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B494 Psy (89) aka: Stray Dogs - A rag-tag group consisting of an alcoholic teacher, an immoral sports shooter, a hunter, a criminal, guided by a party representative, and a driver, take an old bus towards a lost village in the desert near a large dried up lake. They were sent to clean up the scourge of wild feral dogs that are feeding on survivors! They barely fight off an attack by the dogs, and then cleanup a ship with a cargo of ice, now melted to water, which was the dog's lair. The bus is stolen.... Conflict, gore, suicide, quicksand, creepy atmosphere and more. The thing about this Russian made apocalypse film is, it looks really bleak and desperate, so they have no problem putting this story across believably. With English Subtitles.



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G400 Another Face (35) aka: La máscara de carne o el asesino incapturable On the run from the New York police on a murder charge, gangster Broken Nose Dawson (Brian Donlevy) undergoes plastic surgery to change his appearance. Then, thinking he is a hot-shot, he heads to Hollywood to be a star, finds out he cannot act worth a damn, and eventually is exposed. With Molly Lamont, Alan Hale, Wallace Ford and more.

G395 Blind Spot (47) aka: Per tutta la vita A mystery writer accused of murdering his publisher sets out to discover the identity of the real killer. With Chester Morris.

B530 Carnival of Sinners (43) aka: La main du diable aka: The Devil's Hand - A failed painter makes a deal with the devil with the purchase of a cursed hand. Now all of his dreams have come true. He is a success, has the woman he always wanted but... He must get rid of the hand or the devil will claim his soul. But as we all know, that old devil don't play fair now. Great cinematography, very well done, in particular the carnival scene in the end. With English subtitles. BA

G392 Crosby Case, The (34) Well, first he drugged them, then he proceeded to... what? Oh... THE CROSBY CASE! Former Lovers get together to clear themselves when the police suspect them of murder. Swiftly paced murder mystery with a surprise ending. With Onslow Stevens and Edward Von Sloane.

G404 Girls of the Road (40) aka: Muchachas errantes A story of the great depression era about women hobos, tramps, job-seekers, fugitives and runaways running... dodging cops, lustful men and pursuing husbands. One is a killer. Social commentary type mixed with tough talkin' dames and more. Ann Dvorak, Helen Mack, Lola Lane and Ann Doran star. BA

G402 Hot Pepper (33) aka: Pimenta e Mais Pimenta Lupe Felez is the smokin' Mexican 'Hot Pepper' of the title, and makes a lot of references to her irresistible sexuality. Edmund Lowe and Victor McLaglen star, and have great comic timing. Hot Pepper.... I mean Lupe, stows away on board the ship.... Sexy Pre-Code with lots of pretty girls in their underwear or less. Lots of jokes like the old routine. Guy 1, "Ever ride a jack-ass?" Guy 2, "No." Guy 1, "Well get onto yourself!". Lupe Felez, pregnant with child, killed herself with Seconal overdose at age 36 in 1944. BA

G349 Jesse James Under the Black Flag (21) Shows James joining of the Quantrill's Raiders, a guerilla force that hunted and slaughtered Union sympathizers during the Civil War.... So what's the selling point? Jesse James is played by the actual son of the real Jesse James! It's Jesse James Jr.! He was 7 when he heard the actual shot, somewhere else in the house, fired by the coward Robert Ford, that took his father's life. His sister, Jesse James actual daughter also appears here.

B509 Leathernose (52) aka: Nez de cuir A soldier and nobleman, disfigured from the Napoleon wars, (he's lost his nose), now wears a mask and has become a Casanova of sorts, seducing women. The mask exudes an air of mystery to women and they love it! But Leathernose is still self-conscious of his lack of a nose. Surreal atmosphere with hunters in woods and Gothic settings and a French Jean Cocteau influence all over the place. It's like Phantom of the Opera meets Casanova meets Jane Eyre. With English subtitles. BA

G367 Mark of the Whistler, The (44) aka: Das Zeichen des Whistler A drifter claims the money in an old bank account. Soon, he finds himself a target of two men who turn out to be the son's of the man's old partner. Richard Dix returns and William Castle once again directs. BA

G301 Moon Over Harlem (39) Edgar Ulmer directs an all-black cast in this crime drama with a love triangle between a man, a woman, and her daughter. This unique portrayal of Harlem in 1939 was shot in 4 days with a paltry sum of $8,000 for the budget.

G268 Page of Madness, A (26) aka: Kurutta ippêjiaka: The Forgotten Pages A man take a job at an asylum in a plan to free his imprisoned wife. An extremely bizarre experience with inmates rioting, a murder of a doctor and surreal crazed imagery that reflects the madness of the characters. This is a silent film with no dialogue. This nightmarish Japanese encounter with madness is incredibly complex, and technically brilliant for 1926, plus the earliest Japanese film we have.

G302 Stage Door Canteen (43) aka: La taverna delle stelle A young soldier on leave in New York visits the famed Stage Door Canteen where famous stars entertain the troops. Just some of the many stars who appear? Ray Bolger, Helen Hayes, Tallulah Bankhead, Katherine Hepburn, Paul Muni, George Raft, Johnny Weissmuller and too many to mention here. Uplifting American morale booster as we fought in WW2. BA

G271 Strange Illusion (45) aka: Stimme aus dem Jenseits Dark and creepy film noir with horrific touches as Jimmy Lydon (as Paul Cartwright) has serious doubts about his widowed mother's romance with a slick con man (played by Warren William). Directed by Edgar Ulmer. BA

G270 Strange Woman, The (46) aka: Le démon de la chair In 1820's New England, beautiful but poor and manipulative Jenny (Hedy Lamarr), marries a rich old man, but also seduces his son and his company foreman. These types of roles were created for Lamarr. Also with George Sanders, Alan Napier and Louis Hayward. She had the nickname, 'The Most Beautiful Woman in Films'. BA

G315 Thunder in the Night (35) aka: Momentos de Amargura A classic crime -melodrama mystery whodunit that takes place in Budapest. Quite the complex plot blending murder and intrigue in an upper-class snobby household on a dark stormy night. Edmund Lowe, Karen Morley and more.

G366 Whistler, The (44) aka: Nessuno sa il proprio destino A depressed man hires an assassin to kill him when he least expects it, but when his life takes an upward turn, he finds he now wishes to live. Richard Dix and Gloria Stewart star, with J. Carrol Naish as the Killer. Naish was in a ton of movies in 1944, including the hunchback 'Daniel' in 'House of Frankenstein' and 'The Monster Maker', 'Jungle Woman' and more. William Castle directs his 5th film. BA

G394 World for Ransom (54) aka: Singapore intrigo internazionale This film recalls 'The Third Man' because it's also a film about a friend of the protagonist who may be villainous and the woman torn between her husband and her friend. Set in Singapore, a group of people plot to kidnap a nuclear scientist who is one of only three people in the world who knows how to detonate the H-Bomb. Lots of people get killed in the action of the finale. With Dan Duryea, Patric Knowles, Gene Lockhart, Nigel Bruce (in his last film, heart attack at age 58) and look for Strother Martin as a Corporal. BA




G317 Black Corsair, The (76) aka: Il corsaro nero aka: The Black Pirate The swashbuckler/pirate film genre was passé by 1976. That is what makes this throwback so special.. Kabur Bedi is a sympathetic leading man, and certainly looks the part, while Mel Ferrer is a great villain. Some cool nightmare dream sequences as well as authentic looking period setting. Kabur Bedi still enjoys a prolific career as of this writing. Carole Andre, Sonja Jeannine and Dagmar Lassander also star. LBX and English dubbed with foreign subtitles on the bottom of the screen. BA

B486 Comic, The (85) In a future police state, a stand-up comic murders a competitor for a job, then gets mixed up with a stripper. The most typical clichés, horrible acting, bad sets, astounding special effects, a howler all the way! This movie is so badly made, yet so astonishingly entertaining and funny, you'll question your own sanity if you make it to the end! Yes, we love 'Robot Monster' too! BA

B487 Computer King (88) Marcin is a gifted child, a computer genius. The Computer King, an enigmatic dweller in the netherworld, who exercises his powers reigning over the deceased scientists and talented artists, has therefore set his sights upon him. Marcin must be careful as they try to suck him up into their world of servitude. A bizarre techno shocker armed to the teeth with blood-thirsty biting Commodores, evil transsexual minions and a surveillance raven. Sterile and senile men discuss philosophy and then act like utter imbeciles. This Polish made film has English subtitles.

G309 Jack Frost (64) aka: Morozko aka: Frosty - A fairy tale about a conceited young man and a young woman with a tyrannical stepmother, who must overcome magical trials in order to be together. A very cool Russian fantasy shot in bright colors with some pretty magical looking sequences. Includes a green wicked witch and her pet owl, with a cauldron and broom etc. This is the Russian language version with English subtitles. BA

B556 Lion of St. Mark, The (63) aka: Il leone di San Marco aka: The Marauder It's 1620 in Venice. Pirates are terrorizing the Adriatic Coast regularly and cannot be stopped. Our hero Manrico Venier (played by Gordon Scott) sets out to defeat them. A rousing and fast-moving pirate adventure. With Gianna Maria Canale, Rik Battaglia and more. Simply amazing and super colorful Widescreen Upgrade that will knock your socks off. BA

G306 Magic Boy (59) aka: Shônen Sarutobi Sasuke aka: The Adventures of Little Samurai Animated greatness dubbed into English from Japan! A young boy climbs a mountain in search of a magic wizard. He finds him and he is tutored, returning with magic powers to use against the evil witches.... This is an early look at Japanese Fantasy Animation, playing like a Disney goes to Hell in the second half. LBX and English language dubbed! BA

B493 Mars Men (76) aka: Huo xing renA kid finds an underground cave, goes inside and there stumbles upon a weird statue...... Robot Giants, Flying Saucers, Long-Haired Alien Enemies, hell-bent on world domination, various Giant Monster Beings, and exciting extensive battles. Now Widescreen and dubbed into English language! And some of the score the filmmakers ripped from Pink Floyd records!!! (The dubbing on this sucker is hilarious!) For fans of Giant Rubber Monster Movies everywhere. LBX BA

B533 Pirates: Blood Brothers (99) aka: Caraibi Directed by Lamberto Bava. Two brothers have fallen in love with the same woman, who was nearly killed by one of them in an accident. They part in anger but meet later in life when one is a famous pirate, the other, a soldier with the task of hunting him down! Nice pirate outing, a real throwback to those pirate movie days. With Mario Adorf, Anna Falchi (sex on the grave chick from 'Dellamorte Dellamore') and more.

B495 Queen of Angels (99) aka: Królowa Aniolów How difficult it is to love in the modern world. The action takes place in two synchronously run and bilaterally complimentary locations 'here and now' -young, physically devastated doctor Jakob kidnaps his girlfriend Maria to fulfill a kind of self-psychodrama; past (150 years ago) a 20 year old teacher named Maria falls obsessively in love with new Priest Jacob. One truly bizarre and surreal Polish fantasy that manages to entertain without pretension. LBX and with English subtitles.

B559 Rainbow Man, The (49) aka: Nijiotoko Japan's first science fiction film? Possibly. Yuri is the main suspect in a murder/arson case. Friends begin to start an investigation to clear her. This leads to a creepy family that consists of a deranged painter, a cat lady, and man researching spectral lights. People begin dying while yelling 'Rainbow! Rainbow! Rainbow!' They are in over their head, literally! In a unique bit of surprise, when a murder occurs, a rainbow appears in a color sequence (this being a black and white film). The mystery will unfold... who is The Rainbow Man? Now with English subtitles for the first time! With some bonus Japanese trailers.

G298 Riders to the Stars (54) aka: Chasse aux Etoiles In an attempt to discover the composition of meteors, three astronauts are sent into space in three specially designed rockets. Their mission? To capture a meteor and return to Earth with it. Cool science fiction with Richard Carlson (whose next film would be 'Creature from the Black Lagoon'), Martha Hyer, Dawn Addams and more. Directed by Richard Carlson and written by Curt Siodmak. Color Upgrade! BA

B561 Siege of Syracuse, The (60) aka: L'assedio di Siracusa aka: Archimedes - der Löwe von Syrakus The history of the Roman siege in the Greek city of Syracuse which occurred during the second Punic War between 212 and 214 B.C. reportedly. The Romans were preparing their invasion while Archimede invents what looks like a satellite dish, that reflects the sun's rays, producing a light-beam so powerful, it is capable of frying the entire Roman fleet. This is not your typical sword and sandal but a huge ambitious production that must be seen, with epic battles, big fires, lots of death and destruction etc. Rossano Brazzi is Archimede. His woman, played by Tina Louise, a few years before getting stranded on that desert isle. Also with Enrico Maria Salerno and Sylva Koscina. George Pal's 'Atlantis the Lost Continent' came out the next year and was influenced by this regarding that death ray. This version is LBX, in Italian language and with English subtitles. (One hour and 51 minutes long!)

G274 Snow Queen, The (66) aka: Snezhnaya koroleva English dubbed Russian made classic fairy tale adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen tale. Excellent special effects and very colorful. The way it is filmed and the set designs really make it seem like you have stepped into a fairy tale from long ago. LBX

G335 Suleiman the Conqueror (61) aka: Solimano il conquistatore Historical telling of Turkish Sultan Suleiman's attempts to conquer Vienna. The advance of his army was checked on Yugoslav territory. Plenty of action and battles in this obscurity. With Edmund Perdom and Giorgia Moll. Yugoslavia/Italy co-production. English language dubbed version. BA

G310 Test Pilot Pirxa (77) aka: Pilot Pirx's InquestThis movie is about 'finite nonlinears', robots that closely resemble human beings, but are even more perfect than humans. A mixed crew of androids and humans is sent into outer space, to prove they can do as good a job as a human. The clash with the rest of the crew is the dilemma they all face when the androids make moves that threaten the humans on board. This is a very cool Polish/Russian production. With English subtitles.

B572 Tiger Love (77) aka: Ren hu lian aka: Todesschrei der Tigerkralle A couple on the run is attacked by the henchmen of the woman's father. They kill the man and she, pregnant, jumps from a cliff. Left for dead she is taken in by a tiger, (after she accidentally urinates on the great cat) which becomes her guardian. Living with the tiger, and raising her son, the boy soon grows into manhood, then heads back to the village to see what the hell happened in the first place. And before the film ends it spins off into supernatural horror. English dubbed.

B517 Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain (83) aka: Shu Shan - Xin Shu shan jian ke Chinese soldiers in an ancient Civil War get caught up in a fantastical quest to save the universe. Optical effects with humans and demons flying across the screen at dizzying speeds, people frozen alive, women flying around with swirling cloth in their wake, men fly around chained to boulders, eyebrows used to contain evil... more. The object is to stop the Blood Demon, a being of pure evil. An assault of the senses. LBX and with English subtitles.



G370 Dr. Mabuse versus Scotland Yard (63) aka: Scotland Yard jagt Dr. Mabuse The spirit of the evil Dr. Mabuse takes over the body of a famous professor. The professor/Dr. Mabuse then starts a new crime wave terrorizing the city. Peter Van Eyck, Klaus Kinski and more. + bonus trailers.



B504 Butcher, The (98) aka: Il Macellaio - A high class wife who runs an art gallery (Alba Parietti) is told by her doctor she should start to eat meat because her iron is low. As she gets her daily meat from the butcher, a sexual tension builds between the two. Soon, getting her daily meat will have a new meaning. Alba Parietti is a sensuous knock-out in this. Smoking Hot! LBX and with English subtitles. Upgrade!

B527 Clattering Chastity Belts (74) aka: Die Stoßburg aka: El castillo de mete y saca Archibald goes on a crusade of debauchery, leaving his wife, daughter and mistress chastity belt bound. But a crafty Italian ex-convict knows the secrets of unlocking their desires. Sex, nudity, a little gore (sword through the head) and more. German made with fairly high production values with full costumes castle like settings and easy to read English subtitles.

G340 Erotic Adventures of the Three Musketeers, The (92) aka: Les aventures érotiques des trois mousquetaires Huge production for a porno, this is the soft-core version. Elaborate costumes and comedy with seasoned porno performers like Nina Hartley, Deidre Holland, Britt Morgan and many more. They all have to actually 'act' and this comes off quite well for what it is.

G305 Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon (81) aka: Onna kyôshi: Yogoreta hôkago An oversexed high school teacher tries to sort out the problems of one of her students who's been caught having sex with older men. It turns out that the teacher was raped years earlier and this really turns her on. Graphic sex and nudity. LBX and with English subtitles.

B540 Furrow of the Peach (75) aka: Il Solco di Pesca The title refers to Gloria Guida's (the star in this) ass! Read that title again and you will understand! A former priest, overindulged sexually by the easy availability of various women, can no longer get it up. Impotent from too much sex! He misses the priesthood, and the shame which made sex so much more enjoyable. Sinning. Oh the wonder! Now his new fetish is photographing woman's asses. He gets involved with a sexy married woman (Martine Brochard) but is more interested in her virginal maid's delicious looking ass (Guida). A sex comedy about Lust! LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G279 Lady Emanuelle (89) aka: Tradita a morteHot Malu stars as Emanuelle in this soft-core outing. She has encounters with various lucky men, and women! The lesbian sex scene with chop-sticks is an eye opener. Of course, she is on the search for 'real' love. This is a LBX print and with English subtitles.

G334 Libertine, The (68) aka: Una viuda desenfrenada After a widowed woman (Catherine Spaak) discovers her husband had been sleeping around and had a secret apartment, she uses the same apartment to explore her own sexuality with various men. She had never really responded to him, now she can be a slut. Women are smacked, hit and spanked in this misogyny passed off as eroticism. See, this is what they really want! Or used to really want in the sixties. At least part of the time she does. Or something. LBX and English dubbed sexual revolution era stuff. Upgrade! BA

G360 Lime (01) Fifteen year old Tanya (played by lovely Rita Kvist), has problems with her family, her friends, and adjusting to a new place. She also plays drums in a rock band and has various adventures. The film portrays what it is like to be a young girl, with the problems a young girl faces as she transitions into womanhood. LBX and with English subtitles.

G322 Mugsy's Girls (84) aka: Delta Pi A sorority house mother enters her girls in a mud-wrestling contest. Amongst the antics in this 'Animal House' genre type: a rabbit getting high, a man taping a cucumber to his leg to make it look like he is hung, and parties of debauchery! Laura Branigan stars, but she doesn't sing 'Gloria' (thankfully). Also with Ruth Gordon, Eddie Deezen, James Wilder and more. Laura Branigan died of a brain aneurysm in her sleep in 2004 at age 52. BA

B558 Nights and Loves of Don Juan, The (71) aka: Le calde notti di Don GiovanniItalian costume sex comedy inspired by the character from 'Don Juan Tenorio' played with gusto by Robert Hoffman. Through the course of his journeys and adventures he goes from being a swashbuckling Zorro-type to a Lawrence of Arabia type. And of course bedding some of the hottest of the hot actress's of the time. Barbara Bouchet, Lucretia Love, Edwige Fenech, Annabella Incontrera and more star. English dubbed and LBX BA

G342 Party Favors (87) Dr. Honeywell, a crusader against sin, gets the local strip club closed down, putting Trixie, Allison, Bobby and Fern out of business. They decide to start a pizza delivery business. When Trixie loses her top during a delivery, the customers love it! Eureka! A new business is born! Penelope's Party Favors! Hilarious and Sexy comedy that follows 'Takin' It All Off' from the same year. With porn star Candie Evans, Gail Harris, Jill Johnson and many more.

G323 Pulsebeat (85) aka: Pulsaciones Remember the time aerobics classes attempted to replace single's bars? Me neither. Well, I do actually. Or do I? Anyway, body obsessed people pumping, flexing, wiggling and posing, to the awful sounds of synth pop and a miniscule plot about the gym owner trying to stay afloat as he battles the sabotage plots of a nasty competitor. Leg-warmers, headbands, gratuitous nudity and sex seduction on gym equipment plus more. If you have a nostalgia for this time and the look of the eighties... this is for you! Just please clean off the machine when you are through. BA

B536 Scent of Passion (91) aka: La Strana Voglia Malu stars as a homeless woman who enters the life of a theatre director who is immediately smitten. But his girlfriend Celeste is jealous and also wants Malu for herself. Their scene sets the screen on fire. Celeste tells Malu ' I bet he didn't give you enough pleasure as I can give you in private'. Game on! Plenty of sex and nudity. English dubbed. Upgrade!

B498 Very Young Masseuses (72) aka: Pin-Up Playmates aka: Blutjunge MasseusenThe episodic structure is employed in this German sexploitation film chock full of gratuitous nudity and sex, men ogling amorous women, sex toys, and more. Rena Bergen, Elke Boltenhagen and more familiar breasts... er... I mean faces. Faces, yes of course I do. Sharp color, LBX and English dubbed too!

B560 What Really Happened to Miss Jonas? (74) aka: Was geschah wirklich mit Miss Jonas Christa Free, who would just a few years later be cast in the German copycat production 'The Devil in Miss Jonas' stars! Was Miss Jonas a porn star possessed by Satan? A private eye working for a rich businessman investigates, We will see the true story (ahem) of the photo model Christa, who would have fit in nicely in any Russ Meyer film, who worked as a model and a call girl before getting the gig. Also with Marianne Dupont. Soft-core with plenty of sex and nudity. LBX and with English subtitles.




B501 Babylon (92) aka: Babylon - Im Bett mit dem Teufel A gross-out Cronenbergian nightmare German horror. Lothar sells appliances that are supposed to help against tumors... yea right! As he scams people and picks up women he meets a nurse and is after addresses of patients to potentially rip-off. The meat of the story however, is that he is a carrier of a nasty sexual disease. His sperm eats through every condom, and leaves his sex partners with some nasty bodily malfunctions that are ultimately fatal. Influenced by David Cronenberg's films from the 70's and 80's, it's almost like there is a 'new flesh' theme here. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G297 Behind the Pink Door (92) aka: Rape Hunter in China aka: Wu yue ying chun A gang of punks is sexually violating girls. When one girl is attacked, contracts V.D. because of it, and then kills herself, her sister and some of her (busty) friends team up with a cop to track them. They even pose as hookers to try to get info from one guy. Loaded with nudity and graphic sex, plus bondage and multiple rapes, proving this type of fare is not as taboo as here in this country. LBX and with English subtitles.

B522 Black for Remembrance (95) aka: Noir comme le souvenirA psychological detective story with Jane Birkin and Sabine Azema. An outdoor party for rich people. Evening. A guy in clown garb kidnaps a little girl. Later her body is found. What follows is an investigation into her murder, with twists and turns aplenty. LBX and with English subtitles.

B570 Black Magic Wars (82) aka: The Ninja Wars aka: Iga ninpôchô Another off the rails gem! The dubbing is great. The story, hilarious! What's better than a man versus black magic plot involving a spider tea kettle filled with an aphrodisiac? The gratuitous use of splatter and decapitated bodies is so wild you'll laugh along with the insane evil ninja spirit! Let's not forget the ninja's vomiting great streams of acid, the nudity, the blubbery naked concubine getting it on with the scarred devil monk..... More! BA

G289 Blood Ritual (89) aka: Xie luo jiThe first 15 minutes has a gang of punks stalk and rape a girl in the dark ruins of an old building. Yep, a sex/devil cult is on the loose, abducting young girls for ritual sacrifice, and some cops find the trail leads to their department! Pinheads, an evil cult priestess, OTT action, sadistic sacrificial scenes and a cop battling a maniac in the exciting finale! LBX and with English subtitles.

B524 Brute, The (77) Julian Glover plays a cross-dressing wife-beating monster of a man, the 'Brute' of the title. Glamour model Diane Shepherd (Sarah Douglas!) is the wife, enduring many a beating (hell she gets the crap beat out of her in the first 5 minutes!). Relentlessly cold and violent with Douglas as we have never seen her before. This British film was rated R and in the same vein as something like 'The Burning Bed' except more violent and with nudity as well. LBX

B503 Burn Boy, Burn (69) aka: Brucia ragazzo, brucio Clara, the sexually frustrated and rich snotty wife of a businessman goes on vacation with her husband, daughter, and best friend. She starts to have sex with a very young and unsophisticated life guard, and falls under the spell of his psychosexual games, sex being something her husband was never good at. This is not going to end well. LBX and with English subtitles. Upgrade!

G283 Call 18 She Devils (92) A wizard in hell sends male and female demons (dressed like punk rockers) to Earth to wreak havoc and steal souls. OTT madness with plenty of sex and nudity, crazy special effects, gunplay and explosions and more. LBX and with English subtitles.

G273 Crime of a Beast (01) aka: Jung gik keung gaan sau sing yau waak A man who had a terrible childhood begins to rape and kill women. Maintains a fairly high level of sleaze throughout the running time. LBX and with English subtitles.

B488 Curse, The (88) aka: Der FluchA father, mother and young daughter, on a trip in the mountains, lose their bearings and stay for the night. The daughter finds a dead young girl, that looks like herself, exactly. Later they find themselves deeply involved in local mythology, and a prophecy that seems to be fulfilling itself now with the mountains turning loose an old curse. Spooky fun in this Austria/Germany production with stunning locations, With English subtitles.

G376 Death Will Have Your Eyes (74) aka: La moglie giovaneObscure Italian Giallo/Noir! Louisa (Maria Mell) comes to Rome and before you know it becomes a hooker in order to survive. She meets a doctor and a poet, and falls in love with another man. Murder ensues, and a frame-up. Helga Line plays her best friend. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B546 Demons of Sex and Violence (73) aka: Passion Beach aka: Daimones tis vias kai tou sex More madness from Greece! This time (who are we kidding, this theme is pretty familiar for the region) two men and a woman run rampant raping, and robbing, and ultimately getting their righteous comeuppance in a bloody finale. With English subtitles.

B548 Devils, The (71) aka: I diavoli What I can tell you is this. The last nice print was 1 hour and 47 minutes. This alternate version is 1 hour and 53 minutes and about 30 seconds. This is not considered as a trade-in upgrade, but yet another version of a film that many countries simply didn't know what to do with, and that is why so many versions are out there with multiple self-righteous censors scissoring Ken Russell's definitive masterpiece. This film still strikes a blatant chord of blasphemy to many in 2016, it is that controversial! This is quite possibly the longest version in excellent Widescreen quality we have ever seen. Perhaps Oliver Reed's finest film. BA

B505 Dirty Seven, The (82) aka: La belva dalla calda pelle aka: Farligt Uppdrag Seven commandos lose their captain and must attempt to find their way clear of the dangerous desert wilderness. Enter Shelia (Laura Gemser) who offers to help them. But her plan is to make sure no one gets out alive. These scumbags raped and killed a girl from her village. Now they shall pay! With their lives! Sex, violence, Laura Gemser and then husband Gabriele Tinti. Now finally in a LBX version instead of the often seen full frame version. Gemser is electric here. BA

G258 Dress Off for Life (84) aka: Yi tuo qiu sheng Hong Kong Superstar Chen Yuen known to western audiences as Jimmy Wang-Yu stars as a boxer who's career is on the skids and he goes insane, becomes impotent, and starts sexually attacking women. Frustrated by his lack of ...hardness, he cant' even rape them correctly, so he kills them instead. Some nasty violence and a bizarre climax.... Wow. With English subtitles and a few trailers.

G308 Fashion Hell (10) aka: The Horny House of Horror aka: Fasshon heru Beware this sex den where the women seduce men before they castrate them! Over the top horror/gore presented in a wildly photographed style. Will remind you of 'Beverly Hills Vamps' as far as the plot goes. With English subtitles and some bonus trailers. BA

B507 Forbidden Beach (85) aka: Playa prohibida A sexy widow and her two sons vacation at a seaside beach bungalow. When a man next door starts sleeping with his mother, one of the sons, who likes his mommy a little to much, in ways unnatural, intervenes with ultimately tragic results. The wicked little tyke! This Mexican film stars Sasha Montenegro of a few notable Mexican horror and Santo films. File under 'evil child' genre. With English subtitles.

G259 Ghost Festival (85) aka: Leng xie tu fu A maniac is on the loose, using a power saw on his female victims, and saving some of the severed parts in jars. Meanwhile a gang of thugs kidnap and rape a helpless girl. Finally, the spirits of the victims cannot take any more of this injustice and return from the dead as (mostly naked) ghosts to even the score. Sex, nudity and plenty of violence. With English subtitles.

G256 Hike, The (11) aka: The Hike - Ausflug ins Grauen A young soldier, Kate (Zara Phythian), returns from a tour in Afghanistan after witnessing her boyfriend's tragic death in combat. With the comfort of her friends, including Torri (Barbara Nedeljacova), she takes the chance to get away on a camping trip to a picturesque, remote area of the British countryside.What it ends up being however is a fight for survival as they are assaulted and terrorized by some nasty blokes for whom rape and murder is the order of the day. Rape and abuse (and a shocker ending) in this thriller that borrows from 'Eden Lake' and 'The Descent'. LBX and with bonus horror trailers. BA

B508 House of Shadows (75) aka: A Mulher do Desejo Creepy Brazilian horror about a young guy that inherits a small fortune, as long as he lives in the old man's house for a time. Upon doing so the spirit of the old man begins to possess him.... Time to call the local exorcist! Shades of Lovecraft's 'The Case of Charles Dexter Ward' or rather 'The Haunted Palace' which was based on that story in part. Excellent! With English subtitles.

B571 Infernal Street (73) aka: Qi sha jieaka: In der Gewalt der gelben Katzen Evil Japanese are making Chinese villagers drug addicts by way of their nefarious opium den. A young badass kickin' doctor decides to go toe to toe with the bad guys. Red tinted scenes, music from blaxploitation films, our hero can chop-sockey ears right off his opponents, was that a musical bit from 'Rosemary's Baby'? , and more.... BA

B599 Kiss Off, The (68) A pervert makes obscene phone calls and is thrilled when one busty blonde is enthusiastic with his dirty talk. She pleasures herself in footage spread out throughout the rest of the movie. The main plot has Gary Kent as a detective by a jealous husband to follow his promiscuous wife, Micki, a former go-go dancer. Kent's girl Terri is also a go-go dancer so his world's collide. Micki he learns also likes girls. Micki and the pervert kidnap Terri and subject her to whipping and sexual torture. At one point the pervert stalks and rapes a busty girl in a secluded spot. Very interested roughie.

B532 Liz and Helen (69) aka: A doppia faccia aka: Double Face A millionaire (Klaus Kinski) is unwittingly led into murder by his lesbian wife. Is she alive or dead? Sure, listed before, but this 87 minute LBX upgrade is immaculate! A Riccardo Freda directed classic with all of his atmospheric (even Gothic) touches, and co written by Lucio Fulci. Also with Alice Arno, Margaret Lee and more. BA

B510 Loser Takes All, The (02) aka: O hamenos ta pairnei ola From the director of 'Singapore Sling'! An aging no-good hippie type seduces and sleeps with women before he beds them. The cops beat him up, and later he ends up working for the local strip club. He is enlisted to do some drug deliveries, and uses some of his former conquests, along with a new 19 year old prospect, and they bumble their way through the crimes. Luckily for them, the mobsters and the cops are even more incompetent than he and his gang! Twisted and quite cold at times. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G378 Lustful Vicar, The (70) aka: Kyrkoherden aka: Den svåra prövningen A witch's daughter takes revenge on a vicar by cursing him with the affliction of having a constant erection. The beginning of the film shows the burning of a witch, who curses the descendants of her judge and prosecutor before she burns. Pretty cool, elaborate, and grim opening for what turns out to be a comedy! So the vicar calls upon the women of the village, to try to take him down, down there. To cure his affliction. To shrink his ... well you get the picture. This Swedish film was a hit in Sweden in 1970. Here we have it LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G282 Mind Fuck (90) A cheating man poisons his wife so he can join forces with a black wizard and his smutty girlfriend. His wife however, won't stay dead and rises from the grave, stalking her killers. She has the ability to kill by placing her hand on someone's head. This turns their brain to chaos making smoke pour from their ears and their eyeballs spin around in their heads. This is the 'Mind Fuck'! Asian Insanity with XXX hardcore sex as well as English subtitles

B553 Passengers, The (77) aka: The Intruder aka: Les passagers A man and his young son traveling across Europe are stalked and terrorized by an enraged psychopath in a pickup truck. One hair-raising chase scene along narrow mountainous roads (in contrast to our new CGI world) is expertly filmed, suspenseful and worth the price of admission. Based on the novel 'Shattered' by Dean Koontz. Jean Louis Trintignant, Mireille Darc and Adolfo Celi. With English subtitles.

G285 Pickup, The (68) aka: Pornokatzen Two women seduce and rob mobsters in Vegas after being taken to a hotel room. The two men trail them, find them, and then torture them in another hotel room. Slickly edited and snappy sharp dialogue in this twisted little roughie. This is in English language with some Swedish subtitles.

G251 Psycho a Go-Go (65) 5 robbers throw the loot in an uninvolved truck, their only path to a clean getaway. Later they engage in double cross as they track said truck to retrieve the jewels. A home invasion ensues and our gang of miscreants begin to meet their ends culminating in spectacular chase fashion. Joe Morton as Joe Corey is the gang member that goes 'psycho', and he acts like a crazy Jack Nicholson before well, even... Jack. The only other role he ever had was 'The Rapist' in the 1972 film 'Fuzz'. (Talk about typecast!) Splendid trash.

B515 Season of Terror (69) aka: Gendai kôshoku-den: Teroru no kisetsu An indolent young man sleepwalking through his hedonistic life with two girlfriends is suspected of revolutionary political activities and is shadowed by police agents. All is not what it seems, and things escalate rapidly into a tale of betrayal, violence and depravity. Just what one would expect from the director of 'Violated Angels'. This among his best. LBX and with English subtitles.

G290 Sex for Sale (92) aka: Spider Force And why not? Police are hunting for ruthless drug traffickers who are also pimps who victimize girls, forcing them into the sex trade. Manic madness and action scenes mixed with plenty of nudity and lesbianism adds up to quite a dark, and even creepily erotic offering here. Slightly LBX and with English subtitles.

G419 Situación Límite (82) Opens with a guy stalking a woman at night, A band of robber's take refuge in a plush hotel. This is an excuse for plenty of soft core sexual situations to occur, in between the bursts of violence. The robber's round up hostages. A violent end is in store for all of the bad guys. Or.... This rare Spanish Sex/Crime film is in Spanish language only with no subtitles.

G381 Snake and Whip (86) aka: Dan Oniroku hebi to muchi A beautiful woman accepts a lucrative secretary job. When she is sexually harassed by her boss, she smacks him. He later captures her to make her his submissive sex slave. He will make her feel like a common animal! A twisted exercise in dominance and submission as her powerful boss gets his revenge. LBX and with English subtitles.

G275 Succubus: The Demon (06) After the death of his wife to a horrible disease, a man begins to see visions of her after wandering into the world of the occult.... To forget the death of a loved one can be very hard. But this time, staying dead is even harder. Cold and frosty Finland made horror LBX and with English subtitles.

G257 Toothless Vampires, The (87) aka: Wu ya jiang shiA group of toothless vampires plot schemes to get their fill of blood. Comedy LBX and with English Subtitles.

B566 Viaggio Sexploitation Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (10) An egg from outer space infects the villagers of Viaggio. Agent Danger is assigned by the Agency to investigate on the case and find the antidote to the virus. PART 2: It emerges that the National Lottery has been manipulated for years by the aliens, who finally get to open a gate and disembark onto the planet they want to conquer. The fecundating alien injects his semen in the body of Dr. Moreau's assistant, thus giving birth to a new breed that carries genes capable of saving both planets. However, the biker Osso, the woman's lover, kidnaps her, causing the degeneration of the semen and the subsequent metamorphosis of the assistant into a rabid dog. Now her insatiable hunger for human and alien flesh ignites a chain of murderous furious violence! This one will leave you speechless with the OTT violence and nudity. LBX and with English subtitles.

B518 Woman of Everyone, The (69) aka: A Mulher De Todos A young uninhibited nymphomaniac/vampiress (figuratively) lives surrounded by delinquents, exerting sexual tension, dominating them all with her womanly powers. Now with English subtitles for the first time.

B519 Wrong Way to Love, A (69) aka: Amarsi Male The social secretary and kept mistress (Nieves Navarro here under her other name Susan Scott) of an older powerful industrialist falls in love with the college-age fiancé of the industrialist's daughter, who fancies himself some type of left wing revolutionary, even though he is marrying into this obviously capitalist family. Hypocrite. Much social turmoil and tragedy follows. With Micaela Pignatelli. Navarro was in spaghetti westerns, giallos, and even some trashy Joe D'Amato classics. LBX and English dubbed. BA



B500 Apocalipsis Sexual (82) aka: Je suis une petite cochonne Okay, technically, Jess Franco did not direct this movie. But he did loan out his wife Lina Romay! A kinky gang of sex perverts pass their time having sex with one another, and committing crimes. They kidnap a virgin and take turns abusing her. This one notorious for the sexual deviance on display here, with various objects used for penetrations. Like switchblades (ugh!). One nasty piece of Spanish sexploitation. With Ajita Wilson and Lina Romay. Directed by Carlos Aured, best known for directing Naschy in 4 of his best films. Uncut 92 minute version with English subtitles for the first time. BA

B484 Between Dicks is Where the Game Is (86) aka: Entre Pitos Anda El Juego - Now this Jess Franco/Lina Romay film comes with English subtitles! It opens with Lina trying to get her man to make love to her in an amazingly sleazy XXX way. He won't get up. She leaves, vowing to have sex with the first man she sees! It ends up being two men! She is joined by another woman as well. Lots of real trashy sex talk subtitles. More. XXX of course and LBX.

B551 Girl With the See-Through Panties (81) aka: Pickup Girls Now in an excellent LBX and English dubbed print! A woman hires a private eye to find her missing penis. She was once a man, had surgery, and now keeps her penis in a jar. Help! Two hookers come to his aid (Lina Romay and Rosa Valenty). Hopefully that wasn't too big of a reveal. Unwittingly, as he searches for the penis, he gets plenty of p.p... pretty girls instead. Of course there are all sorts of sex scenes in this perverted and sexy soft-core outing.

B525 I'm Burning All Over (79) aka: Je brûle de partout A young woman (Susan Hemmingway) is abducted into sexual slavery in an orgy show. In this deluxe bordello, the bunch of dirty girls moan in a perpetual state of ecstasy as some sort of horny gas is pumped into the chamber. Lots and lots of soft-core sex and also with Brigitte Lahaie and a constant assault on your eyeballs by various drop dead gorgeous types, all naked. Some pretty cool English subtitles. This is one sordid soft-core.

B492 Kiss Me Killer (77) aka: Sweet Pornobaby aka: Tango au clair de lune aka: La calda bestia Finally an uncut 100 minute Widescreen upgrade of this Jess Franco classic! Deceit and double-cross is the inevitable result of a robbery. Drug smugglers, an inspector, and an undercover stripper (Lina Romay). Some of the shots are amazing with some cool locales and of course zoom in zoom out shots. Lina Romay has an erotic scene with Alice Arno, both women at the peak of erotic hotness. This is a remake of Franco's other film 'La Muerte Silba Un Blues' from 1964, with added nudity, sex, sleaze and violence, including a whipping from a belt on naked Romay. LBX and English language dubbed. Upgrade! BA

B496 Lonely Road (84) aka: Camino Solitario - A private cop (Antonio Mayans) is hired by a beautiful lady (Lina Romay) to find her sister.... But there is a sinister plan afoot, and her rich husband and some other lives are at risk from a woman's treachery. This is quite the departure for Franco in one regard, as he tries to make a serious suspense thriller rather than a sex film. Lots of footage of the beautiful Spanish seaside. With English subtitles.




G398 Action of the Tiger (57) aka: La frontera del terror Carson (Van Johnson) is an American contraband runner approached by Tracy (Martine Carole), a French woman who wants him to help her brother escape from Albania where he is being held prisoner. Watch for the scene where Mike (played by a young Sean Connery!) chases our heroine around the boat, obviously trying to get her if you know what I mean, while Carson looks on indifferently. Also with Herbert Lom, Anthony Dawson and Yvonne Craig! Martine Carole had a heart attack and died ten years after this came out at only aged 47. Directed by Terence Young. LBX BA

G339 Drake of England (35) aka: Drake the Pirate Imposing Canadian-born stage actor and playwright Matherson Lang was one of the twentieth century's great Shakespearean players, and became Britain's foremost screen actor during the 1920s; in Drake of England, one of his final films, he takes the title role in Arthur Woods' portrayal of the life and times of the flamboyant piratical adventurer who founded Britain's sea fortunes. From clandestine romance at the court of Elizabeth I to conquests in the newly discovered lands of South America and spectacular victory over the Armada, Drake of England offers a panoramic overview of Drake's... Frances Drake, Donald Wolfit and an uncredited Torin Thatcher star.

B491 Ghoul, The (75) aka: The Thing in the Attic Peter Cushing stars as a former Priest who harbors a dark secret. In the attic of the palatial mansion, he keeps his demented ghoul cannibal son! He went mad after being in India with his father (Pete doing the missionary work) where he acquired this foul malady. Cushing fears that his son will escape and begin to feed on the guests at his rural English estate, there during a cross-country race. Peter Cushing is excellent in this. Veronica Carlson is the eye candy. Also with John Hurt. Alternate version that runs 90 minutes, a full 6 minutes longer than the U.S. release! BA

G409 Smallest Show on Earth, The (57) aka: Big Time Operators A young couple (Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers) inherits an old failed movie theatre that is heavily in debt. It's referred to as 'The Flea Pit' and has three eccentric employees. Fixing up the place is the agenda. Pretty good if you want wholesome. Remember a few years later Travers and McKenna hung with Elsa (and later Mij) who can forget? Also with Peter Sellers. BA

G434 Spaceways (53) aka: Viaggio nell'interspazio Closely guarded British scientists test rockets, and each others fidelities in this odd mix of cold war paranoia, murder mystery, and a bit of anti-Communist propaganda thrown in for good measure. What we end up with is a carefully orchestrated science fiction film directed by Terence Fisher for Hammer that may seem dated but remains compelling. With Howard Duff and Eva Bartok. BA

B516 Station Six Sahara (63) aka: Avamposto sahara At an isolated oil pumping station deep in the African desert, the workers are looking for more. Excitement comes unexpectedly with the arrival of a couple, Jimmy and Catherine (Carroll Baker) are brought in. While Jimmy recovers in bed, Catherine fans the flames of lust amongst the horny, sweaty males, flirtatiously, arousing passions and simmering resentments in the men. Also with Peter van Eyck, Denholm Elliott and more. Directed by Seth Holt. Screenplay co written by Brian Clemens. BA

G416 Tawny Pipit (44) The village of Lipsbury Lea suddenly springs to life when some rare Tawny Pipit's are nesting in one of the local fields. As outside forces threaten to destroy the site, villagers band together, rallying in Mother Nature's corner. Some want to steal the eggs, some want to steamroll those hills, others... Lots of eccentric characters and interesting and beautiful photography. Extremely enjoyable and not nearly as propaganda-ish as it sounds. With Bernard Miles, Niall MacGinnis and more.



B540 Accident, The (63) aka: L'accident Wow, what a gloomy atmosphere established here right in the beginning! A young and beautiful teacher is transferred to a remote island's school. There, she begins a forbidden love with the principal, much to the chagrin of the principle's jealous wife who seeks revenge. A fairly dark and gloomy French made film, in black and white, LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G324 Accident: A Moment of Truth Movie, The (97) Lizzie and Janie are both underage and into the same stuff most girls are into at that age. Boys, gossip and booze. They sneak the yummy liquid at home, and smuggle it into school in water bottles. Little lushes. One pre-graduation night they get drunk as skunks, along with their friend Kate. A car crash and a death.... This film deals with the aftermath. First we get a decent dramatization of a car crash. What follows is a DWI trial. We've all been there... or have we? So grab a bottle and have a drink and watch this alcoholic nightmare. Just don't drive afterwards.

G379 Among Giants (98) aka: My Sweet Sheffield A manager hires Ray (Pete Postlethwaite), off the books, to paint all the power towers in a 15 mile stretch of high-tension wires outside Sheffield. He has his crew, and hires a woman as well (played by Rachel Griffiths) who he falls for, causing problems for his ex and his crew.

B481 Angels of the Streets (69) aka: Die Engel von St. PauliHamburg's prostitution scene in the sixties set story, with everything one could want embroiled into the plot. Namely, tough-mean talkin' violent thugs, gangs, cops, sleaze and lots of sexual nudity, mind boggling dialogue... and of course Hamburg locations and the sordid gutters of St. Pauli. Horst Frank, Herbert Fux and more star. LBX BA

B541 Apocalypse Mercenaries (87) aka: Mercenari dell'apocalisse Fast moving action set in WW2. A team of soldiers (which includes a former sharp-shooter priest, a murderous surgeon, a crazy pilot, a machine-gun carrying brute and more) are brought together to deal with some situations that have taken place in Yugoslavia. They need to take out a German Command Center situated deep within a lime stone cavern system. Obstacles, snappy-paced music and ripped off footage from other war films (integrated fairly well, but fun to spot) add to the entertainment of the thing. As well as multiple people getting shot to death, but that's a given! With Vassili Karis, Bruno Bilotta and Brigitte Christensen. LBX and English dubbed Upgrade! BA

B482 Avenger X (67) aka: Mister X Danger Diabolik borrowed heavily from this comic-book James Bond type. Mister X, a mysterious thief and master of disguise, along with his ever lovely cohort, steal more for the thrill than the having, but are retired. This changes when a girlfriend is killed, he becomes Avenger X! The crime syndicate have pinned the crime on him, and now they will pay! Our heroes have some pretty cool gadgets and spy tools to make this one pretty cool, with a nice violent end for the main villain. LBX and English dubbed. BA

G389 Baker's Hawk (76) A young boy (Lee Montgomery, his film before this was as Oliver Reed's son in 'Burnt Offerings' and the film after he is that creepy drowned dead kid from one of the stories in the MFTV 'Dead of Night'), nurses a hawk back to health and gains courage and confidence. A subplot has a town falling apart and vigilantism brewing. Burl Ives, Allan Young, Danny Bonaduce, Clint Walker, Diane Baker and more star. Oh yea, Lee Montgomery is also the little kid in 'Ben' that we wished was killed and eaten by the rats, but all we got was a crappy song. BA

G341 Bebo's Girl (64) aka: La ragazza di Bube Mara (Claudia Cardinale) is the belle of the town and she is tired of living between the ravages of the war (1944) but she is very strong-willed and she dreams of finding the right man to leave her one horse town.... She meets a man (Bebo) and falls in love, but things go wrong when he is sent to prison for killing a policeman in the war.... LBX and with English subtitles BA

G316 Brave Red Flower of the North (70) aka: Nihon jokyo-den: makka na dokyo-bana An exciting tale of action on the distant northern island of Hokkaido around the beginning of the 20th Century starring two of the biggest names in Yakuza film history, Fuji Junko and Takakura Ken. Since the death of death of her father, Yuki who has traveled from her home in the southernmost part of Japan must fight corrupt local officials seeking to fill her late father's post. As her life is in danger a mysterious rifleman, played by Takakura Ken watches from the shadows. Can she finish the work her dear departed father started in an untamed land? This film follows 'Chivalrous Geisha - LBX and with English subtitles.

B542 Candidate For a Killing, A (69) aka: Un sudario a la medida Another super-agent variation type. This time a man (John Richardson) is hired to impersonate a millionaire, that is his look-alike, and is involved in a very dangerous business. Car chase scenes, seaside locations and Anita Ekberg and Margaret Lee in mini-skirts (alone worth the price of admission as far as I'm concerned!). Weapon smuggling, Money laundering and other criminal activities based between Gibraltar, Africa and Europe. With Fernando Rey. This print even has some nudity, odd for these types! LBX and English language dubbed. BA

G357 Condemned of Altona, The (62) aka: I sequestrati di Altona A completely off his rocker German war criminal lives in a secluded house, owned by his rich father who lets him think the war is still on, twenty years after the fact. However, no deception is permanent. Incredibly interesting as the family hides their Nazi son from the people. Even some shocking moments. This is like a war/horror/suspense film. Sophia Loren, Fredric March, Maximilian Schell, Robert Wagner and Laura Gemser's future husband Gabriele Tinti (in a small part) star. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G406 Desperate Chase, The (71) aka: Zhui ming qiang aka: Blood of the Dragon Amazing Wang Yu kung-fu action! A renegade warrior becomes entangled in a civil uprising with heavy fast-paced violence and battles involving swords, throwing stars, a nifty sword/whip weapon (wielded by a guy named Red Wolf), a bit of unintentional humor, pretty decent English dubbing and LBX. Nice. The final mind-blowing bloody battle will leave many dead. BA

G319 Doctor Justice (75) aka: Ambición fallida aka: Docteur Justice After portraying Diabolik, the comic-book villain, John Phillip Law is cast as a hero from a French comic strip. This one kind of copies the James Bond film 'Goldfinger'. Putting the whole crew of a tanker to sleep so as to get all the gold off board. Gert Frobe, 'Goldfinger' himself, also stars along with Paul Naschy and Nathalie Delon. English dubbed and with foreign subtitles. BA

B506 Empty Canvas, The (63) aka: La noiaA failed young artist in Rome (Horst Bucholz) who has always relied on his wealthy mother's money (played by Bette Davis) meets a beautiful young women (18 years old at the time, the magnetic Catherine Spaak, whose character has just killed a man for his money) and falls hard for her. She is a gold-digging evil girl, and will hang with him only until a better prospect comes along... Spaak makes the film. It's a bit drama sure, but very interesting and with a satisfying denouement. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B528 Espionage in Lisbon (65) aka: Agentenfalle Lissabon aka: Da 077: intrigo a Lisbona An international gang pretends to have the means to destroy a small country in 30 seconds. Agent O77 (Brett Halsey) is on the case. He is enlisted to find the missing scientist with the know how. Cool gadgets are also employed here. Fernando Rey and Marilu Tolo also star. Followed by some pretty cool trailers, many of them rare spy films. Upgrade! BA

G312 Fellow Traveler (91) In Hollywood, during the 1950's, screenwriter Asa Kaufman (Ron Silver) reflects on his Communist associations and knows he will soon be forced to testify before 'committees' investigating 'Un-American' activities. He flees to England to get work, and then finds out that his best friend since childhood has killed himself back in America. He is pretty sure this is related to the witch-hunts. Also with Daniel J. Travanti and more.

G318 Flower in His Mouth, The (75) aka: Gente di rispetto aka: The Schoolmistress and the Devil A female school teacher (Jennifer O'Neill) is implicated in a murder in a Sicilian town, not long after her arrival. The man, now dead, insulted her on the bus on the way into town. As the mystery unfolds, we learn that this town is hiding some very sinister secrets. Not all trips to Italy lead to romantic female fantasy crap. James Mason is her landlord, and Franco Nero plays a fellow teacher. BA

B550 From Istanbul, Orders to Kill (65) aka: Da Istanbul ordine di uccidere A man is offered twenty grand by CIA agent to impersonate a drug smuggler/gunrunner for a crime syndicate. Betrayals and gadgets in this spy thriller and some pretty beautiful Italian locations and pretty girls as well! Lucretia Love and Nina Fuscagni are some of the women here. Now finally in a nice LBX version and dubbed into English! BA

B575 Goto, Island of Love (69) aka: Goto, l'île d'amourOn the legendary island of Goto, cut off from the rest of the world and ruled by a barbaric dictator, a simpleton thief, spared from execution, climbs ranks from various menial positions, while he himself and other islanders find themselves drawn into temptations that will drastically alter the island's everyday normal if acted upon. The ultimate goal of our hero is to usurp the the monarch, take control. and to take the ruler's wife for himself! Directed by Walerian Borowczyk directs. This one uncut and with color sequences. LBX and with English subtitles.

B569 Head Hunter, The (82) aka: Lie tou aka: Long Goodbye Chow Yun Fat plays a Vietnamese immigrant and Viet Nam veteran working as a stunt man in the film industry. His side job? Working as a hit-man for the local syndicate. He's also being stalked by his former commander in Viet Nam. Nothing fancy, this is a dark, bleak portrait of characters caught in a vicious circle of violence, poverty and misery.

B577 Iron Angel (64) A green lieutenant (you know, inexperienced, you really didn't think he was actually 'green' did you?) volunteers five men that somehow survived an ambush. Their new mission is to take out a Korean mortar position that's preventing supply convoys from reaching the front line. A rare Korean War set film! Some familiar faces like Jim Davis, Don 'Red' Barry and the seemingly immortal L.Q. Jones, who turns 89 in August 2016!

G353 Japanese Trailers (various) Not all of the trailers are from Japanese films. There's Fulci's Zombie, Maniac with Joe Spinell, Gore and many many more, including also some Godzilla and Japanese films. What most on this compilation have in common is Japanese subtitles. An incredible party trailer collection finally available again!

B521 Kill and Be Killed (62) aka: A hierro muereFresh out of jail, sexy but troubled Eliza (Olga Zubarry) finds work helping her mother take care of an ailing old opera star. She runs off with his scumbag nephew, and together they plot to kill the old bag, for the money of course. Well, we know how things go in these types of films. The perfect crime is a complete screw-up, and the cops play them one against the other to try to get to the truth. This Spain/Argentina production will keep you guessing. BA

B567 Kung Fu Arts (78) aka: Hou fu ma aka: Kung Fu: Monkey, Horse, Tiger One of the strangest kung fu movies you will ever see! Through a series of events, a monkey (played by a real chimp!) saves the life of a princess. She now must marry the monkey, and is set adrift in the ocean with her new hairy befuddled beau, exiled to an island in the former kingdom. Meanwhile her 'human' lover, who had been framed for wrong doing, has been practicing his martial arts, and planning his return to clear his name and marry his princess, unaware of the misfortune that has befallen her. The scenes with the princess and the monkey are hysterical.

G386 Lady Rose (98) Great Japanese Femme Fatale/ action film about a dangerous female assassin who challenges the mob. Action, ultra-violence, sleaze and nudity. This one is in Japanese language only with no subtitles.

B578 Low Blow (86) aka: Deadly Weapon - Ein Mann für Gerechtigkeit aka: Savage Sunday Leo Fong plays a private investigator hired (by Troy Donahue as the girl's father) to find a young girl who has been kidnapped by a religious cult, ran by the Jonestown inspired leader Yarakunda (Cameron Mitchell!). He teams up with a Viet Nam vet, a boxing champion, and a former cop to help. Loaded with loony scenarios and bad choreography, assorted wrestlers including a bizarre iron lady with a blonde mullet, and plenty of tongue in cheek action-packed fun! Who says a movie has to be good for you to enjoy it? This one rocks, period. LBX BA

G336 Magnificent Tony Carerra, The (68) aka: El magnífico Tony Carrera aka: Carrera - Das Geheimnis der blonden Katze Tony Carrera is a successful race car driver who was also a great safe-cracker. He gets roped into doing one more big job but finds out too late he's been double-crossed by the big Boss and his beautiful assistant. Meanwhile, his ditsy fiancé follows him to Holland where she's constantly in.... Thomas Hunter and Erika Black star. English dubbed and with foreign subtitles. BA

G345 Manhunt (76) aka: Kimi yo fundo no kawa wo watare A tough police detective is falsely accused of corruption, and goes on the run so he has time to clear his name. He is assisted by the beautiful daughter of a rich man. An adventure-crime-chase film made in Japan. This one may surprise you, using natural locations and surroundings. A wild bear enters one scene, and in another our fugitive hides out in a cave. Over two and a half hours. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G374 Marco Polo (82) The life and experiences of the 13th century explorer, who sought to connect the civilizations of China and Europe through trade. A lavish spectacle. Haunting exciting scenes, beautifully filmed, you can almost smell the thronged streets and ragged beggars, the obstinate camels and through it all one of the best scores from Ennio Morricone. The cast is plentiful with Anne Bancroft, Burt Lancaster, Leonard Nimoy, F. Murray Abraham, Gordon Mitchell, David Warner, Denholm Elliot and many others. With Ken Marshall as Marco Polo. Complete on 4 discs or 4 VHS. Counts as 3 selections on DVD-R. Counts as 4 selections VHS.

G278 Marie Chantal Vs. Dr. Kha (65) aka: Marie Chantal and the Blue Panther aka: Marie Chantal contre Dr. Kha An adventurous lady (the title character played by Marie Laforet) travels to visit her cousin and on the train is given a jewel in the shape of a tiger with ruby eyes. It seems numerous international operatives are after it, and try to get it away from her. Unaware is she, that this object contains a deadly virus that could be used as a weapon to devastate humanity. This spy-flick was done pretty seriously with very little tongue-in-cheek. Directed by Claude Chabrol. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B579 Nine Deaths of the Ninja (85) aka: Il colpo segreto del ninja aka: Deadly Warrior Two anti-terrorist agents are assigned to free a busload of American schoolchildren who have been taken hostage by terrorists. Ridiculous fun with an action prologue, followed by a James Bond type intro song with sweaty aerobic outfitted dancing women in slow-motion along with our hero (Sho Kosugi) playing with his sword (!). Bondisms continue with exotic locations and tongue-in-cheek styles dashed with lots of humor, fighting midgets, the black lesbian combat killer named Honey Hump, Nazi villain and so much more. A spoof? A comedy? An action film? Rambo meets James Bond? All of this, and so much more. LBX BA

G321 Rebel High (87) aka: Die Chaoten-Highschool Set in a fictional high school where the punk students have pretty much taken over the place. The gags come fast and often hit, the filmmakers obviously having a good time, and not taking any of this very seriously. If you are in the mood for something silly Where the students have so much school spirit they never graduate. Where teachers come to school with bullet proof vests. Where the bathroom boasts a complete spa with some of the tiniest bikini babes around. Where the student body is just a bunch of nice kids trying to get an education... in guerilla tactics! BA

G332 Rescue, The (88) Navy S.E.A.L.'s are sent to destroy a disabled submarine so it does not fall in the wrong hands. Edward Albert. Kevin Dillon and more star. BA

B580 Scorpion (86) aka: O Escorpião Stars the International Middle Weight Karate Champion who defeated Chuck Norris in real life Tony Tulleners. Also stars several seasoned Hollywood veterans like Don Murray, John Anderson, Robert Colbert, Robert Logan, and the real-life Billy Hayes, whose exploits inspired the film 'Midnight Express', as an assassin. Tulleners may be a wooden actor, but when the action begins, he can kick ass with the best of them! He plays a special agent called to help out with the terrorist problem in the United States. Usually one to hunt the terrorists, now he is assigned to protect one. But when a friend is killed as a result, he sets out as a one man killing machine, seeking revenge! BA

B568 Shaolin Deadly Kicks (82) aka: Tai ji ba jiao aka: The Flash Legs Eight thieves steal a treasure map and split it into eight pieces, vowing to regroup eight years later. But on their trail is a deadly cop with a bangin' kick style of aggression and an unstoppable desire to solve the case.

G338 Something for Everyone (70) aka: Corrupción de una familia Konrad (Michael York), a handsome country boy in post-war Austria, charms his way into a butler position at the castle of a widowed countess (Angela Lansbury) that lost her fortune. He is determined to be king of this castle, and will do anything, even murder to achieve that goal. The countess has problems of her own with a chubby, lazy gay son and a homely daughter, making her prospects dismal at best. With Nazis hiding in the woodwork, sexual weaponry, murder ... something for everyone! A heavy dose of black (and wry) humor.

G358 Strange Affair, The (68) aka: Skygger over Scotland Yard Rookie cop Peter Strange falls for an underage girl (Susan George in another 'Lolita' type role). Compromised by a pair of pornographers (her kin) he tries to stay one step ahead. But seeing as the film opens with him going to prison in disgrace, the story is told in flashback. Meanwhile, seasoned Detective Pierce (Jeremy Kemp) pursues a mob boss. Corrupt police, brutal gangsters and the youth movement collide. Also with Jack Watson (of 'Peeping Tom', 'Konga' and many others). Never released in America. BA

B497 Strike Commando (87) aka: Cobra Force Operating behind enemy lines, badass Sgt. Mike Ransom (Reb Brown) learns of a Russian presence in Viet Nam. He is captured and ends up in a POW camp. Of course he escapes and goes all Rambo/Commando on everybody's ass. And yet this movie is so much more than that. Reb Brown as Ransom is a knife-throwing, crack-shot shootin', dead-on with a crossbow and deadly with fists and feet tough guy. And he can still manage to console a dying boy with tales of Disneyland, and make you reach for a tissue. Amazing villains, amazing violence and above average in every way. Screw the critics. 6' 3" Reb Brown would tear Stallone into pieces. Also with Christopher Connelly. Directed by Bruno Mattei. Upgrade and LBX BA

B563 Target for Killing (66) aka: Das Geheimnis der gelben Mönche aka: How to Kill a Lady A secret agent (Stewart Granger) against a brain-washing organization (led by Curd Jurgens), but the real story has Jurgens character trying to kill Karin Dor and stop her from getting a sizable inheritance. Also with Adolfo Celi, Klaus Kinski and Molly Peters. Now this film comes uncut with brief nudity. Many of these actors were also in James Bond films.

G354 Then There Were Three (61) aka: Three Came Back U.S. Army personnel patrolling through Italy during WW2, are being killed off by an unknown German agent posing as a fellow soldier. An excellent wartime mystery if you are into this genre like I am. Frank Latimor, Alex Nicol and more star.

B583 Top Cop (90) aka: Polícia em Acção An undercover detective, whose job it is to sort out city lowlifes, turns into a one man army when his friend is killed. But will he go to far? We hope so! Violent blood-splattered fun in this rural action film lensed in Little Rock, Arkansas.

G391 Unscrupulous Ones, The (62) aka: The Miscreants aka: Os Cafajestes  Two Copacabana crooks and two shady ladies indulge in dangerous, deceitful grifter games, sex and drugs, blackmail with nude photos and more dastardly acts. Their latest target is a rich old man. This is the first Brazilian film to freak everybody out and piss off the Catholic Church like no other. With English subtitles.

G352 Very British Witchcraft, A (13) An interesting and informative documentary on witchcraft in England with some excellent imagery, interviews, artifacts and location visits to historical sites. + Mechanical Marvels: Clockwork Dreams (13) Another cool documentary, this one exploring the seldom discussed world of 'automata' those intricate clockwork devices built hundreds of years ago with the intent to mimic and recreate life. One cool double-documentary deal on the same disc. DVD-R ONLY

G313 Wannsee Conference, The (84) aka: Die Wannseekonferenz A precise, real-time (the event lasted exactly 85 minutes) reenactment of the infamous Wannsee Conference, a meeting called in January 1942, to map out the implementation of the Final Solution to the Jewish Question. A blueprint for genocide. A masterly historical reconstruction. With English subtitles.

B499 Why? (70) aka: Qui? aka: Il cadavere dagli artigli d'acciaio Marina (Romy Schneider) battles with her boyfriend, telling him he is useless in bed and can't get it up. He throws her in his car and drives wildly around the tops of cliffs, crashing into the sea below. But she is thrown clear! The body is nowhere. She starts to have a relationship with her supposedly dead boyfriend's brother. But she can't shake the feeling that she is being watched........ Sort of a Giallo type here with excellent photography and locations. Also with Maurice Ronet and Gabriele Tinti. LBX and with English subtitles. BA




G265 Fear of the Mummy (61) aka: Kyofu no Miira A wild monster horror film that defies comparison to American mummy movies. Japanese scientists bring a mummy back to life, and it promptly kills them (that's gratitude for you). Our monster mummy actually steals the hat and coat of a victim (for disguise) and searches for an elixir which can slowly restore him to human form. There are back-story Egypt bits and almost like a film noir tone mixed with horror, spooky music, violence and blood-shed. Unfortunately this film has no English subtitles, but still an essential puzzle piece to the 'Mummy Film' genre. F.L.

G331 Hey, I'm Alive (75) aka: Les survivants de la forêt perdue The story of a young woman (Sally Struthers) and an older man (Ed Asner), who were stranded in the Yukon wilderness for 49 days and had to learn how to survive... real quick. This is based on an incident in 1961. Sure dramatic license is taken (one's a Mormon, one's a Jew, insert joke here) and they have weird conflicting conversations, but survival flicks are always pretty cool. It's a shame they didn't get eaten by wolves or bears though.

G325 In the Line of Duty: Manhunt in the Dakotas (91) aka: Midnight Murders Gordon Kahl (Rod Steiger in a cold-blooded/racist matter of fact performance) steals the show as a man who is anti-government and who feels the American farmers are getting screwed. He has a small group of followers who agree with him. When he kills in an exciting showdown, he ends up on the run. Thing is, many of the people support his actions, and he becomes a sort of rural hero. Michael Gross is the F.B.I. agent hired to track him down. Above average MFTV.

B552 In the Midst of Life (630 Amazing trilogy with three tales that blend the line between reality and the supernatural. 'Mockingbird' has a soldier, rewarded for bravery with a furlough, falls asleep and dreams of a Past, that is still in the Future, and all too soon becomes the Present. Brilliant. 'Chickamauga' is a tour de force in which the actual battle is unseen but 'felt' by a deaf mute child who subsequently plays among the dead victims and induces them to rise and follow his reverse pied Piper in a Danse Macabre. Finally, 'An Occurrence at Owlcreek Bridge’ where a man is hanged over a river, the rope breaks and he dashes for freedom... running running... home to his waiting wife and freedom... until..... This segment was nicked and used as a 'Twilight Zone' episode. Even Rod Serling saw it's magnificence. I remember seeing this in Film Study class. With English subtitles.

G330 Last Frontier, The (86) aka: La última frontera An American woman (Linda Evans) struggles to carve out a new life for herself and her family amid the harsh beauty of Australia's Great Outback. She marries an Australian cattle rancher after a quick courtship. He goes ahead to Australia, she arrives later and he dies before her and her two kids arrive. Now she has a ranch in heavy debt during a drought, with land-grabbers on the outskirts.... With Peter Billingsley (no BB gun), Jason Robards, Meredith Salenger, Tony Bonner., Jack Thompson and many more. 2 disc set counts as two selections. It's a long movie folks. BA DVD-R ONLY

G329 Lies of the Heart: The Story of Laurie Kellogg (94) This is the fact based MFTV movie of Laurie Kellogg (Jennie Garth), who was accused of murdering her husband Bruce (Gregory Harrison) in 1992. She-Man Alexis Arquette, a six year old Haley Joel Osmet (I see your dead husband) in his debut and more. I see a theme here. True? False? Both. Remember the MFTV rule. Titillate audience first, the facts be damned. Although there is real stuff mixed in. This one is pretty good.

B512 Phantasmagoria (63) aka: Fantasmagorie - From France a short film that mixes Dracula, Dracula's Guest and Nosferatu and even Vampyr. Panic has set in in the countryside as victims display torpor, dementia and strange somnambulism. They burn witches, sacrifice animals, erect crosses.... nothing. The area is deserted. Two centuries pass. Now the modern city has taken the place of the ancient territory. A caped vampire is afoot. Like a lost horror film, but shorter than most at only 41 minutes. A lost black and white classic, restored and with English subtitles available, here for fans of things that go bump in the night.

G328 Question of Guilt, A (78) Inspired by the Alice Crimen case in New York (a woman who murdered her children in 1965). Doris Winters (Tuesday Weld) is an attractive woman, but she is a dope snorting, promiscuous hot chick, and all the women around are jealous and hate her guts. That is exactly why they all condemn her, and help to prosecute her, with little or no evidence she killed her children. A cool flick, I'll let you guys sort out what really happened. Lana Wood (oh yes), Alex Rocco, M. Emmet Walsh, Viveca Lindfors and more star.

G326 Victim of Rage (94) aka: Cries Unheard: The Donna Yaklich Story Donna (Jaclyn Smith) meets a cop (Brad Johnson) and together they try to make a go of it. But he is a steroid freak/body builder type with a bad temper (bad combo). She is battered, and she gets her revenge. Is this justified? Exaggerated? Partially untrue? Probably all of the above. But this is based on fact and everybody has their own opinion of these matters so I won't share mine. All I know is, there was no real proof of abuse in the real case. Women always claim abuse when they kill their husband, whether it is true or not, it automatically gets them thousands of female supporters. It's tribal. This is pretty harrowing and suspenseful. Hillary Swank makes a brief appearance. MFTV movies are notorious for fabricating alleged 'facts'.



G286 Elephant God (62) aka: Shree Ganesh A Goddess produces a child and proclaims him to protect her and the Earth. When his God Father comes home he is not amused with his son's antics, so he severs his head from his body. Pisses off his Goddess, so God Father gets a new head with an elephant snout, and thus is born the God Ganeesh! This is the set-up. Gets crazy as out of control effects dominate this Indian fantasy film. A black and white film, with color sequences during the dance numbers and some of the effects transformation scenes... you simply won't believe what you are seeing! With English subtitles.

G267 Mahal (49) aka: Haunted Mansion A man moves into a mansion and finds a portrait of the former owner that looks just like him. He then sees the ghost of that man's former lover who had killed herself after he died. Realizing he is the reincarnation of the man in the portrait, he strikes a deal with the ghost woman to kill his gardener's daughter so the ghost woman can possess her body. The man's best friend goes to two witches to cast a spell on him to stop him.... More twists and turns, too many to mention. Here is an elaborate early Indian horror film with song numbers, creepy scenes, pagan tribal rites, and the wife is attacked by a very large bat. In Hindi language and with English subtitles. BA

G268 Maya Bazaar (58) aka: Fantasy Bazaar Wild special effects scenes dominate this Indian made fantasy film. Rival factions of ancient India clash over fortunes. One king can project an image of himself 30 feet tall and sends a flying buzz saw which removes the head of one of his enemies, plus some of the guys can change their appearances into looking like anyone they want. With English subtitles. BA

G288 Nagina (51) A man searches for his father who has been missing for 12 years which leads him to a creepy old haunted mansion with weird characters including a girl he falls in love with. With skullduggery afoot participants search for a valuable ring in the design of a snake with a priceless diamond attached. An atmospheric and unusual Hindi Language Indian film with English subtitles.

G293 Shikari (63) Hindi King Kong Upgrade! A circus company sets out on an expedition to get King Kong for their shows. This one is pretty cool, shot in color with dangerous looking locations, jungles, tigers, leopards, native song rituals with background pagan idols, hostile savages, a giant dinosaur monster serpent... In the last hour you will see obvious references to Ray Harryhausen's '7th Voyage of Sinbad'....Finally King Kong shows up and starts to destroy the native village..... more.. This upgrade now has English subtitles!

B537 Temptation of the Demon Woman (78) aka: Godaan Siluman Perempuan Wow, you see the monster in the opening lurid segment, a jagged toothed monstrosity in garish monster make-up! Yes, the demon woman is on the loose! And let's not leave out the brutal multiple mongoose's versus multiple King Cobras! WOW! The demon eventually must face her adversary, a laser-beam throwing shaman. Obscure horror film from Indonesia with English subtitles!

G287 Witchcraft (77) aka: Jadu Tonaa aka: Black Magic A young girl is possessed by an evil spirit and commits murders. She is possessed by a double-crossed criminal, who is possessing her and forcing her to murder his corrupt colleagues. Her conventional doctor cannot find the answer and she eventually ends up at an exorcist type guy. Yes, they even steal some of the music from 'The Exorcist', and use some of the same scenes, but very different. You have seen the Turkish Exorcist Rip-off, now see the Indian one! (Sort of) And of course, complete with song and dance numbers..... In Color and with English subtitles.



B565 Torn Priestess (77) aka: Onna gokumon-chô: Hikisakareta nisô aka: Nuns That Bite This weird mixture of period splatter movie and Japanese nunsploitation is about a girl named Omino, who jumps out of the fire and into the frying pan. On the run from her master she ends up in a convent full of man-hating,, murderous nuns. But not before an obligatory rape by bandits scene in the forest. Really, if you are a good looking girl, don't go pee in front of sex-starved bandits. There is only one way that can end. A truly mind-bending experience. LBX and with English subtitles.




G436 Hell's Bells (9?) Well well well. Another slice of religious propaganda that will try to convince you why the rock industry is loaded with evil Satanists who are trying to brainwash your children and make them soldiers for that mean old Devil! It's nobody's fault that we can be so easily drawn to the flames of evil, but we need to fight to save our souls from such 'godly' killing, Luciferian magick, and overcome the demons and their play for our souls. Utter nonsense, but fun to watch, a real hoot! The points they try to make, and the conclusions they draw from their theories and assumptions, looks to be aimed at brainless fools who are looking for something to blame their loser existence and bad decisions on. Lots of snips and clips of rock stars in action getting wild, and lyric exploration overlaid with metal clips and imagery, and rockers rocking out, presumably to help make their point. Completely ignoring the same looks of manic ecstasy you see on the faces of holy rollers practicing their faith in the big churches. Cathartic release through music is universal, it's the taste in music that releases these feelings that varies. Quality pretty good but not perfect. This is about 3 hours long! Hail Satan! Um, I think. You'll love it... or maybe not... in any event... DVD-R ONLY



B544 Crying Woman, The (60) La llorona How about the original Spanish language version, and with English subtitles? Here we have it! Begins with a happy young woman who is planning her wedding, but her father figure uncle refusing his blessings to the union. She marries anyway, has a son, who grows into an adult. The son finds out there is a family curse, where the mother kills her first born. So he figures he better kill her first. This a repeating cycle due to reincarnation. Based on of course, a famous horror legend in Latin American folklore. the bad mother, which has been the subject of many horror films. English subtitles.

B489 Empire of Dracula (67) aka: El imperio de DráculaUncut 81 minute version in black and white and with English subtitles for the first time! Opens with a guy fighting a caped big fanged Dracula, finally pulling the shades, which stuns Dracula enough so that a stake can be plunged into his black heart. Then with trick photography Dracula decays into a corpse, bones, and finally, dust. Flash-forward to the future.... We just know Dracula is up too his old tricks, and infecting young beautiful women with his vampirism. Can he be stopped? Gothic vampire fans take note. While Hammer was cranking out their 'Dracula' films, this one, heavily influenced by Hammer, was Mexico's offering, with women you only wish would cross your border! English Subtitles BA

B490 Empire of Dracula (67) Same movie as the black and white film, but this one in lurid drive-in looking COLOR and edited down to 68 minutes. Also with English subtitles! BA

G365 Planetary Giants (66) aka: Gigantes planetarios A man and his girlfriend are sent by space rocket to 'the planet of eternal night' to stop them from making their threats on the Earth a reality with some wild death ray. He is supposed to be alone, but the girl is a stowaway, as well as two fugitives from the law have somehow made it aboard also. Hilarious moments are unintended of course. Alien guy says boastfully to hero (referring to a whistle necklace alien guy holds that is around his neck) "With this whistle, I can project my voice to the farthest reaches of the planet!" It looks like a toothbrush! Great Mexican made fun for fans of awful science fiction from that era.

B514 Santo and the Vengeance of the Crying Woman (74) aka: La venganza de la llorona In 1658, a woman finds out the man she loves (and has three children with) is marrying another. She makes a deal with the devil to get her revenge! Poisoning herself, and her children, she returns as La Llorona in present day. There is only one way to stop her, and Santo and his friend put their plan into action! La Llorona is an ugly-faced witchy looking zombie/corpse, made more effective with color. With English subtitles. BA

B538 Wrestling Women versus the Killer Robot (69) aka: Las luchadoras vs el robot asesino aka: La terrificante notte dei robot assassini The final entry in the Mexican 'Wrestling Women' series and the hardest one to find. In some ways similar to 'Night of the Bloody Apes' a film also directed by the same guy behind this one Rene Cardona. A mad scientist sends his robot (not your typical mexi-bot) to kidnap helpers to assist him as he attempts to create electronically controlled humans. He also has a monster-brute man he keeps in captivity, sending it out to do his ghastly bidding. With a brain transplant, we also get a remote controlled wrestling woman! For me, I dig these wrestling chicks better than the Santo guys. With English subtitles. BA

B520 Year of the Plague, The (79) aka: El Año de la Peste In a Mexican town, a doctor tries to get out the word of a spreading plague. Based on 'A Journal of the Plague' by Daniel Defoe. Interesting take on what would happen if the government, of probably any nation, was faced with either alerting the population that they were all screwed as option one, or just waiting for everybody to die so it does not spread further. The plague begins after a comet blazes across the sky, spraying the city with a yellowish goopy blob mess of lethal doom. Chaos and incompetence ensues. With English subtitles.




B483 Belle Starr Story, The (68) aka: Il mio corpo per un poker Abused and dominated in her youth by men, Belle Starr (Elsa Martinelli) now out smokes, out shoots, out rides and out gambles everyone in the old west. In the opening segment she throws a card game, putting out her body as the winnings for Blackie (George Eastman). The rest of the film finds them together for the most part, until a robbery goes awry. Plenty of action and the foxy Martinelli as the main character (in leather and cowboy duds, or cute lingerie) is quite the departure from the usual oater. Directed by a woman too, go figure! Nice Sharp LBX Upgrade! BA

B502 Blood Calls to Blood (68) aka: Sangue chiama sangue In a Frontier town between the U.S.A. and Mexico, Sancho and his gang assault a monastery, kill a few monks who try to appose the invasion of the sacred building, and go away with the precious loot, including the sacred custody, a work of art in gold and diamonds. As the bad guys argue and backstab over who gets the majority of the booty, they are being hunted..... One of the guys they killed has a pissed off brother. With Stephen Forsyth. LBX and English dubbed. BA

G407 Broken Land, The (62) aka: El juez maldito A cowboy rides into a small town that is ruled with an iron fist by a corrupt sheriff. He becomes involved with a pretty town girl, and some pissed off residents that are wanting to oust the sheriff. Things go wrong however and he finds himself on the run from a posse for a murder. Kent Taylor, Jody McCrea, Dianna Darrin, and Jack Nicholson as Will Brocious. Oddly compelling and quite short at only 1 hour long. Outstanding Arizona scenery with Cinemascope color and Widescreen. Jack Nicholson's next two films were for Roger Corman, 'The Raven' and 'The Terror'. BA

B526 Charity and the Strange Smell of Money (73) aka: Sentivano uno strano, eccitante, pericoloso puzzo di dollari Rare spaghetti western. Charity (Robert Malcom) is in charge of delivering the railroad cargo, but some locals and a Mexican gang of banditos have other ideas..... A saloon, dancing hookers, group battles, buffoonery and more. Also with Rosalba Neri. LBX

B545 Damned Pistols of Dallas (64) aka: Las malditas pistolas de Dallas aka: Die verdammten Pistolen von Dallas When a local banker is killed by stage robbers in a lawless town, it is up to our avenger Clay Stone (Fred Beir, known primarily for a guy who was in dozens of shows in the U.S. in the sixties and seventies as a guest star) to get the townsfolk fired up and grow some balls to protect themselves. Fast Draw (Angel Alvarez, a regular actor in many a spaghetti) is the lead baddie, and his wild band of miscreants are not going down without bloodshed. Also with Bardot-a-like Evi Marandi who starred in 'Planet of the Vampires' the next year. Fred Beir was downed by cancer in 1980 at age 53. LBX

B547 Deserter, The (71) aka: The Devil's Backbone aka: La spina dorsale del diavolo Nasty and violent fun here, with an all-star cast! Pissed over his wife's brutal death, (we see in the first few minutes of the film) a deserter disappears over southwestern wasteland. Later he is offered a full pardon if he takes a small band of specially trained soldiers to stomp out an Apache stronghold. Richard Crenna, Ian Bannen , Woody Strode, Slim Pickens, Albert Salmi, Patrick Wayne, Chuck Conners, John Huston and more. Now LBX!!

G418 Drango (57) aka: Le pays de la haine In the months that followed the War between the States, the South lay in pitiable desolation. Within the people, a fire still smoldered. Proud, unbowed, they watched with ominous foreboding as the hated Yankees again rode down upon their land.... this time as military governors. This film reveals a lot about the Reconstruction Era in the U.S. after the Civil War. It's amazing to see this portrayed without political agenda and spins (like every single movie made in the 2000's about this dark time). The Post Civil War South shows the hardships people faced, and one honorable Yankee military governor's attempts to handle it. Contrary to what people tell you. Most of the southerners killed in the Civil War did not own slaves! The rich sent out the poor to fight. The poor died. Jeff Chandler, Joanne Dru, Julie London and more star. BA

G369 Drummer of Vengeance (71) aka: Day of Judgment aka: Il giorno del giudizio aka: Doomsday aka: Tag der Vergeltung Ty Hardin stars as a Yankee soldier who seeks revenge on the six killers who murdered his wife and child and burned his home while he was away fighting in the Civil War. He tracks down and kills each man one by one as he works his way to the leader of the gang. Before he kills, he sets a little toy drummer on the ground and winds it up. It was his son's. Gordon Mitchell, Rosalba Nero and Craig Hill are just some of the stars featured here. This LBX version is English dubbed but does have a scene or two with Italian language. Brief nudity. Longer than our last print by almost 10 minutes!! BA

G408 Great Missouri Raid, The (51) aka: Les rebelles du Missouri The James and Younger boys would turn in their graves if they knew the number of films made about them. Here they ride the outlaw trail with a mean Union Army Major with a grudge (Ward Bond) after them. Offbeat color western with a full known cast that includes Wendell Corey, Macdonald Carey, Ellen Drew, Tom Tyler, Paul Fix and many more. In the opening scene, Union soldiers are trying to hang a guy, then they start to beat him... The boys ride in to his rescue. Remember the James boys rode for Quantrill and his border raiders.... BA

B554 Kill Them all and Come Back Alone (68) aka: Ammazzali tutti e torna soloIt's 1864. Clyde MacKay leads a squad of hard-case cutthroats on a mission for the high command. Their mission: Infiltrate an enemy fortress and steal a million dollars in gold from the Union Army. Typical of director Enzo G. Castellari, this film is pretty light-hearted, with tons of humorous moments and wall-to-wall action, staying true to the winning formula he's perfected over his career and across genres. Chuck Conners, the Rifleman himself, is excellent in this. This is not the Wild East version, but a beautiful widescreen amazing print. Great! BA

B555 Kung Fu Brothers in the Wild West (73) aka: Kung Fu nel pazzo West Excellent Hong Kong/Italian collaboration. Chen comes to America to complete a duel with his younger brother, Chou, to decide who will succeed their grandfather as a master of kung fu. he arrives in town, just as a raping and pillaging gang arrive in town. Believe me, we will get plenty of kung-fu battles and gunfights before this one plays out! Now in a pretty decent upgrade! English Dubbed and with Dutch subtitles. BA

G405 Law of the Ranger (37) Working undercover, Rangers Bob and Wally arrive to take up ranching. Out to stop them is Bill Nash and his men. When Bob plans to file on a ranch, Nash finds out and heads for the Registrar ahead of him. With Robert Allen, John Merton and more. BA

G396 Long Rope, The (61) When a federal judge is sent to town to preside in a murder trial, he finds that the defendant, a poor Mexican, possibly wrongly accused, is about to be lynched. Will they find the real killer before he swings? The culprit comes out of left field. With Hugh Marlowe, Alan Hale Jr. and Madeleine Taylor Holmes (her last film was as the creepy old hill woman in 'Pumpkinhead') in a pivotal role. BA

B557 Oklahoma John (65) aka: Ranch of the Ruthless aka: Il ranch degli spietati Oklahoma John is sent into a small town that is ruled by ruthless ranch hands. The last sheriff was murdered. Corruption abounds and to get to the truth and get the bad guys, Oklahoma John and his wily deputies weather all of the actions and twists. Incredible Widescreen English dubbed version. BA

B535 Quintana: Dead or Alive (69) In a Mexican Province oppressed by the evil Governor Don Juan de Leyra, the rebel outlaw Quinatana (Tony Di Mitri) is the sole guardian of justice. Quintana is a 'Zorro' type, with a face mask. He has a woman named Esmeralda (Antonietta Fiorito) and a family, unusual for a spaghetti. Also with Femi Benussi. English dubbed and Widescreen BA

G399 Ride the Man Down (52) aka: La batalla de los rancheros Disputes over a dead man's property escalate into a bloody range war! When the owner of a huge ranch dies in a blizzard, it's game on time for a plethora of familiar faces to engage in feisty ruinous greed-seeking shenanigans that will not end well for most. Forrest Tucker, Rod Cameron, Jack La Rue, Paul Fix, J. Carrol Naish, Chill Wills, Brian Donlevy and more. BA

B562 Sign of the Coyote, The (63) aka: El vengador de California aka: Il segno del coyote The crooked Governor is sending pistolero's to harass landowners, and he has the crooked Judge on his side as well. It is up to the mysterious hombre known as 'Coyote' to stand up as the protector of the oppressed. Secretly, he is the son of one of the largest land owners. So he has a stake in this. Finally, a pretty decent upgrade of this Spanish/Italian co-production. English language dubbed and with Greek subtitles. BA

B564 Tepepa (69) aka: Blood and Guns aka: Trois pour un massacre The movie centers on a Mexican Revolutionary nicknamed Tepepa (Tomas Milian) who joins forces with an outlaw band during the Revolutionary War. The Revolution was won and the new regime was in place. People believed their cry for liberty had at last been answered. Yet, if anything, conditions became worse as ruthless Colonel Cascorro (Orson Welles!) took command. Only one man will stand up to him (with his lowly band of dissidents). Tepepa! Tepepa also wants Cascorra dead because Cascorra is the man who killed his father! They will literally destroy legions of government forces as they make their way closer to revenge and liberation. John Steiner also stars, Uncut LBX 131 minute version. One of the best! BA




G296 Erotic Journey (93) aka: Jing ji xing you xi Three sexy girls jet off for a vacation holiday and end up getting framed for drug trafficking and thrown into a brutal jungle prison camp in Thailand. Let's see. Plenty of nudity. Check. Sadistic warders. Check. Tortured innocents, bondage, whipping and other degradations. Check. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy this sleazy Hong Kong fare. With English subtitles.




Video Screams does NOT offer the following types of films or material:  Child Pornography (including but not limited to underage actors in adult films), Snuff Films or Bestiality Films.  Please do not inquire about these types of films– we do not offer or know of anyone who does offer these illegal films. 

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All models, actors, actresses and other persons that appear in any visual depiction of actual sexually explicit conduct appearing or otherwise contained in this update were over the age of eighteen years at the time of the creation of such depictions.



G432 Bondage Madness #2 (various) Punished Mistress, Punished Breasts, Psycho Bondage and Soft and Severe. Bondage fans take note, this features a guy doing different things to a different willing woman for each titled segment. He takes his time and it runs over 3 and a half hours!

B523 Brigitte Lahaie Anthology of Pleasure (various) About 1 hour and 45 minutes of some of her hottest scenes. A sampler platter feast for the uninitiated.

G397 Bull's Market (70) + Weekend Convention (71) First, a wife and her sexy friend's screw her husband the stockbroker's clients for dividends, and have a great time doing it! Next. at a convention, two guys leave their wives alone in their room, and have sex with other women, Meanwhile their wives do the Bellboy and a stud they find by the pool. It's a Double Feature!

G413 Buttslammers 6: Over the Edge (92) A bunch of sexy girls get together, hang out, and get nasty frequently with one another in this all-girl hardcore with toys that runs almost 2 hours. Kaitlyn Ashely in her second hardcore film (she went on to make 100's), Tammi Ann, Debi Diamond, Bionca Seven and more lubricious sweeties star.

G414 Catalina 5-O : Tiger Shark (90) Underwater photography and a murder-plot in a porno? Yep. Just padding for the main course. Namely Raven and Viviana. Also with Sandra Scream and Zara Whites.

G327 Dr. Ruthless (8?) Dr. Ruthless (Misty Regan), America's kinkiest sexual researcher, along with her faithful assistant Mongo, have enticed 4 innocent coeds into their laboratory dungeons for an experiment in bondage and obedience. Tender young flesh is teased, tormented and tested into (ahem) scientific submission.

G437 Eureka Bound (81) Gay Porno from the early 80's with a number of young men happily engaged in activities with one another.

G254 Golden Drinks (0?) German made urination and sex with hot blondes and different techniques of exploration in this very wet fetish realm. F.L.

G361 Millionaire, The (84) Incredibly obscure bondage sex type of film that dwells more on domination and ropes, outfits, a sex dungeon and whipping. Plenty of nudity of course.

B584 More Swedish Erotica (various) Seka, Nikki Charm, Angel Kelley and more. Nothing but the best immaculate quality mini-stories with fiery sex. These were HUUUGGGGEEE back in the day, and were (and still are) some of the most heated scenes of erotica ever filmed with numerous recognizable stars getting down to business quite quickly. Clearly high standard pornography in red hot' blazing color. Don't throw water on your flat screen when it begins to smoke. About 4 hours of Action. (DVD-R ONLY)

B585 More Swedish Erotica #2 (various) Angel Cash, Seka, Leena, Mona Page and More More More.... What's not to like? About 4 more hours of the ultimate sex series to light up your screen! (DVD-R ONLY)

B586 More Swedish Erotica #3 (various) Christy Canyon, Tracey Adams, Lisa Deleeuw, Bridgette Monet, Angel Kelley, Juliet Anderson.... more. And still another set of excellent quality XXX scenes with the best of the best and about 4 hours long! (DVD-R ONLY)

B587 More Swedish Erotica #4 (various) Tracey Adams, Shone Taylor, Brooke West, Annette Haven, Seka and more! Continuing and yes, another just about 4 hour collection of stellar stars scoring with one another, shafting with reckless abandon! (DVD-R ONLY)

B588 More Swedish Erotica #5 (various) Nikki Charm, Melissa Melendez, Nina Hartley and more! About 4 hours of sex-fun sleaze! (DVD-R ONLY)

B589 More Swedish Erotica #6 (various) Jacqueline, Candi Cash, Blondie and more! Quick, get the fire hose. This is yet another scorcher' that will literally heat a room in the dead of winter. About 4 hours so there you go! (DVD-R ONLY)

B590 More Swedish Erotica #7 (various) Loni Sanders and many more! I think now it would be time to remind you. This is one of the best sets of scenes ever committed to celluloid. Yes, these were shot on actual film! About 4 hours. (DVD-R ONLY)

B591 More Swedish Erotica #8 (various) Linda Wong, Seka, Candi Evans, Susan Hart, Honey Wilder and more! About 4 more hours of fun! (DVD-R ONLY)

B592 More Swedish Erotica #9 (various) Amy Rogers, Candy, Shawn Michele, Little Oral Annie, Tracey Adams, Shone Taylor, Christy Canyon and more! About 4 hours of F. and S. in this series of seemingly endless debauchery. (DVD-R ONLY)

B593 More Swedish Erotica #10 (various) Vanessa Del Rio, Tess Fere, Sheri St. Claire plus many more. Unstoppable Ecstasy! About 4 hours! (DVD-R ONLY)

B594 More Swedish Erotica #11 (various) Annette Haven, Bambi, Taija Rae, Desiree Cousteau and more! Keep in mind, we only list some of the females and none of the males. They are here too, but for lack of space here. About 4 hours! (DVD-R ONLY)

B595 More Swedish Erotica #12 (various) Sheri St. Claire, Lois Ayres, Amy Rogers, Raquel, Leslie Winston, Bunny Bleu and more! Yes, about 4 hours more of fun! (DVD-R ONLY)

G420 Outraged #24 (various) This one opens with a scene that warns of the perils of hitchhiking.... next a bound and abused blonde, later rape at gunpoint...more.... offensive and consensual couplings continue in this one that runs about 6 hours on one disc! (DVD-R ONLY)

G421 Outraged #25 (various) 3 guys drag a girl into a basement area where they have a mattress and begins shafting with their enthusiastic and willing sex slave. It's Marilyn chambers! She features in the next scene as well as she takes on two officers of the law. Dungeon abuse, masked men bondage rape, More... about 2 and a half hours (DVD-R ONLY)

G422 Outraged #26 (various) Opening scene is with Shauna Grant. Then a woman is forced to fellatio by gunpoint, more outrageousness and hardcore sex scenes follow in this 2 hour outing. (DVD-R ONLY)

G423 Outraged #27 (various) Scene after scene of continuing debauchery in the series. Unrelenting and continuously offensive behavior by animalistic horny maniacs. This one about 4 and a half hours. (DVD-R ONLY)

G424 Outraged #28 (various) Starts with a hot bound, blind-folded blonde forced to perform at knifepoint. Followed by another in the same set of circumstances. This one just keeps up the bondage and forced sex for over 6 hours. It just keeps coming and coming..... (DVD-R ONLY)

G425 Outraged #29 (various) Hot and Horny sometimes controversial and always erotic, not as brutal as some of the others but still there are some uncomfortable moments as well. Another over 6 hour epic of all-out-sleaze scenes that defy the limits of human sexuality. (DVD-R ONLY)

G429 Outraged #30 (various) Moaning and excited nymphomaniacs get all they can handle and more in this screwiest of non-stop sex that runs just over 2 hours. (DVD-R ONLY)

G431 Outraged #31 (various) Countless Hot Chicks and countless positions in this smutty offering that is sure to please. Some of this is pretty brutal so be warned. This 6 hours has a little bit for everybody! (DVD-R ONLY)

G255 Pee Fun Lovers (9?) More sex and pee mixed together like it's just an everyday occurrence with these couples. They really seem to enjoy it. Hope they have Stanley Steamer on speed-dial. English language dubbing in this golden spray offering.

G415 Pretty in Peach (92) A house in the woods run by Phoebe (Christy Canyon) receives various horny visitors and Phoebe and her sex fantasies come true. Summer Knight and Tianna Taylor get amorous as well with oh-so-lucky men and each other. Pretty fervid fun here. Very Hot. Burning in a good way.

B480 Six Swedes in Prison (80) aka: Ballgame - Directed by Erwin C. Dietrich. Inmates at a woman's prison find a way to distract the opposing team of prison guards before a benefit baseball game. A full house of hot porno girls including Tawny Pearl, Connie Peterson, Candida Royale, Lisa De Leeuw, Tiffany Clark and more.

G350 Society Piss (??) This is more of that German fetish Golden showers type of material. Is that warning enough? Bring an umbrella.

G426 Tits and Cream (94) + Everything is not Relative (94) First, a set of hot sex scenes that climax on each woman's ample bosoms. And then in the next film.... A man lusts after his very hot (and very mature) stepdaughters. In the opening we see one of them in her bedroom with her teddy bears and a lollipop. She has a hot tryst with a girlfriend and some toys. Eventually step dad will not be able to control his carnal urges, and they will not ask who's your daddy when they give in to their sexual desires. He confesses and seeks help. A shock ending. Danyel Cheeks, Shane Tyler and more star. + mores sex scenes follow the movies! This one runs about 4 hours. (DVD-R ONLY)

G430 Uncensored Japanese Hardcore (9?) Japanese girls get down and dirty with Japanese men and don't have that pesky blurry optical censoring for a change, so you see all the details.... 2 hours and 5 minutes. F.L. (DVD-R ONLY)

G375 Vamp (86) XXX version of the Hollywood 'Vamp' from 1985 without a vampire in sight. A priest rents an apartment room to see why hookers do what they do. Various people come into the room to have sex. The priest watches various couplings. Ron Jeremy shows up and services two women. Some shots of New York show a few of the remaining sleaze cinemas, one playing 'Cannibal Holocaust'.

G427 Weird Sex (various) sex commercials after most scenes. Midgets, creepy nipples, scary creepy looking peckers... more.... and Farm Girl: A hot blonde has sex with men in an outdoor barnyard setting. This one runs a bit over 4 hours. (DVD-R ONLY)

G428 Young Buns 2 (90) Girls of the day hump with athletic vigor. Join Stacy Bell, Dusty and more as they continue to satisfy horny men. Followed by more sex, climaxing at around 2 hours.

B596 Young Girls and Big Tits (various) 2 hours of some of your favorites. Tracy Adams, Tesse Fere, Candie Evans, Buffy Davis, Patty Plenty and more. This set of classic sex scenes runs about 2 hours.