BA=  Color Box Art Available for an additional $3.50  

FL= Film is in Foreign Language

Lbx=  Letterboxed or Widescreen format 

Subs=  Film is subtitled

aka= Also Known As  (alternate titles)





E244    Christopher Columbus (49) After some drama of finances and why, where etc., Christopher Columbus (Frederic March), an incredibly good sea captain, voyages to the point of no return, and finally has the Bahamas in his sight.  Along with the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria (well, models in a tank are cheaper) Columbus will establish himself as one of history's greatest explorers, until one day in the 21st century, the deconstruction of history begins, painting all men who came before, and built the civilizations we live in today, as evil villains.  Frederic March collapsed from heatstroke one day while filming in Barbados.  He was fine later that day.  Color  BA

E245 Espionage (37) A munitions supplier may be talked into reveling his secrets by a pair of reporters posing as newlyweds on a train, neither knowing what the other is up to.  The questions of concern, are we about to have a war?  An assassin on board makes things more silly.  Breezy banter with Edmund Lowe, Madge Evans and more.  BA

E264 Express Train from Andalucia (56) aka: El expreso de Andalucía   A group of criminal misfits plan to rob a mail train bound for Andalucia goes awry when they kill some operators on board, not the plan they had in mind.  Now they have the jewels, and need to fence them.  The police are watching.  Not only that, another group of crooks are planning on robbing the first group.  A great deal of footage shot on location in Madrid in 1955, a gigantic street market alive with thousands.  English subtitles

E255 Fire in the Night (55) aka: Det brenner i natt!   Norwegian made thriller about a washed up journalist named Tim, who by day works at a newspaper, but at night, he is a pyromaniac, setting things ablaze.  The editor of the newspaper is Tim's childhood friend, who also knows of Tim's dangerous obsessions.  Tim's only form of relief from his stress is to burn things up.  When he falls in love with a woman, his personality goes from bad to worse.  English subtitles

E246 French Touch (52) aka: Coiffeur pour dames   Sheep-shearer Mario (Fernandel), learns that women swoon to his touch.  From rags to riches.  In no time he marries up, and opens a fancy hair salon in France.  He even earns the Legion of Honor, with amusing twists and turns along his journey.  Confident, rapid-fire dialogue and obviously sexual, but in a way that could get by the censors.  Mario's magic fingers manage to stimulate an erogenous zone on the female scalp, and the movie makes no effort to conceal the resulting orgasms.  English subtitles  BA

E252 Grand Ole Opry (40) Farm Aid vibes in the early days as performers raise money for the farmers.  Historical and forgotten.  Uncle Dave Macon, The Smoky Mountain Boys, The Cook Family Singers and more.  The Weaver Brothers and June Weaver star.

E248 On the Streets at Night (52) aka: The Mistress  aka: Nachts auf den Straßen  aka: Nights on the Road  During his trips from Bavaria to Frankfurt, an elderly married truck driver, has a fateful encounter with a young hitchhiking woman.  This excellent film, also known as 'Detour' which also serves metaphorically, will find our honest trucker being submerged into a world of hijackers and money smuggling, and making some uncharacteristic moves that he never would have previously entertained.  English subtitles  BA

E375 Party in Hell, A (56) aka: Shab-neshini dar jahannam  Strange hellish horror from Iran, maybe the only one from the 1950's?  It's about the greedy Haji.  Haji is always looking to make money.  He even tries to force his daughter to marry a rich man, to enrich himself of course.  His daughter however is in love with her cousin.  Yes, kissin' cousins happens in Iran too.  The Grim Reaper takes Haji to hell for a guided tour (where he is witness to all sorts of macabre and elaborate tortures and horrors... including seeing Hitler!), to warn him about the error of his ways, and what may happen.  Persian with English subtitles  BA

E161 Strange Holiday (45) aka: Terror on Main Street  aka: This Precious Freedom  John Stevens (Claude Rains) returns from a trip deep into the woods and much to his shock discovers fascists have taken over the country.  He is beaten over the head and thrown into a cell, interrogated by the 'Examiner' (played by Martin Kosleck).  America is now a dictatorship and everything he held most dear, all he had taken for granted is now yesterdays news.  The constitution has been trampled underfoot.  People are scared and unpleasant.  His family is missing.  An eerie film.  Shades of Rod Serling.  This may be our near future quite possibly.  For some, this is now (2023).  Also starring Dracula's Daughter, Gloria Holden, Helen Mack and more.  The first 'Red Dawn'.  BA

E256 That Night (58) aka: Cette nuit la...   Jean (Maurice Ronet) is a very jealous man, So jealous in fact that he suspects Andre of sleeping with his wife Sylvie (the blonde, slender, long-limbed Mylene Demongeot).  Tim lies in wait for Andre with rage to kill.  Toxic love, big money, intense paranoia, sexual tension and cold blackmail.  French noir with English subtitles  BA

E247 Zane Grey Theater: Rebel Range (59) A Union law screws the Confederates and sells their homes at auction.  Stella (Joan Crawford) returns to her home that is now occupied by legal squatters.  + Four Star Playhouse: Tunnel of Fear (56) Wheel-chair bound Cedric Hardwicke is sought by a vengeful David Niven who intends to kill him on a train.  + The David Niven Show: The Promise (59) Ruthless tycoon (Eddie Albert) feels honor bound to fulfill a promise he made to a woman (Fay Wray) back in his hometown. 




E314 August in the Water (95) aka: Mizu no naka no hachigatsu  During a drought in Japan, diving star Izumi fails miserably in a dive, needing to be rescued.  Now Izumi is in a coma, and the drought has brought about a random affliction amongst the citizenry.  Stone disease, where the inner organs turn to stone, and people drop dead.  Izumi wakes up, but she is a different person, now drawn to a meteor in a nearby forest.  Astrology, a dream-like soundtrack, hypnotic.  A portrait of a universe we may never truly understand.  Magical.  imaginative.  Like something a creature of another world would make.  In Japanese with English subtitles  BA

E300 Christy: Santa's First Female Reindeer (96) Finally, a film to address the lack of female representation in Christmas films!  Santa Claus seems confused, and fumbles his lines, the backgrounds are high school play quality, multiple cornball country jingles about Santa Claus, inept boom mic work....  the list goes on.  Santa has the first female reindeer on his hands (celebrate girls!) and he has to raise and train Christy.  Oh deer.  Prepare to be amazed as the spectacular special effects assault your senses and leave you laughing hysterically (or crying, you choose).  You'll try to grasp the meaning of this Christmas fiasco and agree, this makes 'Santa Claus Conquers the Martians' look like 'It's a Wonderful Life'! 

E266 Daicon Film's Return of Ultraman (83) Here we have an episode length fan-filmed parody of an Ultraman episode.  16,000 people are missing and thought deceased.  Could it be the dreaded giant monster Bug Jewel?  You bet it is.  Luckily, Ultraman is back, and with a new song the show starts, and things crash into action mode.  The special effects with miniatures and models are very well done, as are the monster special effects.  Runs about a half hour.  I liked it better than the recent 'Godzilla' reboot, which was tough to sit through.  English subtitles  BA

E210 Duelle (76) aka: A Quarantine  aka: Twilight   This one is way out there as far as experimental fantasy films go.  The Queen of the Night battles the Queen of the Sun over a magical diamond.  Whoever gets their paws on it, will be the winner, and the prize?  The winner will be able to remain in modern day Paris.  A movie about sameness.  The same goals, the same plan, the same path.  We all have them, all mutations of one another, the similarity is our own survival.  Okay, you figure this damn thing out.  Science fiction existential fantasy to screw with your mind.  In French with English subtitles  BA

E221 H-Man, The (58) Japan's answer to America's 'The Blob'.  Alternate Japanese Widescreen version with English subtitles.  See catalog or consolidation for great description.  The other version is dubbed into English language. 

E355 I-Man (86) Unsold television pilot that was never picked up.  After being exposed to alien gas (not that kind), Jeffrey Wilder (Scott Bakula) is rushed to the ER with severe burns.  He quickly heals and now Jeffrey is invincible and can survive any injury.  He also has the ability to heal.  Now an evil crime lord is after Jeffrey, and his son.  He wants the power.  Also with big John Bloom, John Anderson and more.  Feature film length.

E288 Magic Snowman, The (87) aka: A Winter's Tale   Filmed in English language in Yugoslavia with Roger Moore voicing the snowman.  A young boy wants a pair of skates so he can compete in the annual celebration.  A sinister fishing boat captain may be a deterrent, but a snowman who shares magic and talks like James Bond will level the playing field.  A sparkly holiday/winter classic.  Slight Widescreen and foreign subtitles but the film is in English language.  We all need a magic snowman. 

E297 Mavka: A Story of the Forest (81) aka: Lisova pisnya. Mavka  A water nymph named Mavka has fallen in love with young man Lukash from the country.  Lukath is promised to the witch-like Kilina, and because of this, the spirit of the forest turns Lukash into a wolf, a punishment for not taking to Mavka.   The love of Mavka will free Lukash from the curse, but Kilinia will cast a spell, transforming Mavka into a Weeping Willow.  Beautifully filmed fantastical tale from Ukrainian folklore.  Ukraine and Russia created this film together, a time where something positive could be achieved when the two countries were not engaged in murdering one another.  Whoever the victor, the people who live in these lands all lose.  English subtitles  BA

E265 Mr. Blot in the Universe (88) aka: Pan Kleks w kosmosie  The return of the Polish version of Dr. Who.  Orphanage kids receive a computer from a former pupil of the children's home (who is now very rich and powerful), as a gift.  Planetary travel, science fiction, crazy special effects and silver men, weird Pufnstuf characters, robots, castles and a princess.  And let's not forget the infectious Polish songs, how can we survive without them?  English subtitles  BA

E299 Mr. Blot's Academy (84) aka: Akademia pana Kleksa  Bird Matt used to be a prince, but he has been a bird for quite some time.  Student Ada, beginning his education at the Academy, finds Matt, and goes about trying to undo the spell, by finding the magic button, a cure to Matt's present bird form.  This is just one of the many wonders you'll find in this whimsical Polish made science fiction fantasy.  Here we learn more about Pans Kleks (Mr. Blot), his origin, how he exists and more.  Still, a very weird children's film, one that oddly fits into the sometimes bizarre tastes of these current times, although unintentional I'm sure.  English subtitles and runs over 2 and a half hours  BA

E388 Sappho, Venus of Lesbos (60) aka: The Warrior Empress  aka: Saffo - Venere di Lesbo   Sappho (Tina Louise) of Lesbos at the temple of Aphrodite, is smitten by he-man Phaon (Kerwin Matthews) while another man competes for her ample affections.  A chariot race, an epic battle, sword fights, killer lions, ramming ships, and Ginger from 'Gilligan's Island' looking stunning.  Phaon is a double-agent of the King's guard who leads a revolt.  The women of Lesbos are being groomed to be priestess's, not lesbians, but a provocative title huh?  Braless buxom bouncing? Check.  Wardrobe malfunctions?  Zero.  (Sorry)  BA

E141 Spider-Man Strikes Back (78) aka: The Deadly Dust  Three college students, classmates of Peter Parker, steal some plutonium to show how easy it is, and sure enough it falls into the wrong hands of criminal mastermind millionaire Mr. White (Robert Alda), who wants to develop a nuclear weapon and blow the World Trade Center to smithereens! NIcholas Hammond returns as Spider-Man.  JoAnna (Isis) Cameron also stars.  Good action, better than the new Spiderman movies, and the best Spiderman actor with Hammond.  Nod Nod...  etc.    Released theatrically overseas, and aired on television here.  JoAnna Cameron known to many as 'Isis', died in Hawaii Ocober 2021 after experiencing complications from a stroke.  She was 73.  BA

E199 Spider-Man: The Dragon's Challenge (79) aka: The Chinese Web  Unscrupulous businessmen are trying to kill an important Chinese official so they can get the contract to build a steel mill.  Now in New York, they did not count on Spider-Man to get involved.  Spider-Man springs into action numerous times here, even gets himself shot.  Spider-Man in Hong Kong?  Yes, he goes there too! There to flush out the villains behind this criminal enterprise.  Nicholas Hammond returns, the best Spider-Man, set in an era when the comics were still good.  From an old broadcast, so look for vintage commercials, late 80's or early 90's?  Also with Rosalind Chao.  BA

E136 Tale of Lost Times, A (64) aka: A Tale of Wasted Time  aka: Skazka o poteryannom vremeni    Surreal Russian fantasy about four old wizards who locate four seemingly worthless school children with the plan to steal their youth away from them since, after all, they are wasting it on useless nothingness.  The kids wise up and learn they must find where the wizards hang, there, they must move back the magic hours on the warlock clock.  But will they find it in time?  Color  In Russian with English subtitles  BA

E310 Thais (84) A holy man uses his powers to turn Thais, an Egyptian courtesan, to exist in life as a penitent.  Later the holy man experiences a vision of Thais, this changes him.  He wants the love of Thais.  He longs to possess her and proceeds to engage in releasing her from the spiritual world, and gaining her charms for himself.  Another extremely bizarre film from Poland.  In Polish with English subtitles   Widescreen




E403 Dead Man's Chest (65) Two journalists who think that they are smarter than everybody else decide to set up a fake murder so they can expose the frailty of circumstantial evidence.  Things backfire and go horribly wrong.  Nice plot twists tongue-in-cheek makes for another entertaining and interesting Edgar Wallace presents (although he did not write this one).  John Thaw and more star. 

E401 Malpas Mystery, The (60) Audrey (Maureen Swanson) asks her stepsister Dora (Sandra Dorne) for shelter when she is released from prison for jewel theft.  Audrey meets Mrs.  Malpas, who offers her a job, triggering a plot that involves a missing heir, stolen diamonds and a mysterious kidnapping.  Nobody is what they seem.  Dark intentions litter the minds of just about every character in the story.  Sondra Dorne was a blonde knockout.  BA

E402 Strangler's Web (65) A courting couple and a policeman hear a bloodcurdling scream and find a murdered woman, her boyfriend right beside her.  She was two-timing him.  An open and shut case becomes convoluted.  There is a hint of the swinging sixties with a London disco where everyone talks and acts in a hip and happening way.   (a bit less than an hour) 



E241 All Nudity Shall Be Punished (73) aka: Ogni nudità sarà proibita  aka: Toda Nudez Será Castigada   Rio De Janeiro is the location for this fun trash.  A man who has recently lost his wife returns to his large old house where his three spinster aunts and his no-good brother still reside.  Introduced to a hooker, he at first does not want to violate his wife's memory, but well, he can't help it.  He wants to marry her.  His son wants to prevent it.  A melodramatic and satirical world weaving forbidden sex, incest, greed, hate, sin, rape, envy, homosexuality, violence, racism,  masochism, sadism...  all caused by family, Catholic guilt and repression.  A world of doom and finality.  In Portuguese with English subtitles  BA

E195 Alvin Purple (73) Alvin Purple (Graeme Blundell) sells waterbeds for a living.  Alvin is also irresistible to girls.  They throw themselves at him.  Lucky Alvin.  But this luck comes with problems.  He goes to a shrink with concerns over his lusty libido.  A doctor rents out Alvin as a bogus sex therapist dealing with bored housewives and slipping them the 'Purple' method.  Alvin loves a woman, who becomes a nun...  Alvin begins to garden outside the nunnery and sexually excites the nuns.  Alvin gets his, and more, even making porno.  Some of Australia's loveliest ladies provide Nudity and Sexual Situations Galore.  Australia's most successful film release between 1971 and 1977.  BA

E153 Centrespread (81) In the dystopian future, the powers of the day publish a porn mag to keep the masses docile.  The cameras in this future get increasingly larger, our photographer a main player here.  The film is loaded with naked women, sometimes in naughty close-ups.  The science fiction angle is under-played, as if the filmmakers got bored with it and focused instead on loads of nudity with (mostly) aroused looking women.  Sci-Fi faux soft-core ozploitation from the land of 'The Road Warrior' which was made the same year.  This film was edited by the same guy who edited 'Mad Max' Tony Paterson, this, the only film he directed as well.  So, nudity grade here gets a full 10 score.  BA

E379 Convicts' Women (73) aka: Bust Out  Similar in some ways to 'Trip with Teacher' except this is sleazier.  A man, his wife, and four Catholic school girls on a picnic in the forest run across horny escaped convicts.  A couple of the girls have a guy waiting so they can hook up.  The convicts are an unexpected bonus.  They have sex with all the girls and then kidnap the whole group, taking them to a deserted ghost town.  The final girl is very religious and very against premarital sex.  Until she is raped and becomes a nymphomaniac.  That's how they made them back then.  This came out the same year as 'Last House on the Left'.  BA

E237 Dear Irene (71) aka: Kære Irene   Cute blonde Irene sleeps with just about everybody, man or woman, naturally.  Her husband is okay with it.  Ebbe wants to sleep with Irene, but she wants a friend of Ebbe, not a lover.  Irene confides in Ebbe.  He finally scores with a woman he picks up at the pub, but fails to get it right.  Ingrid does a man on the couch right in front of her husband.  Will she ever give Ebbe the release he so badly needs? Come on Irene! Nudity Sex and Drama, Open Relationships in Denmark.  (shot in B&W)  English subtitles  BA

E239 Empire of Desire, The (81) aka: O Império do Desejo   Brazilian brilliance.  Rich widow Sandra visits the beach house her rich husband has left her.  She travels with her lover, and also picks up a young hippie couple with no prospects, they will be housekeepers.  Near the beach house lives a perverted flashing prophet.  Now at the beach house the doors are open to others as well, and the sexual shenanigans begin.  Sandra walks in on the hippie couple humping.  Sandra is aroused.  Is her husband really dead?  A series of vignettes, all revolving around sex.  Erotic soft-core humping with various lovely ladies, and surprising scenes of violence, comedy, and what an ending!  In Portuguese with English subtitles  BA

E312 Fury: Woman from a Torrid Land (77) aka: La Mujer de la Tierra Caliente   The Man (Stuart Whitman) meets a woman (Laura Gemser) in Venezuela.  They are both running from their pasts.  They share their lives with one another, and we see the last relationships each experienced in flashback.  Gemser strips down numerous times.  Bungle in the Jungle! One of her ex-lovers is a one-legged man.  He hops to bed her and they make love, as this is going on she moans, and footage of a man shooting crocodiles for sport keeps appearing (intentionally filmed this way).  A very strange film that finds Stuart Whitman befuddled, and Laura Gemser in her prime.   English language for the first time.  BA

E293 Great British Striptease Festival, The (80) Hosted by Bernard Manning, a comedian that would probably be attacked on stage if he performed his comedy routine today.  Here he trots out some very sexy birds to display their 'naughty bits' for all of us to consider, judge, and critique.  Plenty of pleasant flesh to ogle, what's not to like? I miss these contests. 

E277 House Near the Prado, The (69) aka: Diary of a Madam  Marsha Jordan is Madame Puss n Boots.  She is being interviewed by a reporter regarding the sex trade.  She begins to talk about her employees, clients and the ins and outs of the biz.  Money is exchanged.  Hot hippie chicks service the horny businessmen in hardest soft-core fashion.  Oh Baby.  One scenario has a dominatrix punishing a man with a whip while he squeals like a baby and questions what is next, clearly aroused.  Two of the prettier girls get it on for a paying audience.  Charles Napier and Guy Anthony   BA

E240 I Love You (81) aka: Eu Te Amo  Poor Paulo.  His bra factory has just gone bust (!) and his hot blonde wife has left him.  Now drunken in a bar, he meets Maria (Sonia Braga) and later, Maria appears at his penthouse.  Paulo thinks she is a prostitute, and she plays along, for now.  Made during Braga's Brazilian popularity era, this film is known for her explicit sex scenes, although this is mostly about the wild relationship between Paulo and Maria, with plenty of very sexy moments and some weirdly filmed soft-core that borders on hardcore.  Interesting.  Sonia Braga was involved for some years with Robert Redford.  In Portuguese with English subtitles  BA

E329 Lustful Mind, A (86) aka: Lust  aka: Lussuria  Struck mute by the death of his mother, Alessio is sent to his aunt's country estate, where he begins to spy on the sexual shenanigans about the place.  Three women he watches, all fueling Alessio's recurring obsessive erotic fantasies involving each of them.  His father (Al Cliver) gets lucky with all three.  Lilli Carati stars.  This is an upgrade from #L172.  English dub  BA

E287 My Tale is Hot (64) aka: Panties Inferno  aka: My Tale Is Told   Faith man named Ben-Hur Over simply refuses to cheat on his wife.  Lucifer arrives to offer him a tasty variety of temptations to consider for carnal pleasure.  Mercy.  Small stories wrap around the conversations with Ben-Hur Over and Lucifer.  Nudie Cutie Sex Puns for the Nudie Cutie fan with above average ladies.  There's even a little twist in the end!  Go-Go dancing from the very talented Candy Barr and what a group the Cutey Beauties of Hell and the Harem.  Candy Barr was the famous stripper who was a friend of Lee Harvey Oswald's assassin Jack Ruby, and mistress of gangster Mickey Cohen.  BA

E301 Norman...  Is That You? (76) Ben Chambers (Redd Foxx) loses his mind when he learns his son is gay, and sets out to set him right.  A hysterical closet slamming farce with all of the stereotypical notions of what gay people are like, reflecting the attitudes of the 1970's.  Ben goes to visit his son and sees a prostitute.  Thinking this is his son in drag, he says 'Norman....  is that you?'.  Ben hires a healthy 6' 2" hooker named Audrey (Tamara (Cleopatra Jones) Dobson) to try to 'straighten' his son out.  The movie will have you laughing from start to finish.  Wayland Flowers (the gay puppet master) and his Madame perform some of their stage show in a slightly cleaned up shorter version.  Also with Pearl Bailey and Michael Warren as Norman.  BA

E242 Nude Bowling Party (95) A 'Bowling for Dollars' spoof! Strip bowling, what a great idea! Two hot models versus two hot dancers.  By the third frame the girls are stripped down to nothing, grabbing balls and tossing them at hard wood.  This is serious folks, watch closely, these backup ball bagger bumpers have great form, nice slow-mo hop and ....  strike! They really play it up, smiling and winking at the camera constantly.  Uninhibited sexy fun!  Should be a National Sport! Hell.  International!  Now that's a clean game!

E327 Sexy Timetrip Ninjas (84) aka: Chikan densha: Gokuhi honban  aka: Molester Train 27   In the 17th century, an earthquake spins two warring ninjas into a time-warp, and they land in Tokyo, 1984.  One finds himself on a packed train, and immediately sticks his hands down the panties of the nearest cutie.  The female ninja time-traveler, heads to a brothel, where she can provide her unique 17th century techniques.  Beware the vibrator-wielding groping pervert who supplies battery-operated pleasure to women before making them famous.  Slapstick, hot sex and arousing molestation.  Geez, did I just say that?  In Japanese with English subtitles

E368 Take it Out in Trade (70) Edward D. Wood Jr.  writes, directs, and appears in drag as 'Alecia'.  A young girl is missing and two detectives have been hired to locate her.  They find her in a house of perversion.  The private eye is a peeping tom more than anything else.  Ed Wood in his element wearing a green dress with a blue necklace.  There's a twist! Loads of nudity and soft-core sex (including a lesbian scene) with some really hot chicks.  Monica Gayle ('Patch' in 'Switchblade Sisters') is one of the hookers.  BA

E202 Top Model (88) aka: Eleven Days, Eleven Nights, Part 2  A paper-back writer (Luciana Ottaviani billed here as 'Jessica Moore) poses as a prostitute to get the scoop for her new book, with collaboration of her agent (Laura Gemser).  She soon becomes the most popular girl, but one her clients find out who he is, and blackmails her.  Filmed in the sleazy atmosphere of New Orleans.  Some striking kinky visuals, Ottaviani is a real beauty, Tinto Brass material.  She worked for Fulci and others, finally retiring at the ripe age of ...  22?  She quit the industry in 1989, most probably snatched up by some rich guy and kept in furs. BA

E311 Xavana: Island of Love (81) aka: A Ilha do Amor   A beautiful young woman inherits the gorgeous island of Xavana, off the coast of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.  Plenty of nudity and love in the sand, a place you'll wish you were experiencing in the place and time presented here.  Paradise.  But is there trouble?  English subtitles  BA

E317 Year of the Jellyfish (84) aka: L'année des méduses  Good-little-bad-girl Chris (Valerie Kaprisky) loves to go bare-breasted on the French Riviera.  Bless her.  Chris is vacationing with her mother Claude at a vacation beach resort.  She's got the hotty hots for her mother's lover Romain.  Romain is not ready for her advances just yet, but that doesn't stop Chris from experimenting with others.  Chris is sensual, amoral, egocentric, erratic, and willing to stomp all over anyone to get what she wants.  She will use you and abuse you, then dispose of you when she is through, maybe even destroy you if it pleases her.  The film is sexy and dark.  Kaprisky was in the horrible 'Breathless' remake with Richard Gere the year before.  Here, she is naked a lot, a plus.  In French with English subtitles  BA




E320 Baron Olavo, the Horrible (70) aka: Barão Olavo, o Horrível  An experimental film homage to horror filmed in the home of artist Elyseu Visconti.  In this house, the people inside all leave like they are escaping.  Escaping the tortures of the dreaded Baron Olavo, master of the house? They invade the city, and contaminate the world.  The film is plotless, and maddening.  From the land of Coffin Joe.  In Portuguese with English subtitles

E318 Carnivorous Animal (85) aka: Beasts of Prey  aka: Yukshik dongmul   A married couple, both hard workers, reach the point where he needs something more.  He feels a bit emasculated by his wife, as she is the primary earner.  He takes a mistress, but lo and behold, his wife wants it to work out, and meets with the mistress in order to set up a plan to share him.  In Korean with English subtitles

E366 Cat, The (92) aka: Lo mau  Three aliens (a cat, an alien girl and her knight) from another solar system have arrived to help defeat a Lovecraftian big neon glow slimy tentacle monster that can absorb and reanimate it's human victims.  It is the 'Star Killer'.  Two relics displayed in terrestrial museums when joined together create an amplification device for a killer ray beam from their planet.  One of the visitors, a black cat called 'The General', will be powerful enough to slay the Star Killer.  Yes, a cat.  The battle between the General and a black mastiff (dog) must be seen.  The monster and effects remind one of John Carpenter's 'The Thing' or 'The Blob' remake.  In Cantonese with English subtitles  BA

E178 Chanting, The (06) aka: Kuntilanak  The rent is cheap in this boarding house, so Samantha doesn't care if there is something spooky going on in the area.  The price is right.  When the keeper of the house sings a Javanese chant, it affects Samantha, and people in her life start to drop one by one, horribly.  The creature is a 'Kuntilanak', an Indonesian she-demon.  Horror from Indonesia with English subtitles.  BA

E207 Crazy Blood (83) aka: Feng xie   When social worker Chen is off tending to her 'clients' problems, she leaves her child in the care of her husband's sister, to watch the child at Chen's place.  Chen's husband is also away, and when one of Chen's degenerate head cases breaks in, the sister is raped, and the child climbs out the window and ...  splat! The husband cannot accept this, he believes the low-life losers of the world are trash, and goes after them for revenge.  Exterminate the trash like Ginty or Bronson would do.  And we loved them for it.  But this guy is unhinged, and becomes part of the problem instead of the solution.  In Cantonese with English subtitles

E377 Darkness (09) aka: T.M.A.   Having experienced trauma from his childhood, a musician travels to the country for a getaway, to clear his mind, make sense of things.  He has returned to his home to confront the past.  The history of the place is dark, and a local historian fills him in.  The flashbacks become more elaborate and start filling in the gaps.  Some twists, including one that involves Nazis, ghosts, and lesbians.  A dark dusty basement (dungeon?) with creepy rooms (where Nazis did terrible things to children) and a phone straight out of hell.  Bizarre horror filmed in Prague, Czech Republic.  English subtitles

E332 Death in the Shadows (85) aka: De prooi   Orphaned Valerie learns her mother has died in an accident, and the autopsy reveals Valerie's mother never had children.  Valerie's mother died in a hit-and-run.  Soon to be eighteen, Valerie will obsessively pursue the truth.  Why was her mother killed, and who are her real parents.  She finds her uncle, he promises to tell all.  When she arrives she finds him, face down, throat slashed.  Her bloodline is shrinking, and she is next on the list.  The identity of the killer is a genuine surprise.  A Dutch thriller filmed in Holland dubbed (pretty well) into English.  BA

E362 Demon Terror (00) aka: Damonenbrut   Gory Horror Tentacle Splatter from Germany.  This version has English subtitles and no extras.  Look for description in main catalog.  The other version has an hour more of various footage but no subtitles.  This version with English subtitles is much easier to follow (unless of course, you speak German).  Widescreen

E384 Detour (09) aka: Snarveien  aka: Real   Leaving Sweden for home back in Norway, a couple runs into a road block which directs them deep into the Swedish forest where they find themselves stranded.  They are under surveillance, cameras strategically placed everywhere.  They are the stars of a 'snuff' film operation, but don't know it....  yet.  They meet a friendly cop, a deranged garage owner, help a confused girl in the woods and eventually arrive at a secluded mansion owned by a mysterious old couple.  All under the watchful eyes of the many cameras.   Norwegian Black Metal soundtrack.   Widescreen and English subtitles  BA

E361 Dracula of Exarchia, The (83) aka: O Drakoulas ton Exarheion   Count Dracula's direct descendant is a deranged scientist, arriving from the Carpathian Mountains, and settling in a new castle in Greece, Exarchia to be exact.  His passion is to construct a rock band out of the limbs of dead musicians.  The zombies in the cemetery are not having it.  Communism, socialism, commercialization and rock n' roll.  George Romero meets Monty Python.  Crazy Greek counterculture horror musical.  In Greek with English subtitles  BA

E237 Female Punishment of the Tokugowa (68) aka: Shogun's Joy of Torture  aka: Tokugawa onna keibatsu-shi  aka: I piaceri della tortura    A woman is decapitated and then cut in half during the opening credits.  This is a brutal trilogy of tales, all dealing with the brutal torture kill of various women, each with their own stories.   Excellent upgrade with great picture and English subtitles.  See more information in catalog one.  BA

E372 Gardener, The (74) aka: Seeds of Evil   Joe Dallesandro is 'Carl' the landscaper.  Not your average Joe (or, Carl).  Katherine hires Carl.  Maybe because he walks around mainly shirtless with a bulge in his tight pants?  A tropical island setting, weird plants that seem to conspire to kill people, hilarious shots of people as they die, the only threat being an innocent flower or orchid in the room which the camera points to with menacing music playing on the soundtrack.  Carl, with his pony tail and lack of wardrobe seems to attract the females in the cast, and we see why they wood be so attracted, eventually.  Is Carl a tree?  Oh Rosey, plant one right here baby!  Have we reached plant mating phase 1? Kirlian hardcore?  Don't put that damn plant by my bedside you philistine.  This version has 'The Gardener' original title.  BA

E325 Giorgino (94) Not for everybody, but a film that takes you into a world of darkness like a lost tale by Edgar Allen Poe.  Giorgino's journey takes him from bad to worse as he searches for a new location for the children of an orphanage.  Through the beauty of wintry mountains, snowy landscapes and wild woods, his encounters prove the insane ones are much less horrible than the sane.  Death itself is shown in the form of an old woman with sunken black-ringed eyes.  Fine music, confusion, fear, sadness and a sentence that says it all.  The Wolves are Coming.  In the melancholic atmosphere we learn the moral.  Death is coming.  You cannot escape your fate.  But where are the children?  Jeff Dahlgren is Giorgino.  Louise Fletcher is the Innkeeper.  Also with Joss Ackland and more.  In English  BA

E358 Killer Instinct (90) aka: The Rutanga Tapes  Aided by Libyans (led by 'Assad' played by Arnold Vosloo), an African warlord unleashes chemical weapons on his own people.  A test? Bo Peterson (David Dukes) is wise to the corruption, and has a tape that everybody wants.  Journalist Kate Simpson (Susan Anspach) also lands in the path of the terrorists, who will stop at nothing, including blowing a market to bits.  Bullets fly as Peterson locates where the kidnapped victims are held.  BA

2617 Kirlian Witness, The (78) aka: The Plants Are Watching   Finally a movie to pair with 'The Gardener'!  In the 1970's, people talked to plants.  A lot.  Sometimes the plants talked back, in their own way of course.  This film revolves around two sisters.  One of them has been killed, the only witness, the house plants.   The victim previously claimed to have an unearthly connection to plant-life.  Her sister begins to believe the houseplants are the only cogent key-witnesses to her sister's murder, and now are trying to warn her that she is in similar danger.  'My plants sense he's a bad person'.  Bizarre subject matter.  Manages dread and suspense if you can suspend your disbelief.  So be nice to your plants, they may save your life one day.  BA

E217 Klynham Summer (82) aka: The Scarecrow  Certainly one of the more bizarre films of John Carradine's career.(!?) A New Zealand slow burn, sort of like 'The Reflecting Skin' in tone.  Coming of age, teenage boys steal some chickens, at the same time a young woman is found murdered.  As Prudence (Tracy Mann) approaches womanhood, the killer has set his sights on her.  The movie is so real feeling, the eerie soundtrack, the minimum horror kill strikes in the night, sinister Carradine with few lines playing a creepy maniac unforgettably, the use of coffins....  This one stayed with me.  Nothing over-the-top, just a simple story about innocence and then the realization that a monster is amongst us.  Great picture  BA

E206 Lies (83) Robyn (Ann Dusenberry) is a struggling actress who is hired to play a rich heiress who has been committed to an insane asylum.  But in truth, she is being set up to be committed as the real heiress, who has been murdered, to be locked away forever.  Clu Gulager plays a sinister, manipulative psychiatrist, Dick Miller as a sleaze ball B movie director 'Money honey', Miller growls to Robyn after she asks him why she should disrobe on screen.  'Tits sell tickets!' Genius.  And true.  Some cool kills and nail biting suspense.  Hitchcock meets Argento? Also with Bruce Davison, Gail Strickland and more star.  BA 

E395 Maya (89) aka: Gods of Maya  An ancient evil has risen in a small village in Mexico after some tampering with a Mayan pyramid.  Lisa Slivak travels to the village to identify the body of her father, who died mysteriously.  The killings get creative and sadistic.  A would-be rapist has his leg crushed by a truck before getting his head impaled by a metal pole, a naked Latina hot-pants gets her face bashed in while in the tub, another female victim is suspended by fishing hooks in her neck.  A finger is snapped in two, a man vomits up snakes and a creepy kid that turns up, scaring the hell out of people.  Lots of fun to be had here in this atmosphere drenched boobs and blood horror dubbed into English, filmed in Venezuela and Italy.  Second of only two horror films directed by Marcello Avallone, the other one is 'Specters' 1987.  BA

E364 Moonlight Sonata, The (88) aka: Kuutamosonaatti   Inbred hillbilly horror from Finland with English subtitles.  A young hot model takes a break, driving to the middle of nowhere.  In this small backwoods town, a family of weirdo's takes an interest, their eldest, more than an interest, an obsession! Fantastic cold wintry setting, dark foreboding atmosphere drenched in dark humor making an odd interesting mix.  The crazy guy gives chase on his snow tractor.  Unusual, and one of a kind horror from Finland!  Now with English subtitles.  BA

E385 Next of Kin (82) Not to be confused with the Patrick Swayze film.  This Australian made horror mystery is about a young woman named Linda who inherits her mother's nursing home.  A psychotic intruder is murdering some of the residents who live there.  Linda reads an old diary and this stirs up dark feelings of the past.  Great scenery, atmosphere, build-up to a great little horror tale, and a very interesting large house.  Linda's boyfriend Barney is played by a younger John (Wolf Creek) Jarratt.  An excellent thriller from Australia you may have missed.  BA

E319 Nurse Diary: Beast Afternoon (82) aka: Kangofu nikki: Kemonojimita gogo  A sexual encounter in a cemetery lands a couple in the emergency room.  The woman is held in a clinic by a mad doctor who has created a special device he inserts into woman's private parts.  This now allows us to see what they dream about.  She becomes a guinea pig for future bizarre sexual experimentation in this Japanese Cronenberg-like  exercise into medical horrors.  Sex, perversions, masturbation, disturbing dream sequences and murder are just some of the heavy visuals contained within this politically incorrect demented classic.  In Japanese with English subtitles

E286 Run Amok (94) aka: Amoklauf  Incredible violent and obscene serial killer classic here with subtitles for the first time, but no second movie on disc.  An isolated man sits alone, watches quiz shows, slaughter footage, and finally a porn film which he masturbates to.  He hates people.  He hates people as much as is possible.  You start to get a cold dark feeling of hopelessness.  He leaves his apartment and starts to shoot people to death.  This would be Uwe Boll's first stab at his 'Rampage' type film, but this is dark and not campy at all.  You may be disturbed by this bleak vision of death and doom.  In German with English subtitles.  BA

E363 Slaughter Night (90) aka: Massacre Nocturna   A trilogy of horror tales, First Black Magic, then Vampires.   The last one involves a man traveling with his nagging wife deep into the forest.  He has unfinished business with Bigfoot.  He leaves the travel trailer and starts the hunt.  He falls and needs help up from a deadly fall.  The hand that extends is the wild Sasquatch! Now they are friends, but wait! Screams from his wife.  She is being menaced by bad rifle-carrying hombres'.  Bigfoot knocks one man's head clean off.  A good friend to have.  English subtitles   BA

E371 Tall Shadows of the Wind (79) aka: Sayehaye bolande bad  Weird horror drama in Persian language from our nuclear weapon developing buddies in Iran.  It's all about a scarecrow that has driven some men insane.  Others begin to worship the scarecrow, a blatant blasphemy.  One man decides the false idol must be destroyed.  Will he succeed or is there something more sinister afoot?  In Persian with English subtitles  BA

E326 Twilight (90) aka: Szürkület   Crime thriller from Hungary filmed in a shadowy black and white with breathtaking camera shots, used at minimum in a spectacularly effective fashion that would make Orson Welles jealous.  A schoolgirl has been murdered.  A retiring detective is obsessed with finding the killer.  Desolate, rural mesmerizing landscapes.  A cinematic experience with substance, drenched in stylish dread.  In Hungarian with English subtitles  BA

E353 Vampire Buster (89) aka: Ninja Vampire Busters  aka: Zhuo gui da shi  A Hong Kong councilman buys an ancient vase from an auction.  Inside is a demon, who was defeated and sealed in the urn by a Taoist Priest hundreds of years ago.  The descendant of the Taoist Priest tried to retrieve the vase, but the demon is loose, possessing the councilman, and threatening the existence of mankind.  A little comedy, a little blood, a couple of jumps (but not of the hopping kind).  A monster mash of a different kind.  In Cantonese with English subtitles  BA

E373 Vanished (06) aka: Oyayubi Sagashi   Eight young friends play a Japanese ritual game that is supposed to make all of their dreams come true.  This sounds like a game most would want to play.  But what if I told you mistakes would do the opposite?  Would you still play?  Apparently, this is worth the risk.  They recite the chant, and look for a missing thumb in a sort of netherworld.  One of them vanishes.  Now, they are reunited eight years later and are ready to try again, to find their missing friend, and bring her back to the real world.  English subtitles  BA

E159 Violated Angels (67) aka: Okasareta hakui  Japan luridly inspired by the 1966 Richard Speck case.  See catalog.  Note* This is an upgrade with English subtitles

E367 Ward 6 (73) aka: Paviljon broj VI  In a remote rural village, a mental ward is run by a doctor who considers himself superior to all intellectually, except for one political prisoner housed in Ward 6.  The breakdown of the doctor's mind is the main thrust of the tale, woven as a metaphor of what it is like to live under an oppressive government where individual thought and expression struggle to survive against pressed authority and conformity.  Thoughtful darkness from Yugoslavia.  With English subtitles

E257 Witch Hunt, The (81) aka: Forfølgelsen  A dark tale set in 17th century Norway.  In a small frozen mountain village, Eli Laupstad is witness to a woman being hunted and captured by the locals.  They chase the poor woman down a wintry hill with torches ablaze.  They suspect her of sorcery, witchcraft.  Eli is from the region, and she settles in with a man in a hole in the ground.  The atmosphere of suspicion and the supernatural is all about the place, the religious zealotry of the populace a frenzied and shared sort of madness.  Eli Lauptad will be accused, go mad and slaughter animals, and be tossed in with another 'real' witch for torture and confession.   A late in the game welcome addition to the 'She's a Witch!' genre, with really amazing icy landscape locations.  In Norwegian with English subtitles



E190 Girls of the Copacabana (81) aka: Les filles de Copacabana  Bored with Paris, two girls, one guy, all students, head to Brazil to pursue sexual adventures.  Of course they are already in a love triangle.  A cumming of age Lemon Popsicle type of film.  Lina Romay has a part as a nymphomaniac.  Everybody in this film is hot to trot, looking for lust fulfilled.  Of course Franco looped in a few other erotic scenes to spice things up.  Nadine Pascal is patched in here somewhere as well.  English subtitles for the first time.  BA



E168 All Coppers Are...  (72) Working class criminal Barry (Nicky Henson) and married cop Joe (Martin Potter) play cat and mouse and also sleep with Sue (Julia Foster).  Sue knows it, but who's side is she on anyway?  The men are acquaintances, friends actually, at first.  But Sue is teaming with Barry and is privy to the latest heist, which may just put Barry on a collision path with Joe.  At one point protesters try to punch up some coppers in  this realistic, sometimes gritty U.K. of 1970.  A tug of love between a crim and a bobby.  Also look for David Essex, Robin Askwith and Ian Hendry.  BA

E165 Assassin for Hire (51) His wife and his musically talented younger brother just think he is a collector of stamps, but Antonio (Sydney Tafler) supports them when he is doing his real job, as a hit man! A cop (Ronald Howard) is on his trail.  Another classic British noir.   BA

E261 Big Day, The (60) Three men compete for a job.  One being Donald Pleasence, excellent here as a timid accountant.  His girl is played by the sexy bewitching Andree Melly who also was one of the 'Brides of Dracula' the same year.  The pick for the job may surprise you after you learn everything you need to know about the participants.  (a bit less than an hour long)

E148 Black Island (79) Two thirteen year old British boys become separated from their class during a field trip and find themselves stranded on a small island where they are captured by armed men who have been using the location as a hideout.  Michael Elphick is an effectively despicable villain.  + The Battle of Billy's Pond (77) Dirty corporation pays men to dump their toxic waste.  Billy brings home a dead fish from the local pond, and when it makes his cat sick, he and a friend investigate the contamination, hoping to expose those responsible. 

E142 Black Stuff, The (80) Manly Liverpool born lads travel in their transit van to lay tarmac on the roads of a new estate in Middleborough.  They talk some, bust each others balls and all that, taking the piss here and there, hoping one day to own their own tarmac business.  Off to the bank to secure the loan, and on the way throughout, this eclectic bunch will deliver the laughs, but also, share a predictable outcome of working class circumstance all too common in the U.K. of 1980, although I am sure, with reversed priorities and current world strife confusion, is probably worse in 2023.  Michael Angelis, Bernard Hill and many more star. 

E158 Dark Son: The Hunt for a Serial Killer (19) Welcome to the investigation of the 'Jack the Stripper' murders, the largest unsolved serial killer case in British criminal history.  Six women, prostitutes all, murdered in West London England in the years 1964 and 1965.  Could it be a very old Jack the Ripper, returned to finish the job?  Widescreen Documentary

E164 Devil's Bait (58) aka: Mr. Frisbys Ratten  The rat exterminator borrows an old bread loaf pan to mix up his cyanide bait in a bakery.  An accident lands the exterminator in the hospital.  When he wakes, he goes into a panic, knowing a loaf of bread was cooked in the cyanide laced loaf pan.  Suspense builds as we follow the bread purchasers, each with a loaf, maybe the one that will kill who partakes.  Geoffrey Keene, Jane Hylton, Gordon Jackson and more star.  I'll have mine on rye, or er, pumpernickel...  or...  Beware the toast!  (a bit less than an hour long)  BA

E146 Devil's Jest, The (54) Remake of 'Castle Sinister' from 1948.  Too soon?  Declared as one of the worst British potboilers, so naturally, I had to see it.  Not nearly as bad as they say.  Mara Russell-Tavernan returns in almost the same role as she played in 'Castle Sinister'.  Nazi's, intrigue, murder, the supernatural (?).  Clumsily constructed, a funny fight scene, stock footage cobbled together for inept continuity, gothic settings and a downbeat ending involving a very long death crawl.  How far did he run? A film that does not overstay it's welcome.  Also with Valentine Dyall.  Get them both!

E334 Displaced Person (85) From the 'American Playhouse Series'.  Kurt Vonnegut's short story was previously filmed as an episode of General Electric Theater in 1958 with Sammy Davis Jr.  in the part played here by the always excellent Stan Shaw.  This is the story of a post WWII black orphan who seeks his father.  Until now, he has never seen another black person in his whole life.  Meeting the American soldiers, he attaches himself to a black sergeant in charge.  The boy calls him 'Papa'.  Wait until you see how this all pans out.  Just under an hour. 

E254 Doctor Syn (37) This is the first film version of 'Captain Clegg' remade by Hammer in 1962 with Peter Cushing.  The plot is the same but this time a twist at the end not found in the Hammer version.  Famous pirate Captain Clegg (the final film role of George Arliss) poses as a church leader while all the while keeping the smuggling game going in Dymchurch.  The British authorities are closing in.  Also with Margaret Lockwood and John Loder.  BA

E156 Face to Face: Diana Rigg Edition (97) British television show that interviews and profiles a famous actor or actress each episode.  Two episodes on this disc.  In the first (filmed in 1997) we get a lengthy and revealing interview with Diana Rigg.  Next: Diana Rigg returns for an interview filmed in 2011.  Diana Rigg would die in 2020 of lung cancer at age 82 in England. 

E260 Girl on the Pier, The (53) A horror waxworks museum operator and his adulteress wife (Veronica Hurst) are just a few of the characters congregating on Brighton's Palace Pier for a night of blackmail, creepy clowns, an out of control brat kid, and murder.  Innocents mingling with ambiguous dodgy persons leads to love plots, dicey situations, and disaster. 

E134 Good-Time Girl (48) aka: Bad Girl  Noir that outraged the censors back in the day set in post war Britain.  Thugs, nightclubs, and G.I.'s on the lam.  Gwen (Jean Kent) goes looking for trouble and finds herself in way too deep.  A harrowing tale of social disasters.  This is all told in flash back by one who experienced it, as a warning to another who is also about to chose the wrong path.  Female juvenile delinquency has always been under represented in films, and after suffering some cuts from the BBFC and forced to put some type of moral message into the end, you can still read between the lines of what they were really trying to do.  The bleak downbeat tone and eerie locations spread doom.  Herbert Lom, Flora Robson, Diana Dors and many more notable British actors of the time star. 

E259 Great Pony Raid, The (68) Thieves are stealing ponies from Dartmoor, but they didn't count on interference from a bunch of meddling kids.  Bicycling, windmills, eccentric characters, wicked villains, and smart kid collaboration outwitting the bad guys, and getting the gun!   About an hour long. 

E258 Hunted in Holland (60) A boy visits his penpal friend in Holland and they soon become caught up in the doings of diamond thieves which leads to a great chase sequence.  Actually delivers a nice colorful tour of Holland's windmills, waterways, the docks, cars, bikes and the city as it was in 1960.  Charming, innocent fun.  About an hour long. 

E144 I Met a Murderer (39) Mark Warrow (James Mason) flips his lid when his shrewish wife Martha kills his beloved pet dog, the only friend he had in this cruel world.  He kills Martha and goes on the run.  Of course, the bitch had it coming.  Later he meets a woman (his about to be real life wife Pamela Mason) who recognizes him and wants to write a book entitled 'I Met a Murderer'.   BA

E231 I See Ice (38)  Film debut of Roddy McDowall (a brief scene in the beginning).  George Bright (goofy-faced George Formby) keeps a spy camera in his bow tie and accidentally takes shots that could be used for blackmail in various situations.  Slapstick climax includes an on-ice confrontation with his figure-skating love interest's jealous boyfriend.  Formby was a banjo strummer and popular musician, some of his songs are still used in films/shows today.   BA

E262 I'm a Stranger (52) George Westcott (Patric Doonan) arrives in time to claim a quite sizable inheritance, and uses the police to help him catch disinherited family members so he can claim what is rightfully his.  But is George all that he seems?  Stiff upper lip humor, and Greta Gynt, playing herself, is a friend of the family.  A puzzling mystery with a decent twist.    (about an hour long)   BA

E139 John and Julie (55) Two children run away from Dorset on a quest to attend the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth ll.  A series of misadventures and mishaps follows when they arrive in London, cannot locate their Uncle, and to make matters worse, they are accidentally separated.  The Coronation is about to begin!  Will they be on time?  Real footage of the Queen, Prince Philip and of the current new King (as of 2023), just a wee lad here.  Wilfred Hyde-White, Peter Sellers (as P.C. Diamond) and many more star in this decidedly historic film.  BA

E365 Man from Nowhere, The (75) In 1860, an orphaned girl is sent to live with her poorly uncle (in a fine looking period house).  A man in black appears to her and warns her to leave.  Eerie little tale, running under an hour, aimed at kids, but drenched in atmosphere reminiscent of 'The Innocents' or other British horror.  Of course know what you are going in for.  No brutal violence to speak of, just old school mystery/gothic story-telling.  (about an hour long)  

E249 Mark of the Phoenix (58) aka: Le signe de l'aigle  Stolen advanced new metal (that protects one from radioactivity) falls into the hands of American jewel thief Chuck Martin (Sheldon Lawrence) in the form of a cigarette case.  Now everybody is after him.  Various murders and fights, a sort-of femme fatale named Petra (Julia Arnall), fantastic London locations, Anton Diffring and Roger Delgado as a couple of detectives who are also after the case and more.   (a bit over an hour long)   BA

E263 Men Against the Sun (53) aka: Helden der Wildnis  England's answer to 'Bwana Devil' from 1952, both films remade in 1996 as 'Ghost and the Darkness'.  A railway construction job in Africa (parts of this filmed in Kenya) experiences obstacles, not the least being a siege by two man-eating lions.  Filmed in a documentary -style way, the lead surveyor is played by John Bentley and the cute Zena Marshall (who would later play the double-agent Miss Taro in 'Dr.  No') as Elizabeth.  Stock-footage sometimes clumsily used, the location filming sloppy, but this is still a fairly obscure film.   (a bit over an hour long)  

E143 Model Murder Case, The (63) aka: Girl in the Headlines  The opera loving, Jaguar driving Inspector Birkett (Ian Hendry) has been called in to investigate the murder of a model with the only clues being a ball point pen found in a nearby bush and a gun in a cistern.  About and out interviewing those who knew her, or crossed her path, Birkett begins to uncover some disturbing allegations directed toward the victim.  A gritty noir-like crime thriller with reference to cocaine and homosexuality, both seemingly dreadful in some 1963 English scenarios.  Also with Jane Asher and many more.  BA

E137 Mother Love (89) Diana Rigg is Helena.  We see Helena commit a heinous crime as a child, setting the stage for the future progression of Helena's character.  Helena has a son, and an ex-husband.  You really don't want Helena catching you being disloyal to her.  Helena is all cookies and cream on the surface, but what lies beneath is a seething mass of resentment and hatred, capable of the darkest act imaginable.  Diana Rigg will scare you, and possibly remind you of one particular estranged family member or (former) fake friend?  Diana Rigg won the 1990 Best Actress Television BAFTA Award for her role here.  Also with David McCallum, James Wilby and more.  Epic made for British television thriller all four parts complete on 2 discs.  (counts as 2 selections)

E251 Night We Got the Bird, The (61) Brighton, 1961.  Crooked dealer Cecil and his partner Bertie sell junk as antiques after a bit of touch-up.  Craft and graft.  Cecil gets mixed up with gangsters and dies in a crash.  Bertie weds Cecil's fiancé.  He is in for a surprise when a beady-eyed parrot arriving as a wedding gift, is in fact the reincarnated Cecil, there to warn bride and expose the grift.  Silly and funny.  Like when someone purchases a toilet seat that has been made to look like an antique French mirror.  BA 

E162 Personal Services (87) A madame rises in a suburban whore house that caters to older gentlemen who have a taste for kink.  Working class girl Christine (Julie Walters) has a strong work ethic.  Indulging costume fantasies, flagellation, transvestitism and other kooky kicks doesn't knock her off her game for an instant.  The sex comedy was banned in Ireland, another from Terry Jones.  Male and female nudity.  Inspired by the real life experiences of Cynthia Payne, an Xaviera Hollander type of gal.  BA

E167 Play for Today: Don't Be Silly (79) This British television movie is a brutal depiction of domestic abuse.  Michael (Christopher Godwin) belittles his wife Pamela (Susan Fleetwood, Mick's slightly older sis) insulting, condescending, running down her self esteem.  Then, a step-by-step descent into unwarranted savage inhumanity.  We also see some of the characters remark on this sad state of affairs, painting a picture if you will, most reflecting a combination of established consensus regarding relationships and the social standards regarding them.  That was then.  Harrowing. 

E147 Sabotage at Sea (42) Take the 'old dark house' formula and place it on a merchant ship.  The captain gets a group of potential suspects in a murder, isolates them at sea, and begins to sort out who may have done what.  Standard fare brought to life by the yappy cast, each with their own personality and red herring potential.  David Hutcheson, Margaretta Scott, Jane Carr, Martita Hunt and more star. 

E135 Spider and the Fly, The (49) Police Inspector Maubert (Eric Portman) pursues gentleman thief Philippe (Guy Rolfe) in France just before the first world war.  A game of cat and mouse ensues as various robberies are carried out with Philippe always managing to stay one foot ahead of Maubert.  Madeleine (Nadia Gray) is the love interest of both men.  Philippe is finally captured but when war breaks out Maubert springs him from prison to assist in covert operations involving documents, using Philippe's skills for a worthy cause.  Stylish, suspenseful, well-acted bromance with many familiar tropes we see to this day in films and shows.  Also with Sebastion Cabot, Maurice Denham and many more.  BA

E145 Take Me High (73) Merchant banker Tim Matthews (Cliff Richard) is sent to a small restaurant to pressure the owner's but instead falls head-over-heels for Sarah (Deborah Watling) and then helps this burger joint back on it's feet.  Cheesy, harmless and wholesome, with plenty of Cliff Richard singing sequences.  Put the city of Birmingham back on the map.  An extended music clip for Cliff Richards.  BA

E228 Two and Two Make Six (62) aka: The Girl Swappers  After striking an officer, airman Larry Curado (George Chakiris) is on the run, taking Irene (Janette Scott in leather) along for the ride.  Thomas (Alfred Lynch) and Julie (Jocelyn Lane) are along motorcycling and at one point the men get the girls mixed up.  Subterfuge and mistaken identities.  It's a win-win either way as both leading ladies are drop-dead gorgeous.  The first film directed by Freddie Francis.  Jocelyn Lane (here in this film) is prettier than any current Hollywood actress alive today. BA

E166 Van der Valk (77) One episode of this crime drama television show from England.  Diane's lovers have met accidental deaths when they are drunk.  Van der Valk investigates and finds out about Diane's troubled and storied past.  + Special Branch (70) One episode entitled 'Miss Universe'.  A notable episode of this action/crime show from England because one of the guest stars is Yutte Stensgaard of 'Lust for a Vampire'!

E133 Witness in the Dark (59) An elderly lady is murdered.  The only witness is a blind woman named Jane Pringle (Patricia Dainton).  What can she reveal? Whatever it is, she will have to survive as the killer has returned, to silence her for good.  She is used as bait to trap the killer.  Also with Conrad Phillips.  Nigel Green is the intruder/thief/killer.  Green died of a barbiturate overdose in 1972's England at the age of 48.  Patricia Dainton gives her two cents worth after the film.  Apparently the old gal is still alive even in 2023 as I write this and has just turned 93.  BA



E284 80 Blocks from Tiffany’s (79) Sobering documentary.  Puerto Rican/Black gangs (or 'clubs' as they were known) in NYC's South Bronx.  Rival gangs the Savage Skulls and the other the Savage Nomads, we learn about them, what motivates them, and why they do what it is they do.  They all know they are being filmed, and they get real.  A few scenes are reenactments as told by some of the younger street kids.  Pre-Rap, Pre-Hip Hop, Pre- Break Dancin', these people are all a mess.  Anyone who is a fan of 'The Warriors' from 1979 will love this.  Relieved I grew up surrounded by corn fields.  BA

E356 Big Bad John (90) Good ole boys and rednecks unite! A movie based around the famous Jimmy Dean (he of the famous sausage) song (sort of).  Two youngins’ elope to escape her abusive step-pa (Ned Beatty).  Well if that don't beat all.  Tough talkin' men, great scenery, a feudin’ clan and more.  With Jack Elam, Jimmy Dean, Bo Hopkins (as a hired killer), Buck Taylor and more.  You don't know nothin'.  A cut and paste bit of cornpone that still remains incredibly entertaining, especially since most of these ole boys are long gone.  The Jimmy Dean song is performed by Charlie Daniels along with Jimmy Dean.  Hell boy I think I'll have me another beer!

E333 Bodyguard Kiba 2 (73) aka: Bodigâdo Kiba: Hissatsu sankaku tobi   Kiba is fresh out of prison and ready to get in more trouble.  That's the only way things happen for him, he is a man of action.  His new gig is working in a nightclub complete with some weird rock/jazz band.  Oh, the place is also crawling with gangsters.  Things get violent, and the finale is an action-packed spectacle.  Widescreen and English subtitles

8008 Deadly Fury (83) aka: The Honor of Dongfang Xu   Dongfang Xu takes training from the master Shenzhang Li with his goal being achieving mastery of the Eight Trigram Palm.  His daughter has been kidnapped, and these skills will be put to good use.  Real Martial Arts.  Real Experts.  Dongfang will not only prove his honor, he will become legend!  BA

E308 Deadly Hands of Kung Fu (77) aka: The Dragon Lives Again  aka: Li san jiao wei zhen di yu men   Features the biggest set of fictional heroes, anti-heroes and villains in one cross-over action flick.  Bruce Lee is dead, and opens a gym in hell.  There, he must resist the temptations of Lucifer's many wives, and also must face Zatoichi, Dracula, James Bond, Emmanuelle, The Godfather, The Exorcist and Clint Eastwood (played by a Chinese guy of course!).  Luckily Bruce has his helpers which include One-Armed Swordsman, Kain from the U.S.  'Kung Fu' (again played by another guy, not Carradine), and Popeye the Sailor Man who eats spinach and gets into the fray with Bruce against mummies.  English dub  BA

E232 Facts of Murder, The (59)  aka: Un maledetto imbroglio  The Facts of Murder follows a number of police procedurals dealing with a robbery in one apartment, and a murder across the hall a week later.  Richly detailed with interesting characters, the interplay between the three detectives is sophisticated and clever.  No uppity factor here, the setting is the Roman underbelly.  Brimming with life and chaos, and still, frenetic pacing with hints of humor.  Pietro Germi, Claudia Cardinale, Cristina Gaioni and more star.  In Italian with English subtitles  BA

E193 Fearless Fighters (73) aka: Tou tiao hao han   Over-the-top old school kung fu with fighters flying through the air, using outlandish weapons, jumping over lakes....  The Eagle Claw fighting clan robs the Almighty Imperial Lightning Whip (who looks like Ming the Merciless) of government gold, killing Lightning Whip in the process.  All hell breaks loose.  This is how it's done!  The action is almost non-stop.  Fearless Fighters smokes most competitors.  Decent dubbing, brutal killings..... BA

E183 Fight of Gamblers (63) aka: Otoko no monshô - Fûun futatsu ryû   Ryuji has killed a man in self defense, and now he seeks only peace, seeking solace in a monastery for mental rehabilitation.  But now a rival gang is giving his mother some violent hassle.  Ryuji has no choice but to pick up his sword, and do what he does best.  The Yakuza are rigging the game in the bidding for a construction job.  The big finale battle is worth it!  Widescreen  In Japanese with English subtitles  BA

E154 Forty Thousand Horsemen (40) When Germany stretched greedy hands towards the Middle East in the War of 1914-1918  a great cavalry force came into being.  They were the men from Australia and New Zealand - The Anzacs - the men from 'Down Under'.  They met the Germanized Army in the burning desert of Sinai.  They fought and suffered to emerge triumphant.  Three young Australians join the cavalry, we follow their story in this conflict as they go into battle.  Some rough talk for 1940, noted by Clint Eastwood, who remembers seeing this picture with his family at a young age.  BA

E187 Hairdresser's Husband, The (90) aka: Le mari de la coiffeuse    Antoine (Jean Rochefort) has always wanted to marry a hairdresser.  Now he is an old man past his prime.  He still manages to court and marry the much younger and very beautiful Mathilde (Anna Galiena).  It was so easy when he proposed.  Antoine is genuine, and Mathilde is innocent and so lovely.  We see flashbacks of Antoine as a young boy, and an insight to what he was and has now become.  What goes up, must go down.  A surreal melancholy experience with plenty of charm.  Galiena would star in the Tinto Brass film 'Black Angel' in 2002.  English subtitles and Widescreen

E230 Impasse of Two Angels (48) aka: Impasse des deux anges  Stage actress Marianne (Simone Signoret) decides to marry an admirer (he is a wealthy nobleman after all) and give up her career.  The upper-class new society she finds herself in are all snobs.  A precious diamond necklace is her pre-wedding gift, but when her former lover (Paul Meurisse) comes to steal it from her safe, she runs off with him, to relive the old days.  Two angels about to turn poisonous.  An air of melancholy throughout.  Also with Reggie Nalder as Bebe.  Maurice Tourneur's last gig directing.  Simon Signoret and Paul Meurisse were just seven years from the masterpiece 'Diabolique'.  English subtitles   BA

E233 Intentions of Murder (64) aka: Akai satsui   Middle-class suicidal, loveless housewife Sadako lives with her cheating abusive common-law librarian husband Riichi and his young son Masaru.  Hiraoko catches Sadoko alone at home and rapes her.  Sadoko keeps this to herself.  She liked it, somebody paid her some attention.  Hiraoko returns and wants Sadako to run away with him.  Sadako is made to look imprisoned and 'used' by her family.  A pet hamster on a wheel is a metaphor in the film, reflecting her trapped boring life.  A gritty downbeat film.  In Japanese with English subtitles  BA

E226 Kalde Spor (62) aka: Cold Tracks  1944, high in the Norwegian mountains.  Twelve youngsters have gone missing and are believed dead.  Two men search across the frozen landscape.  Over there! I see them! They turn away, and fade into the snow.   A shack on the mountainside provides shelter.  A haunting redemption in a bleak frozen wasteland following wartime tragedy.  In Norwegian with English subtitles

E170 Karate Warrior (87) aka: Il ragazzo dal kimono d'oro   Anthony (Kim Rossi Stewart) runs into trouble in the Philippines after he interferes with the affairs of Quino, the local gangster running things in the area.  Mix up Karate Kid with Kick boxer and you get the idea for Karate Warrior in some ways.  Anthony has to train with a master (played ably by the reliable Ken Watanabe) to defeat Quino and presto, a kung-fu bad-ass is born, although Kim Rossi Stewart the actor, really doesn't possess the chops to quite pull it off, though it is fun to watch him try.  He will match Quino blow-for-blow in the climactic eye of the tiger duel.  Directed by Fabrizio De Angelis. BA 

E204 Killer Looks (94) aka: Intimate Proposal   A couple plays a risky game.  She picks up men and plays seduction, he walks in and catches her before things go too far.  This is foreplay for them.  Eventually though, one of their marks returns to start trouble.  Directed by porno man Paul Thomas.  Sara Suzanne Brown delivers plenty of skin, and we also see a couple of porn girls in the cast in this soft-core erotic thriller.  Dyanna Lauren and Janine Lindemulder.  Lindemulder did time for tax evasion.  One of her first films was 'Caged Fury' in 1990.  Little did she know she would live it 18 years later.  BA

E225 King Without Distraction, A (63) aka: Un roi sans divertissement   Nineteenth century France is the setting for this rural thriller about a serial killer.  In a small snowbound village, an officer arrives on horseback.  His mission?  To investigate the murders in this isolated wintry landscape.  He finds more than he bargained for as the cat and mouse plays out.   Can boredom drive a man to kill?  The cold icy atmosphere will make you shiver, a splash of red blood on the snow, even more...  Intelligently written, exceptionally photographed.  Widescreen In French with English subtitles  BA

E140 Kiss for a Killer, A (57) aka: Une manche et la belle   Rich widow Betty (Isa Miranda) marries the self obsessed Philippe (Henri Vidal).  Philippe meets Eva (Mylene Demongeot) soon after, and they start an affair.  Eva is as ruthless as Philippe, gold-digging a rich man she plans on marrying on the side.  But, if Philippe murders Betty, he'll have the money to satisfy the wicked Eva.  At about the 30 minute mark, Eva springs from the water topless right in The face of Philippe (who is lying on a wooden raft in the ocean).  I guarantee you will go back and watch this scene, twice (or more).  Welcome nudity in a well-known (but familiar) tale, excellent locations in Venice.  Philippe puts on black gloves before he does the dirty deed.  But wait! The twist, and another!  The perils of greed.  In French with English subtitles  BA

E309 Lion's Share, The (78) aka: La parte del león   Neo-Noir from Argentina.  Bruno sees from his office window that somebody is messing with the water tank across the way, he waits, and then investigates.  There he finds the loot the criminals have hidden there.  Bruno's ship has come in.  He has the lion's share of wealth for the first time in his miserable life.  Now Bruno must launder the cash, and quickly, before the crooks realize what has happened, Bruno has to get out of town.  The criminals are ruthless.  Will Bruno get away clean?  In Spanish with English subtitles

E336 Lion's Share, The (85) Many films with this title.  This is the only one (partly) filmed in South Africa.  A tough cop from Rome named Marco returns to Africa to face the truth of his father's death.  Lions?  He wants revenge, and may not like what he finds.  What the viewer finds is cinema gold.  The filmmakers ignore apartheid and describe Sun City as a miniaturized, simplified Las Vegas or Reno.  The action scenes are kind of funny, and the karate scene?  Well, you have to see it to believe it.  A rogue cop hell-bent on revenge, influential villains, and drug-addicted women.  Nice English dub of this rare film directed by Norman Cohen (his last).  This was released after his death. 

E267 Lucky Luciano (72) Here we see the life of Lucky Luciano from 1946 to 1962.  The film begins with him leaving the U.S.A. and returning to Italy up to his old tricks in the drug trade.  This was big business, and although Luciano was a ruthless killer and a gangster, he was also a smart businessman, smarter than Al Capone ever was by comparison.  A landmark mobster movie, strong stuff in some parts, flashbacks and violent killings.  The film is more a meat and potatoes story, showing us how the sausage was made behind the scenes of the headlines.  Unglamorous, more detailed.  The fine cast includes Rod Steiger, Magda Konopka, Vincent Gardenia and Gian Maria Volonte as Lucky Luciano.  BA

E172 Mad Butcher, The (71) aka: Meat is Meat  aka: Lo strangolatore di Vienna  Perhaps the most bizarre film starring Victor Buono has him tackling the Sweeny Todd story (changing the plot a bit) playing an Austrian butcher named Otto Lehman.  Otto cannot satisfy is wife (gee, I wonder why) and she puts him down.  He kills her.  Otto is a peeping tom and when he gets worked up....  well, people get killed and turned into sausages, sold to his customers, a popular delicacy.  Played for laughs, creatively steering from the gore, replaced with camp.  Widescreen with Trailer  BA

E269 Magee and the Lady (78) aka: Dschungeltrip ins Chaos  Magee (Tony Lo Bianco) is about to lose his freighter to a rich company owner.  He arrives to negotiate, but the man is off on a hunt.  Magee kidnaps Veronica (Sally Kellerman) the rich man's daughter, forcing her to lead him into the outback through the wilderness, to find her father.  Veronica is a drunken spoiled brat, but through their perilous adventures, they are drawn closer together.  BA

E229 Manèges (49) aka: The Cheat  Manipulative Dora (Simone Signoret) marries Robert for his money, taking lovers behind his back, and using the poor man up.  But Robert still loves her, he has no idea just how evil his wife really is.  We are shown, in flashback, as explained by Dora's equally evil mother.  Signoret displays an incredible talent for playing cold-hearted emotionless femme fatale types, and certainly here one of the best examples.   In French with English subtitles  BA

E149 Money Movers (78) aka: Squadra speciale 44 magnum (La morte fa l'appello)  Armored car heists in Australia.  The heists keep coming despite preventive measures.  The danger lies within the company's own ranks.  Here is the world of angry blokes, violent blokes, bossy blokes, union blokes.  Blokes who swat away the Sheila's so they can get on with their bloke business, that of being a bloke, not a one woke.  Recognizable faces include Bryan Brown and many others.  Shades of 'Blue Collar'.  This film gets unbelievably violent and raw, with some swift action and mean double cross.  Based on true events.  BA

E179 Murder Unincorporated (65) aka: Account of the Great Japanese Assassin  aka: Dainippon koroshiya den   After an assassination on a cartel head, the other cartel heads beef up their security by hiring a team of killers to counter.  But the other side has done the same.  The supplying temp company has sent a cowboy, Al Capone's Japanese grandson, an Indian...  a masquerade of insanity.  Precision shooting and off-the-rails madness played as a crime comedy.  Widescreen In Japanese with English subtitles

E181 New a Man's Crest: Birth of a Young Boss, The (67) aka: Shin Otoko no monshô: Waka oyabun tanjô  Set in 1910: Hideki Takahashi is once again the son of a deceased Yakuza who has tried very hard to stay out of a life of violence, but drawn back in once again by rival gangs who put his considerable skills to the test.  Widescreen   In Japanese with English subtitles

E201 Night Fire (94) Out in the country.   Barry (John Laughlin) plans to warm up frigid wife Lydia (Shannon Tweed) by hiring an attractive shady couple (the female played by Rochelle Swanson who steals the show) to show up at their doorstep with a story about how their car broke down, and allow them to stay.  There, the couple is to start having sex and acting provocatively throughout the weekend, hopefully, to arouse Lydia.  Things go horribly wrong.  Erotic thriller that delivers the goods.  BA 

E352 Ninja Busters (84) aka: Shadow Fighters  Starts out as a wacky comedy when two losers join a kung-fu studio to beef up on their resumes that'll hopefully help them with the ladies.  Things get serious when arms dealers enter the picture.  This leads to three battles, each better than the last.  Ninjas vs. Karate fights with dozens of extras and stunt men.  Maybe a hint of subplots?  Ninjas in scrap yards.  Ninjas in aerobics studio.  Ninjas in Latin dance clubs.  Break-dance fu, hot tub dojos, mustache and turtle neck fu....  Out the same year as 'Ghostbusters' hence the title.  Widescreen  BA

8005 Order to Assassinate (75) aka: Mission to Kill  aka: El clan de los inmorales   aka: La testa del serpente   Gang warfare Caribbean style.  Desperate mercenaries.  deceptive politicians and a retired police inspector with a troop of trained assassins.  A mob family orders Clyde (Helmet Berger) to make a hit.  Clyde balks when he realizes his new target is also his friend.  Clyde's girlfriend Ann (Sydne Rome) had encouraged him to make the hit.  Another hit man finishes the job.  Clyde tries to collect but they know he didn't fulfill the contract.  Clyde kills three men, now he needs to escape the island with his girl.  BA

E152 Power Play (78) aka: A State of Shock  After 'The Clown Murders' of 1976, director Martyn Burke collaborated with England for this political thriller involving one Colonel Narriman (David Hemmings) who defends a small viciously oppressive country, who finally flip for a revolt against the leaders of this tyrannical regime.  Helped by one Colonel Zellar (who is also the tank commander).  The head of the secret and very corrupt police is the sinister fascist Blair (Donald Pleasence with menace).  A scary film that portrays life in a country where the law is whatever the president says it is, and those who fight against it.   BA

E191 Ring of Fire (91) aka: Bloodfist Fighter II - Tödliche Rache  In L.A.'s Chinatown, there are two kick-boxing clubs, on the opposite ends of town.  In any Kung Fu film, from any country, if there are two kick-boxing clubs in town, they fight, most times, a rivalry of violence since most fighters are also gang bangers.  Don the Dragon is Johnny Woo, one who possesses superior abilities, but is also a doctor and tries to stay out of skirmishes.  Works until he crosses paths with a man who hates Chinese because well...   a girl, Julie (Maria Ford).  I don't have to convince you that she is worth fighting for!  Action, nudity, political incorrectness.  How movies should be now!  BA

E151 River, The (97) aka: He liu  After playing a corpse in a film, one that floats down a polluted river, a young man develops severe neck pain.  Constant testing and specialist doctors (who treat literally everything) cannot find the reason for his pain.  Things get worse for him, and the question arises.  Is this physical or psychological? The film drips with emotional deadness, isolation and despair.  When we meet his family, they too are cold and distant.  Maybe part of his problem?  Widescreen  In Mandarin with English subtitles  BA

E180 Ryuji's Journey: Crest of Man (65) aka: Otoko no monshô - kenka kaido   Ryuji is the new leader of the Oshima-Murata yakuza clan.  He prepares to meet his rival who is full of anger and hate seeking a blood vengeance.  Another historical tale of the samurai.  The final bloody duel in the rain with swords is spectacular.  Widescreen  In Japanese with English subtitles

E313 Seventeen (83) A documentary set in Muncie, Indiana.  In Muncie's southside high school, a group of seniors share what's on their mind as they reach maturity.  Their hopes, dreams and worries and sometimes, despair.  There are some racial tensions, and candid revelations.  I think the kids of 1983 are 100% different in most ways from today's kids, who are told the world is ending, tomorrow maybe or next week, within a year or two for sure.  These kids still have something to live for, to aspire to, to explore and be who they are going to be, on their own, with no forced persuasion.  Admittedly, this leads to a few awkward moments.   I sure am glad there are no videos of me talking about myself at that age!

E211 Sexus (65) aka: L'enfer dans la peau   Similar to 'Night of Lust 1963' directed by Jose Benazeraf as this one is, complete with nudity, free-form jazz and wild erotic dance.  Thugs kidnap a beautiful heiress.  Her father is a rich man, he'll pay.  But in the meantime the cute young thing falls for one of her captors, who also has a mistress (yes, we see her naked too, undressing slowly while one man waves a knife around threateningly).  Meanwhile the heiress is starting to get brutally raped...  but wait! The knives are out!  In French with English subtitles  BA

E171 Shanghai Massacre (81) aka: Shang Hai Tan da ye  China is occupied by French and Japanese forces.   Smuggling, double-crossing, two families involved with the Chinese Underworld pitted against each other in the Shanghai casino area.  One man, the charismatic leader of the largest gang in Shanghai, realizes that the gangs are being manipulated by outside forces.  Drama mixes with chop-socky action, choose your side!  English dubbed version  BA

5176 Shrine of the Ultimate Bliss (74) aka: Stoner  aka: Tie jin gang da po zi yang guan  Terrorists in Hong Kong will not kill the Queen (actually footage of Queen Elizabeth visiting Hong Kong in 1975!) as long as they are paid.  An exiled South Asian Princess (Angela Mao) befriends a local.  The terrorists include George Lazenby, Jimmy Yu and Bolo Yeung.  Will the Queen be safe?  An erotic obstacle course includes a potent aphrodisiac overdose.  Fighting fury energy is high and wild, burning like a flame, scorching, as the no-holds-barred heavy duty war-to-the-death between martial arts battle masters reaches it's frenetic climax.   BA

E155 Summer Nights are Sweet (61) aka: Ljuvlig ar sommarnatten   About to marry one of the richest men in town, a woman abruptly disappears.  The wedding is called off, the police are called in.  The veteran detective must dig deep to find out where she is, and why she has gone missing.  Gathering everybody together, the interrogations begin.  Crime thriller from Sweden with English subtitles.  BA

8001 Tactical Guerilla (74) aka: Hell River  aka: Partizani   1941: Yugoslav Partisans.  This story is true.  Guerilla Freedom Fighters who fought the Nazi War Machine.  Over two years they filmed this picture on location, the fields, mountains and towns of Yugoslavia.  Partisans and Yugoslavs have their final climactic battle at Hell River.  The film was critically panned.  I gave it another look and enjoyed it immensely.  Rod Taylor and Adam West are the main players in this action-packed spectacle. 

E253 Ten Tall Men (51) aka: Dix de la legion  Burt Lancaster plays Sgt.  Mike Kincaid, a French Foreign Legionnaire, who, while in a military stockade.  learns of an impending attack while the main garrison is away.  Kincaid volunteers to lead nine other prisoners into the desert to impede the attack.  Kincaid falls for Mahla (Jody Lawrance) a tribal princess, after they kidnap her, to disrupt the other tribes, and to prevent the evil Khalif Hussein (Gerald Mohr) from attacking.  Also with Gilbert Roland, Michael Tate and more.  Jody Lawrance was a foster sister to Marilyn Monroe.  BA

E219 Wedding in White (72) Home on leave from WWII, Jimmy Dougall (Paul Bradley) brings his buddy Billy (Doug McGrath) with him.  There he finds a happy, proud, drinking Jim Dougall Sr. (Donald Pleasence) and his dim but very accommodating (and quietly sensual) sister Jeannie (Carol Kane).  Billy gets drunk and rapes Jeanne.  Jim Dougall Sr. is all about family reputation.  He cooks up a monstrous scheme to save the family honor.  Jeanne must marry his elderly war buddy Sandy, a man twice her age.  The ending is one of the most downbeat and horrifying things you will ever see.  William Fruet's next film would be 'House by the Lake'.  BA

E321 Zebra Force, The (76) aka: Defiance  Big Mike Lane is Carmine Longo, hired by a mob boss (Anthony Caruso) to stop some vigilante vietnam vets known as 'Zebra Force' as they clean up the drug business in an attempt to save their city.  Using their military training with deadly precision, the mob takes hit after hit, until they trap a member of Zebra Force, and proceed to torture him for information.  Great stunts, 70's 'jive' dialogue, mobsters vs. black activists vs. Vietnam vets (the leader of the vets horribly scarred from a war injury) and more! Also with Rockne (Black Samson) Tarkington.   BA



E285 ABC Stage 67: Evening Primrose (66) Charles Snell (Anthony Perkins) hides from society in a department store, coming out only at night.  He eats the food in the store.  Clothing?  He uses anything he needs.  He also belts out show tunes! Then he discovers the mannequins are alive at night!  He falls in love with Ella (Charmian Carr straight off the set of 'The Sound of Music').  He wants to rescue her, but there is danger....  Like a 'Twilight Zone' episode musical, with Stephen Sondheim songs! And yes, Anthony Perkins could sing, who knew?  This was filmed in color, but only survives in black and white.  Runs under an hour.

E281 Assassin (86) Made for television film about former government operative Harry Stanton (Robert Conrad) called out of retirement to hunt down an experimental terminator cyborg, a human-looking robot assassin.  Aided by pretty robotics expert Mary Casallas (Karen Austin) he sets about trying to halt the renegade mechanical menace.  The cast also includes Robert Webb as Stanton's superior and also Jonathan Banks.  Richard Young is the rogue cyborg golem and the violence is satisfyingly brutal for a made for TV film. 

E350 Beg, Borrow...  or Steal (73) Three men are unwanted by their employers, and unable to support themselves.  They take drastic measures.  Vic Cummings (Mike Conners) is confined to a wheelchair, Cliff Norris (Michael Cole) has hooks for hands and Lester Yates (Kent McCord) is blind.  Together this unlikely trio defy impossible odds to steal a treasure from a supposedly 'theft-proof' museum.  Also with Russell Johnson and many more. 

E275 Brave New World (80) Three hours - Well, we made it.  America is putting reason to sleep.  Can we as humans be controlled from uterus to grave for our 'own good'?  Drugs, genetics and sex keep everybody dumb and happy in a repressive future world.  An anti-free society in which everybody is engineered and indoctrinated to be cooperative and submissive.  The film has made-for-television limitations, but the points of Aldous Huxley's message rings true, the heart of the story is relevant, much like George Orwell's '1984'.   A very well made version, more substance than the last ten Hollywood blockbusters combined.  Keir Dullea, Ron O'Neal, Bud Cort, Marcia Strassman, Kristopher Tabori, Reb Brown, Julie Cobb and many more.  The lighthouse location used in the later half is the same one used in 'The Monster of Piedras Blancas'. 

E198 Captive (91) Two on-the-run drug addicted assholes (played by John Stamos and Chad Lowe) pistol whip and carjack an old couple, kidnap a family and go across state until a blazing showdown with cops.  The woman has a meltdown when it is all over, feeling guilty, psychologically damaged by the ordeal.  Tense, gritty little film, probably the best thing these guys were ever in.  Joanna Kerns and Barry Bostwick play the kidnapped couple.  Just think how great 'Full House' could have been if just for one season the Stamos character got addicted to drugs, kidnapped the Olsen twins and went on a violent crime spree with his drug addicted sidekick played by Lowe, while the kids screamed in their car seats in the back!  TV Gold man.  You're welcome you dull T.V. writers out there. 

E218 Darkling, The (99) 'Rear Window' 'Fright Night' and later 'Disturbia' (and others) now we have 'The Darklings'! A bed-ridden kid is pretty damn sure he has witnessed a neighbor killing his wife.  No one will listen.  He recruits some friends to break into the guy's house and snoop around.  The film delivers some decent suspense, and a hometown feeling we rarely see these days.  The cast is interesting and includes Timothy Busfield, Suzanne Somers, Tippi Hendren and Martin Sheen.  

E348 Disco Killer in New York (83) aka: Trackdown: Finding the Goodbar Killer   MFTV sequel (in name only) to the theatrical film, but with a disclaimer.  Opens in a disco as Laura Branigan's 'Gloria" blasts out of the speakers and people get their boogie on under the lights and disco balls.  The bi-sexual-street-hustler 'Goodbar Killer' (Shannon Presby) is picking out his next victim.  George Segal plays a determined New York City cop.  Well made thriller based on a real case, but not the book, although the book could have written off the headlines in any given month in New York City as source material.  In any event, the film has a certain feel about it, worthy of the era.  Also with Tracy Pollan, Shelley Hack and Joe Spinell as 'Escobar' the doorman!

E214 Double Standard (88) Leonard Harik (Robert Foxworth) lives a double life.  A conventional family, wife kids etc.  Then he has an affair with Virginia (Michelle Green) and whoops! Another kid.  He convinces his wife Joan (Pamela Bellwood) to adopt, but when Virginia wants the kid back, Leonard moves her off somewhere, and marries her.  Now he has two wives and is running for a judgeship, his picture all over the billboards.  Things are awkward when he sees the judge who married him to Virginia at a party, with Joan on his arm!  Later his subterfuge indirectly gets his daughter killed! As funny or stupid as all this sounds, it actually happened! These days impossible, but back in the day, anything was possible.  You could have a wife and kids in Mississippi Jack, go out for a ride and never come back.  Disappear.  Based on a true story. 

E341 Elevator, The (74) Another disaster, this time people stranded/trapped on an elevator.  It's jammed up in a high rise, and populated by a plethora of characters, not the least being a claustrophobic armed robber, who has just escaped from his last job.  The point is the claustrophobia, the heat and unstated brewing panic as the robber starts loosing his ever-lovin' mind.  The cast is like something out of an Irwin Allen film.  Carol Lynley and Roddy McDowell (just off deck Poseidon I presume?), Don Stroud, Myrna Loy, Craig Stevens, James Farentino and more!

E337 Familiar Stranger, The (01) aka: My Husband's Double Life   After being convicted of embezzlement, a man (Jay O. Sanders) fakes his death and leaves his family.  He then assumes a new identity and starts over with another family.  His first wife (Margaret Colin) struggles as a single mother.  She eventually catches on to what has happened to her.  She goes after him.  The story is more about her triumph, not his downfall, but we do see it.  When a dad goes bad.  How to screw up two families. 

E271 Girl Who Saved the World (79) A full-length of the Susan Anton show 'Stop Susan Williams' that was also chopped and pasted into 'Cliffhangers' neither catching on with the American public.  Not sure why.  5' 11" blonde Susan Anton is a total knock-out, every bit as sexy as Lynda Carter, and the show may have gone places if the writing and locations were up to it, but the cost cutting showed.  Still, here we have her African encounters with hungry piranha, a cobra, a lion, a herd of elephants, all taken from the show.  Plus, an added ending. 

E351 Great American Beauty Contest, The (73) A former winner, a judge and one of the finalists challenge the integrity of a beauty contest.  All the usual caricatures apply, such as, a girl with daddy issues, the activist, the angry black woman etc.  I could have used more footage of all of the contestants in their bathing suits and less dialogue, but we do get to see them.  Farrah Fawcett, JoAnna Cameron, Christopher Norris and more (of course).  Also with Louis Jourdan, Barbie Benton, Susan Anton...  you get the picture. 

E163 Haunted Castle, The (60) aka: das spukfchidfs im Spessart - Different.  A German spook comedy musical.  Dead thieves are now ghosts with a mission.  100 years ago, they were entombed for their thievery.  Now renovations have freed them, and they seek to make amends helping a beautiful young countess hold on to the title of her castle, as encroaching modernity's hover.  The castle is in bad shape, and sometimes their good intentions go awry.  Politics find their way into some of the songs.  English subtitles

E399 Killjoy (81) aka: Who Killed Joy Morgan?   In the opening scene Joy Morgan is stabbed to death.  The mystery meets soap opera begins next in this standard MFTV whodunnit, with plenty of red herrings.  Could it be femme fatale Kim Basinger (looking fantastic in one of her early roles), big-hearted barkeep Anne Wedgeworth, Stephen Macht, John Rubinstein...  how about the cop played by Robert Culp.  The mystery unfolds.  Ann Dusenberry in a dual role.  You may figure out who the killer is half way through the film, or maybe not. 

E208 La cripta e l'incubo (64) Crypt of the Vampire  Count Karnstein's (Christopher Lee) daughter (Adriana Ambesi) has fallen ill, and he sends for a doctor. Plagued by terrible nightmares, it is believed she is possessed by the spirit of the evil Carmilla, a long dead ancestor...  This is a NEW version not from the old film print, this is immaculate.  Listed before as #J467 this is Version 2   BA

E222 Lake, The (98) There is something in the lake.  This is what nurse Jackie (Yasmine Bleeth) learns when she returns to her small hometown and notices the radical personality changes in the populace, and then, her own father! Off on a boat, dumped into the water presto, the alternate pod people scenario.  Doppelganger's come back as themselves, aliens, exact opposites of an alternate earth, needing to repopulate after poisoning their planet.  Another absolutely terrified performance from Haley Joel Osment of 'The Sixth Sense'.  Maybe how he got the gig?  Speaking of doppelgangers, have you looked at recent pictures of Haley Joel Osment and Chaz Bono?  Same guy.  

E160 Midnight Offerings (81) aka: Opfer Um-Mitternacht  “Little House on the Prairie vs. The Waltons”.  Vivian (Melissa Sue Anderson) is a Satanic witch who finds a rival in new witch in town Robin (Mary Beth McDonough) who accidentally steals her boyfriend.  More evil than 'The Spell'.  This one actually contains an evil altar and a pretty downbeat (but righteous) ending.  A late bloomer in the MFTV 'devil movie' genre.  Patrick Cassidy, Marion Ross and more star.   Upgrade!   BA

E272 My Wicked, Wicked Ways: The Legend of Errol Flynn (85) Based on Errol Flynn's autobiography this MFTV explores the arrival of Errol Flynn (Duncan Regehr, you'd remember him as 'Dracula' in 'The Monster Squad') in 1935 and his rise to fame.  They give it a go depicting the Golden Age of Hollywood, and Errol Flynn is certainly an interesting man, one who burned the candle at both ends and died at age 50 in 1959.  This is more for fun.  We need a hard-R version to really get into it, but as far as some good story-telling, this delivers.  Lee Purcell is an adequate Olivia De Havilland.  Also starring Hal Linden, Darren McGavin and Barbara Hershey as his first wife Lili Damita.  Over 2 hours

E344 Painful Secrets (00) aka: Secret Cutting  Dawn (Kimberlee Peterson) is your typical sixteen year old girl, prettier than most maybe.  But she also lacks social skills, and when things get too stressful, she gets a hankering' for a little blade action.  As in 'knife in her hand, cutting moments on her own personal flesh'.  Somehow, this makes everything all better for Dawn, for a moment, until the next time she hears the call of the knife.  A not so uncommon addiction mostly for girls with issues I suspect.  Fetish in some cases.  I think I know what her favorite Bryan Adams song is.  Also stars Sean Young.

E354 Redd (77) Obscure Redd Foxx Special with Lisa Hartman, Rodney Dangerfield, Don Knotts and more.  The opening jokes are funny enough.  Redd ruled, his predictions for 1978 are hilarious.  One skit has Redd Foxx and Don Knotts as competing thieves, with hilarious Billy Barty as a cop.  Lisa Hartman sings 'Gimmie Some Lovin', look I'm speechless.  This girl is hot.  She says so in the song.  The Unknown Comic hits the stage!  A striptease with Miss Candy (hot blonde, she keeps it all on if you're wondering).  Politically incorrect jokes.  A great time.  Runs under an hour. 

E346 School Boy Father (80) This particular After school special is unusual.  Charles Elderberry (Rob Lowe) has learned that the girl he had been having sex with for the summer gave birth to his baby.  Daisy (Dana Plato) flips out because she didn't want him to know.  Charles asks his mom if they can raise the kid and she throws something.  He brings the baby home and soon finds out that he is ill-equipped to be a father.  Not only that, he's got his mind set on boning (er...  'being with') Lucy Twining (Nancy McKeon).  Will he make the right decision? I'm on the Lucy Twining side. 

E345 Summer Without Boys, A (73) Set during WWII.  Helen Hailey (Barbara Bain) and her daughter Ruth (Kay Kenz) head off to a summer lodge.  Helen is getting a divorce.  A scene stealer is when Lenore (Debralee Scott) gets Ruth to party with some sailors.  Lenore gets pretty erotic, racy for television, Debralee Scott was good at that.  Who could forget that scene with 'Peter Proud' a year or two later?  What was supposed to be a summer of bonding ends up being a competition of sorts for the affection of a handyman (Michael Moriarty) who's bad leg kept him from serving in the war. 

E215 Survival (78) aka: Desperate Women   Esther (Susan Saint James), Selena (Ronee Blakley) and Joanna (Ann Dusenberry) are unjustly being driven across the wilderness in a barred wagon during the times of the old west.  Their destination is prison, but when the guards die of water poisoning, the task falls to former contract killer Benjamin Ward (Dan Haggerty) to keep them alive.  Also with Ed Fury and Robert Tessier.  Pretty good. 

E132 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (77) Made for television Christmas Special starring Paul Lynde.  This relic from the past was poorly received when aired.  But in these times, it is a perfect addition to the classic 1970's Christmas specials that many of us miss and have great nostalgia for.  Loosely based on the 1823 poem by Clement Clarke Moore.  Foster Brooks, Alice Ghostley, George Gobel, Anne Meara, Martha Raye and Ansom Williams star. 

E342 Victim for Victims: The Theresa Saldana Story (84) Theresa Saldana plays herself here, a very brave move, and horrifying!  Saldana was a Hollywood actress destined for stardom after her role in 'Raging Bull' opposite Robert Deniro.  But fate stepped in and she was stabbed 26 times in the chest and abdomen.  The Screen Actors Guild insurance won't pay her hospital bills.  The shocking indifference of people as Saldana is attacked in broad daylight reflects a sort of H.G.  Welles 'Eloi' in people, which is even disturbingly stronger today.  Passive, no caring, lazy, animal-like  callous.  Watch as human evolution retracts, and technology takes over.  Theresa Saldana would die of pneumonia in 2016 at age 61. 

E205 Winter of Our Discontent, The (83) It took a long time for anybody to tackle this Steinbeck novel.  Even with the changes, I'm glad they did.  Ethan Hawley (Donald Sutherland) questions his honesty, and wonders what it would take to become something different, a better man, but only through a behavioral change that could be destructive, and unscrupulous.  His wife Mary (Teri Garr) is clueless.  Her best friend Margie (Tuesday Weld) is a seducer of men.  Richard Masur is their mentally handicapped neighbor.  Read the book, and then watch the film. 




E51 Gang of Women (68) aka: Bes Atesli Kadin   There to investigate Lebanese life in Beirut, two Turkish reporters come up with nothing interesting and are about to give up.  Then, they discover an unusual all-female gang of forgers.  A delicious story, a delicious assignment.  Catfights! Action! Gang of Women!  Cuneyt Arkin stars! Color!  English subtitles  BA

E315 Sword and the Claw, The (75) aka: Lion Man  aka: Kiliç Aslan    This is the version with 'The Sword and the Claw' title.  After an opening epic battle, the king is slain, his hidden heir hidden in the forest and then raised by lions.  As an adult he is a man of abnormal strength, and claw-glove-hands.  Lion Man (Cuneyt Arkin) will make mince meat of his enemies.  In the final part of the film, he barely touches the ground, a wild and crazed catapulting madman.  Critically panned, and on bad movie lists, I'll still watch this Cuneyt Arkin action before anything Hollywood produces today with their green/blue screens.  English dubbed  BA




E359 Diabolical Rituals (82) aka: El Extrano hijo del Sheriff  Sheriff's wife gives birth to conjoined twins, she dies during labor and the ashamed sheriff decides to hide his children, years later he force the town doctor to surgically separate the kids but during the intervention one of them dies and his evil spirit possess his brother to take revenge.  In Spanish with English subtitles  BA

E290 Santo vs. Infernal Men (61) aka: Santo vs. Infernal Men   Santo, in his first appearance, this being filmed in Cuba before the Revolution stopped filming, assists the police as they investigate a drug smuggling ring.  This was made in Cuba along with  'Santo vs.  the Evil Brain' the same year.  This is the 'Santo' character just starting out so it is no mystery why it feels different than a typical Santo adventure.  The Mexican crew for these movies left the country with both films incomplete, just days before Fidel Castro entered Havana.  This is a rare look at the area, the very time these historical events took place.  Nice easy to read English subtitles  BA

E267 Son of Alma Grande, The (76) aka: El Hijo de Alma Grande  Opens with some black voodoo natives doing some gettin' jiggy with it rituals, watched by human aliens in fancy disco duds.  A male disco alien then rips out a man's eyeballs and puts them in a very large wine glass.  They need the eyeballs to send to their planet for some purpose.  Spanish speakers please let me know.  Blue Demon, on the search for his brother falls into their trap, as do many others.  Imprisoned victims, jungle battles with sticks and more.  This one is in Spanish language only and has no subtitles



E369 4 Dollars of Revenge (66) aka: Cuatro dólares de venganza   Roy Dexter (Robert Woods) is tasked with safely transporting a fortune in confederate coins only to be ambushed by outlaws, who take the loot and leave Dexter for dead.  Roy Dexter is tried and convicted, sentenced to life in prison, hard labor even.  Dexter escapes, with plans to right these wrongs committed against him.  Nasty enemies, dubious U.S. officers, ruthless gunfighters, plenty of action at a fairly breezy pace, and interesting camera work.  There's even a twist or two you may not see coming.  Widescreen English dub  BA

E268 In the Name of the Father (69) aka: I quattro del pater noster   Before Ruggero Deodato went into the world of horror and gore, he directed this, his only western, and then abandoned the genre completely.  Outlaws in the Wild West discover gold, which belongs to OTHER outlaws.  They are blamed for the robbery and sent to jail, where a friend helps out.  Now, the real thieves are after them, wanting their ill-gotten gain.  This film is not as sharp as most of the other spaghetti westerns listed, but it certainly is one of the most obscure.  In Italian language only with no subtitles. 

E406 Legend of Walks Far Woman, The (81) Filmed in 1979.  Montana in the 1870's.  Walks Far Woman's husband has become a different man after an accident causes a concussion.  So much so that he becomes violently abusive.  Walks Far Woman (Raquel Welch) kills him.  He had it coming.  The tribe however doesn't agree, and they banish Walks Far Woman.  It is time for Walks Far Woman to earn her name.  We see her trials and tribulations.  The film perks up after Custer's last stand.  The Indians wait to see who survives Little Big Horn, the filching of the cavalry's dead bodies, and the dire fate that awaits Walks Far Woman.  Nick Mancuso is 'Horses Ghost'.  Apparently people act outraged because white actors played Indians.  But in this age where even fairy tales are being rewritten by fools upset over dwarves, who really cares?  Acting is acting, and this is a good one.  Also with Bradford Dillman, Nick Ramus (a real Blackfoot so there) and more star.   BA

E397 One After Another (68) aka: Day After Tomorrow  aka: Uno dopo l'altro  Stan Ross (Richard Harrison) may wear glasses but don't let that fool you, he is one hell of a pistolero! He has arrived at this dirty dangerous little town, to avenge the death of his brother, returning from a dark past.  Violent gangs run the town, and there is a power struggle ongoing.  Stan Ross is hired by town leader Jefferson to capture one of the bandit's responsible for robbing the local bank.  When he tracks them into the mountains, he learns the bandits leader has been working closely with Jefferson.  Cold Hard Cash and Revenge.  The saloon girl here played by Pamela Tudor.  English dubbed and Widescreen  BA

E396 They Call Him Cemetery (71) aka: Gli fumavano le Colt... lo chiamavano Camposanto  Two fancy-pants brothers from the East travel to meet their father in the West.  Extortionists are threatening the independence of their father's ranch and the brother's intervene.  They have arrived from the East full of impeccable manners, thinking that simply the bad guys will be arrested.  Luckily, a man in black (Gianni Garko) takes pity on them, teaching them the secrets of a gunfighter, educating them on the evils of men, and how to counter.  With a healthy dose of humor, bullets fly and people drop.  Widescreen and English subtitles  BA

E387 Viva Villa (34) Pancho Villa (Wallace Beery, a role he was born to play hey amigos?) is made into a tragic hero and a lovable lug in this fictionalized account of reality.  Pancho Villa was a Revolutionary War hero for Mexico, even attacking America at one point and killing Americans, a scant twenty years before this film was made.  Too soon?   The Mexican armies sing 'La Cucaracha, la Cucuracha' while future 'East Side Kid' David Durand plays the bugle.  Not a comedy, some good Pre-Code violence here.  although the Code was starting, and did interfere.  Beatings, stabbings, whippings, battles, hangings and Fay Wray getting whipped by Pancho Villa, and laughing (!) before she is shot!  Where's King Kong when you need him?   BA



E196 Under Lock and Key (95) aka: Prime Target  Regardless of what others may say, this is an excellent woman in prison film.  Gratuitous nudity and shower scenes with the camera lovingly exploring the wet supple bodies of the naked women, cat-fights with dresses ripped off, conjugal visits (sex!), more shower scenes...  sounds like a winner to me.  I don't even care about the plot.  An evil drug dealer, Tyler Leigh as 'Slash' a tasty wicked butch henchwoman, girls-with-guns, an escape, a chase...  Wendi Westbrook and more.  Begs for a scene-for-scene remake, dialogue intact, how about Halle Bailey, Megan Markle, Margot Robbie and Jennifer Lawrence as 'Slash'! No hard feelings.  BA




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