BA=  Color Box Art Available for an additional $3.50  

FL= Film is in Foreign Language

Lbx=  Letterboxed or Widescreen format 

Subs=  Film is subtitled

aka= Also Known As  (alternate titles)








U16                    Driving Force (89) aka: Road Wars   In the future, marauders, known as 'The Black Knights', reign supreme.  Madder than Max, they rule the road, and everything on it.  Into this chaos comes fearless warrior Steve (Sam Jones) who wants to challenge them.  With a tough as 'painted' nails sidekick gal named Harry (Catherine Bach), he pits himself against these soul destroyers in a road racer duel blazing across miles of hairpin curves for the most valuable prize of all.  Their lives.  With Don Swayze in another villainous role, and Billy Blanks in one of his first films.  Made in the Philippines.   BA

U227                  Flight From Paradise (90)  aka: Fuga dal paradiso  This is the future after ecological, possibly nuclear holocaust.  People live apart in an underground vault, governed by a computer named Harry, which decides which people will be 'put' together.  They see the outside world only through limited controlled holographic simulations, similar to the video game world much of our young disillusioned youth dwell in on a daily basis.  Theo and Beatrice find a way out of their designated sectors to the ruined world above.  A military group is sent to retrieve them, led by Thor (Horst Buchholz).  Also starring Aurore Clement, Lou Castel and Van Johnson as the old narrator.  In Italian with English subtitles  BA




U113 Detonation! Violent Games (76)  aka: Bakuhatsu! Boso yugi  The Red Chilis and The Black Cats, two rival biker gangs, are thrown for a loop when a working class seamstress named Yuki transcends gang boundaries when she falls for a reformed Chili whilst trying to placate her brother, a loyal Black Cat.  A familiar scenario not unlike many Hollywood films.  In a possible nod to 'Taxi Driver' one thug sports a Mohawk.  Rampant topless female nudity and loud wah-wah guitar breaks made me feel right at home.  Once available in a crappy print, this is sharp and colorful, representing the best of Japanese Biker films.  Widescreen  In Japanese with English subtitles  BA




U269 Fighting Guardsman, The (45) aka: Il cavaliere mascherato  A group of Frenchman, led by a French Baron (Willard Parker) start to cause trouble (in the popular 'Robin Hood' tradition), starting an uprising against the aristocracy in the days preceding the French Revolution.  Swashbuckler costumer with spectacular period settings.  The villain of the tale is played by George McReady (and others).  Also starring John Loder and Janis Carter.  This obscure title has the commercials from an early 1990's broadcast.  BA

U89 Lone Wolf Returns, The (35) aka: Le loup solitaire  This time the elegant jewel thief known as 'The Lone Wolf' is played by Melvyn Douglas (this being the 10th of a 24 film series).  The Lone Wolf wants one more heist to end his career, but blackmail is in order when he falls for a pretty socialite (Gail Patrick).  Here is when other thieves try to set him up for 'their' crimes.  Will our reformed gentleman thief outsmart the cops and his rivals?  Melvyn Douglas is superb as Michael Lanyard, 'The Lone Wolf'.  His last film would be 'Ghost Story' in 1981.  BA

U68 Manhandled (49) aka: Betrayal  A psychiatrist is having his secretary transcribe a disturbed patient (Alan Napier) relating his twisted dreams where he kills his wife, possibly for her jewels, which are worth a fortune.  The secretary violates her legal code of conduct and spills the beans to the unscrupulous  building detective (Dan Duryea).  Later the women is indeed murdered, and the jewels stolen.  The secretary finds some of the jewels in her couch.  She decides to pawn it.  Bad idea! Dorothy Lamour, Sterling Hayden and more star.  BA 

U94 Shifting Sands (1918) Marcia Grey (an eighteen year old Gloria Swanson) is a penniless artist who fends off a rape, only to land in prison when the rapist frames her for a robbery.  Upon release she joins the Salvation Army and meets and marries a wealthy young man.  But her past returns to haunt her, and potentially sabotage her new life.  Runs under an hour, all that survives of this rare silent film. 

U95 Ship of Lost Men, the (1929) aka: Das Schiff der verlorenen Menschen   The captain in this story is a scoundrel among brutes.  A Lucifer in a hell of devils.  The crew mutinies and kills the captain.  Marlene Dietrich, before she was famous, comes aboard as a sub-plot, about a third of the way in to this two hour silent film.  The title cards are few and far between, the tale propelled by the shadow and light direction of Maurice (father of Jacques) Tourneur, and the fast-moving perilous situations the men aboard the ship find themselves in, the fine mess, the self-imposed fate of fools who would rather die than be tamed, or maybe a compromise?

C851 White Cargo (42) aka: Tondelayo   Tondelayo (Hedy Lamarr) tempts Brits at a British plantation in the Congo, Africa in 1910.  There, using her wiles and deceptive nature, Tondelayo manipulates two men causing jealousy, betrayal and rage.  In the original play, Tondelayo was black.  When Hedy Lamarr makes her entrance and exclaims 'I am Tondelayo', you won't give a damn what color she is.  Lamarr's cocoa-smeared countenance is breathtaking, stunning, and seductive super sexy.  Also starring Walter Pidgeon, Richard Carlson and more.   BA

U253 Wolf Call (39) aka: Under Northern Lights  Young man Mike (John Carroll), brought up a spoiled rich kid, is sent by his father (who is disgusted with him) to check on a uranium mine in Canada where he fights bad guys and falls in love with the half-breed Towana (Movita).  Mike feels the call of the wild, and now prefers this life over the privileged world in which he was raised.  Movita would later become the second wife of Marlon Brando in 1960.  Their union would only last two years.   BA





U273 Avenger X (67) aka: Mister  X   Released one year before Mario Bava's 'Danger Diabolik', this picture from Spain.  A girl is killed, the mark of 'X' branded on her forehead, a false plant incriminating the retired 'Mister X', unjustly framing him as the killer.  Mister X, master of disguise and notorious thief, risks all when he embarks on a dangerous adventure to avenge himself, clear his name, and expose the real culprit.  Now he is pursued by both sides of the law, a merciless crime gang and a ruthless Police Inspector who is determined to put Mister X behind bars.  Nifty gadgets, gunplay, danger and seduction.  BA

U267 Battle of the Amazons (73) aka: Le Amazzoni - Donne d'amore e di guerra    Amazons were popular in the early 1970's.  They were always almost certainly topless, but only in the best of films.  This classic directed by Alfonso Brescia depicts a vicious tribe of these 'man-hating' Amazon gals, terrorizing the countryside.  They don't really hate them too much though, as they kidnap healthy virile young men to enslave them, and also for some sex slave use on occasion.  Sex and Violence, people are speared and mutilated, limbs whacked off, orgies, whippings...  sounds fun.  During battle the Amazons wear battle gear so the director could replace the women with men and hope you didn't notice.  Hmmm.  Lovely women include Lucretia Love, Mirta Miller and more!  Wonder Woman 1984?  No No, Watch this instead!  + two ‘Battle of the Amazons’ trailers   Widescreen  This is not the film 'The Amazons', but a different film.  BA

U266 Beauty and the Beast (62) aka: La Bella et La Bete   His enemies are out to take his throne.  Eduarado (Mark Damon) is afflicted with a curse, and this may make things easy for his adversaries.  This curse turns him into the 'beast' but in this case, he looks like Lon Chaney's 'Wolfman' (with a mullet-like hippie wig) because the make-up master Jack Pierce (his last film) does the transformation! Althea (the sensuous and beautiful Joyce Taylor) is quite literally his only hope.  Colorful costumer that also stars Michael Pate.  BA

U285 Charge of the Lancers (54)  aka: La charge des lanciers  Paulette Goddard (still a beauty in one of her last films) stars as 'Tanya' in this film set during the time of the Crimean War and the efforts of the Allies to take the Russian naval base at Sebastopol.  Tanya is a gypsy girl who shields an escaped soldier and dons him in gypsy disguise garb.  Certainly a colorful enterprise, despite this being a Sam Katzman production, directed by up and coming-into-his success days William Castle.  Sharp Color   Nothing to do with 'Charge of the Black Lancers', this is a different film.  BA

U8 Codename Icarus (81) Unscrupulous scientists are using a child prodigy named Martin Smith, picking his brain to create terrifying new weapons.  Martin soon learns that there is no one he can trust, and now, his own safety is questionable.  At Falconleigh School, the curriculum is world domination!

U11 Control (87) aka: Il giorno prima   Fifteen strangers participate in an international experiment.  Together they descend into a state-of-the-art nuclear fallout shelter.  To see if they get along.  They don't.  Things get ugly.  Especially when they learn an actual nuclear attack is about to occur.  Phillip G.  Lombardo was the scientific advisor for this film.  He was also the professor responsible for the infamous 'Stanford Prison Experiment'.  A pressure cooker.  'Chosen Survivors' without the bats.  Ben Gazarra, Kate Nelligan and more star.  Directed by Giuliano Montaldo.  There is a glitch in the opening credits  BA

U277 Coriolanus: Hero Without a Country (64) aka: Coriolano eroe senza patria  aka: La Terreur des gladiateurs   aka: Thunder of Battle  The newborn Roman Republic is imperiled by conflict within and without; engaged in a complicated war with the neighboring Volsci, and plagued by internal strife between the upper and lower classes.  Coriolanus (Gordon Scott in his rarest film) becomes a war hero but is taken down and thrown into exile when he enters politics.  Coriolanus joins the Volsci against Rome.  The big scenes are stolen from other sword and sandal films.  Also starring Rosalba Neri.  In English, but from a Greek PAL VHS, with notable problems and glitches, then the picture stabilizes.  BA

U265 Day Mars Invaded Earth, The (62) When a scientist with a troubled marriage sends a probe to Mars, Martians respond as invisible energy beings which then become doppelgangers of the scientist and his family.  The mission of the aliens is to stop Earth from traveling to Mars.  The movie sneaks along on a budget and manages to build suspense and paranoia in the tradition of other classic 'alien invasion' films of the same era.  BA

U264 Dogora (64) aka: Dogora the Space Monster  aka: Uchû daikaijû Dogora  The subplots involve a group of diamond thieves, a mysterious insurance investigator, a swarm of dangerous bees and an expert of crystals.  But the movie's main theme is about a single-celled organism floating in outer space which is effected by a the radiation of Japan, growing into a gigantic jellyfish-like monster, that proceeds to suck carbon off the surface of our world (including buildings and countless thousands that get in the way).  Dogora is certainly an imaginative creation, seen whirlpooling coal into it's giant maw or pulling a bridge to bits, and Dogora's demise is also unique.  Akiko Wakabayashi also starred as one of Sean Connery's Bond babes in 'You Only Live Twice' and many classic Japanese monster and action films.  Widescreen English Dubbed  BA

U288 Duel of Champions (61) aka: Orazi e Curiazi   Ancient Rome, pre-Republic.  The Romans and the Albans have waged a long and bloody war.  To end the conflict each side chooses three men for a duel to decide who will rule all.  Alan Ladd is one of the men, Horatio, in one of his last films, and his only sword and sandal.  Many feel sorry for Ladd, embarrassed even, considering his scenes quite simply, uninspired.  However, how would one know how people actually acted in these times B.C.  Hungry wolves and a forest hunt and many battles throughout.  BA 

U146 Flute and the Arrow, The (57) aka: En djungelsaga   Amazing Color!  What starts out looking like a documentary turns into a serious adventure drama set in the Bastar jungle in central India.  The village is troubled by a leopard that has been killing livestock and people alike.  Two have been outcast for going against tribal rules.  To regain favor, one slays a tiger.  But the leopard is the problem! Now the village thinks he has brought just more bad luck upon them.  A hunting party is organized.  The tiger slayer is forbidden from the hunt.  Later, the leopard closes in on the tiger slayer....  Widescreen   In Swedish with English subtitles  BA

U88 Hercules Against Rome (64) aka: Ercole contro Roma   The most obscure of the sword and sandal 'Hercules' movies, and now for the first time, in an English language dubbed edition.  There are a few audio disturbances, but the dubbing is complete, and the film is in color, the quality, not as great as usual.  Ercole (Alan Steel aka: Sergio Ciani) helps a Roman Emperor who is facing a revolt from within his own guard.  Also with Wandisa Guida.  84 minutes - Also available in an 87 minute version, Widescreen and beautiful color picture, but in Italian language only. Specify  BA

U283 Joe 90 (81/68) aka: The Amazing Adventures of Joe 90   Joe's father has built a machine that can transfer the recorded brain waves of any person to his son.  Using a special pair of glasses.  Joe 90 temporarily has knowledge and experience of fearless pilots and courageous adventures tackling danger on land, in the air and beneath the ocean.  Joe 90 combats those endangering world peace in an amazing puppet-fantasy tale every child dreams about!   Movie version (compilation) of the 1968 TV Show  BA

U71 Manbeast!  Myth or Monster? (78) From the director of 'Santa Claus Conquers the Martians' comes yet another film for Bigfoot believers the world over.  The question of the existence of Bigfoot, Yeti, or any other legendary humanoid type creature.  Don't cry, maybe one day....   Still, there is something cool about the monster suits, created here by Greg Cannom and Rob Bottin, both special FX artists destined for bigger and better things.  Rob Bottin's talents were used more extensively in 'The Howling' and 'The Thing'.  Cannom has an Oscar for his other work.  Better times, better movies.  

U276 Rebel Gladiator, The (62) aka: Rebel Gladiators  aka: Ursus gladiatore ribelle   Ursus (Dan Vadis) is forced by an evil emperor to fight the most popular gladiator 'Commodus' in Rome as a spectacle death match in the Roman arena of death.  The emperor holds the mistress of Ursus, and also, the small village in which he lives may be spared from destruction if he cooperates.  Also starring Gloria Milland, Jose Greci and Sergio Ciani as Commodus.  BA

U83 Son of Sinbad (55) aka: Le fils de Sindbad  Sinbad (Dale Robertson), a man that loves adventure even more than he loves women, afraid of neither.  The film is all but stolen by Vincent Price as Omar Khayyam, poet and victim of Sinbad's ill fortune after he is caught leaving the sultan's harem.  Sally Forrest as Amir does well as a palace servant, secret agent, lover and jealous woman.  Mari Blanchard is a lost love.  The highlight of the film is the many delightful girls with as little clothing on their wonderful bodies as they could get away with in 1955.  Kim Novak is one of the many harem girls.  Woody Strode is a palace guard.  Girls Girls Everywhere....  Nice Color  BA



U141 Adam and Six Eves (62) Lost in the desert (a cardboard set), a man and his talking donkey discover an oasis.  There, in this isolated paradise, he finds six incredibly beautiful naked women.  The topless women show up in the film in the first seven minutes, and remain on screen for us to enjoy for the rest of the film.  The talking donkey is the comedy relief.  The woman are all beautiful models, the camera lovingly displaying their ample curves.  T&A 1962!   BA

U235 Hollywood Uncensored (87) Clips and snips chronicling the journey of sexually explicit and suggestive material from Pre-Code Hollywood to the present day narrated by the late Peter Fonda.  The battle with the Hay's Motion Picture Production Code (all who must be turning in their graves in 2024 in an eternal spin).  Carroll Baker.  Sheree North, Mamie Van Doren and others also have a say, a comment, a memory....  Douglas Fairbanks Jr.  introduces and talks about 'Party Girl' from 1930, a film controversial for it's time.  Great scenes of women of the 1930's being sexy and naughty, enraging the general public (the wives and the spinsters), while the men ate it up!

U215 How They Make Adult Movies (97) Betamax, VHS, learn the home market history.  How hardcore sex films are made, scenes near hardcore featured.  Many performers and directors give their two cents about why it is they do what they do.  Listen to Lisa Ann, Nina Hartley, Henri Pachard, Julia Ann, Asia Carrera and many more.  

U154 Isle of Levant (56) If you were in France in 1956, I would have recommended you visit the Isle of Levant, where nudity is not only allowed, but encouraged! It's an isle off the French Riviera for 'sun bathers'.  The first 37 minutes or so plays like a travelogue.  Then, when we finally reach our destination, the clothes come off.  We see people running around, swimming, and of course, playing volleyball. 

U42 Last Prostitute, The (91) Set in the 1950's.  Danny and Burt ditch summer camp and journey cross-country to find Loah (Sonia Braga).  Loah is a prostitute, immortalized in Danny's mind by his late uncle.  This is the piece to have.  When the young men reach Loah, she is retired from screwing, and now breeds horses.   She hires the broke boys as farm hands.  Danny befriends Loah, and finds the true meaning of love.  It was her last chance for innocence.  Coming of age. 

U214 Love Epidemic, The (75) Erotic sketches are used to deliver a message about sexually transmitted diseases.  The film's message is undone by the sexual nature of the scenes.  No one is going to give up sex after they see this film.  Because of this, the film is a sex comedy like no other.  A fair amount of nudity including some full frontal, lengthy soft-core sex scenes and laugh-out-loud moments.  Syphilis and Gonorrhea represented by two blokes in boiler suits inside the factory of the human body.  Later, some uncomfortable moments....  Ozploitation. 

U47 Manly Love (97) aka: Amor de Hombre  aka: The Love of a Man    The friendship between a woman, and her gay male friend is tested when he takes on a boyfriend (after many).  Esperanza is a typical 'fag hag' and is there for Ramon at all times, as he is for her.  Or is he?  Strangely enough, it seems as if all of the characters in this movie are gay men, with Esperanza the lone straight.  This movie endorses the idea of a woman who is at the beck and call of a selfish drama queen who takes advantage of her.  All made for laughs of course (this is a comedy).  Why not?  Widescreen in Spanish with English subtitles

U52 Melody in Love (78)  Melody (Britta Glatzeder in her only movie) is young.  Melody is beautiful.  Melody, is in love... or is the proper word... lust?   She travels to a far off isle where people shed their inhibitions.  She certainly sheds more than that.  Her ravishing cousin Rachel (Claudine Bird) has an open marriage.  Melody is introduced to a world of orgasmic pleasure with Rachel, and then Rachel's lover Alain.  Rachel's husband returns.  Trouble!  Octavio fights sharks and an octopus in a thrilling underwater battle.  Meanwhile, a volcano is erupting on the island...... Not to be confused with 'Melody of Passion'. 

U144 Path of the Beast (80) aka: Shôjo shôfu: Kemono michi   Seventeen year old Saki finally lets her boyfriend have some, right on the beach.  Feeling frustrated and unsatisfied afterward, Saki  splits and gets a ride home from a slightly older man.  She decides to have sex with him the following day.  She gets it over and over, talking like a nymphomaniac.  Harder! Harder!  Take Me From Behind! Neither of the men are pleased when Saki announces she is pregnant.  These things happen.  Now who will she choose, if either.  It must be the baby of the man who made her feel the best during sex?  Widescreen   In Japanese with English subtitles

U228 Petersen (74) aka: Jock Petersen  Former football star Tony Petersen (Jack Thompson), now an electrician, goes to university to gain a degree, where he cheats on his beautiful wife Susie (Jacki Weaver), when he begins an affair with the professor's wife Trish (Wendy Hughes).  Petersen is a womanizer, so we will of course get an eye-full of not only Petersen, but his many female conquests, amidst a hippie campus, and faux intellectual gaze of know-it-alls, who in the end, know nothing.  A sex romp paying it's way with some very hot chicks sprinkled throughout.  Petersen is also a violent rapist, swears like a sailor, and he drinks!  BA

U142 Picking Up Girls (94) aka: Man long: Man tai siu lui   The father of the house is working too much.  His wife is horny, and lectures him.  She finds sex toys in his brief case, and wants him to use them on her....  tonight! When we meet the rest of the family it becomes clear.  This is the story of a family of sex maniacs!  Sex, Betrayals, Men with Guns.....  In Mandarin with English subtitles

U145 Stripper (85) This film covers a major contest at a convention of strippers.  A reality show as we meet some of the girls, and really get to the heart of the matter.  And the tits.  Let's not forget why we are here.  One girl we see hires a personal trainer and really puts in the time, earning her place in the sport of G-String T&A glory.  You'd think she was auditioning for the Olympics.  Well bless her, this is more entertaining than the Olympics, so she succeeds on that (topless) front.  Root for your favorite, Place bets on who you think will win.  The girls are all cute as hell!




U1 Apology (86) aka: Apology for Murder  Artist Lily McGuire (Lesley Anne Warren) has finished her latest work.  'Apology', and experiment in art that leads to terror.  Lily records anonymous phone calls on her answering machine, where they confess, 'apologize', for past sins, reveal their fears, and share their secret desires.  One such caller, is a serial killer, obsessed with Lily, killing off people in her life.  John Glover, Peter Weller, Chris Noth, Harvey Fierstein and Charles S. Dutton star.  Some suitably gruesome moments.  BA

U3 Black Panther, The (77) A close account of British army fanatic Donald Nielson (played here by Donald Sumpter).  His crimes lead to a killing, and later, he kidnaps a wealthy man's daughter for ransom.  He does not collect however and they find her hanged in a sewage pipe.  The real life horror story of this man is faithfully enacted.  The Black Panther is a suspenseful ride through Nieslon's twisted mind.  From family man, to death row! What you are about to see is true!   BA

U275 Body of Prey (67) aka: The Double Garden   aka: The Revenge of Dr. X   Story by Edward Wood Jr.: Filmed in Japan.  This film fits into the 'Mutations' territory as it also features a Venus Fly Trap humanoid type monster.  The opening credits are hilarious because they are the credits for 'Mad Doctor of Blood Island' a completely different movie!  Scientist Dr. Bragan (James Craig) is sent away by NASA to Japan where he experiments on his theory that man descended from plants.  Together, with his female Japanese assistant they create the monster, a dreadful beastie that looks like a reject from an 'Ultraman' episode (now that's a low bar!).  The laboratory uses some cartoon animation and a goofy hunchback to raise the lightning like 'Frankenstein'.  It's Alive!  Plantenstein! Hide the puppies! The villagers are coming with torches.  Watch for the topless Japanese girl divers in the first hour.  94 minute uncut version  BA

U258 Body Shop, The (72) aka: Dr. Gore   An off-his-rocker mad doctor (of the 'plastic surgeon' variety) is mourning the death of his wife.  Along with his hunchbacked assistant Greg they kidnap young women to cut to pieces to build a new wife, and, rob a few graves for spare parts.  The woman is created and she comes on to every man she meets, making the doctor jealous, causing comically tragic results in the fantastic finale.  Pays homage to 'Bride of Frankenstein' and H.G.L.'s 'Blood Feast'.  Watch out for the bubbling vat of acid! Rural Gore from North Carolina.  BA

U67 Brothers in Arms (88) aka: Prisioneros de la muerte   In the Rocky Mountain wilderness a pack of crazed mountain men are right at home, free to stalk and kill the biggest game of all...  man.  Ace tracker Dallas Hayes and his brother Joey search for a missing friend.  Instead, they find a pretty young woman (Dedee Pfeiffer) fleeing for her life.  The brotherhood hunts humans for sacrifice as part of a sadistic religious ritual.  Now, Joey and Dallas, along with the girl, are all prey! Torture, Rape and Violent Death! Jack (First Blood) Starrett is the leader of the clan.  They call him 'Father'.  Mitch Pileggi is the brute named 'Caleb'.   BA

U128 Buried Alive (79)  This is the version from an old 1980's VHS of Joe D'Amato's 'Beyond the Darkness'.  Once upon a time, we were introduced to the dark genius of Joe D'Amato.  This was how we saw it.   BA

U7 Captive (74) aka: Two    PTSD Vietnam veteran (Douglas Travis) kidnaps a lonely young woman (Sarah Venable).  Her mind collapses as she wonders what is next.  But instead, she bonds, Stockholm Syndrome style, in the remote cabin.  His hostage is one woman he need not fear.  She remains captive to the one man she can love.  This was intended as a 20 minute art movie with no dialogue.  They decided to expand the story into a full length.  Excellent photography.  Sara Venable would find herself in two George Romero films later, 'Martin' and 'Dawn of the Dead'.

U9 Club Extinction (91) aka: Doctor M   Berlin in the 21st Century.  From Club Extinction, a steady stream of hypnotic propaganda is transmitted in a hidden fortress above, directed by evil media tycoon Dr. M (Alan Bates).  The disembodied heart of Dr. M beats faster as bizarre deaths sweep through the future shocked populace.  Brought on by the thousands of giant monitors sending the signals of subliminal madness.  It is here.  It is now.  Also with Jennifer Beals.

U10 Cold Light of Day, The (96) aka: Tod im kalten Morgenlicht  The foreign made version of 'The Pledge'!  A cop (Richard E. Grant) is on the trail of a pedophile child killer (creepily played by Simon Cadell).  The murders pile up.  An innocent man is accused and in his despair, commits suicide.  The obsessed cop seduces a woman, and charms her little girl.  He will use the child as bait, to catch the killer, with tragic results.  Simon Cadell was actually dying of lung cancer during filming and passed away in March 1996 a few months after this film was released.  The American remake in 2001 stars Jack Nicholson and Tom (Manhunter) Noonan as the killer.  BA

U271 Dawn of the Mummy (81) aka: Die Mumie des Pharao  Notorious gory disco-music mummy shocker filmed in Egypt about a group of fashion models who upset the dead which causes them to rise with a taste for human flesh.  The infamous wedding scene where the groom unveils the room where his wife-to-be is preparing, only to find her dead and being devoured by zombie mummies still manages to shock.  More action-packed mummy attack scenes make this a welcome addition to the golden days of gut-munching cinema.  BA

U256 Day It Came to Earth, The (77) A meteor lands in the same pond where a whacked mobster has been dumped, and somehow revives him as a disfigured ghoulish zombie freak that seeks bloody revenge.  GeGaGoo is the official name given to the creature (by Professor Bartholowmew played by George Gobel), which is short for 'Geophysical Gaseous Goon'.  The film debut of Mrs. Tom Hanks aka: Rita Wilson (her best film?) The ending of this will have you in hysterics.  Did you figure it out?   BA

U278 Day of the Nightmare (65) 94 minute uncut version!  An unhinged, impotent, transvestite ties up topless models and whips their cute behinds until he ...  well, you know.  He is married to a beautiful woman, but he is always away, taking care of 'business'.  He kills a chihuahua that won't stop barking.  He kills women who mock his failure to get it on.  While in drag as his female persona, he even stalks his own wife.  A bizarre psychosexual thriller with all kinds of dysfunctional kink.  Mix 'Homicidal' with 'Psycho' and a violent Nudie and you will get 'Day of the Nightmare'.  John Ireland and Elena Verdugo are the name stars in this, neither knowing scenes of nudity and sleaze were to be added later.  There is another version of this film.  BA

U14 Deadly Innocents (89)  Amanda Wyss is Angela, raised as a boy by her crazy father.  When he dies she finally comes out of her shell.  Angela teams up with schizo 'Beth', whose personality is taken by her murderous side 'Cathy', a killer of men.  Beth/Cathy has escaped the mental institution and is hiding out in Angela's attic.  Now, Beth/Cathy, teaches Angela how to be a woman.   With nods to 'Diabolique', the film segues into surprising plot twists and a bizarre finale.   BA

U281 Death Powder (86) aka: Desu pawuda   Early Japanese cyberpunk horror that inspired more to come.  Three conspirators have stolen a top secret android, hiding it away on their warehouse hideout.  There the android secretes a substance that alters reality in human comprehension plunging the three into a drug-induced nightmare world of confused objectivity.  What is real? Together as a group they mutate into a huge protoplasmic organism.  Meanwhile, real workers enter the warehouse.  A mind-melting experience.  English subtitles from an old defunct label.  Quality kind of soft, but good enough. BA

U259 Death Train, The (78) Walking home one night, Herbert, is struck by a train.  But the closest train tracks are 50 miles away! Ted Morrow (Hugh Keays-Byrne aka: 'Toecutter' in the original 'Mad Max) is an insurance investigator who uncovers buried family secrets, murder, land fraud crooks and something (or someone) from beyond the grave.  Will we discover the mystery of 'The Death Train'?  Australian made

Q640 Diary of June (05)  aka: Yu-wol-ui il-gi   A middle-school kid is stabbed to death on the street.  When his classmate commits suicide a capsule containing part of a diary is found in his stomach saying 'June 13th I killed my friend'.  Two female cops suspect that the killer belongs to the school but they soon find the actual writing of the diary died long ago.  Who is killing the students, and why?  Widescreen   In Korean with English subtitles  BA

U257 Dr. Tarr's Torture Dungeon (73) aka: The Mansion of Madness   This is literally the 'lunatics taking over the asylum' material.  The asylum is deep in the forest, and a young journalist is sent to do a story on the ground-breaking psychiatric work of the head doctor.  (Dr. Tarr) Once there, he is given the grand tour and meets a man who thinks he is a chicken, and an old man named 'Dante' chained to a cross in the dungeon (and others of course).  The journalist soon realizes something isn't right and when he escapes, he is captured and at the mercy of the faux Dr. Tarr.  Loosely based on a short story by Edgar Allen Poe.  Filmed in Mexico and in English  BA

U159 Forbidden Love (95) aka: Cinta terlarang    A woman, decapitated and dead, possesses the body of her boyfriend's 'new' girlfriend, turning her into a blood-sucking seductress.  A decent supernatural horror from Indonesia with some blood and some of the prettiest Indonesian chicks that I have seen.  Let's face it, if they were dogs nobody would watch this.  Indonesian with English subtitles  BA

U132 Heartbeat 100 (87) aka: Sam tiu yat baak   Maggie Cheung stars as Maggie, a young television writer on holiday in the country.  She's brought along her boyfriend Chu Chu, and her adorable little dog Sheepie (it's a Toy Poodle, 'adorable' is optional).  Maggie sees a murder, at least she thinks she does.  She calls the local cops, drawing the ire of her neighbors.  A psycho is on the loose, he has an axe, and he wants Maggie!  Some gory set pieces in this Sex and Violence Cat 3.    In Cantonese with English subtitles

U26 Highway to Hell (90) Incarcerated mass-murderer Toby Gilmore has made a jailbreak.  By the time officer Earl Dent (Richard Harrison) is on to him, the body count has already begun.  Gilmore takes a hostage, the young and beautiful Fran Tucker.  With Fran by his side, he leaves a trail of bodies in his wake.   Every mile brings him closer to his destination....  Not to be confused with the Patrick Bergin film made the following year.  Nobody visits 'Hell' in this movie.  BA

U35 Invitation to Hell (82)  Jackie is invited to a remote farmhouse for a high school reunion/ costume party.  Somehow it is revealed that she is a virgin.  This news is no surprise to the group, they are all worshipper's of Satan.  Jackie is here for a very specific reason.  An evil being wants to mate with her, and a demonic blood bath of gore and mayhem follows.  One girl is impaled on a pitchfork! You've done well, I am pleased! A still-beating heart is ripped from a chest.....  Horror from England that runs under an hour.  BA

U39 Johnsons, The (92) aka: De Johnsons   A marshy wilderness in Southern Holland is the destination of National Geographic photographer Victoria Lucas.  Seven little boys smear blood all over white walls of a strange house, this, in her daughter's nightmares.  The daughter is going with Victoria to Holland.  There, legend has it, some creepy God called 'Xangadix' will spawn seven children, who will then impregnate their sister in a pagan ritual that will produce a world ending monster.  But Victoria has no clue as they walk into the entrance of doom.  One Bride for Seven Brothers! Creepy Kids, Gruesome Nightmares and Decent Gore FX highlight this Dutch Horror in English language and Widescreen  BA

U20 Mamba (88) aka: Fair Game   A deadly mamba snake stalks a beautiful artist (Trudie Styler) after she walks out on her possessive husband, Gene (Gregg Henry).  Gene has brought the snake, trapped Eva, then watches as the horror of her dilemma unfolds.  Death is only a heartbeat away.  When play time turns to prey time.  But when the hunted becomes the hunter....  BA

U53 Mindfield (89) aka: La mémoire assassinée   The war is on for brain control! Imagine...  an organization so notorious it possesses the secret of mind control.  And Imagine....  an organization so powerful, it can practice it's mind tyranny on victims, under full protection of the law!  Kellen O'Reilly (Michael Ironside) is one man who is not going to take it!  Also starring Lisa Langlois and resident mad scientist Christopher Plummer.  During filming, Michael Ironside did not get along with Lisa Langlois, nor the director Jean-Claude Lord, and wanted them both fired.  His efforts failed.  BA

U139 Mourning Wife (01) aka: Mofuku no onna: Kuzureru   Running at just an hour, this one packs in the best parts and tells the story quickly, with lots of sex.  The poor wife is forced to run her abusive handicapped husband's printing business.  She is pursued by a man while working, she resists at first, until he has his hands in her panties.  They have torrid sweaty sex in the shop, then she has lesbian sex with another hot woman, her husband's doctor.  She looks like she's trying to stuff her boobs into the other woman's butt at first.  That's new, don't ask me.  It's kind of confusing, but they both get off.  Now she plots the murder of her husband.  He knows.  Somebody is going to have an accident.  In Japanese with English subtitles

U99 Omen (03) aka: Sung horn   Three friends happen upon an old woman whose prophecies come true, with tragic results.  Buddhist themes, actually a Buddhist themed horror, loaded with symbolism, alien to most, but intriguing to those who dip their toes into mind-set-horror of other countries, in this case, Thailand.  You will be challenged by the quadruple personality, especially by the fact that three aspects seem to coexist together at once.  The prophecies are not what they seem, instead memories.  All of these things will make sense in time (or at least by the end of the films 80 minute running time).  Widescreen   Thai with English subtitles

U158 ROH (89) aka: Indonesian Hellraiser  aka: Spirit   Lukito practices black magic through a mystical box that acts as a conduit and is dragged to hell by evil.  Astria had slept with Lukito behind her husband's back.  Nadia has an uneasy relationship with her recently widowed father and his wife Astria, who continues evil rituals from beyond the grave that resurrect Lukito (in a scene very similar to 'Hellraiser', again through spilled blood), and also, the Cenobites (well, that's what they are supposed to be)!  The Lament Configuration looks like a vegetable with a face.  Some inventive gore effects done on the cheap.  Indonesian with English subtitles

U252 Sanitarium (01) aka: Diagnosis   Dr. Warick wears a strait-jacket.  Twenty years ago Dr. Warick developed a wonder drug that cured madness.  But there was a catch.  Now, big pharma wants to release the drug to the general population.  Maybe they already have.  Sanity juice sucking inter-dimensional parasites make everybody in the asylum go bat shit crazy.  Or is that bat shit crazier?  Widescreen

U81 Sketch (83) aka: Xue zhong xue  A mean-spirited violent slasher from Hong Kong, made smack dab in the middle of the genre's peak.  A lunatic is stalking and slashing women, killing them in various ways.  A waterside attack with a fish net and an underused pitchfork among caged birds just an example.  Could the killer be one of the hoods who have been violently assaulting and terrorizing people, including the police inspector's wife?  Widescreen with English subtitles

U102 Suburb Murder (92) aka: Xiang Gang jian sha ji an   The film opens with the finding of a raped and mutilated female body dumped on a hillside.  The police catches the killer, and we see his life in flashback.  They find out why this man, 'Kang' has gone so bad.  His mother was a whore.  His girlfriend is gang-raped.  He goes nuts and rapes a woman, violates her with a piece of wood, bites off her nipple and then kills her.  Cat 3 with vicious gang-rape scenes, violence sex and nudity.  (We previously listed this as The Po Ma Hill Murders #0409, the correct title is 'Suburb Murder')  Cantonese with English subtitles

U246 Summerfield (77) Australia.   Simon Robinson (Nick Tate) arrives in the remote seaside lighthouse town of Bannings Beach as the replacement for a teacher who has disappeared.  Everybody acts weird, like they know something he does not.  He is even tempted sexually by the hotel manager's wife.  This open is very reminiscent of 'The Wicker Man'.  But this film has it's own story to tell.  Not 'The Wicker Man', but something dark and sinister all the same.  An atmospheric mystery with a sprinkle of eroticism.  BA

U157 Wolf (81) aka: Srigala    Indonesian Friday the 13th - A man is disemboweled before opening credits! Three men dive for treasure (one of the men played by Barry Prima) in a remote lake.  Two lovely women and more guys arrive to camp by the lake.  In the night, the rains come, torrential.  The killer is here! One man gets a car hood slammed down on his body, there is one hell of a boat chase with some pretty funny miniatures, eventually, you will see many scenes that are a direct lift from 'Friday the 13th'.   Indonesian with English subtitles




U156 Black Joy (77) A young man from Guyana is sent off to London to find a distant relative.  He is robbed almost immediately.  Broke and on the street, he is befriended by a small-time crook and the young man learns and then starts to hustle and con his life away in South West London.  Maybe London was trying to copy the American blaxploitation film? Many of the actors have Jamaican accents.  A very strange title.  Very little 'Black Joy' is shown.  BA

U58 Blinker's Spy Spotter (72) A variety of gadgets are employed by an inventor's genius son to sabotage the attempts made to swipe his father's latest invention.  The inspiration for Pee Wee's Playhouse? The opening sure reminded me of Pee Wee.  Bernard Bresslaw, Milton Reid and more star in this special that runs just under an hour.  + A Horse Called Jester (79) A horse is too expensive to stable, communicates with children, and helps them foil a robbery.  Two Specials for the price of one!

U110 Castle in the Air (52) The Earl of Locharne is an impoverished Scottish laird who rents out his castle as a bed and breakfast.  His assistant Beth is in love with him.  One of his tenants is Miss Nicholson (Margaret Rutherford) who is a genealogist convinced that the Earl is the true King of Scotland.  The castle is also haunted by an ornery ghost (Patricia Dainton).  One of the common themes of post-war England was the suddenly impoverished nobility trying to deal with their stately homes.   BA

U64 Deadliest Sin, The (55) aka: Confession  aka: Le secret qui tue   A murder, confessed in church, a priest bound by Catholic law not to report it.  After the credits we get a flashback that tells us what happened.  It's about a struggle over stolen money.  A nice dark and violent little picture with murder, guilt and betrayal.  Hitchcock inspired as many have noted.  Starring Sydney Chaplin who went on to play a monk much later in 'Satan's Cheerleaders'.  BA

U284 Deadly Strangers (75) Beautiful young Belle Adams (Hayley Mills) hitchhikes a ride from a very strange man and goes on a ride of terror that leaves a grim trail of death at every turn.  Is he the deranged mental patient that has recently escaped from the booby hatch? The main characters share an unfortunate similarity.  While Belle suffers from some type of sexual trauma from her youth, her co-star, some impotence and psychosexual disturbances of the mind.  The twist in 'Deadly Strangers' you may see coming, but it is done quite well.  Bravo.  Don't worry, there is violence and nudity, including Hayley Mills 'casually topless', but don't get too excited.  I'll leave it there.    BA

U70 Do Not Disturb (91) Here, a throwback to those classic British ghost stories with relatives who are quite mad, heroes who are moody, villains dastardly and dangerous, and settings where tragic events from somewhere in the past still linger like a poison in the soil.  A visit to a remote Norfolk village to visit the hidden world of a writer of the supernatural conjures up dark forces. 

U69 Duke Bluebeard's Castle (88) Not a big Opera fan.  You all know it.  But this is the wife-killer Bluebeard, and at just over an hour running time, quite digestible.  The sets are Gothic enough, the production values excellent.  The music is synchronized with the thrills and revelations within the dark plot.  Also very important, English subtitles! Torture Chamber!  Bleeding Walls!  A room of battle weapons! Psychologically twisted!  Right up my alley. 

U60 Elephant's Graveyard (76) Bunny is a man who spends his days wandering/hiding in the forest.  He cannot bring himself to tell his wife that he is no longer employed.  There, in his solitude and paranoia, he meets Jody (Billy Connolly), another man with a woman's name, and a similar outlook on life.  Maybe Bunny and Jody are popular man names in England, I couldn't tell you.   (runs a bit under an hour)

U66 Face the Music (54) aka: The Black Glove    It has narrowed down to four people as suspects on just who killed a famous blues singer.  Now someone has placed poison on the mouthpiece of a musician's trumpet.  Terence Fisher directed this murder mystery with twists, turns, and sleuthing.  BA

U119 Glass Cage, The (55) aka: The Glass Tomb  aka: The Outsiders   Hammer!  Colorized!  The star attraction of the carnival in town is a man called Sapolio, a man prepared to be locked inside a glass cage and starve himself for 70 days.  When bodies start turning up, so do the police.  In the mix are carnival outcasts, carnal desires, blackmail, gluttony, addictions and a macabre party scene with a body kept upstairs by (possibly) the murderer.  John Ireland, Honor Blackman, Geoffrey Keen, Eric Pohlman and more star.  BA

U61 Horror of Darkness (65) The Wednesday Play   Peter (Alfred Lynch) shares a flat with his girlfriend Cathy (Glenda Jackson).  Their peaceful existence is disturbed by the arrival of Robin (Nicol Williamson) an old college friend of Peter's.  Robin settles in.  There is something totally 'gay' between Peter and Robin, an underlying homosexual theme that caused little controversy when it aired on British television in 1965.  At one point, Robin forcibly kisses Cathy, trying  desperately to prove his imagined heterosexuality, perhaps to Peter, perhaps to himself? Cathy is smarter than both of them.  The tale has a tragic outcome in this disturbance of the seasons.  Nicol Williamson would be 'Merlin' in 'Excalibur'. 

U65 It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow (75) In 1943, 173 people died horribly when a crowd, panicked during an air raid while rushing into a bomb shelter, stampeded themselves into violent crushing death as they were hurrying down the steps.  A terribly sad event that follows the lives of a regular London family during the war, and the conditions that they have to live with.  Heart-wrenching and dark.  Some say this reminded them of 'Threads'.

U78 Java Head (34) Java Head is a sailing ship line company.  One of the son's is a seafarer who is love with a local girl named Taou Yuen (Anna May Wong), this union taboo by societal standards.  This film is of interest as we see how British cinema dealt with the subject of race in 1934, also in a Pre-Code era even over there.  There is supposed to be a flash of nudity here as well, something not yet frowned upon by the puritan standards to come.  This is a very dark film, that will leave melancholy in your heart.  Maybe.  John Loder and Ralph Richardson also star.  BA

U162 London in the Raw (64) The World's Greatest City Laid Bare!  See how they partied in London in 1964, right before everything changed forever.  Spot on with due coverage to the all night Boots, Piccadilly Circus and a wide blend of unrelated subjects.  Bright Lights Big City.  Seedy Bars and Beatnik Clubs.   A visit to a pub restaurant, a belly dancer, back-alley purple booze....  this is all real.  The camera goes everywhere and films unaware people as they dance and live life in London.  A lot that is unique here, and fascinating, a lost society of ghosts.  Bright Sharp Colors

U77 Man Who Liked Funerals, The (59) When a gangster dies, a man decides to blackmail the family of the deceased, for what he sees as righteous reasons (using the money to save a youth club).  Despite the serious sounding plot, this is a full-fledged comedy loaded with stock characters: blustery  generals, clueless vicars, twittery schoolmarms and Italian gangsters.  Leslie Phillips and more star. 

U59 Meet Me at Dawn (47) Charles Morton (William Eythe) is a professional dualist.  No job is too small, he is quite the swordsman.  It pays the bills.  When he rescues Gabrielle Vermorel (Hazel Court) from a wrecked roller coaster, he finds himself at odds with her father, a newspaper baron.  The carnival sequence is interesting, and looks like it would have been really fun (except for the coaster crashing part...).  Once rising star William Eythe, finding his career in decline, fell heavily into drink and drugs, succumbing to both at age 38, with the added bonus of acute hepatitis, Los Angeles 1957. 

U76 Murder By Rope (36) A maniac who had been sending warning letters to his victims and then strangling them with a rope is sentenced and in karmic retribution, hanged for his crimes.  But notes are being sent again.  The trial judge is threatened.  Time for a dinner party to figure this out.  Bad idea.  The macabre case of 'The Laughing Murderer'!  Starring Wilfrid Hyde-White, Sunday Wilshin and D.A. Clarke-Smith. 

U232 Primitive London (65) The opening music is mysterious, and sounds like a horror movie intro.  Arnold Lewis Miller interviews mods, rockers and beatniks.  This is a human study, of social values (and the lack of) in the England of 1965.  Go ahead, take a ride to England's seedy side.  It's only a double-decker bus ride away.  You'll meet burned-out strippers who have high miles, wife-swappers, an unsightly corn being removed by scalpel...  waiting for more nudity?  Finally.  But not bared bottomed nubile wenches, instead obese hairy old men being rubbed down by an amused black masseur.  Boring blow-hards ripping off Dylan 'The Churchill's'? I'm sorry.  Maybe fancy a shag with one of these birds?  Strippers and Pasties.  It's what's for dinner. 

U148 Secret Rites (71) Penny is a hairstylist and budding Satanist.  Her main aspiration is to join a cult.  She writes to the High Priest King of the Witches in Europe and is given a meeting to see if she is ...  worthy.  Penny must go through the training and learn the ways of evil.  Does Penny have the right stuff?  A pseudo-documentary from London, England, chock full of nudity.  A perfect addition to the British 'Devil Movie' genre.  Runs under an hour.  Very colorful!

U111 She Knows Y' Know (62) In the North of England in the 1950's the lives of two very different families become entwined.  The Worswicks are a working class family led by domineering mother Hylda with husband Joe and academically bright son Leslie.  Neighbors the Smallhopes are aspiring middle class led by mother Euphemia and husband Clarence, with their attractive daughter Marilyn, whose sudden pregnancy is the catalyst for unfolding dramas in both families.  From the director of 'The Terrornauts' Montgomery Tully. 

U79 Stock Car (55) Katie (Rona Anderson) tries to hold on to the family garage after her father is killed in a stock car race, while hovering and harassing creditors begin to close in like vultures.  She also is in debt to a small-time gangster who wants his dough.  A lively affair running just under an hour.  Also starring Susan (Firemaidens of Outer Space) Shaw and Sabrina. 

U124 Survival Special: The Family That Lived with Elephants (76) Narrated by David Niven.  A man and wife, along with their children, spend five years in the beautiful Lake Manyara National Park studying the elephants who live there.  Calmly recited narration focused on information contrary to other inaccurate documentaries depicting the lives of elephants.  Watch them live, and learn to play.  Under an hour

U19 Visa to Canton (60) aka: Passport to China   Hammer!  Filmed in color but released in the U.S. in black and white version.  This is the Uncut Color version, with the 'Visa to Canton' title.  Richard Basehart is recruited to track down an agent (and also, an old friend) who has some classified scientific intelligence.  Russian interference in China makes it all seem rather simple.   The real gold is the sultry Lisa Gastoni made up to look Chinese, no matter how hard they tried, they could not slant those sexy Italian/Irish eyes.  Mamma Mia.  Famous British actress Athene Seyler looks like a guy in drag, but she is all woman, made up to look Chinese here, playing a character named 'Mao Tai Tai'!  Milton Reid in another henchman/villain role.  BA

U80 Where No Vultures Fly (51) aka: Ivory Hunter   Based on a true story about the creation of a National Park in Kenya by an Englishman working as a game warden (Anthony Steel) who finds himself at odds with not only poachers but also the local tribesmen.  Terrifying adventure! With fantastic footage from darkest Africa in Technicolor! Includes a truly hair-raising encounter with a lioness and her cub! Every scene is joined by an animal of some sort and the scenery is spectacular, all blended with pompous Brits who are doomed to fail as they go up against tough guy Anthony Steel, anti-trophy hunter.  BA

U6 Witchcraft (92) Told in two parts, 'Witchcraft' is a British made tale with nods to Matthew Hopkins, Witchfinder General.  A film crew is making a film about Ezekiel Oliphant, a 17th century hunter of witches.  The advisor on the set, becomes possessed by the spirit of Oliphant and it appears history may be in danger of repeating itself.  'When do I put my head into the noose?'  Be careful what you wish for.  Cast includes Peter McEnery, Jason Flemyng, Lisa Harrow and Judy Campbell. 

U260 Zodiac (74) Disc One - In America we had 'The Sixth Sense'.  In England (six episodes) aired their variation on the Age of Aquarius astrology genre when a Detective Inspector named David Gradley (Anton Rodgers) hooks up with a pretty young astrologer named Esther Jones (Anouska Hempel of 'Tiffany Jones' and 'Scars of Dracula') to work together solving crimes.  Every episode presents a unique, unusual story, the running thread being astrology, and the skepticism of the Inspector being challenged by the beautiful Esther Jones.  Episodes: Death of a Crab: Special Guest Star John Rhys Davies and The Cool Aquarian: Special Guest Star Michael Gambon.

U261 Zodiac (74) Disc Two - Episodes: The Strength of Gemini with Special Guest Star Norman Eshley and Jenny Hanley and then Saturn's Reward with Special Guest Star Ian Ogilvy. 

U262 Zodiac (74) Disc Three - Episodes: Sting, Sting Scorpio! with Special Guest Star Robert Powell and finally the last episode of the series, The Horns of the Moon with Special Guest Stars Peter Egan and Michele Dotrice. 




U105 Angel Enforcers (89) aka: Huang jia fei feng   Female cops are after a gang of vicious diamond smugglers.  A few other subplots include the arrival of a another gang, the suing of one of the female cops for destruction of property and more.  Plenty of amateur fights, hilarity, bullets fly, torture and blood, hand-to-hand combat, Girls with Guns! Incredible Action, and Hot Impressive Bad-Ass Bitches you really don't want to piss off.  English dubbed

U163 Basileus Quartet (81) aka: Il quartetto Basileus  Explores the age-old sexual and social conflicts between virile youth and the waning vitality of upper middle-age, combined with musical performances.  Upon the sudden death of their first violinist, members of a famous chamber quartet, who have been together for over thirty years, are faced with a crisis.  Enter Edoardo, a young and very gifted replacement, who throws the lives of the older members off balance.  Set against the magnificent cultural centers of the world, The Basileus Quartet plays the extraordinary music of Schubert, Debussy, Ravel, Wagner, Smetana and Beethoven. 

U44 Battle for the Treasure (88) aka: Les aventuriers du Triangle d'or   With snippets from a 1983 co-production between Taiwan and Thailand called 'Dragon Killer', this Godfrey Ho cut-and-paste boasts great action scenes.  In a climate of 'perpetually battling' soldiers, a cop is sent on a mission to retrieve a priceless piece of Cambodian jade.  Jumps from city scenes to jungle are not as distracting as usual, the film traveling at a fast clip with plenty of fights, gun-play and explosions.  Widescreen  BA

U2 Berlin Conspiracy, The (91) Action from Germany!  The Berlin Wall is about to come down.  C.I.A.  agent Harry Spangler (Marc Singer) is assigned the task of busting a group of terrorists who are in possession of a stolen chemical compound potent enough to wipe out an entire nation.  Harry tangles with his German counterpart.  A battle of wills turns into a battle for survival when the two men get trapped in a dangerous game of betrayal.  Also with Mary Crosby. 

U137 Between the Sea and the Sweet Water (67) aka: Entre la mer et l'eau douce   Folk singer and all-around country boy Claude (Claude Gauthier) leaves his small town for the big city (Montreal) in hopes to hit the big time.  He works odd jobs and one day, he meets a girl named Genevieve (played by Genevieve Bujold, her first big break, a huge career would follow) who works at a greasy spoon.  Love.  But then his songs click, and he has an affair with a married woman.  Claude will learn the price of fame.  In French with English subtitles  BA

U74 Black Line (60) aka: Kurosen chitai  Solid drugs and prostitution thriller set in old Yokohama.  Complete with white trench coat, voiceovers, and deep dark shadows, this is Japanese Film-Noir, along with bits of sex, violence, and super jazz soundtrack.  A fight atop a steam train, a run through Yokohama and a bust-up at a marionette warehouse.  The extended opening sequence is particularly effective with a street fortune teller, meeting in a cramped room, lights by passing trains culminating in naked death.  Widescreen  In Japanese with English subtitles  BA

U5 Blue Heaven (85) Carol (Leslie Denniston) and Tony (James Eckhouse).   An ideal couple with an ideal marriage.  An ideal future?  Tony has a violent streak.  Smack! Crack!  Poor Carol.  Time to go to the shelter for battered woman.  But she really loves Tony.  Is there any hope for them?

U247 Calling Hedy Lamarr (04) A fresh look into a Hollywood icon, that was actually more than meets the eye, even up to her death in 2000.  Hedy Lamarr was not just another bimbo.  She invented a frequency-hopping system for remotely controlling torpedoes during WWII.  This method became a Navy standard by 1960.  She was also the inspiration for Batman's love interest Catwoman.  In the 1933 film 'Ecstasy', Hedy Lamarr became the first woman to be nude in a sex scene.  She was used as a model for Disney's 'Snow White'.  She died broke, but made it to age 85.  We should all be so lucky.  Clips and vintage scenes, insight into Lamarr (from Lamarr obsessive's) what made her tick, and much more.  I fell in love with her at age ten when I saw her in 'Samson and Delilah'.  I get it Samson.  I get it.  Foreign subs but the documentary is in English language

U122 Cat Ate the Parakeet, The (72) aka: Pot! Parents! Police!   In 1965, young Johnny's dog dies, and his father gives him no support, and sometimes, flies into rages.  His sister is a brat.  When a hippie couple nearly run little Johnny off the road when he is riding his bike, they take him for a joy ride and her gets really wasted.  They leave him to sleep it off on a park bench.  The cops find him.  The hippie/drug dealers return the bike to Johnny, and take him out for more partying.  The cops want to catch those darn hippies, and punish them.  Johnny goes to another party, where it looks like all of the hippies overdose and freak-out! PSA style warning film.  Does getting high lead to tragedy?  It does here. 

U209 Catastrophe (77) aka: The End   William (Cannon) Conrad introduces footage depicting some of the most violent natural disasters of the times, caught on camera.  Hurricane Camille, the eruption of Mt.  Etna in Sicily 1971, Xenia Ohio tornado 1974, the sinking of Andrea Doria and more.  The footage still stings and horrifies.  People should be thankful for what they have.  These people, lost everything.  Not caused by fossil fuels, but Mother Nature, bad luck, wrong place wrong time.  BA

U12 Cross My Heart (90) aka: La fracture du myocarde   We join a lad at twelve years of age whose mother has been dead for three days and he cannot let anybody know about it for fear of being sent to an orphanage.  With the help of his friends, they work together in a number of schemes to keep the meddlesome adults out of the loop! An endearing story of friendship among kids....  and death!   In French with English subtitles

U223 Day of the Wolves, The (71) For fans of obscurities such as 'Dayton's Devils', this is another well made heist film, on a shoestring budget.  Six criminals are picked by a mastermind, each referenced by number only.  The plan is to hit several locations of a small town on the payday of the town's main employer, a lumberyard.  The sheriff (Richard Egan) has just been retired, but it is he (with his miracle shotgun) who springs into action! Nifty little crime film that also stars Martha Hyer in her last film.  BA

U126 Didn't You Hear? (70) The entire score is performed on Moog synthesizers, and it really supports the subject matter.  The plot involves a young college student named Kevin (Dennis Christopher) who is feeling a little out-of-place.  He daydreams about being the captain of a ship with his buddies, looking for girls on various islands.  James (Gary Busey) is obsessed with sex.  The film taps into the needs of individualism and independence.  Pirates of the Dream World.  The title makes sense eventually.  First name role for Busey, and first movie for Dennis Christopher and Cheryl Waters.  BA

U149 Final Comedown, The (72) aka: Blast  Billy Dee Williams plays an angry young black man radicalized by revolutionaries after experiencing what he sees as racial injustices.  This is the darker side of the 'blaxploitation' genre.  Cops shoot black men in the open, and the blacks gun up to kill the cops, and start shooting them.  I suppose this is how it will always be in our times.  The film is dark, downbeat, and pessimistic, with spurting bloody gore.  Makes you want to open carry.  Celia Milius, the star of 'Island of the Blue Dolphins' is Billy Dee's girl (a brief nipple flash).  Also starring D'Urville Martin and R.G. Armstrong as Mr. Freeman.   BA

U25 Guerrilla Girl (53) One woman alone... Fighting to Live and Love! Before there was 'Rambo'...  there was Guerilla Girl!  A fiery gypsy girl named Zaira (Marianna), works in the resistance movement against the Nazi occupiers who have taken Greece.  The uprising in Athens, the big part of the film, took place on December 3rd 1944 and lasted 37 days, ending only when the Greek Liberation Army withdrew.  Forbidden Love! Undercover Agents! Spies! Action!  Also starring Helmut Dantine.  BA

U153 Heavy Petting (89) A look at teen sex hygiene films and teen social short films of the 1950's that manage to be laugh-out-loud funny, sandwiched in between celebrities offering smirking advice on how they managed their first grope, or were groped, or got to second or third base, or something (anything!).  At one point a poorly groomed middle-aged man talks about what a failure he was at both masturbating and dating girls in high school.  Those who add their two cents include Sandra Bernhard, David Byrne, Spalding Gray, John Oates and the archive footage is star-packed! Sometimes uncomfortable but always hilarious. 

U236 Heroes for Hire (84) aka: Hell Raiders  In Miami 1980, a doctor transplants a metal object into his patient's arm, who then shoots him! McPearson (Bruce Baron) battles four levels of bad guys as he attempts to rescue Professor Arlington (Mike Monty) and his lovely assistant (Liza Hutton) who have been abducted by a sinister criminal organization that runs some kind of half-assed ninja camp on 'bad guy' island.  Bloody squib hits throughout and fun cheesy death scenes.  Cheap, trashy, violent and lots of action, with red beret wearing soldiers versus tree-climbing presto-magico ninjas!  Of course, made in the Philippines!  BA

U143 Heroes, The (73) aka: Gli eroi  aka: Los héroes millonarios   WWII: Two million in loot loaded into boxes disguised as 'Red Cross' marked 'plasma', is sent overland to a secret destination.  It is discovered by everybody that comes into contact with it, and everybody wants some.  I want some too.  Four soldiers and a sexy Greek nurse (Rosanna Schiaffino) team up to get their hands on it.  It's a war adventure with Nazis, action and humor.  Rod Steiger, Rod Taylor, Terry Thomas, Gianni Garko and more star.  One hilarious moment has Rod Taylor's character waking up in the sand, clinging tightly in a romantic embrace with one of his male costars, both looking horrified when they wake up.  Widescreen and mostly English language  BA

U108 Hit and Run (82) A Manhattan school teacher and part time cab driver is still mourning the death of his wife when he picks up a mysterious woman who has him transport her out of state to a large mansion.  They later make out and he falls for her.  On one of her trips to the mansion, she disappears.  He investigates, finds a dead man, and now is the prime suspect.  It was all a setup by a femme fatale.  He doesn't trust the cops.  Is everything as it seems?  Of course not! The action moves to the streets of New York as the police scour the city in pursuit.  In solidarity, the cab drivers of Manhatten join forces to help the wanted man. 

U28 Honor Thy Father (73) aka: Mafia Terror   There is a gang war going on.  Gangsters go into hiding.  The story of the gangster Joe and Bill Bonanno.  Their rise and fall, including the inside story of the kidnapping of Joe in 1964, and the jailing of Bill in 1971, and the 'Banana War'.  Made to cash in on 'The Godfather', this is on a much smaller budget, but there are enough familiar gangster actor faces to make you believe it.  Raf Vallone, Joe Bologna, Brenda Vaccaro, Vic Tayback and more star.  BA

U29 House on Garibaldi Street (79) aka: Eichmann   Adolph Eichmann: Nazi mastermind of Hitler's 'Final Solution'.  Responsible for the slaughter of six million people.  Hunted by the Israeli's to stand trial for his crimes against humanity.  He is alive.  Hiding in Argentina.  The Israeli's capture him, to deliver him home to trial.  They are pursued by a group of Nazi guerrillas who seek to liberate Eichmann, denying the Israeli's justice.  Martin Balsam, Topol, Nick Mancuso and more star.  BA

U30 Hughes and Harlow: Angels in Hell (77) Howard Hughes (Victor Holchak) goes out on a limb and hires a new leading lady for 'Hell's Angels', his WWI war epic.  Her name is Jean Harlow.  This is their story.  Two amazing people living in an amazing age, racing the clock against a backdrop of Hollywood in the roaring twenties.  It's a love story.  But was Howard Hughes capable of love? A suspense story that rewrites the facts, sometimes to the detriment of the character's decency.  Some say hatchet job, but with Larry Buchanan in the director's chair, I got exactly what I expected.  Lindsay (Six Pack Annie) Bloom is Jean Harlow.  Look for Tony (The Sopranos) Sirico in a small bit as Frankie Rio. 

U109 In the Line of Duty III (88) aka: Huang jia shi jie zhi III: Ci xiong da dao   aka: Force of the Dragon   Thieves for the notorious Red Army Terrorist organization of Japan pull off a jewelry heist killing dozens of people in the process.  The loot is fake, they have been double-crossed.  They are determined to find the traitor and deal with him accordingly.  The cops in the line of duty will not tolerate another bloodbath on their watch.  Gunfights and fast-paced brutal hand-to-hand leading to the final exciting showdown! Cynthia Khan and many more star in this, another bloody violent film from Hong Kong.  BA

U37 Jenny (70) Draft dodger Delano (Alan Alda, go figure) marries a shy knocked-up chick named Jenny (Marlo Thomas who was obviously not 'too' shy if you know what I mean) to avoid serving, just a matter of convenience of course.  No love, just an agreement between them.  She avoids shame, he avoids getting his balls blown off, or at the very least, getting shot at.  But wait.  Maybe they'll really fall in love!  Gee, ya think?  Also with Vincent Gardenia and many more.  A glimpse into the NYC filmmaking culture of 1969/1970.  BA

U249 Jesus Christ Savior (71) aka: Jesus Christus Erlöser  An Evening with Klaus Kinski.  Here he performs live, coming out on stage as a solo act, to perform his interpretation of the new testament in Berlin 1971.  A spoken word piece of Jesus.  Pissing everybody off.  The audience was more interested in challenging Kinski rather than listening to what he had to say.  It took hours for him to get his message through.  'Asshole!' someone screams from the audience.  Kinski will not be stopped from delivering his acting performance.  Klaus Kinski was a madman, but also a genius.  This performance made me feel like I understood him better.  Sometimes his unhinged rantings border on insanity.  But he would never stop.  Never quit.  Never back down.  A triumph.  In German with English subtitles

U38 Jesus Film, The (79) The best Jesus ever?  Max Von Sydow, Jeffrey Hunter, Jim Caviezel, Robert Powell, Willem Defoe....  They all have sported the crown of thorns in various biblical interpretations.  This version starring Brian Deacon as Jesus has been seen by over a billion people, translated into more than 425 languages and shown in more than 225 countries.  Need I explain the plot? I think you get the picture.  Filmed in Israel.   

U133 Lady Whirlwind (72) aka: Deep Thrust   Angela Mao explodes with her signature moves in her prime, hunting a man, seeking revenge for abandoning her little sister which resulted in her death.  The man she seeks has his own problems, but Angela Mao's character will not be cheated out of her revenge! In the buildup to her first fight, she flashes a very sexy sneer of contempt that sends icy thrilling chills down your spine.  She beats the casino boss with a cold-hearted fury that is somehow erotic and brutal at the same time.  Savage Angela Mao delivers raw sexuality, and vicious battle prowess.  The American title 'Deep Thrust: The Hand of Death' was a take-off on the 'adult' film 'Deep Throat' which was causing a national sensation at the time.   Widescreen and English dubbed  BA

U41 Last Days of Patton, The (85) Once upon a time, America had strong military leaders who took no guff from the nonsense of tyrant world leaders.  George C. Scott returns in the role that won him an Oscar (the one he would not accept, and pulled a no show at the Academy Awards!).  Patton died kind of mysteriously, maybe this film has some accuracies, maybe some fiction.  You decide.  It does however have George C. Scott.  Also starring Richard Dysart, Ed Lauter, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Eva Marie Saint and many more. 

U46 Lotus Eaters, The (93) A film about love, magic, spontaneous combustion and ...  pigs.  In sleepy little Dinner Plate Island, Miss Andrews (Michele Barbara- Pelletier) arrives as a new teacher.  When she pulls up in her VW bus and miniskirt, she brought the sixties with her.  Before long she has one of the principal's daughters practicing witchcraft.  The other one is pregnant and dating the town idiot.  Miss Andrews is having a torrid affair with the principle in a community with no secrets.  The Beatles are coming.  The film looks at the changes that take place in a small town off the coast of British Columbia after a new teacher arrives in the 1960's. 

U84 Lovers of Teruel (62) aka: Les Amants de Teruel   A play/musical/ballet in the public square, performed by a group of 'poor' traveling actors.  Anything but 'boring'.  This is one of the most surreal experiences anybody could have experienced in 1962.  Consider the dark tone, the superb set design, the daring, creative use of surreal imagery.  This is not a happy tale of a romance, but a trip into a startlingly bleak world of art and (quite possibly) hopelessness.  I think one of the strangest things about this picture is it's unavailability, and the fondness in how it is remembered by those who saw it fifty years ago.  Widescreen in French only, but this is not a talking picture in the normal sense, but an assault of the senses, and a feast for the eyes.  Quality is not as pristine as we would have liked, but this is pretty obscure. 

U48 Making of The Three Stooges, The (84) From their earliest days as the 'three lost souls', The Making Of The Stooges chronicles the personal and professional lives of the unchallenged kings of slapstick comedy....  the Stooges.  Performance footage and personal remembrances of the trio by the family, friends and co-workers who knew them best.  Taking you on the set, and behind the scenes!

U49 Mango Tree, The (77) Geraldine Fitzgerald is 'Grandma Carr' in the Australian town of Bundaberg (with the family) where we focus on Jaime Carr (Christopher (son of Michael) Pate), a young man coming of age.  Along with his friends, they experience the tumultuous changes of the early 1900's.  While World War One rages overseas, the young boys approach their own manhood in anticipation of their discoveries of sex, and their hopes of going off to war, loyal to country, 'real' young men.  Beautifully filmed around locations of Bundaberg. 

U55 Midnight Angels 2 (88) aka: Fighting Madam 2  aka: Tian shi xing dong II zhi huo feng kuang long    aka: Iron Angels 2    Fast-paced martial arts sequel!  Three lady cops on vacation in Malaysia get involved stopping a gun-runner who is plotting a revolution.  But first, they drink a lot, are involved in a tavern brawl and whatever else young battle chicks can get up to.  Explosive action and stunts.  The film starts off light, gets darker, then, violent and bloody.  Moon Lee takes a pretty brutal kick to the face.  Chicks in the jungle machine-gunning down bad guys! Girls with Guns, and so much more! Moon (she can moon me anytime) Lee, Elaine Lui...  Widescreen and English dubbed!   BA

U54 Mission Manila (88) aka: Web  aka: The Primrose Path  Web (Larry Wilcox) is a desperate man after his young brother Tony mysteriously vanishes with a million dollars worth of heroin owned by the mob.  They want the drugs back, and Tony, they want him killed.  In that order.  Web finds himself in the back alleys of Manila, where he finds three beautiful women, each with a different clue to help him find Tony.  But only one is cooperative.  Web is dispensable.  One Man is the Fuse that Explodes Organized Crime!  Filmed in the Philippines  BA

U240 Night of the Ninja (88) aka: Official Exterminator 5: Enter the Victory   The Star of India is a giant sapphire worth millions, currently on display at a Paris Exhibition.  Naturally the coveted jewel is stolen by gun-wielding thugs, who shoot everyone in their path! A little cut and paste, mix and match...  and another Godfrey Ho (this time co-directed with Bob Chan) is born.  The Ninja wears camo and throws stars that not only deliver lethal damage, the stars also sound pretty damn funny when they are thrown! Smack-downs and lots of shooting!  English dubbed  BA

U270 Ninja Champion (86) aka: Ninja Boxing Force  aka: Ninja Connection II   A woman seeks bloody revenge!  In one scene, while hand-cuffed, she beats two guys to a gory mess using her high-heels (wielding them in her hands) and a small knife.  Meanwhile her Interpol agent husband is doing some tracking of his own to bring the rapists to justice!  A group of ninjas are spying this, and we also have Richard Harrison in somehow related scenes.....  Godfrey Ho (mis)directs!  Also starring Bruce Baron and Nancy Chang.  BA

U230 Sara (97) aka: Das Mädchen und der Bodyguard  Leon (who looks like a burned out Mickey Rourke, or, just Mickey Rourke) is ex-Special Forces, now an alcoholic, and working as a bodyguard for Sara (Polish beauty Agnieszka Wlodarczyk), the daughter of a mob boss, who at first hates him, but we know how these things go.  Of course they fall in love, and they can't let the mob boss know, because he will surely disapprove.  He does, his daughter Sara is only fifteen!  Yea, fifteen going on thirty.   Along with action and romance, the director tosses in plenty of humor.  This is a Polish film and when they are not shooting or burying someone, the gangster guys watch subtitled American films about organized crime.  Nudity and Violence, Controversial film.  In Polish with English subtitles

U87 Shark Hunter, The (79) aka: Il cacciatore di squali   A plane carrying a lot of money has crashed into the ocean.  Mike (Franco Nero) is the mysterious shark hunter with a hidden past, that even his girlfriend Juanita knows nothing about.  Mike has allies, and together, they aim to dive for the loot.  But they are not alone!  Foot chases, car chases, seaplane vs.  sea boat chases, fistfights and the ever important shark attacks!  Franco Nero is decked out in a long blonde wig and hippie garb.  He also has a hateful grudge against sharks, killing them with his bare hands on occasion.  This was the first 'shark' film directed by Enzo G. Castellari, his next would be the blatant 'Jaws' rip-off 'The Last Shark'.  BA

U243 Struggle Through Death (79) aka: Chong po gong fu cheng  aka: Drgaon Fighter   In Taiwan, three men are captured (rounded up by men with whips on horseback), and put into slavery, mining gold for 'The Master'.  What follows is a series of escape attempts, fights with guards, mine cave-ins,  people begging for mercy, beatings, bare-backed whippings and kung fu! Meanwhile, one of the men has a wife laying helpless at home like a beached whale, about to give birth.  An unusual prison camp tale about Chinese slavery featuring violent kung fu.  Widescreen and English dubbed

U242 Sun Dragon (79) aka: A Hard Way to Die  aka: Zhu zai xie lei   Carl Scott of 'Soul Brothers of Kung Fu' is the very pissed off 'Sun Dragon', a Black Panther who seeks revenge when his father (and his family) is killed by evil kung fu men who laugh with glee when they inflict the final blow.  The training and then non-stop fighting action.  Delivers in abundance.  Carl Scott is fast and lethal, too bad he didn't do more.  Carl gets help from his Chinese friend, also a master of kung fu, played by Billy Chong.  The ending is especially brutal (and then, heartwarming), and although the fight borders on 'unfair', we realize the villain had it coming.  BA

U151 That's Action (90) Narrated by Robert Culp.  Video compilation of clips from Action International Pictures.  High Speed Chase and Crash Scenes, Fight Scenes and archive footage galore featuring such notable actors as Oliver Reed, Cameron Mitchell, Dan Haggerty and David Carradine.  That's Action!  Even Robert Culp looks excited.  Well, sort of.  He makes comments after almost every clip, flanked by movie posters to action exploitation classics. 

U140 Victory March (76) aka: Marcia trionfale   A young radical student who wants nothing to do with the military, in fact doesn't think the military should even exist, is assigned to Military service.  Now in military life his mental state is at stake as his spineless sensitive literate values are put into a world of power trips and abuse by non-commissioned personnel in the Italian Army.  When he straightens up (his literate trait at play) while being mentored by Nero,  he is shunned by the other trainees.  Franco Nero as a strict (possibly psychotic) officer, who has a hot slutty wife (played by Miou-Miou) that he treats like dirt, and she him, especially when they have sex and she mocks him.  The relationship between power and sexuality.  In Italian with English subtitles  BA

U72 Wicked Woman, A (58) aka: Dokufu Takahashi Oden   Takahashi Oden lived between 1848 and 1879.  Not only was she quite the beauty, she was also a criminal, a seducer of men, and a murderess.  Circumstances created partly by Takahashi herself, the company you keep may ultimately define you, and cement your fate.  An assortment of men are attracted to her beauty, ensnared about her manipulative passions.  Takahashi Oden was a heartless, money-obsessed killer.  She earned her notoriety in the end by being the last woman in Japan to be put to death by beheading.  In Japanese with English subtitles. 

U272 Yellowneck (55) Confederate soldiers, deserters, flee through the Everglades, encountering snakes, quicksand and other perils, hopefully to reach ...  Cuba?  A survival yarn, with sketchy characters, some, getting their just rewards.  Man against Man.  Man against Nature.  Filmed during a real hurricane in some scenes.  Watch out for the gators!  BA





U210 Daughters of Joshua Cabe, The (72) Wyoming in the old west.  Joshua Cabe (Buddy Ebsen) learns that he will lose his land under the new homestead law.  He must file a new claim, and it helps to have family members.  Enter the daughters (Karen Valentine, Sandra Dee and Leslie Ann Warren).  These are recruits, not his 'real' daughters! They consist of a former prisoner, a prostitute and a pick pocket! Cast also includes Don Stroud, Jack Elam, Paul Koslo, William Katt and many more.   Saw a glitch.

U15 Double Vision (92) Identical twins Caroline and Lisa (both played by Kim Cattrall).  Lisa is dead in London.  Caroline travels to London and meets Lisa's boyfriend Jimmy (Naveen Andrews) who may or may not have had something to do with it.   Caroline assumes Lisa's identity, from the posh boardrooms and bedrooms of the European elite, to the sordid decadent world of London after dark.  Also with Christopher Lee!

U18 Duplicates (92) Kevin McCarthy plays an unhinged scientist, part of a far-reaching conspiracy involving the transfer of human memories to computer banks.  The end result: duplicate entities, programmed to carry out the commands of their creators.  Someone is stealing the past, to destroy the future! Spine-Tingling Suspense.   Gregory Harrison, Kim Greist, William Lucking and more star. 

U23 Father Figure (80) aka: El Precio de una Vida  Howard (Hal Linden) tries to save his relationship with his two sons after his wife commits suicide when she finds out Howard has been cheating on her.   BA

U245 Indict and Convict (74) Based on a True Story.  A prosecutor has the almost impossible task of trying the deputy district attorney Sam Belden (an intense nervous performance from William Shatner, who steals the movie, seriously), for the murder of his wife and her lover.  So what was the problem.  Was that wrong?  At least here in this scenario, it is frowned upon I learn.  Eli Wallach plays Shatner's lawyer.  Also starring Susan Clark, Myrna Loy and many more.  From a late 1980's television broadcast complete with commercials that will make you miss the times.

U34 Intruders (92) One year before 'The X-Files', this two part mini delivers the same theme.  Alien abduction.  It is only when a noted psychiatrist (Richard Crenna) discovers the uncanny similarity of the experiences of two women that we begin to unravel the missing hours in their lives.  Based on 600 actual case histories.  You Will Believe.  Almost three hours on one disc!  Also starring Ben Vereen and Susan Blakely. 

U40 Kavik the Wolf Dog (80) aka: Courage of Kavik, the Wolf Dog, The    A twelve year-old boy finds and cares for a prize-winning companion (Kavik) who has just survived a plane crash.  Before we know it, we are all on frozen ice.  Kavik is traumatized by his ordeal.  Eventually the owner finds Kavik, but Kavik escapes and embarks on a perilous 2000 mile trek through the Rocky Mountains.  The dog's wolf instincts help him survive.  Another Jack London inspired tale.  John Candy has a small part.  Starring Ronny Cox, Linda Sorensen, John Ireland and more. 

U43 Lazarus Syndrome, The (78) Lou Gosset Jr. plays Mac St.  Clair, a brilliant (but moody) cardiologist in a large urban hospital, who is having a lot of problems in his personal life.  He joins together with a former patient in an effort to expose the illicit operating practices of the resident chief of surgery (E.G. Marshall).  Modern medical science meets soap opera affairs.  Also starring the pretty 'Dark Shadows' witch Lara Parker. 

U51 Matter of Principle, A (84) Flagg Purdy (Alan Arkin) is a man of eccentric principles.  When his wife and children bring home a tree for Christmas, he destroys it, his principle's not allowing such 'extravagance'.  The next morning, Flagg wakes up to an empty house, his wife and children have flown the coop.  His wife Ada (played by Arkin's real life wife at the time Barbara Dana) learns a lesson in liberation, while Flagg learns that love is stronger than pride.  Virginia Madsen is Lou Ellen Purdy.   American Playhouse

U114 Movie Murderer, The (70) Warren Oates plays an arsonist with an agenda, burning down film studios and movie theaters, not to destroy buildings but to get rid of prints of a particular movie stored in these buildings.  Maybe he saw the latest Marvel film?  Oh wait, this is 1970.  The occasional use of split-screen technique was popular at the time.  This film features a young fresh-faced and clean shaven Tom Selleck (his first movie) as one of the leads, the rest of the cast peppered with familiar faces galore like Nita Talbot, Russell Johnson, Robert Webber, Severn Darden, Arthur Kennedy and more.  Throw in hippies in the Andy Warhol sense and mix well. 

U57 Murderers Mobsters and Madmen (93) Documentary that covers three segments.  Hollywood Police Blotter: Rare photographs and footage of such stars as Ted Healy, Elizabeth (The Black Dahlia) Short, the senseless stabbing of Sal Mineo and the mob assassination of Ben 'Bugsy' Segal and more.  The Ghouls: Gein and Gacy and finally, Mass Murderers: Texas Tower Assassin Charles Whitman, Son of Sam and more. 

U211 New Daughters of Joshua Cabe, The (76) Joshua Cabe (John McIntire, replacing Buddy Ebsen, who is busy with 'Barnaby Jones'), now a Sheriff, is accused of murder and scheduled to hang.  His 'daughters' (all replacing the original three, this time we get Louise Williams, Renne Jarret and Lezlie Dalton) hatch a hare-brained scheme to break him out of his cave prison before his date with the gallows.  Sidekick Jack Elam (as 'Bitteroot') returns.  Watermark Logo appears periodically on screen. 

U125 Street Killing (76) Assistant D.A. Gus Brenner (Andy Griffith) finds a link between a murder and a street mugging leading him straight into mob territory where he encounters Louis Spillane (Robert Loggia), who now stands accused of murder.  The grand jury scenes and eventual court case reveal some interesting tactics as the defense and the prosecutors face off.  Maybe a failed pilot?  The cast includes Bradford Dillman, Harry Guardino, Don Gordon, Gerrit Graham and more. 

U204 Then Came Bronson (69) This show ran just one season.  On the heels of 'Easy Rider', disillusioned reporter Jim Bronson (Michael Parks) rides America on his Harley-Davidson, soul-searching, after watching his friend (Martin Sheen) kill himself.  This is the feature length pilot for the show, also starring Bonnie Bedalia and Sheree North.  Fans of Michael Parks rejoice, the entire series is also available. 

U205 Then Came Bronson (69/70) 26 episodes, the entire run packed on 4 discs.  Join Michael Parks and his motorcycle adventures across America.  He is not wanted by the law, he is just searching for the meaning of life.  Doing odd-jobs, meeting interesting people (usually a pretty woman) and having a conflict at times, peril, or other kinds of intrigue.  Some of the guest stars that will pop up include Kurt Russell, Mark Lester, Jack Klugman, Penny Marshall, Elsa Lanchester, Dabney Coleman, Fernando Lamas, Jessica Walters, Bruce Dern, Gloria Grahame, Will Geer, Diane Ladd, Zalman King, Robert Loggia and many more! Don't miss the 'witch' episode!   All 4 discs $45

U268 Witchcraft: The Doll in Brambles (61) Rejected pilot for a series.  Marie is a housemaid for an abusive old wicked witch named Madame Tirelou.  Tirelou objects when Marie wants to marry a man named Louis.  Voodoo doll curse is put into play.  The disbelieving Fred (Darren McGavin) arrives.  Franchot Tone hosts what looked like the pilot for an anthology series which may have seemed too graphic for the airwaves.  This plays like an old EC comic tale of terror with a knock-out horror finale.  + Who Goes There? (65) Rejected pilot for a series.  The ghost of George Custer (Pat Hingle) and his Indian sidekick Running Dog (Ben Blue) somehow materialize from images in a painting and cause mischief for a family with children.  Misconceived hilarity. 




U161 Death Warrior (84) aka: Ölüm Savasçisi   A cut and paste job courtesy of Cuneyt Arkin!  Sped-up action scenes, bikini gals, very limited (none) continuity, random scenes patched/spliced together....  Invincible ninjas in the good old U.S. of A. seem to be on a killing spree.  They call super-cop Cuneyt Arkin from Turkey to come and open up a can of whoop-ass in neck-breaking Franco-like zooms, the nightmarish landscapes of Argento, Hong Kong brawls, and confusing psychobabble.  Cars blast through brick walls, ninjas who use playing cards as weapons, evil plants, wizards, women into frog creatures....  The best movie you will see this year!   Now with English subtitles.



U13 Late Great Planet Earth, The (78) Orson Welles narrates this film based on Bible prophesy.  This movie was designed to scare the crap out of people in 1978.  It worked for many.  A pseudo-documentary that purports to portray the events which lead to the rapture.  The film blends documentary and stock footage with interviews and biblical reenactments.  Revelations is married to current affairs circa 1978.  An interesting document of the times.  Watch with 'Holocaust 2000' with Kirk Douglas from the previous year, a horror film with similar themes.  If Footmen Tire You What Will Horses Do?




U98 Capulina in the Stone Age (64) aka: La edad de piedra   The Flintstones were popular, soooo...  A scientist and his robot blunder time travel, accidently sending a comedy duo into the stone age.  A large egg cracks open and a small laughing dinosaur pops out (presumably a dwarf in costume), now they have a sidekick.  Cave men, cave women (Lorena Velazquez, hubba hubba!), prehistoric modesty, men clubbed by women, prehistoric mariachi band, prehistoric cars, brief stop-motion dinosaur (taken from another film), more dinosaurs attack/battle (looking like kid's toys being moved around as the special effects technicians (?) move them around with their hands!).  From Mexican television with commercials, previews and more.  A beat up ancient tape, film has some glitches.  Have you found it anywhere else?  In Spanish, no English, but relax, it's a caveman movie. 

U73 Other One, The (46) aka: La otra   Dolores Del Rio stars as twin sisters.  Maria looks like a spinster, Magdalena is a sexy socialite who just wants to have fun.  The 'good' name and the 'bad' name let us know right off the bat who we are supposed to root for.  Beautiful dark atmosphere shadows and lights, a masked ball....  A Mexican Gothic Nightmare! The last scene is so intense that it's quite possible that the distraught man has finally discovered the horrible truth.  English subtitles.  This film was remade in 1963 in America with the title 'Dead Ringer' and starred Bette Davis in the dual role.  BA

U106 Under Siege (80) aka: Hostages  aka: Traficantes de pánico    Rene Cardona Jr. strikes again, inspired by 'Desperate Hours' and 'Dog Day Afternoon'.  An inept robbery at a casino tumbles into a fugitives-on-the-lam scenario.  Marisa Mell is the matriarch of the not so well-to-do brood of miscreants.  They take over a home and bark orders at the family inside.  Meanwhile the cops (eventually led by Stuart Whitman) surround the  house.  Car chases, bus chases, shootouts, international terrorism, disco music and class warfare.  This is like the United Nations of Exploitation as it's a co production between Mexico, Italy, Spain and Venezuela.  Spanish language with English subtitles 'If you cooperate, we won't hurt you'.   BA




709 $20,000 on Number 7 (67) aka: 20.000 dollari sul 7   aka: 20.000 Dolares al siete   Directed by Alberto Cardone, this time, here is the correct film!  Originally mixed up with a film made the following year with an almost identical title (side by side now here for your information).  Jerry is on a mission to find and kill the dirty bastard who murdered his brother, and anyone who stands in his way!  He does so by blackmailing and slaying various enemies, murdering each man one-by-one as he nears his quarry, the one who pulled the trigger on his brother.  A clock serves as the focal point for trick shooting games.  Excellent score in the classic spaghetti tradition and shot on location, narrow passes, mountains and rocky outdoors.  After a naked bath in the river, Peggy (Aurora Bautista) is nearly raped by one of the bad guys.  Widescreen and English dubbed  BA

U216 Buddy Goes West (81) aka: Occhio alla penna   After they rob a train, Buddy (Bud Spencer) along with his Indian side-kick Girolamo, head into a small town where Buddy is mistaken for a doctor, and he finds himself in a situation where he must aid the townsfolk as they confront the villainous Colorado Slim and a dirty sheriff.  The movie crammed full of fist-fights, punches, kicks, overwhelming stunt work and lots very politically incorrect fun.  Directed by Michele Lupo.  Widescreen and dubbed into English  BA

U217 Charge of the Seventh Cavalry (64) aka: Assault on Fort Texan  aka: Gli eroi di Fort Worth   Two Southern Generals command a battalion of Confederate soldiers.  As they pass into Mexican territory they hope to get help from the Emperor Maximiliam.  They use Apache Indians in an attempt to take a Union  Fort.  An undercover Confederate official and an Indian Chief carry out a plan to decimate the Fifth Cavalry.  Edmund (Pieces) Purdom, Ida Galli, Monica Randall and more star in this film directed by Alberto De Martino.  Widescreen   In Spanish with English subtitles  BA

U220 Cry of Death (68) aka: Carogne si nasce   The two-fisted, witty, wayward deputy Marshall Grant (Glenn Saxson) arrives in a small western town and goes up against a corrupt Mayor and his hoodlums.  He will institute his own brand of justice! Incredible war between dirt farmers and lawless cattle men who strive against them.  Excellent violent western with Gordon Mitchell (as 'Donkey') as another gunfighter, and a good guy for a change!  Directed by Alfonso Brescia.  English language dubbed  BA

U218 Gunman's Hands (65) aka: Ocaso de un pistolero  aka: Hands of a Gunfighter  The Castle Brothers have just murdered his best friend, now Dan Murphy (Craig Hill), a gunman who has put down his weapons for a peaceful life, is forced to once again take up arms, and avenge his buddy.  The sheriff is useless.  It is one man against all.  Plenty of action, and downbeat, dark psychological themes.  Doing what's right.  Kill your enemies!  Widescreen and English Dubbed  BA

U208 Lone and Angry Man (65) aka: A Coffin for the Sheriff  aka: Una bara per lo sceriffo   Avenger Joe Logan (Anthony Steffan) arrives in Richmond town, a location ruled by a corrupt sheriff and an unscrupulous lawyer.  In this town there lives a ruthless group of banditos, who not only rob banks, they go after stagecoach money and terrorize ranch owners.  Joe inserts himself as another crook, so he can catch the lead bandit for the reward money.  It's a wonderfully violent western about bloody revenge, loaded with fast-paced action scenes and a high body count.  Dubbed into English BA

U103 September Gun (83) Ben Sunday (Robert Preston) is an over-the-hill gunfighter who hooks up with the feisty Catholic nun Sister Dulcina (Patty Duke) who wants to erect a sanctuary for Apache orphans.  He must aid her in getting the little buggers to Columbine, where they plan to place the little savages into a church/school and teach them to be proper Christians.  The place is presently being used as a saloon/whorehouse, ran by wicked bastard Jack Brian (Christopher Lloyd) with Mama Bell's (Sally Kellerman) gals.  If you can buy Preston as a wise old tough guy, and Patty Duke as a nun, you're in.  Sally Kellerman is perfectly cast as usual, has she ever disappointed?

U92 Twenty Thousand Dollars for Seven (68) aka: Kidnapping!  aka: 20.000 dollari sporchi di sangue  Drunken ex-sheriff Fred Leinster (Brett Halsey, billed here as 'Montgomery Ford') becomes entangled with the wrong people, who kidnap the son of a beautiful widow named Jane (Teresa Gimpera).  Fred gets out of it and decides instead to free the child, and return him home to his mother.  With the help of a foreman, Fred will be judge, jury, and executioner! A doomed journey to hell with unexpected surprises and twists, vengeance, murder and shoot-em-up glorious violence.  Widescreen and English subtitles.  Directed by Alberto Cardone  BA



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