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E848 Bod Squad, The (74) aka: Enter the 7 Virgins   NEW VERSION!  The other version is #S472 Widescreen and runs 88 minutes.  This version is Widescreen and 92 minutes with English subtitles and I would say a sharper picture as well.  BA

E816 Commando Girls (90) aka: Rescue Force   Terrorism and Revenge in the Middle East!  Globe trot from Syria to Lebanon, Iran to France...  all apparently filmed in the United States.  Then, at around the half-time mark, top-billed Richard Harrison arrives, and the Rescue Force is set into motion, to rescue hostages from the evil Palestinians!  An almost non-stop orgy of explosions and wicked hot chicks shooting machine guns ensues, and blubbery white guys running around dressed as Arabs!  Entertaining trash with the delicious Cynthia Thompson (of 'Cavegirl' fame (?) as 'Angel' and Anne Gaybis as another 'Commando'.  BA

E865 Godspeed You!  Black Emperor (76) aka: Goddo supiido yuu! Burakku emparaa  In Japan in the 1970's, they had their own brand of 'Hell's Angels' styled activities.  This film follows a member of the 'Black Emperors' gang, and his problems with his parents after he is arrested.  Gritty Japanese sub-culture, youth and defiance.  What you are watching is real.  Later, a Canadian rock band named themselves after this film.  English subtitles  BA

E708 Killer Angels (89) aka: Ultraforce 1    First, a brutal killing, then the opening credits set to upbeat 80's music.  The Blue Angels are a trio of badass ladies, hired to protect gangster Jacky Chan (no relation to Jackie Chan), who has a tell-all list of all the gangsters in the organization.  Action-packed mayhem with Moon Lee!  The film is bloody in the shootings, and brutal in the fighting.  Moon Lee goes undercover in a nightclub and sings a song showing off her physical prowess of perfection, decked out in black leather.  The song rocks.   A cruel mob enforcer is sent to kill the feisty trio.  Rough and tumble girls with guns classic!  English dubbed

E787 Mean Business (79) aka: Devil's Angels  aka: Pay or Die  aka: Devils Three  Filipino Trash Classic!  Marrie Lee returns in the third and final 'Cleopatra Wong' films.  This girl does many of her own stunts, and has sustained injuries while filming.  She could take any of these phony CGI Marvel or DC chicks on her worst day!  When an underworld boss named Lucifer Devlin is betrayed, his own men kidnap his daughter.  Enter karate goddess Cleopatra Wong, along with her 300 pound psychic named 'Rotunda' and flamboyant gay kung fu master/drag queen that likes to kick butt!  The writing is terrible, the acting, hysterical.  A film that needed to be made!   BA

E764 Temptation Island (80) What happens when a group of beauty contest (Miss Manila Sunshine) finalists are stranded on a desert island with no water, food or shelter?  A fight over the only hairbrush?  A battle over the last tube of lipstick?  After one of the funniest fake disasters at sea you will ever see (um, isn't civilization just a couple of miles....  that way?) all hope is lost.   Beach dancing, splashing in the ocean, catfights, men get laid to horror music (?), branch gathering, gossip, crying....  hunger pains....  which leads to cannibalism.  Go ahead, have some, that's medium cooked!  MMM.  Jim Jim is good.  Tastes like chicken!  English language, and when English is missing, there are English subtitles. 

E819 Terminal Angels (87) Reporter Paula is pursued by a drug smuggling businessman, who knows she has damning evidence that will expose him.  Here we have another cut and paste action film from the prolific Godfrey Ho.  The main thrust of the picture is female-first fight action.  Crash Bang Smash!   See if you can piece this together coherently, it can be done, I promise!  BA



E742 Dragonfly Squadron (54) South Korean pilots are taught by American flight instructors to fly American built warplanes right before the Korean War.  John Hodiak, Barbara Britton, Chuck Conners and more star.  BA

E836 Guns Don't Argue (57) A cut and paste composite of three re-edited episodes from the popular television series 'Gangbusters' which aired in 1952 (so technically, this is 1952, not 1957).  Myron Healey is John Dillinger.  Jean Harvey is Ma Barker.  Tamar Cooper is Bonnie Parker, Baynes Barron is Clyde Barrow.  Also with Jim Davis, Lyle Talbot, Lash La Rue and more. 

E834 Misadventures of Buster Keaton, The (50) One of two pseudo features that British Lion compiled from the shot on film television series 'Life with Buster'.  Regarding here, Buster's misadventures both running a sporting goods shop, and a local theater company.  If you want more laughs look up his groundbreaking early shorts with Fatty Arbuckle!  

E723 Pearl, The (47) aka: La Perla  From the John Steinbeck short novel.  A tale of hope and greed set in the Pacific coast of Mexico.  A husband and wife find a great treasure and then have to face the hard facts that many people face when 'sharing the wealth'.  John Steinbeck himself helped with the screenplay for the film adaptation with no sugar-coating the message of the story.  Pedro Armendariz, Maria Elena Marques, and interestingly, the first screen credit of Richard Anderson.  Filmed in Mexico.  English subtitles  BA

E775 Rogue Cop (54) Robert Taylor is a big city cop on the take, working for gangland boss George Raft.  He keeps his kid brother (also a cop, played by Steve Forrest) out of the criminal stuff, but when George Raft is crossed, little brother is killed.  Now the tide has turned.  Janet Leigh is Robert Taylor's girl, while moll Anne Francis belongs to Raft.  Gritty, downbeat and suspenseful.  BA

W425 Sortileges (45) aka: Spells   In a little village lost in a mountain, a trader is murdered in the snow, his corpse robbed by the killers.  His black horse gallops alone, demanding justice in the night.  The frozen body lies still.  Is the hand lifted?  Yes, in a death clutch.  The horse gallops (Justice!  It Seems to Cry!), stunning images of ice cold melancholy.  The horse of the apocalypse rides into the village with death, in Gothic Film Noir fashion, snow-covered stones and graceful tracking shots breathing in the rustic horrors of doom, the wonderful brooding of dread.  It's symbolic of course.  English subtitles  BA

W434 They Must Be Told (34) aka: Sex Madness   Syphilis, a menace more dangerous than the worst criminal.  (In 2024, this disease is making a comeback, so, don't forget your rubbers!) This dramatization shows us people who are so horny that they can't control themselves, so they get syphilis.  James and Jane think of sex all the time.  Peggy is trying to seduce Betty.  Burlesque shows are depicted as toxic- air dens of sexual diseases.   But could you think of a better place to spend your time in 1934? Everybody gets syphilis.  Everybody gets therapy.  But, will they be cured?  PSA 1934




W429 April 1st 2000 (52) Greetings from 1952, Austria (Germany).  A speculative look at the future of the world.  In the year 2000, the World Global Union is in charge.  Austria declares independence from the tyrannical world order.  The globalists arrive in a space ship equipped with death-ray guns, to stop the rebellion, and punish all who will not take a knee.  Austria's president, and the country of Austria, are put on trial.  Political satire rings all too true even today.  Nationalism?  Globalist?  Who is better than who?   Who deserves more/less?  America is broke.  English subtitles

E850 Castaways of Turtle Island, The (76) aka: Les naufragés de l'île de la Tortue   Tourists land on an island.  No food, no shelter, no hope.  This was the idea  of Jean-Arthur, a travel agency clerk, and his colleague.  Their idea was to offer an extreme 'survivor' experience to tourists.  Instead, a new way of life.  You can check out any time you like.  His dream is to create modern day Robinson Crusoe's.  Who is on board?  In French with English subtitles Over 2 Hours  BA

W431 Congolaise (50) aka: Savage Africa  This film was sponsored by the French Government to document the native tribes in French Equatorial Africa.  The reality?  Savage uncivilized native nudity like the kind we gawked at in those National Geographic magazines forever and a day ago, and some choppy, fun little segments that never fail to entertain.   Africa was still a land of wonder and mystery in 1950.  Most Americans thought a visit to the jungles would land you in some cannibals cooking pot.  They weren't wrong.  Tribes like these still exist.  A lion gets a native and starts to throw him about before the lion is brutally shot.  More topless women walk in circles shaking their boobs, a twisted frenzied African version of a demented  'Soul Train'.  The film will scare you.  The film may titillate you.  The film may make you angry.  Don't blame us, we didn't make it.  Some of this is fake, you'll know where.  Killing the gorilla and filming the corpse is about as 'Ruggero Deodato' exploitative as it gets (although he had nothing to do with it).  BA

E846 Danny the Dragon (67) Gavin (Jack Wild) and his two friends meet Danny the Dragon who has just arrived from outer space!  From there, the adventures begin!  The Dragon is like a cheap Dr.  Who style monster, pretty cool and typically kitschy for 1967.  Jack Wild would tumble into 'Oliver' the following year, and then in 1970 meet H.R. Pufnstuf.  Told in 10 parts on two discs (counts as two).  BA

E727 Flag of Death (63) aka: The Saracens  aka: Il pirata del diavolo  The battle between the Christians and the Muslims continues in the war torn Turkey of the Middle Ages.  Our hero Marco (Richard Harrison) is brave and strong, we can count on him to conquer the savages, and stop their invasion of the Muslim religion, which requires taking the knee to Islam, or death.  Something most cannot understand.  Astonishing color Widescreen English dub of this sword and sandal type starring Richard Harrison.  BA

E835 Girl on the Broomstick, The (72) aka: Dívka na kosteti   Another classic from Czechoslovakia!  Aspiring witch Saxana has been kept behind closed doors for 300 years in the school of witches.  She finds a spell in a book of sorcery that enables her to join modern mankind for 48 hours.  Petra Cernocka as Saxana is one hot Czech.  I guess you could say, she's a Cernocka out (!).  Okay.  Witchcraft, skulls, ghoulish characters, Saxana flying on a broom.....  Not to be confused with 'Witch without a Broom'.  English subtitles  BA

E827 Give the Devil His Due (85) aka: S certy nejsou zerty   Fantasy film from Czechoslavakia!  Enjoyable fantasy about a pauper messing with the devil.  Set in late baroque times, warring mini-nations battle one another and treachery is afoot in every direction.  A weak Duke, a sadistic Corporal, an interesting version of hell with the horned Devil and his ogre looking minions.  The set designs are a standout, a lot of work went into this story known as 'The Devil's Brother-in Law' written by the famous Czech fairy tale author Bozena Nemcova.  English subtitles  BA

E867 Gulliver's Travels Beyond the Moon (65) aka: Garibaa no uchû ryokô   Early Anime, good art scenes, from Japan.  Don't try too hard to tie this to Jonathan Swift.  Lemuel Gulliver has built a rocket ship to explore outer space.  The boy joins him and they begin travel to 'The Star of Hope'.  Finally arriving they find a civilization that has gone too far in their technology, creating a world of robots, that have now rebelled against them.  It's all goofy fun, but the themes are very real.  Robots have been terrorizing people in science fiction for over a hundred years.  English dubbed version, with 'Our Gang' star 'Darla Hood' as the voice of the Princess.  Widescreen  BA

Y734 Humanoid Woman (81) English dubbed and cut to ribbons version of 'To the Stars by Hard Ways' along with commercials from American television.  Makes for a completely different film.  BA   (To the Stars by Hard Ways is also available #E792)

E730 Island of Desire (52) aka: Saturday Island   First big part for Tab Hunter.  He plays Marine Corporal Michael J. 'Chicken' Dugan, who is marooned on an island with Lt. Elizabeth Smythe (Linda Darnel).  Dugan and Smythe find themselves attracted to one another, though she thinks she is too old for the studly looking bare-chested Hunter.  Another man crashes his plane on the island and gets a look at Smythe as the only dame around....   Hunter's acting was criticized (as a newcomer) at the time.  Darnell is gorgeous.  The film is a surprise.  BA

E762 Kenya Boy (84) aka: Shounen Keniya   Excellent Anime about a boy who goes to Africa with his father in 1941.  The Japanese father is detained by the British after they are separated during an encounter with a rhino.  The boy hooks up with a native girl and the adventure begins!  Action-packed with various wild animal encounters and savage tribes.  A film about courage, survival, and hope!  In Japanese with English subtitles  BA

W435 Lambda 1 (66) In the future a shuttle is tunneling under the earth through the molecules and becomes entombed miles deep.  The Lambda 1 shuttle is their only hope, but the trip has not been tested properly on what could happen to the human mind.  Dreams, hallucinations.....  Cheap special effects but a launch into this form of science fiction that seems to have peaked with 'The Core' of 2003.  Ronald Lewis stars.  Ronald Lewis, after starring in many classics and some Hammer films, committed suicide in London in 1982 at age 53.  Bankrupt and alone.  (runs a bit under a hour)   

E872 Magic Weaver, The (60) aka: Mariya-iskusnitsa   From Russia.  A woman has been kidnapped and taken to an underwater kingdom in a remote lake.  An old wandering soldier, who carries a drum and sings, decides to help her son rescue his kidnapped mother.  Frog-like characters, one male looks like a walrus, bizarre colorful sets miniature people, a green-bearded water wizard, pirates, a living harp, lobster men, a guy in a bear suit, a Witchipoo-like character and more.  Looks like it cost a fortune.  I know Sid and Marty Kroft were inspired.  The craftsmanship is out of this world.  English subtitles  BA

E771 Moon Child (89) aka: El Nino de la Luna   An orphan, confined in an Orwellian institution somewhere in (what looks like) post- WWI Europe, is kept with other children who all seem to have telepathic powers, from all over the world.  An occult group trying to generate a child through magical powers.  A scientific occult conspiracy inspired partly by Aleister Crowley.  Spanish language with English subtitles  BA

W426 Mud Monsters (81) aka: Monster Planet   aka: Under the Mountain  Red-headed twins in New Zealand have discovered they can read minds.  Their powers are discovered by a wise member of an alien race who intends to use them to fight other aliens (known as 'Wilberforces') and save the human race.  Imaginative science fiction from New Zealand with fairly impressive special effects and some pretty dark themes, people die.  Clearly this show 'meant for kids' scared the hell out of them.  Good.  The sets and monsters are sort of like 'Lost in Space' meets 'Dr.  Who'.  Told in 8 parts and on 2 discs counts as 2. 

E863 Mystery of the Third Planet, The (81) aka: Tayna tretey planety   A journey into outer space, to collect alien specimens for a Moscow zoo, becomes more than just a cosmic safari when they encounter space pirates.  This is an animated science fiction cartoon from Russia with English subtitles loaded with weird creatures and alien beings including robots and artwork so good it would have belonged in 'Heavy Metal' magazine back in the day.  * runs a bit under an hour  BA

E797 Nukie (87) aka: Nukie et Miko  E.T. rip-off stinker about an alien called 'Nukie' who searches for his alien brother 'Meeko' was has been kidnapped by the scary United States government.  The aliens have big heads and runny noses.  Scene after scene exterior shots of NASA.  Nukie befriends twin boys Tookie and Tiko, and a chimp named Charlie.  Nukie almost dies numerous times, while Meeko is being tortured by scientists.  Hangar 18?  Despite being labeled as one of the worst movies ever made, I have a soft spot for 'Nukie'.  If I had the choice between this and 'E.T', I'd choose 'Nookie' I mean 'Nukie' every time.  BA

E837 Out of the Devil's Reach (60) aka: When the Woman Butts In  aka: Kam cert nemuze  aka: Gdzie diabeł nie może   Faust's house has been converted into a hospital.  All that is left is a little sign on the wall detailing the history.  Under this, sits a black cat.  Deviltry is afoot.  Cloven hoofed?  Dr. Prucha Faust is unaware when numerous pretty women show interest.  One appears in a red dress and he calls her Mefistofela.  I'd let that woman's butt in anytime, if she has to, you know, butt in, it's fine with me.  Is she real?  Colorful Gothic spook show?  Czech with English subtitles  BA

E720 Prince of Pirates (53) The setting is a 16th century kingdom in the Netherlands.  The king wants a treaty with the Spanish, but his younger brother prince Roland (John Derek) wants one with the French.  The revolt begins!  One bare-chested man is whipped in the king's dungeon.  Carla Balanda is nice.   Barbara Rush as Countess Nita Orde looks great, you'll wish there were more of her to see.  Stunning color.  BA

E728 Revenge of  Black Eagle, The (51) aka: La vendetta di Aquila Nera   Vladamir (Rossano Brazzi) in disguise calls himself 'The Black Eagle' after returning from the wars to his homeland to find it literally under a reign of submission by an evil land baron.  Things get more complicated when Vladamir falls for the beautiful Tatiana (Gianna Maria Canale) the villains daughter.  Riccardo Freda directs.  Obscure English dubbed version  BA

E721 Rise Against the Sword (66) aka: Abare Gôemon   A large Samurai brigand seeks trouble.  Kaga's seven bands of peasants/farmers, led by 'Abare' (Toshiro Mifune) join forces to do battle against the Samurai warlords who are terrorizing the land.  The villages have their own line of defense, to protect them from the corrupt outsiders who want to tax them into submission, and force them to make do with less.  A hill to die on.  Excellent action and one hell of a large production, filmed in crisp black and white.  Widescreen In Japanese with English subtitles  BA

W430 Russian Pinocchio (39) aka: The Golden Key  aka: Zolotoy klyuchik   Inspired by 'Pinocchio' but made first.  Live action and stop-motion animation blend in the tradition of Willis O'Brien to create the fantasy film, Pinocchio.  Told with great detail and craftsmanship, charm, humor and yes, real puppet-marionette action.  The special effects are certainly as good as anything made in Hollywood up to this point, and far exceed any special effects from 'The Wizard of Oz, which came out the same year.  Of course, this was not seen on these shores quite yet.  If this doesn't wet your appetite for the marvels of stop-motion, we have added a bonus!  Two short foreign language stop-motion films!  Miseri Mo (85) Denmark 1989 fantasy film with stop-motion animation.  + A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings - Simply incredible stop-motion!  The first feature 'The Golden Key' has English subtitles.  The two shorter features do not. 

E770 Snow Queen, The (86) aka: Lumikuningatar   The 1986 version from Finland!  Another adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's longest story.  The Snow Queen has kidnapped children, a boy and a girl, inserting a sliver of magic ice into the eye of the boy, to create a perfect match for her own.  The girl wins her freedom, A dark fairy tale, like America's 'Return to Oz'.  Probably the best version, with some very colorful costuming and set design, plus a scary witch.  English subtitles  BA

E857 Super Xuxa versus the Down Mood (88) aka: Super Xuxa Contra o Baixo Astral  Greetings from Brazil with fantasy characters galore.  Xuxa has angered the villain Baixo Astral (also known as 'Satan' or if you like 'The Bad Mood') because she simply asked children to 'paint the world'.  Her dog (a puppet) is kidnapped.  Xuxa, with the helmet of a turtle, a pink dolphin and a caterpillar, cross through the River of Delusion, the Tree of Knowledge and all manner of traps to win the day, and not give in to temptation.  Weirder and crazier than 'Labyrinth' meets 'Pufnstuf' with a pop score that seems to blend 'Flashdance' with pop rock throughout, very catchy.  Infectious.  Xuxa once dated John F. Kennedy Jr. (the man who thought he could pilot a plane), and also posed for Playboy in 1982.  Portuguese with English subtitles  BA

E875 Taiwan Tarzan (65) aka: Tarzan and the Treasure  aka: Tài shan bao zàng  Treasure in the mountains of Malaysia.  A woman and her son search for the treasure, along with gangsters and now the police.  The little boy is tied to a tree.  A mutant man with an omelet eyeball points a gun at him!  Tarzan is coming!  Widescreen and English subtitles  BA

E839 Tales of Beatrix Potter, The (71) Amazingly life-like interpretations of the Beatrix Potter fantasy world characters, dancing around the countryside with no dialogue.  There's Mrs. Tiggle-Winkle, Mrs. Tittlemouse, Squirrel Nutkin, Jemima Puddleduck and more.  Adult ballet dancers from The Royal Ballet are dressed like animals.  The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House soundtrack.  HURRY!  Get out the RAT TRAPS!

E870 Through Fire, Water and ...  Brass Pipes (68) aka: Ogon, voda i... mednye truby   From Russia.  Full blown costume and character laden fun as we join an assortment of characters in this Chitty Chitty Bang Bang/Alice in Wonderland/Wizard of Oz meets Monty Python fantasy.  The songs are sung as they were recorded in Russian, but all of the dialogues in the film are dubbed into English.  Some fantastic devilish sets for the witch and a dark twisted forest.  The little goat is the star!  BA

E792 To the Stars by Hard Ways (81) aka: Cherez ternii k zvyozdam   In future Russia, house robots are the norm and people go to jobs on distant planets.  One ship brings back a blonde haired (illegal?) alien who behaves nervously.  She integrates into a new 'Earth' family.  She feels jealousy for the first time.  Alien midgets, bizarre alien landscapes....  Dead serious imaginative, poignant science fiction.  Known as 'Humanoid Woman' in the United States, a cut to pieces and made to look funny English dubbed (but still entertaining) atrocity, this is a two hour original Russian language version, running over 30 additional minutes!  Widescreen with English subtitles  (Humanoid Woman is also available #Y734) BA

W433 Toto in the Moon (58) aka: Totò nella luna   Co-written for the screen by future Godfather of Italian Gore Lucio Fulci.  Aliens attempt to prevent the launching of man into space.  In order to do this, they must infiltrate their bodies and take over their minds.  Alien eyeballs look like large doughnuts.  Sylva Koscina stars in this, the same year her breakthrough role in 'Hercules'.  What a dame!  Also of course with Toto and Ugo!  In Italian with English subtitles  BA

W432 Toward Meeting a Dream (63) aka: Mechte navstrechu  aka: Encounter in Space  An amazing Russian science fiction, easily matching it's American counterparts.  They couldn't match our technologies, but they could pull off some swell sci-fi.  Loyal party scientists intercept a message from outer space, sent by an alien race who seek Russian contact.  A crew is dispatched, a daring mission to rescue the female alien emissary of a distant planet.  Much of this film was used to create the film, 'Queen of Blood' here in the states.  English subtitles

E722 Yellow One, The (64) aka: Der Schut   aka: En el imperio del mal   'The Schut' (Rik Battaglia) controls the lands, king of all corruption, with no push-back.  He even holds hostages for ransom, from various countries.  Enter Kara Ben Nemsi (Lex Barker), a man determined to locate the mountain lair of 'The Shut' and free the prisoners.  Villainous henchmen try to stop him at every turn.  Directed by Robert Siodmak on location in Yugoslavia, incredible locations.  Widescreen and English subtitles  BA



E750 After School (88) Sam Bottoms is Father McCarren, a motorcycle riding young priest, set to debate an atheist on the 'Dick Cavett' show.  At the college, the super hot and sexy September (Renee Coleman) is giving him the eye.  You know her name will lead to a ‘Fall’.  Strangely mixes in scenes from prehistoric times that could have been from a completely different movie, our modern characters in primitive mode, including some hot stuff like Sherrie Rose, and busty-topless cavewomen.  An exploitation film combined with eternal philosophical social and religious questions.  BA

E746 After School Girls (72) aka: Liebesspiele junger Madchen  aka: Hungry for Sex  aka: Come fan bene quei giochini le erotiche ragazze dei villini    Tough to find film in the same vein as the 'Schoolgirl Report' series.  Five short and sexy stories about parent's catching their daughters in the act of making love.  Of course, these girls are all 18 and older, so don't get your panties in a bunch.  From a beat-up Pal format VHS tape, the quality varies at times, but is mostly very clear and fun to watch.  You may recognize some of these lovely ladies when they take their clothes off.   Widescreen  BA

E858 Annie: The Virgin of St. Tropez (75) aka: The Awakening of Annie  aka: Magia erotica   The hot blonde in the high skirt visits her neighbor and tells him she is a virgin.  He flies her to his father's villa in St. Tropez and tries to force himself upon her after a day of sight-seeing and fun.  Splendid.  She escapes him on the beach, and meets another guy and has sex with him in the jungle.  Wall-to-wall nudity in this one.  One village by the beach is 100% nudist.  Entire families.   Annie also tells stories about almost being raped at knifepoint.  Her lover is murdered before her eyes.  Now she is at the mercy of some very bad men.....  She wanders into the jungle alone and is menaced by an alligator, a large snake, and other wildlife.  English dubbing seems to be off a bit, but the film is worth it. 

E733 Aphrodite (82) Another pass at the beautiful Valerie Kaprisky and for the first time ever, the naughty bits shaved from other versions.  Sure, there are THREE versions.  Maybe more, although this is the longest.  Different versions happen when countries cut films to conform to their standards of censorship.  We don't believe in censorship here, but find the alternate versions, and what others saw as unfit to view, what they found 'offensive', fascinating.  #Z567 = 83 minutes, another print, 72 minutes, NOW: for the first time ever, the Fully Uncut 88 minute version!  See more information in catalog.  BA

E893 Destroying Angel (90) aka: Sleep Well, My Love    Filmed in 1987.  A wealthy married couple, plan their divorce while vacationing in luxurious Yugoslavian hotels.  Divorce? The husband hires a hit man.  The wife (Fiona Curzon) has done the same, seducing one of her many lovers to do the dirty deed.   Something has to give before the dam breaks and revelations occur.  The husband has been incestuous with his 16 year old daughter, who incidentally, has plans of her own.  Also starring Michael Gothard.  Michael Gothard was terrifying in Ken Russell's 'The Devils' as the insane exorcist/inquisitor Reverend Barre, who has Oliver Reed's character burned at the stake.  He was also the vampire/cyborg created by Vincent Price in 'Scream and Scream Again'.  In London 1992, after battling depression for some time, Michael Gothard called it a day and committed suicide by hanging at age 53.

E919 Emanuelle 3* (80) aka: Penetrations Mediterraneennes   *This has nothing to do with the Emanuelle films, but rather an English dubbed version of an obscure Brigitte Lahaie with all of the hardcore sex cut out of the film.  But they leave in all the nudity and sleaze, some of it coming close to what happens next in the uncut version.  Point  being, if you ever were curious about Brigitte Lahaie, but never wanted a porn film, this is your chance to see her in the buff in every position imaginable, without actually being a XXX film.  For regulars of French erotic cinema, you will definitely recognize other sensuous starlets within. 

E713 French Fried Vacation (78) aka: Les bronzés  Singles and couples on a charter holiday in western Africa.  The desperate scramblings for sex and the failure on (almost) every occasion to succeed.  Silly beach games, vaudeville-type shenanigans, countryside antics, rigorous massages....  various characters, all seeking the same thing, sex with a stranger.  Essentially a series of vignettes, each participant different and fascinating to watch.  No English  BA

E686 Goin' All the Way!  (81) Teen comedy about a young man named Arnie, who really needs to get laid.  His girlfriend won't put out.  His buddy is the opposite because his girlfriend believes she has to have sex to prevent migraines.  Arnie seeks out the affections of other girls.  There are smokin' hot chicks everywhere.  Arnie becomes quite the ogler, and who wouldn't be, in this climate of hot chicks.  But watch out for the butch weight lifters, nobody's getting lucky with them, except they themselves.  They trap a guy and shave his hair off!  Hot chicks gyrating in spandex, naked sexy showers....  Arcade games, diners...  The beautiful Eileen Davidson in her debut.  Also starring Gina Calabrese and many more!  BA 

E906 Kandagawa Pervert Wars (83) aka: Kandagawa inran sensô   An absurd twisted romance.  Two horny bisexual gals voyeurism through the windows of their high-rise apartment building net them the scene of a mother seducing her son.  They decide to rescue him from his evil nymphomaniac mother, but one of the girls falls for the son.  The mother, feeling her privacy invaded, has her own plans to ruin their day.  Incredibly trashy with a lot of soft-core sex.  About one hour.  In Japanese with English subtitles

E757 Maria in Silence (73) aka: Greek Johnny Belinda  aka: I Maria tis siopis   Maria is one beautiful woman.  She is also practically shunned on this Greek Isle since she is a deaf mute.  A teacher crosses her path and she learns sign language.  Sadly she is sexually assaulted by the most powerful man on the island.  The island sides with the evil man and she is shunned even more.  The teacher is in love with her but now what?  The film is beautifully shot in Kea, Cyclades, Greece.   Greek film with English subtitles

E756 Movie Rush (76) aka: La febbre del cinema   A young man with director aspirations who works for the studio,  manages to steal a silent film camera.  Naturally he pursues the art of creating movies, and recruits helpers to do just that in his flat.  A sailor picks up some sweet stuff in a bar, the clothes start to fly, the neighbors know something is up....   One guy has his willie dangling around, nudity, a raid (!), jail....  now what?  Will he get final cut?  What will the producer say?  Widescreen and Italian language only with no English - Time Code at Very Top of Screen Does Not Interfere with the Picture.  BA

E709 Mr. Peters’ Pets (62) aka: Petey's Sweeties  Mr. Peters contacts a chubby maharajah who sends him some concoction of 'animal ambrosia' which enables Mr. Peters to transform into various animals.  With this highly enviable (?) skill Mr. Peters almost immediately turns himself into a cute kitten, and then presents himself to a cute blonde who wears an apron, her ass prominently in the kitten's full view.  The kitten (Mr. Peters) watches as she exercises, and is very excited....  The perky full-bodied blonde gets naked and starts scrubbing up in the tub.  The premise is silly, but hilarious, in this early color nudie.  What creature will Mr. Peters turn into next so he can spy on another hot naked woman?  BA

E806 Not Tonight Henry (60) When Henry's wife won't give him the time of day (unless it involves nagging), Henry engages in imagined fantasies, each involving various, sometimes wonderfully politically incorrect, sexy scenarios.  Loaded with tasteful nude shots and sexually attractive topless women.  In 1960, this film was an eyeful all men could get behind.  In 2024, it still is!  Cleopatra, Napoleon's wife and more... BA

E880 Penthouse Letters Volume One (93) The first in a series of Penthouse, featuring different sexy stories, each starring a beautiful Penthouse Pet/Actress, and each getting totally nude and engaging in a soft-core scene with some lucky man.  Amy Lynn Baxter, Monique Gabrielle, Julie Strain and more.  The best of the series.  This is pretty explicit, with dirty talk, you have read one of those letters magazines have you not?  Sure, I believe you.  Me neither.

E687 Rabbit in the Pit (69) aka: Häschen in der Grube  aka: La peccatrice adolescente    I think we'll call this Eurotrash.  It strikes all of the right chords, although add thoughtful drama.  A wife (Francoise Prevost) gets jealous when her husband (Anthony Steel) seems to be getting too familiar with his stepdaughter, Leslie (Helga Landers), who sleeps topless with her stepfather and acts like a little girl.  Coming of age, intuitively seeming to know what comes next, Leslie finds a boy/man her own age (Ray Lovelock).   Some sexually provocative scenes and very awkward moments, amazing outdoor locations.  Dark-haired leading lady Helga Landers was addicted to drugs and alcohol, causing her untimely death at age 38 in Germany in 1986.  Dubbed into English  BA

E811 Return, The (92) aka: Jesus Vender tilbage  This Jesus of the 20th century behaves a little different than the one from bible times.  He gets involved with terrorists (accidentally) and is sentenced to die (not again!).  Luckily the Catholic Church intervenes (along with Billy Graham!).  But they want miracles in return.  Free now, Jesus has adventure as the poor, prostitutes and thieves support him.  Jesus also gets laid.  Blasphemous to some, delightful to others.  It's all in good fun, like 'Life of Brian'.  Steer clear if easily offended.  English dub for the first time.

E891 Schoolgirl Report #3: What Parents Find Unthinkable (72) aka: Schulmädchen-Report 3. Teil – Was Eltern nicht mal ahnen   The first part revealed their sexual behaviors, the second, their psychological background.  The third part reveals the most potent film, and was pulled from some Box Sets, and released later in a 76 minute version.  This is the complete 96 minute version.  All of the girls are of age, so what's the big deal?  Girls sneaking out to have sex.  Girls having sex with older men.  The gang rape is pretty brutal though, and almost out of place for your usual comical sex film.  Incest.  Suicide.  Nymphomania.   A darker film of the series to be sure.  In German with English subtitles  BA

E699 Second Time Lucky (84) aka: Eve and That Damned Apple  A man (Roger Wilson, 'Mickey' from the 'Porky's' films)) and a woman (Diane Franklin) are sent through time to prove the value of love, brought on by some sort of wager between God and the Devil.  Both actors are in the buff in the first half hour, if you are a fan of Diane Franklin, you get a frequent eyeful of her breasts and backside, let me tell you, it's something special.  The time travel scenes include WWII and 80's New Wave pop.  Robert Morley is God.  Robert Helpmann is the Devil.  Worth it if you want to get to know Diane Franklin better.  Amazingly this film received a PG rating in many countries, even with the gratuitous nudity, much to the happiness of teenage boys and girls at the matinee.  BA

E897 Swap and How They Make It, The (66) One of the first in-depth pictures regarding the whole wife-swapping/swinger scene, directed by Joe Sarno.  Two sexy (and neglected) housewives take on a couple of college boys, and later join up in an 'Eyes Wide Shut' styled swingers get together, masks and all.  Sleazy subplots involve blackmail and a gang bang rape.  In one random pick party game a man accidentally picks his mom as his potential sex partner!  The scandalous games of the swinging sixties! 

E892 Wild Harvest (62) aka: Désirs sauvages   'Wild Harvest' is similar to the Mamie Van Doren film 'Untamed Youth' in many ways.  A sadistic ranch foreman brutally abuses his stable of female migrant workers during grape harvesting season in the San Joaquin Valley.  Dean Fredericks stars along with Dolores Faith and Kathleen Freeman.  Brunette knock-out Dolores Faith was in 'The Phantom Planet' the previous year with Dean Fredericks.  Dolores Faith was 'too pretty' for Hollywood.  They thought she resembled Elizabeth Taylor and couldn't figure out what to do with her.  So they canceled her.  She still managed to appear in 15 features or so.  In Florida in 1990, Dolores Faith killed herself.  She was 48.  BA

E895 Wild Scene, The (70) Five case studies are explored, dealing with the hedonistic, radical youth and the generation gap between the hippie generation and their parents.  Faith catches her mother cheating on her father.  Felicia and Ella go to a groovy drug party and freak out.  Teenage Annabelle and some of her friends are preyed upon by a slick player who pimps them out.  Tim is shocked when he finds his mistress is a lesbian.  Rebellious daughter Diane hooks up with a far left hippie anarchist.....  All roads lead to tragedy.  BA




E901 Alpine Fire (85) aka: Höhenfeuer  Brother and sister Bub and Belli are brother and sister living isolated in the Swiss Alps.  Bub is deaf, and Belli teaches him arithmetic and writing, while the mother continues her prayers to the Blessed Virgin.  Bub and Belli get close.  Real close.  Incest close.  Now Belli is pregnant.  The camera shows the Alps, the old snow, the sleeping trees, the icy cold, the wet air, the hopelessness amidst the hard life despite the environmental beauty.  Haunting, downbeat, realistic, ambiguous.  Swiss German with English subtitles  BA

A74 Blind Teenage Tea-Bagging Fiasco (various) Outrageously offensive Mix-Disc that contains explicit material and is adults only!  Yes, clips of tea-bagging are here, a hilarious practical joke you would have to see to appreciate.  Don't fall asleep around these jokers!  Also the notorious footage 'Two guys and One Horse' and if that isn't enough, gory clips, crazy cartoons and hardcore madness pads out the thing.  Be Warned! 

E748 Bohachi Bushido: Code of the Forgotten Eight (73) aka: Porno Samurai Theater   About as UN-PC as it gets!  Finally, a new version with English subtitles!  The Bohachi Clan enlists a Ronin to kill clients of teahouse whores who are moving in on their business.  The Clan of the Forgotten Eight have lost all basic emotions.  Our Ronin will fight his way into their ranks.   He will take every woman sexually along the way, either willingly, or by force.  The whores, all naked, are also dangerous fighters.  In one scene a whore tortures a topless blonde woman.  The Ronin is betrayed.  Loads of Nudity and Sexual Situations.  Widescreen and English subtitles

Y802 Bug Eater 2: Girl Who Eats Bugs (??) Bizarre Digital Censoring.  Absolutely disgusting display of human endurance.  Fear Factor is a walk in the park compared to this mess.  You may find yourself gagging.  You will heave for sure if you eat before watching.  That being said, play for your worst enemy immediately after you have treated him (or her) to an all you can eat buffet.  Just make sure you have a bucket handy.  Or, clear a room when the party goers won't leave!  By the way, this is what the government has in store for humans sometime in the future.  A diet of bugs! 

F495 Channel 666 (various) Scenes of violent carnage and gore mixed with hardcore sex and extreme and vile clips.  This is pretty tough to take, even for the most jaded viewers.  Along the lines of 'Crazy Dave'.  To say this is just offensive is putting it lightly.  Beware!  You may faint!

E905 Daughter of Darkness (93) aka: Mit moon cham on: Yit saat   Cat III trash fun about a beautiful young girl who is tortured mentally and physically by her own family.  One night she can't take it anymore.  She snaps.  A bloodbath.....  One of the medical examiners gets out-of-line with a female corpse.  Through flashbacks we see what led to the massacre, the truth of the grisly murders, the rapist father, everything dark and disturbing.  Packed with nudity, depravity, perversion, voyeurism, extreme violence and good old fashioned uneasiness.  In Cantonese with English subtitles

E877 Ecstasy on Lover's Island (61) aka: Honeymoon of Terror   Young newlyweds visit Las Vegas where they dance, and watch a gum-chomping hillbilly stripper who flashes her ta-tas (briefly) and fans her privates with a scarf.  The next day they head off to the dangerous Thunder Island by motorboat, alone.  There lurks a clubfooted psychopath who raped and killed some time ago who gets one look at the hot blonde wife and......  The film is a no-budget picture, despite that, the crisp black and white photography is far better than many 10 million dollar pictures of today.  This is not a nudie, but a sexy little picture, a few boobs shots, some cleavage, and a touch of horror.  The 'Psycho' is played by Anton von Stralen.  BA

E920 Fatal Love (88) aka: Sha zhi lian  Cheung picks up a very attractive girl, offering her a ride home.  Is someone following them?  Love-struck and obsessed, Cheung returns and finds her apartment empty.  He tracks her down in the city and learns that she is the lover of a gangster.....  Widescreen  In Cantonese with English subtitles

E732 Kiss Daddy Goodbye (81) aka: Revenge of the Zombie  aka: The Vengeful Dead   Siblings with telekinetic powers resurrect their father after he is murdered by some greasy bikers (led by Robert Dryer, the same actor that led the gang in the Linda Blair film 'Savage Streets').  Father had kept the children hidden from the world, his wife was dead and the children seem to have inherited her dangerous powers.  Now, they can put them to good use.  Revenge!  Marilyn Burns turns up in a small role as a social worker, and hooks up with the cop (Fabian) who has to try and sort this mess.  Marilyn is assaulted by the bikers, the father rises from the dirt....  the kids get their telekinesis groove on....   BA

E902 Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn, A (03) aka: Chikan gifu: Musuko no yome to...  Now widowed Norika, lives with her father-in-law Shukichi on his farm.  Shukichi never recovered after his favorite cow passed, and in his delirium, believes it never happened.  Norika pretends to be a cow and lets Shukichi 'milk' her.  Talk about extreme!  Still, despite the subject matter, real pathos and loss is conveyed, and generosity of spirit here is, well, quite something!  If grandpa thinks your a cow, what do you do?  If you are a good cow like Norika, you'll get up at 5 A.M. and strip naked, waiting patiently on all fours with the other cows, until a senile old man bends down to yank on your nipples.  Oh, they have sex too.  Moooo!  Oh Daddy!  In Japanese with English subtitles

E899 Mortuary Blues (90) aka: Shi jia zhong di   When the rays of the moon resurrect a bizarre ancient evil, it's up to a special police squad to stop them.  Unbelievably entertaining supernatural comedy that has a guy in black face, a scary bare-butted sequence, Indiana Jones traps in tomb maze of peril, drag-disguise and elaborate choreographed action sequences.  The lead monster man looks like a lizard, and carries a sword.  In Cantonese with English subtitles  BA

E904 Night Games (66) aka: Nattlek  aka: Giochi di notte  This is a totally bizarre experience, and a sign of the times of the new cinema of the era.  A man visits the decadent family castle with his fiancé in tow.  He cannot shake the memories of his anguished childhood in this Swedish castle, where his adulthood was forced upon him at a young age.  Sphinx-like Ingrid Thulin has a field day as the bitchy sensuous mother.  Bourgeosis flavor, aristocratic depressed angst, the mother molests her young son, a scene that caused an uproar in 1966.  Former child star Shirley Temple quit the board of San Francisco's Film Festival in protest of the decision to show 'Nattlek' which she considered 'pornography'.  Bold and Offensive.  Swedish with English subtitles   Not to be confused with 'Night Games' of 1980.  BA

E818 Orgasm: Mariko (85) The open.  Mariko's lover has a heart attack when taking her from behind, under a full moon.  The female curse starts her cycle.  Mariko has a revelation.  Mariko takes a moment to beautify, gets herself all dolled up, and offers herself to the nearest truck driver she can find.  Not really.  He tries to rape her.  She lures him into the grape truck.  The moon is full.  The man smears her body with grapes and she rides him to orgasm.  I hope this doesn't sound too dirty.  Stay with me.  This is how she kills!  She stabs the man, blood sprays upon her breasts as she orgasms.  Who will get lucky (?) with Mariko next?  Explicit Sex- Bright Red Bloody Gore!  Even the ending is a shock!  In Japanese with English subtitles

E881 Serial Killer (95) aka: Shadow Killer   Serial killer films galore after the success of 'Silence of the Lambs' and 'Seven'.  This one stars Tobin Bell of 'Saw' fame (excellent here, and scary!) as the killer who enjoys playing twisted mind games with the police, trying to drive profiler cop Selby Younger (Kem Delaney) to question her vocation, trying to convince her that possibly, they are more alike than different.  Not grisly, but suspenseful.  Also starring Gary Hudson, Andrew Prine, Cyndi Pass and Pam Grier.  BA

E785 Sex, Your Only Weapon (81) aka: Sexo, Sua Única Arma  Slow burn revenge thriller that reveals much a bit later on into the film.  A woman fakes blindness in order to infiltrate a particular family, seducing or allowing to be seduced by the males of the family, one by one, and quite frankly, others as well.  The first time she strips and starts to masturbate on the bed, a man in the room watches, then takes her as she acts surprised.  She knew he was there.  The wife knows.  The priest takes her up against the wall.  Go father.  He prays to God for forgiveness after.  Her treachery will cause brother to kill brother.  Is she pregnant? Time to kill!  Rape (?), nudity.  In Portuguese with English subtitles

E749 They Eat Your Flesh (96) aka: Eles Comen Sua Carne - Extremely gory film about a family who likes to cut people into pieces and eat them.  In the opening of the film, a woman is tied up in a basement, while two maniacs of this family cut chunks out of her belly.  Trimming raw meat for dinner.  We cut to a cemetery where two hot chicks stand, but wait, look closer.  They may have hot bodies, but these gals are gruesome up close.  This is a real sick film, be warned.  A horrifying bloody nightmare that holds no punches.  Some strange heavy metal too!  'Dedicated to the Necrophiliac Brothers from Rio De Janeiro' appears on the screen before the film starts proper.  Portuguese language with English subtitles

E900 Third Full Moon, The (94) aka: Zheng yue shi wu zhi yi sheng yi shi   Chow and Lau return when Chow's wife finds a corpse in a parking lot and becomes the prime suspect!  Soon, the two discover this death was not of natural origin.  The victims are those who cheat on their wives.  The ghost is still in love with his living girlfriend.  More off-the-wall madness from Hong Kong.  English subtitles   Sequel to 'Thou Shalt Not Swear'. 

E898 Thou Shalt Not Swear (93) aka: Chat yuet sap sei   Two wacky undercover cops, friends since childhood, one with supernatural powers.  Lau has the gift of ESP.  Chow is straight-laced.  Their quarry is a serial killer.  The killer may be a thing from beyond the grave!  Things develop nicely for the first half, which makes the second half especially exciting when events really start going off-the-rails.  Damn!  Whoops.  Cantonese with English subtitles

E769 Ulvetid (81) aka: Wolf Hour   Bizarre dramatic thriller from Denmark.  In a remote Danish countryside dwelling,  a woman miscarries and starts to go mad.  Along with her husband (who is a writer), they take in a mysterious younger woman, who has a thing for wolves, and is also an admirer of the husband's work.  A modern little chiller.   The question of a shape-shifter?  Nice color, beautiful locations.  Danish with English subtitles



E715 All's Well That Ends Well (12) Shakespeare's Globe - One of Shakespeare's less known plays, gets the royal treatment.  The text shines, the mix of comedy and drama balanced to perfection.  Shakespeare's memorable quotes and mastery of language may be lost now to most.  But the classics will always be the foundation that built hundreds of thousands of books and movies since.  Like watching a well-acted play up close, with no audience coughing or farting a seat or two over.  Almost 2 and a half hours.

E852 An Evening with Nat Cole (63) Nat King Cole performs the hits in his inimitable charming manner.  There are also a few numbers where he gets to play piano, showing he wasn't a one trick pony.  The guy was a class act.  This aired (and was made) in England. 

E830 Another Shore (48) Gulliver (Robert Beatty) a self-confessed loafer of little knowledge, hatches a plan to escape the dismal surroundings of 1940's Ireland, his mind set on the South Seas.  An Ealing Studios experiment in Irish humor rather than their usual business of English.  The ending is an English solution to an Irish problem.  Moira Lister, Wilfrid Brambell and more.  BA

W427 Back-Room Boy (42) When an unlucky employee pulls a prank, he is sent to a weather station lighthouse on an isolated island, alone.  A group of sexy models are shipwrecked.  Now our lowly employee is one lucky bastard!  But when models start to disappear he discovers Nazi spies!  Arthur Askey stars.

W421 Bees in Paradise (44) While WWII rages, four men parachute out of their dying plane and land on an island populated by about 2000 girls.  Uncle Sam, sign me up!  The women act like bees, all of them.  Queens.  Men are drones, and scarce.  After a wedding and presumable consummation, they are sacrificed either off a cliff, or sailed into the ice.  Rapid-fire humor, topical gags and more than a little pre-Python surrealism.  Directed by Val Guest  BA

E718 Drake the Pirate (35) aka: Drake of England   Early English costumer.  Queen Elizabeth gives Drake the Pirate (Matheson Lang) a full pass to invade a Spanish settlement and raid/plunder the place into poverty, since she fears the Spanish conspiracy currently afoot.  Romantic Adventure When England Ruled the Seas!  One of the few surviving films of English director Arthur Woods.  Maybe you can find Donald Wolfit and Torin Thatcher in there somewhere. 

E842 Dublin Nightmare (58) A film about greed.  Gang members, a handsome stranger and an ex-lover are left with the task of finding who has the goods after the cash from a robbery seems to have disappeared.  Who is the double-crosser?  Nothing ever goes as planned.  IRA Noir? Great camera work and atmosphere, especially with the dark lanes and alleys filmed at night, though these are the outdoor shots.  BA

E851 Eartha Kitt Show, The (65) Immediately I am struck by how much she sounds like Herve (Tattoo) Villechaize when she talks.  This doesn't even crash when she starts to sing 'My Heart Belongs to Daddy'.  Eartha Kitt traveled to England for this one-off show that profiles her sexiness.  Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love and Santa Baby, in a delivery that only Eartha Kitt possessed.  Of course, you put a wig and a dress on little Tattoo, you never know.  All kidding aside, Eartha Kitt was born in the cotton fields of South Carolina.  Her mother was a sharecropper of African American and Cherokee Native descent.  She saw and did it all, rising up to be Catwoman and so much more.  The girl could roll her rrrrrrr's.  Under 30 minutes

E844 Hammer Horror: A Fan's Guide (08) Nice little documentary/discussion of Hammer Films that runs under an hour and covering some of the best of the lot in conversation with people like Jimmy Sangster, Brian Clemens, Roy Ward Baker and more. 

E735 How to be Sherlock Holmes: The Many Faces of a Master Detective (14) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle delivered unto us the great Sherlock Holmes.  From the silent screen, up to the latest versions (2014 that is) we see the interpretations of this famous character.  We all know who we prefer, pick your favorite.  This is one of the last things Christopher Lee participated in before his death in 2015.  I met the guy in 1998, he was pretty funny, and humble, with a firm handshake. 

E698 Journey to the Unknown (69) Episode from the Supernatural Horror show from England, previously listed as a set with no info, we will start to describe the episodes and list them separate so you know what they are.  Tonight's episode....  Stranger in the Family: The teenage son (Anthony Higgins) of a couple is a mutant, the next stage in human evolution.  He can make people do what he wants, just by thinking it.  He even forces people to kill themselves.  He meets Paula Wilde (the stunning Janice Rule) who takes him to her greedy agent who see him as a meal ticket.  Anthony Higgins would play a prominent role in the following year's 'Taste the Blood of Dracula', and who can forget him as 'Emil' in 'Vampire Circus'?   Under an hour. 

W422 Long Distance (59) aka: Hot Money Girl  aka: The Treasure of San Teresa  aka: Larry Agent Secret   Inside Saint Teresa's convent, located in Czechoslovakia, hidden from searching eyes, a box containing a fortune of jewels.  Eddie Constantine is on the hunt for the treasure, assisted by the exotic Dawn Addams.  Jaeger (Christopher Lee) is the 'heavy' here.   Walter Gotell as an inspector.  Slight Widescreen  BA

W420 Man in My Head, The (71) From the British 'Out of the Unknown' series.  Soldiers have been hypnotically programmed and will only remember the step-by-step details of their mission when informed by an arranged signal.  Doubt, paranoia and rebellion set in, their minds not able to discern just exactly what the heck is happening.  Is this all part of the programming, or a side effect? Is this even a real mission, or a human experiment with contained soldiers being experimented upon by power mad freaks? This plot has been used in various ways (with alterations of course) in dozens of films since 1971.  (a bit under an hour)

E736 Me and My Dad (12) A Portrait of John Boorman   John Boorman will forever be known as the director of one of the most disturbing and suspenseful films of all time, 'Deliverance'.  He also directed the fantastic 'Excalibur', the bomb 'Exorcist 2' and many more.  Behind the scenes on his films and more.  Directed by his daughter, this also covers family conflict.  But mainly, we hear from the man himself, with anecdotes about making the classics.

E843 Mistaken Identity (42)  A night watchman of small means (Richard Goolden) is mistaken for a millionaire and being mailed poison chocolates.  From the director of 'The Body Vanished' from 1939, Walter Tennyson.  Runs under an hour, quite obscure. 

E832 Penny Princess (52) American Lindy Smith (Yolande Donlan) finds out that she has inherited a heavily in debt small kingdom that lies in that triangle where France, Italy, and Switzerland meet called 'Lampidorra'.  British farce meet romantic comedy.  Filmed in color.  Dirk Bogarde also stars.  Directed by Val Guest.  BA

E734 Schmoedipus: Play for Today (74) Just the year before Tim Curry's iconic performance in 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' he starred in this 'Play for Today' with Bob Hoskins.  Tim Curry is Glen, a stranger who shows up at the door of Elizabeth Carter (Anna Cropper), claiming to be her illegitimate son that she abandoned so many years ago.  She welcomes him into her home, and then things get creepy and dangerous....

W428 Scream of the Butterfly (65) aka: The Passion Kit  In the open, a shrewish hot blonde is deliberately run over by a car.   Man-eating temptress Marla Williams (Nelida Lobato) marries a rich man but still humps new boy toy beach bum David (Nick Novarro) when she meets him.  Unbeknownst to Marla, David is a already taken by an older man, who doesn't fancy the idea of David doing the nasty with some floozy.  Pervert, abnormal and fairy are only a few of the epithets thrown into the dialogue, alongside no-good tramp, pig, and even Miss Slutzy Wutzy!  A twist ending reveals a jaded world view of the makers of the film.  BA

E707 Suicide Mission (54) The Shetland Isles.  During WWII, Norwegian sailors transport a group of refugees from Norway to the Shetland Islands.  Outgunned by the superior German forces they go, into the North Sea.  Based on the true story of the Norwegian-British underground group of WWII.  This film was shot on the cheap.  Because of this, the settings are real, and look very dangerous.  This would all be CGI if made today, this is much more realistic.  Brave filmmakers, a lost breed.  

E826 Talking Pictures (various) Four more specials regarding the following English actors (and one director!).  Clips, snips and interview footage.  Anita Harris, Amanda Barrie, Freddie Davies and finally, Talking Pictures remembers Terence Fisher with Tony Dalton and Caroline Munro. 

E737 Talking Pictures: James Mason, Gregory Peck (13) First a profile on the great James Mason with archive footage, followed by another episode profiling Gregory Peck, both narrated by Sylvia Syms.  + The Sound of Cinema: The Innocents Radio Documentary: This is a radio special with no picture.  Here they discuss 'The Innocents'.  'We lay my love and I, beneath the weeping willow'.  'The Innocents' is dark Gothic Horror at it's finest.  A truly demented film for 1961, and one that sent me to bed with nightmares when I was a child after a late night viewing. 

W423 Unstoppable Man, The (61) aka: Le canaglie di Londra   Loose remake of 'Ransom' an American film that starred Glenn Ford, that was remade later with Mel Gibson in 1996.  James Kennedy (Cameron Mitchell) and his wife Helen (Lois 'Moneypenny' Maxwell) have decisions to make when their young son is kidnapped for ransom.  The kidnappers are real bad guys, grim, serious.  When Kennedy pays even more money than requested, tension amongst the crooks builds....  BA

E841 Valley of the Kings (64) Two kids get into some trouble while on vacation in Egypt with their archeologist parents.  There the 'good' children of England will expose the 'bad' criminality of the Arab workmen, and assist their father in plundering the treasure.  As it should be.  This was a SIX part Saturday Morning Picture Club that ran at cinemas throughout the U.K.  and the Commonwealth, played before the main feature like a serial.  1. Jackals in the Desert. 2. The Traitors Bait. 3. Lost in Luxo. 4. The Land of the Dead. 5. Lost in the Sandstorm. 6. Ordeal in the Desert. Complete on one DVD-R.  In Color    Not to be confused with 'Valley of the Kings' from 1954. 


MISC FILMS  war, spy, martial arts, drama, and more...

E681 .44 Specialist, The (76) aka: Mark Strikes Again  aka: Mark colpisce ancora   This movie dives right in to the action immediately!  Mark (Franco Gasparri) infiltrates a terrorist gang, and gets deeper and deeper into trouble, reporting to Altman (John Saxon) of Interpol, with no else to trust.  The goal is to uncover the entire organization.  This is the third in the 'Mark the Narc' trilogy, and may be the best.  An extremely violent shootout at headquarters, a hotel slaughter, hijacking of a passenger train, Marc has a sexy night with weird chick (Malisa Longo) whose bedroom is full of mannequin dolls, an energetic score.....  John Steiner, Paul Muller and more also start.  Franco Gasparri's career was on the way but fate intervened.  He was in a motorcycle crash that put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life when he was only 31.  He died at age 50 in 1999 of respiratory failure in Rome.  Dubbed into English and great quality.   BA

E779 American Commando Ninja (88) aka: Silent Killers   aka: Das Todesschwert der Ninja   A scientist has a formula for germ warfare that will either save or destroy the world.  The power comes from some sort of magical mirrored mustache that must be placed on a mystical mask.  Many countries will risk sending their most fearsome fighters to obtain this awesome power.  Ninjas Ninjas everywhere and not a drop to drink.....  Double or triple the movie, this is a cut and paste like Godfrey Ho, and Ho may not have directed, but his fingerprints are all over the thing.  Amazingly entertaining!  BA

E691 Army of Shadows (69) aka: L'armée des ombres   1942: France.  Lino Ventura is Philippe Gerbier, a powerful high-ranking officer on the side of the French.  Along with his small band of fighters, they resist.  They meet in offices and small coffee shops, never knowing when they will be spotted by the enemy, and dragged off to their doom.  Simone Signoret as Mathilde is tough as nails, but she has one tragic weakness.  Fear is everywhere.  Some of the heroism takes place in a prison hell, where no one will ever know what transpired.  A prison escape, payback to traitors, alliances are questioned (gut-wrenching), and the testing of what makes a strong human being in times of the German occupation.  Almost 2 and a half hours  In French with English subtitles (no VHS)  BA

E703 Big Game, The (73) aka: La macchina della violenza  An espionage adventure film revolving around a radar system that is able to brainwash soldiers into being killing machines.  Scientist Handley's (Ray Milland) son is seduced by the spy 'Atanga' (Frances Nuyen) and kidnapped by an organization who is after the invention.  Spy action science fiction loaded with international locales like Italy, Hong Kong, South Africa and the open sea.  The first half of the film is a little slow, but be patient, it picks up steam for the second half.  Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Boyd also star.  Directed by Robert Day.  BA

E896 Bittersweet Love (76) Michael (Scott Hylands) and Patricia (Meredith Baxter) fall in love and he knocks her up.  They decide to marry, before they meet the parents.  When Patricia's mother Claire finally meets Michael and sees the wedding pictures, she realizes a dark secret that has haunted her almost forever is about to come out.  Michael and Patricia, are brother and sister!  Or are they?  Hint.  The baby has three legs and an eyeball growing out of it's shoulder.  (Just kidding)  BA

E697 Blind Vendetta (75) aka: Metralleta Stein  aka: Squadra speciale antirapina    Two very different men.  A bank robber criminal (John Saxon), and a police commissioner (Francisco Rabel).  They each have their way as we follow them individually.  Each with their own certain code.  They taunt one another, before and after crimes.  Eventually, there worlds will collide.  Uncut version includes the gory operation footage.  It's a game of dog eat dog with a shock ending out of left field!  Noticed some glitches in the end credits, but the movie is over so you won't even know.  BA

E812 Breaking Loose: Summer City II (88) In Australia, a young man leaves home in search of his heritage.  Landing in a small country town he finds himself mixed up with an assortment of odd characters.  He hangs with an old surfer and an aboriginal who live in an old beach shack where they are constantly harassed by the local surfer-hating jack off cop.  A sequel of sorts to the Mel Gibson film, with Mel nowhere in sight.  Peter Phelps, Abigail (Australia's number one female sex symbol) and more star.  BA

E809 Brother of the Wind (73) aka: So frei wie der Wind   Solitary cabin life in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Widowed hunter Sam finds himself the caretaker of newborn wolf cubs when their father is killed by hunters.   Animals, adventure and more starring Dick Robinson, wildlife handler and cameraman.  The cry of the wolf changed his life, it may change yours.  Watch out for the grizzly bear!  Forced Fights!  Mountain Lion!  Narrated by Leon Ames.  The film is in English, but there are foreign subtitles.    BA

E795 Bury Me High (91) aka: Wei Si Li zhi ba wang xie jia   Three characters on a mission into a Communist Asian country (patterned after Viet Nam) to shift the burial grounds of their fathers in order to change their own fates.  A clever blend of mysticism, martial arts and adventure.  The fight sequences are fast, brutal and bracing, enhanced by a pounding soundtrack and crisp sound effects.  Cantonese with English subtitles - with Moon Lee

E726 Came a Hot Friday (85) aka: Hot Friday   It is 1949...  the privations of war are behind us...  there is money to be made!  An enjoyable simple romp through the New Zealand countryside as con men fall in with a local eccentric.  Mix 'The Sting' with a little Mel Brooks styled humor, tossed into a New Zealand blender.  Wild characters, hilarious villains....  very unusual from what I expected.  BA

E820 Challenge Me Dragon (75) aka: Shen quan fei long  aka: Fighting Dragon  Fei has returned to Japan to find out what happened to his master trainer.  This is the work of 'The Black Leopard Gang!   An Interpol agent also has a lead on the group....  This film is a stitched together version of episodes of the Japanese show 'Fight!  Dragon'.  The fights are good, there were no fights like this on American TV at the time, but be prepared for Godfrey Ho styled choppy editing!  English dubbing  BA

E706 Club Life (86) aka: King of the City  Just arriving in town, dirt-bike riding Cal gets a job in a decadent 1980's disco club, loaded with gangsters, drugs, lesbians....  Cal's cute girlfriend follows him to Hollywood.  Standout performances from Michael Parks and Tony Curtis, both stretching out and really owning the material, for the better!  Coked up Curtis owns the nightclub, and likes to watch his wife Tilly (Dee Wallace) sing.  Tank (Michael Parks) is the lead bouncer who mentors Cal.  Trouble is coming!  This is two years before 'Roadhouse'.  BA

E800 Comic Strip Hero (67) aka: The Killing Game   A playboy who lives out his fantasies acting out the work of two cartoonists, hires them to create a new strip, the ultimate commissioned fantasy.  The cartoonists insert murder....  All bets are off.  A unique film about the impact of life on art, and vice versa, set mostly by an idyllic Swiss lake.   With Claudine Auger, Jean-Pierre Cassel and more.   In French language with English subtitles  BA

E751 Cottonpickin' Chickenpickers (67) Idiot drifters hop a train.  This train is bound for Florida.  And one dopey comic situation after another.  The hillbilly guitar pickin' starts on the train.  Speechless.  Low-brow redneck humor with scattered songs throughout.  Sonny Tufts, who ruined his reputation with drink (and once actually bit a few women in the thigh while under the influence), parodies himself in the role of moonshine chugging Cousin Urie.  This may be antiquated, but damn boy did I have a good time.  Mel Tillis pops up, Birgitta Andersson (who was shipped back to Sweden after this single American tryout), and Greta Thyssen playing herself!  Lila Lee in her last film as a bossy family matriarch.  You'll remember her as 'Rosie' in Lon Chaney's 1930 'The Unholy Three'.  It's the real McCoy!

E680 Day of the Panther (88) aka: Panterin Son Yumruğu   Ozploitation Action from Australia!  Battling blonde hilariously dispatches the bad guys, but looks so good as she does it, you don't care how funny it looks.  K.I.A.  though sadly.  Jason Blade is a kung-fu fighter who seeks revenge!  She was his partner!   There's a villain in a pig mask, the beautiful female lead does a little dance while our hero works out, and the scene in the parking garage where our hero kicks the crap out of a whole pile of baddies with what looks like a plastic stick.  The martial arts action is quite good!  Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith who also did 'Turkeyshoot' and many others.  Followed by 'Strike of the Panther' the same year, also starring Edward John Stazak as Jason Blade.  BA

E814 Double Edge (85) aka: Filipino Cobra!  aka: Die Macht der Ninja 2   Romano Kristoff returns as another tough-as-nails cop, this time in the spirit of Stallone's 'Cobra'.  He even steals the 'You have the right to remain silent...' line (before blowing rapist killers to oblivion!).  He also possesses other skills as a full blown Ninja for some effective kill scenes to cash in on the Ninja craze of the era.  A torture scene reminded me of 'Rambo: First Blood' and there’s a 'Rocky' style training sequence.  Romano Kristoff classic with all the right moves.   BA

E813 Double Edge (92) aka: Lahav Hatzui  Naive photojournalist Faye Milano (Faye Dunaway) arrives in Israel, carrying preconceived notions about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  She feels the Palestinians are victims, but soon is a first hand witness to the violence of the Palestinian people, even the children!  She also sees their human side.  But undeniably, what happens in the end when Faye Milano is attacked by a feral gang of Palestinian children? Geez, talk about current events.........  BA

E767 Eyes of the Dragon (87) aka: Fight to Win - Composite Edit   A young fighter is trained by a woman (Cynthia Rothrock).  At first, he is reluctant, but when he realizes her skills he falls in line, and in love.  The battle over three ancient Chinese statues!  The stage is set for the ultimate showdown.  It is time to fight to win!  Richard Norton and Cynthia Rothrock have some fight scenes together.  George Chung has a one-man music video where he combines martial arts with funky dazzle dance moves.  The film is like a mix of Bruce Lee, Tae-Bo, Footloose, Flashdance and Zumba.  18 minutes or so longer than the U.S. release.  Also with Troy Donahue and Chuck Jeffreys.  BA

E741 Final Sanction, The (90) When Russia and America finally come to the point of World War III, they decide to resolve the conflict by each sending their best battle man, their 'ultimate' warrior, into an arena, a bloody battle to the death.  Robert Z'Dar, trained by William Smith, represents Russia in this mano-a-mano duel, and our team, Ted Prior, an insubordinate but kick-ass wisecracking army-fighter with a device in his brain that allows information to be fed directly to his noggin.  The two are set loose in a forest to kill each other..... BA

E765 Flatfoot in Africa (78) aka: Knock-Out Cop  aka: Piedone l'africano   aka: ¡Puños fuera!   Commissary Rizzo (Bud Spencer) gets a phone call from a man in Africa.  The man is shot, Rizzo arriving in time for the dying man to give him a picture of his son.  Rizzo travels to Johannesburg and finds Bodo (a little Zulu boy) eating a banana, and also locates his former partner.  At the mansion of a rich man ‘Flatfoot’ dances with Margy (Dagmar Lassander).  He finds his enemies on a real safari, not stock footage!   Nice locations, action, animals...  Also with Werner Pochath.  Great action comedy with a very energetic Bud Spencer.  Dubbed into English - Werner Pochath was a champion skating figure in his youth and went on to star in dozens of great films from spaghetti westerns, giallos, action, even Jess Franco films!  He died at age 53 in 1993 of cirrhosis following AIDS treatment in Germany.  BA

E838 Game Without Rules, A (67) aka: Hra bez pravidel   The dialogue free opening sequence dealing with the violent robbery is the building block for the rest of the film.  Clever photography with swift wide zoom in shots, driving to the beat of a Hard Jazz/Electronic score.  Film noir influences, we track the fate of each man, dismal ending for all but one, though his fate is not so hot either.  This is a game without rules from Czechoslovakia with English subtitles. 

E781 Golden Ninja Warrior (86) aka: Blood, Sweat and No Fear   More Godfrey Ho!  Michael and Sherri are on two separate missions (and possibly in two different films).  Sherri seeks revenge for her murdered father, and Michael must protect the Golden Ninja Warrior statue for some all-important ceremony.   Outrageous dubbing, wild inventions and bizarre special effects, speeded up action, prostitution racket, kidnapped women, a blatant disregard for linear storytelling and dealing with the rivalry between the Golden Ninjas and the Red Ninjas.  BA

E780 Hard Way...  the Only Way, The (89) aka: Soldier Hunting  aka: La via della droga  aka: Columbian Connection  Channeling Clint Eastwood for his role (talking out the corner of his mouth between clenched teeth with a raspy voice) Miles O'Keeffe is 'Bull' (and takes no) dropped behind enemy lines with a few good men by The Washington Narcotics Bureau that is determined to bring a Bolivian drug dealer to justice.  Enter rogue Captain Wesson, a ruthless killer with a death squad.  Jungle action, ground assaults, bazookas, tank shells, helicopters, treacherous traps and a piranha attack!  From director Michele Massimo Tarantini, the man behind 'Massacre in Dinosaur Valley' and many others.  BA

E823 Hitman the Cobra (87) Directed by Godfrey Ho and starring Richard Harrison.  What could go wrong? Everything!  Somewhere in Indonesia...  Richard Harrison in military gear, battling with another man....  The Japanese have taken prisoners.  Escape!  A man rallies his fellow countrymen to rise up against their Japanese oppressors.  We need a leader!  Do you think it's so simple?  Jungle battle!  Straw prison camps go up in flames rather quickly.  But where is Richard Harrison?  There he is!  Cut and Paste Heaven!   BA

E705 Joe MacBeth (55) aka: La legione dell'inferno   New York gangster 'Banky' (Sidney James) is murdered, setting self -elevated boss Joe McBeth (Paul Douglas) on the road to oblivion.  Shakespeare meets film noir, with Ruth Roman as Lily McBeth, who pushes her husband Joe to whack the reigning crime boss, and take the role of kingpin for himself.  Mobster Lennie (Bonar Colleano) is not very keen on the idea, his father and wife are just some of those killed, by Joe McBeth.  Filmed in England  BA

E788 Killing Zone, The (91) aka: Encuentro final  Carmen Vasquez is one of the most brutal Mexican drug gangsters around.  Sam Bodine was crippled in his attempts to end Vasquez.  His nephew Garrett (Deron McBee) was sentenced to hard labor (breaking rocks) because of his assault on Vasquez.  The DEA sets him loose, off leash, to hunt down and kill Vasquez, off the books.  Meanwhile, Vasquez is using his men for a killing spree, violently murdering all who have wronged him.  Former American Gladiator, trained in karate at Billy Blanks World Karate Studio, Deron McBee, with his long blonde hair, torn muscle shirts, tight acid-washed jeans, dangling earring and super-cool sunglasses, may just be the man for the job!  BA

E758 Liar, The (63) aka: I Pseftra   Spoiled daddy's girl will do everything she can to land a handsome sculpter she wishes to be her very own.  She will even engage in a cunning impersonation to reach her goal.  Will she have her way once again?  Greek drama with English subtitles

E744 Lone Runner, The (86) aka: Flash Fighter  aka: Lone Runner - Lo scrigno dei mille diamanti   Directed by Ruggero Deodato, right after 'Body Count' and 'Cut and Run'.  Miles O'Keeffe is 'Garret' the Lone Runner, the Hero of the Desert!  The Summerking's daughter has been kidnapped (they want diamonds).  The Lone Runner absurdly wears cowboy boots and a trench coat, riding around on horseback in the desert kicking the crap out of stupid Arabs, using a cool crossbow that fires exploding arrows.  Plenty of action, the film is a blast with the many stunts and chase scenes.  John Steiner (as the villainous 'Skorm' channeling Adam Ant), Ronald Lacey and the quite attractive Yugoslav blonde, Savina Gersak.  BA

E740 Mad About You (88) No Helen Hunt, but yes, Shari Shattuck!   Cassandra (Claudia Christian) is vice president of her father's company.  She meets three potential mates... eligible bachelors, you know, she needs a man.  With the help of her sexually aroused friend, she engages in the dating game.  Comedy with Adam West, Wolf Larson and more. 

E714 Nine Letters to Bertha (66) aka: Nueve cartas a Berta   Lorenzo, a student of 1950's Spain has returned from his trip.   Back in England, Lorenzo fell in love with Berta, a girl daughter of exiled parents.  Now Lorenzo is back in Spain writing letters back to Berta to describe to her the wonders of Spain, her homeland.  In Spanish   F.L.  BA

E684 Ninja 8: Warriors of Fire (87) aka: Ninja and the Warriors of Fire   Blueprints are sought by the Dastardly Black Ninja Empire led by one who wears Red.  They capture a man and the Red one  recognizes him as an old Viet Nam buddy.  The Red One is a turn-coat, spilling the beans to the Viet Kong back in the day under duress.  This one has a lot going on.  A woman is raped and murdered by a gang of thugs, her sister goes undercover to root out the men and avenge her!  Ninja battles in the woods, tattooing and training, shotguns blasts, sound effects clashing battles .....  Godfrey Ho classic!   BA

E782 Ninja American Warrior (87) A child is strangled, a pregnant woman is stabbed to death in front of her husband...  Even the ninja hero is not above a touch of sadism when he tosses a woman, calls her an 'ungrateful bitch' and then slices off her ring finger!  More Godfrey Ho featuring outrageous voice actors, continuity-be-damned impossible scenes and another movie spliced in that may not have anything to do with ninjas (you tell me).  Joyous carefree entertaining ineptitude.   BA

E682 Ninja in Action (87) Z-grade cut and paste from Godfrey Ho, the God of chop and splice.  Stuart Smith's martial arts skills and facial expressions are a wonder to behold.  Nobody could have done it worse.  I salute him.  Especially when he is banging a hot blonde.  Upon arriving in Hong Kong, a man carrying a briefcase full of diamonds handcuffed to his arm, is attacked by Ninjas almost immediately (remember that with your travel plans).  They cut off his hand, using a ninja sword.  Back at the ninja lair, the leader laughs and poisons the other Ninjas, and flees with the diamonds.  Meanwhile, a woman has arrived with her martial arts friend to find out what happened to her father.  Does this seem like I described an actual plot? Just wait.  Things get confusing, don't worry!  Widescreen  BA

E683 Ninja Operation 7: Royal Warriors (87) aka: Hands of Death    Widescreen high definition version of this Godfrey Ho action classic starring Richard Harrison.  A mixed up Asian film with women running in the jungle and encountering wild beasts, a tiger, snakes elephants....  Pink Squad Ninjas wielding machine guns kill two American hunters in the opening.  Smoke bombs, booby traps, topless shots, unintentionally funny sex scenes, a jungle girl, excellent locations....  How is this all cut and pasted together for coherency?  Are you kidding?  The 1988 Academy Awards winner for best picture is ...   'Ninja Operation 7'!  Um, well.....  should'a been right?  BA

E696 Ninja Strikes Back (82) aka: Bruce Lee Strikes Back  aka: Xiong zhong  Bruce Lee versus Oddjob!  Amazingly trashy action Bruceploitation from start to finish.  The kidnapping of an ambassador's daughter by two thugs (one in drag), starts this globe-trotting Bruce Lee clone action picture, this time starring 'Bruce Le'!  Includes a freeze-frame decapitation (wow!), drug-addled nymphomaniacs, a sniper trying to shoot topless women on the beach (now we're crossing the line here!), a battle on the set of a French porno, rooftop chase, battle with a black guy who looks like an adult 'Fat Albert', head in the urinal torture, knife to a kid's neck, a golden glove of death (wore by Sakata!), ripped off music from 'Goldfinger' and others....  The fights are great!  All of the fighters kick ass!  Also with Bolo Yeung, Harold (Oddjob) Sakata.  Widescreen  BA

E768 Ninja the Protector (86) aka: Ninja's Terror   Godfrey Ho directs!  Richard Harrison is Ninja the Protector battling an evil empire run by an overweight accountant.  He rides a super motorbike performing jaw breaking action stunts (ahem, well, somebody is!).  Richard Harrison once again finds himself in heavy mascara and camouflage ninja togs whilst being edited into a completely non-ninja movie as well.  Great funny lines are quotable, random soft porn scenes, instant ninja costume changing with smoke effects, flamethrower hands....  Ever notice that when Richard Harrison is in the ninja outfit he suddenly looks 50 pounds lighter?  These would sell I tell you.  BA

E688 Ninja: The Final Duel (86) The Monks of the Shaolin Temple are under attack by the Ji Ho Ninja clan, who want to take over all.   Their only hope is outside help, a monk from Harlem, two Hara Krishna's and a whole lot of skill mastering.  Water-Spider assault teams, killer acrobatic kung-fu, maniac cackling baddies, jive-talking' black monks, ninja swastika formations, big hairy eyebrows, bloody deaths, naked chicks ...  Cut and pasted together from 'Ninja: Final Duel', an 80's television series.  Goofy Ninja Madness!  Check out the Water-Spider assault and try to keep a straight face!  (Impossible)  BA

E786 Ninja's Force (84) aka: Bushido's Force  aka: Ninja Mission   On an isolated island shrouded in mystery, there lives a hidden society of ninjas, secretly planning on fulfilling their ambitions after stealing a very dangerous top-secret formula (which we see happen in the violent open where they even kill a young crippled girl with a streak of bright red blood).  In the Great Traditions of Bushido...  No Two Ninja's Will Live...  Each Fight for Supremacy...  Only the Best Will Survive!  That's the Ninja's creed...  the creed of death!  Romano Kristoff and many more star in this Filipino action!  Widescreen   BA

E801 Operation Eastern Condors (87) aka: Dung fong tuk ying   Philippines!  Starring Sammo Kam-Bo Hung!  Eastern Condors is Hong Kong's answer to 'The Dirty Dozen'.  A group of Chinese and American go on a suicide mission to destroy a missile ammunition dump left behind by the Marines in Viet Nam.  Bone-snapping martial arts, crazy stunts, machine-guns make noise and explosions rattle your senses....  Widescreen English dub  BA

E815 Operation: Get Victor Corpus, the Rebel Soldier (87) aka: Rebel Soldier  More violent action from the Philippines!  Based on the true to life story of PMA officer Victor Corpus, who defected to government enemy lines.  Opens with a large armory steal by rebel soldiers.  An uprising against imperialists and capitalists.  The overthrow is underway!  The people are fed up!  Of course, they have no real solutions, only violence and death to all who have more than they do.  All that matters is the action!  Who will live, and who will die? The beach is stormed, the artillery is put to good use dropping men on either side.  And to which vision do we bow? None!  Brother will kill brother.....  BA

E860 Pier 5, Havana (59) This is one of three low-budget programmers starring Cameron Mitchell for director Edward L.  Cahn.  Businessman Steve Dagget comes to Havana in search of an old friend who went missing during the Cuban Revolution.  There he discovers a group of Batista sympathizers who are plotting to overturn Castro.  This movie was very current for it's time.  Also starring the beauty Allison Hayes, Michael Granger and Eduardo Noriega.   BA

E790 Raiders in Action (84) aka: Operation Eagles  aka: Operation Shtreimel  aka: Mivtza Shtreimel  War Action set in WWII.  An American agent and his three friends are ready to kick German ass.  It will take some luck, and determination to succeed.  Paul Smith stars.  In one scene he makes a Nazi strip at gunpoint, the men laugh at the Nazi's striped boxers.  Paul Smith performs some of his signature fight moves against the Nazis, while dressed as a monk.  Paul Smith reportedly acted in this film for free after making a bet with the director's father twenty years previously.  A man of his word.  Filmed in Israel.  BA

E817 Return to Justice (90) Partially filmed in South Africa.  Top-billed Richard Lynch is a good guy for a change!  Lynch plays Phoenix Arizona Sheriff Jethro Lincoln.  He's also a cowboy, and he busts some guys in the opener, shot gunning a guy wearing an 'Iron Maiden: Killers' shirt and sending him flying through the air from the blast!  His daughter and her boyfriend have been captured in Colombia and are being held captive.  The rescue mission!  Also starring Cameron Mitchell, Tawny Fere' Ellis, James Ryan and Griffin O'Neal (son of Ryan).  BA

E725 Ring of Fire (61) aka: L'anello di fuoco  aka: Cerco de fuego  I fell into a .... ♪  oh hello.  Oregon in the 1960's.  The film opens with a Duane Eddy song.  Small-town cop David Janssen is arresting three hoodlums (Frank Gorshin, James Johnson and Joyce Taylor).  They get the drop on him.  Now all four are camping out in the forest, Janssen, a 'temporary' hostage.  Joyce Taylor tries to seduce him.  (Just go with it Harry!) Now a huge forest fire...  Frank Gorshin is excellent as the leader of the punks.  Amazing outdoor color classic.  BA

E821 Savate: The True Story of the World's First Kickboxer (95) aka: The Fighter   1865: Poor farmers, menaced by a rich land baron, are aided by a young French officer, a 'Savate' (he with French kick-boxing skills, played by Olivier Gruner).  He must engage in a tournament to battle the German adversary Ziegfield Von Trotta (Marc Singer hamming it up in German accent).  Ashley Laurence (as Mary) is eye candy, but will she raise hell? Action! 

E694 Sleepy Eyes of Death: The Chinese Jade (63) aka: Nemuri Kyôshirô: Sappôchô   A skilled ronin is approached by rivals, each wanting him in their violent games of double-cross and corruption.  The Kaga clan leader falsely believes that he is responsible for his smuggling partner's death.  But the man is very much alive, and plotting against him.  The ronin falls in love, which may compromise his final stand.  He must battle a master of Shorenji boxing.  The fists are deadly weapons.....  Widescreen and English subtitles  BA

E755 Society Hour Zero (66) aka: Koinonia, ora miden   A disgraced Greek Air Force pilot has a chance to redeem himself by telling the truth about what really happened after a terrible crash.  But the cover-up is powerful.  Can They Handle the Truth? Will he be able to deliver the truth and clear himself?  Greek film with English subtitles  BA

E695 Truckin' Buddy McCoy (82) aka: Convoy 3   Buddy (Terence Knox) realizes his dreams of the big wheels rollin' gonna' keep 'em goin' sort.  Like us all in the 1970's I suppose.  Yessiree, Buddy has done gone and won a Mack truck in a sweepstakes.  The truck is bitchin' and boss, outfitted like a singles pad on wheels.  Saying goodbye to the missus, Buddy heads out (roger that) and meets all kinds of characters on his adventures across America.  First movie for Miguel Ferrer (as 'Pete').  Also with the very cute Myra Chason and Judy Cushing from 'Cycle Vixens'.   BA

E810 Vengeance Cops (72) aka: Flying Squad   Cops seek revenge when one of their own is killed by ruthless bank robbers.  The criminals on the other hand, have no problem killing even more cops.  Car chases, one at an abandoned drive-in, a car flip, shootouts, some ass-kicking and more.  Filmed in South Africa.  Directed by Ivan Hall, the director of 'Kill Or Be Killed' and 'Funeral for the Assassin'. 




E803 ... And Millions Die (73) Nazi war criminal sells lethal gas to terrorists, and sets a time bomb in Hong Kong as insurance.  Things go wrong and it's a race against the clock to find the bomb before....  (see title).  Interesting and suspenseful MFTV that was actually filmed on location.  One line I found prophetic.  'Isn't it an awesome thought that one man could start an epidemic that could sweep the globe?' Richard Basehart, Susan Strasburg, Leslie Nielson and more star.  Originally a feature length pilot for a proposed television series called 'E-Force' that never materialized.

W446 B.J. and the Bear (78) One episode from the unreleased television show 'B.J. and the Bear'.  The episode is titled 'Shine On' and was Season One Episode 2 airing February 24th 1979.  B.J. and his little monkey are hijacked by three hot chicks.  Janet Julian, Kimberly Beck and Roberta Collins.  Now you know why this is listed!  Line out the cast of this episode with Albert Salmi and Bill McKinney (as 'Willie') and you have the recipe for 70's TV Gold!  With original commercials, one starring Kim Basinger in a great Shampoo ad. 

E808 Carol for Another Christmas (64) Rod Serling mixes up Charles Dickens ' A Christmas Carol'.   Daniel Grudge (Sterling Hayden) is the 'Scrooge' of the story.  A bitter industrialist, isolated and cut off from his fellow man, cold as ice, damaged, because his son was killed in WWII, an isolationist who wants nothing to do with the rest of the world and it's problems.  He is visited by three ghosts who wish to turn him into a globalist through their spiritual persuasions, the final showing a ruined civilization.  Not sure this translates as well for the 21st century but what the hell, Rod Serling was a dreamer, and this has some pretty cool moments.  Ben Gazzara, Eva Marie Saint, Pat Hingle, Peter Sellers, Steve Lawrence, Britt Ekland and Robert Shaw also star. 

E864 Carter's Army (70) aka: The Black Brigade   I would call it 'The Dirty Half Dozen' Here's one you won't see rebroadcast anytime soon, probably never.   Six black men are sent on a suicide mission in WWII.  The goal? To take a bridge from the Germans.  Stephen Boyd is the redneck Captain.  Roosevelt Grier, Robert Hooks, Moses Gunn, Richard Pryor, Glynn Turman, Billy Dee Williams and Susan Oliver star. 

E909 Congratulations It's a Boy (71) Forty year old swinging bachelor Johnny Gaines (Bill Bixby) gets his share, and then some.  One day seventeen year old B.J. (Darrell  Larson) shows up at his door, claiming to be his son.  It seems one of his many one night stands has produced a child.  B.J. wants a daddy.  Johnny just wants to get laid, and this kid is a cock-block.  The film is pretty casual about sex, even references homosexuality, risqué at the time.  It also has a lot to say about responsibility and masculinity, two important components of human survival that parts of the society of 2024 want to erase.  Jack Albertson, Ann Sothern, Judy Strangis and Diane Baker star. 

E873 D.A.: Murder One (69) Deputy District Attorney Paul Ryan (Robert Conrad) suspects that a nurse has been murdering with lethal insulin doses.  Mary Brokaw (Diane Baker) will soon be in the hot seat.  Scott Brady, Dana Elcar and more star.  Quality a bit soft on this obscure MFTV. 

E890 Face of Fear, The (71) In Idaho, school teacher Sally (Elizabeth Ashley) learns she has leukemia.  Sally travels to San Francisco and hires a hit man.  To kill Sally.  Sally does not want to suffer.  Sally changes her mind and goes to the cops.  Sounds like entrapment to me.  Get hired to do somebody a solid, next thing you know they turn on you.  Don't trust Sally.  Ricardo Montalban is the Sergeant.  Jack Warden is the Lieutenant. 

E807 Gun, The (74) The odyssey of a gun and the dramatic way it reshapes the lives of it's various owners.  This may seem a bit anti-gun and preachy, in the box of several P.S.A.  MFTV of the era regarding various controversial subjects.  A lot of good that does us now.  We need guns in 2024 more than ever in history.  A similar film in many ways is the last film of James Coburn from 2002, 'American Gun'.  Now, please excuse me, I need to reload, you should too.  

E712 Hands of a Stranger (87) Hard-boiled macho cop Joe Hearn (Armand Assante) maybe isn't paying enough attention to his wife Mary (Beverly D'Angelo).  Mary agrees to meet her son's coach in a seedy motel room.  When she backs out, an armed stranger (Arliss Howard in a creepy role, he has the best lines) forces his way into the room and makes them both get naked, taking blackmail pictures of them together.  Then he rapes her.  Joe Hearn becomes obsessed with finding his wife's rapist.  Disturbing MFTV running three hours (2 discs count as 2 selections - no vhs).  The actor's involved include Forest Whitaker, Blair Brown, Patricia Richardson, Irving Metzman (hey!) and two very young actors by the names of Ben Affleck and Sarah Polley. 

E739 Happy Birthday Las Vegas 1977 (77) Another step back to the 1970's, better times, better entertainment!  Join your host Don Meredith and Cindy Williams, for a night of fun.  And who is on hand to celebrate (some with musical performances)?  Eddy Arnold, David Brenner, Foster Brooks, Charo, Norm Crosby, Rodney Dangerfield, John Davidson, Sammy Davis Jr., Lola Falana, Redd Foxx, Liberace, Don Rickles, Wayne Newton, Joan Rivers, Rip Taylor, Dionne Warwick, Andy Williams and more!  Pretend it's October 23rd 1977. 

E884 High Ice (80) Park Ranger Glencoe MacDonald (David Janssen) is at odds on how to handle a mountain rescue with the egotistical Lt. Col.  Harris Thatcher (Tony Musante) as both trouble shoot how to save three foolish rock climbers who are stranded on a mountain ledge.  And yes, I call them foolish, maybe even insane, what were they thinking? Some harrowing mountain climbing and helicopters maneuvers.  This is the international version of the film which includes nudity (aka: 'naked boobs').  Madge Sinclair, Gretchen Corbett and more.  BA

E907 I Want to Keep My Baby!  (76) Sue Ann Cunningham (Mariel Hemingway) is fifteen and pregnant.  Not only that she...  (read title).  Her boyfriend is not on board!  Sue Anne thinks she can raise the baby herself.  While pregnant, Sue Anne is grouped with other preggers in a school of sorts.  Sue Anne has a pillow fight with her pregnant friend Marta.  Pillow feathers fly!  I knew it!  Later, our chubby 'with child' gang types, exercises, cooks, gets counseling and washes baby dolls.  Getting them ready for their domestic duties.  I'll suggest some ironing, operation of a vacuum cleaner, and maybe some detail cleaning while they are at it.  Adoption?  Sue Anne goes to play in the pool, leaving her baby unattended.  Her mother (Susan Aspach) freaks out.  Rhea Perlman also stars and Lisa Pelikan is Miranda.  This was Mariel Hemmingway’s first film after her debut in 'Lipstick'.  Maybe the father is Chris Sarandon?  A good PSA warning film that maybe helped some use birth control so it did not happen to them.  Now shut that goddamn little brat up before I do it for you!  Some picture problems, but overall good quality.   BA

E883 In Search of America (71) A middle-class family, 100% confused that the summer of love is over, are convinced by their college dropout son (Jeff Bridges) to chuck it all and just travel the country in an old Greyhound bus.  They wind up at a hippie festival straight out of what looks like 'Woodstock' footage.  The sappy song is death to the ears and must be heard so you can revel in the awfulness.  The happy-go-lucky cast includes Sal Mineo, Kim Hunter, Vera Miles, Tyne Daly and many more. 

E866 Istanbul Express (68) Gene Barry (channeling James Bond) plays 'Michael London' an American art dealer who moonlights as a government secret agent.  London is sent to Istanbul to bid on some recently discovered research documents put together by a (now) dead scientist.  Bright colorful film with plenty of international locations, espionage, two pretty females, betrayals and more.  While not as dynamic as a Bond film from the past, this still seems to have the spirit of a James Bond film, more so than the sensitive modern day Bond of the last twenty years or so.  John Saxon, Senta Berger, Mary Ann Mobley.  BA

E804 It Happened One Christmas (77) Marlo Thomas is Mary Bailey Hatch who must remain in her small hometown as head of her family's Building and Loan business, forfeiting her dreams of leaving for another life elsewhere.  Town miser Henry F.  Potter (Orson Welles) is wanting her to fall, so he can take it all!  Remake of 'It's a Wonderful Life'!  Also starring Cloris Leachman, Wayne Rogers, Doris Roberts, Christopher Guest, Karen Carlson and more . 

E772 Jayne Mansfield Story, The (80) Loni Anderson is Jayne Mansfield.  Arnold Swarzenegger is Mickey Hargitay.  We see her rise to fame and her hard tabloid crash into partial obscurity.  The film only captures one aspect of Jayne Mansfield's personality.  Hargitay appears as a 'kept' husband, and we hear his viewpoint in a voice-over.  'Carol Sue where's the Vodka?' (best line).  Jayne Mansfield dies at the end, we kind of see it, but with made for television limitations.  Also with G.D. Stradlin.  Arnold's next film would be 'Conan the Barbarian'. 

E711 Longshot (81) Leif Garrett is trying to win fifty grand playing in a Lake Tahoe foosball championship.  Foosball.  That table with rods that have figures attached, you try to knock the ball into the goal of your opponent.  Pinball.  Skateboards.  Foosball.  Air Hockey.  Pool.  This is how we lived.  On our feet.  Play took work.  Add a cheesy song and Leif Garrett's earnest performance you can place this right into the 'Crossbar', 'Takedown' and 'Tilt' territory of the same era.  Full disclosure.  I actually owned a full size foosball table.  Any challengers?

E886 Madame Sin (72) Above average MFTV starring Bette Davis as a mysterious all-powerful woman who has an ex-C.I.A. agent (Robert Wagner) abducted, using him to help her steal an ultra modern Polaris submarine.  Things were a surprise in the end for this viewer!  Filmed in England and Scotland.  Also starring Catherine Schell, Denholm Elliott, Gordon Jackson and more. 

E885 Murder Once Removed (71) A scheming doctor (John Forsythe) who tries to manipulate his patient's wealthy wife  to dump her husband for him.  A deadly love triangle as together they hatch the perfect crime.  Or do they?  Barbara Bain, Joseph Campanella and more star. 


W441 Partners in Crime (84) DISC ONE:  Pilot!  Carol Stanwyck (Lynda Carter) and Sydney Kovak (Loni Anderson) are attending the funeral of their husband, whom they were both married to at one time.  They investigate his murder, together, and form a team, the premise for the short-lived series which also starred Leo Rossi.  This pilot is feature length and also stars John Beck and more.  The rest of the episodes described on the following discs involve Lynda Carter and Loni Anderson investigating what is described, and also tell you the most important guest stars involved.

W442 Partners in Crime (84) DISC TWO: Episodes 'Celebrity' (A singer is stalked by a fan.  Vanessa Williams and Billy Drago) and 'The Hottest Guy in Town' (Blackmail case involving racketeers.  David Soul)

W443 Partners in Crime (84) DISC THREE: Episodes 'Murder in the Museum' (Assistant curator at museum is murdered.  Leigh McCloskey and Efrem Zimbalist Jr.), 'Paddles Up' (An auctioned broach is to die for.  With David Carradine) and 'Duke' (Duke has been set up for murder in a heist gone wrong.  With Cameron Mitchell and Nancy Kwan). 

W444 Partners in Crime (84) DISC FOUR: Episodes 'Is She or Isn't She?' (Hired by father to find kidnapped son.  With John Sanderford), 'Fantasyland' (The agency investigates a death from Sydney's old neighborhood.  With David Hedison and Donna Wilkes), 'The Set-Up' (Solving a frame-up.  With Michael Shannon and Otis Young), and 'Fashioned for Murder' (Someone will kill for fashion designs.  With Patty McCormack). 

W445 Partners in Crime (84) DISC FIVE: Episodes include 'The Strangler' (A strangler of women is on the loose.  With John Vernon, Kitty Winn and Bibi Besch), 'Getting in Shape' (Undercover at a health spa with Anne Francis as the Health Instructor) and 'Double Jeopardy'  (Escaped convicts hold Carol hostage.  With Richard Lynch, Kevin Brophy and Steven Keats). 


E789 Relentless (77) State Trooper Sam Watchman's (Will Sampson) uncle has been murdered by paramilitary-type bank robbers, and they have also taken a woman hostage (Marianna Hill).  Now, they have fled into the mountains.  Sam Watchman (and his posse) will need his special Indian skills to sniff them out.  Will Sampson is top-billed, and is effective as the towering sturdy-minded tracker.  Interesting suspenseful outdoor adventure.  Also starring Monte Markham, John Hillerman, Larry Wilcox and more. 

E783 Silence of the Heart (84) Another classic P.S.A.  type MFTV movie, this time dealing with suicide.  Skip Lewis (Chad Lowe) is having a tough time at school.  He gets in his car and drives it full speed off a cliff.  His parent's are in denial.  His best friend (Charlie Sheen) is upset.  Everyone is trying to look back and determine if they missed the signs.  A potent and devastating look at teen suicide.  We all know people who killed themselves.  Also with Dana Hill, Howard Hesseman, Alexandra Powers, Sherilyn Fenn, Mariette Hartley and more.    

E868 Smugglers, The (68) Mrs. Hudson (Shirley Boothe) and her daughter Jo (Carol Lynley) are tourists visiting Tyrol, unwittingly carrying something sought after by a gang of smugglers.  This film premiered the night the Apollo 8 space mission broke into the broadcast, never resuming the film.  Also starring Gayle Hunnicutt, Emilio Fernandez and Michael J. Pollard as 'Piero'! 

E903 Stranger at the Door (04) Interesting MFTV, similar in plot to movies from decades past, featuring familiar faces.  Kathleen (Linda Purl) and Greg Norris (Perry King) live peacefully until Kathleen's 'long ago put up for adoption' first son Jaimie (Andrew Kraulis) shows up and sneaks his way into her heart.  Jaimie is not what he seems to be.  The daughter is suspicious.  All hell breaks loose.  Pretty intense. 

E882 Suddenly Single (71) Just divorced Larry Hackett (Hal Holbrook) has just divorced, and is trying to navigate the difficult terrain of finding the right woman in this new world of swinging singles.  From one woman to another, which one?  Which one deems him the right for her?  Realistic drama with a stellar cast.  Barbara Rush, Margot Kidder, Agnes Moorehead, Cloris Leachman, Harvey Corman and more! 

E888 Tattered Web, A (71) A detective discovers his son-in-law is cheating on his daughter, confronts the other woman and (oops) accidentally kills her.  Now he is attempting to pin her murder on an innocent wino.  Lloyd Bridges, Frank Converse, Murray Hamilton, Whit Bissell, Anne Helm and more star. 

W447 That's Incredible: The Best of the Original Airings - 12 Episodes (80’s)  A show about incredible feats by people or animal.  Some as they originally aired with commercials intact!  A  man attempts to leap a mile high river in a Lincoln Continental (it's great I tell you).  Lube Oil and Filter Change $9.88!  I miss that!  The year 1980, a different idea of what fascinated and entertained America.  With your hosts, John Davidson and Kathy Lee Crosby.  One episode is a 1988 'That's Incredible' Reunion.  SIX DISCS counts as SIX selections

E894 Ultimate Betrayal (94) Two sisters sue their father for child abuse and incest.  As we learn more of this father of six, we learn he was one low-life bastard.  Lies, unwanted pregnancy, rape, beatings...  frank subject matter for this MFTV.  Not for the kids or date night.  Several episodes of abuse through flashbacks and descriptions.  Some issues remain unsolved.  Marlo Thomas, Mel Harris, Eileen Heckart, Kim Schraner and more star. 

E908 Under the Influence (86) Martin Sheen, David Janssen, Dick Van Dyke and others have all tackled this role.  That of a hopeless alcoholic.  This time, it is  Andy Griffith.  Noah Talbot, a man who cannot put down the drink, unless it is down his throat.  He destroys himself, and his family suffers as well, especially his son Keanu Reeves.  His other son does standup, joking a bit about the miserable situation.  His daughter is suicidal.  Noah starts spitting up blood during church services.  Keanu drinks beer while Springsteen 'Hungry Heart' plays on the jukebox.  William Schallert tries to get him to stop.  Kenau brings booze to Noah, who is dying and on his death bed.  Shakily, Noah reaches like a junkie for the bottle...  Grim.  Also starring Season Hubley.  Audio is slightly off, quality pretty good considering, but has glitches.  'Seinfeld' similar standup.  Original commercials!  Recorded to VHS September 28, 1986. 



E710 Ghost with Hole (81) aka: Sundelbolong   From Indonesian mythology comes the 'Sundelbolong' , a Javanese prostitute ghost (played by the superstar 'Suzzanna').  The first half is full of supernatural horror, setting us up for the actual ghostly vengeance to come.  Barry Prima has a minor role, but is a standout, demonstrating his athletic capabilities when he battles numerous thugs.  The ghost has a festering wound on her back, and kills her enemies by impaling them on tombstones or other macabre ways.  Severed arms, a flying ghost head and more......  Suzzanna (known as the Queen of Indonesian Horror films) in a dual role here.  She died in 2008 Indonesia at age 66 of diabetes complications.  Widescreen and English subtitles  BA

E760 Supermen Against the Orient (73) aka: Crash!  Che Botte...  strippo strappo stroppio   The 'Three Supermen' meet up once again, this time in Hong Kong, with the bold intention to destroy the existence of a rather large gang of drug smugglers, and to rescue kidnapped agents.  Back when 'stopping' the flow of drugs, was a thing.  The action starts immediately with a battle on a boat.  Martial arts, anti-bullet suits...  The ambassador hints at a secret weapon that has something to do with long-johns!  Fantastic action comedy with incredible locations, crash zoom shots, one-liners and the most demented theme song of all time (at the end).  Widescreen English Dubbed Spectacular Print  BA

E761 Three Supermen in the Jungle (70) aka: Che fanno i nostri supermen tra le vergini della jungla?  When the lease to a Uranium mine is stolen, The 'Three Supermen' (dun ta da da!) are summoned to make things right...  well, sort of.  One of them is rescued from an Arabian prison by the others first, before the stopping of the evil Russian 'Kronski' from taking over the mine.  An old man guides them through the jungle.  Sexy amazon goddess 'Jungla' ( a stunning Femi Benussi) and her tribe of women capture them, a very good side distraction.  Jungla brews up a love potion for one of the men, he who started the movie postponing his wedding.  Easy choice? The natives try to cook one in a large cooking pot, another on a baking bed.  The native wears a chef hat and salt and peppers them.   Action, catfights, jungle-fu and plenty of attractive women!  Amazing new Color Widescreen and English language dubbed  BA

E763 Three Supermen in Tokyo (67) aka: 3 Supermen a Tokio  More out-of-control silliness with our red-suited heroes!  Japanese treated as stereotypes (eat dog, chopsticks?), but naturally makes for 1960's laughs!  The goofy white supermen are given the fool treatment as well, so no worries.   Especially the roller coaster scene, and the spook house!   The mission this time involves a device that makes things miniature.  When they use it on themselves we get a sequence where our three supermen are played by children!  Slapstick Kung Fu Action with cool colorful location shooting.  English subtitles  BA




E690 Overland with Kit Carson (39) Peg Leg's gang of land stealing cowboy henchmen must be stopped!  Kit Carson (Bill Elliot) is called in (presumably by Pony Express) to end their reign of corruption.  Kit narrowly escapes an ambush by the redskins and rides to warn the trappers and the citizen's of Stewart's Post, that Peg Leg's band of raiders are coming, intent on massacring them all!  Iris Meredith, Richard Fiske and many more star, including Iron Eyes Cody!  Richard Fiske (here in this feature as Lieutenant David Brent) had been in 89 features when he received the call from Uncle Sam in 1943.  He was killed in battle in France in 1928.  Thank-you for your service.  Two discs counts as two.   BA

E719 Savage Fury (56) Edited feature version of the 1935 serial 'The Call of the Savage'.  A rare opportunity to see how they take a serial that runs over three and a half hours and turn it into a 72 minute feature.  Does this change the plot somewhat?  Of course it does.  But for the serial watcher with less time, this delivers the best parts of the feature!  Noah Beery Jr., Dorothy Short and many more star. 



E825 El Teatro del Horror (91) Two drama students cast a spell to help their teacher scare away evil spirits who are haunting an old theater.  The spell goes horribly wrong, casting a curse on their master, who is now a walking body with a talking head.  The entire picture is a supernatural joke, set in the large theatre, with a surprise ending straight out of left field.  In Spanish only no subtitles



E840 Apache War Smoke (52) aka: L'assedio degli Apaches  Filmed in Tucson, Arizona.  The Apaches are on the warpath, surrounding a remote relay station, in search of those responsible for killing their fellow tribesmen.  Gilbert Roland, Glenda Farrell, Harry Morgan and the pure gold of the picture is Robert Blake as the little Indian boy 'Luis'.  They put a black wig on him, and a headband (for full Injun/Mexican authenticity?) and they also dub his voice to make him sound different.  Yea, a kid originally from New Jersey doesn't sound like no Injun/Mexican does he?  That's a double race steal.  I love it!  Hysterical!  Good picture.  BA

E754 Blood on the Arrow (64) Outlaw Wade Cooper (Dale Robertson) is the prisoner of the U.S.  Cavalry, and is the sole survivor after an Apache attack.  Nancy Mailer (Martha Hyer) finds Wade wounded and manages to get him back to the trading post where she lives in a loveless marriage with her husband Clint (Wendell Corey).  She also has a son, who is kidnapped by the Apaches.  Wade Cooper comes into play.  Sometimes hilarious (fake Indians, detailed plot full of gold, stolen gun-selling etc.) but highly entertaining.  Martha Hyer brightens the picture.  BA

E869 Dangerous Days of Kiowa Jones, The (66) aka: I giorni della paura   Kiowa Jones (Robert Horton), deputized by a dying marshall to deliver two killers (Sal Mineo and Nehemiah Persoff) into the custody of the law so that they can stand trial.   On the way he is pursued by bounty hunters, who have no qualms on who they kill, as long as they collect the large bounty on these two.  Gary Merrill, Royal Dano, Zalman King, Diane Baker and Harry Dean Stanton as 'Jelly'.  Quality not as sharp as usual on this title.  BA

E747 Find a Place to Die (68) aka: Joe... cercati un posto per morire!  Joe Collins (Jeffrey Hunter) is an ex-Confederate soldier (and loner outcast) looking for some kind of redemption.  He finds it in the name of the stunning beauty Lisa Martin (Pascale Petit), a woman with a goldmine claim, menaced by villains who aim to kill her and her husband, and all who aid, and take the mine for themselves.  Their idea of fun is a word called torture.  The only thing that interests them is gold and women.  Nice Color English dubbed  BA

E924 Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe, A (75) aka: Un genio, due compari, un pollo   Terence Hill goes it alone in this spaghetti spoof of Sergio Leone films.  Billed as a 'Nobody..' film in many countries because basically he is Nobody, although here is name is Joe Thanks.  Parts will remind you of other films, of course, that is the point!   High production values, a great looking production with an international cast.  Many say this is the worst.  Sergio Leone himself had the idea for the film and had his name removed!  Still worth a look.  Klaus Kinski is great as Doc Foster, Raimund Harmstorf is Sergeant Milton and eye candy Miou-Miou, an interesting blonde doll to gawk at.  You'll recognize others of course.  Widescreen and English dub  BA

E773 Go For Broke (68) aka: All Out   aka: Copperface  aka:Tutto per tutto    Mark Damon and John Ireland star in this Spaghetti directed by Umberto Lenzi.  Four cases of gold, the location only known by Copperface (Jose Torres).  Aging gunman Gufo the Owl (Ireland), and the luckless gambler Johnny (Damon) are the winners, but when it is time to split the gold......  Also starring Monica Randall.  Nice Widescreen and English dubbed  BA

E921 Law of the Land (76) aka: Vice Sheriff  Travis Carrington (Andrew Prine) is a sword wielding serial killer of prostitutes.  Wild west frontier Sheriff Pat Lambrose (Jim Davis) and his able deputies have to stop him!  Barbara Parkins is slated to be the next victim.  Don Johnson is a sharp-shooting conman drifter who becomes a deputy/hero.  Some subplot racial stuff with Moses Gunn pads out the running time, but not nearly as preachy as the crap Hollywood is shoveling now.  Also starring the one and only real Spiderman, Nicholas Hammond, Charles Martin Smith, Dana Elcar, Glenn Corbett, Darleen Carr and others round out the cast. 

E829 Outcasts of Poker Flats, The (52) aka: I banditi di Poker Flat   Familiar plot in some ways goes all the way up to 'The Hateful Eight'.  An assortment of travelers (in this case, driven out of town for various reasons) seek refuge in a snow storm in an isolated mountain cabin.  A 'wanted’ outlaw (Cameron Mitchell) arrives to ruin their day.  Dale Robertson is the smooth talker who cheats at cards, Miriam Hopkins, Anne Baxter and more.  One of the gals holds the loot from a robbery committed by Cameron Mitchell's character.  Barbara Bates is a knock-out.  BA 

E729 Seven Magnificent Guns (66) aka: 7 magnifiche pistole  Timothy Benson (Sean Flynn, son of Errol) has inherited a mine that is coveted by the local bandit Rodriguez (Fernando Sancho).  Benson needs help and recruits anyone he can to help him fight off Rodriguez and his bandits in a kind of 'Magnificent Seven' action/comedy.  Also starring Ida Galli and Tito Garcia.  The not-too-smart Sean Flynn is thought to have been executed by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia 1970.  He was only 28.   Amazing Color Widescreen, German language with English subtitles and Widescreen  BA

E922 Two Tickets to Hell (60) aka: Half Way to Hell   Mari (Caroll Montour) and Joanne (Shirley Tegge) make a run for the border into America, fleeing tyranny.  Bounty hunters are on their trail, sent by Joanne's spurned angry ex-lover, Escobar (Lyle Felice).  Directed by Victor Adamson and his son Al.  First director credit for Al Adamson.  He also stars as the character 'Slade', and makes for a decent gritty character.  A near rape, and a bullwhip battle! 




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