4272    2087: A Sex Odyssey ( 74)


4526 Abduction (75) Joseph Zito directs this sleazy account straight from the headlines of that era- based on the novel “ Black Abductor “. Patty Hearst tale told better than the other lame attempts with lesbians and sleaze thrown in for good measure!


T131 Abductors, The (72) Cheri Caffaro is Ginger... Classic, politically incorrect exploitation fun.


L740 Adam and Nicole (75) aka : Erotic Inferno - Greed and Naked Lust collide - BA


7536 Adventures of a Plumber's Helper (78)


7200 Adventures of Flash Beaver (72)Mega-chested Brandy O'Toole snaps her fingers and "poof"- she's naked and ready to help those with sexual dysfunctions.  Near hardcore.


L195 Afternoon (89) Yummy Valentine Demy gets involved with a voodoo cult who plan on using her for a sacrifice in this Joe D'Amato flick


8816 Afterschool Girls (72) aka: Hungry for Sex These 5 girls graduate at the top their class in Sex Education! BA


N5 Ages of Lulu, The (90) Director Bigas Lunas film deals with a woman's sexual obsession. She seeks three ways and more...From Innocent virgin, to insatiable slut. This film comes very close to porn and explores the dark side of sexuality - LBX - Subs


1021 Agony of Love (66) early adulteress slut-fest with a gorgeous lead broad


3205 Alcove, The (84) Laura Gemser


T668 Alexa: A Prostitute's Own Story (89) Kinky sex is her way of life. She wants to break free. Her pimp is violently against that idea. - BA


7255 Alexander's Sisters (80's)Family of sex bimbos in pursuit of sexual pleasure. Tracy Atwood  BA



6166 Alien Women (69) aka: Zeta One aka: The Love Factor BA


T837 All the Lovin' Kinfolk (70) aka: Kinfolk - Hicksploiter with big boobed Uschi Digard. Inbred Hicks leave the hills to seek their fortune in the big city encountering many obstacles. Also with Mady Maguire and Donna Young - BA


T771 Alone in the T-Shirt Zone (86) Tries hard to be a Cult Classic - You decide whether it falls flat. Sex - Themed T- shirts are Michael's specialty, until our designer winds up in a psycho ward for therapy - Psychotronic Trippy Drug Madness Ensues - BA


Q24 America's Funniest Dirty Jokes (89) Filthy Fun - B.A.


N38 Amorous Adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, The (76) Nudity filled historical comedy sex romp also known as "Superknight" - BA


3138 Amorous Sisters (79) Brigette Lahaie


T869 Anarchy U.S.A. (66) Every so often we see a film that defies logic and reasoning. A film that shows us, really shows us, just how far right the Far Right was, and in many cases still is (we are Independents here, so no sides taken, ever). It astounds us how many supporters of this Propaganda Film- are still alive today- and listened to religiously by people who've decided to ignore the past- and just forget it ever happened. This film's message is how the Civil Rights Groups are pushing America towards Anarchy and Communism. You'll also learn how to guard against the emerging "Soviet Negro Republic" Boy. - BA


9845 And Give Us Our Daily Sex (79) This Laura Gemser sex romp is steamin'


6495 And When She Was Bad.... (73) Psycho teenage runaway strangles a bible salesman with fireplace tongs as she has sex with him! Fun sleaze!


8217 Angel (84) Honor student by day, hooker by night BA


6229-3495 Angel of Heat (82) Marilyn Chambers BA


8485 Animal Love (95) No- this is not a sex with animals film. Instead this is a movie about people who like animals as companionship over people. A disturbing documentary about isolation and despair. Twisted. F.L.


L733 Aphrodite (82) Directed by Robert (Dr. Phibes) Fuest and starring Horst Bucholz and the lovely Valerie Kaprisky - BA


Q639 Artful Penetration of Barbara, The (69) aka: Nerosubianco - Anita Sanders - Tinto Brass directs this trippy, psychedelic counterculture type trash that deals with conformity and sexuality. A soundtrack from the U.K. band "The Freedom" (and they also appear). A groovy throw-back. LBX - F.L.


L685 Attention (84) Ben Cross - Journalists wife hire's women to have sex with her husband while she hides and listens and gets aroused. Shy girl. Sexy, sensual, fun film with overtones of incest and lesbianism with mother and daughter bimbo team Stefania and Amanda Sandrelli contributing the lustful attractions. Meow - BA F.L.


7260 Auditions(78)Real bizarre auditions.people didn't even know they were being filmed!Nudity.Bizarre.BA


8820 Australia After Dark (74) Ahh.. The land of busty bronzed beauties, single bars, wide open spaces, and sexual debauchery. BA


3253-4792 Autumn Born (79) Dorthy Stratton


5012 Baby Doll (56) Carroll Baker, Karl Madden


7219 Baby Love (69)Sex doll Linda Hayden's first film.She plays a 15 year old orphan tease who nearly destroys the family that takes her in.


N31 Bad Girls in the Movies + Beverly Hills Call Girls (85) The first has some great trailers intercut with a story of a Bad Girl going to jail and being processed (campy). Trailers include "The Double D Avenger" the one in which a woman kills with her massive boobs. Then- the second show is about High Dollar Hookers and a glimpse into their world. Lots and lots of nudity by stunning broads


Q145 Bambola (96) Valeria Marina, Anita Ekberg - Bigas Lunas directs this twisted tale that includes a healthy dose of sexual sadism, and dominance/submission - LBX - F.L.


6069 Bardot! () Can't get enough of the legendary sex bomb Brigette? See her sing in black leather mini skirt and motorcycle! See 60's psychedelic insanity that'll make you want to travel to France in the 60's and never return! F.L.


N54 Baring It All (80's) Sexy starlets naked scenes. Has the Jaimie Lee Curtis naked sex scenes from the film "Love Letters" (which is tough to find), and Naked Jayne Mansfield, Lynda Carter (look at the Wonder Boobs), Britt Eklund, Vanity...more - So if it's Naked you want- here it be.


8833 Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones, The (76) Joan Collins.


3312 Beach Girls, The (82)


P33 Beast of Pleasure (75) Married man lusts after a sexy siren - BA


6369 Beautiful Workout, The (81) the very popular sexy bimbo aerobicise workout tape from 20 years ago! Sleazy sensual and color box art - (It's what the guy is watching in "Friday the 13th. " before Jason hacksaws his neck (in the morgue))


K64 Beautiful Wrestlers: Down for the Count (84) Two battling bimbos scrap over a man - LBX - Subs


6511 Beaver Trilogy, The aka: The Secret Tapes of Trent Harris (00) post " Fast Times..." Sean Penn in drag singing, Crispin Glover next up. Hilarious outrageous triple take by three different people - all tied together. Sean Penn has been known to say " If people saw me in this they'd leave me alone in restaurants"- Go ahead! Blow your minds!


4441 Behind Convent Walls (78) F.L. Walerian Borowczyk’s nunsploitation classic from a mint master BA


L48 Behind the Scenes of an Adult Movie ( 80's) Lot's of 80's porn stars discuss the ups and downs (ins and outs) of the biz - B.A.


8829 Big Bet, The (85) Bert I. Gordon directed sex comedy with Sylvia Kristel.


Q22 Big Gag, The (87) Compilation of laughter, lunacy and hilarious pranks - B.A.


9856 Big Swap, The (97) Sexy British made sex film that details five couples who get drunk and decide to swap partners. Things get weird. Lots and lots of nudity !


6097 Big Zapper aka: The Sex Life of a Female Private Eye (73) letterboxed- violent kung fu, nudity filled sought after oddity!


6075 Bitch Queen of Suburbia, The (90) domination, spanking, whipping, and more sleaze


3317 Bitch, The (79) Joan Collins BA


9871 Black Angel (02) Set in Fascist Italy in WW2 ! Tinto Brass directed classic with a great story and very erotic as the wife of a high ranking Italian military man has an affair with an SS officer. Great score by Ennio Morricone and in English!


L179 Black Deep Throat (76) Ajita Wilson stars as a nymphomaniac newspaper reporter searching for info on a sex cult. She has bouts of nymphomania whenever she hears certain music (which is a lot)


3153 Black Emmanuelle (75) XXX version (English or F.L. version available - specify)


6425 Black Emmanuelle Goes East (76) aka: Emmanulle Nera Orient Reportage - Laura Gemser, Eng language version BA


4932 Black Emmanuelle, White Emmanuelle (76) uncut southern plantation sleaze with torture, nymphos, etc!


L468 Black Fire (75) Yvonne DeCarlo - More outrageous politically incorrect slavery era trash akin to Mandingo, Mandinga and others


9158 Black Gestapo (75)


5124 Black Shampoo (76) black hairdresser fights the mob with a chainsaw! A Greydon Clark Production BA


Q23 Black Starlet (74) Juanita Brown - Lots of nudity as a girl climbs the ladder of sleaze - BA


T494 Black Venus (83) Josephine Jacqueline Jones, Karin Schubert, Helga Line - Euro - Trash soft- core classic


5347 Booby Hatch (76) zany love lab where professors measure pleasure


T784 Bottoms Up (77) aka: What a Way To Go - Hilarious Aussie Sex Comedy. Skinny virgin mechanic is prepped for sex by young nymphos to mate with their horny, hippo - sized friend, "Gertie" who demands satisfaction! Will he be able to "rise" to the occasion? BA


9313 Box, The (85) Chuck Vincent directed vignette of skits and jokes with lots of sleaze and dark humor - BA


9420 Brazen Women of Balzac, The (70) Hilarious bawdy comedy with loads of sex, nudity and Edwige Fenech in the early 1900's.


4611 Butterfly (81) Pia Zadora in the hottest bath tub scene in the history of melting celluloid- James Franciscus


Q28 California Reich, The (75) A look at the Far Far Right once again. Racist Nazi Movement footage, informative documentary . Watch as every day illiterate rednecks teach their children to hate minorities. You won't believe what some of these people have to say... BA


3869 Caligula: The Garden of Taboo (82)


3684 Caligula and Messalina (82)


3870 Caligula Reincarnated as Hitler aka: Gestapo's Last Orgy (77) Lise Cohen is taken to a special prisoner-of-war camp for female Jews, a camp run as a bordello to entertain...


3871 Caligula Reincarnated as Nero (82) Bruno Mattei's sleazefest!


3872 Caligula's Funniest Home Videos (64) aka: Carry On Cleo Two Britons are captured and enslaved by invading Romans and taken to Rome. Hengist Pod creates useless inventions...


3873 Caligula's Perversions (82) aka: Caligula and Messalina See the story that no history book dared to tell!


T790-2921 Can I Do It...Until I Need Glasses (77) A series of jokes/ skits all sexual in nature. Robin Williams Film Debut. Look for Uschi Digard on an elephant uncredited - BA


R33 Candido Erotico (77) A teenage girl falls in love with a man who works in live sex shows, and who just happens to be having an affair with the girl's stepmother- with her father's knowledge. Our oversexed hero also has a sexual problem...


5067 Candy Stripe Nurses (74)


4491 Canterbury Tales, The (71) uncut Pasolini classic with subs


L328 Capri : The Paradise of Love (89) aka: Thrilling Love - With Tony Kendall in his last role. Man enjoys watching his new wife with other men and finally reveals a secret which may be the reason ...


6111 Carnal Knowledge of a Nymphomaniac (72) In Italian


T665 Casanova (87) Suspend your disbelief. If you can get past the fact that the male lead who plays Casanova (Richard Chamberlain) is an out of the closet homosexual in real life (not that there's anything wrong with that) you may be able to enjoy this sexy romp for it's female leads Faye Dunaway and Sylvia Kristel- Sophie Ward- more.


3365 Cassie (87) Marillyn Cambers


5280 Chaos Control 2 () Japanese language - 2 guys run around and lift up girls skirts as they film. They repeat this perverted exercise and digital fogging covers their faces- A fun film for feminists to enjoy!


7204 Chastity (69)Cher


6275 Chatterbox (76) Penelope has a problem - "Virginia" her talking "privates" is a singing goldmine! Sleazy comedy classic 


7237-7512 Cheerleader's Wild Weekend (79)uncut import.  Girls are kidnapped by an ex-football star for ransom.  They join him for the money.  Greedy bitches. BA


5042 Cherry Hill High (76) BA


7291 Chicken Ranch (82)Docu on whorehouse, with clients, whore line-ups, and tense encounters with a Bible thumping asshole.BA


8885-9492 Christiane F. (81) First alcohol, then heroin , next to the streets. Grim little ditty about desperate troubled youth BA


6070 Cinderella (77) Cheryl Smith- directed by Michael Pataki- a dirty musical version


5307 Class Reunion, The (72) Rene Bond - X-rated A high-school reunion held at a hotel serves as an excuse for some alumni to resume old relationships and start new ones--sometimes with several people at once.


T777 Clinic, The (82) Hilarious Aussie Sex Comedy that treats V.D. like a badge of honor, and a reward for promiscuity! Amazing how light hearted the sex diseases used to be viewed before AIDS struck. -


B26 Cocaine Fiends, The (36) A young woman gets involved with a drug dealer- Campy Drug crazed fun!!!


9897 Color Me Lurid (60's) The Weird World of George Kuchar - 4 films from Kuchar - Hold Me While I'm Naked, The Mongreloid, Forever And Always + A Reason to Live - Cheesy sleazy stuff from John Waters favorite filmmaker -


3179 Come Play With Me (70) Bridgett Lahaie


L55-6419 Come Play with Me (77) Two counterfeiters hole up at an expensive health farm staffed by sex starved nurses. There, they receive a breakfast they didn't quite expect! Mary Millington stars! + Mary Millington's True Blue Confessions Both incredibly delicious Mary Millington vehicles together for the first time anywhere ever !!! -


8611 Come to My Bedside (75) A handsome young sunlamp salesman's amorous endeavors with his wife become too inventive for her, and she leaves him to return to her mother's house... Swedish sex comedy. 


3683 Common Law Wife (63)


Q799-8334 Computer Beach Party (88) Modern Love Meets Modern Technology - BA


9854 Confessions from Holiday Camp (77) Robin Askwith is back, this time in charge of a camp over-flowing with hot horny women ! Also with Linda Hayden


8336 Confessions of a Blue Movie Star (78) Pornographer Robert Furch makes a movie inspired by "Lysistrata," he says. A documentary crew films the casting call… Roman Polanski narrates. Intense and disturbing.


9852 Confessions of a Pop Performer (75) Robin Askwith British sex comedy with lots of sleaze and nudity!


6217 Cover Girl Models (75) BA


T863 Daddy Darling (68) Katja is 19 and ready to exercise her right to have sex. Daddy won't do her, so our sweet Danish Babe goes after everyone close to her, from her step - mother, teacher, and her teenage boyfriend (who she pretends is her Dad!). Yea, more great trash from the master Joe Sarno - BA


L736 Dagmar and Company (72) Sexy whore tries to marry, but her clients object! - BA


Q915 Damaged Lives (33) Man breaks a date with fiancé and has sex with another woman and gets V.D. His fiancé kills herself. Nice little warning film of the dangers of infidelity brought to you from a bygone age - BA


L735 Damned Whores and Evil Bitches (89) Prostitution history of Australia from 1788 to 1988. Great stuff, part docu, part re-enactments! Worth owning for the title alone! Sorry gang, I'm going home to watch "Damned Whores and Evil Bitches"! Gotta' go!


P29 Danish Escort Girls (76) Sexy Danish Girls - BA


T412 Danish Sex Slaves (77) aka: Confessions of the Sex Slaves - Crime sleaze with Gina Jansen, Hack Stany, Erik Falk and Monica Miller


T308 Dawn : Portrait of a Teenage Runaway ( 76) 15 year old Dawn (Eve Plumb, who is Jan on Brady Bunch) runs away from home. In the big city she begins to turn tricks because she is too young to get a job. This highly rated, envelope pushing, Morality Play, was absolutely heartbreaking and tragic to the general public when it aired almost 30 years ago and left quite an impact. Which means Total Hilarious Camp to us today! It is a little creepy though- as Eve Plumb looks exactly as she did in that Brady Bunch crap- and in this- well- she's a WHORE ! - See also the classics "Go Ask Alice" and "Sarah : Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic" which explore similar themes of Teen Problems in the 70's. Rare Exploitation T.V.


8215 Deadly Passion (88)


5375 Death of a Centerfold (81) Jamie Lee Curtis as Dorothy Stratton


4478 Decameron (70) uncut Pasolini classic with subs


T473 Deep End (71) Diana Dors, Jane Asher - Engrossing, obscure British Drama Exploiter


8897 Deep Jaws (76) Candy Samples BA


B27 Delinquent Daughters (44) High-school girl offs herself. Investigation time. Natural selection? Morality Play Exploiter!


L156 Delizia (87) Stars Tina (Arabella) Cansino as a nude model who gets naked through-out the film (what else is a nude model good for besides...) - In Italian language and directed by Joe D'Amato


8601 Depraved Relations (70's) Erotic photographer seduces married woman. BA


3165 Desade's Justine (77) Koo Stark


6490 Desperate Moves (86) trashy comedy produced by Quidio G. Assonitis with Christopher Lee and Eddie Deezen BA


6163-8729 Devil Woman of Tang Dynasty, The ( 93) subs- sex and torture costume sleaze from Japan- BA


L158 Dirty Love (88) Sleazy take on "Dirty Dancing". Funny dance scenes and drop dead gorgeous Valentine Demy with loads of gratuitous nudity of course. Lots better than "Dirty Dancing" too unless that teen crap is your bag, if so, I feel sorry for you...


L219 Dirty Love 2 (89) Young Pianist (Josie Bisset) gets involved with 2 men (which means lots of nudity)


9709 Disco Beaver From Outer Space (77) Rare National Lampoon / HBO comedy special from the early days of cable pokes fun at Gays

and country music and much more. Dated, and not very funny but interesting with a few laughs. Nice how making fun of people's differences used to be comical and not a Federal Offense. Now- everyone is too sensitive...


L738 Divorcee, The (69) Marsha Jordan catches hubby making a racket with another broad so she files for a divorce and starts going at it with other men - BA


4221-3891 Dixie Dynamite (75)


T842 Doctor's Wives (71) Virtually forgotten gem, loaded with sleaze, gore and nudity that manages to distance itself from typical Hollywood films of that time with it's seemingly obsessive need to be trashy for the sake of trashiness. Which makes it a classic BA


5257 Doin’ It (80's) BA


7221-9088 Dolls of the Shoguns Harem(86)must find the mother of the late Shoguns child and abort it to save his love. LBXsubs


2741-6293 Dormitory Girls (72)


7263 Double Agent 73(73)See Chesty Morgan expose the "Big Two"!Watch out for the "Booby Traps"!


7234-9771 Dragonard (88)Oliver Reed and slaves on West Indies Island.


8484-2 Dressierte Woman, The (72) A long opening sequence features a full figured naked blonde in a tiger cage crawling on the ground as she is whipped into submission by a loin cloth clad man. Lots of wacky sexual situations and nudity in this hard-to-find sleaze classic! Feminists- we didn't forget you! Enjoy! F.L. BA


T266 Drum (76) Great Bad Taste Classic Sequel to Mandingo! Ken Norton, Warren Oates, Pam Grier, Yaphet Kotto, Fiona Lewis, Cheryl "Rainbeaux" Smith, and more. Sordid Interracial Shenanigans set on a Southern Plantation. Sure to offend most everyone. That's what makes it so special. - B.A.


8534 Electric Blue (88) Trashy! Sleazy! Britt Ekland! Fanny filming herself in the throes of ecstasy! Demolition rollerball derby with America's Savage Super Vixens in heated action! The notorious blue movie filmed in 1946 featuring the one and only Marilyn Monroe in gyrating action! All this and more in Electric Blue! BA


9512 Emily (77) Koo Stark's first venture into soft porn! Bless her!


8361 Emmanuelle 5 (87) More naked naughtiness (XXX version is under XXX section)


5355 Emmanuelle 6 (90)


3512 Emmanuelle and Francoise - Le Sorelline (75) George Eastman uncut F.L. BA


7265 Emmanuelle and Joanna(78)Tempting twin sisters in a steamy family affair!Sleeeeeazy!!


7419 Emmanuelle and the Erotic Nights (78) This documentary takes a brutally up-close look at some of the more shocking aspects of violence and human sexuality...


2981-3063 Emmanuelle and the Last Cannibals aka: Trap Them and Kill Them aka: Emmanuelle's Amazon Adventure (77) LBX or full frame SPECIFY (Keep in mind Emmanuelle's Amazon Adventure is cut to shreds so if a tamer version is wanted there it is all others steer clear of that version.)


2487 Emmanuelle and the White Slave Trade ( 78) Gemser BA


2543 Emmanuelle Around the World (77) Gemser


3412 Emmanuelle Goes Greek (76)


9871 Emmanuelle in America (77) UNCUT Gemser BA


5370 Emmanuelle in Soho (81) BA


9162 Emmanuelle in the Country (84) Laura Gemser is a traveling nurse with sexual healing !


7279 Emmanuelle IV(86)Sylvia Kristel, Mia NygrenBA


3664 Emmanuelle Nera Orient Reportage (76) Gemser F.L. BA


6171 Emmanuelle on Taboo Island (76)


8219-2752 Emmanuelle Queen of the Desert ( 82) BA


6282-2775 Emmanuelle's Daughter (79) Laura Gemser - BA


7557 Emmanuelle's Revenge (92) Sexy seduction and revenge. Sylvia Kristel


3869 Emperor Caligula, The (82) The mad Roman emperor Caligula romances a young Moor woman plotting to kill him while he continues his debauched lifestyle of sex and murder.


3211 Erotic Adventures of Hansel and Gretel, The (70) A sexy bastardization of the Grimm classic


Q968 Erotic Adventures of Heidi, The (77) Heidi does her teachers to 'make the grade', contends with her perverted Uncle and Bitch of a mom, and heads to the country where more oversexed predators await to try to get their turn at this lovely young lass. Ahhh.... family entertainment for your viewing pleasure in this Nudity filled German Sex film (In English Language!)


9163-T456 Erotic Adventures of Pinnochio ( 71) It's not his nose but his hose that grows ! With Uschi Digart in a lesbian scene. Also with Dyanne (Ilsa) Thorne


9279 Erotic Adventures of Robinson Crusoe ( 77) Lots of horny cannibal women (including Lina Romay) demand to be satisfied on this island. Crusoe and Friday never had it this good. But can they keep it up ? - BA


8592 Erotic Adventures of Zorro, The (72)


N62 Erotic Compromise, The (76) Incredibly obscure Sergio Bergonzelli directed sleaze in Italian language


T215 Erotic Dreams of Cleopatra, The (85) Rino Di Silvestri directs this Sex Comedy set in 46 B.C. - BA


9435 Erotic Images (83) Britt Ekland in her most erotic role ever! - BA


9340 Erotic Zen (90) Category 3 - Husband and wife demon team needs sex sex sex to regain human form - BA - Subs


B28 Escort Girl (41) Escort broad tries to hide her job from her daughter- Is that shame? Hey, everybody's some kind of a whore. Classic Trash!


Q406 Eva Man (80) Doctor conducts sexual experiments - With transsexual Eva (Tenebre) Robbins and also Ajita Wilson, this obscure trash is sure to please the Euro-trash fan. Tons of nudity and near hardcore sex - F.L.


9325 Exploitation Trailers 3 - over 2 hours of older sleaze titles previews, highlights, and more $20.00


8585 Fairy Tales (78) Linnea Quigley- perverted interpretation of everyone's favorite stories from childhood


8883 Fallen Angels (85) They want to be stars... See what happens when good girls end up on the wrong end of the casting couch- BA


6327 Fanny Hill (85) Lisa Raines, Oliver Reed BA


8338 Fantasias (93) Joe D'Amato sleaze BA F.L.


8541 Fantasm: The Erotic Experience (76) Uschi Digart, John Holmes sex education spoof! 10 most common female fantasies a woman is likely to encounter! See Felicity with her lesbian dream! See Gabrielle and a role reversal! See Karen's incestuous urges! See Lynnes linkage of sex and religion! BA


Q25 Fantasy Aerobics (89) More Cheesecake with exercising beauties getting naked for your viewing pleasure! - BA


4610 Fatal Obsession (91) Joe D’Amato Italian language mint print! BA


8819 Felicity (79) Horny Australian girl in Hong Kong goes on an erotic trip through the bars and bath-houses. BA


8529 Female Chauvinists (76) Beware women libbers plan to rule the world! A spoof on woman power. Down with Male Supremacy! Dominate me baby! Classic perverted sleaze. BA


7227 Female Teacher, The(90's)Sleazy schoolgirls again prominently featured in this trashy romp. LBXF.L.Japanese


4588 Femme Publique aka: Public Women (84) From Andrezej Zulawski the director of “Possession“ comes this voyeur film with Valerie Kaprisky who is always naked – excellent print from mint master BA F.L.


2623 Fermo Posta (95) LBX F.L. Tinto Brass directs


8537 Fistful of 44's, A (75) Adult sendup of spaghetti westerns. Jesse, Sheila, Valerie, and Isadora encounter a bank robber and his gang who terrorize them sadistically after they experience the uninhibited games of girls. BA Poor quality.


9871 Flesh (68) Warhol


4711 Follie Di Notte (78) more uncut Joe D’Amato - Amanda Leer – in Italian and English language mint


9452 Forbidden Fruit (84) French made sex flick in English


4867 Forever Emmanuelle (82) BA


T206 Fox, The (67) Jill Dennis and Ellen Heywood are lesbians living life in an isolated Canadian farmhouse. Enter Paul (Keir Dullea) who stumbles upon their desperate existence. Well- of course one of the lesbians falls for him- much to the dismay of dyke number two. Their loud sex rumbles the wilderness as if this Miss Lezbo has never been satisfied. Unintentionally funny- as suggestions imply that "lesbians" can never truly be happy without some "man meat "handy. Later- many elements of this story were used in Norman J. Warren's semi - classic "Alien Prey". - BA


8895 Frank and I (78) Man finds his boy ward is actually a young willing girl who becomes his mistress - BA


P30 French Pleasures (86) aka: LA MAISON DES 1001 PLAISIRS  Olinka! Brothel sex and blackmail with tons of nudity - BA


L719 Frivolous Lola (98) aka: Monella - Incredibly sexy Tinto Brass film. Lola wants to sex with her fiancé before she marries him to see if he is any good in bed. He wants to follow tradition and wait (the pathetic fool). Who will win this lustful battle? With the drop - dead gorgeous Anna Ammirati... Good God Man!


5330 Fuzz (72) Raquel Welch BA


B29 Gambling with Souls (36) Young house-wife starts going to bars and gambling. Soon, she has to become a whore to pay her debts. Ohh the woes of the dice ! Fun propaganda warning stuff.


L543 Games of Desire (90) Woman seeks sex from others due to impotent husband who no longer desires her. Husband gets aroused again with voyeurism and a 2 way mirror - BA


9747 Get Christy Love (73)


9493B Getting Wasted (80) Cadets at a military academy get involved with the 60's drug culture


8679 Ghost in the Saloon 1 (95) F.L. popular Japanese- lame n' tame


8680 Ghost in the Saloon 2 (96) F.L.- lame n' tame


Q607 Gift, The (82) Claudia Cardinale - BA


7258 Girl From StarShip Venus (75)She can give you a body that's out of this world!BA


L734 Girl Next Door, The (88) Sexy Kirsten Baker... Won't You Be My Neighbor ? - BA


Q78 Girl, The (86) Franco Nero, Christopher Lee, Clare Powney - A beautiful girl with a bad home life seeks love, and gets more than she bargained for - Nudity


Q995 Girls at the Gynecologist (77) It's another take-off on the "School Girl Report" films ! Loads of sexy women and very graphic sex scenes ! We see the trials of a male Gynecologist who happens to service tons of sensual and horny school girls! (All “Girl” actors 18 or older)


9513 Going All the Way (82) High-school sex comedy


6107 Gong Show Movie, The (80) Fair quality.



7212 Great Texas Dynamite Chase, The(77)Claudia Jennings is part of team of sexy female bank robbers.A friggin classic!


8349 Group Marriage (72) Victoria Vetri, Claudia Jennings, Jayne Kennedy in an open relationship romp.


L539-9666 Groupie Girl (70) So Saucy British soft-core classic packed with sex drugs and rock' n ' roll ! Follows the sordid sexploits of young music fan Sally as she dives into the steamy seamy world of pop - Great stuff! - BA


9164 Groupies (68) Nasty pathetic sluts and their desperate lives pursuing and banging rock stars


7201 H.O.T.S. (79)Lotsa T&A in this late 70's time capsule.Danny Bonaduce


8916 Hail Mary (85) Modern day Virgin Mary becomes pregnant in this controversial film that totally freaked Catholics in the 80's! Hah!


T861 Hanna D., the Girl from Vondel Park ( 84) Plenty trashy flick inspired by "Christiane F." (like a remake) only the director (Rino DiSelvestro) decided to up the smut content and give us the real deal instead of the more subtle original. Real junkies shooting up- lotsa' nudity and sexual situations- and a show stopping "drugs up the butt" sequence that may just leave you heaving- as once the drugs are free from their uh...location they are injected under young Hanna's tongue - Plenty sick and exploitative -In English Language with Foreign Subs - Enjoy - BA


5289 Happy Hooker Goes to Hollywood, The ( 80) Adam West, Martine Beswick, Dick Miller in bed with Martine Beswick! Get a "Hooker" for the night! Get All 3 “Happy Hooker” films $30!


3370 Happy Hooker Goes to Washington, The ( 77) The world's most famous madame is called to Washington to testify before Congress….. BA Joey Heatherton.


3351 Happy Hooker, The (75) Having emigrated to New York and immediately got the kiss-off from her mother-besotted fiancé, a Dutch lass takes a well-paid office job and starts liberally sampling the local male talent. BA


7229 Harem, The (76)Carrol Baker A seductive woman pushes three men to the limits toying with their sexual desires and male pride.


1039-9496 Harrad Experiment, The (73) At the coed Harrad College the students experience a college policy of sexual freedom. The students are taught classes on the subject, and they experiment themselves….


4994 Harrad Summer, The (74) (sequel to "The Harrad Experiment"- which is also available) BA


8815 He's Porno, She's Erotic (81) Marina was a faithful wife trapped between her sexual fantasies and her cheating husband. Until that is ... she is seduced by her own secretary. BA


7202 Hi Mom! (70)Vietnam vet Robert DeNiro makes dirty movies (and bombs apartment houses in his spare time).


9749 High Kicks (93) really badly made and shot on video "action/aerobics" flick- hilariously bad!


T803 High Rolling (77) aka: High Rolling in a Hot Corvette - 2 Carny workers with a penchant for mischief take a vacation looking for drugs and sex, and yes, finding both. Joseph Bottoms stars and also a young Judy Davis in her first movie.


L837 Histories Erotiques (80's) + Exploitation Trailers 6 directors and 6 scenes all dealing with the erotic. No dialog. Then - Trailers !!!


Q76 Hitchhikers, The (71) Splendid hippie time capsule with Misty (Hee Haw) Rowe in her first movie. Complete with a Manson type character, scantily clad chicks with no bras and more era fixtures that make you wish you were there, to stay, for good, forever....


3303 Hollywood Babylon (72) This is like a documentary on the scandals in the Golden Age of Hollywood during the 1920's. Contains many reenactments of major scandals…. Based on book by Kenneth Anger


K75 Hollywood Game (Game Show Models) (76) Dick Miller stars (!?!) as a sleazy gameshow host - Very sleazy (ample nudity) and obscure with a funky sound track and politically incorrect attitude


L756 Hollywood High (77) A fun sex comedy romp from the 70's with all the usual ingredients.


6289 Hollywood High Part II (81) sex, drugs and rock n' roll! BA


L314 Homework (82) Joan Collins, Wings Hauser sexploitation


9727 Honky (71) Poor white boy runs off with a rich white girl and 'her' parent's are racist for a change. Neat exploitative twist


T840 Honky Tonk Nights (78) More classic Hicksploitation, this one starring porno actresses Serena, Georgina Spelvin and also Rack Blessed Carol Doda, winner of the 1979 Dolly Parton look-alike contest (but much sexier than Dolly ever was!). Moonshinin', sexual hi -jinks- fightin' - racin- BA


6230 Hooker (83) life on the streets docu BA


P31 Hot Connections (72) Rene Bond - Night Operators have sex on the brain - BA


Q400 Hot Nights of Caligula, The (77) This is the cut soft-core version. We also have the XXX version - F.L.


L188 Hot Playmates (74) Erna Schurer is the Femme Fatale who avenges the financial misfortunes of her father by seducing, marrying and screwing the culprit to death - LBX - Color fades



9701 Hot Women for a Highly Endowed Superman (80's) Guy has a horse penis grafted on. Much comedy and near hard core sex follows F.L.


8756 How to Seduce a Woman (74) Playboy manipulates gullible (but more than willing) intelligent women into sex.


6218 Hustler Squad (76) for a moment of pleasure, you must pay their price: Your life! Sounds fair! BA


8341 I Am a NymphoManiac (70) LBX Incredibly sleazy, hilarious dialogue with the troubles of a young nympho.


9714 I Am Curious Blue (68) Sequel with much of the same cast. Really messed with the up-tight repressed idiots way back when -Subs - LBX


9713 I Am Curious Yellow (67) Rebellious young woman explores her sexuality in 1960's Sweden. This film was seized by customs in the U.S. when it arrived on these shores and was the subject of a wacky court battle and banned in cities around the world. Declared obscene and revolutionary- see what all the hoopla was about ! Subs - LBX


T339 If You Don't Stop It...You'll Go Blind (75) Sex Jokes Galore and also with the smutty amorous Uschi Digard - Also available in a similar vein, "Can I Do It 'Till I Need Glasses" and also "Jokes My Parents Never Told Me" (77) - Get with it! 70's sleaze R


Q338 Il Diavolo Rosa (87) This Nazi's in a sex brothel near the time of D-Day tale is very similar in nature to SS Bordell - Both pictures feature a sadistic sexually twisted female German Officer, in both, the resistance asks the brothel for help, and both feature the sexy Bridgette Lahaie !!! In this one though, it's more a soft-core sex comedy while SS Bordell IS XXX - Both come highly recommended !!! F.L.


Q407 Il Macellaio (98) aka: The Butcher - Alba Parietti, Miki Manojlovic - An incredibly beautiful vegetarian woman begins to implement meat into her diet because her iron is low. Her husband is away, so she starts to visit the butcher shop were she eventually catches a glimpse of the butcher banging away on a woman strapped up to some meat in a back room. That did it. She's letting the butcher have his way with her in no time proving she has been without meat for literally far too long. F.L.


P36 Immoral (80) Expensive whore loses her memory after an accident and reinitiates herself into the world of debauchery - BA


Q729 In the Beach House (77) Jodie Foster and Catherine Denevue star in this sex comedy. Another we are sure Foster would prefer to forget. Pretty funny and sleazy though, so check it out!


2779 In Trouble (67) Sybil Danning


9192 Inga (67) Swedish Erotic cinema directed by Joseph Sarno with English subs


Q29-P35 Inhibition (76) Claudine Beccarie, Ilona (Cicciolina) Staller, Ivan Rassimov - Wealthy Heiress sexually dominates, and becomes dominated herself in this sleazy trash with fantastic locale photography - BA


8969 Inn of Temptation (73) Sleaze


T782-8970 Innocent Sally (70) aka: The Dirty Mind of Young Sally - Sally runs a mobile "pirate" radio station--which she operates from her van--where, in her sexy and sultry voice, she encourages her listeners (mostly teenagers) to use the music she plays "to ball by". Sharon Kelly, Angela Carnon, Sandy Demsey BA


4560 Insiders, The (89)


9718 Intimate Confessions of an Exhibitionist (83) Lina Romay- Quality poor on this title F.L.


T667 Isadora (68) Vanessa Redgrave won an academy award for this tale of a horny ballerina and her scandalous behavior - This is the 2 hour and 33 minute Director's Cut - BA


4609 Italian Trailers (various) wild and wacky trailer tape of tons of Italian sexploitation / exploitation films. Many incredibly RARE trailers in this one! Many letterboxed. There’s some horror, nunsploitation, action, comedy, etc. Dozens of RARE films theatrical trailers . This runs nearly 4 hours – 2 tape set $ 20 ($26 on DVD)


8623 It's Called Murder Baby (83) Cameron Mitchell, John Leslie. BA


2984-8342 Jailbait Babysitter (78) Vicki is seventeen and her older friends call her Jailbait. Her boyfriend Robert is frustrated because Vicki doesn't want to do the wild thing, but he's willing to wait. John Goodman’s first film!


9507 Jokes My Folks Never Told Me (77) Series of sketches featuring hot women - Politically incorrect sleaze with tons of trashy jokes!


7266 Joy (80's) Not to be confused with the " Joy" porno title (SPECIFY) .French sleaze based on bestseller.Joy is a woman torn between love and violence, passion and perversion. Hey ain't we all ?BA


8540 Joy of Flying (77) Sexy sleazy fun! BA


9504 Julia (76) Sylvia Kristel erotic sex classic BA


T765 Keep It Up Jack (73) aka: Auntie Sue (Lust for a Vampire) Longhurst stars in this British Sex Comedy about a guy that inherits a brothel loaded with luscious ladies and proceeds to bed hop servicing all of the wanton wenches. - BA


L159 Key, The (83) Deviant sleazy Tinto Brass tale involves an old man's obsession with hooking up his young wife with his son-in-law so he can watch and get his sexual fix - Pure trash cinema all the way from Tinto who rarely disappoints


L752 King Frat (79) Frat boys compete in a farting contest and other educational college activities in this funny, vulgar "Animal House" styled flick. BA


Q678 Kleinhoff Hotel (77) Sexy Euro-Trash with Corinne Clery and Bruce Robinson, LBX and in English


Q666 La Caliente nina Julietta (81) Spanish Sex Comedy ! In one scene a guy is ravishing a beautiful woman's breasts as she groans and wiggles against him. When he gets his hands down her pants... out comes a dong. That's right! She's a He! He screams loudly and faints. Some picture problems on this title, so poor quality. F.L.


Q408 La Carne (91) Strange love as a pianist obsesses so bad over a woman she paralyzes him !!! - F.L.


4586 La Mala Ordina (72) violent action Italian language BA


Q711 La Passion Turca (94) Vicente Aranda - Married woman goes to Istanbul and meets Yaman. Before long she's boinking...F.L.- BA


8340 La Senora De Wall Street (89) Joe D’Amto directs more sleaze F.L. BA


4381 Labyrinth of the Senses (94) yea – that’s Joe D’Amato (deceased) but the king of sleaze delivers! F.L.


5011 Ladies of Lotus (88) BA


Q972 Lady Chatterly Versus Fanny Hill (78) Joanna Lumley and Penny Abrahams star in this one. They play Madame's of competing

Brothels. Watch what happens as these infamous Victorian British Society Bitches give head to head.... or is it GO head to head ? You decide.


Q973 Lady Chatterly's Passion (90) Woman has impotent husband. Luckily her friend's have some ideas that will give her some sexual relief. With the sexy Malu and also big boobied Carmen Di Pietro


7319 Lady of the Night (85)Serena Grandi stars in this sleazy (close to hardcore) flick about a wife who manages to have sexual encounters every time her husband gets involved watching a sporting event.F.L with English subs


7519-9774 Lady on the Bus (78) Unsatisfied bride picks up men on the bus to have sex with


Q970 Last Tango in Zagarolo, The (72) Martine (Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde) Beswicke stars in this extra sleazy "Last Tango in Paris" rip-off. The trashiest flick this incredibly beautiful woman was ever involved with, which makes this great! Sexually frustrated Hotel owner meets a kinky nympho and has lots and lots of fun (since his wife is frigid). LBX - F.L.


7524 Let Me Love You (70's) More sleazy trash !


Q976 Let's Get Laid (77) Sleazy fun in this British sex comedy with Fiona Richmond and Linda Hayden !!! Both display ample skin (hey, these things are important !) and this also stars Robin Askwith from the "Confessions..." series - BA


9165 Lickerish Quartet, The (70) More classic erotic sleaze


Q81 Loaded Guns (75) Ursulla Andress, Woody Strode - Excellent sex comedy, and yes, Ursulla Andress Undressed! Oh My - LBX -Subs


T843 Loggerheads (78) Truly tasteless Nazi comedy that will leave you speechless ! How can you endure seeing a young Hitler bringing forth beer from an empty keg (like Jesus !) and having silverware stick to his face (it's his magnetism, don't 'ya know) without dying laughing ! Two brothers (one a Magician Nazi- the other an Anti - Nazi) experience sight gags and slapstick situations with the backdrop being Nazi Germany. Dog Concentration Camps Batman and Robin are killed by firing squad- a Disco Number on the Western front- and more insanity in a fun jovial "Nazi" way- makes one ask the question- what the hell were they thinking ? Great for Bar Mitzvahs and Skin Head Rallies alike! - BA


T839 Lost Children of Rockdale County, The ( 96) PBS news magazine story that deals with horny teens in an upper class white community that orgy and get drunk while their parents are at work. VD runs rampant amongst them all and the townsfolk try to determine j


8818 Love Box, The (72) Lots of sexual hook-ups. Sex addicts can advertise for services.


7460 Love Camp, The(80)Sadistic sexploitation about an exotic religious cult called "The Children of the Night " led by "The Divine One" Laura Gemser who preaches free love.The penalty for leaving her is death.Explosive climax and cool musical sequences are unforgettable!


9358 Love Circles (84) Around the world with love - Suzy, a Parisian expert in the art of love, Ko Ko and Yo Yo the Chinese twins My My....- BA


8503 Love File, The (70's) A middle aged couple try to live out their sexual fantasies with their separate dream lovers.


T939 Love Letters (84) Plays like straight drama, but sheer exploitation value for the sizzling hot Jamie Lee Curtis Sex Scenes - Her most revealing and sexy role ever, and one I am sure she would prefer to forget.


Q930 Love Life of Adolph Hitler (48) Hitler and Mussolini are covered with home movies from both camps including graphic atrocities against the Jews and war criminals (including Mussolini) in death - Ghastly and fascinating


9436 Love Merry Go Round (70's) Stolen Paintings, blackmail, hookers and suspense - BA


3450 Love Strange Love (82) Man recalls fondly his upbringing in a brothel. Mega tons of nudity and sleaze.


7261 Love Trap(77) aka: Let’s Get Laid Fiona Richmond, Robin Askwith.Sexy James Bondish spy spoof with loads of lovely ladies.BA


L50 Love, Lust, and Ecstasy (80) Three experiences you will never forget! Ajita Wilson - BA


L741 Love, Swedish Style (72) Horny young blonde Swede comes to America and well , we told you she was horny... - BA


7532 Love-In-Leather- Pants (79) Foreign sex flick redubbed into comedy


Q243 Love-Ins, The (67) An unauthorized Timothy Leary story - Richard Todd as the "Turn-On Drop Out" rhetoric spewing LSD hippie fanatic advocate, Mark Goddard (fresh off his "Lost in Space" gig in his first role) as an evil hippie leader! and also with Susan Oliver - Time to pull out the water bong, drop some peyote and tune in!


6322 Loves of Scaramouche, The (75) Michael Sarrazin, Ursulla Andress (Undress)


L53-8211 Lunch Wagon (82) Jimmy Van Patten and some Playboy centerfolds star, with music by Missing Persons - The tastiest things are not on the menu! - B.A.


6376 Lust in the Dust (84) Talo Hunter, Divine BA


L172 Lustful Mind, A (86) More Joe D'Amato directed soft-porn


R4 Mad Magazine TV Special + Disco Beaver From Outer Space - (75) Animated Half Hour Mad Magazine Show developed in the true spirit of the magazine with skits containing many magazine characters. Also satirical skits about popular programming of the day. And tagged on is the politically incorrect show from the late 70's that aired on HBO that makes fun of gays and country music among other things.


B31 Mad Youth (40) Wild Lifestyle of a Mother and Daughter Spells Hardships for them both. Be a mother not a friend you shit for brains !


L890 Malibu High (79) Great drive - in classic


7310 Malicia (73)Italian made erotic sleaze.F.L.BA


L344 Mandinga (76) Italian film borrows from Mandingo! Old south plantation owner lusts after his female slaves which leads to erotic (politically incorrect) situations...


4545 Mandingo (75)


T267 Mandingo (75) LBX version, but some of the more brutal scenes of slave abuse are cut.


T268 Mandingo (75) Not Letterboxed. But Fully Uncut. The brutal slave beatings, nudity, slave auction, all Uncut. Absolutely guaranteed to offend. But let's be realistic, this takes place in 1840. I consider this film one of the most authentic depictions of how things could have gone down on any number of Southern plantations. Susan George is great as the neglected wife that seduces her husbands top "Mandingo" for lust and revenge purposes as her husband is enamored with one of his female slaves instead of her. Brutal- hateful- and with a multi-tragic ending that stays with you- long after the credits have rolled. BA


9451 Marianne's Temptations (72) BA


7278 Maria's Lovers(84)Nastassia Kinski screws everyone.


B32 Marihuana (36) That's right ! A young teen girl steers into peer pressure, and smokes some weed man! GOOD FOR HER! Oh no! Now she's pregnant, and her best friend has drowned! All because of that friggin' Cannibis Sativa. Now, we know to avoid the stuff!


B33 Marihuana Menace, The (37) OH NO ! More smokin' of the killer weed! Dopers tread the path of hedonism. Yep. It's that all corrupting killer hemp again! Why did God give us this terror? Certainly the vain of all earthly tribulations! At least to some


8213 Marilyn Diaries, The (90) BA


6093 Marjoe (72) behind the scenes docu on actor Marjoe Gortner (before coming a star) as he gives away the tricks of the trade in the con-world of preachers. Speaking in tongues, faith healing, prayer cloths, hoppin an yelpin for Jesus- and other bull. Ridiculous nonsense a good % of our illiterate population flocks to like stupid sheep...Hallelujah!


7531 Mark, The (76) More soft sex antics !


7414 Mary Annes Temptations (72)


T433-6419 Mary Millington's True Blue Confessions (80) Tribute to the desirable British sex Queen mixes Archive footage with sex scenes. + Queen of Spades (79) This was (sadly) Mary Milligan's LAST film before her tragic suicide in 1979


5322 Master of Dragonard Hill (89) Oliver Reed cracks the whip! Also with Herbert Lom. Sequel to "Dragonard" BA


P28 Mechanical Bananas (72) Colorful sex comedy - BA


L739 Melody in Love (78) Sexy Melody O'Brien stars! She travels to an exotic island for a summer of erotic sun and sex - BA


3532-L131 Messalina, Messalina (77) BA


T67 Midnight Blue (79) Wonderful Italian made sleaze, in English


3337 Midnight Party (76) aka: Lady Porno Lina Romay


7214 Miranda (85)Tinto Brass trash


L51 Mistress Marilyn (80's) Splendidly trashy dominatrix - BA


Q688 Monamour (05) Tinto Brass directs LBX in Italian


5377 Mondo Elvis (84) strange rites and rituals of The King's most devoted disciples BA


5001 Monella (97) Timto Brass F.L. BA


L160 More Filthy Canterbury Tales (72) Horny monks run rampant in a series of comedic escapades dubbed hilariously into English and directed by the always capable (then and up until his untimely death) Joe D'Amato - This is D'Amato's first Official Director's job.


Q782 Movie Maker, The (86) aka: Smart Alec- Bizarre little comedy with appearances from Zsa Zsa Gabor and Orson Bean - BA


2273 Ms. Stiletto aka: Isabella, Duchess of the Devils (69) sleazy swashbucklin' wenches in heat


4643 Mustang: House of Pleasure () docu on the first legal brothel – near X-rated


7514    Mysterious Jane (81) More classic sleaze


6435 Naked in the Dark (89) Italian language sleazefest BA


Q926 Naked in the Night (58) Eva Bartok - Dubbed into English German made Exploitation that warns us of the evils of loose women so we can watch ourselves and not overstep that immoral ground. So kids, send that hooker home or make sure to buy plenty of raincoats


4155 Naked Princess, The (76) Ajita Wilson F.L. BA


9870B Nathalie (70) More Euro-trash just the way you like it ! Not the Nazi film but a soft-core sex outing


T982 Naughty Nymphs (72) Sex comedy - Two sisters and their lovers try to make sure their older sister (played by Sybil Danning) is deflowered by every man in town. They make a potency pill with extreme results! - BA


T868 Naughty Schoolgirls (76) Sex Comedy with nubile young virgins offering their innocence for $100 each to raise the cash for a new school bell. Now that's school spirit ! Tagline : Meet the Star Pupils ! Five Swinging Seniors Who Want To Graduate With A Bang ! Naked

babes galore and starring Rebecca Brook of "Confessions of a Young American Housewife". - BA


T848 No Mercy Man, The (75) aka: Trained to Kill U.S.A. - Viet Nam Vet (Steve Sandor) returns to town and finds war at home with some vicious Corrupt Homicidal Carnies and Bikers (led by the always prolific and menacing bald headed Sid Haig as "Pill Box"). Our reluctant hero does nothing as chaos erupts around him. He has his personal demons to contend with- namely- Flashbacks and Whiskey! Luckily he snaps out of it- just in the nick of time for a violent show down where everyone must die! - BA


7529 Norma (70) She's Hot and Ready for action!


6315 Not My Daughter (70) Teenage girls gets involved in porn


2724 Notorious Cleopatra, The (70) Incredibly sexy sleazy Roman trash with lots of nudity


L678 Nude Aerobics + Eroticise (80's) Both on one disc or tape!!! Nude Aerobics has naked women exercising (and bouncing everywhere) to music ! Then Eroticise - More naked exercise and this one with Kitten Natividad as one of the jiggling exposed bimbos! Real women- no silicone! She's hopping- she's jumping- watch it- watch out .. Boingggg...ouch! Don't try this at home kids. Now- every time your wife or girlfriend starts to gab at you about how far women have come in this last century... put this on and crank it up... I dare you !


8220 Octavia (86) BA


Q795 Off the Mark (86) About a boy and his dog, blind faith, a nasty Russian kid, friendship and soul power in the tradition of "Airplane" and "Kentucky Fried Movie" - BA


8884 One More Time (70)   Nerdy gas stop worker gets involved with three sexy nymphos who unfortunately also have a

300 pound roommate who's got the hots for our skinny "hero". BA


Q920 One Too Many (51) Big Budget Campy Expose Propaganda on Alcoholism and it's effect on various people. So open up a bottle of Jack, or a six-pack of your favorite ale and indulge in this funny tragic, and pathetic glimpse into the hell these people cause themselves. A more exploitative take on "The Lost Weekend" or "Days of Wine and Roses".


T666 Operation Orient (78) Great Euro -sleaze with Gordon Mitchell, Gianni Gori and Anna Maria Clementi - James Bond like locales and sexy women set on the Greek Islands, Rome, Athens and more..


3008 Orgies and Confessions of Emmanuelle ( 82) Jess Franco Emmanuelle is recently reunited with her husband, but at the next party, she gets drunk and strips nude for his friends... F.L. BA


7521 Overnight Models (80) Come on Over!


9907-L45 P.O. Box Tinto Brass (02) In English Tinto Brass sleaze - Sensational collection of dramatized real life fantasies from the master of erotica - BA


P41-T338 Pacific Banana (81) Lots of sexy women taking their clothes off to have sex with a guy who gets an erection, then keeps losing it before he can perform. Will he ever succeed ? Sleazy sex comedy with exotic colorful locales and tons of nudity. BA


9584 Paranoia (69) Carrol Baker BA


7522 Party Animal, The (83) From shy farm boy to life of the party


L170 Passion's Flower (90) Fresh out of prison a guy bangs a blonde in the front seat of her corvette. Turns out to be his brother's new bride ! He teams up with the little slut to kill his brother for the inheritance money our convict was denied. Joe D'Amato


L168 Peepshow (84) More voyeuristic D'Amato directed sleaze ! Surgeon sets up his wife as a hooker in the local whore-house because he likes to watch through a see-through mirror. Laura Gemser also shows up for some sleazy play...


9486 Percy (71) Man gets penis transplant after a freak accident.Afterwards he can’t get enough sex.Sex comedy with Elke Sommer and Brit Ekland.


L742 Pleasure Seekers (70's) WW3 is pending! Time for a sex party! - BA


T780-7530 Pleasure Unlimited (72) aka: Drop Out Wife - Angela Carnon, Rene Bond, Candy Samples, more. Bored housewife encounters lesbian love, swingers, a ménage - a - trois, wild orgies and more... BA


L161 Pleasure, The (85) Larger budget than the usual for this Joe D'Amato erotic-soft-porn. Involves a widower and his step-daughter and their relationship. Fair quality only on this title


8817 Plumber is Horny, The (80's) Mario catches his wife doing Fernando. Paco seduces his female customers. Rosa (Mario's wife) sleeps with Julia (Fernando's wife). Sexual hi-jinks dominate this romp. BA (clear, but some glitches)


4881 PoliceWoman (74) Sondra Currie- with Jeannie Bell (Playboy's first black centerfold!)


L488 Policewoman in New York, A (81) Edwige Fenech stars in this racy comedy - LBX - BA


9115 Pom-Pom Girls, The (76)


L910 Poor Cecily (73) This tale of 18th century depravity follows the fate of Cecily as she is ravaged, whipped and subjected to a relentless catalogue of sexual shenanigans - BA


9118 Porno Shop Della Settima Strada (79) D'Amato F.L.


T340 Private Lessons (80) An immigrant housemaid seduces a 15-year-old boy and later fakes her own death as part of his chauffeur's blackmail plot. Troubles arise when the two start to fall in love…. Sylvia Kristel


8221 Private Passions (84)


T341 Private School For Girls (83) Sleazy Sex Comedy with a young delectable Phoebe Cates. Also with Sylvia Kristel. 80's soundtrack includes Stray Cats, Rick Springfield and more... BA


8337 Proyecto Amor (92) Joe D'Amato sleaze BA F.L.


8608 Pussy Talk (87) Foreign version of " Chatterbox ". Would be a great double bill with "Chatterbox" BA


L737 Queen of Spades (79) Sexy Mary Millington vehicle is a treat for the eyes. As far as "beware of the queen of spades" ... trust me there are far worse ways to die. And you gotta' die of something... - BA


T853 Racist Little Rascals (30's) 2 hours and 15 minutes of racist innocence from an era that had no idea this was wrong. Whatever your stance on this, it doesn't matter. You'll be rolling on the floor ! Watch as Spanky disguises himself as Buckwheat (black face and all) to fool the gang of kids outside. When Buckwheat's Big Fat Mama sees what he's up to- watch as her eyes damn near pop out of her head ! Watermelon jokes- and fun spirited jousting with some fantastic performances by classic and damn funny African Americans amidst the Our Gangers!!! So Lighten Up! Box art has black faced Spanky and also Stymie! - BA



T257 Red Hot Zorro (72) LBX Spanish language version of this sleazy Zorro - F.L.


B34 Reefer Madness (36) Man, of course this classic deserves reflection. Drug Propaganda at it's funniest !


4719 Return, The (92) Jesus comes back from the sky. The world has changed since his last visit. He’s not back long before he’s caught in the crossfire of terrorism and kidnapped by thugs. Soon he’s having sex with a “ lady friend “ and having flashbacks to his first visit– being crucified ! Sure to offend most guaranteed! Italian language BA mint


4330 Revenge of the Cheerleaders (76)


4670 Revenge of the Teenage Vixens From Outer Space (86) sexually frustrated alien women turn their lovers into vegetables!


7403 Ricchi, ricchissimi... praticamente in mutande .. (82) aka: Don’t Play with Tigers Sergio Martino directed sexy comedy with Edwige Fenech and Janet AgrenBALBXF.L.


B35 Road to Ruin, The (33) The wrong crowd leads two young girls in the wrong direction- Lesson: And, be careful who you hang out with !


9510 Romeo and Julia (70's) Another good old fashioned sleazy sex comedy !


K49 Room 43 (58) aka: Passport to Shame - Diana Dors (looking great), Herbert Lom, (Jackie Collins and Michael Caine have bit parts) - Sordid exploitative tale of a prostitute with sleaze and violence 50's style


8214 Rosebud Beach Hotel, The (84) BA


8498 Roseland (70) A sex-crazed ex-singer is forced to undergo psychiatric counseling; it seems he's addicted to stealing pornographic films. Flashbacks soon inform us that he fell into disgrace after performing a risqué song-and-dance number on the Ed Sullivan Show. A rock musical. Bizarre R rated uncut explicit version.


5325 Running Hot (83) A teenager, wrongly convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of his father, escapes from jail. He hooks up with a prostitute and they take to the road to find the real killer of his father. BA


7280 Sabado, Domingo, and Viernes (79)Edwige Fenech, Barbara Bouchet.Partially Sergio Martino directed sexy comedyBA


7220 Sacrilege(85)1600 Spain.assaultd nun likes it so much she needs " black magic" to cure her.All she needs to cure herself is to eat her lovers’... (find out for yourself- ugh!)


9887 Salon Kitty (76) Tinto Brass directs BA


T844 Sam Kinison Live at the Grove : The Last Performance (92) Uncut and Uncensored Last Show From The Loudest Comedian Ever ! Shot Two Weeks Before The Tragic Accident. This performance was filmed on camcorder by Sam's Sister. It even has subtitles so you get to read every swear word ! Give It Up For Sam the Man !!!!! He Was Great !!! - BA


T305 Sarah T : Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic (75) Linda Blair - Man, what a great MFTV Camp Classic ! Sure, sure, it's supposed to be serious. And I have to admit, the acting is top - notch. But I can't help but laugh at our drunken little Blair's despair. Hey maybe the devil made her do it! At any rate it's a classic with lots of name actors. Larry Hagman- Mark Hamill (before his Star Wars gig)- Verna Bloom- M. Emmet Walsh and more... - BA


7242 Satiricosissimo(70)costumer sex comedy.Karin Schubert Edwige Fenech. In ItalianNo Subs


6338 Savages (72) Susan Blakely - Group of savages descend on an abandoned mansion and as they live there - they become "civilized" BA


4269 Score, The (72) Couple seduces another couple into sex games


9116-8234 Secret Ceremony (68) Liz Taylor is a nasty hooker, Mia Farrow is a bisexual, Robert Mitchum is her incestuous step-father! This is a sick trashy almost unheard of piece of celluloid you must see to believe!! See Liz belch and bath with Mia, See Mitchum call Liz a cow and make mooing sounds at her !!


8499 Secrets (71) Jacqueline Bisset as you've never seen her before! She was married, faithful, and bored....until one day....See Jackie in the naked scenes she denies were ever done!


L49 Secrets of a Door to Door Salesman (73) Sex comedy - BA


T561 Seduction of Inga, The (69) Joseph Sarno directs


8893 Seductress, The (82) Bored couple take on other lovers BA


3425-9168 Self Service Schoolgirls (75) LBX - More delectable delights


9493A Seniors (78) Seniors get grant to have sex and study college girls behavior in sexuality - Straight A's all the way


9347 Senso 45 (02) Tinto Brass! In Italian - More recent Brass with lots of hot ass


8505 Sensuous Nurse, The (76) Ursula Andress, Jack Palance


T51 Senza Buccia (80) aka: Skin Deep - Sun, Sea, Surf and Sand Softcore Antics with Cicciolina


K47 Seventh Commandment, The (60) Religious action drama from Irvin (Monster of Peidras Blancas) Berwick


9341 Sex and Zen: The Virgin Years (92) Category 3 - Sex crazed man neglects his wife. He later finds her working in a brothel, sold into whoredom by a jealous husband of one of his lovers - Subs - BA


8222-2760 Sex Machine, The (76) BA


B36 Sex Madness (38) Small town beauty Queen is diagnosed with.... VD !!! It's that Sex thing ! She never should' a said "Yes !" Boy, now if we can only figure out how to cure Biological Nature !


4979 Sex O'Clock News, The (85) Something to offend everyone!


Q127 Sex Ray (76) aka: I'm Not Myself Tonight - Virginal nerd working in a lab (that develops a sex ray that delivers a sonic blast of aphrodisiac) starts zapping people to watch them loose sexual control - Hilarity Ensues - BA


8821 Sex Sleuth (80) A man has sex fantasies about being a private eye. BA


6016 Sex Symbol (73) Connie Stevens gets naked in this uncut grim freakout- she's a drug addicted sex queen. Also with William Castle, Jack Carter, and Shelley Winters!


T58 Sex With a Smile (76) Fun Sex Comedy with the Luscious Edwige Fenech and Barbara Bouchet. Also with Marty Feldman and Tomas Milan. In Italian Language, but easy to follow as there are five separate comedic sex sketches with drop dead gorgeous Italian Beauties.


8212 Shame of the Jungle (75) BA


T881 She Devils of the S.S. (73) aka: Eine Armee Gretchen - Birgit Bergen, Carl Mohner and Renate Kashe - Fun Naziploitation now from import disc - BA


B37 She Should' a Said No (49) Oh Boy! The joys of Dope are once again explored after a chorus girl loses her life because of it. Hilarious!


3037 Single Girls, The (74) Claudia Jennings BA


T46 Sinner, The (72) Directed by Luigi Scattini - With Ugo Pagliai


8216 Sister Emmanuelle (77) Laura Gemser gets sent to a convent BA


9748 Sister Street Fighter (74)


7262 Six Swedes on Campus(79)Gorgeous young coeds drop their clothes for anyone!BA


T374 Sixteen (74) aka: The Young Prey - Trashy Hicksploiter with Mercedes McCambridge, a soppy 70's soundtrack, carny sleaze, creepy back wood folks, implied incest and more...


L732 Sizzling Spies (80's) Sinful Secret Agents reveal all - BA


8538 Slave to Desire (84) more sleazy trash as a mistress moves in as a housekeeper. Sex, spankings and more! BA


9901/L287 Slaves in Bondage (37) Alcohol, catfights, and spankings dominate this 30's trash camp classic


4693 Smooth Velvet Raw Silk aka: Black Velvet White Velvet aka: Emmanuelle in Egypt (76) Laura Gemser


9125 Snow White and the Seven Wise Men (79) In English! Maria Bianchi's sexy fairy tale


T675 Snowballin' (71) aka: Sex in the Snow - Handsome ski instructor services a group of insatiably horny Snow Bunnies in this rare French made sex romp - BA


T73 So Lovely, So Young, and So Vicious (75) Sexy Gloria Guida stars as Angela. She wants to destroy her father's new "bride to be" by framing her in sexual infidelities. When she finds of her victim's alleged Lesbianism, she seduces her !


L420 Some Like It Sexy (70) Hammer dames come alive in this one. The Collinson Twins (from Twins of Evil) and Maddy Smith (from Vampire Lovers) get down and natural naked skinned ! There's even a scene with the twins going at each other! Great British sexploitation! BA


T858 Son of Hitler (78) aka: Hitler's Son - The light hearted comedic opening song with the Hitler archive footage backdrop may just make you roll on the floor! Peter Cushing stars in this one that can only be described as a Nazi comedy in the tradition of "Loggerheads"!!! When Peter Cushing's Character (a Masochistic Hitler obsessed Nazi) finds out Hitler had a son- Willi (Bud Cort) he kidnaps the budding little potential dictator (with his trusty henchman) to groom him for leading the Fourth Reich! This flick is funny as hell- totally repressed by everyone- and Cushing playing a straight comedy role is simply hilarious. Again- what were they thinking making this? How many theatres were filled and where was it screened? Answer: None. Ever. Filmed and shelved. Period. - Great Stuff! Also with Anton Diffring - LBX - BA


4355 Spaced Out (79) sci-fi sex comedy


8766 St. Tropez Spice (87) Nudity filled actioneer loaded with sexual innuendo.


3621 Stacey (73) ex-Playmate Anne Randall is a private eye


Q40 Star Hops (78) Angel and Cupcake are a few of the names these Star Hops have. They are trying to save a failing Drive - In. The girls use their charms to take advantage of men and get their agendas served. Look for Dick Miller in his typical Miller role.


4856 Stop Calling Me Baby (77) Jodie Foster stars as a teen virgin desperate to have sex! Never released in America- good companion piece to "The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane " (also available)


4440 Storia di Un Peccato aka: History of Sin (75) Walerian Borowczyk’s overlooked sleaze epic he made after “ La Bete “ F.L. BA


8693 Story of Prostitutes, The (90's) pimps, hookers, Hong Kong style - subs BA


3469-8491 Streetfight aka: Coonskin ( 75) suppressed film by Ralph Bakshi dropped after only playing a few weeks! See Miss America beat up black guys with brass knuckles! See black Jesus collect money to kill whitey! Fun for all as everyone white and black is stereotyped. BA


Q411 Stripper of the Year (86) And here we see past her prime but still worth a look Kitten Natividad


T185 Stud, The (78) Joan Collins stars in this trash


2984-8342 Student Body, The (76)


L889 Student Teachers, The (73)


T38 Submission (76) France in the 40's before the Great Invasion. Franco Nero's character seduces his employer (who is married) and carries on sex games as the German army and certain impending doom closes in on them all. Erotic and Grim Sex Drama Masterpiece.


T783-4968 Summer Camp (79) Chuck Vincent directed boobie movie. As far as sleazy Camp movies go you can't go wrong here. - BA


5210 Summer School (85)


7548 Summer School Teachers (74) Candice Rialson, Pat Anderson


9506 Superchick (71) Super blonde stewardess is a sex loving black-belt - BA


5052 SuperKnight (86) Burlesque erotica comedica adventures of Don Quixote BA


6076 SuperStar, Raquel, Heavy Metal Parking Lot Compilation! This could possibly be the best compilation tape ever! SuperStar: Karen Carpenter's battle with anorexia and her climb to stardom is told in detail via the use of Barbie dolls! Very excellent, funny, and creepy!

Raquel: See a godawful (but colorful) late 60's variety show where the talentless (ahem... except for her attributes) Welch sings Beatles, Simon and Garfunkle, and more- in various stages of attire- Ouch! Heavy metal parking Lot: It's 1986, Dokken, and Judas Priest are inside the arena. Outside some brave photographer interviews fans. Drug crazed illiterate trash. I guess he passed by anyone with an I.Q. over 1! + Monster

Truck Parking Lot: short, but hilarious! Entertainment for the whole family!


7259 Sweet Young Thing(80's)An old castle is an exclusive boarding school for nubile nymphs.BA


9511 Swingin' Sorority (76) Sex filled comedy with lots of hippie sex and damn near hard-core


3529 Swinging Cheerleaders, The (74)


5257 T & A Academy aka: H.O.T.S. (79) College exploitation film focusing on the wild escapades of the women of H.O.T.S. Sorority. BA


5257-2 T & A Academy 2 (84) aka: Gimme an 'F' Can a squad of misfit cheerleaders with an over-age trainer possibly win the big cheerleading competition... BA


9746 T.N.T. Jackson (74) T.N.T. Jackson goes under-cover as a hooker in Hong Kong. Has a topless Kung-Fu fight!


L908 Tandem (94) Sexy Pink flick with a twist with lots of sex and nudity - Subs - BA


7313 Tatiana (95)More erotic foreign sleaze.F.L.BA


8599 Teach Me (70's) Man spends eve of his wedding in a brothel in this sex and perversion filled comedy. BA


8218 Teen Lust (79) Lighthearted sexploitation comedy. Before Porky's, before Meatballs, you've got TEEN LUST -- as low budget as they come. If you're in the mood for sexy babes, lust-driven lads, oddballs and geeks, and not to forget unscrupulous cops, then TEEN LUST is the right one for you. BA


3602 Teenage Devil Dolls (53) From Cheerleader to drug dealer


7517 Teenager (74) A film company arrives in a small town to shoot a biker movie. The film's director encourages his actors to "live" their parts, and the results are clashes with the townspeople that end in murder.


L714-7516 Tempting Roommates (76) BA


B38 Ten Nights in a Barroom (31) Alcoholism. Ahh... the pain it has created for mankind! So pour yourself some more Rum and sympathize with a victim of this foul disease. And, make it a double!


B40 Test Tube Babies (48) Radical procedure may help an infertile couple to have a kid. Why? Count your blessings people! Jeez!


Q925 That Naughty Girl (56) Bridgette Bardot. That's it ! A 1956 young hot sexy Bardot is all you need to know. Makes 95% of all the skeleton so-called beauties of Hollywood, look like the anorexic emaciated corpses with similarly styled wigs that they are. Bardot is a rebellious schoolgirl that gets mixed up with counterfeiters, and is friggin gorgeous.


9169 Therese and Isabelle (68) 2 young nubile French schoolgirls explore forbidden love in this erotic masterpiece-LBX


P32-T981 Three Swedish Girls in Hamberg (80) aka: Nympho Girls - Sexy Swedes - BA


Q119 Tinto Brass Presents : Volume #1 - 3 Sleazy Soft core sex tales - Aprietame Fuerte Las Munecas, Voyeur, and Sueno - F.L. - BA


Q120 Tinto Brass Presents : Volume #2 - 3 Sleazy Soft core sex tales - Soy Como tu Quieres, Julia, and La Marquita - F.L. - BA


Q121 Tinto Brass Presents : Volume #3 - 3 Sleazy Soft core sex tales - Bendita Transgresion, un Espejo Magico, and Relaciones impropias - F.L. - BA


Q122 Tinto Brass Presents : Volume #4 - 3 Sleazy Soft core sex tales - El Ultimo Metro, Fin De Semana en Lecco, and Cuatro - F.L. - BA


7203 Tokyo Emmanuelle(76)LBX in JapaneseNo subs


T53 Tomboy (7 6) Bizarre Sex Mondo In Italian Language


8497 Too Hot to Handle (77) Name: Samantha Fox , Occupation: Professional Killer, Mission: Four Underworld Masterminds, Price: $100,000 per hit, Weakness: A good looking cop. Cheri Caffaro is 100% blonde dynamite! BA


T62 Top Model (88) Nice and sleazy Joe D'Amato film about a model / writer that goes undercover as a whore. She really digs her research too! F.L.


K74 Trackdown (76) Earlier variation on the classic George C. Scott movie "Hardcore" . Jim Mitchum as the pissed off brother of a runaway encounters battling black transvestite hookers, Erik Estrada and more


4634 Train Station Pickups (79) hookers and drugs highlight this gritty look at urban nightmare high school hell- Exploitive version of Christiane F. Euro trash teen sex drama


Q365 Trampa Infernal (78) Silvia Aguilar - Can you stand more great foreign sleaze ??? F.L.


8335 Trasgredire (2000) Tinto Brass- lots of nudity F.L. BA


T59 Truck Stop (78) Elizabeth Turner - Another way of looking at the story of Odysseus and the Sirens, set in a French countryside with voluptuous vixens.


3530 Trucker's Woman (83) Inbred hillbilly hijinx! Yeeeehaaw!


3497 Truckstop Women (74) Classic Claudia Jennings


7256 Truckstop(84)Pamela is the prize in a contest that pits truckers against each other to win her affections.10-4 Good Buddy.BA


K33 Ubalda, All Naked and Warm (72) Edwige Fenech and Karin Schubert show their ample wares in this sexy comedy set during the Middle Ages. Funny, and even in Italian language it is easy to follow - F.L.


T57 Una Tenera Storia (92) aka: Love Project - Joe D'Amato sleaze in Italian Language


7545 Under the Doctor (76) British sex comedy


3390-L15 Unleashed Perversions of Emmanuelle (83) fair quality


T776 Up the Chastity Belt (71) aka: Knight Moves - Bawdy, Politically Incorrect, Period Piece, British Sex Comedy with Frankie Howard, Anna Quayle, David (Darth Vader) Prowse Eartha Kitt and many more - BA


L54 Up The Establishment (69) Sexual obsession has a couple searching for satisfaction in this sex comedy - BA


Q977 Ups and Downs of a Handyman (74) Barry (Corruption of Chris Miller) Stokes is the luckiest handyman in the U.K. in this British sex comedy loaded with big breasted horny ladies, (including the knock-out Valerie (Blood from the Mummy's Tomb) Leon) wacky jokes, and of course, the always necessary for plot development, nudity !!! -BA


3041 Valentina (80s) F.L.


T39 Vice and Provacation (95) aka Provokation - Joe D'Amato Erotic Sleaze in Italian Language


5374 Vice Squad (82) BA


Q951 Video Vixens (75) Obscure sleazy 70's flick about Network Broadcasting of Stag Film Awards. Nudity (of course!)


8892 Video Vixens (80's) Wildest contest young gals ever entered BA


4699 Vigilante Force (76) have to enjoy a movie where Victoria Principal gets shot in the back! Jan Michael Vincent


5009-3784 Violated (54)


P37 Virgins on the Run (80's) Anything goes as young girls share their fantasies - They are all 18 or older - Featuring a dormitory of Europe's most ravishing girls - BA


6214 Voyeur, The (90) sex and lust trash


8339 Voyeur, The (93) Tinto Brass F.L. More sleaze !


Q971 Wife Swapping Italian Style (69) Man wants to swing. Wife finally gives in and things look to be turning out better for her than him. Look to "Swinger's Massacre" (which we also carry) for a similar theme, that eventually involves murders. This one however is lighter erotic fare, with the sensuous Senta Berger as the wife, and Ugo Tognazzi as the horny husband. In English too! BA


B41 Wild and the Wicked, The (56) Earlier 'girl off the bus to Hollywood' scare film. Great stuff. You know, you just might learn a thing or two you hopeful wannabes! School is in session, watch and learn!


3385 Wild and Willing (72) aka: Dangerous Sex of Precocious Girls 2: Infernal Girl Is Named


4968 Wild Child (91) Laurie has just made it in Hollywood by landing a role in a TV show. To celebrate, she decides to invite the old gang from high school to her Los Angeles home for a weekend….


5249 Women in Uniform (77) naked Nazi bitches in heat - actually also a big budget war movie- sexploitation, lesbian, shoot 'em up


Q150 Yellow Emanuelle (76) Sleaze and soft core sex with Chai Lee and Ilona (Ciccolina) Strader - LBX


Q978 Yellow Teddy Bears, The (63) Early British Sexploiter about a high school girl that gets pregnant by a window cleaner (who moonlights on the side as a rock performer named "Kinky" !). Shortly thereafter she joins the Anti-Virgin Club along with other like-minded Young Sluts! Man, that sounds like the club to join, huh? - BA


L313-4857 Yiptease (98) She's delicious! She's Amy Yip! Queen of Category 3 films reveals her...charms! BA


9508 Young Lady Chatterley (77) With the Hot Harley Macbride


9509-2878 Young Lady Chatterley 2 (85) Harlee Macbride, Sybil Danning, Adam West (Unrated with more sex scenes)


B7 Young Nurses in Love (87) Suitably trashy Chuck Vincent directed hospital comedy in the "Airplane" vein with some porn stars like Jamie Gillis and Veronica Hart around to boot! BA


9170 Yum-Yum Girls, The (76) Tanya Roberts and Judy Landers star in this tawdry tale