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J422                  Death Riders (76) The people and the events in this film are real. Every stunt you see has resulted in one or more deaths at some time. On the road with state fair daredevils. They live for the rush, cheating death, and the roars of the cheering crowds. The 1970's were a great time, where people attended rough and tumble events, drank a lot of beer and raised hell. These real-life activities and lifestyles created an entire surge of genre pictures. You ever wonder why so many movies these days suck balls? The regional culture has been mostly killed off. You're getting hundreds of touchy feely movies made by spoiled rotten film students out of PC culture colleges. LBX  BA

Z656                  Delinquent Girl Boss: Unworthy of Penance (71) aka: Zubekô banchô: Zange no neuchi mo nai   Rika (Reiko Oshida) graduates from the Reform School and looks up her 'sisters' who have all been free now for some time. The threads of the tale are somewhat complex. The girls are trying so hard to play it straight, Those damn Yakuza always get them into trouble! The girls get mad. Real MAD! Eventually they sweep into the streets ready to do battle with the Yakuza, consequences be damned! The finale is an epic confrontation in which our girls are wielding swords as they attack Yakuza, killing the crap out of them, filmed sometimes from below a see-through glass floor! Bright Red Blood! LBX and with English subtitles. LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

Z719                  Delinquent Girl: Alley Cat in Heat (73) aka: Furyô shôjo: noraneko no seishun  This time Yuko Katagiri is the cute Hatoko, a country girl who comes to Tokyo and is used and abused by horny men. But then, her boyfriend sells her to the Yakuza! She works at various degrading jobs for them. Years later she runs into her old boyfriend that sold her into the life.... A typical sleazy tale about a girl who understands the art of give and take. LBX and with English subtitles. 

Z693 Girl's Junior High school: Dangerous Games (70) aka: Joshi gakuen: Warui asobi   Wild goings on in a private girl's junior high school! Junko Natsu stars as a new student who steps right in it here. A school of corruption and delinquency where the students hang with Yakuza, and frame their teachers for rape. Some tense moments with killer catfights, various assaults and unruly behavior run rampant. Maybe things will be okay in the end with a friendly game of volleyball? LBX and with English subtitles.

J328 Wild Sex Gang (73) aka: Boso sekkusu-zoku  aka: Hell Riders in Kyoto  Rich punk Junya gives the cops a good chase as he out-maneuvers them on his motorcycle Junya falls in love with a kindred spirit that also is speed crazy (Miki Sugimoto!). Topless girl bikers, races and chases, and a determined cop that relentlessly pursues the always winning Junya. Amazing! LBX and with English subtitles.  



CLASSIC HORROR AND SCI-FI FILMS  {Choose any two CLASSIC titles to create your custom double feature for $14.00 on VHS OR DVD-R! }

J361 Bad Lands (39) aka: Tierra maldita  Sheriff Bill Cummings (Robert Barat) and a posse of nine, set out to track down a murderous renegade. Led into Indian country they find an oasis of water, and a natural vein of silver. Greed sets in, and in the morning the horses are gone, somebody has split to make a claim, and the others are trapped by an unseen enemy. Gun blaze Glory! Screaming Indians! Silver! To Avenge a Woman... Ten Men Plunge through the Molten Desert! Also with Francis Ford, Noah Beery Jr. and Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams. Ford was in 494 features, A record?  BA

J308 Call of the Yukon (38) A fur trader tries to guide a female writer, and her numerous animals, to safety in the Yukon territory where wolves are getting very bold and extremely hungry. Some interesting sequences in the frozen North. This one gets pretty cheesy with the animals but it is 1938, and something different. If you like dogs and other animals, you'll enjoy this.   BA

J357 Corvette K-225 (43) aka: Corvettes in Action  aka: The Nelson Touch  One of the best WW2 submarine battle films. Randolph Scott stars as Lieut. Commander MacClain in the North Atlantic. He has just lost an officer on a booby-trapped German sub. When back he is confronted by the resentful sister (Ella Raines) of the man killed in action. Like, that never happens. He falls for her. Meanwhile her vengeance-seeking younger brother is the new officer aboard the Corvette (It's a war ship dummy! The Royal Canadian Corvette Cruiser), and he is a bit of a hot head. Shepherding an allied convoy from Nova Scotia, to England, and fighting off U-Boats along the way. Fantastic battle scenes. Also with David (The Mad Ghoul) Bruce.  BA

J262 Daybreak (33) aka: Tianming   Fishing girl Ling Ling goes to Shang Hai to look for her sister. In this city of vice, she will be raped and forced into prostitution. Later she becomes a socialite, trying to help others. Still she waits at the docks for her lover sailor to return. But the Revolution is upon them, and where is her sister? Silent film, atmosphere authentic because 99% of the people are real. China made

Z655 Death Walks in the Rain (48) aka: La muerte camina en la lluvia  A killer is on the loose in the city of Buenos Aires, and always leaves behind a note "S. Lopez'. A Professor arrives from Uruguay and he is killed. Next. The police think they know where the killer lives. Will he be stopped before he strikes again? Argentina film noir with some eerie atmosphere. English subtitles.

J360 Desperate Adventure, A (38) aka: It Happened in Paris  A painter (Ramon Novarro) paints a portrait of the girl of his dreams. Later he meets her (Marian Marsh) at a party. Even though he has never seen her, she is the woman in his dream painting. She rebuffs him, but her sister (Margaret Tallichet) wants him. But when the picture becomes public and risks scandal for both the artist and the woman in the painting... Marian Marsh was a cute dame. Margaret Tallichet was considered for the role of Scarlet O'Hara but was rejected. Instead of acting she quit and married a rich William Wyler, huge Hollywood director.  BA

J280 Different From the Others (19) aka: Anders als die Andern  Two men, both musicians, fall in love with one another in this early 'forbidden love' tale. The scandal will lead to disaster. Conrad Veidt, known for playing villains, is one of the leads here. The film did not survive however, and this is a patchwork with some surviving scenes, mingled with stills and information so the flow of the story is intact. This German film is the first gay film I think. Silent with English subtitles running under an hour.

J371 Fighting Shadows (35) Tim O'Hara (Tim McCoy) is sent to the Indian Territories to put an end to the injustice being perpetrated upon the trappers who are being forced to sell their furs at rock bottom prices through intimidation. This is Tim's old stomping grounds, and he just knows he is going to get caught up in past rivalries...but now Tim is a Mountie, so face me suckers! But he gets set up and.... Filmed in Big Bear Lake, Big Bear Valley and San Bernardino National Forest. Also with Ward Bond and Geneva Mitchell (who died young at 44 years of age in 1949). Look for Iron Eyes Cody in a small role. BA

J356 Follow that Woman (45) A private detective's wife takes over the business when he enters the army to fight the Nazis. Naturally, she excels. Nancy Kelly, William Gargan and many more star.  BA

J265 Guild of the Kutna Hora Virgins, The (38) aka: The Merry Wives  aka: Cech panen kutnohorských    A lord who is known to have loose morals, comes to the defense of a working-class man who is in trouble for stating the facts. He has been sentenced to death for speaking out against the thieving rich people of power who have been sticking it to the poor while they lavish themselves in an un-earned over-abundance of riches and luxury. An obscure comedy from Czechoslovakia. With English subtitles.

J366 I've Got Your Number (34) Two wisecracking telephone repairmen go about their business and manage to find the time to romance a few hot blondes. Hot numbers on the switchboards! Joan Blondell and Glenda Farrell are the women. Also with Pat O'Brien and Allen Jenkins.  BA

J282 Lighthouse (47) Connie (June Lang) is smitten with lighthouse keeper Sam (Don Castle). But Sam is not buying, so, out of spite she marries Hank (John Litel) the other lighthouse keeper. Together they exist in the lighthouse. But three's a crowd, and trouble is brewing. When Connie rejects Sam's advances.... Nice, fun, and noir-dark (yes, I can blend all of these). June Lang was pretty much blacklisted by Hollywood after this film because she refused to do as she was told. Don Castle died from a drug overdose in Hollywood in 1966 at age 48.  BA

J263 Of Things Supernatural (59) aka: O vecech nadprirozených  A film based on stories by Karl Capek.  'Gloria' , 'The Mystery of Writing' and 'A Legal Case'. With English subtitles.

J267 One More River (34) Colin Clive stars and James Whale directs. Claire (Diana Wynyard) escapes her nasty bastard of a husband Sir Gerald (Clive). Aboard a ship, she meets another man. This was made as the new Code was going into effect, and had to be trimmed a bit of a scene where Gerald rapes Claire, this is what sets her to flee. Whale managed to edit it just fine, we get the idea Gerald is a wretch. Also with Jane Wyatt and Lionel Atwill.

J375 River Gang (45) aka: Fairy Tale Murder  Wendy, naive young and pretty (played by 19 year old Gloria Jean) lives with her kindly pawnshop owner Uncle Bill. He buys a violin from a guy named Peg-Leg, later to be identified as belonging to a murdered composer. The bad guys kidnap neighborhood kid Johnny (friend of Wendy) who is the one that figured this out. Peg-Leg is whacked by the boss (named 'Raincoat'!). Raincoat tortures Johnny for answers. Other characters like Fatso, Goofy, Slug, Spike and Mr. Fish... nice.   BA

J376 Seven Miles from Alcatraz (42) aka: A siete millas de Alcatraz  Alcatraz prisoners are paranoid after Pearl Harbor because they feel like sitting ducks. Chamo (James Craig) and Jimbo (Frank Jenks) escape and end up on a small island with a lighthouse, populated by five. They take over. Meanwhile Nazis are in play on the island. Will Patriotism win out over the greed of the gangsters? This one is quite good.  James Craig would top off his career with 'Bigfoot', 'Venus Flytrap' , 'The Tormentors' and 'Doomsday Machine'. Bonita Granville also stars.   BA

J364 She's a Soldier Too (44) Sock drama as wartime workers deal with home front dramatics and that some of these gals wear the pants in the family, at least when they need to step up! Beulah Bondi stars along with Nina Foch, Lloyd Bridges and many more. Look for an uncredited Shelly Winters as 'Silver' Rankin in one of her first screen appearances. Directed by William Castle, one of his first.  BA

J365 They Came to Blow Up America (43) George Sanders is Carl Steelman: F.B.I. Agent. Learning that there are traitors in our midst, he goes undercover into a Nazi Germany School of Sabotage (where you learn how to sabotage) as his new identity Ernst Reiter, to learn the German's plans for strategic destruction. Can they stop the infiltrator Nazi agents at home? The film is told in flashback with lead F.B.I. Agent (played by Ward Bond) explaining to an underling what really went down. Based on a true story.  BA

J288 Tomorrow at Seven (33) A maniac known as 'The Black Ace' is a terrifying threat as he menaces people in an old dark mansion (house) in Louisiana. The Ace of Spades means death. That's the way I like it Baby no one wants to live Forever! Chester Morris, Vivienne Osbourne (as an evil prostitute) and more star.   BA

J359 U-Boat Prisoner (44) aka: Dangerous Mists   An American sailor (Bruce Bennett) poses as a Nazi spy. Based on the true story of Archie Gibbs (and from his story about his actual experiences), a seaman detained on a Nazi submarine during WW2. Assuming the identity of a Nazi whose ship has sunk, he begins to get the inside scoop to help the good old U.S. of A. Hits the High Water Mark of Action! From director Lew Landers. Bruce Bennet lived to 100 years of age, dying in 2007.  BA

J369 Undertow (49) Scott Brady is Tony Regan. He used to be in the rackets but is going straight. He stops in Reno and helps a woman (named Ann) win some cash rolling dice. He goes to Chicago and gets set up to take the fall for a murder. Before they can get him, he contacts Ann for help. Fantastic suspense and location shooting. Brisk and satisfying. Directed by William Castle. Also with Peggy Dow, Bruce Bennett, Rock Hudson (in his first credited role) and Dorothy Hart.  BA

J368 Unmarried (39) aka: Me and My Gal  Helen Twelvetrees last film. She killed herself 19 years later when she took a bunch of pills.  She was married at the time. Donald O'Conner, Buck Jones, Robert Armstrong and Buster Crabbe also star.  BA

J327 White Hell of Pitz Palu, The (29) aka: Die weiße Hölle vom Piz Palü   A mountain climbing man loses his wife when she falls into a crevice during an avalanche. Later he guides a couple up the mountains where another catastrophe awaits. The frozen mountain landscape is beautifully lensed. Impressive for 1929 this German made masterpiece that runs over 2 hours. English subtitles with very minimal dialogue.  BA

J358 Women are Trouble (36) Prohibition is over so the gangsters focus on the 'protection' racket. Pay or Die. Reporter Ruth Nolan (Florence Rice) gets a picture of the killer.... Also starring Stuart Erwin, Paul Kelly and many more.





 Z685 Brancaleone at the Crusades (70) aka: Brancaleone alle Crociate  Like the Lions in the Wind we are Marching. We are the Brancaleone army! It's the sequel to 'For Love and Gold'! And you wonder where Monty Python got at least some of their inspiration? Look no further. Brancaleone (Vittorio Gassman) and company, find themselves caught in the middle of a feud between.... two Popes! In order to declare who is the rightful Pope, Brancaleone must walk on hot coals! After this ordeal, accompanied by a dwarf, a witch, a leper, and a masochistic penitent, Brancaleone continues his quest. In the Holy Land, he fights the unfaithful before facing Death (skull-faced and scythe carrying, a desert dune showdown!) in person. He is eventually saved by Tiburzia the witch who is reincarnated in the form of a magpie. Absurd hilarity. Also with Adolfo Celi, Beba Loncar, Stefania Sandrelli and more! Widescreen and with English subtitles.  BA

J291 Defeat of Hannibal, The (37) aka: Scipione L'Africano  Toward the end of the third century, two great powers were struggling for mastery of the Mediterranean: Rome and Carthage. From the very beginning, the rivalry between the two nations became a dramatic life and death battle for both peoples concerned. For decades the two hostile powers fought each other without mercy, in a long series of inconclusive battles, until at last it seemed that Carthage would win the final victory. In fact, in the year 218 B.C., Hannibal invaded the Italian peninsula from the Alps, with a vast army of men and elephants, leaving behind him a trail of death and destruction. In vain Rome attempted to resist his unrelenting advance....... The visuals are certainly amazing here in this early offering. Incredible English dubbed version.  BA

Z722 Eve (68) aka: Hula Hula, la femmina della giungla   Celeste (The Velvet Vampire, Beast of Blood) Yarnall (who died of undisclosed causes in October 2018) stars as 'Eve' a sexy jungle woman in a leather bikini that is discovered by treasure hunter Mike Yates (Robert Walker Jr.) who is searching for Incan treasure in the Amazon jungle.  Includes the obligatory treacherous and hostile natives, and excellent scenery!  Also starring Herbert Lom, Maria Rohm and Christopher Lee, so how can you lose?  Not an upgrade because the other version (S471) listed is 5 minutes longer! This one is 1 hour and 29 minutes. But the quality is better, that is for sure, the colors are clearer and much brighter.  BA

Z722 Galax-Man Doll (84) aka: Galax, omul papusa   The story of Galax a (stop-motion animated) robotic man-doll, artificially created out of wood and computer parts. But our man-sized marionette is alive, and it has feelings for a woman, which sends the film into strange territory. Before 'Bicentennial Man' there was 'Galax-Man'! Owes a bit to Isaac Asimov maybe? LBX and with English subtitles. 

Z692 Giants of Thessaly (60) aka: I giganti della Tessaglia   Jason and the Argonauts before Jason and the Argonauts! Out on a quest to obtain the sacred golden fleece while back home treachery is afoot in the kingdom. A witch on an island of women, a big monster Cyclops.... more. Amazing Widescreen upgrade here with bright colors. It is just shocking how much more you see in this version from side to side of the screen. This one was directed by Riccardo Freda, one of the most consistent directors. Carlo Rambaldi with some monster effects. Remember, he created E.T. 20 years later. Spectacular! (Although the Harryhausen film is much better, these musclemen would cream the actors in the Harryhausen film if there were a battle) LBX and English dubbed.  BA

Z729 Ivanhoe, the Norman Swordsman, The 72) aka: La spada normanna   A man (Mark Damon as 'Ivanhoe') returns from years spent in the Holy Land. He knows that Henry the First's son was killed in the Crusades. The throne has been usurped by an imposter. The usurper uses a false sword to validate his claim to the throne. Ivanhoe has located the 'real' sword, and now will challenge the fake, and along the way, romance Henry the First's daughter (the lovely ill-fated Krista Nell). Another ripping' swashbuckler re-listed here in a new version upgrade, English language dubbed and LBX  BA

Z695 Marie of the Isles (59) aka: Marie des Isles   Belinda Lee is Marie. She is an innkeeper's daughter who marries an older French colonial. At one point a man tries to rape her, but gets impaled on a coat stand instead. One hell of a gnarly swashbuckler, you actually believe the characters! Lee is a knockout, and one can only wonder how her career would have flourished if only she had not perished in a car accident in 1961 at age 25. Torture, Beefcake and Big Breasted Beauties. Something for everyone! You’re Welcome!  BA

J347 Story of Chinese Gods (75) aka: Feng shen bang  Animated martial arts cartoon! Bruce Lee is resurrected as a God (with a third Eye) and he must help some others defeat demons. Gods on flying clouds, concubines, monsters. mysticism, folklore, funny oriental music, kung fu battles with sound effects and even some gore... more. English language  BA

Z707 Super Stooges vs. the Wonder Women (74) aka: Amazon and Supermen  aka: Superuomini, superdonne, superbotte   Not a full blown Shaw Brothers film, but a collaboration with Italy, Hong Kong and Mexico! Opens with an Amazon Gladiator tournament of sorts, worth the entry fee alone! They plan to enslave an entire village. Crazy fights, impossible jumps.... And the Super Stooges? A Chinese Martial Artist, a brutish-strongman and a Zorro sort of guy that jumps about. Guess which country each is from and you get a cigar. Slapstick mostly, but the open with the Amazons is dead serious! The final battle is epic! Widescreen, Sharp picture and English language dubbed.  BA

Z683 Three Avengers, The (64) aka: Gli invincibili tre   aka: Ursus l'invincible    Finally! Shiny shaved-chest Ursus (Alan Steel) and his sword-swinging (no homoerotic jokes please) equally shaved-chest pals, run head-on at the cruel usurper of the typical throne. Tasks and battles of great strength meld with humor and noisy action-packed set pieces. Silly, but pure wholesome fun. And now, for the first time ever. A nice English dubbed Widescreen Edition! Also stars Orchidea de Santis at 16 years of age, Lisa Gastoni and Rosalba Neri. BA





Z684 Alyse and Chloe (70) Alyse (Catherine Jacobsen) is a successful model who is neglected by her advertising photographer boyfriend. So she starts a long affair with the equally beautiful Chloe (Michele Girardon) for some intimate lesbian action. Super-swinging sixties stuff with the rich here, in their fancy clothes dancing the night away without a care. Very colorful and plenty of nudity with the lovely ladies. Controversial for it's time with a pretty heavy lesbian theme. The stunning but fragile Girardon died in 1975 at age 36 when she killed herself with sleeping pills because her career was on the skids This film did her no favors. What was considered scandalous in yesteryear is typical mainstream fare today. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

Z622 Country Love (72) Maria Arnold as a neglected wife that really needs some lovin' country style! She ventures out looking for hard men, She finds them. Maria gets it on with a black guy and also finds some fun with a group of horny hippies. Later she finds herself in a bit of wife-swapping. Will our narcissistic slut ever get satisfied? Hard R here this soft-core that borders on hardcore but never quite gets there. Maria Arnold was already doing hardcore at this point in her career.

Z686 Cover Girl (74) aka: Rapportpigen  aka: Confessions of a Danish Cover Girl  Sexy hot Vivi (Lise-Lotte Norup one hot Danish Dame!) poses for some pretty explicit naked pictures for her boyfriend so he can make some money on them. Now she is a centerfold. She is disgusted. Obscene phone calls and dirty letters follow. Vivi splits. But a man that has seen her centerfold and is obsessed with her follows. Things get wicked and sadistic with humiliation torture, and of course there is lots of nudity. 'Look at her eyes. What does she know about life? How can she be anything but a piece of stupid, soft meat. Cock and Cunt. That's all."  Just a sample of the frank dialogue. English subtitles.

J298 Das Go-Go Girl Vom Blow Up (69) After the death of her mother, medical student Monique from Munich has to earn her bread as a go-go girl in the legendary youth club Blow-Up….    German language

Z697 Dead Sexy (70) aka: Moonlighting Mistress  aka: La signora ha dormito nuda con il suo assassino   This one would be perfectly at home in the land of film noir, but spices things up with ample nudity and soft-core sex. A business executive and his smokin' hot mistress are out to kill the man's wealthy sex-crazed wife.....It's not long before they find themselves up shit creek without a paddle as blackmail, duplicity, red herrings and plot twists invade what could have been a pretty straight forward story. Veronique Vendell, Harald Leipnitz and more star. LBX and English language dubbed.  BA

Z720 Escape to Paradise (84) aka: Locas vacaciones  When a beautiful girl named Melody (Natalie Uher of 'Emmanuelle 6') is kidnapped and taken to a rich man's villa in what looks like an island type paradise, she is surprised at her new situation. The man wants her to seduce his son, who is hooking up with his stepmother (the man's wife!). Well, Natalie is mesmerizing, and completely irresistible, and in no time at all she ends up seducing everybody, including the stepmother! Meanwhile, revolutionaries (who are all unwashed, but strangely white) kidnap her, strip her naked, and tie her to a stake. Uher's last film before she disappeared. (Presumably a millionaire snatched her up.)  English language.  BA

Z660 General and the Empire of Joy, The (76) aka: Ôoku ukiyo-buro  A samurai falls in love with a young virgin, but he is too late. She is already committed to the Shogun's harem. Not to be deterred, the samurai blackmails a pedophilic monk who sneaks him into the palace through a secret passage where he hopes to make away with his prize. There is the Mistress of the Harem, loads of harem girls, and lots of sleaze and frank subtitles like for example:  'I Am getting Hard!' - Trashy Pinku LBX and with English subtitles.

Z633 Girl Fever (61) Nice early look at Times Square as it was in 1961 and then boom! A smokin' hot hooterific blonde is singing and dancing, followed by a guy that sings and dances but looks like he has some sort of muscular degenerative condition... but I suppose this is just the way he moves about, normal for 1961? Maybe. Oh I get it, these are auditions! A series of vignettes follow that include a sheik with a harem, female stereotypes of various nationalities and more. A female Matador strips and dances. Midgets that look like manikins dance and what the? A surprise. Can barely see the pasties on some of these erotically charged honeys.  BA

Z629 Girls on the Rocks (62) This film was smuggled out of Cuba during the Revolution, making it Cuban-Nudie exploitation, but not really. There is no nudity, just plenty of scantily clad girls. Wait is that a boob? No, it's just a coconut.  A yacht loaded with an all-female orchestra are shipwrecked on an island of dancing cannibal Cuban's and rescued by a faux-Tarzan type. The gals here, all unknowns, are quite tasty looking, so... can't blame the cannibals for wanting a slice or two. But this is light-hearted with a twist. A real farce. Color is faded, is in English language, does have Spanish subtitles.

Z724 I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight (76) Sex Ray Aphrodisiac can turn any man or woman into a sex crazed maniac. Join virginal nerd Jon Pigeon (Barry Andrews) who works in the sex research clinic, where patients roam the corridors naked, and no man is safe from the 'crotch-grabbing' tea (bag?) lady. Jon wants to zap Cheryl (Sally Faulkner) so he can have a bit of the old in-and-out with her. His attempts may lead to comic disaster, but others will be affected, like his bullying boss and clean-up campaigner Mary Watchtower (Geraldine Hart).

Z668 Intimacy (88) aka: Midnight Seduction  Delicious Eva Grimaldi stars as 'Tea' who becomes involved in a love triangle with her boyfriend and her sadomasochistic lover, who pretty much takes her without struggle. Very frank and politically incorrect eroticism here. And why not? Times and movies were much better then. Tea: 'How old are you?' Karl: 'Old enough to fuck you three times a day.' How's that for dialogue? English dubbed.  BA

Z664 Lessons for the Lovelorn (80) aka: Corse a perdicuore  A smart nerd falls for the woman of his dreams in a beautiful town in southern Italy by an old harbor. His plight detailed by a vivid portrait of his insecurities and being unable to fit in with the 'hip' crowd. In the tale he is rejected and snubbed repeatedly making one wonder if he will ever find what he is looking for. Told in an amusing way with UN-PC men (thankfully) and plenty of pretty girls. The ending has a bit of a twist. The plentiful nudity is nice. With Mirella D'Angelo and more. English language dubbed

Z700 Like Wow! (62) aka: Mr. Peek-a-Boo's Playmates  One year before 'The Man with the X-Ray Eyes' comes this little exploitation film. A guy finds some super-duper shades that allows him to see women as God intended. That's right, butt naked! He lets men use them to peep, getting paid with food, lodging. clothing, whatever he can get! Every new gazer goes through a series of expressions: hilarious convulsions of shock, amazement and finally, pleasure. As sexist as a movie from 1962 can get! Nice views of 1960's shopping centers. Laughs and naked girls. What else do you want?

Z696 Melody of Passion (86) aka: La chica que cayó del cielo  A student from Munich named Betty (Sonja Martin of 'Red Heat' and 'Emanuelle 4') inherits a castle from her aunt in Mallorca. What she is about to discover is, her aunt's lawyer is using the castle as a brothel! Sort of a 'Spanish-No -Tell Hotel'. They want her to sell but she becomes interested in keeping the place a castle for illicit lovers. Some delicious large-breasted babes throughout. Slightly LBX and dubbed into English, there are some irremovable foreign subtitles.

Z624 Naked in the Night (58) aka: Madeleine Tel. 13 62 11  Early exploitation from Germany with (perfect looking) Eva (Blood and Black Lace) Bartok as a woman going undercover into the dark, dirty world of prostitution. An interesting, entertaining and sordid, white-slavery tale of Fallen Frauleins and a wicked brothel Madame. So they fumbled the editing on this, which just adds to the fun in this case. Hilariously dubbed into English. Bartok, the daughter of a Jewish man, was forced to marry a German officer in 1941 at age 15 to avoid being sent to a concentration camp.

Z728 Night of the Felines (72) aka: Mesunekotachi no yoru  Masako is a prostitute working in a downtown Tokyo bathhouse. Yakuza pimps use her and her whore friend to the point that they have lost all notions of existence. This is pretty dark stuff here with no fantasies about love, soul-mates or gentleness. Just stark, matter of fact disturbingly detached sex, strikingly authentic. And there will be trouble you know, because it is 'Night of the Felines'! LBX and with English subtitles.

Z638 Notorious Big Sin City (70) A couple of guys travel around in quickly edited scenes that usually involve them peeping at women in a pervy voyeuristic fashion. With incredibly low-brow narration clearly thrown together without much thought. But come to think of it, how else would one narrate such a thing? Call the Cops! And somebody does. Although I think the cop gets a nice peep in before arresting his perp.

Z626 Passion Holiday (63) aka: Wenn die Hüllen fallen  Florida Boob-Fest from the early days. Sexy gals stay at the same hotel in Miami, where busty singer Cathy (Christy Foushee) performs. Later a yacht trip finds the girls skinny-dipping and encountering gangsters who confront our nubile nymphs at gunpoint. Guys from the yacht come to the rescue in what is perhaps one of the wimpiest fight scenes ever put to celluloid. Just loads of eye-candy here, from many hot girls in their prime state. Bobbie Shaw Chance is Miss Miami Rendezvous. Christy Foushee was in 'Blood Feast'. Color  BA

Z627 Romance in Venice (62) aka: Romanze in Venedig  A pretty young woman finds out her boyfriend is a cheater so sets off to have an affair of her own in Venice where she does exactly that (with a famous pianist), gets knocked up, and goes back home. Later on in life her son is talented and his aging father comes to town... It's a German romance film with some nice cheesecake scenes with Danish actress Ann Smyrner. She starred in 'Reptilicus' and 'House of 1000 Dolls' as well as some spy films of the 1960's and more. Smyrner practiced witchcraft for 17 years before renouncing it in 1970. German language only.

Z637 Sappho Darling (68) Carol Young is Sappho, who isn't getting the best of treatment from her boyfriend Sven, who wants to take her virginity (who wouldn't?). Sappho picks up a buxom babe (Brigitte, played by Yvonne D'Angers)  and offers her a place to stay. Is it love? Maybe. Later, men try to rape Sappho and Brigitte. Still later some horny lesbians try to get Brigitte and Sappho. The shower sequence with the two women is a highlight. Gary Kent has a bit part.  BA

Z672 Saturday, Sunday and Friday (79) aka: Sabato, domenica e venerdì   aka: Ein total versautes Wochenende   Three tales here. First: An accountant marries a beautiful Japanese woman and follows her to Tokyo. Second: A young marries a Sicilian girl to save her from paternal wrath. Third: A theatrical impresario marries her dancer so she can leave her place in the ballet. Edwige Fenech and Barbara Bouchet have brief nude scenes, but the last story has an entire cast of topless showgirls from the infamous Paris 'Crazy Horse Show Club' which nestles the film into the pleasant bosom's of exploitation. LBX and dubbed into English language with Greek subtitles.  BA

Z632 Sex Meets Sex (69) An adult book store threads together a series of soft-core sex scenes that are as weirdly staged as the title of the film is strangely named. Gay, straight and other, the outrageous content (unused footage from 'The Filth Shop'?) spirals across the screen like a naughty dirty movie that is trying to hide from itself it's so ashamed. And for good reason! Look for Lover Lee, Susan Sex and more. Don't look for a title. You won't find one.

Z702 Sex O'clock U.S.A. (76) aka: La rivoluzione sessuale in America  Shocku-Docu of a Sexual Nature. It's French made and a window to the Sexual Revolution in the good old U.S. of A.  Drag Queens, sex-slave auctions (how about that now ladies?), hookers and sex-workers etc. Starts out in a Texas jail with some young inmates who have all been found guilty of rape. (???) Downer. An interview with a dominatrix at work in her studio with customers, a show and chat with Blaze Starr, Sex Toys, a blow-up sex doll, an erotic tattoo parlor, Marc Stevens and a girl simulating sex in a park and getting busted by real cops, on the set of a porno shoot.... and more!  BA

Z703 She'll Follow You Anywhere (71) aka: Passion Potion  X-Certificate Exploitation from England. Two scientists create an aphrodisiac cologne that makes women fall into bed with them. They set up a love nest to conduct more 'tests' on hot women of their choice. The serum causes women to imagine the men as their imaginary fantasy lovers. One German girl for instance, imagines one of the men is Adolph Hitler…  this gets her going!?!  Hilary Pritchard, The Collinson Twins from 'Twins of Evil', Penny Brahms and plenty of Nudity. LBX  BA

Z673 Slap in the Face (70) aka: Ohrfeigen   aka: Das Mädchen mit der leichten Hand  It is a loose remake of sorts to the 1937 film 'Seven Slaps'. A young woman, naked as the day God created her (except for the go-go boots), slaps the board of a bank that she believes has swindled her out of her savings. Say it isn't so! A banker? The pinnacle of ethics? Well, there is more of course to this German comedy, but as space restraints are a reality, how about some of the actors? Curd Jergens, the sweet naked Gila von Weitershausen, Alexandra Stewart (so many great films), Nadja Tiller... Lots of ladies, slight LBX + Greek subtitles and English language dubbed.  BA

J330 Snow Bunnies, The (72) aka: Coming Together  Three hot chicks go on a ski trip in order to hook up with horny men. The original screenplay was co written by Ed Wood so you know exactly where you are headed here. Plenty of nudity and it is quite obvious these gals are no strangers to sex on film (although only a few did hardcore in other films). Rene Bond, Marsha Jordan, Terri Johnson, Sandy Carey and more.  BA

Z628 Starlet! (69) aka: Hollywood Sex Slaves  An outrageous tale of the making of soft-core films and the antics, backstabbing and sexual hijinks behind the scenes. Dee Lockwood stars in one of her few films, as a former stag-film gal trying to sleep her way to the top (?) in soft-core films. But there are others who are jealous of this position, and are going to expose her sordid past. Although as grimy and slimy as soft-core porn was, is there much difference from hardcore? Filmed on the old Monogram lot. Plenty of nudity and sexual situations. Shari Mann and John Alderman also star. Alderman managed to appear in mainstream stuff and hardcore films simultaneously before he died at age 52 in 1987 of a heart attack.  BA

Z677 Story of a Nymphomaniac, The (75) aka: Lust in Old Edo  aka: Kôshoku: Genroku (maruhi) monogatari   Natsu, the older of two sisters, has a relationship with Yonosuke, the local kimino trader. Her sister is a bit more conservative, but Natsu has the looks and the body to seduce and manipulate men to get what she wants. And what Natsu wants is to climb the social ladder by mounting any man that will help her reach these heights. You know, like a typical Hollywood actress. It doesn't hurt that she is a nymphomaniac, makes it all so much easier. But in this case, it will lead to misery. Very sleazy and frank + Nudity and Sex (of course). LBX and with English subtitles.




Z706 Afterman 2 (05) A total mindfuck of a film. Forget reality. Bin Laden is alive and living in Brussels. In no time he is the President of Europe (an inevitable future with at least someone like him). Europe starts as a new dictatorship of evil under his rule. Enter 'Afterman'! Returning from Russia, he accidentally joins a group of Lesbian freedom-fighters. Hot women, nudity and sex,  Arabs, Nazis, Lesbians, a bubble bath with Afterman and a hot chick, brutal violence and so much more. Flashman has a 'Titanic' moment. LBX and with English subtitles.

Z708 Apostate, The (87) aka: Otstupnik  Finally a machine that clones human beings! Created by a scientist, now the Military wants it to create an army of soldiers! Science fiction strangeness from Russia, West Germany and Austria combined. With English subtitles and about two and a half hours long.

J427 Blood Tracks (85) aka: Heavy Metal  Swedish slasher with a heavy metal soundtrack from Sweden's 'Easy Action'. Opens with an abused woman who, after a beating, stabs her worthless husband to death in front of her children. They flee, hopping a train. Forward to 1985. Heavy Metal band shooting a video pick a huge creepy abandoned factory way above the snow line. A creepy location that houses the family, now grown, mutant-Hills-Have-Eyes types. The band has some sexy groupies/video models along as well. When an avalanche strands the cast and crew, the mutants start picking them off. 80's Metal, Boobs, and Gore. 81 minutes  BA

Z712 Brutal Storm (85) aka: Vahşet Kasırgası  Turkish remake of sorts of 'A Candle for the Devil' also known as 'It Happened at Nightmare Inn'. Two evil sisters run a boarding house inside an old convent in a Turkish village. Middle-aged. sexually repressed, unmarried, and crazy religious. They are offended anybody else is sexually active or having fun of any kind. They act to kick a topless sunbather from their boarding house, but accidentally kill her. Now they are on the path of righteousness! At least in their twisted minds. Grisly killings, knifings, axe action, cleavings, a total horror movie atmosphere... Good stuff here, some glitches in this rare print. LBX and with English subtitles.

Z654 Child of the Sabbat (89) Low-budget Exorcist type devil cult film that manages to be better than a number of these recent possession films of late shot on people's phones. When a girl returns after an abduction, and lies in a comatose state. the local Priest is brought in. Hold up. Time for one of the female leads to dance around (sister of coma girl?) on a stage like a stripper. Oh, now back to the story. Hey, isn't that a lift from 'The Devil's Nightmare'? Who carved 'Satan Lives'? Coma girl is in the tub, won't wake up. Hey, Coma Girl is awake! Stripper Girl is Bloody and Dead. Mommy fell down the stairs. Priest is tempted by a a hot nude succubus..... Satanic Symbols are carved into nubile female flesh. .... Hmmmm. This is exactly the type of thing preachers and talks shows in 1989 were screeching about with 'Satanic Panic' mania. So if you have the ability to place yourself there (astral project into the past already!) then this is good in a 'The Demon Lover' kind of way.

Z687 Crazy Killers, The (72) aka: Sex and Violence   A pair of thugs are on the loose in the region of Brussels, terrorizing the populace with a series of murders. The killing trip of these two deeply disturbed individuals seem to stem from their inability to fulfill their homosexuality. No morality, no regret, they taunt their victim's murdering randomly, coldly, anyone and everyone. Following their crimes, they attend shows hosted by transvestites in gay bars where they skim people to meet their financial needs. Unreal, downbeat and with some sort of twisted humor. Don't miss this Belgian nugget. You won't believe it! With English subtitles.

J350 Cult, The (71) aka: Manson Massacre   aka: Tochter des Satan's   aka: House of Bondage   Helter Skelter was only the beginning! Another wild trip down Manson-Inspired lane with all the macabre fixin's. Makee K. Blaisdell (most notably from a few episodes of 'Star Trek' and a a dozen or so other shows) stars in his cinematic debut (and farewell apparently). He is a cult leader a la Manson (named 'Invar' close enough) who sleeps in a coffin, and has sex with his hippie chicks, who also do his bidding. While he sleeps we get flashbacks of earlier days of his 'cult'. Homosexual rape, sex with hot chicks (including Uschi Digard) and a sadistic unhinged last act directly influenced by Manson's rampage. One woman whips a guy as he screams then begins to bash him with a spiked ball hanging from a chain. You get the picture. Debbie Osbourne, Barbara Mills, Vicki Peters, Candice Roman and more also star. This is in German language only, the only print we have ever seen, with no subtitles, from German disc and with few glitches but very nice quality overall. + trailer! Cult Leader Invar is a dead ringer for David Hess! LBX  BA

Z717 Death Laid an Egg (68) aka: La morte ha fatto l'uovo   Mark (Jean-Louis Trintignant) only marries Anna to get a hold of her money through her chicken farm. His mistress Gabrielle (Ewa Aulin, her next film, 'Candy') lives with them on the chicken farm, and may be an accomplice to Mark's dirty plan. But even more threatening..... Mark is a killer of prostitutes, he violently stabs a woman to death in the opening sequence.  She suffers in agony.  Later, jealousy and betrayal will come to a violent giallo mystery with a twist you won't see coming conclusion. This is the longest print we have seen at 1 hour and 44 minutes. Very nice LBX and English language dubbed.  BA

Z669 Dream Crimes (85) aka: Muhan  A female assassin gets the down payment for a hit in Tokyo. She meets a young man who reminds her of a former lover. This brings about painful memories of him being killed while trying to rescue her from being gang-raped. This one gets dark, and violent. At one point in the later half, she is raped at gunpoint, by the point of a gun, which gets bloodied and then stuck into her mouth. Rough stuff here so be warned. LBX and with English subtitles.

J414 Evil Eye (75) aka: Malocchio  aka: Más allá del exorcismo  Now in an English dubbed version! Jorge Riveroi is Peter Crane. He wakes up surrounded by dead bodies and covered in blood which begs the question. Is he responsible for this massacre? Or is it the obligatory 1970's mysterious devil cult that usually dominates these early 1970's Euro-Horror films? He checks himself into a clinic.... but what the hell is going on there? Richard Conte, Pilar Velazquez and Daniela Giordano also star.  (Also available in a subtitled version if you need it use the Q967-L939 number) . LBX  BA

Z734 Frozen Silence (11) aka: Silencio en la nieve  During WW2, the discovery of dead horses and a Spanish soldier's corpse. jutting up out of a frozen lake on the Russian front (the heads are sticking out) triggers an investigation into the cause. There is a killer on the loose, more mutilated bodies carved with bizarre symbols..... Atmospheric and downbeat - LBX and with English subtitles. BA

J432 Ghost Riders (87) aka: I cavalieri della città perduta  The ghosts of notorious Texas outlaw Frank Clements and his bloodthirsty gang , who return every 100 years as gun slinging ghouls bent on bloody revenge against the ancestors of the preacher who had them strung up in 1886. A Viet Nam veteran and some teenagers are stalked by these deliverers of death. If you like 'Ghost Town' or 'Shadow of Chikira' then give this one a chance.  BA

Z662 Hamburg Syndrome, The (79) aka: Die Hamburger Krankheit   A virus/plague is laying people out dead in a fetal position. In Hamburg, a group of survivors, each eccentric characters in their own way, embark on an odyssey across the countryside to search for other survivors. It's a road trip movie that goes from one bad scenario to the next. Littered with ludicrous scenarios involving how some people deal with this new world. A plastic suit seems to be the only way to survive if you are not immune. People drop dead at any given time. One strange doomy film from Germany here. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

J318 Hitchhiker, The (83-91) aka: Deadly Nightmares - Complete series on 22 discs and nice quality! Page Fletcher (who debuted in 1981's 'Humongous') is Rod Serling basically as he introduces each character, usually running into them in the opener in one way or another. Sex and Violence with lots of nudity, and a supernatural bent, much like 'Tales From the Crypt' but more skin here I think. Stars galore. Pre-Mammoth Kirstie Alley, Jill Hennessy, Krista Bridges, Klaus Kinski, Shannon Tweed, Gary Busey, Margot Kidder, Susan Anspach, Lisa Blount, Peter Coyote, Tom Skeritt, Harry Hamilin and many more. This complete set is available on DVD-R only and no VHS - $108 postage paid.  

J431 House of Shadows (76)  aka: La casa de las sombras  This one has John (Psycho) Gavin and Yvonne (Lily Munster) De Carlo. Audrey has witnessed a murder in an old deserted mansion. When she investigates, she has visions of the past... clues? She also finds out that the murder occurred 20 years earlier. Then, the murders start again.... This is a haunting old dark mansion mystery type, perfect for a dark stormy night. Produced in Argentina. English language.   Not to be confused with the other film of the same name.  BA

J425 House on Todville Road, The (94) A doctor finds that his dying ex-lover is living (and dying) amongst a sinister satanic acting cult. Now stuck in the clutches of the cult, the doctor plans his escape. Meanwhile his ex-lover plots away.... Extremely weird, dark and intense tale of Demigods using religion to enslave the minds and bodies of the weak. With the smoking hot Amy Lindsay in her debut.

Z723 Icy Breasts (74) aka: Les seins de glace  aka: Esecutore oltre la legge  aka: Someone is Bleeding  Peggy (Mireille Darc) has a killer body, she is also a killer of men. From the Richard Matheson novel.  See Peggy endanger any man who she comes into contact with.  With a spectacular 'Of Mice and Men' ending.  This is the LBX English language dubbed alternate version.  The other version (N848) is an English language subtitles print.    BA

Z663 Idlers of the Fertile Valley, The (78)  aka: Oi tembelides tis eforis koiladas   A rural mansion, a father and his threes sons.... In the mansion they resort to slothfulness, sleep... waking only to have sex with the young and beautiful maid (the lucky ones). Eventually the men become so dazed they are practically helpless. One of the sons decides to break free from this useless existence. He leaves (with the maid) but.... I can't ruin the rest now can I? Besides, I'm too tired to tell you.  A surrealistic allegory on the torpor and decay of the rich upper class. To be idle. Unimaginable. Nudity, Sex, Female Masturbation and more. LBX and with English subtitles.

J433 Junior (85) aka: Hotwater  Sexy K.C. (Suzanne DeLaurentiis) and Jo ( Linda Singer) have just been released from prison. After an unintentionally hilarious encounter with a drug dealing pimp, the story settles in a waterfront hotel/bar area. The girls are maybe just a bit too smokin' hot for the redneck locals, who are going to make sure these gals have a hard time. Especially Junior, who loves to swing around his chainsaw, cutting things up, and raping women. Maybe lacking in explicit gore, but more than makes up for it with gratuitous nudity. Kills, rape and more await, plus a twist ending. This film was known as 'Hot Water' overseas. We have that print and it has the exact same running time so why bother? Linda Singer was 'Maggie' in 'Zombie Nightmare'.  BA

Z665 Long Journey Towards Death, A (68) aka: Un largo viaje hacia la muerte  A smorgasbord of madness combining the current cultural events. Psychedelia, LSD nightmares, creepy dolls, electroshock, Freudian theories attached to a labyrinth of bizarre sculptures loosely interpreted.... This could very well be an inspiration for Jodorowsky (or was he for it?), but not necessarily a template. Mix a bit of Giallo, sixties hysteria and Jodorowsky in a blender. With English subtitles.

J434 Lucifer (87) aka: Goodnight, God Bless   A killer priest shows people his rosary beads and then viciously kills them. In the first ten minutes he manages to shoot five children. He is not just a psychopathic killer.... no, he is a spawn of hell disguised as a priest hell-bent on death and destruction. The dead are the lucky ones. The unlucky ones are those who survive. Somewhere in the darkness evil has risen, and he knows what scares you!  BA

Z667 Mandara (71) An evil cult seduces two student couples into their fold of deception under the guise of promoting the primordial human state through rape and agriculture. Eroticism as a means of ecstasy? Radical politics threaded into eternal revolution with Marxist society dreams..... New Wave notions shine and the light points straight to hell. A group of strange modern Buddhists gain followers by assaulting couples that the leader has been watching, and raping the women. It is all of this and more. They go on an ocean voyage.... with dire, grim results in store for them all. Over 2 hours of madness. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z698 Murderer Strikes at Dawn (70) aka: The Mushroom  aka: Le champignon  aka: Mord ved daggry  A lonely young physician takes some magic mushrooms with a drug-taking hippie artist woman (Alida Valli) he is seeing since his wife (Mylene Demongeot) has been ignoring him. He trips with flashing psychedelic colors and disorienting music. When he awakens she is dead.  Psychedelia and Murder, an interesting time in cinema. Aristocratic hippie types, thinking hallucinogenics' leads to some type of enlightenment. Good thing there is a killer around to kill off some annoying characters. And is it him? He thinks he did it, and has practically lost his mind. Intense mystery with twist ending. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

J424 Play Dead (83) aka: Satan’s Dog aka: Killer Dog  Hester (Yvonne De Carlo) has brought a Rottweiler back from Europe. She also dabbles in black magic. Rituals involving blood, pentagrams and chanting Latin. Hester is not happy how her dead sister's estate is being handled. She trains her dog to be a killer, then gives it to her niece as a present. The dog has been taught to kill all of Hester's enemies. By electrocution, strangulation... even poison. This is one smart dog! A different take on the killer dog genre. BA

Z731 Poachers, The (75) aka: Furtivos  A young man named Angel lives in the heart of the forest with his incestuous mother, where they maintain a tavern. Angel also makes some extra cash from poaching and selling the meat to some of the village shops. During one such trip he meets a girl who has escaped from the detention center. He takes her home. The cops and her boyfriend are looking for her, and Angel's mother is being a real bitch about the situation. Things go from bad to worse, with a very grim outcome for the players here. Dark and gloomy fun. LBX and with English subtitles.

Z732 Police are Blundering the Dark (75) aka: La polizia brancola nel buio  Gory Giallo with Cuneyt Arkin  (as Joseph Arkin) and Gabriella Giorgelli -  A demented cripple (that owns a villa) has invented a device that allows her to photograph people's thoughts.  Gathered at the villa we have lesbianism, a sexy uninhibited housekeeper and more weird characters. After one of the guests is brutally murdered (by scissors) the task to find the culprit begins.   Another version of this one, a better one, LBX and 7 minutes longer  and even trashier than Z169. (75 minutes vs. this one is 82m)  Nice Giallo with sleaze and violence, nudity, twists and turns.  LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

J428 Pyjama Girl Case, The (78) aka: The Girl in the Yellow Pajamas  aka: La ragazza dal pigiama giallo  In Australia, a woman finds the charred remains of a woman in a car on the beach. She's too fried to identify. The investigation starts, and another story also unfolds, about a woman that has gotten herself involved with three different men. Ray Milland is excellent (and even funny at times) as a retired detective that seems more competent than the police on the case. It's  a true crime thriller about a tragic life, and a tragic death. Everything falls into place in the last reel. With Dalila Di Lazzaro as Glenda and also starring Mel Ferrer.  LBX  BA

Z701 Reincarnation of Sex, A (82) A farmer chops up the servant who has had sex with his daughter (with an axe). The daughter dies in sorrow. Then they haunt the place. Anyone who rents the house will suffer their influence through possession. Sex and violence will take them to the point of no return. Uninhibited horny strangeness, unfettered axe-swinging, loads of nudity and fairly graphic soft-core sex.... a nice film. Sex and violence with high production values. Patricia Scalvi, Lia Farrel, Ana Maria Kreisler and fellatio on a vibrator that goes bad. Man that ending, it's like a weird mix of 'The Shining' and an axe slasher!  With English subtitles.  BA

Z739 Violence Without a Cause (69) aka: Gendai sei hanzai zekkyô hen: Riyû naki bôkô   Two losers, not happy with their lot in life, decide to misbehave. They attack a couple on the beach, raping the woman, and forcing the man to have sex with her while they take pictures. The next day they confront and mock students at a University. They disturb their neighbors, peep on others making love, and rape another girl at their apartment. Out of control. Think they'll get away with it? LBX and with English subtitles.

Z680 Virgin Breaker 2 (76) aka: Tamawarinin Yuki: nishi no kuruwa yûzukirô  Back by popular demand! Yuki works in the red light district's whorehouse as a 'tamiwari' which translates to 'Virgin Breaker'. She's got dibs on new recruits. Not all of them are willing, but that is no matter, she will break them in for future clients.  The first film found Yuki involved with political rebels. In this second one, she thinks she's finally found love after a bit of stud service. But is she deserving of goodness? As sleazy as it sounds. With Masumi Jun. LBX and with English subtitles.

Z705 White Angel, Black Angel (70) aka: Angeli bianchi... angeli neri   Special Edition: First: The Uncut version that runs 9 minutes longer than the U.S. version (which was called 'Witchcraft 70') Pagan Rituals, hanging with Anton LaVey and his minions doing a satanic ritual in the Church of Satan (let's face it, this is just a swinger's club that likes to dress up and pretend they are evil), black magic and naked exorcism, offended people protesting evil, Christian Preachers, Voodoo  etc. Loads of nudity. 91 minutes. +  The cut U.S. print with the title 'Witchcraft 70'.   2 discs count as 1 selection   No VHS  BA

Z741 Yellow: The Cousins (69) aka: Yellow: le cugine  Marta Garbini (Lisa Seagram), a premature spinster, has spent her entire life caring for her late grandfather and the bastard has just died and left everything to her cousin Valentina. Valentina's boyfriend scores with Marta..... Valentina watches and photographs.... somebody is going to wind up dead. A nice and sleazy expensive looking Giallo, great quality upgrade, LBX and in Italian language with English subtitles. Lisa Seagram died in February 2019 of dementia, in Burbank California.  Upgrade and 12 minutes longer!  BA




J297 Bless This House (72) aka: Schütze dieses Haus  Sid Abbot (Sidney James) just wants to get on with building his illegal whiskey still, but is frustrated by his work-shy son, and activist daughter. Then rude and arrogant Ronald Baines and his family move in next door. Garden fence hostilities soon commence. Sid's son falls in love with the neighbor daughter which adds to further comedic complications. Sally Geeson, Robin Askwith and more star.  BA

J293 Bulldog Breed, The (60) aka: Die Rakete zur flotten Puppe  Grocer assistant Norman Puckle (Norman Wisdom) is rejected in love, so joins the Navy, and is recruited to man  the first British rocket. Wisdom was a classic British clown in the tradition of Charlie Chaplin or later Jerry Lewis. Wisdom was a short man at 5' 2". Pretty Hilarious. Trivia: There is a fight in a cinema. Look for Michael Caine as sailor in the fight, and Oliver Reed as a Teddy Boy in the same brawl!  BA

J274 Cast a Dark Shadow (55) aka: La silla vacía  A black widower slime ball of a man (Dirk Bogarde) rids his older wife for her money but botches the payout due to a misunderstanding. Time to try again. But our evil cad may have met his match in Freda (Margaret Lockwood, excellent in the role). Actually this one is kind of spooky. It is apparent Bogarde's character is gay because he is looking at muscle-men magazines. In real life he was also gay, even though he was the fantasy of many a woman.  But who cares? He was also the only actor in the war film ' A Bridge Too Far' to have actually served at the actual battles depicted in the film.  BA

J300 Crosstrap (62) A husband and wife rent an isolated countryside bungalow. Upon arrival, they find a dead man in the bath, and are confronted by gangsters who have been using the property as a hide-out for stolen goods. They are soon under siege by another band of crooks! Laurence Payne, Jill Adams, Zena Marshall and more star.

J272 Diamond City (49) aka: Männer, Mädchen, Diamanten  It's a British film, set in Africa, but filmed in England. What we get is a sort of British western! Diamond country. Where political rivalries and greed, spill over into violence, bloodshed and murder. It's expensive looking on a budget, and Niall MacGinnis is an excellent villain, as anyone who has seen 'Night of the Demon' can attest.  Also interesting to see a younger Diana Dors and Honor Blackman. Blackman (who still lives as I write this) will forever be known as 'Pussy Galore'.  BA

Z651 Do You Know This Voice? (64) The bad guy has left behind a clue... his shoes! Dan Duryea is 'Hopta' , the 'nice guy next door' that may or may not be a kidnapper and (well) a killer. A nicely staged thriller here with a neat twist at the end. Like they used to make them. A fun and surprising entry. Also with Isa Miranda and more.

J408 Fast Lady, The (63) aka: La signora sprint  A classic slapstick farce from England. A Scotsman named Murdoch Troon (Stanley Baxter) has the hots for the lovely Claire (Julie Christie at her most beautiful). But her father hates Troon, and demands he take a driving test to prove he is able. Troon buys a cool looking green sports car (The Fast Lady). Let the test begin! Actually a very funny British comedy, still holds up. Also with Leslie Phillips, James Robertson Justice and loads of cameos from British actors. This was one of Christie's first films. You can see why she became a star. With Trailer! LBX BA

J363 Father Brown (54) aka: The Detective  aka: Détective du bon Dieu  A master of disguise (and master thief) has stolen expensive works of art. Father Brown (Alex Guinness) has two goals, to catch the bastard, and to save his soul. Joan Greenwood, Peter Finch, Bernard Lee and many more star. Guinness will always be remembered for 'Star Wars' but he was in many films. Peter Finch, not so mad here.  BA

J299 Gentle Trap, The (60) Burglars escaping with diamonds are ambushed by gangsters. One of them goes on the run, pursued by the cops and the gangsters. He hides out with some women. Exhausted he falls asleep, and the woman who has lent him her bed starts to go through his things... finding the diamonds.....The moral of the story? Don't steal from stealers. And never trust a woman you do not know personally. Decent crime thriller, with a climax shoot-out at a farm. Dorinda Stevens, Spencer Teakle and Felicity Young star.

Z753 Goodbye Gemini (70) aka: Sul tuo corpo, adorabile sorella  Jacki and Julian. Seemingly innocent but unnaturally close jet-setting twins (played convincingly by Judy Geeson and Martin Potter) in the swinging London scene are preyed upon by Earls Court transvestites, which leads to sadistic games that go awry. But how far will the twins go to protect one another? Julian has psychotic tendencies.... and he will kill! Downbeat and entertaining. + Trailer  BA

J273 Last Man to Hang, The (56) aka: L'ultimo uomo da impiccare  British crime mystery dealing with the end of the death penalty mired in courtroom intrigue as a man (Tom Conway) is on trial for the murder of his wife. But is he? Was that her body? What gives here? Ably directed by Terence Fisher and also starring Elizabeth Sellars, Eunice Gayson and Anthony Newly. Fisher's next film would be 'The Curse of Frankenstein', the first of the Hammer Horror classics.  BA

J276 Loss of Innocence (61) aka: The Greengage Summer   A pretty young woman (Susannah York) watches her siblings for the summer, and falls in love with a criminal (Kenneth Moore). She is supposed to be 16, he is in his 40's. Realistic dialogue and lush background scenes are juxtaposed against awkward and unspoken emotions, giving this love story a haunting effect. Danielle Darrieux plays Moore's jilted lover. Apparently this film has quite a following so check it out if you haven't seen it. Also starring Jane Asher.  BA

J290 Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins, The (71) aka: Die herrlichen sieben Todsünden   British Sex comedy that takes us through 7 (roughly 15 minutes each or so) tales. Here comes the fun funniest film of any year! That's exactly as the trailer says it (which is also included here!). A montage of different styles are presented. Avarice, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Pride, Sloth and Wrath. Julie Ege, Anouska (Scars of Dracula) Hempel, Marty Feldman and more. Feldman was such a hit in 'Young Frankenstein' he became a sought after funny man. In 1982, while filming 'Yellowbeard' in Mexico, he had bad shellfish poisoning which caused a fatal heart attack. Dead at 48.  BA

J281 May Morning (70) aka: Alba pagana  aka: Delitto a Oxford  It's an Italian film but made in England at Oxford University so placed here. An exploration of social and moral values. This movie gets very dark. A student from Italy mixes it with the upper-class snob types of the school, getting involved with Jane Birkin's character. The end, which takes place at the May Day Celebration, is a sordid affair, with a brutal rape as people look on, some playing instruments. Shocking finale, well deserved if you ask me. What a strange grim trip. + trailer! John Steiner, Rossella Falk, Alessio Orano and more star. LBX  BA

J306 Not Now, Comrade (76) A British Cold War-themed farce with triple entendres, confusion and double takes, this tells the story of Rudi a ballet dancer who defects from Russia, and the chaos that befalls everybody that helps him. As zany and wacky as a British comedy is apt to get. Roy Kinnear, Lewis Flander, Carol Hawkins and more star. LBX  BA

J268 Pursuers, The (61) Sharp, snappy and to the point this thriller. A Nazi War criminal has been living under a fake name in London, and the Nazi hunters are closing in. He cleans out his bank account and flees, seeking refuge in a night club, where a singer named Jenny, who is a Jewish Holocaust survivor, feels pity for him, and hides him out in her apartment. How's that for irony? With Francis Matthews of some important Hammer films. Co-written by go-to guy Brian Clemens.

J270 Rough and the Smooth, The (59) aka: Portrait of a Sinner  aka: Il ruvido e il liscio   Ila (Nadja Tiller) is young and pretty, and goddamn dangerous as hell. It is no wonder she seems to destroy everyone who winds up in her company. A man who is about to be married has an affair with her. Big mistake. Ila is a damaged woman, due to an abuse suffered when she was young. The main drawing card here is the somewhat frank use of sexuality, controversial, awkward, but new to audiences of 1959. Also with Adrienne Corri, Donald Wolfit and more.  BA

J315 Spanish Fly (76) aka: La mosca hispánica  Sir Percy de Courcy (Terry Thomas) must figure a new con to fund his luxurious lifestyle on the beautiful island of Minorca. Manipulating a cheap wine to pass off as fancy, they accidentally add Spanish fly, an aphrodisiac, which leads to nights of lovemaking. But wait, other side effects include the drinkers barking like dogs! Will he sell it before the buyers figure this out? While all of the ladies parade around in bikinis, there is only one scene where a woman is topless (Andrea Allen). Also with Leslie Phillips and Nadisuka (who played the mother in 'Conan the Barbarian' a few years later, also Naschy's 'People Who Own the Dark'. Now however she lives in a mental institution, done gone crazy.) LBX  BA

J275 Ugly Duckling, The (59) One of three Hammer films that deal with the 'Jekyll and Hyde' story, this one here, in a comical farce. Henry Jekyll (Bernard Bresslaw) is a clumsy oaf until he drinks the potion and becomes Teddy Hyde, a dashing adventurous jewel thief. I think 'The Nutty Professor' owes this one a bit in some ways. Hilarious at times and also starring Norma Marla who's only other screen credit is 'The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll'! Also with Jon Pertwee and Michael Ripper. Big and Tall Bresslaw would be the Cyclops in the 1983 film 'Krull'.  BA   




J338 Act, The (83) aka: Bless 'Em All  Truth, Justice and The American Way... it's all part of 'The Act'. Donald Tucker (Robert Ginty) is trying to get a Presidential Pardon for a corrupt labor leader (Edward Albert). But it comes with a hefty price tag for some political polecats who aren't very pleased with the outcome. So they arrange to frame some high-placed officials to be 'caught in the act' so they can run headlines and trash their careers. An expose of political double-dealing. Jill St. John still looking fantastic here. Also with Pat Hingle and David Huddleston.

J341 Assassin, The (90) aka: Una cita con el destino  In Mexico, CIA agent Hank Wright's (Steve Railsback) assignment is to protect a visiting U.S. Senator. When armed terrorists attack the arriving motorcade, the Senator is wounded and Hank is suspended for his failure. But was this an inside job? Hank investigates and finds a plot that leads him straight to the heart of the CIA. A bloody confrontation follows. Also with Nicholas Guest, Xander Berkeley (Gregory in 'The Walking Dead') and Sam Melville as the Senator. Melville's heart failed and he died before this movie was released. He was 52.

Z742 Assault on the State Treasure (67) aka: Assalto al tesoro di stato   Robbers are after 20 million being transferred from an Arab central bank to a British oil company. Some nice Swiss locales. Roger Browne, Anita Sanders and more star. Another Italian caper film from Italy  Great quality and NOW with English subtitles!  BA

J346 Blade of Fury (78) aka: Two Great Cavaliers  aka: Ci xiong shuang sha  A girl is chased by a band of assassins. Yung Chen (John Liu) becomes her bodyguard until about half way through.  Su Yuen (Angela Mao) is never to far behind Yung Chin. The plot is a mess, but the action... that's why I am here! Any film with old school kung fu and Angela Mao (and to a lesser, but still important degree John Liu) is must-have material! The climax is an impressive 4-on-1 kick fest as the heroes team up to bring the main super-villain down. Hilariously dubbed into English with exaggerated sound effects. LBX and with trailer.  BA

J311 Bloody Ring (74) aka: The Mandarin Magician  aka: Si wang tiao zhan   At the Tables... In the Ring.... With the Ladies... The Trick was Survival! Thai boxers prepare for battle with Japanese boxers who arrived in Bangkok to get even for a past loss. This rivalry will benefit the lovers of all-out-action! LBX and English dubbed  BA

Z711 Blueprint of Murder (61) aka: Ankokugai no dankon   While testing a new prototype revolutionary gas engine, the vehicle is involved in a mysterious accident killing the driver. They blame the driver, the driver's brother suspects foul play.  A cool revenge plot that explores industrial espionage with a respectable body count in a realistic manner. The opening scene is almost like early 'Mad Max' and the colors are sometimes like Mario Bava would be using at the same time. LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

J372 Boss in Jail (68) aka: Gokuchu no Kaoyaku   Rival Yakuza gangs fight for ownership of a bicycle race track, while an honorable Yakuza boss, in prison, finds himself in the middle of the whole mess. In the end a man has to do what a man has to do. And if he is Yakuza, he will follow the code. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

J343 Bounty Hunter, The (89) aka: O Exterminador Sem Piedade  aka: Exterminador 3   Robert Ginty stars and directs. He cleaned up as 'The Exterminator'. Fought Back as 'The Retaliator'. Now he's setting a new price on vengeance! A corrupt sheriff (Bo Hopkins) kills one of Duke's (Robert Ginty) best friends. Now he is on a mission of vengeance! Move over, Ginty is here to kick-ass and take no prisoners! Ginty at his toughest! Hopkins at his meanest!  BA

J406 Broken Sword (71) aka: Jiang hu ban ba dao  A clan of women in a remote area of China are forced to defend their honor with their fortunes and family at stake. Their only weapon however is a broken sword. Talk about limited resources! Lots of action and madness as usual. Hsiao Pao Ko, a fat Chinese guy, you will recognize from hundreds of these films. Chi-Lun Li is great as a lethal female fighter. LBX and with English subtitles.

J349 Bruce Lee's Deadly Kung Fu (77) aka: Yong chun jie quan  aka: Master of Jeet Kune Do  With Bruce Li (not Bruce Le, and for sure not Bruce Lee!) confused yet? After the real Bruce Lee died, imitators popped up to take the credit with loads of films with faux Bruce Lee's. The films, though varying in quality, are usually great examples of 1970's chop-sockey schlock that still manages to entertain these many decades later. Here this particular Bruce is a young kung-fu man (and a waiter on the side) trying to live peacefully and mind his own business in San Francisco with his weak-fighter friend. Enter American thugs who challenge them! Loaded with fights, well trained adversaries, fairly spectacular if you ask me. English dubbed.  BA

J348 Bruce's Fists of Vengeance (80) aka: Bruce Le - Faust der Rache  Brucesploiter Star Bruce Le in the usual type of storyline involving a martial arts tournament and some sinister gang members who need a serious ass-whipping. The fights are a hoot as many hits or kicks don't even connect, and people fall back violently as if by the wind velocity alone, but of course we are supposed to assume they did connect, and that is the reason for their distress. Don't miss the tournament in the gym, the bathtub scene, the fountain scene in the parks of Manila.... Also with Romano Kristoff! Hilariously dubbed into English.  BA

J421 Burnout (79) A young wannabe wants more than anything to drive and succeed on the drag race circuit. Padded with stock (car?) footage and cobbled cut and pasted together a real mixed bag here. The 'teenager' looks not a day under 30 ( Mark Schneider). It's a nuts and bolts formula tale about a kid that wants to make it on his own without needing his rich daddy's money. Nifty and sincere... and lots of very cool cars going very fast. You have to love the atmosphere of a race track. You can almost smell the oil, fuel and burnt rubber.  BA

J374 Chivalrous Life, The (67) aka: Kyokotsu ichidai   Action when a former military man helps members of the Yakuza defend themselves against their rivals. LBX and with English subtitles.

J380 Cold Face, Heart and Blood (78) aka: Showdown at the Cotton Mill   aka: Hu Hui Gan xue zhan xi dan si   'Flash Northern Legs' is a master kicker and undefeated in all of China. The Ching Government needs him and others to go up against the people's champion the Shaolin Master Hu! This will lead to the classic northern kicks and southern fist duel! LBX and with English subtitles.

J378 Crazy Guy with Super Kung Fu (78) aka: Yu tou dai lao ben tu di  A vicious gang led by a guy they call 'Dead Eye'  terrorizes a small area. Slap-Dash Slap-Kung-Stick-Fu. Well? Gender benders in drag, toilet humor,  fat obesity laughs, menopause jokes, gay stereotypes, humiliating ugly and all of the social graces of the three stooges amongst the main characters. Yes, something to offend everybody yet again! LBX and hilariously dubbed into English.

Z715 Crazy Kids of War (67) aka: La feldmarescialla  The same year Mel Brooks filmed 'The Producers', this very real Nazi/musical comedy was released! I guarantee you, something to offend everybody here! Rita Pavone of' 'Rita of the Far West' the following year, cavorts with Nazi's, sings in black face, and engages in other absurd behaviors all in a healthy fun way. Yes, it is 1967. The wackiest war spoof I have ever seen. Lovably hilarious Nazis? Check. Celebrated racism? Check. Bomb gags. Check.  Hey, I didn't make it, I'm just telling you about it. An interesting historical artifact. Terence Hill also stars. LBX and English language dubbed.  BA

Z631 Danger in the Middle East (60) aka: Le bal des espions   A crook tries to pull off the most dangerous job of his illustrious career by stealing extremely important, valuable documents. Was supposed to be a OSS 117 film but the rights were not available so they just changed the name of the secret agent. Rosanna Schiaffino and more star.  BA

J386 Death Duel of Kung Fu (79) aka: He xing dao shou tang lang tui   The story takes place in the early days of the Quing Dynasty and follows the efforts of Ming Patriot Shun Ching Kwei (Wong Tao), a famed Southern Fist Fighter, to join up with the exiled Ming forces of Taiwan after he kills the Quing Field Marshall. John Liu plays Sun Sen, the Northern kicking champion who intervenes to help Wong Tao at key points, although his motives and loyalties are in question. Wong at one point is joined on his journey by a beautiful Japanese woman (who gets nude at one point and we see her body adorned with snake tattoos). The Chief villain also has almost undefeatable fighting skills. Lean, stirring, well-photographed with excellent battles. English dubbed  BA

Z646 Death Match (94) aka: Combate a muerte  An arms dealer is running underground kick-boxer fights. Enter a reporter and a kickboxing champ, who stumble upon the operation. Ian Jacklin in the lead manages to represent himself as a dangerous man here with ease. Equally if not more impressive is Matthias Hues, a German wrecking machine. With a cast that also includes Martin Kove, Richard Lynch (as Jimmie Fratello), Benny Urquidez (as himself), porn-star Dick Nasty as a fighter, Lisa London, Jorge Rivero and many more.... it's like the first 'Expendables' (well, sort of).

Z666 Desperate Decision (52) aka: The Mad Girl  aka: La jeune folle  Catherine (Daniele Delorme) has a vivid imagination and strange behaviors which many consider insane. She imagines her dead brother is calling to her. She searches the Irish rebel organization for clues and runs into the actual killer (but doesn't know it ... yet) is she falling in love?  Upon learning the truth, Catherine lives only for revenge....  A Taut, Tense Tale of Violence and Love! With English subtitles.

Z657 Dogman (18) Dogman is a dark, savage tale of a difficult friendship between a dog-grooming coke dealer, and a bullying, hulking thug, in a very poor suburb  of Rome. An ill-conceived plan of thievery initiated by the thug lands the weak-willed groomer in the pokey. When he gets out he is a new man with balls, and he has a NEW goal- revenge on the bully. A simple story, with a dark comic twist. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

J310 Don't Give a Damn (95) aka: Burger Cop  aka: Mou mian bei   Politically incorrect antics in this Sammo Hung action comedy. (There is a scene in blackface that refers to African Americans as 'negroes'). I am sure a certain governor of Virginian would love this (but sorry, no moonwalking). It's a window into low brow Hong Kong comedy, maybe even a bit of Benny Hill? How else can you explain Sammo being chased around by the hot office chick! The final shoot-out knife out punch out flips into a rap party. Innocent fun is had by all! LBX and with English subtitles.

J309 Down on Us (84) aka: Beyond the Doors  The U.S government may have been behind the deaths of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin (who is “pretty” here) because they were proving to be too influential to the younger generation. Perfect conspiracy theory stuff here, with detailed characterizations of these burned out stoned out rock 'n roll heroes delivering some truly hysterical lines. Who is really to say if there is anything to any of this. Was Marilyn Monroe killed? Where is Hoffa? Kennedy conspiracy. Hanger 18 etc.  Who Killed Who, and Who Knew? Schlock Rock Hell from director Larry Buchanan.   BA

J416 Dragon Princess (76) aka: Hissatsu onna kenshi   Severely beaten and crippled right in front of his young daughter, karate master Azusa (Sonny Chiba) then trains her to get revenge for him at a later date. She grows up, now fully trained by her one-eyed father/master. She is played by Japanese actress Etsuko Shiomi, and she would tear apart any American actress of her day in two seconds flat. Solid and Satisfying violent revenge kung-fu! English dubbed and LBX  BA

J344 Dragon, the Hero, The (78) aka: Za jia gao shou  aka: Todesgrüße von Bruce Lee  Kick-expert and master of the strike rock fist has a new assignment. A ruthless gang of smugglers are working overtime. And another strike rock fist master is seeking him out for a duel in which only one can survive! Most of the characters are portrayed as almost cartoon-like, the fights are exciting and plentiful, and the last 30 minutes is one long fight scene. All said, 'The Dragon, the Hero' is one hell of a kung fu film! LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z658 Drifting Detective: Tragedy in the Red Valley (61) aka: Fûraibô tantei: Akai tani no sangeki  Opens with a cool plane crash in the mountains, Japanese special effects styled! Sonny Chiba is 'Goro' the drifting adventurer. He investigates the crash and runs smack dab into a Yakuza plot and a corrupt land developer who are trying to steal land from an old farmer so they can build a resort. Goro will help the farmer and his daughter.... LBX and with English subtitles. One of Chiba's first, he's like 22 here.  BA

J352 Eight Hours of Terror (57) aka: Hachijikan no kyôfu  When a passenger train is stalled due to a landslide, the passengers are shuttled to a bus, which is then boarded by two fleeing criminals. The passengers are of varied backgrounds, the driver, an old man who drives the rural mountain routes. The eight hours of terror is exactly what these people go through when they realize they are on a bus with two violent bank robbers. It's like John Ford's 'Stagecoach' (at least partly) but much darker. An intense movie from Japan. From Acclaimed director Seijun Suzuki. With English subtitles.

Z659 End is Known, The (93) aka: La fine è nota  aka: Netz der Vergangenheit  When a lawyer returns home he finds his wife Maria (Valerie Kaprisky) lamenting the death of a man that has apparently jumped to his death from their apartment window. Well what the hell who let him in?  She did…  He said that the lawyer was the only one that could help him, then he jumped. Hmmm. The lawyer may not like the final conclusion of his investigation into the matter. Also with Daria Nicoldi. Kaprisky you remember was in the interesting 'Aphrodite' from 1982 and the Gere stinker 'Breathless' in 1983. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z735 Fists of Rocco (72) aka: I pugni di Rocco  aka: Los puños de Rocco   Rocco is out after a three year prison sentence for beating up a debtor who pulled a knife on him. Rocco is a collector, and back into the business he goes. On assignment, he beats one of the Marzacchi brothers to within an inch of his life. The other brothers are not happy with Rocco. In revenge, the second of the Marzacchi kills Rocco's boss. But this makes Rocco the heir to the deceased's estate and widow! But many others want Rocco dead. To them he is a shit, and a meddler in their affairs. The violent final fight is in a stable with mooing cows! Then another fistfight with 'The American' Damn Him! The cops are coming! Rocco will not go back to prison! What an action-packed film! Another obscure Euro crime film! LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

J373 Flight to Hong Kong (56) aka: I trafficanti di Hong Kong   Crime boss Tony Dumont (Rory Calhoun) steals a cache of diamonds from the syndicate and the Hong-Kong police chase him all over the world. The International Man of Mystery that he is. Never trust a man who is evasive and tells you he is in the import/export business. Exciting scenes with beautiful sets and backgrounds. Barbara Rush and Werner Klemperer in his actual film debut.  BA

J329 Forced to Kill (94) aka: Costretto ad uccidere   A repo man named Johnny (stuntman/actor Corey Michael Eubanks) is harassed by a corrupt sheriff (Michael Ironside in an entertainingly villainous role, just dripping evil) into fights he must win or his woman (Kari Whitman a one time Playboy Playmate) will be abused by his thugs.  Mindless entertainment, with guys beating the hell out of each other straight up. Rance Howard,  Don Swayze and Clint Howard (as a drifter) are along for the ride in bad guy roles...

J313 Gambling Ghost, The (91) aka: Hong fu qi tian  Three characters here all acted by the great Sammo Hung. He plays Fatty, Fatty's father, and also Fatty's grandfather. Inspired by Eddie Murphy and his silly antics? Maybe. Fatty is wanting to hit it big and gets into gambling, hits rock bottom, and his dead grandfather's ghost comes to help him, and to avenge his own death. There are a wide range of familiar faces here in this well-traveled territory. Most of the kung-fu action doesn't come until late in the movie. but is quite good when it does (finally!) arrive. LBX and English dub.   BA

J266 Gate of Flesh (64) aka: Nikutai no mon  A brothel of five strong-willed (and pimpless) women, who reside in a shanty-town outside of a U.S. military base, give sanctuary to a wanted thief who is on the run, immediately after Japan's defeat in WW2. They have a strict code, and when one breaks the code, the others strip and beat her. Here we follow one woman and her story. After the war many women were forced to fend for themselves, with their bodies their only assets. Thus was the 'Gate of Flesh'. Plenty violent and dark for the time. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

J345 Goodbye Bruce Lee: His Last Game of Death (75) aka: Xin si wang you xi  He's Bruce Li and we all know him. The guy who tried to take over the role by stepping into .... well, Bruce Lee's bare feet! The show must go on and boy did it ever! Making a buck on the late Bruce Lee? Bruceploitation! Li (as Lee, making his... ahem.. 'last film') plays a guy who gets involved with gangsters and has to go up against a crime syndicate when the thugs kidnap his girlfriend. With a funky score and a recurring theme song (King of Kung Fu). LBX and English dubbed.  BA

J289 Great Wall of China, The (62) aka: Shin no shikôtei  aka: La gran muralla  An epic production about the first emperor of China, shown here in nice LBX on an expensive looking grand scale. Compared at the time to American Epics like 'Ben Hur' and 'The Ten Commandments', a film on a scale they just do not make anymore. It's all CGI and blue screen now. This is amazing, the battle scenes are colossal and incredible, a real spectacle. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z743 High Season For Spies (66) aka: Assassin Squad  aka: Comando de asesinos    Discovering the secret formula of a certain resistant steel, a scientist is pursued by a powerful spy ring who are after the formula to use for nefarious means. Antonio Villar, Leticia Roman, Peter van Eyck, Mikaela and more star.  Now in an amazing English subtitled and LBX upgrade!  

J260 Hunter in the Dark (79) aka: Yami no karyudo  A one-eyed assassin wows his Yakuza boss and rises to the top of the killing heap gaining great stature in the clan, But his opponents are relentless. Sprawling and complex with plenty of violent action featuring stabbing slashing and crunching sounds. Did they really have strip joints like that in 18th century Edo? One can only hope so. Oh, gratuitous nudity and sex are certainly a plus. This one runs over 2 and a half hours and comes with English subtitles.  BA

Z725 Insurance for the Dead (87) When a shady insurance agent meets a seductive woman he cannot resist, she convinces him to help her kill her husband so they can collect damages, together. She'll even take a bullet if she must, though just a superficial wound. But is this a set-up? We all know how this type of sordid scheme usually pans out. Dog-racing, back alley beat downs, determined detectives.... They find the fingerprints of the insurance agent in the wife's bedroom. Meanwhile she is already having sex with another guy and has been all along. With English subtitles.    

Z726 Invasion (69) This film is about the endless struggle of a group of men against totalitarianism. Illustrating the secret, sometimes vain battle for freedom by depicting a strong, dark and powerful masterpiece with heroic characters who defend their hometowns against mysterious invaders. However, the most striking aspect of the movie is the way it anticipates actual History. Indeed, a decade after this movie was released, Argentina would fall into the hands of a cruel military regime. From the electric torture scenes, to the stadium (the very place where the regime executed their opponents). Action scenes here are outstanding, A relevant classic from Argentina. And now? Over 2 hours long, LBX and with English subtitles.

J417 Karate Warriors (76) aka: Kozure satsujin ken   Busy-body Sonny Chiba strikes again! He arrives in a town that is currently involved in a gang war. Is there any other type of town in these? 'Yojimbo' variation once again, kicked up with Chiba and some killer hand-to-hand combat fights, woman getting slapped around a lot, killed even! Nudity, Violence, Misogyny. A classic, and probably in the top ten as far as Sonny Chiba films go. Also with the wonderful Etsuko Shiomi (she's quite something). LBX  BA

Z745 Killer 77: Alive or Dead (66) aka: Sicario 77, vivo o morto  Rod Dana (now a published author and in his 80's!) is Lester of the U.K. Secret Service following a lead. It takes him from a rigged boxing match to Mr. King, a German scientist who is using his power and studied intelligence to rebuild a Nazi regime in order to take over the world.   Yet another title now upgraded!  Got to love the end where Coplan is riding a motorcycle and firing a machine gun at the same time!  LBX and with English subtitles!   BA

J381 Last Round, The (76) aka: Il conto è chiuso   Carlos Monzon (World Middle-Weight Champion for over 7 years, one of the toughest bastards on the planet for some time) is Marco Russo, a stranger in town looking for a job. The only one available is working for one of the two competing crime families. He proves his value fast, but his actions result in a full-scale gang war. 'Yojimbo' meets 'A Fistful of Dollars' Italian Crime Film style. Luc Merenda is great as crime boss Ricco Manzetti. Luisa Maneri and Susanah Gimenez provide the eye candy. Badass Monzon romanced Gimenez at one time. In retirement he murdered his common-law wife by strangling her and tossing her dead body off a balcony. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison, where Mickey Rourke visited and boxed him in an exhibition. Later he was driving back to prison after a short-visit/release when the car he was driving crashed killing a female and a prison guard. Monzon died as well. Why was he driving? In fact, why was this crazy SOB even allowed out for a moment? English dubbed.  BA

Z694 Law Office for a Robbery (73) aka: Studio legale per una rapina  A shady lawyer is disbarred and dumped into prison. While there, he learns of a fantastic robbery opportunity worth millions. But the guy telling this dies. After the lawyer is released, he hooks up with the dead man's sister to get the rest of the facts, then assembles a group of low-life bandits to help him pull off the big rip-off. What was that? You expect things will go smoothly? Think again. With Brigiite (Isabella, Duchess of the Devils) Skay and 'Island of the Doomed' actress Kai Fischer.  Nudity. LBX and with English subtitles.

Z647 Lethal Ninja (91) aka: For Hire  The mob actually is supporting a street gang that is running rampant in Chinatown.. The cops won't go there, and the Mayor has his back to the wall. J.D. (David Heavener) will clean out this rat nest, but at a price! An Army of One!  Prepare yourselves for plenty of action-packed (and brutal) battles! Training, flashbacks and more fill out the plot. Look for Patrick Swayze's sister Bambi as Rachel.  BA

9540 Little Dragons (79) aka: Karate Kids USA  When redneck kidnappers make off with a girl, a band of karate kids go after them. Loaded with stereotypes and inappropriate behaviors, it would be tough to figure out what the intended audience for this atrocity was. It's basically a kid movie, but with swear words, and the great Joe Spinell is kind of disturbing as one of the hillbilly rednecks..... Oh, I get it! It's the 1970's! All manner of weird plots in PG movies would be thrown at Saturday Matinee kids! I could name off dozens of films rated G, or PG, that would never get those ratings today. This one, obviously a take on 'The Bad News Bears' in some ways, is a real hoot. Also with Ann Southern, Charles Lane (really!) and many more.  BA

J419 Little Laura and Big John (73) aka: Too Soon to Laugh, Too Late to Cry   Based on a true story! It's about the infamous Ashley Gang, they who tread a violent path along the coasts of Florida. Bootlegging' and bank robbin' directed with a wink and a smile, it's a low-budget regional crime film, that managed to wrangle an authentic period feel on it's meager budget. Fabian is John. Karen Black is Laura. Paul (Don't mess with the Bull!") Gleason is the Sheriff. If you are a Karen Black fan, this is a must!  BA

Z673 Long Shadow of the Wolf, The (71) aka: Machine Gunned in the Heart  aka: La lunga ombra del lupo   An Italian partisan, with a huge problem with the Nazis is being hunted by the German command in the turbulent times of WW2. His task is to blow up some type of military chemical laboratory. Impressive visuals with sweeping landscapes. 'I've got nothing left. All of it. It's all been destroyed! The black veil of death has crushed all of my hopes... But I want to drink from the chalice of vengeance... Until my thirst has been quenched forever! Then invoke the silence of resignation. God Forgive. Forgive this massacre." Then the final battle, partisan's versus Nazis, and blood literally splatters into the screen! LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

J353 Man with the Shotgun, The (61) aka: Sandanju no otoko  When a wanderer named Ryoji arrives in a remote mountain town carrying a shotgun, it takes no time at all for him to get mixed up in standing up for and protecting a singing cafe girl from a bunch of unruly Yakuza. He claims to be a hunter. But who is he hunting, and why? You'll see, and yes there is a showdown! Beautiful settings in the mountains and the woods which look like Wyoming. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

Z744 Mexican Slayride (67) aka: Frank Collins 999  aka: Coplan ouvre le feu à Mexico   Coplan goes to Mexico to try to obtain some paintings that were stolen by the Nazis in WW2 and are now up for auction. One hilarious scene sticks out. While hang gliding, Coplan takes a perfect shot at a guy who is driving a car, which then crashes in fast motion.  Dishy Sabine Sun stars along with Lang Jeffries as Coplan. Different as Coplan wanders the rich estate of the villain in Mexico. Now in a nice LBX Upgrade and with English subtitles.  BA

Z727 Monocle, The (64) aka: Le monocle rit jaune  aka: L'ispettore spara a vista   A strange secret agent to be sure, wearing a monocle (hence the nickname) and possessing odd eccentricities about him. His name is Dromar, and he is exceptionally good at his job. Locations in Hong Kong and Macao, mix cultures together for an interesting take on the flourishing spy genre of the times. The language is mostly English, but there are English subtitles I noticed in a scene where another language is spoken. Barbara Steele, straight out of the 'Castle of Blood' is Valerie. Paul Meurisse is 'The Monocle'. LBX BA

J377 New Prison Walls of Abashiri Stormy Cape (71) aka: Shin abashiri bangaichi: Arashi yobu shiretoko-misaki   Former inmate Katsuji gets involved in the horse gambling business while lending a helping hand to a ranch operator. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

J286 Ninja, a Band of Assassins (62) aka: Shinobi no mono  A wild young ninja is lured into a plot to assassinate an evil warlord whose intentions are total domination of feudal Japan. As he travels through the land to complete his code-defying mission, he encounters dozens of lethal ninja killers around every corner. The ninjas are not just lone agents of death, but are an organized group. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z745 OSS 77:  Operation Lotus (65) aka: OSS 77: Operazione fior di loto  Fu Ciu Yen, a Chinese scientist flees his country to go to the United Nations and reveal to the world that his country is in possession of the atomic bomb.  His plane explodes over Italy, but he lives.  The wounded scientist is thus admitted to a clinic in Rome.  It is up to OSS 77 to get him to his destination... Another incredible Upgrade here!   LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z699 Our Blood Will Not Forgive (64) aka: Oretachi no chi ga yurusanai   When a man is killed by the Yakuza, his two sons (one a gangster, the other an ad man) spring into action to avenge him. Murderous intrigue, two beautiful girlfriends, an interfering mother and more in a hilarious send-up with a chilling noir sense of criminal passion and the campy sexiness of a Bond flick. Exciting and fun. The film features a bold use of color; an absurdist concluding gunfight; and, in one memorable scene, an impressively illogical use of rear projection as the brother's argue in a car while ocean waves rage around them. Bloody downbeat ending. LBX and with English subtitles.

Z733 Protector, The (74) A man's young daughter is kidnapped and sold into prostitution. He makes it his mission to find her. and goes on a (sort of) rampage. This one has homosexual villains, and a drag queen bar. thieving, backstabbing, shootings, gorgeous and sometimes topless women, a horny midget, electrode torture, a decadent party at a huge mansion and a rooftop shootout finale plus a pickaxe! Nice. LBX and with English subtitles.

Z671 Satan Tempts with Love (60) aka: Devil's Choice  aka: Der Satan lockt mit Liebe   When Carlos (Ivan Desny) escapes from prison he grabs his gal Evelyn (Belinda Lee) and secretly sets sail to Australia which creates an uncomfortable, inhospitable atmosphere due to constant paranoia of being discovered. They meet the manipulative Robert (Joachim Hansen). Evelyn is the object of every man's desire, and played by a (soon-to-be-dead in real life the following year) 24 year old Belinda Lee..... you just know there will be suspenseful conflict in just who she ends up with. With English subtitles.  BA

J385 Secret, The (92) Mike Dunmore (Kirk Douglas) has kept a secret for his whole life that he believed would only bring shame if revealed. Only his deceased wife and his best friend knew about it. But when his grandson starts to display the same problems he had, he finds it may be time to come clean with his son on what his problem is, and why their relationship has been strained because of it. Sure it's sappy, but his secret ... well I cannot tell you... it's a ...

Z648 Shootfighter: Fight to the Death (93) aka: Shootfighter - Scontro mortale   "Shootfighter" stands for 'No Holds Barred -To the Death!". Mr. Lee (Martin Kove in a badass evil role) has tricked Nick and Ruben (William Zabka) into the deadly racket of this particular type of battle. Shingo (Bolo Yeung) has a major beef with Mr. Lee. Let the fight games begin! Kove, pushing 47 years of age here, is still a good fighter. The cast speaks for itself with able skills. This one is quite brutal, a nice surprise. George Cheung, Roger Yuan, Thunderwolf and Maryam d'Abo....  BA

J355 Smashing the 0-Line (60) aka: Mikkô zero rain   Two reporters who have no moral compass delve deeper than they should have as they investigate a drug ring. LBX and with English subtitles.

Z674 Smog (62) aka: Un italiano en América  Los Angeles in 1962. A lawyer from Italy has a stopover in L.A. on his way to handle a case in Mexico. He intends to do some brief sight seeing in Hollywood, but quickly discovers that it is nothing like he imagined. Unable to function in English, he falls in with various Italian ex-pats, making friends with their affluent well-connected American contacts. He meets various people from many professions. It's a familiar theme and is explored visually through an outsider's perspective. At times, the 'smog' layer which inhibits human contact is so thick (as in a bowling alley's ballroom, choked with cigarette smoke) that it is nearly impossible to see the faces in front of you. So, an Italian made movie in Italian language with English subtitles filmed in Los Angeles in 1962. Slight LBX  BA

J279 Spare the Rod (61) aka: Versuchung auf der Schulbank  A teacher (Max Bygraves) in London in 1960 has a new gig. These kids are troubled. But our 'progressive' new teacher does not agree with corporal punishment, the usual treatment of bad behavior. Headmaster Donald Pleasence as Mr. Jenkins has no illusions on what needs to be done. The children are not sure if Max is weak or serious, and they test him. He hits one of them. When the decision is made to get rid of Max, the kids riot. A total blast, and better than 'To Sir, With Love'.

Z676 Stop! It's a Robbery (75) aka: Fermi tutti! È una rapina  In a luxury hotel in Rome, jewels worth $8 million dollars are put on display. Using a faux waiter (and a nod from 'Goldfinger') all of the guests are put to sleep in order to steal the loot. Yes, there will be complications (as there always are). One of the most obscure Italian made crime films. Fred Williams (he of quite a few good films including at least three essential Jess Franco films) Robert Woods and Karin Field star. Come to think of it, they all have been in Jess Franco films. Nudity and LBX with English subtitles.

J312 Summer Assassins (02) aka: Hidden Enforcers  aka: Saai sau kwong lung  Four bumbling idiots are designated vigilantes in this film that boasts a high body count (which means loads of violence of course!) and even Sammo Hung in a small, but important role. He has raised these boys, and he is also the one who has sent them out to kill. You'll see why. Sammo still manages to supply his own brand of action in a few parts. LBX and with English subtitles.

Z679 Sylvie (73) Fashion model Sylvie (Czech chick Sylvie Winter) passes out drunk in the cab of a Munich taxi driver. One thing leads to another and a love affair starts to bloom. Certainly an interesting film made for German television in Hamburg, Germany. During one of the photo shoots, Sylvie is nearly raped. English subtitles.

Z736 Syringe, The (84) aka: L'arbalète  aka: Asphalt Warriors  aka: Der Linkshänder   Opens with an art painted van dumping a corpse that has a mangled slit throat. Various scenes of violent crime with cars being set on fire and gang warfare run rampant, and we set our sights on four gangs. One of the gangs is black so there is a bit of a blaxploitation feel, but we also get a bit of 'The Warriors' and even 'The Wanderers'. A violent gang battle between the Asian gang and a French gang involves some kung-fu action in the first half of the film. The racist police captain, what good is he? Now another gang, Neo-Nazis. Can anybody clean up this mess? This film is also known as 'Asphalt Warriors' and this is the LBX and English subtitled version. The picture loss in the English dubbed VHS release is substantial, this is the only way to see this one. LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

J362 T-34 (18) There was a time when the Americans and the Russians joined together to fight a common enemy. The Nazis!  This plays out like a great 1980's war movie with modern special effects. They used a real T-34 tank, and this film is Russian made, so you could call this Russian propaganda, but like I said before, they were on our side at this time, at least for a little while. This film realistically portrays a tank crew in war, much like 'Fury' but different in some ways, but the action, yes, ACTION. That is all you need to know! Lots of it! Over 2 hours, LBX and English subtitles.  BA

J384 Thousand Mile Escort (77) aka: Ren ba zhao   During yet another ancient reign, the Tartars invaded China, and brought about a calamity on the Chinese people. The Prime Minister waged a private war of his own against the loyal and righteous amongst the officialdom, making China a country of bandits and outlaws. Loaded with hilarious battles and absurd English dubbed dialogues, this yet another in a list of hundreds that manages to be great fun to watch! The gravity defying tough-talking sword wielding woman is something to behold. Also includes a nod to 'Babycart'!

Z737 Thunder From the West (69) aka: La porta del cannone  Gianni Garko plays an Italian agent named Riccardo who doubles as a neutral Swiss citizen in his mission to track down the leader of the Hungarian resistance. Irina Demick (as Rada) is a Jewish member of the resistance who meets (and beds!) Garko on the initial train journey. Gestapo (Horst Frank) is a problem, and throw into the mix Garko's long lost love, and a duplicitous female partisan who convinces Garko to help diffuse an explosives laden bridge! Just another cool patch and paste Italian made war movie. Nice LBX and English language dubbed.  BA

Z738 To Be a Millionaire (80) aka: Mannen som blev miljonär  A police detective at SAPO sees a terrorist attack where a foreign diplomatic is killed by a bomb blast. Shortly thereafter the Prime Minister's daughter is abducted. The kidnappers demand the release of the man arrested for the bombing. Believe it or not, this is an action comedy. One hilarious scene has two villains, one with a Mickey Mouse mask, the other with a Donald Duck mask, arguing. A large part is also played by a beaten up Toyota Crown. LBX and with English subtitles.

J354 Tokyo Knights (61) aka: Tokyo naito  A college student takes over the family business in organized crime. More action-packed Yakuza madness! LBX and with English subtitles.

Z630 Unknown Man of Shandigor, The (67) aka: L'inconnu de Shandigor  aka: La vergine di Shandigor  Herbert Von Krantz (Daniel Emilfork) is a nuclear scientist that goes into hiding after discovering the 'Canceler', a device that can neutralize any atomic bomb. Among others, agents from the USA and the USSR are after him, wanting his knowledge, to get an upper hand in the Cold War. Also beware of the notorious 'Bald Heads'.... An interesting spin on the spy-type flicks of the era, this one from France veering widely off the regular formula (and nearly spinning off a cliff into a deep chasm). Marie-Frances Boyer stars. Howard Vernon shows up. You may remember the somewhat odd-looking Emilfork as 'Satan' in the 1971 film 'The Devil's Nightmare'. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z645 Warrior of Justice (95) aka: Invitation to Die  Karate fighters are being knocked out in battle and then hooked up to life support systems while their body parts are harvested. When fighter man George (Jorgo Ognenovski) goes looking for his friend, who seems to have gone missing after participating in an underground fighting tournament, he finds himself in a battle for his life. If it's fighting you want, it's fighting you'll get! Jorge Rivero, T.J. Storm and Richard Lynch as 'The Master', a long-haired Yoda!

Z690 White Gloves of the Devil, The (73) aka: Les gants blancs du diable   An enigmatic man, blind in one eye, is a hit man! The film opens with this man, in dark glasses, walking into a bar and using sound alone, shooting at his intended targets. As his antics continue throughout the film it soon becomes clear there is a sinister conspiracy underway. Nice LBX upgrade of this obscure violent crime from France, and now with English subtitles.




J319-J320 Chiller (95) The Complete British Horror Series on Two Discs! Granted, it only ran five episodes.... Prophecy: A séance delivers prophecies to participants, five years later, they start to come true. Toby: After losing her unborn baby in an accident, a woman still shows signs of pregnancy, but is not pregnant. Later she goes into labor, and what is that crying in the nursery?  Here Comes the Mirror Man: A social worker takes on a dangerous case.....The Man Who Didn't Believe in Ghosts: A debunker of the supernatural moves into Windwhistle Hall and experiences bizarre coincidences. Number Six: Homicide detective after a killer of children discovers there is a connection to an ancient Druidic site.... the next potential killing may be the final ingredient for even more horror... Some of the actors here.... Sophie Ward,  Maggie O'Neill and many more. Counts as two selections and DVD-R only with no VHS

Z689 De Grey: Un Recit Romanesque (76) aka: De Grey, un Récit romanesque  A terrible curse haunts the family of Grey, tormenting them for generations, forcing them to live in their secluded family home. With the arrival of a young woman maybe things will start to shape up, maybe things will be taking a turn for the better. Or the worse. From the author of 'The Turn of the Screw' Henry James, this is one of 7 episodes from French television adapting his stories. Catherine Jourdan stars. Claude Chabrol directs this episode. With English subtitles.

Z718 Death Returns (61) A wicked storm, an isolated hotel, and a murder. There are a number of suspects and an inspector arrives, as well as a detective. It's a Gothic Old Dark House Murder Mystery from Greece with nice cinematography and music in the vein of Italian Gothic Horrors of the time. With English subtitles.

J336 Feet Foremost (83) Part of the Shades of Darkness Series, just one episode here. A magnate buys an old house and finds it is haunted by a 16 year old girl that was murdered there.... Nice spooky twisty here.

J323-J324 Frighteners, The (72)  Your usual list of suspects participate including Michael Craig. This was pretty dark stuff for the times. Maybe why it was taken off the air. A little too dark. The ultimate theme of each episode is man's inhumanity to man, human's being nasty to each other. The Complete British Horror Series on 2 discs! 13 episodes aired, each with a different eerie tale. The Minder, The Night of the Stag, Old Comrades, The Manipulators, The Disappearing Man, Firing Squad, Miss Mouse, The Treat, Bed and Breakfast, You Remind Me of Someone, The Classroom, Glad to be of Help and Have a Nice Time at the Zoo, Darling 2 discs count as 2 selections and no VHS

J316 Legion of Fire: Killer Ants! (98) Citizens In a remote Alaskan town are forced into battle with an army of very hostile killer ants. One fool climbs into an ant hill. I am no scholar but I can tell you that was a pretty bad idea. Another genius shoots his gun at an ant hill, and finally, some moron tries to kill the ant hill with a tractor. All bad ideas. Finally, some guy says 'Let's Blow Up the Dam!". Inept and unconvincing action scenes throughout will have you howling. It's like the three stooges meet the killer ants. Mitch Peleggi is the Police Chief. Julia Campbell also stars.

J337 Maelstrom (85) Another short-lived Horror series from England! This is one long tale available on three discs! Catherine Durrell receives a legacy from a wealthy Norwegian. She travels to visit the island to discover why she is so fortunate. Once there she discovers something disturbing. This is a thriller/mystery told in 6 parts, with a pretty cool outcome you will not see coming. Counts as 3 selections. DVD-R only and no VHS.

J301 Quarantined (70) aka: Cuarentena  A cholera epidemic proves to be quite the challenge for a family of doctors. A movie star refuses treatment and other obstacles are faced as they find their facility under a strict quarantine. Gary Collins, John Dehner, Susan (Petrocelli) Howard, Terry Moore, Marilyn Hasset and many more star. Directed by Leo Penn, Sean's father.

J335 Shades of Darkness (83) Bewitched, The Intercessor and The Demon Lover (with Hugh Grant, Miranda Richardson and Adrienne Corri) are the episodes presented here. More spooky tales to come! DVD-R and no VHS.

J334 Shades of Darkness (83) The Lady Maid's Bell, Afterward and The Maze.  More Spooky T.V. from England! Stories of the supernatural with plenty of assorted hauntings.    DVD-R only and no VHS.

J325-J326 Shadows (75) Six Episodes in total from this scary British series. The Future Ghost, After School, The Witch's Bottle, The Waiting Room (with Jenny Agutter), Optical Illusion and Dutch Schlitz's Shoe. These spooky tales are not necessarily extreme or violent, but quite well done. 

J321-J322 Supernatural (77) The Complete British Horror Series on 2 discs! 8 episodes. Ghost of Venice. Countess Illona, The Werewolf Reunion, Mr. Nightingale, Lady Sybil, Viktoria, Night of the Marionettes and Dorabella. Many actors star here, including Denholm Elliot, Billie Whitelaw (right after her turn as the evil nanny in 'The Omen'!), Ian Hendry, Lesley-Anne Down, Catherine Schell, Kathleen Byron and many more. Counts as two selections. 2 DVD-R and no VHS.

J333 Tales of the Unexpected (77) Here we have two episodes... No Way out: Ex-Navy Officer Kelty (Bill Bixby) pilots his boat through a time warp in the Bermuda Triangle. He travels 25 years into the future and finds that fate has sent him to save his son from the same mistake that ruined his life. Dean Stockwell also stars in this pre-Quantum Leap sci-fi adventure. + The Nomads: A Viet Nam vet with issues stumbles across a hidden colony of aliens and learns of their evil plot to take over the planet. Then he begins to realize the few people he can  trust may not be what they seem. David Birney, William Conrad, David Huddleston, Lynne Marta and more star. Suspense! DVD-R only and no VHS

Z682 Youth Killer (76) aka: Seishun no satsujinsha  Jun is a young man who endured an enormous amount of frustration and disappointment at the hands of his parents. They have done horrible with his schooling, so they set him up with his own business, running a snack bar. Employing a woman to work for him he begins a relationship his parent's do not approve of. So he stabs his father to death. Mother comes in. Her first instinct is to kill the monster, son or no son. But she doesn't get the chance. He kills her first. Now it is time to dispose of the bodies even as the guilt begins to consume him.... LBX and with English subtitles.




J287 Angulimala (03) aka: Angulimala - 1000 Menschen müssen sterben   This Thai film was very controversial in Thailand because some claimed it distorted Buddhist teachings. A guy is born under the sign of thieves, therefore he is ordained to have a life of wickedness. At 16 he is told he must kill 1000 people by a teacher whose wife he has flirted with. He changes into 'Angulimala'. Changing from a muscular handsome man into a hunched over plodding beast, he begins his quest. But hold up! An encounter with Buddha may be his redemption? LBX and with English subtitles.

J351 Saazish (75) It is while onboard a luxury yacht the Miss Cosmos Beauty Queen Sunita finds herself in International intrigue when she begins to suspect she cannot trust anyone. Even her race-car driver boyfriend is acting strange. This conspiracy afoot aboard the yacht will land the entire crew and the rest of the passengers in great danger.... With Indian superstar Dharmendra (his stunt double was killed in a helicopter stunt for this film) and Saira Banu as Sunita. With English subtitles.  BA

J283 Slave Trade in the World Today (64) Here we see how the slave trade still was thriving in 1964. Arabian and African countries under Muslim rule, slave trading their asses off. The camera catches nudity sex and violence as well, after all, it's all the same here. Monday. Tuesday etc. Ladies are bid on. Families sell their girls. We also see child buyers in Thailand, and Chinese whorehouses. The point here is, despite popular bogus talk, white people are not and were not the only slave traders/owners. This practice still exists in Africa. Oh, lots of boobs too, if those old National Geographic's rocked your world, you'll love this.




Z710 Blood Red (04) aka: Rojo sangre  Veteran actor Pablo (Naschy) has no luck. His wife has left him. Acting jobs are not available and his agent wants to dump him. He hates the new talentless breed of actors. Somehow he finds a job as a 'living sculpture' in a whore house. But something has snapped in Pablo's head, and he is committed to a killing spree that will eliminate those responsible for his downfall. Some marvelous gruesome highlights, including nasty images of a cut-up corpse, multiple stabbings, and nicely slit throats. It can also be tongue-in-cheek with it's darkness. Some great dialogues as well. Young actress to Pablo: 'I wasn't even born when you were making films' Pablo: 'Just remember more silicone helps mask a lack of talent'. So true. LBX and with English subtitles.

Z688 Mortal Sin (77) aka: Deadly Sin  aka: Pecado mortal   It is Spain in the 1940's. Alberto, the distant cousin of of the Urbieta's, arrives at their mansion.  There lives two daughters. Madeleine (Sara Lezana) and Luisa. Alberto's arrival causes quite a stir of lust and desire in the young women. Luisa wants Alberto. Alberto wants Madeleine. Murder and mayhem will follow. Enter the Comisario (Paul Naschy). Nice LBX and with English subtitles.

Z730 Passengers, The (75) aka: Los pasajeros  Another film where Paul Naschy gets to play various roles! One of the most obscure Naschy films. A group of oddballs are participating in a game of luck. They are fattened up and then ..... Each one inhabits his own particular universe. It is a strange psychotronic exercise in arty horror filmmaking. Seems to channel the bizarre Polanski film from 1972 known here as 'What?' Also stars Aurora (A Candle for the Devil) Bautista and Eva (Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll) Leon. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z704 Vertigo of a Crime (70) aka: El vértigo del crimen  Paul Naschy stars as Lolo. He's a creepy and sadistic criminal who reads muscle-man magazines in this tale of rival gangs competing in the drug trafficking racket. When a cache of cocaine is stolen in France... Following the trail of the assailants, two men of the opposing organization arrive in Madrid, where they suspect the cache has ended up. So, Naschy does not have a huge role, but he's here so add to the list of Naschy obscurities! With English subtitles.  BA




J307 Batman and Robin (49) A two disc (over 4 hours) serial about everyone’s favorite caped crusader and his spunky sidekick. You will see how the television show drew from this in the fight scenes, but truthfully, many of the serials had these types of fights. Excellent in many ways, plays like a larger than life comic book (which it actually is). Robert Lowery is quite good as the Batman, Jane Adams has a meaty role as Vicki Vale (Bob Kane based her character on Marilyn Monroe), Lyle Talbot is Commissioner Gordon.   Two disc set $14  (counts as one selection)  




Z653 Bloody Vampire, The (62) aka: El Vampiro Sangriento    A Count (who is not a vampire) instructs his daughter and her fiancé to protect several valuable documents, important in the destruction of the world of vampires. Meanwhile the vicious Count Seigfried von Frankenhausen... well you know, he's out to get his bite on, and survive, no matter how many schemes to defeat him are afoot. He's got a mean glamour stare, and an equally evil vampire wife ( let's not forget his spooky minions). Dark, Foggy, Gothic, Dungeons, Whipping Torture, Sadism, Stylish Coffins, Gnarly Fangs, Big Funky Monster Bat and look! This is the Spanish language version with English  subtitles! There is another story here. Begona Pelacios stars as the Count's daughter (remember, the one who is not a vampire). She married director Sam Peckinpah three times (and was with him when he died in 1984). He was dead at 59, ironically she died at age 58 in 2000 from liver disease. This version runs 99 minutes, exactly as long as the English dubbed version. BA

Z640 Cartel of Tepito, The (00) More violent gang action from Mexico. In Spanish language only and no English.

Z713 Castle of Purity, The (73) aka: El castillo de la pureza   A man keeps his wife and children locked up in their castle to protect them from the rotten world outside. It's the 'evil nature' of mankind they must be saved from.  But in truth he is the evil in their lives. Driven by the need to control, he is nothing but a paranoid schizophrenic. So inside he has developed a rat poison that he leaves the castle to peddle. The children see all doom, gloom, and the unending rain outside through the atrium. A dark tragedy. Based on a true case! With English subtitles.

Z641 Chicago, pandillas salvajes (91) Opens with a street gang of rowdy men, women, boys and girls confronting another gang in a warehouse. The leaders (one of them wearing an 'Anthrax' shirt) start beating the hell out of each other. Then the full on rumble commences. I'll take the guy in the 'Chicago' shirt. Gangland antics Mexican style and filmed in Chicago. Cool fashions. Lots of boasting and chest thumping, Includes one of the lamest car races ever committed to film. In Spanish language and no English

J264 Godfather Mendoza (34) aka: El compadre Mendoza   It is the time of the Mexican Revolution. Mendoza survives richly by playing both sides and all are welcome at his hacienda. That is until he is forced to take sides and his dark side emerges. Will his family be destroyed due to the decisions Mendoza must make? An early, thoughtful offering from Mexico and with English subtitles.

Z642 Latina Mafia USA (91) aka: De sangre mexicana II  More Violent crime action from Mexico!  In Spanish language only and no English

Z644 Nosotros los chemos (05) aka: Neza Ciudad Perdida  Action and violence in this crime film from Mexico. In Spanish language only and no English

Z625 One Minute Before Death (72) From the director of 'The Oval Portrait' using the same house and main star Wanda Hendrix but not the same film! In this one Wanda Hendrix's character is in a trance like state. Almost like a 'Patrick' coma, eyes wide open. Checked this against 'The Oval Portrait' and they are indeed different movies, although no one seems to know that. Anyway, she is put into this catatonic trance by relatives who want her to die so they can claim her estate. After she is buried her ghost pops up and scares her tormentors to death. Gothic Horror like Dark Shadows meets Hammer.

J425 Oval Portrait, The (72) A mother and a daughter have come to the reading of a will to the mother's brother's house. Soon, the daughter is possessed by the spirit of her dead cousin, the one in a portrait. Ghostly happenings include flying objects and mummified corpses. A post-Civil War setting in a neo-Victorian styled house. A horse and buggy old dark house feel. Hints of necrophilia. Based on a short story by Edgar Allen Poe.  With Wanda Hendrix (who was married briefly to Audie Murphy). Hendrix would be dead at age 52 of double pneumonia in Burbank California in 1981.She was smoking hot in the 1940's and the 1950's, appearing in many films,

Z643 Picadero de malillas (03) More violence and mayhem from Mexico coming soon to a city near you! In Spanish language only and no English

Z741 World of Vampires, The (61) aka: El mundo de los vampiros  A vampire uses two sisters to get his revenge on the last member of a family that persecuted the undead in Europe. The vampire is a decked-out Dracula type, full hooded cloak cape, cobwebbed labyrinth castle corridors, ghoulish vampire women and other demonic masked minions.... Reminds me of one of those Skywald magazine horrors come to life. Funny flying bats and sexy vampire women is about all it takes to get me interested. This version is in Spanish language and with English subtitles. Also available in an English dub if you prefer. I think I believe it a little better in it's native tongue. A giant organ made of bones, big fangs, a pit with spikes, and this Dracula guy has more helpers than I have ever seen in one of these types. Death by music, what the hell is going on here? One of the best of it’s kind.  BA




Z709 Bang Bang Kid (67) Tom Bosley (in his only spaghetti western) is an eccentric inventor who has created the first mechanical robot. It is set in the mythical city of Limerick, Montana, a wide-open frontier town. Run by the iron-fisted Bear Bullock (Guy Madison) who demands his subjects submit. He even has a castle, imported sandstone by stone from Europe. Also an army of bandits, led by the diabolical murderer Kossack (Riccardo Garrone) is in play. Enter the inventor, who, as the town's new sheriff, puts the robot 'Bang Bang Kid' into play. Joining the resistance fighters are the Mayor's hot daughters, who want to get Bullock for his crimes. One of the oddest plates of pasta out there. English language

Z716 Cullen Baker's Mule (71) aka: La mula de Cullen Baker  Maybe should be in the Mexican section? Well, no it's a Western from Mexico, so stays put! Cullen Baker rides the west on his trusty mule, abused by all who he encounters. When he sees his chance to obtain a six-shooter (new in these parts) it becomes his obsession. He attacks some soldiers and gets two. More soldiers hunt him and he kills them. More guns for Cullen. Now Cullen is a bank robber and shoots anybody who tries to stop him. Colt Dragon Revolver Action! Rene Cardona directs. In Spanish and with English subtitles.

J332 Cut Throats Nine (72) aka: Condenados a vivir  aka: Todesmarsch der Bestien   One of the best, and most violent westerns from the 1970's. Seven sadistic and murderous prisoners must be transported through the snowy mountains by cavalry men. Assaulted by bandits, the only survivors are the convicts, a sergeant, and his young and pretty daughter. Hell is in store for all of them. Thrills, chills, fights gore, this one has it all. It's like Corbucci meets Fulci! Mean-spirited and unpleasant, which equals high quality entertainment in my book! Should be in everyone’s top 10 of the greatest westerns from the 1970's. LBX  BA

Z661 Gunman of One Hundred Crosses (71) aka: Una pistola per cento croci!   When an Irishman is killed in the Wild West, his son sets out to avenge him. He is ambushed and killed. Damn it we need Sartana, or Django, or whatever name this gunman goes by, it varies in most films. Tony Kendall this time. He'll get 'em. The hot and saucy redhead Jessica (just Jessica) is played by the stunning Marina Malfetti (and you'll wish you could've played with her!). Kendall has a bullfight with Jenny (Monica Miguel). Look at the title of the film, and get the Crosses ready!  Now LBX, dubbed into English and no subtitles!   Print #B460 is officially retired because this is an upgrade in much better quality!   BA

Z678 Stranger in Paso Bravo, A (68) aka: Uno straniero a Paso Bravo   Returning to his small town (after serving time in prison) to avenge the murder of his wife and daughter (for which he was blamed), Gary Hamilton (Anthony Steffen) hunts the town boss and his henchmen one by one. The lead villain (Eduardo Fajardo) wants Hamilton's head on a pole. How many will have to die? Also with Giulia Rubini.  Okay, forget the last listing from the last update. It was full frame this is a nice sharp Widescreen Upgrade of this one!  BA