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J573                  Fist of Steel (92) aka: Eternal Fist  aka: Death Zone - Blood for Blood   Ahhh. It's the apocalypse. A wasteland of madness, survival and death. Into this world enter 'Amp' (played by WKA Middle Weight World Champion Dale Cook) a total badass fighter, who helps a wild girl (Cynthia Khan in a sexy spandex and black leather ensemble) get revenge, directed at a marauding gang of violent renegades who are responsible for the destruction of her village. Punch-fighting, nunchukas, some unintentional hilarity.... but it all works! 'Real' trained fighters help elevate a low budget film into a pretty cool action packed apocalypse. Cynthia Khan is not only pretty, she also can kick major ass!   BA

9284                  Human Animals (83) aka: Animales racionales   aka: Die letzte Stunde   Two men and one women are the last people alive on Earth. They regress to savagery and have sex.  Insatiable, so don't look for dialogue.  Just grunting and groaning in the helpless, hopeless wasteland. When a dog is introduced into this bizarre group he decides to get in on the action with the only living woman left on earth. She doesn't say no. One of the weirdest and demented of the 1980's end of the world pictures. A Spanish film with no real dialogue.  BA

3933                  In the Aftermath (88)  aka: After Rabbit   In an unnamed place, an unnamed time (Australian if you listen to the accents), the Earth is dying from a poisoned atmosphere in this post-apocalyptic live action/anime/art house Australian-Japan mixture. Actually anime has been patched and inserted into a gloomy 'bits and pieces' of a movie where our survivors (who are wearing gasmasks) stumble around in a ruined world, usually in a chemical factory of some kind. Downbeat, bizarre and effective, bittersweet even.  BA

Z965                  Tomorrow's Children (76) aka: Demain les mômes  The end has happened. Now, in this desolate wasteland society no longer exists and the surviving children realize the adults have failed them. Philippe's wife was killed by three teenagers. He meets a group of children who are building a new world he cannot understand. But what is the plan for tomorrow's children? Cool French science fiction like a tale from 'Heavy Metal' magazine or something. With English subtitles.  




J580 Five Angry Women (74) aka: Women Unchained  aka: Escape from Cellblock 3  The riot is started and a guard is killed. The five escape from the cellblock and don't look back, going on the run with Mexico in their minds. Don't Get In Their Way! Escape is all they wanted.... Violence is all they know!  BA

Q922 Ivy League Killers (59) aka: The Fast Ones   Canadian Motorcycle Gang 'Black Diamonds' and their leader Don pose a constant threat as far as the local authorities are concerned, but they never really cause any harm. Just kicks and minor disturbances. They run afoul of a rival group of rich punks of privilege. When the rich kid's girl falls for macho rough Don, all hell breaks loose. The Alpha Male battle plotline with thrill seekers and a potential frame-up for a heist. Also with Don Francks as Andy. Later he would star in 'My Bloody Valentine' and 182 other movies and shows.  BA

L538 Naked Assassins (96) Rich kid Sandy has a boyfriend named Tony and an elegant mother named Helen. Since they are both hot, Tony tries to bed them both! Meanwhile Helen's racehorse business is challenged by her evil business rivals, Sandy runs off to be a prostitute, and Tony has bondage orgies on a yacht! The stage is set for a violent confrontation! Hot Sex Scenes, Hard-Hitting Action and exotic luxurious locations in this Category 3. English subtitles. LBX  BA

J582 Tormentors, The (71) aka: Rogue Vengeance   Flower Power biker artifact that stayed on the shelf for 15 years before coming out and some say it should still be on the shelf. But not me. A cycle-riding vigilante (looking for vengeance after his girlfriend is savagely murdered) infiltrates a biker gang of Neo-Nazis who call themselves the 'Fourth Reich'. He is ordered to kill a hippie-guru type who is influencing the kids into peace and love and not the fascism that they want to encourage. When the 'Messiah/hippie-guru' escapes, all hell breaks loose in the town. Cops, Freaks, Boot Boys, Rape and Torture........

F758 Women's Prison (55) aka: La rivolta delle recluse  The women and the guards are far more dangerous than the women contained in the prison in this 1950's potboiler. Ida Lupino plays the conniving, heartless, ‘bitch from hell’ warden of the place. A place where no one is safe from beatings and other abuses. The prisoners are played by a plethora of characters, establishing early W.I.P. protocols. The downtrodden and the confident mixed together, with assorted outcomes. There is also a 'men's side' to the prison. Good idea.  BA



CLASSIC HORROR AND SCI-FI FILMS {Choose any two CLASSIC titles to create your custom double feature for $14.00 on VHS OR DVD-R! }

S501 Black Doll, The (38) aka: La bambola nera  A dishonest mine worker finds a black voodoo doll (with a knife through the chest) on his desk and realizes it is a harbinger of death on him as he is quite the rude and imperious jerk, and he must have pissed somebody off pretty bad. It's a pretty typical whodunit from the 30's but entertaining enough.  I found the time breezed by quickly with the fast pace. Donald Woods, Nan Grey and more star.  BA

J461 Cross of Love (46) aka: Rakkauden risti   A lighthouse is the setting as a tale is told about it's former keeper and his beautiful blonde daughter. She comes upon a shipwrecked man and, well, do the math. Old man, young pretty woman, young horny guy. The man falls into lust, and the woman dreams of being taken from this isle. And take her he does, to the riches of the big city, with all of the extras. After forced sex she feels violated and unworthy of returning to the island. Now she is a slut, seducing men in the street. An artist hires her to pose on a cross, as she is being crucified, and he paints it, topless. Racy, sexual and frank for a 1940's film. Tragedy, lots of name calling "Whore!", hookers and deceit. This one from Finland.  With English subtitles.

J497 Dick Powell Theater (62) An episode called 'Squadron' starring Bruce Dern, Joe Turkel, Joanna Moore and Michael Parks. The actions of a US bomber crew in WW2 put them all in jeopardy.  + Turn of Fate (58) Two episodes! Three Dark Years: In which a tough dame is taken advantage of by a guy that thinks he has found her 'soft side'. But God help him when she is a woman scorned! With Barbara Stanwyck, Gerald Mohr and Valerie French. And! Turn of Fate: Johnny Risk (58) Michael Landon is Johnny Risk in this tale of a family torn apart at the seams by prejudice in 1890's Alaska. Also with Alan Hale Jr. (The Skipper!) and DeForest Kelley.

J496 I Love Trouble (48) aka: Les liens du passé  When a wealthy man hires a detective to investigate the past of his wife, he gets way more information than he anticipated, none good. Five Lovelies Leave a Trail of Perfume.... and Murder! Franchot Tone, Janet Blair, John Ireland... and look for Raymond Burr as 'Herb'.   BA

J445 Phantom Wagon, The (39) aka: La charrette fantôme  Remake of the silent film 'The Phantom Carriage' from 1921. Before they die, people in a small town claim they hear the sound of a rusty ghostly wagon coming their way, driven by 'Death' himself. Salvation Army nurse Edith (who is dying of TB) tries to help a low-life homeless drunk. Will she get him to change his boozing ways before the wheels of death catch up to her? Fantasy supernatural flavoring splashed heavily with gloomy atmosphere.  From France and with English subtitles.  BA

W2 Railroaded! (47) aka: Uncertain Guilt   'Railroaded!'  in this instance means 'Set-Up!' or 'Framed!' in this picture. Brash blonde Jane Randolph operates a little beauty salon that is a front for a back-room book. Masked robbers knock it over, and a beat cop is killed. An innocent man is accused of the crime. He is railroaded! John Ireland in this, plays a hot-headed violent guy.  Also with Sheila Ryan, Hugh Beaumont and Jane Randolph.  BA

Q427 Shark River (53) aka: Flucht vor dem Gesetz  aka: Marais Maudits   During the Civil War, a hunted man and his brother, flee through the treacherous Everglades, encountering snakes and alligators, and finally, a woman and her son, who are there under the protection of a Seminole tribe. But the Seminoles don't want the men around, and chase them deeper into the deadly swamps. Steve Cochran, Warren Stevens and Carole Matthews star. Steve Cochran was found on his yacht, which was drifting, lost in the Pacific, in 1965. He had been dead and rotting for ten days. Three terrified Mexican women were onboard. No charges were filed.  BA

Z771 Shock, The (23) aka: La terre a tremble  Lon Chaney plays a crippled brute who works for a wicked woman (Christine Mayo) in Chinatown that has now sent him into a small town to make friends and keep his eyes open. When he meets a hopeful young girl there he begins to re-evaluate his choices in life, and ponder if it too late to change. Can he carry out the blackmail scheme without damaging the life of his new friend? Lon Chaney again delivers.  BA

W1 Strange Impersonation (46) aka: La horrible pesadilla  Nora Goodrich (Brenda Marshall) plays a research chemist who tries an experimental anesthetic on herself ('nothing can go wrong'), but ends up disfigured, then takes on the identity of extortionist bad girl Jane (Ruth Ford). The switch involves several plastic surgery montages, but mostly results in a new coif, a dark rinse, and make-up adjustments. The novelty here is that the main protagonist shifts into a femme fatale. Brenda Marshall was married to William Holden from 1941 to 1971. Also with Lyle Talbot, Ruth Ward and William Gargan.  BA

J450 Strange Mr. Gregory, The (45) A successful magician (Edmund Lowe) is smitten with the wife (Jean Rogers) of another man (Donald Douglas, who died the year this came out), a lowlier wannabe magician. Pulling out his bag of tricks (which include mesmerism, murder and more) he gets what he wants, framing his imagined adversary for murder. Did anyone actually die? Luckily, someone is on to him. Cheapie from Monogram, has moments of intrigue and horror elements. Aired on Pittsburgh's Chiller Theater in 1964. Also starring Frank Reicher of 'King Kong' fame and many more.  BA

J463 Way Out (61) Barely existing at all, this show aired way back in 1961 for a mere 14 episodes before cancellation. Assembled here are some episodes.... False Face, Hush Hush, 20/20, Death Wish and.........Grey Reminder, The Croaker (starring a very young Richard Thomas in a macabre tale), The Fonceville Curse and Dissolve to Black. 8 of the 14, not sure if the other 6 exist in any format. False Face, also a good one. A guy plays Quasimodo, the Hunchback in a play (with impressive make-up by Dick Smith who worked on numerous episodes of this show) and is unable to remove his horrific character make-up! This show was trying for the scare factor and for 1961 did the job well enough. Also original commercials. Quality varies on the episodes. You will spot some stars in early roles.




J456 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (54) aka: Ali Baba et les 40 voleurs   Servant Ali Baba (funny man Fernandel) falls for a belly dancer slave woman and with the aid of the forty thieves, finds the cave of treasures. The magic words open the cave. Now he can get the girl. This is possibly the worst film ever made about the subject if you read up on it. Insipid, lackluster, lifeless... a great time in bad filmmaking here! The locations (filmed in Morocco), sets and actors are good, and it is shot in color with hundreds of extras! English subtitles.  BA

Z918 Challenge of the Gladiator (65) aka: Il gladiatore che sfidò l'impero  aka: Die Rache des Spartacus  Roman Senator Quintilio plans a covert journey to get his hands on a legendary treasure. Accompanied by his daughter (Gloria Milland), who poses as a Christian slave girl, and of course his rough guards, they set out... But Spartacus (Peter Lupus aka: Rock Stevens) and his gang of men get to the treasure first. When Nero dies, the Roman Governor sends help so Spartacus can defeat the treacherous Quintilio and his men. Look for stock footage from other films.  BA

J595 Kilma, Queen of the Amazons (76) aka: Kilma, reina de las amazonas  Not to be confused with the 1975 film  'Kilma: Queen of the Jungle / The Jungle Goddess', even though the same girl, Eva Miller, plays 'Kilma' once again!  Both were shot back to back in Spain.  So from the 'fur bras and panties' school of film .....  Frank Brana stars as a navigator that escapes a ship that has been taken by pirates, and lands on an island of Amazons. Hostile and violent, he gets on Kilma's good side when he saves her from a big snake! The women are beautiful, lots of action, excellent use of locations. Frank Brana is also forced down over a rock and whipped! This would be beautiful buxom Miller's last film. The physicality of the action scenes is quite impressive at times with the horseback riding and battles. Pair it with Hammer's 'Prehistoric Women' for a night of (tightly-clothed) ample-breasted goodness. From the director of 'Werewolf and the Yeti' (known over here also as 'Night of the Howling Beast'!  BA

Z895 Knight of the Red House (68) aka: Le Chevalier a la Rose Rouge  aka: Rose rosse per Angelica  Jacques Perrin is pleasant as a reluctant hero, who, in the beginning of his new 'career', runs the operation from a distance…  Robin Hood like trappings as he and his band of rebels help the poor, and penalize the rich nobles in various ways, not the least being numerous conquests with the great ladies of the region. Very colorful and pretty obscure. Famous singer and peplum actress Rafaella Carra is Angelique. Suicide in 75 casualty Michele Girardon is Antoinette. Also with Sandro Moretti and more.  Very colorful LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

J454 Lost in the Desert (69) aka: Dirkie  aka: Adventure in the Red Desert   Lost in the deserts of the Kalahari is where a young boy and his dog find themselves after a plane crash where the pilot is killed. This is a survivor story, aimed at children. But the children of today would need therapy if they saw this one. The scene where the boy unwittingly eats his dog... (or does he?) will stick with you. (More ketchup please). Based on real events, and filmed in South Africa and yes, the Kalahari! It will leave you spellbound! From the director of 'The Gods Must Be Crazy', Jamie Uys.   BA

Z898 Man to Kill, The (79) aka: Covjek koga treba ubiti  The power struggle is on between Hell/Satan and God's earthly representatives, the Church. Let the games begin. Empress Catherine  has assassinated Peter the Third, her husband. The Devil is not happy as it makes the Church stronger. One of Hell's lower officers is sent in.... and so it goes. A nice on Earth tale, and things also get interesting and unhinged with it's depiction of Hell, with hierarchies and disciples. Satanic masks, scenes of torture, Satan's chambers, daring nudity and sexuality.... But back to 'The Man to Kill' well, you'll see. Yugoslavian  and with English subtitles.  BA

Z998 Pied Piper, The (72) aka: Der Rattenfänger von Hameln  This version of the tale thrives on an unsettling atmosphere and dives into controversial themes. Donovan is excellent as the Piper, passing through Hamelin with a family of traveling circus performers. The leader's and their treacheries aside, the Piper is enlisted to rid the city of it's rat infestation, as they fear a plague outbreak. But what happens when they do not pay him for his services? A bleak version thankfully, not a Disney type. Donald Pleasence, John Hurt, Diana Dors and more star. Now LBX  BA

Z900 Robin Hood Never Dies (75) aka: Robin Hood nunca muere  Decent violent swashbuckler from Spain with all of the characters and locations present. Actually a dark and brooding story, with only a smidgen of comedy, with plenty of horrific deaths and perilous situations. The authority figures are presented as cruel merciless brutes. There's a corpse which laughs in it's coffin and springs to life, and a man that dresses up as a dragon and chases after a (very) stupid guard spitting sparks and flames. English dub and LBX  BA

J462 Seven Ravens, The (37) aka: Die sieben Raben  Stop-motion puppet animation from Germany (the first actually) and based on a Grimm's Fairy Tale. When a girl goes on a quest to help her seven brothers (who have been turned into ravens) she enters in to an even more fantastic world of fantasy. Decent backdrops and a cool fantasy field uncorrupted by a Germany that was under Nazi rule at the time. + A bizarre stop-motion short and German WW2 reels.   BA

Z966 Trapped (81) aka: Atrapados  Two people, a man and a woman, are trapped in the woman’s basement apartment when the building collapses. The man is a plumber, a stranger to her, who has just arrived to fix her broken sink. They are of different classes, but also of entirely different temperaments. He is a survivalist and a materialist. She is an intellectual with a mystical bent. As their time trapped in the basement passes from days into months, the film charts the different ways that they deal with their predicament and with each other….  Los Angeles Times called it a “staggering and haunting film… Though this film actually played Times Square in 1981, it was never released after it’s initial showing and is considered ultra obscure and quite a find… LBX and with English subtitles

Z942 Ulysses vs. Hercules (62) aka: Ulisse contro Ercole  Ulysses' (Georges Marchal) has offended the Gods by blinding the Cyclops… Hercules's (Mike Lane) is sent to retrieve him for punishment. Ulysses' escapes from Hercules... Crazed bird-men ruled by a sexy queen, another mad ruler of Troglodytes, a crushing stone ceiling, plenty of action and take note! This is not the cut full frame version floating around out there. This sword and sandal buddy movie delivers something unusual and offers a different tone to the genre. This is a very nice Widescreen English dubbed print. Also starring Alessandra Panaro, Raffaello Carra, Gabriele Tinti and Dominique Boschero. This is Uncut and there are a few scenes in Italian language only that were never dubbed, but the majority of the film is in English.  BA




Z972 Curse of the Hidden Vault, The (64) aka: Die Gruft mit dem Rätselschloß  aka: La tomba insanguinata  An old gangster, right before his death, decides to donate all of his money to the daughter of one of his victims. However the treasure is locked behind a mysterious door, and every move made by the girl, if she even gets close, is being monitored by other gangsters. Typical Wallace mixture of horror, crime, mystery and antagonists, with some treasure thrown in this time for good measure. With a usual assortment of characters that include the always reliable Klaus Kinski and many more. LBX English dubbed Upgrade!  BA

Z921 Dead Eyes of London (61) aka: Die toten Augen von London  Now a nice sharp LBX English dubbed print of this, one of the best of the Edgar Wallace films. A remake of the Bela Lugosi classic from 1939 also known as 'The Human Monster'. A freaky reverend ministers to a flock of blind men all the while a series of brutal murders are occurring all over London after midnight. One is a hulking brute of a man (Ady Berber) as 'Blind Jack', the guy is an Austrian Tor Johnson look-alike! This plays like a giallo, and delivers the creepy goods for horror lovers. Also with Klaus Kinski and Anneli Sauli. Berber, also a former professional wrestler, also had a small role in Ben Hur' in 1959! Sadly he died from a tumor in 1966 at age 52. I would have paid money to see him battle Tor Johnson! LBX  BA

J482 Strangler of Blackmoor Castle, The (63) aka: Der Würger von Schloß Blackmoor  aka: Le mystère du château de Blackmoor   This strangler killer stalking around a country castle estate, has a specific modus operandi in which he brands an 'M' on the foreheads of his victim's before he decapitates them. Nice touch. But what does the 'M' mean or stand for? Swirling fog on the moors, dark dank atmosphere and a suitably creepy soundtrack add to this mystery about a masked killer prowling the corridors of Blackmore Castle. Surprisingly gruesome fun.   BA




Z913 Baby Cat (83) Baby Cat (Julie Margo) is a Parisian model that lives with her rich photographer, rejects him sexually, and has a boyfriend on the side. She teams with her scumbag boyfriend to scan the photographer out of his money and leave him. While the whole crew is on location in the Caribbean, they plot to kidnap his son, but things never go the way they are planned. Baby Cat has a tough, English spoken black-chick voice overdub that somehow doesn't seem to fit her on the screen. This of course adds to the entertainment!  Plenty of nudity and sexual situations.

J542 Beach Fever (87) Before Chick magnet Kato Kaelin became wrapped up as a faux witness in one of America's greatest double murders trials.... he was in this beach movie atrocity, his film debut! Here he is on a 'quest' by his wealthy father to find the 'best pick-up' line to pick up young ladies for sex. When they stumble upon a surefire love potion.... looks like panties will be flying... off! You know you are in good hands when you get bare boobs in the first minute of the film! Crazy characters, nerds, bimbos.....Better than Ferris Bueller... so there. Lots and lots of beach babes!   BA

Z941 Crazy Swedish Holidays in Paris (80) aka: Trouble in Paris  aka: Gräsänkor på skandalsemester   Two horny couples in Paris. The men compete to see who can best pleasure his wife sexually. Dominique Saint Clair, Marie Bergman, Guy Royer and many more star. English language dubbed

Z922 English Style Education (83) aka: Éducation Anglaise   Sylvie’s (0baya Roberts) dad kills her mother when he catches her with a lover. Sylvie gets sent to boarding school and almost instantly falls into lesbianism. The Victorian teachings of the school are very strict, and corporal punishment (bare-assed whippings) are used as punishment. A new female tutor shows up with an even more depraved disciplinary regime. Sylvie has already given her virginity to an obvious transvestite... hell is this the school of De Sade or what? Also with Brigitte Lahaie and  a whole bevy of beauties. From the director of many Lahaie porn's Jean-Claude Roy. Loads of nudity. LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

Z928 Honeybun (88) aka: Honneponnetje  Sixteen year old innocent cutie Honne (played by 21 year old Nada van Nie) escapes from the convent and gets a taste of the 'real' world as she engages in a series of sexual adventures (sort of).  Her parents think she has been kidnapped...  She almost ends up in porn movie, innocently! Ultimately she is seeking to find love, and this movie is really a sex comedy of sorts as men of all ages react whenever she enters a room. Instant horny attraction! This is a great sex comedy from the Netherlands and is English language dubbed. 

Z883 Love in the Third Position (71) aka: Siv, Anne & Sven  Joe Sarno soft-core sex film.  Siv (Liliane Malmquist, whose only other film credit is 'The Seduction of Inga') is a photographer that has the hots for Sven, one of her male models. They get it on... several times. But pretty Ann digs Sven as well and after some back and forth tease they too get it on. But what about Siv? All I know is, it's damn good to be Sven! Oh, and let's not leave out the lesbian orgy (or the female masturbation scene!) with loads of hot female flesh on display! Go Joe! In Color

Z882 Love is Where It's At (68) Sylvania hires a Private Dick named Kane to locate her ex-con husband Rick before he makes good on his promise to kill her. In Kane's search he finds ample opportunities to score with women, and he does exactly that, until his final confrontation with Rick. Not as sleazy as it could have been, but amusing for it's tongue in cheek, wink at the audience attitude, nice large-breasted stripper types, lesbians..  Jackie Richards was in a number of this type and is featured here.

Z956 Madam Scandal - Final Scandal: Madam Likes It Hard (83) aka: Final scandal: Okusama wa okatai no ga osuki   Tamako (Midori Satsuki) is a house wife who runs a boarding house/pawn shop. Since it is Nikkatsu, we know it is a 'special' kind of boarding  house. Tamoko may not be as innocent as she seems and will become involved in a variety of erotic encounters..... Rape, and lots of nudity. LBX and with English subtitles.

Z934 Night Nurse (79) aka: L'infermiera di notte  Gloria Guida is Angela, a hot as hell faux private nurse who is involved in taking care of an old man, while trying to help with a heist. A married man is having an affair with Paola Senatore early on in the film. It's a sex comedy, the main selling point being Senatore (who later did porn) getting naked, Gloria Guida naked... and also Annamaria Clementi stripping down. Lighthearted fun is had by all... and other kinds of fun! LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z992 Patty (62) aka: The Shame of Patty Smith  aka: Gang Rape   Not to be confused with nasty punk rocker Patti Smith. Patty is gang raped by a group of hoodlums. Now she's knocked up. But the legal system won't let her get an abortion! She ends up in the hands of a back alley abortionist. Well, this is not preachy or heavy-handed in any way, not really. It is a film of 1962, before Roe/Wade and this situation sadly was probably happening in every state in varying degrees. I guess this is more of a drama than an exploitation film. Hard-hitting for 1962 audiences. Dani Lynn as 'Patty' would complete her film career with the notoriously bad but good 'They Saved Hitler's Brain'.  Also with Joe (Ike on The Waltons) Conley and many more.  BA

Z939 Room of Words (89) aka: La stanza delle parole  A sexier version of 'Henry and June' with more attractive players. Anais (Martine Brochard) is a writer and a painter and she knows the famous Henry Miller (David Brandon) and his beautiful wife June (Linda Carol). Anais is in love with Carol and she tells Henry, who in turn confesses that he and June are in love with Anais. Will there be passion and fireworks? From Joe D'Amato's Filmirage and filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana. Look for Laura Gemser and Gabriele Tinti cameos.

Z901 Schoolgirl Won't Repent, The (78) aka: La liceale nella classe dei ripetenti   After she starred in 'To Be Twenty', Gloria Guida toned things down a bit for this sexual comedy. Here she plays Angela, a total foxy lady, who promises to be faithful to her undeserving (and way out of his league) boyfriend. But there is a betrayal, and another lover... well, let's not get bogged down in the details. This is a teenage sex comedy played by somewhat older actors. A nice peeping through a hole at the naked women sequence (very nice) and Guida gets naked once, and Ria DeSimone strips down to her bra and panties. Bridget Petronnio (later to be much abused in films like 'House by the Edge of the Park') also has nude scenes and is good as a slutty brunette student. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z902 Sex Adventures of the Three Musketeers, The (71) aka: Die Sex-Abenteuer der drei Musketiere   D'Artagan is on his way to join the Musketeers, only to find out that rather than living a life of heroic deeds, they are instead involved in carnal debaucheries. D'Artagan of course meets his fair share of willing female flesh, as it seems every hot sexy woman in this film is horny and wanting it. Ah, the good old days. Cheap sleaze with outstanding women! Ingrid Steeger and many more star! English dubbed and now LBX!  BA

Z902 Sexual Inclinations in the Nude (82) Beach town summer sexcapades involving a very hot lesbian couple that shoots porn with their transsexual porn director. Lots of lesbian sex, and a scene at the end where two of the women walk in on another blonde as she “blanks” a woman on the floor (like a man would) that confused me a little. Hey, I'm innocent. In Spanish only with no subtitles. LBX

Z881 She's 19 and Ready (79) aka: Sunnyboy and Sugarbaby   She looks 24 at least, and truth be told, she is not nearly as ready as many of her pursuers hoped. Disco tune by Genghis Khan (and they perform!), snowbound setting, incredibly sexy girls everywhere, bathroom humor, nudity and sexual situations, clubbing, some pretty hilarious situations etc. Again the main drawing card here, the women they chose are mostly gorgeous! One great scene has a Laura Gemser looking chick struttin' out in a bikini and the wind blows her top off and a guy catches it. Was it magic? LBX  BA

J593 Sunset Cove (78) aka: Beach Bunnies  aka: Save our Beach  A beach, frequented by the young, is threatened with the advent of progress in the form of condominiums. They rally to stop this invasion. Our main character is a nerdy guy that becomes popular after he pulls a prank on the high school principal. Ample bosoms from some fine looking young ladies, vans, bikini parties, muscle guys, a fat dude, sex.... and John Carradine as a retired judge, there to set things straight. Al Adamson directs. Also on the same program! Al Adamson: Drive-In Monster (96) A 20 minute retrospective on Al and his films. Very informative and simply amazing, with interviews with John Bloom and more. Adamson was brutally murdered in 1995 by his contractor, and buried under his hot tub in cement. He was 66.  BA

Z910 That's How We Women Are (71) aka: Noi donne siamo fatte così   12 segments, all with Monica Vitti as the protagonist. All said, each episode portrays the women as being victims of a masochistic society! Slaves of sexuality, controlled by men, controlled by children, controlled by their own beauty, fashion, money, politics.... Oh dear me it is so just so hard to be a woman! Well. The main drawing card here is Monica Vitti, a lot of thought went into this, times, locations, this is a tour de force performance as she juggles the characters with ease, and her amazing body! Delicious. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

J543 Touch of Flesh, The (60) aka: You've Ruined Me Eddie   Joan's father is the richest man in town and damn near runs everything. Jaded Joan gets knocked up by dim-witted working man Eddie, who wants her to have his baby. But Joan is a shameless rich young tramp, and, with Daddy's help, sets out to have that damn baby cut out of her womb, so she can continue her escapades. Blonde bombshell Sue Ellis vamps it up as sassy new girl in town Vikky Smith. A flavorsome slice of vintage Southern-Fried exploitation Trash.  BA

J579 Uncle Tom's Cabin (76) aka: Cry Sweet Revenge   aka: White Trash Woman   Uncut 94 minute version of this, the most obscure and controversial Al Adamson film. On the heels of the wonderfully grim 'Mandingo' and in answer to 'Roots' which was being watched by a huge portion of America we get this piece of celluloid insanity, made to shock the senses and make a buck in the black neighborhoods. Let's face it. White People Bad. Black People Good. That is the theme here, much like any Spike Lee film in that regard. But for fans of exploitation cinema, there is a lot of gold if you can remove the politics of the thing. Rape, Abuse, Violent Revenge and Killings... Nobody is spared from bad treatment, and the villains receive their comeuppance! Adamson spliced some footage from the 1965 film 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' into this (or vice versa), which explains the appearance of John Kitzmiller, who died in 1965 of cirrhosis of the liver, almost immediately after filming. Also with Herbert Lom, again culled footage from the 1965 film. So basically, if you see nudity, rape, strong violence and death, most likely it is the new footage. This film is so obscure that a book on Al Adamson films released in 1998 doesn't even mention it!  BA

J524 Up Pompeii (71) Wild tongue in cheek sex comedy (with Frankie Howard) from England that touches all of the bases of the sword and sandal sleaze era without the extreme mean-spirited nastiness! Dodgy double-entendres galore and some groan-worthy gags, this is Monty Python without Monty Python. A great hangover scene. The morning after the orgy.... boy! Cheeky, naughty, and bloody well done! Madeline Smith is 'Erotica', Barbara Murray, Adrienne Posta, Laraine Humphreys is 'Flavia", Julie Ege is Voluptua.... the set designs are pretty funny and the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius is hysterical. Not to mention there are so many hot women running around in this....LBX  BA

Z908 Wet Lust (72) aka: Ichijo Sayuri: Nureta yokujo   Harumi (Hiroko Isayama who more recently worked in a Martin Scorsese film!) is a lesbian- show stripper. But she tires of the routine and leaves to start her own strip club. Her Yakuza pimp is not onboard. The police charge her with 'extreme eroticism'. What the hell is that? Harumi starts to crack up. The color is mesmerizing, sharp focused soft-core sleaze that looks like yesterday. This was also one of the first Pink films to use freeze-frame cuts. Surprisingly erotic. LBX and with English subtitles.

Z909 Wet Lust 21 Strippers (74) aka: Nureta yokujo: Tokudashi nijuichi nin  This director reportedly respects women. Luckily there is no indication of that here. This is colorful sleazy trash and comes recommended. On tour with a group of filthy women, we are treated to an orgy of insanity. Spastic masturbation, lesbo stage romps, violent street theater, chronic sobbing, uncontrollable vomiting, finger dismemberment, a bloody sword rampage, a long bedroom scene involving three couples.... SEX... and some pretty suggestive and sleazy erotic scenes too dirty to describe,,, but trust me.... LBX and with English subtitles.




Z968 Beatriz (76) Another extremely strange eerie film from Spain. There is no room here to write a decent description. But we can tell you there are plenty of thrills, chills, necromancy, witchery, possession in 'The Exorcist' vein, partying, violence, woodsy gloom, a witch, a mysterious monk and more! Jorge Rivero, Nadiuska (from 'Conan'!), Carmen Sevilla and Sandra Mozarowsky at age 17 as 'Beatriz'. On a side note. Sandra Mozarowsky was working on a wonderful resume, featured in 'Hitler's Last Train' and 'Call Girl' amongst others (including Naschy films). But in 1977 at the peak of her career at only age 18 she fell from her 4th floor apartment. It is still a mystery as to why. Apparently suspicion fell upon her bodyguard who had made her pregnant..... Her films remain, most of them classic Spanish Horror! With English subtitles 

J453 Calmos (76) aka: Femmes Fatales  Two men (a gynecologist and a pimp) flee to the country to escape the impossibly strict requirements of putting up with women. It's a time capsule. They do not hate women, just are intimidated by the sexual aggressiveness of the times these women exist in. At one point the gynecologist is practically raped by his wife, he escapes out the window, seeing other men 'on the job' through the windows, lying their like dildo surfboards, eyes vacant, as their wives hump them as though trying to drive a nail with their pelvic bones. Later the men find themselves in a giant vagina (a special effect sequence built for the occasion) and then she is about to have intercourse with a man... Oh No! Did I mention that on their adventures they are captured by a band of militaristic and sexually frustrated women who gang rape the hell out of the men? It's fucking unbelievable! A film for today's times? Hmmm Hah Hah! Loads of nudity. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z887 Child I Never Was, The (02) aka: Ein Leben lang kurze Hosen tragen  In the 1960's, Jurgen Bartsch gained his wickedly notorious reputation after he was convicted for sexually molesting and murdering a number of young German boys. In this film the director tries to take us into the mind of Bartsch. In 1962 he was only 15, and for four years (62-66) he did his evil deeds. An actor plays Bartsch at age 20, and he proceeds to tell us about his crimes, which we see in flashback sequences. He lures boys into a cave where he tortures them, cuts them up, and has sex with their corpses. A very disturbing and mostly refreshing take on the serial killer. Disturbing, Riveting, The real Bartsch died in 1976 due to an error (ahem... yea right) in the anesthetic procedure during a voluntary castration surgery. The only nice part of the story if you ask me. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z944 Clap You’re Dead (74) A gloved killer murders women during the shooting of a movie…  Now In Italian language and with English subtitles plus this version of the film is LBX !  (See previous update for review).  BA

Z888 Claws of the Divine Beast (80) + A Mummy's Love (73) Two mystery/horror films from Seijun Suzuki on one disc! Yokahoma elders collide over a Yang Dynasty artifact and one winds up dead with claw marks on his face.... + A tale is told of a dead Buddhist mummy monk who had risen to terrorize a rural village in pre-modern Japan. Now in present day something similar is going on..... Japan's answer to Naschy's 'The Mummy's Revenge'?  Both tales run under an hour and both on one DVD-R or VHS. English subtitles. 

Z920 Curse of Avacalho (06) aka: A Curtição do Avacalho  Completely unhinged countryside gore insanity from Brazil!  Sinners of a rural community have their flesh melted as atonement for offenses. A very small revolutionary army battles small hordes of rotting zombies... all while our resident mad scientist (?) and philosopher builds a new Christ mummy to rule the new world. Well, certainly imaginative. In Portuguese and with English subtitles.

J498 Deadly Organ, The (67) aka: Placer sangriento  Weird erotic horror from Argentina. A man in a strange monster mask lures Argentinean swingers from the beaches where they party with his strange organ music. He has injected the helpless females with drugs, making them come to him like 'The Pied Piper', now they are his slaves! Latino hippies, goofy music, gratuitous nudity and dancing... Watch for the scene where the cops use LSD as a 'truth' serum! But the fate of the women is dire, he stabs them with his over-sized hypodermic needle! Fun, lurid trash.  BA

Z773 Don't Look in the Attic (82) aka: La villa delle anime maledette  aka: House of the Damned   A mansion is haunted by those who violently died there, much to the dismay of the inheritors, two brothers, and their cousin Elisa,  who must stay in the mansion in order to actually inherit it. Elisa finds a diary in the attic, learning that she is the sole survivor of 'the seventh damned generation'. English dubbed Euro horror. Also starring George Ardisson. Beba Loncar retired after this one.  LBX BA

J551 Dr. Jekyll's Dungeon of Death (79) aka: The Jekyll Experiment   Uncut from original release version! The great grandson of Dr. Jekyll continues the mad experiments originated so long ago. But instead of experimenting on himself, he is using the serum on people he kidnaps, keeping them in his... well... Dungeon of Death! He puts the men and women in cages and makes them fight to the death! The women are usually as strong and ferocious as the men, and interesting to watch. An ugly, cruel, and mean spirited movie, with some over-the-top scenes,  just the way I like it sometimes. He is aided by a black hunchback named Boris and his lobotomized sister Hilda.  BA

Z973 Emmanuelle: A Hard Look (00) Yes, Laura Gemser can actually speak English as can Sylvia Kristel of course. This is about an hour long, and quite frankly is the best one I have seen on the subject of the Emmanuelle films.  Both Gemser (at age 50) and Kristel (at age 48) participate. Both women look completely normal with no plastic surgery or anything so don't expect them to still be gorgeous. It's a shock actually for a fan to see how quickly we age, and will have you looking at yourself in the mirror. The 'Emmanuelle' films of both actresses will remain iconic for as long as the world exists. Various interviews, even madman Dennis Hopper gives his two cents worth!

Z946 Fata/Morgana (66) aka: Left-Handed Fate  aka: Panik 75  Amazing New Print!  Gim (Teresa Gimpera) is a hot fashion model who has no idea that a mad killer has now targeted her as his next victim, but a brilliant professor has everything figured out... sort of. Plays like a comic-strip and pre-dates the formula so credit director Vicente Aranda! The futuristic science fiction flavors collide with the popular spy film genre. A fever-dream future of color, delirium and one of the most inventive murder weapons of the sixties. This upgrade is LBX and has English subtitles.

J583 Female Market: Imprisonment (86) aka: Ryôjoku mesu ichiba - Kankin   When a young and pretty woman is kidnapped, she wakes in a warehouse, tied to other women who are in the same situation. Rich men sit at a table and one forces a girl to suck him.... The others are marched to a room and showered. Now it is time to try them out, one by one, in a series of brutal sexual rape sequences. This is training. The women must be broken in for sale. But wait! Two girls turn on one of the men! One bites his penis off, the other bashes his head in with the butt of a rifle. They are running... running....BLAM. One is shot. She is still alive. They finger her wound, giving her extreme pain, and rape her as she dies. They make the other girl watch. This is pretty sick and violent. Beatings, Bondage and constant rape and violent sex. One guy cannot take it and helps a girl escape.... Will they make it? LBX and with English subtitles.

J568 Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks (74) aka: Terror! Il castello delle donne maledette   Freaky Italian made Monster Mash that is loaded with greatness. Dr. Frankenstein (Rossano Brazzi) is busy with his experiments. Dwarf Genz (Michael Dunn) an assistant that fondles dead bodies, spies on women bathing and is kicked out of the castle. Genz then teams up with a Neanderthal named 'Ook' (Salvatore Baccaro) and they kidnap a girl from town. 'I'm going to teach you the pleasures of life' Genz tells 'Ook' the Neanderthal, before they rape and kill her. Meanwhile Dr. Frankenstein has been working on 'Goliath' who will eventually have a showdown with 'Ook'. Gordon Mitchell is 'Igor'. What more do you want? Dunn would die in England before this was released at age 38. Baccaro would be 'The Beast in Heat' and star in many more notable films before his death in 1984 at age 51. Also with Simonetta Vitelli and Christiane Rucker.  BA

Z925 Girl of the Lilacs (86) aka: La ragazza dei lillà  From the director of 'The Pyjama Girl Case'! Archeologist Larth excavates discoveries of Etruscan civilizations. He hears shots coming from the museum. and learns the next day art was stolen, and a caretaker has been killed. The excavations continue… Larth intends to discover the Royal Tomb with the help of his wife Eleonora (Mimsy Farmer!). But Tania arrives (the creepy kid from 'Manhatten Baby' do I see a theme here?), a beautiful and enchanting child, and she tries to seduce Larth (sort of) distracting and disturbing the usually sensible scholar. Eleonora notices... but something supernatural is afoot. In Italian language and with English subtitles.

Z974 Girl with Two Faces, The (16) aka: La Fille aux 2 visages  A more recent French take on 'The Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus'! Clarisse goes home with a young surgeon (named Marc) to his mansion. Marc chloroforms Clarisse and then proceeds to cut her face off (which we see in close-up gory detail). Marc has given Clarisse the face of his dead wife Helene. Now Clarisse must become Helene. But will she cooperate? Can an identity be erased so easily? Filmed in stark black and white, obviously a homage of what came before. Clarisse has to wear a white plastic mask as she heals. They have sex. Clarisse begins to crack. Things get weird, supernatural (?) life and death may repeat....With English subtitles. .

Z975 Glass Ceiling (71) aka: El techo de cristal  In the country, Martha's (Carmen Sevilla) husband goes out on a business trip and Martha left alone is not a good thing. Her neighbor Julie (Patty Shepherd) is around, and so is Richard, a local sculptor. Rosa (Emma Cohen) is around, and also a strange delivery man. All of these characters will be entangled into a complicated and disturbing psychological spider's web. 'Glass Ceiling' contains locked-room mysteries, eerie atmosphere, emotional thrills, suspense, brief nudity and gore, plot twists… morbidity and a twisted revelation in the conclusion. Finally an uncut LBX version and also English language dubbed!  BA

Z926 Goddesses, The (72) aka: As Deusas  Hard to categorize this one. A psychiatrist loans her country house to a patient (and her husband) and the shrink gets so tangled in the couple's issues she herself becomes dependent on them! The women bath together in the natural pool, the high pines giving them strength, whispering magical secrets. The man comes out the luckiest, satisfying both women. Well... what could go wrong? With English subtitles.

Z891 Graveyard Disturbance (88) aka: Una notte nel cimitero  Shoplifting young eighties punks and their custom van, end up staying the night in the woods and then discover a small club with a coveted treasure. In order to get a chance for the treasure... they must 'enter the gates' and there within a world of horror and the supernatural consisting of zombie vampire creatures. There is a scene were someone falls into a pit of rotting corpses, eerie catacombs underneath the cemetery with Escher-style mazes and staircases, ladders, tombs, crypts, cobwebs, spiders etc. plus more atmospheric surroundings fitting perfectly into the mix. Now LBX!  BA

Z951 House of Shadows (96) aka: Skuggornas hus  Gia and her class are on vacation in Gotland when supernatural forces appear. Gia has just left the mental award after witnessing a young girl getting hit by a train, Everybody thinks she is flipping out. But wait. They all realize there are ghosts about. But what and why? Is this a 'Picnic at Hanging Rock'?  Spooky Swedish horror told in 3 parts and over 2 and a half hours. With English subtitles. (DVD-R only)

Z978 House on Straw Hill (76) aka: Trauma  aka: Expose  aka: La casa sulla collina di paglia    Now LBX!  Paul Martin (Udo Kier) is a writer that has retreated to a remote cottage, to write a follow-up to his last book. His secretary (Linda Hayden) is helpful (she likes to masturbate) and his lover (Fiona Richmond) is there for sex (and even engages in some lesbian action with Hayden). What a twisted film, plenty of sex and  bloody violence, and when the twist hits it is actually a surprise for a change! If you have not seen it, don't ruin it, watch it! Now LBX and Uncut 84 minute version.  BA

Z988 I Spit on Your Grave (59) aka: J'irai cracher sur vos tombes  Dark French made crime drama that fits into Extreme! In the opening a black man is lynched and his friend takes his body to his people, pours gas on it and sets it on fire! I couldn't believe it! Then his light-skinned brother starts hanging around the racists, trying to figure out who lynched him. This is not what you would think here. Racism is turned upside-down and practically rewarded. But the hate is on both sides! The brother falls for a white girl and plots to kill her for revenge on white society. Meanwhile the gang of racists plot to kill him because the women are attracted to him. This movie is so grim and full of hate the author disowned it! Change of heart? Now LBX and with English subtitles  BA

J470 Justine De Sade (72) aka: Justine - Lustschreie hinter Klostermauern  Alice Arno is the title gal in this sleazy outing, here in a 1 hour and 55 minute version! She is pretty much passed around by one sleaze ball to another, used and abused, exposed to every degradation and sexual perversion imaginable. (Not to be confused with the many Jess Franco films, even though Alice Arno was no stranger to Jess Franco films, this particular film is not one of them.) Comely, buxom and well-built-sexy redhead Arno is excellent.  It's a French made film, and it aimed to outdo the 1969 Jess Franco version in sheer explicit nastiness. You know the tale. Justine is a beautiful but poor orphan girl, who suffers at the hands of everyone she meets, usually in a sexual manner. She encounters violent highwaymen, perverted aristocrats who like to whip and brand their servants, a brotherhood who imprisons young woman for their orgiastic events, another rich weirdo who likes to 'bleed' his woman victims, and more. Dubbed into English. LBX and with trailer! BA

Z899 Kill, The (68) aka: Reservoir Cats  aka: Blood Hunger   Antoinette is a young woman searching for her brother. She is abducted and raped by the gang responsible. She dusts herself off and gets with a private eye, takes him to where she was raped, and gets it on with him on the same mattress. Oh my how times have changed. Movie gold and one of the first from porn director Gary Graver (though this is not porn). Uschi Digard is a hitchhiker in her debut! Antoinette is played by Antoinette Maynard. This film runs only around 45 minutes. BA

J584 Kiri (86) aka: Fatal Beauty  Filipino Chaos!  A pretty young woman goes to visit her boyfriend who is hard at work on a farm-like property. Then he is hard at work on her, near hardcore if you ask me. This is love. Later she must leave him, at the command of family. Now in the big city, she is unwillingly whored out, which means raped! Man after man will take her, And she will not learn to like it. In fact, her hate grows so strong that violence erupts in her heart. Jaded and angry, she then is enlisted to be a stripper. On her way back to her place with a female friend, men assault them. She hurts one pretty bad, but her friend is raped and killed. She's had it. Now she will seduce and kill the men as she has sex with them, during, or after. Keep in mind this violent film has hardcore sex, usually before a killing of the man she is having sex with. Very unusual, and strangely sexy and brutal at the same time. Reminds me of 'They Call Her One Eye'. F.L. but easy to follow.

J513 Legend of Evil Lake, The (03) aka: Cheonnyeon ho  An evil spirit has been imprisoned in a lake for thousands of years. We see an epic flashback that sets the story for the future to come. A future where the evil spirit has been resurrected and vows to destroy the ancestors of those who imprisoned him. We are still in medieval territory this thousand years later. The set-design is breathtaking, sword play and soundtrack topnotch. Things get very bloody, torture, dismemberment and some exorcisms mixed with a hero and fantasy theme. Parts (?) Arthurian Legend set in Korea. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z897 Machine, The (94) aka: La machine  A scientist (Gerard Depardieu) studies the brains of criminals. His life with his wife is unfulfilling so he has a mistress. His invention can put a mind into the body of another and vice versa. When he experiments his invention with a serial killer, the killer takes off with his body, and sends him back to the institution. Now he is trapped in custody in the body of a killer, while the mind of the killer is at home with his wife and child. The only other one that knows the truth is his mistress. With English subtitles.  BA

J452 Medium (85)  aka: Mysteria replica di un omicidio  In 1933, four people are mysteriously brought together to an old villa in this Polish/West German production. Guided by a powerful medium, the doom repeats as if in a cycle, with different players. Takes place in 1933, where the rumblings of Hitler are just getting steam.  A dark mystery that involves sex, nudity, and a pretty effective axe-killing sequence. Later, an investigation by a detective who is in cahoots with the Nazis... LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z932 Narcissisus and Psyche (80) aka: Nárcisz és Psyché  Borrowing the character of 'Psyche" from Greek mythology and placing her in Europe in the 19th century, the makers of this film give her a 'modern' life. She stands out as an attractive young woman (played by Patricia Adiani) , and despite one hardship after another, remains so. Psyche is libidinous, and her lustful cravings and interests shock her staid contemporaries. Her life consists of almost constant punishment due to her sexual indulgences. Her child is taken away and killed, and although she is in love with her syphilis infected tutor, she marries another man. Udo Kier is 'Narcissisus'. This film is told in a bizarre way with wild sets, inventive camera shots and brilliants colors. Archetype of the Greek myth 'Psyche and Eros' told again and again in films different ways.  Uncut 261 minute version on 3 discs counts as 2 selections. LBX and with English subtitles  BA

Z933 Newlywed Hell (75) aka: Niizuma jigoku   Young sexy Yuki isn't getting what she needs at home, so she leaves her husband and goes back to where she came from. There she is introduced to a life of rough rape sex and bondage. She becomes increasingly dependent on the rough sex, and her enjoyment puts her on the road to happiness. Or does it? In Japanese language and with English subtitles.  BA

J529 Night of a Thousand Cats (72) aka: La noche de los mil gatos  aka: La notte dei mille gatti   80 minute version, not the 63 minute DVD floating around out there. Hugo Stiglitz is Hugo. a rich guy that flies around picking up chicks in his helicopter, taking them back to his rich castle-like dwelling for sex before he strangles them and feeds their corpses to his cats. He saves the heads though, and keeps them in glass jars. Gotta' have a hobby, otherwise,  what are we here for? Hugo is your basic Catsanova, full of anger and anguish.... oh and he has a Mongolian brute butler that isn't to nice of a fellow either. Women beware! Cats beware as well, there is some treatment here of our feline friends that will have cat lovers up in arms. Maybe this is the reason the U.S. version was so severely trimmed? The moral of the story is simple. If you ever become rich, avoid the temptation to feed women to flesh-eating cats. Anjanette Comer, Zulma Faiad and Christa Linder also star. BA

Z935 No One Heard the Scream (73) aka: Nadie oyó gritar  From the director of 'Cannibal Man' Eloy de la Iglesia! Elisa (Carmen Sevilla) sees Miguel disposing of his wife, who he has just murdered. Miguel catches her and forces her to assist him, so she will be an accomplice, not simply a witness. Interestingly, she becomes attracted to him, and she does indeed assist as they go on a trip to the ocean to dispose of the body.... A love/hate relationship develops... Carmen Sevilla played Mary Magdalene in the Jesus flick 'King of Kings'. In Spanish language and with English subtitles. Upgrade!  BA

Z959 Normal the Dusseldorf Ripper (09) A family may look 'normal' on the outside, but on the inside HELL is in session. Serial killer Peter Kurten turned himself in. Between the years of 1929 and 1931 he terrorized Germany. This version of the tale differs from others as it explores the uneasy relationship between Kurten and his defense lawyer. Kurten's brutal, sexualized morality-free internal world simply stuns the senses. Brilliantly eerie he is, with a disturbing black comic edge. Is his defense lawyer developing some uneasy empathy for this depraved killer? Unsettling, unsparing, and darkly funny. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

Z960 Office Lady Rape (90) aka: OL renzoku rape: Kyonyû musaboru  Now with English subtitles! Following a cosmetic surgery to enhance her breasts, an office worker is raped. If she was looking for attention. It worked. But not in the way she intended. She then begins a sadomasochistic affair with the son of the rapist... which for some reason leads to a bloody killing spree. I can never figure out the motivation for the plots of some of these, but I am thankful for the sick minds who created them. Nudity and offensiveness galore with English subtitles.

J539 Paperboy, The (94) The definitive 'killer paperboy' movie. .. and the 'only' killer paperboy movie for that matter. In the early 90's, movies about killer kids were still in style (and still are). Here we have a psycho fit-throwing paperboy desperate to connect with his young mother, and hell-bent on the destruction of anybody who stands in his way. This kid is not playing around. His favorite weapon? A bicycle perhaps? No, a baseball bat! William Katt takes another blow to the head here. Also starring Alexandra Paul and more.  BA

Z937 Repository, The + Star of Evil  (1975 and 1977) Two short films of horror from France shot in 16mm - The Repository (The Blacksmith) - A blacksmith works in his shop on a giant anvil, making to order a device that is supposed to vanquish all evil. The man he creates this device for (it resembles a small curve handled blade called a 'billhook') drives to the countryside, parks, walks into the woods and enters some underground catacombs, where some type of ancient altar is located, a site of evil, that needs to be destroyed.... + The Star of Evil - Police chase a man through the woods, he swallows something, they shoot him dead.  Later, a guy digs him up and gets the prize from the corpse, then the man is hit by a car. The driver stuffs the guy in the trunk, he is now in possession of the jewel, the star of evil of the title presumably. He meets a fat man with a suitcase full of money to sell it. The fat man shoots him dead and takes off...he is the new owner... but.... !   +  ‘History of Cinema 16' another from the director of the previous films, this illustrating the difficulties in making low-budget films... almost an hour, with some bizarre ideas and filming sequences.... The first two films are reminiscent of similar American shorts of horror from the 1970's. All included here on this disc have English subtitles.  (no VHS)

Z981 Sex Rider: Wet Highway (71) aka: Sex rider: Nureta highway  Mina is about to get married. She spends the night with her former lover at a highway motel on the outskirts of town. On the way home from her illicit affair, Mina's car plows into a youthful hippie called Ryo. Mina puts the youth in the back seat, her lover splits......There will be a life-changing blood-soaked finale..... LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

J541 Shock! Shock! Shock! (87) In the first few minutes, a toddler stabs his parent's to death. It's a nightmare of a madman, who then escapes from the 'Violent Ward' after administering the weakest karate chop (to an attendant) ever put on film! Now he is free, and gets involved helping a woman. The super hero has ping pong ball eyes and shoots laser beams (indicated by the scratching of the film negative!). Well... this is pretty low budget if you have figured that out. The most notable thing about it is? James Gandolfini in his film debut as an Orderly! This one is 100% WTF!

J588 Swinging Barmaids, The (75) aka: Eager Beavers   L.A. in the wonderfully sleazy 70's where lusty busty women struggle to make an 'honest' livin' while working in a crooked club called the 'Swing-a-Ling'. They dress in sexy suits, with plenty of skin exposed as they serve the booze, getting pawed upon by the redneck male customers. But one night a righteous man happens in, does not like what he sees, and decides they must die! This harrowing tale of a serial killer stalking cocktail cuties is loaded with misogyny and gratuitous nudity. Dyanne Thorne is Boo-Boo. The Boo-Boo with the Who Whos if you ask me. She was in 'Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS' the same year. Also with Katie Saylor, Laura Hippe, John Alderman and the great William Smith. This was Laura Hippe's first film and her last film was 1983's horror 'Mausoleum'. After that she put herself in one (a mausoleum) for real, killing herself in 1986 at age 35 in Hollywood.   BA

Z967 Vice Wears Black Stockings (75) aka: Il vizio ha le calze nere  aka: Reflections in Black   A number of women are brutally murdered. It quickly becomes apparent that all the victims are connected to a woman who had been having illicit affairs with them…  Wonderfully trashy giallo with a hopelessly convoluted plot, but still plenty to enjoy here.  The killer brutally slashes lesbians and bisexuals, not approving of their lifestyle.  But of course there is a twist. John Richardson (One Million B.C.) is the Inspector on the case. The women here are just incredible. Dagmar Lassander, Magda Konopka, Daniela Giordano, Ursula Davis and more!  The picture quality is an upgrade and this version is 15 minutes longer!  92 minutes LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

J511 Victim (99) aka: Muk lau hung gwong   After being kidnapped and tortured, a man comes back damaged, possibly possessed. Irrational outbursts, digging in the garden late at night, leading the police on high-speed chases.... Mixes the crime film with the supernatural. The first half of the film is mostly shot at night, the second half the day. It's a thriller, and you can tell Hitchcock influenced. Twists, turns and where the hell did that ending come from? LBX and with English subtitles.

Z907 Watch Out Madame (70) aka: Cuidado, Madame  A maid for rich women has had enough. With a few others, they decide to rebel against the status quo, and murder their employers. The theme is the 'slaves revolt', the downtrodden who, since they have no prospects for real prosperity, just basically say 'fuck it' ruining the lives of others, and their own as well, in one last act of ignorant defiance. The movie has the effect of a knife blade, and makes you remember why guns are so important. Bloody, cold-hearted, and also some nudity. With English subtitles.

Z986 Whirlpool (70) aka: She Died with Her Boots On   aka: Déviation sexuelles  Rural England during the fall season. It tells the tale of a sleazy perverted photographer and his relationship with an aspiring model named Julia, and his middle-aged aunt. He starts a sexual relationship with the model, and even gets her to sleep with his aunt in an even more perverse turn. The model is also raped in the woods, while our demented photographer clicks away. Sensational Depravity and the debut from the great director Jose Ramon Larraz. LBX and English Dubbed 87 minutes Excellent Quality Upgrade!  BA

Z971 White Skin Market (70) aka: Investigacion Criminal   aka: Gioco d'azzardo per un giovane funzionario di polizia  A young police agent recently graduated from the Academy, randomly observes as a man is beaten and then stuffed into a United Nations car in the airport parking lot at Barajas. The rookie policeman then tracks the car and through his investigations he discovers a criminal female trafficking group operating primarily in Spain where he works. Now he is on the case full-time. From the director of Naschy's 'Exorcisomo' and many more Juan Bosch. Lots of Nudity. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA




Z955 Maciste vs. the Queen of  the Amazons (75) aka: The Lustful Amazons  aka: Maciste contre la reine des Amazones    Around the time of the similar in ways 'The Gobblers' comes another with Alice Arno, Lina Romay, Robert Woods and more. A guy in a tavern tells the tale how he came to be captured by a group of Amazons. Amazons led by 'Yuka' (Romay) and full of voluptuous sexually unfulfilled females. There is also a fortune in gold to swipe if you can play the women against each other. They are so consumed with lust... it may be easy! Graphic soft-core and loads of nudity. LBX and with English subtitles    BA

J468 Marquis de Sade: Justine (68) aka: Deadly Sanctuary  aka: Justine ovvero le disavventure della virtù   2 hour and 4 minute version! Justine (Romina Power) will literally go through a hell of unsavory characters in this Jess Franco big-budget classic. Although originally intended to be nastier than this (Franco lost creative control when the producer's insisted upon the daughter of Tyrone Power for the role of Justine) he still managed to deliver a smorgasbord of what we would expect from the master. Throw in Mercedes McCambridge, Jack Palance, and Klaus Kinski as De Sade... a wonderfully sleazy classic, with brutal torture, abundant nudity, and rampantly bad characters. She is ravished by a coven of depraved monks, their are loads of hot Eurotrash starlets (sometimes in chains!) and Akin Tamiroff as a drunken pimp. Franco himself even shows up as the ringmaster of a grotesque peepshow, where Justine is forced to appear after surviving more dire fates. Rosalba Neri, Sylvia Koscina, Maria Rohm, Rosemary Dexter and more. LBX   DVD-R only no VHS  BA




J527 Blonde Bombshell, The (99) aka: Blonde Bombshell: The Diana Dors Story  A British Biography on the English Marilyn Monroe, Diana Dors! Along with the usual public scandals and outrages... personal tragedies and more. With a few different actresses playing Dors, from young and hot, to a bit older and dumpy. Dors lived hard, at least her appearance in her later roles indicate that. She was married to Richard (Family Feud) Dawson from 1959 to 1966. Here Dawson is played by Gary Webster. Martin McDougall is Rod Steiger. Nice period feel, especially in the earlier years. Dors died of ovarian cancer in 1984 at age 52. This is on two DVD-R for the same price as one - NO VHS.

J443 Boy, a Girl and a Bike, A (49) Excellent representation of an English mill town post WW2. Here a landowner's son David (John McCallum) buys a bike to impress a pretty young cyclist. Well-paced and directed, with a young Diana Dors (she was 17 when this was filmed) and also starring Honor Blackman as the object of David's desire. A hilly race and some (relevant at the time) social and political situations, but mostly light-hearted and loaded with known actors like Anthony Newly, Patrick Holt, Thora Hird and many more.

Z969 Contest Girl (64) aka: The Beauty Jungle   Pretty Bristol typist Shirley (Janette Scott) meets Dan (Ian Hendry) from her local paper. He talks her into competing in beauty contests. She dumps her loser boyfriend and moves to London. Dan wants more than Shirley wants to dish out. In the meantime, a bevy of female flesh compete for beauty supremacy.  Parts of the film were shot on location in Monte Carlo. It's a grimly realistic exploration of the beauty industry racket.  Janette Scott would star in some notable British Horror and Sci-Fi films.  Ian Hendry would star in 'Theatre of Blood' and so many others, then would die at age 53 from a stomach hemorrhage. Color and LBX  BA

J471 Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery, The (66) aka: La rapina più scassata del secolo  It is up to an all-girl school to stop train robbers from stealing loads of loot that is hidden in their school. The St. Trinian's films were always broad comedy, and this movie is no exception. The actors are different, but the atmosphere is the same, very British, maybe alien to some, but very accessible to many. Frankie Howerd, Nora Bryan, Reg Varney and many more star. Shot in Color, Widescreen fun.  BA

Z893 Impersonator, The (61) When a USAF Sergeant stationed on a base in England is suspected and accused of murdering a woman, both he and a local school teacher must race to clear his name and find the real killer. The murderer is creepy, and a young boy goes through quite the harrowing experience for someone so young. A little gender bender surprise with the skin-crawlingly perverse 'dirty old man' in drag who....  With John Crawford and John Salew (who died of a heart attack the same year in 1961 at age 59).

J522 In the Doghouse (62) The ups and downs of a bumbling London vet (played by Leslie Phillips). He loves the animals, but when he takes over an old practice he finds himself competing with a roguish womanizing conman fellow student (James Booth), foils a horse meat racket, and eventually finds romance with a beautiful nightclub performer (Peggy Cummings). Slapstick and climactic comedy chases with inoffensive sexual innuendos. Animal lovers rejoice!

Z953 Legend of the Werewolf (75) aka: El regreso del hombre lobo  A werewolf in the 'Oliver Reed' mold make-up, and directed by Freddie Francis, comes this werewolf horror thriller starring Peter Cushing and from Tyburn (the company behind 'The Ghoul' with Peter Cushing made the same year as this). In the 19th century a traveling circus showcases a feral wolfboy. Soon he grows to adulthood. He's a werewolf, you bet. He was raised by wolves (we see all of this in the opening of the picture). Obsessing over a prostitute, he stalk her clients... Ron Moody (as a despicable zoo-runner who has hired our lycanthrope) is also on hand here and what faux-Hammer would be complete without a role for the great Michael Ripper (here as a sewer man)?!  BA

J474 Night of the Prowler (62) aka: Anonyme Briefe  The action is set in and around an engineering firm in which the directors are being killed off, one by one by a murderer wearing a strange hat. As many fear for their lives, the police are on the job to stop the one responsible, and it looks like it may be a disgruntled employee. Patrick Holt, Colette Wilde, Bill Nagy and more star. From the low budget Butcher Studios.

J472 Operation Bullshine (59) aka: Immer Ärger mit den Ladies  Working in an all female ATS unit on the coast, Lt. Brown keeps his marriage secret, so he can join Major Pym chasing the oh so hot ladies around, hoping to score some action on the side. When his wife Pvt. Betty Brown (Barbara Murray) arrives, he has to keep his lover out of her sight. Filmed in color, this WW2 comedy features some discreet 'almost' nudity, and loads of women in uniform. Also with doomed actress Carole Lesley, who would kill herself at age 38 in 1974 with drugs. LBX  BA

Z936 Orson Welles Great Mysteries (73) Seven episodes and almost 3 hours on one disc!  A Terrible Strange Bed starring Edward Albert. Compliments of the Season starring Eli Wallach. The Ingenious Reporter starring David Birney, The Monkey's Paw with Cyril Cusack and Patrick Magee. Captain Rogers with Donald Pleasence, For Sale - Silence with Jack Cassidy and finally La Grand Breteche with Peter Cushing and Susannah York! The Cushing episode is excellent and will have you wanting more, very much like a mini Hammer.  (no VHS)

J523 Petticoat Pirates (61) British service comedy with plenty of beautiful women LBX and in Color! The military women have taken over a war ship to show the men how it's done! (Ahemm...) It's a battle of the sexes on the high seas! Will the women be weak and need to be bailed out by the men? Will some of the women reveal that they are really men? Not in 61 son. Charles Drake gets most of the laughs. The women in uniform (and otherwise) include Anne Heywood, Priscilla Morgan, Patricia Garwood... many more, and look for the ever busy Michael Ripper as 'Tug', as well a Thorley Walters! LBX and with trailer  BA

J451 Radio Cab Murder (54) aka: Radio Taxi kalder Scotland Yard   An ex-con taxi-driver named Fred (Jimmy Hanley), is used by the police to go undercover to bust some safe crackers. They are led by a man known as 'The Governor', and turn out to be quite the bad bunch… Eventually Fred's cover is blown and the thugs lock him in a freezer.... Also with Lana Morris, Sonia Holm and more.  BA

J459 Saraband (48) aka: Saraband for Dead Lovers   An enchanting tale of political marriages and schemes for prestige all at the expense of innocent people. The young and boorish wife of the future king (Joan Greenwood), forced into marriage, takes a lover, a young and dashing Swedish nobleman (Stewart Granger). A powerful lady (Flora Robson) of the court is also after the same guy. Filmed in color with magnificent sets, this tragic costumer is one of the best made of it’s type. The performances are outstanding, and the historical period is brilliantly brought to life. Also starring Peter Bull, Anthony Quayle and Michael Gough.  BA

J444 Severed Head, A (71) aka: Traue keinem Hausfreund  A stylish and very English high comedy on sexual desire and the imperfect nature of love with six characters going back and forth in a relationships, betrayals, therapy, mistresses, forgiving for infidelity and the like. Lee Remick's character is spoiled and self absorbed. Claire Bloom, Richard Attenborough and more fill out the cast. As for the title, there are no decapitations to speak of, but there are some incredibly bad lines which should have been rewarded with one at least!  Bored middle class professionals fill their lives by having a series of doomed affairs with each other.  BA

J447 Tomorrow at Ten (63) aka: Tecnica di un crimine   A boy has been kidnapped, and is imprisoned in a room with a time bomb, hidden in a little black 'Mammy' doll.  Will he be rescued before the damn thing blows him to hell?  His abductor has died without supplying info regarding the whereabouts of the young boy...  Now, it is a race against time! Robert ('Jaws') Shaw, John Gregson and many more star.

J460 Twice Around the Daffodils (62) aka: Enfermeira para todo o serviço  Patient's residing in a sanatorium dream of recovery that is topped with a double walk around the titular daffodils. Set in a TB clinic (the year it was made 5000 people died from this disease), these sad portrayals focus is on pathos and sentiment. Somehow they manage to balance all of this with comedy! Juliet Mills is truly beautiful as Nurse Catty, if only we could all have one like her if we were to find ourselves in times of trouble. Dated sure, but different times these. Also with Jill Ireland as Janet.   BA

J458 Wee Geordie (55) Scots lad Geordie, concerned about his small stature, sends for a body building course and grows up to be Bill Travers. Now he is on his way to the Melbourne Olympics to represent Britain in Hammer Throwing (does that sport still exist?). He insists on wearing his kilt. Remember those old ads in the comics where sand is kicked in the face of the 99 pound weakling who then sends off for a body-building course? This is the fairy tale come true. Inspiring innocent fun. But where is Mij and Elsa? Such a simple tale for youngsters that goals can be achieved through hard work and sheer perseverance. Look for Michael Ripper as a reporter and also starring Alastair Sim. Travers struck gold with 'Born Free' and 'Ring of Bright Water' in the late 1960's.  BA



J486 Angry Dragon, The (73) aka: Qiang long e kou  The Emperor knows that rebels are planning to disrupt his reign and so he sends four warriors to identify the treasonous culprits. But a young kung fu fighter with awesome skills will prove to be a worthy adversary.... A man gives up info to save his daughter, who they threaten to make suffer if he fails to cooperate. Loud sound effects, gravity defiance, Bruce Lee styled fighting vocals and lots of mayhem with unusual weaponry. At one point, our damsel in distress is tied to a chair and whipped, as they try to get her to talk.

Z914 Balcony, The (63) aka: Madame Irman parveke  One of the weirdest from 1963 that I have seen. An allegory about power. A heady mix of psychology and philosophy. But that doesn't mean it's boring. The film offers all manner of things, from identity to authority to violence to sex, and the will to power. The setting is a brothel run by Madame Irma (Shelly Winters). The brothel satisfies the erotic fantasies of it's customers, while a revolution is sweeping the nation. The plot they are up to.... Peter Falk, Leonard Nimoy, Lee Grant, Joyce Jameson. Ruby Dee (will she make a “stand”?) and more star. LBX  BA

T748 Bolo (77) aka: Bolo the Brute  Comedic Kung Fu with Bolo Yeung or a tight psychological thriller seen through the eyes of someone who is different than the others around him? Like a western adapted to a (very) rural Chinese Kung Fu setting. Misfits just released from jail are 'volunteered' to be the new law men in an out of control town that is run by gangsters and other unscrupulous types. It's the fable-like story of an archetypal big 'Lennie' type brute guy who teams up with the smart witty trickster to cause tons of mischief. The fights are out of this world! Hysterical!   BA

J494 Breakout from Oppression (73) aka: Deadly Strike  aka: Zui jia bo sha   A kung fu fighter arrives in town and assists a woman who claims her three daughters were murdered. Gordon Liu in an early role, with plenty of action as he hunts the supposed killers (?). There is a case of mistaken identity.... English language dubbed.

J464 Choi Lee Fut Kung Fu (79) aka: Xiong sheng Cai Li Fo  Two masters use particularly unusual (and impressive) training methods, as they get their student ready to take down a villainous thug. Amazing outdoor action sequences and cool widescreen photography, superb gravity defiance and long-haired blonde wigs... the final show down goes slow-mo and is quite hilarious. Like two gymnasts dancing around each other! Beware the 'Plum Blossom, Buddhist Steps'!  A loose re-telling of how founder Chan Heung combined the teachings of several masters into what is now regarded as Choy Lee Fut.   LBX and with English subtitles.

J476 Cops vs. Thugs (75) aka: Kenkei tai soshiki boryoku  Breaking the very thin line between cops and crooks and blending them into a violent and very corrupt world, where you struggle to find who to root for, is the challenge laid out here. Two-faced everybody really, but not without their individual codes. There are a number of women characters but they are strictly secondary, usually as sex objects or floor mats to be walked all over by men. 'Serpico’, from the POV of one of the corrupt cops?  Another assessment.  Open war erupts between the two gangs. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

J477 Crack Shadow Boxers (79)  aka: Mang quan quai zhao   Two vagabonds may be the only hope a small city has against the 'Tiger Gang' who are terrorizing the locals. With Shadow Boxing, Flying Kicks and the Deadly Buffalo Strokes, the bandits now have worthy adversaries to thwart their evil intent. English dubbed and LBX  BA

Z919 Crazy Desire (62) aka: Crazy Urge  aka: La voglia matta    At a seaside resort, a middle-age and slightly conservative businessman (Ugo Tognazzi) meets a band of rowdy youths and instantly falls for one of the woman named 'Francesca' (played by a 16 year old Catherine Spaak). Desperate to recapture his youth, or at least get one last taste, he's having a mid-life crisis you see, and hell, Francesca boasts to him that she is only 15!  Did I say woman before?  But the youth play a trick on him, and I am afraid his fantasy of 'making it' with Francesca may prove to be just that. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

J490 Dance of the Drunken Mantis (79) aka: Nan bei zui quan  aka: Drunken Master Part 2  Simon Yuen returns in the role of Sam Seed, Specialist in Drunken Kung Fu, this time trying to train his wife's dim-witted adopted grown son into the ways and skills of Drunken Mantis style. But the boy cannot hold his booze! High kicking Rubberlegs arrives from the North to battle Sam in the Drunken style. They have a lengthy drinking/fighting sequence..... LBX  BA

Z893 Death at Midnight (73) aka: Innocent Assassins  aka: Ártatlan gyilkosok   Art students in Hungary are writing their thesis on detective stories. They nag a director who has just returned from Hollywood to do their story they have created. But the plot becomes real, and the director is found with a knife in his back! The youths are detained and cannot leave the house... but the real killer is still there as this particular house holds some surprises. One of the few crime movies of the socialist era from Hungary. With English subtitles

J473 Dirty Kung Fu (78) aka: Gui ma gong fu  Clever kung fu man/bounty hunter/slacker uses his fighting skills to stop wanted bad guys so he can claim the reward money. He learns the highly feared 'eel fist' to prepare for a deadly battle with a ruthless and extremely dangerous opponent. He seems to find trouble wherever he goes. Good fight scenes, well choreographed. Every fight is unique, and different than the one before. English dubbed.  BA

J512 El Alamein: The Line of Fire (02) aka: El Alamein - La linea del fuoco   We see war close-up through the eyes of Serra, a university student from Palermo, who is volunteering in Africa in 1942. Assigned to the Pavia Division on the Southern line in Egypt.... A rare perspective on the desert wars from the point of view of the Italians. We focus on the lives of the soldiers who are tiring of the conflict, which looks like there is no end in sight. An artillery attack here, a swim in the ocean there, a bullet dodged, a mortar shell detonated  just far enough away to allow the soldiers to see another day.... Excellent. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

J480 Fearless Avenger (72) aka: Mushukunin mikogami no jôkichi: Kawakaze ni kako wa nagareta  Vengeful Jokichi tries to assassinate the wicked Chogoro but instead of completing his task he is captured by the Yakuza. He is spared, but later working for another Yakuza boss, he finds himself once again in the crosshairs of Chogoro, and a deadly trap! Fearless Avenger follows 'Trail of Blood' and is a pleasingly violent second installment of the Mikogami Jokichi trilogy. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z948 First Love (70) aka: Erste Liebe  aka: First Love - Die Geschichte einer Liebe  Maximilian Schell was not only a fine actor, he was also a pretty decent director. Case in point this film, which he not only directed, but starred in as well. John Moulder-Brown (Anton in 'Vampire Circus') plays a young man in love with an older woman (Dominique Sanda). She's 21, he's 16. Things get difficult when the young woman falls in love with the young man's father (Schell). Youth, love and the loss of innocence are all featured here, and not in a heavy handed way. In German language and with English subtitles.  BA

J502 Fists of Vengeance, The (74) aka: Chu bao  Our hero has returned home by train. Things have changed. His brother has snagged his girlfriend. The Japanese have taken over the mine. Excellent, sometimes spectacular fight scenes on rough and tumble locations (such as a rail yard and even on a moving train!).  Funny dubbing, and even funnier serious music.  Not to be confused with the 'Shaw Brothers' film of the same title.

Z890 For a Cop's Hide (81) aka: Pour la peau d'un flic  Choucas (Alain Delon who not only stars, he also directs this one!) is an ex-cop now private detective that works with a mysterious barely-seen partner, and his trusty secretary Charlotte (Ann Parillaud later of 'Innocent Blood'). Involved in an embezzlement case he encounters murders, abductions, and a dirty Chief Inspector. He has become a pawn in a very dangerous game. Extreme violence and rape find their way into the plot to keep things real. Look for Brigitte Lahaie as L'infirmiere and watch for Mirelle Darc, Delon's girl at the time, crossing the street in a brief sequence. Maybe keeping an eye on Delon with Lahaie around? LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z943 Four Murders are Enough, Darling (71) aka: Ctyri vrazdy stací, drahousku  Czech parody of Humphrey Bogart movies. The main plot deals with two rival gangs battling over a one million dollar check that has somehow ended up in the flat of a shy schoolteacher. Luckily there is some violence amidst the absurdity, and also the dealings with a perverted killer.... With English subtitles

Z949 Fyre (79) aka: Raggarbruden  Small town virgin Fyre (Linda Theel, she looks a lot like Kay Lenz) gets raped while on a date, while her boyfriend is beat up. Not as gratuitous as it sounds. Not long after that, she loses her entire family in an auto accident. Fast-forward eight years. Fyre is now a hooker in Los Angeles. Criminals, Killers, shady pimps, unscrupulous madams, and a violent hot-headed boyfriend complete this hell she has made for herself. He goes to jail. She turns tricks and dances in disco clubs. He gets out. Some bloody killings. Donna Wilkes has a rather lengthy and well lit dancing in a bedroom 'topless' scene. She is only 20 and her next role would be in a 'Diff'rent Strokes' episode. Now That's What I'm Talkin' About Willis! LBX

J489 Fury in Shaolin Temple (79) aka: Shao Lin zhen ying xiong  Another attempt at Shaolin Temple craze cash! A young man who rises to fame and power after proper training at the temple. Plenty of solid physical fighting and action, wild facial hair, stock characters, heavy US dubbing and loads of sound effects. One of the stars here would go on later to 'Kill Bill' 1 and 2 as well as many more. You may see some of Tarantino's inspirations here.....

J578 Gentle Savage (73) aka: Camper John  Camper John Allen (William Smith) is an Indian who is falsely accused of the rape of a white girl. But the girl's stepfather is the true culprit. Watch as the stepfather points the finger at the innocent Indian and goes after him with the help of the sheriff (Gene Evans) his deputy (Joe Flynn), and a lynch mob, whose guns are supplied by gun shop owner Beeker (R.G. Armstrong). But wait, Camper John Allen has some other Indians on his side, and they are prepared to go on the warpath. Also with full-blooded Cherokee Betty (Cancel My Reservation) Ann Carr and Robert Tessier as Greywolf.  BA

Z950 Gigolo (51) aka: Gibier de potence   It's about a man that goes from orphanage to war…  Upon returning home he is targeted by a female pimp Madame and she starts to set him up with lonely ladies. She grooms him of course, with risqué photo shoots, before turning him loose on her customers. But eventually he meets a girl his age and falls in love. Will his Madame let him go?  Or is this relationship doomed for a grim ending for all involved?  White Male Slave Trade? In French language and with English subtitles.  BA

J534 Goldengirl (79) aka: La chica de oro  One of many attempts to make Susan Anton a star. Goldine (Anton) is raised by her father (Curt Jurgens) to be a super athlete through juicing drugs and heavy training. Now that she is an adult, her father invites investors to sponsor her in the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Investors include familiar faces like James Coburn, Robert Culp, Harry Guardino and others. Listen to the dialogue and ask yourself 'can a woman run in a competition with a dildo inserted....' What the hell kind of movie is this anyway? One of a kind apparently. Despite unscrupulous behavior regarding legalities, we are supposed to be rooting for Goldine. Anton is a gorgeous tall platinum blonde with a deep husky voice and a statuesque figure. Hotter than Farrah Fawcett but America wasn't buying.  BA

J540 Great General, The (79) aka: Qi Ji Guang  During the Ming Dynasty, Japanese Pirates attack China's Eastern Coast in a 200 year battle. One man has assembled his own army to fight off the hordes that threaten his region. Loads of participants and battles, and as sometimes happens in these, the English language dubbing is pretty funny at times. But who cares? The budget allows outfits for hundreds with clothing and armor to convincingly portray the events at hand.

Z927 Gypsy, The (75) aka: Le Gitan  Alain Delon is Hugo, a French Gypsy wanted by the police for (what else?) theft! The cop after Hugo also is on the hunt for a jewel thief named Yan Kuq. Hugo believes that he has no obligation to a society that does not respect him. We are not sure who to root for here. Eventually Hugo crosses the path of Yan, and in the meantime, the police start to tighten the noose. Amoral attitudes make for an interesting crime flick. Violence and suspense. Also with Annie Girardot. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z976 Hallucinating Strip, The (75) aka: Roma drogata: la polizia non può intervenire  Bud Cort (in his debut performance) is a student in Rome involved in social political protests and hooligan activities. He's a real freak show, and comes from a rich family. He wants to throw a freakout and supply the party favors. Drugged out hippies hang out looking seedy and creepy, there are hallucination scenes, cheesy music, a right-wing angry father... Italy's answer to 'Go Ask Alice', 'Panic in Needle Park' or 'Angel Angel Down We Go' ... all of these and more. Sex, Drugs... and antique snuff boxes. Crime and Drug Exploitation. Also with Patrizia Gori who would be in 'Emanuelle's Revenge' next! LBX and finally an English dub!  BA

J488 His Name is Nobody (79) aka: Wu ming xiao zu  An orphan (Nobody) growing up on the streets, has to steal food to survive. He partners with Shek, a con artist, who teaches him not only sleight of hand, but also, kung fu skills! Together, they deceive and get into much fighting styled mischief. This is a kung fu film with a spaghetti sounding title. Played for laughs, with some spectacular fight scenes and plenty of weird characters. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z977 Hostage Gang, The (73) aka: Le gang des otages   A short-fused drifter is in and out of prison/mental ward from assaults and armed robbery. He marries a prostitute and they continue robbing, are caught, then take a judge hostage to negotiate their release. Some intriguing character studies as we see the extreme recklessness of the villains and their desperately hopeless antics. With the gorgeous Bulle Ogier. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z929 House of Bories, The (70) aka: La maison des Bories   The husband is a scientific man who is boring and severe with his wife, distant with his children. Together they live in a mansion in a remote area. Enter a young German translator, there to help school the children. He falls for the wife and she for him. When the husband must leave for a year, will the wife and her love taste of the forbidden fruits of adultery? Beautifully shot, views of the countryside are stunning and melancholy, just like this tale of forbidden lust that may be doomed to never consummate. In French and with English subtitles.  BA

Z952 Insolent, The (73) aka: L'insolent  aka: Deadly Sting  aka: The Killer   Henry Silva hops over to France for a crime film in-between filming Italian ones. Ristack (Henry Silva) is out of prison. His new plan is a sort of 'fake' heist in order to trick and swindle some other villains. Plenty of action and suspense. The gangsters, the firemen and the cops are so naive and stupid, it's no wonder they are so incompetent in their duties. Silva is wonderful as usual, and we also get Andre Pousse, Philippe Clay, Sabine Glaser and more. English language dub  BA

J525 Karate Killer, The (73) aka: Stranger from Canton  aka: Guai ke  aka: La treccia che uccide   aka: Trenza mortal  Here Jason Pai Piao plays a dapper hero who catches knives in his teeth, and takes a bite out of them! A threatening Kao Kang plays the lead villain, a dangerous fighter who wields his long pig-tail as a weapon! Feng Yi of 'Chinese Connection' fame appears as a Japanese swordsman, a minion of Kang. The fights here are downright visceral; with the aid of thunderous sound effects where you feel every punch and kick! Dark and violent with no wires, but teeth-grinding action instead. The last fight is one of the longest I have seen in a kung fu film!  BA

J526 Knight Errant (73) aka: Ying xiong ben se  aka: Wang Yu - Der Karatebomber  Three young men are engaged in kung fu training in the opening, trained by their squat but sturdy aunt in a quite authoritative manner. She is teaching them to be killers so they can destroy those she believes responsible for the death of their parents. She is determined to poison their young minds with rage and hate. They will make it to Taiwan for the confrontation to fulfill their destiny. Jimmy Wang Yu is one of their targets. Extremely gimmicky, with silly sound effects, jump cuts and freeze frames, motorcycle gangs... and even real life stunt woman Tse Gam Guk performing stunts! LBX and English dubbed.  BA

J510 Land of the Brave (73) aka: Xiao yao fang  The Japanese want to take over China, but first must invade and acquire a town in which Chan, and his band of Chinese Loyalists, reside. A surprisingly brutal little kung fu film from Hong Kong, with a nasty grudge against the Japanese, who they portray as the aggressors, and the least savory of characters. Early on in this scenario, we see a cigarette-smoking sadist whipping a nude woman in slow motion!, and still later there is a scalping. Alright! We know we are in dark territory! LBX and English dubbed.

Z896 Lion is Ready to Jump, The (69) aka: Az oroszlán ugrani készül  aka: Lew prezy sie do skoku  In the socialist Hungary of 1969, James Bond films were yet to be seen, so Hungary created their own version! What they have created here is a great comic spy film, with flashy era-colorful style. Our secret agent seems to be more interested in scoring with the ladies than tangling in hand-to-hand combat with bad guys, but hell who can blame him? We still get some fight action, wacky weaponry, car chases, sarcasm and of course.... boobs. Let's not forget the ultra-modern vibrator! With English subtitles.   BA

Z954 Love Under the Elms (75) aka: Oliver Gets Laid (kidding)  aka: La prima volta, sull'erba   aka: La primera vez sobre la hierba   An adolescent boy (Mark Lester, 'Oliver' himself) and girl (Monica Guerritore) meet at a rural turn-of-the-century Austrian resort where they are vacationing with their respectable liberal-minded, single parents, who also fall for each other. Weird stuff here as the two parent's watch Lester and Guerritore, who are both naked, about to hook up, commenting  on 'how beautiful' they look. Very European. Also the love affairs are interspersed with shenanigans that have to do with the family that runs the resort, including the semi-retarded son, who is obsessed with Guerritore, and the daughter and her ongoing feud with another guest's monkey. Anne Heywood and Claudio Cassinelli. Cassinelli was in a number of Italian made classics that we love (like 'Mountain of the Cannibal God', giallos and many more).  Sadly while working on 'Hands of Steel' for Sergio Martino in Arizona, 1986, the helicopter crashed and he was killed at age 46. Guerritore would be the nymphomaniac La Lupa (The She-Wolf) in 1996. In 1976, a drunken Oliver Reed brought a prostitute as a gift for Mark Lester to celebrate his birthday on July 11th.   BA

J501 Lupin the Third: Strange Psychokinetic Strategy (74) aka: Rupan Sansei: Nenriki chin sakusen   Lupin is best described as a Japanese version of Pink Panther styled antics with sight gags. Lupin is a perverted thief. Jigger is a quick-draw gunman. Other characters are equally diverse and eccentric. Physical gags, slapstick, a frustrated police chief, crazy assassins, adventure, skillful sexy ladies who seem to be able to outwit everybody in their orbit and so much more. Best described as a live action Warner Brothers cartoon? LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z930 Man From Chicago, The (75) aka: Le Ricain  Hostage thriller about a man (his violent past catching up with him) who's son is kidnapped. Smugglers, heroin, and other crimes combine bolstered by solid photography and moments of hard-knuckle violence. Action, a satisfying shootout finale and a genuinely shocking twist at the end make this one a winner. From a trio of directors this France/Turkey collaboration. Gordon Mitchell and Filiz Akin figure into the proceedings along with Jess Hahn and more. LBX and in English

Z931 Morbosità (74) aka: Morbosidad en un extraño asunto de amor  Two sisters, Julia, a nymphomaniac (Eva Czemerys, a woman of some notable films, including playing the mother of 'Trash' in 'Escape From the Bronx') and the other, Anna,  younger and manipulative (Jenny Tamburi). Julia is after a young architect, and uses Anna. When Julia is not busy seducing wealthy businessmen, she is setting up Anna to be violently raped, or whatever, to further the career of the man she is pursuing. The rape is pretty cold and brutal. But why is Anna going to her rapist for more sex? Tamburi is 22 here, gorgeous. She starred in a number of giallos. After a lengthy illness she died in Rome at age 53 in 2006. This rare film is in Italian language only with no subtitles. LBX

J485 Murmur of the Heart (71) aka: Le souffle au coeur  Young Laurent, his mother and his roguish elder brothers break every taboo known to small-town 1950's Dijon. Under-age sex, under-age drinking, incest, petty theft, blasphemy, adultery, art forgery, whore-mongering, drunk driving... you want more? All treated with such light-heartedness and wit you cannot help but like them. It's about the elastic moment of adolescence. The strange, ugly and sometimes contradicting events associated with familial intimacy. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z912 Night of the Askari, The (76) aka: Albino  aka: Whispering Death   What again?  Another print has arrived (these things happen) that is LBX and 4 minutes longer than the last version. The last version was 87 minutes. This one is 91 minutes. Christopher Lee and Sybil Danning. A colonial police officer in Rhodesia hunts down the albino terrorist who raped and murdered his fiancée... LBX  BA

J493 Odd Couple (79) aka: Bo ming chan dao duo ming qiang  Two kung fu masters (The King of Swords and the King of Spears) still cannot defeat each other even after 15 years of annual battles to the death. They are also known as the Naughty Old Man and the Dirty Old Man! They decide to each train a student in their own image, and arrange for a battle in 10 years. Ten years later, right before the battle, an old foe appears and kidnaps the students. There is a twist on the acting with Sammo Hung and Chia Yung Liu (the two masters) that is quite inventive, you will see. Action packed and different than the usual. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

J537 Oddballs (84) aka: Hullu kesäleiri  Coming of age movie for twelve year olds, with plenty of behavior that would be way too politically incorrect for this generation of today. It's silly slapstick juvenile humor! An old man has lost a card game and has to take over a Summer Camp as punishment. Rich people are trying to buy it. Will he give in to temptation when an offer is made? Meanwhile, the boys are gawking at the girls in the female camp that is close by. Absurdities and comic situations abound in this hysterical farce.  BA

J544 Other Side of Bonnie and Clyde, The (68) aka: Bonnie and Clyde: Myth or Madness?  Larry Buchanan directs this Docudrama on the deadly duo. This was meant to show people the truth, not the pretty picture painted by Hollywood, which was a good movie, but far from the 'truth'. So, no glamorizing the cold-blooded killer couple, but a pro-law enforcement version, where Bonnie and Clyde are the bad guys, not the other way around. Includes some excellent real footage, including actual footage of the scene of the crime including the aftermath of the duo's deaths. The actual widow and son of the man Frank Hamer, who brought Bonnie and Clyde down, are interviewed. Burl Ives narrates. An Uncredited Bill Thurman shows up as a policeman.

J491 Revenge of the Patriots (76) aka: The Ming Patriots  aka: Zhong yuan biao ju   Bruce Li stars as a Chinese escort for the former Princess of the Ming Dynasty (and her cache of jewels!). Historical kung fu tale of Ming Patriots fighting off pursuing Qing troops in the period right after the collapse of the Ming Dynasty. The storyline is basically one long chase, with interesting Taiwan locations. The pace is fast, the martial arts sequences are good, and the story works despite Bruce Li's bad wig. LBX and English dubbed.  BA

Z962 Salt in the Wound (69) aka: Il dito nella piaga  aka: The Liberators  aka: War Fever   During the waning days of WW2 in Italy, an inexperienced American officer is assigned to supervise the execution of two military prisoners. Their truck is ambushed by the Germans and only the officers and the prisoners escape. Then, they manage to liberate an Italian village! Forget the pan and scan print, this one is LBX and runs a few minutes longer than the last print we had listed. Klaus Kinksi is amazing in this one! LBX English language dubbed.  BA

Z963 Secret, The (74) aka: Le secret  aka: Il segreto   A man named David Daguerre (Jean-Louis Trintignant) has stumbled accidentally onto a 'state' secret. Apparently the secret is so powerful and damning that they confine David to a mental ward, and when he escapes, they proceed to hunt him down like they would a mad dog! They accuse him of being a killer, and when a couple harbors and helps him, their uncertainty may be fatal for all involved. Excellent infectious paranoia conspiracy. We all only hope to never be the target of an out-of-control government for some imagined reason or other. A chilling clammy atmosphere. LBX and English dubbed.  BA

J466 Shaolin Drunkard (83) aka: Tian shi zhuang xie  Wild and crazy 80's kung fu with blood-drinking demons, flaming fists, giant frogs, a wild-wheeled contraption, skulls and skeletons, truly imaginative and bizarre special effects/ stunts and much more! Massive buck-teeth are on display from the titular hero, and this is all played, blood and all, mainly for laughs. If you like the funny mixed with the absurd, the bizarre clashing with the supernatural, then this is for you. The best of the 'Drunken' films? English language dubbed. Directed  by Woo-Ping Yuen.

Z982 Shoot Loud, Louder... I Don't Understand (66) aka: Spara forte, più forte... non capisco!  The same year Raquel Welch exploded male crotches across the planet in 'One Million Years  B.C.', she starred in this little known film. It's a way out comic fantasy of the Italian cinema! An unorthodox sculptor cannot distinguish reality from his dreams, which causes trouble for him when he thinks he may have seen a murder. Welch is a gold-digging hottie who drives a big fancy car, dropping in here and there, usually scantily clad, adding sex appeal to the mix. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z904 Sinner, The (51) aka: Die Sünderin  Former prostitute Marina (Hildegard Knef) must take back to the streets to make bank on her back when her artist lover goes blind and needs an operation. A romantic tragedy. Totally scandalous when it was released (look for the ‘almost’ nudity and paintings), but of course quite tame by today's standards but what isn't?  Knef would continue to make films throughout her life even making it into Linda Blair's 1988 film 'Witchery'. Essential. With English subtitles.   BA

J495 Sleeping Beast Within, The (60) aka: Kemono no nemuri  The journalist boyfriend of a woman whose father has gone missing enters into the seedy underworld of Yokahama's Chinatown searching for answers. But will he find the sleeping beast within? LBX and with English subtitles.

J465 Snuff Bottle Connection (77) aka: Shen tui tie shan gong  Trouble-making agents from both sides threaten notions of peace between the Russians and the Chinese. Well-staged fights between decently matched fighters, organized by the man who would later choreograph some pretty popular films like 'Kill Bill 2', Woo-Ping Yuen. The long-legged high-kicking John Liu plays the Imperial Agent who goes undercover... LBX and English language dubbed.  BA

Z905 Suppose I Break Your Neck (73) aka: Metti... che ti rompo il muso  The Italo-American playboy Rocky Salerno (Frederick Stafford)  is an international thief who has an F.B.I. inspector following his every move. Rocky has his hands on some shady 'loot' that has also been 'claimed' by an international crime boss who works with the Sicilian Mafia. Situations get him into all sorts of adventures revolving around extortion/blackmail. Also with Silvia Monti and Margaret Rose Keil, both notable of genre films. English language dubbed and LBX.   BA

J535 Swim Team (79) aka: Kühles Naß auf heißer Haut  Looking at a seven year losing streak, a new swimming coach is hired to hopefully turn the tide. It's just a little on the raunchy side, if even any at all, loaded with sight gags and pretty desperate attempts at humor that usually fall flat. Amazingly out of touch and inept, but captures perfectly a moment in time when these type of films were on the sidelines between going all out exploitation, or going for the PG and trying to get away with something. They don't get away with much here, but there are some chuckles along the way, and if you liked 'Meatballs' you'll probably like this. With James Daughton, Stephen Furst (both of 'Animal House' the previous year), Jenny Neumann (known best for 'Mistress of the Apes' made the same year, and later 'Hell Night' with Linda Blair), and Buster Crabbe (in one of his last film appearances) as Rock Sands. BA

J475 They Paid with Bullets (69) aka: Tempo di Charleston - Chicago 1929  aka: Tiempos de Chicago   Peter Lee Lawrence plays the unhinged Erik, a hoodlum who controls part of the city of Chicago during prohibition, has a hot girlfriend, and plays with dolls in his spare time (wha?). . When some of his thugs get machine-gunned down while transporting booze, Frank saves the day (and the shipment) and is welcomed into the family (as it were). Wall to wall bloody violence and gun battles between the mob, the cops, and rival gangs. All Tommy-Guns Blazing! Move over Bonnie and Clyde! Also with Ingrid Schoeller. BA

Z984 Time of the Beginning (74) aka: Il tempo dell'inizio  Filmed in Black and white. A man escapes from the nut house and is recaptured and sedated. At this point his character finds himself living in a symbolic-visionary delirium of his own inner-mind. Though the lost mind of his other world, though bleak and threatening as it seems, is not nearly as fatalistic and gloomy as the real world of his desperate reality. Still, in the other world, he searches for meaning and salvation amongst the ghosts and scattered chaos in his mind. In this other world, some of the players are the same actors he deals with in his conscious state in the clinic. Dorothy in Hell? Or rather, David. He is put on a huge burning pyre to be executed by the evil Queen...... Filmed in black and white. LBX and with English subtitles.

Z993 Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald, The (64) Larry Buchanan directs another historical classic! Yes, Buchanan was the first Oliver Stone, he just had like a few hundred dollars instead of a few hundred million. You are right there as the lawyers and the judges talk directly at you, this making you a juror (sort of). Witness testimony and the actual footage, newsreels and tapes... This film was suppressed for many years, and since it was so close to when these events happened, makes you wonder what they were on to. Better than JFK because it doesn't take days to watch!  BA

J492 Two Graves to Kung Fu (74) aka: The Inheritor of Kung Fu  Villains menace and murder members of a peaceful community Kung Fu school and frame the elder of the establishment. Forced into hiding he is later captured, along with his girlfriend. Will he (they) escape and get revenge on the bad guys? Will there be plenty of battles and hilarious dubbing mixed with exaggerated sound effects? Yes!  BA

Z911 Where the Silver Crow Flies (77) aka: Dove Volano i Corvi d'argento   A Sardinian shepherd is wronged, and hooks up with the local country criminals to get justice. But justice and revenge are two different things, and when the bad guys want to kill, he objects. Being in is being in, There is no way out. He has joined with the mob, now will he survive? And should he? Countryside and Guns!  LBX and with English subtitles.




T419 Along Came a Spider (70) Before 'Newhart' cute Suzanne Pleshette starred in this, as a widow, who goes undercover in a research lab, to seduce the man she feels is responsible for her husband's death. Her plan is to be seen with him, and then disappear, framing him for her murder, which will be her sweet revenge. But is she correct?  Twists and turns with Ed Nelson, Andrew Prine, Brooke Bundy and Richard Anderson.

S218 Brand New Life, A (73) Victoria (Cloris Leachman) and Jim (Martin Balsam) find out that after 18 years of marriage she is finally knocked up! The obligatory scenes are played out.... baby shower, a natural childbirth class, the friendly young woman whose infant is stillborn... Leachman frets, beams, giggles... A Pro-Life MFTV film, something that Hollywood would never produce today. 

J567 Children of the Mist (93) When a man's daughter dies because of his carelessness, he is devastated, and meets up with a blind woman medium (Vanessa Redgrave) that sees the souls of dead children. The death of his daughter is his fault and he has to work it out somehow. His wife and other daughter are distant. Why do the children appear only for the blind woman?  What will we learn when the man speaks to his dead daughter?

J467 Crypt of the Vampire (64) aka: Crypt of Horror aka: Terror in the Crypt  This is one of the least known of the Christopher Lee horror films. Taking it's cues from 'Black Sunday', shot in black and white, even features a witch condemnation sequence, an eerie score, and creepy castle atmosphere. Count Karnstein's (Lee) daughter (Adriana Ambesi) has fallen ill, and he sends for a doctor. Plagued by terrible nightmares, it is believed she is possessed by the spirit of the evil Carmilla, a long dead ancestor. For my buck, great gothic horror. From the director of 'An Angel for Satan'. Also with Ursula Davis. Partly based on Sheridan Le Fanu's 'Carmilla".  Not to be confused with 'Castle of the Living Dead' made the same year, also with Christopher Lee.   BA

23 Dead Don't Die, The (75) aka: Die Toten sterben nicht  Cool creepy fun from 'Psycho' writer Robert Bloch set in the 1930's. George Hamilton plays a guy who is investigating why his brother was executed. Voodoo and the occult is what he finds. One cool scene has Reggie (Mark of the Devil, Salem's Lot) Nalder as one of the undead. Grim atmosphere and crisp period detail. It looks like a whole lot of dead people are about, and somebody is behind it. If you liked 'Dead and Buried'.... Linda Cristel, Joan Blondell, Ralph Meeker, Yvette Vickers, Ray Milland... Class act horror.  BA

Z889 Eye of Evil, The (62) aka: L'oeil du malin   aka: The Third Lover   Albin, a  journalist/failed writer, is sent to Germany to cover an event. There he meets a successful writer named Andreas, who has a beautiful wife (Helene, played by Stephane Audran). Jealous of their success, Albin plans to destroy them. First he will seduce Helene when Andreas is away, and then.... The central character Albin is a psychotic paranoiac with voyeuristic tendencies, and a nasty vindictive bent. Things go straight to hell and keep on going... Inspired by Hitchcock? With English subtitles.

Z958 Murder Party (61) aka: Mörderspiel  aka: Il gioco dell'assassino   A fashion designer kills his mistress and only after does he realize his friend is a witness. So he figures he better kill him next. He is playing a murderous game. and, well, not all things go to plan as is usual in these types of films. Very heavily inspired by the Edgar Wallace type films that were all the rage at the time. Some suspense and tension as things get complicated with twists. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

J483 No Place to Hide (81) aka: Soon, Amy, Soon    Art student Amy (doe-eyed Kathleen Beller who also was in 'The Sword and the Sorcerer' and more) thinks she is being stalked by a madman, but everybody thinks she is mental. Mariette Hartley plays her stepmother. Amy heads to the family cabin to heal her mind, once there the stalking resumes and he gets her...and dumps her body in the lake. Amy however is having none of it, and she comes back from the dead for revenge.... Is she dead? Why did this happen? Something to do with her dead father? With a story co-written by Hammer's Jimmy Sangster, the man behind many Hammer thriller stories of the early 1960's, we familiar with this stuff will already know where this is going, but it is still quite entertaining and a little creepy. I looked at it as an early 60's Hammer thriller, turned into an American MFTV. Also starring Keir Dullea and Gary Graham.



6492 Altar (85) Turkish rip-off of 'Conan the Barbarian' mixed up with 'Quest for Fire'!  After his family is massacred 'Altar' grows up in captivity. The poor are trying to get the power of fire from the ruling class. Cool landscapes, decent production values. Altar wields a huge sword and kills people with it. The sound effects crew have a field day. A horned swamp monster-man, spiked torture device, half-naked women about the scenery, mild gore includes a decapitation and some cannibalism... ah a good Turkish film. Perfect for 1985 and the sword and sorcery genre. F.L. but doesn't matter.  BA

4688 Badi (83) Turkish remake of E.T that features a monster not nearly as cute as his American counterpart. A midget or a kid in a get-up that resembles something from the 'Alien' franchise more than Carlo Rambaldi's E.T. creature creation. Of course the main scenes are here. Badi hangs with the kids, hides in the cupboard, goes to a fun fair, enters a classroom and makes the teacher faint etc. The bike over the moon sequence is pure comedy gold as Badi and friends grab an old handcart, tie a bunch of balloons on it and whoosh, fly through the air. So movie over 'Pod People' and 'Mac and Me' this E.T. rip-off deserves a look! F.L.  BA

Z917 Birth in the Grave (72) aka: Birth in the Tomb  aka: Beranak dalam kubur  Two sisters have wildly different personalities. One good, the other evil. The family wealth is up for grabs. There will be death, resurrection, and revenge.  Some killer snakes are also in play. Horror atmosphere for miles here, with a constant downbeat dread. In Indonesian and with English subtitles.  BA

Z777 Forbidden, The (66) Rowdy teens protest a curfew on the Sunset Strip, a racy commercial for a female martial arts school, Sexy nudity with beautiful women while a creepy peeper looks through the window, he gets in the house and tries to molest the women, one drives a knife directly into his head and the blood flows. Strippers and lesbians... surprisingly, most of the women in this are drop-dead gorgeous. a hot Nazi stripper with a swastikas on her crotch, lots of nudity from others as well. I don't care what is staged or what is real, this is a damn sleazy fun mondo! LBX

Z961 Psycho Woman (88) aka: Sapik Kadin  Turkish 'Fatal Attraction' rip-off! Tacky, sleazy, and almost scene for scene! The crazy bitch even takes the kid to the fair etc. The music is stolen from Jaws, Halloween, and Planet of the Apes! If you liked the original, then you have got to see this! Unbelievable and amazing remake of classic Hollyweird Trash.  With English subs!

Z776 This Shocking World (63) aka: Ecco  aka: Le monde de nuit numéro trois   George Sanders narrates nine years before he killed himself. We get a tour of the Grand Guignol theatre in Paris, a guy who likes to stick long needles through his body, lesbians and strippers, footage of reindeer being castrated by a woman who uses her teeth. an old-fashioned whale hunt, chicken blood being sprayed on a naked woman in some sort of satanic ceremony and much more, all, with George Sanders and his dry wit, inflections revealing infinitely more than the actual words do. LBX  BA

6480 Turkish Wizard of Oz (71) aka: Little Ayse and the Magic Dwarfs in the Land of Dreams  aka: Aysecik ve sihirli cüceler rüyalar ülkesinde     Inept and hilarious rip-off that dares you to watch it! Once you get started, if you are familiar with the original (who isn't?) you simply will not be able to look away. The song and dance routines are actually better than the original ones. Only because they are so completely incompetent you'll be mocking them with laughter! The scarecrow (a gay stereotype) sets himself on fire and is impaled and torn to shreds in the film's most intense and shocking moment. The Wicked Witch of the West is a hammy oatmeal-faced monster who dissolves when ... oh can't spoil it! F.L. but not needed to follow, trust me.




J569 Blood Moon (71) aka: Werewolf Shadow  Okay. First exposure to Paul Naschy. I rented this film called 'Blood Moon' way back when. It had an awesome painting on the cover like the cover of a 'Skywald' Horror Magazine that used to be reliably stocked on grocery store magazine shelves in the early to mid 1970's. I had seen the trailer to 'Frankenstein's Bloody Terror' but that was it. Now I had this in my hands. I must have watched it a dozen times. I bought the actual tape when they sold their tapes. This is from that tape. Not nearly as sharp and great as 'Werewolf Shadow', but dripping with nostalgia for the days of the old 'Mom and Pop' video stores.  Full Frame.

J566 Jungle Goddess, The (75) aka: Kilma, Queen of the Jungle  aka: La diosa salvaje    Starring Eva Miller. This one is more of a Tarzan type, except with a jungle woman. Naschy is after the diamonds, and so are other bad men, these diamonds, tied to Kilma, from her origin in why she is a jungle girl. Nice production values, from the same production crew of the other Kilma film. Naschy will have a grisly end. Eva Miller is a total babe. a former circus performer, she disappeared after the Kilma films.  Not to be confused with 'Kilma, Queen of the Amazons' made in 1976 the following year also with Eva Miller as Kilma!   BA

J570 Tarzan in King Solomon's Mines (74) aka: Tarzán en las minas del rey Salomón   Excellent Tarzan rip-off with our bare-chested hero (David Carpenter) battling leopard-skin wearing warriors and their Queen (Alibe Parsons) in her 'Golden' cave, known only by her and the warriors, where the treasure is, naturally. A mean greedy hunter (Paul Naschy) is trying to transport weapons through the jungle accompanied by Doris (Nadiuska). Tarzan saves Doris from crocodiles. Well, late in the game maybe, but enjoyable. Tarzan, with his Spanish-mangled howl, also summons the lions to help…  Naschy gives his all, and in action, sticking to his guns if you will, ends up getting impaled for his greed…  No subs, Spanish only, and print not as sharp. Nadiuska remember was Conan's mother in the original 'Conan the Barbarian'. Here seven years younger, she is even more gorgeous. F.L.  BA




J519 Devil Between Her Legs (85) An old monastery/nunnery is the setting for horny nuns and priests boinking each others brains out. When another priest catches a priest having sex with two nuns, they put leashes on the women and lead them to the dungeon where they are stripped and whipped. Then he pours oil on their asses, get a candle and .... well... this is XXX Nunsploitation from Italy. F.L.

J589 Loves of a Nympho (72) aka: Cristiana, the Devil Nun   A Descent Into Sexual Madness and Perversion! Rare version from a Greek tape, dubbed into English language. On a plane, Christina makes love with a guy in front of the passengers, to their delight. But a storm hits, and she prays to be spared, promising God that she will become a nun if she survives.  They do and she does…  (You can take a nun out of a slut, but you can’t take the slut out of a nun!)  And now that she is in a convent, sexual opportunities for casual sex increase. At one point a male painter corners her in a bell tower and really rings her bell! Unrepentantly sleazy, morally degenerate, sacrilegious trash. In other words, great entertainment! This is the rare XXX version (carefully placed inserts?) so make sure you are ready for it. Not too much, but it is there all the same. Ultimately a tragic tale, but pure nunsploitation entertainment!  BA

X151 Our Lady of Lust (72)  aka: Cristiana monaca indemoniata   Another version of 'Loves of a Nympho'! Better quality of 'Loves of a Nympho' still dubbed into English language but no XXX  in this version. One of the best of the Nunsploitation, with a lean on the cravings of the flesh, blasphemy, perversion, and ultimately... reaping what you sow also known as ... destiny.    BA

W8 Satanico Pandemonium (75) aka: Satanico Pandemonium: La Sexorcista  From the Bride of Christ to the Slave of Satan! Sexual fantasies and horny vibes are sent by Lucifer in an attempt to lure a hot sexy nun into the temptations of the flesh. Abundant female nudity of course, lesbianism, violence and gore, demonism, blasphemy (huh wha?) and more…  Hell with all the blood and boobs on hand here what more could you ask from a nunsploitation flick?  But will Satan win?  Where is God?  Over-the-top of the wall fantastic. They do not make movies like this in Mexico anymore so enjoy it by God! LBX and with English subtitles.  BA




2102 Black Pit of Dr. M, The (59) aka: Misterios de ultratumba  The scariest Mexican Horror film Ever Made! Dr. M, head of a rural insane asylum, makes a pact with another doctor. The one who dies first will come back and tell the other about the afterlife. But Dr. M. is not satisfied with simply knowing, he wants to experience death, and come back into the land of the living with the knowledge. This is the Mexican Horror film that scared the shit out of everybody when it aired in a English dubbed version (still no dubbed print has actually surfaced) on Chiller Theatre so many years ago.  LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z770 Frankenstein, the Vampire and Company (62) aka: Frankestein el vampiro y compañía  Finally Mexico's answer to 'Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein' with English subtitles! They go at it scene for scene. even featuring a Lon Chaney clone (hell, they could have got him come to think of it!) What a fun copy! The wolfman battles Dracula at the end and tries to stake him! One hilarious Mexican Monster Mash! English subtitles  BA

Z884 Invasion of the Zombies (62) aka: Santo vs. the Zombies  aka: Santo contra los zombies  Excellent early Santo about a mad doctor busy at work reviving dead criminals and creating an army of zombie-men that he sends out to commit crimes. When Santo gets involved, he instantly runs afoul of the zombie master. Nice gloomy photography, kidnappings, murder, and, some inventive touches add to the fun.  This would be the original Santo's 3rd film as Santo. He would be Santo in over 50 movies until his death at age 66 in 1984 from a heart attack in Mexico City. FF English dub Upgrade!  BA

Z989 Santo and Blue Demon vs. Dr. Frankenstein (74) aka: Santo y Blue Demon contra el doctor Frankenstein  Santo and Blue Demon team up with some detectives to stop the grandson of Dr. Frankenstein who is busy at work doing fiendish brain transplant experiments. Innocent women are being kidnapped and used in these experiments. He is trying to resurrect his dead wife. Also starring the gorgeous Sasha Montenegro. Blue Demon himself (that's his name, don't wear it out!) was Blue Demon in over 20 films until his death in the year 2000 at the age of 78 from a (you guessed it) heart attack in Mexico City. Color and with English subtitles!  BA

Z991 Santo and the Border of Terror (69) aka: Santo en la frontera del terror  A mad doctor is turning immigrants into mind-controlled zombie slaves. Hmmm. Oh... Overall this is one of the choppiest and sloppily constructed of the Santo films, which leads to some pretty hysterical moments. The mad doctor also harvests organs, and works the immigrants like animals. Bad acting. lame fighting, silly singing.... Open a six-pack and start drinking, you need beer for this one. With beer, it is quite enjoyable! With English subtitles.

Z990 Santo and the Vengeance of the Mummy (71) aka: Santo en la venganza de la momia  Santo takes part in an expedition which leads him and his friends to the tomb of an Aztec Prince that was buried alive thousands of years ago. They soon learn that you should never dig up a pissed off mummy. People start to die. This mummy is pretty cool, he looks like the mummy native from the 1966 film 'Death Curse of Tartu' pre-reincarnation of course, gnarly crusty mummy skull-faced, and he sports a bow and arrow which he is quite proficient at using to slay his adversaries, which in this case, is everyone! In Color and with English subtitles.

Z775 Santo vs. Frankenstein's Daughter (72) aka: Santo vs. la hija de Frankestein  Dr. Frankenstein's blonde daughter is busy working on a youth serum and needs a secret ingredient. The 'pure' blood of Santo!  Santo's blood can repair damaged cells at an accelerated pace. To lure Santo, they kidnap his girl. Beware, the monster is also running amuck. Skeletons in coffins mist, catacombs...  And meanwhile. Frankenstein's daughter really needs that blood quick, or she will age rapidly like 'The Leech Woman'! Now with English subtitles.




J484 Arizona Colt Returns (70) aka: Arizona si scatenò... e li fece fuori tutti!   aka: If You Gotta Shoot Someone... Bang! Bang!  Arizona, (Anthony Steffan) the famed gunman, must rescue the daughter of Moreno (Paloma, played by Rosalba Neri), from the clutches of his old arch enemy Keene (Aldo Sambrell). Of course expect the standards (done quite well actually) of avenger anti-heroes, exaggerated villains, violent face-offs.... For money, for pleasure or for revenge... he doesn't care why he kills or how. Arizona is wanted 'Dead or Alive' and is quite a dangerous man.. No wonder the Baron has chosen him to rescue his daughter! LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

J478 Big Sky, The (52) aka: Les hommes de l'ouest  Shot along the Snake River, and within easy sight of the Teton Mountain range, it gives an interesting (and amazingly accurate) account of what early Keel Boat travel might have been like along the Missouri River and other Western tributaries. Kirk Douglas is excellent as one of three big game hunters.... Some French actors and French accents add to the realism of the 1800's environment with the customs of the mountain men and the trappers also doing their part. Vaguely based on Lewis and Clark. Jim Davis, Buddy Baer, Dewey Martin, Arthur Hunnicutt. Elizabeth Threatt and more star.  Filmed in black and white– this is the COLORIZED version!!  BA

Z886 Bullets Don't Come Back (67) aka: Oi sfaires den gyrizoun piso  The first Greek western and inspired by the spaghetti making this a 'Gyros' western! Why not? When a man is falsely accused and condemned to die, he manages to escape. As the authorities hunt him, the 'real' bad guys hunt him as well, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, they think he knows where their stolen loot is hidden. Will he be able to clear his name and keep his family from harm? With English subtitles!

Z945 Desperados, The (69)  aka: La haine des desperados   The Civil War has ended....  A former parson (Jack Palance) and his sons now have to wean themselves off the raiding and pillaging.... and just stick with the robbing and occasional killing. But are they capable of good behavior?  Disgusted after the latest massacre, one of the sons drops out of the gang and joins his wife, settling in Texas. But it only takes a few years before the gang appears in Texas, hell-bent on robbing a bank. The father shall lead them to destruction. Down and dirty dark and cynical action. Palance acts out to his extreme maximum madness. here. LBX BA

4131 Dirty Outlaws, The (67) aka: The Big Rip-Off   aka: El desperado   aka: Django, ulven fra Texas   The Muddy, The Bloody, and the Dead!  An outlaw masquerades as a blind man's son so he can trick him out of a cache of gold in an old abandoned ghost town of mud and muck. But when the blind man is killed, he wants to avenge him. Meanwhile a gang of outlaws is also heading to the town after the cache. Grim and violent spaghetti with a surprise ending! Andrea Giordana, Rosemary Dexter and more.  BA

8017 Five for Revenge (66) aka: Five Giants from Texas   Guy Madison as Tex, one of a group of cowboys from Texas who have traveled to some dusty hellhole to avenge the murder of a mutual friend and the rape of his wife. It's pleasantly violent and grim, with brutality and a rape scene that sets the tone for vengeance, with extreme prejudice. One rapist gets a slow and painful death, very satisfying. There is a lively flogging of a shirtless peasant in the opening reel. In summation... Beatings, Stabbings, Shootings, Whippings, Hangings, Rapings, Maulings and assorted carnage and suffering. Also with Monica Randall.  BA

L166 Peg Leg, Musket & Sabre (73) aka: Scalawag   'Treasure Island' in the Wild West turned into a Musical and starring Mark (Oliver) Lester and Kirk (Spartacus) Douglas! I am not going to defend this film. I just can't. Edited bad, inept sequencing, terrible terrible songs, confused actors giving their all to (simply put) awful material....boy. Other musicals that stink like 'Pirate Movie;, 'The Apple', 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely...' and 'Xanadu'... well, this is not at that level of bad. This Pirate Western with Songs is a unique kind of bad, with a grade A cast!  Danny Devito is one of the outlaws. Lesley- Anne Down, always a welcome sight. Neville Brand, Don Stroud, George (Antropophagus) Eastman... hell those three together in a film. Mel Blanc is the voice of 'Barfly' the parrot. Of course he is. BA

J469 Rattler Kid (67) aka: L'uomo venuto per uccidere  An army sergeant (Richard Wyer) is unjustly accused of killing and robbing and is sent to prison, waiting for his execution. He breaks free and pretty much goes on a rampage of revenge, earning him the notorious title 'The Rattler Kid'. The town sheriff is played by Brad Harris, and the female eye candy is the sweet Femi Benussi, as Helen. Enjoyable Spanish western from director Leon Klimovsky, who was very close to hooking up with Paul Naschy for quite a few of his classics. LBX  BA

J449 Relentless, The (48) aka: Il vagabondo della città morta   Bad guys ambush and kill prospectors, stealing their map which points out the location of a gold mine. The two men are scoundrels. One bushwhacks the other, and through one mishap after another, another man named Nick (Robert Young) is framed for the killings of the prospectors. With a posse on his trail, Nick, must hunt down the real culprits and clear himself (with the aid of Luella, played by Marguerite Chapman). Willard Parker, Akim Tamiroff and Barton MacClane also star. Cool ending makes you go, Shew, that was close!  BA

T697 Return of Josey Wales, The (80) aka: El retorno del jinete pálido  Michael Parks (more recently, 'Tusk') stars as Josey Wales and also directs! Josey is called back into the fray to rescue the kidnapped Tenspot and to stop the evil Escabedo. Based on a novel, a direct sequel to the Clint Eastwood classic, this bares little resemblance. Stands on it's own merits, with a fare amount of brutality for a MFTV western, and a fitting grisly end for one of the main characters.  BA

Z917 Seven Nuns in Kansas City (73) aka: Sette monache a Kansas City   Whiskey Joe and Gin (?) have an accident when their covered wagon ditches into a river and lo and behold they discover gold.! Poachers and two gay cowboys try to muscle in on their claim. Later the nasty prospectors try to take over a convent, but these nuns are not having it and they resort to violence! Like throwing food and garbage at them! Includes two talking mules. A one of a kind oddity played for laughs, barely heard of or seen. Look for Salvatore Baccaro the 'Beast in Heat' himself!  LBX and with English subtitles.

7180 Six Women (71) aka: The Last Sundown   Six women are removed from a western town and on their way to prison, transported by a group of grubby men. Charley is put in charge of keeping them in line. One night, Dolores, a Mexican girl, tries to escape. Charley catches her, ties her wrists, hanging her from a tree. He strips her to the waist and lays into her with a bullwhip. The other women are forced to watch. Will they make it to the prison and be abused by the sadistic guards? Will they revolt? And who will make it to the last sundown... if anybody? Fun trash western with Mikel Angel, Marsha Jordan, Sandy Dempsey and many more... Sandy Dempsey appeared in roughly 80 sleazy features from 1970 to 1975, some of them porn. She apparently died in a boating accident in 1975 in the Gulf of Mexico at the age of 24.  BA





J585 Commando Fury: Special Edition (86) aka: Aufstand im Frauenlager  aka: Terror in Frauenlager  From the director of 'Thunder of Gigantic Serpent' comes this truly satisfying film, that pretty much covers all the bases for action! First, the 85 minute English language dubbed version, there are a few glitches in this print. So we added another version of the same movie under the title 'Girl in a Tiger Cage' on another disc! This second version is LBX and with English subtitles. Women are abused and used in a jungle prison. They escape and go through the jungles and swamps. Waterfall, angry rubber crocodile, a people eating tree monster, vicious killings and bloody shootings.... These women kick ass in their quest for freedom! 2 -Disc Edition counts as one selection. DVD-R only  BA

Z923 Female Convict 101: Sucks (77) aka: Joshûu 101: Shaburi   Almost half of the film is a flashback story of Tani, and how she beats a man to death as he tries to rape her, and then ends up in prison for the crime of defending herself. A huge hot bath for the inmates, some pajama cat fighting, getting thrown into solitary for bad behavior and more. She escapes chained to another girl! Everywhere they go men rape them! This one is a knockoff of the famous series, with ideas of it's own, and a knockout kick in the gut finale that will leave you speechless. I couldn't believe it! LBX and with English subtitles.

J586 Revenge in the Tiger Cage (76) aka: Yeosu 407ho 2   aka: Girls in the Tiger Cage 2   In the opening. two women travel dangerous terrain in their attempts to escape. They are captured and tortured in various ways before they are transported to a more secure location. They rejoice at first, meeting up with their girlfriends. But this is a hellhole, and there will be hell to pay. These are Chinese women by the way, who have been captured by Japanese troops and put in this holding camp in a mountainous area. The girls fight, The girls bathe. Some are almost trapped in a death trap. A huge fire almost causes a prison riot as some women are painfully burned alive. More escape... amazing locations, great action and suspense! The finale is fantastic, you will applaud! Ultra- Widescreen version with English subtitles. But wait!  Another foreign language version of the same film that is not Ultra-Widescreen, but is slightly LBX... as a bonus!  2 DVD-R counts as 1 selection. No VHS  BA

J575 Strike of the Tortured Angels (82) Susan, whose mother and sister are both having an affair with the same doctor while her father is at home dying, strikes someone with a bottle and winds up in Hong Kong prison for girls. She escapes with two friends, and together they go after their enemies. One of the Asian girls plays a black chick, complete with afro wig. Fucking hilarious. Would probably get her crucified today. Catfights and total chaos ensue. Maybe a bit unintentionally hilarious, but still entertaining as hell. And one of the best titles ever. + Trailer