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7560-T522    7 Into Snowy (77) San Francisco. Snowy (Abigail Clayton) is a rich and beautiful young woman, living with her stepmother Fedora (Kay Parker), who treats her with disgust. She asks her servant and lover Rodney to seduce Snowy…..

4702   9 Lives of a Wet Pussycat  (77)  Nine closely related episodes featuring the erotic escapades of a young New York heiress and the people associated with her… Pauline LaMonde, Dominique Santos and Joy Sliver   Abel Ferrara directs and stars in  this XXX flick

4951   Abduction of Lorelei  (77)  Lorelei (Serena) is abducted by two scrappy outlaw-types and is repeatedly raped and abused.  Crime/roughie 

6028  Adventures of Aladdin X  (95)  Aladdin rubs a lamp, and about everything else in this completely tasteless children's favorite. He gets three wishes, and the title says the rest….. Andrea Nobili, Barbara Summer, Beatrice Tucker, Pussycat, Simona Valli and Tabitha Cash   Joe D’Amato directs

7020  Age of Consent  (85)  Angel West (Loves of Lolita).  Spirits of six schoolgirls who were lost 100 years ago in the forest must lose their virginity to pass on to the next realm.

4841   Alexandra  (83)  A mysterious woman is keeping track of her ex-lovers and their new spouses and girlfriends…. JoAnn Storm

3517   Alice in Pornoland    (96)    D'Amato  BA

4303  Alice in Wonderland    (76)  Alice (Kristine DeBell) is a virginal librarian, cheerful and outgoing, who acts and dresses younger than her age. She rebuffs William, a suitor, because he's insistent on behavior she considers inappropriate: she's a prude. While daydreaming about reliving her life, a white rabbit taps her on the shoulder, and she follows him to Wonderland, where playful animals and people introduce her to her imagination and to pleasure….  BA

4043   All the Way In   (84) Candy writes for a magazine column. She falls for one of her readers, and can think of nothing else. When the magazine comes under new management, the staff wants Candy to influence the new owner, but she can only think of her true love….  Candy Samples and Lisa De Leeuw

9641 Amanda By Night (81) A killer is stalking a top class prostitute (Veronica Hart). Two of her co-workers are murdered after visiting a client and a detective (R. Bolla) is brought in. He feels that the cases are linked and that Amanda is also in danger. However, Amanda has no use for police and will not cooperate with him. Finally his charms get her to agree to work together to get the murderer….  BA

5033 American Desire  (81)  A couple (Veronica Hart and Richard Bolla) whose erotic energy is beginning to dim decide to do something about it…  BA

3176 Angel Above, Devil Below   (75)  While reading the "Necronomican" night, a “teenage” girl accidentally calls up the Devil. When he tries to have sex with her, she rebuffs him….. Brittany Lane

X100 Angel in Distress (82) Angel James (Joey Carson) is kidnapped and held in a tenement….  Mistress Candice supervises her torments, including bondage, assault and verbal threats by George Payne and Dave Ruby.   + Den of Dominance (81) Den of Sadistic Lust where abuse and orgy activity takes place….  DOUBLE FEATURE

7019 Angel's Revenge  (85)  Angel, Harry Reems leads a group of male chauvinist pigs who hate lesbians.  Rough.

4059 Anna Obsessed   (77) A psycho stalks and violates women at gunpoint. One woman is determined to stop him….. Constance Money, Annette Haven, John Leslie, Susan McBain and Jamie Gillis

Q808 Anna Ventura Collection (81-84) Beautiful Italian porn starlet in her steamiest scenes (all American and in English)

Q599 Annette Haven Collection (various) Classic and Hot Sex Scenes with Annette

3416 Anthology of Pleasure   (87)  A 1987 video compilation of Brigitte Lahaie's best films. Chosen and hosted by Brigitte this is the best of her erotic works from the late 70’s.    F.L.

L32 Anthony and Cleopatra (96) History's hottest couple in an orgy of wine, women and debauchery. A big budget adult movie spectacular!   Dir: Joe D'Amato  BA

4959 Anyone But My Husband  (76) A woman gets angry because of her husband, who's a teacher, prefers to have affairs with his (young) students to making love to her.  She goes to see a shrink who suggests that she start having affairs too….

T116 Aroused Schoolgirls Do Teacher (00) Sexy girls get it on in the classroom and more...- F.L.

Q345 Asian Sluts (Various scenes)

L60 Asian Stewardess Sluts (00) Unfogged - F.L.

X6 Assatanate (00) F.L.

X132 Assault of Innocence (75)  Marc Stevens dresses up as an old woman to lure pretty girls to his digs and have his way with them….  + Tortured Women (79)  A pair of hookers steal some secret documents from a senator and high-tail it to Europe where they're pursued by the Feds. The girls go on a European jaunt where they screw famous people such as a Spanish bull-fighter and a French chef, until the Feds catch up with them…     DOUBLE FEATURE

Q575 Assault of Innocence (75)  Marc Stevens dresses up as an old woman to lure pretty girls to his digs and have his way with them….

T944 Attack in the Forest (Rape) + Special Request 2 with Sharon Mitchell - Bondage

6030 Attacked in Her Home (90’s)   Sex blonde is brutalized and raped protesting all the way… (approx one hour followed by XXX hard core scenes)   XXX simulations of rape.  (Some glitches- nothing missed)

K160 Aunt Peg (80) Hollywood adult film producer tries to get by financially while having numerous sexual encounters to satisfy her insatiable lust for sex.  Juliet Anderson, Seka, Serena and more.  BA

9661 Auto-Stoppeuses en Cahaleur (78) aka: Hitchhikers in Heat    Hot Brigitte Lahaie porno in English with bonus trailers

Q368 Avalanche: Sex in the Alps (02) Sexy Snow Bunnies Take on all Comers - LBX

4854 Babewatch  (99)  German language XXX Baywatch ripoff with top Euro sex starlet Kelly Trump and also Laura Angel

3956 Baby Rosemary   (75)  Candida Royale, Sharon Thorpe and Leslie Bovee

9204 Babyface (78) After seducing a girl, a man hides in a male brothel…. Porn director Alex de Renzy masterpiece with Oakland Raider Super bowl star Otis Sistrunk.  Uncut with lots of sexy ladies!  BA

3490-3673 Bad Girls   (82)   Four models go on a vacation in the woods. They enjoy themselves rowing around the lake, sunbathing, and running around totally naked. They are also being spied on by a secret society that kidnaps beautiful women to train them as love slaves…. Michelle Bauer and Anna Ventura

9061 Bailando la Samba Anal (00) F.L. - BA

Q3-7009 Ball Game  (80) Inmates at a women's prison find way to distract the opposing team of guards before a benefit baseball game….. Candida Royale, Tawny Pearl, Lisa De Leeuw, Jennifer West and Tiffany Clark  BA

T896-8506 Bang Bang Pussycat + The Devils Playground + Dixie (75/76) The first two are badly edited down versions with no hardcore. Dixie is the classic with incredibly sexy Abigail Clayton (aka: Gail Lawrence) as a young girl who learns about sex from her hooker sister. Bang Bang Pussycat is the heavily cut version of Dixie- that's why we tagged the uncut version at the end of this disc.

4795-3310 Bare Behind Bars  (86)  UNCUT import version  Includes all the strip searches, beatings, shower scenes, medical examinations, and hardcore sex with almost none of the plot!  BA

4301 Baron Von Masoch   (95)    D'Amato   F.L.

4285 Batwomen and Catgirl   (92)  aka: Beauties and the Tyrant   

L471 Beautiful, Blonde and very Slutty (00) Title says all!   F.L.

3610 Beauty and the Beast   (88) Dad has to send Beauty (Tracey Adams) to live with the Beast (John Leslie) for a while, and of course, she falls in love with him…. Jacqueline Lorians, Megan Leigh (who committed suicide just 2 years later) and Alicia Monet

L826 Bedtime Stories (80's) Good news for Ilona (Cicciolina) Staller fans! Here is a great little English language Sex Romp with our blonde bimbo and with loads of nudity. She's never looked better.... (Close to XXX but closer to X)

9460 Belada De Uma Pistolera (00) More ! F.L.

9100 Bella (74)   Tracy Adams, Eric Edwards and Arcadia Lake    BA

9663 Belles D'un Soir (79) Hot Bridgette Lahaie porno in English with bonus trailers

T924 Best Girls of Porno, The (80's) + Trailers - F.L.

T890 Best of Amber Lynn - Great scenes with the pouty blonde bombshell

9658 Best of John Holmes Part 1 - Sex scenes with Holmes

9659 Best of John Holmes Part 2 - Sex scenes with Holmes

P126 Best of Maria Isabel Lopez (80’s and 90’s)  F.L.

T579 Best of Ona Zee, The (00) Scenes with this sex queen - F.L.

7072 Best of Serena, The  (various)  Serena's hottest sex scenes 

7058 Best of Vanessa Del Rio Tape #1, The  (various)

7057 Best of Vanessa Del Rio Tape #2, The  (various)

X123 Betrayed Teens (74) Linda is abducted by bikers and her mother contacts a private-dick to find her. Turns out Linda wasn't abducted at all, but was hanging out with the bikers of her own accord. When the gang realizes that the mother concocted the "abduction" story, they decide to go back with Linda in tow to mess with Linda's parents… + Daughters of Discipline (75) C.J. Laing is part of a sex and death cult who pick their sacrificial victims from within their own ranks by presenting them with a skull-and-crossbones card. Laing inevitably receives the card and masturbates while reminiscing about previous sexual encounters with the group….  DOUBLE FEATURE

N21 Betrayed Teens (74) A rebellious daughter splits from home, hooks up with some brutal bikers, and takes them back home to rape and rob her parents!  + Portraits of Pleasure (77)  Candy Split cannot be satisfied by her husband….Susan McBain only enjoys women…… Sharon Mitchell who is friends with both women challenges them to pick up a man and prove “all men are fools”….   DOUBLE FEATURE

2808 Beverly Hills Girls   (86)    A pair of "stories" from a talent agent in Hollywood. The first involves a young female band and what they must do to get a record deal. The second involves the narrator talent agent in a position of losing her agency; that is until her girls come up with an ingenious plan as to how to infiltrate the blackmailer's hideout and win the agency back…. Michelle Bauer, Linnea Quigley star with complete orgy sequence that was cut from other prints.  Fair quality.

8840 Beverly Hills Wives (85) Amber Lynn -Fair quality

7409 Beyond Desade  (79) + Never a Tender Moment  2 short explicit Marilyn Chambers films… 

Q677 Big Breasted Black Women  (various) Scenes

N22 Big Rape, The  (74) Two females kidnap and rape a man they are holding for ransom.+ Heist (74)  Rene Bond is a victim of sexual abuse….

L628 Biker's Nightmare: Orgy of Pain - Biker Loops with rape and torture + biker porno trailers

3615 Bilitis    (77)  A coming of age story centering on the exploits of a young girl during summer vacation.   Tricia D'Arbanville  - Poor quality.

7052 Bimbo Cheerleaders From Outer Space ( 88) Tracy Adams

Q100 Black Dahlia (90's) Gangbang Action - She Can't Get Enough

4148-T32 Black Emmanuelle (75) aka: Emmanuelle in Africa  Journalist/photographer Mae Jordan (known to her readers as "Emmanuelle") travels to Africa on assignment. Questions of her own racial and sexual identity come to a head as she observes the troubled marriage of her hosts, Ann and Gianni Danieli. Matters are complicated further when Emanuelle finds herself in affairs with both of them, after which she flees Africa, only to be persued by Gianni, who had earlier rejected her and ridiculed her advances….   Laura Gemser   BA  Eng or F.L.  (SPECIFY)

9062 Black Impaler, The (99) F.L. - BA

9101 Blonde Ambition (80)  Two young song and dance performers are offered a real job in New York. They get a lift from a millionaire. When they arrive– of course there is no job. The millionaire (Edwards) lets them stay in his apartment. They finally get a part in an X rated version of Gone With the Wind. Unfortunately , Candy's 'blondeness' takes over, and the whole production ends in a riotous shambles….  Suzy Mandel, Dory Devon and

Robert Kerman   BA

T901-4081 Blonde Goddess (82)  Adventurer Louisiana Jones comes to the rescue of Jungle Jane as she is about to be sacrificed by lusty Indians in the Yucatan, in 1936…. Comic artist Elmo Smathers is fantasizing as his boss gives him a talking-to…. It seems his depravities are under fire by a sexy Comics Code representative… BA

7046 Blonde Heat  (The Case of the Maltese Dildo)  (85)  Seka, John Leslie

8846 Blonde Velvet (79) Jennifer Welles

9102 Blue Ecstacy in New York (73) Sleazy, dismal, depressing XXX  with a great dream torture chamber sequence

L550 Blue Ice (85) another classic porno with lots of the regulars and Nazi overtones - Many hot scenes

7077 Blue Voodoo  (83)  Supernatural porno with Vanessa Del Rio, Jaimie Gillis, more

7477 Bodacious Ta Ta's  (84)  Kitten Nativadad.  Bachelor party where the groom wants to cancel the wedding and marry one of the strippers !

4981 Body Shop  (84)  An auto garage repair shop owner and his Madame girlfriend decide to combine both of their businesses together to make a brothel out of his own garage….   Amber Lynn

6014 Body Talk: The Language of Love  (82)  Parental disapproval is the biggest obstacle facing Cassie and Mark. Although they are gloriously and deeply in love, Mark's parents are set on ending the romance….Kay Parker

L926 Body Trance (90's) Food and Medical instruments are used to heighten the bondage experience and take you, the viewer, into uncharted territories of sexual depravity .. F.L.

4971 BodyGuard  (90's)  ripoff of the U.S. flick

9690 Bon Appetit (80) Faith is a struggling cateress trying to support herself and her loser boyfriend, Al. At a social function she overhears a friendly wager offered by a socialite. The wager is $250,000 to whomever can have intimate sex with the world's top 10 male lovers within fifty days…. Kelly Nichols

Q273 Bondage Classics Part 1 (various) Features: Trapped!, The Ties That Bind, Escape to the Wilderness, Barnyard Bondage, Double-cross !

Q274 Bondage Classics Part 2 (various) Features: Hired Hand, The Spy's Mistake, Bound in the Woods, The Cure, A Little Restraint, Please!, Sorority Pledge, Red Hot -

Q296 Bondage Classics Part 3 (various) Features: Caught, Tied and Fettered, The Terrorist, Triple Cross - more

Q339 Bordel SS (78) Rare early Bridgette Lahaie (she's a brunette in this one) with American's killing Nazi's, Shootings, Beatings and Nazi sex -LBX - F.L.

4052 Bordello: House of the Rising Sun  (85)  A struggling New Orleans brothel’s owner dies of a heart condition…  She leaves her 49% of the company's stock to an ex-employee who must now oversee the not-so-thriving business….. Amber Lynn

7000 Born to Be Bad  (86)  Porsche Lynn, Nina Hartley, Sharon Mitchell, Viper, and Erica Boyer are a female biker gang who race their motorcycles for sex!

7022 Born to Run  (86)  Careena Collins runs away, is picked up by bikers ends up with pornographers.

T870 Bottoms in Abundance (00) BA - F.L.

4714 Brazilian Beach Bunnies  (80’s)  A nightclub boss invites two exceptionally young, wild and beautiful Brazilian babes back to his mansion….. F.L.

4947 Brown Sugar  (84) Sahara shines as Sugar, an up and coming singer who, along with her background singers - take the music biz (and the producers) for a sexually explosive ride….

L605 Brute Force - Hard-Core loops that are rough and nasty with S n M , and rape themes through-out all from the sordid 70's. A few glitches on master but quality good over-all.

7021 Bubblegum  (83)  Candy Cummings and Honey Wilder

5256 Bus Stop Tales 2 & 3 () Amateur porn

L509 Buscando Culos Virgenes (00) Spanish Porno - F.L. - BA

Q602 Busty Belle Sex Scenes (80's and 90's)

4292 Butt-Girl and Wonder-Wench  (91) with Holly Rider and Heather Harts as  (you guessed it!  Buttgirl)   superhero XXX

9316 Cabalgada Anal (02)  Lots of it ! F.L.

2540 Cafe Flesh  (82)  In the future, humans are divided into Sex Negatives and Sex Positives. The negatives get sick if they have sex so they go to Cafe Flesh to see positives who are forced to perform on stage for the negatives…. Sci-fi spin

L548 California Cowgirls + Doublevision "CTI LIVE" 1983 - First some trippin' music with bizarre visuals to match, then a good old fashioned cowboy has sex with various girls - One wild match-up !

D632 Caligula   (79)   The graphic and shocking, yet undeniably tragic story of Rome's most infamous Caesar, Gaius Germanicus Caligula.  Malcom McDowell  BA

T12 Caligula: The Untold Story (Long Version) (81) It's the 125 minute version of this depraved sex and depravity classic directed by Joe D' Amato!  This is an alternate version and is also available in a shorter version.

7480 Caligula the Deviant Emperor  (95)  big budget Joe D'Amato porn

9063 Camareras Complacientas (00) F.L.

L496 Campesing le Pone los Cuernos, La (00) France porno - F.L. - BA

Q168 Candida Royale Rocks! - (various) That's right ! Spend the evening with this vixen. With plenty of scenes, you won't regret it...

4696 Candy Goes to Hollywood  (79) Bubble-brained Candy Christian travels to Hollywood to make it big and instead gets taken under the wing of a sleazy 'talent agent' bent on exploiting her for his own personal gain.

Carol Connors, Wendy O. Williams and John Leslie  

8152 Candy Stripers  (78)  Sexual adventures of nurses' helpers in a hospital…. Amber Hunt, Montana and Nancy Hoffman- considered a classic.  Fair quality.

Q167 Candy's Bedtime Stories (various) More sex with Candy Samples, scene after scene

Q592 Candy's Catfights (various) Large Breasted Chicks Fighting and Lovin' Naked - What more could you want?

T891 Can't Get Enough (85) Rachel Ashley has discovered an elixir, a powerful female sexual stimulant, in the jungles of the Amazon….  But a drop of it goes long way….   Amber Lynn, Rachel Ashley, Karen Summers and Gina Carrera

5230 Captured For Sex 1 (various)  Japanese S&M with subs letterboxed

Q590-8161 Carnal Haven (75) A tour of the marital lives of four couples who have been married for varying lengths of time– none of them having any fun in bed…. Annette Haven, Desiree West, Sharon Thorpe and Bonnie Holiday

4306-3969     Carne Bollente  aka: Rise of the Roman Empress (87) John Holmes, Cicciolina and Tracey Adams  (available in English or F.L. print  SPECIFY)

4305 Case of the Smiling Stiffs  (76) aka: Case of the Full Moon Murders  A young woman realizes she needs nourishment in the form of blood, and what better way to get it than through….   comedy/horror/adult   Fred Lincoln, Ron Browne, Sheila Stuart, Cathy Walker   BA

L504 Castellana (00) More F.L. Porno !

3909 Castello Del Piacere:  Castle of Love  (92) Andrea Bianchi directs this one starring dead porn star Moana Pozzi with characters named Vamperilla and Barbarella   F.L.

T543 Casting de Travestis (00) Sex - Sex - and more Sex - Espanola - BA - F.L.

8751 Casting XXX Barcelona Fest  ()  F.L.

3978 Castle of 7 Perversions  ()    F.L.

7002 CatWoman, The  (88)  A one-night stand brings out the animal in a fashion photographer!  Porno variation on the cat monster theme.  John Leslie, Kathleen Gentry and Megan Leigh

9654 Caza Anal (02) F.L. - BA

L512 Cazadores de Conejones (00) Militaristic Porno!  F.L. - BA

6297 Celebrity XXX Tape () ALL XXX  $15.00 VHS / $20.00 DVD

Q272-5245 Centerspread Girls (82) Golden Age Porno stars abound here + trailers  + Japanese Sex-Hard-Core SchoolGirls (actress's 18 or older) in uniforms (optically censored on this part)  - Yet another double feature Porno!!!! - F.L.

7003 Chained  (84)  She likes it rough!  Barbara Leigh

9064 Champagne Chocos a la Cart (00) F.L. - BA

4608 Cheers !  (90’s)  German language

Q295 Cheri and the Pirates (88) Michelle Bauer + The Greek File - a rare sleaze tale (2nd feature has some color bleeds and looks incomplete)

T541 Cherry Poppers : Desvirgando Alemanas (00) BA - F.L.

T893 Chessie Moore Collection (various) Hot scenes with this 44H-26-36 Blonde Bimbo

T542 Chicas Corrientes Con Generosas Mamas (00) Young Blondes - BA - F.L.

M58 Chicas Normales Desmadradas (00) F.L. - BA

3660 Chick Extreme 7 () Dutch porn F.L.

8149-3678        China Desade  (77)  Mercenary tries to free a young woman from a den of sadists.  Linda Wong

T438-3888 China Lust (76) Linda Wong stars - She was the first Asian Porno star. Before that though she was Homecoming Queen at Kennedy High School, Richmond, California 1969. Starred in a number of pornos before her death in 1987 from a drug overdose at age 36 -  also Desiree West

L23 Chorus Call (79) New Chorus Girl tries to make a good impression on the Show Producer, makes it, and him…. Kay Parker

L965 Christy (The Animal) (74)   Dad whores his daughter, mom sleeps with her daughter, and more depravity filled sex situations

Q803 Christy Canyon vs. Ginger Lynn -15 (count 'em !) 80's scenes of these very young and hotly sizzlin' lovelies doin' their thing with willing studsters

T549 Chrono Sex (00) BA - F.L.

8791 Chupa Y Traga  (01)  More hot Spanish sex.  In Spanish.  BA

T8 Cicciolina and Moana In Mondiali (90) The Girls help win the 1982 World Soccer Cup by wearing out the competition.  F.L.

5242 Cicciolina: Rise of the Roman Empress 2  (88)  aka: The Lust Resort  Cicciolina and John (Holmes) are arrested for sexual behavior in public places...They must “pay” for their crime by spending one day doing “social work” among the poor and handicapped.…    Cicciolina, John Holmes, Tracey Adams and Amber Lynn 

7056 Cinderella  (85)  When everybody else has left and Cinderella is left alone, it is Alidoro who arranges for Cinderella to go to the ball at the Prince's palace…. Stacey Donavan

9278 Cindy (98) Karen (Baise Moi) Bachlancomme and Selen (Scarlet Diva) star is this XXX version of "Sleeping Beauty". In Italian language with English Subs and tons of sex

9669 Cleopatra (00) F.L.

L256 Clinique Des Phantasmes, La (78)  aka: Rx for Sex    Richard Lemieuvre, a drunk in a bar, reminisces about his experiences as a ladies' doctor. These link a series of flashbacks. Brigitte Lahaie phones up her husband (Alban Ceray) for him to take her to her appointment and interrupts his tryst with France Lomay….    great quality!!!   F.L.

Q816-6031 Clockwork Orgy, A  (95) Porno "Clockwork Orange" rip-off with rowdy "droogie" women who dominate men for sex

Q369 Cock O'Neal: Sex in the Farm (02) Lustful Lovely Ladies Lay Farmer

8153 Coed Teasers  (78)  Nine beautiful centerfolds turn a summer camp into a sexual potpourri…. Brooke Bennett

T435-9216 Coffee, Tea or Me (84) Kathy (Tara Aire) wants to be an airline stewardess.  Her sister Julie (Juliet Anderson) is already one…  Hoppy (Jamie Gillis) is a pilot…. Erica Boyer, Janey Robbins -  XXX scenes.  BA

T404 Come Deadly Love () A masked man rapes and kills the female actors. + The Great Grunt () experimental/art film that is filled with lots and LOTS of GROUP SEX SCENES and psychedelic imagery including Nazis and other weirdness…..  DOUBLE FEATURE

8520 Come Over Nuns!  (97)  aka: Cum Over Nuns   got a nun fetish?

T885-9104 Come With Me My Love (76) aka: The Haunted Pussy - A man finds his wife cheating on him with his best friend; he kills both of them and then himself. Fifty years later….  Classic Horror Porno

Q823 Coming of Age (89) Young Tami has to leave her home in the country and finds her Aunt Trudy is now Trixie, running a brothel. Tami is unaware at first, but soon joins willingly in the action…. Tami Monroe, Porche Lynn

T439-3396 Coming of Angels, A (77) A gang of bad guys kidnap young beautiful girls and force them to be hookers….  Of course the three heroines save the day in this adult spoof of Charlie’s Angels… Leslie Bovee, Annette Haven, Amber Hunt

9317 Complacent Camareras (01) - F.L.

T544 Compulsion (00) Ashley Long - BA - F.L.

L767 Con El Rabo 2 : Between Your Legs (02) More She-Men. Is this a lesbian encounter? - F.L. - BA

L762 Con El Rabo: Between Your Legs (02) She- Males , so beware - F.L. - BA

9065 Con la Manguera Abierta  (00) Anal -  F.L. - BA

P4 Condesa Viciosa, La (00) Extreme and nasty - F.L. - BA

9236 Conejitos Juguet Ores (00) Blondes - Wall to wall sex - F.L. - BA

2771 Confessions of a Young American Housewife   (76)   Jennifer Welles.  Not hard-core but damn close.

K178 Confessions of a Young American Housewife Alternate XXX Version (76) - This version still has all of the scenes from previous version. But this time, someone edited in some XXX footage from other Welles films to try to blend in with the film. Does it work? You tell me. At any rate- this already very sleazy movie- just got sleazier. It's a good thing.

L499 Confidential Memory (00) More Italian Porno - F.L. - BA

L517 Conos Mojandos Jugosos (00) F.L. - BA

9645 Conos, Pollas, y Sorpresas (00) F.L. - BA

T565 Conrad Jones and the Search for the Lost Virgins (00) Fun Indiana Jones porno variation - F.L. - BA

9672 Corpi Bollenti D'Amore (76) Hard-core thriller/porn directed by Peter Balakoff    Gena Lee, Nancy Cox, Candace Bowen, Olivia Fleming and Pat Benco  F.L.

7434 Corporate Assetts  (85)  Sadistic businessman with political connections has some beautiful women working for him, and treats them badly…  Tish Ambrose, Rachel Ashley and Amber Lynn

L780 Corridas Internas (02) More... F.L. - BA

9666 Couple Cherche Esclaves Sexuales aka: Sexual Slave Wanted for Couple  (78)  Hot Bridgette Lahaie - Bridgette can't get enough from her husband so proceeds to have sex with servants and house guests while her husband watches.

L764 Crocodile Blondee (86) Amber Lynn is a nymphomaniac who goes to a sex therapist and details her daily encounters (which are shown in flashback) - F.L. - BA

K216 Cross Over (80's) BA  - F.L.

9255 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Pussy (00) More uncensored Japanese Porn ! F.L.

9105 Cry for Cindy, A (76)  Cindy (Amber Hunt) is a prostitute who hates her life, but is doing it to help put her boyfriend through medical school…..  Candida Royale

Q604 Crystal Dawn's Anal Playground (various) Scenes of down and dirty sex

9651 Culitos Rellenos de Miez (00) F.L. - BA

8620 Culos Anal Jugosos  (90's)  In Spanish.  BA

9066 Culos Explosives (00) F.L. -Anal - BA

L515 Culos y Conos (00) Spanish Porno - Blondes - F.L. - BA

9106 Cumming Soon  (various)   30 porno trailers from the 70's - Taking of Christina, A Dirty Western, more...

6001 Curse of the Lesbian Love Goddess  (99)  Linnea Quigley stars in her first XXX film!  Also with Ron Jeremy

L919 Curso De Supervivencia (03) Lots of Hardcore sex - some of it outdoors - F.L.

5000 Dallas Show Girls: Country Gals in Heat  (81)  High school graduate Heather leaves New York to spend a hot summer with her cousins Bonnie and Cindy in Dallas, Texas.  They have been re-united after a gap of 5 years, and she sees that a lot has changed….. except for Mr. Cobb, the pervert who used to baby-sit them.  Now he spies on them, as they share some raunchy stories and uncover secrets from their pasts.

L519 Dame Tupolla Para Mi Conito Virgen (00) Lots of first scenes for these nubile sluts - F.L. - BA

4816 Dames  (85)  Big-budget adult film that captures the changing atmosphere of the formerly high-class salon/speakeasy…..  Karen Summer, Sharon Mitchell, Aurora and Tish Ambrose

L497 Dancellas del Placer, Las (00) More French porno ! F.L. - BA

Q153 Dangerous When Wet (87)   Jerry Butler and Bionca are bored…. They bring others into their sex lives to spice things up…..  Amber Lynn 

8638 Danish Connection, The  (74)  Everyone wants the formula for male virility that Danish scientists have developed. Wealthy but impotent Herbert Steele (William Kirchner), who desires his secretary, Kitty, is willing to pay $1,000,000 or more for the formula. He's hired private eye, Johnny Wadd (John Holmes), but Wadd has disappeared after a trip to Hawaii…. Softcore   Rene Bond  BA

4929 Dark Angel, The  (85)  aka: The Devil Wore High Heels   A man who seems to have it all but longs for one special thing more - a mysterious woman. The woman appears to him several times, leading him through various sexually explicit encounters…. Jamie Gillis and Desiree Lane   horror/adult

L619 Dark Side of Danielle (70’s)  Marlene Willoughby—A busty pigtailed teen reads her parents kinky sex diary. After being broken in when two of daddy's friends stop by, her own parents wake her to explore her nubile body.  + Fury in Alice -  (76) comedy/porn follows a slutty housewife through her kinky extra marital affairs.... Vanessa Del Rio and John Leslie   DOUBLE FEATURE

Q608 Dark Side of the Moon, A (86) Dirty, sleazy and raunchy…. With Buffy Davis and Lorrie Lovett

P3 Darx (00) Sex scenes on bizarre sets

Q571 Daughters of Discipline #2 (83) Two young chicks get caught by their parents disciplining a male slave, and become the recipients of some familial discipline themselves….

N6 Daydream (94) Surreal totally whacked Japanese porno that cuts back and forth from sex to medical dentistry footage. Dental Fetishistic Fun. Uh, if that is, you are a dentist? Subs

T513 Daydream 2 : Captured for Sex (87) LBX and with Subs - Japanese Grim Porn classic

L35 De Profesion Miron (95) F.L. - BA

2725-3355 Deadly Love   (76)  aka: Hot Nasties   Susan (H.O.T.S.) Kiger in her only porno

7071 Dear Throat (76) + Carnal Competition (80)  DOUBLE FEATURE  

4622 Death of a Porn Queen  (93)  Docu on Shauna Grant  (aka: Colleen Applegate)  also the porn eulogy “Shauna We Hardly Knew You“

L966 Debauchers, The (69) Couple is captured by evil porn / snuff ring - Rough rare early porno

T903-3196 Debbie Does Dallas (78) Bambi Woods, Robert Kerman, Christie Ford, Robin Byrd and Eric Edwards   BA   comedy/porn

7033 Debbie Does Dallas II  ( 82)  Bambi Woods, Lisa Cintrice, Ron Jeremy, Jack Wrangler, Robert Kerman and Belle Stevens 

9217 Debbie Duz Does Dishes (86) Debbie, a horny newlywed housewife having to deal with door-to-door salesmen, bed delivery men (heh heh), a horny lesbian plumber, and a monster in the attic, all while trying to get the dishes done before hubby come home!!!  She can wash my dishes anytime! - BA  Softcore version.

L20 Decameron X (95)  Sarah Young, Maeva, Aliona, Carole Nash,  Joanna and Letitia Bisset

7042 Deep Chill  (85)  Friends gather to mourn the death of a friend. But in no time the mourning turns into sex. "Big Chill" spoof.    Susan Hart, Harrry Reems and more.

T245 Deep Inside A. Schiavo (04)   These are some sexy dames - F.L.

9107 Deep Throat (72) Linda, frustrated that her hugely energetic sex life leaves her unsatisfied, seeks medical help…. Linda Lovelace

9207 Deep Throat in Tokyo (75) Lustful father-in-law of a hot fashion model has her clitoris surgically removed and put in her throat to get her to submit!  And boy does she ever!  She goes friggin' nuts!  Not 100% XXX but ultra sleazy and you get the idea, trust me!  In German - BA

T440-4944 Defiance of Good, The (75)  Under the influence of her "bad" friend, Cathy is caught experimenting with drugs by her religious mother. The parents feel the best thing for their wayward daughter is a little psychiatric observation. Little do they realize they are sending poor, innocent Cathy to a hell-hole of an institution, where she is repeatedly raped, abused, and is in danger of losing her mind. The only doctor who shows her understanding persuades her to be released under his supervision. Cathy soon finds herself traveling from the frying pan into the fire…  Jean Jennings and  Fred (Last House on the Left) Lincoln 

L258 Delices De L'Adultere, Les (79) aka: Parties Chaudes   Karine Gambier and André Miller are a couple who enjoy experimenting with different partners…..  Bridgette Lahaie  great quality  F.L.

T452-4618 Delicious (81) A rich woman (Candida Royale) has to keep hiring maids as her hubby Harold (Aaron Stuart) keeps seducing them. Then she hires Divina (Veronica Hart) who unknown to them has magical powers. Divina soon casts erotic spells on the entire household and turns it into pandemonium….. Also Desiree Cousteau   BA

L160 Delilah and the Isle of Perversions (00) F.L.

T550 Dementia (00) Aurora Snow - BA - F.L.

6514 Denise Masino: Submissive Joy  (98)  buff black beauty weightlifter who scandalized the body building world with videos like this- no hardcore - but kinky bondage + a porn featurette as a bonus

X7 Desiderando Selen (00)  F.L.

Q597 Desiree West Does It Right! (Mostly 80's) The first black porno actress shows her stuff in a series of hot scenes

3935 Devil in Miss Jones 2 (80) Justine Jones (Georgina Spelvin) is frustrated in hell. She makes a sexual deal with the Devil himself to earn a return to earth as an immortal human.  However, in earning her escape, Lucifer (Jack Wrangler) falls in love with her. He doesn't want her to go but can't admit it because he's the Devil….

3444 Devil in Miss Jones, The  (73)  Miss Jones (Georgina Spelvin) is tired of her life and commits suicide. She comes to a place where its decided if she will end up in Heaven or Hell. Because of her suicide she should go to Hell but she has the option to return to Earth and live life according to one of the mortal sins for some time. She picks lust and a few days of carnal pleasure follows.

T144 Devil Inside Her, The (77) Set in England in 1826.  Faith (Terri Hall) loves the gardener Joseph (Dean Tait), but her father (Zebedy Colt– who also directs) forbids it.  Faith's sister Hope (Jody Maxwell) lusts after Joseph and sells her soul to the Devil to get Joseph for herself…..

7015 Devil's Due (73) A young girl fleeing an abusive home life arrives in New York City and becomes involved in a satanic cult. She conspires with the cult leader's two lesbian assistants to take over the coven.  + Satan's Sex Slaves ( 71) adult/horror   DOUBLE FEATURE!   

T900-4073 Devil's Ecstasy (77) A girl returns to her familial estate to claim inheritance and gets witchcraft, Satanism and sex instead -

T883-6029 Devil's Playground, The (75) Three young nymphettes fulfill all of Satan's erotic desires...

3255 Diabolix  (92) spoof of “Danger Diabolix“  a lengthy very popular sex film  BA  F.L.

Q367 Diario di Una Collegiale   () aka: Diary of a College Girl - Hot Sex with Beautiful Women - F.L.

L5 Die Arschhuren (90's) Shocking porn with weird SnM costumes and loads of sex - F.L.

3641 Die Nichten Der frau Oberst   (80) aka: Secrets of a French Maid    Frau Oberst (Karine Gambier) has 2 young nieces who are very open with their sexuality. She hopes to find adequate lovers for her nieces and along the way finds herself in some precarious sexual situations. After a series of sexual encounters between just about everyone at the estate, the Countess (France Lomay) drops by for a party where the nieces announce their wedding intentions…. Brigette Lahaie  F.L.

7067 Dirtiest Game in the World, The  ( 70)  X (not quite hardcore) A neglected wife goes to an orgy as a dominatrix with blue nipples.  She knives some of the participants, is held down and gang raped, then bloody suicide and genital mutilation.  Sick stuff! 

8732 Dirty Anal Kelly in Rome  (99)  F.L.  nasty

4287 Dirty Angel   (82)

7442 Dirty Blonde  (84)  Story of a guy who is such a red hot lover that ALL the women woman home– even his ex-wife!  Honey Wilder, Danielle, Sharon Mitchell and Carol Cross

X121 Dirty Susan (77) Private investigator- McCord (Roger Caine) is on the trail of a mysterious girl named Susan (Georgette Sanders) that seems to come and go through people's lives when they are having sexual problems. Just so happens that this "Susan" is the same girl who ended up in McCord's bed just that very morning. As McCord gets to interviewing witnesses about this strange girl - we find that she's a sort of ethereal sex-therapist of sorts that finds people in need of sexual help, and is more than "helpful".  + The Fire in Francesca (77) Francesca is an aspiring actress who turns up dead, and investigator Dan McCord is brought in to crack the case. McCord meets up with Troy Winston - a shady agent who tells a story of how Francesca seduced him in order to break-in to the biz…. Vanessa Del Rio   DOUBLE FEATURE

L6 Dirty Western, A (75) Set in the 1890's on the western plains,  is a torrid story of abduction, eroticism and lust in the wild and woolly west!  Escape convicts have a orgy of lust as a posse closes in on the evil ... 

Barbara Bourbon, Lois Grant, Simone, Richard O'Neal, Geoff Parker and Dick Simone  

4118 Diversions    (76)   Whilst on a train journey a beautiful woman (Heather Deeley) fantasizes about a series of bizarre sexual encounters…..  BA

4227-Q282 Divine Obsession, The  (75) Porn star has one hell of a life before she blows her brains out during a live strip act.

9108 Dixie (76) Dixie, a fifteen year old schoolgirl, becomes sexually experienced while living with her older sister, a prostitute…. Abigail Clayton's first appearance

9109-4817 Dixie Ray: Hollywood Star (82) Private investigator Nick Popodopolis (John Leslie) investigates the disappearance of the husband of film star Dixie Ray in World War II-era Los Angeles…. XXX version of the film "Its called Murder Baby" Cameron Mitchell stays clothed  thank the gods!

X137 Doctor's Teenage Dilemma (73) Patients come to see a "sexologist" to fix their sexual problems. His patients include a woman obsessed with necrophilia, a guy whose **** is too big, and a girl who can only get off when a harmonica is played...among others. The doctor, of course, has some unorthodox "methods" to treat his patients….. + Suzie's Take Out Service (75) Terri Hall and Ashley Moore   DOUBLE FEATURE

Q170 Doing Buffy Davis (various) Buxom Breasted Bimbo needs no motivation to get her motor running - Many scenes

Q162 Doing Carol Conners (various)  Carol Conners (no not Archie Bunker, that would be just plain wrong !) the blonde bimbo who played "Candy' in the XXX films appears in some of her hottest scenes for your private enjoyment

Q169 Doing Rhonda Jo Petty (various)  And why not?   She is a porn star, after all - Many scenes

7029 DollFace  (86)  Sandy Sunshine

T257 Domestic Spanish Porno #16 (00) Normal looking chicks? Some of them look kind of like dogs to me...F.L. - B.A.

T261 Domestic Spanish Porno #17 (00)  F.L. - BA

X113-3693 Domination Blue (76) The files on four inmates are open before the new director: a murderess with a reason (Berenice), an exploited junkie (Wanda), a prostitute (Trixie), and a woman who is in for a crime committed by her boyfriend (Mabel). He experiments - and likes - the harsh treatment the dominant Head Guard employs on her inmates. The women don't, force the female guards to catfight, and escape…  Rough and sleazy W.I.P. with Sharon Mitchell and Vanessa Del Rio

4716 Dominatrix Without Mercy   (76) Sexy, slender brunette model Mara (Marlene Willoughby) answers an ad in "Screw" magazine for a high paying job at a New York whorehouse which specializes in turning all kinds of deviant sadomasochistic bondage and discipline sex tricks…. Terri Hall, Vanessa Del Rio, Jamie Gillis and Marc Anthony  BA

T879 Doncellas Brutalmente Penetradas (00) B.A. - F.L.

7027 Double Your Pleasure  (78) A wealthy business man hires a private eye to track down his twin nieces.  He is worried about them and, even more important, he believes they may have stolen a large sum of his money.  The private dick (no pun intended) tracks down the pair and spies on them, watching them go about their daily routine which mainly consists of them having sex with each other and just about everyone else they run into….

X110-3604 Dr. Bizarro  (83) Cheri Champagne and more trashy girls involved in psychiatric confessionals vividly reenacted

L34 Dr. Max and the Lolitas (04) Italian language - 1 hour + porn loops to pad out to 2 hours - BA

9637 Dr. Penetration (86) A lost honeymooning couple decides to stay at a strange house owned by one Dr. Penetration after their car brakes down.  After consummating their marriage, the wife finds out that the good doctor wants to steal their souls via stealing their sexual fantasies….  Alex de Renzy directed

6007 Dr. Rocco Et M Sodo  (95)  In French - Joe D'Amato XXX - Jekyll/Hyde adaptation. Fair quality.

2717 Dracula   (94)    Lots’a sex , fangs and blood.   F.L.

1976 Dracula Exotica    (81)  aka: Love at First Gulp    Horrified at his causing the death of a young girl, Dracula (Jamie Giilis) commits suicide and curses himself to be one of the undead for all time... Vanessa Del Rio, Eric Edwards and Samantha Fox

4093 Driller   (84)  Adult spoof of Michael Jackson's Thriller musical containing a fan of the super pop star known as Mr J and her fantasies that come to life in an unbridled display of cinematic imagination in her sexual misadventures…. Taija Rae, Renee Summers, Gypsy and Esmerelda 

3215 Dungeon of Lust   (76) A slutty model is kidnapped and enjoys lesbianism with her captive companion….    filmed in the dungeons of San Francisco.  Fair quality.

T11 Dwarf Sex Orgy (88) Needs no explanation - F.L.

4099 Dyanne    (80)  F.L.

T10 E.T. The Vagina (82) Horny E.T. from Planet Uterus gets in on some 80's Sex Action - F.L.

3567 Easy Alice    (76)  Joey, a San Francisco lowlife and occasional porn star, takes a one day shoot, after which he wanders aimlessly around the city meeting random people and having anonymous sex…. Linda Wong

5032 Ecstasy Girls, The  (80)  Jamie Gillis, Serena, Georgina Spelvin and Desiree Cousteau 

3549-9638 Education of the Baroness   (79)   Brigitte Lahaie plays a Baroness who, while her husband is out playing his games, is raped and used as a toy by two men who break into her estate….

Q658 Eighties Bra Busters (various) Title says all

Q364 Eine Ungewohnliche Party - Valentine Demy as Valentina - 2 Thugs kill a girl in a hot-tub and then capture Valentina to tie up and torture + Mini Sex Documentary + Naked Girl Wrassle - 2 babes mess with each other to a vaudevillian soundtrack - Altogether contains little if no Hardcore - F.L. and English

2919 Ejacula  (92)   Bloody sex, fangs and horror!

T248 El Confine (99) aka: The Border    Porno that seems to be mixing erotica and or class, but it's just porn...Good Porn that is. - F.L.

L38-T241 El Embrujo Sexual (00) aka: Sex Files: Sexually Bewitched  Bored, sexually frustrated Sarah accepts a position as an apprentice to a "sexual sorceress" and magical sexual hijinks ensue.    F.L. - BA

8795 El Ginecologo Se lo Come Todo  (01)  In Spanish.

P13 El Hombre que Susurraba a los Conos (00) F.L. - BA

9649 El Sexo No Tiene Precio (00) F.L. - BA

5293 Elegance + Young Girls () DOUBLE FEATURE porn.  Fair quality.  (All actors of legal age)

7289 Ellas Perdieron la Virginidad  (98)  Joe D'Amato period piece pirate porno  BA  F.L.

3023 Emmanuelle 5   (80’s)   Emmanuelle has a streak of bad luck that starts when she is stripped by a mob of adoring fans at the Cannes Film Festival. Her rotten luck continues when the dictator of a banana republic uses the screening of one of her films as a pretext to get her into his country. Our heroine finds herself admitted into his harem as a slave….. Monique Gabrielle XXX version    F.L.

Q730 En Espana Sabemos Dar Por El Culo (00) F.L.

L624 Ensenada Pick-Up (71) A family charters a yacht for a cruise to Mexico, but things take a turn for the worse when they find that they're being used as a cover for a drug-running operation.  Rene Bond + Cult of the Scorpion () Southern flick about a woman who seeks her sister (who is caught in a sex cult)  DOUBLE FEATURE

4279 Erectus   (95) aka: Homo Erectus  aka: Jurassic Pork  Joe D'Amato   (caveman language)

9110 Erotic Adventures of Candy (78)  A young Southern belle goes on a sexual odyssey after losing her virginity to a gardener….. John C. Holmes, Carol Connors, Georgina Spelvin and Eileen Welles

3513-9059 Erotic Adventures of Red Riding Hood (86) Chessie Moore, Carole Nash and Philippe Svan 

F.L.   BA

3514-9060 Erotic Adventures of Red Riding Hood 2  (87) F.L.   BA

4730 Erotic Adventures of Lolita  (82) The story of two young farm girls losing their innocence…. Bambi

L12 Erotic Adventures of Zorro, The (96) Mario Bianchi directs this XXX variation of this masked sex fiend….

9657 Erotic Barcelona Festival - F.L.

4077 Erotic Dr. Jekyll    (76)  aka: The Amazing Dr. Jekyll    

4863 Erotic Dreams of Lady D  (98)  sex hungry Lady Diana look-a-like

6000 Erotic World of Angel Cash, The  (82) “All I can think about is sex” Angel cash tells you as she walks half naked around her houseboat…..she’s NOT kidding…..    Fair quality.

8851 Erotic World of Angel Cash, The  (82) Better quality then U.S. print but in Italian language

4302 Erotic World of Seka   (80)  Seka and Lysa Thatcher

9691 Eruption (78) A promiscuous heiress living in Hawaii persuades an insurance salesman to help her kill her husband to inherit all his money….. John Holmes in porn remake of “Double Indemnity” with Leslie Bovee

T876 Euro Domina (00) Bondage - BA - F.L.

K73 Eurogeezers -Sick German Porn with young girls getting it on with Grampa types. Ugh. Then Grama types do young studs. Practical joke time again!  Set this up as the weekly porno on guy's night and watch the jaws hit the floor.

P122 Euroglam (02) More porno - F.L.

9067 Eva Contro Eva (00) Eva Henger - Long legged blonde stars - F.L.

8614 Eva Henger Jagre a la Reina  (01) F.L.  BA  Blonde bombshell in lots of sex scenes.

4028 Evil Ways of Love (72) Andy, a woman-hater, entices sexy women aboard his houseboat. His pot smoking friends come over and they party and make some serious sex waves…. + Sweet and Sour (74) Jamie Gillis, Cindy West and Selma Arthur   DOUBLE FEATURE  

L516 Excited, Experienced (00) More Hot Porno ! F.L. - BA

T436-3698 Expensive Taste (78) Hardcore roughy with Joey Silvera as a man who sets up gang rape on his dates he takes home.

9213 Experiment: Her Deadly Climax (99) Shot in a stable featuring non-stop humiliation and brutalization of women . Rough stuff - In German -F.L.

8186 Exposed  (79) A married ex-porn actor is blackmailed by a neighbor and a producer to make one more film…. John Leslie, Sharon Kane, Anthony Spinelli and Kitty Shayne

L763 External Erection (02) Rocco - F.L. - BA

T566 Extreme Action (00) F.L. - BA

9111 F (80) aka: Dream Girls of F    Female Aliens!   Annette Haven, John Leslie, Sharon Adams and Seka

9314 Fade to Black (01) Director's and actors shoot sex scene after sex scene -  F.L.

T256 Fallando Sobre Patines (02) Sexy SK8R Girls do it with their skates on - F.L. - BA

T251 Fallo! (03) Tinto Brass returns!  Not quite Hard-Core, but very close. 6 Sexy Stories with the Sexiest Sirens !!! - LBX - F.L.

Q300 Fallo Grosso (02) Sexy Elite Italian girls do 2 and 3 guys at a time every which way and loose -  F.L.

X136 Fannie (75) A new kind of video dating service not only matches you up with people with like interests, but will also show you exactly what kind of sex acts they are willing to perform…. + The Final Test (78) A woman (Vanessa del Rio) has a "son" who's blind (from some unknown and unexplained accident)…   Vanessa likes to have sex with her son while pretending to be the maid or whatever strikes her fancy… DOUBLE FEATURE

M57 Fantasex (76) Bernie is a mama’s boy who works as an editor at a porn book publishing company.  To compensate for his miserable existence he fantasizes he is different characters in the porn books he edits. Terri Hall, Jeffrey Hurst, Sarah Nicholson and Juliet Graham    In Spanish - F.L.

8162 Fantasex Island  (82)  XXX spoof of "Fantasy Island"  with Serena and John Leslie

T923-T570 Fantastica Moana (87)  With Moana Pozzi - F.L.

Q263 Fantasy Bound Weekend (90's) A sexy brunette is dominated by a blonde in a weekend getaway - With a little twist at the end...

Q425-3560 Farmer's Daughters, The  (73)  After the Farmer's Daughters humiliate the farm hand (Fred), three escaped convicts arrive to have their way with members of the family.  Fred surprises the convicts, and decides to join them in the family's victimization.  Susan McBain and Gloria Leonard 

T434-8169 Fascination (80) A loser with women (Ron Jeremy) follows the advice of a "how-to" book on seduction….  Tracy Adams, Samantha Fox, Veronica Hart and Candida Royale  

9112 Felines, The (75) Maude is married to Oliver (a balding wealthy 50 year old)….  Oliver has a mistress… Maude decides to bring in Florence to help Oliver get rid of and forget his mistress…. But things don’t go as planned… (they never do)  

7463 Femme Fatale  (85) While Michelle is looking at an empty old house that is for sale, she sees and hears what went on in the house before….  A woman chained to the wall…. A woman suspended from the ceiling….  Janey Robbins, Cody Nicole and Mai Lin  

3045 Femmes Desade   (76) Women get revenge on a big creepy rapist…. Abigail Clayton and Annette Haven in this notoriously vile roughie   uncut

T547 Fetish Club (00) aka: El Club Del Fetichismo - Bondage - BA - F.L.

T574 Fetish Garden, The (03) Stacy Silver, Claudia Clair - Bizarre sex fantasy with high heeled willing women in heat

X114 Fetishes of Monique (76) A mad scientist and his kinky, glitter era assistant develop an aphrodisiac made from his sperm. The scientist keeps human experiments in prison cells, where they perform a plethora of sex acts that a shutterbug records…. + Fury in Alice (76) Vanessa Del Rio and John Leslie   comedy/porn follows a slutty housewife through her kinky extra marital affairs…   DOUBLE FEATURE

L510 Fiebre En El Culo (03) Nurse Fetish! - F.L. - BA

Q401 Fievres Nocturnes (78) aka: French Erotic Fantasies   Early Bridgette Lahaie porno  - F.L.

L511 Film Festival Barcelona (03) Thousands of desperate men clamor to get it on with their favorite porn stars or at least get a glimpse of them in action - F.L. - BA

4807 Filthy Rich, The  (79)  Tiffany (Samantha Fox) and her wealthy husband Trent have a less that thrilling sex life...yet their maid (Jesie St James) and butler (Hubert Savage) seem to heat up the sheets all day…and all night….  They decide to switch places and then enters the new cook- Vanessa Del Rio…….

7050 Final Test, The  (78) + House of Desade  (75)  Vanessa Del Rio and friends have been invited to a séance at a "spooky" old house. Pre-séance activities before the "get-together" include an orgy scene featuring two couples that Del Rio also invites to the séance, and some consensual S&M-style fun between Del Rio and her boyfriend…. Vanessa Del Rio  DOUBLE FEATURE

8158-T913 Fiona on Fire  (77)  Amber Hunt stars as Fiona, a successful model who is shot and killed by a mysterious assailant. Her fiancé (Jamie Gillis) is the prime suspect. A street smart detective is brought in to investigate the case and discovers a small address book in which Fiona had stored her various friends and lovers information. Tracking down the people in the book, the detective begins to uncover the bizarre truth about Fiona's kinky life and ultimately her murderer….   XXX version of the 1944 film "Laura"

4865 Fire Down Below  (74)  aka: Perverted Passion   Disturbing tale of rape and murder...a seedy rough porn

4723 First Time at Cherry High  (84)  A lot of XXX action is going on at Miss Pepper’s School for Girls….

7429 Flashpants  (84)  The high school prom is coming up… the same day as a Flashpants dance contest… Tanya Lawson, Christie Williams, Alexis X, Michelle Morgan and Athena Star

Q294 Flasher: Flashing Masturbating Women

4844 Flesh of the Lotus  (71) Private eye Johnny Wadd (John Holmes) relentlessly sets out to solve the murder of a former girlfriend, and encounters various female suspects leading him to the leader of a vicious gang that runs San Francisco's Chinatown. 

L36 Folladoras de la Carretera (00) F.L. - BA

T562 Follando Fuerte (00) In English! Amorous women seek sex, and get plenty - BA

Q264 Food Flogging (98) Got a food fetish - Watch these sluts get all nasty with food and take a bath -

4803 For the Love of Pleasure  (78)  After he is killed, a crook finds himself in an afterlife of non-stop sexual pleasures…. Jamie Gillis, Annette Haven and Samantha Fox

L30 Forbidden Sex of the Kama Sutra (96) Kelly Trump - Joe D'Amato directs - BA

X138 Forbidden Ways (76) Pat (Vanessa del Rio) talks on the phone to a few of her swinger friends, then a buddy comes in from out of town with tales of sexual exploits (that we witness in flash-back)... Vanessa del Rio replies in turn with her story of a sexual encounters which of course leads to an orgy… + Bonus Sex Scenes

4284 Forever Night  (98)  Jamie Gillis, Stacy Valentine, Jeanna Fine, Michael Hart and Veronica Hart  Gothic  XXX horror

X101-4741 Forgive Me I Have Sinned (81) A twisted priest hears confessors in his church, then drugs them for sexual sadism instruction. He's just trying to help. Really.  Plays like a XXX Horror Film complete with bizarre photography, humiliation and orgy sadism. No, nothing is Sacred.

8185 Formal Faucett, A  (78) Dorothy LeMay lands a job at the agency, working for a very mysterious mogul - Paul Thomas, in this very hilarious and sexy spoof of the "Charlie's Angels" television series….  Norma Jean,

Tina Austin, Desiree Cousteau, Laura Blue and Guy Austin 

5390 FrankenHunter: Queen of the Porno Zombies  (90)  Heather Hunter from “ FrankenHooker “ stars in this XXX ripoff

4982 FreakShow  (91)  Controversial offensive XXX (you've been warned !)

P88 Freaky and Kinky # 1  - Countess Anne in Lashes, Harnessed by Hookers, and many vintage XXX sexcapade theme scenes (13 in all)

P89 Freaky and Kinky # 2 - More themed sexcapades

T507 French Heat : The Underground Girls of Paris (74) A variety of French Sluts demonstrate "their worth"  with all to willing men

8843 French Schoolgirls (73) John Holmes (opening title does not appear)

T28 From German Soccer to Porn (03) Watch as real life soccer star Dieter Gunth stars in his own porno and takes on willing females in between kicking his balls - F.L.

L547 Fulfillment (72) John Holmes, Barbara Barton, more...This is one of the hottest box office smashes of it's time. A series of Holmes sex scenes. Don't miss the one where the young girls come to his door to sell him cookies, and get something else entirely.

8849 Gang Bangs- 4 Hours- DVDR FORMAT ONLY - $20.00

L47 Gangbang (02) F.L.

L24 Gangland Bangers (95) Joe D'Amato directs

9218 Garage Girls (82) Pulse Racing!  These gals really know how to tune up your engine! - BA  Softcore version.  Georgina Spelvin, Lisa De Leeuw, Dorothy LeMay, Sue Nero, Chris Cassidy, Brooke West, John Leslie,

Mike Horner, John Martin, Dewey Alexander and David Morris

8183 Garters and Laces  (80's) sex scenes

9652 Gate, The (00) F.L. - BA

L61 Geisha Cum Sluts (00) Unfogged - F.L.

Q151-Q375 Gettin' It On With Helga Sven (80's) Hot Clip after Hot Clip of the insatiable Busty Blonde Takin' it Like a Trooper

T523-7428 Getting Lucky (83) The boys head out on the town for a night to remember, and get involved in some of the most outrageous sexual encounters to ever sizzle the screen!  Johnny makes a sporting wager with gorgeous hookers, whoever enjoys their love session the most has to pay!  Misty Dawn, Janey Robbins, more

Q163 Getting Off with Candy Samples (various)  Bodacious Breasts Dominate this scene filled sex romp

2326-7497    Ghoul Sex Squad  (91)  Vampires with porn!!   Amy Yip     F.L.

Q890 Ginger and Amber (various) Ultimate Carnal Lust with Amber Lynn and Ginger Lynn

4288-4289 Ginger Lynn America's Sweetheart + Sexy Seka (various) 2 hours of XXX highlights $20 VHS/$22 DVD

Q817 Ginger on the Rocks (85) Ginger defies her wealthy family in a search for love and lust that takes her through men, women, wild parties, doctor's office orgies, a maid who does more than windows and finally a simple country boy looking for a simple city girl…. Ginger Lynn Allen, Amber Lynn, Christy Canyon ...Whew !

4953 Ginger's Private Party  (85) Ginger throws a scavenger hunt party under the disguise of a guy named Starbuck. She also plays "Ginger", though the two characters are never around at the same time…. Ginger Lynn

K79 Giochi Carnale (79) Amazing Italian language porno has a guy and his son in drag picking up unsuspecting young female hitchhikers. Rape and torture time. But what happens when some women refuse to take this foul treatment?  Could our perverted duo be in for a little brutal castration ?

Q573-X124 Girl Scout Cookies (76) Betsy and Elaine are hookers who are on the verge of getting busted by the cops in the Mayor's attempt to clean up the city. Elaine continues to work the streets but Betsy comes up with the bright idea of going door-to-door to peddle her wares after she gets a visit from a Girl Scout.  More politically incorrect deviant porn/comedy 

9068 Girls con el Grifo Abierto (00) F.L. - Lots of out-doors sex - BA

9069 Girls con las Bragas Mojadas (00) F.L.- BA          

7482 Girls in Blue 1 & 2  (78/79)  In this sexual romp, Misty & Kathy plan some late night sexual fun with coach Fowler. The next morning, coach Fowler is left totally perplexed as to the night before. Did it really happen? And with whom?   Part Two:  Free from the restraints of the rigid spring semester at the Townsen School for Girls, the girls embark on a titillating, tantalizing, torrid visit to Camp Townsend. Tempting even the most hardened counselors, the girls quickly learn that "early to bed and early to rise all depends on the counselor's size!"  DOUBLE FEATURE 

8160 Girls of Passion  (79)  various all girl action

8748 Girls on Girls  (00)  in Spanish-  title says it all

X115 Girls U.S.A. (80) aka: Sex Ring International   A federal agent is murdered while staking out a pimp's yacht. The agent's girlfriend is kidnapped to cover up any leads to an international prostitution ring catering to foreign ambassadors. Always one step behind, the investigating police detective must enlist the services of a former call girl to rescue the kidnapped woman and bust the ring…. Vanessa Del Rio, Erica Boyer, Samantha Fox and more

Q340 Goduria (82) More Italian made Sex - LBX - F.L.

8848 Golden Girls (84) Three wealthy guy sin San Francisco convince 10 ladies to appear in a Miss Fantasy Contest…..Whoever “sleeps” with the most judges– wins!!    Shauna Grant, Rachel Ashley and Jamie Gillis  F.L.

L446 Golden Love 2 (90's) + Strange Fruit (Bonus) - Fogged - People painted 100% in GOLD PAINT have sex ! As bizarre looking as it gets.  Twisted SnM - F.L.

8852 Good, the Bad and the Horny, The (85) The game of Cowboys and Indians takes on a new meaning when the cowpokes (guys) take on the Indians (girls) in a sexy free-for-all to find out if those oil' six-shooters are really better than a quiver full of arrows. In reality, Steve runs a dude ranch in the mountains and after teaching Susie the finer points of horsing around, he challenges this rich Beverly Hills brat and her friends to a game of search and enjoy. The cowboys are up to the challenge, but the Indian princesses head 'em off at the pass….. Amber Lynn, Bunny Bleu, Summer Rose and John Holmes   F.L.

L42 Gore X (00) XXX Horror ! F.L. - B.A.

L9 Greedy Mouth (81) In Italian - Directed by Joe D'Amato - Fair quality

9238 Guerrilleras, The (00) Action and XXX with more wall to wall sex   F.L.  BA

6494-3240   Gums  (76)  X-rated JAWS parody!  Fair quality.  (Some glitches)

3711 Gypsy Seduction    (96)    D'Amato

3493 Hamlet     (90’s)   D'Amato

3494 Hamlet 2  (90’s)   D'Amato

3716 Hard Sensations   (80)    D'Amato   F.L. with George Eastman

8734 Hard Sex Files  (98)  X-Files  XXX  rip-off  F.L.  BA

3422-L851 Hardgore  (74) A nymphomaniac goes to a sanitarium in hopes of being cured; it turns out the sanitarium is a front for a Satanic cult luring young women into a web of madness, torture, and sex... But mostly just sex….. Sex and Gore

T894-8163 Heavenly Desire (79) In 1879 Wild West California, prostitute Mary Lou (Seka) and her friend Rosebud (Serena) are accidentally gunned down after witnessing the death of Mary Lou's dim-witted lover Ralph (Johnny Harden). 100 years later, the Devil (Johnny Keyes) recruits the limbo-state souls of Mary Lou and Rosebud to return to their brothel, now a Los Angeles college sorority, to try to bring two newcomers to the place, Ellen and Sue, to make them lose their virginity to their boyfriends in order for them to gain access into swinging Hell…. 

8796 Heavy Petting  (98)  In Spanish.  BA

T1 Helen Does Holland (97) Sexy Blonde returns to her hometown for lots of sex

4869 Hells Angel 3: The Devil's Lair  (97)  Eva leads her concubines deeper on the path of sin. The culmination of all her lustful pleasures becomes just the beginning!  Joe D'Amato

M55 Her Name Was Lisa (79) A photographer invites a whore to pose for him, and treats her fair, but she will be the prey of degradation imposed on her by the owner of the adult magazine for whom the photographer works…. Samantha Fox, Vanessa Del Rio - In Spanish - F.L.  BA

9879 Hercules and Samson in the Land of the Amazons (98) Big budget sword n' sandal porno in Italian.

8156-T524 High Rise (73)  Suzy (Tamie Trevor) is having a tough time with her sex life so her doctor recommends that she have some adventures. Her apartment hopping in search of the same provides the premise, as she wanders through the high rise meeting both interesting and oddball characters.

4736 High School Memories  (80) A small group of ex-jocks and cheerleaders sit at a bar reminiscing about high school (via fleshbacks), specifically going to a hotel stay while on an away game… Annette Haven

5030 Hindsight  (86)  Harry (R Bolla) and R.J. (Herschel Savage) think they are the world’s best lovers.  Their girlfriends Candy (Heather Wayne) and Carol (Stacey Donovan) agree they are great...but perhaps not he best….

T125 History of Hot Anal (00) Hot Blondes and more ...- F.L. - BA

6035 History of Rape #1  ()  XXX rape scenes (mostly rough 70’s XXX) 

6033 History of Rape #2  ()  XXX rape scenes 

6034 History of Rape #3  ()  XXX Fair quality (line at top of screen).

9222 History of Rape #4  ()  XXX rape scenes

Q704 History of Rape #5  ()  XXX rape scenes continue...

T300 History of Rape #6  ()  A whole slew of rape scenes from various movies once again, mostly 90's stuff.  Not all XXX but some are..

Q703 History of Rape #8  () Scenes of violent rape from various exploiter/horror flicks

9660 History of the Blue Movie, The () Alex de Renzy's rare erotica that goes from 1915-1975. Classic porno nostalgia trip

Q377 Holly McCall Can't Get Enough () Various scenes with this sex icon

Q598 Home for Unwed Mothers (85) Lactating mothers have sex with each other and pregnant women masturbate.  + more

8176 HoneyPie  (76)  Arlana Blue stars as Lois, working for a magazine, choosing sexy articles for publishing.  From the beginning of the movie till the end, there is lots of sex, as Lois and her coworkers read through the letters that readers have sent in. The whole film consists of short sex stories…. Jennifer Welles

9723 Honeysuckle Rose (84) Kate and Sam are a loving couple who want desperately to get rich. But when Kate blows their savings by buying a race horse named Honeysuckle Rose which doesn't win, it puts a mean strain on their marriage. They begin to fight and eventually seek solace in the arms of others in a series of torrid extramarital affairs.  John Holmes, Samantha Fox, Bobby Astyr, Rikki ONeal and Serena BA

X117 Horny Temptress (81) aka: Manhattan Mistress - Young Southern woman discovers her mother is a prostitute. She runs away from home to New York City, only to meet the same fate as her mother…. Juliet Anderson, Erica Boyer, more

3188 Horror at the Wax Museum  (78)  Fair quality.  S & M bondage rarity.

Q581 Hostages of Lust (76) First a violent crime/porno +  One Night in Bangkok (85) Exotic story of a submarine crew on shore leave….  DOUBLE FEATURE   F.L.

T4 Hot Blooded Boarding School (98) Nuns have Sex in the Convent, like we KNOW they really do. I mean only a lesbian would become a Nun, right ?

8165 Hot Cookies  (77)  A man enters an erotic book store, and the owner spots him as being a man with "unusual" tastes. He takes him to the back room of the store where his daughter is in a trance, masturbating. Around the room there are paintings of people involved in sexual acts. His daughter is a sort of sorceress, when she reaches orgasm, the sexual experiences of the people in the paintings are revealed to the man watching them….  Serena and Abigail Clayton

4304 Hot Honey   (77)   Honey (Heather Young) has been going steady with Johnny (Jack Hammer) for 4 months, but she won't "put out" and she gets angry when he asks her for more than kissing…. William Lustig directs

T115 Hot in Holland (02)  Young, Hot and Sexy Strange give it up in different scenes - F.L.

3153 Hot Nights of Caligula   (77) aka: Caligula Erotica    LBX

Q165 Hot Oven, The (75) A guy gets a job at a pizza parlor through his ex girlfriend. He takes a delivery job in which he asks for less pay on the condition he gets first crack at delivering to the local college coeds. Once he gets the job he bets the other workers that he can have sex with one co ed per week…. + The Collegiates (75) An inexperienced hot chick gets help in her sexuality by her more experienced peers - DOUBLE FEATURE

X8 Hot Penetracion (00) F.L.

Q161 Hot Stud Pick-Up with Uschi Digart (79) Multiple scenes with this well endowed 70's sexual icon

4804 Hot Stuff in the City  (79) aka: Hot Child in the City   Two teenage girls travel to New York to strike it rich and are taken in by a shady 'talent agent' whom hires them to be personal escorts….. 

4980 Hot Summer in the City  (75)  A gang of black militants kidnap a white virgin, hold her hostage and ravish her….. brutal

4729 Hot Teenage Assets  (79) aka: Backdoor Rhapsody 

7026 Hot Blooded  (83)  Three promiscuous young women launch a provocative plan to boost business in their local video store: free sex for each adult film rental…. Kay Parker, Angel and Karen Summer

L2 House of Anal Perversions (97) Joe D'Amato directs

X116 House of Desade (75) aka: Sex Séance- Vanessa Del Rio and friends have been invited to a séance at a "spooky" old house. Pre-séance activities before the "get-together" include an orgy scene featuring two couples that Del Rio also invites to the séance, and some consensual S&M-style fun between Del Rio and her boyfriend— + The Big Thing (73) aka: Linda Can't Stop with Andrea True.  In case you are wondering, it's yet another Classic Porno DOUBLE FEATURE

X111 House of Sin (80) Evangeline Foster (Long Jeane Silver) experiences some car trouble and is stranded on the side of the road (of course...). Along comes Marbus (Robert Kerman, who many horror-fans will recognize from his well-portrayed role in CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and several other Italian horror films, who's seemed to have a relatively prolific career both with and without his pants on...) to save the day. Turns out that Marbus is actually the son of the devil and he brings unsuspecting people to his house to do his sexual bidding…. + Daughters of Discipline 2 (80) Two young chicks get caught by their parents disciplining a male slave, and become the recipients of some familial discipline themselves….  Another Double Dose of sleazy trash loaded with bondage and hard sex!  DOUBLE FEATURE

9653 Huge Bust Work-Out (86) Large breasted women sex

3723 I Like to Watch   (83) Beautiful but shy Laura (Bridgette Monet) works for her fashion designer aunt (Pat Manning) and leads a sheltered existence devoid of sexual attention, even from her divorced older boyfriend (Mike Horner) who refuses to put the moves on her out of what he considers respect. Deeply frustrated, the girl turns to spying on her aunt making out with her illicit lover….

T529 I Want You (70) Jeanette (Jan Davis) goes to a psychiatrist and tells him that her husband does not satisfy her sexually…. She then proceeds to tell him about strange dreams she has which involve her friends, acquaintances and even people she has seen in the street.  In these dreams she sees them having sex, often with her becoming involved in the proceedings. Even in the dreams she wakes up before she is fully satisfied.  Uschi Digard, John Holmes and more - Early porno classic

9881 I...Voyeur (00) Happily married man goes to a shrink to deal with his unstoppable voyeurism - F.L.

T886 If My Mother Only Knew (85) Amber Lynn plays Hope - a young nympho who's in a not-so-subtle sexual competition with her promiscuous mom Honey Wilder….

7047 I'll Do Anything (81)  F.L.  Bridgette Lahaie

Q819 I'm Yours To Take (78) aka: Take Me   aka: Je Suis a Pendre - Bridgette Lahaie classic- now with bonus trailers - F.L.

6021 In Bed with the Enemy (76)  Japanese language - The movie that inspired "Female Ninja Magic Chronicles ….  soft sex and swordplay violence

T563 In Search of Fame 2 (00) 100% Amateur ! Horny young starlets get loose in their quest for porno stardom - B.A.

9877 In the Name of the Devil (99)  Hard-core in a convent - In German

9113 In the Pink (83) thriller/porn with real location shots and storyline…. A story of betrayal, murder and more    Joanna Storms, Lorri Smith and Jacqueline Lorians  

Q344 Incredible Body Snatchers, The (72) Loser drifters rape mother and daughter… 

7443 Indiana Joan and the Black Hole of Mammoo  (84) Indiana Joan (Barbi Dahl) and her parents are in a yacht skippered by Captain Jim.   The yacht breaks down and instead of doing the sensible thing which would be to throw the anchor and wait for help, they get into a small inflatable boat and row towards shore….. Joan's father gets killed with a spear and her mother gets captured and is made to entertain the natives. Captain Jim and Indiana Joan avoid capture for a while but eventually decide they cannot abandon her mother and go and find her…..

Q719 Indiana Mack 2 : Sex in the Desert (02) F.L.

7286 Infidelidad:  Much Satisfaction (2000)   Spanish gang bang porno    F.L.  BA

4090 Inflamed   (84) The Devil and God are fighting for the soul of Misty...the devil evidently wins and in exchange for sexual satisfaction like she’s never known– she must “incite and inflame men” and capture their souls, which incidentally is in their semen….

P12 Iniciando Jovencitas (00) F.L. - BA

6020 Initiation of Cynthia (85) Sharon Kelly, Amber Lynn - Bored housewife secretly swings at a sex club. One night her husband comes in to have sex with the ladies...

M79 Innocent Perversion (03) F.L.

8843 Innocent Sally (73) aka: The Dirty Young Mind of Sally  Sharon is a traveling radio artiste who, despite being chased all over by the cops, manages to broadcast three shows a day. These consist of her talking dirty whilst playing with herself, or her engineer, or even a competition winner. Young teens then gather around to listen in and perform along with her, on the beach, at their club or in the back of their car.  Sharon Kelly 

9603 Insatiable (80) An orphaned heiress/fashion model embarks on a series of sexual encounters to satisfy her loneliness and insatiable appetite for sex…. Marilyn Chambers, Serena and Jessie St. James

8184 Inside Candy Samples  (84)  Dr. Candy Cox, played by the outrageous Candy Samples, is a world-renowned sex therapist with an extremely horny caseload. Both men and women flock to her office for sexual advice, lessons in technique... and a little nookie…..

8187 Inside Desiree Cousteau  (79)  Young, beautiful, and innocent DESIREE enters the work force to find great difficulty in keeping men disinterested in her charms. She starts out as a promising reporter when she meets Mr. Ryan, a Presidential hopeful. He gives her the scoop of her life which ends up in an unusual pool sequence!  BA    Serena, Susan Nero, Sharon Kane, Misty and Juliet Anderson

T525-3199 Inside Jennifer Welles (77) A pseudo-documentary retelling her sexual history.  It’s really a celebration of Jennifer's scathing sexual prowess, including her amazing love of other ladies…. A classic title

Q824 Inside Olinka (80's) Compilation of scenes with this Marilyn Monroe clone - Scorching hot

8182 Intimate Couples  (84)  George and Sue play Trivia with their best friends Jim and Joanne.  They seek advice from their friends and eventually switch partners….

8635 Intimate Lessons  (81)  Danielle, K.C. Valentine  BA

X134 Intimidation (77) Jack (Robert Kerman) is a low-level drug-runner for a boss named Blue Boy. His girlfriend Annie (Marlene Willoughby) supplies the dope from a contact she has - and eventually has the bright idea to double-cross the boss in order to increase their profits. Of course this goes wrong….  + Innocent Girl (75) A girl comes to New York from Kansas City to be with her boyfriend and ends up "befriending" a pimp whose intention is of course to turn her out. She's forced into whoring….  DOUBLE FEATURE

L967 Intrusion  (75) A shy housewife is beaten and raped…. Another extremely brutal rape and revenge flick…. Lynn Bishop, Michael Gaunt, Kim Pope and Levi Richards  

7017 Invasion of the Samurai Sluts From Hell (88)  Tracy Adams  comedy/porn

3593 Invisible Man Rape (78) aka: Lusty Transparent Man    Softcore rape.  F.L.

4055 Irresistible (83)  Less than successful travel agent Walter Brooks (Richard Pacheco) finds himself stuck in a rut after 18 years of marriage to Arlene (Samantha Fox).  On his way to work, he loses himself in carnal daydreaming about a cute hitchhiker (Dorothy LeMay) but lacks the confidence to move beyond the fantasies. One day, Miracle Meyer (Misha Garr) turns up at Walter's place of business, promising him erotic fulfillment through time travel for a mere $ 10!  Understandably somewhat apprehensive both about the offer and the sanity of the person making it, Walter decides to try it anyway…. 

4904 Italian Video Virgins  (94)  F.L.

Q574 Jacqueline Lorians (80's) Scene after scene of this Sex-Kitten having sex

L968 Jamie Gillis Compilation Tape () Brutal scenes. Blondes in cages and more....Pretty rough stuff

L969 Jamie Gillis Private Porn #1 () Extremely vile and brutal

L970 Jamie Gillis Private Porn #2 () More Extreme, Vile and Deviant behavior

4735 Jane Bond Meets Octopussy  (86) Agent 0069 battles the evil Octopussy, who plans to use a scientist's sex laser to take over the world….. Amber Lynn

9206 Janie (70) A sadistic teenager searching for "Daddy" murders and dismembers anybody who picks her up hitch-hiking.  + Take My Head (70) Uschi Digard    A Michael and Roberta Findlay softcore exploitation DOUBLE FEATURE

9220 Japanese Debutantes (90's) F.L.

7063 Japanese DOUBLE FEATURE #1 (Japanese language- optically censored fogging)  Immoral Abuse:  Middle age man has B&D rope fetish for cute schoolgirls + Lover M:  Attractive girl gives in to assorted B&D

7062  Japanese DOUBLE FEATURE #2  (Japanese language- optically censored fogging) Screaming Rape of a Flash Dance Girl: brutal + Lustful Teacher with Big Breasts:  she enjoys rape

7061 Japanese DOUBLE FEATURE #3  (Japanese language- optically censored fogging) Slave Hunter Abducted Angel:  abduction and bondage + Busty Slave#4 :  big breasted bondage

7060 Japanese DOUBLE FEATURE #4  (Japanese language- optically censored fogging)  Bondage Blackmail:  woman is tied up and raped, forced to eat dog food, then they take her downtown and have the video played on a huge outdoor TV +  Beautiful Teacher in Hell (softcore)  bondage and sex   

7059 Japanese DOUBLE FEATURE #5  (Japanese language- optically censored fogging)  Tied Up Airline Stewardess + Tortured Sex Doll:  this one has no fogging, uncut uncensored FAIR print

9221 Japanese Porno (00) Uncensored Japanese porn

Q660 Japanese Sex and Sadism Volume #1 - Some fogging, but in all 3 Volumes there is also unfogged segments - Title says all F.L.

Q661 Japanese Sex and Sadism Volume #2 - F.L.

Q662 Japanese Sex and Sadism Volume #3 - F.L.

L58 Japanese Tutors (00) Unfogged Japanese porn - F.L.

M51 Japanese Women Do - Extreme (some very nasty) sex - F.L. and some Subs - But it's all sex. Subs with sex is pretty funny to read....

M52 Japanese Women Do 2 - More of the same (see description above)

7011 Je Suis Une Belle Salope  aka: I'm a Beautiful Bitch  (79)  F.L.  Bridgette Lahaie.  Fair quality.

Q391 Jessica's Gangbang - Ugly woman does a bunch of guys who must have been paid an awful lot to go through with it.. Ugh ! - F.L.

9802 Joe D'Amato Experience, The (99) Eva Henger stars in this XXX compilation as she taps onto her computer and views lots of XXX scenes from this great director's best !!!  Great is stretching it you say ? You really don't feel that way. Not if your reading

4921 Joy  (78)  aka: Sex Crazy   A young high school girl that is pressured by her boyfriend to have her first sexual experience. She refuses him, and he decides to break up with her…. Then while at home alone, gets raped in the apartment which she resides, and immediately loves the whole sexual experience. In the end, even telling the rapist, "I want more!!!".  Sharon Mitchell 

L4 Joy Club, The (96) Life is rough, war is hell, but men are tough and they can handle it. A rowdy bunch of guys just hitting the front line. Occasionally these spunky souls need a lift, so they take their leave at the Joy Club. A club for sex, and plenty of it. A bevy of beautiful babes providing sexual favors for their men in arms…. Joe D'Amato directed

4919 Joy of Letting Go  (77) aka: Hot Cat   Michelle is a bored housewife with a sexual itch to scratch.. When confronted by a woman at her health club who wants to recruit her into a life of prostitution, she is more than happy to play along…. Dominique Saint Pierre, Leslie Hughes, James Kral, Frank Dudley and Pamela Strasser

4853 Joy Riders  (79)  Two girls rob and whore their way across America

6025 Juliet and Romeo  (96)  aka: Giulietta e Romeo   Joe D’Amato

L44 Juvenile Discipline (00) F.L. - BA   (All models over 18 years of age)

6018 Kamikaze Hearts  (83)  docu on porn industry with Sharon Mitchell

7073 Kandi Barbour Loops and Misc.  ()  70's & 80's loops  (fair quality -picture shaky)

L13 Karin and Barbara Le Superstar (88) with Karin Schubert - F.L.

T906-3730 Kate and the Indians (79) Kate (Kandi Barbour) and her girlfriend Lisa (Polly Dew), students of Professor Von Martin (Jack Shute), have found a medallion in the desert. The puzzle of the medallion leads the professor and Kate into an desolate wasteland, where they become lost and stranded. They are befriended by Bill (Mike Ranger) who guides them to a lost Indian tribe where the two are captured and taken to their high priestess (Kay Parker)….

T576 Katrina (99) LBX - F.L.

Q589 Kay Parker Collection (70's and 80's) Scenes with this Porno actress

Q675 Keisha (various) Incredible sex scenes with this porno star - Currently, she is a Psychology Major/ Sex Educator

Q363 Kidnapped Girls Agency (83) Linnea Quigley - She spends most of the running time struggling to free herself of her bonds. When she escapes there is hell to pay !!! + Flash (80's) Linnea Quigley and a guy capture a woman and tie her up. She escapes and ties up Linnea. It's a non-hardcore Bondage Double Feature !

Q95 Kinky Cameraman #1 - If you need help hooking up with women, check this out. This guy boldly approaches sexy girls out and about in the city, and easily coaxes them into hotel rooms where they readily and happily undress and expose themselves to him. Not really hardcore, but man, "Dude that can't get laid out there ! I'm talking to you !", get a camera and a pitch, and get busy !!!

Q595 Kitty Shane Goes Down (80's) Meeeoooowwww ! Scenes with this Sex Siren !

4280 Kitty's Pleasure Palace   (71)  She makes a man's most unforgettable moment his last... but what a way to go!

9882 KKK - The Story of Violence in America (00) A white woman with a black man enrages her KKK uncle.- F.L.

6498-8516    Kung Fu Cockfighter  (76)  XXX porno kung fu!  Man has a super empowered " member " that can break boulders and do spinning push-ups!  Offensive... sick... and highly recommended for the fans of sicko XXX over the top cinema! 

T539 La Casa de las bragas voladoras (00) Legendary Orgiastic Swords and Sex - BA - F.L.

3984 La Collections Exhibitions   (80’s)    F.L.

8797 La Concha de Los Deseos  (87)  Cicciolina.  In Spanish.  BA

T540 La Fiesta de la Carne (00) B.A. - F.L.

9665 La Maison des Phantasmes (78) Brigitte Lahaie's husband (Richard Lemieuvre) begins to play his perverse sexual mind games with her and forces her to give into his every sexual wish. She must submit to his sexual experiments and later must describe these to him in full detail…..

L46 La Maschera della Perversione (00) aka: Mask of Perversion -F.L.

T260 La Munequito (00) F.L. - BA

T873 La Ninfomana (00)  aka: The Nymphomaniac - BA - F.L.

Q579 La Nipote + Jaspania: A Prefeita Erotica - XXX Double Feature  - F.L.

Q706 La Noche De Los Zombies Calientes () Shanna McCullogh - F.L. - BA

4542 La Paradas Del Taxista: Taxi Driver Stops  (90’s)  Mexican

T875 La Putas Mas Caras del Mundo (00) BA - F.L.

9667 La Rabatteuse (77) Brigitte plays the role of 'Rabatteuse' a woman who can tell every man's sexual wish and with this help of her friends gives it to them in many amazing ways…. Bridgette Lahaie - F.L.

7424 Lady Lust  (83)  Paul Thomas and his wife (Edy Williams) have a great sex life…. Edy’s sister does not…. Both of them enjoy an orgy though….

7013 Lady Madonna  (85)  Stacey Donovan as Madonna!

8174 Lady on the Couch  (75)  Henry Trotter (Eric Edwards) has been married to Maggi (Andre True) for 12 years…...their life is great...their sex life is not….then Maggi is hit by a car….when she recovers she has ”become” Laura, a highly sexed lewd woman.

T545 Las Limpiadoras (00) Kylie Ireland  - BA - F.L.

8737 Las Ninas Prefieren Las Pollas Negras  (98)  F.L.  BA

9650 Las Viciosas de La Tele (00) F.L. - BA

3877 Latex   (95)  This is a cyberpunk tale of a man who can see inside the souls of others, or so he believes….  Porn with a sci-fi theme

9070 Latin Psycho 2  (00) F.L. - BA

L778 Latinos Cachondas (02) F.L. - BA

7078 Le Retour des Veuves  (80) aka: The Return of the Widows   Brigitte Lahaie and Serena are perverse and insatiable widows in this sequel to Vueves en Charleur   F.L.   Fair quality.

9239 Leche Fresca en sue Boca (00) Wall to wall sex - F.L. - BA

6087 Legend of Sleppy Hallow  (89)  XXX with Debi Diamond

6015 Legends of Porn 1  (80's)  classic porn clips, features dozens of XXX best

6012 Legends of Porn 2  (80's)  more of the same-

9640 Legends of Porn 3  (80’s) Loads more sex scenes with your favorite sinful sleazy slutty starlets - Go for it!

3732 Les Grandes Jouisseuses   (77)  Jean-Louis Vattier has steamy dreams about a neighbor, Brigitte Lahaie. Boundaries between dreams and reality become blurred. He visits a psychiatrist (Amanda) who visits the object of his dreams and eventually they become a reality and a ménage à trois with his wife, who has previously experimented with a lesbian lover (Liliane Lemieuvre). The psychiatrist and her maid (Marie-Dominique Cabannes) also get in on the action.

7009 Les Soirees D'Un Couple Voyeur  (79)  aka: Les Matinées d'un couple Voyeur  A husband and wife like to watch others in the act so they set up elaborate sex parties….  Brigitte Lahaie  F.L.

9214 Lesbians in Bondage Double Feature (Gang Bang Bitches + Young Girl Punishment) . Whippings, Tickling, Rape, Humiliation and more—F.L.

Q693 Leslie Winston Sex Scenes (Various)

7034 Let My Puppets Come  (76) Outrageous sexual explicitness with these fun multi-dimensional characters. If you're looking for a good laugh and some great sex, look no further!  Porno puppets!

8851 Let's Get it On! (87) What do you gets when Amber Lynn and nine other luscious sex stars act out their wild fantasies?   In Italian

4297 Liberation of Honeydoll Jones   (77) Honeydoll (Virginia Winter) has a momma, a daddy and two very horny sisters….  Honeydoll is in love with Bobby Jarvis their neighbor….  Their families have been feuding for years….  Honeydoll and her sisters have many a sexcapade…..  Candida Royale, Tracy O'Neil and Blair Harris

4682 Like Sugar For Chocolate  (96)  F.L. 

Q389 Lili (97) Set in WW2 Era Sex - F.L.

T907 Linda Shaw Collection (70's/80's) 360 Blonde Bimbo in many scenes

4808 Lips  (81)  Lisa Deleuw, Vanessa Del Rio, Ron Jeremy

T902 Little American Maid (86) Mary The Little American Maid has insatiable desires and craves sex every waking moment. She longs to please the master and his friends, as well as anyone who visits the house, in every possible way!  Tammy Lee Curtis, Diedre Hopkins, Nikki Charm, Bunny Bleu, Helga Sven, Lotus Blossum, Eric Edwards, Jerry Butler and Ron Jeremy

3955 Little Blue Box  (78) aka: Sexy Tube   The “little blue box” is a gadget that turns on the TV so that while having sex the “viewers” can watch it on TV as well….. AND if you press “69” on the remote you are magically transported into the TV to act our your fantasies!    Jennifer Welles

4549 Little Darlin’s  (81)  Porn ripoff of the mainstream stinker with Kristy McNichol.  Fair quality.

7023 Little Dynasty  (85)  Angel West (Loves of Lolita) in this "Dynasty" ripoff

T912 Little French Maid (81) Connie, the French maid, is continually searching for a love relationship. Her sensuous fantasies lead her from one sex partner to another in her quest for love and fulfillment. Connie will try anything, and do anything, to satisfy her lovers…. Connie Peterson, John Holmes

7028 Little Girls Lost  (83)  Three aspiring actresses Cathy (Chelsea Manchester), Alicia (Veronica Hart) and Stephanie (Gena Lee) and one aspiring actor Paul (John Leslie)…. A porno version of  "Valley of the Dolls"  Ron Jeremy

7018 Little Kimmi Johnson  (83)  Sharon Kelly (as Colleen Brennan)

T437 Little Me and Marla Strangelove (79) aka: Easy Pickup   Marla is a sexpot– her friend Debbie is “almost a virgin”…. The girls watch porno and invite two boys back to Debbie’s parents house, while they are gone.  They are of course caught by her parents…. 

7068 Little Muffy Johnson  (84)  Heather Wayne (Creampie), Karen Summer and Misty Regan Fair quality- glitch (but nothing missed).

T892 Little Often Annie (85) Blonde beauty Desiree Lane is Annie, a curvaceous cutie who likes to learn, especially when it come to sex…. Her and her friends take a crash course in every position imaginable, and graduate with honors!  China Lee, Beverly Bliss, Sunny Glick, Joy Merchant, Lisa Lake and Karen Summer

9642 Little Oral Annie Rides Again (80's) Compilation  - That's right!  More jaw dropping big breasted XXX  for the devil in you!

8159 Little Oral Annie Takes Manhattan  (85)  Little Oral Annie makes herself a welcome visitor in the Big Apple by exercising her special ORAL techniques. She Takes a BITE out of the BIG APPLE!  Danielle, Taija Rae, more 

T889-4815 Little Orphan Dusty (76) Runaway Teenager is captured and raped by bikers - Violent porno with John Holmes and Rhonda Jo Petty

5217 Little Orphan Sammy  (76)  aka: Uncontrollable Urge   Sammy (Rocky Millstone) is an orphan who believes that “it is very nice and American to help all of your friends…”...So.. he of course happily services horny nurses, a female doctor, and the matron in charge of the orphanage where he lives…..   Jennifer Welles

6496 Live Bait (97)  See former ECW and WCW Chastity (she uses the name Alexa)  in her only XXX appearance

T910-9115 Long Jeanne Silver (77) Twisted stump porn with a certain Supreme Court Judge's favorite (and only) blonde amputee

Q587 Loni Sanders Compilation (Mostly 80's) Sex scenes with this 80's Sex Superstar

L508 Lonos Blancos with Chicos Negroes (00) Interracial sex - F.L. - BA

L513 Los Gemelos Follan Dos Veces (00)  Hot chicks have sex with ugly guys - F.L. - BA

L505 Los Polvos Del Fargon (00) Italian language porno set in Egyptian era atmosphere - F.L. - BA

8613 Los Vicious Anales de Las Colegiales  (90's)    F.L.  BA

Q593 Lotta Top's Smotherly Love (80's)  80's Big Breasted Comfort

8736 Love and Psyche  (98)  D: Joe D'Amato  Roman times D'Amato porno  F.L.  BA

8157 Love Bus, The  (74)   Jennifer Jordan, Judith Hamilton, Ginger Snap, Rita Davis, Levi Richards, David and Jamie Gillis-  uncut version

4992 Love Couch  (77)  A couch magically transforms all who sit on it into sex crazed maniacs!...  Jo Anne Miguel, Harmony, Sharon Kaufman, Eric Edwards, Richard Bolla, Vanity Fare and Fluffy La Busche.

9716 Love Goddesses (81) Outer-space monitor watches sex lives of earthlings to determine an interplanetary award - Seka, Jennifer West, Juliet Anderson, John Holmes and Jamie Gillis

T441-L549 Love-In Arrangement, The (81) Erotic story of a couple's torrid relationships and the resulting breakup of their live-in arrangement. Dolly Lee and Lenny Morgan converge in a courtroom where Dolly fights to obtain "wifely" recognition. Their relationship is exposed in a series of vivid flashbacks….  Vanessa Del Rio, Kandi Barbour, Samantha Fox!

8167 Loves of Lolita  (83)  Angel West, Crystal Breeze and Karen Summer

8790 Lucianos Lucky Ladies 6 " End of an Era" (01)  In Spanish.  Hot Spanish sex.  BA

4294 Lulu's Nights  (97)  Joe D'Amato

Q276 Lust for Animals 18 - Oh God here we go.... Loving Eels, (I can't describe it) , Horse Orgy, + See Me Pee as a bonus. No, not me, it's uninhibited chicks that want to show you....

6008 Lust World  (99)  XXX fantasy with stop-motion monsters !

6052 Lustful Feelings  (77) aka: Feelings   Tony (Jamie Gillis) is a cocaine dealer, he owes Mr. Canucci (Ras Kean) a bit of money, which he isn't paying back fast enough. So Canucci suggests that Tony have his girlfriend Joanna (Leslie Bovee), do some modeling for a girlfriend of his named Claudette (Eva Henderson). Claudette tells Joanna that the real money is in fulfilling men's fantasies. Joanna agrees to join her in servicing her next client…. rough Violent XXX uncut  

6006 Lusty Lips  (81)  Joe D'Amato porn in Italian language and letterboxed.  Fair quality.

M2 Lysa Thatcher Gets Down ()  2 hours of sex scenes from this young blonde 80's Lolita type

Q281 Mad Love Life of a Hot Vampire, The (71) In Las Vegas, Dracula is a pimp who sends out vampire hookers to snare unsuspecting--and horny--victims….

6017 Made in Sweden  (98)  8 hardcore vignettes with the best Swedish actresses

Q217 Mafia Sexual, A (84) From the mastermind (or deviant madman ?) that brought you "In the Heat of the Hole" we get another sick and twisted trash from Brazil with some really gross stuff like, rape, gore, crotch burning by flame thrower and some stuff so gross I can't even describe it without getting sick. Weak stomach I guess in some cases. Hey, check out the sex scene where they blatantly rip-off "The Cars" song "Tonight She Comes" as the action takes place - F.L.

9668 Maitresse Pour Couple (77) aka: Mistress for Couples  aka: I'll Do Anything - Brigitte Lahaie is a nymphomaniac wife whose husband has a mistress (Julia Perrin) on the side. He decides he can't have both in his life so he hires a hit man to take out Brigitte…. F.L. 

4417 Malabimba: The Malicious Whore   (79)  A quite young, but terribly sexy, girl becomes possessed and both her and her mother transform into sluts. That leads to a lot of nudity, and cool sex scenes, including one with the young girl and her uncle. And most sex scenes end with the partner getting killed….  F.L.

8612 Malibu Spice  (91) aka: Malibu Nights    Barbarella  F.L.  BA

P124 Manila Sex (?) F.L.

Q271 Mansion of 1000 Pleasures (84) misfortune results in Olinka working in a fancy French brothel. When she falls in love with a customer, she plans her escape….. Some consider this to be hot blonde Olinka's sexiest film.   F.L.

L775 Marioneta del Sexo de Lujo (00) F.L.

3965 Marquis De Sade   (95)  Joe D'Amato

8484 Martine Venus der Wollust (79) aka: Secrétaires sans Culottes   Brigitte Lahaie - F.L.

5229 Mary Flegus Mary Flegus (77) aka: Dirty Mary + Night After Night  (77)  DOUBLE FEATURE

T866 Mary Millington Collection (Various) First the Documentary "Sex and Fame: The Mary Millington Story" followed by 3 rare XXX Hardcore loops featuring Mary. "Miss Bohrloch", "Betrayed", and "Oral Connection".  Finally see what the fuss was all about as here it is on your fa...  I mean-  In Your Face!  See also last update with more on this pioneering porno Queen that checked out way too early.  Britain's Sex Queen Bares All! - BA

Q270 Marilyn, Mon Amor (85) aka: Marilyn, My Love - French porno with Olinka - Hot stuff too ! - F.L.

T3 Marilyn (00) The Sexy Tale of Marilyn Monroe (kind of) with lots of hot sex - F.L.

L627 Masked Rapists () More Loops and clips by (usually) masked maniacs who assault and rape women

Q370 Max Crad #1 - Various scenes, incredible beauties - F.L.

Q371 Max Crad #2 - Various scenes, incredible beauties - F.L.

Q372 Max Crad #4 - Various scenes, incredible beauties - F.L.

4307 Max World 11  () Euro Version - nastiness.  Fair quality.

P123 Memorable Moments Wild Stripper (00) Filipino  - F.L.

9116 Memories with Miss Aggie (74) Lonely old woman shares her secret sex life with a faceless stranger who reveals himself in a truly shocking way in the end

M56 Memories With Miss Aggie (74) Better print, but in Spanish - F.L.

9212 Men Stay Out (00) 9 lesbians on the beach + Perverse Females Submissive Males - Both hard core features as a double-feature - F.L.

L16 Messalina (96) Joe D'Amato costume porno with Kelly Trump

8179 Miami Spice  (86) Agents Amber Lynn and Sheri St. Clair go undercover to bag a big time drug dealer (Eric Edwards) but to do that, they've got to enlist Randy West's help and a porno pool party does the trick!

8180 Miami Spice 2  (86)  Is Greta (Stacey Donovan) a good cop gone bad?  Two passionate policewomen (Amber Lynn & Sheri St. Clair) are hot on her tail to find out in Miami Spice 2!  Working for Sonny (John Leslie), a powerful crime lord, Greta is subjected to the wild sexual amusements of Sexpot (Danielle) and her other sin-sisters. Meanwhile, Amber and Sheri are using their heads (and anything else) to gather evidence against Sonny….

3448 Michelle Bauer Compilation 1  () loops, bondage, some hard-core, as a stripper.

3449 Michelle Bauer Compilation 2  () catfights, loops, bondage, etc.

8172 Midnight Desires  (76)  John (Eric Edwards) and his wife Amy (Karen Regis) are invited to the palatial estate of a powerful and wealthy man Martin Van Nostrand (Jamie Gillis) and his wife Elaine (C.J. Laing)...the night starts oddly enough, but then turns to sharing sexual fantasies and analyzing them….  Early Vanessa Del Rio w/ rough action   BA

3736 Midnight Obsession   (95) aka: Fuga di Mezzanotte    Joe D'Amato

L59 Mimi and Rei (00) More unfogged Japanese porno -F.L.

4810 Misbehavin  (80) An angel and the devil playing poker for human souls. The stakes escalate as they wager as to whether wealthy divorcee, Rita (Leslie Bovee), will marry for love or money. Gloria Leonard, as the marriage broker supplies Rita with a stream of studs and beaus.  Arcadia Lake, Gloria Leonard, Rikki O'Neal, Eric Edwards and Jack Wrangler    BA

X106 Mistress Electra (81)  aka: My Mistress Electra   A mild mannered computer programmer watches hardcore loops at the weekly stag parties given by his buddy Harry (Carter Stevens). He's stunned when his prudish wife (Mistress Electra) turns up in one…..   sleazy sex 

7496 Mistress, The  (82)  Karen Richards (Kelly Nichols), works in an architectural firm. Her boss, Carl Reese (Eric Edwards), wants her to move into the position of public relations. She accepts the job, knowing she may be called upon to perform some important sexual favors to close a deal…. Juliet Anderson, Brooke West, Susan Kay and Anna Turner 

8853 Misty (79) A downbeat yet kinky tale of a free-spirited drifter’s effect on the sex life of a small town….

A softcore remake of Sarno's 1970 "The Young Erotic Fanny Hill"   Jennifer Welles - Audio is low

9655 Modelos Putas y Viciosas (00) F.L.—BA

8426 Modern Porno Story:  Inherited Sex Mania  (80's)  not XXX but a trashy Japanese language softcore sex flick

3136 Mona, The Virgin Nymph (70) Mona (Fifi Watson) is engaged but wants to remain untouched until she is married. However, since her childhood she has had a fascination for oral sex, which her fiancée is benefited from. He arranges a sex party where Mona has many opportunities to further her capability in this field…. First feature length porno!

6500 Mondo Weirdo: A Trip to Paranoia Paradise  aka: Virgin at the Abyss  (90)  described as a porno graphic version of Polanski's  "Disgust" and Romero's "Martin".  Jess Franco's daughter is a mental punkette who has gory fantasies.

Q159 Monster of the Highway (99) aka: Il Mostro Dell' Autostrada - Mean Rapist attacks couples in cars and the woods using a gun to get all the sex he wants - LBX - F.L.

8944 More Seka! (80's) Seka Sex Scenes

P6 Motels (00) and we all know what happens in Motels , don't we ? F.L.

L552 Ms. Magnificent (77) aka: Superwoman - Ms. Magnificent does two things extremely well, one of them is fly!!!  Popular superhero porno and this is the Uncut 83 minute version. Print is not perfect as it was transferred from an old Beta tape with a glitch or 2 but the picture is the clear  Desiree Cousteau, Jessie St. James and Holly McCall

T871 Mujer Completa (00) BA - F.L.

9071 Mujeres De Fuego (00) F.L. - BA - Girl on Girl and more

8466 My Afternoon in the Woods (95) A guy with a camera catches people doing it in the woods.

Q302 My Hidden Fantasies (00) aka: Mis Ocultes Fantasias   More scorching hot sex

5031-X106 My Mistress Electra  (81) A mild mannered computer programmer watches hardcore loops at the weekly stag parties given by his buddy Harry (Carter Stevens). He's stunned when his prudish wife (Mistress Electra) turns up in one…..   sleazy sex

4728 My Sister Seka  (81) aka: I Remember Seka   Six little episodes in Seka's life, during which she’s with all the lucky men in the cast in her living room, in her hot tub, in the office where she is secretary to a new young boss, with her girlfriend, and finally with some newlyweds, as Seka happily prepares the groom for the bride by showing him the joy of oral sex.

5056 My Wife the Hooker (77) Justina Lynn and Elke Torena  + Go Fly a Kite (74) Andrea True and C.J. Laing  DOUBLE FEATURE  

9342 Mystery Girl, The (90's) Japanese girl goes all out in this erotic porn. Lots of erotic sex.. F.L.  BA

L765 Mystery of Blair Cemetery (02) XXX  horror - F.L. - BA

8171 Mystique  (80)  Alma (Georgina Spelvin), an erotic photographer retreating from life in her house by the sea when she's diagnosed as having a terminal illness, haunted by reveries from photo shoots past. One day she meets a mystery woman named Cosima (Samantha Fox) wandering along her private stretch of beach.  The women begin a tempestuous lesbian affair but it soon becomes clear that the scheming, manipulative Cosima has rather more on her mind than Sapphic splendor with lonely, pathetic Alma….  Yolanda Bonrea, Ken Dahl, Samantha Fox and Ron Jeremy   BA

7287 Nacho "El Desvirgador De Culos" Killer Pussy III  (2000)   Porno From Spain   F.L.  LBX BA

8793 Nacho Latin Psycho  (01)  In Spanish.

L779 Nacht y Sus Esclaves  () Sex and women in cages, chains, bondage, dominatrix, blondes, geisha girl, more....F.L. - BA

3745 Naked Came the Stranger   (75)  William (Levi Richards) and Gillian (Darby Lloyd Rains) have the most popular radio talk-show around, maybe because they talk about sex. But when William starts giving intimate sex advice in his spare time, his wife decides to give him a dose of his own medicine.   Fair quality.

7051 Naked Wild Erections  (83) aka: Erika's Deep Mouth   Ajita Wilson has sex with anyone she can on a Caribbean Island.  F.L.

9219 Nasty Asian Nurses #1 (90's) F.L.

9223 Nasty Asian Nurses #2 (90's) F.L.

T255 Natacha (00) Now with English - BA

P109 Natacha (00) Sexy busty blondes and more - F.L.

L43 Natural Insemination (00) F.L. - BA

T254 Natural Sex 110% (00) Givin' their all, and then some!  F.L.   BA

L495 Naughty Neighbors (03) Italian language porno - BA

8851 Naughty Neighbors (86) Blondi, Blake Palmer and Stephanie Rage   F.L.

K81 Necro-Fetish  () A fun compilation of very sick and bloody XXX gore and necrophilia - type scenes from pornos!  Castrations, Chicks on meathooks, Decapitations, Satanic Rituals, and more - Almost 2 hours of crowd clearing madness.

Q280 Necromania: A Tale of Weird Love (71)  + Trailers - Ed Wood directed this incompetent sleaze

L518 Negroes Agujereando Conitos Estrechos (00) Interracial sex - BA - F.L.

L776 Negroes Agujereando Culitos Blancos (00) F.L.

T898 New Barbarians 2, The (90)  A magic crystal, a strange wizard, and some ravishing amazons make for erotic adventure in the arousing conclusion of Henri Pachard's time-travel epic… Victoria Paris, Sabrina Dawn, Nina Hartley, Natasha Skyler, Sheila Kelly, Michelle Monroe, Mia Powers, Teri Ambers, Amber Savage, Sharon Kane and Tianna

T899 New Barbarians, The (90)  Gorgo invades a village and steals a magical stone from the local wizard. The stone has magical powers which allows people to travel through time. A girl must try to recover the stone, and she makes a couple of new friends along the way….  Victoria Paris, Sabrina Dawn, Tianna, Natasha Skyler, Sheila Kelly, Nina Hartley, Sharon Kane, Randy West, Joey Silvera, Randy Spears and Jon Dough

4965    New Wave Hookers 3  (93)  Never Trust Your Lawyer…. That's the lesson to be learned… When Frank takes some "friendly" advice from his attorney, he ends up losing his wife to a Prostitute Training Center called The Deep House. Not only that, he almost loses his mind…. Nikki Dial, Danyel Cheeks, PJ Sparxx and Crystal Wilder

4965-2  New Wave Hookers 4  (94) Chasey Lain, Juli Ashton, Sandi Beach, Jewel, Nikole Lace, Tammi Ann, Vixxxen, Misty Rain, Barbara Doll and Amanda Adams

P39 Nightdreams (81) Michelle Bauer (as Pia Snow) and Dorothy Le May star in this unusual porn which deals with scientists who administer electric jolts to sleeping women to induce erotic dreams - BA

9646 Ninas , Mojandos al Professor (00) F.L. - BA

8751 Ninth International Erotic Cinema of Barcelona, The ()  lots of stripping porno actresses   F.L.  BA

T572 No. 18 - Porno Casero Espanol (00) More Amateur - F.L. - BA

T573 No. 19 - Porno Casero Espanol (00) More Amateur - F.L. - BA

L494 No. 9 - Porno Casero Espanol (00) Spanish Porno - F.L. - BA

Q341 Non-Stop...Sempre Buio In Sala (85) Paola Senatore (Eaten Alive by the Cannibals, Emanuelle in America, Salon Kitty and many more) stars in this Porno.     LBX   F.L.

T414 Not a Love Story: A Film About Pornography (81) Anti-Pornography film (hmmm) insists this industry degrades women (golly), then tries to prove it by showing us scenes from porn that really gets their tight ass conservative minds in an uproar... Cry now

4344 Nudaerobics    (80’s)   naked women exercise to music

Q293 Nude in Public: Monika in the Snow + so much more! Not Hardcore, just lots of scenes of nude women in the outdoors flaunting their wares so this is literally tons of pubic...I mean public flashing....

L158 Nurse's Fetish (03) Got a thing for nurse's ? Oh ? Well, here you go..... F.L. - all action

7006 Nurses of the 407th.  (83)  "MASH" porno   BA

T236 Nymphomaniac, the Transsexual and the Stud, The (87) aka: La Ninfomane, il trans lo Stallone

A porn star will do anything to secure best marketing for her new film- this includes recruiting her special friends to help 'convince' the distributor…   Euro starlet Marina    F.L. 

7469 Odyssey the Ultimate Trip  (79) Three unrelated stories. The first is about a dissatisfied, hurtful couple clinging together to spite each other rather than take the risk of finding a relationship. The second story consists of a series of female clients at a psychologist's office that each tell their bitter and sad stories of how they developed their attitudes towards men or sex in general. The final story is a day in the life of a model that can't seem to get past posing for the men's magazine circuit, the daily abuse she deals with, her feelings of enslavement, and the impact upon her sanity…… Vanessa Del Rio + 10 minute feature "Remember Connie" (84) with John Holmes

L503 Office Girls (00) Italian Porno - F.L. - BA

P87 Old Time Porn - Classic Porn loops for the nostalgic gentlemen amongst you. Give me som' a that old time porno, it's good enough for me

9215-3987 Olympic Fever (79) A struggling Olympic swimmer uses a special dietary supplement to improve her performance, drawing the attention of the Russian team. Seka, Serena, Ron Jeremy and Lisa De Leeuw


8840 On Golden Blonde (84) Alice (Christy Canyon) is an extremely horny woman who dies during her bra-less morning jog. She is greeted at the Heavenly gates by a man who informs her it isn't her time, and that a mistake has been made.  Needless to say– she is not pleased….  He takes her on a journey, temporarily placing her into bodies of such blondes as Ginger Lynn and Gina Carrera, until he can find the right receptacle. Alice is displeased each time to be placed into a blonde, as she is a blonde-hater…..

L607 On the Street () A ruthless black street girl gang forces a white chick into a brutal rape initiation. + Twin Tarts (76) Two twin sisters (Brooke and Taylor Young) - one sexed out– one a good girl …. while Daddy searches for a book on the Black Mass….    DOUBLE FEATURE

8170 Once in a Lifetime (78)  + Sugar in the Raw  (73)  DOUBLE FEATURE

4963 One Night at a Time  (84)  porno rip-off of the TV sitcom “One Day at a Time” -  Desiree Lane and Jamie Gillis

L29 One Thousand and One Erotic Nights: The Story of Scheherazade (82) A sheik's concubine, who has displeased him and has been ordered by him to be executed, strikes a deal with him: her execution will be postponed as long as she will relate one erotic tale to him each night…. Annette Haven, Lisa De Leeow and Mai Lin  BA

4946 Opening of Misty Beethoven, The   (75)  Misty Beethoven (Constance Money), a prostitute, has been chosen by a writer to become the next "goldenrod girl" which is basically a “classy prostitute”.  He trains her to have sex with people, and to not be too disgusted with certain sexual acts….  A classic with Gloria Leonard, Marlene Willoughby, Jaqueline Beudant, Jenny Baxter, Mary Stuart, Jamie Gillis and Terry Hall

K218 Orgasmica (02) Kate Frost - F.L. - BA

L507 Orgia Entre Amigos (00) More Spanish Sex - Lots of blondes - F.L. - BA

Q366 Orgia Sadica (83) aka: Sadistic Games - A sadistic Nazi/Devil cult captures and keeps sex slaves - F.L.

7041 Orgie Satanic  ()  French sex with real Satanic masses!  Nuns and priests blaspheme all that is holy in their orgies of twisted lust! 

9670 Orgies in the Convent (00) Nun Sex !!! F.L.

T129 Orgy in the Infirmary (00) aka: Hot Nurses Go Down - Do they Ever! - F.L. - BA

X109-5028 Oriental Techniques of Pain and Pleasure (82) A woman who has accidentally come into possession of an ancient Chinese manuscript is kidnapped by a gang trying to find the manuscript, and when she refuses to tell where it is, she is tortured, raped and forced to perform in a B&D/S&M sex show….

9692 Other Side of Julie, The (77)  Mike (John Leslie) leads a double life. During the day he's a typical suburban husband, with a good job, nice house and great family. By night he's a male prostitute, servicing rich women. His life takes a wrong turn, however, when one of his "clients" turns out to be his wife's aunt (Jackie O'Neal)….  BA

4805 Outlaw Ladies  (79) Barbara (Jody Maxwell) and Abbey (Juliet Anderson) are very unhappy with their hard-working/neglectful husbands…  so they hire a stud…..   Veronica Hart, Samantha Fox, Merle Michaels, Marlene Willoughby and Candida Royalle

6010 Outlaws (99) Hungry for sin, Pedro's band of thugs ravage every woman in sight. Helpless and hopeless the town cries out? Rocco answers! An orgy of bullets and blazing hot sex ensues as Rocco and his crew ride in, kick ass, reclaim the town and the women, like a thundering sex-charged cavalry…. Joe D'Amato porno western

Q390 Outlaws (99) Hungry for sin, Pedro's band of thugs ravage every woman in sight. Helpless and hopeless the town cries out? Rocco answers! An orgy of bullets and blazing hot sex ensues as Rocco and his crew ride in, kick ass, reclaim the town and the women, like a thundering sex-charged cavalry…. This Version is in F.L.

P5 Padre Padone (00) Horror XXX - F.L. - BA

7494 Paging Betty  (90's)  Betty Page look-a-like porno

T512 Pandora: An Erotic Trilogy - Three parts  1. The Dark Forest (Satanic XXX Anime Horror and IN English), 2.  The Black Widow   3.  Living Shadows - A XXX Fantasy Horror Delight !!!

5147 Paprika  (95)  aka: The Last Italian Whore    A young girl begins her life in poverty and loneliness but, through hard work and a lot of luck, finds riches and true love….  Erika Bella   Joe D'Amato

4067 Paris Taboo    (80’s)    F.L.    fair quality

9664 Partie de Chasse en Sologne (79) Group of friends enjoy spending the weekend in the country with the beautiful women they invited for the festivities…..  Brigitte Lahaie, Karine Gambier, France Lomay & Marilyn Jess  in English

9117 Panty Girls (73) aka: Bloomer Girl    Rene Bond

3747 Pastries   (71) aka: A Touch of Sweden    While on vacation in Sweden, a young woman tells a friend about the sexy escapades she's been involved in back in the U.S.   Uschi Digard and Rene Bond

Q588 Payne in the Behind (93) Dominatrix Action

X133 Payoff (78) When George and his partner can't collect the money some "ladies" owe them, they gladly take it out in trade…. Terry Ruggiero  + Rip-Off of Millie (78) A burglary ring uses sex to keep their victims occupied… Roger Cain and Dave Ruby  DOUBLE FEATURE

Q277 Peak of Pandora, A (90's) Pandora Peaks demonstrates her ample wares -and more

M54 Penetration (73) aka: The Family Jewels   Brigitte Maier, Sylvia Bourdon - In Spanish - F.L.

L19 People (78) Marlene Willoughby, Jamie Gillis, Samantha Fox, Bobby Astyr, Hershel Savage and Eric Edwards

4945 Perfection  (85)  Heather Wayne, Karen Summer, Gale Force, Andrea Brittian, Tom Byron, Tony Martino, R Bolla and Miles Moody

L768 Perturbacion Maxima (02) F.L. - BA

9662 Perversions of June Marie, The (77) aka: Perversions of a Young Bride   A young bride who is sexual desires and perversions is awoken after her wedding…. Hot Brigitte Lahaie porno in English with bonus trailers

L156 Perverted Fetish 1 (03) Golden shower fetish and sex goes so far over the top.....F.L. , no talk, just action

L157 Perverted Fetish 2 (03) Golden shower fetish and sex goes so far over the top..., I warn you , not for all tastes - F.L. , no talk, just action

Q99 Peter North Pops! (various) Peter North gets tons of babes. Here are some hot scenes with him getting some of them

4809 Phalo Crest  (87)  Jess Franco porno ripoff of "Falcon Crest"

6009 Pink and Pretty  (86) Amber Lynn

9118 Pink Lagoon, The (84) Ginger Lynn

8634 Pipi Calzaslargas  (90's)  F.L.  BA

9072 Pisando Fuerte (00) Foot Fetish sex and more - F.L. - BA

4084 Place Beyond Shame  (80)  aka: Seka A Woman     Seka

9119 Plato’s Retreat West (83) Mike Ranger is the manager of the Plato’s Swing Club….he takes you on a tour of the locker room and stage where most of the action takes place….  Lots of group sex … Sandy Sunshine, Mike Ranger, Big Tits Malloy and Too Tall Teresa  BA

Q825 Play in Costume (02) Unfogged Japanese Porn

8842 Please Me + Loops - 2 Hours of Sex

4988 Pleasure Hunt 1  (84)  Alex (Eric Edwards) is an old man who has a “child bride” Sharon (Ginger Lynn) …. He is dying and wants her to discover what love and sex are all about….He makes a “pleasure map” which she must follow on her quest….  comedy/porn

4987 Pleasure Hunt 2  (85)  Sharon (Ginger Lynn) hasn’t forgiven Alex (Eric Edwards)…..but goes on one last quest (following her last pleasure map) in order to claim 1.5 million left to her…..   comedy/porn

Q381 Pleasures of Bridgette Monet - Various scenes with this popular sex icon


M6 Plenty O' Porn #1 - 9 tapes/discs in this series - Musical soundtrack added to each volume- These are from a large collection of Super 8 XXX film loops from the 1970's and the early 1980's (when girls were REAL and not siliconed plastic clones). Incredible stuff

M7 Plenty O' Porn #2 - Annette Haven, Tina Russell, Kelly Nichols, Cara Lott, Joanna Storm, Pat Manning, Kevin James, King Paul and Ron Jeremy...more

M8 Plenty O' Porn #3 - Serena, Jean Silver, Kitty Shayne, Mike Ranger, Kevin James, Jamie Gillis...more

M9 Plenty O' Porn #4 - Juliet (Aunt Peg) Anderson, Niciole Noir, Crystal Dawn, Lisa Deleauw...more

M10 Plenty O' Porn #5 - Lori Rodgers, Little Oral Annie, K.C. Valentine, Seka, Brooke West, Susan Hart, Ginger Lynn, Janey Robbins, Mai Lin, John Holmes...more

MII Plenty O' Porn #6 - Lynx Cannon, Anna Ventura, Linda McDowell, Nicole Noir, Mai Lin, John Holmes...more

M12 Plenty O' Porn #7 - John Holmes (first 4 loops) Loni Sanders, Crystal Sync, Tawny Pearl...more

M13 Plenty O' Porn #8 - Serena, Juliet (Aunt Peg) Anderson, Eileen Wells, Maria Tortuga, Tawny Pearl, Mimi Morgan...more

M14 Plenty O' Porn #9 - Dorothy Lemay, Phaedra Grant, Mimi Morgan...more


L39 Poker de Aprendizas (00) F.L.- BA

8800 Polvos Maniaticos  (01)  In Spanish.

8735 Por El Culo Me Gusta Mas  ( 00)  F.L. BA

T575 Porno Castings (00) Sexy women get down and dirty to get that all important porno job - With some English and some F.L. - BA

6027 Porno Debutantes  (99)  F.L. - hardcore porn is now legal in Australia!  This is the very first official release!

6023 Porno Exotic Love  (78) aka: Emanuelle and the Erotic Nights   “Documentary” takes a brutally up-close look at some of the more shocking aspects of violence and human sexuality. Hosted by Laura Gemser    Gabrielle Tinti  F.L.  Joe D'Amato sleazefest   LBX

5160 Porno Holocaust  (80)  A group of castaways wash ashore on a deserted island in this Italian sex/gore movie. They are unaware that a sex-crazed radioactive monster is also on the island. He attacks and rapes several of the women, who die horrible deaths because his sperm is radioactive. The survivors must find a way to either escape the island or kill the monster…. Subs  BA

6024 Porno Samurai Theatre  (80's)  sex, sword violence, rape, bondage, and degradation rule this brutal period piece smut fest  (not XXX)

5246 Porno Screentests  (81) loops

4888 Porno Shop Della 7th Street  (78)  Two hoodlums hold up a pharmacy in New York - unfortunately for them it is under the protection of the local mob boss, and they flee with $5,000 and hide out briefly in a Porno Shop run by the good looking girlfriend of the local gang boss. She offers and performs oral sex on one of them to let her escape, but they take her hostage anyway, and drive off in her car to meet the black hustler who had set up the job. The three criminals decide their only option to escape the mob is to drive to Canada and hide out….. uncut D'Amato mint print   F.L.  BA

7043 PornoGothic (98)  vampire porno

L121 Pornography in Hollywood (72) Uschi Digard - Interviews , street footage and sex scenes - BA

L257 Possessions (77) After Brigitte Lahaie and her husband (Willy Braque) have a fight that results in a split, Brigitte decides to invite some of her friends to celebrate her new found freedom and everyone gets in on some action. Eventually her husband sneaks back into the house, but Brigitte has plans of her own…Also stars Anouchka, France Lomay & Marion Webb     F.L.

3375 Practice Makes Perfect   (77) aka: Countrylife   Swedish sex film. A realistic and nostalgic look at life on a working farm.  Cousin George (Eric Edwards) needs assistance in learning about sex. Charles Canyon conducts the crash course that consists primarily of voyeuristic observation. 

Q818 Pretty as You Feel (84) Ginger Lynn is a doctor that practices a "personal touch" bedside manner with her under the weather patients. At times, Ginger merely oversees her patient's group sessions, at others, she doesn't hesitate to slip out of her doctor garb and lead the activities…. Ginger Lynn Allen, Bunny Bleu and more

Q570 Prey of a Call-Girl (75) A murder investigation leads to a hooker and lots of steamy rough sex… roughie XXX with anal rape, nipple torture, whippings, sadistic beatings and J. Bolla

4309 Primal Instinct  (96) aka: Anal Instinct    Joe D'Amato

7065 Princess of Darkness  (88)  Samantha Strong, Ron Jeremy

T571 Princess Orgasma and the Magic Bed (93) Debi Diamond - F.L. - BA

Q265 Prison World (94) Porsche Lynn - (Ends abruptly at 68 minutes) - Lesbian sex and bondage - Bring it on!

T443 Prisoner of Paradise (80) aka: Nazi Love Island - A shipwrecked World War II sailor comes to the rescue of two American nurses held in the clutches of a twisted Nazi officer and his three female assistants on a deserted South Pacific island…. Seka, John Holmes, Mai Lin, Gail (Candy) Palmer

X102-7204 Prisoner of Pleasure (81) Housewife swings and gets kidnapped which results in her having a masochistic awakening - With Long Jeanne Silver, and more rough sex then you shake a stump- err stick at!

9240 Prisoners in Bragas (00) Wall to wall sex - F.L. - BA

7049 Proball Cheerleaders  (79)  Lisa de Leeuw, Candida Royale, Suzanne Nero and Debbie Evans are cheerleaders for a team called the Cactus.  They are coached by Mr. Prissy Pringle and Aunt Frieda (Jennifer West) who believe that sex will give you cancer and that the team should abstain from sex for the season….sure they will…...

9073 Prohibited Passion (00) F.L. - BA

K72 Psycho Sex - Rapist (Belles De Reve) Violent rape movie in French language followed by Hot XXX Sex Trailers - F.L.

T546 Pulp Friction (96) Kylie Ireland - BA - F.L.

9208 Punishment of Anne, The (76) Jean (Carl Parker) discovers that Anne (Rebecca Brooke) cannot get enough of being humiliated by her mistress, Claire (Marilyn Roberts). Gentleman that he is, he decides to partake in the activities. Ultimately, Claire surrenders to him as well…. An ultra-erotic look at the infernal triangle of sadist, masochist and voyeur.  BA

Q164-4895 Punk Rock (77) A private eye goes on the trail of the kidnapers of a rich man's daughter…. Classic Porno with a story, a Rock Band and J. Bolla !

Q731 Pussy Talk (75) A gorgeous young woman discovers that her “private parts” have developed a life and a voice of their own.  Unable to control her lower half, she finds herself forced to embark on a quest for the ultimate orgasm, and maybe, a cure for her strange problem. This is the uncut hard-core version  LBX - F.L.  BA

K217 Que No Me Entere Yo Que Esculos Pasa Hombre (00) F.L. - BA

7075 Queen of S&M (Bondage Fantasia)  (95)  plus Japanese bondage and rape previews.  On same tape- lotsa perversion  2 hours

8852 Questo Fantastico Mondo Erotica (84) aka: Inside Little Oral Annie-   Little Oral Annie introduces scenes of her sexual adventures with impressive displays of her noted oral talents  F.L.

4648 Randy the Electric Lady  (80)  Randy (Desiree Cousteau) is put through rigorous scientific sexual training to obtain the ultimate orgasm!   Juliet Anderson 

Q705 Rap Integral (00) Hip-Hop Girls get Down - F.L.

Q156 Rape Gang on the Loose (80's) First, you get almost 20 minutes of classic porno trailers. Then, criminals rape the wives of men who owe them money - Luckily for the viewer, there is a lot of money owed !!! - F.L.

9209 Rape Most Extreme (01) 10 unrelated assault sequences - Over 2 hours - F.L.

9210 Rape Most Extreme 2 (01) More ! F.L.

9211 Rape Most Extreme 3 (01) More ! F.L.

K71 Rape of a Housewife (80's) Europorn dubbed into English language. Rapist forces housewife into all types of brutal sex acts. + Bonus XXX trailers

4866 Rape of an American Slut  (80's)

T106 Rape Raiders (70's and 80's) Clips and snips of rapes from rape themed films

M50 Rape Story (00) Deviant rape themed - Not hard-core, but close as it gets. Gorgeous bimbo concubinage - F.L. (doesn't detract , easy to follow)

X131 Rape Victims (75) aka: Victims of Love  vignettes of some former rape victims telling their stories at a clinic for victims of sexual abuse…. + Dominatrix Without Mercy (76) Marlene Willoughby goes to work in a busy Manhattan dominance apartment…   DOUBLE FEATURE

T299 Rape-A-Thon #2 (various) More scenes. Bad Lieutenant, 2020 Texas Gladiators, Perfect Victims, Malena, Class of 1984, Fight For Your Life, La Beast, Vista P.T.A. , more... There is XXX in this compilation - Again, vile and misogynous, but hey, it's actors doing a job and making money- so don't get all serious on me...

T298 Rape-A-Thon (various) Here are scenes from movies with violent rape. Emmanuelle in America, House By the Edge of the Park, MS. 45, Lipstick, Straw Dogs, Irreversible...more. Misogynous and mean spirited. Don't blame us. Also, not really XXX but very close at times.

T943 Raped + Tias Rape and Torture - More Brutal Hardcore Madness

Q158 Raped by Bikers and other Stories (90's) Uncensored Japanese Rape -Themed Porn - F.L.

T98 Raped Nuns (84) A couple and their black maid rape and defile two hot nuns (much to their unholy delight) Humiliation and abuse... Banned in France ! - F.L.


4703-4709 RapeMan, The  (1990-1998)  Volumes 1-7  incredibly politically incorrect Japanese language X-rated letterboxed great quality sleaze from Japan.  Softcore rape/sex.  Buy all 7 for $ 80 VHS or DVD!  Postage Paid!


L626 Raping Intruders - More graphic and violent themed rape loops with home invasions, rape, and torture

L924 Rare Fetish (90's) Fantastic hot Japanese wenches are forced into perversions. Fun with spiked heels, leather with a gorgeous Japanese chick, eyeball teasing (you have to SEE this to believe it) , rubber outfits, wild weird humiliation - insane stuff...

L925 Rare Fetish 2 (90's) Well, here we go again. This is some sick shit. Wait until the Hell - Raiser room with an Asian chick and a guy having sex, then the animal guts and intestines come into play.. well...again, very extreme, very offensive, don't say we didn't warn you... F.L.


2793 Rasputin (84) Ultra-violent pornographic historical film with big budget action sequences. F.L.

8847 Rasputin (84) Re-edited with more emphasis on sex scenes- 1 hour and 15 minute version  F.L.

T143 Rasputin (84) Alexander Conte plays the title character in this XXX adaptation. This is soft- core version with English dialogues (also with Russian voice-overs which can be annoying). This gets pretty close to hardcore, has a huge budget with lavish sets and costuming- and keep in mind we also carry the full length XXX version (which has no English translation). So if you want to compare them order both on DVD-R for $25 and we will even throw in the BOX ART - with the 2 disc set FREE. - Of course you can buy either version at regular prices.


N55 Raw Talent (84) Eddie (Jerry Butler) wants to be a legitimate actor….  Donny (Joey Silvera) and Eddie work in a local restaurant, but do pornos on the side….  Caroline (Lisa De Leeuw) makes the pornos….  As time passes…. Eddie becomes a soap opera star…. But Caroline publicize the 25 pornos Eddie did in his youth… he’s fired and seeks revenge….  Cassandra Leigh

N56 Raw Talent 2 (86) Eddie (Jerry Butler) after losing his soap opera career… is back to making pornos….  But when his sister Marianne (Jamie Summers) is coaxed into also getting into the porn industry, Eddie tackles the “evil pornographers” to set his sister free from their hold….

Q663 Rawhide (00) Carmen Luvana - Cowgirls and cowgirls get down - F.L.

T263 Real Dear and Hot Blondes (00) F.L. - BA

T262 Real Dear and Hot Blondes 2 (00)  F.L. - BA

L622 Red Heat  (75) A group of X-rated movie makers film in Las Vegas and get caught up in a bizarre mystery (directed by Ray Dennis Steckler)  +  Pit of Perversion  (75)  Undercover cops train women to be total slave sluts and force a peace loving hippy to manhandle a bound captive.  Adam Ward and Sandy Carey 

9120 Relentless Pursuit (80's) Bloody and violent militant porn with graphic rape….  F.L.

8164-5282       Resurrection of Eve, The  (73)  Eve (Nancy Welch, Mimi Morgan and Marilyn Chambers at different stages) has a relationship with DJ Frank Paradise (Matthew Arnon). They break up over his jealousy for Eve's Johnny (Johnny Keyes) whom he believes Eve is having an affair with… This leads to Eve's car accident…. After visiting the "resurrected" Eve in the hospital… Frank and Eve get married. Frank becomes interested in group sex and recruits Eve, who is repulsed at first, but that's about to change….. Mitchell Brothers directs

9074 Return of the Impaler (00) F.L. - BA

T641-3169 Return of the Widows (79) aka: Le Retour des Veueves   Brigitte Lahaie and Serena play perverse and insatiable widows in this sequel to VEUVES EN CHALEUR. Also stars Dominique Saint Claire & Sophie Duflot…..  

3537 Revelations of a Psychiatrist and His World of Perversion (73) Very rare XXX mondo-style film in which a psychiatrist explains to his students several stories of sexual deviants. Each vignette begins with the doctor citing a fact-based newspaper/magazine story of abhorrent sexual behavior…. Renato Polselli    F.L.   BA

6003 Revenge  (99)  Joe D'Amato 

X120 Revenge and Punishment (76) Angry woman goes after sleazy senator who killed her sister. Brutal S/M, verbal abuse, domination, gynecological exams & nasty nurses! Gritty New York sleaze!  Tara Chung, Al Levitsky and Clea Carson…. + Voluptuous Predators (76) A husband hires a photographer to spy of his wife, who seems to be under the sexual power of two women who live next door…. Suzanne McBain, Ashley Moore  DOUBLE FEATURE

5248 Revenge and Punishment (76) Angry woman goes after sleazy senator who killed her sister. Brutal S/M, verbal abuse, domination, gynecological exams & nasty nurses! Gritty New York sleaze!  Tara Chung, Al Levitsky and Clea Carson…. + House of De Sade (75) All hell breaks loose, when séance happy swingers unleash the sadistic spirit of De Sade.  Features extreme pain rituals and anal abuse…. Vanessa Del Rio  DOUBLE FEATURE

L964 Revenge of the Motorcycle Mama (72) Hell's Angel has rough sex with a woman he thinks squealed to the cops. She escapes and has gentle sex with a guy in woods….  XXX Biker rape flick - Rough

3575 Robin: Thief of Wives  (96) Joe D'Amato


P119 Rocco El Arte De Follar (00) Over 2 hours  - Lots of really hot girls -F.L.

9075 Rocco el Dominator (00) aka: Rocco: Animal Trainer 3   F.L. - BA

9077 Rocco el Rompebragas + Rocco las Deja Mudas- F.L. -

Q664 Rocco Follados Por Ellas (04) F.L.

P2 Rocco Follando Haste La Muierte (00) aka: Rocco's True Anal Stories - F.L.

T128 Rocco gets Mucho Sexo From Pretty Girls (00) Unstoppable Rocco takes on all - F.L. 

8794 Rocco Gracias Por Confiar en Mi Polca  (01)  In Spanish. BA

Q732 Rocco Loco Por Follar (96) F.L.

L866 Rocco Para Todas...Todas Para Rocco (00) F.L.

9078 Rocco Penetracion  (01) aka: Rocco: Animal Trainer 5  

907? Rocco Ravishes Part 2 (00) F.L. - BA

9656 Rocco Salvajey Despiadado (00) F.L. - BA

P121 Rocco Super Motor Hard (00) The luckiest man alive continues his sexploits with willing vixens - F.L.

L771 Rocco the Anal Master (02) No gay stuff - Over 2 Hours - F.L.

L41 Rocco the Perverted (00) F.L. - BA

L772 Rocco Todo Sobre Mi Polla (02) Over 2 hours - F.L.

Q669 Rocco y sus Jovenes Amantes (04) F.L.

L40 Rocco's Swingers Club (00) F.L. - BA


7044 Rockey X  (86)  A young boxer (Jerry Butler) plans to face off against a steroid-injecting, sex-machine opponent in a grudge boxing match…. 

7464 Rockin' with Seka  (80) aka: Seka's Cruise   Flight attendant Seka describes her sensual conquests with her two stewardess friends during a layover in Los Angeles….  Judy Carr, Patricia Lee, Desiree West, Juliet Anderson, Serena, Jamie Gillis and John Holmes

7425 RollerBabies  (79)  In the 21st century, sex is outlawed due to the population explosion.  Everyone must eat sex-suppressant pills….  sci-fi roller skating porno with lollipop rape!

6011 Rolls Royce Baby  (75)  A young woman (Lina Romay) gets humiliated by two crude long-distance truckers whilst hitch-hiking. After they've both had their way with her, they throw her out of the truck and keep her clothes….  She becomes a rich and famous movie star, but the incident is still very much on her mind, and she spends her days reversing the role she played. Picking up numerous lucky sods in the back of her Rolls Royce, and satisfying herself on them, she drives off and moves onto the next….. In German with Eng subs  (not directed by Jess Franco)  

L7 Roman Orgies: Italian Perversions (91)  F.L.

L8 Roman Orgies: Italian Perversions  2 (93)  F.L.

4286-4006 Roommates  (81) The lives of three different woman that come together as roommates in New York. Each of them were attempting to step out of their old, abused selves and start new lives…. Samantha Fox, Veronica Hart, Kelly Nichols and Jamie Gillis

Q299 Rooms for Sex (04) No talking, just plenty of moaning and groaning as rooms are rented by various perfect looking people to be used for sex -

3951 Rosebud   (71)  Arlana Blue, Jamie Gillis, Alex Mann and Darby Lloyd Rains (as Rosebud)

Q97 Russian Teens #1 - (All bimbos are 18 or older)  - Funny voice-over narration accompanies this hornfest which depicts aroused Russians sluts pleasuring themselves and other similar, normal, human mammal behavior.

K83 Salieri Erotic Ghost Stories: Abused Brides (99) 3 tales!  All deal with the sexual abuse of a bride by one or more men. Each of the tales features a knock - out sexy bimbo in this sexy Italian language sexfest - F.L.

9235 Salvajes en el Sexo Anal (00) Wall to wall sex ! F.L.-  BA

8155 Same Time Every Year  (81)  Three husbands have a routine where they go away together each year to what they tell their wives is a business convention, but is actually a sex resort. What they don't realize is that their wives aren't exactly sitting around doing nothing while they're gone….  XXX spoof of "Same Time Next Year"

7094 San Francisco Ball (71) Three thugs kidnap two innocent young women and demand $50,000 from one of the girl's sister, while her boyfriend is hot on the trail. Unfortunately, after being raped and cut with razor blades, the girls don't stand a chance…. + Script Tease (70's) loops of John Holmes with a bevy of beauties…. DOUBLE FEATURE  

Q820 Sarah Young and Friends (92) aka: L'Art De Jouir- Huge Hootered Young gets down

5198 Sarah Young Volume 2  (91)  Hot large breasted Euro-porn starlet in numerous sex scenes.

4281 Satan's Bloody Orgasm  (80’s) 2 hours of extreme S&M not for all tastes  F.L. 

T949-8844 Satan's Lust (71) aka: Night of the Warlock  + Horny Devils (73) George "Buck" Flowers, Annette Michael and Suzanne Fields    Deviltry Porno DOUBLE FEATURE

9880 Satan's Slaves (98) Young couple is lured to a trashy night club where they are offered success if they indulge in sex and devil worship. Guess what way they go ? Lots of sex ! In Italian


L616 Saturday Night Special (74) Jamie Gillis is an evil rapist with 2 sicko sidekicks. Their victim's seek and GET REVENGE!  Brutal XXX with elements of Winter Heat or Waterpower in the rape - theme category!  + Symphony of Rape 3  More rape with classical music played during the dirty deeds. Can't go wrong here.

5247 Savage Sadists (81) Martin Patton sells porn videos as his wife (Nicole Bernard) gets assaulted by two thugs (Danny Stevens and David Christopher) at their low rent two family house.  After doing his secretary, Nicole turns up at Martin's office with the two thugs in hot pursuit. He hides under his desk as they abuse and attack the women……   continuous rough sex +  Den of Dominance  (82) David Christopher is a bartender at a saloon.  No alcohol is served, the bar is actually a massage parlor…. A full fledged one room orgy….. rough DOUBLE FEATURE

T947-8845 School For Dead Girls (72) Reform school girls are fucked and murdered by knifing and asphyxiation…. + Sexual Awareness (72) aka: Satanic Sexual Awareness - 2 dark porno's, guaranteed to get you a one way ticket to hell DOUBLE FEATURE

8173 School Girl  (71)  School girl (Debra Allen) gets an assignment to do a paper on a subculture of her choosing.  She of course chooses the sex businesses of San Francisco and gets in way over her head as well as other assorted body parts….  Mitchell Brothers porno

8154 Screwples  (79) A news reporter is sent out on the street to inquire about people's sexual fantasies….  Kandi Barbour, Laurien Dominique, Kathy Adair, Serena, Jamie Gillis and Kyoto

L774 Se Folla Mejor  (She's 18 !)  - F.L. - BA

T493 Search for Uranus + Gonad the Barbarian - In English - Wild outlandish Sci-Fi Anime Pornos sure to tweak your psyche.

Q735 Second Skin (89) Jamie Gillis, Cheri Taylor, Pamela Rose, more. A couple gets more than they bargained for when they realize thugs have taken over the house in which they are staying. The husband thinks he will keep them safe. But the wife gives in sexually to the men in the house, and he can't help himself among the ladies either. But death is lurking around the nearest corner...

8841 Secrets of a Willing Wife (80) Upon returning home from a day of shopping, our New York housewife is startled to find her husband cavorting in bed with her best friend. She throws down her wedding band and storms out. The distressed wife concludes that only her own sexual inadequacy would cause her husband to have another woman in her bed and on the advice of her psychiatrist, visits CheeChee, a sex therapist with racy ideas about how to cure marital problems. CheeChee sends our "willing wife" on a series of sensual, hilarious escapades….

7078 Secrets of Adolescents  (79)  wealthy husband and wife live with their son and beautiful daughter at a large villa outside of Paris. Everything is taken care of by the two sexy maids. One black and the other white. Unknown to the master of the house, his two adolescent kids are discovering sex also with the help from the maids… Brigitte Lahaie  F.L.  LBX  (ends abruptly at 1H 29M)   $10.00 

L498 Seduced and Abandoned (00) More Spanish Porno ! - F.L. - BA

4843-4917 Seduction of Amy  (75) aka: Once Upon a Virgin  aka: Phantasmes   An evil count lures beautiful women to his castle, there to imprison them in his torture chamber for his amusement…..  Dir: Jean Rollin 

4918 Seduction of Cindy  (78)  Cindy’s (Seka) husband plans a swing party to give his wife the ultimate turn-on!  Veronica Hart, Samantha Fox, Serena, Jamie Gillis and Ron Jeremy 

Q1 Seduction of Lynn Carter, The (74) Lyn Carter (Andrea True) is a happily-married housewife (whose absentee husband travels on business and leaves her home alone) who is never seen). Lyn lost her virginity to her husband and has never been with another man, so she is intrigued by Sean (Jamie Gillis) a dark-haired stranger she meets at her dentist's office.  A date for a drink leads to going back to his apartment, where she is roughly raped and defiled by Sean's dark side of his split personality….

T908 Seduction of Mary, The (92) Victoria Paris is a high powered entertainment exec with a new client - an erotic novelist named Marshall Soloman. At first, her relationship with the author is all business. But soon, Marshall's written fantasies become reality as Victoria succumbs to the writer's charismatic more ways than one…

Q343 Seeds of Lust (71) A Nebraskan family vacationing in L.A. have strange erotic adventures….

8792 Selen Confidential  (01)  In Spanish.

L514 Senoras Dipuntada , La (00) Hungarian Porno with horny blondes - F.L. - BA

T240 Senorita Companions (02) More Hot...F.L. -

9686 Senoritas De Compania (00) F.L. - BA

4940 Sensational Janine 2  (80's)  F.L.

9079 Serial F***er 1 (00) F.L. - BA

T127 Serial F***er 5 (00) More... F.L. - BA

7311 Servico de Azafatas  (2000)  more Spanish porn  F.L.  BA

3722 Sesso Nero  (80) aka: Black Sex   Joe D'Amato    F.L.

T522 Seven Into Snowy (77) This modern-day update of Snow White…. Snowy (Abigail Clayton) is dominated by her stepmother (Kay Parker).  Jealous of her stepdaughter's beauty, mom strikes back with a plan to sexually exhaust the young lady, instead, she provides her with a nonstop orgy of purely pleasurable sex!  

4732 Sex Asylum 2 (86) Amber Lynn, Erica Boyer, Jamie Gillis, Paul Thomas, Barbara Dare, Candy Evans, Tom Byron, Rick Savage and Mike DeMarco porn/comedy

T258 Sex Awards X (00) Really just some hot sex scenes - F.L.

5270 Sex Beast on Campus  (90's)  Japanese- no subs - letterboxed- tentacles monsters rape women

4964 Sex Boat  (80)  Two guys, Russ and Rosco, sneak aboard an all girl cruise ship with 600 horny, mouth watering broads for six whole weeks, with not one dude aboard! The trip of a lifetime takes a twist when slave trading pirates hijack the ship, with only our two heroes to stop them…. Kelly Nichols, Jeanette James, Kandy Barbour, Linda Reeves, Silvia Moser, Dana Dennis, Hillary Summers, Renee La Paz, Robert Lyon and Randy West

3758 Sex Crazed Women + Sexy Cousin ()  XXX  DOUBLE FEATURE  Japanese Porn   F.L.

9671 Sex for Dinner (00) Casting couch hard-core - Lots of sex scenes

3638 Sex Game, The  (86)  It really is!  A sex game...

3299 Sex Ghost Legend + Wrapping Legend () DOUBLE FEATURE    Japanese Porn   F.L.

L421 Sex in the Family (92) Valentine Demy goes porno!  Surprised? She's really into it too. F.L. (See soft-core Demy in Exploitation section)

7288 Sex Party  (2000)  Spanish porn  F.L.  BA

T948 Sex Séance (75)  aka: House of Desade Vanessa Del Rio and friends have been invited to a séance at a "spooky" old house. Pre-séance activities before the "get-together" include an orgy scene featuring two couples that Del Rio also invites to the séance, and some consensual S&M-style fun between Del Rio and her boyfriend…  + Horror Whore (74) aka: Hardgore - A nymphomaniac goes to a sanitarium in hopes of being cured; it turns out the sanitarium is a front for a Satanic cult luring young women into a web of madness, torture, and sex... But mostly just sex….  DOUBLE FEATURE

5311 Sex Smugglers  (80's)  Mexican  F.L.

T238 Sex Trophy (70's) F.L.

5219 Sex Wars  (86)  Princess Orgasma (Laurie Smith) has been missing ever since she traveled to the dreaded planet of Tyros. Her sister, Princess Layme (Robin Cannes), has decided to gather together a crew to go looking for her sister. Brinker Duo (Paul Thomas) and Mark Starkiller (Richard Pacheco) accompany her in this mission. On planet Tyros, they make some interesting discoveries, and the movie ends with an explosive orgasm party at "Lil's Last Chance Saloon", which is this movie's version of Star Wars' Mos Eisley Tavern.  A big budget sci-fi porn!

5038 Sex Wish  (76)  Zebedy Colt is a lunatic driven to home invasion, rough sex and murder. Barging in on and torturing women aren't enough. Zebedy also forces his way into a black couple's apartment, makes them do a live show at gunpoint, murders them, and castrates the man. Sex Wish is as sadistic and downbeat as XXX has ever been! 

Q172 Sex with Serena (various) Serena services studs in numerous scenes

Q166 Sex with Tritiny Loren -(various) scenes with this doe-eyed, large natural breasted bimbo with frizzy amber hair - She lead a troubled life and died of a drug over-dose at the age of 35 in 1998. Sad…. 

Q822 Sex World (77) Bus tour takes it's passengers to "Sex World" where they live out their sexual fantasies - Leslie Bovee, Kay Parker, more

6013 Sex-A-Holic Lady  (95)  Eng/Russian production -  Here is the first Russian hardcore film!  Starring famous USSR prostitute Kristina Bellanova

T874 Sexo Anal (00) BA - F.L.

9080 Sexo Embrujado (00) F.L. - BA

L502 Sexual Attraction (00) French made Porno - F.L. - BA

L37 Sexual Enigma (00) F.L. - BA

9461 Sexual Fragrance (00) More ! F.L.

3502 Sexual Perversion  (70’s)

Q815 Sexual Pursuit (85) Tiffany Blake and Rick Savage are a young married couple who encounter some sensual situations when old friends come to town. It seems that their long-time pals, Summer Rose and Dino Alexander have just moved back to California after a lengthy stint on the East Coast. They welcome their friends back with a high-spirited dinner party which naturally becomes a sexual free-for-all throughout the entire naughty video….  Summer Rose, Kristara Barrington and more!

Q157 Sexual Suspects (2001) Masked Rapist time again! They go all out too, stalking, attacking, kidnapping, handcuffing and rape - Marc Barrow and Carmen  In French so F.L.

7010 Sexual Vibrations  (79)  A man tells his beautiful psychiatrist (Brigitte Lahaie) that his sexual fantasies are ruining his actual sex life…  F.L.   Dir: Jean Rollin

L506 Sexual Videncia (00) French Porno - F.L.- BA

Q601 Sexualist, The (75) Zany sex & astrology cinema with Tina Russell & Jennifer Welles…

7076 Sexy Dynamite  (2000)  more Spanish language porn

4647 Sexy Jeans  (76)  This is “ Massacre at Central High “ in Italian language with XXX inserts.  Andrew Stevens-  Hilarious!  supposedly banned porn classic with Desiree Cousteau

7016 Sexy Killer Nikyta  (90's)  2 1/2 hour Joe D'Amato parody of " La Femme Nikita ".  Sarah Young

9081 Sexy Luna (00) F.L.- BA

Q160 Shacking Up (85) Pam Graham (Rachel Ashley) has a reunion with her two hot, sensual classmates, Arden Hall (Karen Summers) and Jean Perkins (Gina Carrera). When the women are reunited, Jean announces the return of another friend, the sexually mysterious Candice Fields (Amber Lynn). The girls are flushed with excitement at the thought of Candice's return. She had inspired many of the erotic intimacies they shared in college….

7064 Shana Blonde: Superstar  (85) Shauna Grant (who blew her brains out) Kelly Nichols, Tara Aire, Tiffany Clark, Herschel Savage, Paul Thomas, Kevin James and Jerry Butler  + Debbie Does Dallas  (78) Debbie (Bambi Woods) has earned a coveted place as a professional football cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys… Unfortunately Debbie and her friends on the cheerleading squad are faced with a problem. She doesn't have any money to make it to Dallas. She and her girl friends try to figure out ways to make a little extra cash... on the side!   DOUBLE FEATURE  

7070 Shared with Strangers  (80) aka: Cuisses ouvertes     swingin' sex club antics

Q424-9708 Sharon (76) Daddy (Zebedy Colt) Has carnal urges for baton twirling, denim mini-skirted young Jean who is a dirty old mans dream come true.  Jean Jennings, Susan McBain and Jamie Gillis hillbilly incest sex

M1 Shauna Grant: Sex Queen - 2 Disc Collection ! Many sex scenes are featured with this 80's Porno star doing what she did best! Followed by a documentary on her life and death!  - $28 on 2 DVD-R or $22 on 2 VHS -

4300 Sheena in Wonderland  (80's) Animated adult movie "hosted" by Sheena Horne… A witch named Nymphomania. She needs to have 69 orgasms in order to regain her youthful beauty...

X126 She's No Angel (76) Angel (Sharon Mitchell– playing a 13 year girl!!), whose father (Ben Starbuck) and wicked stepmother (Marlene Willoughby) want her locked away in a mental institution. Why? Because the sweet and innocent girl in reality is a nymphomaniac! + Summer of Suzanne (76) 15 year old Suzanne is pressured into going all the way with boyfriend Roger…. Seeking solace from older sis Esther, she's advised to just go for it and enjoy the experience…. Suzanne's deflowering proved pleasurable, she feels a bit confused and goes to talk to gym teacher Carla (Jenny Baxter) who is of course a lesbian which ideas of her own….  DOUBLE FEATURE  (of course ALL “teenagers” are of legal age)

9067 Showgirl (00) More Eva Henger - Directed by Joe D'Amato- F.L.

Q718 Siempre Jodiendo (00) F.L.

8175 Silky  (80)  Hillary Summers, Robin Byrd, Merle Michaels, Christine De Shaffer, Sandi Suarez and Gloria Leonard in a variety of kinky sexual situations….

9724 Sissy's Hot Summer (81) X-rated take-off an hit T.V. series “Three’s Company” about three roommates… Sissy, Janet, and Jack. Their cozy sexual threesome becomes endangered by eviction when they fall behind in the rent, so they must hustle the only thing they know how to for money…. Jennifer Walker, Candida Royalle, Michele Moore, Lauren Dominique, Tony Bond and Jeremy Harden  BA

T244 Sister Ubalda (03) Valentine Demy - See Nunsploitation for info

4942 Skin Flicks  (77)  A young director (Tony Hudson) is a struggling filmmaker making hardcore features for the mob. His latest feature, he hopes, will be his big break into the world of "mainstream" filmmaking, but will the mafia allow him to realize his dream?  Gerard Damiano's personal look inside the porn industry.  Big budget XXX porn with a story

L933 Skin Flowers: Part 1 and 2 (90's) Loads of rope work, and other extreme nastiness in the vein of Extreme Fetish 1 and 2 - Really sick and extreme demented porno - Fogged, but you can basically see still - F.L.

7039 Slammer Girls  (85)  A young girl is framed for a crime she didn't commit and sent to the state penitentiary, which is run by a crooked warden and a corrupt staff.  A reporter manages to get herself sent to the prison so she can expose the brutal conditions and prove the girl's innocence.  W.I.P. 

T105 Slave Farm (91) Shanna McCollough is the Mistress of Slave Farm, where captured women toil before being shipped off into slavery. She also has an operation in the city, where fresh victims are held before being shipped off to the farm. Fawna and Darian Haze are two such victims brought to the farm by Candy, Shanna's right-hand woman….

Q572-X122 Slaves of Pleasure (78) A kidnapping ring captures young housewives and forces them to become sexual slaves…. Jamie Gillis and C.J. Laing roughie

L641 Slaves in Cages (72) Man takes women home to drug and cage in his large basement (He's got a whole harem down there too!). He uses them for live sex shows he stages for rich people  In their cages , the women slop up their grub like wild dogs on all fours making a foul mess. An unwilling new blonde captive resists and must be broken in. Rape- whippings- humiliation and Revenge!

3413 Sleazy Rider   (76) trashy and wild Danish biker film with hardcore sex scenes, beatings, rapes, and an orgy scene where the sheriff is forced to have sex with the ladies while his wife gets raped by the male bikers!

4637 Slumber Party  (84)  Ginger Lynn

6026 Snow White (95)  Snow White has intimate relations with the Seven Dwarfs….  Vicky, Ludmilla Antonova, Julia Dobler, Anita Szabo, Sean Michaels and Julian St Croix   F.L. 

T9 Snow White: Ten Years Later (01) Ten years are passed. In the magic cavern of castle, the queen is still thirsty of sex and revenge and she can't find peace. She is very envious and she can see in her magic mirror, Snow White and the Prince making love again…. Kelly Trump, Nikki Anderson, Debora Velentini, Mike Foster, Alberto Rey and Karim    F.L.

3515 Sodom and Gomorrah  (75) aka: Sodom & Gomorrah The Last 7 Days    Lot,  his wife and daughters separate from the rest of the tribe and head for the unknown city of Sodom. There, they become temporarily enmeshed with a society where anal intercourse is a brutally enforced community standard. 

9234 Sodomia (01) In Spanish - Wall to wall sex!   F.L.    BA

9082 Sodomia : 35 Shades of Opression (00) F.L.    BA

9647 Sodomia Buscandos Conitos Carnosos (00) F.L.   BA

9644 Sodomia Rapadas Viciosas (00) F.L.    BA

3415 Sodomia: Violation of a Bitch (78) aka: The Coming of Sin   A superstitious, illiterate young gypsy servant girl comes to live with a solitary female artist at her country chateau. The girl has recurring nightmares of a naked man on horseback assaulting and abusing her. As the artist takes the girl under her wing, an sensuous relationship develops between them. At the same time, the naked horseman begins to appear in reality. The girl, convinced that he represents her doom, resists him…..  Joseph Larraz 

K219 Sodomizame (00) Gee, wonder what this is about?  F.L.    BA

9083 Solteras Cachondas (00) F.L. - BA

Q342 Some Kind of Woman (85) Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, Heather Wayne, Colleen Brennan, Joanna Storm, Harry Reems, Herschel Savage and Paul Thomas

L31 Some Like it Hard (95) Gangster film about life and lust in the roaring '20s.  Pin-striped, square-shouldered bootleggers do deals and dames in positions your parents never even dreamed of…. Joe D'Amato directs - BA

9121 Sometimes Sweet Susan (78) Young woman with double personality is sent to an asylum, where she starts having sexual fantasies with her psychiatrist and, sometimes, her nurse…. Shawn Harris, Jamie Gillis and Harry Reems

5226 Sorceress, The  (74) Andrea True and Annette Haven in this tale of the erotic power of black magic... + Christy  (76) 15 year old Christy get s job as a stripper in a nearby pub…. Mom and Dad catch her with a wealthy guy and force him into coughing up $2500 to avoid jail….. They all laugh, then screw each other…. Yes Mom, daughter AND Dad!!    Andrea True and Anne Christian  DOUBLE FEATURE

4074 Sordid Stories    (80’s)

4965 Sorority Sex Kittens 3  (95) Frat Guys have been disappearing for 40 years from Lost River College...Upsilon Sigma sorority has been suspected...and now, finally, the mystery is revealed…. Jill Kelly, Missy, Sindee Coxx, Nina Hartley, Tiffany Mynx and many more!

9368 Souperman (76) aka: Powerbone   Fighting for truth justice and sexual freedom!  This caped sex machine knows no bounds + The Devil’s Playground  (74) Lucifer narrates this epic and explains how he must come to Earth for entertainment. On Earth, he discovers 3 lusty nymphettes, who he converts to his carnal ways. With time and discipline they learn to satisfy all of Satan's erotic desires….  (NO hard-core in either but damn close and definitely X rated)  BA   DOUBLE FEATURE

L3 Soutanes Indecents () - Nasty nuns and perverted preachers have at it in a decrepit monastery - + Nun porn clips pad this one out    In French so F.L.

4984 Spanish Rose  (91) 

2801 Spermula  (75)  A race of bodiless aliens living on the doomed planet of Spermula, and their attempts to eradicate the human race so that they can have their planet. The Spermulites take the form of women whose mission is to suck all the sperm out of the human males, thereby dooming the species; despite admonishments that they do not enjoy their sexual acts with the human males, all of them eventually begin to succumb to the temptations of the flesh….  LBX  Udo Kier stars    This is one bizarre XXX  sci-fi oddity for sure

Q275 Stable, The (90's) Trinity - Bondage and Hardcore

3767-8230 Stalag 69   (82)  women-in-Nazi-prison flick starring Dorothy LeMay and Angelique Pettyjohn

T495 Star Trap + Offenders of the Universe ()  In English comes more "Porno" Anime in a "Heavy Metal" magazine themed universe of perversity, science fiction and horny cartoon babes.

4619 Star Virgin  (79) From a far, far, far away galaxy comes a beautiful woman (Kari Klark) who is apparently the last of her species. Born in a test-tube in the outreaches of the universe, this star struck cutie's sexual desires are a complete mystery to her. In desperation, our lonely space vixen turns to her trusty robot to explain the facts of life. Through a series of vignettes, the robot shows Star Virgin all about carnal life on the planet earth….  

4941 Stiff Competition  (84) oral sex contest with Gina Carrera, Cyndee Summers, Patty Plenty, Bridgette Monet and Kitten Natividad 

4104 Stolen Girls   (72) A school for wayward girls is a playground for a sadistic female warden with a taste for abusing the young ones…  Judy Angel and John Holmes 

3892 Story of Eloise, The  (76) Eloise leaves her boyfriend back in Macon and arrives in New York to become a movie star….  There, she hooks up with Astyr and company who just happen to be looking for an All-American-Girl for their next flick and Eloise fits right in with their plans… Jeannie Dalton and Barbara Ames

4916-8177 Story of Joanna, The  (75)  Joanna (Terri Hall), an innocent debutante singled out by wealthy womanizer Jason (Jamie Gillis) for degradation…..

X108-3805 Story of Prunella (83) Three convicts escape from a prison and have a "run-in" with Prunella (Ambrosia Fox) and her mother (Dixie Dew) on the way to Prunella's wedding shower. Unluckily for the two ladies - Prunella's moms just-so-happens to be the prison warden's wife - and the convicts are out for some rape-themed vengeance… 

7055 Strangling Climax (90’s)  asphyxiation fetish sex from Amsterdam

L766 Strani Fantasmi (02) aka: Smiling Ghost - F.L. - BA

4943 Street Heat  (84)  Sweet Desiree Lane is missing. As a detective tries to track her down & find her, the evidence looks like Desiree is enjoying the places she has been at. From one sexual encounter to another…. Amber Lynn, Colleen Brennan, Jamie Gillis and Herschel Savage

6004 Succubus Skin XVII  (99)  horny vampire women dominate this big budget XXX

L963 Succulent (82) Ron Jeremy is an Arab Sultan employs a dirty sheriff to kidnap for his sex slavery ring.  With brutal rapes and beatings…  Little Oral Annie, Kelly Nichols and Rhonda Jo Petty


7433 Summer Break  (85) Bunny Bleu, Stacey Donovan, Peter North and Beverly Bliss

3923 Summer in Heat  (79)  A wealthy senator plans to build a damn in a remote part of Northern California. The local hillbilly types don't appreciate his progressive ideas. They wreak havoc upon the senator's boating party. The senator gets a corncob up the a** and Desiree is raped… !

7025 Sunny  (81) Mark's 25th birthday has him inheriting a large trust and loads of babes. But the money changes him for the worst, so his mother has our heroine Sunny try to set him straight…. Candida Royalle, Seka and Marlene Willoughby    Fair quality.

6032 Super Hard Love  (82)  Joe D'Amato cinematography    Italian language 


Q373 Super Hooters Sex Disc #1 (various)

Q374 Super Hooters Sex Disc #2 (various)

Q376 Super Hooters Sex Disc #3 (various)

Q382 Super Hooters Sex Disc #4 (various)

Q383 Super Hooters Sex Disc #5 (various)

Q832 Super Hooters Sex Disc #6 (various)


T2 Super Lustful Chick Farm (02) Scientist grows young women in a lab to sell as sex objects - Hot Damn!  - In German Language with some English

P1 Supervixens 2  ()  No Russ Meyer here, just BIG BIG BOSOMED BROADS having sex, including a bouncing salacious scene with monster mammaries mama Kitten Natividad

5281-5383    SuperWoman  aka: Ms. Magnificent  (77)  Sexual superhero Desiree is on a mission to save mankind from sexual boredom!  Desiree Cousteau, Jessie St. James and Holly McCallorn  superhero spoof  Poor quality

7008 Suprêmes Jouissances  (76) aka: Belles d'un soir (hard version of..)  Three young women leave their chauvinist boyfriends, set up their own living situation, a luxurious apartment, and revel in their sexual freedom….. Brigitte Lahaie

9205 Surrender in Paradise (83) A ship sinks in the South Seas...The survivors make it to a remote, uncharted island. Just one man...but, oh so many beautiful girls!  Filmed entirely on location in the South Seas!   Ginger Lynn, Ashley Britton, Sondra Stillman and Jerry Butler

T877 Sus, urros Intimos (00) BA - F.L.

Q821 Susie Nero Scenes (70's & 80's) Sweet Sexy Susie's best hardcore scenes

8847 Suzie Superstar (80’s)  aka:La Gotta Blonda   Shauna Grant (the porn queen who blew her brains out) F.L.

4621 Swedish Double Feature  (90’s)  F.L. XXX from Sweden

Q171-8168 Sweet Alice (83) A lovable cowboy (Kevin James) arrives in Hollywood in search of his runaway wife (Seka). He's aided by a beautiful but no-nonsense detective (Honey Wilder) who finds out that the wife has become an X-rated film star….  Desiree Cousteau, Becky Savage, Drea, John Holmes and Jamie Gillis

3277 Sweet Savage  (79) aka: Bad Girl of the West    A young Indian girl falls in love with a local white cowboy. The racist element in town doesn't approve of that, so they kidnap the girl and gang-rape her. The girl's brother hears about it, and he and other members of the tribe kidnap a white girl from town and gang-rape her. Things go downhill from there….  Carol Connors, Aldo Ray, Beth Anna, Desiree West and Eileen Welles  

3861 Sweet Cakes   (76)    Jennifer Welles, Desiree West, Serena and Jean Dalton

L57 Symphony of Rape () Rape scenes set to classical music for the aristocratic rape scene fan

L606 Symphony of Rape #2  () More rape scenes set to classical music for the Bohemian rape fan


4101-7004 Taboo  (80)  A woman who's husband leaves her is sexually frustrated by the absence of a lover in her life. Avoiding the lecherous advances of the men she meets, she that finds her son's interest in her exceeds the limits of their relationship. And to her shock, she finds herself excited by the prospect. Meanwhile, she does find a suitable man for herself, but things start heating up between mother and son….  Kay Parker, Dorothy LeMay, Juliet Anderson and Mike Ranger

T888-4007 Taboo II (82)  Start with a family of four - Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister. Throw in every sexual combo of these four (at least once), then Brother with Girlfriend, Brother with Sister's ex-boyfriend's Mom, Sister with Brother's Girlfriend, and a great big party scene with Brother, Sister, and lots of other folks….   Kay Parker,

Dorothy LeMay, Cara Lott, Juliet Anderson, Ron Jeremy and Eric Edwards

T904-4443 Taboo III (84)  Barbara Scott (Kay Parker),  distraught and yearning for her son Paul, turns to her younger son Jimmy. Jimmy discovers his mother's affair with his older brother Paul, and slowly his love for his mother turns to lust. Barbara, jealous of Jimmy's girlfriend, begins the deliberate seduction of her youngest son….. Honey Wilder, Lisa Lake, Pamela Mann, Colleen Brennan, Kimberly Wong, Marc Wallice, Ron Jeremy, Jerry Butler and Blake Palmer

4068 Taboo IV: The Younger Generation  (85) A shy girl shares a room with her sister in a strict boarding school. On her sister's advice, she has sex with her boyfriend, and the two girls get expelled from the institution. Their psychiatrist father discovers his wife having an affair with her brother-in-law, who later has sex with his niece…..  Ginger Lynn, Karen Summer, Kay Parker, Amy Rogers, Cyndee Summers, Honey Wilder, Robin Cannes, Greg Ruffner, Jamie Gillis, John Leslie and Kevin James

T895 Take My Wife, Please! (93) A literal interpretation of the joke -

8150 Take Off  (78)  “Picture of Dorian Gray” adult style  Wade Nichols, Annette Haven, Georgina Spelvin, Leslie Bovee  BA

T905-3171 Taking of Christina, The (76)  Christina (Bree Anthony) is kidnapped, shortly before her wedding.  As the days pass, she convinces her captors that she really cares about them.  When they finally take her home she proves that REVENGE, not friendship is what is on her mind….. classic rape and revenge porno   Terri Hall and C.J. Laing

8178 Tale of Tiffany Lust, The (81)  aka: Hard Erections   Rich housewife Tiffany (Dominique Saint Claire) breaks out of her boring daily routine by making an appointment with call girl Betty (Veronica Hart) who tries to teach her the finer points of lesbian lovemaking before sending her out on a one day trip of sexual self-discovery….. Samantha Fox, Ron Jeremy, Desiree Cousteau, Marianne Flowers and Vanessa Del Rio

K78 Tales of Naked Humiliation 2: The Hunchback Sex Massacre - Hunchback puts live Frogs, Eels and Lizards in a woman's... then eats them. Very sick and nasty crossing the line of decency (and indecency, and then some) for jaded viewers. Want to freak and/or gross someone or a group of people out? Well here you go then. F.L.

4000 Tales of the Bizarre (82)  Four women sit in nightgowns discussing their freakiest experiences in four stories which are equal verbal and physical abuse…. Velvet Summers, Cheri Champagne, George Payne and Ambrosia Fox

X105 Tales of the Bizarre (82) + Avon Trailers - Hot Wax, Handcuffs, Bananas- Rough Sex and Trailers, what more do you want?


3780 Talk Dirty To Me   (80)  A self-proclaimed ladies man brags to his somewhat dense buddy that he can seduce any woman he wants to. To prove it, he sets his sights on a beautiful blonde that they have both recently met…. Dorothy LeMay, John Leslie and Jessie St. James

Q830 Talk Dirty to Me 2 (82) Bridgette Monet and Linda Shaw amongst the sluts on display

Q829 Talk Dirty to Me 3 (84) Ginger Lynn, Lisa De Leeuw, John Leslie, Jamie Gillis and Tom Byron  (This is the re-shoot, no Traci Lords in this one) still lots of sexy starlets that didn't lie about their age

Q831 Talk Dirty to Me 4 (85) Taija Rae, Shanna McCullough, Kristara Barrington (This is the re-shoot, no Traci Lords in this one)

3451 Taming of Rebecca, The (82) Rebecca (Sharon Mitchell) runs away from her sexually abusive father and ends up in a school for wayward girls….  Dean Minindao (George Payne) is the headmaster of the school…. When Rebecca gets to the school Payne's assistant (Nico) introduces her to the other pupils and it doesn't take Rebecca long to find out that everyone is pretty much screwing everyone else.  When Dean Minindao and his assistant (Nico) find out what's going on, they punish the students severely.  This is one of the roughest porn flicks ever….  Ambrosia Fox, Velvet Summers, Stella Stevens and David Christopher

X104 Taming of Rebecca, The (82) see above + mini feature TV outcry about Porn’s effect on society, with a crazed politician seeking to pass a law which locks up porn film makers if anyone that commits sexual crime attributes any of their specific films as the reason why they did it. Unbelievable !! + Savage Sadists (81) Mr. Greenberg (Martin Patton) sells porn videos as his wife (Nicole Bernard) gets assaulted by two thugs (Danny Stevens and David Christopher) at their low rent two family house.  After doing his secretary, Nicole turns up at Martin's office with the two thugs in hot pursuit. He hides under his desk as they abuse and attack the women……   continuous rough sex

2993-3505        Tarzan X    aka: Jungle Heat  (94) Rosa Caracciolo and real-life husband Rocco Siffredi are Tarzan and Jane in this beautiful X rated version of the Tarzan story….   Joe D’Amato (on film not hand cam)

4806 Taste of Money  (83)  Sleazy porno producer Mr. Flowers (Paul Thomas) tries to convince the Constance Money to do another adult film. To that effect, he contacts her down on his luck one time co-star Jamie Gillis who needs money (and therefore Money) to support his entourage of constantly available "crib girls", cackling midgets, an overweight snake charmer and transsexual torch singer Bambi Snyder whose presence allows him to maintain mental stability!  Nicole Black, Laurie Smith, Gina Gianetti, Sharon Mitchell, Blair Harris, John Leslie, Paul Thomas, Mike Horner and Jamie Gillis

7427 Taste of Paradise, A  (85)  Kristara Barrington, Ron Jeremy, Peter North and Misty Regan 

T909 Tawny Pearl Collection (70's & 80's) Many of her best sex scenes

T442-3990 Taxi Girls (79) A sexy hooker comes up with an idea for a unique taxi service that would facilitate her promiscuous vocation and make some money at the same time….. John Holmes, the incredible Nancy Suitor, Serena, Candida Royale more... Rape, Revenge, lots of sex 

L625 Teen Abductions (various)  Abduction, rape and torture is the name of the game in this collection of loops and clips involving abused nubile young girls - All actresses are 18 or older

3849 Teenage Best Sellers 2  ()  All actresses are 18 or older

4282 Teenage Mutant Ninja Whores  (90’s) No hardcore, just softcore Japanese.  F.L.  All actresses are 18 or older

7481 Teenage Pajama Party  (78)  A group of sexy “teens” get together for a sleep-over. Dressed in revealing sexy nightgowns the girls gather around and tell steamy stories of losing their virginity! A sick and twisted obscene caller makes calls through the entire night...breathing heavily and turning the teens on in ways they didn't imagine!   Sharon Mitchell, C.J. Laing, Susaye London, Terri Hall, Pamela Grimes and Barbara James   VERY NASTY UNCUT PRINT  All actresses are 18 or older

8592 Teenage Prostitution Racket (74) aka: Storie di vita e Malavita  Anthology telling separated stories about underage girls and their descent into white slave trade and depravity…..  All actresses are 18 or older

9122 Teenage Sex Kitten (74) Young slut Debbie (Lilly Lovetree) is abducted after perverted hicks see her dancing like a whore at the disco. After raping Debbie in a filthy shack, Debbie’s friends show up and extract gruesome revenge.  Rene Bond roughie   All actresses are 18 or older

5218 Teenage StepMother  (75)  Darby Lloyd Rains stars as a mom with an insatiable sexual appetite, and who teaches her nubile sexy young daughters everything they need to know about carnal desires….  All actresses are 18 or older

4021-4038 Telefono Rosso  (86)  Ilona Staller as Cicciolina    F.L.

P120 Temblores Pubicos (00) Amateur couples shamelessly reveal their action - F.L.

T444-8166 Temptations  (76) Rachel (Jennifer Welles) Hugh is sexually frustrated because her husband is impotent. When she finds out he gets excited watching...she sets up a surprise for him where she pleasures other men.

P11 Teorema X (00) F.L. - BA

7054 That Lucky Stiff  (79) Down on his luck Burt (Randy West) has to put up with a conniving girlfriend (Kandi Barbour) and a womanizing mate (Ron Hudd) who further frustrates him with tales of sexual conquest. On top of that, he's down to his last 300 bucks until the bank makes an error that changes his balance to $300,000 instead!  Rather than wait for them to realize their mistake, he transfers the cash to a Swiss bank account and takes off for Europe. Unfortunately, along the way naive Burt is taken advantage of by all and sundry…..  Candida Royale, Samantha Fox, Kelly Nichols, more.  Fair quality.

K161 That's Erotic (79) Connie Peters and Dirk Southgate host a collection of the most erotic scenes in adult motion pictures featuring the top list of adult film stars….. Annette Haven, John Holmes, Janet Beaver, Tina Russell, Seka, Serena...more   BA

5241 That's My Daughter! (81) aka: In Search of Angel   A businessman watching a porn movie is horrified to discover that his daughter, whom he hasn't seen in years, is in it. He hires a pair of private detectives to track her down…. Sharon Mitchell, Lisa De Leeuw, John Leslie, Eric Edwards, Arcadia Lake and Mona

8847 The Return of Sarah Young (90's) F.L. - Large breasted Sara returns in more sex scenes (also see Sarah Young Vol. 2 for more !)

9883 Thighs Wide Shut (99) Patty Page- Hot little porno version of "Eyes Wide Shut" which explores the eroticism angle much deeper if you know what I mean. In Italian but that doesn't matter. Wall to wall sex and a Orgy sequence much fuller realized - Great stuff!

Q591 Three Ripening Cherries (79) Ripe for action, ready to be plucked!  Three adorable sisters are sexually aroused by sex education classes in school and the promiscuous activities of their friends… Misty, Dorothy LeMay, Mary Ryan and Kitty Shayne

T491-3200 Through the Looking Glass (76) “Alice in Wonderland” style….  A rich socialite named Catherine is devastated after the death of her father, and decides to console herself by masturbating in front of a mirror in the attic. This summons the ghost of her father (Jamie Gillis)….or is it?????   Things go awry and Catherine goes through he mirror.   The land beyond the mirror is an alternate reality where sex rules and nobody really cares about anything else…   A decent horror/porno!   Laura Nicholson, Marie Taylor and Douglas Wood

Q659-T526 Thunderbuns (76) Package of sex sequences from three other films….. Jennifer Welles, Annette Haven, Linda Wong, Mary Stuart, Taylor Young, Arlana Blue, Brooke Young, Bree Anthony and Joey Silvera

T538 Tias Buenas Pollas Muy Grandes (00) Amber Lynn, Teri Weigel, more - Sex Sex Sex - B.A. - F.L.

Q379-4802 Tiffany Minx, The (81)  Hit man Ben (Carter Stevens) is assigned to wipe out wealthy heiress Jessica Grover (Crystal Sync) while her husband (Jeff Hurst) is out playing with his sultry secretary Anne (Marlene Willoughby)  At the last minute, Ben decides to throw in a bit of pre-murder rape, giving Jessica the opportunity to lethally defend herself with a pair of scissors from her sewing kit.  Traumatized by the whole experience, Jessica seeks solace on Fire Island, renting a cottage from the deceptively sympathetic Pinky (Jennifer Jordan). The latter is constantly followed around by her stud for hire Matt (Robert Bolla) who's sensitive to our heroine's plight but may harbor an agenda of his own. Blood-covered scissors turn up in Jessica's bed as characters reveal their true nature, leading to a climax that most people probably won't guess….  A big budget east coast porn murder mystery!! 

5228 Tigresses….and Other Man Eaters  (79)  A four-segment film whose one uniting theme is women who sexually dominate men…. Vanessa Del Rio, Samantha Fox, Ron Jeremy and Eric Edwards

3667 Titillation (82)  An aging game hunter goes after a new sport -- searching for the largest pair of big, beautiful breasts in the world!   Kitten Natividad   porn/comedy  BA

Q712 To All of You Girls (various)  Brigitte Lahaie - Brigitte introduces a number of sex scenes she is in - F.L.

T878 Tobe y sus Cerdillas Vol. #6 - Ugly guy with hot chicks - BA - F.L.

L56 Tokyo Tutor (00) Unfogged Japanese porno with Subs

4972 Tomboy  (83) A young girl (Melanie Scott) who loves sports and is oblivious to anything sexual is put her on the spot about being a virgin…. she lies and thus begins her exploration into sex.  Anna Belman, Tom Byron, Steve Douglas, Kay Parker, Karen Summer, Marc Wallice and Lauren Wilde

Q337 Top Secret (82) Vanessa del Rio goes undercover to be violated and abused in her legendary bondage film!  + Tijuana Blue (73) Two bums get involved with busty Mexican whores in squalid city of corruption! DOUBLE FEATURE

M80 Torbe Y Sus Cerdillas #1 (00) Ugly guy gets hot chicks. And I mean lots of hot chicks ! F.L. - BA

P14 Torbe Y Sus Cerdillas #2 (00) Ugly guy gets even more hot chicks. You should be so lucky... -F.L. - BA

4293 Torero  (99)  Joe D'Amato   Rocco Siffredi and Sunset Thomas

7040 Torture in the Garage  ()  Male dominatrix takes a female submissive into the garage and violently tortures her with mechanics tools.  Rough.

6509 Touch, The  (76)  John Homes is a big coke dealer-  Lots of hippie sex

9084 Trabajadoras Ardientes y sumisas (00) F.L. - BA

L11 Trans World (70's) More hardcore sex with beautiful women - F.L.

T527-6051 Trashi (81) Mad professor creates perfect sex robot…. Lisa De Leeuw, Carol Doda, Dorothy LeMay, Loni Sanders, Nicole Noir, Serena and Sharon Mitchell  comedy/porn

X130 Travails of June, The (76) An arrested prostitute, June (Jenny Baxter), is interviewed in her prison cell by Washington Post journalist Ben Crocker (Alan Marlow).  Her story:  The unfortunate June was abducted by a pair of thugs who'll turn out to be mobster cum nightclub owner Lucky DiMico (John Leslie) and his trusty sidekick Willie (Costello). After they have nurse Helga (Sharon Mitchell) drug and comfort the understandably shaken lass, they take certain liberties with her themselves…. + Rare Trailers

T564 Travelos with Chicks without Hairs (00) She Males!  Run!! - F.L. - BA

3008-5120   Trilogy of Lust (93) A sensitive poor girl which gets sold to a moronic fish dealer who wants to do some perverse sexual practices with her. However, she falls in love with a young gardener boy and both start having a passionate sex affair. After this guy kills the fish dealer and his mother they have to flee from the police, what finally leads to their suicides… Sex and Gore highlight 3 tales  F.L.

Q826 Triple Play (83) Bunny Bleu (as Kimberly Warner)

T914 Twisted Torture Skits #1 - A series of deviant sex scenes featuring odd and perverse sexual torture. Best described as "Real Videodrome". We have a woman chained to a table while being molested by various metal bondage gear, Rope Sex Torture, 3 Women Bound and Gagged in a Cabin in the Woods - Realistic and Sadistic ....All tortures applied with calm indifference by determined sadists.

T915 Twisted Torture Skits #2 - First a woman is put in an excruciatingly tiny aquarium and a breathing tube inserted into her mouth. Bound in a very vulnerable position, leeches are poured in with her....ugh, another girl is chained to a treadmill and whipped

T916 Twisted Torture Skits #3 - First a sexy blonde in extreme bondage, Oriental woman torture, and a woman put in an Iron Mask... The camera surfs over them all as they suffer....

T917 Twisted Torture Skits #4 - A woman is thrown into the hay in a barn, then put in a very small metal cage with her head protruding out the top, she's buried (after having to dig the hole) and even hung up, all while in her cage, also CowGirl Enema and Plastic bag torture.....

T918 Twisted Torture Skits #5 - Clothespins Torture, A woman bound and tortured in a bath tub full of water, shock treatment torture...

Q267 Twisted Torture Skits #6 - Tightly bound and gagged women (who star and get turned on by being treated this way I might add) each struggle to try to free themselves from their bonds + Slideshow - More Bondage for the bondage fan

Q268 Twisted Torture Skits #7 - Women Captured, Molested, Tortured - Brutal stuff. Horror Music in the background - But again, make no mistake, these women are enjoying their fetish on film experience. Violation is a Fetish, period. Stop the detractors from this normal human behavior. They live in a box. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some girls I need to loosen their ropes a bit ... ahem... GOD, I'M KIDDING ! GOTCHA !

Q269 Twisted Torture Skits #8 - More of the same theme. Tourist Trap (84) which features bondage and torture by militant weirdo's + Perversion House, another short bondage horror

Q386 Twisted Torture Skits #9 - Long haired blonde, tortured, humiliated. Blow torch torture, Bound to Bed, gagged, tickled. Wenona at the farm - Treated like live-stock, force-fed up nose with liquids....Whew

Q387 Twisted Torture Skits #10 - Bound tortured and clamped blondes, Red Head Torture, more

Q949 Twisted Torture Skits #11 - Violence 2, Babes in Bondage and Bushido - the series continues...

Q950 Twisted Torture Skits #12 - Brutal Bondage, Woman forced to act like dog, and Another Woods Abduction, Take home and Torture

Q672 Twisted Torture Skits #13 - Twisted Torture returns with 3 more volumes ! Here we have : Red Head Boobie Torture, Crucifixion of brunette in the woods, women in cages watch woman tortured with cigarettes ..more

Q673 Twisted Torture Skits #14 - First "Road Trip" in which a bound and gagged girl is in back of a vehicle as they drive to secluded area. This chick is in for some brutal torture. They put her in the snow where, naked, she begins to cry and freeze. Another chick is tied to a stick protruding from the ground in the woods  - More

Q674 Twisted Torture Skits #15 - Bound tortured Brunette, Red- Headed Torture - More


5046 Two at Once  (79) aka: Auto-stoppeuses en chaleur   A happy husband and his wife are about to leave on vacation, but on the way the husband happily picks up 2 young Danish hitch-hikers and takes them back to a hotel. After this exciting romp the husband is more than willing to pick up Brigitte from the side of the road. Soon he finds himself with Karine Gambier and the action continues...Also stars Karine Gambier, Karen Allan, and Cathy Stewart.  Brigitte Lahaie

X129 Two Lives of Jennifer (79) + A Taste of Bette (78) A group of sex cultist find their leader has been done in. A young new leader rounds up all the fanatics for the re-initiation process. He drugs them one by one and orders them to fulfill all his wishes...  Sharon Mitchell   DOUBLE FEATURE

T897-2351 Ultra Flesh (80) Galactic babe (Seka) comes the earth to battle the evil Sugarman (Jamie Gillis) who has made all the males on earth impotent. Ultra Flesh & her Fleshettes bend over backwards to assure the earth is saved from such an evil force…..  Comedy/porn  Serena, Kelly Nichols, Candida Royalle, Lorri Smith, Tawny Pearl, Angel Cash, Lisa De Leeuw, Little Oral Annie, John Leslie and John Seeman

Q991 Un Familia Per Bene (90) Sarah Young and Milly D' Abbraccio ! Big Breasted Sarah has had it with her husband's lack of interest, so she's off with a friend to 'get it on' with as many men as she can ! - In Italian (like that matters !) F.L.

7285 Una Chica Muy Dispuesta  (2000)  Spanish porn  F.L.  BA

5345 Uncut Japanese S&M  #4   ()

5235 Uncut Japanese S&M  #5   ()

7459 Undressed to Kill (74) aka: The Sexorcist's Devil  A female reporter for an occult magazine investigates a story about a murderous devil cult….  + Sacrilege  (72)  A voluptuous raven-haired witch in fish net stockings lures victims into her lair of orgiastic rituals!   violent horror/porn  DOUBLE FEATURE

3213 Untamed   (79) “story of sweet and savage domination”  Jill Jackson, Cindy Johnson, Kay Parker and Jeffrey Stern   BA

Q155 Untamed Vixens, The (76) Black dominatrix chick and her lesbo lover whip and abuse guys for fun!! Betty Wells, Marlene Willoughby and Jean Dalton

2993 Untold Story of Marco Polo's Oriental Sex Journey (94)  Joe D'Amato  F.L.

9722 Up N Coming (83) A rising young country/western singer gets a job as the opening act for a veteran female country star. Soon the young girl is drawing much attention from the audiences and the record companies, and the older star doesn't like it one bit…. Marilyn Chambers, Lisa De Leeuw, Herschel Savage, Richard Pacheco and Cody Nicole   (John Holmes also has a small cameo)

7031 Urban Cowgirls (80) XXX “Urban Cowboy” rip-off   Veronica Hart and John Leslie 

9648 Urban Sex (00) F.L.

Q676 Uschi and Candy's Big Breasted Orgy () Smothered in Boobie

7030 Uschi Digart / Candy Samples  (70's)  Early loops.  Bat Out of Hell, The Big Three, Hard Candy, Executive Suite, Candy's Black Master, and more!  (actresses in separate loops– quality poor)

8842 Uschi Digart Collection # 1 (various)  Lots of Uschi Mini-Pornos

9058 Vacation el sur De Espana (00) F.L. - BA

X1 Vacation Sex in Paradise (00) Lots of outdoors sex in Exotic Locales - F.L. - BA

L422-4201 Valentina: Girl in Heat (81) aka: Valentina Ragazza in Calore    Got to love the title. It's Moana Pozzi's first porno!!!  She's friggin' hot for sure, you'll see! F.L. (who cares ?)

Q683 Vanessa Del Rio: Best of #3  ()

Q580 Variacoes Do Sexo Explicito (84) Brazilian   F.L.

8738 Vaya Par de Melones  (98)  Amber Lynn  F.L.  BA

7066 Velvet High  (80)  Velvet (Misty Regan) is a bubbly young popular girl in school. There's just one problem though. While there's no shortage of male attention, she has yet to experience the big O. This is doubly frustrating when none of her girlfriends (Merle Michaels, Christie Ford and Robin Sane) seem to share this particular problem.  Could bulky, balding pump jockey Piggy (Carter Stevens), who she frequently trades insults with, really be the amazing lover she has been waiting for? 

X128 Venture into the Bizarre (76) Frizzy-haired brunette Claudia (Jeany Jose) and her large-breasted friend Velocity (Liz Rakey) run a plaster caster shop in the Village. Business is slow until one day movie star Robert Bedford (Michael Maxwell) wanders in, requesting the ladies to mold a rubber replica of his massive manhood!  + Cherry Hustlers (77) Aging accountant named Gregory Barr (Robert Random) has embezzled a sum of $ 80,000 from the company he works for, aided and abetted by lady executive Toby (Jennifer Jordan), but is now starting to panic and wants out of the deal.  It's up to Toby and her friends Sally (Vanessa Del Rio) and Keith (Alan Marlow) to make up for the deficit by auctioning off their bodies to the highest bidder…. DOUBLE FEATURE

8741 Vicios Secretos de Chicas Normales  (99)  F.L.  BA

N29 Violence 1, 2, and 3  (70's &  80's)  XXX porno loops edited together. Very rough and violent sex scenes with clamps, nipple slapping, torture, bondage etc... and there is some blood ...For the closet sadist, and the curious.

Q215 Violent Territory (84) Criminals hold a man and woman hostage and rape the wife at gunpoint - F.L.

T911-Q600 Virgin and Her Lover, The (76) Based on an enchanting 19th century French novella, Eric Edwards stars as a sad, lonely executive lamenting over a long lost "true love" of sorts, he picked up at a costume party…. Jennifer Welles, Leah Marlon and Darby Lloyd Rains    

Q423-9688 Virgin Dreams (77) Nancy (Jean Jennings), a young girl who is sexually repressed, is delighted when her boyfriend (Wade Nichols) proposes… She begins to have erotic dreams which turn into sexual nightmares…. She can’t sleep and out of exhaustion she runs away…… Susan McBain, Gloria Leonard and Zebedy Colt  

Q154 Virginia (83) Virginia (Shauna Grant), is a young girl who has an erotic fixation on her father (Paul Thomas). This causes a lot of problems with his latest girlfriend, who happens to be about the same age. Dad is a professional photographer and often heads out into the woods to shoot the landscapes -- or so he tells everyone. What he really does is take candid shots of couples making love. One day Virginia finds some of his photos and she gets furious. After explaining that he was hired to take the photos, Dad calms the girl, which eventually leads them to explore hidden incestuous feelings they have for each other…. 

3677 Virility   (96)   Joe D'Amato

T403 Virtual Anal Rape () exactly what it sounds like…... + Junkyard Rape  ()  A tubby bald dude catches a female junkie thief trying to rip him off so he tortures, beats and rapes her.   DOUBLE FEATURE

T259 Virtual Fantasy (00) F.L. - BA

4850 Viva Vanessa  (84)  Her life exploits - XXX on a budget

K82 Vixens of Kung Fu (76) A hooker is drugged and gang raped, runs away and finds protection with a clan of girls trained in kung fu by a martial artist. With their help, the young woman take her revenge….. amidst the XXX action we even get naked Fu Fighters!   Put your right foot in, Put your right foot out, Put your left boob in and you shake it all about. You do the Hokey Pokey then... Great!   Now I understand the song !!!

L447 Voglia Di Donne (79) Cicciliona, Laura Gemser  LBX  F.L.

T569-T922 Voglia Di Moana (90's) aka: The Wants of Moana - Moana Pozzi, Cicciolina and more in this Steaming Sex film - F.L.

3922 Voyeur's Delight   (85)  Hard core sex scenes with faves such as Kitten Natividad, Rhonda Jo Petty, Ginger Lynn Allen, Bunny Bleu, Tom Byron and Billy Dee 

6499 Wadd: The Life and Times of John C. Holmes  (98)  docu on superstar porn legend-  exposes his low life ways with interviews galore from his ex-wives and major players in his life.  The L.A. vice cops who use him as a narc, the homicide detectives who investigated him for murder, his manager, various porn stars, and more!  Ever wondered?  This is the scoop.

X127-4528 Waterpower (77) Burt (Jamie Gillis) is a bugged out freak, who after witnessing an enema procedure at the local sex-club, decides that it's his duty to….   Notoriously Vile Porno UNCUT BA

Q96-4078 Weekend Fantasies (80) Loser scumbags kidnap a porn actress so they can rape her + Tourist Trap 2 (80's)  Bondage Sex - Whoa!  It's another XXX DOUBLE FEATURE

L500 Weekend in Campagna (03)  Italian Porno - F.L. - BA

L617 Wet Wilderness (74) Machete wielding masked killer hacks up women after raping them in the woods. Bloody XXX horror  + Porn loops

5296 White Chicks  (84) 

9086 Whore of the Rings, The (02) F.L. - BA

X103 Wicked School Girls (80) sexy Velvet Summers doing the schoolgirl thing in oh so many ways + Pain Mania (81) Sex performers describe their dominant or submissive natures and play out S&M skits on the theater's runway. Heavy scenes from other Avon films are also included … You'll definitely need a shower afterwards.  DOUBLE FEATURE

Q827 Wild Things (85) Ashley Welles and Mauvais DeNoir just escaped prison, still in their orange jumpsuits and navigate the terrain in the sun. Their sights set on Patti Petite and husband Billy Dee. He's going to Colombia for some reason. They attack the two in bed. Mauvais ties Billy hands before making him her slave…. (This is the re-edit with the Traci Lords scenes cut out completely). Still you get Christy Canyon and other 'adult' porno pros

5044 Winter Heat  (78)  Four criminals led by Jaimie Gillis force their way into a remote cabin and rape / humiliate the three women inside….  roughie 

8181 With Love, Annette  (85) Annette Haven and Abigail Clayton

Q380-4045 Woman's Torment, A (77) A mentally deranged young woman Tara Chung) starts hallucinating, gets involved in lesbianism and murder…. Plays like an 80’s slasher flick– XXX style

4969 Women in Love  (81)  Laurien Dominique, Vanessa Del Rio, Ron Jeremy

Q362 Women in Trouble (86) Michelle Bauer Bondage/ Electrical Torture etc. Not Hardcore, but an obscure Bauer Bondage flick

7438 Working it Out  (84) New York City hooker Holly (Joanna Storm) inherits a bankrupt health club from her Uncle…. She arrives in San Francisco to discover the club needs a lot of money and labor to get it on it’s feet…  She’s advised to sell it, but Holly and her friend (Erica Boyer) convince a contractor to become a “partner” in the venture and soon they are attracting male patrons….who get a little something extra from Holly and Erica…. But soon Holly and Erica are too exhausted to “serve” all the male patrons and decide to offer “sexercising” classes for ladies only.  They now have plenty of ladies to perform their “sexual aerobics” which of course the men benefit from.  Erica Boyer, Joanna Storm, Danielle and Janey Robbins

7418 WSEX Erotic Radio  (84) aka: Erotic Radio WSSX  Kay Parker, Bunny Bleu and Becky Savage

Q710 X-Runners (00) Girls, Guns and Hard-Core Sex - F.L.- BA

7426 XXX Bloopers  (84)  behind the scenes

7037 XXX Porn Sampler  (90's)  Asian and Euro clips.  Mutilating the Virgin, Tie-Up Stewardess, Lover M, Kinky Camera Man's Vulgar Vacation and more !


6019-7005 XXX Trailers # 1  ()  Lots of 70's & 80's XXX films.  (Many of which we carry !)

7074 XXX Trailers # 2  ()  More….

7012 XXX Trailers # 3  ()  STILL more…..

L25 XXX Trailers # 4 - More Golden Age porn trailers

L26 XXX Trailers # 5 - And more !

L27 XXX Trailers # 6 - More !


7035 Young and Innocent  (81) aka: Wild Innocents   summer camp porno

7038 Young Girls in Bondage  (77)  +  Begging For It  (72)  DOUBLE FEATURE  An early Avon Production.  (second feature poor quality)   All actresses are 18 or older

T640 Young Widows in Heat (78) aka: Veuves En Chaleur - A man consoles horny widows  Brigitte Lahaei

7495 Younger the Better, The  (83)  An aged prostitute enlists the aid of a trio of teenage hookers to help rejuvenate her sex-for-sale business.  Jennifer West   All actresses are 18 or older

9123 Zazel (96) Psychedelic imagery and hot babes