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FL= Film is in Foreign Language

Lbx=  Letterboxed or Widescreen format 

Subs=  Film is subtitled

aka= Also Known As  (alternate titles)



J247          A.P.E.X.  (94) Action-packed terminator rip-off. War has ravaged the earth. Now it is 2073, a cybernetic holocaust.. From another time-line a scientist has arrived to help a resistance group stop the indestructible robots he is responsible for creating. Oh no that doesn't sound familiar, not at all. There is more to it of course. Complicated story also has a plague of sorts, and balls to the wall action shoot-ups galore. It's the past. It's the future. He's from the past, wait, no the future... his wife is from the past. No, that's not right.... Perfect for a Saturday night and a six-pack!  BA

L542          Atolladero (95) Between the major cities in the not-too-distant, the landscape consists of lawless wasteland hellholes. Atollodero is the name of one such area/town ruled by a monstrous 150 year old tyrant named 'The Judge' and his enforcer Madden (Iggy Pop). A local cop, tired of this corrupt situation quits and plans to leave. But nobody leaves Atolladero.... alive. Everyone is wearing cool outfits, no ridiculous fashion statements here! Iggy did the title song, and the rest sounds Ennio Morricone influenced.. Loads of crazy characters and violence in this 'Django meets Mad Max' classic! LBX and with English subtitles. 

T22 Day of Resurrection (80) aka: Virus  aka: Fukkatsu no hi   aka: Overkill - Durch die Hölle zur Ewigkeit  After a virus has decimated the entire planet, survivors in the Antarctic struggle to find a cure before they too expire. This is a matter-of-fact scenario of the end of the world. Not by a nuke, but by virus. What would happen if a man made military virus killed off the world except for the coldest place on the planet? And in the midst of the 'cold war' countries had to unite to find a cure? Wonderfully bleak, very anti-Hollywood.  Uncut international version that runs over 2 and a half hours, with many American actors as well as the Japanese. Chuck Conners, Henry Silva, George Kennedy, Bo Svenson, Olivia Hussey, Edward James Almos, Glenn Ford, Robert Vaughn and more. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

T882 Death Games (02) aka: Chaos   Irish futuristic action as a young biker leaves the crumbling area of rural Ireland to join a strange 'metal circus' that is on tour in what is left of Europe's cities. There he falls for a circus girl, and soon realizes the group he has joined is darker than he imagined.... Backstabbing, futuristic chainsaw battles, crazy motorcycle stunts, punk makeup, a man that goes from being in a wheelchair turned into a robot man, crazed circus scenes and more add to the fun.

L635/9813 Mad Warrior (84) aka: Clash of the Warlords   Filipino 'Mad Max' (well, sort of)!  Rex is forced to fight against friends in 'to-the-death' battles in the 'arena' (a small patch of dirt surrounded by logs) to entertain the people and amuse ugly goon leader Malzon. Rex escapes, his son is killed, and he finds himself in a new land of milk and honey (which in this case is a land of fertility and gunpowder). Rex must return to the arena to avenge his family. Great action and a killer ending! Hilarious fun English dub.  I read somebody called this a 'Thunderdome' rip-off. Impossible because 'Thunderdome' was the following year!  BA

6281 Virus (80) aka: Day of Resurrection - Here is the cut to ribbons shorter version of this film, and it still has an impact. See 'Day of Resurrection' for the longer version.




Z581 Delinquent Girl Boss 3: Ballad of Yokohama Hoods (71) aka: Zubeko banchô: hamagure kazoe uta  Juvenile delinquent Rika is finally out of reform school and finds the father of a girl she has done time with. She finds the man is being harassed and shaken down by brutal Yakuza. At the same time a recently released from prison and now ill Yakuza is trying to make a new life for not only himself, but also for a friend of Rika's who also just graduated from reform school. A fateful car crash brings them on not only a collision course with each other, but also with the Yakuza clan, which will culminate in bloody violence. In Japanese language and with English subtitles.  BA

Z604 Delinquent Girl Boss 2: Tokyo Drifters (70) aka: Zubekô banchô: Tôkyô nagaremono  Rika, fresh out of reform school, joins a gang of street vendors, and soon finds out they are targets of harassments and shakedowns from the local Yakuza. Reiko Oshida was quite something. This a strikingly worthy addition to the Girl Boss series. In Japanese language and with English subtitles.  BA

Z570 Girl Boss: Escape from Reform School (73) aka: Sukeban: Kankain dassô  In the open, Ruriko (Miki Sugimoto), is pursued and then captured by the police, who transfer her to the reform school, to be with all of the other delinquent girls. The warden here is cruel and spiteful. As a matter of fact, they always are. More women team up with Ruriko for her next attempt at escape! Pretty girls and action peril! In Japanese language and with English subtitles.  BA

Z555 Girl Boss Revenge: Sukeban 4 (73) Escaping from a detention transport, a group of action-battle-gang-girls find themselves immersed in an Osaka gangland war. They dub themselves 'The Gypsies', and proceed to kick some major ass. Chains and sleaze, beatings and sexism....another classic here. And, anything with Reiko Ike is always worth your time. In Japanese language and with English subtitles.

Z586 Girl Boss 7: Crazy Ball Game (74) aka: Sukeban: Tamatsuki asobi  Girl Boss and her gang enter into conflict with another gang who are in bed with Yakuza. Girl Boss teams up with a thief and has sex with him, making plans to rob the Yakuza's clandestine diamond transport. But the Yakuza Boss is no fool, he knows who did it, and he has the girls killed one by one. The survivors concoct a spear-gun-toting hang gliding attack on the Yakuza Boss 's headquarters, located on a small island. After the landing there is a massacre.... In Japanese language and with English subtitles.  BA

Z605 Girl Boss: Diamond Showdown (74) aka: Sukeban: Taiman Shobu   Keiko (Reiko Ike) plays a vengeance crazed vixen on the path to violently kill those responsible for her sister's death. Nice girl-gang catfights littered throughout the film like delectable catnip. There's your typical anti-hero with shades and also a particularly slimy villain. In the first section Keiko fights off an entire cellblock. Go Keiko! In Japanese language and with English subtitles. LBX

Z557 Girl's Junior High School 2: Trouble at Graduation (70) aka: Joshi gakuen: Yabai sotsugyô  There seems to be a general dissatisfaction with the conservative leanings being pushed on the Shirobara High School girls by their self-righteous and so strict instructors. So our nubile little wenches decide to initiate their own juvenile interpretation of starter-class sexual innuendos... but the teachers and the principle may be onto their games... and maybe not so unwilling to participate? In Japanese language and with English subtitles.  BA

J193 Hell Riders (84) aka: Die Brut der Gewalt   Terrified Claire (Tina Louise) is a stranded motorist who is harassed by a nasty biker gang in a small hick town. Like an updated 'The Wild One' that old Brando film. Doctor Dave (Adam West) comes to the rescue. Bam! Pow! Murder, a weak-willed sheriff, funny fights, bad dialogue etc. West and Louise slumming it is more entertaining than new Hollywood films.  BA

Z545 Terrifying Girl's School 4: Animal Courage (73) aka: Kyôfu joshi kôkô: Animal dôkyôsei   Institutionalized sexual abuse has taken over the Private Catholic High School in which Aki (Reiko Ike) is a student. She's a tough girl, and she must work with her enemies to go after the cruel rulers of this twisted establishment. Ass-kicking violence! Excellent and the last of the series. LBX and with English subtitles  BA



CLASSICS   {Choose any two CLASSIC titles to create your custom double feature for $14.00 on VHS OR DVD-R! }

Z582 End of the World (31) aka: La fin du monde  A comet is on a collision course with planet Earth. Can we survive extinction? As civilization is on the brink of collapse, the governments of the world resort to increasingly brutal methods to maintain social order. Too late. While some pray, others sate their animal appetites in one final orgy.... What will happen and who will die? This was very ambitious, and very controversial for 1931. In French and with English subtitles, not the butchered under 60 minute version, but the longer 90 minute version.

J89 Ghost Crazy (44) aka: Crazy Knights   Poverty Row Monogram offering teaming Billy Gilbert with Shemp Howard and Lennie-like boxer Maxie Rosenbloom for an outing with ghosts and a gorilla (Shemp!) in a haunted house (or is it?). Watch with any number of similar Bowery Boys comedy spook fests.  BA

Z618 Human Gorilla, The (48) aka: Behind Locked Doors  aka: Il gorilla umano  A private eye (Richard Carlson ) falls for a reporter (Lucille Bremer) who talks him into getting himself committed to an asylum to investigate the 'goings-on' within. There he discovers a web of secrets and lies, enforced by a sadistic attendant, who uses a punch-drunk-brain damaged prize fighter named 'The Champ' (Tor Johnson) to enforce his method of control. Tight and dark, gritty and sinister. Johnson made a career out of these types of roles, an imposing figure needing no acting skills or dialogue.  BA

J143 My World Dies Screaming (58) aka: Terror in the Haunted House  aka: La mansión de los espectros   Gothic Horror Marketed as the first film in 'Psycho-Rama...Using Subliminal Communication!' Subliminal images flash across the screen from time to time in micro-seconds - a skull, a cobra head, a devil face and more! A woman is taken by her husband to the house in Florida. The house of her nightmares. Her recurring dream includes steps leading up to a cobwebbed attic. Surprisingly effective horror from 1958. A real Scream! Trivia: The couple played by Gerald Mohr and Cathy O'Donnell would meet dark fates kind of young. Mohr at age 54 in 1968 from a heart attack. O'Donnell of a cerebral hemorrhage brought on by cancer at age 46 in 1970.  BA  

Z618 Please Murder Me! (56) aka: Mi dovrai uccidere!  A lawyer (Raymond Burr!) who has won the acquittal of a murderess (Angela Lansbury), is prepared to sacrifice himself to see justice done. He got her off, then realized she was guilty, now he is tries to bypass double-jeopardy by catching her in the act of another kill!   BA





J131 Barracuda, Terror of the Seas (84) aka: Barakuda    Rare pirate/Action film (minus any actual barracudas) directed by Augusto Salvador from the Philippines!  Opens with a marauding band of pirates on two long motorized canoes armed to the teeth…  They come upon another boat with what looks like a drowned man… Suddenly he (Barracuda) springs up and blasts them with a machine gun!  “Have a pleasant trip to Hell” he states defiantly.  On shore- Barracuda is immediately attacked by a man wielding a sword... he proves no match for Barracuda!   English dubbed action  

J99 Conqueror of Atlantis, The (65) aka: Il conquistatore di Atlantide  New alternate LBX version of the film! A spectacular science fiction loaded sword and sandal here with blue-suited robot men with no mind of their own, an ancient but beautiful evil queen with a female army of archers, nomads, Arabs, an evil wizard..... Kirk Morris is 'Heracles' you know the deal, he could be Colossus, Maciste, Hercules, or Samson, but here we get this other alternate name, but who cares? The action and outrageousness, the daring of this production, what a blast it must have been to be on set. Also with Luciana Gilli and Helene Chanel. LBX  BA

J97 Dacians, The (66) aka: Dacii  Roman legions invade Darcia in their quest to become 'Masters of the World'. Unlike it's counterparts, this one is (mostly) historically accurate! Best fight scenes, thousands of extras, great performances, sweeping immense Romanian countryside's, striking soundtrack, patriotism etc.  A legion is condemned to decimation and a strange Pagan ritual follows into a wild party and more. Beats 'Cleopatra' easily and superior in every way to that Hollywood turd. This film will exceed your expectations! LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

J174 Falcon's Gold (82) aka: Robbers of the Sacred Mountain  aka: Les aventuriers de la Sierra Leone   The hunt is on for the ancient statue of a fertility goddess. The stones some meteorite fragments, supposedly containing properties to aid in the construction of some type of laser military weapon. A reporter (Simon (Manimal) MacCorkindale) and an archeologist (John Marley) head the expedition, Also along are two sexy females who show some nice naked skin. As far as Indiana Jones types, not bad with the action and adventure. The nudity is a plus! MacCorkindale was married to Susan George from 1984 to 2010 when he died of bowel and lung cancer at age 58.  BA

Z554 Giant of the Evil Island (65) aka: Il mistero dell'isola maledetta   After performing in the non-classic 'Muscle Beach Party', muscle man Peter Lupus of Indianapolis, Indiana, traveled to Italy to star in four sword and sandal films. Using the name 'Rock Stevens' he made the best films of his career. After this film he was a regular on 'Mission Impossible'.  A Spanish sea captain (Rock Stevens) has the unwanted task of cleaning out 'Evil Island', a haven for cutthroats and pirates who pillage and raid the Spanish ships that travel near. His main adversary, and leader of the pirates is named Moloch, and he is one mean slime-ball. Will Rock be able to save the day with all of the sexy female distractions? Nice swashbuckler here. Halina Zalewska here is quite the dish. Sadly she died in a fire, burned alive at age 36 in Italy in 1976. Upgrade!  BA

4786 Mara of the Wilderness (65) aka: L'uomo, la vergine, i lupi   Ken Williams (Adam West) is an anthropologist studying alone in the wilds of Alaska. He stumbles upon Mara (Lori Saunders) a beautiful young woman who has been living amongst the wolves in the region. Enter Jarnagan (Theodore Marcuse) a mean-spirited wolf hunter. Trouble in paradise. Saunders had that special something, and would make a splash as one of the hot bimbos of Petticoat Junction'. This is a worthy addition to the 'jungle girl' genre. Never released on DVD this comes from a rare VHS master signed by West himself! After this he was in one spaghetti before heading to the Bat cave!   BA

T178 Nemo (84) aka: Dream One  A young boy imagines he is in the stories he is hearing. In his imagination he mingles with a white gorilla, Alice from Wonderland washes up on a beach, Zorro appears... aliens land... Captain Nemo.... more. Quite an adventure with a star-studded cast! Jason Connery, Harvey Keitel, Nipsey Russell (can you believe it?), Mathilda May (the next year she was the vampire space girl in 'Lifeforce'), Bond-Girl Carole Bouquet and more.

2325 Phenomenal and the Treasure of Tutankamen (68) aka: Fenomenal e il tesoro di Tutankamen   Our masked superhero is trying to prevent the plunder of an Egyptian tomb, while at the same time searching for an elusive ancient and magical relic. He laughs like 'Diabolik', and the posters make him look like 'Superargo', but in reality... he's neither of these. Thugs, treasures, scantily clad women.... Ruggero Deodato directs (his second film). Mauro Parenti is Fenomenal (!)  Lucretia Love, Gordon Mitchell and John Karlsen also star. Look for Maurizio Merli in a small role as 'Pino' in one of his first films. Merli was a health nut and stayed in shape, appearing in dozens of notable films. Over-exerting himself in a tennis match he dropped and died from a Myocardial Infarction at the age of 49 in 1989.  BA

T386 Reluctant Spy, The (63) aka: L'honorable Stanislas, agent secret  Stanislas (Jean Marais) picks up the wrong coat while on his first date with Ursula (Genevieve Page) and thus begins a sequence of events that leads him into a world of goofy cops, dimwit spies and other odd characters, reluctantly...  A French/Italy made spy comedy dubbed into English. .   BA

6521 Sabaka (54) aka: Elefantdrengen Gunga  A young Indian trainer vows revenge against the cult of 'Sabaka' after they murder his family. Using his elephant and tiger friends, 'Sabu' wannabe Gunga Ram, (along with lots of stock footage) goes after the fire god and his worshippers. June Foray (voice actress who died in 2017 at age 99!) gets a fair amount of screen time as the evil Sabaka Priestess. Busy Boris Karloff is General Pollegar.   BA

J219 Solarnauts, The (67) A pilot for a series that never happened. In outer space at an hilarious looking space station, the Solarnauts are dedicated to keeping the solar system safe from alien threats. Logik is a green-faced alien who will blow up the earth if we do not bow to him.  With Martine Beswick. + Paul Starr (64) Pilot for another failed project that never went on as a series. Space Bureau of Investigations agent Paul Starr (a puppet), attempts to save an atomic power plant on Mars from an attack!

J169 Stone Forest, The (65) aka: Treasure of the Petrified Forest  aka: Il tesoro della foresta pietrificata   aka: La furia de las vikingas  Gordon Mitchell is 'Hungding'... what's that? 'Hunding' sorry. The plot line revolves around the possession of 'the mighty sword of Valhalla' which gives the possessor power over all the Northern countries. It is guarded by burly barbarian types. Hunding wants it. Throw in an eye-rolling soothsayer and a  midget... bad wigs... go for it. Puts you into a a 'world of fantasy' mind set with surreal locations/sets. One of the more obscure sword and sandals out there. English dubbed and full frame with foreign subtitles.  BA

J171 Swords of the Space Ark (81) aka: Message from Outer Space  A warrior here returns to his native planet to find it is now controlled and ruled by a wicked tyrant named Captain Kogar. The laser Blast of Martial Arts and Sci-Fi! Bruce Lee meets Luke Skywalker! At least that is how they marketed this one. For every scene of ineptitude and bad special effects, there is also something to love here. Highly entertaining!

Z576 Terror of the Red Mask (60) aka: Il terrore della maschera rossa  aka: La Rossa Machera del Terrore   A cruel lord terrorizes the local populace, and hires mercenary Marco (Lex Barker) to confront the 'Robin Hood' liberator-type Red Mask. Marco finds his allegiances torn. Let's face it, the Red Mask is right! Costumer with plenty of action and swordplay in a new version, the best we have seen. Lex Barker also gets a bare-backed lashing, apparently ranking 22nd in the book 'Lash! The 100 Great Scenes of Men Being Whipped in the Movies'. Really? Also with Liana Orfei and Chelo Alonso. In German language and with English subtitles. Nice LBX  BA

9816 Thunder of Gigantic Serpent (88) aka: Terror Serpent  A secret formula that causes plants and animals to expand in size a thousand times is stolen. A shoot-out and a chase leads to the formula falling into the hands of a little girl, and she gives it to her pet snake. Now a giant monster, with an intense loyalty to the little girl, our creature goes bonkers when the bad guys go after her. 4-letter words and gore add to the fun. An amazing giant monster movie from Hong Kong with entertaining special effects and English language dubbed. .  BA

4894 Thunderkick (73) aka: Survival of the Dragon  aka: Yi wang da shu   Feel the Power! One man takes on a dangerous cartel ran by three brutal brothers who mercilessly murdered his brother and beat his mother to an inch of her life. Action-packed fun with  plenty of violence and suspense. Also with Bolo Yeung. The final fight sequence is amazing!

J170 Treasure of the Moon Goddess (87) aka: Le trésor de la déesse lune   Bottom of the barrel Indiana Jones type rip-off that manages to entertain despite the ultra-cheap production, Make that 'in the right place at the right time' kind of fun, and Linnea Quigley does have a certain flair for camp, evident here in her (mostly) clothed performance. She plays a rock-singer on tour in the South American jungle that is mistaken by an obscure tribe as their 'Moon Goddess'. There is treasure involved here somewhere, so why not go with it? Partially filmed in Mexico. Also with Don Calfa (Ernie the Mortician in 'Return of the Living Dead'). Trivia: Don Calfa was sharing an apartment with Richard Lynch in 1967 at the time of Lynch's LSD-fueled accident.  BA

N99 Tromba (49) aka: Tromba the Tiger Man   Featuring 'Bomba' the Tiger and the famous animals of the 'Krone Circus'. Tiger Tamer/womanizer Tromba (German star Rene Deltgen) rejoins the circus after being gone for quite some time after a trapeze act accident. There he rekindles his romance with the stunning Ola (Angelika Hauff). Tromba's triple tiger taming act still thrills today. Those tigers want to eat him so bad, but he hypnotizes them somehow. Hungry giant kittens. Meanwhile a young female trains for a new trapeze act. Tromba may just be pushing his luck a little.....

L794 Twelve Animals (90) aka: Xin shi er sheng xiao  A Taiwanese fantasy that tells the story of the Chinese Zodiac and how each of the twelve animals from the Zodiac get recruited by Buddah's animal representatives on Earth. The devil lord fanged witch queen is attempting to destroy mankind. Bad acting, amazing fun effects, strange homo-erotic scenes out of nowhere, spells, wild costumes, claymation, kung-fu, spurting blood, a monster man green guy squishes a guy's head with his fist... more.

J185 Twentieth Century Oz (76) aka: Oz - The Apple... Xanadu... Twentieth Century Oz! So gobsmackingly awful that it's actually entertaining.  A 16 year old groupie riding with a rock band hits her head and ends up here in Oz, accidentally killing a bad guy as she lands. The fairy guy-mother hooks her up with some cool red shoes and sends her to see the last concert of an androgynous rock star. Along the way she meets a brainless surfer dude (played by Bruce Spence of 'The Road Warrior'), a heartless mechanic and a cowardly biker. Painfully bad musical numbers throughout.




Z567 Aphrodite (82) aka: Aphrodite - Im Wendekreis der Begierde  Not the cut 72 minute version, but an 83 minute version! Valerie Kaprisky stars. Millionaires on a Greek island, (one named Harry, traveling by lavish yacht), arrive at a mansion for a feast and an orgy of sorts, a reenactment of the love cult of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. Harry meets Pauline (Kaprisky) and falls/gets hard. Horst Bucholz is Harry. Lots of nudity. Also with Capucine, Delia Boccardo, Catherine Jourdan and more!  BA

J115 Bikini Bistro (95) Judy ( Penthouse Pet Amy Lynn Baxter) drums up business for her vegetarian restaurant with help from her friend Marilyn Chambers (as herself) who helps her turn the place into a Bikini Bistro with scantily clad waitresses. Business is soon booming, and so are the lustful encounters! Steamy Unrated Version!

Z601 Charlotte (74) aka: La jeune fille assassinée  aka: Una vita bruciata  Roger Vadim directs Sirpa Lane as Charlotte. A woman searching for the ultimate sexual experience. Tries to be shocking and dark, Takes place in the world of the rich and famous. The stereotypes are all here. From the rich and strange billionaires son, the deranged homosexual, the nymphomaniac chick... Dressed up in a crime story mainly told in flashbacks. An extremely grim conclusion for Charlotte. Lust in this case equals death. In real life Sirpa Lane did no better. She died of AIDS in Spain at age 47 in 1999. Mike (Tubular Bells) Oldfield does the music. LBX  BA

Z602 Cicciolina My Love (79) aka: Bedtime Stories   Ilona Staller on her way to full blown pornos stars in this soft-core as she brings a lustful couple together for an ultimate sexual experience. The entire scene turns this Cicciolina film into a fantastic seventies experience: great cinematography, dazzling filter effects, lots of neon colors and a very happy gorgeous smiling Cicciolina. She'll bewitch you too if you just give her a chance. In English language with Portuguese subtitles.

Z584 Fanny Hill (95) There is no audible dialogue in the entire film. The story is told via Fanny Hill's narration. The writing is often amusing, with highly descriptive depictions of what's going on in, both in front of you and in Fanny's mind. Cheryl Dempsey is Fanny Hill, a girl willingly sucked into the brothel life. She frequently disrobes so we can all judge her body as we should. Magnificent! Nice scenery, nice sets, nice soft-core. Dempsey disappeared after this, her only film.

Z608 Hangover (73) aka: Romantic Memoirs  aka: Sex Life in Denmark   A used car salesman wakes up from a heavy night of drinking and finds out he has married the woman sleeping next to him. What's more he has already cheated on her with the woman in the next room (who then spends the rest of the movie walking around naked in his new bride's abode). I really had a Blackout Baby! Meanwhile, another naked woman keeps calling. He and his new bride sit around and talk about their sexual adventures.... Lots of nudity. Diana Kjaer (Dagmar's Hot Pants) stars. Dubbed into English language.

J179 Hooker (83) Divided into three sections, realistic documentary street life stuff. First, two women are involved in the bondage/dominance trade. The second involves a married couple who run a massage parlor/whore house. 'You come here because you like to play with titties, don't ya?' the woman says. Next we get streetwalkers and their pimp, one of the hookers has an unfortunate end. Frank and sobering, not erotic in any way.

J178 In Trouble (71) aka: Girls in Trouble  aka: Paragraph 218 - Wir haben abgetrieben, Herr Staatsanwalt  Join several woman on their quest to have an abortion!  Knocked up by accident, by rape, whatever! The goal is to kill the baby. Thing is, abortion is illegal. So you get the title In Trouble'. Sure to offend pro-lifers, pro-choicers.... hell just about everybody! Me too. Well, the good stuff is the chicks are smoking hot! Sybil Danning, Doris Arden, Astrid Frank and more star! English language dubbed version.  BA

J180 Ladies of the Lotus (87) aka: Midnight Ladies  An international sex trafficking operation uses a trashy modeling agency as a front. Lots of nudity and sexual situations as the girls find their dreams of being a model zapped as they are traded off to be sex slaves.  BA

Z607 Lust for Women (78) aka: Collections privées   Three sexy segments. Totally naked Laura Gemser serves her man a drink before getting down to some serious screwing on the couch and floor. He has hidden a camera and films it. Rena Niehaus strips down and hops into bed with one lucky S.O.B. - Illona Staller (Cicciolina) is... oh boy. This is one hot flick. Horny situations and hot women throughout!  In Italian language only and LBX

J211 Nude Princess, The (76) aka: La principessa nuda  aka: Black Magic  This is based on the story of a princess from Idi Amin's Uganda who was framed in a sex scandal of sorts. Director Cesare Canevari (the man who brought us 'The Gestapo's Last Orgy' the following year) directs.  Ajita Wilson is the nude (prince?) princess (they call her 'Black Gazelle'). Tina Aumont is also on hand to keep your attention. When they try to set her up they find she will not take the bait. With the help of a girlfriend from Uganda she goes through some type of voodoo and remembers atrocities she has taken part in. Like castrating a lover. The midget and the black chick will freak you out. The men of the meetings lust mightily for Ajita. Violent rape, lesbians, lots of nudity, arguing politicians, a weird orgy which includes the midget, When Ajita takes a shower at the 80 minute mark, you'll want to take one too. Aumont (the daughter of Maria Montez) is a knockout, she was arrested for smuggling opium in 1978. 92 minutes LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

J116 Party Girls (90) aka: Party Inc.  Gals get together and form a 'Party Girls' company that provides slutty hot chicks to those in need of one. As the girls matchmake, an apartment full of guys and a slumber party of pretty girls watch the events unfold on video. Marilyn Chambers, Ruth Collins, Debbie Rochon... and look for Veronica Hart, Christina Veronica and many more.

J177 Policewomen (74) aka: The Insiders   Lacy Bond (Sondra Currie) is sort of a lady super-cop that infiltrates an all-girl criminal gang. Joined by undercover agent Pam Harris (Jeanne Bell), they use their limited kung-fu skills to deliver justice. Plenty of sex and violence, nudity, scantily-clad women .... more. Currie fights in prison, on a boat, the back of a truck etc. Let's be fair, Currie and Bell  can fight, and look damn sexy doing it! William Smith as a karate instructor.  BA

J255 Satan in High Heels (62) Del Tenny plays Paul, a bi-sexual pianist! Stacy (the title chick played by Meg Myles)) is played to the bitchiest by sexy, husky-voiced Meg Myles. Stacy moves to the inner city with her junky boyfriend and gets a job as a burlesque dancer. She gets catty with Pepe (Grayson Hall) her female employer and makes a move on Pepe's husband and son. Shows just how treacherous a woman can be if she sets her mind to it! Grayson Hall would strike success with 'Dark Shadows' as Julia Collins. She would die at age 62 of cancer in New York in 1985. Meg Myles had a 40 inch bust. Also with Sabrina.  BA

Z609 SchoolGirl Report #8 (74) aka: Schulmädchen-Report 8. Teil - Was Eltern nie erfahren dürfen  One girl becomes pregnant from her boyfriend. Another has an affair with her father's boss to save his job. Two girl's try to score some action for their repressed and virginal, but beautiful, female teacher (who no man has ever hit on... yea right). The best story has two sexy cousins skinny-dipping when a horny fisherman spies them and strips down himself. Catch of the Day! He ends up chasing the two butt-naked nymphs through the woods, big boobs a-bouncin', until they run into a few studs more their age who rescue them but of course need rewarding, and the girls are more than happy to oblige... In German language and with English subtitles - LBX  BA

Z612 Schoolgirl Goes to Boys’ High, The (78) aka: L'insegnante va in collegio   Monica (Edwige Fenech) is the new teacher at an all-boy's Catholic school. Since she drives everybody wild with lust and desire... who doesn't have some sort of plan to try and get in her panties? Fenech doesn't waste time getting undressed as one of the students fantasizes she is stripping for him. Of course she is stripping for the viewer. Dubbed into English  BA

Z613 School Teacher in the House, The (78) aka: L'insegnante viene a casa  Edwige Fenech isn't really a teacher in this one, but instead the mistress of a befuddled politician in a luxury hotel, where she is pursued by the manager, the bell boy. and the manager's handsome son. They spy on her in the shower and engage in various hare-brained schemes to get in her panties. Dumb sexual jokes are so ridiculous they are still funny. especially in this strange time of 2019.  BA

Z596 Secret Nights of Lucrezia Borgia, The (82) aka: Le notti segrete di Lucrezia Bor  Endless opportunities for sleaze films with the Borgias sordid stories. Sexy Sirpa Lane is Lucrezia this time out. She was in a handful of notable films.  The opening music sounds like circus big top music, an indicator of comic sleaze to come. The gag with the rings on the bottles is best left un-described! Plenty of nudity and very frank language. Imagine if an older costume styled flick from the 60's were loaded with nudity, swearing plus dirty talk, sleaze and some sex. Sirpa Lane would appear in one more film 'Exciting Love Girls' in 1983. She died at the age of 47 from AIDS in Spain in 1999.  LBX and in Spanish with English subtitles.

J175 Seduction of Tessa, The (86) aka: Forbidden Fruit  aka: Le fruit défendu   A photographer (grieving his dead girlfriend) heads to the country, followed by his horny sexy models whom he has lots of soft-core sex with. Meanwhile a local farmer is trying to rape the women! Near hard-core this is a French porno edited into soft-core, although they still really go at it! Dominique Saint Claire and more star. Some glitches.

J117 Sensations (88) A call girl and hustler must stay married for two weeks to collect on a lottery ticket. Chuck Vincent directs yet another sleaze comedy type with the participation of some porn stars. This one stars Krista Lane (billed here as Rebecca Lynn, who they think won't notice?) and Rick Savage. Look for Veronica Hart as 'Tippy' and more!  BA

J138 Street of a Thousand Pleasures (72) After an assassination plot is thwarted, a thankful Sheik shows his gratitude by opening the street of the ultimate carnal delights to his delighted American visitor who thinks he must be in heaven. It's a wonderful thing when the countries get along and share the hot women available in a giving loving way. Is it not? Man this is like Racks Unlimited as tons of the hottest breasts of the sexiest women are on display here. Full frontal male and female. Thanks for the mammaries.

Z546 Under the Doctor (76) aka: The Way You Smile  Consists of four stories linked by the concept of people telling them to a psychiatrist (Barry Evans) each of a sexual nature that challenges the control of his libido. Seems to be an erotic throwback to 'Perils of Pauline' at times, and does supply some delicious nudity from the female players. Penny Spencer, Elizabeth Counsell, Liz Fraser and more star.

Z610 Virgin Breaker (75) aka: Tamawarinin Yuki  Yuki is the lady who gets first dibs on new prospects for the brothel. Not all of the girls are willing. Yuki makes it her mission to break the girls in so they can start earning with the clients. Can you think of a more offensive cultural climate in Japanese film history than the 1970's? Thank goodness! Trash of the highest order, a perfect film to be shown at college universities today. Double feature it with 'Porkys' to lighten things up. Then watch the children melt. In Japanese language with English subtitles.




Z579 Across the River (13) aka: Oltre il guado  Studying animals by trapping them, and then attaching cameras to them and letting them go, our ecologist, through the recordings obtained, is drawn to a remote village across the river, the site of an ancient curse. Once there the rains come and he is trapped by flood waters. He is lost in the woodlands located at the border between Slovenia and Italy. Amazing locations, not a gore film, but a slow burn atmospheric tale of horror, with a fantastic well-placed soundtrack. In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX.  BA

Z549 Beautiful Sisters: Flesh Slaves (86) aka: Bishimai nikudorei   This one was heavily inspired by 'The Last House on the Left' and 'The House by the Lake'. A madman breaks into the dwelling of two sexy sisters and is not satisfied with just simply terrorizing them, he rapes them as well. But these gals are no snowflakes, and the tables will be turned.... Nice cynical revenge made to satisfy, the rape scenes shot to entice the darker side.... In Japanese language and with English subtitles!  Upgrade!  BA

Z569 Blancheflower: The Devil's Daughter (88) aka: Blancaflor, la hija del diablo  A master card player in the 16th century challenges the devil. Satan accepts the challenge and loses. Sore loser that the Master of Darkness is, he wants a rematch to take place in hell. The path to the underworld for the young man is indicated by the devil's daughter, the insidious cruel Gray Shadow, and the beautiful Blancaflor. Will he find love in hell or betrayal and eternal damnation?  Redemption and triumph? Wild colors like Bava, underground caverns, weird satanic sorcery like an 80's Italian fantasy film (although this is a Spanish/German production), etc. Dubbed into English language.

J123 Danger in the Depths (78) aka: Pericolo Negli Abissi  Now with English subtitles! Creatures of the sea are hunted and some prove very dangerous quarry. Who is more dangerous, man or the sea creatures they hunt? Are we the prey? This mondo-type documentary is different as we explore the mysteries and dangers of the oceans. Now finally with English subtitles!  BA

Z553 Dead Girl (96) Never released in America. Failed actor Ari Rose falls in love with a beautiful woman (Anne Parrillaud) and she rejects him. He strangles her, takes her home, and has sex with her corpse. He carries her around like 'Weekend at Bernies'. Don't worry it's a comedy. I mean read the first few lines. It sounds funny. Right? One of the other interesting things about this bad taste comedy is the actors involved. Val Kilmer. Famke Janssen, Amanda Plummer and more.

J220 Deranged (87) aka: Deranged - Vom Wahnsinn besessen   Joyce (porn queen Veronica Hart) is a pregnant and mentally disturbed housewife with a semi-estranged husband named Frank (Jerry Butler). Frank is away on business. Joyce is hearing voices and hallucinating. She is violently attacked by a burglar in her apartment and she kills him. losing her child in the violent struggle. She reverts to a child-like state and begins to murder anyone who comes near her. Too bad these porn stars didn't make more horror films, this is dead serious and sort of terrifying in a Polanski 'Repulsion' kind of way. Bleak, depressing, claustrophobic and disturbing. The screenwriter died of AIDS in March, 1991 at age 37. The director Chuck Vincent, also died of AIDS in September of 1991 at age 51. Also with Jamie Gillis. Apparently Veronica Hart is still in non-sex parts in adult films currently in 2018 being directed by Stormy Daniels!  BA

Z619 Distance (01) Three years after an apocalyptic cult released a biological weapon that killed hundreds and wounded thousands, four relatives of people killed in the attack attempt to come to terns with the event by visiting the site of origin, a secluded lake where it all began. There is another guy there trying to make sense of it all as well.... In three sections the tale is told. The road in. The heart of darkness. The road out. A film about coexistence, life, death and consequences. LBX and with English subtitles.

T933 Fifth Cord, The (71) aka: Giornata nera per l'ariete  When an alcoholic journalist (Franco Nero ) on the trail of a killer finds out he is the main suspect, he steps up his game. Some genuinely suspenseful murders here in this giallo, every shot carefully and deliberately filmed. Tough-guy fisticuffs, and a pulse-quickening chase sequence through the cadaverous wreck of an abandoned factory where Nero finally unmasks the black-coated killer. Ambiance, Atmosphere, Architecture... and Brutal Violence!  LBX and English dubbed.  BA

J182 Flashback (00) aka: Flashback - Mörderische Ferien   As a kid, Jeannette sees her parent's brutally murdered. Now a young woman just released from the mental institution, Jeanette heads up into the German mountains to tutor some cute teenage girls. But the killer has returned.... Germany's answer to 'Scream'. Loads of gory and inventive killings, shocks, jumps, Goth-to rock-to-cheesy romantic music, dark humor..... If you like a decent slasher, you will have lots of fun with this! Dubbed into English language too!  BA

J186 Flesh and Bloody Terror (80) aka: The Beasts  aka: Shan kou   Five campers head off into the woods and are attacked by five violent men (the 'Beasts' of the title). The woman is violently raped and they kill another guy. Later the rape victim cannot testify in the trial to convict the men because she is in the mental ward. The judge lets the 'beasts' go. The father of the girl, and the dead boy, goes into the wilds and hunts the 'beasts' down one by one using traps. Beware the rape scene is sick and XXX... this is the uncut version. Rare and depraved Hong variation on the 'rape and revenge' genre. With English subtitles and LBX

Z583 Francesca (15) A newer giallo that looks like it was made in the 1970's! Homage, Tribute... a good thing! Opens with a brutal little prologue which I will not spoil here. Flash ahead 15 years. A man in a wheelchair named Visconti,  lives with his invalid wife, who is still in shock after the kidnapping of their daughter Francesca so long ago. Murders begin, the lines left at the scene are from 'Dante's Inferno'. Visconti is an expert on Dante, and is enlisted to help. Bizarre colors and gore with scarlet blood, black-gloved killer with POV shots, a mannequin doll and more early Argento leanings. Some good kills. In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX  BA

Z585 Fury of the Demon (15) aka: La rage du Démon   A rare screening of a semi-lost 1897 film has attendees acting like zombies and one guy thinks he has had a stroke, and another has a heart attack! What's more, this is the third time this has happened since the first screening way back in 1897!  It's a mystery, it's a horror, it's a homage to lost films. Is this real.  Was Georges Melies (arguably the founder of cinema as we know it) responsible for creating a “cursed film”?  In French with English subtitles. Worth a look! LBX  BA

J187 Game, The (84) aka: The Cold   An isolated mansion is the setting.  Three millionaires play games for fun and sport. They devise a new plan. Once a year they recruit a group of players to succumb to their demand. It's an elimination  game with a million bucks as the prize. It's like a strange new take on 'The House on Haunted Hill'. Of course there can be only one survivor. Multiple endings in this one, and references 'The Giant Spider Invasion' as this was directed by Bill Rebane. The women are cute bimbo types. Shark attack in a swimming pool? Check.  BA

243 Ghastly Ones, The (68) aka: Blood Rites  Three married couples spend the night in an old Victorian house, something to do with an inheritance. But there is a killer who begins to gorily murder them one by one, Impaling by pitchfork, decapitations, dismemberments, throats hacked open and more. A hunchback guy eats live rabbits. Andy Milligan directs his first gore film.  BA

Z587 Girl Hell (77) aka: Yumeno Kyûsaku no shôjo jigoku  Some resemblance to the later 'Heavenly Creatures' where two girls enter a dangerous self-inflicted fantasy world. Here the girls at an all-girl private school capture the principle and proceed to sadistically torture him. Why? He is the father of one of them, and she claims he has abused her. Things are pretty twisted here, with a very nasty abortion scene added as a bonus. (huh wha?) Threaded into this madness is enough psychological madness to keep even the most demanding fans of extreme Japanese cinema happy. In Japanese language and with English subtitles. Upgrade!

Z556 Girls Pleasure Man Hunting (77)  aka: Yokosuka otoko-gari: shoujo kairaku  Two female friends lead very different lives, equally sleazy and sometimes distasteful, but in different ways. One has the misfortunate of seeing her sister brutally raped, while the other has her own problems dealing with her boyfriend, a black American soldier. That's okay, What comes around goes around. I'll tell you why. The girls will take the path of violence and revenge on those who have wronged them. In Japanese language and with English subtitles.

Z571 God Without a Universe, A (15) aka: Gudsforladt   aka: A.G.W.A.U.  Anders is finally out of prison and is eager to reconnect with his sister Mia. But the siblings come from a brutal bloody past with a childhood from hell that still haunts them both. Anders falls back into his old ways, the behaviors that got him locked up in the first place. Mia drifts into her sinister side.... Shockingly violent and even offensive at times, makes for another dark adult experience. In Dutch and with English subtitles. LBX  BA

Z573 Hagazussa : A Heathen's Curse, A (17) Gloomy horror in the spirit of 'The Witch' from 2015 (also a good film). The film is divided into four parts: Shadow. Horn. Blood. Fire. Spooky setting in 15th century Europe. Beautifully eerie. a slow-burn nightmare inducing fear-fest shot in black and white. Take a trip into the darkness. Sparse dialogue. In Dutch with English subtitles. LBX  BA

J125 Head Hunters, The (73) aka: Nueva Vizcaya   A mixed country platoon in the Philippines are at war with a tribe of vicious head-hunters, who lop off the heads of white men for prizes to their chief. Luckily for us, this jungle adventure film is chock full of violence, like the aforementioned decapitations, some handy bloody stabbings, impalings and smack down battles. Real locations add to the authenticity. At one point the soldiers descend upon the women of the tribe and start to massacre them in 'Soldier Blue' fashion. As the women run in slow motion, they are chased down and shot in the back. No wonder the natives are restless. In English language.

J258 Imp, The (81) aka: Xiong bang  Ah Kan (Chan Chen) encounters sinister turns of fate where he works (a fellow security guard dies by choking on a bone, another is strangled by a wet newspaper), and he becomes frightened enough to consult with a Taoist priest. The priest informs him that his workplace had been the site of kidnappings and murders, his house is another source of unnatural influence, and he was born on a day that makes him vulnerable to wandering ghosts. These dark forces also threaten his pregnant wife and unborn child, leading Ah Kan on a harrowing journey into the unknown in order to protect himself and his family.  There were two films with this title made in 1981, unrelated. This is also unrelated to 'Imp 2' also in this update. LBX Subs  BA

J136 Imp 2 (99) aka: Devil's Offspring  aka: Gui pian wang zhi zai xian xiong bang   Holiday shut-down at a boarding school leaves orphans at the mercy of whatever supernatural horror is lurking in the corridors at night. One by one the students disappear. Can the night spirits be contained or will the entire group of them be eliminated? Or will a student or a teacher get possessed and be the one responsible for the murders? LBX and with English subtitles  BA

Z567 In the Devil's Garden (71) aka: Assault   aka: The Creepers   aka: Satan’s Playthings   Schoolgirls are being raped and murdered in the woods. A young teacher at the school agrees to use herself as bait to lure the killer into a trap. Could it be the creepy husband of the head mistress at the school, the psychologist who seems to be taking an unusual interest in the case... or something or someone more sinister? This is a very British Giallo. Suzy Kendall (straight off the set of 'Darker than Amber' and 'Bird with the Crystal Plumage') stars. Interesting that they dressed up some cute 20-something chicks as the schoolgirls. Lesley-Anne Down is a rape victim (after her part in 'Countess Dracula'). Janet (Cool It, Carol!) Lynn and more star.  Now finally LBX - Upgrade!  BA

Z589 Irreproachable (16) aka: Irréprochable  aka: Faultless   Constance (Marina Fois) is a 40 year old real estate agent on the down-and-out and she contacts her old boss in La Rachelle to see if he will hire her back. She expects it is a done deal, but a younger prettier girl named Audrey (Josephine Japy) gets the upper hand.  Constance is an evil woman of the 'Fatal Attraction'/'Play Misty for Me' school of thought mixed with the 'bitchy ball-buster businesswoman' mentality. Of course these women use their bodies and sexuality to get what they want, and if they don’t you’d better watch out!  A perfect contradiction to some of the movements of today. Disturbing at times, violence, sex and nudity plus a surprise ending. In French language and with English subtitles.

Z574 Kind of Meat You Can't Buy in the Store, The (94) A cannibal wrestles in the mud with a dealer that sells 'human meat'. This is the special food of the title. Micro-budgeted short. + The Painting of Horror (94) This horror short deals with a weird painting that kills those who appreciate shitty art. Not only that but you get the worst dancing from a stripper ever committed to film. With these two shorts, prepare to have your mind blown.

J229 Kung Fu Zombie (81) aka: Wu long tian shi zhao ji gui   A Taoist wizard reanimates zombies for a revenge-obsessed man, to use them to settle a feud. Things go awry and he is killed. His spirit wants the wizard to reanimate him.... Meanwhile another undead fiend has come to town. Vampires, ghosts, hopping zombies and plenty of action! Turn your brain off and enjoy a nice blend of fantasy, horror and kung-fu! Billy Chong!  BA

J194 Legend of Alfred Packer (80) What you are about to see is the true story of a small group of men and their struggle to stay alive in the winter of 1874. Just as the devastating Colorado snow changed the course of men's lives, every man had his own version of this horrifying truth. What really happened has been obscured. This is one account of that incredible saga. Spoofed by the South Park guys when they did that film 'Cannibal: The Movie'.  BA

Z590 Lilith's Hell (15) A couple of guys are making a film with Ruggero Deodato (who appears! the director of 'Cannibal Holocaust' himself!) on a film of realistic horror! The producer's family house as the location, is filled with secret chambers where ceremonies of satanic rituals invoke the spirit of Lilith, she who was cursed by God for not obeying Adam in the Garden of Eden. There will be horror. There will be gore! There is a coherent story here, not your run-of-the-mill found footage flick. In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX BA

J256 Love Cult, The (66) Sexual Revolution cult stuff was popping up around this time, so why not exploit the 'Free-Love' mind set for all it's worth? A hypnotist/magician needs a new way to make cash. Sex is a unifying, universal desire of humans,  even more so than spirituality... so. He is now 'Brother Eros' and success is his. But troubles arise (among other things) when his 'employees' want a bigger piece of the action. Meanwhile a rich female nymphomaniac has offered up one of her country homes as a 'House of Love'. Many give money to churches in exchange for a seat next to Jesus later. Here, the deal is turning over your money, for guaranteed pleasures of the flesh in the here and now.  BA

J137 Love in the River (98) aka: Nam yan hung lui yan Home  Sexy voluptuous widow psychic Ching is just burying her third husband. An investigative journalist befriends this black widow bitch in an attempt to catch her in a lie, but instead he falls under her spell. Ching can foretell the future. What nightmares await? Is this all Ching, or something deeper? LBX and with English subtitles

Z559-Z595 Lusty Beast Market (74) aka: Confidential: Secret Market  aka: (Maruhi) shikijô mesu ichiba   Brutal glimpse into the ups and downs (ins and outs) of Seri the hooker, and her many clients (many of a deviant nature). Seri also has an unusually sordid home life. Just like Seri, her mother is a whore, the clients leaning towards Seri and passing on her aging moms, whose wares are not so much to show, any more (especially after having been newly impregnated!) Her brother is retarded, getting his kicks spying on all the humping going on in their not-so-humble abode. Seri has sex with him as well, without a thought of abuse or incest entering her filthy mind. 'After all, you're a man too!' she tells him. Her pimp... well... things are going to hell here in waste basket...In Japanese language and with English subtitles.

Z592 Midnight Fairy (73) aka: Mayonaka no yosei   Kazuo is an angry young man, especially pissed off at the rich. Why should they have everything! It's not fair those greedy snobs! But he is also obsessed with the daughter of a very rich man. She wants nothing to do with the loser Kazuo. Kazuo gets her and rapes her. Now she will like him! Isn't that how it is done? No dice. So next, with the help of a retarded hooker, Kazuo kidnaps the object of his (ahem) affections. Things get more sordid.... In Japanese language and with English subtitles. LBX

J257 Mundo Depravados (67) aka: World of the Depraved   Two dimwitted detectives, aided by a stripper named 'Tango' (Tempest Storm) try to catch a killer of strippers before he strikes again.  At one point the cops strip off the clothes of the dead woman so the photographer can get a 'cheesecake' shot to sell to a sleazy tabloid!  Storm near the end of her career, still easy on the eyes. Lots of nudity.  BA

J132 Night of the Flowers (72) aka: La notte dei fiori   If Life Could be Bought... Only the Rich Could Have Children. The film tells us this in the opening titles. So we open with these two hippies and they speak English and are idealistic, ignorant, typical, hitch-hiking fools. This is meant to contrast with what follows. A nasty evening with Dominique Sanda, looking as lovely as one would expect after working for some of Europe's best directors. Humiliation and sex tease borders on Eurotrash, not quite reaching the constructs of a giallo, but things do get spooky. Like a confused Polselli. We do get plenty of nudity and eroticism. The second part (the bulk of the film) is in Italian language only. Also with Macha Meril, Hiram Keller and Micaela Pignatelli of the excellent 'The Last Shark'.

J122 Of Gods and the Undead (70) aka: Os Deuses E Os Mortos   From Brazil. Shot in the face and left for dead, an adventurer (who is used to getting shot by this point) gets tangled in a battle for land and cacao plantations. In this bloody conflict many innocents will die. Some gory throat slashings, a disturbing scene involving a pig, shootings, rapes and more. Slight LBX and with English subtitles.

J188 Portrait of a Nymph (87) aka: Hua zhong xian  Romantic ghost comedy clone of a 'A Chinese Ghost Story'. A Taoist monk disciple takes in a scholar and protects him from the demons and spirits that lurk in the woods. But the scholar falls in love with a benevolent female ghost who is confined to the hands of the wicked King Ghost so he hides her in a painting... Wild and crazy special effects LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

Z594 Profile of Satan (69) aka: El perfil de Satanás  Obscure Spanish Horror  The history of Satan and his influence on mankind. Clearly you will see that man's inhumanity to man is surely the cause of Satan, and not anybodies behavior or personal responsibility. With clips of war and assassinations, well, one can only surmise that it is Satan pulling the trigger on all bad behaviors. Extremely gruesome and sadistic times are acted out, atrocities are blended with real footage. Some scenes a marvel of ambiguities and choices good and bad. Is there justice? The people will always suffer under the dictator governments as shown here in this film. In one scene the rich and powerful round up the protesting people and target shoot them in a large cage. LBX and with English subtitles.

Z564 Resurrection in Blood (09) aka: Resurrezione di cuori   A mobster holds the power through the use of the black arts. But he loses complete control when his wife dies .... Now he is determined to deliver her spirit into the dead body of a prostitute performing a resurrection in blood! Meanwhile, his son is on a rampage of killing. Crazed mad Italian made horror-gore from the director of 'Catacomba'. In Italian language and with English subtitles.

Z565 School's Out (99) aka: Schrei - denn ich werde dich töten!  Germany answers Wes Craven's 'Scream', but more dark and brooding.  A crazed-killer-lunatic-rapist escapes from the insane asylum and arrives at the typical year-end high school dance just in time to begin carving up a group of annoying seniors. Though let's be fair. Not nearly as annoying as seniors of these days, not even close. Provides a highly menacing atmosphere from start to finish. The eerie main location is an ancient school building just perfect for this type. Bloody good fun, and covered 20 years ago in Fangoria. Dubbed into English.

Z598 Shelley (16) A Romanian woman goes to live with her boss and his wife in their house in the woods with no electricity. There she agrees to be the surrogate mother for the couple. Now pregnant she is having eerie dreams where she is visited by a black hound. Her body begins to decay, while the life inside of her grows. Later the couple is raising the child, and evil starts to infiltrate them as well. What happened to the Romanian girl? I won't tell you. Dark and Atmospheric Horror with creepy and disturbing scenes. Denmark/Sweden production. Rosemary's Baby meets David Lynch. In Danish and with English subtitles - LBX  BA

Z548 Sweet Body of Bianca (82) aka: Bianca   Marina Hedman is Stella and together with her rich husband they enjoy luxury in their villa on a Greek island. They collect sweet beautiful women to be their sex slaves, which includes Bianca. Whippings and almost hardcore sex scenes throughout the film. The women are outstanding, The locations a dream. What will happen when Stella splits with another man? This classic Greek made trash is dubbed into English language and this is an upgrade!

J134 She Wolf, The  (96) aka: La Lupa   Opens with a priest running across a field and then, in a stone ruin, he tries to have sex with an excited woman. When the church bells toll, he gets off of her and laments 'You have made me lose my soul!, he runs to church. She is La Lupa (Monica Guerriitore). Tall, thin, seductively beautiful. The villagers treat her like garbage. She goes to the church and barges into confession, demanding he meet her later and finish what he started! This is the story of a nymphomaniac in a small Italian village in the 1800's. Filmed in English language. Dark and very sexual with plenty of nudity. Shock ending.

Z558 Venom (71) aka: Legend of Spider Forest   aka: L'altro corpo di Anny  Why not a LBX version of this one featured a couple of updates back. This is the original Certificate X British Edition.  BA

J139 We the People (94) aka: Final Justice   Alan (James Brolin) and his pregnant wife Amy (Annie Fitzgerald) are joined by two other couples to a getaway in their remote deluxe cabin in the woods. Enter armed and dangerous totally unhinged Bobby and Red who make their way in to shower them with deadly intent. Stripped of their safety, these jello-shooter slurpin' elitist assholes and their 'better than you are'  snotty attitudes get put to the test. Maybe the rich can be even more ruthless than the villains? Who will survive the night? Foreign Subtitles but in English language.



Z600 Celestine, Maid at Your Service (74) aka: Célestine... bonne à tout faire   Indeed. We all need one of these. A hot prostitute named Celestine (Lina Romay) escapes from the police raid at the brothel into the countryside, finding a house of rich aristocrats who take her in as a maid with special benefits. Musical beds ensue with Celestine servicing everybody in the house at one time or another. This sex comedy comes highly recommended if you want to see Lina Romay at her best. Also with Howard Vernon and Pamela (Lorna the Exorcist) Stanford. In French language and with English subtitles. LBX  BA

Z575 Tender and Perverse Emmanuelle (73) aka: Tendre et perverse Emanuelle   This title was slapped onto this 1973 film after the success of the 'Emmanuelle' film with Sylvia Kristel. But this is more a trashy giallo from Franco. After a young woman is found dead at the bottom of a cliff, the hunt is on for the killer. She had many lovers of both sexes, and they all need to be looked at with suspicion. The shrink (Jack Taylor) and sister-in-law investigate. She's Tender. She's Perverse! Also with Alice Arno. Some nice lesbian scenes. LBX  BA





J87 Agitator, The (45) What happens when a socialist inherits ownership of a major firm? Will he question his beliefs and pursue capitalism? Or give everything away and go broke? Hint. This is an anti-socialist movie. Interesting for 1945! William (Dr. Who) Hartnell stars.

J88 Gasbags (41) The 'Crazy Gang' a sort of British Bowery Boys, tackles Nazi Germany! In an air balloon they travel, mercilessly lambasting Nazi Germany in a series of one-liners and scenarios. Hitler and Hitler impersonators etc. Before the horrors of this war were fully realized, audiences were howling with laughter in the theaters (at least the ones that had not been bombed yet I suppose). Kind of like 'The Three Stooges' without all the slapping. Look for Torin Thatcher as an SS man.

J85 Hangman's Wharf (50) A Scottish doctor answers a distress call and winds up framed for murder. Fairly routine British mystery maintains an aura of mystery and atmosphere, with a few interesting exteriors, dockyard scenes, the Albert Memorial and a West Coast Fishing village. With Patricia (Devil Girl of Mars) Laffan and John Witty.

J83 Jackpot (60) The police and the owner of a club are after the safecracker that has robbed the place. Turns out he has returned to claim part of the loot he robbed some time back, but his former partner is having none of it. Neither is his wife who has since moved on. Tight little no-budget crime thriller. With William (Dr, Who) Hartnell and look for Michael Ripper as Lenny Lane.

J82 Man Inside, The (58) aka: Der Mann ohne Nerven   A bookkeeper, steals a jewel, killing a man in the process, flees, and begins the life of his dreams, spending like a rock star and pursuing the lovely Trudie (Anita Ekberg). A detective (Jack Palance) is closing in and finding things are even more complicated than he thought. John Gilling co-wrote. He also directs this one providing enough international locations to keep it interesting.  BA

J76 Matter of WHO, A (61) aka: Un croque-mort trop curieux  Smallpox death at a London airport starts a climate of comedic paranoia. The WHO of the title is the World Health Organization. Their man on the case is Archibald Bannister (Terry Thomas at his comical best!). This clever comedy mystery also stars Sonja Ziemann, Honor Blackman, the 'doomed' Carol White, Alex Nicol and Michael Ripper as 'Skipper'!  BA

J79 Murder on the Campus (61) aka: Out of the Shadow   A student has fallen from his Cambridge College dorm room window. His reporter brother (Terence Longdon, is that a porn name or what?) arrives to investigate, The first guy he is supposed to meet in his inquiry is found dead.... Also with Diane Clare, Dermot Walsh and more. Michael Winner directs, this one of his first films.

J80 Murder Without Crime (50) aka: Crimen sin criminal   After a man and wife (Derek Farr and Patricia Plunkett) fight, suitcase in hand, she storms out. He decides to go out and get drunk, bringing home another woman. His wife calls and wants to come home. He agrees and tells the floozy he has brought home she must leave. This doesn't sit well with our party girl (Joan Dowling). He accidentally kills her, and stuffs her in the closet...  Meanwhile the nosy landlord wants hush money! This would be the first film directed by J. Lee Thompson who would later direct a fine batch of violent Charles Bronson films (including 'Deathwish 4') and many other notable classics.  BA

J93 Pink String and Sealing Wax (45) Pearl (Googie Withers) is unhappily married. She is having an affair with the shady Dan (John Carol) and befriends David Sutton (Gordon Jackson) who works at his father Edward's chemist shop. A chemist shop gives you access to poisons..... A classical Victorian era pot boiler.

Z620 Shadow of the Cat (61) aka: Schatten einer Katze  A greedy husband uses his housemaid, a servant and others to be accomplices in the murder/cover-up of his wife. They bury her in the woods nearby. This doesn't sit too well with 'Tabitha', the deceased woman's faithful and beloved cat. Tabitha gets to work, orchestrating the deaths of the perpetrators, one by one. Excellent and atmospheric spooky work directed by John Gilling and starring Barbara Shelley and Andre Morell. There was a technical legality at the time, but this is most certainly a Hammer Production. Amazing Upgrade! + Shadow Play: Inside Shadow of the Cat - runs just under a half hour, a critical analysis of the film with Hammer experts! BA

J81 Sin You Sinners (58) aka: Innocent Sinners   aka: Kleine Übeltäter   A lonely (but motivated) and spunky little girl in post-war bombed out London makes a garden in a destroyed church ruin. An uplifting late-50's film of hope when the U.K. needed it. A sentimental favorite. Flora Robson and more star.  BA

J92 That's Your Funeral (72) aka: Das total verrückte Begräbnis  Drug Traffickers see an opportunity in smuggling their wares in coffins and hearses which adds even more chaos to the lives of two bumbling rival undertakers. A comedy from Hammer? Bloody well right. Dennis Price, Bill Fraser, Sue Lloyd and Michael Ripper star!  BA

J78 Tiger by the Tail (54) aka: Cross-Up   Sent to London on assignment, reporter John Desmond (Larry Parks) becomes infatuated with Anna Ray (Lisa Daniely). Their brief affair ends however when she gets shot after she pulls a gun on him. Now her employers realize that he has her contact information, and must be eliminated. John Gilling directs and co-wrote this well-paced noir chase thriller. Also with Constance Smith and Thora Hird.  BA

J91 Two-Headed Spy, The (58) Planted in the German Army by his British Commanders in 1914, Alex Schottland (Jack Hawkins) was in the unique position to work his way up in the German Army as a top spy. As a leader Nazi, working for the British, he managed to help the effort. Based on a a true story. Compelling. A nail-biter. Donald Pleasance, Gia Scala, and look for Michael Caine as a Gestapo Agent. Gorgeous Gia Scala, so great in 'The Guns of Naverone', killed herself with drugs and alcohol at age 38 in Hollywood after her career crashed.  BA

J90 White Cargo (73) aka: Albert's Follies  Loser Albert (David Jason ) fantasizes about being a James Bond secret agent that easily scores with the hottest of ladies. By chance he gets involved with a bimbo (Imogen Hassall) and a white slave ring, with strippers to be sold to an oil sheik. David Prowse also stars (one year after 'Vampire Circus' and one year before 'Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell'. Also stars Sue Bond. Cute Imogen Hassall (sometimes referred to as the 'Countess of Cleavage' well at least at one time so long ago) would only be in one more film before killing herself with sleeping pills in 1980 at age 38. Her body was found by Suzannah Leigh who just passed last year (December 2017) of liver cancer.




J119 Action Tae Kwon Do (72) aka: Zhan bei guo   aka: Duel à mort au karaté   By train, Kung Fu master (Jason Pai Piao) arrives from Korea with one thing on his mind. To free his uncle from a Japanese concentration camp. Another violent action featuring the clash between Japan and Korea, and who comes out looking best always is decided by the film's country of origin. Print a little beat up, drive-in patchy at times, but highly watchable. With English subtitles. BA

J107 Adventure in Morocco (67) aka: La Lunga Sfida   A father's son is kidnapped as a kind of blackmail scheme to get him to be part of a drug-smuggling ring. George Ardisson (no stranger to every genre of Euro films) stars as Patrick Gordon, stuck in bad situation, that only gets worse. An almost unheard of rarity presented here in Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX  BA

J146 Assault on the State Treasure (67) aka: Assalto al tesoro di stato   Robbers are after 20 million being transferred from an Arab central bank to a British oil company. Some nice Swiss locales. Roger Browne, Anita Sanders and more star. Another Italian caper film from Italy that has never been translated into English so F.L. only. BA

J226 Assault on the Wayne (71) Enemy agents have their hands full during the Cold War. They are posing as a Navy crew, working a form of sabotage by stealing the anti-ballistic missile guidance system off of a nuclear submarine. Exciting and tidy little suspense film with no padding. The commander of the submarine is Leonard Nimoy, surrounded by other familiar faces. Sam Elliot, Keenan Wynn, Joseph Cotton (who was in the great 'Lady Frankenstein' the same year).

Z550 Big Job, The (65) aka: Risquons le gros coup   A guy known as 'The Big Brain' leads a group of bad guys who are after a big pay-out with their next bank heist. Things go wrong and 'The Big Brain' hides the loot in a hollow tree and everybody is caught and locked up. 15 years later the gang is released. Where the tree once was, a town has sprung up. The tree still stands... in the back yard of a police station.... LBX  BA

Z551 Captain Raubien in St. Pauli (71) aka: Käpt'n Rauhbein aus St. Pauli   This was released in a cut version known as 'Nurses for Sale'. This is the uncut version. Ship Captain Markus Jolly (Curd Jurgens) is hired to transport a vaccine to a Latin American port. Mobsters steal it, and Markus is blamed. Meanwhile six nurses who have been brought to the region to deal with the outbreak have been kidnapped by bandits... These two plots and characters converge. The nurses wind up firing machine guns at their captors while helping Markus clear his name. In German language and with English subtitles.  BA

J94 Christmas Wife, The (88) John Tanner (Jason Robards) wife has died and he is really depressed, not wanting to spend Christmas alone. Using 'social introductions' he tries for a hookup to get through the holiday. He meets Iris (Julie Harris). A movie about dealing with suffering and deep loss. Something most everybody will go through sometime in their life span, unless they die young and quick themselves.

J86 Dance of Death, The (60) aka: Le Saint mène la danse   Simon Templar (also known as 'The Saint') lands a job in Palm Springs soon after his arrival, to be the bodyguard for a millionaire who has been targeted for death. Turns into a bit of a fright-fest with a creepy country mansion, a spooky cemetery, sinister dark and gruesome butler types and vampy bomb-shells (one being Michele Mercier). Felix Marten supplies a serviceable performance as Templar.

J130 Death Bond (88) Your go-to place for more wild action and violence, The Philippines! A Viet Nam vet is now a tough as nails cop. He goes apeshit when his younger druggie brother is wasted by street scum. These guys are some scary dudes let me tell you. But he will take them on in Charles Bronson style, ready to dispatch his brand of vengeance as is needed. Lots of violence and bloody killings, including one memorable impaling of this wretched bald baddie!  BA

J176 Don't Touch the White Woman! (74) aka: Touche pas à la femme blanche  Custer's Last Stand is upended and turned on it's ear in this satirical farce/spoof of the event reenacted in an urban renewal area in Paris where a large number of Indian tribes have taken up residence. An absurd tongue-in-cheek slapstick and a surreal and interesting look at how France sees us.... the bastards. All-star French cast includes Catherine Denevue and Marcello Mastroianni. With English subtitles. BA

J75 Double Game (77) aka: Torino Violenta  In violent Turin Italy, a vigilante starts to clean up the streets by any means necessary. George Hilton is Inspector Ugo Morretti. Fed up with the rules of the department, rules that keep criminals on the street, Moretti takes matters into his own hands, making him judge, jury, and executioner!  Numerous side crimes spread across the running time as the plot unfolds. Another piece of violent Italian Crime film history. LBX

Z616 Dragon Flies (75) aka: The Man From Hong Kong  aka: Der Mann von Hongkong   Jimmy Wang Yu comes to Australia to capture a wanted convict (Sammo Hung). There he crosses the path of a dangerous drug lord (George (James Bond) Lazenby) getting on his bad side. Kung-Fu action from down under delivers the goods! Something unique and exciting seeing the locales change for the action. Hugh Keays-Byrne also stars (he was the head villain 'Toecutter' in the first 'Mad Max' film made and showed up in the recent one as well!). Roger Ward (also of 'Mad Max') more. Remember 'The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires'? This mixture similar but in different ways. LBX and now English language version.   BA

J128 Escape to Nowhere (90) aka: Battle Geese   Violent action-packed and bullet-riddled insanity from the Philippines! Swamps, explosions. barbed wire tortures, violent rape (painful to watch at times) and extreme cruelty. Luckily the Battle Geese are on the job (a rescue mission!), blowing enemies to hell and kingdom come as they go.  With unlimited ammo they advance, and god help anyone who tries to stop them! More violent than Rambo! Nudity and violence. Uncut and in English.

J114 Exquisite Corpses (89) aka: Deadly Cabaret  A cowboy arrives in New York city to be with his girlfriend. The problem is, she's with another guy and is no longer interested. He blows trumpet with a dog and a hat for donations and has many encounters with a plethora of characters (including a gay casting agent). Later he gets sucked into an international incident and finds himself framed! Gritty dark and dirty, like a cheap Warhol meets 'Midnight Cowboy'. Weird. Shot in New York City.

Z588 Hard Contract (69) aka: Der Killer und die Dirne  Top hit man John Cunningham (James Coburn) is sent to Europe by his boss (Burgess Meredith) to kill three people, one of whom was his predecessor in the job. Detached from human emotion, Cunningham is great at his job. He pays for sex, won't kiss or spend the night. But he meets Sheila (Lee Remick at her sexiest best) in Europe and falls hard. A very intense final act here as well. This is worth a look! . Karen Black, Lilli Palmer, Patrick Magee, Sabine Sun and more star. LBX  BA

J145 High Season for Spies (66) aka: 7 Assassins versus Professor Z   Discovering the secret formula of a certain resistant steel, a scientist is pursued by a powerful spy ring who are after the formula to use for nefarious means. Antonio Villar, Leticia Roman, Peter van Eyck, Mikaela and more star. Sadly no subtitles, but this is one of the more obscure Eurospy films. F.L.

Z573 House of Cards (68) aka: Castillo de naipes  The setting is 1960's Paris. Reno Davis (George Peppard doing his tongue-in-cheek James Bond impression) is an American boxer that has unwittingly stumbled upon a fascist conspiracy that has evil intentions of creating a new world order. This turns into an all-out action packed adventure film with many escapes, kidnapping and Orson Welles at his sinister best. Platinum blonde Inger Stevens is beautiful and sexy, the locales are numerous, and the score, rousing! Inger married Spike Jones in 1961 but kept it a secret because he was black. She cheated on him constantly with her co-stars. She also tried to kill herself many times. She was finally successful in 1970 when on April 30th 1970 she overdosed at age 35 in Hollywood. The Hitchhiker from 'The Twilight Zone' finally had his way. 'Going My Way?'  Yes, she was. LBX  BA

Z606 House of the Doves, The (72) aka: House of Pigeons  aka: La casa de las palomas  aka: Un solo grande amore   Fernando rekindles his relationship with a widow named Alexandra (Lucia Bose, I just saw a recent picture of her and it scared the hell out of me!). Also living in the household is Alexandra's nymphet daughter Sandra (played by a drop-dead gorgeous 21 year old Ornella Muti). Alexandra learns Fernando is a paid gigolo for another woman named Virginia (Caterina Boratto), and she kicks him out. To get revenge he takes Sandra to the mysterious house of doves. The doves flutter about and flap their wings in slow-motion, a 'poetic' way to let us know he is putting it to Sandra and she is experiencing her first orgasm. No droppings about? How romantic. Lots of energized rumpy-bumpy and a twisted love story. Claudio Guerin directs. On the final day of shooting his next film 'A Bell From Hell' in 1973 he fell (or jumped?) to his death from the central bell tower constructed for the film. That's commitment! In English language and with Greek subtitles.  BA

J147 Killer 77: Alive or Dead (66) aka: Sicario 77, vivo o morto  Rod Dana (now a published author and in his 80's!) is Lester of the U.K. Secret Service following a lead. It takes him from a rigged boxing match to Mr. King, a German scientist who is using his power and studied intelligence to rebuild a Nazi regime in order to take over the world. LBX and in F.L. only on this rare title. BA

Q480 Last Duel, The (71) aka: Xia yi shuang xiong  An assassin (Jimmy Yu Wang) discovers the repercussions of his kills when he finds his employer may be responsible for the death of his father. Since his mission was to get revenge the entire time, this sets him into a spin. And now that everybody knows he is a killer (including his girl who knew all along) eliminating his employer may just be the least of his problems. With English subtitles

J106 Lightning Bolt (66) aka: Operation Goldman  aka: Operazione Goldman  aka: Gemini 13 - Todesstrahlen auf Kap Canaveral   Finally a Widescreen version of this spy classic! A rich playboy super agent (Anthony Eisley) is trying to stop a madman who has his sights set on destroying a NASA moon project. Elements of 'Dr. No' and even a 'Goldfinger' type villain remind us that Bond started it all in case we forgot. Gimmicks, femme fatales, underwater sequences and more. Wandisa Guida, Diana Lorys, Luisa Rivelli....  Super sharp Widescreen version and dubbed into English of course. BA

J120 Manhunt, The (75) aka: L'uomo della strada fa giustizia   When a man's daughter is killed by thieves during a bank robbery, he decides the best course of action is to get revenge on his own when he comes to the realization that the police are incompetent, and corrupt! Henry Silva is a man on the edge who pulls a Bronson in surreal 'Death Wish' mode. At one point he even encounters a vigilante group that has the same idea. But the methods they employ are too slow. Silva spends the entire film pissed off and getting revenge. Now I ask you. Would you kill someone that killed your little girl if you could get away with it? Of course you would. Also with Luciana Paluzzi. Directed by Umberto Lenzi - LBX   Upgrade!  BA

J102 Master Stroke (67) aka: Colpo maestro al servizio di Sua Maestà britannica   It begins as a caper film, and then into a secret agent yarn, being a combination  of both. Richard Harris is an actor hired to impersonate a diamond courier as part of an elaborate plan for the villains to get their hands on some priceless gemstones. Quite violent for 1960's standards, which is a plus here. Margaret Lee also stars, and to get that Bond flavor we also have Adolfo Celi. Gerard Tichy and George Eastman (in one of his first films) also star. LBX  BA

J144 Mexican Slayride (67) aka: Coplan ouvre le feu à Mexico  Coplan goes in search of some paintings stolen by the Germans during the Second World War.  Lang Jeffries is Coplan in this spy thriller with obvious James Bond ties.  In German language only and LBX  BA

Z593 Midnight Man, The (74) aka: El hombre de la medianoche  aka: Le Flic se rebiffe  Burt Lancaster co-directed and stars in this excellent crime drama thriller set in a Southern College about an ex-cop who is now an ex-con after doing time for killing his wife's lover when he caught them in bed together. A murder on campus reignites his homicide investigator skills so he tries to figure it out on his own since the cops have fouled it up. More murders occur. Somebody has stolen the tapes, doesn't like what is on them. Or? Exciting plot with veteran players delivers plenty of suspense. Robert (Count Yorga) Quarry, Harris Yulin, Cameron  Mitchell, Ed Lauter, Susan Clark, a 20 year old Catherine Bach and more.   BA

J103 Mission Phantom (67) aka: Come rubare un quintale di diamanti in Russia  An enjoyable Spanish spoof of the 'international' caper films of the day. Played for laughs, yet at the same time an intriguing heist is pulled off in a clever way. Yet another obscure addition into the seemingly endless genre started by 'Dr. No' in 1962. Fernando Sancho, Eduardo Fajardo and Ingrid Schoelle star. BA

Z562 Napoleon (55) aka: Napoleon - den korsikanske ørn   Get ready. This sucker is just over 3 hours long. A lavish historical epic. Met with confusion and ridicule when released in 1955, audiences admired the attention to detail and vision, but were to flummoxed by the ambiguity depicted in the overall characterizations. From 1769 to 1821, Napoleon's life, loves, and exceptional destiny are revealed, but not always with factual accuracy. Of course blasting through 30 years in 3 hours is always a task, covering the key events, but what the hell this is the only account I know of. Most reviewers hate and despise the English dubbed version that is cut down to 90 minutes. This is the 3 hours + French language version with English subtitles. Huge cast includes the beautiful Gianna Maria Canale... and Orson Welles in a small part. Nice color.  BA

Z563 On a Moonlit Night (89) aka: Up to Date   aka: In una notte di chiaro di luna   An American journalist finds out he has AIDS while writing an article about the symptoms and how it effects people. Bummer. Once he finds out he decides to leave his wife and daughter and go off to die alone. This incredibly downbeat film didn't receive much distribution and is practically unheard of today. Rutger Hauer, Nastassja Kinski, Faye Dunaway, George Eastman (!), Lorraine Bracco and Dominique Sanda star. Maybe they wish they hadn't? LBX

J149 OSS 77: Operation Lotus (65) aka: OSS 77: Operazione fior di loto   aka: Tonnerre sur Pékin   Fu Ciu Yen, a Chinese scientist flees his country to go to the United Nations and reveal to the world that his country is in possession of the atomic bomb.  His plane explodes over Italy, but he lives.  The wounded scientist is thus admitted to a clinic in Rome.  It is up to OSS 77 to get him to his destination...   LBX and F.L. only on this rare title  BA

Z617 Private Crimes (93)  Sergio Martino directed this Italian made crime epic mini-series that stars Edwige Fenech, Ray Lovelock and many more.  Now 5 hours and 40 minutes.  Please note: Our previous print was missing it's last part!  If you ordered this prior to this update let us know, and we will replace it free of charge!  Upgrade!

J96 Professor, The (86) aka: Il camorrista  Solid gangster drama along the 'Scarface' line and loosely based on facts. Ben Gazzara is the lead in this rags-to-riches-to-comeuppance tale of gangsters, politicians crime and corruption. Gazzara as Il Professor is cold and evil with zero redeeming qualities, but we also see why and how he evolved into this monster. Plenty of violence and blood so perfect for lovers of mob type films. With a running time well over 2 hours! LBX  BA

J215 Red Sky at Morning (71) aka: That Same Summer   Set in 1944. Richard (The Waltons) Thomas, Catherine Burns and Desi Arnaz Jr. play three high-school friends in New Mexico, and this movie depicts months in their lives in WW2 time. As it turns through a series of subplots, situational life experiences (including youthful interrelationships), it maintains a special flow to the climactic and tear-jerking end. It's a classic coming-of-age story. So was 'Last Summer' which also featured Thomas and Burns, in a decidedly different outcome for them both than featured here. aka: Johnboy: Lost in New Mexico? Also with Strother Martin (stealing every scene he is in), Richard Crenna, Claire Bloom, Harry Guardino and even Joy Bang.  BA

J127 Rescue Team (83) aka: Operation Coleman   Richard Harrison stars as a drunken foul-mouthed leader of a soldier/mercenary group whose mission it is to rescue a man held captive deep in the Vietnamese jungles. Looks to be another mind-numbing patchwork of a film loaded with amusing dialogue and bloody splotches of violence in inpalings, traps, stabbings, head shots and more. Richard Harrison brings home the bacon, and serves up breakfast. Got to love these action film disasters, which I find more entertaining than many new Hollywood action films. With Romano Kristoff, and the cute/ tasty Tetchie Agbayani (of a number of swell flicks).  BA

J228 Shaolin vs. Ninja (83) aka: Shao Lin tong zi gong  aka: Die größte Schlacht der Ninja   In this 'Chinese vs. Japanese' sub-genre we see the typical portrayal of the Japanese as evil bloodthirsty thugs, and the Chinese style of fighting proving to be a superior style. Choreography is second to none, amazing work, painful battles! Praise Be to Buddha! (You'll hear that a lot!) Shaolin temple assaulted by ninjas.  Even a bit of gore!  Nice!  BA

J148 Solitaire Attacks, The (66) aka: Le solitaire passe à l'attaque  More James Bond influenced fun, this time with French Secret Agent, a Moneypenny type named Brigitte, and also a Felix type. But most notably, plenty of femme fatale or just bimbo types scattered throughout. All about a deadly weapon stolen by villains who have evil intent. Teresa Gimpera and more star. English language dub!  Print not as sharp as usual.

Z614 Speed Lovers, The 68) Punk Scott Clayton wants to be a champion race car driver like his hero but runs afoul of domineering ice-queen control freak Vanessa (red-headed doll Peggy O'Hara) and a greasy slime-ball gangster. They pressure Scott to convince his mechanic father to join Vanessa' stock racing team. Occasional snazzy split- screen, night club scenes, a killer score and plenty of foxy chicks (Carol Street as the sexy blonde Kitty...wow!), twists, turns (and crashes!) plus a surfin' twang guitar theme song that gets stuck in your head. Speeeed Loverrrrr! Billy Lee Riley!

J101 Spy with Ten Faces, The (66) aka: Upperseven  aka: Upperseven, l'uomo da uccidere   Previously only available from an old PAL tape, now a nice sharp English dubbed Widescreen version of this spy classic. Upperseven, master of disguise, tries to stamp out a diamond smuggling operation which fronts for a missile building project. Three more reasons to get this upgrade?  Karin Dor, Vivi Bach and Rosalba Neri (or is that 6?) LBX  BA

J129 Spyder (88) aka: Spyder la trampa de azucar   Vic Diaz manages into the plot of this, another violent film from the Philippines, this one littered with racism! It's about a tough L.A. cop going to Hawaii to help his Viet Nam buddy, only to find him covered in blood and shot to death by a gang of criminals who (among other things) like to hold P.O.W.'s captive. One of them is a kung-fu master that has a nasty resentment towards blacks. Diaz is a tough island cop who is also bent on taking the gang down. Blake Bahner is 'Spyder'. He had a short but memorable career, utilizing his battle skills mostly. He was a WKF (World Kick Fighting) Champion back in his day.  BA

J224 Summerfield (77) Simon Robinson (Nick Tate of 'Space 1999') is sent to replace another teacher who has disappeared from a remote township in Victoria, Australia. Simon almost immediately falls in with the Abbot family who live on the isolated family estate of Summerfield. But everybody seems to know something about the missing man maybe, or something more sinister.... When Simon investigates himself he may not like what he finds.... Shades of 'The Wicker Man'? A beautiful and haunting film. An atmospheric mystery with a sprinkle of eroticism. LBX  BA

J195 Sword, The (80) aka: Ming jian  aka: Das Schwert  After encountering two fellow swordsman, Li (Adam Cheng) comes across his old love. She tells him that not only has the town turned into ruin, but that she has moved on to another man. But her new husband is evil and insanely jealous and sends henchmen to kill Li. Things get even more complicated after that. Some nice stylized gore in this one, not over the top (although that is good too!).  LBX and with English subtitles  BA

Z615 Thunder in Dixie (64) Ticker and Mickey (Harry Millard) are buds. Until Ticker finds out that Mickey has done did Ticker's wife (Judy Lewis, the love-child of Clark Gable and Loretta Young). Now they are in a feud. Mickey can only get his wife back if he wins the annual Bible-Belt Race-a-Thon! An  amazing car and racetrack classic! Richard (Warlock) Kuss is the comedy relief. Richard Petty, the King of Stock Car Racing, makes an appearance! (Uncredited that is, look for him) Harry Millard, the star of this, got cancer and died in 1969 at the age of 41.

Z566 Vice Squad (85) aka: Brigade des moeurs  Opens with a familiar scene of street hookers but soon we are in the morgue looking at the nude corpses of trannies. Our hero on the vice squad, about solving the simplest routine crimes, is thrown into situations of violent dread. This is dead serious stuff from director Max Pecas, and when the investigation of a dead prostitute derails, one cop will stop at nothing for violent revenge. He has his reasons. Soft-core sex and over-the-top-violence. I'm in. In French language and with English subtitles.  BA

J100 Warning, The (80) aka: L'avvertimento   When they discover mafia-influenced corruption within the department, two policemen (Giuliano Gemma and Martin Balsam) put themselves into deep uncharted territories of danger and as they investigate, the moral quandaries of the situation prove difficult to solve. Extremely complex Italian political crime thriller. Also with Laura Trotter. LBX  BA

J118 When Dragons Collide (73) aka: The Rendezvous of Warriors  aka: Tou du ke  aka: Opération Ceinture Noire  After being deposed by his two associates, Lung-Shen travels the Far East and learns karate for revenge.  Back in Hong Kong, three years later, he finds the lair of Pao, his enemy.  What he does NOT know is that his fiancée, Corinne, is the leader of this gang….    LBX and with English subtitles

Z547 Wolves in the Sheepfold (60) aka: Les loups dans la bergerie   Home invaders on the lam infiltrate a halfway house where a couple houses problem teenagers/hoodlums (not all bad). With this many maladjusted people about, one can only expect things to go from bad to worse and things are going to be getting pretty nasty for somebody eventually.  Another forgotten French Thriller with some good tension and suspense. LBX and with English subtitles.





J108 Carpet of Horror, The (62) aka: Der Teppich des Grauens  With his preferred method of murder being a lethal gas, an evil genius begins to systematically eliminate his enemies. The carpet of horror title refers to the strange stain left behind on the carpets of the victims, a direct result of the poisons settling in after the misty kills. Reminds one of an Edgar Wallace type film. Nice action and an exciting finale. Karin Dor and many more star. Now LBX!  BA

Z603 Crows, The (06) aka: Die Krähen   First there was 'The Birds'. Now.... Genetically altered crows wreak havoc in a small community. The crows are very bold, and go straight to the source of food without a care. A pregnant woman makes it her personal mission to warn the people and spread awareness. But there is a larger conspiracy at play here. This is a German production, in German language and with English subtitles. LBX

J221 Death Flight (77) aka: SST: Death Flight   aka: Aeropuerto 78   Disaster in the sky with an all-star cast! Uncut International Version with Nudity! The inaugural flight of 'Maiden One', the first supersonic transport plane. A disgruntled crazed mechanic with a hateful grudge against his employer, sabotages the flight by putting detergent in the hydraulic lines. Three crew members are burned to death. A virus is released. Everything that can go wrong... Lorne Greene, Doug McClure, Misty Rowe, Peter Graves, Burgess Meredith, Tina Louise, Robert Reed, Season Hubley and many more star. This uncut version has nudity from Misty Rowe when Bert Convy practically rips her dress off. She doesn't mind however. Peter Graves acts like his same character in 'Airplane'.  BA

J222 Death of Me Yet, The (71) aka: Ein tödlicher Fehler  In 1964, KGB agent Doug McClure lives in a faux American town (training) in Russia. Meg Foster plays his faux wife/girlfriend in this scenario. He is activated to go to America as a spy. He will infiltrate a small town easily. 6 years later we see him as a small town newspaper editor in America, married to Rosemary Forsyth. Darrin McGavin is Joe Chalk, an American Agent that has almost put the pieces of the puzzle together. Meanwhile, the Russians come for him. Downbeat Double-Crossing and well made. Twist ending.

J225 Death Ray 2000 (81) Here we have the pilot for the series 'A Man Called Sloane'. The military has developed a ray that turns people into skeletons. A group of faux nuns under terrorist employ manage to steel it. Sloane (Robert Logan) is on the case. Super antiques dealer/playboy type with a fancy classic car by day, secret agent man (complete with come-on women and gadgets) of sorts at night. A super-computer is voiced by Michele Carey who also did the voice for the short-lived series which replaced Robert Logan with Robert Conrad. A villain with a fancy lair. A big black henchman with a metal-robot-hand and more. Also with Ann Turkel. above average MFTV, not usual cheap, like a feature film with plenty of locations. The showdown with metal-hand in the finale is pretty funny however.  BA


J234 Ghosts: Disc One (95) Another Horror Show from England!  These were in 1 hour time slots so each episode is around 50 minutes. 2 Episodes per Disc. First: I'll Be Watching You (with Derrick O'Conner and Anita Dobson) and second, Blood and Water (with Paul Rhys).

J235 Ghosts: Disc 2 (95) Three Miles Up (two brothers on holiday hear strange noises in the lake while out on their boat in a dark lake) + The Chemistry Lesson (Samantha Bond, Allen Cumming and Sylvia Syms star) A school teacher finds a novel but dangerous way to attract the object of his desire, one of his colleagues. Nude pagan rituals around large Stonehenge like stones figure into this tale of horror!

J236 Ghosts: Disc 3 (95) Massage (with Kevin McNally) A stressed out guy gets a massage from a woman to take away stress.... but she's a witch! Nudity and Sex. + The Shadowy Third  A student nurse watches an old woman and gets more than she bargained for. A cool show, all of them, played straight with no comedy.

J189 In Self Defense (87) aka: Hollow Point   Linda Purl plays a special needs worker named Susan who witnesses Edward Reeves (Billy Drago at his slimy best) commit murder. She testifies against him and the judge lets him go. Now he is after her. Susan is no victim. She is armed and dangerous. Big bad Yaphet Kotto is Lt. Tyrell.  Not bad.  BA

J217 Killing Affair, A (77) aka: Behind the Badge   Elizabeth Montgomery and O.J. Simpson are detective cops... O.J. is a hot tempered trigger happy guy. He shoots a fleeing rapist in the back. That gets him promoted to homicide and Vicki (Montgomery) as his partner. Who says crime doesn't pay? O.J. is married to Rosalind (The Omega Man) Cash and they have a 12 year old son (Todd Bridges). Dean Stockwell is a suitable creepy killer. O.J. cheats on his wife and has an affair with Elizabeth Montgomery. Meanwhile the killer strikes again. How appropriate a title for an O.J. Simpson film.

J205 Monster of Frankenstein (81) aka: Kyofu densetsu: Kaiki! Furankenshutain    Japanese animation meets Marvel! Captures the Victorian era, but also Gothic Horror. Feature length, just over an hour and a half. This is pretty good for a cartoon. It tells the tale of the monster and his creator. But also follows a little blonde girl who befriends the monster. Sickly sweet at times, mixed with spurts of blood and graphic violence. Those two contrasts make this something special. Downbeat, and yes people die, violently even. Great use of colors in this cartoon. A kids film? Sure. But if they are little wimps steer clear. In English   BA

J223 Omen, The (95) Unsold Pilot for a proposed series! A writer/reporter for the Associated Press, an E.R. nurse and a doctor, try to stop a demonic entity that has possessed a woman who is attempting to steal a flesh-eating virus that was developed in the hospital's secret wing by the military in their top secret pursuit to create the ultimate biological weapon. From director Jack (The Hidden) Sholder. Brett Cullen, William Sadler and more star.  (approx 45m)

J217 Tenth Level, The (76) Inspired by the Stanley Milgram obedience research. The experiment involves convincing a subject that he or she was testing another subject (who was actually not. but was performing out of sight, and could obviously be heard)  by supplying info and then asking questions. A wrong answer from the hidden subject required the real subject to administer a shock, and each successive wrong answer receives a higher-voltage shock, up to the 'Tenth Level' which is lethal. Shocking how far most will go.... William Shatner is devilishly over-the-top brilliant as the fiendish doctor. John Travolta shows up though uncredited and still unknown. Also with Ossie Davis, Lindsay Crouse, Viveca Lindfors, Estelle Parsons, 

Z611 Woman of Darkness (66) aka: Yngsjömordet  Young Per is having an inappropriate relationship with his mother. Per marries a woman for her money, but won't sleep with her. The new wife senses something is not right about his relationship with her now mother-in-law. Apparently Norman Bates wasn't the only one with a creepy mother. This however is based on the most talked about case in Swedish history up to that point. The outcome is horrific. We see what happens through witnesses. There is judgment and an execution. Extremely well made and haunting. In Swedish and with English subtitles.

J232 Worlds Beyond (86) Supernatural Anthology Series from England! They play it straight and some are quite spooky indeed! This first disc includes the following episodes: Serenade for Dead Lovers (written by Brian Clemens and starring Nancy (Last Man Standing) Travis and Jason Connery), The Black Tomb (with Eli Wallach), The Barrington Case (with Natasha Richardson), The Eye of Yemanja (written by Brian Clemens), Voice From the Gallows (written by Brian Clemens and starring Darren McGavin), Home (starring Louise Fletcher), Captain Randolph (with Ann Turkel), Suffer Little Children (with Karen Black). Brilliant spooky show here.

J233 Worlds Beyond: Disc 2 (86) Features the following: Oliver's Ghost (with Denholm Elliot). That's it.  + This is Horror: with Steven King, Linnea Quigley and loads of clips.  + an episode of 'Monsters' called 'The Mother Instinct'.





J126 Indestructible Man (77) aka: Yikilmayan Adam   Cuneyt Arkin stars in this tale as 'the man who cannot be killed!'. Much to the chagrin of the mob who wants him dead. But he will be the one to look out for as he kills them with bullets, in battle and sometimes with kung fu... more. The bastards should not have betrayed him. Now it is payback time! Presented here with English subtitles.

J121 Turkish Straw Dogs (74) aka: Eagle House aka: Kartal Yuvasi   Impact of Peckinpah's film would have repercussions. Done quite violently as we would only expect from a tale with a home invasion on a farmhouse. City slicker type arrives in a rural area with a lustful blonde and eventually all hell breaks loose after they give refuge to the wrong guy. The local men, like wild animals... hairy, big and burly. We know they are headed for trouble! Faces burned with boiling water, bodies set on fire, impaling by pitchfork, rape, axes, beatings.... a good time is had by all... or at least by the viewer! Nice LBX and with English subtitles!  BA

Z578 Witch With Flying Head, The (82) aka: Fei tou mo nu  In Chinese language and finally with English subtitles. Yes, this is the Jason of China, one of the many. We have slashers, they have numerous ancient horrors. In this case a head with a spine and pulsating internal organs hanging from it, flying around and biting people! It can also spit fire, shoot laser beams, and even blow out little exploding disco balls! This bitch is not messing around! Also features a wizard who secretes magic snakes from his eye-balls! By day, our witch is an innocent girl with a terrible curse. I'll say! Nobody is going to ask her for head, ever! Don't miss the blood-saturated showdown where teeth tears into flesh, knives penetrate intestines, and an axe drinks mightily the spraying blood of necks and limbs.  BA




Z532 Cross of the Devil (75) aka: The Devil's Cross  aka: La cruz del diablo   Co-scripted by John Gilling and Paul Naschy! How's that for a writing team? Devil worshipping bandits calling themselves 'The Devil's Cross' murder the sister of a British novelist. He has been having nightmares about Templar Knights in the form of Ghosts and Skull-Crusaders. There is a connection. Known by some as the 5th 'Blind Dead' type films, but Ossorio is nowhere in sight! John Gilling was in Spain and talked into this by Paul Naschy. Gilling directs. Spanish Horror directed by a Hammer veteran. See also Jess Franco's 'Mansion of the Living Dead' for quite possibly the last word on the 'Blind Dead' types, at least in the classic sense. In Spanish and with English subtitles.  BA




Z591 Live to Kill, Kill to Live (70) aka: El tunco Maclovio  aka: Viveva per uccidere, uccideva per vivere…   A rich and corrupt land-snatching lady despises the fact that her daughter is smitten with a young farmer, right in part of an area she wants to grab. She sends for the legendary gunman Maclovio (Julio Aleman of the vampire 'Nostrodamus' films) to kill Julian, her daughter's love. Mercenary Macolvio arrives and is immediately haunted by bad things he did in this region in the past. He is also a hunted man. All hell breaks loose with a power struggle in the town. This is a 'Taco' western, which is to say, it is a Mexican production. With violence and nudity it would most likely receive an 'R' rating today. Killer theme music 'Django' influenced? The action begins right away with a violent showdown. So much happens in the first part the opening credits don't even start until 13 minutes in! This is Uncut at 101 minutes, but there are a few scenes never translated that are in Spanish language only.   BA

J109 Sabata the Killer (70) aka: Arriva Sabata!  Two robbers (Sabata played by Anthony Steffen and Mangosta played by Eduardo Fajardo) are out and about the business of bank robbing. They are joined by a a bank worker/card player/embezzler (Peter Lee Lawrence). Much action, assaults and gunplay as they are pursued by a posse, come close to being strung up, and engage in a number of shenanigans, some being quite hilarious! And yet this is not your typical story as many die, things turn, and what an offbeat ending! LBX  BA

J77 Stranger in Paso Bravo, A (68) aka: Uno straniero a Paso Bravo  Returning to his small town (after serving time in prison) to avenge the murder of his wife and daughter (for which he was blamed), Gary Hamilton (Anthony Steffen) hunts the town boss and his henchmen one by one. The lead villain (Eduardo Fajardo) wants Hamilton's head on a pole. How many will have to die? Also with Giulia Rubini. Nice English dub.  BA

J110 Watch Out Gringo! Sabata Will Return (72) aka: Judas... ¡toma tus monedas!   Sabata and Texas resolve a conflict among nasty robbers that want to take a gold shipment, and the Union Army that is transporting it. Double -crosses throughout with plenty of action, what usually happens where large quantities of gold are involved. Greed! Rosalba Neri is kidnapped by the bad guys, adding some much needed female scenery to the proceedings. George Martin, Fernando Sancho and more star.

Z621 White Fang (73) aka: Zanna Bianca   This is the first Lucio Fulci 'White Fang' film never before listed! Our heroic canine helps a nun, a fur trapper (Franco Nero) and an Eskimo boy as they rid the town of a sleazy crime boss in the Yukon of 1896. Amazing locations! Virna Lisi as Sister Evangelina (she returned as the same character in the sequel), Fernando Rey, John Steiner, Raimund Harmstorf, Carole Andre and more!  BA

Z577 Winnetou: The Red Gentleman (64) aka: Winnetou - 2. Teil   aka: Giorni di fuoco  A ruthless oil baron tries to cause a new Indian uprising when he pits them against the white men. Can Winnetou stop this. Wagon trains and settlements are attacked and the Indians are blamed... the conflict is almost at hand. The oil baron wants the Indians wiped out so he can swipe their oil rich lands. There will be blood. This one is nice LBX and not only do you get Pierre Brice as Winnetou and Lex Barker as Old Shatterhand, there are many more notable players here. Anthony Steel, Klaus Kinski, Karin Dor and Terence Hill! This would be Hill's first spaghetti! LBX  BA