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G618 Aggie Appleby: Maker of Men (33) When Aggie's (Wynne Gibson) boyfriend 'Red' (William Gargan) is sent to jail, she meets a mild mannered man who she tries to turn into a tough guy. With some Pre-Code stuff here and there that would be stifled in later films. Also with Zasu Pitts.

G633 Ann Carver's Profession (33) aka: La profession d'Ann Carver Fay Wray plays a lawyer that suspects her husband of cheating on her with another woman where he works named Carole (played by Claire Dodd). When Carole gets drunk and accidentally chokes to death, Ann (Wray) decides to defend her husband who is accused of murdering Carole. BA

G774 Arizona Round-Up (42) Tom Keene and his sidekick are government men who get involved in a range war. Incognito on the ranch as workers, they help the good guys... Keene has eyes for the rancher's daughter (like David Byron) so he has some ulterior motives that strengthen his resolve. Tom Keene was in dozens of these westerns. His last film however was working for Ed Wood in 'Plan 9 From Outer Space'. in 1959.

B827 Burlesque in Harlem (49) aka: Rock 'n' Roll Burlesque Wonder what a burlesque show would be like in the 1940's in Harlem? Wonder no more! Slick exotic showgirls, bawdy blues singers, voluptuous showgirls in minimal attire and more in this one that was considered 'adult entertainment' back in the day. Legendary comic Dewey 'Pigmeat' Markham does a clever, fast-talking sketch about a sex clinic.

G620 Burn 'Em Up O'Connor (39) aka: O Mistério do Autódromo A dim-witted mechanic suspects that the identical accidents that keep befalling the drivers ... are not accidents, but intentional. Crazy driving and intentional hilarity deliver one wild ride from 1939 with some pretty bizarre plot ideas. Racing blindfolded? Wow. With Dennis O'Keefe, Cecilia Parker and more. BA

G775 Cheyenne Kid, The (33) aka: El centauro de Cheyenne In pursuit of a thieving gambler, Tom Larkin (Tom Keene), gets his horse shot out from under him. Meeting an outlaw on a horse, he takes it from him after a fight. He rides into town and is mistaken for the outlaw and hired to kill a man. But the man he is supposed to kill is the father of the girl the money was supposed to go to but was stolen by the gambler. Another western quickie. BA

B727 Drums in the Deep South (51) aka: A sud rullano i tamburi Two old friends find themselves on the opposite side of the Civil War in a desperate battle atop an impregnable mountain. Exciting and fairly accurate and from the production designer behind 'Gone with the Wind'. He directed this one. Although the ending liberal propaganda about us becoming a unified and indivisible nation is utter garbage. The reconstruction and the general attitudes towards the south following the war contradict that assertion completely. The battles here amazing, and this is well worth a look. Barbara Payton is in her prime in her brief career, and also we get James Craig, Guy Madison and many more! BA

B828 Duke is Tops, The (38) aka: The Bronze Venus A theatrical producer puts aside his own success to boost the career of a very talented singer (Lena Horne). Another pretty cool all black cast picture. Lena Horne was only 21 years of age in this. BA

G619 Harrigan's Kid (43) aka: El chico de la pista It's Boys Town, but at a race track setting. A headstrong and cocky horse jockey is accused of cheating and is almost thrown out of horse racing altogether, but then his boss sells his contract to another owner because he has a score to settle. Sappy and weird horse racing flick. Someone dies in the end, But I won't say who. With Bobby Readick, J. Carrol Naish and more. BA

G625 Hot Tip (35) A girl's boyfriend (Russell Gleason) tries to help her and her family save their diner by betting on a horse. He ruins the bet and loses his money. Luckily the girl's father (played by James Gleason, in real life the other guy's father) has more horse sense... Also with Zasu Pitts. Russell Gleason fell out of a hotel window to his doom on Dec. 26th of 1945 at the age of 38..

B726 Last Chance, The (45) aka: La dernière chance aka: Die letzte Chance Italian villagers help refugee Jews and Allied prisoners of war, escape from the Nazi's. Of course, they all help each other as they flee to Switzerland. Set in 1943, this war film was made in Zurich and released less than 3 weeks after WW2 ended. An amazing film, happening almost in real time somewhere in the region it was filmed. With a cast of unknowns. With English subtitles where needed, and real bombed out locations. BA

B813 Li'l Abner (40) aka: Trouble Chaser Andy Capp's comic strip comes to life! Set in the rural southern community of Dogpatch U.S.A. where Daisy (Martha O'Driscoll) Mae's pursuit of Li'l Abner (Jeff York) is priority number one! Face it, this is a classic 'hillbilly' movie with stereotypes and make-up to make some of the actors look more like the strip characters. Everybody acts like an idiot, sometimes with hilarious result. BA

G695 Most Dangerous Game, The (32) aka: Les chasses du comte Zaroff COLOR! The Mad Count Zaroff (Leslie Banks) is a hunter of humans. He arranges for ships to wreck on the shores of his isolated island so he can hunt them like animals. He keeps a trophy room of heads. Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong and Noble Johnson (all in 'King Kong' the same year) star. Now in a sharp colorized version. Pretty cool. BA

G639 One Crowded Night (40) aka: It's Later Than You Think Crucial events in the lives of various people occur on the same night, at the same place. You will see many plot devices that have been reused many times since here. Gale Storm and many more star. BA

B826 Paradise in Harlem (39) A black guy playing in a minstrel show dreams of being a 'serious' actor in Shakespeare. He is on the road in the south when he is called back and gets his chance. But mobsters are after him.... All told between blues and swing numbers, with a great snapshot of Harlem in the 1930's. All-black cast in this technically excellent film, basically made on peanuts. BA

G638 Richest Girl in the World, The (34) aka: La femme la plus riche du monde Dorothy Hunter (Miriam Hopkins) is an heiress of untold wealth and knows she will never find a man that will love her for herself, and not for her money. She switches places with her secretary Sylvie (Fay Wray). This manipulation of men may just backfire..... BA

G608 Sitting Pretty (48) aka: Bonne à tout faire Mr. Belvedere (played here by Clifton Webb), is an older gentleman baby-sitter hired by a couple that needs some alone time (played by Robert Young and Maureen O'Hara). Webb steals the show in this comedy. This was the beginning of the Belvedere character. BA

G610 Step by Step (46) Johnny (Lawrence Tierney) with his feisty little mutt, and Evelyn (Anne Jeffreys), a chance acquaintance, run afoul of Nazi spies in California. Smack down fisticuffs and comedy elements with Tierney (who usually plays tough guys) going against type here. Bazooka the dog is excellent. Look for Robert Clarke as the doctor (uncredited). BA

G637 Wedding March, The (28) aka: A Marcha Nupcial A young and impoverished aristocrat (Erich Von Stroheim) falls in love with an inn-keeper's daughter (a young Fay Wray). But he is supposed to marry money as is his families tradition. Stroheim also directs. Reportedly he hired real prostitutes and used real champagne for the brothel scene. Excellent morality tale set in pre-war Vienna. Music but silent of course. BA

G626 You Can't Buy Luck (37) aka: Borrowed Time A wealthy and superstitious race horse owner (Onslow Stevens of 'House of Dracula') of humble beginnings, believes through philanthropy he will improve his luck on the race track. Later he meets a nice girl (Helen Mack) and finds himself accused of murder. Can Mack's character clear him? Helen Mack's most notable film being 'Son of Kong'. BA



B794 Captain Blood (60) aka: Le capitan Not sure if I have ever seen a Widescreen as wide and narrow as this one, so be warned. Killer swashbuckler with plenty of swordplay, crashing, luxurious sets and beautiful dames, castles, strongholds, treachery, mayhem and excellent outdoor action. Louis the 8th as a teenager, with everybody trying to prevent him from gaining the throne. Comic relief, stunts and vibrant color. With English subtitles. BA

G759 Fire Monsters against the Son of Hercules (62) aka: Colossus of the Stone Age aka: Maciste contro i mostri aka: Maciste contra los monstruos Wandering muscle man Maxxus (Reg Lewis) runs across two warring tribes. One that worships the Sun, the other the Moon. He rescues the leader of the Sun worshippers from a sea monster. Later the Moon worshippers attack and take the Sun worshippers’ women captive. Maxuus has an incentive– hot cave girl Moah played by Margaret Lee! This is a pretty cool prehistoric outing with monsters and somewhat civilized tribal savages. A lake monster, a multi-headed hydra and a big funny looking lizard and epic looking caveman battles. Pretty funny, but still very entertaining! Reg Lewis had one leading role in his career, and this is it! He makes for a pretty awkward hero, walking around like he is on the muscle beach all the time. He was Mr. Universe in 1957. Margaret Lee... Va Va Voom! New Widescreen print and English language dubbed. This title is available under other titles in previous catalogs. BA

G776 Goke, Bodysnatchers from Hell (68) aka: Kyuketsuki Gokemidoro The aliens force the plane down. Then, the survivors, now in a remote mountainous area, are attacked by blue creepy crawly blob-like alien creatures from the space ship, that take over the human body, using it as a host, making the human (now alien) violent. Not your typical Japanese fare, this is an all out monsterific science fiction thriller with a downbeat ending. Who is infected? Now this sharp Widescreen print is dubbed into English and contains no subtitles. BA

B810 Gordon, the Black Pirate (61) aka: Rage of the Buccaneers aka: Gordon, il pirata nero Escaped slave turned pirate Gordon (Ricardo Montalban in fine swashbuckling form here), has made it his quest to waylay as many slave ships as possible, liberating the cargo to freedom. Along the way he encounters a slave trading ring, falls in love with a governor's daughter (Giulia Rubini), and faces his arch enemy (Vincent Price!). Mario Costa directs. Vincent, actor for hire, making this after 'Pit and the Pendulum" and before 'Tales of Terror' and having a good time. Although this is in Italian language and with English subtitles. Amazing Widescreen Pirate Movie! We also have an English version that is not as nice- but you get Price and Montalban’s voices!! BA

G694 Head of a Tyrant (59) aka: Giuditta e Oloferne A hot young woman named Judith (Isabelle Corey) plans to seduce, then murder and cut off the head, of a brutal conqueror who has taken over her city. He falls in love with her and trusts her.... will her plan come to the desired conclusion? Succeeds with the shocking climax that delivers on the promise of the title. Or does it? Super colorful Widescreen upgrade. BA

B803 Hundred Horsemen, The (64) aka: I cento cavalieriDon Fernando (Mark Damon) is the son of El Cid (no pressure). He must rally the peasants and townspeople to do battle with invading Saracen Arab invaders out to occupy their territory. Torture scenes, battles, hot women, sweeping landscapes.... This one has it all. Better than 'Lawrence of Arabia'! Also with Antonella Lualdi! LBX and with English subtitles.

G700 In the Shadow of Eagles (66) aka: All'ombra delle aquile Rebel barbarian warriors pose a grave threat to the Roman Empire. Tribune Marcus Ventidus (Cameron Mitchell) is sent to halt the uprising with some of the Roman army at his side. Excellent locations and plenty of action make this one a winner. A companion to 'Massacre in Black Forest' which came out the next year with some of the same participants. Also with Beba Loncar. Excellent Widescreen Upgrade and English language dubbed.

B802 Invincible Brothers Maciste, The (64) aka: Gli invincibili fratelli Maciste Two meat-headed muscle bound men (you can tell just by their outfits and dialogue just how smart they are). An evil queen commands a hidden secret kingdom behind a waterfall, protected by leopard skinned warriors. She has a screen she watches intruders on. Sword and sorcery sci-fi? The elder Maciste fights his way in and is overcome in a cell with a descending spiked ceiling. He is put on a large wheel in a slave quarry, and whipped regularly along with other slaves. The younger Maciste is about to figure out beyond the waterfall is where the action is at! Tridents are cool weapons as well as a giant sledgehammer! Very colorful this one, with wild costumes and some really cool water boarding, a perfect device that should be utilized today! Oh and... For God's Sakes put a Shirt on Man! LBX and English language dubbed. BA

B806 Kingdom of the Silver Lion (65) aka: Fury of the Sabers aka: Im Reiche des silbernen Löwen aka: Guntar il temerario Kara Ben Namsi (Lex Barker) and comrades, set out to rescue and free a young relative of the guardian of the treasure of a Christian sect. The most spectacular scenes are the fight on the salt lake, hanging from ropes on a mountaintop... Excellent visually. This is the third and final Lex Barker Namsi film. Lex Barker was in many great adventure films of the 40's (Tarzan) 50's and 60's. But the reaper claimed him at age 54 when he had a fatal heart attack while walking down a New York city street to meet his fiancé in May of 1973. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B809 Maciste, Strongest Man in the World (62) aka: Colossus of the Arena aka: Maciste, il gladiatore più forte del mondo Posing as a gladiator in Rome's 4th century, Maciste (Mark Forest) finds out about a plot that would put the beautiful Queen in prison. He now must thwart the plans of the traitorous and sinister Duke. Following a thrilling opening sequence in the arena, the story lays on the camp amidst the action with whiny midgets, monkeys, and effeminate black men in drag! This version is LBX and in Italian language with English subtitles. BA

G687 Mars, God of War (62) aka: Marte, dio della guerra aka: Venus meets the Son of Hercules Nice Widescreen upgrade with the opening theme song! The god 'Mars' (Roger Browne) assists a King in defeating an African army. White Privilege. Remaining on Earth, Mars falls in love with the human girl Daphne (played by the stunning Jocelyn Lane), but she is forced to become a Priestess in the temple of Venus. Epic battles, colorful costumes, bizarre watercraft, magical mystical events, elaborate dungeon torture chamber and of course, for gods sake, the Gods! Colorful! Upgrade! LBX English dubbed version BA

B795 Mars, God of Wars (62) aka: Marte, dio della guerra aka: Venus meets the Son of Hercules The King of Telbia defeats an African army with the help of the War God Mars (Roger Browne). Mars decides to remain on Earth, falling in love with the human girl Daphne (Jocelyn Lane, and if you've seen her, you will know why!). But she is being sent off to be a Priestess in the temple of Venus..... Amazing super colorful sets... LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B744 Milady and the Three Musketeers (52) aka: The Executioner of Lille aka: Il boia di Lilla - La vita avventurosa di Milady Taken from the point of view of cold-blooded Milady Anne (Yvette Lebon) who escapes her life of despair in the convent by enslaving every man she comes across, including the executioner's younger brother, who hangs himself in a cell when she abandons him for a man with power. The Executioner is the only man who can resist her charms. There is more of course, as she meddles her way through the cast with an evil bent. Will her fate be righteous? Don't look for any historical detail here. For instance, the English Army is depicted as a bunch of kilt-wearing Scots! With Rosanno Brazzi. In Italian language and with English subtitles.

G709 Phantom Planet, The (61) aka: Il pianeta fantasma Colorized! An astronaut is shrunk down on a planet, by the atmosphere that his ship was drawn to. The alien people force him to chose a bride, one of the choices is Coleen Gray so this is no dire fate. Enter the monster of the picture 'The Solorite' played by Richard Kiel! Also with Dean Fredericks, Francis X. Bushman, Anthony Dexter, Dolores Faith and look for Angelique Pettyjohn at only 18 years old, uncredited. as a juror. In Color. BA

B820 Pirate's Captive, The (59) aka: La scimitarra del saraceno aka: The Pirate and the Slave Girl A Spanish nobleman is captured by ruthless pirates led by the vicious Saracen pirate Drakut (Lex Barker in a role reversal role playing the bad guy for a change!). In the hold of the ship is a bevy of slave babes.... He must escape, free the women, but this plot is far more complex than that. Spectacular sea battle finale in this one. Colorful action packed adventure with Chelo Alonso. Massimo Serato, Graziella Granata and more. BA

B745 Pirates of Tortuga (65) aka: Cold Steel for Tortuga aka: I pirati di Tortuga In the New World, a rugged pirate leader and a corrupt governor compete for the affections of a beautiful Indian heiress. The pirate wins, and together with his babe and her booty, set out to conquer the governor. This film belongs to Rik Battaglia (who is third billed here) as dashing pirate Pedro Valverde, who steals every scene he's in, with his piratical band of vagabond companions. Leading lady Ingeborg Schoner, in her only such appearance, stuns. Guy Madison in one of the worst wig choices, and also with Nadia Gray and Mino Doro. Grab a flagon of ale and board! (Although much of the plot takes place on dry land). LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B821 Pirates of Tortuga (65) aka: Cold Steel for Tortuga aka: I pirati di Tortuga SEE ABOVE for subtitled version– This is an English language dubbed version that is also a nice Widescreen. No subtitles. BA

B819 Pontius Pilate (62) aka: Ponzio PilatoThis is told from the perspective of the much maligned title character (played here by Jean Marais), the man who unwillingly washed his hands, and sealed the fate of the Christ. Plays like another sword and sandal film, except with a more somber tone. John Drew Barrymore plays a dual role as both Judas, and Jesus! How's that for some yin and yang casting? Or is that yin and yin? Paul Muller, Basil Rathbone, Leticia Roman and more star in this awesome spectacle. At the time there were loads of these. ‘King of Kings’ had just come out the previous year so the bar was high. There was Jesus this and Jesus that. Jesus Jesus Jesus.... But this is short on Jesus, and more on all the other characters of the strange tale. LBX and English dubbed. BA

B785 Rampage of Evil (62) aka: Il capitano di ferro Maria Petri gets a rare lead role as villainous Captain Hans, a soldier of fortune. He looks ridiculous. Wearing a shiny winged black leather waistcoat and thigh high (fetish?) boots, looking like he is ready to go clubbing. With Gerad Landry as the hero Brunello, sporting his own leatherwear, Paul Muller as an ambitious Count and Wandissa Guida as the pretty Countess who falls for Brunello's obvious (!?!) charms. English language dubbed with foreign subtitles.

G605 Return to Treasure Island (54) aka: Ritorno all'isola del tesoro English actress Dawn Addams as Jamesina Hawkins, finds herself on an island with a marooned and shirtless Tab Hunter (don't get your hopes up Dawn) and together they search for the treasure as she is a direct descendant of Jim Hawkins and has a map. But when bad guys catch her and deliver a whipping to get the Intel she refuses and must escape their grimy clutches. Filmed in color, this was typical of the 'B' movies of the era. Dawn Addams would go on to be in at least a few Hammer films (including 'The Vampire Lovers') and also the Amicus production 'Vault of Horror'. She was taken by cancer at age 54 in 1985. BA

B808 Robin Hood and the Pirates (60) aka: Robin Hood e i pirati On his way to (or from) the Crusades, Robin Hood (Lex Barker) is shipwrecked, and captured by pirates. When they learn who he is, they want to collect a ransom from his father. But they team to defeat the usurper Lord Brooks. With adventurous feats, castles and beachfront Sherwood forest territory. Well, they did have to get a pirate plot in there, geography be damned. Also with the sexy Jocelyn Lane. This LBX and English dubbed Upgrade looks great! BA

B807 Sandokan Returns (77) aka: La tigre è ancora viva: Sandokan alla riscossa!Kabir Bedi returns as Sandokan! Pretty Jamilah goes on a quest to find Sandokan, the tiger of Malaysia, to return to India to fight! Of course when Kabir gets going with his swords and knives, natives drop like flies. Huge scale action with hundreds of extras. Philippe Leroy and Adolfo Celi also star. With English subtitles. BA

B822 Sins of Pompeii (50) aka: Gli ultimi giorni di Pompeiaka: Les derniers jours de Pompei Another Pompeii variation, this the least seen of all versions! It's 79 A.D., just some weeks before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.... This is a very interesting variation of the tale, complete with elaborate sets, chariots, costumes etc. and the destruction of Pompeii when Vesuvius blows... Not bad at all. One quick scene shows lava closing on a guy, his hands in the shot, smoking already before the lava reaches them. I found that interesting. Can't beat the 1935 version, but this is still worth a look, and less preachy. With English subtitles. BA

B796 Son of Cleopatra (64) aka: Il figlio di Cleopatra aka: El hijo de César y Cleopatra aka: La batalla de Roma Mark Damon plays the leader of a desert tribe in 1st Century B.C. Egypt. Angered by the corrupt rule of the Roman governor, he leads a revolt, even though he has fallen for the daughter of said governor. At one point Damon's character is given a lashing by bareback riding horse men wielding whips. Another thing that sets this apart from others is the impressive desert tableaux of armies marching across desert scenery. Sharp colors, stunning, elaborate sets. LBX and English language dubbed. BA

B758 Story of Monte Cristo, The (61) aka: Le comte de Monte Cristo aka: La venganza del Conde de Montecristo Uncut 150 minute version! Edmund Dantes (Louis Jourdan) sent to an island prison by those jealous of his riches becomes 'The Count of Monte Cristo'. Another telling of the classic novel, this version opulent with costumes and decoration, like a really expensive Hammer film. Even Yvonne Furneaux from Hammer's 'The Mummy' is on board here. The story as Edmund harvests the hidden treasure to regain his riches, escape and return for revenge is well known. This version is LBX and has English subtitles. BA

B753 Three Sergeants of Bengal (64) aka: I tre sergenti del Bengala aka: Die drei Sergeanten von Bengali Three British soldiers stationed in Malaysia are sent to Fort Madras to help the commandment fight off a sneaky bandit who is causing trouble across the countryside. Once in the thick of the jungle, they argue and fight, are attacked by elephants, get caught in a downpour, captured by headhunters... And all that is in the first half hour! Later we see an underground cave system with jail cells, battles, explosions, a fort siege and an all out battle at the end where many meet their fate. Richard Harrison, Aldo Sambrell, Wandisa Guida and more star. LBX and English dubbed. From director Umberto Lenzi. Upgrade! BA

B801 Two Nights with Cleopatra (54) aka: Due notti con Cleopatra Sophia Loren is 20 years old in this. Maybe it should be called “Two Minutes with Cleopatra”? “Two Seconds”? Well she plays a dual role here as both the sultry Queen of the Nile with a 'man a night' appetite, and also a beautiful slave girl who is pursued by a bodyguard that thinks she is the real monarch. Loren is pretty amazing in this. Slutty acting and strong as Cleopatra, vulnerable and sensuous as the slave, A seductive spectacle of Historic Proportions. Historic Proportions. Yea, I can see that in Loren. For Sure. It's a comedy peplum! With English subtitles. BA



B769 Trygon Factor, The (66) aka: Das Geheimnis der weißen Nonne aka: La Grande Sfida a Scotland Yard Scotland Yard sent Cooper-Smith (Farley Granger) to investigate the suspicious looking Emberday Castle estate where the Emberday family and a strange order of murderous nuns reside. Bizarre entry with some lovely ladies and some science fiction elements. Also with Susan Hampshire and Robert Morley. Now in a nice LBX print with English language and no subtitles. BA



B738 Discreet Charm of Sin, The (87) aka: Il fascino sottile del peccatoSexy Carlotta (Claudia Cavalcanti), the teenage daughter of Arianna (Alexandra Delli Colli) is having an affair with Enrico, the fiancé of her Aunt. Bored, she sets her sights on her stepfather, who is already a philanderer behind her mother's back. Carlotta's younger step-brother Gustavo is a closet gay who lust's for Mario. Arianna decides to offer her body and make a man out of him. Gustavo finds himself in a bizarre ménage a trois when Mario gets him to convince Arianna to bed.... Sort of like a super sleazy Joe D'Amato flick from director Nina Grassia. F.L. only, but with so many sexy women on display, who cares? Plenty of nudity of course.... LBX

G647 Do It! (03) aka: Fallo! Six sexy stories from the master Tinto Brass based on the eroticism of a new generation of smash foxes and their sexuality. The tales involve couples spicing up their sex lives in various ways. The butt fetish is ever present, the sex beyond plain soft-core, and the sexy shenanigans are non-stop! Do It! English Dubbed and LBX - Upgrade! BA

B759 Dressage (86) aka: Dressage: La dolce punizione At a decadent 1930's party, two very sexy and utterly shameless young women, Nathalie (Veronique Catansaro) and Eiliane (Cornelia Wilms) make a bet with a rich and handsome young Baron to corrupt two innocent teenagers in order to ruin their families' reputations. The prize on offer is marriage to the wealthy Baron....Soft porn art exploitation. English dubbed BA

B779 Girls of Don Juan (73) aka: Line Up and Lay Down aka: Prenez la queue comme tout le mondeA used car salesman has a way with the ladies, much to the envy of his friends. Juggling many mouth-wateringly hot girls in a madcap paced sex comedy. Plenty of sex and nudity in lengthy scenes! Hilariously dubbed, Anne Libert, Malissa Longo and many more star. LBX and English language dubbed.

G781 Harlis (72) aka: The Sensuous Three When a Man Loves a Woman that Loves a Woman! While out on the town in Berlin, a man visiting a cabaret falls for Harlis (Mascha Rabben), one of the stars in a troupe of lesbian strippers. Harlis reciprocates his affections, to the dismay of the man's ex-fiancé and his brother, who plan sabotage in his relationship with Harlis. Obscure German made period piece with nudity, ménage a trois and more. Dubbed into English and with foreign subs. + Bonus trailers - A preview of Sadist Erotica. preview of Scirocco, preview of Fantom Killer, Creature with the Blue Hand, Slaughter on the Khyber Pass and more! BA

G650 Hookers, The (67) In a faux-documentary style we see the stories of three women and their individual plunges into the sordid world of prostitution. The first episode called 'Callie Sue' is about a black woman. She has a flashback being raped on the farm by two white boys who call her 'dark meat'. Apparently this puts her on the road to ruin as she becomes a whore. Next up Julie gets bamboozled into turning a trick with the promise of breaking into show business. And another story of a day hooker narrated by her husband. A side plot features Jacque Lynn Colton as maid. She would go on to a fairly decent mainstream acting career, this was her debut.

B761 Hot Sex in Bangkok (76) aka: Heißer Sex in Bangkok aka: Banging in Bangkok Here we see the sexual adventures of a group of German men in the brothels of Bangkok (which indeed they do) with the hottest of the hookers in the area. If they are not sitting around talking about scoring, they are out scoring. What a vacation! Dubbed into English. BA

B743 I See Naked (69) aka: Vedo nudo aka: Une poule, un train... et quelques monstres Seven Sexy Swinging Sixties Sketches! To much information to write all seven plotlines.... The title refers to the last sketch: A fashion editor starts to see naked women everywhere he goes. I have heard of worse afflictions! Of course this one is just an excuse to show as many sexy nude women as possible! One of the stories is an obligatory transvestite segment. Hilarious! Sylva Koscina, Daniela Giordano and more star. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B764 Love Lessons (71) aka: The Reluctant Virgin aka: No... sono vergine!! Young Roberto worries his father. Roberto shows no interest in girls. So he hires a sultry young woman to teach him the art of love. Roberto catches on quick and soon is having no trouble scoring. Plenty of nudity in this Eurotrash. Excellent locations filmed in Rome, Italy. Dubbed into English. BA

B765 Love, Lust and Ecstasy (81) aka: Erotiki ekstasi Ari cannot satisfy his wife Sara (Ajita Wilson). He crashes his speed boat and ends up in a rehabilitation facility. Sara starts having sex with an artist who has been commissioned to paint her portrait. Teresa, Sara's other lover, is jealous. Ari meanwhile, hires a private investigator as he suspects Sara is whoring around on him. The investigator, infatuated with Sara, may just abandon his morals and give in to Sara's temptations But Teresa has other ideas.... If you dig Ajita, naked, in numerous sex scenes, then here it is! Beautifully filmed Greek production and dubbed into English. Upgrade!

B740 Nurse at the Military Madhouse, The (79) aka: L'infermiera nella corsia dei militariaka: A singer' showgirl named Grazia (Nadia Cassini = perfection) poses as a nurse to recover some stolen paintings, which for some reason, are hidden in a military insane asylum. The doctor's wife is frigid, so naturally he wants a piece of Grazia's ass. Sexual hijinks, aphrodisiacs, plenty of extremely hot women including future porn starlet Karin Schubert and more. English language dubbed and LBX. BA

B767 Oriental Vixen (74) aka: Die Sex-Spelunke von Bangkok Amazing sexual shenanigans filmed entirely in Bangkok. More men out for fun out on the town, Includes lots of sex on an airplane. Only the hottest of the hot women here. LBX and dubbed into English. A perfect snapshot of Bangkok as you get cultural activities and colorful locations sandwiched between the sex scenes. BA

G651 Prostitutes Protective Society (66) Low budget no budget hookers and gangsters soft roughie that manages to pack enough sex and violence in just over an hour to be worth a look. When a Madame and her girls run into some gangsters who want a cut of the profits, they refuse, and then hookers start to die. The women take the fight to the thugs! Pretty brutal death for some of the whores, and I think the lead bad guy may just get 'Bobbit-ed' if you get my drift. Snip Snip.... BA

B789 Tales of Canterbury (73) aka: Canterbury n° 2 - Nuove storie d'amore del '300 Sexy storytelling on a rainy night at the Inn with a screenplay by Joe D'Amato! English Dubbed and LBX BA

B790 Taming of a Scoundrel, The (80) aka: Il bisbetico domato A grouchy farmer, known for being kind to his workers, but driving everyone else away, is in for a surprise when a drop dead fox appears at his stoop (Ornella Muti).The farmer (played by Adriano Celentano) is a real sexist pig, and rude to the sexy Lisa (Muti). But she sees something in him that nobody else does, and sets out to make him her very own. He could have worse problems! Ornella Muti provides nudity, and there is quite a bit of footsie playing that adds to the sexual tension. Maybe not so much exploitation, but half and half with romance and a man being a man. Remember, guys treating women like dirt, and women loving it, is normal human behavior, always has been, part of courtship, but now it seems vice versa in more cases than the past. Watch 'Red Sun' and the way Charles Bronson treats Ursulla Andress, this was accepted movie fare, and Bronson was considered macho for his behavior (he had his reasons). LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B791 Teenage Playmates (74) aka: Schulmädchen-Report 7. Teil - Doch das Herz muß dabei sein A bevy of sexy hot teenage schoolgirls (all played by of age women of course) work at a brothel servicing high paying clients. After they get arrested they discuss how they came to be prostitutes in the first place. Helga (Christina Lindberg) gets guys to do her homework for sex, an ice cream man gets sex for ice cream, sexy hitchhiking Monika, lures men to a barn so she can rob them, brainy Karla convinces her father's business partner to deflower her....more. One excellent German made trash film with loads of nudity and sex. Uncut 88 minute version for the first time! English language dubbed and with Greek subtitles. BA

G714 Thigh Spy (67) Bartholomew (a struggling young artist) owes money to Mr. X... He cannot pay, so in lieu of payment, Bartholomew is told that he can repay Mr. X by killing Arnold (a counterspy). He fails at the job, and after trying again to no success, he ends up in bed with his girlfriend (Truska), Arnold and another agent (Chrissy)!!! An interesting turn of events!! ???

B748 Tiffany (85) aka: Tiffany, i agriogata tou erota First the trailer for the film and then the film begins. Excellent made in Greece soft-core dubbed into English language. Jenny arrives on assignment from her magazine and in no time is having sex with Nikos. Nikos has a girlfriend named Tiffany who is not pleased. Until she is introduced to Jenny. Then everybody is pleased! And then some. Plenty of beautiful locations, women, and sex. Sometimes close to hardcore.

B749 Touching My Whistle is Irritating Me (82) An incredibly funny sex film in Spanish language only. These sex stories were made to entertain as described to a horny shrink. Here is one from the film... A well endowed man (nicknamed 'The Elephant Man') keeps sending his female lovers away in an ambulance. He seeks out a black woman (get it?) and finds one. She decides to fellate him, but not being Linda Lovelace, she chokes, literally, the ambulance is called once again. Will he find a woman who can handle him? Super hot women throughout and sex of course.... politically incorrect sleaze. LBX and in Spanish language only.

B750 Valentina (89) Valentina is a 13 episode Italian made erotic thriller television series based on the Valentina comics that follows a Milanese photographer, Valentina (stunning former gymnast Demetra Hampton) and her investigations. The very first storyline involving a doll, came from a very popular story arc from the comic called 'Baba Yaga' which was also a movie from 1973. Horror erotica with gypsies, witches and more. Imagine a more adult themed show with nudity and sexual situations from a woman's point of view, with a horror, even sci-fi bent. English dubbed. All 13 episodes on one DVD-R! No VHS.




B773 Ace of Hearts (75) aka: Juego sucio en PanamáWho wouldn't love this trash thriller? A horny detective (Chris Robinson) seeks an answer to his questions from seedy characters, but everyone seems to be dying before he can get the truth. One of the bad guys has two strong bodyguards. Outside chases and fights and then, still another bad guy is a gay guy (bad gay?) protected by aggressive transvestites. Will the mystery be solved? This Spanish made thriller was directed by the guy who directed Paul Naschy's 'Assignment Terror'. Also with Teresa Gimpera and (wait for it) Mickey Rooney as a cigar chompin' slimeball! Also with Pilar Velazquez. BA

B774 All of Them Witches (96) aka: Sobrenatural After seeing her best friend murdered, a woman, now traumatized, her husband advises she stay home to recover, and to protect her from the dangers of the city. There she finds a witch bag that holds a strange powder. Eventually she visits a witch who warns her of the powers of the voodoo. She finds herself sucked into the world of the supernatural. Very effective Mexican made horror in the tradition of Val Lewton with some intense scares and suspense, with a shocking conclusion.. Beware the voodoo zombie! A very strong, intelligent visual style. With English subtitles.

B766 Atrocious Tales of Sex and Death (79) aka: Giallo Napoletano aka: Días de amor y venganza Strange comedy/giallo type hybrid that almost defies description. Raphael (Marcello Mastroianni), a restaurant mandolin player with a limp, accepts a job to serenade under the apartment window of a Maestro, by a mysterious blonde. As he plays, a man is pushed to his death from the balcony, When he tries to solve the murder he goes to who hired him only to see him come sailing out the window to his doom. Raphael finds himself up to his neck in murder, gangsters and blackmail. And, he becomes involved with the Maestro's daughter (Ornella Muti, 30 years younger than he is!). Also with Michael Piccoli and Capucine as Suor Angela. Capucine, a French beauty from many good films, was a manic depressive. She leaped to her doom from her 8th story apartment in Switzerland in 1990 at age 62. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B818 Bitter Chamber (92) aka: The Room Next Door aka: La stanza accanto It's 1940.... A man returns to his small Iowa town after living in Chicago for some time. He left the city after a triple murder had occurred, and he had to testify against the killer, who ended up in the electric chair. Thing is, he is not sure what he remembers, and the locals think the executed man was innocent. He's got to figure this shit out before he goes mad. Excellent and haunting dark atmosphere as melancholy consumes our main protagonist. With Mark Benninghoffen and Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni. English dubbed and with foreign subtitles. Upgrade of this giallo from director Pupi Avati!

B777 Body in the Woods, A (96) Local boar hunters find the body of a woman, mutilated, in the woods. A sexy Police Lieutenant (Rossy de Palma) is on the case. Since our dead victim was popular with the locals and knew many, there are plenty of suspects to choose from. Her investigation will reveal (to us, the viewers), the ugly side of the community.... racism, cruelty, brutality. But just when you think you know what is going on, you have no idea what's next. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B752 Carnal Revenge (74) aka: Carnalità aka: With Carnal Intent aka: Naked and Lustful An unscrupulous businessman has many women while his wife is ill and bedridden. Femi Benussi is just one conquest. When his wife dies he marries the sexy Roberta (Erna Schurer). But she has plans of revenge. You see, her father was ruined by our shady male lead. Now she plans to screw him to death by demanding sex constantly. Lots of sex and nudity in this one. LBX and English language dubbed. BA

G740 Crime Scenes (00) aka: Spuren Von Blut Kind of like a French 'Silence of the Lambs' as two French policemen search for a serial killer. He leaves headless and handless bodies behind. They examine the bodies to try to get to know the killer better. The killer is just doing all of this to confuse the police. He enjoys killing! Especially pregnant women. Muddy building sites, decay, dirt, chill lakes.... nice atmosphere. Dark and grim... LBX and in French language only with no subtitles.

G686 Crocodile Fury (88) Chinese made killer crocodile flick with plenty of people making it into the chomping jaws of the title creature. Throw in some nudity and a sprinkle of Kung Fu, and we get a cultural killer crocodile addition unlike any other! One scene has a baby in a hammock by the water, and the crocodile comes out of the water and gobbles the little tyke down as a small appetizer. The father, who plunges into the water to try and save Junior, is the main course. Mmm good. A witch and her minions practicing magic, bloody waters and more. This special edition of 'Crocodile Fury" is English language dubbed! BA

G782 Dead are Alive, The (72) aka: Overtime aka: L'etrusco uccide ancora aka: The Etruscan Kills Again aka: El Dios de la muerte asesina otra vez Digging up Etruscan ruins in Italy turns deadly when a photographer (Alex Cord) on the job begins to suspect things that should be dead, are alive. A brutal and bloody double slaying gets things off to a nice start. Is it the supernatural at work, or is it a very human killer? Suspects include a composer, his fire-scarred wife, a sadistic torturer of insects and a gay choreographer. The burial ground central location provides a good setting with the dirty and gritty mysterious atmosphere. This is quite a different giallo that builds to an excellent suspenseful climax. Samantha Eggar, John Marley and more star. + Bonus Trailers! Upgrade! LBX BA

G764 Down the Ancient Stairs (75) aka: Per le antiche scale aka: In de klauwen van de waanzin A mental hospital, somewhere in Tuscany, in the 1930's, far away from fascism, ruled over by Dr. Bonaccorsi (Marcello Mastroianni), a passionate benevolent psychiatrist whose dream it is to isolate the germ of madness. He's also very sexually active with Francesca (the hospital manager's wife), Bianca (his devoted nurse), and Carla ((Barbara Bouchet) a nymphomaniac doctor's wife). But the new female psychiatrist won't sleep with him and doesn't agree with his theories. Not only that, he thinks he may be going mad. At least he is in the right place. Very bizarre, and very controversial when released. Also with Martha Keller and Francoise Fabian. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B760 Ecstasy Inc. (81) aka: Ta' mej doktorn aka: Heat and Lust: Diary of a Sex Therapist A swinging couple (a Professor and his wife) with an open marriage, who run a clinic for people with sexual problems, seem to be enjoying all of the perks in pleasures of the flesh. Things turn dark when the Professor starts getting forceful in his sexual liaisons, picking up female hitchhikers (who are in abundance) raping and murdering them. Is his wife an accessory to these grisly crimes? Good and dark sex trash with some explicit soft-core sex. English language dubbed. BA

B793 Flame in My Heart, A (87) aka: Une flamme dans mon Coeur aka: Eine Flamme in meinem Herzen A woman disintegrates into lust and madness with a sexual nymphomaniac compulsion. Will this lead to her ruin? Shot in a stark black and white. With English subtitles.

G691 Folies Meurtrières (84) French splatter from the director of 'Ogroff'! A crazed killer hacks and chops up with a pickaxe and a chainsaw! Gore drenched madness with a 'Maniac' inspired finale not to be missed. All out horror and dread and clocks in around 48 minutes. In French language and with English subtitles.

G672 Further than Fear (80) aka: Beyond Terror aka: Más allá del terror aka: Terrorgang Four youthful bikers turn a robbery into a bloodbath. One dies and the other three take a couple hostage.. Cursed by an old woman as she dies (they have killed her too of course), they soon find themselves in a creepy monastery, where some Ossorio looking skeletal zombies rise from the tomb. Weird masturbation from one of the gang. nudity and bloody death, and a head explosion. A superb melding of a violent crime story that segues into supernatural horror. Blind Dead fans take note. Now this Spanish horror has English subtitles! BA

B780 Give Us Tomorrow (78) Familiar formula done right as vicious bank robbers take a bank manager's family hostage to ensure their robbery is a success. The daughter (played by super stunt woman Donna Evans, at least that is what she became later) turns into a nymphomaniac. She's already got a rebellious streak, and takes this opportunity to make it with the younger of the robbers. The inevitable showdown comes..... Sort of like a British 'Fight For Your Life' with the upper-class British being the victims instead of African Americans. With Sylvia Simms, Darren Nesbitt and more. LBX - Upgrade! BA

G689 Heroin (80) aka: The Tunnel aka: Eroina aka: Fatal Fix More Italian made drugsploitation! Helmet Berger and Corinne Clery star in this sordid little ditty about people driven to the dark side due to their undefeatable addictions. Downbeat and miserable with junkies, violent fights, nudity and beatings. One scene has a female shooting up heroin into her crotch area. Look for Francesca Ciardi fresh off filming 'Cannibal Holocaust' as a pusher. Corrine Clery (who was in 'Moonraker' just a year prior to this) strips down to nothing, so there is a very bright spot in a very dark movie. With English subtitles. BA

G674 Hong Kong Butcher (85) A serial killer taxi driver stalks the women of Hong Kong! This is based on Lam Kor-wan a serial killer who was caught in 1982. He worked as a taxi driver and would pick up his female victims and strangle them with electrical wire, then he would take them home and dismember them. He would keep the sexual organs of his victims in Tupperware containers. Here we have the movie version of his nasty exploits. Sleazy and nasty fun for fans of this type. Slightly LBX and with English subtitles.

G717 Horror Story (93) aka: Krvavý román Have you seen this wonderful homage to silent cinema? Tales told delightfully, weird and bloody, in the silent fashion, although there are outbursts of sounds from the actors, so this is not filmed silent. Color tints and surreal sets, severed fingers and decapitations, nudity and all in a sometimes fairy tale setting. Dark and comical, you'll be entranced by this Czechoslovakian made oddity. It takes you through the history of cinema, from silents, to the beginning of sound, to present day, in tales from Czech painter, poet and philosopher Josef Vachal. Don't miss this one! English subtitles.

G737 Horror Story (97) Not be confused with the Czech film in this same section. Here is an odd one. Moved to another town, Jamin is now in the 11th grade, living with his alcoholic mother, and the beneficiary of a court-ordered protection from his abusive father. But Jamin is near his breaking point, and a few more negative experiences sets him over the edge. He goes on a murderous rampage of violence and gore. Pat Hingle plays the judge in this North Carolina production. Thing is, this print is from a guy in Italy, who purchased from a guy in Russia. There is a voiceover of Russian speaking over the English spoken dialogue. As far as I know, this is the only way to see this horror story about the repercussions of child abuse. But if you listen, you will hear most of the English spoken dialogue, because he repeats much of it after it is spoken when he does the Russian translation.

B781 I Like Bats (86) aka: Lubie nietoperze A sexy Polish woman vampire, stalks her victims at night, sometimes dressed as a hooker, hanging out in a transvestite bar. Not pleased with her vampire life, she seeks help from a psychiatrist. One bald guy repeatedly tries to get with her, and is refused. Desperate, he tries to kill her and fails. He'll get his punishment later. She is attacked by a pervert in the park, and she drains him. She goes to the crazy ward full of crazies hoping for a cure, and is subjected to hypnosis and gamma rays....... One weird Polish vampire flick. LBX and with English subtitles. Upgrade! BA

B800 Il Delitto di Via Monti Parioli (98) aka: A Crime in Monte Parioli Opens with a tattooed man holding a belt, watching another guy giving it to a woman on a bed. When the sex ends, he wraps the belt around the guy's neck and strangles him. Or is that what we just saw? Then a shot of the Coliseum, so we know we are in Rome. This is a modernized giallo you see. With usual beautiful Italian women, a twisted web of crime and double crosses and a surprisingly identified murderer. Sort of, you may get it early on. This one is Italian language with no subtitles.

B812 Kyra: The House by the Edge of the Lake (79) aka: Sensitività aka: Kyra - La signora del lago Spooky horror from Italian director Enzo G. Castellari. When Lilian was a child, she was out rowing with her mother in a lake and is dropped off on shore. Then, a hand comes from the waters and drags her mother under the murkiness. Flash to the future. Lilian (Leonora Fani, who was in 'Giallo a Venezia' the same year!) returns to the area on a motorcycle. There, she is attacked by a robed man with an axe and is spied upon by a doppelganger. She revisits the site on the same row boat, now moss covered and slimy, and explores the region of archaic gothic misery looking for answers. Creepy cats, ghostly nuns, séance ritual, madness, sex and nudity, amazing old castle-like buildings and more..... With Vincent Gardenia, who may have all the answers! The locals think she is a witch! With English subtitles.

B763 Lost Soul (77) aka: Anima Persa aka: The Forbidden Room Bizarre events at an old mansion, and it is becoming clear that there is something in the attic. A young man studying art in Venice goes to stay with relatives (an elderly Uncle (Vittorio Gassman) and his somewhat younger Aunt (Catherine Denevue)... He has to get nosey about the attic and soon learns that not every secret is something you need to know. Although there is no sex or gore, there is enough disturbing material that almost qualifies this as a Giallo with intimations of incest, child abuse, and the dual nature of man. Splendid little Gothic mystery. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G692 Mangled Alive (89) aka: Fatal Exposure The great grandson of Jack the Ripper is a photographer who murders women and drinks their blood to improve his virility. When he finally meets the girl he wants to start a family with, he uses her to lure more women in, to murder and add to his collection. She is clueless. A good amount of nudity from cute women, and plenty of gory Herschel Gordon Lewis styled gore. Lots of fun for the slasher fan that missed this one. Decapitation, circular saw, electrocution, dismemberment....more.

G671 Mania (74) Horror rarity from director Renato Polselli! A deranged scientist, who has a twin brother, dies in a laboratory fire. The dead scientist had suspected his wife of cheating on him with his brother, now that he is dead his brother tries to take his place. Or is it the scientist back from the dead to torment his cheating wife? He was after-all, conducting experiments on some type of reanimation of tissue through electric waves. Or is this all in her mind, has she gone mad? Frenetic bloody insanity from Polselli with plenty of nudity, screaming dialogues and cutting violent scenes for brutal effect. Some similarities to 'Delerio Caldo', and it was partially shot at the same elaborate villa complete with basement torture chambers, secret laboratories and a labyrinth of tunnels. Death, stabbings, disfigured killers and burned faces, beatings etc. The soundtrack features 70's acid rock, gothic organ music and barking dogs. This is 78 minutes with no English subtitles. Italian language only and some glitches in the master print. BA

G680 Nine Guests for a Crime (77) aka: Nove ospiti per un delitto Nine guests from a wealthy family are stalked and killed one by one on a remote Mediterranean island, in this virtually forgotten Giallo. From the director of 'Terror Express’ and 'Treasure of the Four Crowns'. Arthur Kennedy as the patriarch of the family shares a dark secret with his three sons. A secret that has resurfaced to seal their fate. And Then There Were None. Or were there? Plenty of nudity, sexual betrayals and violent death. Agatha Christie meets Italian Euro-trash Giallo! John Richardson, Venantino Venantini, Rita Silva. Sofia Dionisio and more star. Worth a look! With English subtitles! BA

B811 Perfect Murder, The (92) aka: Det perfekte mord Film director Pierre with his girlfriend Greta, the mysterious 'G' loving men until they disappear. Soon parallels between the movie and real life is obvious. Men are indeed vanishing. Hey Greta! Maybe you can figure out this mystery that ends in sexual ecstasy? This one from Norway. LBX and with English subtitles.

B784 Porco Mondo (78) aka: Puerco mundo More Eurotrash from director Sergio Bergonzelli! A corrupt senator (William Berger) with a campaign for immorality has issues... His problem? He's a pervert of course. He invites slut drug bitch Manuela (Karin Well of 'Burial Ground' and more) and two of her boyfriends to one of his orgies. They only want to frame him. But when he tries to put the moves on one of the guys (Hey whoa there buddy!) they end up killing him. His son shows up and shoots Manuela, but the Senator's daughter, her former lover, saves her life.... More outrageous developments.... and plenty of sex and nudity, of course. Arthur Kennedy, Alida Valli and more star. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B798 Raped on the Beach (69) aka: Violentata sulla sabbia aka: Le lys de mer A young girl (Carol Andre) witnesses the violent rape of her mother, emotionally scarring her as she grows into a woman. She (still a virgin) takes a vacation with her worldly girlfriend and finds herself at the attention of a young man. But her fears resurface, her anxiety, her terror. She tells her prospective lover he must tie her up and take her by force if he wants her, and she will be his completely. In other words, she wants to be raped for her first sexual experience, on the beach. Amazing outdoor photography catches the best of the seaside location, and some of the worst, like a dead dog. This is a strange tale. LBX and with English subtitles.

G675 Return of the Demon (87) aka: Mo gao yi zhang When three treasure hunters accidentally resurrect a demon, the creature sets out to collect the souls of 49 people thus ensuring it immortality. Brains seep out of corpses, bodies explode, a man turns into a werewolf/wild dog hybrid, ghosts attack and more. Can the Taoist Priest and his disciple stop the evil entity from fulfilling it's evil scheme? LBX and with English subtitles.

G693 Satanic Fear (90) aka: Miedo Satánico Horror from Argentina. A nun gives birth to the devil's child. They try to kill the baby, but fail. Meanwhile the nun has turned into a demonic monster. The baby is very dangerous! Heads crushed, stabbings, nudity and more in this over the top fear fest. No Subtitles on this one sorry. F.L.

G631 Scarred (83) aka: Underground in L. A. When a sixteen year old turns to prostitution to support her baby she finds herself in the world of thugs, street-scum and low-life pimps. Actually captures the streets in a sleazy 'Taxi Driver'/'Midnight Cowboy' sort of way and you actually feel for the young whore. Can she maintain her hope since her dignity is shot? She even ends up in a science fiction porno parody to make some coin. Pretty sleazy and hard hitting. If all of this was not scary enough...two of the depressingly awful songs were written and sung by Tootie from the 'Facts of Life'. God please no!! BA

B741 Shadow of a Doubt (93) aka: L'ombre du doute A troubled twelve year old girl with a wild imagination, suddenly accuses her father of sexual abuse. Holy crap. The parents are horrified and cannot understand her motivations. A tenacious social worker is determined to get the facts and figure out the situation..... Meanwhile..... In French language and with English subtitles.

B814 Surreal Estate (76) aka: Sérail aka: Serial A novelist looking at real estate finds a crusty old mansion in the woods. A demented woman gives him a tour of the place, with added acted out history. She runs away from him. He returns another time as he sees this as potential source material. This time he finds a different woman on the grounds, gardening. She promises to reveal all. She says the other woman does not exist. He thinks they are trying to trick him. Are these girls phantoms that come with the house? If so, he's in, they are both quite hot. He buys. But they have plans of their own... Leslie Caron, Bulle Ogier, Marie-France Pisier, Marilyn Jones and Pierre Baudry star. LBX and some English language, and some English subtitles. BA

B823 Tarot (73) aka: Terror in Darkness aka: Erica... un soffio di perversa sessualità Beautiful blonde Angela (Sue Lyon) marries a rich old blind man (Fernando Rey), after an attractive male servant convinces her it's an easy score. They start to rip him off, blind, and things are going to get even crazier. The servant is also having sex with the housekeeper (Gloria Grahame who at this stage in her career was in some real horror gems). Things are going to end terribly.... It's in the cards. English language dubbed. - Listed last update but had problems with the print, now here it is but full frame. BA

B815 Threshold of the Void (72) aka: Le seuil du vide A woman goes to Paris to become a pretentious artist and rents a room at a price that is too good to be true, with one caveat. There is a locked door she cannot enter. Of course she does. Drawn into a black void of another world for spells, when in the real world she now can paint better than ever. But at what price? 'Rosemary's Baby' meets 'She'/'Dorian Gray' by way of 'Alice in Wonderland'. This slow-burn hallucinatory mind trip leads to a satisfying payoff. LBX and with English subtitles.

G678 Tigress, The (69) aka: La tigresa A woman becomes 'The Tigress' after her father is murdered by a brute who possesses a scar on his back, who also raped her the same night. Violent and sleazy 1969 film filmed in New York City with catfights, shootings, beatings... even a nasty decapitation of a guy who messes with a gang boss's girl. This Spanish made/American lensed production comes with English subtitles. BA

G679 Toxic Love (83) aka: Amore tossico This film chronicles the alienating and repetitive world of a group of nasty heroin addicts in Rome. Many of the actors are real drug addicts, and many of them today are really dead from Aids or other drug related complications. Swallowed by the abyss of doom. One woman shoots up in her neck on camera, for real! There are also some bloody stabbings and beatings, shootings... whatever it takes. Injects some humor with it's dopey tale of dread. Sobering for a junkie I would think? Grim Hard-hitting Italian Drugsploitation. LBX and with English subtitles.

B792 Vengeance Demon (69) aka: Fukushûki A brother and sister live as outcasts from their hamlet due to the belief that madness and disease runs in their blood. A group of villagers make a move on their property, beating and hanging the brother and gang-raping the sister. Leaving the brother for dead, and scheming to kill the sister and making both look like an accident is the plan. But the brother has survived, he is pissed off, and he has a sword! His mission. To murder them all. Of course! LBX and in Japanese language and with English subtitles.

G704 Who Killed the Prosecutor and Why? (72) aka: Terza ipotesi su un caso di perfetta strategia criminale Sort of Giallo/Crime film mixed together this time. The killer is after some incriminating photos that were taken by some photographers who captured a murder, that was later made to look like an auto accident. So our black-gloved killer has a motive this time, that does not involve being pissed off at women. Still, he uses a different method for his kills every time, and their are some decent enough surprises and twists along with some harsh consequences in climax. Lou Castel, Beba Loncar, Adolfo Celi and more star. Widescreen and English language dubbed. BA

B772 Woman Executioner (68) aka: La Femme Bourreau French made horror docu-thriller about a creepy guy with mommy issues, dressed in drag, who goes about murdering women in Paris. The kills are profiled and talked about on the news, and the man-thing is sought to face justice. With some mind-blowing revelations. When the lady cops confronts him she says 'Die like a beast!' and he/it replies 'I'm not a beast. I'm not a man. I have no name, nor a place on this earth. I'm a... living wound. My mother made me who I am'. Some gore and nudity. With English subtitles!




B775 Big Pain in the Asses, The (76) aka: Les Emmerdeuses aka: Sexy a Go-Go This sexy espionage Franco delivers some hot chicks and weirdness like an acid-induced fever dream. Spies Pina (Lina Romay) and Tina (Pamela Stanford), both regular Franco performers, take turns disguising as the 'Golden Panther' a notorious detective / jewel thief. They work for Interpol, acquiring diamonds from the sinister Mr. Radeck. They encounter many bizarre characters (including Monica Swinn sporting a strap-on). Maybe one the most playful of Franco's, with Lina hamming it up and looking splendid indeed! Soft-core porn, horror, a jazz score, hotel rooms and beachy locations.... Sign me up! Now with English subtitles! Upgrade!



G632 Assassin for Hire (51) Pretending to be a rare stamp dealer, a man (Sydney Tafler) supports his devoted wife and her musically talented young brother, by being a hit man. A detective (Ronald Howard) sets a trap to catch our well meaning but deadly killer.

M782 Master Spy (63) aka: X 21 spionaggio atomico A Russian scientist escapes from a Communist prison to go to work for the British. The British suspect he is a 'plant' sent to spy for the Russians to monitor nuclear secrets. But it is more complex than that. He is actually a British spy, posing as a Russian defector, posing as a possible informer.... With Stephen Murray and June Thorburn. Thorburn was in some Hammer films and even a Harryhausen film. Her life was cut short when five months pregnant she died in a plane crash at age 36 in 1967. LBX

B734 One of Our Aircraft is Missing (42) A group of wise-cracking RAF crewmen take off on a routine bombing flight. The plane is shot down and the crew manage to parachute to safety. Now that they are lost in enemy territory, they must depend on the resources of others to get them to safety. Eric Portman and more star. From Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger.




B754 Assassination (67) aka: Sólo se muere una vez John Chandler (Henry Silva) is sentenced to death, but appears later as his own brother, courtesy of the C.I.A., to be used as a double agent. Silva was used for this part because of his involvement in 'The Manchurian Candidate' which this resembles in some parts. They want to use him for an assassination, and then make him the fall guy. A cold-hearted depiction of world spy agencies. Silva, excellent as usual. Also with Evelyn Stewart (aka: Ida Galli). Comes with trailers for the film. Dubbed into English and LBX. BA

G699 Bandits in Rome (68) aka: Roma come Chicago (Banditi a Roma) Mario, a professional robber (John Cassavetes, who was in 'Rosemary's Baby' the same year) ends up in prison, while his former partner, Enrico (Nikos Kourkoulos), an ambitious upstart, starts trying to claim Mario's woman as well as going on a violent criminal rampage. Mario escapes from prison, and is on the hunt for Enrico, as the policemen also are. Exciting, action-packed and violent with some shocking scenes and Cassavetes in quite a striking performance. By film's end Mario has plenty reason to be very pissed off as he chases down his quarry. But will the police beat him to it? Some cool locations in Rome, the Coliseum and more. Also with Anita Sanders, LBX BA

B730 Battle of the Eagles (79) aka: Partizanska eskadrila aka: Battle Squadron The first Yugoslavian Partisan Air Force Unit who took on the might of the Luftwaffe using outdated biplanes in 1942 occupied Yugoslavia. Balls. Great locations Croatian-Bosnian border and more. Plenty of action. English language dubbed. A welcome addition to your war movie collection.

G786 Blind Fist of Bruce (79) aka: Mang quan gui shou aka: Wir sind die größten Knochenbrecher Bruce Li stars as a once wealthy bank manager, robbed by martial arts extortionists. Aided by a blind kung fu master he begins to train so he can defeat the leader of the bad guys, who also was a former student of his teacher... Comic relief and plenty of battles with hilarious dubbing. Another enjoyable old-school classic. BA

G708 Blood Brothers (74) aka: I guappi aka: Lucia et les gouapes Set in the 1920's.... Nicola (Franco Nero) wants to be a lawyer. He soon finds many are reluctant to help him, because his relatives are Mafia men. His path is already spoken for as he heads down a path of violence and crime. Also with Fabio Testi, Claudia Cardinale and more. Widescreen and dubbed into English. BA

B756 Blue Note, The (91) aka: La note bleue Here we have a weird and hysterically played tribute biography of the last days of musician/composer Chopin's life directed by Andrezj Zulawski, who also directed 1981's 'Possession' with Sophie Marceau, mentioned because she is in this as well. At this point in his life the Polish pianist is living with his mistress in her country retreat. He still loves her, sort of, but his eyes keep ogling her provocative and nubile daughter (Marceau) who is like half 'Lolita', half 'Lady Macbeth', the first step in her evolution from teenage sexpot to mature actress. The movie is a mess and a tad pretentious as they entertain other elites and celebrate with their riches in the 1840's. But I suppose these people were pretty close to how they are portrayed here. LBX and with English subtitles.

B757 Borsalino and Co. (74) aka: Blood on the Streets French gangsters in the South of France in the 1930's. Sequel to 'Borsalino' from 1970. Opens with the funeral of Jean-Paul Belmondo's character from the first film, leaving Alain Delon to hold the fort almost single-handed as he swears revenge and finds himself on the losing side of a gang war with a bunch of Italian fascists looking to destabilize the country through crime and drugs. Hmmm. As the mayhem unfolds the shootouts ramp up and only one group will come out on top.... Revenge is sweet and the 1930's sets and decor is quite convincing along with the Sicilian landscapes. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G702 Countdown to Doomsday (66) aka: Fünf vor 12 in Caracas aka: Inferno a Caracas A private eye is hired by a rich man to locate his kidnapped daughter (we see her abduction pre-sequence) who was a reporter, exposing a drug smuggling ring in Caracas. He teams up with a British agent and his sexy partner and together they go after the bad guys as they encounter many obstacles. Once again, interesting locations and plenty of action! Horst Frank, Christa Linder, George Ardisson, Luciana Angiolillo and more. Nice Widescreen English dubbed. BA

G603 Dead Silence (97) aka: Silêncio de Morte Watch what happens when three escaped convicts take a group of deaf students hostage and use them as a captives (holed up in an old slaughter house) to keep the authorities at bay. Kim Coates ('Tig' from 'Sons of Anarchy) is appropriately menacing as one of the villains. James Garner is great as F.B.I. agent John Potter. High tension well played. Also with Charles Martin Smith, deaf actress Marlee Matlin (Of course! Who you gonna' call? Or... hand signal?), Lolita Davidovich and many more. LBX BA

G652 Deadly Passion (85) Twists and turns galore in this 'Body Heat' inspired thriller with Brent Huff in one of his first films. He plays private eye Sam Black, who investigates a gorgeous, yet murderous heiress (Ingrid Boulting), who uses her body to manipulate men! You'll be guessing where this one is heading as Sam closes in on her true motivations. Also starring the son of James Coburn, James H. Coburn IV.

B732 Desert Commandos (67) aka: Attentato ai tre grandi aka: Les Chiens Verts du DesertFrom director Umberto Lenzi! German Commandos are dropped behind enemy lines in the Sahara desert tasked with getting to Casablanca in an assassination attempt on allied leaders. The target is Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin. No particular order. No pressure. Great action, some awkward dialogue, and how many films have you seen where the Germans are supposed to be the good guys? Umberto Lenzi's first directed war film. LBX BA

B737 Dictator's Guns, The (65) aka: L'arme à gaucheTough man Jacques (Lino Ventura) gets mixed up with pirate gunrunners (led by Leo Gordon as' Morrison') and his henchmen, in the Caribbean, along with a sexy heiress named Rae (Sylva Koscina), whose yacht has been stolen by the bad guys, and Mae's ex-husband is in the mix as well. Most of the film is set either on the yacht, or the island. Exciting and well photographed, one of a kind picture. Lino gets his hands dirty here. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

B739 Endless Night, The (63) aka: Die endlose NachtA deep fog strands a group of travelers at an airport (the famous Templhof airport in Germany). Shot in beautiful Ultravision- Cinemascope, with a jazz score. You see the individual stories of many of the passengers, all with various circumstances. You can breath the mood of 1960's Berlin. In German language and with English subtitles. LBX

B805 Execution Squad (72) aka: La polizia ringrazia A secret organization of former police officers go beyond the law with vigilante tactics, to kill accused criminals without trial. A bit like Clint Eastwood's 'Magnum Force'. Brutal and violent, with the Stelvio Cipriani score striking lethal grim chords matching the dark cold-blooded tone of the film. Filmed in Rome. With Enrico Maria Salerno, Mariangela Melato, Franco Fabrizi, Cyril Cusack, Laura Belli and more. LBX and English dubbed. BA

G763 Eye of the Spider (71) aka: L'occhio del ragno Antonio Sabato plays Paul, a criminal who has spent time in prison in Austria, after being abandoned by his friends following a heist gone wrong. He escapes with the help of Professor Kruger (Van Johnson) who wants him to carry out another robbery with Kruger's girlfriend Gloria (Lucretia Love)... Paul is to blackmail his former associates... But he is more interested in revenge than money, primarily for his former boss (Klaus Kinski). Uncut but in Italian language only with no subtitles. BA

G756 Fantomas (64) aka: Fantômas Jean Marais plays a journalist who is trying to sell copy on 'Fantomas' who he also plays. Fantomas is clever, dons a face mask to throw the police (especially Commissaire Juve played by Louis de Funes) off his trail. He also falls in with a photographer (Mylene Demongeot). There are three elaborate chase sequence in this one, all well crafted with plenty of stunt work. Cars, train, helicopter, boats... the ending is set up for the sequel. Comedy spy action adventure. Nice upgrade and with English subtitles. BA

G757 Fantomas Strikes Back (65) aka: Fantômas se déchaîne aka: Fantomas Unleashed All three main actors return for this sequel to the very popular 'Fantomas' series, the French spoof of James Bond films. When a famous professor disappears, the Commissaire suspects Fantomas is behind the kidnapping. A flying car is just one of the surprises here. Fantomas changes his face with different masks. You will see bits that many other spy comedy films, and even action films were inspired by later on. With English subtitles. BA

G758 Fantomas vs. Scotland Yard (67) aka: Fantômas contre Scotland Yard All three main actors return for this sequel to the very popular 'Fantomas Strikes Back'. Fantomas is on a shake-down mission to rob the rich, set around a Scottish castle. There arrives our Commissaire to thwart the coin confiscation by Fantomas. But there are castle ghosts afoot, or are there? A gothic spy film spoof. The last in the series. Great for a triple feature. With English subtitles. BA

G754 Final Heist, The (91) aka: L'étrange rançon Jan Michael Vincent stars as art thief David King who is planning to retire with his five year old daughter. But when she is kidnapped, the ransom is a Van Gogh he must steal, and he has 48 hours to do it. You would think Jan Michael Vincent, who was in a sad downfall with his career, would be terrible. But he seems youthful and energetic here. Gabrielle Lazure also stars.

G743 Fires on the Plain (59) aka: Nobi aka: Fuochi nella pianura Acclaimed by many as the greatest war film ever made. WW2 is all but over. An abandoned Japanese Army in Leyte are left to starve. A harrowing masterpiece on the sheer madness and despair of war. No flag waving patriotism or saccharine sentimentality here. This is as dark and bleak as any aftermath of war film could be, especially for 1959! Stark and brooding suffering and hopelessness. Be prepared for doom. This one delivers on the most 'horrific side of war' film made anywhere at the time. Enjoy! LBX and with English subtitles.

G719 Formula C-12 Beirut (66) aka: Agent 505: Death Trap Beirut aka: Agent 505 - Todesfalle Beirut Frederick Stafford plays suave secret agent Richard Blake, who is on the trail of 'The Sheikh', a madman who is threatening to wipe out all of Beirut. Bikini Babes, Bullets and Gadgets, on location in a mod Beirut, at the time an 'international' city, and a popular spot for film production. Available in a shoddy print previously here now Widescreen and English dubbed. Upgrade!

G703 Free Hand for a Tough Cop (76) aka: Il trucido e lo sbirro aka: La trappola scatta a Beirut Umberto Lenzi's fourth collaboration with Tomas Milian. A cop teams up with a drug dealer (Tomas Milian) and three other criminals, to rescue a young girl from a vile villain (Henry Silva) and his gang of miscreants. Random killings, quotable dialogue, a great musical score, shootouts, car chases and more. One of the lesser known Lenzi crime films. Here in a nice Widescreen English dubbed version. BA

B797 From Corleone to Brooklyn (79) aka: Da Corleone a Brooklyn An Italian mobster tries to hightail it to Brooklyn with a cop (Maurizio Merli as Berni, the usual pissed off cop) to testify against a mob boss after his chief rival is gunned down in the small Sicilian town of Corleone. The mafia sets traps along the way in an effort to stop them. Action-filled and fast paced. The last action film directed by Umberto Lenzi. LBX and English dubbed. Upgrade! BA

B742 Guest is Coming, A (47) aka: Det kom en gäst... When an owner of an old mansion is just about to sell his property, he is found murdered. A classic detective story set in a mansion. A cry in the night, a noble family with skeletons in the closet, and an assassin creeping in the shadows. Nice Swedish made whodunnit suspenser. With English subtitles.

B728 Hell in Normandy (68) aka: Testa di sbarco per otto implacabili aka: Tête de pont pour huit implacables This movie is set in WW2 just days before the D-Day Invasion. A special parachute unit of American Commandos is sent in to destroy a German flame thrower installation on Omaha Beach. Authentic looking and well made Spaghetti War, packing frantic thrills, perilous adventures, relentless feats, and loads of explosive action and violence. With Guy Madison, Peter Lee Lawrence and Erika Blanc. From director Alfonso Brescia. BA

G720 Kidnap Syndicate, The (75) aka: La città sconvolta: caccia spietata ai rapitori aka: Dirty Deal Based on actual events. Two boys, one from a rich family, one from a poor family, are kidnapped and held for ransom. The rich father of the rich son wants to negotiate. The kidnappers kill the poor father's (a mechanic played by Luc Merenda) son to show they mean business. The mechanic is majorly pissed, and sets out on his motorcycle to take revenge to the perpetrators as an avenger/vigilante man. Plenty of chases and violent action in this classic Italian crime film that hits the ground running and never lets up. In Italian language and with English subtitles. Widescreen BA

B799 Last Samurai, The (74) aka: Okami yo rakujitsu o kire aka: Les derniers Samourais A Ronin returns to his home town of Edo many years after his attempted suicide as a sickly child. Rescued and adopted by a master swordsman, he now is also a master. This film tells the story of the modernization of Japan in the years 1863 to 1877. Here is a time when the final nails were being pounded into the coffin of the feudal system that had nurtured and sustained the samurai. A series of important events and battles occur here in the complex plot. This runs just over 2 and a half hours. LBX and with English subtitles.

B755 Le Berceau De Cristal (76) A Feel Bad Classic? A Morbid Masterpiece? You decide. An androgynous poet/dreamer (played by Nico (Velvet Underground singer and Eurotrash icon)) sits, writes and meditates on the aching void that is her miserable existence... Weird semi-mythical beings haunt her dreams, one being Dominique Sanda as a fleshy Earth Goddess. Anita Pallenberg as an impishly grinning, emaciated drug diva, even shooting up on camera. You know, basically just playing herself. Ugh. An icon of 'heroin chic', a despicable position made hip by rich pretentious drug addicts. None of these figures speak, beyond the poet's voice is only silence and a haunting music score, The ending is quite excellent, and if you make it to the end, you will be relieved and uplifted to see what happens. I guaranfuckingtee it! Although I cannot guarantee you will like the film. This was never released. Quality not perfect, and there is a time code on the bottom of the screen.

G706 Mark Shoots First (75) aka: Mark il poliziotto spara per primo Stelvio Massi directs this Italian crime film.. (Part of a trilogy that also includes: ‘Blood Sweat and Fear’ 1975 and “Mark Strikes Again” 1976 (also available)) .... Widescreen and English language dubbed. With Lee J. Cobb. BA

B729 Mutiny (52) aka: Meuterei auf dem Piratenschiff Details the confrontation between U.S. and British ships during the war of 1812. Angela Lansbury plays a villainess of the high seas, and once she shows up, the film really takes off. She plays a real tramp, a money hungry social climber. Plenty of action, fake ship battles, and also includes a primitive early submarine! Also with Mark Stevens, Patric Knowles and more. BA

G761 New Godfathers, The (79) aka: I contrabbandieri di Santa Lucia The world is in turmoil. The American Mafia leaders team up to bring large quantities of cheap heroin into America. But a customs official in Italy is in charge of stopping the drugs before they leave his country. .Three stars share the screen here: Gianni Garko is the Police Captain that teams up with the customs guy (Mario Merola), and the big Don (Antonio Sabato). Picture not as sharp as usual but still pretty good. LBX and English language dubbed. This is one of those movies with a long prologue where the opening titles don't start until around the 12 minute mark. BA

B770 Only the Cool (70) aka: La peau de torpedo A network of spies engage in the deadliest game ever devised by man! This is one of the premier ambience spy films appearing at the end of the sixties with a serious, less campy tone than the usual. Dealing on both sides of the espionage fence with emotional repercussions and death seen as honor, even if suicide pills are used (and they are). Klaus Kinski, Lilli Palmer, Stephane Audran and Michael Constantin star. With English subtitles. Upgrade! BA

G750 008 Operation Exterminate (65) aka: A 008 operazione sterminio Umberto Lenzi directs this spy flick, a team effort from Italy and Egypt. The British Secret Service sends an agent (Alberto Lupo) to collaborate with a colleague in searching for a stolen anti-radar device. When he arrives he learns Agent 008 is a female (Ingrid Schoeller), a sort of female James Bond. Together from Egypt to Switzerland they track the device and begin to fall for each other. Includes a nice walk through parts of the Cairo museum with many cool artifacts, monumental statues and such on display. This is dubbed into English language although there are a few scenes where some Italian language is spoken with no subtitles. Widescreen. BA

B735 Pacific Inferno (79) aka: Inferno i stillehavet Two U.S. Navy deep sea divers, captured by the Japanese, are forced to search for silver coins hidden beneath the ocean off the Filipino coast. Incredibly entertaining, politically incorrect madness. It is a fact in history that in 1942 General MacArthur ordered General Wainwright to dump 16,000,000 in silver pesos into Manila Bay to prevent their capture and use by the invading Japanese Army. Jim Brown, Richard Jaeckel, Rik Van Nutter and more star. BA

G734 Panic in Bangkok (64) aka: Shadow of Evil aka: Banco à Bangkok pour OSS 117 A lethal strain of virus has been developed by a mad scientist after his experiments with rats, a virus he intends on setting loose in Bangkok. Enter Agent OSS 117 (played by Kerwin Matthews) who is out to stop him. Excellent Widescreen photography and locations, plenty of action. This is an Upgrade from previous prints! BA

G785 Racquet (79) A former tennis champ (Bert Convy) scores handily with the hot chicks, and plays tennis with the rich and famous, while trying to raise the funds for his own tennis court. Yea, a movie about tennis! Can you believe it. Thing is, the film is easy to watch and hard to forget. With Tanya Roberts, Lynda Day George and Susan Tyrrell you can see why. Also with Bobby Riggs who was probably most famous for being beat by Billie Jean King after he taunted and teased her. Hah! Bjorn Borg (another famous tennis guy) also stars. With flicks like 'Shampoo' and 'Lifeguard' bringing in the bucks, this was another attempt at taking something pretty boring, and sexing it up. BA

B768 Rats, The (55) aka: Die Ratten In the early 50's, Pauline (Maria Schell) comes to Berlin. Penniless and pregnant, she meets a female laundry owner named Anna John, that yearns for a child but is unable to have one. Pauline gives Anna John her baby. Later Pauline, leaving West Germany wants to say goodbye. Anna John refuses to let her see the kid. Pauline, stressed out, kidnaps the kid. But she kidnaps the wrong kid. A terminally ill child of the neighbor woman. Meanwhile Anna John wants Pauline killed... A grueling grim and dark murky atmosphere throughout. From director Robert Siodmak. With English subtitles. BA

B787 Seduction, The (73) aka: La seduzione aka: Verführung einer Sizilianerin Giuseppe (Maurice Ronet) returns to his lover Caterina (Lisa Gastoni). Soon he is seduced by her horny daughter Graziella (Jenny Tamburi, what can you do?). Caterina suspects. Tamburi (playing a horny 15 year old) is very well cast as the Gloria Guida type of sex kitten Lolita and she really sizzles and scorches on screen. Gastoni is excellent, and we feel sorry for the weak Ronet character, a man that cannot keep it in his pants, especially as he also sleeps with Rosina (Barbara Marzano). Weak, and exhausted, can he be stopped?! Tamburi also provides some sensual lesbian cuddling with her hot friend Rosina. With a delicious twist ending. Uh Oh. LBX and with English subtitles. + a documentary about the film!

B788 Ship of the Dead (59) aka: Das Totenschiff Excellent German film about a fugitive sailor's time on a tramp steamer, loaded with tough talkin' rough guys. We get grubby grungy detail, a catastrophe and more. Dread inducing fun. Uncompromising and unsentimental. The mood vividly and uninhibitedly depicts the disillusionment and despair on a voyage of no return. A man is thrown overboard and left drowning, paddling and screaming as he disappears into the ocean. Cool. With Horst Buchholz and Mario Adorf and a gorgeous Elke Sommer at aged 19. With English subtitles.

G696 Special Cop in Action (76) aka: Italia a mano armata Action packed and very brutal Italian made crime film! Maurizio Merli reprises his incendiary role as the maverick, all fists and guns blazing, skin-tight shirt wearin' Police Commisario Betti for yet another gonzoid installment of rabidly hard-boiled Italian Crime entertainment. Foolhardy badly dressed thugs attempt to kidnap a group of schoolchildren on his watch. He of course, with a zero tolerance policy will deliver justice. He will eventually have to throw down with arch nemesis Albertelli (John Saxon). This is quite simply an excellent ultra-violent film. Widescreen and English dubbed. BA

G606 Steel Lady, The (53) aka: Das Geheimnis der eisernen Jungfrau aka: Treasure of Kalifa After they survive an air crash in the Sahara desert, four oilmen find and repair an abandoned WW2 German tank and head for a French Foreign Legion outpost. The whiskey guzzling villain of the group locates some hidden treasure in the tank. They find themselves at odds with hostile Arabs who are after the treasure. An excellent desert adventure film with a decent cast. Tab Hunter, Rod Cameron, John Dehner and more. Interesting fact: The tank of the story 'The Steel Lady' is actually an American M-24 Chafee light tank dressed up to resemble a German tank. BA

G784 Tales of Paris (62) aka: Les Parisiennes aka: Beds and Broads Four tales of four young women in 1960’s Paris... Catherine Denevue stars - With English subtitles. BA

B751 Violent Province (78) aka: Provincia violent Franco Sereni, a captain of carabiniers, is dismissed from service for being the proponent of “the law of the gun”. He is asked to hold a private investigation of several cases of blackmailing wealthy women. Soon Sereni finds out that there is much more then just.... Written and directed by Mario Bianchi. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

G760 Voyna (02) aka: War During the Bloody war of Chechnya, a British couple and two Russian soldiers are taken hostage by Chechen rebels. They release the men and hold the woman as they wait for ransom. Much different than the American type of war film this Russian made is loaded with an industrial strength dose of Russian cynicism with no PC BS. For once it has realistic portrayal of a peace loving religion. With 'peace-loving' Islamic terrorists beheading civilians for internet decapitation videos and leaving their victims in a relatively peaceful (dead!) state. When not welshing on deals, or slaughtering the infidel, they're settling scores with each other in tribal blood-feuds. You know, all in the name of 'peace'. Perhaps the movie will shed light on things for some. Excellent film. LBX and with English subtitles. BA




B776 Blind Justice (61) aka: Unter Ausschluß der Öffentlichkeitaka: The Whole Truth German mystery/thriller, sort of like an Edgar Wallace tale. A prosecutor (Peter van Eyck) sees his case against a wife-poisoner fall apart when a surprise witness, Laura Beaumont, provides a tight alibi for the accused. The prosecutor suspects this case goes further than domestic murder, and behind Laura Beaumont there are powerful and dangerous forces who do not take kindly to meddlers...... With Marianne Koch and Eva Bartok. LBX and dubbed into English language.

G745 How Awful About Allan (70) A man suffering from hysterical blindness due to guilt (Anthony Perkins doing Norman Bates again somewhat) goes home to his shadowy, Victorian house to hang with his spinster sister, also guilt-ridden, both blaming themselves and each other. Their father died in the fire, she was burned. This is the tragedy. Norman... I mean .. Allen starts to have a mental breakdown. Is it due to hauntings.... An effective psychological thriller. With Joan Hackett, Julie Harris and more. Super sharp Upgrade of this MFTV classic. Not to be missed if you are a fan of the 'Psycho' films.

B804 Lady in White (62) A ghost known as Vita Frun (aka: White Lady) is thought to be the one doing the recent killings at a large country manor that is located around a swampy area. Lights and Shadows, weird camera angles and eerie locations with some good scares. Is there really a ghost? Pretty cool Swedish spooky thriller that will keep you guessing. With English subtitles.

G749 Portrait in Terror (65) William Campbell stars as jealous, drunken artist Tony, whose girl, Vera (Anna Pavane) has just become engaged to someone else... Tony hires thief/hit-man Mauricio (Patrick Magee) to steal a valuable family heirloom painting but first bump off its rightful owner, Tony's elderly invalid uncle Hugo. Of course things go wrong from there... This is the original version of the film that was later cut and then added with new footage that had nothing to do with this version and re-titled either 'Track of the Vampire' or 'Blood Bath' (take your pick). This version tells a decidedly different tale and does indeed have the 'Portrait of Terror' title in the beginning of the film.

G716 Red Alert (77) aka: Red Alert - Allarme rosso An explosion at a nuclear power plant causes a lockdown of the facility, with the crew trapped inside. Is there a radiation leak about to kill them all? With William Devane and Ralph Waite. In sturdy supporting roles: Jim Siedow (the father cook from 'Texas Chainsaw' in one of a handful of films he was in) as the madman that has caused this disaster, Adrienne (My Pillows) Barbeau and her “twins”, an excitable M. Emmet Walsh and more. BA




B762 Iron Fist: The Giants are Coming, The (73) aka: Demir Yumruk: Devler geliyor The first half looks like a crime film, with a claw-handed guy, an ambiguously gendered mastermind in a wheelchair, and a bald and scarred villain. But then some superheroes show up with some very familiar logos on their chests, plus a grenade-tossing sidekick. Grave-robbing, fisticuffs, a boat chase and more! Loads of weird henchmen in this one. One guy gets staked, and there is some more brutal violence... With English subtitles.



G688 Last Kamikaze, The (84) aka: El último kamikazeStory about drug smuggling and rival gangs set in Cairo, New York and Rome. Two rival gangs on the orders of a mysterious chief "number one", decide to destroy their gangs by setting their chiefs against each other in a fight to the death.... Women get manhandled, bodies get blown apart, and Naschy opens up a can of 'whup-ass'!! Great looking uncut subtitled print of this obscure Naschy film!



B747 Tempter, The (73) aka: The Devil is a Woman aka: Il sorriso del grande tentatore As the Mother Superior of a Convent, Sister Geraldine (Glenda Jackson) wields power in it's most vicious and devastating ways, destroying the people in her care, and ultimately, herself.... She runs an unheard of strange hybrid: part tourist hotel, part mental asylum, in Rome. She's kind of like a spiritual 'Nurse Ratchet'. Among those in her care is a nymphomaniac (Lisa Harrow) and a man who has fallen in love with his sister. A fascinating psychological exploration into guilt and shame through the psycho-sexual dark side of Catholicism. A different 'twisted' good and evil film. Slightly LBX



G676 Bloody Streets 3 (90) aka: Siete en la Mira 3 aka: Calles sangrientas Gangs of sadistic bikers terrorize students at a high school where a badass principle is planning to make a stand against them! Very bloody and violent with a gang rape, people set on fire, people stabbed to death and more. The Bikers versus the Punks for territory, honor and glory! Spikes, hammers, knives.... From the same director that delivered 'The Infernal Rapist', 'La Venganza de los Punks' and may more. In Spanish language and with no subtitles.

G677 El Ninja Mexicano (91) Ninjas steal a chemical formula to make a new drug to make some huge cash on the streets... There is only one man who can stop them.... The Mexican Ninja! This of course is Mexico's answer to the 'American Ninja' films. Can he prevail and end the drug trade in Mexico? Heh heh. I think not. Still lots of fun and also with English subtitles!

G684 Los Sanguinarios (88) Brutal Mexican bikers raping and pillaging, attacking a vacationing family, beating shooting and killing... until the family wises up and grows some cajones. Will anyone make it out of this alive? Cold and mean spirited with sweet neat and tidy violent retribution. No subs in Spanish language only.

G705 New Invisible Man, The (58) aka: El hombre que logró ser invisible A scientist has developed an invisibility serum. When a man is sentenced for a murder he did not commit, his brother, the scientist, smuggles the serum into the prison, so his brother simply vanishes, and walks out! Our invisible man then proceeds to make fools out of the police, and prove his innocence. But with this gift of invisibility comes the curse of madness (ala Claude Rains) and terrorizing the city sounds like a pretty cool idea.... Some good special effects. Dubbed into English! BA

G683 Panic (66) A Mexican Horror Anthology with English subtitles! The first part has a night-gown clad young woman fleeing through the forest with a witch in hot pursuit brandishing a sharp knife, after being gang raped by 4 men. Or is this a nightmare? The second part has two guys fleeing a plague of some sort. They have just buried a young woman and are now paddling down a river in a canoe. But they quarrel and fight.....one of them dies, the other guy then buries him...but is he dead? Last, a scientist and a cat ingest some type of chemical that makes him seem dead... This one seems steeped in Poe territory. Cool and atmospheric horror. All that is missing is the Crypt keeper (or a horror host of some sort).... Cool Mexican Horror with English subtitles.



B778 Clint the Nevada Loner (67) aka: Clint the Stranger aka: Clint el solitario Former gunfighter Clint (George Martin) returns to his wife (Marianne Koch) and son's farm with the promise of putting down his gun for good. But going along with her wishes, he loses the respect of his son, especially when he backs down in shame to the local nasty cattle baron and his henchmen. But he soon finds himself in a range war, and yes, he picks up that gun again when the bad guys start killing innocent farmers. Some violent showdowns ensue. A little like 'Shane' at one point. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G738 Legacy of the Incas (65) aka: Das Vermächtnis des Inka In Peru, the land of the Incas, the Indian pin their hopes on Jaucarapora. They want him as their king who could drive back the white conquistador. A stranger appears in Lima who risks his life to rescue the president from a charging wildcat. This Jaguar is accused of the two Incas' murder. The president gives him four weeks to prove his innocence... Guy Madison, Fernando Rey, Rik Battaglia and more. Sweeping colorful landscapes and plenty of action. Amazing Widescreen English dubbed version.

G634 Mystery Ranch (32) aka: La fattoria del mistero An undercover ranger investigates a deranged rancher who is holding a woman captive until she agrees to marry him. With Noble Johnson as henchman 'Mudo' and George O’brien.... BA

B786 Return of Clint the Nevada Loner (72) aka: Il ritorno di Clint il solitario George Martin returns as Clint. We find that in the previous film, he had escaped from prison. Now a headhunter named Scott has tracked him down (Klaus Kinski). Looks like he has a different wife (Marina Malfatti, not bad!) and kid, and the 'Shane' kind of stuff again, sort of adds texture with the Ennio Moriconne score. Clint keeps his guns away, to fool Scott, but the usual protocol of evocations restarts his mojo for some violent showdown action. Namely, bad guys wanting to take what does not belong to them, through blackmail and murder. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

G635 Six Black Horses (62) aka: Six chevaux dans la plaine A beautiful woman with ulterior motives hires two gunslingers to escort her through Indian territory to meet up with her husband. Recycled plot contains the obligatory Indian attacks and other obstacles. Audie Murphy. Dan Duryea, Joan O'Brien and more star. BA



B771 Weak and the Wicked, The (54) aka: Young and Willing A frank W.I.P. film that sympathetically tracks several women in prison before and after. Glynis Johns is framed and submits meekly to prison life. Interestingly when some of the inmates are introduced we get a background flashback of the facts that put them there. Diana Dors is one of the girls. Ups and downs, sentimental and heavy-handed at times. Sorry, no nudity. One of the first movies directed by the great J. Lee Thompson. LBX BA





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G653 Anal Hidden Camera (0?) No the camera is not like THERE, but rather these are scenes where we are guessing the participants are unaware their amorous escapades are being filmed for everybody's viewing pleasure and amusement later. On the steps, kitchen counter, wherever the feeling strikes them. Please wipe down the kitchen counter with some Lysol wipes when you are through... Please!!

G772 Back Door Brides (86) Is it to be saved for marriage? Brittany Stryker, Bunnie Blake and more star in this nuptials, wedding dresses and sex film. + Spirit of Seventy Sex (76) You know, the pornos needed their spin on the popular musical '1776' from 1972. So they got some costumes and made a sex film! Annette Haven, John Holmes, Abigail Clayton and more sign up for the balling of the cockstitution. The sins of our founding fathers sexual history. Well, if Martha Washington looked like Annette Haven, old George would never have left the bedroom and America would have been in trouble! And this was how far we had come in 200 years. DVD-R only and no VHS.

G732 Bed Shakin' Bitches (various) Extremely excited women, all super beautiful, all willing, give their lovers workouts, and their box springs take a beating as well. Most scenes are in beds and this super sextravaganza runs about 4 hours with scene after scene.....most from other movies and modern. Lots of recognizable faces here. DVD-R only no VHS.

G711 Black Love (various) A series of scenes that runs almost four hours of beautiful and horny young women getting nailed by black men. No build up either, each scene begins during the act. Full on action, a good time is had by all.. DVD-R only no VHS.

G733 Caught in the Middle (86) Because young Chip's (Peter North) parents are going away for the weekend, they ask Cindy (Kari Foxx) to house-sit. Chip invites over his friends, she hers. Let the 80's hardcore action begin! Tami Lee Curtis, Gail Force, Tiffany Blake, Tracey Adams... Hot Stuff!! + Some Kind of Woman (85) Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, Heather Wayne, Colleen Brennan and more star. It's another all out ball-fest making this another classic double-feature! DVD-R only no VHS.

G762 Cowgirl Butt Pie Spectacular #3 (various) More scenes, this time some lengthy scenes for about an hour, followed by more scenes, mostly blondes, mostly with no money shot, just close-up cowgirl stuff mostly. The series continues!

G660 Crank Your Blank in my Blank! (various) Two hours of Anal Sex with Super Hot and Filthy Chicks Who Crave this Activity!

G751 Diamond in the Rough (89) Debbie Diamond gets down and she has plenty of company in this sex-fest with Nina Hartley, Raven Richards, Jerry Butler and more. + Playthings (79) A 'Mork and Mindy'' XXX porn spoof! Dork is sent to Earth where he quickly realizes sex is the main attraction here. Lysa Thatcher, Sharon Kane and more star. Some funny sci-fi effects as well. + Dirty Tricks (89) Janette Littledove, full blooded Cherokee Indian, stars in this sex film, and she really turns up the heat here along with Lauren Brice and Purple Passion. One amazing triple feature of fun that runs just over three and a half hours and is available on DVD-R only no VHS.

G667 Double Penetrations: Hot Holes (various) + More Double Penetrations (various) Almost 3 hours of women that need more. One man is not enough, it's just how these ladies roll. DVD-R only no VHS.

G770 Eat at the Blue Fox (83) Rick (Ron Jeremy) runs a nightclub south of the border called the Blue Fox. The strippers gyrate naked and men approach and bury their faces in... well, see title! A sheriff wants a bigger piece of the action than he is getting. Doesn't interfere with the numerous sex scenes on display here. Desiree Costeau, Kimberly Carson, Pamela Mann, Kitten Natividad and more star.. + Naughty Nurses (86) This is not so much a hospital film, I am guessing the women are all just nurses in their spare time.. When they are not busy servicing many lucky males! Bunny Bleu, Beverly Bliss, Stacey Donovan and more star + some extra scenes! DVD-R only and no VHS

G729 EuroBoobs (0?) Chunky Large Breasted Eurobabes, extremely horny, overweight (not grossly, just moderately) enthusiastically service hung men in about two hours with various scenes.

G657 Final Anal Tease (92) Shawnee Cates was born in Seoul Korea in 1970 and retired in 1993 and stars in this with some other lovelies getting nailed. And why not?

G753 Ginger Does 'Em All (88) A married couple (Tom Byron and Nina Hartley) have secrets, one being they share the same lover named Ginger (Alicia Monet) Set in the world of gamblers, bookies, and mobsters. Hot ending. Then a short black and white silent sex film from ages ago called 'Smart Aleck Part 1', followed by Tunnel of Love (86) Tish Ambrose, Candie Evans and Krista Lane star in this balls to the wall smut fest. + A very long preview of 'The Oddest Couple' from 1986 with Danielle! Over an hour on that. (Over 4 Hours total.) All on one DVD-R no VHS.

G681 High Priestess of Sexual Witchcraft (73) When a young runaway escapes from a group of abusive men, she finds sanctuary with a group of devil-worshipping lesbians. With Judith Hamilton and Georgina Spelvin (who shared a New York City apartment together at the time), Marc Stevens as a Satanic Priest and more. Captures the era and the devil scene, which was quite popular at the time in movies and pop culture. Marc Stevens was another endowed sex star (he was called 10 1/2) who went on to drug addiction, and sexual recklessness, becoming a dealer and a pimp in the 80's before dying alone and forgotten in 1989 of AIDS. He was 46. Not a very erotic selling point I know.

G663 Hollywood Boulevard (95) Hot sex with Rachel Love and Kaitlyn Ashley amongst others in this scorcher. + Honey Throat (80) This is the story of Honey (Arcadia Lake) who obsesses over Jonathan (Eric Edwards) who works at a beauty salon along with Freddy (John Holmes). This film has a song at the end as the credits role and if you recognize it, it was played at the prom in the 1976 movie 'Carrie'... Arcadia Lake was married to Eric Edwards for a time but she died from a drug overdose in 1991 at age 33. The last film she had a part in was the 1984 slasher 'The Prey'. All on one DVD-R no VHS.

G728 House Pet (92) Lynn LeMay is striking the opening scene, as a maid woman arriving in a hotel room to service two men. The rest of the film of course more sexual hijinks with Terry Diver, Lele Adams and Stacey Nichols. + Native American Love Techniques (9?) Hyapatia Lee, Devon Shire and Shawnee star. I can't find this even existing. Must have been racially insensitive, like “Indians” don't have sex or something. Before the action begins with the sex, the screen has a message that states the following: 'Each of the girls is of Cherokee ancestry with teachings offered to all people'. That's it. Then you get a series of sex scenes. Well... um...okay. They do put some face paint on, and make some strange moves before sex. Thank the Great Spirit of the Cherokee Hyapatia is there to explain it all. Devon Shire dated O.J. Simpson and testified at his trial. DVD-R and no VHS. {Noticed some glitches in the first film}

G666 Merry Widow, A (95) Italian porno epic dubbed into English from Mario Bianchi! A count is set to marry a countess (Rossano Doll) who he recognizes from a relationship he had as a youth, but finds she has another lover. Hot sex costumer in the tradition of Joe D'Amato with plenty of bang for your buck! This one is about 2 and a half hours. DVD-R only no VHS.

G670 More Hot University Co-Eds (various) No plot here. You can always use more of these gals who are trying to make a buck for a quick.... scene...for money I mean. Why not. Smokin' stuff here. DVD-R only no VHS.

G669 More Short Sex Films #3 (various) + First Time Ever (95) First, some of those filthy short sex films we all love and enjoy. Followed by a film that stars Nina Hartley, Rachel Love, Tiffany Mynx and more. This is far from the first time for any of these gals. But who is complaining? Over 6 hours of fun. DVD-R only no VHS.

B825 More Swedish Erotica #13 (various) More of some of the best sex scenes ever made. Line up Blondi, Melanie Moore, Little Orphan Annie and many more with many loads in scenes. Runs around 4 hours and is available on DVD-R only no VHS.

G752 Only the Best (86) Here we have a compilation that boasts to have the best sex scenes in film up to this point. First, Teri Hall from 'Honeypie', then a scene from 'Hot Cookies', + many more + Golden Girls (82) More 80's sex and all of this runs a little over 3 hours. DVD-R only no VHS. {Some glitches}

G649 Outrage #36 (various) Back once again with more from the unending series of sexual insanity. This time we get a creepy masked guy having multiple scenes with various bound and gagged gorgeous women who seem they would rather be anywhere else.... even at knifepoint. In one instance a man is tied to a chair while his wife is bound raped and abused... Over 6 hours of hot chick in peril action. DVD-R only.

G665 Outrage #37 (various) Breaking and Entering multiple role play scenes of forced rape. Cosplay for porn's''? Costumes being just typical everyday rapist wear. College Co-Ed and more. + some foreign picture called 'Apache Vengeance' in foreign language with ethic sex and violence. More abuse later with stewardess cat burglar, shower and more. Over 6 hours. DVD-R only no VHS.

G741 Seasoned Pros Get Down (0?) Familiar faces of beautiful women that are in their 30's, maybe early 40's, in this one, they get lit up good by younger men, much to their pleasure. .

G655 Skin to Skin (94) Sexual shenanigans and back-stabbing on the set of a daytime hospital themed soap opera with Alex Jordan, Nicole London, Kelly O'Dell as Nurse Peaches and more. Nice.

B746 Swedish Confessions (77) aka: Love Merry-Go-Round - Doris (Anne Magie of 'Hot Cookies'), a young sweet blonde finds sexual adventures on her summer vacation. Her sexual target is Romero. He is well built and tanned but the problem is he has as his sex partner the blonde's own mother... who incidentally is also very hot as well. Doris sets her plan in motion to steal Romero away... Much sex is had by all. Swedish Porn with English subtitles.

G780 Tapestry of Passion (76) The Black Widow (Sharon Thorpe) operates an underground S&M club and is suspected of a murder. Johnny Wadd (John Holmes) is sent to investigate. Hot classic XXX chicks in this one include Desiree West, Annette Haven and Lesllie Bovee. One of the old school story XXX films with hot sex scenes.

G656 Toilet Tarts (various) Scene after scene filmed in bathrooms where people have sex. This is nothing gross, just the fact the couples that have sex scenes decide to do the deed in the john is all. The women are all pretty hot, and some you will easily recognize. DVD-R only.

G668 University Co-Ed (various) Cute College Girls Give it Up for lucky men in this collection that plays for almost 3 hours. Delicious Fun in store here. DVD-R only no VHS.

G771 Vas-o-line Alley (85) Kirk Reynolds as Spike Hammer, a P.I. who runs across Sheri St. Claire, Dawn Summers, Taja Voux and more. His first sexual encounter is on a pile of trash in an alley. A handy container of Vaseline is used. Later, his secretary fantasizes and masturbates in the office as she imagines a sex scene.... More... + Debbie Does Dallas Part 4 (88) Hot sex with Dana Lynn, Gail Force, Kim Angeli and more. Wastes no time getting down to business, with some of the hottest blondes around. One in a cheerleader outfit. DVD-R only no VHS.

G682 Why Do They Do It? (71) Now with English subtitles! Rare Danish made sex show Mondo type film that shows actual sex shows live in Denmark. A much larger explanation in the XXX catalog. Finally now we can see what the hell they are saying in this one!