{updated 3/15/2014}





Cartoon History of the Universe Part 1 - Over 300 pages softcover - Volumes 1 - 7 +

Cartoon History of the Universe Part 2 - Over 300 pages softcover - Volumes 8 - 13 - $14.00 for both










Complete Night of the Living Dead Filmbook, The - From 1985 softcover - $18.00










Dead That Walk, The - Leslie Halliwell Hard - Cover monster book 262 pages - $14.00











Dracula Scrapbook, The - Hardcover - $12.00




Film Flubs : Memorable Movie Mistakes - Over 150 pages $7.00






Fragments of Fear : An Illustrated History of British Horror Films - Great - $15.00






Frankenstein : Everything You Always Wanted To Know About the Man , the Myths, and the Movies - Hardcover - $11.00

Frankenstein Scrapbook, The - Soft - cover - Great reference to hundreds of similarly themed horror films - $15.00






Homicidal Psycho Cat - Calvin and Hobbes CollectionSoftcover - $5.00






Horror and Fantasy in the Movies : Tom Hutchinson - Hardcover - damaged dust jacket - Nice shot of Cushing slicing a topless hooker from Corruption (Laser Killer) and much more - Great book - $18.00





Horror Fims: By Nigel Andrews - 96 pages - Lots of color - U.K. Book from 1985 - Lots of color - $15.00







Love Was Cheap and Life Was High - Postcards from Paperback Cover Art of the 40's and 50's - All color - $9.00






Nightwalkers :Gothic Horror Movies - Softcover - With some color - $15.00





Rapid Eye  Stuff on Richard Kern, Jorg Buttgereit, H.P. Lovecraft and more in this interesting soft - cover book - $15.00





Schlock-O-Rama: The Films of Al Adamson - Great softcover on Adamson - $15.00












We Belong Dead: Frankenstein on Film - Over 300 pages - Great softcover book ! - $15.00





You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet - 501 Famous Lines from Great (and Not - So Great) Movies - small rectangular softcover with loads of pics over 225 pages - small crease on cover - $7.00







Count, The  1974 RARE as hell Lugosi hardcover  347 pages! $50.00











Dear Boris  1975 Book.  This a the 1995 re-print softcover  The life of Boris Karloff.  $12.00








Karloff and Company: The Horror Film 158 pages softcover book from 1974 $15.00










Ingrid Pitt Bedside Companion For Vampire Lovers, The  192 pages with full color cover and pictures!  $8.00






Hot Blooded Dinosaur Movies  By James Van Hise  178 pages softcover    $7.00

Bride of Frankenstein Hard - cover photo book - From 1985 - All in Good condition - The Beauty of these books is that they are in a children's book format, and they read great for a bed time story. The twist is that they are Universal horrors with pictures of Karloff, Frye, Lugosi, Price, Agar and more. So as you read the bedtime story, you get to educate your little tyke with forgotten horrors, and ultimately this will make your little tyke a healthier, wiser, more productive citizen. Included in this exclusive package is 6 books - Bride of Frankenstein, Black Friday, The House of the Seven Gables, Dracula's Daughter, House of Fear, and Tarantula - All books in this series together  $75





Amberstar: An Illustrated Cosmic Odyssey - Photo Picture book movie styled SCI -FI - Unique - softcover - $20





Ben Hur: The Story of the Making of...: A Tale of the Christ - Metro - Goldwyn - Mayer - A hard - cover picture book tie - in released when Ben Hur came out. A wide screen pull out poster of the chariot race, tons of color stills from the movie, more paintings than you can shake a crucifix at, making of detailed info, and Jesus Christ ! Yep, he's in there too. A "Holy" book for the religious fanatic in your life. They'll love you for it and may pray harder for your damned soul !  Unique Item - $50

Beyond Mulder and Scully : The Mysterious Characters of the X -Files - approx. 250 pages - Softcover - $5




Boris Karloff: The Frankenscience Monster - a 1969 ultra - rare paperback written by Forrest J. Ackerman in tribute to Karloff (and published shortly after his death) - Well read copy in fair/ good condition - $20




Dark Shadows Tribute - 1990 book release on all things Dark Shadows - softcover - 145 pages - $12




Fantastic Television  - Almost 200 pages - Features complete episode guides with descriptions of Night Gallery, Space 1999, Superman, One Step Beyond, The Twilight Zone, Thriller, Outer Limits, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Time Tunnel, Lost in Space, Batman, Star Trek, The Invaders, The Prisoner, Kolchak - with detailed info on each as well...Essential - 1977 - Softcover - $15




Films of Boris Karloff, The - Almost 300 page soft - cover from Citadel Press - $18




Godzilla Saves America : A monster show down in 3 - D ! - With a pair of 3D glasses - For a tyke again. Righteous education on the lizard king - Hardcover - $9





Gremlins Storybook, The - Color hard cover photo storybook of the classic -  For the little tyke. A few nice pictures of Cates ! - $5

King Kong - Hardcover picture book story retelling Kong with some pretty decent art. Another opportunity to educate your little one with the Kong legend without scaring him too bad - 92 pages, lots of pictures and well written for younger kids - All color - $15



Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground - 357 pages - Simply astounding book on the subject - Recommended - Soft cover - $11









Taste of Blood, A: The Films of Herschell Gordon Lewis -Great retrospective with some color - soft - cover - $18





Traci Lords: Underneath it all - First Edition - Hard - Cover - $25



Trivia Book : The Sci - Fi Channel - Over 400 pages of trivia and questions - Check your SCI - FI  I. Q. - Softcover - $7







Necronomicon: Book One continues the singular, thought-provoking exploration of transgressive cinema begun by the much-respected and acclaimed magazine of the same name. The transition to annual book format has allowed for even greater depth and diversity within the journal's trademarks of progressive critique and striking photographic content.  $12.95     Includes:

* Jean Rollin: The surreal and the sapphic
* Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Exploitation or modern fairytale?
* Barbara Steele: Icon of S/M horror
* Frightmare: Peter Walker's psycho-delirium classic
* Marco Ferreri: Sadean cinema of excess
* Deep Throat: Pornography as primitive spectacle
* Dario Argento: Tortured looks and visual displeasure
* Last Tango in Paris: Circles of sex and death
* H P Lovecraft: Visions of crawling chaos
* Witchfinder General: Michael Reeves' classic of visceral violence
* Herschell G. Lewis: Compulsive tales and cannibal feasts
* Evil Dead: From slapstick to splatshtick
* And much more...