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Lbx=  Letterboxed or Widescreen format 

Subs=  Film is subtitled

aka= Also Known As  (alternate titles)



22860000 22860000 (`@````````` 266 263 5 110185200 110185200


R71    Escape From Safehaven (89) aka: Bloodscape  In a post-apocalyptic world, a family seeks refuge in Safehaven, a community protected by the ravages of the outside world by a contingency of armed guards. However, once they settle into Safehaven, they discover the guards rule the community with an iron fist, and their brutal tactics have spawned a resistance movement that tries to enlist the aid of new arrivals. Harsh violence and sexual situations make this one a bit darker than some.  BA

R124    Osa (86) In a future society where water is a valuable commodity, a savage gang murder's a young girl's family. She is taken in by a man named Trooper, who trains her to fight and kill. When she is old enough she takes off to get revenge. Her name is Osa (Kelly Lynch in her lead debut!). One of the baddies is named 'Quiltface' and is played by Bill Moseley right off the set of 'Texas Chainsaw 2'. Essential for Apocalypse completists and Lynch or Moseley fans. Memorable.  BA




M615    Jailbirds: A Story of Sex and Violence (78) aka: Le evase - Storie di sesso e di violenze  aka: Women Against Women- a Tale of Sex and Violence   Four female convicts break out of prison, and during their escape they take a busload of young female tennis players. Destination? The judge's house, the one that put them all away. Physical and sexual abuse is in store for all, as well as ample nudity. Lilli Carati, Zora Kerova and more star.  This Italian language version with English subtitles.  Also available in an English dubbed version that runs 91 minutes. BA

M643 More Pool Oil Wrestle Japanese (0?) These chicks wear cute little outfits into the pool of oil to make for an even more colorful play-time. F.L.

M640 Oil Wrestle Japanese (0?) Gorgeous Asian chicks with slick and slide rules tease, lick and wardrobe malfunction one another for your viewing pleasure. F.L.

M641 Pool Oil Wrestle Tokyo (0?) Oil in a blow up pool. Big deal. Doesn't sound like much. Add perky little Japanese chicks. Stir well. Oh. Yea. Now we have something! Catfight Fun! F.L.

M639 Put 'Em Up! (0?) Half naked chicks verbally abuse one another as they clobber the hell out of each other. Each girl is introduced behind the scenes before she actually gets a step into the ring. They also get to smack men around behind the scenes. Later in the ring, feel the pain as they actually hurt the other to the point of all out bawling and humiliation. F.L.

M654 Russian Catfights (0?) Let's mess with these Russian chicks a bit. Make sure they are sexy. Check. Make sure they are wearing practically nothing. Check. Now let's blindfold them! Throw 'em out there! Go bitches! Tear each other up! Misogyny accusations be damned! This shit is fun!

M658 Sexy Cats (0?) Not your typical battle bitch selection. Sex and fights, a thief and loads of bizarre costumes. These 3 sister's are Sexy Cats! F.L.

M642 Super Sonic Satellites Grand Prix (0?) More matches with some really cute Asian chicks stepping into the ring and trying to break each other's bones. F.L.

M655 T-Back Bikini Tag Match (0?) Pool oil fun with even more hot and ready Asian chicks that really cannot get enough of slipping and sliding all over each other!

M646 Ultimate Japanese Oil (0?) These hot little bodies and their teeny-tiny bikinis slide and grind one another for ultimate domination. F.L.

M657 Wrestle For Lust (0?) Very pretty and erotic this time out. This one tells a tale and is pretty violent and full of plot twists. F.L.




{Choose any two CLASSIC titles to create your custom double feature for $14.00 on VHS OR DVD-R!}

R173 Amazing Mr. Williams, The (39) aka: Un hombre inverosimil  Kenny Williams (Melvyn Douglas), a lieutenant of the homicide squad, is engaged to the Mayor's secretary, However, every time they get a moment duty calls. With Joan Blondell.  BA

R174 Behind Green Lights (46) aka: Audácia de Criminoso  Police Lieutenant Sam Carson (William Gargan) investigates a political murder after the victim is dumped on the floor of police headquarters. Also with Carole Landis in one of her last films. She was dead from a drug overdose at just 29 years old in 1948 after being in 56 films.  BA

R160 Cowboy Star, The (36) Tired of being a cowboy movie star, Yorke (Charles Starrett) quits the movies so he can buy a ranch and be a real cowboy. But just as in his films, trouble arrives in the form of a bank robber and his two cronies.

R138 Dark Horse, The (32) Warren William plays a slick and dirty campaign manager in this Pre-Code gem. He's always trying to find ways to fool the public in order to defeat the opposing party. Truth or facts do not matter. Sound familiar? Also with Bette Davis who's like 24 in this.

R144 Don't Turn 'Em Loose (36) aka: La jena di Barlow   A conscientious attorney who is the member of the State Parole Board, finds that his own son (Bruce Cabot), who is using an alias, is up for parole, and he must make the deciding vote. Of course we've seen what a murderous scum Cabot's character truly is. Also with Betty Grable and Lewis Stone.

R133 Glass Key, The (35) aka: A Chave de Cristal  Ed Beaumont (George Raft) is the personal friend and advisor/bodyguard to Paul Madvig  (Edward Arnold) the political boss of a large city. Look for Ray Milland and Anne Sheridan in small roles. Later remade with Alan Ladd.  BA

R158 Hunt the Man Down (50) aka: Seven Witnesses  The suspect in a twelve year old murder case is finally caught and tried, but tracking down the witness's is another story! Tidy and well made crime suspense. With Gig Young, Mary Anderson and Gerald Mohr.  BA

R141 Paratrooper (53) aka: The Red Beret  A wartime raid on a German radar station is the focus of these paratroopers. Well constructed battle sequences. With Alan Ladd as Harry Andrews. In Color. BA

R172 Romance of the Royal Mounted (36) aka: King of the Royal Mounted  Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sergeant King protects a girl who has come to claim a mine left by her father. An evil lawyer is after the mine for himself.  BA






R132 Colossus of the Arena (62) aka: Maciste, il gladiatore più forte del mondo  aka: Maciste - Die gewaltigen Sieben  A powerful man posing as a gladiator in Rome's fourth century discovers a plan to displace the beautiful Queen (played by the perfect looking Scilla Gabel, who was in many films, and was also Sophia Loren's body double for swimming in “Boy on a Dolphin” nice set!), which he thwarts by exposing a sinister duke as a traitor. Mark Forest as Maciste. Plenty of fights and battles (and nice sets!) plus a chimp and a black guy provide the comic relief. Don't blame me. Slight LBX and English dubbed beautiful print.  BA


M588 Fall of Rome: Part One (68) aka: The Last Roman  aka: Kampf um Rom I  aka: La invasión de los barbarous  Around 500 A.D. after Rome has fallen, a Roman politician (Laurence Harvey) tries to return Rome to greatness. First he must play the Goth leaders against each other. When the surviving leader attacks Rome he gets military help from an Emperor (Orson Welles) while he keeps his army on standby. Epic battle scenes and great casting. Michael Dunn (dwarf) plays a general and steals every scene he is in. Interestingly, some bits of nastiness make this one more serious than most films of this type. Also with Honor Blackman (nice topless scene) , Sylva Koscina, Robert Hoffmann and more. In German language and with English subtitles. LBX  BA

M589 Fall of Rome: Part Two (69) aka: The Last Roman 2 - The saga continues with much of the same cast. Quite excellent. This is the last film directed by Robert Siodmak (brother of Curt). In German language and with English subtitles. LBX


M610 Green Trace, The (75) aka: La traccia verde  Part One and Part Two - An Italian science fiction mini-series. A researcher in the field of lie detection one day attaches electrodes to a plant in his office, and is surprised to find that the plant responds with emotional reactions to the stimuli he gives it. Later, when a woman is murdered in his building, the plant is the only witness! Remember the 70's when everybody thought plants were alive and if you talked to them they responded? This is the time when this one was made. Later in 1979 'The Kirlian Witness' was made, again focusing on smart plants. So, will the plant break the case? In Italian language and with English subtitles.

M611 Green Trace, The (76) aka: La traccia verde  Part Three In which the mystery increases and then concludes. Plant Power! In Italian language and with English subtitles.

M612 Gunan the Barbarian (82) aka: Gunan il guerriero  aka: Gunan, King of the Barbarians - Franco (Throne of Fire) Prosperi directs another classic! Also with Pietro Torrisi! If you enjoy the genre of Conan rip-offs, this is for you! Plenty of cool scenery (especially the awesome breasts of sexy blonde Sabrina Siani!) and bloody swordplay. When she is abducted, Gunan gets really angry, and soon he will deliver her from evil. LBX BA

M596 Madame X: Absolute Ruler (78) aka: Madame X - Eine absolute Herrscherin  Here's a weird one for you! A shipload of lesbian pirates.....  Leather, weapons, flags of attack and lesbian love is the normal daily protocol.... They are various types, from pretty to pretty ugly, in outrageous costumes, and eventually their utopia devolves into a scenario of betrayal and self destruction, leading to transformation. Don't expect conventional storytelling, this was co-directed by a lesbian as well, and her particular ideas are a bit out there. In German language and with English subtitles.

M597 Man Who Thought Life, The (69) aka: Manden der tænkte ting  A successful neurosurgeon is startled when a serious little man named Steinmetz shows up and displays his ability to create objects out of thin air, using only his mind. They lock him up and he manifests a key and escapes. Later he will prove his powers at the mansion of the doctor. Wild fantasy/science-fiction film from Denmark. In Dutch language and with English subtitles.

R95 Missile to the Moon (58) aka: Colorized version! Escaped convicts hiding in a rocket are forced to pilot it to the moon. Once there they meet up with turquoise moon beauties, rock monsters, and a hilarious giant spider. Looks pretty cool in color!  BA

R68 Run Rebecca, Run! (81) A young camera fanatic named Rebecca is marooned on an island where she is menaced by a refugee from South America. Young Rebecca, uses her wits to outsmart bad guys and get out of jams. Kids oriented film, made in Australia.


M623 Seagull Island Part 1 & 2 (82) aka: The Secret of Seagull Island  aka: L'isola del gabbiano  Barbara Carey flies to Rome to visit her blind sister who is being schooled in a music academy. When she arrives she learns that her sister has disappeared and may just be the victim of a maniac who is obsessed with sightless women. She has to find out what happened. Seagull island seems to have the answer. She fakes being blind and sets out... Full of suspense and beautiful locations. Originally aired as a mini-series in the U.K. and Italy, here it is finally complete on two separate discs. In Italian language and with English subtitles.  BA

M624 Seagull Island Part 3 & 4 (82) aka: The Secret of Seagull Island  aka: L'isola del gabbiano  The saga continues and ultimately concludes with a satisfying outcome. In Italian language and with English subtitles.  BA


M604 Seven Swords of Vengeance (62) aka: Le sette spade del vendicatore  aka: Sept épées pour le roi  aka: Las siete espadas del vengador  Brett Halsey stars in this action swashbuckler from Italy/France. He is the Count of Bazan, plagued by his cousin The Duke of Saavedra who is conspiring against the King. Italian styled sword clanger with awesome torture dungeons, a piranha pit where at least one guy gets eaten, giant blade dropping guillotines and more. Also with Beatrice Altariba and Gabriele Tinti. In Italian language and with English subtitles.  BA

M583 Sins of Casanova (55) aka: Le avventure di Giacomo Casanova  This version of the life and loves of Casanova was quite racy with eroticism and nudity way ahead of the times. The Catholic authorities seized the film and insisted 8 minutes be cut!  For the film’s 50th anniversary, it was pasted back together.  Why does it matter? Because even if there are scenes in black and white, and scenes in color (assorted surviving source masters put back together as one) you still get to see this amazing film with Cinematography by Mario Bava and co-written by Lucio Fulci!!!  Don't you love the fact that the Catholic Church seized something these guys worked on together back in the fifties?  In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

M628 Tunka the Warrior (83) aka: Tunka el guerrero  Finally! The Conan rip-off from Spain! Long ago, and faraway, in a barren land (you get the idea) a female tribe called the 'Selenians' rule. They are at war with the vile male tribe called 'Tazaris'. And there is yet another tribe called 'Senkas'. There is one chosen 'Senka' who aids the 'Selenians', but he is murdered, and his brother sneaks out from 'Senka' territory to seek revenge. Lots of cool photography and plenty of action in this one. In Spanish language and with English subtitles. LBX  BA

M601 Visitors From the Arkana Galaxy (81) aka: Gosti iz galaksije  A science fiction writer is gifted with the ability to materialize his thoughts and inadvertently brings a race of aliens to earth. Brief nudity, loads of crazy effects and yes, a wacky monster and gore! This film from Yugoslavia/Czechoslovakia is pretty cool, and a must for sci-fi and monster fans. In German language and with English subtitles.  BA




M493 Au Pair Girl, The (76) aka: La ragazza alla pari  aka: The Best - Sexy Super Hot Gloria Guida plays an innocent young woman who gets a job at a house in which all the inhabitants want to get her in their bed! By the movie's end, she pretty much puts a big smile on everyone's face! Gloria doesn't fully realize the sexual earthquake she sets off in her wake. LBX and English dubbed.  BA

M494 Belt, The (89) aka: La cintura  Eurotrash take on (and at times rip-off of) “9 1/2 Weeks“.... James Russo and Eleonora Brigliadori play a couple that are not happy unless they are fighting. They get sexual excitement by slapping each other around as foreplay, and eventually a belt is introduced into the fun. Bitch needs a whipping before sex you see. There is a subplot as this is all described to a judge by Russo's character, so we know something bad has happened. Dark Sexy Exploitation.

M500 Black Emanuelle in the Country (82) aka: L'infermiera di campagna  aka: Country Nurse  Laura Gemser (stunning) stars as a sexy doctor in a community full of sleazy rednecks. Mario Bianchi directs as everyone tries to get into her panties. Meanwhile the local women, jealous of Gemser, are stripping down to win their men back! Politically incorrect and full of sex jokes. And of course, plenty of nudity and nice locales! Mark Shannon, Gabriele Tinti and Femi Benussi also star.  BA

M495 Born Under a Bad Sign (75) aka: Les baiseuses  aka: Jailbait  aka: That Girl is a Tramp  Belgian made sleaze flick about a hot young woman that is attacked by her father sexually so she runs away. She gets caught posing for porn (with a new friend) and ends up facing the lash of a female warden. Later they escape and things really go downhill after that! Plenty of nudity and sexual situations of course.

M496 Capri: Paradise of Love (91) aka: Thrilling Love - Alberto (Tony Kendall) and Ingrid (Sharon Kane) are vacationing on the island of Capri. Alberto gets off watching Ingrid make it with strangers while he fantasizes about his former wife. We find out why he can't get it with Ingrid when we see the flashback of him with his former wife, and it isn't pretty. It involves a long blade knife!  BA

M497 Carnal Contact (73) aka: Contratto carnale  aka: The African Deal - Sleazy and politically incorrect trash from Italy/Ghana filmed in Ghana, Africa. Business in Ghana leads to interracial sex, gay stereotype, heavy-handed racism based dialogue, nudity and sex, plus a perfect twist ending. At the time in America we were having a cool Blaxploitation craze where they were sticking it to the man. In Italy and abroad, they were making films where black men were usually portrayed as sex-crazed savages getting it with white women. Hey, don't ask me, it was popular and something new for audiences I suppose. With Calvin (The Beast Must Die) Lockhart, George Hilton and Anita Strindberg. In English language with foreign subtitles.

M498 Confessions of Sex Slaves (77) aka: Tänzerinnen für Tanger  aka: Sensual Partners  Middle class chicks are being taken right off the streets of Zurich and Montreal.  Beaten, raped, and hooked on heroin they are then shipped off to Amsterdam to be sex slaves. A reporter is on the trail of trying to uncover the process as she investigates a sex club. Plenty of nudity and sleaze we would expect! With German porn star Gina Janssen.

M499 Conjugal Debt, The (70) aka: Il debito coniugale  An unhappily married man decides to leave his wife (Anita Ekberg, what are you crazy?) and go off on some wild adventures with a friend. A fisherman sells them his wife (Barbara Bouchet). She has a free-love hippie type spirit. Later she allows them to auction off her clothes to some horny villagers and take bets on which of her breasts weigh the most. Light-hearted sex comedy. Ekberg and Bouchet. Can't go wrong here. English dubbed and with foreign subtitles.  BA

M505 Élisa (95) Ever since her mother committed suicide, Marie (Vanessa Paradis providing some nice nudity) has spent most of her life in an orphanage, and then into a life of small-time crime, escaping the boarding house with a friend, using her sexy body to rob men blind.  She hunts down her father (Gerard Depardieu) who blames her for her mother's death. A strip-tease on the beach drives Depardieu nuts. You're WHO? LBX and with English subtitles.

M586 Emanuelle and Joanna (79) aka: Il mondo porno di due sorelle  An unhappy housewife seeks to free herself from the abuse of her husband. When abused by another (younger) man, she turns to her sister, who runs a brothel that specializes in sado-masochistic games. She will have her revenge on the men who mistreated her, with a twisted bent on sexual excess. With Marina Hedman and Sherry Buchanan. Now in Italian language and with English subtitles. (Also available in an English dub)

M506 Erotic Tales (80) aka: Contes pervers  aka: Gift Girls  A trilogy of sexy tales. First, a woman gets suckered into a nasty game of strip poker in Hong Kong. The fat greasy guy getting massaged by the hot chicks will have you rolling! Next, a priest has to deal with a flock of horny nuns! Nice. Finally we get Zora Kerova (she was hung up by her breasts in 'Cannibal Ferox' and cut up in 'New York Ripper' to name a few) as a pinup girl who offers a truck driver her body. Thing is, he can only get aroused in his big rig! Amazing!

M507 Evil Eyes (90) aka: Malizia Oggi - Sergio (Blood Delirium) Bergonzelli's last film. In Italian language only. A young stud finds he has both hands full as Luna (Deborah Cali) and her knockout step-mom (Valentine Demy) are both available to him. The father is doing the maid, and there is quite a bit of mix and match soft-core sex action going on here. Nice locations, and at one point Luna is nearly raped. F.L.

R45 High Yellow (65) Cynthia Wood, a light-skinned black and 17, tries to pass off as white after getting hired by a wealthy movie magnate with family problems. Fun little exploitative racism and discrimination film that could never get made today. High Yellow is known as a light-skinned African American. Colorism, attempted rape, there is even a disco hop-beat-go-go-club sequence. This little seen oddity was directed by Larry Buchanan, and has S.F Brownrigg (Don't Look in the Basement...more) in the sound department. Look for Buchanan regulars (like Bill Thurman as a bad guy) and more. Noticed a few glitches in source print.  BA

M510 House of 1000 Pleasures (75) aka: Club privé pour couples avertis  aka: Club Private - Taxi driver Marcel cannot believe his luck when a customer takes him to a High Class Sex Club to seduce him. While she shags another lover, he gets it with two sweet young things. But wait, his girlfriend is working here too! The whore! He kicks her out of his home. Later they realize that true love may just beat all. Or something like that. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

M594 Julia (74) aka: Es war nicht die Nachtigall  aka: L'usignolo e l'allodola  Horny college kid visits home on summer break, plays mix and match with his dad's mistress, lots of soft-core sex scenes and laughs, and the lead the beautiful (sadly now deceased) Sylvia Kristel he falls hard for, which is lucky for him, she's up for it!. Set at a Swiss villa set in the Swiss hillsides. Kristel set the planet on fire the same year as 'Emanuelle'. Her pay was a mere 6 grand, but the movie made a fortune. Now 'Julia' comes LBX! BA

M514 Ladies Doctor (77) aka: Il ginecologo della mutual  A gynecologist (with money troubles) turns his business over to his assistant (named Franco) and heads for the Bahamas. Turns out Franco is a sex machine and the business takes off huge! Daniela Doria (who would puke up her own guts in a Fulci classic a few years later) stars along with Paola Senatore. Extremely sleazy sex comedy loaded with uninhibited women and directed by the master Joe D'Amato. Look for Marina Hedman in a small role. LBX and with English subtitles. BA 

M516 Laura (76) aka: My Father's Wife  aka: La moglie di mio padre  Aging wife (Carroll Baker) desperately wants to sexually satisfy her husband, but he's losing interest due to his inability to perform and he cheats (under the instruction of his doctor!) to help his libido. She even seeks advice from hookers, but nothing helps. Tired of trying, she falls for her stepson. Trashy soaper-like Euro-trash. Widescreen and with English language. Upgrade!  BA

M511 L'Insegnante Di Violoncello (89) aka: The Cello Teacher  This title is in Italian language only. Horny guys hang out at the beach attempting to screw every babe they lay eyes on. One guy is more interested in playing his cello until he sees his dad's new girlfriend (played by Serena Grandi!). Splendid trash! F.L.

M517 Lolita Forever (90) aka: Lolita per sempre  A nerd-type guy runs a hotel, always frustrated by the sexy young women who frequent the place. He decides to quit and make a new start. And does he ever! Petra Scharbach, Valentine Demy and more star. Rough and tumble soft-core fun. This one is in Italian language only.

M518 Love and Passion (87) aka: Capriccio - After the renewed flings with their former lovers prove to be nothing like their romantic memories, an unfaithful couple return to each other. Francesca Dellera and Nicola Warren are just two of the nice pieces of meat on display in this high end production directed by Tinto Brass. English dubbed.  BA

M522 Love Sins (87) aka: D'Annunzio  A studly man seduces the wife (Stefania Sandrelli) of a friend, even though his own wife is pregnant. He's also banging a hooker (Eva Grimaldi) for a change of pace. Later he sleeps with yet another lover (Teresa Ann Savoy). Of course all of this philandering can't last, and won't end well for him. Set in the 1920's Italy. Nudity from all of the delicious women in the cast. English dubbed and with foreign subtitles. BA

M520 Lover, The (77) aka: L'Amantide - Erika Blanc stars as a woman with an unfaithful husband. One of his conquests cause him to stroke...ahem.. HAVE a stroke, leaving him paralyzed. Now it is her turn to get some satisfaction with a new lover. Erika Blanc has frequent nude scenes. LBX and in Italian language only with no subtitles.

M492 Loving Greetings from Lederhosen (73) aka: Liebesgrüße aus der Lederhos'n  aka: A Spy's Bold Sexual Adventure - Bavarian boys bang bare-breasted blondes in this genuinely raunchy German sex comedy with a strong emphasis on sleaze, full nudity and sex. These women are super-incredible, and disrobe every chance they get. Whoever dubbed this, changed the film into some type of sex-spy-spoof.  Soft-core fun, and English dubbed!  BA

M523 Mia Preda, La (90) Petra Scharbach stars as a young woman in a school run by nuns. The nuns are abusive, and so is her father. She runs away and becomes a high-priced prostitute! And why not, she's smoking let me tell you. But how will all of this pan out? In Italian language only on this title.

M524 Mistress is Served, The (76) aka: La padrona è servita  aka: Die Herrenreiterin  A businessman and a dead count's son both sniff around after beautiful Senta Berger and Erika Blanc after the suicide of the patriarch. The horny young daughter is also in on the action. Plenty of nudity. This is a longer version of 'The Mistress'. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

M525 My Darling Domestic (74) aka: Il domestico  A butler for wealthy clients has a problem... he can't seem to stop getting sexually involved with the wives and daughters of his bosses. Includes rich satire of various targets including the military, the clergy, neo-realists, commies, swingers, corrupt industrialists, cross-eyed nympho virgins and more. Erika Blanc, Gordon Mitchell, Martine Brochard, Silvia Monti, Femi Benussi and more. English language dubbed and with foreign subtitles. BA

M526 My Nights with Messalina (82) aka: Bacanales romanas  aka: Messaline et Agrippine  Shameless trashy rip-off typical of the 'Caligula' sleaze genre with everything you would expect to enjoy! When Claudius returns from battle with a bad STD, frustrated bisexual Messalina (Raquel Evans) seeks others for her enjoyment. Hilarious dubbing, loads of nudity and sexual situations, Ajita Wilson and more. English dubbed, but be warned, the audio is not very good on this title, you really have to turn it up, and there is a hum on the audio. The only print we have ever seen of this one.  BA

M527 Naughty Blue Knickers (81) aka: Secrets of the Satin Blues  aka: Les folies d'Élodie  This is a sex French film narrated by a pair of blue panties! The woman who buys them has both a husband, and a lover. The lover wants in through the back door, and she's not having it. Neither are the panties! The panties get passed around a bit,  but when the woman and the maid begin to get it together you'll forget all about those gabby under-garments. English dubbed. Slightly LBX.

M528 Naughty Roommates (69) aka: Liebe durch die Hintertür  aka: Die liebestollen Dirndl von Tirol  German sex comedy! A woman from the country (Teri Tordai) comes to Berlin to find fame and fortune. She learns she has inherited a rundown hotel. Together with her friends, they seduce the local men folk in hopes of getting help restoring the hotel for business. Excellent addition to the German sex genre and English language dubbed as well!  BA

M529 Nude Maid, The (76) aka: La portiera nuda  Irene (Inferno) Miracle is one hot young woman, and she gets a job at an apartment building where all the tenants have the hots for her. She is seduced by a lesbian (Erika Blanc), a porno film producer, and finally falls for Mr. Right. She hopes so anyway. Plenty of nudity. In Italian language only with no subtitles. LBX  BA

M530 Obsession (89) aka: Obsession - una storia di straordinaria follia  Young women (one being Petra Scharbach) are either forced to have sex in public, or are the victims of peeping toms. Director Pasquale Fanetti assembles some really hot dishes here for the viewer to enjoy! In Italian language only, but you won't care, you'll be to busy looking at all the hot ass on the screen!

M532 One-Sided Passion (86) aka: Senza vergogna  Malisa (The She-Wolf of Spilberg) Longo stars. Her horny husband has sex with every woman he can. At one point he cracks an egg over a servant's ass as an egg-lube. His son (who is paralyzed and in a wheelchair) sees much of his father's sexual escapades, and having no luck with the local girls- lusts for his step-mother (Longo). More excellent Eurotrash! This one is in German language only.

M533 Paprika (91) aka: Los burdeles de Paprika  A young country girl (Debra Caprioglio, I'm saying breath-taking!) comes to town and works in a brothel in order to help her fiancé get the money to start their own business. Some consider this Tinto Brass's sexiest film. Also with Martine Brochard, Valentine Demy and more! LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

M534 Passionate Partners (92) aka: Kreola  On a tropical island paradise, the star of the Valentina T.V. series Demetra Hampton gets involved in various sexual liaisons. English dubbed. BA

M535 Patricia (81) aka: Patricia, un voyage pour l'amour  A young heiress (Anne Parillaud) leads a life of excess and wants to marry a man that her father despises. When her father dies under mysterious circumstances, and then someone tries to kill her as well, she surrounds herself with all of her family, friends and lovers. From director Hubert Frank, the guy who brought us 'The Angel and the Beasts'. Parillaud is smoking hot. Remember, she was the star of 'Innocent Blood' from Landis 10 years later and still was amazing. English language dubbed.

M536 Peepshow (86) aka: Voglia di guardare  Sexy Christina (Jenny Tamburi) finds herself working in a brothel, while her husband watches her to get his kicks. The brothel is run by Francesca (Lilli Carati) who was Miss Italy in 1975, but on to porn by the late 80's. Laura Gemser in a supporting role. Pretty erotic and sleazy as hell. Lilli Carati died of brain cancer on October 14th 2014. This is an English dubbed LBX nice quality upgrade of this film. 

M625 Sex With a Smile (76) aka: 40 gradi all'ombra del lenzuolo  Five sexuality based sketches directed by Sergio Martino from Italy. Each is tightly knit up into a hilarious package with snappy dialogue, dry wit and slapstick. The sketch with Marty Feldman of 'Young Frankenstein' may be the funniest. The cast of ladies is to die for with Barbara Bouchet, Edwidge Fenech, Sydne Rome and Dayle (Spermula) Haddon. Also with Tomas Milian. Upgraded LBX version. BA




M490 7000 Days Together (94) aka: Siete mil días juntos  aka: Long Life Together - A mortician has been in an unhappy marriage for twenty years. His wife has his neighbors thinking he is a monster. Truthfully though, he is harmless. He finds a beautiful young woman and begins a sexual affair. Now he has something to live for, and decides maybe using his morgue setting to get rid of his bitch wife may just be a good idea! But there is a dark twist coming in this black comedy. In Spanish and with English subtitles.

R47 A Gaiola Da Morte (Cage of Death) (92) Violent and action-packed movie from Brazil about men being kept prisoners in a bamboo jail where they are tortured by being forced to fight each other to the death while a mad filmmaker records their every move for 'snuff film fight' release. Some martial arts and electro-shock mixed with eye gougings, stabbings, impalings and more! Crazy shit here. F.L.

M605 A... For Assassin (66) aka: A... come assassino  At the reading of a will- potential inheritors learn they must stay a month on the estate. Of course with a premise like that, we know their numbers will begin to shrink when the murders begin! Rare black and white giallo from director Angelo Dorigo.  With a story by Ernesto Gastaldi who he himself went on to direct many giallo films and many others of interest to readers of this. Starring Allen Steel (aka: Sergio Ciani), his first film after his sword and sandal run.  Upgrade of this early Giallo. - In Italian Language and with English subtitles. LBX

R48 Aberrations of a Prostitute (81) A known gangster is shot up and left for dead but somehow manages to stay alive. As we all know by now... IT'S PAYBACK TIME! Plenty of violence, rape, nudity, and more.  F.L. only.  Before the film, you'll be entertained by the gory Japanese short movie "Japanese Swinger-Sex-Drug-Orgy” an ultra-violent splatter trip which includes a corkscrew to the head, a decent head-flattening by truck, hallucinatory splatter and more. Also foreign language.

M482 Arabella, the Black Angel (89) aka: Arabella l'angelo nero  Arabella (Tina Cansino) is a nymphomaniac who has sex with almost any man. One night she is busted by an officer and raped. Later he comes back for more at her house and she seduces and then kills him. Her husband (a crippled writer), helps her get rid of the body. He encourages her to go out and find other men to have sex with. Enter a black-gloved scissor wielding killer who starts to murder (and castrate) her lovers one by one. A beautiful , crazy, misogynistic giallo with plenty of HOT graphic sex, gore, loads of full nudity and rape. Every element a good Eurotrash film should possess! The nudity is not fogged, so you get the real deal in this upgrade, plus it's English dubbed. Uncut 88 minute version. Upgrade!  BA

R52 Blood Delerium: Special Edition (88) aka: Delirio di sangue  After the death of his beloved wife, an unhinged artist (John Philip Law), tripping out thinking he is the reincarnation of Vincent Van Gogh, digs up his wife (with help from his necrophiliac butler played by Gordon Mitchell) for inspiration. Later he meets his wife's double (played by same actress Brigitte Christensen) and brings her home to his castle. She soon will find out his secret paint is blood from kidnapped murdered women! Now this is the longest print ever at about 90 minutes. You'll finally see Mitchell disemboweling and cutting up female corpses and also where he cooks part of a dead girl's liver and eats it! The blood-letting scenes are also a bit longer with a touch more necrophilia related stuff. This movie is available in so many shredded versions, finally this is the final word. English language dubbed and with foreign subtitles.

R42 Blue Nude (77) Want to see a film that contains all the sleaze of a 42nd street production, spliced with the classic style of an Italian exploitation film? Well, here it is! A young muscular gigolo that looks like Joe Dallesandro, just trying to make a living in New York City, becomes caught up in the world of pornography (aside from his dog-walking job). On the set he falls for Lily (Susan McBain in her only non-porno role!).  He has a script, and dreams of making it like Stallone did with 'Rocky'. Later he is seduced by a 15 year old who invites him into her apartment to listen to her new Peter Frampton album. But it is a trap! This leads to blackmail and big troubles! At one point he is in jail and the guy in the cell over starts talking to him and it is William Sanderson in his 2nd acting job! Later Lily is strangled while being filmed having sex for a porno. Extremely gloomy and downbeat with real porn people like Carter Stevens, Robert Kerman and others. From Director Luigi Scattini. Lots of nudity. Midnight Cowboy meets Taxi Driver. Recommended! Widescreen and mostly with English subtitles, although there are a few scenes in Italian language. Upgrade!  BA

M606 Blueblood (74) aka: I diavoli n. 2, aristocrazia immorale  aka: Der Lord, der ein Diener sein wollte  An unusually nasty butler (Oliver Reed) takes over the possessions of his degenerate master by means of witchcraft. An under-appreciated little horror film with a lavish estate, dreams of covert diabolical rituals and the all-out devil-DOES-care finale. This one deserves another look even if only for Oliver Reed's evil performance alone! Also with Fiona Lewis and more. NOW available LBX!  BA

R153 Chasing World, The (08) aka: Riaru onigokko  A teenager is transported to a parallel world where everyone who shares his family name is being hunted down by a dictatorial government. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M484 Collector, The (97) aka: Neitoperho  Dark horror from Finland! Two sister's are opposites. One is a lesbian and the other a mental psychotic who goes on a killing spree when she finds out about her sister's sexual proclivities. Now Widescreen and with English subtitles. Upgrade!

M485 Crazy Desires of a Murderer (77) aka: I vizi morbosi di una governante  Family members and friends gather at a Gothic castle owned by a wheelchair-bound older relative of one of the girls. Drug dealers and other assorted characters fill out the guest list. Meanwhile a deranged killer who enjoys to cut the eyeballs out of his victim's head's is loose on the grounds. This giallo plays like an old-fashioned sixties Italian horror movie. With Isabelle Marchall. Nice Widescreen upgrade and with English subtitles.

M607 Cries and Shadows (75) aka: Un urlo dalle tenebre  aka: The Return of the Exorcist  aka: The Possessor  A Priest becomes involved in demonology and exorcisms. One of the best and the trashiest of the Italian Exorcist rip-offs. When a young student gets a demon... in no time he is snarling, levitating, spitting and swearing, vomiting etc. Awesome village locales in the mountains with a creepy church, a sexy devil woman and some scares. Richard Conte plays the 'Exorcist' in his final actual movie role. Italian Devil Movies Rock!  Now this title comes to you LBX. BA

R50 Cry Rape (70) aka: The Brutes  aka: Mädchen... nur mit Gewalt  This forgotten film was a regular staple on 42nd street in the early 70's. Two deviants pick up a woman, and rape and humiliation is in their game plan. Later they fight over her. Nudity, rape, beatings, stabbings, and of course sleaze city here. German sexploitation uncut and English language dubbed. Nice.  BA

M609 Dangerous Game (91) aka: Ossessione fatale  Joe D'Amato directed this one about a girl (Carmen Di Petro) that has sex with a guy once and he moves on but she's not having it so she kidnaps him and ties him to her bed and proceeds to try to screw him to death. The best way to go! But will this actually end that way? Carmen Di Petro is something else!

M501 Dark Side of Love, The (84) aka: Fotografando Patrizia  Complex sister/brother relationship borders on the inappropriate as the brother (who is a disturbed porn obsessed weirdo) develops strong lust for his sister. Things can't turn out well here. With Monica Guerritore and Tinì Cansino. Dubbed into English and with foreign subtitles. BA

M584 Daughters of the Fire (78) Women visit a friend of theirs in South Brazil. They meet a bizarre woman that is involved in parapsychology and from then on bizarre occurrences begin. Only people with imagination will appreciate the horror, which is mainly in the atmosphere of this one. Existentialist Horror. In Portuguese and with English subtitles.

R89 Death: The Ultimate Mystery (75) Cameron Mitchell narrates this examination of reincarnation, regression and other life-after-death subjects. Pseudo-science was huge in the 70's, and even more so today. Notice how everybody that thinks reincarnation is real almost always remembers being a king/queen or ruler of some sort in a past life? Yea right, so was I.

M502 Decameron 2 (72) aka: Decameron n° 2 - Le altre novelle del Boccaccio  Numerous sleazy sexy tales from Pasolini's 'Decameron Tales'. In one tale a priest convinces a guy he is in hell, so the priest can take sexual advantage of his wife! In another tale a pre-'I Spit on Your Grave' Camille Keaton (in her second film) travels to the desert to find 'God'. Instead she finds a wise man who convinces her the 'Devil' is between her legs, and only he can get rid of him! More tales include cuckolded husbands and wife-swapping. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

R58 Demons 6 (89) aka: The Black Cat  aka: Demons 6: De Profundis  aka: Il gatto nero  A horror movie in production resurrects a green slime spewing witch bitch bent on possessing the lead actress in this bizarre tale that credits Poe's Black Cat and Argento's Susperia as inspiration. Directed by Luigi Cozzi the guy who brought us 'Contamination' and he stills loves to blow people up as you will see in some splatterific gore scenes. A homage of sorts to a variety of Italian horror directors with snippets of everything from a sometimes okay hair metal soundtrack to wild zoom shots and vibrant colors. With Florence Guerin, Urbano Barberini (who was in the first 'Demons' from 1985) and a drop-dead gorgeous looking big-haired Caroline Munro in bubble-bath and lingerie but sadly as we all know from her, no nudity. Damn! Nice upgrade in English language although there are Japanese subtitles. 

M651 Die Waldbewohner (08) A couple pushing a baby carriage in the German countryside stop to pick flowers. Damn, the baby is gone! They give chase... but to what? Three people get caught up in a mysterious time warp forest where people disappear. There is a white wizard creeping around, and let's not forget the green-faced demons and the zombies! German Splatter Fun! With Extras and Trailers. In German Language only. LBX

M503 Disobedience, The (81) aka: La disubbidienza  aka: Der Ungehorsam  Twisted dysfunctional family set in the past when Northern Italy was governed by fascists. 17 year old Luca, awakening sexually, has an affair with Edith (Teresa Ann Savoy) his father's mistress. Later after his breakdown, due to Edith's death, his nurse (Stefania Sandrelli) brings him back 'up' to face life again. With a score by Ennio Morricone. No English, Italian language only on this title.  BA

M486 Distant Lights (87) Alien spirits from outer space land on earth and take over the bodies of the recently deceased. A widower (Tomas Milian) has a son who keeps seeing his dead mother. Later more supposedly 'dead' people are sighted. They have no memory of their past and describe themselves as 'lights' who come from far away. Awesome Italian made science fiction. In English language and with no subtitles. LBX upgrade!

R73 Eat the School Girl (0?) Extremely gory Japanese sex and violence film with lots of rape and blood. Mean-spirited mayhem not for the faint-hearted, With English subtitles.

M599 El Perfil De Satanas (69) In this crazy Spanish pseudo-documentary style, a cult of Satanists are terrorizing the countryside and attempting to recruit new members in their reign of satanic terror. Apparently, 'The Spanish Inquisition' didn't take! Much to the chagrin of the locals. In Spanish language and with English subtitles. BA

M587 Emily the Pervert (74) aka: Aimilia, the Psychopath  aka: Aimilia, i diestrammeni  By day she teaches piano to children at an orphanage.... But at night, she brings home lovers and murders them in a sexual frenzy! This we discover is due to some trauma as a child, seeing her mother murdered by a man that she was abusing. The guy had enough! Later our crazy heroine falls in love with a criminal, but the law is closing in and there will be a downbeat ending for all. In Greek and with English subtitles.

M487 Expulsion of the Devil (73) aka: Au rendez-vous de la mort joyeuse  A decent and deeply disturbing horror film that delves into some very dark corners of the human psyche. A family moves to a country house that seems to be 'alive'! It just doesn't seem to be... IT IS ALIVE! They bring in a group of experts to investigate. An elderly priest and his brood of adolescent female orphans arrive. Seems they have spent a lot of time at this house. When the evil manifests itself, all hell breaks loose! With a young Gerard Depardieu (who goes berserk in this). LBX and with English subtitles. Upgrade!  BA

R116 Fast, Fast (81) aka: Deprisa, deprisa  Angela begins to hang out with Pablo and his gang of young robbers. Robbing stealing and doing drugs is the order of the day for these Spanish juveniles. Pablo is played by a guy that died from a drug overdose in a Madrid prison two years later after robbing a bank. Film imitating life? This was his only film credit. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

M508 Fatal Temptation (88) aka: Errore fatale  A man who has been cheating on his wife is blinded in an auto accident. His wife hires the man responsible as her chauffeur and not only has sex with him, she also wants him to kill her husband. Meanwhile the husband still manages to screw his mistress despite his handicap. 'Postman Always Rings Twice' type but with a sleazier edge (meaning lots of nudity and sex!). Plot twists before the tragic ending. Loredana Romito stars.

M590 Fear, The (66) aka: O fovos  Set in rural Greece where ignorance and religious fanaticism rules the day. A young man in a dysfunctional family tries to deal with his sexual  frustration. His sister is doing the village mechanic, his parent's are barely on speaking terms, and the rural toughness of the area is pervasive. The servant girl who is mute and deaf may just be what he needs. But this is Greece, and another tragedy is underway. In Greek and with English subtitles.

M591 Finishing School (69) aka: La residencia  Lilli Palmer owns and runs a school for wayward girls in France. Her absolute discipline has fostered a social order among the girls with rampant sex, lesbianism and torture the norm.... then they start “running away” meaning—they are being murdered....  Another upgrade has come in of this Spanish Horror Classic! Widescreen and Uncut.  BA

M509 House Call (94) aka: De Flat  aka: Appartement 512  Roos (Rene Soutendijk) is a nice looking blonde doctor that lives in a high rise. Her babysitter, who lives in the same building, is brutally murdered. She is spied upon by the killer, and she has a new boyfriend who suffers from migraines. Could they be one and the same? Tidy little erotic thriller with nudity from Soutendijk and plenty of sexual tension and suspense. LBX, in Dutch language and with English subtitles.

M512 International Prostitution (80) aka: International Prostitution: Brigade criminelle  A cruel pimp (Gabriele Tinti) accidentally murders one of his whores. He escapes to Bangkok to restart his business. On his trail is a French cop and the murdered girl's sister (Laura Gemser). When they are not getting it on, they search for the pimp! Lots of nudity and sleaze. Finally one of the few Laura Gemser film's we did not have! English dubbed.

R99 Kill Kill Overkill (93) aka: Twisted Fate   Two redneck, greasy geeky weirdo types are up to no good picking up women on the highway. Later they hide in the attic of a rural mountain cabin. Later three women on vacation arrive, unaware they have visitors above.... The only thing that can save them is a badass biker chick!  Another low-budget outing from Donald G. Jackson.

R115 Little Sweetheart (89) aka: Zucchero al veleno  A criminal couple, hiding out in a remote property become the unwitting victims of a plot to blackmail them by the most unlikely of conspirators. It's an evil little girl (she even gets hold of a gun!)! Will they outwit the conniving little monster? Channeling 'The Bad Seed'. With John Hurt, Karen Young and more.

M519 Love in the Strangest Way (94) aka: Elles n'oublient jamais  It's the French version of 'Fatal Attraction'! After he has an affair with a hot chick named Anne (Maruschka Detmers), Julien finds his troubles are just beginning! Anne will stop at nothing to infiltrate every aspect of his life. So when he thinks he has taken care of the problem, things take a deadly turn. LBX and with English subtitles.

M521 Love Rites (87) aka: Cérémonie d'amour  Director Walerian Borowczyk's last film. A prostitute toys with a man she sees in the streets. Their sexual flirtations increase. She has plans for him that do not necessarily follow the usual hooker/John relationship. A plan that he may find he is not ready for.....  or will she be the slave here? Maybe a bit shocking when you see what happens, and with very frank sex talk, as well as sex scenes. With English subtitles.  BA

R102 Mad Cow (10) A crazed scientist creates a half-man, half-cow creature which goes on the rampage at an African game lodge. Fast and furious horror comedy that uses a Monty Python style of dialogue and a fast-paced storyline. Don't be looking for fantastic effects or logic. Nice gritty backwoods locations and hot babes though, yes indeed! Widescreen and filmed in English language. Includes trailer and Making of....!

M618 Memory (78) aka: Beast Shouldn't Look in the Mirror  aka: Memoria  Spanish horror film - The particular storyline concerns memory, specifically the transference of a scientist's memories to a mentally vacant physical subject. Memory transfusion is not the best of ideas. Of course things never go as planned! In Spanish and with English subtitles.

M488 Moonchild (89) aka: El niño de la luna  An orphan confined in a claustrophobic, Orwellian institution, somewhere in Post WW2 Europe has telekinesis. Here in this institute, gifted children are studied and used in experiments. It soon becomes clear to this orphan, he is here on earth for a very special purpose. Bizarre and moody with a soundtrack by the mysterious band 'Dead Can Dance'. This comes from the director of 'In a Glass Cage' and stars Maribel (The Blood Spattered Bride) Martin and Lucia (Blood Ceremony) Bose. With English subtitles.

R91 Mutants, The (98) aka: Os Mutants - Kids, out on their own, no mothers, no masters, freedom and independence... and trouble. Rebels with a cause. Can they survive or will the real world come crashing in on their created reality. A Portugal/France production. Slightly LBX and with English subtitles.

M598 Nights of Perversion 2 (82) aka: A Noite das Taras 2 - Two tales of perversion! First: A bank clerk/violinist with mental problems murders hookers in his spare time, due to the psychological scars of his upbringing. When a close neighbor (pretty young woman) declares her love for him, his mind cannot process the possibilities. Next: When four female thieves break into the home of a male porn star to rob him of his money and jewelry, he catches them and they have sex instead! Extremely explicit material. F.L.

R88 Noisy Requiem (88) aka: Tsuitô no zawameki  This weird epic's (running over 2 hours) main drive is a focus on the daily lives of social outcasts, misfits and freaks in Kyoto, Japan. This includes a serial killer, midgets and homeless people, all of them struggling to get by. An uncompromising look at alienation, a raw depiction of society and the gaps people find themselves in, usually chasms of their own design. Truly bizarre and haunting shot in a bleak black and white. With English subtitles. Upgrade!

M531 On the Edge of a Razor (92) aka: Instinct  aka: Sul filo del rasoio   A woman moves to a lakeside home where the previous tenant was found murdered in her bathtub. She becomes attracted to a man that may have something to do with the killing. Very obscure erotic thriller from Joe D'Amato. In Italian language only.

M620 Pervert, The (75) A man, traumatized in his youth by an SS officer, is impotent and quite insane. He lives in a cave. A cave where he lures women to depravity and death. Nice and sleazy with an almost endless stream of nudity depravity and violence. Police use a beautiful woman as bait for the maniacal killer. Perfect! In Greek language and with English subtitles.

M537 Physical Scandal (92) aka: L'amante scomoda  A man is cheating on his wife. Then a masked killer shows up and in a long sequence stalks and kills the large-breasted mistress of the cheating man. Who is the killer? Another obscure Italian made erotic thriller. English language. With Linda Carol.

M621 Plot of Fear (76) aka: E tanta paura  aka: Magnum 45  A group of wealthy men and women are being murdered one by one. Could the motive be revenge for the death of a girl, (killed in a gruesome practical joke), at one of the rich people's decadent sex parties? Convoluted tension and sleaze filled Giallo with Corinne Clery, Tom Skerritt and Eli Wallach. Now available LBX!  BA

M489 Premonition, The (92) aka: Svart Lucia  One of the best Swedish Horror films! A beautiful blonde high school student begins to have visions of people she knows dying, and experiencing Deja Vu. She also has a crush on a teacher that she learns may just be a stalker and killer of her fellow students. Cool Swedish horror film that has an unsettling style and sense of dread. The dark of winter that only a film from Sweden can bring. Nice tension and chills here! LBX and with English subtitles.

M538 Prey, The (74) aka: La preda  Amazing trash with the stunning Zeudi Araya Cristaldi. Crime and sex, murder and prison, escape and a love triangle, all in a lush tropical setting with plenty of skin from the sexy Zeudi. English dubbed and slightly LBX.

M626 Soul and Flesh (74) aka: Psyhi kai sarka  Another bizarre erotic film from Greece! A pilot called 'Horse' also enjoys an occasional adventure (like having sex with women other than his wife). They don't call it the cockpit for nothing! Flesh and Body have a ball tormenting Horse. From Athens to London Body will lose the first round. Horse will watch the match from afar, brooding to moody 70's tunes. But what about the corpse? In Greek language and with English subtitles.

M627 Strangler of Syggrou Street (89) aka: O stragalistis tis sygrou  How about a Greek remake of 'Maniac'? With famous Greek actor/wrestler Apostolos Sougglakos (who died from a stroke at age 56 in 2006) in the Joe Spinell role as the mad killer! Yep, he's a deranged psycho-killer/sexual deviant who works on mannequins when he is not out stalking new victims! You'll cringe at the disco sounds (still huge in Greece in the late 80's) and Look Out! Someone spliced in a few hardcore scenes to spice things up a little. But we're all adults here, no harm done. A must! In Greek language and with English subtitles.

M491 Student Connection, The (74) aka: Witness to a Murder  aka: Un par de zapatos del '32  Ray Milland plays a principal of a boy's school that is seen by a student committing a murder. He does not see the face of the boy however, so begins to murder anyone who acts suspicious. Hopefully he will eliminate the eyewitness to his evil deeds. A well-made, I would even say Hitchcockian Giallo type. Plenty of tension and solid visual style. Also with babe Sylva Koscina.  BA

M515 Tango of Perversity, The (74) aka: Le tango de la perversion  Loretta shotguns her husband for the insurance money. Next, she marries another old man (with heart troubles) with the hopes of giving him a heart attack and getting his money as well. She gets 3 prostitutes to pose as friends and the teasing begins. Lesbian and straight soft-core sex galore! Trashy, funny and dark with a score by Franco regular Daniel White. Dubbed into English.  BA

R63 Trapped in Lust (73) aka: Aiyoku no wana  Soft-core remake of 'Branded to Kill' about a hit man living on the edge who ends up being double-crossed by the mob syndicate. There's also a short weird looking guy with a painted mannequin-like face going around with a tall, mechanical raping doll killing women with his metal Phallus during sex. Weird, violent, crazy, bizarre... best described! Widescreen and with English subtitles.

M652 Underworld Cats (10) aka: Underground Boob Massacre - Kitty Cat vs. Dolly Buster  Crazy Catwoman like gal battles evil. Dolly Buster a Czechoslavakian porn star is a villain. Watch out for the raging fat guy! Nudity, Girls with Guns, Snapped Necks, Splatter, Obvious FX, cool rides and more in store in this German made madness. Meeooww! F.L. - LBX

M629 Vice and Virtue (63) aka: Le vice et la vertu  Marquis De Sade Lite? If you have seen Pasolini's 'Salo' you will recognize many of the scenes here that inspired him in this earlier film. Roger Vadim directs and somehow maintains a sense of romanticism to the proceedings and injects humor during the WW2 era. Too soon? Unlike Pasolini's 'Salo' which will only result in horrors. Still, interesting and oh the women! Catherine Denevue (at 20), Annie Giradot, Luciana Paluzzi and more. In French language and with English subtitles.  BA

R152 Violent Virgins (69) aka: Gewalt! Gewalt: shojo geba-geba  We are presented with a car of four gangsters, another of four prostitutes (apparently loosely attached to the gang). They have a couple they are taking to a desolate area to torture. She is to be placed nude on a cross. He is to have sex with the four women, and then be beaten to death with baseball bats. He instead murders the first prostitute and escapes, leaving his wife hanging on the cross..... He meets up with another group and finally returns to rescue his wife and get revenge! Widescreen and with English subtitles.

R57 Virgin Forest (85) Sarsi Emmanuelle the strikingly hot star of the day in many Filipino films steals the show in this love/lust triangle as a women trapped in a remote forest in the early 1900's with two male refugees who escaped the Colonists. Some violent and sometimes brutal action includes a village massacre where elderly people and small kids are gunned down, stabbed, beaten and more. Tagline: The Day They Raped a Virgin.... F.L.

M603 Wet Dreams (74) aka: Sueños húmedos  Experimental anthology film consisting of nine segments: Contrasts, The Plumber, The Janitor, Wet Dream. The Happy Necrophiliacs, On a Sunday Afternoon, The Face, Politfuk and Flames. All focused on 70's sex, love and politics. The director's are all over the board from Lasse Braun to Nicholas Ray (the director of 'Rebel Without a Cause'. Nudity and Sexual situations and, finally now in French language and with English subtitles!

R90 Women for Sale: Young Tigers of Hong Kong (69) aka: Die jungen Tiger von Hongkong  Sexy and dark German made film with Veronique Vendell (who was touted as the next Bardot back in the day) about women sold into service. some nice action sequences, and nudity and murder figure into the story (filmed in Hong Kong and China) as well. F.L.  BA




M513 Justine (75/79) aka: Justine and the Whip - Where to start? Justine is the re-edited re-issue of another Jess Franco film mixed up and matched up by Joe D'Amato with snips and clips, snatches and bits (from other Franco films) to fulfill and create this abominable mess. How? Why? Doesn't matter. What you get is Lina Romay, and lots of her! The film says Alice Arno stars in the opening credits. She doesn't. Isn't in it. For a mix of Franco madness (proving Franco + Franco = true cinematic oblivion) give this wonder a try. Romay is simply beautiful in various parts, there is XXX ( lesbian and straight) sex, a whip, and a tragic ending. Obviously she plays a horny and incredibly disturbed young woman. F.L. (Not to be confused with the various films called 'Justine')

R51 Shining Sex (77) aka: La fille au sexe brilliant  A stripper (Lina Romay) is taken home by strange woman who then seduces her and then rub's some type of lotion on her private parts in between their lesbian sex sessions. This makes her almost catatonic at times. Now you get lots of time with Lina, naked, in her prime, writhing around uninhibited naked turning everyone on. Later she shares some scenes with husband Franco, gets whipped by her lesbian lover, and screws a guy to death. Mostly soft-core but there are scenes here we would consider hardcore as well. This is the uncut 1 hour and 40 minute version and is English language dubbed! 




R134 Flight From Singapore (62) A couple of men start an air service in Singapore. When they are hired to make a run for some much needed medicine, their plane goes down in a storm. They have to cut their way out of the jungles. Nice location filming and a smart pithy script makes this obscurity a winner. With Patrick Holt.

R190 Kill Me Tomorrow (57) A boozy old reporter finds his life is falling apart all around him. First he loses his wife (because he is drunk driving and she is killed), then his job. He is brought back from the brink by his ill son who needs help. But when he goes to his old boss to try to get his job back he finds the guy dead in his chair.... Will he take the rap so he can pay for his son's needed surgery? With Pat O'Brien, Lois Maxwell and George Coulouris. Directed by Terence Fisher, who directed 'The Curse of Frankenstein' the same year. 

R188 Noose (48) aka: The Silk Noose - A black market racketeer in London, after WW2, is amassing a fortune, until Linda (Carole Landis) a newspaper reporter begins a crusade against him. Excellent British Noir. Landis was to kill herself shortly after this film was completed. It's a good film though, she had other problems. Also with Joseph Calleia and Stanley Holloway.

R168 Recoil (53) aka: Le crime ne paie pas  Jean Talbot (Elizabeth Sellars) poses as a crook to infiltrate the gang who murdered her jeweler father. With Kieron Moore. Written and directed by Peter Gilling.

R185 Victim (61) aka: Víctima  A gay (but married to a woman) lawyer goes after a blackmailer who threatens gay men with exposure (being gay still illegal). This is basically a mystery/thriller trying to legitimize gayness, because of how vulnerable a gay person is to extortion and other unfair practices. Nice London locations in the bleak black and white photography. This film actually helped in the decriminalization of homosexuality in Great Britain. Intelligently written and played with Dirk Bogarde, Sylvia Syms, Dennis Price and Darren Nesbitt.  96 minute print!!





R150 All the Young Men (60) aka: Und der Herr sei uns gnädig  aka: Les marines attaquent  During the Korean war, a platoon leader dies, leaving his inexperienced black sergeant in charge of his squad of belligerent and racist white men. Alan Ladd, Sidney Poitier and James Darren star. BA

R126 Among the Cinders (84) aka: Und er nahm mich bei der Hand  In New Zealand, young teenager Nick is quite detached from his surroundings due to an unstable family/home life. Nick has a friend that dies on one of their adventures, and he has an enormous amount of guilt by not being able to save him. Beautifully filmed and interestingly downbeat coming of age story.

R122 Blueberry Hill (88) aka: Ragazzi proibiti  The story of a 16 year old girl (Jennifer Rubin) and her repressive relationship with her mother (Carrie Snodgress) against the backdrop of 1950's America. Pretty obscure and with good performances and cool cars and of course... Rubin!

R113 Case For Life, A (96) Pro-life propaganda with Valerie Bertinelli (at her usual worse) tortured over her choice to abort or to keep as her life is endangered by her pregnancy. Her sister sues her, trying to force her to abort so she will live. Will she do the right thing? Which is...? Or the wrong thing.... which is...? God-awful crap, good for a few laughs. Some glitches.

R171 Certain Killer, A (67) aka: Aru koroshiya  An accomplished hit man has a couple tagging along as he deals with Yakuza and other villains. Dramatic look into the sin and redemption side of a killer. LBX and with English subtitles.

R66 Covert Action (78) aka: Sono stato un agente C.I.A.  Italian/Greece action thriller with a somewhat realistic take on the spy genre. Ex-spy (played by David Janssen in one of his last good roles) is threatened by a ruthless CIA man (played by Arthur Kennedy) after he writes a book based on his years with the agency. Some unexpected twists and turns.  Also with Corinne Clery. Her previous film before this was 'Hitch Hike' with David Hess. Her next two films would be 'The Humanoid' followed by 'Moonraker'. Widescreen and in English language but with foreign subs. BA

R165 Crazy Joe (74) Peter Boyle is simply excellent in the lead as a mafia gangster. Some may have called this 'Godfather-lite' but I would give it more credit. The locations and actors are dead on, and with what they had to work with this is quite good, and based on actual events, even using some real footage from the actual events portrayed in parts of the film. One reviewer called the film “outdated”. Gee what decade do you think they were trying to depict you clod, the 2000’s? With Eli Wallach, Henry Winkler, Rip Torn, Paula Prentiss, Fred Williamson and even Herve Villechaize! LBX Upgrade! BA

R159 Delinquent Boss (68) aka: Furyô banchô  aka: Wolves of the City - Kosaka is the leader of a motorcycle gang and also a small-time swindler. He hits it off with a Yakuza's daughter. Later he finds himself in way too deep when he gets involved in a scheme that blackmails the Yakuza and a land developer. LBX and with English subtitles.

R137 Fearmakers, The (58) aka: Los intimidadores  A Korean veteran cooperating with a Senate committee uncovers subversives. You can see also in this film the way we accept political corruption as expected and 'business as usual'. Jaded paranoia film with twists and surprises directed by Jacques Tourneur, a year after his great 'Night of the Demon'. BA

R70 For Your Love Only (76) Nastassja Kinski stars in her second movie and she is only 15 or 16 years old in this! She's maybe a bit easy, and when one young man begins to put the moves on her in the woods, she bashes his head in with a rock! This turns into a murder mystery as she dodges the detectives on the case. Kinski is irresistible. This considered controversial due to her age and her very adult naked behavior. Remember, she did full frontal nudity in Hammer's “To the Devil, a Daughter” when she was 16, and it aired uncut on TCM just a few months ago. Directed by Wolfgang Peterson who went on to to direct some Hollywood blockbusters.

R103 Freaks Uncensored (99) A comprehensive history of human oddities and their relationship with society throughout the ages. Covers a time when freaks actually were proud and made a living off of their deformities, instead of this politically correct world where they are forced onto welfare and are a burden to society. Many of the performers now that follow the old ways are usually self-made oddities, meaning those who tattoo or body modify themselves into weirdness instead of being born naturally deformed. 

R69 Friends (71) aka: Due ragazzi che si amano  With one of their father's recently deceased and the other hardly there, fate brings together 14 year old Michelle (a poor orphan) and 15 year old Paul (a rich kid) at the zoo. They run away and start to play house in a rural seaside cottage. In between their adventures, they get naked and have sex. Now Michelle is knocked up. A lover's spat has them run from each other, only to fall back into one another's arms for more sex! They get married in a Catholic church. Paul will have to deliver the baby. Beautifully filmed in the French countryside. Very controversial due to the age of the actors. With a soundtrack by Elton John just as he was about to break big in America. There was a sequel to this made in 1974.  BA

R166 Hell's Five Hours (58) aka: Raketenbasis X 13 sprengen  A powerful compact nail biter with Vic Morrow. Morrow plays a disgruntled worker that when fired, straps dynamite to his chest, activated by a mercury-switch detonator, if he topples over from a rifle-shot say, the thing goes off anyway. This would set off a deadly explosion, flatten a town, and spread cyanide gas across the land. Morrow is pretty pissed. Excellent. Also with Colleen (The Leech Woman) Gray.  BA

R121 Hit and Run (83) aka: Taxi-Driver kämpfen nie allein  A Manhattan cabbie who is a widower due to the hit and run death of his spouse, is framed for murder by a customer. Starring Bart Braverman (he was Pepe in 'Twenty Million Miles to Earth'). Obscure. Also Claudia Cron, Paul Perri and more.

R143 Jokers, The (67) aka: Minirock und Kronjuwelen  Oliver Reed and Michael Crawford play two brothers, who are always trying to find some way to succeed with cleverness, Crawford is always in the shadow of his brother, and gets caught after one escapade in cleverness, which gets him kicked out of the army. A con, a scam what's next? How about a robbery of the crown jewels from the tower of London? Bombs, misdirection, disguises and acting allow them to enter the tower with alarms off! This film had the English rolling in the aisles when it was released back in the day. Michael Winner directs.

M616 Knell, the Bloody Avenger (76) aka: Sangue di sbirro  Tough guy 'Knell', played by George Eastman, comes back to New York city to avenge the death of his father. After briefly reuniting with his childhood girlfriend (Jenny Tamburi), he proceeds to go after his enemies. He teams up with a mob boss (Jack Palance) to combat the corrupt cops, and also another mob boss who needs some discipline. Now LBX!  BA

R104 Last Word, The (79) aka: Fort Travis - Ein Mann geht seinen Weg  An absent-minded professor (Richard Harris) battles civil hall in his attempt to halt the demolition of his apartment complex. On an impulse he takes a U.S. Marshall as a hostage. A T.V. news reporter (Karen Black) becomes embedded with the professor and her family. Also with Christopher Guest, Dennis Christopher, Martin Landau and Michael Pataki.  BA

M595 Lucky Luciano (73) Luciano, one of the great mafia boss's, orders the killings of 40 others to gain ultimate power. Later he is arrested. The film develops a nonlinear narrative, drawn from various times in the life; his rise to power, his release from prison and return to Italy, the 'Mafia Summit' and more. Spaghetti western star Gian Maria Volonte is Lucky. Also with Magda Konopka, Vincent Gardenia and Rod Steiger. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

M617 Man to Kill, A (67) aka: Un homme à abattre  A group of hired killers observe a former SS officer. Their boss is a Holocaust survivor, and we wants the Nazi killed. But he wants to be absolutely positive he has the right guy responsible for his suffering and the murder of his family. But this Nazi won't be taken so easily! Tension-filled thriller on par with Antonioni's 'Blowup' and Polanski's 'Death and the Maiden'. Good location shots of Barcelona where all the action takes place. In French language and with English subtitles. LBX  BA

R123 Marriage is Alive and Well (80) A photographer who specializes in weddings has the perfect marriage. But not really. And as his marriage crumbles he remembers some of the people (and their relationships) he photographed. One of those MFTV sappy/crappy movies that assembles whatever actors are hard up for a buck (or are around at the time) to fill the cast. This time out the offenders are: Joe Namath, Jack Albertson, Melinda Dillon, Swoosie Kurtz, Judd Hirsch, Joanna Kerns and many more. Not to say there is zero camp value. It's hilarious if not taken seriously. Supposedly a comedy/drama?

R147 Miracle on Interstate 880 (93) A man attempts to rescue people trapped on the I-880 bridge after the top half collapses during the 1989 San Francisco earthquake. Focus on two families and their survival struggles. Nice effects mixed with real footage of the disaster. All star cast includes Emily Perkins, Sandy Duncan (god, no!), Ruben Blades, David Morse and more.

M619 Mission Apocalypse (66) aka: Missione apocalisse  Criminal organization (Apocalypse) has an atomic bomb– they are blackmailing the U.S..  Agent 087 is on the case...  Another Eurospy action film with colorful locals and Arthur Hansel, Pamela Tudor, Eduardo Fajardo and George Rigaud...   In Italian language and with English subtitles.  BA

R114 Mother and Daughter: The Loving War (80) A love-hate relationship among three generations of women, a grandmother, her daughter, and granddaughter spanning 30 years. Tuesday Weld stars as Lillie, who gets pregnant as a teen and spends the rest of her life doing anything she can for her daughter, repeating the same cycle her mother did for her. More pro-life propaganda, but oddly notable for a soundtrack from Harry Chapin (who shows up at the end of the movie as a boyfriend). Tuesday Weld still looks pretty nice in this. Kathleen Beller (who was later 'Blinded by Science') also stars.

R151 Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone (50) Murder-on-a-Train mystery has a lawyer chasing his paroled embezzler client who still hasn't paid his fee. Marjorie Main, James Whitmore and Ann Dvorak. BA

R149 Okinawa (52) aka: Surmanlentäjät  The story of the sea battle for Okinawa between the ships of the U.S. navy and the Kamikaze Japanese suicide planes. Interesting characters and stock footage throughout. With Richard Denning, Pat O'Brien, Cameron Mitchell and more. BA

R120 Pink Nights (85) aka: Pink Nights - Rosarote Träume  When Danny's mother goes on vacation, three hip hot girls move in with him. What's a young man to do? Kevin Anderson plays Danny. Look for horror actor Tom Towles in his film debut, the following year he would be 'Otis' in 'Henry...' Later at the high school an incredibly crappy band plays and people break-dance. Another forgotten 80's film. BA

M660 Racing Fever (64) Low budget boat racing movie made in Florida that is so bad it's good. Really. The ineptitude displayed in this production is evident. But the color photography reminds me so much of a William Grefe movie that I .... hey! This IS a William Grefe movie! His second to be exact. he would go on to helm the classic 'Sting of Death', 'Stanley', even 'Death Curse of Tartu'! And starring Joe Morrison and other local actors that I am sure turned up in 'Flipper' episodes. BA

R125 Rascals, The (80) aka: Les Turlupins  Late Spring 1942: France is under German occupation. But this doesn't much concern the boarders of a school lost in the French country. Bernard, a horny young teenager, is in love for the first time. She's not only hot and pretty, but also older! Why would a beautiful young woman who is already engaged to a decent young man want to have sex with a younger male? Ask some hot teachers all over America. Lots of nudity. Another incredibly controversial film with politically incorrect themes. With English subtitles.

R161 Samurai Wolf (66) aka: Kiba Ôkaminosuke  aka: Kiba, le loup enragé  Solid samurai action as a wandering ronin called 'Vicious Wolf' wanders into a volatile remote relay post. Beautiful women, political intrigue, great sword-fighting with master killers and more await. With English subtitles.

R162 Samurai Wolf 2 (67) aka: Kiba Ôkaminosuke: jigoku giri  This time our hero is caught in the intrigue between a crooked gold mine owner and a mysterious swordsman who resembles his long-dead father. Nice and bloody, especially for the sixties. With English subtitles.

R148 Seventeen Ninja (63) Seventeen ninja must find a way to infiltrate the enemies stronghold. Classic! LBX and with English subtitles.

R110 Summer Fantasy (84) After graduating high school, a girl (a stunning Julianne Phillips in her debut) gets a job as a lifeguard. She is rebuffed by her co-worker played by Ted Shackelford (what is he gay?), and starts up a relationship with lucky bastard Jackson (played by Paul Keenan who was dead of AIDS just two years later in 1986). Also with Michael Gross. A real trip back in time this one.

R64 They Call Him Chop Suey (75) aka: Bruce Lee - Die große Kampfmaschine  Fun and rough Filipino kung-fu action with sometimes startling violence that includes eye-gouging, severe smack-downs, impalings, some bloody violence, and always funny English dubbing. There are some glitches in the master print. F.L.

R135 Violent Streets (74) aka: Boryoku Gai - A retired Yakuza is caught up in a conflict between two rival clans. Starts out as a twisty well-oiled heist film, into a gritty revenge story, and then a downbeat coming of age. Widescreen and with English subtitles.

M602 Wedding March, The (65) aka: Marcia nuziale  This movie is divided into 4 episodes, every episode deals with a different aspect of marriage and sexuality, sometimes lampooning religion and marriage as an institution. This film suffered heavy censorship interventions back in the day. In Italian language and with English subtitles.  BA




R200 House of Frankenstein (97) Detective Coyle (Adrian Pasdar) is trying to solve several bizarre murders and is having no luck finding the suspect. But when his girlfriend turns into a werewolf and gets kidnapped by a vampire... things start to fall into place! The Monster Movie! With make-up FX by Greg Cannom and crew. Cannom has been working on monster FX his whole life starting with assisting Rick Baker in 1977's 'Incredible Melting Man'! The Monster. The Werewolf. The Vampire. An ancient curse has been unleashed! With Jorja Fox, Teri Polo, CCH Pounder and more!  On two DVD-R counting as 2 selections in a special. VHS is $22 on two tapes.

R164 Inferno (53) aka: Verhängnisvolle Spuren  A tough hard-driving business tycoon (Robert Ryan) suffers a broken leg and is left to die in the desert by his scheming wife (Rhonda Fleming) and her greedy lover (William Lundigan). Ryan's character is tough as nails though, and he knows what it takes to survive! They've Got Another Thing Comin'! Directed by Roy Ward Baker who went on to direct some of the best Hammer movies. Remade in 1973 under the title 'Ordeal'. BA

R145 Matter of Wife... and Death, A (76) A free-wheeling private eye named Shamus (Rod Taylor) attempts to track down the killers of a small-time hood  and finds himself neck deep in a big-time gambling operation. A pilot for a series (trying to spin off from the Burt Reynolds movie) that never took off. With Luke Askew, Anne Archer and Lynda Carter.

R107 Night Partners (83) aka: Équipe de nuit  Elizabeth (Yvette Mimieux) and Lauren (Diana Canova) are two Bakersfield housewives who volunteer to help the police by working with crime victims to help catch criminals, starting with trying to find kidnap victim Sophie (Patty McCormack) and rape victim Janice. Also with M. Emmet Walsh, Larry Linville and more. With M.C. Gainey as the rapist.

R105 Rape and Marriage: The Rideout Case (80) Based on a real-life Oregon criminal case which dramatizes the unique dispute in which Greta Rideout (Linda Hamilton in one of her first movies) sues her husband (Mickey Roarke) for constantly raping and abusing her. Roarke was arrested for actual spousal abuse in 1994. This is a pretty cool film with two actors who would later be big stars. Also with Rip Torn, Paul Koslo and even Conchato Ferrell.




R55 Ang Panday (80) aka: The Blacksmith - A town's blacksmith becomes a hero of the people in his village as he stands up to battle zombies and vampires, criminals, swordfighters and anyone else deemed 'bad!'. One of the violent scenes has a boy branded while tied to a stake, and loads of different fight scenes. F.L.

R56 Ang Panday 2 (81) aka: The Blacksmith 2 - Join our badass blacksmith as this one starts off when the other one ended! He gets down in a beach battle with a bunch of zombie-like monsters that look like the 'Chlorophyll Man' from the 'Blood Island' films. He also encounters bat monsters, ghosts, flaming meteors and more. Take the wild ride! F.L.

R62 Beheaded Man (91) aka: Sar Kata Insaan - The corpse of a murdered police officer has his head sawed off and is then resurrected by a mad scientist and his helpers. At night, he removes his head and walks around with it and a battle axe, hunting and killing those who were responsible for his death. We see what happened in flashback. Fairly gory and decently filmed horror from Pakistan with loads of creepy atmosphere. And also about 2 and a half hours long! F.L.

M953 Gang of Woman (68) aka: Five Hot Women  aka: Atesli delikanli  From the producer of 'Dawn of the Mummy'. Two Turkish reporters come up empty investigating Lebanese life, and are about to leave when they come upon a gang of female forgers. Bikinis, brief nudity, belly dancing, catfights, haunted house and prolific Egyptian actor Ismail Yassine and also famous Turkish actor Cuneyt Arkin! In Farsi and with English subtitles.

R53 Lowo Ijo (87) More bizarre madness from Indonesia! Zombie-like monsters rise from the ground, there are kung-fu fights, vampire bats, women put in cages in a huge cave, a farting kung-fu master (proving the makers of this film were not taking all of this too seriously!) strange black magic and more! Holy Crap! F.L.

R46 Pembalasan Setan Karang Bolong (89) Indonesian Horror! A woman is beaten, violently raped and then hanged  by three men. She is now dead. But her spirit returns for bloody revenge! Extremely weird and darkly themed terror with loads of creepy atmosphere. F.L.

R54 Siluman Clurit Perak (88) An evil witch kidnaps people and turns them into zombies (and bites off penises!). Two young warriors, a pretty girl and an old master fight against the witch and her helpers and monsters.... Off the fucking wall insanity from Indonesia! Ghoulish female monsters, flying coffins, a big-toothed vampire-type guy killing people, a flying skull that rips open a dude's throat, faces covered with worms and more! Plot? You need a plot? F.L.




M622 Rape of a Nun, The (83) aka: O viasmos mias monahis  A young girl is forced by her father to become a nun. But behind convent walls she will not find the love and grace of God. No. Only the evil and lusts of man. She will see first hand the hypocrisy of the Church as she watches the nuns break down and the leader's corrupt deeds impossible to ignore. Unintentionally funny at times, Greek made take on the Nunsploitation genre. Now In Greek language and with English subtitles.




R60 Huella Macabra, La (62) aka: Black Mask - Sequel to the previous year's 'Rostro Infernal'! A disfigured man rises from the grave and recruits his vampire son in his plan of misdeeds. He gets a perfect looking human mask to fool the local businessmen. His son is a fanged youngster. At one point they have a lady tied to a chair and they let the boy feed! This changes the boy into a respectable looking suit-wearing kid, minus the fangs. At least for a time. This father/son team are up to no good! F.L.

R61 Mil Caminos Tiene La Muerte (77) aka: Mad Angels  It's a Mexican biker flick in which the main protagonists are on the rampage participating in rape, destruction, stabbings, beatings, and murder. Nudity is thankfully present as well as some particularly lurid scenes. Like when the one biker is castrated for raping another biker leader's girlfriend. Fights, car crashes and more!  F.L.

R93 Ninja Mexicano, El (91) Mexican spin on the popular 'American Ninja' series comes off ambitious and manages to pull off some nice action as well as some nudity and gore. The cast includes Mexican action star Agustin Bernal and Mexican classic horror star German Robles! F.L.  BA

M600 Santo and the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle (79) aka: Misterio en las Bermudas  The big three, Santo, Mil Mascaras and Blue Demon investigate downed jet liners in this 'Bermuda Triangle' inspired tale. Hilarious special effects, turban wearing Indians, Space men in fuzzy silver suits and more wacky madness expected in this type. In Spanish language and with English subtitles. BA

R49 Santo y la Tigresa (73) aka: Santo y el águila real  aka: Santo and the Royal Eagle - Santo goes to the aid of a woman running a ranch who is being threatened. Loads of fights and location atmosphere as well as a violent cock-fight, snakes, an aggressive falcon and more. The schizophrenic score sounds like a 50's soap opera at times, then into 'Starsky and Hutch' type action to mysterious horror sounds. This one seems immersed in Mexican culture. La Tigresa wields a mean whip. With English subtitles.  BA

R59 Satanas, De Todos Los Horrores (74) Based on Edgar Allen Poe - It's a Gothic Mexican made horror film! A man is dropped off by stagecoach to a foggy old isolated estate that seems to be a cursed house with a creepy butler, a strange host (who sees the ghost of his dead wife), coffins, corpses, dank dungeons, cobwebs and candles and the mandatory (of course) premature burial. In Spanish language with no subtitles.




R209 Conquest of Cochise (53) aka: La vendetta di Kociss  A cavalry officer tries to keep a lid on a volatile situation when Indian leader Cochise is being prodded into starting a war. John Hodiak, Robert Stack, Joy Page and more star. John Hodiak, a white guy from Pittsburg, is Cochise.  BA

R96 Dakota Incident (56) aka: Guet-apens chez les Sioux  aka: L'agguato delle cento frecce  Indians attack a stagecoach, and a disparate band of passengers must band together to fight them off. Unusual western and quite entertaining. They act as if the Indians are aliens. "Maybe we can communicate with them?" Linda Darnell, Dale Robertson, Whit Bissell, Ward Bond and more. BA

M585 Dead Men Don't Count (68) aka: ¿Quién grita venganza?  Violent western about two drifters going up against a greedy land baron and other assorted thugs. Downbeat and dark at times with an execution of a family and much violent death. A slick production, rapid pacing, excellent photography and more. With Anthony Stefan, Mark Damon, Maria Martin and more. LBX BA

R156 Five Guns to Tombstone (60) aka: Reiter der Vergeltung  Matt Wade escapes from prison and tries to persuade his brother Bill, a reformed gunslinger, to participate in a hold-up. A remake of 1953's 'Gunbelt'. BA

M592 Fury of Johnny Kid (67) aka: Dove si spara di più  Moving and violent oater about a feud between two families that just escalates into more violence as the days pass, while young lovers, one from each family, fall deeply in love. Nice to see at the end when 'DEATH' arrives played by Paul Naschy! Amazing! In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX  BA

R129 Gunfighters (47) Gunfighter 'Brazo' Kane (Randolph Scott) lays aside his guns 'forever' when he is forced to shoot his best friend and decides to become a cowhand with a friend. When he arrives he finds his friend's bullet riddled body. Then he is accused of the murder to boot! With Barbara Britton, Bruce Cabot, Dorothy Hart, Forrest Tucker and more.  BA

M613 Have a Good Funeral, My Friend... Sartana Will Pay (70) aka: Buon funerale amigos!... paga Sartana  After witnessing a brutal massacre, the legendary hero Sartana is ready to do some investigating. Almost everyone in the tiny town of Indian Creek seems eager to buy up the property left behind by the murder victims, and one of them could be behind the killings. Sartana must sort it all out and catch the real culprits. Tough, cynical and with a lot of humor, twists, good shoot-outs and a decent body count. Gianni Garko, Daniela Giordano and more star. LBX  BA

R169 Last Bandit, The (49) aka: Überfall auf Expreß 44  About to marry Jim Plummer (Forrest Tucker), Kate Foley (Lorna Gray) runs off to Nevada when Ed Bagley convinces her a fortune can be made robbing gold shipments from railroads. Will she, can she, go through with it? Action packed. Also with Bill Elliot, Charles Middleton. BA

R65 Nude Man, The (76) aka: El Hombre desnudo   This Mexican/Canadian collaboration left me speechless! It opens with a long slow-motion sequence where a man rips off a girl's (who has  long blonde hair) top and tries to rape her in the snowy countryside. She resists and runs half naked through the snow until the guy catches her again. She is rescued by a gun slinging hombre who forces the guy to strip butt naked. He pushes him down a ravine and into an icy stream. Later we find he is hunting for a man (who raped and murdered his mother) with a specific branding mark on his ass! When he finds suspects, he must inspect their asses! Raping bandits, lots of slow-motion misogyny with women being raped abused and killed, vicious beatings, bullets extracted from naked bodies, entrails leaking out of a stomach wound, and a bloody castration scene that will leave you cringing! This one actually is more violent then 'Cut Throats Nine'! In Spanish language only and with no subtitles. One of the most gruesome westerns we have listed. F.L.

R154 Revolt at Fort Laramie (57) aka: Rivolta a Fort Laramie  They had to fight Red Cloud, but were divided by the Civil War! This was the day the Rebel, the Yankee and the Sioux, smashed head-on in one of the Bloodiest Battles in History! With Dehner, Don Gordon and look for an uncredited Harry Dean Stanton in one of his first movies. BA

R175 Wild Women (70) Five female convicts are recruited to help secretly transport arms into Mexican-held Texas is 1840. Catfights and a corpse-spewing shootout add to the fun. With Anne Francis, Marie Windsor, Sherry Jackson, Hugh O'Brien and more.






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R72 Amberella: Agent of Lust (86) The Women from L.U.S.T. versus the Rogues from S.M.U.T.!  With Jerry Butler as Dr. Goldpecker! Jay Serling as Handjob! With Amber Lynn as Amberella, Jeanna Fine, Breezy Lane and more!

M631 Asian Fever (01) Young and Super Hot Asian Chicks Love You Long Time when they are not using each other! They await your view! F.L.

R75 Barbara the Barbarian (87) Leader of a tribe that keeps men as slaves, Barbara the Barbarian (played by the stunning Barbara Dare) is overthrown by Muriela (Nina Hartley). She is banished, but promises to return one day. She also has to rescue her (ahem) virgin sister (Jeanna Fine) from the evil King Tyranuss. Played for a laugh and with some really nice sex scenes.

R78 Best of Tamara Lee (80's/90's) Tamara parlayed a beautiful face and voluptuous body to become a fan favorite. Active in porn for only about 6 years or so, these are some of her hottest scenes! Let Tamara mesmerize your senses and raise your temperature!

R85 Beyond Your Wildest Dreams (81) Talk about your basic wet dream! This mixing of fantasy and reality may just have you reaching for the sleeping pills! With Juliet (Aunt Peg) Anderson, Lysa Thatcher, Susan Nero and more.

R182 Box Lunch Club, The (86) Porno take on 'The Breakfast Club' with actors way to old to be playing teenagers, but who cares? In one of her earliest roles Trinity Loren is convincing enough as a busty co-ed (she's 22 in this) and she really delivers herself up. Porsche Lynn, Nikki Knights, Carol Titian and more make this one quite the enjoyable romp. Trinity Loren died from a drug overdose at age 34.

R176 Bra-Buster Baby-Sitters (70's) A series of hardcore loops with incredibly buxom and cute 70's chicks getting laid by hairy 70's guys. With hard rock as the soundtrack since most of this stuff was filmed without sound.

M632 Busty Cops (0?) Sexy busty cops get down on the job with associates and other cops. When one of these gals comes at you with handcuffs, you'll want to put them on yourself! Arrest me already, damn!

R203 Candy and Uschi's Lesbian Special (mostly 70's) Hardcore Loops! First 'Lesbian Encounter (79) In which Uschi and Candy discover each other... followed by 'The Big Three' (75) In which Uschi is seduced by Candy and another woman. Followed by more loops of a very erotic and sexy nature! Upgrade!

M638 Casadas Y Furcias (0?) Dynamite girls get down with lucky lucky men including one hot blonde on a bed of roses. Almost 3 hours of action.

M634 Conitos Humedos Hambrientos De Sexo (0?) Amateur sex from Spain in three hardcore sex scenes between a man and a woman. One with a brunette, next a blonde, and last, a fat chick (weight challenged?) F.L.

M635 Corridas Internas (0?) Over three hours of hardcore sex. Lots of hot blondes, all women incredible and sexy. F.L.

M659 Cuentos Perversos (0?) Super Sexy Blondes make some men VERY happy! Ahh some sexy brunettes as well. Have at it!

M645 Culitos Jovenes por Estrenar (0?) Extremely horny young women who all are so hot they look like models, get it on with well-endowed lucky males. They get down to business immediately in each scene. About 2 hours and 45 minutes. F.L.

M630 Depraved Private Class Senoras (0?) These beauties know how to play ball! Modern class ass action with an emphasis on super hot girls servicing lucky buff men in what seems to be a private club for the rich and perfect looking.

M633 Entre Culos Anda el Juego (0?) The highlight with these ladies is their rear ends, quite splendid, in this almost 3 hour sex extravaganza! Don't worry, the rest of their bodies are dynamite too, as well as they are all very gorgeous! Each individual woman will have you mesmerized as they entertain their favorite men of the day in every way they can! And what incredible looking back sides. My oh My! F.L.

R86 For Richer For Poorer (79) Georgina Spelvin plays a divorcee that relives her sexual past while she hopes of reviving her sexual present. Also with Robert Kerman of 'Cannibal Holocaust' as her husband/ex and Molly Malone, Debbie Revenge and Susan McBain (Blue Nude). This is a sex 'drama'! 

R181 Frisky Business (84) Brian's girlfriend and lover tease and seduce him until he chooses one of them. Kimberly Carson, Cara Lott and Honey Wilder star.

R177 Games Women Play (80) Five models and their lovers invent exotic games to keep their sex lives fresh. With Leslie Bovee, Samantha Fox, Merle Michaels, Kelly Nichols and more.

R79 Good Enough to Eat (90) Couple's on a sex therapy retreat realize there is a ghost haunting the place! Angela Baron gets it with both men and women in this one. Also with Ona Zee. Angela Baron is a blonde, German born, bombshell sexual powerhouse that had a brief and successful porn career for about 6 years.

R77 Harem Girls (86) A sultan tires of his harem (!?!) and searches for one woman to satisfy him. Barbara Dare, Tiffany Storm, Jeanna Fine, Ashley Welles, Tasha Voux, Sandy Summers and more star. So what's the problem?

R179 Hot Sweet Honey (85) Kristara Barrington, Sheri St. Clair, Nicole West, Beverly Bliss, Sylvia Benedict and of course Hot Sweet Honey Wilder star in  this pounding action filled porn from the mighty eighties. Super sexy scenes introduced by Honey. 

R106 I'm No Virgin + The First Time (71) First a grinding soft-core incest drama that runs about 50 minutes. Followed by another soft-sex hippie grind.

M656 Japanese Pajamas (0?) Erotic Japanese porn has some pretty large breasted Japanese chicks getting down with lucky men and with each other. Digitally fogged and F.L. (Obviously you can still see what is going on!)

M636 La Maquina del Sexo (0?) Plenty of really sleazy women in this one. And a large electric sex toy that does all the work on it's own with the in and out action if you know what I mean. Much satisfaction is had by all. F.L.

R180 Lust Tango in Paris (87) Pretty much in 'name only' spoof of that other film with Brando. This is mainly another chance to see some super hot sex with the likes of Jeanna Fine, Honey Wilder and more. Many orgasms are achieved.

N637 Panchitas Bien Enculaditas (0?) More sexy Spanish porn with all women hot in this one. Bedroom climax one and all. F.L.

R82 Pussycat Galore (84) Pussycat Galore is an escort service that caters to the rich and famous. Brooke Fields is a new recruit, hired to supply her goods. Also with Honey Wilder, Danielle and many more.

R83 Rated Sex (86) Sexy spoof of movies opens with a man and a woman in a theater showing scenes from supposedly serious films. We get a Private Eye spoof , followed by the man and woman doing a Siskel and Ebert type analysis. Next up is Pee Pee's Big Adventure. Pee Pee is a penis with a hat. A woman spread eagle summons him. 'Pee Pee, here I am! Come and Get It! The critical talk following is hilarious! Next, China Town's Secrets... later on 'Greatstrokes: Lord of the Jungle"... on and on we spoof the films of the day with hardcore sex and comedy. Kari Foxx, Mai Lin, Buffy Davis and more star.

R80 Robofox (87) Smoking hot German blonde Angela Baron stars as a sex robot. The Teutonic Goddess strikes again! Also with Krista Lane, Erica Boyer and Randy West.

R81 Robofox 2 (88) Our favorite sex robot (Angela Baron) falls in love with her creator. She gets involved with a gang of thugs who want to exploit her, but things don't go as expected. Also with Ona Zee, Siobhan Hunter, Stephanie Rage and more. Wow.

M661 Sexo Duro (0?) Real sex and boneage... ah... bondage, with loads of sexual sets and masks, boot licking, chains and more.... F.L.

R74 Up to No Good (86) It just takes an ad in the paper to introduce new lovers to a couples love life. Couples get together for a good time, going off to have sex with one another in a consensual switch and screw deal, some self-gratification, and ultimately a complete uninhibited no regrets sex for sex's sake fun attitude. Cara Lott, Summer Rose and Shaun (Rollerblade) Michelle star. 

R178 Voyeur (85) Unemployed photographer (Robert Bullock) is hired to spy on Sheri St. Clair, much to the chagrin of his girlfriend (Taija Rae). He even manages to get St. Clair's sexual indiscretions on tape. But he doesn't know what mess he has gotten himself into until it is too late. Surprisingly, the sex scenes are dark and disturbing as well as they are erotic. And this is a downbeat adult film, a decent story. Directed by Chuck Vincent.  Also with Sharon Kane.

R43 Why Do They Do It? (71) aka: Una Donna e la Sua... Calda Bestia - Rare Danish sexshow Mondo type film that shows actual live sex-shows in Denmark. In a  large gathering room, many men and women sit on the floor around 2 large mattresses. After a bit of questions, two naked women start to get it on in front of them. Later after we meet a few couples at their homes, they then also get on the mat for sex in front of strangers. Later we see them humping at home as well. Then it's off to the pub! More intimate talks and mat action follows, including a woman getting a very rough whipping at the hands of her lover via horsewhip! Of course this is called 'foreplay' for these deviants. Later a woman is forcibly raped by a three guys. She loves it! Later creepy 'animal lover' Bodil Joensen is at home on her farm. This woman was disgusting in real life and died a nasty hag at age 41. This is quite interesting but in foreign language only, but very nice quality.

R76 Wild in the Wilderness (88) A friggin' porno/Bigfoot? Sort of. Reporters are sent into the woods to investigate sightings of some type of beast. They manage to have lots of sex, as do various other moronic campers. One guy runs around with a shotgun, cracking 'Deliverance' dialogue and forcing people to sing 'old McDonald Had a Farm' at gunpoint. Will the beast be caught? Is it a hoax? Barbara Dare, Gail Force, Laurel Canyon and Kathleen Gentry.

R84 Wilder at Heart (93) Honey Wilder stars. Not really a spoof of the Lynch film, just a play on words. This is pretty much wall to wall sex with horny sexy people. There is a show stopping sequence with a blonde and a lucky little rubber ducky. Now I know why they think bath time is so much fun and why he (rubber ducky) is the one. That song makes sense now. Also with Sheri St. Claire, Kristara Barrington and more!

R67 Wolves Von Lust (70's) Excellent German porn loops from the seventies and eighties featuring some smoking hot sex scenes. Essential series of sex-short-movies usually with various participants, all hand-picked for their stunning looks. Brigitte Lahaie turns up briefly as well. F.L.