BA=  Color Box Art Available for an additional $3.00  

FL= Film is in Foreign Language

Lbx=  Letterboxed or Widescreen format 

Subs=  Film is subtitled

aka= Also Known As  (alternate titles)




Z345    Bankaku Rock (73) aka: Ranking Boss Rock  Another incredible 'girl gang' flick out of Japan! This is one of the most difficult to find of all from the Sukeban series.  Girl gangs face off in constant squabbles, usually decked out in  full sukeban gear.  In the opening sequence, there is a 50 girl battle atop a railroad bridge! Apparently, they come here often.  These girls behaving badly are typically young and hot Japanese chicks.  Sexist? You bet! When a rough man murders one of the girls (she bites him first at least), the cops suspect the girl gangs of the death.  I have a feeling the girl accused of the murder will get the bad guy with a shotgun!  Nudity, sex and violence, drug abuse, bloody death, hot chicks.  Great stuff here.  LBX and with English subtitles.  

Z279    Ride Hard Ride Wild (70) Two professional bikers have a rivalry in this soft-core sex and motorcycle action picture.  John Keith as 'Lief' is the hero, and Ray Sebastian is 'Karl' the one up to no good to get the upper hand.  Oddly the filmmakers tried to pass this off as a Danish film, not sure why.  Dope smokin', Sex, odd choice of music during certain scenes, lots of skin, motorcyclin' jumps, drinking and driving, kidnapping and rape....  plus more!


CLASSICS  {Choose any two CLASSIC titles to create your custom double feature for $14.00 on VHS OR DVD-R! }  

H860    Alice in Wonderland (33) aka: Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland   Alice (Charlotte Henry) goes to Wonderland and encounters an assortment of characters.  W.C.  Fields is Humpty-Dumpty, Richard Arlen the Cheshire Cat...  and many more stars of the day playing dress-up in this classic fantasy.   BA

Z310    Big Combo, The (55) aka: Association criminelle  Cornel Wilde is underpaid cop Leonard Diamond, living across from a Burlesque Club.  He wants to nail the crime boss Mr.  Brown (Richard Conte).  He's also got the hots for Susan, the wife of the crime boss (Jean Wallace).  Mr.  Brown's gay henchmen (Earl Holliman and Lee Van Cleef as 'Mingo' and 'Fante'!) are in charge of keeping an eye on Susan.  What could go wrong? Cornel Wilde and Jean Wallace were married at the time in real life.   BA

Z319 Boss of Big Town, The (42) There is a criminal plot underway to take over the produce and dairy products during wartime.  Luckily an undercover city market official (John Litel) is on the case, posing as an incompetent stooge on the city's payroll.  Would you stop that racket? Food for the Mob. 

H851 Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness (27) aka: Chang: La giungla misteriosa  Deep in the jungles of Northern Siam, an entire village struggles to keep their rice crop viable while under constant threat from bears, leopards, and eventually, elephants.  Real locations and real local people are used.   Light relief in Chang is provided by Bimbo, Kru’s family’s pet gibbon…  An amazing film from Merian C.  Cooper and Ernest B.  Schoedsack, the men who would bring us 'King Kong' six years later.  Outstanding and dangerous filmmaking here, beautiful color tints, plentiful in action.  Warning though, some scenes will give PETA members heart palpitations.   BA

Z306 Chase, The (46) Chuck Scott, a returning WW2 soldier (Robert Cummings) goes to work for a mobster as a driver, and takes off with the mobster's wife (Michele Morgan), who is terrified of her husband.  But Chuck is tripping on some heavy PTSD.  What is real? Peter Lorre (as another villain) has great musings and victimization rants.  Nobody whines better than any actor in the history of film.  Expect maybe Deniro.  Nail biting suspense here!  BA

H785 Devil's Daughter, The (39) All black cast filmed in Jamaica man! Voodoo, pounding drums and lots of chanting! Starring Nina Mae McKinney (The Black Garbo).  Lots of interesting racial politics here I will leave for others to analyze.  + Chloe, Love is Calling You (34) Watch what happens when a voodoo priestess emerges from the black swamps to take revenge on a white plantation owner...  With Olive Borden as Chloe in her last film! + Rufus Jones for President (33) Sammy Davis Jr.  (at 8 years of age in his debut) is a black child elected president of the United Sates of America (!) in this short.  Olive Borden, once a star with 60 screen credits, died a penniless alcoholic in a Los Angeles Mission in 1947 at age 41. 

Z349 Fiancé of Darkness, The (45) aka: La fiancée des ténèbres  aka: Gespielin der Finsternis   A girl named Sylvie (Jany Holt) has seen two of her lovers die, and believes she may be cursed.  Her uncle and adoptive guardian, is a retired school teacher with a passion for discovering the secret of a Christian sect that glorified death over life.  A cozy duo.  Sylvie has a new man in mind to hopefully give her a second chance at love, but her uncle wants her to renounce this world, and follow him into a lonely secret cathedral that he has discovered.  Dark and dreary with horror elements, creepy subterranean locations and spooky music.  English subtitles.   BA

Z309 Gangster's Boy (38) aka: El Hijo del Gangster  School star athlete and valedictorian Larry Kelly has it made.  But then everybody finds out that his father (Robert Warwick) is a former bootlegger.  This puts Larry Kelly, who is now a social pariah, in a conundrum.  What path will he follow?  BA

Z350 Hangman and the Witch (55) aka: The Case of Poisons  aka: L'affaire des poisons  The King's mistress is pissed off at the King because he is attracted to a much younger beauty.  She pays a visit to a witch, a woman versed in the black arts who sells poisons.  Sometime later the young beauty dies mysteriously at age 20.  I have a feeling there is going to be a dramatic well staged very colorful witch burning!  “If we wouldn't burn the witches what would we become?” The Madame asks.   A fairly mean-spirited and unfair plot.  The Gothic Color photography shows some dramatic night scenes and will remind you of some of Hammer's finest.  Although this is a French film in French language and with English subtitles.   BA

H803 Inside Story, The (48) Money moves and serves various purposes for six people in a Vermont community in 1933.  Probably a deliberate post-war propaganda message about the value of circulating your money, and not keeping it in the bank.  Marsha Hunt and loads of others star.  As I write this, I see Marsha Hunt is going to be 101 in October.  Amazing. 

Z313 Johnny One Eye (50) Wounded gangster Martin (Pat O'Brien) hides out in a deserted building and is discovered by a little girl and her cute little one-eyed dog.  He convinces the little girl that he is Santa Claus.  She is going to help him.  Wayne Morris is the main villain.  Johnny One Eye was played very well by 'Skipper' the dog.   BA

Z316 Kid Monk Baroni (52) Kid Monk Maroni (Leonard Nimoy, 'Spock' himself!) is a kid with a chip on his shoulder and a crooked nose.  He becomes a boxer after meeting Mr.  Hellman (Bruce Cabot).  Also with Jack Larsen.  See Spock meet Jimmy Olsen.  See Spock box.  Being a huge 'Star Trek' fan years ago, it was pretty cool to finally see this one, Leonard Nimoy at 21 in his first leading role.   BA

H862 Mädchen in Uniform (31) aka: Jeunes filles en uniforme  A German film in which a sensitive girl is sent to an all-girls boarding school (for the daughters of soldiers) and is attracted to her female teacher.  One of the first of it's kind, the lesbian theme obvious but not exploitative or overbearing, remember, this is Germany in 1931.  The girl reveals her crush to the other girls in the school....  You do not need to speak German to enjoy and understand this film.  Social commentary on the era this was made in, with some truly haunting images since we now know what came after in the history of Germany.  F.L.   BA

Z318 Midnight Limited (40) aka: El crimen nocturno  Joan Marshall (Marjorie Reynolds) is on a night train from New York to Montreal.  She hears a scuffle in the next compartment and she too is a victim of 'The Phantom Robber'.  Her inheritance papers are stolen....  something smells funny....  With the help of the police she plans to catch the crooks and get to the bottom of this foul act of malice.  With John 'Dusty' King. 

H841 Nazi Agent (42) aka: House of Spies  German born identical twins (both played by Conrad Veidt) on the opposite sides of WW2.  One a loyal American, the other a German.  The American is forced to help a group of German spies and he rebels and kills his brother...  then impersonates him.  Will he now expose the Nazis? Also with Martin Kosleck and Marc Lawrence.   BA

H880 Our Heavenly Bodies (25) aka: Wunder der Schöpfung  A remarkable German film that educates the viewer about time and space, mysteries of the universe, the earth's creation and it's certain future destruction, the planets and the stars....  this a real space oddity.  Color Tints, no English Foreign Subs only.  Still Fascinating. 

Z308 Racketeer, The (29) aka: Love's Conquest  Early talkie about a dapper gangster (Robert Armstrong), who sponsors a drunken violinist (Roland Drew) to get close the violinist's girlfriend (Carole Lombard).  So you see his motivation.  He wants to get laid! But who will she chose? Bum in the gutter or rich charming gangster? Lombard looks gorgeous here.  

H804 Rogue's Regiment (48) aka: La legione dei condannati  An Army Intelligence Officer tracks his man all the way to Indochina and has to join the French Foreign language to smoke him out.  With the help of a French Intelligence Officer (Marta Toren) he gets closer....  Vincent Price and others fill out the cast set in the then exotic locale that would become Viet Nam.  Marta Toren, promoted as the next Ingrid Bergman, died of a sudden brain hemorrhage (she suffered while performing on stage) at age 30 in Sweden back in 1957.  Vincent Price was still 5 years from his horror breakout role in 'House of Wax'.   BA

Z314 Shoot to Kill (47) aka: Police Reporter  A woman hooks up with a dirty D.A. to get the goods that will clear a man of a murder he was framed and convicted for.   Fast paced crime story that begins with a car chase and then flashes back to explain who is involved and what led up to the chase.  Russell Wade, Luana Walters, Robert Kent and more star.   BA

H820 Teenage Doll (57) aka: Choque de gangsters  When the local girl gang 'The Black Widows' finds one of their own dead, they are sure that a local teen (another girl, who is not part of a gang) is responsible.  They begin to track her down… A rough night is in store for everybody involved.  Decent Corman quickie.  June Kenney.  Fay Spain and Colette Jackson star.   BA

H891 Thief of Bagdad, The (24) aka: The Thief of Bagdad: An Arabian Nights Fantasy   Visually stunning silent film that helped usher in the age of spectacle with it's lavish sets and creative special effects.  This film was as big and exciting to 1924 audiences as 'Star Wars' was to audiences of the 1970's.  Douglas Fairbanks and his antics/acrobatics puts just about every modern day actor of this current age of films to shame.  The primitive effects have a hand-crafted feel, and though hokey, still are pretty cool.  More creative than a dozen new CGI films.   BA

H857 Tres Citas Con el Destino (54) aka: Witchcraft  A trilogy of tales, the first involving the taking of someone's identity...  Argentina, Mexico and Spain all involved, one of the segments directed by Leon Klimovsky.  F.L.

H844 Tunnel, Le (33) aka: The Tunnel   Construction of an undersea tunnel between Europe and the United States.  Certain groups are not hip with this plan, and sabotage and murder are some of the options that are not off the table! A splendid disaster movie from Germany with a science fiction plot as we know this is totally impossible, even with today's technologies.  Jean Gabin and Madeleine Renaud star.   BA

H886 Whispering Ghosts (42) aka: Fantasmas de broma  Old dark house elements on an old ship in this comedy horror hybrid with lots of fog, spooky glowing eyes and mysterious figures walking around.  Milton Berle and John Carradine star.  +  The Ghost and the Guest (43) A couple spend their honeymoon in a haunted mansion in this screwball comedy that is more silly than scary.  But a perfect double here for sure! James Dunn and Florence Rice star.   BA

Z331 Witches of Salem, The (57) aka: The Crucible  aka: Les sorcières de Salem  Industrious farmer John Proctor, has twice made love to 17-year old Abigail, a young woman he and his wife Elisabeth have taken in.  His wife is frigid, puritanical and cold.  When she catches them together Abigail is tossed.  Seeking revenge Abigail convinces the entire village that Elisabeth is a witch who manipulates young girls...   Mass hysteria ensues.  If you listen to fools...  Another variation of the age old tale with some facts, some fiction.  Quite excellent actually, with great locations and persecutors of the innocence a precursor of 'Witchfinder General' just 11 years later.  Now in a nice sharp upgrade with English subtitles.   BA

Z311 Young Fugitives (38) Joel Bentham (Harry Davenport) is the last surviving Civil War veteran.  Prime pickings for Ray Riggens (Robert Wilcox) who plans to get into his confidence and then rob him of 50,000.  Or will he reform and have a change of heart? 





Z320 Age Unknown (91) aka: Ålder okänd  When a man discovers a method that slows the aging process, he calls a former colleague to assist him when he runs into problems.  In Swedish and with English subtitles.    (2 1/2 hours!  On dvd-r only)

H791 Bone Hunter, The (03) 575 A.D.: A shipwrecked band of Romans escort a reluctant widow beyond Hadrians Wall, where she is committed to wed a mercenary Chieftain.  But they are attacked and she is abducted....   Bright crisp colors and beautiful landscape locations almost make you see past the low budget and amateur cast.  Almost.  You may notice similarities to some current shows running these days. 

H792 Daughter of the Sun God (62) aka: Lost City of Gold - A trio of adventurers go on an expedition through the jungles and some desert to locate a lost Inca City.  Snakes, crocodiles, topless natives, shrunken heads, dangerous bridge over gorge, a large cast.  battles etc.  Good locations prove this is not a fake set bound film, looks like it was a rough shoot! Lisa Montell (in her last film) and more star.   BA

Z288 Demeking: The Sea Monster (09) In 1969, a man eating on a beach, finds a message in a bottle that warns of the arrival of a doomsday monster.  He prepares...  The monster will indeed arrive.  As we await the fearsome beast which is supposed to instill fear into the populace and lay waste to mankind...the day finally arrives.  Slowly.  It's a Giant Snail! Yes, you heard me.  A Giant Snail! Take that Godzilla.  The story squelches along with some nice photography and drama until the creature arrives! Run! (You'll probably get away!)  English subs  BA

Z347 Devil of Paris (62) aka: Les mystères de Paris  Swept into the world of this film with an opening score that seals you in right away.  19th century Paris.  Marquis Rodolphe hangs with a large group of rich snooty society types at a big dance where, decked in their best rich duds, he is coaxed into a carriage race by his rich lady (Dany Robin).  They hit a poor working man, give him a little cash, and split.  In all fairness, the guy does insist he is okay.  But the guy dies, and Marquis Rodolphe finds himself on the wrong side of the law when he helps the widow to find her missing daughter (blonde cutie Jill Haworth who would figure into a few decent horror films later), who has been kidnapped into a life of servitude in the dingy underworld.  Jean Marais is Rodolphe.   BA

H790 Eagle of the Ninth, The (77) In 130 A.D., young Roman officer Marcus and his freed slave Esca, search for the Ninth Legion's Golden Eagle standard, which vanished years ago...  This mini-series comes complete on two discs.  Excellent and true to the novel.  Anthony Higgins, Patrick Holt and more star.  Interesting to see Anthony Higgins, who previously played the hero in 'Taste the Blood of Dracula' and the shape-shifter hippie vampire in 'Vampire Circus' and still later a role in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', as the lead in this high production mini-series.  Counts as two selections. 

H953 Giant of the 20th Century (77) aka: Yeti   aka: Yeti - Il gigante del 20° secolo    A giant Godzilla sized Yeti is found frozen in the ice on Newfoundland's coast.  Rich industrialist types want to thaw the creature and exploit it.  Of course it comes alive, and looks like a giant hippie from the Woodstock concert.  It then falls in love with a young beautiful hot chick.  The Yeti changes in size throughout the movie.  He can look 10-20 feet high, and then in another scene have a foot 10-20 feet big.  Wildly entertaining.  The lead Italian chick Antonella Interlenghi was in 'City of the Living Dead' a few years later.   BA

Z298 Kunpan: Legend of the Warlord (02) Kun Pan is based on a famous Thai poem of folklore, Kun Pan is a warrior who can manage war and women during the same time frame.  Epic battle scenes and huge sweeping landscapes.  Set in late eighteenth, early nineteenth century Thailand, this is an example of their culture, their world, while here in America we were struggling to settle and spread across our land, everywhere else in the world people were fighting and killing each other as well.  LBX and with English subtitles.  + Bonus Trailers!  BA

H955 Two Lost Worlds (51) aka: Mysteriet på Øgleøen   After a battle with pirates, Kirk Hamilton (James Arness) and others are stranded on a volcanic island complete with dinosaurs.  The dinosaur footage was lifted from 'One Million B.C.' and we also see a woman get taken by a lava flow, which is used in other films as well.  Still, running only about an hour, this is great fun! Also with Kasey Rogers.   BA



H951 Alice in Acidland (69) Alice (Sheri Jackson) smokes grass and hops into a lesbian encounter.  Later Alice trips with hippies and basically has sex with everybody around.  You see weed or LSD turn you into a raging bi-sexual nymphomaniac.  At least that is what it does to Alice.  Consider yourself lucky if you call Alice when she's ten feet tall.  But bring protection.   BA

H938 Beast of Pleasure (75) aka: Vieni amore mio... vieni  aka: La bête à plaisir  Young Gilbert is getting seriously horny as his frigid wife is causing him much frustration.  But no worries, he meets Barbara (Ellen Earl), she's a bit older, and very playful and adventurous.  Barbara is a Beast of Pleasure! She strips and mounts Gilbert.  Gilbert, still overcome with lust goes home and humps his wife, she lays back like she's dead.  Gilbert returns to Barbara's the next day.  Barbara needs more, a lesbian encounter, another couple over to swing.....  Hot and Erotic and Dubbed into English language soft-core.   BA

H936 Dangerous Love (81) aka: He's Porno, She's Erotic  aka: Porno lui erotica lei   aka: Bettgeknister - Sexgeflüster   Wealthy Marina (Karin Well) cuts her gigolo husband Roberto off when she learns he is fooling around with a Countess.  She teams up with the Countess to teach Roberto a lesson in love and lust.  Appropriately sleazy Italian made offering here and dubbed into English as well! From director Mario Siciliano.  Also starring Mark Shannon, Guia Lauri Filzi, Ornella Picozzi and more lovely ladies who seem to be having orgasms with the dubbing.  I would love to be in the room when they were dubbing this, hilarious! Picture not as sharp as usual, but another obscure sleaze film.   BA

Z285 Diamond Stud (70) Diamond Jim rides the rails around the country.  Trains are a great place for smoking cigars and getting laid.  This seems to be all he is interested in doing.  Unusual soft-core posing as a historical drama with authentic locations, lavish set designs, elaborate plot, and boobs galore.  Paul Henreid's daughter Monika is also on hand.  No evidence of nepotism there.  The San Francisco Earthquake, trains and tracks for those obsessed with such things, drinking and brawling.... 

Z363 Diary of a Hooker (71) aka: Delicias Holandesas  aka: Wat zien ik  Ronnie Bierman is Blonde Greet, a hooker with a heart of gold, selling her wares in Amsterdam (where penicillin sales are through the roof).  Blonde and her whore friend Nel (Sylvia de Leur) service kinky males with weird dress-up fetishes, and sometimes things get out of hand.  The local pimp is on hand and he beats the snot out of Nel on a regular basis when he feels she is not earning enough.  Both girls want a steady man and a normal life...  but when they try to change...  things go off the rails....  Nice LBX and with English subtitles.  Ronnie Bierman died at age 45 in the Netherlands.  Paul Verhoeven directs this, his first feature, his next few films starred Rutger Hauer.  LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

H939 Divorcee, The (69) aka: Die Nymphomanin  Betty (blonde sex-pot Marsha Jordan) is shattered to find her husband Hank going at it with another woman in their marital bed.  In comes the consoling men friend's, and off comes Betty's gear.  Sally's pilot husband sends her flying high....  an insurance agent gets her covered...  even her lawyer makes his impassioned appeal.  Will she return to Hank? Another obscure soft-core sex film.   BA


H929 Exploitation Trailers #1 (various) Starts with 'Bare Knuckles' followed by 'Great White'....  Hell's Chosen Few, Chain Gang Women, The Last Hippies, Sugar Hill and many many more! Exploitation and Horror collide all over this thing.   DVD-R only with no VHS. 

H930 Exploitation Trailers #2 (various) Starts with 'Freaks' followed by 'Maniac' ...  you guessed it, these are mostly older exploitation movies.  She Shoulda' Said No and many many more.  Myra Breckinridge, The Student Nurses, War Goddess.......   DVD-R only with no VHS. 

H931 Exploitation Trailers #3 (various) This collects THREE rare tapes of exploitation trailers and is over 2 hours! This collection is so mind bogglingly insane (with generous doses of nudity) you won't be able to take your eyes off of it.  And what a party disc! They don't make 'em like this any more.  This moment in time has passed.  DVD-R only with no VHS. 


Z348 Fever (71) aka: Fiebre  Sexy, stacked Isabel Sarli is Magda.  Married to a rich horse track owner she does not love.  She starts getting it on with a hard woodsman....  She seems to live in a constant state of arousal.  She gets really turned on by horse's going at it.  I think the affair is paralleled by the rise to fame, then decline, of a racehorse named Fever.  Armando Bo directs.  Bizarre, fascinating and erotic.  In Spanish language only with no English subtitles.

Z357 Five Minutes to Love (63) Not to be confused with 'Five Minutes to Live'.  Ben, his wife and child, break down near a local junkyard, run by a crook and two low-life dope heads, as well as resident hooker 'Poochie' (who he regularly whores out to certain customers!).  Savage violence erupts! This trashy garbage from 1963 is quite a mess, and entertaining as hell!  Rue Clanahan as 'Poochie, is quite convincing, in one of her first roles. 

H937 Frank and I (84) aka: Lady Libertine  aka: Die Karriere der Francis B.    Turn of the century England.  A nobleman meets an orphaned schoolboy named Frank on the side of the road and decides to adopt him and raise him proper.  When Frank slips up, the nobleman makes Frank drop his drawers and bend over for a whipping!  Wait a minute! Hold on! While tanning that bare ass he finds out Frank's secret! Frank is a girl, a young woman actually.  Cute little Jennifer Inch as Frank/Frances may make you feel uncomfortable lusting after her naked body, but she is over 18, so no big deal.  This is soft-core as well by the way, and also stars Sophie Favier and more. 

H942 Gemini Affair (75) Julie (Marta Kristen of 'Lost in Space') is a hopeful (not so) young wannabe actress visiting her successful Hollywood friend Jessica (Kathy Kersh).  She soon finds out Jessica is a failure, a call-girl for rich producers, nothing more.  Julie and Jessica have a lot in common, including lesbian tendencies, which they indulge.....  Good, because both women are gorgeous.  This film seems to be difficult to locate,  here is a nice print from an original source.  Unintentionally campy.   BA

Z368 Good Little Girls (71) aka: Les petites filles modèles  Two daughters of a sexually liberated countess, a mother and daughter who've befriended them after a car accident and live with them, and a S&M-prone daughter of their butch neighbor all fall for the same men - a doctor and a local boy…  From the director of 'Maidens of the Dormitory' , 'Brigade Call-Girls' and many more! Trust me, the good little girls in the title are grown up babes! Now that's out of the way...  Nice and with English subtitles.   BA

H935 Immoral (80) aka: Confessions of a Prostitute   A high-class call girl (Sylvie Dessartre) gets amnesia when she is in an accident.  She finally regains it in a very long flashback that tells her sex-filled story.  This amazing French soft-core sex film has some of the hottest ladies around at the time, is very erotic, and dubbed into English.  There are some bad glitches on the print, but we still listed this as it is the only print of this classic we have seen, 95% of the movie is fine quality-wise.   BA

H934 Inhibition (76) After years of sexual humiliation at the hands of her sadistic husband and his friends, a wealthy heiress (Claudine Beccarie) becomes ruthless in business, and sexually dominates her young secretary Anna (before porno Ilona Staller also known as Cicciolina).  But what happens when she falls in love with a man she thought she was only manipulating to serve her needs? Also with Ivan Rassimov.  NO XXX.  But ...  when unrelated hardcore scenes were added to this film by unscrupulous players, Claudine Baccarie protested by going on a hunger strike in front of the the theater showing the film. 

Z280 Love Games (76) A trio of con artists (which includes the delectable Alice Friedland, here billed as Claudine Benet, acting as Karen) prey on men, scamming and blackmailing them for cash.  Karen seduces the mark, then, during sex, the 'husband' and the other guy barge in and Karen pretends to shoot the faux hubby, which leads to the shakedown (shew!).  But one bilked man hires a detective to track these sex grifters.  The detective's secretary Lucy (Colleen Brennan billed as Sharon Kelly) gets in on the action as well.  Loads of nudity and sex in this soft-core feature.  Also with the immortal George 'Buck' Flower.  Brennan would go on to a big career in porn (with much enthusiasm!) and Friedland, after 19 notable features, disappeared from sight in 1977.  Near hardcore. 

Z372 Lover (92) aka: Amoureuse  More trash with Charlotte (Nymphomaniac) Gainsbourg (who currently has been making a splash in Hollywood films) as Marie.  Marie and Antoine are in love, living together, and she wants a baby.  Antoine does not.  Marie meets Paul and Paul tries to seduce her.  She declines, so Paul has sex with her sister.  Marie decides she wants Paul after all, and has sex with him.  She still sleeps with Antoine.  She fantasizes about each man when she is with the other.  Now Marie is knocked up, and the stupid girl has no clue who the father is....  Gainsbourg looks and dresses like a boy, and its disconcerting visually for the viewer.  LBX and with English subtitles. 

H932 Oddly Coupled (70) aka: One More Time   Watch what happens when a nerdy gas station worker hooks up with three over-sexed bimbos! Their 300 pound roommate has the hots for the nerdy guy...  Infantile nude slapstick with gorgeous women and Uschi Digard in a smokin' scene with another gal and two men.  When fat ass comes running at him in slow motion, you'll be rolling!  In extremely bad taste and fun for all!  BA

H946 Porno! (81) aka: Pornô!  Three Erotic Tales! First: Maria tries to convince her attractive gal pal Bia to engage in a sexual fling with her.  Tasty girl on girl action with a surprise ending! Next: Romano practices the art of sexual anticipation on eager Ilona.  This crackles with sexual tension until the sex and climax.  Third: Lusty, controlling rich and blind Diana makes stud Marcos a sexual hostage in her swanky mansion home.  With a wickedly brash sense of humor (Diana gets sexually pleasured by a grasshopper in one outrageous scene) this leads to wild sex, and a surprisingly violent and bloody finale.  Frank and sexually adventurous exploitation with a dose of gore in the end.  With English subtitles.

H910 Private Lesson, The (75) aka: Lezioni private  A young boy/man is obsessed with his sexy piano teacher (Carroll Baker).  He spies on her and secretly photographs her undressing and writhing around in ecstasy on her bed.  He threatens blackmail even though he is in love with her.  With another young perverted friend, they take advantage of her, with naked humiliation, which may just be arousing for her! A Private Lesson indeed! Also with Femi Benussi as the maid!  BA

H784 Salome (86) aka: Salomè di Oscar Wilde  The story of King Herod (Tomas Milian) and Salome (Jo Champa in her debut) as high camp drama.  Herod, played here as impotent and useless, struggling to hold on, his palace a cesspool of decadence, ruled by the perverse Queen.  Enter Salome, sent to overthrow with her seductress vibes, and her dance of the seven veils....  Production values provide a cold and industrial atmosphere, and jeeps and Nazi-like uniforms, sci-fi designed (Dune?) share the screen with plenty of nudity from sensuous babes.  Just as I like my Bible stories thank you.  Probably scared off Christians and puzzled everybody else but still worth a look.   BA

H923 Salome's Last Dance (88) aka: Salomé, el precio de la pasión   Sick, twisted, bizarre, blasphemous, shocking and perverse.  In short everything you would expect from a Ken Russell movie.  Oscar Wilde at a brothel is surprised with a clandestine staging of 'Salome'.  Off the rails with Glenda Jackson, Stratford Johns, Douglas Hodge...  even Ken Russell himself! Great stuff here for the Russell fan.   BA

Z377 Self Service Girls (76) aka: Mädchen, die sich selbst bedienen   aka: Tempting Roommates  Visiting a projection booth that shows sex films, a man inserts coins and we see a series of scenes with extremely hot women in sexual situations.  The seven sexy stories are played for laughs, but don't worry, this is loaded with nudity and soft-core sex with some of the most gorgeous women available at the time! Marianne Dupont, Christa Free and many more.  This excellent soft-core sex film from Germany is dubbed into English language and is a beautiful Upgrade! Not the so-so print from before.  Near Hardcore.  LBX  BA

H941 Take My Body (84) aka: Sizzling Spies  aka: Je t'offre mon corps  Lustful encounters on a moving train.  Alluring spies using their bodies to discover each others secrets.  Fantasy phone calls and erotic group sex are all part of the international espionage in Sizzling Spies.  Hardcore edited into soft-core.  Olinka Hardiman, Laura Clair, Cathy Menard and more star.  Another rare title, dubbed into English language loaded with nudity and sex.   BA

Z281 Twisted Lives (62) aka: The Flamboyant Sex  For decades, Paris has been the mecca of the restless ones, the rebels, the non-conformists, who seek to live their lives amongst others like themselves - free of restriction.  Join us as we follow some Swedish women who have come to Paris ....  into the bistros, bedrooms and studios, from innocence into flamboyance.  Dingy and not glamorous.  'Tasteful' use of nudity...  sure...  but promoted as gratuitous, why else would anyone care in 1962?   BA

H933 Women Women Women Moira (70) aka: The Love File  Directed by Morton M.  Lewis.  With Eti Bitman, Maureen Carr, Cimone Clans, Frank Durk  (quality is not as good on this title)




Z342 Anna Oz (96) Anna lives in Paris.  Her fantasy world involving an imaginary scenario regarding a woman who lives in a fine palace with her brother, and an enigmatic older man, starts to become frighteningly real.  Has she brought this woman to life, and is this woman now trying to kill her? Or is she just insane? When she is the witness to an awful crime, the police pick her up.  Will her boyfriend rescue her? Will this mindfuck of a movie make any real sense? Charlotte Gainsbourg is Anna Oz.   LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

H903 Beast to Die, The (80) aka: The Beast Must Die  aka: Yajû shisubeshi   A huge character/plot buildup here.  Previously serving in the war as a combat/aftermath photographer, a disturbed crazed veteran goes on a rampage, robbing and killing, taking photos of his gory scenes of carnage that he has caused.  He finds another kindred spirit and together they rape torture and kill.  Excellent.  LBX and with English subtitles. 

4349 Blade (73) aka: I Want to Kill  aka: Blade, il duro della Criminal pol   John Marley plays Tommy Blade, a crusty old detective hunting a kung fu fighting misogynistic psychopath killer of women (a creepy performance from Jon Cypher).  The director certainly knew where he was, and what he was doing, throwing together assorted grungy New York locations, ugly violence, gratuitous female nudity and more, maintaining a gritty tone throughout.  Excellent characterizations from all players including Morgan Freeman in an early role as a black militant.  Also with Rue McClanahan, Julius Harris and more.   BA

Z321 Body, The (74) aka: Il corpo  On a Caribbean island, a beautiful mulatto (exotic Zeudi Araya Cristaldi) is unhappily married.   She falls in love with another man (Leonard Mann) and they decide to kill her husband (Enrico Maria Salerno) … with unexpected tragic consequences…  Also with Carroll Baker in a small role, but that doesn’t stop her from getting naked and having fun with Mann as well…    LBX and English language.   BA

R32 Brutal River, The (05) aka: Khoht phetchakhaat  A dead man's body is found along the banks of the waterways in 1960's Thailand.  Soon after villagers begin to disappear.  Now it is small Thai town versus one big ass hungry crocodile.  There are quite a few different special effects here, and fans of killer crocodiles/alligators should have fun with this one.  Slightly dodgy, but highly entertaining for animal attack film fans.  With English subtitles!  BA

Z393 Butcher, The (70) aka: Le Boucher  aka: Il tagliagole  A repressed schoolteacher (Stephane Audran) begins an awkward relationship with an ill tempered blue collar butcher at just around the same time a series of grisly slice and dice murders start to plague a Provincial French town.  But who is the predator and who is the prey.  Or can a person be both of these things? A dark and intriguing slow burn thriller that has it's share of twists.  LBX and with English subtitles.  Catch Stephane Audran in the great 'The Spider Labyrinth'.  She died at age 85 March 27th 2018 in France.   BA

H956 Claws (77) aka: Devil Bear   After the success of 'Grizzly' comes 'Claws' with a similar theme.  It's a so-called 'Satan Bear' or a 'Spirit Bear' claiming his victims because he is wounded and angry.  I am a sucker for these killer bear flicks.  Nice kill sequence on a group of child campers.  The bear kills a kid.  Those other kids will probably never go camping again! Jason Evers in the lead as the guy who has made it personal, figuring he is the one who must kill it!  And the ending is pretty spectacular, even better than the ending of 'Grizzly' in a way, although no gory bear hug.   Jason Evers was also in 'The Brain that Wouldn't Die'.   The last film he appeared in was 'Basket Case 2'.  Also with Anthony Caruso.  Not as good as 'Grizzly' but worth a look.   BA

H879 Collector's Item (85) aka: The Trap   Co scripted by Lucio Fulci and made before the (sort of) similar 'Fatal Attraction' comes this splendid bit of Eurosleaze.  A philandering slime ball of a man (Tony Musante) has an affair with a beautiful woman then cruelly dumps her (Laura Antonelli).  Fifteen years later he meets her again, and when his wife and son leave on holiday he decides to get a little action! But she remembers him, and is not pleased.  She captures him, trusses him up in chains and smears him with red caviar.  Soon her nubile teenage daughter decides she also wants a piece of the action....  Is this his daughter? Antonelli has a nice masturbation scene.  Wonderful trash.  Also with Florinda Balkan and Blanca (The Devil's Honey) Marsillach as well as Cristina (Opera) Marsillach, her sister.   BA

Z390 Death Occurred Last Night (70) aka: La morte risale a ieri sera  aka: Asesinada ayer  A distraught father searches for his retarded daughter who has been abducted.  She's actually a six foot tall nymphomaniac with the mind of a three year old.  Twisted, since it looks like she was abducted and put to work as a hooker.  At least that's how it looks....  A citywide search of whorehouses is on the agenda, led by a tough 'Dirty Harry' type cop..  Gratuitous nudity and a brutal outcome.  Dirty laundry death and excellent Milan locations.  Reminded me a little of '8MM' from 1999.  Frank Wolff, Gabriele Tinti, Eva Renzi, Beryl Cunningham and more star.  Upgrade!  BA

Z334 Demon Spies (74) aka: Les mercenaires du demon  Five kids are trained to be brutal warrior, demon mask wearing, spy ninja assassins, working for the shogun and carrying out deadly merciless missions.  They wear masks that are scarier than the 'Onibaba' mask, but similar.  Gore, rape and nudity with plenty of blood and violence.  Lots of gory sword fights with a horrorific slant.  This is maybe one of the most controversial and demented films out of Japan in 1974, mainly because the characters indoctrinated into this bizarre sex and violence demon cult, are children! LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

Z333 Demonic Possession (15) aka: Possessione demoniaca  Comedy Horror from Italy.  Three horny young men set up a fake fashion shoot to try and tempt some top models to come to an isolated house in the woods.  Things are going along pretty well until someone accidentally summons up a demon from hell on the ruins of an old abandoned temple.  The possessed girl kills and gets strapped to a bed, but the possessed guy rips out another one of the guy's guts and begins an intestinal tug-of-war! The possessed guy then plays jump rope with the intestines! Are the girls lesbians? LBX and with English subtitles. 

Z364 Embryo Hunts in Secret, The (66) aka: Taiji ga mitsuryô suru toki  Sadomasochism galore in the demented extra-marital activities of a demented man.  He finds a female, ties her up, whips her and cuts her with razor blades.  And that is just foreplay! Well, she endures a grueling tormenting from our maniac madman, who also neglects his wife at home.  Disturbing violence and heart wrenching poetry with visual experimentation from freeze frames, inventive camera angles and virtuoso editing.  1966 was never so disturbing....  or was it, I am sure I can dig up more depravity from that year.  LBX and with English subtitles. 

Z366 Fast and Loose (90) aka: Konnyu Ver - Told in bit of a documentary style at times with Margo talking to the screen, and others describing the characters.  Hungarian hookers the theme here in this somewhat dark and sordid tale.  Two hookers, Margo and Idi, are just two whores trying to make ends meet, nothing glamorous.  Both are models for the school of fine arts, attending an evening school, selling their bodies to finance themselves.  But Idi's lover is out of prison, and Margo and Idi are plotting to rid themselves of this nuisance, so they can continue their life of whoring.  Idi's lover is not too keen on being trifled with, and he's got a sharp knife....   which sees the insides of someone at an outdoor heavy metal concert! Nudity, Sex and Violence.  Warning: This film was Banned for many years! Now it is presented for the first time with English subtitles.  Filmed in the bleak city of Budapest, Hungary. 

Z384 Female Executioner, The (86) aka: L'Exécutrice  Martine (Brigitte Lahaie) is a tough female cop trying to solve the kidnapping of young Caroline by a gang of pornographers.  She already has an accomplice inside the gang feeding her information, but progress is hindered by her own police commissioner.  In her private live, Martine likes to hang around with her male colleagues, swapping a younger cop for the more mature and experienced Jean...   Nice upgrade LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

H900 Fish with the Golden Eyes (74) aka: El Pez De Los Ojos De Oro  aka: Playa salvaje  This killer carves up his female victims and then leaves behind a clue.  Dead gold-eyed fish that are knitted into cloth, or even real goldfish! There is something fishy about the motivation of this killer!  There is a local artist that may know something.  Opening sequence has a woman swimming on a rocky shore, alone, and then a frogman scuba diver emerges from the sea and stabs her to death.   This is a Spanish Giallo Slasher in foreign language only and slightly LBX.  F.L. 

H967 Interface (85) A computer worshipping cult kills people they consider degenerates through remote control.  The cult, dressed in garish and spooky costumes, start their killing spree and the wife of one of the victims tries to solve the riddle in very unconventional ways.  Big scary messages on big scary green screens.  An Atari slasher? Cheesy humor and Lou Diamond Philips in a small bit, his second screen appearance.  Also with Lauren Lane in her debut.  She made her bread and butter on 'The Nanny' a show I have never seen. 

Z322 Jean Rollin: The Stray Dreamer (11) If you have ever been fascinated by the films of Jean Rollin, then here is an incredible homage.  You get interviews with people who worked with him, clips from his films (lots of nudity), interviews with Rollins himself and more.  The testimonials are revealing and insightful, Rollins was a one of a kind surrealist who created his own dream worlds and nightmare landscapes, letting them breath and permeate deeply into the minds of the viewer.  Brigitte Lahaie is here, along with other collaborators.  'Honestly, I think shooting hardcore scenes bored him!' she says.   Jean Rollin died of cancer in December of 2010 in Paris, France.  LBX and with English subtitles. 

H901 Le Mani Di Una Donna Sola (79) aka: Soft Hands  Excellent garbage! Running a therapy house for couples, a woman dominates the females, and tries to seduce their men.  Next door, nuns take care of mentally disturbed guys, who are always gawking at the naked women next door.  What could go wrong? Plenty of nudity and soft-core sex, but also vile nihilistic behavior, stabbings.  hands cut off and more truly twisted and downbeat situations.  An incredible unheard of Italian Giallo type.  With Marina Hedman who was right on the verge of a full-blown career in hardcore sex films.  This was her first film after the great 'Play Motel' made the same year.  F.L.   BA

H959 Legend of Spider Forest, The (71) aka: Venom  aka:  L'altro corpo di Anny  In a German village, a Nazi scientist and a woman known as 'spider goddess' are working on a nerve gas made from spider venom.  Is he trying to bring back the Third Reich or just create a chemical weapon? A photographer passing through spots a girl in the woods where men have been disappearing.   He becomes smitten with the spider girl.  Bad idea.  This is the type of disjointed slop that will have you staring at the screen in disbelief.  Scenes scatter and change and confuse, and you cannot look away.  I think the atmosphere and the bleak setting is what held it all together, as well as some nasty scenes of violence and even partial nudity.  Rated PG!!   BA

H913 Mad Killer (85) aka: Alyas Junior Buang Mad Killer Ng Visayas   Returning from the war and suffering from PTSD in the Philippines (with loads of flashback scenes of the tortures he endured), a man moves in with his mother and his retarded sister, When thugs try to rape his sister, our hero stabs one of the attackers to death.  The cops lock him up.  The rapist's brother (and other thugs) then murder his mother and gang rape his sister, before shooting her in the back when she attempts to flee.  Naturally this sends the brain of our PTSD hero over the edge and he does the only thing any decent soldier would do! Eliminate the enemy! Move over 'Death Wish'! Axes to the neck in bloody scenes, torture, explosions, stabbings, shootings...  you know, good old wholesome entertainment! Dubbed into English language and with foreign subtitles. 

H912 Marianna (82) aka: Bin mei  Jungle action cannibal madness here! When a man rescues a girl from a savage cannibal tribe/cult, they want her back! Tracking her and killing anyone in their way! Lots of animalistic tribal stuff, machete slayers, ears whacked off, bloody impalings, beatings, torture and more.  Nice climax on one of those large ridiculous rope/wood bridges over a chasm, that gets hacked by machetes, plunging the occupants into the river below.  With English subtitles.

H843 Meal, The (75) aka: Deadly Encounter  Here we have a truly unique film about business and social scheming in central Florida in the 1970's.  Fans of 'The Donna Reed' show will get a 'mild' shock seeing her T.V.  husband (Carl Betz) waking up with his pants undone next to...  oh hell, I almost spoiled the twist! What is it with these T.V dads? Also with Dina Merrill. 

Z354 Naked Killers, The (77) aka: La isla de las vírgenes ardientes   Features an old soldier, marooned on an island with three orphan girls,  who have now grown up into sexy feral cave girls.  They do battle with each other, and are fearful of the new male visitors on the island....  The women provide plenty of nudity, but don't make them mad, remember the title of the film, it's not about a bunch of males skipping about naked with a penchant for killing.  The men from the boat are not all good people, and rape is only one of the things on their minds!  English dubbed.   BA

H968 Night of the Living Babes (87) Chuck and Buck are best buddies and married to Sue (Michelle Bauer) and Lulu (Connie Woods).  When Chuck wants to sneak off to a whorehouse called the 'Zombie Ranch' and take Buck along, the wives are in hot pursuit.  Kind of like an adult 'The Honeymooners' episode.  Some topless hot chicks help! Porn star Blondi is one of the Zombie whores.  Funny low budget stuff here.   BA

Z374 Nucingen House (08) aka: La maison Nucingen   It's 1925.  A gambler has broken his promise to his wife that he will no longer gamble.  But he has won an estate in Patagonia, Chile, where the inhabitants are of Austrian birth, but insist on speaking French.  The estate is Gothic and feels like Edgar Allen Poe's world, though maybe not as mad.  The former inhabitants, by now long dead, are still sticking around, refusing to leave.  The past and the future collide, combine, and mingle.  Humorously twisted, everything from the dialogue to the way the characters walk oozes with a general unease that filters through every frame and never lets up until the interesting conclusion.  LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

Z355 Obsessions (69) aka: Bezeten - Het gat in de muur  Martin Scorsese co wrote this one and earned 500 bucks! Actually his input was minimal, or was it? A tenant and voyeur (who is studying medicine) notices a hole in the wall of the room he is renting, when a painting falls.  Of course he peeks through (who wouldn't?) and sees a woman having sex with a man.  But later he sees another guy strangle the girl! But is she dead? Probably not.  She must be a prostitute! His fiancé (Alexandra Stewart) is a journalist, and this is just the story she needs, as she starts peeping too!  This is a fascinating look at voyeurism in the late 1960's, way before the age we currently exist in.  Now, everybody is up in everybody's business openly and covertly, and more often than not with nefarious intent.  Loads of nudity in this giallo like mystery from the Netherlands/Germany combined.  LBX and in English language. 

Z375 Poison for the Fairies (84) aka: Veneno para las hadas   Mexico City 1985.  A ten year old girl tells her new friend that she is a witch, convincing her they must make poison for the fairies/witches...  Together their little games seem harmless, until they take an excruciatingly nasty turn into the macabre, evil and worse!  But her friend is terrified...  and where their deranged shenanigans head to next may just be the end to...  something...  in this entirely plausible and yet mystic fantasy-like fantastic film.   Spooky, weird, beautiful, and yet not too much.  More like a tale that creeps into your consciousness with a proper karmic finale that will haunt you possibly.  English subtitles.   BA

Z376 Private Collection (79) aka: Collections privées   A Trilogy of Erotic Tales - Island of the Sirens: The first story has a sailor shipwrecked on an island of beautiful women, but what looks like a man's ultimate fantasy becomes his worst nightmare.  Laura Gemser stars.   The second tale (Kusa-Meikyu): An adolescent searches for the words to a nursery rhyme he remembers parts of...  he enters a world of fantasy and sexual awakening.  Third tale (L'armoire): A rich man in late 19th century Paris hires a lady of the night...  but things don't go as planned.....  Excellent quality upgrade of this one LBX and with English subtitles. 

Z337 Private Crimes (93) Italian TV mini-series (4 episodes) murder mystery directed by giallo great Sergio Martino and stars some of the most recognizable stars of Italian genre cinema, including Edwige Fenech, Ray Lovelock, and Alida Valli.   Sergio Martino directed this slice of Eurotrash!  In Italian language and with English subtitles. 

H927 Run, Psycho, Run (68) aka: Too Late Claire, Too Late  aka: Più tardi Claire, più tardi...   Early 19th century Italy in a villa community where rich and superficial beautiful people lounge around in stunning surroundings like decadent spooks.  Man and wife George and Claire enjoy themselves.  Claire and her son are murdered, and George is distraught.  Could it be someone in the family.  George leaves and returns with another woman a 'dead ringer' for Claire.  No one will accept this.  The final denouement will be a surprise.  There are picture issues in this rare Giallo, so be warned, but it is the only print available.  Elga Anderson in a dual role as both Claire and Ann.  Gary Merrill is George and also starring Marina Malfatti.  F.L.  and LBX

H919 Scalpel (77) aka: False Face  aka: Skalpell - Blutiges Spiegelbild   A demented plastic surgeon (Robert Lansing) on the verge of dementia picks up an injured go-go dancer (Judith Chapman) with a mutilated face and makes a deal with her.  To get at his missing daughter's (rather large) inheritance he needs a new daughter to pretend she is her, and through plastic surgery he will make this happen with the go-go dancer.  But what was the deal with his real daughter? The relationship? Things get sleazy and dark.  Also with Sandy Martin in her debut (check her out in the W.I.P.  'Vendetta' from 1986).  Robert Lansing was 'The 4-D Man' in 1959 and worked steadily in mostly T.V. stuff until his last excellent film, as a mad scientist in the excellent bug horror 'The Nest' from 1988.  A heavy smoker, lung cancer killed him at age 66 in 1994.   BA

H957 Schoolgirls in Chains (73) aka: Let's Play Dead  aka: Abducted   Two disturbed brothers with very sick ideas kidnap some women, taking them to their secluded farmhouse and lock them in the basement.  They seem to be doing this for their mother who we see from behind in a rocking chair 'Ah, It's good to have two fine boys' she says.  The sickly women have rats crawling on them while they sleep, are beaten, humiliated and subjected to twisted games, and sometimes even killed.  Topless leapfrog anyone? Gary Kent and John Parker are the brothers.  Also with Cheryl Waters and more.   BA

H952 Smoke and Flesh (68) Turk throws a wild party that includes sex swinging and drugs.  Things are going along okay until some slime ball guy named Skiff and his buddies crash the party.  Skiff is there to cause trouble because of an earlier hassle.  Luckily Turk knows how to handle Skiff....  Smoke and Flesh! Get it On! Lots of nudity.

Z385 So Young, So Lovely, So Vicious (75) aka: Peccati di gioventù  aka: Pecados de juventud  Bored spiteful heiress Angela (Gloria Guida) plans the downfall of her new stepmother Irene (Dagmar Lassander) through manipulation and mind games.  How to ruin her? She tries to seduce her, no dice.  Will her boyfriend seduce her? No Dice.  Eventually Angela gets Irene on the beach (friggin' Preying Mantis!), and her boyfriend clicks away with the camera....   for blackmail purposes.  Attractive Colorful locations.  Gloria Guida was Miss Teenager in Italy in 1971, and went on to star in these type of 'Lolita' roles, basically playing a piece of candy almost every time.  Cars, Sex and Cigarettes, this one with a nasty edge, and a dark outcome to all these petty games.  Incredible LBX Upgrade of this one, and dubbed into English.   BA

Z329 Strangling, The (79) aka: Kôsatsu   Yasuzo enters the room of his son, Tsutomu, and strangles him.  Ryoko, the boy's mother, cries in horror but does not seem to protest her husband's action.  What can lead a father to do something like this to his own son?   In Japanese with English subtitles. 

Z380 Sweet Whip (13) aka: Amai muchi  When she was 17, Naoko was kidnapped by her neighbor and for one month she was held in a rather large basement and endured constant abuses including constant rape.  Finally she manages to kill the man.  Fast forward to Naoko at age 32.  Naoko cannot shake the demons of her past.  She masturbates, and fantasizes about her ordeal to get off.  She works in a BDSM club, and she has never shaken the abuse.  As a matter of fact, she craves it! That sweet whip! The capture and abuse of young Naoko is grueling and graphic stuff, be warned.  If you made it through the rape scene in 'Irreversible' then maybe you will make it through this one? Unbelievable.  Bloody.  Violent.  Sick.  Dark.  LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

Z330 Tales of the Dumpster Kid (71) aka: Geschichten vom Kübelkind  An over 2 hour epic of insanity!  In a ghetto area a woman screams.  A newborn baby cries.  A nurse leaves a building and dumps a steaming slimy load of afterbirth into a trash bin.  Then...  from out of the slime rises...  'The Dumpster Kid'! A woman in a red outfit.  A do-gooder happens by, and tells her to get out of the trash can and takes her to the welfare office.  She is pretty sexy for a Dumpster Woman, and we get to see her naked.  She's booted from Welfare and eventually ends up turning tricks with local hookers.  Things get even stranger after she is killed but still running around....   I have to say, this may be one of the weirdest German films from the 1970's you will ever see.  In German language with English subtitles. 

Z381 Tears of Ecstasy (95) aka: Ekusutashi no namida: Chiin  Filmed entirely on the island of Shikoko.  The youthful demeanor of two elders disturbs the youths, who suspect their parents are gay? Or what? Their parent's tell them they look so young because they are actually from the future.  Tear-like marks appear on their bodies when they have sex.  The parent's are not the only oddballs on the island, as we soon find out.  Conceptual pinko from experimental artist Hiroyuki Oki.  Arty, erotic, absurd and full of frequent depictions of various sex acts.  LBX and with English subtitles. 

H920 Temptress (95) aka: Dark Goddess  Karin (Kim Delaney) brings home a statue of the Hindu Goddess Kali from her travels in Asia.  Now she is obsessed with sex pain and death.  Maybe one of the three is good, but the other two trigger concern from her boyfriend Matt (Chris Sarandon).  'Surrender to the evil spirit, it will be kind and gentle to you'.  Yea.  At one point she loses control and practically humps a guy (Corbin Bernsen) in front of everyone, including Matt! But Kali will have her sacrifice and he falls to his doom down the elevator shaft.  Dee Wallace, Ben Cross and Jessica Walter also star. 

H925 To Kill a Clown (72) aka: Doberkiller  When a young hippie couple (Timothy and Lily played by Heath Lamberts and Blyth Danner) rents a house on an isolated island off the coast of New England, they must contend with a disturbed crippled Viet Nam Vet (Alan Alda as Ritchie) and his two Doberman Pincers....  Timothy is the clown of the story, Ritchie is disgusted by him, and forces him into submission with forced exercise drills, using his Dobermans as guards.  Despite all of this madness, Lily tries to seduce Ritchie! At least she didn't try to push some prescription drugs on him.   Worth it for an unhinged Alda the same year he started his 'Mash' and also a semi-naked Danner.   BA

H928 To Kill and Kill Again (95) Jeffrey Dahmer, lots of news footage and archive footage of locations etc...  This psycho killed around 17 people or so.  + BONUS  Two Geraldo Rivera shows on serial killers, both with disturbing stuff.   + Documentary on Ronald Difeo, the true life Amityville murderer who killed his family!  All on one DVD-R!   No VHS.   Quality varies. 

H926 Torment (86) aka: Die Spur der Bestie  There is a serial killer (William Witt in his only role) loose on the streets of San Francisco.  Where is Karl Malden when you need him? A police detective on the case doesn't know it yet, but his fiancé Jennifer (Taylor Gilbert) is the next target.  A low-budget slasher with some menacing and grisly killings mingled in with a suspenseful atmosphere.  William Witt plays a creep pretty convincingly. 

Z339 Touchless (13) aka: Bez doteku  A young woman named Jolena has sex with her stepfather, and she doesn't stop him, seems to enjoy it.  Later, her sexual proclivities become apparent.  She now desires only to be taken advantage of, sexually, by others, and starts working in a brothel where she engages in rough sex.  She is also abused, emotionally and physically.  But what does Jolena want? Is she screwed in the head sexually and everybody is at fault for her whoring? Does she want vengeance, and no personal responsibility for herself? LBX and with English subtitles. 

Z340 Tyrant's Heart, The (81) aka: A zsarnok szíve, avagy Boccaccio Magyarországon  A young prince returns (with a troupe of actors) to his father's castle and discovers his mother is in a trance state, drinking the blood of virgin's in an attempt to stay young.  His father is dead, some say killed by a bear, others say the Turks got him.  His mother marries his Uncle.  When she comes out of her trance she tells her son that the inhabitants of the castle are not real, but actors, just like his friends, and she is now young again.  Then she falls back into her trance state.  He must test for King....  The Turkish guards may just want to kill these happy go lucky types.  One weird Hungarian film with English subtitles. 

Z315 Vengeance is Mine (74) aka: Sunday in the Country  aka: Killing Machine  aka: Blood for Blood  aka: La giustizia privata di un cittadino onesto   I have never seen a movie with Ernest Borgnine as brutal as he is here, and yet he absolutely has his reasons, and I would have made the same choices he makes, with no hesitation.  To the tune of almost morbid country music, the stage is set.  Three criminals on the run plan to force their way onto a farmer's land to evade capture by the police.  Ernest Borgnine's land.  An American with a backbone who immediately sees things as they are, and is not afraid to take action.  His daughter is a jelly-spined wimp, judges every move, and mentally breaks down.  She'll never get it.  Nice use of dogs to keep the scumbags in line.  Michael J.  Pollard is so damn convincing as a creepy little scumbag there should be some type of award for such a performance.  Excellent and violent, but will leave you wanting more.   BA

H917 Village of Doom (83) aka: Ushimitsu no mura  A man- stricken by Tuberculosis can't serve when the war arrives.  He stays in town and screws the other men's wives and is beaten and humiliated for his misdeeds.  Now, he’s pissed, and goes nuts, beginning a rampage of bloody death, dressed as a soldier.  Heads are blown off, a woman is hit in the crotch close-up and gory, bloody stabbings and more.  Jason and Michael Myers would hide from this guy!  Soft-Core Sex as well.  Extremely violent this one.  In Japanese language and with English subtitles.   BA

Z341 Vlad Tepes (79) aka: Vlad the Impaler: The True Life of Dracula   Many people have tried to make biographies of Vlad, but he always comes off bad.  Sure he was ruthless, but to the Romanians, he was their 'Braveheart'.  His methods were extreme, but in his mind, necessary.  He was efficient, and made people think before they crossed him.  Don't want to be impaled up the ass and left to slowly die? Then don't cross him! He tried to resist the Ottoman Invasions...  This is a friggin' epic, and I am sure certain liberties were taken with history.  But Vlad was not a vampire as you know, just another figure in history that may, or may not, have been treated unfairly in the history books.   In Romanian with English subtitles and LBX and also 132 minutes! Amazing LONG version UPGRADE LBX  BA

H924 Witchfire (86) aka: A Sonnet for the Hunter  Three female nutcases (led by lead wacko Lydia played by an over-the-top Shelley Winters) attend the funeral of their shrink, and manage to escape their handlers.  They hide out in an isolated deserted house and have a séance to resurrect their psychiatrist.  Then a hunter knocks on the door! Believing this must be their psychiatrist in a new body, they tie him up! One weird flick with some campy scenes and great dialogue, all held together by Shelley Winters who is clearly having a blast with this one.   BA

H842 Women in Chains (68) aka: La Prisonniere  aka: La prigioniera  Opening with the most eerie and perverse credit sequence involving sexualized dolls,  the film then veers into a claustrophobic homage to mind games and Pop Art Psychedelia plumbing the depths of depravity and misanthropy, kinky S&M and the complete moral annihilation of all three of the film's main characters.  The wife enters the dark side when she explores her wild side and nobody will have a good outcome here.  Would cause a riot of pissed off women if screened for the 'me too' movement.  Excellent.  With English subtitles.   BA

Z382 You Lie You Die (12) aka: Y/N  aka: True Love  Kate and Jack wake in separate rooms after their wedding with no windows and no doors.  Someone has captured them, and is manipulating them for some kind of weird test.  Each reveals things the other did not know...  we see things in flashback.  Secrets are revealed.   BA



H909 Hot Milk for the Babies (84) aka: Para Las Nenas...  Leche Calentita - Off the coast of Spain, three couples looking to spice things up start to screw around with each other and everybody else around with sex parties and orgies in a kinky hotel.  Lina Romay stars and co directs with her hubby Jess.  She arrives wearing some leopard skin looking tight pants.  Lots of skanky hardcore sex, which I guess Franco and Romay would call....  every day! This rarity does have some glitches, but it also has English subtitles!



H811 Crooked Sky, The (57) U.S.  Treasury Official Mike Conlin (a hefty Wayne Morris) is sent to Britain to help Scotland Yard shut down a counterfeiting ring.  Anton Diffring is a villain, which of course gives credibility to the whole thing.  Also starring the sexy Karin Booth.  Wayne Morris, a real badass in real life, flew 57 missions and had 7 confirmed kills in WW2.  Three of his planes were so badly damaged from combat that they were dumped into the sea, no longer worthy for battle.  Sadly, Wayne Morris died of a heart attack in 1959 at age 45.   BA

H826 Dark Man, The (51) A young actress (Natasha Parry) sees a killer (The Dark Man played by Maxwell Reed, Joan Collins first husband) commit a double murder (the second killing at least).  The Dark Man needs to silence her! Filmed in England on the south-east coast, an amazing use of outdoor locations for a crisp film-noir atmosphere.  Suspenseful chase cat and mouse.   BA

H840 Day Will Dawn, The (42) aka: The Avengers  British wartime propaganda film in which Hugh Williams plays a British foreign correspondent named Colin Metcalfe who is investigating German U-Boat activities in Norway, but his government does not believe he saw a German U-Boat.  In the Norwegian village he falls for local gal Kari (a stumbling with the accent but young and beautiful Deborah Kerr).  The Germans do a make an appearance in a Norway invasion, giving credence to his claims.   BA

H794 Don't Talk to Strange Men (62) A young girl is 'groomed' by a killer, conversing with him through a remote call box, unwittingly putting herself, and the lives of her sisters, in danger.  There is a bit of the gruesome, for the times not graphically so, but you get the picture, real creepy atmosphere.  The still relevant dance continues to this day with predators and dim-witted unsupervised teenagers plunging themselves into peril.  Well done and good suspense.  Christina Gregg stars. 

H798 Gold Express, The (55) A shipment of gold being transported to London by train is being targeted by a group of thieves.  As with all 'perfect plans'.  this one goes for an unexpected loop and throws enough intrigue and action into it's 58 minute running time to make it worth your while.  Vernon Gray and Ann Walford star. 

H795 Good Die Young, The (54) aka: Los buenos mueren jóvenes  Three men, with three very different reasons, plot to commit a crime with their unscrupulous leader.  An incredible cast delivers the crime caper goods.  Laurence Harvey, Stanley Baker as a broken down prize fighter, Richard Basehart, John Ireland...  Joan Collins as the wife any man would rob a dozen banks for, Freda Jackson as her manipulative witch of a mother, Gloria Grahame as a femme fatale and even Robert Morley as the villains father.   BA

H836 Greatest Ever Christmas Ads (16) Your host Julian Clary guides you through loads of popular Holiday commercials from the U.K.  in this colorful collection. 

H793 Headline (43) When a woman disappears after she witnesses a murder, a crime reporter begins to investigate.  This one keeps the audience in the loop, but not the cast, as they try to figure out what is going on, we are informed early on.  Still, a nice resolution, and the doomed Anne Crawford stars (remember, dead from leukemia at age 35 in 1956).  Also with David Farrar. 


H847 Human Jungle, The (64)  Doctor Corder (Lom) is a top notch psychiatrist that sorts out treats and cures any patients' mental disorders through contemporary and Freudian methods.  Here two episodes from Season Two.  'Success Machine' (with Edward Judd and Sylvia Syms) and 'Solo Performance' (with Margaret Lockwood).   Fans of Herbert Lom take note.  These two episodes from this series were never released on DVD. 

H846 Human Jungle, The (64) Doctor Corder (Lom) is a top notch psychiatrist that sorts out treats and cures any patients' mental disorders through contemporary and Freudian methods.  These two episodes 'The Man Who Fell Apart' (with Rita Tushingham and Barbara Shelly directed by Roy Ward Baker) and 'Skeleton in the Cupboard' (also directed by Roy Ward Baker) are both from the second and final season.   Fans of Herbert Lom take note.  Two episodes from this series, never released on DVD. 


H849 Intruder, The (53) aka: Six Came Back  Ex tank core commander Colonel Merton (Jack Hawkins) is startled to discover one of his former loyalist soldiers (Michael Medwin) robbing his house! Turns out the guy is on the run for murder, and in flashbacks he tells his tale of the post-war strife that has befallen him.  Also with Michael Ripper and Dennis Price.   BA

H815 Jungle Street (60) aka: Jungle Street Girls  aka: Morderen fra Strip-Tease klubben  Terry (David McCallum) robs an old man and the guy dies.  Avoiding blackmail, he attempts another robbery and runs off with his accomplices girlfriend (Sue, played by Jill Ireland) .  As the police close in, Terry kills again....  McCallum and Ireland were married at this time, and remained so until Charles Bronson swiped her from him.  We all know how that ended.  McCallum is still alive and turns 85 this year, still starring on NCIS!  + Mario Bava trailers + a Rabid Dogs short!  BA

H827 Mr.  Emmanuel (44) aka: Mr.  Emmanuel rejser til Berlin  Curious to what is going on, an elderly Jew travels to pre-WW2 Germany to see what is happening.  He blunders into one potential danger after another.  Maybe a bit too light considering what came after, the following year.  The revelations of the Holocaust.  But still a product of it's time, as misguided or naive as it may seem now, the intentions of the filmmakers were honest.  Even though this was just a fantasy, not a spoonful, but a barrel full of sugar.  Greta Gynt stars.   BA

Z373 Mystery and Imagination (66-70) A British anthology series based on Edgar Allen Poe, Algernon Blackwood and other haunted authors stories.  These would later branch out into those teleplays of 'Dracula', 'Frankenstein' and others.  Here we have two of these on one disc! First: Uncle Silas (from Season 4) : A young heiress (Lucy Fleming) is sent to live with her Uncle Silas, her new guardian, in a living nightmare of a Gothic mansion, where she soon learns, he plots to kill her, so he can claim her inheritance for himself.  + Frankenstein (also from Season 4) Ian Holm plays both Dr.  Frankenstein and the Monster in this excellent version that delivers much of the typical homage to the Shelley novel we have come to expect.  Ian Holm would be the android in the original 'Alien' and would also feature prominently in the world of Peter Jackson's 'Lord of the Rings' series as 'Bilbo'.  DVD-R only and no VHS. 

H831 On the Night of the Fire (39) aka: The Fugitive   A barber (Ralph Richardson) involves himself in a petty theft to hopefully get some money to make his life easier....  but one thing leads to another...  and his actions spiral into involvement in blackmail and murder.  On such impulsive decisions does life alter...  Powerful, harrowing and well directed.   BA

H838 Once in a New Moon (34) Rare 1930's sci-fi fantasy!  When a passing dark star sucks a small British town into outer space, a democratic order of a socialist nature is elected to rule, of course governed by the wealthy, because we know they know better, and are smarter and superior to everyone else.  An insurrection is underway....  and then....  One of the most bizarre films of the 1930's out of England. 

H822 Quare Fellow, The (62) aka: La valigia del boia   A new warder in an Irish prison (Patrick McGoohan) goes in idealistic, determined to save the country and exact justice.  Reality sets in when all he stands for and believes comes into question.  Being a part of executing condemned men is not as easy as he thought it would be.  Also with Sylvia Syms.   BA

H810 Spanish Sword, The (62) Inept fun! Did that fellow die when a sword was just wiggled near him? Well, first, the plot as it were.  This one from the U.K.'s answer to Sam Katzman, the Danziger Brothers.  A knight tries to thwart the plans of a greedy baron.  Brian Clemons writes, not his finest moment.  The direction is non-existent, the photography could have been done by a trained monkey, the action wooden as a forest.  The fight scenes are high school play caliber, and hilarious.  If you can stay awake that is, even an insomniac may fall asleep during the 'climatic' battle scene.  Am I the only one who made it through? Nigel Green stars along with Ronald Colman and June (The Crimson Blade) Thorburn.  Ironically Nigel Green's last role was as 'Green Knight' in 'Gawain and the Green Knight' in the 1973 release.  Remember him as 'Captain Dobi' trying to score with Ingrid Pitt in 'Countess Dracula'? He died in 1972 at the age of 47 from a drug overdose.  `

H833 To the Public Danger (48) Here we have an under an hour film directed by Terence Fisher, later of Hammer fame.  Local goodtime gal and her stuffy boyfriend  fall in with a couple of jaded rich thrill seekers.  All get drunk at a pub and then go joy riding putting their lives, and the lives of others in peril due to their outrageous behavior.  Shit hits the fan.  The class distinctions are nicely depicted, the psychological nastiness of the well off taking advantage of the lesser fortunate.  A message on the hazards of drunk driving. 

H817 Touch of Love, A (69) aka: Thank You All Very Much   A woman (Sandy Dennis) grapples with the difficult decision of having a child out of wedlock during a time when this was not so popular.  Like today.  Knocked up by Ian McKellan (fat chance) she retreats to her parent's mansion while they are away on holiday.  She moves in a friend for girl chat.  Written by a famous feminist....  just warning you on that.   BA

H818 Triple Echo, The (72) aka: Soldier in Skirts  This sounds like a comedy, but it is not! A widowed woman (Glenda Jackson) runs her farm alone and takes in a deserter named Barton (Brian Deacon).  She dresses him like a woman (calling her 'my sister Katy') to avoid detection.  Barton begins to really dig this chic farce, and starts acting a bit...  well...  girly.  Glen and Glenda would be proud.  Enter the Sergeant (Oliver Reed) who takes an interest in Katy (oh boy).  This will not end well for the characters...  but viewers won't forget it! Upgrade!  BA

H832 Violent Enemy, The (67) When an Irish terrorist breaks out of prison, he heads back to Ireland with the full intention of blowing the hell out of buildings with explosives.  Tom Bell, Susan Hampshire and more star. 

H814 What's Good for the Goose (69) From Tigon Films.  A married with children, timid middle-aged banker (Norman Wisdom), discovering the swinging sixties, takes a chance and picks up a few cute hitchhikers and falls head over heels for one of them in this older-man-younger-woman, midlife crisis comedy which also features a touch of voyeurism.  One of the women is played by Sally Geeson (sister of Judy).  Features 'The Pretty Things' in a psychedelic club scene!



Z332 3 Seconds Before Explosion (67) aka: Bakuha 3-byô mae  aka: Three Seconds to Zero Hour   Hidden jewels and a group of mobsters who will do anything to find them leads to many people being shot to death in this action picture that packs more in it's 84 minutes to fill out a dozen pictures made anywhere else, There is also a master spy hero in the mix, a kind of Japanese James Bond, who is quite adept at dodging bullets!  Nice LBX and with English subtitles.

H806 Amateur Night at the Dixie Bar and Grill (79) All too real situations, incidents, interactions, crisis and soapy beer-soaked drivel amongst patrons and contestants of a country western bar's regularly scheduled talent show.  A plethora of stars show like Sheree North, Victor French, Roz Kelly, Candy Clark, Don Johnson, Dennis Quaid, Tanya Tucker, Kyle Richards and many more.  Directed by Joel  Schumacher, his second.  Quality not as sharp as usual on this one. 

Z346/T760 Black Box Affair, The (66) aka: Black Box Affair - Il mondo trema  Craig Hill stars as our hero super spy.  In the opener, we get a cheesy song as his character arrives at some gated mansion area.  Almost immediately he is accosted by gardeners who were pretending to work the landscape.  Luckily for him he grabs a flathead shovel and whacks them in the head.  But once inside the mansion, a guy starts firing on him....  Training exercise? The plot settles into the search for the 'Black Box' of the title, which holds some valuable information and everybody good and bad wants to get their hands on it! Teresa Gimpera also stars as Floriane.   BA

H944 Chinese Tiger, The (74) aka: Tong shan meng hu  Drug smuggling gang infiltrates a crew of dock workers and kill another dock worker when he stumbles into their operation.  A murder investigation follows; with the help of an addicted young woman who is trying to go straight, all the dirt is revealed.  Now it is time for 'The Chinese Tiger' to clean house! Jaw dropping last half hour with fast furious super violent fight scenes.  Dubbed into English language.   BA

Z262 Classroom of Terror, The (76) aka: Violent Classroom  aka: Bôryoku kyôshitsu  An ex-boxer who killed an opponent in the ring is given a new job.  To deal with a gang of disruptive students in the school from hell.  'The Concrete Jungle' meets 'The Class of 1984'.  (At least a Japanese cinematic equivalent.)  I must say these blade wielding motor biking young villains seem much more sophisticated then the awkward pimply-faced freaks and geeks of my youth, but ignore that fact.  This is Japan.  The wild delinquents manage to deliver generous servings of unsavory behavior for the exploitation loving viewer.  Nudity and Rape.  Ultra-Wide Widescreen and with English subtitles. 

H904 Criminals Attack, the Police Respond (77) aka: La malavita attacca.  La polizia risponde.   Leonard Mann as Commissario Baldi is trying to figure out who is killing the Mafia leaders.  Crime creep known as 'The Prince', back from Switzerland finds another gangster named Rudy is trying to steal his action.  Baldi takes advantage of the feud to play the gangsters against each other...  Plenty of decent violent action! LBX and with English subtitles!  BA

Z296 Crossbar (79) An Olympic high jumper named Aaron (Brett Carver) loses his leg in a farming accident.  Still obsessed with competing, but legging behind, because he has only one leg to stand on, he doggedly persists in his pursuit of Athletic Glory.  His gal is a young Kim Cattrall.  She has two legs… Both very nice.  Hoping to get a leg up, he better shake a leg, because time is running short.  All puns aside, an outstanding drama on the strength of the human spirit on the 'heel' of Terry Fox in some ways.  Also with John Ireland.  Based on the true life story of Arnold William Boldt – who actually did many of the stunts, since actor Brett Carver was not an actual amputee.   

Z297 Cry of the Penguins (71) aka: Mr.  Forbush and the Penguins  John Hurt is Richard Forbush, a capable biology student, and a womanizing philanderer, which is appropriate when you consider his last name.  Accepting a post graduate field assignment to observe penguins in Antarctica to impress Tara (Hayley Mills), he finds himself in a very hostile environment.  Those damn penguins.  But then they come, and win him over.  The fight for survival in the Arctic will change a man.  The Cry before the March.  But better.   BA

H812 Date with Death, A (59) aka: Blood of the Man Devil  Gerald Mohr stars as a guy who is mistakenly identified and welcomed into a small town, where he is given the task of ridding the city of big-time racketeers.  An undiscovered gem of a small-town crime film with excellent you-are-there locations, and also some subliminal shudders so don't blink.  Liz Renay, Robert Clarke and more star.  Liz Renay was something special.  Her resume reads like a riding trail through my kind of movies, even though there were only 28 appearances.  Once Mickey Cohen's moll...  a helluva sleazy life.   BA

H796 Diary of a Young Comic (79) A look at the comedy scene in L.A.  in the late 1970's starring Richard Lewis in his more manic era playing a character pretty much based on himself, but less neurotic.  Dom DeLuise, Bill Macy, Linda Kerridge, Stacy Keach and more show up here in this as well, a movie, not a documentary. 

H881 Dick Powell Theatre, The (61) Two episodes of this rare show, never released in any format.  1.  Who Killed Julie Greer: Star studded cast in this murder mystery includes Ronald Reagan, Nick Adams, Ralph Bellamy, Carolyn Jones, Mickey Rooney, Lloyd Bridges, Dick Powell and more....  2.  Out of the Night: A revenge obsessed pilot bombs a village to kill one man, and that man escapes! With Ziva (The Pharaoh's Curse) Rodann and more.  Dick Powell ran this creative series for about 2 years but in 1963 died of lung cancer at age 58.  This stopped the show as you can imagine, nobody else with the talent and the same name was available. 

H907 Eagle of the Jungle (87) aka: El Aquila de la Jungla  Our ‘Eagle’ is a badass liberator type.  Extremely violent war film from the Philippines! P.O.W.'s must fight back against the evil and sadistic jungle camp commander who enjoys torturing them.  People are impaled, beaten, shocked with electric and barbed wire...  One unfortunate guy has the tip of his penis sliced off! Trying to be an historical film set in Viet Nam, all is explained in the opening words where they were going with this one.  In the age of 'Rambo', anything could happen with lower-budgeted rip-offs, more chances could be taken as everybody tried to out-violence the next guy.  Good action here! With English subtitles.   ULTRA RARE 

Z302 Fatal Image, The (90) aka: Due donne nel mirino   aka: French Kill  After witnessing a murder and accidentally videotaping it, a mother (Michelle Lee) and daughter (Justine Bateman) are on the run, hunted by the Baroness (Sonia Petrovna) that did the killing, and wants that tape! Sexy and beautiful Petrovna, was fresh off the set of Umberto Lenzi's 'House of Witchcraft', which I also heartily recommend!

Z305 Four Deuces, The (75) aka: Chicago anni '30 via col piombo!  Prohibition Gangland boss Vic Morono (Jack Palance), and his gang (the metaphorical 'Deuces') run against a rival crime boss.  Vic also has a weakness for women.  Especially Wendy (Carol Lynley).  This is told in a comical way, but includes some brutal killings.  You know.  Mob movies are funny! Palance mercilessly chews the scenery in this comic book gangster flick.  Also with Martin Kove.  Warren Berlinger as the 'Arch Rival'.   BA

Z367 Girl's Apartment (63) aka: L'appartement des filles   A gold smuggler recruits airline hostesses to help in the smuggling of gold bars into Bombay.  One woman is a snob, another adventurous and the third, is a hopeless romantic.  Mylene Demongeot, Sylva Koscina and Renate Ewert are the girls, Sami Frey is the suave smuggler.  Demongeot was promoted as the next Bardot and starred in the 'Fantomas' films among many others.  Koscina was in over 100 memorable features, what a doll! Beautiful Renate Ewert, her father was a German soldier in WW2.  She killed herself in 1966 shortly after filming 'Agent 505" Death Trap Beirut' in which she had a small role.  After having affairs with numerous famous actors she still couldn't get ahead (she should have slept with producers).  Tablets and alcohol did her in.  She was found decomposing in her apartment after being dead for 3 weeks in December 1966, Germany.  Her parents couldn't handle the news, and shortly after killed themselves as well, one with poison, another with drugs. 

H859 Hiding Places, The (69) aka: Los Escondites  The little orphan Jorge lives with his grandparents.  He visits and kisses the grave of his parents to absorb their spirits.  His aunt Amelia, locked in a room since the death of her boyfriend, helps Jorge travel back in time.    Directed by Jesus Yague -  F.L. 

H908 Hostage Syndrome (88) An evil scientist/wannabe super villain has developed a drug that he uses to control people's minds, using them to kidnap athlete's and fighters in order to use them to do his bidding.  Kung fu action and (light) horror mishmash with Costas Mandylor in his debut at age 23.  Also with some kung fu fighting women! In one long battle scene, it is the woman vs.  Mandylor's character! Opens with a kidnapping, a killing and a car chase.  Bloody squibs, fighting in the ring, machinegun shootouts and remote controlled bad guys.  Although this film is in English language, there are foreign subtitles. 

H911 Jiboa (89) aka: Jiboa, il sentiero dei diamanti  More violent action from Italian director Mario Bianchi! Army misfits (and a cute blonde chick) scour the jungles along the Amazon in search of treasure and face the usual perils of the region.  Namely deadly gory piranha attacks, angry alligators, nasty snakes, natives spitting poison darts, impalings, stabbings and more! Nice location filming as our intrepid group splashes through the mud and grime of this most treacherous of regions.  Although in English language, there are foreign subtitles.  LBX BA

H786 Mafia vs.  Ninja (85) aka: Hong men jue e zhe   Sewage (it's a living) workers Charlie and Jack become entangled in an International Asian gang war when they career change into bodyguards for the 'good' Shanghai mafia.  Hysterical fun ensues with unbelievable battles involving wires and dummies and laugh out loud dubbing.  Insane fun from beginning to end!  BA

Z336 Man from O.R.G.Y., The (70)  aka: The Real Gone Girls  A rich man suddenly dies and leaves his vast fortune to a Madam who played a number of female stars for him: Hermione Gingold, Phyllis Diller, Marlene Dietrich, and Bette Davis.  She dies too, and leaves her inheritance to her top three 'girls', all living in different parts of the world - and the 'map' to the fortune location can be 'uncovered' only when their three bottoms are placed together.  Steve Victor, the agent from ORGY, is assigned to recover them from a kidnapper...   Upgrade!  BA

H876 Miami Cops (89) Jaded detective Gamble (Richard Roundtree) is teamed with Bobby Delaware (Harrison Muller) in this shameless grab at the popularity of 'Miami Vice' from Italian director Alfonso Brescia, a man behind dozens of classics like 'Iron Warrior' from 1987.  One interesting note.  Does not take place in Miami.  From Detroit to Italy our heroes locate the drugs, the dealers.  and there is plenty of action and violence including a (slow) boat chase shootout...  even death by chainsaw in a nice gory scene.  Better than 'Miami Vice' by the way, I like Brescia films!

H877 Mission Batangas (68) aka: Dans l'enfer de Corregidor  aka: Except People Get Killed  Dennis Weaver as a military pilot named Chip Corbett in the Pacific during WW2! The Japanese forces have conquered the Philippines, and Vera Miles (as Joan Barnes) convinces Chip to help in getting the treasury of gold the Japanese now control.  Interesting tribal war with the native headhunter-type Filipinos battling the Japanese.  Excellent action-packed opening sequence sets the stage for the film.  Vic Diaz is in this of course, a veteran of so many films made in the region.  BA

Z286 Mr.  Angel (66) Scottish born Tom Gerrard managed to insert himself into a handful of quality films that remain memorable to this day.  This isn't one of them.   Here he is Brad Angel, man of adventure, man for hire (and also pilot of his own small plane apparently!).  When he lands on an island to rescue a blonde named Julie (who is waving him down) we are introduced into her world, a clueless one, an 'ignorance is bliss' one.  When not tripping out on flamingoes....  she explains her tale of woe to Mr.  Angel......  Together they try not to fall victim to any number of deadly traps set on the island, by Julie's tormentor.  Certainly a colorful film, made in Florida, bikini chicks.... 

Z324 Mysteries of Edo (56) aka: Furisode torimonochô: wakashu henge  In old Edo a part-time detective is investigating the disappearance of more than a dozen lovely women.  As fear grips the entire village, the mysterious hooded villain prepares to strike again.  But the detective is closing in....  Who will be taken next? Where have they gone and for what purpose?  This is 'old' Edo, so there are also some sword fights!  An excellent mystery/action here in Japanese language and with English subtitles.   BA

H787 Ninja vs.  Shaolin Guards (84) aka: Wu seng  aka: Die Wächter der Ninja  A troop of framed monks from the Shaolin temple are trying to get the Golden Sutra to Tibet after the Shaolin Abbot is killed by their traitorous trainer.  Joined on their quest by a beautiful warrior-like woman who seeks revenge for the death of their father, together they travel through the hazardous forests and mountains, encountering many foes along the way...  including murderous ninjas.  Delirious kung-fu fun with typically hilarious English dubbing.   BA

Z326 No Exit (54) aka: Huis-clos  What the hell? Exactly.  An assortment of people, sinners all, enter an elevator, and once full it carries them downward rapidly with almost subliminal glimpses of flames outside.  Eventually they arrive into the foyer of what looks like a luxury hotel.  It doesn't take them too long to realize that they are indeed, dead, and this may just be their hell, forever tormenting one another.  They get to watch what is happening in the real world on a screen.  Arletty stars as a butch lesbian.  In WW2 Arletty had an affair with a German Nazi officer and she served time.  She was quoted as saying about the crime 'My heart is French, but my arse is international!'.  Still she prevailed, and even went blind before dying in 1992 at age 94.  With English subtitles.   BA

H829/Z327 Panique (46) A girl is released from jail and she meets up with her lover who has just committed a murder.  He killed and robbed a woman.  But a Jewish man saw the murder and he has evidence....More violence erupts, and panic ensues.  Viviane Romance and Michel Simon star.  This French film comes with English subtitles. 

H905 Police Serve the Citizens?, The (73) aka: La polizia è al servizio del cittadino?  After the death of a dock worker, a cop with nothing left to lose convinces well placed people to help him get the crime boss responsible.  The racket  preys upon the wholesale market.  His people keep getting killed and he is eventually taken off the case.  He decides to take the law into his own hands, because the title is true without a question mark! Excellent action and very downbeat! LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

H813 Promise (05) aka: Lupaus  Here we have the story of three women, members of the Finnish women's Lotta Svard Organization during WW2.  Seen through their eyes, we experience their direct involvement in this paramilitary movement that was made up of female volunteers.  They were essential to the Finnish war effort, and this film is homage, with big budget, and yes, some action, hardships, difficulties and how death affects people, changes people, and how you can cope with practically unbearable situations when you are forced to.  LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

H878 Ransom Money (70) When a rich woman's son is kidnapped, the F.B.I.  specialist (played by Broderick Crawford) utilizes electronics to solve the case.  Inept patchwork mess of a film that manages to entertain through sheer lack of professionalism.  Bland, indoor shots in crummy hotels, up-tempo music when you think something is about to happen (but nothing does), tedious dialogue, recycled scene fillers....  this film is a great lesson on how not to make a movie! With Gordon Jump of 'W.K.R.P.' and Rachel Roman. 

H788 Rebellious Reign, The (80) aka: Yong zheng yu nian geng yao   Skilled Kung Fu man allies himself with the 4th Prince who is in a struggle for power as the Emperor is on his death bed.  Plenty of action ensues and the final 17 minutes are basically non-stop killing! Fong Lung (here with his English name of Jimmy Lee) delivers every punch and kick with conviction, and it is a surprise he is not better known (being a part of 94 titles, many in which he played the villain!!) He died of lung cancer at age 54 in China. 

Z358 Retreat Through the Wet Wasteland (73) aka: Nureta koya o hashire   Five men break into a church , steal the charity funds, and rape the churchwarden's daughter, and shame and humiliate her father.  Later the same men return to the church to cover any evidence they left behind.....  they are cops you see! Above the law and able to get away with anything.  But a former colleague of theirs has just escaped from a mental ward, and he may be a potential threat.  He knows too much! Excellent! LBX and with English subtitles. 

H883 Revolution (68) aka: Hippie-Revolution  Got an old hippie for the review.  Here it is:  Well you know man, wow man, groovy.  Yea.  I was there man.  I was! It's like, liquid lights, hippie rock, hallucinations...  you had to be there man.  I'm still high man! Stop! He's gone.  A cool artifact of San Francisco in 1968 as the culture changed and the music reigned.  Nice Upgrade!  BA

Z359 Ring Around the World (66) aka: Duello nel mondo   American investigator Fred Lester (Richard Harrison) is after an assassin that uses poisoned bullets made of ice! Exotic locations, sharp threads, groovy music and jet setting thrills.  In the midst of this globe hopping there is a plane and parachute later used in a James Bond film.  Helene Chanel, Giacomo Rossi Stuart and more star.   BA

H906 Rome: The Other Side of Violence (76) aka: Roma, l'altra faccia della violenza   Another lesser known violence-packed epic with Rome unhinged! Here again the streets of Rome are infested with animalistic hoodlums who home invade, commit robberies and kill cops (or...  whoever!)! Features a handful of ultra-nihilistic execution moments and unforgettable shock scenes.  A young girl is killed, there is a bloody death sequence under the wheels of a bus, and an extremely unpleasant rape scene.  Afterwards a thug throws some money down at the still suffering woman: ' Here Slut.  You can buy some new knickers!' he says with disgust.  Marcel Bozzuffi, Anthony Steffen and more.  Now, for the first time ever, 'Rome: The Other Side of Violence' is available  in very nice quality and English subtitles.   BA

H902 Sharks and Men (76) aka: Uomini e squali   Little-seen 1976 mondo documentary about sharks that was filmed by the Italian director Bruno Vailati (who’s probably best known for the 1961 version of The Thief of Baghdad) Sadly there is a fair amount of casual cruelty in this film, including an “improvised Caesarean” of a pregnant shark (though, mercifully, her brood is cut loose and then freed to the sea) and gruesome shots of sharks being butchered...    Now this shark documentary comes to you in nice quality and English language upgrade!   BA

Z284 Spy Trailers of the 1960's (various) A mind boggling collection of trailers from your favorites and also some obscure spy movies from the decade that spawned them!

Z338 SS Operation Wolf Cub (83) A non-hardcore sex film with Harry Reems as the lead character and directed by Joe Sarno.  Hardly seems real.  Reems is an American mercenary on a dangerous mission trying to infiltrate Neo Nazis in Sweden, with lots of armed gun-toting women as well as men.  Unusual for Sarno, and Harry! All English language! Harry Reems, was only 65 when he died of pancreatic cancer in Utah in 2013. 

Z360 Symphony For a Massacre (63) aka: The Corrupt  aka: Symphonie pour un massacre  Gangsters go in on a bundle of dope, with the plan of splitting the profits.  Of course there is going to be a villain even more slimy amongst this group of dastardly scumbags.  Suspicion leads to a murder and then it looks like they all need to be eliminated by the traitor.  The sexy blonde Daniela Rocco, cheats on her husband and is quite the looker here.  Also with Michele Mercier, Michel Auclair and more.  LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

H896 Taken Alive (95) Sexy secret agent Veronica (Barbara Niven) recruits strong sculptor Enrico ( Schwarzenegger buddy Franco Columbu) to rescue a kidnapped mistress of a Presidential candidate (Robert Ginty).  The kidnapper played by Frank Stallone.  Plenty of action and funny dialogue along with ridiculous and sometimes unintentionally hilarious action sequences.  Also with William Smith! Killer cast here.   BA

H799 That's the Way of the World (75) aka: Shining Stars  Record producer Coleman Buckmaster (Harvey Keitel) is ordered to focus on a white group that has the sound they believe the country wants.  But Coleman is digging on a black group (played by Earth Wind and Fire members) and wants them to have more attention.  Interesting look into the cynical inner workings of the music industry and the social/race politics involved pre-disco.   BA



H825 Devil's Delight (various) Two rare shorts with the Lord of Darkness.  1.  Mr Lucifer (62) The Devil (Fred Astaire) and his attractive young assistant Hecate (red hot pre-Bewitched Elizabeth Montgomery) try to break the will of a goody two shoes married architect.  2. Talk of the Devil (68) Stephen (Tim Barret) falls for sexy Wendy (Suzan Farmer of Dracula: Prince of Darkness and Monster of Terror and more) but she hates him.  So he makes a deal with the devil to get the woman he desires so much...  Things don't exactly happen to plan.  Plays like a 'Twilight Zone' episode.  

H809 Fame is the Name of the Game (66) The first television movie produced as a pilot that was picked up as a regular series (becoming 'The Name of the Game' in 1968).  Many character actors are involved in the investigation of a call girl's death.  Anthony Franciosa is reporter Jeff Dillon.  Jill St.  John is Leona Purdy.  Also stars Robert Duvall, Jack Klugman, Susan St.  James and more.  Noticed a few picture problems in this rare film. 

Z365 Fantastic Seven, The (79) aka: Steel Glory  Stuntman Hill Singleton (Christopher Connelly) must rescue film actress Rebecca Wayne (Elke Sommer) from kidnappers.  Since she is in international waters, he must enlist an all-star team of stuntmen, to be real heroes, risking their asses to save Rebecca.  Ex-pirate Bourdieu (Patrick Macnee) has her in a remote shack off the coast of Cuba, and he demands a ransom.  Many stunts and death-defying feats ensue as they stage a daring rescue.  Interesting cast includes Christopher Lloyd, Soon-Tek Oh, Morgan Brittany and more.   BA

H922 Horror Chamber of Dr.  Faustus, The (60) aka: Eyes Without a Face  aka: Les yeux sans visage  Here is the rare English language dubbed version.  A surgeon is responsible for his daughter's disfigurement, and to give her a new face, he cuts up innocent young women in his isolated mansion laboratory, with his female assistant, guarded by his angry dogs.  If you want a subtitled print, we have it.  But if you order by this title, you will receive this English language dubbed print.  This film started a whole genre of such 'face stealing by mad doctors' type films.   BA

H828 Lark, The (57) Made for Television this is the Trial of Joan of Arc, a Broadway play, here complete for your enjoyment, though I did notice some glitches from the old masters.  Boris Karloff shines, and received a Tony nomination for his portrayal of Bishop Cauchon.  Basil Rathbone is the Chief Inquisitor.  Also with Eli Wallach.  Julie Harris, Denholm Elliot and Jack Warden

Z299 Sensitive Passionate Man, A (77) David Janssen plays Michael Delaney, an Aerospace engineer, well off with a pretty wife named Marjorie (Angie Dickinson).  Problem here is alcohol.  He loves it.  But alcohol is slowly killing him.  And we are watching him meltdown and succumb to the booze.  He gets fired and spirals down down down....  File with other MFTV films dealing with alcoholism.  David Janssen is excellent here in this harrowing glimpse into the destruction of a man.  Interestingly, David Janssen was rumored to have actually been an alcoholic in real life, and he died of a heart attack at age 48 in 1980.  Some say alcohol was a factor.  Others say he worked himself to death. 

H835 Silent Night, Lonely Night (69) A lesson in fidelity with Lloyd Bridges and Shirley Jones in a brief interlude, brought together by chance, both with separate issues, two days before Christmas, everything resolved by Christmas.  A quiet and somewhat intense guilty pleasure.  Look for Jeff Bridges in a flashback scene.  Also stars Carrie Snodgress, Cloris Leachman and more. 

Z383 Strangers in 7A, The (72) Billy (Michael Brandon) plays a demented wannabe bank robber who, along with his scumbag helpers, holds Artie the building superintendent (Andy Griffith) hostage, as they plan a robbery in the bank next door.  They use Claudine as a type of bait, to charm Artie.  Meanwhile, Iris (Ida Lupino), Artie's wife, is about to arrive home.  Billy is a deranged Viet Nam veteran, and Michael Brandon does a fine job making him quite a menace.  He was in Argento's 'Four Flies on Grey Velvet' the same year, and would play another psycho in the MFTV film 'Hitchhike; in 1974. 

Z301 To Love, Honor and Deceive (96) After her husband (Thomas Gibson) and son are lost at sea, a woman (Vanessa Marcil) comes across strange pieces from her husband's past that may indicate even something more sinister has occurred.  Diving into the underworld and seeking closure, she tries to find out if her husband is alive, playing a diabolical game to deceive and escape.  Sure, we've seen it before, but they manage to pull it off here, and definitely worth a look. 

H949 Vampires in Havana (85) aka: ¡Vampiros en La Habana!  It's Unbelievable! A vampire family from Cuba is preparing for a showdown between the vampires of the United States, and the Eastern European vampires as well.  A scientist has invented a potion that enables Vampires to dwell under sunlight.  Sex, music, violence.  humor....maybe one of the best cartoons ever made? This oddity was made by three countries.  Cuba, Spain and West Germany.  Tagline: Not since Fritz the Cat has there been such a freewheeling sexy romp! With English subtitles.   BA

Z300 Winner Take All (75) Eleanor (Shirley Jones) is a gambling addict.  She's already wrecked one marriage, and is working on wrecking another.  She's already gambled away her husbands' savings of 30 grand.  She even gets the crap beaten out of her when she can't pay up after she loses.  Yes, another problem of the week MFTV.  Gamblers Anonymous...  here I come! Also with Laurence Luckinbill, Sam Groom, Joyce Van Patten, Joan Blondell, Sylvia Sidney and many more. 




H914 Cat Monster Killer (73) aka: Plastic Woman  A child is born, cursed with a cat-like face and whiskers, who later turns into a killer monster!  She demands a facelift to look normal or she will kill the surgeons daughter.  He obliges, but these cures are only temporary as we know when it comes to the cursed.  She can also disappear, and fly at will! She screeches, she laughs, and she mocks!  Gory death and surgery scenes, stabbings and impalings, and some nudity thrown in for good measure.  Well made obscure horror that delivers the savage goods.  Terror is a Woman.  With English subtitles. 

H916 Demon's Baby (98) aka: Meng gui shi ren tai   An idiot ruler takes treasure from a burial site filled with evil spirits which curses the hell into him.  Returning home his wife gets possessed and gives birth to a demonic Alien-like monster which bursts forth by tearing her open. Now loose, the diet our cutie prefers is to bite off people's heads for nourishment.  Yum Yum!  Will the local exorcist be any help before everybody is baby food?  More to the supernatural plot, much more, not enough room here to explain.  But I can tell you that bodies are split in half, heads roll, arms are torn off, faces are ripped off, nudity etc.  Nice old-school special effects.  Also with English subtitles and LBX. 

H915 King Kong vs. the Snake Phantom (84) aka: War of the Giants and Snake Phantom   A gang of outlaws prey on weak farming villages, usually waiting for the menfolk to migrate to the fields.  The outlaws raid the impoverished community, rape the woman, steal any valuables and slaughter everybody.  After one such raid, a victimized husband seeks supernatural help and becomes indebted to the gargantuan snake warrior who eventually challenges another giant (King) Kong in a death match.  Meanwhile, the village is also under attack by monstrous translucent serpent.    Just to be up front, King Kong does not appear in this film, I didn't even see a monkey.  But men do turn into snakes, and there are snake attacks, various sized snakes, bloody deaths and insane over-the-top kung fu.  It all seems centered around a savage like tribe, and another tribe that actually seems civilized by comparison.  There's also a laughing giant that they get on their knees for, until another giant shows up and they battle in slow motion.  I can only guess that is why they used 'King Kong' in the title.  Couldn't afford a monkey suit.  Over the top crazy madness makes you wonder what type of drugs the filmmakers were taking.  Taiwanese with English subtitles.

H918 Mondo Cane 5 (93) Another compilation of death footage that will upset most viewers.  Graphic tribal stuff with naked sweaty tribal chicks doing their mating rituals, animal slaughter and torture....  more.  Narrated in English language.  + Mondo Mobile: extremely graphic and offensive stuff here with guys ripping off women's dresses or tops in public and running. 

Z361 Zuma 2: Hell Serpent (87) aka: Anak ni Zuma   Zuma, the big bald green guy with two-headed-snake monster on his shoulders....  returns! He battles the military and the police, Zuma is not messing around, and neither are the snakes at his command! Based on the most popular Filipino comic book! Sometimes dinosaur-looking snake head with human body monster also shows up.  Bullets bounce off of the mighty Zuma! Shoot at Zuma, then run! Shoot at Zuma, then run! Snakes are falling from trees and attacking! The showdown between Zuma and the dinosaur monster is amazing! His daughter has a two-headed baby snake growing on her shoulders! With English subtitles.  A must! (We also have 'Zuma' the first film!)



Z328 Shadows of Blood (88) Paul Naschy is a notorious serial killer that escapes from a French asylum with a fellow crazed inmate and together they go on a killing spree in Amsterdam.  Almost right off the bat he strangles a hotel maid and throws her in the bathtub.  Then, outside in the alley he watches his friend strangle a few victims.  Then Naschy's character kills a woman eating soup in a restaurant, and climbs in a window and stabs a screaming woman to death! They hook up with other killers to critique, exhort and reminisce about their crimes.  This may be one of the strangest things you will ever see with Paul Naschy, and one of the rarest as well.  A few glitches.  Filmed in English language!



Z352 Lady of Monza, The (69)  aka: La monaca di Monza   In the opening a guy named Giampaolo (Antonio Sabato) shoots one of the occupying Spaniard tax collectors and runs to hide in the church where the Mother Superior Virginia (Anne Heywood) gives him sanctuary from the law.  Spaniards occupied the whole of Italy at this time.  Giampaolo rapes Virginia right in front of other sexually repressed nuns screaming 'No NO!' during the act.  They fall in love, and he knocks her up! The church is not happy.  The future will be grim for all in this one.  An excellent film, a warm-up for 'The Devils'.  Anne Heywood, straight off the set of 'The Fox', and boy is she.  Laura Belli, Rita Calderoni and more beautiful women, I swear I would live at this convent.  Splendid LBX upgrade!  BA



H855 Angel of Light (98) aka: Angeluz   Angeluz is a fallen angel living in 1990's Mexico as a Goth teenager.  His powers are found out after an altercation and a secret government organization leads an expedition to capture him, and harness his powers for their own nefarious ends.  Punks are annihilated, full volume demonic howling, snapping bones, attempted rape, spraying blood, cool transformation and more.  Fallen Angel or Risen Demon? Or one of each?  Creepy and enjoyable.  Busy man Hugo Stiglitz stars with many others.   English subtitles.

Z344 Avenging Shadow, The (56) aka: La Sombra Vengadora   Monster-mask wearing villain (known as 'The Black Hand')  With English subtitles.  BA

H948 Little Red Riding Hood and Tom Thumb vs.  the Monsters (62) aka: Caperucita y Pulgarcito contra los monstruos   Mexi-Monster-Kid-Mash! Little Red Riding Hood, along with her pet dog and a huge skunk are traveling through the woods when the Wicked Witch of Mexico sends a plethora of monsters after them.  Dracula, Wolfman, Giant from the Beanstalk, Frankenstein's monster, even a Robot Monster...  So demented you have to see it to believe it! This movie is sure to freak you out.  Very colorful.  Now with English subtitles, which makes this film even stranger than the English language dubbed version, which we also have!  BA

Z353 Mysteries of Black Magic (58) aka: Misterios de la magia negra  aka: I misteri della magia nera  A professor willing to investigate the mysteries of black magic starts experiencing strange events around him….  Ultra rare Mexi-Horror   Now with English subtitles!  BA

H892 Psychothrill (87) aka: Conexión Criminal   Undercover cops battle drug dealers in Mexico and also hunt for a mad sadistic killer (clad in leather and studs) who executes the enemies of the cartel.  In the first 10 minutes he is terrorizing a woman with a knife, toying with her before plunging the blade into her chest, which obviously gives him great joy...  or a Psychothrill! Nudity and misogynistic sadism in this one! Dubbed into English language! BA

H947 Rebellion of the Hanged, The (54) aka: La rebelión de los colgados  aka: La ribellione degli impiccati   Title refers to punishment of workers who were hung up by their wrists if they broke a rule... high above the ground for hours on end.  Some were even whipped while hanging.  Semi-slave laborers rebel against these appalling work conditions in this logging camp deep in the Mexican jungles.  Brutal for 1954.  English language too! Starring Pedro Armendariz.  His last film was 'From Russia with Love' as Kerim Bey in 1965.  He was known as 'The Clark Gable of Mexico'.  He got cancer and killed himself with a gun at age 51 in 1963 Los Angeles.   BA

L319 Return of the Monster, The (59) aka: El Regreso del Monstruo  A deranged scientist lusting for the secret of immortality, teams up with a witch (literally, a talking skeleton since her flesh and blood fell off ages ago she is so ancient!) and her son (who transforms into a big bumbling Frankenstein like monster with an oversized head) who roams the countryside snatching up victims for experimentation.  Cool transformation scenes inspired by Lon Chaney's Wolfman! F.L.  BA

Z378 Shadow of the Bat, The (68) aka: La sombra del murciélago  A horribly disfigured organ playing ex-wrestler, dressed as a human bat, kidnaps a beautiful girl and holds her captive in his underground Batcave, hoping to lure her friend Blue Demon into a trap.  Phantom of the Opera with a Mexi-Wrestle twist.  Loads of atmosphere.  Now with English subtitles!  BA

Z379 Survivors of the Andes (76) aka: Survive!  aka: Supervivientes de los Andes  Finally the fully uncut feature here with English subtitles.  Rugby team plane crash in the Andes Mountains resorts to cannibalism for survival.  Includes scenes of skin being cut off, pus and sores and of course cannibalism.  This movie was heavily censored for United States.  This may trigger the gag reflex for some.  This runs 1 hour and 51 minutes.    (two other shorter versions are available as well) BA

H858 Zorro vs.  The Teenage Monster (58) aka: La Venganza del Ahorcado  aka: El Zorro escarlata en la venganza del ahorcado   Sweaty guy turns into large headed monster with huge shoulder pads with the aid of an old witch in a strange lair of evil and roams the countryside wreaking havoc, kidnapping girls and of course, finally, the showdown with the mighty Zorro! A talking skeleton, woman strapped to tables, a cemetery shootout...   The monster is quite animated and entertaining and the antics for this series continues in 'The Return of the Monster' made the following year (which we also have– see above).  F.L. 



H816 Gunfighters of Casa Grande (64) aka: Los pistoleros de Casa Grande  After the American Civil War, a gambler (Alex Nicol) wins a Mexican cattle ranch, hires some help and begins a cattle drive.  But his intentions in regards to his helpers and the ranch he left behind is less than honorable....  Troubles, women and other forces interfere....  Aldo Sambrell as the evil bandit Chieftain 'Rojo'.  Also with Diana Lorys.  LBX  BA

Z351 If One is Born a Swine (68) aka: A Cry of Death  aka: Carogne si nasce  A range war between cattlemen and farmers come to a head with the arrival of a Deputy Marshall (Glenn Saxon) and a gunfighter named 'Mule' (Gordon Mitchell) in the town of Houstonville, Texas.  Shootings and shootouts, hanging and plenty of death, this one plays for keeps.  Dirt farmers versus lawless cattlemen oater well directed by Alfonso Brescia.  LBX and in Italian language with English subtitles.   BA

H856 Kill Django...  Kill First (71) aka: Uccidi Django...  uccidi per primo!!!   aka: Tequila  Johnny (presumably the 'Django' of the title) faces off against banker Burton (Aldo Sambrell) who is trying to acquire all of the gold mines in the area with the help of his cohorts in crime.   Johnny is framed for a killing and the townsfolk attempt to lynch him...  Plenty of action, off-the-wall zoom shots galore, bearded henchmen with beady eyes and authentic looking locales.  The very bottom of the Spaghetti barrel? Hell no! Any movie with Krista Nell and Diana Lorys both, is not bad, not bad at all.  English dubbed, full frame, no foreign subs.   BA

H854 Machismo: 40 Graves for 40 Guns (71) aka: Revenge of the Wild Bunch   'The Wild Bunch' in reverse!  Seven Mexicans in an American town find themselves defending the town from the dreaded 'Harris Gang'.  A little soft-core, and then an explosive action-packed finale! Holed up in a ghost town with stashes of ammo, explosives and guns, they are set upon by the 40 men of the title.  Massive squibs, gallons of blood, cannons are fired and shotguns blaze through crusty shards of gore laying the town to waste! With Gregory Sierra (best known as Julio on 'Sanford and Son'), Bruce Gordon, Royal Dano, Gary Kent, Sue Bernard and more!  BA

Z356 Patience Has a Limit...  We Don't (74) aka: La pazienza ha un limite...  noi no!  An Irish corporal in a U.S.  army camp steals and hides a chest full of treasure.  When he dies , his two idiot sons, who don't have a brain between them, are each given a piece of a map from their mother.  The only clue to the hiding place of the treasure.  When one of the brothers decides robbing banks on their adventures is a good idea, bandits and bounty hunters are in pursuit.  Some brawls with slaps and ass-kicking, but basically a low-violence affair, with lots of comedy.  Still, one of the more obscure titles, and in a nice LBX English dub.   BA

Z287 Revenge of the White Dog, The (74) aka: Zanna Bianca alla riscossa  Jack London plate of spaghetti directed by Tonino Ricci.  Bert (Maurizio Merli) is just minding his business in the mountains when White Fang alerts him that his best buddy has been murdered.  Now he has a kid and a dog.  Katie, the barroom whore with a heart of gold is on hand (Gisela Hahn) as well as the usual suspect crime boss villain (Henry Silva).  This film is a sequel of sorts to Lucio Fulci's semi-classic 'White Fang' from the same year.  Dogs, bears, wolves....  no animal rights rules in sight, so be warned.  Nice LBX and English dubbed.   BA

H807 Way of a Gaucho (52) aka: El camino del gaucho  After killing a man, the sentence for a nonconformist Gaucho (Rory Calhoun) is harsh army duty.  But he cannot take his medicine, deserts, and becomes the leader of a pack of bandits.  His adversary is Richard Boone, former military commander, who has developed a hateful grudge of he who dares to desert his army.  Filmed almost entirely on the Argentinean Pampas, set in 1875.  Gene Tierney is the love interest.  Directed by Jacques Tourneur.   BA



Z370 Jailbirds (15) aka: La taularde   One time Bond Girl Sophie Marceau, gets all down and dirty as a fresh new fish behind bars in this modern day spin on woman in prison.  I'll have to hand it to them.  All of the protocols for a W.I.P.  flick are followed.  Prison snitches, shower scenes, strip searches, shankings, riots, lesbian action (forced and otherwise)...  and Sophie Marceau, 53 years old with the body of a 19 year old.  Unbelievably brutal, and hard to watch at times.  Marceau's best work yet? Maybe, maybe.  Hard-hitting and downbeat.  LBX and with English subtitles.








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