Q861    3 Days to Kill (65) aka: 13 Days to Die- Spy chase after the secret formula for uranium, U92, employing various sci-fi gadgetry, and physical violence….

P158    1941 Hong Kong on Fire (96) Nasty Japanese violence set during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong in WW2 - LBX - Subs   

Q625    28 Minutes for Three Million Dollars (67) Richard Harrison - LBX

6497    3 in the Attic  (68)  Womanizer is captured by vengeful ladies who lock him in an attic - Yikes!

2730    3 Nuts in Search of a Bolt  (64)  An out of work Method actor is hired by a male model, an ecdysiast, and a car salesman who live together to save money….  Mamie Van Doren comedy

8020    3:15 The Moment of Truth  (86)  Violent crime is routine. Organized drug trade runs rampant in the face of powerless authority. And a vicious street gang holds dominion with a savage reign of terror. Welcome to Lincoln High! Here "the cobras" rule the school and everyone in it….. Deborah Foreman  BA

T377    36 Quai Des Fevres (04) In the underbelly of the Parisian criminal world, the Police are frustrated by a gang committing a series of violent robberies….  Stunning action crime thriller with Gerard Depardieu - Subs

3959    40 Deuce  (82)  Kevin Bacon plays a street hustler that tries to sell a young boy to a chickenhawk. His plan goes awry when the kid dies -he then tries to sell the corpse. This film was never released due to being too controversial.

4346      5 Fingers of Death  (72)  Two martial arts schools prepare for an important tournament… classic LBX Kung Fu - (One of the best!)   BA  Shaw Brothers

2464    5 For Hell  (67)  John Garko is a fun-loving leader of a bunch of oddball G.I. s whose mission is to steal the German's secret attack plans from a villa behind enemy lines, where they run into a brutal Nazi commander (Klaus Kinski).  War epic

7283    7 Golden Men  (65)  A brilliantly planned and executed robbery of a gold depository in Switzerland. The problem is, how do you get several tonnes out gold bars of the country?  Action with Gabriele Tinti  BA

Q307    80,000 Suspects (63) Val (The Day the Earth Caught Fire) Guest directs this one about a small-pox outbreak and it's ravaging affect on the locals. With Claire Bloom

8799    9413  (98)  Cat III violent HK action - subs LBX from disc-  BA

3275    Abar   aka: In Your Face  (77)  Upon moving into a bigoted neighborhood, the scientist father of a persecuted black family gives a superpower elixir to a tough bodyguard, who thus becomes a superpowered crimefighter…. blaxploitation

Q937 Abashiri Prison (65)   aka: The Walls of Abashiri - Crime / Drama   LBX- Subs

N82 Abduction of Kari Swenson (87) Decent MFTV flick has Tracy Pollan as an Olympic athlete captured by mountain men who wish to use her for breeding in their "Psycho-Mountain-Colony-Family-Planning" dream. Based on a true story

Q767 Absolution (78) Richard Burton - Atmospheric and scary about some Catholic school boy pranks gone bad leading to murder

8716   Aces Go Places 1 (82)  Famous Jewel Thief King Kong (Sam Hui) steals $30,000,000.00 in diamonds from the mob, who have mistaken him for another famous jewel thief "White Gloves". Now White Gloves must go to Hong Kong to find the diamonds and clear his name or the mob will kill him….  Subs BA   Comedy / Action

8717 Aces Go Places 2 (83)  subs!  Sam Hui  BA

8718 Aces Go Places 3:  Our Man From Bond Street  (84)  subs!  Sam Hui  BA

8719 Aces Go Places 4:  You Never Die Twice  (86)  subs!  Sam Hui  BA

8774 Aces Go Places 5  (97)  LBX  Subs. 

8720 Aces Go Places 5:  The Terracotta Hit  (90) subs!  BA

9528 Achtung ! The Desert Tigers (76)  War and W.I.P. combined!

4347 Acts of Violence  (85)  docu on violent acts

8433 Adele Hat Noch Night Zu Abend Gegessen  (77) aka: Dinner for Adele   When the famous detective Nick Carter visits Prague, he becomes involved in strange case of a missing dog and even stranger carnivorous plant. He becomes convinced that he is standing against his greatest enemy - the Gardener, who supposedly died years ago in a swamp… Czechoslovakian    In German  F.L.

8000 Adolph Hitler (30’s)  detailed docu on the madman

T272 Adventurers, The (51) As the Boer War ends a South African soldier hides a cache of diamonds he finds on a body. He returns to the town he left three years earlier where his girl has married a disgraced English officer….  Jack Hawkins and Dennis Price

4151 Adventures in Paradise  (70's)  surfer movie docu - D: Scott Dettrich  with Bobby Owens and Mike Ho  BA

Q355 Aegis (05) Epic High-Tech Japanese War Thriller Loaded with Action - Approx. 2 Hours and 15 minutes - LBX - Subs

Q248 African Deal, The Deal (73) Calvin Lockhart, George Hilton and Anita Strindberg star - Inter-racial (uh oh) affair hijinks amidst corrupt business  dealings (attempting to manipulate the National Resources of an emerging nation, now who would want to do a thing like that ?) lead to conflict and trouble for all involved.

8835 African Gold  (68)  A pre-Kolchak Darrin McGavin stars in this African " quest for gold " blackmail thriller.

6250 Agent 007: From the Orient with Fury  (65)  more Sergio Grieco spy action  F.L.

6250-2 Agent 007: Operation Bloody Mary  (65)  RARE Sergio Grieco spy thriller   F.L.   

6251 Agent 353: Setzt Alles Aux Karte  () Italian spy film from the 60's.  Very James Bond  F.L.

P129 Agent for Panic ( 50's) Obscure action

Q322 Agguato Sul Bosforo (70) aka: Trapped on the Bospherus - Rare suspense about Turkish drug traffickers - LBX - F.L.

1889-6372    Aguirre: The Wrath of God  (72)   Kinski

3080 AIDS  (94) aka: La Ragnatella del Silenzio   Trashy English language Italian made sex and AIDS paranoia!  With Marco di Stefano

N37 Ain't No Way Back (90) Outdoorsman stumble into a hill-billy feud and dabnabbitt Paw, they git caught up in the stew

N46 Alamut Ambush, The (86) Terence Stamp actioneer

L316 Alcatraz : The Whole Shocking Story Part One and Two  (80) 2 tapes $22.00 0r 2 DVD-R for $25.00 - From import release.  Here's the the complete film.  Watch our heroic criminals topple the inhumane prison dictatorship -Wha? -  With John Amos, Telly Savalas, Art Carney, Peter Coyote, Ed Lauter and Many more.

T753 All God's Children (80) Richard Widmark, Ned Beatty and Ossie Davis. Drama on the bussing scare and it's impact on white and black. Silly, but right on the mark for late 70's paranoia/hysteria threat - BA

5263 Alleycat  (84)  A beautiful young martial arts expert stops a vicious street gang from robbing her grandparents' house. The gang marks her for murder, but her grandparents are killed instead. The girl sets out to take her revenge on the gang…. 

9012 Alleycat Rock: Machine Animal  (70) Meiko and her female biker friends try to help two Americans defect to Sweden after they are framed on drug charges.  (4th in the series) F.L.

L120-9013 Alleycat Rock: Sex Hunter (70) Best in the series of 5 flicks!  All star Meiko Kaji of "Female Prisoner" series! This one deals with vicious gangs, one gang favors Japanese race only and hates all other races (especially black people). Female bikers-  classic!  Subs  LBX

Q405-L162 Almost Human (75) Henry Silva and Thomas Milian star, Umberto Lenzi directs. Ultra-violent action flick that is not be missed!   LBX and in English

X35 Almost Summer (78) A high-school election gets out-of-control in this teen comedy that was released as the second part of a double bill (with 'Thank-God It's Friday') in 1978. Bruno (recently deceased) Kirby, Tim Matheson, Lee (very hot !) Purcell and Didi Conn. Didi practically shows her boobs, (and who knew they would look so good !?).

T925 Amantes (91) aka: Lovers - Victoria Abril - Erotic Drama - F.L.

5314 Amazing Dobermans, The  (76)  An ex-con man and his five trained Dobermans help a Treasury Dept. agent stop a racketeer and his gang.  Fred Astaire, Barbara Eden, Billy Barty  BA

T747-K174 Ambush Murders, The (82) James Brolin tries to help a black guy who has been framed by dirty cops for the death of two other cops. Also with Amy Madigan - BA

T713 America (86) Wacky comedy with Michael J. Pollard, Richard Belzer and more - BA

T724 American Commandos (85) Christopher Mitchum, John Philip Law - Vietnam vets are sent to Southeast Asia to battle drug - runners - BA

R20 American Dreamer, The (71) This documentary following Dennis Hopper through the post production of his classic "The Last Movie" explores all things Hopper. Be Immersed in HopperMania as our favorite soul searcher shoots guns and walks around residential neighborhoods butt naked as his voice over asks questions about society and art. $14 DVD-R or $11 VHS. Throw in a paltry $10 and we'll even add a bonus disc of the actual Hopper film "The Last Movie" so you can see how the thing turned out. An amazing 70's time capsule.

4669 American Drive-In  (85)  “The goings-on at a typical drive-in on a summer night”… comedy

8888 American Rickshaw (90) A Miami college student finds himself framed for the murder of an evangelist's son. He hooks up with an Asian witch and a stripper to find the real killer and clear his name….  Donald Pleasence    BA

3917 American Tickler    (85)  Chuck Vincent comedy in the tradition of The Groove Tube

3368 Amin: The Rise and Fall  (82)  African dictator's evil deeds chronicled

4983 Andy Kaufman Double Feature (80’s)  The entire wrestling story, “I’m from Hollywood” + more!  Hysterical!

T710 Angel City (80) Ralph Waite, Paul Winfield, and Jennifer Jason Leigh star in this grim tale of the seemingly hopeless lives of a family on the skids, that get locked into a corrupt camp of workers who are abused by the owners, until Dad Walton snaps and decides he's not gonna' take it anymore!  But just how threatening is Ralph Waite?  Early role for Leigh .- BA

4990 Angel's Brigade  (79)  Seven super sexy girls take on the bad guys in an explosion of wild action, crazy stunts, and loads of laughs!  Comedy / action   Greydon Clark  directs this " Charlie's Angels" ripoff - of course much better than the T.V. Show  Jack Palance  BA

9732 Angkor : Cambodia Express (85) Robert Walker, Woody Strode, Nancy Kwan

2994 Angry Joe Bass  (76)  Native American (Joe Bass) is angry about having his fishing grounds taken away by the big, bad IL' white man.   What does Joe do?  Well, he goes nuts (in a limited-budget way) and wreaks half-handed havoc across the wilderness, including "accidentally" causing a man to chainsaw his leg off… 

4907 Angry Ranger  (91)  A man returning to his old neighborhood after a prison term finds that the friends he used to hang out with are now a violent street gang that is terrorizing the community…. Hong Kong actioneer - subs  BA

T828 Animal, The (77) aka: Stuntwoman - A movie about a good-for-nothing stuntman called Mike Gaucher (Jean-Paul Belmondo) who can't do one single job without something going wrong…  Comedy with Raquel Welch and Jean-Paul Belmondo   BA

K31-Q896 Anna : The Pleasure, the Torment (73) aka: That Certain Encounter  aka: Secrets of a Call Girl - Edwige Fenech, Richard Conte - Violent gangster drama with Fenech as a drug smuggling whore trying to break free from her pimp. When she finally escapes to start a new life- her past catches up with her for a grim end with all involved.  LBX Subs

T568 Anonimo Veneciano (70) aka: The Anonymous Venetian -  A Venetian musician at La Fenice theatre is affected by an incurable disease. By chance he meets his ex-wife who is now living with another man. She finally realizes that she is still in love with him….  Drama  Florinda Bolkan and Tony Musante - F.L. - BA

T453 Antarctic Journal (05) Six member team cross the Antarctic. On the way, they find a journal of another expedition of six, from 80 years ago. Will they survive this foolhardy venture that literally tears into the psyche of all involved as they face the terrors of the harsh elements surrounding them?...  Subs

4593-4594   Apocalypse Now: Workprint Part 1 & 2  (79)  5 hours on 2 VHS or 2 DVD in fair quality Timecoded and letterboxed throughout.  See the riverboat crew rescue and then have sex with the USO showgirls   Robert Duvall save a “ gook “ baby  see Dennis Hopper shot gunned to death!  Also see a far more racist version of the USO cowgirl stage show pulled from yet another work print-  Finally the short “ Apocalypse Pooh “ - a cool parody as a bonus –  What are you waiting for ?  $ 25 VHS or DVD

1023 Ark of the Sun God  (83)  A safecracker takes a job where he must go to Istanbul and steal a scepter that once belonged to the god Gilgamesh but is now in the temple of a secret cult….  David Warbeck 

T717 Armageddon (86) Another End of the World Scare Documentary with Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce predictions, outcomes and more - Want to get obsessed, depressed and super stressed ? Watch it, and believe. - BA

Q857 Armageddon (77) After years of poverty, Carrier, a repairman, inherits a large sum of money upon his brother's death in an accident. Now rich, he decides it is time to make his mark and be known at any cost. Becoming more and more mentally unstable, he begins to threaten police and the government signing his tracts, "Armaguedon". A detective from Interpol heads the investigation and prepares a trap at an international conference of world leaders in Paris.  Alain Delon , Jean Yanne

Q554 Arsene Lupin (04) As the daring thief Arsene Lupin ransacks the homes of wealthy Parisians, the police with a secret weapon, attempt to ferret him out. Massive budget, splendidly photographed. With Kristen Scott Thomas and Romain Duris

L899 As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me (01) It's an incredible epic about a German WW2 soldier who escapes a Siberian labor camp and begins a travel of 14,000 kilometers through treacherous perils to reach his family.  Epic.  Subs

T927 As Tears Go By (88) A low-level triad "big brother" has a hot-tempered "little brother" who can't keep out of trouble, and consequently is in constant need of being bailed out by his protector…. Kar Wong - LBX - F.L.  Crime Drama

3906 Asphalt Warriors, The   (84) action, gangs, drugs

T71 Assassination (67) Hallucinatory crime - spy thriller with the great Henry Silva in a great role - LBX

T249 Assassinio Sul Tevere (79) Tomas Milian - More Crime Action - LBX - F.L.

T758 Assault on Agathon (75) CIA team in Greece tries to capture a major drug dealer - With Marianne Faithful - Filmed in Kosovo and picturesque Mediterranean locales - BA

7345 Assault on the State Treasury  (67)  action espionage  F.L.

8759 Assault, The  (86)  Powerful and disturbing drama about a Dutch boy who witnesses the arbitrary murder of his family by Nazis. The memory tortures him and leaves him empty as he matures. Years later he meets other victims and also the perpetrators of the incident, each of them changed forever by it. Thought-provoking consideration of WWII and the horrors of living in Nazi Germany from many points of view.  Derek DeLint

4174 Assignment Skybolt  (68)  spies  BA

6311 Attack Force Z  (84)  A group of Australian commandos launch a secret mission against Japanese forces in World War II.   John Phillip Law, Mel Gibson, Sam Neill  BA

5290 Attack From Outer Space  (80's)  authenticated accounts of UFOs (sure, sure...)    BA

L909 Au Hasard Balthazar (66) The pathetic life of a donkey, from child's toy to drug runner is profiled which and symbolizes man's inhumanity to man - Subs - BA

2877 Avalanche  (78)  The vacationers at a winter wonderland struggle to survive after an avalanche of snow crashes into their ski resort. Their holiday then turns into a game of survival….  Rock Hudson, Mia Farrow, Robert Forster  BA

2458-6342 Avenged  (77) aka: Deadbeat   Revenge for a assault and murder   BA

4966 B.A.D. Cats  (79)   uncut MFTV flick with Vic Morrow, Jimmie Walker, Michelle Pfeiffer!  (No - we can't tell you how this got in here!)  BA

M26 Baby Brown (90) Female cop joins undercover drug bust team. Hot girls, sadistic freaked out drug dealers, lots of gun-play

6131 Bad Blood  (87)  true story of Stan Graham, who went on a killing spree when his farm was foreclosed.  Man on the edge- Go Stan!  BA

7554 Bad Georgia Road (77) New York City woman inherits a moonshine farm in the South…. Carol Lynley- Moonshiner action/comedy! BA

T757 Bad Guys (86) Two hotshot LAPD cops get in hot water after breaking up a fight at a local bar. They get suspended from the force and have to find a way to pay the rent….. Adam Baldwin - Star Spangled Super - Wrestlers Fighting for the American Way - BA

X2 Bail Out (89) aka: W.B. Blue and the Bean   Really awful and unintentionally funny Linda Blair and David Hasselhoff crime - BA

8625 Bamboo Gods and Iron Men  (74)  Cool action flick loaded with chases, sleaze, shootings, Karate, gangsters, and more!  “From Harlem to Hong Kong they fear the name, the fame and the fury of Black Cal Jefferson, the Champ!”  BA

5327 Bang Bang You're Dead (66) One of six travelers who catch the bus from Casablanca airport to Marrakesh is carrying $2 million to pay a local operator to fix United Nations votes. But which one?  Klaus Kinski, Terry Thomas, Herbert Lom, Tony Randall and Santa Berger  comedy/action  BA

Q71 Banilieu 13 (04) Action sci-fi thriller from Pierre (The Transporter) Morel. Set in the Paris ghettos of 2010, an under-cover cop and an ex-thug try to infiltrate a violent gang in order to diffuse a neutron bomb. - Subs

L981 Barbarity (02) Violent action - F.L.

7217 Barcelona Kill, The  (77)  Linda Hayden stars in this crime tale of prostitution, drug smuggling, and murder. 

T810 Bare Knuckles (77) Gloria Hendry, Robert Viahro - A Rich, Kung - Fu, Masked Serial Killer is on the loose. Bounty Hunter is on the move to catch up with him. With John Daniels

N34 Baron, The (77) Calvin Lockhart, Marlene Clark and, as a racist, misogynistic, homophobic mafia guy, the great Richard Lynch !

T759 Basileus Quartet (85) Amadeus by day... Casanova by Night - BA

T679 Battered (79) Three couples in abusive relationships are profiled. Will the men beat all their wives to death?  Will the wives cut their husband's throats when they fall asleep?  Or will you fall asleep as the film spirals into a sappy sob fest?  On a good note- ever want to see the mom from "Little House on the Prairie" get the crap beat out of her?  Well- that elevates this... somewhat.  BA

8140 Battle of Neretva  (71)   In January 1943 German army, afraid of Allied invasion of Balkans, launched great offensive against Yugoslav Partisans in Western Bosnia. The only way out for Partisan forces and thousands of refugees was the bridge on the river Neretva…. Yul Brynner, Franco Nero, Orson Welles  BA

8511 Battle of the Commandos  (69)  Umberto Lenzi WW action with Jack Palance

T808 Battle of the Japan Sea, The (68) aka: Battle of the Sea of Japan - Japanese versus Russians epic war with Toshiro Mifune - Includes trailer - Subs

2892 Battle of the Last Panzer, The  (69)  Guy Madison   BA 

6488 Beach Red  (67)  American troops storm ashore on a Japanese-held island and push inland while their enemies plan a counterattack in this look at warfare….  UNCUT!  Cornel Wilde's moody war flick  LBX   BA  

5292 Beachcomber,  The  (38)  aka: Vessel of Wrath    Charles Laughton, Elsa Lanchester

T796 Bear Island (80) Donald Sutherland, Richard Widmark, Christopher Lee, Vanessa Redgrave, Barbara Parkins and Lloyd Bridges - Barren Arctic island is visited by a group of with mysterious agendas. Below Freezing and Beyond Fear...Will Anyone Survive ?  BA

L292 Beartooth (78) aka: Adventures of Beartooth    -Friendship, betrayal and a cool bear - BA

8125 Beat the Devil  (53)  Each person on a slow boat to Africa has a scheme to beat the other passengers to the uranium-rich land that they all hope to claim. An unusual black comedy which didn't fare well when released, but over the years has come to be the epitome of spy-spoofs.   Humphrey Bogart, Peter Lorre

5005 Beatniks, The  (60) Eddie Crane is on his way to becoming a top recording star...if he can only break away from his lawless beatnik friends who are his only companions….  Tony Travis, Joyce Terry, Peter Breck, Karen Kadler, Charles Delaney

L864 Beckett Affair, The (66) More spy caper madness  Lang Jeffries   - BA

8832 Behind the Rising Sun  (43)  Japanese publisher's political views clash with those of his American educated son in 1930's Japan.  Brutal for it's time.  J. Carol Naish.

4973 Being Different  (85)  Well meaning but voyeuristic look at real life human freaks of nature… Narrated by Christopher Plummer  BA

7326 Beissmigh Liebling! (70's)  German language .  spy / action

Q123 Belle Al Bar (94) A man with a marriage crisis meets his cousin Giulio who has grown to be a very sexy girl. F.L.

T751 Belzer Behind Bars (83) Obscure. Richard Belzer and Paul Rodriguez do stand - up for a crowd of Arizona State Maximun Security Prisoners - Hilarious - BA

2876 Bermuda Triangle  (70's)  Docu on Charles Berlitz's book  BA  (also available " The Devil's Triangle " narrated by Vincent Price)

4690-2876 Bermuda Triangle, The  (80) The passengers and crew of a boat on a summer cruise in the Caribbean stray near the famed Bermuda Triangle, and mysterious things start happening… John Huston

Q940 Best of the Dean Martin Show, The (65-74) I must admit, I was skeptical at first to even give this a look. I'm glad I did ! Incredibly Politically Incorrect, Ample Sexist Chauvinistic Moments, and laugh out loud skits. Bob Newhart, Goldie Hawn, Dom Deluise, Jimmy Stewart, Johnny Carsen, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Lena Horne, too many incredible moments to list. In one skit, when one of the female singers flubs her lines, Dean says "Hey, it's okay! Everybody makes mistakes! Remember Hitler?"  Everyone laughs their heads off.  If that were a gag today, many people would be uptight and pissed.  David Janssen, John Wayne, Jonathan Winters, Lucille Ball, Ella Fitzgerald, Bill Cosby, Rowan and Martin....more...a little over 2 hours in great quality.

T614 Betsy Ross (17) Biography/Drama/Romance     Alice Brady

8289 Between Heaven and Hell  (56)  The spoiled rich son of a wealthy Southerner is changed by his experiences in the Pacific during World War II.  Terry Moore, Robert Wagner  Drama/War  BA

B9 Beverly Hills Brat (89) A rich young boy arranges to be kidnapped so he'll get more attention from his parents….  Peter Billingsley (Ralphie from The Christmas Story) stars with Burt Young, Terry Moore and Martin Sheen - BA

6261 Beyond Fear  (93)  A martial arts expert turned wilderness guide has to defend her tour group against two killers out to retrieve an incriminating videotape…. Tipper Taylor

T755 Beyond Fear (75) A group of outlaws takes a man's wife and child hostage. He must walk a fine line between working with the police to rescue his family and not angering the kidnappers to the point where they might hurt or kill them…. Marilu Tolo    BA

L753 Beyond Hypothermia (96) HitWoman with a chilly body temperature is paid to assassinate top - level crime bosses

8510 Beyond Reason  (77)  A seemingly successful psychiatrist begins to lose his grip on reality, and embarks on an affair with a patient.   starring and directed by Telly Savalas

4178 Beyond the Kilmanjaro  (90)  BA

T754 Beyond the Walls (84) Arabs and Jews fight like idiots in an Israel prison in this brutal, cold and violent picture - BA

L749 Big Boss 2 (76) More old school Kung - Fu with a funky sound - track - BA

8692 Big Circle Blues  (92)  action-  subs- 

K119 Big Fight, The (72)  Good martial arts action with a plot behind it…

Q882 Big Guns (73) aka: No Way Out   Tony Arzenta- Alain Delon, Anton Diffring- Bloody shootouts highlight this mob action thriller

3342 Big Push, The  (75) Claude Akins plays a tough, hard-drinking Alaska logging foreman, who likes fighting only slightly less than working…. Joseph Cotten   Adventure

Q569 Big Show-Down, The (74) aka: Kung-Fu Massacre - He swore an oath in blood for revenge !!!

L758 Billion Dollar Brain (67) A former British spy stumbles into in a plot to overthrow Communism with the help of a supercomputer. But who is working for whom?  British spy thriller (lots of Finland location filming) with Michael Caine and Karl Malden

T720 Bionic Ninja (86) Top agents of the KGB and CIA battle to posses a startling new scientific discovery. In the right hands….   BA

4334 Birds of Prey  (85)  They hunt and stalk their victims. They are the deadly humans….  BA

6124 Bit of Fry and Laurie, A  (87)  over 40 sketches from the BBC comedy television series.  A must for lovers of British humor

4432 Bitter Harvest  (81) A dairy farmer's family is affected when his cows are poisoned by PBBs  Ron Howard, Art Carney, Barry Corbin 

L769 Black Angel Vol #1 (97) Ikko, the six year old daughter of a yakuza gang boss witnesses the brutal slaying of her parents and is only saved from sharing their fate by an underground hitwoman who goes by the nom-de-guerre of "Black Angel"    LBX - Subs

L770 Black Angel Vol #2 (97) Saga continues... LBX - Subs

T760 Black Box Affair, The (66) Craig Hill  Euro-Spy Action - BA

K207-9527 Black Brigade (69) Richard Pryor, Billie Dee Williams, Roosevelt Grier, Moses Gunn - All black out-fit on a suicide mission in WW2 wreaks havoc and earns them respect….

K98-L252 Black Fist (75) To make money, a Los Angeles street-fighter goes to work for gangsters…..

Richard Lawson will kick your ass in this blaxploitin' chop sockey. Dabney Coleman plays a corrupt cop  BA

L885 Black Gauntlet (75) aka: Black Starlet - Girl leaves Gary, Indiana, to become a star in Hollywood….

Juanita Moore stars in this blaxploiter  

L254 Black Gestapo, The (75) General Ahmed has started an inner-city People's Army to try and relieve the misery of the citizens of Watts. When the locals are put under increasing pressure by Mafia thugs….  BA

K100-T699 Black Godfather, The (75) The grueling story of a hood clawing his way to the top of a drug-selling mob. Features an all-black cast.   BA

Q16 Black Gold (79) A diplomatic meeting between Western and Arab diplomats goes wrong, and a black gold dossier is firmly pushed across a desk. Against a background of hostages taken in an embassy, a covert operations agent, Benson, is given a mission in Paris…..  Richard Harrison, Florence Cayrol - hilarious action film with Nudity and inept action sequences that must be seen to be believed!   BA

T460-9773 Black Hand: Birth of the Mafia, The (73) aka: La Mano nera - prima della mafia, più della mafia  Violent Italian made Mafia crime thriller dubbed into English, LBX and uncut - Great stuff!

Q765 Black Hooker (74) Sandra Alexander - Blaxploitation

8684 Black is Black  (90's)  rare actioneer  F.L.  good action scenes

7447 Black Like Me  (64)  writer darkens skin to experience racism in the south.  James Whitmore.

9463 Black Mask vs. Gambling Mastermind (90's)  Subs - BA

8143 Black Oak Conspiracy (67)  “They Beat Him, Shot Him, Framed Him For Murder-But They Couldn't Stop Him From Busting The BLACK OAK CONSPIRACY”  man battles corruption and evil in a small town.  Great!

3595 Black Rage  aka: Catch the Black Sunshine  aka: Charcoal Black  (72)  slaves battle white folk in the quest for treasure…. 

6239 Black Rain  (89)  subs-  creepy movie deals with the aftermath of Hiroshima

L856-L722 Black Tunnel (86)  Italian spy/war action with Gianni Garko - BA

4397 Blackout, The (97) A debauched Hollywood movie actor tries to piece together one wild night in Miami years earlier which remains a drug-induced blur, and soon finds out that some questions about his past are best left unanswered….  Abel Ferrara directed nightmare with Matthew Modine , Claudia Schiffer and Dennis Hopper

4349 Blade  (72)  A homicide detective goes after a woman-hating serial killer, who uses knives to murder his victims…...  violent cop action   John Marley  BA

T702 Blastfighter (84) Lamberto Bava directed action hybrid that matches elements of "Deliverance" and "Black Oak Conspiracy" - Lots of corruption, twisted hillbillies, poaching and violence - With Michael (After the Fall of New York) Sopkiw, George Eastman, and Michael Soavi!   - BA

Q862 Blazing Bullets (78) Crime action with Marc Porel and George Hilton

4128 Blazing Ninja   (82)

T752 Blazing Ninja, The (73) BA

4631 Bless the Beasts and Children  (71)  A group of social misfits band together and run away from summer camp. Along the way, they take up a crusade to save penned in buffaloes from a rifle club's slaughter…. Billy (Will Robinson) Mumy  BA

T707 Blind Justice (86) Innocent man is identified as a rapist. More crimes are blamed on him by incompetent police. He is framed and ruined. What happens when an innocent man falls into the justice system ? Guilt is pressed, even if the prosecutor's and police know a person is innocent- they will never rescind the original charge and admit they were wrong. It is a conscience free occupation in many cases.  Cops and Prosecutor's are never wrong.  And they will lie and cover each other to their graves (as they smile across from you in the local church pew).  Based on a true story - BA

4848 BlockHouse, The  (73)  dismal gloomy tale about men trapped in an underground bunker- Peter Sellers  BA

8425 Blonde, The  (92)  A young shy man (Sergio Rubini) runs down a blond girl (Nastassia Kinski) with his car. Next day he finds her waiting for him at his department door...  Subs   LBX

8825 Blood and Bullets  (76)  aka: Mister Scarface  aka: The Big Boss    Tony, a mob loan collector, is dissatisfied with his station in life. Though he dreams of one day being rich, he is stuck with the dead-end job of beating up borrowers who fall behind in their payments….. Jack Pallance, George Eastman crime/action.  BA

N33 Blood Debts (83) aka: Hunter's Crossing - Richard Harrison stars as a revenge seeking madman after his daughter is shot to death in front of his eyes. Extreme Prejudice sets into his enraged mind ! Simply hysterical, unintentionally funny dubbing interspersed with brutality. Philippines lensed.

N32 Blood Relatives (78) Donald Sutherland, Donald Pleasence and David Hemmings - Mystery horror thriller directed by Claude Chabrol

8697 Blood Secret  (90's)  action thriller

8682 Blood Vow  (90's)  F.L.  after the brutal killing of his uncle, a man goes to Balai, Malaysia to investigate and to reunite with the beautiful widow.  A madman is trying to kill him. 

L137 Bloody Avenger (76) Dan Caputo (George Eastman) arrives in New York to avenge the death of his father, a cop involved with the mafia. Dan clears up the murder (while killing some 30 people) with help of local mob boss Duke (Jack Palance) ….   Italian made crime /action directed by Alfonso Brescia

5005 Bloody Brood, The  (59)    Two beatniks get their kicks by dealing drugs and violence…  Peter Falk is a sadistic Beatnik in this one.  BA

8694 Bloody Cops  (90's)  action 

L942 Bloody Hands of the Law (73) Crime action with plenty of shootings , beatings, car - chases, and one scene involving a blow -torch to a rapists crotch! Hah! With Klaus Kinski

Q864 Bloody Payroll (76) Hit man seeks revenge on his backstabbing partners in crime

T726 Blue Jeans and Dynamite (76) aka: Doublecross  Robert Vaughn stars in this action packed "museum heist" thriller directed by Gordon Hessler - BA

T712 Blue Lightning, The (86) Sam Elliot, Rebecca Gilling and Robert Culp get tangled up in life and death struggle in the Australian Outback for the possession of a priceless Opal....  BA

Q900 Blue Swallow (05) First lady Korean Aircraft pilot was born a poor Korean girl in the era of Korea merged by the Japanese Empire. She went on to become lady pilot to Japan. This chronicles her life , adventure and death by flight accident - LBX with Subs

T288 Blueprint for a Massacre (67)  aka: Tecnica per un massacre    Spy/Adventure

7316 Blutige Magie  (70's)  action      German language  LBX

3536-9775 Boarding School  (83)  aka: Virgin Campus  This film tells the story about a group of girls at an exclusive German girls boarding school. Across the lake is an exclusive boys boarding school….  Nastassia Kinski   comedy

L159 Body Art (00) Into male genital piercing ? Is anybody ? Apparently so. I lasted about a minute and a half into this. It's not a movie but a gross out exercise into self mutilation and it's real....

2740 Body Fever  (69)   Down and out private detective is hired to catch a woman who dresses like Catwoman while committing robberies….  Ray Dennis Steckler, Carolyn Brandt, Gary Kent

Q874 Body in Central Park (67) aka: Murderers Club of Brooklyn  George Nader is Secret Agent Jerry Cotton, this time trying to infiltrate a gang of criminals blackmailing rich business men….

Q785 Body Rock (84) Lorenzo Lamas stinker where he sings and dances. The music and the film is sooo baaad you gotta' see it to believe it. May appeal as nostalgia to mainstreamers of the era. BA

Q680 Bodyguard Kiba (93) An ex-prisoner hires bodyguard Kiba to protect him from the Yakuza - LBX - Subs

5243 Bodyguard, The  (76)  The Yakuza, Japan's mafia, and New York's big crime families face off in this martial arts extravaganza….  Sonny Chiba  BA

6288 Bogie: The Last Hero  (80)  Biographical Drama focuses on the life of actor Humphrey Bogart, particularly the part of his life when his marriage to actress Mayo Methot was breaking up and his relationship with future wife Lauren Bacall was just beginning…..  Arthur Franz  BA

9233 Boomerang (75) aka: Like a Boomerang   Under the influence of drugs, a teenager, Eddy, kills a policeman. His father, Jacques, pleads extenuating circumstances and nearly succeeds in gaining the confidence of the policeman's widow. But the press reveals that Jacques is an ex-gangster who has spent time in prison…. French crime/drama with Alain Delon

T731 Born Again (78) Popular film that flocked Christians to theatres in the late 70's. Charles Colson's inspirational "Jesus Propaganda" story that will make you gag. This guy committed crimes against our country in the name of National Security and found "Jesus" when serving his prison term. Was "Jesus" in the shower, Charles?  Also with Dana Andrews and Anne Francis who slum through this crap. - BA  

8567 Born Killer (91)  Ty Hardin   Absurdly violent action dominates this thriller.  BA 

8932-DV09 Born to be King (00) Triad member Chicken is designated by Taiwan's San Luen Gang to marry Nanako, the daughter of the fifth generation leader of the Yamada Gang in Japan…  Sonny Chiba   Subs

8931 Born to Defence (86) aka: Nameless Soldiers    A young soldier (Jet Li) at the end of the second world war must overcome some abusive Americans who are bullying him as well as the Chinese people….  Subs

T832 Born to Fight ( 04) Action packed with great fighting scenes and stunts. No "Hollywood Pretty Boy Sissies" that need CGI to give the illusion they are Bad - Asses here. Recommended

9392 Borsalino and Co  (74) Alain Delon in one of the best and most violent French gangster films ever

T102-9363 Boss, The (73) Our hero (or rather anti-hero), is a hit-man for the mafia, who proves his worth by rubbing-out half of a rival gang, whilst they were enjoying a private screening of some Scandinavian porn, launching grenades from the projection room- into the auditorium…. Henry Silva Crime Classic with all the sleaze and gore.   BA

8707 Bounce Ko Gals  (97)  Japanese award winning film  BA

7211 Bradock 3 Unzen Blei Zum 5 - UHR-TEE  (70's)  Action.   in German   LBX

6246 Branca Leone  (66)  aka: For Love and Gold   A group of rogues steal a scroll granting its bearer the property of the land of Aurocastro in Apulia (south of Italy).  They decide to get possession of this supposedly wealthy land. Many adventures will occur during the journey….. Italian film with nude footage of Barbara Steele  F.L.

Q84 Brat (97) Sergei Bodrov Jr. reached fame as his portrayal of Danila, a Russian folk-hero type who wins all violent battles. Ultra-violence - LBX - Subs

Q73 Brat 2 (00) Violent Russian action adventure continues the saga of Russian folk hero, Danila. (Segei Bodrov Jr.)  This time he travels to America meeting up with sexy girls and involving himself in numerous violent battles with a myriad of cliché types. Action packed. The lead Bodrov Jr. who became a superstar after Brat (97) was scouting locations with film crew in 2002 when a glacier slide killed them all. LBX - Subs

4859-9913 Brave, The  (97)  A man agrees to be tortured and killed for a $50,000 settlement to his family.  Starring and directed by Johnny Depp !  Also with Marlon Brando.  Music by Iggy Pop. (Some glitches) LBX

K96-4019 Brave Lion, The (77) Early John Woo directed   Anti-Japanese Chinese war/prison film 

8687 Braveful Police  (90) aka: Pretty Woman at War    violent action  subs  BA 

Q768 Breakout from Oppression (78) After prison a young woman has many obstacles to face….

L212 Bridge to Hell (87) Umberto Lenzi lensed WW2 action. A Nazi deserter, an Italian and an American try to make their way through Nazi occupied territory while searching for treasure.

Q891 Brotherhood of Death (76) Black Viet Nam Vets battle the Ku Klux Klan - Classic Blax-Ploiter with crazy dialogues and 'cracker'-jack action!

K88 Bruce Lee: The Invincible (77) Bruce Li

7207 Bruce Lee and the Fists of the Unicorn (70's)  Rare karate action with actual walk-on scenes by Bruce Lee!  Filmed by a friend of Bruce Lee's in the early 70's.  Lee was reportedly pissed when the film came out with his name splashed all over it as his limited participation had been a favor. 

7359 Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave  (76)

9456 Bruce Lee lost Game of Death footage + Warrior's Journey - Our continuing collection of all things Bruce

7394 Bruce Lee: Immortal Dragon  (02)  A video tribute to a martial arts legend, Bruce Lee. Examined are his early years in Hong Kong and his journey to Hollywood, his role of Kato on the TV series 'The Green Hornet', and his years as the martial arts instructor to the stars….  Docu

8754 Bruce Lee: The Legend  (93)  another fantastic, very interesting docu - features his life from childhood to funeral.  This is one of the best Lee docu's ever!!  BA

8725 Bruce Lee: The Man and the Legend  (73)  Incredible docu on Lee !  Ultra-letterboxed import!  BA  GREAT!

L750 Bruce's Deadly Fingers (80) aka: Bruce's Fingers - Old School - BA

L637 Brute Corps (72) Alex Rocco, Jennifer Billingsley, Michael Partake. Mercenaries take over a small Mexican town and assault and torture it's people. Alex Rocco is a crazed soldier.

9782 Bubba Until It Hurts (80's)

1027 Bulldog Drummond's Revenge /  Bulldog Drummond's Peril   (37)  Double feature

4920 Bullet for Hire  (91)  Letterboxed subs Hong Kong actioneer  BA

T813-L406 Bullet Train (75) Criminals plant a bomb on a high speed train. It will explode unless a ransom is paid. Many elements of this were used in the American film "Speed" . 1500 Passengers on a Nightmare Journey - Nail Biting Epic - LBX - Subs

Q865 Burglars, The (71) Omar Sharif plays a dirty cop chasing down thieves who have stolen a cache of diamonds. Also with Dyan Cannon- Score by Ennio Morricone- LBX

R5 Burroughs (85) Interesting documentary on the life of William S. Burroughs in the fashion of Crumb. We get to know the history of this great writer through exclusive interviews and readings by Burroughs himself (he even acts out a brilliant bloody scene from his writings). Ginsberg and fellow junkies appear to share time and stories with Burroughs. Great Stuff.

4405 Bushido Blade, The  (80) Richard Boone, Laura Gemser action packed samurai thriller set in medieval Japan

3672 Buster and Billie  (74)  Tragedy ensues when a popular high school student falls in love with the class tramp in rural Georgia in 1948   Love story with a violent twist - stars Jan Michael Vincent, Pamela Sue Martin,  and a young Robert England!  BA

8624 Cage Fight Tournament  (95)   Cage fight in Belgium .  Bo holds barred.  See a guys beat the livin crap outta each other !  BA

9152 California Kid , The (74) A sadistic small-town sheriff has a habit of deliberately forcing speeders to their deaths on the mountain roads leading into town….  Vic Morrow, Martin Sheen- Dirty cop, Nick Nolte and Michelle Phillips 

P160 Callan (74) David Callan, top agent/assassin for the S.I.S., was forced to retired because he had lost his nerve. Now, Callan is called back into service to handle the assassination of Schneider, a German businessman…. Edward (The Equalizer) Woodward, Eric Porter - Don Sharp directed  BA

3476 Camps of Death  (83) aka: War Atrocities: The Horrors of War   Nazi Offensiveness Docu  BA

T701 Can You Hear the Laughter? The Story of Freddie Prinze (79) Story of the depressed drug addled comic that blew his brains out in 1977 - BA

4145 Candy Man, The  (69)  A drug dealer kidnaps a movie star's kid for ransom….  George Sanders is delightfully evil in this 60's thriller!  BA

T101 Candy Tangerine Man (75) One of the best Blaxploitation flicks ever ! Father by day, Pimp by night ! This version has the "Bloody Booby" cutting scene and the hand in the garbage disposal scene (both sequences edited from some other prints). Man, it's an absolute must!  BA

8434 Cannabis:  Engel Der Gerwalt   aka: The Mafia Wants Your Blood  (69)  German language crime action.

7218 Cannonball (76)  Assorted ruthless people leave patches of rubber across the country competing for grand prize in less than legal auto race….  David Carradine. Car race classic   BA

K5 Captain John Smith and Pocahontas (53) Captain John Smith (Anthony Dexter), returned from the Jamestown colony, is telling his story before the Court of King James I (Anthony Eustral)  Rare

4157 Captive  (74)  A disturbed Vietnam veteran... A lonely young woman... Prisoners of their own fear….  BA

7205 Captive Rage  (88)  College girls are the pawns in revenge when a South American cocaine baron retaliates against the American Intelligence Agency.  The gals get machine guns and go ballistic.  Oliver Reed, Robert Vaughn   BA

4325 Carcerato  (81)  Italian language  crime /drama/ musical  BA

8626 Carry On Behind  (75)  Professor's Vrooshka and Crump decide to visit an archaeological site to study the artifacts there. Low and behold, it's right next to a caravan site where all manner of people are staying.  Elke Sommer   slapstick comedy   BA

5315 Carry on Nurse  (58)  Men's ward in a British hospital declares war on nurses and the rest of the hospital…  British slapstick  Shirley Eaton   BA

K195 Casablanca Express (88) In, 1942 a commando (Jason Connery) is assigned to protect Winston Churchill when it is learned that the Nazis are plotting to kidnap him….  Fun war garbage with Jason Connery, Donald Pleasence, Jean Sorel and Glen Ford

L709 Cascadeur : The Amber Chamber (98) Action - Adventure in a search for a priceless cultural treasure

T739 Cat Murkil and the Silks (76) A street-gang member kills the gang's leader and blames it on a rival gang.   Violent Fun J.D. film from the 70's with gang violence and more - BA

L725 Catch Me a Spy (71) Married couple Fabienne (Marlene Jobert) and John (Patrick Mower) are honeymooning in Bucharest when the latter is arrested by the secret police….  Kirk Douglas spy spoof

8636 Catch the Black Sunshine   aka: Black Rage  (72)  Chris Robinson, Ted Cassidy.  Two slaves are hunted by bounty hunters as they forge their way through alligator infested waters following a treasure map.  BA

K214 Catholics (73) aka: The Conflict - If you must watch this dull, Catholic based, period piece drama, with weenie Martin Sheen at least sandwich it in between some decent XXX nunsploitation classics to give ya' a little perspective. Nuns and Weiners !

L78B Celos (99) aka: Jealousy - F.L. - No end credits but movie is complete

2941 Certain Sacrifice, A   (85)  Madonna.  19 year old Madonna kills her rapist ritualistic style.

T173 Chain Gang (83) Earl Owensby action

4976 Chain Gang Killings  (80) Murder...assault...Massacre. Amidst the horror of a bush war two convicts run for freedom…..  BA

T706 Chains (89) Gangland terror in South Chicago greets 2 suburban couples who take a detour through the heart of a gang war - zone - BA

8706 Challenge  (90's)  slightly letterboxed with subs from disc - sleazy actioneer  RARE release  BA

T735 Challenge (74) aka: Manhunter - Earl Owensby is Frank Challenge, hired to hunt down criminal mastermind who is manipulating politics. - BA

6382 Challenge of the Lady Ninja  (83)  killer kung fu women out for vengeance  BA

9758 Challenge of the Masters (76)  Teenager Wong Fei-hung is sent to train in the art of hung gar kung fu from his father's teacher, Luk Ah-choy. With training complete, Wong must fight an assassin and regain the honor of his school….  BA  Shaw Brothers

Q945 Challenge of the Tiger (80) Tons of female nudity highlights this kick-ass kung fu flick with Richard Harrison seducing all the ladies with corny dialogues in between the breaks in the action- LBX

9153 Chariots of the Gods (70) Documentary based on the book by Erich Von Daniken concerning the ancient mysteries of the world, such as the pyramids of Egypt and Mexico…. 

5362 Charlie Bravo  (80) lost French platoon in the Vietnamese jungle….  BA

DV17 Charlie Chaplin ()  32 shorts at 5 hours for $40 VHS/ $45 DVD   BA

K90 Chase Step by Step (82) aka: The Queen Boxer - Two circus performers are tasked with escorting relief in the form of gold bullion to a region hit by drought. On the way they are beset by countless bandits… Must see Kung Fu

8938 Chasing the Killer in Vietnam (99) F.L.

7552 Cheaters, The (75) A professional gambler goes to work for a crime syndicate, and becomes a favorite of the organization's boss because he makes them so much money. However, he falls in love with the reluctant mistress of the boss' son, who finds out about it and tries to turn his father against the gambler in order to have him killed…..  Sergio Martino directs this action

8300 Cheech and Chong - Get out of my Room (85)

1887 Chinese Connection, The  (73) A young man seeks vengeance for the death of his teacher…. Bruce Lee  BA

140 Choice of Weapons, A   (76)  A group of British aristocrats, who call themselves "Knights of Avalon", isn't content with the system of justice and executes judgment themselves….   Peter Cushing, Barbara Hershey, Donald Pleasence   comedy/action/thriller  BA

8610 Choppers, The  (59)  Arch Hall Jr..  Teen thieves and their " car cop shop ".

9492 Christiane F. (81) “At 12 it was Angel Dust. At 13 it was heroin. Then she took to the streets….”  In German uncut - BA - Also available in English– specify

L483 Churchill's Leopards (70) Richard Harrison and Klaus Kinski war yarn - B.A.

8804 Cinema of Vengeance  (94)  Incredible docu on " Kung Fu " flicks with loads of interviews and lots of clips.  Essential viewing.

K94-Q14 City Ninja (80's) Michael Chan  BA

8782 City of Darkness  (99)  Action thriller.  Subs.  LBX

4627 City of Violence  (70)  Italian language –  Charles Bronson and his then woman Jill Ireland made this Italio action thriller when their respective careers were on the upswing and traveling abroad they could make a fortune.  There is a cool car chase on roads “ un-American “ to say the least  that pays the rental alone.

8806 City on Fire  (79)  A pyromaniac, ex-employee of a city oil refinery creates an explosion at the facility which starts a chain-reaction of fires that engulf the entire city….  Canadian disaster flick w/ all star cast including Shelly Winters, Leslie Nielson, Henry Fonda and Ava Gardner  BA

9502 City, The (76) Don Johnson, Robert Forster. A psychotic (Mark Hamill) is determined to kill a country singer. Hey, who could blame him?  Obi Wan Kanobe is nowhere in sight

T69 Climber, The (75) Joe Dallesandro plays a seedy hustler who works his way up in the crime underworld. He stabs a homo pimp in one scene. Quite good.

4938 Clones of Bruce Lee  (77)  Bruce Lee has just died, but the BSI is swinging into action to salvage the situation. Aided by the brilliant Professor Lucas….  he's cloned!  LBX  BA

T734 Close to Home (86) Far from childhood purity, a young girl runaway hits the streets - BA

B2 Club Life (85) Punkers, New Wavers and Rock and Rollers converge unto the Night Life and let loose - BA

T680 Club Med (84) Jim Carrey (as a young comedy expressionist) and Alan Thicke star as two buddies who are set to take the slopes at a resort.  Rita Coolidge, Jean Claude Killy and Ronnie Hawkins also star in this zany vacation comedy.  - BA

X44 Cobra (71) aka: Le Saut Lange  aka:  Angel’s Leap - A town comes alive with violence as one man seeks revenge!  Gordon Mitchell, Streling Hayden and Senta Berger star in this violent actioneer

Q914 Cobra Mission 2 (89) Fun Italian made action flick with Brett Clark, in English of course !

L295 Cockfighter (74) Southern action drama film about cockfighting… Warren Oates, Harry Dean Stanton

Q57 Code 7, Victim 5 (64) aka: Table Bay  Lex Barker stars in this spy-crime-thriller BA

9530 Code Name Alpha (67) In a Hong Kong park, a man brushes against the arm of a girl sitting on a bench, and she slips to the ground, murdered. Immediately afterward, the man is killed also….  Stewart Granger, Rosanna Schiaffino and Horst Frank star in this spy action thriller 

9557 Code Name Wild Geese (84) A troop of commandos-for-hire are engaged by the Drug Enforcement Administration to obliterate an opium operation in Asia's infamous Golden Triangle…  Lee Van Cleef, Klaus Kinski, Ernest Borgnine, Mimsy Farmer. Directed by Antonio Margheriti  BA

2119 Cold Sweat (74)  A brutal drug trader takes his violent revenge after his wife is captured by a drug boss…  Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, James Mason   BA 

K196 Cold War Killers (86) While draining a small lake to make room for a new housing development, a crew finds the wreckage of an old missing Cold War-era British Air Force bomber, with the remains of the pilot at the controls…. Michael Culver, Terence Stamp 

T974 Come and See...( 85) A boy is unwillingly thrust into the atrocities of war in WWII Byelorussia, fighting for a hopelessly unequipped resistance movement against the ruthless German forces…  Subs BA

8713 Comeuppance  (2000) What does a cop, a comic book writer and a serial killer have in common? A lot, it seems…..  LBX Subs  - mob violence

8637 Commander Hamilton  (98)  Swedish agent Carl Hamilton (Peter Stormare) and Finnish Åke Stålhandske (Mats Långbacka) are ordered to stop Russian smugglers. The smuggled goods is a nuclear missile. It’s an SS20 1.5 megaton, "enough to turn Paris, Washington or New York to ashes". The American villain is Mike Hawkins (Mark Hamill)   

Q488 Commander, The (88) Lee Van Cleef, Donald Pleasence, Lewis Collins - Action packed follow-up to "Codename Wild Geese" and "Kommando Leopard" with plenty of action and a great cast directed by Antonio Margheriti with trailers and LBX

K199-9558 Commandos (68) Sgt. Sullivan puts together a group of Italian-Americans into disguise as Italian soldiers in order to infiltrate a North African camp held by the Italians…. Lee Van Cleef war action   BA

4551 Commies are Coming the Commies are Coming,  The  (57)  cult anti-communist classic narrated by Jack Webb captures the paranoia of its time and is unintentionally hilarious!!

T616 Conquest of Everest, The (53) Sir Edmund Hillary - Color Adventure

N45 Contraband (79) aka: The Treasure Seekers - Rod Taylor, Elke Sommer, Stuart Whitman, Keenan Wynn - Well made sunken treasure actioneer with dependable actors

T645 Cool Breeze (72) Thalmus is the leader for a group of criminals who gather in L.A. to rob a bank. Their goal is to found a new bank….  Obscure Blaxploiter with Thalmus Rascula, Pam Grier, Margaret Avery and Lincoln Kilpatrick BA

N49 Cop in Blue Jeans, The (76) A top undercover cop finds and arrests a series of purse snatchers until he discovers an American, Pallance, at the top of an evil ring of thieves…. Tomas Milian and Jack Palance star in this violent crime action directed by Bruno Corbucci  BA

3314 CopKillers  (77) Die Dirty Pigs!  Die!

8437 Coplan FX 18  (65)  crime/action  F.L.  Directed by Riccardo Freda

3473 Corrupt Ones, The  (67)  Spy accidentally gets an ancient treasure. Several corrupt groups try to steal it from him…  Elke Sommer, Robert Stack  BA

7389 Could You Kill My Husband Please? (2000)  crime action  subs.

Q244-Q761 Country Blue (74)  Good old boys standard hillbilly story tellin' with Dub Taylor as J.J.'Jumpy' Belk and Jack Conrad as Bobbie Lee Dixon - Poverty, Crime, Sex, Corruption and Retribution all stirred up to a fine brew of 'Southern Discomfort'. Break out the moonshine and take a look.

4632 Courier of Death, The  (84)  action/drama 

Q883 Covert Action (78) Arthur Kennedy, David Janssen, Maurizio Merli, Corinne Clery excellent crime action and LBX

8957 Crash Landing (2000) Subs LBX- Disaster movie

8697 Crazy Crooks  (80)  wacky Hong Kong comedy - letterboxed with subs  BA

4189 Crime of Defeat  (69)  At the end of WW II, German deserters are tried for desertion by fellow POWs inside a prisoner of war camp for Nazis…. Franco Nero -  war flick  BA

Q481 Criminal Affair (65) aka: Seven Men and a Brain - This sex comedy / crime caper flick has everything - fashion shoots, explosions, car chases, bad comedy bits, sex, awful Eurotrash fashions of the day, sexist jokes, you name it, it has it!!!  Ann Margaret

5027 Crippled Masters, The  (82)  Two men skilled in the arts of Kung-Fu are betrayed by their master and crippled for life, one left with no arms and the other with no legs….    BA

T746 Cross Bar (78) The story of an Olympic high jumper, played by Brent Carver, who loses his leg and yet doggedly persists in his pursuit of athletic glory….  Young Kim Cattral and John Ireland - BA

T806 Cross of Iron (77) A squad of German soldiers fighting on the Eastern Front during WWII led by a battle-hardened corporal fight to survive….  James Coburn, James Mason, David Warner, Senta Berger  Uncut from Import Disc and an Anamorphic Widescreen, not the Pan and Scan U.S. release + trailer !!  BA

4379 Cruisin’ High  (75) aka: Cat Murkil and the Silks    A street-gang member kills the gang's leader and blames it on a rival gang.  BA

8123-T698 Cry of the Innocent  (80)  A Green Beret-veteran businessman (Rod Taylor) investigates the plane crash in Ireland that killed his family.  BA

9544 Cry Panic (74) A man accidentally runs over and kills a pedestrian outside a small town. He begins to suspect that the locals, including the sheriff, are keeping secrets about the victim…. John Forsythe, Anne Francis, Ralph Meeker 

Q649 Crying Fist (06) Amazing Korean boxing flick with shades of "Rocky" and "Cinderella Man" - Subs

L246 Crystal Nights (92) aka: Krystallines Nichtes - French, Greek, Switzerland film - Tragedy, sex and more - F. L. - BA

Q670 Cuenca Crime, The (79) Injustice is the worst of evils. Watch as two men are unjustly served. F.L.

R10 Cul-De-Sac (66) Roman Polanski directed film starring Donald Pleasence. Wounded criminal and his dying partner take refuge in a young couples beachfront castle and the four become strangely acquainted.

T89 Cynic, the Rat and the Fist, The (77) A war between the young, cynical, astute Italian delinquent "Chinaman" (Tomas Milian) and the experienced, cold, pitiful, New-york boss Frank Di Maggio (John Saxon) has started. And is a war for the criminal domination of Rome….. Crime/action/thriller   Uncut and LBX

L817 D.O.A. - 80's docu on punk rock with Sex Pistols , Clash, Iggy Pop and more. Also a controversial interview with Sid Vicious and his girlfriend before they committed suicide!  Or was it after? - BA

5367 Da Corleone A Brooklyn  (79)  aka: The Sicilia Boss  aka: From Corleone to Brooklyn  Umberto Lenzi's violent action uncut mint  F.L.  BA

2637 Daddy O  (58) Phil (Dick Contino), a part-time truck driver and singer meets a feisty platinum blonde who challenges him to a drag race through Griffith Park….  blondes, hot rods, and espionage

T984 Dam on the Yellow River, The (60) aka: Last Train from Shanghai - Anita Ekberg, George Marchal - Action, Anti - Communist Propaganda film , in which the victory of Mao-Tse-Tung's People's Liberation Army is seen through the eyes of an American Journalist reporting from the Nationalists side. - BA

M32 Damon's Law (85) Earl Owensby action based on real Lawman named Damon Huskey who served as sheriff of Rutherford County N.C. for 24 years

Q942 Danger Route (68) Cynical spy thriller with Richard Johnson Barbara Bouchet and Carol Lynley directed by Seth Holt for Amicus studios. Obscure spy programmer with a darker shade than the typical genre outings of it's day.

T722 Dangerous Orphans (85) New Zealand film about orphans who grow up into pissed off young men and seek revenge on those responsible for their ruined childhood - BA

Q629 Dans Tout Coeur A Tokyo Pour OSS 11 (65) aka: From Tokyo with Love - LBX

5324 Daring Dobermans, The  (73)  Three men track down a pack of Dobermans and along with a young Native American boy, train the Dobermans to rob the campaign funds of a politician…  BA

3957 Dark Habits (83)  Drug addicted nuns in a convent in Madrid. The nun's motto?  "Sin is our chosen path." The Mother Superior is a lesbian heroin addict. Sister Sewer Rat writes sexy fiction, and Sister Manure's acid trips bring her closer to God.    LBX    subs

T432-8009 Dark of the Sun (68)  aka: The Mercenaries - A band of mercenaries led by Captain Curry travel through the Congo across deadly terrain, battling rival armies... Rod Taylor and Yvette Mimieux and Jim Brown - Violent and even disturbing tale, one of Taylor's best - Now LBX and still uncut  BA

Q249 Dark Purpose (64) George Sanders, Rossano Brazzi, and Shirley Jones star in this thriller that resembles "Jane Eyre" as Jones gets involved with romantic Brazzi while in the meantime his nutty wife is locked up in the attic.

L63 Dark Sunday (75) Earl Owensby plays a skid row reverend who helps young junkies to a better life. This is not to the liking of the local drug dealer who sends his goons after the good minister….

Earl Owensby is a preacher- man gone vigilante who battles drug dealers in this gritty fairly violent tale

3962 Dark Town Strutters   (75)  Syreena must investigate the disappearance of her mother, Cinderella. A series of wild complications follow….   BA

9154 Darker than Amber (70) Professional beach bum and 'knight errant' Travis McGee goes up against psychotic body-builder Terry Bartell. McGee pulls out all the stops when he joins a Caribbean cruise to bring the killer to justice.   Rod Taylor, Suzy Kendall and Jane Russell (as a burned out hooker in this- her last film)

7324 Das Todeslled Von Laramy  (70's)  action.  In German  LBX

T343-8618 Day of the Cobra (80) Franco Nero and Sybil Danning star in this fun drug action crime thriller  B.A.

Q759 Day of the Panther (88) Edward John Stazak - Martial-Arts pro wages war against those responsible for the death of his partner

3819 Day of the Survivalist   (86) Vietnam vet leaves the ugly congestion of Los Angeles and moves north to the "paradise" of rural Oregon. He is soon befriended by a group of hardcore paramilitary survivalists, who try to bring him into their circle of righteous Armageddon-ready warriors…. BA

T926 Days of Being Wild (91) Set in 1960, the film centers on the young, boyishly handsome Yuddy, who learns from the drunken ex-prostitute who raised him that she is not his real mother….  Kar Way - LBX - F.L.

3663 Dead End Street  (83)  whore tries to change her evil lays (er...ways)  BA

8423 Dead or Alive  (90's)  LBX  Subs -  Violent sleazy action

T805 Dead Right (66) aka: If He Hollers Let Him Go - Kevin McCarthy and Dana Wynter together again, this time in a racist/racial action drama - According to one source there is a brief scene which involves an exposed Dana Wynter nipple. We didn't have time to search for that nipple- sorry.

N47 Dead Wrong (83) Thriller /drama/ Action with Britt Eklund

6356 Deadly China Dolls  (95)  subs, letterboxed, BA  -  Explosive action packed bullet-fest-  Hard boiled action femme fatale style!

8022 Deadly Companion  (87)  aka: Double Negative  Anthony Perkins is a maniacal blackmailer  BA  Susan Clark and Michael Sarrazin

K91 Deadly Duo, The  (83) 

3357 Deadly Duo (71) patriots during the Sung Dynasty and their attempts to rescue a kidnapped prince from Ching troops who have invaded the north of China….  Another classic kicker with Ti Lung and David Chiang imaginative weaponry and tons of action

3816 Deadly Encounter    (72)   LARRY HAGMAN...takes on "the mob" in a race to find a hidden multi-million dollar fortune in...Deadly Encounter   

4187 Deadly Fury  (83)   tournament battle highlight this Kung Fu movie- Real martial arts with real experts! 

T189 Deadly Journey (74) Kidnappers make trouble for Neil (David Birney) and Lila (Charlotte Rampling) as they try to escort a Hungarian scientist to New York

T733 Deadly Prey (88) A group of sadistic mercenaries kidnap people off the streets and set them loose on the grounds of their secret camp, so the "students" at the camp can learn how to track down and kill their prey.

Cameron Mitchell, Troy Donahue and Ted Prior - BA

T165 Deadly Secret, A (80) Ting Dien (Jason Pai Piao) who is kept in prison by a sadistic magistrate and frequently tortured.  Why?  He knows the titular deadly secret, a secret location he was told of by a kung fu master that harbors untold riches…  Shaw Brothers  LBX and with Subs

5092 Dealers in Death Volume 1  (85)  Authentic newsreel footage of Al Capone John Dillinger  Bonnie and Clyde  etc.

P138 Death and Diamonds (68) Spy action with George Nader and Silvia Solar

Q13-8765 Death Beach (72) aka: The Bloody Fists - BA

Q7-8615 Death Brings Roses (79) Alfonso Landa, April Clough, Scott Brady, Henny (Take My Wife, Please!) Youngman -New Orleans collector for the mob, strippers, Nudity and more - "Making Love to you is like going to the toilet" one ho tells the male lead. Obscure

8135 Death Diploma  (87)  A shocking look at America's most notorious and savage murderers

T719 Death Driver (77) aka: Hell Racer - Earl Owensby stars in another "stunt action" thriller - BA

T743 Death Drug (78) Philip Michael Thomas of "Miami Vice" stars in this PCP addiction tale. "This is the Wack Baby, You'll Need a Parachute to get Down !" Hilarious stuff with REALLY BAD music to match. Includes his music video "Just the Way I Planned It" - Yea- I bet. - BA

6135 Death in Hollywood  (90)  dozens of celebrity deaths are covered including Vic Morrow, Nick Adams, Bob Crane, Dorothy Stratton and more!

K168 Death in Hollywood  (80's) Murder mystery play styled

T750 Death Journey (76) ASSIGNMENT: Bring in the informer...3000 miles in 48 hours...ALIVE! The MOB says "NO WAY!" Crowder says "TRY AND STOP ME!"   Blaxploiter with Fred Williamson.   BA

K107-3885 Death Machines (76) An evil Oriental Dragon Lady injects three martial arts fighters with a serum that turns them into zombie-like assassins, and she sends them out against her enemies.  BA

4418 Death of a Centerfold  (81)  Jamie Lee Curtis stars as the doomed Dorothy Stratten

T242 Death of a Corrupt Man (77) aka: The Twisted Detective - big conspiracy with a corrupt politician getting rid of all his opponents. Now it's lawyer Alain Delon's turn to fight the power. Of course he's becoming the target of some killers soon, a wild hunt begins where several people lose their lives until Delon finds the real villain.  Alain Delon and Klaus Kinski Action/Crime/Thriller - F.L.   BA

K110 Death of a Ninja (82) Sonny Chiba - Demonic Monks put an evil head onto a female Ninja which pisses off her Ninja boyfriend

P110 Death Pays in Dollars (67) aka: Death at Owell Rock   Obscure spy - Fair quality

2368 Death Promise (78)  aka: SlumFighter    An apartment dweller goes on a search-and-destroy mission to kill the ruthless landlords who murdered his father.

6246 Death Rage  (76)  aka: Shadow of the Killer   A hit man comes out of retirement to handle the toughest assignment he has ever faced: search for and kill the man who murdered his brother. He finds out he's the victim of a Mafia double-cross.  Yul Brynner  F.L.  BA

5321 Death Riders  (76)  stunts, death, and success highlight this crazed docu !  BA

K211 Death Sentence (74) A juror on a murder case begins to believe that the man on trial is innocent of the crime - and then discovers that the real killer is her own husband…. Cloris Leachman, Nick Nolte

4595 DeathQuake  (80)  A large earthquake hits Tokyo, which was predicted by a seismologist but was ignored…. Japanese disaster epic  BA

T30 DeathWish 2  (81)  UNCUT import print with MORE footage (includes explicit assault scene) and a Jimmy Page soundtrack!  BA

9257 Deception of a Generation (80's) Here we go again!  Beware!  Your child's toys may transform him/her into a possessed murderer! At least that's what these deviant Christian pin-heads want you to believe. It's a smart ploy really as they smell money being spent on things other than themselves. So they make shit up to convince everyone all is evil- just give the church your money instead and we will all sit together with Jesus in the end...  Here they have the actual toys and demonstrate just how evil they are + even show clips of He-Man and Scooby Doo  and then look all shocked as they react to how evil those toons are! These guys are so serious I thought maybe it was a joke at first. But- no- this middle ages mentality is out there and controlling sheep everywhere. Think for yourselves people!

4460 Deep in the Heart  (83)  Shortly after moving to Dallas, a young woman is assaultd at gunpoint. Her intense anger drives her to seek revenge, and she becomes a hunter on a vengeance mission…. (some glitches)

3857 Defiance   (79) Tommy (Jan Michael Vincent) takes up temporary housing in a New York neighborhood plagued by a violent gang called the Souls…. 

5250 Defiant, The   aka: The Wild Pack  aka: The Sandpit Generals  (70)  Inspired by the classic novel by Brazilian cultural icon Jorge Amado, this is the story of a gang of homeless children lead by Pedro Bala….  BA

L861 Delitto in Formula One (84) Tomas Milian stars in this race movie directed by Bruno Corbucci - BA - F.L.

K169 Den Enfaldige Mordaren (82) Stellan Skarsgard's character is considered an imbecile, he gets a job at an estate where he's treated like dirt by the owner. He finally snaps - Very well made - F.L.

6243 Der Airport Coup  (70's)  action/crime  F.L.

7324 Der Bandit Mit Den Schwarz-Blaven Augen  (80)  aka: The Blue-Eyed Bandit     Franco Nero is a middle-aged, brown-eyed cripple who works as an accountant for a bank. Little do his employers realize it's a disguise that he has perfected so that he can rob them blind and in the process flashing his natural blue eyes to throw them off the track. Unfortunately for him his plan isn't quite perfect….   F.L.  

6251 Der Boss Stirbt Nich Von 12  (68)  aka: Fuller Report, Base Stockholm    Dick Worth (Ken Clark) is an American racing driver in Stockholm to put on an exhibition that his boss Bennet (Jess Hahn) hopes will result in orders for cars. At least that's what Worth believes. Worth gets drawn into CIA business when he is mistaken for a spy and takes on the job of recovering the Fuller Report, CIA information about an assassination plot….   F.L.

8438-2 Der Gorilla  (75)  aka: Go Gorilla Go    Fabio Testi  F.L.  crime action

Q624 Der Jager (65) More Spy - In German on this one so F.L.

Q75 Derby (70) aka: Roller Derby - Interesting docu-drama of the 1970's Roller Derby phenomenon. A little slice of American culture with on-track action and 'clips behind the scenes' of the lives of Roller Derby pros.

L331 Desert of Fire (71) Evil bandit plunders caravans and after taking advantage of the wrong girl makes enemies with the organization he's been looting from - Edwige Fenech stars

3346 Desperate Lives  (82)  teens battle drugs in this RARE "Go Ask Alice" vein film.  Helen Hunt freaks out on PCP and jumps out a two story window !  Sadly..  she lives.

8451-2 Desperate Mission  (66)  spy thriller

8445 Destination Miami  aka: Objective Murder  (64)   F.L.

7528 Detour to Terror (82) O.J. Simpson drives a tour bus that is ambushed by dune buggy operated criminals in the desert. Some scenes of road race and chase look inspired from" Mad Max". Unintentionally hilarious

4479 Devil Gambler  (90’s)  RARE actioneer with subs

3914 Devil Worship: The Rise of Satanism () British docu that blames loads of Metal bands for Satanism

T823 Devil's Eight, The (69) Cool Dirty Dozen inspired, with eight convicts rounded up to battle moonshiners  Christopher George, Fabian, Tom Nardini, Leslie Parrish and Ross Hagen  BA

4149 Devil's Crude  (71)  Nick (Franco Nero) has been living as a merchant seaman, sailing everywhere with his pet pelican. While off the coast of South America, his boat is capsized by an oil tanker….  BA

7191-4892 Devil Dynamite  (87)  The fearless shadow warrior battles an army of vampires to stop a huge smuggling ring.  Angela Mao   BA

6098 Devil's Express, The  (76)  aka: Gang Wars  A martial arts master takes on an evil demon that haunts the New York City subways…. 

T233A Devil's Girls, The (67) aka: Rasthaus der Grausamen Puppen - Crime thriller with Essy Persson, Helga Anders and Erik Schuman. New girl arrives in a prison and soon breaks out with other inmates. They break into a  clothing store, hi -jack a truck, and hijack a truck- and hide out in a country - side Tavern / Barn. Attempted assault leads to murder and the law is closing in on these desperate dames - Good Girls With Guns Crime Thriller with a nice Grim Finale - In German Language so F.L.

8760 Devil's Triangle, The  (74)  A documentary exploring the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, an area of the ocean between Bermuda, Miami and Cuba into which many boats and planes have mysteriously disappeared over the years….  Narrated by Vincent Price w/ theme music by King Crimson.   BA

T218 Diamond Connection, The (82) Sergio Bergonzelli directs. The race to get the diamond cargo off a downed plane in the ocean. Barbara Bouchet, Gordon Mitchell and William Berger - BA

8758 Diamonds  (75)  Robert Shaw, Shelley Winters, Barbara Hershey and Richard Roundtree heist flick  BA

4462 Diary of a Teenage HitchHiker  (79)  Charlene Tilton wants to hitch and go to Reno.  Upset boyfriend Christopher Knight (Brady Bunch) is whipped and wants her to stay.  Dad whines Craig T Nelson picks up Charlene and tries to scare her.  Finally Charlene hitches her last ride.  Is she killed so we don’t have to watch her lame acting anymore?  Buy it and see!  Listed for the sheer nostalgia of 70’s hitching.

T725 Diary of a Young Comic (77) Richard Lewis, Stacey Keach, more... - BA

9014 Dick Smart 2. 007  (67)  Lady Lorraine Lister, a financer of expensive experiments, has discovered a way to obtain pure diamonds by the means of a radiation device. She hires five renowned scientists to participate in additional experiments regarding this new contrivance. However, it soon happens that the device is stolen, and the scientists mysteriously disappear! Agent Dick Smart is called in by the CIA to track down the scientists and recover the device….  Richard Wyler 

7317 Die C.I.A. - Verschnorung (70's)  more action in German

7211 Die Klette  (70's)  Franco Nero.  more action   In German  LBX  F.L.

Q126 Dillinger is Dead (69) Anita Pallenberg - A guy murders his wife before embarking upon a sailing ship as a cook. Lots of atmosphere and brooding, dealing with happening of neurosis, and the horror of daily life. F.L.

T880 Dint King Inside King (00) action fantasy with guy from "Story of Ricky" - F.L.

R9 Dirk Diggler Story, The   aka: Paul Thomas Anderson Short Film Collection:   Made by Anderson when he was just 17 years old, and edited with two VCR's , this documentary film about the rise and fall of porn star Dirk Diggler would later be rewritten and shot as "Boogie Nights". "Cigarettes and Coffee" (93) This Anderson short consists of three stories which ultimately become intertwined- "Hard Eight" may have been a rewriting of this film and "Magnolia" contains some similarities as well. Recommended.

3382 Dirty 7,  The  (82)  aka: La Belva dalle calda pelle   Laura Gemser

4338 Dirty Knights Work  (83)  aka: Trial by Combat   A group of British aristocrats, who call themselves "Knights of Avalon", isn't content with the system of justice and executes judgment themselves…. Thriller/Comedy  Peter Cushing, Donald Pleasence, Barbara Hershey !

3994 Dirty Weekend   (93)  Shortly after she moves into her own flat in Brighton, Bella finds she is being spied on and generally harassed by a man living across from her….  directed by Michael Winner

T738 Dive, The (89) Underwater Thriller!  Claustrophobic, Suspenseful, Nerve Wracking - BA

T188 Doberman Cop (77) A country bumpkin detective is brought to Tokyo to solve the case of a 'dead' girl who may or may not be a rising young singer….  Sonny Chiba action with Yakuza, Psycho Cops, Bikers, Strippers and Pimps!  Classic!  LBX and with Subs 

4880 Doberman Gang,  The  (72)  After a failed bank robbery, an ex-con, an ex-waitress and a few of their friends train a pack of Dobermans to rob a bank for them….    BA

6424 Dobermann  (98)  now with subs!  Frenetic action.  Ruthless cunning and sexy.  The Doberman is a class- A criminal act for the 21st century.  Fearless, insane and packing some of the most awesome, high tech weaponry ever seen.  Doberman and his gang are thirsty for action  BA

T371 Dog Day (84) Lee Marvin and Tina Louise - Fugitive with millions hides out at a family farm (in control) until the family turns the tables....

9232 Dog Tags (88) POW's rescued from tiger cages in Vietnam are brought into a secret mission by an Army Captain. However when the group finds a cache of gold….  from the director "Nightmare in a Damaged Brain" 

N53 Dominoes (76) Documentary styled look at the 60's with music of the era played with the footage. Civil rights, Hendrix more....

7197 Don't Cry Nanking  (95)  Mainland Chinese film about the 1937 (almost forgotten) Japanese atrocities at Nanking.  Brutal.  LBX  Subs

9763 Double Dragon in Last Duel (85) Mae Lim BA

L440 Double Tap (00) What begins as an innocuous entry into a gun competition eventually steers Rick towards a path of fatal rivalry….   action thriller - LBX - Subs

T703 Down Under (84) Lured by Aussie fever, two American Yanks go "outback" to throw their dreams on the barbie. A true story of survival and adventure. BA

8802 Dr. K  (01)  Modern day "Shaman" doctor uses his supernatural powers to save terminal patients   LBX   Subs

Q226 Dragon Squad (05) Interpol Agents vs. Gangsters in this violent action!  With Michael (The Terminator) Biehn as the villain. - LBX - Subs

3691 Drive-In  (76)  The Adventures of a group of teenagers at a drive-in theater one weekend night.  Teen love, nipple jokes, buxom employees, horny youngsters, slapstick hijinx and let's not forget the movie playing on the screen "Disaster '76" a parody of many of the 70's blockbusters up to that time.  Great nostalgia trip for those lucky enough to have experienced the day of the drive-in.  BA

3330 Driver's Ed Scare Films () 2 hours of classic gory car crash propaganda

Q479 Driver's Seat, The (74) aka: Psychotic   Lise (Elizabeth Taylor) a schizophrenic spinster, travels from her home in London to Rome on a twisted agenda to find a romance with any man whom she eventually wants to murder her….   BA

T802 Duel at Fort Ezo (70) Yet another obscure epic. 1864 : Samurai Shinbei is on a secret mission to Ezo, in the North of Japan, to stop villager riots commanded by Jirozaeman. A Russian Count's daughter and the village leaders daughter add to the adventure -

T737 Duel of Fists (71) Two men, one a businessman skilled in Kung Fu, the other a kickboxer discover they are brothers, and together, both in and out of the ring, they must face a crime syndicate….  Shaw Brothers BA

Q903 Duelist (06) Amazing South Korean epic 17th century styled action on a huge budget and available for a limited time only!  LBX with Subs!

Q483 Dusty and Sweets McGee (71) A straight couple dabbles in drugs and become heroin addicts. Real life drug addicts and a cool soundtrack add to the atmosphere and realism.

8424 Dying of Laughter  (99) Alex de la Iglesia's latest dark comedy with subs, LBX

T594 Eagle in a Cage (72) 1815. A soldier becomes the governor of St. Helena and jailer of Napoleon….  Ralph Richardson, Moses Gunn   BA

K200 Eagles Attack at Dawn (70) aka: Hostages in the Gulf    Israeli war movie

L757 Earl Owensby: The Man, the Myth (97) Canadian documentary on the guy and his career

T736 Early Frost (82) Obscure Aussie thriller filmed in Blacktown Australia. Joanne (Mad Max's Wife in Mad Max) Samuel also stars - BA

3466 East End Hustle  (76)  An ex-prostitute rescues one of her pimp's potential new recruits, beginning a deadly rivalry….  Margaret Ann Bates  BA

8608 East of Kilimanjaro  (57)  aka: The Big Search  “Two men and a woman on a Strange mission in a land aflame with adventure”…  Marshall Thompson  BA  adventure/drama

8141 Edge of Fury  (74)  Bruce Li—A chauffer is pursued by drug dealers after his boss, a convicted drug king-pin, is sentenced to death.  

8688 Eighth, The  (96)  action -  subs-  

T919 El Crimen del Capitan Sanchez (84) Crime Drama - F.L.

T946 El Diputado (79) Jose Sacristan - A rising politician risks his career and marriage when his homosexual tendencies surface .... his opponents plant a young man boy with a plan to lead him to ruin - LBX - F.L.

T941 El Sacerdote (81) Bizzare and creepy film about a Priest struggling with lust. He lusts after young boys (he is a Priest after all), and a hot young married woman. Will he overcome his temptations ? Spiritual Ambition vs. Priest Nature...  Now if only he had the guts to blow his brains out to put him out of his/our misery. F.L.

9505 Ellie (84) Murderess widow's step-daughter tries to save her pappy from being the next victim. Shelley Winters, Edward Albert, and George Gobel hill-billy thrillathon that would be a great double feature with Redneck County

9535 Elvis Files, The and Mondo Elvis  (84)   Quite mad are they all yes indeed ! Nonsense from truly disturbed individuals that think Elvis still lives. If Elvis staged his death don't you think that maybe he would have picked a cooler way to meet his fate than to die on the toilet? You poor misguided fools. Get over it. He's dead. Period. End of story. This is still funny as hell though.

Q91 Embassy (72) Richard Roundtree, Ray Milland, Max Von Sydow and Chuck Conners star in this fast moving spy thriller directed by Gordon Hessler

T623 Emperor Jones, The (33) The rise and fall of a railroad porter whose exploits take him from a life sentence on a chain gang to emperor of Haiti….  Paul Robeson  BA

7539 Encounter with Disaster (76) Docu/History Among the devastating events depicted are the crash of the Hindenburg, earthquakes in Alaska (1964) and Long Beach, California (1933), the 1955 auto racing crash at LeMans in which 82 people were killed, Hurricane Camille (1964), the eruption of the Mt. Etna volcano (1971), a 1974 tornado, the collapse of Idaho's Teton Dam in 1976, the sinking of the Andrea Doria (1956), and the 1947 Texas City explosion which devastated Galveston…..  

Q578 Enforcer from Death Row (78) aka: Ninja Nightmare   A former ranger sits in prison awaiting his execution when an international organization frees him and assigns him to crush a deadly spy ring…  Booker T Washington, Cameron Mitchell Filipino actioneer !!

3982 Enter the 7 Virgins  (75) Five Western girls are kidnapped by Chinese pirates and sold to a brothel. While they are being trained to become prostitutes….  martial arts sex comedy from Germany!   F.L. 

3807 Enter the Ninja   (81)  After just completing his training at a ninja school, an army vet (Franco Nero) travels to the Philippines and finds himself battling a land grabber (Christopher George) who wants his war-buddy's property….

L748 Enter the Panther (76) Old School Kung - Fu action - BA

3697 Eroticise  (83)  out of work Kitten Natividad and other women exercise in the buff- don't try this at home kids! 

T718 Escape from Angola (76) aka: Return to Africa - Set in Angola,  James Mallory (Stanley Brock), his wife Karen (Anne Collings) and their three teen-aged sons make their residence while operating at the site a private wildlife preserve, until their lives are disrupted by members of a militant political faction….  Ivan Tors  BA

2328 Escape from Death Row   (76) Comedy /crime/ action film with a small-time thug (Victor Lobianco) meeting a high-profile gangster (Lee Van Cleef) while in prison. The pair team up to attempt a prison breakout… Edwige Fenech  BA

T250 Escape from Segovia (81) aka: La Fuga de Segovia    Crime/drama  From Spanish T.V. so there are commercials - F.L.

3622 Escapist, The  (83)  aka: Modern Day Houdini   A radio station owner must perform dangerous publicity stunts in order to prevent his business being taken over by a big corporation…. 

4486 Eternal Jew, The  (40)  The Jews of Poland (invaded by Germany in 1939) are depicted as filthy, evil, corrupt, and intent on world domination….  MORE Nazi propaganda  Subs

T820 Evidence of Power (79) Alan (the Skipper!) Hale stars in this obscure crime time capsule with cool cars and locales - Also with Gordon Jump

5102 Executioner’s Song, The  (82) Based on the true story of murderer Gary Mark Gilmore, spanning the last nine months of his life (May 1976-January 1977) in which at age 35, after being released for serving a long prison term in Utah for armed robbery, the unstable Gilmore murdered two men in two separate and senseless robberies…..  Tommy Lee Jones, Christine Lahti, Eli Wallach    Uncut Euro version  1hr 36min

T988 Executive Action (73) Burt Lancaster stars in this rarely seen controversial film of speculative fiction, or is it?  Right Wing businessmen and politicians plot to kill J. F. K.  and take back the country from the Far Left. A must see for conspiracy theory fans- and hey- who really knows how far off the mark it really is?  Also with Ed Lauter- Will Geer- Robert Ryan and dozens of public officials in archive footage.

3487 Executrice  (88)  Brigitte Lahaie -   BA  F.L.

T628 Experiencia Extramatrimonial (72) Ray Lovelock, Manuel Sierra - LBX - F.L.

T151 Eye of the Spider (71) aka: L' Occhio Del Ragno - Crime action with Klaus Kinski - Diamond robber gets released from jail, teams up with the guy who financed the heist. They go after their fellow crooks who made good with the loot. Also with Antonio Saba

L436 Eyes of the Spider (98) Sequel (or prequel?) to Serpent's Path . Man captures and slowly kills his daughter's killer and then becomes caught up in the underworld himself - LBX - Subs - B.A.

M45 Face in the Rain (63) Rory Calhoun spy/war/drama

9155 Family Enforcer (77) After being away for a couple of years, Jerry Bolanti is back in his tough, North Jersey neighborhood, close to swampy meadowlands where bodies get pulled from the trunks of cars and dumped. He's short on cash, so a local boss, Anthony Iadavia, throws him some work - as a collector and a holdup man…..  Obscure gangster film with Joe Pesci

3484 Famous T & A  (82)  Sybil Danning introduces clips of Uschi Digart, Claudia Jennings, and many others in the buff !  18+

L111 Fast Company (78) Odd-ball entry from director David Cronenberg  from this era - William Smith, Claudia Jennings and John Saxon star in this cool car flick - BA

9536 Fast Lane Fever (83) aka: Running on Empty  This film collects just what it was like to be in Australia in the early 80's. It's about hot cars, hot chicks and hot times. The story begins when two local street racers agree to race Fox, the faster street drag racer there is. After two of the three race rounds, the race is no longer a game, but more of a survival!  

T728 Fatal Claws and Deadly Kicks (79) aka: Woman Avenger   Killer B's - Hsia Kwan Lee is one Bad-Ass Female Fighter - BA

6067 Fatal Flying Guillotines, The  (77)  Carter Wong plays a noble hero on a quest for a book of healing which leads him seeking ultimate vengeance!    Sequel to "Master of the Flying Guillotine"  BA

5232 Fatal Vocation  (89)  A pleasant trip to the Philippines is turned into tragedy when the tour bus is kidnapped by a group….   ultra violent action -  F.L.  BA

X38 Fate is the Hunter (64) Glenn Ford, Rod Taylor and Susan Pleshette - A series of coincidences cause an airliner to crash.  A friend of the pilot is determined to clear his friend's name….

6452 Fear  (88)  aka: Honor Betrayed    A family living in an isolated cabin in the woods are terrorized by a gang of escaped convicts....  Frank Stallone  

Q907 Fear in the City (76) James Mason- A cop pursues the mob for revenge and personal honor

T176 Fear is the Key (72) Barry (Vanishing Point) Newman stars in this obscure action / adventure packed with unnerving suspense, cool car chases and more. Suzy Kendall, John Vernon and a young Ben Kingsley! Great stuff.

8610 Field of Honor  (86)  Korea 1951: After a Chinese attack Dutch mercenary sergeant De Koning is left alone by his army. While trying to survive, he meets a woman who is attempting to save her little brother. The image of the boy in shock changes him….   Dark "war horror" Everett McGill   BA

7386 Fierce and Cruel Eye  (99)  Unreleased thriller deals with an upper-class young couple who witness a murder, car breaks down and they have to forge their way through a rough part of L.A. to sanctuary, pursued by criminals and low-life’s.  Reminiscent of "The Warriors". 

Q721 Fifth Offensive, The (73) aka: The Battle of Sutjeska   Battle of Sutjeska - the toughest battle Yugoslav Partizans had to fight in WWII.   Richard Burton - Huge budget Yugoslav war picture - F.L.

4263 Fighting Duel of Death  (85)  Kung Fu action Kurt Wang   BA

4359 Fighting Life  (81)  armless and legless Karate guys -  oddly compelling and action packed inspiration for the physically challenged

Q89 Fighting Mad (76) Peter Fonda and Lynn Lowry star. A land-grabbing tycoon tries to steal away Fonda's land. Finally he snaps and begins his violent revenge.  BA

9555 Fighting Mad (77) aka: Fierce  Leon Isaac Kennedy is Doug Russell, an American who steals a shipment of gold in the Philippines with two Vietnam War buddies, who cut his throat and throw him overboard. Russell washes ashore an island inhabited by two Japanese soldiers stranded there since World War II. They nurse him back to health and he is taught martial arts and the art of the samurai…. 

Q837 Figures in a Landscape (70) Malcom McDowell and Robert Shaw play 2 escapees running through rough terrain in an unidentified Latin American country while being hounded by a black helicopter. LBX and awesome photography

8619 Final Option, The  (82)  Judy Davis, Ingrid Pitt-  Story of a terrorist takeover in London

5142 Final Shot  (98)  German made violent action  F.L.  BA

4590 Final Tactic  (75) aka: Force Five    A special police unit composed of ex-convicts, each chosen for their skill in a particular area, investigates the mob beating of a star basketball player…..  BA

T164 Finger of Doom (72) Shaw Brothers  LBX and with Subs

4930 Fire Chasers, The  (70) Insurance investigator must find out who is setting fires. Along the way he meets and works with a beautiful newspaper reporter and falls in love….  Chad Everett   BA

Q774 Firing Line, The (91) Shannon Tweed

3910 First Family of Satanism, The  ( 90)  Amazing arguments with Zeena Lavey guaranteed to piss everyone off.  Christians set this up—but it backfired on them when the Satanists made for sense. 

8692 First Shot  (90's)  cat II action - LBX subs  BA

Q309 First Strike (85) Stuart Whitman - U.S. Navy captain tries to prevent Soviets from launching WW3 - Very realistic for 1985 if you remember the paranoia and fear of this actually going down.

K101-9754 Fist of Fear, Touch of Death (80) Some old Bruce Lee footage edited into an incoherent story. Some consider this essential based upon how BAD it is. Truly amazing.

T627 Fisterra (98) Spanish film takes place on the rugged Galician coast, vibrant Madrid and mysterious Lisbon and centers on a dysfunctional family - LBX - F.L.

5119 Fistful of Death, A  (67)  aka: Ballad of Django   A lone gunman tracks down the members of an outlaw gang that killed his friends…  Klaus Kinski, Jack Betts, Cameron Mitchell   Spaghetti western  BA

P165 Fistful of Diamonds, A  (60's)  Erika Blanc   BA

1875 Fists of Fury   (71)  A young man sworn to an oath of non-violence works with his cousins in an ice factory where they mysteriously begin to disappear….  Bruce Lee    BA

4450 Fists of the White Lotus  (80)  Shaw Brothers classic  BA

9548 Five Golden Dragons (67) Chris Lee, Klaus Kinski - Now in English !

T715 Five Lady Venoms (78) Amazonian Motor Cycle Riding - Kick - Ass women devise a master plan to foil a ruthless crime empire - BA

T174 Five Seconds to Spare (99) British thriller set in music biz. Witness to a murder (two dwarves killing a guy in a bizarre and shocking scene) is now in danger...

4172 Fix, The  (84)  cocaine smugglers  crime/drama

9529 Flash and Firecat (75) Blonde and a thief race a dune buggy with cops in pursuit. Richard Kiel

K87 Flash Legs (77) aka: Shaolin Deadly Kicks - with Tao liang Tan - High Kicks !

6123 Flight to Fury  (64)  An expedition hunts for a rumored hidden treasure trove of gold in the Philippines…  Jack Nicholson  adventure    BA 

Q714 Flood! (76) Robert Culp leads an all star cast in this disaster epic with Barbara Hershey, Roddy McDowell, Leif Garrett, Cameron Mitchell, Richard Basehart, Whit Bissell, Gloria Stuart...more   BA

T103 Florida Connection, The (78) Fun Drive - In Hicksploitation / Hillbillyploitation with inbred drunken rednecks, greedy corrupt sheriff, and swamp land action. Also with June Wilkenson

T302 Flute Playing Maniac Sheep Farmer ( ?) Okay, so we have no clue on what this is really called ! Imagine if the Rapist Sheep Farmer from Island of Death had his own movie. (He does!  Same guy!)  It's not really too violent- but does have a assault or two- so it seems- and attempted assault. An artist is captivated by a girl living in a rural area populated by inbred locals. After wrestling the Sheep Farmer Guy a few times he packs her up and splits. - All opening credits are Russian - F.L.

Q784 Flying (86) aka: Teenage Dream- Rancid love/sports crap with a young Keanu Reeves and Olivia D'Abo - BA

4025 Flying Superboy, The  (70s)  

T247 For a Cop's Hide (81) aka: Pour la peau dun Flic - Alain Delon directs and stars in this Crime Thriller - Comedic at times, but still pretty violent. A  shotgun blast sends one guy flying out a window as he tries to assault girl he has tied to a bed, more..

Q798 For Love or Murder (70) aka: Kemek   A wealthy, eccentric chemical company owner sends his woman to get an American writer to take a mind control drug….   David Hedison, Mary Woronov - BA

T833 For the Death of a Cop (81) Alain Delon Crime Actioneer

4129 For the Love of It    (82)  An entrepreneur discovers a plan the Russians have for taking over the Middle East. He wants to use it to create a new video game called "Doom's Day," but the KGB, the CIA and the FBI have different ideas, and all of them are after the tape, too…..  Adam West, Don Rickles and Deborah Raffin comedy

802 Forbidden Zone   (80)  A mysterious door in the basement of the Hercules house leads to the Sixth Dimension by way of a gigantic intestines….  Herve Villechaise as " The King" also with Susan Tyrrell  A chaotic musical fantasy  BA  

5308 Force Five  (83)  A martial-arts expert leads a team of fellow martial artists to rescue a senator's daughter from an island ruled by the evil leader of a fanatical religious cult…. 

9000 Foreign Film 4- Play ()  4 short films.  1. Giselle Kerosene- Crazy madness has guys with big noses riding what looks like brooms (Harry Potter style) and doing frantic speed battles  2. Vibroboy - more insanity  3. Le Dernier Chaperon Rouge +  4. My Way  F.L.

X11 Fortress (85) Rachel Ward - In the Outback a teacher and her class are kidnapped. They must use their ingenuity and wits to survive. Pretty violent.

7228 Foul King, The  (2000)  South Korean action / comedy about professional wrestling

K116 Four Robbers (87)  four criminals from mainland China who go to Hong Kong to make their fortune….

K95 Four Shaolin Challengers, The (77)  action/adventure/martial arts

Q133 Foxbat (77) different agents and bad guys going after a Chinese cook in Hong Kong who swallowed a microfilm (thinking it was candy) that contains blueprint and documents for a special secret plane that Henry Silva took photos of with a camera hidden in his left eyeball!   Henry Silva  Terence Young. (A glitch in opening sequence) BA

8695 Friendly Ghost  (89)   subs.  Ghost comedy  BA

8879 From Hell to Borneo (66) George Montgomery Actioneer

Q70 From Istanbul, Orders to Kill (65) Christopher Logan and Lucretia Love star in this spy thriller

Q409 Fuga (85) Rodrigo Obregon and Eleonora Vallone star - It's Colombia 1951. A guy escapes from a brutal hard-labor jungle prison. Along his route of escape he takes an elite sexy blonde woman hostage. As they travel the countryside he tries to force himself upon her sexually, but she's having none of it ! Eventually he is recaptured by some jungle soldiers stationed in a remote building. The woman decides to take her revenge on her convict captor by having sex with the soldiers if they will do her bidding.... This guy is truly screwed....(and unscrewed !) ...F.L.

8937 Full Speed (00) Drama- Subs

8755 Full-Time Killer (00) Two very different hit men find themselves to be in each other's way. They use all their skill to solve the problem….  Violent assassin flick  LBX  Subs

Q749-5088 Funeral for an Assassin (77) Vic Morrow stars as Michael Cardiff, a professional assassin who seeks revenge on those responsible for his past prison sentence. By disguising himself as a black South African, he sets his plan while foiling the police….  Vic Morrow  BA

K176 Fury of Black Belt (75)  Chung is a reformed professional fighter who has to hide his identity and take revenge on Black and White Fan, after they murder his family….

9455 G.O.D. (00) Epic story of  "Bruce Lee" and in English language. This Japanese version has more footage. Not a docu- this has real actors telling the  story

4140 Galyon:The Indestructible Man   (77)  Stan Brock    BA

5206 Game For Vultures  (79)  The South African businessman David Swansey is delivering illegal German helicopters to Rhodesia. That makes the patriot Gideon Marunga an angry man…. Joan Collins, Richard Harris, Richard Roundtree, Ray Milland   BA

350 Game of Death (79)  A martial arts movie star must fake his death to find the people who are trying to kill him…  Bruce Lee   BA

7390 Gangs 2001  (2001)  subs  LBX

4566 Garbage Pail Kids Movie, The  (87) Seven disgusting kids but nevertheless of interesting personality are being made of the green mud coming out of garbage cans... 

8439 Gardenia  (79)  aka: Gardenia, il giustiziere della mala   Martin Balsam  Italian language crime

9753 Gathering of Heroes, A (70's) With Lady Shang Fung of "Deadlier than the Male"- With a cast of thousands in this big-budget action ! - BA

8023 Gator Bait  (73)  Incredible downbeat swamplands romp with assault and revenge.  Claudia Jennings best film.  BA

8024 Gator Bait 2 : Cajun Justice  (88)  more backwoods violence

8621 Gemini Affair, A  (80's)  Two young girls fail miserably in Hollywood, take up whoring, drugs, and ultimately become lesbians.  Not supposed to be funny- but it's hilarious !  BA

4715 General Idi Amin Dada:  A Self Portrait  (74)  made with Amin’s cooperation – this documentary shows him for what he was –  UNCUT print complete with opening public execution scene– creepy.

Q541 Genevieve (54) Two married couples challenge each other to a friendly race which becomes increasingly intense as they near the finish line….  Dinah Sheridan, John Gregson

5337 Gente Di Rispetto  (75)  aka: The Schoolmistress and the Devil   A female school teacher is implicated in a murder in a Sicilian town only hours after her arrival. The dead man insulted her on the bus on the way into town….  Franco Nero, Jennifer O'Neill, James Mason  F.L.  BA   crime/drama

9245 Geraldo vs. Satan (80's) + another propaganda religious show. Wow!  This really happened!  Crazy people whine and claim outrageous things with deviltry involved while Zeena Lavey other Satanists and Ozzy Osbourne are grilled for society's woes!  Disturbed Disturbed women lie lie lie about things that never happened and our narrow minded programmed idiotic sheep society gobbled it up and believed every word because most brain washed minds can't think for themselves ! You'll be floored by the false claims with no proof. Furthermore they blame almost all teen crime on Satan and heavy metal. That's right!  The DEVIL made them do it!  No personal responsibility. It's the devil at work. Disillusioned wackos and superstitious

9015 German Films at Cannes 2002 - F.L. - From a very limited DVD passed on to customers at Cannes (48 min.)  BA

9475 Get the Murderer (00) Subs- BA

Q696 Get Yourself a College Girl (64) A college co-ed tries to balance her time writing songs and dealing with her publisher whom tries to pursue her…. The Animals, The Dave Clark Five, The Bellboys....more rockin' comedy!  BA

8686 Ghost Snatchers, The  (86) a new high rise office building that's haunted by a ghost patrol of Japanese soldiers from W.W. II. The angry ghosts want revenge and they'll do anything to achieve that goal….  spooky comedy  -  subs - 

T939 Giallo Napoletano (70) aka: Atrocious Tales of Love and Revenge -  Raffaele (Marcello Mastroianni) is a mandolin player. In order to pay off his fathers gambling debts, he agrees to play a serenade under somebody's window in the middle of the night. Soon he is surrounded by dead bodies and has to figure out who is behind this plot before he is either jailed or thrown out of a window himself…. Sergio Corbucci directed mystery, thriller, comedy - LBX - F.L.

Q494 Ginger Ale Afternoon (89) Jesse is nine months pregnant and lives with her underemployed husband Hank in a dilapidated mobile home in a rusty trailer park….   Trailer Trash Soaper 

6286 Ginger in the Morning  (73)  Hitchhiker Ginger (Sissy Spacek) is picked up by a salesman.  Goofy comedy/drama   Monte Markham, Susan Oliver, Mark Miller, Sissy Spacek, and Slim Pickens

9417 Girl, Sex and Superman (67) aka: Fantabulous - Richard Harrison and Judi West star in this sexy spy action yarn - F.L.

T811 Girl Boss (Sukeban Onna Bancho) (70's) LBX - Subs

5007 Girl in Lover's Lane, The  (60) Danny (Lowell Brown), son of a wealthy family, is running away from home. He meets Bix (Brett Halsey), a long-time drifter, who agrees to "mentor" Danny. Danny's naiveté leads him to commit gaffe after gaffe, leaving Bix to straighten things out….   BA

8705 Girls Without Tomorrow  (88)  A depressing tale dealing with five women involved with prostitution and the effects it has on their love and family lives. High class or low class, each is just as sad….  sleazy HK film - LBX Subs  BA

L89 Give us Tomorrow (78) British thriller reminiscent of "Fight for your Life" (without the racism) as robbers take the bank manager and his family hostage and engage in emotional and physical abuse including the assault by gunpoint of their willing, young, long blonde haired- 16 year old daughter who doesn't mind at all and even falls in love with her rapist. Young Junior gets an eye-full of sis doing the nasty with one of the robbers and gets a hold of his gun- but the little dudes balls aren't big enough to carry through . Mom and Dad are pathetically useless. - BA

1294 Go Ask Alice  (72)  William Shatner, Robert Carradine, Andy Griffith, and Jamie Smith-Jackson  Bizarre drug drama based upon supposedly true diary of a hopeless and doomed young female drug addict.  

K202 Go For Broke (51) The story of Japanese-American soldiers who fought in Europe during World War II….  War/drama  with Van Johnson  BA

6371 Goddess, The  (58)  Sordid story of a girl who rises to fame as a celluloid star by making her body available to anyone who can help her career. When the spotlight dims, she keeps going with drugs and alcohol to a bitter end….  Kim Stanley, Lloyd Bridges and Patty Duke  BA

8712 Godfather's Daughter, The  aka: Mafia Blues  (92)  LBX  F.L.  Ultra-violent action  BA

T977 Godfather's Friend, The (72) action/crime/drama  Frank Agrama, Shakir Sozen, Richard Harrison, Erika Blanc, Ian Flynn - BA

6456 Goin' Coconuts  (78)  Donny and Marie Osmond's god awful piece of 70's garbage.  As an oddity or a room- clearer.  Put it on when the party's over and guests won't leave.- This make them exit quick! Puke!  BA

8014 Going Berserk  (83)  A drummer/chauffeur engaged to a congressman's daughter encounters a sleazy film director, the leader of an aerobics cult, and other crazed characters during the days leading up to his wedding….  John Candy, Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Paul Dooley   comedy/satire   BA

Q762 Going Steady (79) aka: Lemon Popsicle II   Coming of age in Tel Aviv with teenage romance etc.

9438 Gold Robbers, The (69) Heist action film where everything goes terribly wrong - BA

3984 Golden Girl   aka: Karate Girl  (80s)  assault revenge flick from Turkey in English

8435 Golden Goddess of Rio Bene  (64)  Fortune hunter (Pierre Brice) goes into the jungles of Brazil to find a downed pilot/friend. Some thugs come along to try and find the title the "Golden Goddess of Rio Beni," a tribal statue containing precious gold and diamonds. Along the way they encounter hostile natives, headhunters, snakes, skulls on sticks, etc.  Most exciting, however, is the discovery of Gillian Hills "Beat Girl"…… Italian adventure  In German  FL  BA

4120 Golden Ninja Warrior   (80)   Two ninjas, Michael and Sherri are on two separate missions but always team up to find the same Ninja attacking them….  F.L.

T167 Golden Sword, The (69) aka: Lung moon gam kim    Shaw Brothers with Subs

T998/T999 Gonzo Vol #1 and #2 (various) Hunter S. Thompson assorted interviews. From Letterman to Conan and C- Span to Charlie Rose. 2 disc or tape set has hours of Gonzo's wit and bitterness. Recommended viewing. (*note: The last Charlie Rose episode cuts off towards the end of #2)  - $25 for both on DVD-R or $22 VHS


9943 Goodman Town (02) In the distant future, the Earth has become a dense wasteland after years of battle. The survivors of the 4th World War band together to rebuild their own cities while bandits, murderers and thugs roam the wasteland to find their next victims. Goodman Town is the most prosperous city of them all….  Totally insane Thai action/apocalyptic with Subs


T114 Gordon's War (73) When a Vietnam vet returns to his Harlem home, he finds his wife overdosing on the drugs that have infiltrated his neighborhood. He leads a vigilante group in an attempt to clean up the area….

The late Ossie Davis directed this blaxploiter!  Funky score, ultra-violence and look for Grace Jones as "Mary" in her film debut!  BA

4139 Great Ride, The  (78)  They rode across the country looking for a dream ....what they found was a nightmare!  BA

4544 Great White Death  (80)  docu on great whites where they try to capture one with unexpected results  BA

2124 Green Hornet, The  (74)  Several episodes of the 1966 TV series "The Green Hornet" edited together and released as a feature.   Bruce Lee and Mako

T621 Green Promise, The (49) A stubborn old farmer won't listen to any of his neighbors about how to improve the efficiency of his farm with modern methods, as he thinks "the old ways" were just fine. His three daughters live on the farm with him, and the oldest one, a teenager, has fallen in love with a local boy. However, she knows that she is expected to help her father work the farm and is torn between her love for the local boy and her father's expectations for her to continue working the farm….  Time capsule of the Conservative American spirit deals with a farming family.   Natalie Wood

3843 Grim Reaper, The (74)  +  39 Stripes  (79)  two more Christian propaganda films  (you know the type- they played in the local churches when you are young.  To brainwash (and scare the " Hell " out of you)  you about what happens to you when you go to hell    RARE -  fair quality.  Made by pinheads

2123 Groove Tube, The  (72)  A collection of skits that make fun of 1970s television, featuring early appearances by Chevy Chase and Richard Belzer…. BA

T711 Guerillas in Pink Lace (64) War, Showgirls and Action with George Montgomery - BA

3369 Gulag  (85)  Mickey Almon (David Keith) is a sports star turned reporter covering the athletics in Moscow. Framed by the KGB and forced to confess that he was spying for America….  Malcolm McDowall   BA

K205 Gung Ho! The Story of Carlson's Makin Island Raiders  (43)  The true story of Carlson's Raiders and their World War II attack on Makin Island.   Randolph Scott and Robert Mitchum  

7385 GunMen (88)  violent Hong Kong action  Subs

X40 Gunn (67) Blake Edwards directed this detective yarn based on the popular 1960's show "Peter Gunn"  with Ed Asner, Craig Stevens, Laura Devon, Sherry Jackson - James Bond theme, Pink-Panther styled fun BA

4130-7404 Guns and Fury, The  (81)  Peter Graves Cameron Mitchell action  BA

L632 Guns of the Big Shots (76)  aka: Cry of the Prostitute -  Finally an uncut print of the Andrea Bianchi directed mafia sleaze classic with Henry Silva as a sadistic super - hit man and Barbara Bouchet as the hooker that gets in his way! Great stuff! BA

L697 Gunshots Over the Plains, The (83) Mainland Chinese WW2 epic - Subs

L695 Guy (97) Vincent D'onofrio, Hope Davis - Woman follows a man and videotapes his every move , even following him home. Things get out of hand...

Q771 Guy from Harlem, The (77) More Blaxploitation

K124 Guy With the Secret Kung Fu, The (81) Kun fu film about two anti-Qing rebels and kung fu fighters who frequently rescue damsels in distress….  Thugs try to board a boat carrying a pretty lady and the two heroes, fishing nearby, leap onto the lady's boat and fight off all the thugs. The two are later captured but are then recruited to go after the Dragon Gang.  Fei Meng

T192 Gypsy, The (75)   aka: Le Gitan - Alain Delon action with Gangsters, Gypsies and Cops -

L705 H - Bomb (71) aka: Operation Alpha   War movie with Olivia Hussey and Christopher Mitchum never released in the U.S.  Lots of stunts and blow-up fx!

Q311 Haan (05) Incredible Epic WW2 actioneer - In English and also with Subs when English is not being spoken.  Fantastic FX and great period looking locale shooting - This one is also from Japanese point of view - Simply smokes the American made crap "Pearl Harbor" LBX -Subs

Q723 Hairdresser's Husband, The (90) Antoine, a little boy, falls in love with the local hairdresser, so he gets a hair cut every time he can. This situation causes some problems with his parents…. Anna Galiena - F.L.

K208 Half - Shot at Sunrise (30) The stage stars Wheeler and Woolsey play two soldiers who go absent without leave in Paris, during World War I.   comedy/musical/war  Bert Wheeler

L536 Handle with Care (67) Spy/crime/action - Poor quality only on this title

K114 Hands of Death (87)  The Purple Ninjas are trying to track down a treasure of gold. Other groups discover there is a treasure and also try to find it's location….  Richard Harrison  Kung fu

8723 Hanky Panky  (99)  A man's wife disappears - when he goes to re-marry she reappears as a ghost….   Subs  LBX

8347 Hardcore:  Films of Richard Kern w/ Lydia Lunch + Twisted Puppet Theatre (mostly 80’s) Crazy stuff!

4956-4957      Has Been's: Tape One (80’s)   Pia Zadora LIVE - pathetic also on same tape Mr. T's "Be Somebody...or Be Somebody's Fool" (God this really happened ???- Incredibly hilarious !)  BA

9388 Have Sword Will Travel (70) Ying Ke-Feng, head of Peerless Manor, is an expert swordsman whose escort business transports 200,000 taels of silver to the capital each year. This year, however, he is afflicted with an infirmity that renders him unable to use his sword….  David Chiang and Lung Ti   More violent Shaw Brothers

Q551 Having a Wild Weekend (65) aka: Catch Us if You Can   Dinah (Barbara Ferris) is a model whose face appears in an ad campaign for meat. While shooting a TV commercial, she and Steve (Dave Clark), one of the stunt men, run off together….  Features The Dave Clark Five!   60's Psychedelic throw-back that some compared to the Beatles "Hard Day's Night". This is better though!  BA

K99 Head Hunter (83) Chow Yun Fat

T595 Hearts in Bondage (36) Civil war drama/historical  with  James Dunn and Mae Clark

T741 Heat Street (87) A black boxer whose daughter was murdered by bikers joins up with a white repo man to battle street gangs….  Quincy Adams Jr., Deborah Gibson, Wendy MacDonald and Del Zamora  BA

X16 Heaven Sent (98) A beautiful blonde shows up in the Outback where a man (trying to escape his tragic past) lives in isolation in a small house. The mystery begins and one wonders if things are as they seem. A haunting type of romantic mystery...

4577 Heaven’s Gate Initiation Tape (90’s) These guys were truly nuts (remember the mass suicide for the comet?)!!

6248 Heisser Tatort Tropolis  (65)  aka: Password: Kill Agent Gordon   Villain Albert Kowalski (Franco Ressel) is in drag and in a wheelchair… . Roger Browne is agent Douglas Gordon who unites superpowers in thwarting Kowalksi's plans.  Sergio Grieco spy  F.L. 

6212 Hell Hunters  (87)  A Nazi scientist, wanted as a war criminal, develops a spider serum that turns people into fascist Nazi zombies….  William Berger, Maud (OctoPussy) Adams, George Lazenby   BA

Q955-L884 Hell Raiders (85) Indonesia declares it's independence and battles the Dutch. Epic sprawling war adventure. Exciting and brutal (and sometimes bleak) war violence and of course, dubbed into English language. With Barry Prima

4955 Hell River  (75)  Big scale war adventure about Serbian partisans and Nazis exchanging blows in 1941….  Rod Taylor, Adam West  BA

4164 Hell Squad  (85)  In order to rescue the son of a diplomat who has been kidnapped by terrorists, a group of Las Vegas showgirls undergo commando training and organize a rescue operation….  BA

7195 Hell's Brigade: The Final Assault  (69) aka: A Bullet for Rommel   Jack Palance war/drama/action BA

R17 Hellstrom Chronicle, The (71) Pseudo-documentary about insects taking over the world complete with Micro cosmos styled photography. An amazing bug paranoia project with some incredibly insightful and thought provoking moments

T612 Henry the Eighth and His Six Wives (72) On his deathbed, King Henry VIII (Keith Michell) looks back over his eventful life and his six marriages….  Donald Pleasence, Michael Gough and Charlotte Rampling

8784 Hero Dream (93)  Violence, Kung Fu, Sex, Transsexuals and more!  Sleazy actioneer.  Subs.  LBX

5275 Hero Never Dies, A  (87)  Jack and Martin are members of rival Chinese triads in the middle of a gang war. Both of their gang leaders like to get advice from a fortune teller living in Thailand….  LBX  Subs

8698 Hero of Swallow, The  (98)  action epic LBX subs   BA

Q702 Hero of the Wild (79) Kung-Fu

K131 Heroes of Shaloin : Part 1 (79) Amazing Kung Fu action

K132 Heroes of Shaolin : Part 2 (80's)

T180 Heroes of Sung (73) Bloody Shaw Brothers LBX and with Subs

3381 Hero's in Hell  (73) In World War II, guerrillas kidnap a German general….  Klaus Kinski war/drama  Directed by Joe D’Amato   BA

8658 High K  (97)  Police sergeant avenges his daughter's assault.

8688 High Risk  (95)  After failing to save his wife from 'The Doctor', Kit Li is working as a bodyguard and secret stunt double for the cowardly martial arts film star Frankie Lane…..  Jet Li   Subs  LBX action thriller  BA

557 High School Caesar  (56)  Matt Stevens (John Ashley) is the big man at high school. He sweats the students for protection money, acquires copies of tests for a fee, and has rigged the votes so he can beat Kelly (Lowell Brown) in the election for student president…. 

Q61 High Season For Spies (66) A scientist discovers the formula of a particular resistant steel, and a spy ring from an enemy power sets after him to obtain it….  Peter Van Eyck - F.L.

Q850 Highway Racer (77) aka: Convoy Busters   Marco Palma (Maurizio Merli) plays his typical Dirty Harry type come who has extreme methods when it comes to upholding the law. When he connects a high political figure's son to a killing he then gets reassigned to a different precinct. While being head honcho at the new station he stumbles upon illegal smuggling of weapons. He also finds time for love with the beautiful actress Olga Karlatos (best known for the eye-ball scene in Zombie).   Stelvio Massi directs!  Truckloads of explosive action!  BA

Q284 History of Racist Animation - Excellent walk through the past, with educated details of the journey animation has taken politically when dealing with race. Caricatures, stereo-types, twisted truths and unflattering depictions are a staple of American Culture, like it or not.

9539 Hit Lady (74) A beautiful young artist moonlights as a syndicate killer….  Yvette Mimieux , Keenan Wynn, Dack Rambo

8006 Hitler, Dead or Alive  (43)  A team of ex-con bounty hunters go to Germany in search of Hitler. If they can find him, a million dollar reward is to be paid to them….  Ward Bond  BA

2859 Hitler's Children  (43)  This lurid exposé of the Hitler Youth follows the woes of an American girl declared legally German by the Nazi government….  Tim Holt, Otto Kruger and Bonita Granville    BA

K201 Hitler's SS : Portrait of Evil (85) The story of Helmut and Karl Hoffmann. Both come of age at the start of Hitler's power in Germany. Helmut joins the SS and eventually becomes a successful flag rank officer…. John Shea, Bill Nighy, Carroll Baker, Tony Randall, David Warner 

Q183 Hitman File (05) Thai action killer crime thriller with a hitman hired to silence some powerful Godfathers. Death is their business and business is good ! LBX - Subs

L746 Hitter, The (79) An ex-professional boxer (Ron O'Neal) tries to make a new start when teaming up with a fast talking but ageing hoodlum (Adolph Ceaser) and an ex-call girl (Sheila Frazier) but soon get more than they bargained for….  Decent boxing / street-fighting / blaxploitation movie  BA

Q692 Hold On! (66) aka: There's No Place Like Space   The rock group Herman's Hermits, on tour in the USA, is offered an opportunity to have a spaceship named after the group….   musical/comedy BA

8515 Hollywood Man  (76) Hollywood action film star Rafe Stoker (William Smith) has sunk $130,000 of his own money into his own production, but can't find legitimate financing to complete the film. His mob-connected investor demands an exorbitant amount of collateral and a guarantee that Rafe hand over a commercially acceptable film in 4 weeks, then hires a gang of psycho bikers to sabotage the picture to ensure he collects Stoker's collateral…..  Thriller   Jennifer Billingsley, Ray Girardin, Jude Farese

4159 Hollywood Vice Squad  (86)  A mother goes to Hollywood to find her runaway daughter. She discovers that the girl has become involved in the pornography industry, and goes to the police to get help in finding her….   Carrie Fisher, Ronny Cox, Frank Gorshin, Leon Isaac Kennedy, Trish Van Devere   BA

8742 Home of a Villain  (90's)  Letterboxed Subs - Actioneer from Anthony (Untold Story) Wong  BA

3897 Hong Kong Hitman  (84)  Stoner (George Lazenby), an Australian cop, has been investigating the spread of a mysterious addictive drug that acts like an aphrodisiac and a hallucinogen on anyone who takes it. When his own sister falls under its influence, he travels to Hong Kong to hunt down the man behind the drug trade….    BA  18+

8008 Honor of the Dongfang XU, The  (80's)  Beijing production action  BA

6469 Honor Thy Father  (73)  Story of the rise and fall of the Bonanno organized crime family…  Joseph Bologna, Brenda Vaccaro, Raf Vallone, Richard S. Castellano, Joe De Santis  BA

4173 Honorable Thief, The  (68) aka: Honor Among Thieves  After serving together in the French Foreign Legion, a mercenary and a doctor leave the service and go their separate ways. Later, they are reunited by a coincidence….  Charles Bronson 

9538 Hooch (76) three members of the New York Mafia who get some unexpected southern hospitality when they try to muscle in on a southern family's moonshine operation…. Gil Gerard, Erika Fox, Melody Rogers, Danny Aiello, Mike Allen and Raymond Serra  BA   comedy/action

9251 Horror Hall of Fame : Vincent Price hosts a few episodes of this short lived horror themed show

9250 Horror Talk Show Appearances : Rare appearances and interviews with the likes of Peter Cushing , Forrest J. Ackerman and Vincent Price - Quality varies

L90 Hostage : The Christine Maresch Story (83) Australian girl runs off with a German carnival worker who keeps her in fear as he abuses her across 3 continents and forces her into his Neo- Nazi terrorism underworld - B.A.

9554-7194 Hostages (79) Maria Mell, Stuart Whitman - Criminals kidnap a family that's vacationing on an island….  Drama/action/thriller

P130 Hot Diamonds in Cold Blood (68) adventure/crime   Richard Harrison

6259 Hot Rod Girl  (56)  After his kid brother is killed in a street race, a champion drag-racer quits racing. However, a new kid comes to town determined to force him back into racing so he can take his title--and he's already taken his girlfriend.  Chuck Conners, Frank Gorshin  BA

L886 Hotwire (82) George Kennedy and Strother Martin star in the "good ol' boy"  "YEEEHAWWW"  styled action/comedy

X41 House of Cards (68) Leschenhaut (Orson Welles) and Morillon (Keith Michell) are trying to organize a plot to overthrow the French government and set up a new fascist organization. Their plans are interrupted by Davis (George Peppard)……  also Inger Stevens  BA

T191 House of Fury (05) Action packed, with fight scenes directed by Yuen Woo (who also worked on Kill Bill films and all 3 Matrix flicks). Lots of cool stunts - LBX - F.L.

4156 House on Garibaldi Street, The  (79)  After World War II, many important figures in Hilter's command escaped Germany and were rumored to be living in South America….   Antonio Mayans, Martin Balsam  spy/action/thriller  BA

8124 HouseWife  (72)  aka: Bone   A pissed off black man holds an unhappily married couple hostage in their Beverly Hills home, then teams up with the slowly going insane wife, to murder her husband!  

L615 How Sleep the Brave (84) aka: Once Upon a Time in Viet Nam - From the director of "Big Zapper" comes this pretty vicious and brutal Nam thriller with lots of blood and violence ! Hard Hitting , like an early "Platoon".

8134 How to get a Head in Advertising (89) Dennis Dimbleby Bagley is a brilliant young advertising executive who can't come up with a slogan to sell a revolutionary new pimple cream….  

3115 Human Factor, The  (75)  A father (George Kennedy) who is obsessed about tracking down the killers of his family….  LBX  BA

T217 Human Portrait, A (89) Successful Film Director makes a documentary about his down and out failed Film Director Friend.  Deceit, Betrayal and Drama - With Elliot Gould and Tomas Milan. Directed by Damiano Damiani - BA

Q885 Hunt for the Piranha (06) aka: Okhota na Piranyu- Commando veteran (his former commando unit was called "The Piranha" and that is as close as I can get to explaining the title !) and a lovely biochemist are sent to neutralize some bio-weapons left in an abandoned and flooded military research center deep in the Siberian forest near the Chinese border. Things go wrong of course. Adventure in the tradition of the most action packed flicks follows with shades of Bond, Claude Van Damme or even Bruce Willis. This is a Russian movie and has no Subtitles, but, we just spelled out the plot for you ! So many action moments, easy to follow. - F.L.

8025 Hunter's Blood  (87)  Five "city boys" travel to the country to relax by doing some hunting, drinking Bud, and generally having good time. However, the local inbred backwoods psychos turn the hunters to be the hunted….  Sam Bottoms, Kim Delaney, Clu Gulager, Ken Swofford, Joey Travolta, Billy Drago   BA 

B8 Hunting Express (88) Action galore in this High Kicker - BA

5082 Hurricane  (74) A relaxing weekend by the sea becomes a battle for survival when a killer hurricane strikes. Tidal waves over thirty feet high and thunderous, destructive winds batter the coastline….  Larry Hagman, Will Geer, Martin Milner, Jessica Walter, Patrick Duffy 

5335 Husbands  (70)  A common friend's sudden death brings three men, married with children, to reconsider their lives and ultimately leave together….  Peter Falk    BA   131 min. version

Q132 I am the Law (77) Italian made crime action about an overzealous cop who will stop at nothing to bring down a crime syndicate in Sicily - BA

7239 I Baccanali di Tiberio  (60)  Obscure Italian comedy.  In Italian no subs. 

7249 I Delfini   aka: The Dauohins  aka: Silver Spoon Set  (60)  Obscure high society drama with Claudia Cardinale  In Italian (no subs)  F.L.

T91-Q531 I Escaped From Devil's Island (75) In 1916, A group of prisoners plot their escape from the notorious fortress located in French Guiana….  Christopher George and Jim Brown   Loaded with politically incorrect dialogue and violent action. Shark Attack, Guillotine Death, Sadistic Guards, more…   LBX  BA

6397 I Like to Hurt People  (85)  The Sheik wreaks havoc throughout the sleaziest locales of the American wrestling circuit, maiming, mauling, and living up to his life's code: I like to hurt people!  Andre the Giant, and Abdullah the Butcher kick people, stomp people and crush people  BA

4184 I Only Want You to Love Me  (76)  A man’s tale unfolds.. of hard work that never pleases his parents, of a father who denigrates his efforts, of an indifferent mother. He builds them a house. Instead of offering their flat to him and his bride, they give the flat up, so he goes to Munich to work in construction, bringing his wife who is soon pregnant. They buy things on credit; he works overtime. He shows up with flowers and expensive gifts. When construction slows and he works less overtime, he cannot adjust his spending habits: he needs to be loved. Pressures mount. When he snaps, and violence ensues, who will be his victim?   in German with Subs

8016 I Will Fight No More... Forever  (75)  Story of Chief Joseph of the Nez Percé Indians, who lived in the beautiful Wallowa Valley of Idaho and Oregon. In 1877, President Grant opened the Valley to white settlement, and the Nez Percé were given 30 days in which to move to the Lapwai Reservation…. On October 8, 1877, Chief Joseph made his noble speech, "from where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever."   Grim   

9196 I Woke up Early the Day I Died (99) All-Star comedy with Billy Zane as a whacked out escaped mental patient. No dialogue, just atmospheric noises and a soundtrack. Also with Christina Ricci, Tippi Hendren, Eartha Kitt, John Ritter, Tara Reid, Karen Black...

Q764 I Wonder Who's Killing Her Now ? (76) Oliver (Bob Dishy) is in trouble. He's been caught embezzling money from his father's company, and unless he can pay back the $250,000 he took (which he can't)….  Joanna Barnes

L636 If Footmen Tire, What Will Horses Do ? (71) + The Burning Hell (74) Wow! Christian Scare double feature!  First, it's a hilarious "Commies Taking Over" paranoia from some religious fanatic nut jobs!  Then with The Burning Hell we have funny monster demon FX in hell as Satan's minions punish sinners!  Both brought to you by Ron Ormond.  These were used to scare young people into religion. See the terrors that face you if you don't go along with us?  Pure nonsense.  Shame on Christian whackos who lie to the youth of America- and threaten them with otherworldly violence to get them to follow their illiterate superstitious beliefs.  I'm done. Sorry. Couldn't help myself. The Devil Made Me Do It.   PROPAGANDA

P98 If I Had a Hammer (01) Takes place during the 60's Folk Music scene with lots of pop culture - LBX

Q687 Ike (79) Epic Biography of Dwight D. Eisenhower with Robert Duvall, Lee Remick and Dana Winters - 2 DVD-R or 2 VHS - $20

7272 Il Delitto Matteotti (73)  war/action/drama with Franco Nero.  In Italian-  no subs

4192 I'm your Birthday (95) A wealthy businessman has been rendered impotent in an accident until one day when he sets eyes upon the lovely Cher (Chingmy Yau). He becomes obsessed with finding the one woman who can cure him, enlisting the help of his brother…..  Indecent Proposal rip-off    Subs

K106-7359 Image of Bruce Lee (78) A band of counterfeiters wants to make Hong Kong their new territory. The disgraced leader of the Special Squad will have to team-up with a group of Hong Kong police officers in an attempt to stop the dirty business of crime lord Han Tin Lung….  Bruce Li

3551 Immoral Women  (79)  aka: Heroines of Evil   Borowczyk's sequel to  "Immoral Tales" continues with another trilogy of lusty stories  18+

R6 Immortal Story, The (68) A rich merchant wishes to make an old folk tale true by creating an heir to his fortune. Rare and unreleased Orson Welles directed film

K126 Impossible Kid, The (82) Weng Weng is now working for the Manila branch of Interpol. The Chief sends him in the pursuit of Mr. X, an arch villain with a white sock on his head, who is holding the Philippines to ransom….  Midget James Bond hilarity!  Great Fun!

Q769 In Hot Pursuit (77) aka: Polk County Pot Plane - Funny Exploiter

Q789 In Search of a Golden Sky (84) Three children escape into the wilderness to avoid being placed in an orphanage….they must learn to survive….. BA

LD65 Incident at Channel Q  (84)  A quiet suburban neighborhood declares war on a heavy metal music DJ and his radio station, triggering an all-out war between the "metal heads" and the "straights." …  BA

K215-Q747 Incident on a Dark Street (73) A small-time hood is murdered just as he is about to blow the whistle on an organized crime ring…..  William Shatner - Crime

T991 Incident, The (67) A young Martin Sheen and Donna Mills star. Group of thugs terrorize the subways with racism and violence. Pretty controversial and even "rough" for it's time.

8687 Incorruptible, The  (93)  A young honest and incorruptible detective and his efforts in battling against the boss of a secret society with the help of 2 trustees….   Subs .

Q474 Incredible Sarah, The (76) biography of the great actress Sarah Bernhardt with Glenda Jackson - Wha..?   How'd this get in here?    Oh well...

T597 Indecent (32) aka: New Morals for Old     Myrna Loy

K117 Infernal Street (73) action/ martial arts

4153 Inferno In Paradise  (85)  The Honolulu police and fire departments are trying to catch a deadly arsonist.  Richard Young stars as Clay a young firefighter that is determined to find the arsonist after his father is killed in one of the arsonists fires….  BA

T850 Inglorious Bastards, The (77) aka: Hell's Heroes  aka: The Dirty Bastard    Set in Europe during WWII, a group of American soldiers are in the process of being shipped off to military prison for a variety of infractions, ranging from desertion to murder. While they're being transported, a German artillery attack hits the convoy, killing the MPs and enabling four of the prisoners to escape….   Enzo G. Castellari  Bo Svenson and Fred Williamson (watch where some of the main characters get killed more than once- from multiple angles!)  BA

5366 Inheritance, The  (76)  Wealthy patriarch becomes sexually involved with scheming daughter-in-law...   a tawdry tale….  Dominique Sanda, Fabio Testi, Anthony Quinn   BA 

8417 Innocent Bystanders  (72)  action/adventure/spy  with Stanley Baker, Donald Pleasence, and Dana Andrews  BA

3720 Inserts  (76)  A young, once-great Hollywood film director (Richard Dreyfuss) refuses to accept changing times during the early 1930s, and confides himself to his decaying mansion to make silent porn flicks….When Veronica Cartwright OD's - he tries to have a male stud have sex with her corpse - so he can finish his film!   longer than the U.S. print!    also Bob Hoskins and Jessica Harper  

5252 Instant Rage  (89)  Ninja action  BA

T826 Internicine Project, The (74) Former secret agent Robert Elliot (Coburn) will be promoted to government advisor. In order to make sure no-one will ever know about his dirty past….  Obscure crime/thriller with James Coburn, Lee Grant and Keenan Wynn.  

T749 Invincible Obsessed Fighter (83) Martial arts/ action  BA

4141 Invincible Six, The  (68) Based on the story "The Heroes of Yucca," The Invincible Six features a ragtag group of jewel thieves who become the unofficial guardians of a small Iranian village. When bandits attack the village, looking for the body of their former leader and his treasure map, the Invincible Six are there to save the day….  Elke Sommer, Stuart Whitman, Curt Jurgens, Jim Mitchum, and Ian Ogilvy  BA 

T704 Invincible Superchan (72) Kung Fu / Martial Arts  Ultra-Violent!  Severed Limbs Flying Fun! - BA

P148 Invincibles, The (94) German made action thriller - LBX - Subs

8293 Invitation Au Voyage  (82)  subs-  Man haunted by the death of his rock singer sister drives across France with her corpse.  BA

L317 Ipogeia Diadroma (83) Undecipherable gobbledy-gook that seems to revolve around a virus outbreak and the containment - Greek -F.L.

8523 Jack Tillman: The Survivalist  (85)  “His country destroyed. His family they must face him….”  Steve Railsback, Marjoe Gortner

T617 Jackie Robinson Story, The (50) Biography of Jackie Robinson, the first black major league baseball player in the 20th century.  BA

2385 Jaguar Lives (79) A world's new kung-fu hero (Joe Lewis) is out to stop drug dealers, gangs and help save the world from an evil con (Christopher Lee)….  Barbara Bach, Donald Pleasence and John Huston

R23 Jaguar Project, The ( 79) Incredible frenetic war epic!  A woman and a National Treasure needs rescued!  A warrior is called for the last mission. Greed, Heroism, Bloodthirsty Sadism ! 6 Battle Hardened Soldiers on a Journey Through Hell!  Dubbed into English!

Q914 James Ellroy's Feast of Death (01) Author Ellroy and his fascination with unsolved murder cases, especially those of his mother, and the similar Black Dahlia murder (which currently is the subject of a Hollywood film of the same name) is explored in detail with loads of interviews including Nick Nolte

M82 Japanese Beauty Pageant - Wow—over 2 hours

7190 Jayne Mansfield Story, The  (80)  The gaudy rise and dizzy fall of the last great Hollywood blonde bombshell Jayne Mansfield…..  Loni Anderson, Arnold Schwarzenegger

3973 Jeffrey Dahmer Spectacular (various) lots of news footage, TV specials, and the full prison interview + more!  Want to get in the mind of one sick dude?  

7186 Jennifer on My Mind (71)  A downbeat romance as a man looking for love gets mixed up with a selfish and free-spirited blond hippy-chick junkie. It starts with her already dead and we look back on how they met and her mental decline to the inevitable overdose on heroin….  a small early role by Robert DeNiro   BA

Q796 Jigsaw (79) aka: The Angry Man    A Frenchman (Lino Ventura) arrives in Montreal only to be informed that his son is dead. However the deceased is not his son but an individual who was using his passport.  He begins a frantic search for his son who happens to be wanted by the local mob.  Karen (Angie Dickinson) an American woman helps Dupree in his quest….   Crime/action/thriller   Donald Pleasence, Lisa Pelikan  BA

Q798 Jimmy the Kid (82) Gang of bumbling crooks kidnap a bratty little kid (Gary Coleman), find out they got more than they bargained for…..  Don Adams, Dee Wallace, Paul Le Mat, Ruth Gordon  BA

K48 Jivaro (54) aka: Lost Treasure of the Amazon   A gorgeous American arrives in Brazilian headhunter country, seeking her fiancé….  Fernando Lamas, Rhonda Fleming, Brian Keith and Lon Chaney Jr. star in this obscure jungle outing 

Q765 Jive Turkey (74) aka: Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes    A numbers king pin tries to stay in business as the mafia and police close in around him….  Frank Dekova - More Blaxploitation  

837 Joe (70)  Bill (Dennis Patrick) a wealthy businessman, confronts his junkie daughter's drug-dealing boyfriend; in the ensuing argument, Bill kills him….  Peter Boyle, Susan Sarandan

6334 Johnny Got His Gun  (71)  A young American soldier, hit by a shell on the last day of the First World War, lies in a hospital bed, a quadruple amputee who has lost his eyes, ears, mouth and nose. He remains conscious, and able to reason, and tries to communicate to his doctors his wish that he be put on show in a carnival as a demonstration of the horrors of war.  Timothy Bottoms, Jason Robards Jr., Donald Sutherland, Diane Varsi, Kathy Fields    Uncut version  BA

9157 Johnny Cool (63) An aging American gangster exiled in Italy "adopts" an Italian convict and trains him to return to America and seek revenge on the people who betrayed him….  Henry Silva, Elizabeth Montgomery, Richard Anderson, Jim Backus, Joey Bishop, Telly Savalas, Sammy Davis Jr.  BA

9736 Johnny Firecloud (74) Amazing flick with a pissed off Indian . Rednecks hang his dad, assault and kill a sexy Indian woman that is his friend (in a brutal sequence) and now he is pissed. He sticks one guy in the head with his hatchet, kills another guy with snakes- another eyes gouged out and buried up to his neck for the vultures- another blown up and more!  Plenty of nudity from sexy broads too so what are you waiting for ?

9203 John's Not Mad (89) Really funny BBC docu on Tourette's Syndrome guy who freaks out and cusses everything and everyone. Also a follow-up 10 years later finds him the same and still entertaining as hell

2948 Journey Into Fear  (74)  Vincent Price

4133 Joy Ride to Nowhere  (78)  two slutty high school seniors get more than they bargained for when they steal a Cadillac with $2 million in the trunk !  BA

5003 Jud  (71)  A Vietnam vet returns to Los Angeles at Christmas time, finds out it's not how he thought it was going to be….. One of the first tragic Vietnam vet stories….  with Claudia Jennings  BA

3100 Jud Suss: the Indoctrination of Racial Hatred  (40)  Nazi anti Semitic tract about a Jew who rises to power under the duchy of Wuerttemberg by stepping on, abusing, and raping Aryans.  This film caused riots at its screenings and tragedy for its cast and crew.  This is the Third Reich's most notorious fictional expression of policy.  In German with English subs.  Nazi propaganda not to be missed! 

T159 Junkie's Christmas, A (93) A heartwarming tale (told in Claymation) of a wind shield wiping loser Junky, and his search for a fix on Christmas. Gather the kids around and root for Danny to get his Fix ! Angel Dust From Heaven maybe ? Presented to you by William Burroughs. Since this is so short- we have thrown on more zany Claymation insanity- "Davey and Son of Goliath" and more...

L318 Kaivo (92) aka: The Well    Finnish drama/psychological thriller   F.L.   BA

5365 Kamikaze Taxi  (94)  A young foot soldier in the yakuza seeks revenge when his prostitute girlfriend dies after a session….   Subs   LBX    over 2 hours  recommended!

4168             Kansas City Massacre  (75)  Gangsters free one of their colleagues being escorted to prison and kill several FBI agents and local police officers in the attempt. FBI agent Melvin Purvis puts together a special squad to track down and capture the men responsible….  Bo Hopkins, Scott Brady   BA

K109 Karate Kids U.S.A. (80 )  aka: The Little Dragons    Karate experts attempt to rescue a girl who was kidnapped by a mother and her two psycho sons…..   Joe Spinell   BA

K210 Katherine (75) A harrowing look at the 60s and early 70s through the eyes of Katherine Alman, a wealthy debutante who slowly, but inexorably spirals down into a fight for the causes that shook a nation, leading a path to the underground life…..  Henry Winkler, Sissy Spacek and Art Carney 

Q770 Katie's Passion (75) The young girl Keetje (Monique van de Ven) moves to Amsterdam in 1881 with her impoverished family, and is led into prostitution in order to survive….   Rutger Hauer 

4481 Kemek  (88)  aka: For Love or Murder   A wealthy, eccentric chemical company owner sends his woman to get an American writer to take a mind control drug, Kemek, to verify its potential. She accomplishes her mission, but falls totally in love with the writer….  David Hedison  Mary Woronov

3460 Kid Dynamite  (43)  aka: Queen of Broadway   EastSide boxing champion (Leo Gorcey) has been challenged to fight the West Side champ but is kidnapped before the match…  East Side Kids 

1042 Kid Vengeance (75)  A prospector whose gold was stolen by an outlaw teams up with a kid whose parents were murdered and sister kidnapped by the same outlaw…  Lee Van Cleef, Jim Brown, Leif Garrett and John Marley 

4335 Kid With the Golden Arm, The  (79) martial arts/ fighting classic Shaw Bothers  LBX  BA 

T727 Kidnapped (86) Sisters Bonnie (Barbara Crampton) and Debbie (Kim Evenson) visit San Diego on Debbie's sixteenth birthday. After telling a sleazy pickup artist to take a hike, he follows them to the zoo and has Debbie kidnapped on behalf of his sleazy boss in order to shoot her full of dope and make her perform in porno films….   David (An American Werewolf in London) Naughton   BA

9156 Kidnapping of the President, The (79) During a visit to Toronto, the USA president (Hal Holbrook) is abducted by a crazed South American terrorist and held captive in an armored truck wired with explosives. A relentless secret service agent tries to rescue the president before midnight when the truck will detonate….  William Shatner and Ana Gardner  BA

8288 Kill  (71)  Interpol investigates the freelance killings of drug and porn peddlers….  James Mason  BA

8640 Kill Alex, Kill!  (76)  Alex is a Vietnam veteran who finds out, when he comes home, that his family have been murdered….  Alex vows revenge!    BA

L905-3945 Kill and Kill Again (82) Steve Chase a four time world martial arts champion goes into battle against a demented Billionaire and his minions..- BA

Q750 Kill Castro (80) aka: Sweet Dirty Tony    Adventurer gets caught up in a plot to kill Fidel Castro…. Stuart Whitman, Robert Vaughn, Woody Strode, Sybil Danning  

9016 Kill Me Gently (60's) Spy action with Brad Harris and Tny Kendall - LBX - BA

Q744 Kill or Be Killed (93) Vengeance is one man's obsession when he is released from prison and his brother has stolen his girlfriend

M43 Kill Rommel (69) During WWII, US Lieutenant Morris and British captain Hull are assigned in a mission to kill Rommel….  Anton Differing war action but only in fair quality

2592 Kill Squad  (81)  aka: Code of Honor   action/drama/martial arts  Cameron Mitchell, Jean Glaudé, Jeff Risk, Jerry Johnson, Francisco Ramírez

L726 Killer (94) aka: Bulletproof Heart   A professional assassin, having just "cleaned up" a botched "job," is pressured into another new assignment by his boss….   Mimi Rogers, Peter Boyle, Anthony LaPaglia 

Q50 Killer 77: Alive or Dead (68) Robert Mark and Alicia Brandet star. A crazed mad scientist attempts to rebuild a Nazi Regime for world take-over.- F.L.

9440 Killer Cop (74) aka: The Police Can't Move   story of a judge (Arthur Kennedy) and a Police officer (Claudio Cassinelli) wandering between "Red Brigade" and "Black Section" of Secret Services on the other wings….  BA

3587 Killer Elite, The  (75)  Two professional assassins begin as friends but end up stalking each other when they are double-crossed….  James Caan, Robert Duvall, Arthur Hill, Gig Young, Burt Young, Mako, Bo Hopkins and Helmut Dantine    Sam Peckinpaw directs   BA

2954 Killer Force  (75) They were professionals who killed for hire. But the man who hunted them killed for pleasure!  Peter Fonda, Telly Savalas, OJ Simpson and Christopher Lee  BA

4058 Killer From Shantung   (72) Leaving the poverty of his life in Shantung to seek fortune in Shanghai, The Boxer is instead drawn into a world of corruption, gang warfare and evil... Where his only protection is his famed fighting technique…..  classic Shaw Brothers

5049 Killer Likes Candy, The  (77)  Gordon Mitchell and Kerwin Matthews  Euro-Spy   BA

K89 Killer of Snakes, Fox of Shaolin (78) Kung Fu Martial arts    Carter Wong

2387 Killers   (88)  Cameron Mitchell

9355 Killer's Carnival (66) A lady killer tracked by the police, takes refuge at a psychiatrist's home, and the doctor tells him three stories….   Klaus Kinski, Stewart Granger and Lex Barker   violent mob thriller - BA

T177 Killer's Mission, The (69) Samurai Film with Subs

9540 Killers, The (64) Two hitmen want to find out why their latest victim (a race car driver!) "just stood there and took it" when they came to shoot him.  Ronald Reagan plays a rich, double-crossing bad guy….  Claude Akins, Angie Dickinson, Lee Marvin and Dan Haggerty  BA

4851 Killing Affair, A   (77)  aka: Behind the Badge   A white female detective is partnered with a black male detective to find the person who is committing a series of particularly vicious murders….   O.J. Simpson is a cop accused of murder (how could they?) in a doomed interracial (wha?) love affair- no kidding!  Elizabeth Montgomery, Dean Stockwell

Q752 Killing Affair, A (86) aka: My Sister's Keeper    The story of a widow (in West Virginia) who takes in a drifter who she believes killed her husband. She begins to fall for him but cannot be sure if she should trust him…  Peter Weller and Kathy Baker

6358 Killing at Hell's Gate  (81) A rafting party is terrorized during a trip down the river. The villains are local woodcutters, disgruntled by the fact that their factory is to be closed down…. Robert Urich, Deborah Raffin and Brion James is one of the Crazies (of course)!  

Q501 Killing in the Sun (73) aka: Les Hommes   Fanto (Michel Constantin) represents the old world where gangsters are gentlemen and important members of their communities. In the beginning Fanto has his tightly knit "family" around him, but as the new money starts pouring in (in the form of an American mobster Everett (Henry Silva), the whole scene changes and becomes less picturesque for Fanto….   Crime Action

Q583 Killpoint (84) An L.A. cop investigating the assault and murder of his wife traces the crime to a psycho biker gang that smuggles guns. He teams up with an FBI agent to stop them and catch his wife's killers…. Richard Roundtree and Cameron Mitchell  BA

L141 King of the Mountain (81) A group of friends race their high-powered cars up and down a dangerous and deadly mountain road known as Mulholland Drive to see who can claim the title of "King of the Hill"…  Deborah Van Valkenburg, Harry Hamlin, Dennis Hopper, Joseph Bottoms  BA

8597 Kiss Kiss...Kill Kill   (66) Tony Kendall, Brad Harris, Maria Perschy  Euro-spy  LBX  BA

9408 Kiss of Death, The (73) One night a textile worker (Cheng Ping) is sexually assaulted by several deviants. The young lady tries to cope with the aftermath of this dramatic event but her life is ruined.   Cheng gets a new job as a bar girl. She meets the club's owner (Lo Lieh) who was a former kung-fu fighter until he was crippled. Cheng uses her position at the bar to go after the losers who assaultd her, She soon learns from a sleazy doctor that she has contracted a dark V.D……   Shaw Brothers classic      Subs  LBX and trailer

7473 Klansman, The  (74)  a young woman has been violently assaultd. The white town fathers immediately declare that the attacker had to be black, and place the blame on Garth, a young black man…. Lee Marvin, Richard Burton, Cameron Mitchell and O.J. Simpson (in his film debut).   BA

Q960 Kokoda (06) It is WW2 and the Japanese are invading New Guinea. Enter a small band of improperly trained and ill-equipped Australian soldiers into the mountainous, jungle, muddy and very unforgiving harsh terrain (who are outnumbered a hundred to one) environment and what you see is bleak, violent tale of battles and survival. Stunning photography, War Gore, Human Frailties - Recommended ! LBX

8600 Komissar X: The Tiger Game  (71) aka: F.B.I. operazione Pakistan    Tony Kendall, Brad Harris, more spy action.  This one is in German.  F.L.   BA

Q489 Kommando Leopard (85) A cruel dictator rules a Latin American state. Corruption, brutality and exploitation are present every day….  Lewis Collins, Klaus Kinski  (other two titles in the trilogy "Codename Wild Geese" and "The Commander"  are also available) Antonio Margheriti's war epics + The Making of... + Trailer (this total runs over 2 and half hours)  LBX

8444 Kommissar X:  Drei Blue Panther  (67) aka: Gangsters per un massacre   Tony Kendall, Brad Harris and Erica Blanc   Euro-spy action  F.L.

8444-2 Kommissar X:  In Den Klaven Des Golden Dragon  (67) aka: So Darling, So Deadly    Brad Harris, Tony Kendall, Barbara Frey  Euro spy action    F.L.

K86 Kung Fu : Monkey, Horse, Tiger (80) King Chi (Carter Wong), one of the Emperor's followers and soon to be son-in-law, overhears a conversation by the Emperor's right hand man, Pai Yeh Hu (Chen Sing). The topic of the conversation is that Pai Yeh Hu plans to kill the Emperor so he can be one himself….  Action/drama/martial arts 

K125 Kung Fu Kids Break Away (80)  aka: Lee's Killer Kids    A comical kung fu tale, Huang I Lung portrays San Mao, a wandering orphan who is in search of the mother he never knew, after his father dies in a war and his master is shot to death by enemy soldiers. Before his master's death, San Mao was taught various styles of acrobatic kung fu and uses these skills to showcase his talents on the street for money…..

3600 La Belva Dalla Calda Pelle  (82) aka: Emanuelle, Queen of the Desert    Italian language  LBX war action film with murderous rapist soldiers pillaging the countryside.  Also stars Laura Gemser!  (English language print also available under the title "The Dirty Seven")  BA

7241 La Cambiale  (59)  Obscure Italian comedy .  In Italian no subs

6252 La Cita Gioca D'Azzardo  (74) aka: Gambling City  A professional gambler goes to work for a crime syndicate, and becomes a favorite of the organization's boss because he makes them so much money. However, he falls in love with the reluctant mistress of the boss' son, who finds out about it and tries to turn his father against the gambler in order to have him killed….  Italian crime directed by Ernesto Gastaldi  F.L.   BA

Q297 La Citta Sconvolta Caccia Spietata Al Rapitori (75) aka: Kidnap Syndicate - Two kids are kidnapped: a rich man's child and a poor man's child. The rich man decides to try and haggle over the ransom, which causes the kidnappers to kill the poor man's child to make their point…. James Mason stars in this violent crime-action. - LBX - Subs  BA

T940 La Criatura (78) aka: The Creature - Respectable housewife (with an abusive rapist husband) falls in love with the family dog!  Not Graphic in a sexual way with the dog, but you get the idea Rover is getting more than just his Kibbles.  And I think we can guess their favorite position!  Really twisted.  LBX - F.L.

8563 La Femme Nikita (90) Convicted felon Nikita, instead of going to jail, is given a new identity and trained, stylishly, as a top secret spy/assassin…  Subs   BA 

Q668 La Fuga de Segovia (81) aka: Escape from Segovia - crime / drama   F.L.

T937 La Novia De Lazaro (02) aka: Lazaro's Girlfriend - sex drama  Claudia Rojas and Roberto Govin  LBX in Spanish  F.L.  18+

Q509 La Primo Notte (59) aka: Venetian Honeymoon - comedy/romance with Claudia Cardinale  In Italian - F.L.

6242 La Ragazza Dalle Pelle Di Luna  (72 )  aka: The Sinner    sleaze F.L.

T945 La Trastienda (75) aka: Blood and Passion - LBX - F.L.

T815 Lady Assassin (83) action     LBX - Subs

6471 Lady Ice  (73) An insurance investigator romances a wealthy young beauty when he suspects she may be involved in fencing stolen jewels….  Donald Sutherland, Jennifer O’Neill, Patrick Magee, Robert Duvall  BA

8545 Lady in Red, The  (79)  Sexy, bloody Dillinger film with Pamela Sue Martin as the title whore (in her sleaziest most explicit role ever) who leads Dillinger to his death.

8691 Lady Killer  (92)  Female Kingpin in the Organized Crime….  action thriller-  Subs.

T610 Lady Windermere's Fan (25) adaptation of Oscar Wilde's play with Ronald Coleman, May McAvoy and Bert Lytell  comedy/drama

2130 Las Vegas Hillbillies (66)   “Jayne Swings! Mamie Sings!... in the wildest romp since Pa blew the still!”  comedy/musical   Mamie Van Doren, Ferlin Husky, Bill Anderson, Christian Anderson and Robert V. Barron

P101 Laser Mission (90) aka: Soldier of Fortune   A secret agent. A beautiful accomplice. A daring mission to prevent World War III. One thrilling adventure!   Brandon Lee, Ernest Borgnine 

L759 Last Bullet, The (95) Aussie WW2 flick. A Japanese soldier and an Australian soldier play a deadly game of cat and mouse in the South Pacific jungles

9764 Last Challenge of the Dragon (76)  aka: The Big Family   action/drama/martial arts BA

L731 Last Drops of Blood (03) Violent mob/crime/Yakuza/action - LBX  with Subs

3983 Last Hunter, The  (76)  During the Vietnam war, an American soldier gets trapped behind enemy lines. A squad of his buddies sets out to rescue him…  UNCUT LBX print!  David Warbeck  BA

L755 Last Life in the Universe (03) Here's a bizarre drama about a suicidal obsessive - compulsive Japanese librarian and his relationship with an unkempt Thai woman. With English, Japanese and Thai language

K34 Last Match, The (90) Ernest Borgnine, Henry Silva, Charles Napier, Martin Balsam and Oliver Tobias star in this unintentionally hilarious action trash!  A football team heads off with their coach to rescue his daughter from a Caribbean island prison.  Watch as the team battles Dominican Armies while still wearing their football gear!  One team -player crams a grenade into a football and drop kicks it at an enemy helicopter.  Amazing!

P136 Last Mercenary (68) After the war in Congo, two mercenaries take a mission to safeguard uranium transportation in a South American jungle, fighting bandits and local miners…. Ray Danton  action/adventure

9547 Last Movie, The (71) A film shoot in Peru goes badly wrong when an actor is killed in a stunt, and the unit wrangler, Kansas, decides to give up film-making and stay on in the village, shacking up with local prostitute Maria. But his dreams of an unspoiled existence are interrupted when the local priest asks him to help stop the villagers killing each other by re-enacting scenes from the film for real because they don't understand movie fakery…  Dennis Hopper's bizarre follow-up to Easy Rider.  Julie Adams, Peter Fonda, Kris Kristofferson, Sylvia Miles, John Phillip Law, Russ Tamblyn, Rod Cameron

B134 Last Night at the Alamo (83) The Alamo bar faces the wrecking ball. Last night at the Alamo features patrons who meet a man determined to save the old watering hole. Things go from bad, to worse, to terrible as true colors are revealed. "Ribald...Cursing, Drinking and carousing" - BA

Q500 Last Run, The (71) A former getaway driver from Chicago (George C. Scott) has retired to a peaceful life in a Portuguese fishing village. He is asked to pull off one last job, involving driving a dangerous crook and his girl-friend to France. However, the job turns out to be a double-cross….  Colleen Dewhurst

9393 Last Witness, The (02) South Korean thriller - Subs

L612 Law and Order (69) It's a very real documentary, showing the dirty, brutal and racist cops of the Kansas City Police Department circa 1969. These "good old boys" go through their usual protocol, violating rights and being genuine assholes . Shot in gritty black and white.

7356 Law with Two Phases  (84)  B (Danny Lee), a cop is partnered with a fellow rookie, while in search of a bank robber suspected of murder…..  Crime/action   LBX  Subs  

Q93 Le Crabe - Tambour (77) aka: Drummer Crab - Awesome after-war drama which deals with a dying French naval frigate trying to make a last rendezvous in the winter storm-tossed seas off the Grand Banks. An old war hero he betrayed some twenty years previous to save his own career is along for the voyage. Gut wrenching - Subs

8126 Left For Dead  (78) aka: I Miss You, Hugs and Kisses    Elke Sommer crime drama   BA

1142 Legacy of Rage   (86)  Brandon Lee  action / martial arts

6113 Legend of Earl Durand, The  (74)  In Wyoming 1939, a man spends his life searching for freedom and justice. His Robin Hood actions cause a manhunt of massive proportions….  Slim Pickens, Martin Sheen, Peter Haskell, Keenan Wynn, and Anthony Caruso  BA  western

8653 Legend of the Brothers (91) aka: Legend of the Chiuchow Brothers   Hong Kong Crime/Action/Gangster   LBX   Subs

Q260 Legend of the Dragon (04) A Tai Chi master teaches his son defense after being bullied by karate master    LBX   Subs

3352 Legend of the Sea Wolf  (75)  aka: Larsen Wolf of the Seven Seas   Gentleman is forced to work in a seal-hunt ship ruled by a tyrannical captain. Violence rules but soon he learns to interact with the captain, just to find a thinking (and ill) man. More violent than the other versions...based on Jack London novel   Chuck Conners, Barbara Bach  

T195 Legend of the Village Warriors, The (00) Story of a small village in Siam, that held off a far greater force of Burmese for 8 attacks. Incredible large scale with some Mighty and Violent Battle Action. Some Particularly Jaw- Dropping Decapitations and more!  Great Stuff!  Recommended!  Subs

5275 Legend of the Wolf  (82)  subs HK action

8708 Legendary Tai Fei, The  (99)  LBX  Subs    HK youth clashes with crime syndicate.  BA

7326 Leise Toten Die Spione (67)  aka: Spies Kill Silently    Erika Blanc.  German language spy  LBX

1043 Lemon Grove Kids Meets the Monsters, The  (66)  adventure/comedy/action

309 Les Miserables    (35)  Jean Valjean (Fredric March), a Frenchman of good character and great strength, is convicted of stealing a loaf of bread, an act that sets in motion a lifetime of misery for Valjean, as he is pursued by the uncompromising and brutal lawman Javert (Charles Laughton)…. Based on Victor Hugo novel

2918 Liberators, The  (69)  War/Drama  Klaus Kinski, George Hilton    BA

6317 Liberty and Bash  (89)  Liberty, Bash, and their friend Jesse served together in a war in Central America. Now Liberty and Bash work with youths, helping them stay out of crime and becoming a positive part of the community. But Jesse has gotten mixed up with drug lords, and when he turns up dead, it's up to Liberty & Bash to declare another war, this time on the home front.  Miles O'Keefe and Lou Ferrigno 

Q466 Lie Lie Lie (97) A young man divides his time between being an unwelcome guest in the home of a former fellow student and attempting to make lots of money by running fraudulent businesses…. LBX  Subs

3733 Lightning Bolt  (65)  Someone is stealing moon rockets from Cape Kennedy, and secret agent Harry Sennet must find out who is doing this devilish deed. It leads him to an evil madman who plots to destroy the world from his underwater hideout…..  BA

5087 Likely Stories 2  (83)  hilarious comedy vignettes with  Danny Devito, Paul Reubens and more spoofing sex and events  BA  

P100 Lilia A -4 - Ever (02) Sixteen year old Lilja (Oksana Akinshina) is left alone, without money or family in a very poor apartment.  Lilja begins to prostitute in a nightclub to survive, and she meets a young man, Andrei (Pavel Ponomaryov), who seduces her and invites Lilja to move with him to Sweden with a promise of a job and lodging. When she arrives in Sweden, reality is not exactly as dreamed….   LBX  Subs

2129 LionMan (79)  A young man who has been raised by a witch uses his claw-like hands to battle his enemies and rescue a princess….  action/adventure/war

5061-2447        Little Caesar    (30)  Rico joins Sam Ventori's gang. He replaces Sam as leader, pushes rival gang leader Arnie Lorch out of town, then goes after the job of next-higher-up Pete Montana. He accepts when "Big Boy" offers him that prize but his sights are set higher still…. Edward G. Robinson, Glenda Farrell, Sidney Blackmer and Douglas Fairbanks Jr.   BA

9540 Little Dragons, The (80) Karate kids rescue a family held hostage by a back-woods clan.  With Joe Spinell !!!

4123 Little Ladies of the Night  (77)  aka: Diamond Alley   The sister of ex-pimp and current Los Angeles Police detective Kyle York (David Soul) was murdered working the streets a few years ago. Since his reform, he has teamed with Officer Russ Garfield (Louis Gossett Jr.) to clear the streets of under-age girls working in prostitution. Pretty, young runaway Hailey Atkins (Linda Purl) has been turned out…..  

9528 Little Laura and Big John (73) Fabian, Karen Black - True life adventures of the small-time Ashley gang in the Florida Everglades at the turn of the century

T208 Little Match Girl, The (87) The story of a little match girl (Natalie Morse) who lives with her alcoholic dad (Roger Daltrey). She spends all day living on the streets selling matches when one day she meets a gorgeous guy (Russell Lee Nash). They have this sort-of friendship that she would like to take further…. Until one night, she lights one of her matches to find that it takes her into a different world…. Ultra-Cheese Tear-Jerker U.K. version

Q190-K223 Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man (76) Marc Porel and Ray Lovelock star. Ruggero Deodato directed ultra violent tale with Super Cops who literally thrive on danger and violence. A classic. Surprisingly brutal. LBX and in English

Q516 Lo Scocciatore (54)  A middle-aged would-be Don Juan seeks adventure with a prostitute and she winds up murdered. Now what ? - F.L.

4649 Lonely Lady, The  (81)  Young writer comes to Hollywood with dreams of success, gets involved with the seamy side of movie-making, and is driven to a nervous breakdown….  Pia Zadora

Q902 Loner, The (87) aka: Le Solitaire- Jean-Paul Belmondo stars in this violent crime thriller

4879 Longest Night, The  (91)  Fifteen years after the plot a lawyer and a military ex-attorney meet and recall the intense days of 1975 when both participated in the decision of war or peace….. Hong Kong police movie  LBX   Subs

9017 Longstreet (71) The pilot for the 1971-1972 series of the same title. The story of Michael Longstreet, an insurance investigator recovering from an explosion that killed his wife and took his sight…. Bruce Lee and James Franciscus  

Q484 Look in any Window (61) “It's The Must-See Story Of Morals And Mistakes... Told With Unashamed Biting Frankness!”  Paul Anka, Ruth Roman, Alex Nicol, Gigi Perreau, Carole Mathews BA

4995 Loose Shoes  (77)  A sketch comedy movie done in the style of movie trailers.  Bill Murray and more - (like "The Groove Tube")  BA

T381 Lorelei : The Witch of the Pacific Ocean (04) Alternate Japanese WW2 Epic Submarine Action with Supernatural undertones with excellent American cast as well. The Lorelei sub carries a weapon to prevent the 3rd Atomic Bombing of Japan - Subs - Recommended

2863 Losers, The  (70)  Some bikers are hired by the CIA during the Vietnam War to rescue a captured agent from the clutches of the Red Chinese army. After a round of drinking, fighting, and whoring around, the cycle gang, led by Big Bill Smith, fix up their Yamahas with machine guns, grenades and armor plating, and storm the enemy camp….  William Smith    BA

L494 LSD : Flesh of Devil (67) Guy Madison   Bond styled action - BA

7206 Lucifer Rising / Invocation of My Demon Brother  (69/80)  Two underground films from the warped mind of Kenneth Anger. 

Q68 Lucrecia Borgia's Secret Nights (82) aka: Las Noche Secretas De Lucrecia Borgia  George Hilton and Sirpa Lane

9462 Lunatic Theatre  aka: Muscle (00) Sato Hisayasu's tribute to bodybuilders - F.L. - BA

5023-1856        Machine Gun Kelly  (58)  Criminal Kelly (Charles Bronson), is convinced by his moll to give up bank robbery for kidnapping….  Susan Cabot   BA

1044 Mad Bomber, The  (73)  William Dorn (Chuck Connors) decides to get back at all the people he blames for the overdose death of his daughter and the break up of his marriage…. Vince Edwards, Neville Brand, Hank Brandt and Christina Hart  BA

T845 Mad Dog Coll (61) Vincent " Mad Dog" Coll is the Tommy Gun Totin' outlaw with an attitude, in this, portrayed by John Davis Chandler. Also with a young Jerry Orbach and Telly Savalas. Great music and atmosphere make this period piece obscurity a winner that demands to be seen.   BA

T233C Mad Jo (68) aka: Superbull - Crime Action with Anthony Steel and Gotz George - F.L.

5214 Mad Mission  aka: Aces Go Places #1  (81)  madcap daredevil escapades in this the first of popular running series-  cool !  BA

5213 Mad Mission  aka: Aces Go Places #2  (83)  More madcap madness !  This one (considered by many to be the best in the series!) features a character names Filthy Harry (doing his best Eastwood) amidst motorcycle and car chases, stunts, giant robots, martial arts, and an ending that spoofs " Shaft " (with Isaac Hayes music to match!)  Great stuff!!   BA  (1-5 available)

B6 Mad Trapper of the Yukon (72) aka: Challenge to Be Free - Action adventure geared toward a young audience depicting the struggles of a man being pursued by 12 men and 100 dogs across a thousand miles of frozen wilderness….  BA

9762 Mafia vs. Ninja (85) Sewage workers Jack and Charlie get involved in an international Asian gang war when Jack helps the boss of a Shanghai gang against one of his rebellious underlings…. Hong Kong  BA

8698 Magic Cop  (90)  A mainland cop (who is also a Taoist) is called to Hong Kong to help in the investigation into a series of strange murders. Aided by two local cops, he runs afoul of an evil Sorceress….  

8525 Magnificent 7 Deadly Sins, The  (71)  Seven tales dealing with avarice (greed), envy, gluttony, lust, pride, sloth, and wrath.  Julie Ege and more  BA   British comedy

T277 Magnificent One, The (73) Albanian agents are smuggling missile platforms into Mexico. An American agent is devoured by a shark in a phone booth. Superspy Bob St. Cloud is sent to Acapulco to investigate. There he meets the beautiful Tatiana, but their romance is interrupted when they are attacked by an army of Albanian scuba divers, armed with machine guns. In the middle of the carnage, a cleaning woman pushes a vacuum cleaner up the beach. She enters the door of a small beach house where….   Jacqueline Bisset comedy/action

T500 Magus, The (68) Paul Stassino, Julian Glover - English teacher takes up a teaching post on a Greek island.  A reclusive magician begins a bizarre game.  Michael Caine, Candice Bergen, Anna Karina and Anthony Quinn also star in this critically panned obscurity.

T423 Majuba (68) South African lensed war epic. Tells the story of the most decisive battle of the Anglo - Transuual War fought between burgher soldiers under general Piet Joubert, and the British army under General Sir George Pomeroy on 27th Feb. 1881.

8470 Man Called Hero, A  (99)  Episodic saga from the first half of the 20th century follows Hero Hua from an ill-omened June day in his youth to a showdown 17 years later with a disaffected member of his martial-arts school, a Japanese named Invincible….  LBX   Subs  

X43 Man from Hong Kong , The (75) George (James Bond once) Lazenby stars in this cool action packed Aussie classic that throws in a bit of everything. LBX with trailer and Recommended!  BA

T270 Man on the Spying Tassaultze (67) Jerry (Wayde Preston) is an agent who travels from Madrid to Rome to New York to Beirut and back again several times in his quest to bed as many women as possible and, oh yes, to solve the case.  Spy Thriller that has its share of violence and torture too! 

Q478 Man Outside, The (67) After a CIA agent is fired for allegedly assisting another agent in defecting to the East, he becomes involved in further intrigue. A Russian spy is looking to defect. In the process, the ex-agent is framed for murder….  Paul Maxwell, Van Heflin - Great Spy Action  BA

Q936 Man to Man (05) In 1870 Central Africa, Professor Jamie Dodd (Ralph Fiennes) and his associate (Kristen Scott Thomas) Elena Den Ende kidnap a couple of pygmies (Toko and Likola) and bring them to Scotland for research to help determine the difference between man and monkey ! When Jaimie finds intelligence in the couple, their partners do not want to destroy the theory and imprison him, and travel with the pygmies to present them to Euro-Intellectual Snobs. Unreleased in America - LBX

3760 Man Who Saw Tomorrow, The  (81)  Hosted by Orson Welles, this documentary utilizes a grab bag of dramatized scenes, stock footage, TV news clips and interviews to ask: Did 16th century French astrologer and physician Nostradamus actually predict such events as the fall of King Louis XVI, the rise of Napoleon, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy?   BA

4429 Manchurian Avenger  (84)  Joe (Bobby Kim) returns to Colorado after many years to help the man who brought him up.  Joe’s father was killed by a gang looking to find some gold they believe he had found. Joe finds that Kim has also been murdered by them and tries to help his sister and her man to beat the gang and perhaps find the gold…. Bill “Superfoot“ Wallace

4370 ManHunt For Claude Dallas  (86)  This is the story is based on an actual incident. Claude Dallas' a man who loves to be free, so he leaves in the mountains where he hunts for his food. However, Bill Pogue is a driven game warden, who abhors anyone who hunts out of season. When he catches Claude Dallas doing that; he's about to arrest him when Claude kills him and the other warden with him. When word of this comes out it sparks a nationwide manhunt….  Claude Akins, Rip Torn and Matt Salinger 

L485 Manipulator, The (71) aka: African Story - Crime action with Stephen Boyd and Silvia Koscina - BA

4886 ManKillers  (87)  aka: 12 Wild Women    A female CIA agent is assigned to train and lead an all-female squad to Colombia to stop a renegade agent who has hired himself out to a drug cartel….  Edy Williams

3931 Manson (various) DOCU on Manson and The Family !  Lots of RARE interviews and footage running about 1 hour and 45 min.!

2136 Manson (73) Meet ONE MAN'S FAMILY REVEALED FOR THE FIRST TIME outside the courtroom - the staggering details of the most hideously bizarre murders in the annals of crime SURPRESSED UNTIL NOW and NOT PERMITTED on TV, Radio or Family Newspapers!   Docu on the Family   BA

2811 Manson Family Movies  (84) Featuring a cast of men as women/women as men, we see the adventures of the Manson family as they hang out, kill and crucify Charlie…. 

DV4 Manson Massacre (72)  Portrays the victims of the mass murder as druggie, sex-crazed swingers who bring about their doom by inviting these weirdoes into their home in the first place…  In German.  ULTRA RARE!  with Uschi Digart as his mother in flashbacks!  Ultra sleazy and easy to follow.

8382 Manson: The Man Who Killed the 60's  ()  Docu  BA

T213 Many Faces of Dracula, The (90's) Fantastic Dracula Documentary - BA

T252-8619 Marbella (85) aka: Hot Spot   A ruined USA citizen lives in Marbella on a yacht and plots to rob the money a powerful international arm-smuggling trader is going to deposit in a Swiss bank….  Comedy /Thriller with Rod Taylor and Britt Eklund   BA

6093 Marjoe (72) Marjoe Gortner exposes the Christian Movement for what it is. A Huge Money Making Scam!  Trust me, you'll be a believer (OR NOT) by the time Marjoe is over. And, if not, then watch "The Mad Healer" which follows Marjoe!  In this you will see more Christian insanity- as a foreigner (masquerading as a servant of Jesus) infiltrates some Christian T.V. people (with hysterical results)!  Then- for you heathens out there the specialty disc (or tape) ends with "The Farting Preacher".  Yes- see a real televangelist- preaching like a madman with cleverly edited "breaking wind" sequences that will bring tears to your eyes!  Thank-You Jesus!

8693 Martial Angels  (01)  Martial Angel tells of Cat (Shu Qi), a professional thief turned straight after leaving her lover, Chi Lam (Julian Cheung), two years before. But her past returns to haunt her as Chi Lam is kidnapped for the ransom of security software belonging to the company Cat works for. In order to rescue him, she calls on her old friends from her orphanage days, six other feisty women, to save the day….   Subs

X3 Martial Arts Master (93) Documentary about martial arts actor Bruce Lee, from his birth in 1940 till his death in 1973, with interviews with his fellow actors and family. Dedicated to his son, Brandon.  BA

L819 Maryjane (68) Fabian - Teacher is framed as a drug dealer. Hilarious opening scene has guy wreck his car and die because he's smoking a joint ! We all know if you partake of the dreaded killer weed you will wreck your car don't we?  Still, amidst the dopey propaganda the film manages to be entertaining in it's surreal simplicity.

3648 Master Blaster  (87)  The national 'Gotcha' championship brings a variety of queer fellows together. A Vietnam veteran always looking for adventure, a female police officer with a trauma, because she once could not shoot in the right moment, a Japanese martial-arts master always looking for the opportunity to train his skills as well as some people who wish nothing more as to get the 50,000 dollars which await the winner. All in all it could be an exciting weekend, when suddenly the game becomes reality as someone is shooting live rounds….

T391 Matter of Who, A (61) A detective for the World Health Organization investigates the disease related deaths of several oil men. Traveling to the Middle East, he uncovers a plot by an unscrupulous businessman to control the oil industry by killing off its most powerful members….  Terry Thomas, Honor (Pussy Galore) Blackman and Sonja Ziemann   Crime/Comedy  BA

3569 Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring  (70)  Dennie (Sally Field) has returned from a year among the hippies to her superficial, image-conscious suburban family. She must face their disapproval of her actions. They refuse to even try to understand. She must also deal with an ex-lover, and a beloved young sister who is following in her footsteps, wanting the idealistic hippie life but making some rash decisions in the process.  David Carradine  

2792 Mayhem  (86) The bloody saga of two strangers brought together by a common need - to find the women they've lost…. 

T742 McGuffin, The (85) Obsession, Voyeurism, Murder and more in this Hitchcockian Thriller - BA

9545 Mean Dog Blues (78) Tina Louise, Kay Lenz and George Kennedy with a small Scatman Crothers part as well.  A guy is framed for a driving accident by corrupt politician and sent to a prison where Dobermans are used. Kennedy plays an over the top self righteous pig warden that loves to sic his doggies on the convicts.

T99 Mean Frank and Crazy Tony (75)  aka: Escape From Death Row - Lee Van Cleef and Tony Lo Bianco star in this uncut version of the mafia classic with all the ultra violence and the drill kill sequence intact. They don't make 'em like this anymore...

T678 Mean Machine, The (73) aka: Ricco - Christopher Mitchum and Barbara Bouchet star in this violent, gory, nudity filled thriller that really delivers the goods. - BA

T714 Mean Mother (74) Two Vietnam deserters go their separate ways, become criminals and are eventually reunited….. Blaxploitation   BA

569 Meet the Feebles  (93)  Sex and violence gorefest perpetuated by puppets--and the dementia of director Jackson. A TV variety show, populated by animal puppets and humans in costume, is the setting for backstage mayhem, including sex, drugs, and a shooting spree. Among the characters are a sleazy walrus producer, his slinky Siamese cat mistress, a junkie frog, and a manic-depressive elephant. There's also several musical production numbers, if things aren't strange enough for you already….

8298 Mein Kampf  (60)  "Mein Kampf" presents the rise and fall of the Third Reich, showing mainly the destruction of Poland and the life of Hitler, which is told since he was a mediocre student and frustrated aspirant of artist living in slums in Austria and Germany, until his suicide in 1945 after being the responsible for the death of millions of people, and the destruction of Europe.  DOCU / PROPAGANDA  BA

L708 Memories of Murder (03) South Korea in 1986 under the military dictatorship: Two rural cops and a special detective from the capital investigate a series of brutal assault murder. Their crude measures become more desperate with each new corpse found. Based on a true case….  Crime thriller - Subs   BA

4986 Men in War  (57)  In Korea, on 6 September 1950, Lieutenant Benson's platoon finds itself isolated in enemy-held territory after a retreat….   Vic Morrow, Aldo Ray  BA

8129 Mercenaries, The  aka: Assignment Kill Castro  (80)

2962 Mercenary  (83)  aka: Cannibal Mercenary  A special forces Sergeant named Wilson is sent into the Viet Nam jungle to find and hunt down an army of bloodthirsty cannibals headed by a demented war criminal.   Ultra violent, gory, brutal war/action film from Thailand  BA

X36 Merciless Man, The (77) Ex-secret agent battles gangsters in this violent classic starring Tony Lo Bianco and Maud (Octopussy) Adams

6178 Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence  (82)  psychological drama about clashing cultures and physical and emotional survival focusing on the tensions between Maj. Jack 'Strafer' Celliers (David Bowie) as a British POW and camp commander Yonoi (Ryuichi Sakamoto), who also composed the outstanding score. A haunting and intense film about the horrors of war. Based on the novel by Laurens van der Post.  BA

T756 Message to My Daughter, A (73) A confused teenager discovers a stack of tapes recorded years earlier by her dying mother….  Sappy 70's Sob-Fest with Martin Sheen and Bonnie Bedalia - Box of Kleenex not included - BA

3525 Meteor  (79) American and Soviet scientists attempt to save the Earth from a fast-approaching barrage of meteors from space in this disaster dud. Destruction ravages parts of Hong Kong and the Big Apple… Sean Connery, Natalie Wood, Karl Malden, Brian Keith, Martin Landau, Trevor Howard, Henry Fonda, Joseph Campanella and Richard Dysart   BA

4167 Mid-Knight Rider  (84) aka: Hark Knocks  action/sleaze  

8696 Midnight Conjure  (90's) 

T659 Midnight Spares (83) After discovering that a group of car thieves may have something to do with his father's untimely death, Steve pursues the criminals and attempts to capture them as well as prove his prowess as a racecar driver….. Bruce (The Road Warrior) Spence   BA

6248 Mike Murphy 077: Gegen Ypotron  (66)  Luis Davila, Janine Reynaud and Gaia Germani  spy /thriller F.L.

Q261 Milano Calibro 9 (Caliber 9) (72) Barbara Bouchet - Simply outstanding ultra -violent Italian made crime-action. Rocco. a psychopathic gangster who enjoys sadistic violence and torture, contends with Ugo Piazza, an ex-con, who Rocco, (and the cops alike) thinks knows where there is $300,000 stashed from a former crime and must retrieve for a drug boss - This one is LBX and also in English !

4624 Milano Odia La Polizia Non Pua Sparare  (74)  aka: The Kidnap of Mary Lou   A psychotic small-time criminal realizes that the everyday robberies, assaults and murders he commits aren't making him all that much money, so he figures to hit the "big time" by kidnapping the daughter of a rich man…. Tomas Milian and Henry Silva  violent Umberto Lenzi classic    F.L. 

8439-2 Milano Rovente: Gang War in Milan  (73)  A Milan produce vendor, whom moonlights as a pimp, faces off against a ruthless and greedy French gangster whom wants to unite the organized crime ring of Italy….  Umberto Lenzi's first crime film-  In Italian

7337 Minaret of Death  (2001)  Russian violent action flick  F.L.  BA

L849 Misfit Brigade, The (87) aka: Wheels of Terror  Oliver Reed, Bruce Davison, David Carradine and more in this war yarn directed by Gordon Hessler  BA

9541 Mission Monte Carlo (75) A movie from a show entitled "The Persuaders" with Roger Moore and Tony Curtis. Directed by Roy Ward Baker

8005 Mission to Kill  (75)  A mob family, headed by gambling czar Jose Ferrer. When one of family's hit men (Helmut Berger) fails to come up to expectations, Ferrer orders the man's execution….  BA

B13 Mission War Flame (80's) War action - BA

8657 Mist in Judge  (2001) crime/drama  Subs.

7315 Mister Dynamite  (67) aka: Spy Today, Die Tomorrow   Millionaire Baretti (Amedeo Nazzari) pays a gang to rob an atomic bomb from an American silo, and then blackmails the USA Government for a huge amount of money….  Lex Barker  (Hilarious torpedo hitting fake ship fx in first 4 minutes!)  LBX in German   F.L.

P117 MMM.83 (65) aka: Missione mortale Molo 83   Spy-Action directed by Sergio Bergonzelli

L645 Mondo White Trash Hotheads + Affliction - If you are easily offended, this is not for you. Religion is trashed. Inbred red - necks sing racist songs, also with disgusting filthy waste - of - space white garbage at home. There is a lot more on this, dealing with a myriad of weird behaviors- some funny- some that may just leave you speechless.  Why do we have such items?  To shock you man- to shock you.  Besides- you may want to know these people are out there.....or not...

8711 Moon Angel  (97)  Two female truck drivers detest each other, and try to steal each other's business. Their rigs are both painted with elaborate large pictures of beautiful naked women. One day, whilst hauling loads of fish in Hokkaido, they are separately stopped by traffic police, who impound their trucks… LBX   Subs   BA

Q204 Moonchild (03) In the year 2014, Japan has collapsed economically and thus its people emigrated in large numbers and settled in other parts of the world….   LBX  Subs

9018 Moonlight Boy (93) A Taiwanese 'Sixth Sense'   Subs

Q83 More Italian Trailers + More !!! Vol #3 - Many rare trailers featured, many letterboxed - Great stuff.

1433 Morgan (66) aka: A Suitable Case for Treatment    Morgan is obsessed with Karl Marx and gorillas. He is also obsessed with stopping his ex-wife from marrying a more normal art dealer who is not obsessed with Karl Marx and gorillas….  comedy/drama Vanessa Redgrave and David Warner  BA

8625 Moron Movies  (80's)  over 100 off-the-wall short comedy films! 

4334 Morons From Outer Space  (85)  A space ship stops at an intergalactic fuel station. While the captain's refueling, one of his idiotic companions plays with the controls and accidentally starts the ship and crashes into the earth…. comedy/sci-fi   BA

8627 Mother Goose A Go-Go  aka: The Unkissed Bride  (66)  Tommy Kirk, Ann Helm.  A man cannot consummate his marriage due to his obsession with Mother Goose.  

Q493 Move (70) Elliot Gould - Porno author has a nervous break-down

4392-9777 Moving Target  (89) thriller with Linda Blair, Ernest Borgnine, Stuart Whitman, Gabriella Giorgelli and Charles Pitt

5059 Mr. Horn  (79)  The story of frontiersman Tom Horn, and his career as a cavalry scout, a tracker, a Pinkerton agent and a range detective, and the final events in his life that led to his tragic death…. David Carradine, Richard Widmark and Karen Black    Almost 2 1/2 hours!  BA

8287 Mr. Mike's Mondo Video  (79)  crazy bizarre hard-to-find show with Sid Vicious, Debbie Harry, SnL regulars and more !  BA

T648 Mr. No Legs (74) Hard to find No budget actioneer with Richard Jaeckel directed by the guy that played the "Creature from the Black Lagoon" in  the 3 films underwater scenes, Ricou Browning. Also with John Agar (who worked with Ricou many years earlier in Revenge of the Creature")  BA

8624 Mulato  (85)  Mulato, an island native, defends his people from the greed of the white man.  Caribbean action violence.  F.L.   BA 

T198 Murder By Reason of Insanity (85) Jurgen Prochnow is the maniac husband of Candice Bergen and he wants to kill her!  Also with Eli Wallach and Hector Elizondo

Q713 Murder Can Hurt You (80) Spoof of 80's T.V. crime shows and pretty funny. Victor Buono, Jaime Farr, Tony Danza, Roz Kelly, Gavin MacLeod, Buck Owens, Connie Stevens, Jimmy Walker, Burt Young, Marty Allen, Don Adams, Mel Blanc...more

Q751 Murder Once Removed (71) A doctor and the wife of one of his wealthy patients hatch a plot to get rid of her husband so they can be together and get his money… John Forsythe

9546 Murder: Ultimate Grounds for Divorce (85) A quiet camping trip turns into a fight for survival for two couples when one of them plans a murder.  Roger Daltry and Leslie Ash

4115 Murri Affair, The  (74)  aka: Drama of the Rich   grim love story with Catherine Denevue and Fernando Rey   

9159 My Best Friend (99) Docu on Wernor Herzog and Klaus Kinski- See Kinski throw temper tantrums in real life!

Q149 My Boys are Good Boys (78) Ida Lupino, Ralph Meeker and David Doyle star - Teenagers plot the robbery of an armored car. At least the little buggers have some ambition.

L241 My Dream is Yours (88) A group of people plan a caper that must be carried out within a dream - LBX - Subs

310 My Favorite Brunette (47) Baby photographer Ronnie Jackson (Bob Hope), on death row in San Quentin, tells reporters how he got there: taking care of his private-eye neighbor's office….  Dorothy Lamour, Peter Lorre, Lon Chaney Jr. and Reginald Denny  BA

7486 My Friends Need Killing  (76)  Disturbed Vietnam vet kills his friends from the war.

3623-L850 Mystics in Bali  (81)  LBX  witches, warlocks, snake transformations and a flying severed head!  Lots'a fun!

L78 Naked Eye, The  aka: Mirada del otro, La  (98) Bizarre, grotesque and compelling flick about alienation of human beings - F.L. - LBX

9019 Naked Runner, The  (66)  Sam Laker (Frank Sinatra) is an American industrialist, working in Britain, who has just been awarded an international award for industrial design. Meanwhile a British Intelligence officer who served with Laker in the Second World War decides to use the opportunity of Laker’s trip and his lack of an intelligence profile to coerce him into carrying out an assassination.  More spy action   BA

Q477 Nana (06) A chance encounter between two girls with the same name (Nana) triggers a series of events and relationships - LBX - Subs

8011 National Lampoon's Class Reunion  (82)  Lizzie Borden High's class of '72 are going through the motions at their tenth-year reunion, until deranged alum Walter Baylor, driven insane by a sadistic senior-year prank, escapes from the mental institution and crashes the party….  slasher spoof   BA

L832 Naughty : A Report on Pornography and Erotica - British docu remains neutral and instead of taking a side offers up actual history lesson on America's favorite form of entertainment (besides actual sex that is)

Q193 Naval Commandos, The (77) More war action   LBX - Subs

Q257 Negotiator (05) Mashita Masayoshi - Japan's #1 negotiator is called into action again as a mysterious train terrorizes Tokyo's underground railway network - LBX -Subs

9940 Nest, The (03) Wild French actioneer with Subs

8026 Never to Young to Die  (86)  A secret agent is murdered, and his son--a high school gymnast--teams up with a spy to catch the man who killed him….  Gene Simmons, John Stamos, and Vanity (pre-holy roller)  BA

4547 New Centurions, The  (72) An idealistic rookie cop joins the LAPD to make ends meet while finishing law school, and is indoctrinated by a seasoned veteran. As time goes on, he loses his ambitions and family as police work becomes his entire life….  George C. Scott, Stacy Keach, Jane Alexander, Scott Wilson, Erik Estrada and James B. Sikking    BA

9439 New Godfathers, The (79) International drug smuggling ring mixed with blood , bullets and brutal revenge - Antonio Sabato, Gianna Garko - BA

9335 New Option 2, The (03) More undercover drugs and gang action - Subs - BA

9295 New Option, The (03) Kidnapping, robbery, action film shot on video - Subs- BA

L813 New World Order and The Magical Money Machine - Eustace Mullins, America's Foremost bank examiner goes the governmental conspiracy route attacking big business, big banking and well, government + The Magical Money Machine! More conspiracy minded madness

9543 Newman Shame, The (77) aka: The Ordeal   John Brandy (George Lazenby) is an ex-cop who turned in his badge when he inherited money.  Living a hedonistic lifestyle his pleasures come to an end when his friend, a Bank Manager, Frank Newman commits suicide. Brandy and his babe Ginger (Diane Craig) travel to Perth to investigate and become the hunted as they get too close to a blackmail scheme involving pornographic movies…. 

L859 Nick, the Sting (76)  Nick Hezard (Luc Merenda), a young con man, wants to avenge the death of a friend.  He organizes a swindle trying to cheat Robert (Lee J. Cobb)…. BA  

8028 Nicole    aka: The Widow's Revenge (72)  Nicole can buy everything, except love.  Cheat on her and pay the ultimate price!  Catherine Bach (she’s gets topless!)  BA

9479 Nido di Vespe (02) aka: The Nest    Excellent violent thriller with great photography and loads of action - F.L. - BA   action/crime/thriller

8004 Night Force  (86)  Linda Blair, Richard Lynch action/drama  BA

2850 Night of the Generals, The  (66)  The murder of a prostitute in Nazi occupied Warsaw draws Wehrmacht Major Grau into an investigation where the evidence points to one of three high ranking Generals. The trail leads Grau from Warsaw to Paris and straight into the 1944 plot to assassinate Adolph Hitler…  Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif, Donald Pleasence and Christopher Plummer   BA

T729 Night of the Juggler (80) Bitter racist kidnaps ex-cop’s daughter . (James Brolin is the ex-cop). He goes bonkers chasing the kidnapper in New York's Time Square, even runs into  Sharon Mitchell at a porno shop. A dirty psycho cop, ghetto violence, sex peep thrills and more.  BA

3647 Night of the Sharks  (92)  David must fight for his life against the gangsters who killed his brother for a CD filled with proof of their illegal activities….   UNCUT Italian language version with MORE footage!  Treat Williams stars  BA

8415 Night Caller, The  (75)  aka: Fear over the City   Jean Letellier and inspector Moissac are tracking Minos, a serial killer, whose victims are women….. French made action  (in English)

Q838 Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, A (79) aka: The Big Scam - Pinky is released from prison and has decided to go straight from now on, but accidentally getting himself a job as a maintenance man at a large bank….  David Niven's last film  crime caper/comedy which also stars Elke Sommer, Gloria Grahame, John Rys-Davies and Alfred (Doctor Octopus) Molina 

L109 Nightmare in the Sun (65) A young man hitchhiking through the desert is picked up by a beautiful woman. They have an affair, and he finds out that she's married. The consequences of the affair lead to murder and blackmail…  Ursula Andress, John Derek, Keenan Wynn, Aldo Ray, Sammy Davis Jr., Robert Duvall, Arthur O'Connell, Richard Jaeckal - Great cast!   Lots of film noir elements used before this film and many times after BA

3462 Nine Demons, The  (85)  crazed fx highlight this fantasy, martial arts film!

K92 Ninja Champion (85) A couple camping in the woods is attacked by a trio of thugs and the wife is beaten and assaultd. A few months after the assault, she is hunting down the three (who happen to be diamond smugglers) by posing as a dealer looking to sell some stolen merchandise…. 

K122 Ninja Death (87) Tiger (Alexander Lou) is the owner of a brothel who moonlights as a kung fu artist under the watchful eye of "Master." They run into serious trouble when ninjas inexplicably show up and jeopardize Tiger's prostitution ring…..  Lu Yiu Trilogy (see parts 2 and 3 below)

K120 Ninja Death 2 (88) continuation of story

K121 Ninja Death 3 (89) continuation of story

K112 Ninja Empire (90)  aka: Ninja Thunderbolt II: Thunder Fox   Mark Abbott and Marko Ritchie

K127 Ninja Heat (80's)

K130 Ninja the Protector (86) When faced with the tyranny of an evil ninja empire run by an overweight accountant, our hero resorts to the only weapon a ninja can when faced with certain death - a 500cc racing motorbike….  Richard Harrison, Jackie Chan, David Bowles 

9761 Ninja vs. Shaolin Guard (84) Alexander and his three Shaolin brothers– all monks from Shaolin Temple-embark on a mission to get the Golden Sutra document to Tibet after the Shaolin Abbot is killed by the monks' traitorous teacher. The teacher has ninjas and assassins at his beck and call and all manner of costumed gangs attack the monks as they make their way to Tibet…. BA

2137 Ninja Warriors (85)  Ron Marchini  BA

9759 Ninja: American Warrior (87) Lady fighter (Amazonia) is battling the Shrew, a ruthless lady crime lord….  BA

Q899 Ninth Company, The (05) This film is based on the true story of the 9th company during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980's. Young Soviet Army recruits are sent from Boot Camp into the middle of the war. The guys are brutally murdered one by one by fighting dushman guerrillas. Sobering and realistic Russian action film! Over 2 Hours Epic Big Budget LBX with Subs

Q357 Ninth Company, The (87) A few conscripts see the Armies vast resources laying around wasting, so decide to take some and help the local community, which leads to disaster - LBX -Subs   comedy/army life

Q612 No Roses for OSS 117 (68) A secret agent is sent to the Middle East to destroy a gang of assassins…. John Gavin, Margaret Lee - Rosalba Neri, George Eastman - LBX

4165 No Time to Die  (84)  John Phillip Law  action

9532 No. 1 of the Secret Service (77)  No. 1 (Nicky Henson) is fearless, irresistible, and licensed to kill. No. 1 is assigned to capture a madman killing international financiers….  Spy Spoof   BA

8471 Nobody Knows Anybody   aka: Nadie Conoce A Nadie  (99) Amid the spectacular festivities of Holy Week in Seville, an aspiring novelist struggles with his work and pays his bills by composing crossword puzzles. A cryptic recording left on his answering machine demands that he include a certain word in a future puzzle, and he becomes drawn into a spiraling tangle of mystery, danger and confusion…. 

Q522 Noi Duri (60) Italian comedy   Lynn Shaw, Toto - F.L.

L416 Nomad (82) Hong Kong new wave in the early 1980's….. Dark romance thriller   Subs

K203 North Star, The (43)  A Ukrainian village must suddenly contend with the Nazi invasion of June 1941….  Anne Baxter, Dana Andrews, Walter Huston and Walter Brennan

5094 Northeast of Seoul  (72)  Three adventurers--at times competing with each other, at other times allied with each other--search South Korea for a magical sword that is supposed to imbue its owner with wealth and power….  John Ireland, Anita Ekberg and Victor Buono

8887 Nothing Underneath (86) A serial killer uses scissors to assassinate top-models. A Yellowstone park ranger, from the USA, arrives in the city to protect his sister, but she has vanished…  Black-mail, murder, diamonds and Donald Pleasence- BA

T379 Nowhere to Hide (85) aka: On the Run - Man has to protect a young boy from violence….. Rod Taylor and Paul Winfield star in this Aussie action

5141 Nuclear Conspiracy, The  (85)  The wife of a reporter, who turned up missing while investigating reports of illegal toxic dumping, teams up with a photographer to find her husband….  

7326 Null Uhr 7 Kommt (70's)  LBX in German

Q64 Odongo (56) Drama   Rhonda Fleming, MacDonald Carey, Juma, Eleanor Summerfield, Francis De Wolff     John (Hammer Director) Gilling directs

Q124 Off to the Revolution in a 2CV (01) Road movie in which a 25 year old Italian guy (Marco), his Portuguese friend Victor and Claire, Victor's former girlfriend travel to Lisbon which has just been freed by Europe's longest running dictatorship April 25th 1974 - LBX - F.L.

L747 Oliver Twist (33) An orphan boy in 1830's London is abused in a workhouse, then falls into the clutches of a gang of thieves….  First Hollywood Sound Version of this classic    

8801 On a Moonlight Night  (85)  aka: As Long as It's Love   An American journalist works for a French newspaper. He is writing an article about the reaction against people with AIDS….   Rutger Hauer, Natassja Kinski, Faye Dunaway, Peter O'Toole and Lorraine Bracco   drama    BA  F.L.

4798 On the Run  (98)  No holds barred action tale with deception , retribution, and extreme violence- subs letterboxed  BA

1352 On the Yard (79)  Brutal prison tale with John Heard   BA

8007-3601 Once Before I Die  (65)   WW-II 1941   Shortly after Pearl Harbor the Japanese attack the Philippine islands.  A group of Polo playing soldiers and their families are far off in the countryside. Lt. Bailey (John Derek) leads them back to Manila, but the streets are jammed with fugitives. On the trip Bailey's fiancée Alex (Ursula Andress) talks with a 19 years old shy soldier. He tells her of his fears to die and admits that he's never been with a woman. Only once before he dies, he'd like to have sex…. Also stars Richard Jaeckel   a fairly brutal war drama   BA

L710 Once Upon a Time on High School (03) Experiences faced by high school students during the military regime days of South Korea…..  Korean drama/martial arts hit with Subs

2354 One Armed Executioner (80) This is the story of an Interpol agent turned restaurateur, out for revenge against the gangsters that cut off his arm and killed his bride….  Philippine drama/action

7913 One Eyed Soldiers, The (66)  A young woman, criminal, and dwarf follow trail to mysterious key to unlock $15 million treasure…  crime / action

L863 Operation Ganymed (77) A spaceship returns to Earth after several years of space exploration and finds it desolate. Landing in what they believe is Mexico, the crew decides to travel north, and try to find out what happened to Earth during the years they were gone….. Bizarre intelligent Sci-Fi / drama   - BA

Q879 Operation Hurricane : Friday Noon (67) George Nader plays Jerry Cotton, F.B.I. agent who works mostly in the New York City area in this first installment of the German action/thriller series from the 1960's…..BA 

Q305 Operation Kid Brother (67) aka: OK Connery - Sean Connery's brother Neil stars in this James Bond rip-off loaded with other actors from Bond films as well!! He's a world class plastic surgeon, hypnotist, and master lip reader! Just what's needed to stop an evil crime syndicate bent on What? Well. World Domination of course! With Adolfo Celi, Daniela Blanchi and more

9542 Operation Orient (78) aka: Sexual Overdose    Gianna Gori, Gordon Mitchell crime/thriller

Q628-8444 Operation Poker  (66) Roger Browne, Helga Line - LBX   spy/action/crime

Q630 Operazione Giamaica (65) aka: Our Man in Jamaica    Larry Pennell is perfectly cast as the super-cool, self-absorbed/male chauvinist secret agent, quick with his fists and with a gun, and hitting on any female within his reach…..  Fistfights, gun battles, double-crosses, and spy gadgetry keep any action fan hooked.  Larry Pennell  Secret Agent /action/adventure  - F.L.

L887 OSS119 (70) aka: The Last Escape - The end of WW2. Allied forces enter a well-guarded German rocket base and kidnap among others the rocket scientist Dr. Von Heinken (Pinkus Braun). When they try to get away they are followed both by Germans and Russians who both want to get their hands on the doctor…. Stuart Whitman  BA

T611 Our Daily Bread (34)  aka: Hell's Crossroads    John and Mary Sims are city-dwellers hit hard by the financial fist of The Depression. Driven by bravery (and sheer desperation) they flee to the country and, with the help of other workers, set up a farming community - a socialist mini-society based upon the teachings of Edward Gallafent. The newborn community suffers many hardships - drought, vicious raccoons and the long arm of the law - but ultimately pull together to reach a bread-based Utopia….  Karen Morley and Tom Keene 

8031 Out of Control  (84)  A plane full of rich teenagers crash on a secluded island.  They swim, play "Games" and do what every teenager would do if they were stranded on an island with beautiful women.  Then they discover that a group of smugglers are trying to kill them so they must fight them off and try to get off the island….    Martin Hewitt, Betsy Russell  drama/action  BA

T655 Out on Bail (89) Robert Ginty (Exterminator 1 and 2) kicks major ass (in one of his best) as he battles dirty officials in a small town. Also with beautiful Kathy Shower IN the shower! - BA

9884 Outback (71) Australian / British production. A realistic glimpse of the real outback with no candy coating. See kangaroos get their heads blown off in graphic detail, see drinking fighting and hey Donald Pleasence!

9230 Outrage (73) One man decides to wage war against a gang of teenage punks besieging an affluent California community. Based on a true incident….  Robert Culp  

5344 Outside the Law  (21)  Black Mike (Lon Chaney) is a despicable gangster… There is tons of swindling and double crossing in this film….  Todd Browning directed with Edward G. Robinson, Lon Chaney.  BA

T700 Overkill (86) A maverick detective and the brother of a dead Yakuza victim form their own counter death squad to fight the Yakuza. The detective and the surviving brother resort to every from of counter-terrorism, every weapon available, to stop the sinister Yakuza….  Action/violence directed by Ulli Lommel - BA

9425 Overrun! (70) Deep in the African Congo, revolution rages and explosive documents have fallen into the hands of nationalist guerillas. The Red Berets are the government's only hope of retrieving papers which could change the course of the war…. Kirk Morris, Ivan Rassimov - War action thriller

4952 Panama Red  (76)  Randy had everything, but not for very long….  drug dealer comedy hippie movie

8419 Panic City    aka: Zebra Killer  (75)  A police officer becomes obsessed with a sadistic killer called "The Zebra Killer" who has kidnapped his girlfriend and discoveries many murders along the way while tracking him down….. blaxploitation thriller   

2884 Panic on the 5:22  (74) Three armed men take over a private railroad car, determined to rob and kill the passengers.  Lynda Day George

4111 Panic Station  (82)  Two guys at a satellite relay base start to doubt their sanity.  Isolation drives them bonkers!  Who'll snap first ?    BA

4800-4925       People Next Door, The  (70)  Typical middle-class parents (Eli Wallach and Julie Harris) are horrified to discover that daughter (Deborah Winters) is strung out on LSD. They fight to expose the neighborhood pusher while struggling to understand their now-alien daughter…. In the "Go Ask Alice" vein

8566 Percy (71) Edwin Antony (Hywel Bennett) is emasculated in an accident which kills a young philanderer. Doctors successfully replace his member with that of the dead man, but refuse to tell him the full story of the organ's origin. So Edwin begins a search which takes him to the philanderer's wife - and also to his many, many girlfriends….  Elke Sommer, Britt Ekland - British sex comedy  BA

Q839 Perfect Friday (70) The deputy manager of a London bank has worked out a way to rob the branch of £200,000. When he becomes involved with the attractive Lady Dorset he decides to go ahead with his plan. He needs her help and that of her philandering spendthrift husband. It all comes down to a matter of trust…. Ursula Andress and David Warner crime caper  BA

8826 Perfect Murder, The  (88)  Stellan Skarsgård   Bombay, color, culture, chaos.  A bumbling detective investigates crime.  Comedy/thriller/spoof    BA

6071 Performance  (70)  Chas (James Fox), a violent and psychotic East London gangster needs a place to lie low after a hit that should never have been carried out. He finds the perfect cover in the form of guest house run by the mysterious Mr. Turner (Mick Jagger), a one-time rock superstar, who is looking for the right spark to rekindle his faded talent….  BA

7196 Perverse Preachers, Facist Fundamentalists, and Christian Kiddie Kooks (90)  Oh God!  Two full hours of Christian propaganda !  Put it on when mom or grandma comes over and pretend you're converted to make them happy!  WARNING:  Christian content has been proven to brainwash millions of the weak minded.  We are not responsible if you turn in to a Jesus Freak for Christ's sake!

R22 Peter Greenaway's Short Films - Three Greenaway's shorts on one tape or DVD-R, "Dear Phone", "Water Wrackets" and "A Walk Through H"

L704 Phantom Soldiers (87) Texas Ranger Daniel Custer leaves for Vietnam to find his brother Michael, a Green Beret Lieutenant who has been reported missing in action….   bloody & gory  

L247 Photo, La (87) aka: I Photographica - Man escapes dictatorship in Castoria to seek new life in France . A photo leads to trouble - F.L.

9231 Pigs vs. Freaks (83) Obscure T.V. flick that pits Adam Baldwin and other hippies (freaks) against Brian Dennehey and Patrick Swayze ( Pigs) in a football frenzy show-down. Tony Randall is a whacked out hippie guru who coaches the freaks. Dennehey plays a twisted red-neck cop ala: First Blood and Swayze is an uptight Pig as well. Pretty funny.

L724 Pilot, The (80) Mike Hagan (Cliff Robertson) is a pilot in passenger service and candidate for the honor "Best Pilot of the Year". Nobody knows that he's got private sorrows - he's an alcoholic. A stewardess notices his regular visits of the toilet and reports it….  Diane Baker, Frank Converse, Milo O'Shea, Dana Andrews, Gordon MacRae  BA

T301 Pirates of the Twentieth Century (79) Martial Arts Action from Russia and dubbed in English !!! Bizarre Piracy on the High Seas. Little do the pirates realize that the ship they attack is loaded with Martial Arts Masters - BA

3844-7252        Pocket Monsters: The Trance Episodes  (97)  Here it is!  This is the strange Japanese cartoon that made hundreds of kids sick and put others into trances!  (View at your own risk-  We are not responsible for any hallucinations or sickness that may occur)

8575 Police Connection, The  aka:  The Mad Bomber  (72)  William Dorn (Chuck Conners) decides to get back at all the people he blames for the overdose death of his daughter and the break up of his marriage….  uncut version that has more sex and violence 

2335 Poor White Trash   (57)  aka: Bayou   An architect arrives in bayou country with plans to design a new building. He meets with resistance from the locals but falls for the sensual daughter of one of his staunchest detractors…. (tagline: Somewhere, a 15-year old girl may be a teenager... in the Cajun country, she's a woman full-grown! ...and every Bayou man knows it!)  Peter Graves

302 Poor White Trash 2    (75) aka: Scum of the Earth  Newlyweds Helen and Paul go to a backwoods cabin on vacation. When Paul goes back to the car for some cigarettes he’s instead met with an axe blade. Panic stricken, Helen runs into the woods, only to find Odie Pickett as her only savior…..  BA

7187 Port Arthur (81)  aka: Great Battle of the Japan Sea   Bloody Japanese war film with Toshiro Mifone

5264 PowerForce  (83)  aka: Dragon Force   A government agent teams up with an international crime fighting organization to rescue a kidnapped princess….  rare martial arts actioneer  BA

9760 Pray for Death (86) A man finds himself and his family caught between an organized crime ring and corrupt city officials, and receives help from an unexpected source….. Great graphic violent revenge with Sho Kosugi - BA

3221 PreacherMan  (71)  Phony backwoods preacher Amos T. Huxley stays in a small North Carolina town long enough to fleece his congregation, swindle the profits from a moonshine still, and seduce dumb blonde Mary Lou. Mary Lou's ex-boyfriend becomes suspicious of the preacher and gets the local police to investigate his actions…. Albert T. Viola, Ilene Kristen, Adam Hesse, Marian Brown and Esty F. Davis Jr   comedy/drama

3016 Pride of the Bowery, The  (41 )  aka: Here We Go Again   Danny (Bobby Jordan) managing boxer Mugs (Leo Gorcey) books him into a Civilian Conservation Corps camp for training. Mugs' arrogant manner soon alienates him from the other boys. When one boy, Willie, announces that he needs money for his ill mother, Mugs enters a boxing tournament in town. When Mugs loses, the boy resorts to robbing the camp safe. Mugs is accused, but Danny clears him by capturing Willie (Bobby Stone)….

4124 Primal Impulse  (74)  aka: Footprints on the Moon   A woman (Florinda Bolkan) is haunted in her dreams by a long ago television show she saw of astronauts being left stranded on the moon. To relax she goes to an eerily deserted seaside resort town where she thinks she's never been , but where everyone seems to remember her visiting the week before. She gets more and more paranoid and confused. Meanwhile strange men in astronaut suits keep appearing….. Klaus Kinski horror/sci-fi

8550 Prime Suspicion (86) aka: Whodunit   Axe killer on an isolated shoreline mystery.   

Q776 Prime Time (77) aka: American Raspberry -Warren Oates, many others - An unknown source interrupts the regular T.V. programming and offers up alternative "brain cell killer" entertainment with shows like "The Shitheads" and commercials with hilariously improbable products - Still pretty funny, all these years later  BA

8029 Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, The  (70)  Everyone knows about the lightning-quick mind, the dazzling wit, the magnifying glass. But what about the little glass vials he so cunningly kept hidden. And what about the security blunder that almost cost the British Empire its navy. And what about the woman who spent the night with him….  Robert Stephens, Colin Blakely, Geneviève Page, Christopher Lee, Tamara Toumanova, Clive Revill and Stanley Holloway   BA

8139 Prize of Peril, The  (78)  In a futuristic society, contestants pit their survival skills against each other in a fight to the death for cash prizes, and the contest is aired live on television….  Gérard Lanvin, Michel Piccoli, Marie-France Pisier, Bruno Cremer, Andréa Ferréol   BA

8776 Profil Bas  (93)  Violent actioneer.  LBX   Subs

L822 Profile in Anger (84) aka: Fight Spirit of Hero  - Nice crime action/fight flick with extreme gore and bloody scenes - LBX - Subs

K212-Q748 Project: Kill (77) aka: Total Control   A former government assassin flees a mind-control program in the Philippines, pursued by his ex-partner, the local police and Asian gangsters…. Leslie Nielson - Directed by William (Grizzly) Girdler

T822 Proof of the Man (77) When an American is murdered in a Japanese inn, Tokyo police detective Munesue (Yusaku Matsuda) follows the trail of the killer to New York. There he is joined by a New York City detective named Shuftan (George Kennedy) and together they sort out the crime.    Obscure crime action

4598 Protector, The  (85)  Billy Wong (Jackie Chan) is a New York City cop whose partner is gunned down during a robbery. Billy and his new partner, Danny Garoni (Danny Aiello) are working security at a fashion show when a wealthy man's daughter, Laura Shapiro (Saun Ellis) is kidnapped.  BA

2965 Psychotic  (74)  aka: Identikit   Lise (Elizabeth Taylor), a schizophrenic spinster, travels from her home in London to Rome on a twisted agenda to find a romance with any man whom she eventually wants to murder her…. Andy Warhol

T723 Puberty Blues (81) Two Australian girls become part of the local surfing scene in order to be accepted by the "in crowd" at their high school….  BA 

2139 Punisher, The  (90)  When Frank Castle's (Dolph Lundgren) family is murdered by criminals, he wages war on crime as a vigilante assassin known only as the Punisher….  UNCUT import  BA   Louis Gossett Jr. 

9171 Punishment Park (71) Hippies are gathered up and offered 2 choices. Life in prison or a chance at freedom by participating in a chase through the Mojave Desert to a safe haven. If they can make it without getting shot to death by the cops on their trail

Q258 Puppet on a Chain (70) American narcotics officer busts an Amsterdam drug ring and the leader's identity surprises him.  Thriller based on the Alistair MacLean novel.  Sven-Bertil Taube and Barbara Parkins  BA

L64 Purple Sunset (01) The story of the last days of World War II in China   Epic film  LBX - Subs

7271 Queen Boxer: The Most Deadly of Ninjas  (73)  aka: The Avenger   A female kick-boxer takes revenge on those who enslaved her family…. Judy Lee   BA

T70 Questa L'America (76) aka: Jabberwalk   aka: Crazy Ridiculous American People - Yes, even some of the customs of America are given the Mondo treatment as Satanism, Christianity, Sex Clubs, Nude Miss America, a Gory Abortion and more are explored - F.L. 

4962 Quicksand  (50)  This is the story of a nice guy who borrows $20 from a cash register to keep a date... with a cop... and a killer!  Mickey Rooney, Jeanne Cagney, Barbara Bates, Peter Lorre and Taylor Holmes  BA

8387 Quo Vadis  (85)  Italian made Roman epic (condensed to 2 hr 2 m)  BA

5002 Ragan   aka: Devil's Angels  (67) A former mercenary named Ragan (Ty Hardin), who now runs a one-plane, money-losing air-transport service, is approached by a man named Velludo (Gustavo Rojo) with a $75,000 job offer. Velludo wants Ragan to fly a plane in a mission to free Moreno, the former dictator of a Caribbean island. Ragan says "no" but his plane is mysteriously destroyed in a fire and his insurance is suddenly cancelled so "no" becomes "yes."….  Adventure/thriller

4259 Rage  (72) An accidental nerve gas leak by the military kills not only a rancher's livestock, but also his son. When he tries to hold the military accountable for their actions, he runs up against a wall of silence… George C. Scott, Richard Basehart, Martin Sheen, Barnard Hughes, Kenneth Tobey, Ed Lauter, Nicolas Beauvy and Dabbs Greer   BA

Q87 Rage  (66) A man bitten by a rabid dog in the desert must find help before it's too late….. Glenn Ford, Stella Stevens, David Reynoso, Armando Silvestre and Ariadna Welter  BA

7553 Rage to Kill (88) Students rebel after one bloody coup d`etat in a South American country…. Oliver Reed and Cameron Mitchell

6480 Ragtime Summer  (77)  aka: Age of Innocence  Henry Buchanan (David Warner), an English schoolmaster, comes to teach in a small Canadian town. His outspoken views on the evil of the approaching World War II causes a ripple in the small town, and when it is discovered that he was a conscientious objector in World War I, the citizens of the town are outraged….. BA

8609 Raiders in Action  (86)  aka: Operation Eagles  action/comedy  Paul Smith   BA

L609 Raiders of the Doomed Kingdom (85)  aka: After the Fall of Saigon  A group of Thai-mercenaries, in the service for the Americans, is signed to a mission of rescuing a south-Vietnamese general held captured by the victorious Vietcong forces.  They land on an island inhabited by lepers… Gore and violence!  Bamboo stick impalement!  Decapitations!  Bloody Brutal Beatings, Torture and more!  

8923 Raise the Titanic (80) To obtain a supply of a rare mineral, a ship raising operation is conducted for the only known source, the Titanic….Jason Robards Jr., Richard Jordan, Anne Archer, Alec Guinness and J.D. Cannon   BA 

T83 Rambo's Revenge (75) aka: Syndicate Sadists - A biker's brother is killed while investigating the kidnapping of a young boy, the byproduct of a war between two crime families. The biker vows to get revenge by finding the kidnapped boy and destroying the two families….. Tomas Milian and Joseph Cotton  Umberto Lenzi directs this violent crime picture

Q881 Ransom : The Police are Looking (74)  A gang of hijackers led by Ray Petrie (Ian McShane) seize a British plane as it is landing in Scandinavia. Ruthless military police chief Colonel Tahlvik (Sean Connery) is assigned to rescue the plane and it's passengers…. BA

4788-1048 Rat Pfink A Boo-Boo   (66) Cee Bee Beaumont, girlfriend of rock n' roll star Lonnie Lord, is kidnapped by the dastardly Chain Gang, forcing Lonnie to take action. He and his friend Titus Twimbly transform themselves into the masked marvels Rat Pfink & Boo Boo, the champions of down-trodden, harassed and just plain put-upon women and children everywhere. Unleashing their trusty metal steed The Ratcycle, the dynamic duo begin their search for Cee Bee….  Comedy/action/thriller

3940 Raw Courage  (83) Marathon runners are taken captive in desert by right-wing militia….  Ronny Cox,  Art Hindle and M. Emmet Walsh   action/thriller 

T168 Raw Courage  (69) Shaw Brothers with Subs

2935 Raw Force  aka: Shogun Island  (81)   A group of martial arts students are en route to an island that supposedly is home to the ghosts of martial artists who have lost their honor. A Hitler look-a-like and his gang are running a female slavery operation on the island as well. Soon, the two groups meet and all sorts of crazy things happen which include cannibal monks, piranhas, zombies, and more!  Cameron Mitchell  BA

K113 Real Bruce Lee, The (73) An early Bruce Lee film found in the Chinese archives, and introducing the new sensation DRAGON LEE, and BRUCE LI. The complete fury of martial arts as never before....  docu/action

8726 Rebekah  (96) Lots'a large exposed breasts, sex, and violent action- What more do you want?  Subs and LBX

3394 Rebel  (73)  aka: No Place to Hide   In New York in the late 60s, a politically motivated group of students plans bombings of company offices who do business with dictators in Middle American countries. But when they contact a known terrorist and bombing specialist, the FBI gets on their track…. Sylvester Stallone

Q851 Rebel, The (80) Retired cop Nick Rossi (Maurizio Merli) lets a friend talk him into becoming a body guard.  Rossi agrees, then the man the are hired to protect gets shot in a Venetian glass shop…. Mafia action Directed by Stelvio Massi - LBX

L152 Red Alert (77) A computer at a nuclear power plant malfunctions and receives erroneous information of a radiation leak. It seals off the compound, trapping the crew inside….. William Devane, Adrienne Barbeau, Ralph Waite and M. Emmett Walsh   BA

Q79 Red Berets, The (69) aka: Congo Hell - A group of hard as nails mercenaries is assigned to penetrate deep into the jungles of the Congo and retrieve Government documents captured by a rebel army. The mercenaries, or red berets as they are called, are made up of a motley bunch of hombres, there's the tough Irish man, the angry and un-social French man, the useless Captain who's trying to save his tattered reputation and a murderous German who is a pro-Nazi, and yes he hates every man, woman and child that happened to be born black…. Kirk Morris  action/drama   LBX

T212 Red Light in the White House (75) aka: Presidential Plaything   A reporter is hired to dig up dirt on a woman running for political office. He interviews a number of associates of the women, who each tell sleazy stories of the woman (shown in flashback) in various sexual situations….. Karin Mary Shea and Frank Whitman - Directed by Paul Leder   Rare!    BA

Q786 Red Mob (93) aka: To Survive- Violent action packed Russian made film pitting KGB and the Russian Mafia against drug smugglers - BA

7248 Red Roses For the Fuhrer (68)  The story of a bunch of allies who land in occupied Belgium during WWII. The allies have to team up with the Belgian resistance to get a top secret allied memorandum back that fell into the hands of the Nazis. But the whole operation doesn't go on as planned at all, because there is a traitor within the resistance. During the quest for the memorandum, allies as well as Belgian resistance fighters and German Nazis are dropping like flies…. Ray Milland.  War action.  LBX In Italian- no subs.  F.L.

8975 Red Snow (02) Mainland China Actioneer with Subs

T61 Red Squirrel, The (93) Suicidal guy helps an amnesia stricken woman. Then he makes up a life for her, telling her they have been a couple for 4 years. The lie works for awhile, until... - Subs

9757 Renegade Ninjas (79) Epic Shogun action - BA

L307 Rentadick (72) Armitage (Donald Sinden) runs a chemical company that is on the verge of producing a gas that causes temporary disability. Clearly the military want it but it is also sought by a group of Japanese. Both Armitage and Madam Greenfly (Tsai Chin) hire different people in the same detective agency to guard the gas and steal it respectively... confusion, double crosses and hilarity ensue…  British comedy with Julie Ege and James Booth  crime/comedy   BA 

4567 Return of Captain Invincible, The  (83)  aka: Legend in Leotards  In WW2  Captain Invincible (Alan Arkin) used his superpowers against the Nazis, was a hero. But then he got under suspect of supporting the communists, so he retired to Australia. Now, when a US super secret super weapon is stolen, he's asked to come back to help. However he's an alcoholic now... -- parody on superhero comic strips.    Christopher Lee

351 Return of the Dragon (73)  A man visits his relatives at their restaurant in Italy and has to help them defend against brutal gangsters harassing them… Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris  BA

K105 Return of the Kung Fu Dragon (76) The military conquest of a peaceful island-nation by an evil despot and his sorcerer ally, leaves the island's three heroic protectors dead, but, their young children are hidden away to grow to adulthood with different identities, unaware of their heritage, in hope that, in time, they might challenge and defeat the evil ruler….. Action/drama/martial arts

7358 Return of the StreetFighter (75)  Takuma "Terry" Tsurugi returns. In this sequel, he sets out to bust up a phony charity put together by the Yukuza….. Sonny Chiba   BA

9020 Revenge for a assault (76) Three men attack and assault a man's wife while on a camping trip. The man takes it upon himself to track them down…. Mike Conners, Robert Reed

N11 Revenge is my Destiny (73) Viet Nam Vet's wife is kidnapped and he goes bonkers! Don't get in his way!  Violent revenge!

1314 Revenge of the Virgins   (62)   When white settlers start to move in on their sacred grounds, a tribe of female Indians vow to do anything they can to stop them…..  Nudie/western  53 min. RARITY !

L683 Revolution (68) See first -hand the hippie culture of San Francisco (circa 68)  with music by Quicksilver Messenger Service, Country Joe and the Fish and The Steve Miller Band . Turn on , Turn up, Trip Out ...

N78 Revolver (73) aka: Blood in the Streets - Oliver Reed and Fabio Testi star in this excellent crime/action classic!  Directed by Sergio Sollima.

2386-B1 Ride in a Pink Car   (74)  A Vietnam Vet, thought to be dead, returns to his hometown in Florida.  He finds his wife re-married and the town now ruled by corrupt forces…. BA

5084 Riding High  (85)

T983-L522 Rififi in Amsterdam (67) Roger Browne - Sergio Grieco directed Spy - BA

P132 Rings Around the World (66) An American sleuth looks into a British case where life insurance policy holders are seemingly killed of one after another by an unknown assassin firing poisoned bullets made of ice…. Rare crime action - Only Fair Quality   BA

3379 Riot in CellBlock 11  (54) A convict leads four thousand prisoners in an uprising to improve prison conditions. Based on producer/ex-con Walter Wanger's own experience. Powerful and still timely. Filmed at Folsom Prison….  Neville Brand, Leo Gordon, Emile Meyer, Frank Faylen  

7550 Riot on the Sunset Strip (67) A police captain (Aldo Ray) is caught between businesses operating on the Los Angeles Sunset Strip who don't like the punks hanging out, and his belief in allowing the kids their rights. But when his daughter (Mimsy Farmer) gets involved with an unruly bunch, his attitude starts to change.

Michael Evans, Laurie Mock and Tim Rooney   BA

7402 Riuscira il Nostro Eroe a Ritrovare il Piu Grande diamante de Mondo?  (71)  Ray Danton's rarest film.  F.L.

T75 River of Evil (63) Obscure jungle action

3588 Roadie  (80) Meatloaf drives with a pitcher of beer in hand!  Also Alice Cooper, Blondie!!  BA

7348 Rock n Roll Cop  (94)  Category III ultra-violent gun mayhem.  LBX subs  BA

3471 Roger Corman: Hollywood's Wild Angel  (79)  docu on Corman with tons of stars and director's giving their two cents worth - + extras !

Q746 Rogue Male (76) Early in 1939 Sir Robert Thorndyke takes aim at Adolph Hitler with a high powered rifle, but the shot misses its mark. Captured and tortured by the Gestapo and left for dead, Sir Robert makes his way back to England where he discovers the Gestapo has followed him. Knowing that his government would turn him over to German authorities, Sir Robert goes underground in his battle with his pursuers… Peter O'Toole

LD32 Rolling Thunder  (77)  Major Charles Rane (William Devane) comes back from the war and is given a number of gifts from his hometown because he is a war hero. Some greedy thugs decide that they want to steal a number of silver dollars from him. In the process they also manage to kill his wife and son and destroy his hand. The Major wants revenge so he enlists the help of his war buddy Johnny (Tommy Lee Jones) to meet the thugs in a final showdown….. 

L852 Rolling Vengeance (87) Inbred rednecks kill a guy's family and assault his girl. Ned Beatty is the leader of the hillbillies. A monster truck is built to assist ...BA

9942 Roniniga (92) A small community of outcasts (former Samurai who are doing various menial jobs to earn their living and prostitutes for the most part)  are a damaged bunch of people, and the men in particular are not very nice. Their lives are hardly peaceful and orderly to start off with, but they're messed up further when prostitutes start turning up dead - killed by a fairly expert sword, apparently…. Japanese Samurai action Subs

555 Rooster Spurs of Death   (83)  Stoke (Gene Bicknell) and his son Wyatt (Vincent Van Patten) take their prize roosters to a cock fight, only to find deceit and cheating….

4170 Runaways, The  (84)  aka: Revenge of the Innocents   A young man just released from prison and living with his sister crosses paths with two children, also brother and sister, who are on the run from their child pornographer foster parents….

T199 Running Scared (80) aka: Back in the U.S.A.   Ken Wahl and Judge Reinhold star as two army buddies mistaken for spies hunted by Sinister / Plotting Cubans in the Everglades of 1961!  Also with Annie McEnroe, Bradford Dillman and John Saxon! - BA

K164 S/Y Joy (89) aka: S/Y Gladjen - Marriages crumble as friends build a sailing boat.  With Stellan Skarsgard and Lena Olin - F.L.

4573 S+H+E: Security Hazards Expert  (79) Security Hazards Expert Lavinia Kean, a brilliant American espionage agent, combats the wiles of international criminal and blackmailer Cesare Magnasco…. Cornelia Sharpe, Omar Sharif, Robert Lansing, Anita Ekberg and Fabio Testi   

T63 Safari Rally (78) A hot shot "Rally" race driver who has a freak accident at the beginning of the film, grows to doubt himself, and finds redemption as the last minute replacement for a Rally team about to embark on a hundreds mile race through Kenya….. Joe Dallesandro

T835 Safe Place, A (71) Tuesday Weld plays a spazzed out chick that retreats to "a safe place" a fantasy world in which she converses with "The Magician" played by Orson Welles.  She does this to escape the pressures of her life and the men involved in it, played by Jack Nicholson and Phil Procter.  Obscure- literally unheard of forgotten film of the 70's.   BA

L492 Saignee, La (71) aka: The Contract - Gabriele Tinti hunts a man on the run who was witness to a murder in this Italian made crime-drama - BA

8880 Samar (62) A cynical doctor who is being sent by the Spanish to a prison camp on the island of Samar for his political beliefs. The compassionate commandant (played by Gilbert Roland) has been waiting for a doctor. He is planning to lead the residents of the camp to a new life in the interior. On the way they must fight headhunters, mosquitoes, dense jungle and mud….. George Montgomery (who starred in, directed and produced this film) Gilbert Roland, Joan O'Brien and Ziva Rodann   BA

L694 Samaria (04) 2 young girls start - up a business relationship. One is the pimp, the other a whore. Things go wrong of course!  Subs

P95 Samurai (45) Stunning!  Anti-Japanese Propaganda film!  Watch what happens when an Americanized little Japanese boy grows up and reverts to his "true" nature!   A squinty eyed toothy Bushido warrior, bent on world domination!  Hateful programming, by our government- to the masses of the 40's- who you'd have wished had enough brains to think for themselves instead of having the government tell (them) what to think. Yea- war sucked- they started it- and we kicked their ass's good- (too good- so say many)- but to castigate an entire race due to the actions of it's leaders is just plain wrong.  And also- let's not forget (as far as the movie goes)- hilarious fun!  

T669 Savage Attraction (84) aka: Hostage: The Christine Marasch Story - Set in 1980's Australia, this is the true story of a woman whose husband eventually reveals to her that he is an active member of the Nazi party. A real nightmare begins for her.     BA

Q773 Savage Journey (83) “They forged a new land in the untamed wilderness - with their heart, their hands, and their faith in god.”  Early days of Mormonism, Polygamy and more. With Richard Moll as Joseph Smith

4831 Savages From Hell  (68)  aka: Big Enough and Old Enough   When the leader of a vicious motorcycle gang finds a farm worker's son flirting with his woman, he beats the boy senseless, then kidnaps the farm worker's daughter…. 

354 Scarface Killer  (76) aka: Blood and Bullets  aka: Mr. Scarface    Tony, a mob loan collector, is dissatisfied with his station in life. Though he dreams of one day being rich, he is stuck with the dead-end job of beating up borrowers who fall behind in their payments…. Jack Palance  BA

3887 Scarred  (83)  Girl with a baby runs away from home and becomes a whore. Story is about her experiences on the street…. BA 

T622 Scott of the Antarctic (48) The true story of the British explorer Robert Falcon Scott and his ill-fated expedition to try to be the first man to discover the South Pole….  John Mills, Christopher Lee  BA

7302 Scoumoune (72)  aka: The Pariah   Claudio Cardinale  crime/action

L610 Scream Free: Free Grass (69) aka: Street Drugs - Now with original title and uncut.  (Also available under other title in a little better quality) Russ Tamblyn is a drug pushing hippie heroin addict.  Also with Casey Kasem from radio in an early role.  Beatings.. assault... more psychedelia...

2353 Scum   (79)  This is the hard and shocking story of life in a British Borstal for young offenders….. BA

L62 Seabo: Buckstone County Prison (77) Earl Owensby and David Allen Coe star in this violent low budget prison/action

3847 Search For Vengeance  (84)  Filipino action flick about a cop named Vito who's out to get the gangsters who killed his wife…..  violent action   BA 

4125 Season For the Assassins  (71)  aka: The Time of the Assassin   As a gang of youths terrorizes a city, the weary chief of police finds himself caught between the citizens who cry for blood and a catholic priest who believes the boys will respond to kindness….  Joe Dallesandro leads a reign of fear through Rome   Martin Balsam  BA  

T372 Sebastian (68) Mathematics whiz is employed by the British to decipher codes. He falls in love with York, another code breaker, and becomes involved in international intrigue….  Spy/drama  Dirk Bogarde, Susannah York, Lilli Palmer, John Gielgud, Margaret Johnston, Nigel Davenport and Donald Sutherland has a small role.  Fab, Groovy and Mod 60's British culture shines in this one   BA

4891 Second Coming of Suzanne, The  (74)  Filmmaker (Richard Dreyfus) is obsessed with the idea of Christ as a woman (on acid).  He tries to film his vision with Sondra Locke in this post "psychedelic surreal hippie era" flick (If you look real close you’ll see famed director Penelope Spheeris)   Where else would you see a re-crucifixion of Christ as a woman on acid? 

8455 Secret Agent Super Dragon  (66)  When an old colleague is killed, Secret Agent Super-Dragon comes out of retirement to investigate….   spy action   Ray Danton and Marisa Mell 

8609 Secret FX 18- Im Agentennetx  (64)  German language spy/action  LBX  BA

9938 Secret Service of the Imperial Court (84) A sergeant of the Imperial Guards runs afoul of Eunuch Wang (Liu Yung) when he objects to the Eunuch's attempt to have a group of honest officers executed on false charges of treason….. The Captain of the Brocade Guards, is in an extremely difficult position, forcing him to order his son's capture and execution, even though he knows the Eunuch is wrong, or else his entire clan will be wiped out….. More Shaw Brothers!    Subs

N50 Secrets of Three Hungry Wives (78) When a millionaire playboy (James Franciscus) is murdered, suspicion falls on three married women, each of whom had an affair with him….  Eve (Jan Brady) Plumb and Jessica Walter 

L814 Secrets of WW2 German Flying Saucers () Development and manufacture including truth (hmmm) of 286 saucers built in 1941 - More.. Secret German societies reveal for the first time the enigma of WW2 Germany's free energy saucer dreadnoughts.  Are these E.T. U.F.O.'s in the skies of our planet?  Or is it the Third Reich Striking Back from their South Polar stronghold?  You decide!  BA

K206 Sell Out, The (76) Filmed entirely in Israel, Richard Widmark portrays Sam Lucas, a "retired" CIA operative who discovers that he is involuntarily back in action due to the sudden urging of his former initiate Gabriel Lee (Oliver Reed) who has been turned by the Soviet Union and now wants to come back into the American fold.  Not realizing that both players in the game have sent assassins to Israel to eliminate him, and Lucas as well. 

1052 Serpents Egg, The  (80)  Ingmar Bergman's The Serpent's Egg follows a week in the life of Abel Rosenberg (David Carradine), an out-of-work American circus acrobat living in poverty-stricken Berlin following Germany's defeat in World War I. When his brother commits suicide, Abel seeks refuge in the apartment of an old acquaintance Professor Veregus (Heinz Bennent). Desperate to make ends meet in the war-ravaged city, Abel takes a job in Veregus' clinic, where he discovers the horrific truth behind the work of the strangely beneficent professor and unlocks the chilling mystery that drove his brother to kill himself…. BA

L437 Serpent's Path (97) An explicitly violent story of revenge that has a man trying to track down the killers of his pre teen daughter. They turn out to be part of a pornography ring that he captures and dispatches with the help of a professor. The real story is the professor's agenda….    LBX - Subs -  BA

4085-4782 Seven Blows of the Dragon  (72)  aka: Water Margin   Shaw Brothers classic   BA

9847 Seven Golden Men Strike Again (66) The United States Government recruits “The Professor” and his band of bold thieves to kidnap the General (a bushy bearded, Communist dictator of a small Central American island (Fidel Castro?).)   The requested fee for this service: seven million dollars, naturally, plus the deed to their own private island and absolution for all past misdeeds…. Sequel to "Seven Golden Men".  Rosanna Podesta (dressed in tight black leather oh my) . Great suspense!  Also with Gabriele Tinti

T819 Seven Man Army (76) A group of brave Chinese martial arts fighters take a stand against the Japanese invaders during WWII in an impressive display of martial arts…. Epic War with Trailer - Rare Shaw Brothers - LBX - Subs

4016 Seven Soldiers of Kung Fu  (75)  sequel to SEVEN BLOWS OF THE DRAGON (73)  An outlaw band of 108 warriors who fought on the side of the people against corrupt officials.  Here the 108 are pardoned by the Emperor and assigned to go after a rebel army encamped at a fortress in Hangchow. Seven volunteers enter the fortress as spies to try and find a way for the Emperor's army to gain entrance. When one of their number, the blustery ill-tempered Black Whirlwind (Fan Mei-Sheng), starts a fight and alerts the guards to their presence, the fortress is sealed up and escape is blocked. Only one man (star David Chiang) manages to flee and get the plans back to the army. Another member of the team hides near the underwater gate to let the army ships through the only available entrance once the attack begins.  Shaw Brothers classic

P154 Sexy Killer, The (74) aka: The Drug Connection   A woman goes after a bunch of drug-dealing crooks who are responsible for the assault and death of her sister. A cop joins her on the vengeance trail as she worms her way into the organization….   Shaw Brothers even sleazier version of "Coffy" LBX with Subs 

4121 Shadow Killers, The  (80)  aka: Duel of the Brave Ones   more martial arts madness  BA 

K115 Shadow Ninja (83)

8889 Shadow of Evil (66) A secret agent sets out to stop an evil scientist who is about to unleash on the world a virulent biological strain he has developed during experiments on rats…. Kerwin Matthews   BA

Q682 Shadowless Sword (06) Amazing Battle Choreography Highlight this one - LBX - Subs

Q790 Shaker Run (85) With the accidental discovery of a lethal bio-agent at her research facility, Dr. Christine Ruben decides to double cross her own government by stealing the deadly formula to keep it out of the clutches of the military, whom she doesn't trust…. Cliff Robertson and Leif Garrett    BA

4831 Shanty Tramp  (66)  A sleazy evangelist makes a play for a small town's local tramp, but is shocked to learn that she prefers a local black kid over him. Furious, he stirs up the town against the couple….

K128-3437 Shaolin Invincibles (77) Judy Lee is out to avenge the massacre of her family by the Emperor's men and is assisted by another young woman, played by Lung Chun Erh. The two infiltrate the Emperor's court by posing as maids. Carter Wong plays a kung fu fighter sent to help Judy by the monastery where she was raised…..

K129 Shaolin Temple (76)  The Tang emperor is betrayed by one of his generals, who installs himself as emperor in the East Capital. The son of one of his slave workers escapes to the Shaolin Temple, learns kung fu, and sets out to kill the traitor, who killed his father…..

3229 Shark Hunter, The  (79)  A crusty recluse on a Caribbean island who is dedicated to destroying sharks gets involved in a hunt for buried treasure.  Franco Nero  

3408-9772 Shark!  (69) American gun smuggler Reynolds, stranded in a tiny seaport in Africa, joins the crew of a marine biologist's boat. He soon discovers the boat's owner and his wife are trying to retrieve gold bullion that lies deep in shark-infested waters…. Burt Reynolds, Barry Sullivan, Arthur Kennedy  BA

5100 Sharks Treasure  (74)  Eccentric charter skipper Jim Carnahan and his team of hard-luck dreamers battle sharks, bandits and their own greed to recover sunken treasure off the coast of Honduras…. Cornel Wilde battles sharks, convicts, eels, manta rays and other obstacles to excavate treasure  BA

8681 She Starts Fire  (92)  Chingmy Yau plays a woman with telekinetic powers who comes to visit her other relatives after her mom dies. She runs across a family that works in a nightclub, an aunt who's an aging club girl, a goofy guy and some angry triads…. comedic caper  Subs  

4852 Sheherazade  aka: 1001 Nights  (90)  This movie displays the adventures of Sheherazade (Catherine Zeta-Jones)  through the legends of the 1001 nights.  She meets all the great heroes and kings, and is helped on her journey by a Genie who's living in 1990 London and uses his TV to reach Sheherazade.  (Catherine Zeta-Jones gets naked in her only nude scene!)  

T181 She's On Duty (04) This Korean Action/Comedy involves a sexy under cover cop that goes undercover in a High School - LBX - Subs

8421 Shiri  (2000)  Big budget S. Korean box office smash uncut  BA

8145 Shmenges : The Last Polka, The  (84) Hard to find comedy with John Candy, Eugene Levy

L138 Shoot (76) Obscure hunter against hunter with a surprise ending (that you may see coming) lensed in Canada starring Ernest Borgnine, Cliff Robertson and Henry Silva - More - Tagline “More Deadly than Deliverance"  - BA

Q52 Shoot First (53) U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Robert Taine (Joel McCrea)and his wife Cecily (Evelyn Keyes) live in a village in England. While hunting on some land he has recently purchased, he shoots a load of buckshot at a man he thinks is a poacher but, upon examination, he discovers the man is dead and believes, at first, he has killed him. With the police and the Secret Service chasing him, he trails a suspect to London and this leads him to an espionage gang.  Herbert Lom

3366 Short Eyes  (79)  aka: Slammer  A child molester sent to prison finds that criminals exact harsher justice than society….  Bruce Davison    BA

T812 Showa Zankyo-den (65) Takakura Ken Yakuza Actioneer - LBX - Subs

9553 Sidewinder One (77) Motocross racing is the setting for a romance between a racer and an heiress…  Michael Parks, Marjoe Gortner, Susan Howard, Alex Cord, Charlotte Rae  BA

8418 Siege  (80)  aka: Self Defense   A bunch of self righteous bullies want to set some "new rules" in town while the police in Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) are on strike. They try to scare all the gays and lesbians in a bar, but by accident the owner of the establishment is killed, and the leader of the bullies then decides to execute all witnesses…. Canadian action/thriller/drama from Paul (Def-Con 4) Donovan.

4522 Sign of the Wolf,  The  (41)  When dog trainer Judy Weston (Grace Bradley) crashes her plane in the Canadian wilds, one of her dogs (Shadow) rescues her and her servant but another canine (Smoky) escapes and is found by thieves who train him to raid fox farms….  Jack London adaptation

T211 Silent Action (75)  aka: Chopper Squad - Directed by Sergio Martino with Mel Ferrer, Delia Bocardo and Tomas Milan - Fun Crime Action Picture LBX - BA

4650 Silent Assassins  (88)  Evil criminal leader Kendrick (Gustav Vintas) has kidnapped an elderly biochemist who holds the secret to creating a biological super weapon. The only person who can possibly stop Kendrick and his gang is L. A. cop Sam Kettle (Sam J. Jones) and martial arts master Jun Kim (uncle of a little girl also kidnapped by Kendrick).  Linda Blair  BA

4849 Sinai Commandos  (68)  At the start of the 1967 Six-Day War (June 5-10) between Israel and the surrounding Arab nations, a team of eight Israeli commandos, with their female boat captain in tow, are sent on a suicide mission deep into the Sinai to destroy an important Arab radar station at Sharm El Sheikh to pave way for the main invading Israeli forces.  Has actual combat footage

8631 Sino-Dutch War 1661, The  (01)  Chinese action/war epic 

Q901 Sins of the Night (93) Miles O'Keefe, Richard Roundtree and a perfectly sexy looking Deborah Shelton, that bares all. As a matter of fact, the best thing I can say about this film is the ample nudity supplied by Deborah Shelton. Classic trash !

K108 Sister Street Fighter (74) Lee Long is a martial-arts champion who the police use as an undercover agent to infiltrate a drug ring responsible for importing heroin from Japan to Hong Kong. When he is identified and imprisoned, the police pressure his sister, Tina Long, to help them locate and free him…. Sonny Chiba  BA

L140 Sizzle (81) An elaborate drama set in Prohibition era Chicago. Forsythe plays a cold-hearted gangster who succumbs to the innocent charms and curvaceous body of a small-town girl…. Loni Anderson, Leslie Uggams, Roy Thinnes and Richard Lynch   BA

Q472 Skate Town U.S.A. (79) Scott Baio, Dave Mason, Ron Palillo, Maureen (Marsha) McCormick, Billy Barty, Flip Wilson, Ruth Buzzi, Judy Landers and introducing Patrick Swayze in his first acting role (how embarrassing is that ?) . Well, it's a real bad disco crap comedy that must be seen to be believed !!! This was 1979. Forget "That 70's Show" they're not even close.

5008 Ski Troop Attack  (59)  An American patrol has to cross behind enemy lines by skis in order to blow up an important railroad bridge. The task is made harder by conflicts between the platoon's veteran sergeant and its inexperienced lieutenant and by constant attacks by pursuing German troops….. Roger Corman  BA

T157 Skidoo (68) Wow!  Jackie Gleason, Groucho Marx (with a joint instead of a cigar !), Burgess Meredith, Frankie Avalon, Frank Gorshin, John Phillip Law, Mickey Rooney, George Raft, Ceasar Romero and more ! Trippy Hippy Drug Induced Hollywood Monstrosity that must be seen to be believed!  What a Free Thinking Way Out Time Man.  Look- this movie will blow your mind whether you have chemical accomplices or not!  Hard to believe it ever happened considering how freakin' uptight much of society has become nowadays....

8018 SkinHeads:  The Second Coming of Hate  (88)  A group of students traveling to California are menaced by a vicious group of skin-heads in the Colorado mountains. A WW2 vet living in the mountains comes to their rescue….. Chuck Conners, Greydon Clark   BA

Q847 Sky Fighter (05) Top Gun for a new generation (and 10 times better) ! No lame CGI but actual high altitude and (HIGH speed) photography will have your heart racing. Crystal clear air antics, better than ANY air show footage, as cameras were actually mounted all over speeding jets to get the amazing action. Subs and some English spoken as well - Screw "Top Gun" that Bubblegum doggie-poo, this is HIGH FLYIN' brother

4248 Sky High  (84)  A group of American students traveling in Greece find themselves accidentally involved with a new type of drug--and the gang that wants it….. Nico Mastorakis espionage thriller loaded with women

8998 Slang (98) Out of control violent action, Torture, assassins, execution style murders, perverted villains, high speed chases, gun battles and more!  F.L.  LBX

4261 Slapstick of Another Kind  (83)  Jerry Lewis and Madeline Kahn play dual roles as an alien brother and sister and their adoptive Earth parents, who are being pursued by U.S. agents….. comedy sci-fi  BA

T721 Slash (84) Deadlier than Rambo!  Order him to "The Killing Fields" and the massacre begins !!! - BA

T732 Slaughter in San Francisco (74) aka: Yellow Faced Tiger - Early Chuck Norris flick - BA

2143 Slaughterday   (77)   aka: Situation  A wealthy man hires several criminals to commit robberies, and he communicates with them through radio equipment. Meanwhile, the wealthy man falls in love with a young attractive woman who knows nothing of his secret hobby. On the last heist the wealthy man double crosses the men he hires, but one of them survives to seek vengeance on his new girlfriend and her friends at his summer château…. Rita Tushingham 

8344-2144 Slavers  (81)  “The Ugly Enterprise of Human Slavery”  Britt Ekland, Cameron Mitchell, Ron Ely and Ray Milland   BA

7306 Small Town in Texas, A (76)  Timothy Bottoms returns home from prison and encounters crooked (Bo Hopkins) sheriff (who set him up and stole his girl). Susan George.  Classic in the vein of "BlackOak Conspiracy".   Time for payback!

T319 Smile of the Spider (71) aka: Il Sorriso Del Ragno - Beautifully photographed, picturesque Italian Crime Thriller with Gabriele Tinti and Thomas Hunter and some sexy babes - F.L.

3916 Smiling Maniacs, The  (75)   During an inquest, an ambitious judge finds out that a lot of high-rank politicians are corrupt to the core…. Franco Nero and Fernando Rey   BA 

T677-9551 Smokey and the Hotwire Gang (79) A convoy of truckers try to track down a beautiful woman driving a stolen car….. James Keach, Stanley Livingston, Tony Lorea, Alvy Moore, George Barris   BA

K133 Snake Fist Dynamo (84)  Hong Kong martial arts action

K97 Snake, the Tiger, the Crane, The (70's) Carter Wong

R18 Soft Self Portrait of Salvador Dali () Television Special, narrated by Orson Welles, about Dali's life and work. Also includes a 1 minute advertisement for this program. Two French television commercials starring Salvador Dali  - One is for Lanvin Chocolates- the other is for Alka - Seltzer. An interview with Alfred Hitchcock discussing the dream sequences of "Spellbound"- in which Dali provided special effects. Also a segment of a television documentary program including interviews with Man Ray and Salvador Dali- and the making of "Un Chien Andalou".

Q148 Sol Madrid (68) Stella Stevens, David McCallum, Telly Savalas, Ricardo Montalban and Rip Torn. Obscure crime action with Stella Stevens playing a prostitute (her usual). LBX

3898 Soldier, The  (82)  Terrorists take over a plutonium bomb and threaten to detonate it in a Saudi Arabian oil field. A special anti-terrorist unit is sent in to stop them….. violent action from James Glickenhaus  BA 

P143 Solitaire Attacks, The (67) Spy Crime, obscure but poor quality

P106 Some (04) Crime action mystery - LBX - Subs - Recommended !

Q515 Somebody's Stolen Our Russian Spy (68) Tom Adams   (Low Audio on this title Turn the sound up and you hear it fine)   action/spy

L281 Son De Mar (01) Bizarre love story set in a small town by the sea with great photography and directed by J.J. Bigas Lunas - Subs - BA

T854 Soul Hustler (76) aka: The Day the Lord Got Busted - Here we have Fabian, (one of many teen idols of the 50's) as a hooker beatin'- smack lovin' con man that small time hustles at tent revivals. The Greatest Con Man of them All!   We all know people that reach for their wallets whenever a T.V. preacher starts crying for donations- pocketing the money from those poor saps that think they are being blessed- think that somehow they are getting mansions built for them in a nether world that doesn't exist- taking getting taken- like a duck takes to water- while the preachers drive new Cadillac's and get rich off those weak and trusting gullible ones. Well- that's his scam- which reaches a higher level of concentrated debauchery when he is recruited by another preacher- gets a record deal- and used for an even higher staked singin' soul savin' griftin' practice-

9779 South Bronx Heroes (86) aka: Revenge of the Innocents   A young man just released from prison and living with his sister crosses paths with two children, also brother and sister, who are on the run from their child pornographer foster parents….  Mario Van Peebles

8701 Space Travelers  (2000)  Japanese action/comedy  Subs-  LBX

Q878 Spaghetti House Siege, The (82) Blacks hold up waiters in an Italian restaurant - Based on actual incident from 1975

3539 Speak of the Devil (95) The world, legacy, music, loves, rituals, careers and philosophies of Anton Lavey  Hosted by Anton Lavey

4113 Speeding Up Time  (71)  Ghetto violence as a man tracks arsonist that torched his mom in her tenement…..   Blaxploitation

L862 Spies Strike Silently (67) aka: Spies Kill Silently   Erika Blanc stars in this spy caper directed by Mario Caiano - BA

L476 Spirit of the Beehive (73) Excellent film, set in a rural 1940's Spanish village. Following a traveling cinema's showing of James Whales Frankenstein, seven year old Ana becomes fascinated by Karloff's monster. Obsessed with meeting the monster she transfers her entrancement to tending a wounded army deserter.  Great!  Subs  BA

K93 Spirits of Bruce Lee (79) It's a pretty safe bet, any movie made after July 20th 1973 that uses the name Bruce Lee, had zero Bruce Lee involvement. However, his was, and is, such an everlasting name associated with the genre, that dozens of films couldn't help but try to capitalize (cash in) on the man. This is one of them.  Man and friend's avenge brothers murder.  

Q186 SPL (05) Super Violent cops and robbers action with lots of stunts and FX - Don't miss this one ! - Subs

9549 Spook that Sat by the Door, The (73) Black C.I.A. agent organizes inner city youth and starts a revolution - Yea !

7308 Spring Fever (81)  Mind numbing bad tame comedy with Susan Anton  BA

Q553 Spy Girl (04)  Korean Action Comedy - LBX - Subs

P135 Spy in Your Eye (65) Dana Andrews is Secret Agent Z.3 who has to try harder 'cause he's not No.1... But a Blend is better than a Bond - when he has sexier gals... groovier gimmicks and much more gall!  Spy-fi BA

8827 Spy Today, Die Tomorrow  (67)  aka: Die Slowly, You'll Enjoy It More   Millionaire Baretti pays a gang to rob an atomic bomb from an American silo, and then blackmails the USA Government for a huge amount of money….  Lex Barker spy action 

Q505 St. Benedict : His Life and Miracles (46) More religious propaganda

4839 St. Helens Killer Volcano  (81)  Dramatization of the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens. The movie begins with the volcano's awakening on March 20 and ends with its eruption on May 18, 1980  BA

9533 St. Valentine's Day Massacre (67) Events leading to one of the most violent gangland shootouts in modern history: the bloodbath between Chicago's Capone and Moran gangs on February 14, 1929.  Jason Robards Jr., Ralph Meeker, Jean Hale, Joseph Campanella, Bruce Dern, Clint Ritchie, George Segal, Dick Miller, Jack Nicholson, John Agar and more!   BA   (Watch for Jack Nicholson in a bit part!)

T798 Star, The (02) Big Budget Russian WW2 movie with Russians versus the Nazis on a grand scale - Intense - Slightly LBX with Subs

Q360 Stardust (74) Nice era reproduction ! The rise and fall of rock singer Jim Maclaine in the mid-60's with his manager Mike, and his group, The Stray Cats (where Setzer got the name). David Essex and Larry Hagman star - This is the sequel to "That'll be the Day" which incidentally, we also have

L151 Starflight One (83) The fictional story of the first "hypersonic" commercial passenger plane, which can make the flight from New York to London in a mere four hours. On the maiden flight of this plane, a minor disaster occurs resulting in the plane actually leaving the Earth's atmosphere and orbiting around the globe….. Lee Majors, Lauren Hutton and Ray Milland   BA   drama/sci-fi/thriller

9556 Stateline Motel (75) After robbing a jewelry shop in Canada, two Americans arrange a meeting near the US borders in order to split the loot….  Eli Wallach, Ursula Undress, Fabio Testi and Barbara Bach

T705-4005 Steel Arena (73) One of the Best Daredevil Stunt Flicks Ever ! Hell Drivers ... Hell Bent for Destruction... They Live Day to Day... Town to Town... Crash to Crash - From the Moonshine Run to the Circus of Death!    BA

B133-L751 Stick-Up, The (77) aka: Mud   David Soul- An action-packed madcap adventure!  BA

6122 Stiletto  (69)  A rich, jet-setting playboy has a secret life: he's also a professional Mafia hitman. When he decides it's time to retire from that life….  Alex Cord, Britt Ekland, Patrick O’Neal and Roy Scheider   BA

Q92 Stingray (78) Christopher Mitchum - 1964 Stingray filled with cash and dope is the object of mucho car chase action. Throw in humor and surprisingly violent action and you get a car crash thriller in the finest 70's tradition!   BA

5176 Stoner  (76)  One time James Bond actor George Lazenby is an Australian cop who teams up with a Chinese PoliceWoman in this spy/martial arts RARITY ! 

8453 Strange But True:  Creepy Classics ()Two Vincent Price hosted shows

Q783 Stranger in my Forest, A (88) A goofy ass bear befriends a lonely orphan boy as a bitter old man is up to no good - BA

T825 Stranger in the House (67) aka: Copout - James Mason, Geraldine Chapman, Bobby Darrin, Ian Ogilvey, Pippa Steel - Swingin' London when things were Fab, Mod and Groovy Crime Drama

Q290 Strawberry Statement, The (70) Bruce Davison is Simon. He gets involved with Linda (Kim Darby). From his world on campus as a rowing team athlete he is thrown into a left-wing student movement that eventually leads to his destiny as it's radical leader and a violent showdown with "the pigs". Essential bit of the times.

5353 Street Kill  (75)  A young woman is murdered in an alley. The crime is heard or seen by the residents of a nearby apartment building, but none of them did anything to help and they refuse to cooperate with the police during the investigation….. Tina Louise, Kate Jackson, Cloris Leachman, Ed Asner and more!  Crime/drama

9377 Street Killers (77) Violent killers on the loose with Marisa Mell (who gets naked) and plenty of brutality - Helmut Berger and Richard Harrison  BA

7358 Street Fighter, The (74)  Fast-paced martial arts action finds freelance fighter Terry Tsuguri (Sonny Chiba) hired to spring a convicted killer from prison. But after he succeeds, his employers renege on their payment. Big mistake….   BA

8131 StreetWise  (86)  Gritty documentary looks at the life and lives of teenagers living on the streets of Seattle….. docu

4554 Strike Commando  (87) action/war/adventure   Christopher Connelly   Dir: Bruno Mattei 

4190 Strike Force  (75)  aka: Crackdown   A New York City detective teams up with a federal agent and a state trooper to bust up a drug ring….. An early Richard Gere film    BA

Q791 Strike Back (81) Violent action as a man is hunted in West Berlin - Electric Rock Score - BA

4342 Stunt Man, The  (80) A fugitive stumbles on a movie set just when they need a new stunt man, takes the job as a way to hide out, and falls for the leading lady…. Peter O’Toole, Steve Railsback, Barbara Hershey BA

T650 Stunt Rock (78) Aussie combo of hard rock and stunts with a band called "Sorcery" which is kind of a "Hawkwind" Uriah Heep" "Kiss' styled sound and look. Tagline “Death Wish at 120 Decibels! The Ultimate Rush!”

L150 Stunts (77) After a stunt man dies while he is involved in the making of a motion picture, his brother takes his place in order to find out what really happened….   Fiona Lewis, Richard Lynch, Robert Forster, Ray Sharkey and Joanna Cassidy  BA

K204 Submarine Base (43)  Ship engineer Jim Taggert (John Litel) is rescued from a torpedoed tramp steamer by Joe Morgan (Alan Baxter)….  War drama

L148-5313 Subterfuge (68) A young wife is becoming very distraught over the fact that her husband, a secret service "spy" for England, has changed his mind about transferring away so that he can spend more time with her and their young son. He has grown cold and distant towards her…. Joan Collins, Suzanna Leigh, Michael Rennie and Gene Barry - BA

4401 Sudden Death  (77)  Two professional violence merchants put themselves up for hire…. Don Stroud, Robert Conrad and John Ashley  BA

6249 Super Agent 999: Frank Collins    aka: Mexican Slayride  (68)  Ricardo Freda spy  F.L.

3055 Super Ninja, The   (84) aka: Killers Invincible    John, an Asian cop who works in America with his black partner called Spenser. One day, John was caught by his fellow cops for possessing drugs that had been put in his apartment in order to set him up. However, John doesn't give up! Therefore, He has to fight against his fellow cops, drugs dealers and the five element ninjas!...

3438-N40 SuperChick  (71) “A Supercharged Girl! Always Ready for Action... Any Kind!!”  A blonde stewardess kicks ass!   John Carradine, Uschi Digard and  Candy Samples    BA

4653 SuperMan Cartoons  (41)  All 17 of the classic Fleischer Bros cartoons!

4456 Surabaya Conspiracy (73)  aka: The Gold Seekers  Double-cross film set in the Philippines in which nobody wins…. Michael Rennie, Barbara Bouchet and Richard Jaeckel

5352 Surprise Attack  (70)  1938 at the battlefront along the river Ebro, Spain. It is the Spanish Civil War, and this movie depicts the attack of a group of commandos whose job it is to blow up the bridge spanning the river…..  Simón Andreu and Patty Shepard  

7453 Survival Run (80)  Teens run across a drug smuggling ring in the desert.  Peter Graves, Ray Milland.  Nudity and violence.

9737 Swamp Girl (71) Gal raised by degenerate swamp family becomes the legendary title babe! Cat fights!  Snakes!  Swampy action!  A greaaaatttt companion piece to Gator Bait!

1054 Swamp Women  (55)  An undercover policewoman helps three female convicts escape from prison so that they can lead her to a stash of stolen diamonds hidden in a swamp…. 

T824 Sweat (02) Escaping across the North African desert in a truck full of stolen loot 4 partners experience difficulties - This "Road Warrior" - like pedal to the metal actioneer is violent action packed suspense !!! With Trailer - In English Language with Foreign Subs

7303 Sweeney 2 !  (76)  Second cinematic spin-off from the popular 70's police series. Regan & Carter head a Flying Squad investigation into a series of bank raids by a team of well-armed villains who are flying in from the continent….

7304 Sweeney!  (75)  “The roughest, toughest men from London's greatest crime squad smash their way onto the big screen!”   Violent British actioneer

9160 Sweet Hostage (75) An escaped mental patient (Martin Sheen) kidnaps an illiterate teenage farm girl (Linda Blair) and takes her to his mountain hide-away, where they soon become friends and, eventually, lovers….

T534 Sweet Revenge (87) Nancy Allen, Ted Shackelford, Martin Landau and Gina Gershon - Allen escapes her kidnappers, and goes after Sweet Revenge !

Q354 Sweet Ride, The (68) Anthony Franciosa, Michael Sarrazin, Bob Denver, and the beautiful Jacqueline Bisset. Late 60's swingin' beach flick. Sarrazin and Bisset were an item at the time this was filmed.  BA

T779 Swim Team (79) A new swimming coach is hired to break a team's seven-year losing streak…. Stephen (Flounder) Furst, James Naughton, Jenny Neumann, Buster Crabbe - For swim fans, comedy -  BA

1371 Swimmer, The    (68)  A lonely suburbanite swims an existential swath through the pools of his neighborhood landscape in an effort at self-discovery….  A surreal, strangely compelling work based on a story by John Cheever.  Stars Burt Lancaster, Janice Rule, Janet Landgard, Marge Champion and Kim Hunter  BA

Q465 Swing Girls (04) Girls Meet Jazz! Comedic, Drama with youngsters and their instruments. Maybe a low-key "Rock School" but Japanese styled and no ROCK but well... boring music instead - LBX - Subs

Q283 Swinger, The (66) Anne Margaret acting like the perpetual tease stars. Anthony Franciosa stars as a Hugh Hefner type. Also with the inimitably drop dead gorgeous Yvonne (Curse of the Werewolf, Captain Clegg) Romain  BA

9552 Swingin' Summer, A (65) Music and good times with Raquel Welch and bands performing like the Righteous Brothers, Rip Chords and many more.

P137 Sword of Monte Cristo, The (51) Costumer with William Conrad, Rita Corday, George Montgomery and "wild jungle ape girl" actress Acquanetta !

T179 Sword of Swords, The (68) Shaw Brothers   LBX  Subs

Q351 Swordmates, The (69) More Awesome Shaw Brothers action LBX and with Subs

Q55 Sympathy for a Spy (65) aka: Serenade for Two Spies    Tony Kendall spy spoof   F.L.

P131 Syndicate Sadists (75) aka: Rambo's Revenge - Umberto Lenzi directed violent crime action with Tomas Milian and Joseph Cotten

8001 Tactical Guerilla  (74)  aka: Hell River    Rod Taylor, Adam West-  WWII The Eastern Block  BA

Q886 Tag Number (04) aka: Lichnyy Nomer- Terrorists are preparing to turn the city of Rome into a city of dead people. Will the cooperation of Russia and Western Special Forces be able to stop terrorists ? Another cool Russian action film, no Subs - F.L.

Q482 Taking Off (71) Groovy Hippie stuff and Counter Culture clashes with Modern Family Life. Vincent Schiavelli's film debut, (his character is a bell-bottomed marijuana "expert" that instructs a banquet hall full of clueless parents how to get high!), and Kathy Bates film debut as well ! Also with Buck Henry, Ike and Tina Turner, and Carly Simon. Yes. In the days when smoking a little weed was seen as "normal". In this day and age, they throw teenagers in prison with violent offenders for minor drug busts and ruin their records. 

4183 Tale of Two Cities, A  (85)  Dissolute barrister Sydney Carton (Chris Sarandan) becomes enchanted and then hopelessly in love with the beautiful Lucie Manette….   Peter Cushing

Q467 Talvisota (89) aka: The Winter War - The Battle of Finland and Russia in 1939 enacted here in a gritty violent 3 Hour Epic - Subs

Q876 Target (78) Turkish family man who happens to be an infallible sharpshooter, and is unwillingly recruited by the mob in order to eliminate narc cop Merenda (whom he has actually just befriended!)…. Turkish-Italian mafia thriller     English language

L525 Target Goldseven (67) American secret agent Alan Milner (Tony Russel) is charged to get back a lot of uranium being transported to an enemy power by a criminal gang led by Otis….  Erika Blanc - Spy action

Q743 Target of an Assassin (78) An ailing African leader is admitted to a hospital. A male nurse at the hospital kidnaps him, but it turns out that things aren't exactly what they seem to be…. Anthony Quinn and John Phillip Law    BA

B136 Target Removed (72) aka: Summertime Killer- Christopher Mitchum, Karl Malden, Olivia Hussey, Claudine Auger- A young boy sees his dad wasted by the Mafia. Later as an adult he seeks revenge by killing all responsible. Nice location photography in Spain, with great motorbike stunts-LBX-  BA

9939 Taxi 3 (02) A gang of thieves calling themselves the Santa Claus Gang are wreaking havoc, and the police can't keep up….   French action/comedy with Subs

P155 Taxi Hunter (93) Mild mannered businessman Anthony Wongs life is shattered when his pregnant wife is run over by a busy taxi driver…  Hong Kong  Ultra-Violent   LBX with Subs

3777 Teacher, The  (74)  Jay North  (50's star of "Dennis the Menace") has sex with his teacher and battles a mad killer!  Golly!   BA

8133 Tearaway  (87)  aka: Queen City Rocker   Australian story of a street punk with an alcoholic father…. hardrock score  BA

8443 Tecnica di un Omicidio    aka: No Tears For the Killer (66)  Hit-man Clint Harris (Robert Webber) has one more job to do before he can retire. The corporation which hires him demands that Harris "erase" an ex-employee who has become a snitch for the police….. Franco Nero  F.L.   BA

Q836 Tegeran-43 (81) aka: Assassination Attempt   Obscure Russian action/thriller/war film with Alain Delon

4162 Telefon  (77)  The KGB's looking for one of their people, a man named Dalchimsky (Donald Pleasence) because he has stolen something important…,  Suspenseful, slick spy tale.    Charles Bronson, Lee Remick, Patrck Magee and Tyne Daly  BA  

8427 Temmink: The Ultimate Fight  (98)  The government's policy towards euthanasia and the public's demand for extreme fights result in a cage fight tournament in which sentenced criminals can choose to participate, brought to the public by a very commercial sports broadcast…. Dutch violent action    in English

K111 Ten Fingers of Death (70's) Jackie Chan

L713 Ten Little Indians (89) Agatha Christie tale of 10 people invited to an isolated place only to find that an unseen person is killing them one by one. One of them?  Donald Pleasence, Brenda Vaccaro. Frank Stallone and Herbert Lom star in this nice violent adaptation of the classic Agatha Christie tale   BA

Q48 Ten Zan: The Ultimate Mission (88) Frank Zagarino, Mark Gregory and Sabrina Siani star - Entertaining 80's adventure thriller loaded with action sequences, explosions and shoot-outs. Directed by Ferdinando Baldi

7305 Terror Squad  (87)  Here's one for the times!  Libyan terrorists put a high school population under siege.  With Ken Foree and Chuck Conners.  Lots of violence, crashes, and terrorism mayhem fill up this bloodbath. 

4666 Texas Lightning  (81)  “They're stormin' on the taverns…. thunderin' over the roads…. and just plain having a good ol' time!”  Cameron Mitchell, Channing Mitchell, Maureen McCormick, Peter Jason  BA

L865 That Man in Istanbul (65) A $1 million ransom has been paid for kidnapped American nuclear scientist Dr. Pendergast (Umberto Raho) but he has not been returned. American secret agent Kenny (Sylvia Koscina) goes to Istanbul, Turkey to investigate. There she teams up with American gambling club owner Tony Maecenas (Horst Buchholz) and his henchman Brain (Gustavo Re) and Bogo (Alvaro de Luna)….. Klaus Kinski  BA

4596 That Man is Pregnant!  (80) Anita Morris, William C. Reilly comedy/satire

8596 That Summer of White Roses  (89)  Compelling action drama about a lifeguard working at a resort in Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia and his love for a woman resistance fighter and her child…. Susan George, Rod Steiger, Tom Conti   BA

Q610 Theft of the Mona Lisa, The (66) George Chakiris - Crime Caper comedy directed by Michel Deville

Q136 There's Always Vanilla (71) aka: The Affair   A young man returns to his home city of Pittsburgh and moves in with an older woman whom he begins to rely on for emotional and financial support…. George Romero drama

Q114 They Called Him Bulldozer (78) Bud Spencer is "Bulldozer", a former footballer who is now a fisherman that agrees to train a group of street people to football against an Army base. LBX version

X12 They Only Kill Their Masters (72) Abel (James Garner) is the  California police chief investigating the death of a wild beach town resident, supposedly killed by her Doberman pinscher. He discovers the woman was actually drowned and there are any number of secrets to uncover….. Katharine Ross, Hal Holbrook and more! Mystery/thriller  BA

Q51 They Paid With Bullets: Chicago 1929 (69) Country bumpkin Frank (William Bogart) runs into a gangland shooting, driving the victims to the gang's headquarters. He soon earns a place in Erik's (Peter Lee Lawrence) mob….. Chicago gangland violence Italian style! (In English)

K209 They Raid By Night (42) The British Commandos send Bob Owen (Lyle Talbot) to Norway to prepare for a raid. His mission also includes freeing General Heden (Paul Baratoff) who is being held by the Nazis….

6328 Thirteen Chairs, The  (69)  aka: Twelve Plus One    Mario, a young philanderer, receives 13 antique chairs in a bad state by inheritance and decides to sell off them to get some money….  Sharon Tate (who was murdered by the Manson Clan shortly after filming this- her last movie) Orson Welles, and Terry Thomas.  BA

5341 Those Wild Bloopers () Old bloopers with the likes of Abbott and Costello and Ronald Reagan

9357 Thousand Mile Escort (85) South Sung Dynasty of corruption and murder of peasants. A battle for power as one man's integrity is never compromised - BA

T172 Three Men to Kill (80) Violent Alain Delon action/thriller

T615 Three Musketeers, The (21) The young Gascon D'Artagnan (Douglas Fairbanks) arrives in Paris, his heart set on joining the king's Musketeers. He is taken under the wings of three of the most respected and feared Musketeers, Porthos (George Siegmann), Aramis (Eugene Pallette), and Athos (Léon Bary). Together they fight to save France and the honor of a lady from the machinations of the powerful Cardinal Richelieu (Nigel De Brulier).

5211 Three Sovereigns For Sarah  (82)  the true story of the Salem Witch Trials  BA  uncut with Vanessa Redgrave

Q772 Throw Out the Anchor (74) Backwoods folks battle polluters…. drama/comedy  Richard Egan, Dina Merrill, Phil Lopp, Edwin Hugh, Alison Arngrim 

3586 Thumb Tripping  (72)  Two flower children hitchhike and encounter all kinds of other strange people in their travels on the far-out roads…. Bruce Dern, Meg Foster

Q722 Thunder and Mud (90) After "The Decline of Western Civilization Part 2" Penelope Spheeris directed this Metal and Mud disaster with some of the worst music from the era and strippers battling it out in the mud. This makes for high entertainment!  BA

9537 Thunder County (74) Four women escape from a prison and wind up stranded in a swamp with a lecherous redneck after them. Meanwhile, an federal agent tracks a ring of heroin smugglers through the same swamp…. Mickey Rooney, Ted Cassidy

Q325 Thunder from the West (69) World War II: The Italian secret agent Riccardo Cloro (Gianna Garko) is sent undercover as a Swiss businessman to Graz by train, in which he gets to know Rada (Irina Demick), a Czech Jew. He is then informed about his mission: He is to kill Tsaimitis, head of the resistance movement in Budapest…  Merian Lovric - Spy/War thriller - Only Fair quality on this one

Q834 Thunder Road (86) Forrest Tucker is grizzled old trucker Charlie Morrison, (in one of his last roles as he died later the same year this came out) a Korean war veteran, transporting plutonium and tracked by murderous terrorists intent upon obtaining the destructive materials. Some high speed action sequences will have you on the edge of your seat. Also with John Ireland

4465 Thunderbolt  (93)  In order to release his kidnapped sister, sports car mechanic Jackie Chan has to beat a super-criminal drag racer….. LBX  Subs  BA

L139 Ticket to Heaven (81) Young man gets caught up in a Jesus cult obsessed with fanatical rituals and non-stop indoctrination and turns into a vegetable.  How do you save a man that thinks he is saved?  Anyone involved with fanatical religion of ANY type should watch this and get help. With Meg Foster- Nick Mancuso and Kim Cattrall. Filmed in Canada.

Q246 Tiger Blade, The (05) When a highly volatile case confronts the police, a young maverick cop with mystical powers is put on the case. YOSTHANA teams up with the seductive DUANGDAO, and together they must hunt down and capture the brutal and deadly 'FIVE BULLETS BANDIT'….. Thai Crime Thriller with unstoppable Action - LBX - Subs

3890 Tiger Joe  (85)  Three Vietnam vets, Tiger Joe (David Warbeck), Midnight (Tony King) and Lenny (Luciano Pigozzi) run weapons to Cambodian refugees who are fighting against the Khmer Rouge forces. When Joe is shot down behind enemy lines, he meets a beautiful guerrilla fighter (Annie Belle) and the two blow up enemy bases while Lenny and Midnight search for their missing buddy….. David Warbeck war/action/adventure BA

K123 Tiger Love (80's) Tiger Killer Mu must hunt down and kill a loose tiger!

T653 Timber Tramps, The (75) aka: The Big Push - From the same production team behind the killer bear flick "Claws". Claude Akins is manly man lumberjack in this rugged outing. Also with Tab (girly man ?) Hunter, Caesar Romero, Patricia Medina, Joseph Cotten, Leon Ames and Rosey Grier - BA

9706 Time for Killing , A (67) Determined Union officer hunts down confederate soldiers that have escaped from his P.O.W. camp. Dark and violent with Glenn Ford , George Hamilton and Max Baer Jr.

Q781 Time to Die, A (82) A World War II vet (Edward Albert Jr.) sets out in 1948 to avenge the death of his wife at the hands of Nazis….  Revenge yarn with Rod Taylor, Rex Harrison, Edward Albert Jr. - BA

X9 Time to Remember, A (98) Shanghai in the 1950's. An American gets caught up in political turmoil.

Q506 Times Gone By (52) A number of segments taken from 19th Century Italian Stories…. comedy

Q778-5068 TNT Jackson (74) A kung fu mama (Jeannie Bell) searches for her brother while everyone in Hong Kong tries to kick her out of town…..  Classic Blaxploitation  BA

Q788 To All My Friends On Shore (72) An airport redcap works hard to get his family out of the ghetto, only to discover that his son has sickle-cell anemia….. Serious, Sad and Sappy Bill Cosby MFTV flick, very popular when it was aired almost 35 years ago     BA

8685 To Be #1  (91)  The story of Ho, a Chinese peasant/slave worker who escapes to Hong Kong and becomes one of the most feared crime bosses in Hong Kong…. violent cat III   Subs 

Q745 To Kill a Stranger (83) Cristina Carver (Angelica Maria) finds herself in dire straits after she arrives to spend some time with her TV-reporter husband (Dean Stockwell) who is visiting a Latin American country run by a military dictator. After a car accident one day, Cristina brings the helpful Col. Kostik (Donald Pleasence) home and then kills him in self-defense when he violently attempts to assault and murder her. Terrified, she covers up her act and hides the body, yet in spite of her husband's efforts to protect her, a local police detective starts to figure out what really happened…..  mystery/thriller

3902 To Kill and Kill Again ()  Dahmer DOCU  -  also on tape are two Geraldo Rivera shows on serial killers and evil murderers.  Finally another docu on Ronald Difeo the true life Amityville murderer that inspired the movie!

6211 To the Shores of Hell  (65)  Leaving his sweetheart behind, Major Greg Donahue (Marshall Thompson) attacks Da Nang and plots to rescue his brother (Robert Dornan) from the Viet Cong.  BA

8702 Today's Hero  (91)  Honk Kong action/comedy    F.L.   BA 

7318 Todes Kommando Tobruk (69)  aka: The Battle of the Damned   A small band of misfit American commandos are assigned to head across the North African desert to blow up a huge German fuel depot….. LBX German language. War spy action

L647 Told (02) 2 women battle in an apartment - Subs

8420 Tomorrow Never Comes  (78)  When Frank (Stephen McHattie) discovers his girlfriend (Susan George) has been unfaithful, he goes berserk and eventually finds himself in a stand-off with the police…. Violent.

Oliver Reed, Donlad Pleasence, Raymond Burr and John Ireland     Peter Collins directs   BA

Q201-T821 Tom-Yum-Goong (05) Tony Jaa action!  He's Kahm, and on the trail to retrieve a stolen elephant. Much battle sequences ensue including the conflict with an evil business woman and her thug henchmen. LBX - Subs

Q125 Too Much Flesh (00)  Rossana Arquette stars in this wonderfully trashy little epic as a 35 year old married virgin (far stretch for Arquette) that starts banging a passing stranger causing outrage in the community.

T676 Top of the Heap (72)  An embittered black cop that is fed up with his life, his wife, his mistress, his superiors and the world. What happens when he snaps?  Who will feel his full fury?  Blaxploitation   BA

3894 Torn Allegiance  (84)  Story takes the point of view of the local Boer farmers in 1900 South Africa, and the ones portrayed here are subject to property seizure and other humiliations at the hands of British Imperial soldiers fighting a guerilla war against Boer rebels…. Australian family/drama/war movie  BA

8345-4063 Tornado  (83) aka: The Last Blood    In the final days of the Vietnam War, an unhinged American Captain (Antonio Marsina) sends his Green Berets on high-risk missions behind the lines. Sgt. Maggio (Giancarlo Prete) doesn't take kindly to his commander's attitude towards his men; when his friend dies because of the Captain's blundering, they get in a fight and Maggio winds up en route to the stockade….. Luciano Pigozzi, Edoardo Margheriti    Dir: Antonio Margheriti  BA

2763 Tough Guy  (74)  aka: Murder in the Ring   Boxer Teddy Wilcox (Robert Blake) leaves his manager and relocates. He finds Nick (Gabriele Ferzetti), a manager/trainer. Before Wilcox's first fight, Nick receives a threat-- Wilcox loses, or Nick will die. Despite Nick's efforts to sabotage the fight, Wilcox wins.  UNCUT import   Ernest Borgnine  Beware of the butchered U.S. print!  

5108 Tough Ones, The  (76)  aka: Brutal Justice   A tough, violent cop who doesn't mind bending the law goes after a machine-gun-carrying, hunchbacked psychotic killer….  Umberto Lenzi lensed crime action.

4375 Tough to Kill  (78)  The lure of $1million causes the 4 main characters to rip each other to pieces even though they need to depend on each other to survive in the harsh African wilderness…. Joe D’Amato directs

Q753-5125 Tracks (76) Dennis Hopper is excellent as a tortured Viet Nam soldier who is on furlough transporting a friend's body by train in America, and having battle flashbacks as he does, which totally freaks himself and everybody else out.   BA

Q495 Train Man (05) Man finds love on a train - Japanese comedy/romance  LBX - Subs

3893 Trained to Kill U.S.A.  (75) aka: The No Mercy Man    Olie Hand (Steve Sandor) plays a returning vet who just wants to take up his life before the army and forget everything that he saw in Vietnam, but when his small desert town is overtaken by a murderous gang of biker thugs, he is forced to call some of his ex-army buddies and take action….. BA 

Q873 Trap Door Snaps Shut at Midnight (66) aka: Um Null Uhr schnappt die Falle zu   George Nader is Secret Agent Jerry Cotton, hired to retrieve a stolen truckload of nitro-glycerin….   Crime/thriller

M39 Trap for the Assassin (66) Riccardo Freda directed crime/drama in French - F.L. - BA

Q775 Treasure of Tayopa, The (74) Modern day western about an expedition led by Winters to find a lost treasure in the Mexican badlands. Psycho Trapani turns the search into a bloodbath….  BA

4182 Treasure of the Yankee Zephyr  (81)  aka: Race for the Yankee Zephyr   In a lake high in the mountains of New Zealand hunter Gibson discovers a plane wreck from WWII. When he tells it around, a gang of crooks follows and threatens him and his daughter, because they know there are 50 million dollars in the wreck.  Donald Pleasence, Lesley Ann Warren, George Peppard and Ken Wahl  BA

4160 Treasure Seekers, The  (79)  aka: On a Dead Man's Chest   A chance meeting leads two former college friends into a search for sunken treasure, a search which involves them with the double dealing Landers (Jeremy Kemp)…. Elke Sommer, Rod Taylor and Stuart Whitman

Q728 Tres (05) aka: 3 - Mexican comedy   F.L.

T654 Trinity: Tracking For Trouble (78) aka: Inspecteur Bulldozer  Commissary Rizzo (Bud Spencer) in Napoli gets a message from a policeman from South Africa who wants to meet him.  Immediately before this meeting the South African policeman is killed.  Dying he shows Rizzo a picture of his little son Bodo (Baldwyn Dakile).  Rizzo travels to Johannesburg to find out what the policeman was working on and to find Bodo.   Dagmar Lassander - BA

4054 Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie  (95) A documentary presenting mankind's most ambitious effort at perfecting the means to its own annihilation….  William Shatner narrates  

Q336 Trinity Goes East (98) Roberto Lopez, Sky Dragon - Cool soundtrack, parodying scenes of Lone Wolf and Cub, tons of action and awesome picture-esque locales - F.L.

P101 Triple Cross, The (03) Japanese action from the director of "Battle Royal" with Sonny Chiba - Subs

4513-6210   Triple Echo, The  (73)  aka: Soldier in Skirts  Deserting soldier dresses as a woman to escape detection; liking the female role he goes to a dance with another soldier and is exposed.  Oliver Reed, Glenda Jackson and Brian Deacon   LBX   BA

B24 Trouble in the City of Angels (88) aka: Man Against the Mob   In 1930s Los Angeles, a police detective leads an elite squad against a vicious organized crime ring…. George Peppard and Stella Stevens - 1930's Mobster action - BA

8136 Truly  Tasteless Jokes  (85)  tasteless fun!   John Fox, Larry Reeb, Marsha Warfield, Ollie Joe Prater and Denny Johnston  

T279 Trygon Factor, The (66) A Scotland Yard detective is investigating a string of robberies and a murder, and the information he uncovers leads him to the estate of a wealthy but strange English family, who share their mansion with a group of nuns….. Crime/Comedy/Thriller with Susan Hampshire, Stewart Granger and Robert Morley

Q15-7563 Tuff Enough (79) Aussie J.D. flick - Watch the kids stumble like brain dead zombies to AC/DC scene! - BA

8508 Turag the Desert Warrior (82)  In a desolate section of the Sahara once ruled by the French, two thirsty men stumble into the camp of a Tureg warrior where they're given water and shelter. Soldiers from the new Arab government now arrive by Jeep and demand the two men be turned over to them…. Enzo Casterelli actioneer w/ Mark Harmon 

T829 Twelve Gold Medallions, The (70) Martial arts/drama/action  Shaw Brothers - LBX - Subs

T163 Twin Blades of Doom (69) Martial arts/action   Shaw Brothers  LBX and with Subs

9534 Twisted Three Play - First its the "California Reich"- a truly disturbing look at real American Nazi's in the 70's. You won't believe your ears when you see them interact with their kids and coerce them to sputter vile racist beliefs.  At one point one of them wishes he could roll in the dirt at concentration camps for old time nostalgia. Next "Hellfire" - religious propaganda. Then - The History of White People in America with Martin Mull - Over 2 hours

Q760 Twister's Revenge (87) Bill (Giant Spider Invasion, Blood Harvest) Rebane directs this hilarious action hybrid - Don't miss it !

L712 Two Idiots in Hollywood (89) Idiots Taylor Dupp (Jeff Doucette) and Murphy Wegg (Jim McGrath) flee their humdrum existence in Dayton, Ohio for the glamour of Hollywood….  Very strange and funny

T827 Two Men Who Went to War (02) It's 1942. Two Army Dentists decide to invade France... On Their Own - Big Budget Comedy War Based on a True Story - LBX - Subs

9550 Two Worlds of Jennie Logan, The (79) This movie is about a woman (Lindasy Wagner) who is trying to rebuild her shattered marriage. She and her husband (Marc Singer) move to an old Victorian style home, where she finds a beautiful dress in the attic, which has a tear in the shoulder. She has the dress repaired. When she tries it on in the restored attic, she suddenly finds herself in another era. This time travel seems to happen whenever she wears the dress….  Gloria Stuart

3328 U.S.  Vice  (76)  aka: Black Heat   Kicks Carter (Timothy Brown), a streetwise Las Vegas cop, is out to shut down an upscale hotel that is actually a front for a host of illegal activities….  Regina Carrol, Russ Tamblyn   Blaxploitation

4158 Ultimate Thrill, The  (74)  aka: The Ultimate Chase   “Men are playing the supreme game of live or die on the treacherous ski slopes of the world”    Britt Ekland and Barry Brown crime/thriller/drama   BA

8824 Unholy Wife  (57)  aka: The Lady and the Prowler   A young woman plans to murder her wealthy husband, but her plan goes awry when she accidentally kills someone else…. Diana Dors, Rod Steiger and  Tom Tyron   BA

5098 Unknown Comedy Show, The  (82)

556 Unknown Powers   (78)  A documentary--actually three episodes of a canceled TV series--examining various phenomena, including ESP, psychic surgery and past-life hypnosis….  Hosts: Jack Palance, Will Geer and Samantha Eggar  

6254 Uno Bianca  (00)  Kim Rossi Stuart plays a cop who is assigned to investigate a series of violent bank robberies and cop-killings. While on duty, his friend is shot in the head by one of the criminals linked to the gang. Stuart then goes on a personal crusade to nail down the leader of the criminal organization.  Two-part serial MFTV cop thriller   Michele Soavi   2 VHS/DVD set  $ 22.00 VHS / $26.00 DVD     F.L. 

Q101/Q102 Un-PC Cartoons Volume 1 and 2 - 2 DVD or VHS $22  Collection of the craziest and most offensive racial and or maybe even racist cartoons ever made from America's wonderful (not) discrimination filled past. Still, lots of fun and hilarious as long as you don't get all serious about the subject matter. Hey, it happened. Get over it already.

8623 Up the Academy  (80)  This pubescent-comedy is a kind of mixture between 'Animal House' and 'Police Academy'.  Four boys are sent, for different reasons, to a the Sheldon R. Wienberg military academy. The life of discipline asks a lot of the four geeks. Of course these boys know how to make a party out of the hard times….  BA

7468 Vacation in Hell, A  (79)  Five tourists, four women and one man, escape from the group in a holiday camp at a tropical place and get lost. They have to find the way back, but problems are still to come….  Maureen McCormick (Marsha Brady), Priscilla Barnes, Barbara Feldon, Andrea Marcovicci and Michael Brandon 

K2 Valley of Mystery (67) aka: Disappearance of Flight 603 -  “They survived a shattering plane crash… and then their terror began…”  action/adventure with Peter Graves, Fernando Lamas, Julie Adams, Leonard Nimoy  (Picture quality is good, but a half hour in there is an annoying buzz that continues through-out the film. Still very rare)  . Due to sound problems- only POOR QUALITY at this time BA

L923 Valley of the Doomed (74) aka: El Valle de lus Miserables - American railroad engineer Clint Farrel (Don Megowan) struggles valiantly to complete his railroad commissioned by the Grand Duchess of Piedmont (Hildegard Knef).  Stella Von Kruger (Chelo Alonso) is sent to disrupt his work but instead winds up falling in love with the big lug…..  Rene Cardon Jr. directs this rare/adventure/thriller - F.L.

3858 Vals, The  (82)  aka: Valley Girls   Sam, Trish, Beth, and Annie are four Valley Girls bored with shopping and frat parties. They come across kind Mr. Stanton, who is running a home for orphaned boys. Mr. Stanton and his charges are in danger of being evicted from their home if they don't come up with the rent money that is due, and one of the boys has taken to selling drugs for a couple of sleazy dealers…. John Carradine, Chuck Connors and lots of boobs! 

7301 Vampira: Portrait of Maila Nurmi (90’s)  She's an old woman now and loves to talk about her past.  Entertaining view!   LBX in English

3868 Van Nuys Blvd.  (79)  A small-town kid hears about the wild nights of cruising the boulevard in Van Nuys, California. He drives out there to check it out, and gets involved with drag racers, topless dancers and bikers.  comedy/drama  BA

8695 Vendetta  (92)  A police officer kills two criminals from a gang of three during a police action. The killed thugs are twin brother and sister. The officer's kids are twins too - a boy and a girl. As time passes, strange things happen, it seems as if the twins try to kill their father. They are possessed by the spirits of the killed twin thugs, and they are out for revenge…..  Hong Kong action thriller

Q38-5116 Vengeance  (76) aka : A Dog Named Vengeance - Jason (The Exorcist) Miller is a fugitive pursued through the jungles by a bloodthirsty dog.

T166 Vengeance is a Golden Blade (69) Martial arts/action  Shaw Brothers with Subs

4572 Vengeance: One By One  (75)  aka: The Old Gun   A grief-plagued doctor finds he must seek out and kill each Nazi involved in the slaughter of his wife and child to ease his pain…. : Philippe Noiret, Romy Schneider, Jean Bouise   BA  

8128 Venus the Ninja  (83)  aka: Wolf-Devil Woman 2    Ninja babe battles evil warlord.

5021 Veronia Incident, The  (89)  Vernonia is just another quiet and quaint American town, smack in the middle of heartland U.S.A. But Vernonia's innocence is shattered one day when two crazed gunmen from the city ride into town looking for trouble. They find it as they terrorize Vernonia's kind folks, pillage the town, and murder the police chief for an encore…..  vigilante action  BA

T269 Versailles Affair, The (60) Jean Thielment is Monsieur Suzuki, a special agent called in to help find documents relating to oil prospects in time for a conference being held in Versailles…. Early Euro - Spy

T232B Victim Five (64) aka: Table Bay   “A very special agent with a code that means: He Can Go All The Way”   Spy Action with Lex Barker - LBX and in German Language

6388 Video Wars  (84) The evil ‘overseer’ Rightmonger, a computer genius, is blackmailing the world’s leaders for one trillion dollars.  Pay up or he will systematically annihilate the world…. BA

3784 Violated  (53)  Psycho stalks the streets of Greenwich Village, killing and scalping his victims….

3810 Violence in a Woman's Prison  (82)  Emanuelle goes undercover into a prison to expose the corrupted officials who are brutalizing the inmates….  Laura Gemser -  LBX 

9944 Violent Fire (2002)  After Kunisada (Riki Takeuchi)'s Yakuza leader and father figure is brutally murdered, he and his best friend (Kenichi Endo) go on a two-man mission to avenge his death…. Miike Japanese actioneer with Subs

3859 Violent Protection  (83)  aka: Death Dealers  Maurizio Merli is great as a veteran cop named Betti. He sets out to clean up a protection racket run by the Commandant (Barry Sullivan).  Along the way, Betti befriends a little boy whose father is murdered by the criminals…. Umberto Lenzi directed this tale    John Saxon   BA

T74 Violent Rome (75) aka: Forced Impact -A detective sick and tired of the rampant crime and violence in his city, and constantly at odds with his superiors, is finally kicked out of the department for a "questionable" shooting of a vicious criminal….  Maurizio Merli   Nice and violent action crime film  BA

8871 Volcano High (01) Kim Kyang-Soo (Jang Hyuk) was sleeping in his physics lesson, when teacher write X on blackboard. Teacher saw Kyang-Soo sleeping and threw his chalk towards Kyang-Soo. Kyang-Soo paused it and push it back, injured teacher. Kyang-Soo got expelled from his 8th Korean high school, and found his 9th School - WaSanGo….. Wild South Korean action - Subs

T448 Voyna: The War (04) Violent, Colorful Russian made War Terrors - LBX - Subs

9776-6309 Walking the Edge (83) aka: The Hard Way   A Los Angeles taxi driver (Robert Forster) helps a distraught young woman (Nancy Kwan) on the run from gangsters after they murder her husband and young son….  Also with Joe Spinell - BA

8290 Wanderers, The  (79)  Set against the urban jungle of 1963 New York's gangland subculture, this coming of age teenage movie is set around the Italian gang the Wanderers….  Karen Allen and Kan Wahl  BA

B135 Wanted : Babysitter (75) Young girl (Maria Schneider) kidnapped while babysitting son of wealthy movie producer- is held captive by a dangerous stuntman (Vic Morrow) and a vengeful movie-star (Robert Vaughn) - BA

Q135 War Camp (83) Filipino war action when American POW's must endure cruel and bloody games at the hands of the enemy - BA

L891 War Dog: The Assassination Game  (86) Man finds brother (who was reportedly killed in Viet Nam) alive and trained as a killer.

3790 War Game, The  (65)  semi-docu on the effects of nuclear attack on a small English town

8840 War, The (01) Russian actioneer- Russian soldiers seek revenge in Checneya-LBX with Subs

Q880 Warning, The (81) Giuliano Gemma and Martin Balsam action

4636 Warrior, The  (81)  Indonesia is a country in turmoil. The people are poor and oppressed by the Dutch Government. However one hope remains in the form of rebel leader Djaka Semboeng. His rebels and his famous fighting ability inspires the people to hang on…. Barry Prima and Dana Christina  action/adventure/martial arts

9387 Warrior, The (02) In feudal India, a warrior (Khan) who renounces his role as the longtime enforcer to a local lord becomes the prey in a murderous hunt through the Himalayan mountains…..

8535 Watched  (73)  Stacey Keach is a fugitive, a former DA, who is on the run from Harris Yulin, who purposely screwed up too many of the latter's drug busts in the Haight-Ashbury district…..    A fantastic cocaine nightmare and gives a career performance….

K198 Waterfront (44) A Nazi spy operating as an optometrist on the San Francisco waterfront discovers that his code book, which also has the names of his fellow Nazi agents and saboteurs, has been stolen…. John Carradine and J. Carrol Nash   war/spy/drama

7333 Watermelon Man, The  (70)  An extremely bigoted white man find out the hard (and somewhat humorous) way what it's like being a black man, firsthand!   DIRECTED BY: Melvin Van Peebles  97min. Print   BA  Blaxploitation

K118-8002 Weapons of Death (81) action/drama/martial arts   Eric Lee

4116 Web of Deception  (71)  An international crime syndicate absconds  with over $5 million in precious jewels….  A Young private investigator is called in to investigate what soon becomes a murder case (in which he becomes suspect number one).   Thriller     Gabrielle Tinti, Thomas Hunter and Aelina Nathaniel   BA  

6132 Wedding in White  (72)  A young girl's brother comes home from the army (WWII), and brings an army buddy with him. The three of them go out that night to celebrate, and after much drinking has been done, the brother's friend assaults the sister. After the two men have gone back, the girl finds that she's pregnant--and discovers that her parents don't blame the soldier, but blame her….. Donald Pleasance and Carol Kane  

8512-K76 Welcome Home Soldier Boys  (72)  The homecoming of 4 combat weary U.S. Army Green Berets from the Vietnam War. They rent a car and travel across country; meeting different people, picking up and accidentally killing a girl, watching a high school basketball game, and being totally disillusioned with coming home….. Joe Don Baker and Paul Koslo   BA

2297 What    (73)  aka: Forbidden Dreams  A young American woman (Sydne Rome) traveling through Italy finds herself in a strange Mediterranean villa where nothing seems right. Her visit becomes an absurd, decadent, oversexed version of "Alice in Wonderland"…. Roman Polanski directs

9389 When Eight Bells Toll (71) Anthony Hopkins - Gold piracy at sea  BA

4533 When Time Ran Out…. (80)  An active volcano threatens a south Pacific island resort and its guests as a power struggle ensues between the property's developer and a drilling foreman…. All star cast including Paul Newman, Jacqueline Bisset, William Holden, Ernest Borgnine, Edward Albert, Barbara Carrera, Valentina Cortese, Burgess Meredith, , Red Buttons   BA

6491 When Wolves Cry  (83)  Since the death of his mother, Pascal (Brook Fuller), ten years old, spends his holidays with his father, the rich Laurent Segur (William Holden). One day, when diving near the shores of Corse, an aircraft falls into the sea. The holiday goes on happily with Catherine (Virna Lisi), the young and pretty girlfriend of Laurent. But soon blue marks appear on the face of Pascal. He has been contaminated by a nuclear weapon carried by the destroyed plane, and he won't survive more than six months….

T836 When You Comin' Back Red Ryder ? (79) Marjoe Gortner stars as a psychopathic drug dealer who's vehicle breaks down in an isolated desert town. He descends upon a roadside diner and holds the customers hostage, physically torturing them, and tearing into their psyches with his maniacal head games. Candy (she gets naked) Clark- Hal Linden and more star - Great vehicle for star Gortner- the former Christian evangelist. What the hell ever happened to that guy?   BA

7307 Whisperers (66)  Weird British flick about a senile old bat that hears voices and thinks she is being spied upon.  Edith Evans, Eric Portman, Nanette Newman, Gerald Sim, Avis Bunnage 

T196 White Dragon, The (04) Another epic in tradition of House of Flying Daggers and Hero - Subs

4326-3474       White Fire  (83)  When Bo (Robert Ginty) was a child, a mysterious stranger sadistically murdered his parents. Only Bo and his sister, Ingrid (Belinda Mayne) survived the bloodshed. Now, twenty years later...Bo and his sister are grown up…. Fred Williamson

LD78 White Line Fever  (75)  A young trucker's (Jan Michael Vincent) search for a happy life with his childhood sweetheart (Kay Lenz) is complicated by a corrupt group in control of the long-haul trucking business….

Action/crime/drama   Slim Pickens and Dick Miller    UNCUT   BA

8700 White Out  (2000)  subs-  Terrorists take over a power plant nestled in a vicious winter setting.  One lone man tries to foil their plans.  " Die Hard " but with no humor.

4912 White Star    aka: Let it Rock  (80's)  A rock music reporter and his view of the angry excited punk generation….. Dennis Hopper, David Hess together  (15 min. longer than U.S. print!)

R19 Who Are You, Polly Magoo (66) Polly Dorothy MacGowan is a model who tells about her experiences when she is interviewed by a television crew in this offbeat satirical comedy. She dreams of a life with prince charming while contending with the lecherous advances of a whole string of men who constantly hit on her. Some spy spoofs and television satires are included. Stars Jean Rochfort, Philippe Noiret and Sami Frey.  A creative Mod/Space Age satire about the fashion world of the 60's. The costumes and the sets make this film a visual treat - Hot Swingin' 60's bimbos galore - Subs 

3360 Who Killed Mary What's Her Name?  aka: Death of a Hooker  (71)  A prostitute is murdered on the streets of a tough, low-income neighborhood. A resident who knew her is appalled by the lack of interest shown in the case by the police or anybody else in the neighborhood, and decides to investigate the case himself…. Red Buttons, Sylvia Miles, Conrad Bain, Ron Carey, David Doyle and Sam Waterston 

4996-5316 Who's Out There ?  (75)  Orson Welles narrates-  + Tales From Dickens  Basil Rathbone as Scrooge - Two RARE specials

9500 Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz, The (68) war/spy/comedy  Elke Sommer stars with the ill-fated Bob Crane  BA

L310 Wild (96) Francoise (Rumble in the Bronx) Yip is hot in this breath-taking thrill ride as a gun-toting PVC -wearing babe with a bad attitude - Recommended ! - BA

T186 Wild Geese, The (78) The adventure begins when a veteran band of mercenaries land deep inside Africa to rescue the imprisoned leader of an emerging African nation, in the interest of protecting British commercial interest. Their mission meets an unexpected turn when they are betrayed by their financial backers…. Richard Burton, Roger Moore, Richard Harris, Stewart Granger, Valerie Leon, Patrick Holt...more. Uncut Version and over 2 hours  BA

9629-9022 Wild Gypsies (69) A band of gypsies seek revenge against a renegade member who returned to assault and pillage…. Todd Grange, Gayle Clark, Laurel Welcome   BA

8757 Wild Horse Hank  (79)  Hank, a teenage girl (Linda Blair) tries to save a herd of wild horses from a local gang intending on capturing and selling them for dogmeat….   Richard Crenna  

5007 Wild Ride, The  (60)  A rebellious punk of the beat generation, who spends his days as an amateur dirt track driver in-between partying and troublemaking. He eventually kidnaps his buddy's girlfriend, kills a few police officers and finally sees his own life end in tragedy….. Jack Nicholson   BA

Q253 Wild Team, The (85)  aka: Thunder Squad - Antonio Sabato and Ivan Rassimov star in this Umberto Lenzi directed actioneer set in an imaginary South American Republic - This deadly squad is formed for a rescue operation and they face battles, double crosses, shady governmental dealings and more. LBX

1056 Wild Wild World of Jane Mansfield, The   (68)  Jayne takes us on a review of her last world tour. She takes us through Rome, shares a fantasy about Roman athletes, and then is off to Cannes. She takes a trip to the nudist colony on the Isle of Levant, where she almost kind of joins in…..

2733 Wild World of BatWoman, The  (66)  Super-heroine battles diabolical evil to save the world!  Action/comedy/sci-fi   AMAZING !

7320 Will Our Heroes Be Able to Find Their Friend Who Had Mysteriously Disappeared in Africa?  (68)  Title says it all in this well made comedy.  In Italian.  No subs 

L309 Witches, The (66) Italian made film is loaded with sketches and also has Clint Eastwood taking time off from westerns to do some comedy here. Also with Helmet Berger and a bevy of bountiful bosomy broads

4037 Women of the Barbed Wire Matches  (97)  Bloody Japanese women's wrestling.  You'll see girls getting bloody with barbed wire, knives, chains, tables, chairs, etc!  

4356 Women of the Barbed Wire Matches 2  (98) by popular demand - more footage of women beating the hell out each other!

L812 World of Acid, The (67) aka: Something's Happening   aka: The Hippie Revolution - More far - out alternative life - style anti - establishment stuff.   Haight Ashbury antics and more... - Groovy - BA

T809 World Without Thieves, A (04) A male and female grifter team get a conscience when faced with the prospect of robbing an idealistic dreamer - LBX - Subs

Q476 World's Greatest Sinner, The (62) A bored insurance salesman quits his job to go into politics. He first starts preaching about how man is greater than he thinks and that man can live forever. He ends up forming his own political party, "The Eternal Man" party. He begins to be referred to as "God". Then he starts having doubts about the eternalness of man….   With a music score by a young FRANK ZAPPA !

R1 Worst of the Worst Show Volume #1 - A public access show like no other!  These guys will do anything to piss off and annoy viewers. No political correctness here!  Prepare to laugh AND MAKE FUN OF EVERYONE !

R2 Worst of the Worst Show Volume #2 - More of the same ! Contains the Suicide sketch that raised controversy, and more insulting cold hearted humor !

Q938 Yakuza Deka (70) aka: Gangster Cop   Sonny Chiba- Violent Yakuza action - LBX-Subs and Trailers

8639 Yakuza Graveyard  (77)  Japanese action .  Subs.

Q242 Yakuza Way, The (98) Riki Takeuchi, Eugene Nomura - After a 3 year prison term in Japan, a Yakuza heads for L.A. to buy a kilo of cocaine to smuggle back to Japan for a last score, so he can settle down with his hot fiancé. He's set-up, framed, and loses the dope. Code of Samurai kicks in and he stays in L.A. to follow his vengeful Yakuza roots. In English

K197 Yank in Libya, A (42) American correspondent Mike Malone (Walter Woolf King) uncovers a Nazi plot for an uprising of the Arab tribes in Libya.   P.R.C. released war with H.B. Warner

L405 Yaowarat (03) Ultra-violent actioneer from Thailand - F.L.

8348 Year One () a series of underground films- some quite bizarre !

Q82 Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus (91) While newspaper writer (Charles Bronson) struggles with the death of his wife, he receives a "special" assignment. He must answer a little girl's question about whether Santa Claus really exists. Based on a true story…..   Richard Thomas star   Bronson gives a moving performance. In real life he had just lost his wife Jill Ireland a year previous 

9161 You are What You Eat (68) docu/ Rare Hippie Movie   Tiny Tim, David Crosby, David Dixon….BA

6481 Young Warriors  (83)  A young woman is gang assaultd and murdered in a California college town, sparking her brother Kevin to take up arms by night with a gang of like-minded vigilantes from his fraternity, brutally punishing any miscreants they catch in a criminal act….  Ernest Borgnine, James Van Patten, Richard Roundtree, Lynda Day George, Dick Shawn  BA

8012 Your Ticket is No Longer Valid  (81)  Richard Harris is wonderful as the man who's losing everything at the same time, and goes to the most extreme measures to hold on to his fortunes in business and romance…. Bizarre violent fantasy  BA

L754 You're Dead (99) British caper with John Hurt  resembles "Pulp Fiction' meets " Monty Python'

7317 Zambo (72)  Brad Harris plays one of two convicts sent to rot in an African prison for a murder he didn't commit & manages to escape from a transport train whilst handcuffed to another convict whom he of course first hates & then finds respect for. The two fight a losing battle to survive the wilds of the jungle   LBX

3983 Zapper's Blade of Vengeance   aka: The Swordsman (74)  LBX 

9499 Zato Ichi Challenged (67) aka: Zatoichi's Bloody Path - LBX - Subs

8137 Zebra Force  (84)  A group of Vietnam vets, tired of the depredations of the Mafia on their neighborhood, decide to take on the mob on their own terms--but by using a very different twist…. BA

T800 Zero Hour (55) A routine flight turns into a major emergency as passengers and crew succumb to food poisoning - is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane….  Dana Andrews  thriller/drama

T382 Zero to Sixty (78)  Darrin McGavin is great as a repo-man with women problems. Sylvia Miles, Joan Collins and Lorraine Gary star

T187 Zulu Dawn (79) Fantastic Blood and Thunder epic!  The True Story of the Battle of Isandlwana during the Anglo - Zulu war. Burt Lancaster, Bob Hoskins, Denholm Elliot and more. Badly outnumbered, the Brits suffer a massacre by thousands of pissed Zulu warriors.