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BA=  Color Box Art Available for an additional $3.00  

FL= Film is in Foreign Language

Lbx=  Letterboxed or Widescreen format 

Subs=  Film is subtitled

aka= Also Known As  (alternate titles)




7923                  Blood of Heroes, The (89) Sharper quality of the film known as 'Salute of the Jugger' (description below) and no subtitles on the screen, but this version is 10 minutes shorter!   BA

7918                  Final Programme, The (73) aka: The Last Days of Man on Earth  aka: Alfa Omega - Il principio della fine   A tasty world contrast to 'Soylent Green', 'The Omega Man' and 'No Blade of Grass' amongst others In this future world, Jon Finch stars as Jerry Cornelius, Nobel Prize Winner, Rock Star and Secret Agent.  Off to rescue his sister from the clutches of his wicked brother, in a future broken world.  Rampant sexuality, drugs everywhere, no respect for any type of authority..  The story is more complex, and concepts and ideas are even heavier than that.  Set designs and direction from Robert Fuest will remind some of his Dr.  Phibes sets.  Patrick Magee, Julie Ege, Sarah Douglas and more.   BA

7936                  Final Shot (86) aka: Et skud fra hjertet   A post apocalyptic film from Denmark, maybe the first.   In the future, northern Europe is untamed and 'Mad Max' crazy.  When a group of soldiers is enlisted to transport a prisoner through the wastelands in a large militarized bus, they are subjected to a violent attack by roving marauders who rule the ruins.  The rest of the film is survival of the fittest and the carrying out of the initial mission led by the survivors.  In Danish language and with no subtitles. 

6576                  Interzone (89) aka: Lobos guerreros  In a nuked out future, a mysterious treasure guarded by monks, must be protected from wayward warlords.  The 'Interzone' is the last fertile region left on Earth.  Swan (Bruce Abbott of 'Reanimator') saves 'Panasonic' who is scouting against the raiders, who are led by Mantis (female bodybuilder Teagan Clive, also known as the lead alien destroyer in 'Alienator').  Look for Laura Gemser in a small uncredited part as Panasonic's brother's wife.  Claudio Fragasso and Joe D'Amato were involved in this one.    BA

7946 Quarantine (89) aka: Escape 2001  Set in a dystopian '1984' Orwellian society run by a Dictatorship that employs a quarantine committee that is enlisted with the task of sending 'suspected' infected 'public health risks' into isolated concentration camps.  The sick, and the 'not' sick are packed together.  There is no return from this place.  They have been sent there to die.  The culling of the herd.  The purge.  The Senator decides who goes and who doesn't go (hmmm by what criteria?), no matter how limited the evidence.  Enter a revolutionary....   BA

7924 Salute of the Jugger (89)  aka: Die Jugger - Kampf der Besten  Technology has been erased by the cruel wars.  Juggers play the game with the skull of a dog.  Six people, led by Sallow (Rutger Hauer) travel to play this brutal, medieval form of football, the centerpiece of the film.  Both teams will try to get the dog skull on a stake at opposite ends of a small playing field.  But only a small padded player from each team can actually touch the skull.  The others are armed with spiked bats, chains, mallets, clubs and very bad attitudes.  Another variation on a 'Mad Max' styled world.  Vincent D'Onofrio is 'Young Gar'.  Delroy Lindo is 'Mbulu'.  Also with Anna Katarina, Joan Chen.  Uncut 100 minute version with tiny foreign subtitles but of course English language.   BA

6573 Survival Zone (83) aka: 1994 - Nur die Starken überleben  TV star Gary Lockwood took a small break from episodes of 'Hart to Hart' and 'The Fall Guy' to get his 'post-apoc' out in this action thriller.  Small pockets of land still exist, unaffected by nuclear fallout.  Here we find peaceful men, farming, trying to survive with their families.  Enter leather-clad cannibalistic bikers....  Good and Evil Clash in a Nuclear Aftermath!  Gangs, jousting, brutal violence and more.  Zoli Marki (as Rachel Farber) also stars.   BA

7991 Wild Sex of the Children of the Night (82) aka: Punks - Os Filhos da Noite  Where to put this one? Looks like 'The Warriors' was a huge influence on Brazil.  The near future involves warring tribes, that are dedicated to the latest post-apoc fashions.  One of them looks like 'Wonder Woman'.  Others in assorted odd gear, leather etc.  Action takes place mostly at night when people gather in groups, usually fighting over who should be in charge.  Main groups are The Lady's, the Baby's, the Drago's and the Rato's.  One guy stands alone, and looks like a barbarian.  He faces punk tribes single handed.  He stands for values long forgotten.  With English subtitles.    



6583 Deadlier Than the Male (67) aka: Más peligrosas que los hombres  Perhaps the best of the super spy movies imitating Bond, but beautiful femme fatale's delivering the goods.  The women are killers, and they are stunningly beautiful.  Sylva Koscina's Penelope is kittenish, sensual, and apologetic, even as she is torturing or killing a man.  The murders are thrilling, clever and brutal, not campy.  The film bristles with humor, excitement and invention, something new, then.  Elke Sommer in a bikini wielding a spear gun is just as sexy as any Bond moment.  These tough 'easy on the eyes' 60's chicks simply smoke these new 'tough' women of our times, in both looks and personality, onscreen and off.  The female assassin film may have climaxed here, at least for me.  Also with Richard Johnson as Drummond and Suzannah Leigh (a very nice lady, she talked my head off in 99 for like a half hour).  Also with Nigel Green.   BA

6574 Deadly Vengeance (81) aka: L'exécutrice sauvage  One of the sleaziest of the blaxploitation films.  It's a gratifyingly nasty revenge thriller with gratuitous sex and nudity.  Tacky hilarious plaid suits with wide lapels (to be fair, all the rage when this was filmed), wig-sporting men, fake mustaches, Grace Jones naked in an outrageous sex scene, slathered on make-up, really bad acting, energetic camera work and editing, priceless one-liners and the men in the room will be crossing their legs when they see........  Yow!  Not a rape revenge, but a revenge for a murdered lover story.   BA

6575 Hell's Chosen Few (68) Fighting, drinking and pursuing women, this is the way of the dirty, sleazy, greasy, biker (as depicted here in this film).  When biker Willie (Gary Kent) gets framed and arrested for a murder he did not commit, his estranged Viet Nam vet brother Joe (Jody Daniels) joins 'Hell's Chosen Few' undercover-like, to find out the truth.  He also has to deal with a corrupt sheriff, whose daughter witnessed the killing, and she is not allowed to talk to anybody about it.  With Trailer  BA

6577 Some Girls Do (69) aka: Alcune ragazze lo fanno  Politically incorrect awesomeness with easy to score with beauties sprinkled throughout.  This was after 'Deadlier Than the Male', and this time out Richard Johnson (as 'Bulldog' Drummond) is investigating new incidents of sabotage carried out by beautiful young women (robot girls!).  Daliah Lavi and Beba Loncar head a long line of luscious babes, including a young Joanna Lumley, and the delectable Adrienne Posta!  There are even some robot 'twins'!  LBX and there are some foreign subtitles on the screen but this is English language.  Don't forget to order 'Deadlier Than the Male' #6583 to complete the set.   BA






6579 Bluebeard (44) aka: De zaak Barbe bleue  Tormented painter and puppeteer Gaston Morel (John Carradine) hires pretty women so he can paint their portraits in turn of the century Paris.  Then, driven mad for reasons we find out later, he strangles them.  But then he falls in love with one of them.  The puppet shows are amazing.  John Carradine himself considered this one of his finest performances.  Sinister, chilling, atmospheric, classic.  A pearl from poverty row.    BA

6581 Call of the South Seas (44) aka: Tahia, A Deusa da Selva   Studio shot tale set in Tahiti where erupting volcanoes look like oil strikes, the women wear dark wigs and the natives dispense advice.  Enter a drunken sailor (Allen Lane, the voice of 'Mr.  Ed') who arrives and falls for the island dame, you know, the one who is the prettiest, and she even sings (Janet Martin).  The good guys and the bad guys have a shootout on the bay as a volcano erupts (what looks like) yards away.  Manages to entertain, because of the shortcomings of the low budget.  Saucy gal Janet Martin also sang in 'Lady and the Monster' and others.   BA

6562 City Struck by Lightning, The (24) aka: La cité foudroyée    'I will harness the power of lightning!' a half-mad scientist exclaims.  Mocked by his colleagues, he is now destitute.  When he meets a stranger, who shares with him his similar ambitions and successes in harnessing power from a waterfall, they join.  Soon we see the test of the apparatus...  now it is time to put it to good use, by threatening the total destruction of neighborhoods unless a large ransom is paid.  Paris will fall and you will see the Eiffel Tower in ruin.  No English translation for this French made film. 

7962 Decoy (46) aka: Inganno   Ruthless femme fatales, an executed felon (Robert Armstrong) is brought back to life with an exotic chemical (he alone knows where the loot is), betrayal, submission, betrayal....  noir hybrid with cold-blooded murders.  Mortally wounded, told in flashback. Jean Gillie is spectacularly evil in this, one of her last films before dying of pneumonia in 1949 at age 33.  Upgrade!   BA

W76 Devil's Cargo (48) aka: A Carga do Diabo  John Calvert as 'The Falcon' in this post war version (14th in the series) with a different take on the series.  When a gambler is found shot to death in his own mansion, a small time hood is the suspect, and he drops off a key to The Falcon, to hold until after he is cleared.  But when the hood is killed in prison, The Falcon must learn who is responsible, and just what is it that this key unlocks? Rochelle Hudson, Lyle Talbot and more star.   BA

7901 It Happened at the Inn (43) aka: Goupi mains rouges  A son returns to his family (the Goupi's) that he left long ago.  They are one strange and twisted group the Goupi's, these rather wicked rural relatives, complete with a tipsy centenarian patriarch.  When there is a killing, the list of suspects is a long one.  Complexities aside, a well thought out detailed little 'country Hitchcock' styled French film.  With English subtitles.   BA

6571 Liliom (30) aka: La leggenda di Liliom  Not the Fritz Lang version (listed on page #36 in catalog #1), this is the 1930 version directed by Frank Borzage.  Charles Farrell stars as 'Liliom' a no-good carnival barker, who entices pretty young ladies to ride the carousel at the fairground.  An ignorant woman submits to him.  Liliom is a cheat, with no redeeming values.  Things go wrong and he plunges a knife in his chest.  The after death scenes with the magistrate of death is when Liliom talks himself back into a life, to make amends on Earth for his wicked ways.  But first he must spend 10 years in hell.   BA

7875 Man Who Committed the Murder, The (31) aka: Der Mann, der den Mord beging  Pre-Third Reich talkie with the great Conrad Viedt (before he fled Germany).  He is the Marquis de Sevigne who falls for the beautiful Lady Falkland, who is married to a strict lord, who mistreats her horribly.  The architecture, the beauty, decadence and attention to detail,  the splendor, the....  breasts? The circus scene has a topless acrobat!  Nice.  Too bad that bastard Hitler screwed up Germany, I can only imagine an alternate universe where the film community progressed from this point, contributing masterpieces to cinema.  The brothel women the men visit, like a Hellfire Club for a night out with the boys (one of the women might be a man in drag) ....English subtitles.   BA

W78 Prison Train (38) Fred Keating is mobster boss Frankie Terris, who kills the son of his rival in a fight.  Sentenced to Alcatraz he must survive the cross country trek on the prison train, with the rival's thugs vowing he will never reach Alcatraz alive.  On a side note- famous fan dancer and Burlesque performer  Faith Bacon (who plays Maxine) attempted suicide several times and finally succeeded in 1956 by jumping from the third floor of a Chicago hotel building.   This is her only film appearance.   BA

7900 Strangers in the House (42) aka: Les inconnus dans la maison   Since his wife left him, almost twenty years ago, the once brilliant lawyer Loursat (Raimu- who Orson Welles once called the greatest actor who ever lived) has slumped into a life of despondency and drunkenness.  He lives in a vast empty house with his teenage daughter, Nicole (Juliette Faber), with whom he hardly communicates.   One fateful day, something happens which pulls Loursat back from the abyss: he discovers a dead body in his house.  When his daughter and her group of rebellious young friends are charged with the murder, Loursat decides to take charge of the case.    Murder mystery with sardonic Gallic overtones.   With English subtitles.   BA

7826 That's the Spirit (45) aka: L'esprit fait du swing  Ghostly comedy about a deceased father who returns after 15 years to right some wrongs and protect his daughter after finally convincing his heavenly bureaucrat (played by Buster Keaton) to let him leave heaven, and go back to fix things.  Musical numbers, comedy, and more, including a creepy specter of death, the reaper, played by a lusty Karen Randle.   BA

W88 Torture Ship (39)  aka: Mil muertos en el mar  A mad doctor has isolated what he calls 'the active ingredient of the endocrine glands that govern criminality'.  He begins to experiment on notorious criminals that agree to go on a ship where there is no scrutiny.  Poverty Row fun.  From a short story by Jack London.  Guinea pigs at sea aboard a ship of fools on a voyage of the damned.    No longer the short 40 something minute version, but the full uncut 57 minute version!   





7917 Adventures of Superboy, The (66) One hour of the best Superboy cartoons (and his Superdog sidekick).  First: The Revolt of Robotville   2. The Great Kryptonite Caper   3. Krypto's Calamitous Capers   4. Double Trouble, Double Doom   5. Superboy Meets Mighty Lad   6. The Black Knight   7. Krypto,  Super-Seeing Eye Dog   8. The Jinxed Circus

7835 Animal Farm (54) Thought it may be time to brush up on this one.  Gotta' know what happens next.  A parable.  A warning.  Dealing with a dictatorship, communist theory, military warlords, the democratic process and political theories...  all in a cartoon format on a farm, with animals as the characters.  Could it work? Will it work maybe is the right question as I write this in February of 2021.  Only time will tell.  George Orwell would have enjoyed this adaptation of his novel, but they kind of screwed up the ending, which might have pissed him off.    BA

W80 Baron Prásil (61) aka: The Fabulous Baron Munchausen   A time when movies were actually made by 'real' artists, not kids on laptops.  Enter Karl Zeman!  A cosmonaut lands on the moon.  He meets there historical figures led by Baron Munchausen.  They go to18th century Earth and rescue a fair princess from the Sultan of Turkey, and go on a series of imaginative adventures.  Stop-motion, paintings, flying ships, wild color tints, special effects galore.  Like a fever dream.  This version in Czech and with English subtitles.  Magnificent.   BA

6585 Bigfoot (70) aka: Big Foot - Das größte Monster aller Zeiten   Bikers, Hillbillies, Babes and Bigfoot!  Women are being abducted and it seems Bigfoot and his clan are behind it.  Bigfoot needs women for breeding purposes.  Jasper B.  Hawks (John Carradine acting up a storm) wants to catch one, while the bikers want to rescue the girl from Bigfoot's hairy clutches.  It is as fun as it sounds!  Joi Lansing is one of the girls.  Nice.  Hippie score, nostalgic badness, shot at Big Bear Lake and San Bernardino National Forest.  Hated by many, loved by few.  A real hoot if you ask me.  Judith Jordan, John and Christopher Mitchum, James Craig and more star.  Blonde bombshell Joi Lansing's last film, she would be dead from breast cancer 2 years later in Santa Monica at age 43.   BA

W83 Blazing Sand (60) aka: Brennender Sand   According to legend, a treasure is to be found by finding the city of Petra in the kingdom of Jordan.  No man has ever survived this treasure hunt on the other side of the Jordan river.  They will soon find out why men have never returned.....  Notable Daliah Lavi as Dina is gorgeous, and mysterious. 

7857 Blue Tornado (91) aka: Time Flash   Close Encounters meets Top Gun with Dirk Benedict.  Dirk loses his wingman, then loses his nerve.  David Warner rambles on about following procedure.  Dirk must climb a mountain to see if the aliens, and possibly his missing wingman are up top.  He is lead by an old man that seems to be doing all the work.  Alex (Benedict) meets Isabella (Patsy Kensit).  They are making out in what seems like mere moments.  Inept, incompetent, incoherent, and STILL better than 'Top Gun'!  Where the hell are the aliens?  BA

7967 Cavegirl (85) aka: Cavegirl: La chica de las cavernas   A strange crystal sends a loser nerd back into the stone age where he meets (and saves) a beautiful cavegirl named Eba (Cynthia Thompson).  Now he is enlisted to help her clan battle the local cannibal tribe.  A respectable amount of nice female breasts on display, this being the 1980's, when films were fun and not just art pretentious like most Hollywood crapola these days.  'Oh, I don't do nudity' Party poopers.  So our nerd (played by Daniel Roebuck by the way, this being his first film) now has to decide whether or not to go back to the future, or stay here with Eba.  Or....   Cynthia Thompson was a babe.  She was only in a few movies.  She died of cancer in 2009 in California at age 50.   BA

7972 Count of Monte Cristo, The (75) aka: El conde de Monte Cristo  Well scripted simplification of the plot with a star-studded cast.  Richard Chamberlain is spectacular as Edmond Dantes, who is falsely convicted by his jealous so-called friends, and sent to the hellish prison island Monte Cristo.  Told of a secret treasure by a dying prisoner, he escapes.  finds the treasure, and returns to vanquish his enemies.  Donald Pleasence, Louis Jordan, Trevor Howard, Tony Curtis, Anthony Dawson, Kate Nelligan and Taryn (Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger) Power star.  A superior production all around.  Taryn Power, daughter of Tyrone, died in June 2020 of leukemia at age 66.   BA

6569 Demon Pond (79) aka: Yasha-ga-ike  Stunning!  Myth and superstition hold center stage in this fantastic tale of a haunted mountain lake in the remote Japanese hinterland, home of the beautiful Dragon Queen and her myriad spirit consorts.  When a traveling schoolteacher happens upon the region where the inhabitants are suffering a serious drought, rather than to disturb the underwater demon, whose release is checked by the ritual sounding of a sacred bell.   Finally available in a pretty decent print and with English subtitles.   BA

7832 Desert Legion (53) aka: La legione del Sahara  A French Foreign Legion Captain travels deep into the deserts of Northern Africa where he finds the lost city of Madara and the beautiful princess Morjana (Arlene Dahl).   Like 'Beau Geste' meets 'Lost Horizon'.   Plenty of action in this Color classic also starring Alan Ladd and Richard Conte.   BA

7862 Eyes of the Serpent (94) aka: Time Barbarians II: The Eye of the Serpent  One princess two princess.  A magic sword, no ...  two magic swords, the battle for a kingdom, goofy sidekicks...  and then a bare-chested Conan wannabe swordsman arrives just in time to help.  Low budget late sword and sorcery offering that features beautiful women and nudity.  Imagine 'Xena' with some lusty nudity and you get the idea!   BA

6565 Genghis Khan and His Mongols (59) aka: Kogan no misshi  aka: King of the Mongols  The murderous Kubla Khan cuts a swath of blood across Japan.   A samurai is sent on a mission by the Emperor to the Prince who is commanding Fort Izawa, the last stronghold.   His journey is long and perilous.   When he gets there it is discovered that there is a secret oil well under the Fort.   Fire that Burns!   There will be an epic final battle!   Alternate version of #H390   This version is Widescreen and with English subtitles. 

7829 Kali Yug: Vengeance of Kali (63) aka: Kali Yug, la dea della vendetta  Italian language with no subtitles.  A doctor, whose shipment of serum meant for a plague-stricken village is stolen, supposedly by servants of the God Kali!  Claudine Auger (in black/brown face!) as a temple dancer may be one of the reasons this film is so obscure.  You get the Hindu religion, a trouble making sect leader, Lex Barker and Senta Berger, the British occupation of India, Klaus Kinski...  Uncut LBX version.    BA

7961 Killer Ape (53) + Valley of Headhunters (53) Jungle Jim (Johnny Weissmuller) Double Feature.  Get the popcorn ready.  First.  A man-ape (played by 8 foot tall Max Palmer) is terrorizing the invaders into his valley.  Meanwhile, Jungle Jim is after bad scientists who are capturing wild animals for experimentation.  All clash.  Also with Carol Thurston and Ray (it) Corrigan.  Second feature.  An evil explorer uses threats to score mineral rights by blackmailing a tribe of head hunters.  Political intrigue and dirty deeds.  Will Jungle Jim get to the bottom of it?  Also with Christine Larson (Ronald Reagan's squeeze before Nancy). 

6545 Maciste in the Court of the Great Khan (61) aka: Samson and the Seven Miracles of the World  aka: Maciste alla corte del Gran Khan  - Alternate version!   Riccardo Freda directs!  Gordon Scott is Maciste/Samson (take your pick!) in this convoluted action-packed colorful sword and sandal now in a beautiful Widescreen.  This time he is in China (just part of his adventures) helping people gain freedom.  Okay, I'll bite.  But China? Exotic locales as he fights, saves men buried up to their heads from having chariots with bladed wheels chop them up, pulls a big tree up by the roots, knocking his adversaries to earth from above, jumps into a pit to save a man from a hungry tiger..  and the classic freeing of himself from being buried in a mountain by starting an earthquake!  Geez, I must have lost track of the miracles, was that seven? Don't worry, there are more!  Gordon Scott himself seems to have done some amazing work in a chariot ala Charlton Heston (a homage?).  Sprawling, larger than life, more so with this version which makes it look like an epic compared to the old full frame version.  This version is in Italian language and with English subtitles.   BA

7833 Moon and Sixpence, The (42) aka: Soberbia  Charles Strickland (George Sanders) abandons his job and family to start painting.  In search of beauty.  Charles becomes George Sanders in a way, the above-it-all man who criticizes society, the nihilist bohemian.  The scenes in Tahiti where he meets 'Ata' (played by a lovely Elena Verdugo) are incredible.  Verdugo never looked better.  This movie is haunting in many ways, very politically incorrect, and should be remembered as a timeless classic.   BA 

7818 Night in Paradise (46) aka: Notte di paradiso  In Technicolor!  Temptatious tale of a queen (Merle Oberon) who would rather romance than reign!  Wild tale, with Turhan Bey as Aesop, who falls for the King's intended bride (Oberon).  Gale Sondergaard plays a sorceress who influences the outcome of things by making mystical appearances in mirrors and steam baths.  Obscure I think, broadcast version has old commercials, all we could find.   BA

7933 Odongo (56) aka: Odongo an Adventure of the African Frontier   Kenya: Africa.  Captured African animals and their human keepers, collected by a hunter (Macdonald Carey) for zoo and circus attractions.  Rhonda Fleming plays the veterinarian that tends to the health of the critters.  Odongo (Juma) is a spirited boy who works at the animal compound.  Swarm of locusts, charging mother rhino, stampeding elephants, hungry big cats and goofy monkeys, attacking crocodiles.  The 'male chauvinist and helpless woman' angle is played to the hilt.  Hint.  The woman falls in line, and in his arms, pretty quickly.  Rhonda Fleming just died in October of 2020 at age 97 of natural causes.  Juma, who at 13 played Odongo, died in 1989 at age 45.  His last film was 'Fury at Smugglers' Bay' in 1961 also directed by John Gilling, just like this one.    BA

7808 Peter Pan (76) This live action version of the play comes with all new songs and stars Mia Farrow as 'Peter Pan'.  A role of a little boy, played by a woman (as usual).  Danny Kaye is fine as 'Captain Hook' (and 'Mr.  Darling') in a duel role.  The real surprise is the casting of Paula Kelly - a striking long-legged African American dancer - as 'Tiger Lily', entering the show scantily clad (with an equally scantily clad male chorus).  John Gielgud narrates.  Paula Kelly starred in 'Soylent Green' with Charlton Heston, and amazed us in 'Drum'.  She died in February 2020 at the age of 77 of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 

W73 Queen Kong (76) aka: Banga Banga - Im Urwald ist kein Taxi frei   Not to be outdone by King Kong, Ape, King Ku Fu, Mighty Peking Man or The Mighty Gorga, England offers up their unique take on the subject.  Queen Kong!  With Robin Askwith as Ray Fay and Valerie Leon as the Queen of the Nabongas (indeed!).  So the plot as it were....  follows King Kong, sort of, from 1933.  Ray Fay is captured by the tribe (led by Leon) and a giant ape arrives, but instead of devouring Ray Fay, falls in love with him.  Riddled with one-liners and bad jokes.  Queen Kong vs. the Dinosaur scenes are so funny they make 60's Godzilla look life-like in comparison!   A colossal bomb that still entertains today!  With Linda Hayden as a singing nun!   LBX  BA

7834 Reign of Terror (49) aka: The Black Book  aka: La sombra de la guillotina   During the French Revolution, Robespierre (Richard Basehart) has embarked on a series of mock trials, executing his rivals in preparations to becoming top tyrant.  In this world of backstabbing and betrayals, the search for his dreaded 'black book' which holds the names intended for an appointment with the guillotine, is the primary goal of friend and foe alike.  Robert Cummings, Arlene Dahl and a very young Russ Tamblyn in a bit role.   BA

7920 Stormquest (87) aka: Stormquest - Die Rache der Amazonen  In this future world, women are in charge, and keep men for breeding purposes only.  The warrior women are smoking hot (mostly).  Costumes left over from some sword and sandal flick, and maybe a stage version of 'The Wizard of Oz'.   Two women, realizing men are stronger and better (natch) revolt.  There is a neighboring kingdom of men.  Let's be clear, the Queendom of women has gay women.  The Kingdom of men has gay men.  Not all in both, but you'd be blind not to see it.  Good swordplay with some of the ladies (double entendre perhaps?).   Great action, exciting waterfall finale.  Brent Huff and more star.   BA

7815 Supermen (70) aka: Three Supermen in the Jungle  aka: Che fanno i nostri supermen tra le vergini della jungla?    Dick and Martin are being held in an Arabian prison.  Red -suits ready? Superman Steve rescues, and they escape on horseback.  The three men take a break to splash each other in a swim under a waterfall.  Then, much to their surprise, a tribe of women appear on the shore.  This, an exciting turn of events.  They quickly put the red suits back on, but get no action there.  Instead, they must secure a uranium mine from falling into the hands of the Russians.  Several awkward jump cuts later, Jungla (Femi Bennusi) whips up a love potion to snare a superman.  There are worse things then being captured by a tribe of horny jungle women, that look nothing like the women from National Geographic.  Slight LBX hilarity.  English dubbed with foreign subtitles  BA

7921 Terrornauts, The (67) aka: Rapto espacial  Aliens from outer space kidnap some scientists and fly them into outer space in their flying saucer.  Dumped off on an asteroid, to an old alien space station, they find they are needed to defeat invaders who are on their way to attack earth.  Based on the book 'The Wailing Asteroid' written in 1960 by Murray Leinster.  Sort of like 'This Island Earth' or maybe even thematically a little like 'The Last Starfighter', except with a 2 dollar budget.  BA

6558 Tharus, Son of Attila (62) aka: Tharus figlio di Attila  When Tharus infiltrates an enemy camp, he falls for the rival chieftain's daughter, who is promised to his main adversary.  Some of the most flamboyant outfits ever worn in a muscleman movie here.  Thankfully we get Lisa Gastoni and a few other cute chicks to stare at as well while the men keep their outfits all prettied up.  Still, even with that we get a pretty decent sword and sandal here with exciting battles and yes, there is a male flogging sequence.  Something for everybody!  Here a new beautiful alternate Widescreen Edition and English language dubbed  BA

F448 Ticket to Space, A (06)  aka: Un ticket pour l'espace   France in the near future.  The taxpayers are not pleased about the large sums of their tax dollars in the outer space program.  The government develops a contest to avoid protests.  Two ordinary people of France will win, and be part of the space program.  One seems like he has the right stuff, while the other is a wild card.  Let the hilarity begin!  Good hearty laughs and cool special effects.  LBX and with English subtitles.   BA

F713 Tiko and the Shark (62) aka: Ti-Koyo e il suo pescecane   An amazing film shot in French Polynesia with a cast from Hawaii.  Growing up here in this village.  Tiko learns what it is to be a man.  The warriors hunt sharks.  Tiko raises and trains a baby shark he finds helpless, and shares his adventures with his playmate, a young girl.  He raises it in a lagoon until it is full grown, then sends it out to deeper water.  Later in life, Tiko and the shark will meet again, when Tiko is a man.  Colors faded a bit, picture clear.  LBX  BA

7997 Toto vs.  the Black Pirate (64) aka: Totò contro il pirata nero  Toto is 'Jose' a lowly thief, who, while hiding from guards in a barrel marked 'Jamaica Rum'  finds himself at sea with a ship of pirates.  The pirates start to drink the rum, with Jose still inside the barrel.  Apparently the rum not only stinks, but tastes bad!  But he is dry? Jose is hung on deck but his neck stretches 8 feet and he is okay!  This pardons him from the pirates.  Now he is one of them.  Let the wacky adventures at sea (and land!) continue!  LBX with English subtitles.   BA

7964 Voodoo Tiger (52) aka: La tigre sacra  Jungle Jim (Johnny Weissmuller) deals with a tiger cult in Africa while also having to root out art thieves and bring justice to a Nazi war criminal.  Also with Jean Byron.   + Savage Mutiny (53)  aka: I ribelli dell'isola   An atom bomb testing site is ready.  Jungle Jim must help relocate some African natives so they don't get blown to bits.  Meanwhile, enemy agents cause trouble.  Also with Angela Stevens.   BA (awesome double feature box art available $3.50)

6561 White Warrior, The (59) aka: Agi Murad il diavolo bianco  aka: La charge des Cosaques  Finally this Riccardo Freda directed film is ready to be seen as originally intended!  With iconic cinematography by none other than Mario Bava!  An amazing production, with Steve Reeves as Agi Murad, a Chechen Chieftain who leads his people against the Russian Empire.  A letter is sent suggesting a peace treaty, sworded men on horseback, the beautiful Scilla Gabel, sinister villains, wise benign monarchs....  He who holds the Black Mountains is the Master of the Caucasus!  The good guy vs. the evil tyrant story, war and peace...  and Reeves, once again stripped to the waist, bound with rope and given a vigorous whipping, a staple of these films sometimes.  From the Leo Tolstoy novel.  Some consider this Steve Reeves weakest film, but wait until you see this version, which puts the full frame version to shame!  (Also available by the way).  This one though, you see Bava's genius.  Widescreen and with English subtitles and spoken Italian.  If this is low budget, than bring on more, the film looks like a million bucks!    BA



7907 Boob Tube, The (75) Not 'The Groove Tube' from 1974.  This is 'The Boob Tube'.   The opening sequence has a topless woman soaping herself up.  In reference to the 'soap opera' scenario that wraps around the movie.  On a side note, if that was what soap opera television was all about, I would have tuned in decades ago...  but alas.  A psychiatrist moves into an apartment building populated by horny women.  Guess what happens? The story is interrupted several times by sexy ads to add to the fun.  Porn star Colleen Brennan in the opening sequence has the goods, just on her way to full blown hardcore a couple years later.  Lots of gorgeous early seventies gals provide some revealing shots.    BA

7912 Dream Boys Revue (85) From deep in the heart of Houston Texas, starring the world's most talented and beautiful, female impersonators.  With your hosts, Lyle Wagoner and Ruth Buzzi.  Buzzi announces we will by judging by their 'beauty, poise, and talent, and the dollar value of their bribes!' Let's meet our contestants!  If you didn't know, some of these would fool even the manliest of men. 

7979 Duck in Orange Sauce (75) aka: L'anatra all'arancia  When the wife (Monica Vitti) wants to leave her husband (Ugo Tognazzi, who else?) for a younger, more romantic guy, the husband agrees.  So okay, he invites his rival, along with his own secretary (Barbara Bouchet) for a weekend getaway.  The husband's true intention, to win back his wife through an elaborate plot.  Erupts into hilarious disasters.  When the potential lover of his wife gets a load of Bouchet topless...  well, the game is on.  The husband feeds false information of maintenance his wife needs on a constant basis to the man who is to be her new lover.  'But you said my breasts were charming, and pointed to the sky like flower buds' (one line).  And yes, there is a huge meal, with a duck in orange sauce!  The women are friggin' gorgeous!  Also with John Richardson.  With English subtitles.    BA

6538 Education of Adela, The (17) Sex slaves get punishments and rewards by a hot and horny female clinic doctor who engages in sexual activities with her subjects mutually stimulating to synchronize their hormones.  Adela seems to be the absolute best girl who although reluctant, finds herself swept into orgasmic lesbian passion.  LBX

7983 He Who Loves in Glass Houses (71) aka: Wer im Glashaus liebt...   When Igor's wife Hanna (Senta Berger) is away, Igor will play..  with his mistress Christine (Marianne Blomquist).  Hanna comes home early.  Hanna is not pleased.  Or is she? Hanna forces Christine to make it with Igor at gunpoint.  Later they all hang out.  Now a happy family? Hey, put down that axe!  Is this all a game? With English subtitles. 

7984 High School Teacher: Maturing (85) aka: Kôkô kyôshi: Seijuku   I have been shocked before by these Japanese sleaze films.  And now again!  In the opening the pretty teacher walks down the hall in her school, and there is a group of young men with their pants down masturbating into a large tin bucket, telling her how much they want to have sex with her when she walks by seemingly unaffected.  Sexual harassment? Not in a Japanese trash film!  She is also trapped in two sexual relationships, neither serious.  But she wants an only.  But she sure likes getting nailed.  'Marry Me!" she screeches with her spread legs in the air and one of her lovers going to town on her.  LBX and with English subtitles. 

7888 Indelicate Balance, The (69) 24 year old Harald (Jim Steffe), and his wife Karin (Kim Anderzon) visits his family home in snow bound Sweden, a beautiful house in the country.  Previously, he left because of an inappropriate relationship with his 40 year old stepmother Lena (Ittla Frodi).  Harald starts to spend time with Lena.  His horny wife Karin is driven into the arms of Harald's half sister Ingrid (Ulla Danielsson).  The movie is beautifully filmed, and very erotic.  You will see the Joseph W.  Sarno plot (with the incest etc.) and know you are in familiar territory.  And the twisted demented ending with the painting, wow!  Watch on a double feature with the excellent 'The Fox' from 1967.  Similar settings, some themes a little as well.  With English subtitles.   

7916 Knock Outs (92) The point, the plot, this is designed to show naked women, boobs mostly, and lots of them.  It's as if a bunch of porno guy's got together and made a movie with the gals who will not be in hardcore, but would still make them very happy men if they could just be naked in a movie, any movie, except hardcore.  The girls scrap a little, wear very little..  and eventually box out there differences with some hot biker chicks they have troubles with.  It's a bimbo fest feast not to be missed.  The women are total Knock Outs!  Now, where have I heard that before?  Unrated Edition  BA

6547 Marquis, the Minor and the Transvestite, The (83) Alicia (Concho Valero) comes to stay with her uncle at the castle where she pretends to be a servant in order to get into the good graces of the Marquis.  But he has his eyes on another girl.  The girls are so horny in this one, lots of crotch rubbing, themselves and each other!  Lesbian lapping and scissor-leg screwing on the beach, lesbian sex betrayal, hilarious dialogue during the sex especially, eyeball through a hole in the wall voyeurism...  more!  And of course the transsexual!  Revealed when a girl pulls down the bikini bottoms of another girl (Andrea Albani) she is swimming with and finds a penis inside, like a box of cracker jacks!  Surprise!  Mainly though, a lot of soft-core sex with very beautiful women here, including Jennifer James and Mirna Bel.  LBX and English dubbed

7890 No Sex Please - We're British (73) Decent 'Carry On' farce about some 'dodgy' pornography being sent to the wrong place, in this case, a bank, by accident, with hilarious results.  The porn keeps arriving, and the laughs come as they try to get rid of it, hence the title.  There are a lot of familiar faces here.  Ian Ogilvy, Susan Penhaligon, Arthur Lowe, Valerie (Everything but the Nipple) Leon, Michael Bates, Michael Ripper, bit part Robin Askwith, Cheryl Hall...  like an English who's who.  Hide the Porn!  Great color LBX

7958 Revenge of the Teenage Vixens from Outer Space (85) Four sexy horny alien women have arrived.  They are looking for willing young Earth men.  Hands Up!  When the local population fails to live up to the girl's expectations, and the local gals get jealous, the spurned extraterrestrials get revenge by using their laser guns to turn the people into giant vegetables!  Carrots, Pickles, Tomatoes, Zucchini...  even a Squash!  A bizarre twist on 'Invasion of the Bee Girls'.  Hungry for a giant salad?   BA

7995 Stolen Honor: The Betrayal (2018) Ornella Morgan returns with Victoria Pure in another lesbian sleaze fest.  Newcomer Terra Twain stars as the 'auntie', whose dark erotic desires are amplified when she is brought innocent virginal young women to dominate and control as they experience their first lesbian encounters under her skillful tutelage.  Almost makes you wish you were a lesbian!  Yummy.  LBX

6555 Stolen Honor 2:  Innocence Lost for Virginal Lesbian Slaves (2018) All girls 18 or older.  Virgin teens lose their innocence succumbing to the domination of a harsh lesbian mistress through sex role play submission.  Their erotic desires are awakened as they surrender to their needs finding themselves traded like cattle amongst a group of women who also want to explore their beautiful young bodies for sexual gratification.  Lots of very hot grinding and groaning.  LBX

6556 Story of Nora, The (2019) Teen slave Lisa has a new future.  The Slave Catcher has her now and she is doomed to a life of white sexual slavery.  The Lesbian Mistress has made Nora her personal sex slave by assuming a domination  role, schooling Nora in the arts of orgasmic pleasures.......  LBX

7903 Swap Meet (79) Remember those?  People would gather in large areas like parking lots, barns, fields, hangers, arenas....  and they would haul some of their junk (sometimes great stuff!) with them, and everybody would buy trade and sell, sometimes all three.  Here in an old used up 'real' drive-in area converted into an open air market.  You'll find a bargain.  And maybe a hot chick.  Double-billed with 'H.O.T.S.' back in the day.  With Penthouse Pet of the Year 1977 Cheryl Rixon.  My My.  I could mention all of the celebrities involved in this.  But Cheryl Rixon is the highlight.  Okay fine.  Deborah Richter, Devito and Perlman, Marc Lawrence and more.  UNPC fun as it used to be.   BA

6578 Tigers in Lipstick (79) aka: Wild Beds aka: Letti selvaggi   Erotic mini-tales with hot women.  In the first, Sylvia Kristel invites a man into her room, but what is the real purpose? In the second,  Monica Vitti agrees to pose as the mother of a kid going to take his school report.  Third: Ursula Andress is the widow of a politician, and a photographer takes more pictures of her than his job requires.  More.....  Also with Laura Antonelli  BA

7909 Up Your Alley (89) Vickie Adderly (Linda Blair) is an enterprising newspaper reporter who stumbles into the world of the homeless and pretends to be one, meeting an  assortment of zany characters.  We have Marilyn (Ruth Buzzi) an eccentric femme fatale (um), who thinks everybody wants a piece of her.  Sonny, a slow but lovable guy.  Murray (The Unknown Comic) Langston is the male lead, and he manages a few good one-liners.  Homeless is depicted as not being so bad.  And the subplot of a killer on the loose.  Of course, another that cannot be duplicated today.  Look for familiar faces! 

7999 Venetian Woman, The (86) aka: La venexiana   High quality period film set in 16th century Venice.  Young handsome Jules (Jason Connery) has arrived.  A beautiful widow named Angela (Laura Antonelli) spots him right off.  There is the sexy Valeria (Monica Guerritore) whose husband is out of town, and she is horny, ready to ride him to the stars.  Canterbury, Decameron...  this is the type, wonderfully filmed in exquisite detail, with some erotic, dare I say 'tasteful' (?) sex scenes.  Young noblemen throw fish at the prostitutes.  LBX and with English subtitles.    BA




6584 Abducted (86) aka: Terrore nella foresta   City girl Renee (Roberta Weiss) is jogging happily through the woods.  Vern (Lawrence King-Phillips), a wild psycho mountain man, needs him a woman.  He sees Renee and he does get her, dragging her back to his humble abode in the mountains.  Enter our hero Grizzly Adams, er..  Dan Haggerty as Joe Evans, Verne's level-headed father.  Verne might have to be put down.  Renee don't get naked none, but she sure looks cute in her sweat suit, and she spends the climax of the film, in her panties.  These are important points.  Not a rape film,  but pretty engaging and suspenseful.   BA

7947 An Eye for an Eye (73) aka: The Psychopath   A puppet show is hosted by Mr.  Rabbey.  He loves his young children fans.  He rides a bike and speaks in a childish falsetto.  Mr.  Rabbey gets angry when he knows his fans are being mistreated by their parents.  So he has to punish the nasty adults.  Death by baseball bat, lawnmower and strangulation are just a few treats in store for the bad mommy and daddy.  Amazing fun trash.  Joe Spinell was trying to get a kind of remake of this off the ground before he died. 

7859 Another Heaven (00) aka: Anaza hevun   A body-hopping alien/ghost (or something) kills his victims.  Scooping out their brains and making brain stew.  Detectives are on the case.  But always a step behind.  But it is more.  It is the idea of returning from death because of boredom, preferring the slaughter and violence of the world.  Of alienated youth, supernatural abilities of an otherwise supposedly mentally limited young girl with a convoluted past.  The watery alien turns people into lunatics.  Fantastic, gory, politically incorrect horror from Japan.  LBX and English subtitles.    BA

7973 Aquarius Visionary (18) aka: Aquarius Visionarius - Il cinema di Michele Soavi   Profile of Michele Soavi, the director of 'Dellamorte Dellamore', 'The Church', 'The Sect' and others.  Snips and clips from the films and conversation with the man himself.  If you love Italian Horror, you'll love this!  In Italian language and with English subtitles.  Unreleased, this has a dim 'commercial use' across the screen, you won't notice. 

7925 Astral Fiend, The (78) aka: The Astral Factor   Studying the paranormal in his prison cell, a convicted strangler learns how to make himself invisible.  Now he escapes, and sets out to murder the five women who testified against him in court.  It is up to Lt.  Charles Barrett (Robert Foxworth) to catch the madman before he kills everybody.   Pretty good, and more gruesome in this uncut version.  Babe alert!  Stefanie Powers, Elke Sommer, Sue Lyon, Marianna Hill and more star.   Uncut 85 minute version of 'The Invisible Strangler'!    BA

7880 Bad Karma (91) The notorious 35 minute short from the U.K..  The plot revolves around some Hari Krishna aliens who arrive at the door of a party and subsequently morph into hideous ghouls.  Enter a gang of redneck alien killers who only increase the amount of spilled blood and guts...  From the director of Pervirella.  + Invasion of the Pornonauts (93) This one is from Italy and has no subtitles, and rips music from Pink Floyd, Goblin and others.  What to do after the apocalypse?  Hang in a room with a a caped woman, a strumming guitar man and, all the while in another room,  a woman with a large teddy bear, and a bearded man who lays in bed.  Outdoors, a man in white pants approaches a dirty guy smoking, and gets shot in the head.  A Pornonaut? The shrill music seems to signal as much.  Zombies.  Some with hoods, chase and grab teddy bear girl.  She is rescued by dirty guy, with bloody shootings...  What now?  Why a head on a table that is still alive, a mad doctor, a transvestite, a zombie chow down....  These two rare shorts on one disc for the first time. 

7956 Cut Off the Throat: The Rape  (01) aka: Heung Gong keung gaan kei on: Gap hau   Taiwan Slasher!   A woman walks alone down the street in a thunderstorm, carrying an umbrella.  A long (enough) razor, now the umbrella is splashed red with blood.  Bloody opening credits give us an insight to the motivation of the killer.  Plays like a Giallo, with the stalk and slash of pretty women, although not as gory.  A kidnapping, a guy in drag walks the streets to lure the killer.  A surprise.  LBX with English subtitles. 

7988 Damn Bastard!  (08) aka: ¡Maldito bastardo!    On a cold winter night, a grandfather tells his adult grandson a story from the past.   A mad scientist works on his human subjects.  Death, torturous experiments, mechanical pigs, caged victims, drone androids, madness and sickness.  Watch out for the bean bag monster!  A little massage in the urinary bladder always helps to relax the sphincters.  Maximum Power!  There are some grotesque scenes here, including some grimy outdoor sex, a chainsaw and more.  “I must have endowed the android with a greater autonomy!”  Twisted and sick gore from Spain LBX with English subtitles. 

7975 Daydream of Love (80) aka: I Like it from the Front, and Behind!   aka: Ai no hakuchûmu  Grim little tale about a conniving little Lolita who feels threatened when her unmarried father falls for a teacher.  Will this be an end to her life of sloth and luxury? She sets in motion a plan so diabolical that it just may lead to unintended consequences of a lethal nature....  Who am I kidding? She meant for that to happen!  The movie is beautiful, with beach shore settings, lots of soft-core sex, some shocking scenes...  LBX  English subtitles

7965 Dogs (76) aka: Killerhunde  aka: Dogs - Questo cane uccide!    Excellent killer dog flick that blends in well with the animal attack films of the time.  In this case, these dogs have been tampered with by shady scientists (are there any other kind?), which makes them go on a killing spree, mutilating etc.  It is up to a beer swilling professor (David McCallum)....  The dogs at times on camera just look like a bunch of fun loving mischievous mutts.  But their bite is worse than their bark and here they are man's worst friend.  Hey.  Who let the dogs out?  (Groan) Linda Gray gets chomped in the shower in a canine homage to 'Psycho'.  Nice doggie.  Wait No NO!  Aaaggghhh!   BA

7858 Frankenstein General Hospital (88) aka: Lo strano caso del Dr.  Frankenstein  The great great great grandson of Baron Frankenstein (Mark Blankfield) works under an assumed name in General Hospital.  In a secret lab down in the basement, he is back to his old tricks.  Goofy low-brow fun.  A poor man's 'Young Frankenstein'.  Sexy Kathy Shower as the dominatrix doctor and big Irwin Keyes in the monster role.  Gratuitous nudity is a plus.  Tasteless, beyond acceptable, well, that means it's pretty good if you have been listening my fair minded fiends.  As homage to the genre, the lab scenes are shot in black and white.   BA

6540 Haunted Turkish Bathhouse, A (75) aka: Bakeneko Toruko furo   A gangster of cunning plots against his own wife, who works at a brothel-cum-bathhouse, with the help of the bathhouse owner's wife.  Things get out of hand rather quickly in this tale of breasts, violence, bloody cat attacks and supernatural horror.  Show me Your Tail.  At one point wifey watches horrified as hubby bones another.  Soapy bath sex, beatings, a bottle to the head, bloody stabbing, body dump, angry cats, demonic ghosts and fire....  LBX and English subtitles.    BA

7945 Hooker Cult Murders, The (73) aka: The Pyx    aka: Una squillo scomoda per l'ispettore Newman  aka: El Cofre Sagrado  The grim and despairing world of heroin, prostitution and ....  Satan!  Detective Jim Henderson (Christopher Plummer) investigates the questionable death of Elizabeth Lucy (Karen Black), who fell to her doom from the roof of a Montreal high-rise.  The story goes back and forth with Elizabeth and what led to her dire fate as Henderson investigates.  A hard hitting film, an overwhelming feeling of dread as we watch Elizabeth and her struggles to right herself, even as we know her fate in advance.   Throw in satanic rites and ritual killings to add to the overall 'fun'!  Karen Black sings the opening song setting the stage for the melancholy events that follow.  Excellent downbeat entertainment from Canada.   BA

7879 Invasion of the Mind Benders (87) aka: Mind Benders  Two normal teenagers here.  They cut classes, fight with others, and don't even think of separating them from their Walkman headphones.   But these two notice something has changed in the behavior of the other students.   They are like zombies, under some sort of mind control.  At command, they attack and kill.  Controlling a mind is a dangerous thing.  Roy Thinnes shows up here, and this is the film debut of Lee Tergesen.   BA

6549 My Body with Rage (72) aka: Il mio corpo con rabbia  aka: Mon corps avec rage  Silvia (Antonia Santilli) is a spoiled daddy's girl who has flipped out on drugs (just once) and her parent's have shut her down on the advice of a doctor, isolating her in a luxurious (practically empty off season) hotel in Sardinia, to heal.  There is a weird guy lurking around that she starts a relationship with who seems to be the catalyst of the film.  Weird surreal structure borders on horror, but just barely, some have labeled this a Giallo.  The producers tampered with final cut, and the director Roberto Natale rejected the film.  But now, for the first time, the edited scenes have been  reassembled and put back into the movie, including all of the soft-core sex.  Shocking ending LBX and with English subtitles. 

7990 Pieces: The Alternate Cut (82) aka: Mil gritos tiene la noche   Splatter Gore classic with Christopher (and Lynda Day George).   Who is hacking up female students and taking pieces of the slaughtered remains from the scene?  Could it be the creepy gardener (Paul L.  Smith)? A jigsaw puzzle made of body parts.  Misogynistic gory fun.  If you want to see chainsaw meet flesh old-school style with lots of screaming....  I do.  Some very intense gory kills.   Now LBX version, 4 minutes longer and with English subtitles.   BA

7961 Plankton (94) aka: Creatures of the Abyss   We have all seen the actual release.  Now see the actual work print that they edited into a movie.  More special effects, more monsters, more fun!  (ahem..  but no English, this film is in Italian language).  Off the coast of Florida, 5 young adults get lost at sea in a violent storm.  Adrift, they float upon an abandoned yacht.  Once aboard, they find a laboratory full of failed biological experiments on (prehistoric) fish.  And then, they find these creatures are carnivorous, and loose in the halls of the boat.   The nudity and twisted sex stuff is not to be missed!   F.L.   BA

7884 Poor Albert and Little Annie (72) aka: I Dismember Mama   Albert (Zooey Hall) has escaped from the institution which has housed him for some time after he tried to murder his well to do stuck up bitch of a mother.   He has that Norman Bates oedipal syndrome, hates all women, until he meets eleven year old Annie (Geri Reischl).  She is pure, and kind and nice.  Un-violated and innocent.  The alternate release title was always misleading.  He does not dismember his mama.  He does however kill people, Three I think.  There is enough dread and sleaze in this little early 70's trash to give it a look.  Unsettling.  And unlike anything made these days.  Geri Reischl would replace Eve Plumb's 'Jan' for 'The Brady Bunch Variety Hour' in 1976 (like you needed to know that).   BA

7954 Possession: Until Death Do You Part  (87)   Frankie (John Johnston), a young psycho with a mother complex, keeps a closet full of dead women in lacy negligees at his home.  He captures a young woman, Madeline (Sharlene Martin) in an underground parking lot, and takes her back to his house... His mother, a woman in slippers and a pink dressing gown with a face like an angry pit-bull in a poodle wig, waddles in and tells Frankie that she’s no good and to get rid of her....  By chunks of wood, red hot fire poker, the hood of a Mustang...  Frankie will use anything at his disposal to dispatch his victims.  Damn mother has him spun out.  It isn’t fair!  The only way to get even is to rape and kill women.  That’ll teach her.  He’ll kill them. He’ll kill them all.  And... Anyone who gets in his way.   BA

7955 Private House of the SS (77) aka: Casa privata per le SS  Obscure totally uncut Bruno Mattei directed Naziploitation but no English.  No matter.  Nazis train whores to uncover plots against the Fuhrer.  You get sadistic whippings of women, men who like the women to whip them, sex, a fat guy banging a woman from behind, more sex, lots of naked women, shooting, target practice, voyeurism, Nazi imagery everywhere, cruel Nazi men everywhere, Nazi suicide (they lost) and more in this 95 minute version of sordid dirty bad taste.  IMDB lists this film at just 82 minutes.    LBX - F.L.   BA

7957 Psycho Jack (00) Timo Rose splatter.   First some very gory trailers.  Primitive metal opens the film, pretty good actually.  Timo Rose gore splatter from Germany.  Our narrator tells us, well, I don't speak German.  A guy barfs.  He is ill.  Russian Roulette, Jack carves up his hand, a gory wrist slashing (all the way through, lots of blood), eyeball mayhem, suffocation by saran wrap...  a surreal gory sick murder nightmare.  Includes deleted scenes.  LBX and  F.L.

7948 Rampage (87) aka: Assassino senza colpa?  Anthony Fraser (Michael Biehn) has always been a liberal District Attorney.  But when a charismatic mad serial killer slaughters a family on Christmas and drinks their blood...  His killings are senseless , irrational, sadistic and immoral.  Not only that, but what he leaves behind.....  as well.  Anthony Fraser will be personally challenged on his views.  Repressed film directed by William Friedkin.  Lurid, creepy, disturbing and shocking.  Uncut Import version in English language  but may have foreign subtitles however.  Also stars Deborah Van Valkenburgh, Billy Green Bush and Grace Zabriskie.  Ennio Morricone score.   BA

7949 Rape Squad (74) aka: Act of Vengeance   Wearing a hockey mask like a 'before his time' Jason, and a janitor jumpsuit (like 'Michael Meyers) a serial rapist makes his female victims sing 'Jingle Bells' while he rapes them.  It really gets him going.  The women decide the cops suck at their jobs, and form their own vigilante justice group.  Hockeymaskface watches the women, knows what they are up to, and plans to trap the rape squad, to have a last go at the lot of them.  He is smarter than all of the women combined.  But hell hath no fury than a woman...  raped.  You think it is like a MFTV, then it gets nasty, then back to tame, then nasty again.   Nice.  Get 'em girls!    BA

7960 Rat Man (88) aka: Quella villa in fondo al parco   Remember 'Island of Dr.  Moreau' from 1996 with Val Kilmer? There was this tiny freaky guy (2' 4") played by Nelson de la Rosa.  Here he is as 'Rat Man' 8 years earlier.  On a Caribbean island, fashion models fall prey to Rat Man.  He is the spawn of a mad scientist.  Janet Agren and David Warbeck are there to stop him.  This were-rodent is pretty lethal, and damn scary.  Watching Rat Man tear into the half naked female players is the selling point.  Tasteless fun.  Eva Grimaldi delivers a nice shower scene.  In English with foreign subtitles.  Slight LBX  BA

7950 Red Monks, The (88) aka: I frati rossi  A young bride (Lara Wendel) moves into her husband's ancestral home/castle.  Nightmares begin to plague her nights, and her husband disappears into the vast cellars beneath the grounds frequently.  Monks are down there, and they want (need?) the blood of a virgin.  Malisa Longo is the horny housekeeper the husband is sowing his oats with, saving his virginal bride for the monks sacrifice.  Wendel sheds her clothes.  Special effects by Lucio Fulci.   BA

F553 Regal Shocker (The Movie) (89) Horror trilogy from the Philippines.  A tragic love story, a brat girl and her friend attend a party and both get abducted and then finally a woman moves to a new apartment where a cabinet is haunted by the doomed sad soul of a young girl.  Will you be shocked? F.L.

7959 Revenge of Billy the Kid (91) aka: Crados Family  Old Macdonald (Michael Balfour) rapes a goat on his filthy farm.  Life returns to normal....  until the goat gives birth.  The baby has the head of a goat, but the body of a human.  Another mouth to feed for the revolting family?  Billy is thrown in the river in a bag, left for dead.  Billy returns, big and bad, very angry.  Great locations and photography, but very very gross (especially one particular sex scene, ugh!).  It reminds me of an alternate Hammer movie.  The goat head is impressive.  Gory killings.  Michael Ripper shows up as an Old Pub Local.  Filmed in Wales, U.K.  - LBX  BA

7992 Run, Psycho, Run (68) aka: Too Late Claire, Too Late  aka: Più tardi Claire, più tardi...   It takes place in the early 19th century in Italy where rich and seemingly soulless people live in beautiful splendor.  Claire (Elga Anderson in a duel role), George's wife, and Robert, her son, are murdered by an unknown killer.  George meets a woman who is a dead ringer for Claire, and brings her back to the villa, where she is considered an outsider by the locals.  The final revelation is unexpected.  Surreal, never thought I would see this one in great LBX quality with English subtitles but here it is.  Finally a nice LBX upgrade of this with English subtitles. 

7842 Savage Harvest (81) aka: Gefangene der Bestien  Drought brings hungry lions closer to people in Africa.  They are bolder, and ready to eat people.  Two black panthers eat a man.  The African maid is the first gory kill, her body ripped to shreds, and her entrails spilling out as the lions feed.  The main draw is the suspense.  Terror fills the family who have found themselves prey.  Tom Skerrit gives a brief Indianapolis speech like a short hand Quint.  The plot is like 'Night of the Living Dead' (trapped inside vulnerable house by predators) meets 'The Killer Shrews' (the escape).  The lions are real.  The shot where they get the one guy near the end, you will find yourself watching over and over.  Screw CGI, this is the real deal.  Fun.   Complete Uncut version from Japanese original tape.  Never released in any format Uncut in America.   BA

7993 Screams in the Night (81) aka: Notturno con grida  Explorers of the supernatural communicate with the dead through séance.  Later a trip to the woods, the entire group tapes off a section, following a blueprint.  'What a pity!  These thousand-year old trees are a sign of divine power.' Suddenly one of their number is assaulted by an unseen force.  Then, one of the women.  There is something in the woods.  Something ancient.  Something evil.  We see flashback story, involving why this is all happening.  Red tinted, satanic looking.  Darkness comes.  There will be screams in the night.  Obscure Italian horror from director Ernesto Gastaldi and starring Gioia Scola, Martine Brochard and more.  Rarest of Satanic Italian horrors with a knock out punch scary ending.  English subtitles. 

7928 Seventh Curse, The (86) aka: Yuen Chun Hap yu Wai See Lee   Loaded with dazzling kung fu, bizarre monsters, wild stunts, an occasional naked oriental chick, and gooey gore.  After our hero rescues a cute woman from the evil leader of the bloodthirsty 'worm tribe', a curse is placed upon him.  This curse will have arteries bursting in his body over a time period, the seventh, will kill him.  The woman he saved gets him a year before the fatal day, as a reward for him saving her, by feeding him part of her breast.  Kung Fu monks, blood ghosts (vicious monsters created from the blood of 100 children), fast-paced fights, a skeletal zombie that can turn into a bat winged monster...  LBX with English subtitles  BA

6553 Sins of the Flesh (74) aka: Les charnelles   Benoit, the potentially insane son of a rich industrialist, comes into the lives of a car thief and his girl Isabelle (played by Franco regular Anne Libert).  Benoit is not only mentally unstable, he may be sexually impotent, and gets his rocks off watching others have sex.  He convinces his two new companions to rob his father, and seduce and blackmail his stepmother.  Maniac, coward, killer, Benoit is all of these and more.  The sequence where our trio ingests psychedelic mushroom tea before swimming to acid rock and naked fumbling with wild lighting is priceless.  The sleaze and nudity levels are off the chart!  Sexual assault as the cows watch from the barn was pretty brutal, the final straw, but not the end.  LBX and dubbed into English! 

7952 So Evil, My Sister (72) aka: Psycho Sisters  aka: The Sibling   Brenda (Susan Strasberg) is consoled by her younger sister Millie (Faith Domergue) when her husband is killed in a horrible accident (quite spectacular actually).  Millie was recently in the crazy house, and her friend Woody was as well.  Woody had axed his mother to death to get there.  Now he is simply a handyman (just keep the axe away from him, and, good luck with that!).  Burned out flashback nightmare sequences are a highlight as we twist and turn into the morbid conclusion.  Sydney Chaplin (Charlie's brother) costars.  Last film of Domergue (unless you count an unknown Italian film nobody has ever heard of from 1976).   BA

7828 Sorority House Massacre (86) aka: Death House  A little girl's brother kills the whole family but her (she escapes by hiding in the basement).  He is committed, and she grows up with a new family, eventually going to college, where she joins a sorority.  Due to a memory block, she doesn't remember that the sorority house was her childhood house.  Her brother senses her presence in the house and escapes so he can finish the job he was unable to complete...  Bargain basement 'Halloween' rip-off (which it borrows heavily from) and even dream sequences of a 'Nightmare on Somewhere' variety, spliced  together with the sorority house setting.  Familiar tropes all.   Well-acted, a decent second half, pretty girls, lots of flashback scenes, and lots of screams.  It's no 'Fatal Pulse' but you can't have everything.   BA

7980 To Die of Fear (80) aka: Morir de miedo  In the Madrid highlands there lives a sensual woman (Monica Randall), and her chronically ill husband, about to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary.  Meanwhile on the news we hear some criminals are on the loose.  The couple has sexual issues because of his bad heart.  Now there is an intruder in the home.  Later in bed, the husband pleasures his wife with his hand, but goes into a seizure he gets so excited.  The giallo like twists are still to come.  Spooky downbeat orgasmic ending.   Nudity and English subtitles.  

W100 Valley of Death (09) aka: Prey  aka: The Outback  aka: Dreamtime's Over   Another excursion into Australia's scariest horror movie location.  Three couples encounter an aboriginal curse that starts to pick them off.  A few jumps, implausible reactions from the cast (who knew straight girls would become lesbians during a time of crisis?), sweat and blood.  Something lures tourists to this particular sacred site, awakened by a revenge killing, a creature from centuries past rises to feed.  Natalie Bassingthwaighte stars, along with Kristin Sargent and more.  Better than 5,000 American made so-called 'Horror' films of the last decade using an iPhone.  LBX   BA

6567 Yumeno Kyusakus Girl's Hell (77) aka: Yumeno Kyûsaku no shôjo jigoku  aka: Raging Hell Fires  Utae and Aiko both attend a private girl's school where the perverted opportunist principal (also Aiko's father) seems to be raping some of the students, including Utae.  He has already strongly abused Aiko as well.  But is this really what is happening? You will find out, and the finale reminded me of another film we also offer, very downbeat and grim this, I was surprised!   LBX and with English subtitles.  



7989 Phollastia (87) aka: Fellation Savages   aka: Wild Fellations   aka: Fuck Family   Franco does 'Dynasty' porno style!  All is well in this lusty family.  Everyone screws secretly until Jean Collins (Lina Romay) comes home.  Into the gutter right away in this one with the lengthy close-up penis opening followed by a woman on the toilet washing up.  The family is horny, what can they say? In one scene a woman with a strap-on tries to convert a gay man by offering her backside.  It works!  (At least in the moment!) Now, for the first time, English subtitles!   Franco once again behind the camera while his wife humps numerous partners.   (No judging)

W99 Terror Cannibal (80) aka: Terreur cannibale  Jess Franco was part of the team that wrote this savage cannibal film.  Crooks kidnap a girl and demand a ransom.  Into the jungle they flee, taking refuge with a Spanish couple.  When one of the bad men ties the wife of the Spaniard to a tree, and rapes her in the woods, the husband is not very happy.  So he leads the crooks through the jungle, delivering them to the cannibals.  Trying to cash in on better cannibal films, this one is an exercise in hilarity.  Filmed in France, with French men splashed a bit with painted faces giving them an appearance of ...  French men with painted faces.  Some nasty gore and entrails feasting, nudity, and I must say, beautiful French countryside locations.  In English and Upgrade!   BA



7881 Cairo Road (50) aka: Contrabando en el Cairo  The Egyptian Narcotics agency is headed by Youssef Bey (Eric Portman) and Lieutenant Mourad (Laurence Harvey).  Okay, I'll buy it.  A drug smuggling ring is the target.  Twists and turns!  Call in the Camel Corps!  Oh, Harvey's fresh faced early role along with Portman's 'Arab' Sherlock is interesting, but neither actor really pulls it off.  And where are the friggin' pyramids? Oh, filmed in England.  With the tasty Egyptian babe Camelia, who died in a plane crash the same year this was released.  She was only 30.  Also with Ferdy Mayne and many more familiar faces.   BA

7811 Canterville Ghost, The (66) A TV production (ABC Stage 67), filmed in a real castle, with the cast and crew staying at a motel nearby.  An American ambassador (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) moves his family into an English castle, notoriously haunted by one Sir Simon Canterville (Michael Redgrave).  Toss in pop star Peter Noone (as The Duke of Cheshire) and also starring Tippy Walker and Natalie Schafer (a long way from 'Gilligan's Island').  The whole thing is very English.  Much of the filming was done after drunken sleepless nights at the motel reportedly. 

7813 Child's Play (54) Children (billed here as the 'Holy Terrors') manage to split the atom, and also, create a new type of 'atomic' popcorn they call 'Bang Corn'.  Post War British 'Our Gang' type shot on location in the English countryside. 

7812 Criminal, The (60) aka: The Concrete Jungle  aka: Giungla di Cemento  Clever thief Johnny (Stanley Baker) is about to leave jail (where he is top dog) and start his new heist he has been planning.  The old partners are in.  But the 'big guy' has upped his take, and Johnny refuses to pay, which brands him and he lands back in the slammer, looking for a new deal to escape.  Gritty crime thriller, directed by blacklisted admitted Communist Joseph Losey.  LBX  BA

7894 Danger Tomorrow (60) A woman (Zena Walker) and her doctor husband,  have taken over a practice and are trying to make the old house that came with it in living order.  But she is having visions of murder and her husband has eyes for his new sexy lab assistant (Lisa Daniely).  A tidy little British thriller.  LBX  BA

7814 Date with Disaster (57) At a busy car dealership gangsters plan a robbery.  Both crooks are distracted by the saucy Sue Miller (20 year old Shirley Eaton), who will not do her part in the scheme.  Eaton is wonderful here, flirty, and getting pawed on by the manly men.  Also with Tom Drake and William Hartnell.   BA

7940 Extra Day, The (56) aka: 12 Desperate Hours  Re-shooting lost scenes for a movie, the actor's are recalled.  It was a can of film with the last scenes.  Joe Blake (Richard Basehart) is given the task of locating the 'extras', and the story revolves around these characters and Joe's efforts to round them up.  Shot in color English comedy that also stars Simone Simon and many more including Glenda Jackson as an extra in her first appearance on film.   BA

7896 Home at Seven (52) aka: Murder on Monday   A mild mannered bank clerk (Ralph Richardson) becomes embroiled in a mystery that seems to have occurred outside of his memory.  He has been missing for 24 hours, but doesn't realize it, and the steward of his local club has been murdered, and he has been implicated.  Old school murder mystery.  Also with Margaret Leighton and Jack Hawkins.   BA

7891 Just William's Luck (48) Val Guest directs.  We open with William interacting with the dreaded adults in his life, along with his chummy gang members (and Jumble the dog), then tumbling into a plotline in which William and his gang attempt to haunt an old house, and are interrupted by fur thieves (yes, that was a thing).  Post war light hearted fun that became the basis for the Richmal Crompton “Just William” books. 

7902 Lost (56) aka: Tears for Simon  aka: 999 Scotland Yard  Location shot, in Technicolor, about an abduction of a baby in Central London.   The tale follows the parents and the lead detective as they desperately seek to find the missing infant.  Sprinkled with familiar faces and character actors, a colorful (and suspenseful) London postcard of 1956.   BA

7831 Man Alive: Top Class People (late 1960's) + Barry Norman in Celebrity City (82) Two U.K.  based shows.  The second one finds Barry Norman interviewing Hollywood celebrities. 

7895 Mrs.  Patterson (56) BBC Sunday Night Theatre - Eartha Kitt reprises the role she played on Broadway with black actors filmed for the BBC in England.  Set in the deep South of the 1920's, she plays a bored teenager who plans to escape her shanty town by running away to Chicago with the boy next door.  In the meantime there are fantasy sequences where she shuts out the realities around her and dreams about being white and living a life of luxury with her mother's employer Mrs.  Patterson and friends.  Wow!

7822 On the Fiddle (61) aka: Operation Snafu  aka: Deux des commandos  A sly cockney (Alfred Lynch) and a rather dim gypsy (Sean Connery) team up during WW2 to turn events into profit.  Not really con men with any skills, opportunists though, yes indeed.  With farce, still captures what it maybe was to be a soldier then, although those in charge are depicted as idiots.  Of course in these times, forget what you've learned, and almost everything is easier to swallow.  Sean Connery would leave the set after filming and be on his way as James Bond.   BA

7897 Orders to Kill (58) aka: Ordine di uccidere   Gripping film about a man (Eddie Albert) ordered to kill a traitor in WW2 France.  Parachuting in, he then bonds with his quarry, and becomes friends with the family of the man he is supposed to kill.  Will he kill the man? Is it...  the right thing to do? At times, the tension and psychological pressure of the film is almost unbearable.  Packs quite the emotional punch.  Filmed on location in Paris.   Lillian Gish and Paul Massie also star.   BA

7893 Pure Hell of St.  Trinian's, The (60) When the school for young ladies is burnt to the ground by the young ladies, the judge takes mercy on the girls allowing a new path forward to their upbringing/rehabilitation.  The backer takes the girls on a ship with the plan to sell them into a harem!  The idea of a British schoolgirl being a stripper in a club called 'Mohammed's' in 'Arabia' may seem out of place today, but it made for classic gentle heartwarming British humor in 1960.  Michael Ripper (in a small part), Thorley Walters and more.  LBX  BA

7820 Robbery Under Arms (57) aka: Die Farm der Verfluchten   It's an English film, made in Australia, like a western type.  Dick (Ronald Lewis) and Jim (David McCallum) join Captain Starlight's (Peter Finch) wild and irresponsible bush ranger gang in 19th century Australia.  Cattle rustling leads to Starlight's arrest, while the brothers escape to earn legally, but end up in yet another scheme with the dastardly Starlight, putting them all on the run.  The outback is a large place.  Jill Ireland also stars in one of her first, and she met McCallum and they were married in 1957.  Color  BA

7898 Runners (83) Teenage runaways in England.  A girl named Rachel runs away from her parent's (who are really not bad) and ends up homeless.  we never learn why she left.  Her father sets out to find her.  He encounters a variety of crazies, grimy desolate back street London locations and filth.  Not exploitation at all this time out, but a different exploration into a runaway kid without molestation. 

7887 Sinful Davey (69) aka: La forca può attendere   John Hurt plays Davey Haggart, an army deserter who becomes the Scottish highwayman thief, causing mischief throughout the land.  Romance, comedy, drama, thrills.....  The only thing that may be able to stop Davey is Annie (Pamela Franklin) and her ideas of how Davey should reform his wild ways.  Franklin has never looked so sweet, a real late 60's minx if I ever saw one.  And yes, I mean sexy!  She was 19 when this was filmed.  Beautiful Ireland locations and a bunch of U.K.  regulars in the cast like Nigel Davenport, Robert Morley and many more.  John Huston was angry what the studios did to this, 'his' film.  But this is it!  Anjelica Huston shows up but is not credited in her second film appearance, however brief.  Pop's directed so...  + Trailer and LBX  BA

7827 Talking Pictures with Anneke Wills (19) A talk with this gal about her career.  She was there for 'Dr.  Who', 'Strange Report' and more.  Then another episode follows with a talk with Robert Powell, who starred in 'The Asphyx', 'Asylum' and many more. 



7821 Arsenic and Old Lace (86) Here a stage production of the classic tale, with Jean Stapleton as one of the precious murderous aunts, using her Edith Bunker voice, giving her plenty of big laughs from the audience.  You know the tale of the aunt's who rent to boarders and then kill them....  Never released  BA

7872 Bad Sleep Well, The (60) aka: Warui yatsu hodo yoku nemuru  A man (Toshiro Mifune) seeking revenge against those he holds responsible for his father's suicide.  Delivers a vitriolic depiction of corporate corruption, instead of gangsters who act like upstanding businessmen, we have upstanding businessmen acting like gangsters.  Into this world Mifune marries, intent on causing as much destruction he can, by any means necessary.  Sometimes to beat the bad men, you have to become a bad man.   Japanese with English subtitles  LBX

6531 Beyond Fear (75) aka: Au-delà de la peur  aka: La paura dietro la porta   One hell of an action-packed opening sequence.  Later, a home invasion.  The wife and child are taken hostage, the man (Michel Bouquet) escapes.  Now he must juggle what to do so they don't kill his family.  The paranoia and suspense are almost unbearable at times.  What would you do under these circumstances? It is possible he may just piss the kidnappers off so much that there is no hope for his family, or himself.  The cops? Well....  Also with Michael Constantin and Marilu Tolo.  LBX and rare English dubbed version.   BA

6532 Boxer, The (72) aka: Un uomo dalla pelle dura   After winning a fight that was supposed to be fixed, Teddy Wilcox (Robert Blake) is framed for murder.  He stays tangled up with the law as he investigates who the real killers are, to clear his name.  Familiar plot with authentic gritty locations and authentic looking boxing with Teddy.  The police captain (played by Ernest Borgnine), tries to hold Teddy's Viet Nam war record (13 kills) against him.  Listen to Teddy's response to that!   A trail of dead bodies is left in this violent action that also stars Catherine Spaak and Tomas Milian.  Francesco Prosperi directs in New Mexico!  Look at the flashback shots and you will see Camille Keaton as Teddy's fiancée in her film debut!  As far as Blake, he got a bum rap in real life as well.  LBX BA

7856 Choke Canyon (86) aka: Der einsame Kämpfer  When a large nuclear company tries to take Choke Canyon away from a peaceful scientist who is doing safe energy research work, the scientist is not going without a fight.  The bad guys want to dump nuclear waste.  They send in the big guns, like assassin 'Big' Bo Svenson.  Lance Henriksen is a corporate tyrant.  Crazy stunt work of the aerial kind and gadgets employed by our rough and tumble scientist (played by Stephen Collins) are a treat.  Lead gal Janet Julian, beat out Courtney Cox, Helen Hunt and Mariska Hargitay for the part!  Also with Victoria Racimo (who just died in November of 2020).  And Stephen Collins? Well...   BA

7809 Christmas Tree, The (69) aka: When Wolves Cry  aka: L'arbre de Noël  aka: L'albero di Natale  (Warning: Animal Violence) While vacationing with his father on the island of Corsica, Pascal is exposed to radiation, and given a short time to live.   His remaining time will be whatever he wants to do.   His father (William Holden) is able to let him, because he has money.  Lots of it.  Pascal has a special way with wolves.  He enjoys driving a tractor.  He is at peace.  Christmas is coming.   Get out the hankies you mothers.  It's going to rain.  The boldest, strongest, best filmed downer ever made.   And that final gift...  priceless.   Also with Virna Lisi.  English language  BA

6533 City Birds (81) aka: Pájaros de ciudad  Spain and Italy collaboration starring Giuliano Gemma and Elena Rojo!  When a woman happens to run into her ex- husband the very moment he is escaping from the police, and has shot one dead, what to do about it is her only concern.  She decides to help him escape.  The authorities are on their trail, pursuing relentlessly under a dictatorial atmosphere.  The film seems to be telling us about the dangers of the powers that be insisting total nefarious control against citizens and human relationships.  As they run, they are watched on a screen by big tech who can see them, even when they are in a bedroom.  What dark game is this? One that is winding down for the couple.  LBX with English subtitles

6535 Deadline (71) When an airplane crashes in south Sweden, it doesn't take long for the bacteriological weapons that were aboard to start their painful effects on the local populace.  Biological warfare? How else to wipe out large numbers of people with no specific blame? People, including kids, are going to die.  Run to the hills!  The police protect the 'researchers'.  The guard protects those in charge.  The people know they are being lied to.  You ask a lot of questions.  The people storm the government offices, the police on offensive.  Now they have put up road blocks.  Mass death and mass burial is expected.  Things get even worse.  Will any escape? LBX and with English subtitles. 

7914 Death Chase (88) An innocent guy is caught in the crossfire of a death game run by rich people where people hunt other people.  He is pursued by car, by motorbike, by boat and on foot.  He doesn't know who to trust.  There are also two female assassins 'playing the game'.  Attempted rape and brutal violence low budget fun.  William Zipp, Paul L.  Smith, Jack Starrett and more star.   BA

6564 Demons (71) aka: Shura  This experimental samurai film is one brooding, suffocating vision of hell on Earth!  A soul destroyer, woven into an almost Shakespearian tapestry, unfolding as it exhausts you until the fatal conclusion.  If you ever imagined what a Greek tragedy would look like in feudal Japan...  Here we have a man's journey into hatred and revenge, descending into madness, slow painful and bloody, cynical nihilism that is so grim it becomes compelling.  Over 2 hours  In Japanese with English subtitles!

W75 Descending Angel (90) George C.  Scott is rich Nazi collaborator in exile Florian Stroia.  His daughter is about to marry, but the young man has been tipped off on Stroia's identity which puts him in quite a spot.  There is a pretty downbeat doomy tone that is impossible to escape, especially with the wonderfully grim finale.  Big stars, but don't let that ruin it for you. 

7819 Devil by the Tail, The (69) aka: Le diable par la queue  An impoverished French aristocratic family struggles to maintain their baronial estate.  Using the pretty granddaughter, Amelie (Marthe Keller), to lure patrons to the castle for the purpose of getting them to pay steep room rates.  First, she must use her charms to get Charlie, a gas station attendant, to disable their cars.  Eventually, they lure a bank robber....  Also with Maria Schell and Yves Montand.   In French with English subtitles  BA

7976 Diamond Connection, The (84) aka: Diamanti insanguinati  A plane has gone down into the deep sea with a cache of diamonds aboard.  There are a few groups interested in retrieving them.  The plane crash is pretty damn funny.  Hey!  Where is my model airplane? A little bit of aerobics with some ladies dancing to some wonderfully bad disco music.  Barbara Bouchet (in full blonde style) is great here, along with William Berger and Gordon Mitchell.  Sharp picture upgrade  BA 

7905 Dirty O'Neil (74) aka: The Love Life of a Cop  A small town cop's (Morgan Paul) effortless conquest of bedding every nubile female within city limits.  In those rare occasions when his pants are on, he coaches a girl's basketball team, goes after bad guys, and dispenses justice.  The women are all hot to trot (and they seem to be everywhere!), but there is also some bloody violence, the movie can be dead serious, and light-hearted at other times.  Incredible women, and gratuitous nudity.  Pat Anderson, Katie Saylor, Jeane Manson, Liv Lindeland (this Norwegian blonde beauty will make you dizzy), Kitty Carl, Tara Strohmeier, Anitra Ford   and more!  LBX + trailer  BA

6536 Eat It (69) aka: Mangiala  When an industrialist and his son find a fool mostly buried in dirt, they revive him with wine and a bath back at the homestead.  Now a hot plate of pasta!  He eats and eats and eats.  Then he seduces the female cook with his...  charm.  His eating obsession is used commercially with a lunch meat named quite simply 'Eat It'!  A success, now he is famous and still hungry.  Wanting more money, the industrialist has scientists find a way to make the beastly man even more ravenous.  But something goes awry and he stops eating!  The industrialist must take his place...  and he begins to eat.  The story of canned meat, clowns, sexy blondes, and a world of madness.   In Italian with English subtitles.  LBX BA

6562 Eye of the Wolf (95) aka: Kazan   Jeff Fahey (as Paul Weyman) studies wolves in the Northern Canadian mountains when he stumbles across a dead Canadian mountie with a courageous wolf/dog guarding the body.  He tries to take the poor creature to others of it's kind with the help of a woman named  'Jo' (Sophie Duez) but in the wilderness, they run into the killer of the man from the beginning.  The film opens with the man being killed and the wolf/dog freaking out.  There is more of course, slightly more complex, but all in all sort of a 'Call of the Wild' type, with real and amazing locations, and real animals, not CGI dogs. 

7998 From Hell to Victory (79) aka: Contro 4 bandiere   aka: De l'enfer à la victoire   Before the war in a Paris cafe, six friends from various countries plan to get back together after the war has ended.  They go their separate duty bound ways.  Brett (George Peppard) returns to the United States and becomes an officer, Maurice (George Hamilton) finds himself on the beach in Dunkirk, Jurgen (Horst Buchholz) becomes a German officer and Fabienne (Audrey Duperey) joins the French Resistance...  more.  Some paths will cross during the war.  And there will be a bittersweet reunion....  Umberto Lenzi directs.  Also with Howard Vernon, Capucine, Sam Wanamaker and more.    BA

7910 Getting Over (81) A black record promoter named Mike Barnett (John Daniels) is hired to get a black disco band signed by his record producer boss, because of affirmative action quota's.  He discovers and promotes the all-black all-female 'Love Machine'.   But when the group's lead singer is kidnapped, Mike learns that his boss is working for the mob.  Love Machine is the real deal, and what legs!  Wow!  The movie is serious, and sort of a tamer blaxploitation type, late in the game.   BA

7904 Girls Town (59) aka: Blonde Locken - scharfe Krallen  Silver Morgan (Mamie Van Doren) is a troubled young girl.  Who cares if she is really 28 years old here? Sent to Girl's Catholic Reform School, Silver, along with other 30 year old high school 'kids', argue with nuns, each other, and get into more mischief, like drag racing, and the cars are so sweet.  The film is no drag though let me tell you.  Hi Ho Silver!  Yea.  Cathy Crosby, Paul Anka (his debut), Gloria Talbott, The Platters and more.  And look for an un-credited William Smith as 'Man' (apparently he is in the picture somewhere).  Give me Van Doren over Marilyn Monroe or Jayne Mansfield any day.  Tougher, sexier, more staying power.   BA

W86 Grand Slam (67) aka: Ad ogni costo  aka: Le carnaval des truands   A safecracker, a playboy, an elderly schoolteacher, a military man (Klaus Kinski) plan a daring heist of ten million in diamonds from a vault in Rio De Janeiro.  A great caper in the 'Rififi' tradition.  Twists, surprises, colorful locales, a well thought out heist and execution of.  Often imitated.  Also starring Adolfo Celi, Edward G.  Robinson and Janet Leigh.  Upgrade!  LBX  BA

6539 Gun for a Cop, A (81) aka: Il carabiniere  aka: Police Killer  A family of farmers wage war against a group of shady corrupt spectators who are trying to get their hands on the farmers lands.  Of course they are.  The odds are stacked against the little guys.  Surprise Surprise.  The son, a policeman, is killed and his girlfriend is driven mad with despair, while the mother dies of a broken heart.  Another example of the rich and powerful trampling the downtrodden with their fists of power.  But wait!  The only surviving son (Fabio Testi) is taking the law into his own hands!  Good thing too, because the law is useless.  Sometimes violence is the only answer, and going to prison for doing what is right, is worth it.  LBX and English dubbed.   BA

7982 Heaven and Hell (69) aka: Il paradiso e l'inferno   aka: Himmel og helvete  Anti-drug film from Norway.  The premise is that if you start with smoking pot, you'll be putting a needle in your arm in no time.  While this premise is actually true for some individuals like if you ride your bike in the street, you'll get splattered by a truck, but with the legalization of certain substances now....  The film, very entertaining for 1969 Norway.  Sometimes it seems like a PSA, but with sleaze,  nudity,  teens smoking hash and flipping out, a young girl gets hooked and has sex with the drug dealer, starts to freak out when they start having sex.....  Now what? Time to smack the young girl around and pimp her out for drug money.   Can they stop? Will they stop?  Should they stop?  In Norwegian with English subtitles.   BA

7974 Hell Before Death, The (68) aka: Commandment for a Gangster  aka: Comandamenti per un gangster  Dario Argento helped write the screenplay for this action film dealing with honor among thieves.  Characters include a crime boss, an assassin who dyes his hair blonde, and a religious zealot who calls himself 'Saint'.  There's a mute gunman and his brother, a guy called 'Five-Cents'.  An investigation into a married couple, leather suited men with machine guns, Ennio Morricone score.  With English subtitles.   BA

6541 Ho! Criminal Face (68) aka: Criminal Face - Storia di un criminale  A small time (former car racer) mob driver with an affinity for sharp ties is sent to prison.  Once freed, he continues his career of dirty deeds, becoming a notorious gangster, which leads to his decline in the criminal world, eventually leading to, once again, being a driver for some shady gang of thugs, who dub him 'Ho!'.  Joanna Shimkus is the love interest.  Will Ho!  get any respect by the end? Will the piano score remind you a little of 'The Sting" (which had not been made yet) mixed with a silent movie?  LBX English dubbed version  BA

7889 Inspector Palmu's Error (60) aka: Komisario Palmun erehdys  When an infamous playboy tycoon is found dead in his bathtub, detective Palmu is the man on the case.  This one has it all, some crime, comedy, mystery, thriller, and if you ever wanted to see Helsinki Finland as it looked in 1960, some interesting shots.  Voted the best Finnish film of all time in 2012.   Finnish with English subtitles.   BA

7939 Just Heroes (89) aka: Yee dam kwan ying  Executive Suite meets MacBeth with homage to the 'A Better Tomorrow' films, also directed by John Woo.  Members of a mob gang struggle for control after the boss is assassinated.  Action, slow motion gunplay with blood splash mayhem.   These are gangsters, not heroes, and the deconstruction of heroism is on full display.  From Hong Kong with English subtitles  BA

7876 Last One of the Six, The (41) aka: Le dernier des six  Six friends win the jackpot, and go there own separate ways after being together five years.  They will all seek their fame, fortune, and destiny, then regroup.  When they return, some have succeeded, some have failed, and one covets the whole deal, and decides he will kill his former friends.  Predates so many similar plots to come with the whodunit thriller model.  Nail biting suspense.  A French film with Pierre Fresnay and Suzy Delair (who died in March 2020 at age 102 in Paris).   In French with English subtitles.   BA 

7985 Law of the Camorra (73) aka: The Godfather's Advisor  aka: Mafia Killer aka:  La legge della Camorra   A mobster's widow in the early 1940's arrives at the bedside of a dying boss to give him advice and council.  It seems that the drug trade has infiltrated the Mafia, and some in the old school are not very happy about it.  Open hostilities include powerful politicians.  Some cool cars, a chase, excellent production values.   Simonetta Vitelli, Jeff Cameron (in his last film) and more star.  LBX  BA

7986 Left Hand of the Law (75) aka: La polizia interviene: ordine di uccidere!   A secret criminal organization kidnaps rich people as a cover for darker dirty deeds.  The main bad guys are played by Stephen Boyd and James Mason.  Janet Agren is on hand, but I personally could have used more of her.  A crazy car chase, car bombings and shoot-outs.  All hell breaks loose in the last half hour with slow motion bloody machine-gunning.  In one scene Murri (played by Leonard Mann) takes out an entire criminal retreat with his machine gun.  LBX BA

7987 Lion of St.  Petersburg, The (72) aka: I leoni di Pietroburgo  The Russian Revolution where the people rise up against the corrupt elite.  Comes off like a spaghetti western on the snow covered plains.  The evil son of St.  Petersburg's rich landlord hates Eldar (Mark Damon) who leads a fight against the oppression.  Eldar's woman has been captured, and the war is about to begin.   Spectacular locations and photography now in sharp colorful LBX.  Screw 'Dr.  Zhivago'!  Snow battles, great costumes and plenty of action.  Erna Schurer is 'Anastasia'.   LBX  BA

7981 Medic: The Greatest Attack, The (79) aka: Le toubib  Set in the distant future of 1983 (!) this is a film of WW3.  A medic (Alain Delon), leaves his wife and child with a sense of duty, to help run a huge mobile hospital, to help any wounded that they can.  There he falls for a young nurse.  WW3 is raging due to some unknown global enemy.  The bodies keep coming in to be worked on.  The bombs of the enemy are called 'sharks', and are full of razors to shred bodies.  Some gory scenes include one with corpses fused to the walls of a cave.  The war is largely unseen, but heard, although there is plenty of military operations on air and ground.  Dark, doomy with an apocalyptic ending.  (uncut version with the “penis scene”)   Dubbed into English and LBX  BA

7886 Medium, The (51) Outstanding film version of Menotti's opera.  Dark and bizarre is this opera, perfect for dipping your toe into for the bleak haunting atmosphere this tale provides.  The music is complex, and well played.  The acting is superb, the tragedy of the tale and understanding is clear (they sing in English language).  Dark like a classic horror, but opera!  Hide the crystal! 

7899 Mondo Beyondo Show, The (88) 1 hour forgotten HBO special.   David Cale, Bill Irwin, The Kipper Kids, Yes/No People and your host Bette Midler (aka: Mondo Beyondo!)  She is the host of a cable access show that features different off the wall acts.  Also with Midler's husband since 1984 Martin von Haselberg. 

6550 Naples: The Camorra Challenges, the City Hits Back (79) aka: Napoli...  la camorra sfida, la città risponde  Mafia threatens merchants and freelancers of the city in order to get them to sign away their insurance policies.  Things get blown up, put upon people pull triggers in defense.  One family man's son is beaten, the girlfriend raped, which sends him on a mission to take down the racket, by any means.  The police? Bah.  Eventually we get a violent blood filled gun battle with some sweet karma for one villain in particular.  A neat and nasty crime thriller where some of the main characters have their own song!   In Italian with English subtitles.  LBX 

6534 Night of the Executioners (70) aka: The Cop  aka: Ein Bulle sieht rot  aka: Un condé  This film was originally repressed by the French government because it pissed off the police!  Michel Bouquet plays a  hard-boiled cop not unlike 'Dirty Harry' in many ways.  How far do the good guys have to cross the line in order to clean up the mess society has made of itself?  After his partner is killed, he goes full on unholy revenge, rules be damned.  Delivering himself into an amoral brutal journey deep into a dark nightmare of violence, there goes he.  Examines the sometimes ‘necessary’ acts of police barbarity, and reveals the ultimate societal conundrum all countries still face today.   Rare English dubbed uncut version.  LBX  BA

6544 Operation Tidal Wave (66) aka: Lightning Bolt  aka: Operazione Goldman  One fantastic James Bond clone here with a mad man interfering with rocket launches like 'Dr.  No', using a weapon he somehow placed upon the moon.  A dastardly villain with a world domination plot, a femme fatale with an acid squirting gun, an ice chamber where the victims of the villain are stored, a water death trap, and more, sort of a science fiction theme.  Watch for the scene that was a dead lift from 'Goldfinger'!  A total blast with Anthony Eisley as the faux-playboy-Bond, and the eye candy is wow with Wandisa Guida and Diana Lorys.  Looks more expensive than many others I have seen.  This alternate version to the previous is beautiful LBX and English dubbed.   BA

7850 Original Sin, The (48) aka: The Apple Fell  aka: Der Apfel ist ab   Germany trying to rebuild their film industry after losing the war.  Here we have a move from early 40's propaganda to late 40's farce.  A man fumbles on love.  He is in lust with his secretary, but wants to keep his wife.  The old 'have his cake and eat it too' scenario.  Satan's Lounge is an incredible place.  The snake and the apple figure into the story in interesting ways.  An amazing special stage effects heaven, and an equally impressive hell of sorts, complete with satanic indulgences.  And then came Lilith!  The camera shots are amazing.  In German with English subtitles. 

7830 Orson Welles Show, The (79) Pilot that started and ended with this episode.  "It was frankly an attempt to enter the commercial field and earn my living as a talk show host.  It was just a flop, that's all.  Nobody wanted it." This, a quote from Orson Welles in later years, describing this show.  It never aired.  We start with a very good sit down with Burt Reynolds, who also answers audience questions.  Then, Kermit the Frog and other of those damn muppets arrive for some Then, a magic show with Orson at the helm.  More...  One can only imagine the antics Orson Welles may have supplied in future episodes if this pilot was picked up. 

7906 Pajama Tops (83) Incredible stage production of an incredibly sexy play.  You'll be drooling in the first five minutes watching Gwynyth Walsh and her getup, as the double entendres of a sexual nature fly, as politically incorrect as you can get.  Mix a little 'La Cage Aux Folles' with 'Three's Company' and...  Susan George, very sexy in her outfits, and Pia Zadora (I am the most delicious, the most delectable...') ...  Great photography and picture.  Robert Klein and Alan Scarfe also star. 

7953 Praying Mantis (82) A middle aged professor's young bride and his assistant, plot to commit a double murder.  Surprise for them then when they come to realize one of their victim's is also planning a killing....   She exploits and manipulates her victims.  So she has power of life and death over them.  Then...  she strikes!  Filmed in France.   Jonathan Pryce, Cherie Lunghi and more.  Uncut version!

7951 Remember Me (85) aka: Old Acquaintances  Jenny (Wendy Hughes) is an ordinary housewife who has her out of control violent husband Howard committed to a mental ward after his latest flip out.  Now he is out, and he wants to rekindle what they once had.  Is she up for it? No, she is remarried!  Is this a new ploy to gain trust and then get revenge on her.  Or is she not all that innocent? Her past has come back to haunt her...  and he's armed!   Her new husband takes her to the country for some peace and quiet.  Howard follows leading to a shocking climax.  BA

7944 Rogue's Regiment (48) aka: La legión de los condenados  The first motion picture that talked about Viet Nam (known as French Indochina then).  Dick Powell is an army intelligence officer sent there to root out an escaped Nazi war criminal, who has joined the French Foreign Legion, which he too joins, undercover.  Vincent Price (as Mark Van Ratten) learns the truth (I will not tell you which truth) and tries a bit of blackmail, which fails for him miserably.  Marta Toren is Lila.   BA

7873 Sansho the Bailiff (54) aka: Sanshô dayû  In medieval Japan, a well to do family slowly disintegrates due to events out of their control.  How they each react to the changes as the years pass...  The patriarch (a former Bailiff that committed the crime of leniency to the wrong person) is imprisoned and it his family who pays dearly.   They splinter and grow up in sadness and suffering.  In Japanese with English subtitles.   LBX  BA

6552 Sewers of Paradise (79) aka: Les égouts du paradis  Based on a true incident.  Former combat buddies dig a tunnel in order to rob a bank of it's 4,000 deposit boxes.  When they fail to acquire the proper tools to do the job, they have to make do with welding gear, and only manage to get away with 300 boxes...  still worth a fortune!  The heist is fun to watch as it comes together and finally put into play.  File under 'heist' film.  Francis Huster is Albert Spaggiari.   LBX and English dubbed! 

7860 Shinobi Ninja, The (81) aka: The American Avenger  aka: Ninja in USA  The Japanese government hires martial arts masters from all over the world to try to take out a dreaded kung fu clan.  Plenty of action and choreographed fights, (what a showdown in the snow!) funky music, really bad dubbing, a kung fu fighting babe in a red jumpsuit (Karen Shepherd in her debut), snowmobiles..  This low budget action delivers.  Filmed in Canada.  

6554 Special Squad Shoots on Sight (76) aka: La polizia ordina: sparate a vista  Italian/Turkish collaboration crime film.  A reporter named Tony (who is a part time cop/hypnotist (yes both!)) is blackmailed into working for small time crooks (led by Gordon Mitchell who's dubbed voice sounds like 'Popeye' in this).  They are after a 'Golden Buddha', and with the help of Tony's skills it is as good as got!  Or is it?  The special squad shoots on sight.  And even if someone gets away with the Buddha, a treacherous angry wench also has a gun.....  Beba Loncar also stars.  LBX and English dubbed  BA

6558 Sunday Woman, The (75) aka: La donna della domenica   Giallo sub-genre or more like an Agatha Christie murder mystery whodunit? The story revolves around a very unlikely murder victim whose behavior ensures that there are plenty of suspects.  Marcello Mastroianni is a police inspector and Aldo Rigianni as Jean-Louis Trintignant's character's homosexual lover.  Love the slow-motion fantasy flashbacks sequence of the suspects striking down the unfortunate victim with their ceramic penis weaponry.  Lightweight giallo, with subtle humor, engaging enough through excellent performances.  Jacqueline Bisset stars!  LBX and now 109 minute version English dubbed  BA

7996 Target (79) aka: Bersaglio altezza uomo  aka: Deckname Scorpion  Italy works with Turkey and makes this crime thriller with Luc Merenda!  Inspector Keaton from Interpol goes on a mission to Istanbul and manages to muck up the workings of a drug lord and his accomplices.  The villains hire a shooting expert to slay Keaton.  But what the bad guys don't realize is the expert is secretly working with Keaton.  Every Turkish guy seems to have a moustache.  Abused molls, gunfights, home invasion, rape, fisticuffs, bad disco, even some needed nudity (that last sentence sounded wrong)!  From the director of 'The Virgin of Bali' Guido Zurli.  Also with Gabriella Giorgelli.  Dubbed into English and LBX BA

6542 Teledrome (67) aka: Hypnos   aka: Massacre Mania  aka: Hipnos follia di massacro   A maniac is on the loose.  The first suspect is an 'eyewitness' to the first murder.  But behind the killings hides the arch-criminal Professor Kennitz (Fernando Sancho).  Kennitz has developed a deadly weapon, with dreams of world domination his ultimate goal.  The gold-masked man rules the day in the end riddled with machine guns and fisticuffs in a James Bond inspired finale.  An arrow to the eye, fire...  will the kidnapped prisoners be rescued before everything blows to hell? Very similar to others from this era, with some clever touches.  Robert Woods and Rada Rassimov also star.  This version is LBX in Italian with English subtitles.   BA

6530 Three Men to Kill (80) aka: 3 hommes à abattre  Michel (Alain Delon), professional poker player, helps the victim of an automobile accident, not realizing the man has been shot.  It was a hit.  Now Michel has the killers on his trail.  Pessimistic and dark with some sweet graphic violence.   What does Michel know? What did the shot man tell Michel? Dalila Di Lazzaro's youthful charm adds to the fun, and she shows her tits several times.  Paranoia and suspense.  LBX and rare English dub.   BA

7882 Time Stood Still (59) aka: Il tempo si è fermato  At 8,530 feet, on the Venerocolo glacier, the construction of a dam is on the brink of completion.  During winter, the construction site is deserted.  Two middle-aged men act as caretakers.  Then, one of the men is replaced by a young student.  A storm cuts their power, and their rickety building is compromised.  The young student becomes a man as the two fight to survive the elements.  With English subtitles

6560 To Skin a Spy (66) aka: With the Lives of Others  aka: Avec la peau des autres  Sent to Vienna to stop a security leak, a French Secret Agent is given a license to kill.  Much of the film concentrates the action on determining whether the head of a local Austrian network is a double agent ...  or not? This gives rise to a series of attacks, counter attacks, traps and wrong tracks whose sole purpose is to mislead the French Information Service.  Vienna, a nest of spies!  Lino Ventura, Marilu Tolo, Adrian Hoven and more star.  LBX with English subtitles.   BA

6559 Tokyo: The Last War (89) aka: Teito taisen  Tokyo lies in ruins at the end of their WW2 loss.  A surviving group of mystics plan to turn 'defeat into victory'.  From a distance, they will kill evil world leaders, like Hitler.  But the resentment and agony of the souls of the fire-bombed dead blend together in supernatural power which unleashes the wicked and mighty Kato, who plans more death and destruction.  Only a young apprentice of the priests will dare fight Kato.  We see Hitler marry Eva Braun with his Nazi symbols....  but what is the fate of mankind? Horrors!   LBX with English subtitles. 

6546 Wolves, The (96) aka: Agguato tra i ghiacci  50,000 acres of Alaskan Wilderness is the inheritance of Blacky Blacavov (Darren Dalton) and his sister Barbara (Kristen Dalton) who use it to get closer to nature through an Eskimo type named Chilkoot and a pack of wild wolves.  Unbeknownst to Blacky, however, is the betrayal of Barbara, who has granted an exploration contract to an unscrupulous mining mogul named King (Raimund Harmstorff of 'Bloody Friday') who not only loves to hunt wolves and wild pig, but also wants to use some of the remote lands for dumping toxic waste.  Blacky is not happy.  Chilkoot is not happy.  The wolves are especially pissed, and their fangs are bared!  Becomes a hunt in the wilderness and a struggle to survive.  Filmed in Russia. 




6580 Burning Court, The (62) aka: La chambre ardent  aka: I peccatori della foresta nera   In the 18th century, a woman and her two brothers are burnt at the stake for witchcraft, so we are told with words on the screen.  A curse is placed on future generations, you know the kind.  Now we are in the mansion, and mixed murder- mystery/witch curse unfolds before our eyes.  Is there a real killer afoot, or is the witch reincarnated here? There are indeed supernatural moments, although the initial threat of the curse is never fully realized.  Twists and turns, you won't have this one figured out so easily.  BA

6582 Dracula (77) aka: El conde Drácula  Quite excellent television adaptation of Bram Stoker's classic tale with respect for the novel.  Nothing like Coppola's version, because Coppola's version missed the point of the novel completely.  Dracula is not a being of love, but of hate.  Louis Jourdan is perfect in the role.  Watch the touches here, incredible.  Especially when Lucy (played convincingly by Susan Penhaligon) goes from dying waif to lusting vampire.  Skip the camp this time around, this 2 and a half hour Dracula is the real deal.  Dracula and his vampire brides even have a baby for dinner.  The graveyard where Lucy is attacked, is the actual graveyard that inspired Stoker in the 1890's.  Victorian Gothic ambiance, magnificent! 

W74 Family Torn Apart, A (93) aka: Sudden Fury   Two brothers are accused of brutally murdering their allegedly abusive parents.   Neil Patrick Harris and Johnny Galecki are in the hot seat.  Intense and riveting, a horrifying true story brought to life that actually rises above it's tabloid trappings.  When did they stop making good true crime MFTV movies?

7877 Ghostly Rental, The (65) aka: La Redevance du Fantôme  From a story by Henry James, the author of 'The Turn of the Screw' and many others.  A young man, about to enter the priesthood, wanders in1850 Massachusetts on foggy ground pathways and forest, stumbles upon an abandoned house with many outbuildings.  He meets Captain Diamond, the owner, and learns that the house is haunted by Captain Diamond's dead daughter, whose death he caused.  Amazing Gothic in French with English subtitles.

7922 Sins of Dorian Gray, The (83) aka: I peccati di Dorian Gray  Belinda Bauer in the familiar tale of Dorian Gray, set in modern times, following the same pattern.  A film screen test on celluloid is where she makes her wish for eternal youth and beauty, this she secrets away, keeping it safe so nothing can happen to her.  Now she can sleep with anybody she wants, drink and party to her heart's content, with no physical consequence, ever.  Her friends and colleagues age, are shocked she does not.  Occasionally she sets up her projector to see her celluloid, notices it is showing the physical decay that her body is not.  Anthony Perkins, Joseph Bottoms, Michael Ironside and more star. 

7994 Specialty of the House (00) aka: Specialita séfkuchare  Stanley Ellin was a writer for 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents', 'Tales of the Unexpected', even a 'Circle of Fear' episode.  This tale was originally used in a 1959 'Alfred Hitchcock' Presents episode.  A three time winner of 'The Mystery Writers of America's Edgar Allen Poe Award'.  So what is the specialty of the house the chef is going to serve? When his strange boss takes his wary clerk to dinner in an even stranger restaurant ....   In Czech and with English subtitles. 




6568 India Jaws (96) aka: Aatank   Coastal village, India, Fishermen and an Unscrupulous Gangster.  When both fishermen, and gangsters discover black pearls off the coast, they also discover something that hampers recovery of said pearls.  Namely, a huge hungry Great White shark!  Yes, this is the one, one of the most entertaining of the Hollywood rip-off films from India.  A creature feature, a musical, an action film, and more!  This troubled production was filmed in the 1980's and took a long time to come out.  Most of the film takes place on land with fighting and shooting, but when the giant shark comes into play, WATCH OUT!    Now this alternate version with English subtitles for the first time!   BA

7938 Minaret of Death (01) Can't quite figure this action film out...  looks to be Turkish or Indian (no songs) and manages to deliver some picturesque photography (amidst the smack-downs) set around a shoreline, and sometimes on a luxury ship complete with stripper poles.  The ship is taken over, later a woman is killed with a blade on the forest floor, a small minaret is passed and seems to be the object everybody is after.  F.L.



5976 All the Screams of Silence (75) aka: Todos los gritos del silencio  The rarest Paul Naschy!  (picture not as great, but best print out there, sharp, but colors shaky sometimes, and there are glitches...  but as far as we know, the only way to see this rare film, unless someone can tell us otherwise).  A journalist (Paul Naschy) investigates the murder of his colleague/close friend/ex-lover? (possibly).  A powerful businessman seems to be at the heart of the matter.  As he gets closer to finding answers, one guy clubs him with a 10 pound weight.  But wait!  He's up!  Stop Naschy that easy? Nah.  Whodunit Giallo with one hell of a surprise ending that I actually did not see coming for a change.  LBX and English subtitles. 




6536 Desires (77) aka: Deseos  Very strange and surreal Mexican film that may remind one of Alejandro Jodorowsky.  The bizarre unexplainable adventures of Timoteo Limon as he returns to his home, a sort of apocalyptic and barren land (the use of real locations here is both stark, terrifying and amazing!).  Female masturbation, a naked dead guy who gets washed, priests, weird Christian ranting...  Be Gone Satan Be Gone? Daughters of Mary is a carriage that leads souls to heaven.  But the price is a harsh life.  Filled with sacrifice and renunciation.  Death, Pain, Struggles of Man.   Those who come out of curiosity or pride, or any other worldly cause, are thrown off a cliff.  Well, plenty of nudity, pseudo religion and repercussions of sin.  Blessed Be Your Downfall!   LBX in Spanish with English subtitles. 

7851 Inferno in the Sierra (00) Shot on video in Mexico.  Opens with a sexy woman dressing into her 'going out'  clothes inside a house while a truck is coming up the road.  Lipstick.  Eyeliner.  Good.  Truck gets closer.  Her husband is home, and he is too tired to take her out.  She goes without him.  To a dance club.  Mean hombres arrive in fancy cars.  Inside, they eyeball sexy woman, then harass her.  When she is defended, a stabbing, then the shooting begins.  The mean guys just wanted some poontang.  They shoot some people, and then kidnap the girls they want.  I guess they belong to the bad guys now.  Is there another reason? Meanwhile, others gun up for the rescue.  Lots of running and shooting, and the low budget does a magnificent job in various locations indoor and out.  In Spanish language only. 




7855 Bell, The (70) aka: The Beast  aka: La belva  Crazy Johnny (Klaus Kinski) is a sex-crazed outlaw.  He tries to rape a woman right in the river in the opening sequence.  He is not only a sexual predator, but also a thieving bastard and a merciless killer to boot.  Johnny and other bandits kill a landowner who has just sold his property, but the money has been transferred too soon.  Johnny heads South intent on a heist.  Ladies, hide your bosoms, if Johnny sees them you may end up getting molested or raped.  Kinski is wonderfully sadistic.  Also with Gabriella Giorgelli.  LBX and Upgrade!   BA

W79 Scalps (87) aka: Scalps: Venganza India   Bruno Mattei directs this extremely violent late in the game spaghetti.  Civil war time.  The commander of a Texas Fort refuses to surrender.  When he tries to buy an Indian Chief's daughter and is denied, they slaughter the tribe and take the pretty young squaw, she escapes (twice!).  Scalping, torture with hooks, a brief decapitation and attempted rape.  The squaw (Mapi Galan) gets her sweet revenge.  Great locations, nasty characters, a nihilist western with a cold heart.  Mapi Galan is an absolute knock-out.  This is an alternate version than what was previously listed.  LBX BA