JUD SUSS  1940








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T731   Born Again (78) Popular film that flocked Christians to theatres in the late 70's. Charles Colson's inspirational "Jesus Propaganda" story that will make you gag. This guy committed crimes against our country in the name of National Security and found "Jesus" when serving his prison term. Was "Jesus" in the shower, Charles?  Also with Dana Andrews and Anne Francis who slum through this crap. - BA  








K185  Charles's Berlitz's The Bermuda Triangle (78) Wow! Sensationalistic, Fabricated and UTTER NONSENSE, with, a miniscule thread of truths and half- truths running throughout, including some fun facts (ha!) of The Philadelphia Experiment and more general propaganda lunacy... Lots of fun !








T984   Dam on the Yellow River, The (60) aka: Last Train from Shanghai - Anita Ekberg, George Marchal - Action, Anti - Communist Propaganda film, in which the victory of Mao - Tse - Tung's People's Liberation Army is seen through the eyes of an American Journalist reporting from the Nationalists side. - BA






4486   Eternal Jew, The  (40)  The Jews of Poland (invaded by Germany in 1939) are depicted as filthy, evil, corrupt, and intent on world domination. Street scenes are shown prejudicially, along with clips from Jewish cinema of the day and photos of Jewish celebrities, while the narrator "explains" the Jewish problem….. MORE Nazi propaganda  - Subs


B14/B15  Fire Next Time, The (93) Craig T. Nelson and Bonnie Bedalia star as parents trying to hold together their family in the year 2017 as the 'greenhouse effect' destroys the country. Canada doesn't want us, and won't let us in (you bastards !). Looks like everyone is screwed, except the very rich, that seem to get by just fine. Partially Propaganda, but mostly just a cool sci-fi flick. Much better than the preachy "Day After Tomorrow". Preposterous if taken seriously, (Global Warming ? Bah !) unless you buy into all that nonsense, then well, quite scary!   2 Discs or 2 VHS - $22



B29 Gambling with Souls (36) Young house-wife starts going to bars and gambling. Soon, she has to become a whore to pay her debts. Ohh the woes of the dice! Fun propaganda warning stuff.  BA


9245 Geraldo vs. Satan (80's) + another propaganda religious show. Wow!  This really happened!  Crazy people whine and claim outrageous things with deviltry involved while Zeena Lavey other Satanists and Ozzy Osbourne are grilled for society's woes!  Disturbed Disturbed women lie lie lie about things that never happened and our narrow minded programmed idiotic sheep society gobbled it up and believed every word because most brain washed minds can't think for themselves ! You'll be floored by the false claims with no proof. Furthermore they blame almost all teen crime on Satan and heavy metal. That's right!  The DEVIL made them do it!  No personal responsibility. It's the devil a work. Disillusioned wackos and superstitious

3843-9364 Grim Reaper, The  /  39 Stripes  (76 & 79)  two more Christian propaganda films  (you know the type- they play in the local churches when you are young.  To brainwash (and scare the "Hell" out of you.)  you about what happens to you when you go to hell!

3270-L636 If Footmen Tire, What Will Horses Do ? (71) + The Burning Hell (74) Wow! Christian Scare double feature!  First, it's a hilarious "Commies Taking Over" paranoia from some religious fanatic nut jobs!  Then with The Burning Hell we have funny monster demon FX in hell as Satan's minions punish sinners!  Both brought to you by Ron Ormond.  Based on the preachings of Reverend Estus W. Pirkle, this film warns what will happen to America if the citizens do not give up their depraved ways and turn to God and Jesus for salvation…… These were used to scare young people into religion. See the terrors that face you if you don't go along with us?  Pure nonsense.  Shame on Christian whackos who lie to the youth of America- and threaten them with otherworldly violence to get them to follow their illiterate superstitious beliefs.  I'm done. Sorry. Couldn't help myself. The Devil Made Me Do It.   PROPAGANDA


3100 Jud Suss: the Indoctrination of Racial Hatred  (40)  Nazi anti-Semitic tract about a Jew who rises to power under the duchy of Wuerttemberg by stepping on, abusing, and raping Aryans.  This film caused riots at its screenings and tragedy for its cast and crew. BA


Q80 Kolberg (45) Epic, last Nazi Propaganda war film. Some scenes feature 15,000 to 20,000 actual German troops in battle scenes, even as their lines were collapsing. A last desperate Nazi ploy as they descended to their well-earned doom. Fascinating.

T601 Martin Luther (53) Biography, Christian Propaganda film with Niall MacGinnis




L819 Maryjane (68) Fabian - Teacher is framed as a drug dealer. Hilarious opening scene has guy wreck his car and die because he's smoking a joint ! We all know if you partake of the dreaded killer weed you will wreck your car don't we?  Still, amidst the dopey propaganda the film manages to be entertaining in it's surreal simplicity.   BA







8298 Mein Kampf  (60)  "Mein Kampf" presents the rise and fall of the Third Reich, showing mainly the destruction of Poland and the life of Hitler, which is told since he was a mediocre student and frustrated aspirant of artist living in slums in Austria and Germany, until his suicide in 1945 after being the responsible for the death of millions of people, and the destruction of Europe.  DOCU / PROPAGANDA  BA




Q920 One Too Many (51) Big Budget Campy Expose Propaganda on Alcoholism and it's effect on various people. So open up a bottle of Jack, or a six-pack of your favorite ale and indulge in this funny tragic, and pathetic glimpse into the hell these people cause themselves. A more exploitative take on "The Lost Weekend" or "Days of Wine and Roses".

9982 Perverse Preachers, Facist Fundamentalists, and Christian Kiddie Kooks (90) Oh God! Two full hours of Christian propaganda! Put it on when mom or grandma comes over and pretend you're converted to make them happy!

T603 Pilgrimage Play, The (49) All "Passion of the Christ" fans rejoice!  This has all that Jesus stuff going on with the last supper and crucifixion an all... Oh wow!   Propaganda- of course...



B34 Reefer Madness (36) aka: The Burning Question   Cautionary tale features a fictionalized and highly exaggerated take on the use of marijuana. A trio of drug dealers lead innocent teenagers to become addicted to "reefer" cigarettes, wild parties, and jazz music…. Man, of course this classic deserves reflection. Drug Propaganda at it's funniest !  BA





P95 Samurai (45) Stunning!  Anti-Japanese Propaganda film!  Watch what happens when an Americanized little Japanese boy grows up and reverts to his "true" nature!   A squinty eyed toothy Bushido warrior, bent on world domination!  Hateful programming, by our government- to the masses of the 40's- who you'd have wished had enough brains to think for themselves instead of having the government tell (them) what to think. Yea- war sucked- they started it- and we kicked their ass's good- (too good- so say many)- but to castigate an entire race due to the actions of it's leaders is just plain wrong.  And also- let's not forget (as far as the movie goes)- hilarious fun!  

Q505 St. Benedict: His Life and Miracles (46) aka: Il Sole di Montecassino  aka: Fear No Evil   Story of Benedict Anicia, known to the world as the founder of the Benedictine Order.   Costume drama which takes place in the 5th century A.D.  Starring Fosco Giachetti, Adriana Benetti, Nino Pavese, and others.  Directed by Giuseppe Maria Scotese. 

9534 Twisted Three Play - First its the "California Reich"- a truly disturbing look at real American Nazi's in the 70's. You won't believe your ears when you see them interact with their kids and coerce them to sputter vile racist beliefs.  At one point one of them wishes he could roll in the dirt at concentration camps for old time nostalgia. Next " Hellfire" - religious propaganda. Then - The History of White People in America with Martin Mull - Over 2 hours