22860000 22860000 (`@````````` 266 263 5 110185200 110185200

2571    99 Women  (69)  aka: Prostitutes in Prison   “99 WOMEN... behind bars -- without men!”  Franco's first WIP feature  BA

3313    Angel of Death  (86)  aka: Commando Mengele   A Jewish commando unit hunting Nazi war criminals tracks down the infamous Dr. Mengele in the jungle...

2400    Aroused Passion   aka: ErotiKill   aka: The Loves of Irina   aka: Female Vampire  (73)  A beautiful female vampire lures men to their doom…..   Finally- long version in English with hardcore sex!  Fair quality.  BA

168    Attack of the Robots  (67)  A mad scientist uses his army of mechanical monsters to control people who have Type O blood.  Comedy / Sci-fi

2419-8406    Awful Dr. Orloff, The  (61) Dr. Orloff, a former prison doctor, abducts beautiful women from nightclubs and tries to use their skin to repair his daughter's fire-scarred face....  BA

1219    Barbed Wire Dolls (75)  Lina Romay   BA 

1115    Bizarre World of Jess Franco  (Franco is interviewed with Lina Romay at his side !) 

3335    Black Boots, Leather Whip  (82)  aka: Botas negras, látigo de cuero   action/ drama   Lina Romay  F.L.

T516    Blind Target (00) A young woman strikes it rich as an author, but when she returns to her homeland to promote the novel (thinly veiled expose of her native land's political corruption) - she is in for a welcome that she could not have imagined in her worst nightmares.  Rachel Sheppard, Oliver Dennis, Linnea Quigley and Lina Romay

Q863    Blood on My Shoes (83) More rare Franco horror - Stars Lina Romay and Howard Vernon - F.L.

4758    Bloody Judge,  The  (70)  aka: Der Hexentöter von Blackmoor  Uncut, letterboxed with more footage than ever before!!  Christopher Lee   BA

N36-24    Bloody Moon (81) Pretty female students are murdered by an unidentified stalker in a variety of grisly ways…..  Franco slasher

9289    Brutal Nights of Linda  (75)  Lina Romay XXX  F.L. 

Q877-L215    Captain Was 15 Years Old (74) Dick Sand travels aboard the "Pilgrim" when, following dramatic events, the ship becomes without a captain….  Obscure Jess Franco in great Quality   F.L.

660 Castle of Fu Manchu  (68)  An evil Chinese mastermind (Christopher Lee)  plots to freeze the Earth's oceans.  BA

L217 Coccolona, La (75) Sleazy events at a Midnight party with Lina Romay looking good - F.L. - BA

4299 Cocktail Special  (78)  A naive teenager (Eugénie) is convinced to spend the weekend at a house where the true intention is that of offering her as the main course of a secret orgy, where her hostess plans to get the girl's father to unwittingly deflower his own daughter.   XXX twisted perversion  F.L.

1466 Count Dracula  (70)  Jess Franco's version of the Bram Stoker classic has Count Dracula as an old man who grows younger whenever he dines on the blood of young maidens….  Christopher Lee, Herbert Lom, Klaus Kinski and Soledad Miranda    BA

9835 Crazy Nuns  (74)  Prostitutes escape the law and hide out in the convent where they corrupt the innocents with the joys of sex!  Lino Romay!  In French  BA

Q708 Cries of Pleasure (83) aka: Gemidos de Placer - A Man (AntonioMayans) invites a Woman (Lina Romay) to his house to live with him, just before the arrival of his wife (Elisa Vela) who is coming back from the insane asylum….   LBX - F.L.   BA

5201 Curse of Frankenstein   aka: Erotic Nights of Frankenstein   (72) Dennis Price, Howard Vernon

L226 Dark Mission  (88)  Franco directs Christopher Lee and Bridgette Lahaie in this spy / action flick.

L603 Daughter of Dracula  (72) aka: La Fille de Dracula   aka: Dracula's Daughter  A young woman visits her gravely ill grandmother at the family estate. On her death bed, the old woman reveals to her granddaughter the family curse: they're all vampires…… Jess Franco also has a role in this, heavy on the atmosphere, nudity filled, sexy lesbian vampire classic with Howard Vernon - Britt Nichols is amazing!  Wide screen with English

9678 Deadly Sanctuary  aka: Justine  aka: Misfortunes of Justine (69)   A woman named Justine is (willingly) used and abused by all manner of perverts, freaks and sexual deviants…..  (shorter print)  Klaus Kinski

L340 Demons, The  (72) The absolute last word on this one . 100 Minute version in English. Or about 110 minutes in French - This is one of the best Franco's.   A mixture of “Witchfinder General” and “Mark of the Devil”. In LBX and great quality too.  BA

900 Der Hexentoter Van Blackmoore (70) Alternate version of "The Bloody Judge" with different torture scenes but in German language

2482 Desade 70  (70)  “Her body is bruised and embraced beyond her wildest dreams... “  Lina Romay, Christopher Lee    F.L.  XXX

2061 Devil Came from Akasava, The  (70) A mineral is discovered which can turn metal to gold or humans into zombies. When the mineral is stolen, secret agents are sent in to get the mineral back!  Soledad Miranda

9679 Devil Hunter  (79) aka: Sexo Caníbal   Laura Crawford is a model who gets kidnapped by a gang of thugs whilst working in South America. They take her into the jungle and demand a huge ransom…. 

5006-2062    Diabolical Dr. Z  (66) aka: Miss Muerte  Woman seeks to avenge her father's death by using a local dancer, with long poisonous fingernails, to do her bidding.  

9855 Diamonds of Kilimanjaro (83) Topless jungle goddess who fights to save her people and their treasure! Delivers the sleazy goods! LBX

T993 Don Quixote (55 / 92) Footage from Welles unfinished film obtained by Jess Franco and edited together by Jess Franco - Is it a classic? NO.  But essential for fans of Franco and Welles (said in the same breath !) so check it out !!!

1220-3769    Doriana Grey  (76) Inhibited Lina Romay lets loose in this one!   UNCUT XXX Lina Romay  F.L  Subs 

Q988-L176 Downtown (94) Jess Franco plays a blackmailing detective. Lina Romay and others display ample sexy nudity. Romay looking pretty good here I must say, damn!  Franco blackmails the wrong person, and things go bad. Nudity and sexual situations all over the place.  Mike Conners   LBX - Subs - BA

394 Dr. Orloff's Monster  (64) A mad scientist creates a hideous monster to carry out his murderous plans.

Q935 Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell (99) Jess Franco and Lina Romay star in this trashy outing- Subs !

T18 Dracula: Prisoner of Frankenstein (72) Dr. Frankenstein and his assistant Morpho are killed just as they bring their creation to life. The monster is taken by Cagliostro and he now controls the monster and plans to have it mate and create the perfect master race!   Uncut Euro version   Howard Vernon, Dennis Price, Britt Nichols and Fernando Bilbao

3047 El Castillo De Fu Manchu  (68)   Italian lang. version of this one

Q665 El Fantanero Su Mujer y Otras Cosa De Meter (81) Lina Romay sex romp loaded with sleazy scenes and lovely ladies. Romay still looked quite nice too. F.L.

K54 El Ojete De Lulu (86) Lina Romay hasn't much to say here, so she let's her ass do the talking. That's right. The movie opens with Lina's butt-cheeks, full on into the screen and open wide, talking to the camera like her bum is a long lost friend (for many in Spain I am sure that is true). The story is not clear  (unless you speak Spanish Ass that is) but the message is clear visually. Lots of Lina hardcore sex scenes illustrate this great quality smut that is also known as "Lulu's Talking Ass" (respectively). - Shameless Debauchery ! F.L.

373 ErotiKill  (73)  Lina Romay as a vampire who sucks, among other things, the life out of her victims. This includes doing everyone in the movie, including one lucky bed post…. soft version  English language

10897 ErotiKill  (73)  XXX version.  Not in English , but GREAT quality.  BA FL

3191 Erotismo  (80)  Eugenie is the capricious daughter of a rich diplomat, living in a seaside resort in Spain. She exhibits her young and splendid body in the beach and night-clubs. She feels an incredible adoration for her father who returns his daughter's passion…..  Lina Romay  

Q868-9681 Esmeralda Bay (89) A priest secretly leads rebels in their struggle against corrupt military dictatorship in Puerto Santo - With Robert Forster, George Kennedy, Fernando Rey and Craig Hill - Directed by Jess Franco

9445 Eugenie: The Story of Her Journey into Perversion (69) Christopher Lee corrupts an innocent young girl into the ways of sex and drugs and sado-masochism (they didn't have rock n' roll yet). An infamous erotic classic !

2401-2560 Exorcisme  (74)  yet another alternate print of " Sadist of Notre Dame " aka: Demoniac  F.L.

Q402 Faceless Special Edition (88) Yes, the uncut version of the classic horror thriller with Bridgette Lahaie and Caroline Munro + a cool bonus of Munro and Lahaie at a convention fielding questions. Munro is hilarious when asked about "Faceless" - "Uh...Er...I haven't actually seen the film. Bridgette, can you answer that ?"  Great stuff - BA

2454 Female Vampire   aka: The Loves of Irina   aka: The Bare Breasted Countess   (73)  here's the LBX 97 min. print!  In English  Also available in three other versions as " ErotiKill " (shorter less explicit version or XXX version) and "Aroused Passion" (longer more explicit version with all the hardcore sex, but fair quality)  BA

1374 Future Women  (75)  aka: The Seven Secrets of Sumuru   Sumuru, the beautiful leader of the all-female kingdom of Femina, plans to use her women to take over the world.

2616 Gartas de Amor de Una Monga  (78)  Secret life of a nun under inquisition!  Lina Romay RARITY set in 1640 involving  sexually repressed nuns - poor to fair quality -  Directed by Jorge Grau

T682 Girls in the Night (76) Three women living together, supporting themselves through prostitution, want to change their situation. They save the money they make from their clients, so they can move on to a decent living, once they've made enough money. We're shown in flashbacks how these women met and episodes from their dust-ins with various clients.  (Hardcore version available under title “Wilde Lust”)  BA  Subs

L129 Gloutonnes, Les (73) aka: The Gluttons   According to legend, a group of women escaped from Atlantis just before the destruction of the continent. They took refuge on a mysterious island, and founded a kingdom. Men who dared approach the island, were devoured by these sexually voracious Atlanteans…..  Val Davis - Adventure fantasy sleaze with Lina Romay, nudity and more - In black and white and in French   F.L.

9682 Golden Temple Amazons  (73)  A fortress built on top of a gold mine is being guarded by a tribe of Amazons deep in the jungles…   Enter Liana, a jungle girl whose parents were killed by the Amazons.   She sets out to avenge them…  Alice Arno and Lina Romay 

9683 Ilsa: The Wicked Warden  (75)  Ilsa, now a vicious warden, runs a mental-hospital for young women. A girl deliberately "checks" in to the hospital to find out what has happened to her sister who stayed there….  Dyanne Thorne, Lina Romay    BA                                         

T942 Inferno der Kannibalen (80) aka: White Cannibal Queen  aka: Barbarian Goddess   A man who lost an arm and his family to a tribe of cannibals, returns ten years later to bring back his teenager daughter, only to find that she grew up into a beautiful blonde woman who became the cannibals' queen….  Antonio Mayans, Lina Romay

K53-9874 Intimate Confessions of an Exhibitionist (83) Candy (Lina Romay) tells the story of her life, her dissatisfaction with her male lovers, her desire for her girlfriend Katy (Elisa Vela) and the route that led her into stripping. This is 80 minutes of flesh, bordering on the hardcore, sometimes on the gynecological….  Lina Romay stars (and directs)   LBX - F.L.   (Near XXX)

62         Invisible Dead, The  aka: Orloff Against the Invisible Man (71) An evil scientist creates a murderous, invisible ape-man.

9446 Island Women (80) A bunch of beautiful girls are kidnapped from a bordello by a paramilitary force (yikes!) and taken to a deserted island to be held as sex slaves……  Bridgette Lahaie! Lots and lots of naked women with real (not fake) breasts!!!

1719-5151 Jack the Ripper  (76)  A serial killer whose mother was a prostitute starts killing streetwalkers as a way of paying back his mother for her abuse….  Klaus Kinski, Lina Romay   BA

T637 Jess Franco's Passion (05) Recently single young woman watches two lesbians, and eventually falls into their affairs of lust - Uncut Hardcore Sex Version with Subs - BA

T636 Jess Franco's Perversion (05) Madame of a brothel is always on the look-out for young women to train for the trade, and also, to use in her twisted games...Uncut Hardcore Sex Version that stars among many others, Lina Romay (of course) - Subs - BA

9379 Karzan Contro Le Donne Dal Seno Nudeo  (73)  aka: Golden Temple Amazons  aka: The Lustful Amazons   F.L.

2738 Killer Barbys  (96)  Eng. and  F.L. dialogues

2349 Kiss Me Monster  (67) Two sexy undercover agents on the trail of a mad doctor and his race of Frankenstein-style monster hunks, Reynaud and Yanni strut about in deliriously over-the-top high-fashion outfits. Bicker back and forth like Edina and Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous. Reduce any unfortunate male who crosses their path to a pool of helpless mush. Oh, and they even find time to perform a transvestite nightclub act on saxophones….

2340 Lady Porno   (76)  aka: Midnight Party  Lina Romay dances in chromed pants on a stage in some cheap bar. She hooks two playboys and ends up with an invitation to their midnight orgy. Her communist rock star bearded lover shows up in her dressing room and starts shouting slogans. Her husband pays her a visit. And then she talks directly to the camera, explaining to the viewer she has to get dressed for the party…..  F.L.

Q969 Lake of the Virgins (81) Katja Biernert and Bea Fiedler star in this rare Franco flick about a fisherman discovering the 'legendary' Virgin's Lake where treasure is supposed to be hidden. But, more importantly, this Lake is inhabited by Naked Sexy Girls!!!  Video Print has some glitches, but very watchable and quite rare - F.L.

K52-L21 Lilian the Perverted Virgin (84) Runaway girl is kidnapped by a gang of wealthy sadists and turned into their drug addicted sex slave. Lina Romay and the sexy Katja Bienert star.  LBX but still in Spanish so F.L.

T91 Linda (81) aka: Naked Witches of the Rio Amore - Sleazy brothel forces women into Live Sex Show Performers.  Uncut with Torture Dungeon scene, Whippings, and more sleaze! In English too!  

1271 Lorna L'Exorciste  (74)  A man is tormented by an ex-lover, Lorna, who is some kind of witch. She has a strange power over a number of women in the film, including the man's daughter, Linda….  F.L.  BA

1108 Love Letter of a Portugese Nun  (77)  16-year-old Maria is forced into Serra D'Aires convent, secretly run by Satanists. Her confessor is in collusion with the Mother Superior...   BA

2416 Lucky the Inscrutible  (67) An American secret agent is sent to Europe to track down a ring of counterfeiters. His investigation takes him from Rome to Albania, where he gets involved with a sexy Albanian police commissioner.

2064 Macumba Sexual  (83) Princess Obongo (Ajita Wilson), the Goddess of Unspeakable Lust, uses dark powers to ensnare a hapless couple of yuppies, so that she can imbue them with evil and conquer the world… Lina Romay, Antonio Mayans   F.L.

769 Mansion of the Living Dead  (85)  Lesbian sex and cult murders….  Antonio Mayans, Lina Romay     Subs

4914 Mark of Zorro  (75)  Rare French made Zorro flick (but in English!) with Clint Douglas and Howard Vernon  

2970     Marquis Desade Symphony Erotica (80)   Story of Countess Martine De Bressac (Lina Romay), her mental illness, her sensual obsession and her very relationship to her husband.  She feels irresistible lust driven love for him. In return she gets rejection, psychological abuse and humiliation….  Lina Romay, Susan Hemingway  with Subs    Fair quality.

Q298 Mi Conejo Es El Mejor (82) Lina Romay is a prison escapee that is taken in by a horny couple as their sex slave - She still looked pretty hot in the early 80's too, so you get mucho nudo Romay - Soft-Core Sex - F.L.

7159 Mil Sexos Tiene La Noche  (82)  Lina Romay. Naked (of course) Lina has sex in this suspense thriller.  Dynamite cellulite!  In Spanish  F.L.

K55-T567 Miron y La Exhibicionista, El (86) Lina is at it again. Another Hard- Core sex showcase for Lina Romay as her husband watches (er...films) the action for the sake of art, the world, and all of mankind. God Bless Him. - F.L.

9444 Misfortunes of Justine, The  (69)  A woman named Justine is (willingly) used and abused by all manner of perverts, freaks and sexual deviants.  Klaus Kinski, Jack Palance

1107 Naked Witches of the Rio Amore, The  (81) aka: Orgy of the Nymphomaniacs   aka: Linda   Betsy (Ursula Buchfellner) is a happy assistant at a luxurious Spanish hotel. Shiela (Raquel Evans),  the hotel owner, caters for all wishes of her clientele with another lucrative business, the brothel "Rio Amore" where clients from all over the world come to relax with the girls and watch the sado-masochistic shows. Linda (Katja Bienert), Betsy's sister, is drugged and forced to work as a prostitute there…...

3331 Night of a 1,000 Sexes  (84)  aka: Mil sexos tiene la noche   A telepathic nightclub act becomes the backdrop for murder…. Lina Romay

900 Night of the Blood Monster  (70)  cut version of "The Bloody Judge"  BA

L475 Nightmares Come at Night (70) Two exotic dancers embark on a erotic friendship which takes a turn when one of them begins having recurring nightmares of her killing people in which the line between realty and fantasy begins to blur to the most extreme.  Soledad Miranda  - Subs

L155 Oasis of the Living Dead  aka: Oasis of the Zombies (81) An expedition searching for treasure supposedly buried by the German army in the African desert during WW II comes up against an army of Nazi zombies guarding the fortune…..

P127 Ojos Siniestros de Doctor Orloff, Los (73) William Berger, Jess Franco, Lina Romay - F.L.

9367 Perverse Countess, The  (73)  “Most Dangerous Game” style with nudity and hardcore inserts.  Alice Arno, Howard Vernon, Lina Romay, Robert Woods   Quality a little soft  Subs

4809 Phalo Crest  (87)  Franco's pornie rip-off of "Falcon Crest"  Comedy/porn   F.L.

4290-L22 Phollastia   aka: Fellation Savages  (87)  parody of " Dynasty " loaded with sex and drugs  XXX  F.L.

9851 Pick-Up Girls (80) Woman who used to be a man pays a detective to find her missing penis. It seems she is in love but is being black-mailed by a guy who has her pickled penis in a jar. Lina Romay also appears (of course). Lots of nudity - Amazing

9833 Pleasure for Three (73) Bizarre little Franco trash that features a husband wife team that kidnaps women , seduces them and then covers them in wax for their basement collection. Alice Arno (the wife) is fresh out of asylum for castrating men, and loves to whip the victim's before they are killed. Also stars Lina Romay and Howard Vernon - F.L.

305-7357 Revenge in the House of Usher (83)  A traveler arrives at the Usher mansion to find that the sibling inhabitants are living under a mysterious family curse….

Q980 Robinson and his 3 Wild Slave Girls (71) Loser chemist creates a drug that makes him a stud ! Later, on an island, a bevy of beauties want him to be their sexual slave ! He is UP for the challenge, but can he keep it UP? Easy to follow, but in German- F.L.

N10 Rolls Royce Baby (70's) Okay, it's not directed by Franco. But it involves his wife having sex with lots of people. She is naked for most of the film as an insatiable rich slut. This is a showcase for Romay and does have some XXX (although most of the footage is just very near hardcore- there is hardcore- and it is obvious what they are UP to during the damn near hardcore scenes).  LBX + in English ! Romay is very sexy in this one. Don't miss it !

9684 Sadist of Notre Dame  (78)  A disturbed priest, who witness an occult ritual, thinks the people are possessed and start a private inquisition to exorcise the demons by torturing them to death.  Lina Romay

9832 Satanic Sisters (76) aka: Sexy Sisters  aka: Swedish Nympho Slaves   Great Franco trash and finally uncut in English and letterboxed!  A nymphomaniac chained to a bed!  Murder!  Weird dreams!  

66    Screaming Dead, The   aka: Dracula Prisoner of Frankenstein (72)  Dr. Frankenstein and his assistant Morpho are killed just as they bring their creation to life. The monster is taken by Cagliostro and he now controls the monster and plans to have it mate and create the perfect master race!   

Q203 Secrets of Sumuru, The (69) aka: That Girl from Rio   aka: Future Women  - Shirley Eaton, George Sanders and Maria Rohm - LBX

2971 Shining Sex (75)  Lina Romay   optical censoring  XXX

2348 Sinfonica Erotica   (86)  aka: Bragueta Story  aka: The Fly Story  -  Lina Romay directs and stars in this ultra rare sex in a hospital comedy.  Lots of XXX sex    F.L.

6270 Sinner    aka: Journal of NymphoManiac  (70's)  in English-  Franco himself plays a detective/cop in this one!  nudity, sex, murder - the usual Franco trademarks!

1411 Succubus  (69) aka: Necronomicon - Dreamt Sin   Janine Reynaud stars as a nightclub stripper who free-floats through a spectral 60's landscape littered with dream-figures, dancing midgets and bizarre S&M games 

Q147-L541 Tender and Perverse Emmanuelle (73) Lina Romay, Alice Arno , Jack Taylor - Great quality - LBX - F.L.

9296 Tomb of the Living Dead (84) Not to be confused with " Oasis of the Living Dead" . The director of " Oasis" stole some scenes from this and added new characters to it. This is the uncut Jess Franco version with Lina Romay. Zombies from the 3rd Reich guard gold - In Spanish - LBX - BA

9337 Two Females with Flowered Panties (80) aka: Ópalo de fuego: Mercaderes del sexo   Two young, sexy chorus girls, sentenced to prison terms in the United States, agree to tackle a risky undercover work for a senator in exchange for their freedom…..  Worth price of admission for title alone.  A Franco sleaze classic - 3 trailers follow film - BA

8664 Two Undercover Angels  aka: Sadist Erotica  aka: Rote Lippen, Sadisterotica  (69)  "Red Lips" are two female detectives trying to find missing models and dancers. A pop artist called Klaus Thriller and his werewolf-like assistant, Morpho, are the main suspects for the murderers…..  Janine Reynaud

L982 Venganza del Doctor Mabuse, La (72) Decent Franco, just over an hour long and in F.L.

1114 Venus in Furs  (69)  A couple who get involved in an underground scene of kinky sex and sadism have a surprise coming to them...   Klaus Kinski, Maria Rohm

1274 Virgin Among the Living Dead, A    (73)  A girl arrives from London to visit her estranged relatives in a remote castle for the reading of her father's will. After a while she discovers that they are all in fact dead and her decision to live with them turns into a nightmare.  Subs

Q979 Virgin Report, The (71) German language Jess Franco directed pseudo-documentary version of the popular "Schoolgirl Report" series. This time out we get many situations and various clips describing how a girl loses her virginity so we know... Nudity is plentiful ! Howard Vernon shows up (of course) and also the very sexy Britt Nichols and Eva Garden. In German Language, but it doesn't matter. Put this on in the background and it's outrageous charm and soundtrack is sure to lure people to the couch to see just how far it's going to go ! F.L.

3239 Voodoo Passion  ( 77) Susan arrives in Haiti to live with her husband Jack, who lives with a lesbian housekeeper and Olga… 

N20-9685 White Cannibal Queen (79) aka: The Cannibals - Now slightly LBX and better quality. A young blonde haired girl has her parents butchered and eaten while she is captured. She reaches woman-hood as a cannibal tribe leader. Lina Romay and more... -

T683 Wilde Lust (75) Three women living together, supporting themselves through prostitution, want to change their situation. They save the money they make from their clients, so they can move on to a decent living, once they've made enough money.  We're shown in flashbacks how these women met and episodes from their dust-ins with various clients.  Hardcore version of "Girls in the Night" with all the Explicit XXX Franco style - BA  F.L.

T639 Women Behind Bars (75) A small-time hood brings the attention of the law with an insurance scam and diamond theft, but things become even more interesting when his moll (Lina Romay) murders him and is slammed behind bars where she faces all manner of electric shock treatments to various parts of her anatomy.   Incredible Franco W.I.P with a young sexy Lina Romay, and a stunning picture transfer - BA

2194    Women in Cellblock 9  (77)  A truck full of sweaty girls rolls on a tropical road. Howard Vernon and a mad prison keeper are waiting at the end of the road and stop the expedition to imprison the girls, who are "traitors" to the nation.

2067    X312 Flight to Hell  (71)  a plane crashes in the jungle and among the survivors is a bank president carrying a suitcase with stolen jewelry. As soon as the other passengers find out they start fighting while trying to survive in the Brazilian jungle….. of course you'll see most of the women in this movie naked and there's a lesbian love scene!