Q194 14 Amazons, The (72) Incredible Classic! Opening sequence has a Samurai Leader and his men cornered by the enemy. He sends off two of his men to inform his women, (and kingdom) of his/their fate. He battles to the death in a gut wrenching scene as he is surrounded by the bloodthirsty opponents who spear and slice his comrades leaving trails of gore everywhere before spearing him to death and propping his corpse up in battle pose. When his clan finds out, 14 women assume the roles of the defeated men! Pretty violent, with decapitations, limb chopping and panoramic battle scenes - LBX with Subs

3553 2 + 5 Mission Hydra (66) Aliens kidnap humans for a zoo in their solar system

8629 2009: Lost Memories (01) Incredible sci-fi action. Subs.

8321 300 Spartans, The (62)

1502 A.P.E. (76)

8526 Achilles (60's) Gordon Mitchell BA

3671 Adventure Island (47)

T625 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (John Carradine) + A Tale of Two Cities (Wendell Corey) - 2 more shows from the 50's

Q584 Adventures of Mark Twain, The (85) Claymation fantasy - Nice FX

Q741 Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island (36) 2 Discs or 2 VHS - $20

981 Adventures of UltraMan () animated full length

978 Agent for H.A.R.M. (65)

Q958 Agon (68) Another obscure Japanese Monster show !!! This beast resembles Godzilla, and he enjoys his ability to trample all perceived enemies underfoot. Shot in black and white, this has a real old-school feel, and Agon does move faster than his chubby cousin. This is in Japanese language and runs over 90 minutes so F.L.

L428 Akuma Kun 1 (66) aka: My Friend the Devil - Wonderful whimsical fantasy in which a child enlists the aid of a friendly demon to help him battle an assortment of monsters. In the first one they battle a blob from outer space covered in eyeballs.

T519 Akuma Kun 2 (66) More fun with the boy and his demon friend "Mephisto" and their adventures and battles with monsters - Great Japanese monster T.V. from the 60's - F.L.

T520 Akuma Kun 3 (66) More !! - F.L.

Q115 Ali Baba and the 7 Saracens (64) Gordon Mitchell - More obscure action adventure

P42 Alien Invasion (92) Hoyt Axton, Ray Walston - BA

L208 Alone Against Rome (62) Another classic sword and sandal - Reddish tint print

3504 Alphaville (65) called one of the best foreign sci-fi films ever!

K173 Amazing Masters of the Martial Arts ( 85) Nice docu on Kung Fu Genre

4515 Amazon Women aka: Gold of the Amazon Women (79) Donald Pleasence, Anita Ekberg, Bo Svenson

8612 Amazons (84) Madeline Stowe, Tamara Dobson, Stella Stevens, William Schallert

8980 Amazons of Rome (62) Louis Jordon, Sylvia Syms

8701 An Eternal Combat (84) LBX F.L. Time traveling samurai battle BA

539 Angry Red Planet, The (60)

9248 Animal World (56) Willis O'Brien and Ray Harryhausen did the dino FX in the opening sequences of this nature docu followed by a Karl Zeman short - B.A.

7525 Apple, The (80) Catherine Mary Stewart - God awful sci-fi musical must be seen to be believed. Set in 1994.

6104 AquaMan (85) unsold pilot for proposed series based on the DC character. Poor quality.

2814-5385 Arabian Adventure, An (79) Chris Lee, Peter Cushing!

L720 Aragami (03) A god of battle and a samurai do battle in a remote temple. - Subs

4639 Archer: Fugitive From the Empire, The ( 81)

2668 ArgoMan (67)

Q173 Ashura (05) It's 19th century Japan. Demons and Slayers are at war in this Super Astounding Big Budget Visual FX Extravaganza guaranteed to blow your mind! As close to Manga as you can get. When the demons die they explode in green blooded geysers. Cool M.C. Escher styled upside castle, brilliantly colorful settings, more - LBX -Subs

3508 Assignment: OuterSpace (60) Italian made space epic

L205 Atlas Against the Czar (64) Kirk Morris

1664 Atlas, In the Land of the Cyclops (61)

1166-9610 Atomic Rulers of the World (64) Starman!

8569 Ator: The Fighting Eagle (83) BA

2404 Ator the Invincible (64)

L790 Atragon (63) aka: Atragon the Flying Sub - LBX Subs BA

9610 Attack From Space (64) Starman!

8561 Attack of the Monsters (69) aka: Gamera vs. Guillon - LBX

1809 Attack of the Mushroom People (63) LBX

Q609 Attila (54) Anthony Quinn and Sophia Loren

2029 Aurora Encounter, The (85)

6349 Avenger (60's) live action superhero adventure! BA

L192 Avenger of the Seven Seas (61) Richard Harrison pirate epic

N96 Avenger of Venice (64) Brett Halsey - In Italian language - F.L.

L203 Avenger, The (62) aka: The Last Glory of Troy - Sequel to "The Trojan Horse" - Steve Reeves stars

T795 Azumi 2 : Death or Love (05) More sword action fantasy ! Assassins battle to survive vengeful enemies and plot to kill another targeted War Lord - With Subs and Trailer

8616 B.C. Rock (70's) Caveman cartoon. R-Rated,

L178 Balboa, Conquistador of the Pacific ( 67) Based on the Spanish explorer who discovered the Pacific ocean with savages, battles and an Indian Queen.

T577 Ballad of Narayama, The (83) In a small village in a valley, everyone who reaches the age of 70 must go to a certain mountain to die. Before an old woman goes, she must make sure her son is set...LBX - F.L.

Q544 Band of Assassins (69) Mifune Toshiro - LBX - Subs

T160 Bandits of Corsica, The (53) Paula (Beast from 20,000 Fathoms) Raymond, Lee Van Cleef, Raymond Burr BA

2783 Barbarian Master (83)

8086 Barbarians, The (87)

L197 Barber of Seville (46) Mario Costa directs - Amazing Italian Opera with lots and lots of singing. A lost land for sure. F.L.

L836 Bare Breasted Amazons (74) aka: War Goddess aka: The Amazons - Subtitled with alternate footage in poor quality or in great quality under the "War Goddess" title in English - Make sure you request the War Goddess version if that's the one you want

6441 BatMan Rarities () rare promos, clips, commercials, and the 1988 Late Show cast reunion + more BA 2 hours (quality varies from poor, fair to good)

Q384-9200 Battle Beyond the Sun (60) Edd Perry

8881 Battle in Outer Space (59) English

8085-2728 Battle of the Amazons (70)

325 Battle of the Worlds (61)

L209 Beast of Babylon against the Son of Hercules (63) Released in 1963 on Christmas day. With Gordon Scott

6094-820 Beast of Hollow Mountain (56) Willis O'Brien's dino western which predates Harryhausen's "Gwangi" by over 10 years! LBX

8432 Beatrice Cenzi (56) RARE costumer. Fair quality In Italian F.L.

8403-2798 Beauty and the Beast (62) Colorful film is more a werewolf flick with Jack Peirce creating a beast that resembles the 1941 WolfMan BA

Q908 Bells of Death (68) Shaw Brothers action classic- LBX with Subs

L898 Big Brother Cheng (75) More LBX with Subs Shaw Brothers

L667 Bigfoot : Man or Beast (71) Another docu on the hairy one. The determination of our obsessed myth hunters is ... inspiring? No. Hilarious? Yes! A nice slice of 70's idiocy. Watch them cry, hope and obsess about beasties that have always been fiction.

994 Biggles, Adventures in Time (86) Peter Cushing!

L99 Black Archer, The (59) More adventure directed by Piero Pierotti

Q928 Black Devils of Kali (54) aka: Mystery of the Black Jungle- Lex Barker stars in this jungle fantasy - B.A.

M61 Black Duke, The (63) aka: Cesar Borgia - Cameron Mitchell stars as the title character in this stunning epic with numerous battle sequences

M69 Black Pirates, The (54) Robert Clarke, Lon Chaney Jr., Anthony Dexter - Robert L. Lippert produced - Picturesque action/adventure

2396 Black Scorpion, The (57)

8542 Black Tulip, The (64) Alain Delon. France 1789 masked buccaneer action. BA

K166 Black Water Gold (70) Adventure in sunken treasure with Keir Dullea, Lana (Demon Rage) Wood, Bradford Dillman and Ricardo Montalban

6203 BlackBeard (52)

M71 Blackie the Pirate (71) aka: Il Corsaro Nero - Pirate film with Terence Hill, Bud Spencer and George Martin - F.L.

8270 Blade Master, The aka: Ator the Invincible (84) sequel to "Ator: The Fighting Eagle" BA

K172 Blazing Ninja, The (73)

Q464 Blister (00) aka: Yuji : The American Comic Figure Junkie - Yuji and his friends are obsessed fans. Yuji collects plastic action figures, still inside their "Blister" packages. Mixed in the story-line is a futuristic sci-fi sub-plot set 200 years in the future. If you are an obsessed toy collector (or any genre type collector for that matter) you will easily identify with this homage to your addiction. Subs

6522 Blonde Savage (47)

9720 Blooba (40's) - Impossibly rare Japanese Tarzan shot on the same sets as the American Tarzan! Amazing! Funny as Hell! - F.L.

4902 Blood of Fu Manchu (68) alternate “Kiss and Kill“ Chris Lee

L946 Blood on His Sword (61) French / Italian costumer - In English

L823 Blue Tornado (91) Pasty Kensit and David Warner star with Dirk Benedict in this Italian made Sci - Fi about U.F.O.'s

T867 Body Troopers (96) Norway fantasy film take on "Fantastic Voyage". A young boy becomes microscopic to enter his sick Granddad's Bloodstream. There he befriends Gramps various Guts (who are all talking creatures respectively). Ever have a conversation with Lung Matter? He hooks up with a "White Blood Cell" and together they try to solve the riddle of Gramps illness. They discover they must do battle with the evil Calcium Crystals that are creating a major kidney stone. Sets are impressive- lots of cool costumes and bizarre make-ups and more! Beware the "Bad Breath Monster"! Yet another bizarre kiddie tale that would probably get censored here as it's more than a little creepy. A great companion to "Magic of the Universe " for sheer offbeat weirdness. - In English too - BA

4365 Bodysnatcher from Hell (68) aka: Goke: Bodysnatcher from Hell Letterboxed in English

K21 Bomba: Safari Drums (53) Rare T.V.

K22 Bomba and the African Treasure (52) Lyle Talbot and Woody Strode (small bit part for Strode)

K18 Bomba and the Jungle Girl (52) Rare T.V.

K23 Bomba and the Killer Leopard (54) Beverly Garland

K19 Bomba and the Lost Volcano (50) Also with Elena Verdugo - Rare T.V.

K17 Bomba on Panther Island (49) Johnny Sheffield ("Boy" on the old Tarzan flicks) is Bomba on all of these. Rare T.V.

K20 Bomba the Jungle Boy (49) Rare T.V.

4539 Boxer’s Omen, The (83) snapping crocodile skulls, killer bats, giant spiders, a giant disembodied brain -and more highlight this martial arts! Fair quality.

5050 Boy Who Left Home to Find Out About the Shivers, The (83) Chris Lee, David Warner, Frank Zappa BA

9874 Brain 17 (85) robot madness!

L206 Brennus, Enemy of Rome (63) aka: Battle of the Valiant - Gordon Mitchell and Tony Kendall star

1110 Brides of Fu Manchu, The (66) Chris Lee fullscreen

Q358 Brides of Fu Manchu, The (66) Finally a nice LBX print of this Christopher Lee Action Thriller - The Full Frame versions of these films did not do them justice. See them how they were meant to be seen!

Q939-L698 Broken Oath (77) Angela Mao GREAT classic revenge in best quality ever! LBX - Subs - BA

9434 Bruce and the Shaolin Bronze Men ( 70's) Action fantasy - BA

3674-8318 Bubble, The aka: Fantastic Invasion of Planet Earth (66)

T651 Bullet Wives (05) More over the top Thai made action - Subs

5301 Bwana Devil (52) Fair quality. No 3-D.

L184 Cabiria (1914) That's right, 1914 filmed peplum and if you are a fan of this genre you owe it to yourself to see this epic historical classic. Great sets, child sacrifices, and superb action pieces. - Subs

8983 Caesar Against the Pirates (62) Gordon Mitchell

B47-8982 Caesar the Conqueror (61) Cameron Mitchell

T207 Cannibal Attack (54) Johnny Weismuller in yet another Jungle Jim outing - BA

7236 Capitaine Tempete(63)costume adventureF.L.

7157 Captain Mephisto and the Transformation Machine(45)Feature version of Republic's serial "Manhunt of Mystery Island".

6204 Captain Nemo and the Underwater City ( 70) Chuck Conners and Robert Ryan- LBX

T591 Captain Scarlett (53) Richard Greene - Swashbuckler!

P92 Captain Sinbad (63)

L85 Caroline and the Rebels (55) Bridgette Bardot - French made costumer with the inimitable Bardot

8858 Carthage in Flames (60) Cameron Mitchell

K58 Casshern (04) Another wild Digital FX movie (like Sky Captain) built around the actors in an intense action sci-fi experience. Elaborate, mind numbing, huge budgeted - Don't miss this one ! Runs about 2 hours and 20 minutes - Recommended - Subs

660 Castle of Fu Manchu (68) Chris Lee

Q439 Cavalier of the Devil's Castle, The ( 59) Massimo Serato - Sergio Corbucci wrote the story/screenplay for this Mario Costa directed obscurity - In English, but there are some crackles on soundtrack

L65-9431 Cave of the Silken Web (67) Atmospheric action packed Shaw Brothers fantasy - Now LBX and with Subs

9803 Centurion (64) Epic directed by Antonio Margheriti - Romans are raping and killing Christians - A Gladiator escapes and goes on a rampage of revenge - Letterboxed classic!

7216 Centurion aka: Fall of Rome(62)Rare sword and sandal.LBX

L214 Cesare Borgia (63) Cameron Mitchell stars - Fair quality

6247 Charge of the Black Lancers (62) F.L.

M84 Charge of the Lancers (54) William Castle directs, with Paulette Goddard - Rare T.V.

K185 Charles's Berlitz's The Bermuda Triangle (78) Wow! Sensationalistic, Fabricated and UTTER NONSENSE, with, a miniscule thread of truths and half- truths running throughout, including some fun facts (ha!) of The Philadelphia Experiment and more general propaganda lunacy... Lots of fun !

L699 Chase, The (72) Bloody Golden Harvest sword film - Subs

Q888 Cherry Blossom Fire Gang (72) More 17th Century action with Tomisaburo (Shogun Assassin) Wakayama - Subs, Trailers and LBX

Q415 Children of the Stones (77) Scientist Adam Brake and his son Matthew arrive in the sleepy English village of Milbury to find it under the grip of weird psychic powers, unleashed by the sinister village squire, Hendrick, and whose power they struggle to break. Light fare, but a creepy little gem of a story and an unsettling atmosphere take it levels above the mundane. 2 DVD-R or VHS + B.A. for only $23 !

T380 Chinese Boxer, The (70) Shaw Brothers, Jimmy Wang Yu Martial Arts action - LBX with Subs

Q234 Chinese Tall Story, A (05) Visually Astonishing Fantasy complete with Monsters, Incredible CGI, Medieval Backdrop and more - LBX - Subs

T744 Choke Canyon (86) Avidio G. Assonitis production hybrid sci - fi with Stephen Collins, Lance Henriksen and Bo Svenson. Entertaining action with cheesy FX - B.A.

T232A Chronik Eines Hofnarren - LBX German language Karl Zeman film

Q507 Cinderella and Mr. Goodluck (41) Picturesque Fairy Tale with Silvana Jachino directed by Sergio Tofano - In Italian Language - F.L.

3214 Circle of Iron (80) David Carradine, Christopher Lee

8779 Clan of the Amazons (90's) Battle action epic. LBX Subs.

X10 Clash of Steel (62) aka: The Cavalier of Paradise - In French - Gerard Barry - Quality only fair

6428 Cleopatra's Daughter (61) Debra Pagent, Robert Alda

3579 Close Encounters aka: Sound (82) Italian made ripoff of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind“ halted from official release by Spielberg! LBX With subs – fair quality – with Peter Fonda

1798-7450 Cobra Woman (44)

8855-P100 Colossus and the Amazon Queen (60) Rod Taylor, Ed Fury- Greek gladiators, Busty Amazons and vagabond pirates

L183/L84 Colossus and the Headhunters (62) Kirk Morris - Maciste and his people get caught between warring tribes as they flee a volcano ravaged island

7208 Colossus of Rhodes, The (61) 2 hour 8 min. sword n sandal epic!

36 Colossus of the Arena (60’s)

8283 Colossus: The Forbin Project (70) BA

D869 Conqueror of Atlantis, The (65)

B42 Conqueror of the Orient, The (62)

5134 Conquerors of the World (83) Gory Italian made cavemen eating brains, and a killer bear that rips off faces! 18+

1526 Conquest of Space (54)

2907 Conquest of the Earth (80) Battlestar Galactica battles Cylons

T585 Constantine and the Cross (62) Cornel Wilde portrays the Roman Emperor Constantine

T745 Control (87) Fifteen strangers take part in an experiment to learn whether such a group can survive in a cramped Fallout shelter. BA

T395 Coplan Saves His Skin (68) Klaus Kinski action adventure - Only Fair quality on this one - F.L.

1585 Cosmos: War of the Planets (78)

M67 Countdown to Doomsday (67) More spy action

3682 Crack in the World (65)

672 Crater Lake Monster (67)

9623 Crocodile Men, The (80's) Hilariously inept giant crocodile FX dominate this fantasy yarn - Subs

P115 Crossbow : Adventures of William Tell ( 86) Guy Madison

Q635 Crossed Swords (54) Errol Flynn, Gina Lollabrigida - According to IMDB this the proverbial "Holy Grail" for fans of Flynn - Adventurer sets out to save a princess's father's kingdom

L534 Crossed Swords (78) aka: The Prince and the Pauper - Oliver Reed, Mark Lester, Raquel Welch,, Ernest Borgnine, Sybil Danning, George C. Scott and more.....

T989 Crow Student Film , The (99) Two young filmmakers decided to film their version of J.O. Barr's immortal comic. Shot on video, this manages to capture the spirit of the comic and also a fantastic use of montage. Check it out.

3278 Cry Blue Sky aka: Eyes of Fire ( 84)

3395 Crying Freeman (95) Brian Yuzna- a triumph of atmosphere, style, and bloodshed reminds of John Woo or Ridley Scott. LBX BA

3383 Cyber Ninja (87)

7441-T978 Cyborg 2087 (66) Michael Rennie. Earth sends cyborg back in time to change the future. Sound (Terminator) familiar? BA

T598 Cyrano De Bergerac (50) Jose Ferrer, Elena Verdugo

8428 Dagolis vs. Bolioas (90's) goofy Japanese lang. monster mash F.L.

4776 Dagora, The Space Monster (63)

2277 Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. (66) Peter Cushing

B46 Damon and Pythias (62) Guy Williams

M33-Q114 Danger! Death Ray (68) Gordon Scott stars in more spy action

2030 Dark Planet, The (89)

1617 Dark Star (75)

8433 Das Geheimnis der Burg in den Karpaten (60's) German language fantasy

8436 Das Geheimnis der Stahlernen Stadt (79) aka: The Secret of Steel City RARE Czechoslovakian fantasy based on Jules Verne stories. In German F.L.

Q394 Das Singende, Klingende Baumchen (57) aka: The Singing Tree - Colorful Fairy Tale Fantasy with weird creatures, crazy set designs and abundant color! In English too

L180-6242 Daughter of the Jungle (82) Umberto Lenzi directed. A lighter take on the usual Lenzi Amazonian adventure and now in English

T604-3649 David and Goliath (60) Orson Welles - Would make a great double feature with Mother Goose...BA

3633 Day Mars Invaded Earth, The (62) BA

T962/T963 Day of the Triffids (81) Bright Comet Blinds People of the Earth. Walking Killer Plants Crave Rotting Flesh. What's a survivor to do? Two discs or tapes - All 6 parts complete - $24

9607 Day the Earth Froze, The (59)

1702 Day Time Ended, The (78)

L701 Deadly China Doll, The (72) Angela (Broken Oath) Mao is beating everyone's ass again , old school style! + trailers!

Q432 Deadly Jaws (74) Plundered Conquistador Gold is the lure for young adventurers, but they face many obstacles, including Sharks - Nice under-water photography

P113 Deaf and the Mute Heroine, The (71) Great vintage classic old school Kung- Fu fantasy

L272 Death Curse, The (03) Asian film mixes House on Haunted Hill with Sixth Sense as a group of people must stay in a haunted mansion to claim their inheritance - Subs - LBX - BA

9616 Death is Nimble, Death is Quick (67) Brad Harris, Tony Kendall Spy-Fi action thriller that delivers : (Spy-Fi: Sci-Fi with Spy elements) A great one!

Q909 Death Valley (68) Shaw Brothers- A hired killer unknowingly befriends a man he has been hired to assassinate - LBX, Trailers and Subs

6390 Decameron Nights (53) Louis Jourdon, Joan Collins

8442 Der Barbar Von Santa Cruz (63) aka: Zorro contro Maciste  Umberto Lenzi peplum F.L.

8437 Der Silberne Planet (The Silent Planet) (87) F.L. directed by Andrzej Zulawski sci-fi. Explorers leave earth to start a new world. Bizarre surreal easy to follow tale detailing their doomed existence.

L441 Descendant of the Sun (82) Classic Shaw Brothers fantasy with Subs

Q614 Desert Warrior (56) Ricardo Montalban

1813 Destination InnerSpace (66) RARE TV $ 10

543 Destination Moon (50)

732 Destroy All Planets (68)

5267 Devil of the Desert vs. the Son of Hercules (62) BA

L87 Devil's Cavaliers, The (59) Italian costumer - Fair quality

L489 Die Siegfried (67) Whom the Gods Wish to Destroy part 2 - Mighty swords clash in this killer sequel - Fantastic! LBX - BA

T416 Dimension 5 (66) Jeffrey Hunter stars in this Time Travel Sci-Fi… BA

1619 Dinosaurus (60)

L883 Disciples of the 36th Chamber (85) More great Shaw Brothers LBX and with Subs

1704 Doctor Who and the Daleks (65)

3611 Dogs in Space (88) dead INXS singer Michael Hutchence stars

3237 Donner Pass (84) Andrew Prine – pioneers resort to cannibalism

2498 Doomsday Machine aka: Escape From Planet Earth (67)

3598 Dr. Caligari (89) cult trash sleaze eroti-mania 18+

T773 Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam (86) From his neon lit cave, Dr. Otto is on the verge of attaining his deranged dream of world domination. Another "Really out there" flick. Jim Varney stars!

T170 Dragon Swamp (69) Shaw Brothers costume fantasy - LBX with Subs

T221 Drifting Classroom, The (94) school lost in another dimension encounters strange creatures. Troy Donahue is the teacher. Cool fx! Subs

M72 Drums of Tahiti (54) Originally filmed in 3-D - Directed by William Castle and produced by Sam Katzman - Visually impressive

N98 Drums of the Congo (42) 19 year old Dorothy Dandridge, Peggy Moran, Turhan Bey - Search for a meteorite that has fallen in the jungle. Sound has a low hiss, but picture is okay.

9330 Duel of the Champions (6 1) Alan Ladd - Colorful

T807 Duel of the Iron Fists (71) aka: The Duel - More violent action Shaw Brothers - LBX - Subs

4864-1236 Duel of the Titans (61) Steve Reeves vs. Gordon Scott in this battle you won't want to miss !

7325 Duel of the Titans(61)LBX German language import print.(Also available in English- SPECIFY)

3662 Dune (84) UNCUT 3 hour version! TWO TAPE SET $20 VHS / $24 DVD-R

8527 Dynamite Johnson: The First Bionic Boy (78) hilarious bionic boy uses his kung fu bionic powers to thwart a gang of maniacal madmen who are trying to rule the world. BA

L537-9193 Earth 2 (71) From Import release with Gary Lockwood, Tony Franciosa and Mariette Hartley

6519-4811 East of Borneo (31) fantastic jungle chiller!

4658 Ebirah: Horror of the Deep aka: Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster (66) letterboxed

M70 El Corsario (70) Buccaneer loses his ship in a card game, ends up a prisoner on another ship, starts a mutiny and becomes a Captain...lots of action and cool scenery including buxom wenches - F.L.

L262 Electric Dragon (01) Young boy becomes electrified . As he ages his fits of rage shoot electric charges through his fists. A battle between himself and a wizardly electronic weapons dude lights up the sky in this Tetsuo-ish teck-trip - Black and White, 52 minutes - Subs - B.A.

1402 Emerald of Avatama, The (67)

6264 Encounter with the Unknown (73) Rod Serling narrates a trio of supernatural tales shot on a low budget BA

L175 Erik the Viking (65) Gordon Mitchell, Giuliano Gemma - Viking adventure with ships , battles, conquests and more .

6215 Escape From Galaxy 3 (86)

L225 Espionage in Tangiers (65) Nice spy action with all the formula plot elements with this type, super cars , wacky gadgets and stacked chicks -

T600 Esther and the King (60) A sexy young Joan Collins stars

811 Evil Brain From Outer Space (64) StarMan!

L484 Executioner of the Seas, The (61) aka: Avenger of the Seven Seas - Richard Harrison stars in this pirate swashbuckler - BA

3340 Executioner of Venice, The (63) BA

T390 Exile, The (47) Maria Montez, Henry Daniell, Nigel Bruce and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. star in this swashbucklin' adventure...

3699 Eyes Behind the Stars (72) OBSCURE sci-fi film !

4027 Fabioli (48) first of the big Italian spectacle movies! A Classic!

L191 Fabulous World of Baron Munchausen (61) aka: Baron Prasil - Another cool Karl Zeman FX film

709 Fabulous World of Jules Verne (58)

Q359-2205 Face of Fu Manchu, The (65) Finally a nice LBX print of this Christopher Lee Action Thriller

3702 Fairy and the Devil, The (80’s) fair quality – showcases a battle between a Chinese Majin and a giant white ape! F.L.

Q468 Fake Ghostbusters, The () Shaw Brothers Action, Fantasy - LBX with Subs

9432 Falcon of the Desert (65) Kirk Morris, Diana Loy - BA

3618 Falcon, The (81) aka: Banovic Strahinja   Franco Nero BA

6383 Fantaghiro aka: The Cave of the Golden Rose (94) English subs. Female warrior , knights, sorcery, kingdom action. Directed by Lamberto Bava, Sergio Stivaletti fx

6384 Fantaghiro 2 (95) She's back! Action masterpiece once again Lamberto Bava! English subs! Sergio Stivaletti fx!

1384 Fantastic Four, The (93) unreleased!

L189 Fantomas (64) In French with English Subs

L174 Fantomas Strikes Back (65) James Bond-ish campy spy action fantasy in French with English Subs

Q471 Fastest Sword, The (68) Shaw Brothers Action - LBX - Subs

4858 Fearless Frank (67) country bumpkin is killed and reincarnated as a monster fighting super-hero!! Jon Voight's film debut

9146 Female Ninja Magic Warriors 1 (89) Crazy Sexy Trashy Japanese Bimbos shoot "acid mIlk " from their breasts and battle evil villains. Great stuff! All in Japanese

9147 Female Ninja Magic Warriors 2 (91) More !

9148 Female Ninja Magic Warriors 3 (93)

9149 Female Ninja Magic Warriors 4 (95)

N91 Fighting Guardsman, The (46) Uprising against Aristocrats before the French Revolution

6404 Final Countdown, The (80) aircraft carrier goes back in time right before the Pearl Harbor attack BA

Q927 Fire Maidens from Outer Space (55) camp classic - B.A.

3707 Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hercules (62)

9197 First Spaceship on Venus (63) Letterboxed

M62 Flame of Calcutta (53) Sam Katzman produced actioneer set in 1760 India with mostly American cast playing the locals and the British - Rare T.V.

N89 Flight of the Lost Balloon (62) Nice fantasy directed by Nathan (Jack the Giant Killer and more) Juran, with some FX by Jim Danforth -

2577 Flight to Mars (51) Cameron Mitchell

L888 For Bad Boys Only (00) Lots of fantastic action and Matrix - esque FX - Subs

5369 Force on Thunder Mountain (77) UFOs are encountered BA

7245 Fra Diavolo(62)Obscure costumer.In Spanish.No subs.

L424 Frankenstein vs. Baragon (66) Uncut and Wide screen with Subs ! + Extra Monster Fish alternate ending and extra scenes! BA

8502 Freddie of the Jungle (81) Tarzan variation played for laughs with stacked Amazon women and jungle adventure.

Q5 Fugitive Alien (78/86) Tatsuya Azuma - FX Laden movie version (spliced together from various episodes) of the Japanese 'Star Wars" imitation series entitled "Star Wolf". Marauding Wolf Raiders in a Space Chase to the Death! - BA

8908 Fury at Smugglers Bay (61) Peter Cushing Fair quality only at this time on this title

B51 Fury of Achilles (62) Gordon Mitchell

1403 Fury of Hercules, The (61)

Q923 Fury of the Jungle (33) Obscure

4887 Galgameth (92) weird Italian language, fantasy, monster in a medieval land. The title creature grows gigantic and helps peasants battle the evil oppressors of the land - Big budget BIG monster fun

4012 Gamera (66) UNCUT LBX Subs !

4818 Gamera 3 (99) Subs and letterboxed

1494 Gamera vs. Barugon (66)

1495 Gamera vs. Gaos (67)

1493 Gamera vs. Guiron (69)

2316-3989 Gamera vs. Legion (96) subs

6170-762 Gamera vs. Monster X (70)

338 Gamera vs. Zigra (71)

9261 Gerry Anderson's Supercar Vol. 2 (60) 4 episodes of this rarely seen puppetoon action show that's been out of print for over a decade - BA

5381 Ghost Warrior (84) Samurai wakes up after 400 years into the 1980's - It could have been worse - it could have been the 90's

668-9198 Giant Behemoth, The (59) UNCUT! (not the cut video release!)

6426-3912 Giant Monster Pulgasary (67) English subs.

9422 Giant of Evil Island (65) Rock Stevens stars in this pirates of the seas action pic - Ship battles and sword fights

2234 Giant of Metropolis, The (61)

3713 Giant of the Marathon (60) classic sword and sandal directed by Jacques Tourneur and cinematography Mario Bava!

9331 Giants of Rome, The (63) Richard Harrison

3712 Giants of Thessaly (60)

T618 Gideon and Samson (68) Fernando Rey, Rosalba Neri - Yet More Biblical Nonsense

1565 Gigantis the Fire Monster aka: Godzilla Raids Again (55)

T980 Gigantor the Big Red Robot (60's) Okay, we dug and couldn't get the exact title of this one. Everything is in Japanese - Like Johnny Sokko and his flying robot - With Great Cheesy Opening song ! Culled from a show and assembled here. Episodic similar to Ultraman- except primarily giant robot battles galore. A Japanese Genre unto itself. - F.L. - BA

T997 Gigglesnort Hotel (75) Zany T.V. show from the early 80's that got the shaft because it was supposedly to scary for kids! Lots of scale models and puppets. Now I sleep with the lights on.

8906 Gimmie Gimmie Octopus (90's) In Japanese - Wacky Wacky Barney TeleTubby-Esque insanity will have you rolling on the floor

9372 Ginseng King (89) What the hell?! A living ginseng plant with magic powers helps a kid and a jungle girl battle zombies, fly around the world, battle a multi-headed giant and all played dead serious. You'll be rolling in the first 5 minutes when the ginseng thing begins to talk! Very rare- some glitches - Subs - BA

8907 Girl Divers of Ama (59) In Japanese

1077 Girl in His Pocket (63)

L830 Girl with the Thunderbolt Kick, The ( 69) aka: Golden Swallow - Colorful Chop Fooey action! Subs

B49-1624 Gladiators of Rome (62)

9332 Gladiators Seven (62) Richard Harrison - LBX with nice scantily clad bimbos

8320 Godzilla vs.. the Movie Monsters () docu, lots of trailers, more BA

692 Gog (54)

L426-T445 Goke: Bodysnatcher from Hell (62) I don't know what the hell American distributors did to this one when they released it! It was a complete mess and snipped to pieces making it worthless. Here it is Uncut and Wide screen with Subs.

T445 Goke: Bodysnatchers From Hell (68) LB in English

2488 Gold of the Amazon Women aka: Amazon Women (79)

T857 Gold Raiders (83) aka: Fire Game - This action flick defies all logic and just throws in everything ! Funny attack vampire bats, hilarious shark monster fish, underwater battles, and you won't believe Ginty's hang glidin' dirt bike armed with rocket launchers. The goal is gold bouillon- and the race is on as Commando's try to recover the bootie before a warlord gets his grubby hands on it. As bad as this action sludge is- you'll enjoy every inept jaw-dropping moment! - BA

M34 Golden Arrow, The (62) Tab Hunter stars in this Antonio Margheriti directed fantasy also with Rossana Podesta -LBX

M86 Golden Blade, The (53) Rock Hudson romances (not) a young Piper Laurie in this Nathan Juran directed revenge and battle filled adventure.

L67 Golden Buddah, The (66) Colorful James Bondish formula with trailer -LBX and Subs

T273 Golden Mistress, The (54) John Agar jungle thriller with voodoo, a Pagan tribe and Golden Idols - A must! And in Color!

P157 Golden Swallow (68) Great Shaw Brothers classic LBX with Subs

L342 Goldface : The Fantastic Superman (68) Masked super-hero battles "The Cobra" a villain hell-bent on world domination - Quality only fair on this title

9433 Goliath against the Arabs (61) See the muscle-man defend the Kurds and liberate those under rule of the Arabs! - BA

4053-1398 Goliath Against the Giants (62)

L190 Goliath and the Barbarians (59) Steve Reeves - Quality only Fair on this title

3832-1299 Goliath and the Dragon (60)

B56 Goliath and the Sins of Babylon (63) Mark Forest BA

7488 Goliath and the Vampires aka: The Vampires (64)

9946 Goliath Awaits (81)Christopher Lee.Mutant survivors live in an underwater sunken ship world which is discovered after being underwater for forty years.UNCUT!! VHS OR DVD $22

8078 Gor (87)

4230 Gorath (62) UNCUT

L425 Gorath (62) Uncut and Wide screen with Subs! Great! With Giant walrus scenes intact! - BA

9419 Gordian, the Glorious Avenger (60's) aka: Tyrant of Lydia Against the Son of Hercules - With Gordon Scott

6319 Gordon the Black Pirate (63) aka: Rage of the Buccaneers - Vincent Price, Ricardo Montalban- great color and spectacle and quite RARE !

1121 Gorgo (61)

4660 Gorilla (56) color rarity filmed in the Belgian Congo

Q757 Great Rupert, The (50) Terry Moore, Jimmy Durante - From George Pal productions. Enter a stop-motion animated Squirrel that helps a family overcome their obstacles around Xmas time - B.A.

X4 Green Mansions (59) Anthony Perkins romances Rima the Bird Girl - LBX

L707 Gunbus (86) aka: The Sky Bandits - Old West gunfighters end up as fighter pilots in WW1 in this huge FX extravaganza that needed over 500 technicians to pull off the FX ! Not a bunch of guys just playing on computers...If you missed this one and love to see big bucks spent on action sequences with lots of impressive technical craftsmanship- this is for you!

L173 Guns of the Black Witch (61) Decent Italian made swashbuckler. LBX and in English with Don Megowan

345-9202 Half Human (57)

Q616 Hawk of Castile, The (67) Sidney Pink presents

4152 Hawk of the Caribbean (63) Excellent Italian swashbuckler with Johnny Desmond BA

2313 Hawk the Slayer (80)

3718 Head of a Tyrant (59)

2315 Hearts and Armor (83) Tanya Roberts

L66 Heaven and Hell (80) Colorful action packed Shaw Brothers with wacky stories involving Heaven , Earth and Hell - LBX with Subs

T817 Heaven's Soldiers (05) The end has come. As a Nuke is being delivered, a comet nears earth and sends the bearers of doom and an opposing squadron back to 1572. War, Sci - Fi, Humor, Huge Battles, Bloody Sword Fights, Original execution of used concept. Recommended - LBX - Subs

334-1287 Hercules (59) Steve Reeves! The one that started it all!

Q255 Hercules Against Rome (64) Alan Steel - F.L.

B53 Hercules Against the Barbarians (64) Mark Forest

Q740-5266 Hercules Against the Mongols (63) Mark Forest BA

336 Hercules Against the Moon Men (64)

8400 Hercules Against the Sons of the Sun ( 63) BA

3717 Hercules and the Captive Women (61) LBX

5387 Hercules and the Masked Rider (64) BA

Q739-3719 Hercules and the Princess of Troy (65) Just under an hour and in color with the coolest monster in any of these sword and sandal flicks

P98 Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon (64) Peter Lupus (as Rock Stevens) Hercules fights to free the people of Babylon from an evil sorceress

3050-3090 Hercules the Invincible (63) Dan Vadis LBX

322 Hercules Unchained (59) Steve Reeves

4813-5380 Hercules vs. the Moloch (63) Gordon Scott - LBX

8088 Hercules vs. the Sons of the Sun (64) Mark Forest BA

9643 Hercules, Prisoner of Evil (64) Reg Park Hercules battles an evil sorceress who turns men into werewolves

L666-8856 Hercules, Samson and Ulysses (63) Kirk Morris

6507 Herculoids, The : Volume #1 (67-69) Great cartoon! King Zandor and a group of bizarre creatures (Rock Ape, Gleep, Gloop, and the gang) protect their futuristic kingdom from creatures from other galaxies

8237 Herculoids, The : Volume #2 (67-69)

6508 Herculoids, The : Volume #3 (67-69)

B45 Hero of Rome (64) Gordon Scott

T596 Herod the Great (59) Edmund Purdom

Q856 Hero's Island (62) On an island off the Carolina Coast, an 18th century family is besieged by murderous fisherman - With James Mason, Neville Brand, Rip Torn, Harry Dean Stanton and Warren Oates - Action and Adventure !

1803 H-Man, The (59)

341 Human Vapor, The (60)

K184 Humanoid Woman (81) Russian language sci-fi about an astronaut that meets and falls for a humanoid women in outer space - In Russian

3364 Hundra : Female Barbarian (83)

6291 Hundred Monsters, The (68) F.L.

L199 Hunt for the Golden Scorpion (92) Umberto Lenzi directed jungle thriller

2806 Hunters of the Golden Cobra (82) David Warbeck

7292 I Tigre di Mompracem (63) aka: Sandokan the Great  LBX Italian action Umberto Lenzi . Sandokan! F.L.

3721 Il Colosso Di Rodi (61) aka: The Colossus of Rhodes Sergio Leone with Rory Calhoun LBX Over 2 hours sword and sandal epic F.L. Huge production! (also available in English - SPECIFY)

7344 Il Conte Ugolino (49) aka: The Iron Swordsman RARE adventure directed by Riccardo Freda. F.L.

Q521 Il Corsaro Nero (71) aka: Blackie the Pirate Terence Hill - LBX

N94 Il Corsaro Nero (76) aka: The Black Pirate Mel Ferrer, Dagmar Lassander - Ships, Pirates, violent action, Spaniards, swordfights, death - LBX - F.L.

Q546 Il Mare (00) aka: Siworae Romance, Sci-Fi - LBX - Subs

T231 Il Planeta Errante (66) Who knows? Maybe somebody out there needs the German language print of the Italian space opera also known as "Planet on the Prowl" and "War Between the Planets"

7244 Il Ritono Del Gladiatore Piu Forte Del Mondo (71) aka: Three Giants of the Roman Empire Costume adventure with Brad Harris. In Italian. No subs.

7246 Il Vindicatore Dei Mayas (65) aka: Maciste Kirk Morris

L200 In Search of Ancient Astronauts, In Search of Ancient Mysteries (73) Rod Serling narrates this 2 part T.V. documentary that explores the theory that aliens are responsible for many of mankind's oldest mysteries

Q463 In the Name of the Tiger (05) Thai Action with Subs

7335 Incendio di Roma (Fire Over Rome) (65) RARE sword and sandal flick set during the time of Nero. F.L.

731 InfraMan (75)

L791 Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Cortesan (72) Shaw Brothers classic! Two women, both martial arts masters, sworn to vengeance! Nudity, bloody swordplay LBX - Subs

540 Invaders From Mars (53)

4194 Invaders of the Lost Gold (80) Laura Gemser, Stuart Whitman BA

3207 Invasion Earth: The Aliens are Here ( 86)

8319 Invasion From Inner Earth (77) BA

8536 Invasion U.F.O. (81) Ed Bishop in the movie length version of the series

6409 Invincible Barbarian, The (83) BA

T799 Invincible Fist, The (69) Shaw Brothers Sword Action - LBX - Subs

2366 Invincible Gladiators, The (64)

6247 Invincible Masked Rider (63) Umberto Lenzi F.L.

9362 Invincible Super Chan (80's) Wildly violent and hilariously dubbed samurai action - BA

7282 Iron Crown, The (41) Extremely RARE Italian language spectacle film. A crown made out of a nail from Christ's cross becomes a legend and a symbol of justice.

B22 Iron Duke, The (35) Obscure costumer

2365 Iron Warrior (87)

1992 IronMaster (83) Umberto Lenzi

2273 Isabella, Duchess of the Devils aka: Ms. Stiletto (69) An Alsacian Baron massacres the family of a French Duke, and takes his lands, and his title. Isabella, the Duke's baby child, escapes the massacre, is raised by gypsies, and comes back twenty years later to exact revenge

3527 Island of Dr. Moreau (77)

B16-8266 Island of the Blue Dolphins (64) Celia Kaye - In the early 1800's, a young Chumash girl and her brother miss the ship evacuating her people from an island off of Santa Barbara and must rely on her skills for survival amongst the island wilds - Little brother gets wasted by the vicious island dogs. The killer dog leader becomes her pet after she injures and dominates it. Based on a true story - Out of print, and never released on DVD!

8087-863 Island of the Lost (68) An anthropological expedition in the South Pacific discovers an island inhabited by prehistoric, mutant versions of modern animals and come upon a native boy who was left on the island as a survival test by his tribe.

2677 Island Warriors (84) Asian Amazon women rule an island. Way out camp-chop-sock action with loads of women – perfect companion piece to “Enter the 7 Virgins!“

Q691 J () Ultraman Styled, Cool Monsters + The Making of… F.L.

2035 Jack and the Beanstalk (52) Abbott and Costello!

4072 Jack Frost (65) Russian fairy tales with witches, talking trees, and gremlins!

3285 Jack the Giant Killer (62) musical version unreleased

Q835 Jade Tiger (77) Shaw Brothers LBX- Subs and with Bonus trailers

T284 Jaguar (56) Sabu stars in this jungle action! Also with Chiquita Johnson in her only film role!

3134 Japanese Spiderman (80’s)

9620 Jimmy the Boy Wonder (66) H.G.L. directed atrocity that must be seen to be believed! A real scream! The FX will have you scrambling for your home video equipment to make your own cheap-jack movie! Reeeaaallll bad acting. But it is a H.G.L. film after all.

2367 Joe 90 (80)

2484 Journey Beneath the Desert (61)

8314 Journey Into the Beyond (73) John Carradine narrates this West German docu on ESP, bizarre rituals and sacrificial offerings.

T33 Journey to an Unknown World (71) Guy takes his nephews kids into the Amazon where they help natives under siege by U.F.O.'s and aliens! Live action and animation combine for this ultra silly SCI - FI from Brazil! Dubbed into English!

Q884-1501 Journey to the Beginning of Time ( 55) 4 young boys visit a dinosaur exhibit at a New York city Museum of Natural History. Later while rowing in Central Park lake, they find a secret cave, paddling through, they arrive in a prehistoric world loaded with cool imaginative stop-motion animated dinosaurs. Excellent FX for 1955, in this Czech film (in English language) from Karl Zeman. - BA

Q615 Journey to the Center of the Earth, A ( 77) Animated

549 Journey to the Center of Time (68)

31 Journey to the Seventh Planet (61) John Agar

2653 Jungle Book, The (40)

M38 Jungle Girl and the Slavers (57) This rare film stars Marion (Liane the Jungle Goddess) Michael as a wild girl in a similarly themed jungle outing. (Quality is a bit soft on this one)

2184-2185 Jungle Jim : Devil Goddess (55) + Jungle Moon Men (55) Double Feature

2186-K16 Jungle Jim : Fury of the Congo ( 51) + Jungle Jim in Pygmy Island (50) Double Feature

1916 Jungle Jim : Jungle Jim (48) + Jungle Jim and the Lost Tribe (49) Double Feature

2187 Jungle Jim : Jungle Man-Eaters (54) + Killer Ape (53) Double Feature

2425 Jungle Jim : Mark of the Gorilla (50) + Jungle Jim in the Forbidden Land (52) Double Feature

9613 Jungle Man (41) Buster Crabbe - Decent jungle thriller with a giant snake, a lost city of the dead and more!

3329 Jungle Master, The (75) BA

6472 Jungle Raiders (85)

6197 Jungle Thrillers Volume # 1 () jungle thrills trailer tape! Approx 1 hr.

4694 Jungle Virgin Force (83) Indonesian. Island women worship a female warrior that rescues them from a giant crocodile- Impalings decapitations cannibalism and more!

2675 Jungle Warriors (84) Sybil Danning, Marjoe Gortner

2034 Jupiter Menace, The (84) “docu” Narrated by George Kennedy

7257 Kali Yug, the Mystery of the Hindu Temple (63) Sequel to "Vengeance of Kali" same actors. In Italian. No subs.

L429 Kamen Rider 555 : Paradise Lost (2003) Lots of stunts and action LBX and with Subs + trailers - BA

9909 Kamen Rider Zeto (93) Amazing FX highlight this action fantasy. + Making of Docu.. - F.L.

T642 Kamikaze Girls (05) Fantastic Live Action Manja, check it out ! Subs

8627 Kampun: The Legend of the Warlord (00) Wild Thai epic with sex, gore, and a flying demon baby. F.L.

L433 Kappa No Sanpei (60's) Similar to Akuma Kun Vol. #1 - Mystical creature helps a kid battle monsters - One of the stories they battle giant monster skulls ! - Weird monster/fantasy show from the 60's and in Japanese language

M60 Karate Warrior (87) Chop-Sockey action with Kim Rossi Stuart, Ken Watanabe and Janet Agren

L858 Karim, The Sheik's Son (64) Rare desert action with Gordon Scott and Gordon Mitchell directed by Mario Costa - BA

8874 Killer Clans (73) Shaw Brothers martial arts action- LBX -Subs

L805 Killer Darts (68) Unreleased Shaw Brothers! - Subs

T555 Killer With 1000 Eyes (74) Anthony Steffan thriller - Fair quality

8680 Killing in the Nude (80's) LBX with subs

4383 Killings at Outpost Zeta, The (80)

1001 Kilma: Queen of the Amazons (86)

B57 Kindar the Invulnerable (64) Mark Forest

6400 King Arthur, The Young WarLord (75)

1002 King Dinosaur (55) BA

T123 King Kong (66) You Know the name of King Kong, Ten times as big as a man ! That's right the obscure cartoon series with almost 2 hours of episodes mixed with it's 60's companion cartoon Tom of T.H.U.M.B. which features Secret Agent Tom and his Asian sidekick BA

985 King Kong Escapes (68) UNCUT, LBX In English BA

L432 King Kong Escapes (68) UNCUT, LBX with Subs BA

4257-1844 King Kong vs. Godzilla (63) Japanese lang LBX Version (also available as full screen English language print SPECIFY)

T501 King Kong vs. Godzilla (63) Uncut LBX with Subs - Not the full screen release out there...

1618 King of Kong Island (68)

Q855 King of the Jungle (33) Buster Crabbe is Kaspa the Lion Man in this classic jungle man 'Tarzan' rip-off

2489 King Soloman’s Treasure (76)

6234 King Solomon's Mines (37)

Q453 King's Avenger, The (60) aka: Le Bosu - Costumer with Jean Marais - LBX - Subs

8431 Kings of France (59) based on the legend of Roland. Costumed action! Poor quality.

T797 Kings of the Sun (63) Awesome spectacle film depicts situations in pre- Columbus America with the Mayans versus the Toltecs. Nicely staged battle scenes and brilliant sets filmed on location. Yul Brynner, Richard Baseheart, and many others - Also look for Victoria Vetri in a small role.

M78 Kiss of Death, The (73) Infected with "Vietnam Rose" (a form of VD, brought to Hong Kong by American sailors!) a pissed off street fightin' bitch goes on a rampage - BA

L784 Kriemhild’s Revenge (24)

L490 Kriemhilds Rache, Die (67) aka: Whom the Gods Wish to Destroy - Great second part to "Die Siegfried" with fantastic photography and a great score and in English! LBX - BA

9258 Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave (86) Horror/action hybrid- BA

Q498 Kung-Fu Instructor, The (79) Shaw Brothers - LBX - Subs

9244 Kung-Fu Zombie (86) Wizards, zombies , black magic action - BA

8407-706 Kwaiden (65) Subs

2957 Laboratory (80) Aliens kidnap a group of humans in order to perform experiments upon them

hard-to-find sci-fi!

T620 Lady and the Highway Man, The (89) Oliver Reed

P159 Lady Hermit (70) Classic Shaw Brothers sword classic - LBX with Subs

Q852 Lady of the Law (69) Shaw Brothers- LBX with Subs

7457 Lady Snowblood (73) Kung Fu woman seeks revenge against those who murdered her parents. Ultra violent excellent classic! Subs.

L702 Lady Yakuza: Red Peony Gambler (68) LBX - with Subs !!

T375 Lady Yakuza: Red Peony Gambler 2: Gambler's Obligation (68) Sexy Oryu is a gambler by trade, a vigilante by vocation - Great Yakuza action - LBX Subs

T376 Lady Yakuza: Red Peony Gambler 3: The Flowers Card Game (69) LBX - Subs - Oryu and her saga continues...

6196 Land of Mother Goose (65) Hershall Gordon Lewis directs !

1468 Land Unknown (56)

1620 LaserBlast (78)

1401 Last Days of Pompei, The (60)

3462 Last Dinosaur, The (77)

Q480 Last Duel, The (82) Subs

B43-8859 Last of the Vikings, The (61) Sword Clasher with Cameron Mitchell

9370 Last War, The (61) Now uncut and Wide screen. You owe it to yourself to see this fantastic epic Japanese classic. See the destruction of London bridge, the decimation of the statue of liberty, earthquakes, tidal waves and more! Much better than the awfully edited U.S. release! - BA

M92 Latitude Zero (69) Wide screen Japanese Fantasy with Caesar Romero, Richard Jaeckel and Joseph Cotten + trailers - BA

7402 Le Meravigliose Adeventure di Guerin Meschino (51) super RARE costume adventure from the director of Hercules F.L.

6403-3208 Legend of Alfred Packer (80) BA

Q777 Legend of Bigfoot, The (76) Ivan Marx

2532 Legend of Hillbilly John, The (73)

Q620 Legend of Robin Hood, The (71) Animated

L68 Legend of the Bat (78) More Shaw Brothers - Fantastic colorful classic with trailers - LBX - Subs - Recommended!

1616 Legend of the Dinosaurs (83)

7387 Legend of Zu(2001)Majestic huge scope fantasy with great fx !LBX subs

4176 Legends of PeaceFort and Vassilia, The (70’s) Russian fantasy import F.L.

6438-6440 Legends of the Superheros and Superheroes Roast (79) Airdates 1/18/79 and 1/25/79. Adam West, Burt Ward, Frank Gorshin, William Schallert, and more! You will not believe this live action movie and special! BA Quality varies.

6323 Legions of Cleopatra, The (59) Italian lang w/ Eng subs

4147 Les Cloches D’Automne (70’s) Russian fantasy F.L. import – LBX BA

9618 Liane : The Jungle Goddess (56) Great! - BA

2881 Light at the Edge of the World, The ( 71)

L948 Lion of St. Mark , The (63) aka: The Marauder - Gordon Scott stars in this swashbuckler pirate adventure

B44-2493 Lion of Thebes, The (65) Mark Forest

T763 Little Magician, The (77) Goofy fun as a boy wizard gets into all kinds of mischief. Partial inspiration for Harry Potter? BA

Q756 Little Match Girl, The (various) + 5 more Holiday shorts, all on one disc - Retro Holiday Fare - B.A.

L98 Long Live Robin Hood (70) Mark Damon - Rare

Q845 Long Road to Gallantry (84) Shaw Brothers LBX-Subs + Bonus trailers

2828 Lord of the Flies (63)

8284 Lost City of Gold (62) aka: Daughter of the Sun God A jungle expedition in South America battles giant snakes, crocodiles and discovers an Inca goddess. Lisa Montell, Harry Knapp BA

1466 Lost Continent, The (51)

3526 Lost Missile, The (58) BA

1192 Lost World of Sinbad, The (65)

167 Loves of Hercules, The aka: Hercules vs. the Hydra (60)

7247 Loves of Salammbo, The (59) Directed by Sergio Grieco. Uncut version with more violence in this early Peplum. Dubbed in Spanish. No subs. RARE

P128 Luana the Jungle Goddess (68) aka: Luana la Figlia delle Foresta vergine - Obscure jungle adventure with Glen Saxson and Mei Chen

Q641 Lux Alibi (05) Bizarre Italian made fantasy with medieval time travel sword and sorcery action - Subs - BA

2657 Maciste Contro Il Vampiro aka: Goliath and the Vampires (61) LBX In F.L.

L800 Maciste Gladiator De Esparta (64) aka: Terror of Rome against the Son of Hercules - LBX - Nice print but in F.L. - BA

B50 Maciste in King Solomon's Mines (64) Reg Park

3738 Maciste Nella Terra Dei Ciclopi (61) classic F.L. LBX Sword and sandal – also available as full screen English language – SPECIFY

2213 Madra aka: Yamato Takeru (94) Giant monster fantasy. Subs.

4870 Magdalene (90) Franco Nero, Nastassia Kinski

8875 Magic Blade, The (73) More great Shaw Brothers martial arts action/fantasy-LBX-Subs

9894 Magic Horse, The + The Emperor's Nightingale Double Feature (41) The second feature has stop-motion animation and is narrated by Boris Karloff - BA

T838 Magic of the Universe (87) Bizarre mixture of fantastical elements inspired from more mainstream fare, this completely over the top, monster packed, Filipino filmed , dubbed into English rarity really delivers the campy kiddie goods. A Side - Show Magician's family is abducted by a wicked witch and held captive in her castle in the woods with dozens of other children. Rescuers encounter obstacles- outlandish sets and insane imagery and even though it was supposed to be a kiddie show- we get a monkey brain chow down (slurp slurp)- ogres with horns- pygmies- a witch with nine inch nails (who makes Countess Bathory look like Mother Teresa) that just gets uglier and uglier until her head explodes- a melting woman- manimals- swamp monster- and more. After one enemy is killed "Cut off her head and cook it for me !" the witch demands. Check that out Junior ! I would recommend you buy this and show it to your child NOW ! - BA

144 Magic Serpent, The (66)

1567 Magic Sword, The (62)

T415 Magic Toyshop, The (87) A young girl is sent to live with her uncle after her parent's are killed. He has a toyshop with toys that come to life, but also a nasty disposition to be dictatorial over his simple household....

6278-1004 Magic Voyage of Sinbad, The (52)

L97 Magnificent Robin Hood, The (70) George Martin - LBX - Fair quality

6525 Majin: Monster of Terror (66)

8584 Making of Godzilla vs. Megaguirus, The (00) In Japanese

P162 Man from Hong Kong, The (75) The Devil Dies When the Dragon Flies! Fun Martial Arts - LBX - Subs

4224 Man Who Laughs, The (65) Sergio Corbucci directs RARE TV

N85 Maneater of Kumaon (48) Northern India - Tiger Country - A tiger shot by a hunter and now wounded, goes on a rampage. With Sabu and Wendell Corey

4786 Mara of the Wilderness (65) Adam West

B20 Maracaibo (58) Cornel Wilde

M35 Marco the Magnificent (65) All-star cast includes Orson Welles, Omar Sharif and Anthony Quinn - Marco Polo's adventures...

L949 Marie of the Isles (60) Another swashbuckler

2915 Mark of the Beast (80's) Satanic organization (meaning everyone) stalks witnesses who've seen their Devilish deeds.

5346 Mark of the Scorpion (86) aka: Meglio baciare un cobra BA

2723 Mars Men (60’s ?) aka: Cli uomini di marte Incredibly RARE giant rubber monster movie from Taiwan ! F.L.

Q514 Mask of the Avenger (51) John Derek, Anthony Quinn

L980 Masked Dragon Rider: The Movie (02) By winter 2002, only six of the 13 masked riders, who are destined to fight to the last man, remain. They are summoned to battle a tremendous number of monsters bent on destruction! F.L. - BA

L431 Matango: Attack of the Mushroom People (63) Uncut Wide screen with Subs

9185 Mechanical Violator Hakaider (95) Futuristic superhero rides motorcycle, battles bad guys. In Japanese

1006 Medusa Against the Son of Hercules (63) aka: Perseo l'invincibile A warrior does battle against the evil Medusa, her army of stone warriors and a monstrous dragon….

Q492 Mercenaries from Hong Kong (83) Shaw Brothers - LBX -Subs

7232 Message From Space (78) Vic Morrow, Sonny Chiba. Cool "Star Wars" ripoff

Q6 Mighty Jack (68) Space Age Narc Agents in Underwater Bust! In the Tradition of "Atragon" this one has a very large and complex plane/submarine. Throw in a heavy James Bond influence and there you have it! Another cool Japanese Action / Fantasy! - BA

2276 Mighty Jungle, The (64) A South American expedition is in search of fortune thought to be hidden in an Lost Aztec city.

2981-5152 Mighty Peking Man (77) alternate F.L. LBX print

1005 Milipitas Monster, The (75) A monster has been created from a garbage dump in Milpitas (a town near San Francisco)

L126 Million Eyes of Sumuru, The (67) Sax Rohmer adaptation stars Frankie Avalon, Shirley Eaton, George Nader, Klaus Kinski, Maria Rohm and more - Secret Agent Bond meets Fu Manchu-ish - mish - mash - mix in this elusive potboiler. Quality less than good on this title

T124 Milton the Monster Show, The + Fearless Fly (60's) It's more rare monster oriented 60's cartoons !!!! - BA

L792 Minotaur, The (61) Decent sword and sandal which features a beast that protects the people from it's wrath, as long as they give him fresh virgin sacrifices. Enter muscle-man Prince Thesus (Bob Mathias) to enter the Minotaur's lair for a show-down. BA

8483-2 Miraculous Flower aka: Phoenix: Wolf Ninja (84) Third in the "Wolf Devil Woman" trilogy. Witches, swords, spells cool fantasy F.L.

L449 Mirror Man 1 (72) Incredible fanged and costumed super-hero battles alien monsters who arrive in a crystal spaceship. Surreal destruction ensues.... Another rarity. - In Japanese

7269 Miss Comet(60's)Unbelievable Japanese TV sci-fi from yesteryear!Girl with powers is sent back to Earth.She gets a job taking care of two kids.First episode is black and white.Then the rest are in color.Hilarious stop motion animation scenes! BA

4243 Mission Mars (68) Nick Adams, Darren McGavin– hilarious sci-fi with low budget fx !

333 Mission StarDust (68) aka: ...4 ...3 ...2 ...1 ...morte A team of astronauts is sent to the moon to rescue an alien who is seeking help to save her dying race. They are attacked by a force of bandit robots and discover that enemy spies are out to kill the alien….

3739 Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules ( 63) Richard Harrison

P97 Monster from a Prehistoric Planet (67) aka: Daikyojû Gappa An expedition in the South Pacific lands on a tropical island where the natives worship the mysterious deity Gappa...

T671 Moonstone Gem, The (84) Cool stop - puppet fantasy that involves an evil Baron that wishes to steal a Sacred Gem from a Wise, Jovial King - BA

2037 Morgan the Pirate (61) aka: Morgan il pirata An English pirate raids up and down the Caribbean, battling the Spanish, the English and other pirates…. Steve Reeves

1753 Mother Goose Stories (40’s) Harryhausen! $10 VHS/ $12 DVD

1469 Mothra (62)

Q700 Mulawan: The Movie (05) Aguiluz and Alwina's plan for a peaceful life as mortals is disrupted when their boat to the realm of man is caught in a violent storm. They wash up on separate shores, a young man and woman living without memories of who they are, and living separate lives….. Richard Guttierrez - LBX - F.L.

9480 Mummy: Aged 19 (00) Asian Mummy variation with Subs

2903-1488 Mysterians, The (59) LBX w/subs or full screen in English – Specify.

7538 Mysteries from Beyond the Earth (75) Docu covers Bermuda Triangle, UFO'S, Atlantis, Mayan Temples and more.

7292 Mysterious Island of Captain Nemo, The (71) Omar Sharif plays Nemo. Hard-to-find fantasy!

5146-4922 Mysterious Planet (82) low budget stop-motion monster sci-fi epic BA

8227 Mysterious Swordsman, The (56) another rare costume swashbuckler. Dir. Sergio Grieco

4936 Mystery of the Golden Eye, The (78) Similar to " Curse of Bigfoot " in style- voice accompaniment by Arthur Franz (a bit jumpy - but RARE)

8299 Mystery on Monster Island (80) Paul Naschy brief bit, Peter Cushing. BA

6121 Mystery on Monster Island (80) Peter Cushing - this is a T.V. print in excellent quality- also available complete in fair quality (SPECIFY)

2697 Naked Jungle, The (53)

Q924 Nature Girl and the Slavers (57) Marion Michael returns as Liane, The Jungle Goddess in this sequel and let me tell you what a dish! So much so, that Slavers have captured her, as her rich relatives search for her - BA

3817 Nefertite: Queen of the Nile (62) Vincent Price !

T178 Nemo (84) aka: Dream One - Incredibly bizarre fantasy with Jason Connery, Harvey Keitel and more. Mixes Captain Nemo, Alice in Wonderland, Zorro (Keitel) and aliens ! Obscure

6445-6446 Neverwhere (96) uncut 2 tape/dvd set of the Neil (Sansman) Gaiman BBC 2 series. Bizarre sci-fi fantasy BA ($22 VHS / $26 DVD)

P96 New One Armed Swordsman, The (71) David Chiang and Ti Lung star in this Shaw Brothers Classic ! Great violent fun! - LBX - Subs

2832 Night Star: Goddess of Elektra aka: War of the Zombies (63)

6365 Night They Killed Rasputin, The (62) John Drew Barrymore

T831 Nin X Nin: Ninja (04) aka: The Ninja Star - FX Filled Action Hero Film - LBX - Subs

7347 Ninja vs. Shaolin (84) Ninjas vs. Budhist priests ! BA

8637 Noahs' Ark Principle (86) The end of our future has already begun- not a docu - but a sci-fi thriller BA

8456 Norman Swordsman, The (71) action in German F.L.

3068 Norseman, The (78)

T235A Off on a Comet (70) Karl Zeman FX film - Nice quality in German language. Lots of stop - motion dinosaur action and bizarre FX. Also available in English (specify)

L427 Ogon Bat (66) aka: The Gold Bat - Great Japanese Fantasy Wide screen and in black and white - Space team reanimates an ancient wizard to battle space aliens led by a 4-eyed villain with metal claws ! Golden Bat is a Skull-Headed caped flying superhero who laughs non-stop and shoots laser beams of energy from his magic scepter! Crazy! F.L.

T593-8441 Old Testament, The (62) Brad Harris, Sylvia Lopez

5079 On the Comet (70) More Karel Zeman (borrowed from Jules Verne) stop-motion monsters are here !

P112 One Armed Swordsman, The (69) Great Shaw Brothers Classic - LBX - Subs

877 One Million Years B.C. (40)

L549 One Million Years B.C. (66) uncut with more footage (including Harryhausen fx) than the U.S. version!

T394 Only the Cool (70) Klaus Kinski - Crime

7405 Operation Pink Squad 2: The Haunted Tower (89) Lots of sexy girls with machine guns + a flying assault head! Bizarre wacky mixture of adventure, horror and fantasy.

T556 OSS 117: Murder For Sale (68) John Gavin, Margaret Lee :Spy

T387 OSS 117: Operation Lotus Flower (65) aka: Piege Pour Un Espion -Obscure Spy, In French Language so F.L.

T389 OSS 117: Segretissimo (63) Kerwin Matthews, Nadia Sanders - More spy - In French so F.L.

L74 Other Satyricon, The (68) Comedic Roman days - Not the Fellini film - LBX in Italian and in Fair quality

8079 Outlaw of Gor (87)

T183 Oz (76) aka: Oz : A Rock and Roll Road Movie - Dorothy is a sixteen year old groupie riding with a rock band. Suddenly there is an accident and she hits her head. This sends her to Oz where she kills a bad guy while making her entrance (bad witch). A Queer Clothier Fairy gives Dorothy red shoes and sends her to the last concert of the androgynous rock star "Wizard". Pursued by the vengeful molesting brother of the villain she has killed- she meets up with a dumb surfer- a heartless mechanic and a cowardly biker. What a horrible musical! And highly entertaining!

Q511 Pagans, The (53) aka: The Barbarians - Pierre Cressoy

L77 Panic in Bangkok (64) Secret Agent hunts yet another madman. This time to prevent a virulent biological strain from infecting the world.

7452 Peacock King (88)Dragons, stopmotion animation, black magic, bitch queens, zooming, fireballs, and our hero Peacock King!

9910 Peking Man, The (00) DNA brings a Peking Man back to life... - Subs - BA

7210 Pharaoh (66) Ramses fights to stay ahead of the Imperial Armies. Hard to find classic. LBX

2325 Phenomenal and the Treasure of Tutankamen (84)

1697 Pied Piper of Hamelin, The (57)

2631 Pied Piper, The (72) Donald Pleasence, John Hurt ! Fair quality.

T387 Piege Pour Un Espion (65) aka : OSS 117: Operation Lotus Flower - Obscure Spy, In French Language so F.L.

T603 Pilgrimage Play, The (49) All "Passion of the Christ" fans rejoice! This has all that Jesus stuff going on with the last supper and crucifixation an all... Oh wow! Propaganda- of course...

6492 Pinch Cliffe Grand Prix, The (82) puppet animation

Q623 Pirates of Capri, The (49) Louis Hayward

3129 Pirates of the Seven Seas (62) Steve Reeves BA

3546 Planet Earth (74) John Saxon

6141 Planet of Blood aka: Queen of Blood (66) BA

1906 Planet of the Dinosaurs (78) James Whitworth - Trapped in a nightmare world of prehistoric monsters

1009 Planet on the Prowl aka: War Between the Planets (65)

1007 Planeta Burg (62) Cosmonauts land on the planet Venus. However, they find themselves in danger from the voracious monsters they find on it.

1008 Planets Against Us (61)

7240 Pleasant Nights aka: Le Pickeroli Notte(66)Costume comedy in Italian.No subs.

T624 Pontius Pilate + The Nativity - Two early 50's T.V. specials performed Live in 1952 - The Nativity is a musical

T184 Popsy Pop (71) Claudia Cardinale, Henri Charriere. Charriere's life experiences put to film and starring...Charriere His nickname was "Papillon" (Steve McQueen played him in the movie adaptation) and he actually lived that story and wrote the book. Here he relives other adventures as he encounters diamond smugglers in the jungles. SO HERE HE IS- THE REAL PAPILLON- in the flesh- a bit old and portly- but living his dream starring in his own movie!

7293 Portrait of a Nymph(88)action in ancient China.LBX subs

L473 Pra Apai-Manee (02) Fantasy film, loads of C.G.I. with Harryhausen influences - Subs

546 Prehistoric Women (50)

Q526 Prince of the Red Mask (55) Giovanni Addessi - Low Audio on this title - In Italian - F.L.

4934 Prince Valiant (54) James Mason, Debra Paget, Janet Leigh

P145 Princess Xuxa and the Tramps (90's) Fantasy costumer with Subs

3120 Project MoonBase (53)

1621 Puma Man (80) Low-budget superhero flick about a young man given a mystical medallion by a South American shaman, in order to become a puma empowered champion like his father before him.

L950 Queen for Caesar (62) Sword and sandal which follows Cleopatra's life before she hooked up with Caesar -

4842 Queen Kong (76) A female film crew journeys to Africa where a giant ape, Queen Kong, falls in love with the crew's male star.

P99 Queen of the Amazons (47) Patricia Morison

Q33/Q34 Queen of the Jungle (35) 12 Chapter Serial built around the 1922 Silent Serial "The Jungle Goddess". Early example of "white girl lost in jungle and becoming Native Queen" scenario - Impressive Jungle Sets, inept staging of events, Air Balloon, Stone Idol's etc.. Probably one of the most entertaining serials ever. 2 DVD-R or VHS - $22 BA

L163-L486 Queen of the Pirates (60) Gianna Maria Canale - 16th Century Pirate adventure , real ships, castles, etc. In English with foreign subs. BA

8531 Queen of the Tartars (61) cool costume action BA

4937-5209 Quest For Love (71) Bizarre sci-fi with Joan Collins and Denham Elliot. Man passes through another dimension with some strange differences BA

T76 Quest for the Mighty Sword (90) Marisa Mell and Laura Gemser star in this fantasy. Directed by Joe D'Amato

L975 R.U. Ready (02) Korean Fantasy with lots of action and FX ! Subs

7236 Raiders of the Magic Ivory(89)Extremely RARE Italian jungle action fantasy

T274 Raiders of the Sacred Stone (78) aka: Shalimar - Rare Hindi Madness !!! In English and with John Saxon, Rex Harrison and Sylvia Miles. Master thieves face a challenge. Individually, failure means death.

5115 Rampage of Evil (62) aka: I Ondskabens Vold BA

2996 assault of the Sabines (61) Roger Moore sword and sandal

9329 Rebel Gladiator, The (63) Alan Steel, Gloria Milland

T386 Reluctant Spy, The (63) More spy - Jean Marais

6483 Reptilicus (62) uncut Danish language version with the "flying scenes" the “Reptilicus song" and other alternate footage! Hilarious ! BA

T801 Rescue, The (71) Shaw Brothers Sword Action - LBX - Subs

T36 Return of E.T. (83) Immortalized on MST3K, (under the title "Pod People") here comes the original version (Dubbed into English). A boy finds an E.T. in the woods. Murders begin. Is our goofy beast responsible?

2369 Return of the Dinosaurs (83)

6524 Return of the Giant Majin (66)

P97 Return of the One Armed Swordsman, The (69) Bloody Martial Arts Mayhem! Wang Yu, Ti Lung - LBX - Subs

1410 Return, The (80)

N95 Revenge of Ivanhoe (65) Very rare Costumer, but poor quality

2926 Revenge of the Barbarians (85) Vikings pillage the land, seeking silver and slaves, slaying men and women in the process. A young boy is spared when a Viking takes pity on him instead of killing him… Tale of revenge.

9517 Revenge of the Barbarians (60) Anthony Steel and more scantily clad women!

L952 Revenge of the Conquered (61) Gypsy leader seeks revenge after his mother is killed by treachery - FAIR QUALITY

L520 Revenge of the Musketeers (63) Fernando Lamas , Gloria Milland - BA

Q426 Revolt of the Marmalukes, The (63) Omar Sharif

3755 Riders of the Whistling Skull (37) western is a cross between “King Kong“ and “The Mummy’s Hand“ - complete with living mummies and savages !

3053 Robbers of the Sacred Mountain aka: Falcon’s Gold (82)

L351 Robin Hood and the Demons of Satan (70) Italian costumer finds our swordsman battling a sect of skull - faced enemies from hell - With Karin Schubert - In German - LBX

6244 Robin Hood and the Pirates (60) Lex Barker F.L.

4559 Robin Hood and the Sorcerer (83)

Q621 Robinson Crusoe () Animated

542 Robinson Crusoe on Mars (64) LBX !

L251 Rocket to the Moon (67) aka: Those Fantastic Flying Fools - Burl Ives, Troy Donahue , Terry Thomas and more in this Jules Verne inspired wacky Sci-Fi fantasy set in the early 1900's -

1471-9265 Rodan (56) B.A.

L82 Roland the Mighty (56) Epic Italian sword and sandal with battles, valor and romance... Romance?

L951 Rome 1585 (61) aka: The Mercenaries - Decent costumer

3532 Rome Against Rome (64) LBX !

T497 Romulus and Remus (60) aka: Duel of the Titans - Steve Reeves and Gordon Mitchell star - Nice LBX print

B54 Romulus and the Sabines (61) Roger Moore

Q460 Royal African Rifles, The (53) Louis Hayward, Veronica Hurst and Michael Pate star

6521 Sabaka aka: The Hindu (53) Karloff! In color!

7226 Saga of the Phoenix(90)sequel to Peacock King.LBX subs

L302 Sakuya : Slayer of Demons (00) 1707 Eruption of Mt. Fuji releases hordes of demons that must be slain - BA - Subs

4428 Salome (45) Yvonne DeCarlo BA

L187 Samoa, Queen of the Jungle (68) Edwige Fenech is a jungle queen. Picture is a bit shaky so listed as only Fair quality

1400 Samson (61)

8857 Samson and the Sea Beast (63) Kirk Morris

3770-1253 Samson and the Seven Miracles of the World (62)

9743 Samurai Rebellion (67) Toshiro Mifune - LBX - Subs

T508 Samurai Resurrection (04) aka: Makai tenshô Great stuff - Epic - Subs

8229 Sandokan Fights Back (64) Guy Madison. A prince escapes assassination as a child and returns to claim his throne. Colorful costume action.

B55 Sandokan, Pirate of Malaysia (64) Steve Reeves

7335 Sansone e il Tesoro degli Incas aka: Hercules and the Treasure of the Incas(64)Alan Steele.RAREF.L.

Q755 Santa Claus (59) Directed by Rene Cardona - BA

8265-2040 Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (64) BA

T590 Saul and David (64) Norman Wooland

L79 Save the Green Planet (03) Horror, Comedy, Sci-Fi ! Touching on many genres comes this cool Korean treat! When a man believes we are on the verge of alien invasion he sets out to save the world ! Subs

8436-2 Schatz Des Pirates (73) German language print of "Sinbad and the Caliph of Baghdad".

8396 Science Fiction Monsters and Destination Space () Sci-fi docu + 1955 docu

7297 Scipione Africano (37)Italian language spectacle film.Supervised and endorsed by Mussolini himself (who often visited the set) Realistic battle scenes, sets that rival " Ben Hur". Sadly- some elephants were slaughtered during the making.

T285 Scourge of the Barbarians (63) Another rare one...

T599 Scrooge (35) Seymour Hicks

8598 Sea Devils, The (82) aka: Los diablos del mar  Based on Jules Verne. Slave hunter captures six women on the high seas. BA

T282 Sea Pirate, The (66) LBX - Sergio Bergonzelli directs

N83 Secret Agent Fireball (65) Richard Harrison

T81 Secret of the Inca Empire (87) The vivacious Kelly London (in her only film) stars in this jungle action adventure fantasy in the Indiana Jones, Romancing the Stone tradition.

L430-2424 Secret of the Telegian (62) Uncut Wide screen and with Subs + trailers

Q618 Secret Seven, The (64) Tony Russel, Helga Line - Quality soft - F.L.

K165 Sema : The Warrior of Ayodhaya (02) Epic Thai fantasy with Subs

N87 Serpent of the Nile (53) aka: Loves of Cleopatra - Rhonda Fleming. Julie Newmar also has a small role as the gilded girl.. Also with Raymond Burr. Another Sam Katzman production directed by William Castle

L943 Seven Golden Women against Two 007's ( 66) Super -Hero crime action with Mickey Hargitay

T275 Seven Rebel Gladiators (65) Roger Brown and Jose Greci - F.L.

T280 Seven Revenges, The (61) Ed Fury stars in this rare sword and sandal - F.L.

T644 Seven Swords (05) 7 warriors come together to protect a village from a diabolical General in this stunning Epic Sword Action from Tsui Hark - Subs

P102 Shadow Whip, The (71) Run Run Shaw - Classic Shaw Brothers - Lots of action in the winter forests and fields - LBX - Subs

M37 Shadowman (74) aka: Nuits Rouges - Rare French made film involves a red masked thief and his cat-suited assistant who seek the fabled treasure of the ancient Knights Templar from a surviving sect in Paris

8528 Shape of Things to Come, The (79) Jack Palance, Carol Lynley. Tough to find sci-fi has survivors of Earth's destruction living on the moon BA

Q898 Shinobi (06) There is an Epic War going on between 2 Ninja clans. This deals with the people who must cope with it on a huge- budgeted and lavishly stylish grand scale. - Available for a limited time only. Uncut version, LBX and Subs

N92 Siege of the Saxons, The (46) Directed by Nathan Juran - Rare T.V.

L125 Siegfreid (24)

T82 Sigfrido (57) aka: Dragon's Blood - This is a pretty cool version. Very colorful. Hilarious goofy dragon that bleeds major gallons. More... - F.L.

328 Silent Running (72)

4204 Sin of Adam and Eve, The (69) nudity abounds in this classic adaptation of the fairy tale

4927 Sinbad and the Caliph of Baghdad (73) Ultra-RARE English language with Robert Malcolm- ships, buxom wenches, and battles abound in this color drenched sword n' sandal

8081 Sinbad of the Seven Seas (90) Lou Ferrigno BA

1010 Sinbad the Sailor (47)

M36 Sins of Rome (52) Spartacus epic directed by Riccardo Freda - B.A.

8878 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (73) British made

6249 Sklaven Der Semiramis (63) Obscure sword and sandal F.L.

T856-3297 Skullduggery (70) Burt Reynolds stars as an adventurer that guides a scientist and her party into the wilds of New Guinea and discovers the "Tropi", half - man half ape creatures. Truly unbelievable dialogue, social commentary, almost activist tree huggin' mentalities- feminism- racism- damn- this one's got it all. Swept under the rug decades ago and pretty hard to locate as it's never been released- this is from an import print with foreign subs- but in English language - LBX - BA

L706 Skyhawk, The (74) Chop - Sockey action - LBX - Subs

N93 Slaughter on the Khyber Pass (71) Alan Steel stars - Rare T.V.

8526 Slave Warrior (60) cool color sword and sandal with Guy Madison and Rossana Pedesta BA

M68 Slaves of Babylon (53) Sam Katzman produced - Visually impressive biblical times epic has Julie Newmar in a minor role as a dancer/assassin - Directed by William Castle - Rare T.V.

3874 Snake Hunter Strangler, The (65) swashbuckler action!!

5261 Snow White (65) weird version of the tale BA

1113 SnowDevils (65) RARE TV $10

9616 So Darling, So Deadly (67) Tony Kendall spy sci-fi classic !

L118 Sodom and Gomorrah (62) Mega-big -budget epic with "God's" wrath slaughtering thousands just for a bit of 'ol fashioned "God Power Mad" Fun. Hey, when you're God you can kill however many people you want at any time when you get pissed. It's a perk. Stewart Granger plays it straight and tries not to laugh in this Epic Fairy tale based on alleged actual events embellished numerous times over the last few thousand years to gel with interchangeable and ever-changing puritanical Judeo-Christian beliefs.

4030-4031 Solaris (71) UNCUT LBX 2 VHS/DVD SET Russian sci-fi ($ 20 VHS or $25 DVD)

Q617 Son of El Cid (65) Mark Damon - LBX

3509 Son of Hercules Against Medusa, The ( 62)

2492 Son of Hercules in the Land of Darkness (63)

803 Son of Kong (34)

T48-B48 Son of Samson (60) With Mark Forest and Chelo Alonso. Egyptian- styled sword and sandal. Quite violent and bloody as they all should have been. LBX

T214 Son of the Red Pirate, The (59) aka: Son of the Red Corsair - Lex Barker swashbuckler - B.A

5051 Song of India (49) Sabu Turhan Bey BA

2015 Sorceress (82)

L629 South Seas Massacre (76) Decent Pirate entry that boasts more violence then is normal for it's type. Heads roll, assault and more

8564 Space Probe Taurus (65) aka: Space Monster (available under either title)

8285 SpaceRage (87) Michael Pare is an evil escapee from an isolated planet prison. BA

T619-1404 Spartacus and the Ten Gladiators ( 64) Dan Vadis

T40 Spartan Gladiators, The (64) Alberto De Martino directed sword and sandal with Tony Russel - Rare T.V.

6443 Spiderman vs. Green Goblin (90's) RARE student film details Spidey battling the Green Goblin + the death of Also on same tape- a couple Spiderman/ Green Goblin cartoons BA

Q853 Spirit, The (87) Obscure Unsold Pilot film for the proposed series of the comic superhero known as "The Spirit". A legally dead detective puts on a mini-mask and goes on a crime fighting spree. With Sam Jones

1011 Sputnik (58)

T385 Spy I Love, The (64) Vina Lisi

3928-3929 Stalker (79) Russian Andrei Tarkousky who gave us “Solaris“ offers up this tale of a writer and scientist who enter a mysterious zone from which no has ever returned. Well made thought provoking – 2 VHS/DVD SET ($20 VHS or $25 DVD) subs

7238 Star Knight(85)Klaus Kinski, Harvey Keitel.A mixture of sci-fi and medieval fantasy.

L122-L123 Star Maidens (76) Rare T.V. - Stars Judy Geeson. Cool 70's Sci-Fi

3772 Star Odyssey (79) Earth is attacked by an intergalactic villain and his army of robotic androids

6173 StarCrash (79) A pair of smugglers manage to pick up a castaway while running from the authorities, who turns out to be the only survivor from a secret mission to destroy a mysterious superweapon designed by the evil Count Zartham.

8898 Starflight One (83) Lee Majors

L855 Sticks of Death (84) Ultimate Killing Machine! - BA

3164 Stolen Airship, A (69) Czech fantasy by Karel Zeman with Jules Verne themes. F.L. Fair quality.

L165 Stolen Balloon, The (67) aka: A Stolen Airship - A visual treat! Karel Zeman classic with great FX/cinematography. F.L.

1308 StormQuest (88)

3163 Story of Mankind, The (57) Vincent Price!

3540 Strange New World (75) John Saxon In the near future, a group of scientists living in a space ship wake up from a hibernation state and come back to an apocalyptic Earth.

8659 Submersion of Japan (73) Full length version of what was released in the U.S. as "Tidal Wave" in 1973. With dopey Lorne Greene as a concerned politician inserted footage. This is the uncut Japanese disaster epic from disc. LBX F.L.

T21 Submersion of Japan (73) Uncut 2 hour and 22 minute version of this one with Subs ! Known as "Tidal Wave" in America when it hit theatres here in the 70's, this is the complete Japanese version. Japan is sinking into the ocean. Lots of FX and Death as the waves destroy everything in their path...

N88 Sudan (45) Maria Montez, Turhan Bey, George Zucco and even Tor Johnson (uncredited) as a slaver in this ancient Egypt saga

T509 Sukeban Deka 1 (87) aka: Bad Girl Detectives - Juvenile battle girls with steel razor yo-yo's (kind of like that broad from Kill Bill) fight crime. In this one, a madman uses brutal training and mind altering on juveniles to use them in political insurrection. The Deka girls must break into the fortress and rescue the victims. Fantastic!!! LBX - Subs

T510 Sukeban Deka 2: Za - Zoom (88) More great stuff with our juvenile battle babes. Wait until you see the scene where our heroine knocks a plane out of the sky with her trusty yo-yo. Great stuff! - LBX - Subs

T511 Sukeban Deka 3: Special Assignment: Eight Trapped Spirits (92) This one mixes in some horror and black magic as our Kazama Sisters continue kicking ass - LBX - Subs

T383 Sukeban Guerrilla (72) More Sukeban Action !!! LBX - Subs

4534 SuperArgo aka: SuperArgo and the Faceless Giants (66) Guy Madison Euro superhero masked wrestler battles a madman who commands zombie-like robots.

L76 Superargo versus Diabolicus (67) A superhero battles a madman intent on stealing uranium to take over the world

8316 SuperBoy () 1 hour of SuperBoy cartoons

5371 Superman and Molemen (51) pilot for the series- George Reeves

1368 Supermen vs. the Orient (74)

2249 Supersonic Man, The (79) Cameron Mitchell

6179 Supervomini (75) aka: Amazons and Supermen - Essentially super-stooges vs. wonder-women (a kind of fantastic supermen vs. Amazon women film.) F.L.

4894 Survival of the Dragon (85) Ku- a warrior is transported 900 years into the future . he is followed by enemies whom he must battle to survive BA

9516-T764 Swashbuckler, The (76) aka: Scarlett Buccaneer - Pirate action! B.A.

Q619 Swiss Family Robinson () Animated

L75 Sword and the Dragon, The (56) Awesome Russian sword and sorcery epic with cast of 106,000 and 11,000 horses! - Monsters and nice atmospheric FX for its time.

Q443 Sword of Monte Cristo, The (51) Paula Corday, George Montgomery, Acquanetta

8621 Sword of the Valiant (84) Sean Connery, Peter Cushing, Miles O'Keefe. BA

8873 Sword, The (80) Action - LBX -Subs

3206 Swords of the Space Ark (81) Japanese “StarWars“ rip-off

3833 Swords of the Wayland, The (86) BA

8397 Swordsman (90) When a scroll containing valuable martial arts secrets is stolen from the Emperor, an army detachment is sent to recover it. LBX Subs martial arts/ fantasy

Q462 Swordsman at Large (71) More incredible Shaw Brothers action - LBX with Subs

L73 Swordsman of Siena (62) Stewart Granger, Sylva Koscina

Q871 Tales of the Vikings (61) 3 episodes of the rare Viking T.V. show that aired way back when

Q461 Tam-Tam Mayumbe (55) Marcello Mastroianni - Adventure

T772-7518 Target...Earth ? (80) Victor Buono is Homer the Archivist. Hurtling through space on his Starship with his know it all computer. Together with Archive footage of disasters are viewed as they speculate the fate of mankind....BA

N97 Tartars, The (61) Tartars versus Vikings in this spectacle classic with Victor Mature and Orson Welles - LBX

Q440 Tarzak against the Leopard Men (64) Ralph Hudson - Jungle Warrior tries to save a safari group from the vicious Leopard Men Tribe

B143 Tarzan and the Great River (67) Mike Henry, the 14th screen Tarzan returns with another entry. This one almost killed the actor in real life, who suffered a brutal chimp bite (Goddammitt Cheetah!) and dysentery, food poisoning etc... These are great films though, and rarely screened today for whatever reason. Location shooting, tons of animals, action, brilliant photography more... see it, NOW! BA

L871 Tarzan and the Green Goddess (35) At his English manor, Lord Greystoke - aka Tarzan - recounts his recent adventures in Guatemala. Early Tarzan

B144 Tarzan and the Lost Safari (57) Gordon Scott as Tarzan ! Tarzan agrees to lead plane crash survivors to the coast. Joined by a treacherous white hunter, things go awry when the hunter tries to sell them to an Oparian chieftain. Captured by the Oparians, Tarzan must rescue them from being sacrificed to the Lion God ! Rare Tarzan folks. Check it out !

L868 Tarzan and the Trappers (58) Gordon Scott

Q43 Tarzan and the Valley of Gold (66) aka: Tarzan 66 - Beautiful LBX Mike Henry Tarzan film all location shot with plenty of action. At this point Tarzan was almost all played out, but new life was pumped into the concept with the advent of James Bond pictures and colorful location filming. These films were hell to shoot and took a heavy toll on all involved. Still obscure and unreleased to this day! BA

B146 Tarzan Goes to India (62) Jock Mahoney as Tarzan ! Skinny Tarzan Mahoney (also a stuntman) does a fine job as Tarzan despite criticisms of his slim (but tall) build. Instead of comic relief from a chimp, we get a baby elephant instead. Location shot and colorful, groovy slice of early 60's ERB inspired adventure. Mahoney does much of his own stunt work (unlike Hollywood Pretty Boy Sissy Baby Actors of this New Generation who hide behind their body doubles every cowardly chance they get) which makes this easier to believe. Great Stuff !

L870 Tarzan of the Apes (18) Silent Tarzan with Elmo Lincoln

L869 Tarzan the Fearless (33) Buster Crabbe

K24 Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle Disc #1 - (76) Animated Tarzan from the 70's with lots of lost worlds and fantasy elements - 3 discs available

K25 Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle Disc #2

K26 Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle Disc #3

4033 Tarzan’s Greatest Challenge (70’s) LBX BA

L315 Tarzan's Fight For Life (58) Gordon Scott

8626 Tarzan's Greatest Adventure (59) Gordon Scott, Sean Connery.

B145 Tarzan's Magic Fountain (49) Lex Barker as Tarzan ! This one has a screenplay partially by Curt Siodmak ! Albert (Dr. Cyclops) Dekker and Charles Drake play two hunters seeking a hidden valley where lays the fountain of youth. Evelyn Ankers stars as an aviatrix recipient of youth challenged by the outsiders, but with Tarzan's help, well, things may just work out after all. Really cool fantasy-element-blending for the genre with an ending that may just move you, maybe, unless you are so cold these things don't mean anything anymore... which is okay too, I guess.

L872 Tarzan's Revenge (38) Eleanor and her parents are hunting big game, accompanied by her wimpish fiancé. Ben lleu Bey wants to add her to his 100-woman harem. Tarzan wants her too. BA

9514 Tarzan's Three Challenges (63) Jock Mahoney and Woody Strode star in a quite excellent tale with great stunt work and battles including a tense machete show-down. You won't see Hollywood sissy boys of today in such stunts. They are too busy getting their nails done and getting massages while the herd mentality of a generic card-board cut out society puts them on a pedestal...

8640 Taur the Mighty (64) sword and sandal, cool battle, BA

L528 Ten Gladiators, The (63) Dan Vadis

T794 Terracotta Warrior, A (89) Epic Chinese Sword Movie LBX with Subs - Recommended !

1149 Terror Beneath the Sea (66)

2241 Terror of Rome Against the Sons of Hercules (63)

5129 Terror of the Blood Hunters (62)

Q510 Terror of the Red Mask (60) Lex Barker

L83 Terror of the Steppes, The (64) Kirk Morris - More action and adventure

551 Terrornauts, The (67) Residents of a radio telescope laboratory are kidnapped when they answer a mysterious signal from outer space.

T814 That Fiery Girl (68) Shaw Brothers Swashbuckler with Cheng Pei - Pei - LBX - Subs

L88 That Man in Istanbul (65) Klaus Kinski, Sylva Koscina and Horst Bucholz spy thriller

8449-6164 Theodora: Slave Empress (54) BA

2833 They Came From Beyond Space (67)

Q627 They Were Called Three Musketeers, But There Were Four (73) Tony Kendall - LBX

135 Thief of Baghdad (40) Three brave hearts, adventuring in a wonder world

703 Thief of Baghdad (61) Steve Reeves The fantastic deeds... The Incredible daring of the thief who defied an empire!

9515 Thief of Baghdad (78) A resourceful thief helps a handsome prince fight an evil wizard and win the hand of a beautiful princess. Version features Peter Ustinov, Roddy McDowall and Terence Stamp

T979 Thief of Samarkan, The (64) aka: Sword of Damascus - Tony Russel and Luciana Gill - BA

1489 This Island Earth (55)

3781 Thor and the Amazon Women (60)

9421 Thor the Conqueror (83) Conrad Nichols stars in this rare barbarian epic/sword and sorcery tale -

L524 Three Avengers, The (64) Alan Steel - Campy sword and sandal adventure

Q690 Three Fantastic Supermen (67) Tony Kendall, Brad Harris - Colorful Great Print LBX, in Italian Language. Better Than "Superman" ! - BA

2078 Three Stooges in Orbit, The (62)

L96 Three Swords of Zorro, The (63) Guy Stockwell

2305 Throne of Fire, The (83) English language print

4829 Throne of Fire, The (83) LBX uncut Italian language version (also available in English - SPECIFY) BA

9816 Thunder of the Gigantic Serpent (80) Amazing Hong Kong giant monster movie with a fantastic bad FX monster and great funny dialogue! 4 letter words and gore make this one not for kids , but geez who the hell is it for? Bad movie fans like you of course!

Q905 Thunderbolt Fist, The (72) Violent Shaw Brothers action classic LBX with Trailers and Subs

T816 Thundering Sword, The (67) More Shaw Brothers with Cheng Pei -Pei - LBX - Subs

3791 Tiger of the Seven Seas (63) Anthony Steel, Gina Marie Canale star as a pirates daughter takes on the Spanish fleet - BA

M44 Tigergang (67) aka: Kommisar X - Very rare spy/action with Brad Harris and Tony Kendall - Part of the Kommisar X series - BA

L324 Time Masters, The (82) French made Sci-Fi animation , very well done and with Subs - Young boy alone on a desert planet is the last survivor of a giant hornet attack and awaits rescue - Cool fantastic animation

2795 Time of the Apes (87)

1419 Time Travelers, The (64)

Q496 Timeslip 1549 (05) Subs

8984 Timewarp (81) Adam West

1012 Tom Corbett: Space Cadet (50) Set during the middle of the 22nd Century at the Space Academy (a training school for the Solar Guards) and aboard the 'Polaris', a Solar Guard training ship- sci-fi series

Q441 Toto E Cleopatra (63) Color LBX Epic in Italian Language

M74 Toto in the Moon (58) Lucio Fulci is in the writing credits of this weird sci-fi comedy - With Sylva Koscina F.L.

N90 Toto versus Cleopatra (63) impossibly rare but in poor quality - F.L.

M88 Toto versus the Black Pirate (64) Pirate Comedy - F.L.

8933 Touch, The (02) Michelle Yeoh, Ben Chaplin- Incredible New Fantasy "Indiana Jones Meets the Matrix" style

8530 Trapped! The Crimson Bat (69) Japanese fantasy swordplay with a blind swordswoman (2nd. in a the series of 4) BA

N86 Treasure Island in Outer Space (87) Condensed version of the Italian made space-opera FX extravaganza directed by Antonio (Alien from the Deep) Margheriti and starring Anthony Quinn, David Warbeck and Ernest Borgnine amongst others. Some glitches during the opening credits and overall quality is only fair. Runs roughly around 2 hours and a half - Tons of FX

7314 Treasure of Bengal, The(53)Another RARE Italian colorful jungle flick with Sabu!

T976 Treasure of the Blue People (61) aka: El secreto de los hombres azules  Lex Barker stars in this desert treasure adventure with usual betrayals, love interests and raiders - BA - F.L.

553 Treasure of the Four Crowns (83)

6418 Treasure of the Lost Desert (83)

7537 Treasure of the Moon Goddess (88) Linnea Quigley

4255 Treasure of the Petrified Forrest (65) Gordon Mitchell BA

T626 Trial of John Peter Zenger (Eddie Albert) + The Night America Trembled - Two more shows from the 50's! The second one deals with the Halloween night radio broadcast of "The War of the Worlds" in 1939 (which, if you really think about it, gives some insight into just HOW FRIGGIN' STUPID a lot of people were that particular night) - James Coburn- Warren Oates- Ed Asner and Warren Beatty

T134 Tripods (84) 4 Disc (or Tape) Set. British SCI - FI series that delivers some low tech (though good for their era and budget to be fair) FX as Tripods (War of the Worlds styled) run amok across the country side in the year 2089. Having dominated earthlings through mind control- there is still a troublesome resistance rising- fighting back- and trying to regain control of Mother Earth. Will they succeed? (Comes with Box Art - $40 for all 4 DVD-R or VHS)

3845 Triumph of the Son of Hercules (63) Kirk Morris

M42 Triumph of the Ten Gladiators (65) More classic sword-play Dan Vadis

T50 Trojan Horse, The (61) Steve Reeves Far superior to the cinematic disaster called "Troy". Also with John Drew Barrymore

N99 Tromba, The Tigerman (49) Obscure - If you like rare movies with Tigers cue this up on a double bill with Maneater of Kumaon

M40 Tunisi Top Secret (59) More spy action - Quality only fair on this rare title

L794 Twelve Animals (91) Fantastical Taiwanese fantasy (with cartoon prologue which sets up the story) involving 12 people of varying animalistic abilities who battle monsters and a fanged witch queen on an island. Fairly violent with squirting blood and frenetic action pacing. In one sequence a giant fanged green guy squishes a human with his mighty fist . Splat . BA

Q563 Two Against the Amazons (74) Richard Widark, Wolf Goldan - Cool and Crude adventure comedy. After a series of misadventures our heroes are captured by Topless and Horny Amazon Women

M73 Two Crazy Agents (65) Fernando Rey spy/action

L527-Q611 Two Gladiators, The (64) Richard Harrison and Moira Orfei - Decent sword clanger

827 Two Lost Worlds (50)

9241 Tyranos Claw (94) During the age of worship of dinosaurs, friendship between dinosaurs and human beings, and life-and-death fights are greatly displayed. Caveman language – easy to follow

9611 Tyrant of Lydia against the Son of Hercules (63) The small kingdom of Lydia is in danger. On one side, the troops of Alexander the Great approach. On the other side, Persian king Dareios promises almost anything to make Lydia an ally…..

4470 UFO Incident, The (75) James Earl Jones stars in this RARE TV

B117 UFO: Target Earth (74) Under the depths of a lake located near a small town, lies a strange alien spacecraft that is emitting signals

8556-8238 Ultra Q (65) 4 episodes per tape/disc . Live action monster series - all in Japanese Language 7 volumes (4 episodes each) available.

L474 Ultraman Cosmos: The Blue Planet (02) Lots of monsters and battles - Subs - BA

L284 Ulysses (55) Kirk Douglas, Anthony Quinn— A movie adaptation of Homer's second epic, that talks about Ulysses' efforts to return to his home after the end of ten years of war.

9848 Ulysses vs. Son of Hercules (62) Bird creatures and giants are among the FX in this Mario Caiano directed colorful fantasy

9361 Under the Shadow of Eagles (66) After the death of Octavian, the rebel populations of Illyria and Pannonia pose a grave threat to the Roman Empire. Tribune Marcus Ventidius is sent to subdue the uprising and, after a bitter battle, captures Pannonian chief Magdus together with a number of women hostages. Cameron Mitchell sword action spectacle! LBX - BA

3918 Unknown Island (48) Adventure-seeker Ted Osborne has convinced his fiancée Carole to finance his expedition to an uncharted South Pacific island supposedly populated with dinosaurs.

3426 Unknown World (51) Scientists use a gigantic drilling machine for an expedition to the center of the earth

Q32 Unknown, The and The Outer Limits Unaired intro - Includes the original intro to the first episode of The Outer Limits, and the first episode as well. The show was originally called "Please Stand By". - Then the rare pilot of another bizarre sci-fi show entitled "The Unknown" a spin - off from the "Outer Limits" crew that never aired. Complete your "Outer Limits" collection today - BA

T216 Ursus and the Tartar Princess (62) Another obscure sword and sandal - BA

T49 Ursus in the Land of Fire (63) Ed Fury - See Five Giants Throwing Boulders ! Translation : See Five Shaved Musclemen Throw Paper Mache Rocks! BA

B52 Ursus in the Valley of the Lions (61) Ed Fury

T56-9418 Ursus, Son Of Hercules (61) Ed Fury stars. Returning from battle he is off again to rescue his future bride from an evil cult that sacrifices virgins.

7152 Valley of the Dragons (61) They go a million years back in time ... and land a million miles out in space…..

K134 Vampires, The (61) aka: Goliath and the Vampires - Gordon Scott classic with funny monsters, robotic vampire men, and Gordon fights a double of himself! BA

L423 Varan: The Unbelievable (58) Uncut and Wide screen with Subs. Varan flies! BA

2570-1159 Varan: The Unbelievable (58) UNCUT w/ subs (Varan flies)

4924 Varrow Mission, The (78) aka: TeenAlien Michael Dunn- Here's a hard to find sci-fi with alien terror. Local teenagers are holding a Halloween party at a supposedly "haunted" old mill, but find out that one of the partygoers who is dressed as an alien is actually a real alien BA

1111 Vengeance of Fu Manchu, The (68) Chris Lee

7243 Vengeance of Kali(63)Jungle adventure w/ Lex Barker, Senta Berger, and Klaus Kinski.In Italian.No Subs

8450 Vengeance of the Thugs (54) aka: La Vendetta dei Tughs Lex Barker action

T47 Vengeance of Ursus (61) Samson Burke (Yea, right, a real name) Directed by Luigi Capuano

4471 Venus Meets the Son of Hercules (62)

L529 Viking Sagas, The (95) aka: The Icelandic Sagas The film chronicles a long-ago time when men relied not on their intellect to make points, but on their swords.

4970 Visit to a Small Planet (60)

8389 Visitors From Space (80's) UFO docu

785 Voyage Into Space (70) An edited for TV movie made up of four episodes of the Jonny Sokko and his Flying Robot TV series. The four episodes consist of the first episode, two from the middle of the series and the final episode.

8286 Voyage of the Rock Aliens (84) Pia Zadora BA

545 Voyage to a Prehistoric Planet (65)

9272 Voyage to the End of the Universe (64) Giant spaceship carrying a colony to a new planet encounters aliens and other obstacles. Czech Sci-Fi . Finally in a nice print! In English! BA

547 Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women ( 68)

3783-1393 Vulcan: Son of Jupiter (62)

Q497 Wandering Ginza Butterfly, The () LBX - Subs

Q470 Wang Yu : The Destroyer () LBX and in English !

5207 War Between the Planets (65) aka: Planet on the Prowl BA

4698 War Goddess (72) classic Italian sword and sandal and women!

9262 War in Space, The (77) Mankind does battle with green-skinned Japanese aliens ! LBX with Subs - BA

9264 War of the Gargantuas (67) UNCUT w/ subs BA

1013 War of the Planets (67)

1014 War of the Robots (78)

1015 War of the Satellites (58)

Q31 War of the Worlds Unaired George Pal Pilot + More! The Star Ship Pegusus had a crew similar to "Star Trek", each with their own secret abilities and talents to help combat the unknown. Pal, however, was unable to sell the pilot - he produced a demo reel, filmed a number of minutes and the entire footage was scrapped...until now. Here we have the pilot that never made it to a regular series- including 30 minutes of test footage from special effects models for "When Worlds Collide"- "Destination Moon" and of course "War of the Worlds". Not to mention a trailer for the original 1954 film- and the 1954 film is also included on this as well ! - B.A.

1433 WarLords of Atlantis (78) Searching for the lost world of Atlantis, Prof. Aitken, his son Charles and Greg Collinson are betrayed by the crew of their expedition's ship...

1150 Warning From Space (56) UFO's are seen around Tokyo. Because they look like giant starfish the aliens cannot approach us without creating panic...

L86 Warrior and the Slave Girl (58) Another tough to find sword and sandal- “The Most Wicked Age of All”

7273 Warrior and the Sorceress (84) David Carradine BA

8613 Watch Out! Crimson Bat (69) Blind swordswoman fantasy. (Also look under "Trapped! The Crimson Bat")

P141 Watusi (59) aka: Quest for King Solomon's Mines - George Montgomery

Q694 Way... Way Out (66) Jerry Lewis, Connie Stevens and Anita Ekberg - LBX

T554 Weapons of Death (77) Leonard Mann stars in this violently gory Italian crime thriller directed by Mario Caino - Only Fair quality though

P105 Web of Death (76) Classic Shaw Brothers Fantasy - LBX - Subs

L269 When the Last Sword is Drawn (03) Great new Samurai flick - F.L. - B.A.

1016 When Women Had Tails (70)

1248-6273 When Women Lost Their Tales (71)

4332-2975 Where Time Began (77)

L697 Whiplash (74) Golden Harvest sword film with Chang Pei Pei and cool battling babe kung - fu ! - Subs

6520 White Huntress (57)

Q545 White Sun of the Desert (70) Russian War - Subs

3576 White Warrior, The (61) Steve Reeves

312 Who aka: RoboMan (74)

Q859 Wicked Priest 3, The (69) aka: The Killer Priest's Journey - Tomisaburo (Shogun Assassin) Wakayama - LBX and Subs

X39 Wicked Priest 4, The (70) aka: The Killer Priest Comes Back - Again with Tomisaburo Wakayama (or is it Wakayama Tomisaburo?) and he also sings the theme song ! LBX with Subs

Q858 Wicked Priest, The (68) Tomisaburo (Shogun Assassin) Wakayama - LBX and Subs

7423 Wild Women of the Wongo(58)Wenches and musclemen on an island.

704 Wild, Wild Planet (67) Sequel to "War of the Planets"

Q508 William Shatner's Mysteries of the Gods (76) Some type of hammy credibility is given to this theoretical nonsense with Shatner's bewildered narration.

L788 Witches Curse, The (62)

1878-3117 Wizard of Mars, The aka: Alien Massacre (64) John Carradine

L95 Wolfshead : The Legend of Robin Hood (69) aka: The Legend of Young Robin Hood - Stars David Warbeck as Robin Hood

T37 Wolves of Willoughby Chase, The (88) Wolves stalk Willoughby, an evil witch (after an inheritance) abducts children, and more in this dark fantasy with imaginative sets and great photography - With Stephanie Beachum - BA

4700 Women Gladiators (61) Queen of the Amazons look for a man to lead them. All he has to do is defeat barehanded 101 of their strongest warriors. Spears battle axes etc.

M89 Women of Pitcairn Island (56) Eighteen years have passed since the arrival of the Bounty mutineers on Pitcairn Island. The last of these mutineers has just died and the island is now populated solely by their widows and children including Thursday October Christian, son of Fletcher Christian. Onto this island now comes a band of shipwrecked sailors, bringing with them a lust for women and a greed for black pearls….

74 Women of the Prehistoric Planet (66)

L72 Women Warriors (84) aka: Island Warriors - Classic battling babes

L953 Wonders of Aladdin , The (61) Partially directed by Maria Bava! Donald O'Conner plays Aladdin, finds a lamp with a genie who helps him battle a Sultan and more in this fantasy

1884 World Without End (56)

T652 World Without Thieves (04) Crime action with Andy Lau

1939 X From Outer Space (67) The spaceship AAB-Gamma is dispatched from FAFC headquarters in Japan to make a landing on the planet Mars and investigate reports of UFOs in the area...

T162 Yankee Pasha (54) Rhonda Fleming, Mamie Van Doren

3103-5081 Yeti Giant of the 20th. Century ( 71)

9371-2529 Yog : Monster from Space (71) Uncut letterboxed with Subs - BA

L271 Yomigaeri: Resurrection (03) The dead come back to life and return to their loved ones in this story of love and death - BA - Subs

8399-1017 Yongary Monster From the Deep (67)

829 Yor: Hunter From the Future (83)

L532 Ypotron (69) Latest space age weapon can rule the world and is sought by evil mad-man in this Bondish thriller

M83 Zambo :King of the Jungle (72) Brad Harris stars in this LBX jungle action

L320 Zan, King of the Jungle (70) Spanish/ Italian Tarzan rip-off with Gold, Greed, Torture, Pissed off natives and a Hot Amazon Queen, amongst other jungle movie elements.

N63 Zebraman (04) Takashi (Visitor Q, Audition) Miike's homage to Kamen Rider, Ultraman type shows. Man who costumes himself like his child-hood hero ends up facing and battling a real threat of alien invasion. Kind of like "The Faculty" meets "Ghostbusters" meets "Ultraman" and no- not your typical type film from this director- but excellent sci-fi with lots of surprises! LBX with Subs

8422 Zipang (92) Japanese Samurai fantasy subs

8269 Zone Troopers (85) BA

L954 Zorikan The Barbarian (64) Saracen Warrior is hired to plunder the Christians and of course battles opposition

L100 Zorro and the Three Musketeers (63) Sword play action - LBX - Fair quality

7314 Zorro at the Spanish Court(62)