgrade!

Z245 Orlak the Hell of Frankenstein (60) aka: Orlak, el infierno de Frankenstein   Professor Frankenstein is locked up, and with an assistant, Jaime, they escape. He immediately sets up a lab in a secluded underground area. Orlak is the monster waiting for a new face. The face of his assistant Jaime is used, without Jaime having to forfeit his own. Much like what Lugosi's Igor did in 'Son of Frankenstein', Jaimie uses Orlak to kill his enemies. They only see Orlak, with the face of Jaimie, before they die. But the face melts into a monster face when it gets near the flame.. Now finally here with English subtitles.  BA

S583 Santo versus the Strangler (65) aka: Santo vs. El Estrangulador   A scarred strangler stalks a nightclub like a 'Phantom of the Opera' type, strangling women he picks after watching them from above. Santo is on the case, that is, when he is not stomping the crap out of an opponent in the ring. In the catacombs Santo finds the lair of the strangler. and a cabinet with the pictures of the women in it, the victim's crossed off. The reveal unmasking is amazing!  Next! With English subtitles.  BA

Z199 She Wolf, The (65) aka: La Loba  aka: Los horrores del bosque negro  Amazing Mexican werewolf movie now with English subtitles! In the opening scenes you get a female werewolf hopping on people in the woods and scratching them up with plenty of screaming and blood, this opening werewolf on the loose scene running around 10 minutes!  This werewolf is quite athletic! Later very effective bloody kills and major atmospheric settings deliver the creepy horror. I could go on to the entire plot (there is also a male werewolf, a large white werewolf killing dog and more), but in short, this is a fantastic Mexican Horror, Upgraded, and with English subtitles for the first time! Recommended!  BA



H697 Brimstone (49) aka: Le cavalier fantôme  A U.S. Marshall (Rod Cameron) investigates a family led by Walter Brennan as the mean and merciless 'Brimstone'. Brimstone and his brood of thug sons rob and kill settlers they believe have invaded their land. But when Brimstone and sons realize who the Marshall is, he becomes the hunted! In Trucolor! Lorna Gray, Forrest Tucker, Jim Davis and more.  BA

H708 Desperado (67) aka: The Magnificent Texan  aka: Il magnifico Texano  A group of cutthroats attack a farm of Mexicans and kill all but the youngest son. When the boy is a man (Glenn Saxon) he now is a masked avenger who defends good families from mean American settlers, and the local greedy land baron. Typical spaghetti characters with violence in their eyes, greedy antiheroes, bloody and spectacular showdowns, quick zooms justice and revenge. Barbara Loy also stars. LBX  BA

H712 God is My Colt .45 (72)  aka: La colt era il suo Dio   An army officer working undercover is trying to rid a small town of a brutal group of Mexican bandits that have pretty much taken over, taking his land, and kidnapped the girl he was supposed to marry. The ill-fated Krista Nell stars along with James Cameron (who died in 1985). Finally a nice LBX sharp version of this one. Upgrade!  BA

Z191 Lobo the Bastard (71) aka: His Name Was Pot... But They Called Him Allegria  aka: Il suo nome era Pot, ma lo chiamavano allegria!   Brothers Pot (Peter Martell) and Ray (Gordon Mitchell) rob a bank and find a new cohort in Steve (Lincoln Tate). Another older guy is a dynamite expert. The four of them plot a larger bank robbery. Ray is killed and Pot, learning of who is responsible after finding his brother's medal, goes all out ballistic with his new objective. Revenge! Also with Daniela Giordano (so Great in Naschy's 'Inquisition'!) and if you really keep your eyes open you should spot Erika Blanc as a girl at the fiesta, maybe taking a day off 'The Devil's Nightmare'? LBX and English dubbed with foreign subtitles.  BA

Z218 One by One (68) aka: One by One ... No Mercy   aka: Uno a uno, sin piedad   The son (Peter Lee Lawrence) of a Confederate captain, has the difficult task of proving that his father was not a traitor/murderer.  He will have the help of Charro, a Mexican friend of his late father.  Charro knows who did what, and off they go to get the bad guys.  One By One...  No Mercy! The execution of their enemies is full of violence and twists, with slick direction from director Rafael Romero Marchent.   now available in a nice LBX  print.  BA

H699 Panhandle (48) aka: Der Rächer von Texas  John Sands (Rod Cameron) has to return to his gunslingin' outlaw ways when he learns his brother has been killed. Living in Mexico and wanted in the states, he heads into danger with revenge on the brain. Cathy Downs, Reed Hadley and Anne Gwynne also star. Before there was a Clint Eastwood, there was Rod Cameron!  BA

H732 Pecos Cleans Up (67) aka: Pecos è qui: prega e muori!  Three musicians arrive at a Mexican dwelling that has been pillaged and destroyed by El Supremo. The lone survivor speaks of the lost treasure of Montezuma. Pecos shows up, and the search for the treasure is on. The last descendant of Montezuma rules the bandits and their hideout is an Aztec pyramid in a lost canyon, right next to where Pecos and the others are bound for, map in hand. Nice LBX Upgrade of this title dubbed into English. 

H733 Price of Death (71) aka: Il venditore di morte  Gunfighter Mr. Silver (Gianni Garko) is hired by a lawyer to prove that his client Chester Conway (Klaus Kinski) is innocent of the saloon shoot-up he is condemned to hang for. While Silver pieces together the clues, bodies start to pile up, and the clock ticks down to the execution day. Murdered prostitutes, illicit diaries, mad judges, crazy townsfolk, hooded killers etc. Almost like a Giallo meets a Spaghetti western! Nice LBX Upgrade of this one!

H627/H711 Price of Power, The (69) aka: La muerte de un presidente  Finally a nice English dubbed LBX version! Excellent Spaghetti that mirrors the Kennedy assassination. President James Garfield is the target as many do not agree with his policies in 1881 Texas. Corrupt law officials plot his demise... Gripping and full of action and shoot-em-ups with colorful locations and a rousing score. Giuliano Gemma, Fernando Rey and more star. Upgrade!  BA

H698 San Antone (53) aka: Los rebeldes de San Antonio  After the Civil War, a group of cowboys take a herd of cattle to Mexico to exchange for fifty prisoners. They run into many obstacles that include scorching heat, lack of water, ornery redskins and more. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Rod Cameron, Forrest Tucker, Arleen Whelan and more star.  BA

Z197 Sergio Corbucci: The Man Who Laughed (17) Prolific and eclectic director Corbucci contributed 40 years to Italian cinema, making some of the best movies out of Italy. Grappling with all genres from peplum to horror, westerns and more, Corbucci kept at it, until his untimely death at age 63 in 1990 from a heart attack. Here we trace his human and professional history from the beginning to the end, with clips and snips, interviews with collaborators and old friends (including Franco Nero) and more. Everybody loved Corbucci. LBX and with English subtitles.

H709 Seven For Pancho Villa (69) aka: The Vengeance of Pancho Villa  aka: Los 7 de Pancho Villa  A battle for the treasure of Pancho Villa with murder, switching alliances due to contrary motives, and plenty of gunplay. One of many abandons the ways of evil for the way of good, but must kill his way to redemption to do so. When the farmhouse where the treasure is located is under siege, we will see just who prevails. LBX 

H693 Slim Carter (57) Not so nice singing cowboy (Jock Mahoney who sings and does his own stunts here) gets a life lesson from a young fan who wins a contest to spend time with him. A nice showcase for Mahoney. Also with Ben Johnson, Julie Adams, William Hopper and Tim Hovey as the kid that changes everything. Child actor Tim Hovey went on to serve as a road manager for 'The Grateful Dead'. It's no wonder then that he died from a drug overdose in 1989 in age 44.  BA

Z224 Stranger, Make the Sign of the Cross (68) aka: Straniero... fatti il segno della croce!  aka: Bekreuzige dich, Fremder   Bounty hunter Frank (Charles Southwood) hunts the bandit Carson (Jeff Cameron) in the hopes of collecting the bounty for him and his gang. Some fancy touches include bullet shooting crutches and a gun hidden inside a water canister. There's also a sequence involving an egg-shooter with Joe D'Amato as a Sicilian cowboy! Now finally in a nice LBX version that smokes all other versions. Ettore Manni, Cristina Penz, Fabio Testi and Simonetta Vitelli also star. Ettore Manni was with Krista Nell when she lost her life to leukemia at age 29 in 1975. In 1979 he shot himself in the groin and died at age 52. Still a mystery.  Nice LBX Upgrade!  BA

Z227 Why Go on Killing? (65) aka: Blood at Sundown  aka: Perché uccidi ancora  aka: Blue Summer   An army deserter returns to the town where his father was killed by Mexican landowners, led by a wheelchair bound land baron.  Anthony Steffen, Ida Galli and Gemma Cuervo This is listed already but this version is 8 minutes longer than other prints with the #N989. This also has a brighter sharper picture. Upgrade! LBX and English dubbed.  BA



H745 Scrubbers (82) aka: Black-Out im Höllen-Paradies   An all-woman juvenile prison borrows heavily from the Ray Winston film 'Scum'. The film's focus is on two women who escape. One wants to visit her child who is being raised in a convent, the other wants simply to be placed in another prison to be with her girlfriend. When they get caught, one of them thinks the other ratted her out which leads to some female prison violence. An incredible slow motion fight that must be seen to be believed! Nudity and hysterical dialogue!  BA






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