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P268   Sunset Cove (78) Can the Beach Bunny Brigade - Armed only with their string bikinis - Stop the dreaded condominium machine? Ample-bosomed teenage comedy with the works : bikinis, parties, a nerd, a fatso. John Carradine has a small role as a retired Judge who gives the kids advice. Decent T&A from Adams. Some think this film lost. It's not.  BA




K356 Death Run (87) Bizarre and unheard of Post-Apoc with marauding gangs terrorizing the remaining good guys still running around out there. Either that or recruit them. They worship a caped leader who speaks with evil intent and wears big black leather gloves.... directed by Michael J. Murphy  Stars Rob Bartlett, Debbie Stevens, Eddie Kirby and Wendy Parsons

N356 Escape from Paradise (89) aka: Fuga dal paradiso   In a futuristic society, an old man tells the legend of a strange medal given to two children. In flash-back we learn that after a nuclear catastrophe, these two were living in an artificial paradise. They decide to leave the shelter, and encounter an apocalyptic world. In Italian language and with English subtitles!

P585 L.A. 2017 (71) MFTV movie from "The Name of the Game" TV series. This one directed by a young Steven Spielberg. Publisher Glenn Howard is returning in his car from the Sierra Pines Conference on world ecological issues. It is a smoggy day, and his car exhaust backs up in his car and he passes out! His car goes off the road into a dirt bank. When he awakes he discovers a time warp has transported him from 1971 to 2017! Due to pollution, Los Angeles survivors live underground, as do other cities’ survivors. The rich control all. Cool little nightmare flick that probably could happen one day a couple of hundred years or more from now, at which point if it does, who cares? With Gene Barry, Barry Sullivan, Edmond O'Brien, Joan Crawford, Sharon Farrel, and more!

P491 Neon City (91) aka: Anno 2053 - la grande fuga   A group of people seek safe haven called "Neon City" after a solar disaster, created accidentally by the military, decimates the earth. They board an armored truck, piloted by a brute named 'Bulk' played by Lyle Alzado (who died a year after at age 43). Naturally they encounter numerous obstacles on their path to salvation. With Michael Ironside and drug-slut-actress turned holy roller 'Vanity'!   BA

F315 Prison Planet (92) Low-budget Apocalyptic sludge!   Freedom fighter has himself sent to a 'Prison Planet' so he can find the spiritual leader of the resistance!  He is sidetracked by a slave girl, a warlord/slave trader and more. It's 'Mad Max Meets American Gladiators!" BA

K812 Searchers of the Voodoo Mountains (85) aka: Warriors of the Apocalypse  Set in a future world after global catastrophe, people struggle to survive and also must fight against mad biker guys, mutants and the whole apocalyptic works. Survivors find a hidden fortress hidden in the mountains, where an old man and a sexy woman rule the people gathered there. Shootings, stabbings, nudity, impalings, beatings and more....  BA

F316 Wired To Kill (86) aka: Booby Trap  It's a Booby Trap!  One false move and You're History!  The year: 1998. The Place: Los Angeles. A deadly virus has wiped out most of the population of the United States. Mutant gangs terrorize and victimize the few survivors. One whiz-kid designs toy robots/booby traps to fight the evil bastards. With Emily Longstreth. BA



N352 Venus of the Islands (78) aka: La Venere d'Ille   If you are a Mario Bava fan, don't miss this last film he directed (co-directed with son Lamberto)! You will see Bava's prints all over this if you are familiar with his work. Dario Argento regular Daria Nicolodi stars as the look-alike/reincarnation of a Greek Goddess/Femme Fatale in this compactly told (at about an hour) supernatural tale. Finally a nice print! In Italian language and with English subtitles. 



P458 Crazy Thunder Road (80) aka: Kuruizaki sanda rodo  When the leader of the once-notorious biker gang of Tokyo falls in love with a barmaid and quickly loses his rebellious ideals, the rest of the gang feels betrayed. Especially the reputedly troubled kid Ken revolts against his former friend and encourages the other members to join him in forming an entirely new and much "meaner" gang..... Fast paced and chaotic, frenetic camera work, crazy punk music, comic book-like characters and more as violent gangs battle for supremacy. A little like "The Warriors" this is the coolest Japanese biker flick ever and with English subtitles.  BA







S906 Accursed, The (57) aka: The Traitor - A German Jewish doctor, who is a former resistance fighter against the Nazis during the war, discovers that many of his compatriots are being murdered. He suspects that one of his compatriots may be a Nazi spy, hell-bent on revenge. With Donald Wolfit (Blood of the Vampire), Anton Diffring and Christopher Lee (and many others!).  BA

S965 Girl Hunters, The (63) aka: Operation FBI  Mickey Spillane stars as his character Mike Hammer in this one with the Golden Girl Shirley Eaton. LBX  BA

S915 Lunch Hour (61) Bizarre little rarity from England about a man and a woman who meet and fall in love. There is more to it of course. With Shirley (The Damned, Horrors of the Black Museum) Anne Field (who turns in a schizophrenic performance).

K875 Saint's Girl Friday, The (53) aka: The Saint's Return  A private detective goes after the people who murdered his girlfriend.....  Hammer movie with Louis Hayward and Diana Dors. BA

S909 Sleeping Car to Trieste (48) Cool Post-War film. Spies pursue a stolen diary aboard the Orient Express. With Rona (Devils of Darkness) Anderson in her debut. 

S919 Small World of Sammy Lee, The (63) aka: Cinque ore violente a Soho  Strip club owner tries to stay one step ahead of bookies he owes money to. With Anthony Newley, Julia Foster and Robert Stephens. Soho London locations give the film a murky underworld feel.  BA

K962 Tales of Unease (70) Two episodes from the forgotten short-lived British thriller show! Only 6 episodes were aired. Here are two of them! First episode is called Calculated Nightmare and stars John Stratton (Asylum director in 'Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell') and Michael Culver. Next episode is called Ride, Ride and stars Susan George. 

S921 That Kind of Girl (63) aka: Teenage Tramp  aka: Adam und Eva  - Fun filled British exploitation sex-scare film that has nice looking girls in sexual situations.... and the clap. Yep, the horrors of V.D. are explored. Margaret Rose Keil (Zelda), and Linda (The Devil's Widow) Marlowe. Great quality but a time code at the top of the screen.  BA

S916 What a Carve Up!   (61) aka: No Place Like Homicide - Ernie's Uncle Gabriel has just died but to claim his inheritance he must spend the night in his ancestral home with the rest of his relatives. With Shirley Eaton, Donald Pleasence, Dennis Price, Michael Gough. A great British comedy chiller. BA







S651 1000 Years From Now (52) aka: Captive Women  In a Post-Apocalyptic New York city mutant tribes battle it out!  With Robert (The Hideous Sun Demon) Clarke.  BA

P447 13 Hours By Air (36) United Airlines pilot Fred Macmurray is looking and chasing after a blonde with a secret (Joan Bennett),  partly to win a bet he made partly because he has the hots for her....  While doctor Brian Donlevy and a dodgy character make evil eyes at each other and a spoilt brat and his keeper Zasu Pitts slapstick about....  High-flying adventure with Fred MacMurray, Brian Donlevy, John Howard, Joan Bennett and Zasu Pitts star.

N275 16 Fathoms Deep (34) A sponge diver (Lon Chaney Jr., as his earlier name Creighton Chaney) hopes to make enough money to buy his own boat and marry his girlfriend. A rival diver however has other plans for him. See Lon with a meaty role when he was still in his twenties!  BA

N209 7th Grave, The (65) aka: La settima tomba  A family heads to an old Scottish castle for the reading of a will. The dead man was very rich and hid his treasure inside the castle. He also died from leprosy. He returns from the dead to kill his greedy relatives... or does he? In Italian language and now with English subtitles!  BA

S882 A.J. Cronin's Hatter's Castle (42) aka: Hatter's Castle  Classic melodrama with all the trimmings. Family disputes, unwanted pregnancy, financial ruin, adultery, suicide, banishment etc. Oh, and there is a moral!  Bad : Hell. Good : Heaven. Cool creaky old flick, despite the tiny propaganda slant….  Robert Newton, James Mason, Deborah Kerr, Emlyn Williams, Henry Oscar and Enid Stamp-Taylor  BA

S837 Adventure in Sahara (38) Agadez is a lonely French outpost baking under the desert sun and commanded by the cruel and oppressive Captain Savatt. Kind of like 'Mutiny on the Bounty' except in the desert. Look for Dwight Frye as Gravet 'The Jackal'. Also with Paul Kelly and C. Henry Gordon.

P339 Army Girl (38) aka: The Last of the Cavalry  A fight to keep cavalry horses from being replaced by tanks culminates in a great race between man and beast. Nominated for three Academy awards.  Stars Madge Evans, Preston Foster, James Gleason and H. B. Warner  BA

K869 Atlantic Convoy (42) Lloyd Bridges, John Beal, Bruce Bennett and more star. American naval forces are using a port in Iceland as a base for anti-submarine patrols to protect North Atlantic convoys from Nazi subs.  BA

S820 Baby Face Nelson (57) George (Babyface) Nelson (Mickey Rooney in a stand-out performance) becomes one of the most important gangsters of 1930's Chicago by making brutal robberies. In order to compete with Al Capone he allies himself with John (Leo Gordon) Dillinger. Jack Elam also stars. More Vicious Than Little Caesar!  More Savage than Scarface!  More Brutal Than Dillinger!  The Baby Faced Butcher That Lined 'Em Up- Chopped 'Em Down and Terrorized a Nation!  BA

K880 Bermuda Mystery (44) Lightweight comedy murder-mystery thriller with Preston Foster, Ann Rutherford and Charles Butterworth.   BA

P495 Big Boss, The (41) Otto Kruger, Gloria Dickson, John Litel and Don Beddoe.  Directed by Charles Barton 

S137 Black Moon (34) Fay Wray and Jack Holt star. A young girl living on an island loses her parents to a voodoo sacrifice! Dark mood, kind of like 'I Walked with a Zombie' except way earlier. Nice voodoo ceremony sequences and creepy dread.  BA

S817 Black Sheep (35) On a cruise ship a professional gambler comes to the aid of a young man victimized by a jewel thief. The young man turns out to be his son. With Edmund Lowe and Claire Trevor.

K531 Bowery Boys Meets the Monsters (54) Slip, Sach and the rest of the Bowery Boys enter a haunted house, where they engage in slapstick with a gorilla, a robot and a vampire.... + Feudin' Fools (52) Sach discovers that he is heir to a farm in rural hillbilly country. He and the boys go to the farm to check it out, and find themselves mixed up with feuding hillbillies and a gang of bank robbers....  BA

S843 Bulldog Jack (35) aka: Alias Bulldog Drummond  Bulldog Drummond is injured when his sabotaged car crashes and Jack Pennington agrees to masquerade as the sleuth...   Mystery action with Jack Hulbert, Fay Wray and Ralph Richardson. 

S819 Buy Me That Town (41) Cool little flick and quite different. Gangster type buys a small bankrupt town to exploit it for personal gain. He moves in others of his ilk, and the jail becomes quite a place. Bread and water is replaced with champagne and steak. Crooks are seeking protection from more strict law elsewhere.  BA

P477 Cafe Hostess (40) Jo (Ann Dvorak) plays a 'percentage girl' who helps crooks roll and rob people in this fairly sleazy (for it's time) offering . With Preston Foster.

K858 Caribbean Mystery, The (45) Killers on the loose!  With James Dunn and Sheila Ryan.

P341 Case of the Velvet Claws, The (36) Perry Mason’s honeymoon is interrupted when a woman (Wini Shaw) kidnaps him at gunpoint. She then pays him $5000 to make sure a story about to be published in a tabloid about a politician doesn't come out - because it's about him and a woman, and she's the woman. Perry later finds out she's the wife of the owner of the paper! When the owner is found dead, Perry's own client blames him for the  murder....  Perry Mason played by William Clemens  BA 

K845 Cottage to Let (41) aka: Bombsight Stolen  A wartime cottage on a Scottish estate becomes a focus of attention when not only the new tenant but a London evacuee and a downed fighter pilot all move in. Well made British production.

P336 Counter-Espionage (42) The Lone Wolf (Warren William) tracks down Nazi spies in London during the German bombing. Also with Forrest Tucker. BA

S847 Crime and Punishment (35) aka: Manden som dræbte  A man (Peter Lorre) is haunted by a murder he committed. With Edward Arnold and Marian Marsh. Peter Lorre shines in this one. Somewhat new to Americans, he is billed as "the celebrated-European Star"!  BA

K662 Crime Ring (38) A newspaper reporter goes after a "crime ring" that 'protects' the city's bogus fortune tellers in return for 10% of their take..... Starring Allan Lane, Frances Mercer, Clara Blandick, Inez Courtney and Bradley Page  BA 

P448 Crime Ring (38) A newspaper reporter goes after a 'crime ring' that protects the cities bogus 'fortune tellers' in return for 10% of their take... Stars Allan Lane, Frances Mercer, Clara Blandick, Inez Courtney and Bradley Page  BA

S831 Crooked Road, The (40) A wealthy man finds that his good life is threatened by his deeply buried, dark past. It seems that years before, the man escaped from prison. Now he is being blackmailed by a former cellmate. Bad things happen, and the man finds himself framed for murder…. Edmund Lowe, Irene Hervey, Charles Lane and Henry Wilcoxin star. 

K872 Dangerous Waters (36) While a ship captain is at sea dealing with a mutiny among his crew, his wife is at home having an affair with his best friend! Jack Holt and Robert Armstrong star.  BA

S678 Dante's Inferno (24) The tactics of a vicious slumlord and a greedy businessman finally drive a distraught man to commit suicide. It's easy to see why this thing was so controversial in it's day because it still has the power to creep people out. Hell is broken down into various rooms and the extremities of your misery depends on the extremities of the crimes you lived. Most memorable is the murderers who are thrown on top of one another with razors so they will cut with every movement. Oft times filmed. Never truly mastered. This is a good one though.  BA

S832 Daredevil Drivers (38) A hotshot race-car driver gets suspended, and winds up driving for a shady bus company. Beverly Roberts, Dick Purcell and a semi-customized Packard Roadster star.

N190 Daughter of the Night (20) aka: Der Tanz auf dem Vulkan (re-cut)   Bela Lugosi plays French millionaire in love with a performer who is really a Russian revolutionary. The earliest surviving Lugosi film and a silent film (with music) of course.

K857 Death on the Diamond (34) Star ball players start getting knocked off so the team does not win the pennant. Lots of baseball footage. Will the killer strike three times? Real footage of the Cardinals is integrated with the studio footage. Robert Young, Madge Evans, and even Mickey Rooney (in a supporting role).  BA

P623 Death Ray of Dr. Mabuse, The (64) aka: Die Todesstrahlen des Dr. Mabuse   Dr. Mabuse threatens world security with his new death ray! With Peter Van Eyck and O.E. Hasse.

K652 Destination Unknown (42) A beautiful Dutch girl finds herself in Peking being pursued by agents of the Japanese government.... Starring William Gargan, Irene Hervey, Sam Levene, Turhan Bey, and Keye Luke  BA

K328 Devil and the Deep (32) Bizarre submarine movie set in Algiers or some such place. Crazy cast with Tallulah Bankhead, Charles Laughton, Gary Cooper and Cary Grant.  BA

P475 Devil is Driving, The (32) "Beef" Evans (James Gleason) works in a crooked garage. He takes in hot cars because he wants his wife and son to have only the best in life. His new hire (Edmund Lowe) starts to covertly investigate the racket. Cool Pre-Code crime and cars picture.  BA

K874 Devil's Pipeline, The (40) A secretary sends a coded plea for help in her monthly report. Two detectives investigate and find out that men are jailed on phony charges, forced to work in oil fields, and then murdered if they try to escape. Richard Arlen and Andy Devine star.  BA

K705 Devil's Playground, The (37) aka: La femmina dei porti   Submarine officers Richard Dix and Chester Morris battle for the affections of dance hall girl Dolores Del Rio....  Remake of the 1928 film “Submarine”. 

S838 Devil's Squadron (36) An ex-Marine flier who has been court-martialed for cowardice and thrown out of the service, joins a group of pilots who are hired to test a new bomber. Four pilots are killed before he comes in and saves the day… Richard Dix stars in this 30's styled aircraft adventure. Also with Karen Morley.  BA

F330 Drag-Net, The (36) A playboy takes a job as an assistant D.A. and finds himself up against a rough crime syndicate.

S650 Electronic Monster, The (58) aka: Escapement - Mad scientist experiments on people with a mind altering electronic brain stimulating machine. With Rod Cameron.   BA

K651 Enemy Agent (40) Spies are after the plans for the B-17 flying fortress and it's revolutionary bomb-sight. One of the engineers working on the project (Richard Cromwell) is unjustly accused by a federal agent (Robert Armstrong) of delivering the plans to a spy ring led by Dr. Jeffrey Arnold (Philip Dorn). He turns the tables on the spy ring....  BA

S654 Escape From Broadmoor (48) aka: Curse of the Broadmoor Ghost - A maid is murdered at a forlorn country mansion. Years later, the murderer returns to the scene of the crime where he encounters a chilling dose of supernatural revenge….  Classic Chiller from Hammer director John Gilling. Short, but rare little sucker.  We'll throw on “Orson Welles' Ghost Story: Return to Glennascaul” (51) as a BONUS!  Double classic chiller fun!

S665 Face of Terror (62) aka: La cara del terror  A scientist develops a serum that can eradicate scar tissue. He tries it on a girl with a horribly disfigured face. It succeeds, but then he discovers the girl is an escaped mental patient from a local asylum… Lisa Gaye and Fernando Rey star.  BA

K849 Federal Agent (36) A federal agent sets out to track down his partner's killers.

K846 Fingers at the Window (42) The city of Chicago is gripped by an axe murderer. The streets are empty at night as there have been six murders and nobody has been caught. Basil Rathbone.

K335 Forty Naughty Girls (37) A homicide detective just happens to be at a play. A murder occurs, then another as the investigation is underway but the play goes on.... With Zasu Pitts, James Gleason and Marjorie Lord  BA

S833 From Headquarters (33) When a Broadway playboy is found dead, it's up to detective Jim Stevens (George Brent) to pick out the murderer out of several likely candidates. At about 61/2 minutes in, the cops use IBM punch cards and a sorting machine to search a database. This may be the first display of this technology in film. In fact, there is much police procedural stuff here that is pretty authentic, and even over 75 years later, is done much the same way today.

K848 Fugitives For a Night (38) A young man is falsely accused of killing another at a party and goes on the run with a woman, all the time trying to figure out how to clear his name. Frank Albertson stars.

S918 Ghosts of Berkeley Square, The (47) Two retired 18th century British soldiers accidentally kill themselves and are required to haunt their house in London's Berkeley Square until visited by reigning royalty. Witty imaginative ghost story with Ernest Thesiger, Robert Morley and more! 

S874 Gildersleeve’s Ghost (44) Cool little B movie. Gildersleeve (Harold Peary), running for office, is aided by two ghosts and hindered by a mad scientist and an invisible woman. Also with gorilla man supreme (in his gorilla get-up of course) Charles Gemora (he built the 'War of the Worlds' Martian costume as well as many other contributions to classic film.

P486 Girl in the Case (44) aka: The Silver Key   Comedy mystery with Edmund Lowe. It's a clear case of murder and mirth!

S821 Girl Missing (33) Gold Diggers Kay (Glenda Farrell) and June (Mary Brian) are left stranded in Palm Beach after their latest catch skips without paying the girl's Hotel bill. With Lyle Talbot.  BA

K863 Grand Exit (35) Edmund Lowe and Anne Sothern team again, this time in a mystery/suspense film about an arsonist.... BA

K601 Great Hotel Murder, The (35) aka: Meurtre au Grand Hôtel  Crime novelist Roger Blackwood competes with hotel house detective Andy McCabe in solving a murder by poisoning at a medical convention.... Starring Edmund Lowe, Victor McLaglen, Rosemary Ames, and Mary Carlisle  BA

K695 Half Way to Shanghai (42) aka: Espiões no Oriente  A murder occurs on a train bound for Shanghai during World War II.... Starring Kent Taylor, Irene Hervey, J. Edward Bromberg, and George Zucco  BA

P488 Happy Landing (34) Rare action-filled film with outlaws-of-the-clouds at war with the men of the U.S. flying service. Young pilot Nick Ferris (Ray Walker) fights to track down a dangerous gang of smugglers and clear his name of an undeserved stigma.

K698 Hard to Hold (37) aka: Paid to Dance  Government undercover agents William Dennis and Joan Barclay are working to solve the disappearances of girls working as "taxi-dancers" from dance halls operated by Jack Miranda and his henchman Nifty... Rita Hayworth

K723 Heart of Humanity, The (18) Great WW1 action/propaganda film with epic devastation.! Canada is about to get called into WW1. Eric Von Stroheim (almost) steals the show in some pre-war scenes. Also with Dorothy Phillips. This one is racist, sexist, and very entertaining. Great dialogue. Stroheim (as Eric) to Phillips (as Nanette)"What a beautiful picture you almost convert me to your weakness." Nanette to Eric: "Weakness? My religion is my strength." Eric : Strength needs no religion-it is a religion unto itself. Might is right. There is no place in this world for weakness". He then almost assaults her! Later, as the city burns around them and is literally crumbling to the ground, Stroheim tries to assault her again as children scream all around them. He even throws a screaming child to it's doom!  Excellent.

P484 Her Bodyguard (33) The "sugar daddy" of a Broadway star hires a bodyguard to protect her from thieves out to steal the jewels he's given her and also from the attentions of other men, most notably the producer of the show in which she's starring. However, soon the bodyguard and the star begin to become attracted to each other....   Rarely seen comedy set on Broadway starring Edmund Lowe, Wynne Gibson and Edward Arnold.  This one a bit less in quality than usual. BA

K861 High Speed (32) Buck Jones, Ward Bond and Mickey Rooney star in this early race car drama with speedway accidents and more!  BA

S828 Hold the Press (33) A newspaper reporter braves the wrath of politicians, gangsters, and gunmen to get a story. With Tim McCoy.

K338 Hollywood Mystery (34) aka: Hollywood Hoodlum  Movie studio PR man Frank Albertson comes up with a great and inventive new movie angle, cast a real life gangster in a new up and coming gangster film called "The Racketeer."...

K691 Home Sweet Homicide (46) Mystery writer Marian Carstairs (Lynn Bari) is hard at work trying to finish her latest novel. Her three children meanwhile are entertaining themselves trying to solve a murder in their own neighborhood. In between gathering clues, the kids play matchmaker by trying to fix up their widowed mom with the handsome detective investigating the case.... Peggy Ann Garner, Randolph Scott, Dean Stockwell, Connie Marshall and James Gleason  BA

P485 I Was Monty's Double (58) aka: Hell, Heaven or Hoboken  The incredible but true story of how an impersonator was recruited to impersonate General Montgomery to mislead the German's about his intentions before the North Africa campaign. John Mills in the lead has a character that precedes and is similar to Sean Connery as Bond just a few years later.  BA

K658 Illegal Traffic (38) aka: Caminhos Secretos  G-Man Charles Bent Martin is sent out to break up a nationwide racket. A transport company is aiding fugitives making a getaway in exchange for the lion's share of their loot.... J. Carroll Naish, Mary Carlisle, Buster Crabbe and Robert Preston star  BA

P480 Invisible Creature (60) aka: The House in Marsh Road - A failing novelist and his sexy lover plot to kill the novelist's wife so he can inherit. Unbeknownst to him however, there is a ghost afoot, and he favors the wife! First shown on Pittsburgh's 'Chiller Theatre' in 1965.

P622 Invisible Horror, The (62) aka: Invisible Dr. Mabuse, The  aka: Die unsichtbaren Krallen des Dr. Mabuse   - Strange things happen in a revue theatre. The Dancer Maria is stalked by an invisible admirer. Dr. Mabuse has returned!  BA

N276 Invisible Terror, The (63) aka: Der Unsichtbare  aka: La vendetta dell'uomo invisibile   A scientist creates an invisibility formula, but it is stolen by a master criminal who uses it to commit even bigger crimes. Cool German thriller and in English language.  Not to be confused with "The Invisible Horror'“ of 1962.   BA

K860 Juvenile Court (38) A very young Rita Hayworth in supporting role. Columbia B film that copies 'Dead End Kids'  BA

P347 La Kermesse Héroïque (35) aka: Carnival in Flanders - A deceptive little tale about the cowardice of men, and the bravery of women. When the Spanish invade Flanders, it is the women who step up with courage, as the men hide in shame. With English subtitles.  BA

K599 Lady and the Mob, The (39) aka: Che succede a San Francisco?  Eccentric dowager Hattie Leonard (Fay Bainter) takes it upon herself to smash a dry-cleaning racket. When the crooks and the cops laugh at her efforts, the resourceful Hattie sets about to organize her own mob... Starring Ida Lupino, Lee Bowman, Henry Armetta, Warren Hymer and Harold Huber  BA

K663 Lady of Secrets (36) aka: Il peccato di Lilian Day  In this tragic drama, a pregnant daughter prepares to marry a man she doesn't love when her 'sister' tells her a story. It seems that when the older woman was a girl she too got pregnant by her lover. When her father found out, he had the impregnator sent to war where he was killed. Meanwhile he allowed his daughter to keep her little girl under the provision that she tell the child that she is her sister. The sister of course, is the woman's daughter. Unfortunately, when her father learns that his daughter has told her daughter the truth he has her committed to an asylum.... Ruth Chatterton, Otto Kruger, Lionel Atwill, Marian Marsh and Lloyd Nolan star  BA

S905 Last Days of Pompeii (13) aka: Gli ultimi giorni di Pompeii  Astonishing spectacle, beautifully filmed including fantastic special effects for the era including the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Often filmed tale, I think this is the third version. This is an Italian film, with English titles. A very early sword and sandal!  BA

K868 Last Train From Madrid, The (37) Lionel Atwill, Anthony Quinn and Dorothy Lamour - A conventional drama about the plight of a group of people waiting to board the last train out of a besieged Madrid.... BA

K840 League of Frightened Men, The (37) The frightened men are 10 Harvard alumni that years earlier hazed a poor fellow, crippling him, and now years later it seems they are dropping like flies. Revenge you say?  You bet. Just like the plot of many an 80's slasher!  Walter Connolly, Lionel Stander, Eduardo Ciannelli and Irene Hervey star   BA

P657 Lelicek in the Service of Sherlock Holmes (32) aka: Lelícek ve sluzbách Sherlocka Holmese  A Czech film! Very interesting Holmes version with respect to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. With English subtitles too!

K630 Liliom (34) A carousel barker falls in love with a young woman. Both are fired from their jobs, and when the young woman becomes pregnant, the carousel barker tries to help pull off a robbery, which goes wrong. Because of the robbery, he dies, and after spending time in purgatory, is sent back to earth for one day to try to make amends. If he fails, he will be eternally damned... Fritz Lang directed masterpiece with English subtitles.

P330 Lone Wolf Keeps a Date, The (40) The Lone Wolf better known as retired Jewel thief Michael Lanyard (Warren Williams) gets himself involved with beautiful Pat Lawrence, Frances Robinson, while in Havana Cuba looking and finding a rare Cuban postage stamp in fact a one of a kind....  BA

P329 Lone Wolf Spy Hunt, The (39) Warren William, (Michael Lanyard) playing the Lone Wolf safe cracker who gets involved with secret weapons and their blueprints. Ida Lupino, (Val Carson) constantly follows everywhere he goes and even walks in while he is having a shower in his bathroom. Val knows that Michael likes plenty of women and she has her designs on him for marriage. There is plenty of laughs and Rita Hayworth, (Karen) plays the role of a sexy gal who tries to trap the Lone Wolf breaking into a safe and obtain these government secret weapons plans....  BA 

P328 Lone Wolf Strikes, The (40) Lanyard (Warren William) is asked by his friend Stanley (Addison Richards) to retrieve a $100,000.00 pearl necklace that was stolen by his lady friend Binnie (Astrid Allwyn)....  Of course things take a bad turn and end in murder.... BA 

P331 Lone Wolf Takes a Chance, The (41) Warren William. He is framed for murder and uncovers a counterfeiting racket. With an early appearance from Lloyd Bridges!

S884 Mad Genius, The (31) John Barrymore plays a crippled, half mad puppeteer, who yearns to dance. Upon saving the young boy Fedor (Frankie Darro)  from his foster father's (Boris Karloff) brutal abuse, he recognizes the youth's ability and hopes to make him a famous dancer. Karloff has a minimal role, but quite effective.  BA

S658 Magnetic Monster, The (53) aka: Le Monstre Magnetique  Working for O.S.I. (Office of Scientific Investigation), A-Man agent Jeffrey Stewart and his partner Dan Forbes are sent to a local hardware store where they find a strong magnetic field has magnetized every metal item in the store.  they eventually trace the source of the magnetism to a scientist Howard Denker, WHO IS now dying of radiation poisoning…. Richard Carlson stars. Cool sci-fi classic from the early 50's  BA

S655 Man From 1997 (56) Gloria Talbot stars. Man gets his hand on an almanac from 1997 and begins betting on horses!  Book's owner comes 'Back From the Future' to reclaim his book!   Sounds familiar... Also on the same bill - 'The Shining Future' (44) A guy in the future watches 40's pop stars on his futuristic T.V. with his hip future buddies. Double your fun.

K847 Manhattan Tower (32) The lives of the residents of a Manhattan apartment building are intertwined with the actions of a crooked investor. There is some amazing footage of the era. At one point we see a shot of a blimp going over directly above.

K623 Men Must Fight (33) See Manhattan invaded, Brooklyn bridge blown to bits and the Empire state building destroyed in this early sci-fi type set in 1940 but made in 1933!  One interesting item here, a what if?  Type of film that in some ways came true! (Except it was Pearl Harbor that got nailed instead of New York!)

P478 Midnight Intruder (38) A former actor poses as the son of a wealthy man and gets involved in a murder in which the real son is the suspect. With Louis Hayward.  BA

K722 Mr. Robinson Crusoe (32) aka: Il signor Robinson Crosuè  Douglas Fairbanks and his friends are yachting near a remote tropical island. On a lark, Fairbanks bets his friends that without any supplies, he can make a ideal life for himself. They agree to return later for him to check on his progress and so Fairbanks and his dog jump overboard--swimming to their new home.  Once on the island, Fairbanks seems excited by the prospect of creating his own home and civilizing the place. Soon, he has all the comforts of home and is quite happy--having rigged up all kinds of conveniences and really cool labor-saving devices. However, out of the blue arrives a man (who he of course christens 'Friday') and a young lady who has run away from an arranged marriage on her own island. Suddenly, his tropical getaway has become a rather crowded place!  BA

K330 Murder in Greenwich Village (37) An heiress uses a photographer as an alibi when she is accused of a murder she didn't commit... Richard Arlen stars along with Fay Wray (who is great in this!).  BA

P472 Murder Man, The (35) aka: Der Mann für Mord  Two financiers and swindlers get theirs when one is shot and killed and the other is accused and tried for the crime....  The film has at its core the story of one embittered newspaperman's spiral into drunkenness as the wife he once had has died and his father has lost all his savings to said swindlers. Spencer Tracy plays the newspaperman as only he can-  with complete conviction and enormous talent.  Virginia Bruce and Lionel Atwill star (also look for a young Jimmy Stewart in his film debut as “Shorty”!).

S824 Muss 'Em Up (36) aka: La Villa del Mistero  A private detective is hired to find out who shot a dog and gets involved in a kidnapping and murder plot. Preston Foster stars. Look for Lucille Ball as a departing train passenger.  BA

K879 My Son is Guilty (39) aka: Crime's End  Honest cop Tim Kerry struggles to keep his son Ritzy from becoming involved in a crime ring. With Bruce (King Kong) Cabot, Glenn Ford and Edward Buchanan....  (please note: there is a glitch in the opening credits)

P338 Mysterious Crossing (36) A reporter tries to solve the murder of a man killed in a boat in Mississippi. Dark and interesting.  Stars James Dunn, Jean Rogers and Andy Devine  BA

K647 News is Made at Night (39) Newspaper editor (Preston Foster) will do almost anything to increase circulation. He campaigns to free a condemned man while accusing a wealthy ex-criminal of a string of murders....

K656 Night Club Scandal (37) Dr. Ernest Tindal (John Barrymore) kills his wife, then plants clues pointing to her lover, Frank Marsh (Harvey Stephens) as the culprit...  Frank's sister, Vera, enlists the aid of reporter Russell Kirk in proving the innocence of her brother.... also stars Lynne Overman, Louise Campbell and Charles Bickford

P481 Night in New Orleans (42) aka: A Canção do Mistério  The police lieutenant Steve Abbott (Preston Foster) is engrossed in a baffling murder case. With Patricia Morison, Albert Dekker, Noble Johnson and even an uncredited Dorothy Dandridge as Sal. 

K332 Night of June 13th (32) Four households on the same street in a suburban town in 1932.... These four households are intertwined through various relationships.... Otherwise unrelated situations come together perfectly on the night of June 13 when one member of these four households is found shot to death and another member of one of these four households is falsely accused of murder....

K873 North of Nome (36) Jack Raglan is a seal hunter being hounded by hijackers, so he strands himself on an isolated island in the Bering sea that is owned by a corporation. With Jack Holt - Tagline: THRILLS IN A LAWLESS LAND WHERE BULLETS RULE...AND SAVAGE MEN TAKE WHAT THEY CRAVE!

P335 One Dangerous Night (43) aka: The Lone Wolf Goes on a Woman Hunt  Warren William is the Lone Wolf! He is suspected of murdering a blackmailing gigolo.

P483 Outside These Walls (39) aka: Dois Rivais   Dan Sparling (Michael Whalen) is a convicted embezzler who becomes editor of his prison newspaper. After serving out his sentence, he sets up an independent newspaper devoted to attacking corruption in public life, encountering various difficulties due to his being an ex-con and opposition from the incumbent administration.... With Dolores Costello (Drew Barrymore's grandmother) and Virginia Weidler.

S873 Outward Bound (30) A disparate group of passengers find themselves aboard a darkened, fog enshrouded crewless boat. They are dead, you better believe it, and are heading for judgment. Helen (Dracula) Chandler, Leslie Howard, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and many more. An early supernatural talkie. Later remade, and yes, we have the other version too!

K659 Party Wire (35) Matthew Putnam (Victor Jory) is the scion of a small town's wealthiest family... He returns to town for an extended stay, which is big news for the locals, many of whom have daughters they would like to see Matthew marry.  When Matthew begins to squire local farm girl Marge (Jean Arthur), the inner green-eyed monster flares in the local old prudes and when via habit of listening in on phone calls on the town's party line they overhear Marge’s father make an angry phone call Matthew they are all abuzz, concluding that Matthew has knocked up Marge....

P326 Passport to Suez (43) Warren Williams is "The Lone Wolf" and he is undercover to foil the Nazis! Directed by the great Andre (House of Wax) De Toth!  Lloyd Bridges also stars.  BA

S877 Phantom Carriage, The (21) aka: Körkarlen  It's about the legend of 'The Phantom Chariot' that travels all over the world, picking up the souls of those who have died. The legend says that the last person to die on New Years Eve is condemned to drive the chariot for the next whole year. The double-exposure shots of the ghosts are astonishingly well done for 1921. A great Swedish film and with color tints! 

K336 Plot Thickens, The (36) aka: The Swinging Pearl Mystery  With Zasu Pitts and James Gleason

S829 Police Car 17 (33) Thrilling, sizzling action of the radio patrol!  With Tim McCoy, Evalyn Knapp and Edwin Maxwell as Big Bill Standish and Ward Bond as Bumps O'Neill.  BA

N272 Port of New York (49) Drug smuggler runs his operation through a New York yacht club spreading his criminal operation through the use of ocean liners and their staff. With Scott Brady and Yul Brynner (in his film debut) and look for an uncredited Neville Brand.  BA

K960 Port of Shadows (38) aka: Le quai des brumes  A military deserter finds love, trouble, and a small dog in a smoky French port city. The style is close to Film Noir. With English subtitles.  BA

K704 President Vanishes, The (34) aka: Strange Conspiracy  The president of the United States fakes his own abduction to prevent a fascist takeover of the country... stars Edward Arnold, Arthur Byron, Paul Kelly and Peggy Conklin.

N273 Prison Break (38) A fisherman confesses to a murder he didn't commit in order to protect a good friend, whom he believes did commit it. Once in prison he determines to keep out of trouble and win his parole, but a tough convict is just as determined to make things difficult for him.... Stars Starring Barton MacLane, Glenda Farrell, Paul Hurst and Constance Moore    BA

K866 Queen High (30) The two partners of a ladies garter business are constantly feuding with one another. Screwball comedy musical type with Ginger Rogers.

K331 Return of Bulldog Drummond, The (34) Drummond is surrounded by his band of ex-soldiers whom he had commanded in the First World War... They form a group of vigilantes defending England against scoundrels, wear blackshirt uniforms, and call themselves The Black Clan.... Political and provocative Bulldog Drummond film with Ralph Richardson as Drummond. Also with Ann (Scream of Fear) Todd.

P337 Return of Casey Jones, The (33) Jimmy, a young boy, idolizes famed train engineer Casey Jones and is devastated when he dies in a train wreck. No music, puts you in the train as it were. If you like train miniatures, you'll love this! With Jack Starrett.

K329 Return of Dr. Fu Manchu (30) Villainous Fu Manchu (Warner Oland) sets out to destroy the people he holds responsible for the death of his family.... Also with Jean Arthur, Neil Hamilton and Evelyn Hall.

S691 Return of the Apeman (44) + The Mad Doctor of Market Street (42) First, two scientists (played by Bela Lugosi and John Carradine) find a frozen prehistoric caveman in the Arctic. They revive him in their lab back home. Also with George Zucco but very briefly. Next, a mad scientist (Lionel Atwill) is forced to leave San Francisco when his experiments become known. He ends up on a tropical island with a native chief played by Noble (King Kong) Johnson. Of course Atwill is up to no good!  This is already a Double Feature so doesn't apply to a Double Double Feature.   BA

K724 Return of the Rat, The (29) Pierre 'The Rat' Boucheron (Ivan Novello) has married into society, but his wife is bored with him and soon starts flirting with a baron. The Rat returns to his underworld comrades and realizes he belongs with them. He challenges his rival to a dual and is left for dead, but he is nursed by his old gang, especially a young woman, who has fallen in love with him.  At a party celebrating her engagement to the Baron, the caddish woman is murdered. Did the Rat do it? With the police on his heels, will he find the true murderer in time?  Silent

K333 S.O.S. Tidal Wave (39) Lifting scenes from other films to depict the tidal wave (Deluge) and including news footage and television this is a poorly constructed patchwork that still, compared to much of the crap the 30's put out, stands as a rare sci-fi type of film. Quite interesting actually for aficionados of the genre.  BA

K881 Sabotage Squad (42) Tagline: SMOKING GUNS SMOKE OUT NAZI RATS!  Nazi agents in the U.S.A. are trying to hurt the war effort on the home front! It's up to a couple of two bit criminals to stop them!  With Bruce Bennett.  BA

K865 Saint in New York, The (38) Simon Templar: The Saint (Louis Hayward) is brought to New York. His search for the identity of 'the Big Fellow' takes him through many dangerous situations.  BA

P332 Saint's Vacation, The (41) Hugh Sinclair as the Saint. Made in England. The search for a music box in Switzerland that contains secret codes.  BA

S895 Satan's Rhapsody (15) aka: Rapsodia satanic  An old countess makes a deal with the devil and wishes for everlasting youth. Downbeat ending as Satan claims his prize. Rare Italian Silent film with only Italian language, but easy to follow.

P327 Secrets of the Lone Wolf (41) Warren Williams stars. This time his valet is used as part of a scheme to lift some jewels.  BA

K648 Shadow, The (37) aka: The Circus Shadow  Upon the death of her father, Mary Gillespie (Rita Hayworth) carries on his footsteps, taking over the running of his circus. The performers rally behind Mary, agreeing to put debts and back pay owed by the late Colonel Gillespie on hold until the circus comes out of the red. All want to help Mary, except for the show's star, Senor Martinet (Donald Kirke), the daredevil equestrian. The Colonel owed him a debt of $60,000 that he now demands be paid. He knows Mary cannot produce the money and threatens to take over the circus. Everyone in the Gillespie troupe despises Martinet, and they sense trouble ahead. 

K562 Shakedown (36) aka: Night Wire  A struggling young engineer, Bob Sanderson (Lew Ayres), refuses to marry the very-rich Edith Stuart (Joan Perry) until he can support her on his own earnings. He goes to work for her father as a messenger in the telegraph business, where he discovers a plot to kidnap Edith....

S827 Shakedown (36) Howard Duff plays a shutterbug crumb, selling lurid pictures without any thought of the subjects situation. He gets involved with mobsters when he snaps a murder. Surprising 'Taxi Driver' styled ending in which the heel becomes the hero. With Brian Donlevy, Peggie Castle and Rock Hudson as the masculine Ted, the nightclub doorman.

P505 Silver Streak, The (34) aka: A Flecha de Prata  Tom Caldwell (Charles Starrett) designs a revolutionary new passenger train capable of speeds over 100 miles per hour. Excitement mounts as he has to prove his train's worth by delivering emergency medical supplies across the country....  Cool footage of Hoover Dam, nice shots of the "Zephyr", now on display in Chicago and more. With Sally Blane, Hardie Albright, William Farnum, Irving Pichel and Arthur Lake  BA

P487 Slave Ship (37) aka: Das Sklavenschiff  Captain Lovett ordered his first mate Thompson to get rid of his slave-trading crew and get a more respectable bunch for standard shipping, but when he brings his new bride Nancy aboard he finds the same old song and dance, including the slave trade. The tying of the slaves to the anchor chain pre-dates 'Amistad' by about 60 years. Decent film with a solid cast! George Sanders, Wallace Beery, Mickey Rooney, Warner Baxter, Elizabeth Allen and look for Lon Chaney Jr. in a bit part as a laborer killed during the launch. Look for Matthew (Stymie) Beard of 'Our Gang' as boy on the wharf.  BA

S897 Sorrows of Satan, The (26) Struggling writer Geoffrey Tempest (Ricardo Cortez) makes an unwitting deal with the devil (Adolphe Menjou) in this clever silent film from D.W. Griffith. Disguised as the well-dressed Prince Lucia de Rimanez, the devil promises Cortez wealth and fame beyond his wildest dreams; the price being that Tempest must obey all of the Prince's commands….  Cool opening sequence has Satan being cast from heaven. Nice creepy touches in this dark little tale that paints the Dark Prince with a touch of Sympathy. 'God' after all was just an insecure jealous crybaby in the biblical fairy tale was he not?  BA

P494 Special Investigator (36) Criminal lawyer Bill Fenwick (Richard Dix)  goes undercover in Nevada to catch gold thieves when the gang kills his brother. Also with J. Carrol Naish (a great baddie here!) and Margaret Callahan.  BA

P514 Speed Crazy (59) Nick Barrow (Brett Halsey) has a problem. Forced to skip town after killing a man during a mugging, he should lay low and keep quiet. Loud-mouthed braggart that he is, though, Nick proceeds to alienate everyone in his new town, beating up the men, and hitting on the women, leading to a well-deserved conclusion.... Cool crime flick  With Yvonne Fedderson. Hear SLICK SLAVIN sing 'SPEED CRAZY'!   BA

P473 Stand By All Networks (42) An intrepid radio reporter sets out to track down and expose Nazi agents. He also mixes his personal views into his broadcasts raising the ire of his employers.  This film wastes no words or actions painting a concise portrait of complacent isolationist America just before and after the sudden Pearl Harbor attacks, and, as the story progresses, you'll be reminded of another attack on America nearly 60 years later.  BA

S825 Star of Midnight (35) A dancer disappears from a theatre and then William Powell and society girl Ginger Rogers solve the murder.  BA

P334 State Police (38) The state police try to break up racketeering in a coal mining town... BA

K334 Strange Affair (44) A knock-off of 'The Thin Man' this comedic murder mystery. With Evelyn Keyes, Edgar Buchanan, Nina Foch and Shemp Howard in a bit part as the 'Laundry Truck Driver'.

K910 Stranger From Venus (54) aka: Immediate Disaster  aka: The Venusian  Patricia Neal stars in a British production rip-off/remake of "Day the Earth Stood Still"!   A cool companion to the real thing. 

K327 Studio Murder Mystery, The (29) Philandering actor Richard Hardell is murdered at a movie studio. Whodunit? With Warner Oland and Frederic March.

S826 Submarine Patrol (38) aka: Suicide Fleet  A naval officer is demoted for negligence and put in command of a run-down submarine chaser that houses a motley crew. Richard Greene and Nancy Kelly star. John Carradine costars (as McAllison) and if you watch closely, look for an unbilled Lon Chaney Jr. as a marine sentry.  BA

S657 Terror House (42) aka: The Night Has Eyes  aka: Moonlight Madness - Two young school teachers venture out to the moors looking for a colleague who went there but never returned. They find a mysterious brooding James Mason living alone in his Gothic house. Great companion to 'Hound of the Baskervilles' if you like films set on the creepy Yorkshire moors complete with bogs and quicksand. Joyce Howard and Wilfrid Lawson also star. Humdinger of a grim ending too, the stuff of childhood nightmares of the era I am sure.   BA

S899 Terror Island (20) aka: La isla del terror  Super Magician Escape artist Harry Houdini stars in this fast paced silent classic. Only reels 1,2,5,6,7, survive but there is a bridge explaining what is missing. You get a sunken ship of pearls, a submarine, human sacrifice, a weird tribe of Polynesians and some stunt work by Harry himself!  

K862 Timber! (42) Two F.B.I. agents are sent to investigate sabotage at a lumber camp. Really cool outdoor adventure, untypical of pictures of this era. Guys cutting down huge trees, downhill truck loaded with lumber crashes etc....

K598 Time Out For Murder (38) aka: Meridian 7-1212   Things get really sticky in this witty comedy/mystery when a not-so-bright reporter (Gloria Stuart) and her photographer (Michael Whalen) "investigate" a murder mystery.   BA

K576 Tip-Off Girls (38) A fed goes after a hijacking ring that uses beautiful women to help it hijack the rigs of unsuspecting truckers.... With Buster Crabbe and Mary Carlisle. BA

S656 Tower of Terror (41) A British secret agent in Germany takes a job as the assistant to an elderly lighthouse keeper, planning to make his escape with some valuable documents when a British boat arrives to pick them up. .. Suspenseful wartime espionage thriller set in a remote light house off the Dutch coast. Horror elements and creepy plot add to the fun. Michael Rennie, Wilfrid Lawson and Movita star.  BA

K859 Transatlantic (31) Fast paced snappy and splendid early talkie with a camera that won't stop and tight direction. Includes a tour-de-force cat and mouse shoot-out in the vast engine room. The art direction won an Oscar. Edmund Lowe and Myrna Loy star.

K649 Trouble at Midnight (38) Freshly discharged from WWI, Cameron (Noah Beery Jr) goes into the dairy-farming business, only to be hounded by his chief creditor, flint-hearted banker Everett Benson (Charles Halton). Despite his uncharitable feelings for Benson, Cameron falls in love with Catherine (Catherine Hughes), the banker's daughter. Adding to his headaches is a band of scientific cattle rustlers, who may or may not be headed by Cameron's best friend.... Also starring Larry J. Blake, Bernadene Hayes, Louis Mason, Earl Dwire, and Frank Melton  BA

K337 Twisted Rails (34) A railroad employee finds out the identity of 'The Wrecker' a criminal who is deliberately causing trains to crash...

P340 Two in the Dark (36) Ford Adams, bloody, suffering from amnesia, finds he may be part of a murder cover-up.

S653 Uncle Silas (47) aka: The Inheritance - Beautiful young Caroline (Jean Simmons) must contend not only with her evil uncle, but his evil son as well, and they try to snuff her out. Set in a dark gloomy mansion. BA

S816 Under Pressure (35) Two members of a crew of 'sandhogs', men who work on an underwater tunnel project, battle each other... With Edmund Lowe

S822 Undercover Doctor (39) Dr. Bartley Morgan covers up his profitable illegalities with the respectable veneer of a posh, highly respectable practice. Lloyd Nolan and J. Carrol Naish star. Look for Broderick Crawford and Richard Denning in supporting roles.  BA

K870 Underground Agent (42) Splendid U.S. propaganda type, check out this tagline: A BULLET BLASTING YANK GIVES THE NAZI'S THE WORKS  - RIGHT UNDER THE FUHERER'S FACE! Every racial stereotype of the bad guy's is represented.

S876 Unholy Night, The (29) On a dark London foggy night, someone tries to strangle Lord Montague (Roland Young), but he escapes. Only to discover the four other men who did get killed were old regimental comrades in Gallipoli. All contenders for death end up in an old dark house...Ernest Torrence, Roland Young and many more star in this early talkie. 

K654 Unseen Enemy (42) A collection of Nazis are in league with the Japanese who 'are coming in, as soon as the Fuehrer gives the “word”..... Starring Leo Carrillo, Andy Devine, Irene Hervey, Don Terry and Turhan Bey  BA

S818 Voice in the Night (34) aka: Telephonbanditen  Tim Dale is the son of a president of a big city telephone company and quits his job after a dispute with his father over company policy.

K867 We Have Our Moments (37) aka: Den Skuggade Blondinen  Taking a cruise to Europe, a schoolteacher gets involved with a gang of crooks. David Niven in a supporting role.   BA

P333 West Bound Limited (37) After a life and death struggle in a signal box, Dave (Lyle Talbot) is wrongly convicted of criminal negligence and sentenced to five years in the pen... he escapes... then finds himself wronged again....  Frank Reicher also stars in this pretty cool and dark little tale.. Has some creepy elements of dread.  BA

P493 Who Killed Aunt Maggie? (40) Cool old spooky house mystery and most of the action takes place on a dark stormy night. Secret passageways, cut phone lines, disabled cars, disappearing corpses, a secret diary written in code, and yes, even a black cat!  With Willie Best (as the terrified black butler), John Hubbard, Onslow Stevens and more!

S823 Without Orders (36) RKO flick. Robert Armstrong plays a pilot who falls for a stewardess, but she is in love with the plane owner's rich son. There is also a murder subplot. There are many in-flight hysterical moments that defy belief, but played straight.  BA

S875 Wolf Blood: A Tale of the Forest (25) After a wolf blood transfusion, a man thinks he is becoming a wolf. There may not be a roving werewolf at large, but there most definitely is werewolf lore. Some eerie moments, cool memorable scenes, and death. I have seen many boring silent flicks, but with a mind for the macabre, this is not one of them! 

N354 Wolf of Malveneur (43) aka: Le loup des Malveneur  There is a curse on the Malveneur family! A dark legend tells how one of their ancestors sold his soul to the devil and was cursed to be a werewolf! Loads of mood and atmosphere, though this lends more likeness to "The Undying Monster' than "The Wolfman". Still worth a look for classic horror fans! In French and with English subtitles.

K876 Yellow Dust (36) Eastern educated Bob Culpepper (Richard Dix), along with grizzled prospector Solitary, hit the mother lode and head to gold town to stake their claim. Solid gold rush classic with a dust storm in the climax.




K751 1001 Nights (68) aka: La esclava del paraíso  Omar and his friend, Ali, returning to Moorish Granada after several years in the Middle East, discover that an evil usurper is now in power. With the help of a female genie, Omar sets about restoring freedom and justice.... Jeff Cooper (Omar), Raf Vallone (Hixen), Luciana Paluzzi, Perla Cristal, Ricardo Palacios and Paul Naschy in an un-credited role.

N277 Adventure Island (47) aka: L'île aux serpents  Travelers find themselves marooned on an uncharted island with a maniacal self-made ruler worshipped by the islanders (whom he exploits) who think him a god. With Rory Calhoun, Alan Napier and Rhonda Fleming.  BA

S730 Adventure of Mary Read (61) aka: Le avventure di Mary Read   aka: Queen of the Seas  Redhead Mary dresses like a man to better approach and rob the jewels off the ladies. She is arrested and later moving up the criminal ladder becomes a pirate. Colorful costumer starring Lisa Gastoni and directed by Umberto Lenzi! Great quality!  LBX and with English Subs! BA

N355 Adventures in Mekong (58) aka: Adventures in Indochina  aka: Les aventuriers du Mékong  Great, scenic, downbeat, gritty adventure film set in Indochina. A young woman hires adventurers to find gold, deep in the jungle. But gold means greed, suspicion and struggle among the men and the women. The journey back is loaded with life-threatening obstacles and they begin to die. With eye-popping scenery. LBX  BA

P658 African Treasure (52) aka: Bomba and the African Treasure   Bomba is after diamond smugglers who are abusing some of the natives by forcing them to sort out stones from clay in an abandoned crater, and help smuggle them out ....  Johnny Sheffield stars. Also with Lyle Talbot and an un-credited Woody Strode as a mailman.  BA

N135 Agent for H.A.R.M. (66) A new weapon fires spores that eat away the flesh! Gunfights, spies, chases and more ensue. With Mark Richmond, Wendell Corey and Barbara Bouchet now finally in a beautiful print!   BA

S984 Alice Through the Looking Glass (66) Amazingly horrendous yet hysterical and quite colorful Alice version with Richard Denning (as Alice's father), Jimmy Durante (as Humpty Dumpty), Ricardo Montalban (as The White King), Agnes Moorehead (as The Red Queen, splendidly cast), Jack Palance (as The Jabberwock), The Smothers Brothers (as Tweedledum and Tweedledee), and Judi Rolin as Alice.

K786 Aliens and Kong Kong Zombie, The (89) aka: Oigyeingwa kongkong gangshi  A UFO arrives on Earth and re-animates the corpses in a cemetery. One of the zombies, a little girl who died during a kidnapping attempt, organizes the zombies to destroy her murderers before they can harm another child. This must be accomplished before it is time for her to leave in spaceship. Rare one this. F.L.

P572 Alternative 3 (77) British hoax film that freaked people a bit back then. World Ecological Collapse. The next ice-age is already begun! Lucky for us, governments know just what to do. A conspiracy to end all conspiracies. Vanishing scientists, dubious space missions, and a freak accident that kills the courier of a tape containing a secret radio message from an unmanned Mars probe which holds the key. This is pretty cool and heavy sci-fi stuff, and ahead of it's time with all the government cover-up madness stuff. Recommended!  BA

S836 Amazone (00) In the jungles an alien girl arrives, is found by Edourad (Jean-Paul Belmondo). A researcher also arrives in this light sci-fi. The setting is impressive enough with plenty of jungle peril, and even some bad guys. LBX with English Subs

N175 Amazons, The (73) aka: Le guerriere dal seno nudo  Finally a beautiful wide screen version uncut at 102 minutes and in English language. Amazons with swords and chariots! The film opens with the tribe holding contests to select a new Queen. Next, time to meet Greek soldiers for their annual mating rituals. The nude wrestling scene between two Amazon babes is worth the price of admission alone! Helga Line, Rosanna Yanni, Malissa Longo, Luciana Paluzzi and more luscious women star!  BA

K580 American Way, The (86) aka: Riders of the Storm  Dennis Hopper and Michael J. Pollard (Doc Tesla) lead a crew of misfit Vietnam veterans highly trained in psychological warfare and armed with a B29 equipped as a flying pirate TV station creating havoc for the broadcast networks and authorities as they fly the country on a crusade to bring radical philosophies and classic audiovisuals to a conservative and media brainwashed viewing public....  BA

S664 Andromeda Breakthrough, The (62) Incredible British Sci-Fi with Susan Hampshire as Andromeda (taking over a role previously played by a young Julie Christie), Peter Halliday and Noel Johnson. Andromeda is a sexy alien woman kidnapped by a super corporation that owns a mega-computer. Things go horribly wrong as earth begins to lose nitrogen spelling the end of mankind.... I don't have 2 paragraphs to explain this incredible sci-fi but I can tell you it comes on 2 discs and is highly recommended!  Same friggin' price for DVD-R ($12 covers both discs!), but if you want it on VHS it is on 3 tapes and costs $25.(Gulp!)

N198 Anthar the Invincible (64) aka: Devil of the Desert Against the Son of Hercules  aka: Anthar l'invincibile  aka: Soraya Reina del Desierto  aka: Marchands D'Esclaves  Exotic peplum starring Kirk Morris as the hero Anthar who is fighting an evil throne stealing despot. Don't miss the death battle with the rhino. This is the rare uncut version in German language and with English subtitles.  BA

S652 Antigone (61) aka: Rites of the Dead - A Tragedy by Sophocles - A lavish spectacle of a Greek tragedy with Irene Papas in the title role. In Greek with English Subs! 

K550 Antony and Cleopatra (81) Jonathan Miller directs. You know the drill, stuffy British self indulgence well directed and scripted. But hey, it's not Shakespeare folks so...huh? Wha? It is Shakespeare? Okay, okay, it is Shakespeare! Well, there it is then. Over two hours long.

K517 Arabian Nights (42) aka: Las mil y una Noches  The caliph of Baghdad must go into hiding with a group of traveling performers when his brother usurps the throne. Both brothers desire a beautiful dancing girl, who is torn between power and true love.... Sand and sandal epic with Maria Montez, Jon Hall, Sabu, Shemp Howard (as Sinbad!) and Turhan Bey!  Color  BA

K421 Astrogirl (07)  Live action Supergirl type in which our shy, dark haired and very cute Japanese woman turns into a blonde and still very cute, flying crime-fighter with a Supergirl-like suit!  She fights evil and hangs with her cute friends in her spare time. You get 2 discs here with some cool art for $20 and total running time is under 2 hours. However, $15 gets both discs without art in regular white sleeves.  (2 discs and available on DVD-R only no VHS)  In Japanese language only.  BA

S908 Atlas (61) Roger Corman directing in Greece amongst actual ruins is part of the draw here, as well as though provoking dialogue and battles. Apparently Corman was supposed to have 500 extras, but only 50 showed up!  Still very colorful and fun, and not dubbed, but in actual English!  With Michael Forest in the title role. Roger Corman himself, and Dick Miller show up as Greek soldiers!  BA

S676 Avenger of Venice (64) aka: Il ponte dei sospiri  16th century costume swashbuckler delivers the colorful action in LBX and awesome color with English Subs.  Brett Halsey, Gianna Maria Canale, Burt Nelson, Conrado San Martín and Vira Silenti star  BA

K711 Balboa, Conquistador of the Pacific (63) aka: Los conquistadores del Pacífico  Balboa, the heroic Spanish explorer discovers the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, he must pacify the wrath of his enemies and battle his way through a forest inhabited by savage natives. This one features some really nice battles and stunning ocean photography...

K368 Bare Breasted Amazons (73) Absolutely great uncut version of the film released here in the U.S. under the title 'War Goddess'. It contains all the cut scenes of naked girl fights and eroticism. Starring the incredibly gorgeous Alena Johnston and with cult stars Rosanna Yanni, Helga Line, Malisa Longo and even Lucianna Paluzzi! Nice print of this wild women flick with English Subtitles!  BA

K653 Black Devil, The (57) aka: Il diavolo nero  Duke Ubaldo of Roccamontana wants to overpower neighboring Italian states by concluding an alliance with the mighty Spaniards. The barons of his council are frightened or bribed to agree, except two. The old count of Archidosso is killed, his daughter Laura told her hand was promised to the duke. The other, count Riccardo d'Argentari, is beaten up and thrown in the river, presumed dead. But friends save him, so he can become the masked 'black captain' of a rebellion movement..... Sergio Grieco directs

P479 Blue Bird, The (76) aka: Sinyaya ptitsa  A pair of peasant children, are led on a magical quest for the fabulous blue bird of happiness. A USA/USSR film. You've got to be kidding me. But no, they were not. This is really strange. Big name stars in some of their most bizarre roles. Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda, Will Geer, Cicely Tyson, Ava Gardner and more. Pasty Kensit is the little girl. BA

P557 Bomba and the Lost Volcano (50) aka: Bagliori sulla giungla  Hunting guides have kidnapped young David and are forcing him to lead them to a lost city hidden in the crater of a volcano. Johnny Sheffield as Bomba is summoned to save the day. Elena Verdugo of "House of Frankenstein" also stars.

P556 Bomba on Panther Island (49) aka: La Panthere Noire  Bomba the jungle boy must stop a man-eating black panther while helping Ludy Maitland (Arlene Roberts)  and her brother Robert build an experimental farm.  BA

K455 Boy with Two Heads, The (74) aka: Chico the Rainmaker - Crazy Madness from down under! Two little kids find a talking shrunken head with magical powers named 'Chico' in an old antique shop. They spend all 7 episodes (that are crammed onto one disc!) carrying the head around in a football, dodging bad guys (who see the head as $$$) in various cliffhanger type adventures. Their goal is to get said head, back to the rainforest. Apparently this scared kids in Australia back when it was featured as a serial at cinemas preceding the main feature. DVD-R only.

N176 Brennus, Enemy of Rome (63) aka: Brenno il nemico di Roma  aka: Battle of the Valiant  aka: Battle of the Spartans   Brennus (Gordon Mitchell) and his followers make war with the Romans. Fine acting, good script, engaging plot, well directed, plenty of action, adventure, and a dash of romance. One of the best sword and sandal flicks! Beautiful wide screen print!  BA

P555 Bwana Devil (52) aka: Bwana - djävulen   Later remade as 'The Ghost and the Darkness'. Railway construction is derailed (!) by a couple of man-eating tigers in the beginning of the twentieth century in the heart of Africa. Shot in Africa and based on true events. Pretty cool lion attacks. Robert Stack, Nigel Bruce and Barbara Britton star. First 3-D feature, this here in 2-D.  BA

S903 Caesar the Conqueror (62) aka: Giulio Cesare, il conquistatore delle Gallie  aka: Jules Cesar Conquerant de la Gaule  Caesar (Cameron Mitchell) leads the Roman army to battle against rebels in Gaul. Bloody battles in this very colorful epic film, and now LBX  BA

K382 Captain Kidd and the Slave Girl (54) aka: Il tesoro di capitan Kid  Rare pirate adventure with Eva Gabor, Anthony Dexter, Alan Hale Jr., Lyle Talbot and Sonia Sorrell as a female pirate that has a catfight with Gabor's character. Stagy backdrops betray the production but lively performances keep it afloat.  BA

K735 Carry on Up the Jungle (70) Spectacular British spoof of the Tarzan films that still manages to be (crude and rude) funny and entertaining to this day!  Stars Frankie Howerd, Sidney James, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, Terry Scott, Kenneth Connor, Bernard Bresslaw, and Jacki Piper  BA

N121 Cassiopea Duology (73/74) Epic sci-fi! An alarming radio signal of intelligent creatures reaches the Earth from the depths of the universe. A flight is proposed, but it will take 27 years, so the crew is formed up of schoolchildren. A glitch occurs when a stowaway disrupts protocols and accelerates the speed of the voyage.  In Italian language with English subtitles. LBX

K702 Catherine of Russia (63) aka: Caterina di Russia  aka: Katharina von Russland  Caterina (Catherine) finds out that her husband Peter Tzar of Russia, is plotting to kill her. She sets Count Orlov free from prison, Peter's sworn enemy, becomes empress of Russia and leads the Cossacks army against him.... Umberto Lenzi directs  BA

K684 Charge of the Black Lancers (62) aka: I lancieri neri   aka: Les Lanciers Noirs  After he loses a wild weapons tournament to his brother Andre (Mel Ferrer) to decide who will become the leader of the Polish army, Sergei (Jean Claudio) joins forces with a barbarian tribe and their sexy queen to get revenge against his sibling. Their epic rivalry involves the use of all sorts of deadly weaponry and torture.... Also stars Yvonne Furneaux (Hammer's 'The Mummy'), Leticia Roman and more. Colorful Italian costumer in English language.  BA

K287 Circuit Breaker (96) aka: Inhumanoid  Richard Grieco plays a malfunctioning killer android aboard a spaceship in outer space hunting the crew members. At one point he kills a young girl by putting her into the trash compactor. With Lara Harris, Edie McClurg and Corbin Bernson.

S660 City Beneath the Sea (71) A group of 21st-century colonists inhabit an underwater city called Pacifica. They find that they must defend their city against hostile alien forces…. Fun action packed sci-fi with an all-star cast that includes Richard Basehart, Joseph Cotten, James Darren, Stuart Whitman and more.....BA

K358 Cobra Woman (44) Maria Montez plays twins, one good one evil, and they battle for supremacy on an isolated island kingdom. With Sabu, Jon Hall and Lon Chaney Jr. as 'Hava'!  Colorful spectacle  BA

N136 Colossus of Rome (64) aka: Il colosso di Roma  aka: Hero of Rome  aka: Brazo D Hierro  In ancient Rome, the people have kicked out their king, Tarquinius, and declared themselves a republic. Tarquinius makes an alliance with an Etruscan king to take back his power, but a Roman general, the heroic Mucius (Gordon Scott) is not going to let that happen! Also with Gabriella Pallotta. Directed by Giorgio Ferroni. Now in a Beautiful LBX print. BA

K372 Conqueror of Corinth, The (61) aka: Il conquistatore di Corinto  aka: The Centurion  Protests break out in Corinth against Roman domination, injuring Caius Vinicius, a roman centurion.... With John Drew Barrymore and Gordon Mitchell amidst beautiful women as well. LBX version.  BA

S758 Coplan Breaks Out (65) aka: Coplan FX-18 Casse Tout - A sinister madman wants to avenge Hiroshima by trying tot trigger a third world war, so that Asia will rule the whole Earth after the USSR and the USA have destroyed each other with atomic bombs. This has many similarities to the Bond film "You Only Live Twice". Riccardo Freda directs this action filled spy-fi caper. LBX and in English language too!  BA

F326 Corlioanus, Hero Without a Country (64) aka: Coriolano: eroe senza patria   Corlioanus leads a rebellion against Roman oppression. With Gordon Scott and Rosalba Neri.  Cool battle sequences and bizarre stock footage. Fairly complex and engaging plot for this type this time out. BA

K444 Danger Island (68-69) A young Jan Michael Vincent starred in this cliffhanger type show about a group of people trapped on an island. This aired as part of the abysmal acid trip 'Banana Splits' show back in the day. Pirates, cannibals, wacky stunts and cool location shooting make this look like it was a blast to make! Here you get all 36 episodes on 2 discs for the price of one! Uh oh Chongo!  DVD-R only

N199 Devil's Envoys, The (42) aka: Les visiteurs du soir  In the 15th century, emissaries of hell are sent by the devil to disrupt a wedding at a castle. When things don't go as planned, Satan himself makes a personal appearance. In French language and with English subtitles.  BA 

S907 Dinner with Adele (78) aka: Adela jeste Nevecerela - Nick Carter goes to Prague to help the police with a missing persons case and promptly runs afoul of an evil botanist with a man eating plant. Wild inventions and plenty of chuckles. Pure camp, and with a decent budget!  with English Subs!   BA

F368 Drums (38) aka: the Drum  aka: Il Prinipe Azim  Sabu - A wicked Khan plans to use 'The Drum' perched high up in his palace walls to signal the massacre of British soldiers invited to a banquet. Technicolor action boosted by location filming and rousing score.  BA

K613 Engineer Garin's Hyberboloid (65) aka: Giperboloid inzhenera Garina  A crazed scientist creates a super powerful laser ray weapon and also a method for finding molten gold under the crust of the Earth. He takes over an island and begins his plans of world conquest. Set in the year 1925 and designed to look like a vintage 30's film, this is another outstanding Russian sci-fi flick with nice sets and an intriguing story. In Russian and with English subtitles. LBX  BA

K609 Eolomea (72)  Cosmonauts are stealing spacecraft on a quest for a mathematically plotted Utopian (possibly mythic) world of Eolomea. A natural German made sci-fi made with a realistic edge that screams realism as apposed to OTT action. Pair with 'Silent Running' or 'Zardoz'. LBX - Subs  BA

F329 Forbidden Quest, The (93) aka: Die verbotene Frage  Haunting Creativity from the Netherlands!  An adventurous, fictional documentary of man versus the elements, created through a compilation of beautiful footage of the earliest twentieth century expeditions to the South Pole!  1931: Ireland - A filmmaker hears of an aged ship's carpenter who knows the fate of the Hollandia a Norse ship that set sail in 1905 and vanished. Really cool and different type of fantasy film. Recommended! 

K437 Funny Things Happen Down Under (65) Indescribably wacky Aussie comedy about a group of kids trying to raise Christmas money with a weird formula that turns sheep's wool different colors! Oliva Newton John (at 17) stars and sings 'Christmas Down Under' in her first movie. Also with Olivia's first boyfriend Ian Turpie!

N191 Gaoranger vs. Super Santai (01) Power Rangers type (but not nearly as childish) from Japan still going strong at the turn of this century. Monsters, battles, outlandish costumes, courage valor, it's all here in an action packed fantasy complete with English subtitles and extras!

N371 Giant of Metropolis (61) aka: Il gigante di Metropolis  Muscleman Obro (Gordon Mitchell) travels to Atlantis to scold it's godlessness and becomes involved in a battle with it's evil lord. Such a mixture of science fiction and sword and sandal was not unusual, but this one shines alone for all that it involves, including atmospherically-lit sets which is the work of Mario Bava on this film! Magnetic death rays, wild costumes (remember, Atlantis was highly advanced), lusty Sodomite dancing, monsters, cannibal pygmies, and the threat of disaster for Atlantis (aka: Metropolis) as the elements hover ever nearer, hell-bent on destruction. With Bella Cortez and beautiful LBX -  BA

N230 Goldginger (65) aka: Due mafiosi contro Goldginger  aka: The Amazing Doctor G  Action comedy 'Goldfinger' rip-off with killer robots, colorful scenery, goofy gadgets, jazzy score, pretty girls (including a bevy of fembots), and even some laugh-out-loud moments. George Hilton is our hero, Fernando Rey is the main villain with help from the gorgeous Gloria Paul who plays his lethal assistant. LBX - BA

K966 Golem (80) This Polish film is set in a terrorizing world of the future where technology commands them movements of individuals. Scientists experiment to create a new race after the devastating effects of nuclear war. Now this Polish film comes with English subtitles so you can figure out what the hell is going on!  BA

S745 Goliath at the Conquest of Damascus (65) aka: Golia alla conquista di Bagdad  Goliath... the Avenger... His Invincible Might Pitted against the corrupt armies of Damascus. Goliath (Peter Lupus aka: Rock Stevens) is called to the aid of Sultan Saleem who's country of Damascus has been overtaken, and his daughter Myriam (Anna Maria Polani) kidnapped by evil Thor. Also with Helga Line! Dubbed into English with some scenes in Italian language with English Subs this version is 10 minutes longer than other versions!  BA 

K451 Gonks Go Beat (65) Gonks tells the story of an alien who comes to Earth to settle a dispute between two great nations of our future planet. One nation loves rock and roll, the other nation loves ballads. The alien befriends a bizarre former record exec and they hatch a scheme to set up a Romeo and Juliet type of scenario to bring the nations together. It works, but not before loads of bad rock songs and really bad ballads, cheap sets are trampled, and more craziness. Meanwhile on planet Gonk, hand puppets run amok. If you are a 'Cream' fan you will certainly enjoy the Graham Bond Organization with Jack Bruce on bass and Ginger Baker on drums. Ginger also has a bit called 'Drum Battle' in which he and 7 other skin pounders are lined up in two rows, facing each other and just go at it! Mix this up with 'Shindig' and 'Santa Claus versus the Martians' and you get an idea of how bad, but totally watchable this mess is!  BA

P531 H2S (69) Rare surreal futuristic comedy in which students revolt in a scientific university where sex is outlawed. This film was supposed to have been banned in Italy (where it was made) and destroyed. Arty science fiction with bizarre set-designs, some similarities to 'A Clockwork Orange' in looks here, and really far-out situations. With  Lionel Stander, Carole Andre and Denis Gilmore. F.L.

S770 Half Human (58) aka: Half Human: The Story of the Abominable Snowman  Japanese villagers worship a monster and his son who live in an island cave. Some circus people hear about them, go to the island to capture the monster and wind up shooting its son. Then the trouble starts.... Now, the uncut 98 minute Japanese version with English subtitles.  BA

S659 Hansel and Gretel (54) aka: Hänsel und Gretel  You know the story!  Here another cool Grimm's fairy tale come to life. This one from Germany with Jurgen Micksch and Maren Bielenberg as Hansel and Gretel.  BA

K515 Harry Black and the Tiger (58) Stewart Granger plays a WW2 vet and famous hunter/tracker hired to kill a Bengal Tiger that has been eating up the locals in a small village in India. Great landscape and wildlife photography. Minimal stock backgrounds, but still there are some. With Anthony Steel and Barbara Rush. LBX  BA

S726 Hercules against the Tyrants of Babylon (64) aka: Ercole contro i tiranni di Babilonia  Hercules fights to free the people of Babylon from an evil sorceress. Peter Lupus of 'Mission Impossible' fame stars a Hercules. With Helga Line. Now this fantastic sword and sandal comes in a beautiful LBX and in English language! BA

K273 Hercules and the Black Pirates (64) aka: Sansone contro il corsaro nero  aka: Samson Denizler Arslani   Hercules/Samson battles pirates as a soldier in the Royal Army and also seeks to wed fair maiden Rosita (Rosalba Neri) in this top-notch swashbuckler. One of the better of the genre.  BA

N282 Hercules and the Princess of Troy (65) aka: Hercules vs. the Sea Monster  Color version of this tidy classic, clocking in at 47 minutes. The mighty Hercules (Gordon Scott) battles a sea monster on the shore. Carlo Rambaldi created the monster. Among many others, he worked on E.T. later in his career. Failed pilot? Can you believe it? And 'Gilligans Island' and 'Petticoat Junction' got the green light. Silly humans....... BA

N381 Hercules of Desert (64) aka: La valle dell'eco tonante  A fabulous land of green pastures is protected by invasion by the mysterious Valley of the Thundering Echo. Queen Farida draws together the desert tribes to conquer the land, even though a prophecy has promised the land to the Gameli tribe. The Gameli journey to the Silver Temple, where the high priest summons the legendary Maciste (Kirk Morris) from the mountain rock, to defeat their enemies and lead them to the promised land. LBX and looks great!

K274 Hercules the Avenger (65) aka: La sfida dei giganti  Goofy monsters, underworld atmospherics borrowed (literally) from Mario Bava, destruction of a city, beautiful women in revealing gowns, obstacles and much much more!  With Reg Park as Hercules. BA

P565 Hero of Babylon (63) aka: L'eroe di Babilonia  aka: The Beast of Babylon Against the Son of Hercules - The rightful heir of the throne of Babylon leads a slave revolt against an evil ruler. Gordon Scott, Moira Orfei, Genevieve Grad and more star. Cool battles and action scenes. Awesome color - LBX   BA

S661 Human Duplicators, The (65) aka: Jaws of the Alien  An alien from outer space is determined to duplicate humans and take over the earth with his new race of zombies. With Richard Kiel, Dolores Faith and George Nader. Incredible.  BA

S977 Il Cavaliere Inesistente (69) aka: The Nonexistent Knight  Where else are you going to see a strange fantasy film that contains live action with animated sequences involving nuns, the inquisition, knights, kings and queens.... a white knight, a princess...even a moving bust of Beethoven!  Huh?  F.L.  BA

P527 Indian Tomb, The (59) aka: Das indische Grabmal  aka: Le Tombeau Hindou   Seetha (Debra Paget) and Harold Berger (Paul Hubschmid) are rescued from the desert by a caravan and brought to a small village. However, the greedy owner of the house where they are lodged betrays the law of hospitality and reveals their location to Prince Ramigani. The couple tries to escape but is hunted and captured by Ramigani and his men.... Exciting action-packed sequel to 'Tiger of Eschnapur'!  These films work great together and the best way to describe them is as expensive serials!  Fritz Lang directs!   BA

S986 Invasion of the Neptune Men (61) aka: Uchu Kaisoku-sen  Goofy invaders from Neptune are thwarted by hero Space Chief and a non-descript group of micro-shorts wearing Japanese kids. Aliens in bullet headed helmets, army soldiers with lipstick (Don't ask Don't Tell Apparently not an issue in 1961 Japan) or are they aliens in drag?, Sonny Chiba bewildered, cheesy FX.... lots of fun to be had here!   BA

N127 Invincible Three, The (64) aka: Gli invincibili fratelli Maciste  aka: The Invincible Brothers Maciste  Cool mixture here! Our heroes are battling in an underground kingdom protected by guy's in leopard suits and ruled by an evil sexy Queen. Battles galore. Anthony Steffan, Richard Lloyd, Tony Freeman, Claudie Lange and more. Hey, what's with those weird sci-fi sounds each time a fight occurs?  Wide screen print!  BA

P516 Iron Warrior (87) aka: Ator il guerriero di ferro   Miles O'Keefe is 'Ator' and he returns to the legendary realm of Dragor to do battle with Phaedra, an evil sorceress. With Elisabeth Kaza, Savina Gersak, Iris Peynado and more! Considered by some to be one of the worst sword and sorcery films from the genre, but this is quite entertaining actually, with bad dialogues and sometimes hilarious camera work. The Maltese locations are very impressive. This is an import print with foreign subtitles, but still in English language, and is also LBX.   BA

K755 Jack Frost (65) aka: Morozko  aka: The Crystal Star  Russian folktale with shades of Grimm quite popular in it's native land. A boy and a girl go through strange adventures. The boy is transformed by a Mushroom Pixie into a bear, and almost baked by an evil witch that controls the trees. The girl is given the Cinderella treatment by her mother and sister who are jealous of her braided hair. Jack Frost shows up later on.  BA 

S755 James Batman (66) Filipino rip-off of Batman and James Bond! Action, science fiction, costumed baddies, slapstick, soberly staged fight sequences and action set pieces. In fact near the end of the film the slapstick goes away and it becomes a primarily action packed affair. Complete with a Bat mobile, Bat cave etc. Filmed in black and white. English Subs! 

N115 Journey Beneath the Desert (61) aka: L'Atlantide  aka: Antinea, l'amante della città sepolta  Adventurers are held captive in a fantastic city beneath the Sahara. Dehydrated waves of colorful, static and super-styled visuals radiate from the screen. Amazing to see this Edgar G. Ulmer fantasy picture now in Beautiful wide screen version!  BA

K950 Jules Verne's Fantastic Balloon Journey (75) aka: Viaje fantástico en globo  Three men are trying to cross Africa in a hot air balloon. Jeff Cooper (Circle of Iron) is a hunter in this one. Perils include... wind storms, an elephant pulling the anchor, crocodile attacks, treasure, pink flamingos, thirst, Arabs, a woman falls into mud hole... more. Join director Rene Cardona Jr. as he channels Verne on film. In English too!

K741 Kerim, Son of the Sheik (62) aka: Il figlio dello sceicco  aka: El Hijo del Caid  In the Middle East, circa 1860s, the evil Omar seeks to become Khadive by killing off his adversaries and by marrying the reluctant Fawzia, favorite niece of the current Khadive. (After marrying Fawzia, he plans to eliminate her so he can then marry his own choice, the ruthless Zahira.) Omar's brutal policies result in the death of a young woman named Laila. Laila's brother, Kerim, then becomes Omar's sworn enemy. Now known as "the Black Shiek," Kerim becomes a Robin Hood of the desert, rallying various tribes in a revolt against Omar... Gordon Scott - LBX - BA

K406 Kosuku Espa (66) Space aliens accidentally kill a boy's parents so they give him a super suit and he becomes Earth's guardian and has to battle monsters from outer space. Episodes from a Japanese television series that were edited into a feature film, a very unusual sci-fi. F.L.

K417 Kriminal (66) aka: La máscara de Kriminal  Cool crime caper from talented director Umberto Lenzi with Glenn Saxon as the titular character. 'Kriminal' wears a skeleton suit (that glows) and is always a step ahead of the police in his thieving exploits. Full of double crosses, cool location shooting, excellent color etc. This is maybe comparable to Bava's 'Danger Diabolik' but maybe not as fantastic, a bit more grounded in reality. The skeleton outfit is way cooler than Spiderman. Later this character was expanded upon by Turkish cinema and renamed 'Kilink'!  Also with Helga Line - LBX - Subs  BA

P559 Last Gladiator, The (64) aka: L'ultimo gladiatore  aka: Messalina versus the Son of Hercules - While fighting in Britain, Roman forces commanded by Caligula capture the noble warrior, Glaucus (Richard Harrison). Caligula is impressed with the fighting abilities of Glaucus and takes him back to Rome. Enslaved, but not conquered! With the sensuous Lisa Gastoni as Messalina and Marilu Tolo as Ena.  BA

S902 Last Glory of Troy, The (62) aka: The Avenger  aka: La leggenda di Enea   aka: Conquerants Heroiques  - Steve Reeves classic!  His Mighty Sword Avenged a Nation!  Etruscan slavers oppress the Trojans, leading to a revolt, started by Aeneas (Reeves) and his fellow gladiators. The story continues right after the excellent 'The Trojan Horse' (which we also carry!). Amazing Wide screen version in great quality.  BA

K853 Last War, The (61) aka: Sekai daisensô  Two superpowers are on their way to war and ultimately the world will be destroyed in this Japanese epic. See major cities nuked. See quite literally the end of mankind (well, sort of, there are some survivors)! This is an anti-nuke message film with SPFX from the guy that worked on the Godzilla flicks.  Best print ever, LBX, English subtitles and original trailer. BA

S886 Le Due Tigri (41) aka: The Two Tigers  Rare Sandokan film. Darna, Tremal Naik's daughter is kidnapped by thugs and secluded in a temple in the jungle. The religious sect wants her to be the priestess of the goddess Kali. Can Sandokan save her? Italian made, with giant sets and elaborate costumes. In Italian language only with no Subs.

K519 Light Blast (85) aka: Colpi di luce  Cool comic bookish action!  A crazed physician invents a death ray and threatens to destroy San Francisco unless he is paid 10 million. Sci-Fi action from director Enzo G. Castellari. Cool body melting scenes, a crazed female mortician, shootouts, high speed car chases....more. Quite enjoyable. With Erik Estrada (who plays the guy out to stop the bad guy, making it a personal vendetta after his wife is killed) in his first movie after '"Chips" ended!  BA

N378 Lion of Thebes (64) aka: Leone di Tebe  Menelao and Helen (Yvonne Furneau, a friggin' doll remember from Hammer's 'The Mummy' remake) of Troy are going to Greece and are shipwrecked on the shores of Egypt. Menelao disappears and Helen is taken under protection by superhero Aron (Mark Forest). Action, love, battles, luxurious scenarios and more in this thoughtful addition to the genre. Pharaoh Ramses goes mad for Helen, and ditches his intended bride (Rosalba Neri). LBX -  BA

K516 Little Egypt (51) A belly dancer (Rhonda Fleming) causes a scandal with her 'suggestive' and 'immoral' dancing at a World's Fair exhibition at the the turn of the 20th century. Also with Mark Stevens.   BA

K344 Luana, the Girl Tarzan (68) aka: Luana la figlia delle foresta vergine  A girl (Evi Marandi) and a man (Glenn Saxon) search the jungles for her missing father and find a wild jungle girl (Mei Chen). Cool little Sheena/Tarzan trip  BA 

N231 Maciste versus the Monster (64) aka: Maciste contro i mostri  aka: Colossus of the Stone Age  Wandering strongman Maxxus comes upon two warring tribes, the Sun worshippers and the Moon worshippers. He saves the leader of the Sun tribe from a big sea monster, then later on when the Moon tribe attacks and kidnaps the Sun tribe's women, they call upon Maxxus for help! With Reg Lewis, Margaret Lee and Luciano Marin. Beautiful LBX print here!  BA 

N380 Maciste, Gladiator of Sparta (64) aka: Maciste, gladiatore di Sparta  Mark Forest as Maciste in this lavish gladiator story. Maciste schemes against Caesar to free a group of Christians who the emperor plans to feed to the lions. Nice sets and well staged arena battle scenes make this one a winner. That gorilla suit though.... pretty funny. LBX, uncut and with English subtitles. BA

P578 Mad, Mad, Mad Monsters (72) + Mighty Heroes (66) early Ralph Bakshi + Shazzan (67) A slew of old cartoons! Mad, Mad, Mad, Monsters is the longest one here.

K699 Man Who Laughs, The (66) aka: L'uomo che ride  A boy, deformed by gypsies, has his face deformed to be always smiling and thus become a circus attraction. Sold to a company of traveling artists, he meets and falls in love with a blind girl. Good make-up FX and a high body count.

P530 Mask of the Kriminal (68) aka: Il marchio di Kriminal  aka: Los cuatro budas de Kriminal   Second and last entry in the Kriminal series, well made light-weight Italian capers with an exotic touch originating from a comic strip. Skull-masked Kriminal, played by Glenn Saxson, investigates missing paintings. Helga Line plays a femme fatale the exotic adversary to his justice. LBX and with English subtitles!  BA

K621 Mercy Point (98) Obscure sci-fi series starring Joe Morton cancelled after only 8 episodes.  All 8 episodes on one disc with full menus available on DVD-R only, no VHS on this title. Mercy Point is an interstellar space trauma center covering a vast area of the cosmos. In the initial episode an alien life form that incubates inside human beings has to be removed to save the lives of both creatures. Sticky, gooey, gory FX with neat creatures that are not C.G.I.! Fun gross out factor with high production values and decent acting makes one wonder why this series did not take off!  Recommended!

S889 Messalina (51) aka: The Affairs of Messalina  Claudius depicted as pretty stupid, Messalina (Maria Felix), as a man-hungry vixen. There are two dance scenes with Delia Scala, a horse race, gladiators fighting for their lives and more. Big sets, high production values. In Italian language only with no Subs.  BA

S723 Million Eyes of Sumuru, The (67)  Frankie Avalon and George Nader play a couple of wise-cracking, swingin' secret agents. Their enemy Sumuru is is played by Golden Bond Girl Shirley Eaton. She plans to replace all men on earth in power with her army of women, most of who not only are shown in skimpy bikinis or mini-skirts, but also have the ability to break a man's neck with their thighs. LBX, great quality!  Best print ever!   BA

N359 Mistress of the World (60) aka: Die Herrin der Welt - Teil I  aka: Los Misterios de Angkor   Professor Johansson has made a huge scientific breakthrough; a device that creates a huge magnetic pulse that knocks out all electricity on a continent-wide area. The military applications are already being thought of when the professor is kidnapped by a group of profit-seeking mercenaries. His daughter Karen, must deal with a plethora of shady characters in his search for her father. With Martha Hyer and Sabu (one of his last films). Uncut 122 minute print in French language and with English subtitles.  BA

S748 Mongols, The (61) aka: I mongoli   Ghengis Khan and his rebel army invade Poland and lay siege to the city of Cracow. Jack Palance (great in this) gives the role of Ogatai, son of Khan, his eye-rolling all; abetted by an equally evil Anita Ekberg. Floggings, crucifixions, burnings at the stake... A really decent, violent film and now uncut at 116 minutes and LBX! Directed by Andre De Toth. BA 

K407 Moonbeam Mask (Gekko Kamen) (59) aka: The Last Death of the Devil  This guy was a precursor to the popular Kamen Rider heroes that would follow over the decades of which there are many. Moonbeam Mask wears a white costume with a turban and black sunglasses and rides a motorcycle. He is pitted against an evil society that has a leader who wears a black costume and has a skull face + an army of evildoer helpers. More crazy early Japanese hero stuff! F.L.

N283 Most Dangerous Man Alive, The (61) Ron Randell is Eddie Candel, a big-shot gangster railroaded to prison by his double-crossing buddies and gold digger ex-girlfriend (Debra Paget). Eddie escapes, runs into the desert and hides in a nuclear bomb testing site where an explosion gets him. He survives, but the radiation has turned him into a man whose body is slowly turning into steel! He goes after the gang for revenge, not unlike Lon Chaney does in 'Indestructible Man'.  BA

S898 My Son the Hero (62) aka: Arrivano i titani  aka: The Titans  An evil king makes a bargain with the devil to get away with murdering his wife. Fun colorful sword and sandal with supernatural elements, vast caverns, muscle-man sword battles, beautiful women... this one has it all!  BA

N104 My Son the Hero (62) Krios, the youngest of the Titans, arrives in Crete, the kingdom of the mighty King Minos, he impresses as a gladiator, gains trust, falls in love with a woman, and then discovers King Minos is behind a human sacrifice cult and a power-grab scheme. In Italian with English subtitles and LBX!  BA

P436 Nasty Rabbit, The (64)aka: Spies a Go-Go - Russian spies secretly infect rabbits with a deadly bacteria, then set them loose in the U.S. Liz Renay and Arch Hall Sr.. Look for Richard Kiel in an uncredited role as the ranch foreman.

K614 Nebo Zovyot (62) Countries race to be the first on Mars. This is the original Russian version of what was known here in a different version under the title 'Battle Beyond the Sun'. In Russian with no subtitles. Impressive FX make it clear why American International bought it, hacked it apart and made a new film accessible to American audiences. No English and no subs, in Russian only. F.L.  BA

S725 Out of the Darkness (71) aka: Mun ma gub kwam mud  aka: มันมากับความมืด  Here you get the first sci-fi film from Thailand! Villagers worship a mysterious object that has fallen from outer space that they interpret as being a God. In the night however, a mysterious creature is killing the villagers. The arrival of scientists intent on solving the mystery and removing the problems changes things. LBX and with English Subs!  BA

K408 Phantom Agents (64) aka: Ninja butai gekkô  A costumed ninja style military force battles against evil agents in a non-stop action format with lots of weird outfits. There are a lot of plot twists, unreal stunt work and even a nuclear attack!  F.L.

P435 Prehistoric Women (50) aka: The Virgin Goddess  Cool caveman flick with male and sexy females battling, catfights, a mean giant, fishing, making fires, cave wall painting, fighting a bird monster and much more. Best viewed with child-eyes. BA

S985 Prince of Space (59) aka: Yûsei ôji  When an alien force tries to invade Earth to steal a new powerful rocket fuel, a mysterious hero intervenes. Lots of fun here! 

S737 Pyramid of the Sun Gods (65) aka: Die Pyramide des Sonnengottes  Lex Barker stars as Dr. Karl Sternau in this one from director Robert Siodmak in this sequel of sorts to 'Treasure of the Aztecs'. Mexican cowboys and Indians, amazing locales and photography, ultra-LBX and with English Subs!  BA

K717 Raiders of the Seven Seas (53) Barbarossa, a pirate, frees a group of Spanish prisoners and makes them his crew. On a raid, he takes as a prize a Spanish countess, Alida. He has fallen in love with her by the time he arranges for her ransom by the officer who was to marry her. Exposing her intended as a coward and a liar, he goes to ask for her hand but she has escaped, and Barbarossa thinks she is the one who killed his aide, Peg-Leg.... John Payne, Donna Reed and Lon Chaney Jr. (as Peg Leg) star.  BA

K409 Rainbow Man, The (49) aka: Nijiotoko  A mysterious force is terrorizing a woman so she goes to stay with friends in a large house but is in constant fear of the thing which only materializes itself as a rainbow. When people turn up dead, she blames this... being. Later police discover an artist that creates surreal paintings has been giving people dangerous chemicals which cause them to see the colors of the rainbow and freak out with fear. Trippin'!  Psycho-active drugs in a 40's flick!  Ahead of it's time!  F.L.

N173 Revenge of the Barbarians (60) aka: La vendetta dei barbari  When the Emperor's sister tricks the barbarians into killing their own men, their leader vows revenge. Erotic for 1960 with the voluptuous Daniella Rocca oozing sexuality, and we also get some realistic and kinky scenes of women being whipped, one of the whippings even leading to a bit of S&M lovemaking!  Anthony Steel stars and now this is in a nice LBX print!  BA

S911 Revenge of the Crusader, The (64) aka: Genoveffa di Brabante  A rousing tale of persecution and vengeance with real castles, sword battles, elaborate colorful set designs and luscious women. Directed by Jose Luis Monter from a story by Riccardo (Tragic Ceremony) Freda.  BA

F367 Riddle of the Sands, The (79) In these shifting sands, men can disappear without a trace... and their secrets with them. Michael York and Jenny Agutter, the duo from 'Logan's Run', team up (again) this time  in an old-school adventure film. Also with Simon McCorkindale. BA

S955 River of Evil (63) aka: Und der Amazonas schweigt  A woman hires a boat captain to take her into the Amazon jungle where her father has gone missing. Hilarious miniatures, crocodiles/alligators, a vicious attack by piranhas on a wild pig that I am pretty sure is real, angry natives, location shooting etc. Starring Barbara Rutting who later went on to be an animal rights activist so I am guessing maybe she isn't the one that chased in the pig. Or was she? 

K932 Romantic Warriors (03) aka: Nangman jagaek  The time is 1636, just after the Manchu war. China's army stationed in Korea started to interfere in Korea's affairs, which made the people's lives miserable. At this time of disorder, there were fools living by their own rules. Blood would be all over everywhere they went. Shameless fools, doing anything for money. They called them: The Romantic Warriors! LBX - Subs  BA

K952 Samson and Delilah (84) Strange TV adaptation of the biblical tale this one has Belinda Bauer (as Delilah) and gay Antony (Howling 4) Hamilton as Samson. He was originally born in the U.K., grew up in Australia and later became an Austrian dancer, then actor, and finally died of AIDS in 1995 at the age of 42 in L.A. With Max Von Sydow, an actor that lends credibility to any production!  Victor Mature plays Samson's dad. Written by God!  Just kidding.... written by John Gay!

P511 Samson and the Slave Queen (63) aka: Zorro versus Maciste  aka: Zorro contro Maciste   - Umberto Lenzi directs. The king of Nogora dies, leaving behind a will naming one of his nieces as his successor. Will it be blonde and virtuous Isabella, or evil dark haired Malva? Each woman depends on a hero to locate the will. Samson and Zorro! With Pierre Brice as Zorro, and Sergio Ciano (aka: Alan Steel) as Samson. Well made colorful fun! LBX  BA

S885 Sandokan contro il Leopardo di Sarawak (64) aka: Throne of Vengeance - aka: Sandokan vs. the Leopard - Cool and colorful action adventure with Ray Danton as Sandokan. Quicksand in the jungles (one guy meets his grisly end there), battles etc. With Mario Petri and also Franca Bettoia.  BA

P353 Scorched (08)  5 years from now, global warming has made Australia in a permanent drought. Water is precious. Riots are in the streets. Now fire erupts everywhere, the heat is getting bad. Scorched! Propaganda sci-fi that tries to make a political statement about how the government has failed in the battle against climate change. If you believe in this sort of stuff, it might be scary. If you don't, it is laughable. Catalog in the 'disaster movie' genre.

S890 Shadowman (74) aka: Nuits rouges  Shadowman, a thief whose head is covered by a red mask, and his cat-suited assistant, try to find the fabled treasure of the ancient Knight Templars through a surviving sect in Paris. With Gayle Hunnicutt!  BA

K963 Sign of the Gladiator (59) aka: Sheba and the Gladiator  aka: Nel segno di Roma  Zenobia (Anita Ekberg!), Queen of Palmira, revolts against Rome and defeats the Roman troops with her forces. she makes a mistake by falling in love with an enemy officer. This is a nice LBX English language  BA

N106 Silence of Dr. Evans (78) aka: Dr. Evans Silence  aka: Molchaniye doktora Ivensa  aka: Kosmos: Anno 2000  - Surviving passengers from a crash are rescued by aliens from the planet Oraina. Military aircraft attack without provocation (as they are apt to do). This destroys the potential benefits the aliens had in store for us as they realize humans are a violent destructive race. In Russian with English subtitles. BA

K620 Silent Star (60) aka: Der schweigende Stern  Russian version of what was edited and turned into 'First Spaceship on Venus' over here in the states. A though provoking very well made sci-fi with a multi-racial cast (unusual for the time) with killer FX and well constructed scenes. Watch out for the black tar space amoeba-like organism! Brilliant color, LBX and with English subtitles. BA

K514 Siren of Bagdad (53) In ancient Baghdad, a magician (Kazah the Great played by Paul Henreid) uses his powers and his magic box to save slave girls. Campy desert feature costumer, and with Patrica Medina as Princess Zendi... BA

S845 Sorcerer's Apprentice, The (58)  aka: Ucenicul vrajitor  Romanian made animated take on the classic fantasy tale and very well made. Subs

K518 Southern Star, The (69) aka: La Estrella del Sur  Ursula Andress, George Segal and Orson Welles (as a homosexual villain) star in this action adventure made from a Jules Verne story about the race to get a large diamond. Set in Africa with nice lush photography and Andress is quite the eye candy here! BA

P507 Space Patrol Orion (66) aka: Raumpatrouille - Die phantastischen Abenteuer des Raumschiffes Orion - Pre 'Star Trek' stuff with missions in outer space. In the future interstellar cruisers are needed to protect the earth from outer space menaces and galactic invasion. After the missions the crew meet in deep underwater bar and you can see giant fish swimming about. Enemies are the alien race 'The Frogs" who want to enslave the earth. The FX are pretty cool for their time. It's the 60's, you know what you are getting. Here is the full 7 episodes of this German show complete and with English subtitles. 3 disc set $20 - or 4 VHS $30

K612 Space Voyage: A Science Fiction Story (36) aka: Cosmic Journey  aka: Kosmicheskiy reys: Fantasticheskaya novella  Scientist Pavel Sedikh grows impatient with the restrictions of the conservative Soviet space institute in Moscow. Sedikh builds his own spacecraft, and accompanied by a female astronaut and a boy, he embarks on a the first human trip to the moon.... With English Subtitles 

N130 Spy Who Loved Flowers, The (66) aka: Le spie amano i fiori  A spy is sent to eliminate people who know about super secret stuff. Paris, Geneva and other attractive locations figure into the scenery.  Obscure Umberto Lenzi directed Euro-spy action that comes complete with plot twists, catfights (Emma Danieli and Yoko Tani) and other surprises. Beautiful wide screen print. BA

S706 Star Maidens (76) All 13 episodes of the cult 1970's sci-fi T.V. series on two discs!!! The planet Medusa is a world ruled by women, the lowly males perform menial tasks and women are assigned personal domestics to satisfy their needs and desires. This becomes a battle of the sexes when Medusa is blown out of the solar system and gets closer to Earth, a planet ruled by men! Rebelling men escape in a spacecraft seeking refuge on Earth. Sexy outfits, retro-futuristic set designs, campy British flavors.... and with Judy Geeson, Pierre Brice, Lisa Harrow and Christiane Kruger as Octavia. $25 includes art on 2 DVD-R or $30 on three VHS. Forget the partial we used to offer, this is the complete deal!

N298 Starlost, The: The Beginning (73/80) aka: The Ark  The Starlost is a giant ark ship hurtling through outer space on a collision course with a star. Earth is already destroyed. Three inhabitants of the Starlost try to understand the truth of the ark, and what their destiny will ultimately be. This is edited together with episodes from 'The Starlost'. With Keir Dullea, Robin Ward, Gay Rowan and more.

K951 Stolen Airship, The (67) aka: Ukradená vzducholod   Finally a nice LBX and English subtitled version of this Karl Zeman SPFX treat! 5 kids steal an airship from a county fair and embark on various adventures. Incredible FX, do the research on Karl Zeman, an unheralded genius! From the Jules Verne novel. Verne (1828-1905), a genius as well sparking imaginations all over the world to this day.

N207 Suns of Easter Island (72) aka: Les soleils de l'Ile de Pâques  Several people travel to Easter island where they will meet alien entities. Beautifully filmed. Bizarre and very rare sci-fi in French language and with English subtitles.

N208 Tale of Peonies and Lanterns, A (68) aka: Bride from Hell  aka: Botan-dôrô   - A young man falls in love with a mysterious woman– only to discover (too late) that she belongs to the world of the dead....  Fantastic!  Not only for fans of Japanese horror, but for any fans of a decent ghost story as well.

N361 Terror of the Steppes (64) aka: I predoni della steppa  aka: Le brigand de la steppe  Kirk Morris, deep into the sword and sandal genre at this time stars as Sandar. He and his group of marauders kidnap Samira, and Sandar falls for her. When his men are killed he has a change of heart and returns her to her powerful father Yesen, hoping for a pardon. This angers the jealous Malina (Moira Orfei). But Yesen sends Samira to Altan for an arranged marriage. Altan takes over Yesen's land and it is up to Sandor to save the day. Malina turns traitor and ends up with three arrows in the chest in a cool death scene. LBX-  BA

P350 Three Giants of the Roman Empire (71) aka: Il ritorno del gladiatore più forte del mondo  Coming in late in the genre is this sword and sandal with Brad Harris in the lead. Some obligatory muscle-man bondage and plenty of action plus a more historical rather than fantastical take on it's depiction of 310 A.D. LBX

K629 Three Wishes For Cinderella (73) aka: Tri orísky pro Popelku   Cinderella meets a prince in the woods... she disguises herself as a boy and has a shooting-competition with him, then she runs away...  The prince does not want to get married, but his parents force him to throw a ball where all single rich girls nearby are invited, but of course Cinderella doesn’t get to go to the ball because she has to clean up a mess her mother and step sisters have made...  There are no fairy Godmothers but she does find three nuts that have gifts inside them when Cinderella opens them...  The best Cinderella adaptation ever. Brilliant color and with English subtitles. A Czechoslovakia/East Germany production. 

K923 Toomorrow (70) Val Guest directs! Dying aliens kidnap the group "Toomorrow" who's 'vibrations' are needed for their race to survive! A strange hybrid of aliens, youth counter-culture and lame music with a cute young Olivia Newton John. Crazy, colorful and really out there hippie kind of stuff, but squeaky clean hippie stuff (if that makes any sense). Wild FX. LBX - As an added bonus, Olivia Newton John sings 'Have You Never Been Mellow' on Johnny Carson and then has a sit-down talk! 

P597 Transparent Man versus the Human Fly, The (57) aka: Invisible Man versus the Human Fly   aka: Tômei ningen to hae otoko - Sugumoto finds a chemical to shrink a man into the size of a fly. He tries to use it for his vengeance against those who framed him as a war criminal. Meanwhile, Tsukioka, a physicist, decides to be an invisible man to save the people from the terror of the Fly Man.... Incredibly rare Japanese fantasy/crime presented here with English subtitles for the first time!

S736 Treasure of the Aztecs (65) aka: Mercenaries of the Rio Grande  aka: Der Schatz der Azteken  Set in Mexico at the time of the American Civil War...  Dr. Sternau's tries to obtain financial support for deposed president Benito Juarez's efforts to overthrow Emperor Maximilian, installed as Mexico's ruler by the French government....  Lex Barker stars as Dr. Karl Sternau (again) in this one from director Robert Siodmak. It really should probably be in the westerns, but falls into Fantasy territory with the awesome sets and vibrant color. Brilliant picturesque locales. Get rid of those crappy prints! Ultra-LBX and with English Subs. BA

K483 Treasure of the Golden Condor (53) Some of the scenes are shot in the ruins and landscapes of Guatemala and are truly amazing. This is the Indiana Jones of the 50's. Great cast too with Cornel Wilde in the lead, Constance Smith, Fay Wray, Anne Bancroft, Leo G. Carroll and look for Ernest Borgnine in a bit part as well as Robert Blake in an uncredited part as a stable boy. BA

N233 Triumph of Maciste (61) aka: Il trionfo di Maciste  The evil Queen Tenefi, who's usurped the throne of Memphis, demands that a steady supply of young women be sacrificed to the God of Fire inside the mountain of thunder. This seems hardly fair, so Maciste intervenes to save the women of the village including the beautiful Antea. Kirk Morris and Cathia Caro star. Very nice LBX print!

K701 Triumphs of Robin Hood (62) aka: Il trionfo di Robin Hood  While returning home from the war, King Richard the Lionhearted is captured by the Germans and held for ransom. While he is being imprisoned, his conniving brother, Prince John, takes control of the regency and plans to oust Richard from the throne. Meanwhile, Robin Hood and his men are trying to collect enough money to get their king back from the Germans. However, the evil sheriff of Nottingham, Baron Elwin, attempts to stop them....  Umberto Lenzi directs  BA

F332 Tundra (36) aka: Tundra selvaggia  After a plane crash a doctor treks 400 miles into the Alaskan wilderness. Really well made with loads of animals including polar bears!   BA

N132 Two Gladiators (64) aka: I due gladiatori  aka: Fight or Die   While fighting in Britain, Roman forces commanded by Caligula capture a noble warrior, Glaucus. Seeing in him gladiator material, Caligula takes Glaucus back to Rome with other hostages including Glaucus's girlfriend Ena. Umberto Lenzi directed and this beautiful LBX print stars Richard Harrison, Lisa Gastoni, Marilu Tolo and more.... BA

N164 Unexpected Encounters (94) aka: Nesmluvená setkání   Astronauts and their cyborg worker are searching the galaxy for places to colonize. They get a call from Earth to stop off on a planet where a team went missing six years earlier.... In Czech and with English subtitles.

N383 Ursus in the Land of Fire (63) aka: Ursus nella terra di fuoco   This is another of the good ones! Truth be told, good or bad, I CAN stomach most sword and sandal flicks and actually get through them in their entirety without passing out. Which may be why I sit here and write this now. 'Ursus in the Land of Fire' features Ed Fury as Ursus, challenging an evil general who has seized control of a kingdom. Ursus enters a tournament, is captured, escapes and kicks some major ass. LBX and in English language.  BA

N363 Ursus in the Valley of the Lions (61) aka: Ursus nella valle dei leoni  An evil invader takes down a kingdom. The Queen escapes with her infant son. She gives her baby away and kills herself. The baby is raised by LIONS! You cannot believe how cool this flick is now that it is LBX and in COLOR! This is the second film with Ed Fury as Ursus and it packs quite a wallop! Beefcake bondage sequences, lions, battles, great atmosphere, hungry hyenas, extreme violence, and lest we forget, the luscious Moira Orfei and other beauties! LBX -  BA

P351 Viking Sagas, The (96) Medieval Iceland. Awesome landscapes, great characters and plenty of bloody action (decapitations!). This is one of the better barbarian type flicks and stars Ralf Moeller (who would next become "Conan the Barbarian" for the short-lived T.V. series), and also Sven-Ole Thorsen (who was in the original Conan movies, battling Arnold both times!) Great soundtrack too!

K549 Virgin For the Prince, A (66) aka: Una vergine per il principe  Italian/French co-production. Really sexy for 1966 swashbuckler with great locales and colorful costumes. A bit of farce and a bit of historical commentary. Vittorio Gassman and the incredibly hot Virna Lisi star. In English too! Rare.

P510 Virtual Weapon (97) aka: Cyberflic  aka: Potenza virtuale - Antonio Margheriti directs this, his final feature before his death, which features Terence Hill and Marvelous Marvin Hagler as two Miami detectives out to thwart a crime lord who has developed a super-deadly explosive that he wants to sell to the highest bidder. Also with Giselle Blondet and Jay Amor (as 'Puncher').

S662 Vulcan, Son of Jupiter (62) aka: Vulcano, figlio di Giove  Gods Monsters and Men, half naked babes, action aplenty... can't go wrong here. Gordon Mitchell as Pluto, Rod Flash (yea, sure that's your real name) as Vulcan, Bella Cortez as Etna, more... plenty of nymphs too!  Go for it!  BA

K965 War of the Worlds: Next Century (81) aka: Wojna swiatów - nastepne stulecie  Martians land and pose as our friends. They demand more and more in drastic changes from mankind. Our government, our police, our authorities... it is they who enforce these changes imposing on the rights of all. Later the Martians leave.... But the rules stay and continue to be enforced by corrupt power-mad humans. The 'Martian Invasion' was just a pretense to establish a whole new system of institutionalized oppression upon the populace. Could this be happening here and now? Cool Polish flick that makes you think and now with English subtitles!  BA

S912 Warrior and the Slave Girl, The (58) aka: La rivolta dei gladiatori  Romans invade Armenia, where legend has it, the girls are quite beautiful. The people revolt. Arena stuff, a buffoon midget, a hot slave girl who hates the Romans and much more. This is a beautiful LBX print of this rare Italian made epic and in English language too!  With Gianna Maria Canale (the Italian version of Ava Gardner, and the star of many of these types of film of that era, look her up!) What a cool flick!  Also look for Ricardo Montalban who is in this.  BA

K494 White Savage (43) A shark hunter falls in love with the beautiful ruler of a tropical island. The Pagan love... savage excitements... dangers untamed... of a forbidden island paradise! With Maria Montez, Sabu, Turhan Bey, Jon Hall, Sidney Toler, and more. Lavish Technicolor classic.   BA

N152 World of Yor (83) aka: Yor, O Caçador do Futuro  Uncut 2 disc edition of the film 'Yor' from 1982. Yor, an extremely blonde and muscular prehistoric warrior, comes to question his origins, particularly with regard to a mysterious medallion he wears. When he learns of a desert goddess who supposedly wears the same medallion, he goes on a quest in a monster, ape men, futuristic people world to find her. This is the full 4 hour uncut version in Italian language with English subtitles. Directed by Antonio Margheriti. 2 DVD-R or 2 VHS  $20 which includes BA

K286 Yellow Fangs (90) aka: Rimeinzu: Utsukushiki yuusha-tachi  Based on a true incident that occurred in 1915 Japan. Amazing snowbound photography highlights this tale about a killer bear ripping the hell out of people. Some well edited bear attack sequences. After a man's woman is slain they send out a hunting party. Epic, colorful sweeping landscapes, very well made and directed by Sonny Chiba!  LBX

K412 Yusei Oji (59) aka: Prince of Space  When an alien force tries to invade Earth to steal a powerful new rocket fuel, a mysterious hero intervenes.... A contemporary to Starman. A costume hero, with super powers, battles evil agents. Stylized after the 1940's Republic serials, the fight scenes in this are almost comical and even worse than WWF wrestling as none of the blows even come close to landing! This is the first three episodes edited together from the first three episodes of a Japanese serial. There are also 5 minutes of sci-fi and superhero trailers included as an added bonus.  F.L.

N364 Zorro vs the 3 Musketeers (63) aka: Zorro e i tre moschettieri  Gordon Scott as Zorro! Royal kidnapping, friendships across the trenches and high treason! With Jose' Greci as Isabella. Pretty violent too and beautiful LBX in Color!  BA




S941 Angels of Terror (71) aka: The Dead One on the Thames River  aka: Die Tote aus der Themse  - A woman snitches on heroin dealers and gets herself killed. Her body disappears. Her sister arrives looking into the matter, requesting police protection. From an Edgar Wallace novel. With Uschi Glas of 'The College Girl Murders', 'The Sinister Monk' and others. Nudity and LBX!  BA

S943 Forger of London (61) aka: Der Fälscher von London  A ring of counterfeiters is flooding the country with phony money, and suspicion falls upon a wealthy playboy who may-or-may-not have amnesia. With Karin (Assignment Terror) Dor stars. BA

S942 Hunchback of Soho (66) aka: Der Bucklige von Soho  A woman is kidnapped and her identity is stolen by criminals attempting to collect her inheritance. Excellent thriller with loads of atmosphere and bizarre situations including a killer priest and women in black leather. LBX  BA

S923 Man With the Glass Eye, The (69) aka: Der Mann mit dem Glasauge  A pool-hall is used as the front for a white slavery ring. Merely a few months after "The Gorilla of Soho", Horst Tappert returns as Inspector Perkins. Very nice color and LBX too! 

S950 Secret of the Black Trunk (62) aka: Das Geheimnis der schwarzen Koffer  Concerns a series of murders where a victim is killed from a knife thrown from a great distance. Very well done and great dialogue!  These old German made flicks are interesting, and quite a variance from other similar films made in America at the time. But in recent overused lingo 'it's all good!"  BA

K525 Sinister Monk, The (65) aka: Der unheimliche Mönch  A hooded serial killer finds a novel way to murder his victims--he lashes them to death with a whip. The police try to track him down before any more murders occur....

N351 Strangler of the Tower (66) aka: Der Würger vom Tower  A rich dame is strangled by a lumbering brute. Later her daughter is abducted and taken to some underground catacombs where she gets a bloody whipping from a cult known as "The Holy Order of Righteousness". They are after emeralds! Their errand boy is the large strangler brute guy. In German and with English subtitles.

S952 Terrible People, The (60) aka: Die Bande des Schreckens  Very good film of a master criminal who gets revenge from the grave. This is the English language version and stars Karin Dor looking quite the dish here I tell you.




N153 3 Swedes in Upper Bavaria (77) aka: Drei Schwedinnen in Oberbayern  Sex comedy about a hotel for tourists in the Bavarian Alps run by Otto, that/whom, upon having financial troubles, hires 3 hot blondes to rejuvenate his financial and even marital problems. Gianna Garko, Inge Fock and more star. Nice German sex comedy and with English subtitles!

K888 9 Ages of Nakedness (70) From the Stone age to the Computer Age.... a history of passion! ---George Harrison Marks (playing himself and various ancestors) is a troubled photographer relating his problems from a couch to an unseen psychiatrist (later revealed to be Toni Burnett, to whom he was married in real life at one time)..... He tells the psychiatrist the story of his ancestors and the problems that they, like he, suffered from having too many females in their lives....

N253 Amorous Nights of Ali Baba, The (73) aka: Le amorose notti di Ali Baba  Fabulous costumes, erotic hot and steamy scenes, and more dominate this rare Adult Ali Baba tale. Some nudity. LBX - F.L. - BA

P363 Angels (76) A black god sends two hit men to kill earthlings to replenish his supply of angels. With Vincent Schiavelli and Drew Abrams

K890 Bait For an Adolescent (74) aka: Forbidden Passion  aka: Cebo para una adolescente - A young woman (Ornella Muti at 19) falls in love with a high positioned official after he seduces her. F.L.  BA

F320 Betta Betta in the Wall Who's the Fattest Fish of All (70) aka: Oddly Coupled - Nerdy gas station worker gets involved with three hot nymphos who unfortunately also have a 300 pound roommate who has the hots for our skinny little hero!  Juvenile nude slapstick luckily interrupted by boob queen Uschi Digard in a hot sex scene with a woman and two men. This is the original uncut Japanese release with the original title. In English of course. BA

K381 Beverly Hills Girls (86) Linnea Quigley and other cult sex stars like Michelle Bauer, Becky LeBeau and other delectable sweeties star. They form a rock band and try to make it big but seem to be more interested in sex with various men and each other! Lots of nudity and lesbian scenes. There are two versions (that is 2!) and you get both discs for the same low price of $12!  Versions vary, with different scenes. Nice.

K581 Black Girl (72) Three foul mouthed, illiterate, lazy and cruel sisters (Gloria Edwards, Loretta Greene, and Peggy Pettit) plot against the successful adopted fourth daughter (Leslie Uggams).... Ossie Davis directs. BA

K366 Black Lolita  (75)  aka: Wildcat Woman  A woman returns to her hometown and puts together a team of fighters to go after local gangsters.... With former 'Miss Black Galaxy' Yolanda Love as Black Lolita. This obscure exploitation film was shot in 3-D (but presented here in 2-D) and features gratuitous nudity, hilarious dialogue, bad car chases, and one can only imagine how sparse the 3-D FX seemed to movie-goers back in the day. Lots of fun. Look for hardcore actress's Serena and Sandy Carey in uncredited roles.  BA

N334 Blue Money (72) A fascinating dark and gritty look at the porn industry with plenty of soft-core and nudity. But there's a story here. It is about a porn filmmaker who has a beautiful wife, but despite this, is messing up his life with affairs. The obscenity police are also on the move, ready to make a bust! With Barbara Mills and Inga Maria. Look for Sandy Dempsey as a model.

K372 Body, The (75) aka: Il corpo  Personal relationships cause friction on a small tropical island. Nobody cares what this film is about because you just have to sit through 70 minutes of it to see Carroll Baker naked!  She does some sex scenes and their is plenty of other soft-core sexual hijinks from other cast members as well!  With the beautiful Araya! (She was Miss Ethiopia of 1969!)

N100 Bora Bora (68) aka: Bora Bora - rakkauden saari   A married Italian couple travels to the South Seas in an agreed effort to have sex with others. The woman hooks up in Bora Bora, a tropical paradise, with a native, while her husband has multiple island women lovers. Plenty sleazy and colorful! Twice banned in Europe! Primitive Passion versus Western Morals. LBX and in English language!  BA

N189 China Dolls (92) aka: Te qu ai nu Tong catches Chiu trying to assault his wife May (Amy Yip). He ends up shooting him dead with Chiu's own gun! When they flee, the cops kill Tong! May ends up working in a brothel. With forced assault, violence and other degradations. With English subtitles.

K720 Complicity (95) A man encourages his wife (porn star Zara Whites) to flirt and have sex with another man. From a story by Pasolini. In English


S707 Cricket, The (80) aka: La cicala  aka: La Chicharra  La Cicada (Clio Goldsmith) is a feisty, free-spirited girl who refuses to have sex for money... She leaves her small town and meets up with Wilma (Virna Lisi), a dance hall singer... Wilma bombs out at a local bar and they hook up together and become prostitutes...  Wilma falls for and marries Tony.. then Wilma's beautiful 18 year old daughter (Barbara De Rossi) arrives and seduces every man she sees...   LBX  Subs BA

N923 Deep Down (95) aka: Conversations in Public Places   A young man falls into a web of deceit, double-crossing and murder after spying on his hot neighbor (Tanya Roberts). Her husband is a jealous maniac. Lots of nudity and soft-core.  BA

K708 Diary of a Telephone Operator (69) aka: Certo, certissimo, anzi... probabile  Claudia Cardinale and Catherine Spaak are unlikely roommates -trying to make a living at menial jobs, notably the title telephone operator gig (for Claudia) and apprentice hairdresser (Catherine), while stealing each other's succession of boy friends.  John Phillip Law and Robert Hoffman also star.

K492 Don Juan  (73)  aka: Or if Don Juan Were a Woman  Jeanne (Bridgitte Bardot) lives in Paris and believes she is the reincarnation of Don Juan. Along with Jane Birkin's character they set out to seduce and destroy men, as they are fed up with them. Both contribute tasty nude scenes. With English Subs! Bardot's last film.  BA

F356 Dr. Sex (64) aka: Strange Loves of Dr. Sex  Three stories are told by a group of psychologists (one doing a bad Bela Lugosi imitation), about their wildest cases, told to them by their patients. BA

N186 Edwige Fenech Naked Spectacular!!!!!! (various) Like staring at Fenech in all of her naked glory? Well here you go! A collection of nakedness featuring the one and only Edwige Fenech in scene after scene after scene from her many films, and butt naked!!!!  4 hours of glorious sleaze!!!  BA

N187 Eleven Days Eleven Nights (87) aka: Undici giorni, undici notti  A young woman name Sara writes a book about her 100 sexual conquests. She is played by a 19 year old Jessica Moore. What a whore! Number 100 is a guy who is about to get married in 11 days. Joe D'Amato directs. In Italian language only with no subtitles.

N188 Eleven Days Eleven Nights 2: Top Model (88) Gloria works as a top nude model and prostitute but she has a secret. She is really a writer and social critic named Sarah. Jessica Moore returns and continues to toy with the mind's of horny confused men. Joe D'Amato directs. In Italian language only with no subtitles.

N368 Emilenne and Nicole (75) A beautiful gallery owner plays a kinky game with her husband when she welcomes a student who's also his lover into the household. A scorching love affair begins with the two women but what can happen in this triangle? Does he get to keep them both for his own entertainment? In French with English subtitles.  BA

S716 Erotic Adventures of a Young Don Juan (87) aka: Les exploits d'un jeune Don Juan   Sultry Italian bombshell Serena Grandi stars in this coming of age sex comedy set during WWI about a 15 year old boy, who after multiple bouts of voyeurism watching women having sex with men, impregnates three women, including his aunt, while their men are away in the trenches. High production values enhance this France/Italy co-production. LBX - Subs BA

K378 Erotic Three (69) aka: Scratch Harry  Described in a pre-credit disclaimer as an amphetamine fantasy. A married man takes home a girl from the city to his country mansion. His wife watches them get it on. Later the woman dies and the man is digging a hole out on the estate grounds to bury the body. There is also a dude with shades hanging around looking a bit like Peter Fonda. BA

S962 Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend (92) This is the story of Marcus Templeton, a lonely security guard who blows all of his life savings on prostitutes. Loads of boobs. Joe Bob Briggs called it the comedy of the year back in the day. For every poor SOB that has had women problems, this one goes out to you! 

K642 Family Scandal (81) aka: Peccato Originale - Martine Brocharde plays a widow who has just lost her husband in a snake-bite accident... Her teen daughter (Elizabetta Virgili) is out of control, sleeping with and holding contraband for a scummy drug dealer. Somehow she's both a druggie AND a serious aspiring dancer and at one point she ends up disco dancing in a contest, basically topless and in a g-string (Did I mention this is a "Miss Teenage" dancing contest?!).   Anyway, the widow becomes involved with a friend of her late husband's (Philip Leroy), hoping he will straighten out her daughter. But she ends up instead trying to straighten HIM out instead as they drink J and B whiskey in her room...  LBX and with subtitles.

K918 Fist Full of 44s (71) (That is how the title reads!) Trashy western rarity with Trent Dolan, Roxanne Brewer (Night of the Witches, Deep Jaws), Susan Wescott (Sex Psycho) and more. At one point a buxom topless woman (Roxanne Brewer) stabs a savage Injun! Also with Nick Raymond and other actors that left this film off their resume! Imagine "Gunsmoke; except with nudity and bad mediocre acting!  (There are some glitches on the source tape so fair warning). Good quality overall. BA

N169 Flossie (74) Naughty Swedish Erotic drama centering around a 15 year old beauty that is given to a 35 year old man to become his, as long as he does not have sex with her but only use's oral sex for the time being. They fool around immediately and after, discuss sexual experiences. This is basically a skin flick with loads of nudity (male and female) and near hard-core sex. Flossie is notable for it's direct concentration on oral-genital activities, and it's heroine's youth, as well as it's direct, uncluttered very frank language. Actress over 18 of course. BA

N335 French Quarter (78) aka: Francuska enklawa   Stripper drinks elixir and is transported back to a past life as a bordello worker. With Virginia Mayo, Bruce Davison and Alisha Fontaine.  BA

P364 Getting Into Heaven (70) Miss Heaven (Uschi Digard) spends lots of time on the casting couch, hence the title! With Jennie Lynn as 'Sin'!  BA

K604 Henry's Night In (69)  A nerdy guy mixes up a magic formula and becomes invisible whenever he sneezes. He uses his power of invisibility to sneak into his neighbors' bedrooms at night when their husbands aren't home and have his way with them....

K387 Her Odd Tastes (69) Marsha Jordon (stacked soft-core actress of the 60's) stars in this one and she gets it on with numerous partners of both sexes while also getting involved with devil worship (it was big in 1969), taking exotic drugs, harem sex scenes and 'death after sex'! Great sleazy trash! BA

K386 Hollywood Models (49/60's) 60 minutes of figure studies (pretty girls posing naked) from 1949 in B&W and color, plus 35 minutes of busty 1960's babes rolling around naked and showing off their charms. For innocent bachelor parties, or just someone who just enjoys vintage erotica!

K481 Hot Blooded Woman (65) Frustrated housewife Myrtle Pennypacker (Shirley Boyd) freaks when she finds out her hubby is cheating, and gets committed to an asylum. She escapes and tracks him down. Pretty sleazy with plenty of skin and a downbeat ending too!

P523 Impure Acts Italian Style (76) aka: Atti Impuri All'Italiana  aka: Scherzando e ridendo... che male ti fo?  - Set in the Tuscan countryside and dealing with a female doctor making her rounds and getting naked a lot. With the lovely Dagmar Lassander, Stella Carnacina and more. In Italian language only with no subtitles. LBX

N211 Joy and Joan (85) aka: Joy et Joan  Joy takes a trip to Singapore with her rich boyfriend. Once there she enters into a lesbian relationship and tries to escape the clutches of her boyfriend. Joy and Joan are played by Brigitte Lahaie and Isabelle Solar who provide plenty of nudity to feast your eyes upon!  F.L. - BA

K383 Joys of Jezebel (70) Jezebel is in 'Hell' after being torn apart by her husband Josiah's dogs. Satan (Christopher Stone of 'The Howling') decides to let her go back and get revenge by allowing her to inhabit a body (and what a body it is!) of a naive, bubble-breasted blonde bimbo named Rachel. So she does, but not before witnessing a gratuitous infernal orgy in hell. Meanwhile her husband also is orgying proving hell on earth is also, heaven! Will Jezebel/Rachel get her revenge? Cool to see E.T.'s mom's husband as Lucifer being serviced orally by a naked bimbo. (Christopher Stone later married to Dee Wallace Stone, sadly, he died of a heart attack at age 53 in 1995). BA

K889 La Seduzione (73) aka: Seduction - After returning to Catania after a long period of time, Giuseppe (Maurice Ronet) reunites with his old lover, Caterina (Lisa Gastoni). Her 15 year-old daughter, Graziella begins to seduce her mother's lover and he soon breaks down and begins an affair with her. As time passes Caterina begins having sneaking suspicions about Giuseppe's & Graziella's relationship..... Now LBX and with English subtitles 

K385 Love Commune (70) aka: Ghetto Freaks  An urban tale of the hippie heaven love generation in... Cleveland, Ohio! Naked Love-Ins, wild acid trip sequences and big city violence proliferate this unacknowledged underground classic. With some pretty cool candid camera-esque scenes with regular people reacting to the hippies. BA

K850 Love Scenes (84) aka: Love Secrets  Val (Tiffany (The Candy Snatchers) Bolling) becomes caught up in a role in an erotic film and has an affair with her hunky co-star much to the chagrin of her director husband. Julie Newmar, Britt Eklund, Jack Carter, and Monique Gabrielle in small role. With all these chicks on board, what's not to like?

K643 Loves and Times of Scaramouche, The (76) aka: Le avventure e gli amori di Scaramouche  Michael Sarrazin (R.I.P.) and Ursula Andress star in this comedy set in the Napoleon era and directed by Enzo (Great White) G. Castellari.  BA

N201 Loves of Lady Chatterley (89) aka: La storia di Lady Chatterley  Malu is amazing in this one as Lady Chatterley!  She lives on a large estate with her crippled husband, and enjoys her ex-lover who has returned. She also gets it on with a woman!  Dubbed into English and also some voice over narration.

F369 Miss Nude America Contest, The (76) Sleazy bit of American social and moral values as they continued to morph throughout the 70's. Loads of nudity as you would expect!  BA

K384 Murder in Mississippi (65) Exploitation film based on the infamous murder of three civil rights students who were trying to help blacks get to vote. Politically incorrect and racist to the maximum with some material that many will be offended by today. Fans of 60's exploitation or even 70's blaxploitation know the score and will find it quite enjoyable however. You have to have a brain to start with to analyze films of this nature, no matter how incompetent the filmmakers are, or what their intent was at the time. Bizarre.

S972 My Pleasure is Your Pleasure (73) aka: Il tuo piacere è il mio   - Fun sexy comedy from Italy with an assortment of beauties!  Sylva Koscina, Barbara Bouchet, Ewa Aulin, Femi Benussi and more. Very colorful with loads of costumes etc... looking like a 15th century scenario. LBX - F.L.

N143 Nefeli: Seduced By Lesbians (80) aka: Nefele y las seductoras de lesbos  A beautiful young woman goes to the island of Lesbos and meets two sexy horny women. This film is loaded with some of the finest tail (and exotic colorful locales) you have ever seen! In Spanish language only with no subtitles.

S666 Night of Evil (62) Lisa Gaye (Face of Terror) stars as a cheerleader gal that is abducted, assaultd and ends up in a home for girls. Later she is a stripper and an armed robber. Great little exploiter and unheard of today.

K376 One Plus One (61) Arch Oboler of Mystery Radio Shows and Horror movie fame directed this oddity which was called 'Exploring the Kinsey Report' which was the infamous sex survey. Professor Logan (Leo G. Carroll) is involved in an adult panel discussion of five sex-related issues dramatized in five separate but integrated sequences. 'Honeymoon' (pre-marital relations), 'Homecoming' (extra-marital relations), 'The Divorcee' (promiscuity among divorcees), 'Average Man' (problems of the average man in sexual relations, and finally 'Baby' (a story of abortion). Another one of those films that disguised itself as education, but was really exploitation.  BA

P537 Outtakes (87) A 'Kentucky Fried Movie', 'Groove Tube' kind of comedy featuring skits, parodies and naked women. With Forrest Tucker. Shot in 85.

S901 Permissive (70) aka: Suzy Superscrew  Kind of dark little flick focusing on the 'groupies' of the time. Portrayed as sad lonely runaways who just end up used and abused. Very colorful British film in great quality (but with a running time code at the top of the screen). Supposedly realistic and in fact it seems pretty close, with rock band 'Forever More' being the music. Some bleak moments here.  BA

N216 Perverse Maid, The (74) aka: La soubrette perverse  In this bizarre mental clinic, Sylvia Bourdon services the patients, seducing them, and also the other nurses!  From erotic filmmaker Jose Benazeraf.  Rare erotic classic in French language only with no subtitles.  No plot either, so it doesn't matter!

S785 Ready For Anything (77) aka: Disposta a tutto  An unhappily married man dotes on his young daughter, but is turned off by his feminist wife. He wants to cheat but is unable to make it with slutty bar girls or prostitutes. Then he meets a young stenography student (Eleanora Giorgi) who is wandering alone through a park where a lot of other young people are making out. When they first make love, she reveals that she has a masochistic streak by putting a sharp knife to her bare breast. After that their relationship gets increasingly perverse and borderline abusive...  LBX, but in Italian language only  F.L.

K371 Savage Inmates (78) aka: Die Insel der tausend Freuden  aka: Triangle of Venus  You won't be sure what these girls are inmates of because this film is about beautiful Euro-Starlets and their sexual encounters inside a large opulent mansion! From Hubert Frank the same guy that directed the great 'Vanessa'!  BA

N148 Schoolgirls Having Fun (86) An Argentinean Porky's type of film. Set in a very American looking 'Happy High School' where students dress in 80's fashions, all look average, and the female teachers all look the same age as the students. The focus here is solely on sexual hijinks. Tons of nudity. In Spanish with English subtitles.

S721 Secrets of Love (86) aka: Het Geheim Van De Liefde - 3 Erotic tales from Harry (Daughters of Darkness) Kumel! We get erotic spanking, teacher pupil sex-capades, breast sucking and more! Bawdy sex comedy with uninhibited debauchery and plenty of buxom wenches.! BA

K379 Sensuous Wife, The (72) aka: Drop Out Wife  A young wife gets caught up in the 'swinging' game and discovers that it isn't as fun as she thought. An extravagant sex party is thrown and many people show up like hippies (who turn it into an all-out orgy complete with body painting) and Ed Wood (who co-wrote the thing) shows up as a transvestite that sneaks off into bedrooms and dresses up in women's clothing.  BA

P533 Sex Thief, The (74) aka: Handful of Diamonds   An inspector and an insurance investigator both have a major stake in revealing the identity of a major jewel thief. This soft-core sex flick stars David Warbeck and a bevy of English beauties that have no qualms with disrobing and giving us all an eyeful!  BA

N340 Sextette (78) Campy Mae West bomb with an avalanche of actors and rock stars. Loaded with bad songs and embarrassing moments for all involved. Alice Cooper, what were you thinking?  Some people love this movie! And it is entertaining, in a way that you just know you are experiencing such bad cinema that you get bragging rights just for watching it!!  Me so brave!!  BA

K605 Sexual Inadequacies (69) aka: Nel labirinto del sesso (Psichidion)  Alfonso Brescia directs this sex education warning flick full of bizarre sequences and sexual perversion. Remember... this could have happened to you! And still could! LBX

P534 She'll Follow You Anywhere (73) aka: Passion Potion - By chance a couple of perfume creators produce a scent that makes women go wild for sex. Some of the lovely ladies in this British sex comedy include Andrea Allen from 'Scream and Die', Italian cannibal movie cutie Me Me Lai and Madeline and Mary Collinson from 'Twins of Evil' (last film for both). Scrumptious! LBX

P366 Sin Syndicate, The (65) 4 girls testify about their 'party girl' adventures for the 'Sin Syndicate'. assault, Lesbians, Striptease routines and more!

P501 Sins of the Night (93) aka: Gefährtin der Nacht   Jack Neitsche (Nick Cassavetes) is a hardened ex-con in this trashy erotic thriller with Miles O'Keefe and Richard Roundtree. But the main drawing card is Deborah Shelton, the star of this show, and she bares all for the discriminating viewer! Some really hot sex scenes with her. Man! In English but with foreign subs and from disc.

N341 Sister-In-Law, The (74) aka: La cognata   Shady dealings, seduction, and adultery run rampant. John Savage (who also wrote and sings the folk score) reluctantly agrees to deliver a package across the Canadian border for his brother.  Violence and nudity.  BA

K364 Six Thousand Dollar Nigger, The (79) aka: Super Soul Brother - Late in the game Blax-ploitation of the lowest order spoofing 'The 6 Million Dollar Man'. This is so bad you will be shaking your head in amazement! Incredibly UNPC with loads of stuff that would never pass muster in a new film.  Poorly edited, but with some really funny lines. This one will have you scratching your heads. A drinking game would be to spot the screw-ups in the film. You will get drunk, I guarantee you!

K603 Smoke and Flesh (68) Turk, a "cool swinger", throws a wild sex and drugs party, but has trouble when three hoodlum friends of his crash the party and Turk resorts to drastic measures to remove them from the festivities.....

K532 Supervan (77) A man named Clint (Mark Schneider) enters a solar-powered van called Vandora into a competition called "Freakout"...  Great little slice of 'custom van culture' a lost movement hardly understood by anyone today. Also with Katie Saylor.  BA

K709 Sweater Girls (78) A group of budding young women in the 1950's form a club, 'The Sweater Girls' to preserve their virginity. Sex comedy directed by Don (The Love Butcher, The Forest) Jones. Look for Charlene Tilton in a small bit.   BA

K891 Swedish Fly Girls (71) aka: Christa - Every man should meet a free-flying stewardess once in a lifetime - Fly girls who know what to do for and to a man. Swinging Denmark in1970! Hot Hot Hot Birte Tove stars.  BA

N241 Sweet Teen (76) aka: L'adolescente  Alfonso Brescia's broad-humored sex comedy about a businessman who is married to a younger woman, and still fools around with his secretary. Further temptations arise when his wife's young niece comes to visit.... Man oh man! In Italian language and with English subtitles.

K447 Taking Off (71)  Milos (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest) Forman directs this unique gentle vision of the confused 70's generation, it's hopes and wishes, and their problematic relationships with their respective, old fashioned and hypocritical parents. Larry and Lynn Tyne stress out when their drug taking daughter 'takes off'. In their quest to find her they start becoming just as care free and wild as hippies themselves. In a way like Peter Boyle in 'Joe'. Look at the cast! Buck Henry, Vincent Schiavelli (also used in Cuckoo), Ike and Tina Turner Revue, Carly Simon singing about getting stoned, Mary Mitchell singing 'Ode to a Screw', an un-credited Jessica Harper in her debut, Kathy Bates (as Bobo Bates) in her debut more.... A great counter culture classic, not to be missed!  BA

N291 Teenage Hitchhikers (75) aka: Les stoppeuses  Mouse and Bird (Chris Jordan (Confessions of a Young American Housewife) and Sandra Peabody (Last House on the Left)) are a couple of sassy and sexy young hitchhikers who embark on a cross country trek in search of freedom. Groovy and far-out sex tale that could only have been made in the 70's.  LBX  BA

P536 Teenage Innocence (73) aka: Little Miss Innocence  Pretty dark sleaze about a man that has two nubile young women throw themselves at him. he can't escape their clutches and they even tie him up so he cannot escape. With Sandy Dempsey and Terri Johnson. John Alderman is the lucky, or not so much man.

K448 Telephone Book, The (71)  A young and very cute woman (Sarah Kennedy) gets an obscene phone call and is so turned on she goes on a quest to find the potty mouthed caller! Funny scenes as she keeps finding the wrong guys, bizarre X-rated cartoons, Barry Morse buried in naked broads (he must have done this role for free!), and much more. This is really an unheard of X-Rated classic. Look for Ultra Violet as 'Whip Woman' and also an un-credited Jill Clayburg in a bit part.  

K280 That Tender Touch (69) Two lesbians break up when one of them marries a man. Later, the lone lesbian moves in with the young couple after falling upon hard times. She tries to rekindle the ol' lezbo flame and when the sparks don't fly things get quite tragic. Socially demonstrative of the era.  BA

S925 Too Much Too Often (68) aka: Peitsche der Lust  A male prostitute's sleazy lifestyle leads to ruin. Another trash classic from the notorious (late) Doris Wishman. Lots of naked ladies.

K917 Transgressions (03) aka: Trasgredire - aka: Cheeky - Explicit soft-core porn from director Tinto Brass with perfect looking people engaging in sex. The story starts with a girl, Carla, who is in London looking for a flat. The realtor is a hot lesbian and she comes on to her. Carla's man gets jealous. Will he be okay with Carla hooking up with Moira? The women's butts are a constant as is full nudity of all participants. The women are to faint for they are so beautiful.  LBX and with English subtitles.

K922 Triangle (70) Tiffany Bolling in her first solid film role stars in this offbeat drama with Ray Danton. Weird parties, gay guy tries to steal away Bolling's man etc.

S975 Una Cavalla Tutta Nuda (72) Yet another bawdy period piece costumer with the always delectable Barbara Bouchet (eye candy sort of small role) set in and around crumbling villages, ancient abandoned architecture, as well as beautifully maintained landmarks. There's even a burning of three guys at the stake... sort of... it rains and they are saved and set free!  Nudity - Slight LBX - F.L.

N924 Unkissed Bride (66) aka: Mother Goose a Go-Go  A young couple's honeymoon is disrupted by the groom's childhood obsession with Mother Goose. Unable to consummate the marriage, they head off to the psychiatrist, where the fun really begins (LSD as a treatment!?!)... From Jack Harris, the man who brought you 'Dinosaurus' and 'The Blob' comes this wild and zany sex comedy. Over-stated characters, crude camera tricks, gay side-kicks, super real women, super cad men, drugs, rock music and more! Tommy Kirk, just then recently kicked to the curb by Uncle Walt, stars.  BA

S967-K370 Vanessa (77) aka: Las noches perversas de Vanessa  Olivia Pascal in her first movie role, stars as Vanessa, an innocent doe-eyed very horny Catholic schoolgirl about to be set loose upon the world. She inherits bordellos and more, and you will not only see her in all of her puffy-nippled glory, but also other naked and very sexy girls. Decadent Euro-trash of the highest order!  Dizzy yet?  BA

N342 Virgin Queen of St. Francis High, The (87) aka: A Última Virgem   A high-school jock makes a $2,000 bet that he can deflower the hottest girl in school.  BA

S968 Virgin, the Taurus and the Capricorn, The (77) aka: La vergine, il toro e il capricorno  When sexy Euro babe Edwige Fenech discovers her husband is cheating, she heads off to an island resort to have sex with other men. Was her husband crazy? Fenech... man they don't make 'em like that anymore, hell there are dozens of Euro babes from back in that era that put many of the so-called 'hot stars' of today to shame!  Class versus Skank. LBX  BA

P470 West End Jungle (64)  aka: Die Dirnen von London  London's sex trade in all its guises. Using actors and clearly of the period, this reveals and condemns all the tricks of the trade, from call girls to clip joints and high massage parlors to low class walk ups. It's hard to know which are less appealing: the deluded and self-deluded and desperate punters or the calculating and equally desperate working girls. The film condemns them equally, while revealing in details the titillation and barely legal disrobing designed to arouse man's baser desires. With a voice-over straight from the Department of Public Morals, and fascinating glimpses of a period long ago, this has something for everyone....  BA  

P635 Wet Dreams (74) aka: Rêves humides   Weird as hell hippie sex film with various segments, Freudian even, all revolving around orgiastic sexual shenanigans. From directors Lasse Braun and Max Fischer. F.L.

K439 What Do You Say to a Naked Lady? (70) Lots of awkward situations as the culture goes sex mad in 1970, relaxing decades of oppression and bringing it out in the open. Alan Funt of Candid Camera fame presents this revealing and interesting sex study with full male and female nudity. Some of the scenes : Naked women flag down motorists on the open road, naked women walking out of elevators (emphasis on reactions to this), a woman tries to sleep with a gay man, he tells her he can't because he is "queer", a grandpa upset because his daughter married a Mexican, but happy his grandkids are "not too dark"!, a hooker reveals she likes to be roughed up!, in another segment Funt is seen asking high school boys '"How many girls have you balled?"  BA

N109 When Love is Lust (73) aka: Quando l'amore è sensualità  A cast of Italian beauties and they all have nude scenes. Agostina Belli, Francoise Prevost, Ewa Aulin, Femi Benussi.....A decadent countess forces her young timid daughter to marry a rich butcher. The new couple has sexual problems....will the son-in-law fall into the still attractive countess's bed? You bet he will!  Fine Eurotrash!  LBX

K636 Wild Party, The (56) A couple of small time hustlers roll people for money and eventually kidnap a man and his fiancée leading to a wild confrontation. This film is a combination of exploitation and 'beatnik' themes and is filled with priceless hip dialogue. See Anthony Quinn in his sleaziest role ever chasing after sexy Carol Ohmart, the female star of 'Spider Baby'.

N165 Without a Stitch (68) aka: The Eighteen Carat Virgin  aka: Uden en trævl  - When a high-school girl complains about her inability to achieve orgasm, her doctor suggest she keep a diary of her sexual encounters. She does, and finds herself caught up in a sexual merry-go-round that includes making a hardcore sex film in Sweden, an escapade with a German sadist, and even lesbian encounter. Blonde and drop dead gorgeous women. In Swedish and with English subtitles.  BA

S930 Young Erotic Fanny Hill, The (71) aka: The Young, Wild Fanny Hill  Joseph Sarno directs. Fannie Hill enlightens friends and others about the freedoms of sexual liberation and battery operated love devices. Most of the sex scenes take place aboard a mattress on a hardwood floor!  With Tallie Cochrane the star of many a sleaze classic!  BA




N133 13th is a Judas (71) aka: Il 13º è sempre Giuda  aka: The Last Traitor  Wedding guests waiting for the arrival of the bride see the table is set for 13 and start getting nervous. Their suspicions are confirmed when the bridal carriage pulls up with one dead bride and three dead guests. Who? What? How? With Dean Stratford and Maily Doria. LBX BA

N118 19 Red Roses (74) aka: Nitten røde roser  This is a portrait of a deeply psychotic and fatally grief stricken man on a killing spree with hints of social commentary. A Dutch thriller in the tradition of an Italian Giallo with fantastic locations and interesting characters. The opening scene of murder is not soon forgotten. In Dutch with English subtitles. LBX

K352 24 Hours of Terror (64) aka: 24 ore di terrore  In a French castle used by drug dealing gangsters as a drug hide-out, an unknown killer begins to murder members of the gang. Ultra-rare Giallo type not in the greatest quality. English Subs

N344 A.... Like a Killer (66) aka: A.... come assassino - Rare black and white giallo from director Angelo Dorigo. At the reading of a will potential inheritors learn they must stay a month on the estate. Of course with a premise like that, we know their numbers will begin to shrink when the murders begin! With a story by Ernesto Gastaldi who he himself went on to direct many giallo films and many others of interest to readers of this. Starring Allen Steel (aka: Sergio Ciani), his first film after his sword and sandal run. LBX and with English subtitles.

P520 A.A.A. Massaggiatrice Bella Presenza Offresi... (72) aka: A.A.A. Masseuse, Good Looking, Offers Her Services -  Rare Giallo! The customers of a masseuse fall prey to a mysterious killer, one by one. With Simone Blondell, Jerry Colman and Jack Betts (as Hunt Powers). LBX - F.L.  BA

K544 Accident at Hill Road (10) A woman hits a guy and parks her car in the garage as he still is alive, leaving him to slowly die. Selfish evil bitch, she. Bitch talks her man into helping her, things do not go as you would expect, with a humdinger of an ending! Sure, others have made similar variations of this oft-told tale, but this version is pretty entertaining as well. LBX - Subs

K787 Achuras (03) From Brazil or Argentina I think. A loud party is underway. At this crowded party they do some gag-inducing things, have group urination in a toilet (now that's crowded!), hop around to punk rock and engage in typical gross acts. One turns up dead and starts growling. In no time more are infected and people begin to rip out each others entrails and devour one another. Oh boy, pass the salt! F.L.  BA

N134 Adam and Eve versus the Cannibals (83) aka: Adamo ed Eva, la prima storia d'amore   In the Garden of Eden, a giant placenta bursts open and out comes naked man Adam (Mark Gregory who played 'Trash' in 1990 Bronx Warriors'). Soon he has a beautiful woman and together they face the harsh elements, a killer pterodactyl, and cannibal ape men. Now LBX and in Italian language with English subtitles. BA

N120 Adrenaline (94) A collection of tripped-out French vignettes by seven directors. Several of the entries share a common paranoid theme, with the environment and/or inanimate objects suddenly going berserk. A dozen tales guaranteed to twist your mind. You will want to keep watching as the fast-moving short tales explode, wondering what happens next! In French with English subtitles.

K937 Adrenaline: Fear the Rush (96) Uncut 93 minute version. Ignore the 77 minute release!  2017:Boston - Christopher Lambert and Natasha Henstridge (a year after the first 'Species' film) chasing a mutant killer who has a contagious disease. Better than the cut version! LBX

K301 An Ordinary Fascism (65) aka: Obyknovennyy fashizm  aka: Triumph Over Violence  Dark Days here. German-made documentary on Hitler, Fascism, and the Third Reich of Nazi Germany with very dark and grim footage of concentration camps, dead bodies of women and small children, torture victims etc. It also shows footage of German youth in the 60's, mondo-style. Uncut in German language with No Subs from a foreign DVD.

K928 Anima Persa (77) Like Nicholas Roeg's "Don't Look Now" this film takes place in Venice. A young man named Timo who is taking an art class in the city, goes to stay with his aunt and uncle who live there. It soon becomes apparent that all is not quite right with the pair, and the mystery deepens as the young man begins to hear strange noises at night. The staircase is out of bounds, and so is the room up there where something... is alive! With some similarities to 'House that Screamed' this is a fantastic Gothic chiller with perverse psycho-sexual overtones! With Catherine Denevue and Vittorio Gassman. LBX and now with English subtitles!  BA

P591 Antrage (02) aka: The Antman   aka: Antrage - Der Ameisenmann  Totally bizarre comedy-horror-sci-fi from Germany that may just have you reaching for the 'Raid'! One guy wants to cross ants with humans, and his candidate for the experiment is the hero's wife! Camp values and more in this unusual German film that comes LBX and has English subtitles.  BA

N913 Apprentice to Murder (88) aka: Die Nacht der Dämonen  Donald Sutherland plays a sinister mystic and faith healer. Chad Lowe and Mia Sara play young lovers whose dreams of leaving their small town are ruined by the faith healer to which they are drawn to. They begin to kill in the name of Jesus, as pretty much comes into play time and again in these types. BA

S870 Arrebato (The Rapture) (79) Spanish sleaze with vampires and drug addicts as well as bisexual love affairs. One of them projects strange films in an apt.. Nudity, blood-drinking, bizarre sex scenes....really weird and rare stuff. F.L.

N110 Baby Doll (88) Eva returns to her grandmother's old farm as a single mother of a newborn girl. Her memories are not as happy as she thought, actually, the stuff of nightmares. Eventually, the madness and horror is unavoidable. Heavily influenced by Polanski, the bleak atmosphere of the old farm unfolds into dread that will really get under your skin! Rare Danish made horror with English subtitles. 

K854 Bali (71) aka: Incontro d'amore  The wife (Laura Antonelli) of a European photographer on assignment in exotic Bali falls for an enigmatic ex-patriot who is under the spell of a mystical death cult. Amazing locales, voodoo, nudity, bloody suicide and more in this unusual film from the director of 'Damned in Venice'. LBX and with English subtitles.

S777 Baron Against the Demons (06) aka: El barón contra los Demonios  aka: Star Troopers  Story of a warrior called the Baron. He is sent on a mission to defeat evil demons, but the military mastermind of the new crusaders, the Colonel, stays in the bunker and sends an aircraft after the Baron with an atomic bomb, just in case...  An utterly insane mixture of alien muppets, ladies in leather and a bloodthirsty white haired warrior create a feeling of "Barbarella" meets "El Topo" while "Farscape" meets "Elric of Melnibone".... Shot in Catalonia and on Tenerife Island, it is quite impressive what a minimum budget production can achieve with the landscapes and models.  With English subtitles. BA

N111 Bilbao (78) aka: La chiamavano Bilbao  Leo, a disturbed psycho, gets a fascination for Bilbao, a strip tease ballerina/prostitute. Leo kidnaps her to add to add to his erotic collection. Our hero has fishing line, ropes, chloroform and an electric shaver. This rare disturbing thriller from director Bigas Lunas was scandalous and controversial and was only shown a handful of times in the U.S. and each time to shocked audiences.  In Spanish language with English subtitles. BA

K763 Black Death (08) The legend of a haunted dormitory continues again when Charn, Fon, Kaew, Jo and Lin are scared by the ghost named ‘Bae’.  They decide to find out the whole story of the haunted dormitory....  Thai horror film  LBX - Subs  BA

K345 Black Ribbon For Deborah, A (74) aka: Un fiocco nero per Deborah  A young woman with psychic powers (convincingly played by Marina Malfatti) is obsessed with having a child, even though she is unable to conceive. Enter a supernatural force..... or is it just our gal going nuts? With Bradford Dillman and Gig Young.  Now LBX and in English Language!  BA

N345 Blood Castle (70) aka: Scream of the Demon Lover  aka: Il castello dalle porte di fuoco  aka: El Castillo de Frankestein - Nice widescreen and uncut version of this color drenched Gothic Horror film! Erna Schurer as Ivanna, a woman who travels to a remote estate to seek employment as a biochemist for a Baron. She falls for him and learns later the local murders by be his doing. Later he transforms into a demon and she becomes his love slave! Agostina Belli is the horny maid and both her and Schurer provide ample nudity. Great stuff here!  BA

P445 Blood Games (90) aka: Baseball Bimbos in Hillbilly Hell - A team of female softball players that dress like 'Hooters' girls get lost in the woods after their bus breaks down. They get attacked, beaten, assaultd, and some of them murdered by redneck hillbillies (who are also sore losers) now hunting them. The women fight back with baseball bats and bows and arrows. BA

K322 Blood Maniac (86) A man and his new wife move into his recently deceased brother's house.... His brother worshipped Satan– so of course he gets possessed by his spirit...   Along the way a green jewel busts out of a guy's windpipe leaving a bloody gaping hole, there is knife mayhem and a cool little demon monster explodes from a pregnant woman's belly. More... Crazed Chinese/Hong Kong film directed by Tong Wai Sing  F.L.

K314 Blood of an Indian Fetish Cult (84) aka: Innocent Nymphs  Rare Chinese/Samoan XXX-Porn-Horror-Hybrid! A cult of Indians living in the wilderness practice bizarre rituals. One guy plays naked kung-fu and pushes his weenie into a tree, a woman bonks a guy to death, and a weird little guy with a skeleton in tow, offers his prayers to the cult. Uncut and in Chinese with just okay picture quality. F.L.  XXX

K304 Blood of the Black Dog (83) aka: The Accident   aka: Che wan  Violence erupts after the ritualistic slaying of the family dog...  Hong Kong madness with face-burnings, disfigurements, spells that cause violent bloody death and more!  LBX and with Subs!

P605 Bloodhead (06) aka: The Creature of the Sunny Side Up Trailer Park - A small desert town holds a dark secret. Two men arrive to receive an inheritance and discover they are a link to ancient prophecy. They must confront and destroy the monster who is killing the locals. With Lynda Carter, Shirley Jones, Frank Gorshin and more and directed by Christopher Coppola who is the brother of Nicolas Cage. 

P359 Blue Monkey (87) aka: Insect - Mutating giant insect that looks like a mantis terrorizes a hospital! Cool monster FX with no CGI (of course not it's 1987!) With Charles Manson himself Steve Railsback, Joe Flaherty and Robin Duke of SCTV, John Vernon, Susan Anspach and even Sarah Polley in an early role. Decent balance between 50's styled monster of the loose, gooey 80's monster FX, and even somewhat campy at times. BA

N903 Brainsucker, The (88) A psycho killer uses a corkscrew/pump device to stick into the brains of his victims, and suck them out!  Notorious low-budget obscurity from the man who brought us 'The Worm Eaters'.  BA

K784 Brazilian Films 2 (??) 'Canibal City' has a bunch of fat greasy guys who have women chained to the walls, and things get greasier, gorier, and you get blood, sex and death. Also others too weird to define. Mind boggling madness that will warp your mind! F.L.

N257 Brujas Magicas (81) Wild Spanish fantasy/comedy with bright colors, skeletons, witches, 16th century setting, nudity, torture and more!  LBX - F.L.- BA

K810 Bruka, Queen of Evil (72) A direct sequel to ' Devil Woman'! Manda survives her fall and is rescued by her snake woman grandmother, who has a huge snake's body and an old woman's head. She has killer dwarfs, rock monsters, and bat men at her bidding. Time to get revenge on the villagers! Gory stabbings

P302 Brush with Death (97) Mondo death video with stunts, crashes, riots, animal attacks and much more! Some of this is pretty graphic!

S731 Brutal Game, A (83) aka: Un jeu brutal  Tessier, a child killer, has a rebellious handicapped daughter whom he treats so bad it borders on sadism. A fascinating, very well made, dark and disturbing film. Tessier somehow pulls off pity as well as revulsion. Unsettling and recommended. High production values. In French with English Subs and LBX. BA  

K375 Burning Love (84) An amorous man is sleeping around with other women behind his girlfriends back. When his new lovers begin to turn up murder victims he becomes prime suspect. This is literally like a Hong Kong Giallo with a black gloved killer who slashes his victims with a razor including a shower victim! Adding to the excitement are numerous sleazy XXX scenes! With English Subs

K931 Butcher, The (0?) Catching young women, and also a couple, chaining them up, and then humiliating and torturing them to death on film for snuff movies. Evil psychos have a hide-out where they keep their captured victims. They wear masks. Their victims plead and beg for their lives as they are tormented. Sadistic and vile horror with no apologies. LBX and with English subtitles.

F318 Caller, The (87) A mysterious man (Malcom McDowell) comes to meet a woman who lives in a house in the woods. A psychological game of cat and mouse begins. With Madolyn Smith Osborne. From an original Japanese release, in English. BA

S688 Cat in Heat (72) aka: La gatta in calore  Returning home from a business trip the engineer Antonio discovers in his garden the corpse of his neighbour Massimo, a young painter. He appears to have died of a gun shot to the head. Anna, Antonio’s wife, confesses to the murder. Antonio first hides Massimo’s body, and than tries to learn what pushed his wife to commit such an act…. A completely unhinged bit of Italian Giallo/Exploitation/Mystery for your viewing pleasure!   Plenty of nudity courtesy of the lovely Eva (Women in Cellblock 7... among others) Czemery. Also starring Silvano Tranquillin veteran of many a classic. LBX and with English Subs.  BA

K354 Catfights and Bitch Scraps (??) Fun-filled chick smack-down. A series of scenes with cute girls beating the crap out of each other. You know everybody likes to watch wenches wallop one another. Now's your chance!

S732 Ceylon my Love (80) aka: Passion Island  aka: Samanka - Young and sexy European fashion models are abducted to an isolated place in Ceylon, where they are involved in bizarre voodoo-like sex rituals. A fashion photographer becomes obsessed with one of the native women and must rescue his models from this bad scene. Partial LBX and in English language. BA  

S692 Champion Killer (94) Police detective Bo Butler tries to track a serial killer in this 'Dirty Harry' rip-off. The killer is captured and then freed due to a technicality. He hijacks a busload of kids etc. Entertaining low-budget sludge still delivers the goods for bad movie lovers everywhere!  BA

P614 Claustrophobia (11) Dutch made suspense horror! Eva (Alison Carroll) moves into a new apartment. After a night out she falls asleep on her couch and wakes up in a strange room bound to a bed. In Dutch with no subtitles, but easy to follow.

N219 Contact, The (92) Possibly the scariest Russian film ever made! A supernatural thriller that creates a truly inhuman otherworldly atmosphere that may just give you nightmares! A detective investigating a series of suicides finds to his horror what they are dealing with! This film takes you beyond life and into death. It makes you value life more after viewing it. In Russian language and with English subtitles.

S871 Coroner's Camera, The (97) Very graphic and shocking 1997 real-death video, with plenty of autopsies, headless bodies, crime victims, and tons of gore and intestines shown up close enough to make you puke. Be careful when you think of leaving your body to science, your rotting bod may just end up in one of these suckers!  The Horror....The Horror....

N178 Corpses with Claws of Steel (70) aka: Qui?  aka: Il cadavere dagli artigli d'acciaio  aka: The Sensuous Assassin  Marina and her boyfriend have an argument while traveling in France. He drives off a cliff and into the sea. She makes it out of the car, thinking he has drowned. Then his twin brother falls in love with her. But something is not as it seems...With Romy Schneider, Gabrielle Tinti and Maurice Ronet. Now in Italian language, with English subtitles and LBX!

K813 Crossbone Territory (87) aka: Special Force U.S.A.  Violent Italian made war picture with non-stop action and gruesome killings, heads cut off, ears sliced off and kept as souvenirs, scalpings, impalings, bodies blown up, shootings and stabbings galore..... In English too!  BA

F360 Curious Dr. Humpp, The (69) aka: La venganza del sexo  Sexploitation horror that involves a crazed doctor interested in examining the libidos of sexually active humans. He sends his guitar-playing monster and assorted henchmen out to kidnap young couples while involved in the act, and then keeps them prisoner in his lab. There he induces them to have sex so he may extract a serum to help him dominate sex, since sex dominates the human race. He also has a talking brain in a jar. Tons of nudity, group orgies, lesbianism, female masturbation...more... BA

S782 Curriculum (06) Gore spattered darkness from Chile. Two hit men with a penchant for despicable and gory killings (which you get a taste of) arrive simultaneously in a warehouse to off a woman who is already bound and gagged. They don't know, but they are competing for the kill, and they get forgetting about their victim get engaged in not only a battle of wits, but a battle of survival. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

N366 Curse of the Dog God (77) aka: Inugami no tatari  A village curse from the 'Dog God' means harm for intruders and the villagers as he metes out his vengeance. Possession, Exorcism and death as the body count rises!! In Japanese and with English subtitles.   BA

S689 Dance of the Seven Veils (70) A comic strip in 7 episodes on the life of Richard Strauss who lived from 1864-1949 told and directed by Ken Russell in his inimitable and always controversial style. Easy to see how this probably offended the Strauss family as it depicts him in a cartoon-like way (although only live action is employed) as a Nazi supporter (the truth is a long story, look it up). Incredible nun weirdness reminds one of Ken Russell's most Superior (!) work 'The Devils'. Strauss is still being used in film soundtracks today and is responsible for the iconic '2001' theme, amongst many others. The party at Hitler's is hysterical. This never would have aired in America, and when it aired in the U.K. the BBC got in deep shit and Ken Russell parted ways with the network.

SS928 Dark Echoes (77) aka: Deep Echo  aka: Dark Echo  The zombie ghost of a sunken excursion boat captain haunts an Austrian lake in search of vengeance on those who caused the accident. He is one cool skull-faced ghoul and he will rise from the ice-cold clear misty lake to kill!  Literally dripping with atmosphere!  This may be where John Carpenter got a few of his ideas for 'The Fog'. With Karin Dor.  

K538 Darkness Bride (03) aka: You gou  The ghost of a virgin has returned to wreak vengeance on three rural villagers who have dug up and sold her bones. Manages to instill an atmosphere of creepiness and dread with nice dim and dark locales. Slight LBX and English Subs.

P318 Daughter of Anik: Hell Serpent (87) aka: Zuma 2  aka: Anak ni Zuma - Green bald man with snakes on his shoulders fights the military and police while his daughter pursues him to end the killing spree. A lot more violent then the cut dubbed print this one showing hearts ripped out, monster babies ripping out of women's stomachs with guts hanging out, bloody snake attacks and nudity and more! In Tagalog with no subtitles, but definitely worth a look!

P459 Daughter of Satan (70) aka: Daughter of the Devil  On her eighteenth birthday, a woman is granted by Satan the power to make all of her sexual fantasies a reality. Soft-core sex dominates this Satanic themed film.

K374 Daughter of the Devilfish (84) A man kills his wife and she reincarnates as a fish and talks to her daughter. Later her spirit goes into a mystic bush while an evil witch and a mystic youth battle with magic spells. Weird Hong Kong stuff and with English Subs

K773 Deadbeat Volume, The #1 (90's) : A video show on horror with FJA, Angus Scrim, R. Christopher Biggs...more + after this runs approx 1 hour - Horror/Blood trailers with many obscure titles running almost another hour!

K631 Deadly Sweet (67) aka: Col cuore in gola  aka: I Am What I Am  Bernard meets Jane in a Night Club, in London, and he likes her. Her father was killed in a car accident, but Jane thinks he has been killed because he was blackmailed for a picture of his second wife, Jane's mother in law. In the same Night Club Bernard finds the blackmailer corpse and Jane near him, but he believes she is innocent. So Bernard and Jane run away followed by a dwarf, the blackmailer's men, who believe Bernard killed their boss and of course, the Police. They believe that Jerome, Jane's brother, can help them to solve the case. But Jane doesn't know where he is, or so she says. Corpse after corpse, Bernard will find out the truth..... Giallo from director Tinto Brass! LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

S670 Death on the Fourposter (64) aka: Delitto allo specchio  aka: Sex Party  Early Giallo type with John Drew Barrymore (Drew Barrymore's pop). In a dark eerie castle young playboys, sexy smokin-hot women (trust me), gamblers etc. gather for occult psychic fun with 'truth or dare' type party games that turn all too serious. Groundbreaking and influential and highly recommended!  BA

N137 Dedicato Al Mare Egeo (79) An older adolescent boy graduates from peeper to stud in this erotic thriller set on the Greek isles. He has more than he can handle but a young girl isn't too thrilled he is hooking up with her Full of nudity and sleaze. Starring Cicciolina (Ilona Staller) as Anita and Stefania Casini (from Suspiria) as Gloria. This film is in Italian language only with no subtitles. 

N157 Degenerates, The (95) aka: DeGenerazione  Asia Argento directs and stars in one of these episodic horror tales. Join in on the fun as each tale has it's own take on the macabre. Vampires, Future Worlds, S&M, Dream Invasions, Snuff, Evil T.V.....more.... In Italian language and with English subtitles.

K557 DeKronos: The Demon of Time (05) aka: DeKronos - Il demone del tempo  There is no past, present, or future. Research on Melatonina and a satanic sect summon back a witch from the 15th century to recall DeKronos, the demon of time. Nice sexy ladies, occult artworks of magnificence, bizarre rituals, time-hopping chaos...more - F.L.

N138 Demon Hunter (83) aka: Cazador De Demonios - A degenerate Shaman has made a pact with the devil. He has returned from the grave and with magic that enables him to turn into a demon monster! Now with English subtitles! 

K325 Desert Tigers, The (76) aka: Achtung: The Desert Tigers  aka: Kaput lager - gli ultimi giorni delle SS  - Sleazy Nazi War Action! Richard Harrison finds himself in a Nazi-run prison camp with some other Brits in Northern Africa. Gordon Mitchell stars as a sadistic S.S. officer who enjoys watching male prisoners get castrated! Loads of nudity, torture and sleaze! Uncut and in English language.  BA

P589 Detective Lovelorn (02) aka: Detective Lovelorn und die Rache des Pharao  Private Eye Lovelorn has to save the world from an evil and quite mad 3,469 year old Egyptian Pharaoh. Split personality, time travel and look it's Horst (The Magnificent Seven) Buchholz in one of his last films before his death! Campy bizarre and always entertaining hybrid from Germany. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

K324 Devastator, The (85) aka: The Destroyers  If you like 'Blastfighter' or 'Commando' than this one is for you! Loads of violence, guys getting beat up, explosions etc! A Viet Nam vet heads into the sleepy little town of King's Ransom, California to investigate the death of a Nam buddy. Once there he encounters a horde of redneck pot growers who pretty much have the whole town (including the cops) under their control. He brings in his other Nam brothers and the war begins!  BA

S750 Devil in Miss Jonas (74) aka: Der Teufel in Miss Jonas  Now an English Subtitled version of this German variation on 'The Devil in Miss Jones'. Twisted soft-core sexploitation with high production values from Germany!  Subs - BA

P553 Devil in the Brain (72) aka: Il diavolo nel cervello  Tense Italian made thriller giallo where a black-gloved killer carves up scantly clad young women. Atmospheric, and with twists, turns, and a shocker ending! With Keir Dullea, Stefania Sandrelli and more. LBX  and with English subtitles.  BA

S669 Devil Kiss (75) aka: The Wicked Caresses of Satan  aka: La perversa caricia de Satán - A mad doctor and a psychic countess do the occult devil thing trying to bring corpse's back to life in Count Victor's castle complete with a sexually frustrated midget helper. Plenty of nudity, Satanism and sleaze makes for a great show!  BA 

P554 Devil's Gift, The (84) aka: El regalo del diablo   An evil demon, that possesses one of those weird cymbal banging monkey dolls, takes over the mind of a suburban housewife to carry out it's diabolical agenda. No matter how much they try to get rid of the monkey, it always returns. Sound familiar? Did they rip-off Stephen King's story 'The Monkey"? More importantly, is the movie scary? To be honest it's a god-awful disaster! Which is why I can't look away!  BA

N139 Devil's Horse, The (75) aka: El Caballo Del Diablo - In a quiet town, the soul of an evil horse has possessed the body of a man turning him into a assault maniac with an unnatural hunger for evil. One demented and unusual horror. In Spanish with English subtitles.

K693 Devil's Lover, The (72) aka: L'amante del demonio  Creepy tale about a sorrowful night passed in a nightmarish castle, also the house of the demon. Many horror elements are mixed with erotic atmosphere.... The always amazing Rosalba Neri stars.  English subtitles.  BA

K298 Devil's Owl, The (77) aka: Mo gui gwai ying  A woman gives birth to a strange owl-creature. Mom loves Owl. Dad, not so much. In fact he is grossed out by Owl!  One day when Owl is older, he sees Dad killing wild game. This doesn't sit too well with who?  Owl. With some type of uncanny influence Owl persuades his furry friends to attack humans. This being revenge for their mistreatment!  Was PETA involved in this? Gory animal attacks, mondo type animal slaughter and more in this rare and obscure gem. In the opening the words on the screen say "This moving picture is specially for the World Wild Animal Protection Association"!  F.L.  With English Subs!

N237 Diabolical Inheritance (94) aka: Herencia diabólica   An evil clown doll terrorizes a family with knives, teleportation, and the power to induce erotic fantasies! An old midget plays the killer doll! Watch him rub Lorena Herrera's giant fake breasts! Watch as the killer clown plays hide and seek! In Spanish and with English subtitles.

S742 Diabolicamente... Letizia (75) Pretty Letizia (Franca Gonella) is adopted by two wealthy relatives (Magda Konopka and Gabriele Tinti). Her college experiences have been so awful she has become a sociopathic, and she harbors evil inside her sexy voluptuous body. Therefore our rapturous beauty brings sex, chaos, blackmail and...oh yes...death into her new family. Well let's see... Letizia moans, screams, brings on the sex, and shows her boobies. Konopa pretty much close to the same. Tinti goes apeshit in a disco.  Nice LBX  great quality in Italian language with English Subs.

F321 Divine Enforcer, The (91) Amazing must see trash!  You get Erik Estrada and Jan Michael Vincent as Priests (is that a newspaper in Vincent's hand or a not-so-carefully concealed script?), Jim Brown Robert Z'Dar as dope dealers, Judy Landers as a perky landlady and Don Stroud as a pasty chubby serial killer (that thinks he's a vampire) spouting off insane ranting dialogue with a raspy croakish voice. He keeps the skulls of his female victims for cereal bowls. Oh, and the title character, (played by Michael Foley) is a Priest that kills bad guys (Father Whupp-Ass?) Also Ed Neal (hitchhiker from original TCM) plays a guard. BA

N919 Doctor Bloodbath (87) aka: Butcher Knife  Abortion doctor, while his wife is out having affairs, has a change of heart and begins to slaughter his patients with butcher knife, meat cleaver, hammer and screwdriver. Wait, hey, his wife turns up pregnant, and he has his trusty butcher knife handy to perform the necessary duties..... From the director of the "Criminally Insane' films and many others!

S860 Dog King and Snake King (74) Chinese kung-fu flick with some snake horror mixed in as well. Two rulers in a village, one is this little guy who has control over thousands of slimy, wriggling snakes that do his bidding. The other guy is an obese goofy looking jerk who has a pack of wild dogs that obey him. They join forces to fight a violent kung-fu killer and his men!  In Taiwanese with no Subs

N382 Dog Lay Afternoon (76) aka: Bestialità  aka: Beestigheden - George Eastman (Anthropophagous himself) on writing (doggy) duties here, for treats presumably. A young girl spies her mother through the window, going at it with the family pooch. Look, this one is loaded with sleaze, and also with Ilona Staller, Cicciolona herself! We know the dog's favorite position, who wouldn't? But, well... later the girl turns into a complete nymphomaniac, and her favorite is any she can get, as she gets it with anyone she can in this politically incorrect romp with a bloody downbeat climax. Sex and nudity of course abound here! Now with English subtitles! A treat. Whoof. BA

P518 Domani Non Siamo Piu Qui (67) Brunello Rondi directs this drama starring Robert Hoffman and Ingrid Thulin. Neurotic young woman disturbs a group vacationing friends with her presence. LBX - F.L.

N179 Down the Ancient Staircase (74) aka: Per le antiche scale  Set in a mental hospital in 1930's somewhere in Tuscany. Closed off in their own world where, the lead doc shrinker pursues the cure to madness. He also is a very active ladies man and the three women benefit from his sexual itch. Francesca, the hospital doctor's wife, Blanca, his devoted nurse, and Carla, a nymphomaniac doctor's wife. Anna, a trained psychiatrist has arrived and she challenges his theories....worse still, she rejects his sexual advances. In Italian with English subtitles. BA

K785 Dracula Aema (94) A mysterious computer disc found on the beach begins a young man's terrifying and sensual encounters with a vampire who is seeking revenge on those who wronged him in life. Rare fang-filled vampire flick from South Korea. F.L.

P502 Dracula Blows His Cool (79) aka: Graf Dracula beißt jetzt in Oberbayern  aka: Il Succhione  When Stan turns his ancestral castle into a discotheque, he is unaware that his vampiric great-grandparents still live in the crypt, having spent many years feeding on stolen bottled plasma (supplied to them by their loyal servant Boris). Now, with an endless stream of young clubbers partying mere feet from their coffins, the undead can't resist!!!   A constant flow of sexy buxom women supply plenty of nudity.  BA

N123 Dream City (73) aka: Traumstadt   A married couple from Munich, receives through a mysterious agent, an invitation to a place whose inhabitants live in unlimited freedom, able to indulge all their dreams and wishes. They find themselves fighting for their lives when some of the wackier fantasies get way out of hand! In German language with English subtitles. BA

K347 Ed Kemper: Interview with the Coed Killer (92) Want to get in the mind of a 6 foot 9 guy with 136 I.Q., that murdered 10 people. Well here you go. Scary dude, let me tell you. For more serial killer profile fun, we have thrown in the great docu ‘Death Diploma’ (87) where you get to meet the real Henry Lee Lucas and his sidekick Otis Elwood Toole in interviews (Otis was one despicable idiot) and others. You may not sleep much if you watch this whole thing. 

N158 El Diabólico (77)  A devilish western! A satanic medallion makes it's wearers killer rapists. They will assault and kill and leave the mark of Satan on the bodies of their victims. This is a rare genre... the horror western! In Spanish and with English subtitles. BA

K818 El Espectro Del Terror (72) aka: Deviazione  Rare Spanish Horror! Deranged Viet Nam vet goes on a killing spree, murdering beautiful women, and disposing of their bodies in an acid bath. This one stars Maria Perschy!  Directed by Joe Lacy. In Spanish with no subtitles so F.L.  BA

N167 Enter the Void (10) Drug induced colorful frenzy from director Gaspar Noe. Past, present and future merge in a hallucinatory maelstrom of madness. Set in Tokyo, a man's soul stays behind after being killed by the cops in a drug bust. LBX  BA

S743 Erotic Games of a Respectable Family (75) aka: Giochi erotici di una famiglia per bene  Rare Italian thriller with Erika Blanc (em-hmm nudity, yep),and Dr. Butcher himself Donald O'Brien. Written by the great Renato Polselli! O'Brien hates his wife, murders her. Hooks up with hooker (Blanc) and starts hallucinates that his dead wife (or is it dead X-wife?) is everywhere! In Italian with English Subs. BA

N369 Erotic Witchcraft (72) aka: La goulve  aka: La figlia di Golem   Axel, the magician, raises a boy into adulthood. When Axel dies, it is the young man, son of a murderer, and tutored by a magician, to keep the tradition of guarding the daughter of Golem. Evil rituals and black magic run wild in this witchy cinema darkness. This only in average quality, but one of the rarest of French horror films presented here with English subtitles.  BA

P308 Esclavas Del Sadismo (95) A sick woman and her weirdo son kidnap and imprison young women, keeping them in a basement where they force them to engage in lesbian acts that they videotape to sell for profit. The son also enjoys whipping and beating the girls. The gory climax will take you by surprise! Uncut and in Spanish language and with no subtitles. 

K820 Estigma (81) An evil young man with strange psychic powers causes mayhem and death. Here is an English dubbed print of this giallo-psychic thriller similar to 'The Fury' somewhat. Directed by José Ramón Larraz  BA

S767 Etoile (89) Jennifer Connelly (just 17 years old) plays Claire Hamilton,a ballerina who comes to Budapest to pursue her ballet career.  Claire goes to the audition and back at her hotel receives black flowers addressed to long dead ballerina Natalie Horvath.  She is possessed by the ghost of a 19th century prima-ballerina who was killed in a tragic carriage accident."Etoile" shares some glaring similarities with Darren Aronofsky's recent hit "Black Swan" for example the theme of loss identity.  Like "The Spider Labyrinth" it was shot in Budapest...  LBX -  BA

N920 Evil Altar (88) aka: Altar do Diabo  In the small town of Red Rock, a devil-worshipping cult, in league with the local sheriff, kidnaps victims for sacrifice. With William Smith, Connie Woods and Robert Zdar.  BA

K781 Evil Day, The (92) Extended gory trailers from Timo Rose film's precede this gore-fest. Timo must have been pretty young to create this teen splatter that will either have you retching, or laughing your ass off. Buckets of gore in this ultra-splatterchunk-fest! Gut loads of extras! But wait, there is more! On the same program ' Wenn Es Nacht Wird....' (04) Strange and gory dark vampire short that will blow your mind! F.L. on all. No barf bags provided (sorry).

K315 Evil Force (77)  aka: Meatcleaver Massacre  Four crazed killers, butchered his wife, son and daughter. From his hospital deathbed he called upon the power of the occult for revenge...and he got it! Enter 'Morak the Destroyer'! (or something). Yes, you get gore, nudity and sleaze, and even Christopher Lee who unwittingly introduces the proceedings. Yes, even Lee was shocked to find he had participated. He had done some work for another producer who allegedly sold this footage to yet another producer who used it in this to maybe make a quick buck with Chris Lee's name on the credits. Shameful. But still, for bad cheese/sleaze from the 70's, you could do worse!  BA

P431 Excess and Punishment (81) aka: Egon Schiele - Exzesse   In 1912 Austria a painter is arrested after an affair with a Lolita-type nymphet. With Jane Birkin, LBX and in English language.

K619 Executioner 2 (84) Beware Rapists, Killers and Muggers! An L.A. cop and a reporter team up to find a serial killer. By the way, there is no 'Executioner Part One'.  Inept fun filled exploitation garbage with assault and death, trying desperately to cash in on the superior "The Exterminator" film, and trying to fool people into thinking this as a sequel. Still this is worth a look for it's bad movie entertainment value.  BA

S979 Exorcism of Anneliese Michel, The (0?) All archival recordings are presented in it's original version without any interference into the structure. This is what Hollywood based their version of the story on. This documentary tells the true story of what really happened using interviews and archival footage of those involved. But is it really true? Some say yes, others no. Subs!   

K839 Extreme Life and Death 2 (The Blair Witch of Documentaries) (00) Car accident scenes, legs lopped off by trains, more corpses in Thailand.... if you are a Mondo Death completist, this is a must! Dark stuff!

N370 Eyewitness (90) aka: Testimone oculare  Lamberto Bava directs in the best Giallo tradition! A blind woman is the only witness to revealing a murderer. By sound and smell of course. He is after her, and the inspector is having an affair with her as well. How many will die in the meantime? In Italian language and with English subtitles. 

K837 Facez of Death (00) Shockumentary madness with lots of downbeat gruesome death footage mixed with what appear to be re-enactments of gang shootings, store robberies etc. There's even a rap video at the end "How You Gonna Reason with a Psycho?".

K838 Facez of Death 2000 Part 2: Dead in Asia (96) This one has the focus on real death footage from Thailand, with lots of nasty rotted corpses, bodies with heads crushed, brains hanging out.... Rough stuff here, it's real, so be warned.

S752 Falling Point (73) aka: Point de chute  A disguised remake of "Night of the Following Day", the Brando flick, this with Johnny Hallyday.. Three men kidnap a girl and hold her in a small house on an isolated beach, waiting for her daddy to pay up. When their captive sees the face of one of her kidnappers, they realize they cannot return her alive. A dark, off the beaten track rarity not to be missed! In French with English Subtitles and LBX. BA

N112 Farewell Johnny (70) aka: Jannie Totsiens  Rare South African horror film!   A catatonic mathematics professor is committed to an asylum which is the microcosm of South African society circa 1970. The inmates band together to restore him to awareness but when one of their number commits suicide because of him, they then attempt something more on his behalf: murder! The first South African Horror film in Afrikaans language with English subtitles!

N168 Ferat Vampire (81) aka: Upír z Feratu  aka: Vampire of Ferat - A doctor is shocked when his nurse (an ambulance driver and former race car driver) signs a contract with a foreign car manufacturer 'Ferat', headed by a sinister old lesbian, to work as a rally driver. A fellow doctor and wanna-be vampire hunter believes that the 'Ferat' sports car runs not on petrol, but on HUMAN BLOOD! In Czech and with English subtitles.

P303 Forensic Shit (??) Wow! Here you get brain dissections, eyeball dissection, female personal parts dissected in gruesome detail and more. Very rough to watch at times, be prepared to barf at any given moment, and that's the truth!

N124 Forest of the Dead (93) aka: Bosque De Muerte - Three young couples go to a cabin in the woods. Their guest has a secret. They start getting picked off one by one. Rare and gory slasher from Mexico! In Spanish with English subtitles. 

P620 Freischwimmer (07) aka: Head Under Water  Bizarre thriller from Germany, a bit like 'Mulholland Drive' with it's dream fantasy/life sequences and weird storyline. LBX - F.L.  BA

K592 Fresh Bait (95) aka: The Bait  aka: L'appât- Three adolescents, a girl who serves as the priming, and two boys, commit a double-murder/robbery. A fascinating study of youth's descent into depravity. With English subtitles and LBX.

F327 Gaki Damashii (85) aka: Demon Within  aka: The Tasty Flesh   Rare Japanese made Horror about demons that incubate in people's stomachs before they gorily rip their way out of the hosts mouth. F.L. - BA

N357 Game, The (89) aka: Il Gioko  aka: School of Fear  - Lamberto Bava directs! A young teacher tries to find out the nature of 'The Game' her students have been playing. The kids are all repulsive and creepy, and Bava keeps the morbid tale on track to creep you out with them. Finally a great quality print this title! In Italian language and with English subtitles.

K389 Gestapo's Last Orgy (78) aka: Last Orgy of the Third Reich  aka: L'ultima orgia del III Reich Lise Cohen (Daniela Levy) is a Jewish woman caught in World War 2 and sent to a concentration camp that doubles as a Nazi brothel for the exhausted soldiers.... Commandant Conrad von Starker (Marc Loud) runs the camp with his she wolf wannabe at his side. Starker takes liking of sorts to Lise and she becomes his tortured pet project.... Incredibly depraved uncut 95 minute version of this twisted Nazi Exploitation.  BA

K404 Ghost Man (54) aka: Yurei otoko  A guy lures a cute model to his mansion and drugs her. When he is about to violate her he is chased off by a bandaged face guy (Ghost Man). Her friends find the girl dead in the mansion's bathtub. Another model is found dead, victim of the 'Ghost Man'. More killings follow and the top model joins a burlesque show to escape. A horror stage show, odd dance numbers and numerous scary scenes, and there is nudity and all the dead girls are undressed which may just rank this as one of the first horror films to have naked women!  F.L.

N102 Ghost of Chapelier, The (82) aka: Les fantômes du chapelier  aka: The Hatter’s Ghost  After killing his wife, a man goes on a killing spree and kills 6 of her aged friends! He's not done yet! Will he be caught? Cool French made thriller from director Claude Chabrol in French language with English Subs and LBX.  BA

K346 Giallo a Venezia (79) Two different source masters created this uncut and hard version of this film. This is the last word on this one, one of the sleaziest over the top Italian films from the 1970's rivaling only the great Polselli in downright nastiness. Fabio is a sex crazed cocaine addict who can only achieve sexual satisfaction by violence and sick voyeurism. This is pretty vile violence. You get a hooker stabbed repeatedly in the crotch in one of the most sickeningly audacious murders ever filmed, A woman tied to her kitchen table has her leg cut off with a hand saw while a guy is doused with gasoline and set on fire. Fabio's wife (played by Leonora Fani) endures endless humiliation and abuse. Easily one journey of blood, smut and degradation not to be missed by lovers of this genre! Subs BA

P467 Gina (75) aka: Stone Cold Revenge  A beautiful stripper gets some of the best criminals to help her get revenge on the men who assaultd her in her motel room. Set in small town in Quebec, ruled by snowmobiles and beer-drinking locals at the Tavern. Car chases, violent fights, and plenty of blood. As far as assault/revenge films go, this is a winner!  With English subtitles.   BA

N125 Girl From Trieste (79) aka: La ragazza di Trieste  If you have yet to see this one, now's your chance! This is a nice beautiful wide screen edition of this gem! Ornella Muti has never been sexier and she supplies ample nudity! She has an affair with old codger Ben Gazzara. She is also quite the mental case as you will soon find out. Downbeat and depressing, but haunting and colorful as well. Mimsy Farmer also stars!  BA

K438 Go, Go Second Time Virgin (69) aka: Yuke yuke nidome no shojo  Grim little Japanese film here. You get two Japanese teenagers. One, a girl who spends most of her time getting assaultd (violated three times in the movie) and the other, a boy who has just finished slaughtering his swinger parents and their partners. Together then they murder people. Later they contemplate the meaning of life on a rooftop and then jump off. You will have such a feel good time here!  LBX and with English Subs

K637 Gradiva (06)  aka: C'est Gradiva qui vous appelle  A professor researching Delacroix's North African work becomes entangled in an S&M waking dream in Morocco....  LBX and with English subtitles.

S729 Gran Bollito (77) aka: Black Journal   Check this out! Shelly Winters again in a 'Mama from Hell' type of role. She plays a psychotic Italian matriarch with a penchant for murdering her neighbors and boiling their chopped up corpses to make soap. In a spirit to waste-not-want-not, she grinds up any bones that are left over to make biscuits for afternoon tea. All of her victims are spinsters played by men in drag, one of them being Max Von Sydow! There is a lot more going on here. Set in 1938, this is an incredible film, a must see if you enjoyed Winters in her other 70's exploitation/horror films. LBX and now with English Subs! BA

N255 Green Elephant, The (99) aka: Zelyonyy slonik  Two men locked in a basement start to drive one another insane. One man goes mad, craps all over, then offers the other guy some excrement to eat. They are taken from their prison by a guard and his assistant where they are berated and one is forced to give the officer oral sex. The other guy snaps and kills the officer, assaults him, and rips out his throat. Some realistic looking sick stuff from Russia and now with English subtitles.

S987 Grimms Fairy Tales For Adults (69)  UNCUT German language version of the film.  Specify which print you would like when ordering. Here Grimm's characters engage in activities that the Grimm Brothers may not have approved of. F.L.  BA

S953 Gross Out (90) Extremely sick and vile comedy with juvenile humor and obnoxious nasty characters. Vomiting and other body functions figure prominently into the tasteless plot as well as rude language, a white guy in black face trying to act black, and more. I read a few reviews and they claimed it was not very gross at all. I guess they must watch people barf large chunks all the time and it doesn't faze them.....

S753 Guardami (99) A XXX film loosely based on the life of Italian Hardcore actress Moana Pozzi who died of cancer. The director used the story of the star, and the cancer to give an inside portrait of the porn industry. Now see it LBX and with English subtitles!  BA

P608 Guess What Happened to Count Dracula (71) aka: Dracula vampire sexuel  Count Dracula changes himself into a charming alpha vampire called Count Adrian in order to escape communism. In Los Angeles, he runs a restaurant called Dracula's Castle. Out of control laughs, hippies and more from this swinging seventies hybrid.  BA

P561 Hand of the Assassin (67) aka: El rostro del asesino  Spanish thriller in which a killer is out to score big with a cache of cash and is willing to murder whoever gets in his way. Filmed in a monastery that is supposed to be an inn. Supplies an old-fashioned gothic feel. Starring German Cobos.

S674 Hansel and Gretel (89) aka: Non Si Serviziana e Bambini  aka: Hansel e Gretel  Lucio Fulci presents this gory little gem. Two kids are kidnapped and killed for their organs which are sold for transplants. The ghosts of the kids return and wreak bloody revenge on the perpetrators of the crime. Now in very nice quality and with English Subs!  BA

K821 Hard Sensation (80) Some parts similar to 'Last House on the Left' this trashy violent XXX flick directed by Joe D'Amato and starring George Eastman delivers the super-sleazy goods! This is an English dubbed version totally uncut violent XXX with good picture quality.

S686 Hard Times For Dracula (75) aka: Tiempos duros para Drácula   Dracula is having financial difficulties and even his own castle is open as a public attraction. He also can't find love or victims!  From director Jorge (Devil's Exorcist) Darnell comes another bizarre and sometimes Gothic twist on the legend of Dracula done in a Sexy-Euro style!   Nudity of course.... LBX and with English Subs! 

K299 Haunted Tales (81) aka: Die xian  Two tales of horror here!   First a lottery winner who suffers a grim fate after goofing around with an Ouija board. Next a newlywed bride finds she is living in a house of horrors! Gory deaths, resurrected corpses and more! With English Subs too!

P596 Hellish Bastards (72) aka: Kolasmena katharmata  aka: Κολασμένα Καθάρματα   Another rare crime flick from Greece! With Antonio Liotsis. From sleaze director Ilias Mylonakos. F.L.

N170 Hot Chicks in Camp (00) aka: Atesli Kizlar Kampto   4 girls from Istanbul... 2 mysterious men and a freak from Damned Valley. The girls soon realize that the forest they are camping out in in is inhabited by a hunchbacked rapist! The music they play during the assaults is like easy listening muzak!  Nudity, Lesbo action,  In Turkish with English subtitles.

N336 Hot Target (85) aka: A Cúmplice  Wife of successful NZ businessman is seduced by fellow American after "chance" meeting in park. However, Greg has more than love-making with the beautiful Christine in mind..... The stunning Simone Griffeth stars (and displays her ample charms) in this 'Body Heat' rip-off.

S754 House of 7 Graves (82) aka: La casa de las siete tumbas  Two childhood friends have grown up and evolved differently regarding how they approach their fears.  The mystery has its roots in their childhood fears.  Debut director from Argentina Pedro Stocki uses this unsettling premise to construct his film and adds to it an old widow who hates cats, a mentally disabled girl and her love of pigs, a man whose behavior is truly strange and a disgusting pig eating scene... with gore and (slight) nudity!   In Spanish with English Subtitles! BA

671 I Cannibali (70) aka: The Year of the Cannibals  Another take on the Greek tragedy 'Antigone' but set in modern times. Britt (The Wicker Man) Eklund plays Antigone in a world where corpses are left laying around everywhere and no one seems to care. One guy literally wants to be an 'animal', an evil fascist government rules a totalitarian state and Eklund has a scene where she is running through the streets butt naked while be chased by militaristic cops with German shepherds. Bizarre surreal hippie sci-fi mind-trip. Now LBX and with English Subs! 

P319 Igorota (68) A primitive woman living in a tribal village gets knocked up by an outsider and has a child that is not accepted by the others in the village. An accident leaves the child dead and violence and hatred escalate. Bloody stabbings, spear battles, tribal rituals, nudity and more. Shot in the Philippines and in English language too!

S893 Il Mostro (77) aka: The Fiend - Mix a Giallo with Italian social satire of contemporary society and you get an idea on this one. A psycho killer uses a hammer and leaves strange footnotes. With Johnny Dorelli and a guest starring appearance from sexy Sydne (Some Girls Do) Rome. Slight LBX, in Italian language only.  BA

N162 I'll See You in Hell (99) aka: Tha se do stin Kolasi, agapi mou  aka: See You in Hell, My Darling  Nikos (Singapore Sling) returns and directs this twisted erotic tale of two lesbians who plot their revenge. Stylish erotic atmosphere, broken taboos, disturbing sequences and more from this controversial director. In Greek language and with English subtitles. BA

P467 Illustrious Corpses (76) aka: Cadaveri eccellenti  A detective is sent to investigate the murders of several Supreme Court judges. The director calls his film "a trip through the monsters and monstrosities of power". It is a detective thriller with the format of a political expose and deals with an unseen killer whose victims include judges, public prosecutors and magistrates. Or in other words, corrupt scumbags! Unsettling and dark. Slightly LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

S924 Immoral Three, The (75) aka: Hotter than Hell  Executor of a woman's will brings three women (who individually had been raised orphans) together and informs them they will earn a cool million each if they locate and kill their mother's killer. They are sisters!  These ladies are scorching hot!  Absurd violence and sexual situations galore!  Doris Wishman directs!  BA

S738 Impossible Pleasures of Manuela (03) A young ambitious photographer (David) needs to find a new job. He gets a job with Lucie who runs a film lab and is married to a good-natured teacher. Lucie films friends and couples having sex and makes them tapes for their personal enjoyment. His girlfriend starts losing her emotional confidence. Loads of hot sexy women, explicit, but perfect for couples, hell, I won't lie, this movie is on fire! In French language with no Subs, LBX.  

K817 Infernal Doom (87) aka: Muerte Infernal - An evil doll named Yermo comes to life, after being asleep for so many centuries, and wants to have sex with females, then kill them!!! Violence and nudity. Weird stuff here and also with English subtitles!

N126 Infernal Trio, The (74) aka: Le trio infernal  There was an outcry when this was released as the subject was nefarious. Sometimes recalling 'The Honeymoon Killers' this one depicts the crimes of a lawyer, his lover, and the lover's young sister. They dissolve one of their victim's in sulpheric acid. Grisly fun from France and with English subtitles too! LBX  BA

F357 Inquisitor, The (75) aka: El Inquisitor - A group of religious enthusiasts operating out of (as always) a Gothic castle are determined to destroy Satanists, diabolists and sinful women when they find them... In fact they are pretty much targeting only women. Good looking ones too. Can't help but get the feeling that they enjoy what they do too.... Anyway, they combine this ecclesiastical zeal with scenes of torture and violence.  F.L.

P609 Intensity (97) From the Dean Koontz novel. Chyna Shepherd (Molly Parker) is a twenty-six year old psychology student who survived an extremely troubled past and runs across a serial killer played by John C. McGinley. Intense and scary with McGinley being excellent as our madman. Portions of this, especially the first half were totally ripped off and used in "Haute Tension". This is just over 3 hours long! Also with Piper Laurie.

K305 Intruder, The (86) aka: Pembalasan rambu   Wild violent action from Indonesia!  A young loner named Rambu, takes on killers and drug dealers. They assault and murder his woman in retaliation. He loads up on ammo and gets help from a jilted girlfriend of one of the bad guys. Great fights scenes and brutality with stabbings, torture and explosions. Dubbed into English language and LBX!

P322 Isla (85) From the director of "Snake Sisters" comes a bizarre tale that includes weird rituals, nudity, incest, assault and more! More sleaze made in the Philippines in Tagalog and with no subtitles. Tagline: A child of the island. A girl of innocence. A victim of lust. A woman in need. 

N103 Itara: Guardian of the Dead (88) aka: Itara, el guardian de la muerte  The Manchus assault a temple to rob it of the Seven Crystal Books of the Thousand Buddha's but can only find 6 of them. The 7th is needed to decipher the others, through which they can attain dominion of the world! Itara has the book! Let the battle begin! Gunfights, torture, limbs chopped off, a vicious bullwhip battle, chicks beating the crap out of rapists, Mafiosi speaking Spanish with Italian accents, a score that sounds like it came from a 70's blaxploitation movie.... more! In Spanish with English Subs!

K908 Jaws of Satan (81) aka: King Cobra  A preacher whose ancestors were Druids battles Satan, who has taken the form of a huge Cobra (with a nasty disposition and a snappy personality!). This snake influences other snakes, so basically you get a killer snake movie here that, while bad at times, still manages to deliver the 80's horror movie goods! Fritz Weaver stars and Christine Applegate is 10 years old in her debut!!! Now in a beautiful LBX version!   BA

K355 Kamikaze (86) A crazy old and bored scientist invents a system which allows him to reach through the airwaves and transform live TV cameras into weapons to kill whoever is being filmed. LBX and with English Subs

K308 Khooni (85)  aka: Blood Frenzy  A family is cursed by an evil swami and becomes possessed by demonic spirits! The man of the house turns into a vampire guy with glowing eyes and deformed hands. The daughter goes all 'Linda Blair' with the spinning head gag, and the wife is assaultd by an invisible force (entity) in her bed! Looks like somebody needs an Exorcist!  Uncut in Hindu language with no Subs, but you don't need them!

N304 Killer Elephants, The (76) aka: Die Killer aus dem Todescamp  Entertaining Thai flick with fights, shoot-outs, explosions, car chases and other mayhem like rampaging elephants that stomp houses, roll cars, break into hospitals crushing hapless enemies as they go... etc...The stealth elephant is awesome. Yes, that is correct, the elephants are the star of the show! With English subtitles!  BA

K490 Killer Must Kill Again, The (75) aka: L'assassino è costretto ad uccidere ancora  Convoluted plot, brutal murders, suspense.... everything you would hope for in an Italian Giallo. A sleazy adulterer hires a serial killer to murder his rich wife so he can collect the inheritance. One of Italian director Luigi Cozzi's better efforts. LBX

K443 Kinski Paganini (89) Klaus Kinski believed he himself had lived through the same experiences as the legendary violinist Niccolo Paganini, who set the whole of Europe of the sixteenth century into a frenzy and through whose personality Kinski offers us an incredibly profound and honest insight into his own life; a life of extremities. Graphic Sex and Music! We have two versions here, the directors cut and the theatrical edition, both dubbed into English with no annoying subtitles. Also some surprise Kinski Paganini extras on a bonus disc!! What else? Oh, all three discs for the price of one, yes, you heard me!

S850 Krasue (Demonic Beauty) (02) Supernatural horror from Thailand that features a woman's severed head with guts hanging from it terrorizing the countryside in retribution for her slain lover. Crazy gore action as the primitive spear carrying villagers try to sort it all out. In one scene the men of the village are shooting flaming arrows at the flying head woman, and miss spearing an old guy who bursts into flames screaming. LBX - Subs

N212 Kyra: The Lady of the Lake (79) aka: The House by the Edge of the Lake  aka: Sensitività  aka: Diabla - From director Enzo G. Castellari. A young woman returns to her hometown. Everyone she comes across wants to have sex with her, which winds up bad for her lovers as they all have accidents and die soon after. Great mood as our witchy woman rides her motorcycle around the village, a black lake surrounds the villa, a sex scene in a graveyard, a Wicker Man style carnival, and an awesome catfight. Great sex and horror film and now in Italian language with English subtitles.

P466 La Bambola Di Satana (69) Erna Schurer, Aurora Bautista and Roland Carey (and many others) star. In an old castle, people start getting knocked off for an inheritance.Young Elizabeth (Schurer) returns to her family home for a reading of her uncle's will. She begins to have disturbing nightmares and is abducted by a hooded figure who imprisons her in his torture dungeon. Very colorful and atmospheric Italian Giallo set in a medieval castle with catacombs and torture devices. There is a black-gloved killer stalking his victims and a bit of eroticism. The wolves howling outside in the dark is a nice touch. LBX  and with English subtitles.

K638 La Belle Captive (83) Walter is told by his boss, Sara, to deliver an urgent letter to Henri de Corinthe. On the way he finds a beautiful woman he had been eying in a nightclub, lying in the road, bound up. He takes her to a villa to get a doctor, and ends up being locked in a bedroom with her.... An erotic...virtual reality puzzle  LBX and with English subtitles.

K306 La Ragazza Dalla Pelle Di Corallo (76) Rare Giallo Sex-Thriller from director Osvaldo Civirani. Gabriele Tinti stars as a man stalked by a sadistic hate-freak who harasses him, assaults his girlfriend, and eventually hunts him down to kill him! Snappy soundtrack, exotic locales and also with the gorgeous Rossanna Schiaffino (once described as the 'Italian Hedy Lamarr'! Uncut in Italian language with no subtitles.

N128 Lady Blood (08) Sequel to 'Baby Blood', the gory French horror film starring the oddly beautiful Emmanuelle Escourrou. 'Baby Blood' was about Yanka, a young woman assaultd by an ancient creature, who (was) forced during her (resulting) pregnancy to feed the unborn child by killing men and eating them! Now in 'Lady Blood', it is 18 years later. Yanka has become a cop, and a mysterious series of gruesome murders have taken place in Paris. Soon, Yanka and her team have to face the truth. The murders are being perpetrated by an inhuman monster! Se7en meets Street Trash meets Slither meets Brain Damage! In French with English subtitles. LBX - BA

N140 Lady of the Black Moon (71) aka: Sayedat al akmar al sawdaa  Weird Egyptian film! A woman satisfies herself with a young brothel man. She later has nightmares about being a witch that consumes her lovers sensitivity... or something. She soul searches after spiraling downward. This film emerged from an era of relaxed censorship in Egypt. In Farsi and with English subtitles.

S687 Lake of the Dead (58) aka: De dødes tjern  Hey this is one creepy little flick!  A group of friends travel to a cabin in a Norwegian forest. Legend has it that a one-legged man who died 100 years ago still haunts the woods and hypnotizes people to drown themselves in the lake. The Norwegian forest alone is quite chilling. Shot in black and white this rarely seen horror film is quite a treat!  LBX and with English Subs! 

K353 Las Joyas Del Diablo (69) aka: Joys of Satan - Opens with the theft of a relic/precious necklace from a museum. Murder, kidnapping, cool castle and beach locales, beautiful women and bizarre music fills up the running time as a group tries to stop the crimes and retrieve the goods. F.L.                                                                                                                                                                         

K312 Lethal Hunt, The (88) aka: Partida  A crazed vengeful old bag is after a cop because her daughter was killed in a bloody shoot-out. She has his family wiped out. Only himself and his son survive. Very bloody and violent, fashioned like a John Woo film. In English too!

K836 Libidomania (79) aka: Sexual aberration - sesso perverso  Now here is an English subtitled print of this ultra-sick and crazy documentary from director Bruno Mattei. Now you get to read what the 'experts' are saying about the different sexual aberrations and other depravities. Uncut in German language, offensive, excellent quality, English subtitles and LBX.  BA

S739 Liebes Lager (76) This one is like a missing puzzle piece to the whole Naziploitation era. If you love "SS Experiment" and "Beast in Heat" (and who doesn't?) then don't miss this one! Part exploitation, part social commentary, and a mess of genres combine with all the nudity, assault and perversion you would expect from this type of film. LBX and with English Subs.

N349 Lokis - The Bear  (70) aka: Lokis. Rekopis profesora Wittembacha   A pastor studying folklore in remote parts of 19th century Estonia is invited to stay with a young nobleman. His mother is sequestered and mad. It seems she was attacked by a bear when she was younger and local peasants whisper the young man may be the son of a bear. A doctor, who treats the mother with old-fashioned remedies reveals this to the pastor. Later the nobleman's wife is found with a bite and the man has disappeared into the woods. Is there a were-bear on the loose? A suitably creepy gothic horror film that carefully builds the air of menace and dread!  Finally a nice quality print, LBX and with English subtitles.  

K779 Los Inquilinos del Infiernos (04) Creepy horror from Argentina in the similar dread-a-sphere tradition of 'The Ring'. F.L. - BA

N242 Lost Platoon (91) Platoon meets The Lost Boys! Immortal soldiers thrive on war and live on human blood. When a man stumbles upon their secret he must chose to either die, or join them in their pursuit of chaos. BA

K348 Love Brides of the Blood Mummy (73) aka: El secreto de la momia egipcia  Gothic location work galore, some demented shock sequences involving chains, manacles and vaulted crypt-like  dungeons, girls being abused and molested, an aura of gloomy autumn countryside's crossed with dank cloistered claustrophobia.... Egyptian mummies are always fun but mix it up with sexy naked Euro-Babes and it gets even better! With Teresa Gimpera. F.L.

N160 Luna Di Sangue (89) aka: Escape from Death - Part of the Lucio Fulci presents series. A woman is the sole heir to a fortune and others are trying to drive her insane so they can get their grimy hands on her wealth. There is a nasty decapitation by scythe, and in another scene a penis is blown apart. Ouch! In Italian language and with English subtitles. 

P320 Mad Dog 2 (83) A cop hunts a brutal serial killer and is hindered by the other cops because of his 'Dirty Harry' tactics. He vows revenge when his wife is assaultd and beaten, going on a shooting spree of all the scum! Nudity and loads of violence!

K811 Madonna..... Babeng Ahas (91) Another snake flick! This time a girl, cursed by her grandmother turns into a hideous snake-monster! Some nice shape-shifter transformation scenes, bloody deaths and nudity. In Tagalog with no English subtitles so F.L.

N232 Magdalena the Devil's Female (74) aka: Magdalena, vom Teufel besessen  Finally a great looking LBX English language version with no subs! Magdalena (Dagmar Hedrich) is an orphan at a girl's school who gets possessed by a demonic supernatural force. She goes into convulsions and makes furniture fly around the room and low and behold and ye and hey, here comes the local exorcist to help. This is a very sleazy graphic "The Exorcist" rip-off with plenty of nudity and offensive subject matter. BA

K323 Magic Curse, The (77) A man taking a journey into the jungles of Borneo encounters snake women, mad witch doctors, cannibalistic lepers, and a seductive goddess who, after having sex with him, gives him the 'Magic Curse' of the title. One woman also gets hexed and she turns into a vampire woman and bites off her lover's penis! Dubbed into English too!  LBX

K537 Mallika (10) A large breasted woman has double triple nightmares, her car breaks down the next day, she meets a violin playing dude and they hitch a ride with a truck driver who wrecks when they drive through a flock of BATS, the guy finds a sword, demonic spirits make themselves known, singing dancing, bumbling cops, haunting satanic ghouls..... well we have a crazy Indian film here and yes with English Subs and LBX too!

N238 Man of Ganimedes, The (76) aka: El hombre perseguido por un O.V.N.I.  Alberto Oliver, an unsuccessful pulp novelist is attacked by alien mutants when he comes back from visiting his lover Carol. Soon he finds himself chased by a flying saucer that tries to abduct him and take him to a distant planet in an anti-matter galaxy. One of the first and best Spanish sci-fi films with plenty of gratuitous nudity, amazing FX inspired by Billy Meier, cool score, space molestation....more! In Spanish and with English subtitles.  BA

S904 Man With Two Heads, The (72) aka: L'uomo con 2 teste  Gothic and bizarre Andy Milligan take on 'Jekyll and Hyde' !

S769 Marta (71) A madman tortures his victims in his personal torture chamber! Stephen Boyd plays a seriously deranged man who has serious issues, beginning presumably in the opening scene when his mom catches him with a woman and he murders her (his mother). Marisa Mell shows plenty of skin! This is in English language, slightly LBX print

P590 Mask Under Mask (02) aka: Mortal Beauty - Set in a fictional society where 'flawless' people live in a palace and the other (poor, sick, and not beautiful) people live in the surrounding wastelands around the palace. When the ruler of the 'beautiful people' is scarred, he is tossed out. He joins the normal people in a revolt against the people of the palace. LBX and with English subtitles. BA

K349 Massacre of the Cannibal Acid Fiends (93) aka: Cannibal Massacre When their country imposes unreasonable taxes on a vile and beastly family of acid eating cattle men, they decide, in their not so infinite wisdom, to switch to human meat instead of animal. They set up the roads to cause accidents, the victims of these wrecks being turned into sausages and cold-cuts! Sick, crazy fun and now with English Subs!

S677 Meatgrinder (09) aka: Fleischwolf  A psychotic yet pretty female Thai noodle cook named Bood comes up with a new recipe to throw in the pot when she finds a dead guy under her stall. When she mixes in his flesh with spices she gets more customers than ever!  She also has a weird voice guiding her and it tells her to lure and kill people for more noodle stew fame. When her male companion suspects she may be evil he becomes the hunted.... In Thai with English Subs

N918 Midnight Cabaret (90) Devil cult wants to capture an actress because they want to make her pregnant with the devil's child. With Michael Des Barres. BA

K388 Midnight Shade (80's) From Thailand comes this rarity. A man practicing blood magic turns into a werewolf. He has sex with a woman and afterward rips her apart and devours her entrails. The curse is transferred to his wife. When two guys try to assault her, she turns into a beast and rips them to shreds!  She uses her sexual wiles to attract men to their doom. Can a local priest concoct a remedy for this curse? Horror, sex and nudity is rare for Thai films from the 1980's. Cool stuff but in Thai with no Subs so F.L.

N915 Mind, Body and Soul (92) aka: Die grauenvolle Blutspur des Satans   A young girl innocently attends a satanic coven's rituals, and is thrown in jail where she is abused, beaten and assaultd. Let's see.... Ginger Lynn Allen naked a lot... check.... Wings Hauser crazy as ever...check... Satan.... check.... Hell, I'm in! BA

K445 Mirage (90) Three couples vacationing in the desert fool around. Soon after a madman in a black jeep begins to hunt them in the desert where there is no place to hide! Decent gore and T&A make this one a winner and kind of obscure so check it out!

N141 Moana (09) More biopic intrigue on the life and death of Moana Pozzi one of the most popular and prolific Italian porn gals ever. In Italian language with English subtitles and LBX.  BA

S683 Monster of Florence (85) aka: Il mostro di Firenze  Companion film to " The Killer is Still Among Us" made the same year. Based on a true story of the Italian serial killer who terrorized Florence, both films pissed off the families of the real life victims. And since it is based on real life slayings for the sheer value of exploitation, you get a very gory and nasty film. The killer likes to murder couples 'getting it on' in cars. The Monster of Florence has never been captured to this day. Or has he? Slight LBX and now with English Subs! 

S776 Morke (05) The psychological thriller "Murk" tells the story of Jacob, who is investigating into the circumstances surrounding his sister's death on her wedding night.... Bleak Darkness from Denmark! The director Kaas actually has lost family members to suicide.  LBX and with English subtitles. BA

N249 Murder on Line One (90) aka: Deadline  The wrong guy is captured and the real killer keeps dishing up the mutilated bodies. Reporter Susan Moore gets involved and finds she is in more than just a hunt for a killer, but something far more sinister.... BA

P465 Mystère (83) aka: Mysterie  Giallo elements in a spy thriller! A photographer gets the goods on a political killing, including shots of the killer. He hides the negatives in a lighter, which is stolen by a hooker named Mystere (played by Carole Bouquet, Bond girl from 'For Your Eyes Only'). The killer carries a cane with a blade on the end. Hey, I have one of those!  Also with John Steiner, Gabriele Tinit and Janet Agren.  BA

S854 Naked Countess, The (71) aka: Die nackte Gräfin  A weird countess has bizarre sex in her house, enjoying being watched by her husband who watches from a distance. Kinky colors, decadence and witchy orgy psychedelic not unlike what you would expect from Polselli. This however from Kurt Nachmann and not really reaching the savagery or perversion of a good Polselli film. Kind of like what happens when the rich indulge their primal lusts with no expense spared. Quite rare. LBX and in German language only with no Subs.  BA

N360 Naked Girl Relaxes (81) A number of drug addicts and robbers assaultd the wife of a driver for revenge. Carjacking and humiliation is the name of the game here in this Spanish made sleaze with plenty of tawdry behavior. F.L.

K953 Name of the Game is Kill, The (68) aka: Il mistero della bambola dalla testa mozzata  Jack (Hawaii Five-0) plays a Hungarian drifter that accepts the hospitality of three strange sisters and their equally odd mother who are operating a last-chance gas station in an abandoned town. Little by little bizarre hints and secrets are revealed and dangerous mystery unfolds as deceit and seduction play our hero like a fiddle from hell. Still a bit washed out, this print looks much better than previous print, this being very clear! Also with Susan (Scream of Fear) Strasberg. Offbeat, convoluted, creepy and even disturbing last act. Almost a template for many similar films to follow.  BA

N239 Nathalie: Escape From Hell (78) aka: Nathalie rescapée de l'enfer  aka: Campo de perversion    Finally a great quality English language version of the Naziploitation classic! A beautiful American doctor (Patrizia Gori) imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp uses her skill to save the life of an SS officer, who falls in love with her. However a sadistic female SS officer (who has a penchant for leather and whips) considers him her personal property and uses her riding crop to whip, beat and torture to make sure it stays that way! Lots more to the story with gun play and more. Also with Jack Taylor and Jacqueline Laurent. Recommended!!!  BA

P432 Necromancer (88) aka: Necromancer: Satan's Servant  After being assaultd by three scumbags, who then blackmail her to keep her quiet, a young woman contacts a 'Necromancer' for revenge.

K924 Nerves (08) A man is going insane with visions of dismembered limbs and creepy zombie Santa Clauses....  German Splatter in German language only with no subtitles.

K433 Night Hunt (93) aka: Survive the Night  A female 'Judgment Night'!  Stephanie Powers, Helen Shaver and Kathleen Robinson take the wrong exit and run out of gas in the South Bronx. They spend the rest of the movie trying to escape and survive as a street gang tracks them with murderous intent. They fight back and kill some of the bad guys too so there is some decent violence here! Filmed in Toronto which was made up to look like the Bronx.

N243 Night Rhythms (92) Nick West (Martin Hewitt) is a successful 'talk radio' host. His seductive voice attracts a crazed listener. Soon he finds himself framed for murder and must prove his innocence. He enters a world so sordid that even he could not imagine it. Uncut version. BA

N245 Night Stalker, The (87) aka: The Man Who Could Not Be Killed  Charles Napier (recently deceased) is Sgt. J.J. Striker! A tough homicide cop is assigned to track down a serial killer who is murdering prostitutes. Look for Robert Z'dar in a small role. Ola Ray is in this, she played Michael Jackson's girlfriend in that 'Thriller' video. BA

K373 No Survivors, Please (64) aka: Der Chef wünscht keine Zeugen  Aliens attempt to take over the earth by taking over the bodies of humans at their moment of death to use as tools for their invasion plans. Contains some pretty ruthless death scenes. A surreal excursion into the modern international Metropolis, complete with threats of world war, mass destruction, media influenced desensitized to violence etc. With the beautiful Maria Perschy. 

S869 Nurses for Sale (71) aka: Käpt'n Rauhbein aus St. Pauli  A rough-looking, but good hearted, captain sails off to find some nurses who are kidnapped, beaten, aped and imprisoned by a gang of ruthless smugglers in the jungle, finding himself and the girls in a life and death struggle!  Stabbings, shootings, nudity, acid throwing...more. This is in German with no Subs. LBX - Rare stuff  BA

K380 Obvious, The (91) The first part is a 40-minute compendium of sex and violence scenes culled from many many films that moves at a frantic pace that will leave you in a state of shock!!! This is the best of it's type ever seen and believe us, 40 minutes is enough!  Next are 30 minutes of outtakes, scenes that were considered but were not used in the production. The third part is 50 minutes of classic sex and violence trailers: Ilsa She Wolf of the SS, Wildcat Women, One Armed Executioner, The Deathmaster and other exploitation, sexploitation, and horror films. Great party disc!

S678 Oedipus Orca (77) Sequel to 'La Orca' (S679). begins where 'La Orca' ended. German playboy centerfold model Rene Niehaus reprises her role.  After returning home, Alice has troubles adjusting to normal life. Her boyfriend takes her to the abandoned building where she was held captive and she sends him back out to the car and masturbates in the room where she shot her captor/lover dead. Later her parents take her out to their country home where she tries to seduce an old family friend. Lots of flashbacks to the first film, loads of nudity and sleaze, grotesque slaughterhouse footage, you can't go wrong here. LBX and with English Subs

P522 Ombre (80) aka: Shadows - Another rare Giallo this one starring Lou Castel, Laura Belli and more. Directed by Mario Caiano who directed many Italian films from peplum, spy to Nazi, and giallo. LBX-F.L.

S852 Orgasmo Nero (80)  Mark Shannon and Lucia Ramirez star in this, another bizarre Caribbean set Joe D'Amato Sex classic. Very graphic with some of the hottest island chicks and a nasty self-castration thrown in so you don't get too comfortable. LBX - Still in Italian language but this is still a very nice print!  BA

N250 Out of the Dark (89) Telephone fantasy service run by Ruth Wilson (Karen Black) is menaced by a serial killer. BA

N251 Paper Mask (90) Hospital aid steals identity of a promising young doctor. He romances a nurse (Amanda Donohoe) and after professional negligence turns to murder she begins to suspect he is not what he claims to be. BA

S680 Pat, a Particular Woman (82) aka: Pat Una Donna Particolare  Shot in a villa near Rome, the same one used in 'MonsterHunter/Absurd". A perverted trio of thugs (a creepy dwarf, a She-male and a man) lure would be actresses to the villa where they film them having sex and then to their horror they are murdered on film after and even during the sex!  In one scene they are filming a woman dressed as a nurse/nun tending to a wounded soldier. After they have sex on his hospital bed he strangles her and then uses a wheelbarrow to haul her out to the yard for burial. In yet another scene a guy dressed as Dracula impales his victim with a stake (after he has had sex with her that is!). Twisted XXX - From director Alberto Cavallone. In Italian, no Subs

K316 Pesadilla Sin Fin (87) aka: Never-Ending Nightmare  Brutally violent Mexi-Horror about a savage killer murdering people who are out to celebrate a Mexican holiday. He has flashbacks about his father being stabbed to death in a bar as a child, so he goes on a knifing and shooting rampage. Nudity and Gore with stabbings, shootings and slashed throats. In Spanish with no Subs so F.L.

K427 Pigsty (69) aka: Porcile  Two splendidly demented tales from doomed director Pier Paolo Pasolini. First: A young cannibal (who has devoured his father!) roams the filthy medieval wastelands in a truly primal and violent tale sure to please! Second we get a guy named Julian a son of Nazi's, withdrawing from the human race and going for pigs. Huh? Hey, it's a Pasolini film! LBX  and with English Subs! black and white BA 

N350 Police Raid the House of Love (78) aka: Casa dell'amore... la polizia interviene - Rare horror thriller from Renato Polselli! Based on a satanic sect featuring the usual exploitation elements of blood and writhing naked women! The quality is not the greatest, but never has been, but still it's not bad, and now it is LBX and with English subtitles!

N914 Prime Evil (89) aka: Nel nome del maligno  A coven of devil-worshipping monks living in New York City search for victims for their sacrificial ceremonies. A brave and determined nun infiltrates the terrifying group. BA

P433 Private Collections (79) aka: Collections privées  Three stories from three directors, one of them being Walerian Borowczyk. A man is shipwrecked on a tropical island, and meets a sexy woman. He erases all of his signs of distress as he intends to stay here with her. What happens next? The second story, an adolescent searches for the lyrics to a nursery rhyme, his journey leads to dreams and sexual awakening. Last, a man in late 19th century Paris hires a prostitute to take back to his room for the night, but she may not be as she seems! LBX and with English subtitles.

N246 Project Vampire (93) A fanatic vampire plans a diabolical scheme of revenge. All must die as he tries to spread the curse of the vampire to gain allies in his quest. Old school FX add to the fun. BA

S865 Psychic T.V. #1 - Weird, amazing, horrorific graphic show that aired in the late 80's early 90's (British cable) showing the bizarre and cult-like practices of the Temple ov Psychick Youth (that's how they spell it!) a European occult group that believes in painful practices ala sex-magick rituals. Bloody and sick footage of their practice is shown here, with members cutting each other up and doing XXX acts together. There are more shorts here, very offensive and gory stuff with really haunting music of wailing people that sounds like people doomed in hell or something..... This entire thing may just screw up your head so be warned, we take no responsibility for your sanity.

S866 Psychic T.V. #2 - There is more here for you to destroy your brain cells. This is offensive and creepy and full blown sick. Gross out city. Enjoy, and don't hold us responsible for what happens to your psyche! 

K555 Psycho Cop (89) A devil worshipping police officer (with a penchant for cheesy one-liners) follows a group of college kids to a vacation home and proceeds to kill them in hysterical yet imaginative ways. From the school of 'so bad it's good' a very entertaining bit of 80's slash/gore! An axe to the skull, billy-club down the throat, snapped neck, taser to the groin, bullet through the head, heart pulled from chest... and more mayhem.

K556 Psycho Cop 2 (92) In this sequel our hero returns with a plan to kill everyone who he thinks has broken the law! He crashes a bachelor party and gets to work. Look-Out! This is the uncut 85 minute Canadian version too! Funny one-liners are heading your way as he kills with maniacal glee! Gorier than installment number one, and twice as hilarious!

K625 Quick-Draw Okatsu (69) aka: Yoen dokufuden: Hitokiri okatsu  (sequel to Female Demon Ohyaku)  LBX and with subtitles.

K700 Quiet Place in the Country, A (69) aka: Un tranquillo posto di campagna  A talented, imaginative painter (Franco Nero) is having trouble finishing any of his paintings (painter's block?). His matron and lover (Vanessa Redgrave) arranges for him to stay at a quiet villa out in the country. Instead of getting any work done there, however, he becomes obsessed with the story of a beautiful and promiscuous 17-year-old girl who was mysteriously killed at the villa during WWII. The older locals (especially the men) are equally obsessed with the girl, and they all end up holding a bizarre séance. But it is only the painter who starts seeing her ghost and eventually solves the mystery. Or does he?   Also stars Rita Calderoni - LBX

S733 Rage Within, The (69) aka: Delitto al circolo del tennis  A famous tennis player and his circle of rich snobby friends are being targeted by hippie student revolutionaries (and maybe his wife is involved as well!) in this stylish, moody, well photographed, ample nudity enhanced giallo directed by Franco Rosettti and starring Anna Gael. LBX and with English Subs. BA

K611 Rahtree, Flower of the Night (05) aka: Buppha Rahtree  A guy knocks up a woman that previously had been sexually abused by her stepfather. He convinces her to get an abortion. She does, and then kills herself, staying behind as a ghost to haunt the apartment building. Her boyfriend returns... she has nasty surprise in store for him. You get a lot of assorted weirdoes in this one. With English subtitles.

S749 Red Light Girls (74) aka: Love Angles aka: Prostituzione - Someone is stalking the ladies of the night. The crimes lead police to a porn film maker and his stable of lovely models and starlets. This is the uncut 105 minute version of this one directed by Rino Di Silvestri of 'Werewolf Woman" and "Women of Cellblock 7". Plenty sordid and sleazy with loads of nudity and with Krista Nell, Lucretia Love, Orchidea De Santis, Magda Konopka and more!  BA

K595 Resurrection Man (98) Belfast:1970. Victor Kelly (Stuart Townsend) is a young protestant man who hates the Catholics so much that he begins to brutally murder them with a gang. Victor's love for violence goes beyond what is needed and he spirals out of control.

K750 Ritual of Death, The (90)  Teenager Brad starts having some weird hallucinations about ancient Egyptian/Indian Satanic rituals.  It all has to do something with some sort of a devilish book.  Brad enjoys eating raw and bloody goat liver and there is a bloody bath of Brazilian babe with a severed goat head and eventually becomes possessed by an ancient spirit and goes on a bloody killing spree.... Cheesy Brazilian slasher flick with lots of gore and naked female flesh....

S954 RoboWar (88) Great Italian director Bruno Mattei rules!   Hi-tech secret warfare weapon robot runs amok in this amazing shameless clone/mix of 'Predator' and maybe even a little 'Robocop'. Set in the jungle with an international cast, exotic locales and good electronic music. Testosterone driven lead characters, rotting cadavers, and almost scene for scene 'Predator' rip-off shots and plot (at times). Throw in actors Reb (Sssssss) Brown, Catherine (Ghost Town, Witchery both the same year) Hickland and Claudio Fragasso. Explosions and violence throughout!  LBX 

N917 Room of Chains (70) aka: Les amours particulières  For fun, two men capture and torture women. The two perverts games get more and more perverse as the film progresses. French made sleaze dubbed into English.

P324 Sabik kasalanan ba? (86) story of a young bride Celia (Joy Sumilang), whose workaholic husband Mario (Tani Cinco) has been neglecting his wife's sexual needs. She then has a love affair with her husband's best friend Edgar (Gino Antonio) until he dies of food poisoning. Celia then goes to jail for her lover's death....  Hardcore sex scenes and some graphic shootings and violence mixed in to make it more "entertaining"!  Uncut in Tagalog and with no subtitles. With some pretty hot Filipino chicks too!

S734 Salamander, The (69) In Morocco, two vacationing lesbians, one white (Ursula, played by Erna Schurer), one black (Uta, played by Beryl Cunningham) meet a middle-aged man. He wants to steal Uta away. Uta overhears Ursula and the man talking and shocked to interpret them as racists, she plans drastic bloody actions. Uta is one disturbed bitch, this because of her past. From director Alberto Cavollone. There is a time code running at the bottom of the screen. Also with Anthony Vernon and Tony Carrel. Nice quality and with English Subs.

F358 Satanic Attraction (90) aka: Atração Satânica  Fernanda, a radio DJ, has a show in which she tells gruesome and gory horror stories about satanic rituals and sex murders. However, when bodies start turning up around town killed in exactly the way Fernanda describes on her show, it looks like someone or some group is using her show to get ideas....  BA

P361 Satan's Bed (65) aka: L'emprise du vice  The same year that the 'Beatles' second film 'Help' premiered, Lennon's future soul mate Yoko Ono made her film debut in this. She plays a Japanese bride-to-be of a drug smuggling immigration agent. assault and more. Yoko is god awful, but hasn't she always been?

P607 Satan's Children (75) Suburban teen, with family troubles, named Bobby, runs away, is assaultd by a gang of greasy gay guys, and is rescued by a Satanic cult! To qualify for Satan's army, Bobby escapes and gets violent revenge on those who have wronged him. He crucifies his sister, beheads his father, kills the gay rapists and therefore qualifies as Satan Cult status. Apparently, Satan hates gays too! (They just can’t win!) Dark and dirty exploitation picture with a cold-hearted downbeat ending.  BA

K311 Scare the Living (91) An evil witch, executed by decapitation, haunts a village by attacking people. She is now able to use her severed head to fly through the air and attach to her body when she is ready to drink the blood of her victims. File under the 'flying head' genre. LBX English Subs.

P360 Scare Their Pants Off (68) Lunatics John and Bert cannot enjoy women unless they are terrified so they abduct three hotties and try to scare their pants off!

N226 Scared to Death (89) aka: Terror a la Muerte  A martial arts instructor whose teenage daughter has been killed by a bear (but he doesn't know that) goes searching for her with a group of his martial arts students. Her body has been taken by a crazed old guy named Nestor, that has mistaken her for his lost love. He dresses her up and plays house. He also has a mute servant who keeps zombie guys chained up in the basement who he likes to whip. The zombie guys escape and begin to kill. The bear returns for killing too! What a mix! In Spanish and with English subtitles.

N916 Scarlet Scorpion (90) aka: O Escorpião Escarlate  O Anjo (The Angel) is a millionaire playboy who fights the forces of crime, especially his deadly enemy, the arch-villain Scarlet Scorpion, who has recently kidnapped a fashion model who is in love with our hero! Plenty trashy with nudity mixed with sleaze and even nods to old super-hero styled shows from way back. From director Ivan Cardoso. BA

N206 Schalkan the Sculptor (79) aka: Schalcken the Painter  Legendary ghost story adaptation, and if you haven't seen it, I will not spoil the surprise!  The unpleasant ending is truly one of the most nightmare inducing scenes ever to appear on British television. If you like a good Gothic Horror Story, and enjoy being creeped out, repulsed even, you must watch this!!!

P355 School of Fear (69) aka: Sieben Tage Frist  At a boarding school for boys in Northern Germany, a student vanishes in the night...  Directed by Alfred Vohrer who helmed many an Edgar Wallace based film, so you get loads of creepy atmosphere. In English language too!  BA

K618 Schoolgirl Hitchhikers (73) aka: Jeunes filles impudiques  Jean Rollin directs this crime film with a touch of lesbians and sex. Two young girls hitchhiking through the country stop at a house, which they think is empty. Later that night, after some hot lesbian sex, they discover three people are also at the house and they turn out to be thieves missing some stolen jewelry and naturally they think the girls have stolen it....

K815 Scorpio Nights (85) Notorious when released comes this fetish sex and violence Philippine film. A young laborer living in a slum apartment has sex with the night watchman's wife, resulting in bloody assault and revenge meted out by her crazed husband! I won't tell you how this plays out, won't ruin it, but it's definitely disturbing, offensive and gruesome. Plenty of nudity of course. In Tagalog and with English subtitles.

P535 Seducers, The (69) aka: Top Sensation  aka: Sklaven ihrer Triebe  - Finally!  Pretty decent English language print of this classic Euro-Trash with Rosalba Neri, Edwige Fenech and Ewa Thulin. On a yacht, a mother tries to get her son laid, with tragic results. Dripping with sleaze and dread! From director/writer Ottavio Alessi who wrote 'Emanuelle in America', 'Damned in Venice' and many others!  BA

K300 Self Defense (84) aka: Siege  aka: Night Warriors  When the police department goes on strike, a group of neo-nazi-right-wing-extremists types attack a gay bar killing some gay guys! One escapes and seeks refuge in an institute for disabled young people. See what happens as the thugs put the building under siege as they seek to finish the job! Very UN-PC stuff here like how about this line "Faggots!  I hear you guys like to get plugged!"!  Don't worry, the bad guys get theirs!  There is attempted sodomy with a stick, stabbings, nudity and more! Kind of like 'Tenement' or even 'Assault on Precinct 13' this is a decent entry in the urban-survivalist sub-genre.

N119 Seven Minutes, The (71)  An explosive film about a banned book, a assault, and a trial that tore a town apart! Uncut 71 minute version with the nudity restored! This includes the complete assault sequence and some extended scenes of nudity. About the censorship problems of a fictitious novel called 'The Seven Minutes'. The cast is a who's who of Hollywood. Yvonne DeCarlo, John Carradine, Tom Selleck, Charles Drake, Wolfman Jack... cameos from Russ Meyer and Uschi Digard....many more!  BA

S851 Sex and Black Magic (80) aka: Voodoo Baby  Nice print of this Joe D'Amato trash classic. Sex/Voodoo set in the Caribbean. More Gore, More Sex, and even cannibalism. In the opening scene the native guys cut open a dead tribe member and start to eat his guts!  Richard Harrison is on an island studying the natives. He walks in on his wife about to have sex with a young sexy female islander (Lucia Ramirez, also in Porno Holocaust and Sesso Nero). He smacks his wife down and takes the girl himself, his wife starts to watch and then joins in. Beautiful location photography. The shock ending is pretty cool.  Bonus deleted scenes, a Boner Bonus Sex scene with Mark Shannon and Lucia Ramirez, and more!  LBX and with English Subs!  BA

K930 Sex of the Witch (73) aka: Il sesso della strega  An archaeology student discovers a strange medallion. It is inhabited by a female succubus, who takes possession of him and forces him to commit a series of murders. Incest, drug fueled orgies and other perversions. Camille Keaton of "I Spit on Your Grave' in a supporting role.  LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

K597 Sexmission (84) aka: Seksmisja  Two men volunteer for a cryogenics experiment, expecting to be revived in a couple of years. Instead, they are revived several years in the future, in a world with only women which is run by the League of Women's Lib. This movie has a lot of nudity.... With English subtitles 

P541 Sexomania (74) aka: Mia gynaika me parelthon  A woman goes crazy after numerous sex adventures and starts having weird flashbacks. Filmed in Greece with cool locales. F.L.

S771 Sexy Cat (73) Finally an uncut copy (6 extra minutes) of this great comic-book character come to life, killing those who have ripped off her character. A movie crew shooting a movie (featuring a similar character) finds themselves stalked and killed by a vengeful killer. Great stuff here, and now LBX and with English subtitles! 

P517 Shadows Unseen (72) aka: Abuso di potere  Crime drama giallo hybrid which casts Frederick Stafford as a maverick police inspector who gets assigned to what would seem an ordinary homicide case. His investigations, however, soon open a can of worms involving organized crime at the highest levels. The police decide maybe he has learned too much! Also with Marilu Tolo. Dubbed into English and with Greek subtitles. LBX

S735 Shreik in the Night (91) aka: Alarido del terror  Hugo Stiglitz is a treasure hunter who leads an expedition that includes Roberto Ballesteros, an important scientist, and Edna Bolkan, a beautiful anthropologist, into the jungle. They take bones from an ancient tomb they open. These bones are connected to a high priest who was sacrificed. They have just awoken a diabolical being, 'Chaneque', who will commit the bloodiest of murders in order to retrieve the stolen remains. In Spanish with English Subs. BA

S861 Sickest Disc on Earth (various) Classic sex loops mixed with graphic music videos mixed with gruesome death photos and more!  The famous "Box Balls" short, "Motel Sex-Change in Tijuana", John Wayne Bobbitt penis operation footage, much much more. Prepare to have your mind blown! 

N374 Silk Worm, The (74) aka: Il baco da seta  A woman who has a taste for younger men gets robbed by one of her gigolo types. This is basically a whodunit giallo-thriller type, quite rare and forgotten. With Guy Madison, George Tilton and Nadja Tiller. In Italian language and with English subtitles. LBX - BA

S781 Sindrome (04) When Victor realizes he only has a few months left to live, he decides to save Ana (his ex gal) form her addictions. What will transpire between the man who loves life but cannot live, and the woman who can live but does not love life?  LBX and with English subtitles. BA

N330 Sleeping Car, The (90) Jason (David Naughton) moves into an abandoned train car where he resurrects the vicious ghost of his landlord's dead husband. With Kevin McCarthy and Jeff Conaway. BA

K313 Snake Girl, The (73) A woman has a family that hates her. So much so in fact, they throw her into a snake pit where she ends up assaultd and killed by a giant snake! She dies, but before that, she gives birth to a snake girl, who grows up in the pit with the snakes. She climbs from the pit hell-bent on revenge!  Bizarre Asian horror entry!  With English Subs! 

K302 Snake Sisters (84) Born from snake eggs 3 girls grow to womanhood on a remote island. There they run wild with the snakes and monkeys of the island. Hunting, fishing, crawling in the mud etc... naked except for a thong/loincloth, jungle necklaces... they eat their kills raw. They even have a god, a giant snake-creature with a human talking head! They are never to mate with man, or their will be consequences. They build a raft and leave the island. Afloat on some debris, they find a man. They land on another island. The man asserts his dominance with some forced mating. Will they all succumb to his charms? Amazing photography, weird psychedelic sex scenes, wild natives living in trees, weird snake lady transformations with old-school FX.....truly bizarre and with English Subs.

N303-K819 So Sweet, So Dead (72) aka: Rivelazioni di un maniaco sessuale al capo della squadra mobile This is the definitive version, LBX, in Italian language and with English subtitles running 96 minutes and approx. 40 seconds. A serial killer is out and about, killing unfaithful wives and leaving compromising photos with their corpses. Misogyny to many, but in a way, that is the whole point of many a giallo!  Just sit back and watch the naked babes get slaughtered! With Farley Granger, Sylva Koscina, Feni Benussi, Krista Nell and more.  BA

N163 Some Too Quiet Gentlemen (73) aka: Quelques messieurs trop tranquilles  The citizenry of a dying town hatch a scheme to get tourists in an attempt to save the town. To their horror, a group of hippies moves in, disrupting the lives of the townsfolk with hippie-esqe unconventional ways. When a villager is found murdered the hippies and the locals must come together and figure this out. Lots of nudity. In French and with English subtitles.  BA

S783 Spanish Triple Threat (10) Amazing Unmasked El Doctor versus Calavera Maligna + Attack of the Mutant Dick From Outer Space + Martians Go Home - 3 (count 'em!) special campy-sci-fi fests with rock-a-billy soundtracks! Incredible homage to 50's science fiction here making it very enjoyable for fans of this great genre. These all are not only in great quality, but they also have English subtitles! Attack of the.... features a penis-like spaceship ala 'Flash Gordon' and a monster that looks like a penis-man terrorizing the countryside.  BA

P325 Spider Labyrinth, The (88)  aka: Il nido del ragno   An American professor of archeology Alan Whitmore is ordered by his superiors at his university to go to Budapest.  He travels there to work with another researcher and stumbles into pagan worshippers of a giant subterranean spider monsters.  A crazed demonic killer is slaughtering those who stumble unto the secrets of 4000 year old cult and there seems no way out of the labyrinth....  Fantastic looking print and no optical censoring. Spider cult horror with excellent cinematography, mood, and haunting atmosphere. Lovecraftian even. This one delivers the creepy goods with FX by Sergio Stivaletti. LBX - BA

N149 Spider, The (91) aka: Zirneklis  A young girl agrees to sit as the Virgin Mary for a young painter. She begins having nightmares in which the painter turns into a giant spider and tries to assault her. Is this closer to reality or just a dream? Creepy and surreal. In Russian language and with English subtitles.

K782 Strange Red Bodies (80's?) A group of strange doctors in the wilderness, in tents, may be the cause of zombies roaming around the area, stalking and attacking in the darkest of night. Rare Japanese horror. F.L.

N185 Succubus: The Devil in Love (89) aka: Sukkubus - den Teufel im Leib  A lovely and naked Pamela Prati stars as the title character. 3 mountain herdsmen have opened the door to evil in their region of isolation by summoning a demonic women using black magic. In German language with English subtitles.

K369 Sucedio en la Internado (82) aka: Perversion at a Girl's Girl's School - Sex, nudity, lesbianism, betrayal and murders! The finale has some beautifully excruciating revenge scenes! Directed by Argentinean horror director Emilio Vieyra. In Spanish language only. F.L.

S718 Sweet Bunch (83) aka: Glykia symmoria  A bizarre group of outcasts that includes a porn star, a prostitute, and an ex-con to name a few, hang out in a musty old mansion, surviving by committing small time crimes. They kill time by having sex, partying and doing drugs. From the director of "Singapore Sling"! LBX and with English Subs!  BA

N375 Symptoms (74) aka: Symptoms l'incubo dei sensi   Angela Pleasence (Donald's daughter) is a blood virgin in this eccentric and mysterious horror tale set in the British countryside. She is a predator woman that kills everyone around her. Classic and creepy gothic horror type with shocks. From director Jose Ramon Larraz the man behind 'Vampyres', 'Deviation', 'Whirlpool' and others. Check this one out if you haven't seen it! Recommended! 

S867 Tabi Tabi Po (01) Weird Philippine horror-fantasy film with three stories of evil and the occult, involving vampire-women, midgets, werewolves etc. Some stabbings, vampire attacks...etc....Fun monster stuff!  No Subs

N247 Tainted (88) A devoted school teacher and loving wife is caught in a web of suspicion, betrayal and murder after an attempted assault. With Shari Shattuck. BA

K432 Take an Easy Ride (76) Cool hitchhike warning film that throws in horror and exploitation elements with various scenarios of nubile young ladies sticking their thumbs out. People were reeling from 'Last House on the Left' a fact not left unnoticed by the filmmakers here who cram more sleaze in this 40 minutes than many full length films can manage. Wait : But there's more! To pad out the running time 3 more P.S.A. types, Hitchhiking: The Road to assault, A Film on Hitchhiking, and finally, The Hitchhike, all dealing with the perils of hitchhiking which at the time was common as girls across the land served themselves up on the roads as teenage angst set in trusting the hands of fate in a macabre type of Russian roulette.

K317 Tastiest Flesh (85) aka: Gakidama   A journalist becomes infected with a Japanese demon that incubates in the man's stomach before ripping it's way through his mouth. Somebody snatches the little beastie for food. They apparently are very tasty! Twisted and gory little monster film that runs just under an hour. Now with Subs! 

P323 Teenage Prostitution Racket (75) aka: Storie di vita e malavita (Racket della prostituzione minorile)   Interwoven stories dominate this sordid exercise in sleaze doom and despair. Make no mistake, this is classic downbeat Euro-trash sure to please even the most jaded. In English language with some scenes in Italian language with English subtitles. If you have not seen this film, now's your chance! Don't miss this one!  LBX  BA 

K916 Terror Express (79) aka: La ragazza del vagone letto  Written by George Eastman, the 'Anthropophagous' himself! Three psycho-thugs commandeer a train and then begin to assault and murder the passengers. The cast plays like a who's who of Italian gore veterans, from Zora Kerowa (Make Them Die Slowly/ New York Ripper), Venantino Venantini (City of the Living Dead), Fausto Lombardi (Rats: Night of Terror), and a bunch of actors from Andrea Bianchi's "Burial Ground".  Now in a LBX print with English subtitles. BA

N227 Terror Sex and Witchcraft (84) aka: Terror, sexo y brujería  aka: Captive of the Beyond  Vicky goes to a gypsy witch for a love spell. She must sell her soul to Satan. After a passionate night of love-making with her won by black magic man, Satan orders Vicky to kill him. Later his brother becomes possessed by his spirit who seeks revenge. There's also a ghoul on the loose disemboweling guys. Crazy stuff here! In Spanish and with English subtitles. 

S930 Terrorgram (88) Three tales of terror hosted by James Earl Jones. Heroine Overdose, Pandora, and Veteran's Day. Pretty obscure film here. Decent original tales and some gore here and there for good measure. 

K390 Terrors from the Clit (98) XXX parody of 'Tales From the Crypt' complete with androgynous horror host drag queen dude, cool gaudy comic book-like look, hard-core horror based sleazy sex and beautiful women, hell what's not to like?

N117 Thrushes are Still Singing, The (79) aka: Ta kourelia tragoudane akoma...  Twisted Greek film from the director of 'Singapore Sling' Nikos Nikolaidis. This one is fairly dark and pessimistic, cruel and funny, cynical and sweet. About people with no hope, who have been betrayed. Some consider Nikos film's the work of an anarchist as he defies typical social structures. In Greek with English subtitles. LBX

F319 Till Death Do We Scare (82) aka: Xiao sheng pa pa  Tom Savini supplies special make-up FX to this Hong Kong horror/comedy film!  FX include a giant blue demon, an imploding face, flaming eyeballs, a talking pig's head and a ghostly grin that turns very wide. LBX - F.L. - BA

S682 Torino, City of Vice (79) aka: Torino centrale del vizio  aka: Lust  Sadomasochistic relationship between Hellen (Rita Calderoni) and Mirko (Tony Matera) leads to marriage. To clear the air Hellen reveals she is a part-time prostitute and also enjoys sex with girls as well. Sounds like a win-win there, extra cash for the household and extra women!  Well, it's not as simple as that. Hellen is kidnapped for a money scheme. They need her signature on a bunch of blank checks. Will Mirko save her or will they both die? Co-directed by the legendary Renato Polselli. LBX and now with English Subs!  

N150 Torment of Flesh (65) aka: Die Geißel des Fleisches  Weird Austrian film about a guy that kills women because of a bad childhood and because women shun him. This is his torment, so he takes it out on them. Atmospheric and well paced throughout. Politically incorrect, bizarre, exploitation shocker. In German and with English subtitles.

F359 Toy Box, The (71) The plot revolves around a swingers party, where the guests act out sexually perverse scenarios for a man called ' Uncle' to obtain gifts from a mysterious toy box. But when a couple of guests suspect it is not as it all seems, including the identity of 'Uncle', we go from sexploitation and veer off into an insanely wild and absurd  story involving aliens and humans sold as drugs...or something... BA

N131 Transgression (88) aka: La trasgressione  After murdering his mother, Angelo hooks up with Valeria (Milly D'Abbraccio in her debut, who went on to do porno, see some in XXX section of this update!) after murdering his mother and together they engage in random acts of  senseless violence, a killing spree that involves sexual situations and depravity. In Italian language with English subtitles. BA

P567 Transylvania (06) Zingarina (Asia Argento) arrives in Transylvania, accompanied by her close friend Marie and her guide and interpreter Luminitsa in search of her lover and becomes immersed in Gypsy culture. She hooks up with someone else. Technically this film is loaded with stereotypes of Transylvania/Romania, but features splendid looks into the region. From what I have read, Romanians are pissed at this movie because they do not feel it is an accurate representation of their life-style. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

N228 Trap, The (85) aka: La gabbia  aka: Dead Fright  Uncut-Euro version! After seeing his girlfriend (Florinda Balkan) and her son off for the Christmas holidays, an obnoxious lothario (Tony Musante) realizes that his girlfriend's landlady (Laura Antonelli) was a girl who he knew 15 years earlier and had seduced and abandoned after taking her virginity. He introduces himself again to the woman, hoping to get some hot sex while his girlfriend is away. He finds himself tied to a bed and at the mercy of the now-deranged woman and her "very curious" daughter (played by Blanca Marsillach). Also with Cristina! Nudity and sleaze highly recommended! 

N222 Treasure of Bitch Island, The (90) aka: Le Tresor Des Iles Chiennes - Heavy science fiction about the search for a new energy source powered by the fusion of two primary substances. An expedition is staged  to the only place these substances occur... In French language and with English subtitles. LBX

S719 Turn of the Screw (85) aka: Otra vuelta de tuerca  From the director of "Cannibal Man"! A lavish remake of "The Innocents" except with a young man in the Deborah Kerr role. Amazing coastal settings create ethereal dread and atmosphere aplenty. A great Gothic horror film, that may make you keep the lights on after you watch it. Creepy kids and ghosts! Can't go wrong here. LBX and with English Subs. BA

P304 Ultra-Gash Inferno Mix tape, The (??) Mix Disc alternating between various animals mating, very gory scenes from films, XXX scenes from strange porn films, and heavy metal music played over the proceedings. Fun stuff for your next party!

N294 Unscarred, The (00) From Buddy Giovinazzo the director of 'Combat Shock'. A guy (James Russo) deep in debt runs off to Germany to meet up with old friends. Once there past secrets are revealed and no one gets out of this flick unscarred. Fun, surprising and wildly unpredictable. The film's bloody set-pieces are handsomely shot. Also starring Ornella Muti, still looking great at age 45. BA

K622 Vampire is Alive, The (89) Screenwriter Joyce moves to a remote old house so she can work on a script. She winds up being terrorized by a rot-faced, razor-fingered, Freddy Kruegeresque freaky demon spirit dude. Meanwhile, spunky lady private investigator Jackie butts heads with a gang of nasty criminals.... LBX 

P460 Vampiros Sexos (88) aka: I Was a Teenage Zabbadoing - Outrageous Austrian/German film shot in black and white that really goes all over the place. F.L.

S976 Viaggia, Ragazza, Viaggia, Hai La Musica Nelle Vene (74) Rare Italian drug-sleaze from director Pasquale Squitieri. Victoria Zinny, Raymond Pellegrin, Brigitte Skay and many more star. A woman seems to be losing her mind. Eventually she is drugged and brutally gang assaultd, or is she? She is a junkie now, which may explain her descent into promiscuity, maggots and madness. Downbeat and grim outcome. LBX - F.L.

K463 Violations (85) Extremely rare SOV rough stuff about guys that tie up and abuse women. Soft-core weirdness that must be seen to be believed!

P310 Violent Stories (85) aka: Historias Violentas - 5 cool short stories all ending in some type of violent tragedy. A very unusual Halloween party, a Midnight movie, an unexpected UFO encounter, a very obnoxious neighbor, and a very violent resident. Great stuff and also with English subtitles!

S720 Violette Noziere (78) This film is based on a true murder case in France in 1934. It is about a young girl of 14 (played by by Isabelle Huppert who was over 21 at the time) named Violette and her encounters with several older men. She is hooking secretly while living with her parents. Eventually she falls for a spendthrift young man whom she virtually supports from her prostitution and also from stealing from her unwitting parents.  Lavish production in French language with English Subs. BA

K602 Virgin Hunters (94) In the year 2019, an American corporation has overtaken the globe. At the behest of board member Camella Swales (Morgan Fairchild), Supercorp has banned sex in all its forms, resulting in humans being grown from test tubes...  (with original “Virgin Hunters” title)

S690 Vlad (79) aka: Vlad Tepes  Nice quality Romanian film that finally sets the record straight. An accurate depiction of the 15th century brief rule of one Vlad, known not only as the Impaler, but also a national hero. Vlad defied Church, tradition and tolerance (lazy people, thieves and scoundrels better watch out!) as he rallied to drive the Ottoman Turks out of his country. He also had to contend with traitorous nobles. Yes, there are impaled people (we like to think they had it coming!). Yes, being a Romanian film, it may lean too favorably upon Vlad and his deeds.... but this is debatable if you read all the facts. He may very well have been correct in his actions... Or was he?  This is kind of the Romanian equivalent to "Braveheart". Very well done. A classic of it's type. LBX and with English Subs.  BA

K967 Voices (73) aka: Nightmare  aka: E Se Oggi Fosse Gia Domani - A man takes his wife to a secluded mansion to recover after their son drowns. However things are not what they seem to be. They begin to feel an uneasy presence, and hallucinate. One of the eeriest of British chillers, now with original title "Voices". David Hemmings and Gayle Hunnicut star.  BA

N151 Voyeur, The (77) Jose (Vampyres) Larraz directs! A middle-aged man, married to a beauty who lives with dissatisfaction. Mortified by jealousy, consumed by need, she sleeps with other men to ease her anxiety. The condition is however that he must be there to participate. Alexandra (The Blood Spattered Bride) Bastedo stars with Hector Alterio and Aurora Bautista. In Spanish language only with no subtitles.

K797 Wall, The (07) Ghost desperate to inform young adults who and what caused her death in a mystery with chills from Indonesia. LBX - F.L.

N376 Warped Ones, The (60) aka: Kyonetsu no kisetsu  aka: The Weird Love Makers   Two teenage convicts and a young prostitute wreak havoc in Tokyo. Imagine John Cassavettes remaking 'Rebel Without a Cause' in Japan, and throwing in some raw sex scenes and you get an idea of how this plays out. Pure anarchy as our heroes plow through society, pissing off as many people as possible. Breathtaking location scenery of urban Japan, and stark illustrations of sociopathic nihilism make this a real eye-opener. In Japanese language and with English subtitles. BA

N377 Web of the Spider (71) aka: Nella stretta morsa del ragno  aka: La horrible noche del baile de los muertos    Yes! An uncut 107 minute version and LBX with English subtitles. Antonio Margheriti casts Anthony Franciosa as writer Alan Foster in this, his remake of his earlier film. No one has ever survived a night in Blackwood castle. Edgar Allen Poe (Klaus Kinski!) bets Foster he cannot either and the bet is on! The castle is striking and scary, complete with skulls, crypts and mist with a well written script by Bruno Corbucci. With Michele Mercier and Peter Carsten. Ethereal vampire beauties and gothic atmosphere make this one a classic!  BA

K783 Witchdoctor of the Living Dead (85) An evil witch doctor terrorizes an innocent village. He has the ability to change into a goat, and calls up an army of zombies to destroy anyone who stands in his way. The good priest and his allies must try to stop him....  Wow! This is an African made horror film! Huge soundtrack moments ripped off and used in what they are attempting to make dramatic or even horrific moments in the film, these will make you laugh! There are black frame flashes throughout...maybe to their own style of filmmaking. In the opener zombies attack a guy, and he hides in his car. There is a corpse-dude in the car that vomits a snake, which ends up going down his throat! Later, a woman gags up a cobra. You may roll on the floor when you see the 'witchdoctor' of the title turn into a brown goat accompanied by intense orchestral sounds! A shriek-fest for sure! Some English but mostly Congo/African language... or something.

K309 Wohi Bhayanak Raat (86)  aka: That Same Horrifying Night   More crazy horror, this time from India!  A suave vampire picks up his victims at discos. When he gets them home he turns into a lumpy-faced fiend that sucks them dry. He also *apes a gal before killing her. This is one ugly vampire!  No Subs so F.L.

K822 Wolf Guy (75) aka: Wolfguy: Moero ôkami-otoko  Sonny Chiba stars in this horror/karate/fantasy hybrid. Tons of bloody gory deaths, nudity, surgery scenes, flesh-tearing and blood spattering. This violent film must be seen! Now with English subtitles!!! 

P543 Women Seeking Love (75) aka: Gynaikes pou zitousan ton erota  From Greek sleaze director Ilias Mylonakos. Two lesbians commit assault and robbery and escape to a nearby island. The hotel owner falls in love with one of them and leaves his girlfriend. Meanwhile, his cop brother is on the case to track the women down. Nudity, Sex and death in the Greek tragedy tradition! With more nice Greece locales. F.L.

S667 Year of the Sex Olympics (68) aka: Theatre 625 The Year of the Sex Olympics  In the future, reality T.V. controls the minds of the overpopulated country.  Huh? Wha?  A young couple is put on an island without any modern technology and their attempts to survive are filmed 24 hours a day for the viewers. Pretty graphic for 1968 television with graphic violence and even some nudity!  Brian Cox stars in this and went on to have quite a wide and varied career which continues today!  Essential viewing and hey, looks like somebody saw the future on this reality T.V. crap that is stinking up the planet. (Most of it anyway.)

K307 Your Sweet Body To Kill (70) aka: Il Tuo Dolce Corpo Da Uccidere  A cowardly henpecked diplomat fantasizes about murdering his blabbering bitch of a wife. When she has his pet piranhas destroyed, it pushes him over the edge. He wastes her (or does he?)!  He tries to blackmail a Nazi doctor to dismember her body and stuff it in a suitcase. The suitcase that is supposed to have his wife's body parts ends up accidentally in the hands of an innocent young woman (Orchidea (The Killer Wore Gloves) de Santis). This is a fascinating Giallo type from director Alfonso Brescia, but not bloody or full of nudity like some of his better works. Still worth a look and easy to follow with plenty of suspense and unusual moments. And the last shot of the film is guaranteed to make you chuckle! Overall, think 'Diabolique' or 'Crucible of Horror' Italian style! In Italian language with no Subs!   BA





S684 Amazons (74) aka: The Lustful Amazons - aka: Yuka  aka: Maciste contre la reine des Amazones  aka: Karzan Contre le Donne dal Seno Nudo   - A race of Amazon women are introduced to the world of heterosexual sex by adventurer 'Karzan'!  You will so wish you were in his boots!  Lesbians, betrayals, sexual embraces, infectious illnesses, poisoning, more!   A young and sexy Lina Romay, naked chicks with bows and arrows, more... Now, LBX and finally with English Subs. BA

S741 Cocktail Special (78) aka: Wet Lips  Basically this is just a tasteless and entertaining porno  from Franco co-starring his horny wife Lina Romay. The cocktail of the title involves some piss and a certain male bodily fluid, so just so you know what puddles you are splashing in.... Plenty of hard action as well so the best of both worlds (for some fans of this genre).  Loads of perpetually horny and smutty women who seem to just lay around, legs spread, waiting for any male stud to inseminate them... Hey, this is the ultimate print it actually has English Subs.

S744 Gemidos De Placer (83) aka: Moans of Pleasure - A Man (Mayans) invites a Woman (Romay) to his house to live with him, just before the arrival of his wife (Vela) who is coming back from the insane asylum.... Loads of nudity and really fantastic scope photography, incredible, just gel into the Franco groove and you will be transfixed and yes, even immersed, into bad beautiful cinema with a bold artistic slant of immorality.  The torture death of the servant is violently erotically charged, and the lust-filled, three-way orgy that follows is akin to a literary masterpiece written in moans and writhing bodies. The Marquis de Sade would be very proud...  LBX and with English Subs.

P606 Inconfessable Orgies of Emanuelle, The (82) aka: Las orgías inconfesables de Emmanuelle  aka: Emmanuelle Exposed  Reuniting with her husband,, Emanuelle gets drunk at a party and starts to strip for his friends. She tries to redeem herself, but hey, we all know that Emanuelle is nothing but a dirty whore, and after getting assaultd she goes on a sex spree to forget him! With Muriel Montosse (as Vicky Adams in credits) as Emanuelle. LBX and with English subtitles.

N180 Night of 1000 Sexes (84) aka: Mil Sexos Tiene La Noche - Jess remakes his 'Nightmares Come at Night' film, which had already been remade as 'Voodoo Passion'. This is probably the best version of all 3. Lina Romay stars as a nightclub mind reader who finds herself under the influence of sinister forces and suffers from nightmares of bloody murder. In Spanish and finally with English subtitles! LBX - BA

N240 Obscene Mirror, The (73) aka: Al otro lado del espejo  aka: Lo specchio del piacere  Uncut XXX version and now with English subtitles! A woman (Emma Cohen) suffers a breakdown after the suicide of her sister (Lina Romay). It's not long before she begins to see her dead sister inside a mirror, which causes her to go out, take men home, and kill them. Haunting, sad and tragic, but also sexy. Cohen and Romay are fantastic in this!  BA

N196 Paula-Paula (10) Jess Franco does a female Jekyll and Hyde film here with bizarre camera tricks. Lina Romay shows up for a small part. Music jumps around from jazz to rock to some country twang. Morphed imagery, double-vision distorted colors..... Shot in only a few rooms where two women make out. F.L.  - BA

N204 Perverse Countess, The (74) aka: La comtesse perverse  Finally a nice print! Jess Franco remakes "This Most Dangerous Game" and ups the eroticism. Wild camera moves, great score, and fast paced! As the rich owners of the island where the game is played, Alice Arno shines in the role of the evil countess, while Howard Vernon plays her husband in his usual charming self. Lina Romay, looking incredible here plays a victim (lots of nudity), while Tania Busselier from Ilsa: The Wicked Warden shows up (naked) as well. Effectively mixing horror and suspense, one of Franco's masterpieces, and now LBX and great quality with English subtitles.

S751 Sinfonia Erotica (80) aka: Symphonie érotique  Disturbing and extremely well-made Jess Franco film about a woman (Lina Romay) returning home from an insane asylum only to discover her husband is now living with a man. The two men eventually find a nun (Susan Hemmingway) who's been assaultd and the three come up with a plot to kill the wife for her money....  Now Finally not only in great quality but with English Subtitles too!  BA 





S935 1000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse, The (60) aka: The Shadow vs. the Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse  aka: Die 1000 Augen des Dr. Mabuse  Fritz Lang's final movie saw him return to the criminal master Dr. Mabuse. Post-war Germany, ingenious crimes are being committed that remind the police of Dr. Mabuse. Meanwhile an American industrialist is in Germany to close a deal. At the Luxor Hotel he saves a woman from committing suicide. But this gesture plunges him into a world of deception, blackmail, voyeurism and international crime.  BA

P438 17 Sinister Street (58) aka: Grabenplatz 17  aka: In de Zwarte Spin  German made crime thriller with Kai (Island of the Burning Doomed) Fisher and directed by Erich Engels. In English  BA

K871 1931: Once Upon a Time in New York (74) aka: Piazza pulita  Tony Anthony plays a small town hood in this gangster flick. Shot in West Virginia. Also with Adolfo Celi, Richard Conte, Lucretia Love, Lionel Stander and Irene Papas. 

K706 71 Into the Fire (10) aka: Pohwasogeuro  On August 11th, 1950, 71 boy soldiers of the South Korean army singlehandedly held back the elite North Korean 766 Commando Brigade for a full 11 hours. Most were still in their school uniforms and had only fired a single bullet in training... A harrowing tale...  LBX and with English subtitles  BA

P381 800 Heroes (77) aka: Ba bai zhuang shi  This film is based on the true story of a regiment of Nationalist troops fighting the Japanese forces several times their strength. Like the Japanese '300' except there's '800'. Big budget with loads of action sequences. Made in Taiwan. Dubbed into English. 

P375 84C Mopic (89) Vietnam war film shot in first person POV. It works and you feel like you are right there with the platoon on a recon mission in the jungles of Viet Nam! No epic patriotic propaganda but a gnarly uncompromising realistic look.

K585 Admiral Yamamoto (68) aka: Rengo kantai shirei chôkan: Yamamoto Isoroku  Toshiro Mifune is the Admiral. As Japan joins in a political pact with Nazi Germany and fascist Italy Yamamoto is appointed supreme commander of the Japanese fleet. He plans the attack on Pearl Harbor and realizes it is the just the start of his countries crusade. LBX

N192 Adventure in Denmark (73) aka: Chun man Dan Mai  Two Chinese men go to Copenhagen. While one philanders around with Danish and Asian women, the other engages in various drawn out kung-fu battles with a seemingly endless amount of thugs sent by his partners overweight and very jealous girlfriend back home. Now this rare title comes with English subtitles and LBX!  BA

K594 Agent 38-24-36 (64) aka: Ravishing Idiot  aka: Une ravissante idiote -  A Soviet spy circle in London is trying to steal a file with valuable military information from a vault. Anthony Perkin's, a bumbling fool, plays the spy circle's main tool to obtain it. The amazing Brigitte Bardot is his willing accomplice. In French language with English subtitles.  BA

K436 All this and World War 2 (76) Mixing stock footage of WW2 with Beatles music (performed by the likes of The Bee Gees, Elton John, Rod Stewart and others) was a pretty crazy idea, but apparently, it worked just fine! Sort of. Critically panned, but fit right in with the 'music movie' craze of the time. There are inappropriate musical pairings with dictators and events at times..... There is a very thin line between clever and stupid. This one walks the tightrope throughout it's running time.  A must see!

K563 Alter Ego (07) A successful Greek rock group, with a potential that surpasses the limits of the local music industry and hundreds of thousands of fans getting wild at every concert and public appearance of theirs. Fame, success, money, in a world of glamour and vanity. But what's hidden behind the mirror? (and who cares?)  Apparently this was a huge hit in Greece where it was made.  Subs

K453 American Hot Wax (78) 1959.... New York City.....  The battleground was rock and roll. It was the beginning of an era. This is the story based on Cleveland disc jockey Alan Freed (played by Tim McIntire), who was instrumental in introducing rock and roll to the masses of teenagers starving for the new stuff. With Jay Leno as Mookie (best movie he was a part of), Fran Drescher and Laraine Newman and performances by Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry and more. An American classic!  BA

K641 Anatomy of Hell (04) aka: Anatomie de l'enfer  A women {Amira Casar} pays a homosexual man {Rocco Siffredi} to watch her in her home during her most private moments.  It contains graphic sexual material but in a learning context. The woman's character seems to want to take the shame out of being a women by showing a man {who is disgusted by women} her most feminine self. By doing so they connect on a very raw level.   LBX and with English subtitles. 

F366 Andersonville Trial, The (70) A dramatization of the 1865 war-crimes trial of Henry Wirz, commandant of the notorious Confederate POW camp at Andersonville, Georgia....  All star cast!  William Shatner, Jack Cassidy, Cameron Mitchell, Richard Basehart, Buddy Ebson, Martin Sheen and more!! BA

K262 Andy Kaufman on Fridays Disc #1 - Containing the full hour-long live T.V. appearance Andy made on Fridays as a host. See him wreak havoc on the set and even cause a live fight between himself and the cast, plus a lot more!  This contains also the original commercials. Hilarious spoofing of televangelists included! 

K263 Andy Kaufman on Fridays Disc #2 - This one is considered one of his best ever!  Andy hosts the entire show as a born again Christian, complete with gospel sing-a-longs, moral posturing and the introduction of his Christian fiancé!  Frickin' hysterical!  The Pretenders perform live.

P370 Anthony Zimmer (05) aka: El secreto de Anthony Zimmer  The international police force and the Russian Mafia are chasing Anthony Zimmer (a money laundering man of above average intelligence who has had his appearance altered by plastic surgery to fool his enemies). Plot twists galore. Sophie Marceu stars. LBX - Subs  BA

K616 Army of Shadows (69) aka: L'armée des ombres  France, 1942, during the occupation. Philippe Gerbier, a civil engineer, is one of the French Resistance's chiefs. Given away by a traitor, he is interned in a camp. He manages to escape, and joins his network at Marseilles, where he makes the traitor be executed... LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

K740 Assassin of the Tsar (91)  aka: Tsareubiytsa  A patient in a modern day mental institution believes that he is the man who assassinated Tsar Alexander in 1881 and Tsar Nicolas II in 1918. He and his doctor soon slip out of reality and are forced to relive the events of 1918 in order to break the spell.... Malcom McDowell

P519 Avventura Al Motel (63) A series of sketches involving people who have illicit affairs in motel: among them a starlet and a pilot, two bit Casanova's, an industry manager and his secretary. Adultery and beautiful women, directed by none other than Renato Polselli!  F.L.  BA

P566 Babylon (81) Blue (Brinsley Forde) fronts a reggae sound system based in west London. Here we see the film capture the trials and tribulations young black youths dealt with in the London of the early 80's.

P604 Badge 373 (73) aka: Police Connection  Ryan (Robert Duvall), a New York detective taken off the force for excessive behavior (kind of a 'Dirty Harry' type) reactivates himself privately to avenge the murder of his friend. Realistically non-PC as things really are in real life. Don't believe that horse-shit Hollywood's been trying to feed you in this last decade. BA

P379 Bandits from Shan-Tung (72) aka: Shan Dong xiang ma  More martial arts madness from the 70's!  Well paced and shot amidst picturesque locations and an awesome set built into the Taiwan countryside. LBX - Subs  BA

P444 Bandits Versus Samurai Squad (78) aka: Kumokiri Nizaemon  A former samurai warrior has abandoned his class to become the leader of a gang of thieves. He leads his outlaws in an attempt to rob the castle of his former clan. This runs close to 3 hours and is on two discs or two tapes. $18 either way. With English subtitles.  BA

K877 Banyon (71) The adventures of 1930's Los Angeles private eye Miles Banyon. Pilot film for this rare series. Though the series had a short run, it was quite good! Robert Forster, Darren McGavin, Anjanette Comer, Jose Ferrer, Ray Danton and others....

S913 Battle Force (78) aka: The Biggest Battle  aka: Il grande attacco  - Umberto Lenzi directs an all-star cast!  A story of how WW2 affected the lives of a German family and a American family, both of whom have sons and fathers fighting in the war. More entertaining than "Midway'!  Great quality!  Look at the cast!  Helmut Berger, Samantha Eggar, Giuliano Gemma, John Huston, Stacy Keach, Ray Lovelock, Orson Welles, Henry Fonda and Edwige Fenech. More!  BA

K680 Battle of Neretva, The (69) aka: Bitka na Neretvi  In January 1943 German army, afraid of Allied invasion of Balkans, launched great offensive against Yugoslav Partisans in Western Bosnia. The only way out for Partisan forces and thousands of refugees was the bridge on the river Neretva.... Simply put... EPIC!   With Yul Brynner, Franco Nero, Sylva Koscina, Orson Welles, Anthony Dawson and many more! LBX and with English subtitles. 158 minute version!!!  BA

K719 Battle of the Damned (69) aka: Damned Platoon  aka: Quella dannata pattuglia  aka: Kampen Om Panserbasen  - Desert/War flick about a small band of misfit American commandos are assigned to head across the North African desert to blow up a huge German fuel depot. LBX  BA

K756 Beach Ball (65) Edd Byrnes (Dick Martin) tries to get an ethnic-music-studies grant to buy instruments for his rock group. With Chris Noel, Dick Miller as a cop, Sid Haig as actual drummer of 'The Righteous Brothers'.... Franki Valli and the Four Seasons, Diana Ross and the Supremes... more... BA

F362 Bear Island (79) A group of people converge on a barren Arctic island. They have their reasons for being there but when a series of mysterious accidents and murders take place, a whole lot of darker motives become apparent.... Hints of Bond and similar spy fare set on an isolated Arctic island. Vanessa Redgrave, Donald Sutherland, Christopher Lee, and many more star.  BA

K268 Best of Battle of the Network Stars (various) The Best of the Best (I guess) smack-down hosted by Howard Cosell and starring Lorenzo Lamas, Jack Scalia, Nicolette Sheridan, William Sanderson, Daphne Maxwell- Reid, Kristian Alfonso, Charlene Tilton, Olivia D'Abo and many more.

S840 Best of Enemies, The (61) Meet the craziest pair of soldiers ever to play at war!  But who captured whom? This films display attitudes of people from different cultures that are required to depend upon one another for survival. In this case the harsh lands of Africa is the setting, and the local natives are a threat. Combing comedy and thought provoking scenes. With David Niven and Alberto Sordi. BA

K878 Big Brown Eyes (36) Sassy manicurist Eve Fallon (Joan Bennett) helps the cops break a jewel theft ring and solve the mystery regarding the murder of a baby.

P380 Birthday Party, The (68) aka: Festa di compleanno  Oddball boarding house lodger (Stanley, played by Robert Shaw) is menaced by two mysterious strangers (played by Patrick Magee and Sydney Tafler). Quite excellent with plenty of suspense and directed by William Friedkin who would later direct 'The French Connection' and 'The Exorcist' amongst many others.  BA

P372 Black Lemons (70) aka: E venne il giorno dei limoni neri  Rare!  a man imprisoned who comes back to his city and discovers that death of his wife was not an accident....  Mafia tale Italian style with Antonio Sabata, Peter Carsten and Florinda Bolkan.  BA

P397 Blade, The (95) aka: Dao  Great Tsui Hark demonstration of martial arts, with swords and blood, heroism and revenge. Behind the very violent fighting sequences, it's about life, love and frustrations told with unusual sadness and a strong sexual atmosphere. LBX - Subs

K731 Blanche Fury (48) Dark and eerie gothic melodrama with several bizarre and unsettling twists in a manor-house setting. With Valerie Hobson, Stewart Granger and the late great Michael Gough (R.I.P.). High production values and a downbeat ending. Kind of like Poe, but instead of supernatural elements, we have evil human acts and the repercussion that comes after. BA

S859 Blind Boxer (72) aka: Mang quan  aka: Blind Fists  aka: Dopo L'Urlo un Uragano di Violenza   Kung Fu Bash-a-Thon with brutal bloody fights, Uncut and in English language too!   BA

N218 Blood and Diamonds (74) aka: Diamanti sporchi di sangue  Guido Mauri (Claudio Cassinelli) is a professional robber that gets busted when a job goes wrong. A few years later he gets released and discovers it was a setup. Soon afterwards his wife (Olga Carlatos of 'Zombie') is gunned down. His old boss (Martin Balsam) seems to be the guilty one and Guido sets out on a mission of revenge! Also with Barbara Bouchet!  BA

S914 Bread (71) On their way home from the Isle of Wight Pop Festival, Trev, Jeff and Mick along with their girlfriends decide to pitch a tent on private land. In the morning the owner is ready to kick them out, until that is, he figures he can make a deal!  Things get even crazier as they try to book the bands "The Juicy Lucy" and "Crazy Mabel". British made naked hippie fun!  Great quality, with time code on top of the screen.

K449 Breaking Glass (80) Punk rock/New Wave classic from Great Britain!  Hazel O'Conner is a punk rock singer determined to rise to the top regardless of her deteriorating mental health and the hostility and indifference she faces from skinheads, not to mention her fling with her promoter (Phil (Quadrophenia) Lewis). Some political social history, awesome songs, and much more. People are fleecing you for a load of dough on Amazon for this classic. Here is the uncut Widescreen print that features the climatic nervous breakdown scene where O'Conner is groped by hordes of her adoring fans on a subway train! 

P315 Bruce Against the Iron Hand (79) aka: Da jiao tou yu sao niang zi  aka: Iron Finger   Action packed 'who's the killer?' Bruce Li kung-fu classic with lots of old school action. This one stands on it's own story wise without being a typical Bruce Lee homage. LBX and dubbed into English language too!  BA


K675 Brutal Tales of Chivalry (69) aka: Nihon jokyo-den: kyokaku geisha  aka: Samurai Geisha aka: Chivalrous Geisha  A geisha defies a gang plotting to steal a coal business from struggling miners... LBX and with English subtitles.   Sumiko Fuji

K676 Brutal Tales of Chivalry 2: Lion Peony Tattoo (66) aka: Showa Zankyo-den: Karajishi botan  LBX and with English subtitles. Sumiko Fuji returns!

K677 Brutal Tales of Chivalry 3: The Lone Wolf (66) aka: Showa Zankyo-den 3  LBX and with English subtitles. Sumiko Fuji!

K678 Brutal Tales of Chivalry 4: Blood Stained Tattoo (67) aka: Shôwa zankyô-den: Chizome no karajishi  LBX and with English subtitles. Sumiko Fuji!


S891 Bubù (71) aka: Bubu de Montparnasse  Bizarre, haunting and beautiful film. Bubu (Antonio Falsi) quits his job at the bakery and forces his pretty girlfriend into prostitution. Will everyone end up with syphilis and go mad? Big budget tale on the world of prostitutes and the humiliation/destruction of their personalities.  BA

S946 Bullet For Pretty Boy, A (70) This movie tells the story of 'Pretty Boy Floyd'  (played by once-teen-idol Fabian!). Incredible fun from director Larry Buchanan and he even has a decent budget!  (sort of). If you watch real close you will see a 20 year old Morgan Fairchild in her film debut!   Also with Jocelyn Lane and Adam Roarke.  BA

K683 Burglars, The (71) aka: Le casse   Azad (Jean Paul Belmondo), whose gang stole emeralds worth $1 million are waiting for their boat to leave Athens... They hide the jewels and try to escape from the schemes of a unscrupulous cop, Zacharias (Omar Sharif).... Dyan Cannon also stars in this heist action nail biter. Car chases from the 'Bullit' school of filmmaking LBX -  BA

P574 Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff (10) In 2001 he was the first director of photography to win an academy award. See why, and hear from the man himself, amidst clips from his films. Cardiff was 94 when he entered the beyond in April of 2009. His body of work will endure as long as the earth exists.

S835 Car Crash (81) Joey Travolta (in skin tight designer jeans) and Vittorio Mezzogiorno are two race-car driving motorheads. There is an obnoxious grotesque, greasy and bulbous mobster that rivals Mo'Nique in the villain department. The real star of the film (oh besides the ravishing Ana Obregon as Janice) is the cars of course (Trans Am, Camero, etc.)!  Plenty of cool stunts, action, adventure and a smash 'em crash 'em finale not to be missed!  From Italian director Antonio Margheriti (Cannibal Apocalypse).  BA

K747 Chappaqua (66) Semi-autobiographical story of Conrad Rooks, who travels to France to undergo a drug-withdrawal cure. Flashbacks to the beginnings of psychedelia in San Francisco.... boasts one of the most hypnotic film scores of all time by Ravi Shankar! 

N177 Chere Inconne (80) aka: Sent a Letter to My Love - A middle-aged spinster (Simone Signoret) lives with her disabled brother in a house by the beach. They both wish for better things, and when her brother has an illness relapse, sister Signoret places an ad in the personals, hoping to meet someone she can spend the time she has left with  instead of a life of constant sadness and dread. With English subtitles. 

K778 Chicken Chronicles, The (77) Way before 'American Pie', not too long before 'Porky's' came this teen/sex comedy (that managed to squeak by with a PG rating!) involving the young engaging in usual lessons and lust. With a young Steve Guttenberg, an old Phil Silvers, the ever reliable Ed Lauter, and look that is Raven De La Croix as Mrs. Worth!  BA

P489 Citizen's Band (77) aka: Handle With Care - This movie interlaces the stories of several characters in a small town united by their use of CB (citizen's band) radio. Paul LeMat is the local CB coordinator who has time for little else in his life. His father Roberts Blossom is a sour old man who is nice on the radio. Charles Napier is a trucker hospitalized after an accident with hilarious consequences. An authentic look at this life-style. Also with Cabdy Clark and Ed Begley Jr. Directed by Jonathan Demme.

N193 Close Encounters of the Vampire, The (86) aka: Jiang shi pa pa  Rare classic equal parts action, horror and comedy! Outrageous entertainment from start to finish! Now this title comes LBX and with English subtitles. BA

N259 Cold Blood (75)  aka: Das Amulett des Todes  A woman observes 3 men chase down and shoot a man (Rutger Hauer) in front of her house in the rural countryside. They then abduct her to make sure she does not call the cops, and to take care of wounded Hauer.  BA

K852 Cop or Hood (79) aka: Flic ou voyou  Paris sends an agent to investigate the murder of a policeman. He is to stop police corruption and use whatever methods necessary. He fights a lot with much gusto and abuses the villains unmercifully. Jean-Paul Belmondo plays the lead with his usual inimitable charm, humor and drive. After this film a new concept "Belmondism" appeared in Russia, that is when actors do impossible things on the screen (in the film Belmondo, running, catches up with a truck going full speed!). One of Belmondo's best! LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

K843 Cop, The (70) aka: Un Conde - A cop starts a personal vendetta that goes against the law and gets personal. Described as the French 'Dirty Harry' by some, even though it came out a year earlier. Lots of violence, all characters full of dread and gloom. Downbeat and miserable, which means lots of fun! With Michael Bouquet as Inspector Favenin, seeking revenge on all for the death of his partner, at any cost! LBX and with English subtitles.

K920 Cops and Robbers (73) Two New York cops pull a 10 million dollar heist to fuel their low pensions and run into big trouble. Cliff Gorman and Joseph Bologna star. Martin Kove in a small part (he was in 'Last House on the Left" the same year!) and also Joe Spinell (small part) as Marty! LBX  BA

S839 Corbari (70) The real story of the partisan Silvio Corbari. he starts his career publicly by killing one of his friend's who is a fascist. It's Revolution versus Fascism in WW2 Italy. Some realistic and well staged execution scenes, a grand scope, decent photography and attention to detail. With Giuliano Gemma as Corbari and also starring the sexy Tina Aumont. LBX and with English Subs  BA

K814 Cosa Nostra Asia (75) Rare Kung-Fu and Mafia combine in this crime-action starring Chris Mitchum as a fighting secret agent. Plenty of violence in this one! In English language too, despite the weird title.

K841 Crashpoint: Berlin (09) aka: Crashpoint - 90 Minuten bis zum Absturz  After a mid-air collision, an uncontrollable passenger plane with 90 souls on board speeds through the skies of Germany.... The impact point of the plane? Center of Berlin! Will the plane have to be shot down to avoid this potential catastrophe? German made suspense and in English language!

N264 Crime Boss (72) aka: I familiari delle vittime non saranno avvertiti   aka: The New Mafia Boss  Antonio Mancuso (Antonio Sabato) is a small time hood with dreams of moving up in the family. His ambitions lead him to do a job for one of the big bosses in Italy, Don Vincenzo (Telly Savalas). The two strike up a friendship that quickly turns into something of a father/son relationship. They love each other like a father and son would. But when Don Vincenzo begins to show a weakness, Mancuso gathers those loyal to him for a bloody showdown with Don Vincenzo....  LBX  BA

K674 Crime of Innocence (85) Two teenage girls (one of them being Shawnee Smith in her film debut!) are locked up for a minor offense by a harsh judge (Andy Griffith playing, against type as an evil man, does great) who thinks a night in jail will do them both good. Of course a dirty cop assaults Shawnee Smith's character. Based on true events in Ironton, Ohio. With Ralph Waite, Diane Ladd and more. 

F363 Cross Fire (88) aka: Not Another Mistake - After his family is killed by a home invasion, an Ex-Special Forces Viet Nam vet hits rock bottom. Until he is recruited to go back to Nam on a mission of rescue!  Another Rambo/Missing in action time with plenty of action!  BA

P560 Daring Game (68) A group of scuba divers nicknamed the Flying Fish attempt to rescue a woman's husband and daughter from an island dictatorship. Failed series pilot by producer Ivan Tors, better known for "Sea Hunt" and "Flipper."  Kind of like a long 'Sea Hunt' episode, except with more adventures than just in the water! You also get cutting edge sky diving! Lloyd Bridges stars along with Michael Ansara and Brock Peters. Bridges plays a guy who is on the run.  BA

N267 Death Collector, The (76) Neighborhood kid goes to work for the mafia as a debt collector. Shot in the swamps of Jersey sex, violence, nudity and more. You may recognize some of the bits used later in 'Sopranos' and 'Goodfellas'. Great mobster stereotypes and starring Joe Pesci in an early stand-out role! Whatever you do, don't "Fugettaboutit!" this gangster stuff is the real deal.

P508 Death in a Red Jaguar (68) aka: Der Tod im roten Jaguar  The brave Inspector Jerry Cotton, the FBI, is sent on a mission to San Francisco (which if you take a closer look- in most of the film is actually Hamburg Germany) to solve the mystery of a series of killings....  Another decent Euro-Spy entry ! This one stars George Nader as Jerry Cotton, plenty of sexy girls, and awesome location shooting. LBX and in English language!  BA

P526 Death in Small Doses (57) A government agent is hired to investigate the use of illegal amphetamines among long-haul truck drivers. Peter Graves, Mala Powers and Chuck Conners star. BA

K428 Death in the Garden (56) aka: La mort en ce jardin aka: La Selva Dei Dannati  A colorful picturesque film about amoral adventurers in the Amazon jungle who descend into the 'Heart of Darkness'. Characters more complex and multidimensional than usual. With Simone Signoret and with English Subs. BA

P316 Death Rage (77) aka: Con la rabbia agli occhi  aka: Anger in His Eyes  Action from director Antonio (Cannibal Apocalypse) Margheriti directs! Retired hit man is forced back into the game to avenge his brother's murder. Hot wench (Barbara Bouchet) falls for him and Martin Balsam also shows up to pay his rent. This is the uncut Euro-version that is LBX and has a few brief spots that are in Italian language only, but the majority of the film is in English language. Nudity and nice action sequences.  Apparently there was a bit of trouble on the set as Bouchet and Brynner did not get along very well as she claims he was a complete asshole to everybody. BA

K957 Delta Factor, The (70) aka: Morgan il razziatore  Kim Stacy (Yvette Mimieux of 'The Time Machine') and tough guy Morgan (Christopher George) are two C.I.A. agents on a secret mission to rescue a scientist imprisoned by terrorists on a remote island. From a Mickey Spillane story. Also with Yvonne DeCarlo.  BA

P562 Der Stein Des Todes (87) aka: Death Stone - Nice cast with a reunion of sorts teaming Brad Harris and Tony Kendall. Elke Sommer and a sexy Heather Thomas also star. Shot in Sri Lanka. Drugs, a touch of supernatural, murder and crime combine in a complex tale of adventure. F.L.

F328 Devastator, The (88) aka: Hostile Takeover - From director George Mihalka, the guy that brought us the original 'My Bloody Valentine' we get a pretty bloody hostage thriller!  Watch what happens when Eugene, (David Warner) while working overtime, goes over the edge and takes 3 co-workers hostage on Thanksgiving weekend. Psycho-Psychological Thriller with some nail-biting horror elements. With bloody shot-gun blast splatter FX!   Michael Ironside, father and daughter Kate and John Vernon, Jayne Eastwood and many others. BA

K610 Devil in the Flesh (86) aka: Diavolo in corpo  An Italian high school student becomes infatuated with a woman he sees outside his class window. Her fiancée is in jail for being involved in a radical movement, and she spends much time in court providing moral support. At first she resists the student's advances, but eventually begins an affair with him. Their situation is condemned by her family and his father, who is the woman's psychologist.... Maruschka Detmers stars (and gives a XXX blow-job) in this erotic drama. 

S894 Devil's Man, The (69) aka: Devilman Story  Guy Madison stars in this Euro-Spy action with a jazzy score. Quality a bit on the inferior side on this title.

N200 Diary, The (99) Lesbian themed film set in the 1930's masterfully recreates the era and manages to keep you psyched throughout from Paris to London. I wonder if the ample nakedness of the leading lady has something to do with it? There is straight sex too and other hot women as well. Lila Baughman stars. 

K342 Dick Turpin (74) Rare costume/swashbuckler from Spain with Jess Franco regular Antonio Mayans, Helga Line and more! Colorful film, highlighted by nice production values and plenty of action. LBX

S920 Dolls, The (65) aka: Le Bambole  Different tales of women in sexual situations WITH A CAST THAT WILL MAKE YOU DROOL!   Virna Lisi, Elke Sommer, Gina Lollobrigida, Monica Vitti, Alicia Brandet, Jean Sorel and more. Also with Akim Tamiroff and John Karlsen.  BA

S841 Dove, The (74) True story of 16 year old who sails around the world in a boat called 'The Dove'. He also romances a young Deborah Raffin. This is pretty sappy but the photography and location scenery are excellent. With Timothy Bottoms.  BA

K830 Dragon Tamers (75) aka: Nu zi tai quan qun ying hui  John Woo directed this cool kung-fu action classic for your entertainment! This is a great looking uncut print with all of the violence and nudity. Dubbed into English and LBX.

P513 Dropout (70) Mary (Vanessa Redgrave) is a disillusioned English banker’s wife who meets a troubled Italian immigrant, Bruno (Franco Nero).  Mary is captivated by Bruno and they set off on a voyage together. In the course of their voyage, they meet a series of society's dropouts; the unemployed, drug addicts, drag queens, alcoholics and anarchists. They both learn a great deal about life from these misfits.....  Weird arty film directed by Tinto Brass with some giallo flavoring.   Truly bizarre romance and a film of 1970.  Nero and Redgrave (husband and wife since 2006) are still showing up in films together even lately!  F.L.  BA

S945 End of the Road (70) After a catatonic episode on a railway station platform, Jacob Horner is taken to 'The Farm', a bizarre insane asylum run by Doctor D. After being cured, Jacob takes a job as an English lecturer and begins a disastrous affair with Rennie, the wife of a colleague. Stacy Keach, James Earl Jones, and M. Emmett Walsh as Crab Man/Tutu Man. Pseudo-Psycheldia with enough offbeat weirdness to make it a contender for one of the strangest mainstream films of 1970!  Keach rules.  BA

S888 Erika (71) aka: Erika - The Performer  Patrizia Viotti (straight off the set of 'Night of the Damned') plays Erika, a voluptuous dish, tempting all around her in large Italian chateau. Seems a father and his two son's compete for her affections... She sleeps with both sons (one of them is deeply in love and very jealous), one at the chateau, another on the beach. Her beauty will drive them all to madness. She was in 'Amuck' the next year. Poor Patrizia Viotti died at age 44. In Italian language only. F.L.

F313 Fake Out (82) Gangster's gal turned stoolie hangs with cop protection while she waits to testify. Pia Zadora looks great in this film which is essentially a remake of 'Lady Cocoa" except Zadora instead of Lola Falana. Sleazy and colorful, elevated by Zadora's perky personality, yea, that's the word I was looking for...personality. Also with Telly Savalas!  BA

K921 Family, The (70) aka: Violent City  aka: Città violenta - A hit man (Charles Bronson) is double-crossed by his girlfriend and friend in this crime thriller filmed in beautiful Italy. The opening car chase is excellent. Very colorful and now in a nice LBX English language print!  BA

K753 Fast Lane Fever (82) aka: Running on Empty  This film collects just what it was like to be in Australia in the early 80's. It's about hot cars, hot chicks, and hot times! On the tread marks of 'The Road Warrior' more Aussie high speed car madness!  BA

K615 Films Sexiest Women and Men of all Time (08) We just had to include these short T.V. specials because they will either leave you cracked up with laughter, or want to (like me) violently confront the fools responsible for such a travesty of clueless-ness. What the hell were these morons thinking? To be fair, they are dead on for some of the people, but if you think Jessica Alba is sexier than Ursula Andress ever was, or alligator-dog-face Julia Roberts is hotter than Jayne Mansfield ever was... I just feel sorry for you brother!  You decide.

P378 Final Justice (94) aka: We The People - Alan (James Brolin) and his pregnant wife, Amy, plan to spend a quiet weekend at their isolated vacation home in the woods. They are joined by two other couples, Bill and Sheri and then Charles and Liz. Suddenly they're confronted by two gun-toting killers, Bobby and Red. The three couples try to accomodate the killers' demands but tensions climb and violence erupts....

S702 First Action Hero (94) aka: Il burattinaio  Late in the game Italian actioneer with Fabio Testi as Mark Fierro, a maverick cop taking on the seedy underbelly of Miami single-handed. Loose and uninspired direction from Nini Grassia, but she still manages to assemble a vintage cast and it was nice to see them give it a go trying to recreate the 70's crime spree Italian made films of the 70's.  

K959 Five For Hell (69) aka: 5 per l'inferno  Lt. Hoffman (Gianni Garko) is the fun-loving leader of a bunch of oddball G.I.'s whose mission it is to steal the German's secret attack plans from a villa behind enemy lines, where they run into a brutal German commander. This is basically a violent cartoonish spaghetti western masquerading as a war picture. Don't look for authenticity, this is pure entertainment! Klaus Kinski as S.S. Col. Hans Mueller and also starring Margret (Venus in Furs) Lee. Slight LBX.  BA

P497 Fix, The (84) aka: The Agitators  aka: Mission to Kill  -  Frank Lane (Vince Edwards), is a drug boss hiding behind a dummy contracting business.... He has come up with a scheme to secretly ship narcotics by using a touring country-music band as the unknowing transporters. His two goons help him out, but they are up against the wily Charles Dale (Richard Jaeckel and undercover Kelly (Julie Hill), the DEA agents out to bring down Lane's operation.  Robert Tessier and Byron Cherry also star in this crime/action.  BA

P392 Flashing Blade, The (67) aka: Le chevalier Tempête  Hysterical theme song opens each episode of this rare forgotten short-lived French show (dubbed into English language) with lots of horse riding and sword fights. The story revolves around a Franco-Spanish war in 1630, and the Spanish attempts to take the pivotal French garrison town of Casal. The gentleman Chevalier Recci and his servant Guillot gallop over the countryside swashing and buckling their way in and out of trouble and skirmishes with the Spanish.  12 episodes on 3 discs available on DVD-R only.   $25 gets all 3 discs.

K716 Fort Ti (53) Set against the backdrop of the French and Indian war in colonial America, the British soldiers attempt to route the French Army from Fort Ticonderoga.... George Montgomery stars William Castle directed this in 3D, presented here in 2D.  BA

P634 Giger's Necronomicon (75) Never has a complete visionary art-form been used to such effect in design and imagination as Giger's work which was used in the 'Alien' films. Here is an early in-praise of.... with some really cool footage of this bizarre artist's work. Runs under an hour.  BA

K775 Girl with the Suitcase, The (61) aka: La ragazza con la valigia  Lorenzo (Jacques Perrin), who's 16 and born to a wealthy family in Parma, tries to make things right toward a showgirl, Aida (Claudia Cardinale), whom his older brother has mistreated. In extending kindness and standing up for her, he comes of age. But, is there anything he can do that will alter Aida's situation or her prospects?  LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

K752 Gladiator, The (86) Abel Ferrara directs this MFTV 'Death Wish' rip-off that delivers the goods with multiple car action sequences revolving around a revenge crazed vigilante who hunts drunk drivers. With Ken Wahl, Robert Culp and Nancy Allen! 

S936 Gong Show Movie, The (80) A week in the life of 'The Gong Show' host and creator Chuck Barris who lives through a series of outrageous competitors. You'll sees some faces here!  Danny Devito, Jamie Farr, Vincent Schiavelli, Jaye P. Morgan, Rip Taylor, Phil Hartman, Tony Randall, Kitten Natividad and many more!  BA

K757 Good Girls Don't (93) Brash and gutsy stripper Bettina and mousy secretary Jeannie are framed for a murder they didn't commit... Julia Parton, Renee Estevez, Mary Woronov and more star.

K343 Goodbye Franklin High (78) Rare unreleased to video or DVD (as far as we can tell) little time capsule about teen Will (Lane Caudell who was in Satan's Cheerleaders the year before) who is about to graduate from High School... He ponders his future with the help of friend Mark (Darby Hinton of 'Without Warning') and girlfriend Sharon (Anne Dusenberry of 'Jaws 2').  Mom is played by Julie (Creature from the Black Lagoon) Adams and the father by William Windom. Kenneth Toby as the Police Captain. Also with Robin Greer. Charming and sincere. (There, I said it).

P482 Great Niagara, The (74) A jaded old man (Richard Boone), once beaten by Niagra Falls, is obsessed with besting the waters, and forces his son's to go over in barrels to show that bloody waterway whose boss. Provides a shamelessly evil image of extreme and dangerous manipulation. With Randy Quaid, Jennifer Salt and Burt Young.

K727 H.G. Welles War with the World (06) life story of the British author H.G. Wells (played in the film by Michael Sheen)  Dramatized story of the author’s life, using H.G. Wells’ own words.

P506 Hell With Heroes, The (68) aka: I contrabbandieri del cielo  In 1946 North Africa, two former U.S. Air Force pilots are forced to work for an international smuggler to get money so they can return to their civilian lives after fighting in WW2. Great cast with Rod Taylor, Claudia Cardinale, Harry Guardino, Kevin McCarthy and William (Blacula) Marshall.  BA

K583 Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush (68) This film is all about the sexual exploits of a young lad who is desperate to lose his virginity. Filmed in the 60's in the permissive society days with all the fashions and music of the era. Judy Geeson plays the love interest, and she strips naked in one scene! Full of groovy young people obsessed with sex getting into embarrassing situations. Geeson's bare bottom and the bed shop orgy scene were considered risqué at the time. This is very fondly remembered for those who saw it back in the day. A great film, you won't be disappointed. LBX  BA

P389 Highest Honor, The (82) The true story of a daring raid on Japanese occupied Singapore Harbour by Australian and British troops during WW2. Great  depictions of the 'Horrors of War' here! Great Australian film, you won't soon forget! 

P571 Hitting the Slopes (79) aka: Les Bronzés font du ski - Hilarious French film, very popular over there, and unheard of here in the states. A group of friends who met in a Club Med reunite on a ski trip. Dropped by helicopter in the French Alps, things go from bad to worse, and always with funny results. With English subtitles!  BA

P367 Honey Baby, Honey Baby (74) aka: Three Days in Beirut  After winning a free trip to Lebanon, Laura (Diana Sands in her last film role) winds up becoming involved in an assassination plot. Also with Calvin Lockhart (The Beast Must Die, more). Advertised as Blaxploitation, it's not though. Nice cinematography too!

S988 Hostage, The (67) A young teenager is witness to a gruesome and clandestine burial. The two murderers responsible take it upon themselves to see that their secret is never told… With Harry Dean Stanton, John Carradine and Don Kelly as the lead bad guy 'Bull'. He actually died before this movie was released!  LBX  BA

P382 Hour X: Suicide Patrol (69) aka: The Wings of War  aka: Ora X - pattuglia suicida - American commandos battle Germans on a Greek island. Pierre Richard and Gordon Mitchell star.

K533 Human Highway (82) The new owner of a roadside diner stuck in a town built around an always leaking nuclear power plant plans to torch the place to collect the insurance. Directed by (and both starring in) Neil Young (with goofy teeth) and Dean Stockwell! With Devo (who deconstruct 'My My Hey Hey') and Russ Tamblyn, Sally Kirkland and let's not forget the late great Dennis Hopper. Part musical-art-fantasy-anti-nuke....

P385 I Wanna Be a Beauty Queen (80) aka: The Alternative Miss World - A filmed record of the 1978 "Alternative Miss World" beauty pageant held in a circus tent on Clapham Common in South London where males and females in outrageous outfits compete. Divine makes a cameo. Bizarre stuff here!

P437 Incident at Channel Q (86) A quiet suburban neighborhood declares war on a heavy metal music DJ and his radio station triggering an all out war between the 'Metal-Heads" and the "Straights". Includes some cool hard rock videos of the era from Rainbow, Deep Purple, Motley Crue and more. A fine emphasis on the spirit of metal music, and the solidarity it inspires amongst the faithful.

S668 Internecine Project, The (74) Nail-biting spy-thriller suspense with James Coburn, Lee Grant and Keenan Wynn star. Secret agent figures out a way to get those who have the goods on him to kill each other off. Dark for it's genre, with a nice solid shower killing that rivals 'Psycho'. BA

P396 Invincible Sword, The (72) aka: Yi fu dang guan  During the Sung dynasty, a corrupt premiere orders the arrest of a heroic general. This leads to many battles!  LBX - Subs

N269 Jail Bait (54) Ed Wood classic! Vic Brady draws young Don Gregor into a life of crime. What a cast! A pre-Hercules Steve Reeves in his film debut, Lyle Talbot and Dolores Fuller star. Hilariously bad!  BA

K579 Jigsaw (68) A remake of 1965's "Mirage" except LSD is the most important plot device, not amnesia like the other film. Murder mystery, youth culture, psychedelia, hyper kinetic visuals, camera-tricks etc... with a great cast! Michael J. Pollard (fresh off "Bonnie and Clyde"), Bradford Dillman, Hope Lange, Pat Hingle, Harry Guardino, Susan Saint James, James (Beam Me Up!) Doohan and more.  BA

K440 Jim, the World's Greatest (76) aka: Story of a Teenager - Don Coscarelli (Phantasm creator and director) early work. Seen through the eyes of a young boy this is a feel good classic!  With Gregory Harrison as Jim. Angus Scrimm the 'Tall Man' himself as Jim's father and Reggie Bannister as O.D. Silengsly! This offers a Peter Pan-esque adventure to men from the boomers to the present day, with each generation being introduced to a more innocent time. Check it out!  BA

S846 Joanna (68) A provincial girl (Genevieve Waite as Joanna) is entangled in the mod immorality of London in the 60's. This confused oddball film was maybe controversial in it's day (interracial relationships) but today maybe not so much. With Donald Sutherland. And, if you watch real close you will see a walk by scene with a very young and cute (at 19) Caroline Munro!  BA

K668 Joe Hill (71) aka: Ballad of Joe Hill   Biopic about Swedish-American labor activist Joe Hill, born Joel Emanuel Hägglund in Gävle, Sweden. It was directed by Bo Widerberg and depicts Hill's involvement with the banned IWW union, and his trial for murder during which he defends himself.... Bad move Joe.  BA

P503 Journey Through Rosebud (72) A group of young Indians living on the Sioux reservation in South Dakota stage a protest against the U.S. government and years of lies and deception come to a violent climax in this rare propaganda film that's type was quite popular back in the early 70's climaxing with the Billy Jack trilogy. Filmed on location and starring Robert Forster, Victoria Racimo, Larry Pennell and Kristoffer Tabori.  BA

K565 Kill Rommel (69) aka: Uccidete Rommel  During WWII, US Lieutenant Morris and British captain Hull are assigned in a mission to kill Rommel....  LBX 

N271 Killing Affair, The (86) The story of a woman (Kathy Baker) who takes in a drifter (Peter Weller) who she thinks may be her abusive husband's killer. The setting is a morass of trees and vines, a river with no escape, and a pack of wild dogs that threaten the characters at every turn. Racism, abuse, evil, crazy church people, all in a small town in the 1940's. Nudity.  BA

P469 Kiss Kiss - Bang Bang (66) Kirk Warren, a former spy is to be executed because he tried to steal a million dollars, but he is saved and sent on a new covert mission. The climax is an extended chase/fight sequence that goes all the way from a fairground setting to a castle battlements. LBX and in English language.  BA

S973 Kiss of Death, The (74) aka: Il Bacio - Bizarre period film with a complex plot with Eleonora (Inferno, Black Belly of the Tarantula) Giorgi, Martine Beswicke, and Valentina Cortese. Pistol duel, elaborate costumes, corpse kissing (but is she really dead?), Venice locations, loads of atmosphere. LBX - F.L.

F322 Knight and Warrior (87) aka: Ninja: Silent Assassin  aka: Black Ninja  Alvin loses both his star witness and his wife to a drug kingpin. Payback time!  Watch in amazement as the filmmakers attempt to edit two completely and blatantly different movies together to try to make it appear that actors are actually talking face to face in one room!  Gasp at some of the most profoundly inept (and out of sync dubbed)  dialogue ever!  More amazing liberties taken on your senses!  Wha...hey.. is that the 'Miami Vice' theme I hear? With Richard Harrison as Ninja Master Gordon. BA

K955 Kremlin Letter, The (70) aka: Lettera al Kremlino  aka: La Carta del Kremlin  Story of a young American agent and a team of spies that infiltrate the Soviet Union in an attempt to recover a letter compromising to the United States.... Bibi Anderson, Nigel Green, Barbara Parkins, Richard Boone, Dean Jagger, Patrick O'Neal, Max Von Sydow, Orson Welles. Great spy flick under-rated with plenty of twists and turns.  Uncut and LBX!  BA

K825 Lady Boss (8?) Very obscure Hindu action flick, with a female detective who knows how to fight and handle the bad guys! Action galore! No Subtitles so F.L. on this one.

K340 Last Mercenary, The (68) aka: Die grosse Treibjagd  After war in the Congo, two mercenaries take a mission to safeguard uranium transportation in a South American jungle fighting miners and local bandits. With Ray Danton. BA

F371 Last Platoon (88) aka: Angel Hill: l'ultima missione  aka: Bye Bye Vietnam  Richard Hatch plays a tough, no-nonsense colonel leading a grimy squad, that includes convicts, deep into Vietnamese territory in order to detonate a heavily guarded bridge. Cool action sequence's (some stealing from 'The Last Hunter'). Also with Donald Pleasence.  BA

P599 Last Round, The (76) aka: Il conto è chiuso  A nice take on 'Yojimbo' or also 'A Few Dollars More". You know the tale... Stranger arrives in town and finds trouble, takes sides, things are not always as they seem... etc.. Stelvio Massi directs and manages enough suspense and action to keep you fully entertained! LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

P630 Law, The (74) An examination of the workings of a big cities legal system, and all it's fallacious B.S., as seen through the eyes of many people involved in a sensational murder trial. Captures the essence of the criminal justice system: venal judges, prosecutors seeking notches in their political gun belt, and overworked public defenders trying to rise above it all. With an all-star cast which features Gary Busey, Judd Hirsch, John Beck, Bonnie Franklin, and many more.

P573 Le Corps De Mon Ennemi (76) aka: Body of My Enemy - Francois (Jean-Paul Belmondo) has always hated the textile barons who ruled his local town. But he fell in love with the family heiress. When a hooker and a football star are murdered, looks like the mob is trying to frame him for it! Imprisoned, he returns 7 years later to even the score! With English subtitles!  BA

P532 Le Sette Vipere: Il Marito Latino (64) A woman has her husband's estate possessed, him thrown out of the house and gets custody of their two children. He snatches up the children and flees to Italy with plans to fight her in a tribunal. With Lisa Gastoni and Gloria Paul. Directed by exploitation master Renato Polselli. F.L. LBX

P521 Le Vicomte Règle ses Comptes (67) Rare crime/action film with Kerwin Matthews and Fernando Rey. Eye-candy provide by Sylvia (Castle of Blood) Sorrente. LBX- F.L.

K855 Left Hand of the Law, The (76) aka: La polizia interviene: ordine di uccidere  Italian made machine-gun crime thriller with doses of kung-fu and nudity. Starring James Mason, Leonard Mann and Stephen Boyd. LBX, has foreign subtitles but is in English language.

P610 L'envers du Paradis (53) aka: The Other Side of Paradise -  Eric Von Stroheim stars in this tale set in a small town in which everything is not as it seems. A dying woman tries to take the murder rap for her young lover who has killed his alcoholic shrewish wife accidentally.  F.L.

K535 Leopard, The (63) aka: Il gattopardo  aka: Le Guepard  The Prince of Salina, a noble aristocrat of impeccable integrity, tries to preserve his family and class amid the tumultuous social upheavals of 1860's Sicily... Burt LanCaster, Alain Delon and Claudia Cardinale  LBX BA 

S927 Liberation of L.B. Jones, The (70) aka: Il Silenzio si Paga con la La Vita  Here is a bizarre entry in good old American bigotry and the struggle of the black man against 'the man'. Lee J. Cobb shines as a racist lawyer, Yaphet Kotto is an angry young man, Lola Falana an adulterous wife, Roscoe Lee Brown in the title role, and Anthony Zerbe as a racist dirty cop who gets is comeuppance in spades. They don't make them like this anymore. Also stars a very young and  pretty Barbara Hershey and Lee Majors both with meaty roles. In this one, the blacks come off better than the whites, and let's face it, the redneck cops of those times were the worst of the worst, if I was black, I would have been pissed too!  BA

K250 Like Normal People (79) A dramatization of true events. Look, don't even ask me to be PC here. Shaun Cassidy and Linda Purl play a retarded couple trying to live a normal life and get married. Of course their families disapprove. They really make you believe they are retarded just like Sean Penn did in his retarded movie. This turns out to be high camp, and funny, only because of the acting, and the obvious actors. If they would have used real retarded people I am sure it may have been taken a bit more seriously. 

K974 Little Soldier, The (63) aka: Le petit soldat  Two people who fight for opposite causes, meet and fall in love during the Algerian war for Independence from France. From director Jean-Luc Godard. With English subtitles.  BA

K679 Loner, The (87) aka: Le Solitaire - Jean Paul Belmondo plays a cop that postpones his retirement to avenge the killing of his partner. Stunt work, car chases and shootouts along with Belmondo's OTT behavior. LBX and with English subtitles.  

K285 Long Night, The (47) Police surround the apartment of apparent murderer Joe Adams, who refuses to surrender although escape appears impossible. During the siege, Joe reflects on the circumstances that led him to this situation….  Henry Fonda,  a menacing Vincent Price (as Maximilian the Great), Ann Dvorak and Barbara Bel Geddes (in her debut) star.  BA

K856 Looters, The (67) aka: Estouffade à la Caraïbe - Morgan (Frederick Stafford), a lapsed burglar, is drugged and shanghaied on board a yacht by beautiful Colleen (Jean Seberg). When he comes to, he finds that she (and her friends) want help looting a dictator on a Caribbean island of his riches. LBX and in English language too! 

P368 Lovers, Happy Lovers! (54) aka: Monsieur Ripois  aka: Lover Boy - A philanderer (Gerard Philipe) n pursuit of riches and poontang relives his past and complicates his future. Valerie Hobson and Joan Greenwood also star. Nice locations scenery and lots of beauties.  BA


K882 Lowly Ronin, The (81) aka: Suronin Makaritoru - Mifune Toshiro stars in this full-length, stand-alone made-for-TV movie.   He travels about Japan, and while he may seek happiness, violence and tragedy always cross his path. This time, when a girl hires him to kill a local official who has unfairly taxed her village.... But he soon discovers that not all is at it appears when he finds a direct link to his past - English subtitles 

K883 Lowly Ronin, The: Betrayal at Yatate Pass (83) aka: Suronin Makari Toru: Yatate Toge ni Uragiri o Mita  Accused of being a spy for a rival clan by Nanbu Clan samurai who then attack him, the 'Lowly Ronin' barely escapes with his life after being shot. Nursed back to health by Yamaoka Daijiro, the one Nanbu Clan retainer that believes him, he must find a way to prove his inno-cence to the others. The two team up together to uncover the mystery and find out who the real spy is that threatens the security of the clan.... Toshiro Mifune  - English subtitles

K886 Lowly Ronin, The: Duel at Dawn (82) aka: Suronin Makari Toru: Akatsuki no Shito  Calling himself Shunka Shuto (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter), he saves a young lord from an assassination attempt and finds himself a wanted man!  Accused of being a thief by those who tried to murder the child, he must clear himself of this horrible accusation. Meanwhile he's befriended by a mysterious old woman, calling him 'her son' she tries to use him for her own purposes.... Toshiro Mifiune - English subtitles

K885 Lowly Ronin, The: Living Hell (83) aka: Suronin Makari Toru: Sarumo Jigoku Nokorumo  Jigoku  This time, he meets a child who is being chased by men that killed his father before his eyes. Feeling indebted to the child for buying him dinner, the Ronin takes the child back to his village. There, the Ronin reluctantly gets involved in a pathetic revolt by the cowardly villagers against their tyrannical governor.... Toshiro Mifune - English subtitles

K887 Lowly Ronin, The: The Spray of Blood (82) aka: Suronin Makari Toru: Chikemuri no Yado  A woman carrying a young infant who he encounters on the road that leads him into a tale of violence, intrigue and a village in uproar.... Toshiro Mifune -  English subtitles

K884 Lowly Ronin, The: The Teenage Orphan Girl (83) aka: Suronin Makari Toru: Namida ni Kieta Mikka Gokuraku  When he helps an orphaned teenage girl avoid being turned into a prostitute, she then claims he is her father and they start a farm as father and daughter until fate steps in and he must draw his sword.... Toshiro Mifune - English subtitles

F323 Mackoman (80) aka: Machoman - Many styles of kung-fu are portrayed in this tale of honor and revenge. 'Lizard Fists' and 'Crane Kung Fu' are demonstrated as this tale unravels of a man's search for honor. After many fighting encounters, he defeats his enemy using the unusual style of 'Drunken Fist'. Hey, is that ripped off 'Pink Floyd' music on the soundtrack?  BA

K530 Mad Dog Coll (61) Gene Hackman's first movie! He is a cop, un-credited opposite Telly Savalas in one scene. Also with Jerry Orbach, Vincent Gardenia, and many more. Great B-movie focusing on Coll's psychotic killer mentality, his twisted childhood and resulting bitterness. A fake ending enforced by the corrupt P.C.A. smacks of propaganda (do the research). Still a great gangster film! John Davis Chandler (classic villain) stars!  BA

K520 Man on a Spying Tassaultze (67) aka: Anónima de asesinos  Ready for action and good tunes? An American spy travels to Beirut where he's attacked by agents seeking a valuable microfilm. Opening with a car chase an a Piero Umiliani soundtrack wails on as a car goes over a cliff and explodes. The camera surveys the wreckage, then zooms in on some false teeth uppers, the grisly but humorous detritus of death. Turns out those teeth hide a hidden camera! Cool. Location filming, violence and torture (a practice we wholeheartedly endorse), Judo and Karate moves.... a decent spy thriller! 

N263 Manhunt (72) aka: The Italian Connection  aka: La mala ordina  - When a shipment of heroin disappears between Italy and New York, a small-time pimp in Milan is framed for the theft. Loads of testosterone, sexy women and dazzling action! Henry Silva, Woody Strode, Femi Benussi, Luciana Paluzzi, Sylva Koscina and more star.  BA

K582 Manila, Open City (68) aka: American Tank Force  Eddie Romero directs this rare war movie made in the Philippines and starring John Ashley.  BA

K736 Marilyn: The Last Sessions (08) aka: Marilyn, dernières séances  Docu built around Marilyn's therapy sessions with a psychoanalyst Ralph Greenson in the years 1960-1962. She started to go to these sessions during the film Let's Make Love (1960). The sessions lasted for 30 months and they became an obsession to Marilyn....  Greenson had started the sessions to save the star, but he has been considered as one of the reasons to her death. Greenson was the last who saw her alive and the first who saw her dead. Did the psychoanalysis have something to do with the death?

S929 Marlowe (69) aka: Vem blir nästa offer, Marlowe?  Classic detective stuff with an incredible cast. James Garner (soon to be Rockford!) as Marlowe. Rita Moreno, Gayle Hunnicutt, Sharon Farrell, Kenneth Tobey, Carroll O'Conner and Bruce Lee!  Real smooth. LBX  BA

K718 Massacre in Rome (73) aka: Rappresaglia  In the Nazi occupied city of Rome, an assault on an SS brigade draws retaliation from the military governship. "Massacre in Rome" is the true story of how this partisan attack led to the mass execution of Italian nationals under the orders of SS-Lieutenant Colonel Kappler...  Richard Burton, Marcello Mastroianni, Leo McKern, John Steiner and Anthony Steel star  BA

N258 Master Touch, The  (72) aka: Un uomo da rispettare  Just out of prison professional thief (Kirk Douglas) looks to pull off one last huge heist before he retires. Cool car chases. Also with Florinda Balkan. LBX  BA

P317 Mean Frank and Crazy Tony (73) aka: Dio, sei proprio un padreterno!  aka: Escape from Death Row  aka: Power Kill Alternate Longer Euro-version and LBX!  Two thugs (Lee Van Cleef and Tony Lo Bianco) break out of prison and proceed with plans of revenge on their minds. Unrelentingly dark, violent and grim with cinematography by Joe D'amato. LBX. Steer clear of the cut U.S. print, this is the real deal. BA

K529 Mean Johnny Barrows (76) aka: The Hit Man  Fred Williamson is a Viet Nam vet back from the war and crapped on by society. Until then he is offered a job to knock off a rival crime family. You get Roddy McDowell, Stuart Whitman, Elliot Gould, Mike (Tarzan) Henry, Isaac Kennedy and more. Uncut restored LBX version. BA

F364 Mediterranean in Flames, The (72) aka: I Mesogeios flegetai  A volunteer from a World War II-era Greek resistance group agrees to seduce a German officer in order to gain secrets.... Stars Costas Precas, Costas Karras, Olga Politou and Lycourgos Callerghis  BA

P664 Men (73) aka: Les Hommes - Fifties gangsters fill their quota of revenge and code of honor in this decent French crime flick. Michael Constantine and Henry Silva star. LBX and with English subtitles.

K976 Miraculous Virgin (67) aka: The Wonder-Maid  aka: Panna zázracnica   - A surrealistic tale of the influence of a mysterious stranger upon an intermittently besieged Slovak city... Bizarre film from Czechoslovakia and with English subtitles.

K703 Mona Lisa Has Been Stolen, The (66) aka: Il ladro della Gioconda  aka: On A Vole la Joconde  Period heist film that blends intrigue with comedic touches. With George Chakiris, Margaret Lee and Marina Vlady. BA

P524 Mondo Pazzo... Gente Matta (66) Renato Polselli directed this comedy with numerous beautiful women like Silvana Pampanini, Franca Polesello and more. In Italian language only with no subtitles. F.L.  LBX

K833 Monk's Fight (79) aka: Wu zhi zhan she li zi  Action packed kung-fu flick with loads of bloody deaths, stabbings, and more with English subtitles.

P369 Mr. Jerico (69) aka: Mister Jerico  The team behind "The Avengers" made this rare conman caper film starring Patric Macnee, Connie Stevens and Herbert Lom.  

N266 Mr. Scarface (76) aka: I padroni della città  Revenge.... Italian style! Tony, a mob loan collector is dissatisfied with his station in life. Though he dreams of one day of being rich. Jack Palance is Mr. Scarface. Also with Harry Baer and Al Cliver.  BA

S991 Mummy, The (73) aka: Al-mummia  On one hand this is about the discovery of a cache of mummies, rediscovered by a local grave robbing family on the west bank at Luxor in Egypt. On the other it deals with one of the family members feeling guilt for plundering and exploiting his country's heritage. Great use of locales and color. English Subs

K667 Murder in Coweta County (83) Based on true events.  Great casting against type stuff here with Andy Griffith as an evil tyrant who makes his own rules and bends the law (much like Dennis Hopper in 'Paris Trout'). The setting is convincing and the backwoods characters seem authentic. Johnny Cash is the Sheriff. Some hail this as one of the best MFTV flicks ever made.

K958 Narco (04) aka: The Secret Adventures of Gustave Klopp - Gus suffers from narcolepsy. He falls asleep all the time and has dreams about super heroes and supermen (Jean-Claude Van Damme shows up in a small bit). He sleeps through most of school, being a teenager, marrying, numerous jobs, and having a mortgage. His fantasy world seems to be saving him socially, but destroying him personally. Slight LBX and with English subtitles.

S703 Nena (97) Strange Spanish film with a "Lolita" type of story going on. From director Xavier Bermudez. BA

K739 Never Apologize (07) One-man-show (docu) in which Malcolm McDowell talks about director, actor and writer -Lindsey Anderson (1923-1994)

N144 New Monsters, The (77) aka: I nuovi mostri  This is a sequel of sorts to the 60's 'I Mostri'. Here you get some madcap tales funny and yet bitter as well. Solid cast includes the gorgeous Ornella Muti, Alberto Sordi, Ugo Tagnazzi and many more. In Italian language and with English subtitles. BA

N337 Night Club (89) aka: Clube Nocturno  A married couple decide to open a night club in an old factory and have to battle the mob, city councils and even each other in the quest to be a success. Starring sexy Hungarian actress Elizabeth Kaitan, her of many a sexploiter, and she sheds her clothes of course here!

K961 Night Games (66) aka: Nattlek  Jan grew up in an upper class environment and with a strong attachment to his egocentric and cold-hearted mother (Ingrid Thulin). He returns to the home of his childhood (with his girlfriend), an old mansion that has stood empty for a long time. There he must confront his anguished childhood in true groundbreaking cinematic Swedish-style filmmaking. LBX and with English subtitles.

K284 Ninja Hunt (86) C.I.A. agent versus ninjas in a battle for a chemical weapon. BA

N338 Noon Sunday (75) aka: Enkeltbilett til helvete Two mercenaries are hired to commit a political assassination. Violent and grim at times. Filmed on location in Guam with nice scenic locations. Starring Mark Lenard frequent 'Star Trek' actor and also 'Urko' on the 'Planet of the Apes' show.  BA

K682 Northwest Passage (40) This is the story of our early America...of the century of conflict with French and Indians...when necessity made simple men, unknown to history, into giants in daring and endurance. It begins in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in 1759.  Stars Spencer Tracy, Robert Young, Walter Brennan, Ruth Hussey and Nat Pendleton  BA

K726 Odd Angry Shot, The (79) A group of Australian SAS regiment soldiers are deployed to Vietnam around 1967/8 and encounter the realities of war, from the numbing boredom of camp life and long range patrols, raids and ambushes where nothing happens, to the terror of enduring mortar barrages from an unseen enemy.... One of the best of the Viet Nam films - Graham Kennedy, John Hargreaves, John Jarratt, Bryan Brown and Graeme Blundell  BA

S883 Okefenokee (59) Falsely accused man takes to the swamps. Lots of natives live in the treacherous terrain. With Peter Coe

P395 Onan und Tamara (70) aka: La salamandra del deserto  The great Riccardo Freda  directs this ultra-rare weird erotic religious drama. Onan of The Old Testament is indeed naughty. In foreign language with no subtitles.  BA

P398 One Armed Boxer (72) aka: Du bei chuan wang  After his schoolmate and master is killed an he loses an arm, student Tien Lung has to learn the art of one-armed boxing. He has some intense training ahead if he to avenge his friends. Dubbed into English and with original trailer. BA

N373 One of Those Things (74) aka: Hændeligt uheld   A successful auto executive (Roy Dotrice) becomes involved with a young woman (Judy Geeson) following an unavoidable auto accident that results in the death of a young man. The girl mentally blackmails the man through manipulation leading to an affair that threatens his career and his marriage. He thinks up a permanent solution to take care of his problem. With hippies, pot smoking and wife swapping. Rarely seen Danish film made with a British and Japanese cast, and in English language.

P504 Operation Cross Eagles (68) aka: Operazione aquila  Set in Yugoslavia in WW2, a small band of American commandoes is sent to rescue an American officer from a German fortress. Runs like a lower budgeted version of 'Where Eagles Dare". Directed and starring Richard Conte. Also starring Rory Calhoun.  BA

P570 Orson Welles Story, The (82) Interested in the man and his story?  This two disc set will tell you everything you ever wanted to know!  Not only that but a couple shorts tagged onto the second disc 'Night Mail' and 'Big City'.  (counts as one selection)

N274 Paco (76) Moral authentic coming of age tale about a country peasant boy drawn into a world of petty crime in Bogota, (which is pretty much what happens to boy's there apparently). With Mel Ferrer (his nephew is George Clooney) and also stars Adam Cartwright himself Pernell Roberts.

K290 Paul Lynde Halloween Special (76) + John Ritter: Being of Sound Mind and Body (78) Kiss jams 'Detroit Rock City' and instantly gains even larger fame on Paul Lynde which also stars bad witch Margaret Hamilton. John Ritter has Vincent Price and his Three's Company women. There is a lot of fun to be had on these two specials, both for the price of one! 

K829 Pay or Die (78) aka: Devil's Angels  aka: Devil's Three  aka: Mean Business  - Marrie Lee as Cleopatra Wong! She is hired to help bring a mafia boss's daughter back home after being kidnapped by her own men. Nudity, gay jokes, shootings....This is a sometimes tough to locate Philippine film and is in English language. BA

S842 Personals, The (82) Obscure and groundbreaking romantic comedy with Bill Schoppert and Karen Landry filmed in Minnesota.  BA

K672 Pigeon That Took Rome, The (62) Charlton Heston stars as an American soldier behind Italian lines in World War II. In order to communicate German movements to the Allies, he uses carrier pigeons fitted with messages. As he grows more and more in love with the daughter of the family he stays with, the father accidentally feeds the pigeons to his family for Easter Dinner.... BA

P580 Place in Hell, A (69) aka: Raiders of the Bloody Beach   aka: Un posto all'inferno  Another cool low budget Italian war film this one directed by Giuseppe Vari. Misplaced misfit Yankee G.I.'s stumble around Japanese controlled Filipino island after the fall of Manila, waging warfare when they can, and dying when they must. Guy Madison stars. BA

K851 Police Python 357 (76) Yves Montand plays a New Orleans cop who falls for a sexy but strange photographer (Stefania Sandrelli). She turns up dead and he is the prime suspect (at least in his head). Loaded with twists and turns!  Simone Signoret and others star. LBX and in English language. BA

S944 Preacherman meets Widderwoman (73) Obscure little slice of Americana. Preacherman meets his match in five-time widow Alzena Zuggs. Redneck hicksploitation loaded with enough stereotypical characters to fill a phone book. Get yer suspenders on, put in yer Billy Bob teeth... grab a sixer... enjoy!  LBX  BA

K707 Predators of Antilles (99) aka: Sexy Pirates  aka: I predatori delle Antille - Nice swashbuckler ship and pirate action with lavish sets and photography. Joe D'Amato directs and even though he uses some porn actors, this is not porn! More like a throw-back to the type of film made back in the 60's. A little torture, a hanging, beautiful women, more. Joe died the year this came out. It is, in a sense, a brief last return to yesteryear.

P386 Priest (94) A conservative Catholic priest struggles with his homosexuality (but of course he does!). This film drums home the message that organized religion is still used as a tool to govern instead of instilling moral values...or something.

S834-S866 Prisoners (75) Obscure Viet Nam interrogation and war film with torture of prisoners starring Mako (who is on our side, and quite a ruthless interrogator). Apparently the negative psychological effect on soldiers who engage in this tactic is explored. Maybe a bit propaganda, but very well made and interesting. Graphic stabbings, beatings, racial slurs (Vietnamese called 'dinks' and 'goons', a black soldier is called 'nigger' by racist white soldier), nudity etc.

S881 Psychopath, The (68)  aka: Mister Zehn Prozent - Miezen und Moneten   Jewel thieves steal the contents of a safe and then do battle with a guy “Psychopath (Not so Much) Master of Disguise” wearing a Sean Connery mask in the opening segment. Not a horror film as the title sort of implies. With George Martin, Klaus Kinski, Ingrid Schoeller and Karin Field.

K975 Quai Des Orfevres (47) aka: Quay of the Goldsmiths - Murder mystery police procedural from the director of 'Diabolique' and 'Wages of Fear'. With English subtitles.

K357 Quickly, Shoot and Kiss Before Dinner (71) aka: Quickly, spari e baci a colazione  Sexy adventure crime-drama with Magda Konopa from Italian director Alberto Cavallone. LBX - F.L.  BA

P575 Rangers Attack (70) aka: Rangers attacco ora X   Nazi's hold P.O.W.'s in a camp and troubles occur as usual in this Italian made war drama in English language. Directed by horror giallo fave Roberto Montero you get elements of 'The Great Escape' and even 'Hart's War' which was a remake of sorts of this similar tale.  BA

N270 Ransom Money (70) Broderick Crawford stars in this film about the kidnapping and ransom of a woman's son. Some cool 70's Las Vegas and Grand Canyon footage.



P374 Rebel, The (59-61)  The very first episode of this short running series introduces Johnny Yuma (Nick Adams!) as a loner riding into a small western town and leading his horse to the water trough. The town toughs immediately see the Confederate cap and start shoving him around. "Don't push," Yuma says not in a whiny voice but with warning menace. "You aught to be used to being pushed by now, Reb," one of the toughs smirks. By the time this episode is over, Johnny Yuma has emptied his Confederate cap and ball pistol into them and blasted them and with his sawed off double barreled shotgun. Then, he grabs from his saddle bag a cluster of dynamite with the fuse already fashioned, lights it, storms to the saloon, and tosses the explosive package over the swinging doors. Boom!   Each week, Johnny Yuma encounters another version of bullying by the bad guys and apathy by the onlookers which kind of resembled Will Kane's isolation in "High Noon."   And each week Johnny Yuma would fight hostile Indians, crooked land developers, and evil ranchers and more to blast his way to vengeance and justice.  Guest stars include John Carradine, Yvette Vickers (Playboy bunny/scream queen whose mummified remains were found last year), Richard Jaeckel, Patricia Medina, Jack Elam... more. Theme song sung by Johnny Cash - 10 DISCS - THE COMPLETE SERIES -     76 EPISODES  DVD-R ONLY WITH COMPLETE EPISODE MENUS - $56 POSTAGE PAID


K617 Red and the White, The (68) aka: Csillagosok, katonák  aka: Rouges et Blancs  In 1919, Hungarian Communists aid the Bolsheviks' defeat of Czarists, the Whites. Near the Volga, a monastery and a field hospital are held by one side then the other. Captives are executed or sent running naked into the woods.... LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

K523 Red Dragon (65) aka: Das Geheimnis der drei Dschunken  Stewart Granger plays a condescending F.B.I. agent who travels to Hong Kong to infiltrate an international smuggling ring, aided by the ravishing Rosanna Schiaffino. Tagline: Behind the Bamboo Curtain, Life is Cheaper and the Dolls are Deadlier! LBX  BA

N900 Report to the Commissioner (75) aka: Rapporto al capo della polizia  No one knew she was an undercover policewoman. Including the policeman that killed her! With Michael Moriarty, Susan Blakely, Yaphet Kotto and Richard Gere (in his second film). Bob Balaban is a maniac amputee. A gritty, depressing view of the police establishment, closer to the truth I would think.  BA

K564 Return to Macon County (75) In 1958, two young men (played by Nick Nolte and Don Johnson) take their pride and joy (a hopped-up Chevy) and start a cross-country journey, running into hot girls and dangerous rednecks along the way. Great drive-in classic set in the 50's with lots of music from that era. BA

K824 Revenge in Fury (89) Crime-action flick from Taiwan in the vein of 'The Killer' with loads of blood-soaked, bullet ridden action! With English subtitles.

S844 Riel (79) aka: Louis Riel  A film about the actions of the Metis rebel leader who opposed the Canadian government in two separate rebellions. With Raymond Cloutier, Maury Chaykin, Leslie Nielson, William Shatner, Christopher Plummer and many more.

K454 Rockula (90) Dean Cameron as a young vampire who cannot lose his virginity because of a curse imposed upon him centuries ago. He tries to woo a pop star to break the curse! Toni Basil (wearing corsets and hula skirts) plays his gun-toting vampire mom, Susan Tyrell and Bo Diddy are band mates, Thomas Dolby and more! And did I mention this is a musical with bad 80's vampire rock and rap, a bit of blues and even some Sheena Easton-like prancing and pouting by Tawny Fere?  Bo Didley is decked out in Spandex with gold records hanging around his neck! This one's a real hoot and begs to be rediscovered!  BA

P661 Run Wild, Run Free (69) aka: The White Colt  Dramatic role for Mark Lester as a mute boy who seems to be more at home with animals who dwell in the moors (where he lives) then he is with humans. Great locations. This is a tear-jerker, so get out the hankies! Also with John Mills and Sylvia Sims.  BA

K712 Runaway (73) Ben Johnson, Ben Murphy, Ed Nelson, Darleen Carr, Lee H. Montgomery, Martin Milner and Vera Miles star. Skiers are trapped on a runaway train with frozen brakes, on a mountainous snow covered railway! Tense well made MFTV.

K970 Salt in the Wound (69) aka: Il dito nella piaga  Great cast and locations in this excellent WW2 thriller. George Hilton and Klaus Kinski star. During the last days of WW2 in Italy, an inexperienced American officer is assigned to supervise the execution of two military prisoners. Their truck is ambushed by the Germans, and only the officers and the prisoners escape. Then then accidentally liberate an Italian village. Slight LBX.  BA

K434 Savage Innocents, The (60) Eskimo Anuk (Anthony Quinn) who has had little contact with civilization kills a missionary (who refuses his hospitality when he offers his wife sexually to him, an insult) and finds himself pursued by police. Peter O'Toole in his first film! Great dialogue and adventure that will have you thinking about Eskimo culture, foreign to most. For fans of survival films set in stark environments with different cultures and folklore. Bob Dylan wrote 'Quinn the Eskimo' based on this film. Quinn himself said this is one of the top three films he was in that he is most proud of.  BA

P649 Seasons in the Sun (86) Rare. Terry Jackson's song exploited here (the title). You know, the one about the terminal illness and dying and all. Great fun. Starring Terry Jacks and John Ireland.

K714 Seduction Squad (72) aka: Trop jolies pour être honnêtes  Jane Birken, Bernadette Lafont, Elisabeth Wiener and Emma Cohen are 4 pretty girls rooming together....  After witnessing and accidentally helping several thugs get away with a heist, the women notice through their telescope that the stolen loot is in the apartment right across the street! They plan their own burglary of the already stolen loot in this lighthearted caper comedy with a bit of nudity! Serge Gainsbourg did the bouncy score BA

N339 Separate Ways (81) aka: Separate Ways  Karen Black and Tony LoBianco play a married couple who cheat on each other. Will they make it? Also with Arlene Golonka, Sharon Farrell, Sybil Danning and David Naughton.

S892 Serpent Island (54) Bert I. Gordon cinematography. A woman sets out to a remote Caribbean island to search for some treasure. Two men on the ship she is on fall for her. A storm, sharks, unfriendly natives, a voodoo priestess, snakes (no giant ones though). This film is loaded with repressed sexuality. Shot in color with awesome locales. The next year came Bert's first BIG feature 'King Dinosaur'.

K832 Seven Men of Kung-Fu (76) aka: Greatest Duel Of The Red Eagle  aka: Seven Knights, Eight Banners  Chien (Cheung Fook-Gin) travels around the land to round up enough Ming heroes to tackle the Ching threat number one, premier constable Tso (Chang Yi). The likes of Chen Sing's and Phillip Ko's characters also join the fight. (There's also creepy flashbacks to a wandering woman and a corpse or alive papier mache doll prepared for funeral.) Nice looking English subtitled print of this rare kung-fu title that is well worth checking out!

K522 Shadow of Evil (64) aka: Panic in Bangkok  aka: Banco à Bangkok pour OSS 117 - A secret agent (Kerwin Matthews) sets out to stop an evil scientist who is about to unleash on the world a virulent biological strain he has developed after his experiments with rats. Part spy movie, a little horror (mad doctor), lost temple, eroticism (Pier Angeli who starred in 'Octoman' with Kerwin Matthews in 1971, died from overdose when 'Octoman' came out!) Also with Dominique Wilms.  BA

F365 Shaka Zulu (86) Framed around Queen Victoria's decision on England's political stance towards the Zulu Nation, this mini-series details King Shaka's rise and fall with mythic detail. Prophecy is mixed with recorded fact regarding Shaka's birth, exile, innovations in warfare, assumption of the throne, building of the Zulu Empire, first contact with Europe and the events that lead to his downfall....  BA   2 DVD-R or 2 VHS - $20  

S879 Shark River (53) aka: Marais Maudits  Steve Cochran and Warren Stevens are brothers, pursued by the law through the dangerous Everglades, during the Civil War. The duo encounters alligators, swamps, Seminole Indians, snakes, a widow and her son and ... 'stock footage'!   BA

K644 Situation Normal A.F.U. (70) aka: Rosolino Paternò, soldato...  Action war comedy with Jason Robards, Martin Landau, Peter Falk, Anthony Dawson, Slim Pickens and many more. In WW2, a commando was sent in a secret mission in Sicily. They have a reluctant Italian prisoner of war to help them. In English language with foreign subtitles and LBX.  BA

P471 Sixties Three Play From the U.K. (66-68) Three forgotten shows (with perhaps forgotten-by-most stars) First an episode of 'The Dusty Springfield Show' and she sings and dances and her guest star is Tom Jones, and you bet he does the same!   Next we get an episode of 'The Sandy Shaw Supplement' and she does her thing and her guest John Walker sings the song 'By the Time I Get to Phoenix'. Last, an episode of 'Lulu's Back in Town' where she sings her little innocent ditties and her guest is 'The Everly Brothers'.  There ya' have it bloke!

P387 Sky Riders, The (68) aka: Nebestí jezdci  aka: Riders in the Sky - Depicts the ordinary, cruel lives of Czech pilots in Great Britain. The best Czech war film ever. In English language, with some parts with English subtitles, and a few scenes with no translation.

P498 Sno-Line (86) aka: Texas Godfather - A New York district attorney secretly runs a cocaine smuggling ring in Texas. When the mob tries to move in on his action, he heads down there to try and stop them. With Vince Edwards, Paul Smith and June Wilkinson.  BA

K341 Soldier Named Joe, A (71) aka: El hombre que vino del odio  Leon Klimovsky directed this rare adventure with Jess Franco regular Antonio Mayans, Luciana Paluzzi and many others. Later re-edited in America and parts used in a Sam Sherman film, this is the original uncut version. LBX

K578 Solo Voyage (85) aka: Odinochnoye plavanye  A U.S. army sergeant goes nuts taking over a base and now has control of a missile he plans to launch. Enter the Russian Marines who are out to do some ass-kicking. Really good Soviet action film, quite different and very interesting to see how they portray Americans. For instance, not all Americans are depicted as evil and bad, quite the opposite of similar films made from our side, where all of the opposition is evil, period. Dubbed into English. 

P499 Spies Strike Silently (66) aka: Le spie uccidono in silenzio  aka: Ombres sur le Liban   Euro-Spy thriller with Lang Jeffries as Mike Drum who is investigating the deaths of some of the world's top scientists. Super-villain with super monologues and an even more super (super duper?) weapon add to the fun. Cool and numerous world locales and also starring Emma Danieli and Erika Blanc! LBX -  BA

N195 Spiral of Mist, A (77) aka: Una spirale di nebbia  The story deals with the marital troubles of various couples, their sexual escapades with their servants, and an unresolved murder. An Italy/France production with no subtitles so F.L.

K835 Split, The (68) aka: Le Crime c'est Notre Business A heist at a football stadium goes terribly wrong when the millions come up missing. This is surprisingly rough and violent at times, with a graphic beating scene by Ernest Borgnine on Jim Brown and more! Would have enjoyed seeing a real brawl with these two! Warren Oates also stars as one of the baddies and his character is racist. Gene Hackman, Jack Klugman and Donald Sutherland also star.  LBX  BA

N901 Spy with Ten Faces, The (66) aka: Upperseven, l'uomo da uccidere  Explosions, fist-fighting, exotic locales, identity changing masks ala 'Mission Impossible", and more. Paul Hubschmid, Karin Dor and Rosalba Neri star. In English language with foreign subtitles.  BA

N268 Squeeze, The (78) aka: The Rip-Off  aka: Controrapina  Antonio Margheriti directs. A retired safe cracker (Lee Van Cleef) is recruited by young conman (Edward Albert) to return to the business for a million dollar heist. Also with Karen Black, Lionel Stander, and Peter Carsten.  Decent Eurotrash.  BA

K670 Staircase (69) A story about two gay middle-aged hairdressers (played by Richard Burton and Rex Harrison) in the back streets of seedy old London. Weird drama not for all tastes, but both performers give it their all.  Also with Cathleen Nesbitt. LBX

N260 Stoolie, The (72) Roger Pitman aka: Narc (Jackie Mason) is a loser in New York resorting to a life of petty crime. But he is a failure at even that, and has been getting by ratting out other criminals to a detective he knows. But even the detective treats him like slime. Mason turns the tables on the detective when he is sent into a crime den with $7000 to make a buy. Inside he is dumped on as usual, but he comes out and sends the detective in to make the bust as if he had set the criminal up as planned.... dark comedy

S896 Storm Over the Nile (55) aka: Tempestad sobre el Nilo  Remake of 1939's 'The Four Feathers'. Anthony Steel, Laurence Harvey, Christopher Lee and Mary Ure (who died at age 42 from a drug overdose).  BA

P377 Story of a Junkie (87) We follow “Gringo” as he skates his way through the nightmarish drug dens that he calls home, all the time letting the viewer deeper into the mental and physical hell of his life.  Drugged out junkie horrors in New York city with nice location photography.  BA

K258 Strange and Fucked Up Short Subjects  (79)  First:  'Am I Normal?'  (79) awkward movie about hitting puberty!  Then: 'Black Mass' which is 1920's Satan Porn with bloodletting and whipping, quite cool and weird. Then 'The Clown' about a killer clown!  Next : Ghahanian Video Tales which profiles the Ghahanian industry. Next : 'Mouse Heaven' A Kenneth Anger short on Mickey Mouse classic toys. Then : 'Never Go With Strangers' a British scare film about not talking to strangers. Wacky Zany Video to promote Kool- Aid and Kay Bee Toy Stores. Next a docu on Christian Puppet Shows. Finally 'Womb Wisdom' in which these two fat chicks (fully dressed thank goodness) play with dildos and discuss the merits of the dildo.

K834 Stunt Squad (77) aka: La polizia è sconfitta  Violent crime film from director Domenico Paolella, uncut with all of the explosions, stabbings, beatings and more!  Nice looking LBX print and in English language too!  BA

K748 Subway Riders (81) Bizarre film with innovative camera work and influential style about a psychotic schizoid saxophone player (played by both Amos Poe and John Lurie) who lures victims to deserted spots with his music and then guns them down. Also with Robbie Coltrane and Susan Tyrrell.

F312 Summer Girl (83) aka: The Hands That Rob the Cradle  When seductive young Cinni (Diane Franklin of 'Amityville 2 : The Possession') comes to baby-sit for a married couple (Gavin and Cindy played by Barry Bostwick and Kim Darby), she's after more than extra spending money. Starting with the kids and working her way to the husband, evil Cinni plans to take over Cindy's life. And she won't let anyone get in her way!  Precedes 'The Hand That Rocks the Cradle' and other similar films. BA

K919 Super Cops, The (74) aka: 2 supercolt a Brooklyn  Wonder where 'Starsky and Hutch' came from? This is the true story of two New York City cops. Greenberg and Hantz fought the system, became detectives, and were known on the streets as ' Batman and Robin'. They fight against dealers, corrupt colleagues and other assorted criminals. Ron Liebman, David Selby, Sheila Frazier (Superfly) and Pat Hingle.  BA

P640 Survival of Dana (79) aka: On the Edge The Survival of Dana  High school student Dana (Melissa Sue Anderson) accepts probation after her accompanying friend is caught shoplifting. MFTV. Robert Carradine, Marion Ross, Michael Pataki, Judge Reinhold (in his movie debut) and more.

N261 Swap, The (69/79) aka: Sam's Song  aka: Line of Fire - Robert Deniro - After his release from prison, a man looks into the murder of his brother, that happened 10 years previously.

K339 Sylvia (65)  Carroll Baker plays a novelist that marries a sleazebag played by Peter Lawford. When Lawford hires a P.I. to look into his wife's past he finds she used to be prostitute. Well made complex mystery-like tale (much told in flashback)  with a decent cast which includes Aldo Ray and Ann Sothern (as a washed-up barfly/hooker). BA

P641 Take Down (79) Wrestling in high-school drama with Lorenzo Lamas, Maureen McCormick, Stephen Furst and more. An above average sports movie. Lamas wrote and performs a song. Are you man enough to take it?  This was his first big role. BA

K929 Target (79) aka: Bersaglio Altezza Uomo - Weird Italy/Turkish production crime film. A tough hero, vicious thugs, abused molls, shot-outs, kidnapping, fights, a bit of gratuitous nudity, bad disco soundtrack and one of the funniest things, every male in Turkey seems to have a mustache! With Luc Merenda and Gabriella Giorgelli. With English subtitles.  BA

P509 Target Eagle (82) aka: Hit Man  aka: Jugando con la muerte - A Spanish police chief hires an undercover agent (code-named Eagle because of his tattoo) to infiltrate a gang of heroin smugglers. Great cast with George Peppard, Max Von Sydow, Jorge Rivero, Maud Adams and Chuck Conners. Parachuting, car chases, martial arts, gun-play and more.

K521 Target For Killing (66) aka: Das Geheimnis der gelben Mönche  Stewart Granger plays an FBI guy (just like his character in "Red Dragon" but with a different name) who is after an evil organization. Hip graphics and a cool rock song get things started off. Granger romances the lovely Karin Dor (the first German Bond girl). Spy action thriller also with Curd Jurgens, Rupert Davies, Aldo Celi and the immortal Klaus Kinski. 

P569 Thief, The (52) A chance accident causes a nuclear physicist selling top secret material to the Russians to fall under FBI scrutiny and be on the run. Ray Milland stars.

P577 Thirty-six Hours to Hell (69) aka: 36 ore all'inferno  Roberto Montero delivers another war movie! 1942: The Japanese dominate the Pacific. The American air force has been bombing one small island they hope to occupy and set up a base for invasion launching. A Marine platoon led by a Captain Stern (Richard Harrison) has 36 hours to scout the island and make sure the Japanese are gone. From the sound of the title of this film, you know they have big troubles. Men on both sides die gruesome brutal deaths, gunned down, drowned in quicksand, flamethrowers barbecues, and even a samurai-swordsmen. War is hell for all. Mario Bianchi the famous Italian horror director has a small part as well.  BA

P376 Thunderbolt (73) aka: Wu lei hong ding  Sword play period action from Hong Kong!  LBX - Subs

K914 Tiger By the Tail (68) aka: La grande rapina di Long Island  Viet Nam war hero, accused of murdering his brother, recruits his socialite girlfriend to hunt for the real killer. Christopher George, Tippi Hedren, Dean Jagger and Charo (when she was hot stuff) star. In English language with foreign subtitles.  BA

K681 Triangle Factory Fire Scandal, The (79) Amazing and rare MFTV! The Story of a fire in the Triangle Shirt Mfg. Co. Building in New York City in 1911 that killed 146 employees, mostly young immigrant women, who jumped to their deaths. Tom Bosley and many others star in this critically acclaimed true story reenactment.... BA

P579 Tristana (70) Somewhere between the innocent girl and the not so innocent mistress is the bizarre, sensuous story of Tristana. Catherine Denevue as Tristana evolves from Innocence to a bitter cynical woman. With Fernando Rey and Franco Nero. LBX and with English subtitles.  BA

K251 Truth About Alex, The (86) Scott Baio is Brad. His best friend is Alex. They play football. Alex tells Brad he is gay. Will Brad accept Alex in light of this new info? Or will he and other friends stage an intervention and try to change Alex after Alex visits a gay bar?  Early gay subject matter MFTV. I liked 'The Boy Who Drank Too Much' better. 

P311 Ultimate Revenge (89) Cynthia Rothrock stars in this violent revenge crime flick made in Hong Kong with intense and amazing fight sequences! Something about kung-fu women beating the hell out of each other simply appeals to me. If I need therapy, so does everyone else! With English subtitles!

P528 Ultimatum Alla Vita (62) aka: Last Chance For Life - Renato Polselli directed this war drama starring Franca Bettoia, Cristina Gaioni and more. F.L.

S932 Upper Seven: The Man To Kill (66) aka: The Spy with 10 Faces - More James Bond styled spy action, this one with a pretty cool battle just outside Rome's Coliseum. Starring Karin Dor, who would go on the following year to actually be a 'Bond Girl' in "You Only Live Twice". In English language with Greek subtitles.

N904 Vasectomy: A Delicate Matter! (86) Gino (Paul Sorvino) has given his lovely wife (Cassandra Edwards) 8 beautiful children. She has now given him and ultimatum!!! Yowwww!   BA

K776 Violent Summer (59) aka: Estate violenta  aka: Ete Violent   A love story set in a seaside town during Mussolini's Italy's last gasp has loads of atmosphere and beautiful cinematography. A young man falls for a beautiful 30 year old widow (Eleonora Rossi Drago). With English subtitles. BA

K591 Virgin of Lust, The (00) aka: La virgen de la lujuria  In Vera Cruz, in the 1940's, Nacho, an Indian, waits tables at a cafe. He falls in love with Lola, an opium addicted alcoholic whore, who herself is hopelessly in love with Gardenia Wilson, a masked wrestler who slept with her once, but knows she is unbalanced. Fantasies and obsessions collide. With English Subs and LBX.

K826 Viva Santiago (81) A man (Santiago) is saved by a head-hunting tribe after crashing at sea. He is accepted by the tribe's leader and his sexy daughter. Violent gangs attack the village and Santiago, now one of the tribe, fights valiantly. Gory stabbings, machete fights, shootings, beatings, fistfights etc. In Tagalog with no subtitles so F.L.

N262 W.B., Blue and the Bean (89) aka: Bail Out - A trio of hapless bounty hunters are recruited by a shady bails bondsmen to try to keep a witness in a drug trial alive. With Linda Blair, John Vernon and David Hasselhoof. Look for Danny Trejo as 'Mean'!  BA

K482 Walk with Love and Death, A (69) A man hears the "call of the sea" and decides to leave Paris and walk to it. Along the way he encounters various forms of violence and a blooming relationship with a beautiful young woman (Angelica Huston in her debut, this is directed by her dad John) who joins him on his journey. BA

K725 Walter Defends Sarajevo (72) aka: Valter brani Sarajevo  True story about a man who tried to stop Nazi soldiers in World War II...  LBX and with English subtitles.

K973 Warkill (68) As tough as 'Bataan' was, this film deals with American guerillas, and their Filipino allies, fighting the Japanese late in WW2 in the Philippines. A great war film with a brutal climax with vicious a Japanese assault. George Montgomery stars.  BA

K772 Way Ahead, The (44) aka: The Immortal Battalion  A group of conscripts are called up into the infantry during WWII. At first they appear a hopeless bunch but their sergeant and Lieutenant have faith in them and mould them into a good team. When they go into action in N. Africa they realize what it's all about.... David Niven  

P558 Where Does It Hurt? (72) aka: Hasta Nunca Doctor!   A corrupt hospital administrator decides to get as much money as possible from the patients with lies deception and theft. Nonstop gags (some gross) and sexual references abound! With Peter Sellers, Pat Morita and more.  BA

K721 Whistle Down the Wind (61) When an injured wife murderer takes refuge on a remote farm, the owners three children, brought up with the crazy notions of Christian teachings, think he just may be the second coming of Christ. Shot largely on location in the bleak countryside around Burnley in Lancashire. A British classic!  Bernard Lee, Alan Bates, Hayley Mills and many others star. LBX  BA

P383 White Lioness, The (96) aka: Den vita lejoninnan  Political assassination thriller from Sweden LBX and with English subtitles. You get to see a lot of the Swedish countryside, cold and covered with dirty remnants of old snow. South Africa's Cape Town is prominently featured as well.  BA

K831 Witty Hand, Witty Sword (80) aka: Ling Long Yu shao jian Ling Long  Lots of bloody swordfights and old school style kung-fu here in this chop-sockey that has English subtitles. 

S880 Woman's Vengeance, A (48) aka: Venganza de Mujer  Husband Henry (Charles Boyer) tends to ailing wife Rachel (Emily Maurier) in country house. In the meantime he has a young mistress (Ann Blyth) to pass the time waiting for his wife to pass. And pass she does... but is it murder? Jealous neighbor Janet (a young Jessica Tandy) harbors resentment and suspicion because she wanted Henry when his wife expired. But now the bastard has a younger broad and he even marries her!  What next? Tandy is awesome in this. Aldous (Brave New World) Huxley wrote the short story and the screenplay for this film.  BA

F325 XYZ Murders (85) aka: Crimewave - A pair of slightly bent cartoon-like exterminator/hit men kill the owner of a burglar alarm company, and stalk the partner that hired them. Paul L. Smith, Bruce Campbell. Louise Lasser, Brion James, even Frances McDormand in a small part as a nun. Blinding rate of gags. This one an early Cohen brothers script and Sam Raimi directs. Considered a misfire at the time, genre fans will find much to like here, not to mention a great cast of actors that is impossible to put together today!  This is from the Japanese release, and in English language. BA

K645 Yakuza's Tale (69) aka: Toseinin Retsuden  New leader seeks assassin with a tattoo in this Japanese mafia tale. LBX and with English subtitles.

P373 Young Rebels, The (70-71) This short-lived series.........The Young Rebels consisted of four young leads who were members of the fictional Yankee Doodle Society, based in Chester, Pennsylvania, in the year 1777. Their goal was to harass the British behind their lines and to serve as spies for the American forces. Everyone was under 30,and British rule was the "system" they sought to overturn...  Jeremy (Rick Ely), the son of the town's mayor and was the leader of the group; Elizabeth (Hilary Thompson) his teenage girlfriend and helper; Isak (Louis Gossett, Jr.) an ex-slave, and Henry (Alex Henteloff) the brains of the outfit.  15 EPISODES - COMPLETE SERIES On 8 DISCS FOR $45

K640 Young Torless (66) aka: Der junge Törless  Faithfully adapted from author Robert Musil, this study of sadism and masochism among students at an Austro-Hungarian boys prep school is a parable of fascism and its origins. Barbara Steele is Bozena the prostitute who awakens the nascent sexual nature of the adolescent students.... LBX and with English subtitles.

K524 Your Cheatin' Heart (64) The story of drug addict country and western singer Hank Williams (played by a pre-wax-face George Hamilton (who does great here), with the drug problems downplayed) makes for great fun. Soundtrack by a 14 year old Hank Williams Jr. Sure, sure listed before but now it is also available LBX!  BA









P650 Alien Lover (75) An orphaned teenager becomes involved with an alien who was beamed to earth from another galaxy in a TV signal. With Kate Mulgrew in her debut. Rare MFTV that aired on the 'Wide World of Mystery' way back when. 

N278 Bat, The (60) A sinister villain known only as 'The Bat' attempts to locate a fortune in stolen securities supposedly hidden in the rambling mansion owned by spinster Codelia Van Gorder (played by Helen Hayes). With Jason Robards and Margaret Hamilton! This version was aired on a show called 'Dow Hours of Great Mysteries" and runs just under 1 hour.

K912 Beasts are on the Streets, The (78) Panic grips a small community after a tanker truck crashes through a fence at a wild animal park, freeing dozens of dangerous beasts. The lions get a few guys! Carol Lynley, Billy Green Bush, Phillip Michael Thomas...more.

N194 Blast of Silence (61) aka: Cronaca di un assassinio  A hired killer from Cleveland has a job to do on a second-string mob boss in New York. But a special girl from his past, and a fat gun dealer with pet rats, each gets in his way. Striking cinematography, long shots, tense tight action, lapsed morals and betrayal.... BA

N365 Blonde Witch (56) aka: La sorcière  Marina Vlady and Maurice Ronet star. Brulard, a French civil engineer on assignment in Sweden for a lumber company meets 'Ina', a local nature-girl type, falls in love, has an affair, tries to convert her to 'civilization' but ends up involving her in a tragic event by superstitious villagers instead. In French and with English subtitles.  BA

S949 Carpet of Horror (62) aka: Der Teppich des Grauens  An evil genius uses poison gas to avenge himself on his enemies. The 'carpet' of the title doesn't kill anyone, or anything as corny as that. It refers to a stain left on carpets where victims are found, left behind by the murder weapon. With babe-a friggin'-licious Karin Dor.

F314 Cellar, The (89) A young boy fins an ancient Comanche monster in the basement of his home. Cool monster and some decent scares!  BA

N346 Challenge of the Devil (63) aka: Katarsis  aka: Sfida al diavolo  - Now Christopher Lee's most obscure Italian horror film comes to you not only LBX but also with English subtitles! Filmed in Odescalchi Castle and Lake Bracciano near Rome. A group of  people begin partying in a remote castle and Mephistoles (Lee) appears and begins to go after them! This is a Gothic tale of Faust, curses, ghosts, spiders, and an orgiastic dance. To be fair, Lee doesn't have much screen time, but he is the main point the film is aiming to get to.

N280 Curse of the Mummy (70) Another version Bram Stoker's 'Jewel of the Seven Stars' filmed also as 'Blood From the Mummy's Tomb' and 'The Awakening'. After unearthing the mummy of an Egyptian queen, an archaeologist realizes his daughter bears a striking resemblance to the well-preserved corpse which soon awakens! Isobel Black and Patrick Mower, both in Hammer films (and others) star.  (From the “Mystery and Imagination” TV series)

N367 Damned Thing, The (75) aka: Prokletinja  Village doctor who lives in the swamps is found with a slit throat. His diary talks of an unseen force, a presence he describes as 'Damned Thing'. Will they get to the bottom of this mystery or is this unseen creature about to make it's next move? This runs about an hour and is quite rare. With English subtitles.


N197 DARKROOM The Complete Series  (81-82)   4 disc set  $25.00


P636 Day the Earth Moved, The (74) aka: Als die Erde aufbrach   A team taking aerial photographs of the desert deduces that an earthquake is about to strike a nearby town, but nobody in the town believes them. Jackie Cooper, Beverly Garland, Stella Stevens and more star in this MFTV disaster type.

P638 Deadly Dream (71) A scientist keeps having dreams that he is marked for murder by a mysterious tribunal for something he's not aware that he's done. In his dream scientists are hunted and executed if they threaten to advance human knowledge. With violence and a truly downbeat ending, this MFTV spells fun! With Lloyd Bridges, Janet Leigh, Richard Jaeckel, Don Stroud and more.

N921 Death By Prescription (86) aka: The Good Doctor Bodkin-Adams  Richard Gordon wrote this tale (based on a true story). The true story of an English doctor in the 1950's who was accused of murdering many of his elderly patients. A murderer, a euthanist... or just a shitty doctor? Tense and intelligent tale filled with suspense. With Nigel Davenport!

P627 Death of Ocean View Park (79) aka: Muerte en el parque de atracciones   Nostalgic look at amusement parks with a horror slant. A young woman starts to get visions of a disaster happening at a local amusement park. Looks like the park is possessed! Rare MFTV. Mare Winningham, Martin Landau, Perry Lang and Mike Conners star.

S974 Death Strikes Again (50's) Whodunit thriller from Greece with an old dark house and a murder mystery!  With English Subs!  

P633 Demon Murder Case, The (83) A young boy is taken over by demons who force him to commit murder. Supposedly based on a real case. Cool MFTV shocker with an all-star cast! Kevin Bacon, Andy Griffith, Cloris Leachman, Eddie Albert, and in his debut (in voice only) the demon's voice by Harvey Fierstein.

S983 Devilish Murder, A