8441   $100,000 For Ringo  (65)  aka: One Hundred Thousand Dollars for Ringo   A stranger named Lee Barton rides into the western town of Rainbow Valley where he's mistaken for a former resident named Ward Cluster who was believed killed in the Civil War. Cluster's wife, Rose, is now dead but his young son, Sean -- raised by Indian chief, Gray Bear -- also believes Barton to be his father. Barton soon finds himself in opposition to local boss Tom Cherry who used local Indians to drive off settlers and who then turned against the Indians…. Richard Harrison 

8665   Ace High  (69)  aka: Four Gunmen of Ave Maria   An outlaw Cat Stevens (Mario Girotti) is saved from the noose and is then hunted by his saviors when he goes back to crime. But Stevens is on a hunt of his own, pursuing three roamers who sent him to prison some years before…. Eli Wallach, Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Brock Peters and Kevin McCarthy  BA

T793  Acquasanta Joe (71) aka: Holy Water Joe - A gang of robbers armed with a union army cannon rob the bank holding bounty Killer Acquasanta Joe's earnings to date. He pursues, crossing and double crossing along the way…. Ty Hardin and Richard Harrison   LBX with Trailer

T684   Adios Amigos (76) Richard Pryor and Fred Williamson chew up the scenery in this amusing western comedy. Pryor's lines were mostly made up as he went along!  BA

N81-9524   Adios Hombre (68) aka: Seven Pistols for a Massacre   Craig Hill stars - Directed by Mario Caiano  BA

7454  Adios Sabata (70) aka: The Bounty Hunters   Master gunslinger Sabata (Yul Brynner) helps some Mexican revolutionaries steal a wagonload of gold…. Yul Brynner in his only spaghetti western.  Dean Reed, Ignazio Spalla, Gérard Herter and Nieves Navarro   BA

T696  Against a Crooked Sky (75) The eldest daughter of a pioneer family is kidnapped by a mysterious Indian tribe and the eldest son pursues. In order to win back his sister's freedom, he must sacrifice his own life by passing the test of "Crooked Sky" and shield his sister from an executioner's arrow. Along the way, he recruits a broken down, drunk prospector to help him track down the unknown tribe and rescue his sister….. Richard Boone, Stewart Peterson, Jewel Branch, Geoffrey Land and Henry Wilcoxon  BA

9125  Alive or Preferably Dead   aka: Sundance and the Kid  (69)  Two brothers, Monty and Ted, will inherit $300,000 if they manage to live together for six months….  LBX with extras  BA

8452-L533  All Out  aka: CopperFace  (68)  John Ireland, Mark Damon and Fernando Sancho   Umberto Lenzi

5004   An Animal Called Man  (72)  Two misfits join an outlaw gang and become so good that the leader becomes jealous. Soon the envy explodes into bloody violence….. Vassili Karis, Gillian Bray and Craig Hill  BA

T690 An Eye For an Eye (66) aka: Blind Vengeance - Two bounty hunters, one blinded and the other crippled by a man who double-crossed them, team up to track him down and get their revenge….. Patrick Wayne, Slim Pickens, Clint Howard, Gloria Talbott, and Strother Martin - Great cast!   BA

T864 An Eye For an Eye (71) aka: Day of Judgment - Ty Hardin stars as a Yankee soldier who seeks revenge on the six killers who murdered his wife & child and burned his home. He tracks down and kills each man one by one until he finds the leader of the gang….. Craig Hill, Rossano Brazzi and Gordon Mitchell  LBX

Q449 And for a Roof, a Sky Full O' Stars (68) Giuliano Gemma - Ennio Morricone Score  BA

T689-353 And God Said to Cain (70) Gary Hamilton (Klaus Kinski), innocently sentenced to ten years in prison is released. When he comes out he promises himself to seek revenge on the guilty….  BA

T968 And Now...Make Your Peace With God (68) Jeff Cameron, Fabio Testi, Ettore Manni and Mohammad Ali Fardin

L107 And the Crows Will Dig Your Grave (72) Craig Hill and Fernando Sancho 

T691 Any Gun Can Play (67) aka: For a Few Bullets More   A group of bandits rob a train of the gold shipment it is carrying. In their escape, the bandits split up. The one thief who knows where the gold is hidden is killed before he is able to talk. Three men have a different part of the "clue" that will lead to the gold. Can the banker, the bandit, and the bounty hunter work together to locate the missing loot? Or, will they kill each other first?  Decent "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" rip-off    Edd Byrnes, Gilbert Roland, George Hilton, Kareen O'Hara, Pedro Sanchez and Gerard Herter  BA  (also available in a LBX (widescreen) print under the title “Blake’s Marauders”) 

8146 Apache Blood  (75)  Chief Yellow Shirt (Ray Danton) is hunting down white men because they broke a treaty. He and all three of his braves find a small squad of U.S. soldiers and take after them…. BA

3561 Apache Woman  (76)  Tommy is an innocent cavalry officer who falls in love with a beautiful Apache woman (Yara Kewa) after rescuing her from a nasty gun smuggler named Honest Jeremy. When Jeremy and his gang find Tommy, gruesome violence ensues…. LBX   sleazy

5117 Bad Man's River  (72)  Robber Roy King loses his wife, Alicia, to revolutionary Montero. Despite their rivalry they collaborate in an attempt to rob the Mexican government of One Million dollars… Lee Van Cleef western James Mason and Gina Lollobrigida    BA

8450 Ballad of Death Valley  (70)  Lee Galloway/Sartana (William Berger) is a wanted man.  An ill-fated bounty hunter is on his tail.   Galloway then breaks the dangerous Craig brothers out of jail - in exchange for half of the gold the gang stole from the army. The brothers doublecross Galloway…. William Berger, Wayde Preston, Aldo Berti, Jolanda Modio and Luciano Pigozzi  BA

9136 Bandidos  (67)  aka: You Die...But I Live    Renowned gunman Richard Martin is traveling on a train, held up by Billy Kane, a former student of Martin's. Kane spares Martin, but only after shooting his hands. Years later, Martin meets an escaped convict, wrongly convicted for the train robbery. Martin trains his new student and both men seek out Billy Kane…. Terry Jenkins, Enrico Maria Salerno and Cris Huerta   Directed by Massimo Dallamano    LBX with extras

4102 Bang-Bang Girls, The  aka: The Gun Girls (70)  1930's: Adam and Leroy tries to rob a cafe, but finds out that two girls are already trying to do the same. Instead of arguing with them they join them in a robbery-spree….

Q445 Bang-Bang Kid, The (68) An eccentric inventor shows up in a wide-open frontier town with a mechanical robot he says he can turn into a gunslinger to help clean up the town….. Guy Madison and Tom Bosley star 

4991 Baron of Arizona, The  (50)  The U.S. government recognizes land grants made when the West was under Spanish rule. This inspires James Reavis (Vincent Price) to forge a chain of historical evidence that makes a foundling girl (Ellen Drew) the Baroness of Arizona. Reavis marries the girl and presses his claim to the entire Arizona territory….  BA

Q787 Barrett (90's) Damn near unidentifiable violent western

L249 Battles of Chief Pontiac (52) In pre-Revolutionary America, the efforts of a Colonial officer trying to broker a peace deal between Indian chief Pontiac (Lon Chaney) and British and American settlers are threatened by the commander of a Hessian mercenary unit who embarks on a campaign of extermination against the Indians…. This flick even has some realistic footage of the Colonials giving "gifts" of small pox infected blankets to exterminate the tribes. Lex Barker also stars 

4556-8831 Belle Starr Story, The  (68) aka: Il Mio corpo per un poker   Abused and dominated by men in her youth, Belle Starr now out-rides, out-smokes, out-shoots, and out-gambles them as she makes her way around the Old West, usually wearing male garb… George Eastman, Elsa Martinelli and Robert Woods

T969 Ben and Charlie (72) aka: Amigo, Stay Away  George Eastman and Guiliano Gemma star as Ben and Charlie, a pair of “ne'er do wells” in the Old West who get up to all sorts of trouble. This is a very amusing comic western… BA

P43 Between God, the Devil and a Winchester (68) aka: God Was in the West, Too, at One Time    A stranger being chased by bandits dies in an accident, but not before he has had a chance to hide a treasure map the bandits wanted. A boy witnesses where it was hidden, retrieves it and passes it on to the local preacher. The preacher recognizes that much of the treasure was likely that from a local mission. He sets out to get it before the bandits find it….. Gilbert Roland, Richard Harrison, Enio Girolami, Roberto Camardiel and Humberto Sempere  LBX

8346-3065 Beyond the Law  (68) aka: The Good Die First  A thief takes the job as a town sheriff in order to rob a silver shipment before his ex-partner can grab it…. Lee Van Cleef, Gordon Mitchell, Bud Spencer and Antonio Sabato   BA

7223 Big Gun-Down, The (68) aka: Account Rendered  aka: Run Man, Run   Unofficial lawman John Corbett (Lee Van Cleef) hunts down Cuchillo Sanchez (Tomas Milian), a Mexican peasant accused of raping and killing a 12-year-old girl….. BA

4131 Big Rip-Off, The  (67)  aka: The Dirty Laws  Andrea Giordana, Rosemary Dexter, Franco Giornelli, Dana Ghia and Aldo Berti   BA

L211-Q447 Black Jack (68) aka: Black Joe    Decent violent western . When bank robbers betray, torture, and scalp the sister, of their leader he is back for revenge.  Robert Woods 

T967 Black Killer (71) Nobody wants to be the sheriff in Tombstone…. Twenty-six of them have died in two years!  After rancher Pete Collins (Jerry Ross) is killed and his wife Sarah is gang-assaultd James Webb (Klaus Kinski) and Pete’s brother Burt Collins (Fred Robsahm) take on the gang responsible.  - LBX - In English Language with Foreign Subs

4391 Blake’s Marauders  (68)  aka: 7 Winchester per un massacro  aka: Blood River  A group of bandits rob a train of the gold shipment it is carrying. In their escape, the bandits split up. The one thief who knows where the gold is hidden is killed before he is able to talk. Three men have a different part of the "clue" that will lead to the gold. Can the banker, the bandit, and the bounty hunter work together to locate the missing loot? Or, will they kill each other first?  Decent "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" rip-off    Edd Byrnes, Gilbert Roland, George Hilton, Kareen O'Hara, Pedro Sanchez and Gerard Herter  BA  (also available in a full screen print under the title “Any Gun Can Play”)   LBX

M87 Blindman (71) aka: Il Pistolero Cieco    A blind, but deadly, gunman, is hired to escort fifty mail order brides to their miner husbands. His business partners double cross him…. Tony Anthony, Ringo Starr, Lloyd Battista, David Dreyer and Lucretia Love    LBX  BA

B5 Blood and Guns (68) aka: Tepepa  aka: Long Live the Revolution  Orson Welles and Tomas Milian BA

K38 Blood for a Silver Dollar (65)  Giuliano Gemma plays a confederate soldier who returns from the war to fight one at home. Unbeknownst to him, his brother has become the infamous gunfighter "Black Jack" to defeat the local bullies. Gemma agrees to ambush and kill Black Jack, only to discover too late who the outlaw really is. With vengeance in his heart he turns on his employers, who then shoot him….

3036 Blood Money  (74)   aka: The Stranger and the Gunfighter   A martial artist joins a hard-hitting gunfighter in the search for treasure while bandits step into their way…. Lee Van Cleef and Lieh Lo     BA

1268 Bobbie Joe and the Outlaw  (75)  A young country-star wannabe takes off from her carhop career to join with a young, modern Billy the Kid wannabe for an adventure in theft, murder and mayhem…. A topless Lynda Carter + Marjoe Gortner   BA

9126 Boot Hill  (69)  aka: Trinity Rides Again   Victims of oppressive town boss Honey (Victor Buono) are offered help by an unusual alliance of gunmen and circus performers… Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Lionel Stander, Woody Strode and Alberto DellAcqua   LBX   w/ trailers  BA

L355 Born to Kill (67) A silent stranger (Gordon Mitchell) agrees to protect the town against an aggressive land owner (Aldo Berti) which leads to a showdown….

T841 Boss Nigger (74) Uh oh. Another controversial title with the "N" word. Forget about it ! This is one cool campy satirical flick with Fred Williamson and D'Urville Martin (Dolemite !) who are hunting for outlaw William Smith. A nice knock 'em down and dirty fistfight with Williamson and Smith. Give this Blaxploiter- "Blazing Saddles" styled oater a chance. A great double feature with "The Legend of Nigger Charlie". Sorry- but it is- really ! Directed by "Creature from the Black Lagoon" director Jack Arnold - BA

L08 Bounty Killer for Trinity, A (72) The townsfolk of Trinity decide to hire a notorious bounty hunter (Jeff Cameron) to protect them from a fierce band of Mexican outlaws who are terrorizing the area….  Excellent photography from Joe D’Amato

T694 Buckeye and Blue (88) A young woman joins a gang of bank robbers on her way to find the man she loves…. Robyn Lively  BA

L157 Buffalo Bill, Hero of the Far West (64) Renegade Indians, led by Yellow Hand, are being sold guns by Donaldson. Buffalo Bill (Gordon Scott) is sent to stop the arms trading and avert an Indian war…. One of the first original Euro westerns, released within days of Sergio Leone's "Fistful of Dollars"   BA

9765 Bullet for Sandoval, A  (70)  aka: Those Desperate Men Who Smell of Dirt and Death    Three bank robbers find shelter in an isolated farm where an old man lives together with his granddaughter…. Ernest Borgnine and George Hilton  BA

2117 Bullet for the General, A    (68)   El Chuncho's bandits rob arms from a train, intending to sell the weapons to Elias' revolutionaries. They are helped by one of the passengers, Bill Tate (Lou Castel), and allow him to join them, unaware he is an assassin working for the Mexican government… Klaus Kinski and Martine Beswick  BA

Q49 Bullwhip (58) In order to avoid the hangman's noose, a cowboy agrees to marry a beautiful but fiery redhead…. Guy Madison and Rhonda Fleming   BA

Q525 Bury Them Deep (68) aka: To the Last Drops of Blood - An army payroll is robbed by Billy Gun. The Army hires Clive Norton to recover the money. To help him, Norton rescues from the gallows a man who especially despises Gun. El Chaleco - Billy Gun's brother  Craig Hill, Ettore Manni, Giovanni Cianfriglia and José Greci...

1666 Cain's Cuthroats  (71)  Following the Civil War, Confederate Captain Justice Cain has retired to a quiet life with his young son and black wife. However, the men of his old outfit, known as Cain's Cutthroats, have turned to lives of murder, torture and robbery. They attempt to convince Cain to ride with them once more. He refuses, and the Cutthroats murder his family…. John Carradine, Scott Brady, Robert Dix, Don Epperson and Adair Jamison 

T426 Calamity Jane and the Texan (50) aka: The Judge Has an Alibi   Evelyn Ankers (the always cute but terminally uptight Universal Horror Heroine) plays Calamity Jane. This was like the first to the last movie she made before retiring. Grace Lee Whitney of "Star Trek" fame also stars

L213 California (77) After Civil War a Union soldier is released from prison and encounters outlaws and other obstacles - Giuliano Gemma, William Berger, Miguel Bosé, Cristea Avram and Paola Dominguín  BA

T161 California Conquest (52) The period is the 1840's and California is part of Mexico. Many of the citizens wish to become part of the United States. Other countries are also interested and the Russians have established bases in the northern part of the state. To further their hold they have stolen guns and Don Arturo Bordega, a leader of those wanting statehood, is out to recover them….  Cornel Wilde and Teresa Wright

5350-2120 Captain Apache  (71)  A Native American born US Army officer, Captain Apache, investigating a murder, uncovers a presidential assassination plot…. Lee Van Cleef, Carroll Baker and Stuart Whitman  BA

Q866 Carambola (74) Two gunmen go on a series of wild misadventures in this Spaghetti directed by Ferdinando Baldi 

Q867 Carambola's Philosophy: In the Right Pocket (74) aka: Trinity and Carambola- Humorous sequel to Carambola directed by Ferdinando Baldi

Q992 Cemetery Without Crosses (68) Dario Argento screenplay in this great Spaghetti, fantastic quality LBX print!  This one has a woman who uses a man to kill all her enemies. Strong western with excellent photography  BA

T687 Chance: Trail of the Apache (60's) Englishman known as "The White Apache" tangles with scalp hunters - BA

Q450 Chapagua's Gold (71) aka: Gold of the Hero   Doc and Chapagua are two rogues who acquire a large stash of gold before the Civil War. They agree to hide it together, blindfolding each other on the way so they'll need each other to find the hiding place. After the War, double-crosses abound as Doc and Chapagua not only have to deal with the army, but with the seductive, gold-hungry Moira as well….

Q352 Charge! (73) aka: Those Dirty Dogs - Captain Chadwell, Lieutenant Junger and Sergeant Smith are sent by Washington to help their colleagues of Fort Apache to recover stolen arms. A bounty hunter accompanies them.  With Trailers -  Stephen Boyd and Gianna Garko - LBX

T693 China 9 Liberty 37 (78) aka: Love, Bullets and Frenzy   Condemned gunman Clayton is given a last minute reprieve on condition he murders rancher Matthew for a railway company….   Warren Oates, Fabio Testi, Sam Peckinpah and Jenny Agutter classic Spaghetti - BA

L218 Chuck Moll (70) aka: The Unholy Four   A young man who has lost his memory, escapes from prison with four other convicts. The other men help him find back bits of his past, until they arrive at a village where two warring families recognize him. Apparently he has a reputation for being a fast gun, and he has been paid to kill a man - who says he is his father. His younger brother is jealous of the attention the prodigal son receives, and things come to a dramatic end…. Leonard Mann, Woody Strode, Peter Martell, Helmuth Schneider and Ida Galli   BA

6253-3238 Cipolla Colt  (75)  aka: Cry, Onion!   Franco Nero and Martin Balsam comedy/western   BA  F.L.

Q436 Cjamango (67) A Bandit names El Tigre (Livio Lorenzon) has stolen a gold treasure….  With the help of Don Pablo (Mickey Hargitay) the gold is recovered, but Don Pablo’s girlfriend and her younger brother are kidnapped…… only to be returned in exchange for the gold…...Sean Todd  and Helene Chanel 


9319 Classic T.V. Westerns Part 1 - Episodes from The Deputy, The Rifleman, Shotgun Slade and Wagon Train

9320 Classic T.V. Westerns Part 2 - Episodes from Wyatt Earp, Sugarfoot, and Stories of the Century

9321 Classic T.V. Westerns Part 3 - Episodes from Bat Masterson and The Rifleman episodes

9322 Classic T.V. Westerns Part 4 - Episodes from Death Valley Days, Wagon Train and Stories of the Century


Q250 Clumsy Hands (70) aka: When Satan Grips the Colt    Peter loves Dorothy, but her parents have found a more suitable prospect in Johnny.  When Dorothy and Peter decide to marry in secret– Peter is whipped and left for dead.  He is found and nursed back to health and returns for revenge….. Peter Lee Lawrence

Q622 Coffin for the Sheriff (65) aka: Lone and Angry Man   Shenandoah (Anthony Steffen) joins a group of bandits to find out who murdered someone very close to him 2 years before in a stagecoach heist.  Eduardo Fajardo, Georges Rigaud, Luciana Gilli and Arturo Dominici  LBX   F.L.  BA

Q520-L535 Colorado Charlie (65) Wild Bill (Jacques Berthier), sheriff of Springfield and the fastest gun in the territory, is retiring at the request of his new wife, a widow with a young son whose father had been killed in a gunfight. Colorado Charlie (Livio Lorenzon), notorious Mexican bandit, learns of this and of the celebrating cattle buyers that have recently returned to town. Waiting for Wild Bill to leave, Charlie robs the buyers and kills the new sheriff, forcing Wild Bill to pursue him….. Jack Berthier and Erika Blanc

7456 Companeros (70) A fight for power between General Mongo (José Bódalo) and Professor Xantos (Fernando Rey). Xantos, a pacifist with a young and dedicated following, has been imprisoned at Fort Yuma by the Americans. His absence has left the town, and its safe, at the mercy of Mongo. However, without the combination for the lock, he is unable to access the wealth of the town….. Uncut 120 min print LBX with Franco Nero, Jack Palance and Tomas Milian   Dir. by Sergio Corbucci   BA

L221 Cormack of the Mounties (74) aka: Royal Mounted Police   Joe D'Amato directed spaghetti set in Canada with Fabio Testi - BA

2459-L876 Cry Blood Apache  (70) A quartet of villainous desperadoes on the hunt for gold, brutalize an Indian family and expect the lone surviving squaw to deliver them to the goods…. An Apache brave picks up the trail of the evil-doers and prepares to exact revenge…. 

T686 Cry For Me Billy (72) aka: Count Your Bullets   A Bizarre western (In the vein of "Soldier Blue") about an Indian girl (who appears naked for much of the film's running time) and a rebel gun-fightin' drifter who hook up and ultimately are running for their lives from a racist army Sergeant and his men.  Downbeat fun!  With Cliff Potts, Xochital Del Rosario and Harry Dean Stanton!    BA

L860 Cry of the Black Wolves , The (72) aka: Adventure in Alaska - Ron (Doc Savage, Tarzan) Ely stars in this one set in 1903 Alaska Gold Rush territory - F.L. - BA

L947 Cry of the Wolf (75) aka: The Great Adventure - Jack Palance and Joan Collins star in this Yukon Gold -Rush adventure

2266 Curse of the Undead  (59)  aka: Mark of the West  A mysterious gunslinger-for-hire Drake Robey is really a vampire, and it's up to Preacher Dan to save the town and girlfriend Dolores Carter…. Eric Fleming, Michael Pate, Kathleen Crowley and John Hoyt

8010 CutThroats Nine  (71)  aka: Bronson's Revenge    A wagon load of convicts on their way to prison is being escorted through the mountains by a cavalry troop. They are attacked by a bandit gang, and only a sergeant, his beautiful young daughter and an assortment of seven sadistic, murderous prisoners survive… BA

T608 Daniel Boone (36) Famous scout Daniel Boone (George O'Brien) leads settler families towards Kentucky state.  Meanwhile, he falls in love with a beautiful colonist (Heather Angel).  He faces off with her suitor (Ralph Forbes) and confronts Natives ruled by a nasty villain (John Carradine) along with numerous risks and perils.  BA

K4 Day After Tomorrow (68) aka: One After Another  The Canyon City Bank is robbed and everyone except the owner is killed…. A gunman (Richard Harrison) arrives to find out his best friend was killed.  He is tricked into thinking that outlaw Espartero was responsible….  LBX

9127 Day of Anger  (67)  aka: Blood and Grit    Talby (Lee Van Cleef) is a killing machine who is out for his own personal gain, yet he is also very likable in many ways.  When he takes Scott (Giuliano Gemma) under his wing and teaches him not to put up with being treated with disrespect from the "good" citizens of Clifton, Talby actually becomes the only person who represents any real sort of "justice" in the whole town. Then we find out that the pillars of the community have something to hide, and Talby delivers his own brand of justice to them… UNCUT 111 minute print not the butchered 87 minute print!   Walter Rilla, Christa Linder and Piero Lulli   LBX with extras   BA

Q452-8454 De Guello (66) aka: Degueyo - Danger City is attacked by Ramon's (Dan Vadis) bandits searching for rumored treasure. Unable to find the money the bandits either kill or take as hostage all men, leaving only women and children to either produce the money or face 'Deguello' - an attack with no quarter…. Jack Stuart and Erika Blanc

Q315 Dead Men Ride (72) aka: Il Sole sotto la Terra   Roy Greenford (Fabio Testi) escapes from a cruel prison.  He is nursed back to health by an old Mexican peasant and some farmers who have fighting to keep their land….  He becomes their savior helping them fight to keep what is rightfully theirs.   LBX with Subs

L294 Deadly Companions (61) aka: Trigger Happy   Ex-army officer accidentally kills a woman's son, tries to make up for it by escorting the funeral procession through dangerous Indian territory….. Maureen O'Hara, Brian Keith, Chill Wills and Steve Cochran   Sam Peckinpah directs   BA

10026 DeadWood 76  (65)  A young drifter is mistaken for Billy the Kid.  The consequences prove deadly…. Arch Hall Jr., Jack Lester, La Donna Cottier and Arch Hall Sr. 

Q332 Death on High Mountain (69) Mexican revolutionary bandits rob a bank, engage in a deadly gunfight which leaves most of them dead and are pursued by locals…..  Double-crosses abound    Peter Lee Lawrence, Luis Dávila, Tano Cimarosa, Agnès Spaak, Antonio Gradoli, Nello Pazzafini, Jesús Guzmán and Frank Braña   LBX

L329 Death at Owell Rock (67) aka: No Killing Without Dollars   Lawrence (Mark Damon) arrives at Owell Park to find out who killed his father,  The only witnesses have been threatened and are afraid to talk…. Eventually he gets the truth and exacts his revenge…. Riccardo Freda directs this, his only spaghetti.  Another cool "vengeance for a slaughtered family" scenario

LD23 Death Hunt  (81)  A man unjustly accused of murder pits his knowledge of the wilderness against the superior numbers of his pursuers…. Charles Bronson, Lee Marvin, Ed Lauter, Andrew Stevens, Carl Weathers and Angie Dickinson  BA

L330 Death Played the Flute (72) aka: Requiem for a Bounty Hunter - Burton (Michael Forest) returns to his ranch to find his family have been assaultd and murdered by a gang of cattle rustlers, with his daughter Susie the only survivor. Vowing revenge, Burton soon encounters a lone gunslinger, known as Whistler on account of his flute playing, who indicates that he saw the faces of the culprits. Burton does not realize that Whistler was part of the gang that night, and agrees to pay him to help him track down the murderers. The gunslinger has his own agenda, and agrees to Burton's proposal….. The two start to track down the gang, but Burton soon becomes suspicious once Whistler starts to kill the gang members before they can talk….  Grim, down-beat and violent

L874 Death Rides a Horse (69) As a child, Bill (John Phillip Law) witnesses the murder of his family by four robbers. Fifteen years later, he embarks on his revenge... Lee Van Cleef, Anthony Dawson, Mario Brega and Luigi Pistilli  BA

T393 Death Walks in Laredo (66) aka: Three Golden Boys    Three men each receive notice a of inheritance to a gold mine.  The three men discover that they are half-brothers with the same father, but three different mothers.  They decide to travel together to the mine in Laredo, but are deterred by a powerful dictator (Enrico Maria Salerno) who controls the entire territory from his castle.  This nut believes he is Julius Caesar, wearing tunics and robes and executes his enemies in a coliseum….. Thomas Hunter 

T692 Deerslayer, The (78) Hawkeye and Chingachcook attempt to rescue the daughter of a chief who was captured by raiders from a rival tribe…. Notable for being the second movie Madelaine Stowe appeared in. An amusingly inaccurate adaptation of James Fenimore Cooper's novel with clumsy direction and fake Indians. Couldn't they find REAL Indians?  Still fun - BA

8451-Q452 Deguello  (67)  Danger City is attacked by Ramon's (Dan Vadis) bandits searching for rumored treasure. Unable to find the money the bandits either kill or take as hostage all men, leaving only women and children to either produce the money or face 'Deguello' - an attack with no quarter…. Jack Stuart and Erika Blanc

8147 Deserter, The  (71)  Bitter over his wife's death due to what he believes was army negligence, Capt. Viktor Kaleb deserts the cavalry and disappears into the southwestern wasteland. But when marauding Apaches set up a stronghold just out of the cavalry's reach in Mexico, Kaleb is given amnesty in exchange for leading a small band of especially trained soldiers to wipe out the Indian stronghold…..  Bekim Fehmiu, Richard Crenna, Chuck Connors and Ricardo Montalban  BA

2790 Devil's Mistress, The  (66)  In the Old West, a female vampire preys on unsuspecting cowboys.

L105 Dig Your Grave Friend ... Sabata's Coming! (71) To avenge his father’s death Steve McGowan (Richard Harrison) teams up with a Mexican bandit Pompero (Fernando Sancho)…..

9521 Dirty Little Billy (72) A harsh re-telling of the Billy the Kid myth…. Lots of mud and filthy characters make this very realistic in the sense of this is how it must have been back then before we were all pampered up by technology.  Michael J. Pollard, Lee Purcell, Richard Evans, Charles Aidman and Dran Hamilton

3126 Dirty Western, A  (75) A torrid story of abduction, eroticism, and lust and assault in the wild west… XXX

2499 Django  (68)  While walking through the desert lands dragging a coffin, the lonely Django (Franco Nero) rescues Maria (Loredana Nusciak) from a group of bandits and arrives in a quite ghost town, where only the saloon and the brothel owned by Nataniele (Ángel Álvarez) are open…. José Bódalo and Gino Pernice   BA

4536 Django Kill!  If You Live Shoot!  (67)  aka: Se sei vivo spara    Mexican outlaw Django is part of a band of thieves that steal a cargo of gold from a stagecoach. However, the Americans in the band betray him, and shoot all the Mexicans. Django is not completely dead though, and crawls his way out of his shallow grave, continuing his pursuit of the gold, and exacting a bloody vengeance….. Uncut  LBX   with scalping scenes

L169 Django Kills Silently (67) Django (George Eastman) arrives in the town of Santa Anna at the behest of a man named Sanders  who'd been trying to buy safe passage for his cargo from a Mexican bandit named El Santo (Mimmo Maggio).  Django finds that Sanders has been killed and that his rival, a man named Thompson (Luciano Rossi), is now trying to deal with El Santo…. Nice Score and a perfect textbook example of the genre with mucho machismo and plentiful violence

4403-3101 Django Strikes Again   (87)  Former gunfighter Django (Franco Nero) has become a monk and abandoned his violent former ways. His daughter is kidnapped by rogue Hungarian soldiers using slave labor to run a silver mine. Django casts off his habit and digs up his machine gun to practice a little liberation theology…. Donald Pleasence and Christopher Connelly  BA

4466 Django the Bastard  (69)  During the civil war, Army officers sold their entire regiment to the enemy, who brutally massacred them.  One survived, and his name is Django (Antonio De Teffè). Thirteen years later he comes back to get revenge on the officers and kill ANYONE who gets in his way….. Luciano Rossi, Paolo Gozlino, Rada Rassimov, and Furio Meniconi  BA

L728 Django, Adios (72) aka: Death Is Sweet from the Soldier of God    Django (Brad Harris) is seen leaving a midnight tryst the same night that a bank robbery occurs. Accused of the robbery, he is thrown in jail with the bandit/revolutionary Santo (José Torres). When Santo is freed by a mysterious figure, Django flees with him and sets out to discover the identity of the bank robbers….   LBX

4603 Doc Hooker’s Bunch  (76)  western/comedy set against the backdrop of the old west. A group of theatrically gifted cowboys, known as Doc Hooker's Bunch, spend their time traveling from city to city entertaining the town folk. When not entertaining, the bunch, are pulling major league heists to help make ends meet…. Dub Taylor

8866 Don't Wait, Django Shoot!  (67)  Django (Ivan Rassimov) is hired by Mary (Rada Rassimov) and her father (Franco Pesce) to avenge the death of Uncle Burke, who was killed by Don Alvarez a wealthy land owner….  

T78 Drop Them Or I'll Shoot (69) aka: Specialists   Hud (Johnny Halliday) is a notorious hand with the gun returning to Blackstone to investigate the death of his brother, who was lynched by the townspeople for losing their savings.  A voluptuous beauty who owns the bank, a Mexican bandit leader, El Diablo, who was once friends with Hud, an honest sheriff who dreams of better days, and a small band of hippies…(yes– hippies)  Sylvie Fennec, Mario Adorf, Françoise Fabian and Gastone Moschin    Directed by: Sergio Corbucci    LBX   F.L.  BA

4546 Duck You Sucker  aka: A Fistful of Dynamite  (72)  In Mexico at the time of the Revolution, Juan (Rod Steiger), the leader of a bandit family, meets John Mallory (James Coburn), an IRA explosives expert on the run from the British. Seeing John's skill with explosives, Juan decides to persuade him to join the bandits in a raid on the great bank of Mesa Verde. John in the meantime has made contact with the revolutionaries, and intends to use his dynamite in their service…. Import   BA

M63 Duel in the Eclipse (68) aka: Requiem for a Gringo   Gringo (Lang Jeffries) is a gunfighter who vows revenge when his brother is tortured and killed by bandits….

L104 Dynamite Jim (66) During the civil war, a northern spy (Dynamite Jim) tries to sneak a gold shipment from Mexico through the south…. Along the way he has to deal with outlaws and greedy friends… Complete with the goofy theme song and a scantily clad Rosalba Neri

Q69 El Cisco (66) When the sheriff of Calabasas leaves town...all hell breaks loose.  William Berger stars - Sergio Bergonzelli directs

9357 El Macho (77) El Macho (Carlos Monzón) is a violent gambler who earns his money in 2-day poker games.  One day the local sheriff realizes that he is the spitting image of "Buzzard" who was killed recently in a gunfight…  His plan is to infiltrate “The Duke’s” (George Hilton) Gang.   Rare western  BA

Q561-K153 El Rojo (67) The Sorenson family is massacred, apparently by Indians. On the site of the killing, a town, Gold Hill grows up, run by a group of businessmen. Years later, El Rojo (the last surviving Sorenson) arrives, bringing the truth about the massacre, and revenge….Richard Harrison   F.L.

741 El Topo  (70)  aka: The Mole    The gunfighter El Topo (Alejandro Jodorowsky) and his young son ride through a desert to a village, whose inhabitants have been massacred. Bandits are nearby, torturing and killing the survivors. El Topo rescues a woman (Mara), who leads him on a mission to find and defeat the four master gunmen of the desert…. uncut

Q107 El Tunco Maclovio (70) Obscure western/crime/thriller from Mexico

9128 Evil Roy Slade  (72)  Evil Roy Slade (John Astin), the meanest villain the West has known, meets a beautiful young woman who persuades him to change careers from train robber to family man. He is pursued by Marshal Bing Bell (Dick Shawn), while a helpful psychologist teaches him to live without weapons…. Mickey Rooney, Milton Berle, Pat Morita, Ed Begley Jr. and many more   comedy/western

Q434 Execution (68) A great no-nonsense Spaghetti Western!!!  After many years in prison for robbery, Chips (Mimmo Palmara) is freed.  He begins his long hunt for his double-crossing ex-partner….John Richardson LBX with Subs

9696 Face to Face  (67)  History Professor Brad Fletcher (Gian Maria Volontè) heads west for his health, but falls in with Soloman Bennett's (Tomas Milian) outlaw gang. Fascinated by their way of life, Fletcher finally takes over the gang, leading with a new 'efficient' ruthlessness…. William Berger, Jolanda Modio and Carole André

LBX with extras  D: Sergio Sollima  BA

8432 Fast Hand is Still My Name  (72)  Macedo (William Berger) and his rebel gang terrorize a Cavalry fort, killing everyone except Captain Jeff Madison (Alan Steele). They decide to torture him instead.  They leave him to die….but he doesn’t….  

Q695 Fastest Guitar Alive, The (67) The South is losing the Civil War and the coffers are nearly empty. A group of Confederate spies steals a shipment of gold in San Francisco and attempts to deliver it to a Confederate general in El Paso. Others know about the gold and seek to steal it from them, but the spies have a secret weapon: a guitar that shoots bullets....Roy Orbison sings and plays guitar through this oddball western offering  BA

T607 Fighting Caravans (31) aka: Blazing Arrows  A young frontier scout helps guide a freight wagon train across the country, fighting off Indians and evil traders, while his two crusty companions try and save him from falling in love…. Gary Cooper, Lili Damita, Ernest Torrence and Tully Marshall   BA

L727 Find a Place to Die (69) aka: Joe... cercati un posto per morire     An outcast Confederate soldier (Jeffrey Hunter) redeems himself by defending a woman against bandits willing to kill for her goldmine claim….  Pascale Petit, Reza Fazeli, Giovanni Pallavicino and Nello Pazzafini   LBX  BA

8537 Fistful of 44's, A  (75)  Adult send-up of spaghetti westerns.  Fair quality.  BA

8017 Five Giants From Texas  (66)  aka: Five for Revenge   Five men band together to avenge a friend who was murdered by a tyrannical landowner…. Guy Madison  BA

Q558 Five Man Army, The (69) A mercenary band of specialists led by the Major (Peter Graves) are hired to rescue a revolutionary….then they're off to steal $500,000 in gold….  Bud Spencer, James Daly and Claudio Gora   An Ennio Morricone score - Dario Argento writing credit - LBX

4473 Five Savage Men  (70) aka: The Animals  aka: Apache Vengeance   A woman tracks down the three men who assaultd her, helped by an Apache….    Michele Carey, Henry Silva, Keenan Wynn, John Anderson, Joseph Turkel, Pepper Martin, Bobby Hall and Peter Hellman   BA

M49 For a Few Dollars Less (66) Rare parody of "A Few Dollars More" in Fair quality

4687 Frontier HellCat  (64)  Granger and Brice setting out to discover who murdered a frontier mother and daughter. The surviving father blames the Indians while Brice feels that it was a gang of thieves called The Vultures…. A German western with Elke Sommer   BA

Q313 Full House for the Devil (68) aka: One More To Hell - Johnny King (George Hilton) is hell bent on revenge….  Ernest Ward (Gerald Herter) is the outlaw who massacred an innocent mother and father… Polo Gozlino, Claudie Lange and Krista Nell  Story by Ernesto Gastaldi - Directed by Giovanni Fago- In English (w/ Foreign Subtitles) quality a bit soft on this one.  BA

Q117-8828 Fury of the Apaches, The  (65) Frank Latimore and Liza Moreno - Directed by 'Feast of Satan' director Jose Marie Elorietta - It's a mini- Alamo as a group of people find themselves holed up in a Mission after one of them accidentally shoots and kills the chief of the local Apache tribe. With real imported Native Americans! Arrows and Bullets Fly as the Massacre begins! Another unsung classic!

8533-L153 Gang of the Fare' West, The  (72) aka: J. & S. Criminal Story of an Outlaw Couple    aka: Bandera Bandits   A determined sheriff pursues a robber and his girlfriend, and lets nothing stop in his way of catching them…. Telly Savalas, Susan George, and Tomas Milian    BA

K1 Garringo (69)  aka: Dead Are Countless   As a child, Johnny (Peter Lee Lawrence) was forced to watch his father’s execution…..  Years have passed and Peter, now blinded by hate, stalks and kills every soldier he meets.  Garringo (Anthony Steffen) is ordered to bring Peter in “dead or alive”….    Solvi Stubing and José Bódalo

T530 Gatling Gun, The (73) aka: King Gun    A ragtag detachment of soldiers must protect a new Gatling gun from falling into the hands of rampaging Indians….   Guy Stockwell, Robert Fuller, Barbara Luna, Woody Strode, John Carradine and Patrick Wayne   BA

9151 Genius  aka: Trinity is Back Again  (75)  Petty thieves “The Genius” (Terence Hill), Lilla (Mious Mious) and Paul Lambert (Robert Charlebois) stumble upon a wrecked stagecoach.  They repair it and then try to scam Major Harris…..They end up in the middle of an Indian uprising... comedy/western  Klaus Kinski  LBX w/ extras   BA

4171 Gentle Savage  (73)  aka: Camper John   An Indian is accused of the assault and murder of a white girl. The girl's stepfather incites the townspeople to punish the Indian - to cover up the fact that it was actually he who committed the crime…. William Smith kicks ass as the mistreated native.    BA

M90-K3 Get Mean (76)  Tony Anthony (as "The Stranger") is offered $50,000 to escort Elizabeth Maria (Diana Loris), heir to the Spanish throne, back to Spain.  He must also aid her country in the battle against Viking barbarians. An outrageously different Spaghetti   comedy/western   BA

7318 Gnadenlose Killer (66) aka: Grave of the Gunfighter   aka: Canadian Wilderness   Hearty Canadian pioneers encounter hostile Indians plus every natural disaster imaginable.  George Martin. Directed by, story by and screenplay by Amando de Ossorio!  Spanish/Italian production in German.   F.L.

Q319 God Forgive Him, His Life is Mine (67) aka: God Made Them...I Kill Them - A bounty-hunter (Dean Reed) is hired by the residents of a small town on the Mexican border to stop a series of gold robberies by marauding outlaws who are coordinated by the town's corrupt banker…. Peter Martell   LBX

T470 Godless Ones, The (72) aka: Thunder Over El Paso   aka: I Senza Dio -  Minnesota (Antonio Sabato) is a bounty hunter.  He was robbed of his last reward by Mexican bandit Corbancho….  He forms an alliance with outlaw Santo (Chris Avram) with gold as their goal.  Another obscurity -  F.L.     Erika Blanc

5379-L875 God's Gun  (75)  aka: A Bullet from God    Priest turned vigilante Father John (Van Cleef) hunts down a gang of criminals, led by Sam Clayton (Palance), who killed a man in a local bar. On the gang's return to the town, they kill the priest, leaving a young parishioner Johnny behind. He now seeks revenge for the death of the holy man…. Richard Boone, Jack Palance, Lee Van Cleef, Sybil Danning and Leif Garrett!  BA

8882 Good Guys and the Bad Guys, The  (69)  Marshal Flagg (Robert Mitchum), an aging lawman about to be retired, hears that his old nemesis, the outlaw McKaye (George Kennedy), is back in the area and planning a robbery….  Tina Louise, David Carradine, John Carradine and Martin Balsam   BA

7465 Great Silence, The (68) Bounty killers led by Loco (Klaus Kinski) prey on outlaws hiding out in the snowbound Utah mountains. After Pauline's (Vonetta McGee) husband becomes Loco's latest victim, she hires a gunman for revenge- Silence (Jean-Louis Trintignant), a mute since his throat was cut as a child…..  directed by Sergio Corbucci   (with alternate happy ending!)  LBX   BA

L523 Great Treasure Hunt, The (72) Dean Madison (Mark Damon) enlists a French munitions expert and his "niece" (Rosalba Neri) to help save his brother Sam, who has just been caught while robbing a bank….

LD24 Grim's Prairie Tales  (90)  A city slicker and a crazed mountain man meet by a campfire in the high plains one night and pass the time sharing four tales of Western horror….. James Earl Jones and Brad Dourif  BA

Q737-4668 Gun and the Pulpit, The (74) aka: The Gun and the Cross   In the days of the "Wild West", a gunslinger, with a price on his head, discovers the body of a traveling minister who has been killed in an ambush. Fearing those who are following him, he assumes the dead minister's identity…. Slim Pickens, Marjoe Gortner and Pamela Sue Martin

L224 Gun For a Hundred Graves, A (68) aka: Pistol for a Hundred Coffins    Returning from the civil war Jim Slade (Peter Lee Lawrence) discovers his parents dead at their farm. It is said that the gang under the lead of Corbett (Piero Lulli) has committed the crime. Jim now goes for revenge but things turn out to be more complicated than he originally thought. To get some money he accepts the job as a sheriff…. Umberto Lenzi directed western with John Ireland

Q631-Q46 Gun Shy Piluk (68) aka: Piluk, the Timid One   Another “revenge for a slaughtered family” western.  Piluk (an elderly man) is seeking revenge against the Mason Gang for the death of his only son.  Edmund Purdom and Peter Holden   - Audio Crackles so fair quality

8130 GunFire  (78)  aka: China 9, Liberty 37   aka: Love, Bullets and Frenzy  Condemned gunman Clayton (Fabio Testi) is given a last minute reprieve on condition he murders rancher Matthew (Warren Oates) for a railway company….  Jenny Agutter, Sam Peckinpah and Isabel Mestres  BA

P164 Guns for Dollars (71) aka: Heads You Die, Tails I kill You  aka: They Call Me Hallelujah  Hallelujah (George Hilton) is a gunman hired by a Mexican revolutionary officer, General Ramirez (Roberto Carmineo).  His mission is to confiscate a case of jewels, escorted by Emperor Maximilian’s trusted assistant, Alexi (Charles Southwood).  The jewels are to be exchanged for machine gun...A bloodbath results…..   BA  dark comedy/western

Q758 Guns of Diablo (64) Charles Bronson, Kurt Russell and Susan Oliver

4458 Gunslinger  (70)  aka: Have a Good Funeral, My Friend... Sartana Will Pay  After witnessing a brutal massacre, the legendary hero Sartana (Gianni Garko) is ready to do some investigating. Almost everyone in the tiny town of Indian Creek seems eager to buy up the property left behind by the murder victims, and one of them could well be behind the killings…..  Daniela Giordano, Ivano Staccioli, Helga Liné and Luis Induni   BA

8148 Gunslinger  (56)  After her husband is gunned down, Rose Hood (Beverly Garland) takes his place as sheriff of a small Western town….  Allison Hayes and John Ireland   

K192 Halleluja For Django (67) aka: The Greatest Kidnapping in the West   David Faylord (George Hilton) plots a robbery aided by the Key Jarrett (Walter Barnes) outlaw gang….  Disguising himself as a friar, David rides into town with an enormous wooden statue of St. Abelardo in his wagon….  But of course double-crossing and revenge is the name of the game………   Erika Blanc and Jack Betts    F.L.    BA

4024-1038 Halleluja and Sartana  (72)  aka: Hundred Fists and a Prayer   aka: Masquerade of Thieves 

Halleluja and Sartana (Roy Ely and Robert Widmark) are two hapless bandits who are on the lam…  Disguised as priests, they arrive in  town to find it is ruled by a vicious gang of outlaws.  They decide to re-open the church and use it for the “resistance movement” against the gang who raids the city every night…..  comedy/western  LBX  BA 

Q323 Hands of Gunman (65) Galen Stark (Craig Hill), a notorious outlaw, tries to “settle down” with his new bride (Gloria Milland)….However bounty hunters won’t leave him alone…...   LBX

Q457 Hands Up Dead Man! You're Under Arrest (71) aka: Raise Your Hands, Dead Man, You're Under Arrest   A Texas Ranger known as “Sando Kid” (Peter Lee Lawrence) is dispatched to Springfield.  His orders are to clean up the territory….. He arrives disguised as a perfume salesman and soon starts to battle a greedy land grabber Mancino (Espartaco Santoni)…..   Helga Line - Leon Klimovsky directs

Q448 Hangman's Tree, The (68) aka: I'll Sell My Skin Dearly - After the whole family of Shane (Mike Marshall) was murdered, he is seeking revenge….  When he finds out that one of the villains he has hunted has become a monk because he regretted his deeds– will he be able to exact revenge?  Michèle Girardon, Valerio Bartoleschi and Dane Savours 

L207 Hate Thy Neighbor (68) Ken Dakota's (Spiros Focás) is searching for the murderer of his brother, who was killed by bandit Gary Stevens (George Eastman), at the behest of Mexican land owner Chris Malone (Horst Frank), for a goldmine map…..   Stevens tears the map in two, and gives Malone half, spiraling into a running feud of double crosses between the two, whilst Dakota attempts to bring the men responsible for his brothers death to justice….

4445 Hatfields and the McCoys, The  (74)  A retelling of the famous feud between two mountain families, the Hatfields and the McCoys, in rural Kentucky in the late 1800s…. Jack Palance, James Keach, Robert Carradine and Steve Forrest

9697 Heads You Die, Tails I Kill You  aka: They Call Me Hallelujah  (71)  Hallelujah (George Hilton) is a gunman hired by a Mexican revolutionary officer, General Ramirez (Roberto Carmineo).  His mission is to confiscate a case of jewels, escorted by Emperor Maximilian’s trusted assistant, Alexi (Charles Southwood).  The jewels are to be exchanged for machine gun...A bloodbath results…..   BA  dark comedy/western   LBX with extras

4638 Hellbenders,  The  (67)  aka: The Cruel Ones   Joseph Cotton stars as Jonah, an ex-confederate trying to keep the dreams of the south alive following General Lee's surrender. He and his sons, known as the Hellbenders, massacre a troop to steal the money that they are transporting, with the aim of using this prize to restart the confederate cause…. BA

B23 Hell's Crossroads (57) An imprisoned gunfighter is offered parole on one condition--that he track down and bring in Jesse James….. Robert Vaughn, Peggie Castle, Stephen McNally, Henry Brandon and Douglas Kennedy   

Q316 Here We Go Again, Eh Providence ? (73) “Cultured” bounty hunter Providence (Tomas Milian) rushes to the trial of an old friend, Hurricane Kid (Gregg Hunter).  Acting as his attorney– he succeeds is getting him convicted ...only to rescue him from execution...only to turn him in for the bounty….. And that’s just to start with!   western/adventure/comedy  (even some Chaplin-esque slapstick)    LBX

T202 High Noon Part 2 (80) aka: The Return of Will Kane - Will Kane (Lee Majors) returns to his hometown of Hadleyville with his wife Amy (Katherine Cannon) for the first time in years since his famous gunfight with Frank Miller and his gang to face a new menace of his town in the grip of a bounty-hunting marshal named J.D. Ward (Pernell Roberts) and his two gun-happy deputies pursuing Ben Irons (David Carradine), a drifter wanted dead or alive for a crime he didn't commit whom he asks Kane to help him which sets the stage for a second major gunfight within the town…..    M. Emmet Walsh and Michael Pataki    BA

T971 Hills Run Red, The (66) After the Civil War ends, two soldiers return home with a cache of stolen money. They are caught by Union troops. One escapes, but the other is sent to prison for five years. When he gets out and goes home, he finds that his wife has died in poverty because his partner kept all the money, and is now a major power in the area with an army of deadly gunmen to back him up….. Thomas Hunter, Henry Silva, Dan Duryea, Nicoletta Machiavelli and Gianna Serra   BA   LBX

Q116 His Colt, Himself, His Revenge (72) aka: They Called Him Trinity   Chad Randall (Dean Stratford) is searching for the six thugs who murdered his sister…. He finds and kills each one, eventually setting a trap for the leader.  Gordon Mitchell

9426 His Name was Johnny (67) aka: John the Bastard   The western retelling of the story of Casanova… This time, John Tenerico (John Richardson) is the amorous seducer, who is also quick with a pistol……  One lusty affair leads to another...Then one night he runs into his long-lost-brother and his beautiful new wife, Antonia (Martine Beswick).  He of course beds Antonia, then leaves on a mission to find his thought-dead-father…..Gordon Mitchell  

3905 His Name Was King  (71)  John "King" Marley (Richard Harrison) who's brother was murdered and his wife Carol was beaten and assaultd is looking on revenge….  The culprits are the Benson Gang who is secretly lead by King's friend Sheriff Foster (Klaus Kinski) who are running guns illegally. Well King wipes out the Benson gang and has a great showdown with ex-friend Sheriff Foster…..  BA

9526 Hunting Party, The (71) The rich and ruthless rancher Brandt Ruger (Gene Hackman) keeps his beautiful young wife Melissa (Candice Bergen) like a part of his property, subdued to his will.  But one day she's kidnapped by the famous outlaw Frank Calder (Oliver Reed) - just to teach him how to read, so he tells her. Calder doesn't know or care who's wife she is. He takes care of her well, and eventually Melissa falls in love with him. But Ruger feels humiliated. Full of hate, he sets out to kill him - and Melissa too, if necessary. Together with his friends and the newest technology in guns, which carry 800 yards, he initiates a battue on Calder and his gang….  uncut brutal western     Simon Oakland and Ronald Howard

8865 I Am Sartana, Your Angel of Death  (69)  aka: Sartana the Gravedigger    Sartana (Gianni Garko) is falsely accused of robbing a bank, and must find the real robbers and clear his name….. Gordon Mitchell, Klaus Kinski and Frank Wolff  

Q85 If You Meet Sartana, Pray for Your Death (68) aka: Gunfighters Die Harder   After a stagecoach is robbed and the passengers murdered, a long and tangled series of surprise attacks a murderous double-crosses leaves the coach's strongbox in the hands of the killer Lasky.  It is up to Sartana (Gianni Garko) to track down the missing money and determine just who is ultimately behind the grisly robberies and killings….. William Berger, Klaus Kinski and Fernando Sancho   + cool trailers   LBX in English  BA

T80 In a Colt's Shadow (65) Two gunmen, Steve Blane and Duke Buchanan (Stephen Forsyte and Jose Calvo) are hired for a mission protecting a wealthy Mexican village from a bandit gang.  But complications arise when Steve falls in love with Duke’s daughter….    Picturesque and very colorful   LBX

4601 Jackals,  The  (67)  Bandits target a gold miner (Vincent Price) and his granddaughter in 19th century South Africa.  Robert Gunnar (a bandit with a heart of gold) is after Price's cache of gold, but falls in love with is granddaughter Diana Ivarson, who has hair of gold.  Robert Gunner, Bob Courtney and Patrick Mynhardt   BA


9318 John Wayne 3 Play (30's) 3 John Wayne fast action flicks colorized and on one VHS or DVDR

9323 John Wayne Double Feature Vol. 1 - The Star Packer and Randy Rides Alone both (34)

9324 John Wayne Double Feature Vol. 2 - The Dawn Rider (35) and Blue Steel (34)

9325 John Wayne Double Feature Vol. 3 - The Lawless Frontier (35) and The Lucky Texan (34)

9326 John Wayne Double Feature Vol. 4 - The Lucky Texan (34) and 'Neath Arizona Skies (34)

9327 John Wayne Double Feature Vol. 5 - Hell Town (37) and The Desert Trail (35)

9328 John Wayne Double Feature Vol. 6 - Angel and the Bad man (47) and Man From Utah (34)


8030 Johnny Guitar  (53)  Vienna (Joan Crawford) has built a saloon outside of town, and she hopes to build her own town once the railroad is put through, but the townsfolk want her gone. When four men hold up a stagecoach and kill a man the town officials, led by Emma Small (Mercedes McCambridge), come to the saloon to grab four of Vienna's friends, the Dancin' Kid and his men. Vienna stands strong against them, and is aided by the presence of an old acquaintance of hers, Johnny Guitar, who is not what he seems….  Scott Brady, Ernest Borgnine, Sterling Hayden, Ward Bond, Royal Dano, John Carradine, Ben Cooper, Frank Ferguson, Paul Fix and Denver Pyle     BA

P44 Johnny Yuma (66) Samantha (Rosalba Neri) has her wealthy rancher husband, but then discovers he has willed his entire fortune to his nephew– Johnny Yuma.  Infuriated, she demands that her lover Carradine (Lawrence Dobkin) kill Johnny…  However when the two gunfighters meet, they become friends….. Mark Damon, Luigi Vannucchi and Fidel Gonzáles    LBX   BA

6110 Jonathan of the Bears  (94)  A young boy (Franco Nero) witnesses his parents' murder. Later, as he grows up, he befriends a bear in the wilderness and the chief (Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman) of a local Indian tribe, and he stays with the Indians, but makes an enemy of the chief's son. As he enters adulthood he sets out to find the men responsible for his parents' deaths…. English subs!   David Hess and John Saxon 

4114 Joshua  (76) aka: Black Rider   A black soldier (Fred Williamson) returns from fighting for the Union in the Civil War only to find out that his mother has been murdered by a gang of white thugs. He becomes a bounty hunter, determined to track down and kill the men who killed his mother…..   BA

3730 Kate and the Indians  (79)  XXX western   Kay Parker, Kandi Barbour and Mike Ranger 

7475 Keoma (76) Half-breed Keoma (Franco Nero) returns to his border hometown after service in the Civil War and finds it under the control of Caldwell, an ex-Confederate raider, and his vicious gang of thugs. To make matters worse, Keoma's three half-brothers have joined forces with Caldwell, and make it painfully clear that his return is an unwelcome one. Determined to break Caldwell and his brothers' grip on the town, Keoma partners with his father's former ranch hand to exact violent revenge….. Woody Strode, William Berger and Donald O'Brien   LBX  101 minute version  BA

L531 Kill and Pray (68) aka: Kill and Say Your Prayers   After his parents have been massacred by land-grabbing Southern aristocrat, Mark Damon and his cohorts, a Mexican boy (played by Lou Castel as an adult) are brought up by a family of Quakers…. When their rebellious young daughter runs away, he vows to bring her back.  Unfortunately not only has she been turned into a prostitute in the meantime, but he himself unwittingly disrupts a robbery and becomes a fast-draw overnight….

Q328 Kill Johnny Ringo (66) Texas Ranger Johnny Ringo (Brett Halsey) is sent to investigate and expose a counterfeiting ring in the town of Eagle Pass, following the theft of plates from the Federal Bank. The town is owned by Jackson (Angelo Dessy) who, along with his gang of hoods and other respected townsfolk, is responsible for this counterfeiting operation…..  Greta Polyn, Guido Lollobrigida (as Lee Burton), Nino Fuscagni (as Ray Scott) and Franco Gulà (as Frank Gulas)    LBX  BA

3488 Kill Them All and Come Back Alone  (68) aka: Go Kill Everybody and Come Back Alone   Clyde Link (Chuck Connors) is a captured confederate soldier, who schemes with Union prison guard Sergeant Bryant (Frank Wolff) to steal the Army’s gold reserve…..  The heist goes well, but as usual, a triple double cross ensues…. Franco Citti, Leo Anchóriz, Furio Meniconi and Hércules Cortés    LBX  B&W  BA

Q326 Killer Adios (68) aka: Killer Goodbye   aka: Winchester One of One Thousand   Jess Frain (Peter Lee Lawrence) wants to clean up Fulton City….  The sheriff (Nello Pazzafini) offers him a deputy position and the two of them set out to restore law and order….   LBX

Q469 Killer in Double-Flag Town (91) aka: The Swordsman in Double Flag Town   Double Flag is not a terribly happy town, being the regular pillaging place of the "Invincible Swordsman" and his gang. TIS is a bandit leader famous for always killing with a single deadly stroke. When the Invincible Swordsman's brother takes a fancy to the young swordsman's betrothed, he gets to prove whether or not he has what it takes to protect her as a husband. He calls on the "Desert Eagle", a braggart swordsman from nearby, for assistance…. A bizarre Chinese Western with swords - Tribute in a way to Sergio Leone - LBX - Subs

2937 Last of the Badmen, The  (67)  aka: Time of Vultures   Kitosch (George Hilton) is charged with a crime he did not commit and joins up with Joshua Tracy (Frank Wolff), a vicious outlaw. When Tracy kidnaps and blackmails his former employer Kitosch redeems himself by saving them….

7527 Legend of Frenchie King, The (71) Outlaw sisters in the old West inherit a ranch and try to settle down and develop relationships with neighboring family of lots of brothers…. Bridgette Bardot, Claudia Cardinale and Michael J. Pollard star in this classic female outlaw western.   BA

T646 Legend of Nigger Charley, The (72) Incredible, controversial Blaxploiter western with Fred Williamson. Charley, a slave beaten excessively by his cruel master, escapes and becomes a violent outlaw. He viciously and vengefully slaughters all white men who hunt him. This movie caused lots of trouble when released- as well as it's sequel "The Soul of Black Charley". In reality- it's high end violent entertainment- with a politically incorrect title that really upsets people. Recommended!  BA

9129 Legend of the Lone Ranger, The  (52)  A compilation of 3 episodes of the long-running TV series starring Clayton Moore. It chronicles the origin of The Lone Ranger, and how he met Tonto and Silver, while avenging the death of his brother. A fairly straightforward good guys vs. bad guys story, it nonetheless evokes a strong emotional appeal to the imagination, showing why The Lone Ranger continues to be popular….. Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels, and Glen Strange   BA

Q361-L322 Light the Fuse!  Sartana is Coming! (71) aka: Cloud of Dust...Cry of Death...Sartana Is Coming  Sartana (John Garko) breaks into the Sandy Creek Prison to help gunman Grand Full (Piero Lulli) escape… double crossing and gunfights ensue….. This is the  5th film in the "Sartana" series   English  LBX

Q792 Little Moon and Jud McGraw (75) aka: Man Without Mercy  Jud McGraw (James Caan) is an ex-prisoner who seeks revenge on fat cat town boss Mimmo (Aldo Ray). He comes across Little Moon (Stephanie Powers), who's been victimized herself by Ray and his town full of deplorable, violent, whiskey-sodden cowboys. Together, they attempt to wreak havoc on the town through any means available to them. Meanwhile, Mimmo and his gaggle of men (and women) continuously drink, fornicate and generally raise hell while expert gunslinger Davis plays pool…..  Barbara Werle, Robert Walker Jr. and Sammy Davis Jr.

Q444 Little Rita Nel West (67) aka: Crazy Westerners   Little Rita (Rita Pavone) has a dream: she dreams of a better world and she believes that all the evil in the world originates from gold.  So she has decided to blow up all the gold she can put her hands on. In her mission she is assisted by the Indian Chief Bisonte Seduto (Gordon Mitchell) and by her friend Francis (Lucio Dalla)…..  Terence Hill, Kirk Morris and Fernando Sancho   - Wow!  I am speechless after this one. Accordingly the female lead was a singing star so they thought it would be a great idea to throw her into a musical Spaghetti. What a bad idea. This movie is loaded with the most absurd musical numbers, it'll blow your mind.  Essential viewing.  Yes, this IS the Uncut "Song and Dance" version.  BA

T552 Lobo the Bastard (71) aka: His Name Was Pot... But They Called Him Allegria   Gordon Mitchell - LBX - Fair Quality

Q633 Lola Baby (67) aka: Lola Colt   Lola (Lola Falana), a saloon dancer arrives in the town of Santa Anna with some other dancers. The town is however terrorized by El Diablo (Germán Cobos) an outlaw who wants to sell the surrounding land to the railroad company. Lola helps the colonists rebel together with Rod (Pietro Martellanza), a youth who has fallen in love with her…. (In English with low audio or in German with good audio– SPECIFY) - LBX

8620 Lonely Man, The  (57)  Gunslinger Jacob Wade (Jack Palance) finds his long-abandoned son Riley (Anthony Perkins), now a young man who hates his father but has nowhere else to go. Hoping to settle down, Jacob finds no town will have him. They end at Monolith, the ranch of Jacob's former girlfriend Ada (Elaine Aiken), to whom he had no intention of returning.  His visions of a quiet life are doomed by the re-appearance of enemies from his past…. 

Q106 Long Days of Vengeance (66) aka: The Deadliest Gunfight - Ted Barnett (Giuliano Gemma), a prisoner escapes from prison after 3 long years.  He quickly begins to hunt the 3 villains who got him sentenced although he was innocent.   The real killer Gomez  (who is forced with a gun to shave off Barnett’s beard first), the corrupt sheriff Douglas (who has married the prisoner's girlfriend in the meantime) and the boss of the gang, Cobb (an honorable citizen so it seems)… Ennio Morricone score LBX

Q259 Long Duel, The (67)  Andrew Keir, Yul Brynner and Charlotte Rampling star in this obscure British western-action with brawls, gun battles and more BA

8968 Long Ride From Hell, A  (68)  aka: I Live for Your Death   Mike Sturges (Steve Reeves) and his younger brother, Roy (Franco Fantasia), are sentenced to Yuma Penitentiary on a trumped-up train robbery charge. Both endure cruel treatment before Mike escapes to extract revenge on their enemies….. BA

8896 Los Blancos Colmillos de Alaska (73)  aka: The Hellhounds of Alaska    Doug McClure BA  FL

Q442 Lucky Johnny (73) aka: Lucky Johnny: Born in America -  Johnny (Glen Lee) is a notorious gunfighter raised by an undertaker. He falls in love with a beautiful woman who happens to have a very jealous husband…  Witless and Bloody, just the way we like it!

6376 Lust in the Dust  (84)  When part of a treasure map is found on the derriere of none other than Divine, the hunt is on for the other half…..  comedy/western   Tab Hunter, Divine, Geoffrey Lewis, Henry Silva and Cesar Romero    BA

L347 Lynching (68)  aka: Cry of Death   aka: If One is Born a Swine ..Kill Him   A cattle cartel has gained control of the local bank and have initiated a foreclosure policy against the farmers….  Violence becomes a way of life, as farmers are slaughtered and their ranches destroyed….  But then Il Mulo (Glenn Saxson) arrives…. Gordon Mitchell

L296 Mad Dog: The Old West Down Under (76) aka: Mad Dog Morgan    Australia in the 1850s. Daniel Morgan (Dennis Hopper), like hundreds of other ex-patriots from the British Isles (he is from Ireland), has come Downunder to seek his fortune. There is a gold rush going on, and Morgan wants to strike it rich. As fate would have it, Morgan soon finds himself on the other side of the law, broke and desperate. A single act of highway robbery gets him 12 years of hard labor. While in prison, he is systematically abused. Upon release, Morgan vows revenge on those who wronged him….   BA

8431 Magnificent Texan  (67)  Manny (Glenn Saxon) is secretly a Robin Hood type hero, helping Mexican peasants who mistreated by wealthy land baron Thompson (George Greenwood) and his sadistic son (John Barracuda).   Manny is also avenging the death of his parents.   Beni Deus, Barbara Loy, Luis Induni, Giorgio Cerioni Massimo Serato and Gloria Osuna

Q320 Man Called Amen, A (68) aka: Either All or None    Horacio (Luc Merenda) is a sharp-shooting, kung fu fighting rogue….  He hooks up with his former double-crossing partner and robs a bank….. George Ardisson, Akim Tamiroff - LBX

8027 Man Called Horse, A  ( 70)  In 1825 an English aristocrat is captured by Indians. He lives with them and begins to understand/accept their lifestyles. Eventually he is accepted as part of the tribe and becomes their leader….. original version    Richard Harris, Judith Anderson, Jean Gascon, Stanford Howard, Manu Tupou and Dub Taylor   BA

Q306 Man Called Joe Clifford, The (71) aka: Apocalypse Joe - Traveling actor and gunman Joe Clifford (Anthony Steffen) inherits a gold mine from his uncle. Returning to claim the mine, he finds town boss Berg (Eduardo Fajardo), his uncle's murderer, controls it instead….  Great!  

T613 Man of the Forest (33) Beasley (Noah Beery), who is after Gayner's (Harry Carey) land, plans to kidnap his daughter (Verna Hillie).  But Dale (Randolph Scott) overhears their plan and kidnaps her himself.  When Gayner arrives to retrieve his daughter, Beasley kills him and makes the Sheriff (Tom Kennedy) arrest Dale for the murder…..BA

L343 Man: His Pride and His Vengeance (67) Jose (Franco Nero) is a Mexican officer, demoted because he allowed a prisoner, Carmen (Tina Aumont) to escape his custody….  Jose and Carmen eventually become lovers, but when she cheats on him another officer– he kills his rival and they go on the lam….stealing, killing and double-crossing all the way.    Klaus Kinski   POOR quality  BA

K139 Mannaja: A Man Called Blade (77) aka: Mannaja   Arriving in the mining town Suttonville, after claiming the bounty of a outlaw known as Burt Craven (Donald O'Brien), a bounty hunter named Blade (Maurizio Merli) is hired by the town's wheelchair bound mayor McGowan and his corrupt associate Voller (John Steiner) to track down McGowan's daughter Debra (Sonja Jeannine) who has gone missing.  Blade is unaware that Voller kidnapped Debra and is secretly working for a group of outlaws who are looting shipment of silver from the silver mines that are run the mine owner McGregor.   Classic Ultra Violent and Essential - Directed by Sergio Martino  BA

Q458 Mark of Zorro, The (76) aka: Who's Afraid of Zorro   George Hilton, Lionel Stander, Charo López, Rodolfo Licari and Antonio Pica    comedy/western   Quality only Fair

3743 Massacre Time  (66)  aka: The Brute and the Beast    When Tom Corbett (Franco Nero) returns to his hometown, after receiving a letter from an old friend, he finds it entirely in the hands of landowner Mr. Scott, and his insane and sadistic son Scott Jr. (Nino Castelnuovo).  After visiting his alcoholic brother Jeff (George Hilton) and the old Indian lady who raised them after their mother's death, Tom tries to find out about the Scotts, especially Scott Jr., who enjoys torturing and murdering people, but nobody in town wants to tell him about them.

Lyn Shayne and Giuseppe Addobbati    Dir: Lucio Fulci.  Violent western   BA

7485 Master Gunfighter, The (75)  Finely (Tom Laughlin) is a guilt tripped gunfighter and swordsman who witnessed a massacre of a peaceful coastal Native Americans by his brother-in-law and lifetime friend Don Paulo (Ron O'Neil) and his goons.  Finely leaves but returns three years later just when Paulo plains to do it again…. Lincoln Kilpatrick, Geo Anne Sosa and Barbara Carrera   BA

6268 Meanest Men in the West, The  (76)  A compilation of two episodes of "The Virginian" TV western series. "It Tolls For Thee" (1962) guest star Lee Marvin an d "Reckoning" (1967) guest star Charles Bronson…. Lee J. Cobb.   Co-directed by Samuel Fuller   BA

K7 Minnesota Clay (65) Wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, Minnesota Clay (Cameron Mitchell) seeks revenge on the man who withheld evidence at his trial. There is a problem however, he is going blind….    Fernando Sancho, Alberto Cevenini and Georges Rivière    Director: Sergio Corbucci  LBX  BA

1045 Minute to Pray, A Second to Die, A   ( 67)  aka: Dead or Alive   A notorious, wanted-dead-or-alive gunman retreats to the amnesty of the New Mexico Territory, but finds he cannot shake his past…. Robert Ryan, Arthur Kennedy and Alex Cord   BA

9523 Mohawk (56) An artist working in a remote army post is juggling the storekeeper's daughter, his fiancée newly arrived from the east, and the Indian Chief's daughter. But when a vengeful settler manages to get the army and the braves at each other's throats his troubles really begin….. Neville Brand, Scott Brady and Allison Hayes

5026 Molly and Lawless John  (72)  Molly (Vera Miles), the shy, romance-starved wife of an arrogant frontier sheriff (John Anderson), finds herself drawn to a prisoner in her husband's jail. This prisoner, a handsome young man named Johnny (Sam Elliott), plays on Molly's sympathy and convinces her to help him escape…. BA

K50 Money, Women and Guns (59) Just after making a large gold discovery, an old prospector is ambushed and killed by three masked men but manages to kill two of his attackers before he dies. He also manages to scribble out a will, which is given to detective "Silver" Ward Hogan (Jock Mahoney), who is hired to track down the legitimate heirs and to try to find the third murderer….. Kim Hunter, Lon Chaney Jr. and  Don Megowan

8605 More Dead Than Alive  (68)  When the multiple murderer Cain (Clint Walker) is released from prison after 18 years, he wants to settle down as a rancher and never touch a gun again. But his former life haunts him; not only that nobody wants to give him a job, some villains also want to pay him back…. Vincent Price and Anne Francis   BA

Q529 Mutiny at Fort Sharpe (66) In 1864 French troops accidentally cross into Confederate territory…  They are forced to join the rebels at Fort Sharp who are preparing for a massive Indian attack….. Broderick Crawford, Elisa Montes, Mario Valdermarin, Umberto Ceriani and Ugo Sasso   LBX   BA

9137 My Name is Nobody  (74)  A young, easygoing gunman (Terrence Hill) worships and competes with an old gunfighter (Henry Fonda) who only wants to retire….  LBX  BA

9138 My name is Shanghai Joe  (73)  aka: The Dragon Strikes Back   aka: The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe   A Chinese immigrant named Chin How (Chen Lee) lands in a small Texas town inhabited by hard-nosed cowboys who don't take kindly to outsiders. The town folk soon realize that Chin is no ordinary drifter and he quickly gains a reputation for his unbeatable fighting skills….. Kung-fu spaghetti with Klaus Kinski and Gordon Mitchell   LBX 

7466 Navajo Joe (66) aka: A Dollar a Head   Burt Reynolds is the lone Indian survivor of a massacre and seeks his revenge….. Aldo Sambrel, Tanya Lopert and Fernando Rey   D: Sergio Corbucci  LBX  BA

K6 No Room To Die (69) aka: Hanging for Django    Antonio De Teffè, William Berger, Mario Brega, Riccardo Garrone and Nicoletta Machiavelli   Cinematography by Joe D'Amato  Dir: Sergio Garrone   LBX

L293 One - Eyed Jacks (61) Running from the law after a bank robbery in Mexico, Dad Longworth (Karl Malden) finds an opportunity to take the stolen gold and leave his partner Rio (Marlon Brando) to be captured. Years later, Rio escapes from the prison where he has been since, and hunts down Dad for revenge. Dad is now a respectable sheriff in California, and has been living in fear of Rio's return….. Katy Jurado, Elisha Cook Jr., Slim Pickens, Ben Johnson, Pina Pellicer and Timothy Carey    Dir: Marlon Brando   BA

Q456 One Damned Day at Dawn... Django Meets Sartana (70) New sheriff, Jack Ronson (Fabio Testi) discovers there’s BIG trouble in Black City…a very profitable gun trafficking racket…. He teams up with Django (Hunt Powers) to do just that.   BA

Q524 One Hundred Thousand for Lassiter (66) aka: Dollars for a Fast Gun   Wealthy landowner Adam Martin (Jose Bodalo) controls the entire territory…. He seems to own everything.  What he doesn’t own he’ll buy or steal.   Widowed ranch owner Helen Ray (Pamela Tudor) hires gunfighter Lassiter (Robert Hundar) to stop and expose him….     

L349 One Thousand Dollars on the Black (66) aka: Blood at Sundown - Twelve years ago Sartana (Gianni Garko) framed his brother, Johnny (Anthony Steffen) for murder, and stole his girlfriend. Now that he is the town's undisputed boss, Sartana feels safe….  until, his sentence served, Johnny rides back into town….  Erika Blanc   LBX  

L729 Paid in Blood (71) Jeff Cameron - LBX

5083 Pancho Villa  (72)  aka: Vendetta   Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa (Telly Savalas) is double-crossed in an arms deal planned by his comrade Scotty (Clint Walker).  Villa and Scotty plot a raid on a U.S. cavalry fort in retaliation.  Chuck Conners and Anne Francis  

M66 Pecos Cleans Up (67) The descendant of Moctezuma rule a gang of ruthless bandits and live inside an Aztec pyramid in a lost canyon.   The lost gold of Moctezuma is somewhere in a cave and our hero (and three mariachis) are the only ones who knows where to find it….   Robert Woods - "Hey you greasers, play something else besides that filthy Mexicano music!" - Great dialogue for a strange Aztec temple/lost treasure/western - LBX

9131 Pistol For Ringo, A  ( 65)  aka: Ballad of Death Valley   Fleeing from a bank hold-up in which their leader was wounded, a gang of bandits takes refuge at a farm. Although the farm is surrounded, the posse cannot attack because of the hostages.  The anti-hero is highly paid to infiltrate and destroy the gang, and recover the money.  The bandits are executing two hostages per day although even after the anti-hero joins the gang, he makes no effort to halt the executions….. LBX  with extras   Giuliano Gemma, Fernando Sancho, Nieves Navarro, George Martin and Antonio Casas

Q324 Pistol Packin' Preacher (71) Jeremiah (Richard Melville) and his two daughters are heading West in their covered wagon.  They give a ride to a former rebel soldier– now gunfighter named Slim (Mark Damon)…  They hatch a “preacher healin’ a cripple scheme” .  They are rewarded for this scam with church!  LBX

Q523 Poker With Pistols (67) Lucas (George Eastman) loses a lot of cash (that he doesn’t actually have) in a poker game….  The winner, Ponson (George Hilton) agrees to let him “work off” his debt….  - LBX

T663 Powderkeg (71) A Mexican bandit is about to be executed in the United States. So his brother takes over a train and holds the passengers as hostages unless his brother is released. Now both the Americans and Mexicans are baffled as to what to do. But one of the passengers, who wrote the letter for their captor, has a suggestion….call Hank Brackett (Rod Taylor) and Johnny Reech (Dennis Cole), two mercenaries….. (This is the pilot for the short lived series "The Bearcats")   BA

Q518 Price of Death, The (71) aka: Last Gunfight   After a prostitute and a bartender are killed in a robbery in a little town's saloon somewhere in the Old West, a thug named Chester Conoway (Klaus Kinski) is arrested and immediately sentenced to death.  Paid by the young lady who owns the saloon (who despises Conoway, but believes in his innocence) Conoway's lawyer hires the famous gunman and tracker Mr. Silver (Gianni Garko) to prove his innocence……  Luciano Pigozzi, Gely Genka and Franco Abbiana   BA

T66 Professional Gun, The (68) aka: Revenge of a Gunfighter    Sergei “The Polish” Kowalski (Franco Nero) gets hired by short-tempered revolutionary Paco Roman (Tony Mustante), in order to help his squad of inexperienced rebels with their campaign for a free Mexico. While Paco is a crook, he is also an idealist,  who becomes more and more idealistic after his troop is joined by beautiful Columba (Giovanna Ralli), a woman whose father was a revolutionary.  The Polish is a typical anti-hero, witty and cool and somehow sympathetic, but mainly concerned for his own benefit…. Dir: Sergio Corbucci  (Also Jack Palance plays an evil flamboyant gay guy as “Curly”).

4933 Proud and the Damned, The  (72)  aka: Proud, Damned and Dead    A group of five Confederate mercenaries led by Sergeant Will Hansen (Chuck Conners) must choose sides carefully in a small village where they find themselves trapped in the middle of a rebellion. The group is torn as to whether they should honor the powerful military dictator who forces them to spy for him or help the local village fight for its independence….. BA

B112 Radio Ranch (40) aka: Men with Steel Faces   Gene Autry and his pals discover a secret underground civilization located below their ranch!  The under dwellers are bent on ...what else?  Only world domination of course!  Bizarre genre mixer, lots of fun!

T424 Rampage at Apache Wells (65) aka: Der Ölprinz   Apache chief Winnetou (Pierre Brice) and his white friend Old Surehand (Stewart Granger) try to keep the peace…. But outsiders trick the Indians into a battle over the oil fields…..  Walter Barnes, Harald Leipnitz, Terence Hill and Macha Méril  BA

M98 Rawhide Terror, The (34) Twelve renegades dressed as Indians kill the parents of two brothers. The brothers who have similar birth marks then separate. Ten years later a man known as the Rawhide Terror is murdering the renegades who are now town citizens. Everyone is after the Rawhide Terror and the two brothers are destined to meet again….. (This film was begun as a serial, but, after a production halt, was converted to a B-western)   Art Mix, Edmund Cobb, William Desmond, William Barrymore and Frances Morris 

3953 Reason to Live, A Reason to Die, A  (72) A dishonored army officer saves the lives of some hardened criminals on condition that they help him regain his honor…. UNCUT  print of what was known in the states as “ Massacre at Fort Holman ” with James Coburn, Telly Savalas and Bud Spencer   BA

Q517 Red Blood, Yellow Gold (67) aka: Professionals for a Massacre   Three friends: “Frank the Preacher” (George Hilton), a sharp-shooting bandit “Chattanooga Jim” (Edd Byrnes) and a Mexican horse thief– “Fidel” (George Martin) stand against a viscous outlaw gang, The Union Army, The Southern Army…...and more.  They are loyal to each other– so not the usual double cross story here.   Jose Bodalo, Monica Randall and Gerard Herter   LBX  BA

Q335 Relentless Four, The (65) When Texas Ranger Sam Garrett (Adam West pre-Batman) thwarts a quartet of greedy bounty hunters from collecting the money on a recently cleared outlaw's head…  The maniacal man hunters frame him for the death of a cattle baron….. Robert Hundar and Dina Loy

Q108 Requiem for a Gringo (68) aka: Duel in the Eclipse   Gringo (Lang Jeffries) is a gunfighter who vows revenge when his brother is tortured and killed by bandits….  He infiltrates their gang and exacts his revenge…. Fernando Sancho, Carlo Gaddi, Ruben Rojo, Aldo Sambrell and Carlo Simoni

6389 Return of Frank James, The  (40)  Frank James (Henry Fonda) sets out to find the men who killed his brother. When the killers are pardoned, he takes matters into his own hands….  Gene Tierney, Jackie Cooper, Henry Hull, John Carradine, Donald Meek and J. Edward Bromberg   Dir: Fritz Lang   BA

T697 Return of Josey Wales, The (88) Michael Parks - BA

9132 Return of Ringo, The  (65)  A civil war soldier (Giuliano Gemma) returns to his family land to find his family decimated, his property taken over by a family of Mexican bandits and his fiancée about to marry the Mexican gangster behind all this. Bent on revenge, he goes undercover disguised as a Mexican and discovers he has a daughter!   Fernando Sancho, Lorella De Luca, Nieves Navarro and Antonio Casas  (sequel to "A Pistol for Ringo")   LBX  w/ trailer   BA

T688 Return of the Gunfighter, The (67) aka: Wyatt  aka: As I Rode Down to Laredo   An aging gunman and a wounded drifter come upon a young Mexican girl, and agree to help her avenge the death of her father, who was murdered for their land…. Robert Taylor, Ana Martín, Mort Mills, Lyle Bettger and Chad Everett   BA

T474 Reverendo Colt (71) Reverend Miller (Guy Madison) comes to Tucson to open a church…. The day he arrives, a gang of outlaws led by Meticcio (Pedro Sanchez) robs the bank and escapes with all the cash.  The townspeople are convinced that the Reverend is involved.  Sheriff Donovan (Richard Harrison) saves the preacher from a lynch mob by locking him in jail.  He is released on the condition that he track down the bandits and return the loot.   Thomas Moore, María Martín, Germán Cobos, Steven Tedd and Perla Cristal   Dir: Marino Girolami and León Klimovsky  BA   F.L.

9751 Ride Beyond Vengeance (66) Chuck Conners is a buffalo hunter returning to his wife after 11 years of hard work and he is robbed by Bill Bixby, Michael Rennie and Claude Akins. They also accuse him of being a thief and brand him with a hot iron. He's pissed hence the title. Later he finds Rennie also has stolen his wife….Now it’s payback time.  BA

2141 Ride in the Whirlwind   (65) Three cowboys, mistaken for members of an outlaw gang, are relentlessly pursued by a posse…. Cameron Mitchell, Millie Perkins, Jack Nicholson, Katherine Squire, George Mitchell,

Rupert Crosse and Harry Dean Stanton  BA

9730 Ride to Glory (71) aka: The Devil's Backbone  aka: The Deserter   Bitter over his wife's death due to what he believes was army negligence, Capt. Viktor Kaleb (Bekim Fehmiu) deserts the cavalry and disappears into the southwestern wasteland. But when marauding Apaches set up a stronghold just out of the cavalry's reach in Mexico, Kaleb is given amnesty in exchange for leading a small band of especially trained soldiers to wipe out the Indian stronghold…..  Richard Crenna, Chuck Connors, Woody Strode, John Huston, Slim Pickens and Ricardo Montalban  BA

3755 Riders of the Whistling Skull  (37)  aka: The Golden Trail   After a member of an archeological expedition is murdered, Stony convinces the other two reluctant members to accompany them. After another member is killed it becomes apparent that Rutledge and the Indian Otah are the culprits, but they are now in Indian territory without food and water….  This western has fantasy and horror elements.

9423 Ringo: The Lone Rider (68) aka: Two Brothers, One Death   Peter Martell

T79 Ringo and His Golden Pistol (66) aka: Johnny Oro    Mark Damon, Valeria Fabrizi and Franco Derosa

 - Sergio Corbucci directs   BA

L350 Ringo Kid (67) Cuneyt Arkin in a Turkish western spaghetti!!! Lots of action and violence - F.L. 

M64 Ringo, Face of Revenge (67) aka: Ringo, il volto della vendetta   Two adventurers save the life of a man who has a tattooed treasure map on his back. The second needed map is on the back of a sheriff. The hunt begins….. Anthony Steffen, Frank Wolff, Eduardo Fajardo, Armando Calvo, Alejandra Nilo and Alfonso Godá   LBX - Directed by Mario Caiano

Q504 Road to Fort Alamo, The (64) aka: Arizona Bill   A lone rider comes across a dying soldier, the victim of an Indian attack, who gives him a paper authorizing the payment of $150,000 to the U.S. Army. The rider gathers some colleagues who disguise themselves as soldiers and who take the paper to a bank. They get the money but a shoot-out occurs, an old woman is killed, and the gang acrimoniously splits up. Later some members of the gang meet up with some real U.S. Cavalry soldiers and together they must fight off new Indian attacks….. Ken Clark - Mario Bava Directs !!!! - LBX

Q552 Romance of a Horse Thief (71) aka: Le Roman d'un voleur de chevaux   In 1904 Poland, a Cossack captain (Yul Brynner) takes horses for the Russo-Japanese war. The residents of the town rise up, goaded on by Naomi (Jane Birkin)…...   Eli Wallach, Oliver Tobias, Lainie Kazan and David Opatoshu   BA

L185 Rough Justice (70) aka: The Beast - Johnny Laster (Klaus Kinski) is a sadistic sex mad bandit with a lust for sex and greed at equal standing in this above average entry…. Gabriella Giorgelli, Steven Tedd, Giovanni Pallavicino and Andrea Aureli      

9134 Roy Colt and Winchester Jack  (70)  Two outlaws compete with each other over a treasure map that will lead them to buried gold while one of them is in league with a sadistic priest-turned-crime lord, while a young Native American girl helps both outlaws and plays both sides against each other….. Brett Halsey, Charles Southwood, Marilu Tolo, Teodoro Corra and Guido Lollobrigida   In Italian with English subs.  Directed by Mario Bava

9150 Run Man Run   aka: Big Gundown 2  ( 67)  Several competing groups and mavericks (including the lead character Cuchillo (Tomas Milian)) are hunting a gold treasure of $3,000,000. The gold was reserved for the Mexican revolution…. Donald O'Brien, John Ireland, Federico Boido and Linda Veras   LBX with trailer   BA

T685 Ruthless Four, The (68) aka: Sam Cooper's Gold    Sam Cooper (Van Heflin) is a gold prospector who discovers a mine filled with gold, but his partner tries to kill him, but before he does Sam gets him. Riding back to town he is robbed of his horses, but not his gold. Too heavy to carry all of it, he dumps some in the river and hides the rest. When he arrives in town he sends a message for his adopted son Manolo Sanchez (George Hilton) to see if he wants to be his partner and go back up to the mind. Manolo gets Brent (Klaus Kinski) in on the deal. Not trusting Brent, Sam asks Mason (Gilbert Rolanda) a long time army buddy to join up to watch his back….  He agrees only if he gets 50% of his share. So now the conniving begins when the four head out for this mine.   BA

9135 Sabata  (69)  Several pillars of society have robbed an Army safe containing $100,000 so they can buy the land upon which the coming railroad will be built. But they haven't reckoned on the presence of the master gunslinger, Sabata (Lee Van Cleef).  William Berger, Ignazio Spalla, Nick Jordan and Franco Ressel   LBX  BA

9124 Sabata (Adios...)  (72)  aka: Bounty Hunters  aka: Indio Black    Master gunslinger Sabata (Yul Brynner) helps some Mexican revolutionaries steal a wagonload of gold….. Dean Reed, Ignazio Spalla, Gérard Herter and Nieves Navarro  LBX  w/ trailer  BA

9133 Sabata (Return of....)  (70)  Master gunslinger Sabata (Lee Van Cleef) arrives in Hobsonville, a town completely owned by McIntock (Giampiero Albertini), a robber baron who is taxing the inhabitants for the cost of future improvements to the town. Or that's what McIntock says he'll do with the money….  Reiner Schöne, Ignazio Spalla and Annabella Incontrera  LBX w/ trailer

4428 Salome: Where She Danced  (45)  Yvonne DeCarlo, Rod Cameron, David Bruce, Walter Slezak and Albert Dekker  BA

9525 Sartana is Here! Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin (70) aka: Sartana's Coming, Get Your Coffins Ready   Sartana (George Hilton), bounty hunter and gunfighter, witnesses the robbery of a shipment of gold. He finds his way into town where he meets with a lot of suspicious stares from the locals. He also meets with Samuel Spencer (Piero Lulli), who seems to own the company in this company town. The gold shipments are being stolen, so Spencer agrees to hire Sartana to protect the next gold shipment….  Erika Blanc and Charles Southwood

Q333 Sartana Kills Them All (71) Sartana (Gianna Garko) and his friend Marcos (William Bogard) are low-key crooks, double crossed by their gang, sought by a sheriff and his deputies, and looking for $100,000 of loot which changes hands several times during the action. Along the way they pick up a girl (Maria Silva) who happily joins in the double crossing and stealing…..  LBX - F.L.

Q987 Savage Guns, The (61) aka: Tierra brutal   In Sonora, in a lonesome valley near the border of Arizona: ex-major Summer (Don Taylor) tries to forget about the horrors of the war of independence on his farm. He has foresworn to violence. His intention is put to the test when a gang of villains ravages the small town….. Early Western shot in Spain by Hammer alumnus Michael Carreras.  Richard Basehart and Fernando Rey star.  This film was shot in Spain, and considered by many THE FIRST SPAGHETTI WESTERN!    BA 

Q742 Savage Guns (68) aka: His Name was Sam Walbash, But They Called Him Amen -  A cruel and ruthless bandit kills a tavern owner who had ratted him out to the authorities. Sam Wallbush (Robert Wood) witnesses the murder, as well as the murder of his brother who happens to get in the way of the bandit. Sam swears revenge and sets out for blood….. Dean Stratford and Gordon Mitchell

9752 Savage Journey (83) The story of the founding of the Mormon Church and their trek across America to found Utah….  Maurice Grandmaison, Paul Warton, John Mason, Stephen Cracroft, Lou Edwards, Michael Danvers-Walker, Glade Hill and Richard Moll  

L166 Scalawag (73) A western "Treasure Island" similar musical.  Yep. Directed by and starring Kirk Douglas!  Also starring Mark Lester, Neville Brand, George Eastman, Don Stroud, Danny Devito, Lesley -Anne Down  and Mel Blanc!  BA

3808 Scalps  (87)  The commander of a Texan fort in the Civil War refuses to surrender to the Northerners, and tries to buy the local Indian tribe chief's daughter. The sage man refuses, and the Southerners massacre the tribe and abduct the young squaw anyway. The noble squaw manages to escape, and hides out with a rough rancher, who dislikes Indians, but hates the Southerners more. The odd couple joins forces, and tactics, to exert ultimate vengeance on the men at the fort…. Vassili Karis, Mapi Galán, Charly Bravo and Beni Cardoso   LBX  BA

Q634 Seven Devils on Horseback (75) aka: Seven Savage Men   aka: Finders Killers   Jack (Donald O’brien) sets out to avenge his brother’s death….Meanwhile an outlaw gang lead by Dexter (Dean Stratford) robs a gold shipment…..   Gordon Mitchell - LBX

9698 Seven Dollars on the Red  (68)  aka: Seven Dollars to Kill    Johnny (Anthony Steffen) is a man who catches up with his wife’s killer El Chacal (Fernando Sancho) after 15 years….  LBX  Subs

Q632 Seven Guns for the MacGregor (66) Ranch owner MacGregor (Robert Woods) has seven sons and oldest MacGregor leads his brothers to Las Mesas, a small town where they want to sell horses. They get into trouble with local people who are related with evil Santillana (Leo Anchóriz).  After getting imprisoned and losing their horses they decide to go after Santillana's gang….. Fernando Sancho   BA

Q860 Shame Shame on the Bixby Boys (78) Comic western with Monte Markham

Q427 Shark River (53) Swamps, Gators and other obstacles faced by fleeing wanted men…. Steve Cochran, Carole Mathews, Warren Stevens, Robert Cunningham and Ruth Foreman

Q736 She Came to the Valley (79) aka: Texas in Flames   Ronee Blakley, Dean Stockwell, Scott Glenn and Freddy Fender 

Q318 Shoot Joe, and Shoot Again (72) aka: Joe Dakota   Joe Dakota (Richard Harrison) is blinded by an outlaw gang when they are torturing him….  A story of greed, murder, double–crossing… José Torres, Franca Polesello, Indio Gonzales and Roberto Maldera   (Low audio on first minute, then it's good)

2142 Shoot the Living, Pray for the Dead   (73) aka: Pray to Kill and Return Alive    Mysterious stranger John Webb (Paul Sullivan) helps a group of bandits through dangerous canyons and rugged mountains.  But it’s revenge that motivates him– not the promise of money.   John’s real name is “Parker” and he has been following the gang for quite a while.  Their boss (Klaus Kinski) killed his family earlier….   

T695 Shoot Twice (69) aka: They Were Called Graveyard   An innocent desperado is left for dead after being ambushed on the high plains by evil bushwhackers. He refuses to die and wearily struggles into a near-by town with wounded pride and a groggy memory. One of the devilish bushwhackers offers him a hefty sum of money to gun down an innocent man. After realizing the target is his own brother, instead gunning down the shady character that set him up as stool pigeon in a deadly double-cross. The two brothers band together and lay the rest of the ruthless gang to waste…. Klaus Kinski - BA

LD13 Shooting, The  (66)  A mysterious woman persuades two cowboys to help her in a revenge scheme…. Jack Nicholson, Millie Perkins, Will Hutchins, Warren Oates and Charles Eastman  BA

9522 Showdown at Boot Hill (58) Bounty hunter Luke Welsh (Charles Bronson) arrives looking for a wanted man. When that man draws on him he has to kill him. To collect his reward he needs a statement identifying him. But the man was well liked in town and no one will sign such a statement. When he outdraws another man who thought he was faster, some townsmen decide he should be killed and they organize a mob to go after him…. Robert Hutton, John Carradine, Carole Mathews and Paul Maxey

L352 Showdown for a Badman (71) aka: A Coffin Full of Dollars - Nevada (Hunt Powers)  and his bounty hunter friend (Jeff Cameron) track down sadistic Hagen (Klaus Kinski).  They then proceed to trick and ultimately destroy his entire gang….thus avenging the death of Nevada’s parents….   Gordon Mitchell   BA

Q334 Sign of the Coyote (64) Gaillardo sees injustice done to the former Californians by the victorious North American governor and his rotten clique. Keeping cool in public and society, he wears his black clothes and mask at night to avenge his people.  Fernando Casanova, María Luz Galicia, Mario Feliciani, Arturo Dominici and Giulia Rubini   Dir: Mario Caiano   BA

4017 Silver Saddle  (78)  aka: They Died with Their Boots On    Young boy who sees his father gunned down kills the assassin. Years later, he has grown up to be a successful bounty hunter who is feared by many….. And then one day he discovers secrets to his past…  Giuliano Gemma, Sven Valsecchi, Ettore Manni and Gianni De Luigi   Dir: Lucio Fulci.

B17 Silver Whip (55)  Jess Harker (Robert Wagner) is a young man looking to prove himself… Race Crim (Dale Robertson) and Sheriff Tom Davisson (Rory Calhoun) give him a chance….  In the process he is confronted with situations where his mistakes cost the life of other people, but if he was right it could also be at the expense of somebody's life. There is no way for him of coming out without feeling guilt…… Kathleen Crowley and James Millican 

L250 Sitting Bull (54) Chief Sitting Bull of the Sioux tribe is forced by the Indian-hating General Custer to react with violence, resulting in the famous Last Stand at Little Bighorn. Parrish, a friend to the Sioux, tries to prevent the bloodshed, but is court- marshaled for "collaborating" with the enemy. Sitting Bull, however, manages to intercede with President Grant on Parrish's behalf….  J. Carrol Naish, Mary Murphy, John Litel, Joel Fluellen, Iron Eyes Cody, John Hamilton, Douglas Kennedy, William Tannen and William Hopper    A poorly made western which is laughably inaccurate historically - Entertaining in a bad movie sort of way - Shot in Mexico  BA

T446 Six Bounty Killers for a Massacre (73) aka: Sei bounty killers per una strage  Robert Woods, Donald O'Brien - F.L.

L786-2312 Soldier Blue (72) After a cavalry group is massacred by the Cheyenne, only two survivors remain: Honus (Peter Strauss), a naive private devoted to his duty, and Cresta (Candice Bergin), a young woman who had lived with the Cheyenne two years and whose sympathies lie more with them than with the US government. Together, they must try to reach the cavalry's main base camp. As they travel onward, Honus is torn between his growing affection for Cresta, and his disgust for her anti-American beliefs….. Finally an uncut version with decapitation, assault and breast slice scene. This brutal western is compelling because it's true!  Should be shown to Junior High kids as mandatory viewing. But we wouldn't want to teach truth in schools would we?  They've been rewriting history as far as I can remember.  Donald Pleasence, Dana Elcar and Jorge (George) Rivero   LBX  Classic   BA

Q317 Sometimes Life is Hard, Right Providence? (72) aka: Life Is Tough, Eh Providence?  Tomas Milian comedy/western   Morricone score - LBX

8446 Son of Django  aka: Vengeance is a Colt 45  (67)  On a stormy night, a young boy (Clint) hides under his bead and watches as his father (the famous gunman Django) is killed and his mother is assaultd and murdered…. Years pass and Clint (Gabriele Tinti) is still hungry for revenge….  Guy Madison

8132 StarBird and Sweet William  (73)  aka: The Adventures of Starbird   On a solo plane flight, a young Native American crashes in the wilderness. He must fight for survival in the harsh woods with his only friend, a bear cub…. BA

T392-Q455 Starblack (66) aka: Johnny Colt    Johnny Blyth (Robert Woods)...returns home, after striking out on his own, accompanied by his deaf mute sidekick only to discover that his father is dead (under mysterious & shady circumstances) .....his mother (Jane Tilden) is remarried to his uncle… the respected Judge King (Harald Wolff). The locals are being squeezed by a gang of cutthroats led by the well scrubbed but slimy 'Curry' (Franco Lantieri), saloon owner.. banker.. money lender...supporting a very profitable business driving people to financial ruin......then seizing their homes & assets….. 

9229 Strange Vengeance of Rosalie, The  (72)  A young Native American woman (Bonnie Bedelia) whose grandfather has just died and in an attempt to stave off loneliness tricks a traveling businessman (Ken Howard) into coming back to her ramshackle place. Once there she breaks his legs in order to trap him. She hopes that in the time it takes to heal he will learn to love her…..

LD67 Stranger and the GunFighter, The  (76)  aka: Blood Money   A martial artist joins a hard-hitting gunfighter in the search for treasure while bandits step into their way…. Lee Van Cleef, Erika Blanc and Lieh Lo     BA 

Q321 Stranger in Sacramento, A (65) Mickey Hargitay is a man on the edge after wrongful imprisonment. He escapes to vindicate his brother and father's death - Sergio Bergonzelli directs

K36 Stranger Returns, The (67) aka: Shoot First, Laugh Last   Taking the identity of a dead postal inspector found on the trail, a stranger (Tony Anthony) rides into a small western town and finds himself in the middle of a stagecoach robbery perpetrated by a gang of twenty ruthless desperados. Finding out the object of the heist was not a strongbox as it seemed but a solid gold stagecoach, he enlists the aid of a down-and-out old preacher and tracks down the dangerous gang and their unsuspected ally…. Daniele Vargas, Marco Guglielmi, Jill Banner and Marina Berti   LBX  BA

9731-139 Sweet Creek County War, The (82) A classic western with the bad guys fighting the homesteaders, with the good guys coming to the rescue…. Richard Egan (in his last film), Slim Pickens and Albert Salmi   BA

3277 Sweet Savage  (79)  aka: Bad Girl of the West    A young Indian girl falls in love with a local white cowboy. The racist element in town doesn't approve of that, so they kidnap the girl and gang-assault her. The girl's brother hears about it, and he and other members of the tribe kidnap a white girl from town and gang-assault her. Things go downhill from there…. Carol Connors, Aldo Ray, Beth Anna, Jon Hollabaugh, Shadowlyn Neva and Eileen Welles   Adult XXX western

9424 Tails you Lose (70) aka: Head or Tails  John Ericson, Franco Lantieri, Spela Rozin and Edwige Fenech (Quality is fair-poor on this title)

7321 Tears of the Black Tiger (2000) With its loud acting style, exuberant sets and stunning shots in pastel colors, this Thai cult film is as much a parody as an homage to the Western and the romantic tearjerker.  BA   Thai western w/ subs

Q58 Tequila (73) aka: Fuzzy the Hero   Anthony Steffen is a serious gunfighter, his partner, Fuzzy, is not…. Steffen must help the people of a small town get rid of the evil town boss.   black comedy/western

Q503 Tequila Joe (68) aka: Time and Place for Killing   Knowing the law forbids it, a determined Marshall (Anthony Ghidra) crosses into Mexico as he hunts the bandit who killed his sister….   Jean Sobieski, Mimmo Palmara, Furio Meniconi, Felicita Fanny and Mimo Billi   LBX

Q502 Terror of Oklahoma (59) With Alberto Benucci - In Italian Language - LBX - F.L.

B39 Terror of Tiny Town, The (38) An evil gun slinging midget comes to terrorize the good little people of Tiny Town. The townspeople organize to defeat him, and zany antics ensue…  comedy/western  BA

Q671 Tex and the Lord of the Deep (85) Tex (Giuliano Gemma), a western adventurer investigates a convoy robbery, and learns that a local witchdoctor has a secret weapon to use against the Aztecs – a green rock that turns men into mummies!  Based on an Italian comic strip.  William Berger, Peter Berling, Giovanni Luigi Bonelli, Flavio Bucci, Carlo Mucari, Riccardo Petrazzi, Isabel Russinova, and Aldo Sambrell.    English  

Q794 Texas in Flames (79) aka: She Came to the Valley   Ronee Blakely, Dean Stockwell, Scott Glenn and Freddy Fender - BA

8863 Texas, Addio  (66)  aka: Goodbye Texas   aka: The Avenger   Burt Sullivan (Franco Nero) leaves his job as a town sheriff to go to Mexico to find the man, Cisco (José Suárez), who killed his father many years ago. He and his younger brother (Alberto Dell'Acqua) arrive in a small town where everybody is afraid of Cisco who has become the local landowner…..  LBX  BA 

8021 Their Only Chance  (75)  A man returns a coyote, a cougar and an eagle to the wild, encountering many perils along the way.  Steve Hoddy, Chris Jeffers, Mildred Watt, Ross Goddard and Jack Goddard  BA

T458 They Still Call Me Amen (73) aka: Oremus, Alleluja E Cosi Sia   Obscure Spaghetti - F.L.

Q513 This Man Cannot Die (67) aka: Long Days of Hate   Martin Benson (Guy Madison) hasn't quite made it home from the war.. rather working undercover & gaining a reputation as an outlaw.  As 3 bad guys he helped to capture are hanging in the wind.. he's offered a substantial amount of gold to find the leader of the gun & liquor smuggling operation he's helped to take a bite out of.. even as.....gang members are out to get him..& target his family as well. His parents are killed and his younger sister assaultd.   He sets out with his younger brother for revenge...

9699 Those Dirty Dogs  ( 73)  aka: Charge!   Captain Chadwell (Stephen Boyd), Lieutenant Junger (Howard Ross) and Sergeant Smith (Harry Baird) are sent by Washington to help their colleagues of Fort Apache to recover stolen arms. Bounty hunter Korano (Gianni Garko) accompanies them…..   LBX  with extras

T661 Three Bullets for a Long Gun (70) Two prairie renegades battle bandits as they search for an inherited gold mine…. Violent South African western    Keith Van Der Wat, Beau Brummel and Patrick Munhardt  BA

Q327 Three Bullets for Ringo (66) aka: Three Graves for a Winchester   Gordon Mitchell, Mickey Hargitay, Milla Sannoner and Ivano Staccioli   (Quality a bit faded)   LBX

X357 Three Supermen of the West (73) A bizarre time-travel/comedy/action/western   F.L.

8446-2 Thunder Over El Paso  (72)  aka: Sentence of God   aka: The Godless Ones   Minnesota (Antonio Sabato) is a bounty hunter.  He was robbed of his last reward by Mexican bandit Corbancho….  He forms an alliance with outlaw Santo (Chris Avram) with gold as their goal.  Another obscurity -  F.L.     Erika Blanc


3809-6379 Thunder Warrior  (85)  Thunder (Mark Gregory), a Native America, returns home from Vietnam only to find that his ancestral cemetery is being destroyed by construction workers. He tries to put a stop to it, but the law is not only not on his side, but he is banished from town, beaten up, and left for dead. Now he wants his revenge…  Antonio Sabata, Bo Svenson and Valeria Ross

4138 Thunder Warrior # 2  (85)  Indian sheriff Thunder (Mark Gregory) is transferred to a small town in the desert. He learns that the corrupt deputy is paid by the drug mob. To protect himself, the deputy sets a trap for Thunder and gets him convicted as dealer. Thunder manages to break out of the brutal prison camp and takes bloody revenge. However he cannot sufficiently protect his pregnant wife….. Raimund Harmstorf, Karen Reel, Bo Svenson, William Rice, Vic Roych and Clayton Tevis  

8127 Thunder Warrior # 3  (88)  “They took his wife... but he's still Walking Tall, they drew First Blood, but he's gonna fight back….”  Mark Gregory, John Phillip Law, Horst Schön and Ingrid Lawrence  


Q388 To Kill a Jackal (71) aka: Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead  aka: Pray to Kill and Return Alive

Mysterious stranger John Webb (Paul Sullivan) helps a group of bandits through dangerous canyons and rugged mountains.  But it’s revenge that motivates him– not the promise of money.   John’s real name is “Parker” and he has been following the gang for quite a while.  Their boss (Klaus Kinski) killed his family earlier….  Victoria Zinny

9843-9700 Today It's Me Tomorrow It's You (71) aka: Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die!   Decent variation on "The Magnificent Seven " scripted by Dario Argento and LBX

Q105 Too Much Gold for One Gringo (72) aka: They Believed He Was No Saint   A bunch of outlaws awaits the release from prison of an old gold miner, believed to have hidden 28 sacks of gold 20 years before...  The shrewdest of the outlaws, Trash (Anthony Steffen), gains the reliance of the old man and with a Mexican desperado, Josè (Daniel Martín), they start the quest for gold.  But too many people are involved in this quest, including a dangerous killer with his gang, Firmin Rojas (Fernando Sancho)…..    

9849 Town Called Bastard, A (71) aka: A Town Called Hell - A group of Mexican revolutionaries murders a town priest and a number of his Christian followers.  Ten years later, a widow (Stella Stevens) arrives in town intent to take revenge on her husband's killers….. Telly Savalas is a bandit, Robert Shaw is a Priest and Martin Landau is an evil officer.  A great film which was cut in American release.  Here it is uncut and LBX   BA

1055 Town Called Hell, A   (72) cut American version of “A Town called Bastard”

M65 Train for Durango (67) Gringo (Anthony Steffen) and his sidekick Luca (Mark Damon) sell everything they own for a train ticket to Durango Texas…… Of course the train is robbed and nearly everyone is killed…. But only Gringo and Luca can actually open the safe the bandits stole (since they stole the keys earlier)…. So they venture out to find the bandits, hoping to share the loot.  Things aren’t quite that simple though as the tale becomes more complicated by a kidnapping…… Enrico Maria Salerno, Dominique Boschero and Roberto Camardiel     Dir: Mario Caiano   comedy/western

8015 Tramplers, The  (66)  aka: Showdown   Civil War soldier returns home to his father who can't accept the loss of the Confederates. Serious conflicts arouse which split the family…. Gordon Scott, Joseph Cotten, Muriel Franklin, James Mitchum, Ilaria Occhini and Franco Nero   BA

L857 Treasure of Tayopa (74) Greed for treasure results in betrayal and death in this modern day (1974 modern day that is) western    - BA

5303-5304 Trial of Billy Jack, The  (74)  After Billy Jack in sentenced to four years in prison for the "involuntary manslaughter" of the first film, the Freedom School expands and flourishes under the guidance of Jean Roberts….Things heat up for the school once Billy Jack is released…..   2 VHS / DVD set $20

2513 Trinity is Still My Name  (75) aka: All the Way Trinity    Trinity (Terence Hill) and Bambino (Bud Spencer) swear to their dying father (Harry Carey Jr.) that they will become successful outlaws and take care of each other. They later get involved with arms-traffickers who smuggle guns out of a monastery, and who mistakenly think they're a pair of federal agents….. Yanti Sommer, Enzo Tarascio and Pupo De Luca   comedy/western  BA

7300 Triumphs of a Man Called Horse (83) Koda (Michael Beck) is the son of the English man turned native "Man Called Horse" (Richard Harris).  Times are rough for his tribe.  The once great warriors are now reduced to a few families.  His son Koda is now a man and he knows he must take care of his people.  But the white men are coming into their sovereign land.  With the ailing "Man Called Horse" unable to make clear decisions, it's up to Koda to do what's right for his people. Make a pact with the white men or risk losing his tribe….. BA

B19 Trooper Hook (57) After a band of Indians kill a group of soldiers, Sergeant Hook captures them and their leader Nanches (Rodolfo Acosta).  Among the prisoners is Nanches' son and the boy's white mother captured by them nine years earlier.  Hook's assignment is to escort the mother and son to the woman's husband. Traveling by stagecoach they learn that Nanches has escaped and it's not long before he and his warriors show up intent on reclaiming the boy.  Joel McCrea, Barbara Stanwyck, Earl Holliman, Edward Andrews, John Dehner and Susan Kohner

8822 True Story of Eskimo Nell, The  (75) aka: Dick Down Under    The bawdy saga of the most infamous "womper" of all time.  sex comedy/western with 70’s sex queen Abigail !!   BA

T609 Tumbleweeds (25) Don Carver (William S. Hart) and his pal Kentucky Rose (Lucien Littlefield) had been earning their living as "tumbleweeds", another name for drifting cowpokes. When the last roundup is completed, they decide to take part in the land rush. Carver meets up with the charming Molly Lassiter (Barbara Bedford) after having had an altercation with her half brother Noll (J. Gordon Russell). Noll teams up with Bill Freel (Richard R. Neill) to acquire a choice ranch section by any means necessary. Turns out that Carver has his sights set on the same ranch which he wants to get for Molly….  BA

Q626 Turn...I'll Kill You (72) aka: Winchester Bill  aka: If One is Born a Swine   Pepito (Fernando Sanchez) and his gang of Mexican bandits are working strong-arm for town boss Ted Shore (Conrado Sanmartin).  Following orders, they invade a gold mine and create trouble for the owner….  Billy Walsh (Richard Wyler) comes to the rescue….

4106 Twilight Avengers, The  (70) aka: Fighters from Ave Maria   Tony Kendall, Pietro Torrisi, Alberto Dell'Acqua, Ida Meda, Spartaco Conversi and Alberto Farnese   LBX   BA

T970 Two Brothers in Trinity (72) aka: Jesse and Lester aka: A Place Called Trinity   Two estranged brothers reunite after receiving an inheritance.   One of them is a womanizer who wants to use his money to build a whorehouse, the other a self-righteous priest…..  Richard Harrison, Donald O'Brien  comedy/western  (foreign Subs- but in English Language)

Q331 Two Sons of Ringo, The (67)  comedy/western  Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia

T425-9427 Vengeance (66) Rocco (Richard Harrison), a half-breed Indian,  swears revenge on those who betrayed him in a gold robbery and for the death of his young friend Ritchie (Alberto Dell'Acqua) who was drawn–and–quartered .  One by one, he tracks them down the bandits and kills them.  Along the way, he finds out that another best friend, Mendoza (Carlo Camaso) has also betrayed him….. Splendid violent Spaghetti directed by Antonio Margheriti. 

L325 Vengeance is a Dish Served Cold (72) aka: Three Amens for Satan  aka: Death's Dealer  Jeremiah Bridger (Leonard Mann) is the lone survivor of an Indian attack against his parents and sister.  He is possessed with hatred for all “red savages” and becomes a vicious Indian hunter…. But then he “kidnaps” a young beautiful squaw intending to sell her to the highest bidder….along the way however they fall in love…..   Ivan Rassimov, Klaus Kinski and Elizabeth Eversfield   

5086 Villa Rides!  (68)  Mexican rebel Pancho Villa (Yul Brynner) leads a revolution helped by an American aviator imprisoned in Mexico…. Robert Mitchum, Charles Bronson, Herbert Lom, Jill Ireland and Robert Towne  BA

T44 Viva Django (68) aka: Django, Prepare a Coffin -  A mysterious gunfighter named Django (Terence Hill) is employed by a local crooked political boss as a hangman to execute innocent locals framed by the boss, who wants their land.  What the boss doesn't know is that Django isn't hanging the men at all, just making it look like he is, and using the men he saves from the gallows to build up his own "gang" in order to take revenge on the boss, who, with Django's former best friend, caused the death of his wife years before….  Horst Frank, Pinuccio Ardia, Lee Burton and George Eastman  BA

L326 Vur (72) Turkish western with an amazing electronic score that emulates Ennio Morricone. All the genre staples combined -In black and white - It seems every 15 minutes or so a woman is getting pinned down for an old fashioned raping and keeps on getting rescued...

9501-8122 Welcome to Hard Times (67) aka: Killer on a Horse    In the town of Hard Times, a stranger rides in and terrorizes the small settlement.  He kills a number of townsfolk, including Fee (Michael Shea), the town's founder. Mayor Will Blue (Henry Fonda) fails to stand up to the man, who assaults saloon whore Molly (Janice Rule) and burns down the town…..  Aldo Ray, Lon Chaney Jr., Denver Pyle and Warren Oates  LBX  BA

T45 West is Tough Amigo... Allelujah's Here (72) aka: Return of Halleluja   aka: The West Is Very Close, Amigo   Am Aztec idol is stolen by a band of determined thieves… Of course they double-cross each other….  George Hilton, Lincoln Tate and Agata Flori   comedy/western

9345-9346 Westerns Italian Style  (docu)  docu on Spaghetti westerns!

T42 Where the Bullets Fly (72) aka: Miss Dynamite  aka: All the Brothers of the West Support Their Father   - Obscure Spaghetti with Antonio Sabato and Marisa Mell

Q446 White Apache (84) aka: Apache Kid    Outlaws attack a band of settlers and kill everyone except a pregnant woman who's rescued by a band of Indians. The woman dies giving birth but Chief White Bear (José Canalejas) adopts her male baby, naming him "Shining Sky," and raising him as brother to his own son, Black Wolf.  The boys grow up together and good-naturedly compete for the affections of pretty Rising Sun (Lola Forner).  In a competition, Shining Sky (Sebastian Harrison) accidentally kills Black Wolf, is forced from the tribe, and finds work in a nearby town where he pretends to be a mute….. 

Q191 White Buffalo, The (78) Charles Bronson, Jack Warden, Will Sampson (as 'Crazy Horse'), Clint Walker, Slim Pickens, Stuart Whitman, Kim Novak, John Carradine, Ed Lauter and Martin Kove   BA   LBX 

L327 White Comanche (68) aka: Hour of Vengeance   Identical twin brothers (William Shatner), one a ruthless warrior chief who leads his followers into believing there will be a revival of there fortunes... and the other who tries to fit in with both cultures, but who has to deal with the consequences of his crazy brother.  Finally they are into an inevitable showdown…..  Joseph Cotten and Rosanna Yanni 

T54 White, the Yellow and the Black, The (74) aka: Shoot First... Ask Questions Later   Tomas Milian and Eli Wallach star in this, the last Sergio Corbucci Spaghetti, that follows three rogues characterized in broad racist tones.  Politically Incorrect which means... Fun! 

9360 Winnetou : Prarien's Son (63) aka: Winnetou the Warrior   Lex Barker, Pierre Brice - BA

8891 Winnetou: The Legend of Silver Lake  (64)  Lex Barker  BA

Q45 Yellow Mountain, The (54)  aka: Nevada Gold   Lex Barker, Mala Powers and Howard Duff star in this rootin' tootin' western.  When the Frontier Flamed with the Lure of the Gold...And a Woman's Unclaimed Lips  Only Fair Quality on this rare title 

9442 You are a Carrion and I'll Kill You (72)  aka: You Are a Traitor and I'll Kill You!   A land baron is buying up all of the land in a small city. When the land owners won't sell, he and his band of cutthroats gun them down. Now a federal agent is recruited to head out to the town and right some wrongs. … Pierre Brice, Steven Tedd, Fernando Sancho and Mónica Randall

P163 You're Jinxed, Friend You've Met Sacramento (70) Jack “Sacramento” Thompson (Ty Hardin) is a peaceful cowboy forced into a showdown with town boss Murdock (Giacomo Rossi Stuart) and his gang….. Kidnapping and revenge -  BA

6411 Zachariah  (70)  Zachariah (John Rubinstein) gets a mail order gun, practices a little, and kills a man in the local saloon.  He and his friend Matthew (Don Johnson) set out to become gunfighters, joining with the Crackers, a rock band who are also stage robbers….  Dick Van Patten in the first "electric” western with music by Country Joe and the Fish, The James Gang and more.  Smokin!  BA

Q459 Zorro 1957-1959    Guy Williams - 15 Disc set, dozens of episodes. No art -  $110 gets all on Disc - Postage Paid - No VHS on these

M85 Zorro the Rebel (66) aka: Zorro il Ribelle