BA=  Color Box Art Available for an additional $3.00

FL= Film is in Foreign Language

Lbx=  Letterboxed or Widescreen format 

Subs=  Film is subtitled

aka= Also Known As  (alternate titles)



22860000 22860000 (`@````````` 266 263 5 110185200 110185200


M183                 Best of T-Backs (05) Hot athlete chicks play around in the gym, have sex with men, take showers, have lesbian sex, swim, office sex, on hidden camera sex, lift weights, and of course get down and dirty in battles. F.L.

M152                 Big Breasted Sports Camp (0?)  Japanese girls get together and get down, together and with men too, for sex scene after sex scene in what looks like a gym-like compound, and classrooms. But they also battle and compete. Also gang rape. And some Sumo wrestling type stuff with hot girls. I am sure these places exist in Japan, where they choose volunteer and 'of age' pretty young girls, with nice breasts, to just go to these places so they can get room and board if they are subjected to endless filming of doing nasty things. And why not?  Optically fogged on the close-up stuff, but barely. XXX  F.L.

M153                 Big Breasted Sports Camp 2 (0?) More of the same sexual degradation that seems to be all the rage in Japan. Rape, molestation and more! F.L. Optically censored naughty parts but you can barely tell. XXX

M159                 Dosukoi (0?) More erotic Japanese women in the gym. The stretch, they jump, they fight, they engage in lighthearted sexual shenanigans and oh so much more. Yes! F.L.

M154                 Gravure-Idol Cutie Wrestling (0?) Sweet and cute dressed young ladies compete in the ring for supremacy. These girls look a bit younger than usual, but there is no nasty stuff. Just some cool catfights with super-hero type outfits. Pretty kickass! F.L.

M156                 Gravure-Idol Cutie Wrestling 2 (0?) Why not? Join more girls in kickass like costumes hit the ring for some painful toss and grab action. F.L.

M150 Manticore Catfights Vol. 1 (0?) First we discuss things with our fighting wild women... then the matches! Each woman gets a few words to the camera, then they hit the ring and beat each other silly. This is serious, these girls are lean, mean, and hard, but still sexy and with endless energy. What is this? Almost to the death? Seems like one of the girls wins by almost strangling the other. Oh she's up! We've got a win! Nice! F.L.

M151 Manticore Catfights Vol. 2 (0?) Much like Vol. 1. Serious minded no-nonsense Japanese chicks beat each other up in their quest for domination. F.L.

M157 Race Queen Cat-Fight (0?) Not only are these gals going to smack each other around, but they are going to punish the losers by ripping off their clothes and sexually molesting them gang style, with toys sometimes even. And you thought bullies were vicious in America! F.L. XXX Optically censored naughty areas but you can barely tell!

M155 Radical Feminine Battle: Ready to Rumble (0?) These gals are all smoking hot and the scanty outfits accentuate their admiral attributes. Lip locking loving and hardcore sex with the battle babes is included. Jump in the ring for a closer look, but wear a face guard, these chicks are lethal. Optically censored naughty parts but you can barely tell. XXX F.L.

M188 Schoolgirl Catfight (0?) Young schoolgirls (of age of course) are coaxed into the ring for some smack down cat-fighting, and then they need no coaxing to service a male in the ring. Optical censoring on the naughty parts. F.L.

M191 Sexy Cutie Cosplex (0?) These cuties want to show us how special they are even when they are not in the ring, so let them strut their stuff here. F.L.

M161 Sumo Girl Fight (0?) No, they are not fat chicks. Just really cute Japanese chicks that have on Sumo wrestler tong-like gear banging each other up all over the ring. That's all they got on too, these battle babes are topless! F.L.

M184 T-Back Beach Volleyball (02) Hot chicks do the hottest beach balling action you have ever seen both in bed and on the sands of the local beach. Lesbian action, straight action, beach jogging and more! F.L.

M190 T-Back Bike Racing (0?) Bicycles! Bicycles! These gals in tight thongs on bikes may just be the ticket to get you out there! They have other talents, these sexy gals. F.L.

M192 T-Back Chicken Fighting (0?) Decent battle babe action in the swimming pool with chicken fights, nets and balls, and more action later. F.L.

M186 T-Back Gymnastics #1 (0?) Gymnastiness and hospital sex, rehabilitation, more sex, exercise girl in heat! No battles in sight in this Japanese sex drama. F.L.

M187 T-Back Gymnastics #2 (0?) Gym antics from our sexy little concubine and she jogs (look at her go!) but let's face it, the real talent comes when she gets naked for sex. F.L.

M185 T-Back Swimming (0?) This time the action is set at a pool, except when they are having sex with men in bed or preparing to go for a swim, in the locker room. F.L.

M189 T-Bone Pro-Woman Wrestling (0?) More, and this time they actually get it on! In the ring I mean, The rest goes without saying, that's just what they do. The rest, the sex part I mean. F.L.

M158 Triple Round Cat Fight (0?) Six Japanese chicks, 3 fights, fights that end in sexual pleasure for all girls concerned. F.L. XXX - Optically censored naughty parts but you can barely tell.

M160 Valkirie Cat Fight Selection (0?) Sexy schoolgirl fetish fight stuff that ends with the loser being stripped down and having to have her opponents butt rubbed in her face. At least that is how the first match ends. Well, that isn't exactly how I would describe the second match ending, but what is similar is this. The loser gets their clothes ripped off. Maybe we could retitle this 'You Stripped You Lose'? F.L.




22860000 22860000 (`@````````` 266 263 5 110185200 110185200


{ Choose any two CLASSIC titles to create your custom double feature for $14.00 on VHS OR DVD-R! }


D356 Arson Racket Squad (38) aka: Arson Gang Busters  New York City Fireman Bill O'Connell (Robert Livingston) is assigned to the arson squad to apprehend the for-profit gang of arsonists who are spreading terror, loss of property and killing. Also with Jack La Rue, Jackie Moran, Rosalind Keith and more. BA

M144 Baboona (35) aka: Bride of the Beast  Osa and Martin Johnson take yet another flying trip over darkest Africa and film everything in sight. Staged scenes of peril include, landing their plane on an unexplored lake filled with crocodiles, wild animals, native tribes and more!

D322 Bulldog Edition (36) aka: Lady Reporter  Two rival newspapers are engaged by a circulation battle complicated by a vicious gangster who puts himself in the middle of it. With Evalyn Knapp, Ray Walker and Regis Toomey.

D365 Classic Gold (50's) First 'The Night America Trembled' (57) A live T.V. reenactment of sorts about the Orson Welles broadcast of 'War of the Worlds' The fact that people actually thought we were being invaded by aliens from outer space.... Wow.  Anyway, just look at some of the guys in this one! Vincent Gardenia, James Coburn, Edward Asner, Warren Beatty, Warren Oates, John Astin (don't blink or you'll miss some of them, this was a debut for many of them), So essentially the first dramatization of these events. Next: Medic (55) Episode: Boy in the Storm. - This is Dennis Hopper at age 19 in his second appearance on A T.V. show, before he broke into film. He plays a 17 year old epileptic who needs help from the doctor (Richard Boone). This role so impressed Hollywood that he was cast in 'Rebel Without a Cause' the same year. Next: Lights Out: Episode: The Martian Eyes - This eerie episode of the famed 50's fear show stars Burgess Meredith.

D297 Confidential (35) aka: La casa degli agguati  A federal agent seeks to avenge the murder of his friend by going undercover in a numbers racket. Evalyn Knapp, Donald Cook and J. Carroll Naish star.

M145 Congorilla (32) aka: Adventures Among the Big Apes and Little People of Central Africa  Osa and Martin Johnson fly again! The Johnson's also relied on humor when making their jungle pictures, staging sequences, and making native tribe people look stupid to some, I thought it was entertaining and respectful, but that's just me. I mean let's face it, they were hanging with savages! So much of the information is incorrect and the filmmakers may be a little less than authentic. So what. Where's your film that you made in the Congo in 1932? Oh, I see, you were never there. Take it on with historical perspective, and tongue in cheek humor and you'll enjoy it. All PC people steer clear. This may be the best of their pictures. Filmed in the Congo this one has historical value as this is exactly how things were in 1932 Congo, with the Pygmies and other native types.  BA

D321 Federal Fugitives (41) aka: International Spy  Spotting a man in Washington D.C., that he thinks looks like Otto Liberman, a fugitive that caused a plane crash that killed eight people, government agent James Madison manages to identify him by getting his fingerprints and then follows him to make the bust. With his new identity we know he is up to no good!

D317 Female Fugitive (38) aka: Fugitive Lady  A woman who's husband runs a successful trucking company, which seemingly is untouched by a rash of hijackings plaguing his competitors, ends up on the run when the police show up at her door looking for two hijackers. Fleeing with her husband and his henchmen, she must try to figure out how to get out of the charge of murder as a cop was killed in a shoot-out. She is in way over her head. With Evelyn Venable.

D245 Footsteps in the Fog (55) In Color Victorian thriller! In early 1900's England, a beautiful maid (Jean Simmons) tries to blackmail her master (Stewart Granger) into romancing her when she finds out he poisoned his wife, killing her. Heavily atmospheric film with incredible set design and foggy streets resembles a lost 'Jekyll/Hyde' or 'Jack the Ripper' type film. Rich, colorful and with a surprise ending! Also with Bill Travers. BA

D319 Gang Bullets (38) aka: The Crooked Way  A ruthless but clever gangster who knows every loophole in the law has the tables turned by a dedicated D.A. and his assistant. Some crime flicks from the 30's are a bit dated, but notice how the cops are jerks and not always presented in a righteous light. That is more accurate in reality, then, and today. With Ann Nagel and Robert Kent.

D361 Great God Gold (35) Greed, ambition, and a hunger for power drive John Hart (Sidney Blackmer), a New-York city stock-market broker, into crooked dealings and deception. He gets through the crash unscathed and makes a fortune destroying companies. Of course this is still happening now when companies are liquidated and employees lose everything but the other guys make fortunes. Today's version of such a film is out now in 2014 and is of course called 'Wolves of Wall Street'.

M143 I Married Adventure (40) Osa and Martin Johnson made a series of wildlife and native tribe type study films, and staged scenes of danger, in far away places in the 20's and early 30's. When Martin died in a plane crash in 1937 at the age of only 53, Osa reflected, wrote a book about her life with Martin, and then had this movie thrown together with archive footage of her with Martin, in their heyday, doing what they loved. Jim Bannon is the narrator.  BA

D227 Insurance Investigator (51) Tom Davison (Richard Denning) investigates a double-indemnity insurance policy after a supposed accidental death when it looks like these things are happening way too often in the area. He finds himself smack dab in the thick of it, as a criminal enterprise is responsible for the deadly scam. Hillary Brooke is great as the 'bad girl'. BA

M147 King Solomon's Mines (37) aka: Les mines du Roi Salomon  White hunter Allen Quatermain and his enigmatic guide help a young Irish woman locate her missing father who has gone missing seeking treasure in unexplored Darkest Africa. Some swear that this old British adaptation of the classic H. Rider Haggard novel is the best version ever filmed, despite the era's disadvantages. You decide. Sir Cedric Hardwicke plays a sturdy rugged Quatermain. Also with Anna Lee and John Loder. BA

D240 Lost in the Stratosphere (34) Two military pilots are close friends, and share in a lot of hazardous missions while engaging in a series of good-natured romantic rivalries. With William (brother of James) Cagney.

D241 Million to One, A (37) Pretty cool film about the Olympics (with plenty of competition footage) and the struggles of the participants involved. Obstacles of women, the good life, the agonies of defeat and the thrill of success and more with quite a bit packed into the film's short running time of just under an hour. Joan Fontaine is 20 years old in this, she just died Dec. 2013 at age 96.  BA

D261 Missing Girls (36) aka: When Girls Leave Home  A group of gangsters shoot a senator and take his daughter and her friend as hostages at Ma Barton's hideout. There they are subjected to the worst of indignities, like washing dishes and ironing clothes! Reporter Jimmie Dugan shows up disguised as a tramp. With Ann Doran, Roger Pryor, Sidney Blackmer and more.

D318 Motive for Revenge (35) aka: Thunder in the Streets  Bank teller Barry (Donald Cook) is driven into stealing bank funds by his nagging mother-in-law. When he gets out of jail he finds his wife (Irene Hervey) with another man. A shot is heard and now Barry and his ex-wife are on the run accused of murder!  BA

D320 Riot Squad (41) Tom Brandon (Richard Cromwell), a young doctor who, working with and for the police department, takes a job as a doctor for a bunch of criminals, after his friend (a cop) is gunned down.

D316 Sensation Hunters (33) Dale Jordan (Marion Burns) is at first accepted by the aristocratic first-class passengers on a South bound Panama-Pacific liner, until they discover she is a member of a dance troupe. Later on in Panama City things go horribly awry for our showgirl. Pre-Code.

M146 Simba: The King of the Beasts (27) aka: Simba Der König der Tiere  Osa and Martin Johnson jungle thrills! Crocodiles, stampedes and other jungle beasts (like aggressive rhinos) as the Johnson's track Simba the lion to his lair. Eight Kenyan tribes are filmed for the first (and for many of them) the last time. Martin married Osa when she was only 16 and swept her into a world of adventure. Amazing.   BA

D225 Sleeping City, The (50) aka: Kaupungin nukkuessa  At Bellevue Hospital in New York, an intern is shot in the head by an unknown killer. Shot at Bellevue! Hospital corridors, primitive art deco elevators and night shots of gotham streets. Dark and foreboding film noir with Richard Conte and Colleen Gray (The Leech Woman).   BA

M142 Snows of Kilimanjaro, The (52) Writer Harry Street reflects on his life as he lies dying from an infection while on safari in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. Ava Gardner, Torn Thatcher, Susan Hayward and Gregory Peck star. BA

D251 Sunset Murder Case (38) aka: High Explosive  Small-town showgirl (Sally Rand), loved by two decent men, poses as a stripper to infiltrate a nightclub whose owner is believed responsible for her father's murder.

D299 Ticket to a Crime (34) Thirties murder mystery. A man is found murdered at the Lido Country Club, and , although several people are under suspicion, the police cannot find the murderer.

D314 Too Tough to Kill (35) The construction site of a big tunnel provides the backdrop for this drama. When the project is delayed, the chief engineer is sent to the mountainous site to ensure things go as planned. He is accompanied by a reporter and her photographer. Together they try to stop the troublemakers before blood is spilled....   Victor Jory stars  BA

D283 Tops is the Limit (36) aka: Anything Goes - A young man falls in love with a beautiful blonde. When he sees her being forced onto a luxury liner, he decides to follow and rescue her. Bing Crosby, Ethel Merman and Ida Lupino star. You may spot John Carradine as a Ballet Master and Jane Wyman as a chorus girl.  BA

D247 Trespasser, The (47) Linda (Dale Evans and no horse in sight), a newspaper reporter, and Danny Butler (Warren Douglas), feature editor, set out to track down a gang of literary forgers who are making a fortune off of selling fake first editions.

D246 Trial Without Jury (50) Finding the real killer is the task when a theater director is murdered, and the lead actor who had a recent quarrel with said dead director is the accused. This will 'play' out literally on the stage. Inventive. With Kent Taylor, Robert Rockwell and even Barbara Billingsley!  BA

D278 Witness in the Dark (59) A killer breaks into an apartment to steal a valuable brooch. He kills and old woman, but in fleeing encounters a young woman on the stairs. She is blind. He escapes but returns later to silence her. Some nice suspense in this British thriller. Director Wolf Rilla directed 'Village of the Damned' the following year. With Nigel Green as 'The Intruder'.





M114 Archer of Fire (71) aka: The Scalawag Bunch  aka: L'arciere di fuoco - Last print had some defects going from widescreen to full screen at about the 1 hour and 20 minute mark. This time it is complete beautiful color Widescreen dubbed into English. {See review in one of last updates.}  BA

N992 Avenger, The (62) aka: La leggenda di Enea  aka: The Last Glory of Troy  aka: La leyenda de Eneas  Amazing Widescreen upgrade print from an immaculate new transfer! Steve Reeves stars in this sequel to 'The Trojan Horse', this starts right after that one. When the fleeing people of Troy reach Italy and try to settle there, problems arise when the King of a nearby Kingdom grants the people land by the Tiber river to settle on. In-fighting within the Kingdom however, lead by Turno, who sees the Trojans as a threat, leads to Turno conceiving a plot to make the Trojan's look evil. Trojans join with Etruscans to fight the Kingdom. See it as it was meant to be seen! Spectacular!  BA

D282 Beauty and the Beast (78) aka: Panna a netvor  aka: The Virgin and the Monster - Darker and gloomier version from Czechoslovakia. Tired of the light-hearted fairy tale? Give this one a roll. Basically a horror movie in the guise of a children's story. Quite possibly one of the best versions of the much-filmed fable. With English subtitles.

N972 Chéri Bibi (55) aka: Das Schiff der gefährlichen Männer  French/Italian co-production adventure from a Gaston Leroux novel filmed in color. Based on the anarchist, masochistic and dreaded bandit character Cheri-Bibi whose adventures extend on in six novels. Captured Cheri-Bibi (Jean Richard) manages to take control of a ship taking him with other prisoners to Guyana. Besides his inseparable companion String, the disturbing Dr. Kanak who was arrested cutting the skin off of his clients is also aboard. This skin cutter uses the skin of a Marquis (the convicts have rescued people from a sinking yacht, including the Marquis) to disguise Cheri Bibi into a look-alike of his rival. He will return to his native town and resume his life.... but runs into even more problems. With English subtitles.

M100 Corsairs, The (71) aka: Los corsarios  aka: I pirati dell'isola verde  The American singer, actor, and possibly 'traitor', to America, Dean Reed stars in this adventure flick surrounded by charming Italian and Spanish actors. Isabella (Annabella Incontrera), the beautiful daughter of the viceroy of a Caribbean island, is in danger after the death of her father. Her evil cousin wants the throne, and will kill her to get it. Luckily shipwrecked pirates come to her rescue. Dean Reed, was found dead in a lake near his home outside of East Berlin in 1986 at age 48. Some think it was the KGB that killed him. Amazing widescreen upgrade!  BA

M140 Giant of the Marathon (59) aka: La battaglia di Maratona  aka: Die Schlacht von Marathon  Steve Reeves plays Phillipipides. an Olympic champion caught up in the Greco-Persian war. He's in love with Andromeda (Mylene Demongeot) whose father is part of an aristocratic plot to overthrow Athen's democracy and replace it with a Persian puppet government. Okay on this one, you get cinematography from Mario Bava, direction from Jacques Tourneur and an assist from Mario Bava. So what you have here is one unique slice of peplum from two film pioneers. Widescreen Upgrade!  BA

D267 Gladiator of Pompeii (07) aka: Pompei, ieri, oggi, domani  Epic drama of forbidden love in Pompeii at the cities height of glory, up to the eruption of Vesuvius in A.D. 79. We follow nobles, slaves, gladiators, and the secret gatherings of early Christians. Back into the arena for Tomas Arana (Gladiator). Bloody arena scenes and loads of cool looking weapons. Epic at 3 hours. Mostly in English.  LBX  BA

M137 Hercules Against the Moon Men (64) aka: Maciste e la regina di Samar  Now in a nice Widescreen upgraded print! Hercules (Alan Steel) is summoned to oppose the beautiful (but evil) queen Samara (Jany Clair), who has allied herself with aliens and is sacrificing her own people in a bid to awaken the Moon Goddess. With a fanged monkey monster, rock men monsters and loads of cool sets. Locations and atmosphere above average for this type with high production values, and finally a widescreen print so you get the entire colorful picture.   BA

D236 Iznogoud (05) Iznogoud, the great vizier, gets an idea how to kill the good Caliph. Based on graphic novel in an Arabian Nights style with genies and spells, strange sets and dazzling special effects. Mix in weird musical numbers and jokes, a talking frog, sexual innuendo, and eye-popping colorful set designs and costumes in a CGI world loaded with visual surprises. French made and filmed in Morroco. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

M102 Juliette, or the Key of Dreams (51) Having been caught stealing money from his employer to pay for a holiday with his girlfriend, Juliette, Michel finds himself in a prison cell. He falls into a deep sleep and when he wakes he finds the cell door is open. When he steps through the doorway he finds himself in the sun-drenched countryside where he takes a road to a remote village with amnesiac inhabitants. No one recognizes each other, but when Michel inquires about Juliette everyone knows about her..... In French and with English subtitles. BA

M121 Left-Handed Fate (65) aka: Fata Morgana - In a very convoluted and intentionally in-joke sci-fi storyline, Teresa Gimpera plays the beautiful Gim, involved in all matter of intrigue with spies, hit men, revolutionary conspirators and wacky characters wearing goofy disguises. The plot has elements of Phillip K. Dick, notably his 1956 short story 'Minority Report' as our hero races the clock to save Gim from her predicted murder. The film's pop art visual style remains intriguing even after almost 50 years of obscurity. This was an era when everyone was trying to make a hip sci-fi comic strip type, you know like 'Barbarella' and 'Danger Diabolik'. Director Vicente Aranda beat them to the punch with this one. LBX and with English subtitles. Upgrade!

D272 Legion of Iron (90) aka: Steel Force  Poor High School football star Billy. He's just trying to get into his girlfriend's pants (and she is having none of it) when he is kidnapped with his girlfriend and forced to fight duel-to-the death gladiator matches run by a sadistic dominatrix (Erika Nann). His gal meanwhile, is going to have to service the men of the hostile clan, sexually of course. Is there a way out? I hope not!   BA

M138 Mighty Ursus (61)aka: Ursus - After returning from war, Ursus (Ed Fury), has to find his former fiancé' Attea (Moira Orfei), who has been abducted by a virgin sacrificing cult. He takes a devoted but blind shepherd woman (sexy Maria Luisa Merlo) to help. Obstacles aplenty on their quest (like Urus being whipped!). Later he finds that Attea has flipped to the dark side and is now an evil idol worshipping witch queen of sorts. Arena tortures, lavish and plentiful costumes, and pretty violent too!  They used some left over sets from the big budget 'King of Kings', which makes this look like a very expensive picture. And much better than the former propaganda commercial piece. Pretty decent Widescreen print is heads above the old full frame version.  BA

N983 Queen of the Pirates (61) aka: La Venere dei pirate  aka: La reina de los piratas  Stunning Beautiful Widescreen Upgrade! In the 16th century, a sea captain and his daughter escape false charges and run away to be pirates! Evil and beautiful Isabella (Scilla Gabel, whose next film was 'Mill of the Stone Women') is on the hunt for Sandra, Queen of the Pirates (Gianna Maria Canale, who made a career being in sword and sandal films). This is like a completely different film in this new print, putting the full frame print to shame! Dubbed into English. From director Mario Costa.  BA

N960 Sandokan Against the Leopard of Sarawak (64) aka: Sandokan contro il leopardo di Sarawak  aka: Sandokan Returns  aka: Throne of Vengeance   Awesome Widescreen Upgrade! Uncut 84 minute print. Sandokan takes on a tiger, quicksand pits, jumping cliffs and more in this adventure. When Samoa (Fraco Bettoia) is hypnotized and held in caves by her cousin whose father was killed by her future husband Sandokan (Ray Danton), Sandokan must spring into action! Some intense moments for a kid's adventure film (like many of these types). A family is slain, a bit of torture of sorts and the usual 'throne squabble' motive from the villain. Super-colorful Widescreen Upgrade!  BA

M130 Space Men (60) aka: Assignment Outer Space - Uncut LBX original version this version runs 85 minutes, not the cut up 73 minute U.S. release. The earth is threatened by a rogue computer which is controlling an earth ship orbiting Venus and moving closer. Rik Van Nutter is sent along on the mission to help stop the ship from reaching earth. This space opera has the distinction of having a black guy on the space crew treated as an equal. Being 1960, I think it may be the first sci-fi flick that did this. This was dubbed into English and cut up for U.S. release so long ago. With English subtitles.  BA

N961 Spartacus and the Ten Gladiators (64) aka: Gli invincibili dieci gladiatori  aka: Spartacus e gli invincibili 10 gladiatori    Toss out the old prints, this is an awesome Widescreen color upgrade! The second part of the 'Ten Gladiators' trilogy, packed with action, fights, an opening gladiators in arena sequence, swordplay and adventure. In this one they are involved with Roman Senator threats and slavers, saving the damsel and more. Incredible. With Dan Vadis reprising his role as Gladiator Roccia and Helga Line.  BA

M193 Ten Gladiators, The (63) aka: I dieci gladiatori  aka: Die Revolte der Gladiatoren   First of the trilogy now upgraded in nice Widescreen! Gladiator Roccia (Dan Vadis) and his band of fellow gladiators, join a join forces with a patrician to overthrow Nero and his evil henchmen, and replace him with a new emperor. During the course of this bloody struggle, they not only lose their mentor and trainer Resius, but also must rescue Livia (Jose' Greci), Roccia's beautiful niece, from death on the cross. Also with Roger Browne. Collect them all! All 3 Upgraded in this update!  BA

N964 Third Planet in the Third Solar System (72) aka: Third After the Sun  aka: Treta sled slantzeto   Widely regarded as the Bulgarian's answer to Kubrick's '2001'. It begins at the dawn of man, where thanks to some extraterrestrials, ape-men are developed. Then it skips forward in time where a mysterious being from another world gets caught up in a small tragedy and finally further into the future an alien discovers earth has advanced beyond what was originally thought possible. In Bulgarian and with English subtitles.

N986 Triumph of the Ten Gladiators (64) aka: Il trionfo dei dieci gladiatori  Second sequel to 'The Ten Gladiators'. Dan Vadis returns as Gladiator Roccia. The ten are hired to travel to Arbela, a small country on the outskirts of the Roman Empire to learn if Parthia is planning to war with Rome. Upon arriving, the heroes decide to kidnap the beautiful Parthian queen and spirit here to Syria as a hostage. With Helga Line.  Amazing Color Widescreen! Upgrade!  BA

D288 Valley of the Dragons (61) aka: El valle de los dragones  aka: Prehistoric Valley   Lost on a comet with lizards dressed up like dinosaurs, giant spiders and prehistoric humans. From a Jules Verne story. Now LBX. BA

N988 Vulcan Son of Jupiter (62) aka: Vulcano, figlio di Giove  Another stunning upgrade. Tired of the sexual escapades on earth by his daughter Venus, Jupiter, the God of Lightning, decides he will marry her soon to one of the eligible candidates Maciste, a mortal working in Vulcano's cave or Mars, the God of War!  But Mars abducts Venus, allied with Pluto (Gordon Mitchell) and Eris.... And let's not forget 'the lizard-men'! Great twisted mangled mythology peplum with drop-dead gorgeous women, amazing sets, a brave midget, plenty of oiled up muscle-men and lots of action. And let's not forget a nice fight with whips by two of the hot and sexy female leads (which turns into a catfight as they roll on the ground!). Also with Bella Cortez and many more. Ends in a huge epic bloody battle. Upgrade! LBX  BA

M133 White Moor, The (65) aka: De-as fi... Harap Alb   aka: El moro blanco   Romanian fantasy film adapted from a folk legend, it tells the story of a bad-tempered nobleman and his chronically useless younger son, who dreams of being a mythical hero. Their adventures take them to a number of picturesque locales. A bizarre Medieval court, where comely maidens gyrate in fluorescent mauve and turquoise wigs and spangly water nymphs emerge out of the wall. An underground S&M looking torture area guarded by hooded muscle in studded black-leather loincloths. Our hero acquires one sidekick who can drink rivers dry at a single gulp, and another who can freeze fire with his breath. Wow, very colorful fantasy with sexy babes everywhere!  With English subtitles and LBX.

N967 Wir (81) aka: We  Based on a book by Jewgenj Samjatin written in 1920 and may be part of the inspiration for Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World' and Orwell's '1984'. It is the future. Everybody is a number and lives in buildings of glass so the government can monitor their every move. Video surveillance is in all aspects of life. Up to date, stark and startling, possibly a preview of our future if we continue down the road of power grabbing corruption and thousands of new laws a year. In German language and with English subtitles.

N968 You Don't Shoot at Poets (65) aka: Ai poeti non si spara  More Italian sci-fi from Vittorio Cottafavi, the man behind 'Operazione Vega' and some sword and sandal pictures. Leonetti, a marketing man at finds the company is in trouble. So they obtain the ultra-new and advanced electronic brain, named 'Gordon 1' to improve their market performance. But Gordon 1 has been designed with free will...... This is a satirical look at the dangers encountered with man and machine. Similar stories have been filmed dozens of times further advancing this theme. In Italian language and with English subtitles.



D243 Four Just Men, The (39) aka: The Secret Four - The four men of the title are British WW1 veterans who decide to work secretly against enemies of the country as vigilantes. This espionage melodrama indicative of the period and ahead of it's time seems to have a direct warning message to Hitler. In 1939, all hell was about to break loose in history. Was there ever a writer that had so many of his titles filmed? Hell, even 'King Kong' was Edgar Wallace's idea! He just died in 1932 before he could see it totally developed and most others took credit. With Alan Napier, Basil Sydney, Hugh Sinclair and look for Jon Pertwee as a Rally campaigner.  BA



M115 Baby Love: Lemon Popsicle 5 (84) aka: Roman Za'ir  This series is like a running gag of the 'Porky's' films, and even 'The Last American Virgin'.  This one is about Benji, who falls in love with Bobby's sister while getting into sexual misadventures with his always horny brothers. Hell, in the opening beach scene the boy's are already peeping into a woman's shower to watch her naked bathing. Faking drowning so the hot life guard will give mouth to mouth, (which works for the first guy, when the fat guy tries it he finds his rescuer is a man giving him mouth to mouth... ugh!), As usual, the perverts get laid and there is even a bit of drama here. BA

M162 Bath Girl (9?) The cleanest Hong Kong girl of all! Check out this weird drama with nudity and more. F.L.

N996 Innocence and Desire (74) aka: Innocenza e turbamento  aka: Inocencia y turbación   A young man named Tonino is home temporarily from the Seminary and falls in love with his father's young wife Carmela (Edwige Fenech who flirts with the Priest wannabe with salacious abandon). He's screwed, or almost, and if he does, so much for being a Priest. Fenech could stop any man from becoming a Priest (unless he is joining the church for altar boy's, which this guy isn't!). With a befuddled father, a horny wacky grandfather (who discourages Tonino about his priestly aspirations)  and funny moments, this still manages to strike a serious tone as the spiritual/carnal conflicts take their toll on Tonino. Priesthood or sex with Edwige Fenech? Easy choice.  LBX and with English subtitles.

D383 Love Garden, The (71) Mike, a freelance journalist, falls head over heels for Claire, a pretty blonde that lives in his apartment building. Thing is Claire loves a woman, at least she thinks she does. Mike is convinced he can flip her straight. And maybe he can. Has some damn near but not quite hardcore sequences.  BA

N959 Paolo, the Hot One (73) aka: The Sensuous Sicilian  aka: Paolo il caldo  aka: Los amores de Paolo   Giancarlo Giannini, dapper as ever as a sexually obsessed Italian nobleman, enjoys some of the best Italian women of the era. We first meet him as a randy schoolboy peeking under the skirts of the household help and then we follow him through the years as his sexual addiction grows. Eventually he is old and still trying to pick up chicks in his car. With Rossana Podesta (Helen of Troy and many others, died in Dec. 2013), Barbara Bach, Ornella Muti, Femi Benussi, Jessica Dublin and more. Shot in autumnal hues by the great cinematographer Tonino Delli Colli. Plenty of nudity in this lust fest.  1 hour and 58 minutes!  (15 minutes longer than the English dubbed version!)   LBX and with easy to read subtitles.

M127 Relations (69) aka: Sonja - 16 år  aka: Tumolt   A middle-aged man cheats on his wife (she is frigid) and falls for a 16 year old girl (Gertie Jung). She might seem innocent, and he may think he can control the affair.... but clearly the 16 year old girl does. This Danish film is dubbed into English and really delivers the sleaze. BA

N962 Summer Temptations (88) aka: Provocazione  Vanessa (Moana Pozzi in a soft-core role) comes to spend the summer at her beachside villa, where she tends to her oversexed  teenage stepdaughter Kiki  (Petra Scharbach) and her stepdaughter's sexy friends, and has sex with locals. Interesting to see Pozzi actually act for a change. But the young girls are evil, and they lock Pozzi in a steam room to kill her. Now the young tarts can capture a man to keep as a sex toy.  Upgraded English dubbed version of this Italian soft-core! LBX

N963 Sweet Young Trouble (80) aka: Schoolgirl Report 13  aka: Vergiss beim Sex die Liebe nicht - Der neue Schulmächenreport 13. Teil   A high school drama class goes off the rails when the teacher tries to score points for Shakespeare by claiming he is sexually relevant to today's youth. The students offer erotic back stories about their peers who have had erotic misadventures. Sexy young girls having lots of sex with older men is the theme here.  - Sadly the last installment of the series  Dubbed into English language.

M131 Swinging Wives (71) aka: Der neue heiße Sex-Report - Was Männer nicht für möglich halten  I Do ... is just the Beginning! Sex comedy about lonely housewives and their activities while their husband's are away. It's a series of vignettes connected by documentary-style interviews with people on the street. Plenty of nudity from really hot women. Excellent quality and LBX, dubbed into English.

M132 Temptations of a Young Girl (86) aka: La joven y la tentación  aka: Voglia d'amore  In French language only and with no subtitles. Florence Guerin stars as a teenager who is turned on by a writer her mother lets move in with them for the summer. The mother wants the writer, but doesn't know her daughter has her sights set on him. Guerin supplies ample nudity that will make any red-blooded male drool. Widescreen  BA

M111 Up Your Anchor: Lemon Popsicle 6 (85) aka: Harimu Ogen  aka: Una crociera da sballo   German made sex comedy about a group of teens (really young men) trying to get laid on a cruise ship. You know the genre, and you know what to expect! Sight gags, nudity, crude jokes and more! In the first 15 minutes there is a direct lift of a scene from the U.S. film 'The Last American Virgin' with the boys being serviced by a horny MILF while her sailor husband is walking through the door, the two waiting their turn, keyhole peeping the fat guy and everything. Dubbed into English too.

M135 Woman Woman (79) aka: Mulher, Mulher  Alice (Helena Ramos) is a recent widow, married to a psychiatrist interested in sexual issues of the mind. She finds his audio tapes and listens. Getting turned on she decides to do things just like she heard. She devotes a special affection for Jumbo, their pet horse, and a delivery boy from the university. Plenty of nudity and sleaze. In Portuguese language only and with no subtitles.



D266 Angel, Angel, Down We Go (69) aka: Cult of the Damned - The overweight debutante daughter of the world's wealthiest couple falls in with a bunch of tripped out pop stars who take their beliefs of the American ideal to profoundly impossible heights. Jennifer Jones's (Song of Bernadette) character utters lines like 'I made 30 stag films and never faked an orgasm.', or the classic ' Your a bloody sadistic dyke!' (to her masseuse). Long way from Bernadette hey Jennifer? Like a dress rehearsal for a John Waters movie. A crushing stab at Hollywood royalty. Released just 10 days after Sharon Tate and the others were found murdered. Impossible not to think of while watching this study of L.A. high society brutally invaded upon by a group of sadistic drug addled sky-diving musicians.  BA

N991 Angels with Burnt Wings (70) aka: Engel, die ihre Flügel verbrennen  aka: Omicidio al 17 piano   From the director of 'Carnivorous Females'. When 16 year old Robert brutally murders his mother's (Nadja Tiller) latest lover he goes into hiding. Sanctuary provided by a girl his age who witnessed the crime, and thinks he may just be her soul-mate. Hoping anyhow. Meanwhile the police are looking for the killer. One of her admirer's is on the case, and he thinks her husband killed the  man. Of course she has sex with him to keep him silent. Some cool twists. Delivers sex and violence in Munich. Great quality and with English subtitles.  BA

N998 Brutal Hopelessness of Love, The (07) aka: Hito ga hito o ai suru koto no dôshiyô mo nasa  This is a messy mind trip of a film about an actress being interviewed on the set of her new film. As she speaks the film world mixes with her life, and her dark fantasies and shows us inside her mind of love. life and sex (especially sex!). Good looking film that makes everything look fetishistic. Steamy sequences often tinged with S&M and violence. In Japanese language and with English subtitles.

M128 Champagne Murders, The (66) aka: Le Scandale   A champagne tycoon's (Yvonne Furneaux) partner Paul (Maurice Ronet) suspects his partner's gigolo husband (Anthony Perkins) of murders that HE has been framed for. Or are these murders a game to get Paul to sell out his shares?   Perkins was a master at playing these ambiguous characters, whose motives and real desires are sometimes submerged. This is a murder mystery, so I better shut it.  Ten minutes longer than the English dubbed version, this one is in French language, LBX and with English subtitles. BA

N954 Cold Blooded Beast (71) aka: Asylum Erotica aka: Slaughter Hotel  aka: La bestia uccide a sangue freddo - A maniac is loose on the grounds of a rest home/insane asylum loaded with sexy nymphomaniacs who come and go as they please. Ahem, yes they do. Between various orgasms, the killer brutally murders his way through the cast using medieval axe, knives, spiked mace, sword, and even a crossbow. You will find sleaze footage in here that is not part of the Shriek Show release as this is from the Italian version as the main source, and includes inserts from the more explicit French cut. This is the fourth version of this sucker, and the best! With Rosalba Neri, Margaret Lee, John Karlson, Klaus Kinski and more sexy Euro-babes. Twisted, sick and nasty stuff blended with stark eroticism (even close-up female masturbation) from director Fernando De Leo (the guy who wrote and directed ' To Be Twenty' and many more). Widescreen and dubbed into English. When English is missing there are English subtitles. BA

N970 Death at the Deep End of the Swimming Pool (71) aka: La última señora Anderson  aka: The Fourth Victim - Michael Craig stars as as Arthur Anderson. His blonde wife is found dead in their swimming pool. Because his other two wives also died under suspicious circumstances, Arthur is charged with murder, only getting off because his motherly housekeeper lies to clear his name. Later the sexy Carroll Baker shows up and starts to flirt. She soon is the new Mrs. Anderson. Will she also be the fourth victim? A nice twist in the final third of the film. A Spanish/Italian co-production. Rare LBX, Uncut and dubbed into English language.  BA

N978 Exciting Love Girls (83) aka: Giochi Carnali - Twisted rape film from notorious and nasty director Andrea Bianchi now with English subtitles! Two men after seeing a porno about a hitchhiker, drive around and pick up a woman to have sex with. When one of the guys is about to get to third base the other guy says 'Aaag! It's a transvestite!'. They kick him out of the car. Their new plan involves one of them dressing up in drag so they look like a couple, easier to stalk their prey of sweet young things. They pick up a girl and they stop at an isolated rest area and things get really nasty as they rape her. Maybe too real. They leave her and run. Later one of their victim's ends up in the hospital where Doctor Daniera (Sirpa Lane) works. When her car breaks down the rapists get her. They wine and dine her before they rape her. Now the rapists are passed out and this sexy doctor gets prepared for the ultimate revenge! Hilarious ending. This film is one sick puppy. English subtitles!

N979 From Ear to Ear (70) aka: Les cousines  aka: The French Cousins   Twisted and erotic dysfunctional family thriller! Elisa (Nicole DeBonne) stars as a young woman who lives with her mute sister, her blonde cousin (whom she cuddles topless regularly) and her mother in a large house in the country. Men are scarce, and when the young cousins see a man they go wild! But they also must attend to their mute sis who is also psychologically damaged from a childhood trauma. The cousins enjoy torturing her, unfortunately for her! When the mother leaves for the weekend on business the cousins have a wild sex and drugs filled party. Fearing the mute will expose them they plan to kill her by scaring her to death!  Amazing Euro trash! Very slightly LBX and now with big easy to read English subtitles. Upgrade!

D238 Gore From Outer Space (01) aka: Chi wo sû uchû  A woman named Satomi has a daughter who is abducted, by aliens. Or was she? Maybe her mother is an alien, or maybe this tale of aliens and conspiracy theories, possessed dolls and mental hallucinations, needs a closer look! Mind boggling plot twists, kung-fu and more. This Japanese made X-Files on steroids will keep you riveted until the dark end! LBX and with English subtitles.

N980 Hellé (72) aka: Hellé, perversión de una inocente  aka: Un corpo da possedere   1951: France: Aftermath of WW2. Gwen Welles stars as Helle, a young promiscuous deaf/mute living in the mountains, ignored by most, except some local woodsmen who use her for pleasure (these guys know a good thing when they see it!). One day a young man takes an interest in her and they frolic around the rural countryside together as he tries to teach her speech. Later when he has the chance to get it on with a hot naked chick, he can't do it, as he is thinking about Helle. Later, his war damaged brother strips Helle down in front of him and things get really uncomfortable. Thing is, Helle is nuttier than a fruitcake! This weird downbeat film from director Roger Vadim has absolutely stunning location photography in rural areas of France. Quiet, under spoken and ultimately devastating, a trip worth taking. Gwen Welles who plays Helle died of cancer at age 43 in 1993. Also with Maria Schneider. LBX and with English subtitles.

N955 Horrors of Spider Island (60) aka: Body in the Web  aka: Ein Toter hing im Netz   aka: It’s Hot in Paradise  Holy cow it's totally uncut! A plane full of exhibitionistic women crashes and they end up on an island with big ass spiders. Luckily the women have some nice skimpy suits to prance around in, and boy do they! The man gets bitten and turns into a hairy guy with sharp teeth. Watch out for the quicksand! This from the German print (it is a German film), and a few inserts from other countries prints and more. Emphasis on more nude scenes versus the same scenes shot clothed for alternate market standards.  With the sexy Barbara Valentin and Helga Franck (who fell to her doom in 1963 when she tripped and fell out the window of her 5th floor apartment). Slightly LBX English dubbed.  This is not the cut P.D. print!  Also with extras about the film!  Last word on this one.  BA

D313 Hypnotist, The (12) aka: Hypnotisören  Three members of a family are brutally killed in this Swedish made mystery thriller. Only the oldest boy survives, and he is in a coma. A detective gets a hypnotist to hypnotize the boy to identify the killer. It apparently is possible to get a coma patient to talk while they are out. Some intense moments as the pieces of the mystery come together. With Lina Olin, Tobias Zilliacus and more. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

D244 Jar City (06) aka: Mýrin  In this twisted thriller, a serial killer is on the loose, and it's up to Detective Erlunder to piece together a puzzle that involves grisly murder and organ theft. Icelandic film, shot in winter, with striking photography, will have you shivering in your seat throughout. Spectacular aerial shots of shorelines and Icelandic locations. Different take on the genre. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

M170 Kinder Der Nacht (00)  In dreary surroundings of Germany, Jan tries to find answers about the death of his brother and dreams of an old house that haunts him.  He and his motley group of friends find more horror than they bargained for.....     Whippings, gore....and more.   Lower budget horror from Germany directed by Heiko Bender.  F.L.

titles.  BA

M105 Lola's Sin (84) aka: Lola's Secret  aka: Il peccato di Lola  A young man (Scott Coffey) finds himself wrapped up in a murderous affair with the lovely Lola (Donatella Damiani... WOW!). After a series of wonderful and fabulous nights with Lola, he finds her dead. Or is she? Nudity of course from Donatella and again.... WOW!  Also with Gabriele Tinti. English dub with foreign subtitles.

D377 Moonskin (72) aka: La Ragazza Dalla Pelle di Luna  aka: The Sinner  A bourgeois couple in crisis, decides to make a trip to the Seychelles islands to find themselves (always a GREAT idea).... On this paradise instead, while getting in contact with this wild and unspoiled nature, he falls in love with a beautiful local beauty (of course) and the wife ends up in the arms of a failed writer (a REAL catch)....  Beautifully filmed landscapes in the first film in the trilogy (The Girl Off-Road (1973) and The Body (1974)) from director Luigi Scattini  LBX - F.L.

N984 Night of the Walking Dead (75) aka: Strange Love of a Vampire  aka: El extraño amor de los vampires   Finally a nice print of this great Spanish Gothic Horror! Emma Cohen (she of a decent handful of Spanish horror films which include 'Horror Rises From the Tomb') stars as Catherine. She has a terminal illness and is coddled by her parents. Meanwhile, vampires are roaming the countryside, led by Count Rudolph. Catherine longs for love and falls for Count Rudolph, and wants him to save her from death and make her his vampire bride. In between all of this there are plenty of vicious vampire attacks, amazing rural countryside locations, sexual situations and nudity, foggy creepy vampire scenes with lots of toothy female vampires, a colorful vampire's ball and a love story!  Certainly one of the best of the Spanish vampire films. What was once only available in a so so print, now see it in all of it's colorful glory and also Widescreen and English dubbed. From director Leon Klimovsky.

N957 No, The Case is Happily Resolved (73) aka: No il caso è felicemente risolto  A fisherman in a peaceful setting hears screams. He investigates and sees a guy chasing a half naked woman, catching her, and beating her to death violently as she screams. He is face to face with the killer at one point, but escapes. He returns home and decides not to report the matter thinking it will go away on it's own. But the killer has gone to the police, pinning the murder on the witness. Will the evil Professor get away with murder? LBX and with English subtitles. 

M126 Poor Cecily (74)  aka: Soumise et perverse Cecilie  A poor little rich girl (Angela Carnon) is sold into sex slavery to pay for her father's debt in Renaissance France.  Uncut and upgraded 86 minute version of this twisted sex, rape, torture (and a bit of violence, kinda' goes with out saying I guess) trash flick from director Lee Frost (what a résumé!).

D376 Roseland (71) A sex crazed ex-singer is forced to undergo psychiatric counseling: It seems he is addicted to stealing pornographic films. Flashbacks soon inform us that he fell into disgrace after performing a risqué song and dance number on the Ed Sullivan show. Then a dream sequence in which our hero frolics with a group of jungle women in S&M gear. A spaced out ode to what.... psychedelic era strangeness? Oh I get it now! From the director of 'Alabama's Ghost' and 'God monster of Indian Flats'! It all makes sense now....

M108 School of Death (75) aka: El colegio de la muerte  An 1899 London orphanage for beautiful young women is the setting for this downbeat gothic horror tale. In the opening a woman is strapped to a table as a horribly scarred mad scientist performs experiments on her. Switch to opening credits and almost immediately after we see what type of place they are running here as a young girl is being whipped by one of the women in charge. Later we find that the goal of the disfigured maniac doctor is to lobotomize the girls so he can keep them.  Shot like a Hammer movie with moody atmosphere and even some bright red blood, and death of course. One guy is buried alive. Clearly a rip-off of 'The School that Screamed' from 1969. Sandra Mozarowsky, the films lead actress was in some Naschy films and even a Blind Dead film. She was one of the sexiest Lolita's in Spanish horror. She committed suicide at age 18 by taking a swan dive to the street off her 4th floor balcony. She spent 20 days in a coma before dying, one month before her 19th birthday. English dubbed.  BA

M129 Sex of the Angels (68) aka: Il sesso degli angeli  aka: Das Geschlecht der Engel  Three beautiful young girls, one of them a lesbian, are vacationing on a magnificent yacht (belonging to the daddy of one of them) along with a boy toy they drug along to... well entertain them of course. They are all tripping their brains out on LSD, when the man wakes he finds he has been shot. The girls don't properly attend to the situation (young rich girls are all sociopaths aren't they?) and they prove a cruel streak runs through them all. What happens next is anyone's guess. Incredibly beautiful film from director Ugo Liberatore. Colorful and amazing, would be the perfect double feature with 'Top Sensation' also in this update! LBX and dubbed into English.

D280 Six She's and A He (63) aka: Kiss Me Bloody  A soldier stranded on a desert island is captured by a tribe of sadistic women who torture and mutilate men for sport. Part 'Blood Feast', part 'Orgy of the Dead'. A guy washes up on an island and is immediately revived by a tribe of bimbos. They take him to their colorful paradise where they frolic and dance around. One of the girls tells him about their last visitor. He was tied up, put on an altar, and his guts ripped out in explicit gory detail. As he screams they tear his head off! The man is disturbed as he knows he is next! This 48 minute oddity has some extreme and bloody in your face gore, Herschell Gordon Lewis styled. Followed by more short films and clips of Amazon women types.

D256 Small Kill (92) This is the one with Gary Burghoff as a friggin' gay maniac, possible pedophile (in a duel role). Children are being kidnapped and held for ransom. If the parent's don't cooperate, the kid's show up dead. One guy gets his head blown off. Cool. Also with Jason Miller and Rebecca Ferratti.

D372 To Turn a Trick (67) A woman looking for a job as a model in Manhattan becomes a camera assistant instead. She is raped and becomes a junkie. Another sordid messy parable about getting chewed up and spit out by the big city. Nudity as far as 1967 standards would allow.

M110 Top Sensation (69) aka: The Seducers  Deliciously nasty behavior on a yacht! Maud is a hard-as-nails oil heiress who lures a greedy couple (the wife played by Rosalba Neri) and a nympho-type prostitute (played by Edwige Fenech) aboard her yacht (rigged with short-circuit cameras in every room)., hoping that one of the women will seduce her dim-witted son. Intimidated by this blatantly lusty bodacious babes, he falls for an innocent shepherd girl (played by Eva Thulin) instead. But the horny gold diggers want her too! Rosalba Neri shows off her incredible nude body as usual, but she is just as sexy dressed up in short-shorts and a halter, cruelly blasting away at goats with a shotgun, like a pro! The women have a three-way that probably fogged up the camera lens. Murder and a shock ending contribute to the overall nastiness of this one. A highly recommended sleaze fest!  Now this classic Euro-trash giallo type comes dubbed into English language and English subtitles when in Italian!  Upgrade!  BA

N966 Trip with the Devil (67) aka: Wenn es Nacht wird auf der Reeperbahn   aka: Uneasy Summer  aka: Les violences de la nuit   A daring blood and guts expose of dope, violence and crime, loaded with hot lead and hot heads! Amazingly lurid tale about a crime reporter who uncovers a plot by a criminal Hamburg gang to dope sexy young women with LSD, capturing them and forcing them into the sex trade. Psychedelic acid trips, psychotic killers, and more.... The cops get involved when people who messed with the gang start to wind up dead. The bodies start to pile up as things go further out of control..... In German language and with English subtitles. LBX  BA

D353 White Skin on the Black Market (69) aka: The Cause of Fallen Girls  aka: Weiße Haut auf schwarzem Markt  aka: Pelle bianca per desideri neri  After a young woman's body washes ashore a UN investigator is brought in since it appears the woman was abducted and sold in the international white slave trade. The investigator begins uncovering the pieces that all lead to women being kidnapped and sold to brothels in the Orient....  Directed by Edwin C. Dietrich - LBX - In German language only with no subtitles.  F.L.

M112 White Slavery in St. Tropez (87) aka: Police des moeurs: Les filles de Saint Tropez   aka: Captive Women 6: St. Tropez Spice  When a police captain's niece is captured by white slavers, all hell breaks loose as the slave traders try to keep their business going. With plenty of nudity, lesbians, pretty explicit sex scenes that are almost hardcore, exotic locales and more. The colors and perfect picture will make you feel like you are actually there!  This is the nice uncut amazing widescreen version– dubbed into English language too!

M113 Witches’ Sabbath, The (88) aka: La visione del sabba  aka: Sedução Diabólica   A young beautiful woman (Beatrice Dalle) is accused of murder. This lands her in an asylum for the insane as she claims she is the reincarnation of a 17th century witch who had been waiting several centuries for a man to take her virginity. The case is given to a young psychiatrist named David who unwittingly falls under her spell. David begins to ignore his pretty young wife and loses himself in daydreams and hallucinations in which he participates in Inquisition questioning and erotic witches gatherings. Beatrice Dalle, a rebel type young Sophia Loren look-a-like type, was booted from America due to her penchant for trouble. Declared an undesirable immigrant by U.S. Ambassador to France in 1999. Finally an amazing looking Widescreen print and with English subtitles.  BA

M167 Zombie Hospital (09) aka: Zombie Reanimation - Larger budgeted than usual for this German splatter film. German mad doctor's experiment with a Nazi serum (green like reanimation fluid), injecting them into captives they have chained to the wall. Not for long, they're getting hungry! Flashbacks to Nazi Germany, biker gangs and hot rods and extreme gore. Will anyone survive this rural nightmare? Not for the faint of heart. LBX and in German language with no subtitles.  BA




N994 Fury in the Tropics (86) aka: Orgasmo perverso  aka: Mujeres acorraladas  Lina Romay stars as a prostitute with a heart of gold who works in a bamboo-built brothel servicing freedom-fighters who make their way through frequently. Later she, and one her sister hookers are thrown into prison where they are promptly stripped and whipped in the prison yard in front of the other prisoners. Later they are hung up by their wrists stark naked and have their breasts and other areas poked by a sword. They plan their escape but first must endure an incredibly brutal and protracted gang rape, vicious, even by Franco's standards! Nothing light-hearted here, this is as cold-hearted as it gets with a fat dictator general, torture, rape, a vicious lesbian wardress, and more.  Amazing upgrade and now with English subtitles.  BA

N956 Lustful Vampire in a Sperm Frenzy (73) aka: Lüsterne Vampire Im Spermarausch  aka: Erotikill aka: Female Vampire (and more) This is the hardcore version, with Lina Romay as the mute, sperm sucking vampire, Irina. She feeds off the essence of men and women to sustain her immortality. She's on her knees draining her first victim before the seven minute mark. This movie is available in 4 other versions!  So why get this one?  Well, it is widescreen, 1 hour and 45 minutes, and in great quality. Lina Romay at her sexiest. Most of the dialogue is in German, but there is some English spoken, and English subtitles throughout. Jess Franco, Alice Arno, Jack Taylor and Monica Swinn also star. Uncut widescreen print of one of Jess Franco's strangest and best films.  So if you want the best version with all the naughty bits and in great quality, then here it is!  BA




N953 Cat Girl (57)  aka: Die Nächte der Würgerin   This British made remake of sorts to 1942's “Cat People” finds Barbara Shelley as Leonora, a young woman afflicted with maladies unknown. Thing is, she inherited this madness from a family curse, a curse that makes her go crazy feline when angered. Is it the pet leopard doing the killings, or is she a 'Cat Girl'? Maybe both! Snips and bits reinserted really beef up the narrative which before was lacking at a mere 65 minutes.  Six extra minutes in this version that were not in the release version!  A must for fans of British horror. Now if only Hammer could find that lost 'Curse of the Werewolf' footage..... BA

D298 Men of Sherwood Forest, The (54) aka: La spada di robin hood  aka: Los hombres del bosque de Sherwood   Hammer's first film shot in color. Don Taylor is Robin Hood. He went on to become a famous director. Patrick Holt as King Richard. It's a Hammer film so you know what to expect. High production values, nice costumes and cool cinematography, Produced by Michael Carreras and directed by Val Guest.  BA

D304 Terror Street (53) aka: 36 Hours  An American pilot AWOL from the states is framed for his wife's murder and has just 36 hours to prove his innocence. With Dan Duryea.  BA




N990 17 and Anxious (70) aka: O Happy Day - aka: Hot Teens of a Good Family  aka: I desideri morbosi di una sedicenne  From the director of 'Carnivorous Females'. The film alludes to the coming of age experienced by it's youthful protagonists. Catholic schoolgirls. Anna (Anne-Marie Kuster) is struggling with her sexuality as she keeps seeing her nun teacher in her fantasies. Hippie nightclubbing seems to be how people pass their time. Finally she gets a room with a young man and sets out to do the deed. O Happy Day is played at times throughout. Nudity and sexual situations. Also with Nadja Tiller. With English subtitles.  BA

N971 7 Into Hell (68) aka: Commando Attack  aka: Giugno '44 - Sbarcheremo in Normandia  aka:  Zum Krepieren befohlen  American commandos are given three days to locate and destroy a radio station in Normandy. The commandos are all volunteers, mostly misfits and miscreants, bringing to mind 'The Dirty Dozen'. Directed by Leon Klimovsky who later would direct a handful of Naschy films. With Michael Rennie. Nice LBX and English dubbed.  BA

D257 An Unremarkable Life (89) Patricia Neal (as Frances) and Shelley Winters (as Evelyn) are sisters who have shared a house together for 15 years. Evelyn is emotionally dependent on Frances. Frances is depressing as hell, (shit, they both are!). Frances meets a mechanic (played by Mako) and falls in love. So what life will she choose?

D302 Arrivederci, Baby! (66) aka: Drop Dead Darling  Nick (Tony Curtis), tries to kill his wife to get her money, but when learning of this, she plans the same for him! Half-hearted black comedy with some good moments. Zsa Zsa Gabor, Rosanna Schiaffino, Nancy Kwan, Lionel Jeffries and more star.  BA

N981 Bait (76) aka: Zerschossene Träume  aka: Der Koder  A gangster blackmails a young policeman because of some dubious episodes in his past. Unable to hide his guilt any longer, the policeman volunteers for a suicide command.  With Carroll Baker

D375 Battle at Bloody Beach (61) aka: Schlacht an der Blutküste  aka: La Bataille de Bloody Beach  Craig (Audie Murphy) searches for his wife (Dolores Michaels) during WW2 on a Japanese held island. Cheap patchwork war cheapie not as bad as you would think. Somewhat unjustly maligned over the decades. Sure it's cheap but who cares. Also with Alejandro Rey, Barry Atwater (The Night Stalker!), Ivan Dixon and more.  BA

D323 Battle of the Network Stars 18 Disc Ultimate Set (76-88) Loads of T.V. stars from the 3 major networks compete in various sporting events. 18 episodes from 18 different events. Only Disc 13 from May 1983 is poor quality. The rest vary but all are pretty decent. See Farrah Fawcett, Lynda Carter... well I can't name them all! Hundreds! If you dig seeing real stars in real situations from a pretty long time ago... this is for you!  ALL 18 DISCS $100 Postage Paid! VHS regular price per tape.

D301 Bellman and True (87) aka: Rapina al computer  Hiller (Bernard Hill), a computer expert, was bribed by a group of bank robbers to obtain details of a security system at a newly built bank. He thought he was done with them. But now they have traced him and his son to London. They kidnap his son so they can force Hiller to decode the information about the alarm and be a part of the robbery. But the crooks begin to trust Hiller, a big mistake!  BA

N997 Berlin Affair, The (85) aka: Leidenschaften  aka: Interno berlinese  1938 Berlin. Louise, a high ranking Nazi official's wife, becomes intrigued with the daughter of a Japanese ambassador. Her name is Mitsuko. Louise and Mitsuko start to have sex. Her husband Heinz has just been given the assignment of purging suspected gay men from the Nazi ranks. He knows his wife is sleeping with Mitsuko. One morning Louise wakes to see Heinz having sex with Mitsuko. Mitsuko has control over both of them. But then scandal erupts when Louise and Mitsuko are found out. This can't end well. Excellent recreation of the era. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

D218 Black Widow, The (54) aka: L'amante sconosciuta  Ginger Rogers plays a bitchy stage diva married to a mousey man and lives in the same apartment building as her producer (Van Heflin). Uncoils in a back-stabbing theatrical milieu with typical characters, a murder mystery and nice backdrops. With George Raft, Otto Kruger and Gene Tierney.  BA

M149 Bloody Fists, The (72) aka: Dang kou tan  aka: Deadly Buddhist Raiders  aka: Zakato - Die Faust des Todes   A band of evil Japanese martial artists want to possess all the dragon herb in a small Chinese village. It's up to fugitive loner and ace-karate fighter Jang-Wu-dip to stop these nefarious marauders. Fight choreographer on this went on to do many films and even in the 2000's the 'Kill Bill' movies. Widescreen and English dubbed.

D307 Borderline (50) aka: Tráfico de muerte  aka: Alarma en la frontera  Two undercover agents infiltrate a drug smuggling ring in Mexico, but neither is aware of the other's identity. Fred MacMurray, Claire Trevor and Raymond Burr star.  BA

D381 British Legends of Stage and Screen: Christopher Lee (12) Incredible colorful tribute to Sir Christopher Lee which goes all the way back to his childhood with archive footage and pictures and takes us all the way up to present day. The oldest living actor that served in WW2 that I can think of. Of course Lee (who turns 92 in May) is on hand to talk about his life. How many of you know he just released his second power metal type album last year? He also has worked with Manowar and Rhapsody, two Power Metal bands. 

M117 Bye Bye Barbara (69) A journalist meets a pretty young woman in Biarritz, and they fall in love. Once they return to Paris the woman mysteriously disappears. The atmosphere is the beautiful region of South West France, and then Paris. Just what the hell has happened to Barbara? That is the mystery...... With Ewa Swann as Barbara. Also with Alexandra Stewart. LBX and with English subtitles.

D306 Chance (90) After a daring robbery from a jewelry store, the thieves accidentally let their loot fall into the unsuspecting hands of a repo man/ secret alcoholic named Zach (Dan Haggerty). Zach gets help from Chance (Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs). Together they try to stay ahead of the cops and the thugs to make sure they are not pinned with the crimes.

D259 Cinema Komunisto (10) This is a documentary about one of the studios in ex-Yugoslavia, "Avala" Film, Belgrade, Serbia. Mostly about production of partisan movies and President Tito's affinity to those movies and cinematography in general. Loads of clips, snips and interviews. LBX and with English subtitles.

D220 Cockleshell Heroes, The (55) aka: Himmelfahrtskommando  Suspense and action!  During WW2, German ships are 'safely' docked upriver at Bordeaux, but the British send a team of kayakers to attack them, in what is generally regarded as a suicide mission. Will they succeed in the covert destruction of an entire German shipyard in occupied France? Jose Ferrer, Trevor Howard, and look for a brief appearance by Christopher Lee as a submarine commandant. LBX  BA

N974 Cop-In (74) aka: La noche de la furia  Hippie beach bums go rogue and crash a house of rich people, terrorizing them with destruction of their property, rape. torture, mind games and murder. When one of the hippie chicks goes soft on the main rich guy and unties him, he pretty much goes berserk on the hippies. There is actually more to the plot, but those are the main ingredients. With Maria Perschy. LBX and with English subtitles.

M118 Corbari (70) aka: Le dernier guet-apens   The real story of the partisan Silvio Corbari (Giuliano Gemma). He started a revolution against fascism in Italy during WW2. Dark war film with more emphasis on executions (by hanging and from being shot) than from actual war action. Perfect recreation of the era with splendid photography, dead serious, and a perfect colorful widescreen print. Also with Tina Aumont. Dubbed into English. BA

D219 Eight Iron Men (52) aka: Otto uomini di ferro  Lee Marvin as the Sergeant of a small squad laid over during fighting in Italy. As tensions arise between battles, they are ordered not to rescue a squad mate who is pinned down by the enemy.... an order they may not be able to obey. Cool character study war film. With Arthur Franz, Dickie Moore, Richard Kiley and more.  BA

D294 Encore (51) aka: Gigolo e gigolette  The film is made from three short stories by W. Somerset Maugham (and the author even introduces them!). Each story reminds one of a Alfred Hitchcock episode. With Glynis Johns. BA

D368 Escapees, The (81) aka: Les paumées du petit matin  Jean Rollins directed this bizarre oddity. Although there is no horror, and only a little bit of sleaze and violence (courtesy of Brigitte Lahaie no less!), you still feel Rollins presence. Two girls, one feisty and the other practically catatonic, run away from a psych ward crazy house, meet a butch pick-pocket girl, some black strippers, and a bunch of sailors and end up in a series of misadventures. Downbeat and weird. With English subtitles. 

D382 Every Man is My Enemy (67) aka: Qualcuno ha tradito  aka: Null uhr 7 Kommt John Harris  aka: Requiem pour une canaille   Safe cracker Tony Costa (Robert Webber) is recruited to pull a heist job with some accomplices in Marseilles. As usual with these types, things do not go as planned and we ride towards a grim conclusion courtesy of screenwriter Dario Argento!  Directed by Franco Prosperi. In German language and with no subtitles.  BA

D231 Federal Agent at Large (50) A crime ring is smuggling gold from Mexico across the border in the U.S. Customs sends an agent to Mexico to infiltrate the ring and halt the smuggling. Tense, tight, damn near perfect crime thriller with Denver Pyle, Kent Taylor, Dorothy Patrick and more.  BA

D305 Great Killing, The (64) aka: Dai satsujin  A Shogunate elder connives to rule Japan by making his puppet, the Shogun's brother Tsunashige, the next Shogun. The best strategist in Japan, Yamaga, leads a plot to stop the Elder, but his cabal is betrayed and most of the conspirators are captured and tortured. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

D274 Hans-Joachim Klein: My Life as a Terrorist (05) This is a documentary about the life of a former German terrorist who was involved in the attack of the OPEC building in Vienna in the seventies. He now lives in France. Although involved in many attacks and protests, he never killed any innocent civilians. He bailed on the whole terrorist gig when his leftist organization's leaders ordered him to kill the head of Jewish communities in Germany. He knew the SS had held his mother during WW2 and later committed suicide, and he himself was half Jewish! Conundrum. I'm Out! LBX and with English subtitles.

D371 Hunter of the Unknown (66) aka: Agent 3S3, Massacre in the Sun  aka: Agente 3S3, massacro al sole  - An American agent (George Ardisson) is assigned to rescue a scientist who was abducted on the St. Felipe island by a tyrant. Seems the tyrant is aiding a mad scientist who is developing a lethal gas, and he is having second thoughts. Also with Eva Marandi, Kitty Swan and more.  Followed by some cool trailers!

M124 Idol, The (66) aka: Pasiones turbulentas  Marco (Michael Parks), a young arrogant (and coldly wicked sadistic) art student, is friendly with Timothy (John Leyton), a medical student, and Sarah (Jennifer Hilary) his girlfriend. Timothy is dominated by his mother Carol (Jennifer Jones),who is divorcing her husband and is needy and vulnerable. Sarah falls for Marco. Overprotective mother (to Timothy) Carol catches Marco and Laura together. Later Marco seduces pathetic Carol (Again so far from Burnadette!). Set in swinging sixties mod London. Jennifer Jones took a step from the gutter right into the trash with her next film 'Angel Angel Down We Go'. Michael Parks continues work today and was in the recent 'Django Unchained' and many more. BA

M103 Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! (71) aka: Tödliches Heroin  aka: Police Magnum  An ex-Interpol agent turned assassin tries to wipe out porn merchants and drug dealers in Pakistan. With several shocking scenes of relentless violence and a very high body count. This was the last film Jean Seberg worked on together with her husband director Romain Gary before they split. Although she would star in a few more films, she died from a drug overdose in 1979. Romain Gary killed himself by gunshot the next year. Also with James Mason, Stephen Boyd and Curd Jergens. This is an amazing quality LBX print and an Upgrade!  BA

D232 Kiss My Grits (82) aka: Summer Heat  Blue collar 'B' picture from the man who brought us 'A Small Town in Texas'. Bruce Davison stars as a down on his luck ex-convict that plans a heist from wealthy slime-ball (Anthony Franciosa) with the help of Baby (Susan George) Franciosa's unhappy wife. Gritty and grounded characters everywhere. Also starring Bruno Kirby, Rebecca Balding (her very next picture after 'The Boogens') and more.  BA

D374 Klondike Fever (80) aka: Las aventuras de Jack London   This movie chronicles Jack London's (played by Jeff East, his next film would be Wes Craven's 'Deadly Blessing') journey from San Francisco to the Klondike, and the adventures and people he meets on the way. With Angie Dickinson, Rod Steiger, Lorne Greene, Lisa Langlois and look for an uncredited Vanity in her debut.  BA

D352 La Bravata (77) Violent Crime Thriller from Roberto Bianchi Montero, the guy who directed 'So Sweet... So Dead' and others. Punks steal a car that has a trunk full of cash owned by the mob. The mob don't take to kindly to these types of hijinks as the thieves will soon learn. Ruthless crooks, kill innocents without mercy, and make life hell for anyone they run across, trying to avoid the wrath of the head kingpin. With Ajita Wilson, Venantino Venantini and more. Sorry no subtitles, but LBX.  BA

M104 Lady Caliph (70) aka: La califfa  Mira (Romy Schneider), a firebrand of a woman, who moves from being a ferocious labor organizer to being the mistress of her town's factory owner (Ugo Tognazzi). Labor negotiations provide a background for their brief but devastating romantic affair. In Romy's published diary she says about this film and I quote "the filming had only begun when I had to strip naked for a love scene". Looks like first time director Alberto Bevilacqua had his priorities straight from the get go! In Italian language and with English subtitles. Another stunning print and LBX.  BA

D273 Last Word, The (79) aka: Fort Travis - Ein Mann geht seinen Weg  Richard Harris portrays Danny Travis, a visionary, but failed inventor, who despite widower hood, has successfully raised 3 children, albeit in a state of poverty with their Los Angeles apartment up for demolition to make way for urban renewal. When a county official tries to evict Danny and his brood, he takes him hostage causing a media blitz. With Dennis Christopher, Karen Black, Christopher Guest, Martin Landau and more.  BA

D242 Licensed to Love and Kill (79) aka: The Man From S.E.X aka: Undercover Lover  British secret agent Bind is sent to America to rescue a nobleman comes up against an evil genius who is replacing people in important positions with clones who will do his bidding. Amazing James Bond comedy rip-off! Toby Robbins also stars and her next film was actually a real James Bond film! Violent and hilarious!  Watch for the scene when Bind is menaced by a stripper whose breast tassels whirl around like propeller blades with razors on them. When Bind holds up a chair it is reduced to sawdust! Some killer boobs on that broad! Nudity of course in this spy-fi. With Gareth Hunt and Nick Tate. Slightly LBX.  Sequel to 'Number One of the Secret Service'.  BA

D234 Long Haul, The (57) aka: Die Fahrt in den Abgrund  After being discharged from the U.S. army in Germany, Harry (Victor Mature) reluctantly follows his wife to England where he lands a job as a truck driver. He is coerced into working in a smuggling operation when his boss bribes him with (Lynn) Diana Dors. Harry leaves his wife now he has  Lynn as his lover and is making some hot dough. What could go wrong? LBX  BA

D268 Lope (10) aka: The Outlaw  A chronicle of the life of Lope de Vega, the Spanish playwright who dominated Spain's Golden age of theatre. Regarding his problematic 16th century life since his fight in Azores to his penalty of exile. Kind of like Spain's Shakespeare this guy. Told in great detail with what looks like a massive budget recreating the era quite well. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

M125 Matchless (67) aka: Mission Top Secret  aka: Mission T.S.  Patrick O'Neal as a secret agent who possesses a spy ring that makes him invisible for a short time, once every ten hours. He is in pursuit of an evil criminal mastermind (Donald Pleasence, who was the villain in a Bond film the same year!). At the same time he must avoid an enemy agent who also wants the ring. Spy-jinks, gadgets, chase scenes with cars, planes, helicopters, also on and on espionage action. Also with Henry Silva and Ira Von Furstenburg. Excellent Euro- sci-spy-fi now finally LBX and in excellent quality!  BA

D262 Miami Exposé (56) aka: Meurtres à Miami  America's Pleasure Paradise becomes a gang-war battleground! One of the better City Confidential/Expose types supposedly uncovering dirty dealings and sleazy surroundings. With Alan Napier, Lee J. Cobb, Edward Arnold and Patricia Medina. BA


MORTON DOWNEY JR   Loud mouthed chain-smoking Morton with almost 85 complete shows (plus more!) on 24 discs all from the late 1980's! Incredible time capsules with audience participation, see how people really were and how wildly different standards and belief systems have changed compared to today! Hell you could do a whole study on this!

(ALL 24 DISCS FOR $145 PP or separate at regular price)

D324 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #1 - Promo + Episodes: Prostitution, Tawana Brawley, Feminism, and Heavy Metal.  

D325 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #2 - Episodes: Phone Sex (starring Al Goldstein), Paraquat Spraying, Child Abuse, Radio Talk Show Hosts.

D326 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #3 - Episodes: Black Crime Live in Detroit, Vigilante Justice Live in Detroit, Racism Live in Detroit, and more

D327 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #4 - Episodes: Bounty Hunters in Atlantic City, Nudists in Atlantic City, Rent Control, and Music Censorship.

D328 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #5 - Episodes: Drug Legalization, Gun Control, Self Help Books, and Ritalin/Lithium.

D329 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #6 - Episodes: Sexual Discrimination, Death Penalty For Teens, Thomas Trantino Case, and Rap Music.

D330 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #7 - Episodes: Racism Live in Harlem New York, Black Leadership, White Separatists, White Separatists 2 

D331 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #8 - Episodes: Child Kidnapping, Surrogate Parents, Unusual Theories and Al Sharpton (Ass-Clown)

D332 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #9 - Episodes: Atheists, Lawyers, Yonkers, and Ivan the Terrible.

D333 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #10 - Episodes: Cults, Corrupt Judges, Welfare/Homeless and Nazi War Games.

D334 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #11 - Episodes: Strippers (plus outtakes from the stripper's show with nudity!), Overweight People, The Right to Privacy (Hah!), and Flag Burning.

D335 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #12 - Episodes: Halloween 1988 and New Year's Eve 1988

D336 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #13 - Episodes: Drug Legalization, S&M, Sexual Deviants (with Jerry Butler!), and David Duke/Tom Metzger

D337 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #14 - Episodes: All Star Show, Bullfighting, Christmas 1988, and New Year's Eve

D338 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #15 - Episodes: Racism, Racism Part 2, Mars, and 1988 Presidential Race

D339 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #16 - Episodes: Interracial Marriage, Panhandlers, Mike Tyson's Divorce and The End of Feminism.

D340 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #17 - Episodes: Pollution, Move Organization, Cuba and Iran Contras.

D341 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #18 - Episodes: Exploitation of Women, Psychics, Post Partum Depression, and Nurses.

D342 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #19 - Episodes: The Stock Market, Smoker's Rights, Nuclear Energy and Last Temptation of Christ.

D343 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #20 - Episodes: Central Park Squatters vs. New York, Jewish Racism, The ACLU and Glasnot.

D344 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #21 - Episodes: Porn (with Al Goldstein & Ron Jeremy), Affirmative Action, Sports Tough Guys & Euthanasia.

D345 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #22 - Morton on loads of shows like Donahue (asshat), Nightline, WWOR News, Regis and Kathie...more... ..

D346 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #23 - Miscellaneous Morton - On Larry King, The Reporters, Tales From the Crypt episode starring Morton, The Pat Sajak Show, Howard Stern and more!

D347 Morton Downey Jr. Disc #24 - Miscellaneous Morton appearances - Nightline, Donahue, Skinheads, Sharpton Brawl & more!


D315 Net, The (53) aka: Project M-7 - A secret jet aircraft capable of speeds three times the speed of sound is secretly being developed by a group of scientists. They battle for control of the project. Nifty FX in this British made super-sonic sci-fi. Albert Whitlock went on to work behind the scenes as a matte artist on countless sci-fi films. With Herbert Lom and Phyllis Calvert.  BA

N982 No Gold For a Dead Diver (74) aka: Deadly Jaws  aka: Ein toter Taucher nimmt kein Gold  Friends go to Mexico following a lead on some sunken treasure. What you get is loads of awesome underwater photography with some cool tense moments from a Hammerhead shark and an attacking octopus. Later Mexican pirates add to the obstacles our fortune hunters must deal with. Sharp. West German made film dubbed into English 

D237 Parlez-moi d'amour (61) aka: Che Femmina... e che dollari! - Colorful Italian/French co-production comedy with sharp, colorful and exotic locales and plenty of pretty women. It seems to deal with a few older guys walking around and leering/stalking at sexy babes from a distance. There is a lot to like here with so many beauties (including Moira Orfei) and sharp colorful locales from a forgotten age. F.L.  BA

M106 Queimada (69) aka: Burn!  aka: Queimada - Insel des Schreckens  The professional mercenary Sir William Walker (Marlon Brando) instigates a slave revolt on the Caribbean island of Queimada to expel the colonial authorities. However, as is always the way with revolutions, power brokers seize political control and the people's aspirations are betrayed. Ten years pass, and the sugar industry now requires peace and stability on Queimada. The continuing guerilla campaign by the dispossessed blacks is harming profits. Sir William Walker is sent back to the island, this time to hunt down and eradicate the revolutionaries he created.  124 minute version, not the cut U.S. release!  In English language and with English subtitles.  BA

D254 Red Runs the River (63) This is the story of two wars - one in the heart of General Richard Stoddard Ewell and the other on the battlefields of Bull Run and Manassas. The film traces the influence of General 'Stonewall' Jackson's vigorous faith upon the unbelieving Ewell. This movie is from the perspective of the Confederate army, which is fine. Strangely depicting the Confederate army as Godly hymn singing bible-toting men. Of course slavery is not really covered. Tries to be a tear-jerker, but some will smell Christian propaganda. Either way, an interesting and well-made chunk of forgotten cinema. 

D289 Revenge (64) aka: Adauchi  aka: Venganza de sangre  Shinpachi, a poor samurai with no prospects, gets in an argument with Magodayu, a high ranking officer, resulting in an illegal duel and Magodayu's death. Shinapachi is sent into exile. LBX and with English subtitles.

D275 Rough Shoot (53) aka: Shoot First  aka: Coup de feu au matin  U.S. Army Lt. Col. Robert Taine (Joel McCrea) and his wife Cecily (Evelyn Keyes) live in a village in England. While hunting on some land he has recently purchased, he shoots a load of buckshot at a man he believes to be a poacher. After a closer look, he finds the guy is dead and that maybe he has killed him. He trails the real suspect, (a sniper from a spy ring) to London as the Secret Service is on his tail. Also Herbert Lom.   BA

D359 Secret of the Urn, The (66) aka: Tange Sazen: Hien iaigiri  A loyal samurai is attacked, beaten and left for dead while carrying out a mission for his clan. His clan, it turns out, has betrayed him. He recovers, but minus one eye and one arm! Now he is on a quest for a magical urn, and, payback! Widescreen and with English subtitles.

M109 Sex-Business: Made in Passing (69) Excellent documentary on Alois Brummer. Brummer was born in Germany in 1926. He was a filmmaker, but found his niche in the market by producing and directing cheap sleaze films so he could turn a profit. His first film was called 'Count Porno and his Love thirsty Daughters' so you get the idea. This film follows him around as he gives us his ideas, thoughts and philosophies regarding porn and we see him build his first masterpiece. This film was banned in France for being obscene, go figure. The gates for what was permitted changed soon after. Shot in black and white, this comes with English subtitles.

D366 Shoot First, Die Later (74) aka: Il poliziotto è marcio  A dirty police lieutenant is asked by the mob to destroy an incriminating report, which the lieutenant's proud father knows about. When the father and his girlfriend are murdered, the officer sets out for revenge. Funky soundtrack, delicious 70's styles and sexy dames car chases and more. You never know who is going to get it next as we violently ride towards the dark conclusion. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

D370 Shots in 3/4 Time (65) aka: Schüsse im Dreivierteltakt  aka: Spy Hunt in Vienna  aka: Der Professionelle   Plays like an Edgar Wallace mystery meets spy thriller. A Scotland yard detective, a secret agent and a murderer who has happened to steal a top secret invention. Nice locations, like the abandoned amusement park where the bad guy has his hide-out. With Pierre Brice, Daliah Lavi, Anton Diffring, Senta Berger and more. BA

N973 Special Code (66) aka: Cifrato Speciale  aka: Message chiffré   Starts with Nazi's loading some secret cargo aboard a plane at the end of the war. The plane goes down. Forward to present day. A large diving bell has harnessed a large container in the ocean. Nearby below is a cave that leads to an underground lair. Lots of cool underwater action in this rare Euro spy. With Lang Jeffries and Helga Line. LBX and with English subtitles.

D221 Tarawa Beachhead (58) aka: I marines delle isole Salomone  A marine sergeant (Kerwin Mathews) sees a captain (Ray Danton) kill one of their own men at Guadalcanal to cover his own incompetence, and fears he will not be taken seriously because of his rank. Later he discovers the captain is cozying up to the widow's family, after their fortune. Mathew's gets to act, Danton is a great bad guy, and Julie Adams as the widow Mathew's character falls for delivers the cheesecake. Make no mistake however, this is not a tepid soap opera, but a cool, sometimes grim, and exciting war flick. LBX  BA

M163 Total Western (00) aka: Furore cieco  After a drug deal gone wrong, Bede, goes into hiding in the countryside at reformatory school for criminal youth. When the criminals who want him dead find out his location, he must get the other misfits (savage wild youngsters from the big city) to help in a violent battle, with whatever means they have. Exciting film with torture, brutal violence and plenty of action. Sorry, no Subs, but you know the story now don't you? Widescreen - F.L.  BA

N965 Traffic Jam (79) aka: L'ingorgo  aka: Le grand embouteillage  A tremendous traffic jam hit the Roma highway ring. The biggest traffic jam ever seen endures for more than 36 hours. At first everybody remains calm. But as time goes on we get involved in people's personal crisis situations and people start to become unhinged. Things get dark, even apocalyptic, as an every-man-for-himself mentality permeates the road weary humans. Even a night rape is not stopped but instead , the car behind it full of elite types listens. 'She might like that.' one of them says. Cars and hosts are a microcosm of stories part of a major universe of congestion. A fine black comedy. In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX

D369 Twinky (70) aka: Lola  aka: London Affair  aka: L'ange et le demon  A middle-aged writer of pornographic novels (Charles Bronson!) meets and falls in love with a sixteen year old schoolgirl named Twinky (played by a 20 year old Susan George). Mostly British cast includes Honor Blackman, Michael Craig, Robert Morley, Lionel Jeffries, Trevor Howard and more. BA

N987 Veruschka (71) aka: Veruschka - poesia di una donna  Veruschka (a real Italian supermodel this being a vehicle for her) and her boyfriend drive around the Italian countryside getting into personal troubles all over Italy. At one point a father and his young son pass on a motorcycle. The boy smiles at Veruschka and she smiles back. Not much later they approach an accident on the road. The boy is laying in a pool of blood. Veruschka recalls her own troubled childhood and failed relationships. Bleak, downbeat and grim, melancholy, or depressing? Maybe all of these. There is no positive, there is no hope. The haunting score from Ennio Morricone (one of his best!) will help you on this dreaded road to nowhere. In Italian language and with English subtitles.  BA

M116 Violent Four, The (68) aka: Bandits of Milan  aka: Banditi a Milano  - A detective is assigned to head a manhunt for four violent bank robbers in this thinking man's Italian crime thriller. Gian Maria Volonte' as Piero steals the show as the madman leader of the gang. In one shocking scene the gang shoots at civilians to get the cops to stop chasing them. This is like a documentary style film of a true story filmed with style by director Carlo Lizzani with splendidly rendered scenes of the actual crimes delivering the tension, fear and suspense. Another beautiful Widescreen print. BA

M134 Woman's Revenge, A (90) aka: La vengeance d'une femme  Suzy (Beatrice Dalle), a beautiful woman, is coming back to Paris to attend the funeral of her lover, a married man. Cecile (Isabelle Huppert), the dead man's wife, is holding Suzy responsible for his suicide. Cecile is hell-bent on playing some head games with Suzy, to find out the truth to justify her impending revenge. In French language and with English subtitles. Widescreen.

M136 Ypotron - Final Countdown (66) aka: Agente Logan - missione Ypotron  aka: Mission secrète pour Lemmy Logan   Doctor Morrow, a scientist who works for NASA disappears. The Secret Service investigates. Agent Lemmy Logan is in charge of the case. He discovers that a former Nazi scientist is trying to develop Ypotron, a weapon that could destroy a large portion of the world, and is forcing Doctor Morrow to help. Cool score, nice locations, nice gadgets and more. Incredible upgrade Widescreen and dubbed into English language. BA

N969 Yuppi Du (75) In Venice, a series of fatal accidents are occurring in unsecured dock locations. A happily married man (Adriano Celentano) finds that his former flame who he thought was dead by suicide (played by Charlotte Rampling) has returned. She had run off to Milan with another man. As complications rise people escape with song. Celentano, a famed Italian singer mixes it up in this bizarre art film (complete with a rape scene). The main draw? The frequent nudity of Charlotte Rampling and Claudia Mori. Very nice indeed! Celentano helped write this, and he directed it, even including his daughter Rosita in the cast. In Italian language and with English subtitles.   BA




M119 Cursed Palace, The (62) aka: Al-qasr al-mal'oun  Egyptian horror film! A rich man in a wheelchair decides to change his will when his daughter shows signs of insanity. She claims her father is dead. She saw who killed him, and the man in the wheelchair is his ghost! Maybe her sister and the house servant are trying to drive her mad so they can get the estate? Or maybe there is an actual haunting as ghosts and strange noises start to make themselves known. In Farsi and with English subtitles.

M120 Dark Purpose (64)  aka: L'intrigo  A secretary (Shirley Jones who has never looked better) arrives in Italy with her insurance agent boss (George Sanders) to evaluate the cliff side villa estate of a rich Count (Rosanno Brazzi). She falls in love with him and soon learns there is some type of dark mystery about the place. With vicious dogs, loonies in the attic, secret passages, marital deceptions, fits of hysteria and mysterious death, I think I am inclined to agree with her!  Also with Giorgia Moll and more.  Nice widescreen super colorful print in English language and with foreign subtitles  BA

D384 Edgar Allen Poe's Master of Horror (65) + The Legend of Horror (72) Two treatments, some of the same stories, all dubbed into English, and the brief color ending for 'The Legend of Horror'. Eliminating the confusion on what is different or altered, here they both are on one disc! Edgar Allen Poe tales, very well done, creepy as hell and with loads of atmosphere and all dubbed into English. Decent quality on both too!

M165 Fear No More (61) aka: Pánico en la noche  Traveling by train by from Los Angeles to San Francisco, a woman Gina (Mala Powers), recently released from psychiatric care, is accused of the murder of a woman found dead in her compartment. She escapes and goes to her apartment where she finds another corpse. Someone is trying to set her up and she better solve this quick or go to jail. To make matters worse, Gina is pretty much having a nervous breakdown throughout.

D349 Monsters (88-90) All three seasons complete on 6 discs with full menus!  This was a pretty cool show with similarities to 'Tales From the Darkside' but with an emphasis on monsters. There is some type of monster in every episode. 72 episodes on 6 discs covers the complete run. $40 postage paid. No VHS on this title.

D378 Sixth Sense, The: Season Two (72) A psychic investigator (played by Gary Collins) investigates mysteries involving spirits, ESP, possessions and the like. Great little spooky show, and with a long list of special guest stars that are worth mentioning!  Patty Duke, June Allyson, Sandra Dee, Pamela Franklin, Jane Wyman, Barry Sullivan, Tom Bosley and more!   All Season Two episodes on 7 DVD-R for $29 postage paid or $55 VHS  {Season One is also available.}

D265 Slaughter of the Vampires (62) aka: La strage dei vampiri  aka: Curse of the Blood Ghouls  On their wedding night, a newlywed couple find themselves menaced by vampires. Old fashioned, baroque Italian vampire opus with overwhelmingly ornate sets, voluptuous broads with inviting eyes and heaving breasts, high collared, flouncy vested Don Juan types, dungeon, vampire seductions....more.  LBX  BA

N985 Telephone Box, The (72) aka: La cabina  Legendary short film! Excellent example of a lean and mean short horror film riff on a 'Twilight Zone' like format. It begins when a team of workmen install a new public phone box. When a man tries to make a call, he is trapped inside. No one can get him out! And then we reach the twisted finale which we will not divulge here. Worth checking out even though it is only about 35 minutes long. The film is followed by lots of trailers. In Spanish language and with English subtitles.

N976 Uncle Silas (87) aka: The Dark Angel   Maud Ruthyn (Beatie Edney), a lovely and sensitive girl, is sent to stay with her Uncle Silas Ruthyn (Peter O'Toole, looking strung-out), a charismatic rogue who stands to inherit the family fortune. Maud soon finds that the estate holds horrors beyond her imaginings. A perfect film adaptation of the fine Gothic Horror novel. If you are looking for a Gothic thriller with no gore but atmosphere and visual appeal in spades then check this one out! With Guy Rolfe (Mr. Sardonicus), Barbara Shelley (one of the last she did before retirement) and more... Uncut 3 hour version (well 2 hours and 55 minutes or so).  



N975 Curse of the Red Butterfly (82) aka: Kirmizi kelebek  Wild Turkish film with Gordon Mitchell as the evil villain! The search for an ancient jewel in Istanbul is on! Our blonde female lead gets involved in some kicking scraps and even a catfight as well as strips for a nice nude shower scene! Later her breast is cut right below the nipple in one tense moment. Some action, violence, a bit of gore, cool stunts and suspense as everyone scrambles wildly to come out on top. English dubbed and with Japanese subtitles.

N993 Fangs (81) aka: Anyab  Egyptian musical horror! A girl and her fiancé are on their way to a party when their car breaks down. Their only local refuge is a strange castle. They are greeted by Count Dracula who wants the girl for himself. They learn that there are actually many 'Dracula's) out there in many disguises, draining people not of blood, but of money. Atmosphere, a hunchback and other ghoulish characters mixed with songs and an obvious nod to 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. Seeing a guy with big vampire teeth singing while everyone dances around is pretty hilarious. With English subtitles!

M122 Flying Saucers Over Istanbul (55) aka: Uçan daireler Istanbulda  Alien women arrive on earth because there is a shortage of men on their planet. Finally a contender for the 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' crown. You can only compare 'Plan 9' with another black and white sci-fi movie to be fair. Well, we get cardboard sets, toy guns, Turkish chicks in space-girl suits, an hysterical looking robot that looks like he is made out of various cardboard boxes, fake gadgets, dancing girls, hell even the space chicks can dance and much more. By the way that gun strapped in that space chicks belt looks like...  well.... a dildo! Shortage of men, hmm, makes sense. Now if I can only figure out how to get on that ship! With English subtitles!

M141 Gumnam Qatil (01) Opens with a thunder storm, which basically means, the 'horror' is about to begin. A group of women at a large estate. A cackling ghoul is stalking a woman in red on the grounds. Seems like the lightning has brought a bunch of laughing ghouls. Dark corridors, nightmares, strangulation, a murderous ghoul man in white, and more to shake and scramble your brain with. F.L. - BA




D270 Man Who Saw Frankenstein Cry, The (10) The Life and Legend of a horror star Paul Naschy. The best and most comprehensive documentary on Paul Naschy with loads of clips from his films, poster art, and comments from celebrity fans like Joe Dante, Mick Garris, Caroline Munro, Mick Garris, Jack Taylor and many many more. This is for fans of Naschy, a tribute to Naschy, even his widowed wife is involved. Excellent film elements are used showing many very cool scenes from the films. In English language, and when in Spanish there are English subtitles. Outstanding!





N977 Dr. Satan and Black Magic (68) aka: Dr. Satán y la magia negra  In the inferno of hell, the king demon orders Dr. Satan to return to earth to destroy Yei Lin, a powerful wizard of black magic, and steal the formula that transforms all metals into gold in order to become master of the world (of course!). Garishly colored like an old EC comic includes sexy female zombies, the devil, an Asian vampire, murder, rubber bats, a fight in Dr. Satan's lab, girls in open coffins, and a trip to hell!   {Sequel to Dr. Satan} Uncut, in Spanish language and with English subtitles. Eleven minutes longer than previous prints!

M169 La Suburban Diabolica (98)  An agent of the devil has supernatural strength and healing. He goes around and murders people, using his SUV. He talks to the devil as well. This evil man also summons up a zombie during the opening credits. Another zombie appears later in the film. A group of young people and a woman in a bar all get caught up in this man's sinister activity. The police must stop him....  In Spanish. Action from Mexico  F.L.

N958 Pafnucio Santo (77) Controversial segments told in parts about a messenger (pushing around a bicycle)and his encounters with historical figures (some real, some fictional) and well documented moments in history. Many themes are explored in this exercise in surrealism from director and Alejandro Jodorowsky collaborator Rafael Corkidi. The guy who directed this also was the cinematographer on 'El Topo'! So fancy a visit with the ruined Adam and Eve, or maybe Auschwitz or the Ku Klux Klan? Wild and weird. Slight LBX and with English subtitles.



D360 Apache Territory (58) aka: El oasis maldito  A cowboy (Rory Calhoun) sets off to try to stop an Indian war and rescue a white woman captured by the Apaches. With Barbara Bates (killed herself at age 44), Carolyn Craig (shot to death at age 36). And John Dehner, Leo Gordon and many more. In many ways, a bit similar to 'Trooper Hook' and 'Fort Massacre' both in this same update! LBX  BA

D287 Bar 20 Rides Again (35) Cattle rustler Nevada dreams of living like an emperor in the west. Hop-a-long (William Boyd) and the Bar 20 boys plan to end his dreams. BA

D276 Bravos, The (72) The commander of an isolated frontier cavalry post tries to stop an Indian war, and his find his kidnapped son. Surrounded by Indians the small band of soldiers are in for a challenge! With George Peppard, Belinda Montgomery, Pernell Roberts, Bo Svenson and L.Q. Jones and more.

D279 California (77) aka: Spiel das Lied von Californien  Beginning at the end of the Civil war, we find ourselves amongst Confederate prisoners, looking downbeat and dejected amidst some striking rain-lashed cinematography. The bleak, muddy landscape is the perfect setting for the sad, broken figures heading back to the South to begin reconstruction. Amongst them is 'California' (Guiliano Gemma), a former Captain, who befriends a young Private named Willy, and they head south. But their return is hampered by renegade Union soldiers and Northern vigilantes. When Willy is brutally murdered, California takes it upon himself to seek vengeance! Slightly LBX and dubbed into English language with some foreign subtitles at the bottom of the screen.

D233 Desperados, The (69) During the Civil War, Bible-quoting Josiah Galt (Jack Palance) and his sons become a gang of bandits, robbing, killing and raping for pleasure. This dysfunctional family of psychopaths runs into conflict when one of the son's decides he has had enough...... Palance hams it up in his evil role in this gritty and violent western. LBX  BA

D264 El Rojo (67) aka: Texas el rojo  The Sorenson's family is massacred, apparently by Indians. On the site of the killing, a town, Gold Hill, grows up, run by a group of businessmen. Years later, El Rojo (Richard Harrison), alias the last surviving Sorenson, arrives, bringing the truth about the massacre, and the revenge. Colorful! LBX - Upgrade!

D310 Fort Massacre (58) Joel McCrea and Forrest Tucker star in this story about a cavalry troop on the move, always under attack. Like a 'Lost Patrol' that must make it through the rugged terrain while being hunted. McCrea's character seems driven by his hate for the Apaches', and some of his moves reflect that, worrying his men.  Beautiful color widescreen  BA

D217 Ghost Valley (32) Jerry (Tom Keene) and Jane (Meran Kennedy) are heirs to an abandoned and supposedly haunted mining town. Judge Drake knows there is gold there and wants them to sell. Scare tactics may be the order of the day. Amusing.  BA

D300 Gunsight Ridge (57) Stage line agent investigates a series of robberies by taking the job of deputy sheriff in a border Arizona town. With Joel McCrea, Mark Stevens, Joan Welden, L.Q. Jones, and Slim Pickens star.  BA

D285 Hop-a-long Cassidy (35) An evil ranch foreman (William Boyd) tries to provoke a range war by playing two cattlemen against each other while secretly helping a gang rustle some cattle. Three Musketeer's of the Mesas in a rough riding romance of the roaring west! Also with Charles (Ming the Merciless) Middleton.   BA

D258 Last of the Mohicans (77) aka: Le dernier des Mohicans  During the French and Indian war in colonial America, a white scout, with two of his Indian brothers, helps a British officer escort two women through dangerous territory, with both French troops and hostile Indians after them. This version is a very well MFTV and critically acclaimed. With Steve Forest, Andrew Prine, Robert Tessier, Whit Bissell, Michele Marsh and more.

D284 Law of Violence (69) aka: Legge della violenza - Tutti o nessuno  George Greenwood stars as a retired bounty hunter named Lester Moore, now a sheriff in a small border town plagued by nightly attacks from a vicious gang of Mexican outlaws. LBX

D249 Rainbow Trail, The (31) In Arizona, in 1885, Shefford takes a job on a pack train in order to discover the whereabouts of a secluded gold-filled gorge, "Surprise Valley," where a group of travelers were trapped fifteen years earlier while trying to elude Dyer, an infamous outlaw.....  From a Zane Grey story. With George O'Brien  {sequel to Riders of the Purple Sage}

D248 Riders of the Purple Sage (31) aka: L'amazzone mascherata  Lassiter's sister was killed and her young daughter taken and raised by outlaws. Years later Lassiter arrives in town looking for the lost daughter and gets caught up in stopping the outlaw cattle rustlers. Great locations in this rough riding popcorn western perfect for 1931 theater goers, and it still holds up today. George O'Brien and Marguerite Churchill star. BA

D309 Trooper Hook (57) aka: Schiava degli apaches  After a band of Indians kills a group of soldiers, Sergeant Hook (Joel McCrea) captures them. He needs to locate Cora (Barbara Stanwyck), who was captured by the Apaches and was now the squaw of a chief. Should she be killed? How can such a thing be forgiven? Hook may get it, the lady just wanted to survive, but not everybody else agrees. Also with Earl Holliman. Upgrade!

D230 Unholy Four, The (70) aka: Chuck Moll  aka: Ciakmull - L'uomo della vendetta  aka: Le batard de Dodge City  A young man (Leonard Mann) who has lost his memory escapes from prison with three other convicts. The other men help him with bits of his past until they arrive at a town with two warring families who recognize him. He apparently has a reputation for being a fast gun..... With Evelyn Stewart (Ida Galli), George Eastman and Woody Strode (as Woody). LBX and Upgrade!   BA

D277 Unstoppable Man, The (61) aka: El hombre invencible  Cameron Mitchell plays a rich businessman whose son is kidnapped. There is a huge ransom, but Scotland Yard (we're in England here) tells Mitchell to butt out! He decides to take matters into his own hands. Kind of like Mel Gibson did later in the 1996 film 'Ransom', but on a much smaller scale. Worth it for Mitchell's performance alone!  BA

D292 War Drums (57) aka: Tamburi di guerra  The friendship between a white man and an Apache chief is tested when they fall in love with the same woman during a time of frontier conflict. Lex Barker, Joan Taylor, Ben Johnson and more. Upgrade!  BA

D293 War Paint (53) aka: Im Tal des Verderbens  An Indian and his beautiful sister attempt to destroy a cavalry patrol trying to deliver a peace treaty to their chief. Robert Stack, Joan Taylor, Peter Graves and more.  BA

N989 Why Go On Killing? (67) aka: Blood at Sundown  aka: Perché uccidi ancora  aka: Jetzt sprechen die Pistolen  A young deserter from the army returns to the place where his father has been killed by a family of Mexican landowners. He is alone in his quest for revenge (but the local undertaker will covertly assist) and things are going to be tougher than he thought. Moves along swiftly with plenty of stunts, interesting camera work and shoot-em-up violence. Very nice Widescreen print and English dubbed.  BA

D216 Zorro (75) A newly arrived governor (Alain Delon) finds his province under the control of the corrupt Colonel Huerta (Stanley Baker). The governor plays weak and incapable, so Huerta avoids killing him as he poses no threat. Of course at night, the governor goes out as Zorro, and joins a monk and a hot senorita to fight for justice and rid the province of Huerta. Lots of action and a theme song that keeps popping up throughout!  2 hour version from PAL disc. LBX and in Italian language with English subtitles.





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D357 Anus and Andy (93) Andy, an out of work black guy (!!), who lives in a rundown building inhabited mostly by hookers, is about to meet Anus (Debbie Diamond) so named by her boyfriend Sean Michaels. So Andy knows she's into black guys, and keeps her back-door unlatched. What more would he need to know? Also with Lacey Rose, Serenity, Bionca Seven, Julian St. Jox and Jake Steed.

D390 Babylon Blue (83) Martin (Joey Silvera) is released from prison and is picked up by Missie (Sharon Kane) who runs a brothel and needs a new gigolo to serve female clients. Martin is ready! Cheryl (Bridgette Monet) is the new hot hooker to service the men. Also with Joanna Storm, Jacqueline Lorians and more. Directed by Henri Pachard. BA

D394 Behind the Anal Curtain (9?) Direct from Europe. Join some of the beautiful people as they do each other with reckless abandon.  BA

D354 Black Lust (84) All black cast full length porno with loads of sex scenes. + Looking For Lust in all the Right Places (84) Incredible smoking hot porno with Karen Summers, Desiree Lane, Lili Marlene, Nina Hartley and more. All set in bedrooms and living rooms with pretty much non-stop lusty horny anxious sex. These were transferred from old Beta tapes and to my knowledge are not available anywhere.

D364 Cinesex (94) Asia Carrera stars as a woman who is fond of an old sex movie starring Leena. One day Leena steps out of the screen and they change places. Hot scenes.

D391 Crossing Over (91) Moana Pozzi, Zara White, Ava, Jeanna Fine, Sharon Kane and more. Foul play is suspected when a man turns up missing. Two girls from Italy cross over to ass lust to the intrigue. A good time is had by all as they get to the 'bottoms' of it. BA

D404 Dirty Letters (84) A torrid letter written by Niki, and read by a jealous Pam, starts a series of sex episodes that spill across several other relationships with other guys and other girls. Christy Canyon leads the way! BA

D398 European Sex Vacation (9?) Europe will never be the same after three studs challenge each other to a summer of sexual Olympics. Each amorous athlete goes for the gold - and with the kind assistance of the open-mouthed European babes they bag. With Gabrielle Moore, Karine Gambier (Jess Franco blonde starlet in the last movie of her career), and many more!

D386 Every Inch a Lady (75) A New York city hooker and a down on his luck bum strike it rich when they open a brothel together. They fall in love, but things go wrong of course. With Darby Lloyd Rains, Andrea True, Kim Pope and more.

D393 Forbidden Bodies (86) A drunk regales a bartender with wild sexual tales, all graphically depicted, of an old strip club. Candy Evans delivers the performance of a lifetime. Keisha, Krista Land and more! 

D402 Forbidden Worlds (9?) Seka, Pia Snow, Candida Royale, Serena, Danielle, Rhonda Jo Petty, Wendy O. Williams (!) and more in this series of bizarre porno clips. BA

D355 Formula 69 (84) A non-toxic erogenous stimulant , an aphrodisiac in laymen's terms, is used to help hot young couple's who are having problems in the bedroom. It works instantly. With Kelly Nichols, Kristara Barrington, Desiree Lane and Long Chaney!

D407 Ginger Rides Again (88) Ginger and friends show you what it is all about in this series of scenes. Laurel Canyon, Angel and more. BA

D385 Girls of the Night (84) It's smoking hot this one, with Colleen Brennen, Sahara, Amber Lynn and more. What can you do? Enter the carnal world of high-powered Washington D.C. sex with promiscuous young call girls who cater to the perverse desires of an up and coming Senator (Harry Reems). BA

D400 Girls Who Dig Girls (9?) More lesbian action! Raven, Ginger Lynn, Rachel Ashley, Desiree Lane, Serena, Kristara Barrington, Candy Samples and Kitten Natividad. BA

D363 Gorgeous (90) Sex drenched porno with beautiful people. Zara Whites (who stars in this) was born in the Netherlands and left home at age 17, moving in with her boyfriend. She worked as a barmaid and later a prostitute in a men's club. A Dutch modeling agency found her a new job where she worked as a topless dancer. Still later she worked as a call girl in Paris. While doing a photo shoot for Penthouse, she met Rocco, who advised her to be in porno. She was 22 and made about 55 pornos before returning to Paris and retiring. Also with Angela Summers and Rikki Lee.

D388 Hollywood X-Posed Volume 1 (9?) Visual images uncover the shocking truth! XXX scenes and the focus is on starlets that have a bit of controversy around them. Misty Regan, Rachel Ryan, Ginger Lynn and Savannah. Se what and why and how, but mostly, see them do what they do best. Savannah of course killed herself 20 year ago with a bullet to the temple. BA

D389 Hollywood X-Posed Volume 2 (9?) Visual images unmasks the lurid underbelly of the hardcore movie industry. This time we see Shauna Grant, Porsche Lynn and Holly Ryder. BA

D410 Honky Tonk Angels (88) See some of the hottest stars of the time in their prime doing what it is they do best! With Angel, Jeanette Littledove, Annette Haven, Blondi and more! BA

D392 Licking Lips (89) Sex starlets in a licking orgy of passion. Scene after scene with different gals paired up. Diva, Crystal Holland, Bunny Bleu, Pia Snow, Crystal Breeze, Ginger Lynn, Gina Carrera, Erica Boyer. Girl on girl action to die for! BA

D411 Mary! Mary! (77) A married man with premature ejaculation problems agrees to sell his soul to solve his problem. Constance Money, Sharon Thorpe, Rene Bond and more. BA

D406 Mischief Maker, The (87) Join Megan Leigh in a romantic romp where she frolics with Tracey Adams. These two superstars discover they have magical powers, and delight in creating sexual mischief. Watch as couples end up in a mismatched ménage of merrymaking. You'll revel as you relish the antics of 'The Mischief Maker'. Also with Nina Hartley and Tracey Adams. BA

D387 New York Babes (79) An intimate look into the major leagues of sex is the theme in this fast-paced fast action sports film featuring a complete team of uninhibited , sex starved babes who are as good in bed as they are on the field. Grand Slam! With Vanessa Del Rio, Gloria Leonard and Serena. 

D397 Nightlife (82) Experience the glow of neon, the heat of the night's passion and live with street people, whose day begins with darkness. Nightlife- an erotic look at the business of pleasure. Bridgitte Monet as the hooker Joanna. She turns down a marriage proposal from a millionaire because she needs to service her clients and they need her. Also with Honey Wilder, Loni Sanders, Dorothy LeMay, Ginger and more. BA

D350 Nymphette (86) Sharon Mitchell, Jerry Butler and more star. A 19 year old Careena Collins does Mike Horner and Ron Jeremy in two separate scenes. 

D351 Oriental Confessions (8?) Linda Wong, Mai Lin, China Wong, Seka and more star in this compilation. Linda Wong O.D.ed in 1987 at age 36. Then on the same disc! Long Dong Silver: The Legend : Here you see what this was all about. Clips of men with freakishly large members. Is love as strong as the great Long Dong? or is it true, he can't go through?... as the screen proclaims!  There is nothing short about this short!

D412 Pleasures of Innocence, The (86) Faced with losing their jobs to an exotic New York stripper, Cindy and Candy seduce their boss and steal the new stripper's contract. Robin Everett, Ann Bardot, Sahron Kane, Honey Wilder and more star. BA

D263 Punishment of Anne, The (75) Jean (Carl Parker) becomes interested in friend Claire's (Marilyn Roberts) kinky sex with slave Anne (Mary Mendum). Disturbing, erotic and with S&M and urination. Mary Mendum (aka: Rebecca Brooks) drowned in Florida July 2012.

D396 Satisfactions (83) A barmaid using her buxom figure to console a dumped guy is just one link in a chain of events that causes various men and women to reach sexual satisfaction. With Rhonda Jo Petty, Kay Parker, Honey Wilder and more. BA

D395 Screwples (79) A news reporter is sent out on the street to inquire about people's fantasies. We get those fantasies in graphic detail! With Kandi Barber (she was found dead in the streets of San Francisco in 2010, hopeless and broke, back then though, she was one of the hottest women alive) Serena, Laurien Dominique and more star. BA

D408 Sensations (75) Two girls come to Amsterdam in search of interesting sex. Your Wildest Dreams Never Went So Far! With the beautiful Brigitte Maier. BA

D399 Slumber Party (84) These four gorgeous girls are having a slumber party tonight, and your invited! Dawn (Ginger Lynn) is the most experienced of the group and really knows how to please a man. Susan Hart, Athena Star and Raven are  ready to be initiated into the world of sex! BA

D409 Teenage Cheerleader (74) Susie and her friends at college don't spend too much time with their studies, they prefer to make self-studies on the anatomy of the opposite sex! Susie Mitchell was only in a few films. Also with Darby Lloyd Rains and Cindy West. BA

D403 With Love, Annette (85) Jaimie Gillis is your host in this celebration of Annette Haven. Plenty of some of her hottest scenes and with many more stars like Danielle, Abigail Clayton and more. BA